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Stafford’s Salvation, Big Ben’s Downfall, the Cocaine Cardinals and Guess the Lines Week 4 with Cousin Sal


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss NFL Week 3. They cover the Packers’ last-second win over the 49ers, Rams-Buccaneers, the Chiefs’ second straight loss, Justin Tucker’s record-setting field goal in the Ravens’ narrow win against the Lions, Patriots-Saints, Dolphins-Raiders, and more (2:20). Then they Guess the Lines for NFL Week 4 (50:30) before closing the show with Parent Corner (1:27:40).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guest: Cousin Sal

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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Let's have everybody, I'm J, J, J G stance. He cannot Jason Gough it. If you have an earth, a ringer has gone local operating in the fire on bringing arraign from the big apple with. I shall me I feel, and I reckon shots I with my new- showed a full go and all things Chicago, we'd, guy facades, three nights a week with all the reaction at a local teams in gas was Mona. Cept soldier on all the beginnings of story wants to whether Europe turned down town in the firms are a transplant, make sure you follow. New York, New York and the full go on spot apply where you get your projects. This episode has brought. You buy Directv stream, introducing Directv Street the best alive to be, and I demand, which means you can watch your favorite sports move It shows on one place or whether you can catch game live or watch ladys blockbuster. They got you covered and no annual contract. Directv stream get your tv together, Directv Dotcom, compatible device required content varies by package worth
ready by fanned or sports book, as well as the Ringer pack has network. I hope your listening to our new prestige tv pie cast last week. We did a Sopranos Hall of Fame episode me than big. Was we broke down the famous Tony Bobby Fight episode, which was awesome? I really enjoyed, nah, vibe son. I think I wanna do a couple more in their feet. On Monday, Amanda Dobbins it air breaking down Epsom too of the morning show which has become one of the most compellingly confusingly entertaining shows, I think in the last five years, so gonna be covered alacrity beyond that feed over the next couple weeks had lasso scenes from a marriage succession, billions billions. Are we doing this week and all bunch my check it out the prestige?
the package you find that on spot a fire or wherever you get your past, it's a really good one. Coming up the cause- and I are going to be talking about we three and a farm in a surprisingly good mood, considering the Red Sox got swept the patriots were embarrassed, and Tom Brady come into town. Why am I so happy? I was my birthday minutes. Another birthday, my dad came the tenants, but ah oh yeah, I Should it be in a good mood? Consider hey the egg is so much, but will see how goes will see the red size can rally her fingers crossed o in Amerika for one of the Ryder CUP. That was great we'll talk later on. That was our first, our friends,
projects taken this faith. I send it doesn't sound, is here as always just watch Packard, nine or sell all I did this by birth is wicked guy Deborah. That thanks, I did for three straight days is watch television and it was glorious. The Ryder CUP or my favorite sporting events had that Red Sox Yankees was predictable disaster was like a mini massacre and their death. Football
today, and it was just it was just great. I did really move. I probably put on a couple pants and feel great, so others a glorious glorious. You consider Brady being exposes a fraud, and finally, after all these years, I'm glad you came out. That's glorious, your your patriots there are horrific team out of you had them gone, the Superbowl that is glory is that the red Sox gettin swept by the he's what's glories about this. Does nothing Well, then, you should not be excited for this by gas. None of that was glorious, backed I tweeted I wanted. I was worried about, and tat A by like eleven p M tonight, that we should just like the thing in some sort of protective room until we get out of the stricken now what was glorious was by dad was in town. I just sometimes its findings. Does weekends reed? I really do anything just watch sports, not the Ryder CUP. I thought was incredible. I really joy that we keep their
ass, a great stir them do in money in the right order. Now about our target. I bet the Europeans and nothin fills me somewhat at her dear. You do the air that I've patriotic thing- and I don't mean Betty against the Patriots- goes out- would have been good, but I'm an ant diet It's written. I see is high fives by all the Americans and an idiot I feel bad. Did you make one? After that, I stayed away from the Ryder CUP cause. I enjoy it. So much House loved Europe near made me want to bet on America what everybody loved about Europe so much, but it was. It was great. It's just such a great event. I loved the pears. I felt like bracing the sick. The sheer bow has been like reinvented Who is he was in his own personal, dark house. I think you know people are being made to him on the course. There Brooks kept his name Adam, and you can see here
really in his own head and by like Saturday, he was a new guy was alone at the iraqi fours runner out his draped than the flag was grey. Now we may we brought up this rivalry when I want to talk about got too much by one of those guys should have to move to Europe. We should have to clone, be european, Brooks or kept Gordy shambolic zeal. rivalry and golf which golf needs. They can't be paired together on the same team from the same country or any of those things. While they ve he'd misted such an easy chance, put them together on Saturday and and he just he just wanted Ducas the shambles, like the best possible partner gag, has easy feast or famine ever. Shall I loved it. I love the course of their hard. It was. I love the Santa some people, the water. You got irish, guys falling down hills, trying to hit shafts bullshit Larry. all distract from your patriots, which, as is the lead storybook out, we could talk back
Now, let's do factors that inspires out as it was a yet another good son in again Rogers Caterpillar, it looked like he was gonna fall apart there at the end, the cutter, my wife was just enemy watching was, I was so sad what's going on, is he becoming the guy from that state commercial, my god. Allow he's probably another point in this game. Many going down takes down. They leave the middle the field open for him with ten seconds left, so you could do the classic. yet our fifteen yards run up the line spike it. It's crazy. Our defences screw that over and over again through the Niners you're like. While how do we or do we lose that game? We needed that what well? How about this about the authenticity? we now by big, it's all in the quarterback, and we will talk about what has induced decked, whatever the brakes attack. All the scores like. Oh my god, is thirty seven seconds up Why did you go down the one you're leaving Rogers too much that I think it starts way before? That seems like really rushing to the light
with a minute's wanting left from the twenty five yard long ago, zero or three time out of fear of the twenty five year, our line, it's your game with a minute twenty left. If seven plays in many places you want your ten plays. If you want why you pushing why? Why do you have to get a go in their eyes and I even thought they Sheila chiseled score on that at long last, chance would like Europe to twenty laughter. Whatever was a little less than two minutes, If so, James continue screw that up. I didn't love Jimmy Jeez game. Every drive was either our great pass or something like a horrific pass. It should have been picked or something he thought was an impasse that was a fumble. He should go and call once per annum for grounding any didn't and then that fumble that exact? How did he think that was an incomplete, passed out of a nonsense, but I think the writing one tonight gag rule that we saw in the chair there's game to that then you're Talkin, about about scorned, to vast where they scored the touchdown
who is doing that came Romo cigar alone. He audibly gases. I, while they just gave a homes allotted time when they could adjust basically three nails. I guess they just didn't trust their kicker there, even though one percent. I didn't write them, but they went through the feel goal. Would the minute forty let whatever it was right like us again? I go for touchdown here mom says come right down, they prove me wrong. I love that stairways a genius or what, but it looked like There was some questionable they got that mean they got a break with the past interference on thirty, nine, but yet aspect. yeah, but not a grey replay there. With the Packers diners game we mention in the park as last week. Much we kind of like the nine or some valuable they were that they could kind of steel games, differ ways and would watch in the second half today is there were in back You're like rather gonna, win this game and sound. I read and talk about like this is like the reared resilient. They can win ugly guy.
after game after game, they can figure it out, and then they lose about the narratives completely different, where it's like this weird quarterback thing is that hanging over them where Lance comes in state they clearly have like seven plays, but he's learned but athletically there's things that he brings to the table. You could see it from the packers. You know Jimmy G Good, not great, like he missed the Superbowl, throw the deep pass in the first half. As you said, looks great for three players, then there's the fourth play. We like what just happened. There was too disorientated and I guess, like the the big question of this team, is: when did they pull the trigger? And then you watch what happened? The Ricky quarterback Sudan's like? Should they pull the trigger at all? Maybe you'd wait a year with think we're gonna go through how bad the Ricky to be sought but man after you see that action over of terribleness, maybe they're, doing the right thing, canopies and land said and its we're, because these codes
can't say, hey will put him in one he's ready, but that's what they want to say right like that that then these it looks like you, don't have any confidence in the guy. You just trap that, but that is the truth. I just and fills a gate. Calm down, we'll put a man when he's ready. Just because he's running gadget plays and same which re lads like it doesn't mean their aim to reap progressions. Like we practice with these guys. You don't see the product I know you see in Jimmy G, falling short ear, yachting Andy Doll than everything, but in that regard I think you do have to trust the coach and trust the organization. Yeah, I think you throw this- went away. The Niners, because you had such a weird running back situation, has anyone who has any of these guys that any fantasy leg knows where it's like I've who's, the guy from the bangles. I picked him up and too late. I think I waved them and when the guy that they picked up this week,
alright, alright we're shock Jacques somebody here, right, hey, maybe he'll, be the debtors running back rush for tat. I want any Iraq anyway, yeah yeah disguising Jacques you'll, look at my team and then by Sunday. It's, I don't try sermons out of concussion protocol Then you are trade, sermon and read it out, there's probably sixty running bags who look better than them today. Though I am sure that matters are just think you're making me somehow stay healthy until December for the packers. You know that Ben, I think, a worse loss than it was a good when, even though they get the game running through that would have been an awful ass to be up. She met the game. Was it control? then add a really out added Adams got knocked out. It seem like they use. Five is like that up now, he's gaieties at a concussion protocols is like he looked. He was out. What are we talking you didn't catch it. They went to the rules, acts murder, not sure which one it was, but then is acknowledged. Referees are all at a position now because of this new situation over the way their situated on the fields.
