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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss an end of an era: Tom Brady confirmed he is leaving the New England Patriots. They also discuss a few NFL trades including Stefon Diggs to the Buffalo Bills, DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals, David Johnson to the Texans, QB signings, Parent Corner and more (2:57). Then in honor of the GOAT's departure, Bill reads an article he wrote back in 2001 before the infamous Patriots-Raiders AFC divisional playoff game, describing the long and sad road to what would become the Patriots dynasty (54:45).

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Where's that come such bs t c, o vs, dotcom, sash bs, don't get to check out the Ringer pack has network or we're still grandpa, but different paths, as well as the Ringer com, where you can find all the best. Cover John Sports pop culture. Everything else come up. We're gonna talk to arm cousin sow about Tom Brady's departure from New NGO. And all the ramifications from that, an amateur read, something that I wrote. Two thousand one about the Patriots before Brady's career really took off with it. Under this wanted to give a shadow to our frank, having read who announced today that he tested positive for the corona virus, I hope his feeling better
I'll be gets through this out, everybody out. There is taken care of themselves and try not to freak out too much. This continues to be the scariest, my tat we ve had since I've been life- and, ah you know it's a we ve passed point of I can't believe this is happening probably for five days ago. So all we're going to do on this end is keep do in trying to keep doing doing. At least most of our job try to keep them pike and a lot of people are a hold up. Hopefully everyone will soon be hauled up. China stay away from other people and if you watch tv listen. A pike ass were open. We can at least. Have some content for ya know. Another we watch was coming up the sweet too by the way wanna, give it away, but its castaway. I just did. I gave him away It's gonna be a buyer later in the week on the remarkable speed so stating for that- and I come up so first that France from project
all right. It is Tuesday afternoon West Coast time things just getting weirder and weirder by the day had to turn to an old friend and old style. Word of the day. Ass cousin sow what was that noise bill. I'm sorry I got a couple minutes. I met Patrick Malloy, Joe ass, an iron eighty man, corn, beef, hash, eating showers dog. I really want to talk about my job. A journey you took me back
Your messy with by emotions have already lost Tom Brady. I don't wanna use, lose you and say you and has a what day for you. This is the worst they battered they ever Boston, fatter, patriot, vat or anything was even worse for me, because I didn't wake up until eight o clock. State of super late last, I woke up at day and then just a bunch of text messages in the whole thing and as like, oh god, now they that banana was like. Oh, my might soon to be forty. Three o quarterback left the patriots. I guess it it could be worse, but definitely a bitter sweet day. What was I'll give you my take from from not knowing alive but read between the lines eyes. She did it really seems like the patriots wanted to move on. I think it's hard to look at this.
After reading everything in and seen the tea leaves and then going back to him, Brady Ass in September and everything I that it just seems like the patriots just didn't want to pay He thought he was worth because he had saying: abide as even have his next team. Yet did that
Drake. You is weird as a neutral burning yeah, I was trying to look like the time line and they say like Camp Bay, whose right right now the odds on favorites but made by time this postal advice, the right they are made him an offer seemed like a few days ago seemed like the chargers did the same, and I thank you. I don't it seemed to me like he went back to the page it one more time is. Why would you want to stay with the page that one could say whatever they want, but this is the age in quarterback. He knows the patriots culture knows there system. They really were like one possession receiver away from making the day of seed championship enough or one catch really by adamant. So I don't know why you want to leave their like day average fourteen point, the game on defence to tweak the often it looked like. That's where you want that go and regardless of what trap
that's made, it look like it was Brady who pushed away, but I think you're right. I think I think it was a patriots were ready to move on, but to move on to what I don't know well, he's big we knew is going to have to be today just because they had to get rid of them. The cap, it totally changed if it went past a certain threshold. So it's a thirty. And our cap reform anyway. But then, if there in a pay him? Whatever was He wanted thirty nine year, though it had the stretch out over the next couple years now, you're on the hook even longer and meanwhile you just keep your fingers crossed at your quarterback who, by the time he too. Forty three in August will basically be in his mid forties, that now, you're you're, just not going down this road, I buy guess, This is a little like the ended. The usual suspects when who is that China's parliamentarian,
there's looking around the wall and all the sudden he realizes all these different clues and now it all makes more sense right, though, grapple a trade that sets worker peace said he wrote at the time that I just didn't believe that there is a real fraction in that bellowed check. One group to take over and craft intervened. Brady selling his house in September, Brady laying off Breadcrumbs dad? I was looking had a going he's, abrogated actually leave. Why would somebody wanted just the United Chargers without the Ramstein, come on he's that actually doing that and then we hit the boy got closer closer and then a really started to feel realistic. Last week, especially people from the combine everybody saying tat we think is leading and and now we're here? But the weird thing to me: you you leave and just the I'm leaving. Cause. I'm going here, it is past
that he doesn't have the option yet now were taken. There said to its to cut Pacific tat by the time this policy might be on the tamper bay bucks at eight, that's the most likely, sir. But is it possible you didn't know for sure and they agreed last. I live. Man you're not coming back, we're not pay, and that figure for you now he's semi gambling to find another team. Is it possible? That is a possibility, although I do think that James, I imagine the Raiders the box, possibly the charges made him an offer somewhere, whether it's good enough for him, whether it's good better than what the patriots offered it remains to be seen. But what I want- and I was like the ballot check- wants him back he's back right. I mean only agree at that yeah. So what what happened now Bela check in
terms of how patriots bands look at em. Like you taken a chance you I know you want to know you wanted distance yourself from him. Prove that you can win without a mature Brady want to do the same, but I feel like this is more of a risk propeller check in terms of how he's gonna be seen by patriots ban over all right. I don't you feel like if you ever to eight Nay seasons, he loses a lotta lustre. As far as you know, the legendary coach, whereas doesn't really matter what Brady does than any other team I cannot tell I feel how do you feel the page? You that's why? I wonder if he looked at how the last two years, where and especially how good the chief sir looking at the big picture that can we honestly beat the chiefs of what we have. You know like we Basically, we miraculously won the Superbowl. Two years ago. We shouldn't gotten out of that agency, title game again city we did and then.
Sneak out against the rams where we had no offence at all a new score. One one down when it actually mattered and you in the game somehow, but now you're. Looking at this quarterback that as we do, throughout this pie? Is it was a fairly predictable offence because Brady couldn't really move around everything had to be perfect. You know it was that the Barcelona Soccer team style of connecting all these passes, and I really think that at least from the ballot check side there he was like. We can't pay this guy for past performance. We can't pan sixty five million dollars for two years are teams. I can be good enough if the goal is to win the super bowl. We're not going to come out of those two years. Were Superboss aware we do in this he's ballot check as always this like? How do we win the Superbowl and he obviously felt like by paying that much money, it would be impossible.
