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Smart-Guy Friday: Nathan Hubbard on Zombie Bands, Ticket Trends, and Twitter Comebacks (Ep. 240)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons brings on former Ticketmaster CEO and House Eats 3 judge Nathan Hubbard to discuss the booming business of nostalgia-rock concerts (5:00), James Dolan's desire to improve acoustics in arenas (18:00), the best bets for future Super Bowl performances (27:00), Taylor Swift's chance to perform at the 2018 Super Bowl (32:00), Dave Matthews Band and the emphasis on touring (37:00), the real reason season tickets exist (46:00), the impact of adding more arenas in Los Angeles (56:00), and how Twitter owns the moment (1:07:00).

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Today's episode, the bill summits Pack Ass Bradley by seek, are presenting sponsor Theseus way to shout for the best tickets, thanks to the revolutionary green system, buy and sell tickets in two taps on your phone. Everything fully guaranteed right now. My listeners get ten dollars a baseball tickets, the first time these seek aegis bees. Promo code B, S m l B, download this he could get today. Or go right to seek eat that come. We are also brought by the Ringer Podcast network, which does just include this one. We have had a carves for food, lair, Wilmore Cousin South for gambling. I fell, NBA Emma be shows the mast. Man, the watch achievement oriented, take. What else that I forget. Here. We have more than that, I can remember, ask I mean she's a game with thrones binge bone benchmarks back, just a season, seven absurd one and speaking
game with France. Talk determines our twitter shall Sunday night, they could have used. The word for twitter. I did once upon a time our twitter show after game Thrones ends on HBO, go to twitter com. You can follow. Our post game, show that starts immediately after game thrones at Ringer or use the hashtag talk. The threads Chris ran into Greenwood Mather, Reuben, Jason, Concepcion, Bang, it out came a thrones Thou, Stuart Game France Nathan. I do, but I am you're like level one like me. I am just watch me. What's going on exactly a more excited about house of cards in this moment, yeah I'm coming for Nathan was our backup choice for house of cards. It passes. Contract in income through Nathan was gonna. Take it over spent very food, competitive relationship coming up than ever, but first the rock and roll ha famers projects bring it
all right, my friend Nathan Hubbard is here. I think you ve been in the podcast before right. Yes, we have a couple years ago, departed, long and hard about ticketing and great land. We did yeah your work for lad nation. At the time I was saying you went to Twitter, I was sealed Ticketmaster. We had a good one year. I want at we. This is where it has we actually pretty good friends. We ve had all these conversations already, but we have to figure out how to do it on the Pike ass, like with the rather, would you honest? Let's start: Let us start with music and
you, wrote a column, fur the ringer a little while back about old, Sheila and Nostalgia Iraq, which has now become fifty percent of the highest grow, in concerts that we have dad you're stadium last week had Fleetwood MAC without Christine Magee, with no Christie Magee. We they had the eagles with now and fry because he tragically passed away Deacon fry, they had Journey nobody would hear superiors in a cave somewhere. So this is like. Not even should you be brothers with Michael Mcdonald. Leg was bent down there he's at home, all before the like he's, not there so is. Basically, favour bands from the seventies, but without crucial people, but there now Bans they are ideas of basic rights, name only bans but yet sold out right, glad you're stadium to get tickets, and the thing is it like this? Happening elsewhere too, right
you d cellar the summer grateful dead, featuring the wise douche bag, John Mare, absolutely falling Jerry Garcia parts on Guitar John Mayer has put the entire grateful that fan base on his back and like moved that. And in its community and everything that it's about into this generation, so it's happening. Oh Jack MA, am I don't. I don't care if it somehow I got very lazy. China did, I think, he's funny. He made some interview mistakes that spook them either some celebrity relationship. She should mad and now he's kind of coming out of the ashes. But my band made an album literally right after he finished room for squares yeah, and so we got to hear the tapes of his AOL Chat sex with Like North Carolina currents
back in the day before he figured out what not to do that not do that anymore. So he made a lot of mistakes earlier and now I think that he is, I think, he's one of the best guitar pillars we have- and I think he's like ironically best when he's not pulling his on me yeah you. If you go watch his gc raise performs with Jake. Post, nine, eleven Jaycees, nine eleven tribute concert he absolutely so is it any Slayer with the dead do? But the point is these results? bans yeah. Unlike for me, the question is like: why is this happening? It is natural for people to just come out and blatantly accept this. Like nothing happened right like I, I like you are apparent, you did you ever go to the wiggles like the like four ambiguity, gay easterly in guys who like where different color shirts and they sing kid songs. I took my kids to the Wiggles year, like eternal Jeff, had gotten sick and left the one. The guy's Jeff got sick and Jeff got sick and left the ban. Jeff wiggle, Jeff Wig
and like so they replace them with Gregg Gregg, and I take the kids to see them live and within five minutes kids, look at me like where the fuck is Jeff Riah, so that's the naturally Julian reaction right now. That's it actual human reaction to Wheeling the band with a non original member, but now all the old. White people are dead. In fields to see like tribute bans, basically right, and I dont understand if you- and I have argued about you too, like you to pass on you to one of my favorite bands ever, but I went to see them at staples. Maybe ten years ago, yes and I'm like I'm out, we This makes me sad. I saw you too at their complete apex at the Boston. Saint Patrick stay nineteen. Anyone and now haired staples in this is gonna- see Larry, buried a magic Johnson playing in the big three and I cant do the beauty of periscope and Facebook lie.
