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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by author and longtime 'BS Podcast' guest Chuck Klosterman to discuss sports villains, the most recent Patriots "scandal," different sports eras, tweaking the CFP, Hillary Clinton's interview with Howard Stern, media subscriptions, and the new Netflix film 'Marriage Story' [SPOILERS].

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started. I broke down game. Seventy thousand six spurs maps the best plan there's that decade an incredible game so many different ramifications and we covered all them out how they encourage that, and we did we watch levels with the after these myself shown. Fantasy did happy. Gilmore, it was time substantially, gotta give America what they want, so those to wrap Viviane this them yet coming up check clusters. First, our friends from projects checklists, messier, reproached reactions here, literally here I haven't seen you I was here Can I will we do as a year
we have only watch was together. I felt like it was summer ash we're coming. We did. Broadcasts needs to cover their thanks. Now hope I just have to get through. Right now, it's Tuesday morning, one of the big stories is the Patriots videotaped Cincinnati Bengal sidelights, which is Solaris cost. The Bengals are one in twelve and now the counter story to a desire to come out that it was a video crew for the show. Do your job, which is show about basically how great it is to work for the patriots, not smart. They are that they produce by themselves in check said that he had no idea what happened with this video crew. I didn't know anything about it. Whatever happened, everybody was so Why did you have a villainous patriots moment? And it just got me thinking: do we just need three or four sports teams like
at all times where we have like the Patriots and Duke in Alabama, and we just had these built in villains, that people just love to root against and once brazier tyres? who is gonna, be that team and they had a foul who is gonna, be the villain, Sowerby, the patriots. Well before we give you this, I will. I guess this is another a compliment to you, but it is a compliment to your people. People, the patriots, have clearly serve the cowboys as America's team, in the sense that They are always in the centre of every conversation now in a way that it seemed ass, though in the past, when, like that was the cowboys or them Celtics, no anchors, the Yankees or whatever. It was its eternal thing that it was the franchise itself. Yes, but now the patriots have sort of by their success have emerged as the only
That's always in the news like I did not see this story is particularly newsworthy, although at the same time I think it does so to reflect their ethos, which is like what we just have to push every avenue to every night. I, like you, see I, U Org, you from them up perceived this is there is nothing wrong with us. I actually think the fact the banks are bad, doesn't really mean anything, because you can weigh things from bad tape as well as you can from a team seething. I was driving in listening, this morning the beginning of a shout- and he was talking about the story- is basically saying this is one of the things nobody's gonna. Ryan, because they ve already decided how they feel both patriot. So it's like you, ve heard the story. Fear patriots I believe that you know all the stuff spent over bone and vacate the above civilian here, the stern by our wives, the video credit until about Jack, if you everybody ass, you like will obviously they cheated and theirs
no way to even have a conversation about it. Cuz people are just here and here, and it almost is a parallel to where we are as a country right now for people who like here, Here- and there is no in the middle anymore- it all so patient I was there a parallel to the Israelis. The now like the idea of a pillar check knowing that soon on a kind of it reminds me of during the fleet gate stuff, when you're big arguments in favour of Brady was like he's got all of these things to worry about right, yeah. I worry about game. Fail me gotta worry about. You know like keeping the theme either. Why would he sort of worry about this detail and yet the kind of person? worries about everything literally worries about everything ragged. So the idea of bill, check not knowing that you could be like what he's got so much to worry about. Why does he care about a documentary about the training staff or whatever? And yet his success in the way he succeeds would suggest
nothing he's not aware of, and that there's no way they would be doing anything like this without his knowledge. Why look at this stage of Iraq is a smart guy cares about his legacy, which Ellen talk by the second cares about his legacy, alot more profoundly, that think allowed people realise and if he was like a we gotta get. This Bengal signals must send a video referring to the Cincinnati Media room which can a tape- it hopefully Nobody'Ll notice. But what are the odds? His actually gonna do that where they had said he's gonna be like the stakes of getting caught are worth this law
a tiny, infinitesimal edge were maybe we can figure out to play cause from the one in twelve bangles. I don't think it's worth that. Oh no, oh or or he's a maniac, see his legacy not through these beyond these potential small infractions, but the overall arc of success I mean you know like Al Davis or whatever, like bugging the opponents, locker room or whatever before again when there are probably just saying things like we'd get out, there really go like rally. Wasn't that useful, but any advantages and advantage boys in the parallel Nixon, Nixon's gonna win
and seventy two gun away and is still such a maniac and so competitive and wants to do everyone's, the driver, little peace, that he just decides to destroy the Democratic party. Anyway, it's a personality, type yeah, ok, like a personality type who sort of you when you talk about. Would he perceived the risk of this? Is too great? You know, I don't think people who get in that position are wired in that way. Very often, I dont think that they think of things from that detached view. I think that they think of them. The world is like.
Everything is an obstacle. Everything is adversary, so we have to go after all of it. Do you know we have a fight this warrant every possible front. I don't know I don't know. I mean you're gonna differently there in that I think sometimes on people become so powerful and we ve seen a lot of powerful people get taken down this decade, which I think be one legacies this decade they start to feel egg. May I can get away with this there. I met this level, so I can do whatever I want and that's like what a lot of great art is about Ray and that's like would put a lot of people and taken out for where they just start to feel. Like the rules donor pilot me so Belgic, does this videographer thing in the in the brow and the Brown speedier room whenever the fucker was. That would be the case of the rules that apply to me. I'm just gonna do this. I just don't think the stakes are worth it, but you told me there is somebody in the stance with some twenty thousand.
Spy camera in that person got caught. It was a spectator, it turned out. He worked for the patients, I beg our shit. That sounds like their smoke. This one is like the just sounds like a bunch of bumbling idiots walk, honourable, oh there's the biggest item of film them and they were attached a team. But it doesn't matter what I think, because people saw that Thorndike pictures traded again and that's it and they're delighted about it. So deep in it in this role, the patriots have, do you feel any way complicit in this? What did I do or do you made so you writing pieces about welcome, so you were than I am all too of the third world through me, under the vice ok to unfit everyone. Listening to the bike, ass is nodding in agreement with me right now. You're, you guys are the biggest stop that if you are the biggest national colonist writing from a almost local fan perspective writer. So you would write about the Patriot and Celtics in the Red Sox in this way that you would typically only see,
if you live in the Boston Metro area, but now you're a national colonists, it has been, the biggest com should remain. One. So do you think, that in some way prompted people to be like. Why am I hearing about this team, as if I live next to them, I live in Omaha. Why my reading about the Celtics every week, why my meeting with the patriot every week? So do you think that in some areas that meet that that do I mean again, this is a compliment to you that your success pullao in this position, were you changed. The way Patriots are seen at a national level. Hope that you hope not. Are you sure, are you hope? Not? No. Have you wouldn't like that that you in the reports became more villainy, because we are told that such rules and more popular? I just think it was. I mean, there's two sides. I do not think they ve been. They ve been relevant NFL team. For two straight decades they ve been in super balls and like twelve championship, aims or whatever, and- and I can see why people
disliked in the same way, like I hate, Duke Assignment How should I just don't like do cause? They ve been successful for a long time. I hate watched and entire a c c? Thirty four thirty type document are about to fetch. A bill is produced about the first great do teams you watch us as well. Hey Billy it- and I was a giant darkens on that Johnny Doc ends Bark Alaric. It was very first good one, the one that yet beat by Louis yeah so is about coach K taking over an aim trying to put this programme together of next four years, at its base? It was done by John Hock, who did one to the better if there were marked allergy have been my galleries and there came and its what kind of model is the valve in a dock that we did for three thousand and thirty, but it's like you know, team hits rock bottom coach pulls them back, and now they have this moment thing
I'm watching leg, delighting that I know they're not gonna win at the end, like I can't wait to loop apart, this looks it'll be awesome. The situation with Ducas is different, though, because why, when it's a college programme, what people dislike is not necessarily the team itself, but what they imagine is the kind of person who goes there is a student like up. I mean this is part of why you know I mean wise I just feel college ports or so superior to prosper. Does that like when Auburn plays Alabama you're, really thinking about the kind of person? Who would go to Alabama and the kind of person who go to Auburn. All these things, and and Duke, is in this situation, where you know that the end of the day they present themselves kind of his like like well as many schools do like the Harvard of the south, I mean in Vanderbilt. Does this lots goes better bills every good? So it doesn't matter, but the the the idea of Duke is not the success of the program, because people don't hate North Carolina.
