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Saturday Rollin' NBA Finals Edition With Joe House (Ep. 224)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons reports live from the road to discuss the NBA Finals with help from his old friend Joe House. Topics include: Cleveland's historic Game 4 (5:00), Kyrie's similarities with Isiah Thomas (9:00), Durant's place amongst the greatest forwards in history (14:00), the superteam misconcepcion (21:00), LeBron's long-term game plan (29:00), Kevin Love on the trade block (37:00), the NBA Finals officiating(42:00), Blake Griffin's fit in Boston (52:30), pre-draft NBA trades (58:00), the Bad Boy Pistons vs. 2017 Warriors (1:06:00), and whether the Cavs can come back down 3-0 (1:11:00).
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Re special Saturday third appears back. I brought you by those are preventing further the easiest way to shop for them I get back to their revolution, I created by thought. They get. You got everything fully guaranteed by now. My list I get ten hours are baseball. Take it the first time these dickie Use promo code be asked about the Andes about the andean countries he kept it or the right to seek come rather bragging about If you're like me and you're, not the greatest trial cabinet that occupy an amazing hotel deal at the last minute of disseminating best perfect perspire in his get away or indulging in a little occasion, I'll take tenth again three tab and wipe away for good and all those who are less than ideal down at the hotel tonight. Now, we're also broadly by
They are Deca, that's where you will find an mba com for me this week. I pilot Margaret content. There were about port, the pack and pop culture, and we are finally brought here. I've been about came from the hardest new passed in America were met, and I totally but it tat stuff where people like this past, the basic just download it is the first and the third became front dissected, broken down the injured by Mally Reuben, and just to get that no more about game. Than anybody could ever lived up to people who created the shop and would go about. I was in a couple this week that the trial and I'll take it take for granted, We have to watch came round again, you can almost we experience each up a third just to do. You know that we are working for us to have this job and who break it down
I want to do it. I had intended to watch the show and must do it turned out. You know neither and then you can bet on it. I love this package check it out. Listen to it, and I know you have come up with. Rarely three taking it away. I'm a Middle America, but she is a factor that signing a foreigner, my daughter manner
the about, but I'm in Middle America. I watch that I watched him three in person. I watch game for a tv about power. I fully expect the doors to in my wallet so that your house was why it did not happen. Twenty four three, the referee chicanery House, with that the game we should have game three, and instead we decided and gave for this big game always possible. We finally got a couple things. That we were puzzled by in this game. We're wondering when are we going to see in the first place some pace control. This is Game. Other theories where the elections when below a hundred over to forty eight minutes, so there can be no. Notwithstanding scoring two hundred and thirty seven points
possessions per forty eight basis they. Finally, I was dead. Pedro Control, yet I was prepared and three, but the point that I agree that it is busy MIKE they weren't China. Turning into a trap me quick, quite as much which money because they got forty nine points in the first quarter bet the trees but better bye, bye ass time. The other thing Jerry wise and I thought they reach out to the nice jobless overnight. Imagine if in his com it's up on, rigour, dot, com right now, Cleveland Attentively dream on take as many shouts his dream on, wanted Andrei monitored more sharply than staff or clay. Yet Harry Harry stuck fast by that date, they were due for one right. You stated that any set any I'm playing really really well,
The point I well, I ask you now I went to game three. It was one thirteen one of them is a bit like, like the warriors were kind of but during their life is their great aimed at a little rattle, and I think I think it was one one of them. When J I had that she had paid the tree in the corner and put the two steps to the last any mistake- and I know the worst Gordon Brown. Down to follow it around best. It where's before the end of the game, atta snowball out. There was done. It was a bad as fast as there's a game tat in the final vote, Actually, we weirdly reminded me of the genius Gaia gap, a devil latest. I tore the lake, the sufferer like six of them and then like somebody made a shack who pay? It was one point what happened travellers like here that I fear you just be.
To the punch. I wanted to ask you about the crowd reaction. Cool. You are also add Is he aware that three years ago, yet yeah that end in Miami, and I would be in my am glad that they put it beyond the castle. Where we're a fantastic. Paper lad. Angry angry, the angry but every car is when it comes to counter IDA. Getting more favourable caused in the world is dead, and yet the council, at any time that father lose them. They really thought everywhere and it just kind of you know turning it was. I mean it's been dissected, bad nausea, Bethesda, coaching, negligent last couple minutes was really bad, like back azure at getting it the one demanded the three which, by the way anyone is alleged, ran for ten years and on the back. But would you bet your life? He was compelled to take a three for that response rather, I am.
