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Sleeping on Jokic, Marveling at Phoenix, and Wondering About Porzingis With Bob Voulgaris


from Kristaps Porzingis, the scary Suns, how NBA team building has changed in the last two decades, the Jazz, speculation on the 76ers and Nets after the Harden-Simmons trade, another MVP caliber season from Nikola Jokic, a possibly wild Round 1 of the NBA playoffs, BitCoin, NFTs, and more!

Host: Bill Simmons

Guest: Haralabos Voulgaris

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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Coming up on the beaches pack ass retarget about the initial regular season and the Winter Olympic Uno. We're not gonna. Do that were in and took him here. Would you think you can get and be a kind of next? This observable summits pack has partly by state farm. Sometimes assume that appear was solid, backup Rowan than they come off the bed. She scored double figures and clutched game. It's like up. People assume that they can't afford ridden Sharon's, but then they discover stay firm. Has the president great rates like a good neighbour state farmers? There get a quota. This observable summits, back ass Party by state Farm, sometimes assume that a poor weather solid backup Rowan than they come off the bed. She scored double figures and clutched gave its like a people assume that they can't afford greater Sharon's, but then they discover stay firm has suppressant great rates.
Good neighbour states. Farmers they're gonna go today were also ratify the Ringer podcast Network, where we are still doing EFTA. Family February we watch was, did parenthood on Monday? Have Kramer versus Kramer coming up this Monday, stating for that any should be checked at the just like us, podcast, which is on the ringer dish. Feed is host by Clear Malone scenario: podcast diving into tabloid culture in the two thousands, it's really get check that out brought by vandals book as well. I missed on my same game parlay on Wednesday night. I didn't do it a wizard pacers thing, because I really want to do a Lakers jazz game. I was all excited about it because I was going to the Lakers death game and I was
Do a Lakers, moneyline bat with Lebron and Davis probably would have been in it. Then he got hurt, so I would have lost anyway, but but that was that was a bummer because I did watch them. Joe has told me, wait a second why'd. You bet on Washington and, of course they lost so now I owe you and I'm going to do something for all star weekend, I'm going to be in the gambling feed the Ringer game like show with Johnson Stransky and Joe House on Friday, and we're going to figure out all star weekend best stay tuned. For that Friday. Ringer gambling show me Joe House, J J, and I were in have all kinds, Oscar Betsy, coming up on this path, cast her alibi, Vulgarest, a k, Bob Bulgaria's a k, age, Bob H K one of my favorite mba guess he is coming up, we'll talk trade deadline, Plath predictions. Why Dallas got rid of poison gas? Can hard and save the six years aka
stuff? It's on the experts, our friends from protein. My friend barberess here came. I am, I think, before one of the holidays, then you just go ceased off. I don't know where he goes. Does stuff travels as this great life? It comes back in a mercy. off into the abysses and get. This is your first trade deadline. You are working for a team in a couple years, right, yeah, corrects easier yet easier. For you, probably a bidding.
Yeah I mean, I think the last last few deadlines are pretty chain. I remember correctly for us. For the rest, I will then, of course there was the one three years does that was pretty pre surprising. So what was your biggest surprise from the trade deadline? Just gone backwards? Was it the Halliburton trade? Was it that they pulled off the heart and trader that somebody did make a trade? What was it yeah I mean that the Lakers were enabled to trade. Anything I think we're or make a deal. I think that was a little bit surprising successors, trying to run it back, but there, the roster there's not a whole lot, they can do mean they. There really isn't. I must confine someone wants take Westbrook or something like that. There's probably not a deal to be had a lot of their contracts are either to smaller or a really big so commit have built. Ah, they gather the Sacramento Indiana Trade, I think, was pretty surprising, although understandable, I guess from from both teams, perspectives and therefore
The daddy up, the maverick straight was pretty pretty shocking. I think you're whatsoever that is used to work for the merits, but, more importantly, like, though, the pausing a piece of a yet because to me, it just seem like they. They were cottages. Getting out of the pausing. His business and taking with they could get in that may be they re just didn't trust him physically anymore, and that if you could turn him into too far, contracts hope that Burton's beta Morocco Combat and so the surely was three years ago now. Dinwiddie gives them as they stand a backup guard who could do some stuff to them I just more palatable than rolling the dice with pausing s fur, even three more might suggesting light. They wanted out gathering its there's, definitely from any kind of nailed it there is that it certainly a lot easier to trade, one smaller contracted
mauler contracts than one big contracts. Unless I mean I don't I love you for saying this autumn's contracts like one of the worst contracts in the NBA I just now, I don't see it and do not see how it is about contracts is only getting sixty million here last year of a deal I think, is only partially guaranteed for like five million or some things and then yet and there also like even mention it like? If you can get back to me, be sure he was four years ago all I'm he really has shot while every year, with the exception of this year, it's not like getting shot forty percent believe last year, so it doesn't have to get back to the guy. He was four years those let's get back to the guy. He was before this year and I think like when your primarily a three point shooter, as as teams of witness stemming the variants, if you're shooting almost all your attempts from three there's gonna, be massive variants in thirty or forty gave samples of awe guide. I mean for me, I think, be I mean I'm this is an outsider, I think part of it as they want to retain Torreon fit me Smith under attain ham and also, I guess be able to
offer deal and runs into contracts, can free agency and so doing that and having the copy contracts on the box made that difficult and now I guess they figure they contribute with these two smaller contracts. Taken me, in its decision in the summer where they want to keep didn't Whittier moved in with your or are you no sign runs in or not fine runs, do not have a lot more information, a lot more flexibility. I guess- and I think that's probably more and more measured approach than what they ve done in the past, which is kind of just like impulsively, make things happen and try to quickly cobbled together ass, a team without really being too thoughtful on what at what we're looking at three four years down the road will, it seems, like the team that have now is just space were Luke I right in assuming that the last obstacle to that was poison gas and tried to always have to shoot
and get his touches and run the prison is posed by his days than at the worry about the Roma. Dad doesn't mean, the up a little bit more, I mean look the part of people there really talk about enough, I think, is that he has been compromised physically for a number of years. Now, unlike specially last year, he was an hundred percent at about. That seems obvious This area seems to be much better, but then he, U grants another injuries. Costly, had bad Andrey locked himself. Hopefully that turns for him at some point, down the line, but just wasn't really like you. You look at the team that third, The idea that that bit that man, he wasn't it be the running make for Luke. I didn't really ever I don't know I mean I just the deal happens, the rocky the all start, breaking of Lukas, rookie season, you literally no, if you had and look at that point, you know what you are you are you rushing to prepare him with another player but
got truly on from it. I mean the teams by while their defending at a very, very high level he watched imply they they seem today, better than they have in years past and so that stuff, where bonus for approaching staff, which I think a lot of people were mocking the head coach decision that they made and now it seems to be deemed certainly is buying better. So there's that I'm taking the loss on the posing as trade, they regional ones. Dallas cause. I was a huge fan. Has I think the part I underestimated? Was he just never recovered from that? The injury which I think I think, as I try to you, know, I'd like to think up still getting smarter, robust while even as they get older, but I think one of the things I would really worry about, and maybe I was worried bad enough is just when you have super tall guys when they have that first really bad injury. I think you know we ve seen it in general, with the with the FAO and with Ralph Samson in our Venus. The bonus in these big, ass, Dude
indeed as condiment outlier. Iraq has indeed has been able to play. Seventy five to eighty percent of his games in these seems like using goodly. That letter was, it Stanley wasn't able to before I mean yeah, I mean there's, there's a frame on be just a lot that carries a lot there's a lot bigger. I mean that my Might that might have some negatives down the road. I don't know man, I think they're, so few players that are that all to draw conclusions from, but there has been a does look like players that are colored of the last as long leave in Hurst all, but I'm here I mean I I and I didn't have any involvement in the trade itself, but idea I did. He was a like either one over. If not the number one restricts treatment, and I want to look at the next the next year, and so that was I am put on the deal. I think I sent an email a couple weeks or maybe a month before hand is like ranking the restricted. Free agents are coming up and he was up there near the top, and then I wake up one
can the commission if we ve, got four things on Morocco, which is a kind of exciting? I definitely wasn't disappointed when it happened. I think there's a couple things you go look out like one. It's a huge contract, you better be sure that's who can fit together. The other thing is like the idle understand. Then this will be the last of a bit. I think we can talk about this. The bullet black part that understanding what was that? What was the people only talk of? What was the needs asylum so five year deal you huh. Is hoping to making the trade is to have a restrictive creation rights. Scott injury concerned silence before your deal. Maybe if you agrees to a team option- probably not I don't know, but just the idea that I get that you wanna like show appreciation and give him a five year. Contract with that became the most difficult parks, because that fifth year get fully guaranteed.
