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Super Bowl Lessons and Super-duper-star Steph 2.0 With Kevin Clark and Logan Murdock


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Kevin Clark to discuss the Buccaneers' Super Bowl victory, Tampa Bay’s coaching, upcoming free agents, the NFL salary cap, the QB carousel, and more (3:00). Then Bill talks with The Ringer’s Logan Murdock about Steph Curry, Logan’s time covering the Kevin Durant Warriors, the Warriors' playoff chances this year, and more (45:30). Finally, Kevin Clark rejoins the podcast to discuss Boxing and MMA (1:25:30).

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us about you by the ringer dot com, as well as the Ringer Podcast network. I did a new we watch. Both taxi driver me shudder. How does he bill hater that happen? That is up. I think we have to come and next week, new episode of sports cards. Nonsense is up as well. They had Gary famous investors, slash cards person. He was on their don't worry about Black Assam book as well. Those our two new ringer. This is where some really good stuff coming up in February and March as well, come up again and talk to the ringers Kevin Clark about the less and from sunlight Superbowl, one or mentioned we take this in the morning in a couple hours later got some devastating news that tourists paler the excellent excellent excellent. Writer in Pakistan for YO that he passed away tragically at age The seven don't know other details yet, but I was
long time, admirers, work and Kevin was friends of them and thoughtful ball at them and knew him really well and he's somebody we definitely would have talked about there in the course of our conversation resting he's condolences to his family and his colleagues that are really tough when he was a really town, two guys gonna miss. I miss happening around in football. He's an interest in general, so I want to mention that after Kevin Logan Murdoch is gonna, come outwards out, but staff and the workers that is all I categorically here he's coming. Babies, superbly their budgets, and these days they rely pie cast on Sunday then wrote a piece you you and Peter
thanks thou, you have like a lotta three in the morning when I have an idea, the latest coffee I've had, I would say, every syllable have maybe a one. I m coffee, it's really the only time I do that, but I have shown good yeah, it's frontage, a ban on the angles right after the game and then as the hours pass, realise things you miss things. You didn't see as you wish, you had harder yeah. I think for me think back in that game and sound pretty definitive about in the bucks or better data they have Real match up advantages. They deserve to win their better team, the match up, they're gonna, win that gave us the time. I think the part that I probably missed was how many drops and MRS in almost the chief said, like the One time they get an interception happens when there is apparently in another part of the field, though, plays your mom's a scramble for his life. You know
and a great the appointed hour and the guys actually had a chance to make em over and over again their guys just never made the play. So I guess my first question would be free play this game twenty times. How many times with the bucks wind ominous, save fifteen sixteen consider in the offence of land deficiencies in the cheese, but I do think there's some As were the chiefs, when, if you run it the entire scenario, means? Might rumours and Andrew Wily attack on all that stuff? I would say seventeen eighteen, I didn't hear you report because I think we ve talked a lot about Todd bulls last few days in defence of game plan. I promise you tat. Both did not invent trying to take away the deepest from patch homes what he was able to do. First for the scheme
The pressure from it was amazing, but also the lion backers was so good and so fast and the ability for Devon White too to take away some is utterly itself Levanter David. Obviously, we saw him stick with calcium some of those place, and so I think that there was just more depth there at this point to season for the box and- and I just think that the fact that more homes- by different gaming, twenty nine pressures from a homes for four breed. I was the biggest disparity on record. Ever they couldn't find a game, not insuperable a game where there is it that big, a disparity Mahomet at some point we ve spent the last two years. Bailey ok is like a John away Give him a pencil, evidentiary fine and we saw the limits and, like that's fine, his human he's, the best quarterback I've ever seen, but the limits our MIKE rumours and Andrew Wily and a patchwork off of line and guys in his face. I don't think I dont think there needs to be some sort of reckoning with how we view patchwork homes, because I think he played a damn good gaming. I heard christened talk by this morning. I was like those guys
with this bailed out, not situation and just been like. I M an idiotic easy passes and try to get my completion percentage checked out. Yeah yeah yeah down make make it a little better make you big staff will better. He was turned to him like other vertical whores, so against the field, and in talking about, I feel like that was used. I have an amazing performance when you consider the context of the whole thing, yeah. Then you think like there's four or five ways, one or two parodies it seems like everything were just wasn't the chiefs it happens in Gabon than the injury luck piece of it, which is why I saw her people. and at a repeat since the o four pats when they be the eagles- and you know the girl- I was you said this in the past. The goal is to get into that inner circle. Sixteen that could win forgiven year. If you can get in the inner circle year after year, then there's some shit that my That's right, you might have a tip. You might relate to Denver, Baltimore
game, when the guy's basically screws up on the long past black or gets it also baltimores win the Superbowl. You might have your left tackle in your right. echo go down and all of a sudden, you pass the injury point of no return. The chiefs have now. Benny three years in a row, what's a realistic number for them to crack the inner circle for you, Kelsey thirty, one Tariq. I think they need to pay at some point. my home they murdered eighty years ago yeah this towards real, what's realistic, so they have ten years of arms, enters twenty thirty one. What do you do in twenty thirty one bill? I I hope I'm just not a beach somewhere, tat Rebecca! I just cypriot daiquiri, just think it back bike I taught us that varies with cheap. I, like that. I talked to bridge the chair that she's GM about his last week s it. How do you view their seats and where we have the best quarterback and forborne all of em coach and what we know is it that's the best starting point?
anybody right and but that's not enough, and so the job for him now is He'S- got a fixed elephants, blind. We don't know Mitchell shorts. What his situation is. We don't know Laurent due to different parties is opting probably back in again he's a doktor. Was fighting covered this year, so presumably he's back next year? I Eric Fischer, who knows that injury, so he's gotta figure out the self into line because Yet we saw the limits of what my homes can give you, and so do you think measures across after torn Achilles for an offensive lawiya after their fears I keys he's not bad, I'm saying I'm saying: do they go out and they try to directors replacement rang whatever it is they that you just it's a long term situation out I think part of it with my homes that deal is pretty friendly. I think you even when they know that, according to a big money kicks in it still behind, like her cousins by a large degree, still behind Carson website that the price tag is huge, but the unity, your cap,
don't get messy for a while and even when they do get messy. If wait until you see like how a mortgage exemption three or fifty quarterback value always talk about how it's like Manhattan real estate, right, like it's always climb There are three yet a time they get in is right now, so you can get a quarterback censured done. You do it. So the answer question but the window. I bet they have a little bit of work to do, but they have that the pieces are there. So I I think, they're going to be there the whole time if they have Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes, and a little bit of help there going to be there. I just don't see a path where that that doesn't get them into the final four much. Every year we value Belgic Ambrady worst case scenario, the patriots from like two thousand answer, thirteen where every year there twelve and for thirteen in three and there's than the next debate? But I do think there are some missed opportunities for them and that Clyde Edward Sailor Pact, which I loved and you think, like you look at eight. I was marched the last two days. Thinking
how the bugs built this team and some of the moves they made or didn't have to make great, and one of them is because the pages that this too is only Michel does it make sense to draft a running back in the first or second round every year, there's a Leonard for net just pop up or you don't four years ago, the levy on Bower there either over there. There's always somebody you can get ray and then you look at it seem like Miami who lost a million running backs in the next one comes up and there there are kind. I wrote it with the same, but what? If they had spent that pick on a tackle you know, and some guard or some off until I went field or at home Thirty, eight new backer or offensive wine. I think sometimes these teams get cute. I know the patriots did. I wonder if the Chiefs, Gatt Guy, locate their yeah. I mean, I think you can definitely criticise that back and I think we saw we saw some of that. But I also did the bugs just played a hell of a game, and they were a bit of a bus that we had champagne on so uneasy last week and he was like you
need to be really careful about picking against a team. It's one through strict aims on the road like gas, we ve. When we see this, there is normally the reason for that- and I was so impressed with with just the bucks in their depth and their team building, because not one one move I just killed was vii of air in the twenty eighteen first round. I hated that pits because he was a runs tougher and Darwin James, on the board and I'm sitting there, you know me and my stick and I'm send well that's just hours aims going. What do you do with the veterans? Hotly debated is awesome and adapt to some of the smart people. The last couple of days like they just they just stack talent here and we like- and I think, a lot of times with the bucks rostrum chick or you can reverse engineer and say: ok, you look at this report champions any say the Broncos twenty fifty environmental or on a rookie deal the x Y see, and we were cheap that the Ravens twenty. The union wants lack a bunch of cheap guys everywhere. We're gonna look back especially the end of this off season and say: ok, where they had Chris Godwin Shit
bear it on a franchise tag. Elefante David his last year. All these guys gonna get more expensive. The rostrum was peeking and I dont with well, you have never dare devil waited as a fifth taken there draft contract envied evade yeah, yeah yeah. did. She grows ever in the Rockies Anton one for those guys. But one thing is, I dont think we're going back in the she's rostrum. Be like this. This rostrum speaking like They, the chiefs, ran to the wrong roster at the wrong time. They were built for speed. Todd balls was an absolute bad ass on Sunday. I just think the only thing that could have the only thing they could have happened was Mahomet put out of his mind and that possibilities moved by the office one, and that was also the case for basic everybody taken the chiefs where they were acknowledging all these different reasons that to take them back still, my home settle be fine and I just think it football it's really hard, because we ve seen that Rogers a few times over. The area is really hard to just say: well, no, eight they have this guy. It will be fine. So it's a team sport. You do a lot of guys
We don't talk about the divine point we we need to and we really needed to, and I feel bad because I felt like I should have seen this coming and right that we should have we as the media You have been warning. People like this is a really big deal. The problem is, we just don't know what the homes when the damage will burst, because we ve seen him get out of so many different situations he's footballs Macgyver, nothing seems to matter he's just gonna get out of it. I was disappointed quite frankly, and the lack of adjustments Randy Rita S, asked at that. Ninety two percent of his plays weren't five Nan protection, and I understand why they do yet because they they like getting guys out and arousing. They want Travis Kelsey out there and they want their their backs wing out of the back forever. It is, but when you're quarterback is just getting mauled and it looks like you ever used to play the old man's where he could piss off your friend, but it's just jumping off sides just replies River, like that, every single game,
All sides was turned off or look like in some cases. It was a good Gilbert screen and jailbreak screen and they were intention letting the through, but it was a bad off into blindly, and so when, when you had those situations, I'm endeavour there was just nothing, nothing to do and so yeah. I think that we would probably should have seen all this coming, including by the way, both adjustment, which I think is one of the best adjustments we ve had in the past couple years in a big game, which is where he blitz imports is forty percent of the time over the entire career and then, after we twelve when these shootings. Why do you like now, I'm not doing anything? nine percent Annie reminds me a little, but I was thinking about this. With with adjustments reminds me of wild or fury to wear. The wilder in the first match up with just really getting the timing down on Thyssen character, the timing down understanding wondered, throw that second hit and and
Second, one fury was like Dante, water has we figured out and if I do the same timing and the same rhythm, I'm gonna get my head knocked off and came out toward it from strategy and tadpoles did that he came out and we twelve and and Terry kill kick your ass and he changed everything up. He went to deep safety's. He seemed to pressure up front. He knew you knew how to stay with those vertical out too tired kill using those extra bodies a blessing. I thought I was asking the bucks or amazing. I tried to warn people on the red hot, knowing our picks and the smoke he had no entire picks. I'm the lifestyle to remind our backs that this Chiefs office of land. Thank, I went through it like rammers. The left tackled. Then eight tombs, though right he was a guy limit VON Miller. He was the guy. The bonica vaunted wonder what the superstar people rice growers accompaniment to a super duper star in the Sudan. It was the fiftieth anniversary of that, if microbes.