Which is it a safety, are concerned, or is it not because that's that's the play you need to watch right rather converging free safety. go and helmets alum and how they miss. That is. Crazy- and I don't like that like that they can be like okay, we owe them one play. Then you get the ticky tack roughing. The passer against the packers like three plays later is like a man. They let this build up. Don't have me roots Ryan Rogers. When I don't need to this is I know you know it's weird. I have no dog in this race, I'm an AFC guy, I've, always I've always kind of like Rogers about that is interesting in after all the drama. The sheer I was. I didn't, have a bad. in the game, care, who one I already done. My bets, I was Really Rudy gets Green Bay as just fund a rude against Rogers down no reason for it. It up. I can't explain it is. Where do I know I was ruined formal, because I thought they were getting gyp by the rats and everything, but we do have our west that which is winning right now. If this he's an ended right now and by way of a good show that they would soon enough. Without now, if it suits you
then the right now there'd be six. Was teams in the play off three from the gypsy and three from the NFC and we'd, when fifteen one that vandal but vandal created? We could we could cash out now. I think right if they want to settle with us, why you left the best part out one of those. Sixteen is the chiefs yeah. That's right! You're right, though, probably mega come back somewhat. Long last year it if you're, adding up wines in the divisions, though I have seen as thoroughly as nine so desire to see where nobody asses close to that of the ETA see north ass for your cravat. That's three but game tomorrow, the C East has for years? sure. You're division is an crappy. Now everyone of doubted that the bills were gonna run away with this, like them, what they, when their sights very premature, but they look like you're gonna win this thing by three aims: the bills were the one team today that date exactly what there is posted a yak as we had it today was this. Is it
These are weakened and we'll talk about some of the fun stuff that up with that. But as a teacher weekend in Euro is a guy which team is gonna fuck with us here, Z me, the Raven seven advocates the trade. Is it going to be the cards in this, Mingled, easy, jagged gaming, it's this team that areas a code by begun you see for all we know, or is it the bills home again washed in looking a little frisky washed in the shops were kind of common out washed and during the week a little bit and the bills were the one that were like. We got this we'll get we're gonna put up a lot of points. Don't forget that were explicit We buried dirt on Josh Alan after two games, because he was a little inaccurate. He was five so that now we ve seen close to fifty games. Re like forty, for I guess I'll, be forty. Eight after tomorrow, which is the anomaly which sticks out on your mind for me, it's Buffalo Pittsburgh like, like. I can't believe Pittsburgh stay with them. I think buffaloes gonna start truck and James and that's what we're going to see the rest of you could say New Orleans Green Bay, I don't mind whirlwinds, winning
a game. It should have won by that. Many like that. That's amazing! Well, that's that's ridiculous that that happened, but that's my weird game, Buffalo Pittsburgh. I think they're going in different directions for sure yeah that week, one where the team has the whole summer to prepare and come up with a specific wrinkle against a team that they know they're gonna, see maybe later in the air. If they did some weird defensive stuff stayed in that zone. Just for I don't know, Buffalo just was ready, for and you think, are bad? They ve been the last two weeks and they were even bad enact able we saw, but there are able to put together some points to get about point that right, punt doesn't happen that Game Buffalo, probably Windsor, came forward in the next two weeks right right down the play down guidelines. I think that was a weird one. I've gotta, I think she's ravens is gonna, end up being a super whereby third rail achieves up eleven with the ball at mid field, from what we saw from that crap ravens performance today
now where their dying to give it a wagons, Jerry Graff and the trade that was embarrassing, that none of their skills guys could make a plague of dangers, They are out us, then allotted defensive guys out in both by ETA Day said like a goddamn, but your eye, Lamar through terrible pass in the morrow, is bad today, yet it they'll relied on a lot of luck oh, then there like Lamar's banged up always Benda. Did he get hurt the chiefs him here when he did the flip right? He landed wrong if that's, how he got her. That was a bad idea for so many damn reasons that stupid flip when she still the homes of the ball with a better part of a minute. Lastly, what are you doing? Well, I want to talk about the game and a little bit. Let's go back to your honesty, westering cause. We had the rams. Tat, you have to say there, either the best team in the weaker. They have to be one of the first two or three teams mention just Brady socks and he sat for a while now many years just admit it fine. So they play that game. Ten times
what happens then I had a curious: do you think the rooms are better than tampered with that game? Go really nicely for them from really the first quarter. I like the ram salmon a stick with the pretending, like I know what I'm talking to. And I love them. I thought they'd when twenty seven, twenty one and Stafford took a little time to warm up but where were you as confident? I was as competent in him as I have been every quarterback that and recent memory like when he dropped back to pass. A really did I go cop, is open and he's going to find him, and that's all I need to know about this game. The knock in IRAN, because, as is top five defensive, run defense here and like the rams like three running back Stafford going to gonna, throw between forty and sixty times and they're gonna win this game and they they did. They really shove that right down their throats, they really did. They couldn't really run the bar after I live this only Michaud experience for three years Exactly what you saw today was the three yards. It was the second info.
O'Brien, where he only gets three yards in one slash three and two, but you know he at least can keep the chains moving a little bit the Stafford stuff, I think, cups, the best receiver in the he really is. I haven't read I gave a few weeks ago, but it just seems like any time. They need a first down thirty, ten thirty, three third and fifteen, the fuckin guy, wide open, while here every time I think, is what help, the challenge axing whose fifty three years old, still like the fastest guy in the leak. I gotta know how this happens, but you spread. now widened cop invent Jefferson and Hague B and Robert Woods, like no boy that is a tough swat via you. Don't have to really run the ball. You could get away with having seventy yards on the ground They stand out things it so fucking early and we know in December. These teams will be different. We note the shine Jackson will be on the eye, are by then a bunch of stuff like that, no it oh Brad today. I think.
We even removing one of those weapons remoter calibration a tiny bit. I don't feel like the bugs can run the ball. Really out even an average level this year- and I don't know what happened of foreign at- I don't know whether he just can be planned finding out so that that's concerning and then I was really surprised by how much pressure the Rams got against Brady and the box, even when had the tide ends in it. If I may, We know he's probably not on the best of the best fence boards about time, but they were. They were getting a real push and I thought the box would get a similar push, but you mentioned Stafford a it felt like he had a ton of time for all four quarters, so I left it thinking the same way as you. I think it's a play tent. since that first quarter felt still both for the Box as the Rams or feeling each other out, and they just couldn't get a good DR going, but they fall. I give you play that ten times
Did the rams win a? I don't know, what's going to happen December, but right now the rams are better at eight. So if you play it ten times and add up the rushing yards right, I think Tampa Michael hundred. I think they do need that help they do. They do need a magazine break, Looks all I don't know whose looking ahead? It seem like your pager to really looking ahead to next week, but or were bad? You should have been running for Tom today, because he sat probably gonna have to some performance, amateurs Jamie ever had four hundred yards and lost right because waiting for him, because I bet on the box at that they're gonna win. Now I really did in the one thing I didn't anticipate was the Rams home crowd actually having impact than the gun, that kind of felt like an event like they were and the Swedes and their celebs all over the place. It's been really hard to get tickets. The tickets, the demand for them in the past
sister them were way higher than I had expected, and I thought the crowd affected the game, especially when the bucks run off had said it was at least as good as like Dallas crowd right. They had a working for them, but I feel like Mcveigh, one Watching match up that, I too think that data, you always want to say, outs, Brady, again Stafford or whatever else, and all these other receivers and everything but Mcveigh, like China, step that open and showed his boss, at least for this week. What was that play at the end of the first half something comparable went the Rams way, but they could Mcveigh and hearing when I raised she ran out fear that he was like in Dallas as I go fuck should I hedge should, I did said, take the rams renter, so locked in it just seemed like in general. It was a bigger game for them. I think the bucks are at a point now, where it's like every game they play. Is it kind of like where the Sir every game they play as a huge game for the other team for the rams. This was like. We win this game where
best him. Then I see- and I think that the case right now to go through their one. I think probably camp was probably too Rare yea did said Adam Sandler. Above a guy. We don't know we're doing we're just to empower writings out yeah, but the Green Bay tamper. They could be one too in a very bad after entering with you. After back yet beating I will go and the last two years out of the box it had attempt was still, but then The I've seen it's like. I was gonna. Ask you this later. Burma's ass, you know, I don't even know the best ABC tameness. While we talk all summer, how the aps he's gonna be dominant, but I think you're gonna get a nine and eighteen in the play ass right. They get a think you're gonna there now doesn't have to be one from the age of the east that I won't give up on your patriots shadow. It could be done that, given up either there's deftly not one from the south, you could make a case that the agency south is as bad or not worse than the ETA see EAST could be three from the West. Like you said, the chief sir last place
and the Steelers a fallen apart. Another they'll be around, I think, since it out I'll drop off too, so I think there I get nine and AIDS. Though, how do you rang the top three? I saw a bills I'll bills, one and I don't want to drop the chiefs out that seconds. But what is your view of the two number? Do I'm not gonna react with the chief I saw him first, even if we had been seen some alarming stuff, they stop it in these games. They should have been the ravens visa could have on the chart Get that everyone can I already here. This is the first one them a homes kind, a blow for that right, like even here against the Ravens Eden, look bad, but he's allowed one of these and the chargers come lawful laws like this. You talk about a game that could be play ten times. They are gonna play again that there will be six four seven three Cheapside thing of unfounded ABC title adds. Chief sir, the waiter stop us to ninety bill.
