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Stealth Mitchell Trades, KD Advice, Ayton’s Max Potential, and NFL Futures With Joe House


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House to react to the Pacers offering Deandre Ayton a max offer sheet (3:24), plus Donovan Mitchell trade ideas including whether the Knicks should go all-in on the All-Star guard (24:19). Then, they go over some NFL futures bets they’re already getting in on, and House closes it out with some predictions for The Open Championship (1:12:22).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guest: Joe House

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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Hey if you like, listen to this podcast you'll, probably like watching the clips on youtube as well, you can find it youtube dot com, slash bill, simmons, six years of podcast rewatch bubble stuff is on there book of basketball stuff as well. All the clips from the newest podcast check it out youtube dot com, slash bill simmons were also wrapped by the ringer I cast network. If you love the british open, you can check out the fair, we're all impact as though be reacting to the final day on Sunday johannsen beyond later, when tuck a whole bunch of basketball stuff on this podcast little british open at the end? Talking about the impact that the live tour, we talked a little nfl over unders as well, but the main part of this podcast is at the deandre. An extension some Donovan Mitchell trade, some post trade value reactions, ladder lot of basketball, stuff road. The last time I am taking a bunch sauce and I going to be coming back probably the third week, I somewhere there still can be on the rewatch bubbles cause we banked couple of
so every monday at the rewatchables I will still be popping up. air. In my absence we did create something a little special for you. We created a feed, it's called the bill, simmons podcast, the interviews. You can find what are subscribed to right now. It goes live next week and it's basically one hundred and twenty the best interviews that I've done over the past six and a half years which a lot of great gas that a lot of famous people, had some awesome interviews in person, all kinds of actors- comedians athletes, a listers former presidents, so they're hard to find. If you go through archives, especially if you're coming relatively new to the podcast became the last couple years and became a fan listening it's hard to go back and the archives and find all the stuff. So we made it, supervision free, it's gonna launch thanks weak we're, gonna have an accompanying hub and you
it just kind of go through and it's like, oh I didn't realize he interviewed mccabe george, I'm going to go. Listen to that. He might be Jordan right after creed ii, Tom Hanks hit kyrie irving, yeah tonia there's a lot of people in there. So that is live now. It's called the bill, simmons podcast ass and you can, you can find it to. It goes live next week, and we're going to put something tiny on this feed next week. Just explaining how on the hub that you can go onto the unto the internet and can see all the gas so very excited about that. I am really be disappearing. and you're not going to miss me cuz nothing's, going on! May what's going to happen and I'll tell you this if there's some massive traded, there's like a katie trade or something crazy happens, I will emerge from hibernation and I'll do something on this feet. So I promise
I'm I'm going away, but I'm not going to be under a rock, so you know you never know with this stuff, especially the summer, especially with football and basketball. Alright house is next. First, our friends from project. Wretchedness is one twenty two pacific time thought this is gonna, be a nice easy pie cast read before my bare caisson, with my body, Joe house, basing quiet with that british open ass going first died, Donovan, Mitchell, trades, Adam and then, of course, because it's the rule of these thanks D, great, does does an offer sheet with the pacers for a max
one hundred and thirty three million, and now like a seven hour window or before the offer sheet sheep in he could be at all these sign and trade so of Kevin variants ever going to phoenix it's going to happen. Next seven hours surround the the clock. We decided to proceed with pack podcast anyway house. I might have to do a part two drunk I might have to be invited back cuz. I know I know you're going out to dinner and then drunk ass will show up at about nine o'clock and it's the most fun Just goes to Indiana in phoenix gets taken off the durant table, his house? What I really want is for durant to just go back to brooklyn and for him not to be traded. That's what I want What are you white house? You know that you and I are in lockstep on this front and for a whole bunch of reasons that actually run in fact for of che de himself. An Tiree himself like it's not often occur is that you and I are looking out for kevin durant and kyrie irving.
Tell them what's in their own best interest, but what what's in their own best interest is going back to brooklyn and playing competitive basket. In the eastern conference with their good brother simmons along for the ride. That would be the best case scenario. From my perspective, the season yeah van Halen. Saw during the sammy Hagar era, which I know you didn't like- that much cut finished you started was caught finish. What yes started why why It's come karma, baby finish where you started, that's how I feel about katie kyrie have given up on I've given up on completely, I have no expectations of him at all and I assume that it's just going to go badly for him and then they'll end up buying them out in the sun with the lakers in february would be my bet because it took everybody two weeks to realize that there are no chance. He was getting traded to the lakers so that the nets could take
eleven million dollars more Russell westbrook. That was like fifty million plus and luxury tax. Just so they get one pic nobody's doing that. So the kd piece of it All of these trades are like alright, here's everything we have four katy now Katie's in a worse situation than you'd be in brooklyn. I also think like big picture the more I listen to people talk about it, the more I think about it, big picture. I just think it's there's no outcome for him going anywhere else. The way he going to be remembered as a great basketball player. I think we'll just have a little mark next to it well, we and so avoid this lots of guys. I happy wanted to be traded, then stayed most famous cobby summer, two thousand seven theirs. a lot of other examples. It's the best for him if he just stays and kicks ass. With this broken team and I still love the rant and stolen under it he had a wonderful sub tweet yesterday about the
I see where he tweeted, to all of america. What did you do today to add to your legacy, and an marcia let him know that marcia loaded up this washer and kate katy was bad. complimentary of mars. Building on her legacy, hey. They really does notwithstanding all that tongue in cheek, which has just marvellous, I mean yeah like let him go and right at easter he's the best. He really is the easy sniper, but but you know he knows what steak and really his his legacy would be best enhanced by a successful brooklyn season right figuring out they don't have. The thing is you need to figure out your team in mid July. We talk about this all the time you don't need to entire roster. You don't need to make out all your trade, yet you can- until august september, all the way through to february, and just because there's not I read the all right now: does it mean there's that
I read the four months round by the way. If carry comes to camp and is awesome right, and he drops forty eight on somebody may that opens up the trademark, your form, what if the next don't get Donovan the Mitchell like who knows you just what the options are so and katy knows that I mean I carried out that carry knows that his best option to grab or leverage in the situation, including leverage, if Ultimately, what he wants is a longer term deal from brooklyn. His best way too. rob that is by by being a good soldier for two. You know it's not even that much time and energy can I push back godhead You said carried knows that you don't think you understand basic leverage how it operates. What your evidence that he understands a piece of this in a logical way that that's that through some distorted, kyrie prism of the events,
I don't know I I know how I would look at it. If I was him and I was like man, I played the song trade card now a lot interest. I dunno look in the mirror. Nobody wants. Trade. For me, I'm not an expiring deal. Thirty six million. I can put up twenty five thirty points in any anger and be a game I want. Maybe it's me maybe it's time to look at the marriage. Is the title that's how that's how you and I know, he's doing that way. Well, but that's what you said kyrie is this I don't, what did he? I think he knows that the best way have. The most options is is to play good I mean that's always the thing it always gets lost. It seems with him. Is that he forgets that that he's a basketball player he I get sometimes that is getting forty, some million dollars that he got last year was to play basketball yet to be part of a team to be reliable.
