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Stephen Curry on Battling LeBron, NBA Twitter, Klaytheism, and the Quest for Immortality | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 401)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons travels to Oakland to sit down with three-time NBA champion Stephen Curry to talk recent Finals runs, the joy of playing with Klay Thompson, getting heated on the court, the new All-Star Game layout, all-time NBA greats, and more.

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Now Surrey word about jailing, Ramses quarterbacks, quarterback check it out check out the Ringer pack ass network as well damage control, that's new! When China, Pakistan New on Shuffle That's new ringer enough also happen. All week we got genetic Larry Wilmore whole bunch, other people, cousin thousand new one with the MS, the wrestler? and former Dub Debbie Redder Branco. It's just basically annihilating each other about fantasy footpaths. Crazy pack, ass check that up and awe and that's it does good check out the ringer not come slash. Shop as well come up episode for o one. If you, Mr Ford, drew up a sword, video that we did for the best part cast. We put it on Twitter, it's on my twitter faded, so my instagram feed and we try to cram as many gas as we possibly could into two hundred or two minute like
the second Cliffs Lascaux anyway we're in Oakland as we speak. We came. I don't like to travel for park has very much, but certain people who have to go to where they are staff in key areas where those people he's coming up in one sense, but first our friends from project. I read open staff curious here we have Then a package together we did want, to pass their tenure. They came into the grandly insidious. Yes, we those when that was your breakthrough season. I didn't know it's only a year and then
next year. We did and asked our one than either of us can remember those like twelve minutes delirious. It asked or weaken us when they have. You come in France. Other Wednesday night game, yeah and overnight flight. And they do you read to the media the next morning they to switch it out, so we get smarter, sinister and then you guys would go on autopilot. Is you be afraid to say, I think, he's a half asleep was gay good candidates and then we have done a package. Since said, you went to a Vps three titles and almost one in four title cable. I would like to place this grew so yeah, that's happened. Alert has where When did you realize this might happen what what There is a game or a stretch we're like holy shit. We might actually role of subtitles from achievers breakthroughs. Somewhere that two thousand and thirteen season really like that, young and naive, where we felt like we could win every game. We showed up to whether we had experienced or not a lot.
My guy Jarrett Jack, who was on that squad? He gave us that, like veteran presence and confidence to kind of push us alone and then we're just kind of rebels out there on the court, so we got to play the year against. Denver against Andrea in Andrew Miller Listen! It's here was a mere low. Tell us Ty Lawson, the same draft glass eye. We just came in I route going to the series and there's nothing that say about it and it happened. But we really know candidate of nobody player. Spares really know what to expect TAT is nothing they played into our to our advantage, and, let me go, the next season next year, as you place, Antonio still same kind of top for overconfidence, but that was when we really had to figure out how to win a basketball game when it mattered- and
they are used in town. I speak I to live in the first few games, but out over the course they're serious we through eye opener I'm gonna score here, quick here too, we grass grew. And from there. It was those cottages stand and what we need to do from its respect for the right person and placed her to give us. The chance of action may be Fears about women's airbrush urban can itself in there. Told you that I went on tv in two thousand and thirteen and predicted you're gonna beat the spurs. I wish I was gonna grad school for better because it takes a wish for that. The warriors do it where are they look at her modification bugger, those that, unless he actually acting out, maybe I shouldn't be that the top underdog anywhere audacity. You could have been one of the world's were literally
possession and game one for me up no two, oh yeah and remember their provision docking in part and nobody has to say about the infrastructure that is HIV Aids as yeah. Remember that, as I remember a definite murmured thinking, You guys had stumbled on something with Eu Clay. You know like this is welcome, what's the ceiling on this have no idea. Could these guys make ten combined raise a game out alone that actually you guys started making knockabout comeback, it is in the way we do Iraq is we balance each other also well so yeah? I was actually the German lighted create that kind of stuff will play such a massive movement at the ball The unsung heroes promote every night when it comes to me so low maintenance. It doesn't really need. The boys scored was sixty plus a there was a whatever was like he's so efficient
allows me to kind of have space to do. What I need to do is round top of the key and create and play off of him and either one taking to show you Alison, like those chances for sure. Yes, quickly. Because if somebody other angles at the words that you guys have- and I feel I got near proper- do as a backward. It's because through so many other ways to go there, but in terms the auto backwards its way up there? finishing packets, me, you re data like this. That is where you are here's the eyes. He was two thousand when the Spirit, the Ngos we finish seven years ago. I think what school about it in happens. Now very often, when two guards are they complement each other is that is that you guys you're getting that success in individual success team success, but actually like the combo of it eyes that doesn't really have a basketball we
together they are with these to actually make themselves better as a combo the space, and they do in other playoffs future. Worse on both ensues mean me now, Graham, basically is than this, signal must sometimes you guys the other things going on your guard off. The wall so tat. I gave him a breather switch back so both obviously indefinitely we are very complimentary. He doesn't get credit for garden. Guys that are much smaller than him because I had one of the reasons you guys have three titles, one hundred percent since last Iraq, as ITALY is less Morgan Stanley Lot Affairs Guys Letter Gaza has borne hands aloud the possession and Eliza sounds or so Oh there's, no secret locker room how vital it is to what we do and why so he's the one you guys make fun of the mushroom.
The comedy lightning rye is know, you know if he realized how funny here in person I realise that he's got all my course that will come in a locker room. Sit on a chair was for his leg. Over and Hell read newspaper like two hours for the game and dislike aided They needed a marketplace for like there yes, a mercury news. Whatever was, and in literally the way. I think that that was his fate. Like that's real, like he actually comes in a newspaper signalized on his chair. He reads: it now know what type analogies bring an end so a seventeen year old Briar see elzevir. He knows everything. However, the very tight They with that many jobs and knowledge only it is funny his with with teams those beggar that guy he's arose. Remain or that there always be multiple choices and with clear just
like his everybody's vapor, Tibet, like even to Morrow, said in his breast galleries, ideas and you play with clay the size of the Olympics two years ago with ease, I guess mesmer farrago ready and he has spent a day and a word locker with us, but he has said that present. That is you need is easy. For. He may when you guys cheated and guide the markets, even those coming of age range or even on your side on their side. That's so mad with workers. Thing it is to get Torres Achilles last year is that he tells back in February, it'll be like a bonus for you guys. I think all the way through Just then the at the other, afraid of being alone Arti team odyssey for him. He is no rush to combat. He gradually take his time. And get right, but when I look this. The opportunity comes. You pass whenever read in January February, comes back to the place, it gives us a whole new, dynamic and now whatever
but the market shows up. I know to be back to fully honour percent and we do to whatever mark Marcus shows that gives us a new dimension that we haven't had before a guy that can actually go get a bucket on a blog. We could have got a shooters around him. Get some labour, is amazing, play maker and use in New Orleans illegal Kotobuki you can break through in a big town and he's a great pastor. So we can coach, carry laws, pack, great, passing big men that can read the defence and may play so amazing. I M excited about it's obviously here, has been that we now we can officially start thinking about one year you're all run versus the balls in the nineties case. You have three, they had sex, but There is one year with advice, delay in ninety seven unlike February, and they had a for a couple months. He gave them this whole new. Look that they didn't any of those other six years, and that's what I thought.