a player who has injury. History is just a mean kudos to ownership, for wanting to stand up and and and and do well by their players, but it didn't seem like it made sense. No one else could off from five years we're just kind of competing against ourselves, not regard, but it's kind of its action constraining Susan A similar situation will deteriorate right last before the season started and they decided to part time until the summer trying, I think, I'm not the only one who heard their own whispers of. I dont think they're, trying to trade em before the deadline, but I dont I dont that there were slamming the phone down and go down general in general. They ate it raised flags for me because,
yeah and any I like the bridges extension more than you, but you're basically have three and a half max guys if you're gonna give eight than extension. If you include Paul you, you Booker, Booker and VE, just seen that we'd never seen a phoenix owner ever want to spend that kind of money, so general them shoving off that decision to next summer them not extending jail and Smith Fer a third year option that such as that no brainer. Like eight, you never dont renewed the third year option unless the guy has like legitimate issues.
and it is just it stinks to Bay of cost saving, which is why I think, like I really wonder like. Could this be the last season we see with this fantastic Phoenix team with all those pieces in place? Maybe I'm wrong, but I think there's it at least a slim chance that next year's team will look different yeah. Seventy possible. I mean, I don't know where you got the vote just on budgets. I love the bridges deal. I don't have any problem with the british till I have always been in the chair. Bridges die even box will when he was in college, so yeah Think about it. I got it. I got it from our text because we were arguing about it. No, I don't know I mean I think, like a definite and say that they pay too much for him. I just thought it was like the timing of that. Wasn't necessarily idea are gap, but there's there's there's arm gad. Whether though team will be able to be the same seem next year, who knows, I'm increase balls also still getting up there and age. I think the thing about centres
like a guy, like obviously eight very valuable to them is. Do you want to lock up a lot of money on centres when, as you mentioned, like the wings, are the real value in the Lee like? If you just need your wings. Lotta teams are going are going to others very few teams that need about very few opponents that require l, a big centre to combat like an beads, probably yoke. If those are the two guys that you have the game plan for a centres, the rest, it is kind of like the difference between a guy make in twenty five. Thirty million Europeans are making like them, love as at the center position is not a lotta describes. So it's wildly one in that much money bags unless they're like absolutely dominant, offensively or defensibly. I agree on this. It seems like I think, that's one of the ways the league has
change dramatically in the last eight years, where the center at justice at the salary for the average decent center does just crater, because you can only the days of like the Roy Hibbert Final Eastern finals because they serve You know that you don't really need more than two centres on your roster. You can't really play more than one big guy at a time daylight in that
he's been able to pour out this year has been Cleveland so that our Celtic sign Robert lambs to their extension, which I think was like four years. Forty eight hours I cheese or like this guy, can't stand the court and were over pay for their position and I was dead wrong. Wiki Meda. He met a hugely this year and he's been a really valuable asset at. I think it's twelve million a year that gets its an absolute bargain, but then there's many other cases reeling. Oh, my God has naked twelve deck as make an fifteen. It's rather tough on. I think, there's a thought that that centres are kind like the running back of the NBA. Where you can just you don't need to pay a lot for a running back. He could just get out rather no running back. I think that's kind of the thinking thing also the problems of the three point: shooting and more space. I mean, I think. In the past there was almost just like a rule that was like
the UN's balkan people, just kind of went, because if it was just kind of consensus, this is how we do things are we need help centre like oh Kindred, Perkins has to start without a flavour of almost any we are like under Perkins are starting Jean Valjean. While we sought to start and repercussions rising or rule says we have to start like the biggest guy Martinez like, and I think that's the ball was always kind of that way. You have other pissed big centre battles back in the day. Like Patrick doing what tumble a larger on. There is like a lot more skill at the center position and now they're just it seems they're, much more rare to find a centre come in and be super super skilled, like em when he first came into the lake, was Eddie Raw, but you still quite skilled. Now he's like perfected, the craft don't get around. This will lead to perfecting the craft of like often, some game drop steps. Drawing free throws somebody guys like that are very rare. Dinners. There's two in the league probably and the rest are all just run of the mill centres. What's funny as there's really three, because out of
we consider yadda the center, but he's a centre. Yes, they are either ball handling. Now I gotta buddies like technically the centre, his two thousand twenty to celebrate. Nobody thinks of him that way. But yet, if you look at his stats compared to ninety nine did I do tat. shack sure pretty similar. All the way across the board gather support were making where you dont need like a centre words like you toss the balance in the post. Basically like a centre was not bringing the Bala performers and ashamed offence and even yoga just kind of like yoga, even really asunder value not lay either ease like to point out that forward. So it's pretty that's pretty rare, to have a guy just go bearers, like really the exception to the rule of like players getting paid that are just
some of our doesn't do all are often set screens rebounds and defends and that state- and he could argue that his contract is, is probably one of the few once that's kind of payable. Because of its defence of the pact. I want to go back to go. Baroness second cause. I had an additional thing on him, but we're Talkin bout supposing guessing I think that extension was like two thousand and eighteen was right at the tail end of when set the concept of a center, I think was still pretty seductive and in his case, like oh, my god, he's a strike is basically the greatest stretch by we ever could of trade. On the one hand, he could space the floor than the other and you can actually be your defensive anchored on paper ray and but at the same time the league is changing and it in Dallas
caught up in this no man's land, where the leak has until they change yet, but you can kind of feel it's changing, so I can't fault the thinking of the prisoners. Think, as I was right there with it from what we saw at the next with interesting, though, as I think it, everyone points there. Syria's, including made like those two have answers. I got my God than the next year. Atlanta played him off the floor and everything was different. The two thousand eight Celtics that our new you gambling at their in this point, but they would play these big light up, like you were talking about, because that's what we're supposed to do and you play big baby in perk together and you play the tempo and K gene and park, and they all three of them would be out there, and I would always the best lineup they always had was when they went small and they finally, in the Lakers, come back aim and game, for they said fuck it, and it was a Garnett Pearson shooters Ray as our Eddie House, James Posey, in there running the Lakers off the floor in the next game and say not gotta play LEO again, more big baby and it, as I do
it's a resume. The recipe was right there, the whole time and that now, back about. Oh itself extent on like that was. I could have been one of the better small ball teams because they had all the pieces for, but I dont think people realize what it was in the moment. I guess is by point tat. I think, the other that people talk about his or as the magic had, I mean they had a threat own right yeah, but it was, but it was just like the shooters basically like wish. Bashar Louis was four, and that was like such oh, my god we're playing a non traditional back to ask for what is going on here and at a stretch, your daddy I'm searching was yet circulars play making. And what is this? Sixth I'd like to point forward either? Two thousand ten finals was the last old school file ass at the gate. You could make a clear demarcation from that files. Then everything afterwards for like that eleven thousand that one and look at that Miami team. That was basically Bosh Centre, effectively right down what budget they got their opponents was was rolling out a so