Their plus four? Fifty, who do you think, is the third theme they're gonna, I think they'll say I'm just no by Minister Ravens Dan, so the ravens are thirty six to browser put six fifty then it gets weird titans eleven one shot. One thousand four hundred and one Denver. Fifty two and the raiders three and out twenty four to one dolphins, two thousand and nineteen one pass twenty nine to one in that it gives off. After that I have an one warrior, while guy you used over all were like us. That either the branch had been third I'd. I'd from what I've seen the first two weeks, I think their brands are a safer bed to me than that. ravens? I have not been as oppressor the ravens and they should have left fucking JAG off today. Yet, let's see
playing. I mean that won't that you know I don't know what happened. The bears like you could stared that box for four hours and hours and hours and not figure out what the hell happened like why he had six completions just the fields in a game, no allowing the whole time and again that an obviously they beat the about use. The teams ought to know what the to say about the brows, but look at the age of sea west for a second year chiefs or minus one, fifteen Denver plus three four, Eddie Chargers, plus three, ninety vague as plus five fifty I dont know what to do. I want to ban all for those dreams, but I really do think there's value in there somewhere. I can't figure it out just yet any conceivable. You could see how far the glass sure yeah it's that like ridiculous, really take a break and come back, and I want to talk about my hero just Tucker, so we have a Monday match up with filling Dallas vandals. Sports book is about to make this became
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I don't know, I just think at least browns know who they are. They can run the ball. Bakers been pretty he's been a little frisky, he's at least been able to create a couple for them when they need it in their defence, did what it needed to do today. Don't give up. Six points are granted they're gonna, get to repeat you be coaches seems like you got about a head injury, but now, but they took care business. I pick the bears that get those one of our milliner picks out that they could get her. I thought I'd that the browser you have trouble move the bond them they did. They ended up between two points, but there the defence shut down I was alarmed by everything the bears didn't. Came, I dont understand. They revealed his work.
what the hell they. What was that its ass, the arts passing it will end you count. If you count the sacks against them, they had one yard, passing fuzzy went, they had nine sack, she took four minus sixty seven and he had sixty yards passing. So I don't know, depending on how you work that India they had one. You are passing at forty seven total yards. If you count the sacks like it's insane that had happened like that and we talked about and time possession was forty, two twenty. Basically we are, then we discuss we discussed couple weeks ago. Like when you look at a screen and you never see the team you want with the ball with the ball, like somebody else, we have that. Yes, I beg of you. What was it yeah was like a Superman reference or what right away I was it was I built a suicide, in Instagram any had it. He said, and I can't find it. It was then called the giraffe and I'll. I your name next time, Instagram guy, but he said ah Superman was.
Well, that's like Marlon Brando is a star in it, and then you went to Superman is this? Is dean one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight one brain as in like eight minutes, and then there s the movies Christopher Reeve, even if you guys wait: where's Martha Brando where's, my Marlon Brando right here, so I dont Alan Brand, whereas it yet I have the bears the bears with the giraffe team, this dinner at the border, a second I'll go the other way with it and again run dating myself here, but I think the browns Worthy steely dantin, you gotta rock and every time it around its daily dad self respect. The technical grounds are hey? Nineteen verify giraffe right like there may be out of the box the modern day people may be, as on the radio, but more much more than enough Yes, the identity daily, dynamic work that about Iraq, the other type pay nineteen cleaving brown, but a good job. I? U visa we're baggy fur first catch fire
and I'm feeling really good at about it after three weeks, they've a whole week to prepare David quarterback who he would go back to pass. If the first thing he was supposed to get in the play was nopin, his instinct, it seemed like, was just to try to run at that point. He didn't even try to go I could buy second reserve, my third receiver, but yet they didn't have that offence that, like jail in herds to a type of get the ball I've a quick through what bar quick, throw or design run. it I dont it was like they're running the indeed all nonsense of them. It was, I thought the weirdest coaching, I've seen our year. It was very change, and yet, if that Packers Field Goal Crosby goes wide right, they're tied for first, the bears all right. I wanted to my God, but I don't even know what to think about this division. I don't see them winning two games. I feel I feel good about Maggie. First coach fired special with the Bengals going to win this week, so rookie Qbs.
Trevor Lawrence, who is bad again. Thirty four passes to ensure nineteen yards to pigs. Mac was fifty one for two: seventy three pecks to learn as far the Zack Wilson. Thirty five attempts for one sixty two packs man and then fields was too Attempts were sixty eight zero pigs, the four than their offices, scored thirty one points combined. I think the Lawrence thing is the most surprising to me now, because their wide receivers are pretty good. he was ever say like one of the best college quarterbacks of the last twenty years, and I dont know if this is it urban mire is just putty and six hours he's on. You know: zipper Critter Lookin for college Coachee jobs are what's goin on that team. Like super sloppy and Lawrence, doesn't look nearly as good as I did. You watch way more college did you think he was gonna better either a lot better? I mean he threw it into a very tough pass. The drone interception Wi Fi. He it was
flea flicker, go all the way down, like a twelve yard, out pattern for a flea flicker and he actually flicked it there. He put the flick and sleep what I don't think he actually had it in his hand and threw it at controlling banner section and all these guys, you mention there their plane from behind not even racking up yards. That's the weird thing right now give as that are buddy been folks through. This is working on the backs of one in ten and one in ten again, the spread, and they only wind was your boy again Zack Wilson and a game that someone had to went like the one of the Rockies had the winds of its way worse than it was last year, would borrow in her burden even to a was a grave and applied on a good team. You have not seen anything like this and why MAC this is another bag good thing, and I broke my role of not tweeting when, as upset there, your boss and spoil you, went out of their judgment, Bang was so bad. Today Eve Judgment, Dana's has been so bad. This isn't that when you think the combination of how they look last year, how Brady
with the box last year than this share new start to think like with judgement day mills just like a complete Brady creation is this guy good at all, because it so obvious when you watch your pictures. I just begin as those way more above above and I do it so clear. With the patriots spread, the spread, the field for MAC and and he's really good. He makes good decisions one issue every time he just he moves around its like eight ten yards apart and it almost seems I pay spent money in these tied ends in weren't sharp has been on this from the first week, it's like when they run these too tight ads. They caught the twelve the path suck. Then you see in this game. It's like up there. The too tight ends here comes like a two year by asserting completion and its for whatever reason, they're afraid to let him How to cook came out, I dont get it cause. I think he's had really good moments. It he's gone against a Miami defence. It's really active jets defence. That is weird they kind of fast for our bad. They are, and then this saints defence edges
eat up the run. You can't run in them, so I don't know why I don't like this. I think this is a convenient way to not blame your boy Bella check. I ever I know a lot of patriots fans like you. There was looking every in and out. That's your fill in bad now, because its crunch time and top has come into town he's gonna break the record against you, be very sad moment. It should be a sad moment for you, you better not be excited about it, but no one could blame Bela check for any of this I love, tolerated I'll, be waiting for him. When he break I'll be chairing em you wanna sit Superboss they're gonna like Hell, some regain right for the ears. It does not therefore breeze Elsa. And by the way, everybody's going to care for him cause he's like one of the autumn, icons in the history of the centre like it. I want you guys to feel some pain like this in the back and for others to do,
give him a four year contract and you would have retired, as a patriot didn't want it, and I thought I see both sides of it because whatever but they'll check didn't think he could play until he's forty four and you did so. I guess you could say Belichick Text Bl. I see both sides too. I just want patriots fan to be more upset than they are instead of cheering for Tom. At the time I was so upset, that I rearranged our six Superbowl dvds. I had them an issue. They were the latest. One was on the top, but I did so in a very few hours. I guess you rose. I last laugh, but listen maybe later No, we don't know the answer about check is it is getting. I don't know they answer. Is he hee that young, we'll added going right. All else, Guerrero, easy answer.