As remiss in last year, it was it was just kind of the same nucleus and there wasn't. You know you back to the sixties what they do. Something tat would always at the one guy every year were whose read out a new dialogue. Discovery wants a killer, allow Deva Wes, they keep. Everybody knows, because you had a figure. It out, I think, that's the benefit of this year. You want the one guys whose just dying in Vienna good team, you can't believe, is good fortune and you can kind of feed off them. One of her sitting. There's going to be, I was sleep, cuz, Also change slowly. Rotations may change a little bit. The thing yes, of course, two games and they look at the players. I guess us really something to look forward to sums really focus on how we're gonna have met his skill set to what we do. I was keeping our style play. Plans as using you has it have been around these last three four years and a figure that out, but. Gives us under look forward to wish.
Looking sitting here in in August thinking about how we get back to June's a lot of time in between we got to be ready. I was watching the game when you got hurt. Actually been watching the pelicans, those those eyes cup. We suggest enjoyed the way him and Davis replanting here and he used by the best. If he'd ever played an just do it? I was seven or eight states neighbour, yes, but they don't lose one that things were added to develop. You bet. I was at least ready to have the conversation disappear relation. Perhaps there is a risk that these two big dates and I don't know what the words we have to do if the boat out there we area backed it as fourteen zero, I was at a game clippers game, seven, that was the most important game in this whole run for you guys, so you talked about the spurs were like going to grad school for a year, but that was like you,
you doctor in the game. Seven Chris Paul found you maybe forty five times it was just a street fight his paws great at knowing when the rifts gonna often uses I'll just val everybody now, and you took it and you had a really good game and I was again browser you know. I did you into any peace in three titles. The next four years ago, steps the stars get. That was a good. Game for many years ago is a clear head game and on the road are ours. Our core. We had an opportunity to take the next step and again zone before and so on. On the road? I guess it's in there we had so much history with yak a fourth I was interesting series around the whole dastardly. They in very emotional series back and forth game a gave seven and have it is laid down alone. We obviously laws, but for me personally
Definitely a break through tat moment to know a lighter bright at a pretty soon. A game I knew I could play better in the learned things about how to deal the physics fire playoffs how to deal with game. Seven officiating radio, that type of stuff for our core exactly we just Figure- had a win through losing We figured out how to women and their next season come Agnew enough for a ship. Yeah I've it dusty before we started about how I do feel like with radio teams. It is like a video game a bit you gotta Alias assertive Lavoisier, even in two thousand and fifteen, when you guys want the title, you were tight. Those first couple games and the fires of anyway. He before that evening, due to the fires. There are two series of ourselves, one seriously as members, we are down to one other yeah game for on the road down to one another. So that's it. That's a must win situation and repair,
who says our way through just a carriage play in the finals and as a whole, environment. They did. Your piece on the Corsair defiles aware like with there and they go through the practices. The media sessions, the whole continent. I would suggest action plan again. It catches you out for sure and refining as members, I've been there that point with fascism. Things a six miles and so he obviously is experiencing- that exude confidence on his job of roses. Bunch aghast ever been there before yet figured out. You go out there and is hunt the people were wasn't: moistened, thirty, mins practices, shooting drills and stuff and religious came oh twenty, four seven and in the world, is We know the Lee and NBA me so popular and has been for years, but you get an finals
it's a hold an animal that you gotta go through all of it and took us really three games to figure out for them facilities. Are these teams had that? One moment like even I remember when the o, its authors, when they traded for cagey in reality, and it was the super team, but then we had the play. Ass was get seven Games Cleveland, seven games in its when you haven't been there and you don totally trust each other? Yet it does a look around his Hansen people. Aren't they As I said he I get through it. Would we said about rather with others, fires or madam. If Brady was talking about the last Superbowl gets the falcons when they came back and he was like you ve, been in so many superboss, that he'll learn to almost as preparation for the game was different than either game benighted rooting is totally every. Therefore, as farmers in the field, the half times forty five minutes, instead of twenty and any kind of
himself and that's a peak in the first half lives, stay calm, verses. I've been so far up in the first that the new crash available to us from a coach instead of one as will forego Oscar, had been with the who the bulls, the spurs in the files and then learn from village action and Pavlovitch had a kind of pace ourselves. Do that preparation that again about five six days and prepare for game one as really enhancing. You said the scale a figure how we're gonna get to our people. Farmers come game, one right for us. Our has arisen from the town. We knew walked off the court at noon, Westinghouse files, but death. We cannot just experience. Helped kind of get over the hump when we when we didn't play was well, he wants who knows first three games and then it is carried over every year since, in terms of just be accountable, and that That environment will achieve. The best he has ever played was that when streak, That was really something because they you there
our friends from the last stato you'd everybody- shit, no one's hurry for years in writing will start to say. Did you start to see that the favorites they are they had? There is now a brown and carry the dates, and then yes, I got really, but I thought to win that many games the south accepting one sixteen last year and you need luck just to win. Sixteen tat. Those two or three games won that they pulled out here ass. Twenty four was incredible: haven't looked back game by game. I would say those we have high for those yeah. We should have one at a twenty four hour spurious. I then we really deserted when the other twenty There is one in Boston year, those that was Twenty that we ain't twenty four Celtics just stolen that double overtime, and then we went next night back to back to Milwaukee and that's why I lost their first game, which is still had a chance to win which, by the way, you're amazing teacher designer when it comes in gray sayings, and I answer the that
Foreign, one Milwaukee works answers. I need to get one of those in my eyes as exists there. They do, they had the whole flannel guess there, their spirit action or whatever you call it had to twenty four miles. The hell I gave up here you has read after a double amazed down were there boss, the game, J Man, their nets- I would just have a couple games where he just went forgery man and in that game he is, he was so It's hard to explain: there's really never been a guy like him who can controlling but not score like forty point assembly, many so intense, and he actually like puts his stamp on it, which I think the regular season. It's been harder and harder from to do because you guys you're, safe and stuff now for the play of severe they rarely do have those games during the season is a real balance of
understanding what we're trying to do to build towards a playoff run and understand the fundamentals of how we're going to win a championship and what we need to focus on which is really hard to get up forever. I like those Wednesday night back to back on the road against whoever has an eastern conference team we're on the seven hundred and ten day road trip. Hostos games at This would then be as I was his eighty two has play the same schedule for us here. Through these shavers arouses going be offered the year in terms of really this a shudder when yeah you gotta Europeans, yourself, Little bit, I say that in terms of why we really appreciate ever gonna go out. There were has taught me what I found here that when you had the streak in you guys were kind of becoming a phenomenon in the week and when you go to block eager Charlotte, you gotta, at least It was the biggest game of the season for their fans of that team, and it did seem like you guys, fat off that, but I think after four years did you probably don't notice it.
