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Steve Kerr Mailbag, Part 2 (Ep. 294)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr to discuss Draymond's chances of winning 'Survivor' (6:00), the one-and-done rule (15:00), the art of taking plays from other coaches (30:30), and the difference between winning a title as a player and as a coach (44:00).

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We launched a J J erratic pack ass this week. It is first one with Joel and beat it stated number one on Itunes over offer. Over twenty four hours could jabba you J, J, sorry about the air, the buck kicking your sixers got less than in Boston, Poligized Forbad after you, great packets performance, but you can subscribe to that one now and you can also refresh your subscription to binge mode because it came back, is now a weekly pack ass to his great. We, for our part, ass thou art gives us a breakthrough for the ringer we announced. Today you can read the interview I did with the hollered reporter that we launched a film division called Ringer films that is going to concentrate on documentaries. Shorts, not scripted, stuff pie cast an unfair Pakistan a whole bunch of things. I can barely speak seeking check out that energy. You can also check out the world premier of the first
pillar of our under the giant back that we did with HBO Sports and Debbie directed by Jason AIR. It is on the ringer, not come thirty seconds, your recognise a voice, it's the voice of David Shoemaker. One of our one of the rigours, oh geez, as well as the host of the mass media in Pakistan, the press box pack, as he's the one talking there in the Andrea trailer. So do I checked out big day for ass, very excited by Ringer founds, very excited its face. Three of what we're trying to do is accompany Anna and we are exciting it back in that space. I would say its part. My dna gone back to the thirty thirty days and thirty, thirty shorts and other stuff. We did at Graham and very excited to get back in that space and work with them. Some awesome people and figure out where it goes so they go come up part two of this Steve Kerr, mail, bag,
which we taped on Tuesday night, which has some great ones in it. He was awesome and then we're also going to have the ringers MIKE Lombardi is going to come on and he's going to talk about late, Bloomer, QB's super bowl favorites. Can the pats really make the Superbowl again hope stuff, that's coming up later, but first programme from where she wants to know what are they to creating and winning culture within the lack rooms,
anything you learn from the most challenging lack room. You had from a chemistry perspective that you were able to make work with your locker. That's good question. Firstly, the key to any locker room is not the culture that you try to create its people that are in the locker room to start right right. So if you, if you have good guys, then then shaping that culture becomes an easier job of frankly. For me, it's pretty easy job because our geyser fantastic in their thirst, their team guys they want to compete. They wanna play together. They want each other to do well. So now it becomes easier. The challenge becomes when you, when you ve, got guys who are just not not by intermit it, and I don't know if it's possible to create a culture. When you have guys who aren't gonna comment, we ve talked about the Steve Courage to knucklehead. There You can have the one. I want I wrote about this. My book, you gonna, want banalities, he's Gandhi through algae, outside Jeff anger. He said,
the two hang out and then a prisoner think that's right through any from Phoenix wants to know. When dream, I start seeing red Do you even say anything to try to get him to come down? Is there anything, sir anything? There has been no just let him go. He had spent an interesting sorted development over the last few years, the first year we would just yellin scream at each other. I would scream Madam to calm down than ice kind of realized. He needed the outlet he needed to be angry to play. Well, so, then I backed off now. We know each other. So well, it's like we're like family in rail and sea, like the dad. Well how our I don't know our or maybe more like a brother like an older brother, something he knows.
I've seen a lot of India? He respects my experience in a league yells that I care about him. He also knows that that I I don't have all the answers and that he might have the right answer, and so we collaborate alot more of a collaboration now than it ever has been. But I try to I try to keep him moving forward in the right direction. All the time with an allowance for he knows the occasional blood cause he needs. It so be funny like eight days from now, and he has had to be separated side by authentic comments. Even you start Ryan for may proceed. New Jersey wants to no are you jealous? T J, Mackinaws gonna shatter of your White Guard from Arizona MBA records. There were some now those existent who s who you competing with the workers, from Arizona who, as MAX You must own all of them. We had you better watch out for this to Jamaica. She, too,
firm and then just bear him on the back of their lives is a weird question had to ask them Adrian Castro. Once could dream on when a season of survivor if none of the other competitors knew who he was amiss, Now I think the lack of food would eventually Breakin Sis ha people cannot eve, I'm not a survivor person, but I know that the other survivors can vote that person off yet how he did vote. So fast, but really gone. You got it. You re in this area, this a good run from on Marquez, which team as the worst visiting locker room. This is Canada and say we need and feel as biogas fill it are there last week? Others these huge pillars, two pillars in the middle, the locker
what so you you are you trying to get up to talk to the team, and you can't see anybody. You can see half the guy, the other half her in the back behind these pillars inside your peering around the to try to give this motivational speech guys we're gonna worked. Where are you? Are you come come over this work strategic and now I think it's for that we more I cancer Kim, wants to know your best story from your time and there are one or two blazers man, while I don't even Ike there there s story, the other did you. Black barbarity reminders. I think of my favorite stories are actually Zack round off stories. Yeah, I'm the biggest action
honor still Emily. Guy he's amazing he's got a heart of gold. When we got him he was an absolute puppy. He asked about one year, Michigan stay the stewardess on replenished com, the baby, so he would sit in this compartment with Thaws Chris Dudley and me, and your Dudley and our both like at the very end of our career, yeah sack is just starting has no idea about the league. He sitting in this compartment and wide eyed wondering what the Hell's going on about maybe two weeks into the season. Never no, prior month into the season, so it's like at this point. Like late November, do you could tell he's just exhausted
Ngos are guys. When do we get to go home for Christmas, I heard your dad's like once you taken us on these questions. Came all year later. He was so naive, and now you look at him he's like it was like a pillar in the community and notice he Don T much good. He's made so much out of his life is one of the guys who I point two and they look what he's made of his life. Liquid basketball has done for him yeah and look how he's used basketball to better his community like that, but he's one of the great success stories had ever been around, and so, when you see him as it always like some last night, Sacramento and we always sure renewed and a smile, and just that you know, though the nod that comes with being former teammates. You know, I love, who would have thought he would be. The leader You're, eighteen, veteran leaving arena team rich from sea
let's not. How much did you get paid to get Arizona and I think you hide area that I have to pay them to take it. Ben wants to know why Should the NBA Ban pities at all? Why not let these adults put in their bodies, whatever chemicals in one as long as does violate the law? Interesting, However, I would say spared a competition would be reason: beard of competition is one. Health is another and obviously, in others, ongoing studies about health risks and all the stuff. But I think spirit of competition is a big big. One let's go, he wants to know do think. Jordan would still be revered in this day and age with social media and the twenty four seven talking had new saw while other. What a great question
anybody revered anymore. Now in this modern time. It's we have this discussion with our coaching staff all the time. This is the weirdest time to be alive and what seems ten years ago like review. If you follow international NEWS of the Arab Spring happens, the arab countries are being liberated by twitter and sharing information and death. What seemed like this amazing invention that was going to liberate the world now suddenly seems to have slipped into the exact opposite realm, where we have propaganda and we have misinformation and we have smearing and everybody just blasting each.
