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Summer Hot-Air NFL Story Lines With Mike Lombardi, Tate Frazier, and Joe House (Ep. 246)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by The Ringer's Mike Lombardi, Tate Frazier, and Joe House to discuss the most ridiculous NFL offseason talking points, including Andrew Luck being overhyped (14:00), Odell Beckham Jr. being overrated (26:10), Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson's relationship (32:32), Kirk Cousins's contract (37:00), and Cam Newton's scrambling style (45:30). Then, they make a few sleeper predictions for the 2017 NFL season (56:00).

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I think we're on pace for sixteen pieces. Payday, Taylor has, doesn't, work is he's been here in allowing eating food and he's in a coma I'd like to drink a case, a Miller, light to cope with a patriot, weak I love you and J Group should have your own way together here gruesomely he's gonna Jirga case a Miller like watching her cousins and finding work. To you by our two, newest pack. Ass ringer FC sacrifice as Chris Rain ran handling. Computers eventually is not in the first one. But they're talking about soccer for the soccer and by the sacrifice. Not much difference has the curves for them by the hungry and us of the reactor bulls. We launch this week on now and the first one anyway, a few good men. We broke down We broke down a few good man to the point that, like I didn't look out for the point of what position the Tom Cruise Plan, the soft, our team? That's how deeply when I, soft MA am size shortstop, but
Think the other guys, the team, resenting them because he's really should have been second basement on that because they have raised now, but I think he put himself right areas like this others I gotta run job just pay. Second, he's that he was deafening, they're gonna movie. This has brought to you by the Ringer packing network, including this one, MIKE Lombardy, Joe, has hesitate. Frazier are coming up a first project Here we go to MIKE Lombardy, we're about three Gm Street and we started talking. I needed a podcast at your house is here and we ve been eating food all week. Which you can watch food year Journey on Instagram account at risk
That's our Instagram Maria Novi Joe but I believe how much true dvd. I don't believe how much our vision we want a single revaluing, add Chinese. We went to cater for the patty around in the world who started wholesale owing burgers, your mom made Brazil's and remember I may and sausages. What anything had well, then we have the borders of their way, the pastrami Army for dessert and we're not even then yet so you may. This Maria when you do in a commercial tiger, see that's how I love this reality. But she looks really good enough, but this advanced at the back so every week and the ring manifesto, you guys do Gm Street tat in Lombardy, yeah ass. An hour like just put. The base and we then ass, an eternal bs biogas to do
thing, we're gonna chime in, but then I add that at the tail end after you go through wherever tat show structure is I wanna talk just to adjust the late sprinkling of football bets? Ok, that we talk about, but eight take over I'd, say: dollar, you do the Steve Young Montana just sit on the sidelines of the corporate yeah. This is, this is gonna, be a word when I feel like it strange merely sitting right there, but now I'm sitting right here in the normal Wilson and see Ya Lombardy Gm Street. Your back as a result, we found them bargains in the studio and quite some time. He did even know that we move the pot. Guess we tricked in unison, wandering around the locks, never win. Supertanker, yeah and he's gettin tyrants got that and latterly horny shirt on Nike EAST over the shirt assure the summer I bought one for my grandson says home: it's right there, the only two of us born in the state of New Jersey. So he claims that Dominic, and so I had to get him.
Sure that boobs bear the name somewhere proudly for so he went to a lot of camps when you're in these ghosts. Obviously, what as the number one highlight while on these coasts, went to the jets eagles patriots, of course, Gary's one highly ones to highlight. Is that, like the giants, receivers like watching beckoned and precarious work out going through the roof It is a little bit like it's really impressive. Chris Carter was always struck me as like a guy that when you watch in catch them on pre game. Warm up. It was like remarkable. Like his hands were like you just there's, nobody should do that with their hands. I thought beckoned me. Like that. I wasn't like I'm not sure they didn't. Like the one hand, it has like it had little balls at our eco points, coming off any catches on behind his back. I may thus like really weird things you can do his eye. Hank weren't It is really remark. Take. That is the difference in Basque, above all by the in India, Escobar, you celebrate the staff and its exe,
have courage. Warming up! All this is amazing. Watch says he makes eight straight thirty, five footers and in football insight Take your helmet off, don't play the stuff. I might. I would love. Whatcha Doin Becum grab football from some garnered some points backwards and why can I watch that is now nine? It's probably not probably some baby, somebody in the stands a film in it, but that's like what they get her only to go where they try to let people in early to watch carry shewed right in the wars. Like we're good, I was trying to get people here, and so you could see it or camp. But to me there guys have such unique skills catch them all. I Chris Carter was, I really like. He was amazing and I can watch him becum. He was like that Conversely, what's the list by the way? Is there? Is there like amount Rushmore for that a hands yeah? I remain on the list. The house,
You may remember this guy. We signed them as a free agent, Mandela check and I were in Cleveland. An old plan be keen and MC carnal arenas hands. I've ever seen Arena Chris Carter type hands but close, but he would any was slow. That was the room was an eye. It was not slow but of course, what we were so stupid. We let Tom coffin come into our practices to lead evaluate this is a ninety. Five before wires became a team and ninety six and cautious course he he stole, and I was a kid and carnal from us and he went on to have a really good career with mark, but now, but he had hands like do you know you everybody grace hands on a scale of one than one. The nine right and the six in the four hands are pretty much the same, though just inconsistent. You know I watch you one day Rebecca x, I watch house the next day might be, for them The same thing was his hands after the re, but like seven or eight hands I Carter hasn't Mcconnell. Has those are rare to find those waiting? Take us
The process takes a five read the middle way. Beckoned would definitely be a seven decker say. Take Add the spectacular catch every once in a while, but then maybe I so dropped the thirty eight like hi swing: Scylla Jane the play of the year, the tall big receiver, who can make the make the highly phone play Brown Edwards Data on the guys, use our gator arming over the mental as only get hit. The contact would play into effect here, but I know I saw on. I think that defence see that that's what makes becum so spectacular suppliers uniqueness in terms of how our jobs, Landry catches of justice
a majority slanderous getting credible hand me for the past. A sentiment two years is the incredible equate borders gave you that kind of feeling much more miles has never give me any feeling in fact, I'll go out on the lake borders. If you want, like I love all this talk about our Blake's turned around like I want. A double down, is adding Blake's gonna, have a worship of this year, all getting a how I sign up and I'll just say their plants, and I and I don't care he does against New England outside of Europe. A Jaguar fan did your teams going to be very good because you get Blake bottles and that's it lumber? he's right on cure, and now we actually get the whole point of the pot gas. It is do summer, hot air storylines, so these are bold per day in the summer Lombardy
Turn it off with his men lying? I read the paper neighbour, cheerfully portals just took him down it's possible. I go to the Red zone dot org every morning to try to start to read something in China with an open mind. You know these guys have at any rate this guy's Halleck nobody's, haven't grapevines exceeding a shining and ages proclaimed somebody as a stranglehold over the act of running back. They play for practices he's given him a stranglehold against two yeah Todd girl is gonna hit the ball. That's all we know as the Rams off I'm so rapid nuts is the whole point of the day, as we can do a lot of summer. Hotter storylines replace him quotes ordinary act. Both Spain with the Hunter storylines is its part of this is from Mitchell out in MID August. There's nothing to talk about not right and that some people start looked at each other. Again, I say what I think labour can make insuperable. He added I just you gonna dogma. He went to see some girl or the summer. You turn his game around the scared to get here. He's gettin the boy. It's like a hot potato, his hair, like theirs Chaz. I know they recover the GM there S. This he's goin
John Smith, he's going down with a tighter Evans, where there's going down with the titanic, take little tip for your house, you love this twitter feed. There's a twitter feed Blake borders. Facts facts that are actually true. I bet it's either followed, but it, but it didn't. We already ones the account. The tweets are leg. It borders, throws eight. Stands in weak. One hell set the record from us touch and it's all things by birth is clear in its wake, whereas start eighty eight touched adds deny indifferent teams, so he figured out a way to make fun of Blake Borders, while just presenting the big boys facts its job kudos That guy believe is treated as followers are dramatic favorites here how their fur So there we have up Andrew, like a guy, quarterback, alot of love and one thinks he's a good guy. You know he's basin become a star at this point. We all remember the play of gaming: it's a cheese when he came back in its Andy Red price. They explain the fame Steve.
