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Saving 2020 Sports, Bored Quarantine Tales and the 2000 Redraftables (The NBA Draft W.O.A.T.) With Ryen Russillo | The Bill Simmons Podcast


HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss when each sport could return and confront the possibility of no sports for the rest of the year (3:00). Then they list off the most bored things they’ve done during quarantine so far (28:45) before they revisit the shockingly disappointing 2000 NBA draft (65:28).

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Tonight's episode of the business back ass, the ringer package that were broadly by world central kitchen, their relief team working cross market is safely distribute individually package fresh meals in communities that need support, take out for children and families delivers for seniors who can't venture outside there. Sir, tens of thousands of miles daily in N Y, see washed in Miami LOS Angeles, many other big cities. They ve also formed hashtag chefs for America, a coalition of restaurants and tech companies working together to provide meals to me can that need assistance and their supporting local hospital workers. People everyone has on the front line working in wartime like conditions as well as local restaurants, who been impacted by the covert nineteen crisis. How are they doing that by launching initiatives across Amerika to deliver fresh hot meals to hospital? and clinics fighting on the front lines go. Do w c k, dot org to learn about
initiatives like frontline foods off their plate feed the frontline unless Angela switch, I dont need to hear and EAST Bay Feed e r. U can directly help there as in hospitals and clinics were fighting for us and you can help keep your local restaurants alive. I love what they're doing learn more at W c k that or meanwhile, I know you like me and I was looking for new stories to discover especially right now. Well, there's an entirely new way to watch quickly is a new premium streaming service designed for your phone with movie quality, shows and emphasise in ten minutes or land.
They got new episodes every day ever original shows like Elba versus black iron sharpens iron, and I promise download the Kodi app now to enjoy a free ninety day, trial. We're also brought to you by the ringer dot com and the Ringer podcast network. Will we have not stopped putting up stuff, including the rewatchables we did. Tommy boy had put up Thursday night last week we have total recon enemy of the state come in this week. We're also going to be doing one more redraft the bulls, be on the two thousand draft that we're about to do with Russillo in the second half of this podcast doing two thousand and one with my old friend Zach Lowe. So both of those are going up on the book of basketball. If you missed in the ones we did last week, Andy, six. Ninety, seven, eight and nine you can find all those on the book. A basketball to point out podcast man four weeks ago did not expect that that would be the last
we had a normal son pack has with Priscilla. I hope everybody stand safe, listen at the doctors listening to scientists and tried to stay away from people until we can get through this hope. Your family is safe. Let's bring at our friends from project. I said, and I ran reseller here as always only four weeks ago, we are arguing about the progress of anything he had a whole resident ass, persuade against us and now this issue come in the new normal we had. I guess said the happened this weekend. The President Donald Trump talk. Of the commissioner's, except for the tennis commissioner,
Did you know there? Wasn't a tennis commissioner reseller its found that out I do now yeah seriously, that's good guy. Then for somebody show. Should tennis have commissioners a block fails, I get so the two This was not represented, but some have tubby. Debbie was an Trump talk talk. Commissioners about. Could we do some tat had? How can we get sports going by September? and this is something that has been a recurring, seen the last couple pots I've done. I think people slowly coming to grips with the fact that sports might not be coming back until September. I want to do as our sports thing like if we were appointed kosports ours, but before we do that, are you coming to grips with the fact that sports might be going away for a long? I'm including football like we might have the rest, the two thousand twenty here with no sports, I'm I'm not ready for that. Ok, I'm not I'm not ready for that. Yeah yeah, where I ve got a lot of people
beginning of anything, I can't really say anything like this, because we don't have anything to compare it to, but in the beginning it's it's not something that I've wanted be right about in the production phase a few days in cuz you just you don't know, and I think like a lot of people or probably realizing the magnitude and More serious, this is in any any projections. It we had even a couple weeks ago seem ridiculous and even some of the summit was out charts and number reading out amassed. Does it really matter now, everybody's being told you should wear a mass kids can't get it, dogs can't get it, and I saw something about tired it nets. I do not know what to believe or, but I do know that with certainty. Migrant leads to right. Nobody can seriously. It means with more uncertain It means less ability to come to some conclusion on this, so we did the podcast March fifteenth. I believe, as when I talk to somebody in a different league sources in ITALY, office person, there was
What we're gonna do collectively short in her shoulders on this, and that was gonna sixty days out, which would have been may fifteenth and they won't have the peace almost immediately that night, but we're taping, saying ninety days, which is even further out so There is no news that we ve gotten. That makes us think that this thing is gonna get figured out. Sooner than later. I guess I'm just still trying to be sliver of an optimist here in that may be of things. Calm down people go wait a minute. Maybe we don't have to write off the rest of twenty twenty cause? I'm I'm not. There yet by the increase in magnitude. Can I ask you how they figured out that the tiger had corona worse because the time earlier sluggish, which was the trainer worried, vague leg? What's wrong with Tommy the tiger what's going on he won't need is meet. Today we should get em tested, are. We really wasting a corona test and a tiger, I'm not a big fan. And of some of the social media, when somebody goes they got tested and I get tested. You know well, I don't like the heresies now
there is sometimes a summary is getting tested in your like. I can kinda understand what what that person get tested have other people getting tested. I can receive your listing. You have a family member that has enabled able to get a didn't, get it s right away, but you if you want to go ahead and say must be nice, the retiring get a test. I would probably be ok without one, My son is lingering address a mania starting, as the main office, goodness glass, I told him reciprocity started at seven and I think he just figured out that I would like to because I wanted to watch the term after we did the path I I I pessimistic for sports, because the more I think about it, What scenario is there were people?
I want to be in a crowd. I brought this at the last couple pads banana on Dublin down. Unless there's a vaccine in everybody's, like down, there's no vaccine for fifteen to eighteen months, then you know we could flattened curve. We could do the whole thing less people could have it like. We can ease the bird in the hospitals are that stuff. But eventually, if there's no vaccine and it's kind of a lingering and then somebody get added issues, can you keep going so I don't see a scenario where I'm in a crowd. I guess that's what I'm trying to tell you. Ok before you just the crowd part of it, though, because you are right, like any part of this, that there is no part of this. I read something like one tromp says hey after her. Praises zone ratings and make some joke about dating models and then is like ok. Let's get to the pandemic, though not I've got that out of the way, let's get to the pandemic. Don't care that is again a football zing losing little Boom D Artagnan People September, for I can
sitting round the bunch of astronauts, be like hey what it s about Mars like in two years. It doesn't mean anything IRAN's nothing that's not even being anti Tropic just being pro reality and for to come up with anything where I'm supposed to read some article where he sat with all the commissioners sports in his its Trump says football by September. First, SK. I wanted the country ready to go by Easter cause. It sounded right, so I just in it and it's this, isn't he. Political, it's just simply at what. Why am I? putting any any thought and the like, that's going to change my mind position, change anybody's might cause you're right. It isn't just about the crowd thing. It's about the medical. Why aren't you say, medical field, but their capability to be able to handle any this stuff and then the scary thing, where None of us should believe any number from China. I want to hear anything from China. Nothing and I
also look at this. As you know, some of the stuff you could read where, if the weather starts getting cold or again the start of football around that time, they could. We have thing we're cycles back like we think we're through it and then sudden it kind of comes back. So then, what but I'll do I'm not defer? you, but I'm following up of what you said. You can be anti crowd, but don't you think that there's a lot of wines? People can find a way to get these games on television with no one watching them live now. In the venue somewhere. The next Sunday afternoon. My son and I watch wrestle Mania part one last night. There is no no fans by I was kind of shocked how much I didn't like it any real Now this is wrestling. This isn't like a real sport. You, no real sport like it's, not the NBA class, you sure yeah pretty sure, reasonably sure.
Wait you realise, with wrestling resting, was kind of exposed because you realize how much a wrestling is: entrances and fans reacting to entrance music and, like here is ride. Priscilla your musics plan, you come out. You walked the runway. You go you go into the ring. You stand on the top and the top or the robes, and do things take a chest out. What sets removed are you really have as people fake fighting and the best part apart part one yesterday she was also terrible. Was the undertaker has this outdoor bad said they film, like a movie so's like a scene from roadhouse, he's fighting a styles, their multiple cameras, they're doing Sir a couple. Stance that, maybe you and be able to serve as a live thing, it is actually pretty get some rest. Was exposed by question, is, if we're just watching mba players with no crowd noise,
I just think it's gonna, be too weird. I does a scenario where I'm like this is awesome. I can't wait for game. Five, like a probably watch it on board we're here to go, probably proudly. You're on one or two percent watching it we're both watching all of it? We ve families. I did. I thought I I felt it way offer us a baby debated an hour and a half. Ok, look! I'm because there was no guy with a sign that says TIM and an arrow, pointing down the background that your employment and it was agreed by the Commission wrestling to any of this digested. That's real, honestly think, like game, five of the NBA fondles with no one there asked you become a clause on the line on different about like if we're talkin round to now. What else do you doing? What I am doing tell me: why do singularity weird it we'll be weird, but here I do like it. I'm just gonna rethinking the whole time this isn't. This doesn't feel right.
Lay off by self into it. Your ears, where they would happen, though, is that I a long believer in this that if you want to change something about yourself, you have the kind of like make it through the twenty eight thirty days right. If you want to work out, you got a fine away over the course of a month to go three or four days a week and then, after a mud that kind of feels routine. And then, if you don't do it some things missing if you want to work on it, like you, have like it sucks to get started, you think everything's terrible, but if you just do a little bit in the same way was study, if you read it, Never read will read for like a monstrous of musical at any of the stuff. So in the beginning it We're the wrestling thing is: what are your first experience with no fans in it? So it should be weird. You should enjoy it less, but if we had weeks of it games and fell games baseball with no one there. I really think we'd accepted its new noise,
more where no one has to argue. Is it actually better? Although first take what would it be hilarious? Milk is the NBA actually better with no fancy became the baseline ecstatically Moby, so it won't be. I am in agreement with you I honestly, the everything should now be pointed towards. What's the safest way to get this stuff back on, maybe because the players are gonna lose money, I normally, Some pro owners- I'm not, but there were about their money that television is part of this directive to write promoter Ryan promoter Reseller the people that, whether as the ad revenue that ESPN has to make good back? You know like those made goods on stuff and then just the amount of things you could be connected to try to salvage some revenue stream for not just owners and players, but a bunch of things around at the advertisements that are being sold. All this delay, people little You have to think only if its safe, because the counter is now you can't do that and how many people can be workin on short in all these different things.
The counter is now you can't do that and how many people can be working. In short, all these different things. I'd have to think that there is some sort of new relocation where they can get. These games back on and the ratings were probably do well enough, despite the fact that people be annoyed there d, be no France like fancy up. That's what I've been working on. It think it about the entire time right now. Can I tell you what I'll do that would actually get be excited to watch it? I think the point I can't get around is how depressing would be to watch these guys playing in a completely empty Rita. I think the move so like it's a g. I noticed that are if this six or play in the box and empty Irina. Ivy sad watch it. I know a bit dramatic. She if their pay, and each other at like Equinox and its I came, you hear about the run yesterday, the South, explaining the box well, I can hear you could have said yeah yeah. They were there run and they just decided a Plato, a hundred, so maybe the key
If we're gonna do this, you know without fads. Maybe you change the venues too, like maybe the Lakers play a Pepperdine peppermints like a thousand seats, it's just a little more intimate, maybe even go a little less, maybe be just plain highschool jibs, you know maybe pick like. I don't know some some five hundred high school Jim, and do it that way? So it's like contained and the noise will field there from animal just kind of feel more fun. Maybe he's different uniforms me. He just got here shirts and skins. I don't know I just figured if it's going to be different like it should really be there It shouldn't be like our right here, the acres, versa, coopers in an empty staple centred. This won't be where it at all like they get get inventive with that but so you're only arises
I saw an agent the other day saying you know. If I'm a player, do I have a right to do not have to play right? Could I point to the scare the further colonel virus that number is going to be so minimal compared to the amount of guys don't want to lose twenty five percent of the regular season paycheck and then all the play of money? On top of everything else, I give you think of the four hundred and fifty players and obviously it's a bigger number than that and Helen football. We had over two thousand guys eligible to vote on the new Sea, Ba What percentage you think wants to get back to work, especially in football, to make sure they don't miss that paychecks? It was weird as it is, and I think your venue change thing is is fine if it's safe, even better solution, but really the only they should be mattering. Is I don't care how it looks we just wanted on tv because its our wish is something here and if I'm a player, that's right be worried about. So what's your purpose to keep going with? No,
and unlike this kind of Macgyver revenue charges, say you did, they suggest money. That's it yeah. Why What I'm we to say the thing out of the park ass, it everybody else, is afraid to say openly. No owner was to come say like Haber we're trying money, but if I'm a player Why do I want to lose money, but why do I that is again- and I would say this- before the last time because it should be accepted. That is again, if there's enough medical people that can say this is actually doable in this, doesn't put everybody a really dangerous situation. If you of the belief that no one should ever be talking anybody, you know, and everybody should be isolated in other bad people, counter argument with you. The counter would be. They start doing this and, like four days in it turns out, somebody has the corona virus, because you know some twenty two year old, his the night before and I got Phuket my two friends came over and then that friend had just
Ben somewhere! I now set in somebody has a name to stop the tournament again. Never go bear situation, Dhabi one thing so well you're right, I mean everything that I am presenting here is theoretically, where the country feels better off sixty to ninety days. From now that, ok, you know what this this could be. Something big happen. I dont think this things get it I'm just watching. The behaviour of in, like you know, I think some neighborhoods, braces more than other, but if we rapidly is, if you read the deuce, there's a lot of parts of the country where they're like fuck social distancing, don't tell me what to do and I just I don't think, there's things going over the way. It is it's like you if you, if you have it in you in- the city of somebody else, you're gonna, give it to them any.
