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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to finalize their wagers before Super Bowl Sunday.

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Today's fourth episode of the week of the Bell Simmons Past is brought to buy zip carried out smart do next. I cast her crazy sports. Wait! That's what did you know it s? A smart job sites that don't overwhelm you tons of the Rhine resonates. Luckily, there's a smart way separated outcome, Slash bs, they find people who writes go for your job there. We invite them to apply right now my listers contributed for free is obscured accomplished Security is the spice a higher authority, you by the Ringer DEC on the world's greatest website, where you could be watching videos and pieces and Podcast from Atlanta heading into the big game. With the ringer NFL shall we have dual threat? ran reseller. We have a bunch of videos, including once a day with Kevin Clark and Roger Sherman, an aquarium school shots at fish, as they talked about football gonna like
so we had that and then we have. Obviously the reward was pack as proof of life, the most controversial pick river. Had we have people thanking us people congratulating S, people vilified us, that's fine! That's that's coming up and I think we have the warriors next week, fortieth anniversary that come in and then I ve, if you mean the Porzingis emergency trade podcast. What you did Thursday early afternoon! That's up! That's also on this bs feed. So there you go cousin's house coming up we're going to do our favorite props make a pic a million dollar pic.
For the began, but first our friends from projects are a tactic day here, the at the old rare headquarters. It is now late afternoon Thursday we're supposed to put up south superbowl props at all that stuff for India. That anyway, even though just imposing its emergency trade package the cause is on the line. How are you out of it? I have a Dell. Is my favorite biogas for the year n? but the next. What we do is my wish that reply gather the way you get to quote about a patriot revolved around the chinks me. That's not fair, You ever lie year from New York and you have allowed an expanse friends since in the ten hours since we
shit. We are we take the poison. This package, which we are agreed, was a catastrophe. It came out that the next get an unprotected two thousand and twenty one first round her from Dallas and then a top ten protected in two thousand and twenty three, which I guess is is ok, but the problem is that doubts is gonna. Look dad Chechen crystal pausing. Is there going to be good, so it makes its a slightly. I swear steal, but it's still a terrible deal which what was your take? Is it worse that it better or worse than our fantasy football deal. Girly for my shall shown him. How are we had a deal that ripped apart? Our league right tat deal was even more defensive. I think this one's weird, while AEGIS trading, you trading your friend.
Guy who the Knicks fans really love just to create cap space to hopefully sign a bunch of guys this summer. But the next fans are already hit that point and it didn't work into does then, So it's tough! Generally. I mean you really have to think about coming to do this trade view that keep iraqi, he had two of already, you know picked out his jersey in his condo in everything else. Already the other ways he's gotta get had got a week, we spot on transactions. Shell, the gods. Yeah, I think about our cell, both basketball football porn off the deal of the year. Both of our year and then this one, almost data the man did it. I think they were in Cahoots with Jerry down to the well sheepish about saying that they weren't extending Jason Garrett. For now, that story goes away. That thought a front page story anymore. You think he had them up and said to meet any eyes.
We have the headlines yeah, maybe it's not like you. Did you extend J cigarettes counter that happened? What what? What? What I would have you know too, that do that They announced that today because I miss that, if after they want but that they weren't you and after they weren't buddy Jerry down, but we feel bad about it in an outbreak. Rumours that was report accept a report, but no one actually came out and said it, but after that Proba Koala performance, what more can be set at some point, we're gonna have to get the probable. I think you and Harrier the last do people on the earth is: don't you think that's it have been around for a more. I was good what it was like forty, two thirty seven, but now when the games like twenty to thirty like yogurt anymore, so I went on you. Pack, ass, we talked of the trifecta, we banned, add a bunch of gray props. That you know that most of them, always our favorite prop from the trifecta-
We always the one that you like these three I ran the score first, but lose was plus three fifty out the pilot kid Harry Harry had. Will there be a two point? Conversion attempt? Yes, was minus fifteen authority up the minus one? Forty five. And brought brother bright light under one and a half dozen yards for the shortest touchdown, but that's already up the minus two hundred, so one and a half yards touchdown is The choice of a hundred We like Alan Cosette, Oh, I don't know, I really do, but I dont, like the minus two hundred just happens all the time that just gotta figure anymore, parlay that with anything or no. I think we find something to parliament and adds to convert afford down as minus one
I like that a lot I don't know if it's going to be brave, nose, diving up the middle again sue and and Donald, but I did. I do like that. I think there's a lot of fourth and short scenarios out there. I was looking at all the pats. Touchdown. And you know dots are really low and especially laid down that bet we're talkin bout on your package, which was you bet if you think the teams. When you bet on the greatest score on the team that you think he's gonna win any a banner ads by like James way was play is plus two fifty four that Seeber James, he's gonna score in the pages are genuine positive. Fifty he's only sky,
seven times a year you now and then in the ground was, I think, plus tease thirty grand scored seven times all year hasn't scorn the plan. Nobody S and the Patriots is gourd more than three times this year in the regular season. So, while a it's, almost Tibet, we can't short those bets or maybe take them from dumb people at a girl's. Superbowl party just open the front door has yet to come in, and I, like all the James White props up. May I say to the party here, but James White, to make the first reception is pause for fifty. If they get the ball, you know how they like to set on that, often in a month and flare out or stop them. Yes, what I said yesterday that the most receiving our Anyone you're gonna have between five and fifteen reception. That was also like that, with a ten to one off, we could do that it over a hundred yards against the falcons the permanent two weeks ago. The partner understand is why hidden play more in the tac game,