Is invited to oversee role. He should declare its. I was thinking about the team building that the bucks to do, and then breeders decision to pick that roster and eat out compared to the patriots roster that he left and its This big x, the central crisis, gonna New England. My dad who is visiting was telling me yesterday that my uncle Bob and my uncle dawn are in a big fight and I actually seems like there actually manage each other about whose fault it was that Brady laughed and I think I'll go down. Blames ballot check and Uncle Bob blames Brady, and this is where this is this That's vans are looking at this. Going wait a second we eat. You know we could still one this with this guy. What but in reality is you couldn't have, because you don't have a roster that was thirty percent as good as this for after I wonder what would your opinion on this Brady's trying to figure out what seem to go to hell?
Intel does he have on how good the entire rosters? Because when he did it, we all looked at it. Like, he's going there because of Godwin and MIKE Evans. Are you look? Watch the Superbowl God would have met Kevin's are barely involved. It was the defense with the tight ends. It was it was. It was Jones. How much do you think he looked at this Oh I'll, just go there because I have weapons that, let me do they want, or do you think he actually studied there roster, because it so many blue shippers, sure so twists and worse. If someone who was on the Rostrum Ambrady one who ended up being one of the best buyers in a field on Sunday night, it's a great question, so I think that he went for the weapons I dont know if he saw the entire vision and I think that he probably understood how fast as defence could be and how nasty the front could be. I don't I think that, generally you look it somewhat like MIKE Evans,
I think, had fifteen de perceptions this year from Brady alone and annulment over the last two years for Brady New England had eleven deeper sessions House number one James White in twenty nineteen, I believe, was the highest graded receiver for temporary that was not so pleasant, Mikhail Harry was not Data will say you throw him into this tat. They often for guys and get up and down the field. Bruce Arians is often you're supposed to make mistakes really early on which our vote, without with Carson Palmer. on the banana fell show on Friday, but I think that there's just with him every GM renown? We'd believes you have to be all in every year like it was a completely revolutionary concept bill. Like five years, oh, where less need was like we're gonna, be with the golden state, whereas adding dorani literally said that and and then every GM was like weight with the way the cap works and the way trades work in the wake the players move around now. We can this be out whenever year eyes and they are taught to drive a bunch of gems about, and so the
Patriots are were not all in this year. What was Brady Gonna do there and we we Brady Breaking, went on, Charlie Weiss Radio shown, so they were camped out. No last often, I understand that an end date. They did that they had one of the best runs of all time and and biologically. The best team builder of his era, but right now the game is tending towards GM. Who can stack the deck for their teams and Jason like did that in twenty twenty I don't know, what's gonna happen next five years and whether Belgic adjustable a little bit, what I'm saying is that the two patriots were able to benefit from the fact
window proof and they kept it open right. I remember someone say this about arson, Vainer, one billion ashes, others but arson banger, the famous Accra manager. He manages, like a guy who's, gonna run the team four hundred years ago, Bela check viewed it the same way. Ok, and I don't think a lot of gems right now. Look at the hundred your window, he more they looked up to your window and right now, lot of genes that are winning are looking at the dear window was so the bucks tis. You now have some Brady people on that. I've ever gets a mental about Brady's. Thinking from time to time. I think Brady STAR was that they're gonna be good this year and add a chance, but next year is gonna be the year that once he was therefore a full year did chance to throw it. Everybody get this system in figure out all this stuff that there will be next year, and you see some other behind the scenes. Video there is that one that defence back took Instagram the lack of everybody celebrating Brady, just like calmly packing stuff, ready and he walked out
I like this guy is by first wherever this guy's would seven he's already preparing for tomorrow's work out, and I I think I think, Brady really. feels like taken when two in a row here and there better. There were this year and in it it does seem conceive about now the catch on. This is what we saw the chiefs. I think it's really went to narrow for buncher is, is not just injury luck. The incentive thing- and this is- My cases fur. Why pick tamper? It was the biggest game of just about everybody's life, on the Tampa sidelined and for the chiefs they had just played the biggest gave their life the year before so the incentive peace that arose there, but from a roster standpoint it seems like just about. Everybody. Comes back right for Tampa, you have some fierce and big for agents Laplante David and Jack. Barrett is a free age and Chris guardians of rage, and so they can franchise tag, God, winner, David right and and bear it, I think, will command Lamon Emily.
The good thing for bear. I would say so. First off in general, the fact of the cap is not rising next year to the degree it has last couple of years is probably big for regions and player, a player might say: hey instead of testing fragance I'll, take a one year deal here, whatever in and then see were rat, but yet that they can take and sort some of this stuff out. I think this is going to be a story here for a kind of middle class players becoming available because of this. Our cap crunch, when you look at teamster forty, fifty sixty million hours over the cap and the scheme to shed salary, and so there's gonna, be a lot of guys who we don't expect it to be available available. and I'm that's gonna, be a huge team, but I think I will say I don't want to steer this towards the Patriots Bell, but sixty million dollars in cash space for the Pass belgic loves. Those major veterans don't be a lot of available because of the cap crunch him to saying there's a path is upright. I have a couple more questions: Basin, as bullets thing a break. A sports book has a final
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he's going one dollar over on a seminar receiver in one hour around the defence in an he's, just eight almost feels like he threw a last year, so he could be in this position. But how many teams are actually in that position with them? Khazars there's like three right that our legs over fifty chance, the jets half a ton of cap space, the immensity of the teams, just never spend what will have. Oh have a lot of calves budgets, the jaguars courts in jets or number one through three, then the past in the football team, the bangles and then the box and the dolphins, so the culture, the most the culture, the most interesting one, because they need to get a quarterback, but they have a lot of talent. if you can argue yes, this year's Tom Brady goes to a team, and makes them better involves them up at all said in their super about them. I would be the courts or the rams would be in the files. For that conversation, because the rams, I think, we're handcuffed by their quarterback, they address to his Stafford whether he is good enough to slip. It will say, but
course, I think, are the most interesting. We need a cube eighteen, even more interesting than the bats. I would say it depends on how they view Carson. What's because I dont think Carson once is the missing piece for the culture, and I worry because he's worked with Frank right, but this can be an impulse to do that. I just I don't know man giving up its. Does you because for first round tat, I would not do that so that I think the courts have a definite pathway. There's gonna be a lot available like available like having a shepherd who said there might be eighteen quarterbacks, which is of the S couple months, and then you think about how different there was a report that maybe dare car is available and that would open up the raiders to try to get a big fish like two shall Watson. So I think that there is just a lot therein. Do the pats or the colts get a kind of second tier quarterback within them. So I just think that the moving pieces are kind of wild and what happens if you know what? How does it lead? You dare CART Russia, Wilson, according to Jason, Lock and for my not be happy in Seattle. How would that change it? If you want to
move on to shove. Watson is in the weirdest situation. I can remember where the character coach is taking. Control of the franchise I haven't decided is deceived get out the summer and I hope he does, but I just think that there's I've never seen in our seas and where there are so many questions about this, and but I do agree that the courts are the most interesting and then the patriot did got so much work to do, but they can use their catch this wisely, the pathway. We are not getting their hopes up because we know how this guy's a bow check where its allow you to make. Iran has been waiting for this and they now just keeps trading backwards. He doesn't splurge on anybody. He gets a bunch of small did see, extends Contra at us and our society. I got. I agree with that. I want to say one of the twenty Twond seas with balance at you'd item. If you saw the call from that light in the middle of the season when who is basically a bell check, thinks this year is a joke and he's not really
preparing for in any meaningful way, like obviously try to every single weaken its to embellish Ex dolphin an early on the first two weeks of Kim Newton, you and I were were smitten, but I also think that the biggest advantage the patriots have in most face the game outside the quarterback position. When Tom Brady was, there is Bilbil check, and that means training camp. That means Wednesday practices. That means scouting on Monday night and I used to run Harrison, but this before he was just like there were, plays we practice on July, thirty, first with black. Why the hell are we doing this and an divisional weekend? It comes up and all the sudden he's just got it.