You know the Rio much worse for you than the two that they do game to yeah. You had your spotted the ballot. I knew your guess you from every time, ran like the taken a million threesome s back and they screwed up, and then he stood up to four one and Ok with I regard for one point, one on one could, as we saw last daddy here, do you wanna best about I'm at it, and you know anyway. It even now is, though, if you like Game three will again be enforced at a bed and game, for was the game theory cause I'm fired again because they have to say that you do I both magically. Now the is the first question. Every area is now. I'm trying to think is there ever been a better offer to point out that you ve been elaborately couriers, the three
any other staff and technically better from pure. We have to stop this guy can't standpoint. You know I've been anybody better. We We always are full of not over exaggerating, what's right in front of our eyes, the a hyperbole I am sorry to you. This man's name in connection with Cairo acres carry still have a long way to go to accomplish what about about day but but say atomic the guy. I think of the my door. Yet it is the evolutionary version of whether there was an each at birth rate and she drew back very death and there's a couple thing tat. He does
I just never seen at the high level from appoint hour before one is. You know to the terrible three that it takes the makes which are terrible could he makes, though only staff is really in the neighbourhood of not forward, that just can make twenty four hours within their faced by backwards. The blink of an eye, there's no, there's no bad three for him, because he makes them right. You know, and it really does him. Do you think about guard understood for. Would you put them lower than there like I'm, not positive? I would have to hurry instead of just one above anyone I've ever seen in my life and then the other thing is you know, is it drives and finishes? Which we knew last year that, like any of news, flash a news to watch him, do this on a higher stage. I really, I think, he's the best
and then I want to make any point guard earnest MAR person. I dont want to be fair to Dame. I think Dame got the game we just you know because of his team situation, the French that is on there and there are now only cracking the first round of the play off. Do you not gonna get dragged bended run and inquiry also had the benefit of playing with the very best basketball player on the planet of the last decade. So what are the that create for him terms of opportunity than and really more than anything competence in. Oh, how can you be competent. If you got that guy on the floor, the same time, but with with all of those qualifications he still and an incandescent unstoppable score. We haven't seen a guard score like this, and I think that that distinguishes them. I stepped out, get to them. And unease is very, very good at the daughter step and you out the misdirection but Cairo egos
the rock hard I like the way the current finishes me: everybody give him such great in kudos fur, the finnish than he deserved it carry in game. Three Do any ended up having to me like a game, I felt quite I've been with spectacular again about that is sensible, use great defensively. This stuff, he's doing to make very well for a was all other level. I mean now I think a lie level, but a notch buller. How are you get em work and stretching just like. He was every step of the way with her and carries the one off. Like thirty nine. Game, air since that both theory? Yes, though, he had first three gave now. If you look at,
Boston gave, for which I think I was again arrogant, applause did it do it again, because the private forest bath sunk get them as bad as myself equipment, but then these these game three game for like this, it's just ridiculous. What he's doing an eye I don't think he made any of the army, I can appreciate you. Did it. I'm starting to wonder if we need to really. I wait. I will do this idea tat, because we just gone backwards, Plate Anthony and to are the best fifteen players in and if you re in the biggest theories of the are you one of those guys and your team. That means that we need to figure. You know that guy got bombed, Gummy is potentially Numbers game carry a bump because Cleveland when twenty three and twenty three of the last forty six game mean soda.
You ever see him room, awards, accomplishment and now that I'm fine, I wonder, is baby with ivy. I don't ever do this, but maybe reaches weight to watch the policies and we decided that the state is just as well in order to make it very clear that these are regularly the word or make a play, offers of them or like eyes, you don't like a bunch of, play our version of p. I want play up version, not just in our final than BP. I won't play off and BP. I want. And be a team for the play off. Right, though I did clasp and BP my book, because it was really frustrating for me to try to figure out the different business I'm not really only out while they maintain even with even after another, people make a thick tonight and that in some cases
on person when the violent and they d like it. I was Devon, dispersed let the cat partner was half beforehand to one final them if he condemned the best in the world from start to finish that fees and was not captured, Turkle and the rigorous the debate and then dug and then Parker when the fire. The report, as it really does seem like we need play off first. Second, came all NBA, something because I lay a gentle armies, recognition, jacket, Germano averted point everything shooting a backward. I have learnt the move We all NBA play our team predispose these two ways about it: baby. I'm as long as we're going for speed outbreak, obviated had put him on our eye. It was funny after game. I quite I've been.
Didn't you ever got round clay and gave her really stuck up for after the game of thy clay play gray it'll make shots, but his people believe bodies, planet, bigotry through other, get here great, I actually think he's probably then the third best I think, every month and therefore those player in this the fire that I'm with you, I don't know what to do my best to to this dream. I just did I would be letting jury might enable our she breathed out there. They only them wide open. I would do the market smart defend for them. If they just do, you dare take em notched up, do it every year the terrain I gotta killer, that's right there crazy thing? Is it took our record setting performance by Cleveland? They said many record last night to beat this year areas,
but in terms of creating these these match up, you know you need you need to do some, some everything that you can't help it a little bit like Cleveland was out, to force both Germany, Spain, Andrei Mine, to take short inviting the take shot? It's not like you know those all by themselves. That is going to change the outcome of the theories, but but We will need to be doing all it. Can I'm kind of every level did to create any kind of Bennet your match up because of the incomparable on. Operable force. That is this. This warriors juggernaut, ire ammunition, one two and three. In my opinion, I really think they checked in. It was a joke.
Strategy. It was a joke of playing the brand too many minutes at back to a place pace in the first that budgets. When about it, I just understand a word. One of the legislators violence may is like. Why was it a good idea to have a brain and stiff dear in the first half of game? Want do three? Why? What was the point of pacing amateur would lead to a monopoly. I started getting. Do you think that any the other them Braun had a role in making in determining that that that approach gay pride they re, he probably overestimated his own ability and his own and their abilities. Maybe he was to have a moment tat. I may I think that is competitive spirit. You gotta leave something for the fourth the EU is. I went to one in three and he was just flying.