and it really does he might they go running back by committee Certainly at herds are James waits. That's all that that is the one problem that the big problem, because if those get the frantic Bela Jack, what this running game and how it can a powerful out that carries that's why they cannot think I'd Sony, Michel under eighteen and a half yards. Nothing is pretty good I, the mortar number, the more I think about this game. So it not a big did he's not he's one those guys that he's not truck in his He had the smaller running backs, but they're not trucking. The linebacker has to fight that. He pretty much goes that car. Would you agree the first guy pretty much will taken down unless you can kind of state by? Every once in awhile, he surprised, then everyone airway about nice, but do the thought of him again. Sue really worries me. If sue you think I'm gonna
from a motivational standpoint. The knock on him is the guy's, a great talent, but doesn't always bring it to the table. If there's ever game is gonna bring it to the table, you of that and then he had the errand down apart, and we don't have that logger blunt guy this year, you now to a web. I worry had they may be able to overpower running back so that in the flip side, though, the pats have been able to block so well that maybe they can figure it out, but well, maybe I have yards is seems like a lion. Carrie's carries. I guess he had like what he some crazy right against achieved from the first day, why is it twenty nine carried out in the first year? Twenty nine carries and there came another very important that an overall and there in an hour, then it was deceiving as it was. Twenty nine carries an awe I don't know I felt like you left the latter yards and the table. There were a of holes in that. Came see what like an awesome running back it done in that game, I am also
by James Way, we're gonna get them. I want to go through some props that I like, but jumping on, but I wanted to mention them and maybe the talk me into them they're out there won't be a defensive or special teams. Touchdown. Minus two fear you I want. You forgot about the one against Atlanta idea to export Brady. There was such a flash, but this is exactly what you're saying here. It's mine is to fifty I'm staying away because the lines too high, but man, I just think it's really hard to get a defensive for special teams. Touchdown fear in yeah, maybe in the superbowl things, get wacky teams get desperate suffered that, but that that line just jump at me. I like this. What are you dig river book before we move on from that girl? I now in a walking boot repaired and our group is being true. Voices can be ready by the propaganda that that prompt them
a little more if he is not able to reach an anthem touch back tuna and these guys are eager. These kick returns to run at the end on anyway, the Superbowl that's good. I like that eleven yard, then Marianna figures out like that do do you think there's a chance, like play the game. They just scratched airline. They do. They have a back up guy or now. There has been an area that I read somewhere about like them, maybe calling Carlo Santos, and can you sign a kicker this late and fantasy football? We don't allow it to sign it, what mislaid can they can they sang Cody Party for the bears nobody may change. Can the barrister Cody prosecuted today's korean charges kicker. Now I love that guy and I would have been there. Yes, maybe Maybe we should bet against what it what's zero line will miss a kick back? What are the odds on that matter I'll find out, but that some, I think, that minors to seventy five or something? I think I saw that who miss a kick a failed all or any get,
my nephew. Seventy five that I'll find it, but that's what it was the beginning of the week. People wouldn't he's a great kicker. There would indeed shouldn't the ads, be you speak. Already a method that campsite I'm go. The other way would pass through twenty percent. That's the guy's, a walkie blue, eyed cylinder. I think this game is gonna, be close and I think you did too Willie team score in the last three and one slash two minutes of the game. If the game goes to overtime, yes is the winner, so I get the five minutes and I get any overtime that happens- and I in the
yes is minus one. Eighty five, which I wish it was a little lower, but I like it. I also like the last score will be touched. I feel like like it had been just the eagle score. I forgot before. Obviously the patriots won over time against the falcons. Just like someone put it away with a big play, an that's all I urge all summer long that big play in the fourth quarter, we're gone through other have been injured. Did I mean to me a team trends when it's been over the course of eighteen years as a super, both Anna, even if that makes sense, but the patriots they play close super balls and usually a team scores in the last three minutes. I think the only time it didn't happen was the Eagles game, the third Superbowl we want rapid in that game
Philly was driving down in our judges it. Even if there are twenty one points, one of the two teams and there's three have been left there still, gone for the garbage time for a hardware. Open ended maybe overtime so like that, when I'm in a minute parlay that with something else here Paul, able, were prompter, yeah, ok, couple others. Will the game be decided by exactly six points, plus nine hundred. So here's what I gather that it's real The game would be decided by six points: right: thirty, two, twenty four thirty four, two hundred and twenty eight two thousand seven hundred and twenty one. But then, if I go to overtime, in the first team scores when I went to and try down no extra point. I win the game so
that I know what I was little tasty. I like that I do like that. You know my best, but I like bedding, and you say they can be caused by Canada, a big it can be between seven and twelve at and that both teams to win between seven and twelve one plus for seventy five once put five fifty that those cover nice numbers at thirty one. Twenty. You know that the added, obviously the seven too big number, the ten, the big Hatred was by eight last year who taught the magic, because at the ball, ass, pretty ass, the wind weight, but that's all I'm a range last year to sell did I haven't exactly by eight points, but now they would think about total interceptions for both teams. One point five Brady through to last week and really should have thrown a third. If the Ford wasn't offsets, you like it it he drove. It looks like you get round three or four, but it doesn't everything drop what'd. He had last week to heed to one.