we different yeah, he's gotta from respect and why they were why they went to the things they went there and why they practise this situation. Football thing and you didn't get any that this year, and so I think that there were a lot of scenarios in which the patient's reverently successful this year. So I do kind of think. I wonder if going off Matlock comments, if Belgic will be a little bit more refreshed and twenty twenty one, if things will turn a normal, it be fun if he took the bridge they think completely. Personally, they osh I'll, show you who is. Who is the first letter I do, but what does that mean? Exact order had other? How did they get takes? Editing purse, I think he's dead inside you just try age is twice the wind for Bulgaria sets a jailer. They cares about narratives. Someone asked me this morning: how do you think Bela check watched the game on satellite? But how do you think he viewed it was? The angry was upset
was he rooting for Tom Brady? Now I I guarantee he was at least rooting for drunk at getting that live. Grant grant was a basic for us. How? How could bout checked that route for growth in a super bowl? I think you we'd have to I'm sure he was watching it for trend filing where little things things to learn, studying how the bucks you know went against the chiefs and stuff like that. But I look at that. it's roster now and we kind of thought we just didn't know if it was going to jail in time, but I felt this way after round to that did the the dudes they had on the defense. It seemed like an unusual a matter riches that hadn't gel together there be, you could see the pieces and you see what they were like calcium gotta, be like, while I've never been defended like that head David and then there white roaming around to end date no way to go deep and I don't know they shut down. It was almost like watching a basketball game where their lead,
We can defend this dude one on one on the right side. His ankara's score, so am, I was wondering if I give Bela check, was coming away from it this new in town, on how to defend the chief cause. That's the team, yes to beat physician me because Travis Kelsey, as a cover to cure where he destroys teams winners cover to undertake for space, is the life blood of modern football and when Travis Kelsey has internet regions take advantage. The problem on Sunday was dead, not only where the the bucks able to take away the deep asses but mahometans running for his life is soon he got Paul, and so he wasn't it able to find Kelsey on. There was a pretty good piece on p if, after day about that about just how this should have been. If you look at the scheme, the Kelsey Game and through three quarters, I think he had fifty or sixty yards of having a nice game with under thirty three yards, but it didn't mattering
but verse there were opportunities there. It was just the pressure was too much, and so I dont know if there's necessarily a blueprint may almost or mine,
a bit of a Brady Africa suitable losses against the giants where ok, the blueprint is to get pressure ambrady. Well, ok, who who wasn't trying to get pressure ambrady, obviously the the to safety thing and haven't fast line backers? That's gonna help. I just think it's going to be hard for a team to circle this game and say this is this is what we're gonna do is ever going to do, and I would also say, and on the other side of the bar thought, it was interesting mentioned the basketball thing, because a couple, the forty Niners writers said at last year. They had circled the chiefs defence and they led the NFL defensive Holding penalties last year, and they said if we get. These calls we're gonna win and then the rest put away their flags insuperable. They came out this year and those take calls went against the chiefs, and so you, you just look a little bit at at just how the game was officiated a couple of the little margin things. I think that it's it's gonna be tough
for me to sit here and say, and I love extrapolating things from small things like like one game, but it's gonna be tough fur for a guy like ballot jack to say. Ok now I gotta go forward, but one thing I think we can extrapolate is Brady laid out this blueprint, cow turned the video machine. I felt this Cuba so you're right. I don't tell them they are ready. I think Brady gave them blueprint now to somebody like Aaron, Rodgers or he's like this is why I do it don't stay in this situation, where you now thoroughly happy with where you are where they were you're at odds with their draft decisions where, because you are so good the team,
is happy with just going eleven, five hundred and twelve and four hundred and thirteen three and being in the mix every year. You can actually control your own destiny. If they're not going to lay out some huge five year, awesome commitment to you and just jump teams and find some roster, that's good for you and do what I did and if I'm Rogers I'm looking at this going, oh San francisco- does not have a quarterback without the town they have a year from now. Maybe I just jump there, the Packers our could give me a shitload of money. So I will. I do wonder if there is a blueprint now created for that are reassured that simple, a brown blueprint yeah. I guess it is the law brown blueprint cause. That's what I did. I mean you really did that in two thousand fourteen in areas like he's come an arm I was, I was a lone voice in the wilderness like this. Has nothing to do with him coming home he's going cause, that's the best basketball situation. Miami was it
and and he's gonna take that as Kyrie and the number one pick in the draft that all these other pieces I get to better basketball situation, which I think is why Brady left the patriots It was a bad footpaths situation without leave. I don't have Rogers. Is there with Green Bay? There? Certainly better than the patriot last year. But I do wonder if they're not going to commit them, does he look abraded NGO, who maybe I Do that maybe I'm a hired gun for two years, and that's all I get my second Superbowl yet there's. No, there was no deep devonshire atoms and New England at them expertly different. So, yes, the answer is yes. This provides a blueprint for guys or in the thirties. Wanting maximized on that goes for everybody. Can we talk about the owl
saying what I said earlier. I you need to have is a barrier for entry into the Superbowl at this point and its having an incredible austrian quarterback being the final piece. I there's been forty years of football, where there were teams, looked at the quarterback and said you have to play like a superhero for us to win, and I think that the operating mode here for some of these Jamestown is what stack the rosters it at this. The quarterback doesn't have to public superhero, no rambler grandma. most win the Superbowl, the best ass, yes, Carl Shanahan, big, very, very close yeah. My by thing in ten years is no one wins the Superbowl, because they drafted great quarterback they, when it's your work as they figure out what to do with the great quarterback, and so I think, when you look at those things and in Russia, Wilson Report on Tuesday morning that he might be getting unhappy, I think I am
me a little bit of a european soccer where it becomes more about how I wanna play for this coach. Our plan this this system wanna play for this team, and I New challenges to all the time with european soccer players is out of twenty eight may sound. I want to know about events or a new challenge or whatever, and I think that were going. to move away from a camera, be a one, a one franchise guy, like Dijon Watson, rightly is looking around and seen Jack Easter, be running his organization and seeing what the hell is this, have you seen these videos Jack Easter, be? How did this guide become a big get? His is hostile takeover, his just like. I don't really get it, you got you don't listen, you don't take the team chapel and should run in NFL franchise referred opinion, but I just I think that some of these quarterbacks rightly saying we have a lot of leverage, even though we had the Amazon com. we have a lot of leverage and if you're not helping me I'm out there is no reason to you only play fourteen fifteen years of high level, but there is no reason
just sit around and say I work with Jack yesterday or our work with his often supported or socks or our work. With this off into line and socks, no leave. Different, but the difference of the NBA and NFL is in the NFL. When you have the big contract the chance to get it, you kind of have to grab it cuz of the injury risk yes and the NBA made the rack out of MAX contract after he tore his achilles. Like you know, the MAX contracts are going to be there if you're a top ten guy. So I look at the Watson where he grabbed that contract kind, knowing that it wasn't a great situation, Biddy Canada had to grab it and then the other differences in the in the. So how to get out of the studio the dude if he wants to get dealt because of the like. What like, what's going on with Philly right now, has went what happened with the Rams with God, for they have to basically give somebody a number one just to take the contract away. So I wonder, like I, don't know why you must have an opinion on this
Are the NFL makes it so difficult to trade prayers? Why haven't they come up with like one or two because that would allow for more movement and if they did, that, would that be a good thing for the end of our as it actually good that we have a protection from too much movement. So there's NFL franchises are incredibly conservative entities as far as its risk taking right and they don't like spending extra money. They dont like huge cash payroll, and I'm talking about the past fifty years. Okay and in the last five years that started to change, and I would say that there were a lot of ways to a happy. There were a lot of good ways to facilitate player movement, because teams didn't care about player, movement, ok and these huge dead cat charges and all that stuff. If you
Look now, look at the rams and how many dead cap charges they take through just massive Gough Brandon cooks. They don't care, they don't care Santa wary there at what this don't care there were there. Do I at the saints right to have the same, I think have the same general philosophy that led to the two thousand financial crisis, like just whatever where does it take it? You can take this contract. Whatever they were stairs are. The other matter are pretty aggressive, but there too, like what you are divided over there. Yet what is yours also took refuge said CAP N Bill Antonio Brown Bear very like five minutes. Is all all right, if you wanna tell me, there are four franchises, the guy really into game stop two weeks ago, I bet- that's, that's fine work No, I mean, I think, that the teams with More aggressive now enter saying either so many teamed up there looking at the rules and be like way why? Why is a bad if we can keep it is under the cap to take a dead cap charge? Why do we need, and the rest case, why we need first round picked
whenever I didn't norms are being challenged. I don't necessarily think that the NFL is used to that and so why. I think that through this hasn't been a lot of aggressive genes. We, when first from Pick, started to get traded Alot three years ago, like the cool MAC Trade, the General Adams, Trade, the german Ramsay Trade to first round picks. I mean that was not the pressing superstar superstars didn't get traded and you had to go back to the color trade fur trade of that magnitude, and so I dont think that there were even valuations put on these guys because no one consider trading them, and I think there are a couple of moves. The that really push the envelope. I think the Brok Ass Weiler Trade for Emma from Hugh cynically one is one over. They took on progress powers, contract Anna Second Round pick, and I am, I think you started this: U teams get more creative, you think about the the saints into debt in cloudy last year. If you follow that