This method Jeff Saturday around the programme first take this summer and they had a heated debate, and the heated debate in brazil- and it happens every week- has look lived up to the high was the question of organ play, their response, her and ass. He lived up to the high just because Maltese would take up that mean that he's lived up to us the path I'd. Nobody said with loans and what role nobody knows, what lived up to what has John Jus nine and twelve, but wait a minute. The reinvigoration go away over the last twenty one gave these started to cease. I want a bit I'm talking to you sadly, not which sadly Anna Potentate about in Ireland in order air to get something s request programme. Just every question. Just Sadly, and I have been ordered together in the path know what a start. I believe he is, but as it pertains to the specific questions in terms of the height, they have
Times where we set up the end, even though we pointed to the level of protection is not getting. We also pointed to decision making. We also pointed to the absence of growth. We also pointed to the fact that he needed to really go about the business of imploring organization to come up with mechanism to protect him. Better, we ve talked a lot of the Uruguay round. What is leaving an ok, you're living where, where he is but but here's by issue is at this conference It happens. Last year after that, after last he's a man for the season two years ago, I would get but he's come back from that. Last year he had four thousand plus yours, thirty plus touchdowns, thirteen interceptions that guy played as well as you can ask him to play with what you surrounding with. Can I add something to this justice: the stern upon a little bit its reliably reported and only this is fact that right Gregson the general manager who basically there are criticising the link as their basically saying that lux no big deal if there are
the demon S. The team and Gregson has been the architect of this bad team around them. Think he's, never made a mistake, thinks he was justly unfairly fire, and so you know that's reliably reported to me and I find a fascinating since you too, I sure who sat alone after listening all that. But the one thing I do not want to do now is luck has yet to prove and he's can have a signature went and the reality is the team around them. When you have little receivers like he has, they can't run with the boy after that may take their place down the field they ve this offense to where he's prone to get hurt. It's all seven step drop for the ball down the field. Is that little receivers they want to throw it down the field and I think the guy is over hyped, I really do. I think he has improving out to be the player cause. I can't find a signal, but what is over hate me in there because I think everybody and go because I was it and network at the time.
When he came out with our G3. Oh you mean overhead like four, where he's probably a hurry Israeli casually was proclaimed was an extra. I sat right next to trial and who says an extra hour, and I don't know what time out with they both the stand for, but he's not the next on our way, like ok, he's a great plan and I think every franchise would love to have MR quarterback no doubt, but I think he was protracted this incredible player when, in reality, look at his road record. Look at the interception. I can make a real. In fact, I had it still back in the pages of eight or sections he could a throne. Yeah that were dropped, they weren't just like bad, for they were just dropped. May he takes Otto chances are they can no way with a lot of things because he is over height. That's! What's Andrew Luck, it's ok! It's ok, and so I do think there is some on, but other the team around him was bad and it was badly designed for his skills. They make their city again. That's good yeah they play
I end by just so many times by memory of the injured. Luck airs just then be down by seventeen, and then it's like twenty under three every game that China, China come back and him almost coming back or coming back and takes a lotta heads, but when that that funny when they are talking about those Jeff Saturday Talkin Bout, the stats unease, comparing luck, stats! Aren't you impair anybody stats from this deck to anybody last decade. So number it's here anymore right, the innocent? since away way down like even the most out like you, sent me that list, if China Guess, who is so. You do not yet have evaluated on its Aidan. Stats are good. If you just look I've, never even bad quarterbacks have four thousand best thing. I grab a grub was Eve, Grogan, steep grandma and have years seed for nine touchdowns was seventeen interceptions those his whole year right, so I don't I threw the hour- was Saturday's of this aid has ever runagate. That's why I'm somebody arts passing, I mean you know it's a chicken and egg thing I mean Laszlo, it's about winning. I mean why
in baseball, they put starting, they put pitchers when loss record up there, ok and lux them the job of when I grant that bananas it put whip and expert and whatever they are a plus is listening to me. Luck is a guy that needs to have a better supporting cat. He needs receivers that complement what he can do. Let me ask you this: if Manning's first five years had been with love, steam and coach from the first five years he would have had the coach fired Yeah there's no way will there's. No always dad would have no, what he would have luck when you know, there's no way was tolerated. All the servants that all this down the field, it's gonna be some sophistication what he wanted to do. I mean what they about patent pay. And was very good at standing what he had to do to be effect to get the ball, it can get sacked and patent and take a lotta hits, never get rid of it. He got where the ball in the office was designed to tell it around him and that's what made them so successful. I don't think they ve done. That would lock. I don't. I have
as an innocent bystanders. If you ve got show you gamble against interlocking your day, this you scared, Avenger lack when you ve gambled against them? Sincere in your heart, I had been scared is outside the case board. You lack re he's situations going against him, where it's like Shit Andrew LUX, getting hot? He can get you get to touch, it does have now that's somethin and an Anti why Hilton makes plays down to feel so. This does not mean that they have guys I get explosive per, but remember the planet don't say, that's a huge advantage. We nobody talks about that. And adopts a huge advantage, especially Combating nobody listened, they adds the Brady Manning argument, bright, meaning head how many more home gains in a dome, it's unbelievable and then we'll go outside he could. The team slows down- and here you know- and so it's funny when we work on the top twenty five patterns pad or I should say me watching those all games in two years around man comes to Foxfire in January and shady weather, and you know
aliens influence was so powerful. We got the field changed Cosmo than did the pattern condemning those Ngos and the rules changed because I really Margo I may not really open up The reason the passage game is where it is. Three years has Pauline got the rules change to benefit and I think it helps the game. Critical bill Pauline here. I think it helps the gave to. Let lay lets me critical bill, Poland, Yardsman Patriots, he saw graduates of aids obeyed. You know we should ask ain't your luck. Dogs for refer numerous cases. Large amounts are also, and so do not after here and all that, I don't. I find it a great italian time. Why can it be like John L, a great like the winning part of came to rail Davis like once? He gets that birds that running back that no new money back to come there and finally give a running game. They can compete. They just don't have One thing that they don't have is that, like you didn't I digress around how many quarterbacks would you choose asked with a b plus
and actually win the Superbowl he's on that less than they would actually be a mere look, also hundreds here's lawyers design. If they don't win and Chuck Pagano loses its job. He will be desirable for everybody will want to come cultural, every biological. Viewer GM. How many first round picks orgy of our friend your luck ha through the my team was like. Ok, I give a Bali's, PICS, Verloc I'd, say Minnesota last year. You know you at least give two up for him at least a menu. Mama team, with the right with the rights friends of why I am in a dome David Griffin give up five caregivers rampages daily can give up to the king, William ahead. If he hadn t Billikin has lost the franchise So we have o Dell Becum Junior, my guy you're. We mission early in his great hands. Jason will lock, says he is the most overheated player in enough history and we're gonna play. They clip fallen for the Okey doke.