And then God for the other, and who knows I've, got it out of his system against the saints early on yeah, it's almost to lucky a bad now, the way balls are tipped and everything you know with gas. Can we all agree that he was a little there in the headlines in the first that saints game. A super bad, they fell behind their playing and basically the endzone, but but he certainly looked rattled so now get the Superbowl gather thing is in this sun. The radio is talks about it too Brady awhile to learn how to handle this, but the the break of the half done, so where is forever yea, yet all hyped up for the game? Again, your head budding you're offensive line man again starts. I outlets gown for an hour and a half years, so much adrenaline, and then have this He made a man, five structure, that is, she Travis Guy, come out a new kind of it.
Come down and Brady said the biggest thing he learned over the years has had a channel his energies, because it's like a five hour day. Basically, when you include the president, everything so gaff feels like. Now: teachers in ITALY, too little boy. I was thinkin about their submit. Maybe we're not giving off enough credit. That was that's the loudest place to play right there. That say that you do not gonna get any worse, more adverse conditions and being down thirty nothing. They had thrown the interception pretty remarkable that he came back from man. I know the faint fell apart a little, they couldn't brill run the ball yeah, but that as big a moment, our say as big a moment is a super bowl of that at the table, the grand stage, but I do feel liking and all I got after that. Yeah agree. I mean it's hacker. Is that state pointers
work. I really do think there's a chance. They lose forded, nothing! It's weird, because I feel, like the rate team one, but I also feel that there is a world in which that fake Pont hackers slips office. And are the guide as made cut rate and the same. The ball now, unlike the Rams third, in thirteen, the game's over here twenty writhing in two minutes. In that said, we, the widow and everybody's, ribbon tat girl. After a while, he went and should do more has to be go in. Talking about away, they went to court three, their big pot ever make like they turned the game. Rabbit knew well. Home team should still be able to hold a double the delete, anticipated yeah, that's very drastic, invest more in the context of a bit doesn't work if it had worked. The saints are at least up sixteen nothing, and I think that were at an insurmountable yet at the key drivers that last DR right before the half when, when they just kind of got their shit together, I think
amazing, the saints one- and I really do feel like the rams- might have been better. At the same time. We talked about this on your party yesterday. The adjusted line for the Pats three and one slash two is two hundred and fifteen. So you bet two hundred and fifty dollars to win
Basically, the man at the Pastrana half is fine, because if you think the paths are either gonna win or lose by feel go, you got it. I my thing: is there a line? Sixty nine sixty eight sixty nine ardor at them at the buzzer that doesn't doesn't kill. You did your art up as much Pastrana, yet not to give away what I'm doing at the end of this part, but I just feel like if you think the paths are gonna win the lines less than three: it's really hard to get the Superbowl winner and not cover when the lines less by three like ie you it positive that ever happened in history. The Superbowl ran on at this number, but even when implies more than three amendments that lesson to be learned, and this bearing the Superbowl is, if you like, the favourite battle by that the favourite giving the points because
more often than not men way way more often than not they they win, and they cover that same time. Obviously an underdog would if they want they would cover. So I want to say what we like to cover pats. Panthers Pats didn't cover that right, thirty, two, twenty nine. I think they were favoured by like for foreign hands. Though that's there's one time I think every day any time they were over three. There were two in two and an open for against the spread of never there a favourite of more than three points we did. The eagles did. The eagle score is now thinking I don't know the pats covered the Eagles game either didn't the eagle score, unlike the eight minute two minute drive at the end there now down, because they were fair, it now big music,
So anyway, I became air, but I think the eagles scored with like with that would like three minutes I may be, but my point is when it's under three three, it becomes ridiculous. We saw it happen in this year of Dallas Game and that had to happen because the factor got hurt and they had to go for to the whole ram and that's the only reason Dallas one, but only one by two points of copper, more now again to the really good ones. I am I like you. I mean you should see me right now. I've papers all spread out like a like figure out a cry. I think that is true, detective food and one, for example, yeah. I told the story nearby yesterday about the first time we met, we were at the Superbowl ten bucks. There is work for Jimmy Shell. And we'd only known each other, for I would say two plus months.
We were in Dana's office watching the Superbowl, and that was the first time. I really fully saw your madness that what are you happy? and it's gone crazy right. They go public. Seventy or eighty props back them out three. Four hundred. If you want to one of shop around I now, you sent me this last that I had them. Holy man ran out twenty pages of profits. Can we can add that many does that Brady under twenty six now completions the eye Men for this is now over. There I'm not saying I'm betting, but the argument for it is the last. Nine weeks of the seas, and he was in the low twenties. Basically, every game got through the through bunch. Completions gets a chargers and I think was like third force if that achieves game ended up at thirty, but that also includes the overtime. So if you're thinking like they're gonna! Try to this power running game again. It will be hard for rated ago over twenty seven unless the running game just isn't working.