My right, oh it's our noses when we buy tickets and they look at the ticket prices. On my hotel, we had a few words in my family, explicitly those crazy probably my first four years, I used to go back to Charlotte and get my one chance to go home and play in front of my own. City every year, It is so easy to guess you first four years now they were. Firstly, our team. We were irrelevant terms of be at the top of the League and paid, rather the jewish aroma they're coming about a month and a half before we play Charlotte knees. I had to get your ticketless for Charlotte my weight, thus, like other apply, another like five weeks. He's idea with herself out the whole arena guys often use we you wanna take it. I know you usually have liked near forty. Fifty fair family members come when I get that list now, so we give a family. What when I first saw again, I ask as a real real deal, the
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When did you notice the fan coming to watch, you warm up. There was at streak season well earlier, before a year before they halfway through the twenty fifteen year, first championship. First ever severe Ozma offers any to you that I don't know how I became anything would meet all my programme routine. Why do the two by handling drew out a man reading the beginnings of because you were making forty foot where cheaper I remember getting a call from Rpr guy and it said hey when we go. I came in what city was he's like hey we're going to the city that they at Those are at the open, their doors for fans to come in thirty minutes early so that they can watch you warm up yeah and so that question I was like well, I guess I never knew like people come naturally dewie she'll, a warm of situation. They went to get an autograph, no guarantee. That's gonna have any this, so,
out of the city and literally pride. Three, the sections were full, so mostly warrior fans boom. Some of the air, the opposing teens fans come in here. Watch me do poundable for five minutes and get like a hundred and hundred twenty five shots and then go back in the locker room and get ready did you. Do you notice someone you when you want and have already that nationalism is almost mental challenge and that the control, my energy and turns I don't want to burn myself out and will warm us, but you make, here, like a round of applause like during a warm up, a kind of get you go inside the fields, yeah, and you realize you study, like pick up proposal have been your russian takes model. Furthermore, in turn, I got really focus on the stand at the moment and and keep routine? What it is and make sure my process will prepare for games is in jeopardize by him. If you were watching early with this, a different environment causes is, is low but quieter, but there's so much presents a fans is crazy. I mean you ve, noticed
One person is staring at you re only because it is there. Any attired makes a mistake, and there's only been a few prayers like this, where, when they come out in the core average Canada staring at them, This is where I am average as though it yeah it's gotta, be read. I remember when George overcome the Boston, the nineties and we obviously say you'd come out, come in a trance say there is, you know, there's highlight a few guys. I Taylor Self, conscious till I gonna pick my notice of yes. There is that I use my eyes are therefore like an hour and going through the murmur information measures I remember there we're due court side for the files and we decided to film your warm up again too, and I attach to camp unblinking eyes. The guy. Did you do to Thursday pass our Bruce raise Gary's Argue TAT, Doktor Bruce about it and
we're just gonna all in on your new pre game, and you made the shot in the tunnel at that which was a really caught them, but every time you take the shot in the tunnel. What is that, like fifty feet what is a weird angle, creator behind the baseline Vienna, she almost every chess, and you may that, and they were like, we got a shot. In the tunnel, as our steps can ever gave me, but as the sole everybody knew he'd like the laboratories, they worked out at night, but the first summer score fifty at Oracle, I had the were shooting work. You would say this at the worse you to work up now, Tom. I go should a hundred yards surprised me a hundred shots in my warm up. I took me like three hundred three hundred and fifty to get through it and he was looking at me like I know. What's going on he's trying to. Do I get my legs in Europe, those flying out or whatever, and then I come forgot about. I got out of the game and enamel First, fifty point game at home and we laughed about
I use no rule. The rat market How much you to work! I goes them he's. Gonna, be a game aware that made the tunnel showed them is gonna, be a game, and I so what's a? How does he bent down again what stands out the mass which your time he check New York? I must ask ourselves how sure that was also relatively early in kind of superstar career. I remember there whether there was a moment yeah. Those opens Cartier first by a room here Megan our all a year. But I cannot play level This is an interesting allows, arrogant that emerges. The way that I was players can return and you get a machine when you play and that their corny do special, it takes a life in the zone. And there was any is being too was doors burgers on the com, show me out margin.
So is it was pretty critical and I m the worst by wasn't: loss mellow dagger, three, like eighteen seconds left, I can get a shot down. I think it was this their greatest next moment of the decade. Still absurd against going stays that my sanity, even though they are real yours opponents and how do you mind What are these additives are doing during the sea there in the summer? Do not care. I notice a man and check on my phone zoo in space for ages. Heavens, to see was going down, but doesn't give words twitter notification worry is a bomb right, your phone, no! They. I appreciate I was with the draft night shenanigans weekend: Chatham Predictor the pigs.
For we couldn't nest. They already had surrounded the blank, sir, really keen on selecting a free all these different additives for pretty clever I stay in tune. What's going on, you got to know the lay of the Land Maine County, just get mentally prepared for what challenges teens might face, come in and they see who's on your right. Are you gonna call? Anyone out will start some few port poorly. Siege of all our other donors, aging and Katy anything whatever potatoes entertainment is, Twitter is unreal. I guess it's. It is a thing. Its luxuriate again is really is relaxes. Amazing, it's not more frequent where guys just they're gone at each other. It so easy to just type retreat, send it Our union is been very, very consistent. Just
like, throughout the course of the season you gotta, get by name you gotta beads, though you gave me this cancer, you got all sorts of you just don't say back and forth and be its tat attitude. Mba pettiness is at an all time high. They really I'm here for indeed turned out to be a great villa. For the south. That is what they need. He stormed off the court after we knock them out. He was I play. The crowd was channing a bit. Acts and waving his arms using indubitably character, he's worth the price of emission for sure all we will that's, That's one guy need buggy for for firmby here the drama in how to download your daddy rallying myself through an eight hour limit. Don't listen we were dreaming about ass many baby here and he held it now which favoured dream answer,
What's the one story that captures what it's like to be on, the same theme is dream. I agree. Other than the game where he almost got thrown out for trash talking. There was even a uniform that sounds him and goes Garriga into it and you're inside practice, like you don't know who sanity behaviour, Zulu, I guess they're both re with both wrong. They argue about. I can be an example of where you gonna do, I call or maybe someday coastguards. Thinking above recover gains about it tendency there. We ve been notion in Tunisia, Diver coach- this note, as we know it all goes- I were, I know you know it's dormer limitless neo help you along as I'm supposed to do and as my job is due to point out things that could be important for us to win the championship right but they have a real respectable between
Who is that is an all time high, but they have their moments and it's just amazing entertainment to watch and practice the bite three approaches first year we're at doing some Virgil, GMO low this vote as early the season dream on those talking trash reality. The ETA has me. If it's true so let us it was postponed here on a blot out and no change. The general consensus sure did turn around Shaun Livingston Vintage turn around overtime game again dreamers. He's too small. That is more the baby, like you, I still don't fragments he's a lucky. I wrote. But like that look stuff happens, but then, when him and coach curtain into it like a whole practice, stops cuz they're too important voices when it comes to how that you know how practice is flowing, and so we let them in Do they know their issue and we keep moving in an EU that, in practice this will not happen.