I don't know son I'll, be a good team, do not drive away other teammates I away guys that were previously thought to be friends like James harden read the dragon saying. I have not read it yet. It's first of all I love nothing more than translated interviews. It's it's always like it's a chance. It big. They can't get it one hundred percent right, but it's always like some sort of dagger. So and said he talked how he played, and he signed with was now he went. He almost did it last year, but went nuts, and he said he said he played with the inquiry and added it was quite hard because it was it, but the team but more about have been individual performances this another language for drugs. Think pretty well liked teammate. In phoenix, I guess he out of here, a little trouble and in phoenix that last year, but then my Emmi figure is really
well by it, but that's that's the part with katy that I don't think he totally seas. And now I don't. I don't want to talk the psychology of course too much because sheriff dreamer j, my green, my comment under the new baby, a police car really way your target ears guide employed as by talking about what that's a fortune by job. I'm sorry share of german, but but I dont think katy sees the part where they went to Brooklyn. It created this culture there and he became responsible for the culture once you're deciding who's on the team who the coaches and all that stuff, then that's the culture. You created, and if somebody that goran drag it looks at it in says, it's all about the individuals which, from afar us no nothing did seem like. It was a little bit about the individuals gives seem like it and I want katy to look in the mirror to and be like. You know. I am one of the great powers we ve ever.
one of the great scoring forwards. I am pro the greatest going forward- and this is your sixteen for me, and I want to kick some ass now. He might not think that way you might just be like. I just want to ball. All I care about is playing basketball and care about this other stuff. Also, though, on the other hand, he might care about all those, we don't have any evidence suggesting that he's not thinking this way that he's not taking responsibility, he's not out making public statements about it. One way or the other, the only public statement that he's met and actually he didn't make the statement that was his agent was that he ass, the organization to explore trading him and there we ve all tried to fill in the blanks as to what might motivate katy to seek that that that outcome- and we don't have any satisfactory answers because nobody's asked we have had the opportunity to ask katy nap, katy, explained it to us and because most
people that I think cover basketball, talk by basque or whatever they don't think about. Like the previous. I, basically, the twentieth century are the things that happen. We ve had a lot of unhappy superstars god will work out, shaded, twice and was unhappy pretty every other year for his entire career magic johnson. He asked to be traded. They fired the coach that state mates in anyone his third season the week, this powers that, but he was some israel he'd literally asked. We traded in the game press conference to a bunch of shock reporters larry bird, near the end of his career. The celtics was super unhappy and there is a lot of he didn't like the office. he was an in that got super dice. You just go through hakeem olajuwon, he almost got traded, we've had
Api players to find the right kobe day you could go on, and so it's not about that. But to me for him I think he has to realize that the best situation is actually in brooklyn Maybe he's he looked under the Ben simmons hood and didn't like what he saw and that's a piece of this. That's that that's That is the variable that I don't know if he saw us with the Ben simmons speech that he he's like a man. I got to deal with this guy next season. Get me out of it. I think you this with Brazil o a little bit over there, the pod cas you know just just a whole bunch of em. Lately, the the One of the possibilities- and the one that makes most sense to me is the unhappiness has to do with what he might perceive. the lack of conviction by
by the end of a phenomenon that management and their lack of conviction as though the source, because J D, maybe his expectation, was that that's we're going to sign Tiree to the three year deal that cairo was wanting and that would been the vote of confidence. The support that katy was looking We're desirous of that look. We we know that last season, you know, went the sideways met way that it did, but you know, and simmonds we're gonna go. We got hard now, maybe that that the timing of getting james not here and bringing them as in that might really work. This is the third day couldn't katy, believes that foundation and then management didn't and in the manner that katie expected and maybe ultimately that is go right. Maybe it's what you meant in the podcast cassie goes into Josiah office with his age and they say, give us the vote of confidence, let that,
let's go out and endure thing ubiquitous it smart guy, I think. Ok! he's got understand the kyrie extension thing. I can't imagine it doesn't gotta just look at At least somewhat objectively and understand that this is now a guy who cannot be paid, for more than one year at a time, not the sound like stephen I, but he did. I think until he proves otherwise, I don't understand how you would think it's a good business decision. im a multi year contract in a sport that has the salary cap that, if you screw up of a contract it out having a torn acl in your roster. Basically, he believes in the talent that much we know for sure and we don't know enough about their relationship. Yeah to say conclude: only one way, the other, how katy views a commitment by cairo, We know how we view it. I don't know,
is, it is possible. This was like on a stone in the ocean. Try to see what the report would be out of my knowing and probably not getting traded or anything katy, genuinely He's gonna be another team in october, the former. I think it's throwing yeah Well, maybe a smaller body of same what's out there, because he wants big ripples that he got big ripples but but you know t tested it so early in free agency, it maximized the the opportunity set for the net so that all assets were available. He could see the the entire league. and you know, take take him in tory of who was bring. What to the table. but I would say it backfired in some ways, because we didn't even get momentum on a trade my emmi, that I thought my holiday there and the ringer abijah. There are funny talk good body as today about how Hero robinson in a couple of picks is just
did. You learn offer fair buddy, I like tyler here, but that be the foundation of a deal for a top toys, A2, Kevin durant metro will do mitchell trades in a second but even mitchell. That can't be the foundation for Donovan Mitchell trade him in his basically twenty six points, a game and is just an elite offensive player you're not getting him for bunch of miami pics that by miso, is good. What are those pics going to do for you like you're, getting pics from a bad thing, but yeah with the KD thing? just our trade. They, the only one just in a vacuum that works for everybody is if anger, in pigs the table and he wanted to go to new orleans and really try to win a title there. And I just don't Do that. Why not just stay in brooklyn open hope it works out the dayton peace it s just quickly. phoenix decided he's, not a max guy a year ago in there decide not to do so.
sorta deal with them. Unquestionably- was a mistake for how played out there in the season, because that do think there was some kem tension staff and you know, look at reserve a more results. Guy house the season and the policies yells season impose season obvious backfired. A little bit look here, max: guy of one of the thirty teams in the league thinks you're bad guy, so I guess he's a max. It's a little weird to think of them. As a max guy, but on the other hand, when you make these less, I a dimmer trade value list. in asia. There is one of the best fifty players the week, the thirty teams, everybody I have one or two max guys: you're indiana, I kind of like it to get the number Picking the draft stony twenty three he's played in big games here,
worst case there is a very above average center best case there, their potential all star may be, even at thirty ma, be a guy. We've seen him guard people like YO kitch. I think pretty well eating card yadda, while the files, but nobody does but well now they have how about halliburton. You know they have this young team duarte. I got matter in the eighteen baby to spend mouse turner for something I don't know. I like it I for india, and I really like it now wonder if they're gonna end up definite position. Rule everyone. I'm talking to seems that the phoenix is going to say, fuck you and match it Well, that's fine! It's a worthwhile gamble for the pacers no matter what- and I think the narrative that you just walked us through in terms of what the the pacers might be up to and and end their goals me
his t's twenty three years old, eight and raised about to turn twenty? For me, these are the eight Have a pretty young, team. They really could you know rebuild, on the fly a little bit here, yeah an end. You know they ve cleaned up there at their contract situation. Getting out of the picture was syllabi and the bragged. That thing makes more sense if they knew they were going to the same thing. I just wonder why they didn't do it like a few days ago, but yeah. They said they cleared out some cap space for that now eight and comes in and broad than I think, was unhappy that the people have talked to. You know rick carlisle's running the team, I guess yeah, even though pritchard's involved, I rex calling the shots there and from what I heard, I just think if I'm rooting for a team and the coaches also running the team. The results are never get weeds. There are,
Steve said this recently. He was on Zack's podcast and he had a whole thing about when they, when they got the Russell asset for durant, they had basically shank ecuador and sudden memphis incurred in to do it and, like advice, the gm I wouldn't have done it. I was loyal to Andre just when the done it, and it was the right thing to do because lets a rustle led to wiggins which lead to them when it therefore title this is. Why in gems shouldn't be in person is not a long track record? A successful coach gems, it's the opposite! It all I have is a bunch of of failures, mean stand van gundy will forever go down, keep it out tebbs as well right. It's! over and over again it's been the case so anyway. I think I think that the brogden thing you know they bring in halbert and bragged and probably was then happy anyway would have been a good team and carlisle's the coach, since they are in All the sudden
the key and, and you know maybe the celtics situation will be better for him more protective. He doesn't need to feel like you know, whatever the injury that the repeating injury thing is. Maybe I'll have better luck in Boston. Has I still like a it's a controversial, take I'm not scared by the one hundred and thirty three. If it was forty four it's so, let's play a game. If it's forty four one hundred, do you love it? I love it. I absolutely love how about four hundred and forty one ten. I still love it. I think I still live it to four hundred and forty one. Four hundred and forty one fifteen now I know I blinked, but I still like it Four thousand one hundred and twenty, I still like it, four thousand one hundred and thirty three now my goo, my sphincter titan, the tiny second, but I just bilikay with it. It's just a premium. It's just the pacers premium is indiana a rebuilding team. You know so they buried.