where they were going to sign Clowney by having another team sign him into a sign and trade for a pic, and so the saints were capped out and they they were going to figure out how to get cloudy and then at the NFL is, was probably knock and allow them to do that, but you he's gonna see more marching to do this, because there staring at the cap is doing it dead. Cat charges there staring at contracts, they know, can be financed under the cabin and they're gonna figure it out. So I think, as the players get more comfortable moving in and she s quarter basket more council moving in China. What you said with the Brady model, we're gonna see more team. who are willing to figure it out. So, on the one hand, congrats to the Rams cause, I do think they ve stumbled onto something with this. What are we care about? First round picks, if were one of the ape ass teams every year, and there is huge argument between the twenty second pick and the sixtieth pack in your average NFL draft like decay, mapping a good example
Once you get past like the top twelve, so fuckin crapshoot? So they see that, on the other hand, it's hard for me to give too much credit to attain that traded like a first round pick for brain and cooks and- and you know, you ve got the money. They gave him, which was inexplicable as it was happening. So I don't feel like they're, like the savages team of our time, but I do think there look. He had this specific thing. The railway, where it's like all right. Well, we'll just get good players. The faintest take over what he yeah yeah just take a bite, his wings I dont think anyone is bearing a thousand here. Think Romany Bela check mobility. I got the first topic back form would think about Belgium, frightened, but that's the thing if he had done this with his first round pigs from two thousand and seventeen on we're in a much better position
yeah. I know I've been totally agree with you. I think that the rams have figured out something I don't know if it's gonna work, I emphasised just the idea of having Stafford is important because I think that they didn't have a suitable window until a week ago and now I think they do, and I just think that there was a limit on golf and I don't. I think that that ceiling goes so much hired out with Stafford, and I think I do these are really good coat. I really like that roster. I think that their probably did it in a final for this year, yeah I agree that I actually think they could have made it this year. I think if they didn't have the Kubi injuries it. If God was healthy, it was doable. I still think the right they made it, but I think it is doable. I think they could have hung with the box. Without the quarterback I dont know what they're philosophies interesting, and I will say that the one defence of the golf contract, I will say, pussy I looked at it
He became eligible for an extension when they were at this should be the month. They were in a simple, but I remember talking to their front office, guys about it and it's like I don't know. No everyone keeps saying that team needs to start trading in the version quarterback and ever signed them and to an extension, and I distinctive it's gonna- take a really bored franchise to to make the first move on our edge hasn't happened, but yet it to your point, Arundel getting hurt. That was your him being at whatever was sixty percent capacity. We saw the dominance of other and vacuous hoarded yourself. What everyone He wasn't norm one. We saw what happens to the rams. What happens? he saw a good amount as Australia, the basically adding was given what is at his errand Donovan
Oh god he's normalized comparing his dad to outside pass. Russia's right does not supposed to happen. He does a different job than them and that's all we do Errand Donald. I know this is we do podcast all summer and stuff? We tell our doubts, perspiring football. I need to say this. Aaron Donald is the best players football, but that's it read, albeit did the last piece of this will be, and it's gonna happen they and bear the NFL in everybody's like what, one thing that we always happen is an awesome. Ghana, Ricky contract is always going to be signed with his own team, its they have. The deck a stack for the team to be able to jump in early, keep the guy and he I too take the money innovation at sea in the air, the NFL who's, the first guys like air Eminem, actually gonna play this out. You know, and could that be just and Herbert on the chargers. Could he just be like if fuck it this this French, I sucks were
black sheep team in our nobody gives a shit and the near giants would give to ensure billion. If I jump through, maybe I should do that. Maybe I make the money back. I think that the biggest disorder to stone for quarterback movement here movement here is her cousins, who reach and understood that short contracts short talking to Kirk and his agent about this shore contracts, your friend and the open market is your friends, and so I think, before we get into I'm not going to resign with you. Maybe you get into an actual. Take a two year deal for forty five million dollars each year and you can't tag me after work. Cuz. The franchise tag is the limiting factor in daddy other reason, there's anything that's emulate did it would be. The NBA style baseball sound movement whatever, even with the cap it. There was no franchise tat using about Aaron Rodgers who signed it essentially a couple years ago. They could have tagged three types, so he was basically in that the numbers would have escalated every year, but he was
you could hold out the whole. That would be the way to get it back sure, while I'm in the hold out is far worse in a trade. Yeah, I guess, and we tried to eat. I got all her Herbert will give you a top five year contract your staying in these. I know I'm really leaving you're going to have to get rid of me right, but I think you could You could take the two year, money money put in front of you and then say: don't hang me and then had the other mark. I think it's gonna be more creative ways of getting close to the open market is that's when it acts. We, the insane money comes in and then, if Herbert, really wonder leafy good the problem is I again it once Herbert that if they extend the fifth year option with the charters and on tape really well and then you get into three years a franchise tag. The franchise tag is the biggest part of any off see any off season, NFL transaction and or main true until it had player figures out to get around it or damning or at work
and I felt Pierre negotiates Privacy Ba, which isn't happening it himself I wouldn't do something unconventional amateur bring. our friend Logo murdered ACT to talk about the warriors just mean him, and then we're got you in Ireland boxing and Emma may really could it and the package, because I feel I can you me and ten other people are thy people that care going to do that, so we're to take a break. Logan Murdoch we back in and Clark is gonna come. at the talent, we're. Safe is an award winning Hobbs CARE to system say you know it's engineer with the latest. Technology want keep your family safe, but what really said simply say four part as its people highly trained security experts, always there for you when you need them most people who truly care about keeping a safe. So when an arm goes off the person who cares there, therefore for the phone call to make sure Ok, when an emergency happens, a person who cares is there for you by getting fire. Employees responds to your front door right away, even if you just having problems that hamper system, a person who cares is there for
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that you can hear the ringer ambrosia twice. We called the real once they fats and some good guy who's been your bet, I don't say best gas, but what gets gave you the most meat so far. The most and Shall Mary was really great Shaw. Marian gave us it felt like a therapy session for him. It was one of those those those interviews where you have questions to ask, but they just for all the questions and all their answers, and you just like ok. Well, then I'm gonna, let this part had taught, and he was great, and I think that the one where I was like holy shit. This is happy with the TIM Duck and pack has last last month, where I just adding even believe it was gonna happen until he came on. Zoom, and I was like out to phase out tobacco is there's our severed. Perspire about I've got right, right was bought, it was, but he will. That was great. It's been great man, we gotta lotta gray guessing it's only gonna grow manner, I look up a level were doing over em on the ruins would mean rush it so for people who don't know
when we found Logan. He was basically cover in the here's, your dense and unbiased after a year in the bay and you were there for that entire ride, especially that the Durant years and then everything codified, our last year, another in this weird. No, they know the reason I want to talk about them, because I realized something watching the Curried Duchess gay months on Saturday night, which really enjoyed. My dad was here. It was on early on the on the West Coast require dinner. We put it. I was just like you so much and I realize leg if I had to do it over again. Vat can have one Ba do over non boss related for the last ten years in the NBA. It would be for the right not to go to the warriors because we lost out on staff Currie as the John Wick
You know the Keanu in the John WHIP movie of just like, I don't care. Staff crew was the title. I just miss watching him as the best guy in a team error, because he such an awesome, t maiden edges. I've deserve better than this part is heard me rave about stuff. Over the years he rightly took step, Elizabeth Sideways, let Turann kind of shared the stairwell Durrant Splashing, the player. the latter offence ran through the red. I just missed this. I love seeing stiff curry on a forty five and thirty. Seventeen do in his thing. What it? What is your thoughts on that at the moment. I feel a little cheated that it's happening right now, because it it's like what it feels like those I copies of five or six years. Where he's literally there only offered some a team, you did you. No they're not gonna wanna title, but he's he's probably at the peak right now. I was hours right now, a year you see he's play like who the envy Pierre and
fifteen sixteen right now, but it doesn't matter because their barely in the games it sucks. When you have to see a player that goods were fifty seven in they might win. You know they might work. And you have to see that guy, I know you seen a bill. Were the guy's walking off the floor priorities as his head is all down and step, but he had one of the most legendary performances of all time. It's hard to watch that has been hard to watch stuff, go through this right now and honestly men, it doesn't seem like there's really a light at the end of the tunnel at right now at least them to get back to that title contention right now, so it's been tough to watch him play right now, it's great to see the highlights, but it sucks to see light. Ok, there's really: No stakes, there's nothing. There he's not gonna wanna title he's, probably not gonna get out of the first round if he gets to the the policies and it s been tough to watch from our regard. The placement awesome, but the performance of the overall team has been has been not awesome, while this day
Sorry this is is this is Avon. Barnesdale says right, he's taken back his corners, everybody kind of forgot. How, Influential and incredible he was and kind of gravitated the dame lowered tray on and they made him and then the stats are pretty close by their there's somethin with staff. That will always be a little bit different. First Myers is first invented a lot of this. You know, but that the joy, especially He has a. He check is just different. It's like inclusive, and I'm not a warriors fan when he gets hot, there's nothing. I wanna watch Marta Basketball Court than step feel in it when he took the forty footer it make breeders he'd like a quick back. I was gas wherein step.