For them to win the Superbowl. I think that's a fair assessment right like doesn't to like his goals, are and how we going to win the Superbowl. If that's his outlook- and you can bet on this and on this in some places, you got charge Denham, as starters, plus one fifty Annie, DOM three two one: Derek Winston, seven, one: Derek Car, seven, fifty four nine one garage below the I swing, analytic, that's happening tenth. Who do you see an arrow, there's someone Elsie Asma, I told you, I thought I was gonna be be per cent, and that was I told you that, this morning we were talking even before the cold Seinfeld Rivers for one year, twenty five, nine eight and I think Grisettes bet on the pats they like em. Think he was good, the first seven games and the year before heard his leg came back. Employed on one leg and the terrible and
That was why the courts it made the class basically because he got hurt, but I thought, if you go back and look at the first six seven games, he was classic. Gay manager could move around, creates and plays com you have sowed, be minus side, be something like that and, I think, is under content. For one year, fifty million- so I thought TAT would make way more sets. I dont began to dawn would find New England. You know cause you gotta look at their psych. We just had add the hottest wave of all time for twenty years indeed almost I'd, rather not most rather not date. Anybody Denby a guy. Here's by new girlfriend its eighty dawn right. You can't do that We said that my time is wiped adopt. Why? I showed you, don't ever you kid for Tom raided ended on you.
Have to bring somebody back, who's been on the team like preset arguer out below, or you have to just go totally off reservation and do JANUS rat or you just you place, stem thought and such like God be depressing. That's a glass depressing option have which go in New England area like bright. Tell brain is larger. Gonna go right, boy role: where did you get the Mannings ship? There? but what we did when a title has collaborated yet read through what is the ultimate up you from now attacked Brady? Is it I guess it's Jimmy J and then second choices percent right, I don't they Brady would take percent, as in a few minutes, grisettes now backup tobacco its legacy if they everyone what these guy of he with them. I don T want the superbowl dawn, They re about check to see
Brady's, risking something here by you know whether a whether he has two more years of no whatever, but if he'd nothing happens to him, It is able to win were like a be minus quarterback, thou solve a lot of really dumb Belgic verses, braided debates, everything, but I do feel like. When they know I laughed and Jamie Collins left those two guys together and then you think I like You know they use their franchise tag on guard, whether they nap keeping him or not will say. But I do I do one. If there's a warrior scenario here, CAP's they throw away this year and try to fix all the capital up because member they took the cap at four Antonio Brad too. So I think that come combined for Brady and Antonio Brown. It's it's gotta be close to like twenty five million bucks, just in dead cap space, which is something they don't normally have to deal with because they ve been so smart, the cap. So maybe they look at this, I cave
in about allow its bottom out. We ve we I have a second round pack. We ve had a couple really bad drafts we don't have. Are you know, go quarterback anymore? Maybe maybe you just kind of reboot year. I guess I don't know where the money in other capitals, the two hundred million now looking at their roster and they really do Now a k, a little bed money there, but don't allocate a ton of money to like physician players. Scale position play is rather so out and unaware the monies. I do wonder, though, for all the fun we made of JANUS in our route and for that thirty. Thirty would really watching the buccaneers games more than our own teams towards the end. Just to saving get to that magical number. Do you feel like it, which destroyed yourself? A little bit of temper had a little more public confidence and James. They went even further
thing Tom Brady and he might be back under these either? This is by thought this junk trying to blame you, for that is the goal of halving JANUS. Let's talk about that area for a second reading on a temper bay. If he has is eighty percent as easy as good as it was in his prime, they have two of them ass, ten receivers and the league. I was lucky enough tat both guys my fantasy came. It was incredible. Those guys were open constantly and you know whether Brady is the re quarterback for them at this stage of his career, I'm not sure, but it certainly more weapons than dunwoodie add in in New England, he's got some tied ends. Who is there that third third receiver. They had who, when the guy's went down over his name, that I was the Son of Fantasy Juggernaut,
I was at him and what do they mean? I know it's over the last two years. It was terrible that we can't we already forget. The order was a brush apparent Herman research pyramid who. Was wearing a uniform number that was similar to Evans and Godwin, and it was always confusing EDA if you had to the three guys if they are now that's pyramid, but but I thought they were pretty loaded So I'm in this weird spot, where I am so grateful to the twenty years nominal talk I after we leave em into Rita com. I rode two thousand when a China put of it in perspective, how fuckin, sadder with Godaddy, happily measure on guard both only read the iron, that can read that with you. I know I can you beaches, cacti nothin, but you know if we say he does go to Santa. Let's say there really good and there like ten in one and meanwhile the patter planning for three. Nay ear there that down that road,
awful now granted this under this scenario will actually have football and we're not gonna I'll, be under some crazy quarantine and nay. I think it's it's fun for a second just to let your mind drift to this world in September, where things might actually be normal, but they are just be weird to watch succeed out. Another team that have never ever really had an athlete I think of you, have you had a guy leave and I Clemens but Clemens is teams were really winning and he never one. You know He never one, though the world Series with the eye game and are not there. Yet. Anyway, you want the Yankees. Wherever there I can remember, I think he was on the other ninety, but that point I didn't care, because we had already one Borg went to the avalanche, but we did. Boston was actually ruining for him. No in the CUP Cosette was really said. The Bruin suggest at rock bottom, but yeah.
I can't remember being in a scenario like this. I know other people have I've been with favorite where You got a router answer. Guy a little bit or rude, bore totally road form, an abandoned your team that there was a link his fans shack. I remember in the MID two thousand, when the Lakers chose between Shack and Kirby. And then Shack went to Miami almost made. The fire knows no five. Then he actually made no six on the title and they're kind of before, but us how about that. So I think that would be the reaction, but
No one's interest. I believe you loved your brand is a legend two hundred years and illicit dinner at the NBA. Yet I was a credit further action that today a crap for this. The waiter players move around so much buddy posted up the NFL starting quarterbacks in two thousand eighty Brady New England. We don't know where he is now. Rivers chargers goes the colt walk, Pulse retired Manning Giants, retired Newton Carolina, TBD Panel, Miami Tennessee Winston Taboo Bade, TBD, Dalton, Cincinnati, TBD bottles, jaguars, rams like it that such a mixed arose in Arizona tap a Bay Mary odors gone a different aim, very strange lack. Oh,
Must I cow, MBA, coaches, Heather's, atonement, turnover that you don't usually see that with the quarterback position? Well, that's how quick break the talk about Google Cloud companies around the world are sovereign. The most important challenges, Google Cloud like the home depot, who saw me for impairing tourists, get more than using Google Clouds, big The solutions are delivering d y know how and product information nearly instantly. The customers online customers are mine and arming forty thousand associates with the knowledge tools. They need help any dewar who walks through the door Google Cloud would he sobbing for Visa G dad seo slash clad, slash sobbing, to find out. Can we talk about Tom Brady worst case scenarios, that's why if you knew what the biggest that view is by the worst case scenario, the patriots gone far right. I would say the worst case scenario is dubious to phone one. Is the patriots dont really miss? Much
beat without him, which I think is unrealistic. But you know you can't can't about Jack and you can't forget a castle season and even the DE vacate, the for Games Brady, was suspended. They still have the best coaching staff and there in they still have really smart where's, that they target and things like tat lay date. If data not to do the gods. They, whereas in my guess, would be Bela check, wouldn't want to do the guns. They words, especially without this cap space. I I just thou over chief cause he's the coach, but the divorce worst case. Scenarios for Brady is that he switches teams. And he's just in that last paid Manning Year in Denver situation. Where meaning you know many wins the super ball, but he certainly one of the top eight reasons they win the Superbowl that year and if anything, he held them back and it was of a bummer to watch him and I was somebody that rooted against them his whole career,