We cannot have way, would fire they got. The guy had almost a thousand yards combined. The last two Superbowl went crazy. Like you said the lad to play off games you camp at Brady under any if I may to nineteen, I have them is a massive massive number for passing Archer Superbowl. And you're you're out of your mind, a few toy with the under I didn't, send actually bedding it. I just jump jumped out of me. Twenty seven completion seems like a lot further Let us think of all this has been drawers and ere. They play like crap, really against the eagle and an end. The Falcon and they went way or we went way over in bulk. I ve been away the eagle but way over the Falcons old one before that she hardly with the now that it's a different paths team. Now that this is a team and is gonna, try to run the bark and control the clock and use play action and chew Thirty five might, even if it s just the same Brady, though this weird just we're too Tom Cruise that car
I was watching mission impossible far on the plane back from Sunday, and I was thinking out quizzes like in his late fifties. Now, isn't he They are the right moves and like ninety Davy too, and is still playing Ethan High and looks the same here the same car, I'm sure they cover it physically looks the same and it psyche he's justifies type minutes. Ready. When you, you see him on the going away party for flying to Atlanta need, though he looks like you did, fifteen years ago, nuts, real quick eye jotted down, could I know you can have fun with it, but I don't know what to make of it. Yeah retires First Brady or Jimmy Camel. What's the line at Kimmel minus one thirty, This Brady have anyone in his life like baby thou, who has a vested interest in just continuing to have him, do the show
for years. I guess that trainer that's right yet baby, all that bad than buying out Gmail. Contract expires a year from now right so can save a they can retire in the same month, I think- and I gotta get to make this kind of the almost deep red death, even I think, Brady retires before him on his work Maybe see has no replacement. That show makes too much for ABC and it's too risky for them to just role the franchise. Where does somebody ass? If there is that, if there is some person loom, that we, both for the hour when Jimmy retires, that guy's deafening me at the shout out or that lady I feel that way, but at the very start, Brady. Maybe this Tom Brady, but I feel like also you think, saving Brady goes much fewer than three years you have now taken.
Forty four that's go get another concussion that mean knock on what I hope he doesn't, but at some point he's going to have some sort of injury, something that will make his wife scream at him and Brazilian that he you're gonna die I think they do that. Given that our aid she found that, in other words, looking around for dubious Davy down who's gonna, be like you can't I just Culture copper go crazy that they have the same boys. Babies gonna get the ABC President Kabila. Baby luck, you know. What's if, if Jimmy comes back. We we're gonna, need a lot of money will remain a lot of, that's gonna, be a really big check. So a bit the numbers that start on days and wednesdays and that's whether we signed
pizza. Eighty percent of the time I I say: Brady retires first, but she may think it entered workaday. What is in it did get a concussion stimulate their legs like brainwashing. Actually not, but you wouldn't you what about this would happen abrading three four years ago, but nothing I can't believe it. I can't believe, he's forty one and is doing what is doing, and I don't want to check knock on wood again, get I'd, here's the first bad I'm doing I have five point: one one million dollars to play will sell it. In my allowed net thing nesting I mention this on your part. Yesterday I began even more enamoured with it. So any Michel who has won. Catch in the last eight weeks who, every time his end, you know the patriots are run in the barn that, following a screen, passer whereat, the super because when you change your tendencies, when you
brain under the assumption that the other taint thanks disguise and what that means they want to this, and then you shot a foot, but on them I think they are one pastor and woods. Great is the overseer, point. Five Toto receptions is now plus one ten so well, so I am going to put two hundred thousand dollars on Sony plus One, then that he will get car you in these down that he will have one catch because she's going to go in and the rams are good that guy we talked about this to practice when he's in they don't throw down and they're going to start on how many they actually amateur reception. He he's had less than twelve hours season. In the last eight weeks, he said one not had one in the playoffs and they don't even it's weird cuz when when they draft them, it was a whole thing about how he was this free down back, but then
and how you throw too many. He was so great a Georgia with the running in the receiving, but they have just he lost Brady's confidence or on the first couple games, and then that was it so perfect had to get it back. Because they're gonna have trouble run in the barn. This game, with the with the Rams daylight alike, now today, while I gotta go there like my bet, which is Brady Overtones, five and a half- and I think now you have to get it at twenty six and one slash two completion. So I think if he has three thousand one hundred and thirty two as I'm predicting little little felony can get a half a receipt. We have the Brady completion over has been one of the safest superbowl. Perhaps we never had? Yes, I better get so that's why It's pretty get so you another safe one. I will grant get arrested for public urine in a watchful eye on Saturday night by the two out autonomy, That said, has to be said here today.
Before the boy, though, is something where that happens. I'm gonna take down the taken right to talk about to kill a mocking bird. You may have heard Aaron Sorkin was on this path, Cast Academy Award winning screenwriter playwright. He discussed his long career, all the great things, including the West Wing, the newsroom socially
Well, he has a new play on Broadway. It's an adaptation of Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize winning to kill a mockingbird which was recently voted America's best loved novels of all time. It is also become one of the most popular and toughest tickets to get on Broadway. It set the record as the highest grossing American play in broadway history. It doesn't feature the Knicks which is bonus. It's been selected as a critics pick by the New York Times has been called when the greatest plays in history by NPR two time Emmy award winner, Jeff Daniels, live on stage is Atticus. Finch variety said one of the greatest stage. Successes of this or any Broadway series is that play to a single empty seat, and while it's sold out for the next several months, tickets would make a fantastic Valentine's day gift when purchased for available performances. This summer or fall tickets are available to
the through tell a charge that com or the shows website, to kill a mocking bird Broadway that calm check that I'm putting two hundred thousand dollars on this winter. Tat girly over thirty, two and half years receive being even adds two hundred day like that you adopt. Yet I talked about that yesterday. Here's the explanation for people who did not hear it on your part. The patriots have add a nightmare time covering running back, come out of the back filled, unscreened delayed screens, we'll rats, all that and for whatever reason that, two weeks ago, the chiefs didn't realize this until the second half and as soon as they realize this is a disaster for the patriots operating under the premise that girly is going to be healthier and weigh more competent than it was two weeks ago and in the end, the thing by that same game
They actually did try to go to him earlier and he was just like a spaz like they throw them too fast, as you screwed, both muff. This guy was the best running a receiver we had in the week. So right Two and a half is nothing. That's car. What times that we give up a twenty year screen Sir, will read to run back to share like two hundred thirty I'd say it's more fingers, and I have now at least at least once again So he gets one twenty one yard, or now it's like one more scream. As for a and then another fire pass for five and I've got to thirty three, so I'm going to die There is no way you join me, thou answer buyers. Will I see it not going to like this, but he goes. He goes the whole game without a reception except for a minute. Fifty eight left in the game the Rams are up to at the thirty five yard line, little swing pass a girly breaks a tackle
get down to the six and fast now them but daylight ahead, sit on it ass in the locker. Vague outside inside it out to you but operating a different skill set. Are we talked about this on your body yesterday? I think, if you get, if you think early is going to be back in a big way, there's a lot of value in that. In most of the rise in the receiving stuff, because CD in his over under for receiving urges like foreign half, you now he's idea to adjourn eighty Patsy's night there be flaring him out there Have I did say that without tribe some weird thing for one hour, the game is delayed when she Jan Andersson get stuck in the Rams tunnel coming as I do that, somebody is get some running back is gonna catch balls out of their backfired and they'll.