They're they're, going to go all in there's no reason to like walk up to it. Don't what why try and save you know ten? sent over the life of of the deal. I would ever go all go get a guy, that's it it's a fridge and tax, it's a twenty percent. They got the number and pick in the two thousand and ten draft. We think in this phoenix matches it would take a break or make up some mitchell traits. Hey. That's a big these vain to us in all new mobile gaming up. It's called feigned or face off pinto face up where you compete in quick fun games against real other people for real cash. all sorts of games you familiar with like a home, derby, wheel of fortune puzzle and strategy games more on the way contest or action packed they last two two and five minutes explains sofa waiting in mind or commercial. Break whenever on your schedules were matters plus you can practice for free any time whether behead head, while that, where large, tournaments fin
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The fake traded so much I am the picasso. The trade machine I think was lost that of mice. The master of the great machine. I've certainly made the most fake trades. I'd put my track record of fake trades against anyone else, and What doing these fake trades of mitchell that I just I just don't get and one of things I don't get is if you're Utah and you clearly What did you, what did you settle on for one banana yama offer Amitabha I, love, wet right way, wipe your ass when be thy way had ever were her waist for the wasted for webby, that makes sense to me whatever you want to call it so few, shade mitchell. At least a piece of this is really be terrible. The share and we're gonna have a fire sail for beverly and all of our raw guys can get rid of him no idea any age thanks is uniform and get it
in I want to get. I want to take advantage of like the weaker teams, the more incompetent teams, so you know the knicks. Obviously, in the next I think, are the favorites to get mitchell. I don't totally understand it from their perspective. Why they think brunson and mitchell would be the way to go. I don't fans of my life. For like there's no way we can give up rj barrett, which I think is hilarious, allows, but it saint I may get it like if you can keep those three together, so the consensus seems to be some version of like either fournier arose, cam reddish, obi, tappin maybe Mcbride, who is really good in summer league and then they could do their twenty three. twenty five twenty seven unprotected they could thrown at twenty three maps twenty three ways they could draw picks loud history with god dammit inside his protected.
Rachel. As I sat tall protectors. Fourteen, I guess here's my question for your house. Would you go all in if you're, the next and Mitchell, with with you, have enough assets to make a megatrend ray? you have. All these picks picks are ultimately they're going to add the most value of young players top and as real value art you can buy the rj card. Would you do it now, or would you wait and see if there's a better player than Mitchell that might come melbourne, the next six to twelve months, because we know the mba these guys keep coming available. So why? go out and re here and mitchell when you just sign jailing, brunson and now you're gonna have a small backward mitchell. Couldn't guard anybody in the class lester he didn't want to guard anybody to play off late last year. Let's just be you know blunt blunt about it. He these his defensive sabotage. I wouldn't sabotage.
As but the way as we do, the defense comes from from desire and effort that that seventy five percent of it in the n b a and I dunno a clipper series the year before, while that never your limit, I believe vents and in any event, I think you ve hit on the crucial question. A problem for the next is: who is that player? Who is The six month or twelve month, player donovan Mitchell staring you in the face and he's attractive for a whole bunch, reasons that don't have anything to do necessarily with with the basketball skill, the basketball skills, pretty epic compelling like him getting to a big bar and seeing what the love of that now Utah loves its players. Let there be no doubt, but I just mean you know it is a force four
you just catch yourself, because you are afraid of being attacked by the youth offensive. I've got like a very self conscious. I has been attacked ip tat by the use of their attackers. They never let me who forget the shit that I talked about: george hill, who played good for them for for four months, you know made it made a career out of out of you know the all star, George hill, but in any event this was a handful of years ago. I think the next would be better served going all in for Donovan Mitchell now, rather than the the waiting and and seeing things, because I think that they that they have an asset who wants to come to them and make a new mark. Macon make a new name rebrand, together, create some in new york city for exciting basketball. All of those factors don't really have anything to do with this sort of the town aspect, but that, third, there very important, I think,
to both the weighted down. The mitchell might think about the situation and with the next know, about the situation, which is they cannot repeat that this, this sub par lack of effort and anna and seriously they gotta do something about Julius Randle. They have to fix that that wet fart, because with that of the west, that he's, leaving and tips his pants is just oh brutal, so undermining speaking of sabotage. They have to fix that, but the eye What about I gave you, the jury's render facts. I am I'm dying to hear it didn't have my car last year. Now he's got somebody, you know who knows how to get him the basketball and can run an offense, Super happy this year, be a guy. A year ago, suddenly, a year ago, yup on a weird team last year, didn't have anybody again the ball. What was that weird
I'm just give you saying that there are only then there is the randal whisper, getting these reserves and not their gross, I'm giving you the spin, but now he said I think he's been he's got mitchell and he's got brunson he's got two guards, so he'll be able to give the ball cause. He he thinks he's an alpha. We like we're not those added that emission we're getting Julius randal back. Ok, ok, ok! I like it. I like here, I lay all right now: yeah you're me you're making the case for me. That's that we also part of the case for the knicks there what they must be saying to themselves right while they they vote like mitchell, Mitchell's to see a guy swear there when you got signed all the ca people were adamant. That Mitchell was going to back to haunt all the teams that pass them when he went thirteenth in their draft, and I think he halted at least a few of them for sure he went to greenwich country day
Okay, school very near and dear to my heart, he's an east coast guy and I think he would probably enjoy a bigger stage. Said the knight grandly felt there, the favorites the case we're going all in now would be at least you down the asset and now worse case, there be he spun off into a different trade rank, as he might even more value than you know that in his actual effect on a basketball court. What you mean two years from now, when can be six months They see things as they were. Well, you just gettin me if a girl named wars it if it goes in a worse scenario direction. Amir upon his arrival, there's nothing other than what the collective bargaining restrictions are on trading? A guy you just acquired just be the only restriction, thought experiment, not not don't aggregate this aggregator people. If you're, the next in the back of your heads, are you thinking this
this now ruins our chance for Anthony Davis. If that lakers wishing goes sideways and emma overvalued overvaluing Anthony Davis. By saying that we say that again, Anthony Davis, Anthony Davis down the road, because, if I'm doing this mitchell trade now The scenario of a really super unhappy laker team in january with the lebron being like yeah, I'm not resigning after the season about it It was say: wow I'm going to be unhappy and we don't have any pecs. How are we going to get better? What's the move? Maybe I need to be like I know I has shaken your head, but there's a lot of teams in the league. People are watching the lakers thing really carefully. That makes but since you need to have for me, we need to have proof of concept that Anthony Davis can play sixty games of professional basket. That's why I brought that up.