and like I figure it out, I mean I think the Miami there I don't have. That was the. I believe that was the year they played Oklahoma City by that was that, wasn't it as the twelve, whose baby Dallas than the two thousand and eight with Israel, I'm just one. There was at the your boss got hurt or not I kept meant. That was your boss for her. I believe so in that kind of force, the girl, small and in a kind of realized, like all how better we now that we're small, that was thirteen thousand when they took their, they had their winning streak and all that stuff when they, basically the thirteen heat, I think, are there steam that really mastered small ball Elinor. regular seas where there are like look at this. Nobody can match up with this, and now what about the Phoenix Sons, the running done, Phoenix sons they might a masters of the harmful effects of emu for rail Why are they would still like David? She warned the offer Miller twenty minutes in the they're gonna learn tamer after no ones about the time of the seven seconds or less a
my God or Ascidians yea. I watched the owl centre when they were having little when starting our one injured number birthday. I was their centre for a while. She married at the force, and I was probably the first one I think. Looking back, I enjoyed that two things one thousand were here and I was a hunting. They were arm funny because looking back like they did even really shoot that many freeze or play that fast relatives of what's happening right now like right now. I think they would be like in the bottom third of the league and pace of that. I looked it up. I think they'd be of these four threes they'd be like last year. I think, like every tee, thou shouldst Worth three, that the two thousand seven sets gap. That makes sense. There's it's interesting, Emily
going. Stop is just got bananas at this point, but it makes sense. I mean it's basically like a cheap code. Aren't you play video games with Europe Play Video games like they do patches to update like fly? We can say that they would have nerve the three points out like a long time about who is a video game, thereby, as is just too overpowered, watching us out of the game, those video game, because this is too. This is too much of it. She could but it's interesting to see the team that way. I wanna keep talking about this rotation equipped. Brick threes observable servants back ass, brought by simply safe. If you ever want to know, what's happening at home and are not there, while were big fan of the new wireless outdoor came from simply safe. Let's see what's happening outside read from your phone alert, you in anyone approaches, so you always know who's there. Here's the thing about the wireless at our cameras couple thanks. First, they deter people who see the camera who might be thinking about breakin in your house, though, look at the corral ago. Witnesses
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And at that point all they had to do is just at shooters and maybe like a hybrid three slash, four kind of sad young body type guy and maybe a backup center. Who could play like ten minutes to game and that's it, but you weren't thinking about that back then right, but they put on paper. All they had to do is just keep adding shooters. I guess they tried with Richard Jefferson. You just didn't play well there, but it's fun to look back at some of those teams to be like. Oh, if they had all the information we have now. What would have been you know there one or two moves cuz. They just was the mentality back then back. Then it was harder to find. Shooters too I mean you'd had guys who could shoot, but cant do anything else very nice and could defend the need. You can turn them into a decent like media corner. Three punchline Bruce born was a good example of how they can shoot for those book issue corner for its concern about the breakthroughs and you're gonna theories, and so there is guys like that, and then there is the guys that were alike, Yellow MAC carols. Who are
they get shooters but couldn't defend at all or anything like that. Little possess shooters say I've got the team that I really like, where the leagues is that where the league is now because there are so many different kind of styles and types of teams. I was worried that two years ago that we're just gonna turn it this leak that just everybody was doing the same thing in a red? Is gonna, shoot thirty, five through his game and it all dependent on how good your guy was. When I went to the last minute, but I dont feel that way. I actually think there's a lot of different styles and teams that I did that's why a lot of us have gravitated watching Memphis in Cleveland and Phoenix in it. They there just weird teams in a good way. I went to Utah Lakers last night I took I took my son and all his friends and it was a pretty boring game for three quarters of the
with Coral Bron AIR Diamond was sitting court side on the side. The Braun was shooting, I'm the fourth quarter and the broad because he's one of the best ever he started, feeding our fair Donald then just destroys the jazz, but it was the same predicament the jazz have over and over again right, where the team once
I'll go, bears kind of on an island. Goobers come out, challenging Leubronn and the bronze. You see the shouldn't freeze over him figure the basket, and it's like it's like rents, latter lather PETE, with the with jazz, where they have these leads, and they can't once a team does like this. Are I will try this and that it actually works. I would if you're running the jazz. What would you do because I, I don't think they have any chance of winning the title, but the tape trade that they pass? I just don't like their nucleus of their slow and the perimeter. You could feel a lasting and I just I don't see it in my missing something though I mean, but there is very few teams that have a chance to win the try. The title to begin with, I do think, like you, will have kind of latch found. This idea that go. Bear gets played off the floor in the plants and if you go back and look at the data like not actually that accurate ye, they have performed better with a Mamma for, for the most part, there's always stretches, or it looks like he's struggling. Where he's getting. I sewed up versus the guard, but over all their defences better with him
for are often is better with them, largely on the poor in the play ass. It's just they're playing teams that are our very skilled arm and are tough match up for them. Are they had injury, injury problems? Also outer? No, I mean I don't know I would do if I were them. I mean these. These teams are at such disadvantages because nobody's like oh yeah. I can't let you go get up. rocky Biocidal sign, and you thought I'd better with nobody. No and with the other side, is this really hard to keep your players to study how to make a decision to they wanna not sign, go bear they ever gonna get a players. That is, though, Baron frenzy, probably not Are they gonna be able get one of the draft? Maybe but they're not in the tanking situations open up to get super super lucky with a later. I don't know. I wouldn't really I mean the part. I you get it. I wasn't a huge fan of a lead of Ngos. I'm back to me. I think those is like Are you player for them? what bat videos out for the year, though true
You mean like for next year, and I I mean I, I guess I guess my point is like I don't I don't get the idea of like I don't like what what is your ball exists, It is called the better this year, not worry about it. Like a do, they really think I had the chance to compete this year. I don't know I mean it seems difficult they need the ass though the west is kind of. Like I mean there's like a couple. There's two to two or three times in the West have a legitimate chance. It seems an arrest. Art is kind of like fighting for streak or get lucky around its is tricky guy. I mean, I guess, looking back, but he was a dirt. Some experiments, but is the lack of tomorrow? but but they don't get to pocket him for next season. I guess what they got to get out and her walk Ehrlich. Whatever me, I'm not really too familiar with and spend some time researching. The guidelines are walkers game and similar ratings are decent. Seems, ok, law that lot of the players and organs. I think were.
And fairly are unfairly but were difficult to kind of judge based on. If you look like a lot of their individual players, defensive number strengthens were: for then Gandhi years yeah, because their strategy was counter to what a lot of teams were doing in league, and so the defence of brain numbers for a lot of these players took a hit because of their strategy. So he's a guy that might be difficult wait with that made me think about without a ban. My strategy, if I was ever GM, is just target the teams that are a complete mess. You target that we also target the gems who are trying to save their job, who are poor, pannikins and make deals, because they have to mean that that's where the there is a huge disconnect, between a person who is a general manager of a team was looking into just get another contracts they employ. Did he's not really thinking about the future of the franchise is not like a steward of the franchise outwards really in the yard. Nargonne, but there's definitely been a bunch of instances like that, and the last three or four years were guys just panicked and made all these deals.
