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Steve Kerr Mailbag, Part 1 (Ep. 293)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr to discuss the modern NBA player (6:00), deciding against taking the Knicks job (15:00), Jordan's competitiveness in practice (20:00), getting rid of excessive replay reviews (27:00), Jordan's flu game (35:00), and Jeff Van Gundy's two-knucklehead theory (42:00).

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is that were coming again and I don't forget about the ringer dot com. Every Friday I have a cam there. I will have a come this week on the ringer dot com, along with all the other great stuff. We have coming up the first part of my interview, Steve her, we did a pie casta on Tuesday night, which we talked some Basque while for about fifteen minutes, we dived into a mail bag with list are questions that you guys sent in and were in part one and that it was too long for one Passover splitting up into two part one in this part to a run on Friday, and then after that, we're going to call my buddy Joe House, because we got to talk about this tiger woods date. This is becoming super duper duper real. I need information. I need to know how to feel about this. I don't want to. I want to let my guard down and
again anyway, that's our coming up. First project, Steve Car. We ve been doing this for months. What nine years, since maybe two thousand eight, I think, was the first time you couldn't tell you the year, but it's been spent a long time now either more titles coaching for the best like thirteen where's, the league. And now I really am really proud here I used to just for you as one of my bodies on the path I mean you and Jacko OWN has now so we're doing a given. That really do in a second about asked are great
There's four latter milburgh questions for you and they are fantastic too many good questions almost by that. Wanna talk as we have in toxin? She won the title in my book. We talked about disease of more in the year after a nephew edge and all these things- and you have now lived through two different general. Visions of title and then try and figure had a deal that the year later word or season? I think, is almost the best example that cause you went in fifteen loose game seven, yet their eventual. Last year the rank gets one. Everybody has one now and now you're having like the classic Hereafter Seas and any new is gonna happen right away. I knew it. I knew it having been through this in Chicago and ninety eight in ninety six was brand new seventy two when the tired all ninety seven just like that the season just picked up right, where we left off and then ninety ninety eight cigar it now now everybody's exhausted
you probably remember that that jazz series The one when you install refuting like the crimson, something like that, but I think we're up three one and it looks like we're in control and that the jazz came tat caught on one game: five, and now all of a sudden we're down seventeen or eighteen in the second quarter in game Six and Scotty's riding a bike in the hallway cuz. His back is tight. It just felt like we were running on fumes yeah. We were really dangerously close to losing that series and but that, you year started out the same way. Ours has started out actually even worse, we're Aden, seven that year and ninety eight we have mentioned There were three at the Hall Pippin contract things that have track stuff and he was injured, distort the year and he was feuding with Jerry Kraus. So we did we I'll have the drama this year that that team had
is similar in that it's just human nature. The motivation wanes a little bit yet the edge you lose your ass. We don't have any of the disease of me here. Yeah I was forget. I need to go. I can look at which remain more me. I think he wrote more, but then it became me and I don't know whether its beer more by anyway. This is, in my view, have it we don't have an organ. I don't have it, but there's a malaise that has settled in based on its own always off off until the of start and end. We just don't have that same edge that we ve had less couple years and I'm perfectly fine with because, like a sedative the nature and we ve got a kind of in some ways, pace ourselves and get to the end of the year. When the I really dangerous in that happen, is when the Celtics just kick your, I think.
Is really they sent me. I just lost now they said such a message at an idea. You guys rattled. After I'm sure the reactionaries thinking about jail and Brown every night had ideal Diskiver seizing I like it. He told me I would sweep down funny. Last Cocos Dismiss so many open shots like you probably should obey twentysomethings to employees. Miss shouts the whole. But I was encouraged by you know. I always think that when you miss open shots in certain games its he has some games, you're dismissing open shots, but when you're playing it's really good defensive team, the challenges every shot, then the open ones are more difficult. There I sent, you know like you, can gonna feel in a game. Whether you're gonna get whatever you want or not. So you liked the defence, and now you yeah, fastens events is excellent and they ve done a great job. I mean, I think, what what Danny has done. What is understood, which is what Bob Myers has done with our roster his this league, is all about having a bunch of six seven guys who
switch and guard the perimeter and and re enough to guard inside and and You know when I remember one Danny took tail and brown. It was kind of controversial. Like all the celtic sounds like, The house jail and brown hand playing at Berkeley all across the country, but I've watched you Ellen. A whole year, because my son was a walk on the cow team, death and even drove jail into a couple warriors gave some that year, when my son would bring him to a game and sit in our seas, I'm I'm sure was sunk of an mba violation. I hope I open it retroactively five. I was browsers borne away with what a great kitty was, but I went to a lot of the games and watched and you could just see that he was a modern type player that.
That is really effective in the late couldn't tell if he had the office of skill. Yet yes- and I think that still growing, but you could see the size of the intelligence, the defensive potential. Solaire by member after the Tatum pick you immature extra man, you said. I know it then he's doing he's. He just wants these guys. Who can Switch is really smart and not a lot of their people my life for telling me that a lot of people like what the hell are, they doing their charity down, but yeah, think you're right, I think you know, were now transition into this different stage of the league. With this inner changeability, I guess is the word sorrow, but you have it in spades, and you have the added bonus of having Durrant who's the seven foot tall guy who can pay for positions you really do it. Everyone- and I agree with you just seems like it's an hour
switch season at some point. Every base go, look at each other in Europe. Offer streak in your go, though one thing, though the dream on thing with just like his motor and his personality in intensity that he plays with now. That he's want a couple. Idols. We saw this happen with Thea the pistons, Two thousands were Ben Wireless played a certain way and a intensity every night and after you bet in the finals many times, how do you sustained that four hundred games and I think for the first time I feel, like I've, seen him struggle with that little bit. Could I keep that on button and would dream on he's always trying to find a balance between keeping the edge and keeping composure. And yes, what makes him great is that he walks outline right and sometimes he crosses it, which I like yeah. I should like that we have that edge.