and even I was kind of bummed out, and you know he ended up. He made a couple big throws in the AFC title game against the pats. They didn't really need them in the super bowl, but for the most part so bad that year that he wanted to play the next year. Nobody wanted to sign it, which is its one things tat matter through the cracks over the years affiliation pop a job they just there was escaped the chair, any skill, my main man, it's possible, the air, but here was it was kind of a sad way for him to go out, because I remember Peter King was writing. Coms a year is a tight paint meaning
absolutely wants to play. In thirty, two teams are like yeah cool, we're good. We it's a happening like. I was thinking that like when you know all these cities that might be excited together might if it goes to Vegas. That's a nice fun start for John Bruton and the raiders and in LAS Vegas or if he goes to the chargers. They need something to put this. The there like little brother to the rams in the stadium and a new state and who knows what's gonna, show up in all that there be a nice boost to start or even Tampa Bay, but how much these fans? How much is the franchise Bruce Arians, whoever it is good to put up with Brady if it rose six interceptions in the first three games in one on one or two or a pick? Things like? I don't know what it wears off
very quickly, whereas I think like dollar check as a little more wiggle room would. However, he puts in their attempt to replace him. I was talk anew. A bunch of different people need texting and got bearing perspectives and you'd aggravate this, but our friend hedge was on the camp of he should maybe he should maybe pack it up. What's he doing. There is a scenario where he is not a good next year and peace, like wow? We really made a big deal out of this guy who's, forty three: where he's going to play, he ends up getting a big contract and he's just not that good anymore. I do think that's more real dick. Then him being awesome, we learn that the cat this guy out, but I just think forty three years old Jesus,
yet. The only thing is you count on Tom Brady to be smart enough to know why that is so when he says I can point to forty five, forty six, even though the number declined over the last three years, you kind of want to believe him because he has the six rings and you can't you should believe improve. So if he that that's what that's the only hope right there right if it says that this is a name was faceless person, you looked at as numbers you, but now I never take a chance on that, but because these Tom Brady, you take him for his work, and I think that at think that, basically how he would craft a new contract with some of these things, I started thinking about hedge and when the Hopkins Bird, David, Johnson, trade, virtually alkaline, went down how crazy would have to be in our league, our fantasy wig. Our if that happened, but that was known happily restraining. Orders rice shoot why, in the fact that the patriots were involved in their trade yeah, I kind of new and when they lead
go and staff and eggs both of those guys. You go by the Wayside that is, another man there, really that can bring paid back. Can you live in public at a time like often Hooper underhand rigour was like them tag back there. I could have been the missing piece rights. Every guy. I mean, if you had told me yesterday, that they traded kill Harry and their first round pick for Hopkins. I would have been like that's a great dread, sure, that's probably what the price for them. How can you be in for what you think I know o Brien got. You know eviscerated the last thirty hours, but they did a that- was it forty per cent of what I would have thought he was worth in the movie, Guy digs and I know digs- had a much more favourable contract, but the hoffered digs almost seem like it was twice as much his wit
Perhaps it is more than five or six and twenty twenty one and the first seven and twenty twenty or one five, six and twenty twenty four seven and twenty toilet prayed in it like that, like o Brien, if you wanted to defend him, you had like an hour. Maybe to do it before that digs trade went through like oh, my god, he really just didn't get on the phone call GM! That's one thing you guys have gone against, even though you have fleece teams and the path that thing all wary of yet another followed dollar jack and make it a trade like that. Will I hope, o Brien didn't do the whole thing about one in a trade hopkins outside his conference. Ivan scenery quotes about it, but that's always what am I these fair right here. Member ruined bridge when I bow check, traded Bledsoe did the bills in our division. Everybody went nazis and what do I care they they made the best offer its out like we'd, have to go through them. At all point for trying to win the Superbowl away, but I really
that was in his lodging thy. While you know we could have, we had a couple of sea offers by Rina. We just wanted it sent about conference. Don't worry the way bill, o Brien used in mobile competing for a title. Any tab said I would be you imagine leg. I mean nobody cares about the texts that it's gotta be a top five, nobody there's about them team just because they have only been around twenty years. You now there, though, there probably behind the Rockets, at least in he's tinges fur like attend they don't know what to think of the asteroids and age. I haven't really crazy knows that year between the Rockets, masters in general, I thought I'd Dave captured the city in the way like to have a chance to win the title. Anything like that. But can you imagine if that was the cowboys, cowboys traded to first round pigs, first Larry Tensile and then
Boy Hopkins First Sector out pick like people thou at all, everything he has been talked about for like five three weeks, bad at ten dollars with, rather than the I gotta lotta Jerry, don't get alot of crap for not name in GM, and then you look at a crosstown rivals. Fifty well within, though O Brien Cigar, thank God that maybe maybe Ball Brian's on Jerry Joam Garral. Really you may be sabotage football, Texas yeah. I guess I don't really understand what anyone's worth and football in basket by have been excellent. Gauge, fair prices and in football its legs defined eggs is gets forty percent more than the then what she's Semaphored Gadget Hopkins, basically because he makes less money, but then the cap away up this year, although the couples- and this is why an ardent defender-
o Brien it but the again, and when that stuff on the extra came down there was nothing you could take a different, though o Brien it didn't those due diligence body like man I'd this looks bad, but I'd Hopkins he didn't get along with O Brien in the front office, though they weren't residing in any way they didn't have a pick and a top fifty so good that they got a second round their out of em and added. I was trying to David Johnson Healthy, is better than hollows hide, Mamore Miller. Then you got for Kenny Stills and any sign ramble carbon office under giving much more money to ramble carbon David Johnson than they. Just the under Hopkins, like it did, didn't make any sense from anyway, you looked at it yeah when they signed Rainbow Cobb to whatever they sign into that was like they're just there just the worst run theme in the leg Now we have our answers. Who has any semblance of the possibility of a master plan? whereby the way said, but you know, for the patriots they gave up a second round pig for Mohammed Zanu,
which is basically what Arizona gave up for she had drafted said, Sir David Johnson, the David Jack, was even the best or any back at his own team right. It's tough. I dare I sincerely doubt that Houston would have traded, dragons two New England now Alex I so anyway. You're prediction for the patriots thanks Kubi is who I don't think they can go to crazy here. Everyone out,
as the time we're on here. There's only three major quarterback that haven't had a landing spot like Brady, Newton and Winston Right Naked said Derec car someone like Nick falls as the jump around or somethin and those outside chance. Corrupt Loma, not not gonna happen, but its those three right. Some of those three fit in you know what's gonna happen, but I think you're right. I think it's an Andy Dalton Type guy. I don't think they go into the seas in the yard, cinemas their number one further ended on nice guy, listen, you're, quite a shaky game on the first added. I want that before. Yet I wouldn't be fun, guarantee would enjoy that We can ensure that either Patsy thirty five want to win the Superbowl writer? Who is the other that the Patriots yeah thirty, the
so did you do? I know you did some of their side against all odds, but tamper bays over under right now, still eight Neff winds, while minus one, forty five, maybe that smart, the jump on the over for them. Yeah, it's pretty good I'll! I was also taken in your division. This might be a nice emotional hedge view bells, plus one sixty five. There were so Brady comes out with the report in the postern Instagram and they were plus three fifty now they texting you and how, and just as I was telling you guys, it fell off the board. Now it is half that its plus one sixty five, but I still think that decent value right that often should be good. That defence is almost got the patriot, I'm deftly not doing that What I learned with I know in public you don't want to do that, but as far as now I'm they don't need not do that. The emotional hedge would be to bet on Brady with the box.