back though he could, he got my brain had said to invent another bang where he got admit it, but that's that's very rare and double banged. The double bang exactly exactly boobs, but I was it was. It was it's fun because when you see staff, do it it's different when its different from any other player, including Dame whether I love down your tab in his all everything you want to say no Brookfield, but one step comes. It feels like we're all watching it as a family. Aren't we were all were all come together when, when you hear get the text or you get the mentioned Saint host S, going off its timely turn on a television in his time to get on your phone, because you it's just a different by what you see that even from one day is doin it I've never seen anyone capture a moment like that. The way quite the way that step does it when it was at Oracle and also when it was in a little bit of chase. But it's a different by man went. One step goes off
in the case has been made. We are investing in hair. Steeper said it that he's the Duncan of his generation as a teammate and do, and you got to cover for those couple years way where what are some little examples that stick out with you with that? Oh what? Whereas a grating? I think one of the moment is honestly what the rat you know when I just To stepping aside to have somebody, you know who probably needs it to you the number one guy you know, that's very rare that you see, thou YO risotto would weigh waiting Le Bron, but to have a guy that is sending out. You know what I'm a step aside and he really
that man, he really was very accommodating to to cabin in a way that almost like hell, you still staff brow like you're. Still. This is still your city like, and I was I was. I was from abroad, axed Marcus Thompson over the athletic was really good, and you know you know, staff more than anyone. My axe and my question to straight away, who has more love in the Bay in Oakland, was Damer staff in the bay and its death. One hundred percent, because you get to see Steph every night, but he's really a legend out here and for him to step aside and be like YO. Can I want you to this team like this? Is your you can take the last shot, and I was a point of that was like the only like many controversy early on was who is going to take the last shot because they were literally, it was like that. Seen in white man can jump when the game was on. The line at first year would directed step with just pass an abortive each other. It is like now you get it now. You get it now. You get it and I think that shows kind of the Tibetan
May this stuff is because superstars don't do that. Man superstars, an superstars ego rightfully so, will not allow them to do that. Many times is to take a step back and staff did that in some he's, probably gonna be go down as one of the greatest teammates of all time. and that in that's an example in that's the one for everyone to see, is setting aside war guy like having to read who you could always I bet it is enough for him to say nothing. I wouldn't want a title. We need you to win multiple titles. To make this legendary, I will do what I can to help you succeed. Employers best F, carries a timid anything that two thousand sixteen season, which was psychotic and ends up dream on, pushes the brown or the bars, and it's like the Tiree catch right. That moment is like the diary catch for the patriots where
therein your writing it now and then this guy catches above his helmet, and you could feel the momentum shift. Look. I e the calves should beat them one of those years. Earlier, if they be, if, if the words take care business in two thousand, sixteen and direct doesn't sign that. I don't think he a champion under any circumstances the calves, We get them in two thousand. The entire economy evened out, one where the other the differences Durrant doesn't go there I think that here we find what I have to think like they don't get to read. What is the next three four years? Look like, I think, it's great for clay, you know it's the to them and just who is that fourth guy do they Design Harrison Barnes that year, do they let him go cause he's too expensive. Did they receive them and then try to trade em? How does that I'll play out? It's a little more
interested in how it ended up playing out. You know next year for sure I think that, but it's funny, I don't even know how to say this, but as they I feel like a few ex anybody and pull any body in that war is organization. if they were to do it over again, I think they do it the same way and also they it's weird to say this, but I think they sacrifice that title every single time like if they know that they're getting Kevin and it took like a man, the greatest collapse in history- and we did back to back titles and we get peak or not. I don't know if its peak yeah we'll see, but we get Prime Kevin Durant yeah still take that and maybe a chance to for him to keep staying on our team. I think they'll take that three years of Kevin. One final loss, the greatest run about one of the greatest runs of time. They'll. Take that
The irony is: if the red doesn't get hurt, I think they went in two thousand eighteen pretty easily, don't you even if they I think they will also, if stuff hits that three and game and game six, you know they go back Toronto. It still interesting if clay doesn't get hurt is still interesting. I think that they win they. I think that there were starting to figure it out and also. I would pick, though I know that their goin back to Toronto and I know that they were going back there for games seven. But if I would pick two, I would pick the wars ten times out of ten to go back a game seven and and When will this based on experience? They is this sudden about their team, were they just always pulled it out, man in and that serious they there two files winds were in Toronto and it was really tunnel area they won those games, man, the Android, dollar, three right and then they their backs against the wall and game. Five collides is doing Hawaii. Stop you
I don't know if you were in Toronto that that they they game. But I didn't got the crowd for that that game five. It was one of those clothes out crowds, were they just smelled it. They just mailed the the champion, the championship trophy and Kauai's going off, and then they just take the hearts out of that arena. Man like tomorrow was shook after that game, and so for that to happen, and if they were too, if the rappers were to fumble the bag in Oakland. I truly believe the warriors win that title man I do. I do and I don't know what that means that the cabin still leaves but the for that to happen. Man, that would have been a great run in doubt of an insane if they won the tide of after Durrant got her twice and then right with Iraq. I like really honestly somebody. Motorola is quite states healthy with the way cool
I was starting to wear down as the cheers one along in the pressure was starting to really wear on that Toronto team, and I saw that you mentioned, like the resilience of that two thousand and eighteen warriors team at that's, really where you measures, some of the greatest great teams is the road whence they had like game three in Cleveland and seventeen game. Three in Cleveland and eighteen same thing where Cleveland like they ve got the crowd, get the cause. This like. This is usually the game that usually game. Three always usually goes the home teams away and there's like fuck it and they they ripped there. It's about gains and then the other one was game for two thousand sixteen, which are they was the last great warriors when that was a game, a journeyman punches amid the talent, but that was one of those who was to do in the words went to another level there are better that yeah yeah? I think that there was lot of wins, and I know we're talkin about finals, but I think there's another like signature when they're with the. I think it was also in twenty nineteen when they build a rocket
the wrong answer was it that was one of the ethics de cause at sea per calls at the best way of the era and less without care, Then they go in. I don't owe Steve Curse said that was his favour. when of dna higher era. Would you was like wow. That's saying allow you wouldn't titles with this time, but I think that like, if I remember being in Houston that night and it was just pandemonium I'd, never seen them that excited. I remember a player of a player tellin me man like that they, the warriors hate the painted the rocket so much. I remember player tellin me after they won the next year on Christmas day. I dont give this how much they love the Rockets. I don't give a shit if we go if we lose every game, This year is long. Will we be Houston? That's what I think I hated used and for them the wind like that and the covers around it was conall lack as they were. I'd never heard a team up three
to get so much richer. Like oh, it's over, you don't have a god. It's over it's over. There are three too, and they had already beaten up before they were up in the series. I go back to Oakland and wrap it up a game seven, but that the theatre of that came stuff. You know being struggling in the first half and for him to come back around and just ball. and they just in when it comes down to it all they had was dream. Honest have pickerell. There was a beautiful sight to see an age if there was cash and they just ended the Rockets team, They just ended. That in Iraq is in the last five minutes: thou, that's parsing. What am I probably my favorite win of the of my time cover your
It was also one of my favorite bats of two thousand nineteen is that the workers are under dogs in that game. It was like this is what I don't get. What I get, especially with James Hard, its history. You bring us up in that, I think, is enjoyable about the current MBA, where they can overtly feud with each other. But there are these little petty, bullshit things right, like I know about that work, the warriors and their antipathy for hearted and those style of the wrong for it all to you forget, pow yeah member date, Baden Lycra, suggests dating back to his clipper days. They just its disdain for Chris of you put those too C p and James on the same team. I think the only people that they really like donating was was Pga. Tucker was like this only one of their religion, their legs mediator, yeah they do now. I don't do not like, and there was also kind of an underground stiff, Leubronn, Somethin.
