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Smart-Guy Friday: Cycle CEO/Founder Jason Stein and Bill's Dad on 'Game of Thrones' (Ep. 244)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cycle CEO/founder Jason Stein to discuss the evolution of branded content (5:00), Joel Embiid's Twitter personality (11:00), Facebook curating content (21:00), the YouTube generation (32:30), the reinvention of sports (42:00), monetizing Twitter (52:00), the Rock's social media dominance (1:01:00), and the chances of Amazon one day owning the NFL (1:07:00). Then, Bill's dad joins to talk about the Red Sox's resurgence (1:27:00) and his best guesses for what's next on 'Game of Thrones' (1:30:00).

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Download that today we are also brought to you by the ringer dot com, which is going to have a bunch of stuff happening next week. I'm not going to give away some of it, but we are launching not one but two new podcast. Next week, one of them is going to be called the Ringer FC. That is a soccer podcast. Soccer seasons eaten up. I mean stuffs happen, a name names just pull to carry on messy premier They starting and it's gonna go all the way through the World CUP, and we have some awesome soccer people on staff Chris Micah Peters Ryan O'Hanlon, I'm going to be the house with Donnie Kwak coming off the top rope every once in awhile from New York City, so check that out that feed is going to go up. I think this weekend, Ringer FC and then the other pod. We have very excited about this. One, this is breaking news right now.
The reactor boss, that's name in the package, guess what are you doing on this package? S talking about movies that we can? watching over and over again, we started doing this on this path. As Chris ran and I my favorite packaged I've done on this park ass, the first two hundred fifty or so episodes would Chris ran. I broke down and we just went all in, we went deep dive and then we did some sports Movie Hall of Fame stuff. To that, you probably remember from last year, in a little bit this year, This is what we now creating a feed, cutlery, watches and and such is gonna. Be me it's gonna, be a bunch differ ringer staffers. We have got a pretty high tech with what qualifies as a hollow famer. We watch observers Sanibel mention mention were concentrating on ninety ninety and everything from nineteen andean which, which was very helpful because. Turns out the millennials and Genji I'm really not seen any movie that came up for ninety ninety, so we're Georgiana Comedy
ready, but we have. The first episode is coming next week she ll spoil a tailor, should not spoil it easy, but is it yeah? What can they handle the truth, and I have taken him the truth. Yeah yeah, I don't know, I don't have that- can handle it but that's coming next week to the three Whatcha balls and speaking to Pakistan forget binge mood is bouncing off game thrones every single week. Late Wednesday. I went on to other Ringer Pike S other than this when I went on cousin says against all odds, which is the funniest pike ass. Ever I think I've ever been and I wasn't cousin mayo as we had Brad Mackay on our friend, who works for Jimmy him alive, who has had an up and down life, to say the least gamely his inner sector with that life, and we basically did the autobiography bread and not once that twice by like three different times. He threatened take
He he eats indescribable, getting some good feedback on its part cast, unlike any other you can hear that against all odds eyes, because this I also went on Joe houses back ass ass, a carbs. It was Tua by David Chang Interview and then Rembert Browne is on their mayo, Grantley team, a chile, let me do a food news pot is- is we get one. It's it's for the hungry Boundary Philip food out, they recommend now when we have a good one coming next, we too, but the Ringer pad, cast at work and guess what else is on the ringer pack. As that word the pill, summits, packets, that's what you listen to me, come up in interview. I did with Jason Stag who there's somebody that I met a few years ago. We go into that, but is one of the smartest guys I now in terms of where a staff going, so without who better to have a smart guy Friday, which we don't always have smart. Friday, but would have smirk as a juicy on Friday, Jason size gonna,
ass through a bunch stuff? And I want to mention one thing that we talked about: Steve NASH is Darky Series, the at the finish line that we did our grantline and and how they came to be in stuff, and I forgot to mention the guy who that the Series press John HAWK, who directed it, is one of my favorite people. I've ever worked with, and we were talking about the mechanics of how that came to be- and I should have mentioned John Hawk- and I didn't but he's a brilliant guy, and he he not only did that. But he's also done a bunch of thirty for thirty days and he did one of my favorite things. I've ever been proof really involved with, which was the second thirty. For thirty short, we ever did it was called Jake and it was about an author who did all these baseball books called. His name is Alfred Slote and my two, books by am recalled, Hank, tough, Parma, either and Jake and I'd never really met anybody else who love
Alfred slowed as much as I did in and it turned out, John acted and he loved them so much he went to spend the day with Alfred Slow ended this ten ten minute little many documentary about him and I wrote an accompanying peace fair for grand and it was really cool and to me, like you, just the perfect blend of something quirky like what really what a digital shirt should be its you know, I think when you have like five to ten minutes, he got a target somethin in just come up with the idea and China banging out. This was just really well dining cool, indifferent and, unlike just about anything I've seen John ACT, super talented did I miss let them anyway. Why? I give him a shot out? An arm can think what else we have to cover no carry news, I'm very excited. So when I did SAS package, which I think we taped on Monday, I was
really out on the Red Sox are now back in that that's that's! What life is like, as as as baseball fanned the ebbs in the flows, the ebb and flow absent flows are ebon for whatever its acts, look dead. They traded for Eduardo Nunez, who is just was red hot when they acquire them, and he had to our minds on Saturday basically saved the season, because I think they would again swept gone into an irrevocable tail splendid if they lost again. You know I, instead of instead of going into this. This Ricky Corner, I'm I'm gonna hold on we're, gonna, go where an ado, Jason style and then act That's over the telephone call, my dad were attacked by the Red, Sox, little Patsy and most importantly, game thrones, because have day. My dad actually now watches game, a threat that I've been dying to talk, talk, game of thrones them on the pod because he might no five and the names, but those are the character,
and cause ever on the old guy, the old lady or that air, this guy. So what's, let's capture that on audio once and for all a first project Jason scientists. Here we met at some dinner couple years ago. He was writing his own company. Laundry service, which is now blossomed into larger service end cycle, and he is one of the premier knows what's going on on the internet and social media. People that I So when we talk about where shits Goin Hash changed over the decade and why We just start with your story, how you gotta, where you got, because how many people have now
like five hundred forty or fifty forty five, nor have they one of the nicest offices in Brooklyn. So this is a good start because initially was just you Come on other people. With me in a room by myself and unwanted and two and three but really Patten who like sardines. So let's go back to that later I right I got out of and why you today, happening. One is the economy's actually crashing like the worst possible time, and you could enter the job market right. Building as has just gone under Bernie made. Fraud has just been found out and I just needed it. Upside down step one and at the in time the democratization of content was occurring where era could run around the streets of New York City with a cannon finally camera that Europe, for, like a hundred bucks for the day and make a beautiful felt, now looks like something you'd, see like a Woody Allen. Sorry, Romania had Twitter taken active Facebook. Was there no morphinist something else These things are happening yeah so that with the
They come in the social platforms, with the democratization of distribution, so you ve got content, distribution that anyone can do it for pretty cheap and reach everyone right, as, as you know, in a new scene with with rigour and grantline, and so I started on Craigslist every day and replying to around two hundred jobs a day in the tv film, video section, and one There were two hundred ended up being a project. We gotta first million dollars a revenue by replying to jobs on Craigslist, gotta, foot, locker, job also went on some really crazy, strange meetings to not only whose we at this point so like I brought it producer a creative person, video editor, I like ass, we got more and more projects. Feeling like I can shoot these little videos for these different companies and they can go somewhere not do for dirt cheap and our work mass often off, good will happen right now we got started getting good at the distribution of the continent. Cuz, you realize just making a video for you and putting it out wasn't enough. We want to make sure seen by the right people get shared a lot, and so that was the
the way we started laundry service, which is the first agency for somebody I started and is now at top ten ranked aid in the world by at age and that the best part The EU has a good promo right there, their case like than here, you got that I've farming to the pot enough to know how to smooth getting these thanked. Our number you left out the part that, though the one out two hundred good jobs, are you get on Craigslist, but then you that some of the speedier grounded you pass that how much added like every hundred how much was porn or leg women body there's wrestling old, guys like how, where did he get really as well as you can imagine one that I was just thinking about the other day, this guy who's General Council for a fortune, five hundred media corporation right, public company hires us to help him a speck script for mad man, because he decided who wanted to leave corporate law have become?