In North Carolina has been. I I don't know. Probably I don't know who is actually been more successful over the last twenty years. It would be very close, I would say, was, would be coach K would be the number one reason people Duke because they feel like you now he's just sniffling hypocrites to some people. I'm I'm not as anti coach cares others, but I see it because he's one of these guys who is super emotional, but then he's he's as manipulative as anybody else. I can go after the raft seizes the media as soon as I can. He started when it with one and done he just imitated. It did one and I like it here, the Harvard of the South and it's like, but now we're doing one in that it is so hypocritical, very difficult to be a beloved super successful coach for long time. I don't usually the coach the case state football team for a bunch year. You don't really loves me for Teen Smith was beloved. He would,
although you know, through out the seventies, he was sort of seen as his coat. You could not when the title and the island until they be Georgetown the debt switched and but it's true, he wasn't. You know I join wooden was never hated in this way, I would say he was John what it was probably the most beloved yes but right, but this is like giving. This is clearly a thing, but like it's a different time, I mean these things changed as with the acceleration of culture. In the end that the changes in media, it became difficult for something that succeeds for a long time, for example, like billet check, sing in a way that too Landry was not as much as the cowboys were hated. Tom Landry was not seen as a villainous figure. I think there are people who view billet check as a villain, his figure, but don't you fight. There is more
history with coaches when we're grown up, because we had we had ah yeah. I think about some people had bear bright bedrooms like this mythical guy when we're grown up same thing for Landry Chuck, nor I knew nothing about it just now. You and force forcing buzz. I was watching the game and witty his foot down the ballgame Clemson day. Man was in a bogus yeah. I was it was the aeroplanes Gator Bali punch ticket from Clemson, your young, when that happened? I was probably ten ten or eleven. There was late seventies, MRS seventy nine eighty, and when that happens, I felt the biggest thing that ever happened, and it was just a complete disgrace and somebody that was you know one of the four best college football coaches of a three decades span his career just getting overturned in ten seconds. That was it. He was written off and saving for Bobby night when he threw the chair and did I
and it was like the slow downfall wasn't ten seconds, but now I feel like we have more private information. Slash content about the coaches, bow check this out. I want to go back to this boat check has participated. I think it or documentaries you know he's with easy. Have you ever seen somebody that cares more about his legacy? Who people think? Like he's the worse than you ever, he's done three documentaries then, if our one hundred show, where he's great yes, it's it's, I mean I watched that running back she'll because he was on. It probably would not have washed otherwise, and I watched a lot of the innovation that by adding like that no, but I was it he He did. It is indefensible Russia. I have not know they had this scene with Ed read in this,
Ed Reed's greatest play and it was a play Belichick pick because he saw he thought is the greatest player defensive back at ever made and read safety he's in the middle of the field. Deep he's gonna get paint, meaning he starts to go left because pate meanings look into the right, so he starts to go left, but he knows Peyton Manning setting up for this player. He's axing gonna throw the other side two Reggie Way, so he starts laughed and that does this one eighty high telling it the other way just guessing that man is gonna, throw the bother way which did any runs in an interception from fifty yards, and many was just like what the fuck was that I come from in Belgium was so excited talk, but you gotta watch it will. No doubt check is so excited talk about this place. It's the greatest play. I've ever seen kid. He also said that he is really adopted. This idea, like we need to have some living historians of the NFL. We must discuss Marian mom
we cannot have this right, you ve gotta, have you know, and I live. I of course I'm the kind of her new gravitate towards that So he is a guy who's. The guy from the thirties, steady had already got mad, o Dutch yeah. Somebody. Yes, we are guys guys gotta. The team is the best three downright back. We had in mind in twenty eight. What's its, though, shows a pretty interesting now because the internet has been around long enough now, where it makes me think interesting things like you know: ok, it's a common thing. People do is they'll be like you can compare areas, but we take you know any great running back today and put him back in nineteen sixty
this for three thousand yards or whatever, there's just no comparison? When you look at these guys, but he also get you the other way. You did you guys say like ok, say so: sick went Barkley, let's say he's born in nineteen. Fifty! Ok, so, like you know the view that he's wearing and like he plays football. Eight weeks are the fallen. That's it you all. These are things like no nutrition. All these things are different. You, you can't get a put. We, when you compare these guys and different times like you, look at someone like Mary Motley and you think to yourself a cave if he was born in nineteen eighty, the experience he would have, instead of being two hundred and thirty eight pound running back, maybe he's a two hundred and fifty five pounds bag whose faster than he was you know I have a lot of thoughts in this way. It could break with talk, Conny, Koto, great kitchen Ives, using traditional techniques. Each knife
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offering our listers an extra twenty five percent off site wide on top of their holiday offers. Wow gotta, commie coated dotcom sash bill use the Africa bill at check out this good, how it a gift k, a m. I k, o t Durkheim, Slash bill. So what you just brought up. Ryan Reseller has a theory. He, what year would have been the best basketball player alive? How far you have to go back so he's like, and nineteen if I just showed up would be the best Basque about where legacy she hears transport a share in the north. I call my guide this guy is awesome. How does he know how to do all this stuff? When did Naismith invent basketball? Wasn't like one thousand nine hundred and eighty oh yeah, you eighteen ninety eight percent a year, and so I had Coppermine Brand copper Mozart with a book, a basketball, Packers budget reserve. In that we have he they seventeen butter salt. I wore why. Why is that, while he's growing up in the sixties,
why. Why is that, while his growing up in the sixties They don't have, are you they don't have these camps. They don't have fifty years of evidence of how to shew into Ben Europe. I bear so all the guys in the sixty seventy 80s please Growing up playing outdoors run rabies like over his head and so teams. Start laying off him and the book doktor J was sixteen feeding cover, but seventeen feet now just play offer stack the middle. Let him shoot is probably Can I make it so? Do we penalize him historically for that, because he was the best part in the NBA ever he I still think is one of the six or seven greatest for
Is there any? I still think he's one of the top twenty players ever. But if you look at his stats, you could pick different things apart and compliments point was you people said this about Jordan, two about? Well, he you know. Nowadays, you shoot threes, he wasn't a great three point shooter, but it's like, if you put one thousand nine hundred and eighty five Jordan in a time machine, and just put him into right now in here, like yours, had a win now, if the shoe threes you'd have to shoot twelve through his game gets the free throw line fifteen times, there's way more space for you, this Caillou in he would shoot a hundred thousand three is of summer and he would have become the best three point shooter, because he was Michael Jordan so that that's why it's so hard to just compare errors like that cuz every air is different in the incentives word. If ever Steve Gourbi in the seventies- it was I just get. Some are you
runs battle, they met your first basement drive people and he was think about getting on base. He was amateur work. This pitcher Pherson pitch county. Just like obscure. I get a drive that guy from second basic you, my bad on the ball. That's a party misses the incentives or whatever the earlier, the into a n. I just. I think that you will. You knew trying to compare people who played at different times. You have to look at. Where they rang through to what degree they dominated their peers. You know yes,. So in how everybody else who is covering them and played against them and played with them south about them at the time? This is a big thing I do with my book as it was. Overwhelming evidence that everybody in his air did not respect, will Chamberlain. So why is it about him that made most people by yeah. I would want to fuck comply with that guy that something has to translate to
as the years go by that it's like this should still matter. Ok between used in these all these other things. Ok, so there was a bunch of guys who didn't wanna play with Chamberlain who felt that he was a bad teammate, but jump all these guys forward. All these guys are early twenty two year old people now and like the player in harmony era. Yes, and they look at things differently, they may not perceive the success of the team as important as their success as professional basketball players they might now. She wilt as sort of here somebody who can meal change the salary. You can do all these things for our arrive at you know we love him now. You know I mean it was the I think it was. It was out of surprise me, when I was a little kid is, I remember. Reading about like Joe Name is big contract. You get like four hundred thousand dollar contract and it was my my had never wrong, but was the big Al Qaeda well and
two thousand a year, and you know, and the perception that the time is this guy's overpaid is going to cause problems in the locker room. All of these things, and yet, if you talk to the guys who played in the air fell they're all like this was the greatest thing that happened to all of us.
It completely changed the pay scale, because now, if you were one, fourth is good as your name. If you could still justify that, we need a hundred thousand dollars a year. Like you know, it's so the way, even the way people thought about teammates is very different yeah. I mean this whole thing with criminal. Have me Chris Paul. This conversation they apparently had were like like Anthony, goes to Chris Paul when the Rockets cut him and he's like do everything to do with us and principles like now and then Carmelo says. Oh ok, you just watch yourself, though I cannot get em, they're, they're gonna, see me in a fuck you over to or whatever that's a very different kind of conversation to think about that just didn't exist
in the past, where, where that these guys would sort of see themselves as numb adversarial? What's the organizations perception on how they should succeed, that, like like the Rockets, are making these decisions based on what's best for the Rockets and players now don't view themselves as members of the Rockets there, like we're players? Who happened to be in Houston, your thank, and if I do, I think it's more than just sports. That seems where everybody is right now what any view were? If you weren't for somebody that doesn't necessarily mean have any loyal to those people, because you feel they don't have loyalty to you, it's kind of men, the judge already in this decade that trajectory of time, which is that we kind of have made a social decision to
prioritizing the individual over institutions and when you say it like that, it seems like what's better right. I mean institutions are nothing but collections of individuals. We should prioritize the individual, but you know for a minute was like one of the interesting things with the whole situation with like morally in China and stuff like that, like it's, it's hard for people in the United States to relate to the idea of a culture where the individual All is seen as considerably less important than the institution like it's, not that We ve kind of meal made this decision, that's how it is like do. Unless Pakistan, we talk about that, that documentary yeah, manufactory have yet again to talk about that is like. I really do feel like people should watch that solely because I think it is a good one
I know that the way Americans think about things is not some inherently natural perception Likud's, but that our view of what's important our view of freedom of expression and all these things, that's just a couple. HANS struck that we ve come up with, and it's not it's not like some John Locke idea that all people feel this way all people don't will think about. Fifty years ago, the Vietnam WAR and you had the conscientious, conscientious objectors and those people. You know the people who objected or went to Canada consider cowards, because hey man, Werner we're in a war here and then eventually, things turned around, but now imagine if we had, another real military conflict for people get drafted with what you're talking about about the individual versus the institution or the organization of the company and the team, or whenever thou be really fascinating, to see how that went on for, because I think people see their own viola differently,
when President fifty years ago, right? Why do I have to go over there to fight it out by were all the stuff I ve said in the sixties. I would think most people would say that now right, I'm ok, liquid the Gulf WAR Gulf WAR happens. I was in college made. Let's say they ve been draft. Ok, not only would I have begrudgingly went My father would have given me: no choice would have been like if I'm not gonna do this. If I'm not gonna fight this war, which I didn't even have much of an understanding of what was going on I'm the much better understanding now, but at the time I was confused. I still would it I would not have like I what I would have participated in the draft budget even though I had no knowledge of what wasting. Why would he got up your eyesight? Well, possibly or they would have a ridden for starting,
gripes or something, but I know all I know, is that I wouldn't have done. I wouldn't want you can write you have, even if I were you now, if, if, if thirteen years from now, we are involved with some war thirteen years road with thirteen days from one saying in thirteen years, you know myself be eighteen yeah and if I if we went to war with the country- and I generally agreed with art the war I still would want to go, still figure out a way to get him out, but think about giving away. There's no international conflict that I value more than the life, my son. So what specific about parity down two thousand dated In his opinion, algae ethical code of aid,
We feel that if we develop very effectively the over parity of a combined with the word refraining but yeah, it's you know one of the weggs isn't this decade. I think it has become a lot more individual versus the team of compact about check for one second, it so funny. People make fun of the belgian press conferences and how bad there and there, as we know, intentionally bad He's he's I every not bad but well, but every time he's making a point that this is the dumbest thing I hate doing. There's someone I give you the minimum possible and then two times a year, somebody or say
hey coach? Can you tell me about Reggie Slater's, wedge block in the third quarter and how that was designed and Bell check will light up and talk about it for three minutes, and it's like this gift from God, damn it with Popovich when he does the between quarter and a reason. Popovich is as big of a prick Isbell check if that war- and it's like, I was so funny- he's not say anything out- here's the thing as Popovich has been able to turn seed. Two it where's Bela check has not, but then you see on the centre for one hundred shown you black man of fact go talk football over dinner for four hours with anybody. I probably pick Bilbil check the cue to be the most interesting thing is the most opinions. He is the best sense of history. He probably has the best sense of whose good in whose not good and where the trends are going now and what its right to have a team, and that would be the best conversation abbot I think anybody would pick him. Oh, I think he would be the. I think that if, if
a pole with you and pick it. No, I think, I think, of tat. There was a poor people, a picture Mcveigh work. It I've been alarming where we could. I have a couple cocktails well, be shown atomic aircraft stores also Mcveigh, though he said real football, though that would be awesome, Mary Lou header, whereas ebbed male headed for taxi. Yet I don't understand the analogy. Would you you don't know about Mary letters. Memory Ah I do yeah yeah, ok, male hacking. Remember anything they even out you, please. I get everything you can say like what happened on you know February. Third of now in seventy five and shall be like well, there was a Tuesday we went to. We had pancakes in all his days like that, for football there are real. So the thing on this you can say to him like what happens on the second drive against Pittsburgh, less, here and he'll be like well, we knew we were the screen pass anaemic ducking he wouldn't kicking up, so it would be funding it ask him about things that he remembers. Beginner,
a lot of great athletes can do that. Leubronn can do that bill, Russell when I was with what I spent the two days with Russell in twenty twelve. She told the story to us after we finish filming about his wife, surprise them his late wife had surprise them with a video of his University of San Francisco game from like one thousand nine hundred and fifty five, it was a dvd, so she got them to dvd. Christmas. They put the dvd in and he could remember every single play that happen in this game and it was like, Fifty years and he's got his mid seventies early seventies, whose I got it gonna be a running hook. Shadow block it, oh, I have a fast break- lay appear to me: that's incredible how people a burial can do it, and yet it is also. There are also two versions of the stairs there sort on the instant recall that selective and there's the instant recall. That is almost just like a natural reflective thing like like merely Henry thing.