Now I have a little extra on it. You know, and then, if anything does wound he comes back to haunt the patriots. At least like you make some money, out of it. There we go, kill Diana form anyway, right, isn't that outweighed at that you'll be happy for me. The way. Yeah, it else it'll be weird I've never been in this situation with any athlete who we ve had for this long just ended up and for the long Haul Clemens was the closest Clemens thing was much more acrimonious down there. You know you we also acrimony his acrimony ethic. This is where we disagree. I think ballot checks legacy has more chance of getting taken ahead here either.
You think I'd do any legacies taking it. Can I go with the new legacies. Take ahead, no matter what happens gender, but I take patriots, fans on all said and done like right now. I right now you would say if you had a allocate a percentage of the Superbowl who was it not enough? You ever answered it, who is more responsible for their Superbowl, elegiac, Obray, you're gonna, say kept separate, I would say: sixty Forty bow Jack. Sixty forty belgic arrived so sure it s more to lose spell if Brady makes the playoffs and he stumbled around eight and eight only cuz the organization that he built and the way that they figured at the cap and all these different loopholes that he just kind of bastard over the years. You know, I think both, but I think both guys were supervisor that each other- and I don't really like the separate them, but
did you know? You know what I think that's affordable moment than countries the aggregated ignored it? Don't change is figuring out some stuff ahead of time. Like you definitely figured out the don't pay people for past performance thing, yeah, geek, keep move on people two years earlier, tenants the tears tonight he dance I figured out. Dont over pay for one asset, try to spread around shied had depth. Do that How then use your cap space really smartly right? Try to roll over pigs from our value. He figured that peace out and then just recently, the less. In a six seven years, figured at all and if a middle class thing where they just over and over again we're targeting these guys that made between five and eight million dollars and China At those guys versus paying two guys, third,
two million dollars you do come added at with due at an intelligent, intelligent manner. I don't know if all Patriots Van file that I think like if the best case for Brady is be you gotta one game go being down twenty eight three right, like cannot abolish acts, hand there and probably screwed them for the Superbowl right with the old Butler thanks Palm. What's the best case for jack. I see them, they definitely should have one, and they did. I think the rams. The rim Superbowl is a classic Bela check. That was where he is completely figured out how to stop the ribs. And the only needed thirteen points from the office and they want it. I think that the sea at all and at last, a super balls are probably skewed more toward Brady cause. I just don't think there's a ladder quarterbacks who could come back from that? You know come back from
in Seattle, a man but then ballot chickens up jet. I might, In care on the last minute, so maybe they split thou unequally and then the Falcons one is just Brady that baby, that's like that's a great game is career but another I think, they're toppled out at first went out to get the braided ethic. He wasn't the ram Superbowl. He really wasn't that gonna game now relate in they did moved the bar on the second half. Nothing was so undermined. The second act numbers were as good as the first that numbers. I thought I thought for sure in that game there I mean the thing. The thing about him in that aim is how bad the weapons were. It is unbelievable that the starting tightened was near the league the next year. The running back was a backer. Brain Back in the wide receivers were like third and fourth receivers on any other thin yeah, so
last thing and then we'll wrap up the breathing thing. I got the m that the whole concept of somebody finishing their career somewhere ass. You had. It happened with Emmett Smith. Who is your idle for a long time until you actually better rights? Have He had Arizona now nobody remembers that, but in the end the moment was pretty strange and and didn't seem right, many think about like great players who are attached to assert friend has been dead in their credit different franchise, there's not a lot of fun memories for Montana to the Chiefs, even that one like they almost made this super, but they did and he had a couple good money. Football games, the fight that, but it wasn't like you know the most awesome thing that day I don't have a lot of Fine Joe Montana, cheese memories, meaning to the breakers, I think, was pretty flunkey, because
do they're the interlock thing, meaning at the four surgeries and he had something approve and he had in a couple monster years for the Brok Rosetta. I think that's tough to compare that situation to anything, but for the most part, Usually this doesn't go that great and then use easy. What happened with Kobe Bryant here January February, last Sancho S how he played two decades for the same team really belong for the city retired, after here, and you know our poor in that happen happened for so many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons was you know he was so
a big party last Santos any never laughed and now Brady's. Basically punted on that. Do you think that's gonna matter, so I remember being terrified that Roma. You know when I had committed the dac that he was gonna go somewhere out, my honour, I can't do it. I don't want to do this. All leave a cowboy they'll, never come back after my kids or can be confused. You know you don't want to deal with it. Did you forget the emotional part of it? It's a lot of work, but I don't know depends how this gets. I think someone got the right an article about how this really went down. We get a lot of sympathy if it is, as you say, the patriots just passed on it would definitely seems that there is acrimony dating back to last summer, forward have arisen in you, now that we look back and it's like he saw this ass. It wasn't just him being dramatic and all the others If that happened, these little son
and here and there you know, quotes and Instagram person all that stuff. It wasn't just him playing up the drama he actually did feel like this was gonna be his last season. I did some sort of tipping point with them, but I do feel like you know it's like any relationship when you say twenty years with the same entity. You start every slight every whatever starts getting. Magnified like like I like our cousin Jimmy has had a tv show now for what eighteen years, yeah yeah yeah alma since the eighteen year, but it acrimonious they actually need him is show, makes money for them and stuff like that, but if he had been kind of, if they had the same ABC president that entire time- and it was always who gets credit for whenever the Inn and Jimmy Was- are these it started. Piling up, could indeed could music
Some point him guide, I'm taken this to another tv networks. Through this guy there at present, This was, but they also made it clear. Only dollar check animated made it more clear that you now he would always want that opportunity to see what would be like to win without Brady enough and now the Jimmy G thing could have did it could have been over that right, see you got more years at a Brady got a super bowl, and now I said I think it's it's bowed. Bottom dollar checks. Court more appropriate words, like one of my friends, said at a military, Ghost Indianapolis for more money and then just because
another guy during this whole Pats dynasty, whereas if he stays with the paths for twenty years, he owns a bunch of sports bars in Massachusetts and that Europe has a completely different meaning. The problem of this analogy since I introduced on the Pike ass the last time as couple people pointed out, there's no about check would have kept him for twenty years. He would have brutally murdered, have at some point in and waved him when you least expected it for some cheaper kicker. So there's no way, we could be pointed out that scenario, but you know voucher cuts. Dude and may be Brady knew that and wanted to leave while he had at least a little bit a leverage left and didn't want. Be paid Manning after that last embryo endeavours. I e our again we're not gonna keep this going. Red and white Guy hatreds schedule this year that we find if it ends up there in the box or on the raiders Patriot, scheduled for twenty twenty one