There s more geysers do so calm and nice guys icy eyes an end. So we need that absolutely not in these exact same way that Rodman gave gave out to us in Chicago, but a similar way kind of, like the you, don't know what you're gonna get an end and the chip on the shoulder and all that and end. You write it, sir. He placed so Hard and he asked her to guard so many people and to do that night in a night out year after year, its incredibly taxing and, I think, he's doing a good job right now of finding the balanced some he's he hasn't been at his best, but not over guys had been at their best but work as we speak. Fifteen and six bout, a sixty when pace witches me out that's ground. Congratulations. Sixty wise guy get get together in the hot seat right. Do you think my talented now our and ninety three
Ninety three below the third Jordan season, with Barkley COM alone Robinson had came all those guys. It would just all the sudden super loaded, hard away common Johnson, Reggie Louis he just went and analyze, and there is like thirty gray, prayers and now like we're super loaded again at some ass, like every team has ignored, and says I would say to. Top ten guys in the leading right now. And they're, not even a contender yeah. What woody thing from town simply what which generations better why the generations are dramatically different and I think they're, both loaded different, though, is that for whatever reason that in the early nineties we had a ton of dominant pigment yeah and we all have dominant pigman anymore. Some of it is the rules. It's a lot easier to defend low post stuff. Yet because you can kind of zone- and you can do some things that were would have been illegal back then- and I think some of it too is the way kids
you're being raised through the developmental system. Yet we ve talked about that. The air you mentality, assuring geyser, shoot threes, is more fond issued threes and to drive through your legs at three point line cross over guy than it is to work on your TIM Duncan Kevin Mikhail rise moves, and- and so you just don't see as much of that anymore, I think this generation of players is as talented as anything I've ever sort of shocking. I watched the dew game, the other night Bagley, whereas taught him let him. Oh, my god, I'm not allowed to be rather talk about has already I gotta say. Maybe I'm just, but I'm going to say that when I watch our high level college came when I think back to my college hymns right now. These guys didn't exist when I was born, but but but it's different, it's a younger. So it's it's incredibly talented crop but less sophisticated, because the guys in the early nineties generally had played three or four years, Patrick Queuing, Michael Jordan date. They played multiple years in college, so they were more prepared and I
more fundamentally sound, but the tower level right now, just off the chart. German killed the south excise night and it was like when those old school centre performances, which has happened a few times. There is the six years, whereas game which again and come back and winning and Philly there is, couple moments: therewith with when dream on China Garden Bead, where I Everyone had the same feeling. Oh my god, he's ten inches short didn't read. Gonna work, but you know white sideways. Howard's made a comeback centres. Become less relevant, but also, it seems like they become a game. As teams try to figure out what to do against you. I don't know if it last. I don't know. If it's thing better will Detroit College Change the weather using drama which is really Andrea in other, putting them at the high posters passer and he got a lotta dribble hand, often and I think stand has really done a great job with him he's making free throws his anew
routine it as the one little gerbil leaned forward. Yeah he's been watching game withdrawn items either night and IRAN said he shooting them like Oscar Robertson used to shoot. Him and I stood round. I dont know here my house. I rushed out free those, but I trust you. I believe it, but now I think the it is. I think that's the harnessing for the average NBA fanned understand is that it's so hard nowadays to post a guy in the low block and just thrown the ball and expect him to score like language. Twenty years ago, because the real change you can literally front him and get get a guy behind him and play a zone these days, Tom, pivotal, really kind of popularized Stevens with Cagey in Boston,
yeah years ago like and Sudan. Tony was like the the the counter to that was our eye. We're just can put five shooters on the floor, so the rule changes in the early part of this century really have dramatically changed the game, as coaches have adapted to them. But help Sonia Catherine staff currently lack. Whenever there are no changes are provided I will in the mail back first once from Sean Hardy now Maybe I went through like a thousand questions today in a couple hours, I've missed some. I'm sorry people out there, but I did get a good chunk of them a lot of the same question that I'm about through it so just get it over with. Do you ever think about what would have happened? If you took the Knicks job out of loyalty and appreciation for Phil Jackson? Where would you be now, I think russian yeah, it's a great one, honestly, I would probably be back to in tv you'd be done. That's a three year and our job right, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's just the history Lebeck with Marv, which will be good.
Ass to title video grade me. I loved my mighty anti days, eight years that working with Morven so great life, but does that mean every coach in the NBA knows that you're totally dependent on your talent and Finally, I ended up in this amazing for ten close as they like fifty five forty five warriors fifty three forty seven with the deal was it was. The timing was totally off it fitted if the two jobs had open. At the same time it wouldn't have been an issue, but the next offered me the job before the warriors job was even open. Rather, I was contemplating it for a few weeks trying to rub my head around it. I didn't feel it didn't feel right, but it was still Jackson and it was the next with slight coaching and why this is an amazing opportunity, but I couldn't rub my head around it, but literally two to three weeks after they offer
the job was when the warriors job open up and they called me and then it was like a way. Second, here yeah from California, they got all this talent- oh my God, daughter two cow like what? What am I this is at that point it became pretty easy when we're break to talk about goober, don't be too I once a park in fifteen box from the arena to called out there for that request enumerated anytime, with the uber app uber, the safe and comfortable way to get to where you need to be for sporting events, you want to pay for parking and spend time looking for a spot, grab a ride to your company's holiday party or a night out with friends and family or, if you're, getting late to the office. Take where, from the car book, you burn advance, virtually stress, we experience Where is the better way to get anywhere? You have to be yet another price. Before you book a chip pay directly in the EP. It is, it is used widely
Ringer staff, the biggest thing that is changed in the last six years, living in a way, especially for the young people that I've worked with, is uber and the ability to just happen. A car Oh everyone install the uber app today from the app store go play new writers who use my code bill Simmons, that's right, Bill Simmons! name will get five hours off their first three rights, that's code bills, and offers for new users only five dollars after first three rats goober the better way to get anywhere. You have to be back to Steve her. David from Ohio ass. If the ninety two calves played right now, would you in March I have been the splash brothers up about very fast it's possible, and you can't get a shot- a semi, splash brothers, yet really be a splash brother, when you can only issued a wide open spot of the shot that somebody else has decreed for you, the splash uncles
see coup in Boston, your favorite teammate ever, and why can I can? I can I go back to the splash Please don't you saw this quote Nick Young, whose also my love Nicky's galleries. Somebody asked couple weeks ago are. Are you are you now one of the splash brothers? They wasn't playing much of the time. I think you just Saturday p. He said why yeah except I'm the brother, the just got out of the ten, our great quota, the season, by name So he's a good fourteen chemistry he's great yeah. I was gonna smile on his face and you had you you keep your dream of, haven't lotta characters and lack room, benevolent characters. Riad regard, we got good guys. We gotta get characterised prevail as character, travails beloved these boys beloved Ebay is fantastic, so the hour were lucky we, I guess I that's your favorite teammate everywhere from seagoing Boston You can use Amazon if you're, ok, yeah,
every team at ever hidden specify happier maybe Sean earlier than I was going to say TIM Duncan yeah, gonna cliched Tinville can get some everybody's calls to live again, but John Elliot was that the term Duncan of my College Career Hill player the year unbelievably dominant and modest and humble, and yet no Maison play air and like great teamed, I mean that he was that the reason we were we went to the file, for he was reason we were as good as we were men and that the programme took off because he was he was just as good a player as he was. He was just An awesome personnel kind of the last air of one guys used to stay a couple years, encourage you shoot I'll thing you would love their causes and shun alien, glamorize, fantastic Jennifer.