Albert Jewel Year is the most over high overhead they play and he is a great pleasure but he's overrated and his celebrity is completely overrated. You, human Carmelo entity in the same room and watch what Oh, oh, oh, oh man even calls you could. Oh deals now for the blonde hair people wouldn't even know who the Hell Odell Becker they do so Jason would like says, is about obedient, says Overrated says about the blonde hair. You see them in practice. We have seen many believe that the air I mean that's the thing is that as all born of the summer, storylines itself fodder it's on site. Please don't you think I find it unbelievable think that they're gonna pay make him the highest Paypal to me, which is most ridiculous. I heard all summer was made him a higher pay player in the sport as a separate discussion. I agree that that that's predict,
nine word against. I doubt twice a year to me. I work as I fear him. I can't believe it. I'm goin to condo Jason. What locks defence that's absurd thing, but I do think the point Whitlock was making, which I think I kind of understand, but don't agree with, is these ease over height he's a media- presents a self propelled media press. But I think that is you know that comparing him to car is an interesting comparison, because football players don't have that opportunity to self promote, there's only five. Football players on accord. You know what a basketball player looks like Ulysses face eighty two times over, was a disease no home it? Yet exactly with bed best muslin naked sport for by they have a home, and I must have time this is like baseball argument. You might try came in right now, not positive of some included. You Cunningham producer would know
My child looks, I've Carmelo comes in, you know, is Toys Carmelo Odell had no cause their hair- might take me a second, but will use bald what if we could all the hero but I'm in and around the clock, is actually not the geese arrived because I think are too things one. He really resonates. Kids, like I see it with my son and people in a school like therein, they're in the schoolyard their pretending to be held back rags. There's no other area football here, there's no other receiver. You pretend to be, and I'm not even sure, there's a running back. You pretend maybe obtain be levy on Bell, but ass. That's one, then the other is like guesswork. Scary legacy, few rooting against Samara. Like the giants bands I know, and that's it they're down three with two minutes left now: throw the barrow thou, does gonna get open, get us like he does greatness in him It's me, that's. Why he's not arrived? I made a guy score. Thirty five. Some touched me get over thirty touchdowns and three season, so you can't dismissed Adam. He puts the ball in the Enzo he makes play.
Is the question that mean you you worry about. Is he just a lot of work off the fear that in football that does not work, and I think they magnify the problem by saying they're gonna pay em. I think you're just creates more of a bigger and bigger issue within their own culture. But if he's over hyped look here too, so that Green beg aim a mean that were critical on third down. I mean they kind of gets passed, as I say that the big case against him is he sucked in that area and had a chance to be green back a bit o and PETE went to Miami and all that, and I cannot but the before the guy but to me he s got to our aid Gay catches Landry has two hundred eighty eight catches in a career both came out Alice you same time three years and I think later so got ten Dekom can make more plays down. The feeling is not a problem of fear make more plays down? The feeling is that a problem of fear and the right answer is a rope really good player. He's a solid player. Beggar gives you that dimension that you know if he is he's open and the three
that I think, are these wide receivers for them? pirate ideas in some respects it is evidently the right culture, but with the remaining the amazing thing and house will direct, I mean how less miles now put the Bosnians over drivers. Landry is incredible them ass. It had ever coach a football team, she'd never cut a football team and there are other good guys, and others is more than first data is that you can make a team of incredibly Nick save any. We gotta play a nine three game and save it would check, do thou tobacco. Go to start from the beginning? I beg you would have to buy into the culture and certainly the culture there isn't about pay. Making and prompt promoting you're gonna be the highest pay player in a game. I made it What you want, you're, not gonna, get it there. It's a team sport and everybody's got it a fall in looked the guy's, a town to play. The one thing I am about the beckoned me like super: he does. He comes to play every week, there's no dog of dough. He plays. He takes great responsibility. We must see how it I'll handle this year with brain and martial over there. In his ear the I get the ball, Evan Ingram, they gotta get the bottom to Sterling Shepard and the slot
some interesting to see how it all place you proud I'll. Take the hours that agenda two thousand, that Giants Panthers game and twenty fifteen Josh Norma when he had the bad before the game, the air, the drama that like in the bill, the drama of watching Odell like people, the giant, Finns, loved the death everyone. Without really, I love him in the camp. New Obi J, like the Panther fans, like you knows at Cannes, our guy in that, but like it sort of fickle, you know like when caves, otherwise, our guy, but the giants fans, they were down thirty five seven and I gave them over jays gonna bring us back any gets a slant takes a thousand scores, no touch them back to back and that place Crazy, like that like the most insane thing I've ever seen, it is a little late. Its little act with the wise fans had with with Gilbert the MID two thousands discreet, the person who is also great a meteorite talent, thank you now, I'm the thing derailed
Gilbert, was injury. Adjustments that enjoyed by think this about Backer mother Becum is symbolic of standing millennials and not others- unemployment and there's a generation of people that understand millennials in and the ones that don't and so there's that its hey. What are you dont like back or not, you're, really going about its more about the millennial? How you feel about that? It is about the person you can play the game. The like you can do the manner so every day, with a negative image of game and he's talking to these old Carolina fans that are there other dino shirts, tucked into their khakis. Any shaken hands saying you saying yes or no sorrow, he can play the game too, and I think that's why again that's why they, given all the money to market the shoes and stuff like this guy, can do at all when assets wizards game. Seven sigh has, as the game was winding down in the south, thinks were gonna win this guy in a couple of people have to be the traffic and as young guy came down, whose, like probably twenty two by himself and stood in front of us in