And they're just doesn't seem to be any good news at all during the day, and so the idea Michael, would, would have been destroyed in this modern match and let the first time he was caught at the Atlantic City Casino the day before laughed Andrea, revenge Stephen, I would scarcely be arrogant. That's why wasn't he says you can be adequacy. Anthony D want. You know steep cars Well, you're fucking, unbelievable the celebration after the NJ shot. Ninety was the first time ever heard an F bomb, a network tv, not a question, just one Steve to know that my brother pointed that out to me the next day, a phenomenal tv moment I mean you summed it up. It was the girl Blount. When breeding Bela check at the Superbowl last year, end user, globally is basically they say if that's kind of the reaction that needed this. Is it
from Devon TOP five shooting strokes of our time. Go, who have curry clay Thompson those. Those come to get my dismay re on Reggie Miller, which amount to interesting and- and I should say this wretched- it does not did not have a pure, classic stroke like Clay Thompson, yeah reduce, was alone, warlike, staffs, hello, left fomented, hastened like there was a rhythm thing that was very unique to himself, but just ridiculous, ranging I had hardly Larry Bird in MID August nine soldiers for you, as neither the problem with these questions, especially in a rapid fire I'm out early, analysing out on in five people who can actually be offended. I've had that, probably with when I get asked questions like that, and I know there's more in my friend that I can't access it but make Miller hours
I was smaller, is the underrated one for that question. I, like Bradley Bills, jumped shot beautiful. I would grab that went on Ebay if it was a very owes. You knows highly underrated, Amelia the annals of shooting, a famous Eddie jaunts. I played with them by rookie year, one of the most pure strokes, I've ever seen, and amazing shooting mentality. Like you didn't care yeah. He was just gonna. She was one of those twenty one points and twenty two minutes guys. Yet I lives over twenty thousand points like he was all those guys who nobody really remembers, but was just an unbelievable school where you take a quick break to talk about tipsy elves. What's up time? Christmas day, two thousand twelve Jane rose and I once war ugly Christmas sweaters on national tv We want the whole idea. Contents, the though set to wear them. Guess you didn't want to wear the magic Johnson and make whereby they wanna were ruined their wardrobe game. We didn't care
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Nick mother must know what you think of the one in general. I don't like it I'd like to see a change term to indian or zero Remember I wrote a com for you and outlined above ten years ago and ends in these five year. It was was at how long ago was a thousand eleven ok how it secures area- and I argued for two and done- I think tuna, but I've changed my mind on that. I think players should be able to come out of high school in Gaza League the lead the dealey. Now the G league is so much more developed. Now I think players should be able to bypass college, go right to propose if it's a la Braun Kobe Type go right in play and if not go the Julian there's gotta be some balance in their where we figure out a way to develop these kids. You don't want to go to college, but we give mature
to make some money and play, but by the way, that's a good business, because if the G League is the even if they put a little more money for player and payroll and all that stuff in the G league, I would probably watch the G League, more chief Marvin Bagley or whoever from this year was actually in the G league. Rare, probably whatcha gently, but I do states nodding, haven't unwanted, just not a marble? Baggily, not ideal tastes, happy that is you and see, I'm not allowed to add I, but nobody, but the only way that works to me is if you, on the flip side, a limb, made the one undone meaning you can go right on high school. The baseball Robespierre baseball's three three years or again, due to further so maybe too, for the emir would be better, but I would like to see that for for both college basket and the NBA, I think- and I know out of silver- is already having a lot of discussions internally. I think it's something that needs to be done and will be done in their there really looking at a closely it would be
fasting. If you could pick if you could pick a player and he could either go right in the G League or you just wait two years and then you get them after the two years eat out face it stashed, a guy in college pages, wouldn't get anything from the draft I don't. I don't know, there's a lot of marriage draft him and then he goes to call the glassy your draft, let's call Marvin haggling. You Jeff, Marvin haggling and then I am actually going to college, and now you have that guy stashed, almost psycho and Rubio, went to Spain or bird. Member bird together after you went to one more year to school, but that that's the whole point of this discussion is that there's like these huge issues that have to be ironed out, I think, would happen. A Benson should have made people change Euro he's a Alice you first seven months. The whole thing was stupid. He was on the run team and basic wasted a year of Basque. By that now you watch you paid him ten days
the guy's unbelievable. Why he's one of many who mean yeah that many examples of this that you could you could state Ideally what would happen if the guys who were like been summoned ready to play it right away or leubronn they go the guys. You aren't quite ready, end up spending a couple years in college and really develop and the guy in our kind of in between you, don't want to go to school. They don't have to go to school minute. There there's something makes sense about all that. If we can figure out you know how to Jim you happy as a committee, they, basically you have to apply to enter the highest league when you're, like failure, sixty yeah and I'm a coordinated subcommittees yeah? You amazing herein endowed we find like the branded two thousand three clear they should have just gone to the abbey utterly ready and to use it and a little bit you use thirteen, was it, you got three a night and I mean nineteen. Ninety nine, yes, probably really right, freshmen in high school. This is great. Errands able wants to know.
All these years later. Do you stand by the decision in Phoenix pull the trigger the shack deal in retrospect it was bad move. Why gum surprised? I would if I had invented it? No! No! No I mean, I'm now, I'm not in the monopoly. Here too, like a man, that's going to catch, you made it yeah. I actually thought it was really bad trade. What we want for, we swung for the fences, but we disrupted. What we had built right- and we we made it out of we made it for the wrong reasons. We let alone those financial right, you know Mary was not financial, because we picked up Jack Steel, which was enormous. Wasn't it didn't cut that first year Now you have a number of years is area, and so I was not a financial deal. It was a swing for the fences, steel and in India. I was a young GM
it was it's the kind of move that you go for it by your compromising sort of the long term health of the franchise again, and that was a mistake that they do the reasons for making were not sound. We knew we were good enough to win the whole thing we had been in it for several years cap losing the spurs, but he was, it was a rushed sort of home, run swing that we struck out with and we went forward which is admirable, but I I just think we compromise kind of sea learned our lesson from now. I did I stuffing of TIM Duncan, MRS, that stupid three mating game. When you my answers, thus team always wins. In the end, I saw his out on the shack trade shocked when I said TAT
Carter wants to know. When you look at a box, grafter game win or lose. What are the first three numbers you look for. I look at the opponents feel real percentage. Our assists in our turnovers. Those are the three numbers. So I agree. I tell our guys all time if we defend and we take her elbow, we win and its generally the case, and so those three numbers two usually tell the story Favorite mba road city to grab a postchaise meal and that's from Ben in Michigan.
Bonus points. If you have a favorite restaurant on the road awesome forbidden machine reality, goodwill talkin, it's eleven o clock at night. The US I'm gonna, give you like. The obvious answers are like Miami Prime went to arraign. Everybody knows like certain cities, whatever I'm gonna, give you really off the beaten path. Recommendation we gotta SALT Lake City with the ash as to place called falters K, and we read the place out after games of assuming we're staying in town overnight. We rent the place. I m T meal there we got in the last few years have places phenomenal falters. I'm whenever follow question that I am giving you prevention? Is in town he always ass, the form spurs who are still part of the family to go out to dinner everybody cat downward. So they re Johnson in April and to get the emails yeah coach asked me. Then it gets good. Do you, Are you now invalidated from those email you're in the Amsterdam treaty.
At dinner three four weeks ago, when we play them insanity, you don't get to go. The whole team I went my first year coaching with the spurs he hadn t meal in San Francisco right after all and you had to go. He invited me- and I said I said, coaches kind of weird- I mean it's like yeah. We just played you gotta he's like you kidding me. Who cares it's about? It's a basque vulgate, rather dinner and plus you played with you like for these I ran, and so I felt all weird I walked into dinner, but there's tomb and Tony and monitored in other several members of the train, Santa Croce staff and wants a t made, owes a t maiden who was great how great dinner? That's why people ask impoverished can keep coaching its has to keep coaching cause, his dinners or so expensive, and the road got forty. Thirty person dinner savers. Wholesalers he's the best. He is he's unbelievable with that of those dinners or are amazing.
Craig Hannan, young style. I am a high school basketball coach, I was admire your sidelines out of bounds. Layton games place. I know that's no higher praise for your excellent appreciates Who is your biggest influence at the best he can that slob sideline at about play creator? You have worked with based for the first five. Never I've never made one up for myself. You ve, stolen ideal, every guy and most coaches would say the same thing. And what would you Now, don't you steal something and then maybe tweak it for your own personal yeah, but there, Sir there's a number of guys in a league who I mean everybody talks about Brad Stevens, he's creative draws up great stuff, I'll give you the guy one of the guys who I think is really underrated.
Rose, really good stuff Yan. What fun things that we probably all do is head coaches in the NBA age. You watch tape over and over again, but you just you're watching a game, random game and it's like damn that was cool play. Doh you have, we have, we all have the same Cooper. Computer programs called sports coat, and so you know you have. I have a file of you know just says, add stuff, Eddie you started that the year before you and started coaches, the warriors red and yellow going island closures. I didn't have this programme. I was registered to figuring out you're you're copying, carvings yeah, but now we ve got this programmes. I have a file, and I heard Brad Stephen say the same thing. One time like he killed who have plays that are labels like spell straw or
language or whatever. In fact, I ran a play laden a game on time and I was talking to brag about it and we are talking about this game and- and I can remember exactly who was against or whatever, but I said I said. Yes, we ran up play lane. He goes out alkali. I go yet. We ran collide because pop runs it for quite right and re. That's how Brad members play he calls it quiet, popper whatever, but there's this understanding in league that he just you just steel stuff, you adapted new and you modify. It's really fun, so he ran the greatest play. I've ever seen his first year, I think, made court It was like a second laughed and every Bradley from all the way around and end up in the right corner in the ambassador had to throw basically a lab pass.