She's, not trying to measures that are re. Yes, here now leg, so I dont know monsieur. I dont know if he it can do this with anything except football over you PIG Mcveigh, oh well, I would I would their tagged, village, egg fer a bunch of reasons, but I can understand why that that's a good choice to. I think you ve my sex choice where I get Thou rank and what would you do Fidel be like how long before you? What would your movie it's like theirs, two other people and their legs jack. One invade this Roger get out, there he's fan. He read he read to your books. Was once a year which books would ever have benefited which words here is a huge fan. He just wants to off the record to shoot a shit load, your be during the course of the dinner what I want to get out of it more
wanna get out of it? Well, the two things I guess one would be. I would want to get a better understanding of how the NFL really works in terms of aren't like, like, I think that their son things that that IE just cannot understand unless you're part of it and talk about how they make the sausage or how they did the deals. Sir. What well? I guess you know I I actually, no like how it works when a trade happens like when is a traitor, Fischer, when both sides and salad mere good del question. Why would you nuts and bolts type stuff, because not only is it tell me anything so I mean I'm certainly ask em like about you I would ask him about his I'll bet. You have to do that. What you think, why did you bring it of know how I wouldn't go. I would start with our plan. First half of the dinner talk about the owners,
Cause you know those guys never have the thing with commissioners. They just have to deal with these enrich assholes every day and they don't. They have a lot of people to talk about that with, because all these people, just in their lifetime day after day, and you know they go home. You know I'm sorry Gus armies, egg to his wife? Second James stolen God dammit. He calls me at five o clock he's mad about them, I get it there. Now you call this- and this is my whole days cause James Dolen got mad about the stupid thing and you know is bitch and his wife about it. I will go with you doubt that, like who so who's the biggest pain in the ass owner, who's that who's the one thereby in he would start, comfortable, and then you go to the others when he like off the off the record, talk I'd still when you meet the person, even though not writing about this or anything, I would get a sense of likely how how candidacies
Chile gonna be like a hour? I feel like these people, my experiences Ben as per SE sports, their way more candid than you'd expect if they, if they feel like it, there's no tape. Recorder, you're, not We call them after the fact there just getting to know you better. I feel you can get a lot of staff and any kind of bank and figure out what to do with it months down the road or wherever. I guess you now we're talking I wouldn't you are interested in talking to condemn these many many other people. I would be more interested in talking. I didn't you know, you say you don't think, there's any sort of those acre layer to Godot almost cause. I don't either. Here I mean I would. I would much rather talk with like an an offensive cord. Her or so like Eli, though you much more interesting to me, you're talking like Lincoln Riley or something that would be an interesting conversation again Riley. Yet would you somebody who's Gallagher, who's? Who is a sort of adopted? You know a philosophy about how to do this in an end, seems like a real
intelligent person, and I would like, or women might leech all these people. I think I'd be funded I think I'll be much more to me like I did, did ministrative side of stuff I'm curious about, but you know I think your instincts are right, good. That would be a terrible hang for a dinner and I think that's probably one of the reasons he's a decent commissioner, because I don't know if there's a ton there and he's just a very surface guy. So when he deals with his committee, they're just like out, there's not a lot to figure out here. This is just a leg, so he's in a strange position where, like his job in committee as Commissioner and like silver job as commissioner are totally different, I mean good Dell's. Whole thing is just keep. This together like don't like keep their going. I would like further had its keep. Keep the Czechs Covenant will that right,
making money like eyes his job. It's like UK. What are our sport and to a degree our league is under salt, but it still incredibly successful. How do I kind of keep these two things happening? Where is Silverton situation were like a league is real robust. Seems like people are really interested in it, but the ratings are going down. People not seem to care about the sport it. They care about that's a fixed or at some like an mba apologists. What do you mean that ratings are down for everything on cable, they haven't had a network games yet, but the thing is it's not as negative as that story is true or false sates. True the rent? It does not always true that the rating down at the rings for everything but cables thats, not necessarily a negative, for the NBA.
Could. You have nine people who want to buy the rights to use their fine now, you're gonna be fine. Now, here's what I'm saying! Ok! So, let's say that that there is less interest in watching the actual games, and I think to some degree that this is that this is the Indians interesting position right where there seems to be a lot of interest in the personalities and the league itself, but seeing through a whole game to people, for whatever reasons, not the experience that football is, I think them. What they have to do is is save themselves like workable. How can we take advantage of this? How can we take advantage of a situation where people are interested in sport, but not necessarily the games, and I think that. He is aware of this- and I think things like this mid season tournament and all these things are away just sort of keep interest in something that isn't necessarily related to whether or not they are the MAVS clippers game.
Entertaining and watchable and something you want to spend two hours doing what I talked about this last week, a little bit. What was fascinating to me about the mid season. Tournament thing was that it hadn't been discussed for two months. And people in the leg, were surprised that it came out when it did and he clearly folded it out, and it was the old David Stern track gray, where you'd only the way sir narratives are going in you throw out this thing. You know it's like the Leslie Nelson naked got nothing to see here with the fireworks explained about nothing to see here, it's fine we'll be led. The. I think that there is an intentional you out to sea with the response would be. I thought Hunter process tissue, there's lots of me and then also get people talking about something us for three days as we headed in Thanksgiving. It was all intentional. It's certainly the myths, his terms that close figures, China to encourage dialogue and cannot see what people thought he? I think that that was a mere could. I would never do something like that because,
and if he would never wanted. They don't care thing like that. Phil would never want to do anything that would radically change the experienced people are having that's the only thing that they seem to be winning at Rachel care about watching those games in a way that that all of the things all like, if you take, did you take all this ancillary stories about the NFL and all the ancillary stories about the NBA. Many of the secondary stories about the NBA are from the perception. Italy would be positive almost None of the NFL would be almost every story about the NFL, that's not about a game and even allow ones about the game, because if he caught officiating as part of this it's just existing avalanche of negative publicity about the condition of the sport direction.
Or the way it is run of the kind of the east is awful and sort of this. We will all these things, and yet people still want to watch was gains, whereas numerous, how many good stories that we say about the NBA degree that people are interested in actually putting anti interior is p entered. The NBA network seem to be static, tick now. It's time for the state farm, safe, better, the weak, the player, you can count on just like football. Life can be unpredictable. That's why stay farm agents are there to help lever? Ninety thousand agents, a local stay for magic, be just round the black, whether you talkin person by phone or through the app state farm is theirs. Go at the one with coverage and agents. You can count on I can't believe I'm saying this, but the pleasure I can count on these last three games of the season, James Winston G, wisdom having a really good year. James Winston has thrown fur over four thousand yards, forty one fifteen, to be exact, he's Threeg
likeness, isn't he the chance to become the first quarter, ever the history, then it fell to throw for thirty touch, stands at thirty interceptions and one season other than Lamar Jackson he's the most exciting poor in the league and here's what happening down the stretch they have again this week, but then next week they play Houston Houston coming off Hennessy? I've internecine gonna beat used in this week. Yesterday, while that's fine, we'll get back into a will just be Tampa Bay? I think Tamper Bay is a major spore. There too. And I would look out for them in weak. Sixteen more poor allowed. The gap for Jane is if you're in a fantasy they got to treat this week. That's gonna be four hundred when the I know my governs is probably out for the season, but they're pretty deep receiver. Chris Godwin has been. Get this year. I think he can step up as a number guy, more importantly, James stirring from five thousand yards at least thirty tat chance, and at least thirty packs will be the greatest
No, the season. I know that Lamar Jack's is gonna, break the rush yards record and probably average thirty fantasy points again for the air deities can win the appeal that stuff, don't sleep. Jane s how we too, we keys the most exciting where the league better and worse. So that's my state farm safe, better, the weak James Winston will make the last three weeks really really interesting in a variety of ways: stay farm talk to an age today I think with the NBA ratings that, though the brand left Cleveland, went to the Lakers. The Lakers was one of their money teams anyway, so they lose a team in Cleveland. That's on these girls that, as these games or every time they could throw abroad on his like his own one man ready machine. Any goes the Lakers where they don't even need em how bad that significant and then, if you look at the teams in the east, although with the leg is being the only every year, are you saying in a backing? Ok, you know that the Knicks, your bad right
bad for twenty years. You know you, you think about woods. Now with the NFL right now and where the best players are doesn't matter really what cities there, but you know really helps when, like now, good endow, a at least play off, caliber and they're playing against each other, and then thirty Five million people are watching what you can't argue that the next being bad is bad for interest in the NBA. Without saying the Lakers, in the clippers being great than should be Graham bitter tears, but the core preserve what is just the Lakers. Clippers aren't like oh there, it's gonna driver deal, I read the Lakers. Will the next they ve been dealing with for twenty ears, and then they have this out with Katy Inquiry and K and they're going to do York and then go to Brooklyn that doesn't help them. There's no brother, how come the giants in the jets mean bad doesnt seem to impact the Unifil, because that, because my point It doesn't really matter with the football teams, except for these iconic patriots. Steelers cowboys the pact
for whatever reason I dont know if it's a defeat the rallied back or not, but it seems like these Oji diet. The Kurds are the ones I it's with Andy at hand. Allow I matter at all whose good news, bad people, an area on the cowboys and power, its more interesting than the cowboys, are good. It's more interesting when the Steelers good, just because you're some it gives the media. The sort of the singer can fall back on. There's this history, but you know people very interested in the ravens, now the very interested in the chief now wait like The ravens that think about those two reasons: kids, kids love moms, they love remarks about that people living on. He allowed those two guys. The chiefs in the ravens play style that is similar to college football and its That is a better version of the game I mean if I will know it is Just really is like it's. I think you can see that the two most interesting teams to watch now are the ravens and achieved without taking did detaching yourself from you.
They keep the patriots. May I say I read, I would throw the Niners in there because it errors, be. You know- and I am glad I like how fast there enjoy watching them came after gay can't billikin, as you see team, sometimes they play right now, like ticks They should have a weird turf of a blue like earlier home gave him. I just I you know I I I do feel that also hey this of the member log. Ago, we talked about the quarterbacks coming aim and was Lamar and it was Judge Alan Alice Guy, you know the Dalai Lama. It looked like we had been too horrible job because we really you, oh but ass. It turns out. We both love, Lamar Jackson, he was great Josh Alan seems pretty good Baker, Mayfield, probably playing so bad that we should move him just slot receiver, which I think I suggested Dandified guessed, but seeing that the Chinese off that Apple two degree We were closer on that than we thought we actually nailed it.