That sounds like my relationship with my thirteen year old guy. We get into it and there still love after hundreds. Were you just wait, their daughters, thirteen closing in on the limited teenager life for all the other rumours are not exaggerated, avoid it's like you can't even believe it here. Eurostat are now she just started- The greens who sick so so six and ten were my favorite ages. Mocha sixes great the end love their dad had succeeded in this area, and I agree with that and then there's ways. Areas deserves she's kind of branch of known to real, true independent life. When it comes to school and her friends- and I was just wait till them Our starts. Getting ready for the eight happens fast to they were haven't. You are so cute land, Are you gonna be in your firm area? Is so when you die became what would you say
when she was in the podium two thousand and fifteen, that was the first favorite run. So after we played Houston in the western conference finals, they was getting one or two at home. I brought her and with me to the port and turn it into a thing or she her acuteness was overload, is ridiculous and then there's a backlash for that I don't know of stem cells that are in the party. I there is a whole currencies and I wouldn't bring my daughter to work in the but with the media was talking about, it could headed deadlines because I was answering questions slows. My daughter was interrupted by what are you. This is a real they let the reader is already written anyway, descended and set deadlines anywhere using it was as I open opening to see what people truly cared about in the midst of a play off run like it's my daughter, I'm enjoying the moment way. I went away
nba my dad used with me Allen Iverson had his kids, Steve NASH. Had his kids, like everybody, brings a kiss a huge part of my being NBA player being able to share that with you with your family and just so happens that they want those shape. That's all good! I brought it right back therefore gangs, library or better success. I wanna talk to you and you see my arrow might now I'd them Donna Mon interest that the railway network you think, those advantage tat have a beer where's that for when I got to the league, the Euro, as only here just to have a common understanding of how things work saying My dad really went through his routine. I cannot get the shaggy away. Be it around NBA locker room, scenery, treated the people behind the scenes is new equipment.
Managers, everybody that works at the arena. He was like Sao profession when it came to that. So I got that first hand experience and have a straight too far from it. I hope, but definitely help me just be more comfortable one side. To leave our know? How much you advance where's per se when it came to light your high school recruiting other type of stuff. Moreover, it is a little bit high school, just cuz, the smile. I was me and I had a really perform with my dad was but was didn't. I get it I didn't get any cash about from highly one I was ready, but when I went to Davidson I don't think it was cuz. My dad was Dell Curry and yeah. That was going to be they vanished, who would have brought to the table? You know we're aware where's. He told me this. When I had the dynamo Mitchell Draft, you say that everyone signal dynamometer. He's not a little better in the pros by.
Son of an athlete and he's got them. Son of an athletes have an advantage when they go into Lukas their darts. They come into the sport there, dots already and they've ve seen it, and they know what cannon with I'd never thought about it before I really want to make sense is an interesting theory. Useful count will I just, going up to the arena. No one, those cameras are we there's going to be people around the lockers me distracted all over the place, and I just got to see it so definitely gave me a little bit of peace. Special, my rookie year they're when you go to Minnesota. Do you have a little something extra? Where do you not have any videos and Guide David colonel? Nowhere is it right now, but the owner there came up, he The story around thereby knows how much I love Gov. Yet, in spite of my spare time,
he. I think they were. She was at eight and draft me because of Minnesota's cold, and I would be able to play as much gas I would have been miserable. Is that true? I hope it's true cuz, that's a that's a Oh yeah was idiotic. In the morning I lit a draft areas: go nuts contributing to peace How are you not one of the two million if you're gonna take it easy if gonna go out. Rubio and you know, if he's coming over you actually would have been interesting backward out of an ok with other existing come for two years very soon. Yes, my third year, you ve just so weird, and then I was mad, just as the South experiences easy he's, can Father are you kidding me and then the worst? and there was never an expansive, never recovered, really and those of the autumn. Whatever the next thing is so you Minnesota to I'm that speaking about the franchise right now, but the jazz. Oh no fourteen wasn't wasn't really atop match
and a new issues with your ankles and other stuff and the team that you went to. I really feel like that. That was probably a good place for you, because you know if you got the wrong team, that a diagnosis of the step that will now do you incorrectly, you might have been out of the league unlike six years verges in turn, is lousy. We are kind of a transition. We had an ownership of it. Go ahead on the team Gower and he was to sell it. All throughout my Ricky years, who went to jail. A computer guru stepped up towards the end of my right after my rookie you in that summer it didn't visual until later, they really know where the duration franchises goin in the front office or on the court. So allow me just to display basque, more and more about getting better if you're gonna happen really make it in the Lee. Yadda second predict. Michael, is in the three years of meal.
In being injured and two surgeries and type of stuffed with death. I was in place that acknowledges I wholesalers. But more patients in terms of dealing with get through. It figured out how body rice that, when the chips- that's right, I was able to play and who is the most important person for figuring out. You pay scared to restructure. You ran other issues, you, where other stuff, that if this happened in nineteen seventy euro unscrewed for a reason, this countless people partner process since Andrey started a man with a trainer Brandon Paine who have been working with since my first surgeries, gotTa Charlotte, changed the body and
musk muscular were even women. Working together has been amazing kind of journey in that, in that regard, we shall doing something wrong with the way you ran like you're running your put into must stress on the outer says that relies the chain yeah effects. They go from basely your core, ceja, glues to actions, and always- Gee anglers, basely. Anything that I did. I was relying on my foot to stabilize itself as opposed to a area the big muscle yeah, is important in that stability aspects so was The knowledge, and rather retraining literally have a body moves cause. I was very limber encourages flame I guess you going out. I didn't use Carson. When do I pull up in and moved at a to go to figure get stable from the core than work? My way down So that's done now you figure. That is those errors, as he has done in terms of the education around exactly how we need to do over the retraining, in every summer, and yet I must have been the gym
to make sure that my body is concur, on that in the most pressure situation they wanna get tired throughout the course of the season in the play, all social, yet great. What, if there's so many guys from this sixty seventies and eighties, that you know you tear. I sell you done near You have a foot injury, they misdiagnose said that's where your attitude leg in three years, and this generation a year, and I think that the science of stuff, the way it's able to say, people's careers prolong careers. I don't know how long you gonna play. We thought about it. Can see that way. You can play its you're like forty five hours soon, occasionally as they I just wanna play sixteen years. This is my their play sixteen years and another way yesterday that there was no joke. Your dad played cigar years are years back. That's a lotta years, our room, his last three in Toronto, Iraq, maybe one word for anyone who played Milwaukee than the lack year. He was thirty
four to thirty eight appear to deal back spasms, yellow sore tonight, isn't in his knees, and I got like lily what he had to do to get his body rages to play a game. I was unjust and all of it I hope that when I get to that age I can be a little less maenas in terms of being able to play with. I guess we receive the Gaza events in. Jason, Terry guys are playing affords or another. What he's Doin doing for the size of things it gives guys New Levu longer alone, heavily in there and their careers as funny. You didn't mention the in that, but the brand is, I think, is this year. Sixteen like yours of tourism is his triggers. Eu Cameroon is eating. Yes, years of sixty is an area, and I were in tears. No Joe, I would ask you to have a check point. Sixteen years and areas were sixteen years. Oh my god, it's him.