Have to running back, so I think it has to be girly here's the other, I mention this in the battle jump on our thereby adding a problematic like for reception to get there, but now jump on it with the fears he's really hurt, and it might just be. If you do that, bear the fear would be that sounds really hurt, but the thing is: if they're just going to try to run the bus going to work against the pats are going to have to throw the bother running backs Here's. The third run, I'm doing jobs, hacker will not throw a pass minus six hundred its expensive. Where can I parlay? This was something our true that enough. We can but data that that's a winner. I can't parley with anything, that's gotta be a letter I take you can I'll find the guy ok, I'm saying on the pod cast their right down here. I don't know it's the project
do it or you just want me to pay the minus six hundred. The winner for sure. What are they they first of all every time they point Bela check for two J weeks telling his guys like watch out for the fake pipe there's there, whether traffic but we'll just numbers wiser. What's the com icon that four hundred the other way possible? yeah pursuing a dying. Every one in five games is gonna. Do it. He's not going to do it after you just did it do it against the pages there to have another. Another trip were also its. I guess it's will. He attempt a pass. I wish it was completed past, but we attempted, but anyway I'm she says it this if the patriots give up a pass to Janni hacker and afford down I'm going the fuck out, because this just happened, so I'm betting, this, I am putting sick
hundred thousand to win a hundred thousand on this. You read hammered out her six hundred k, giving Bela check in it's amazing. It hasn't come out by now why Malcolm Butler was most bench really did kid he doesn't take out of the bad anymore. I wonder why I don't even know what the reason is because only speculate, but like does bench. Somebody randomly and then spend put patriots ends the a of despair. Entire winter made rapid. Yes, my bad Who is the guy that just gets reanimate sat, it's probably by gravity because our good cause? I didn't think he was very good. Ask him interesting, the organ under proper next one. James Way. This is caused favorites, I'm doing it for the next phase has been a great and play the great family member, my kids level about them,
members are familiar sound in the top ten or fifteen years tags. You know both of us love the If you think a teams gonna win, then bet on somebody and that tend to also score the touchdown parleyed with the wind but one of our favorites. So I looked at the paths and edge really trying to figure out who is the most logical guy that scores the tv any toward crack and incur reminded me that James wait does what he doesn't superboss, ass, they're gonna have trouble run in the bar. I think consistently. They're gonna have these little screen passes in sync passes and stuff at the James way? Can a game plus two hundred James Wade scores and the patriots. When I'm gonna put two hundred and that's out two hundred k, I, like that wait personnel on limiting James White Way, plus tv. Two hundred to five.
There's another bet that I won't mention, because I know you. I know its leading to the garage Tibet and I want to spoil it. But then a mention it after you do that mob. Guy, and then that's it under that give it up if you give us what you got. Over under thirteen and a half billion views fur the Ebro video two girls, one Cooper CUP, which is going to be here they lay Saturday night. Now I dont even know that he should do. Sponsored by shared relay? John, am Media Mercedes Benz back up of that
We always take a break crown where I was doing said. The pretty cool this for buses and launched a responsible drinking campaign called the water break its all about encouraging people to hydrate between drinks for better experience, whether at the game watching homer in a bar have great time enjoy some crown dont be that person that ruins it for everybody. We ve all seen that guy who drank too much watchin the aim make the re com Take a war breaks out who made the recall this week. I thought about it a lot, but it just hit. The project has made the right call. It took a lot of crap for I'm not addressing the worst call worse non call of all time: Roby Coalmines, just a physical assaults. The end game it in called Saint could have the clock to kick to feel, though that would have been that an Fidel finally did
above and address the saints and thirty apologize and they made their own call, we went from Walker. The Walker did not miss a player, got him all and he did the right thing for good job Roger detail once again and that that was Combine, they say is not accountable, but then you here, stories about just ass, he had with the saints there as we flew to the world's richest web, fanned by fan shaken hands? this aid, like Marty growl over again, but in making a man, I found a good debt I wrote a good thou must go mail bag and it was Who is actually the week before I got to spur to his before I got suspended, but whose September two thousand fourteen enable honestly like six scandals ago, I was like when, as we ve reached a tipping point, this guy has to get revealing six terrible things have happened since it from me.
