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Suns in Charge, Ayton Copycats, Ohtani Mania (?), and NBA Draft Stuff With Ryen Russillo


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the Suns’ Game 1 Finals win over the Bucks, the Bucks’ adjustments, gauging Giannis’s injury, where Arizona in July ranks among the worst NBA Finals destinations, and more (2:00). Then they talk about Shohei Ohtani’s dominance of the MLB and why it isn’t a bigger story, random sports fixes, NBA draft prospects, and more (1:12:00).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guest: Ryen Russillo

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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our Illinois, India and Emission in New Jersey, Pennsylvania tennis. Virginia West Virginia first Real wage or only sacred non withdrawal expires. Forty days, restrictions by sports book that followed our farm for details, came- the brown car when an hundred forty to forty seven hundred Colorado, eight hundred stop Iowa, eight hundred and nine, with an Indiana, eight hundred and two seven hundred and seven one thousand one hundred and seventy four top NFL from Michigan eight hundred in Jersey, Pennsylvania, Annoy Virginia Tennessee River eight hundred, eighty nine nine, seven, eight nine or visit one hundred, Cambodia net in West Virginia we're awesome, Do you by the rendered outcome, as was the Ringer podcast network, put up a new, we watch balls on Sunday night, the twenty fifth. independence day, so that when I check out the Ringer Social It's in the ring it com, because whenever a Ringer films announcement on Wednesday new thing, we have common out stay tuned,
that coming up Priscilla and I are going to talk about game one of the two thousand tunnel finals, which we just watch that's all its first projects worth ethnicities. Six specific time just watch the ticket twenty one of the finest things blocking the sellers Guy Chris Patten is now free words away after an impressive home when in Phoenix Janius was the story, he went from doubtful to question above two of the sun use playing video from now, for a questionable, you gotta have the sense right cut out it when they gonna jump. What's that happened
hey is playing, and then you watching me the warm up stuff and I thought for the most part, will get you a little bit. But never somebody was that injury. He lives baboon while the pre aim stopped. So he showed us after the game where it looked like there was no doubt they probably knew yesterday so yeah think. He I'd always heard you gotta play games, seven. If boxers went against seven, I thought he looked better in the first half than the second ef. I thought he looked a step I do not for his wear and tear they're trying to be taken, with them or whatever I, if he's, not a hundred percent, I would again said, maybe just waiting until game to cause the home things. Usually gonna wind came one for the most part. I didn't feel it. his movement. He see brusquely to me, especially in the second half first half, yet you know couple yadda psych moments, but for the most part I didn't think he was as impact for that he was gonna be, but I get up those the match up or the rest would just think it always more defensively sum this up. I saw for him because you know they went zone autumn at one point which kind of its own
Son, a yacht as wall, yet do with him offensively Keziah that one time, Riga, free on the baseline on the left side, one unwanted, eight in any, went well and then he went into his chest and moved backwards, and I mean that's the thing I do love about Yanis and we saw that when and beating those guys you're trying to act like fight for territory in the Eastern Conference and Jonathan, always go right at and beat that's who's going to win all the time, but he was never afraid. That's about the honest and I've always loved, and when you saw that plague and Satan, unlike our shit, but there was a stretch, their defensively, he was laid on bridges discuss. He was late on tooth, is it just happened? It wasn't like he was helping to drive so but then he was kind of late to recover. There was that pass into the corner were prouder, like youngest pointed ahead to somebody else catch him and it was the this guy and he was doesn't really late and then there was another switch were eaten, ended up getting the free look at the rim because Janis like there's a screen, the cap Lopez off them, but bill there were. There were things there. and again what he went through. I'm not like criticising him, but it seemed like
He and at times honestly Milwaukee felt like the slower team for the beginning of this game. Until I get third Gore Agri Phoenix had three the best for players in the game tonight and it felt like I was just. I was writing down notes as it was happening and it you know like. I thought I was texting with house before. I died, attended, Milwaukee and six, little monitors five to one. I just like the ads, the most Cosette figure. If they're gonna win they're gonna win insects, holiday was nine one. When the final assembly P, how did you have any other terrible a hub? I thought there was so much consensus on this Everyone was picking them everyone's, I par Booker firmby Piazzas trying to go. the value it, but at the same time as like, I can't wait to watch it because I feel like when I watch this this match hubs gonna find a place in the thing Joe Data me pretty quickly was that there are some buck stuff
That's actually bad for them against this Phoenix team. Like I don't really know what Tucker does in the series all the stuff Tucker brings to the table that you would love me. They had a garden Chris, Paul fell actress whenever he really wants he's gonna do whatever he wants. Ski instructor offensively Tucker Zero, he was minus fourteen point: thirty three minutes, but the line that we ve seen succeed against nix our kind of the yacht ass with the four small bog, as the problem from a walk is where they have that line up right. They have to do like Bryn, Forbes, all of a sudden was playing the whole fourth quarter, that their car and now they had Middleton and now is the there the most success would. My point is, I think, Phoenix might get through this whole playoffs without playing a single team that has the kind of line up that, I think, would give them trouble and apply officers, which is basically what the
proceedings that they didn't have quite right in member like they would have, Reggie Jackson and Man look honoured and they were spread them out with all these slasher guys, but it wasn't quite. The right line up in Phoenix might just be able to escape the plan so that a reply in it the Lopez problem- and it was a huge boardgame one end the money was on it. He was really good with it he's a good. Yes, at a switch in everything, and you could see a couple times early Chris Pasok eyes this egg and play a switch it are they come on. Let me take a deep breath, assess the situation in a nap and then on make my move. Booker got got low peasant once which he almost like was startled about how much time he had to make a decision and he has really easy. Ok, it was real easy, then they even got eight non some good seals because they didn't have any size at the rear and then they played state. They went to drop coverage and then they got smoked on that. Then they brought in Bobby Port issues like I love the blitzed appoint guard and then Chris Paul
Are you seriously by reports? You wanna die like hand check me thirty feet away from the hoop. I oh by you, and then he hits a three on em they were like. Ok now, don't switch it supported because it was PJ's. Initial defender there like don't switch. It keep two with Chris Paul this time and Chris Paul read that there are even ready. I throws the eight and in the lane and then eight and gets valves he's goin up against lay up against a guard so but Chris Paul. This is why I love em, but like other teams, it takes forever fishes Chris Paul figures that are meeting is it okay, now you're off the switch or it now you're dropping okay, now you're bringing it for its okay, now you're going to double me and then oh you're, bringing it Bryn Forbes to close out the fourth quarter of an NBA finals game we're going Bryn Forbes. right and you actually need Bryn Forbes. That is another teriyaki thing indeed, rice base, indeed the shooting. I remember when we started talking seriously about Phoenix as a contender three four months ago,
The questions I had were eaten and then these guys that there are lying on just like what kind of composure would you have as the pressure got. You know the spot got hotter and hotter I've so impressed by their composure and there I and it tonight night right, just like all the guys, even crowded, whose sucked from a shooting standpoint he still affected the game. They still played a guy Sarge got hurt which I who knows if there be ramifications from that, deserves warm, but for the most part, everybody whose this game. They know what to do. They know ago. They are trust each other. The average identity says one thing. The other thing is that thing we ve been talking about over and over again the eight and stuff, and there is a play that I thought you were. The Avis probably two minutes left Paul was Paul, was like a little high screen. Eight went to the basket Paul just kind of blindly through a toward him, name caught it and it was the last Buckley scored. Envying Gandhi was I just immediately impressed by it. It was the play and couldn't made four months ago and the fact that
in one season that they have that kind of chemistry. Now is pretty frightening. I don't think I also don't don't love Christmas played with the with the big I like Maybe if anything like Deanna Railroad ties, Chandler but eight, and I just feel like he's more ethical can coordinated from Edo from a twenty foot running start like that, hey I just I'm just so blown away by him over it consistently. Every game never gets in foul trouble. Today he had, he did. It was the first guy said: TIM Duncan have a v if the dispersed by those like this is nuts. I dont really fully dead at I've never seen. Somebody improved this dramatically over the course of four months who actually could swing a title and have a decent young guy, he loves tell everyone how much Chris Paul bitched at him all seas, adapt approach of peace, there's other millennials going: hey, relax, right, she's dont! Let this catch IDA
he's I hears malaria is that you all that was started thrown a phrase year, whatever that I don't know, generation right here, Aden, so eight finnish tonight with twenty two nineteen, whose eight for ten every game he doesn't get in foul trouble and you make seventy two percent of the shots and grabs fifteen to twenty rebounds in. This is just I guess who he is, though, and I kept thinking like okay, they have to match Giannis minutes in our time, like any minute, because whenever this those Sarge minutes were happening, like all woe, and then it was Really I don't know how many minutes Janis was on eight was off because eight came out of the star, the fourth than he had played thirty one minutes and youngest only play twenty five cigana. Simply like six less minutes, so Jakarta. Despite may be rotated thirty, nine yeah, easel he's just gonna, he's gonna be out there. I would imagine to match genus. Almost all the time- and it looked is weird- is this game? Was it got to seven with a ton of time? Left the walk, he started hidden three
the small light it was better and I want to finish the small line of thought hearings. I do think this is important because gain more gets Lana Lopez looked unplayable after one, but we ve learned this before. Ok that one of the many lessons the play of teaches years that gives gave one happened, doesn't mean game. Two's, gonna, look just like game what right and just because somebody looks terrible, match up more often than not big guys. It doesn't mean the coach just abandoned them and, yes train not being a part of the closing or a healthy tray, not being a part in closing them. seeing Lopez have other good moments in that series. Like reminds us of all these things, but Lopez came out a game warn against Atlanta with four forty five left in the third core didn't come
back in the game until he was a late rebound sub with under a minute to go all right so, but just was like, I said he did the same thing tonight at seventy, eight thousand six hundred and twenty four forty two left in the third. We didn't see Lopez again in this game, so I think coach Bud tried a million different things tonight. So for people like I don't know it just was so desperate I mean I could argue made he made so many just till he gets the adjustment that seem like it, kept him more competitive, but also caution against like ok. Now they have to go small and no broke Lopez because we made that mistakes. I just said and look let's be honest. I even thought Phoenix started to go a little slow bill because they just felt like they were in such control. The game, there is a tendency to leak a little bit and lead structural anyway agri, while with Lopez, I think, there's now. If it doesn't look like Sarge is coming back that actually take a bad Nanjing, looked like something the jet happened, so they can spot Lopez against in all the nine eight minutes right. I want him out
for every single Bennett against Kaminski. Whatever, though, don't worry clear egg, whenever I don't know, what's gonna happen, let you said this happened last year and the data they found the bug. Some look and it like I didn't know, I was going to get Giannis. You know to play thirty five minutes until probably the day before I missed what twelve lab the first three quarters the other stuff around the rim. They just like, couldn't by a break items like there again, a tonic cause either and then I am Chris when nuclear in the third quarter. He just made her think back. If you can have a crisp past. Sixteen point third quarter year, Prob going to be in trouble if you're the other team. I like the way the sons played. I don't know if you just thinking like Kate. What could the sun's do better? Like yeah? They were eleven four hundred and thirty four from three for the most part that was you know I would take
he percent as well as they could play, but walk you see my bad labyrinth. The thing for me with malarkey is holiday. What it what is holiday at this point, what's going on with this guy Like, as I said earlier, I bet him for finals of a piano one. I thought he was incredible game six against Atlanta. I thought that was one of the more dominant to way games. I've seen from a guard in a while He was guarding everybody, he was doing everything and he was in general, really good answers ambiguous twenty two ten in five, but he has. As you know, you see him in some of these games that site what the hell happened to this guy and then I'll come back. The next day is fine, but I thought they needed him tonight. I think they need his offense in the series. I think they need to make Paul and Booker like defend people. do stuff on the defensive and use of energy, and food is not going to do that, though, I don't need. The bucks have a chance.