At a level that was that sustainable it actually remain in your report. You won't get better watch out a German about superhuman like the Brown, but GMO is dead but a minute ago in the corridor. But a month to the wizard. In that very the spread it out the warriors of collected, I thought the red played such a smart awesome, Galen game. Three where I want to talk about him in a second, but he really, he paced himself You didn't go out, you never panicked. He led the way and come down at the girl, looked at about one point early in the fourth and he was like them for thirty. Is there a pretty good job? can't awaiting in waiting awaiting an m. Nobody Sally actually estimated like for five minutes. I dislike, would like calves, Gratis and attacks on the back door. Working like you kind of waiting for his moment and then
Any airline Eric laughed any took over the game is perfect all that was by December in person, it seemed like a word No that shot. He made the three a play before that when he basically took, I think, cancel out the job on it that little based. I'm always that really only. He as an everyday lives may be honest. The athletic ability to create that pays the men s eyes to shoot at all. Somebody's outstretched anti couple guys know well. That could be that catcher in the pool of three I think it puts a man level now. You know. I really think we have to start about where, where we're gonna put em on time, added that either we are gonna bet it's exactly the point. Why he's on this key? He he knew the employer you know what he anticipated. He hoped that this would be the way he did
commander level, a Basque about their to quantify the, and I think he was done with the one burst. The five facebook. Regards staring at us by while he had to do everything an early, even carbon it, but he kept from from in alpine with a whole bunch of do. He knows no, how to playwright yeah. He a. The top five boards of the Brons Wild birds do Duncans three. Some people have dug into a birthday whenever they have three and Elgin for attack and careers. Obviously, if you put the re making fifty to it, there. I'm gonna get away with it, but now just four and then I had thirty five, the penny and whether our Czech was considered a border guard. I think the rain
a higher level than everything Turkey did you you do. You think that ever play bedded and ass. The minister. I'm having a hard time making that comparison, because this warriors team like any team that I feel like I'm clean and you years ago to the work of all those. Guys do for each other through the enough for guys for top, teen guys in the league on the same team together it just as such a rarity. It really is in the in many respects. You know harkening back to the basketball that we enjoyed, those that was Prius, where every hour he had you know, every good team had three or four great players I, like you, know it through school everybody. You bet you about that. This is the last budget. To me, it captures the truth to everyone
trophy mentalities. Have America website where you can play moodily, agar, beatitude, basketball, game, you get it, you don't want the fabric of winner anyway, that's that's the best. I can walk right now and the story, but they drafted three of their best. Five guys we're smartly card the castaways together to those fucking all like stoppage about it. The whole league is this: fancy tried it out. Thirty came straight out party children draft correctly and create our space used correctly and they did it for shut the fuck up. I rely others me I'll be superseded. I've never spent one bad, I'm gonna go today when the Lakers and historic day nearly they did it because of the sheer and competence of other than the self extracted the number and pack and got a kill and perish out of
right, they jogged Larry Bird when everybody s with too stupid to realise that by those waiting here yet whether five best placed above they got magic damp because New Orleans thank Gale Goodridge, whose thirty three years old and give up to first armpits for and warm became magic. And they got James where they because became the downfall of the bench Blair and due to Cleveland stupidly, gave them a first round back and became the first hour back. You now should happen at the super teams from Baghdad. More critical period consist of stupid. If goes dating created difficult there really smart and I think they get the credit and by the way, if they interested in trade, Jane fired and three probably was bathed. Nobody wants that either. Ok screw that up to now.
There is a glass they had their stupidity. I don't mean to sound like a Dante defended. The ban can expand in the best case there, for me is not gods, they dominate the next firefighters is, I think, myself near ways both hamburger chance, but I, the beach about what it can do within the world, and that means it's the players to so in this era now it's gonna be super, exciting and interesting. They were Gordon Heyward tooth. The play I'm fired up to see were Chris Paul lands. This off season could, I think the clippers you know chose to go through a little bit rebuilding Houston, Audio, Cleveland, Boston, maybe Washington. I don't think I'm ready to crack that put the men have yet, but gold state, all those team are circling the hope. You know what with the possibility of lowering in a superstar.
Agents, and everybody wants to take a run at this. You know playing with the other Beth guys in the league. You know I'm down with that yeah and I don't know I I would therefore ask each about came in this theory. What about it? like that Cleveland, when the latter is four times like eleven years. You know this is a thirty came lottery system. This system is screw up that level, one another three, the guy laughed in seven years as they can impose, could not be random I the next year's later they want a lottery. Ten years later there one again in keep out forty and now I have area in the brain, There were two April poison in ITALY as because they were completely happy, though, if you gonna bitch about one or two things that I think it makes more sense to pitch about, the fact that love Kairi the broader on that, because people who out of it pursues the team that was carpet
whenever it again and again, I think it goes back to the old trophy mentality bullshit I like watching that their disappointing, but. To me. It was worth it for the last four fire get. I love data, even the first against our blood. They were just really really sit back and allow me yet. It is quite right to talk about wink at our wide love whining about our part, really love while taking my we finally or try winked backup could they made it so easy to get exceptional lines from, the work and effort every my frightful, our door, it the purse guideline. Could that recommend bland specifically for members based on the results of our profile quiz, try went back home here. Why? Why w I'll be back up? Take it be back in your account they do,
furthermore, by a perfectly February for activity because teaches put in my way for Jack I'll, walk out that door, If these white, like the red way away away away, I don't care under the jacket for free, skip anymore getaway. And they would have wanted, that, those that should get you you'll, never pay for body like for my granddaughter introduced a new and where we take it anywhere else. Everything by me and thousands of others satisfied why members are raving about wink and wake it's on. My list has pointed out of the first order. Puss complimentary should give it a try. Winked Dhaka, Flash be ass, fine line, personalized prepare coming. Let you do that is key. Are why w I envy Dhaka. But you're not ready to put the right over there get now I mean that around thirty,
bingo Hanley one final Turks already got final them. Bp, the rank grants right there, but they got a big closed. The fat anything about Currie. If he's on two different title thing but doesn't get the finer than the opinion it I'm fine that you got to do and BP regulatory Namby p. If only you, can be a little bit of an aberration, Tony Parker, the files and BP I saw tat. It was like guys who went to envy peas in due time and there were only like nine guide to the west. And it was like The guy, you think, would be unaware that would like bird magic will rest. J, a loser the best and then it back and that guy, with the other listed,
they re a year from now if he went the other day, which I think it is that definite based on the brandy and who has been held up as usual. Ridiculous he's pretty I think there is one problem. Eleven every game in the final for the plan is in the forty two club. Yet again, the boy did you got that created about that point three bad than his taste averages for at the play asked have to play certain game and for whatever reason, forty to become the great indicator for whose taken ass in is that in the past and yet again in doing this o Connor, I talked about whether there is a possibility he might go to allay a year from now, because that's bend the buys all over the place than the stories are started to go out more about people talk about it now. What would you do? You're in the brain.