Is that on any given night, you can watch these bans at any different point around the world. So, like a great bedtime thing for me during the week as I go in search of my fear, bans on tour and watch like the? U stuff I saw them live, but this tour. They are absolute killing it and we should not talk about this fight the whole time. Here's, I must add people want to hear fighting. What would they criticized for great too much, and I guess so: let's, let's go out, look there still killing, they are still killing it. They are not songwriter killing it as an actual great banned or as the ban they used to be. It's amazing, like Billy, joke does it Adam S, G Betty and he's not as good as it was forty years ago and not in the slightest but Soulis? Why? This phenomenon happening right. It's because, are a bunch of old people tons of money, yet who are not cool anymore, who need to feel cool in some it's like plastic surgery for their egos. They ve gotta like real, live the path. So let's go
about hang out with a bunch of old people who could have you got it. You look around you're like oh, my god, on these people. I think that they, just the music itself, allows them to live in fantasy. That says they said, back in those places right. The question that I have is wired these old music. She's doing this right like right for cat, like well, no other reason, because right because up until two thousand, if red giant, rockstar. You could go sit. In your castle, Just hang out and collective collect them, checks right and with the rolling stones than did an end well, but they could have potentially the differences that now you're back. Then they made ninety percent of their money from albums and ten percent from the road. And today it's completely flipped thanks to Napster, ran ticket prices have gone and so they got these causes, but they can pay the mortgage because there I can albums the matter anymore, so gotta get on the road and we gotta play and what you would think that would
he too is a bunch of all guys just mailing it in but to bring a full circle. I think these tribute bands, where you know, Glenn Fries Son is playing or you know. Eddie son, Wolfgang Splain Base and Van Helen or John Mayer with a debt. Whatever it is. It's injecting alive a bit of life and something new into the bans that they actually bring in every night. Look. I would have thought that the classic, probably wasn't gonna be great, because it is a bunch, a zombie bans, but does that the the report coming out of Dutch Stadium was there was, energy. You know Vince Gill was there Bob Seeger was there and it mattered fin skill. You haven't skittles like everybody's in these things are turning into like the Grammy all star jam at this point read which, which is always offer which well is fine, but but that that is the I can't get
I don't have any other explanation for why the high at the high end of the old people, people still come out and standing these fields and participating other than they need something to hold onto their living longer. There spry they just want to be cool. I would yards or two more things that disposable income get their super rich and It's a fun place to go smoke some pie with sixty thousand other people. So that's a great point. Look the only like businesses killing it right because you ve got you ve got these massive acts that are old and we spent a bunch of money on that and then at the low and meaning like the younger and millennia. Who are otherwise just staring at their phones all day having experiences with these screens like they need to connect with people right, there's some visceral chemical thing. That happens when people come together in crowds and so there it's true that their favouring experiences over things and so at at that and you ve got the business absolutely absolutely blowing up, and so the question is like what can get the way, and there are two things. The first is somebody walks in and sets off a bomb and the
is Jeff sessions and what I mean by that is like your Jeff sessions are enough. I put on my evil Jeff sessions hat and I go whom let me think device cottage. If sessions, we re viper homage session tat like an eye to reach night, the war on drugs, I also want to go at a bunch of democratic vote Yours and I want to go at a bunch of democratic campaign. Contributors like I believe, lists are drowsy concerts. Drugs concert snare like go, get like you could just you bring it up bus at ten buses in just a truck and people out there at the same time you go after the artist who are probably the largest single source of contribution d, like democratic politics, so there's another interesting regular. There don't do a Jeff, don't you Jeff fire trucks? It's made me re, evaluate the whole meaning of what a concert experiences, because I used to think
was to go see, music, that you can only here on an album you're, making a face. I'm listening, but I think in the last ten years became so easy to see your bans, your favorite people, your favorite singers, whatever, because a youtube and these different chain, that run the concerts a little bit stick is gone right like when you, whereas in college and about and came to the West or Sancho your stomach phase. Boston Garden there. Is my one chance to see them in a way that wasn't just listen to the Cosette you have gone and we're tired life and three album cycles never having seen a visual representation, the artist I have no access to the behind other than the times I look down and when your mama, I'm with you and now with its you see, can go. Let's say: are you two fan you too you go and Youtube and there's I mean Youtube and there's five thousand.
Do you know cause is being Rep, that's remain so what's bringing people. There is the experience of experiencing the band with other people, but then ass. I think the mobile part of that, where it's like the old days as they may be, took a photo of I'm at this cancer. You be armed around three or bodies in the beans beyond do now. It's like now am I had that concert. Here's here's me home. My phone and their performance of blank yes and that's become it self, sustaining thing it has look. I was a twitter when we were getting ready to launch periscope and we'd bought it in it and we're getting relaunch. It was so obvious, delete you left at the park. Reed destroyed the poor people who took up but south by for two weeks- and I was wondering just and I waited I have always it where were they cup a mere cat, poor mere cat with the rise of far mere cat is a great two eat like Friendster Myspace, like you don't builder,
motor on your business. That's your problem flake! So so you saw it coming and like what was so obvious application for this was live right and you could tell that as soon as it went as soon as you went live there was going to be the Bull, who said? No, you can't you can't let these things into concerts. You camp had cast today. This is gonna, ruin costumes, it's bad for the band and I sent like a punch. It reaches me like artist. Ignore the old deeds in your camp would tell you that this is going to be the best advertisement for you show ever and yet it is, and I think that stuff has conceiving driven in Geneva that it is getting people there, because they're just is something that there is some chemical react. In our bodies when we are close to other human beings in so many of our experiences today are staring at that phone like refreshing or twitter feed with eleven p m d over and over again- and we have to get out just like from our survival instincts, get us out to mingle with other people and an end so
Listen! It's got to be in line with the phone, it's more fun to go to a cancer now because, let's face it, concerts have the boring stretches the now If your phone is buddy you, but I this, I am an advocate of the or other child, take the perfect whenever you can kill for set four minutes. What one there is that weird, like awkward teen phase of the business, where, like wireless networks, couldn't hold a crowd in stating like that, your phone just couldn't function. You mean like, like a week ago, but but let's stadiums are wholly wiper, but were there in a better place now, where content that gets created can actually come out of a venue. It's not unlike the leaders in on it. So in real time you can go in and see what's happening and- and I think I think it's just like their walking advertisements, for you know that the first great concert you to Burma was. It's one, we dissected endlessly wait. Tell me no Steve next and Linsey. Buckingham silver sprang. Whenever
answered that we ask? Where would she's just chief Argentina she's, just screaming Adam yeah? She was me, at about she's matter the fact that it has got worse now he dumped there. He got married he's happy and she just turns it at home, and that became this environment moment that actually put the ban in a different light. I wasn't really ass, their mobile phone. I love that moment. Her voice still was hanging on what about that. Look on her face that one close up yeah, it's the all time! Scariest you broke my heart and I never forgive you. Look that anyone's ever actually had captured on video on stage and for twenty thousand people. Somebody's create a meme with that face juxtaposed to the lake sweetness of that blame it on my wild heart backs and urge you to allow like I had where she is just like and generate Islam and cookies history probably problem each year, unless it think there might be others, but we'll go with that. Yet
I wouldn't have any better useless in this just pause. The podcast go, and you too, and Google Stephen while her she's backstage with like her hair, Herr lousy early s note her hair lady is just mess with her and she is listened to a demo they're playing in the background there Stephen Exxon, which Stevie necks, whose sewed aunt up just decides to starts she's gonna, get enough of a cat she's performing around song with this random hair person and it's it's one of the most arousing moments of the early eighties. Italy's sexy thing: unfair, yeah, Stephen exits Hardub are to believe after all these years, but was the goddess of delay Seven is then, somehow that I have been documented. He hated her here for a year, I don't think, there's backstage footage of of Brittany doing that were now. That was that was the end of like the real authentic, like I love that clip forty forty years since rumours, the most
successful. Nine greatest hits out about in that's why Fleetly Fleetwood MAC on stay? That's how they get to keep going and stay exactly, but but it's not fully would machnik, I'm sorry, but Chrissy Magee wrote you can't songbird. That is. I will bring the dragons to fight you. If you tell me, that's not a top ten love song of all time, it is an unbelievable sunk. She is a sneaking. She may be the heart of that ban, but she is a very important organ. We It's almost like having the ninety six bulls reunion in their like Dennis Rodman can't be here, but instead We got ass, Stacy kings, gonna be here instead, look at a macro level that classic is basically evidence that Urban Ays off can get anybody to do anything and because he's got a bunch of bans that otherwise probably wouldn't be together. Somehow we convince Hamley to go. Do this and you know MA am say it's like Henley always said like Irving, as might be the devil, but he's ease our devil in Irving, just smarter than
the US and understands how to create. You know that environment were fans, come how're arenas in stadiums, making the concert experiences better, like the form and allay, is probably the single best artist friendly acoustic place. You can see it answer, but are the stadiums getting better? The stadiums are not getting better and and arguably they're getting worse with that without pointing fingers, I mean, I think, that maybe you know for all the ball busting. You do have dolen like he in Irving, are taking a look at markets where you have these big cavernous arenas. Yeah that aren't made for artists, yeah and you know Jim Cares, Jim, don't care a lot about sound and the artist experience should there not just in in allay now. You know, but they're they're, trying to build these buildings that are sanctuaries for artists and for music at home, James Dolan as a music guy, not not his music, but just take it up,
I think, is really was really smart, an awesome, integrate idea. He gets credit for that. He does not even that he was in new music. He would be a great idea. He in Irving had the vision for that and they're going to roll it out to other places. I think that that's just the issue that the Good NEWS First stadium GO or is that their spent in a ton of money? Now on on the set movement? Talking about you too? I mean they should there should be some Grammy equivalent for like set design on a stage, because it's not really just a music showing more too is your expectations you in that fur twat for twenty years he had been there all time special every time they get an area and they say what are we gonna do and they get with Arthur Fogel, whose probably the greatest promoter of of this generation- and they figured out quick break to talk about Quicken loans are friends,
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to make sure you're getting the right solution for you. That's racket mortgage by quick loans apply simply understand fully mortgage confidently to get started, got a racket mortgage dotcom, Slash Bill Simmons! That's my name equalising lender lessons than off at these states an M, alas, consumer access, dot, org number thirty thirty, who your season ticket dance my season ticket bands here? What is that so like? If you get season tickets for waiting here, you ve, got out against. Who are the bands out there for you that it's like their touring just signed me up? Here's my credit card company either got any money prince was number one. On my lady said, he can't can't amer, it sounds a youtube on your life, you too, on my list, I mean cope.