Ray cargoes to nephew Kyle Saturday night, we're at a party Sir John Holmes Movie and it was awesome. There were Liam lollipops, your friend Daniel. Was there the wages light ass, the cat. Bringing his drinks given us food last celebrities and nephew was really have a great time really really enjoying himself and then was enjoy himself a little too much and around I took a cab a couple: videos on the Instagram over of him dancing for that you look around the. Granted just a bunch of like Hollywood people just having comrade casual comes. Since he like Dreaming the lyrics to drink where's touch this guy, So then, finally, it's a free party death in their calcium aspens. Eighty dollars were still not sure if everybody tipping everybody, I've dollar bills confessed after
that he just felt like he wanted to fit in, I'm like to let Daniel and I tip everybody like That'S- why the wage is it coming over there Daniels like when twenty is at busboys. So then, Kyle Kyle gives reported hours to lead Bobby. Add one one of the rare people and now they're in the van p and then it's time for cod ago, and he knows it any takes the right now, he goes back to the place for staying, so we think we're. Never gonna, see him again. Where our hour after a couple hours, we have a whole bunch of people, including your friend, Rob stone. Was call gave friends and my friend campaign from friends allow those guys we go back to our house? It's not like one o clock, Jabez, I was with us with her fiance, whereby we bear my house will go back, we're on the kitchen, we're drinking the door opens and its nephew Kyle is holding a giant pizza his
better on the roof in the jacuzzi eating pizza. Alfred Hour and comes down and doesn't want fifteen people. There is delighted and then has can wind and hangs out with everybody. On that you know I could see made the right car south the red life he knew to take. So bad at the game. Regroup. It's a pizza, get educated and then come back down and socialize migrate there's an area that great thanks crowd: Rome and everywhere this vote by season I take a water breakin. Hydrate responsibly, even if you jacuzzi with the pizza I didn't know dominoes Lamb, lollipops, we, the topic go back now, What other props? Do you more about this at the school at the biggest high, but Patsy score afford quarter. Touchdown on this has happened and six for the last seven and three in a row. Well, don't like it! What are the odds? Minus two, twenty five,
If you're looking for something parlay it's alive and try to have, the more we could do That so how do we do? Or minus six hundred with pats last quarter touchdown. I think I could find a place to get that idea we'll get out, I think that it is apparently those minus six hundred managed to counter them to twenty five year. This is were sad. A cycle today. Let me say one: fifty Why does the edge noticed by heart? How would you do minus twenty five one? Forty second sorry that one fifty I feel terrible minus one. Forty six. I know, I'm dumpy my hacker ban on doing that that instead
put it to the two hundred. Ninety two thousand and one two hundred no hacker pass, can parleyed with pats. Fourth quarter tv yeah Asia here's the thing you might want to add age will be closer to the total Bela check or Mcveigh Bela Jack. Sixty six, but thirty, three! That's what you understand it! It's too much mass! don't get about. Why? I don't know that good, then that the game and I have to add after go backwards, I've to subtract. You just know you have the old culture. You four points if you're going over yeah, that's true,
I don't know if this is again being out of place in this game. One more cross, illimitable more cross over Zion Point, Bree Bounds, verses point scored in it find a point Saint John, on Sunday versus point toward the first half of the Superbowl MA. Am all the points in the first half or plus, five and a half. I think I like the points in the first half Zion average of twenty two and nine board, so he's right around thirty one. I think I'll do that again, St John's, but I could see fourteen fourteen seventeen fourteen first half. Wait, a second my lad. Now, don't didn't! We both agree that second half is gonna more scoring than the first ass near the Patsy one of those defences that for two and a half Where is they figured out everything you do and then, as the game goes along, it starts to fall apart, all right, so you're going to do going. So if I to examine what do I get, I get plus five and a half.
