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Tatum’s 50 and PGA Picks With Joe House, Plus Dirk Nowitzki on Jokic, Luka, 2011, and Much More


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House to discuss the Wizards’ loss to the Celtics in the play-in tournament, Jayson Tatum’s 50-point game, the anticipated Lakers-Warriors matchup, most fun play-in tournament outcomes, the upcoming PGA championship, and more (2:30). Then Bill talks with NBA champion Dirk Nowitzki about NBA playoffs stories, the 2011 NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic, Nikola Jokic, Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash, and much more (50:30).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guest: Dirk Nowitzki, Joe House

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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games, reducing Pga championship beds and a whole bunch more taken this that part late night, and then dirty Lewinsky how Famer one of my favorites came up for an hour to talk, basketball, LUCA and two thousand eleven and all bunch other things so good podcasting. First, our friends from project all right? We are taped in this. It is eight hundred and thirty specific time on Tuesday night just watch both playing games. Your little back. I still like the plain concept or not here,
drunk ass were here was sober house. Joe has this year is team just rolled over to my team, which is really bad caused by team has spent most of the seas rolling over, but the Sun six advance. They beat the wizards Jason Tatum. Fifty points you and I both had bad. There were found. A large difference was it was points rebounds and assist was like forty five. His point total straight up, I think, was thirty. Two thirty two and a half I jumped on that you jumped on points ribands assess the bottom line. Is the wizards had nobody to guard Jason Taylor, so you had tied score us and you have Westbrook will get in today. I don't know what happened him and then bill. He was ten four hundred and twenty five he was, I would say, sixty five percent of a normal Bradley beyond. That was the real reason he lost. He didn't have the guy to match Jason Tatum on a hot night. I think if your healthy, it's a little bit of different game, but
What are you expecting going into this cause? You knew he had built like two thirds all that bad The whole breakdown, that's the whole analysis, as you meant the pre game as Tatum the basket on the floor, so the Celtics best chance to win is Tatum. Taking over the game there doubt for sure one hundred percent was its cannot stop Tatum. I bet both bad the over on the point total over thirty two and a half, and I the way and on the over fur. I think it was thirty five and a half or combat whites rebounds says absolutely Jim I and winners, but you know, but the thing I was going to offset the impact of Tatum was. Can we Combination of Westbrook and bill, something's wrong with Westbrook says, like the sixty five percent of a bill is
maybe the ceiling with the herd hamstring, so it means slots pressure on Westbrook to deliver. What he'd been doing over the past six weeks, which is a combination of him score his own points and getting you know, twelve to fifteen assess- and I just didn't happen- hit fourteen fourteen re bad. So I had five says he was six for eighteen of four from three eight faith the line, but didn't I didn't have the usual kind of menacing angry over competitive spirit. I had two different friends who don't know each other texts to be buried the game and asked, is Westbrook kind of trying to steer this. So he gets to being the one eight match up against the Sixers like half joking, but I was like, oh maybe that's it. Maybe he's not sick or injured. He just doesn't want to play Brooklyn cause. He knows, they'll get their asses kicked by Brooklyn. It was a weird game because, as you said, Westbrook was
man not a mission for two and a half months here, so I assume he had the flu or he had something wrong or something I think up, because he didn't look like himself with that said what the hell is. Scott Brooks doing. Hey welcome to the Scott Brooks Experience, its baby? This has got brooks in prime time for the whole country to see any minute that Alex Lehne plays in a professional basketball game is a lost minute. I just there no explanation for Alex Land being on a basketball court in a game of any significance or consequence whatsoever. He played I think he played twelve seven was minus fifteen. What was it tell me? Twelve minutes, two for eight minus fifteen and Lopez who just Lopez and Smith always kill the Celtics. I have no idea why Lopez I put sixteen minutes. I have no idea why and employ like thirty. Five then is-