Less. J C is on my list: Jesse ones. I stay metered with these come out right now, with that you cannot. This fall in a bunch arenas with the four forty four or so that sounds like an I make get worse soon. I need some extra cash tore, that's what they should call it the gist: make a divorce soon Teddy Bear cash store. I think he, maybe he maybe it's already gotten some of the cash for that, and then he's going to go out and fulfill a bit but hit it while it's hot and he is as hot as it is, comes right now, so I who know yonder advance. I mean right now. Who you're not warm and hip hop in concert, I mean look, I just I don't know who is the young band, whose absolutely the Lange it right now Conway for sure? If he ever does it again, kind is more likely to have a fashion show.
His new his jacket, Seti designed, but, but I have ever yeah I would. I would go see Radiohead pretty much anywhere in any place. And I just don't know that I sign up for because here's the problem there aren't that many bands right now. What about the fries new solo that are doing a different show every night here and that's what sort of you're getting lost along the way as its content now becoming carry Oki and less about a night and night out like he says he programme absolutely. If they did they toward a god slowly, I just didn't want us to list off a bunch of and these bans that unite both. If we were answering me honestly, would would say yes programme, go see every single shoulders, well, bands anymore, you're, the one that emailed me. The thing I was at last week about here as officially become more popular than rack, yet, which I would
yesterday already happened, but I think rack, even the back at the last. I wouldn't call glorious at last stretched starting with basically the strokes killer, kings. Only I like that last kind of vestige, yeah there's no better they even like that anymore. It spells out, like those bands, like amazingly success. Now I mean, I think what started to happen in the even in the nineties and by the way I do want to add one artist to your list of people who, if they died in the nineties, would have been better than they are today in that's Adam Dirt, but in others, see it about the pad. Did Criss Cross reigned in agreement on the watch. Yes, I said day Matthews Basil, integral later hooker r M and Billy Corrigan. If they had all died, a specific apex during their career they'd, be much bigger now than they were zeal. Checklist went there so who did you add to that can cross? I got him during that ban after the second abba, yes and he's dating like Jennifer Amnesty,
and coordinate cut. Like he's just he's, gotta murders, row of Hollywood actresses. He, while about run one of his problems other than that he dated too many women at the people, resentment for it was their concerts you never seen the songs like they turn of everyone out like he was spoken, word poet or something I was amateur changed in people couldn't sing along with it. They get mad yeah Conakry spheres of lead, the cats its upset. If he just went out and didn't it in actually feed mailed it in it would have been better, could just be a karaoke machine anyway, if he died early, I think he would be much bigger than he is today. That's a good one! Superbowl half time shows so I got this email from somebody that do we know he's gonna do it this year. This is from Dave David Stephan, Hugh. He ran back by a two thousand ten may
bag that I did where I guess the next ten Superbowl half time shows two thousand Levin beyond saying Jazzy, two thousand twelve Springsteen and John Cougar Madcap accoutred nowhere teeth routine, Ella Brown, the daughter of our new president, former Cosmo model, Scott Brown. I barely even remember that job two thousand fourteen to improve Jim fifteen it needs spears woods. I think the joke was that she married aggravates Erica Sixteen, this Hilda Ironwork sixteen snoop dogs The kind of West Princes just released from jail. Two thousand seventeen timber Lake and EVA Brown, eighteen, John Merrick, Taylor, Swift, woods hesitating called play at two thousand.
But the day Matthews Ban with Special guess carry Underwood woods. So he points out. Some of these were dead on, and some of these were completely totally wrong. I now look forward superbowl half times next ten years. What's, let's bang at two thirds twenty one to two thousand thirty, you figured it one called play: Cole plays run their their time there because they ve they did it. You know. But I, like english people, well meant, but remember beyond, say all the show, with the former finances back she's she's next decade. Italy's once Taylor, Swift is gonna play the Superbowl swift I'd. We had three, I gotta, believe the just and timber like if he can
Jake, please I know more. Album is going to do it K. Kenya, I think colony. Where should play the super behind you come back there's five. I think a korean partner, snow Sub, Youtube settlers, in part, two thousand twenty six, it you know we're missing: legged, derricks, Bentley or Kenny Chaz Knee or like a giant Conditional America Countries Strip. Eric search the from Carolina like straight up. Chris Stapleton comes in as one song and Felicia there's gonna. Be that that moment, to that Twenty eight throwing stones who fit right with others, kids, not actually the rolling stock, information now that these big ass, the idea receives. Basically, God is my point: yes, it's like even you can I buy anything any ban that came in and the two thousands is not big enough to play the Superbowl, except for maybe corporate, so that so the last big ones do. It will have been like that
right like the killers, I don't think are big enough now. Why there, twenty year anniversary of what? Whatever that album, I would have told you dancing Bruno Mars, was- could really carry the shell Mars. Is somebody from economic and an he's done? It he's now appeared twice in our do on many issues by mags love shall we have so much out than this stack? I went about Shall Mendez Netflix, I'm worried whatever to stay away from Snapchat. That's the trifecta death, the Netflix went up red. I know yet still think you'll average down. If you go, if you of those who, but I'm for the men does burn out. I love now, I think, he's I think he's gonna be one of the few who makes it but the sinewy there, but you either go the wave of Bieber. You go the way of Taylor and let's see what happy birds a candidate for next year, Beaver Beaver could absolutely plant. You think terror, Swift and Adele and be at say, are the three most important people music right now correct.