Now I don T see any at his phone and he kept turning. Answer me, my dad with his phone, but then taking pictures of himself with the court behind her and my sixty down your dad was like just it was like a I think I just don't understand this generated like what's he doing this is gonna, stop it. You didn't get the guy's picket videos on the phone and dad, I was just never felt so old and think that odorless pie that generation near O Dell is like if anyone was ever gonna take a selfie as their running for football touchdown there during the game will be at the highest. Speaking of injuries has injured, stomach goods, carried blue apron euros per fresh ingredient recipe delivery service in the country for less than ten dollars a meal. They deliver seasonal recipes alone with proportionate green rates. Your door blue apron, easy to follow. No more overspending, restaurants or high ingress sisters prepare
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I feel like this is almost like a house whereby it ask him a question: where is the best pizza in DC lawyers? Early Deasey pizza is on the come up. You know we had a David Chang on the House of Commons a few weeks ago. And we were talking. We asked him what next kind of comfort food thing where's our innovation in it and to regional kind of comfort. Thirty said pizza, Peters still does allow ways. Pizza can go and the question was put. Me. What do you think about Peter in D C and eyes? I had a hard time coming up with a good answer. The spot, but I upon further review and consideration, there are half doesn't really interesting, innovative joints going at peace. Everybody's doing coming back to a traditional neapolitan kind of delivery. The old italian way you can get- and you know that fact: wood burning, oven. The tools you need to generate good good,
to our available because the whole world is available to everybody. Now get the word you can get the oven you can create. It, creates Mary. The question this is like a subtle foundation. Wife, I place he's gonna. Do you see what you need to know where the pizza lecture guys guys is outstanding and sows timber gonna bet up the name, but their due giants has every aimed at where I must evolve and AIDS virus Lizzie realised that everyone real on death row is pizza, etc That's true what a tape it here and there will be an imaginative real. We quasi arrows pizza while its Comfor fruit. I guess you can be comfortable for you go. I am no longer, thereby my wife, my wife decided that her last manner is the Cabot's hot dogs and brown bed with big beans in new nest. She sits while she said: that's that's how she want to go out and credible yeah. That's a good and a silver fir like last meal on earth, verses, death, row meal,
different ideas. She does on death row that whatever she wants, debts are lasting. She aright, hot dogs, is hot. I was hot dogs on the little body now Pisa piece of having such a bad last meal. Highbury yeah like some me there's some agony around piece of bread and gravy, I'm in Canada, the panic when they asked the means that are really thought about it, and I'm telling you, I guess yeah, that's that's a fact would be funny. If is good. Free. Like myself before I go next, the Seattle Seahawks Rich, sure? We talk a lot MIKE Lombardy early on Gm Free, You go back, starter afforded richer journalists being shipped. It was Jerry was being chapter one point. Maybe possibly he said that he is always on the market. Is that everyone on the markets of business? But he comes out. He says that Universal Wilson are phenomenal as forest made there's no extra. That's that's what he said just now, as it has he's getting. I've ever hung out now
now this was the young out will turn out. What does anyone know a Wilson? Would you vessels Wilson read the Bible is evident, I don't know, maybe own, would you watch a guy. The downward siesta key and empty. Do you think I'm coming to wrestle Wilson? I do I watched him on the colonial kids. Kid love Russell Wealth, as he says so. Cute houses in this mood now, which I remember being India when the programme they show up on the Disney Slash Nickelodeon shows you like, Splash I love for life. He had a great episode of Jesse, see what answered. I love Russell Wilson, Casement Major kid happy. If you make me happy nook, I see how good he is with kids. There's something about his personality that that makes
people want to be around him? He's got a magnetic personality. I think you could be a contain. Totally disagree said yeah. Take, does not find it magnetic. In the least, you think it's a five all, but a false I've seen rustles and do a lot of things on a football field that are amazing off the field. You know, that's put it if he wants to do tat, we have been surprised. The sleeper than just the Carolina rivalry adds a lotta throughout this Sherman was that they, but I heard that we're we're time in the car day and they said makeshift scared Had I his knee the waste- and I said the the cars like if they start out two and five coach k is gonna, take time off because his knee herds and kids gonna go crazy. Things you're on the record with the exact same thing last year and the other new right there for you, but he went to the Olympics anyway. Don't you want to go the Dominican Republic resolve in the dominican republic? Coach cow loves. You,
coach. Kate is now I love you. Take that tat thinks of coach case. Medical decisions are based on whether he was wearing two months ago and have his team is mobility to maneuver near situation, control the headline game. It's the best states agent for there is my favorite ringer sublet Eddie my guide. What was that way? describe your relationship with Russia. Wilson do member lightweight professional. Yes, it was professional. What why do specifically choose professional, because we're probes wearing out time we're your own way where we get along. Everybody gets long, but is more relationship wrestler same as it is with the same as it is Bob I know, but it is, his relationship will be the same as it is with with no we our bread. Autonomy is just different dynamics, but as as team Antwerp Phenomenal, does she answered a reddish professional yeah?