as he declined as an asset enough, that you can't have that in the back of your head, because he's not the same guy that we thought he was three years ago. He has in my book yeah. Well he's another kentucky. Guy west has real ties to cal perry. The whole thing there. I think it's extended family. I don't, I don't think that's tough lightly cause, that's how they got brunson and the name to a meeting with the marriage. You know as well that when a member was reported always going to have one last minute. He didn't have meeting he just south the deal so anyway. The mitchell thing for me last two years, twenty six five in four forty, four thirty seven. Eighty five percent splits turn twenty six in september Twenty one have pr thirty three point: two usage, the last copious: they advanced patrick's, pretty good. I test. I remember going to that cooper game. I went
While the cooper utah games during when kobe felt like it was thing and then I'll send it wasn't summer summer, twenty twenty one and he was playing hurt, but he was kind of feeling it at one point in a thick was the limb Should game or one of the games, and he just over the game for like a quarter. I do think he has done special quality in kyrie. Has lots of guys have it's not like there's three guys legal has it, but he does habit. He does have that. I can go into somebody else's building, kick ass. I can be in my own building and something special might happen. As this when guard he does have that. It's really hard for me to that think about how bad he was defensible. Play apps, whether he's a winning prayer and then recently I talked about the justice with a westbrook with him, where he just seems to need the ball just tomorrow? seems to need the ball a and it's big old question
how much fun would he actually be to play with. So those would be my two questions. Uh. Can, I add, a third yeah. How do you think people are sizing up forecasting the likelihood of success of him playing for tibbs. How does that factor in how does the tips factor play out. I don't know what it's like if you had to do in over under and how long is tips, gonna be the next coach and I set a year and a half. Would you go over under under way under? I may I add that on care about that, I was not it's not the care about part, but you know four. Them to have this. The sort of big three You know whatever re re Rejuvenation of randall is tebbs the rights. The word for that to give question certainly didn't. Look like a last year there were nine Mitchell's been pretty durable. I dont think you
I had a major injury yet in that, especially in the playoffs he's been able to play big minutes he's been able to play, hurt stuff like that, and I just think from that standpoint he's good bad. If you're given up the assets, if I expand a knicks J, unless it was just our J in a contract for mitchell straight out, but I don't I just- would be throwing. like our jane three pegs, but I think that I think the next acting to do that. So it would have to be something along the lines of what I might offer. Thank you tall once that right we What books they want pacts yeah, but they do leaving the history at all like, as you know, your team as a somewhat tortured history, And by side I mean tortured, We talked about how the bradley beal contract is symbolic of these other terrible contracts. The wizards have given over the years- and I don't know,
next, this gig like a little marbury flashbacks of this trade. If it was something just a ton of as I already got barberry, maybe I can now- we lost around one with marbury, where you? Where do we go well? The assets are worth it, though, because you know that their option tree. There doesn't have fifty branch While you're right I mean it has two branches or three branches, and the price for mitchell is the right price that that's the thing that to me is his most compelling if they can get away with a co acquiring this I giving up some first from picks, and just you know in time the makers of reinvigorating top and good. I like me, I load up in thrall player and he's he's lead. I think be the most valuable asset coming back for the next other than the pics. Fine, I want all wait. Let me rank the trade package, is free the day being a ten go
bear being like a nine, I guess Paul George would be in a what what's harden. They used to bans, are real bad. But I saw that still tb data may other eastern look. I mean I think some was a good pick by ice. I'm still not pause. if that they got an awesome asset out of that trade they they might, but I doubt it. I feel the same way about the Paul George trade. If She go to sander. Wasn't it like every trade you look, there was some awesome asset, the trade right branding them as in the eighty trade, as she. is in the port state and then all these pigs, the drew out. shade the ass. It was getting rid of Eric, but so Steven Adams, you going down the line in the heart
It doesn't have the asset if they had gone Jared Allen. Out of it, you could have been a while, they got Jared Allen and all these picks, but they didn't keep any of the players solder at that to me, that's still tbd, at least with utah. They got poppin and they got miles mcbride and they got all these picks and you could be like, top it'll make it. I dunno, but I still don't think mitchell's is as harden was. Obviously they they shouldn't. He shouldn't get as much right right. I think it's super. I really like it for the next I mean I know we have to indulge the possibility of other teams and do the miami? I had that? No, I have this right now, we're in it took a break and I'm gonna throw three trades that I like more than the next trade for you, too okay, here's something! I'm thinking this earlier about danny vom Utah. I want pics from a team that I know is incompetent and has a proven track record of incompetence that
I said the next qualify and if you want to say that I wouldn't really be able to fight back the next five playoff since two thousand and one They ve had one winning plasters this century. They found it levin top ten pigs, plus they traded three more than she since it as well, so that certainly an incompetent which, as James Dolan has been the owner, the whole time he's going to remain the owner. It's a good thing to trade with them. Sacramento, zero playoffs since two thousand and six, no forty one win season since two thousand six and they had thirteen top ten picks since two thousand and six That's a team! I want a lot of picks from for sure charlotte three play off since two thousand too eleven top ten picks. That's a team! then scan it stay the owner. That's
blue. Who knows how long he stays that's a team. I might want pics from. and then your your beloved wiz. Since eight thousand nine and ten playoff appearances, total ivette, seventeen top ten picks and thirty three years. and you're paying bradley bill, one hundred and thirty million dollars a year. I want your picks So I'm gonna it that way so going in order charlotte, like sure from which also. Yeah. Why not like, in this miles bridges situation? That is just an absolute awful awful nightmare of a situation. He might. He may go to jail, might not play next year. He by night ass, I can't just might be off they have the mellow and really that's it puts book by they have a they took out the guy from duke the center.
I have some veterans write me haywood right. So if it was Heyward Kelly your brain book night and then three first in a swap and I sent back mitchell and beasley. I would rather have that than the next offer. Surely on the basis that charlotte's can a stink if you'd, if you'd line up charlotte's roster and compared so the knicks roster of these two teams is more certain to miss the playoffs. It's are going to spend money. I don't have to worry about them. Going over the luxury tax they'll have la mellow, and now I have Donovan Mitchell and they'll be fun to watch, but, like one guy, it's injured for one year or that somebody's unhappy who knows- and now I have a lot of their picks, I actually don't think charlotte would do that. But that would be I'd be kicking the tires
that, if a meter from wash, if I'm looking to wash in we'll barton, hot maura, Johnny Davis here, you guys just took tenth shooting guard Although I'm familiar he's for twenty nine in summer league, that's not a joke the field. Eighty. Finally, nine. He thought the bus station out of all the picks the moment the latter happened. One ran for four eleven three four seven those three- and I got three unprotected first and a pick swap do I feel better about those picks coming in roses for me that I would be the next. That means Donovan Mitchell gets to play with bradley beal and kristaps porzingis. Yet the big three well I mean for for him. You toss perspective that that I don't. I don't think they want to take that on mean that why shouldn t, that's that's a status. Anti. That's that's a seventh
waiting to happen or seed? So so like the necks and role in the dice against brunson, Julius randal Mitchell Robinson, a luxury tax theme argued bear it. You think, that's a better bet, tat shape extend than porzingis bill Mitchell. I just think julius randle is such a bad actor. I just think last year? Maybe he a bad year his his
I have a career that maybe it's just a bad bad year, bad bo. But if he's bad for ten years because of that bad velvet, he added was. Mrs worse, I here's my favorite. I can't believe this team has not been mentioned. Their playoff team, they have one of the best five players the week, the denver nuggets. Oh what if it was Michael porter, a smith Jeff green, two first three swaps and I get Mitchell and I get pepper really. That's that's bad! For you talk denver good there, the back to back envy, pay. he dragged them into the first round of the playoffs, but I'm they want a game, but I'm getting Michael porter.
I mean look at so I dont want to make jokes. I do what I want to make jokes, amidst the entire year last year and the one you two level of competence is gonna, play basketball and be able to play? Seventy games ear was the love of conflict. What I'm doing if I muta michael take another year off sure. Get yourself help we we have some facilities in ITALY and greece and germany are going to really work on your back and where what we call a feudal wanna play the share: ok and then we get those damned picks. Ok, I'm just asking you like that trade more than next cause think about it from the denver said. If Denver it's a wish it now at murray, and I mitchell and and. and I have a yoga job easily maybe they got any lay p, whose professional basketball player maybe said emit shall maybe maybe try your boy and by Donovan. Instead I mean I, beverly and
Mitchell boy and bogdanov edge that virus That is why, on and that its voice on that too, if on denver I'm just gone all efforts. I'm never I'm never going to get the stops, that golden state Boston we're getting the playoffs last year, but what I can do is four one hundred thirty points a you're talking about, though fit utah's desires. They don't want draft picks from from a good team. You bet. I guess I'm getting Michael porter junior, though that's my play. Ok, all right I like that of for it. A lot of of investment in in Michael porter, jr stock. I mean you really have to understand back science and Michael sector may surgery- and you know you bury better- have a really strong, surgical staff. they're in utah, not on, though the d wade get the same. surgery is is Michael porter. I made
de way out and the max. I bet you need you need really. Smart scientists met medical professionals in the mill. If you're going to go in that direction. The knicks is the best play because those for the four that we mentioned here all for those offers and Could you are better than tyler harrowed duncan robinson and some pigs from a team that is never bad ever? That's it I wanna go axioms that have proven to news over the last twenty plus years. Yes, teams that have- Either weird ownership situations or just a proven track record of incompetence agreed. That's all. I want to trade Donovan mitchell to effect you didn't make us acrobatic deal secular, is the most competent branches, I'm about it, because it's my favorite of the budget year facts occur to first round picks and a pic swept from Mitchell who
Okay, huh for sacramento, you're thinking, hm Darren fox is a good player. Mitchell's been in playoff series, he's proven he can go toe to toe with great players. He could be a real star for us now. I have mitchell and mitchell in the backcourt, with Malik Molly and Kevin heard two of my favorite players in the league. I have keegan married stars summer league of harrison barnes. I suppose irish on homes I have met, by our guy in February I haven't real ideas: thou canst on women better than they fox in fact at the and air farm facts in farm utah good that are much was better than their facts. Give us a picnic in some swaps, and you just
open sacramento, who again no playoffs since two thousand and six you're hoping a is just like, like phuket taken swing, Donovan Mitchell, thirty, one! It playoffs! Last three years, Donovan Mitchell! Twenty three games, thirty two points: a game: thirty, two: five in five. Forty six, forty one, eighty one percent split somewhat with that. Might this category playoff series and maybe beat somebody maybe this is my version of mitre, where Chris reber for bitch richman. He just have to do it to be an officer with utah from their perspective. Also part of what m could be appealing is that they Don't have to feel like they're invested, dared box like a day right with him. Come next trade that line that's. That feels like How about this? Then you go to the next and say: hey.