we would do table redo thing biggest five hundred dollars an hour and two or three months ago to his house and help them to table reads the right, this script and they may we shall up there for meeting, and we now, the door and is just like weeds, more building out and like this is. This is a new introduction into the relationship, we open the door and he goes. I change my mind. They want to be a screenwriter anymore, thanks anyway, hands us a check has assigned. Andy that it never occurred and thousands wow yeah. That was it. There were. Let the poor now we avoided a porn pretty well, as these are everyday dongle. Until an almost porn situation that you didn't, it wasn't presented to be a porn, but then it turns out it was the first I that we were in that way and it out, we found out that in the editing, Sweden, next to us, they were editing porn overnight. And so we left, because our editor overnight editors are like. We can naturally found tee, I'd say you start doing these videos in yellow momentum, yet we get some moment We end up signing
Jordan Brand over Nike Open up our Portland office? and this is happening fast. You just went from Craigslist. Do yes, we get an image, Brad Brannan Important office here. If you you get it in dollars and maybe on Craigslist, you have enough to hire good talent. You start showing your work and like it was for locker legos zone amazing video that virus on Youtube. So we start going on these bigger pitches right sort of a fake it till you make a kind of thing here and in our are pitcher Jordan brand. Look. I play basketball growing up my whole life, some obsessed with basket and social media. If we didn't win that pages literally, quitting and shining company about, what's really crazy ousting back is we should your grantline, sorry Steve NASH in that pitch, as some sort of like the perfect manifest nation of what Branda content should look like in twenty two and twenty one and twenty two all. I still think that one of my favorite doc
you serious digital series on the internet. It was probably ahead of its time when you look at where Facebook is trying to go now. I think I was thirteen with twenty thirteen yeah. I think so bad. It was great, is you have seen NASH, doing yoga on a beach like talking about future, not just his career, but his life. You ve got him in the locker room riding the bike. Lotto makers are playing like that access and that quality first, You spend a lot of money on that. I remember talking to you guys about it, but yet was kind of pre players Vivian. I was an idea he came to us things like I have this idea, I'd I'd. I think this is like my last ran, and they too are they there is some sort of documentary about it, but he wanted it to be. You know, like oh yeah, Your later you'd see documentary. It was actually with. We lack conversations about it and I was like a edges anything Cotter Cairo's same way like music. We think can run immediately, but when
de? We have the technology now like what's experiences real time and we went back and forth, he was really dubious. Because there wasn't a track record for yet is very time. There's nothing press the point to now. It seems like the easiest idea ever yeah it about execution hard part right radio and you look at this J D erratic thing that uninterrupted did and its clearly like very similar thing of what you did five years ago with Steve. Nash and except we we kept the good stuff in the Steve that thing they missed J J rhetoric thing, had the two most important moments where in the world, in the peace, when a leg, the fairly meeting yeah wasn't in there and then when he was like I'm waiting for this compromise for MIKE that wasn't in there. There, like, I do feel like you have I have a little meat to the problem of this Steve NASH. Thing were put in the meat in, but then there are,
backlash to one of the episodes in a free him like we never finished the series we're supposed to be sitting over four, because one of em he there's a back. Ass to some of the things he said and there by the lake your fans, her leg, disguise, maybe a documentary series, and meanwhile is killing our salary cap and he can barely stay in the court and screw this guy and it's there. Flip and then he is. I know I do this anymore. I really welcome into doing so. You do not want I wrap up our dear that's. You can understand why J J Word, you didn't care either careful version of the year. It was well done. He's my neighbours. I see em like what on earth so energy does often in the past, we learn all Gmos. You, if I would encouraged him to. If he's gonna, do that, put the Philly meeting in it. It needed. I needed more inside and needed to things from that. One is I needed. The inside access of the meat
and two I needed, though the money like what is he talking about is like he's one year. Twenty three million from failure at these longer term deals like the math. Annex and what what what are the reasons you take a one year deal? That's all the stuff I wanted to know. You have the way that safeguards better take this I'll. Take my chances again next year than you think it's it will get there with the staff like right now it's it's these athletes still too cautious, and this is something worth but today about how do you manage your brand and you be totally candid, but yet take chances with it too. Because rain our seen these guys did their foot in the water there the not really take chances. I don't know if I ever get there. I think we I just think it so early in the process. Still, yes, guys still need like education and an understanding of why it's important but lake We do a right like you, you look at a guy like dwell envied link. I I see him as a smart. Witty person who has light can do a lot of things besides play baseball just because with
it's right again totally changes the way you see someone as a fan, as a brand as a team, and even if you look back at like Carnation Pre Conway, post, kindness on Instagram leg so to different people, and our people forget that, like she wasn't always like Haifa, in Vogue Cover Conny married her and got her style isn't photographer. And all this amazing clothing to wear and now people to think she's. A totally glamorous yeah. The red tape has faded away in the background, but like ours, on Craigslist, when not is hardly applied better here this whole air of play she began uninterrupted, These guys are starting to figure out that its super. It's a super away to connect fans. The candid part you mention and bid, I think,
The reason people, love and bid over everything else is is CASA. How greatly as such meetings I played like thirty one gives yeah there's this, counter thing: rehabilitate Olympiad, shut, fuck up, you gonna pay, thirty one games, but people enjoy and so much fun same thing when, when I did do three Durrant pads, he was Canada them in its just like I don't. Seen why more athletes aren't candid, because people oppressed He did so much and then they might say a couple things that court on quarter gonna get them in trouble, but they really down because people appreciate the candor. I think that's that's. The thing is really hard to embraces the idea that being authentic is what will make accessible, but you're gonna rob people the wrong way. I mean, if you, if you look at like tromp right, like dams rubbed, half the country there on way, but here up half of it right. The right way, and just by being himself in this is about building a brand. And you don't need every single person to love you to be successful rom, even even if I personally, don't Israel or don't agree with anything, is trumpet saying like I get
I as a marketing strategy that smart and it's the same thing that like blood of wrappers, do today like yachting? You know yadda yadda, yadda yadda, Madame a couple times and the ringer yeah I loved. So, like I love ladylike music aside, just because he's gotten away brand? Where he's just refuses to be negative, any is positive and he's always trying to like the inspiration or aspirational and death. Is it the spray and nata because he's just positive like the modern Bismarck IE? And it's a memorandum thing, but little the guys who hate him he goes on complex in Joe Biden wants to literally fight him during the the episode, because he doesn't want to say anything negative, like a badge of honor, though, and Joe burning, its value seems like he's matter. Lotta people these days, so european in this stuff, this is two thousand thirteen Randy. You can see things shifting yup but then you also see the possibility of I'll do well well done. Content for your court on core company that
doesn't totally look like brain account. I bet it is and now- The sweet spot that really nobody had figure down to the last five years. I think the exporting get actually exporting goods actually couple, I'm ever they did that one mother's day add that site a minute long about the mom. That brings their kid to the different stages of the kid. Was sportsmen that one I was like wow. That's like one of the greatest one minute adds I've ever seen in my life, but it was brain, a country whose predicts YAP Alot of content that's produced by a jury. Brand or beats by Dre or Bud, lie like it can be just as good as something coming from media company today, if not better cuz they a bigger budget, then tar operation will often, but I look It is media, and advertising are basically the same thing at this point. I am like red bulls
Some the best entertainment on the internet and companies like Visor Buzzfeed are making or New York Times are Bloomberg all have agency services now making ads and the biggest reason vice blew up Ray. Yes it because it realized, media and advertising where the same thing and about a few agencies by car creative about virtue and a lot of most of them it's making is through these agencies. Services now built around play smart brand, which vice has done like again not everyone loves vice, but an eighteen year old who wants to see no raw political doc. You in Uganda loves loves ice yeah complexes than some of the terror. Yet complex has done a good job. I think that brands like to go back to your point about needing to be compelling content, not just an ad is it. We do want like that takes thing they did it wants. But how do you operate
allies, your brand to actually become a media property and do videos and photos high quality, high volume for your target audience is every single day of the week and that's where we came and not doing it- wants which, which a lot of agencies can do a spot but actually operate as a media company, which is what led to us launch our own media property, because we had, we had the infrastructure for it and Rice Where cycle came about. I remember that good granted, two thousand eleven one The idea is that we had was to do pie casting cars, and This is spring two thousand eleven. This is like a year before the Seinfeld comedian Carson. I guess I really love podcast ass. I was like we could do these in cars, I'll drive the guest around and then cut out little formatted things for sport centre will do with a car company
And so literally see the escalator whenever a car where he is and will just try, Murano, do it and then at what point the idea became. Let me drive you to the airport but I'll. Do it in this in this cause, and it was like the way people are thinking Then they were just. There seems to be now Right, that's the kind of stuff! That's happening, nonstop, something shifted that made it ok to do ideas. I dat where there fear in the early part of the decade from people right now. The audience is gonna hate. That thing I think, it's too over the top but yeah now now take nobody cares. Car content is really popular. It now yeah.
Our Bulgaria hoagie the Seinfeld thing, which I guess there Branton athletics but yeah, look. I think the internet has become entertainment at this point and people stop saying like all it has to be this fully produce like special package. Thirty minute perfect, showing you can just be good content of any length in any location in a car people talking- and I mean what kind of what you do after game. Thrones now right like it's, it's kind of a traditional tv show, but it also feels like something that was born and bred from the internet right right and that's what I thought. That's what excites me about it like it, has the production value there, but it's also not like overproduced our stuff, ear, stodgy or anything like that, and you can watch it the biggest thing on the internet right like you- can easily get it on Twitter, Facebook, you're, not making people like go, go to a subscription to pay a while to an app on a tv to get into two ought to show that's a pretty unique model that on that share will see if they can work. For things other than the single bit
tv show, on the planet right now, but you know we come on right after, but then its arc than the periscopes of somebody and watch it on time and they watched dvr. They can go watch it after I obedient save that matter worse for sports and for other things like the Oscars and just Is it just thrones that makes it? You know, I'm not saying it's. It's a runaway success, But it's been corner and we ve seen the audience ground. We think that things out of it, but these little made studio, shows the pie the of. If you could ever get the timing between a broadcast and having person announcers for games seems like were there. That's a lot of this is going in those directions. He I agree. We did alive, show called buckets. We heard this guy rap, whereas from Fox sports death worldwide, on Twitter. It worldwide there is great, is total maniac and
We got a nice amount of Europe for the show. What we like one of it was a small production sort of experimental. More will do it! Well, we invest next next year in it, but I do think that or its guy, I think you get personalized content from internet personalities. You care about. It doesn't have to be part of a tv broadcasts to to watching off the watch. Turner to get commentary live commentary from people. You like an mba game anymore right it s like that protection. Quality needs to be up like last year, which I think two thousand sixteen will be known as the Facebook live here, yeah. Where issues I turn some cameras and we did it, we try to few things and we just in fact the content was. Did he know? Yes, and stuff and filled with people on a couch, yeah and now for some reason. For six months for bag, live, live, live and in its wasn't working was a facebook. Does they fund, essentially marketing campaigns like I'll, give you, my
I gave you the money to make lie videos just to market live as a product that they have, and maybe they're just positioning themselves, to get sports rights in the future and to show their capabilities another doing it with recorded shows, as as I'm sure you now in there just promoting the fact that there are over there he added content and It's really not that different. Then, when, like Netflix used to license its content from stars Lake got all this content. I got a curator the people who subscribe and they made enough money to start making their own content in trying to crush the those former partners, and I think Facebook ultimately will have to make its own content right, yes and and on everything, and, though still have everyone else, making content for the platform, but I think you'll see things more like snapshot, discover where there's some duration element to it as well. My question with the facebook stuff is How much content you make? How do you position the ones? Are you care about the most?