I think we all ledger holiday. I think all of us that had watched reality or is clear, like man, I'd love to have that guy, my team Dan. Now that he's in the spotlight. Ah, you like, I guess, I'd still, I come, but maybe I'd be less excited. If I got him because this has been bad. I don't look. I know he set his moments, he's good enough to have one of those games. I mean he added that abysmal Brooklyn game. game five, and then he just lit it up at the very end in euro you're gay I mean he looked, aims are lost, TAT was a game seven. That was the game where yeah, one of em ya, know you're talking about their. I bit debit was game. Seven though it was, if everything was too Well, until all the sunny made every shop and you're like ok by the way was games. Have my baby, I mean, with eight, have assists through the play ass. It was forty two percent from three forty two, nearly always so much what Edelstein. Today, they were so Middleton heavy that it's just that son you're, not gonna, win the final side that they need a second guy. You know they do.
We're gonna yadda straw with that Brooklyn that stuff they they kind of tapped into in the Our concern is that more in Atlanta, before he got her where their rights. The icing on one side and let him either draw double try to crash into the paint will jump out of it. Do that are today. I just they did more from there, because Jeff T pay. Ten minutes tonight there. They all. It was terrible for game what I mean holiday when you look at me like they gave a potentially for first roundish for this guy and a man extension and you're like wait. What he's been wait you up and down. I ain't you not look. I think I think everything said about him in the past, feels fair. But there's these moments were on this kind of spotlight legs. It's almost like. He should I just kind of temper my ex, patients form a little bed, not say he can have a really big game. I think we ve done this Middleton him at times to break your overall points right in that. It felt like I don't over John, is being honest in not being in that game, shape images hard to stay in that kind of game shaping up when he aims, but it felt like they just kind of went away.
him and they were hitting threes. That was getting him into it a little bit, but I agree that it felt like some long, yeah stretches when he was out there yet been. He finished at twenty and seventeen and disappointed by him as you pointed out, I as twenty the anymore right, you're at six, four, eleven seven for twelve, firmer from the free for Airline Middleton play heads played forty five minutes in this game again. Jeff take by ten minutes really acts laid in the end I listed. They need small gets this Phoenix thing, it's a weird batch up for them. I think Phoenix is Achilles here. One of them is winders multiple guards at their one thing. One thing with that: actually, let's take a break and will come back, and follow. Polity point today is absent. Brad you bad Miller late Summer is in full swing, were heading toward August. We had made the most of it now that Basque about
almost over were heading for baseball trade deadline. Playoffs forepaws come back well, go grab, some cold merla enjoy the next couple weeks, a summer you can enjoy, the games he can enjoy baseball and set aside. I would highly recommend doing on the golf course Having or maybe it's you ran from the front, none Batman pop up in and they saw ice cold nor lay printed igloo. What changes constant summer, despair for you realize it be can always depend on the greatest tomorrow night when you enjoy the dog days of summer. So next time you getting ready to enjoy called ones with your Krueger Miller, I come for its eyes B s to find your reactions near you or you can pick up similar, pretty much anywhere. They sell beards, maritime sober, responsibly Miller, Brewing Company Milwaukee Wisconsin. Ninety six gather is three point: two carbs per twelve answers. I had so we're just talk about things like
could do in the air in this second game, which I think they need. I think would be hard to beat this team four to five unless they some damn Andrea. Something weird happened. I don't know what you did the pitcher Tucker piece of this, I don't know why you wouldn T holiday, you're gonna, have to take response. We have to cut the head off the monster Chris Pause. Their head. Take him out there is. There is enough in the fourth quarter, all son. He was on partners. Hounding M M pause, never liked In his career he'll get by the guy, but it's you know you, one annoy him, you wanna tourist repellent shorn puts mouse on it. I would use use holiday as I look and we're not winning the finals unless your garden correspond at one end and were actually running some office for you and the other and rest for you to lose so rate. This serious doubt your heads, I really do feel at ease the bus, pivotal guy for them
You're right there was that late possession, where he gonna tapped at the half lot and earn have core line, and you know wasn't about cork. It was tipped. then you're, thinking man. This is this is the whole point of pickin somebody up because now response it issuing their office like eleven seconds in the shylock, and it's a little. Time for him, even though you trust him more than others that I set something but yeah That's why I always have a tunnel respect for delivered over Was you have one option here unless you have the chase, deaf curry, and it still I mean that's. The thing is gonna your Pga Tucker Durrant. Point related Peter really do great urban those Durrant minutes like it's, not real. It's not! The final lie. Maybe the effort that it gets to get that final line. I'm with you drew just two disappointing too often, we know he's not like all tat want to eat. You know what I mean. We know we know who he is. I don't think we're sitting here, acting like he's a top fifteen player and make an all NBA teams, but I think their effort was just
was just off and that's why I never know what goes when everybody's, like our will Phoenix. This had all the rest in Milwaukee Secret turn around with. That should mean I don't know I think it should take you less time to wrap it up because Milwaukee one this game, resale fini, said too much late of time off, but the laugh was too long. My I thought no walkie, I'm with you know, I just know: don't they were slower, they were just slower until the games in matter little little their heads. I see tat we bear is out, you know with them, just switch. on a lonely, wherewith holiday. I because he was awesome analysis and in this in this came out, and I was gonna, but you know If he's gotta play better and Venus is gonna, be eighty two percent men here, oh do better, You asked me what I thought yadda was presented yesterday. I just don't know Evan of data points but I know they are not afraid to throw the percentage, even if now lagging complete. I felt like he was eighty six percent first staff and at that that dropped like seventy
Four percent secondary he's, gonna, say eighty six of the whole game seems high. I knew tat. I think I do yeah, it's a dip dip. Seventy four percent! I other topics for you which team at these two teams. Is less likely to ever be back in the NBA finals with their current cruise would you say Milwaukee or Phoenix, but who is the desperation? Hey guys? Let's take this seriously, we're probably not going to be back. If you had to pick between these two teams. it's not like it's not one dramatically over the other write it I daresay you lady. It is You, let me know the Chris Paul thirty six, no chance now have run again, you think it's the other way. I go ahead. I think it's malarkey. While I expect that why cause I think, Brooklyn was so clearly,
best team in Brooklyn is so clearly going to be just as good next year unless carry manages to completely submarine them that this was a unique opportunity for a team that play Jeff Teague ten minutes tonight to actually play the Bay files and every chance to it. There bench was Bobby Portas, Jeff Teague Pack on a thin imprint, Forbes and there in the finest hustling Forbes Pga Tucker played thirty three minutes tonight for them in final skin I just feel like between this in a fairly figures out like the Right Simmons trade. I have them third next year. I do feel like there's desperation system. By not now it's fine yacht ass. He still coming to know there's more staff for it's. Like I don't know. Do you your pain, your three guys, the your entire sailor cap is gonna three guys every year that could be a real live on the fringes of Frazier. You have no draft ex hurry. You can be better off next year
I need a better situation. I think it was fun, but I'm like is Chris just going to play to his forty three now yeah baby, you can be better Booker, all the He learned this share their swing, geyser under control, they'll get one more veteran guidance, I feel like the right back into next year. So you don't. I always they're gonna makes this is this is a good point in its the same exercise, you put, through last year, when you are like this is Boston Window when they didn't be my Emmi. I talk to you in that it took me like three package, but I think I got in there. You did. and it was a really good point, but the thing is always look at the roster. First in you always look at it from the outset. You gotta go It would the rostrum, but then you look at everybody else's Roston. I wasn't one rodya Thinkest. Can you get better? Is there an actual path for you to improved next year? And then what is the situation? The conference enough you're looking at Phoenix? I think Venus can be just as good next year. The issue further
is like what happens of gold state nails, the seven and fourteen businesses business. What happened the day ice in the brain? Come back. What happens if Murray's back by March, like the west is deeper, but I think Phoenix was dirty. We just as getting you know, they're getting another veteran guy me they'll have could see Blake Referenda next year, somebody like that, like they could easily grab the older for ring guy somewhere. They ve been speed a little deeper and whatever dropbox you'd, see from Chris Paul. You probably expecting uptake from eight, so maybe the sum of the parts just as good, but I beg you when you were little John Smith cut your too practices that he can't get any minutes when they did. You say exactly what it commits kid. It's gonna play. Committee LAD Charlotte when I heard Kaminski blitz coverage for being guided tonight
We, like, I, don't know, that's here's what I think you're doing either you're you're paralyzing Milwaukee, for whose better than none of the conference should be convenient about. Rescue teams by states there is an old lay out of it. Have an island another one I got, I think Atlanta will, I don't know it happens with common sense. The big x factor for them is what are they do Collins cause? I don't think they're paying him. Ninety million bucks done. So maybe I don't want anybody bucks. You may not want their own men here. I think the Collins thing I mean it was this: go hey feminism ownership, but have to sign off on a day like this guy's, maybe not even the fourth most important glaring esteem and they re going to do. without it. The biggest grateful were, or you sign up you lock down, and you know like six months from now, could train and potentially avenues valid he's been available to everybody? The whole time of the restrictive create support if it is always really complicated, as you're like a kiss, a worried me who assets up for another guy, but men. If you have to do that, you have to know that you're going to bed
The teams always tell everybody in the media that, like our magical match, they never tell us. I should we're. Never gonna match this guy There is no doubt that man has a whole summer and fall of. care, reddish, dont know if you saw game six ladder seeds were planted. Do you always get people love this great, be completely changed the whatever Phil where about his career in two hours? business, guys, not afraid his garden middle. now, when any sitting threes in traffic and the other had what's happening right now it was the Romeo Lampert storyline on steroids right there really was late and there is a little. There is a god. And draw over the carriage had see Romeo Life Reddish, which illustrate the ball. To revise your girlfriend shoot new up is darker day. You don't know who is the best?