How do I think? I also said we re the Lamar thing then? Well, we it turns out? Yes, we were right about that, although, like I said, I did it. I revolted argues, should not be playing running back a receiver, though I was probably wrong about that look like I was in one year and look like I was nearly had banality again. I don't give up on big may feel being a slot. Receiver be Julie. Gentlemen. Five years were to happen. It is funny, though we do. This thing was sportswear. We blow up certain teams that don't deserve yet in them when they didn't do where we met at the teams, and then it's a psycho and meanwhile outside them and did anything emanated a couple commercials. They they talked to big game, but they had What do you think, but we were also the idiots, relate the brands We're gonna be great. It's like there's. No evidence are going to be good, but if you're writing kitchens work out, there was no evidence but, like they ve been building that defence. For years they now head what
to be a pretty great young quarterback, who had a great receiver, a pretty good possession receiver about running backs. All logic did pointed them being good and that a custodian is the coach as it yeah as it turned out. As I have gotten coaching matters now, I'm eat but INA you don't know how good a coaches and jelly does. So You think, if, if the patriots somehow make the ABC title Game and they play Baltimore the most amount of people ever. Rooting for one team against another team with no act skin in the game will be the ravens against the pets Well, the MAR against shouted ambrady I dont know is reading, for, though, for the paths except for people from knowing on law must know, Emmi IVF, sure, there's pass vans.
Over the country here and there, but yes for them, I don't think anybody who's not not with either team is gravitating Baltimore, including every single person under twenty. I would say Lamar as I catnip he's like that he's? Like? I thought my Holmes was the best person this and Lamar's even better for the for the social media era. Like my son, who you like this, my son doesn't watch football with me, but he watches football highlights all the time at night on his phone and he has these different instagram accounts things any watches recap of stuff. So he knows everything that's going on, but does not actually watch football and, unlike were what is this. How is this a way to follow the ETA followed two thousand and nineteen, but that's how it follows yet also, he knows everything. That's going he's actually following football. The way people followed it in the sixties right were they It may be said one game, maybe, and then the rest was all just this information. The thing about
no early in the year. There were thing: other paths had like this: historically great defence. It did concerning this historically great events, and I think what has happened is this. I think Billy check put together a defence that was that that was brilliantly designed to succeed in a league where pretty much every team relies on the passing gimmicks, simply yet and when they play the ravens, who a run base team, it sort of shows that Canada weaknesses in this abandoned Shatner Gazeta, one way throwing our lie: cuz they're, a little slow and the ravens is just about everything. That would be a bad man.
Against the people they had their these mediocre receivers that are probably had shut down anyway, but will you really have to shut down, as others weird shit at the latter? Scrimmage eight also shows is like I aware the thinking for forever was that you can't let your quarterback run that much did he's gonna get hurt, and that is probably true, but the advantage you have with the extra blogger is too great to overlook like the fact that in the other situation when a quarterback hands of all after the tale back your basically playing nine eleven, the guy carrying the football, can't block anybody in the quarterback camp like anybody, but when Lamar's running the ball your plane can eleven. So that means of everybody does their job perfectly he's got one guy. He has to be honest I don't know if there's many guys in the NFL who can tackle him in that situation is like fifteen guys who can tackle him. Consistently in a one on one in space. Did you see the giants Eagles game, there. Did you know what happened last? I watched it so the right, though,
receivers and the eagles. Just they were already said. Hang out with only three and then to got hurt, and they did this like three tight end offence, but they spread The tide ends out like they were receivers or they would just be. Their men and go jumbo I have to know how to stop another graded there. The giants approach by patch farmer who might who might have might be working with amount concussion, but they are completely from expire, and I was thinking like. Maybe this is just what the pitches just a budget it adds and then lots of weird shit going on in our receivers. Cancun, open, anyways away in use receivers just have basically at nine man, office of line and then sometimes spread, the tight anyhow and outside our shit. The tens are spread. I now what do we do
room just trying screen passes and little five yard ass to their tight and use, and the giants were like what's going on weekend step, then you see that the big twelve somewhere in the pact will north he's did a lot. We have liked Wyman CORE, basically stationed in a position of a wide receiver. Just you know like they. They move marked the parameters in its its of it's odd to look at, but the kind of creates this this imbalance- and I only all its citizens College football conferences at almost like a country that has its own philosophy well for football, the filling the big ten I watched. I've watched a couple Wisconsin games. I I a surprising motto: couch for by the shared Penn state. It seems like there's a certain identity, those teams in any move move to the he. And just all the athletes are there and then you go to the pact? Twelve and it gets a little walk yard
which had gone on and pack. Twelve now is like withers, the most interesting coaches. Yet the big twelve is. Totally based around offence. The idea that you can consistently win games. Fifty five to thirty times looks like flag football. I have a friend you compares watching them big dwelt in the in the pornography kind of like the look of a pornographic element. Do it because it its till eighteen, which is kind of cheap and, as you see, is certainly that? Well because you're watching these games and sore, like you know, a teen jumps out to a league, thirty one seven, but it's the first. Laughing? You know that it's actually gonna end up being relatively close in its cheap cost, downs matter less when you know it's like it, so I'd open that times does almost resemble a kind of flag football. This. Why like Oklahoma, is in the plan? I totally understand them being in the plastic they can had to do it. They are not the fourth US alibi
Ms Baden them Georgia's burden them I mean it's, it's then it will be weak. You can't argue that Alabama should be in the playoff, but there are four or five very good teams in the country this year and two of them the black but the playoffs. The problem is Alabama: blue again that they had to intimate play off so that pilots they get beers be some sort of states during the regular all right, the army? They yelled, it's like it! It's a different remaining. They got beat twice by two by the best team in the country be at Auburn, which is a very tough placed play in, seems to be the place it set. Saving as the biggest problem with I liked the the quarterback analyses that not a hot take, as this could be the first picking the draft, but my biggest issue with college for Basel has been that the quarterback surges
not happen enough and to watch somebody who actually could go into the NFL right now and probably be like the nightmares quarterback as well. You know unwatched he's completing eighty percent of his passes his work, Spock is worse game. The sheer was against Utah state where he completed seventy one percent of his path. Yes, it's ok for him Craziest thing is, I don't know where I don't have the staff in front of me and I don't have memories, but there was at least one point during the year where he was either first or second or maybe third in the country in the distance of each pass attempt like how far they re balls literally going up the field yeah, so here ass, it you left at the party could also scribble sure, but one thing is: if somebody you told me, somebody was completing eighty percent of their passes. I would assume that was like the offences Kentucky used to run when TIM cultures there, where its these guys rang for in six yard patterns and you just kind of piling these numbers and in getting the reds or not scoring but he's
rolling the ball down field. It is bizarre how much better for you, this year than last year. He was the third or fourth best quarterback in the ass you see last year there, and now he's the best quarterback in the country. I don't know what happened you eat. It didn't see, like he made any radical changes. He just got better because people do compare him to Brady in this way it s very upset. They did lot on Saturday. Six out of the brain is one six superboss well she's gonna be a caviar obi like if he can compare any college. Kids raining will be let her watching a Basque about where the back he's like Michael Jordan, everybody would go nuts. Will you think about my good journeys college? Well, the braided ages comparing around well, I sure, but I think what they're saying is its I know what they're saying the letter that time that he is about whether he suddenly made that the person Tom Brady was as a senior in Michigan and the person he was a patriot does not really computes, so they should say Michigan Tom Brady when
say that he's like Michigan time around. You know he's like Brady's rookie year in the inner fell at the college level within seconds I earlier through thousands celebrated before he won the other three supplying. I don't know I don't like it hurts. My feelings were taken a break, let's talk about the drink, works homebuyers by psychiatric, much like a premium, express a machine but makes cocktails. Instead, what are you gonna? Be calibrating the perfect vodka tanker Jane entire Jack. I don't even like tiny com like a soda guy. But why do you? Why do you want to calibrate that yourself get too strong and make two week. Why just rely on the drink, works by our paths, made with premium spirits, real ingredients, unnatural flavors, they creep bar quality cocktails, freshly bade at the push of a button. Great entertaining a lot of people for how they party the only way to get there? raising drink beggars. Half price plus free shipping is by doing this drink works that come used by code, bs, a check out
save two hundred hours and get free shipping. Don't we It's an amazing offer a won't last. It's only for my list. I drink work. Stockholm use my code b. A check out remember enjoy responsibly only but right now in California, in Europe, Florida Missouri, Pennsylvanian Illinois, with more states available for Priscilla today at drinking, Dhaka, quick college football think Valor thinks we should have an eighteen I ask that would allow abandoned again and what you're taken that, while in the perfect system, does seem to be the five conference champions to wild cards and then one team from like the the group of five. So like that way, there's six total, no eight fine, Afric winners, too I'll guards. So like? Why not have sex and give the top two teams of by in the first round? I don't like the idea of buys and why not include make all the conference title games meaningful, that you win the game you're in the play off to more keen gets in
guess so this year would be Alabama and probably Georgia and then the best team from sort of those those MID majors, that way. The number one ranking would still have an advantage to be playing Boise State or some team where they should be kind of haven't they are the first round could be, ah you know actual homes sites. Are you the campuses other fires have. I had another idea fora for the conference. Tailgate. Thank you think about this. Ok, so let's say it's like the SSC title Game and it's it's Alice you and Georgia. It shouldn't be at a neutral site. It should be at which ever school during conference play had their stadium close to capacity throughout the season so like. If so, we have or or highlight here Clinton's playing Virginia the game.