I'm sure they happen before, but I hadn't seen a year and now it seems that variations of that play happen all the time our budgets grabbed the, but he got him this wide, open, crazy, shot that I'd even those parts. I was watching the ensue term at last year in Princeton was planning and they ran at play and then I read a great one, great plan. I run into major Anderson, the prince and coach of the. U S open tennis tournament in September, and we start talk and Greek. I wish her talking. I go without a broad Stevens fly. He goes yeah yeah. I got it from bracket
I thought I'd. I recognise that an end now give you another good stories when I was keeping track of plays when I was in broadcasting. Fred, however, get a lot of great stuff, and I was state, and so I click to play and it ended up really working well with our personal injury in gold state and I started using it and I could call it cycling and so Fred. The next year becomes a bulls coach and we were having lunch in Vegas chewed round, and I mean it summary and he goes on to say. I know she running around our plan. Oh yeah, why wouldn't I it's perfect play for personnel? I gotta go in fact. We called cycling and eager desire here, because I go. Would you colleagues Cougar now coming up, because I stole from be why you are so? This is how the system works in college and the severe website rights to others.
These names in the stone place, our from Lenin. Attire wants to know. I'd love to hear you talk to Steve about back as she is and how they may relate to Tiger woods. I don't you, you don't have the same back issue that he had no different issues, but he Tiger actually reached out to me this past year. Really nice gesture, yes, said he. I heard your struggling. We are talking about it and his deal is different and I'm thrilled for him a used car making to come back and eat ISA apparently doing really well in history. The latter rumblings arena About about him in his both your back, I sure hope so, yeah you may well be thou, be one of my two thousand eighty sports wishes. Yes, more tiger run run ideals. So his thing was different. Guy has a different issue, better news.
Talked about it? I already bad and it is what it is. What would you think that biggest flower shortcoming of MBA coaches, who aren't successful, could be that's from Louis and Chicken
What are what are most of them getting wrong if they're not reaching their team will number one. Most coaches are able to take the job they want right, and so, if you are able to and I'll go back to, Brad Brad was coaching Butler and I was I was in indian apples for the big ten tournaments and take human ground launches. Great I've never met him before he called me a blue and we need and we have lunch and he says on get all these overtures for and be a jobs. What do you think- and I swell in my experience you gotta- take the right job bs at the very beginning of your career at the beginning of your career, sets everything tat really taken the Laker job out of the broadcasting Boo, Phil Jackson, taken that you know you
Of talent grew, so if you can take the right job in the beginning, you said Europe, whole career and Brad took the right job. He didn't have talent, but he got six year contract and yet any Danny down and in the owners to Amelia. He knew he was the reorganization of the right organization. So that's the biggest problem like either David Fist Ill is, and I'm not. This is not hyperbole. These were the best coaches and really well he's fantastic. He's got an edge. Smart is not afraid to challenge players, but he ran into a difficult situation and a year Europe in less than a year and a half any is already far back ass. Brilliant is great, but he didn't really have a short using a user, an assistant in Miami. For many years he got chance for an mba job. He had to take it, but he didn't end up getting the support needed to stick around and I'm sure he'll have a second act because he's too good not to but thou. That's. My answer is that the the
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three frame, the question only using players who I have seen play cause. I don't I don't know what it was like to look across the bench and go my God here comes Bill, Russell Rear, and that's how I gauge all players now and as a player. It was like when you look out on the floor and you're like a man like this. Is the skies really something yeah and so from that ten point now it now I'm having trouble answering my name, The bride and Bridegroom in Burma magic Duncan yeah Cobby. Her came as a Cocoon Shack Shack and you can make a case for all those guys. I think Le Braun give
the body of work now, considering its year. Fifteen is averaging thirty, nine nine with fifty upset shooting, I think, that's whirl abroad, and separating himself I mean he's always been phenomenal, but going to the final seven straight yours is insane of people understand the emotional toll. It comes very Michael Jordan, one three strangers and then quit one the base rate or couple years he was fry. This is the best I am still in the journey camp. It that's. The best Lebaron argument is that Jordan was fried and went to play. Baseball had to take a break in the brain. Has this year after year, doing this year after several muscle in this is, I think, he's gotten better and better and he still still at the top of his game. So this is great. You buttering, upload branches. The smartest move right may grandma a method to define us tomorrow. Birmingham us now. Can you tell us what is that
was clay thing there clay as ever done most clothing. Ladies first warlike players, the best men. He really you love love these. I wish I was clearly not occur in the world yeah on June, the lowest mainland fire, you could ever coach and then everyone's while you get to see China clan yeah, you see his personality emerge. She, Sir he's up, there's a lot more there than people realize, like he's really sharp and witty, but he just doesn't choose to share much, and I dont have a specific story that willingness to share anyway by fair he's pays for first question
if that, with all your time playing in being around the NBA Douglas, wants to know. What's the single greatest performance you ve ever witnessed from a poor while, probably Michael when I was on the calves, I think it was ninety one reviews. Ninety any scored a career. I had sixty nine points at Richfield, Colosseum yeah any was some and I was like in my second or third year in the Lee. I was still sort of in awe of the whole scene, but that was like I've never seen anything like that. He was so far.
Above everybody else, in what he was too, he was so dominant. It seemed like unfair what was happening on the floor. Sixty nine and probably not probably like three threes, oh yeah- if that, yes, probably twenty five free throws, I just get into line anytime you once the first on my guard at him by the way was like a switch. Obviously, no coach would ever have meagre yet, but there was a switch and he did like his head fake and he faked one way. Then he faked the other and then back to the original way, and I was so faint out by the first fake that I was still there had size Please stand in front of him. I didn't I was too slow to go for the second fake. He had a faint himself out. I stayed in front challenge, shot me mister, nor is a time out and then the huddled when Money Wilkins goes Guy stance.