There is symptomatic, are there can actually get it and they might carry it? Not even knowing give it to somebody else- and I am just really pessimistic about you know we were with no vaccine. How does life go back to normal? I think football will be the one because nobody is greater in the NFL, guys, are going to figure this out they're going to figure out a way to do it and they're just going to do it and their attitude will be like look what we're planning ahead, even if this is like a twelve game season whatever. But if you were on that call last night me- and you are the cozart
Trump America's hours of sports in Trump's. Like hey, I got all the commissioners on. You guys have a plan. I think the first thing in my plan would be like we got to drop that day for baseball. It can't be. We can't just kind of dragged along and play this by ear. It's got to be like if we don't start by this date, there's going to be no baseball. Like what is this get? What is a schedule for a season? Look like what is a classic like. It probably is like a seventy game season right, maybe more teams bait the playoffs. If shorter series, but whatever version of it it's lasting for about three and a half months and there's got to be a dropped, a date for that cuz? You don't want these guys playing. Even if they came back there. I can be playing baseball in, like MID November to Ludacris
oh, my first thing would be what an icy right on a day to start baseball. So what is it joy? First. July First Spring training or start in the actual season. You know I would, I just think spring training a little differently. The problem, MRS pitchers you'd, have to trust that I do think she don't want the things that it's been better about. Sports is that, because of Instagram, and because of everybody bragging about their workouts, all the stuff, because some guys are totally fulla shit and just side note to draft prospects, pushing a car, and we, those I dont know why. We still think this is impressive and twenty twenty. It's not that fucking too hard to push a car on a road if its flight and then suddenly. The other day was like this guy's doing it. With the card has break likes. You guys, you realize you can tap the break in the break lights, go on, but the brakes or not engaged, and we actually were lakes.
Social media believe in an office of Lyman, was pushing a truck with a guide press the brakes all the way down there at ran over, so have pitchers you'd have to make sure their arms are built up the right way. I think you trust it most of them did that I didn't guys or so tuned in now to prepping their arms. Getting stronger than they do at last night. Fear, maybe you just do it- you go outside and you throw a baseball and you start doing it further further, wouldn't feel involved pans than you do. You know about it, what, if your on the Mets in the you have an apartment in New York, city and you're. Staying at your folks house- and you don't have like somebody throw too and you can't go anywhere How do you? How do you like work on your arm strength? Is your thing cuz? I don't. I don't know that we're going to be we're not going to be good. Kosar's then because you don't want anything to start now. Not that I don't want it to be the start. I'd wanted relation. To figure out how many weeks would it take
for these guys to be ready, like I feel like they should be doing all this stuff now talk anew. Ah there trainers and players in Thy K, if we just It's go time. How many weeks would you really need to figure that out so is that seventeen days is that twenty days is at ten days? What is that and then the second piece of be alright, then our schedule radiant. Seventy around eighty are, we double headers shoe disseminating games should try to two games in one day to kind of, moved the schedule long, what's our play in there and then what's the plan plan, how long is that? How many teams bake it odium best, three I've? like they should be talking about this stuff. Now I haven't heard anything because June is two months away less. You know but why would I say on April fifth July first are dropped
date for baseball, and I dont know how anybody would say that what is NFL have to talk about week, one being jeopardy right now we don't know made. You honestly think you know what this you could be as negative as possible limp? Let me say I'll be as negative as you are. I still live what I start making decisions in the beginning of April about what's happening September first, especially if I'm football, knowing that I don't have any like a arena stadium, crossover issues like I don't have to worry about the way the NBA does yet baseball basque bar and the clock now met Michael Chinese and I'm sure they're having these discussions. I would just like to know more about them. They are based should just start. You know like no that sounds hey the pigeon to be ready, Let's on you, that's on you to find a way to get his ready, as you can through this whole thing like what he was to do just sit around and not do anything really play right now anyway, so you know, we know those guys that don't take it seriously. I think more athletes take it more seriously today and it said it, they do, let's do two weeks, a spring training if they can't even get this thing going again, but for everyone
it's about salvaging anyway, to put anything on. That's why, like the horse thing comes out where the is again we might not have these horse competitions, you don't I'm up to right now, go for it like this. My first thought isn't. Let me tear apart your horse proposition my first, it is getting creative, as you want putting anything on television yeah I wasn't one hundred percent against the horse, saying that I was a huge advocate of it. I used to read columns about it and then they did it in nine and two thousand and ten, and it just didn't work and it's so fun like what you have in your in your head for what would be fun about horse. Isn't how it actually plays out when the guys are getting competitive. They had just shooting like twenty footers or twenty eight footers or whatever and they're not like doing the peat marriage, sitting on sitting on the floor, bank shots and stuff like that? They just don't play it that way. So I don't know how you would make it work more creative, I'm positive,
I dont want doing weight and Bob, though that silly thing I know for sure doing you retired, like jet, hang it up doing It's always mean he retired dimes, though we ve with had forced ceremonies for you it's over just retire. It's fine you're, like that at the club, whose fifty who rose- and you have the twenty year old, like it's done, hate, take it easy for both of us now I just these guys they it. When you turn your dad nuisance you have part of part of retiring, is being graceful about it and turning it over to the young guys and now it's their league. Is that your league anymore, you retired, you know. What I it reminds me of it. I have a decent seeker collection and
Some of it was sent to me over the years. Some of it was bored, and I went you know what probably, what are we doing here and then had a pair of the off whites that were really popular in and they were the Jordan ones, though the blue ones- and I saw a co worker when and I M Sellen knows this week, and that is what I think of the. When it comes to the horse competition. I don't. What the NBA is going to do, but I have the most confidence in the brain. Fast and the owners and silver and people like that. Out of all the leaks how'd, you rank your confidence in. I'll- be verses, NBA versa, NFL fur, just just the IQ power the room to actually they come to the right decision that some of this stuff cause for some reason and no other because I love the idea the most, but for some reason I trust that group, the most and maybe action- thus the NFL the most because those guys a ruthless and they'll, probably figure out the most ruthless waded do this, but
I think the NBA were actually like, put real thought into all the variables to this. I'm you said that, though, I'm glad I'm glad you said it that way, because. The initial reaction is, while the NBA is probably the most adaptable through the most open minded of any the less enemy the best available. But if we're talking strictly, who will get product on the television sets The Unifil, such a heavy favour in this that it big Vegas, has taken it off the board. Other pieces, dull, just tell their prayers were to do the NBA. The prayers will have. You know a relation ship. The decision I think I might have in whole league thing where they all decide to do it. I do think you underestimating, though two thousand plus players that have a shorter window in the NFL going
I don't want to lose any of these paychecks where the NBA a guinea. These guys really want to lose your paycheck snow, but that the number of NFL players that will say even if it is little grey area. Little uncertainty of things are. Things are coming around. We feel better about this, but still a level of danger. I dont care gum, riskin concussions out there like keep me out there, because I may have three or four years of earning power. I'm talking about a lot of the marginal players at of knowing that you know they ve raised will raise minimums for the new severe, so we're Kosovars, tribe, says rain. Where do you think witty time, just in general, sick Ryan? What do you think? I feel like? I'm surprised that you're doing anything to help the Unifil if you're still mad about getting a franchise? That's true, I thought about that would be great, like NBA go, and it fell not good that. I think I am
my pitch would be like I already said I've already done. It would just be getting things on tv, it's not just about owners. It's not just about players would take care of a lot of other things. If there's some kind of product can we get to a level? That's safe enough. We feel good and if that means a bunch of teams quarantined in one city and run multiple games, and I think after a while we'll get used to it. I think I think it's weird as hell the first time you watching NBA game or an NFL game, when the stance, but I think after a little while you go, this is better than having it. Now I watch three old plants games there, hey. Let's talk about the return of the Facts original comedy what we do in the shower. Does the Hautala reporter called the series first season quote ridiculously funny and warn that quote: you'll die laughing? Will this season shadows continues to follow our four favour? Vampires have been limit together for hundreds of years,
I'd multiple Bilbil, my life, who love the show, what we do in the shadows. Premiers Wednesday April fifteenth and effects streaming next day effects on Hulu and if you miss Caesar one ketchup now and effects on Hulu. I'd like to give you my top five most board things I did during quarantine. So far, number one. I sign my wife up for survivor, not an he's gonna- get picked waiting for Oh yeah, right leg legitimately feel that a whole application. I took a video of her talking about how if she was a survivor, she probably winsome. Our judges, but not eating a lot in eating and frequently liquid baker, pretty hast thou to other people. So she be great great could character, but ultimately they would they would take her out. So I have talked about then the video, but should I didn't realize, as filling up application, for I did everything
And then I just send it to you and it is for real. I realise that I sent him forever with it without her, found, everything is citing your wife up. First, deciding your wife offers survivor and twenty twenty, that two thousand nineteen Palatine gift, I it's been my dream to see here on that show for twenty years. Could she really would be good during the challenges and eradicate the pie but, as you know, the whole thing just like. Oh it's a race again, I should lose it, and if somebody like fuck with the re, separate, half the rice and didn't tell the other people, it would if she'd be legs is it then a roadhouse, just a cleaning out the trap, so that was them. One number two I watch seasons too through five of Belarus place, it was aren't you skip cause. I had already watched it
no really were pre quarantine. I watched it. It's I'd CBS access and I How do you feel about yourself now watching and where we target, like almost thirty Years later, twenty seven years later now here's the thing I like him, tv shows on in the background, when I'm doing other things that I'm doing emails and I'm writing. Google docs whatever I like to have either music or some tv show that at that is Canada. Of that I don't have to really a minor leg. The third thing I did that this ties into it. I finally watch season, one of Ozark, which had been won things around that guy someday, I'm going to watch that I'm kind of saving it like a nice bottle of wine. There be some moment where I be like alright, it's time what better moment in a quarantine that one time watch, I'm not doing other things that are marching owes Belarus places just kind of odd, and just things happen. People have in car accidents, Kimberly's polar wig of ours. And it turns out her father was molesting AIR Sidney's
girl, then she's running the running, the cargo servant Itzhak just cut happening in the background from its last number, three, not I'll show. Pushed the limits it really dead. They really did number four I watched a lot of the night Can anyone Bruins penguins Series on Youtube the beast added to nothing aid huge six five women know tee the unbelievable rape they are and then and then in game three Samia sin: cheap added, namely the series flipped. But it's like peak peak Le Mew, its peak nearly till it gets heard it's one of my favorite Bruins themes and I was just enjoying that side devour that, and then my fifth point is that I was the other day, an MBA tv was show was was the a radio station channel eighty six had serious. They were running
for whatever reason game three of the nineteen? Ninety five finals between or lay down Houston their running the radio broadcasts of it at the time and I got in the car- there is like nine minutes late, and I got to where I was going in. There is like three minutes left and I just sat in the car and listened to the end of executive member. It happened and what happened is there one of the ambitious bigshot rob makes the back breaking three. When it and they go up three, nothing in the series, but Clyde directors, good, denounces, ran to it and it just felt like best. Buzz, really excited- have backed the crowds going nuts they're coming in commercial they're talking about who Thou who, as this is great to just be on all the time. So those are doesn't my top five most boring things. I've done. I bet you. I just asked you follow up there yeah other than the survivor thing, how different of those four from the things you would do not warrant? I think you too deep that
I take it out a new level of desperation, you're, just say a what happened in the eighteen, eighty two and say it turn him it before the Georgetown North Carolina game. You just go and in that and then just they demand a tv. I'm watching is staggering. It's really I'd, say you like Ozark by the way yeah you're Bateman Guy, so that was a lamp, great bade him in its grip Bateman Great, Laura Lenny I like ones where I like it I like those were the husband realize is the waves cheating item, but what kind of holds it for the first, the information and is just caught a lingering for a few episodes. He knows, but she doesn't know our view in this case. What episode, but I just like, everything how they dealt with that then it kind circles back later, ozarks kid it's a
a good start. I mean when you're starting a series in you do in the pilot and all of a sudden, the husbands watching a video of his wife having sex or somebody else. Like that, Sir, that's a waking moment, yeah nothing really tops billions where you know Giovanni's being urinate it on ok rang. We got here, Eureka, ok, we're we're get right into this I'm twelve. In knows our second eighteen left, I gotta be carried out by a big caught up by next bikers for for Us Ozark. Continues the tradition of it's impossible to write a likeable teenage daughter, Riah. Isn't it it's a sudden potluck, no one's ever able to find out if the teenage daughters of a beer see character it they always come out on likeable. Although I do like come Charlotte Charlotte will grow on. You know spoiler there and Jacob, who is the local run in the head
on farm who speaks in a dialect bits different than others. He was one of the soldiers and brave heart didn't really feel like fighting and also the drug dealer train spotting, which cobblers YO when he realized. It's one of those shows the eager you, especially when you watch too many of them in a row which I did. I probably watch twelve and twenty four hours were. You start thinking. I could run a strip giant this. Could this? What can be that hard right I'll need? We have let's I would have, proved. I would improve the girls that were dancing like ours crediting, Jason payments, credit the new manager like good job upgrade the town it's a without was had. No brainer would have done that. Maybe We have made a lot safer. Maybe the vip room really lead this back down and nobody has Sexton there, but you just think of the Ladys tonight, universes, where they could I've run a strip giant, I think I could have
I have started a small casino on the river like I feel like I could a figure that out, but either Ozark baby. Think of this I think you'd be. I trust you to run a joint. There would be no I think it's just ringers Rick, ass, with their involved up. There's there's other p We have why. What would you call? The bs review had caught the rigour, gets coexist, ringers, Rick, what are your as this modified figures is perfect. We do need to talk about. It well in Meroz place the bar that somehow, Jake buys with fifty thousand, which jab such an affair. The math on that, by not alone shoe years. It's called shoot, they really hit out at a shooters out that those goddamn but ringers, I think, would be and what happened last night rough day, ended up at ringers, said the three in the morning he's got cleaned