Maybe I could check as a failure and I know what the chargers patriot. As a fan of Tom Brady. I hope he goes to tamper back. You do. And it has a legitimate answer when have gone to the charges of be lame they'd. Nobody here, why don't you want to buy a car from still in the same way, who cares about the charges here, honey chargers, conversations of you had in ten years? Do you think the new wall played a factor in either of their decisions, Bela check or Brady? So now you could be eighty seven going into the last week and look at a wild card, but seven play opting in it. How interesting? I wonder now now now doesn't necessarily have to win the division. So you think eighty darkness gain value because it new rules now nine in every other, that nine any is could be
I think that for the first year they won't play seventeen play sixteen still, but yet so you could be. You could technically be eight, nay and get in my cowboys a minus two hundred to make the play off. That's out! That's how easy they see it as this year. Jesus. You know now that I'm thinking about it, I'm stone still grappling laws that didn't the worst scenarios Brady doing well and ass being saddled with them. You be that the rest of America can make fun of Inachus ain't. But what, if it's true biscuit, what, if, what, if the bears trade for, can new and ensure biscuit and then bowed check, steals travesty under the you don't think, and this guy was attacked, repack a couple years ago. I'm get real value here. He was in a bad system, will put him in our system? Would teach them how to be a quarter back and then we have mixture risky. This is the kind of stuff I never have to worry about for twenty years. The best thing and you ve been in this situation a few times in the cab was the best thing about having a good
or back. Is you don't have a bad quarterback add: quarterback heads the fucking workers: what's worse, having a bad quarterback, not in bad quarterbacks feels way. Worse than have you a good quarterback feels good. You're me I know you because you have to worry about a dumb interception. The fourth quarter, ten out of sixteen games, that great it's fuck, a neighbor who is the worst who's, the worse quarterback give had the last twenty years. Actually started for a decent team that diversity, blood. When she called him to play off so yeah that was kind about that was about it, but the good ones came and we had. I remember Tony S imposed Superbowl. And he was good the next year and then he just kind of lost his confidence there and for like five straight years we just had the worst quarterback who is one after the other, like fluting in there
few male n were? I can remember the Brown they did at the sixty go back and twenty year to stop them. Then they get. A good round is terrible. So my expert opinion is it's better to have a good quarterback than a bad. When you have to have an illegal tat, we ve weed stuck with their families, really do an emergency parent corner one break. Hey without security. There are two ways you can go about: protecting your home there's. No way where you wait weeks for a technician, do a messy installation costs a small fortune or There is the other way, simply safe, simply savers, everything you need and obscurity system its award winning protection to time. When are the scene at editors, choice word super safe baggage, your whole home in safety. You barely notices there, but which truly remarkable. As you can set up the system all by yourself, anyone can do it ex thirty minutes now tops, and there is absolutely no trade offs to safety. You haven't
We have highly trained security experts, raided dispatch, poorest, your home and a moment's notice. Twenty four seven go to super safe back, I'm such bs get a free, simply say here. The German normally hundred hours go today in its free who will be captured, crucial evidence for the poorest, get three and of its assent, faster dispatch, gotta simply say that perhaps I should be a simply safer, two eyes simply say backup, slash, bs. I'd say this is the most time you ve ever spent with their family has has a going, don't buy it. I say out of the baby boom nine months from now, but I also think there can be a lot of kids up for adoption. So maybe everyone should think it s, because you didn't catch up a kid at will, I think, come what whatever bumpers come December, it's rough right and there's gonna be
I think we have like three month right. What would you say I would say minimum three minutes. I have been saying that in the last couple parts it doesn't seem realistic that this ends before June right until that means ok, so that for a teacher approval ratings or through the roof right now, because now our homes going all our kids yeah they're, all shithead, they don't want to sit still for ten minutes, then a blame on their home. Why would they want to sit still and our guy of all day to do this, but it is creating so many flights in my house, my wife and I wouldn't know melted and just as we want to do any work right, are you going to do the same thing? It's on another level. My has because normally my son who's been basically preparing for a quarantine. His whole life Pacific Betty everything his ear. To do, namely he would be jumpy and the trampling for an play, a basketball player
gone inside Pang Entire play video games, you just begun, but is he's, got a broken foot so he still limping cast. So he can't do all the energy stuff and he is not working off the Red afford a five hours of just doing stuff, because you can't So he is driving me crazy leg up to them to the point I may put em on Ebay pretty soon I been thinking TAT it can you put human beings and Ebay, or now I saw his instagram, both any set for prophetic. You have this. I vow repaying everything you ve done besides, go again jab wherever silent, stepping on your parent corner. But what did he right on his part, but I'm gonna get it for you yet, first of all, I dont think you. I don't think he wants more than three complete patria against just pieces of a lot of them, his head mice
where is it scare purser's? Dear Tom Brady, you been great for many years, but it's time you go We have loved the type you we have the time you have better in new beg you and then I text him as I can you just at least fear and put back any change, love to loved, so other tenses right now still stuff That's my answers. Magic words, ITALY. We're gonna throw Tom Brady under the bus with submits Instagram. Can you please get your tenses right? The post down fairly daddy can't I love so yeah Meda, sounds crazy about you know. I don't know you are, but I want anyone leaving now and it turns out. I was stupid people, my family, like my mother, for instance, who, if you do the math, is not under fifty years old and likely.
A timer day were checking and should like out at my face. Doesn't look good. I don't want you just call me I gotta what happens like well, I got laser. I got laser on my faith that you're going out again like lays the surgery yeah was like. Ninety percent of that, of course, is ninety percent. No, and no one over sixty five pleader, how you getting major, pays, leisured off the planet and between that and my son is unlike some kind of like tat game or something that in the whole greater and attack game, and he was it then somehow he could he could like track. People on its bone is a guy. I gotta get this guy he's walk along the strand at the beach mom. Let me jump in the car tat. We get an ugly. What the hell are you guys doing? This is exactly what you're nice both do. They come back
and they turned me guy and its browser. I can't this is totally opposite avoidance both be doing now playing tag care. What you stole my card or anything, so I'm I'm freaking out a little, but I don't want anyone coming with those concerned. Do she, but we had the housekeeper like I just unlike now, it's pair tender Montana, once Onawandah come an above average than everything gettin stood up so that this is. This is our lives now? What
then they d oftentimes vicious rivalry between your middle sending her youngest son. What's happened like they're in the quarantine but bad in its exasperated, because we're only watching wrestling like ITALY, every boil rumble one or two thousand three and raw smacked out, thank God of continued on, but they're playing without an audience there they're running the cards yet, but without a crowd and ethic the violets Romania. To be the same, so these kids are there have cabin fever, their jumping up on couches they get and yell that for not doing homework and their rattling images that really this thing and has like I'd I'd die attacks, the other. What what are the overlanders on our wives cry? What do the overruns on out trying his past?