Very well, then let it get Windsor, let people you felt like they were in your lives for couple years, whereas now that ISA demonstrated with caused massive, yet We have any mamsie that any state for your genome, so you now and that's where the real differences with college basketball back then you'd need literally got to know The players over the course of Saint Chad's, remembered Christmas as the fat fresh round and then emerged. Is that while he's the best way to keep their military a couple Jordan, since Cover Mary, the most intense. In practice store. You can tell you have to tell the story about the fake Zurbaran as Ellen every every day. Was there was no most intensive now every day he was the secondary day. He was psycho and that's I've never seen anything like it from any player that I've coached her been around town practice meant so much to him and everything was a competition and he talked
so much trash and he literally drove some guys off the team guided and take it because his whole philosophy was I'm gonna talk trash, I'm gonna, put pressure on you and you better be able to deal with that. Otherwise, you're not going to be able to be my teammate, and there were guys he, Drove right out of the rail. The organization, and it was it was amazing- would have if his dream on are on the same theme, some out man, I would be so I think they get along or were they fight an iron ore. Michael would love dream. I love him because he because of our hardy, plays an dream on. I'm pretty sure would would have revered. Might yeah he's gonna settle. I think it would work for a privileged to keep up in their casinos, which may not have been good? I not better than talk with dreamer now. A time machine conversation about Dreamer. Jason says: can you give us
story of Em Jason human competitiveness. This natural follow up question. We used to have this this game. We call it the the Jack Hayley Shootout and so for some reason, every shoot around Jackie Daily rest, his soul, passed away last year, great team made fun guy to be around. He was say he was sharp, fifteenth man on the bulls he wanted to have a conscious from the hash work and it started out as Jakin than me and George Bush, where I think the three Ness and Michael saw it happening and he wanted in air and before long there are eight guys who took part, and we did it every shoe around and it was for money and when Michael would win out over, you think about the hash marks was out of bounds to shoot from out of bounds at the hash, more probably at thirty five. Forty foot, her
yeah and when he would make it it was like he one game, seven of the five year close say, and there is money money involved. I am number exactly how much we shot for book. He demanded the money right away and talk. So much junk. Randy Brown come over and hugged me each time. They Randy's therefore grant he was part of the jack. Is there Michael Jordan, Sir. You ve never told before today when they just kept buried, nice are these years. Maybe a jacket was shoot up, be told that we will use our one more abject question was, any player sneaky good against M J. In practice to the point that you were just shocked that taking a total with this from dollar, against answer that probably now here so excited would have Javelin six without the triangle. That's from
on a more signed the ETA, because they And then a single less than six, I think less than sixty area the gains made a move around and give up the borrower but yeah, but we will do Would the triangle came work anymore. This point in time right, you barred pieces of it, but it can actually work. The way ass, wise ass is It was hard to run back then the especial coach and bus and a special group of players obviously have to have talent in any office. But that was a are you had Tex winner, who was invented the often she had this incredible coaching staff and yap. You had a superstar who was ready to buy, and without this is my favorite Michael Triangles
yeah. I wasn't even there yet, but I heard the story of next year. Ninety one finals, they beat the Lakers they finally break through and fill Jackson says to Michael halfway through the fourth quarter of the clinching game there, their double teaming up every time and Michael's forcing some shots in and fill says during a time out, Michael, whose open, yeah and Michael won't answer MIKE, whose open and finally, the third time M J, whose open and Michael exams US packs and Anne and fill goes and thrown the effing ball. Right and it is what s great about Phil like he would challenge anybody in, but it was his ear. He had this partnership with Michael, but he was afraid of Michael so challenge that was like the watershed, Jordan
van buying in moment Ray I ass a moment and if you remember, packs hid five straight jumpers. India with quarter breaks, game open, and I think that was the moment were Michael realised as good as he was. He had a role on his team it, and that was the value of the triangle, not that it made any difference for Michael yeah, but it made all the difference for John Paxton and for me and for Beijing Armstrong and for everybody else, and that was the sole point of any office. We ve done matter what we run Katy and staffer gonna keep people engage. I keep people engage? Haven't touched the ball having the president, Brad Stevens is a big believer in that keep the key people tat oppressor. Air is speeding up. Is it in ass? Is the official ticket in two thousand twenty gonna be curbed? Papa your pop of its current who's, the lead whose president we're all you guys figure that our own pavlovitch Stevens. That's the public, see I'm just going to raise some some campaign money.
Of its copyright disease older or you don't know him aside for sure leads to ticket occurs. No question about that. Molly was to what do you feel and athletes role should be in today's politically charged climate? What downside Kids. Do you see, I think an average role is anything that he wanted to be. I think that doesn't nobody's required to say anything, but everybody should feel the right to say whatever they wanted. That's Canada. Founding principle of our country for aid to free speech, and I think I think a lot of athletes are feeling responsible now to say something in and to speak, up and be heard, and the times are calling for that. And the repercussions are you are you can lose endorsement, sir? I don't know, maybe a gain. Some there's, probably a unity Yang to it, but depending on what you are, who you are? What you're saying
done than the main thing is. I don't think you should worry about the repercussions if you believe in something strongly enough. That should outweigh any thought of an endorsement Anything like that, can you believe the NBA they think about the last twenty years. You spend the NBA. Probably like especially the lock out the late nineties, does we're Portland Tee Thou. Portland Team, IRAN and just the way people thought back then verses. How conscious of everything? People now it's kind of the leagues you meekly positioned to do so. They meaningful here and I ve always been happy in the last two years. Very I never would have expected that twenty years ago you never would have said you know, who's gonna really help them if countries every area that National Basketball BAR Association reared its head. The eighty stupid these these these attacks, tenacity, coats about package caprice, go that in theirs hardly a variety of reasons for it, but the guys that are coming into the league scene.
So much more mature and thoughtful and just kind of put together and there's a bunch of reasons for that. The NBA is really get it kind of looking out for the guys come in, but ass if they d been learning from generations before their leubronn learn from the crazy generation before him. These guys came after me. From his generation, and I just people another business, the right way to you and the leaves done a great job with their leadership of yeah. It feels more like a partnership than it ever has to know he. I think item Silverstone, an amazing job. It feels like we work together and I think the league has given our players the right to feel good about using their platform and because, ultimately, every guys using his platform for something positive. The area has a platform everybody has applied, for
nobody is promoting violence right out like every one of our guys is promoting something positive. It just so happens that were in such a politically divisive climate that a lot of good our guys are paid painted a negative light. Yet as if you know what they're saying is, Sir, is political in nature, but it really is more about humanity. Anything else speaker that Benjy from heavy Israel, people email from all over the place, if Dennis Ragman played there in modern times or twitter in the current political climate? How that play out of me, the north korean situation have been solved or worse or and wore her her. The other way would they have had to delete all the social media accounts by like December? You imagine I can't imagine I mean you played with the guy. Would disappear,
you know where I was well. We didn't know anyway back that yeah butter. Now now we would know where he was because it would be on twitter. Without that we would find out three thirty in the morning. Some vague has stripped giants, agree with, but have a game in Arizona of ours. Will wants to know if you could change any in game rule in the NBA. What would be the second question? I would get rid of reply: yeah a written reply Ok, then buzzer meters, and like I would have very, very limited reply. I think I agree I my big passion here was getting rid of time out and actually got rid of some of them in a game of vast array. Moves fast yet and he's got a different rights prepared and end. The players have to to be more prepared, late games. You can't keep calling time out, but I think the replay thing would enhance the flow that you're talking about yeah the fewer time out so good for flow, but few replaced.
Few Rick replace what also being I'm with you having buzzer beaters and then maybe three pointers during a time out who wear it Ok we're view that over there in time ad- and that was a three not attain, even though that's it bugs me a little bit based on the re, Alan shot against the scourge of the famous shot and game six of the final version. Team yeah so raising his foes online no vote was six inches behind the line, but because of the rule, the official was scared to death to night.