I lost my credit card, yeah happy that could wear what I would suck it would suck having to go to ringers to get your debit card the next day there is, there is sketchy is weird Strip club and exit up from ESPN. You know the one forget about area yeah, so It was known, and I went one time Long long time ago, and some some people from work went and one of the girls who were with it was pretty funny ass. She called me the next day goes. I can't believe it out she'd yet a little while than she was like. You know, I had a wild night again: oh no prob, no problem a problem she's, it is there any way you can bring me to place because I left my car there and my debit card and I have to go and during the day who it to go, get it, and I was like, as long as I have to go in August,
right? There should be a phrase for that. Can you give me your top five Buzz board moment you had during the quarantine? I started a book. Oh, it's called the better book, a basketball, nice and vague specially to laugh war. The look you gave me things that you thought there was a dick. Now it's called letters to my younger yourself, some taken that entire concept in it just gotta, be thirty chapters. Great can I read the forward Yeah, I'm actually look of a brutal right, the chapters and obscure publisher. You did the richer. I'd sure. Yet another people to ratify at wait a minute. I built ought rack, I'm close to building a squat rack, my living room. So I move all the furniture around looking around. Obviously no wife soon have to worry about that, so we're just gonna go for it is if this has gone on for a few months Goodbye, Adapt said number two: I've tried orders much stuff as I can
have gone back and watch a bunch of games. Today I watch games seven of the two thousand thirteen and be a finals heat spur I want to talk to you about that cake, keep going. I want to circle back to twenty thirteen five dollars. I also watch a lot of that. Other most of the media, those that I'm close with we're happy kind of these side text thread debates about. Is it really great content? If you just post everybody else's videos on twitter, there's a few people that have built up quite a following that way, and it seems like the universally praised as somebody who tries to be creative and likes to acknowledge people's creativity. I think but just post everybody else's videos for retreats and follows that it's actually not that creative, so that something muted debating and men probably wouldn't care that much about. If we can have this much free time, Now, let's see, let me see here: that's a guy I'm upset. Yet I was one of those texts or we can add to it. I just do
I don't understand what happened. Did you see somebody else's great video and then you just save it, and then you put your caption, sometimes the same caption word for word even send and in your site. But again, if is Rita, did you get it on a followers than you're you're kind of doing what you're supposed to be doing, but I just don't think it's lame privately fucking fuckin lame I've tried to do less twitter than ever. That's good! You not miss Lytton twitters. Pretty dark, Rita, It's it's about is as as bleak as it's been cuz. This as more people have more time kind of flooding, yeah you're right now, you're right and twitter, the great thing about twitters it it does kind of eventually let everybody know who you really are. If you're on long enough that's what this person's deal is, and it is sometimes if it ends up telling his way more about the person. We want a real but my last sitting- is I've. Been I've been debating hobby stuff go outside
when the shopping carts haven't hit. Check out on any of it. Yet I don't know what it's gonna be out of its instrument. I don't know what you know. Smallest knowledge base over your species- disrobing Jim, so it on a MAC tunnel rehearsal area. So at an up so far, five is debating what the Hobbes Gonna be. That's likely a purchase and something I never even look at sixty days from now. So we were talking before we went on about. There should be an advance measure Maybe they could figure this out at the next conference, how different your life is during a court. The team based on what it was like free quarantine, and if it's only like twenty, maybe it's like they cut off, is like forty percent, if it's less than forty percent different than it was when we didn't have a quarantine itself. Re evaluate thanks like we're like I was already alone, all the time and never outside n, and why
inside a tv Eddie, real things that are changing for me is like that, one that a week I'm that drug by bodies are not like it's hot. A grocer shap, then the buyer, whatever the John Haulage or bedrock of that it son reevaluate things navigable Hobbes, so Acuity are a key factor, yeah exactly if you're in Quarantine year, like my that that different carriers either to hire too low. I don't know what can I get? No! I don't know what that would mean. Yeah right, weasel is a low key. We are good. Is it the embers this feels directed at me, because, whatever A key we are formula is mindset that different I've said entire time over the gym other than that night that I get every few we! now you're out your plane, hoops you're doing staff you come to the office. I was thinking more, my dad, because my dad's, I This is terrible, is just to harm on my gear home anyway, like they quivered, what's really J,
UNESCO to sell the damage, Europe to go to their way he so he made the cases. I look. We want to dinner lot. We went to sell the games and I really liked walk in the dogs and talk to my neighbours in those three things are at the window. My guy good case, as I made him where it further made him sweated out The key we are His curiosity, I feel like a stone like thirty five step Derrida fifty I've wondered if you know the positive in this looking back in the people that will write books years removed from this. If they will argue that everybody needed some kind of risk, So instead of the mental fix yourself resetting and whenever you go to a bookstore, you look at like the shells, you go. How many possible help these self help books can be written like? How can there be fifty new? help help books this year, like whose saying shit that hasn't been said already and a lot of
Do we are greater giving other people advice and never being able to executed on our own, but this is all just theoretical, but we'll people argue that this time was this massive resetting that society needed so that we come out of this different like come out of this, a little more positive, a little more appreciative I think both those things will happen, but I thought that after nine eleven and quickly faded away with an ear absolutely like it was so called me, patriotic there for a little while, then it was kind of like a hurried moving on and yeah. We inherently become self again, but I wonder if their ends up being this resetting, where anything is, is lasting and that that's kind of hard to but look at some is nearly impossible to predict right now, but it is something that I I think about a lot with this. I think it was started on that. What was it with your dad know to follow up on that? I do think it's weird. They made people appreciate their friendships more, like my wife is
doing these zoom cars would like six were friends or they have a glass of wine. They shoot the shit before they used to do. While we gotta get lunch and then it would be like every two months, they would their schedules the line. They go get lunch now. It's like their weirdly, more mark, more communicative with one. Or, where are just like in each other's lives, cuz they're bored. I hate my dad's family. They do like a family zoom car every week that, like all his brothers and sisters and they weren't doing that for do I do think- and we said this last week on the part that it has caused people to embrace and technologies that maybe they didn't fully understand would be assets for them you don't even like I look at the ringer we'd, you oh said the camel
Where do the package with me? Now we're dude and zoom? It's basically the same thing you don't have to be here to do it were, but a cut these videos and use kind of adapting go. So I do think there's been a couple positives out of that. Other people appreciate toilet paper more. They definitely appreciate peril and cool or acts wipes, which she still can't fucking find anywhere. I don't know how I got clorox ripe wipes. I get out really rats pure l censure of a tub of those wipes. If you need a purer, I'm out toilet paper was never huge issue. Solo, although I did read a fascinating piece on toilet paper, were completely changed. My mind was like. Oh, this is the psychological thing they had of these psychologists. Talking about just this mass shopping hoard shopping, those different things in this other I know it's like you guys- are all wrong. You're not going to work, should not using toilet paper. There you're not going to restaurants you're, not using toilet paper. They, like all these different places, that you would normally use toilet paper you're, now not using him. Sir. Your usage at home is John
higher usage rate. Yet so exactly so, it's not that people are buying it. Yes, are some people hoarding it by an uncertain, but there's a reason. There is a real medical reason that people are by more toilet paper because they're, using far more of it at home than they ever were before it has no one's leaving their house. I put it was like oh yeah that should be easier figure out perpetrate I live The two thousand or divide us then do the two thousand draft, but I will take one brick: hey we're all stuck
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even as a builtin strained coach feature that actually sets exertion goes. He can work out without losing out on your fitness. Calls through this self quarantine sounds like a good one, for my wife make the best out of this situation. For my listeners, whoop is offering fifteen percent off with the code Simmons at check out gotta whooped outcome, W H, o o Peter COM and her simmons at check out to say fifteen percent sleep better recover faster, train smarter optimize, your performance with whoop you'd. I both why'd you lot of Basque, but I was doing this anyway. Just for the record are the people who are like I watch the so it so fine Hoskins like this was just what I just like do this anyway, the tooth as thirteen finals. I had not go back into an awhile and they had a bunch of em. I think ability that camera boy day they were but its ban on and then it was. There is another day
as on this weekend in the staggering amount of talent in that finals, which I mean really full. It fully realise at the time, because. We did a cool. I was gonna turn into what would happen with why? But you should look their fires thou there might have been ADA famers their right to San Antonio guys in the four Miami guys in crunch time in game six came seven you might have had eight of ten guys on the court as Hall Famers. I dont think I fully realise that at the time I knew. I remember I was doing tv that year and I remember game before game six. I did a whole thing that I thought Duncan was gonna reach back and have this one awesome great Duncan game preserves three too this isn't he still has it in him a little like shack and two thousand foreign game for against a trait he's, gonna really
the smack down one last time and try to grab this TED Oak, as he knows, is one of your gave. Seven. I think he had like twenty five in the first half for some crazy, my daddy wore down in the second half, but why was awesome game? Seven Wade was real, getting game. Seven. The brown was great. Both games, Parker was a man's down the street game. Six wasn't getting game, seven, it was just so much fun to watch all those guys on the core. What's that out with you with that game, seven to dramatic things leubronn, really everything in the third quarter and then every possession with SAM dictating it and still seeing as much as we appreciate how gifted physically still as thirty five, even though thirty five it's it's, not the normal thirty five year old athlete it's a guy with all of those minutes right, and he still has moments with these Lakers where you're like. I can't believe you still doing this, but then, whenever you for
satellite junk back five years ago, it's actually harder wash the decline in normal progression, as opposed to going back Billy. Ok wait a minute now I see what's different here, like I remember you talk about Westbrook in that, warrior series going. Oh my god, I go back and look at Westbrook as I still have moments when I walk watch Westbrook now and go he's the best athlete I think I've ever seen in the game and your you just have to go back ago. That's right! That's what it's like when it looks like a guys in his young twenties. Leubronn was just five years ago and it still is different, but every possession was him in every time something good bottled up. Then he would find somebody else body. I started five five from three he's really bit beyond the bronze dominance in this and dictating everything that was having an offensive possessions in the second half bad yea. You argue we this game after about game six, the closing group was Chalmers, Batty, a large lotta chalmers. This finals, like I like shocking about exactly re Alan
listen, twenty minutes even scoring game. Seven is not in the court there towards the end, all save the Bush bar for later, but you nobly is a mess. He has three huge turnovers in last six and a half minutes of this game in India's blowing those possessions one the ball goes out of. Dance out of balance, another one, he just whips it out of bounds and then on the last possession after Lebron hits. What's an elbow jumper, that's basically for an NBA title and that's something. That's always bothered me the way we look at clutch and it's hard to keep track of all the stuff. Okay, there's tons of things that I forgot it from this game that I've watched, probably twice for by the broad hitting that elbow jumper is about us, clutches it could be without the clock expire because that's it game, seven to win an mba title, that's the shot and it's never thought It really is an elixir you're. He felt like the biggest leubronn fat and we just have a hard time ever giving credit to any these things and aren't the last possession went to me that justice
clutches. The shot back, the clock expiring in some ways, maybe even harder in a way, is allow paid up. There's a place. El Open here, any game sex so that thereabout The lose the title heading into the fourth quarter, and here, as one of the best nine and ten minute stretches of his career. The key is absolutely every version of ETA. Different pieces. He had an m of always a little bit a magic. Ah there's a little bit a team in there are others a little bit of Carmelo in their others, a little bit bird. It's just like the full, the full package for nine ten minutes. Then you know he adds up miss in the first three when they're down five force. Cars are under the basket. The thing ricocheted by so fast, none of them get the rebound wade. Tips it out and of combat Leubronn makes the second three but enjoy. Are all him in those two games in him that season I'd feel like that was peak Leubronn. That was the twenty seven game, winning streak that was there
season when he was it seem like conceivable. He made should sixty percent the first two months, member that when it was, I could Liberace sixty percent for a season. I decided that pick this power. I hadn't thought it a game. Seven. You know that game seven and then the to that sixteen game, seven, that the game, seven Boston into that. Sixteen there some other rents it's funny. He eradicated. The whole Bron is a joke artist thing that started. For most silly reasons, oh, eight or nine and two thousand and ten and then and then eleven was when it really kicked in the files when he kind of fell part. The downstairs he did and from that point on was able to kind of foot. The narrative of that the criticism of Dallas is totally justified. I mean I just I don't think you have to emerge
going through life, where you're headed to Jersey and you're like you're, on the red team at nine, and then you have to stand the red team for the rest of your life like that's how we handle some of these opinions or you just go at its. Point out that Leubronn was underwhelming against Dallas in Dallas, did a really good job, conceptually against him and eventually went further. It went further and that, though, because he heat, they deafening kind of broke him in some ways in that Sears, where you don't even like being in the building, Was like his brain couldn't totally saw what they were doing all the different ways they were. They build a wall in the middle, so he could drive their fuckin with him when he was a defence and just It was like their whole initiative. That officers was how do we knock Leubronn mentally out of this and make him start? Second guess himself, and he did- and I did
I think it has been the best thing that ever happened to his career, because from that final zine he's a different got, so I looked back at the game, six ending in it and I want to spend too much time on this, but it just is brought it had that over. That was bad at thirty nine seconds on the quiet the idea that a little earlier later, yeah yeah, like he he was having these places the annual. Oh, my god, but just think like you, nobody gets fouled at twenty eight seconds. He misses that first, free throw makes the second thereof. Ninety four eighty nine they should have been up. Ninety. They should open up six with twenty eight seconds left in that game. Now I know it's first fans, look at it and say: well, you know you went out when you in the back. I don't know that I think it's much like your bulls theory, which you were the first one. I've ever heard say it is anybody that wants to give Michael H straight just because it took us two years off is giving him credit for the two that he missed, but then not factoring in.