but it wasn't unaware me not to go into the same mortgages. The base it away sets up a gear. We mean no, we don't get along necessarily like we're. Not the best of friends were professional and then they later turned their eyes like boat, where phenomenal Mina decide to put his words. I yeah I all the southern weeds olives like but were phenomena. I answer that question yeah, I don't know either I mean it's so hard. Look at every stage, the most important in the shower comical and I like the one thing about practice at Seattle, its competitive and and and peace each and competitive prime repeats the guy drive and this machine, so PETE loves this kind of. Conversely, This is what makes PETE Fuel is fire because it gets the competitive juices. This is. What is culture makes complete opposite to doing the right New England players say: nothin, Seattle players are spoken and it in both work some major shows you that it can work, and I think that that sermons pretty clear but
Michael Butler, Ambrady are now and I'll, EVA Britt, a game of cholera outbreak, eat, braided, would hang out and feed did TB twelve fret need, as I can t be tough, but there alive, and I will tell her always her there- there's no doubt Brady's way of eating his scuttle changed the whole for them gotta rubs every good guys. Forty years old, look at the way looks stunt fifty five its buyers to brain occur. Somebody walking them in strategy literally on stopping at me. With your may. We ass was shut up. You're Maghreb gotTA legs ever had like a loser Guerrero wherever it is wholly Murdoch. Last sherry does have shared, remained ass, its patriots, weak liberty. Is there documented case in the last thirty years of a defence verses offence, food that actually submarine it cause, I remember like the eagles in the early nineties member their dad, I'm great great defence in the offence was good enough and
book written about it by my boat, and I think that the Houston Oilers when Buddy Ryan was there with Kevin Girlbride a minute that the Houston one of the tragedies of the NFL and MIKE Mike Hollow Back was a manager that he's syntax use an oil should be in hollow family. There s, a collection of some of the greatest players ever been put together for them not to win may I won one divisional game and got to converse champion of game and had a thirty five three led lost it. You know that that team have a lot of bad chemistry about it and I think the otter thing in the sea hucks the last two years. Yet it soon, I get hurt him a little bit. What happened was here's why they had heard of it made the Seahawks office. Try to be something you're, not here, and it took their personality, the fourteen matters when they were great with wash the Wallaces genius behind the often made Seaford in the defence become more creative, so it's But you know your plan against somebody every day and there
in your ass you're gonna try to figure out a way to do it. Well, that's what the forty nine hours well, Seattle was trying to do. Something different to beat their defence but they just for good at and it made themselves worse as opposed to stay. Through their don't turn of all over run it. When the hour its zone play action, but is Russell Wilson's game and they sometimes you get loose! That's why the head coach gotta, keep things under control, but doesn't I come back to them so things we had that five interception, gaming against packers as the problem of vulnerable, is ever looked nose cuz. He couldn't move the Ngos, masterpiece. His red drama is busy injured lessons to bend out the same guy goes until offseason. He lost his two hundred and twenty five last year, he's lost all this way. It says it in the best shape of his life. It said he's not. Shelby anymore he's got a whole new TB, his own version of TB, twelve, it's like he completely
is flip the narrative and now like riches, Sherman Zena, great teammates with them, and it just seems like it's, the old Russell Wilson as far as the golden boy, the golden boy images back with them and that's what they need in Seattle, I mean I'm told by a lot of people to leave that that Seattle this summer, I was out their camp, but I think Seattle, this summer's back the Seattle and I like seattle- thirteen and twelve thirteen. Thirteen teams. Fourteen think they'll, be that I think, are going to be hard to ply looking at San Francisco, which will be better but their still, a good Seattle mine there, then I gotta be right now the rams. I know everybody says sensation with our boy golf as having tremendous nine may and now that ok and you don't Arizona, gotta quarterback, who I think, Scully go back to what he always was, which last year store have a corner. I see when's that easily, whose in better shape Baron left Carson bomber. I'd, give it the Carson I love Byron and tomorrow I just happen to you in a nobody was
rather than he was commonplace for cars and before I don't think I don't think Byron play as my Gough loudly buys a cubic coach. I don't think I've been left which, yes, how the EU plays much golf, Carson place, as I think that the walk and we get the baron air, as makes sense, that's right! So, if everything goes rainy. Has his great years get two years left on his deal, eminency, given that the largest is get they Andrew Luck, contract or now that we're seem like you know how it is going to be too ass. He staffer contract one hour, the marine eighty dollars our cousins caught her cousins is gonna, be the first hundred million element hundred million other year connect do about just fell back last year when the plague of an early opinion on the Mat Stafford contract extension is police. Who lots having you can. Baltimores in this file of flak our act I had to have its rights remain this. Why would involve they had it? I know, but it's, but it's
boy, you guys. I stand as a candidate country dollars for a quarter of an hour. You, where you can have all the money. You can have it all here, you know, if you wanna, do you have it all here, go look at your lack of go look at what happened to the Ravens, because this contract, because God, This is my your cousin hottest take of the summer. Oh, she has a higher Washington dead skins, their own. Sheer ineptitude and incompetence have done exactly the right thing with cargo since day as a series of one year deals yet they're not to prove show its. They dont show me contracts in their pang attacks for that right. The pain, the franchise tax, but what they are avoiding. By way of these one year. Show me deals is de France eyes submarine, ing sour cap hit that you get by paying the guy. If they could have sign of two years ago and an you know, had it rated out over four or five years at that
an option that they missed an opportunity that they missed an aid properly deserve the criticism, but I think they days kind of salt into this corner, where to show me contract each year and at the gates of it. What you know they have to believe is: he might not be good. We might have been a bad either the reality in our. I think, look when the six recital J directive, the twenty three million dollars a year after I got up off the ground. I feel good about it because at least it was only one year right. So I hear I get your point, but the problem is: is this: they ve done nothing to drown. The quarterback to come in and say they keep getting taxed again and at some point, if they would have picked the quarterback or done something I would say, you know why there's a plan there, but without due There is an absolute certainty. I say, did exactly what exactly Ok, look we're gonna pay you Kirk, but world up in the draft and we're gonna take the shah Watson and we're gonna get my homes were, takes somebody, but we're not.
Through this, you know I'm Blake Borders will be available for your next year. I see that I got for blatant most, that's gins move ever where does it hurt them to do the one year? One years there's some sort of tax. It is expensive and that makes it a hundred nationally nerves. Next year he kicked the only way you can franchise someone three years in a row. It goes you have to pay forty four percent of his last year, salary. So here number, whatever it's, what twenty five million this year re forty four percent of that. So what's your alternative? Now, that's a hundred million dollars, while now I'll be ok, Mona Man among both the only somewhere in the thirties, rises to ninety one year. The other would make amongst the highest paid quarterback in the leak by Allah right, which is like that one would mean that he proved that deserve to be Frank sized again, which means we might have made the plaza mean. But if you just say house you you become priorities,
or a new now represent cousin suggest hypothetically say as a great year: ok Why would use not? Why would you I just sit there is a pay me. Forty four percent agrees that exactly the correct answer as a great deal for cousins. This is a win win, a rare when, when in Washington you know this is a win, win, stamps dotcom, reliable, flexible, my favorite words to describe them you. The post. I finally have you asked I'm gonna be report. I noted the immediate post offices, How sad unaware you do year olds go. God only knows it here, but by beneficiaries. Hostage with their own computer printer set up a stamps? come and see you as postal service, radio fingertips any letter, any packaging class familiar control above it stamped outcome, was do a digital scale. That's Zack render big stamps. That conference. Too soon turn may have added that, damn it that's a great joke. Most common enjoy their joke.
Stands outcome will send you a digital scale that automatically calculates exact postage, he said, the best class mail read I used my could be asked for this special offer. Afore retrial, puss postage costs the digital scale, that long term commitments gotta stamps. I'm cooking, my phone tapping armpits had been bs stamps. Icon and I signed up to the Senate today stamped outcome, never to the post office again. Will you get nothing the last one camera Newton, quarterback of the Carolina became alone. I like TAT is it was an amputee once upon a time now, everyone's back on the are we sure he's good? Are we sure he is an elite quarterback and a couple of guys, Willie Cologne actually came out. People remember Willie Cologne from the the Steelers when they won the super bowl. We came out into the cam of the system, quarterback and said. Call him call we're not sure. If he's that smart and then after that sets, I hate the pending.