But I didn't I didn't like we had prayer for Brady's dad as we get quiet now before arrows got away in the second course. I was square, an extra gram. They told him to get his fucking Tb12 out of the patriots right out of the building, like, of course, he was going to take shots. But I don't know I don't. I don't think there should be friction. They lasted nineteen years together. The wooded unbelievers working relationship. Now this has to be adversarial there, you're about the out of care about them. I just want the fans you just said, I don't get it do you know how I should do I get it give a crap about them. Are craft iranian, just power upset with eyes the here. Something didn't make me have set as butter my first losing weak million dollar picks and eight with the sugar needed the ravens to pull off. Eric all they had through. We estimate cheese other loses wind by two, yet Lamar first delay again, then I'll call an incredible, Did you notice that yeah down another now went down a nothing for
a second and a half and the rest restaurant. Now it's good go anyway. I know I've been good from seventy one. So yet it wasn't boy. Yes, he was proud of the Import Lamar. Some out completes the fourth nineteen the guy could run out about decides not that he's he's going. Gonna stay imbalance, try to get the extra yard you run out about and they bring in Tucker. It's like what are we doing this, sixty six yards, even Tucker, can make this. Have you ever seen a football that was kicked by feel, go kicker, hit the upright and hit the net. It is, then, that I haven't seen it in full I was so used to not seeing it nothing. My eyes are gone bad anyway. I thought the rest. I thought the rough lost sight of it. I didn't realize at the bank and it will waiting a good three Mississippi Camper to come down and they're staring at each other, like, oh, my god. These idiots really going to decide on this. It went in a minute was spectacular and sixty six yards, I think, is what
You give it over on the road five and one slash two years. Do you think that goes that record last under or over? I think I think this goes a while sexy. So I don't. I don't think I think this last. It would have to some sort of super kicker? I was thinking about were grown up and there was so much so much less sports history, red and yellow heard about the time, Dempsey, Andrei, tired analyze, the is handicapped. He had this special shoe and you made this crazy kicked any. Did the straightforward kick in. It was his famous replay that we grew up with and it was like this is the record Whenever bit, nobody ever do this again, and they were they all this the highlight in color at the time it might have been better. If I was where I think the greatest wasn't it for the saints oversight, the greatest it states that aren't as though they won the super yet and now Tucker. ITALY was that greater? Not only was it the game moment of the year that it be tough on the top. Everyone who didn't have there are you in
have the ravens entities today now I replied, he had it and now it had locked knocked out a lot of eliminate or fix right ravens over the lions on. I don't love lay in the boys, because the date now declare like seven guys, it's important guys out and coming off a big win against the chiefs. I thought they'd be a little bit of a letter. but my god they just add that rule. There really should be no argument anymore, who's, the most tortured fan base, because now now the lions have this clip to add to the many many many that they already have the Detroit France. So sorry, I I think I made this point on the pod before the, but when we always talk about the tortured fan bases- and it's always Browns Bells vikings at the first three and then the lives there it mentioned because they ve never even had any plan. They ve never had a binary fumble right, ever lost for street Straight Superboss. They ve never had all the terrible shit. That's after the vague just, don't get us, they really don't have anything. Nobody could remember anything. That's happened in their fans
always get upset that they don't get more credit for being torture, because their basically like we're dead inside we ve had nothing to even enjoy look forward to forever met now have to watch. Matt Stafford on the ribs is concluding. Vp sits upper fifty eight touchdown, she looks great get here every every week about how we went to Car Beauchamp Mcveigh, and got stolen away. They gotta watch share gaff and it's really unbelief. the birth rate in a way it's good for their ride. Like our, I was sorry we're gonna give you the recognition they deserve like forget it Lana and Buffalo, and everybody else to take a back seat for a while. Its Detroit. What they had a whole thing at half time through they were, they retire, uncover Johnson's number in the fans booed the owner. So like the language lion song, game yeah. Well, I gotta say like I wasn't crazy
by taking the ravens in the teeth and trigger was really bullish on it, and I was big between them in the cards. I just couldn't. Do the Kaiser Relic Custard rather could request or get traded arising out the shredder want to fight mere somebody. Shame reviving triggered you made him, see, MECCA Pats, pickles he didn't like it. What is it that I made you picked them. The super bone is again like other jealous of your million dollars and give a crab. that you got you I'm a segment. The world will have, though, if the hash it the Detroit thing, I don't know where they go for backup because they had to date and encouraging whose performance re they leading at half time and then a kind of falls apart. But it's not our, maybe the baby, that's the first now their own three. What do you do.
Would you do doubt now there in that zone of I? Should we just go for the first Peck were trying to build said that coaches like a maniac, he wants to every game, but they're kind of the frisky bad team this year. I think the valet. Their destiny. I think I was only while and I think gas is just a billion dollars. He's he's better than these other guys. We mentioned that are going to end up with three or four winds or two or one hundred and ten right, and these other teams you'd be still will put together a game or two better than any of these rookies. I don't know it just seems just simply becoming by accident and they gonna screw themselves out of the top to pig. He adds its they're kind of a little too competence, be a bad thing I was wondering about. Gas is a sham. the girl, with the Steelers due in the NBA, have a total complete grasp of the trading
maybe Bi rite when the trade machine, the salary cap varies understanding on spot track and figured out and football. It's like harder to Carter. You have UFO there. It is to make up for budget so, like the lions took gaffes contract. In that ramp steal any at all these bonuses and all these things and write to the inheritors, but I guess my point is that: could they trade, golfer ruthless burger tomorrow, is that a trade that could even work on the sailor com or their horses and suicide such trying to figure out like view the stores, You watch I came to re read where I was burger king. What can I am just saying, like you, can't play raucous Berger for the whole season, the catch him,
we do anything I thought he was worried about. You is as bad as the Ricky Cubist Ruthless Burger reminds me of your far, be it from me to make funding fat people, but he reminds me of like your twelve years old and you gotta go play football on Thanksgiving right, you're right before the mail and you're out there with your friends and yet this giant fat kid who could be, you are right, he could beat everybody up but refuses to play the line, and he says I'm gonna be the designated quarterback right, I really don't want to block. I know I'm gonna be any learn their honour. Brad exaggerate fat Tommy can complete pass for an hour, a half and then you leaving you go eat dinner and that that's that's that's what ruthless by many so immobile there. It really didn't matter a few years ago, but now, when you see guys, but a round like fireflies. It really stands out how bad and how much then Rothberg is holding them back and we now G Harris has to have onto yard receiving because that's is outlined,
I I'm trying to think of light the levels of a quarterback being washed up in some other way, We ve seen over the years and EDA like five, had that second biking season, the first vacancies was great got the ship kicked out of, that saints game and then the next year was really bad, Manning's last embassies and where he did had no zip on the bar breeze last season. Where was I a baseline Nothing over seven yards was even imply a hundred lads shoring ache. Lindsey Ass, jolly than everything was a screen. Everything was the young near the tail and there when he had taken a lotta heads in there's, been some bad ones like stable when he was on Houston go way back was lake became more interceptions. Tvs, LINEAR, Roth is burgers. Is bad, is we ve seen for a great great eyes, wanted a super bowl who has good weapons, but
weird mix of when you have this guy's completely immobile, just as a bull that summit and then her office of Liner Camelot form. You know what might help Tom will make the decision that there's a meme out there, you saw the main: did you see? The name of ban like dropping back to passengers falls fact adds that, I think, is the difference. I heard him so I can tell the story but way back when Jimmy I had my cousin Jimmy had a hare person who, like really wasn t, and up the styles- and there wasn't until Jimmy found out- that is soon to be wife, labelled him, cotton, candy clamshell, She's animal alma got a name for it like ok, I have to make a change and I think that's what Like all my guy there's, a meme now millions,
people watching this. I guess I keep getting a text it to me. I can at this time when Tom and they have to do something we may have to go to the heart- the causes that Rudolph experiment again whatever they have gone. I guess they have lots of them from Washington right. But member way, screen shot a text read about his hair before you believed us out, we were about better suggested you right. Maybe the memo be would put their top. My question is I'd who's out there, and this is where Brigham Machu every week, which is that I guess by sudden attrition out, but like just pages the fifth round? Ferments you, you just need like a sea plus or sea or see minus anybody who can just chuck the boy of these good receivers. Really get running back and you just need somebody who can actually like move around or a big you. You can't walk about someone who there's a chance in the work that the third and sixth or be able to scramble for first out like how about that, like the spot start there.
if you can't, even through the ball, I just just states really. I have to be a little bit, weary of him running. Fervors them will at the last five six game, last year, we are like all mad, looks like you might be wash and then all the store them that's great is better shape of either I was given a chance. He gets a good receivers. This is done it's over. There is no going back its socket better, and I guess, if the Steelers dire in this weird thing words like. Is there a loyal take as the superboss is psych a John Elway Denver. Five in Green bay? We know how that turned out but like it is Roethlisberger matter in the same way to those Pittsburgh fans, I'm not positive, he does think it's a little more conflicted. You know, I know some steeler fans with my, but I don't think it's like that. Like Troy, Aikman at Dallas yeah right now, I think they'd be okay with I think secretly. They want him to get hurt, not seriously her, but just they want him to hang it up right. They want him to make the break up call but Tomlin.
and is probably like I've, never done bad with this guy right. I still do not have that thing. We have never gone under five hundred km, a little way starting over with somebody else with you now, but this It's like that car. It's like the car that as two hundred and twenty thousand miles right now we can get one trip, and this is gonna, be fine right but this Gar yet of the other genes, the other quarterbacks in quarterbacks, in division or good, now like to our own and borrow and a new baker all better. Now you can't get lucky with your defence and make the playoffs at nine and eight. I don't think they can always. Where would you give me if we could give its band Oda put ads and Ben Wrap. This burger will retire during season at point at some point before the end of weak seventeen. What would you say? for ass? I mean, as have the Nazis retiring, did just a feast. milk, an injury for the rest of the year and then just not renew right. Oh that's interesting or that so maybe it's a retired he nazis retiring,
This is a major just say how many more games is gonna play as the stairs I would Let us do that. Eight, oh, I would say less. They gave you the gas seven and a half I really think its view. I think you have to make an around seven or eight, but I would go under their shoes, so your favorite ABC team is the bank. Is the bills the bills ram soup. Also tonight today was good for me, but whatever were stolen symptom. Who do you have for most fun team of two thousand twenty one? So five, the raiders had been an absolute delight, lots of fun right because everyone in their brother apologize for anything. They said negative about their car this weekend, any through the pic Saxon as I ever right back on it. You look exactly like this. Is it
they're gonna win but not cover, and I thought it would happen when the dolphins didn't make the two. I thought they wouldn't make the two point: convergent they'll, so they'll lose twenty five twenty three, but instead they lost by feel gone over time. So that makes sense we overvalued. The rate is a little, but they are fun fallow, Maurice fun to like we talk and they pay all the time way too much and he's always at a discussion. The first Barton, is again. Raiders tried to give that game away so many times the guide, MRS, the extra point where it through Possession Game Carson, whose usually pretty get it, makes one Fourthly, I feel there is a real tragedy really looking at the extra point with them and that MRS it right and they do the matter of so they're- only up eleven awesome this with this. This you know this is rearing its ugly head said, of course, and then the dolphins come The rarely seen they actually tried the run with under twenty seconds left inside the two.