You really think he's gonna be able to keep us? No outward that were the last thing I would bet against it, even though I would never want to bet against him Jane anything I don't think disperse come back and when the next year, because they constantly, as you know, this. Their singular focus all year, long talking to people that around them Baden they that just shows the toughness of the entire population of the make up. Those guys is that they were mad. I mean they started game on the next year. Mad fuming, like like Miami, get their title and they carried it out, and I thought smashed him in the finals there man who, MRS that free thrown six, and then he had three turnovers in and after that, Leubronn elbow jumper really to win in games. Seven, they ran up. We remain is gonna go baseline. I get back to dock at any turned it over there too. So watch it again to you like man like manages, Hedda I remember ostrich despair We were shooting the basket where our set was in and the fourth quarter game six and seven- and I I think, they're down to like maybe forty
and so I have something like that year and into that thirteen at it Duncan little bunny. He had like a little five foot with daddy item at a shot. That he's made ten thousand times any like backroom debt and its spun out and and by me had the body, the momentum and I remembered Duncan gone back I think somebody called a timeout and Duncan just like slam the floor. I was like really just so pissed, but he knew like that was the moment like. I think it was a lie. Closer, I'm glad you asked it cause. I was vital game was a lot closer to a lot more excited than people. Remember ever members answers for the round shot game. Seven is a really good game. It's really well play those teams. The spurs broken the next the next year. You go back you look out at the fourteen files. Does
Easter games, they were up. The spurs are up twenty plus. I think they won by, like one thousand nine hundred and nineteen or more each game like they killed by hit me that serious they wipe them out. They let mom and the room of the broad that is did I was it. He left so I am lost game want of fourteen by fifteen. They one game to buy two, so they split in San Antonio than they come home to Miami and lose two straight by nineteen by twenty one and then game five as a seventeen point loss and what Saint attorney, you did. I think it was kind of an early three point, barrage preview of what were you to start seeing. Yet they just fellow there are stretches guys, couldn't miss and when I watch the game, seven thirteen thing like today in was a major part of the office. He was after thought in isn't wrong like he still was they were you go and I dont know what he's gotta base. You can't go back about eighty to get the Baltic. Why more? But he had these moments going hairs. At times, or no one can do anything with the sky officer rebounds around the glass always been in the right place. Hit the big three did back room one I think,
sixteen boards and games seven. But if you, if you watch your Miami was do enough defensively, there's completely leaving I'm alone lackeys. They were pack it in the middle trying to do what team people and whoever was defending Hawaii clashes, five feet by himself. You know- and I think by the next year he could she threes and you could do that anymore, but that you take it yeah- that's right because it was kind of his wedding acquire this guy's. This really nice player I'd love to have money team like rabies. You start drain in threes, like what goin on here is still so young, but the other that happened in thirteen was partner, was hurt and in gay, even in he was always like what is your plan? I think he might have even sat out one of those final games that game six. He was the guy that miami- stop. That was why Chalmers had to play so much day none of the other guys we're gonna, Dwayne Wade, wasn't defend. Parker the game. Seventy sacked- and I asked
because he was heard in game in two thousand fourteen, those guys we're healthy. It was different story, but the power there. The Parker Injury was the secret factor that two thousand thirteen years This is also that thirteen stretch fur for my me where I know people have a hard time with my boss position, but I know he's going to make the hall of Fame because it's it's the basketball Hall of Fame and he looks eastern conference finals against the pacers. He played thirty plus minutes in that series in the games. Four: five: six, seventy Sqrt, seven, seven, five and nine- and then in this game seven or talk about now in the win against spurs, he played twenty seven. Twenty eight minutes yet zero points, and he did a really good job with Duncan and Duncan made some tough shots on cuz. It's TIM Duncan, but you can see other times were talking to get frustrated by Bosch in the fact the boss could hang there defensively. All of those things are
and I understand what that is a Bosch, but zero points in a game, seven of the NBA finals and no one ever says he just has a lot of games. We just score at all in NBA playoff spots and we can talk about Wade and Lebron and all those things and all the shots weren't there for him. I mean want to six hundred and thirty seven one hundred and eighty three one thousand three hundred and five, I think, sometimes Bosch because he was on. In the team success there. Just I don't I'm trying to say here. I guess I'm just like botched means not a superstar. He was always. He was always one of those guys that I just fate was overqualified for the spot. He was in definitely do that. So
look back game? Seventy gets the South Dixon two thousand twelve, when he made, I think, the biggest shots in the fourth quarter: Ebay, two or three like monster threes, that enabled by him in a poor way whose aid for ten in that game it made three trees and I think, to or in the last word, nineteen and eight, but I thought he was awesome in that game. They I thought- It's kind of a thankless role to be the third guy. It's that they're never going to be like I'll man. We got to get Chris a touch. Let's get him and let's look at Chris Martin, because you just nay you're not going to do that, so he almost had to leg. Be the dreamland of that team. I was felt like you, he was, he was a little beneath him. And think he was lined with it, but I do think before he had his ailment, where his career basically gets derailed. I think that would have been a really fun. Stretch for him once Leubronn, those guys laughed when accused was trying to get home. He had gone back to
I mean it, was gonna, be his team. I think he would have been back to be like a twenty five and eleven gagging in wages having had put it. He put a big numbers at all. We know of the trial numbers are but anyways. I either as a right. As I said before, I mean there's no play off moment for Bush in Toronto, other than thirty nine and a loss of game for against the magic in his second year. In the playoffs, but I also thought it was just getting. I went back and looked at I go. Women exposed replayed him. Twenty seven minutes, that's right! It was found he five five. So you he personally twenty seven, they just didn't score that mean this is this is not it's not even a knock on him. I just I just think. Sometimes Bosch depends if your heat fan, you think, he's a superstar if you're, not if you forgot- and if your me, you think there were moments where you forgot, he was out there and you know we're Talkin Superstar Hall of Fame. I just We should be a little bit more people were surprised, the right word what but people were surprised.
When we were both saint Antoine Jamieson was gonna, be our farmers, and I was its aim. Like you should be a hall of Famer. I just think he's going to get in, because twenty thousand points is get you in the Hall of fame at the standards are low that's always my Billy. Whenever anybody's like Haiti, the agreement- and I need you to finish the sentence using bulgaria- probably really time which made it did it serve, it is average twenty points for a few He was a good forward. He was never like adapting guy in the leg and then coach to two rockets. I don T say I guess the totality that by leg at point now. Does I don't know I don't. I don't. I just don't know what the line as anymore. I can't wait for you to get it. It's gonna be humbly will would act of those of Kurt Gouty thing here. I ever lefty now I'm gonna suppose you haven't got a yet obey after I'm dead, the vague I wish you'd give it to him, and he will be here
you get really sick, they'll, give it to you and then, if you die I'll, definitely get it, but they won't want you to get it now. Let's do it the two thousand and three draft and take a quick break AIDS Bill Simmons. I just want to make sure listening podcast on Spotify hearsay. Do it first search for favour pact Spotify Zap, they have a library of over seven hundred. Fifty thousand pods at this point, so, let's say you're searching for We watch above the Dave Chang Shower the Ringer NBA Show once you find them, click on the follow, but that's how you subscribe, then click on those letters near the top there, that's a podcast all the pause. Your following will pop up Britain by Episodes downloads and shows waited, gets better and Spotify can adjust the speed, of the paths to seven different speeds: zero point: five tonnes is the slowest access and drunk at zero point five. You do zero point eight times, one point two time,
which is my favorite ever since I did, you said, get cup of coffee and then there is one point five times two times and if you're completely insane three times anyway, I defy Sab, connects directly to many of the best automobiles in the world. Even has a car play feature. That's pretty cool best. Motts free mode, spider find any device and your good to go. She did embarrassed that you're not listening. Pakistan Spotify Well, I don't wanna apt, shame you, but the answer unfortunately, is yes make the move this impact on Spotify back two years or so been re drafting about that. That we didn't realize we should become this redrafted. Balls tick took a reader last sweeter to in an email, Bailey Hemingway Yukon. These draft was, I gotta, know some of them. Ninety six, ninety seven. Ninety eight, ninety nine one was. I argue that Aragon redrafted those that just about it thought when the add- and I thought that was what was
I guess that further, because our guy So you can find all the old ones evade. The easiest way to find him is on the book, a basketball potter you can search for so as archive frightening, can we did this one s regretted two thousand there reason. We wanted to start this all redrafted. Both thing was just did the two thousand draft. This is our favorite draft. It is, I wrote said the best thing anyone ever said about. This draft was well at least nobody ever killed. Someone from this draft, I that might be the most praise you could go, though the stats are credible. Five guys out of fifty eight potentially could have been like a real important start out uplifting there? Heaven lottery Whiffs Stroll mouse. Swift was the number to pick. We had a
Prs Bela dueling more. We so Thomas Alexander cleaves Collyer run for six straight picks from nine fifteen. We add the seventeen through twenty third picks were better than pics to through fourteen we had the poor coopers, who had three ten and eighteen and it turned out to be the worst draft ever so their rebuilding thing there more facts will get into. But this draft was bad in the moment. And there are a lot of reasons for it, which we've talked about another pots, where the one and done in the high scores and all that it was just a pleading depleting the possible draft. That said, sometimes the draft last used it bad luck to Deb's inflows the penny. Here, but we do at that college says exudes, allows ecology kid: can you name the
or best guys in the two thousand national championship. Title game is that Martine cleaves, yet there is one more PETE, yeah Demur replied. They play Florida TAT Mike Miller,. Tat S, the clerk you Dinas hasn't eighteen years old has on dammit, you were being carried, do pay guy back then tat. I loved Eddie, do pay hold that hope. Two fingers crossed that was used in the right way, cleaves reigns as echo in the second half and stones are being the only appear, the fine of four, but it was the first bad college basque by turning we'd ever had is up they tell through died. It deliver the goods year after year now ears like what's going on
it was like one of those summer movie seasons where there's just no good movies like what's going on where the movies, so It was good for is, although, by the way it felt like his own did sudden there to die then be thy. I just think the world is oh, so I wanted. Whenever you're getting arguments about which college scourges you like as its fastening the basketball world, like how many people think some of the biggest name coaches are, the biggest aid programmes have had these unbelievable careers. They think they're, absolutely terrible in game coaches, rare is a would be the guy that gets all that. Respect that it just is owes the whole concern, should a visa would have been dramatically different heading up. All that went off so. So this draft the nets had the first Big Vancouver, second Coopers, third Chicago. Fourth, our top Forward Canyon Martin Stroll mouse with various miles. Marcus five Orlando outlandish cargo quiver in next for MIKE Millard demarche Johnson Chris men Jamal Crawford.
Now we finished it out with nine through fourteen Houston, Orlando Boston, Dallas, Orlando deteriorate to Prince bill IKEA, dueling, Jerome Movies, so each Thomas is Courtney. Alexander Martine cleaves, Jason Car Jes Collar went fifteen It was weird when it was happening there hearse, not a lot of excitement. There is enough of a dearth of prospects there. Various miles off the sudden became super exciting. He was Saint Louis. There were some cagey stuff for them where it's like. This could be another key Gee. But if you actually watch the clips of him in high school, there's no resemblance age. It are he's. Basically Six about eleven jumped shooting spofford, who can't shoot, but we'll get athlete fund carried himself assert way but I don't know how the cagey thing started an edge
the mess all the way around. When you look at when you look at just the first round, which comes out he's dead to clean up some here I was they get it. The knell, Harvey Florida Declercq is still on my mind, is the ninety six draft that we did the De Clercq had declared years earlier. So I just want to make sure, that up various his big for me because he was supposed to be going to say shots and say charges oh, pretty relevant and in our tested just been there. Eric bar Please in this draft to inherit, Bartley could could score, but ie, like a lot of guys, was just another big time scoring undersized guard that never gets a sniff. The NBA. After the first couple years, so miles was supposedly going but you're right. I went back and watch the beginning of this draft on Youtube to a tv broadcasts which are due to bring up with you later and after Kenny. Martin goes one it's still in this new world, which you wouldn't have thought of where they like man, five straight under classmen- into areas smile
yeah and you just like tat. Oh that's right, it was still weird and people would be complaining like a dick by telecom to be like. How can we not take him a teen, please, I'm member him losing his mind the machine, pleased and go I'm after it had this epoch run cassettes by tell what he does you just get Superman that the older kids he's just do it ad nauseam in yours, like all that's in see machine please, when higher than he should have unit of address, because it just people caught a kind of sea meting pleasingly at our utterly think he's a good pro, even though this whole class was so bad. So that was kind of the thing that going back in watching the Youtube cuts of the traffic. In the analysis where, even though its two thousand, which yes it's one years ago, Doesn't feel that long ago, it still felt like this uncharted world of look at em taken all these underclass meant, so some facts.
Can you Martin Mega, read the only guys who earn more than a hundred million in this draft only for cracked fifty wind career shares Turkey Lou, make Miller Mackerel Jamal Crawford, only five paid twenty thousand career minutes, which is like nor that numbers, double figures. There were only three all stars from this draft MIKE Read more hospitable. Obama Gore at this is better than only three asters only sixty one combined all start minutes from this draft ever this Europe of ours, they see were admitted to the Astor game, be a dirty. That's like waiting, in only only three mean three, all star selections for an entire class. Ever not Threeg we're all sorts three selections, and then our research department decided even meaner with that minute total. Zack. Now I'm get them in a second
two more for for me, eleven of the first fifteen picks played less than twelve thousand career minutes. Eleven of the first fifteen six at the first fifteen pigs played fewer three hundred fifty games. So now I crammed from the ringer. He had a couple extra sir. We call these acts like a red only person who made it all NBA team. He made all NBA thirteen. This is the only time and in recent draft history like in the modern era of the draft, where only one person from a draft made it on NBA The players that was mentioned only three, our stars, the second lowest. From the latter era for players from draft making. The Astor team was thirteen is this? Is this isolated against so the second lowest in the lottery era? Sir? We're going back to eighty five here: yeah is thirteen
in all stars in there's, been Auster thirteen I'll start games, thirteen also games. Thirteen also games this one at three. Bear so it's just a train wreck all the way through and through fortunate there's, not a comedy. In the latter are without multi all stars, there was not a single guy who made more than one all star team and then an average of thirteen point, seven career which shares the fewest for any day. In the latter air. So it's just a train wreck, although it through fortunate there's lots of comedy. We had Reggie theorists energy our job and described them after as co, A veteran of the lottery process. He said this, A straight face like this is a public asset he's a of the lottery process. State you don't got.