No, you want a metro, but how would we get Darren fox now any interest? Yeah, it's woods with a similar package may a couple of picks. He was a kentucky guy well liked by those dudes, but Yeah I like it's weird battling. I double dip, think about that sucker meadow and the next you get both them involved. That's that daddy age, master mine. You know Machiavelli caught a play. The problem, as we talked about on sunday in the shade by pod with priscilla, was the happiness piece of it Sia mitchell, who thinks thinks he's gone in the next cycle. New york, big market started the mitchell plan then it's like no actually sending a sacramento sorry, sorry that made the plants that two feel that there will be great, but on paper I mean
Mitchell Mitchell mark heard her mary barnes about us and homes. as a league pass team out of that's a fucking, great team and an ad for better payments standpoint. Yes, that's a that's a like a hours, it's thursday night and Sacramento's coming on at at at you know, nine thirty or ten o'clock in my gut. I guess just going to I'm going to lose the night. Could I have to sit here and watch Sacramento? I have one more is serbia. Are you on this? Before lay is, if it came out. woes tweets. Orlando and new tie in serious talks were datum mitchell, just what eared would have next ten seconds free like I've, been trying to talk myself into this for months now.
because on one on one hand I go he's actually kind of the perfect I that they need yeah. I'm out, I'm not worried about the defence of stuff with him he could be a terrible, the thunder and the rest of the rosters bunch of good defender state. They need the twenty six. Twenty seven point again do right, the others, but if the other thought a bit is, do I just like? Would I be ass? Well be happy giving up on Suggs just saying I you know I were putting on him a centrally and probably some picks up on this about this sucks. You have isaac that yeah crazy contract. That's thou he's were seventeen. Is a cat figure bet? It's it's kind of way bubble you kid! I dig it maybe throw glow, call anthony their way, ok and then three unprotected and two swaps. and now said you're ready to go? You have a real professional off as a basque, but then the only
and the only reason I think I would say no to that is because I want to. I want to see at least half a season of just the young guys played out like I, I think, I'd be bummed. If I didn't see what look like like, but can he be? The guy is sucks thing. Gonna turn rats, Yeah I mean how do you know? What do you think you're going to stay in that that's gonna like there's gonna chemistry there like it's like there's the commodity like? Can I at least get it for a couple of months before we blow it up, and you had your, but here's thing How did you blowing up your trading fail? It says the current than in seventeen pets. Now you're blocks. Now my blown about your blown up, a core that you know and yes this is me, but my rosy sunglasses ample, like your blowing up mean that could be like. I dunno five ten years of like a pretty interesting team, competitive team in the east for a little bit of a shorter thing. Are we all kinds? concerned by the way about dollar Mitchell. In the way he plays in some of the house up to a small guards in a league, I'm a little. worried about that as well? Ah,
really I mean that, though, is tat. You just a whiff of westbrook with that little there with a little bit on ours. talking myself into whether or not westbrook would be a good fit for the magic two summers ago. So I mean yeah. I guess here we are with a better version of that. I think I think you have to do with your land. I hope that part of me would still be bombed because I kind of wanna see this young core working out hat, houses all in don remit should orlando. By the way, I am, let's talk it out so the deal close said mitchell's, a little wary so and now we have now we're in the recruiting phase you're going to love it here knows no state tax tiger woods up donovan there. You have a phone call, it's it's the great tiger woods He wants to talk to you about how great this pipe for the magic Kevin I said the other lead that maybe you could come back later turned away. Design for it's really nice very gets being florida super chill,
Nobody really knows your business in orlando. Just do your own thing, get a nice big giant house tiger, woods's, seven houses in florida. What else mrs house. God lot lifetime passes to disney anytime. Twice, Roy seven access disney. You want to go to the star wars, exhibit take your kids, some friends grab fifteen friends. We is tat a clock at night. Bring everybody we're going to open up the star. Wars exhibit for you just sit there for two as rivers. Here's here's the Franz Wagner. Eight minute youtube clip best of france. here's some pallor summer league action, I'm so these two guys up south beach or disneyworld audits, a call for me guys were an mba guys in his bit twenties it's after all. I don't know. I will say this:
Orlando has the best deal for what you taiwan's, if utah's, if, if what they want, is young prayers, cap space and picks from its that does not really have a proven track record of being that good. orlando. Had orlando can beat the next sucks sucks zero? the top and asset at the were at where I actually legged tiny bit more and they have just as many pics to your point, all three of those guys, I am still not selling my jonathan isaac saga, love that Interact is basically also now, as I Buzzfeed stack well because it was in his upside, is like defensive player, the year capabilities and he's that good on the defence thought Bobby's rightly I figure it out and I still think he has played in seven years. True he's written more books in the last two years than he has appeared in mba, playoff games or mba games in general. Ah, but I dunno you're right
in the three guys that actually could could be decent players in the league plus picks on a team that you know has not a great track record is not terrible when we asked what's the ceiling for orlando, then are they? Is that does that make them? In a couple of years, like a legit team in the east or just like, maybe top or like, are they like the bowls where it's like we're just happy to be here and in the conversation? Well? First of all, league pass ceiling is almost incalculable. I think that's just at the date they were already on my league pass less than than now. I would have to even take them a little more seriously. I think the thing here's the thing two thousand and seven the celtics, but has notice I was able to- with the south, except that it is really that this is where the battle of course they trade, the number five pick for re alan, and it makes no sense that sex. Why are we doing this? We have paul pierce ray out and now jefferson ceiling. Is like forty five winds. What was the point of this?
But what danny saw with this, which is why I think is he doesn't get enough. before he realized that that was the gateway drug to the kg trade and now Peace, none of us are aware like what the fuck are. We doing it's just going to be rough and paul pierce. What are we winning, but he saw I get these two now I can get the third guy with our lando. If you have mitchell, and you have palo involved are, and you have this good young identity in what now you're one guy away. You know you, maybe you're one free agent. Oh, I don't know bring back the nineties, pinstripe jerseys, like the classic that my cars the whole while brand gets rejuvenated. People are diving back in. I listen. Here's the funny thing is. I actually would talk myself more into this if they drafted shat, not paulo, because I think she like check it with your magic as they get mad at me again, but because he's like more that complementary player, I dunno, I I just want to see what this team looks like, though, that's that
call me scared, but I think you have to do it. You have to do it if you could, if you can get way, one last question that were so it's July fourteenth: where do we stand on chat and cheddar palo, because this is America's favorite soap opera? I gotta I gotta wash my mouth because ah your magic reddit was very mad at Kevin. I ah for just being excited about shipping awesome in his first game, as always going oh wait, reddit was Somebody with a worldwide is even raided that stunning, what's on your heart, I'd ocean palos, going to repeat here, he's going He's that he's the most running anywhere in the league has got. I gotta has his daddy, whatever like a living reality right now I mean that's. That's just yet that's money. You should des money in the bank right now into it, what it is as it should. Be that high, I still think long term I'd be bummed of chat was wasn't that at you- Think hagen murray could be in that bag site, I'm not doing overreact assembly cause. He did this in college last year.