about the reddish was his facial expressions after every made three? Where was like those faces, like I told you, I told you, I told you this is gonna happen. He was so kind he was so rational, confident I loved it was get acting alone is. Can we get extra back that illiterates on both focused up That is all tat. There is one other thing: I think we had a there's no way there isn't gonna, be some weird Lakers acquisition that pisses off the world I did. The resin stuff has started both on the internet and in the NBA Whisper circles. There's the rosy buzz though, and I get egg- I don't they can be countered out with allow resign and trade I made. You could talk to and people and hair lowries gonna. Ten teams. Larry, is just on every time. He said it is ninety percent. There David theme is, he said in there, but you know there there's a
them, which maybe they have the rose in India and Larry next year. You're, the middle of a Lowry point, and there we attacked the difficulties. We get the road for ten minutes in my opinion, This is why you're one of the pros, because we are now asking you to travel back in time. Ten minutes read as you are made Some corollary point that item no, where you re going to see if you can do it right, so you have the floor. There was, Were the cow Lowry was looking at like two four fifty men so again go for it and he's proof. That an older guard, like he still really good. So you know you can ask for it. I dont know. If that's ok,
a couple: weird contracts with a depleted supply and a bunch of teams that had space that are just going to use it maybe front load. Some deals. I don't know if we're going to be like at your party parkour deal for one year. That was insane but yeah. I don't. If that's if that's part of the equation, like it's not like you're, going to get him a short unless you completely changes as priorities. So it's interesting because he already won a title, Sonora While you know, what's by four tenor, wants chance when the title he might, that cares much cause he actually as the title you might want to go for, like a good Timorese, also properly compensate. I think the the are the favourite in my mind for this at the next will kick the tires as hard as humanly possible. Chris Paul thing:
and knowing that they're probably not, can get on that he's going to stay in Phoenix cause. Why would name, but there also gonna make Phoenix pay for him? I think there's some real suspicion within the National Basketball BAR Association, whether our guide, Bigshot, Bob Sarber, is going to be willing to have three basic back skies. Because he's gonna have to give aid in the whatever extension this this summer. speakers are to make an ally, and then Chris is gonna have to make lot so the next you know his Leanna Sir, his guys, the running the next they're gonna help Chris get paid. If the says I want it the next will happily step inability will here and if that does not happen, they glower is the backup is measured. I still have a hard time, believing even though servers history is in great when it comes to spending
Now, when you re lace, vaster era now made average there of selling draft picks and then again it was a long time ago, but it was awful, therefore, whilst square. Why just think now? It's it's a different level, because this team has clicked with the city, in the successive add in their private gonna, win the title and to basically goodbye Goku got what I want thanks for a big response, you're new point, Gerda scabbard paid. I just don't see that happening the question for me as, what's a fair contract for Crest may. We can talk about this after the files, but it's just like it he's already done stuff that nobody is done before he's doing stuff three years past. One
people. Do anything like this at the point guard position. So do you want to you want to be in that Kobe contract situation or you're, basically paying for past performance? Or do you really think he has another two three years in him cuz he changed his diet. He seems as fast as explosive as ever. I feel like he's as good as he's been at any point in the last six seven years, so I don't think he's peak Because, as he was when he was in its twenties, ah now, I'm saying let em sand since, like he's been thirty, four, while they're right, those thirty six here I always thought it was gonna opt out to look to do something, but then there's a version of it where you could extend them, but then there's the over thirty eight rule, which is kind of funny. His retirement Chris Paul has as much clout power when he is declares Association. And then there's a rule in there that kind of limits it doesn't know what he's going to get paid, but he wonder like hypothetically, if that's just the price goes way up.
how could it go up higher than it is now? But I call it the flax thing we want to see real people at man is market way up you like. Actually he was baseline, prodigal, equity made anyway, even if they had not put the Superbowl that year, but peace, Kind of just repeat emissary wreck. I made him tell itself a ton of money under the crystal market was so to be incredibly strong as everything he did, but I dont know if it would be opt in new huge number and do a two year. Extension, I think, would be legal or, if he would just say, okay, I'm going to opt out because I want you know of more average is all because of the same money. So I mean the weird part: is you think Chris Roy stood opt out to want the years and now Ah, maybe I'll grab the giant one year and then be afraid you ve no better suffer, but imagine if he did that holding a healthy and therewith. What's do some Chris Paul First. Second, you certainly done a lot on your part gas and we ve done some here, but I was thinking like if they win the finals on top of it
something else that happened for him. These last three rounds were like his round to round three. The game tonight, like he's, basically been I don't know twenty seven and ten for almost a month now, I have a top forty less them in a region. My top twenty later in this back ass, where he moved up just cause, there's no way to avoid it in a top everything else, hee hee kind of through Grenada Leubronn without naming the other day. When asked about the schedule any had this awesome answer about her believe me: everyone had their chance to profess some sort of has tat dinner. Whatever about the schedule- and I dare say it, then I want to hear it and it was clearly geared towards the bride. And in general, like that relationship, the Brown and Chris Paul in the brain and Dwayne Wade. Relationships are just fascinating in general for lotteries and the broad and Carmelo two words like these guys are boys and then Carmelo the Brown could assume.
For like a year for the Lakers. Never did it the way how many years could he have really Martello gets a gig again in the bronze, like all of you, guys are sleeping, its idea could have had including failures and then the a thing when they ended up in Cleveland together, then all of a sudden wade was kind of class. They sent back egg is Leubronn and were shooting around him for the truth as data files, that is a little weird and then the christening with Christa that dart I bought at that. That was also convicts thing. I think these guys are bodies, but also there's a little friend, Amy Action, kind of kind of percolating, Imagine if they're very, very tight with leubronn meat will Bronson at the injury tweet I mean I can't believe how consistently negative it was. Easier, even people that are in the tank for Leubronn like were backing up on that one is much it. If Israel, like look I'll, have a prediction for you, retired, The broad I dont know what to expect, because he's going to miss the spotlight so much, and I think that that was a little
of a peak into that his teams home it sucks. Those guys got her and yeah there's been a tunnel. trees, but silver was really. I thought, not defiant, but he sounded like a leader going quite sure what the science tells us yet because reality guys arresting more than ever. I mean, there's teams, tell me the headache. Fifteen or seventeen practices total all season, so everybody was short around. Okay, that's why I always get some getting her. I'm not saying no, but I'm also not sure if that everyone that screaming, that is saying yes, and I think Chris Paul just sitting there being like, are Lebron. Like you you and me and I say this about, like my run, like I'm gonna fight back, because he fights back with everybody, you loved it, but a run for Chris Paul, it's really the summer, Christa, as everyone else. on Christmas day, the Mighty Williams border. This does not represent one of us being like you know what they lose a lot, but Money Williams guys help approach gang they had to winning.