a time out, don't yet I have to scramble back to the lion and percent. As I listen as I have said many times, I don't mind. That I think is like that. I'm the one who abuse in Pittsburgh would be a huge upgrade over bed he's ok, Are you gonna? Do we really want to thinks he's? Ok, fanned owner run, all things is ok. In fact, the line moved down a little bit. His name for back into her was out into his outward three wage or whatever is on the IRS up there he's fine he's is manageable and help her stay with these mill jeered things they sides don't lie when your backup comes in and the line moves towards you it's usually aside, there might be something around you're starting to look back and will do where things to Gaslight, hey my favorite, I'm scared company has bigness simply say
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They go back in their them. That can do it this week and then doing it. I think the cardinals are cook animal call them the cooking cardinals. Now it we weren't at add them today will gonna them to the eight six met stock. You shut that ITALY, just didn't quite makes me. I know I heard us we're with do I after the title of yeah, I just couldn't risk Is that stay stay where new is bad for man? And I just did it craziest record? Give you for nominations, the raiders being three it out, there's been three no brok as being three nor the court's being on three, which went surprises you them you had the raiders for fancies either raiders before I'm trying to who the Bronx beat based on their schedule. My makes sense,
I have to say what I went around goes down- gave another courts. Big said seen. The Owen Three next to them was a little John here, because I have the I'll say the colts, because I had them to hinder the vision. I thought that was screwy, that it was a point flip against Tennessee who had all these additions and one division. Last sharing stoa play flip butter. I don't know I mean Carson once went, but once he breaks ball ankles, which I feel like we always see, unlike mobster movies, maybe it's time to be concerned for this posting, but they were gaudy tonight. I liked I bet them tat. I had thought there would be like an upset team. I took the plus money and now they stayed with them, but not promising just static, not electric and Youtube waiting for Jonathan Towered exploded as monopoly Seahawks. Would it would shed the Seahawks fence panic at her? No, I mean see oxen chiefs and last place right, but the it's a little worse repair that Titans game ended and then tat. You know that Vikings team that
one of my favorite picture that we, like the vikings I'd. Why just I'd like they? I think they move the body they can move. The bar gets any team and I like them get points at home. I was a great cousins game. There really was a minute you're, not gonna, get there. Then maybe I'll Seattle on just one thousand other hey nineteen year when they just never had the ball at the first quarter. I didn't see them. moving at All- and I don't know- what's going to be with them- there- every games of mystery with the Seahawks and they can't afford to lose games like this and that's a vision for sure I was trying to think like So we get to the end of the month. We panic about one team right once in that we thought was going to be good. I guess that's the Steelers, but did no distillers ever over under way in the half raw
does like a pedigree team. I think Seattle is the one that I would worry about is because the odds of there being for really good teams in the same division. You know and right that they stop. The play are those other rights, while the other the third next Thursday night they played around Another point: I know you gotta go in there, just efforts for the people. The thirty hereby sorry if we go on your right there's a one in terms of the song is when I think back to my colleagues in the background is uniform failing, that was really get their greatest? I may not have clear this ever gets Seattle, the San Francisco and they need the ram so who here, even if they split those, that's not your right, but that can be The alleged one in four were now there's grandma. Let's do I guess signs. Every week we guessed alliance, every
or I beat you this year- Europe to want not those three weeks. I can't believe how bad the third Reich AMOS Right while Fox takes over and actually like, I said, but there is a bad one with Carolina used and now this woman's preferable to jaguars bangles jaguars at bangles, so they can at least do the borough Lawrence number one pair expected back years. But these themes are not that fund a watch. I gotta say, though, though, with borough, though, those receivers. There are signs of something I don't think they're awoke out sheep, but it does seem like they ve been drafting. You know in the top ten fer a couple years here. It. Thus, he might have some talent, Bulgaria, working yet back and protect borrow you're gonna, get it you're gonna get exciting game. You're gonna be entertained by this, since it added thing for sure if he said now eat the turf and his cronies posted even defined. in this way is, were it downplayed the number sacks if I'm right
Mackay shut up already. Do everything spent like twelve times and three get one what's going on here, but I do you just a quick question: do you prefer when they put the bad teams, the ideas you have to play, regime in primetime, right that the sea, as anything other than a two together, you can get rid about that. I would like to use the Carolina. Would you rather have seen use the net Tennessee or or or or you get rid them all at once? I would rather, they put the bad teams during the baseball player smug like negatively interest when there's like all kinds of baseball stuff, and I don't really care out that noise in it and then think about what I would have actually had a good there's than a game for the sun The borough reminds me of we both had little boys and little boys are dumb ass. Is they turn sex, but when dad get suspended I would like the three year old boy. Any a ghost presently well, but like two terrible things happen, they name, you don't realize that they took
their diaper and it went all the way down the back of their shirt. And then there is another thing where they you re eating lunch with them at the diner. They threw a French fried it's about, they did but other than that. We're great right right, other that do that you announced back had account our great did anything happening. I, while two things happen and then their you that's kind of web. I was actually wrangles. Was your PA the coroner about Europa, the effort that but that's a burden He looks great and then he'll have to throw a game that are like really awful yeah yeah exactly, but he's found this our chase and only four receptions, but I ask you can find him in the Amazon and Sir. It's fun the watchword that Alice you connection I put this squarely in the biggest zone. My guess is bangles by fire to have at all over the jaguars You I get this. I went very heavy. I went eight and a half and its seven, the half, so I was appoint off you were to him.
point or so in disease fell Rebecca colleges. My buddy gases had forever he's to have this thing called the Oaks game which have written about this guy GINO Susan, the zero fell forever. She would have it any game or like a bad team, has favoured. Bad such tat. He would just automatically back I'm taking the other to re. Read thing should every favoured by more than seven ever than any sir. This to me as an ox came. The Bengal should not be fair, such China Rangers leg the way they have an area bangles I do, but as a whole, the recent when it is a giant refugees have been so bad on and on the road to lick. Here's my case for the jaguars in this game. It's like of only four days- prepare for the bankers Urban Myers unprepared every week. So this would be the one week where or itself or right he's our heads. By the side of his pants on time this week to work a great you know what we want we don't have to.
But I know you read out baseball players yet, but the Red Sox, eleven important game against nationals over they play with watch. That is, we have. I told you I bet on the egg- is further to win the shares this week and I am not ashamed to admit that Bob. We never used to one major players. Don't you you still no acres and we had the whole pen left. People don't seem to understand like where thou it's. Like all my garden. With a broad and Hernandez yesterday to pitch the standards who the fuck to begin with no relievers just walk Stanton and trotted pitch around judge next Monday or Tuesday. When I'm here, my I'll be fine, is about do that. I why times the same guy gonna beat I watching about a matter. Attacks are heavy pay this year, and I say this without hyperbole was Garrett? Relax He really, he probably swung the season by thirteen games, because over and over again he would pitch these high level in situ. Since and get out of them in the sixth, seventh and eighth earnings- and we did have this weekend-
Zeus her and there and that's why we lost yesterday. That's where with us today come in and we would have one those gaps combat figure and De Beers Baltimore else. That's why I'm asking you got it three more times, I'm going to I'm going to play happy on the Red Sox this week. I'm trying not to get too upset about the Yankee thing, but I don't like how this like they. They went three in a row It needs to home, run derby homers, and then I ride back we're back the massacre. Maybe it's like you got stuck to neither no one in the world's area. To be honest, I must try to help you. I don't know why you can you. Did you guys you're better? they Marquis game I'll go with this one. There I had said games are really liked and I picked rams cardinals because we have the rams her the best him. We have the allay stadium tat. We Kyler Mary Ann, mad, Staffordshire VP candidates and we had the cocaine cardinals and that we need plus we had the cooking space
Mcveigh who did a package together on the ringer back as that, where it all right that I, this is great yeah, there's a great game and its and I had the rams by six new get this exact. HU, I went low, I said five and I guess fan dawn. The bookstore has impressed with the cardinals is we're so like the cardinals in this game? I would recommend cardinals moneyline with the over cuz. I think that's how they win this. It's like a thirty eight to three thousand five hundred and forty two hundred and twenty four. interesting, it's a guy! I don't either team is good ever stop each other fiddles out. I wanted the Tamper rams game was around fifty five, unlike while that seems high, like the rams, is still up good defence right and what was it was no scoring in the first quarter at all, and then there were right, always always ready for chargers Chase did the same thing: yeah yeah, exactly the cocaine card does today they try a sixty seven yard fuel with somebody had literally
no chance to make it work. Who is it? Who was their democratic state now was prayed her? Who had the right? Who has the record? But just Now there are mine, it was outdoors. He was making that operator as the ragged. Now, I'm with you, amendment no forty way he was making. That is it not that I don't know you waiting for it. Yet change. Where I went from this guy should be fired and all my god they might go the Superbowl. What at some point you can check the long feel go before the half like Tucker had to do that, no time out, they had a cure. I had six The job of this sixty eight are you want. You can feel, though, from your own goal line right. Eventually, the guy's gonna return. It he's gonna have a head speed is gonna. Thirty yards ahead start on everybody, just don't do it like they almost blue at the the fact that it was a touchstone they couldn't cover after that was that speaks volumes like they were way. Worse than other than that final score in the game,
if we were sitting next to each other and I paused a game, and I asked you a percentage of the possibility that kick making. I would have said two percent. Nothing is dumb shit. I'm in a place like what are the odds of what are the odds of the EU. Does it make a undiscovered therefore touched our by ten percent the hungry. we see this all the time. Maybe he's gonna kick, I have no idea how to recover her, do basically upon it and how to cover that. I gotta take those idiotic. I sometimes feel bad, my god and playing college. I don't play and pro I shouldn't be. I should be taken but all this stuff, but as long as there are morons like kings barriers, gonna kick his sixty eight yard feel go one, there's theirs as good a chance. It's can be returned for touchdown and we can comment on it and we will like. I feel I feel like not be borne doing their job, so that need to be put to the test, if it wasn't a dome. I stolen like that, but at least
alright at Cinedome it carries a little bit more in the dome but, like I can in Jacksonville, come on. That was idiotic, Disturbia Great game. I can't wait for if people have watched the cardinals this year, I'm excited for you to be able to watch him right to watch once we have five hundred and thirty five watch both games and for perfect again, so it's really a top heavy. your first one. Is your dumping asylum on playing the Panthers and we have no idea of your team will be coming off for winter night ass. We do you know what I'm gonna finish on this. I am. Are you yeah the guy at the there's, much like the titans and ass? He saw the cowboys are gonna, because you know what I mean.