actually wrote a little bit. He played twenty six, he had seventeen and eight there was a stat that Celtics were only one of three teams. That is Schmidt. The averages double figures against. I don't know, call me crazy. Just play your best guys in a playing game. I don't get the outlined thing at all. I didn't understand why they weren't throwing traps Tatum and basically giving him the Dame Lillard Portland treatment like in the curry golden state treatment where you just you greet the guy over half court with you guys make the ball swing around like it was like Scott Brooks was coaching and preseason game. I was confused by it and then, on top of it, every minute birth towns played was a great man, the Celtics, because he was abominable man. This is the thing I've been on this pot. I've been on other pods the way third love. That's like their comfort blanket. I called it in a text there. The the wizards grossly overplaying, overpaying arose
player with with it with a limited scale set, is their comfort blanket at that Their support animal. We went right from four years of beyond man me and who knew for years of Davos fertile Then, why do you call it well because divided. It you're not you're the defender of the birth of contract. You should be the next year, but he showed a singular skill set that matches what the current state of the game requires. It just turns out here, capable of about nine, effective benefits and anything beyond. That is just clearly asking too much Well, he somehow shot forty percent for the year today he was one for eight. There are a couple hilarious moments when he had to guard Jason, I don't know how that happened, and he had this great moment where it looks like Nesmith poked him in the neck, and he did the European Soccer
air went on the ground like he was shot. I thought there even start the game. And then the wizards got the ball back, I thought they were gonna call timeout and they all just were like at birth and is kind of dead. On the floor which, around. She was dead anyway. Keep going yeah he's a corpse whether standing or lying on the let's just keep going, and somebody made a three He was just like he was a field have Dale made. It three feels like fuck this guy, I'm shooting anyway shot clock. Three you made it. This game was ridiculous. My team, it looks They they're gonna blow out your team and then the bench came in and you got to see some of our time. What moves over the last couple of years, the bench, let you back in the game, no end. Coming out of the going into the half, but then Tatum did the thing, and you know that I'm not gonna complained to me.
About the TNT and Marv Albert Confusing, Marcus, Smart, Marcus are New Smith. At least nine times during the game I'm not gonna complain Mars retiring after the year. It might be two years to this game. It sounded like he was retired before the game, but but T n t like wait. The fuck up dude this counted as an official playing game,
afghan re requires that. I think, though, that the list of people who have scored fifty in a play a game- it's not long, it's it's like less than thirty guys, the list of guys. I ll actually look this up by one on basque or reference on the subscriber to stat head here, all the guys in the history of basketball in a play, a game who scored fifty points, took thirty five shots and took fifteen free threats. Michael Jordan, algebra Taylor will Chamberlain, Rick bury Jerry, were saved Jones, Russell Westbrook, Bob Pettit and Jordan. Did it a couple of times, so it only happened. Eleven times tonight was the twelve not mentioned during the broadcast. Tatem was on it. He was great. He started out slow. I think he was like one for five one for six. And then I think he realized nobody on the wizards could guard him, and this is
Maybe why you're better off not playing Brooklyn Interplanetary, not sure who would have guarded Kevin, the or James hearted. Look. I don't take it as a foregone conclusion. That the woods isn't gonna beat Indiana Thursday night, and I will me neither that not deal that was sixty five. So be I'd plus Indiana, look pretty good too yeah I mean. Maybe the Indiana has the dead, some figuring out to do defensive. We with miles it out the certainly Charlotte you know, aided and abetted the effort with the eight a hit aided and abetted is good is a good way to put across it was a crime against basketball? Basketball crime was committed tonight Bay. I don't know, I don't think this is gonna, come as a surprise. We just. Why The nine ten t and put the seven eight deems play the game suck the tea with words, good. Like then, there's kind of us up a point to this. I am We are we have this, though I do like this tournament. I wanted to continue on.