Look out yet the spurs could taken it now, tat and reality buried in the corner and asperse I've Tony Parker, the fastest guy league. Yet, and if there is no reply on that, this version bound and as a foreign foreign Parker actually gets away better shot rang what he ended up getting and so the what what's really tricky with replay is the unintended consequences, and so I would like to see it restricted to just the most basic stuff, buzzer beaters. That's my even the three point stuff like you know that The call wrong. If his foot is barely on the on the line I can kind of live with. It sounds crazy, but as at the expense of like the flow and peacefully was thing with the NFL like yours, The guy like suffering Jenkins and the jets came the sweet caught a touch down. There are viewed it they cut it down a one one millionth of a freeze frame in the bar move. Like you know it, swept away because I know that such as ours,
ass, a touchstone definitely was. I saw that boy. I thought the same thing, which current player would you, as Steve Curve the NBA prayer and a time machine coming back most wanna play for. I guess this is basically what working party that great gray, coach or play for your horse, which currently would make a great coach, Andrea Doll. I think. He wouldn't want to do it, but he would make you rich, like yeah they'd like they love. You know. Really. Our cities, like he's gonna, have a nice retirement do what everyone sitting. Eighty can be a cut of phenomena, unbelievable hands, the media and and he's got the right edge and yeah. He would handle the media here. He could do it with his eyes closed, but I don't think he will. Maybe you can make my gear, twelve man, guy who's kind of the coach, but not really keep him rather excavators, too good for the urine
this one killer San Diego. Concern Diego ever work as an MBA city. It feels like sports purgatory here with the loss of the chargers, I dont think Santiago and be a city and I've been a resident of Santiago. You love Sandy and as for where our home bases I've lived there since two thousand and four and You said they bear their businesses for this house to much going on and to nice. He goes up you go hiking, you do everyone, you play golf and that I was crushed when the chargers left, I'm not even a huge chargers fan began. Who would the chargers meant that city and adjust balmy out yeah. But the other day was was there with the clippers in the late seventies? I guess I did go up, didn't work very well, I don't I don't I don't. It doesn't feel like an envious,
What if it was like a ninety five hundred seat arena, just for all rich people, laugh brace formulae, wants to know who had or has the biggest entourage you ve ever seen how we have to go backwards, probably for Thou and probably I should mention did play in the parliament in that one here. We are, I see that team was rowed relatively quiet in terms of the entourage. Jordan, Jordan, out a big on trying to a lot of it was security, yeah bodyguard dies and they were just play poker in his sweet every night on the road. Does he really go out, but yeah he had to be sometimes, but he came back and Tender centre We say no wrappers. Yet
who wants to know which MBA where it could be the next Tony Romo a k, just an awesome tv guy. You question that is a good question I think judge erratic. Probably could you mean that Did the host of the edge erratic Pakistan the Ringer pack has thereby girl was plug yeah? Well, you did it. I think two anyway could be really good. If you want to do and if he was actually candid and did the homework Kobe would have been good if you I got to rich, but about Chris Paul, maybe I think all these guys have too much to lose. Roma. I wouldn't worry of those two entirely. I just think. Made a lot of money and they don't want to get people mad at them down my fear. Roma doesn't care, Romas can say whatever I dont know what what stars wired. That way are these guys are very conscious of what they're saying you shall be my fear there
I value, and even where, like you were you ten percent held back when you did tv, though I thought you were fantastic, but you There were lines you wouldn't cross. Zero say like as I do, your podcast. No one but there were lines you wouldn't cross. There were certain players that played ways you didn't like that you could have killed in Yemen agreed agreed and I think the trick and broadcasting is finding a way to make your point bout without murdering without murdering the player, but but the fans get it right. Fans understand watchers what you're saying and you can be you're, not you're, not being necessarily diplomatic, you're being pointed in your critique, but without personally offending people, and I think that I think it sir very possible to do that, but
People like the guy who just gonna, destroy everybody, will that's Tommy Heights and now who's and eighty five doesn't give a crab shoot. A ball gets here s a crazy biggest homework. Before the ban on below bad. He has hit four times, that's a terrible shock it is the biggest change you think is coming to Basque by the next ten or twenty years. That's from John and re subject. I Iceland rage, regular Rick of Ec Rice and accurate. Sorry, Jan, would you call you I have no idea, I don't either it's hard did I mean I couldn't have ever predicted that their team B team shooting forty three pointers and games. You told me that fifteen years ago I would have about forty four again, that's what the Rockets into read out create forty four again, not you're gonna, shoot tenth raise again Adam. I dont know the answer you there. I do wonder if
the unanimous, Anthony Davis type of athletes is just canoe multiply too, but how many? How many guys can there be like the one thing it's happening right now? Is the centre is becoming obsolete. The additional center we ve got like five of among our roster. We got five centres on aroused her and they all are niche players. They arise thing very specific and very well, but the the centre ten years from now he's going to be like, like they Anthony Davis type. I mean not now ran drat yon us, but but those guys are freaks of names like how many are there? How many people like that are there on earth who are go like that or kind coordinated enough? But the point is of the modern centre is going to be. Versatile and play maker in a room protect her on one. It's almost like. What's happened within if all running backs the patriots have forty four Rennie backs, you have four different sets of skills base and they
is rotate them again in the eagles are now trying to do that, but I went out for fantasy football, yet awful forefinger Jane? The rose believes this is from Dave in Venice. Beach, generous, believes that the infamous Jordan flew games Actually, the Jordan hang over again so which was it nineteen eighty seven, a beer champion Steve her was the Jordan Elevation Game would see what do you get when you climb Everest to get like other, yet the air, the benzel or no, the reverse Spencer. We were staying in parks, city, yeah, I'll, never forget we the
The serious started feel Jackson put it up to the players. You can either stand a lousy hotel downtown because all the main hotels or were booked your we can go stand this resort in port city yeah. But it's forty five minutes away on the bus and its elevated and Michael wanted to stay down town that most guys wanted to stay park city, and so we ended up saying, embark city and he got sick and I think it was might have had to do with the altitude. But I am in the morning of that game. We went we had issued around at a high school in port city and he was getting an ivy like he was a mess. It was logical, flew that may have been related to the elevation. That's ongoing this asset, the Lee Harvey Oswald, was the Cadillac Joey had been wants to know. How would you call against those late nannies teams with your warriors.