Right now. I will deal with which your game plan with the rest of your career, looking like in your head, but that you lose the stairs, but somebody that would tell you we are in to dictate your future on an annual basis and I think what you If you look around- and you know you love- or even be brought a title the queen, when you have, although the amount that that's that's not just friends and family, that blood in in Cleveland, Thea can you feel like you know where we say why we did we. We were in a final every anyway after I came back and we got to that one chip, I lobby, Cleveland but I'm now, whatever thirty, four thirty five years old, which he will be in our started, thinking that we demand that, like almost a year after next day, have like a thief four thousand miles. I have included
so I don't think it's not to think tat. He would look for a situation where they can play with the other great eyes, and we talk about this all out of the great powers. Another great buyers now can I can I present this dear. Let me hear and his best chance to succeed. His disdain Cleveland. I wouldn't worry, of carry Terry, better wingman and I regret that areas unstoppable. I wouldn't leave carry that crazy if the warriors are the heart, but they had to get over every year they camp. I have been in love together at the same time for long stretch against this Wednesday, though either keep love, which, if you gave me the time the now you have basically nowhere protection clever or u turn moment to some
dad, you know, can make you more dangerous than I go back to February and I really do think they'll denied to the dead, but I really do think o Brien was standing by the pick up to who is organization in the donor Jia that the trade love for Carmelo I think I'm gonna well, let me ask you have Carmelo than their theories with different about it impossible we say no is never played in finals. Kevin love have an eye. Been pretty impressed with with Kevin love. This final, I'm glad he tells me and gave him love, I'm just an u their best by players. They can't really play together and mysterious. They have to pay for the five and, if you for love for carbon,
now you can play Thompson. Lowbrow carry Carmelo and chairs method were poor, where whoever Inachus makes more advanced than the other and they'd be drawn mellow into just as many eyes gained as they did With gave him love. But I don't know I I I personally think they would have a slightly better chance to come about because we were just allowed in the book better people not at a Shepherd minutes, and you don't have to pay cow cormorant constable from this that didn't do it. I dont like and the reason I like TAT, because we never seen mellow play genuinely committed defence at at at the highest level, is never made even a conference final right. It s reply. The capital I don't think so. You didn't without delay, repaid in two thousand. I don't have the Lakers them about trade, Mr Bigshot went off a cliff and laughed again. Camellias biggest
the ban in the Olympic, the butcher, another area, good fear for whether what kind of beef and veal capable of either, though it taken flip cabin love, prepared George this summer, which it can table that is done in good people. Put it that way. And the Brown could have Paul George Inquiry Irving over the top and as the poor uncle dream. I agree and I feel TAT told it though it up I'm not there. I think we better off. I won't Cleveland, keep curie lava me we're talking about what conclusion do they get over there to make themselves competitive with the warriors where they don't have to set a record. You know Where will it reaches the beat them up the big bag, they need a kind of one more piece, and I I wouldn't I dont- think love carry
I wish the browser go anywhere. You can't you can't move by think. You did me the ad and ask that even here, the problem, it's impossible, they tat they have taken this roster and deleted every pleaded, bled bled bled pleaded for fresh already led every single ass about trade, flash move they could make out of the thrust it there's no more to get down. Underestimate? We just talked about this. The great players want to play with the great pliers due to take a little bit less. Maybe some rules willing a lot less well, you I mean you be Talkin, take anybody's their exceptional tat. They got crushed by the taxes Do I utterly I mean they would have to be some take the minimum. I personally to me it's like if you can't play love and tat
together against the workers for large stretches than take what enjoyed the other and try to get the other above all a buy it now, while IRAN you're, not just for the one problem I mean, I understand as we sit here today. It looks like the warriors could be built for the next email three for five years, but I need to know life happened. So who knows you know ankle problem reappears. There were saying you thing instead of a trade hire somebody to her one of the works. I'm not mad. I would never Betty herds that Banco. I didn't you life happens is what I said.
You never know you can't you can't, I can offer a legal problem is thirty three thirty people, people always wanted the disagreeable and the path to get this agreement for ask and I think they have to change, but I dont, I think, tat the keep Thomson and shade love for whatever they can get and try to make next Tuesday embarrassed elaborate, get the because They take a bit the wires protesting and I don T build anywhere for them to make a better, because it goes back to the cabin love. The wicked jade, when which I think patient that I agreed with. But at that point you taking somebody, you could have blast and do a real asset for that at a cheap price right. And instead you, I can't allow those making justice Schiller Money now No, they made the final,
all three years. I listen, I'm not against what they did, I'm just pointing out that they kept waiting to seven million. Now you know if the page Aerosmith fifty million a shepherd club, and maybe you could go out and get a for later locked into this rosters. My point is that they will be lost all the roster flexibility, When they went out- and I move in part than a dad shepherd other stuff- and you can argue about the major part where's post, their ideas do not take a bit disorders and really the person they should be managed. That is quite answered for getting hot net. Ok, seafarers could evolve as you were than they were in the title. They might not purchase. Would you dear dear clavering, would you rather have lasted title or the tree or the dream? Not perch, never happening at the red after that,
but kindly always take the title yeah. I agree, but the irony that title is formed by the the total area your master. Being called a dies the at how it can be that they first of all what they they went Monday at the best three or stretch. Probably by any team in the history of didn't when titles, Austria, those years I gotta, think you're right. Fifty anyone in the final vote for you, last year that our when they, when the totally before their record, were regular, the wind Those three years that the record attack: record fur I'm just total went through the record? They revolution has passed the bar. I just think I don't know for industry from the better that, an after the best by personally laughably get to do it. I want
We got about while the real tugela doing wage red hair. No, I won t let the black cut back on. They look a bit looking great for a wedding, special that the easiest had ever been hearing at the direct re read like them with, but high quality ran up to date, data limited doors that the black is giving guys a new way to rent the black tux offers free home. Try on so you can see the fit and feel the quality receipt months before your event, His part, it completely done my departure required no pretty girls bleeding all over you back at that time. A decree look she's from time to time like the rapid tearing it just, maybe five I wish to discuss for your. Why they remember. Are you where tax dumping, they were now. We were we're out. It was an outdoor wedding on an unaware that we want Therefore, what I need you ve heard about. I would need
for these printed NBA pie. Also, Ward show that we were there. We were pining for that's what I want to talk for. Ok, we'll get him from the back. That's that can matter made from fine attainable had caught in the rail market. Any issues that expert customer Katy would take you back heavy back every step of the way after ordering used to go around fourteen days before your bed for two weeks to try to make sure they sped through less than perfect. But I will send you a free replacement right away after death trap, you back in the mail shipping free both ways. Firstly, they get started right now. Is that the black touch background flash be asked to get twenty hours after purchase Speaking personally, I was thinking about a friendship, came again, lose my twenty five year during the last year that it and get it together. There should gain added on winning passed out early church, but also to deny the right path.