I I do I do. I don't really understand what DJ colonies do things or why he is able to assemble these. These hit songs with like lots of artists on them, and- and I almost wonder if it's not going to be a single artist bay. Superbowl show going forward that they're just gonna, be these lake Ramey celebrity jams alike, three or four celebs Juliette like despatch seat. It like these are the songs that are being created where we have people are featured on other peoples in so I almost feel like we're. Gonna move to just the celebrity os cast away from putting the pressure on a single artist to carry the hold any there. Already. Serve transitioning us in that way. The Coldplay beyond say thing was a good example of that land nobody's going solo. At this point, let's talk about the three female are as a rule in the world right now will they are. I mean that the scary, for me with Adele is just something's, not right, she's, not built for touring yeah. It seems, like her
experience at every time. She's not end, and you know I wrote a piece in TWAIN fifteen on her when she sort of broke the seal, records yet, and at that moment in time you know she was. She was the biggest source in the world and I think today you're right, I think it's beyond say rightly so. I think she's, the queen Ann, You just know like Taylor. Swift is the the training montage is doing the rocky training montage right now, somewhere in the woods in Nashville. Building up writing a record and and she's going to come in and bring bring sort of her next punch and so between them for me, it is that you think she's in Russia, should I get lineups was grew tired with here. I take the view that story. I thought I could see like a pretty big backs beg if you were going to bring our terror swift in a box. You pick that backs more
beg if you were gonna, bring our Taylor Swift in a box. You pick that backs more than that, though I wouldn't put. It passed her to be smart enough to start a conversation about her leaving her apartment and about What are you going to do that then? She would have had over the years. A lot of kind of dubious may be possible EC celebrity relationships away. Oh h, she's had like eight, I have to change the subject. As we have Jellia Jamb jam session, one of our package with Amanda Dobbins, enjoy limit on China. Thirty three there The number one Taylor, possibly fake relationship, watchers and they break down when she data Tom Huddleston, as that is the idea they broke down like it was a from. Let me talk about Taylor, the business woman he loved her. So I do I mean look at. My she is to me probably the most, but she is emblem
of what an artist today has to be, as is beyond, say- and I think Adele too little bit of lesser extent, but but those are two artists who are also entrepreneurs. They understand they, thereby and they are managing their brand out front by the way. Madonna was amazing at this Madonna was amazing. If this John Carter manages the Jersey, bran very, very well right an end, but more than that, They are starting to take action to shape how the industry works and where, it was tailors, tailors apple encounter where she stood up on behalf of artists, whether it is beyond say political statement. I think that These are the most powerful artists in the world and they have a purpose and they have a cause and super. Jesus to see how they movie industry forward. I think Hendricks, music and
The words in the thinks he's singing about. I don't I don't they as the scope of those three, but I I would put him in the conversation adjust in terms of where the countries going in the things that people are upset about. I'm worried about you. I think he has the a chance to read cassettes. Another thing you and I have talked about, as you know, look at the Seventys and why Vietnam, war and I was stuff in the music, there came out from my sixty eight seventy five that kind of captured the people were it about, whereas the music now the best thing that can come out of this political, violent, I think, is just an explosion and creativity and I'm with the next come from hip hop. Are they not racked? I agree completely and it's not coming from Dj College, but but but people yet it. But we were talking about the most powerful artists. I think that's different than the most important, I think beyond say by the way, transcends both yeah
I'm with you on on Kendrick, but but that's why I'm excited for the next couple years cause you know the traumas elected a few months ago, so it's just now we're gonna start to see the cascading effect of of this on the US or young artist he's out there whose writing that bit that could be childish, kinda Tyler could be somebody holidays, younger days who knows programming us reason, probably not by raising right as that the money. Interesting. Music is now coming out of our generation who represent, and it's weird that rock is just. Is it possible that We just run out of ways to to do rock songs. Yes, I mean that that's you pointed out to me four years ago and I got really concern that almost every riff has been created. This point every version, one four, five Irae S, drawing for five correct cord structures are done. Fender and electric cars
are not selling anywhere near as much as they were. Those are on the decline like that genre is over that's ok like jazz was here. It was great. We had flatterers, and then in great depth and then we moved on like nobody threatens and he's really anymore, so yeah rack and come back. I hope so. Michael Mcdonald S sitting at home waiting for the call he's ready, we drove at two different part. Nevertheless, the injures area did Jimmy, but pack ass, mutate and Tommy, taint, Tommy, their twenties and I had I was crank in the rock and the way back. At least there are confused and and and scared. I bought my first house and allay from Christopher Cross yeah, and I basically Barak as it was Christopher crosses. Haven't you sit crisper cross at read well until until the advent of of film and video intersected with music Criss Cross, was great, I get so man we're going back when I don't play actually rock songs, but they play seventies. Love sounds like bread. Is that yet rack? Now
I'm an actually programme yet ripe for a dab and talk to them about Christopher Cross. His brother was that he looked like grimace from Mcdonald's and when he s only stage you just couldn't you couldn't have a fantasy about Christopher Cross hid in the great. So that was it you, you manage their matthies Ban way back when I was the chief of staff to the man during the day. Matthews man you're, the chief of staff, names, corn, captcha, who yeah a brilliant manager. But yes, that's how you got into them business yeah. Why had I had been? I was an artist and torn performer made five albums with the producer of the day, Matthews been we're managed by the day, Matthews Bank. I so that's how I got in through that through other organization, so math is its ban twenty two years, but you really the bit the big apex. Dear friend, was any ninety. Five, when people are making mixed Epsom and putting crash on them forever, their China have sex with and it was like. I want to have sex with you here.