Seasons in five years. We all know the Pelican staff thought he was below average honestly at that he they cost them. Games they really shaking staff at the end against he crisp. How to work it out like. I think there was a friendship or respect for each other but that money was a very overbearing guy. That's why sometimes like you, I've always been more open minded about coaches cuz. I think the Sunday times like I will look at disguise. Rectory socks and using ok is dizzy. Socked, like how did you ever get a job in the first place to some? in drawing up different yeah. Ok, maybe that happens, but your money in Chris had a work some stuff out here and I don't think it was six. Some cool Jesus moment. I think it was a real. Like hey man. I was too much when I was there. I needed a ferdy, you a little bit more and Paul's like,
you're, a good on the x, is no stuff like. I don't even have to worry about any that stuff like that have to work, maybe some other coaches, but I'm also Chris Paul. She even a trust me to run some of this stuff, so I think money considering everything else. The skies had to go through life. I think it was a mass of learning experience where, whatever he is, a basketball coached the fact that he could reinvent himself and identify some of these shortcomings that have a crisp law that, fine with it, because that was a great run down in New Orleans at all? And I don't know, I think, that's a really cool part of this entire storyline. I don't know if it's a like Post, Orlando Post, Orlando Vogel, but clearly vote well after getting his aspect down, there was an art, whatever I'm doing like I'm gonna make some changes here. Also getting Leubronn out, there's something big, for the second go round and just in general, if you ve been in charge of anything for the first time You go back and look I think about this because it was ten years ago since grantline. I was thinking about how we did it. That's
in summer and all the stuff I just didn't know he's kind of learning and the fine you're trying to survive, basically, I'm sure, being an mba coach and if Thou coach, any these jobs, it all sounds it until you actually doing it near the middle of it. I'm sure you would look back five years later bag man than this. I wish I'd known that you know, and I would always target second job guys unless it was like a unicorn type of possibilities. if somebody like NASH becomes available, you know that guy's gonna be the Gaza head coach when he played I'll see, you know like our right of that guy's going in. He already has allowed a basics come in there. I think that Rivers is probably the same way. Some of these acts point guards out with a coach on the floors. Maybe it's a little easier but the most part I wouldn't mind having the guy after his failed one. So the vote was a great example failed twice. You know and unlike really got fucked in Orlando, like they're, just doing this rebuilding thing in June
I feel like the league is starting to change how they think about coaches in what types of coaches and what coaches makes sense. Therefore rosters, I really wonder like the old school scream, coach. I really wonder if that guy's is gone and not come back. I always that just to make sure everybody understands like money interests, Balmie had that one year together, there are still technically the hornets, they had a decent record and then they launched Lakers in the first round. So I just I just want to make sure that, like everybody understands it, I understand that they were Bulgaria and Romania years right yet right, but You know- and this is not a guess here. If you know after that was over, it was like AL and then when it was like a quick response go in there in Phoenix since got money Williams. Like had. You have been some kind of clearing the our conversation, and I think it was that challenging, but I think it's a lot about those guys. Your other point, though I think is right off. I don't think a stand. I dont think these guys want to hear anymore
I just think the stamping goodbye imagine ninety ninety seven Patino coming in the leg, bow and thankful. You know it your money, the most of you and I'm the yellow you'd there in the games are fabric. thine yelling at you to box out on the second free, throw call you by your first name, Paul Box out Paul Box out yet going I'm in the NBA now man like I don't. I don't- you're, that's not so I'm not even knocking being Gandhi on the basketball sort of. I just think there's I, but I always We gotta, ok, but here's ears the question because This is another thing about like big you, we know in coaches. Are right, zoological this coach or no adjustment, or should it on this and we're all experts about it. When usually, we don't really know what the hell's going on. Ok cause we're not around the tea. We're not be cuts, rot, locker, room but brats Evans would, by all indications, were these conversations going, have the perfect temperament for it and that Celtics team was soft as hell all your law.
So when they arrive in eight years, yeah, just one as it is, is a five year job. Very, very, very rare exceptions, what's Bobby that two right three years, if you the team, which personality would you want to hire? I will find me a cup I I would go exports. I think that's where the lees gone. I did there's that Lithuania is gone now images I would want somebody. I think, that's what, whereas want two thousand twenty one. I did they're always going to respond more to a guy who it at least played in the league and get some of it and get some of the rhythm of this stuff. That was the best not to be a prayer coach that I'd seen in the last four years and they burned out item within for five years, but I too, to from people, told me this with the subjects they sandy Doha to be the new coach and they heard for more people around the league,
who had interacted with them and just like just above the guy and oh, my god, and they were kind of like startled by her beloved. This I was around the league and I do think that's a blueprint for if you look for the coach, the guy who played the guy's been handsome inches and really put in some time in bed in different situations in his bill, different relationships and things like that that statue, Be looking out, I wouldn't be looking at the of the sky, was great anti, be the last five years, but higher this guy. I just would it be even thinking that any more, I think one of the reasons is that it should happen, is just there still jobs open. Amazingly, the still couple tapes that have even heard code in their look and allow these ones, I think, the days of bringing in the tv Geier I done. I have more topics free, but we gotta take
equipment. I next Topic Phoenix in MID July, worst NBA finals, location ever. The Green Bay, have a team you two hundred and ten degrees they're all week hundred and ten I've got some great weakens and Scottsdale. I gotta tell you, I don't know how you do it in the summer. That's why people leave in the summer Harrier their absence of any just gimme, some in the nineteen fifty Syracuse, a final steam Rochester. They play the finals when in February back, then it was like an April Rochester ff. Wayne Tri Cities Minneapolis had a couple times in the fifties? They want a few. The Lakers now clean those titles, one thousand nine hundred and fifty six Fort Wayne I've heard wanes, crazy underrated. Now the Fort Wainwrights, as is apparently
measure if you wrote eighteen, nineteen sixty saint Louis. There is some eighteen, seventy bottom, what do I say about nineteen seventeen Baltimore, I'm just go and small cities and then my personal choice just cause. I wet, went to uncover the two thousand twelve o k c. where the city, the entire city, was under construction, not realising that they're gonna hosted an mba finals, and it was just why detours and rerouting and you could not. Nothing was built. There are like two hotels so anyway, I still think Phoenix in the one tat has to trump all that Phoenix at MID July as five. This location is saved me so how'd you interpreters there. Today I spent one night in Oklahoma City. I was on my way out after suitors game. yeah, usually those ships really long so hard for us to get food and it was We are radio, so wasn't exactly a catered affair.
and ah I went back to the hotel in dialogues and delivery, and I figured I'd like even bad pieces and terrible When I tell you, this is one of the worst pizzas man has ever created. This is not an exaggeration brand of assent to catch up on it. He was bad. I would go hey about asking for a refund someone over there should know, and this goes out the door that this their zero pry putney. This again Just you need to know like this. Isn't a yelp review not ask for my money back. I don't want anything else, but you should know This is this is embarrassing and if you were publicly traded company out be shorting, you Monday, but guy gets so mad, like lady, was on the line and her husband got called me back in the hotel room started screaming at me, saying he knew where I was staying. They were coming for me. I was like how's it I'm so bored you're in a great hurry up. Why should come? What is here?
single, worse, work, related trip in the history of your career. Where was it What time of the year was it it? What were you doing I'll? Give you One that started really bad and ended really strong cause? It's my favorite trip in retrospect, but didn't start great. Ah Mcshane I were at sexes, texts, tech and Lubbock is my first time ever mother, Texas, slavic and we drove all the way from LA the after get if we went through Midland Two Odessa was the other way around cause. We rather that airport. So we had a drive all the way out there and we checked in two tell the other thing was as if there were some loss in the schedule. Change where you needed to go for the biggest game like Texas, Incredible run their plainly. Top teams and was Halloween is Texas. Jack and Texas Tech wins the game. It was unbelief.
Both are really good team. Graham Harold shouted to him. I ve interviewed him, but this game they Russia, feel they four times than it was supposed to happen. It still it's the prestige. Texas School against this upstart Lubbock Lubbock itself was kind of it. Hound early in its transition to being a little bit more modern. Now any time you got lost his is the loop around the city is unbelievable. Imagine if, like Boston, was surrounded by a big high, a loop and every time you got lost just get back on the loop and then the figure it out again, it's actually very convenient but see It's an object. Montage. We stated the I'm not gonna name. The establishment put it was. It was based on values. Value- is the number one priority right and we checked Mcshane calls me like how's your room. I go not great, I got games in here, though, and he's like theirs what my sheets and there's a sign that says, take your garbage with you and I thought that was a tough tough deal, but the game itself
amazing wherein loved for for Halloween, and it was a lie down on my part of the sheets. We know we didn't the location, actually that's a great question. What's the worst part for the blood like near your face and probably would have us believe, YAP Yellows, headboard legal, linen headboard, but it probably was gonna, be a linen headboard displace anyway. You know how sad a whole bedbug situation when standing near city really yeah, where it turn at the hotel had bedbugs, but he woke up and whose covered and bedbugs and they ve so hold disaster. How long does it take to go away eyes just while mental eight years by worst, my worst travels? Patient was Winnipeg. When I went they made me, go to interview Brian Dennehy for season to bring there so me to the brink. When I was working for page two- and I don't have the pole to fight it yet went down there and they january- and it was all at how the two thousand one it was my first year, four page too,
So you should have gone over. There is no part of that sort of excited to go check out when a peg, knowing you probably can ever go there, Just one of those this doesn't feel right, like you guys, are, make me go at a pimp. Some movie, that's probably not, could be very good. You, your leveraging, my com, which I like to think, might have some level of integrity, but I'd have the Jews to fight it, and I went down a winner peg and it was like a minus thirty eight. When shall suffer, some great on that and it was like minus thirty eight windshield and I had to walk to the set. Where set the hotel is nice, but it was like yeah. So you know that sings two blocks away and I'm like I'll just walk and they're like don't walk like one of those like don't walk, don't go, don't be outside like just and I'm like where the fuck I might like a Nautica, so that one was bad.