Heavy heart, and it was like a fire retardants food that is not our job to do. The combat and the key to the church and maybe two to twenty twenty five the night before he does killed over during his own way, though they had been at it in the back that I got back it up. I don't want your final breathable passed at the back to back up Flash BS pointed out after perch, so we can talk about the rest last night. It's gonna be a hard conversation, ass allies. We even have it carried out ways that lobby- Here's the thing that I'm interested in one one where more transparency into how a week plant for thought. The raft in the final
I couldn't believe my eyes with marked Davis John gobble up there yesterday what Bonaparte Davis done too? to make anybody think that you should be a rough and the final I hate trash than the rest, but look I know that we are marked Davis is one of those rare and we all have them if you really gonna, be a jack in you ever read, and you got your team here, nerdy and enough to actually do after my David draft, but I fear and no offense demonstrated guy through the great every man, but I see him and I go back- maybe it's the right thing until their way through and then when he did, a waste of taxpayers can both of us were upset with a queer, bold man, it's just when he's involve the game. Just always seems to come off the track,
and I don't get it back to date. They have game for the frightened I came by. Is a Monday night. Do you guys guys they know it? this guys are. They know where fish a breadth, every game. I can't remember. You don't even be arrest, they risk for five times a week. What I am asking for this transparency that that I want to see you know goes into the planning. They did the same guy wrap all gave. There's no question about the players play the game. Third, the faint we can have the same rights for all theory. They know that the best dress there they great them they go nets with who do in. Like you know, I've had a lot of trouble. Grooming younger rest become statement. Your Marquis wrath fell at the mill exact, thereby things better get the younger one.
Goebbels another one of the other. I've been at that age, absolutely out of the bag it, but many that was one of those cruise liners, like our boy. It should be Marianne File day for pre bring your best in today's every year. We use in special Murphy pact. I'm not really. Also, in that case, I I knew tat the jap producing it. Again, I think, rent and ran a producer of castile soaping would do a good job. I went got tape, feel bad about naming names, but we ve already already broken the army. Using this bad, my Callaghan has now refer eleven street an me twelve, great cleaving, the winds and the lack of freedom the challenge the warriors, my colleague on our attitude- that is true, bad
How do you like that? Which is good the reality in Canada, people I work for the NBA. I don't you know it, you gotta get subject I, but I really do think that you're looking at something that took them way too, on the care about which was referees and where to find them at a great now had a fight. New. I added about them persistent Denmark, Cuban with pitch in about an hour, and I was writing about in two thousand tax as the biggest epidemic in the weak and at another epidemic threatened. The issue that I have a but in effect the quality of the product, and you just don't want during the first quarter for clean. I mean you didn't, want that and also Cleveland the team that you can.
By doing it again, I get officiate them by the brain. The brand like will the brand like Jack you can. You can call forty five thousand guys garden labelling. And famous would carry when he's gonna basket like it just thou art a car. You can do it again with their minds that, and you know, of if they're telling the rest there is too much at that. Game? Three there was a car like lock it down, tat out the guy you know anyway IDA is that work equipment would one anyway. I think I did I felt like a game in the first quarter, where it was like TAT cannot have clear. There is no damaging ferko paid because she's my father bad guy right there, and if you can
knock him out of the first tat like. Oh you. I wonder how they get the eighty two point was just that, but it was part of it, though what happened to gave five. I think it's gonna look like games, one in two. I tweeted mid game last night that I thought that the way the game was going. Terms of the efficiency that Cleveland had scoring lies with a very bad omen for the ultimate outcome of the game, and I think we ve seen with his warriors team, if their within fifteen point with that emit, left bigger, absolutely when there is no doubt about it, I was. I would urge the new failing glass better. I wish I was wait for their red birthday me to exactly. I guess I just when they got it like twelve, a couple, and I almost treated like the cows better. Now I this get the single digit parliament fully analogy between them.