It's a neat way son of eyes, the end of the season. It worked out awesome for Washington. The last two weeks of washing games have been super exciting for me. Even with you know some of these, though, that the losses, the thing that was surprising me about tonight. Speaking of is, this is the first time I had to go back and look. I don't think the wizards lost by double digit in like a month, it feels like a month. I don't know I go look, but that's the thing about the washed it its resilience, and that is all credit, total Russell Westbrook and here is just never give up mentality. Impact it on the rest of the team. I have a very a very soft spot in my heart, for this team because of their effort, their effort to try to win and they drug there ass back into competitive basketball. Set. And six over the last twenty three games. They were fifteen and twenty
at the all star break and ended up thirty. Four and thirty, eight! That's you know the last six weeks, two months, a basket: Washington was interesting and exciting, and there was a point to it because of this lay in mechanism, so I hope it stays around. I also love led the planned thing. The detractors will be like the game suck tonight. This is why wouldn't have playing games this? Why we didn't do play environment because the these are like mediocre teams. The thing with these goofy tournaments in Uk I say this about March madness. The idea of it is usually more exciting than the actual basketball. Unless I said and unless you have the twist which we have tomorrow night with anxiety, Lakers would give us a game. I the reason you have the play internment. Charlotte Indiana, whatever you're just serving burgers and fries at that game. That's it but you're going to hope
you have it over and over again, one of the conference's arose autumn or stacked than the other. Usually it's the West end situations where seven, eight, nine, ten or seven eight nine you're actually going to have three really good teams, and tomorrow night Golden State Lakers, like I'm not going to this by the way House, I will be there. This would be my first day for you now, I'm fucking with going to be in the house. Why not you're in hurry, you're fascinated but yeah, and this is why you have the plain tournament, because Lakers were is going to be fun. There's the urgency, it's not life or death, but you could feel it when your team, you know they're up ten and it's like. Oh man, we could just clinch the seventy to not have to plan on Thursday
Vicki and I think about tomorrow, night with the Lakers. If, though, if the word way, I guess we can talk about that later, but if the wires get a little hot, and now it's like Holyshit now the Lakers have to play the winner, Sintonia mistress. That was so what it'll be something I'm pro playing game. I think I got people talking the last couple weeks. Be a season have perennially sucked year after year, Very rarely can I remember everything that happened in. Usually it's like all NBA arguments and that's it, so I am glad they tried. It could have, though, kudos I'll, keep it around? I came up, I mean dating back to O seven. I had the variation this should go. I never had the idea, the seven, eight and nine ten and then the losers of seven slash. Eight plays the winner of nine Slash ten, it's the best way to do. It should be the seven versus one thousand and eighty vs nine
and if the lower seed wins, then you play it again, but I actually think this is a better way to do it and I'm glad they settled on this. It rewards the team that and the seven spot. Where do you know you ve just when, and then you get the extra rest, an? U preserve the spy, that you ve earned over the course of the regular sees its more fair. I think. Well, the south takes dedicated the game to jail and brands left wrist, and marvelled burn, who apparently retired before the game alumni about our, but that, yes, that was a rough broadcast mandate was super. Volume was way down there. Why? Why was So weird, will you really here the fans and seventy three game, but you know we ve had all these games the whole season. T aunties been do again those seas and why was it efta and why why weren't in answers there? The fucking play us. Why well in the sun I'll, do respect. I mean we want Mars. We don't want to kill
might have a younger vaccine announcer, whose thou referring to being the building like what are you doing supplanting play a game, but they could have been answers at the tomorrow night. I hope so at We have the answers in the building. Please we're not in charge but charge, but it like good idea, TAT Well Brooks mention him mothballing, Lopez, initial myth, which I didn't really understand the family. Energy bad about the big found discrepancy. All that stuff marvel trying to get you agitated about it, but hard part in part of the thing is come again I mean I I think I text you Sundays, like there's gonna, be Scott fostered Bob in this game, and I didn't know it I was gonna cut you now. I thought the league would have an interest in seeing Russell Westbrook up again, his old form T made his nemesis
Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook against James Harden and the wizards against Brooklyn the Wizards played Brooklyn, in the regular season. They beat him twice, You know that there is an interesting match up. I don't think wizards we're going to beat Brooklyn, they might have been lucky the win one game, but but motive did Russ, and this is clearly Russell Westbrooks team, like he is the leader of this. Why should a team there that this would be the first time since it Oklahoma City than he You know was the absolute mitigated leader of a team and would have been a fund to see him because it woke almost any one he was there. Did they didn't even go up again, Sir Doran right when, in the plants. Who Westbrook now there died out heads right so that this would have been the first occasion you and I and art- and I thought the the stuff we might again the different it little lean with with the referee, but wash
then do himself any favors. I didn't there was a foul discrepancy. It felt no normal to be I maybe I'm I'm used to it. Maybe it's whatever, Syndrome is fur, however many DEC I've been watching. Boston get calls in its own building. What about the essential for really hot summer? As the Knights Peck, followed by a cam radish came Johnson. Pga washed in entire hero had if you thought about that, all these years later, I'm still find I'm Ruby. I I like drops out like really hot Timor more tonight. I like that. You like him, because I dont see it. I dont really had totally understand what he does. He, We're gonna, know, led perimeter defender, he's he's got great instincts. He yeah. I remember, I don't think he's been playing basketball. Any organise basketball for ten years. Yet I don't think he's reached the ten year mark of organised basketball,
in his life. Don't don't check beyond this, but this she also was injured couple different times over the course season. He runs great he's great on the fast break, his eye, The combination of of him and Westbrook have ill ill. Assist execution, ratios kind of staff of the advanced analytics on on those guys, a calm our great, so I'm Bob bullish on really, I think, he's exe an excellent eleventh man, hey House, her God state Lakers Tomorrow- that's gonna be good. I have a little fanned all but a boost I'm gonna go live on Wednesday, ready for this. Yes, I love it when you
Bring these on me. It's the bill. Simmons bird bet boost. Do you know what bird bet is? No, so the whole genesis of Fantasy Basketball way back in the mid eighty fantasy basketball started in Boston. I know you're going to think like a home or bullshit. It started in Boston with a bunch of sports writers in, like the eighty two eighty three range they created something called the Larry Bird League. Okay, it was points rebounds and assist, and they just did a draft. They call they named it after bird, they called it a bird league and I think he even knew about it. So it's just points. Re Ben is that's it alright. So and, as I come up with a bed for the playoffs- and I said let's do what the bird bet with two points. Rebounds assess will pick two pairs against each other, so the person be Staff Currie in Braun James, great, not sure if you, if you ve, heard of those to the hurry.
Minus four and a half points. Rebounds persists, plus overly broad shirt and a boost that you can go on fan due tomorrow and you can see what the actual boost is is for similar you're saying is, like you bet that what is it? is the opening? I would be minus one. Ten several they'll give us the of his leg step as forty five year eight. Six zero. That would be just a fifty nine Leubronn has thirty ten and nine and step up its mind that subject that our fellow wearing take a break I'm in, even more about gender is absurd. Summits Park as broad you buy, zip recruiter, great team started great talent, but finding the right people could be a challenges. If you're a business owner whose hiring lack locally right now. Imagine the patriots trying to rebuild their crappy team
they do. They spend a lot of money in free agency. They kept their draft text. Try to these lives there and tried to rebuild things on the fly. It's really heart. Well, when you posted jabbered, zip code, get Senator one hundred top job boards with one click and zip recruiter is so effective that four out of five employers post on zip code to get a quad Canidae within the first day, so our their companies overwhelm. You is way too many options obscure, find you what you're looking for the needle in a haystack the smartest way to hire right now, you can try zip code for free, Ziprecruiter, Combs BS, once again, cuter com labs quickly, quickly, basketball, stuff that not really in the Celtic with we get indie Washington. And I'm with you if bill is two thirds would normally as in Westbrook Scott Something funky gone on,
with the way India, as it has looked really since coach Nate seem like use having a breakdown, but then he didn't. That's a scary inanity because they have town. Two players have really likes about us. I think bragged, it's good I like their bench. They get I'll, have the random Mcdermott or Dj Mcconnell or What are you know? One of the holidays? Did you have dude that can take over a quarter, and I think the bonus is the best plan that game if bills compromise and I think you're in trouble ass, I thought It can be sure that actually did they're gonna, be your team to I. If, the ETA comes out and makes like you know, freer their first, for Freeze- or you know such some number of three the beginning that gives them confidence to keep stroke in threes. The winners will be in trouble. That's a weak point for this wisdom