with abortion dead bad? I don't know how you do. Where do you go? They walk around the block as a family, where you do my wave tries to walk every day and on Sunday after three straight days stuck with us, she said she was gone out of power, walk with their friend Christa, where apparently they stay seven feet apart from each other right, she left the like one fifteen and came back at five and she reside I just wanted a walk I just didn't to be around you guys, I think the scout great as they go play bay. It spends far its Ben Ben is the root of all this. So I have. I have two pair quarters about my daughter. Actually, so one is she's one of those hyper legs. Internet hypochondriacs in other people who leg of the sea
of my neck Kurds, I'm gonna go look up, bothersome firms and then, whatever the worst thing, I read a minute commits myself, but I have it so she's always been that. So run of ours, you can only imagine she's read every single out there, the including that stupid, you made fun of such media about. If you hold your breath for ten seconds, share an U cough You have the corona virus, which is the only person who Probably this is Donald Trump. I am Surprised- and I say this in the press conference It's fine just hold your breath of United. We don't need tests, but so I No she's doing this every six hours to see if she hasn't, even though we ve told her over and over again, so the hypochondriac thing I'll be fascinated to other points out, but anyway, so she's, a boyfriend have been together for eight months, it's it's probably the best most scientists relationship and in my life right now at of anybody ETA and he supposed to come over last Friday in this was as the current thinking,
is really really heating up again, on Thursday we are like you know it's probably not a good idea. He comes over cause. You know, very sound like the only way to keep this from spreading, as you yourself, quarantine, The in she reacted in. Thank you, an episode of the sea where Mr Barton's dad said he couldn't see ran out, would anywhere is like one of those like really upset. I wanna see him like one of those right well whether as you ve been around people so anyway, he comes over on Friday and and it's fine whatever. But since then we have a real at anybody, so now it's starting to NASH. Turn a circle around the well here in Ben around anyone either. So why couldn't you know we have another date because if, if neither of us have been or anybody, we couldn't give it to each other, as we have buddy, I'm we're not doing that. So now it's turning
the Corona Romeo and Juliet, where she's gonna be here, sticking out of the house. This is this is now like that can't corona Romeo, Juliet sound Netflix Movie, that's you probably watch if it was available networks, but hers making out of our house at three in the morning to see her boyfriend cause the corona viruses keeping them apart, Tony somebody's you make this movie now. Have it based on her story, so I bought my son of a girlfriend to see your just. They are not allowed to see each other. How are you doing starting this week. I don't think it's a great idea now. Do either like you, I'm like we have to talk to her parents, his girlfriend parents like who you guys saying who is anyone else. You know like you, you oughta rang. What are you going out to eat? I could, Sir, my God to stay on top of this shit, crazy So here you see your letting your son haven't. Have data will not go out
just go to her house or chicken rare so that that said yeah, but if they did, they can't leave, they can't go anywhere. Would if they're both wing hazmat suits that's bad I want mine that maybe that's how Corona Romeo and Juliet ends and so weird what the hell are, we gonna do why I? So you think you think the birth rate is gonna. Go up there, you don't tax. I maintain my bit couple the birth rate and divorce. He might have the board. You might have like a six month all getting there. In custody of like a six month. All right, I think all the rates are growing up. I think any any sort of thing. Good or bad goes up, because we ve never spent this much time together as families. There really is for about Sal.
So, hang in there you guys You have that you get to finish your book. I can finish the book. You can listen to against all odds this week with Jeffrey Ross on. We had very excited Harry who pick Tom Brady to the bucks at sixty two one, and we had. I had those guys bet on the shingle sporting event may not even nationwide internationally does one sporting event you can bet on these sites, and it's a turkish soccer game Fenner, Bucky against cheese, terrorist or and instead take place tried, and if you want another winter or listen to that, it's a good year by year good job I am, I dont, go yet amateur, read something that I wrote about the patriots in two. In one, but before we do that wanted to give a reminder. Are the good stuff we have on the Ringer pack has network. We can of rigour,
fell, shows ringer, a beer shows the watch, the big picture, David Chang. As a pack, this week I think J, J Erratic, as can do passed as well down. The line of a ringer pack has never. It shows. You know they are can find them an apple or on spot defies awesome. App weaken can show the speeds for that. Ok, so I was thinking a lot about how Long Tom Brady has been in my life as a patriots qb and here's how long it's been first law. When he joined the team I was living in Boston ass. She sits. I was not at european, yet when he got the starting job for the patriots in September? Two thousand one one a couple: I think it was probably a week after nine eleven I can remember after nine eleven, I just started work in areas paean probing, five, six its earlier and that the first supervise recovered was the page
to win the Superbowl New Orleans, which I wrote about all week, was probably the greatest professional week. My life up to that point, and then you go all the way through. With TAT lay in November. Two thousand to I've had, I think, five dogs at this point to kids, I got married, said multiple jobs started. The Ringer did a whole bunch of thanks and Tom Brady was the quarterback the entire time I think what's got lost over the last twenty years. Is the Patriots became America's villain and basically the Duke University basketball team? of the NFL and the one that everybody wanted to be. The thing I got lost was how bad the patriots were before Tom Brady, too whereas the sturdy quarterback so amateur, read this peace that I wrote before they played the raiders on that Saturday night that
Everyone remembers as the tuck rural game, except for the patriot fans, who remembered as the snow game. I read this piece for page too, I'm in a red it now and then we're gonna end the podcast. So here's that peace, it's called sad saga of a loyal patriots, fear Now, here's a sentence: I rarely get the type New England has been seized by superbowl fever, which more exciting the fact our beloved kids, are playing host to an air sea divisional plan. Against the evil, raiders and Saturday night or the fact, or two victories away from the big game. Frankly, it's a toss up prince's, I mean the super bowl. The super bowl sweet Jesus you have to understand, the patriots have always been the freighter Corleone of the sport, seen in Boston, Acre the black sheep, the member the family, who was always a little different lovable, screw up the one for whom we always made excuses with a franchise like the south ex we
fond memories such as hey. Remember that time, bird stole the ball from Isaiah were hey. Remember when have a check acknowledged the bank shot to give us the way. The triple t game with the patriots The memories are more along the lines of member the timing the fire miss the eighty six eighty championship came after is cut with a knife. In an instant involving his wife said there, Those rare occasions when everything comes together in the patriots emerge as a super bowl contender, which is only happened. Three. Other times in my lifetime, is a Patsy and people around here. Basically, foot bout loaded, a bat, really back row here. Come the paths. Can you believe this? That's what happens when Exe patients are widowed down over the years when a franchise become so consistently a nap They, you can't even hold a grudge against them anymore, is there a rare, dynamic and sports these days an unconditional love it the night? They made it easy on us for the past thirty years the patriots acquainted played Fox burrow. A hole in the Wall TAT about forty five minutes from Boston. The act
oh stadium, shrewdly, named Foxfire Stadium, looks like it I warehouse and as The charm of a nuclear power plant, the seminar Fox Bureau Highlight probably happened and opening day nineteen seventy when the bathroom plumbing wasn't finished in time for the first game, so fans courage to relieve themselves in the unfinished bathrooms good tabs during the glorious princes did we have any glorious? the team was owned by the Sullivan family who started the franchise during the air inception, one thousand sixty then held on to it through the mid eighties, when they were submarine by the Jackson, five, I'm not making this up the sovereign family had decided to fund the Jackson Brothers victory tour which made man I'll. Look like a raging success, Needless to say, they went bankrupt and add to sell the team in the pats were passed around four few years like an unwanted, stepped out. Nearly Moving to Saint Louis. In ninety ninety three before local paper, magnet
the craft stepped in and save the team? By that time, early, anyone even cared not me. I care I felt for the patriots as a four year old taken the mid, Heaven is partly because there are the home county team, partly because of it the red uniforms and partly because I took a sudden liking, the star wait out reigned avatar, whose fast weight and little just like me, there are other patients fads by age, but that as many as you would think, because legacy of losing, Many New England, kids adopted the Steelers dolphins are cowboys, associated with the winner, bastards Things changed in seventy five, when the Upstart Pats Road. A slew of wines and headed the open for a rare play. Afghan and there are winning the damn thing. At least till referee bands wreath cod. They ridiculous. I repeat, ridiculous, rough in the past or penalty and sugar bear up in a third in seventeen with the path leading by