I think he's going to get a lot of shots on that kings team that kings. He might be good minutes. He averaged like seventeen a game for a kings team that went like forty, three and thirty nine. I think he'd be in the mix, I'm with you palo to me as the overwhelming favorite. But I, if I had to pick a second guy, I think I picked sega mary, you have as the I was on with J J. Yesterday we had this very conversation he's available eight to one that's real value, jigging aries at lula, nba ready and the kings are absolutely. I think gonna give him the opportunity. The rookie of the year thing is just the opportunity, many times is a gag untouched. The ball feel pretty confident that that Humor is gonna, get enough touches palace the most touches, which is why you'd be a bet on him, but it it's a one. I like keegan it's a good call. Let me just ask you this really quick, as I think I can. Can orlando b yours cleveland, and by that I mean right, like Evan moby it apollo. As this year's Evan moby luxurious airline, you have their head of schedule. Their lot
and and he's the best player on the team, like, I think, that's the pathway to him being, obviously the dominant rookie of the year guy, I think his boss, so you're saying. No other moves. Could they be cleveland, yeah yeah, just as is, I think, the I think, they're. Actually, like listen you're going to laugh. I think I think they're not a terrible team that if they actually have a good amount of talent and last year they were five hundred team. When foles came back to ST. I don't think they could be next last year's cleveland just because The reason cable is doing. That was the defects in your neck bid by defence. Like that well the magic were. I think for a good stretch. Last year again, this is like when foles came back of the number one defensive rated team in the mba, for like a a could, after the all star break, they were actually incredible. That's why I wouldn't be worried about donald Mitchell. They already have a pretty good defense that staying the same with Paolo and france playing together, while fra at a francaise, a fantastic defender. He is, but this has loaded to forward, so I will have to see how it goes
I think they get high pollo in certain certain aspects of the game like are other. I can be the number one rated defensive team, but I think they could be middle of the pack sniff and top ten mm luger that has, No, I did not agree, has ever dubious, vander jabbar. seven one keegan seventy one to me, kids out, should be better than jabbar setting still, I'd really like to buy, but I'd think he even some really. You could see like it's going to take a lot of time for him from a shack creation standpoint summer league is the worst place for galaxy he's the guy setting a good, though the palace plus three thirty now and then shed passport twenty. I am I'm with you the power thing. I think you should be like, plus one fifty. I must failing. He doesn't get hurt. I would be surprised if it back soon it. So what we learned is that orlando, is in the same
if in the next year and they're, just not be an aggressive bad it now, we saw I that whole winners piece about why they waited until the final data reveal who they are picking. First and guess what I said Didn't understand it. He was a group. if you're playing high stakes poker it's like with who you had all the cards? It was your pick. I I still do. I understand it like a genuinely honest and not trying to be a dick. I don't understand it understand what was the downside of letting but now they might take power it's already. I don't either I don't and like honestly, if you bring it up again, badger fans get mad at you, I'm okay, to be to to add silicate. For me to ask questions about why that was kept, a secret does it. There is no if it to it, if you were hoping that somebody would trade up, is that mean We told everybody wanted pollo that would have probably
gotten you more offers like the back of they kept it quiet like euston dot, Paula was going to slide to them. So the only explanation to me is that when it became clear like a half an hour before the draft that paula was going to be the guy, that Houston would just be like oh shit, panic and offer like ten first round picks, which the likelihood of that happening wasn't wasn't very high. So I I don't understand apollo was always your guy. Then. Why hide? Why hide that? You know just you know it. Why have they don't have the power to a more? Why were in writing. While there was, there were rumours that he like chat, didn't want to go there, so I do know that played into it either. and jerry wanted to be the guy. He was the only god and I just wanted to be in our land owners like disappointed, didn't go one, but again I don't think people were offering. his godfather packages to trade up for Jabari, Only doing that for paulo and chat, and that's basically that that wasn't what the smoke signal was for two months and ass. I believe it is a good case. He loves shit. so I'll catch. You just get shit, they don't have.
To do any work right. You don't into the sense. Alright putting a bow in this house, your favorite trade is still the next for David. Yes, yes, united by all by my orlando Sacramento moves I like both of them fine, but I think the next big make the most sense sensitive Always a part of me that likes you know when there's a there's but it msg. I like the next to be relevant so like it when they're dead as basketball fans, I think necks I still think orlando barely be really by top two, I think, would be next, orlando, probably sacramento at the bronze, what he sweetie a it's from an orlando vote, but who would be your favorite non orlando mitchell? Them as the next, ah, I'm an I'm notoriously an anti heat guy, so I I would be bummed if he went there and jj needs this come on for the new york pot like which we need this virginia judge aids are coming up J J these days, the yankees J J. About one hundred and twenty regular season wins
I've, been to tour venus offer for combat where the year, when we ever am, I allowed to talk about sack wilson work inside. Instead let success be your noise and speaking of things things happening in new york that are adding. I like very exciting, I loved having the the most eligible bachelor or it's take Walmart the. I wouldn't do a little trade value and that british open among a wrap it up, because it does not it there's committed so you, you are you're and the secret committed that helps me. The trade value list, along with at least one other person, should be I remain remained. did a lot of lot of back and forth what was what was show me the most offended by in the list on the trade value list. What was the one that you just couldn't get past offended by
I always have trouble with the young guys. I always have trouble with the first year guys and the and the guys who have just been drafted so I just I you know that I understand exactly How and why it is that the swift comes together in the manner that it does. I just haven't, wade, cunningham and Scottie barnes together at the fifteen, sixteen spot, you know across I understand how important those assets are to those teams, but I it just seems crazy to hey. Would you look at some guys? You know beneath them exactly like science is below them. Yes, exactly right, yeah get our earth like carlyle, towns are quite like I mean cocoon it's gonna go down in history as having taken through the envy p of two different teams and in the end, the two conferences like it's just
just that the the vis roar reaction to that. That's all! It's not really toronto yeah you're right I mean I get it, but if you're surrounded the way you're trading scotty bards for require letter. see how you couldn't if your toronto, do you want to try win the championship again, kawhi leonard handedly led you to winning the NBA championship, you don't think and every toronto was heartbroken when he left, they understood it, but they were heartbroken. Now I I get how everybody gets off the cells into the multi faceted dynamic player that the rookie of the year scotty bar and really came out of left field, except for when we talked about them on the gambling podcast and gave him out attend one. Thank you. I had a lot of our listeners. Your listeners. Thank you for that as well, but kawhi leonard kawhi, leonard, healthy kawhi, that's ok the reasons I think young players get valued like that is.
Because you get in the whole journey. You know, you're trading, fifteen years of a guy. It's just a daunting thing to think about, like I think about. Pierce pierce shows up and in ninety eight, we had him for thirteen, you know it for a decade and a half was fucking awesome. There's a couple moments when we I almost didn't have on where you got your first volumes got stabbed to death, which he recovered from I played eighty two games or eighty one games whatever. Then he almost left into two I must get traded. O seven seem like he might potentially get traded if the tank, but you go on this journey with these guys and I think somebody like and are kate or even like tray young there. At the beginning of this run, you know what I think real by that with the young kids.