A mixed aid that ends with crash yeah. That's all that's how we did it. That's all we rolled back at ninety five before its hinder or look. I you just saluting the punk ass. You do with Ryan R M was the first great college banned, but in the nineties Dave Matthies Ban was the college man. They played every frat in the southeast and all the backwards white hats deeds. They were. The nineties college. Bantu super famous success story, but but the manager of the demand is banned is the key there, because he was a student of the grateful dead and he saw what that bent. Remember back then begin ninety per cent. Your money coming from alms, ten percent from touring, so artists would go out once every three or four years on a tour cycle. Turn was not something you did in perpetuity or every year, except for one banned, and that was the grateful dead and so
Just keep coming out if you play to show that was different every night and that's what they Matthews Ban became. So is so it again, and ninety people go around and in turn once or fruit Demosthenes been would got every single summer in the nineties. Again a ninety people go around and in turn, once or Fruit de Matthews been would got every single summer in the nineties. The bandits the most tickets, more than you, two more than any other ban, was day Matthews Backfire because tried to do a modified version of that to read the thereat their lad. It makes the shows up overnight, but not that the lower that day bad as they did, but then, but then the demand has been took. It took a step further cause. They saw the business that was the grateful dead and how built a business around touring, while every other ban was building a business, around albums did matthies been sold meal,
and and millions and millions of dollars a year and merchandise to their fans. They had it all in this giant e commerce operation in. Also Virginia and remedies in the nineties just as serve online commerce is getting going here and there smart enough to basically build the Amazon web services for the music industry, which is to say that every other banned in the nineties into thousands that was starting to think about how to sell stuff online directly to their fans started using it. Math these bans company to do that. So there's this giant warehouse in Charlottesville Virginia that had signed Prince guitars and Donna like frame posters and lithium so and they use their infrastructure to help all other bans build up. This directive fan e commerce connection and make a bunch more of a bunch of money. All outside of the scope of the record label, and in that
sort of again artist is entrepreneurs, spirit is its are really it is what drove where the motto music businesses today, where it's all based around your tour and at this point Is there an album anymore? I don't know it looks to me like drakes drop in tracks every now and then and and so it doesn't matter. If you have a weird for people like us right and concept of just albums, that really benefits massively disorienting, but that band really was the. Pioneer in showing how to build a business that was three and sixty five days a year that never goes off cycle yet and that creates and incomes for the artist now the interesting thing about day have these cause you're. Your argument is: if he died, he would have been a hero because, yes, remember, two things was a big record and and under the table and dreaming was a big record. You might make the argument and an ivy did this just currently is, as he talked about areas that the demands has been did
take enough time to write. Yet because I think from their there, hasn't been that chronic song a mean either he's a good lesson from the I've in that? Yes, oh poor girl in some weird mansion for four miles: red and white Pearl Jem, lock yourself in studio north of San Francisco and just make the Rabelais to that right, young Ladys, that's the most underrated music that what it is, an animal oh god, and they wanted to. Germany did- and I think once you get on that treadmill today's artist in particular they ve got huge infrastructure. They got hundreds of people who were for them and rely on them. That was the saddest part when Jerry Garcia died. The grateful did actually had to think about laying off people with totally antithetical to the spirit of harming mean anyway, they build up these big businesses and You get on the treadmill and suddenly you workin for tuna. It's almost like the athlete and their honour you know in their entourage like their make,
money for so many people in their life, they don't get that break, and so it so important creatively to see people take break. And maybe maybe that's why you know in in the hip hop world where, where those artist day at least aren't going out as much the not spending as much time on the road. Maybe that affords a little bit more of a creative, a creative licence. We left that social as well as one of the reasons why concerts are still thriving. The ability of bans to or singers or whoever to connect with their fans on twitter to push towards AIDS. Push merchandise on Facebook on Instagram on Twitter snapshot, whatever their using it's a game changer over half of it of them of the top hundred most followed people on twitter or musicians zipper yet, and so there that's answer right. It is now occupiers and a historically these artists have been disconnected from their fan base. The law
was in the way, the physical record, Store was in the way. You know you had all these men and between the artists in the fence which to your point is why, when we were kids like we don't even see the faces of these hours until we got onto it, but today they have these direct consumer distribution channels, and so when we talk about the power and importance of artists like Taylor, artists, like beyond, say artists like Adele who can, at this point pretty much call their own shots, they do not need a record company, they probably don't need a tour promoters. They got enough money chance, there's no record company. They can go raise money from anywhere they want. They have distribution channels both through you know, existed through their own properties through social and so forth. They can be honoured there is the question- is just who's: gonna help them get there. And the ones they were going to succeed, artists who doubles entrepreneurs and an that's Taylor, that's beyond, say that's obviously Jesse at this point and in others that's not Brittany in speaking of the internet
convenient, easy, reliable, flexible. Those are my favourites to describe stamps that communism, the Post office right. Never, why would you like yourselves? I can't just by imprint officially: U S postage with your own. Peter and printer sat up a stamps stuck on the. U S: postal service, ready your fingertips, any letter, any package, any class, million control of it, though, even send you a digital scale that automatically cargo its exact postage and helps you decide the best class of men, your undisclosed. Our neighbourhood, as well as one post office, so is packed rate. Why would you want to be in that line? Nevertheless, it was to look at get a passport where I get a passport raid, the how you by code, BS for this special offer, a for weak trial, plus postage plus- digital scale without long term commitments when the great It's my life was when I commits by where to start using stamps that com, so she wouldn't, because at that she's gonna kill somebody in the post office. I just figured that
I would go down where she would kill some moves, the bare hands now she has stamps that come quick on the back for the top of the page type in bs that stamps that come and be a sign of today. Stamps outcome for richer postage, a digital scale, no long term commitments there, the Post office, again stadium safety, yup, you wrote this further ringer. I think we should keep talking about it since we, since you wrote that peace we had the incident in Paris Manchester Manchester things we have not yeah. We have not had the massive either ah stadium or soccer stadium, during same thing, we have this ram stadium. That's going up were its right next to the airport like it feels like should be more of a concern not to mention the part where you always talked about a digital footprint for tickets being able to track who gets the tickets
even write about this for two years- doesn't seem like we're any closer, what's goin on their. What looking in in practice, just intuitively If we need to know everything about a hundred people getting on an airplane seems like we ought to know something about a hundred thousand people coming into a stadium? I would it's common sense and you know the lunatic in Manchester Bloom self up and he killed twenty two people he's trying to get inside and kill two thousand two hundred, so I will tell you that behind the scenes both at the league level and certainly in the live event business, this is concerned, he has one of the top concerns that there isn't and security has begun to be beefed up, and
I talk to her to be concert promoted the other day. Who said we always just assume you know security is his people come up and then they get in and then we'd take everything down and we never thought about the end of the show. Yet so insurance rights are going up, costs rates are going up, but the core in terms of keeping people away from the venue. You can increase the perimeter yeah, but at some point you gotta let people in and so for me that comes down to how do we get to know these people in way that we dont today, because for your big calves, warriors game Fora for Big Bianca Concert no less than ten percent. The people who walked through the gate cause tickets are pieces of paper they get to for right handed around to France resold and the secondary market at those big events and so Suddenly, you know the the craziness of a world which they ve sold all their product online. All these people walk into their
physical space into their house. Basically, and they only no know one out of every ten people walking through feels unsustainable, and so I think that's the kind of innovation that you will see in the business going forward. It's gotta, be driven out was big artists, but but on top of that, you have here strange hours, for a ticket to sit here he buys that they re so four five hundred, that's it that person buys it. They re so afraid, hundreds it, but then the person who sold it for three hundred initially then I'll get a cut of any of the subsequent stuff so it seems like at least some Teams and leagues would be the easiest way to do this. First cuz, all combined They control in a certain way, but basically they get caught. Every time it gets result