in the final minutes, no less to give the raiders a second life, open, drove down the field and scored a late touchdown for the victor eventually beating a banged up stairs glad there see championship Gannon Inferior, Vikings team, the Superbowl still, remember the tears running down my face, we're better that year, tragically, the pats became the best team that couldn't win before proceeding, egos and the Ladys and the in the early nineties, every year, magazines and experts tad them as a superpower favorite every year, something submarine them and seventy they played a monster schedule canoe mistaken in the playoffs there in this many seventies and a contract or about programme and John had in the gray sent the minute tailspin coach shut, fair bags bolted for a college job hours, but the final game, the seventy irregular season. A Monday. Again, no less and a real good Steamer shall act in the play off spiral. Campbells oilers, Suddenly the windows closing things turned out
could during the exhibition season and seventy nine when a vicious tackle by open safety. Accident. Paralyzed star received their Stingley one of the three or four worst moments. My life is sports fan Understandably, the team sleep walk through the season within two years, the path rattoon Fourteen and that I was weaned on the New England Patriots. Since then, my life is a patriot and could be separated into six areas. The first the lovable losers Nathan, eighty one, eighty six, the aforementioned tune. Fourteen season set the tone We entered new ways to squander close games every week. There is one heartbreaker and Buffalo and Joseph listen completed, a winning Hale married, touched on past Rowan, hooks a winning Hale Mary password is at a rapid rate it up at the first pillar, the drafting it down here for college talent, when the obvious choice with someone named KEN since other themes or get Tony Sir John out with the number of pack we got concepts. That's it was fun,
by a series of close but no cigar seasons, reads always seem to and cruelly in Miami always in December, always with a plan of birth on the line, Van Sherman Bob Greasy. Now the lambs that more always somewhat different, finding a way to beat it year after year, and then something weird happened: the pathway another plan for an eighty five. Only this time, though, momentum kept building hey G, veteran Steve, Grogan ECHO, the grove came off the bench, carry the team and kept coming in Gilgad. They captured Fc Wildcard but in their winning games in New York and my aim in open to reach their first ever Superbowl. You'll feel surreal. Even now, nobody thought they could win in Miami. I mean nobody, imagine the most improbable sports moment of your life than magnifier by ten. That's what a patriot super. I felt like it was: they turned the world upside down, I just
I'm sitting in front of the two before super bowl. Twenty and entering the mammoth pregame show surrounded by fifteen magazines in a variety of nachos, potato chips, sodas and pretzels ready to pass out permit this to pay Little did, I know, out into the most agonizing three as my sports life Superbowl, shuffle ease, Grogan getting sacked roughly three injured thirty four times the freaking fridge scoring attach down just agonizing by the fourth quarter, trying to stab myself Prince read two days later. As page your fans were still coming to grips with, the grizzly entered the season, the Boston glow. Build that a handful patriots, reusing drugs during the season in that someplace through cocaine part During Superbowl bowl giving birth legitimate drug scandal that tainted every fond memory of the season and then Larry and eighty six when the title the sacks made this here's a few months later and that Patsy's and just kind of faded away. Then he s to the second era, say: same old eighties.
Seventeen ninety two- if this were each Hollywood story. Member that Thatcher, the answer would be saying. Coming up next Irving Friars life continues to unravel into the hazy netherward of drugs in domestic violence, as the EU? True Hollywood, doing compatriot story continues anyway, Since the time in the patriots made that leap from local also ran to full fledged black sheep first of town. Eighty sixteen fell apart, Denver in the playoffs scarred by Sir while twenty ISA lost his confidence and started taking shock and steps from the feed opposition just to save everyone's time hog hand, tired. We will show what was more depressing. The fact that head retired or the fact that the greatest patriot of all tat was an offensive guard. Can any France has made that claim. There is more,
Raymond Bury resigned. His head coach and eighty eight profit confusion, because some of us believe the paths had been propping up his corpse of the sad by local icon, dove, flew to cross the picket line and became his scab Kubi during the idiot strike then he hung around stunt to join up the fire Caesar before a fly into Canada. Grogan refused to retire enduring a barrage of injuries and becoming the first could be ever to start Gamewell wearing a neck role, sort o god. I posted the picture. My twitter feed, actually to our prose had their careers cut short because of injury, Craig James down Lackman. Before the eighty nine. He's in the pats last three key starters and the final exhibition again seasoning injuries. It was like summit turn a black cat into the club ass, the I represent that are better than it was friar. The number one overall payment Eighty four draft an electric wide receiver when they could keep him on the field, is drug problem. Now neither did that squabbles,
his wife for the timely left, the game at half time with an injury and subsequently drove into a telephone paw. The time he Interior, hardly dogs were beaten up at a providence. Nightclub, honest have happened in classic pages fashion, fire found, God turned his career round, but it happened Miami not knowing during the ladys and early nineties when they couldn't win again, crowds dwindled in the pats officially became the troubled doing on patient. You may remember: Boston, hair, reporter LISA, Alison sexually harassed by some patriot poison room during the nineties season ignited. A year, long scandal just dreadful time. I remember wincing in college whenever someone asked, if I was a patriot fear, have you read that feeling when you actually wanted to hide the fact that you read a particular articulated by this point for thing We're really callin me about the patriots in the lady
is Nintendo and Tecmo Bowl taken video game for both the next level on the patriots were always terrible when a sport started making the mad and games nearly ninety same thing. You could always the video paths to sack another thing. We always had the second rate and answers the show just change the guy and helmets and the Ladys from Pat Patriot, the Beazley Reese remember busy raised, but he was the worst announcer. The Ladys I dont think Dick Hamburger, Merlin Nelson ever set foot in Foxfire. They were the Roma nets. That third thing just a parade of forget it. Coaches over the years Reinhard, the p care of his generation funny. I wrote this two thousand when I was a precarious shot, the parallel insuperable, Our Meyer, who came from the college, drags and pulled the pope Superbowl re, bury, who made flipping a two headed coin, seem unpredictable ride. Rest men might or might not have been bombed, still not sure
dick fierce in a nice guy and a glorified cheerleader, none of them. Ever went on to coach another, and I fell to him, not a joke. Error. Rod. Buyer re bury rod rested with fierce in the pages for their last job. Here is the fourth thing. None was worse than draft is when your brain, the password and screw things up, and they usually did down from number. Sixteen and eighty four in San Francisco use that first round pick the Select Jerry Rice, they took hardly die. So Roger rising they took Reggie duped There were new Anderson. They pay that Junior Sound Cortez Kennedy traded down and pick Chris Singleton Array Agnew. My favorite is ninety two when they traded down because the job is rich and offensive lemon. Always some of them were snapped a burly, so they traded back up to pick Eugene Chum who they could had originally in some out of fear, picked They started with a static here's, a the that sums everything up during the five
week of the ninety two season, W G as Eddie Enemy cosmetics ran Hobson were trying to pick an envy pay for it. At ease. Another radio show a season, The paths had finished one and fifty they finally decided untied end Marv Cook just because he submitted them. Consistency is that of anyone, Marv cook their dead, serious around that and the franchise near the move, the Saint Louis before a chain of fortune events kept them in New England, too complicated describe here and then something weird happened. The third air rejuvenation, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three one thousand nine hundred and ninety six bill. Parcells inexplicably decided to coach our team. Why, Why would he come here? Nobody knew where perplexed terrible franchise, Snake Baden, unstable, devoid of talent, no history, your fan, support in the parcels wasn't phased in the least we were like high School nerd, who can't figure out what the sale in the class bombshell comes over to ask why
the movie made a light season. Ticket sales started, climbing the team dump its trade Reggie areas and well with a generic silver blue. Look, a ceremonial cutting in the tasks of the sort of past parcels drafted drew Let's, however, admired the first pick a ninety three. Finally, a blue chipper. We found it. Falling for a new coach. The way he carried himself, his professionalism is goofy press conferences. Those okay, alright nuances is, are Becky an aura of greatness. This is new territory for us. Team stumbled to once and eleven start before. Winning at last for games, including a bird like come back by blitz on the final home game, it gets Miami Thoust, financing, they won their last summer games to make an idea for a class in invigorating red than any cruelly inclement. Vainly test averted, Bilbao check with the south explosions and socks off stumbling with power
sounds emerging as our most best rising sports figure, with Bledsoe poised to fill that Russell Bird or void the path and finally shed their black sheep status, or so we thought Boston. Sports radio station in a pat central. There is actually a waiting list for season tickets. Everyone felt liquid that don't alter a universe after Nazis and ninety five. They sunken who bore the following year, giving by a legitimate scare before fading in the final quarter. You forget, Desmond Howard's, kick off return broke, open, a close came the second half in the fact they kicked off them. In the first place, the story for another time. It was another one of those had held this happen moments. We a good team that season that quotas are bought him, a renew it but the ninety seven season TAT was the way we marked than our counter along the fifth year of the parcels Bledsoe the one with the number of stars entering their problems, the one that has always been looming as the year never happened.