Virginia if during the year the capacity at Virginia was ninety four percent and Clemson, it was eighty nine wherever there will have been its largest area. An idea for overtime and the college football laugh to over times, if we're still tied, it goes to a tug of war like battle network stars, seven guys on each side MID, failed to put the matter again, like college order, no cause you re a year of seven over times than they gotta play the echoing what they get. What I hear Malta, where all they need to do to me, I, like college over time, but the one thing they should do, as they should immediately eliminate kicking point out retouch. Now you should be good for to immediately because that there would eliminate the idea of an eight overtime game which, for someone who's in a college, football Fantasy League, really complicated thanks
I made for seven touchdowns and why do they do that? Why can it be to what will they do after this? You know that there is the arrogance to over time. You can kick in, then you gotta go for two the best email thing, I've ever gonna, my life was the reader and two thousand twelve said tug of war should be an olympic sport with a with a weight limit, and there has to be like at these two females in the team in all things and how the team and could be constructed would be fascinating. Is your love of battle than our stars or something is ice? The left, the tug of war about our stars, great. We have more stuff to talk about. You hit me on the Hillary Clinton Howard Stern area, yeah caused as I drop my kid off at her preschool young overdrive and a school will apply like listing the frozen or the. Your network, or something that I'm flippin around on on the radio, driving home Alison. I'm hearing I'm hearing Hilary voice on Channel one which is the channel classic. There was no. There was no proof,
None of this was gonna happen. You know probably didn't think it was gonna happen to, though, as second by Adam you know I've. The part that I happened to stumble into was ultra fascinating, daddy, somebody that it seem like she really light here in this. She said it was like running his course, but she made a point of talking about how Ethel I reckon handsome he was and what a catchy was in Burma. Ship with bill meeting him in college. What about she was there? somebody that it seem like she really light here in this. She said it was like running his course, but she made a point of talking about how athletic and handsome he and what a catchy was in Bob. I then bill women workers eulogy where they woke up. The other guy is big. Bearded dude, you kind of like you know yet of big beard and long red hair and like story that will feral in Aqaba Sketch Oh, it's a stir
because we know all these things about point now. We know all these things about their marriage. I owe acts. We don't have a complete extending their marriage, but we know about everything up soon: the complexities in it the word and the character that bill has in his relationship with women and yet liquors story. She tells how oh she had a party and she got sick afterwards, so she calls him and he brings soup and does all this stuff, and they have had a date yet here, since it's real telling sort of how sometimes people who very problematic, qualities to facilitate those problems. They have to have these sort of empathetic qualities as well. To put them in that position, it is still is in its how should like you know, they'll, never be a situation where someone's and indirectly ask Hilary about the abstained,
the heavy handed a radio there about the whisky situation right here, you can read Clinton's bills autobiography if a thousand in some pages he mentions football ten times, I think Lewinsky's names in their once or no times or whatever is never. Is there are certain things, for whatever reason we do give President's like we'd, like he'll, never really be asked about that. So we'll never really know like the inner workings of their relationship in that way, but she still talks about him at as someone who still very much in love with it that it doesn't at you, you don't get any like. It seems pretty sincere to me. I mean anybody can be fooled. I can't read someone's mine, but like their relationship,
still seems good, even though all logic would say it must be horrible cows, sheep, sprinkled little stuff in their about how bills to go to the movies. We have to bring the secret service with us. They sit behind us and release delight to go the movie theater like well. That's sounds like a normal couple and then you think about all the other stuff, that's app on them and decided the abnormal I'm with you. I was struck how sincere she seemed the whole time and looking back it was probably a major mistake, She didn't do that in a real in two thousand. Sixteen, when there is a bigger spy, lay down what because yeah stride that was it actually had ass is there in the interview he would like if you would have come on, I think that I could have can Keno convinced a certain kind of person that you were cool. I think he has a name for them, some kind of like
ground dogs or something uses some Turner's earth dogs like that that would he uses to describe this kind of like white blue collar person, who I see someone like Hilary an is reminded of a person in their life. They don't like any other. I think I could have. I could have meal held this other. I I don't think four years ago she would have been because at that point Stern was still Third, relish further guess who now and then in even a huge change a lad dealers they attain is about as big of a celebrity suck up on these gases as we have even eat it, as he is now as different as he is now compared the person he would be. It would be perceived as too big of a risk to do that even now, if you actually running for the presidency to because just the fact that I don't think you'll be all right, in two thousand and nineteen will take a lot of the he's. Gonna bring up, Lewinsky Epstein Vince Foster all this
is by the way I wouldn't either there's a ninety nine percent chance he would not, but there's a war. For ten years ago, he's bringing it up here my days ago, is bringing it up, and when you you know it's like em like he obviously likes mayor p quite a bit. He mentions him every job, but it would probably be a mistake for bridge to go on show just because you it's to unpredictable Seattle cigarette that I think I think stern would handle it allowed differently than he would have. Finally, I these at a different point of his life, and he saw it. Stating whether somebody else's at therapy and all these things that just one not what he was like for decades totally he's these totally different, but there's just certain situations that yell you use that from a risk reward perspective, which is all that these candidates think about you know what
you think, I'd like when I would go the other way, though, that cause, I think it's more like I dont, think peak and win the way things are now and the reward outweighs the risk, in my opinion, for him, because if he goes on that and is awesome It gets forded around there's clips. I think that really helps them. It probably does, but is there any singular like okay, so Bernie went on European Rogan has a bigger audience, then pretty much any national television that Maybe it's not really going to change the election. However, had he made a mistake on that pod guessed it could have been devastated. Nah, not Sanders thing is kind of like I do these things. Other people don't do ya, Goin, Fox and I'll talk, although on this, but I guess you know mere PETE, probably a lot of ways. I really feel he's gotten much further than he ever possibly
anticipate I people, who think he can went well. I think that he entered the race with the idea that he can, when the presidency, in twenty twenty eight. Right leg. I think that he thought will. This is immune from this. Very small testing is fit that asked yes, that test fishing. I want people to have seen me before. Do you know something about me, because I'm not gonna be able to sort of create a resume of political experience as the mayor of Self Ben, that's gonna justify me being president. However, a pretty successful presidential campaign is its own kind of experience. Now I I I I I I think he can when I I don't think it is possible, he's done much better than I thought he would, though, so I was struck by that stern interview in it that it not a huge others, just a start, This is that in the bag, following the regulator against a bomb, I recall- I remember, did I yeah we allow people did
because I, like Obama, was you know what you're doing here. That's that definitely not true I like, Burma in they try to get other alumni MAC. I know, but I'm into the way eight I feel it. We talked about this. I think I've concern that it can have the credentials. Yet I mean my My thing with Hilary all the way through was that she had put in so much time and I thought that was woods turned, it are really good job out, like it's kind of a in the resolution you have compared to a who we end up in the White House now, but then also they even the people running where, like mere pits, the second he's a mare killer, hit Wiki red. Four years ago, she bit Secretary of state she'd been the first lady. She had been all these different things and when he made that point as Lake- Is she's probably more qualified than Elizabeth Warren right now, if we actually, if the Democrats are actually trying to win,
Hilary makes more sense. Elizabeth warrant Hilary was the most qualified person to everyone for the presidency. She had been in the White House inside the white for eight years or whatever, but the counter argument would be is that there is no degree of experience it really prepared for that job. That I would, though, there often these discussions, like all you may be sure, to be a governor first, because you know you overseas state like Texas or California or Florida. That's all hi or whatever. It's like a kind of a microcosm of the country. If you ve been the Senate. You know you ve had to work through legislation, you, you know how things actually done all these things, but there is no experience. It prepares you to be president. It's such a singular job that the fact that she is the most qualified person while true, is not enough just to be and for her to be president. I think she might have been a very good president, but the fact that she's this experienced is not really proof of that. It's not that kind of job. While she made a point of saying how they experience matters zero
because it's a popularity to contest as we found the means that the extent of the experience that she has that his rarefied is that she understands she's the emotional experience, because she was now in a room every night with the president as he sort of dealt with. What that job does to you, you know so she does have an. Insight that is unlike any other candidate, but her exports why shouldn't stand up to tramp when Trump was looking around her at the debate. I was fascinated to another and, as she said, variations of it before, but our they jumped out of me in that interview was, and I include myself in this. I never felt like she was sincere over the years. I always felt like there was a calculation to her and all the choices she made. That just didn't resonate with me personally,
right right, does matter just how it felt- and I watched her in that area and maybe it's the wisdom of age. Maybe it's the fact that two thousand sixteen massage motionless going further and cause a revised forever, but the person in that interview fell presidential to me that that was. I never felt that way before about her women going at the twenty sixteen election. Now it seemed like it was such a lock. It seems that there was no possible way. She could lose, I'm sure she was. Advise constantly. You know not to be yourself. Just don't be someone who can like almost in the rajah. Don't go that position. I just don't blow this idea by four with three minutes, left his hand: the ball off. It's fine,
Well, it's more like Europe by seventeen. It sure that's what it pal it felt. I mean I I texted somebody at seven, twenty p m on election night. There were like freaking out like don't worry, she stood in a win and like it's not like it's in all ages and see it it's impossible. Five torrent, favorite thirty six hours before the election rights. It that's like the same odds as the ravens against with it when the jets on Thursday same ads. When you put it like that, it's like the legitimate when they thou act with Andorra could get earlier other things more plausible, legate yeah. What would happen She just said:
amid amateur ran right now there would be a little push back from people who would feel that that she is putting especially from the warn people and and the sandwich people they would feel like you're. This is eagle based you're going to you, you ve just sabotaged a situation that we really you know if we just yet. I could hear still this weird thing: it's like you know, trumps like this kind, historically unpopular president in any other time period, if you're Democrat, the idea would be like this is when we need to push our most liberal, most progressive cat it we have an incredibly unpopular incumbent. This is our, but it doesn't feel that way now it feel so afraid
Show that if like well, let's get that run by ok, it's like Biden seemed like the sit like you're like they feel moved to make its a safe decision. Even though finds a joyful like like out yet not yet I kill you. I got a very, very good better before further, thereby s like he'll hear. So I think that at that. It would be. I think it would probably be a mistake for her and the Democrats, but I mean, as for what would hire it's, who lay. I think you should go to him even Bloomberg. Coming and now I dont that was a let's take a break and get your billionaire ex zoom didn't invent video conference in nature. Made a better now zoom is how business gets done. Zoomed together. All of your communication needs into one easier for video conferencing phone calls. Group chat webinar in your conference rooms flawless, Crystal clear Audio and any device easier than ever to meet and collaborate face to face the matter where you
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Yes, I think maybe I mean any to type it maybe be to write. When do you care about how quickly, but our remember the two doesn't, which I think Remember for all the obvious reasons, but I think from a content standpoint having all these subscriptions has been. I think the strangest thing that has changed about all of our lives since two thousand and nine right. We have so many subscriptions now and now it's the case of There's a new subscription being offered. What do I get out of it and we are look at it now, you look at something apple plus in their going hey we, the morning show we have em, they came on and we have the shower Jason Momo Zeal in person, who's, not blind, Ed P, going ok, I'm nothing, five bucks for that. So now there
do audible and they just paid twenty five dollars for a Billie Eilish documentary- that's not even done yet, because their goal is just to bring subscribers Disney looks at it differently and they're like we have this whole library we're going to buy Fox or going to get their library to all this stuff could be fucking awesome. It's every show your kids have if your fifteen years old has ever show you probably ever cared about for the last twenty years or have it all here we have all the simpsons we're going to have all these days, movies marble the stuff they just put together this unassailable package in anybody with kids in it's gonna, be you and about a year. How would you cat down five? Three? We have a five so you have the again about sixty four annexing had Disney buzzard. You know I I getting it didn't we're gonna have the agony. I dont think that they ve specifically asked for anything. Yet that's only available there, so I haven't got it yet. So here's my point.