because they are therefore those to envy peas, and I think, Leubronn probably rightly fears I'm the best guy area. What the way. Why is this? Guy, like golden boy now and you can feel it in some of those games. Michael O, Brien, doubtfully you know when he would try to bully ball when he was frustrated. You know I remember game one. It is there that I have said before us the best game in two thousand eighteen, as best game errors in the Bronx
I regard the games. You right now that game young women who have got into it at the moment I was the that was the greatest at that was the greatest performers have ever seen in person ever Le Brahms Topic, because it was he was taking on everyone. Every big, unrolled, biggest bigger role on cabin bucket has a bigger role on Dreamer bucket boxes in the cabin loony in the final minutes, that was a perfect game for image. Twenty eighteen and it felt like I've been cheated. I don't know, I don't know if the calves, when the series, but I've been cheated J R did what he did right there, because I was eight of epic, the bomb performance and the bronze should have one again like you, ve only manage your chair. He missed the second Frida Yemen. Law rush, it stood at the ball back door, man where I get it. You still get the ball back and have a chance in the space of a broader call time. Albert lay, But I like the other thing that was great about that, was Leubronn had whatever you know
but every had gone with staff, which staff is very whereas in you have the Leubronn Katy thing any have Katy Ray the odyssey, believing he's the one forward in the leg I write, I wasn't guidance yeah when he goes against the brown it's like all either play. No John! I'm slightly better than him. I guess I could score more than Amand defensively. I can and arm and the Brown and our first game like yours better than me and put up the fifty one, but then that game broken and then who knows when he heard the same? I it's funny it's like it was whenever the warriors played the cats. Obviously there was there was a bit more eggs goin in cause. You know the wars, love goin up against the brown, but specifically with Kevin Le Braun like Kevin, loves Bron, but there's always there's always a bit of a like a like. He has this will abroad has as we yon as to where he's dislike I'll fuck. This is my time to show that on them,
Plan a fucking leak- that's that's literally his intensely level before he plays at an you, sat at a regular season games. I remember one time there was a twenty eight team game when a plate in Cleveland there's a play where he is a fast break play where Kevin ran. His is all alone, but here he's the Bonn come in China do one of those those clothes out blocks and he you could tell him. You see him. Look at Bonn and he's like you could see in his eyes like like this, I'm a duck, the fuck out of his bond dug it, and he the breakaway elaborate, doesn't even a challenge it when you go in there. That was. That was that's one of the examples where you know it was also the Christmas game and twenty seventeen. Where he's plant it's one on one, and I think it was like look. This is when Kevin was like defensive clarity here, talk and twenty seventeen twenty
same season and they faced it. Wouldn't they face the calves. This was one like the last year. The LE brow was there and there was a defensive stop. I think that Kevin had on the broad and he's just going crazy, and I remember he was he was get. He was Joost Africa game. He was really excited those match. Ups like against, I wasn't there when he was when it went. Kevin was painted step, but I know that he had those there was off when it was plain to guess the broad in some to any honest as well as one of those other guys. Yes, in Saint Katy really respected the big picture, Other guys coming in was a really like a scout. You know, like love, certain young guys divide that at any time, afore resign, his court, You know he handle that. You know that I'm better Luck Amber this guy and had a real competitiveness to it. That, I think, is one of the reasons he was so great. The brown Katy thing you know the bronze had a better career. The is the second best part about time I think Lebrun,
Our fiscal and durable he is, I don't love Katie's No, I don't know how is going to age as gets in his bit late thirty's, but Katy is certainly the best guy who's gone who's got motto: a motto against them that I saw the you could. What I wanted I was gonna stay awhile, but I think we get lost like Leubronn dominated our series against collides when fourteen he played fourteen, he played really well but Kevin. It's it's a complicated case may because Kevin The balance of power in Evian shifted would Kevin around joint wars and in part, because he out play liberality, thrice areas, man and in labour- and I remember the lad before Kevin got out of the very ages when I d man did he look like the best learn a league when he was plan against clippers. It was everything Seattle easy for him. Every hour after hour, note like when they were. I remember the two games and allay, I think you dropped. Fifty everything seemed so
easy man have seen what he was as plan against. Nobody row like that that was read. That was ridiculous and he has a right to be upset to say, like hell out, play the broad. What about me? I'm supposed to be the best due to believe- and I am by at this point my resume says on the best player in a league at this particular point. So I get him on that and that's why I think that that's that's would go. I feel like that's what goes through Kevin's my when he plays against the Brown like young man, I'm coming. I should neck because I am one of the few guys and I think curry is one of those two dues to that can really like gifts in little a bronze head, but but Kevin is a different case because he can go mano a mano. They play the same position. That's why that shot in game three two thousand and seventeen was just so so gangster man cuz. He just did it. He just stepped in, and that's why I,
He really gets up from a broad and I love watching them to play against each other, because the Kevin's at the level to where he could, just where the broad has to deal with him on the night based lightly basis. You I did a few pack ass. It then that summer, to that seventeen and he could feel it shifting in his head as the someone along where he thought we did upon the night. they won here. Just like you, I'm the best on the vesper in the world. I just speak O Brien plasters. We had pretty even teams. Noise or slightly better, but it wasn't like a crazy difference. You know, and that's it now- people now I just and that it was right that can happen, and then I think that led to all the decisions for
two years. It's like we'll wait, a second so that in and I dont get credit earlier credit forbidden this guy. This is still carries. Team is going on here and that you know you. I think there are no carbon always know talks about. I think it was bigger than just stone. No, if you talk to him about it, I think is bigger than just the stopped us out. There would remain he's always said it that's been. You know over it, overblown that hit the nail in the coffin of the coffin had been bought and was was in the in the more, but that was the nail. I think I was one other answers. I was a nail in the coffin according to him, and I think that there was it was at AEGIS
around that. That February was when, like things got the February two thousand and nineteen was when things got like dicey, but he always remain steadfast of like he was planning on staying. You always says that I thought he was going to stay. At least another year- and I think that at least it's so when he pushes back on that notion- I don't know if I believe them, but I know that when people were pretty much pretty pretty pretty much checked out that he was going to leave by the first round of the of the probably earlier they were all the coaches and players, are openly talking about him. Going to New York, the first round against the clippers in twenty nineteen. There were like okay, I guess he's. We don't know which team is going to win New York, but we know he's probably going to do that was it was an open secret that he was that he was going to leave among warriors staffers. They were like okay he's gone. Gonna leave out late heart thou in December January, though year, but at least for me, is at least to be there. just like we felt it was done, and it was this
that it was done tonight and I think I was just a bit. I think I was a but naive to that, but they were openly saying like not it's over late. This is why we have to do this now, and you know when you look back when you're in the when you're in it, you're, not the tilneys are always there like steel car was Sandia, we d to enjoy this moment in the in the media and the first media day. He look when you do enjoy this moment. You know it's probably never gonna be like this again and at the time were like what are you talking about? Well, I, what do you mean? What steps gonna steps under contract crazed prowling already signed? And what are you talking about?
They're they're probably going to still be a dinosaur, what you mean, but then gradually it was like. Oh, I remember the first part, the four that it's ironic, but before the twenty eighteen nineteen season I had no covering Kevin. I had never seen him that happy before and that media day, two thousand and eighteen. I had never seen him that excited to play and then it just gradually just got like okay. You know all the stuff started happening and then it was a foregone conclusion that he was gone. You know by the by then, will you covering that clippers game when image Raymond when it fell? Apart on the
I was not, I was not in ally when it happened. I was on. I will start on a b with Mercury NEWS at that point. I remember watching at the house and was just like because I was travelling at that point, but I remember the next game. How area was forget forget the team that they played, but Kevin went off. Kevin went off game game, but it was area that that was the first time it just what didn't didn't seem in a locker room. You know I didn't say it seem like that was a first I want to see like. There was factions in the locker room, and it was weird because I've known you were you ve, been in the wars, lack room or Werner wars, lack robotic like Kevin, scavenge, locker right, there was like two lockers stalls away from dreamers, so they headed
you with that it was. It was always there like. They wasn't like he was on the other side of not only person that separated them was, I think, Quinn, Cook and Andre Iguodala was the only two people that that separated them, but it was eerie it wasn't. It wasn't is like lively after that time. It was you know it wasn't. It just wasn't, and I don't think that ever I don't think it ever got back to the forum. You know my first year been on it, be I still have a video on my phone from that game. Cosette. Is there and I watched, I saw everything and I saw when you know it His last by regulation, Katy, was com for a dream. I had the barn instead of passing the head James kept it Katy was like slap in his hand and then, when I think dream I'm lost their time ran out and then Katy yelled at home and dream. I took a really personally and they walked back to the ban. So I just gotta watch them go back and I take the tail end of Rome. I focus outside this is crap
in their screaming edge, other being separated, and then you could see it like. Boogie comes in at one point in he's, pushing, I think, Katy in the corridor is holding dream on somebody's he's. A closer he's going to tell him he's talent is a camera, is telling drama to locking, and this is after he like curses. Every body out and embodied pulls into the signs like a lock in an dreamers like Fucking Buckingham, You know I mean you can see it all camera yeah end, but that was one of those things it wasn't. It was one of those things where it was a lot of built up. stuff like when you blow up on stuff somebody. It was not has nothing to do with that play Riley. You can get over like you're passing the ball. Alright bro, I got you, that's usually how it goes after that, but there was so much built up tension over the the months before they
Is he going to stay? Is he going to go? Is he going to stay? Is he going to go? Are you with us or not and honestly, I feel like no dre wanted drink one of that confrontation because he always wants confrontation. That's what get hit gets him going. That's why he yells at the benches. That's why he yells all that stuff they give Kevin's is to do this light are whatever like, but I think dream on wanted. Kevin should be like, say something like say, sir. I fight me. I please fight me and Kevin his light. Why for why? Why would I like for what it is it I'm gonna? Do it in an end, but I think dream on equates like back to back combat, like all that, as like you you're with us, and I feel like if, if if Kevin would have respond the way drema wanting to respond, I think the rest of the year would have been a lot different. I am I wouldn't, when guys fighting about
Bulgaria, they argue whatever I had to me. It's like normal admit. Maybe it's because I used to play basketball web Gwen like yeah you're gonna yell at each other. That's just the way it goes to me. That's a sign of a healthy relationship. Sometimes it felt there. In the room that night it it it. The it definitely was not. the and leaves you leave hours of it. Please believe that was the first time dream on had yielded covered. My budgets was that was not the first here. If it is this and felt their reserves and also like the way people. The other people reacted to the situation that that is the other, it was like gathered just let them blossom steam. This was that we have to keep trade. This is were actually can have a fight in the hardware.