You Sarkozy, GM when you're better the latter process that happen. That's a nice way to see such as E g, the amazing veteran that's like when they call. Some local radio psych veteran veteran Local, so, and so is the ambitious impetus means you ve, bounced around locally onward through bunch differs so we had, we had an all stiff after trade of Joe Propeller, Jason collared future number, one that happened. We have. Add a green room watch with somebody who didn't even end up being good Jake. Tesco lightness, who I think you were in a lotta lateness, sack elite ass. He thought of twenty five, because people are worried about his contract. They should be worried about his talent, We had we had of a super, is the moment when the coopers took miles. Third, nobody saw that coming
he came out. It took him forever come out. He had a cream colored Sudan put blue clipper, sat on it and he did he. He legit Billy hug Stern in a way that in two thousand was not something we saw the draft so repair Then it hug stir in the year before this one was ass, genitals, two generals: now we see like Adele's, hugging everybody, but no Are you just shook hands? Maybe a shoulder tap miles. For like a real hug like he was catching up with an uncle at Thanksgiving or Southern. So that made a first then, after that Charles Barkley was doing this draft and he just went nuts and the, and this is after he had retired, we re getting out, could Barkley be the next bad and for these drafts partly said, I dont think the cook preserve good him I miles their terrible organization. I hope he gets there. The coopers are one of the problems in sports that perfect exhibited that, let's all their good players, Gabriele, they give their fans a bad product,
just like when it on them, and it was the first exciting draft US involvement moment in the history of of the draft or somebody actually was going in we also had oh my favorite moment for my dad- did the added the draft error that year. Both took somebody named Dalla Bore, but garbage yeah number twenty four. At this point we had the sporting news where they had put. They had like MAC drafted this point, the sport and my dad looked down- and he said he's not on my list and Jesse more confused than anything Dalla bore but garbage Where did this requirement so yeah Lot of three years of the bulls three years we're going to redraft so each one arm rank in the guys from super duper stars of five quality standard is a one off stars
to start. This is the only draft for probably ever gonna do where there's no to star guys, I think, would you Would you regularly have one to start yet? I think Martin, why would rate him as a quality start? I wouldn't rate him as an Oscar. Would you you knew me Perennial all start, just like all star was there star this draft that the answer is no, like a red had a really nice stretch. He did work on very while that you're going, but I know once we get to amend that whole things. He was a second round her and I think with you, look at the the cumulative stats the analytics he holds up well compared all these other guys, so we can either do the redraft or whatever, but I would like to just before we do that. I want to ask you, because you got to do the tragedy. Sbs and, as I said,
two thousand you go back and you look at the production. Its teenty I'd be saying the same stuff woozy as banks that are really care. We know Ernie's glue guy backbone, keeps the thing you going in the right direction. Yes, John Thomson up there, I didn't know anything about anybody, Kubi who did know anything and then they brought by Rick Machaerus for Like comic relief, and he actually. It just fastening that even in two thousand we would have the NBA draft on television and you wouldn't really have anybody that you knew was put in the time and doing the scattering reports and the Nba hadn't really had a meannesses even preach at Ford being on. The radar. Now we have a bunch of different guys that are locked in a kind of that draft thing, but I dont know what I want, like I go back and watch it like Madeira, is set at one point. Now he'll, be said. That should be said that our test is better. As a too Our struggles is a small forward return in one of those best small. Fortunately,.
We'll talk about like rosters and have it and people freaking out about Christmas. I'm not going to the bulls, because the bulls needs size in so what the guys are doing, as they were putting any time you do it. You could just tell that there are like the bulls, don't have a sanitarium bran. Are they gonna take Chris men and Thompson would say: I saw this kid play, enabling our John Thompson I'm play in high school and then we followed up would like really know depth. Do it. So it was a bunch of people on the desk for this really important night that you- and I probably too. Seriously it's amazing that you can have a tv product. This isn't like it's, nineteen, seventy, eight and two thousand, and nobody didn't, have anybody there that actually like put in real depth and real scattered ports? I'm thinking is that just because nobody thought- and it wanted that- do we just want big names, because I'm or even it. Yes Bialik, we have Stephen aid have March, actually have been Gandhi. None of those eyes were watching any of the stuff up. Synergy or second spectrum break. Unless I got Stephen AY there's a picket goes live he's. They have never
the brother play, but I hate this pick and I was like what the fuck so I dont know what I walk right like what is it that I want because sometimes itself I want maybe a boring television product and you got to do it and I'm sure there were times when felt like they were doing the wrong thing. We should be doing this in a tv guy, probably telling you Europe right, I'd I'd. Like everybody has to have a raw. I thought we did a good job with the draft, but we're everybody had a role. A business was the college guy, which is sorely missing from the two thousand draft talk, as he has talked about his John Thomson. Second say anything any. I don't even think he was in college anymore. A point but businesses, the guy who Ashura could take an orwellian Phyllis. As the guy who had seen these guys play and then was crunching tape on them and doing the thing. So you can trust him jail at. I think at least the first year was still on the college show.
So he was at least seen these guys. A person had a feel for them, but could talk more about? You know like? What's it like what you like, a college, verses way you could blossom into and then my thing was or trying to figure out what the teams were doing you know and that stuff where You really need somebody out there whose like, oh they're, doing their cause Iraq see they have guys eligible for free age say, and they ve got about a ban, and you just gotta know are the moving chess pieces and in that sense of the u can study de there? No other you don't know it analysis. There were even like when being Gandhi was on, think these brain that he doesn't know the cap situation and stupid shit like that you you're gonna, have to know that on the fire, is theirs trades to infiltrate happens. You have to go why they do that war. What what's purpose, listen and almost like real like, we were on a par cast, so it
said Knight that has a lot of moving pieces and if you have people that aren't totally verse died, at least whatever their special is supposed to be. It's gonna go really badly, but nobody gets hurt. Nobody cared in two thousand now. This wasn't like a huge that back then, but I've seen ESPN s been lineups were, and I understand either tv executives. They err on the side of names where they go. Let's put biggest stars on the shows and we'll figure it out, but I really think if you're going to have a draft on and it's going to be five hours of the stuff like the stick in the zing, after a while a while, if you don't know anything about the players I get upon our I watching Tv I did it six years for radio Yan, I said the only way I'm doing is and analysed. I'm not gonna host it end
they wouldn't they went even let me on the radio one for budget years and then after like the first year they go. Can you come back next year and has again a prominent a couple years I did. Did it was Scott after the fact, which is great I mean I can believe it like her. I was after the draft has done. I'm on sports interim Skype impel Breakin holding down, and it was some because I work pretty much nonstop on it and I just watching in two thousand and going this was. This was like considered good and that would get destroyed if it happened. Now, if somebody said Alice, just put a bunch him, it is MBA cronies on and the doing it. I really like doing at the shocking thing about it that I hated was how fast the pigs came, because his five minutes to impacts the guy walks out issue Since then he has the interview with whoever and that's like three a menace
This is due in his whole breakdown, that's a prepackaged thing, and then he basically have like a minute to react before the expec, which isn't you know you talkin, like lottery picks like when Cleveland took Anthony Bennet that we We have talked about that for fifteen minutes, but it's like our right. The next one whose number two and its Cleveland took a guy who, if they didn't take em there might have fallen out of the top ten like what we should be talking about so I wish he was tat. I purse I think the latter should be its own night and I would make it fourteen pigs. That's it. Fifteen minutes between pacts are twelve minutes. Strain pigs, really go into this and make it like a dramatic main than do the rest of it later. But I I think, I'm the only one who would probably want that. I would like it but were wrong. We know a run on this, yet if they wanted to move and they want to get up and down and one that all that stuff, but it should at least
for the latter it should be ten minutes between pacts are eight minutes or something you get more through growth as its veto. You got so many different people on it. You have now that woe just part of it. Who really is the most important thing, because he knows all the moving p This is a way to stop it. When you don't have the news guy, you didn't Guy, you need somebody, who's seen them play and then the other thing that's tough, and this is where businesses role really challenging, despite what authority is on the college game in comparison to most. The people he's sitting on the set with over the years, and I watched on Espn- is that it's really tough to go up there and just let me but I'll, just pick Lauri Markkanen right, you know cuz. Big lorry Martin could be ok set back a bit this year, Alexei lorry markets taken seven and Berlusconi. This guy socks, total staff fraud can't can't dribble can't shoe just that's. You can't really do that, even though that would be-
best. It would be awesome if somebody just decided hey. That's for me to be on when these drafts chosen a feller NBA didn't mean to say sucks necessarily, but everything is spawned into a positive because there's this very delicate thing of like not wanting to ruin a kid, night. Well, that was a big thing for jail and especially as you could hear, the people in the area could hear us at least one of the years, but jail is like this is the best night of this kid's life, I'm not going to trash the pic who's, not going to do it. So and I was in that spot- where it's like all right- there's me some bad pics and we're going to have to like dance around. You know who man why they do that, but you can't that's. Whole family is watching, so it is. It's definitely have been about False did you feel more comfortable, trashing, a Euro pact just because the language barrier now hide love that I gotta say: I've is most fun. I've had a tv were the two drafts. I really had a good time because I was such a fan of what was
happening. Tubes were felt pretty natural to just be like sitting with two other guys at a house through that they're doing just break out which they get back. I will here's what I thought and he's gonna goes really great enjoyed, and you say what was one of those moments despite the success, were you have this little moment where you gonna look around ago, my colleague shit. I'm actually gonna. Do this, it goes on our success. Will you are you now because I had done the draft areas for really from ninety seven to two thousand and twelve and then all of a sudden there, but the so we did was Stearns draft it was, ass, one so I saw a member. I saw him before the draft and he just gave me we lose. And shaping gave me that look like the same weight, somebody's dad would look at them you're about to take their daughter out through the problem or something just Cadillac. Don't fuck me on this was one of slicks, Ed
and it was. It was hilarious, his last one he was like milk in the crowded wavin. You know wave in them to do him, war and all that stuff is pretty funny people, though no this too, that stern and its through the NBA media thing, but if you're gonna be on the air covering any kind of NBA product you have to like fill out this form and then be approved by the league. So when I did a couple Celtics games, I to fill out the stuff to do with your fine and then number, when I was trying to get on the draft show for radio before I was even allowed on it cuz? I still bed Bennett ESPN since six and I was okay, look I go to Portsmouth. Oh, but Orlando and then I was hosting the combine in Chicago, which I did for five years ago. You know. Can I can I get on to this thing, and I remember now again, the lie, and there like, while you know, there's some people, the NBA really don't like you, and so we can get you prove to be part of an MBA broadcast product.
Like really so that a knowing me, I call up somebody in the NBA that weak I go hey. You guys have a problem with me over there he's like that's a hundred percent, not true he's a give. You said: Sophy dont, like people like you, you not ass. All you care you're, a voice for the NBA type of thing, you're, one of those guys that obviously loves asleep. They, like oh, ever, told you that you're not on the broadcasts, because we have a problem with you straight applied. Your face was like awesome, we're gonna do add the redraft do likewise. Take these moments to kind of do a little therapy session on something that went wrong, know cuz. I think I think we both love the draft and we got to be there at the Rupert a couple times and work. It was still fun. It is awesome is awesome. I love it. I think the twenty thirteen draft would be a great documentary. Anthony Bennett was supposed to put you at. I think that was the first draft
I was just tweeting the pact's before european Was- and I remember that going on my phone and just saying who the next pick was. Secondly, it was either that year, fourteen one of the two, Did he just had all the pigs before there were coming out the stage and he just was completely appending it. Do you remember when Jeff Goodman one point: one year he had somebody in the pipeline who was just giving him the pic right and that was crazy. Cuz it just couldn't was tweeting out every pic, not as breaking news but like hey. This is officially the pic and he just had it all night long, because somebody he had a guy, so the nets had the first pick in two thousand. They took Kenyon Martin in Cincinnati. Do you want the first pick of the second pick?