Jacksonville for the super bowl that year, when the Pats won their third super bowl, whichever uncomplaining about them, people got mad that the media people are complaining but like Jacksonville, like wasn't ready to host a super bottom. If you went to that one, but I was there, it was brutal. Give the locals were apologizing like when you're like getting coffee their apologize unaware the Superbowl forgot everyday. I got a new stadium got once that rain. Is this? Isn't hard to figure out? Invaded downtown was closed. Like you couldn't drive in other stuff, then the other that was just weird was the Houston, the Superbowl, the Carolina Pat Superbowl date. They launched the light rail. And it was this trolley this above ground trolley that, but they didn't have like enough signs up. Yet there was just hitting p port, like others seven eight people turn Superbowl weeks about what that was. I thought, though, probably the weirdest trip Where was okay? Watch of that light role, its delight rotating people, its due to keep an eye out for hours,
that want to and what was weird in your right. That was happening, but there was also the scene where they were just those parts of the city that work done. Yet we, I think is probably part of the theme- is have exact Benda hues. since then- and I like the last mile or better. Yet when I went that year, I was like you know. I never come back here. I'll probably be fine, but I've gone since I think twice and men like you know it's actually it's great now, but there were places. So this will. I go for some yeah, oh, for there are places you just be walking through the city. Meets and it would be a street that was even ready and then commercial entrance was just a bar and fly oh, how it had to be so like shady and the liquor licences or who got access to what, but I remember walking into one of the guys, like five bucks in his account charge he hated. You you can't beers and we all walked in like idiots, because again were local radio. We have access to anything cool swam out.
Hey we're just like. Let's see what happens and the whole building that was like a storefront had asked to turf duct taped to the floor, so they could just tear it up and it's basically like whoever was opening a business there in the meantime, is good B, a book shop, dive bar for four or five days and then earlier relations yeah right and it was low literally blind with them, and that was a bit of a free for all Did you go to the Superbowl Dallas where they had the eye storm and nobody could go anywhere cause you just get off the highway because they had no salt sand, anything that biggest packers Patty Oilers. I was there and we were leaving the e a party that night and luckily, we had other people were being told, like cab, drivers were saying I'm dropping you off here and I'm not going any further. It was I who black eyes yeah. Was it loud videogame yet Avons way after I have another topic for you
do you like Chris Middleton, more or less than you did eight weeks ago? Does exactly that. exact watch him. I watch him. I do what she's games. When the one I'm a little disappointed, I'm not surprised, and when I'm really excited about somebody scoring runs. He goes on. You know this why we have a hard time with him. Because I got the same rate- is the greatest need, not as bad as its lowest. I got excited
instead, I don't like you know Chris Medicines really kind of taking this step up this year. So look at his stats in their exactly the same as they were last year like exactly that groundwater- and it's like he's fifty forty daddy guy, but is I guess he is what he is, but he does have these moments in Africa. Baron like Tobias Harris, I feel better about him than to buy a SARA Ray. Yes, yes, I think I think, he's ill. I think whatever he is he's a level above that is any yet next topic if Dwight Howard had had.
Thirty five year old, Chris Paul, instead of mere Nelson in two thousand eight to that seven actually withdrew the other nine. No, it's got two thousand eight leading into the two thousand and unexpected fine aspirants puts it. Chris Paul shows up for Joint Howard when he's been in the whig three years, so that would be using the two thousand for draughts of two thousand seven thirty five year old. Chris Paul shows up after that. What is White Howard The black can Chris Paul get through to Dwight Howard that you did said the agile Aden or was Dwight Howard. It was the DNS. Sending him into these goofy weird at one point really good, but also I could frustrating, never really having a sense of what he was doing showered with that. Just as did happen anywhere. Could Chris Paul change that
It would have accelerated the downward spiral of joint Howard O interesting yeah, because he Dwight would not have responded to that and they would, if you say you ve thinking, feud feud. Yeah I like to have been Gandhi, said about the three hours. night we said leg rebounding rolling recovery, maybe were the three first centre, again as the three hours rebounding rolling recovery with. I think that is what it was, but I was thinking like all this debate and, as is the stuff I wanna do it. How did you entire career and is the reason I haven't probably twenty spots lower on any pyramid, that I should have on based on. What is red may was cause you, so fucking frustrating never knew he was eight. No, so is already at three years in the league, and it feels like it's gotta crisper and I just read the Napoleon's. Actually a lot taller than we remember him historically. Is that true
Yeah, where he was measured, they used a different system of measurement. Same as George Washington. They measured his feet being broken forward, so is actually little overrated night business, but justice jet, so that's does or to other things. What would happen if Napoleon Becker's, but I may give you money tat. All players, not alright. Now no in the league caliber, we did our top forty. Yet You you- and I really your great on these speciality just an eyelid ideas. Only now I wasn't like I wanted years. Have just tell you two things you didn't want mine, I dont Cosette entails doing it. Can Chris poppy lower than seven on any less right now. From China when the title right now. How is he not one of the seven guys because the rat yoke edge LUCA Janius Staff in the broad Chris.
And then, indeed, quite Dame Davison Hearted, who I think I have little asters next them for different reasons. If I'm sure, when the title of my life depends on it. I think I would want Chris over those decks five guys the way this current incarnation of Chris two thousand and twenty one not going to be denied Chris. I don't feel like this is an overreaction. What are your thoughts now? It's not an overreaction, ok get his. I always felt like you know, It's once again. I just like saying it out loud every now and then I feel like doing it more often than not to remind people like how deep that tapas hell cuz last year, yeah did Anthony Davis is behind. Ten people is, is insane, but you couldn't say it even the biggest harden. Ah, which I certainly have been an author of many
the idea that hard us out of the top ten doesn't seem right with this at all. So why whose definitely floated towards the top more more but yeah that that's feels about what state again top six Durrant Yoke edge LUCA Janius Staff, the brunt credit he could be higher Chris seven and you could conceivably jump em over staff and the Brown, if again, ambitious jasper. If I'm trying to win this year so wise and wise yoke, it over. Yoke is resemble a by his team is terrible. They give you was lit, he added I dont want to penalize yokel cause. He is playing with Monti, Morrison, Austin Rivers and Fabio Composite and Will an injured, Warburton and Michael Porter, who
bad back and palm oil saps corpse in a mean that was ridiculous, but those next five after Chris, indeed for I'm, just not convince, can play forestry player Frances Many might be able to address this point. He will I'd like to see first tragedy at First Hawaii, who not only seems to get hurt every other person who play two thirds of the regular seizing games, but then, when he gets hurt, his keen doesn't know what happened to him and it isn't does talk to them. and they're, just in limbo the entire time as they are. That's what you get. You know why yes, hard gotta red. It's like what is this a team sport, if somebody is your best pointed out, you ought to know what's going on with them, should be a mystery. No look. I've already covered this smoke. I think.
Sign I do when I think he's great, but I dont use are what is what you sign up for Hake we sign for the part where just get a little bit more information. Yet just can you just tell us what's going on a day to day, like if you right away, I do feel any different now about all the different Christ. After you heard as you- and I were ill luck when when stuff or come up, a renowned would will talk to each other about it not all times, and we keep information reach other plenty, but I didn't represent terrified to talk about this to anybody, because they are really worried about how this is gonna play a ok, but do you think he's more her today than you did a couple weeks ago? I began spray. Now, don't forget: get a torn acl any. Let's do you. I don't know what you believe. That's why I just Actually referring to you on the answer. Only because my mind hasn't change anything as I was inactive Vince. I knew anything so I had so in this terror De Calais Dame who I just feel I cast be level below cresscombe. We ve never seen him affect other teammates.