And their jerseys- and I I just think teams I think they factored in and also think like if you're, if you're looking at somebody like why, like he's, had a couple of major injuries at this point, you know in his career, but at least the eaves in two thousand eleven draft. So am I paying for past performance, I think I agree with you. It's really. It's always a fun less than a weird this to put together because you're putting scottie barnes in front of Karl anthony towns right right. Who is the third? Be a guy last year? That's right, but I think it's the right call. I understand I also don't have an answer for what to do with zion or about zion. I just he continues to me to be a franchise die. He so young. And we showed us in in the sixty games that he's played in his nba career is so true. In dental it's like it, it is a one of one and you just have to talk yourself into
the notion that that he's not going to have these repeated injuries that he keeps having, but holy cow like. I don't I'm not even I'm not even saying that he belongs anywhere else on this list by my big quibble. I have with the top fifteen, is Paul. George and for many of the reasons that that we just went through a guy who also had you know injury John on him, a gotta had a fourteen year, so it for. For the reasons that we talked about. Why If kawhi you know belongs where he belongs. I would put Paul george in that category, as well! I would have you know, I ran and anger mob or or bam up higher. I think you're right I think that was one of my regrets. As you know, the first person to mention I want to make is that his bodies been pretty banged up. you know and whether he could be a hundred percent next year. Who knows but, and I'm sure he probably will be, but it's that surgery
no return hours bench of blake griffin with that where it's like. I said this now that nelson is oh shit. He said five thanks, I really value, though the stuff that he did in the playoffs two years ago, though playoff be your guy thought. You know I thought he showed up, but you're right. That was probably you know a couple well, mention labelling, mad the mellow, thirty three I had him in that palo chat. There is green, jalen green, bar Lamellosa people. Why wasn't the mellow whitey of kate cunningham fifteenth than the mellow? Thirty? Third, I guess for me I'm just not positive lamellous a winning player, yet he's gotta prove it to me, sir. I believe kate is, I think, he's a winning player, I'm not what le mellow as yet, I don't know if a a fantasy stats, really fun to watch, looks great on Tik guy who's going to be between forty wins every year or can actually the real winning team around random?
he's so young and that that's the thing that really commends him nuts. You know that he he has already demonstrated at his young age such a. I q offensively. Yes, if you wanted to move em up higher I wouldn't argue with it yet cause I think about like Zach Lavine at twenty. My first cargo in its I dont know what it is for example the for the mellow? I just don't think charlotte's. Even considering that I agree, I totally grew there. That's why that this list we ve had you know it. I'd rather as their draft that I'm always like change my mind left him. I at different things, bradley beal, I end putting him forty three and you had a lot had put in that it was weird you started defending about at one point: you're, the guy Second, I know he's overpaid but come on we're not trading bradley beal for desmond bane he's gotta be forty two forty three to lower yeah yeah, like just out of your pure town Is that what he might fetch in return when he demands,
pray that he's going to demand, I went on bedstead expired kissed, the standing room, only nine, we devoted a hot, deep dive, on the wizards in our over under for when beale demands, his his trade eleven one one, twenty twenty four reach. We gave him the benefit of like eighteen months like a year and a half and both of us took the under We will have a true test as to what his add value it Is it I don't think you the washington will be in abode? Were they want back a star? player they're going to want back, picks and and the build on they're, finally, going to do rebuilding that they should have done undertaken. You know handful of years ago, the niger
After everything for Donovan Mitchell, then it won't happen. I don't think that's gonna happen. I wonder if he does want the trade gatt. I hope my team's not above, I think my team would be smart enough not to trade for a guy making fifty million dollars a year. But what do I know the nfl surprises for? Ah for the british, Have you have you started doing nfl homework? Yet not only have I started doing homework. You know we're getting ready on Your gambling show to start doing some division odds, picking them isn't winners, So I've already that you bet might the two things that I'm I'm deepest in on already- and I bet this one particular one asked many too many ways I'm so out on tennessee, I can't come up. We're saying goes on area. I have any doubt was winning that division. I have tennessee missing the playoffs I have tennessee under on their wins. The only thing that
Well, I guess they're, both tenancy plus one sixty colts minus one fifteen. They were even what a month ago, a month ago, there's been more calls action in some tight tight shirt and go ahead. It's it's just rebel rebel and all season. Last year they pulled out wins out a very unlikely circumstances. They pulled out wins where the metrics did not support them going did they when they had, they had some important winds on the road it was also smoke at me. yours and then ultimately, were done in at the very beginning of their first opportunity in the in the play off by ryan's anyhow and that's the issue, and I dont think that the hang over the tang that the tanner hills, over is. It is, is dissipated by at all and end of the little hissy fit that he threw the tennessee drafted the quarterback. I think that going to be the identity of the team and that's why I'm fading them every which way I can. I
so I might be on an island just by the way go ahead. Thank you for not mentioning screwed. We were by that tannehill performance in the playoff game. I will I I take these things. Personally I mean you know I'm I'm nothing if not a petty gambler, and so on. I Lou when I lose big I know what my worst football loss was. Last year I had dinner with that with sam the great rob stone on tuesday night may be. If I may, you had asked we had some pork chops. But sal I we were like. was last year, just an inordinate amount of just cause Gambling losses like that. Like the chiefs, losing the bengals game with it seem like they're going to go up by three dad said, half time they lost, and I don't think. it was my worst bed of the year or worse the year I was travelling by air
thus the I still think it's a game or chaired gaff like forth in twelve. Would, though, time remaining through the touch down and kill their tease? I still think that summer, one for me but can we all, as in the top three we had? We were so loaded up on on Detroit. Ah, with the worst record We're record we had whoever the hell we're playing that week in a three teamer that, oh, my god, it was freaking Jared goff. He did it, he did it to us via the other team. I know it's too early for this and I haven't really had the opportunity. I've into worn sharps new book, yet witches is out and available for sale. Hundred seventy pages or something crazy. Like that, I'm really skeptical of san Francisco. I really feel like they're there that they their seeing something in tray, lance that that the rest of us haven't seen- and I dont like the fact that, deep,
samuel understanding. What he was going to to have be confronted with coming into the season asked to be traded months ago. I don't like that because you know who knows what kind of quarterback trey lance might be kind of Fraternities are going to be there debo samuel, and I think that they, I don't know what the options were. Cuz Jimmy g was hurt, but this biting down so hard on lands to the at the expense of Jimmy g me jimmy g whiz. Competent gay manager they were like us, so hers and then try to J D awaited surgery. He did that. I know I know I know he did it to himself I, but I'm just saying it feels like the niners could have handled. All of us a little bit better and I'm I'm just skeptical the niners, that's all I'll, say
I started doing work, I'm about to go on the vacation, really throw myself into it, but the ad there's a couple of divisions. I just they don't look right to me. The odds, don't look great like one. Is the packers and I know a lot of minnesota starting to get some buzz, but they are not having mike zimmer to me is three its budget. Just that's plus three, without a new at their record for was last year they ate nine that it at our rubber plus three plus three from last year and they green bay. The receivers with sarge is now the new device Adams Allen lazard. Christian watson, rookie receiver, as you know it, it could be great, it could be absolutely horrendous with iraqi receiver. Just don't know: and then randal Cobb four year. A hundred and thirty in tiny in. and those are all his weapons and
as the running game, I know their defense is good. I get it. Both backs, can catch the ball out of the backfield and that's what packers fans telling me that is how they're going to offset some of it schedule their play minnesota at minnesota a soda week, one in anything alright, let's minnesota wins that one now we way to detroit week three at new orleans, we- where's chicago at miami arizona, week. Seven like I eat, and I just like minnesota three two one on fanduel to win that division, I thought was I might add the crash potty renault, my bickersdyke sleep, the other one as the connect, the saints were plus four. Fifty. and its eye glass, the champagne its anew transitions. I guess it they will. I get prayers. What, if Average is good right away, sir. What if Winston comes back and is see you know little little wizened, Michael Thomas, what if he comes back
you really getting seem crazy, yeah? What you're really gambling on there is a brady injury because anything at all happens to Brady then then then were really talk about a legit duke em out in your not loading, Alex team and push. You have caroline in Atlanta that division not worried about carolina ladder. That's exactly right that so that that's why that amounts to value. That's why I like that one and then the other one was was just I still don't understand Since he's not favored in the nfc north, but I'm going to spend a lot of time invested in that false letter asking them their store. Since I like baltimore better, I bought baltimore, it's one thousand, two hundred and thirty six to win the super bowl this upcoming season. I think this is the lamaria because you like, after bernard Carmel, pollard anti after everybody he's got. It does not stand for it. When I go to take us out our share in algeria by their citizens, the sheriff combative when, at the outset, like the two spider bids, that's exactly what that is passive, stayed tied. It plus