For you, I only one or two ago, one so we'll canyon Martin go first again in our redrafted. Balls, yes or no. Ok,. There is a case against him in a little Carly here. If you want to go for you know, he's he's behind guys going to go win shares that kind of stuff. There's a couple people behind him and he was older coming in and I would
say as much as like I've always had to start if you're going to be really really good, maybe not just great here, but below that a really really good, you're, probably going to figure it out, no matter what the fit but Martin and Richard Jefferson, going to play with Jason Kidd is the best thing that could have ever happened to him. It really was- and I think, Martin what he gave you even as a notch, like I'm, probably going to go with him, vs Reds health, so I'm still going to take Martin number one, even though there are strong arguments with like two or three other names. I just I just like the whole Canyon Martin thing, even though it was probably little underwhelming for an overall number one pick and offensively. He was a non factor for a good chunk of the end of his career. So. I think he was a better. I said the maker red when they're both healthy. He I also had a Jerry and he had the micro fracture surgery. Like a red Blue out as Asia out there in the o, eight or nine yard. So here
the case for came out- and I agree with you that it should be first back second best prepared to final seems added that matters. Ruined ETA walkers career he really did an icon Sunday. I wrote an airplane to show I go with him. Just randomly sit next time in MID February and didn't talk to him whole time, because I hate talking to people who get talk to others but then he caught it was looking. He was Sidon me near the end and then there's a hey man, you bill, so we just started talking and I was like you broke my heart, oh to like I thought we had you guys. I went to those games and I was like destroyed in and he was saying when he went. The idea is that talking about it were landing in his leg. I went there. NBA and farmers in all star in the east- and I was like a guiding gotta beat that guy, that's gonna be the guy. I'm just can be better than seven better than him than on the star in the east, and if you go
What's a series of key aegis kills him Anton couldn't figure out what to do against them. His o three, no four in the plan to meet the fires, no three and have a really good series against the pistons. No four they lose. He was nineteen and ten solid good, really above He got sign and traded to Denver in two thousand for, and I forgot year July. Defence kind of forty on any of the big city of a big they could play bigger than they were and then all paying athletically with any the premise of just allowed you to do stuff. That's why I mentioned how much I would love to piston structure of of switching guys, but then, when you can switch and not give up stuff, that's that's what canyon was doing on top running I need to get out transition with it, and I got to be really enjoyed his game. He got signed and traded to Denver in two thousand and four, and I forgot
since July fifty two thousand for Denver it's three first round picks and of giving up to them or lottery protected the one the Denver pick that was in there actually was like very late. Protected. The pics ended up being Joey, Graham Rinaldo Bark Bachman, Marcus Labs, but you know made a hundred thirteen million, he had real value. He was also on their number team in oh nine. He wasn't one of the best requires at that point that almost made the finals pretty good career, leggy, deafening a com, a bus like he made a lot of money are not and add as good moment side that those good pick I had a Michael Red Second finish with one kenyan thing. Now, I'm sorry, I know it's annoying, but I remember you know
of tough guys. I love the real tough guises opposed the fake eyes that do stuff, and when I asked in net sky I go you play with with kenyan right and I go what's the story there like nano he's all the way real. Do he does the actually like guys we're fuckin scared of straight up ass. I was and am I gathered. This is his own teammates about you guys are scared of em really gallic if he would get into it in your fuckin with them in practice, like you he'd. Do this thing like breaking my name some of the foot and mouth and they like guys would be like well we're supposed to be in the same team here So I love hearing stuff like that, though cuz. That means you know that that somebody who's not going to wilt, so there's a cut. So I, like this conversation, there's a couple guys. Oakley was obviously the the captain of this team, but there's some guys over the years and you talk to any
from that air and there, like their differences between the tough guys in the game, but the actual lagged, don't fuck with that. Guy guys stack ass was another, unlike that yeah her. That I have read that years. He s dead, there's famous stack our stories him punching out Turkestan are after a game, and shall I that Tony Alan, I think, was light that where it's like yeah, don't don't actually fuck with Tony out like you, can try to talk trash on the court, don't actually fuck with them. Cosy he'll go there and I think yeah Zachary Zach Randolph has never yet don't you gotta have low fun, do little trash, but don't go too far, Kay was inhabited Kennedy was legit. He definitely say that my second pick in this way. Before being covers picking this by poor Vancouver just get slaughtered in this draft factors
not bring a team back to Vancouver supporters sonnets degree yeah. Neither I think we have sat on the cover would be my top to pigs for Tab, MBA teams again, if you actually think they should have a team again. Yes, I will I think they got host that think they got home too. I don't understand why people and what you know, look there's there's always can be this canadian thing that some guys from downing I'd, rather than VIC Hoover than a lot of cities, mitya my a red is my second pick. He from two thousand and four three two thousand eight four seasons. He average twenty four a game as it is that money forty five percent feel Gob thirty seven percent from three he was, One of those are old school old school guys from if you just put them for fifteen years, probably would have a much more fun career, problematic, eight or nine threes. Thirteen Ba and then, when he tore his knee again in the o, it or ninety
and it was over, but he was a guy, Rocky was very good in the mid two thousands. I don't. If anybody was in more fake trades in him, I know I personally through I about a hundred, but it was always- those are you know if they could package bubble. Nursing get Michael read that be the missing piece, and he just was in that group fur three four years. I like his game too, that it is good search by second picked, our Europe, the clock three I'll be able to see what you do here. I think there's I gave no brainer number three pic. I don't know Yeah, red blue out is. His ACL, an empty on the same left, knee twice yeah and you right, like he has that stretch your man he went off and then, when it was over, it was absolutely over, but AIDS,
that you got a six year, extension back then, and that was the first year or Leubronn, was going back and look at the two thousand and five free agency stuff and after a free agency they get Larry Hughes and Daniel Marshall when they wanted rare. They wanted Joe Johnson. I don't know what he was talking about, trying to recruit Bosch out of there, which was going to be way too early unless they're going to try to tell him to force a trade in Pulliam. But people thought Michael Red was gonna go their cause. You went to Siberia, that's right. They thought of you to go there, but remember looked up the raises were bigger incrementally year to you they are now than they used to make more of an incentive for you to stay home with a longer de on the better raises and read was like look, I'm gonna stay here, but a team you write like they, they had. Forty two wins hesitate for a while to get red started was really is fourth year when it was like when the skies awesome and then the team never one more than forty two games. Ok, ah, I guess I just wanted to use my free. As he knows there is. I wrote him down. Sir
third pic is obvious eyes right now: there's there's two names gave them whose on your board, let's hear it all its Miller, Turco, ok and Miller is another guy. When you go back red, wasn't surprising. There's a Miller stretches where you go man, he he lit it up a little bit and the second leg, we're gonna, like our reality, Allen Iverson thing, but I actually think I like peak Turkle. Better than Miller, saw Tarku. Ok make the case well advised to start with fifteen years I love that he went to Sacramento and people were kind of like our pages. In his way it wasn't. It was a sick. Wife is he's another tall, white guy, that's not from the states I took a while, but from o four or five till to TAT.
Ten and what he did and how he fitted it at Orlando Team, like I just thought he had moments during those Orlando runs, were Turkle, who was like an incredibly talented scary guy. Knowing I know, as rebounding numbers are pretty MA another, just not as good as you wanted to be, but he actually became like a prick. Play maker. Therefore, Lando there towards the end I know the end was written by the time he's back in Orlando thirty three clippers last couple years: it's kind of over a state with Phoenix, but this is more of a talent thing where I think the peak version of Turkey Lou was somebody who can give me a tougher bucket than Miller and I think, he's another one- that ten years later you'd be Runnin. Allow the stuff, They were doing anyway in these play games fur for a land of which we did one of them and the book about why would a game for the O nine Lakers? Here's were there, come not send a screen spread in the four for him and he was pretty crafty. I
I dont totally understand why Sacramento couldn't figure out how to use them in any Bus to San Antonio for the o three hundred and four season where they lose base gun that Fisher shot. I think they would have won the title that year and they could they figured out either and it wasn't until he got or Orlando. That He got at least as this guy who's gonna score. Sixteen a game I'm gonna make almost forty percent of my threes I don't really need the ball the title, but in crunch time you can can I go to me and I'm weird they reliable Don't understand why Sacramento configure had it play him and page it together. You too thought like great problem. That there was see web. Look, let's go. Would he trade for Brad Miller, for I thought that was. That was very strange. Can I really the names of their own in the trade yeah dykes out yet perfect? That's secularism to do right now. Is it some awesome names in this? So
it's a three tamer Indiana Sacramento and San Antonio the only thing we know for sure that India is just gonna end up with wake us like when I have. This place out, they're getting white guys in the trade, so in a trades Brad Miller to Sacramento, and they trade RON Mercer to the spurs turkle. Turkey also goes to disperse sacrifice trade, Scott Power to Indiana and Saint Antonia trades, Danny Faraday, Indiana its it. It's a double caucasian food for the passers An internal is by far the best guide, their trade other. I didn't show that one bread Miller Season and the kings, but it seemed like a heist A member writing this at the time. What a haste for the spurs like really exist, She Turk learn, spurs. Never really happened was until the magic that kind of found is his place. The magic contract, though, was.
I think at the time that was, I bet you can go back and look this you like what are the magic doing here, given Turkey, this much money, but he only at o four or five we're talkin him being Twenty five years old and the reason firstly meant the pace of getting rid of Red Beller, and you talk about like Brad Miller, was so white. He counted as to white guys. So that's why they had I've ferry and Pollard back right and if anybody that packs a dip in the fourth quarter of an aim, we need at least do likewise to make up for his whiteness than financial. Miller and their tests by the guide failure cheated out of that. I'm taking make Miller with the fourth back, so canny, Martin one might read to Turkey Lou three make Bauer for MIKE there were thirty, my board. I couldn't be happier I now forty. One percent three point Shooter career career I've been everywhere layer that clear the year five years with here,
luggage at the end of his careered still finished over forty one percent, o five through ADA Memphis sense and pretty sneaky good Memphis themes, fifteen five and five four thousand eight hundred and forty two. Seventy eight percent splits forty two percent from three that all stretch playing a lot of minutes game: five, two thousand and twelve finals, seven freight from three hundred and twenty three points you mentioned that Albania had that huge game, seven into does thirteen nowhere did the same thing and gave five That was one of the serious that it was a for one finals census. Now is that area Miami one in five they had at the hallway those first for Games kinda like one or two plays an evening game five. I didn't feel like Series was done, never came out, she the lights out had that had happened. They would have gone back to ok, see for game six and seven. So, as was it a must win, I they every finals game is a must win, but
there's a scenario where you know. Durant gets hot in that game. Five, and maybe it goes back to a casino. The crowds going nuts who knows Lebron had it won a title. Yet there's different, Bose Miller shut it down. He was awesome, enact that probably made the jump shot I was the most jealous of just per se like it. If you could have bought somebody's jumped shot an Ebay. I think I think I wanna taken make Miller who'd you taken Ray. Yes, I raise the other choice there. I really like I've noticed. I bet your Millard Miller's good, Pick, and I was it close for you on on turkey lower. Or are you like adamant cause? I was. I was split going into it waste. I was like them and I just thought he was in weird situations for both of his career, that, if he cottage is dead, did his career ten times. I think there's
universes, where you know there's times when it could have been awesome form. You look at other times. I could have drafted in this draft Gus De Jersey, Vancouver, clippers Cargo, Orlando Atlanta, Chicago again Cleveland Monodist team sought for years any situation he was going to is going to be a bad situation. I it's a shame that he couldn't have just gone to it. That was good, but for one year up in the lottery. You know where he was I just playing with good players all time cause I was sorry at. A really nice feel for the game I gotta to some MAC. A trivia He was the last piece of the Chris Weber Penny Hardway trade from eighteen. Ninety three, he was the last first round pic I couldn't leave that when I looked at up today, I would add pick carried over from nineteen. Ninety three with traded in two thousand and three with a first round pack for your good in
which is a trade that just seems abysmal now. I can't believe they unified, drew good and at first for now are now is the other way. Then he was in that easy k, love, o J Mayo Chris Wireless Fiasco, where Chris Wireless. What did he had the fifth pick yeah and he Our Africa, but it always for duty of forty went down to five yeah. He flips pick So he can end up with Oj Mayo and gives Meda. Kevin Love and MIKE Miller, both of them with so so at eight So I ask is whether to best guys they change such a figure that out and then a year later, he shaded with rain before it houses, least favoured wizards boards trade about time ready for MAC Bellerophon. The number five pick in two thousand nine, which could have been staff courier, Ricky, Rubio, washed and inhabit cod ends up,
doing it and then somehow whiffs and takes Johnny Foot Amerika for trades, where the other team, probably as the fans, have their feeling, sir, I really enjoyed. My game. I can't believe he's a top for picking a redraft, but there we are who do you have for five? I just wanted to add to that that draft in two thousand and eight to make sure we had it right now, that's right. Yet he had Wallace had five and he traded up to get two slash three with Mayo and Westbrook went in between them. Look at the time was like four was kind of a reach felt like that's his high yeah, possibly go where we do. If we do, the away redraft Westbrook will be obviously for higher, but I loved Westbrook in college. I was stunned when he would for its its sing.