At the July, in five and after the average of thirty one between point in rebound, but he's national tv for that came near the pie bomb is if they win like ninety two, forty two or something annually plays like twenty minutes there. They well Ma Amselle like that better. Let me finally say those anymore. Tom Brady over on the rushing yards: where did you get it? Did you sit as already it's two and a half I saw one and I would ask that still seems like a lion. The under holds minus one fifty I really hope he doesn't go over and that one. I have just two point: four yards per game. One point to point: you yard, for game. One point: four: carry What's the over under four times Tony Roma goes: you gotta love this job. They should have a death spoke out for him,
by the way on the bitter gonna open the roof outer talking they might open the roof. Would then be a disaster. Did nothing about it. Let him do it, game like forty men at the early about lunch by the way the ringers Brand Curtis word about the Roma, the horror. Of phenomena today, said he's gonna easily doubles current contract of four million hours gadget four million here there's about about that, and I can, I might have a heads up on sailing over under seven and a half plays Eddie carve just take the understanding. No reason to show off who made it is. It is forget Russell ready for all up for the newer bs listed in the younger the out there Actually, this is the tenth anniversary of the garage abrupt right it was, and still is not. There
tenth anniversary. This shared thirty four thirty by book in the garage so proud, but a year a love it so year year, two of you being on the B S report and will do super bowl thing, and you say you have this huge eve. This huge bet you wanna do And a more excited at your property, the air and the boy, Was gay Russell won't score a touchdown better and, moreover, the ads? The odds were like pretty not favorable was minus one. Seventy five for guide and no one really. Rarely Russell like see J understand if Dj Anderson didn't do anything in his last last month. The man who is this job one day. He was like a backup, halfback, sometimes fallback right first, The game? there s a scores, touchdown and were at Jimmy's Old House a great eyes by. Inside
She result house, there's a hundred people there and, as soon as it happens, a bunch of people Looking at you and it became famous people, this is a package. This is great so you went down in flames and thereby even get to enjoy for like two quarters the better story. Do it at another typical party, MRS true, we got an email, the following Monday or two about ever. There was a guy who saw that era for what scored he laughs, the only other person that lapses a girl across the room. They end up getting the talking the ban of our podcast there talking they get together their engage in they married now this ten years ago. Yeah, I don't know a cannot weapon I am still been exactly like. We need to contribute to the divorce the flush bond, but it now there are legion right and, if you're still married off your not or with love the air from the nether divorced and I've been accustomed,
Now, therefore, I married this progress brings people together to Herod S. I still they should Ebay start the mail bag at the rear that come and tell us that there's gotta get out of here from them or anybody know them. But you want to go to share this year ever wider. Yet it's been Wild I've had my Henry I now ski. I try to pick some like obscure names, There was a time for the patriots. I don't know. If I want to say he was samoan bottle. He ended up like a third string tied, I'm like four five year against Seattle, I remember now I M a me. Let me down I've been let down a lot of times before this time, I'm winning yet, because at forty one eyed and you can get at high of twelve one odd. If you shop is around patriots, Fallback James deadline will score touchdown. Well now I could have gone over one and a half yards that boy
but he had half as many touchdown the ads rushing yard. The pride of brown bench is five hundred he's got six seventy and he scores this Sunday in the soup. Oh, what a poor football championship in Genoa will out they James Devlen between four and twelve one odd that he will score touch them so I had this marked. Firstly, I love it. On the sheet you sent me it was James. Devlen scores in the Patriots win was plus forty five to one year. There. So I wouldn't do that as well as the bet cause. You think the Rams and when the super I get that down.
Say, but I want to know I just I just back respected, I focused on it now. Bench is five hundred Twod six seven and got into whether its agreeable Anderson and you know that in two girls, one cup of up to others I have- I am doing a variation of that I'm betting on genes them on his guard, touched on in the past to win a hunch. Kay forty five to one ass. Well, what did you start with the five point? One million which Estonia I'm saving some fairer, I'm saving some for my two big bets, at five point, one million a star at million dollar pay, no trouble. Happen on biogas. Tomorrow never happen. Right now and tell them to you. Excited another drop. Like like here, I'm going to bed cause. I may I may as well below it Rachel Jeff from us,
gray, all year of his fears, have been good, except for one of the play of France. I had some trouble pats minds to an ass, I'm taking their. I can't believe that three, I really feel it it's gonna get to three: I'm not worried about the nobody believes in US potential of this, because the path the path of some alchemists observes that nobody believes that, even though their favorite I do feel like it is insulting that they're, not three, not my favorites. When we don't know girl, is healthy and makes me have girly was healthy. What would design be something weird with that, and I just think it just like this matter, for the pats I think ever since cup went out. It's been hurt. For the Rams, with the bar girly, not being a hundred percent. That all thing is just kind of strange: they really need that girly at a hundred percent I weather
is eight thousand and seventy, or whatever, like I, just don't, think they're going to beat the pass in the super bowl and less is one hundred percent, and I also think the pats they can run the ball eventually, Eventually, where down the rams, I dont the editor. Trouble earlier, but as it goes along and they just kind of found an identity over these last few weeks, old school power. Running game tat can control. The clock has a really smart quarterback. They can protect. They can black, like fucking crazy, since the best the healthiest they ve ever been in the past. In this whole, Britain. It's unbelievable is anybody her Kyle if even the inactive for less the chief game was like this is what makes I couldn't believe it, and about checks build these big rock. Stairs in is so concerned with death and is really one of the only times they they really have a healthy team. Even rock is healthy and I just think lie think that sheaves game was the game they
they could last you could make a case. The chiefs have the best him they screwed that came up and get in the break with the saints and then the dude, you of the all the saints fans reading its rams Pats have some people on our corner this time now we have. We have saints fans We, the patriots fans and that's it, but that's more people and our corner of the family, have another team in a corner. So that's that's great, plus other people from Saint Louis Route. For us Rights are three serious corner at NASA and probably half an hour later. He had felt that I just take. We talk, but this all the time. I just think that I'd be three and a half. I feel like I'm getting a free point and if the rams beat them so be it in the edit there's some small things like to leave.