Where would you do them? J we'd have to put we have to put Andria on him. Andrea would be our best bet. We wouldn't want to wear Katy down right now, so I put Andrea a lot. But we take turns on him and I read some. I hear this argument like who would win right, you can't say well I first I can't really say, but more importantly, the rules I keep on rules are so different right. We do this last time and the three is actually you guys: we favour causes three c beginning connect points again addressing those balls teams attempted twelve threes, again yeah, maybe fifteen most. There also scorn ninety over. Ninety eight points here at a hundred sixty year. So can you imagine I'm on the floor with Luke, lonely right now. As it happens, all the time
blue cloud. These not playing in that series. I think, as part of this Yang Ride so on the floor. We look lonely Michael Scotty Coup coach, like rats Selina that we had our line up all the time TAT her Pippen right. What's what are they? I urge you to do stuff, curry dream on green pickin role like what the hell am. I gonna card that or how the hell is long. We're gonna go in the latter booster, you type that last year we did is latitude coach, maybe at centre those bulls seems we're ahead of their time, though, in terms of the switch ability yeah. You know that the team that the bulls would have thrown against us would have been Harper Pippin, Rodman, Jordan, coach Right and switch everything and holy shit in slow. The pace like
well yeah. I saw the pay sound and try to get ready play. Forty minutes, Vienna, the Laval teams are switching everything and you know the bulls. What I had an impossible time with Currie in and we would have an impossible tie with with M J it would have been. It would have been fascinating, but again the rules were so different that you know we were shooting a ton of threes, that's more of a stylistic difference, but the rules were that there was so much illegal defense back there back, then, so that if you tried to guard Michael using kind of his own, it was now. You can kind of do that stuff. So it's it's just a hard compares. You would have played when John Livingston, as in the game. I will come in, then he would have posted you towards DNA on the block or he would take you in my eyes I would have been waiting. Defense was not that bad. You ve met. It came in urban legend. You took it. Is
act in Europe at least made him work. I tried hard and age. I mean you guys hate each other, so you really Jovi now allow a guy I've seen him quite a bit since yeah and he's fantastic to prize fighters that had Great fight stand back, Michael, our wants to know its nineteen eighty seven year at a bar with your final fourteen minutes from you Firstly, Arizona shot Elliot Tom Sober. Can he laughed and knew who the girl you out, you are want Tom Tolbert did get the girl. No, I ain't. So this is a great story, so we we have these team dinners. I think we went to frightens yet and the waitress was just drop dead, gorgeous bright and the guys are all like, like all my God, look at her look at her and kitty, lawful,
like till I totally trying to hit on what can he laughed and was a baseball player basque? While poorer love, I mean he had seventy Wagner Bigley? How area? So you know he's like trying to get a number and Torbert not only gets her number but ends up. Merrier wow and their happily bury. They get three ts rhinos Friday, somebody's she's, a college working at five years. We have the team dinner told her got the girl incredible Kennedy Laughter point seventeen years of the majors you went. Seven titles couldn't could Nellie once subtitles. Anyone Nothin amber if you wanna hear part two of the Steve Car Mail bag which it goes in some crazy directions. You'll have to wait until Friday. I'm sorry We have Joe ass on the line right now, Joe Ass, how I am outstanding, I, to do this me Andy's red with you. Could Let me end well. Every year did I do may please, and its also topical, because we're gonna talk about something that
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And then I say dryers meet me me me, Andy's, that's the performance fabrics that they use very conducive to the golfing. I played more than ten ten that more than a dozen sounds in me on these day. Go well free shipping hundred percent satisfaction, guarantee gotta mandates, dotcom, slash, bs! Sidney, get twenty percent off again. Man is that slash, B s speaking of underwear, ass tag, words: oh just continue, still heard our feelings in and make us stand. Let them all at the same time. It goes in plays golf with our controversial president, who not a lot of people like at this point, but some people do not a lot of people but at this in time he's playing golf and he's playing well and there's just all these positive golf stories and hit. The ball is in the hell out of the buys, looking good people raving about him. When do I
my guard house, when do I buy into this this time next week per. What I would say is this year this year's version of the is Tiger back, carries with it a couple of distinguishing factor. That I think, are our reason for cautious optimism. At this stage, I me were definitely in the zipper zone, but I'm not ready to fully and zip. Until I see a couple of things in the first place. Last year's events this his performance at the same thing that he's about to embark on. He led the field in birdies. He was number one in birdies, but he finished fifteen August seventeen in terms of the guys actually played because there are still some rust who have game in terms of a competitive
golf if he is able to replicate. I don't really care how he scores necessarily. You know he may still have some of that rough, but if he again isn't in the top three of these eighteen top shelf competitors with birdies or better, then I'm gonna be excited like the zipper is going to go down a little. The second thing that I'm interested in is afterwards the post tournaments pressures. What is he talking about in terms of what comes next now so far, I very much like what he said, which is I dont have plans. I dont know what I'm gonna do in terms of the seas and next year, because to me the big mistake of last year was using the than did the performer.
Down in the Bahamas at this? Basically, a fund raising event an and using it to kind of restart the entire tiger engine with a real lack of concern or consideration for his physical capacity for for being part of the tiger engine. Yet so he he signed a ball deal. He signed a club deal and he immediately got his scheduled filled up with appear. In in far off one places, including do by which was the moment that marked the end of that return. He played one round walk off a golf course. So that's it got to the point, came home and went under the night for the fourth ass. I have an announcement to make ok. You're, not gonna. August of this year, oh intact. What about it and Tiger Woods is gonna, be there
I'm betting at El T, Grey the tsar. I've never been women. Talking to you, friends, Callaway in Vienna. Sponsor the shack, ass bad. They really want us to go to Augusta. And- and I think I think it it ass. It did this. Is this This is in place, we're back if we're together at a gust of I've been a handful of times, but if, if benevolently virgin, if your version experience at Augusta, good tiger of various tiger takes you're my Thus the virginity yeah I mean that's the way for it to come out right. It's I can give a better way and I really feel I've I am buying in this time. I really feel like this is gonna happen. We ask of wrestle mania that weekend in New Orleans. Oh that's new Orleans, Let me pick cellarway you remind me of. I think it was seven years ago and we did the ADI challenge we drove from washed into Miami for the member that these
She is a challenge which gave him last terrific back that Chad any had never liked him attitude that chant any drove wealthy two miles an hour to when the efficiency chance. Would you in Chad, anywhere in the opposite and his wife and the kid a hundred tenth wife in the car and no stop and the radio on Euro big wetter? Yet member over competitive bill was trying to figure out how to win that whole thing, and we quickly realized in a half hour that I should just drive eighty miles now. We should try to get them. I am as fast as possible. But we recognise that the music we started three took place. I don't regret Eddie, I'm away the air conditioning. I thank you Annie escape we needed a there. Was Miami? Isn't it was? It was good times are, and I am I am really stony focused on Tiger into as an eighteen. I think we need speed. More than ever with how crazy this last. This too
Seventeen dating back to two thousand. Sixteen has been an awe. Just in general, like Good news is well received. Bailey Tiger may come back great. Can it be we're just give me some good news. We adopted on the weak- and I look forward to even if the my hope for outcome with Tiger in terms of a schedule or my first for a poor outcome, is for around Of pain, free golf, including one round, it has a tiger, feel to it add one. Last year he shot sixty five and at a lower the day. I think it was the second round yeah last year, and every everybody was excited. I mean you know you walk and after parts he could be had a couple tiger point Adam and that's really when last year's Arizona, meaning never with all the way down this one you know get through the four rounds. No pain have one
tiger, even if it only nine old get me a tiger nine holes and then come out and say I'm I'm gonna tap the brake and when I know that do this event in California in February, and I know that you now I'm gonna do this event. Men mention one or two events through the course of the seas, in that God willing in his body capable that he's gonna do, and they are of course I'm in play the four majors and then maybe it ten event. Schedule comes into shape, yeah, that's gotta! Really getting that now. You got my attention like one of them a month through this through the season featuring type bam, golfers back baby. We add the last time we talked on the pod. We did. We broke down there. Twenty pairs right now, a gimmick that we eventually figured out about forty five minutes and I think we find the planet, but we are I, like TAT, turned out. I like the game, and it's been funny, even since we did that a couple thing.
It happened. One was first of all: we we, we did a tap when he, but some at twenty one players were in the final cut, which more than a few people were reminded both of us of how stated we can get it from the prize. You and I got that raw Yahoo. It s address and was on the bubble on the French. He figure out whether he made it or not, and we argued about and ever since then pod his it's almost like he heard it destroyed the Celtics two nights ago he's deftly on. I was thinking about it. One quarter mark right now and what the vague, if I obviously needs with a ridiculous think to do what, with the all NBA teams look like, but I think it's exercise to be like, what are they all MBA teams or at the one quarter magua? They look like. You know I always like to have a centre or somebody who's kind of like a centre on. There have never been a fan of the just vote. Five guys I wanted to actually seem like a Basque, but then I think the first team
through twenty games, is unassailable similar bran, whose having when the great decencies ever had statistical, hear me talking. I would just knocking unworthy fatal brought back now: me why we we made the case for him and when the BP last year anyway did he ever now. He's gonna win one last when it looks like but libretto I know. But what am I I'm fine with him whipping this team in the shape helping them? You know them right his back until the little guy comes. Back and then look over the chemistry in the January and then tat the brakes on the broad to get his rest for the play off. He's right at the I think, he's thinking, I'm gonna have one of the timely. The smack down. Seasons are betting. No fuck, I think that's Risa, did that's where it says that I got liberality address James Harden staff he's been incredible- the seas and then is somehow underrated, even those when the best, I personally
and then buggy cousins I don't think there's any way. Buggy is in the first team, all NBA. Centre on the Iraq or whatever bigeye whatever you want to say, you could make it She could maybe movie janius as the quorum Quatrain protect their again taking liberties with the first name, but I really do think it should at least What resemble a basketball team, but I think buggies, the first team I think he's been tomorrow be. This is somebody I would add, I voted for. Four. Thirty may be the last couple years, your reaction to that I feel like it served I tried to make a case where don't recall where we were. He ended up in our top twenty Oh, he was twelve. I twelve, I would say, The way I wasn't sure where there was talk. Twelve top ten, but you know I felt very strongly and continue to about. You know the.