So long and now there are like twenty, I sense we wait said he may play one more year on my way, leaving you thirty six. You got little loud. Generic play five more years horizon the year. You're situations vision because, conceivably, you could just be a stretch guy until your fifty I dont say three points are going away. I don't see it either. As you see I like to do it, you could do you silly Jason Coup and he was plain yeah he's the warehouse it is there any stage of his career when his body needed to yet he figured out a different go said. A call I saw was he's a most. I let her point garlic Addition driving in Finnish into I stuff and, as is clear, Vas he became at that point. These, like top five to five and those under point now, winning guess that he was a terrible, shooter, bribed annex it out in his life
my lap against my first to three years before we move on accounting is entirely. Player, but he was very impact in terms of the orchestra office, no saratovsky violet and was open and I had an open three he did Got three extra years I was career so and a you never know when it will take to the keeper carrying on, but I think I can figure it out. I remember attacked him NASH about it and came over his national there together, but they were saying that the fun parts plan than that phone power and the part that starts to just suck as you get others to the summer's here and there are season, and work that it takes to actually get ready to play in the games and that after they gear sixteen seventeen eighteen, you just don't want to do anymore, I'm not quite there, you sure, you're here say they hear tat. You thinkin about like that. You hope you make
Plaza June two September. Studies show waken up going to jam. Get your school were again, give them assize stretch. Rest. Do it all over again, there's a lot more elements to it. Love more strategy that goes into it. I can see it started to mobilise responded. Raising rhinos now, would you going to thirty four the dirty. So I can see, and thirty as best I can see, is how much goes just being re to play and then the summer's you got foundation cuz in the regular season Saddam that how to really focus on the body and turns you got games every other night, so you got to be. You got to be prepared for events added, never play
We also is able to start. As I start, my guy knows don't go. There is a very sad at its upstart matter. I regret at only one always remember this, unless I wager where humanitarian, since, thereby Africa my dad played on the two thousand and two thousand duty with India showers plant pick up with, with the airplane went along with it was I who is on the team. Thousand. Was there hasn t I was named, as did his Davis Bugsy? My dad was Oakley start out ass. He was therefore a little bit. They had Charles only for lower. They had oak I favour package to the ears so far I was in every area in ivory story. Him patching up. Buddy, we're just around for one of these stories when my brain? talk about fan door. There's lots of fantasy
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it's time. It's timeframe, the start doing this stuff, it's time for him to do daily fantasies and double digit thou with age. New players try do get a twenty our about us when you make your first as a just sign up use, promo code, be ass, check it out vandal for buses and come on. What are you waiting for? I back just after you weren't moves the one, almost fight, your inner pseudo fight near fight. In India, and I was in it to the air was anyway ever yeah. My now t may Davis, and so there was yet they were West came in so those enough to get help me. Backfire. Tat was the day act in the organs and I gotta go, and yet, as a day before we Roy and Daily Square it up and I'm centre the freedom I got, is made store. I got to go to Roy Britain Daily Square. They just bought and they like separate in their leather goin back the gnome Square. Up again,
I mean I just lose my mind and I am and go grab Roy Hybrid and pull him off his own, so Royce. Southern only ledges, which has left elbow backing I go flyin towards a baseline saw Michael most, unlike like that, he really just do me often lay the side I get back up and go back at him at that point, This comes around dry dream on an outstanding, and I miss in Algeria. Actor, all kind of just in them, in this pile and literally as every time, every step you take your moving clothes and clothes and clothes to the Cylon into the stands. Time. That's going on my guy clay the ball and is an easy looking on the other side, and the sooner this grown called becomes down he's over there. And four for the videos. We're gonna lose diseases forms the barn ever left is on the whole time I will quote: the fight was goin over so TAT,
that date and fight their fiscal matters will lose out testosterone at their core Andras regions. As other my crazy, you know game one of the fires. Which is one of the best games. I've ever seen in person of this year's issues year, Leubronn was cut this disease, I'd, never lashers game moves amazing to join us. Now in China, where one avenue literally the intensity from oh yeah, I ran a share, was snuff than I had ever felt, like everybody play their best game humbly wag. The that that the whole gang one issue is crazy. We're gonna answer that was all I remember, the bride was coming out their Boston series. He's playing about as well offensive has ever played and he was so used to that. Usually the game. One is a feeling out game, and you said the year before you guys don't have to fill each other item I just go, and that game is this game. He was
maize, really really get, and then are they happens, which afterwards I the we had stuff in the latter though we had to take out a patent for sunburn, placing blanks J better, but we yet we o t in the browsers, starting with that found they Thursday self regulation in the charge and got foot he's a man. Ass, they were seen him and then in the ot slipping away any like black blocked. You and you talk shit to ask you guys were fight because sit ran into the basket was like holy shit figure to fight for like two seconds. Mba pettiness is at an all time both says we're just is never going to spill over that, but it was a in the moment without a guy on a game. One you are right, I don't know. I was, I was hot because I was your Jonathan Our position is less than a minute left. I
I'm coming over from the weak says I try to do so. Scoop lay open it yeah pending, but then he stated ass day. Reality says on to me Nevertheless, we really are in a like about the wind than you worry about me. Black Emma Sheridan talking trash and in the knowledge they are outside our trust and enjoyment. They have been our baggage him, as I always out. My guess, There's really worry about right now, like he's I got to do that and make sure I do my teammates know I'm a mental and that's part of his leadership in that type. As I hope will be, the sacrificial my view. Leadership lecture form ass, miss the butter is on the back and for the story. Play a team in the files literally for years in a row letter no back and forth. Go I more of it. I don't want you the like each other. This is my biggest problem this decade I like that. I'm not pause, if you and the Brown, like each other
From afar, it doesn't seem like you like each other. I am sure that it will respect was different images were our say, though, like me cigars, they workin out with each other in the summer's easy, as my pick up when is therefore on the core issue during the season is a whole entirely different environments can be buddies and friends who were not in the end have whatever time, they should they went beyond the someone off. The Corbett did the rivalry and competition in the egos and less than the lives and then in any MBA gaming, China nowhere hold anchovy the its is really there and so has now I want to know where I was Katy shit when we saw for, though ass black ass about how did the rubric commercial at the branch