The Washington's defence and I told everybody- I got the idea in overrated unit in Alsace, Joe House, but we saw the bills eight em up and made it look good bye last week against giants, and I just filling with by far have the best unit offensive. I announce Jake Snickers fasten your down with sprained. I am still not only that, but as far as tomorrow, and the Red near future. I, like the cowboys, seek a constant division by then that weird, I may tell you that in the end Sue I bet on their under and am delighted that I did they suck Washington. As you said, overrated defence, not nearly enough explosive, Miss and I dont really see a path for them. Either says junior team and fellow well. No, tomorrow night, I still like I'd like a couple of the units on everything
I, like their skill, guys I, like their front they're kind of front pass rush front for us, the lad backers. I like their coach, you disease, weird sports movies, just before the games, but you should, when you should wires very about wait. Three, it's gonna like we want and that after week, three will really become exe, Again right, like we know what to make of the Packers gettin beat up by the saints and then the saints losing to Caroline. I go man I now we need to see three games right like within know what the bills gettin be by. The steel is like the cab beat the eagles like outside that. Then we're like I'll wait. We get it there get like the eagles and weak one against the falcons before we know how bad they were. They look great elect fast.
than everyone else to hundreds of mega smart decisions. Then we too often barely sport that game, so we do need this one more game to determine them. Basically, nothing Mister, Waller, yeah, weak forests by favour week to better think tat. The cause it's like the rock papers is now jack. You brought the Panthers, panthers might be good. Then you were talking about how good their defense was the longest x men on Thursday, like even with Mccaffrey. I think people going to be often about it that team that seems good. They fly around their fast. They have good skill, guys they're well coached, and now you look back at that saints game. We too, where the sand, then the saints gonna going on in that line is like viciously only pats by three cause. I think people were fat. The sharps were factory in like hey, Carolinas gay. The Carolina may be a really good team. That's why the sense of that right and I think, also the same- losing seven coaches actual efficiently.
And our strength. Yet, as I pointed out, there is absolute teacher and there are you really going to need it needs are worked out and I live near. You gonna bid twenty eight hours on Cuba Hubbard this week for sure I'll, maybe more. No, I have the cowboys favoured by three and a half over the Panthers. Aren't I get this when I said five, it's four and a half. I always go a little high with them, but I was off a half you're awful point: that's down the path could easily when that game. That leads to act like the Mccaffrey Sampler. Another lawyer helps so, I think Schwaiger said this Thursday. He did a whole thing about my cattle rearing up anymore. society. I know you gotta be how Mccaffrey like the MIKE Trout of football, Is this? Guy? Is the number one fantasy guy every year and people might not be a bride and if I am out of a police lineup would you do know what he looks like? Are you calling you could identify hope. I think so. I don't have an image of his face.
nobody had african american guys kind. You button jobs on the They never really had a memorable for one moment that I could think of other than a college, was. It has no game against the Packers, although I think they lost, but then they get Dounia Liners other uttered, although some now you're right, but that it was set up for him to have this moment? The teams find the gate, and now he is now is out now could be Africa. I'm sorry, I don't know, there's ever been a player like him. That's all highly regarded fantasy wise, but I may I go, makes all prose and everything I had it it's hard to say, but was increased homesite. This were priestess is good. Further couple years than it did in translating anything yeah guess at an embarrassing, Vikings Brands in Minnesota. I I I confess I probably got this rock is, I think, the vague
you're better than probably most people, but I the Vikings by one and a half and home over the brain. We both at exactly one, have added the browser favoured by one near minds, a love for those browns. Listen, I'm just turn you in the end, the lesters style, be there I'll be bearing the Vikings well really yeah diagnoses stairway. Now, I believe in their vacancy. I think, they're good. I think they can move the bar. The fact that could Play and cook was so awesome. The the in week, two dozen play we three. They just put Madison in Madden. Ninety five percentage, good I like as good as a third receiver. It just have, even though he didn't do much today, but they they just have weapons and cousins, looks really comfortable, looks like they can block for him this year, as a basque game for him for sure we're sure I would he was available to waver wires. This week I went up into living here,
third, including eight, three, twenty, three reductions. That's what you think when one thing I miss Marsh will probably be a covert proximity, scratched I'd stay and I think about it. I think that's done did the bank should be favoured the occasions at a great game and didn't Beazley. I like eleven reception of something there. This is the covert Brca Chiefs and are in favour and again we don't know enough about phileo, but the chiefs have to be fair, but I probably did this to Lord Sheep by five in Philly. I said six and a half now you're right. You said it's five and a half so you're closer Now this is interesting with Andy read, I guess they thing he's ok he's like stable and everything is not not about, but he still hospitalized, but this is all team right again, as late as the enemy making all the calls? I wonder if that makes a difference for this week that that sir, I can imagine
chiefs of the second and the chief secular one and three so that our teaser team or parlay team you take that money. You put them, let somebody I say you like do thou. I will have the chiefs and something I think they could easily be. Trina ravens are at Denver. I believe the ravens always favoured in this game, and I wouldn't like them. Furthermore, handler got hurt so they lost Judy and they ve lost hammer right. There was to their best three receivers. There only path, really the only guy laughter Running game was was get raped. They're playing a crappy team shops out said deceiving three now and I bought more has to be favoured at bottom
by one and a half. I wonder: you're gonna get decisive Baltimore by two and a half, and it's the Broncos minus one, maybe then were teaser who never get the full seven there. So you get that. I wonder if the jets grew teams up, though they screwed up your patriots right by and by he carefully play them decide yet a shower the thirty five times gas it to get the stink offer. I wonder if the demos gonna go to the same thing this week. I don't enjoy betting on the morrow, it's a feasible. I wonder if you, if you feel like he needs, actually throw the bar verses IP, I'm and control thing. I I just never failing they're gonna move the bog down the fear, I was so surprised when he can bird that fourth to nineteen, yes, love his decision making. I love him when you're up ten with him. It's great, I thought was a great today In general, I have been a holler brown drop them couple, huge ones for them today, and they should.
that game should be over. But in that situation, where its I got They just need to feel Golimaar. You got to take one hundred and fifty yards. I just didn't think he was going to do. It now is not one of those guys were once you get one drives gives MAR the ball for sure. That's that's a different, whereas I grant Rogers today. And now he has the history, its Artic barony Rogers by right. If it had the rapporteur and the other side. I wouldn't believe and grapple. I just that this will not go well beyond what we should have more confidence in the bar and the regular season. They probably averages like twelve one zero, while he's like, I just think, they're certain situations that are favourable for him, but for the most part he still like with the fourth or fifth asked We want a few, are drafting Cuba's right. It's when, when you know he has to draw back on that assault
when it's like. I don't know what he's going to do play to play. That's when he's devastated bone in those situations that guy got a minute he's got to go fifty five yards. I never feel great about it. Well, it helps that he only has to go. Thirty. Five yards just got to check her launching from the moon, Jesus drove our lifetime right. Where have you been more covering the kicker? Are you given up on your boy out? Saving Jerry's? Are there I think very Terry's made the bet made the biggest kinks but Tucker like when you throw in though his ability to basically kick it into the sixties. I think really has to be easy. his talented and kicker ever, I guess a gift of rigour as the moment punter. It's been so long That's right! I saw Peter kings right up on that. Needless, like seven other panthers like that, it could be but found that that's a. We remember us achieve a gesture that every guy I, like rain, Robbie, Wanna watch. You Roby was a bit hissing Yanza bedtime last one for the watchwords for dinner.