isn't that part of where this is headed. I think so and and I'll say that you know one of the things it's probably standing in the way on sport side is the season ticket and- and that is because in look, we live in a world in which content is being unbundled and music is being unbundled and people are able to get things on demand, and so now two percent of the buying in the secondary market happens in the last forty eight hours, and so you can see it when you go on a place like seek that's that's right and so and somehow I don't think it's too Dodger game three hours for the game and sit where everyone in so what ends up here Are we gonna? Do the me undies peace, now nasty vocables enough? So so, but I agree and an an answer. But what happens with with the season ticket is that
the person who buys that inventory is not the person who walks through the gate and season ticket the season ticket it were, I would say, they used to be in the old days. You would go to seventy seventy five percent of the games. I they now people go to tat of the forty four mba, so I was a clipper season ticket holder, less of an integrated. We went to less than twenty, which means was selling more than twenty on the secondary. My shared recall and probably went the six regular seizing games and then a bunch of the plants caves and I lost thousands of dollars as clipper season ticket holder, because there's so much inventory on the secondary market but then also people, people, wizened up and real
Is that the way to the last day in jump on wherever great gave ticket, and so you sit back and you go? Why would you be a season? Ticket holder wide in any answer is as high as a fan. It probably doesn't make sense. So. The question is: who is why there is a reason? Why were there too This is why another's one the old reasons were omelette. Turn down an awesome seat to these games. Otherwise I have to go on the street and try to scalp integrates and now. I know where my seat is, but then also play ass. If this team get scared, that's where I have a plan, I see it. I don't have to pay seventeen times as much to see whether, if you're a warriors fan, I get it today, but were fear, Lakers with Leubronn come in here and poverty words and and would even though, has his five- the games that you want to go to, but not in. First, ten rose, who gets offer of the team is get, I think, maybe the clip. Or bad guys, and I had trouble recovering Michael all night, the clippers than unlike the TIM. Maybe look. I think
That bears the limited list of teams that here's the thing The reason the season ticket exists is not for the fan, especially in those such NFL me as eight home. Oh yeah, explain this cause. I don't think people realise this with which it down and for the team that they get to basically take your money, seven months for the season starts and they get a giant chuck of it and they just get the put it in a bank account what right and an even more interesting. Now, if you saw this yesterday, but the warriors came out and said in their new arena in San Francisco they're going to charge a what is the equivalent of like a personal seat licence, so you're gonna pay an up front, some to them yet give you the right to buy season tickets for the next thirty years and then with the wrinkled they added was they said, and in thirty years, We will give you the money back for that personal seat licence, so they basically are going to their fans and taking a thirty year interest free loan,
would serpent interred therein which they're gonna protracted one hundred percent against I'm not a hundred percent against either they put some real directions and how can be transferring surface it looks. Rick welts is one of most forward thinking, execs and sports. So I know that in that organization, obvious is great, so I know their there they're getting about that? But the dirty little secret in season tickets, for the most part, is that the majority of many sports teams season ticket holders are brokers and they do that for two reasons: one can it be sitting on loads of unsold seats or or be mediocre suck and nobody's either? If come, they're gonna, be sitting on loads of unsold seats or or be mediocre. Now it's like either. If your media carries sack, nobody wants to go on the chef, some awesome young, where some, then they may one in Rome on it. So it's basically an insurance policy for the teams and the brokers are partners with the teams in this, in the teams, are
willingly doing that to basically off load risk. Now you got to ask yourself: why do the teams need to do this? Like the the rain of outcomes of an NBA season, exist with in the thirty NBA teams, so the law in itself should probably be able to build an inch, and policy that in of the warriors Fund, the the pelicans or whatever right but set. So that's the first reason that that those teams will will do that, second and why the season ticket exists, because it's really a vehicle for them to offload risk. Was there get the money early right. Get that money. Early and and sit on it, make the floatin know where they are. But the second is a vestige of the ticking business and without going to technical, like a team will sign and exclusive agreement with their ticketing partner. Where ever they sell tickets? They sell it through. That's not a season. Two they sell an individual game to get through the ticketing companies website. So I had that
EL I kings tickets. I can only sell them or I'd go through this really shitty website in China. Was one of the resolve of the tickets. I didn't. I website is really hard here, but, as you know today, fans are directly to the secondary market they're coming to seek their common. Be a tickets are taken masters. The secondary sites are common to stub hub, but the teams are acts. Technically allowed to sell tickets there directly, but actual fans are so the hack that they do is they sell these season tickets to brokers who in turn turn around and sell them as individuals on the secondary market. Were fans exist yet, and that's because of these exclusivity per, genes that don't really make any sense anymore and and by the way, the last part to tie it back to the music peace is that season tickets, don't have service fees, so What ends up happening is music fan. Is you pay? These exist, but in service fees that really
subsidize sports fans. Yet in a venue right cause, a ticking comes gonna make their money somewhere, so music fans almost being assessed attacks today, so that sports you can go without this face. One. The thing was season tickets, which have ran about a bunch of times, and I think you have to is more funds as they are now than it was twenty years ago. The tvs are better, especially where an mba fan year, you're thinking about like I no no copper game. He I live in Santa Monica yeah I have to, my house. What am I gonna do about dinner I'll leave. My house, at five o clock, a b in traffic for an hour ago, there a try to get a quick dinner. I go to the game The India Games are always last past. Ten fifteen M driving home. This is seven our commitment, but verses just stay home and watch twelve games at once? At my seventy and tv, the rest of our life is moving to on demand. You get what you want when you want partition,
We in our entertainment options. That's why net your Netflix stock is going crazy right because you get it de that's why you're sponsor Spotify is so great cause. You get your music on demand. You also want to get your life on demand and that's what the secondary market provides. Now the teams notice and there really working around the seat using the season ticket more today as an insurance policy and like a financing vehicle, then really thing. That's about the fan Hall hold that thought speaking insurance policies are lost, time, but is it simply safe? Getting night, sleep easier said than done, especially thank you heard a noise downstairs. What about that night with you I was in your garage,
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ten percent off you order. So we are talking about this new clip and they wants to build there that I wrote about a little my piece about whether Cooper she moved to Seattle. Of course they did all the opposite. They double down a biography. And they pay gown area. There stood a move. This thing, how many how many arenas can one city have I mean there's there's almost he's aghast go around. I don't see any scenario where if he builds an mba arena art surgeon and not play in the form which they love, in plain this mba, what else is in the arena other than the clippers? And I don't get it? Let me tell you what great about it. Ok, I, like you spent an hour ass. He does not give a fuck zis just super rich, because this is a passion project for him and he wants to make the experience grew Eight I mean he's doing for mass, got trampoline dunks at half time. Like so does he
to create the greatest, so only for basketball arena that anyone's ever created full of technology experience. He cares about yeah and and again you will see the play there. I think I think you know from a rational business perspective, hey there's three there's, maybe there's ways to make it work I don't want anything past past him and his team to figure it out. But what's cool about the prospect there is that he would build something that isn't about stuffing as much money to his bottom line as possible, but about building the best experience for the team for himself as a fan and for the other fans were with him, some all in on with the NBA teams, I don't think the death of season tickets, if it's a death or whether it so. An alteration of how is aware, because the India they make so much money from the streaming and other stuff ip and is couldn't be better shape I think, for the energy balance, it's a real issue and was a very attendants. Heavy League
still is but asking these people to pay for forty one games a year, and I was one of them for six years and regular season hockey for the most part blows and had this he's tickets casual keep him for the class, but financially it just smarter. Not yet this is the tickets and then just to cherry pick, the class tickets, but some of this from a time when these owners, weren't multi billion, airs and they needed the money. Like apple Get matters any more. Your point is just meet people. The show they dont, whether the vehicle that they do that through a season ticket or not, is kind of a relevant. They needed. The season. Take back in the day when these owners desperately needed the money. But now you ve got Mr Crocky wealthiest guys. You know in the world whose building the stadium, in LOS Angeles layer he he is smart, he's gonna, he didn't need the money right. So so when it faces season tickets here that helps that these owners are in a value