major commercial media has shown a body were magic. Unburden like magic song, Michael and whose Michael Larry did no magic umbrella, burbage, magic and the fires. Somalia is a commercial out there and then the lasers next year's. Now he muttered about. I don't like you like us to get a large for cereal relations there there there there are four. Does seem like it when they have to be an Oscar team of the broad yet to get allow them for today is a good point. They were the year and so the whole captain thing Lasher we're cabin the reason I do in the conferences are where we are with the biggest each conference and leading voters the cabin a team, and then you pick from the rest of the group. So technically us U verse is the right one of us ago me a gap in some areas and then we have to pick the opposite Secondly, I would like to ask our game. I thought I'd that word has run into it. I illusion
but the whole cannot just different look as regards and playing with it. With this. He said a guy's only the conference for years. Reggae and they have the money in the deal alone, senator to win the game, the whole dynamic for sure was girls. I get up. Has the guys in the bench were standing basque reports here, they were standing. I was on a baseline, China Ursulines. We gotta get a shot off and leave our whole benches. Suddenly we guard me oh the signal Katy in IRAN are doing. Everything casting a shadow regaining the random those he slew difficult? I didn't like ass play ran. I probably would have picks up the different I love you design, debating Pavlovitch yeah just I thought he melted in on the last point that I didn't like it. You have, wide open guys are now unreasonable, you'll ensure proteins. So I was published Antonio here by whoever, you remember who is the coach of this is the wrong
that's what you played against here. But here I mean you come into the great as he is his first, They pieces embarrassed second envy pieces seconds. Oh yeah, definite and he's been. His prime for now eleven years, which is insane here. Are you and he just peasants again, videos and it's like others, make sense in the morning and you're. Like those move, you do those alike. I make fun of those type of videos, because I really like You like Lasher, again again trouble for imitating Braun at a wedding, leisure I forgot my back I've just cause. I were literally enjoyed the entertain dream I was making fun of Brian with his haircut last year. In the whole deal Brown was supposed to work out tonight, type of stuff
great entertainment, all the way around and I'm pretty sure people make fun of stuff that I pose to, but I was doing the wedding and I was doing the song came on that he was dancing to in the. Video like there's no way I could see my his. I did. A dance was amazed at, but this amazing great London, the bride there, like J months on end, interrupted, which I don't like either I don't think he's at any rate they should all, and I want you guys, like each other, especially now that he is on the Lakers. I want this to be a real bad blood feuds Secondly, life, because the elastic uppers that feeds over near the devil change the authorities gone yet nobody food with island. We have four years of equity in new and running Cleveland than now own Our division known this matter in the NBA now will now they are created for work
the scheduling in four. I did it. I think about this. My book. Not only are they stupid, but there were you, where they had like Santa. In the same division as I Boston and by creating irradiated area, the history everywhere still anyway, therein this is, as it were, of no so cow In north nor cow, have you seen? I said that eyes and that makes them a sense via there's a California to Sacramento Phoenix. Here That vision actually make sense and you guys a road larger so I really fine. I was caught the west ghostly pass teams and You guys actually kind of certainly Pask League by thirty three fourths of the games. The present through the air because we usually are down at half time doing on us their quota
rally: yes, I just don't know what you're on the the third pillar midnight and we go in this room. So be more fun. This year, Sacramento is like a fantasy team, I'm going to enjoy just what the hell is going on on that whole bunch of observers Mesa Moose Mozilla, so is the layers of before you have small teammates on the Lakers adieu? Just Jabez I may as well as all the other guys just nothing. I don't wanna play with unusual, but fast Inzana. Rhetoric of it wasn't gonna be tough? They figure made these how misfires, without you have met the soundings have always played you tat, the matter who's on the day had that is true I gotta go back every year, reasoning and now but a wire game with as their place. Item two years ago, when I say I was there in every Bradley, we wanted their place
Then they can guide us in our place area. Is the nice job on you? Maybe Estonia border who's, the TAT three for you. A recent harry's pioneer this policy is, alas, is forty five thousand degrees of I had a little literature worth beginning with mountains, pyramid tony answer here. I play our cities. They really want to put a big guy. The length on me I could get by and but he's so crafty we're using his hands and and very high iq defender. So it took me a minute to try to figure it out, but It felt like the last two years. Every time Kevin love got switched on you, you had a flashback
The game, seven sixteen and you wanted to score on him. Yes, affair is very fair. I spent all the year hearing about that one position in the tuna. Sixteen you find you you want three titles. Do you still feel about it that you think about? It adds a new right there at the cost of winning a shared vision. You lose like those things. I assume you win is an amazing feeling I want to be on that podium every year, but you can always try to be greedy and look back like that. If I would have did this differently, if I let this differently, maybe one or two possessions we would have another championship. Their heart starts to move on from, even though they inspire pursue wisher has been the last two years. It's a fast any last six minutes to watch its actually now gay seven game, seven, its action
a very well play it. Everybody just MRS shots, but lowbrow makes the two makes you base good six points against israeli and he is the one black and blue inquiry makes them one three, but not a lotta happens positive in those s minutes areas seem so tired. And it seems that has surrounded the tense moments, ass, a thing think it's really hard to explain. Unless you better arena, four those games had tense. Those gave savitz can get and how you Just you earlier you weren't usin issue No, but I I can tell from the tv I knew that mean you gotta get over that came all day like this is tough and simply goes out, but just the detention from
from the jump like knowing every possession every past every dribble like mattered, for us to get to the finals the pressure on us to get back to the pressure for them to try to get over the hump like very probable throughout the whole entire arena, and we finally started figure out in the second half is still wasn't a good feeling like like we were sending. It feels like we're, just as I got a hell of a fight and until you actually heard the buzzer sound and you can talk to take a breath, a sigh of relief. That's why I think we had such a big smile on my face because I was pregnant. Here is a thing with aeroplanes yeah. I couldn't tell how much of it was you guys just seemed exhausted by the run and how much was how good and fiscal they were defensively. It's my cacambo, those two things visual connachar you at the right point, but they are of the stuff they did. Defensively was the highest We ve seen anybody bade the venue ass men were too
Paramore has more very outspoken about it. Spoken about it. They decided designing to beat us, and yet they had game plan that they worked on all year and they were shy about Neil proclaiming it, and when you got that series you'll some stuff, they did worked some stuff. We did to counter it big started to work a little bit. But as this would have MBA play I'll see, should be like that agreement You really know who has momentum, who s control this year's at any given time, and it goes down to the last half of the game. Seven, that seriously. We felt like two months yeah like those on when I can look back throughout this play off runners in hours and hours ago, It's weird I never ever felt like you guys were actually gonna get bounced watching I had eyes the cover of la rattling, this weird I would like now to figure it out at the same time, I was like this: we will those Houston's