Her seahawks? If this was a week fifty we would be saying this is a loser, leaves town match. This is a loser, might have to think about leaving town match. Their destiny looks like a textbook ministry for dinner monasteries. I got this one at that three and a half and that's what I said will not a lot of faith in the sea Huxta. I don't know interest here. I just about some guys off a loss. Right, I mean seahawks off, alas, chiefs off a law should win wealth lost. It should should bounced back here think these are kind of easy Now we ve always liked weak, for when we're gonna take one more quick, breakin, What do the rest? I come back with nine games. Life we have barely whatcha was I'm putting those texts,
in here. I don't really know why other than on this should probably be the perfect it. Would you put this barely watch a bus are perfectly well add, since I have. I know your number ready are all tired. The odds bakers would put this in the depths of the perfect him. Ok, I pixels by twelve over his eyes had fourteen as other good to touchdown favoured seventeen and a half o. My Lord kick out now lot of faith in David smells. I guess so. No chance for Taylor, I don't know about that. I guess I guess there isn't man, but what day was he ruled out this week? Nanotech will soon, I will say no data Felicia, then there that's too many. That's too my points out the chance problem. I think he's we sit one adequate dolphins calls
another barely watchful. So this is a loser, bears down match for the call to his be answered, Madam. I never get up, came next week to I'd dolphins by four over the car at home. They went high on this. I said one in its one and a half. Why did I go high with good about the courts, which would have you seen that their quarterback has two sprained ankles there tat old should close. I think the dolphins are gonna, be in every every game is gonna, be the same for both these teams right, you are, when you be surprised, neither ones up by ten in the fourth quarter is very close Katherine the camera. I got one for you. It is a possible everyone involved with that Eagles win over the pass in the super bowl sold their soul to the devil, and that was it, but who's turned out. Well, since that's super bowl of anyone even in the field of sport, said Frank rank
for like a bottom five coach team, they fuck up every week, have you ever seen a team they'll go for it and forth into a frank rags, four it's like. I other once got sacked again returned the ball over their poorly coached. Then, like you know, Nick falls big Dick deck. What's happened, like I said, said, but you say the entirely Billy Sport, like my mother, notably seventy surrenders women's, is about his eyes his fire process with its size and invade. We got it now. There's thinks all over that. What about the Phillies? What's up with that? Nothing like zero, interesting yeah. I think I think this hold their souls for that super bowl, just to be Belichick. Taken away from us. Nothing good has happened in Philly, since you know what it's worth it. Thank you for filling Philly for taking it away from the page, they want a super bowl with Nick Falls and Frank Gregg. Nick false is like a third string. Quarterback in Frayne, Icu week after week, looks like he has no idea where he is,
unbelievable loved and then got my god. We lost person words persuades is terrible. How did they beat the bay? its other over over our there's, still paying salaries and forty nine. Is one of those stop about sport. Like forty two points, we lost Superbowl funding that is still a God, damn it the greatest so bad packers steers, as are other, barely watchful eye. You know I should put this in the watchword. as I think, the there are now watchful and like a car crash kind away, their aid said: Lucy leave town seems like its loser, leave, not that we cross them off the play off less, but it seemed like losing leave town for like four teams that are decent, or at least we thought with these and go into, he's right still. Do we think ten wines is the cut off her Elsie? I ever rousing night. I now think you could be nine and I now they're like that. It's too or do anything like the raiders can be nine eight make it the raiders I gotta go like fourteen through while
well, then I other packers by seven at home, against the stairs, and I think we have to strongly strongly straw. They consider them in its easy report. I would have liked it better if the packers had lost your right by the way it six and a half- and I said five and a half so you're gonna get that one, but the devil liked it. If the cross border sections today, there would be asking mode for sure, poop factor falcons washed in is our first one falcons I did. I should probably know this. Did somebody in appointing the Falcons Giants game? What happened is there a winner call that all the groups who and that would visit this is just a day put things laugh they do not have a game. Nobody other game wanted now the Falcon dirty birds back baby. This is a view winning year to offer them said the Falcons could
when this game and between two now with I'm gonna, give you this it will come about because another enemy had there's twice and like five weeks or so they have the job. In London a week five and then a byword sixty three into coming out of the by weak at dolphins, home Carolina at Saint sat Cowboys home patriots at Jack's, humbug and the others at four daughters, Homelands Abode home seeds. We both had the falcons over under, I think the same. Half a year, reasonable for them, but that terrible schedule as they allow eleven games. I now they're so bad days of bank that your when all these games and it, but then again there were down three: the Taliban, the fourth quarter last week
Aren't you a network of course, I'm taken on this week, Arthur Sweat, credible efforts acquire much like Frank Reg he's out of that. The new framework there on the sidelines just looks just the weird look on his face and the team like super sloppy and he might have been promoted. What the hell happened there supposed to be an offensive guy like Ryan, finally has an offensive coach. It's always been defensive plan and this guy and now they can score points except depend on a field goal at the at the buzzer. You have carpets and keep her leg arrive. Carpets among other two legs. When do we panic about this? I don't know I mean he took catches today, how many yards Donna like an issue for thirty five at. Why spend thirty three items, so it is at least exceeding that at a time.
Bears lions waiting for your life, your your guy, I beg falcons two and a half overly ass. I said three dollars a full three, but it's only one. Highly keys, another one who, as moments where your leg, ok spattered better than spoke a rough Asperger's. The new Mendoza line, every quarterback I watch wonder if their better than men, rather beggar, learning ass. Yet the answers- ok bears lions this in Chicago. Matt Nag. You have yet another week to figure out. Why should he call plays benefit the skill set of his report? back or just continue to run, the offence has been Randall S seven years, I am other oven pins in NATO's. I can't wait. Did this? Do you think this could be it for him if he loses this
was, I went away so what what's? Next for him at the losers The next thing I know we had it by weak, seven or eight- the gavel by somewhere that, while the others by so now, there's not a balance a week, Our thoughts are lions right at Vegas, weak five home Packard. At bugs home? Niners, add Steelers, oh my god, so yeah. I think they could. I think that we could be it for him. They lose their lives If it's, I got thirty seven kind alliance lacking I like this, but for the lads, an event like you're, not gonna, blame fields for the rights of the avenue. There they way another egg next week against the pitiful lines that are definitely definitely on. The haughty, their game plan with fields. That add I know I have mentioned. I honestly with stupefying. I can't wait to listen adjacent Godfather forego pike. Ask as he cares about the bears way more than I do. If I get him
it would be like to be a bears, fan and watch again and it looks like it looks like he found out ten minutes for the game that he was the starter right. Well, maybe bears fans pass, pass lions vans and on at the end of the last decade. I may now get us anywhere but said you re this exact. What you add eyes had foreign ass. You said three and it's exactly three yet traits a little sneaky. Sates giants? This is in New Orleans. Defined should not be double figures. The giants do have cheap touched empathy. So an saints minus eight. Now is my pick out of me ignited. It is it's definitely new Orleans right, but rather a character now, but I mean they're those safely playing there. Yet They were the ethics either Europe, thereby we boats at eight and a half in its eight. That seems fair count. I watched his Pats game today, waiting for James to throw us one. Every time we were back to pass through
J. It's time JANUS here. It is never did it pay, so we're etc, and how many are passing today. I am. He had now many one, Eighty in that went against the Packers, but five touchdowns than today at what he had. They ever want You're. Something still bear was less than one. Fifty can't figure him out it's gonna, get to tear down at two picks. Patrick's titans jets their last perfect. Again, I went to, though I don't know why I guess five I haven't seen the lads. Can I change my pick? why didn't you come on and I added exactly actually so I'll give you a chance in your own. You they go like. I don't know why. I said five almost for those thereby ominously, seven, seven and a half you in Elsinore three for a while. I'm account is a three four: five, six, seven eight and hurry four five, six, seven, eight, its eight eight, including ties. We go back that AIDS
yeah- that's, that's it! That's a parlay, Geezer team has been to throw a team with a bad defence entities, but the jets- then I ran away yet the jets are anyone. There are literally impotent offensively Randy? They can't do anything. They can't and moved about. Twenty. Are I hear about the defence style? But how long can you keep everybody in check on that? Titans thing I don't know what you see that age eyebrow got hurt today than hullo been really play in the second half of the coach was kind of coy about it. Afterwards, Diana Hamstrung by Maybe this data we like the titans and chief, spoke to win their Bolton that six seven range. I like the packers in the chiefs, the most hooker. I dont see the stairs with this ruthless burgers situation. Winning in labour. That's gonna be tough
its offer team immovable said Sunday night bucks, patriots in New England, a game so anticipated that embassy out of a commercial with a one minute, long Adele, montage, upbraiding, pats too, that hello, Is it wherever hello yeah out of it now Zayigo yeah, like really do we need the Adele montage? That's that's where we are with the just show Joseph Superbowl highlights ruin six It was with the guy you didn't bring I this, do you don't really after watches game idea. Now I'm starting to feel battle about I mean you're, you're, gonna rack No, I'm your realize your wreck I'll take my chances in this game. We
MRS some guys today. If we have everybody back I'd, I think weakening assuming judgment data since I am in a run, the ball into the middle. The lion again so could be second eleven eyeball. I didn't realize a subway ball like one of them should have to give up their endorsement of these. Let's start, their Josh have some coffee before the someplace. Monday night, wherever you're using gas, the amended right. I don't wanna. Guess you just eyes had said I I went high, I was stupid, I would seven have and its five and a half you went for I put it. I said foreign ef I put in the vague, as there are also many well on Europe, one going and the last one. I think you get this one. If I remember correctly, when you said the last one is a wonderful, wonderful, Monday night game really. and I really do we or do. We have wildcard baseball on Monday to play playing games, but I think that lay offs
this time it is a good time for the last spot. We could have a basic. That's right! That's right! I think that's a good tv night, I'm excited for chargers raiders. This is a great aim. It all this. West is taken care of itself this week. So when I will get it, we can be missing a few wines because they're playing each other, but both Wes its eyes, far nose against Ramsay OX against Niners raiders against chargers all very games. I think I have the charges by three and a half. I think a hideous echo screw you exactly ass it for you in the week Bill Simmons the cheater tend to do too. I like the raiders could win. I I'm they could win it, I'm not! I'm not jumping off their bandwagon. Herbert was so good, though today you see his numbers. What are the end
I had. I watched a lot of that game. I I swear Herbert then better than whatever his numbers are. For these three. Only six with thirty five to eighty seven, four touchdowns islander sections- and there is a couple like dumb shoot them, thousand foot penalties that pulled back big players, as always with discharges to see so good. I was actually can turn the camera back on. I was actually thinking today that the harbor to a thing may be footballs version of Durrant Odin and two thousand seven really that. I think it might be that bad. I think he might be like a generally generation jacket general really good quarterback like might be the one beat him a homes for like the next fifteen years, yeah I am eager to over him coming off a major major injury and he had another major injury and since he's come, there have always been banged up and
really know it. I know he was getting college? But then all these guys come the league and it's like every guys awesome every receiver. He has awesome every running back the backup for any backs. Awesome he's got the best offensive line, and it's like. Maybe that's why he was so good and college from what I've seen. I just don't see it. I haven't seen you for. I didn't see it Sheridan seed this year before got hurt. I just don't see it and then you watch Herbert unease. Like breathtaking, you know Macrones ones in college. Do you know I'm away the same situation Now I hope I thought I don't think it needs ten years to play. I beg to over Herbert was a bad choice, and evidence of that is that their offering like eight first round pigs for a guy who might be in jail for a year and a half, so I don't know, I think the theory that but the other question might be dead Bengal screw up by not taking a relic that I think we need to move on to the next thing right now, Was never happening, though
Herbert Herbert was a little about looking back yet proposal a polar as in the region. Think it during because heading into that draft, even though that was for the first pick, the big back and forth of drivers Odin had some injuries already and had some. You know some suspeck undisguised, a durable and they measured in his legs were different sizes and then with Herbert was like that, gone, add, Z, but I'm not sure in college I d yeah. They seem like people making up for them things with terrain and no seven. It was I, ah, he didn't bench at much higher bench. One. Ninety he's too skinny and it was like did he gets fucking Watch college at the guy was with the boy the best college preserve ever seen in my life clearly dread. I had no opinion Herbert to exert much college football, but passing a pervert and taken to her, a guy who the line move toward the backup, because he got scratched his weak as a whole.