I find all right now. This doesnt seem like a typo. It says the wizards are favoured by three and a half whether wizard greeted the daylight out, basis in recent memory? And you know it's- it's a tough match up for the pace, yours when Bill and West our going downhill. The question is will they be going on here on Thursday we don't know vizier, Tuesday night like Indiana. I think that Smart bet, the Lakers are favoured by five and a half over the warriors here ears by warriors take really quick years. I think that the game is gonna have to go. First of all, if I'm betting, the warriors I'm betting, the money line which is plus one ninety four in a bed in the over on parlay those too, and if you parlay those too
but the same game parlay they do earth on vandal here that a that'll be for forty three plus four thirty. Basically, you bet a hundred you and for thirty years why I would suggest that I read the where's that could have a game plan in this game they're gonna, shoot a laboratories, and that this is wrong, besides, but when I think of you, the latter threes, I think they're going. Try to go like twenty four for fifty five sure they are trying to make at least twenty Is you see what happened on Sunday was staff? Were he by himself? I think was like twelve for twenty two, something that I think they're just going to do. Darryl more they're just going to try to jack the math they're going to be firing them up and they're going to try to get to like twenty three twenty four twenty five made three they're going to quit the pace, they're going to try to get the Lakers what are their comfort zone and they know like they're, not going to have the size they're going to run to go shoot threes, which leads me to my point. If they win at
because it'll be like at one hundred and thirty, eight to one hundred and thirty. They hit twenty five three step, the game. I think that's worthy of a four hundred and thirty bet. Yeah. I mean I I'll sprinkle, a tiny bit on that and gotta have something on these games for the interest, but it's just overall intriguing to have staff who I'll I love in these last handful of games. You know, folks, out of the woodwork. This is my bp, its staff Korea, and by the way it know I admire, like I admire everything that he's done, because you get that warriors team, orderly cow, that is they that is a not a play off tee. By any measure, maybe in the east that the team but stuff curry has been announced, leave a ball. I just can't come up with the
now. Maybe they'll Eggers, what this thought the beating part it's it's just what it did. They to make so many threes. It just feels like it's not in the realm, because you know: did they then in the broad able to exert their will both on pace. Drawing the ball. Controlling rebounds is just too too big a task for the warriors. That's all any figure there. A trap. Staff they're gonna make him give her. The Balkans delay they'll, probably garden with bigger, do so in dream does either the pack and forbid to obtain I'll have somebody else in there that could just jump out at least have some size. I think that you know I think the Lakers will will probably win. I think they're the safe bet. My point is that the warriors it will be the scenario we laid out. I agree with the laboratories will be a high scorning game- San Antonio Memphis, so we fiddle
sing point would jammer it. Now we took a pretty big. I shall lacking on Sunday and even Chris Vernon, who we make fun of Chris Vernon, all the time untaxed, even he's it's a little testy with the jar Moran stuff about data that that's, like you know, he's these businesses guy and it's like hey, hey job teams are now five feet off of you in important games. You need to fix this I'll, be interested to see how an neither does it tomorrow. I think they're gonna shouted Jeddah, nitrate. They may go seven feet often, so I'm gonna go glass, half full On this job, Moran thing- I think you know second year, guy all the hallmarks of a super duper star, potentially on a team that is oh much, a work in progress. I think you and I agree the second best player on that team is triple J, who was out for an extended period, he's
back he's reintegrating, I'm not. I'm prepared to give just a little bit of space to just sorted, develop and let this team come together and the grizzly is on the brink of bacon the play of two consecutive years years. It's you know from four other franchises would have been complete review. Years, not sniffing the playoffs at all, and and a lot of that I give credit to John. For so the competitiveness of the grizzlies is super impressive. They a terrible time scoring at the end of games? We ve been talking about it on this pod for a little bit and saw I'm fine with it. I don't Have a ruling interests? Do you care who wins between the spurs, the grizzlies other than for our boy, Verna Yathrib, from emphasis Vernal made a good point about Memphis play that game Sunday, as at twelve thirty game, they just travel by two thousand miles, and they it was that, like us, a slight schedule, fuck
they'll be in better shape for this one I think they're better than San Antonio, and as I think that Golden state game, I thought they played really hard and two things flipped. It right Brooks failed out on a dumb, foil and curry just turned into curry, and at some point you can we're doing they about that, but they play good. I thought good defence on him. They made him work that good plan. I did think job played very well, but I think they can pay better and that so actually That line is Memphis minus for their minus one. Seventy four, I don't love the mind, four, but maybe a parlay that with about with the nets in came. One gets the Celtics minus three. Fifty Do a little I can't bet against the Celtics, I'm just floating that out there for America yeah. I like Memphis a little more on that one. So we'll see we'll see from John. I think this is a pretty big spotlight for him, though