The no drama either we care, always carries a little drama, but that no drama boogie this season and he's been absolutely unstoppable. I mean, I have add some thrilled to have boogie on the all NBA first team he's having one of the great centre seasons we ve seen in a while. I'm looking up the stats Raina, who is he really truly a modern centre. Here a truly. Has that that but three point threat, Listen this twenty twenty five and a half points again. Twelve in every bans again find. Emphasis again. One point six steals a game. One point: six: blacks, a game: it's like a little a key mish fits. Madame modern puss is somehow averaging seven three. The game is making went out in the one upright little ambitious, he's making history thirty zero, just in general, like that teams
really get example cause here. So I have on my second theme: Anthony Davis, Kevin Durrant, Cairo, Irving, Ben Simmons and Andrzej german about they, have both every Davis and am hundred drama yeah cause, I think, Davis's a forward. I dont consider. Ok, that's why, but I also think out your German genuinely deserves to be on that list. He's the best prayer on a team. That I believe. I would even call them a fringe contender. I think they're kind of a semi contender. I think that's a good team and that's a team that as a trade to make too, but I just That's a good basketball team! It's an old school basque a theme centred around rebound or postpone who can also go on the top of the fallen into this little hand offs and guys who can shoot them report, shooting stats are fantastic, the weak link is Reggie
acts who I don't love, but that somebody they want to. They could upgrade their Reggie Jackson spot if they really thought they had a chance to make violence, which I think they do. But he he demolish the south. They said night Knight ate my thing as if you're gonna make one First to I'm? Eighteen, you ve got it demolish teams, at least once every the fourteen days and he's been doing that you know I think now is there was also an interesting. And her of the real vulnerability that that your differs, other Celtics have yeah. I just the end? They did my things. They were doubling carry and they were just basely overpowering everybody down low in the south, shot like at one point. They were like four minutes: ocean, like fifty six percent, there still losing the bad match up and I think the traits about magic. A lot of things I want to see when they are
I want to see them play Cleveland. I don't know when that Next Cleveland Games can happen, but I think that would be a fun one, because you know it's dead Cleveland stubble litmus test that start this ethics, even though the south explained the best in the conference. First, twenty gave sits Cleveland as though the litmus test how did it likely that I think Detroit with serving notice when at Boston Gay, like you were here We're not we're not going anywhere rang. We intend to be discussed among these top for ease teams. Here's where it that it was good to see every Bradley area a good game, I get it old squad into by his hair, assume, really they got for free. Two years ago. You now that any etiquette erratum, but what I when I liked the bad it is, you know they had a really good wine in Oklahoma City. Dad the next gave to the net right, but they really, wherever to the bottom,
for fur. From what city until they went on lost the next gave to the net right, but or wherever they love to their. Lastly, row games at Minnesota, add ok, see at Boston. All games were closed last couple minutes and they went on them. I think it's. The jetty mighty. I don't Orlando, when our land us that it started had the first ten games, Camera Clark, really a ringer are reared resident magic fin was like this is ridiculous. Shooting stats can't last. This is crazy. They're gonna redress the mean they did. These are a regressive, the main with the trade and think this is what the team have their three point. Eighty maybe lie, but We should talk about your boy. Jha. Ok, just quickly What you want to talk about, while he is having breaches, which seems like a problematic, as he said last year, is the first pain free time that he had with his knee fruitful painful season, then he added with his knee and that they fixed it
And obviously their effects in he's heard again and I like it black eyed, they keep baby, they did fix it anyhow, an unbelievable tore were seized him and he came back the thesis in kind of what I would characterizes November form for him. He's never been a guy that come in iron out of the gate and he hurt he acted E. He strain the knee yet and maybe because of the past experience but here with a good game two weeks ago that he strain the near whenever a week ago, and it's an injury and injury that happened in why not aware injury not tear injury, and I think they're doing the right thing by being cautious Can I be nervous evaluating I'm in a bill nervous about. If you don't mind, I met you could be nervous about. I'm not nervous about
I want them to be very, very deliberate with him the season, because the truth of the matter is they lost last year because of miles on get them the mileage on both Why and Brad Beale UNESCO may last with eyes Kelly. Linux laid the smack down on your eyes, Minuet Hereafter thing. My dad food over night has the carbs I'd had dinner with them, and the eddies actually a faint ass, a good at it, much easier to break bread with a malady play. The heat but game, stout. Fourth quarter of game seven year making my point for me and I don't care when I went off because the way Didn't you can you keep you keep telling yourself that listen washed in we're taken this on Wednesday afternoon washed in his eleven and nine there, the seven seed right now right behind Ms Maki ten, and I and my Amy ten and ten. I think my aim is good. I like that. So ten and ten Charlotte's eight eleven kind of lingering Wayne for a to start really look alike.
Tomb again. This is Good conference and my point is with Indiana, with Philly who down those of film, can stay healthy, but when they are healthy. It makes me think we're gonna lose our are over under bet forty one and a half. I d give indeed state the fourth policies, and I think that we get it forty two and a half whenever we dead we'd we, if that teams, guess they healthy lawyer, releasing the bat or half that's true, I think there is a scenario where the wisdom of the plants- and I just want to make sure you are prepared for that mentally, not commenting any of us have total, be assets, toward my pony gains area answers now? If I, if I was going to circle two teams that I don't think you're gonna make the pious, because I believe both the heat and the hornets are going to make the play off by the weight. Dwight Howard, We feel that in particular was a hundred percent back instead about Twitter, at his ease been one of the revelations as season. Here's the thing, though, only eighteen,
the plan. Southern of your, where the snow by a solo, Indiana and failure not making the pie off you, you could put it all right now, Joe has said in the end, I am filled out your seventy six is neither one of those people The point is that we have sought thanks to trade Cleveland Toronto. I think they're Alan ass for spats right now, Philly Indiana washed in Milwaukee, though it's gotta, be Washington. A walkie. My Miami Charlotte is making the placid you're sleeping on Indiana epithets a decent team If these going out, I think that's like a forty three one team at these can take forty four forty five for you to make it. I love, I love that I'm doing this by the way. I love that everyone, the rescue day cause you hadn't, really thought about. This bet there's a path of John, whilst three weeks that too, you have no bench.