since the ones that you just putting up the kind of eat up, innings yeah where's it archived after the fact. Have you re run it. You know you look at something like thirty, four thirty, which they were fully met. We had no idea had a real possibility component to we figured eventually they would end up any is PAN Classic, because sport century ed, as the average amount of the previous decade of sport. Centric came Ahmed than their economy, run them and eat up inning, so we figured that would happen not european one right, we didn't know We can ran FAB five for the thirty first time and it would get a rating and so with fake, but when you buy something and you getting a shell out of it if just getting a one time watch of it had a model. You know Addison rerun motto: work for then we'll serious when, when everything's algorithmic feed in their feeding stuff to you and almost needs to know,
we want to. We want something it is it is it some you haven't figured out yet this China crack it. The other thing you need me, in his yours out to make money on these things, which is no one, has really figured out how to do yet. That's why branded content? and having the agency offering as part of the media company, is how these have runs, making money. It is creating new branded content from scratch. With gratitude reductions, which is basically the same issue, documentaries to make it back men are of a certain quality. You you really how to make money. You Your goal is almost to break even yeah. That's people expected. The rarest idea M and eight. We will at some point, but it's more of them Kennedy play than it is business play you now because. If you're gonna do them. Well there expensive yeah, I are our strategy towards documentaries, has been shoot them when a brand funds them, and unlike one
Thank you, say early arms like when, when thinking about how to work with advertising that psych on on the media, company side was come for the mainstay of the brain content and likes. Advertisers gets so excited about these viral means, and they want to work with you and then sit down with them and they're like okay, so give us a one minute. Documentary and they're they're totally different format, but it makes people like your brand as a as a media brand, and then you can do a lot of different things and that's what attracts friends working with device is not necessarily like the reach of of their content, which isn't a lot actually it's small, but they have a brand that can millennials really alike and believe in so there's two models for this right. One is your attached to some sort of mothership website, the other, is the motto you have or your basically, you know you you're. Nomadic
asked, but it doesn't matter because it's what matters is that people see whenever you did you not attached to anything, has been an issue. It hasn't been an issue for us because most of the average, as we work with just wanna, be relevant on social media. I think, ultimately, you do need to have a direct connection with consumers rather than through corruption play or they're. Going to your answer, your website, as well as having been distributed, play with brandy, continent this up that we're doing now and ultimately, you won't have a diversified media, business and situations of brandy. Cotton are the only railways to to make a lot of money in scale media business. Today, from what I've seen, what do you think you're doing us every day and were so early in it. I think I mean both miles work, but I think I've been fascinated see how much social has changed. You know,
think that house a highlight site that breach report as you so This week, Zine Williamson, can it be, like, I think, he's. What's he Tate number two whose number one on eighteen March Marvin bag with the bag? Man, so Zion lapses. Number two Europe they had this game against. Lamar boss? A? U team, that's basically what was the performer was. I was just faced by great it's just now. Johannesburg and like a million people watched a piece of it at some point and we're like all my God, the bars and, unlike I dont think it was the balls. I think it was this guy's, I'm waves, and I think it is because the house a highlights, I feel it I've seen forty quips a him just docking viciously and all these different people- and it's like I- would put than that of our own last night- just to see him here for sure which changes the ability, the leg ass
so many people's allow the way, I think tat. And flowers, its one instagram alone on this agreement and its I take it guys can basically anoint someday legs. I way of sin and turn him into something on the internet, which is like five years ago, that's impossible. I actually getting worried now about design just from watching all these clips, like, I think, thanks to heart into often like he's gonna be done. When he's twenty two, if you keep Gunnar S, hardly is absolutely. What are you doing here is because he jumps really hard hit the pounding he must take up is actually farming on her a few times in the highly clips, because of some blacking shots after like whistle and dumping in Baker should be leg I spent this time, blacking shots after the whistle and dumping in warm ups and others deny that eight surgeries. I would I would do it all over again. Yeah yeah yeah needs somebody jumps into a thousand percent. Does there's no reason for him to be doing this right now?
Haiti was another, encourages trying to block all these box after the whistle, because he has at the opponent to get in the rhythm of making shall meanwhile, he wasted, like five thousand jumps. Probably he's so kindly does he couldn't control? It lay only one moment and wasn't gonna not do so. The athlete did the athlete direct to the fan relationship. Which I remember rain, com about Lebron. I don't now many years ago because it was clear who is gonna, be the face of whatever this generational shift was where he didn't need the media. You know you you can throughout these different generations of athletes or at some point they the media to shape some sort of public perception of of what they care about, what want to portray it would be the sports illustrated feature or You know you gone right, fire stones, ESPN shower whenever would be labelling
the first one is I got any anybody you get you get fired, dance with me, that's it and I'm just by passing on these people gone directly and do in Twitter. I'm announce my own. Might you know gonna go to Miami and eminent going to Pancho? it's a whole generation people who can go right to the fan. Why hasn't or bad stuff happen. You putting all these people have their devices. I mean I've got a job on fresh writer, I've gotten in trouble and toward her six times these pay hours badge. Not happen more often these guys, a lot of people around them controlling their channels. Lot of the time and taken this stuff through with them their brand partners, have a big saying do you think they even control their unto. Her very few athletes are our control on twitter flag on yeah I found even probably don't even have the password Marcella late. They made
I know a lot of them. Don't some of them doing the best ones, definitely do in its risky and arrows gonna get in trouble. Sometimes I think Leubronn. Is the leader in an athlete becoming media properties in their own right and he's out. Obviously I mean that's why they even launch uninterrupted just so they could go directed the fan and a lot of it is his messages and I even think that decision, like obviously vows polarizing in I remember how upset you are when it first happened, but I wasn't into Cleveland. It uses flat out mean leaving. Broke up with them a national television. It was mean yeah and if you take that peace out of it it was close genius yeah. It was amazing, like I still think, like looking back people. Wars will say like that was like a really incredible thing. He did when they elect forget about the Cleveland peace. Ghastly knowledge back and like to get the range they got in the middle of the summer. I that's like an all time record for her.
Did you say, like I'm, going to a different team now, but what It is our own got upset about that when this is hindering his authentic self and talking and then and there was this, like perfectly polish scripted thing in sports, illustrated ever that all this is amazing. This is amazing and you have to decide. Who are these guys to be real and before they aren't as appreciate them for their authentic south? Or do you want this like polish package thing and that's where I think players It goes wrong for me as when there oh, it feels so goes written and you know it's not the players real voice, always something this Lamar Odom thing that came out last night, he sought ally. I read those that that was. I watch the video of him talking in that I thought was like pretty pretty powerful, so the players should be in the Lamar. Odom is the best use of it. Now. The worse of it is Gordon Heyward writing three friend twenty one hundred pieces for each team and then it's like, whichever, whichever one when I pick my came just run that peace, so a couple things
I hated about that, and I want to say too much about accuses MIT now, and I am now he's my dude there is less than south man You try to show to shape the per se, A new type of I just did you guys, I'm gonNa Boston. That was the worst way possible to do it. Didn't really seem genuine in any way at all. Understand any upside of that for him whatsoever. I don't get it you just better off doing that. Page newspaper add the next day doing some tea and then get now versus the twenty one. On your word, peace that you had to other ones prepared that far away, we ve been really I've. I think it's been really clumsy with some of these guys, because they know that they have the right idea, but man, sometimes he gets executed is poorly. I regret the risk, and during with any media property instead of direct to your own audience? Is a media properties, not the sort of pvc, our brain,
The agency are always think about your best. Interests are thinking about like reach engagement, impact of their content right and when you can really on that message yourself and give it directly, you don't have to worry about as much, but the same time like that Lamar Odom Video, that they made like he's on making it on its own. It was like beautifully shop. You re edited, so I think for all of us in this, like new digital media era, were all very early and our businesses and freaking out what they are going to be and how to them, bass and how to be most relevant. But there is clearly a sea change. Coming like the pay tv ecosystem is in deep, deep trouble. I think it's it's more mobile them. People realize. I think that the media companies are are openly starting to realise this. For the first time, and just say like, like maybe tv isn't going to be perfect rapidly five years out, stuff
why not subscribers arc and start stop. Stop believing treasure, cable right and that's in advertising alone. Globally, hundreds of billions of dollars are spent a year like. Where does that money go to Facebook? Google ringer cycle ring. I really think so. We'll figure it out like that, there's not like you couldn't take all too bill. Anyone know what to do with the right, like you can't make now much brandy, content, candidate, many Picasso. I think these new media properties are gonna, ultimately win in the end, is thereof and on the internet, where traditional media has really struggle. Let's take a quick baked to talk about these show tat original series Re Donovan strangled, have Schreiber Jan Boy and Special guess: STAR Susan surrounding wow
the heavy hitters issue in the Hollywood elite, need a problem to disappear. There's only one guy for the job. That's I read out of it. He could bear any secret and solve any problems, do without breaking a sweat damage. Control, no problem for re keeping up with the cash is no, for you. I eat. I was excited right now is my mom, because this is one of her favorite favorite shows she loves. She loves the strong anti hero males on Showtime and she especially loves Ray Donovan so shut up. Listen streaming catch up before the new season of Re Donovan by downloading the Showtime app and starting your free trial. Oh yeah, free! don't miss new episodes of Ray Donovan every Sunday at nine p dot m? I know my mom doesn't miss any of them only on Showtime, right back to Jason Stein, so the tv he's been fascinating couple things that I've noticed just this summer ABC.