it's fun to have play off basketball in this manner. At this stage of the sea I like a little bit of a an a moose boost. I like appetizers, I like to fill up my plate with appetizers, so I've decided I like Denver I was ambivalent on it on Sunday with basil. I just thought even series, two weird weird seasons by the teams involved. Have a whole history of competitive stuff, but the more I looked at it. It just feels like a yoke kicks everyone's asses, and I do like that. Denver can throw some size at them sure they can. Basically, they can throw Yokich out there with Porter and Gordon and will bar and then play rivers as the. I think the river,
was was sneaky good signing by them, because because he's got size, he knows where to go, he's going to be scared, and I think they have some nice size to throw at Portland, at least to like contest some of these shots and Portland. Portland at one point this year looked like like their season was, then they rallied a a little bit. But if you look at the winds, you know it wasn't as impressive as it seemed on paper? We go win by win and I just I just think Yoke is the best part in that series and I can't believe that Portland favoured It was deer as home court by the way that game seven endeavor- we saw today home court matters at least a little bit here, plus the altitude and I mean it has even been a full calendar year. Since we had that bizarre, I mean bizarre is, is is understanding it. It's not fair to call it bizarre. What Denver did in the playoff bubble was extraordinary I know. Jamal Murray was such an important part of it, but all of those those
guys, making contributions just being rounded by you, know, to take existed, the atmosphere of it and they periods of it. All of that has to have some impact, and I live Denver, for the narrative of yogic validating his Mvp vote yep, and I like the porter piece of it too, because he was so good. The last two months of I honestly don't think they have people to guard him, and you know the. I think he could have big series. So that would be, The break out series for border would be incredible because we have seen the best version of porter on a sustained basis. Over these two months is the point you just made yet I think that the merry think sex but taken patch together most of his points
Porter Defensive Wade. Portland was gonna score, whoever the guards were anyway. You know, but Murray Mc Com and Damer Gonna get some fifty five to six year. Again, that's happening anyway. I just feel theirs it just a with the dust The viewing theory, with the same with the dead, are really dusting. Just a dusting, ok, I undertake to cry my afraid. My my thing is this. He had a look at the plan. I think it's gonna be Philly. Cruising today is finals, Plain Brooklyn. Unless said, the weird happened Brooklyn, which is very possible. Then you go to the west. I think the Lakers get there and there has to be another team that the Lakers play and you could talk to me in the seven teams. You could make Luke a case for me right now and I wouldn't shut it down. You say LUCA Lucas, just gonna get hot for two straight ran.
They have be the West fires. My guy, I wouldn't bet my life against that you could make a Coopers case, I'm a little lukewarm on that team, but just then You know the way it lined up where they get thousand around one and probably Utah round two you could you could make a stealth case. I mean really stuff for just curry, going out of his mind for two straight rounds up Utah and then upset in the winter. The four five shares I don't know. My point is, I think somebody weird is in that other spot. We seen that sometimes right couple years ago, Portland was all the sudden, the other team in the western finals and where they had they get here. So I think it's Lakers, against the have they get. Their team in Denver's are great picture that everyone's off Denver cuz the Murray thing and they still have the bed. Offensive player in the league this year. So is it going to work out, Lakers tomorrow tomorrow they seven and then
a play fleeing my feelings with yeah. It's a shame. A catastrophe for fat That's a shame, because we we I I was with the I've loved you publicly loved Phoenix, really audience like Christmas. I mean since you know the beginning of the year, and I too I'm to really appreciate them. I love all of the effort that folks across the league are making Chris Paul on all and be a first team. I've admire everything with that that team, they're gonna lose the Lakers in in the first round, I'm afraid the the other one is where we're going. I'm lucky and put them in different Parlez people yeah, we already have one with Denver. We'll do well. Do I can't bet against the Celtics. You should download, encourage you to do it. It's like what I encourage you to bet on either