It does not happen. The biggest much did you pay for I just stay. I when I tweeted mine, I can state was down twenty five hours of the night. I said that I realise how stupid it was, but I wouldn't worry about the bag taken his big putting yourself before nice to be, they told me. I was stupid. But I think it is going to be. I am one or two and the reason for that is because last night, every cleaving player, who played at least ten minute, shot over fifty percent from the field, and I don't think that's gonna happen and gone state on Monday. We talk about gone states defence, though a little bit lack of de facto from last night, but here is the problem, and this is why modern Basque bowed is, I think, becoming harder and harder to gamble on you just don't know and again coming when you have to think I dare you to allow and again coming with the big deploy ports with you now adding out, they were led
what's in the bar all round. You hope it's better black. The calves are getting at twenty. Four three became five, but if I were them, I still feel I too am a move that almost like an arrow foul play out like a strategy move where they could give us to pursue our gave five enjoy in China. Pasted through that labelling can peak in the third and fourth quarter. You just go: you Postal brought up. Take it our position is done at the game of almost like their games. Damage attitude. To add that they're inside our theory, don't be walking about the idea of the fairies I now. This is the game. I would do it. I would. I would have a completely different pay for this game, just try to make it a game that, like the outlier, we're fucked up get boy, you know That was one of the ways to do that. Speaking of the rest, the, if, if you do reintroduce the boy
and try and in order to make the rest keep you from being his fiddle as you might be. I mean I ride. I think it's about time ratchet up a little bit. Physicality now near agree. I dont get their role. Players are gonna, show up like they did. Black began, you're, not gonna, get you not gonna, get anything from chairs meant, the road just as it did happen, unless there is that, I don't know I just I just I chose to abstain I just carry. I just love to an extent, Thomson and data. Strange. There are now at the big aimed at their lands like find a wife and game for compared the gave three where he was just a waterway court, but I don't feel bad panel while collect backed it did. It would only be former, maybe maybe
I have been a package of gave me. I thought I was a great lake. I was fine with that play the paper cormorant with they got a nice corner three. It is probably one of the best five guys about I'm at that. Chance He was opened it you gotta, get shouted the guide to give the best an elite with that shot. The season yeah, I was let me too, and for other people relate to hear about people. You know you don't mind. Of the many other guys on the team Bagshot everyone's right, they may do the package. You rector glaring one I'll do that eleven actually like carrying out that one day, the final to embellish, but that the left is via intermediaries, who shot like two and a half happened by two thousand and nine Derek Fisher made the biggest of their two thousand eight Eddie Ass James. Both The automatic always wears been enough when you get.
Miller, game and, in a final superior. The nightmare re on one one that what it does everything paper ass he thought of fourteen January, though, is the rain, is, though, I, like the court replied, I would read it again about them- is- would fade away limb by twenty. Where do you put the mob? I'm only hesitating because the proper way to assess them to me. We have asked. We is a three year run and we talked about the slow but bed earlier. They have accomplished yeah things that I believe never seen before in terms of regular season when they go for in one is only been done. One other time, though, that that you didn't get that three straight winning two out of three fifteen
one in the play off. It really does it. We really do need to start talking. Lakers they'll, take bull that's the care they re. It's it's almost out of season thing, it's, moreover, for me this out this was eighty four days right was eighty bribed. Eighty, seven the were eighty one, eighty three, you and ninety one, and I agree with your dad it tasted idea, Lakers dear there to the treaty render nicely to look at this stuff? You know spurs were of five or six or seven makers were awaiting tat, usually the three or run and and If you can get more than that offered my army was, he could go amendment twelve thirteen it. I thought that the important- but you know, I think, from our respect rank way way way way way way way at treatment. Anything is amusing than that
your paradigm. You mentioned earlier dynasty, We're very worrying is no reason to think they couldn't do it again. Next year the added I'd go up. I can bear Dammit The commission feels that a better read, I think, those are be whatever, though, that there will be the best that could be the NBA I'm. If you I will then be paid out. I'm going to be very good but my brain and was always have the best that further appeared like that you're a way we have you. I want to talk a bite you mention. Our word is the big prize buddy. Democrats nominally immobile,
as well as the older one. More will. I want a mall one point at the bigger than can opt out of his contract and become a bridge to small that over about you on it and I think a quick big but the message Bradley by credit line from capital and numbers, don't tell a story cast a twenty four threes again pointed out they're, both in the worst. No credit has many different. It's about. How were you perform against the factors that go into a credit score? How do you pay a dozen times how much credit he has spread across different account? How long have those accounts been open? These factors impact your credit out and centres. No one single score that Leonard you'd know in these factors are key credit wise to track the factors that make up the meeting information. The New Trans Union Credit report is that cannot be spires.
Then a faster and lay the information. You need to understand your behaviors an alley impact, but you can check at any time that NATO impacting on credit and the best part, is a hundred percent briefer everywhere with a capital, one customer or not then download credit while the day, though it is that extra God and Gordon our oh it for the record. In March, I reported this standing out at first animal before Game three, It was emotional God. It was emotional The man there what's happening is reprehensible. I will leave it at that. Really
their diameter than that everything about it. They referred died from the stable for another day, but I just want the appropriate price. Do I do with going up anyway? though he reported that ordinary word that my enemies is that it is the day. My aim is always a big through respite of my ears. Caps day, If I may add TAT, really they have to be taken fiercely every summer. Did you do it shouldn't? Be news? Flash you know, born Heyward is I am a radar because to me it's like my own is always the Dublin Fred create the right, though I think there are two different. They were unemployed person. I didn't I'm out of it was the money because TAT rallied land, big, dark, that's what he does. He have twenty years
when I hear the premier record, he puts the rings on the table. You got the calf space and you get major income tax breaks, Pegana Florida beyond note. I action for speaking out of town and you get to leave him. I M E. That's really someplace to live, but you know I they dared to be taken seriously for the coordinated actually play makes ports that I also have a job, as I gotta give a shot up to bolster as well talking about all the attributes in Miami that make it a desirable place? He's really impressive debate than the big three cracked up and laughed and Bush had her in a much more. The Chris by said, the wee wee wee already have been through the emotion. We know that he's not anymore, but it's kind of final now, but I think it's Walter is done.