I did love em. I did. I have suffered nay. I e was like by big sleeper in the draft, but I thought he was like justice, energy guy off the bench I did. They used to be Russell Westbrook, I always liked the precedent. None of those guys did. Did you call us M o who I became closely at what was going on there. He goes. I was screaming. Bang in the table grown Brook Lopez, burglar, Passport Lopez. It goes in every time I come back to Presty Presty, be like we really kind of love the idea. What this Westbrook, I could be and I'm telling you like you may alight, but like for press, it actually pull the trigger on it. That was certainly over Kevin love. Yeah. Because I would have said that you see. I watched the latter that he may I wise enjoy Livestock Fritz Kevlar not to be- First, you sailor, guy off their that team in a draft was inconceivable. Westbrook was like the first like couple similar almost like a six men, even the USA awaiting him, and then he started. A blossom holiday was still there to their manner. Team is amazing. They pay,
slower how in style and all that stuff, so I'm in hell, I honestly think they presty taking Westbrook when he did with the Russians. What is it serious? Adding is like one of the greatest pics of that decade as you have to go back and go ok, but what are you actually drafting a back then we were so little more position obsessed in something like what Turkey like what and pages your matching now just figure it out, which is kind of crazy. Like now, we can do that, like we already have extend white guy. We can't do that. We can't just put another guy out there that can chew. Like the cow stupid, it was We didn't let basketball have this evolution. Words await those guys are both really big and can hand when can chew. Why we just let him both play right in and Westbrook as it is another argument that, by the way in that Miller, D, Twond was actually recycled and that trade and bring it out in a locker. Who do you have it s? Actually, my pick Brian Cardinal, the custodian, a k, the janitor, a k, citizen pain, Brian Cardinal Outer Purdue,
I even says whether Now I just want people the freak out about his ash NASH. Iverson thing no are so this is where it gets a little interesting, but I do you, gotta go Jamal Crawford Island. TIM more. I thought he be differ Like he was a guy like two lot before this, he ain't goin, eighth, but just the fact that he put up pockets for this long up until two years ago, when he was in the league last year, so I know it by four million teams and Maxine your women any games with them, but he was somebody they just still to do. You that much outlet results has a lot to do with the other options that are out there. Value. Am I getting almost twenty years of shooting from the sky, despite that, it's a little isolation, heavy yeah, whatever I'll take them all Crawford. Three six men, the airwaves. I had him at five as well. I think it's the right back he's what
those guys, if he's like you're, eighth guy incredible. He's your six guy that actually good yeah, but that so major coach might be playing in crunch time. Yet and it one of your best for guys you not winning anything. As we found out with the first ten years of his career, I was kind of like game. Meat is one of the worst offensive pairs of any good player. The last twenty years is just a complete sieve, but that that thing that was annoying and with him on the birds near the end there was he really would take the biggest shouted a the game. He even leg. Is the market Smart S, words like I got this sentence. I know you, I'm not even sure you should be out there with five minutes left he's at ease to me like you almost one in the way the ethics used Eddie House, two thousand eight, that's my dream. Jabbar proffered scenario give me an awesome. Sixteen minutes, a game, instant offence and then kindness
out of the way. If I'm trying to win a title, if I two minutes left in the fourth Corrigan subdued. Yet you have tat you can't plan. He played seventy four play games. Thirty, nine percent fewer shooter, thirty one percent from three the other thing with him there this thing like that he was as awesome. Three points shooter. He just was it. You know he was like use the master, the foreplay play, which Ito congratulations, gray, but that's not up in new when a title he just was negative. Three point shooter, and it was one of those guys that always seemed like the shot was going to go in, but it went in a lot less than I think people remembered so I'm People listen, he's gonna, wait. A second was wrong. Jamal Crawford use awesome is like sorry, he's. A nice player is that nice piece tab on a team, but You know it's just that is getting the shooter as I think he thought he was he. In big cities Chicago New York, it Land
allay. He also had a little bit of time with Minnesota Phoenix at the end. Portland, run in there, but he like hit all the major markets of has a nice new stretching there. Yes, she went for twenty a game with the next when he was twenty seven, but he has become Oddly overrated a little bit because you ve seen the cross over a million times on the internet and its sick. We seem shake people pull up from deep. The four likewise I wouldn't say that he's not even close whenever you going like historic, great shooters of all time. You not talking about democracy and everybody really likes him. Ok, That's ok pollutes love, this guy, so overrate like I've got to even saying that a little bit, but the idea of him is like he's a really good player. Had long career, he came out really early was just one year Michigan, but everybody Just do it every time. I see him on a panel or some show like eyes, light up a little bit, so he's held up a little bit higher than the fact is that look. He was never so I don't think of him.
I going to the village of was a star, and sometimes you talked about that way. So two things are one of the most popular actual players with the other players. I think he's got a shortlist of just do everybody. They loved them, also really popular. The media. And there was a year when was the last? I'm he won the six main a word or he was up for it and it was in saying that he were hit that he was even a candidate, but I think, the media really liked them. He was always really gracious and thoughtful. An awesome to everybody- and you know it. Smart was well play it, but you know, I think, if he's playing thirty five minutes for you you're, not you're, not making round to the playoffs. I don't think my site, speck. This is where it gets dark just for the people listing curses on the board right down, no particular order
Both Petersen acquitted, Richardson, Desmond, may cinch Obama glory. There is miles anyhow the shots David said Joe praise Biller Joe Prosperity, the guy Joel Prs Bell. I think you would have been more intimidating theirs a speedy Claxton, Ed Eduardo NARA on draft Billy Gowan. I like Nora beyond dueling. That's really work looking for here, so I'm gonna go with Quit Richardson because for two years old a five year. Sixteen insects, almost seven threes, a game made thirty six percent, not great, but not awful, but was you know in modern times more of a three in the guy who could re bad alone obeyed a little bit ahead of its time. I liked him on the sun's deems it was fun. There is miles when they were doing the tap there had thing. I think he was a of lagged, teammate indifferent play.
Is and his career was bad. He became kind of a contract figure there for the second half of it, but at least I know he could contribute to a good team because we saw some taken have sex squint Richardson. He could have been in the mix. B45 yeah in a nice player and a good role player where they can write you new kind of exactly were getting from him, and then they did have that little run there with the clippers. Where was just so much fun, but again, that's not necessarily we're drafting, and that also means that Darius MILES is still available, which I imagine I'll be available here for awhile. This draft by the way was one of the draft that kind of was like hey we're still a little wake up. Call here, stop falling in love with the long athletic guys long length, because Stromile Swift is the poster child for that one love stromile Swift, coming out, stromile Swift was almost
instant flame out I was going back in reading. Billy Knight, who is the GM pulled the trigger and remember the head coach Vancouver and two thousand was I to do. Jackson is Sidney low yea the negro like nine and forty one or so some terrible record. Six and forty four day I went back and read the art all of them being interviewed after the pic they mention hey this guy's young, every other Senate's, every other sentence, and one thing: I've always noticed goodbye. It's unbelievable oftenest repeats itself. Is that you don't? nearly somehow your rookie year and then what they do, is they give you a punishment, in sophomore year to prove that you do actually suck and you'll see. So many guys that work good that have this real nice boy.
When will you knows best career year was his second season rife edit it it's not because he improved and then fell off its because they actually gave you more shots and forced the issue with you ran more stuff through you just to make sure they could ok, we actually made a mistake here, so I stopped it was my Earl Clark reckoning Rural Clark, Lobal Long score did some stuff level and I got you know up, but if you, if you're just long- and I don't see that you have real basketball skills this, this draft fucker my head so bad Kazakhstan loving. All these really told guys they can't durable and can't shoot the first one was add sellers going back to the eighties wow, that's first time where. I was just out on those type a guys from that point on cuz, Jakarta needed Brad sellers in the late eighties and he just was a staff like he you now he was the six eleven guy who couldn't shoot a rebound since they were who
what's he doing here, we do you out there any end, you're soft, so yeah. I wish I could find out straw mouse with play for nine seasons. I don't remember. I am safe. We you and I are to the bigger basque above feds. I would love to just talk random people living there should be a rigour centres. Where is your favorite stroke swift memory, because I have none. I don't remember anything about his career. They had a ah norm there was another Alice you guy who also is, by other guys with tyres Thomas. I can promise yeah right so tired, I'm a swayed, save it for the o six redrafted, both because it that's when we gotta do because Remember. I was on a flight with a GM leaving Virginia after the ports. Maternal met and I go this terrorist huh. Run Curzio. He had Davis had a really nice Rodriguez, oh my god, and he saw me on Thomas I'm still young and impressionable. He saw me
He goes not only can tie up Thomas do others from court stuff. You can run your office. Is a sick as happy all these everything I go, I gotta stop liking. These guys are the tires had a little bit more well rounded stuff in his game, but yet Roma with memory. It was going around this week, as everybody said to me, because you know how I feel about Roma Swift. Is he dunks, antivirus Thomas and tires guest I gotta play to try to reject in swift. I mean the dunk is one of them. Stocks. You ve seen integrate its that awesome of a dunk. Here. You go about older. You start thinkin, whom I want to marry versus who I want to date, your valuations get better. I haven't edible straw, mouse, swift fact for you, career record in the playoffs out and seven like games that not serious
Never one guy, I'm aware of how it seven like not play off rats games. Oh and seven, never want to play a game nights isn't so, who you taken seventy and tell me he actually get a decent second contract by them in its two other. But the thing is he made forty two million forty three million those good athletes who could offensive ban would just throwing off the sent you do. You watch my game, the Ed picnic, site that too I picked. You is way better. This drama swift, but those those lanky forwards who kid that just get put back. You know that guy If ever there was always the saving, who do you have it seven stronger was done as a start or twenty five years old, now tat. I am going to the board here going through the board. We can probably speeded up at this point and that of the redraft.
Almost out of material. I I think I'm gonna go any house wow. I thought I was gonna get him later. Anyhow. He did how many how many playoff threes he hit in his entire career? No, I don't guess, guess one thousand two hundred and thirty nine. I thought I was to be like a hun on twenty nine July to be low because he's gotta placer many times. I just figured between that the Phoenix India to Boston Seasons. I don't know why in my head, he had made all these trees, but he was in to Boston years. Twenty and for sixty eight from three. But he up. And then the title game for game six. I keep made huge shots This is a massive Celtics player but who am over Valley, like whom I missing on there's, not a
the draft room behind me, that's freaking out be like. I can't believe they took any house who won A they found a scattering forum, and I know I've said the story before, but the scattered reports it won't shoe unless he has the basketball Adam. Tenth just sit Jesse, you download my board, so It wasn't a really big upset there was a ridge sort of reach. Nothing now is a reach thought, a good going to take a good locker room guy for love so that the case for any house is awesome. Lack room guy could actually come in and make a big shot and game that thought the wrong pic. I had Desmond since seven salmon had taken an eighth, you know, like a bunch of guys this draft at its peak, was a fifteen in five I just want to say is enough of an asset that here basically the centrepiece of the Rio and trade can be looked at that trade. It was Gary patent,
is expiring contract. It Desmond Mason, for re on rum of Bury Kevin only in a two thousand three first round pick. That was a day. I think the fact that more work he basically they gave up their first round pick and re Alan. So they could get Gary patent for two in Desmond Mason, so he had to have real value back then the reality is the biggest cancer in the world. I realize it, but that's one of the yacht. We're tradesmen who had taken him? mad. That Eddie House is off the board. Who do you have a number nine? I look at the fact that he has to come in and make big playoff shots that that puts him in another class for a lot of these guys even get a chance to do that. So that's why I'm going. I think it's a reach, because I actually meant to take this guy before him. Then take any house after, but would Secularism Jamal Bogor should have gone this late. You should have gone either the last to pick some faggot.
You said that without any authority at all, now what What are you talking about tomorrow? lord- deserves to go. Seven eight not die. The two thousand under wraps evolve a girl or was it the redrafted, Buzz green room, going where any house really Have you made it all started minimal our team, and I want it to them. I dug into the Jamal Magloire story, the more I realized, numbers? Don't don't do it justice, so just the quantifiable Jamal Burglar here yeah. I thought I had. A double double, with New Orleans. You know I mean I was kind of like them. I am. I am up. This is the tenth peck. Yet there is vows, can fall any further. I gotta take him here. The case referred
Where is miles? Who did get hurt to be fair? He. He is another like we talked about earlier, these guys that I'm not sure what they did. He couldn't she'd threes had no post up came to speak of was a career, Forty seven said shooter was just a good athlete, was to watch out of fast break had allowed. So now they, really sure what the basket, there ever was Import Lenny use plan on their explain. Users before he got her. He was fourteen and four and a half a game basically, but but had an affair that added traded for Andrea Beller. When I drew Miller had a lot of value that Coopers calves tread. It. Never totally happened, but I just want to say I They enjoy them. I was ready for the whole time and I still haven't totally given up on where we stand by the guys we have given up on yet
I have no idea why I wanted it to happen so bad. I thought he had a nice feel for the game like he was a good passer. He he did. He had the right instincts. He just He was like a six foot, ten tween around eight six foot, nine. I guess I d never knew what he was supposed to be here, Lego, who is the guy who's, the prototype that he was supposed to be following, and I don't think he knew. Either you because back then too, we were still doing this Mcgrady stuff, where anybody that was big and handle had a little bit of vision and it just a knock. It's almost insulting to Mcgrady how many different guys we thought would like be these next call at guys, but I'm I'm with you, I remember being on the EAST coast, and I had a thing for them. As I mentioned earlier dispute, others? How big is ever going to Saint John, but I was always paying attention in that's when you kind of first start your season ticket thing too, with the clippers right and it was fun it. It was kind of like women. This team might not be very good.