This great as he is David Sue. I don't know when he could be healthier de saint Pardon, that's your top. Twelve Then there is the next group that I feel really good about three young Tatum Booker Mitchell. Zion. Paul George and then the Andrea, eighth, I've nineteenth now just trying to win the title. I thank those seven guys like the next level, guys, which leads me to my bigger point. They exercise. Why did this by this list? I have the sons with three of the top twenty Gus, so be it's? That is inconceivable that he and crazy that their free ones, where from the funds, if I'm trying to win the title which give yon us for here, yonder yea, Annesley, Adam Forth,
Oh you did, after that, it goes carry butler middle danger, holiday, Beale, Randal, Jana Brown, Bam JIVE. She Ito goes down all the usual suspects, but from trying to win the title, guess I'd love to have as the andreasen, which is really an exquisite Does this change? How you would look at other guys in the week, like Robert Williams types and then guys in the draft. Trying to find three hours, big guys coming at a cost. in a way that bear resigned centres bit like. Do you think that in a care more about centres. Now because eight said such an impact, or is it just a number and dropping borderline franchise centre whose just communism Does this change? How you feel about the centre position? It does a little bit, but I think we both talked about the least less couple years
as much as you seem to leave go small overnight. It felt like once golden State started, doing it playing Tremonton 250As, like everybody was trying to like when you weren't ready for that it was horrifying. You know when it was too early, but then, when other teams had really good players and they went small to elect ok right, so this is the end of the world like the death. Lineup. Isn't the unsolvable thing here yet, but it felt like people are closing small right. That was your things happening. Then, when he added Davis and you have to be big against yoke edge, it felt like there. couple t embedded were eight in in this area Certainly within beat, and, however Milwaukee implosion, as you like, you know what, though you don't you dont want to six seven you're out there all the time, because you can even goals. A few moments like that really can grab rebounds some similar play off games and you're going. I welcome what the hell like people left this out of scaring ports. So I think eight is special. We can't just in rave about him his ideas. We have added to what I am
It's always gonna be a market now of finding a five that can finish the game. I realise that I I've been this out, because wise men who sketches get through in trade, rumours left and right out of it? They wanna try them I'll, be with you by the way I don't like the wise man stuff physical, coming from everybody else, but I'm not sure you right if I'm the warriors and I'm watching this series down my guts Helen high water. To try to get him to do some things were She ain't doing these paths. If I'm Atlanta, I'm thinking the same thing with the Congo, the cat could, in that I'd, be eight and for us back just send him home. The supper show him Ain t to be like this is what we need from you. Everything you're seem from this. I think those in Tibet I do wonder if we did that draft again. I think he probably go sire whom not oh yeah I'm so impressed with him in very very short amount of time that he's been played the Lee now he's not the size and agents free
alone. Cottage is a game. Changer raise he's big and then he's big bit. In that year, not stiff at all, like he's like weirdly life now, and he's he's more fluid. in the movements than wise men is at this point, like I felt like the downside of wise men, even though I like him a lot was you could see him processing things, but there you say, as a body dryers same thing, about eight and see you can't just, but I don't. I don't always love that, like it's all a debate manning think we're like every rookie that throws a million picture you new threats on a picks pavement The guy, who only five hundred touchdowns away from being him. So I get a blueprint. Is that you're talking about bet you so that that yeah, I just feel like a quagmire, especially is somebody that that was a really pack, twenty passed over all the league right now, look too high and maybe maybe attended with em it's her, but I dont think what I
look at the list, but I think that they're really reasonably, whether you have eight hundred and nineteen for them, 25th 27th, whatever they clearly have three of the best thirty players in the league. And if you have three of the best, thirty personally and you're, probably going to be in the front so next topic, who wins the Brooklyn's healthy against this Phoenix team. I'll give you hard and twenty pounds overweight, but healthy inquiry. Just me I read that healthy. What do you think happens? It s ears, scoring near, I'm I'm not deviating from this network and a roll everybody thing was result can apply all of it. That's adjective, ah last topic for rigour will more break. Is it for me, too fantasize about robber waves becoming the Andrea next year for the subjects like one
did happen, did wish you were just talking about biofuels. Lappet pay. If you talk up, Rob could be math illustrated forever. Third, every other gave to save on paper, not being her be a great start at which his eye to Eastern Europe, his passing in his catch radius or or bigger, but who has a bigger catch radius than Robert wounds, I don't think anybody that and is passing is is arguably better. I think eight as a really good office of awareness now but he's got defensively he's not even close defensibly like locked in the way you have to be now eat anything he's. My grandfather thinks he's been better, though right liquid We agree that it was. It was disastrous, can't put you on the floor, defensive lass, rotation, stuff right, he's missing two things that eight has that our skills are considered skills, but a kind of feel like they should be. One is eight, doesn't really get hurt,
the grabber Lindsey he jumps in traffic lands on people's arm. She goes out, abounds amidst the basket support he he just gets injured. Two things happen to minutes. I up there's another Aberdeen falls lay it's wrong lands on his wrists Asians, like really durables, that's one thing and then AIDS and ability to stand a foul trouble is just amazing to me that should be like his achilles heel and then in TAT. Video makes free throws everyone in a sense. Teens makes reference where they like twenty five or twenty six, the matters up in MR last one day there first twenty five, it's ridiculous. It seems, I think anyone we're gonna, take when we're break Then I have some weird stuff free. Before we move on a weird stuff, you had another eight point quickly: the port. Take your time, The story for eight this year too was you saw his is
the ship. Was it really high level gaffer somebody that looked like he was confused out of it and got no. We ve been over this, but I'm like man. He fights is ass off out there right ass. If that we gonna kept coming back to, but he still does it but I still think there's like another nasty street or a nasty level that he's not even at yet so no kind of funny is everything but you talked about Robert Williams, cuz. Somebody sent me a clip of Rob and I I just thought this really funny, so I will share I'm not going to talk to you much about it, but there's a play where the other teams guy goes up offensively flops into Williams. I mean it's egregious and then claims goes to help map and the guy got the gall right think I got the call Flopping and Williams first cities. Let me up guy. I'm gonna, like aid, might do that. I dont think eight. Would you a but eight night old think? Would
Don't think, there's like a nasty level that I'm surprised that he's not quite ass yet because all the other stuff is no that's. That's that's tough work down. There are thirty, eight minutes night, no class, it just is there's gonna, be step that happens. Rihanna get pissed off all the time. I think he has that's what I'd like to see. Rob Williams have a higher raw pettiness rating in twenty one, twenty two, I think I can get a lot of last year and I think he's gonna have an incredible. he'll hear situation like for five years now early grace. They are like an arm and Gillian type of. just today arise here like the hamper the hammer really nice. Facial here think DE my story, the Barkley, said about him- he's, ran an extension cord out a Barclays Back Jack into his condo for power. To save half of that, safe electricity at wholly cross occupiers that that's my senior year, but just The team that special breed some quick ones for you. Why didn't we have the porters crowd or altered
and yet does not concern you that we're not gonna get it for game too. I gotta tell you first took his crowd or is ever since J R Smith back handed them in that Celtics can series. I ve never had a retribution, I think crowded gets into the mix, but I don't. I don't think so. I don't think he goes the port like forests. What beat up his teammate yes took yet there are ongoing to other stuff, so I had the Red Sox came out tonight, yes and a tiny who I've I've watched in a number of angels, Red Sox Games, a shadow usually watch based bother than threats, acts but attorneys add a couple: absolute terrifying moments against them: late games, one of which was last night. He came up. He it seems like the angels, it's against the Otter Vena, whose great, unless it
using oughta be nuts three one count to out, and it's just I got tidy clear. They gonna hit home, run in the game, Brunches align Dr Weir Playin the shift. It is a two hundred foot ground ball out through the second basement. Who throws about that's it. My point is the finest tariffs his easily the most terrifying guy, the American. They give you just watching your team play other teams day after day after day, there's no more terrify hitter,
and then I turned the game on today, and I forgot that oh he's pitching today, its hang up. Others look at that at that created the first. I can't believe our time is the modern Day Babe Ruth conversation, but it's just so fucking crazy to watch this dude pitch and then bad second, and I actually feel like this is big enough deal and it makes me question everything like two people care about baseball this way. Anymore effect, this had happened in nineteen eighty five. This would have been the biggest thing that happened in any sport that somebody was doing this. We would have lost our fucking minds and now it's like this little. Let nice cute story that paper barely talk. You befits a five budget based, but the it's one of the most incredible athletic feats to do this in the modern age to due to different jobs at the same time where you're, the best home run, hitter and you're, also above average, starter and you're doing this simultaneously. I feel it
Where are we now? We ve never talked about this and the progress you me and we were both enormous baseball guys like huge, and I don't know that Red Sox season last year turned me off to it too much between the Muky thing and then colony pitchers when pitch in six years, that growth is Europe's gross review? Retz Oxfam combat Amado lack this year that you are back on an early. I can't believe I came in rotation would hold up like this. The bull pins been unbelievable. It feels like there's one big. You know swing in Miss Sky in the rotation other than when of all these. You know how, Moments of like our aid is guys always been real, get right. Ok, this is an awesome topic and I actually think it's a bummer for baseball, because we cared more nationally about each Euro, who was doing extraordinary things, but you can't want to see you hurt, you heard about it Bobby Balance and we gave you like I'm telling you this each year, ogier debt comes over here. They wait, you see
I'll, never forget dogma. Caving under Dan Patrick show. Do it in. Your view with BP and the ethical might whenever we pay in the like. We better not like in this weird, like the patriotic rare, where like wait? What was that about him? Euro became somebody that I would want to watch him of that mariners team. When a million Games DAS, what like I was watching every red Sox but I would want to watch each Euro hit so on semi this committee, the huge baseball faint, but if a totty can't save baseball than who can- and I think it's actually a bad sign that this isn't a bigger deal, for any of us really charismatic as the others, MRS Nomadic believe character. A make of envy make believe thing is happening and he's this much better than anybody else and is met with national indifference. Here.
it says the Sharon Fenway. He had two homers that I've never seen anyone hit the ball park before one was a reach over reach over the plate. Over the wall, which looked like a pop out down the line and interest when three urgent thirty feet and they had another one then hooked around the rightful while every time he's out by just Soon he's gonna hit comrade I haven't felt that way: bout any American. They get her. I can't even remember the last time he's just completely abjectly terrifying and on top of it really likeable- and I think his teammates really like a minute so funny he's on trouts team has trout with had all the number tranches telling us for seven years our Bible Trot was- and I just I don't care if I watch him been a multiple angel games. It's like yeah, it's kind of cool to see MIKE Trout, wasn't any cooler than it was to seed. Seen, Barry bonds in person to me was more of an expert
seem burying, though you know before the year before it had started, to grow just watching him play love field than, just seen how great he was just that everything was really. Everybody I wanna take my son to see a tiny is it's like. I do wonder. Air was sleeping on this bees dislike the most generous. important baseball star we ve had, and none of us just realized, there's so much going on pandemic. Now that none of us really as it is it a better experience, a person? This is the first base bob where I don't know since Pedro that I actually feel it. I have to go, see And that's what Pedro is like for me, I mean the times were guys were hustling for tickets are ivy driving down about still. I mean I drove up the Montreal by myself to watch Pedro and I was totally at one invite anybody cause. I don't have to worry about getting two tickets: Olive ACT in Montreal, you're able you'd, probably chickens, pretty easily Sesar, the programme has the ground at this point I just it'll take in this
numbers wise. Like the same reason, I look quarterbacks differently and scoring in the NBA Domini. de Grom is when I see somebody compared somebody historically say this is what this is now too. So, whatever you urgent touchdowns are for quarterbacks all over the place and spread offices in college and all that kind of stuff in everybody's leading passer ever has been in the last five years. I D got drums grey, but I'll, take Pedro signore being under two when the guy number two behind in any area was over for pray. You know what age or was doing in comparison to what else was going on. A baseball is stupid. that's why I argue pages the greatest I've ever first voice, the greatest I've ever seen, but you could make historical arguments he's the greatest pitcher ever considering what doing compared to the average. For other guys, we're doing it so is greatest. Grom is in there. Some absurd numbers we're on on here of pitchers that have put up historical numbers because everybody fuckin strikes out all time threat
Let's Theo had any relaxation is talking about baseball used to be a game played with nine people, and now it's a game played with two and that's the problem with all that said, a shine thick of lake, the greatest where's in my lifetime that you just kind of had to go see what stood out like my generation grow, but, like wages, Revere P rose. This was before the gambling stuff and he became such Psycho Vegas Paradigm himself, but like he just. We didn't have stats, there's no way to bunk. It was just like if there's a big game. I want that guy on my team that guy's going to get hit he's going to come through. He cares. nobody else ball over the catch her. You know that there has been a handful in a just really. Anderson was like Diet, Veronica Henderson, a hundred percent, because you were sky. the death of em all the time and it was a show every minute amazed, the ultimate performer I remove Jonesy current pocket but real career, I too, with Ricky, drag really like an experience to see him.