Cowan. Coward came after then said that can is a running quarterback unless the easiest job in football I heard him ass a whole. Take about how bad is BP follow a beer was and you'll be the equivalent of Russell S, break, shooting theirs research, eight percent, do you have that? Take Zoe Y know enough, but he said, but he said there and then goes further. Nothin than somebody else and sat with them cause as a sound. The radio is like because it's a team sport, basically leg- either Russell S brush at thirty percent is by himself came noon. Kid is stuff could go down, but yet players on the thanks. I would think of, CAN Luton. The word system would never come into play like I wouldn't Nagano, like Willie Cologne critique of care. The same system like I just don't see that I think he's a loose play. Quarterback. I think, he's hot. I think he is a running quarterback in this area and I think that data
there are really good job that utilised, David Shula did a good job. You lysing a skill set when he's healthy, but they didn't. Guys help he lashed you're dead trouble backing. I think he got banned out from the first, where huge mess that and then in eleven of weapons he still being done by saw last night before I left to fly away sentimentality sunflower seed civilian also has still not able to track play out there. I think he gets it. Criticism, for you know that there are not ere- I mean the guise of heart. If you're gonna go if I'm driving the stadium on Sunday morning and he's the quarterback You got a little worried about tackling them. You got to worry about catching I'm going to get to worry about a throw in the boys. I got to be great on third down by a lot of guys. Aren't we keep judging? their backs and one size fits all, and you gotta take a step back I'm gonna be that way.
Came as a lot of stuff; it gets right, is from not be understand in the pocket and make it throw throws off his back for a lot, but he's one of the few guys as enough arms trade to throw off his back for rice or what is good at me, just chuck it. I'm sorry should take your tracks during the biscuits one legged shots at maidens lightly from our cause. You didn't shoot him like we did in catholic school. I may come on it's a joke, running an easy lazier way to play. Quarterback it'll be Jupp physically, but it's easier to sit in the film on forever to run, you gonna sit in a film room forever to be a pocket. Quarterback You got a lotta tape Camp Newton. In a coach hitting Carolina, are trying to help him they're, trying to make him more of a pocket, quarterback less shots, more wind. I get how. It is to do radio or tv wherever there's a coward does in the middle of the summer, to make stuff up that's stupid, shit. I've ever heard I was like five seconds of of just dump thing after a damn thing
was a bonuses ultimate point, though appointed Can't Newton is basically in the easy way out right. He saying that he compares to Tom Brady's as Brady. We goes home, I wanna do is watch film array and writers I wanna do is watch film. Candle doesn't want to watch film and all this is conjecture, of course, but basis The point is that he doesn't want to do the hard way he wasn't. Relapses athleticism, which is, I feel like New Missus, John, while proxy in football. You know this is the thing. This is why I know is robbing me the wrong way. I mean this this. Its lazy to be a running quarterback. He doesn't want to put the work. I can't stand that kind of stuff, and I know that I'm it's a traitor, That's why you're here because of the Wall thing we Slovenia, we rarely do we have to ask whether you we, the jam. Loathing everyone and in job at city loves Jaguar, an editor that dear spill about have screwed up job These were well know, it's not my speech
came to understand the fiction. Somebody we The story wasn't my spiel, that's right, you isn't it s the last year they showed the, sure of his knees before you got him facts and the doctors were like holy shit. How'd you played on s and they his knees, and he was like. Oh my god, I can run fast again and you now Gmos are? They got some trouble with the little the whole narrative of This guy doesn't work that heard. How do we know that there are no real agenda? We'd everybody. I've talked to a girl on us as he does. Work are omitted. Coaches there,
a bitch in about a million quarterback, doesn't work hard, the whole organization we talk about that non, stop exact Superbowl two years ago producer who works are sort of like when they re eighteen and one product they almost we're probably season they year. It is like the wind Brady rose. Like he's done, you know that we can say cheese game. They laugh at you he's done he's done. You think that I was unaware that, like that's Tom Brady, I bet that's came Odin that investing in VP two years ago and what was the point and they pay can problem in, like the guy reads: like you reads all the stuff you read the gets in his own head about it, and then we should meet the stuff of Amr quarterback on that reading. Anything lady reads: Jack Shit now, because the people of Ireland on a standard like they don't stand, what you're going through their own extend all hardship. We have others the injuries or the thing that are really get the big picture, and even somebody like
That knows the game. You too, you make judgements. Are I remember the one year as Watch Logan Raw Logan maggots play for the patriots and, unlike God, he doesn't look very good at camp. Comes out in the explanatory seo, look good either. You know. I don't know that I'm not on the programme, a privately that you know, and so there's some of you gotta make mistakes. New judge, a guy I say: does your way too hard on can because he doesn't do it the way we visualize a quarter actually play air Rogers just for record. Does it do it the way, because the way they call place there and the way they are set up? He asked yes to make plain This veto he just doesn't run for he makes a lot of loose place. Here's my best point of the summer. I must respond to assign a Chris ran about this. It's really soon, because when I was gonna basketball, I love the NBA the most of all. The sports and areas ideas to black it still, though they confer
cattle market, it is this whole thing. There's all these crazy stories about it that if you re really, you just can't believe it Then things started a fair burden. Magic come along Jordan comes along and he's doing great in the late 90s hit. Now all the sudden, it's like we can't identify with these guys are all making too much weather are complaining. Then it stopped flipping again with the Lebron era. Now. You see it this decade, its flipped were Vienna values where the NBA was, where the and if you guys get no benefit of the doubt you look at. The NBA right, who is Westbrook, stop Ogier Indiana its came Newton right instead personality. One of a kind athlete flamboyant to his own drum if care Newton was in basketball, people, fucking love came Newton. He would be treated the same way, Westbrook treated all these other guys and if Westbrook was for by what they say MIKE what they say about was broken for Burma
say a loner shellfish yeah he's that has really bought into not seem Constanza plays really hard bodies online jobs instead, buddy worsens s office in shape. I mean you know at some point you have to not. This is the this thing generation, if your evaluating town as you can't judge players, through your eyes, you have to go back and understand what millennials do and then you have to kind of put because nobody's gonna like that's how I sing for Tom Brady's, forty years old, all these rookies or twenty one right He can't react to how they are where we were brought Braxton Miller for work. Visit, this really taught us a lot Braxton Miller, A flamboyant millennial talk about himself of a guy at eight o clock. Turn off people in the building, because he wasn't exactly a patriot, Conic called on call guy, but deeper lesson to learn their that's when we all started to learn about was millennials and how it all changes, because if you're just gonna kick the guy aside, because you'd
really relatum from your generation. Your mistakes, yeah I mean Erin Hernandez now it's like color now, but I do think. Like I ll go back home we don't know back among the LOS Angeles Lakers re down. He was the basketball version about thou. Becum people would be happy. Jerk off session about it, they went arguments, thou becum as if he wants to be the highest paper on that's crazy, if God, our back on, what's with the highest paid, where decisions to courted I it is weird, though I don't, I think, some of the racial stuffs overrated, but like right, you're scrambles on the toilet. I wouldn't last may ways- is always trying to prolong, plays working crazy hits nobody's our guy he's gonna change, a weighty plays, nobody stays in Palmy Brady. Does Philip Rivers there's few guys? Brady gets rid of the bars where he is here the law here? What's he quit minded? He might not be quick facilities, quick minded and that's a difference and