People are like, oh my god, how are we going to do so? Many subs? I actually like it. I think it's survival of the fittest, we're heading to a point where, if you're going to ask somebody to pay for whatever you really have to bring the goods, it can't just be we're in this weird subscription thing off. Course testicular paper like hey this, now costs money, give us your login staff and you're gonna pay for it, and some people do
and then they realized after a couple weeks couple months whatever like I, this is stupid. Why am I paying for this now we're hitting the real part of this where people are deciding what's good with stock head and now company, like apple trying to get apple plus going? They can't just launch the service like it has to be fucking awesome, it's weird to say: hey, it's a good idea if you're going to have subscription contact, make it awesome, but I think I think the bar has been raised that I think it's actually going to lead to some awesome content of the next five six years, cuz everybody's thinking, the same way now like We keep people. What are we have to do like you? Look at my netflix did this year. Netflix has marriage story which we can talk about in a second, and they also have the Irishman, which were released in theaters or two to three weeks then went right to Netflix and it's fucking off I didn't have to go to the theatre to watch you there's movies was in there. I think the bars being raised, and I really like it I like
where its guy, but I want any well for me, though those two examples: they were going to exist, whether this model was there not I mean we're. Just would have been nine months before I gave reveal out two weeks year, but that that's one small example of egg. That's fun, I'm glad They get to see these movies at my house, you Know- and it's it's all these little victories that I think we're getting where late Disney, plus, how it's really one to have all these things under one roof. I can go to the app and then it's all and boom boom boom can do whatever I want, and then you see us coup which they just not figured out. Yet you gotta Hulu, it's a complete mess. You don't know Where do I go? Do I do I can't find stuff? They'll fix our dimension. I'll make that also anxious everything's gonna get more awesome is my take me. Might you you're probably right, but I have to say as a consumer, I think of it in those terms, because the way I
for me is really more of this case by case situation. I never think of the platform as something that to me, like theme of the platform is like I never growing when I was growing up, I didn't think like I prefer NBC too see or whatever? I never thought like that. I was always in a b c guy, that's funny! I was I like very loyal day. Besides a brazen I die to me, it was it was. The show itself. So it happens to me is like ok. So I just said that I want to be able to watch some of Northcotes States football this year and all the games, erroneous, pm, plus plug agony is pm plus, I dont think if he is facing European plus as a inanity. It's like it's the only way. Do this like gave out when I want to watch a movie, or I went away,
something, like my wife, a bring up something that we're going to watch and we'll be like okay. Where is it and it's like well? Well all we wanted to watch the new Twilight Zone, okay, but the Jordan Peele Twilight Zone, ok. I guess we gotta get this CBS plus there would ever notice. I guess I'll act. Yes, like I it's it's I so form me it's a kind of a mild inconvenience because drive me crazy when I want to watch suddenly a psycho. I put my credit card in. Maybe you just stumbled on the key to this. Why did you? You had to get he has been plus. I wanted to watch this one thing right. So now all these things launch a good example. Is that really weird aside up were there, we're going to have stuff, but it's four hundred and ninety nine a month and they didn't have stuff that you felt like oh shit. I want to watch this one game at.
It has been possible same way there that we have other stuff and paper like ok, cool lack any is pan pass. We have some new shows great with the thirty three library already seen him and there like FARC, and then they got to get you see like do you say goodbye cool? They pay for the UFC and then they're like there's a boxing, and now it's going to lead to. We have the NBA Red Zone Channel or we have NBA League Pass and all these things are thinking the same thing cuz they. Trying to get you to be like fuck. I dont want to put my credit card to him, but I half their. So, how is better at seems worse to me, eventually it'll be better, though well. Why? Because all these people are going to figure out how to put this stuff under one roof in the best way possible, so that is a seamless transition. Eulogist be like. I have these five Serbs that I care about and I'm getting them or I area they gonna manages to me
to their revenue, regardless of how that impacts, the consumers for the next five years: they care about the revenue as much as the people signing up that. Certainly athletics model will get that it's ok. Ass, a hundred nine our. Why would a case so you're basically saying is that is paean plus care, but this idea that, like there can be some things people want. So would they will buy this thing because- they want this one thing: no initially, I think the idea was weary of pay. Get it and then they realize oh shit are we actually have to make them get this? We need incentives, for them need stuff that they're gonna actually want to watch So my point is we're in this golden era. Now for the next four years, where everybody she's gonna spend to try to commits us to get there. Eventually, it's gonna end
five six years down the road once they figure out the economics of it's gonna suck. But right now is the good moment where Netflix is like. What's been, three hundred million to the eye for the Irishman. We just want to get people to stay on Netflix, so we we're winning right now, my point, even though it doesn't seem like it is, I think, five years from now we're not could be when it gets. I always like. Ok can I I guess we just use different like I would have much preferred if ESPN, instead of creating European plus it be like we're gonna put subdivision. Football is pain you, but you had you would have to pay for that. The US would have jacked up your ESPN, you re new and even realise that you're Diana Cable, Bonaparte arnauld happen now and then a hundred and ninety dollars a month then I think we're doing that anyway. They just reiterated the money, but I I like when it was all one thing and there was only one thing to get like: don't you had a cat Bilbil, and that was the totality of your experience of television
went up if you got more channels, but that it always raising Haivy near paying for all this stuff that you didn't what well for they go discovery channel, I did you actually discovery channel european two dollars for it, but now, like a man, he is be unpleasant. Once footfall season ends play, never going to look at it, but I'm going to keep paying for it because it's it's already like it goes out of my account, I'm not going to think about it. I still pay for Hulu. I still pay. I don't ever watch Hulu, but I still pay for it every month, thing who as important as ever the Chicago shows a day later, what I shall cargo p days, Gaga virus. I just feel like once you get in the situation we pay for these things. If, like it's, not a huge amount is alive, bit, okay, so it's like it's for ninety nine a month or whatever your controlling every single thing. You're paying for this is the old model where gas. Now, maybe I haven't checked to see: does the math add up to work when we just aid for everything. The old way we just got, everything is less or more I just like that. I used as I would have direct to be there and have it
thousand channels and I'll be watching twenty, two of them once more. How is that good? I still like flipping through channels, though I live. I love to just slip from channel to challenge. You come across, say, like I don't know like the news from Korea or whatever it's in a language, Candish Standby, that's where Well, it's really interesting because you're seeing you sing the way, the profound liar you at that at this time when all the career there is neither here nor there, but if I got all uses medicinal But you know to adjust its. It is interesting to me to be able to flip through channels. I all these different. Like me, Netflix is a pretty good service. I guess I mean I'm I'm on it. Among all these things of the past,
I still love flipping through and we talk when we talk about the relaunch of us and will say something like when you're for channels. In the same comes on and power generation, they're, not flipping channels cause they're, just going right through the app. So there is no footman channels. They see cast away on the Hulu APP, thereby cool castaway, whereas like were for pig channels and AMC, it is castaways o Koyo is about to make a fire. I wanna keep watching early any barriers, twenty five watches to eat. I don't I don't think they did. I own, I mean it's, you know it and in the past, if this could be described us say like an egg in the city Is there said like? Ok, you don't have to worry about whether you miss W Care being Cincinnati. You can watch you whenever you want, in fact it's on eight o clock tonight. You can watch it at eight or you can watch it at nine. You can watch the next day. It would have seen great what has just been like. Yes, this is what this is almost like. A faint,
ethical dream. I due notice, though, that like with with my kids, for example, they do have the sense that you don't really wait for anything. Now like it's like everything, bones, when you want it working an apparent had yet- and I don't I don't know, that's really like a guy. It's not like a tragedy or something but I would say that was one of the legacy of this decade. I want something: I'm hungry, I'm an order. Food the people behind thirty one minutes or my feet, chicken parmesan from the Italian pasted submit its way. I wanna watch a movie which we watch boom boom. You go and there's a lot less, there's less potluck. Now, where everything is our control, I mean it's weird: where can I get more the leg of more the caraway eat? The average I mean everyone? Does
in it. We like nobody would be like. I don't think we should be able to order food online anymore, everyone does it prefers it right it is it you, ok, you got to talk to somebody you can, if it's easier to just you know you if it have. Any special request you can type in nor will be seen. Is all these advantages in a larger macro sense? You kind of say like: does this in some way cheapen the experts Hence the news and question beyond that Mikhail say: does cheapen the experience? How valuable should this experience be? Anyways, I don't know it makes me think of a lot of things have written this book about make Nicholson's, feared about this oral history. Yeah it's like one hundred fifty people wearing it. Their it's really fascinating. He escaped Germany read for the Holocaust he wore eggs. His whole life there's all that, but the basic aim was
everybody's interactions with a day in day out, and I wonder what would people's be like that with these next couple generations of the stories are about MIKE. Had this dinner MIKE. Had a party when you had dinner, the MIKE Mike was on a say, and it was all about the human interaction that said, and now I think, we're heading through the Sarah, where I'm some stun, when people have friends that they ve never met any, be people. That's like a real thing. Now now I sound like a fuckin old guy but do you think people have friends that they ve never met. Call you have friends your nor met now never met you. Just be became friends online and there now your friends we ever actually met it. Then I got a facebook and that's what I was I was sick should ever that. Well, I know you know,
it happens a way more now, but there are other otherways look at this. For example, let's say I came on your package and I said you know when I was growing up. I had a pen pale in France and for ten years we wrote letters back and forth constantly. I would have thought that was weird also would have been a charming story and we wait if I would have one day said like eventually I travelled to Europe and I met Pierre or whatever and we had to start. It would be like lots of real interesting things cuz it would. It would be a unique thing of your strength happen, you you not. I swear to God. I wish I had the only Aristotle that you made a french name to be honest, is pretty cliche friend of mine. I have my minute. Friend, is project, but you know I could have but in the past or you'd. You know you would you would hear romantic stories about a couple you know in there, in the forties and in their day their whole relationship was
do telegrams in writing letters and it was years before they were together and that actually seems hyper special because it was it was so outside of the norm. But now when it becomes the norm, it seems odd that this is that these this thing that was once sort of unique, and surprising, is now look a normal way to be a person what site the before sunrise, sunset movies, sure sure the first movie it adds, and you have no idea tat, you see each other again and if, for some reason they don't stay in touch or whatever, how are they even know how to find one another and that kind of the cool thing in the movie that that is what they see each other again. They might not. Now, if you made that move in two thousand maintain their fallen southern instagram right away there they have each others
there's no way: they're gonna lose time, have to loss of have to create some kind of weird plot point where they ve both lost their phones on using so their walking around with no phones and they came and exchange information and they for some reason they can and give each other their phone numbers or something already it's a terrible move we have here is that we have to build in some crazy conversations at equal, which is actually like the sequel more than the original, or let the sequel, the continuation movie, but part of it as they at a time should how annoying it was, and then he becomes in our best, I'm author and she comes to one of his book signings, because she, to reconnect with a well because they feel lonely. I wrote about their relation. He wrote about the relationship which was to wear it think warmer break. In the words of my mind, we talk about a gift. You can feel good in good about all birds. Stylish comfortable sustainably can't go wrong. Streamlined design versatile, elect
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comfortable for everyone on your list, give to give the comfort the Saudis and or get a pair for self at all words Dhaka. Lastly, we talk about marriage story, your parents never had straight no well, my parents did without thy son, I'm an historic divorce movies. This one was on the radar Noah. No back one of one of my favorite directors may kicking screaming but beloved moving the mid 90s. And this is on the radar. Then it's then it starts getting the buzz in fantasy. Sees it and he's like add drivers going to win best actor. It's amazing scarjo is going to get nominated to its it'll, be considered. One of the best films of the are. The reviews are great white Friday night. I was surprised by how much I liked it. I was I'd, moved into that point where I'm going to be like I'm actually knock it, I'm going to try not to like this mentally, but I'd actually was really good. You didn't like it.