low caps face of their teams mortgage the future not necessary to win now, but just to be good enough, so that I can keep my job or make like a big splash trained to save my job? It's really interesting, so those of you that as our target as all the things that are trying to shut sorry, that really very well. I feel like I've been writing about those genes and talking about them on this park ass, really for the last two decades state. It's the guy who is like it in fucking mood is the most dangerous person a bay franchise. The guy is like hey. If this doesn't work of getting fired everywhere. You know that leads to trading furred. You know, siege. Emma com is good, make thirty three billion next, I like sieges, MC column, but you do those trades when it's like. If this doesn't work on that could have job next year- buggered David Griffin, but that those
it's almost like a hail married trade does not get that one look I like Josh's ethically, but the dire. You know that you may get you make a trade that's dislike, while this hope this works. Otherwise we're not gonna, be here it's funny because it you don't really think about how difficult these jobs are to get and how, They get paid an how reasonably rational it is said to think that way as a normal human being, whose thinking about their own economy like tat. I want to keep this drop. That pays me between three
at nine, a m. Why? Wouldn't I but like from an outsider's perspective, you're, not necessarily doing the job you're supposed to do, which is no benefit. The team you're employed by I got so, and I'm not saying that Brad Stevens is like this, but the Celtics. I really like the Derrick White Trade cuz. I like that required he's just like he's in the right spots, but you knows how to play it's fun to play with. I get it and he had he's had an impact on this team right away, but when we did our whole three hour, trade deadline pod, we didn't realize there was this caveat where they did this top one protected pick swap in twenty twenty eight with c
tony and my dad texted me, and you say: do you know about like my dad hates pick swaps where they thing, especially as we are on the other side, a one with the Georgia with the eye Kevin Gardelle pop your state is, as you know, we give up and am looking up on like that, can't be true, but they did and its six years from Now- and it's like this cynical sight of me- is, as I think, bread stephenses done- actually pretty good job so far. Revamping the steam, but the cynical sight of me, as I, his kids, are gonna, be grown up in six years, he's probably be coaching either some awesome, MBA team or the Celtics or by he's coaching Duke or North Carolina like what does he care about a pic slap years from now? And I just I never would have done it. I never would have included that now, the art he'll be well. We never got Derek way. And make sure we show that the spurs would have held the fort on that trading. Dare quite If there is an earth, do not his door only makes in season trades so
maybe that's what they need to get the deal done. Who knows the very top to know all that's one thing I think is fine as interesting is like especially spending time in front This is no mean, what's happening and beyond. The outside and reading would supposedly happening is just like how you know how much misinformation grasping at straws. Having the media. Stop that's planted so knows that we will never know what you know. What with the dispersal of them early when there are only a few people, know that has probably the people and sports front office. I got it right is a very, very, very valuable player in terms of like his numbers are very like his writings artists. A very good. He does like all the little things he's very good defence
We haven't even shot particularly wealth and three, but still positive influence. It doesn't take a ton of bad shots, has really is always in the right place, doesn't need to use a turnip possessions men were he really shines defensively. His defence of numbers are are quite good. Is why the better defence of guards by our numbers, the Bali he's a classic he's a classic knows how to play Basque, Bugger fair to play at the first game. He just shows outbreak for the game, replace like thirty minutes, and he has this won't play where he gets thrown the bar on the left. Tatum Gate Tatum gives it up. White Trot wake gets it. He drives, which is the right move. He draws like three people over kicks it back out on the right side, but then keeps moving comes back for the three and then gets about that. You made like three really smart plays with movement, which, if you'd watches Celtics last couple years, it wasn't exactly a movement friendly team and stuff like that.
Then other guys start moving and you don't you think it's infectious but pick swaps, man to be it's like top three about top three protected for the pics web. That say or a hang it up, but I actually did. Of course the celtic Smart gets hurt. Williams gets her right when things are looking awesome, but I I was becoming a believer cause. The defense was there and you look at it, wasn't just a winning streak. It was since December thirty. First, the defense was the best departmental awful at the start of the season, because there are switching everything You know what they were doing. Yeah it was a while for them to kind of figure it out and then now they've kind of figured it out. They they are the most which heavy teaming defensively in the NBA, so it makes sense that they want to trade for a guard who can guard a few positions because he's going to be guarding the switches, so I can see why they made that deal.
Or am I think, you're up their defence by the other therein outlier in terms of how much they switch relative to the rest of the league. You could also switch if you have white and smart and Tatum and Brown out there. At the same time, you may see switch on everything and the prisoner. The big thing that happened this year is Rob lambs. Who is a disaster and in time he got switch right? He was always to second slate and whatever three was coming fisheries, but pretty good. So now I I just think that hard to play they can get ever nothin. I gotta be honest, like I don't see any one in the east that I'm terrified of, I would say, Milwaukee is, would be a gun to my head. The pic I would want. My aim is kind of the sleeper just I want to see what they look like when Lowries finally healthy and looking good for a month now he's also old. We may never see that, but if we can see,
stretch from Lowry that he really looks like Larry again. I think they have to be taken seriously up. I don't, I don't feel nearly a strongly about fill in Brooklyn and the more I look at the Philly deal and especially leg losing curve. I think two is one of the few people that gave them a little boo been a little unpredictability and now I just feel, like I think, they're going to be as weird as this sounds going to be pretty predictable, offensively, and I'm not sure that deals is gonna. Work. Predictability is not necessarily a downside of mean if you're like, I don't think you have to be unpredictable if you have a guy who contributed they're gonna draw so many Ribeiro stats apart. I think that people are get her
be living at the freezer line. That has a bunch of different knock on effects that reduces the replanting. Those. How lot adapts those players can be followed. Trouble there a tough, tough team to match up with, because you need to play a big to guard envied, sir. You neither alter your game down a little matters. Very few teams are comfortable playing a big at all times. I don't know I mean it's hard to say like the who knows how, though, how they will. Actually
together. There is this idea that pardon really needs a rim running or ass, a fine about type, a scheme to be successful because that's how has been successful in the past, but I'm sure you can adjust his game. I'm. The one thing I think will be interesting is how much they stagger those two, because that will be fine. I mean being able to just have like an mba squad and then a hardened squad was with space around him. They dont have a ton of shooting, unfortunately, after they gave up hurry, but I don't know I think you have to make that deal. Bilingual teams benefited from that. I mean, I think, were filled up. He was a little bit disappoint was, I think they thought there was a chance. They could keep Simmons and then also like get him and get a man get him. While recoup would have her organizational
theirs. They had in relation in a relationship issues a bad with eminent and the team. I think they thought, while we can get this right and then sign harden the off season, something but find a buyer for some contracts, that's what they want to do. I think they thought they were gonna get harder than the off season, anyways that the shed some salary, but I'm sure they would be to make it happen, and then now they have actually give up summoned
or due to separate deals and get hard for free. I think they just do it now get over and done with stay gaff. Who knows it's tricky? I mean they're, they're gonna, be tough, they're gonna be tough, I think they're gonna be, it will be the biggest variants. I mean that the spread between how big Bilby and how bad they'll be massive, because it's just super unpredictable. I think you can make the same case for rockland. I think both those teams adjusts artists can it be super interesting watch down the stretch, because nobody can really accurately say how it's gonna play out. I think you can guess, but its inability to call, I think, Brooklyn, I think brooklands gonna be good. I think Brooklyn adding Simmons defensively is huge. Ah they can play it now they can plan as a primary We need to take shots, they ve got eyes, you can chew, they ve got Durant's whose you know as good as it gets offensively literally, and so we ought to be on. It will be interesting to watch. I mean, I think they have a chance, I'm you know, and without also they might not at some point
Ro carry my brother play games again. Another talk, the mayor's talk a little bit about being conflicted there. If that happens now, that's a completely different situation. The fact that he can't not to get off is is. It is absurd to me that he that that you are visiting play there was an unbalanced, nay to complain. Brooklyn, but its bend down the whole time I realise that you realise it. So maybe that'll change may be wrong, but I think I think it'll be fine, but those things. That's your question whose awhile I mean in the east. Miami pretty old, but they're gonna be tough in the playoffs. Milwaukee seems to be that seem to be but will find out. The east is gonna, be late It's gonna, be the Plaza everyone's been one watch. I think I'm young it so funny yeah, that's it flip, I think, would fill in Brooklyn the more I ve been looking at it that when you talk about the variants, the two things for Philly. For me, art is indeed a male.