But this could be something tat was when I gotta when I get league pass. I remember watching a lot of them that one funny ere. It seem like something was happening with them. Yes, yes and He seemed like he added chance, it's funny, Remember what has prepared for the two thousand thirteen draft Watchin the yacht S, highlights of him at though require CIA when it back when you address was like six eight thinking you remind me there's miles. This is before he grew an extra three averages when he got here but same kind of thing at sight, What is this? This is something it's funny how we just get attract. So those guys like ah there's something if he can only unlock, but now I looked back miles, unlike what would he have a marked? I dont know the road map for him. In Austria, but I'm taking That'S- why I stuff is so hard began me. I couldn't I'm so glad. You said that because there's a version of the youngest thing where you go, I'm not fall for this again right: there are plenty, a teams, it also did it. It's like this draft was a draught of red heads and then all the
I'm so like blondes from here on out yeah. Let's say that yeah female either way yachting went fifteenth and it seemed like a pretty fair. In fact, it's him be too maybe two spots early, but as a guide, yeah role, the dice with the fucking Greek, I will say but at that point in that it was the books were doing that yet like I would ever would give this shot, so I like them, about away just I'm I'm happy for him to his. We know that it was really rough for him. Yeah You know, we don't know these guys, but I guess I'm with you. I've always had kind of a soft spot for him. I love her and I'm just I'm happy that it looks like you know. He and Q get the podcast going all the stuff. I'm just I'm just happy because I'm going to read it and do it just stuff? So glad when one thing that's been lost, I think they did a six episode series of the life with their father coopers around which I can't believe is in on you too
If anyone has this on their vcr, whatever like, please put this on Youtube for America, because it was lot of light behind the scenes with with Quinn Rich they d miles. I remember member damages their seeds of them getting gas and shit like that, No it's just. I just want to hang out with these guys. It's like these guys anyway. Read through this, have an eleven I'm gonna go MO p. Probably should have gone higher yeah deny that what he went to live is overall, analytics holds up he's like a top seven top a guy and at four for him. I think you know he's always kind of an off ball guy, which could leave you out of place back then a little bit too much so word is active, were now off balls. They kind of where you want to be, and it would have been more productive today, but he had a better career Then he really you a lot of these guys. You, like all other guy, stuck around it's easy for dick onto the significance of these groups, but Moby, probably Gunnar thirty. Seven percent career three point share
I have a well. I can't believe their hair, Joel Prince? I'm grab him with the twelve spot here you know, algae was better than the lottery process light of night night, Joe just just a veteran, a page thirteen seasons had, you know a couple moments, therewith Portland in the o, eight or nine range when they were doing the two, headed monster thing had centre, so no way to know. Oh nine, together he's playing twenty three minutes, a game and averaging almost nine rebounds again so he's just kind of one of those big white guys who kind of knew how to put his hands up and grab a couple rebounds and could finish a pass in the paint. So I'm getting by therewith at twelve with Priscilla. You could do
lot worse than Joe Priscilla, the rest of the way in the zebra she's, a veteran who do have thirteen, Another guy that I wished on here, Marcus Pfizer, I was always I was always now not taken, and I just want to mention Pfizer they'll all I was stake eyes, it's kind of like the the Babe Ruth Lee. You wanna check the birth certificate. There but he was only twenty two when he came in, but immediately was gonna work and then everybody's require they taking with brand and what I did. Love about. The bulls remember: Jerry crosses famous line after they broke everything up a ninety ninety eight, which really thinking back on it is one of the dumbest thing like that. Doesn't get knocked enough for being one of the dumbest thing in the history of modern sports, then a ninety eight, they said ok, we'll find like were sick, fill in M J in this whole thing, and we don't want to be this- that was a lie jerry Crossing. We don't maybe the Celtics and hang onto these guys and then be irrelevant and then have a forever rebuild silicious. Do
they take Pfizer. They end obtaining brand to get another pick later on in the in the eighty curry, Thyssen Chandler Thing, and from now the eight when they won their last title and one sixty games the next three years. They went thirteen and sixty six, whats, thirteen, three thousand seven hundred and seventeen six thousand five hundred and fifteen sixty seven. They had one second round appearance in the twelve years after that, one thousand nine hundred and ninety he'll and they took Pfizer who I liked, but he was just too small for power forward. Then not quick enough in all those things he had a sale, Tear he had thirty one tattoos in March of two thousand six. That was the full account there. Also youth minister, Marcus Pfizer started in thirty five games for his career. He would also turned his life around after retired, yet you ve Minister yeah. I think he was a pretty pre sketch
as team at. I think he was one of those. What is one of those guys when he played was kind of like stay where from MECCA and not locked in yeah. Earlier then turn as I fra. I just want to talk about Pfizer low because that's another with I got a bag. A whistle the rightness one. I think I even like you're doing a little bit more dueling might be the call here. I'm really gucci, I'm doing. Ok, it's fair could be. It could be a night. And potentially Anna. Like a second round planting ignore off for screens and toughness. I've always had a thing for Eduardo, while now Robert. I just don't think it's fair to take. Take him overdoing, There are also still there. I don't know and up pastrami swift and I'm not taking Pfizer or Korea Alexander Speed, unlike certain well. So I think the right pick here.
Is either speedy, Claxton or not her. I just cuz they made playoffs, but I'm not going to do that. I'm going to go off the grid, I'm going to surprise people here, Aj Guyton,. I'm gonna take Chris Kara. Well, I'm gonna take the Johnson. I see you're doing there, so If you look at his first two years that I can't do that he was even as even before he had the car accident. He was a good yeah, I'm not doing that. I'll. Take I'll, take a spa class in it because it oh three he actually played crunch time minutes for team that when the title when when Parker was still in that Almost two thousand Ay Rondeau version that Tony Parker. When I hear those young point guards, you can't rely
every finals game. Yet you kind of have to need that veteran guy that can come in and kind of right. The ship, Speedy Claxton was there and his his his spurs stuff. Twenty four playoff games at years. Fourteen minutes of game average. Five again, that's all I need he was in the rotation of a finals team. Since I I have him just a nudge, overstretched swift in Germany is a couple over names here. Far postal who loved Saint Johns I was kind of like my gown Billy Gallon natural- remember, a little mean play one season. How about the bulls? After this I did find some bulls articles that were bullish on their future. It's like me and we got Pfizer and Crawford and we got Guyton Jake, Voskuhl and Khalil mean all in
own well ashen, you mention, need the idiotic bulls rebuild before it. She worked. They just did it for the wrong drafts, because you think about it. The ninety nine. They got. The first pick out bran two thousand. They have the fourth pick and the seventh back and then in two thousand and one they put brand for a top three pick and add another stop to pick so they ended up that had five top seven picks in a three year stretch other brand that turned into one of those, but just really bad luck to have a fourth pick in a seventh in the same draft and only go over to it, but it's just viable that you went over to say it's like you can have we're sucked in that. Yeah you actually, no one should have no one should Yo R Yorick, who played for ah the spurs I was kind of liked him came illegally canoes. Twenty four Marco,
oh, I had a whole couple season. Ticket runs with him because he, the first couple years, the Cooper Tickets- he was pretty competent actually liked his game, but to yeah he put about eating on some smaller guys, as I would watch in I have left on this, too is historically, as you mentioned plenty of times, and it's it's clearly thought out how horrible this is historically, but I was going to look at the teams that we're drafting like when you look at the top six teams. In this draft, how bad their starting lineups were? this, the basketball- is even close to being that we know it's better now and in the depth of stars in the exciting, storylines and stuff, but it's almost easy to forget, like we're hell. Were these teams like what are they doing the nets? Now dear Martin didn't have kid: it was Marbury and this actually isn't a terrible five, but its staff in horn, the Kenyan Kendall Gill, who was you know that
on the way out here and whims, just role, Guy Vancouver steam was Riva Del Rahim Baby Dickerson is gonna, get her. Oh fell a big country, the cat we had a twenty one year: Old, Odom, Jeff Mcguinness, Eric by Caskey. Although a candy and again he was only play like ninety minutes, a game, the bull had wrought Mercer Elk Brand or test, but our test wasn't our test, then not at all he's twelve game. Hoy Burg, Bryce drew was gettin fuckin real minutes. All year long I mean it. The magic had team, accurate, twenty one, put up a twenty seven, eight and five season, but him. It was dear alarm, strong, great hill play for games BO outlawed deeper. On it. Lan line up was Jason Terry Coup, coach, seventeen Games, Baton, Bodiam Jackson and Lorenzo right. These teams- those are thirty guys that were playing the majority of the minutes for those six game. Sorry for those sixteenth
It was a talent soon and it loud was. It lasted. Basically are the way o seven away ranch. You can even see it if you go back and you read some of their trade value coms. I did for you. I'm just laying out what the assets were in the moment. Geyser like eighteen or twenty or twenty four. It's not you can't believe it. I think once we hit oh nine, two thousand ten range I Things really really flat, but you also had you know no bad it a million times about the too much too fast. Soon from like ninety three through ninety nine of other young guys who just got too much money too, fast and just didn't it the careers that they should add when you think about the two thousand season. This should have been the peak of Kenny Anderson and Big dog Robin sand in Gaza that some of them made a dare common. There are these blue chip. Eyes that should have been in their absolute
Then they just want so you're missing leg, probably nine to ten blue shippers that should have been awesome and had been Baker he's certain Peter shot camps already, basically played as well league and go on down. The line is so what happened, but that's probably a start for another package, but was also to remember the lock out in people be like. Are you guys kidding me like we start? This pact has talked about guy staying in better shape. I would imagine I would give most players the benefit of the doubt of year, just make sure you're ready, and there should be some disappointment. That was the big joke twenty years ago, as would allow these guys came back in the lock out. They were never the same. I shot him. Physical is never the same person tat after the lock out. That's like what you just used in care, but its that's a great point, though I had really thought of it. That way, the too much too soon Connie Britton about it, but it's just it's just a good reminder of you. Have these classes are all supposed to replace each other. But then you have this group of incredibly talented guys. Please be kind of liked and you're like what what the hell is going on
and then you add in this class- and I also noticed too, when you go back and reads of the stuff, how many gems that were run some of this stuff and no one should really be blamed for anything after this kind of class and we just went through, but a lot of these guys never get jobs again mean Billy night at the the Atlanta job, when every one in the World NEWS taken, shelter, whims do five, you like. What could you possibly that shook me for a month I go back and watch more more. Shall the Williamson like? How could anyone take this guy? Fifth like there's no way this is real and he took him fifth in there's. Some guys taken picks there. That would never be given the job to run a franchise. The way they had twenty years ago will just give me one movie recommendation before we go our bombshell liked it ah interesting. Dude seriously Shelley's thereon Plan, Megan Kelly, creepy good, how good that is
Margo Robys, like a change in general. I didn't like it as much as you did. I looked behind this he's yours are awaiting you always get out of the office, so anything that has to do with, like television being on the deal, and I was I was in it day Ganum the hallways. You know you were above that seat in the fields of that. I I liked the movie I'd cod never rarely, sometimes always, which is not the most uplifting movie. I thought it was exceptionally well done. And can have an important movie side recommend down and then ozarks he's the one huge FED. I have going backwards movie for you. Ok, just quickly. I watched election with my daughter Today I fast forward at a new there's, a couple like sex thing said I had them already just like to pause and then get through it.
How old is she she's fourteen? can handle out. I thought I'd want to be in the same room with urban stuffs happened, but I doubt movies really fun, rewire other certain scenes, yeah there's couple, but is I was I: It was never an issue early Alexander Pain, Matthew, broader, had that fun drama run their firm a late night daisies, and you can count on me a year later early early Reese Chris climb. And just being a do. First before we realise that was like his only move. Rebecca this actor in those areas that acting deciduous website for help. It's a really fun quirky very had seen. Allow even did I think every watch was then did I added I wasn't on that one, but I I just I like the axiom pay movies I've watched sad. I said descendants and our sideways, stirred, though quarantine, and either on that on that breaking ground by saying that guy's,
the gate, but it was just fun to watch all three of those in ten days and see the progression. I love side by side raises like one of my favorite movies of the last fifteen years So then I thought I saw election of theatre loved it immediately. People thought I was a weirdo because I was really honour and I beg you to seize movie electronic issues with the election, and I feel a couple girls. I mean twenty three twenty four, the like movies kind of weird like do you not see, like that's how simple it is in perfectly executed. The whole deal is its great like when the kid in the wheelchair, gives the speech running for President Vice President yeah yeah at an it's perfectly like the way he says it not like that's high school, that's being in high school and the whole deal, and then there's only one ideas here: the other person like somebody else has given us
each. Unlike some people face red, headed kids eat me, raw thickly reap sit back. Is then the guy playing the principles? Perfect, the guy they were going to do that here in the principles perfect. The whole thing love election in sideways, it's funny, because I did not like it when I first saw two young. I was too young to understand how heavy that movie is it's. It's I can watch I'd ways sideways is up there with with very few movies right watch, guess I just started up Shawshank. Was going through. It want to see some scenes question for you, tweet it about it. If red in the crew his lunch crew, there were close enough to eighty two framed git him on roof. Tarring duty outside Kabul bottle asserts yet
Where was that crew when the sisters were beating the hell out of them, and we know what else is going on so, like all I'm good for touring, but you guys can't help me out with these dudes well read says that do believe those where the worse too as for Andy, which is being repeated, they re by the sisters which I think I would hope that with the worst two years, but yeah would like that and hiring happened after I did. The sisters of gotten caught attired ended that point, but I think the friendships with those other guys, candid deepened overt bit later. But There is not a rigorous beat they still rigged it does he got picked. And there's a scene. It goes right from that right to that So basically, what I found is probably one of the greatest booze of our lifetime Saunders. Now there's a ladder promise. I won't say that Gaza is to go to a movie now it's. What am I obviously one of my favorite movies ever, but you can really vigour really start NIT picking.
You could do it I'm over. Yet I still don't know how you knew, which way to turn the sewage pipe so because laughed because I think the grade, I dont, think you were construction enough. I think of Andy. I beg you could just you. Book, and I could tell of something's level just by looking outages years on the site. So what he's doing is he's goin. I need a certain grade, because this is a pipe its dispensing outwards. He probably just felt the level, I think I would exclude that up and gone left and then fuck Where is this the exit throw up again reseller, They save will see in a week and and I don't know what I don't know what the next retractable's for this is going to be, but it, but we might end up to having to do all three at some point maybe maybe not legislate, but at some point we can listen to your package as well, which obedient at least one of this week and it fell draft is
many be the last like real sports were probably an advert for web, but anyway good scene it to sit they spent. I two world central kitchen, don't forget to get a w c k, dad Org and if you have the means to give way, can how bout check out what they're doing maybe you'll get it to want to give something, thanks to what we do in the shadows, the dramatic return the fx original comedy. The Hollywood reporter called the series first season ridiculous lie funny and warned that you will die laughing this season. Shadows continues to follow for favor. Vampires have been living together for hundreds of years, premieres Wednesday April 15th on FX streaming next to fx on Hulu, and if you miss season one catch up now on what we do in the shadows on fx on Hulu stay safe out there listening doctors, listen to the scientist will have more later in the week, one more redraft on the book: basketball, pirate in two thousand and one me and Zach Lowe and then to rewatchables
total recall, come in Monday night and then enemy of the state later in the week stay safe out. There. Listen to the experts, see you soon.
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