Jordan like by car. Just if I didn't have the hard to tell those by accident, carry you have never watched, I carry watching the files and then the caverns of, but never like night tonight and the stuffy he'll do that once again the somebody where his by He's gone one way and the other way and the other way and the guys just twist around like a pretzel, its carries amazing, is if it Lee that one NBA star was actually an alien, but the knee wasn't going to be revealed until tomorrow, where to find out this guy is actually an alien, not a human being, which player do you think it would be this question for me was the one question one iota I would say yes to at the yacht us. I think it's like a fifty percent chance. I'm that positive easier. I don't think he can. We do they data for, that it has human alien, apparently that one of the tasks there will have to check,
was a more satisfying winning entails a poorer winning is dead. Coach wants to know ran. Martin is just different. It's different! It's equally of satisfying. I know that's not the answer he was looking or but in some ways the coaching one in fifteen was just the most incredible moment of my career. Naga say was better than winning as a title. Buddy was different and it was. It was sort of shocking first year, coaching here and there, but the feeling is different because you feel responsible, Everybody yeah. When you play your color responsible for yourself an agenda, so yes, I love a little almost less control, fear playwright when your coaching, you can charge, but ultimately there doing everything in you just have to have less control, as well as a co chair, but more responsibility. Right is what am I like. This question from Scotland Khazar grew that
well. Hidden, Scott Levin was a letter saying I could just call me if he had a question for me. He was That is the ninety nine ring, feel like less of a ring than the others, in my opinion, NASA because that's an asteroid season season was ridiculous. Resiny play bill as fifty game season microwave season. They see release favour one of the solid for us to me, because I know that in oh dear other girl from desire whose trusting the process in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, if you like- The President United States had to fill your cabinet with former current NBA prayers, coaches and owners? Who would you put the point? The each post also please run for President Jesus once what's eating I'll, give you whose, whose year who'd you Secretary of State Sean Livingston
Its wits David West position, education? Is that president working for David President, West David West Internet seems to think he could be? Something? Are you doing yeah like he could see the governor of California for years, a sharp mayors sharp and only speaks when he has something point to say and listen he's good cause for a bench clear, brought to potentially for other purposes, but war ended wool separate. Everybody would end in two ethics. Have one great air and as our benchmark Braga, how we don't have time to more mark wager. Steve you played in the greatest win in Toronto, rapturous history on March, twenty fourth, eighteen, eighty six, the expansion raptors took them. Make women
what kind of shenanigans happened the night before cause such a terrible thing to be one of the great teams. Ever you can tell us Toronto is a wonderful city. It is a great place to that would sit. I was not. Schedule last, but at night lifeless I don't really remember. I was long time ago, in one like seven games a year, felt like a schedule. Also, should that be a thirty four thirty Migration documentary was do it Your opinion on the mandatory, mid game, coach interviews, the path famously hit so much unnecessary. You know it's awful often, and it's really weird. You know, especially in a play off. Came the first quarter, ones too bad, but the third quarter one week is you're in the game home. The first Gore one. You know you can count on the game. Just gonna go
if you don't want to do it, but it's ok but you're going into the fourth quarter and the games on the line everything's happening in your pr. Guy comes over Raymond, redder comes over, you, gotta go talk to J adorned AIR Hamburg, wherever, like its came several of the final forgotten, spades and- and I don't think the viewers get much out of it- I think the end game might up stuff him huddles grave and really does a good job of color, regular what they showed. What they don't show have you ever been burned by one of those make things never I wonder, I re my liberating the other day they whose yelling at a rough- and I said something pad and caught they caught on camera, but it was not the audio. It was just the camera caught me and I we all get caught without stuff. Sometimes, but we know if I ran a network, I would instead of having a sailor reporter a liberator liquid water,
Just say that I read well it'll native, and then he says it's like just being what's in and One could say that this is really interesting when the wrong game, seven, black! Isn't it Credible NBA moment says Joseph them. What was your reaction in the moment? Could you even react? Cause you're, so locked in? It was probably one of the great athletic moments in the history of basketball and attacks, in this pivotal moment of this game, you're trying to win and you're this guy, who loves basketball and is as a sensation of that does it even register and how many days later, you like holy shit that black now and if your fan registers immediately. Like my god, I was the greatest thing I've ever seen, but when you're coaching against that, it's like you.
Do we not get the two other well, not really because you're watching the Braun every night and you you know that those chase down blocks in our art, his thing and so even as its unfolding, it didn't feel like. Oh, my god, we gotta slightness, it didn't feel like this is an automatic to adjust, fell like others get this touch and go and and the guy who economy made the play was J R began. He made Andrei have to double clutch by getting under by swiping, underneath him and gone for the steel and Andrade God, just cave Leubronn just enough time to get up and login. Obviously phenomenal play. Did seventeen make up for sixteen these to think about sixteen, I don't think about any of em. I really dont gone for. Aid is keeping cookie gone and his it's great to have in your back
Orkut and its great norm, but it's not like, even as you know, with the rings as a player. It's not like. I walk around gone. Agatha five rings is player tools like yeah yeah. You know I got it now. I just want to have a good day. In our work. I want to win another one and I want a veto, wake up and feel good and we'll get to work out and go out to dinner in ITALY. I don't I don't look back too much, but I I realise and recognise how lucky I am to have played on her team and those experiences all mean the world to me. But I don't, I don't think about those I've read ask you: do you think that the staff of gun really complicated with the way people are in, alas, basketball now and people of just gone? Another letter on its been mostly really good. Do you feel, like its were started to head toward a baseball situation when people are just thrown out offensive rating plus mine, ass. All these different stats verses just
Like trust in the eye test, here is their balance. Hours. Timing is alive, I mean as it is it or innovation like we find the balance. We know what what's a bright to us and I know p r is not a great step in yes, it's you, it's really easy to find names and pr where you're, like one leg, is not better than him wise gallery or higher whatever. So we ve, we all find. We are finally important us and I don't. I don't really think about it from a fan standpoint. Do you care about it, for you from my plus minus line up still look at that, investigate it and study it in the air. We look at plus my I get a report every every game. Nevertheless, they dont use this on anyway. This is now working, please stop here, but but you can also cannot tell but it, but it validate stuff the journey thinking and it helps helps in your decision Process too, I like the puss minus four five men lineups. I don't like it as much for individual players because I think it a tickets to random and accept that stuff is like waiver
For everybody on, but that in plus the benches backs up what we will, we would have thought right just backs up what we thought, but but like it is something that stuff curry is far and away, and we may we have great players, our team avi small famers, but he makes us go get him in and that step shows like we. We have lineups without em, where we tread water and we do a good job and but he's a guy who makes the engine go in and when he's on the floor, even when he's not shooting well so amazing, how many games he's had were a slight. You look at the box cordially Pfeiffer, eighty Seventeen points, minuses, nice, plus thirty, two Pfeffer, just amazed at question. We didn't he is about how he's kind like the Randy MOSS of your team, where, even if he's having a great game liquid? What for the seven pats? Where
Everyone is so concerned about him. Yes, base that he ground with everybody told that's the thing I even that sought the game any employer. I was still there the team still has to worry that any open shattered his greens are really that's great screens, there's probably one of the best. In start, unlike in that year, Isn't she like stacked guides? Thirty started nemesis, very those for this was us, and thank you for this thanks to have already sent back questions to Thanksgiving Steve, her always great to do all the park ass with them mere make lombardy from the rear, Did you will elements? Does you after incline this, my wife, why'd you a little bit further there. Well, we have my wife. Winding about my faults and she really loves wine. That's why I signed her up for try wink dot com that made it so easy to get exceptional wines from all over the world delivered every month rate to our door. You know
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because a six who's got killed by yourself. Excise is really what you just did this kind of one or two gun like the day after you wanna just a kind of taught me where the right little bit I hope I dare say look a little bit just little, but I gotta get that, but I am neither centred and show up became play back to back aimed at his rage. I sent her die. It's unbelievable than the backup point guard heard. His shoulder, who I really like other teach mechanism, is really a good little play. I mean I don't know how they're gonna keep him. I mean he's. He looks so he could play Falada teams, ITALY, not just plain for the six other guys really good. I agree with and Steve Kerr NET Backpack has asked them a question about. Is J Mcconnell can be the best there's unaware guard about. I visit you to take the rhetoric on your stats I wanted to, I wrote about in the rear dot com Eli Manning, almost mailbag right feeding dessert, entire mailbag, but like two thirds alone, but then it had all section about case Keenum
who won my readers was saying, he's never VP candidate, which seems absurd right, yet again there to seed and he's played great and you and I both been waiting for this to kind of far apart, and I got this question think about it. Did some research, which I wrote in the confident about Leap, Bloomer, curies and there's been a lot of them races, not like an uncommon thing, fur fur somebody did you kind of seemingly added nowhere be supercontinent. I think rich gain is probably the best example rise. He was pretty late. He was eight hundred and thirty three by the greatest rich Gannon story of all time. I wrote this in my book. It's one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven I'm carrying bill washes books around and I'm following him as through the combat stopped short and looks down on the field and says who's that down there, and I said all that rich Ghana from Russia, Delaware. Turned to me and says: well, let's make sure my common goals and work him out. I like him. There was a thick. A threesome
look who's out of mackerel, Gladwell blink! There was a blink think right, so naturally, go, tell home Grand you gotta go to Delaware. He starts give me a hard time. You make me, go back at your hometown boy, which I didn't know rich at the time. So we go back. We end up trade for Steve Young, but but, Instincts that bill had on on Ganem were right and then get in ever blossomed until he got to Kansas City to continue, it took him ten years, but some of it was due to Andrew now. Remember he got drafted by the Patriot Jove as a mere remember. As a free safety, we came away for we're: u traded him for forty draft them and the fourth you gave up before you got a fourth barrier, so where's that Yeah he was on my reading. My point of this is: there was always talent there that people Saul about Ganem s neck, had the right match between scheme and town. So I went back and I looked up the there's really quality season fraud, these guys who were like late twenties, their later age, twenty Evan Romo match up aged twenty
Kurt one or mad aspect. Anyway, Janeway was prepared for couple years of age. When I Brad Johnson Brands Ape aged thirty, Steve, Garcia, aged thirty ones, young are that that was kind of dumb he's probably would have happened, France sooner if on a different situation, age thirty to warn mooning trick green each thirty, three Veni test, VERDI, aged thirty, four rich Gannon in that list does not include stand Humphreys, Jaffar Sattler, who basically quarterback Superbowl teams, where'd you put, is try green on that list. I dream is in there s age, thirty to Vienna and then dug Lamb, said Jim Pocket who hit rock bottom and came rack. This happens a lot more than I think we link and it actually hasn't happened or awhile? Are you make a case for GINO Psmith here now? How do you think of that? bowing Gabarus type, it maybe case kingdoms good. Maybe this is the next five years, a case kingdom, and then you go back like think about its eastern situation right, not a great situation anchors own aid is first year onwards.