Ten o clock shows ABC Nbc Cbs, which is what I grew up with a you group where in either Jimmy? Did the man show common comedy central the first year that right, is higher than any late nature right now, just the mansion comedy central, crazy he's getting his head nights We're ABC lead in for him. Like a zero point. Three. This is ten o clock, primetime network psych where's is going people. I look at I. I've talked about this. Four, but I teach generation in my kids generation. They didn't get a channels, I'm gonna have Logan Pollen and Lee pants pack ass. My kids can be more excited about that than any other guest. I've ever had a pike s. What you can ask me I'm running. I want to find out how the hell they got to where they got fascinated by these. They are the biggest celebrities
for people who are like ages. Ninth. Thirteen on the planet right now yeah, maybe lit they literally, are way I'll, say in a b c. Did this terrible battle network STAR Charae, like this old school, awful idea and insight We get old, washed up celebrities, their Zion, searing and there's carbon Bernstein if they'd than thou, with tube stars. The thing would have would have been. The highest raided show that in five years for further stupid reality stuff right are these? You too, via slash, honest people, it is banned than they would have been tweeting bad in Instagram. It I say yes, but though they would have had to broadcast it on the talents youtube. Are Instagram Instagram channels shot on tv wanted kids to watch it. We rocks of the challenge right for everyone now, but it like clearly, this scripted broadcast network shows at night are arc only going in one direction. I think the question is really like what happened with sports and sports rights and so Debbie Debbie,
the first one yeah does he d be dead matter who's newsletter get every week shattered today been re and forever. He follow upon something that I've been fascinated by last week about? Basically, no rights are up with the big sports until next decade- but Debbie Debbie, and you have seen up sooner and it's like what's a marker for this doubly debate actually makes more sense for then you go to Facebook, then it would be for in this day and USA Usa. They have to have these three hour shows to get enough. Advertising rescued. Facebook could just be like, but will take what's your will top whatever you essays offer is and we'll run it doubly Debbie's Facebook page, which I think has God knows how many millions of people post the position. Is there a way to actually be seen by more people? Probably they could have tighter shows be to our instead of three everyone more money, it's fuckin! No brainer yeah, that's where we're going and the question be causes
What happens when you bring doubly Debbie, and you have c n e sports directly to audiences on Facebook and twitter? Does that cannibalize traditional sports, who are stuck in these old deals on tv? Like I, I wonder if it's actually bad for the leagues at their stock. In these long term, tv Dell's as much money as they're getting short term like is going the popularity of their sport because you're not bringing the content the people in the place in the ways just went out. Second, yet do not put in for different places. That would be fun like east exports is incredibly popular. Now that has to take time away from watching Other authority ease ports that traditional network ratings on these ports were super disappointing rank yeah about in exile in the internet there, gigantic yeah, that's that's the thing is. Is you have no matter what the sport is? You have the potential to reach a bigger audience. If you're going direct on the internet and if you're stuck in lean on the Wall Garden of TV, it could be
bad for the actual leagues, an mba on an amazing job with its apps and try to bring the carpet the people wherever they watch. Italy right in China is by far the leader, yeah Vienna fell, made some announced yesterday that trying to do more stuff like this, We know it's been funny about. This is their finally rethinking commercials. And what works in the second screen experience and so screen and other stuff new side saddle. Bed last year, but then I really noticed it in a profound during the british Open, because they were just staying on the core someone in the ads on the side, and now I think the NBA they haven't said this yet, but I think because they cut down from eighteen time ass, the fourteen, which was huge. Cut down their try, really China Spirit in the games. Anything things are going to experiment with. Is commercials when somebody's shooting free thrusts, because you can have they ve done at sunset-
Z S panel, have these wide shots of somebody taking free. There is a big a thursday that ideas began, don't forget about Babar, but now basically that I put that put the free throw shooter in the corner. So we will make sure we know what's going on and then you're running, add- and I am now keeping the person on verses Lear and do whatever? I think, that's kind of the future? Some of this stuff yeah, it's interesting. You like they ve, talked about that with extra points, as well as like some pots and golf and stuff. When there's Jimmy's, kickass, yeah,
suspicions kick off. Can we go out of bounds? Yeah I mean that our bands, out of the answer here, I think, there's two ways. This mannequin guy thing. One is where you're sort of collapsing attention where someone has to wait to see what happens with that, that thou shalt and you also add running but as an advertiser like, I would wonder, do I want to be like forcing myself into the screen, while their previous there to watch the kick off, and I hope that they like here bit of what I'm saying what or would you rather have the tv network be in charge of all programme included a commercials, and I feel like, as as media companies who are creating all this content, creating a whole our two three hour broadcast. You should also get paid to make the cut the com shows a brandy combat that air during the shell and don't let other people make those though spots like Buzzfeed, would never run on its channels on Facebook S website a spot that it didn't make right, as you say, like European,
to do that with an army again absolutely yeah. Eventually, I think on media companies the way it's going, we'll have agency services right and they'll be offering all you want this theory. Second spot. Ok, here's the here's! What we're gonna do hers! I would cause for the creative here's what the media buys gonna call and that's a way to make a lot of money. It's like, if you think about what advice is done, they have the editorial and that you just eservices. It's the same thing we're trying to build now and I think ultimately median advertising converge in that in that way. So, maybe that something then bends during these little moments in the game like the the split screen free, throw this screen. Ah there's some in replay Review in the NFL that we know can take four minutes yup and they start run in the marshes and that all the staff should be faster age along the way needs at the most. Ah, that's a whole supper conversation that I think that the big like take away is whatever runs during the game should be entertaining like if if it's a Sonsy aim in Devon Booker has is glance forty fifty sixty points,
you should be running a one minute documentary that you ve produced for Nike about deadened fuckers actually learning and being educated and entertained by it by this continent's, not just like something you're being forced to watch to be added to the experience. I don't think the network's ever figure this out there trying to lay. They, they ve all sort of launched agencies now they're all China to figure it out. I think it takes time they figure out how to run music from after Nineteen ninety, when they're coming at a commercial yeah does it there's the road, the seventies Rock music is in it is dilemma right. You ve got all these big tv companies making billions of dollars way more than any digital media company is, and they have to decide to. I just keep doing out, or do I sort of disrupt myself in and try and build for ten fifteen years down the road or risk being gone then an and that sort of the crux that all these companies are facing today I am amazed by I mean little stuff, I guy you know I have ever be
the immobility pass whatever it's gotta be tv, you and I'll be watching like the Red Sox came on their my office, because we don't have let pass on the cable and between answered they just then Show anything they'll be run in this weird like porn music and bank ban, and I are gonna for four minutes and manages to telecast comes back and psych, that's for minutes. I don't know how many people are watching this, but that's four minutes of something you can could have any kind of content. I d better than porn music. In a black screen Roma baseball, I cant figure, probably more entertaining than the game for sure suitable job. Air judge armors would like ear he city Nike is instead a baseball's like anything yeah, I don't know where baseball goes. They need to reinvent the actual game and I think that's gonna are happening. You too,
ports have to reinvent themselves or new sport will be invented, like you have see, as an is a new invention of that computers, boxing now right the box and get involved it sport right and I think the end. I will have the same challenges suddenly with like the players. Health issues, eventual like that just clearly is gonna, be the story. I think a sports could build a unethical with just like robot players and ten years where life, drawn racing, meets the NFL and you lay programme a player. You design a player. There look there feel what they say: their entire brand there like their their tribute like you're, playing a video game, and I think best teams will have like the most innovative software and hardware developers that that all players like Robot NFL, would be incredible. I think that's a good idea, I think he. Sports has a similar problem too. You have see as where does it sends to compare those two words there's a lot of turn over with the stars. They have this way from their way. Twenty two you
their fast as reflexes and then by the time they are twenty four a lot of them are on their way out and you ll see it seems like. That when the biggest obstacle for them is. You could argue that the term over his great cause, makes its own predictable. But then it's not great and all of a sudden you have. You have see too to thirteen and there's just no draw on it. Crazier and sportswear, like you, don't even really get to know these guys like they. They fly them in, like usually from Korea. That's where the Bessie Sports gamers are They get paid like seventy thousand dollars a year and a practice like literally fifteen hours a day, seven days a week, and then they go play a game and that that's all they do and, sleep six hours and go back to this matter on this matter involved These men. There is a lot of treaties. These words I like that it's trillion colleges the sum
knowledge is that every sports and sports PBS or all the above are in colleges one of the family than YE I would say, you're in the top per cent of of people who know the best influencers are, Influencers are you, spend one of the ways you built up by your laundry service and psycho. You kind of will expire, explain oh concept amid for answers to people- understand it so that every every person is brand now they can build their own brand right, whether you're tromp or your love. Our ball urge, while MBA J, J Erratic right, you will not take us to pack ass his yeah. It's would have found your twenty thousand is almost there? I mean that's real there there's an audit that cares about what TAT s the same people would pay to reach them. You can make us all video series about take just mixing this audio right now as Rashid loss. What said see TC cut the Czech available everywhere
sponsored hat, and so you go I'm twenty thousand two, two hundred and two million followers and and your media property, now right lake. If the brown posts on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, all them he's reaching, people and most media brands went right, and so he can. He can he's influential over that audience see. You got an endorsement, your content, you get this the district in reach, I mean that's a media company, and so that's how we ve always worked with these guys is, is final, authentic, Paris for them between a brand and and talent who see like a matchmaker yellow bit. Yet we have a type. I form that that matches the audiences of of athletes and influencers with the audience of brands and and find the best match, and then we create good stories. Video content photo content around with the talent that
and distribute for the brands and eat urinary to reach more people if you have more property so for us that we have a cycle properties relatively small compared to haul internet. But if you are three thousand athletes and influences you're now reaching billions of people and you, you haven't network effect on your content, I'd say suck sports first basketball by far the best influencers, oh yeah, the american sports? Yes, not even close Isn't it crazy that football gets much higher ratings, much bigger, poor thing, but basque as most of the marketable guys, slash influencers made for this generation? Yeah me best by the culture and the audience is a reflection of that, and so much comes from Basque Bali. It informs music and in a lot of ways and there's like tighter relationships, their entertainment cross over his way bigger. Yet the talent isn't wearing a mask all day. I think that that helps allow you know.