their franchises of increased five acts in the last couple years, so that it takes the pressure off the need. To get all that money up front, because what's a couple million dollars when you get a franchise, it's worth the billion wacky a manner so that it does but even there, that I saw matters probably not as much because their tv does I'm leaving so much yeah yeah hockey. I think like that you're a hockey owner and you own the venue how many home get how many home gives you got right. You still have three hundred and twenty ish nights a year, yeah that you ve gotta Philip, Katarina and that's what your focus on if your hockey on her cuz? That's where you make your that's, where you going to make your money, it's an issue, two football teams, the one in Carson, regarding yes, we're gonna Carson, no weird would arson foreboding totally going again. This is Since this is like the bombers stadium, because it's too small, theirs really a whole lot of sweets. The bans are on
each other. I've seen some soccer games there. Yet there were awesome and like this could be the next thing, like who wants to sit up in the nose breeds of an eighty thousand seat stadium versus the energy of like a rock it it's over? It's like seeing this. You know it's like scene two and a club, like I'm all understood why more people didn't replicate the Fenway Park Myra, because we look at Fenway Park. I think there's a thirty six thousand seats in ten thousand them or are just flat awful, maybe more that maybe eleven thousand just once your past, which your nerves fields and you go around that corner in the deep, deep red. And right wagers, like there's just so many bad seats in Fenway. But but it's hard to get in it's almost like China get into the hot restaurant and I've never understood why football team didn't just build like the forty, five thousand seat NFL arena just geared toward light. The lower seats and scare rid of the upper deck David. It's because, while we want our fancy- but I don't think the fancy
There is much admired think they would feel left out on which he we get to maybe three years now depend on depending on the timing of the stadium here and allay of this experiment, which is what would football look like in a difference Twenty eight thousand, the Patriot Stadium as I said before, they, both the new one in it, and everyone likes yoga. More of those metal benches was horrible, is basically around circle and it was the centre fell, but it was. There is great energy at those home games and the energy is not the same as I dont think at the new state insert. So he sat at the Redskins stadium to him in that that's right and you Ok and then you went to the giant in its earlier Muh muh muh, my dad give up the scenes August this year, because he just cannot get out to them how many years Maryland forty years yeah just too much, fascinated by the soccer state in their building. In dad's had already staples, I think, That idea makes a lot of sense. What is it like? Twenty five thousand yeah, I think yes exactly and just
awesome idea like there there's train service down there and now, with the way the train has gone, you can get from the West side, even command. You can and from the hallowed hails wherever team. That is so me to here's. What we're gonna find out there, we're gonna find out if we ve reached peaks at you, forty five minutes away from a lot of people in the hard Ella Hollywood people that low lonesome. Seats. I just think it's gonna work, I would like to see them also put a baseball smiley team. Their taste so me to here's. What we're gonna find out there, we're gonna find out. If we ve reached peak saturation of stadiums, U S could bomber build a stadium, then you're going a football stadium on the West side of delay with rams and dodgers play, you can have a big soccer stadium in Carson. Were the galaxy play you can have bomber stadium on the West or marine on the West side as well ball. The Colosseum Dodger Stadium Jolly, would bull the news statements of terrorism, but we almost got ten places where a giant artist could play, but this is all part of,
it's happening with LOS Angeles. This is why the chefs or movie I hear the fastest growing city in America, which is. As it is already the second biggest city, but now It is for the Snapchat stock lock up to it to expire and like a month, and then you can I'm all these rich techies fleeing. Other parts of airline starting their business yeah. It's really happening. Looks like about August fifteenth. You worked a twitter for a long time. I did what two years three three. You in charge of commerce and all bunch other stuff media for little well, my heart beats for twitter. I love it. We just data this twitter show them that that was really interesting. I I like the way tutors thinking about stuff and You know our show that we did this game of Thrones Post gameshow. This eighth, I saw this is in a promotional thing. It's a march that in their sights ban it the ability to watch game of France GO to Twitter
where everybody's react in everything anyway, there's this post game show on demand. That's well done this. Seems like the motto going forward for matches, whether by that I think Facebook in a bunch differ mediums. This kind of on demand quickie well done, whatever people react in his stuff, and start. No wonder I would I will unite acrobats, whereas I twitter they screwed up. They screwed up their lead. They blew it are these chances to innovate and they did it now it actually right. There innovating and meanwhile, whenever anything happens, people the twitter to find out what happened. It feels like they're coming a little bit here. I know Europe I spoke. Anything I'm supervised at another twitter ever went away first of all now
ever went away. He hears here's. The thing I would like to know, I think, to Twitter has been what it can be for now. I would look at what is happening to an insurrection snapchat right where they, Facebook is the giant death star and usually, if you're, a business in what does that make aim as well in the social space yeah when they turn their deathray. On you, it's really fricking hard to compete, as they just got that that's what that's the definition of work effect like it has power, it is a moat they can they get better. Than anybody so What you're seeing Raina happened between Instagram and Snapchat is the power. Facebook and smart people at Instagram are just copying copying copy, but guess what Zack tried to do that with twitter anywhere fail, yeah, so Twitter still owns real time like for all of the of the you know, what's been written about and and the sort of accusations, a twitter shot itself in the foot, a lot worse they must have the right and, and you have
now the the the present United States using it as a platform, to basically communicate the rest. The world for me set to get well. Look he hears it's four for me. What was interesting about Twitter is that and why they moved in this video strategy is that it turns out that you don't have to be subscriber to Twitter to see what Donald Trump writes about unto you can see it on CNN. You can see it on another point. That was the platform strategy that twitter intentionally pursued and that helped it grow hundreds of millions of people, but I think it probable. He was also the strategy that capped it because at some point there people who don't have nine eleven p m d like PTSD like like you and I do and dont have to know, what's happening right in this moment they can go
There are other sources, a news and see stuff, that's happening it s. The idea behind video was now we're. Gonna put something that's exclusive and on Twitter, where the conversation happens that then people want to come and be a part of so that That's when they found you them for ten years Ray is people and conversations here. How do we keep them here and nudged them into other parts of our website, but were keeping them on the website that that? How do I expand the energy around that conversation and taken individually? What was happening is the conversation for starting on twitter and then moving on Twitter work is a great example, the region more drastic, any European, his twitter feed, which is not eat, asthma. Ties, it's basically branding only for him and now four years, bankers- eight, they paid him, but he breaks story there, but then that law she's reactions all over the internet right it just start there. That said right, so you look at they dad it's I wore. How would that work? If yeah he's breakin there
story, but then he's also keeping people there, and I don't know how you solve that. My point is just that, once you took the expectation away from twitter that it needed to be Facebook, and then it could just be what it is, which is place where the moment happens yet and an that's a focus that that dick Costly Lucio had an jack really refined as he's taken over an end and done it done a great job. I think in thinking up Ok, how do we make expand on that Mama? and make it not just about the the conversation but also video. That's happening live in, and so I m glad you guys are doing it in and I think the teams that have behind building that product of general a great job. I think it's good for twitter that they shifted their thinking. It never since two thousand ten, eleven twelve or there are just like this- is out of it, for if it ain't broke, don't fix it. You know, and they were so afraid to tinker with that. Whereas you look at somebody like Facebook and
Facebook didn't make every lights out move, but they made a ladder, really smart moves and they always soon be pushing and trying in and China be a year ahead. Instead of a year behind, The same thing with the he has promised was two three four or five years, I announced that finance come back to bite on Facebook made the big bets Instagram was, can do do a twitter, yen and Zadok locked him in the room and got the deal done within sickroom right and then when Zuckerberg looked around and said, jeez messaging is taking off. I have got to be in messaging. He bought what's up for the time young nineteen plus billion dollars, and so he has been willing to take those massive bets to build serve a constellation of apps around that big strong network. That is Facebook saddened that star wars, twelve is gonna, be Zuckerberg, firm basis for the future of mankind.