if the wit speaking gaming, what he got for his for british open cause we've had day. One is in the books by the time people hear this up. Hey time to japan. Now, the irony of this is your guy rory you're. I can't quit you guy. You have very. Golf shirt on your in your little locker near heath, ledger, trailer that you stiffest jade championship. Shared everyone surround you tell her, you can't quit him and he's plus three forty now by far the best ads on fanduel cam smith is seventy one People are taken. This could be. This could be the roy week while one of those people as me, and on the fairway way, recalling cast both on monday and endless the show published on Wednesday hey. I was very odd batshit it my enthusiasm for rory, because I think the combination of the moment, the historical moment, the it's the hundred fiftieth open championship
is possibly the last that tiger woods will ever play at saint Andrews and you know this this crucial sort of juncture. Terms of the impact of the live tour and yet this could be the last time that this group of professionals is altogether honoured. On this day that they're wrong, and I just think that narrative portion of it all by itself in favor of rory, but Roy's also been playing awesome lately. It's also the case that he hasn't won a major since two thousand and fourteen the open championship, two thousand and fourteen. He was supposed to defend an eight years now. He is not This is largely rises that lie in five or six cheese. He was. He was supposed to defend his his british open title at St Andrews in two thousand and fifteen, and he went out with his buddies few weeks beforehand and played soccer and will kick about any busted his ankle
is out for several months and he hasn't won a major since I feel like the golf gods have looked at this time. That's a very reasonable, penance time yeah, hey, penance and now on this stage at this moment he comes. And this is his his his time to shine. So I like rory at that that that was my on the pod cast my number one guy, the it's brutal they're like eight and a half to one or nine, the one coming in and now they're just down to two plus three, forty, the odds are still, you know not great, but I think he's going to win so any long shall while cards for us not not right, I bet, most disappointing is tiger woods looks like he's. Gonna miss the cut and that's going to as by next question, cost us a money where we're we're sadder. If I didn't have the joy in my life this week from Zack Wilson who works in silence and let successfully his voice,
I didn't have that joy in my life. I would be extra sad about tiger, because tiger hits circle this tournament on his calendar. He really soon, as he discovered that his leg he was gonna, be able to walk again. I believe that he said I'm gonna get to sing andrews. I'm gonna play in. Tournaments and after what we witnessed with, our own two eyes together at augusta national watching him improved around there and make the cut at the masters and then follow up by making the causes ever been the it aims and made the cut We know there are not two eyes he has been. same guy since that day golfing he made the cut of the pigeon championship, also I mean here that it any withdrew after so, but he looked very good at it. Practice more than any other time in since since the car accident. Another was a lot of enthusiasm for him, so
The point is not have him for the weekend fight. You know it's gonna be an incredible tournament. The names at the top of the league aboard arm are very sexy. Yet you know other than tiger. Rory is the the whose casual golf fan interest guy left on the tour. Would you say, would you just an thomas gets a tunnel love and now no worry at. I think he's more. What george george Spieth also has a lot of charisma and the way that he was on on the scene. I think people he said very recognizable and very that scenario. That scenario makes it seem like he. When another age, though that's not fair, who chaired the aid yeah he can win another major, he does when, in the light of what we know, There is going to win this major, but he couldn't without a major air weena. We probably now I'd up a lost by trust. leather guy at this is tommy fleet, but I find it in better than the british open I broke by four years. I d better
decided you know what I'm wrong all the time and amount Ooh stays in, I thought, looked a little tasty. I forgot what his odds were, but that was one that are used like in the fifty to fifty five to one and he was hurt. He pulled out of all the masters and he he enjoyed the live tour at a sponsor's dumped him and said know what kind of impact, if any, that that's gonna have, but there are some live guys pretty pretty far up the leaderboard Lee westwood's tied for fifth right now, taylor, taylor, gooch, is also tied for fifth dustin Johnson is also tied for fifth. Those are three and look at the importer where booed on the first tee and snap took his I've on the first tied for thirteenth, it that at three under pricing dish a bow tie for thirteen, that three under live or show it out, or maybe it's just cuz, it's it's it's thursday and all these guys will fade away. But you know Phil mickelson went around this golf course. at even tiger woods by six strokes,
I mean we might be in an alternate uterus. I dunno what to said the live thing is it bigger than you thought it would be a much bigger it is going to continue to be big. If we talked about this more, we are together in boston for the. U s open, yeah, ewing's you're using oil, those rights and that it was. even bigger than we thought that, but now it feels twice as big as it did when we were in Boston, because you made the great There there really hasn't been the thing since we've been alive where a sport has through a disruption like this. No prefer I mean you know we ve had. We saw the you fl. Trying
It was never the abs, the closest, but we were so young at that rate is yeah. We just need they had Dr J and we didn't understand why he couldn't be in our league, but we barely even knew who he was because there was no video of anything yeah. There's then, there's been nothing close to this and it's about to get bigger yeah. I we we talked about this little bit. Wait till Tromp trump hosts said his venue at the end of august early september. Wait till that happens I can compare to is when it seemed like those streamers were going up and movie theaters, and it was just like wow, so we're doing this. This is just how it's going to be now and then You know the movie theaters made the dramatic comeback this year. Now I dunno it feels a little more. well, but it I do wonder if this is going to lead to what we talked about in Boston about if this, if people perceived this lifting to be actually successful for removing the saudi amen, and that's what I'm talking about that just
the actual concept of hey here's new league, that's backed by a ton of money, could that lead to a basketball version. This cuz, I basketball, do this the sport. Happen. There was a lot of that. Try to talk the last labour lock out right, yeah, we ain't aloud. It has Levin Kang an idea. We did a whole basketball league like if some billionaires came in and just tried to do their own version of the league, and you know cause you need with there's. There's like fifty really good to great and b a players there's, probably like twenty legitimately famous one. So if you grab five could start a league yeah sure I don't get way to work, probably not, but fyi phi. I find some stadiums. Do some some five year leases get a tv deal I mean you know that the amazon might take a dabble right there, so we can think of some folks who have some money. Who might be? interested in exploring the space, but that's it
with the amount of money that the rights are going to go to for the next nba billions and billions of dollars it made the case amazon or apples just better off, create their own league and given the mighty directed to the players, doing it that way, sir, I mean what apple just did with the major league soccer. That play where they're going to they took over all of that branch. Ass, an I think. Ultimately, there will be some combination with, like the mexican league they'll, be this north american soccer thing yeah and they're the first movers on it. I mean, as that makes a lot of sense to me yeah. I wonder I don't think it worked for basketball. I think you'd have to get half the as I think the fans would really hate it yeah. But that's the funny thing is the golf fans really hate? This live thing now it as in totally affected it because they got there lived ass, can stop by the majors, which is the most import. pizza. This I think I right he the live guys in the majors. This will be at another level of disgust. That's the chapter! That's going to be written from
you know, starting monday into all the way up until the first week of April, in twenty twenty three before you at bar golf and it's more things to gamble on for things you like to, That I like it's it's true and and lots of violence in the lift so are we doing now. Woman says that we have got phelan sisler hate beds were bright air there, Patrick reed, is there a lotta hate bats are out there, it's kind of fun. I enjoy that wonderful speaking, about foggy playing, let it go for next to it, hopefully last year at some point, ah, has great to see you happy summer. I hope the wizards don't overpay for a crazy, donovan mitchell trade. I don't think they will, but I'll you'll be the first person I think of anna was good Thank you. Ve spent time with me back, you be asked I what you have a great became. Let me leave you leave you with this. This parting words of wisdom pleased Work in silence and let success beard Secondly, that thank you. Thank you. That was that it take you.
Alright, that's it for the podcast thanks copyright for producing thanks to Steve the and don't break his eyes thanks to Joe house and lack I know I'm going to be gone for a few weeks, but if you need some podcast listening go check out the ringer podcast network man, we have some good ones. The rare ambitions can be humming the fantasy football podcast, which has been fantastic the last couple of weeks. They can help you prepare for your fantasy. Ah, we have some. Great pop culture pack, ass were reacting. The prestige pack ass the reality park ass, the big picture, the watch, it's your party, the bachelors gone. I mean we have a million package, go check it out on the ring. A com or just subscribe to him. Her father months bought a fine and you have plenty of time to kill I will see you. Sometime in august, sometime in the middle of august, and we're from that point on it's going to be football basketball
hopefully a lot of celebrity interviews, because I think gm we're going to be able to get some people back in the studio and we're going to experiment with a whole bunch of different stuff. I am looking forward to it and thanks as always for this, stay tuned for next week, we're going to release our interview feed as well, and I'll have more details on that on this feed for the little promotional thing next week. So it's take care of that. The joint and somebody seen us away.
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