Getting him a hundred percent or ninety five percent the rest of the way right, because that's a lot to ask. You missed a lotta game's over the years in hill disappear for two weeks in whatever he's been pretty healthy this year and he seems like he is in good shape. But then you have the heart and peace or he's been he's had issues with his legs. The last two years is getting older. We know about his lifestyle, which has been reported, your power multiple places in EAST Haven that age, where you know we've seen guys kind of go sideways. We saw it ever since the worst case. Example this, but Iverson went from twenty seven to game till he's out of the league in two years. You know, and so I wonder- about the durability- those two guys which is weird away about hard insurability when he played like every game for ten years, but the variability those guys gone through for play a friend
Anderson. Her Iverson had some off the port stuff. That probably know tat the am aware, but were I'm not sure hard doesn't by that I mean the Iverson stuff was I've. I think a lot different than pardon just likes to go out into the garden like yet a need for them. Not. I know it's your Sendeth yeah so brought the Brooklyn piece it just people are now pencilling bed servants into being the Benson said he we saw before he melted down the playoffs tonight. I would just like to see I'd like to see it for a few weeks, I would like to see him shoot. Free throws in a one point game in a minute left on the road I like to see how handles different place and I think I think people
we and I think he did himself any favours people definitely overreacted, so that play off series and getting down. That's really is like that. He coming, I don't like. Yes, he passed that shot at the last whatever, and and could one up got file shot free throws are confronted with Lebanon. started. It was obviously bad detriment to his team, but just gotta shows you kind of world we live in were every little move, gets my commands and talks about four years. I got happen. Lots fierce play off people forget that I don't know I mean he was a decent future. Is that he's never be hasn't been this his whole career,
wasn't ok, for though she would earlier on his career is not like these Joe shootings is magical thing that so difficult to do. I do, I think you'll ever be a free parliament, shooter, probably not by Cuba. He hasn't done himself any favours by the way he refused to kind of acknowledge the weaknesses in his game and and and improve on it, but I think people are giving him too difficult time here to think that he's just a mental state is now mind you. He has claimed that he's had a part of the reason why can't play is because member states are that's. That's fair that people are saying, but I don't think he's like just a perennial choker out of these, a guy who just gonna show for the rest of his life. I mean people get better, they improve it'll, be interesting. He's still very young, two different situation, different environment. It can't be fun to have your coach talk above you the way that happened right, Amelia after a loss I couldn't have been fun. Barely said anything
I heard you the asked about just about just what I mean. I don't know you're here it's hard because you lose these games that are forced to go and talk about how you lost in front of everybody in I get that when someone says didn't you, you wanted a championship, breathing his pleasure. You can build around or whenever the question was a genuine, the championship, advance payments. Suppose I answered like I dont know right now I mean it just seemed legs tat, your near it was such a passive again and maybe even if it means abuse in that way. It just seemed like such a passiveaggressive dig a player we just had like probably the lowest point of his career and maybe maybe I don't know- maybe there's more to it may be. The guy was maybe he was a jerk all year and there's a reason for it, but it definitely spun the situation in such a way were. It became arm untenable, so somewhat ass teams are able to move on and any kind of get your keys he's in a different spot. Now he's gotta play was completely different by differ.
Jeanne it'll be interesting watch out of those words, sacrificing twenty billion dollars cause you're coach caught her feelings, well maybe not name. Doesn't care about money mean maybe he's He's gonna get the money back. I listen is like if I'm twenty five years old and I'm still trying to better, I don't know how it helps me, nuts, by basketball. Nobody will ever commits where the rights that that's a good idea- gas, no I'm, definitely agree with you. There also also it wasn't just that he passed up the duck. It was the first, that in can only refer alone, you'd want to shoot during one of the founder where I watched this happened with its on Walker. With the Celtic swear, once it gets in your head and searched changing how you play that, that's a real thing: that's not a font! Click! Surely wagon fell, whilst building at the free for line was super crazy about shooting Repose cloud series which you forget it the percent, Europe's people,
they're counting to ten. You know he and then, and then in the final game he went like one thousand nine hundred and twenty five or something or 21a some some ridiculous number. So I'm not look! I'm not comparing Ben Simmons Ben Simmons workout text to Jana. Obviously, Giannis is a different breed he's going to work she's going to get better he's, also, probably mentally tougher. He grew up in a pretty difficult situation. But I know how I do think as well. The early to write a guy off who has not talents and who is in a new situation that by all accounts, should be positive. I mean there's gonna, be a kind of a messed up situational to carry this different cap fresher. Think you ve got. The right is the very I mean it's a chance to go really bad, I'm alive, but it's gonna be fine. The watch- that's for sure, at the red flag to me other than the fact that he just said that's my best, but four months is I just can't nervous when guys don't have that midnight if you're one of the best one thousand five hundred and twenty four is the way you're making a big bunny
and you don't have that monopoly accord should just keep getting better you're right. I think that is over and over again, if you just look at anything about wise somebody, great verses, why didn't they get there? It's the work, ethic, peace and it's like you mentioned the Addis goddesses fearless lucky. He was never afraid of a moment. She didn't care that he was it. He would miss to free frozen around finals game and then he would make the next to like he d, never seen like. He was scared of the moment they really did work to keep improving and adding things to his game, and I just didn't see it from sentiments. I didn't see him really adding anything, and I was one of his bigger fans cause. I think I really valued what he did defensively and I value his transition stuff, and I thought he was one of the best. Twenty personally got that Houston should a trade from the heart and trade verses, what they got from Brooklyn, but after last play off site I he really has to prove it to me. I just can't be like I'm out a new team avenue. The number you everything you said is very fair. Me look. Doesn't he isn't diligence,
It doesn't seem like is added anything or much to his game, since it's nothing yet battered shooting, freeze a better shouldn't prefers. Do you have a better low posts game. What are you Then you are in two thousand nineteen is almost game is pretty good. I think his she's definitely good in space, he didn't come entirely been awful free free, throw shooter, he just was did want to shoot treason and the very last minute later on, lusher ass. It were those let's take a break up and it took buffer. Just put a bow on Brooklyn? So, let's can say, let's say: Simmons is at least as good as he was in the twenty nineteen playoffs when they lost to Kauai, what's say, Kyrie's able able to play a reply and game and that he can somehow stand. The four would say: Durant's legs are ok and then he can go back to ninety five percent of where he was the security fits in. Do you still like this team to enforce tray play our friends? What else needs to happen?
patty? Males? I guess would be the fifth, so mills, Currie carried the Red Sea, don't have a lot of they don't have a lot of defenceless just declare they don't play a particularly analytically friendly. I'm a basketball, so they're leaving a lot of points on on the table. There you could argue they they do have guys were very good at taking the shots for taking. So maybe it's move alike. Marcus, Aldrich, eighteen feet away from the basket. Bang in a way along too, has been pretty good at it. Katy obviously, is the best in the world at that shot. So that's fine, but they dont think its three main curry changes. I don't know man like people, don't people forget they were like an inch away from going to the final last year or right or getting to whatever to the next round personal locking and ensure they would show that would have handled, but we live. He's is way better. The chairman, whoever they play in round one, is gonna, be considerably better. That subjects did they played Lasher yeah, probably a mainly
tough. I mean do I know I'm you know, I think that their overrated for sure and terms, I think that I thought they'd been overrated all year, even prior to like the Maxie mandates tougher, but that they have hurries production. Ah, but yeah I'd, I'd idols I dont see it, but they also have guys were it'll, be interesting to see how these the defence will change a lot with Simmons through their full court transition game. Will change alot it'll, be, as I think, the argument that harden I dont think Harden Irving and when all fear of ill Will Irving Irving interact really fit well together. ways. As I look at your turn, my turned thing here and not a formerly defend very well with the exception of Durrant. I guess it's a good defender, so I think they'll be by think they'll be better with Simmons than they will all be with than they were with harden I'll, say that just because a fit and I'll fix him, it is a better player. I just think he's a better fit will defend better.