Get to know them matter much longer careers for the most part, except for the quarterbacks too much longer careers for sure Let me think about Lebruns Year fifteen this year he would be his. And be a career is basically end. Its soft by your high school? Well, morally or fresh from Asia, are like the audience not even lie glaring down like he could play for seven more easily played to twenty two years have just saying, like think about the concept of somebody being around fifteen years as a hugely were any. You ve gotta senior Highschool that sixteen years could he was relevant that year. The hummer is all that stuff action. Sport is also really big for influencers on. Also. Media, like the these skaters, who cause like their job, is basically to dislike. Do cool shit, make a video and put it out like they don't have another job early.
Don't make your money if you're an action sports in the competitions, you make it from the brands that you work with, because they think you know your audiences are cool yeah and you guys, like Rhine, Shack where who Our basic like from his shot and tv till now he's like he's an amazing talent on when he skating, but he's even more well known for dislike hanging in being cool, undoing contracts, cool like the anchor tattoos on his, Charles Body Round, the internet and like that he's a media brand He got in the same way by TAT is really have over the years there. Year and you're you're different accents and my father's, my father for it. You know that, another one, my favorites again feeds by the way, but hall of meat. I've never seen that one just skateboarding accidents. Here, it's it's terrible, but somehow my son found out about it and the whole feed, just people wiping out.
Sometimes, but it's like. I found my favorite too. You know it's a grim, video feeds are ass, a highlights in hall of me that's what I'd be thy bidding where it is something to be without making any kind of vegetation. Nobles counter these people are just sending them skateboard videos, my favorite is actually everything bigger on answer everything underscore bagel. Its is everything beagles with like exit, which is Turkey's outrages, are just cream cheese and you just look at it and every one of them, that's amazing. It makes you Anita Bagel, it's it's my favorite, one for sure which I get Joe Ass, my buddy youths, whose hosting IRA food packaging it's an for about China get him yet his in scammed guy, like winning whenever his eating like just take a picture the food and go in its votes it is. I would always be interested in what is eating. I think two
seventeen is gonna, go down as unless two thousand, I think a top is one of the weirdest years. It has to be the weirdest year now the Trump stuff between where the internet has gone. What people care about Are these barriers are just gone out to say graduates interesting year ago there here it's awfully gotta, be the where this year of of our lifetime and just in terms of unpredictable, he's a korean and legitimately in yesterday's thumbs down, were taken. Their son last Friday enjoy John Mccain. Does the comes down on the health care about that dad clips on my my twitter feed, like what five minutes later, minutes later people are put in Jim losses, audio two and twenty That's later, it's become a meme. In thirty minutes later it's old news like it's gone like that's. The thing that's crazy to me is all these wild things keep happening and we're just like so jaded at this point that, like ok, what
no big deal onto the next thing like no matter. What, what it is rather an athlete. Something there like this? Like the tiger woods? Do you I think that happened like that was so big and then like the very day ago, ok cool! What's the next in same thing, like I don't know for dislike, to expose distant. It is now across, like social media and news that we're we're always getting it where like, unless something insane is happening here, dislike aren't whatever was the next thing get it does? I notice that I flew back? Chicago yesterday in Scotland on Twitter, like I'm just She was gonna, destroy, fingers, refreshing it and it's it's like there's gotta be a hundred better things I could do with my life than this. I could read a book. I could help our people, the Ringer buddy, I'm just refreshing, my twitter feed China figure out what the hell's going on. I almost I didn't have that option. I might get a mate and, at the light,
a better offer, a month's who it happens. I've gotten better at putting my phone down like reading a book or like making myself do so. Thing, because I got her a lot yeah but like, if you just put it down, does your phone now for like a half hour an hour like your your brain, just thinks of so many new things that yeah yeah it's it's crazy, like you really have to try to get away from it, but I don't I'll twitter such a utility at this point that I can never do without it like Twitter just had its last quarter came out, and it didn't do that well, stocked job by like ten twelve percent It's always been its independence, stocks of husband than that turns and stop pack auspicious interesting that Wall Street Spain suspicious of their ability to monitor and yet I look at Twitter and on my power they knock and forgotten. Monetize us at some point. They it is the is to find out what happened. That's gotta be something. What would you do if you are in charge of twitter, so we work with what
saw a little biased but I've I was addicted to Twitter. Look forward, work with them, I think they're doing a lot of the right things. Actually, I think the way that that they made it clear what they're all is in your life for what it's what's happening now really is, and the latest evolution where this, the sea every side campaign with chance, the wrapper and that commercial is really cool and like that, that's the raw, like I go on Twitter. I don't agree with a lot of the things I see, but I am glad to see things that warrant when I expect reddened of break that, like news media bubble had monetize. It, though, would you go subscription? Are there things you it I've, I think potentially lead to. Change. The experience and almost make a hierarchy for what you get out of it. I think those definitely opportunity for subscription business there and I think they ve been openly said that there are no. I cannot leave no stone steps
on turned. I think that the advertising business still has a ton of upside, especially as they launch these like longer form shows because the more time people spend the site, the more you can show, as in monetize that right row. Instead of just being this fast experience really scroll through, he may quickly see an ad and you go on to Instagram and Snapchat now lake. I find suspending spending like deeper experiences in twitter, like if I'm watching year came a throne shall, like that's a really long time to be sitting on twitter right, and I think I'll just continue to evolve that experience. So you can, you can make more and more money overtime with it, but there is such a critical utility. I mean the world revolves around trumped up there. Point like it's, not gonna hit areas of business. I don't think I really scary is that's completely through the world. Revolves around trumped threatened, That is not an accurate statement. That's literally what was happening, and it's like I wake up in the morning and I check Twitter to make sure nothing horrible happened.
You just don't know if it's the day that he's gonna be like I've decided by North Korea you just now, and then entire discourse around like what is what he said possible is it true, is this? Is this like a real thing to happen like the and gender military tweet. This week a red Herring yeah through that out there, because she was its. It was like to push everybody's attention that way verses. Whatever else was gonna here, because you have, get upset by something like that, and and then everyone's talking about it and you're. Like Well, what's he really doing right now are like this. This thing with the scar Muky guy he s like whenever that was like that had that the hassle plant right like he didn't just heeded, just randomly say a bunch of crazy stuff that got leaked like he knew exactly, he knew what he was doing or its camp Lately, haphazard, that's scarier if or it's completely not plant, it's the Laval.
Bob theory is this: all evil genius mastermind or is it is a totally random, but that, like Trump and of our ball, have a lot of similarities and in that sense Lake Any attentions get attention here and it's all just Making noise brandy marketing like he's more doubly Debbie ADA me he's basically that when he was on Debbie debate. I found a place yet it's like this. What he is he's a depth Debbie manager yet which with children, I mean tat they get there is with him is like he's. Not he actively is not trying to like offend anyone. I think he's just trying to have a good time wreck, whereas I would say, there's a lot of differences. Will there be a slightly benevolent version of exactly right? That's exactly what he is. Facebook versus Twitter versus Snapchat Instagram basically took snapshots to best things and they took it- am we're taking these
and people are very concerned about Snapchat, I'm sure you deal with them to it. Well, would you which your short term prognosis for Snapchat, as they try to recover from that. I think very so exploring different ways to make money in and build a business and it's very early for them. They do have some really good good things going for them right to have a bunch of really young kids are obsessed with using it as a messaging app for communication, and it's like all these kids do because, Doubts can't figure that yeah it's their words, Did they go in these little little? and we can empty stupid to figure out how to get in there and they can have all these conversations totally, but that's exactly and then they have actually do their camera company after they ve, come out and and said unclear how that becomes a business. But you know this like hot dog lens that they have dancing. Hotdog thing, I've seen our Instagram way more
I've seen it on snatcher and then you're like. While they really are camera company there doing the most innovative things that you can capture and shoe and make your own animations how do they monetize that when it gets chaired on every other platform in the world, and then they have to discover thing, It is interesting that the further along in how to have you know original productions with media properties alongside a social zone I inside of it, but Next to it, I thought what they did with the embryo is pretty cool stories read after the fine I'll see up dead were well done and just like here's the final sense. Now here's what you miss last night boom boom go through. The NBA did very of that for for Youtube. They make great these fancy five minute many documentaries about each finance game. And then they do the statute thing and it was. It was cause smart and I think a lot of people watch it a minute. I heard it was like in between eight to ten in people per little stature, thingy, yeah and and
snapshot how it is. You have to make a tough decision, because, ultimately, if they, we want to grow that discover section and their media property business. You have to open it. To everyone and let the democratization of content distribution occur, because even if you have ten or twenty or fifty media properties, there's like thousands of people are obsessed with so far gone. Yapped discover, I should just see whatever is most interesting to me up every media company. It shouldn't be wild off to just the fifteen there working with right day right and I think right now, they're trying to differentiate from Facebook, solar actively sang like nowhere. Curate experience but my guess is they will they will come around on that? It's a its intimidating like we let the downward lunch in the Ringer two years ago about whether we wanted Snapchat and did we want to go for this government for that being higher fifteen people that are just producing content, constantly and for us at cycle. What's the level that contain what's a ceiling of it and it just
adjusting like a hamster wheel. Maybe that's gonna evolve over over time, but I said there make sense. The eye agri, I see it as a marketing expense. Right now, like it's great marketing to be in discover, I'm not sure, there's a whole business to build around it just yet or there will be, doesn't seem like Dave, totally hash, deny it the big thing is, and this applies to Facebook and Youtube and Twitter as well. I haven't seen a business model where, if you do revenue share on on ads in your content that you can be profitable because video so expensive to make. Yet, even if you're like a fully operating media businesslike if you'd, have to put an ad in it and then split. It was someone its super hard to to be become a bigger business. That's what happened! Youtube Embassy and networks right that were part of like, like and this tv, unlike full screen, and some at that, like those Youtube channels, never really became like big businesses in their own right because
it's hard to monetize fire designate example tat totally there at one point: they get a sword funded. Ifor like member, the number was like two hundred millions like for five years ago, but then They had all this content, but then it was like I will. I do you make money that word you put the ads yeah and had they built for service, like agency, Vice did within funnier died and just make the funniest ads for brands a huge business right and they build an app and they get bit. They sign a bunch of comedy town. The biggest cool stuff, but I always felt they had the inside road for a couple years there, yes tat, they could have just basically dominated that whole. The communists, ass you two were other than theirs. Is Wilson or even on social media doesn't is watch like if he had just become like you, dont insurmountable he spoke like his following alone for funnier die would have been worth up so much money by pilot
that, as he had so much success, it's like I did. He doesn't. If you don't need to be, that stuff. That's the athlete problem right like if you're making hundred millions of dollars a year. Are you willing to take the time to have the perfect Instagram or Facebook and Facebook and is the one who's like? Yes, this is important to me as a person for messages. I want to get out whether their political, our cultural or basque, basketball related or my business is, and so he's he's been like the leader, and I and the question is when will maybe a lot of other athletes who want to be who are as business savvy that will use their social media. In that way, I would say the rack as the leader as he can as it address either is the is the Berlin Great as he's the goat of social media. In fact, you could say that HBO gave him Bowers just cause. He agreed to be in it because it saying there's no way that she can't get an audience with his social. It the worship of our time, but his Siberia was still drive people to the shell, yet
he's the man. I can't believe how many people he reaches that there's. Another perfect example is. This is similar to the king carnation transition, where, like ok, go from football player at Miami too, like sort of wild all over the place, wrestler too like really buttoned up like movie star in Russia, media star, and now he has. He had this add with apple that came out this week. That was like It was blue up on the internet and, like that's his polished as you get of a transition right here and now he deprived become president. Any very well might offer his social channels and, as falling You know it's funny that I was there because I love dressing especially lay diabetes, and I, we felt like he was overqualified to be arrest. I think a lot of people did. It was like this.