absolutely every minute he was in front of people meaningless. I've had they write to me. Man is on that last time, manners and yeah. Honestly, the clique, similar clean yours he had words horrifying- is anything he did with boss, but he'd have stretches Boston where he just you you're going to get him out, and Yeah, hey guys, six to eight weeks where users to perform again yeah and Remy, just laugh about it, but there is, I think, Kirby Puckett are enormous. therefore, double had her in the eighties against the twins. It was kind of fun to watch, because a Kirby pocket was a big deal, but I don't know if it's the sport of its us, but I think the tawny indifference, is disappointing but like what supposed to happen, I mean I remember, restores couple years ago by her errand judge. You know, there's a guy who who's got, the looks, he's got the size, get the charisma I was in New York City and all the things you put together an errand just save baseball. I don't.
I know of one percent and save it. I do think Maguire hit that point. No eight nine days where even just hitting homelands that we just had seen before the sitting, five hundred plus foot homers and everything was a bomb and he just look back. He was a cartoon character And we didn't know about the stairway part. At that point, I think most of us enjoyed the bonds part to write like their number bar tending in you know. If he was up bad guys, it's that no one denies York in a drink, I still like the pre. whatever he ended up doing bonds that those first couple giants years when he, when he still had as athleticism before he just turn it like a software, basically be. I think they are tiny thing. What would struck me? What a missed opportunity was for the Yankees
cause and I'm that first person said this either, but the egg is earned a real crisis right now and say it's the least like the anti team? Probably this century, every friend I have loved the egg. Is the test this team that it Sattler put together like the manager. They think the honor doesn't give a shit, the owners very poor, gascony, it's a t. It's a roster! You just don't want its money going to the wrong people that cites heavily right handed Chapman feels like may be headed the wrong direction and it's a three year facts. You know it's not it's not something were now. You know, Sir Somebody sign this kind were good and bad, a tiny nobody would care. As he would be. The most exciting thing that happens in New York City and its Shame that you know but the Anaheim, where I just feel like that's a guy that should have been on, dodgers at the Yankees. That's it he should have been on one of those two things cuz he's that big of a star, and I think he needed like a historic franchise. Some you know no offense angels fence.
Just as you know I hate the egg is born anything aegis. He makes much more sense to me as a yankee They go to bed incredible size, researching. Could remember why heaving go there and it turned out. What happened was I just forgotten? He actually eliminate them is a contender who decide. do you want to be in the West Coast. He didn't want to be on EAST Coast team, so he could. I be acting so at the Yankees. Couldn't have gotten many way, but it's a shame. That he didn't end up on one other thing. The dodgers at the egg is, I guess, I'll, be the two teams right, the red Sox I totally needed, but I just don't know. Maybe you can have the same impact on the angels. I don't know it's. Like the NBA, where, if somebody's transcended superstar its, happen and it doesn't really matter where it is right, the bronze in Cleveland. It doesn't matter. I think it does matter. A baseball really do maybe
most everyone or agree hey these with the Yanks. It's ok. What does that mean now that you're watching Sir Knight Baseball Look, here's the deal when the angels are on setting a baseball. Are you denying yourself During a tiny because he's on the angels, when you now just simply do it now, so if these the Yankees I get that it's a bigger market. I get the dodgers more important in this part of the country than the angels will ever be, but I I can't move off the thing that they're just seen be this kind of like all, that's right. That's that crazy story. There and people are talking about it. The way we would be talking about it like this would be an almost daily check in on national, radio when I started ESPN in two thousand and six years would be a big party, have string resign from angels games now. Some of this stuff is outdated in the way that we did it, but you would have thought you were doing the right thing, topic, wise and programming. Why is an now I'll ever hear any oh tawny stuff and analyse.
As much as they used to, but whenever I dont think its a market thing. I think it's a fan thing. I think it is a totality number. fans in you see with the next right, the next her half decent, and it feels like the most again hang in there are no wise that cause there's a familiar. Next basketball fed stairs generations of fans, it's the biggest city. We have an just more people care about the New York decks thank care about. I don't know that a trait pistons since the issue, the fact for ninety four reasons so thick with baseball The angels probably have a one. Thirtieth has many fans is the Yankees the egg there have been around for a cajoling years? That are the biggest city that get passed down by generation, citys, more of them. so maybe more people would be talking about him, which should make it a thing, but I do wonder once we get through this basque bosses in and things settled down with
and about Tawny. I think he's over thirty homers at the twenty nine. But if he said Putting together some Munson EDA becomes a converse. Maybe it'll happen, because what I saw even talk about where you have like a dead month before we get into Papa maybe, but we have had some of the most amazing posts, seasons and baseball. We had these incredibly historic moments like some things that have happened in the last I donno five six years, the playoffs, I think our great baseball like play off baseball, really is when you allow you should like you mercy yourself in it, brat tension that tension is because not really matched in any other sport, because I'll be immersed issue around Mozilla is met, teams get sounds like it ah, but I just I don't know man, I almost I've. I feel for baseball on this. one, because I think a lot of people die of you are New York to be derived Hannah. I think nationally baseball says the tough cell, even if a tiny is, is a superhero and I swear we're not doing this segment of here's. Why you
good care more about this, because this stuff's organic people arguing air about what they want to care about? You know in it and to be the question is more: why don't they care more about this? That's what surprised that guide! My son cares: cause. Autonomy is like a little in the tick tock generation cause he's, got to tape, measure homer, seeking pitch he's. Somebody can cut and little clips, but just in general is that capture the imagination. Another thing Emma be draft has come in this week in the red. Sox have the fourth pick. I've read all the mock drafts. I've discuss backtracks with a couple friends. I have dense and awe and want lighter from Vanderbilt so Jack later
who's the guy wanted. I had no idea whose outside and once again where a hundred years old, this came out with way late by research as they that's it's out somewhat, but he's a sophomore and the funny thing about baseball. Is you really can leverage? You know the top I have a lot of bad if you can threaten it. Just go back for another year, see black eyed tigers. Yet take me, I you know basketball, you just kind of stuck with who takes you would surrender in baseball? There is like this little dance. You can play what much better system by the way like when you any better. When you get drafted, you have to pay for this thing right. Well, imagine works a better system on saying for fans how much would suck if LUCA was like. Actually like, You know what I mean or Leubronn Gaza ways a rural like after two years at that this happened with the Rubia situation. We
You could just sit out two years drafts and then you get thrown back and I thought yet, but it has to be two years. It does not happen at the baseball thing is different, as there was always the signing bonus art yet and guys they were supposed to be top ten picture get drafted a couple rounds later. then you're trying to figure out the signage, the sliding for it, which was superb, we never real, but it was always real. A baseball draft. It's been different cuz, I think back when we were growing up. He works like I, don't know what the hell's going to happen then we can re lack of it. Nobody, even I wasn't even by all of us that on thank you just gotta, read about in the paper next day I think July, which is always a terrible sportsman, is been lit with files with the ever be draft. We have we both in the year- have been amazing. I watch that Entire Spain ITALY gave today, but that sector really needs to figure out the whole. Our teams dead. That's just play for peak is with shifts which is basically park it for the last forty five minutes of this game,
and take our chances. That's a tough one. I guess, but I don't think it's. I don't think it's bad. Every time I throw on one of those games. Its kind like I'll have stuff goin on during the day, and I go keynotes relax on unilateral change, a channel and its in his we ve talked in the past about the replaced up with the Ba the NBA is eliminating too many moments at the end of gangs like the NBA, is a game with a series of audits, the last few minutes. Yet and when you watch soccer and it's all like yes, more socks and everybody's mad about it like a step of theirs, there's more moments where there's this man and building the one side and then there's this goal that happens here like my God, in the presence like the stadium,
feel and obviously a big just it being foreign for us that are all watching. There's like this, this extra value to it's hard to explain, because it feels like something that so far away from us. It's happened, but I have. I do have a soccer fix. Ok good can make the sacrifice meant that doesn't have a girl. I dont want to change in the number of sub set a team can have. I think you should be allowed to sub a guy back in once. If you want so a year. My striker, I take you out at like the fifty five minute mark that bring in some fresh legs get two extra time. I can pull you back for the extra time. If I want you can come back in once cause
this basically like guy, you know you soccer moat, most levels, they'll have versions of this, but I dont like the concept that once somebody's out there out. I think you should get a little more leeway with that. It seems they something they came up with like eighteen, ninety two and they really think it through and now we just got stuck with it for the rest of our lives. Why get the person come back in. I am all for it which comedy ironically, I do have to watch where everybody is dead like what are we doing yeah, I I imagine the fact that we, both or for it me as a soccer people high yet ripe like what are you doing? But leg is gonna like the overtime thing in Basque Balikh, if you, allow in theirs overtime fiction, you be able to come back in and have one more foul, like that mean what's the problem with wanting to bring back the better players, the greatest bailing out you being penalised for that,
was taken about its part that I'm sure part of the reason why I gave you that much better physically, if your fitness level, if you're that well fit. You should be rewarded for it, but I think if there's all this extra time and stuff that we're watching now, like I don't know, I don't have a problem with it. But again, I'm not exactly got to go to ask about it. It's a brutal manner, running Conor Mcgregor was trying to go, but only it's going to happen So my fear in this is that eventually the old guy they lose it and then there's like for more fights and they lose like three of the four and then their basically done in their whereas I gotta they got old arrives at that point yet, but I was dying era Hawaii about it, who doesn't think he's at that point, but who is nearing its potentially but. Feel like Macgregor Stoa must watch for you, like you, have to clear out the Saturday night. There's no way you can visit is the UN that level yeah. He is and is not the big thing with the second horrified
Is that everyone around it was like a king believe how poorly preppy was for the leg checks and that's anybody like I'm asking Johnny and go what the hell was. That will happen because everybody knew about it. Everybody talked about it and he wasn't ready for it. So you think that's the first thing they change going into this. I also think Macgregor, so his like ability scale is really low. So I think you will like watching him fail. Whenever something includes the May, whether loss as part of how many losses had in the last four years and like a cat, you included the May whether loss Gimme a break come on yeah so will save, but yeah carbon watch it. I was even think about going, but the perfect storm of vague as being open, Conor fighting again, all the restrictions dropping off
last couple weeks. This is not an easy take it to get, so he has a special relationship in this immense them, because my daughter is, as is cds spray. If it's great foresight, like you have like a sore lucky. I kicked in the lag or something you sprayed on its like the terminator mixed up in Korea. clear, and that is one of the high school you killed her lips out. If you just an art arouse better. I hope that its a good sprays that are unbelievable. Remember back in the day we used to have to just sit note that icy hot to feel better. Now it's like you spray this one thing on you and your interest badge good. Just the inadequate disappear, while they just feel better.