liberating and I'm still going. Nowhere is gathered. Ass, a leg into a sixty. Those in another gay rights. May this ain't it when dreamer The branded the boss. Did you know in the moment he was getting its get suspended, actually made actually to think practice. The two days later before game. Five, not know what going on not really thinking, I deserved to be switched to a flagrant or not. It was. It was a. It was a surprise when we got there, we got it right at the end of our practice, so we are prepared as a dream. I was playing the whole practice and then we got to wear right after that. He wasn't and that kind of sugar feel good Cuz that game for was actually one of the best words games
They were you any that game. That was a where those neighbouring game. Yes, David Game is aware there winning five and that's it sends another good beer. What if you must have been excited when they try to carry them me yeah, I got. This is great trading carrying literally- you play a team a final soon I daily within twenty four to you, a reality only play the game, one in twenty years, Sixteen seventeen there's a certain look. They present in a certain challenges with noon. Sonic I read able to take, turns on possessions and Harry can create his own shot and you is almost like like what I know it. I still have run and they have shooters around him. They know either going to school how they can be effective. His likeness such different dynamic that their missing Oh really,
I've heard of her to take on the edge of her to take on this. So I mean I just I've said his mind times. I judge By either by the players in the files and whose out there I can that game set in two thousand. Sixteen who would I want the cor for I was an if somebody can step, and in that moment the biggest shouted again one among my team. These he's a Kellerman. Do we talk about Europe really quickly. Yes,. I wish you not end here career there. The Bay Area action, only reason go home now as if my sister's get married to, Furthermore, as you know, one no one sadly been back much, but I remember my Mamma Mamma. So you like when you go back, it's like when I go back to Boston, it's great to be back They eyes always old memories, but you don't feel egg
realize how to finish my career naive without the worse for sure. Do this his own. This is where I wanna be Ferrari. Reasons. Would you? How do you feel about other bandwagon where's fancy jumped out there in the during the first title is around the old scores face supply favorite thing now is like if I'm on Twitter and Instagram, and I see a picture like Nathan as I only real goals. They were vans, know who this guy is well. I haven't google those they were in advance. I live there, but I will you come you see we had a brain, you see open with a million people down town where more years, I'll arrange our third chamber should before years late for their Josiana Supporters- man, it's amazing, like ours the case when lake about the team errors. I ought Fgm
our health and where the biggest market? U S sleeve and now he's right there. They have great fads sleep on educating this year, I will say, as the last year nobody ever spent ten years really gonna much indian open. This mean. Alas, you there for moves him, Cisco, Scooby rule sentimental year, especially for maybe in the elders He went on to you haven't seen, The dog days, my first before you want a play team to those pivotal. Well, runs reached start to figure it out and soon the fair base pick up in really looking at achieving shaped the last three years where, if we ve got a downward pressure last four years, like a lot has been new, just one. They lost an open work, also Camilla different. I like I, like you a couple of things in your favour. The share has no, maybe like you, ve forestry fires can be rough. Have they any motivated last year.
Worker Boogie Guardian around asked our break, maybe even sooner and then the Brown and the Lakers, does a three nice little keep your fresh kind of things. I think when a teams gonna try to own a decade which you guys have basically owned a big chunk of it. I would say in the decade now Miami got to pursue hoarser following a timely force. If I gave you the sheer decides it, but does little tat sort of thing so the seasons Tula? What are you wouldn't? What is your eye dealing for the season? Seventy Seventy ass her the case was seventy seed on paper. It actually look. It looks good a man there's no, they were gonna. Go lesson aid to assist the members statute is, as one gains asshole in the pauses for. Do you think how much? What would what effect would it have on your performance over the question? exercise those seventy verse. Eighty two.
We had our residents. Duff how would affect injuries like, I think, maybe have a positive effect just coups a little less wear and tear little met by eight less back to back. Whenever gases, I don't know. I don't have to put myself in thinking that, if I had three extra days to rest between a game In middle February I read with them should be real rejuvenating bit, it might be a genuinely tired during the season There are a few weeks later and you can have a rough week. Were you come off of four or five days stretch for Game Foundation, courage with a flight newcomers? In this light, I got no to our nation your home, yet one more back to back it in you, like I, the scheduling I haven't. I get do this little straighten use your body start to feel it, but if you,
the team stuff too. That also sees everybody has changed in this part of the sport, the bees anywhere. But everybody has a process of how to deal with it. Nothing for us, For me, particularly, I got a certain retain that I try to stick with every single step in a way that helps you counteract that effort see there myself. Why did they were West that thing after the files about of people understood what happened in this way that we set a very cryptic. It was big. I think I might be still agenda figured out to fight. I gotta do that aggravating. Then what happened I then, just in general those. You say there are so many different than ever they play when it comes to the chase, and this summer use your with each other all the time I located. White face when I say that I am with the team more than with my family during the season and its They had a bad thing in terms of your most
he's gonna get into it. Just is hard. On a picture that the goal I move season where you gonna get to all attacks that comes into play so just had gratings figure it out and they they keep the focus only on winning gazing plan bass won't care for each other thing does, with with we figured out. Sasha like a team is like a marriage if, if year with a couple- and he spent a week with my vacation something and they never like mix it up at all, knew it was you fire for doing this, and I want to make the yard each other in the court that tells me that they, like each other with you, that you know we had a moment Two years ago and Katy first Jonah team. We had an ominous in Sacramento where Emma Jane. I got into it yeah I was lying. All s gone on the way chemistry is broken. Eighty
stop dreamers, not humming up back step, does heartaches released after know how to play the team is in the air, a coastguard. Have any of you: don't have bombs, Glinda the game. I give my support to please me like this. So what we do and I got anything we keep the perspective I basketball the stress on my actually went and games what we need. We need to do to mind your body body to decline. Compete in teams are common at your throat. Everything a night s is is hard man. We thus have a lot of people who I don't feel like ever actually play basketball weighing and what its length for three minutes as rosy. I play basketball. My whole life including with some of the best friends. I have my life. We are each other on the court that, like three hours only ban a cape weedy automatic. As I said there pick, it just happens. You move on that's the whole point of masculine. Yawning grudges AEGIS
you know, is need you check people you need to, and we got a lot of guys. I do that from an all time standpoint. I guess we'll wrap on this. Do you think about this? I work with lights up here I can have a mess. My peer Maremma bill. Wherever only look grammar, tell me some good answer me but like I'll wait I look this up as in this, but from a team standpoint. You're already in the conversation, the rebirth favor. On a visit him ever by their this. Like that short list of light, the seven eighteen a matter, I think you're prevention this now here these none, the less would like the Coolby Shack, Lakers booger, that those candidates, but you got four and five, with the fifth, I'm being you lose and gave several based in the last minute. That's now becoming differ conversation. I feel that there are real historical stakes now,