I have one last guy needs the ball. I've Arab, adding, I would probably say the best team in the east, as is still Milwaukee. That would be me until proven. Otherwise I think they are and then, after that it could be any one of them. What teams travels pretty good, too bogged down? In fact, much power once they're, pretty good too I wanted to fend off. Has block? Is the favorites in the east that plus two sixty in Brooklyn it plus three hundred, but our understand fillies plus three? de Madam is Puss five. Fifty I like my any more than the last. It seems I just mentioned Seltzer eleven one Chicago into one, and I think it's cause. I fifteen one seems hide makers right, Ashikaga, the one seed there's only twenty three games left the season there not are they're, not gonna fall pass the three seed, even if they lose some stuff, but I think they'll get Caruso back they'll get they might get pathways back levy,
Ian has some they're talking about he's getting his knee checked out stuff like that. But there is a world where they get all their guys back and plus some of the guys. Like the rookie point guard, they have some of the guys that had to play in the absence of some of these other guys have actually come through a different way. She never even told me, wait so I am with you, I'm not ruin them out. There's four and a half game separating first in the east, from the plan for Africa raising concentrate. So if it ain't so Toronto, seven at third, their thirty two and twenty five were taken. Thursday after Pacific Brooklands aid at thirty one in twenty seven in their only to Wednesday Charlotte, so it's probably going to be broken, Charlotte Atlanta and then one of Philly Boston front on the plan and there's a really good chance. Brooklyn would have to win both playing games on the road because you figure they're going to not be great for at least a couple more weeks till the rain comes back, so they can be- and I said something like that. I just would not want to have all my
play a Franz on the road. I would. I would not want to see Rashun where it's just every round. It's like you just that game. Seven on the road is hanging over here. I think that's too hard. I think I with that. Then it might benefit and obviously, if they will have their full roster on the road games versus down games must Mandy changes. Cried I mean to then it might be of benefit to the aerial gotta play road game, so good bye and gives so damn it might be that listen if the mandate does change by that point, we're in trouble because there were hundreds of society in the same just to be clear as if the new mandate but yeah I get it, but then you go on the other side its phoenix ago and state thereby base good to one when the West Memphis is forty one, and I so they're only a game and happy golden state during there in the three fourteen, their fourteen one when the west and then drops that you tied down,
Bert Minnesota fats? It's basically, three teams, in my opinion, in Dallas, as a semi wildcard, just cause LUCA, an endeavour as a semi wildcard, just cause Yoke edge and Marie possibilities. But I wanna talk what yoke its causes- and we do this with the narrative stuff right curry- was the envy p. First, while we were this second worthy, every appears to be decided after ten years, but it's crazy envy pay. It is, I don't know, no actually impedes the envy p. First of all, in Baden, Yadda said the exact same stats and goddesses team is slightly better. But if you just look at you compare Yeah, this is twenty nine eleven and six in beats twenty nine eleven and five genesis. Fifty five since shooting it beats. Forty nine, like you go on through its like the best, even though outlier of this season that is just opening was talked about Yoke, Ich YO because averaging twenty six, Fourteen and eight he should fifty seven percent he's a borderline. Fifty seven four
the eighty guy and here's who is playing with air guarded, we'll Barton Monti, Boris, Jeff, Green US, the rivers composite print Forbes, destroying the team. There are thirty three twenty five there they're on their one game behind Philly heed to bees. Clearly the VP right now as we enter the austere break, but I think most people from third death. I think the record isn't quite good enough. I think you have to be one of the deception of little Glass Brook Year, where he average a triple double, You pretty much gonna be like a top three or whatever seated here. Your conference fillies of five seats away, my late in the day, the european policy on this as the craziest back, is that I've seen as their scoring a hundred three points per possession with them off the floor hundred eighty in with them on the floor. That's like one of the biggest
differences. I've seen I mean that Anna defensively, by the way that this somewhere, like a hundred fifteen with him off in one or nine with them on me, there's so much better with him on his honor numbers are breaking models. I mean it's, it's absurd. How good his honor numbers are. Some of it is the fact that his back ups are awful, but other partners, as he just there just cause you such a good player. You such a tough blared, addicted to game plan against so unique, but he could be the envy. The I think, I'm doing the envy p it's one of those one of those advocacy humming by the workers have to I mean there are as like such a difficult it such a difficult. Yet such a difficult near to call it. I think I may- and I would say, Currie MBA Ganis Yoke, Ich. I would really be upset with any one of those guys really. Maybe.
There won't be upset with anyone else by speeding up the thing with the package that what he bade the Celtic some frightened. I didn't have an awesome game, the subjects such a pretty good job of them. It is still up like twenty seven tanned analysis, but he had led by turnovers, but he's like replicated that forgot, like the college team in March. Madness, that's built around the one guy and he just does everything I well. I guess fuckin awesome look at he's playing with like these huge shooters and like these little like frisky rebounds, but like keys clearly the moment he goes out of the game, you think it's gonna fall apart. I can't believe. First, I've never seen a player like him in my life, and we talked about this last shared on that breaking new ground, the ugly thing I can't believe how much she handles the ball this year. I dont Filippi handled at this much like he's just there's possessions where he gets a rebound and he doesn't even give it up anybody. He just troubles up and it's like he's an exceedingly office like he's right, you can't find something.
Lack of Murray being around and bright was never had the two men game, usually with Europe except the screen and Marie howling. Whilst I think not Murray has done that a little bit, we're he's he's always held the ball lot. We certainly have a lot more sense eyes which are yet not like this, where it's almost like a second point centre, and any would do that some from time to time last year, but this year he just as everything for them Ebay does is, was doing a lot closer to everything and crunched I'm too for Philly. But I think the thing that's jumped out to me and you know I think we look. I think we look at the same stuff like the last five minutes. The shots teams get crunch time. What they're doing like I just think that five minutes is so different. First, forty, three yogi, that's everyone there at all. Look at anyone. I know when you're watching basketball only watch last. Let me once again to be perfectly honest. Now, on paper have retired something beyond
look around you the last five minutes for short, yet no I'm with you, I get the dead, that's different, it's completely different, the shots that he creates either for himself like. I was thinking of our document. Somebody there buddy of mine and we're talking about the golden Say said: where do we just we're not gonna W where's, that through a single and just kill us like? That's fine, but you're almost reminds me of football with my homes where the teams are like we're stop at a back. If you want to rush, seven yards carry go for, I had take t exactly seven yards, but we're not Lady Mahomet. Third, the bridge is that every bit me back with you, judges. I just take your two points that we ve gotten with them, because the balmy double him, everybody just gets a wide open whatever and that at the end of the game- and you saw yesterday with the shot that he created for the game, winning feeling he just gets everybody incredible shots who would be more
the play within him other than just ball. While him have him or I may look as pretty fun the play with two in terms in such a short you get along the line of having the boy. Ninety five percent of the game. We didn't you gonna get said he. I know you'll get she's like definitely pick your boy, and I don't really know what the right way to defend him, as I think I think you have to mix it up and give them different locks I do think you want to rely on. I think most teams in the plots wall, basically at some point, make their non shooters known as our great shooting guys around. Like mine, Timor set one. The other night listen about Europe is not like is not down to your everyone's. I can not down, should bear from three composite. Certainly isn't river certainly elects. I think, I'm as as a plaster I think, you'll see. Teams will gain find a little bit tell what we'll let the other guy's gonna beat you, but I'm probably very firm games Game gathered, I was really ought to be. Obviously you talked about a little bit was Chris Paul and crunch time because ass, I mean they're crunch family,
words absurd. It's absolutely were dying. It's like twenty one in three years on the constituency that stat genocide, John Schuman, honour on Twitter, had it where it was like is one of the four greatest crunch times that so far clutched at Again the history, the end said they ve been measuring the natives. There was, I think, the o seven maps were the idea that didn't make it Finally at the other ones, but it was it was at that level, but they their basically twenty four and three crunch time. Jaya right If we want to do- and I look last now like twenty points- we I know it's a search and it's a type of thing where you just there's no defence against it. You'd know he's getting to that by elbow jumper from two and you just hoping he misses it and you're gonna get like using a spam four or five or more blast. Three minutes.