Believable job. You know, after that, in the run up to the files all those years and get you never noticed that shit, Tired. I agree noticed the really well run and work out key. I gave him without the second package. We thought about the waiter and it is better raving about by any it's faster, because the players notice they can tell it Brad Stephen, that the huge ass ever the topic that the players go, get bad business belike. While I was really well out, there really well prepared. It my immediate, as so many different of added value it you know ways flat. Multiple time gets broken Ann Cavanaugh gutters as documented all the different things that have happened to Blake Body with that said, I think, he's twenty eight looking at him for three years in the back like that, and he wants to get away from the clippers and start over and as a back
I am for this topic, I think you make upon is that I think the primary plan for my enemy. I think he makes the Palestine, but in our view the Celtic than you could get wake for three years and you have horror, Fergie a break any draft for bringing visage the pretty good came. Brenner. I mean it was a lot of the century before we vote on this paragraph. Thirty, eight. At some point we will be talking about the Celtic off season, so I will, I will only added, without indulging in doubt it I do like I do. You think the right way they for Blake is a place like bought them. I lied We we observed that when we talk about it and then passed over the course of that, even in a different player now and then he was, you know really really really The reason that, eighteen months ago it Madame, namely by all indications that there that this is just a task that by now, yeah,
I've been out healthy, but not right, not healthy, and you know what what version Blake. Are you getting an answer your game and I M for those three years, if you don't, I want to play, you know, sixty game, the fees and about the kind of quietly turned out to be a day. This does not make them one summer to go, get a Marquis bridge and after the summer it could be a lot harder because their contracts by people they gotta pay. This is the one summer they get sneak. Somebody asset and Edward and break out again debate about that, and I ran away also that make it up. That remains, the only Blake actually makes more supper, maybe the neighbour their latticed windows, but for both of them they make sense, and I don't want it that I think the item region of bucket briefer with I didn't, get a chance to listen, Cameron, Oconnor other topics related.
They promised not the summer that what they inspect. I don't think so. I still feel like you're. An objective party got carried out that hitherto, pausing is for the number unpack as the tube at the two major pieces in some thirty years, don't makes the most at the bare. About any move. I've heard an add on our women are even trade awakened early, fair trade. As from next standpoint, He's right. You know one in eight. It takes fault, you make him you did, it would have been get for Carmelo. Then you take whoever it again. For a two thousand tat and you read out, and you haven't for two more years, linear, posing as posing as taking early in our work.
You are now is an app tat would be the reason they do it. I still personally would right you know attitude rather posing the mobile open about it. I guess I'm just saying that if the next and you're worried about keeping up but but there's there's some stuff, that's gonna happen because here's to realise the desperate brown stuff away and they're gonna traded that going on Mars Gacek by We were only two weeks out now from it from
All of these trade it building towards the draft a meme. Are we gonna thief and Gary Bashir idea? I really do think that I think we were. I think it's too large go for too many other things above could do stuff. You know doing both makes the most that possibility of anything in the latter. The kings, love back. The thunder Lando understand that these data is always one battle with the latter, aileth prayers and looking at the pretty got down, and then
the right to have trade asset that the right path through the kings of five and end? The the add, the sun tat for a whole bunch of staff and Cast Bay, the stick their Sab three and all these different moved like somebody asked me which trade in a more propensity, which is that I think that the latter Billy I don't know if I would do it from the start that the more worried about my son coming out of the broken for we don't know if you can shoot. I think both is more of a short thing right. It impossible to say you don't never ever know until the lights are on, but the guide avoid been college one year, The point is I looked out and we were kind. Can about you know is banned, Ingram gonna, be a guy that that you know you're going to really surprised. Nobody in any of our aid in surprise anybody thought I read
not even a league of it in that it described me this way, a six point: three chased emigrating. Pretty good and the boy was unbelievable, athlete can do our land. A basketball court a little way back, an almost has no weaknesses and can shoot trees can get to the rim, apelike ethnic ability to pasture do anything, but I'm autumn copied from the day. I asked her. Why and I had troubled by only issued forth by quality were connected. Then, when I expect reaches Magritte alibi. Ah,
actually is perfect. I love it finally put his career. I connect context and not for the fact that the people foreign out of his body here is that the college, but Titus did a good job at the bank, as did them, they fired the coach What what's hours you're playing I'm with time frame again, but they don't get him up there with the cap, Are you gonna? Do that? I'm willing to live with with the on there The role for him either fifteen million our bench player, who had come in and depend the rim of the earth. Welcome the Washington to gradually the trade out there. This is I'm ready. I know we ve been talking for about an hour and I ve been mallinger How I wanted to tat kind of presented
I'm ready to say this out. I now live in a world where I have taught myself into the possibility, I've tried of the Washington Wizard I really did it arrived at it? I think it could make sense here I didn't gone wall. I've been so blinded by what John. Why has done for so many players, both big guy, then wing guys you made so much money for other guys. What a pity could arrive in revitalized, wait out on the picket role, what I've been I've been very kind. About it, this is the first time tat allowed been mauling it it. I would give you can read to be there today, I didn't know, I thought if we ran out of daily dip, I'd have to be ready for a powerful Denver ass. Is there any?
where we can get out of the worst rested, number relation, Dwight bullet Virus and the goals they lacquer would be a great has without a doubt. Now you know I know I'm just thinking about it. I guess I got myself into it. How it could work. Would you I met him in tell you re for do out now can try to read out a brave man me. I would take your time. How much are you giving me? Don't do not not the max, but he's gonna get the man, but this couple cooking. Never that could act as if the aliens challenges to a game, a basketball. My first got that Haiti that some Abram everybody? Chris S, am I right around it. It'll work to ITALY is my answer: the cost of those on the broad guidelines
I think he's been in the exact same level is required. I may get now. Legitimate argument. The empty favours dreadful situation in that way we wanted a bandit, tailor them engages pole dreadful, out of his body and interpret by private Katy versus the brain is. Is its task it's one day, one day to me, the brightest though the fiscal year. No doubt the I'm not gonna, go to any rational it labourer Jack from dear it's bad. Why, with the brown moved in this, there is negatively impact, is legacy determined ever face appeared as good as she does tempting, whereas in the place and when my answer is no The mandatory stands were fantastic. There was a really great game and cannot be the
Early version of the Basque about were watching now, with other they wanna get issued agrees is anything but he did play the eighty, nine percent and ninety percent of plastic they last in tax and eighty nine and ninety with slugfest having gained Scotty at my greater than again I'm just telling you people under twenty five dollar members that probably under thirty like those business days, were fantastic, I believe fantastic any that ninety percent of the salmon with a very very young king and I think, a new coach, I was a little jack. The first year by TAT name demanded distant day was off the chain. And it is actually really fun argument if you deny any pistol burst. This worries me with eyes, air and Dick Mars and worthily did, I think, those ability.