Three games under and now son you're. Looking up at this, whatever lie with us. You know what I take comfort from this conversation last year. Was you strength? if we add enlisted some other poor. You know, folks, among from the Ringer staff that comes the port. This nonsense the wizard need a tray. John Wall that trend wrangling. Now is again the house tonight you can't play you should listen to me, Katy I loved you. I was rather the crisp. I was wrong. I would greatly, I know you're wrong about it. I don't know just why gave their lives but the thieves and go develop a little bit. Listen, we may be twenty games in, but we also made have eleven Plath teams. Tat is your make on its agenda the important thing is the high class makes out ahead until China comes back in this healthy. That's all testify tat for
finally think share that can catch question catcher you three years three games be at your tune: Afghans brainwashed umbrella, tits, Anti AIDS Focus Cates focused at eight better postulate, Howard owns the wizards way. Every time you pray to inherit, kick your ass, the weather not playing Charlotte. This isn't a thing between the whither, you gonna passive, you gotta wait and I share the view that we are going to be a four five zone. Well, I've been every year the path handful of years, except for the one year where we extended Randy Whitman one. Two on the rue any women expiration date. Nobody noticed that it said expired veto July, two thousand, fifteen or wherever it was. We add one more year gray, you're gonna be in the four five zone. It's the four percent. Five percent lottery ping Pong ball zone. This earlier. I owe you, you you're not there- they concerned enough, I'm worried about it, armor
Creating bad karma for your dear key Matthew pilot that a clear about our right right now by thirty million dollar spofford broke his ankle five minutes it Caesar what where's karma have Now I was a view that with him he eat he cheated on the Mormons there. Having the Mormons Devil, Mormon karma that we go further, do at Boston, dosage, a cracker shoved that there's a camera that I chose not to make a big deal out of bed Canada has already go. Bear group I go bear. Put some french shit autumn leaves greatest. Ratings have honor, he might have. He might have put some french voodoo stuff on it believe I listened with discusses maintains that Pakistan's don't trust the french definitely been got right away forever. Don't trust the french people back that lasting
BP right now through twenty games, hardener Libra, yeah I got just Leubronn, Where does there's a withered dropped out of you. It is one to its weight for quite went quite and combat applies out of the race. I think right now, the beach thing, if Orleans can climb up and get like a five seed with the two men team proof really have to start having a book. Cousins and BP conversation We cannot afford any games, I'm ruined for it, but that the smell of a little bit too much. That was that's how Westbrook one last year, he dragged a team that was get out in order performer this evening, when we did it do you want one of my right side, a history tee shirts after I make them for means. Aquila rights are three for what
for that. Now voting Westbrook Friendly P last year or you now you go, I will as long as we can put on the backside, hashtag hoops perverts because, like I told all of perverts out there had to not to do the right thing and enter not, you know, celebrate this perversion of proper basketball. But eleven it was a provision. I won't bring air glam Berger and the tug Betty Life for two minutes, Joe Ass as eyes at pleasure, Winnie. I do neither shack ass before the end of the year or go to sea a tournament goes and incorrect take play by the sea. We d, you know if, if if there were any representatives I'm gonna be openly Dave Chang on Ass, a carbs this week. We should put that subscribe. This requires, if you live food, it's a package for them by the hungry joyous. Thank you always quick raked. The talk about movement Howdy shopping be tough, but thanks to movement, other give giving anxiety can disappeared. The press of a button women
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join the movement right now. I last but not least, as promised, that air clamber President Vs Angie Bus, blossoms media group, the ringer, so happily blazed up. You named your son after you like that I gave you the captain, the weak and our captain markets, a leather, not aid away. My age, you were the idea was at that, and I think that in the newsroom it wasn't it was great for me. That's why we're the two other people, the ringer it's over so Eli since, since that happen, Eli just gets kick to the curb. Stick to the curb he's like cry: in France S loses his by India. The giants fans really react. In a way I expected just pure love and, and anchored in sadness and not only everyone's. Have you mentioned this on a pod, TAT s it so you mentioned earlier. This is there's an outpouring of love for Isla yeah. It's kind of the best thing that could happen to him
It is an interesting point, let's yet a tray I've. A picture of me in of Eli me in front of me: the Giants helmet yeah here about supra props. I love you. I yeah. But we have always felt the need to protect Eli, yes, so far women's article in the ring it I can yet creator. This is s right about Dan, amateur Alaric, four boy we I always felt, need to stand up for Eli because he's such a gentleman and see such a team very soccer mama with Eli, yes, the cabin, a kid on the soccer team that you just very defensive and he's not going to come out and and he's not gonna blast. The giants he's been even early his tiki Barbara, going on tv. Yet and really saying anything that bad he just said. Eliza
the guy to stand up and give her our ice Pichu. So yeah. We all knew that we all knew what we were watching before the super bowls we had. So much fun at the super walls. On that site, unbelievable wins yeah, so everyone looking to the past so the started to this, which allowed a star javelins. Looking back many years now to we love, you lie he was the last link to this fun giant. Sarah- that we've had really died two years ago, and I think I think we all think it's still maybe we're fooling ourselves that it can still be short of fun. Maybe last year fooled us. I think it was just so shocking yesterday how it happened, but it doesn't happen. A gmo doesn't happen too. It could have. It happens to breath It happens to alight happens to german tat during the season for GINO site that I can give our that's the big difference. People were compare yesterday. This happened far. If that was at the end of the seas in air was
we have been demanding mediaeval run. It was a very edgy break up yeah I'm not even sure. If there's a break up yet on this, I think there you ever hear of organised, so he does. He just go somewhere else. Why? I just think he's a pride for guy. Like this happens, it's like ok, I'm going to find in a team. I think he loves New York. I'd me, I might in full denial that he stays they draft a quarterback any helps the quarterback. I can't believe the coach you still get is gonna live through this. I can't believe it right Bob Mackadoo Barbacued as planned, birth called repeatedly today, the carriage ass it it's a lot, it's a lot to take it But I do know that we always I feel this need to protect Eli, even during games warmer watching how bad it's going, how fifty
fifty here, blaming Evan Ingram on Thanksgiving for dropping passes have been the seasons awash. That's so confusing Manitou! There's nothing happening here, just let him play it out and then you'll figure it out. It's not for GINO Smith. The minister is not that it just doesn't make any sense. That's what so confusing about it. But again, I know that during games, people are complaining about him. There's a big group of people that complain about and now it's. Their time to protect him because he does does he would he would never? He was crying at his locker. I mean you just don't see that so that's a big thing part, playing into this. Everyone feels like they need to come out and protect him. This has always been a giant and versus football fans thing with Eli, where the football fans picked. My part, is that good use lucky Helma Catch Mannheim carriage, but if not for that is that these nothing he's never top five guy. I've made some arguments there, the giants fans are
Lately- and the other admit you don't understand- you don't hear- guy gamer, you don't hear the giants- fans that ripping throw by three, play by play. I mean it. It might be random firelight, he Sox are picking Tsar like just socks in every debate in the summer times is: where does he rank Easy Hall of Fame residency? Lucky he's not lucky that. Recast doesn't happen if he doesn't stay cool and get out of the park. As the three sixty show cools ever travelling time and it storm. You know, Everyone came to defend him when he had to have some more autographs. Scandal may be lighter urea, but everyone came out of it. I can't pretend here I wasn't. There is some sort of he's. Just you like for women. Title did. Beauty four boy and beat it just refers. First, like we ve review and as the little brother that everyone needs to protect so We're here has been amazing, but you, as I was saying about him this week in yet he's not going away. He might even I don't know,