That being the worst him the week goes to the rams. His plan for Jeff Fisher with your favorite receiver table Austin rack cycle savers there? Maybe he just has been a good situation. I think the unsung heroes of the Vikings has been Pat Shermer patch farmers them really good job. You know head coach of the brain didn't work out, but in Minnesota, he's really done it. Job and I think case kingdom has benefited from having a system that fits what he does and Anthea Islands, Some incredible plays, but you know they ve had injury semi. Could you imagine if the clap was up in Minnesota, they lost out and cook. I may well tell me last night on television about the devastation of losing Z Gala day while dating Minnesota Players Minnesota nine into, and they never mention they lost out and cook your like it's like only for the clapper, but I think Shermer Stone a credible job keynotes done a really good job of adjusting, and maybe the year United texting and the weekends going. This is the weak. It's gonna fall parquet scheme and we ve been saying that efforts romance
It doesn't happen. I don't think it does. I willingly any really does have chemistry with Feelin. That's either tat his eyes have chemist, I with their top other. It's like Brady Ottoman level. At this point. Thirty eight once go one way or the other and keep him sit known like in stride. We're like before anyone knows. What's gonna, I think the team believes in him to look he's got this giant burden of Teddy Bridgewater Pang at over many spit, I I don't know man and not a richer. I gotta know where that is so: if they do that, they're gone backwards, quiz impossible, their use that to motivate kingdom in the team a little bit. I think so that not make him feel too comfortable I think so. I think they don't want I'm never just turn the keys overtook do believe deep, believe or you actually leaving in a mummy he's done some really good things, and I at the other thing I didn't get benefits case Keenum more than those other places you mentioned. Is he can punt so that fence cannot have to feel like it has to always just write it out. Events is growing, I can you look at Jackson was team and I don't we make funnily tonic all the time, but Jacksonville steam haystack.
Has two personalities right. They had a personality when they're in the lead defensively their great and then when there events is behind or not as great right? So it's the same thing with quarterbacks when they can play from an fraught, which case kingdoms been able to do he's a much play in some of those other situations. You know he's per If I don't make this throve upon it back, you know we're gonna be down. Where is when you can put the ball, and you can know you don't every down and distance isn't like life threatening. I think that sends a sense of relief to him. He's had a couple more I just wanted to see, might the wheels or about come off like the Redskins game, they had a big led down and made a couple terrible: what you said Frozen IKEA and it was like. Ok here comes case. Keen- and this is the case cinemas waiting for then he kind of settled down at that get in the ranch game. Others but in that and on Thanksgiving I thought he was pretty good too them is anyhow,
the monkey game of nine thirty in the morning West Coast Time- and I don't know he say the seven cutty makes too to root Randolph down there. I mean it's really rude off. I mean it's really good. I'm a he's here. A tremendous job look of hanging in the pocket he's taken the hits they ve got a really good job of it. Methods of wine and they haven't identity of who they are office, which is critical most of these teams no identity, so the quarterback as to make the play and do this do that? I don't I, there a market for a guy who's, a late develop, or I do think, and maybe it is like- I watch Blenkiron on Sunday Sunday and I thought he actually gave its been good for a couple weeks filing when we thought he was going to be, and it gives way other jack straw hat Gabert. Now they probably would like I'm a lot better near. Sometimes Sometimes it has its like air. It's like training that they have to go through it while the game slows down, and maybe the game has slowed down for case keener. Well, it's pretty much impossible for them that the data to right now,
because these are gonna be the one seat unless stages completely clear which they adopted there were. I don't think there were that to me. That's the end bp. Italy are made to me. As I read that ETA. I don't even think that any more like whence arrayed it's like it's, it's whence. There's no other way bright, Brady as a whole system in place and guy ceased to throw into whence as a second year guy with no weapons here here it makes it even more remarkable whence? Is that the page that that the Eagles had had the third most Third and sixes in the league. Only Buffalo and cleave on those two high powered offences, yeah more third and sixth than the Eagles, do know. How is that possible right? You say that can and this is the eagle what does because the eagles daughter, stouter and then whence makes a great play, and then he another grand. The only thing he does is he held the two or three plays a game when the defence has any good out of it somehow and gets a first down and those are the ones its it. When you
at against egos are when you really against them, like those of the ones that just ruined yeah, my god? How do we back at home? If you watch the Eagle game is older and third down, we got em now. This is when there at the eagles on third down average, more yard per attempt than they do in first now, which is down. Of in the annals of football, and yet there but to do it, they converge more there better Third, in six or more than the the ravens. And the browser at third down period emits remarkable he's, got something with arts, Ben come along other I'm still not hundred percent sodden on earth been able to stay in the field for two moments Jeffreys come on. I wrote that he's. This pieces, Rogers, there's pieces, Iraq, the spider in those pieces of Wilson with them who s these see with with Roger Stall register. Background we were away, but I made her taste confuse ever who take you shall I guess it is developed. Lombardies cheating on Europe is sick. Watching your girlfriend was somebody S. I've missed a very, very hot.
The Jersey, supported in a register back unless got little Roger stall back into a gap. To me, it's a combination install back a rather smaller yeah because he- gets out this body, I don't get along whistle he makes plays and He escaped some things like what I mean. I was a redskin van growin up, so I watch stall back closely and we would have em diamond tablet will look like he was gonna. Get him Chris Amber is going to tackle. Almost all back makes a play. The three out of it was just so annoying right. That's me is what once is done once makes It's like you just don't think so. There is Rogers to him. So too can comprise the analogy that three sixty spin that reduced. Animals and has a nobody assess any sees the field? Is I level down? The field is remarkable. He's not looking like flat go to check it down once he's in trouble, he's gonna throw up the field and if you know, if you dont have a coordinated ass rush against them. You're gonna, like the Redskins, there's elements of the redskin game by redskin games that really gave him trouble
and of Seattle, borrows from that Kansas City had a little bit of a two. If you the way to beat the Eagles, isn't you're gonna stop him is you're going, to control, rush him and keep him in frontier, so here's. That is what you would say against whence and the Mvp campaign paints so far. Hasn't really gonna gets any definite, is the best ones I'm looking. Carolina. Had I ass a little Caroline and maybe the chargers ye Carolina had em in the charge regain their round the bonnet and the game. There I mean you would have said the success we can, but there they ve been decimated right. The saint, the housing, the Eagles in the ito, the Eagles need eagles, need a backward. The eagles need like two weeks of just really hard games, because there are not enough got this thing at this in the rams this this game this week in debt, in their favoured by six, which I thought was insane. I've got unbelievable It just seems like everybody, rinse Seattle off, which is dangerous, caraway use that hasty
fully Russell worsen. Will use that he's deftly you do you know they would therefore the crowds going to me into it and their good. That's a proud team. That's not just gonna roll over whose lost the greater its game, whose lost twice at home and ensure their the three wins at home. They been by three points. Only block aim was the coke game and they were behind it have time and again rest. So this is in a team. That's one at home. Convincingly said. I think this is why the lions going way up, because that a law or that that cachet I've been attached to the field is gone, people have gone and there. Redskins when any one you say will look at the Redskins can beat on anybody could beat him right based on what the Russians look like last night. I think this is a game. It's an important game for the Eagles cause. Eagles need to get toughened up, egos need to have a child. In game from a really good coach against a cogent and make a just and go from there and see how to handle it. Do you feel better the Peter Centre. Now I feel really good their defence indolence and once
I really do I don't sticking against a lie out as you rat Mackadoo last year, even when there are ten insects are made, everybody gave me crap about that. Look I think other shorts has done the eagles, the league in possessions inside their own Twa inside the opponents. Twenty, they have seven there's twice other teams in the NFL that, two or less think about that bill, I mean this is: their defences really goes a year Tommy. At some point, though, Petersen is gonna. Make me some money. Some point did the dvd. I know you don't love advanced metrics cause. You, like my dad, in order that the vast metric scale confusing stem the time that was the tape razor. By the way I was it had set out spot checks for anyone over fifty it's just and by the way, I'm forty eight. Some of us there, tv away.