What's funny. Those like dream on everything I've heard was like Worley com after the game was showing him with smile, and it was a slight and I bet they get sucked. It did Jackie MAC about it Caesar he was a shilling, smiling I'm good, because that's what he leaves the light. It's not I don't think young, leaning, Carson and screaming is parcel de jure. I like you, I can be, but I think that he could say some just while shit and just be ok, that was that I'm good, are you to get that out of. I talked about the sun apart last week about how bizarre his office of season is and here inside of it, I think he had two points in, but fourteen assess them twelve. bans using all over the place but doesn't seem like he can chew three anymore. Nor does he really want to be in. This is a guy that I felt like when they need and to be pretty good offensively. He could do it and that's just gone. What's what's the reason for that? Does it come back? I think dream on each state
I think you re monies real stakes of all out and I think his last great season was his last. Like great forces was twenty sixteen seventeen and I was when they lost the final stage, just gotten Kevin a lotta people. A lot of shit was come in at the warriors a year in terms of It's a super team. You guys got Kevin he's in our world and he really wanted. That was his when you wonder clarity here. That was the last time he was locked it for the all season, but I've been stretches since then, and I and it's not a coincidence that the best basketball that dream on plays as well. national policies and game or there's a railway seizing game that matters like the twenty nineteen finals. He was than twenty nineteen finals. It's one. Nineteen play off lights out, everyone triple double all that Well there's no stake through the worst him in the leg he will. There was sometimes or heeds didn't play,
ass. You re just a non game. Seventy thousand sixty! It is incredible that kept incredible, but he needs that he leaves at age, and I think that dream on is- and I think that's why it so hard to really pinpoint dray minds legacy because he's a really great player on a really great team. He can elevate a great team, but we need the team is in great. You see all those other things you know I can't possibly can shoot as well right. He probably can't and he can't pass it's like it's different winter peasant, Kevin, Durrant, where's wedding, present, Kelly, Hubert notes, it's a different by and he's also you know he started be lacking over the last few games, but he needs, though, that pressure he needs that to get off. He needs a talk shit. He needs to be able to yell S, people needs to be a game. Seven stakes, that's what he needs and I think that he hasn't had that and we are seeing the other side of his game right now. You know your minds may have in their I'm so happy to do this to you, because I get to bring up the middle
Celtics my favour Donna back at our red, very reminiscent of Dennis Johnson. Ok, who was a big stakes guy who was killed I've never seen like he was totally in shape and when he was in shape. It was like a big deal on there'll, be a news article about it, who really needed to be with great teammates to kind of untapped his own greatness, and if you put him with mediocre people There is a game or bird Mikhail empires, something he wasn't. Somebody that Cuba Garrido, outscore thirty five tonight but will ya summer was winning Basque Bob, where, whose iq is ridiculous, and who you just wanted out there. Any time the stakes are high, that's I think, dress. I think it's a short list over the course mba history of guys like that that you just would want them out there when the stakes,
our high I make is that you do us themselves, so it is only right it out, though some Lakers guys at eyes were bad at think. Like will without, like the the Brussels ethic Lamar Odom is another guy like that that you did sometimes floated, but when the stakes were down with the Lakers did that was borne out run or test is another guy that you I would watch some games in Olaf, and ten, where you like, reducing illegal what're, you doin RON and then you would go and gave seventy two files biggest stakes balls out once again bore you. There's some guys like that. the league dramas mortals guises needs. It brow lay like like stack says: he make love to pressure man mighty ease that pressure and when he doesn't have it is light, will what am I doing right now? There's nothing to play for it there, but was here
goes there right now there there are nine seed. I mean look, all these teams are bunch together. You have the Portland set number six, twelve untanned and then Memphis is that New Orleans is that number twelve at ten and twelve thousand eleven and fourteen it's it's gonna, be a hotchpotch. What's come about this year as the playing game. Air. The warriors, I'm sure, that's gonna, be sworn plans. Stages get through the playing game right cause. It's like our right. If we, even if we're nine cedar, ten seated we have to win to wear it to where the warriors you now Firstly, your team- like I don't know, Sacramento your seven seed, you're feeling good, but if it's a seven ten match up with Sacramento, go instead we pick it. You know, I'm gonna stay bright river to retire, sir. We find a watch him. You know the weird thing about this is merely a fifty games like now, maybe even less for some these teams so
kind of half the can't really fucked around anymore. I, like my aim, is nine and fourteen like at some point, the switch ass. The goal of the year the interesting man. I know, there's gonna be interesting, and I was looking at this that that was a good others before me down. The path was next year, is the last year of stuff curry's deal, and I'm not saying that I'm not saying that he's going to leave Charlotte Labella ain't. What I'm saying is this is the first time where Steph really has he's never had this much leverage to you know cuz. Last time he was up for a deal. You know there was. There was no doubt that he was going to stay with the waters right now. He has leverage to tell the warriors: hey, listen, I'm going to need you guys to improve this team going to need you guys, make real moves took to be a championship contender. I'm not saying he's doing that, I'm saying as a leverage to do that and that's gonna be really interesting. He has liaison an extension, so that's gonna, be son.
In the look out, as all I would say, concerning the words spent seventy one million dollars on the Kelly. Your bread transaction, though probably will in a pony up fur August, But the use of the figures are alarming. Is both that the surely thing was an interesting wrinkle hurry? I have always thought I d about all that. I do think that you know in order for them to get to a title contention they're going to have to trade, one of those big, those big pillar pieces, honest and everything what it is Barbie Wise later be that Minnesota, Peck or above all, right. You know, and I think that or either does one or two things that have happened that the trade for another, like all star level player about preferably a front Corky or wise man, just has to turn a Deva rubs like in two years. We just has to turn into like somebody really ridiculous, a great, but to step has that this disaster has that last year of his deals next year, any you know the as levers Eddie just never
his hat and for staff Le Mellow, Gordon Heyward, your words now my epithet so real once it's what what are the knights and railroads it comes out on Mondays and Thursday stars as we try to get a guest it on Thursday. I guess, show Monday's. We talk about MBA, a love, Roger pursue Rogers perspective. On the league. We basically just use things that happen around. The league ferocity tell stories about what happened during his career and it's really fun. Man he's really. You know that you got him on your part, he's really good at what he does Reddy's really good at at at podcasting. So really excited to be working with him. Man and I think I think we're only gonna grow I think we're doing really great right now at big stuff restore while we are so I'm not people know that, but we had to say with Roger we re NASH was gonna Hiram away right after you guys you guys hooked up together and the pod
it was gone. Well, man. This is something in their nationals have shown that we always throw out there that's all night hours without their yo, we gotta have we ve been trying to have you for a site where we have the we. The real one of the weak, we also have. I'm ready just text me: I'm ready to come on we're out a little liquor. Useful support, awesome liquor. Now I don't do that. You asked me to pour out Ex out without a traveller ties. Also we there's another one of your big fan, member, the mad wrapper rubber. We have the mad Hooper. Now, though, we just have a segment for the Matt Hooper, it's really good. a lot of things going on right now on the roads man to stab in the railroads where we have allowed us tat. There were built in Vienna and come out to come ass. Talk celtic song, if you ever want to talk celtics overcome through and is talk about the legal side did ruins. While we are you- and I was each other cowboy excuses, are we watch above that we're doing? I want to give the movie where, but it's it's gonna be here. It's gonna get I've said
view for comparing Lamar Odom to Dennis Johnson good to see. Let him out this absurd. About to buy beyond meat stock, about beyond meat. Their food is plant based, which means all the key ingredients come from plants and it's good for the planet these days, you know what I've noticed. A lot of athletes turn into plant based diets to improve their health formats. I wasn't a hundred percent convince others. Chris Paul completely reject his career. I voted for the fourth firm BP. This year is one I resent plant based he's having a clear season makes you wanna check it out. I remember Steve now, in the early two thousands was he got rid of sugar. He stared do not this diet stuff and then restart, started, emulating that and had he eat healthier. Now it's gone so how their level watching went up of Chris Paul over the last couple years when it seem like you
his past. This prime, clearly not anymore definite, had something the plant based it's right. What was summer just around the corner beyond made his serving up the new, even better, be ambergris meteors juicer it as thirty five percent, less saturated fat and eighty twenty beef. It tastes just like Classic burger thriller get you feel outer jazzed after eat one and right now beyond meat is offering listers a coupon for two hours after next purchase by heading two beyond me that calm slash bill. Since you don't try to predict the fate the plan early on in the season in there's always a controversial play that leaves and upset to your forecast. I think this happened to me. Basically, every year, super two thousand fitting well every now and then players come along and catch us off guard with a surprisingly great performance being were seen in two thousand twenty one plan with the Andrea pick number one in the draft who knew he's gonna marriage as a legitimate franchise centre, as the plants were enfolding, that's kind of stuff. That happens. You never know
Mikhail, turns in one of the best parts of the world, the natives, eighty six Scotty Pippen turns into one of the best players in the world. There are nineteen anyone class is never no matter. What happens to your initial plan, predictions you're always win was presently gray rates from state Farm, Canada, in the personal service of a local agent, and see how much you can say about assurance like a good neighbour state farm. Is there I, as promised Common Clark, is now back. We we In fact, this after the NBA, because I literally have no idea how many people want to hear boxing Emma may talk on a pike ass. You are one of my favorite fight fan people. life only because I have like three five fan people, my life you're, one of them boxing match your most excited foreign, two thousand twenty one fury Joshua
Is this the number one, because it's the only one where it seems like things, are actually progressing towards a deal? I dont know anything else. It's gonna happen and twenty twenty one like everything, in a wilder and furious justified again, and that that there are some weird contractual thing and now my Berlin, what Wilder's former trainer, who fired for throwing in a tower saying that Wilder's careers over everything is so muddied in every other avenue of boxing that all I want to see is fury versus Joshua in England and made have been so many different scenarios thrown around. Are they gonna fight on a boat? Are they gonna fight and When is it yeah? What I mean I was donor, I think with quick go. Maybe we could govern Joshua wanted that one of the options there was that they were going to fight on some yacht and they were just gonna have like a bunch of rich people, put pay million dollars each to go or whatever you want to find out. I boat from Ozark in the Carolinas, the Jason Bateman Casino, about just
the top shelf thou, because now I so, I think the adding that fight will happen and that that's what I want to say. I wish the only thing I wish is that those sort of those british fights need a british crowd, and I I I could wait for post axing for that, yet the Danish simply to male Bethink, oh two mile perennially, credible boxing weekend and there they can get their shit together in time and if they do, I dont think it'll be adequate, scenario like a boat or do by us. Well, I'm sorry right I'll! Let you have the invite our like it'll, be something like that, but we're gonna have a single to buy off. I realized it. We do- and I would also say the big thing is so a couple of these flights have happened in Bhopal stadiums, but with arena style capacity. So you strategies you how you get fifteen to twenty thousand people and a sixty seventy thousand seat than you would. I also think would happen production. Is there an under twenty seven guy?