Well, ok, I guess what were you doing? Boilers from now on, and then the package is gonna answer. If you do it, the agency married story, it thanks for coming will see next time and the best, but I need to before again this again say two things. One which is it like among the contemporary, like directors working now like no bomb back his among my favorites, I'm gonna buy. So as a consequence, I hold his movies, probably to a different level, like I think, if I'd seen this movie- and I heard some first time director- you know Jeremy Jones- I probably would have thought this is. This is echo Pierre? Yes, if the air that it will appear, you made a movie demagogy. They deliver that your letters kind of no no a bomb back a little bit Weymouth. Well aware what happened was there was a a kicking and screaming like like reviewing the cast in Brooklyn where they played the moving and the cast was on stage, and I interviewed them onstage and heal.
Fucker? So when the movie, when the movie wishes and outrage and why they ask you who I knew you, wouldn't you be like watching watching a t ball game with the game thrones due to whatever? Would you have time to go it s? A play was so herself that, during during the movie we all went out to dinner so was me why cause. You know it was interesting. I guess is obvious when they sure movie, unlike have like the people, talk afterwards like the people who want to watch the movie again. Yes, so we went to dinner it was a real great dinner and I have great conversation with no bomb back Paul Macartney solo career. I saw I live like him. I like the island. I like him, is an artist and I like him, is a guy L. And so saying that I will say that I was a little disappointed by this movie. One thing is
is like. Ok, you call the movie. You know a marriage story, it's a little bit like calling a move. The movie ordinary people are calling your tv series girls. If you use a title like that. What you're really saying is that this experience, though it's happening, specific characters, is a universal experience and we're capping in some sort of universal thing about this experience, and it didn't seem that way to me. I didn't. I I didn't. It didn't seem that real to me in a way that you know you looked watch this when the whale Margo at the wedding. These things did these characters, who are completely unlike anybody who met in life and yet, when you see them on screen, they seem palpably real like an authenticity That's amazing that this crazy, strange person can seem on now. Here's a different situation where
really Adam driver is to stand in for any man in a marriage and scarred chose to stand in for any woman. Marriage is called a marriage story and it Shirburn got divorced story well again. What what? What will you, regardless it did not like the situation, seemed really highly specific to me. I did think that there was a degree of over acting. To be honest, I know that they all the people in this movie a great. I know like Rick we're not supposed to Chris, Lord Durno would ever believed had she can overactive. I kind of thought Adam driver at times was over acting so but the but here's my maid, thing with this? Ok, we do. The real watches were, who wins the over acting warlord burner. Adam driver Aguilar DE area
Possibly I like learning it out. I was dialing other. Is there in a peck of over Agnes, like the effect our active and even there, and there are funny part in this movie in theirs, praxis movie that are good. There are moments that our incite full, like he's a real smart writer, and you know he understands that makes it was interesting to me that lets scourges characters actually much more like Gretta girl, wig, then Jennifer, Jason Lee in terms of what like her life, is- and I thought there was conveyed to me telling point in this movie where she's a one point describing like what went wrong in their relationship and she's like we know that one point in my life, you know I would have ideas and it would filtering to his work, and that was enough for me. I almost feels, though, maybe greater wig said to know a bomb back. It's like you should make a movie about what it would be like if we got divorced because it doesn't seem like that's gender. I know everyone thinks it's
Jennifer Jason Lee, but it doesn't seem like her one of the things that back said was it like? Why show did Jennifer Jason and she's cool with it, because she knows it's not her, and I wonder if she knows is not heard because he said, but this is actually about. Like a fictional thing, you just described is if somebody is really good at this they're not gonna, say I'm making a movie about what happened to me and Jennifer Jason Leigh they're. Just going to be like I'm, making move out divorce, I'm going to grab pieces now of all these different things, I'm gonna, make stuff up a minute. Create these characters made may have a couple things from them, but I'm not just doing my Arab Aggerawayter Annette. I think that movie go this way a pigeon hole or a bit about, because people did things. I greet you. I thought it was more gretta, Uruguay, Lee the this is a situation where our knowledge of these people is a problem in in the ass, though you are talking about how like here, you didn't know things about coaches knowledge, things
We would not have known so much about no bombyx relationship in that in Egypt is now no people didn't know that much about the life of standing cubic or whatever it's like. Yet. It also includes to imagine as having this now but Agus here's, my larger wait and once again like this is a movie that that I'm not telling people like nothing. People should watch it, it's better than most movies, but so I washed it on Saturday night and around on Friday and and Sunday Maya, my wife has been watching the show on Showtime called couples. Therapy and if one of these situations where yes and I'm your watching tv together and sometimes one of these watching tv and the other person's just there, so I'm like phone, I'm looking at my you- know fantasy basketball, information and stuff and kind of half watching the show, but I was drawn into it. I thought initially it was a fictional show, but it's a reality program
Will there be with a heavy focused on the life of the fair pest and hurt will not her life, but she also when she talked to these couples. She then talks too, like her boss and describes like what's going on with this there be in and she's got like it's almost colleague sopranos a little bit when when, when milky would talk to me about knowledge to be as live like that, got it, but what you? What you would I noticed watching this show at o, which really became clear to me, is that when there are problems in a relationship they are so nuance and so almost intangible that when he tried to make a fictional movie about it, the conflict and that relationship was to straightforward
the way they were talking about why their marriage had problems and what was wrong with it. It's not actually how interpersonal failures happen like when you watch couple therapies, see sometimes people talking over a problem that is described would not be a problem like it. Wouldn't you you would save these people it's like UK, so she doesn't try you that much even we're just different these things at sea minor, but as they discuss it, realises that it? It has to do with these things that are completely outside of the actual events that happen, and you may be just can't capture that in a fictional setting, because in a fictional story you need a story and the story has to have clarity and I dont so I'd I that the problems with their marriage. They just didn't feel real to me. I can
see that- and I think the one of the reasons I think Kramer versus Kramer is just a better movie is because, ultimately, that's not really a movie about his marriage, it's a movie about him and his relationship with his son and how he tries to keep that together after his wife basically leaves, and then him the of maybe why she laughed so we are not actually in that whole relationship in the mechanics of it. I'm with you right. There were stuff when this movie if it had a flawed, I liked him more than you the floor. Like I never totally understood why she turned on him she's. That long speech should Lord Dern she's, an. He cheated me all this stuff, but That's cut and dried on at that point in cigarette. She he cheated on her she's. Just anymore and she wants to move. I like that's actually not that interesting
They tried to make it seem like they're all these other things going on at sight. While there were to come TAT, it will get the horse could submit year on this kind of an interesting bouncing situation where, if you remove the infidelity, it would seem as though you would gravitate towards Adam driver If you remove that right, you need a reason not to like, because that is in there it kind of makes it obvious. In point the movie where he is sort of like you shouldn't be mad- that I slept with her should be mad that I had a laugh with her and you know what that's fucking dumb, because when you get married with someone you dont say the person, I'm never gonna have enjoyable relationships the people again, but you do commit not having sex with him. Ok wrestle if we were to look at that like if we look at that as a failure of his character or sort of his inability to understand reality. That's great, but if it's actually supposed to be a justifiable argument that his emotional relationship with this person was actually more troubling.
Physical relationship? That's not true. I thought how relationships are asked. Didn't like that. Her mom liked him so much and was Looking out for him, I didn't think allegory of audio visual money, evidently swollen realistic, where some point when it is in fact well when, when there's when we're headed toward a separation divorce at some point, the family is just year on one thing or the other yeah? I was biomass asset that thou there and I'm exceptions there sometimes back again to Vincent, but it isn't it. I thought it was wrong address to his I'd like a Julie. Haggard is like airplanes, minor problems. She was good she's. Getting good, but I wanted like an a list. Awesome fucking actress in that part of that is really interesting part. I want to know more about her. She was this and Jennifer. I think that was the part that confused people General Jason. They because her mom was an actress this lady was obviously actress in the movie, and I don't know that was TAT was like a marrow, Streep kind apart or somebody I wanted somebody
with real weight that partially haggard is like her. I will tell you it was I we talked about the Hilary thing earlier in excise oil. Listen that everything Thursday or whatever, so I guess I was kind of on my mind in this too, when you think of Bill and Hilary relationship. Imagine if they were in a cup therapy? So you imagine those two and couple therapy discussing their problems. Okay, there are some very obvious things right, there's some obvious indiscretions on the part of bill that would seemingly put this relationship in jeopardy if the relationship stays together. For these reasons, that would be extremely difficult to understand unless you're in the relationship itself, and I think that it when you look at this moody while it's like I mean it's a it's, I'm not saying you should never try to make a movie about a divorced or whatever, but I think it can only be appreciated
like I enjoyed the performances in this or I found bits of this you know entertaining. I dont think it can possibly captured this. I mean you, remember your grading. It is on the high. Why am I am I'm going to check in Vila cause? You ve said, before and I was enjoyed this about you, you love like raw arguments and movies. Haven't you fashion this one did that argument happened too quickly? It was you say you are more foreplay before he got to the argument. What about the when new money punishes the. While, though, ok that was at the end of that, was about his Rasa, gets sure sure but every day I wake up, and I wish you were now and then he says, like should lie which could be like. I wish I was dead or wish your I wish you were Daddy Riven gave me we its he's, he's very good writer, but that the the intensity of that fight did not seem in line with
people from the rest of the movie. I mean. I know that I am I'm being real. Hard on this thing which I have taken this well sort of. I mean it's like you know I have I wish in this movie thing like this, can really be great. I mean like this is a real counterfeiters and there are some very good actors and like this can really be great, some, maybe I am being an unfair to it. I, I've been having a dad I'm nominate offend the movie. I think it had a couple of really really great since the scene in the kitchen when she's serve him. You're gonna servicemen merit Mare, Weaver, who have very lives, including me, and just the dynamics of them both in another room and how they found that I vow is great. I thought scarlet big speech, the Lord therein, were we when she has like that six minutes, speech about the marriage and it's all one shot, she's crying and just seems completely
broken the fact that they never edited that, and it was just straight through. I thought, was awesome. It's interesting scourges in this movie, though, like this seems like a role. Isabel Mass would get one section as they play they gave her the worst possible haircut. It was. I really want to know too good a movie or data that was smarter heritage. That is in real. I don't mean it would have been distracting if she would have been ass, hot ass, she used yes, you know they would have, it would have thrown things often gave a yet it s maintained with so did you did? You relate to the kid and moving was out at those the scenes in and then I thought, the last. New scenes of the movie were really great and brought the home of Iraq. Because I wasn't sure, with Adam drivers, doing for two thirds of movie Z as I, what is his motivation and heading with this character and then, when he melts down in the last item and get to the scene when he's in the kids room and he's read them ladder and it breaks down
That was really good, and then I actually thought the best scene was the last scene when she's about to walk away and she realizes his shoes untied and goes to type, because you know that's as a child of divorce like what's interesting about, see my parents now they're still affection with them, even though they ve been divorced for forty years ago, and the kind of thing like my mom would do for my dad. You tom your shoes untied but they're, not together, I mean I just like that touch without was get we're getting to personal data. You your parents of washing your nine near separated So would you remember sensing that something was different about your parents, relationship that was serious or when you're that aged, like whatever relationship you see, is what you think is normal. Like now I've I think you know. I'd my thing happen at a really bad age. I think the worst possible age is like nine ten eleven, because you there did. You say that
most common age, they say you're, smart enough to know. What's going on, kids will think that they are somehow tat. You see, through your land sea thing gets. This is my father has inspect fact me see, get out, that's that's gonna, but but did you hear them yelling? Who was like you could, just they don't don't seem club any yeah there's a couple things where it's weird, that this person zero that persons that home you're, like the seams off compared to the tv shows at watching or the families, are together other time thank think you kindly no know, but maybe you don't want to admit it, but I think I think the part, and when do they talk to you about it, like winced tragedy, Finally say like after usually it's after it happen that gives somebody's nobody's moving, I think would be like in the movies. It's always like. The parents sit like in the squid the whale whatever they sit, the kid down and they yet it had a higher do any and when that happens, is it like? I know what this is gonna be like. I know, you're gonna tell me now. Are you like what is happening here?