What is most devastating draft wonders with heading in decades today, yet we probably wouldn't have known about it. If it wasn't for malpractice by the team, the Huxley Great raised right losing have this. and from a modern much by one yeah you're right, like I wonder when they would do eventually would have had to just put him out there, because I was watching their game and it was like, oh my god, the work is playing. He D be found a ten minutes before then member watching- and I was like waiting it was this guy good. What's going on here is like further beggars nice. He throws just an increase, Bobby my home says he does. He has his own kind of like crazy shit. He does the Herbert pause him in Staffordshire. The two were just like these forty ardor surgeon.
These fuckin furs, ropes, yeah, really I don't break contain like like my homes are now I like that, but man what man I just you're so confident when they let fly and he's got. The right receivers is shared. Some really fun thing: there's gotta be fun, but it again I come out by were in do pair corner there is progress by Chinese Zionism, Pathfinder ruggedly. Zander Reba for family said no had embrace outer adventures returned to rugged in the all new twenty twenty two Nissan Pathfinder learn. More Nissan USA, dotcom Sal: you should get this car for your son. I love to more about this deeds on Pathfinder day. I would at least I could help you
you, wouldn't you get one for your son, I word, but it sounds like such a great deal. They might Beata cars, but ultimately their cars are. You should try to get this apparent choreographers. Ah I first of all I want to say might that my seven year old is doing kid pitch. Jed pitch baseball is the first year, seven years all that's when you do machine pitch with so much nicer, the ball it comes in as a strike you got a bad, engaging and kindness see the same kind of petrol, see from a machine because your also heading off machine when they turned seven, it becomes Chet bitch I want to say and as such is because some of the fathers listen to this body. As I love all the fathers and the kids involved with this kid, this team, I hate seven year old kid pitch. I was there for two hours today and it was for pitch war
after four page walk after forfeits walk, and not only that it was the pitcher throwing the ball back, stop the catcher, retrieving it and him throwing it to the pitcher and echoing pass the pitcher and the short stop retrieving it and him flipping it back to the pitcher and going back to a pet back. To that catcher shortstop are having a chance for an hour in fifteen minutes. Before we see a second pitch and its so many walks, and it's crazy- and I just want my kids- to strike Alec to strike Alex Umpire call a strike. I don't care if it it's a blight that pitch seven years old should not be should sorry it should be at the very least, it should be five g pitch and then coach pitch for pitches like six. Seventy maybe get three more and seventy something but pictures pitches infuriating beyond belief, especially when there's nfl games going on I would ban all youth baseball, so the kids are nine, a little not banned across the board. We wasted time our wages
and then, when they, a year later than all the sudden kids can still bases and there's the two kids on each team that dratted just run around the bases its like this is in baseball What are we doing? That's a big year such as the big year hundred and nine you gotta get it. You got kids trying out pitching they have to let them piss, but they have no interest in pitching and they're, not even close, and how many times can you say just just at the glove on just at the glove own about God couldn't. I know a good you're gonna eight feet. I was drunk and your job The guy have the worst type. Is the umpire yeah right they are buyers. Why am I here whereby I think I just don't think we should have baseball before its time and if, if you kid is remotely get athlete, They're gonna be able to figure it out the fly when they're, not just let him off the machine one more year right here,
That is something new do machine to tease whatever you need to do. Butner kid pitchers, I'm with you! So my son, who is a ball buster in kind of your vain right, loves fucking with everybody he had a it's his girlfriend. That is the date. In the last few weeks he was out out out. bout any data thing where we taught MIKE look when you're out you can't you phone can't run out a batter. You can have a phone you phones out, batteries nets. It's like my phone ran out of batteries. I can get a hold you because, like what happens, if you get lost what happens to be a kidnap, what happens you get accidentally hurt like we ve, no way to contact you're, not leaving the house again. In doing this, we have that live three. Sixty
So I hope you answer. You find your phone so he's out there I'll walk around the innovative and is is phones out a battered sagoth mad. I go and I drive and I just drive around and to actually find them, then am I pay you found out batteries like what's got we're going back that has at last his his new I was never really bad at our house. She- and I was I- can you call your parents and see if you can come up for pizza, she caused the parents, their great. She can stay for dinner. Snout! ass. My son is like oh shit and I could see him calculating all the ways that I can now fuck with him. cause, I'm with him in the end, this girl they relax like on the other is. He would fuck with me now. I reverse second, due to him- and I see it
pension with them. They had never seen before. But I bet you bet him he's like a big swagger kid, and now he is like on his best behaviour and I'm leavin. So we get pizza. My dad my stepmom here am I in my daughter and we're on the table. Sit round pizza there asking any questions and he's just sit. Air and I've never seen him behave like this ever, where he's just can can add the red, pepper and, unlike. aid. This is hilarious and then be he's just terrified. I'm gonna make some joke, as I didn't do it, neither to my dad because my dad read the same Bob busted thing: very nice. We laughed and we're like hey that that was your one free one, nice! It's it's going forward! We're going to we're going to be making fun of you in front of her, so just be ready when I was so nice to have. I of you, have this year ball, buster son? Is there
powers a great thing when, when you can flip the fuckin power switch on them anymore and control, it was great. never seen him act like back ever? It was awesome, and I hope this together, Philip what that are. Actually that's good, that's good that you did that form, but he will slip it. you'll be shivering in your boxers outside demanding to get the house at some point. Somehow I had so many things. So many one liners I did you tower eyed and brush your teeth for two weeks ago. In for far as do we put to face the leg, I just so many nuggets. I was ready to give an inch ahead of it, kept them out of myself yet was girl. This worked out for you I hope that Nissan works out for you today spare corners brought to light the knees Pathfinder would sound to get for his son. Archie will get you back outdoors from sailing to windsurfing wake up the snowboarding or whatever but the Manhattan Beach returns. Rugged,
in the on the twenty twenty two Nissan Pathfinder would sound up yet for a son learn more at noon I USA, that comes out of the book. against all odds, extra points- minus three, lemon pepper, parlay, all an extra points- dotcom, we also have free to play games at the extra points- dotcom arcade. Yes, all Eu Sports gambling needs Fox, but why is on Mondays and Fridays that figure it out summoned the partners on Mondays and Fridays in its main, its clay, Travis and Alex curry? So so so that's the schedule for now. On Mondays Freitas, that's correct! I think that actually better than doing those specials endeavouring for now, We were doing that we were going to be like forty tenfold days around the big events, but we are on every Monday Friday during the regulation. What kind of money did Harry lives on the Ryder CUP?
did he one body or a lot of money on SAM Donald, I'm in a romantic tough spot here, because he hates am Donnelly inexplicably hate, SAM Donald, and it makes everybody around us, our route for SAM Darnel, Mouse and Donald Zone against the cowboys? I think I'm route for sand on like carry being upset. That's that Jeanne whereabouts. Talking about about half so as always good job By about this package was produced by car Creighton and oh Newberry, I was coming on Monday. I am not on this one, but we're doing trains. Chris ran in degree so be ready for that one I'll be back on this package on Tuesday. Don't you to check out the prestige tv package, so we did that Tony Blair we fight- and I mean I was that, like the most underrated sopranos greater
so right, yeah yeah, I know the boardwalk here that it is they get over that affect their rise. It check that out. We gotta do a Sopranos all fame absurd. Let's do I know you do in a hundred pack. Our mobility, one judge, will remain there. Do you it can't be pine barons. What would you do which man honestly I watch clips? I'm like Facebook and Instagram every single day, and I do want to talk about the move- will be able to buy the moving actually right right. they're gonna, get excited and I'll pick one out by the big one you tell it, was seeing the speed on Tuesday thanks.
one way.
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