Been so good shutdown the past in the past, but we don't really have a receiver for him to cover this time around. They put them on ground before in the Denver playoff game, but if they do that the passage going to run out of them- and I just like some of the matchup stuff. I also think the rams like we didn't Kelly broke this down on Twitter for us with he wrote down their favorite play with the receivers on the right and how they have. They run the same formation with the three wide receivers over and over again. And just all these different variations from it and, in my opinion, that Belichick is always done well, if it's one of those teams offensively or defensively, were it's like we're just going to do this one thing and you're not going to shut it down like he always figures out how to shut it down. Unless they're really going to fuck around and bring out some formations, we haven't seen if they're just going to do that. I feel like he's going to have an advantage, and I did this. Coaching staff has been really good. The last couple
so am I, like oil hatch up. There is a disadvantage. If I may, Japan, I like him too, I have not had good luck lately and I feel like I'm chasing against the rams, but I really do think about in terms of maybe I could take the rams there, because I think the RAM a better than the eagles. Why? Last year, I think gap is better than fall. Baby doesn't have the MAGIC Ipad Mcveigh, Belgium, Peterson. And when their running the ball, although the Eagles couldn't have done a better job running the ball last year in the Superbowl, but that said, when was the last time the Patriots played a bad game within two months ago. The Titans game near. There was an exact ages ago now, and I know what that is now, I only in it, and it just makes sense to take them because they can play like crap like they did against the Falcons down. Twenty eight three in this game and their white there for the last drive- and all you have to do is have been the one by two and a half they could play
crap like they beginning, gets the eagle and you're gonna. Have I'm not gonna be out of this game? That's worst case scenario: we gonna be down and they can have the ball in the last drive. I really like the Patriot chair. I don't even think it's gonna be that quoth. I think it's gonna be thirty. Two fourteen and then. Maybe the rams got a good thing and thirty twenty one final. Ghana, hooray. I like your team and I'm sorry because I've got a lot of bad luck. I bet the saints big big money man I gotta Computer stolen outside the old John Cancer last night, so you probably convinced me to take any other team in the patriots did be smart. Move by you wait. A second would have new computer diet stolen. I went out and John I parked in one of those dumb penned our lots outside my computer, my in the back seat on the floor and from an smashed the window and grab it in my life. I got back to the car. Should still goes on. I got tat meant that got you know is the worst part of that story that you went to the concert
you're. The only one of them still might in future His voice was gone the legend his voice in the garden is no voice left Vanessa everywhere,. One thing is songs. He's like you can hit it either. City were now stop. It is right that we talk about these in the seventies. It doesn't matter they broke into my car. That's the point There is a new computer, I hope like stuff, my windshield, but a disaster Are you guys the way that mad so little? Three? In the morning changing password you at the police station downtown away, which is pretty oversell relish. Oh passed so anyway, I'm on your page here this week peacemakers. Do she read it to me? you're still designated to go out and get my lot low per day, There is so much better
some others thinks he adds in have been fed caravan. He hears the This was what makes me feel better, corollas, Everything about the Rams right, I think so, yeah so lively I'll bet, they're so Corolla, one time out there that minus two sixty and when we do the pot broadcast Sunday night. You all the words I told you, we weren't at good. That's not fair! Only gonna hear back Hey look, I picked the eagles last year. If rubber remember, that's true, I really and understand the line, and I really felt like it was in a great match up for the patriots and this time around I just I pick the Patsy gets chargers. I pick them last week and I I dont think the right they haven't played the rate team now would be the biggest problem for them. I think Saint sort of better problem, Cosette. Dec. Camera thing. I have no idea. What would we have done?
its camera. How'd you shaking his head. Sadly I like you to give me my vanity guy. That's it you did the shrew running back the catch passive again, so am I We ve nobody and our team who could cover him. I don't know what we would call their noise all related to offer. So We have two hundred and eighty lb Cj Anderson in Todd, Gurley who's going to be at an exercise bike. Hopefully at the game. I don't know I like it, so I got I'm doing a two point: five million on pats two and one slash two point five minus two point: five, it's a tie, half million are thing. I left a little effect, the stranded in during the civil war. I've learned never aiming Italian at that went out. It is the lack of guys. What are they like them? Around funding on the only one who has the patriots would do
read into the line too much. I think they re read way better and staring at the game like that. They're gonna the same way like, while the thousand gone at the re someone's trying to pull the wool over the public side. Do I really think tat? Brady's gonna lose back to back, supervised, Nick Falls and Jerry Graff that doesn't makes it does the dancing likely CAD. I can't believe you until now Jack answered? What are you talking about? I made out my around rail gray car the weak. Oh, my god, I'm gonna go if it is done, He acted as these been saying that, for a hundred years is seventeen I'm gonna get a residency now is done is done towards Jesus, while a minute I'm gonna play out there in the past. If we, dad in flames. The Superbowl for him already said about Hatter. Something were taken to take me to the pilot. Take me to the pilots. I can leave the country escape these games.
That's if you have south computer at their give it back. That's bullshit air come on the good guy upon it anymore. That's that's ridiculous. Anything else. Your blog. Lock it in three hundred show on Friday. If you happen to be around that's four thirty, five, thirty eastern at this one exciting. Sal, always a pleasure. I will talk to you on Sunday when our lives, but One more when checked when you could do that, we got this. Guy Jabez job I am, I had so for we go to recap: the bats. Two hundred Kay, so any Michel, plus one ten that he will have one just one catch another. Two hundred k untied girly over thirty two and a half receiving arts thanks.
Get one little parlay, two hundred ninety two Cato went two hundred. No Johnny Hacker Pass Parleyed with pats. Fourth quarter today, It was exciting and then a hundred k, Jeems devlen Forty five to one that he was gone touched on in the past when and there were also doing two hundred k and James Wait plus two fifty he was called touched on the pencil win, then. Finally, two point: five million and the patriots minus two and a half obi joy, the Superbowl room for the Pats refer greatness. That's that's why you should days for greatness she. You may never see the second guy a quarterback code,
winning six are brought together. Kyle come on Nephew Kyle, my son and I'll, be watching we'll do a package on Sunday night taxes, if you don't get to a good outcome, slashed bs at sea ways.
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