Actually to good decade has guys gonna leave wrestling have become an act there like yeah the Roma's that he would do in the ring with MIKE were adjust. Unlike anything, anybody was doing away with the livery of. Can you smell, allow YOLO he had such command of the room, and especially if he, when person, you saw it is commanded. The rumours do it was like one of the grey. Politicians are something their allotted: as in wrestling at that time. Like shoe, haven't we don't get along? Isn't I met him in versus Don Quixote? Was the guy? last thing we had talked about you wanna defend millennials, defend the millennium gentle generation. Yeah are you? Are you take the other side on this now I mean my our whole asylum in money, as are the driving force of I. In this. A growl and young people know where she is going and
made stumble on the way a little better. They may be wrong couple times or their passionate billow misdirected sometimes, but for the most part they just have a better feel. Yes, I think it's that, but I think people give millennials a batter out because they say like oh there so entitled may expect to dislike, be able till I go to the top quickly and they expect you to live treat them really well and communicate like yes, of course, that's all they should be run like re. If you're amazing, I what you do and you're you're twenty four but you're the best at you should not to wait ten years to get to Pierre. You know editor or something like that. If, if you're good and your compose- and I think that when you embrace the fact that there does that millennials well, we'll keep you honestly and make you run your business. The way should be run in twenty seventeen. You have the best workforce because they work so millennials work so hard. It's a mindset right where you're just like always connected, on age, you're willing to Smart emails on Saturday,
p M or at night when that, when that happens, Sarah Car minors are on call time cause they're, always aware of what's going on, because they need them. The stimulus? Unlike our new email, new posts is going out yet ratification totally millennia, some obviously promo anywhere, but but I think it is That way, you expect the place you worker the businesses you you shot from to be have value and be open and transparent out what they are, whether you like them or not so yeah are our businesses is largely run by millennial workforce to I do think there is there. There's two groups of minors from ages than I've even noticed that the people that have worked for as a ground and the Ringer, where the people, the people that grew up, where they have no recollection of what without email. Texting or the internet or why slightly differently than the people. Maybe I'm an essay early thirties earlier
eight hundred and thirty two also grew up with email internet, but it kind of came into their life in a certain thing. But like anybody who lets say you're like twenty three, you too, you too came in like oh sex, So, basically, by the time your teenagers streaming, video is in your life yeah, that's it different generation, then the generation, rape for someone, I don't know, is there another word for millennials that are like the twenty five Tate? What were they call the twenty five and owners jazz, a third generation z the money lenders aren't they certainly went over and done they're all except they arrived sugar fish, the urgency we need new name. For that. Ok, we'll work on a new name for Genji. That's like someone say that may even none with Logan Paul. You can figure out where it. Wherever these got. Kids you have on you can rename their gender islets Jan acts. Genetics is basically we had Grunge music and nobody could get a job and you win the writer said
where the rate- and it was it- was just ass. It was lot of. Melancholy rejects, yeah that a lot of introspection? The, I think it's different millennium, my generation is like how you feel at all times, twenty four Siberia where's my opinion, whether when there is warranted or not my generation was tied together by a lot of the same sex variances, because there were. A lot of experience is to be had right so egg. Member S. Anna was huge in the early nineties, especially it had this big resurgence in theirs is one sketch with seasoned day from the Partridge family and they did like this purchase. Family meets the Brady Bunch Sketch and everybody different character from each shown? It was like anyone basically
fifteen under watching that sketch understood it got the jokes Did the thing I don't know what the acquittal That would be now because everybody's experiences are so scattered. There is no point Judge family meets the Brady by sketch for those people. The closest thing I can think of our internet means like that's what get seen the man at the end of the day like weeds, we did one for like Rhiannon lying on the brought out the NBA finals, unlike Rihanna posts it, but then, like time, man seen like has it s like us Congress or on their website, and I was bigger but like that, like that World we live in our life means are the like most common form of Comic Alan five. Then oh yeah, like that like that, but that did but like if you look back and you asked Twenty five year old Lake was the funniest thing, aw. This year are like the most popular thing among your friends. They they'd probably pick something that happened. Some mean that happened on the internet. For like a day, I think some movies Betty would have to be specific. In an age group like an idea.
What generation they love Malta, my daughter's twelve year Betty. She knows, I seem a lotta, I don't know eight to ten times. And if you don't mind, my girl, probably like four hundred fifty don't keep calling over and oversee twelve and Andor MILAN. Any other signs come up, in other words, for the previous generation is probably I don't know oyster one of those in the bare so yeah they its tied to the specific aim. But I don't know I don't have that an hour. I do think there, like basketball The fact that it's like when Gladwell was down here- and he was talking about how a few things there in the middle. Everything is so scatteringly so niche, but like there's a couple things left that are still in the centre ask about, has become one of them, for whatever reason everybody has an opinion on it. I gotta go anywhere imperialistic language cargo. The serbian public order things could have would carry out people kept us
again. As I don't know, I don't want a free there thieves, I think, he's getting traded, but anywhere we go somebody in that room will have an opinion on where carries gonna go now. Things like that sport is probably the only thing that does that music doesn't release. Lay some degree is it like. I could talk about the New Jersey, Album, allow alike. I can't off my dad about it. You talked about the Knicks, though, in star wars, that New star wars moving our work can hit on entertainment game. It amounts to some degree, bad said steadily decreasing list. Yeah, that's good for what you did. It's great. Yet we have we love the sort of like he left, scattered. Scatter is great for us, like hyper by vocation of of content. Distribution is great because we know how to reach the right people with the content or make so make one prediction for two thousand eighteen, one prediction for two thousand and eighteen in what way. Sports are media or internet internet.
You can't, you can include the words pivot video, because we both that that's an excuse, for we had a really bad media strategy. So let's try. This doesn't necessarily mean anything. I think twenty eighteen, is the year where internet programming starts to be seen as as like the primary form, mentor, tame it and traditional tv is start. You start to see it as really legacy media that that people are just not flocking to and advertisers and media companies in browser all gonna reposition, our like everyone from like the via comes of the world to come to the devices to their refinery TWAIN eyes to the ringers in cycles, are gonna, live or die on. The fact that the internet is is becoming the Lee primary way to consume information, entertainment
and and pushing legacy media side as a desperate again, that's good prognosis for your business. I would say that I would say the internet refill pretty strongly about that from way back yeah we were both digital who knows, but I don't think I know what you know Agraea there may be hard to disagree with that with the internet. Piece of it being more the most popular, I think it's and when the business world are all this old money is still locked up in these hundreds of billions of dollars of like tv visor, imprint, stellar stole out adds believe it or not. When that starts to shift here, in a start, to see a big change in these traditional media properties, my theory is that everybody is always five years behind in everything, so like Syria is a huge and people like podcast of Pakistan from were already something and So that means for cereals, two dozen fourteen something two thousand nineteen: that's when the old school,
old school giant money. Advertising will be like part, gas, hey, yeah he's by like just these pact, This is one example. I think the stuff you're doing Five years from now will make even more sense to the people who were forty five years behind general busy. Will change as those as those spaces grow and then become more evolved and into into into real businesses, like our properties will evolve with them right, like you're the leader in podcasting. Now so by the time a traditional media company in twenty eighteen or two thousand and nineteen decides to do it like you're already multiple years. Them figuring out relic is its hopes. It's hard it's hard to citizens really nice thinker I told them. I guess business right and it's hard to know what you ve been doing this for saw it. You know what works and what does not like the back of your handwriting, and if you start from scratch, you have if the figure that out in Mosul not cast our good, will you made
You made that point before about there's two hundred billion hours of madman, air, whatever this yeah once in parts of media or failing that money has to shift elsewhere, yes and in a radio, is a good example. I am FM radio as everything goes to satellite and pass and radio and demand a legit ive. Where does all that? I am a firm money, go where does the Titanic ABC money where they're like we're out I'm paying all this for zero point three, whereas echo that that will lead to better internet content and more chances and stuff, but I'm sure facebooks thy eyes. Think Facebook and Amazon. Happens when Amazon just decides to get involved. While you saw what happened with the Thursday football rights, they just came in and paid way more than everyone else, and
Now, it's being distributed Amazon and I ve been trying to make money on the games there just trying to get more prime subscriptions. Yes, you make more money that way. I think it can be hard to compete with the apples and the facebooks and the Google when they want to buy sports rights like how. How could you for past twenty twenty one does not therefore come up as now far away you have seen it the debate be two interesting test cases for an eye Make a lot of sense for either the stream and companies compared them there some stat- I saw this week about how you have ceased when he now thirty four percent of other efforts, one programming gear and its eye. What's our through them verses, just Facebook, just come in a diagonal. This would I need. I will offer a hundred million more yeah. As you know, like the facebooks of the world, are not really adept at how to create programming and content.