the game is now spread the game. The quarterbacks are moving around yeah, so that's it written that the day of Jim Pocket stand back there and taken a bead nasty bark. Ask our over what they can't hold our backs are moving around by time, their nanda so moving around. So they can become a running back and get hit by three as the way he was described more cause traveller was, I can run the wishbone right. What is, though, also are so. Here's a play. The candles and now a lot of people do read through the little dive play that they did over and over again and third and go from the three take the first steps. Back and then he goes into the land like a bad irascibility. But you can make a case here. Maybe he's got a little older, maybe take that one of the play burger using more special circumstance possible, but Brady took some
huge its last year and radio, big scrambles in the Superbowl like that he's run around. He got now backup of people and if it Brady could run that play that quarterback draw, they would put an end, but he can't will you know, he's five hundred thirty out of five. Forty and Cuba still has to be sneaker at last after once, but that they caught up through a flag as that get but anyway, but yeah I do think that if you ve shifting and think about football players, a basketball players and vice versa, imagined Blake Griffin was like it. You know what say he was a tight end on the Philadelphia eagles who can pay to turn money. I kept getting here what they say about by different GM obeyed. Runabout, oh yeah. They run about this guy, this guy's a bomb. He can't stand the fields he hated meagre eagerly clippers gave him a hundred eighty, my dear, differences in basque, bashful Barretta began again, I believe
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Balcony above and get the best all inclusive beverage package at sea for free, enjoy everything from cocktails wine and beer to soda, especially coffee and smooth ease, explore world famous destinations, just visit, princess, dotcom, Slash bs for details that is princess, dotcom, Slash, bs, how they could when I we're almost in range to really start thinking, awful and Diana seen, Superbowl sleepers and all that stuff, The precision we learn to care about less and less and less and less than two, kind of ignore it. On the other hand like as a sudden and the reader s, somebody pointed out that throughout Davis would not have made the Broncos if it wasn't for a fur game. That was never that point over a hundred percent off its true, and it was a tackle right. It wasn't even like he was a return or something it was. It was a key something happened annually. The team here is: if we got
of prices and if we just got rid of it in the season, started with weak one and there's just scrimmages cottage is full body different gothic. There more personal mistakes, more more mistakes, the operator would be, unlike other, that you know. Coaches and other my made up on guys and if they don't practice good and they get the game they all of a sudden way, Magog its and then there's the other around guys? The whites come on us all, but to our former one, which he saw practice dismember after you get through the fourth or fifth day a practice. Ok, you practised against these guys all time their smart. So you know he learn your bad, you do and they learn what you're doing you're not play and the police. It also say here and now on seven draw: that's a run period, so you play the run it so you have to take away the, The evaluation and now that becomes a tough industry. Also, I think we need a man. I think what we need em- and I wrote this today in the ringer- I think, September's still the evaluation process for teams, because,
there's not enough carpet, does now of contact guys have days off now, will office of events, and women have to have so many reps to be ready for the seas of the like boxers after spar so many rounds, and when they take days off thereof, you get the September before they really getting shape its hard to be a defence alignment and rushed sixty place. If you haven't had a really good camp in practice to today's its heart, the September's a month where that still go on Adam bandwagon sleepers, that we tend to start hearing about right now, tat? Who is it like tat? Tennessee Bitter Jacksonville people trying to do the Texans ones I got like Watson is aware that the texts were ok. Alas, I you like, but I see you The Tennessee, which I can see the case, but they are then Jack shit. Yet you believe in any these bandwagon cases. Madonna big tears. She believed were only for the sense that I think that unilateral they there there they chanced to The ten winds- and I know,
But Mary, I got hurt the game against Jacksonville, but they would get minutes. It was eight for twenty and I came before yet they fell apart on him. So I see that would do the new pass rush, wise labelling system and schemes. People have a pretty. Understand how to handle Pittsburgh stuff. Pittsburgh changed not run it anymore. The triangle of defences yeah- I dont- know if there really a sharp, as is everybody, wants to make em so thereat Jack civilian borders. Now there's no way hamper tabulating absolute shippers. Tapirs are funny t tapirs personalities, like Winston. You know he plays bad throws interceptions when they have this winter type men they come lack. They like it on me. They don't look pretty, but they their comfortable in our and they find a way to win. I would rule them out. I've has, and I was so hard backs of them and it Firstly, a Winston and infomercial for six and he goes back and you have said for five minutes. Just enter. Acting with everybody knows teammates any really. Does
like a real later that give reason we're gonna, hear from amateur in it in January. At some points, I think that south is really good. Are the Carolina will be better than Saint New Orleans will be better. They dwell in success. About peace with bullets. Mccaffrey awesome, what say is a rookie year right let's say: is this immediate triple threat from that position, be they need their air? Just Let's give them there and say newtons more healthy. What is it his eleven when team now thinks of, if quickly doesn't get hit. I made of key policy that that to happen That's what's Killilea, it is one more and we ve many times. Have we seen this one football down the guy's one more hid away. The hit always happens in football. You gonna need some day and Morgan where you like waiting for that time, but does that nuclear? But that's would boost concern me.
Airlines as passive with aid that falls apart of honey. I know he's area, they run their scheme, it becomes very more. It becomes difficult to do it. I think I think buffaloes gonna be asleep routine monsieur. I think buffaloes got along things go on. They have a legitimate guy runnin program. They have a culture that try to build Maybe you don't, you know the quarterbacks not great, but his play action. I think Do some things, you might say his name, who the QB, oh tarantella, but do we think he's hundred sent quarterback. I think he will be here. Tarantella will increase their who's. The other choice I'm done we'll it e g manuals. God he's done he's about to change its basic tire idea, so, but you know they got some nice pigmented compelling case and I think defensively there much better their healthier. There were forty. They gave. The patriots are best ready back that right, but the Bell machine We must find out of it and get it, but I
I like, but other buffalo, could be surprised by the Miami. Getting all the all the talk we can get J collar conversation I just really thank Miami. So I get em gas is probably smiling, no one that he was able to carry get away. From TAT Hill and actually get better. So when I the jacket for my first reaction is a van was this is great J Cutler twice a year. This is great that is idiotic by baby and in Hail, Mary and then were that engages their colours? within that any with bananas kind crap. What are fixed these grab at its heart myself into being afraid of it. Ma Am, is good and Macedonia ceased where we're never have to be afraid of anyone. So u turn yourself in a J color that one with siamese problem stored difference. How bad shows I've got become a head coach difference was so bad that there could be a documentary in itself, but the reality, if it is, is that their defence has yet to prove that their good are. They bought.