Rams. Number one Philly number two saints number three Pittsburgh for Minnesota: five. Now here's where it gets nuts Baltimore six. I like to know what they're watching like that to me, like a Baltimore, again scared, that's a ladder schedule at schedule based event, a couple shut out that schedule that they had three shots Baltimore, but you watch Baltimore, I mean they had it. I mean if Tom Savage was was a legitimate avail. Quarterback they're gonna lose their game. You know so it's like. I look idle on not accidental that I've still upstairs Jaeger World where time savages illegitimate, wherever it is a sleigh carefully was I mean the am not against the dvd I think, there's relevance to it out. As I ask you how you have to shape
in framing in a certain way and look at it. I mean the eagles have have benefited from a really really benefit schedule. That's been friendly, Amelia schedules are about, will quarterback renovation right me! That's really what it comes down to you. Don't look at the schedule say all we're get reapply, ok, You play in Minnesota, they ve got case keen now it's a little bit better than you would have anticipated. But if you looked like give me the like red, the quarterbacks really has played from Alex Smith CARE Newton every point have decent. That's one of the things you and I love to look at what quarterbacks did you put right cause? Some of these themes I gathered the rams are pretty good example. These themes, you psyche plan of murderers, Rove, mediocre too bad quarter. Yeah I mean like the Ramsden and the Rams the ram. For some it to be the rams it's gonna require the best defence of France have beaten around. So does beaten RAM, Seattle, beaten, arrests, the rams you have to beat them with your front. I will say, though, because What's that whole Rams Vikings game, and I thought that was a good learning experience for them because they praise that did it make cup drop the couple big path,
huge back next week. He was also right, but I think that was good learning experience from them. They were in their game and on other planets were safely? We did Philly needs one of those kind of gave. Let go our young guys, gonna come through a rat, IBM Jeffrey has been the x factor for them. She started to look like the Jeffrey that we kind of were terrified of honour There's Kubi are another advanced metric, that's pretty flood. It's probably better and quarterback rating, but I saw language what a map of the great really good Kubi thing Watson is first out for the keen him second whence Third Brady forth. Ran fear that actually sounds reasonable. They got right. I mention this because your bottom, your bottom six going backwards, can guess who's where in Cuba Irena our severe the scenarios. The worst would you think, Tate Mitch Tibiscus twenty two
when you're in twenty five and cubey our year year year is a calamity so he's twenty two Keyser twenty the ship with who did so come. Where did you come Keyser goes out of those, so so geysers US story, five point: six c J, Bethel twenty nine point, six coins or thirty two point: four, as they were plenty more Simeon. Thirteen point: five is not playing where Joe You and Joe Flacket nigher than these guys come on. Don't tell me the high set out as an hasn't had enough caused plated. I've gives it the best. Quarterback League, as we know, is Mohammed Zanu Et Cetera forty yards in traffic. It did you see that. Actually it was unbelievable eggs for sex and they were all thy covered guys. It's really unbelievable, but you and I mean the raven Fans, though, I'm not positive, the general public does and there's gonna be a moment when we can pick and better
and so you don't bet- but I do what we can pick and bet against. Lacking at the moment is getting arrive at some point in its gonna, be like a rainbow in the sky, it's gonna be beautiful. I can't wait. It's too good. I mean parable like this week against a short like: ok, they their last they had twenty two plays. Were twenty yards the season? That's all they ve had, alas, in Vienna, twenty two and we and where eleven week said, I had two to kick the rams, the patriots, all those teams there in the sixties and seven right- I mean there get you know like how do you be, then, if you make explosive points right like for every job. If you get twelve drives a game and you want to scorn the twenties you gotta make a lease bore explosive place during a drive for this is the dead brand conundrum right yeah, that's exactly what it is like People get like you can get excited you one last night, the cowboy fancy, but that was because the Redskins, We even have a team. There have thirteen, we knew and Christophersen went out, though that was Sylvia. That was, he was even though, maybe the stats than a hundred sounds like that one.
That's I love twenty plus plays by receiver right. Twenty pussyfoots, so it comes Munich could be surprised. Who is the leader of this category? Would you think this robber would Antonio Bre Coiner Hopkins? Has eighteen Coolio Jones, sixteen Adam They went sixteen and then coming in number five, one of the guys who carry my fantasy team to the playoffs away where pickup temper zone. Robbie Anderson resume sixteen twenty plus plays days. What are the best receivers of the leads remark is ain't. Nobody can cover M he's fast. I made. He really has Rabby Anderson happen, a virgin you're that he has affected the fat waiting around me, and I was talking to that rule whose head coach Beller about this, so he's he's it's easy temple and people had scouts had perception that he was a bad kid. He is he
He has still still unclear by the way threaten us remained in eyes. I would say he's kind of got some attention deficit in only like he's. Gonna get a coach hit him at the newspaper this week, the right! So, if he's a needs be able to be compliant with his his stuff that takes and when he did, that he's pretty good but role Was it like he's not like one of those guys you have to worry about being a north Philly weren't, he was, it was more about, is how the Moorish brothers exact couldn't take a deep breath. The pats have two guys in the top ten brain and cooks and ground Caskey. I think we can call that. Could said one of the better trades we ve had the NFL we're both teams are tall. Wrapping would do it again read day. We think sort of saints got the offence of land management. I really need because our lines, but a minute China had injuries and I've had a move people around and they needed to get better front in the run of the football they good has benefited them and they work on a site I made. It hits hurt the Red its hurt, their passing gay
Because the agreement had able, as an agent of the Saint passing aim, is- and I mean that's, what makes me worry about the db away on the saints- is not sure how good they really are on offer on on the passing game. I think we're sure yeah, don't think they're very good I worry about like last week. They really struggle to separate from the ones is no from the rams covered. They could really get away from the rams. Corners you know, is ensuring that their game, they pivoted mid game for what they are trying to dolphins awake. They thought there in a throw like the first quarter, and they just couldn't over time. They struggle to protect it, couldn't protect that could emerge bar and then their kindness which, to like this power running game and on these compare a little bit and that work, but they did too late there were they had far too far behind. I think the saints have a lot of trouble, throwing in which is weird, I presume fantasy.
My year he's. Is that not haven't he's not precisely red? Haiti have been greatly EVA weapons either. I don't think I think that's the point about the cookie. I think they miss cooks. I would they replaced a good player. They gotta go player back from so I'm sure they will do it and what they really need an explosive play receiving. You think I don T think they thought it was was neither will I obviously was an inside slot guy. I think they felt like they could compensate with it. They felt like they could put. Buddy out there, whether it's you know that the kid from rockers that Whoever might and their Michael Thomas is a really good plan But he's a requirement for workers and Michael Thomas has been good, so I think they felt like they had enough income. Error has been really dynamic, but there is not as explosive in passing aims. I thought so. How does camaro ago woozy third round has that happen. So Camargo universities of his teeth, raising these five star recruit for MAC Bride, Ok Eddie goes to Alabama and he gets Alabama. I've got all these back, so decides the transfer, and there are some debate whether what happened at Alabama all that he goes to it
cause. He goes to Tennessee, they have to get the money back and I find that jail, and I think it was this kid heard, or there is another back whose now at bay or as a receiver. At ten. A m: who's a really good player and he was the started when he comes in and he was a good pilot light. Marcus alimony ran ass, was planned behind him and then tendencies in this one back. I mean the college football, so mess with how they run the ball. They really it's yard to evaluate, run a backs in college, because they're, all and spread Nineteen did you like? I owe you everybody loved them tomorrow, they talent apply. I may think that there were too many good running backs in this draft. I think it's Isaac. It was like, I think, my clutter theory. It came through. I think Camaro got hurt by the fact he wasn't at one place, long time and there wasn't a history of his skills that everybody loved there wasn't that the negative on camera was not like cook, which was off. The field. Worries There was some with Camara Nixon too mixing yeah, I'm election was document, and I mean it was. There was
there was no implication there. So now everybody camera Camaro good player it. Just that what happens is there on a box is every though I gotta back, you know like? Could you imagine if you put like if you're the raiders right and you put camera on the raiders like what I don't understand this is the hardest thing is when you re spread team. The back makes the spread better. That's why I keep sent about the Louis when Deal Louis's in the game for the advocates the rejuvenated. Then there are much better team, because you're worried about him run in the football in between the tackles you're worried about him catch and screaming. You worry about everything and that it sets up everything when you just James White back there. You just worried about passes it. If he were the ball inside. You live with it. Yeah right, you'll live with it, whereas now the patriots have gone, the other way, thereunder centre more than most teams in league are anyway, which I think we have to be like the only chance you have to beat a really good events in the NFL is to get under centre at times the recipe for this report planting there's lots of different once we were talking on the phone yesterday, S and the team that has the court.