the I think freak out yeah, I think it's a word. What is happening today, gonna wanna, go winter. I, as I understand it, is a personal thing. Indispensable part of Europe If that I'd I'd sure in his you know shaped you, ways that you are not even aware of what deftly gives you better sense of humor but not one things that resume made. This movie is the wife deciding I'm going to move to LA and I'm going to raise the kid hair, but he's a New York, which is a pretty inherently selfish, doing a divorce because they give you getting divorced. You have to see through everything through the lens of I have to do its best far kid and usually what's best for the kid is for their parents to be in the same place around because the same place they if one of the parents is like I'm go in here
and you're going to have to move here or we're just going to have to do back and forth? That's a really selfish act so that so I'm watching through the child through the charter divorce lands. You know how the things you say to your kid and now is: what would the subtle thing that you, probably I don't know if you caught it completely or not, was it starts with how close he is with the sun right and then Let us all these things that make Adam driver in the kid less and less closure and move because liar, but we. Ever really see how it happened, but it's all intentional on her part like she's, actually he's the, and because he cheated and he caused the snow, Barbara downhill but she's also the villain, because she
willingly ruins the relationship with the dad. Why low I mean I I guess, as I'm talking about this, I imagine no Bomba actually listened to this in a part of me thinks we're suspects that he might be going like. The point of this was not figuring out who the villain is but trying to make it clear that there are not villains in these situations. Marriages. Don't work the real villains, art lawyers and the real villains are these aspects of the culture that says relations have to see the lawyers are the least related. What part of this movie, because not everybody's paying twenty five thousand dollars us whatever to get divorce well there's a lot of times? Ivy debt would gladly times you're getting a much worse version of the out other character. Now I think, I think he'd, that was the point he was trying to make eight If I China, psychoanalyze, that I don't know anything about his managers, family situation, wherever it seems at the UN
I feel this movie was how the kid was affected by the divorce and the fact that the connection with the dad was compromise by the mom, and my guess would be that's what happened with him in his good right. I mean I don't know I don't know, I don't know. I didn't researching new there's a whole, but I think that was the enemy is trying to make was like this kid. So the key scene is that the big right where he has, he goes to the kid can't sleep. Adam driver goes into sleep alone. It's the bed's, too small hands up sleeping on the floor at the kid leaves the bed to go to the floor with them to sleep. Next to him, he's like this doesn't work it out and go back on the bed now the beds free and then it goes back up like I took that seen as a disk kid idolizes daddy loves his dad. He just wants with his dad in our fifth
minutes later, the kid wants no part of his dead. So to me, that's all intentional! Well I mean that it, you know it's it up, I'm sure it's certainly intentional is an interesting thing to it. He'll alike. It will swing anywhere in the world we nor or no aid this. While I was like it, I dont want people to walk away things like I didn't like this movie. I thought. That compared to most movies is good, but I just sometimes this pediatrician I put in this class link later guarantee now. They're movies are different to me, like I think about them differently, because I just think
they did their there that even other not similar and how they make movies at their summit they're bringing to movies. That is more significant. We always if you don't like it, does show how it is. I guess maybe this is a point, their favorite, that you watching this moving. You see that kid moving from bed to bed- and you like this- is like this kid who idolizes. Instead, it seems as though that one consequence of your parents horse, was not of any kind of splintered relationship with your father. It actually seen in relation to your father closer right, so I mean some aid. I wonder if the whole thing about a movie like this is that you have to accept that what your experience as a person is is going to color.
I feel that like maybe, if, if wreck as your watch, the movie as IRAN Adam driver in the end scarlet perspective, and I'm in I get on my chair from the little kids perspective, the time, because I was a little kid because you live when it when I'm watching going into it like okay, I had this. I had this fear. I, the sphere of light is move is what if this movie is so instead full about male female relationships, that when the Moody's over my wife is mad at me, like you know that you read your wife like? Has it by the rain averted Manuela? Had that fair aromas acting like should I watches of my life was less because, like my research I had with both for people like you is your wife ever had a dream, what you did something in the dream than she wakes up and she's mad at you yeah. I think everybody said that situation and I was thinking to myself like what, if it's like this with there's something about this movie, that's not really specific to us. It's actually a collective thing that happens in asking. I buy it, didn't it seemed more distant
like I didn't. I didn't feel as though I was seeing a reflection of something that I was a boy, that's a little too close and uncomfortable. That didn't seem that way they caught them that they caught them after them, it was already over, which is a different kind of movement. Will you try to accomplish everything with? Why are these people, like everyone in the first place, and that's the first four minutes- the read the other letter, the letters to about what I like about this person, what I like about my spouse yesterday and I think he thought now covered I don't have to show again why these two people ended up together. Might if I had a big criticism of this move, it's like I was never sure why they ended up together. Like I really felt like it, I hate flashbacks most of the time, but I really felt like it needed a flashback as by kicking and screaming the coolest thing about that movie,
is. It starts with the end right there at the there at the graduation party and they're just done with each other and choosing I'm going to Prague. Is I what gonna end they just they were not a lot left, but then it flashed back to them. The movie when they're fine for each other and it's now I understand why there together- and I do this- Didn'T- have it I'd ever got it will. There was still was that it was a kind of because, with the people doing this movie the idea that she is sort of like a teen star who then gets involved with his plays in this theatre. Troop because she kind of respects him in an hour and respecting listening, were serious and then initially her star power raises the profile of him as a playwright, but then overtime, his play, writing becomes the dominant thing and he's a more important than she is
That's it that's a highly specific scenario that I think that like, and maybe it is unfair of me to watch this because a lot of movies, most movies, you don't like about I've, had it to watch the Irishman yet but, like I don't think I'm I wanna watch it be like I'm I'm I'm I'm like that this week. I don't usually expect that you don't demands that you have to find a character who sort of reflects the life you have, but we look silly. You call the thing like into a marriage story like I remember this like, I was when I wrote the novel downtown owl my initial title: four, was normal Americans, but I thought to myself. You know if you do that if you say that what you're really saying is that anybody who does not see themselves in these people is somehow abnormal that this is what things really are. You know, so I changed the title because our out it was, it was
it was it was. It was too. It was so broad that implied that it was capturing a universal thing and then specific thing, and I feel like this movie. The intention is to capture a universal thing about why relationships fail, and that might be impossible. I also think every divorces their furnace, whereas adsense and I think when there's divorce move they all get lumped together, which is really strange, cuz like so my parents got divorced. They both remarried in the in the 80s and then when I was in college, they would come up for my birthday every year and is always all four of them and people in college that was weird or not we're just different. I guess where is like
before for your parents are going to get together, they're gonna to have dinner together. Take pictures in those like yeah other people have had the complete opposite experience of their re, that there's a divorce, and it's like I'm never talk in that and again in their use in the kid, as an intermediary mean a divorce Congo one thousand different ways and so any time. There's a divorce movie AG again, you know hypersensitive to it. Now I sound like other people, I mind, but just hypertension, to the themes of the movie, because I don't feel like divorce can be the sweeping thing- if somebody made a movie? If you got divorce story that actually probably would have been worse than Connemara story because divorce stories like here my thoughts on divorce, you knows TAT a terrible version of this, which is really for movies story of us who care about its Bruce worse, Michel, Pfeiffer, its directed by Rob rider. It's basically about his divorce. And its use them yelling at each other for two hours, so when people
these movies, they can be really bad at I appreciate that this was so new us and he was trying to something that the acting was excellent and early, like our wrapped up. So I am proud that this is a good movie. I wish a couple. Things would be different, but I need to see the cup my tabs, I still incredibly versus Kramer's the goat, but when you watch all these things, you know watching a couple, even see it. This movie again twice to more times I haven't how'd you when you watch your tv. What schedule, wrap up on this. What how do you manage very watch, like sometimes you'll, be like us you a very dynamic, I I watched her, You play the sun's mass last night in Devon. Booker is still Terry. Taking up the wheel, we shoot you duped lobby did watch you tape, sporting events and watch them like game film, I've, a mix of stuff I have theirs, but I do so basketball, sometimes there's a clump of games together a trial
like three for games at once in do thou ache as the other four that is understandable. That doesn't seem at doesn't. I bet things if there's a guy Thursday night Game and that silly game always dvr that any other skip it. If it's a bad game or watch the second half, you know somebody that marriage, or though the Gallagher we HU, a lot oscars content here and I like to be prepared for the movies. I want a widely it's good that you do, but we may have to watch. The Irish were right now much The OJ document, the OJ series from five years ago I was set at that, is obviously, when you go to bed like one thirty and get up at six thirty to thirty five hours, basically is probably too few well fighting taking is about right, that's, but maybe maybe get about seven five hours, so in a timely, seen the OJ of Cuba getting one yeah when was on it too. It amazing. We watch, I gotta say like I'd forgotten. Most of it, I forgot have fucking entertainers
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