and it's just very, very yeah, all an entity over help he's gonna find someone was rolling. Committees is very difficult, really a master at that fish are therefore your thinking, so it's phoenix is number one gold state and two thousand fifteen. Sixteen there were thirty and for gas, and oh six or seven was thirty two and six Big was really week that, yes, I did that partially explains it and then my Amy two thousand thirteen, thirty two and eight that's to be really good company and then the other thing it's, and this is why on Think Chris, as a chance for them to peep Booker's bent so good for them. You may see Ben thirty, a game fur six, seven eight weeks, but the shots that she's heading four himself when they really need to be any games like he's getting like the highest and possible to art shuts, it is bigger and they just have so many different options and then down its away. They get stops and bridges can guard
reed, how many guys other than yacht asking guard for positions like bridges. You know that listed the listen, Entire league is less on Yahoo. Eleven are all five eager a five year, sir. Yes, oh I watched them and I actually I'm surprised they have. The same odds is gold state. I think they should be the prohibitive favoured at this point, because there is there s a me at the one seat, every play officers gonna have to go through them and they have shown us nothing the entire season they got better with beyond Boma gay, like they definite they're, not in that Kaminski situation that therein last finals, like those guys Kennedy, six thousand peace taken Ramrod Alura? That could take the rim a little, but I think are better and I think they know. I think it's another Europe playing together, there's familiarity and I would be if they
get injured out. Be really surprised that it when the title, because I think they are the best in Berlin. I don't know I mean I am. I am I right a calm, the basking there. Definitely in the conversation I mean that decides talks about this. The other day is the idea that there is a best team in the best when's is kind of like nonsense to me anyway. Something people don't realize how like their several, several teams have a chance to one idle and one of them away, and it does not selling they were the now. Maybe they might have been the team that made their shots. Therefore they were the best. He then, but are not necessarily the best team like from an evaluation standpoint. They either in the conversation for like two that two thousand something on state was the best in their winter. If we do have this season ten times their winning night and for the ten times right, but there has been so many other like the Lakers the year they want in the bubble, like I mean day went nuclear firmly, tcp shooting some ridiculous number. Three
David, I loved you probably got all of these guys were shooting they. They hear they definitely shot outside of of their career avenues or are there expectation and so you are the best teaming up debate. I mean Venuses principle
they are definitely head and shoulders are above the other teams in the west, but I don't know, and then I'll pull like parliament is also to swing match up. When I beg Phoenix, may match up better against the specific east opponent but worse against another, and it just so happens that that other one advances because of how they match up like there's that there's that part of it there's a whole lot of incidental things that can happen that can determine wins. Phoenix is definitely in the conversational for sure I guess the question for me as if I were to be prohibitive, safer and maybe a favorite, primitive, amateur, eminent pushed back and agony. I guess my question for me, as is, is Phoenix better than people realize, because I actually think they might be like the legitimately great team. You think like they started out. They started out one in three so sit said there. Forty, seven and seven before us, Avenant seven.
With how deep the league is this year an and you have some weird Corbett's up to observe all over the place. But to me forty seven in seven as I that's your you're like a seventy when pace at that point and the fact that over and over again any time there in a game or its tight with four minutes left, I felt there to win it's the first time in a while, where I just like that they always win they. So I can prove to me they're not going to with a whatever time so now. I'm Do there. I mean. I definitely agree that in a close game, people are sleeping on. How did they I've been? That is a hundred percent sure, via that there they have ten losses. The next best. There are seven games up on the next best team, or something like that. I think the one thing that people are discounting, though a little bit is Paul's play. Fifty eight aims birdie fifty eight games workers by fifty one, fifty eight games they haven't, had a lot of injuries to their key dies red, and so that's a part of it. But now you could say that is the same were true
from these are other teams, maybe they would but out, but in terms of the west I mean tat. There are the best team in the West how they match up against. I mean about serious verses golden state. If we're lucky enough to see one that would be a serious for the agency will be great. There are very while he remembered they got you guys who concern or from all areas to the court has very top the defendants golden state is, I think, an assent. under the two, unless meant for some passes that Begone states lookin at plain the winner of the plant tournament right cause out of the seventy death. That could be the ito who those talk about variants that could be this Lakers stammered The broad and Davis are in a good druv and it doesn't really matter the other three guys. On that day, you know Austin Reeves somehow becomes the shooter they need. Who does I gotta? I wouldn't love, seen them in a play. Officers having gold state would beat them, but I wouldn't I especially what I sought Leubronn
Who wants to be a could be really great. I wouldn't want to similar plans series. I don't care who estimates are in Davis, could just hand left war for two months unless, unless worried about the Lakers and five series, if I'm those team, then I would be like a healthy Lakers whatever, and I would be like a healthy clippers. Well, that's, but that's! The next period seem like that. I don't know a super state it would have Paul Georgia choir back. I either seven cedars Jordan Choir back. You can make the argument there that there, the bats team in the NBA, my pin right Emulous budget add power, they other pieces. That's about all the rooms got these guys and we think look at talking about wing defenders and how valuable they are. Are you can go down the list of how many the clippers have when healthy? It's a joke, Marcus Morris, all George collide covered them are cutting their. I mean for us for right there. I think I'm forgetting one arm but tomb,
another, but to devise, yeah and then and then you can then there's guys like us that below like tenants, man norm, powers will be greater than about my colleague the conversation they are and what they do living there are lacking as they have like a ball handling like dominant, penetrating quaint guard, who can break down the defence against, could make the argument that Jackson's, that guy, but he's not like getting into the paint at will by I'm getting it entirely right now, you ve! U mortally offended the copper offence as a military. Reggie Jackson is that guy. He's a good man I mean he's, is I don't? I don't think he's not good. I just peace is not like he keys he's more from the primary is breaking down the defence and getting inlet. and some of those guys are pretty. Those guards are really whereupon like Moran skies it finished at the river basin can do can operate the pic unrolled, but yeah he's she was found, one. The better signings amenable to were probably some of the better signing of the last three years that you can think of value Sammy between
not playing while allowing Charlotte they picked him up, member to completely shut down jail in bronze and last year in the past by completely shot him down. Now that was something that was like devastating to them. Accessibility games is likely to space. We take away your second best up and supplier, because the tombs on that's tough, simply deal with gold state could be in a situation where they play the quick person round, one they played and ran to the Phoenix and Round three, that's fucking God let down anywhere on the other side like I don't know what let's say: brooklands the seven, said so what same? What's my It gets the two very I mean, though, that is so difficult to talk about, because it's like the Cleveland right now, just thirty five and make it very freely if I've whence they could very easy
three lost led me to losses now there and there they bear this flipped with where Terranova is so it's like an effort and right now, and I guess, depends on when Katie's coming back when Simmons or play but yeah big but be in the plane or they could be like the three or foresee that could happen to it. Just really really up in the air, in my opinion, will let's say, vigour to search a few games between those teams, What's a broken, the seventh seed and here the two seed and you could potentially have Brooklyn around one walking around to and you haven't. I Wade, S CUP, in spite of it, I did. The lamps are gonna, be amazing, really. They are really excited for them, because, even if you look use we have one of the two conferences and there's just to shit. First round match up certain man, this theme really
That seems. Guinea had slept on the west on paper would have those teams, but not if the clippers Lakers can kind of get their shit together if they both make it in Minnesota and that I'm not a hundred percent against Minnesota either. I think I think, there's look at it from a percent against Minnesota, like therein they're, not in the conversation for winning a play off series. I don't think I know, but I think they are in that kind of. I could see that being the irrational confidence round, one team that winds, game, one and people like all my god, they're gonna wind, and then they lose, but it could. At least I can get a couple hey back. They get up to visit. Their man shook up the sixteen and play like Memphis. I could see that being an interesting series arm or maybe, if they played the outer know, who else they rode the jars they somehow managed to get whether they're probably knock it not exceed or the five certain I get to the five c. But question is well. They get to you, get out the plan. The plans in the be deadly I mean you have you, have those three teams
special, I mean you got to Brooklyn Israeli on one side, the Lakers in the papers on the other side- and we know that that I thought, if those are you and that those your plans Eames, that's that's a boon for the NBA right there in any Portland. As at ten seagoing, we ve been trying to tank, for, month, all we did was salary the power in a planned where we will try to get like a top five pick, surprisingly wealth of light, both relatives and where they were at the start of season. That's for sure I didn't say it was Simons. That's why it's so tough to give up on some of these guys were all the sudden Simon. So it's like this.