Already has a decent to better coach, but then hits their draft that I guess the catches No, you don't really know until the seasons going, whether the team at their draft and wrote the sensors great example they just they nailed their draft thrown out quarterback in place already good home field of vanish and now they're headed tenant sex. With that said, I still think they could slip, because somebody is gonna fall out of this it. I find it hard to believe that this can be three and of Sea South laughed aims. Workers are wrong. I play but I don't know where all a minute- if Seattle winds this week, if Sciatic Seattle, when the Vienna ones. I don't think so. I was gonna win this week, but of Seattle wins this week in Seattle. In a look that Seattle, a funny team that day respond when their backs to the wall they own. Be very careful, put in filling a teaser power. They are laying exactly the better team are fully aware that it be said. That is what I would say if I would caution there, but
Seattle on the rams could could offset that south. I think the Seattle team could offset if they win this week. If they dont, then You know. Look Russell Wilson makes a lot of place to don't underestimate him, so we got because when this week maybe but either way there going to be the number one seed strike, I haven't Lana Bidding Minnesota. That was my pixelate and leg. I think Atlanta can throw in Minnesota. Bullet would say that happens Atlanta dating for, Minnesota, benign and three rams when in Arizona they're, not in three Atlanta Four Caroline in New Orleans, both in three one of them, would be for one of them will be nine and three Caroline is getting for you and I, like Carolina Banal, Mccaffrey certain low concerned control, shot into Scots journals, Janshah get suspended so that really like to meet New Orleans. I guess day when the wallaces, all about their defence or front loosen trials Johnson, just really that affects them. Did you know that and if a person I never heard of such a thing tat. You know this tape did
season just fly where their Charles Dancin Mccaffrey he's got them. And show their you're fine. Yeah can neurons lay a car in it. Are you confidently reorientate Tafia, confident yeah? I think after this week we're gonna now with the the end of seekers. Seattle, my just get killed by the Eagles and whereby whether done like sick of heresy at Seattle, Skype at Seattle was a tough schedule. If they do, they have a tough, they have a tough road. I think they have to win. This gave us what I mean. I think this is all or not- and this is all in tape- razors says around if they Lucy was on the geometry Park, as he said, if they'd away what she's predicting that the dollars there are great. So we should Can you do the Saturday sit down tat? You pick five game right Europe through them You guys did unbelievable fer a couple weeks will neglect clout and then what happened yet gamblers seem like all lombardy knows we start by they climb down. Yet couple
one bad weak, the glad the Matias went away, and I now you're on fire again. I think this is a What to say to throw away game for the banks. But it's not a muslin. They basically have the devil. Atlanta this week at Carolina next week and then each schedule, the last three they have to unwanted next to you. I don't think they have to win this Atlanta game Bennett, Lana Hasta, when alone has to win its must run. They get latticed planet. There gray aware at the lowest point before I was telling you you re worried about a four month, because I keep thinking a lavish, just gonna stumble and it look every chance. A lotta gets in the fourth quarter. You're nervous idle cure even last week ass, I may there you're always little than ever real running back anymore, sir, but my thing with my thing: but I don't want you lose a run about your often shuts down to your internet. I mean everything unites the thing it's like. Even when there are ten, they don't have the guy who run what, but my there overcame it. The reality in America can overcome or on a back losers Dallas. So you just had clapper, it's tough!
I will say, though, the reason I didn't give up on atlanta- is the same reason like when I watch basketball. I was look at the shots, the teams, getting celtics? Last year there are winning and then at the fifty wins and a lot of it had to do with like in the fourth quarter, Isaiah just made these crazy shots brush say we're getting in the game. Weren't that good against good team said. I was always like deep outcomes. When we play a really good defensive team. I worry about the shots. I watched celtics this year. These get some shots like carry just gets fantastic shots and he gets everybody s good shots in the movements there. At least the first nine weeks. I thought the place where there are that Ryan was plain: shitty he's missing, throw you now now he started to make up and who LEO's involved and I think that's a dangerous even with sarkisian who neither of us like, I think, I'm a
with young at one either galactic and make the wrong and they give ever pass our stag into his business back and at another Galactica play it like. I think you have to match it up. The hoop can can somebody compete against the eagles. Me. This thing everybody's got this backwards, everybody No, if you can play against whence the key to beating the Eagles is gonna be, can you match up to their out their defence? Yes, ultimate. The front? Seven asperity service? Really, if you can move the bottom like like Eli, did we three or something when they had a chance. You know or reds rested early in the season. Redskins, almost one that can Redskins should have won the game me wet and Kansas City. The boat. When you can move the bottom it Carolina had opportunities, but they can was so bad in that game, but I think that's going to be the teeth when they play a team that can't move the ball like Chicago and Denver and San Francisco. They owned them super bowl, ads, pat surplus, two hundred and forty. That means you better hundred went to forty
yeah yeah at other times. I know you understand gambling, the least, if you think them said the total eagle, plus three sixty second best. That's still where's six to one job like anybody the steel as I myself that anybody? What are they gonna, steal or spill out when you, when you d to such a Longfield goal, to be Green Bay with bread hungry at hold his sloppy Amy? This bears to coaching little shaking that's the thing. It's games purpose about details, and, if you don't now, those deep they like last night last night was the ultimately called the non, they should have called it. The non detail gave cousin your team other details now that the cowboys obviously were better than the Redskins, but the relevant for Turner. In the first act, but the Redskins everything they do is sloppy. By little I get on my bed vikings, a tenuous saints fifteen ones Falcon sixteen one rams, sixteen one. I don't think anybody.