Again, I don't know where he's gonna, I just don't know where he's gonna girl. They should await them. I feel I should away visit. Ache was just waiver Mun Wednesday. We really over these like Tom Conflict, is in a room like we have to get Eli to win the Superbowl I've. I just don't see that happen, but you're, the one who said there's eight to ten guys area who know how to drive the car in his one of the eight to ten. Oh, that's right car! That's why I don't understand why he should not staying in until he really has to miss again. I want to People who clearly, they want a tank. Finally, there are obviously legible shit. I think he just came out and said anyone who suggests that we're tanking, which he thus was terrible, Evan established tracker that he's baneful, but I just can't imagine what can happen in Oakland Sunday. Then I can't imagine is also never get it may they might actually competing. Maybe they they just don't have any they don't. They have no athletes out there to do it. They the opens no good. You right,
They did it at the right time, they're, gonNA, Oakland. There was no way they could do this and, like my own, being open with either can have a home game anyway. But next yeah game is gonna, be a you know. Eliza I just on conflicted by it cause love what he does. I love him as a player he's in the top five giant of all time, top five giant of all time. What is the top? Five l tease number one novelties number one football player give Give seems is up there in its, you know. It's not. You know it's not rosters of evolve. Hammers. As I hear it's unbelievable teams of your elsie is the number for Papa about time. Statement is kind of controversial. I like the tattoo sword, nodding back there, that good ideas, Roberto yeah, maybe Jim Jim Brown Royalty Gentile tee Brown or Russia, Norway will you,
we want seventeen years of the same court. Tobacco makes suburbia we loved having faulty. Yeah, maybe they're. Just now, there's no replacing there's really now films, be made them books being written. Chalais was scab loaded cross I've. Actually I love empty, The treaties- and this is a difficult one for everyone swore I wanted. In France s it today and see. If he's Calm the little bit, it was at any rate, that is so great that happen as this to yesterday's minutes say again, not just that he brought back an old school France S performance really from the depths, but yeah. It was one of things about it was. It was just an old school football story. I didn't Harry this Canada it lends that's kind of ruined the last couple of seasons everything. This is just a good. Sport story, it's like wow. They they really. I mean he lighted holy shit. Where does this go as it can be another team? It was
all this other stuff restrict that it should have been talked about? I mean it is giants, fans all know, it's been talked about for a long time as you maybe answer the season or you justice tat. No one is soon to eat it. There was no one waiting in the wings to take over, but it's been talk about this year. Let's see what web has to offer. What's the point, we just lost the forty nine hours like. Let's see so it's all been time. It was the abruptness like we just walked relic, wait, Elijah benched here, and there was no real. Contacts to it like all they had a discussion. You I said warrant among members, cause I'm not going to finish the games. Why stardom lets you mean, I'm sure you? I was a complete Mench throughout every meeting it was like islets dwindled play those guys you then, I can't believe you call up Archie or called his agent was like. Ok, let's see what the JAG can do. I I believe it I just. I don't believe it. I said to you that this You think he's in the hall of Fame anywhere. That is convinced. Now, there's p
one to rings that island there you know you're the authors. There's no way. There's two superbowl and two times several gps and two time rings at aren't in its syn seems counters to tag is even when this house, then there was a second time and I don't think he was the VP go to you're saying that we pay yea, I get you know, maybe was the envy pay, but at that this streak, if it had gone had to forty two fifty I still combined with the rings. I think it makes him. Aha famer wants to see me so unusual causes when loss record is like just over five hundred etc. It's a tricky won the item durability. Really matter with this stuff, defective quarterback. They can just by sixteen games a year. The matter What's going on, I think is it creates getting rid of him getting rid of one of these ten quarterbacks just create such chaos. To me in scouting, in preparation the next three years, whether its Donald. Josh rose in like as goods,
are they just don't have the right? Now you have to just focusing the right pieces to protect to bill, but yeah, it's which was the father. Last company law. It was There's no align, there's no running back, but you still knew the quarterback was gonna be back. There is no doubt about it. You just he's playing Every down look at all these other teams, even if it's a good quarterback look at Houston. All right he's already, Mr Season like that, it has never happened, no matter how Good luck two houses, its Bernard, like eight, it, no matter how good they are, there's, four or five that just they play every down and he's one of and we lemme any figure Joshua's in here and then you have a fifth cage and then we will not even get Josh him tearing up at his stall is like yeah. I was tat everyone other. What are their all time, quarterback would have would have been near tears p,
do when they retire, but not like. In that situation, you would think the guy would be like abstained and strong lies just like he's Eli he blurs about asleep and, like I feel like that's how my you, I, like you, ve got pension soccer game like yours, aggies eroding our view my six year old and you I who will be seven tomorrow, but what if he got if we took the iphone- and we interviewed him when he got bench like he makes Rob eleven billion This unanimously birthday, yeah he's an eye, keep these signed. Eli you to you, I from you. I keep on his wife when you too, to rings to trophies scale career, so they're out of it this year, that's it think combined also, this is the worst giants. Yeah, don't down the ladder for most fine players in the week in his garden through
examine the seventies, I'm a kid, their bad, bad, bad, bad re perk. I mean bad bizarre chick bad. This was this is disappointing as it can be especially think leg to facilitate the. There was a chain of events where they win their plan game in limbo, like art, Thou catches, the first today whether they were they were one of the best three times, but there were the best sixty seven external when they can now that we are one of the worst Jerry's. That's how we think about the giants that they could have won. The game should one day they could, if they could have, it could have done that, but they didn't know your bottom three things which I think needs to happen. I rather by him out than I think bottom to buy anything having Eli would have one you at least one more game that you probably would have regretted winning. What if GINO wins a couple games it hit deftly that word. That that worried about Davis web either, I think
access is also struggling. Cushy show Katy based has taken the start no, but but she is also in a weird way, happy that it happened because of the France S like she, Oda France, S, society. She so happy TAT Mike getting one last reopen rift in the universe. The says something a bit about New York to cause France s who's the guy inured forever and when he goes away like who is the person in Europe who who everyone turns to anger, what do you think everyone shall happy? This thing happened two weeks from now and it's going to avoid when it can be barred, Scott writing about how does a care I mean that cover they take a chats. Are you that's a real struggle? People were really happy. Ok, it happen. Let's listening, princess, is gonna. Write Michael cared a couple great things too. In any case, more close, the Yankees, where He was used to talk about irrigation, did better by Yankees. Manage meaning pursuing them. You wrap it really gets
and for my part, I don't get as there is. A more graceful way to handle destiny sits, and I think it should adventures releasing Eli tomorrow. Figured chain we want more other fish and Eli could have been sitting up there There was never going to be a graceful where it is going to be bad. What's I failed saying In Cotonou is your, but who is your everything as bad there s? Doesn't it right here Boston guided ended, but we traded, Mara mean that was like TAT was like a nuclear bomb true, but there's another bad harry was like ours struggle to the right and years in Brady Companies is better as a guy get your drew happened. Sweden have that that's. How can be Gina. We now at second reading too he's just a clipping connect chosen resin. It could be no like it, you could be. It could be nothing, but we stand by. It two balls. You got your helmet go pick your son, lady language, re, think it's a win. The Catholic you win
Princess France s- reactions, I'm glad you holding up I'm glad, I'm back on. That's the end of the as part on Friday, steep her part to the mailbox don't worry about seeking Bs Mba twenty percent off your first time around their tickets westward the beginning, Eric bring it com. Regarding an analogy to Nathan, wrote about Snapchat downfall, nobody lie. We lost, J J ready pack ass this week.
We re launch binge about when we have an announcement. I will ride aunt more to come this weekend. We have something to announce on Friday stating for that. That's it for the Bs Packers, thanks to Frazier ecstasy Friday ways.
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