I do my lord and may appear and Denis Rodman Jolly ambiguous. Lot of earth, which is why I think I radiating antecedents forethought, I'm in my book nine years ago, unbelievable taken. They were like the swiss Army knife in what are good, and I am delighted that a good one and then somebody asked me about somebody- asked me about the two thousand. There I can find out there. It was any mail from somebody who's that precede apparently without looking at you tat the boy with it, and you know I don't have. I don't think that we there, but it's not with the girl, because you could have been while it would just learnt about the European Union and the red you'd have young.
Chauncey occurring you'd everything, courageous chasing each other and green ballgame. And then you have Rashid and dream up interesting idea where the problem is the distant couldn't corridor. United, that there are three points that the disaster right again It might be a highly about I did, but the facts we have in the past about the lineup. We could throw this work. I think anyone would know that game plan wise they come in with a sound approach. Drug deal would have you know yeah that was that ban from turbine away Livestock Carmathon Columbus. That path is thick gave. The brain is thirty. Two who do you think is more likely to still be in the wake of ten years. We all interested Leubronn.
I think parliament is not that far away for being done here. Pathfinder vineyard in Santa Barbara, laid out by the active mainly made by actually have been it there's a whole lot of chapter. Two papa meat is his province. This pass over the course of this thereby politically and articulate he's been and out. Passionate he's been vanity like there might be I don't know than a run for public office, but you could see him The chapter taken from Australia a lot of Australia. Flash is doing. This bears were cast and thou because those people degenerate by We are now I've thought about it, but the thought of it, I think so.
I knew you were I like honorary hysteria that the people there are the general today. I agree. I think that too I get so much nice things from people from Australia anytime there in the attic I asked weren't these they were should go eat. I always respond to those though there maybe we should open a ringer branch in Estonia because obviously we advocated digger stuff, but he says I'm a pretty big cast an eye recently, thanks to my brother time advice about the peace that my force, get back to where you have to be done. If the calves do indeed do I really need to do it, or am I disrespect the bad guys that I'm sorry I'll do it? They come back from our three. You have to give the disguised ass a mere force. Can we end? it'll ass one therein, When I talk about it, I don't want it as they that the last one,
What what are you write that I'll take with you? I was this chief from Katy wondered if the calves come back down from three games to derail emblem brow was them through a file of victory? Is the paper greatest about I'm officially over it? Actually, maybe that allows them to be the threat that we needed to them are having a bribe, the pomp of no for red tat. Could he be over EM data? Could you really be overrun by last one? What what current NBA place? Would you choose.
Beat the where's lineup of death and offended at Camp David Barrier. I assume that you got your land use calves, and here I came up with Anthony Davis Partners, the Brown Hawaii Airy, ok, yeah, why? Yes, the problem keeping their but improving over every better than our Georgia. That, above an collides jasper it's funny, you know I I I personally, and I know that that is goes out by coming for me. Considering my view and that guy previously I haven't whenever Westbrook then Paul George, I would talk about Paul George, a right wing I don't care about the final. Wouldn't don't look at my letter better now getting wet attitude that mankind line up for me would be dead. Oh George, quite Cardan comic, even both.
You can. Therefore I want to win the game manner and manage didn't somebody over about that. No doubt my first book be at David from limiting the Jersey, ass watching came through the pile up of, but they watch. Our great rail is above all about myself. Is this: we gonna look like a chaotic, jumped shot. The authority of the UN and the other by the way is going to have a juncture. Everything. I've read and seen and watching him play yet working on that he's working on working hard is looking at at it and how should the other elements from a beautiful and there he might have more people coming back when this will really be the last time and your guy steady, read as a morally dilapidated next jet, the method has never seemed championship is twice the kid which of those things. Do you feel close. This too, Temperature, like a man, I don't feel like
a bit of a set up, I'm thrilled to say that it's my my National League EAST nemesis, the Mets. I just had a very nice conversation with Noah regard earlier this week, gotta be out in time. With door. Great guy told him. You know we put aside our basketball difference, our baseball differences, pardon me and we we mutual hatred further for the Dallas Cowboys and we both love tool, hath also the method. My answer, I'm adding world worth three, did it to those reaction and I'm picking worthwhile however, you have a big first bursting with national debt.
I'm rooting my balls off for Nashville fell, thou be my pet bitter anguish, picking up a punch grass great debate, both disappointed that it too, that thanks to the black, does that cannot be pray. You look or choose from time those powers collected at turning. It Ninety five dollars you used a fourteen day for Europe and try to make sure that a bit about the back I supposed to do a few points and ran away to get started. Now. Is that the black, those that can be asked to get twenty hours off you purchased again, then the man Firstly, I don't get with do check out; U S Open come an outbreak of reality Open preview show where, according to Monday night I'll be up late money, early Tuesday, Lotta Peck and I think I'm making a guess, appearances weak on against all odds, to talk the cause about some of them
the open, proud we're gonna talk about whether or not able to make all monism good. I doubt there being stated here that I wish to put on bubble at the right We deal with a little taste on Burma the candidate Hill Golf course. First time hosting a U S, open big ballpark might play for a big hit, her Papa hit the ball on time and time again, three. They I knew that another tat point I just gonna given good bad begs to capital and they created a credit. Why Don t you can check your credits going anywhere about tat? briefer everyone, Democrat away the depend on president of credit history from trained in credit, wise, is offered by capital and Bank USA and that a dot house, This is a better extra gagner, however, burned onto our satellite to get better at obvious.
I think I'm gonna give my browser for permits yeah thanks to obey for Lisbon. Thank you, have begged a traitor ways.
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