you're like delighted about in any division, not just everywhere, I would say the Rhine. Garcia is probably the most exciting prospect. Just as far as popularity goes, I don't think he's. I think you know. Do you turn people talking today if he fought tank Davis right now, attentive, probably attack and pretty good bye? I also think that he has that both those guys aerial superstar potential. I think that that whole that whole weight class and the young guys, thereby that's Devon, Hany. Imagine things just a lot of of young talent in boxing, especially at the the lower way class. So I think rang. Garcia Devon, Hany deter FEMA Lopez that whole crew- I think it is
I love the tea, a female Lopez moments. Anko fight was one of the most interesting things in almost reminds me. A little bit of this is given bright, ass, so you're my military revolt, because we were giving low much Anko the benefit of the doubt, the whole fight, and it turns out he just getting his aspect- the announced likewise downloading information- does what he does. He downloads information the first two rounds kid invite for like rats, yeah yeah just like way, then you just like in the symphony like oh wait. He just getting his aspect and they reminded me a little bit of a chief sorts like ok. Well, wait till they make these adjustments are waiting in the budget is way better and so dear FEMA Lopez to me, your brain in shops, hypos. The day were always just like. No one. I guess you can well up his dad so that no one is calling out to your email address and as a reason for that. It's because you have him alone, as is awesome,. it's funny that Cardella has officially turned into initially
it's only now they have like the pound for palm greatest boxer. There should also be the title of you, fucking idiot. You bet against blank that championship out. Canelo is now that guy, because I talked myself into I did that get the english guy that he five the last time as I out huge money line, I not maybe you know, covert, maybe canals than Jape and within two seconds you like dominate it. I should have just set money on fire. Coelho is the guy Let me now that it's like, if you're gonna bet against them, considering how much better he's gotten each year, I would say for the last five: each year physic he had something Betty against images dumb, and I don't see a scenario. Anybody beats in the next couple years. Yap Car council was the british guy. not his is best knight. I would say that generally, I learned my lesson. I think I've always talk. No, it was amazing. I learn my
lesson when I started to doubt him sort of months or weeks for the coverlet fight, I remember talking to people at design and elsewhere. I remember being like manna differences, pretty huge. Like shouldn't, we be worried about the issue. We were talking about this more and everybody was like now now we shouldn't say, but doesn't matter and it gets site like them a homes right where it just like that none of us wait way class doesn't matter, he just gonna beat the shit out of them, and so I think, is amazing. I also think from a business standpoint about these now free agent.
The Brady model you talked about easy was against it with Oscar there's gonna, be a lot of movement there and he's taking control of its own career in the same way. Floyd may whether deadened somebody's other guys, and it will be interesting to see how that plays out the accounts. Psmith Canelo flight was one of those fights. It was at the Alamo Dome in in San Antonio and they were able to spread it out a little bit. So I think that there's, I think, that the possibilities for him he's fighting at the end of this month and I think that there there's probably some bigger fights for on the horizon allow different possibilities. I'm excited for the canal experience in next year's, while he's gonna do the thing that the other great ones do he's gonna start rising up the divisions. You know who is already doing premise. It keeps got it always those two divisions further than you ever expected to remember, like Tommy Hearns by the end was light. Have you paid his very loyal to write?
right? Every loan razor rather was drew near. Reducing their debt cannot Ellison canals referring tasting fewer in four years with whom you seriously I like I as they will. I wouldn't rule it out. It's always to divisions higher than you ever thought. I was watching the box it because two Saturday's Go Fox. Had a big for our card, It was a really bland telecast Right Brand Kennedy was doing the play by play, which is great other branch any, but for the most part it was this telecast that was out of ninety ninety five. There is no gambling talk really at all it was just kind of the slow like like like the whole gamut revolution. And then I realized that weird read that Weird Thyssen's Jones Paper view. I thought was a portent of the future and it strange to me that everybody who the shows boxing has not realizing tat. It should be bets bats. Bets constantly.
it's going up and down whatever you're seeing it should be a day like I'm surprised, Fox to now Sal and there I would have had salaries like the third person. Just talking knock out drops at all this stuff to me that Thyssen thing open up this door for how to make boxing more fun and Albania should to see when the industry catch After? What do you think we're out even expand that I would say that the Pall brothers, like what knockout went more viral, then Jane for knocking out Robinson right like when I was. Those amazing may now been asked grins involved in that employed. May what does one of the poor brothers. I don't know I'm in agreement
Adding boxing and betting on boxing is really interesting and prompt. That's the most money I've ever made in my life on that is getting the exact round of Mugabe. Whether I really enjoy that and you just get to be a strategy of does go the distance whatever, and so yes, I think betting can can help boxing outside there's a lot of. I guess you call them new sports, they can be helped by the legalization of bedding. Gulf is certainly one of them and I might have evolved gambling problem at this point yeah. I certainly have a boxing in problem that that is confirmed by a yes. I remember me. They should be talking about this stuff it before every round. The odd should be up for four knock out in this round for each guy over under five and a half rounds for some of these. These and the answer should be literate denounced. should be literate in all thing and that's the other peace there missing. They need that third person than telecast Toujours completely understands how to talk about it.
And none of them, they all have the old Albert Einstein, type of old guy with the boxer and the play by play guy, who talks a little too much, and that is how they do it, and I would like to see it of all. or give me another channel, Gimme the same telecast auditing from China on its just like the crazy gambling version of the same thing. I'm watching, I guess a hundred. There are so many ways you could innovative and I think the gambling games will be number one. I think that I, what do you think about the sort of the idea? For you see? It's been tossed around that the cards should be announced. For the final round. I dont away lab at this oak. I've heard of I've heard it. I I think it affects it too much because if somebody evidence, if someone knew there were locked in. They were just run for that whole round right. So what will be the incentive of that kind of fight? Well, I think you'd see the desperation, the other
you can't I mean, can you run around for twelve rounds? Refer for three minutes? I guess into question I don't know, maybe works better and I may not really sure, but I in agreeing with you a there are that the gambling thing to me is one of the most fun thanks and I understand anything but, as you can turn out, there would with regards to boxing- and I think that your way and we're going to see. I know this is the strangest thing in the world, but we're going to see some youth interest in this because of some of the publicity stunt and because there was an I went to that, my son. You can buy so much watch those of, though Nate rabbits and fight cause the pall brother. It I went to the fight, the Pablo, their fight at staple centre, and Israel on Estonia, whose you have to champion and one of the best fighters ever seen, was sitting. It was me the boy s neck and panel downy, and the ostrich happy was sitting behind us. Just as a fan.
like that's what I'd do it is there to watch Logan Paul like this? This is it. It attracts a wide variety of fans and I think that there's three just something there and people like boxing like the old joke as a passing most popular sport in the world because of two people are outside your door, playing football or point ten instrument ignore them, but of two people outside your door are putting to innovation and go look right and I do think it its most basic park like people watch a fight between two people and once it happens, you'll get a certain percentage hooked on the actual sport and that's why I think it's really interesting when you see these sort of fights and that the fundamental fight against a notch. I think it's Logan Paul, it's gonna be a serious little. It's gonna, be it is workable. It's gonna be ridiculous if we saw so may whether fought a kick boxer a couple of years ago in an exhibition, and if you watch that it looks like he's taking it easy until thick boxer kind of tax and a little bit and a male
there was like always our doing in and if I was over like may whether downloaded on the guy- and I think there is a real possibility that that happens with with local area may, whether Dick is there. You have sea fight, put possibly in two thousand and twenty one that titillate you I mean could be, has to come back. It has to happen and you I've seen to be verses, portray before and I didn't like it. So I dont know what that looks like the old dream match up always is George Anthea against the and for some reason that that hasn't even that's rumoured, every six months and some months ago, my neighbour always so one of them is written
the arena rolling in the in the drug destined to come back and that been DEC two minutes later, like that's action can happen, so that would be the dream match up. I would say obviously steepy responses in Danu those. So that's what I do a championship. Those two guys fought in Boston three years ago, the night before that wheres patriotism. Actually one is a fan about a ticket and Ngos who was just not ready to go. The word is he didn't train all that hard for that one he'd gotten so into his punching power bunch of our works, like you, and I were joking after the divide, island or the Jackson, with idea where he that was the first knock at university
were in Danu was it was walking backwards, any man to enact the guy out and so his punching powers, which it I think that he will probably have a better all round game and that's gonna. That's gonna make this deep. They fight close, because the steep they fight three years ago was not close, a steep, a new exact which deal with them and did it, and so for me, if this forest fights are happening, it's deep iversen gonna. What needs to be a lot closer than it was three years ago, Kevin Clark, congratulations and incredible Florida renaissance, just across the board, the raise the box, the lightning Rolando MAGIC heading toward Kate, Cunningham adjusted saw it's all been great. It's all coming up for these days, Jacksonville urban buyer Trevor Lawrence can greater. For one of those dreams if the worst one you mentioned Wednesday We rely on stealth rookie year, better labelling barber gets hurt. Chemical thanks for thanks for great NFL ceasing to see
go to see about. I that's for the bs pad back on Thursday with. One more definite about the reward, was taxi driver me fantasy. They hate Joe. The rest of that ways.
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