Basic rules on everything that plan basis they're, so huge right now that he will destroy Zaka enough in a monument of phases Zog, is gonna, run, eaten barbecue in the Midwest right now going to every state like he's just eating and eating. My guess is: he's gonna come back when four hundred pounds and basis it just turning into this. Like superhuman What happens when Coronado looks like the NBA in a room in like two thousand twenty six like couple years for the rights are up and like come here will give your data the same it's gonna happen. Zanna fell sooner than you you're the NFL up in two thousand twenty one. Apparently these, so they lack a downer room they just say, here's how things really free will sell staff will get have data on everybody loves your league and war. You here and we'll go overseas, and that we, what happens, is that they're gonna win that business and if.
Why they made. I want we're. Gonna start thinking about these companies, as is very very different from from what they are today, and the only question there is is: are they get into big this twitter get everybody's been wondering about this for years and years and years it's I'd, I'm still too close to. It is still too close to my heart for me too, to speculate too far on that. But but what I know is that Jack is the best steward for that business. He loves it. He you know he gave a ton of his stock back to the company to give it to employees when he took over a ceo, which was just so straight up. Act love and caring for the company and Jack will guide it too to the right outcome, whether that stand alone or whether there is an opportunity to land the plane somewhere else. I am quite sure that do you feel like there is much more optimism with it. In turn, twitter than there was like three years ago and people are like fuck. What we do know because
people never said fuck. What do we do that? The amazed thing about working it Twitter is that you are at this. Of something happening in the world every single week, Leah every single week it whether it was what happened in Ferguson whether it was you know the NBA finals. There is something that happened then. Now in this moment you know in the Trump era that it's just electric to be the centre, the platform that is driving conversation that shapes the world, and so that's always its. That's always been the mission for why people work a twitter. Yet there some downs, and you know a company like right now is feeling what we did it twitter, which is that the text This is all around them and by the way for good reason and their getten, you know they're getting fees
thrown out, am left and right and an end. They're gonna cocktail parties and people are gone. Oh I'm sorry! What's going on, it must be so top right yeah, but the Dick Hostler always would say this to see you twitter, he'd, say it's never is bad on the inside, as it looks like from the outside and its neighbours good on the inside. It looks like from the outside, and so I think that the natural attrition that you sought? Twitter was because there was because, Hold me in the valley work for two years and they move on their sort of mercenaries. There is deaf, Lee Sir rejuvenated energy. There, because of what's happening, but but but I think it would be unfair. Say that there has always been that purpose mission driven reason to be a twitter. I think it's a better product than it was It's even just better use I've been able to quote somebody's tweet and then have a hundred and forty character tweet. On top of the tree,
instead of the way, the old way we still or you ll have to edit the person's tweet that you were adding something tune front little things like that have been really good at. Their ability to play video better. That's been Jack's approaches. He too, he took over his view, was twitter is great and already is great, and if we do things to make it incrementally better and iterative better. The sum of the parts She is going to make an impact Charles and abuse, and all that stuff Dave they been cracking down. They could still do better, but at least its heading in a good direction in their their great people are working hard on that. It is, I think, the single biggest threat to the platform, and- and I saw the bigger threat to any potential buyer. I would say I think that rapidly to monitor a view. I think that's probably right with twitter is here's what tutors twit is the scent a central database, it it's the largest database,
real time human conversation on earth. It is the pulse of humanity, it, the Library of Congress, literally documents and archives, every tweeted get sent, and what comes with that is the most wonderful parts of humanity and some of the worst and the great thing about Twitter. Is that it gives every single user a voice, and occasionally the awful about Twitter is it gives every single user voice like when we put this package big boss. Sixty nine is like the data that guy socks Thanks for sandwich, went backwards. Three criminal, couldn't get an early enough to get us for its own, which were the thanks. I think we had everything right. We did thanks to our spot. If I did, you know you can listen to those summons pack ass in every other package from the Ringer Packets network on Spotify, the streaming service. You know and love for music, also fully loaded with Pakistan
and as in the pod cast section within the brass tab, when using Spotify and mobile urges by searching for the bill Simmonds pack ass somewhere there cooked follows: have our new up says, delivered right into your Spotify library and to specify that calm such package for more Santa stamps? Dotcom? The? U S postal service, ready your fingertips, any letter, any package, any class familiar and control of all that there were even send you a digital scale that automatically I do its exact postage. Now you decide the best class of male used by could be asked for this special offer: a for weak trial, plus postage plus digital scale without long term, commitments for richer postage, a digital scale, no long term commitments, never go the Post office in Darfur to check out the Ringer dotcom. Only a couple weeks left with the old website. The new websites come in and it looks nice very excited, came over big website burner for new website. Don't forget about talk the phones, Sunday rate after game thrones on HBO,
On twitter gotta at Ringer, gotta hashtag talk, the France you'll find us at and since tat here take that a new Gm Street like Lombard, that's on the rigour and official congratulations, tailored Tita yeah take paid so stay multiple packages for us. Thank you. Negative in my house turned out. River has racket. Morgues can help thanks. Nathan good, hang a ceasefire, we didn't we talk about what our daughters wet weather Instagram is defeated, Snapchat with with twelve and thirteen zero girls. That's next time with your thirty. Second answer. Might my thirty second answer is my daughter's getting massively hit on by boys on Instagram, and I just one at all to stop? Is it ends, but not snapchat everywhere, she added cigarette more established both make it stop Instagram. Least, I feel like we can monitor better limit the state. They start these stealth instagram accounts of. We don't know about that. That's a new thing that happens. Yes, I'm following others, crap here's the truth! You give your.
Children access to this are. They can make small mistakes that aren't bad oh and learn the rules of the road and understand that every venue they walk into can have a camera, and you have to do your best and let them learn the language and then trust them to go. Speak the language in an intense. Why? How many times have you had the conversation with your daughter not to take a picture of a part of her body or a full body? and may lead to a boy she, learn that through mistakes of other people in the network so sheet, she has in her friend screw up, get in trouble and school get in trouble with other parents, which is why we letter on early to two again see other people screw up, make a little tiny mistake here and there so that when it really counts, they know what to do. I just bringing about the time of their dinner. The wages comes over. What do you have a bit like I'll? Had the item my daughter to male any pictures, everybody anybody s class, burger at something. Sure fire way for her to Rebecca you don't wanna, that's that
sounds like that. Don't like a male in subscription to daddy issues here, you're dieters thirty, two weeks, two weeks, lanterns, is turned towards enhancing we're both just our wealth with over there. Does that experts in the beers pack ass- the joy the weekend- ways.
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