Now so I could see a world where they buy a enough ass. One and let them be. We manage all that for them into the production, but it is errs on Facebook instead of on Hattie investing so yet that that there is a prediction, for I think the Tec platforms will by the media companies and the media it'll by the agencies. I was only what would happen if Amazon just tried to buy the NFL like this Debbie, I maybe try to buy the you- have see ya so there by the for four billion, if you What are the NFL teams are worth on the open market? I don't owe it its thirty two teams- and you said, let's say an average- three billion a team. It gets. A hundred billion in Amazon was just like I'll. Give you two hundred years. Two hundred can we on the lake? What would they do? I think a lot of honour to take it pretty scary. Having some of them would be like now screw you nobody's by me, but I think they have to have beatings about it. Yeah that similar, to like the NBA player, who cares by social media situation like when you have so much money like you just do what you want
use. The owners are like you, don't baby, you can buy me, but Somnambula guy. You can actually buy me a famous Bob Agur story when they hired by Bagger to Alba Help football and allay India. This whole plan at some of the owners are like who fucker you risk I hadn't had. I need your help made my money. Why are you telling us what you think should happen and they just then they went the other way. Be a commissioner believe is gonna, be like one of the hardest jobs without them Amber personnel like really well hackers analyses and egos. You have never. The NFL commissioner me, which is funny cause he's not good anyway, but wrangling those dates, the most stubborn old school money deeds on the planet, I think Adam. The silver and the NBA has an easier job, because some of those guys their cannon new, newer money, yes, newer, thinkers things I dad football guys urges all old school. Let's keep things the way they are we can have. Things change that would be a nightmare yeah, the ban
money helps a lot. That's why again. The answer we can benefit the Superbowl like any day of the week in terms how much fun you highlight next year, I heard above the hotel yeah with third party. We should what they wanted Let's do a psycho, ringer and we'll get will get one famous athletes to put on the poster we're gonna get that famous athletes pick pick fight now fight for the poster spot and we can go worldwide web, an shea to arm the whole something together today, they're both their bonding now over not being on like some kind of sports business journal? I top hundred like thirty under thirty towns, or something like that or whatever it is. The two of them got left off in there Are they each have an army on the internet of fans who who are very upset about this is there a worldwide web worldwide, Wes tension. Whereby Wes Private as no worldwide web as costs I'm not on the internet that year,
What what happened to us he's been kind of quiet, but arab and leader report have attention between each other a lot beef going back and forth their between his fans. They get upset as they think, while bleach report take some of his ideas so that they have it out on online. There's like a whole tablets adding an worldwide web verses which are penalised airline passenger data hydrates, did sign from I Jason ACT so weak why you add Jason Stein on Twitter, Jason, W Stein, Jason, dubious time twitter at cycle at cycle on Instagram and at by be wise. You I see only we can by at Psycho on Twitter? It drives me crazy. I've been messaging, the person who is is in Asia and doesn't speak English and we ve been trying to buy it from them. So if anyone can help us get at cycle on twitter, and by cycle that I'll you grantline thirty, three a twitter, so data Grantline AEGIS, was given enough. Some did in some weird weird stay
like Indiana somewhere, like I say, I'm not giving up like just just name. The price rise like twitter. We day we ve offer no money. No the only respond to us. They even acknowledge their offering to pay them for their handle any they don't have any engage manner tweets ever thanks for come round. This is fine. Thank you bill pleasure. I wouldn't call my dad to talk about tat. He possibly resurgent red Sox and their hot rookie, and then also I'm going to ask him about the Kyrie Irving Trade and I'm going to ask about game of thrones most important April. First, a quick break to talk about game of Thrones talk the thrones Sunday nights Ringer on Twitter, read after game. Thrones ends on each bia, corrected twitter gotta at rigour we talked about it during the Jason Stand pad
You can watch our posts game show the Anti Chris Mallory and Jason. They will break down everything that's happening. I think this is going to be a pretty accurate, backed up asylum. Guessing I'm guessing this. We haven't really had enough blood in the first three up said some business deal out of blood in this one. Talk the thrones hashtag talk the thrones. If you want to buy
that way good at Ringer go to twitter tv wherever you want it's on Twitter, it's on right after the show and people are finding the show its do a great, really proud of it, and I and we get for laugh before the end of the season. Senior hashtag talk, the Thrones talk, the France produced by the rear and also the binge mode package with Mallory and Jason. If you are here to the world's leading experts, I gave a thrones breakdown every episode about two days after it happens because they have to read their twenty two page outline and really bad other points. I want to do, but I think it's God to subscribe to the two big boat game. It France, don't forget to subscribe to a new package that are coming out: the Ringer FC, the new soccer pattern, of course, three whatcha balls, which, if you like this part, cast I'd ever Our time. Thinking that you would not like three watch us anyway, I wouldn't call my dad render this is totally impromptu. Fortunately, for me my dad is retired Anna
can basically he's I gets like a bath on. I can get him just about any time. Jason have a second, but I just want to quickly talk about Rafael Devers. I was the inter for the part that and I started getting site about Rafael, Devers and management, Jake this I overreact, but we are both super duper. Duper. Super duper duper excited about what we ve seen. So far- and I think I remember every young red Sox guy since Friedlin Saigon back tone, ass five and and he's way way up. There were does Iraq for you from what you ve seen so far in two weeks I united way up it's as if the small sample less than ten games, but everybody is really excited appear. This was a team that was really dead after the summer break and they had these small
injuries, whether its Pedro air Abundant Andy, going into a slump, but that's not hitting like he had last year and that looking at the place on the bench, they just didn't have much enthusiasm for many add this twenty year old kid who it just has an infectious smile on his face. All the time I mean weather is making a play in the field were sitting over four hundred ready and a couple of months, but I wouldn't be announces on their national workers matter. Really. I think I stood up tradition. It is bad whip, the way a green belt trees, bad whips, yeah and there's something special about that swing and the way the Balkans shooting off of the bad, unlike most of the other players, so small sample size, but twenty years old and suddenly the bench.
Life, he had him to Nunez who just came on the team. Obviously had he says, then it doesn't hurt New Nunez. You have trouble with the energy little thing over a year ago that an end the bench is different and the team is different. Did you see him on the bench during when he's not even up, and these Balkan along in the dugout, smiling and deny five in people in this case having a good time by team. Is that a team of guys that happen yeah they really mess that they really MR tease in so many different email I do, but that they JANET just talk about it last again about how Ortiz was wasn't just that he was the best hitter on the team, but he was the first guide to greet you when you reach the dugout after you added, scored a run arm round here the guy that when talk to you when you're in a sub, he was just like that. The big bang.
Such Father figures slash leader for everybody, and he could feel it when, when the means that doing well, especially the last couple weeks when they were dead and I'm with you there, there d there was can be some up and down because guys we're heading in whatever. But I think this kid bring some excitement, and I may may leave we overreacted, as so many red Sox work is over the years. I still remember thinking Kevin Martin was gonna win five zags by right. This kid there's a couple. Things that stands out. One is the swing which is just like a gift from God. I don't think there's no way to screw. Swing up, it's just beautiful watch, it's a you know. I was that, if you go through there, The greatest swings in the history of the Red Sox me and he's got it. Many still. My number one menace, though, is the best way. I've ever seen. I think Hamleys, strangely up their Fred Lynn.
India is a good three antennae. Isn't Iceland, I think, is diverting waiver nigh? I think he, you know talk about this morning. I think he hit the rookie wall. Obit been there and now they're trying to pay some of it more. If it is just man, it's it's, it's she's, beautiful, a watch. I really the regulation oh yeah he's got our end. They made a little power and that one or other third, based until about two weeks ago, was Adele black Hole and suddenly and again. I guess the plan was to postpone them with new, but with a joy around the union playing second fiddle. This kid's gonna get a real shot and we'll be in their looks just as good against writing from lofty so far, which is really tough for workers, whose again, twenty years or so I say one more thing-
talk about this over the years. Sometimes certain play away. You don't want to missus at that, and this is one of those players. I was gonna bad faith in the lineup last night. If they didn't get reigned out, that's crazy. Many started name now is move to fifty one up when they brought him up. There was a total here. Mary is like five days before the trade deadline. Third base its height. To explain to people who do I team out awful, Arthur Basement where the share fat fat? about Santa who my site, you just started fine based by this year, just immediately gravitated to know why the hell is he on the team? Why does he play Jesse It offers awful defensively and offensively and then a bunch of you now this rotating cast of dude sadder your black eyes and then dear guys, it really tried very hard. Yeah challenge. Sat there and import raw call coming back from concussion vertigo in and then so they bread they bring in the kid
any comes in, and people or are pronounced endeavours endeavours like a cat. It really Nowhere is the boy like a month ago. And the other comparison people making it was. It was not quite a year ago. It was all, but maybe later in the end of August, or even maybe beginning for them. When I bought my cholera and and economically may end up being a thin on for the white flag, but. He was her about. When you didn't, you see no match, she seemed fast budgets over mad. It was striking out. They gave you that struck out like six demonstrate times. He was not good in the field and they bring up the next kid, there was gonna behind a man on the moon linked up. The Turk biscuit does not look overmatched Yemen by the book,
June or July that share, I think he had risen to. He was like the fifth ranked prospect in baseball by July yeah that wasn't the case, though you're, a guy, I think, he's so obviously has something Gunnar I've been in. Ass by armed, is also only need to use. All the year ago, right, I've been impressed the three the swing. Ism is just off the charts, the patients and the poise and you know attention, I'm a buddy, hence reed texts were texting during these games and issues poise patients swing. When you have this three things I don't know, I don't wanna jinx. If a man that doesn't matter that and you and I even contact each other when they had. Therefore, at night I've been China, I also under the tweet about it. I've been had been nearly rainy myself in me too, but we'll get a good simplifies the talking bird.