The jet about asked our guy. He was very young when he came into the NBA, so there's that I mean people forget how difficult to doing so rare to have like someone who's like under the age of twenty dominate or even be good, like he was the goose awful at the start of his career. Like was just declare like as numbers were, first of all overcome pass, could be it and now he's like a berries turn into a very good player. I don't see what I mean arouses. I despise, but you have a look at our ideas and much experience he has and I'm not sure what is our priority is what he is correct.
quite young immensity at yet how burden versus the bonus? Who one that trade quickly? I think Indiana one that trade pretty. Clearly, I think so. Bonuses like a good player, but for this epoch of basketball, doesn't really defend while in space can't you two three currently space out of the three point eyes were really tough to survive and how to be that to be a dominant player if you're not like dominant defensively- and you can't space is three point on and yeah he's, whereas Halliburton, like Alban's, not like ideas, superstar like TAT, but he's a series of very, very efficient player he still young. He saw developing. I love it. I was pretty high on him and coming into the draft, the I think Indiana ones outrage pretty clearly, plus they got there not healed, which I thought they could have moved for an hour.
you know where it is that it is unclear to me what they're trying to accomplish what they looking to be good next year or they try to rebuild, seems like you're trying to be good next year. Yellow. I do know what that means, let that definition of good needs to them, but I am, but I think they clearly to my opinion. Clearly one the trade by force. You see our place up. I love Albert death at heart. I do like I hated the trade for Sacramento I actually likes a bonus alot more the new, but I just I would let her get up Albert and then, when you read the poorest Tribune peace treaties like this broke, my heart I believe that I believed that Sacramento, I did want to leave, and it's like you change the one guy who did do. We did want to leave Sacramento. What are you doing that I attach Oscar who likes it in Sacramento, you traded in writing was on the wall and they drafted him and then also drafted. I've been Mitchell unimpaired that with Fox three guys, all playing kind of a saint positional or
all they had to get rid of one or one but they're trying to get rid of fox. I just couldn't put up probably get tough under contract, but one more break and then we're gonna quickly talk about Crypto. and Bitcoin an edifice. Aright, though, just make this like a short segment but Bitcoin how we feel it. I'm a Longview guy at me- and I think, like is your following: what's happening around the world, it's pretty hard not to be bullish on decline, talk a little bit about the stuff sovereignty. Aspect of this gun sense, durability, aspect of it, Governments around the world kind of meaning what happened in candidate father, Canadian trucker convoy thing, but Basically, anyone who donated to movement is deemed a terrorist. At this point in Canada and subject to having their bank account frozen or closed or both. So I think that in that world,
it is pretty bullish. I think also you factor in the what's going on in eastern Ukraine and Russia. You're right now, worthy Countries are less and less reliance on the? U S: dollar, less and less kind of, depending on the? U S army to be their kind of the police or the world, and so I don't worry, I'm I'm I'm I'm! Nothing is Jenkins. I found without abolishing the price has gone down a bit slow you down ten percent or something like that particular Thursday, but I would be. I would be looking up it quickly. just like dummy insurance in my opinion, is just like you can buy. You can have like three to five percent year, whatever your portfolio in decline, and it's just its in a change are never enough to worry about some lobbying changed near I'm. His work will be banned, as I was not be very bad for the price that point, but even if they banned it, countries had abandoned, haven't been able to stop it in some way. Such an abandoned in the oven
the prices of early gone down our middle kind of find a way to go to a jurisdiction where it's it's it's. It's appreciated nothing, the first country that really kind of butter on their balance sheet. I think that create a game theory cascade of events on tour becomes more adopted as a form of like digital books. I guess you call so it seems like it's gonna go down more is there is their point where you like? This is the time jump in could go down more. I mean I think like for me. If I saw in the thirties again, like thirty one, thirty, three thirty four thousand, I would probably be a lot more interested in buying a big portion. I think that these prices, it's kind of like there's, a lot of macro things at play right now, in terms of history, interest rates are going to think what, because the risk on asset, so when people want to be risk on when the macro environment is good than Dick unwell performance like like a hyper hyper hyper girl stock,
So when the macro pictures good, the coin would work with about higher than the macro picture. Does NASDAQ law, but also from the NASDAQ then ass? It goes down. It'll, go down lower interest of performers hyper volatile now. so I will just be looking for prices to add you could do dollar cost. I reject the honor. He does not believe in it. That's fine to miss everybody, but for me it's it's a nice way to hedge against, like global uncertainty. Definitely what about enough tease? I'm not like super! I mean, I think, and if these are at the stage, where do member like when the dot com, phaser crazed first happening, you had like people, I was like basically the instant cart before its time, and so like people was a growth in all that all these pets dot com. All these things that happened back then that we're just ahead of its time. I think there's like a food. There is also a food delivery service out of his time. I think anything
are still very early like what they are now are basically cartoon, a whatever profile pictures. That's really can't scratching the surface of what an ef could be. Think later on, and people realise that they can be used to accrue ownership in value and royalties. Like you get on an see that allows you to participate in some artists, music and you'll get like a share of every time. Music generates revenue, you get a peace that there will be. That would be a real estate aspect of it, but for now, they're, just kind of an hour and weight of flax online await a kind of show people that you have and then ask tee. I think there are, like the gate, lay drugged, crypto their easy to understand
People can get your things. Tat really are because, like you, try to explain that kind of someone who does what so norming doesn't winning about but crypto in there just you can just see their eyes to start glossing over like all right, but you re like. Oh, you can buy this energy and on it and you're, the only person who could on this anything can prove that you own it needs a cartoon that looks like you, people I Oliver. I want that an end, and it is interesting how that happens. It's it's converting a lot of like people. You not expect he converted interesting. So should I do the original three thousand four hundred and thirty memo that I sent think that lunch three thousand four hundred and thirty, should I just make that in a nest you could or you can or you could do something really down like a doodle, an was the drawing and not of a God. Do I mean it's kind of like the dumbest shit is what takes place, but she doesn't have to be supervised.
I doubt it, I don't understand it. I answer, I don't get it. This is one entity. There were the first things that I'm just like. I don't get. It will think about this, like some thing about, so I believe in a very specific enough teeth like I, like the original two thousand. Seventy era and teach by criminal gangs about two thousand seventeen. They were free to anyone who wanted them. You can go and meant one you have one, and so that to me is like an art project that resonates with me and they look like their avatars. They look like the people so almost like it's almost like the first basketball series. I decided I weren't like the first and then left he, but they are definitely one of the first and if these and most certainly the most culturally relevant popular entities, so this past weekend on Superbowl Sunday, someone bought an alien. Doping is only nine aliens world, someone paid twenty four million for it and that thing was given away for free in two thousand. Seventeen to anyone who wanted to was well able to claim it.
Non claimed it and I believe, one of the original holders and sold it to the guy who had it and the guy who sold it s all the footman four million, and it was a real dialogue. You, like all its fake, its washed trading. I happen to know it's real, because someone approached me Tom Broker, introduction The people who did on aliens and so are definitely real. Someone definitely paid twenty four million dollars for a J, Peg, pretty and say, but that's how the world we live in it. I we did. We need an empty the view on yacht trips around the world. Just bears pictures of different locations could appear at fifty series, someone? Someone has been taking all my photos from social media and turning them into ethnic cheeks and sending them shut up now he hasn't been sending me pictures on my Like I just finished this, this picture, I now I'd like to say I gotta get up and others doubtfully bobby no market for it, but as for me, but definitely be an option for sure. So you're out you're out of the NBA.
Am I there might be some ownership potential for you somewhere with something down the road who knows made some somewhere You're in the bickering uranium tease what else what what else is gate of going lighted? It are, as it were in the large and is trying to get my kick served down, but it really just just living. It was good to see you thanks for our thanks for coming on what had before the lab start, Becca pressure, thanks for the podcast, thanks to Bob thanks to Cochranton at those for producing text to Steve Ceruti and do a cleanup forget, I'm going to be in the Ringer gambling show on Friday, talking all star weekend bets with Joe Hess and John Jastremski, who I just introduced on text recently and was probably a mistake, because they are too generous to love golf and gambling in that order.
And I have probably lost both of them to each of so data. I will see you over the weekend natural with plans for Sunday yet, but we will have some so see answered one way.
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