I think I think, you're using your Boston celtic logic. I think, when the rams have had a play against teams with good defender, maybe airway, that that people have understanding how to handle them Minnesota. Really I know they missed. Some throws Minnesota took girly away. Yet put you know they knew how to go. I ought to make my right. The thing is, what's with what I think is old, misleading about db away is the rams and the eagles these teams and of the patriots donors. Much people think they piling day pilot area and they get like the rest. The Eagles, like the best team in the fourth quarter, the rams you all the best him in terms as they keep score yet that they keep we light that we like, when the teams are hungry right at. I think that's a good deal to say it's deceiving. Sometimes it's a little bit deceiving. Here's? What his? Why? I think the rams our little frisky is a sleeper for the super two fuckin fast, so fast he lacks eminence Ike. Offence defence disguise flying around and round to-
like you, gotta, go away and ran to the area can be fly, the parameters that are actually better on the road in your home again ramps are really good on the road. They done a nice job with that, but I think the rams look. The way when you can score points like the Rams can score points. You're always gonna, be asleep. You're, always gonna be a threat to somebody. Does he get? You know you could go on, but when I remember that the twelve teams I get to the plaza the final, a those you usually have really good coordinators on both sides of the ball, and that's usually, the chest match starts to take over and that's what really where some teams and waste on a really good job, Tits Panthers, twenty two one cross a now. I if not cross at him off now, because the camps like like him, ass it even played have decent yet like camp, they doing rotate like camp. They like. I keep waiting for cam to play better but like to play close to be eating play closer that they could be a dangerous team. I think the Charles That's an injury really hurt him. Now I mean them in that
now the play I get it. I was gonna get whatever. So we named Patsy, steers, biking, saints Falcons rams, maybe panthers. That's a teams. Usually, when we go to the plans, we have seven teams that we think are suitable thing. I think Guiche Powell. This happy the eight yeah, I think so ugly some here, a couple other options: the brake tonic. Thirty one cross them off high let's see how you can't win? Look if they go play somebody and get the lead on. That's my fear. They go to New England and they get a three nothing less Ed, knowing England hears will enable him to at abrading here's one doing little doing little figure out that if we keep them and base defense, we keep their password. Love the fear that we keep Callias Campbell from line up a defensive, tackle and russian over the guard, and we keep and and we raw and we play nickel. We play a nickel game out a based personnel which the very capable of doing, because they can run the ball That leaves them on the field or go no huddle an up and biological do
living in his power to get a fourteen point, eight or ten point Lena first gonna make Blake Tonic have to play, then I think it becomes a struggle I don't enjoy a formula for plant Jacksonville, make him play based events on first and second down, throw them out of their base. Don't try to run the ball into their base, keep their worst events, alignment on the field, throw and get the lead and that's how you play em, but most people just don't do It's like last night, a charge, you crazy, the Redskins are the worst human, a team in a league. Just why won't we line up in two minutes stability when lined up in two minutes? To start the game right the JAG side, I would say they would study the Sanchez jets play off pats game. That's the recipe right. What a timely jets, you Sanchez Neck AIM, that's ease borders right, excite makes it make it so Sanchez can't but borders. Is it even as good a sanch out is that I got bored at what message as who's that the League Jack's at thirty one chargers, forty two one, I may look the charger, I would say there the third best day of sea team in charges. You got shit if Bela check changed. So
at half time of the charger gave me do you know anything about what would the cap Georgia be about it with coach in that the charges are get. They are good Will we hilarious if there are made by us ever not some cross enough chiefs, titans ravens bangles? We the chief there there I may have seen race for Alex Smith. It's over tat. She should not a good team. We should mention and the remainder facilitate data you do this Sunday nighters we do Sunday night and now we have two phrases in three and out he s a hosting a team, ousted NATO. We we're just work, entail legged job, look at it, tyres before you go, you watch you godfather, wanted to add thanks, given love that it was so good when this time, when you watch did, did you pick out anything tomorrow at the godfather that I've seen a hundred seventy five times. I always learn one new thing or or notice. One thing that I never noticed now
no I follow loaded cited. I fall in love with different, like I'll like I always love Clemens, but like sometimes like this time ass his comments as the he's that the envy pay of it, but he's like best supporting just like one. I want more Clemenceau one on one lenses. Amazing, I want more. I want. Frank potentially- and I want more Clemente like Jimmy that's one other the grew Let me now that a new Garrick replace him while he pip. I can't imagine of a better one, act or refuse to do the two? We want more money and they replaced them with Frank. And tangibly, which was frankly five fingers. I mean that they could. It could have been a better reply me now that a new Garrick replace him while he pip. I can't imagine of a better one. Could you Tom Brady, replacing jouberts? Maybe the habit not doing godfather to come on commends. How do you turn our demands? Are? What are you doing now? Do you turn the winner? Other options you like like and we see six thousand ridges.
As the flaws I was zoom in on it. They saving the kitten, takes him, pretty fast there. Yet goes to see her she's a school teacher. Yeah she's got like twenty five kids. There, they're going heading this sum Parker Libya park. He stops are here. She had seen with five years he's gotta he's got an entourage. She's got as Canada Thrash as heard from him. At all I mean they don't have mafia red on the side of the car, but just its heads knew he was marked vehicles that ITALY married somebody else. Their cattle to act is a K. K unit to be together. Come with me within three minutes leaves the kids just get in the car. We want about your kids. The movies Yahoo. Three hours will get got a headache, a dense everything that happened in the twenty five kids did they have they can offer the park. You know probably the parrot call? The parents picked him up at the school corner? I get that one. There is a lot of horrible wives and girlfriends is that I love and I think
Corleone performance in Godfather one is is the least redeemable performance female that again raising a battery tab every scene with her she's terrible. I always wanted. I always would say my hey. That's the one thing about the godfather. I always feel like it is if sunny would have lived or if Michael could come back with Apollonia at like if things like. I said it's a great. What, if movie I had to create life, I had to get look browser you live in. It said I couldn't Maura LUCA like to mobilise answers. They always say House MIKE how Michael would have been different it we would have been if, if Ferber Fabrizia would have killed us grew his wife, I dont, know sunny Miss destined to die. I think that was made. That line comes out when we're gonna happen when, when one veto court
nonsense. I never thought sunny was a great Don God rest, his soul. I now know eight attic tell this house knows that that was the kiss of death. It hey tat way. I don't want my father say you enterprises, you know, you'd, probably marijuana my son to be a barber. He was probably right data, my first, page two hundred and ninety Spn. I did a red Sox column, end of the year awards for the two thousand and one red Sox in a used like fifty godfather, quotes and handed out the godfather quotes. So I watched I was ready to act as they didn't have like the internet. Then there's some writing in transcribing the quotes. I was like so deep in its she's. The best it's for its roots like one more than two, but I think I think I think too, be a better movie ones. A little dated
I'm a little slow like eight. It's got a couple abrupt at sending Copa knew what he was doing more with two, but don't you feel I want more entertaining. Don't you think one we could like have like in either the godfather for where they actually went back and relieve the fifties? And yet I got there so much more before veto gets killed that that could have been told a story if Netflix said were made returning godfather into a series. Would you be care without enough. I would be all in. I would be all, and can we too may agree that data into being under represented, ran out with with movies tv yeah. I actually They then it gets a godfather surprise Us Brock's, they bumped robot allies, see now we would ask that we have. We got bumped out by Buddhist. Would that's why we're that's? Why we're watching the same five hangs over and over again I know I've come up with a new one, surmount assessment for ten years. I now I wish I wish we could get somethin. I I need another mafias, something Y know
that's posts to be ready for these guys, but I'm a hundred percent ready for them. What I want, I think that would be. I think we need something like that. Back per year. The annum Corleone a godfather to really good I came here. I re what what really family was import? Family fingers proved out. Road of could have fallen upon, after one. She went on a vacation, the queen Marian. She came back, whose purpose so that your travel. Really. Some sees that Miko she's like when you killed my husband I did I swear. I was going to forgive usually out here to highlight and not the three was any good, but she actually ends up being like a bit his costly airy. Frida so weak. Loves you so weak that stimulate this out and have seen in the freight kills me the most worrying. After your reaction was on the Godfrey, the godfather. We should in fact be seven hours. It could be a long time. I am afraid I was sitting there with it. With that sweater. Look out over Lake Tahoe he's
lose a he, so bad Betty Self Deception lose issued a shot all right there. You don't talk to me like Belgrade, like TAT, I told When did the raiders? You have to put a plaque when they move to Vegas. You have to put a plaque in like a closet and just make it more groom. Activists have been other about ray of Inner out a plan that is as frayed. I was. Actually I think Davis has done a really good idle de guiche radio. Their way or their ways and when I go, I dont know if he's quite Michael, but geese somewhere in the middle somewhere in the middle of may be cutting good, very poor freighter he's. So we also make lombardy pleasure. Thank you. Thank you. Bill thanks to seek for twenty two hours after first seeking purchase and obey tickets use promo code, Bs Mba, thanks to the ring it
com, you can find my Isla meaning Mailbag plus a whole bunch other football staff, as well as the trailer for our under the giant act with HBO on the ringer dot com to reopen the ringer pack has now, where the judge erratic back ass launch this week. Binge Bode returned this week, thanks to Stamp Stockholm, remember, there's a better deal better way than dealing with the post office people. We love the poster. Give me to stay home, use my code bs for this special offer from stamps dot com before we, trout, plus posted plus the digital scale, without long term commitments, cuz, stamps, dot, com, click on the microphone and taps on page typing, vs stamps dot com. As for the holiday season, I think a great weaken the ring it outcome will be back on Monday.
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