Whispered, so presumably he's gonna be there for the next independent rates I was seen. Other off will certainly try to adjust to him. Then that would tell us a lot about how we adjust back, looking forward to it, I was out on this team, and then I was out just like it. Since it might the head of this year and now now that he Kate. Now he started hitting it became a little infectious noon. Is really helped believe is that good other than the actors in the ashes of some bad luck with injuries and look at what s coming up. The alleged appear pro experiencing it, but all anybody radio or tv or a day in the newspaper. All they want to talk about was price and in how plans price for insect resolutely. Well. Damages is gonna put them on the back burner,
and has Nunez, and it is good because you want to talk about baseball production in Place- seems to be a jerk that's too it's gonna, be, I guess you know again, I'm not ready to compress a jerk. I think this is, I think, I think the team wasn't doing that well and we ve seen this happen. Another seasons to wear There's some incident happens or whatever and then that's all anyone could talk about for five days and everybody kind of takes their sides, and I don't know boss Boston, Zat, uneasy place to play. We ve seen allotted in our struggle with a lot of people struggling air probably not even newsworthy newsworthy, outside a Boston. The incident with active way, but it believe me it. It was all but you read about four: we about the appear week. Why
Now, suddenly we're Talkin baseball again accuracy, like only for years younger than you. You know it's it's. I don't give a steel people Heaven. I do not believe in the same story, but it must have taken every ounce of patience. He had just not to come back of price and in our trade. What a man is placing handled it beautifully yeah, he was quoted yesterday saying that when the Red Sox made an overture this week to try to get to them together, he said no, that's not happening. It's just think it do it the right way: I do wonder, does this stuff happens and other cities? Where are you have this? Have overpriced pitcher who are ready to get mad at about anything anyway and then the law.
Time guy rhythm, a lot of guy and then and then just the perfect media infrastructure to just blow this out and turn this into a story that was just and we ve made a gay people all of famer at that men and women. They put a perspective of prices and want to play off game in the schedule of fame or so. I am glad we're talking baseball. I hope this twenty year allworthy I'm looking forward to watching him tonight against the white sex. Unfortunately, probably red Mancha heard his knee Yes, I'm playing turn on the way that you signed with a guy is it sixties against a pitcher making. Thirty, nine diversion a year stand on that one, but you were.
Sure yeah had inherited Philomathic see when we give you you? Will you give your pack ass? The blue played special. This would have been the lead topic. Universe is doing it. I'm gonna walk the dogs here on the street. The Boston and people say www pod care, stoning, where retired and we can't wait to plug in. We don't have a form. We don't have a place to talk. I think your first year, first episode of inaccurate sailors, price and in the second episode would have banned Tom Brady started me get weird, might expire cast Cosette. Really started. Get weird is eight. The secret patriot, storyline than other Patria feds, are afraid to bring up to each other. So you a little bit where a tiny bit I'm not experiencing ok tv twelve year. Lifelike may regret it's about time. There's nothing! It's nothing ever made,
Do this work? That's what I have said is the gazed about time. We all look the other way now. I just want to get through a more seasoned me quarterback, how long standing up for sale for the year Having said that are story was a big sign the camp and then come back from San Francisco cap. Her neck I should be a starter. I think these teams are afraid to have him as a backup, but it What are you started? The scare me on schedule because lay them at the end of the year. We always play poorly in Miami anyway. Is Miami, so I hope that he's only gonna be out for this year and they'll be fine for next year.
What year did chess again over the health of professional athletes? I was alive, person in on Matt more. But then he asked me because a lot of money in the play offs and now I'm out. So I then anyone about it. Does he make another year that it would be really the Patsy be hard pressed to go. Six now know in the what would you can't go in I back there, sir dots? I have my mother, you know we were almost five months puppy who and a five year old puppy, and then they play a lot. Let go over there! Well god I'll wait! Last I say let I two more questions is Chris sail the second best red Sox picture. You ever seen. No thirty
you put climate yeah? Ok, that's it it's just all of a body of work and time The voting will be out there. The night again make sure just kind of wonder awaited that out in come from, I d give up seven runs and winning sir so and is too small a body work we'll go on his armies, terrific right, but I have to put Martinez first and climate second, and that this guy's must see Although it is he's pitching it's a game, you want to go to the game, you wanna watch and television right, that's exciting! The thought! That's a lot of fun. Having a pitcher like that. Second question: you trade as a Thomas, J, cracker and
Lakers slash kings, pick for career me. Yes, just because you beginning in Jakarta, no because I thought he was the scariest guy saw the past your scary than the brand against us anyway, This has been my argument. Satellite. The reason I hesitated was there: it leads to more using this contract and beer, it's got quite a rental, but to give up all that for only two more years get your very short window? And then, where are you you ve given up some pretty significant assets, particularly when you know Thomas one
the beer supervisor who have rejuvenate this our tax and brought us to the conference financing new jobs from the airport were today, a particular drappin after crowded, cynical taken out of the church in the back seat at last, I shouldn't game thrones, which you finally started watching you caught up. I'm I'm so glad that I got myself into watching occur there Some rope thoroughly barely enjoying the Sheridan. I always watch the twitter show that you guys are putting on and it helps me to understand- maybe a couple things in quite get, but I'm getting most of it. Having been watched, sixty episodes in about three weeks,
my mind is still pretty active in terms of what's going on, so what it when I have a history of some of it that somebody like have yet again. If you read the book, more than you know, that's gone. I guess read the book your predictions for the last four episodes and you have to use the actual characters names with the predictions I get to the house There, the old lady who that killed this week right, I like your lot yo, I didn't. I didn't see that coming ass. She seemed to be a significant character, so that house to rouse the letter that the whole house is. That is out of the way now. Yet I am not sure if I,
be guessing. Like everybody else, a tear, the one guy really dont like at all, is the new character who came in with on the boats. Lovejoy the I don't like him, Yeah you- and I came my only you you'd brood, handsomer you leg legitimate, just don't like the character and they made a mistake. Introducing a book is just doesn't seem to fit in and I hope he gets killed off, very quickly the other one really worth realities the young cattle shell and got paralyzed and now he's delete the three I'd something in yeah. Yeah he's gotta wear a template, you'd better age. Well, as this is gonna be worried. If you, my friend,
who's your fabricated. Chance now can smell. You pay regard its terrible, but I I always refer Jamie latest her Amanda Jamie Lancaster. I like him. I, like myself, I start from the same about the couple things it still make we shiver. Yet one of them was whenever the guy cut his hand off yeah. I didn't I didn't see that coming at, but I, like me, it seems tat. Say is act together, accepting sleepily sister by eating away in an hour from the Emerald City, it can hard to take it away, but he took it away in a pretty gallon. Guy would wait scruples, immoral, but yeah he's quickly with a cistern measures. Have three children together. You know
can't edge whenever, wherever human, if you ever walked edition, You should get fifty years, the kings lair. I just finished Almost everybody is morally unredeemed on the show. So he's my favorite character, just I was enjoy when his on, but I think, like the one, the one that I would the most far as at the queen of the Mother Dragon Summit, more Solomon, John Snow yeah like Danny why I wanted to wear a guy Danny's Deniz ARC. I also think she's she's got some holes as a leader and an eye, just worry that she's gonna screw this like Mallory Things, one of the dragons you're gonna die soon am concerned about that d, I went read the book, so Desert Giver insight into things
Tat now I think we ve passed beyond the books now from when ok for the most part here, so it did seem like the when, when she seem very interested that John Stout took a knife in the heart and felt like they were foreshadow in that, and I I don't know, I don't know what I'm like you, I half understand what's going on all time, but I love watching it and I did the actings gray and yet those moments like the anchorage little guy, he was just awesome and the third episode was, I get old school great think Lodge episode, but with terrific, but that scene when John there goes to visit Danny and just like for the first time they me in that giant. Awesome now you can do is so get it was it was. There is real tension is riveting terrific tension and she asked them. At least twice, maybe three times are you going to ban the name,
yeah and you know it wasn't going to throw you knew that was going to tension. Doesnt bend the name. They are in a better place. He gets a dragon glass out of its I'll, get it Jack Goodman Amiss had to leave the dragon, glad that this is great thanks for coming on sand a doktor s. Ok, don't you right, that's it for the back ass thanks! So much to the show term regional series re dad events, daringly have Schreiber JAM boy in special guess: they're Susan, surrounded, when the Hollywood elite need a programme to disappear. There's only one guy for the job, redoubtable bury any secret and solve any problem about breaking the sweat damage. Grow control is no problem for re in keeping up the gas and no problem for you read out of it returns sundays at nine o clock only on Showtime download the Showtime app start.
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Yes, but.
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