Occasionally has immediate spots. I promise shit. This is like a free plugged for them. Listen! I love any product that makes my daughter if she's in pain feel better. So I am supported that who clan sick this one off the rails cross country with their last week the Boston and other go guess what people still suck. It is good to have the back You ve got the pandemic, your dad around people all the time. People are still super. Knowing you just forget commit example, you know, did the two as in the across I'll, have to talk all six hours, probably not, while you d like to talk to each other man after six hours loudly now, you have your buds can afford me. You didn't find like you're here,
you don't like your more annoyed by people now there were getting acclimated back into society, which has great by the yacht, endured good job of interacting with people for a year plus. So all all admit this is better. the minutes for transition for me The media are too weird that yeah definite already cross, the line you really like officially weird now. I was always a bit Igor for Gore Phobic, but I know a Gore folks, probably I mean I'm not Bill Murray, beginning what about Bob your letter, Simmonds House, you don't like it hang out Ben summits. Overnight and you could lips how had been summoned lifting now. Cape tell him not to do so. and stuff. I desire you ready now it's just jealous curls She doesn't want to do that, may become over digital form, but yeah. I think God look,
we always talk about me. Not only friends be myself or some other people actually do like me, especially when they get to know me Stuart spy, sketch yeah. I like me, I hear they put your boy a lot of time by himself and then, when I went out to Vermont it and I had a watch games every single night. Yes, that was like two plus weeks- and I bet this great lakes set up and then my friends were like what are you, but would you gonna like? Can you come? for dinner would arousing now not really an implied one guy stop by and Sunday if we did twelve and a half hours on one Sunday and he just walked by in Sammy, taping and then left so yeah we're we're. So we get back to speed, we'll figure it out you should take all August of unjust and part time that two thousand twenty one a draft. I can't I can't put on it But you can't. You love her too much. I've already done, like thirty scattered reports, so
she hasn't and other guys at some guys. Who guys, your warm and up to her. is that a warm out there? It's a full on its full on he check with me a boot they were, What night that much on yeah made on him and some the draft guides he's like low. You know those eighteen to twenty two range that doesn't make sense because you may get mad at him I let him alone he always seems lower than how teams talk about, but put them. I would like again. I will talk to retain so, but she coming right out of the play. I've seen you just as always. I looked through the draft and I just try to picture a girl. I'll read our Rico, see in charge than those guys read. The draft guidelines are going. You tube and do like the quick, blink TAT, Gladwell Blink test. and it is hard not to watch the placid. Think I guide. Are you three? Indeed? I are you, and instead offence, point guard
Are you a three hours big guy? Are you like a sick Evan under size, but you can hit threes in your toughen. You know you can get over it his own, like five types upstairs anymore Somebody's that one of those five guys you're shooter. Can you just shoot threes if you're not like one of the five or six types? Why am I drafting it. yeah. I think the story, the draft right now is other gonna, be a few teams regret. Regretting passing on J would bring like his jailer greener, be a story, the strap five years from now or regretting taking until soon to high yeah, but
there's, there's more jailing! Green love out there than there is like anxious about his physical stuffy, all checks, all the boxes. He does things as some of the sea, the games now the other guys do in its against men and that jumped from that Julie stuff. With the ten teams which you very talked about, like there's a significant gap, and you have to remember that when your watch James Green versus watch in jail socks who are like a lot, can Zaga but the jail in part of it is I feel like that at least the story now at the top of the draft is, is somebody gonna go wait here, go into or is it easy going three and then we look back in a couple years ago. I can't believe it and go number one which are certainly not certain of at all, but sometimes these drafts we just decided embryo guy as before everybody goes boss, deepen their homework it further on him.
This is what I want, but this apple with false right, where we should say pulses number one SEC easy, then the South Extra like easy They were all right back. I have the treaty back that were not, but I was, I said, a wise and Tatum even mention four one. Likewise, faults thought to be so. Forehead was because folds of the international stuff in the and stuff and that team sucked and then he had flags, but I always thought the Tatum electors. Other stuff got wrong, certainly, but the Tatum one never made any sense to make as when you washed hate him when he was healthy. Missin time is the foot he like disguise Six six are six, seven six eight and he can handle it. And go and enemies get. This mid range pull up like how the hell is this guy at the size. With this move How is he not even consider to be one in your rightly fault was. It was just decided me issued Cunningham, if I'm taking
Somebody number one in the draft and I don't that person can ever be a top five guide, his position. Why am I doing that? Summation Cunningham, which I would have to figure out as the persistence and I would have to do with incredible matter, recall out as I can. This guy beat a top five guy at his position five years now, six years from now would have Zack conceivable, you don't know the hot five guy you're happy five guy, one of the five best point guards at some point, his career, and if you can, then why am I taken him first because you think I'd jailing green, whether he makes they're, not Healy, says the tools upside ceiling that potentially he could be a top five guy. That position at some point in his life yeah, but I wouldn't argue with that way. I'm sorry! I just wouldn't feel like okay, cuz Jalen fits
ro file. Again. Maybe you can be a tough I've, garlic that I also think the point. Our position is so incredibly deep that if Kate is six to ten there's still a really good chance, you look at somebody six ten, the position going or I still had been. Ok taking him an Amber one. Overall, I mean it. You're more like they're, going to be some weird surprised if you normally is that something to go six near like you know what everybody should have taken this guy, like, I don't think it's Keon Johnson Tennessee, if you end up being the best player to draft five years now by that is a bit about mobile. Ask about! I love his skills. I love the fact that he's kind like that five that we think can stand floor. You know that we will talk about before we talk about eating. I think he's a little passive at times, but I
It's oddly because he's the younger brother and his brothers actually on the team is dad's the coach that maybe you seen broad of that overnight. So I don't even look at it. Some negative. I just think there's some festivity at times from him that I would like to not see ever. If I was Detroit, I would try to move back a spot. I basically do the same and try to move backwards and get mobile and get something else for I know I'm just a guy look at you. Two clips figure Draft Trent Dough for inviting me to the kubi elite eleven than America to hear high school last week. I didn't tell you about this oh my God, Spencer Rattlers. There did not throw, and I was their ship, the lives of people I did. I did great, he did
yeah SAM. How was there the? U N C kid in them. We will ask the the stud from Liberty who actually yeah. We spent a lot of time with him always like to see younger guys who were great around older deeds and he's built like a middle line back plant quarterback by the way too, so I will be able to do the thing where he put gets on them. Is that goods go to lunch and then he takes the carcase and you just kind of throws them toward the group and sees you grab some Now is, therefore, is allowed to be there because wanted I scope where's theirs. It was against the rules yeah, so car keys thing, but what was funny as the guys that new how close I would deal for were like hate
The way that you're not here for the full deal for experience with the quarterback. She has the college, kids, the council's they're gonna, be draft picks and then with the twenty Somethin high school, kids right and so the kid Fur Ohio state that was supposed to go to Texas, and then he d D committed and went to our state. His on his stuff seem to be the most impressive within some accounts, or saw me that the other word there is like my eye is not as train for quarterback exists for the ambiguous, I'd, soaking wet yeah back to it back to it, though they were like the fact you're not here, to experience deal for on eleven screen but like in the most passionate, loving way you missing out on something that's worth. The price is worth the price of admission, so hopefully I'll get to see that one day there was a really cool experience. Elite Eleven does a great job. So thanks everybody have me out. What do you have in the podcast.
We're doing a big look at name image in likeness report of its on it, a friend of mine that runs a business, sponsoring athletes now and a woman that I know that is part of an app that's trying to connect players, France, so this is uncharted too Tourism are treated you deep dive on that even open. Now, with his life advice. And then now we'll figure it out as any. We do all this NBA stuff tonight I was gonna. Do it again in the morning so agro RSA get. It seems to us that. that's if the pie, gas thanks Priscilla thanks to car Creighton, are pretty. You. We will see you again on thirty, They night leading with game too. Fires a whole bunch of other states as well back there.
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