Angry over war room snub they're. In the ninety six draft, when craft overruled Amanda demanded the team. Take Terry Glenn in the first round and agreed parcels contemplated a move to the jets they're in the late stages of ninety six success and even leaking his problems with craft to a newspaper during Superbowl definite distraction within a few weeks, parcels is headed to New York craft wisdom. Any draft packs patriot fans were dead. Stated in the ensuing circus overshadow one simple fact sure it's came with one or two place of winning a Superbowl. That's another patriots, tradition, never get time the Sabre the moment they leads us, next, there is same old same old. Ninety seven and ninety nine the wheels came off craft, hired, good, natured, upbeat, saffron assistant, p, careless, head coach, the classic case of courage, Rep replacing a disciplinary
and within months players are Diana MASH pets, missing practices, getting a car accidents in fish, even though there are consensus both tender, the path kept, making mistakes big moment and carers goofy object and pumped routine was boring, etc. Labs gets territory when my readers, the time joked, the p Caroline are. Finally, answers sure why Fredo has never given control of the Corleone family, which led Minister Cowen coach radar. Again, the window is closing blessed with the most down there Ninety seven season ended ignominiously in Pittsburgh, with seventy six plan last marred by injuries. Bad luck, car stalker smart away. Giving new. I got an extra first round, picking classic patriots fashion. The past live body out a random ass on the board. Somehow I ended up with tobacco giants and Report and Robert Edwards in fact Crafts hay and pick front off.
Batches staggering about a butcher picks from nine seven. Ninety, nine thirteen, the top three rounds, including five number once in only then, a Demi Woody Jones contributed significantly to this year's black them things kept snow by then I d a team that banks in the first round the class. Meanwhile, the jets beat us twice the average age of game you kidding undaunted craft brought Karabakh, four thirds is in which ended up being worse. In the previous year we blamed craft for bungling, a potential dynasty. We blame ourselves Billing ship, we blame Bledsoe for never living up to his considerable potential. We play Bobby Greer in the front office for scrap as draft we're bitter disgusted, hostile, we're Patria feds again, that leads us. The next error signs of life, two thousand and two thousand won't give craft credit. He learned from his mistakes after five. And Karen Greer. He laid Bilbil check as a coach and gave him say in personalities
so I would right a man's got purely and it took a false season, but this year's patriots team sneaking up on us just idea. Eighty five him. Nobody even saw them coming and that's where we stand today. Suddenly rejuvenated franchise with the new quarterback hungry veterans. Young players are something to prove a break coach. He gives us a fighting chance every week. The rebirth of that sure it's as simple as by CM gee. I fear the state of the art facility being built next door to Foxfire Stadium loads of luxury boxes. Club seats embassy faces the fifth, the airline chairs on every see you name it unless Baltimore beats Pittsburgh, Saturday's game doubles as the final Patriots game ever played, a fox, poorer stadium and endearing dump. Without really no historical significance whatsoever. I've to memories of the place,
What happened in the mid nineties when my buddy Jeff and I sat in our seats for Broncos Pats game within two plays literally to place the kid sitting next to Jeff, started puking all over the place, and we had this with our feedstock, stuck in the kids vomit for the rest of the game. The other memory happened during the ten year anniversary tribute to the eighty six super about him, time ceremony in which one toadyism was lustily. Booed by seller cried one final time that happened and to a commemorative nineteen. Five f c champs flag was raised on. They got stuck halfway up the flagpole where flap limply for As for the game, I swear to God. This happen. That's Foxfire Stadium, that's patriots, football! Those are my memories, so think about When you're watching the Pats on saturday- maybe
for the bangles Seahawks Lions jets, Falcons Cardinals retains seek and totally sympathise, maybe you're, just the casual affair. Maybe you don't care at all, but the fact remains. My black sheep football team is three went away from win the Superbowl and if. Don't mind. I thought I would save the moment. Who knows, I might not be here again for a while, so I wrote that before the snow game. In two thousand one Tom Brady went thirty play games, you, six sick, Superboss. I think he went two hundred nineteen regular season games. Thirteen first round rabbis the greatest quarterback about time, an unbelievable twenty years ago, If you go back to that, combat erode completely improbable would be the equivalent of if the brands
starting right now, ripped off the best twenty year stretch in history for but it makes no sense I've stop trying to figure out a long time ago, Tom Brady, thanks for passing through by life you the best quarterback I've ever seen. I can't believe things worked out for the Patriots River once Superbowl much less sex. Good luck in the next step. Text Ziprecruiter thanks the Simplisafe Super savers, everything you need in a home security system. You have an army of highly trained security experts, ready to dispatch police to your home at a moment's notice. Twenty four slash seven and you can set this system up all by yourself. Go to simplisafe dot com. Be asked to get a free. Some perceives cared a camera normal hundred hours, go down, it's free that simply say that cop such bs simply say put to us good luck to everybody out there. Please take care yourselves and I am that sheriff come act, another bs back ass, but we will definitely have a reliable, is doing castaway later in the week. Stay safe, read the pay
Her red are mine. Read all the news doing after due to harbour start this pandemic and If I don't talk to you on this feed until Sunday night, I will see you on Sunday night, if not I'll, be back Thursday, but take care of yourself. One way.
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