and I ll get somebody like the media that to your list of things that we need to focus on four, this season bipedal. It's I don't know of play care about that stuff, I think it's like people like me care about that. I am actually escape devlen tree by how people views sounds like actual basque, more mines and no other talk about intermarry. Like the history of the game. Cuz. There were other reasons he buys error by news of prison a moment in terms of. Maroon and lay because we ve been in the fund four years in a row, we won three out of four and all this other type of nonsense. You look back in the archives like this is happened plenty of times before and it'll probably happen plenty of times again and in their own unique kind of new circumstances. I appreciate lighted, the gentle. I should like where
areas in comparison to what was going on on the court. But I never thought about that. So we did that thing for the HBO shown were walking off the core and as like, only a couple guys in my life would have taken that shot when there are four nine three pointer in and not only did, I feel like it was going on, but person, taking the shouted to ensure their crews on the letter of the treaty. As a Basque above any really is that that is not a long list, but I think you know from a team standpoint. I think it matters to be able to say you. I, like others, Jordan. Both things like go talk to scatter a paper bag But twenty years later, he's happy he's still fired up about a problem. I like the way I put it to do so by Bessie. Marriage, don't agree with there's no such thing in terms area. Every air is different as I said, a circumstance is different and, like the whole greatest,
About time- and things like that, which can be debated were now but. There are the that short list of without change believe that NATO, that would you rather have us ass, a worthy. They have. Yeah. I huge reason why I play the game. I now like all that. Seven, where the guy, the reason why certain new future generations of play Yahoo. Those gain changes are an asset that type of conversations important for sure you, you you're gonna, start breaking records and that are not going to have any parallels. Anything that's happened before summer. Three point records is fine. I against Ireland I laid in Ricky dream I reckon yeah. Things like a hundred and sixty two or some by the enlightenment, more four thousand seriously claim clay play deliver broke it Diamond Mitchell,
their this year in some areas are missing in between, but just The gay machine analyses are records that were untouchable in terms rather superstars night. I was telling me I hope to be in Boy conversation be up there, they give it any other short that neither their seven the seventh report- shooters, maybe eight yeah you're on most obviously, the Lisbon well Reggie Re Clay, Ray. Nash- maybe it's just as for and then after that you go in the specialist idea, either NASH, but he now It was like a high volume. Three point eyes is a higher percentage, very efficient way. Don't sleep on layer, legend, eighty six, forty one percent Google made like negative. Seems, like a million migrant, allow my pyramid this so his caveat. I approached the pyramid like your career. This could be it I'm just
during my retire rather unpleasant gang in your time, but also China per day, So, while he's not gonna retire. So let's sit. Let's go like three for saving twenty foreigner, who's gonna give him. Surely So you even when I got a lot of work to do the lever for have a check, no whiskey, Beller Irving PET. It Malone Guard at Berkeley Courage, but have you had a poor bob coups? You just turn. Ninety Canada is aware, for I really I really value it is. I think I too every piece and then the titles like you, you bring had stuck to the table. So twenty four, your head crisper you passed Isaiah, which was a big deal from a strong, but, as but really only paid like twelve years different gay, different air J heard territories Achilles you play one day. One is angle that out by If I could have played runway they know finals game? Now you
as is one of the glass as I out of an average six months, a crazy goosey played like thirteen years. You southern sneakers, they weren't eighteen, fifty eight. He's where they carry jobs, are at her governess. Any less secure park. I knew she was gonna carry six command similar, Michael game this summer, we didn't talk about that was phenomenal for one day shot which issued by this friend of anyone knows apart. Seventy course shut. Seventy on the first day, as seventy one. On the first day I be fifty pro or will one day and then my amateur experienced kicked it day to inertia. Eighty six eighty says it was the first time zone. Russia, oh, I was over nine and gain yeah. I was that was
moment on the course on that Friday, rather than the other with a Bozeman Bruce category? As you do, I was gummy right back bristled of brackish fight back into it. Is it be able to be out there with. Those pros is pretty crazy. Just try to hold my own and then I put the game of golf cuz. I had truly loved it and trying to try to go ahead as well. So pretty crazy. What are the odds of you on the tour at ten just from the time perspective as such a huge commitment to really like if it's going to take two three, to get my game right and then, on top of that, would suit to retire from basketball and play golf everyday for two years, to give you have a shot, it being serious perversion. But everybody says I gear legitimately tat they took off. I am but for where I am and where I would, I need the witches playground
once a mother in the season, covered thousand players and in all summer and play a cupboard terms in the summer, just a complete our phone. So what other hand I things you're good at maybe everything right or the yellow, Darts critically I can get the poor darling, horseshoe These poor, soothing, palm pink pup, corn ha. I should not that greater colonel owner was about the same basis and I dont think from from a basketball paragraph standpoint. You could be even a half inch, Are the newer at that Jordan was to talk I enjoyed in thy eyes towards getting sixty six eggs. That son happening offers side. Rigour dollar is going to refute that entire promise. Really here Is it better than you know when I say that I am saying six seven say six exertion to talk crazy swing arc, but the
to me. Wait I go wrong and saying that your Jaeger he's always game is only play like six seven years watch out for it have you guys ever pay for money? I beat him up, you stay as well. I need to be around, or so we can encourage each other in the game You see this is the aim It is at that players. A word nadir, allow. It is the biggest mistake as each day Just have a celebrity tournament with you guys and there should be a golf champ area show should all the NBA I agree maize is a surprise you who would show up for that term and more people. For that. The Espys this year there are reasons why that kid from Charlotte they invariably s piece of gold ready? That's them. If you knew the guy there s another room, Anita that I'm invited to the Ngos, for you know,
so Baghdad take seriously. It is the ties Thomas of then started out turn now prize, the hell out of me too, and that includes our former president. That is in my report but I cannot get to these goals and like the next week to go by were is crazy or you to close our eyes is your listening. I appreciate the invite, but it's not that I don't wanna be there. Should I literally just can't and trump now now, Just say: hey, I'm a pebble beach and let them take me out for a round. We hang, I hit the red button and click ignore good luck with the air of Seasick Grass and the three kids Anti room. We appreciated thanks so much to staff in his good thanks to Zip recruited Humphrey at the check them out its obtruded outcome. Sash p. Bs BS, Zipcar DEC, Such bs occurred. Murmured initials thanks to fan
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