I'll be up there. Some real link, the coaches in the area of Sea EAST, are better people think there are yet on the other. Balls is a decent coach. He's got a bad team. Other gases are really good coach and, I think, shall Mcdermott's gonna be a good code so that those three they buffaloes actually a coach. This year there was a circus up there, rex sliding buffaloes gonna be much better. So that's what we like to look at home or looking at our we're looking Lombardy now is have a come to Jesus long. Three, our conversation about it. You look at the coach, upgrade did they come off the season from our like Houston's a good example. Just a bunch of stuff just went wrong and the private letter they are unequal, legitimate quarterback in Fox borough. That night, when they're playing to pay. It's in radio Louis without the he doesn't make. Those plays also has guys I open- and I gave you make- throws yeah
the Superbowl that Houston, Texas, Gay, probably was the hurricane. Had a harder skin airplane apply our rights, and I gave in you really look. How open, like you're, really see receivers our wide open eyes viruses staring down. We did a black ass ever that yeah exactly as they. I can't believe that these gases openings- you like there's no way you guys, are so we're going to win the Superbowl. This is this any more like our defense right now. Think that's why I was just staring down his number one guy. Every time I mean that paycheck events probably should not have one super its that's right, I can't believe it, I suppose, can't get over its on every time. Its honest are watching it. I just I just believe it. I can't believe twenty two three Regular season is insane, but then, when you think about How it later was moving the ball and how they could run the ball. They could throw the bar for ten yards every time. This is no way that it should have happened. If you play ten times it's not, it's gets Atlantis gonna win nine
like the falcons having now want to Superbowl and then leave as Falcons Van I don't know. I guess I of the closest I've come to that Eighty six world series I get when a pretty young at on, but then like the oath we the boon home, run, and I just spent the whole winter. Just rehashing. I'm fucking dry myself crazy about it. They found. I would never recover from that. In that Ryan. Taken. You know, making the ball was seventeen seconds left, I say this to you before, for when they are met, Ryan had a season that was lights out like if he was a baseball player they with us four steroids because he had one of those reasons that it was unbeliever. The for a Euro falcon fanned. If you think matter, I can duplicate that year again, while
because there are nothing normal and statistical career that that that shows that he can have that kind of do. Would you be shocked at the Falcons? There's some. We would like the thousands of go back there. I redeem cells. Would you be shocked if they may have act as a rule? That is how handle issue, as I just don't see how they can be as green got that huge contract. We see how they can be as good, often simply the car Shanahan was. Given enough credit, I know it takes the rap for the play off for the Superbowl loss is eating call run place. That's not his job. Jobs get first down scope when they try to run Freeman you'll forget they tried one you already at two yards: they huge turnovers and done plays sideways. I mean they had first down from thirty two. What that for what it does is five airline and robbers doesn't cover Freeman other backfire when the balls to align its own tenure, our line and Freeman runs for doubt the mid feel them at that point. You think there's no chance, they come when the game and they still found a way to do it. So who do you think every year, like some new offensive guy, either eggs the leap or may sometimes
offensive to promote its offensive guy where death might there lay out this guy, and then this becomes a guy or outside it about who is that the share? You mean, like a quarterback, that Jordan like one year, was Adele. Near was grog like there's. Only one year was J. J wide is superhuman, there's always the one guy who makes the jump last year. People thought I was gonna, be Coolio MAC, but it wasn't. But do you think they're, a guy like just a blue blue blue chipper, whose, by October faith, like that guy, that's a hard won. I minutes I'll have to go through it. I have to go through a greater say: Mccaffrey Laws, USA, outshine Jeffrey I don't see it. I think I'll show you Jeffrey Easy jump all receive ya. Don't say I love you too long ago was a forty five years. They like he's, got they that's kind of young guy, undistorted thing really live under the same disease and that one, you d, I think, he's trying to big contracts. Galvin cook it
so? It might be that guy right running back, I think people like oh wow, why they got him in the sector. I think the second round, I think Calvin Camera, I think from Tennessee that, though the saints are high on him, I think he's going to give them some some play its name air yeah, what about make Evans why we think about this. Their hard knocks concerned the shot Jackson, neither side J, MRS, can be better at OJ hamburger scenario. How air sea that's to me that separates though they had they had the other kids. Now I should play well get his name sends a very Jenkins wait, one though he would the Mai, and what did he was stricken got caught area he sobered apiece actually had a really good camp has ever had to. Finally, but I mean they actually have some weapons down it. Do you think, I'm it says the talent or assembly will ya know either. You definitely has its right around with wide receivers, sometimes like Tito, had that failure and afford our hearted CASA, those seven patch year word there been in the league a few years, the guerrillas
the dumb staff and then just the athleticism takes over with the brains for that one year, when I got my finger there's more Cooper. That can be at some point. I think the one thing I like about tapirs: they have adopted his personality like they. They can shut down the lake and they still Spagna, you'll they'll, be like the first weekend can be down twenty one. Two three the second quarter? I realized tat. I was gonna, be good and then it'll be a those games. I gathered giants of adapted been MAC. It is pretty Erika they'll go I. What do you? Actually one house carbs? I think you should start menu. I really did you miss terminated. Are they give us an opportunity to create everything tat we? everything that has been a great Gm Street little combo, some good care,
Campbell Platter combat you going to let tat easy and the Panthers there were a lot of work is. I think he thinks that twelve foreign is convinced that lies at the end. I don't like what the paths to their Gm Arthur GM we're trying to build a routine aliona. What to give away money budget is like in love with his play is at thy, but are they got all affect him, but I do now I like Carolina, who in Vienna, see North just out of curiosity, green Balan and our full give him are all day the and see north could be bad as you are well, she cargoes are gonna. Be verdict would be like if I may destroy Tally Detroit coming back from and they were falling apart last year, so a Green bay grieving better defence them if they can stay healthy. Still subject down Bradford I'll know if you're gonna win thrown check it out there. Although you don't I'll, say this out in the pot gas with its borders, loves thanks,
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Thanks are due Gm Street and the best back ass. It is ass bank, somebody, seven out there we have. I think we have at least to be, as pack has come in this week, it sort of sobered. It's about a heat up once for bar really starts. You can open.
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