Andy I may picks up like that. I think more thrown lacking in with work is minus. Three ten obtained all right now, just put them with their not lose in Miami that happening It's like trying to talk the subs to Miami they're not losing to Miami and run one they're, beating Miami? Okay, I'm giving you alright, okay, I'll, take it yeah. So the most fun scenario is golden state wins tomorrow night and they place. Phoenix in Round one in that Syria is awesome and then the Lakers put you time we just get. We can get you tired of their consumer at the me. Let's get you tired of there. You're gonna get some stuff. You're gonna hear some nobody go bear. I can't watch where you rank. You too Gilbert people from you, Is this about eleven opinion on on the back of my class governor Cox. Your governor Cox is gonna, be tweeting at you. You gonna get a letter
I got a note from Governor Cox. I do like visiting. Let's do what's your pic by the way for the finals right now I We, I have Milwaukee Lakers, okay yeah Milwaukee is a stealth you know coming out of could I just? I agree that up to where it's gonna happen with Brooklyn, I don't think all three guys are going to be healthy through the through the balance of the other lay offs. Although I am rooting for I want to see all those guys out there, but I don't think it's going to happen. I think I'd be funded broken last. I say this as a as a fan. Hadn't said the says person in the media, who, as a vote on our ideas about that, I just think brooklands better. Knowing I really like dash I've done for a long time. I wish the best, but carried the day he had. This quote about him and ran two years ago. No one really saw the vision that we had. We probably won't get the credit until ten years
then the line twenty years down the line that just how history goes. It would be so find that they lost a blockade. Really get a kick does just as regards also just our history go as regards that they lose hate quickly. Before we go khazar, it's like pass without your time. Golf a major this weekend. It's major championship week. Absolutely we have basketball. We have hockey player basketball. It is. Our views are beat the shit out of each other out of an amazing shot out till hockey fares. I'm sorry that we didn't talk more about about this, I'm still reconnecting with professional hockey. Like my editor, brain needed a break from it during the pandemic year. I I couldn't really yet my head around it, but why the brewing
and the camps are a super even match up and coming it's drawing me back in I'm gonna go to one of these games in Washington. You should a playoff hockey is the Epping best with I mean floored already, has the stadium pact fraud is hosting Tampa Sidney empty seat, the house and they're slowly, opening up I want to go, I mean, is it's awesome? Our teams are crazy, evenly matched, and I mean I'm not going to gamble on this with you, I'm not going to gamble on it, see the winner actually making them make in the cup finals. Our every letter of Games yeah. Both teams are really get. Your teams were physical, my team, Scott, more finance. Near lines. Are excellent, you're you're, going keeper I mean we have our own yeah. You have a thirty nine year old, backup goalie in there is right for us, but yeah, but yeah I mean almost E Europe for three minutes? I think game to the really fun action for some reason. Every time the caps and the bees play.
Always like these exciting one go games, I'm sure game. Three. We had back to Boston yep and I'm sure one of these games is going to be the super chippy. A couple of Fights Tom Wilson is going to take somebody out at some point. We get so much fun to root against. I know you followed him forever, but he. He's just a fact deck or you get terror against not just a basket, but Tom wealth into the limelight illegal in Time Wilson. But of asking slides into the radar lackeys ease gets Little Kay Amelia. Sometimes he laid out he's talking shit. It's really was like fuck. This guy he's out her career beyond the tough russian. He locked away gay mine, he d in the first spared he was incredible thrown at around. He really it was an old school of asking, but that there is this guy, it's deafening on seventh! There's no question allow two percent we're. Probably
over time game? Seven, my dad is texted me like I don't know if I could take them, it's so good, not ready, yeah, that's old, yeah, yeah yeah he's doing it all right. Golf really, quick! Here's my theory and the Pga has okay, like a twenty seven and under winner, the little legs. Cow last year you look for a young guy. Okay, I want a young young stud aright. Who either hasn't had his mom yet allow Mr Mora last last year or the youngster whose already had a moment, but now this one happens and now we start really took taken this person seriously as Oh shit, second major already is only twenty five and twenty six. Who is that my my money right now not doing anything without consulting too with you again
money. Right now is drifting towards Victor Hovland, who's, twenty two to one fando right now, yeah yeah. I think he fits my profile for what I'm looking for. I don't think he's had his moment yet yeah. Victor with a k might be my guy. Would you think of how, and why is Europe spry being your your profile for this, that I think there's somethin to it. Perhaps it is indeed the guy that immediately jump to mine for me for this particular then you end and what folks are anticipating there a lean, a kind of this, this thesis been exploring around the idea of non. U players having success. Now, how is is norwegian and has played a lotta gulf in in the U S, but we think it's gotta like a european kind of player or an Australian caught a player, because the golf course is cited right,
next to the ocean. It is indeed the ocean course and we think it's going to the other, the predominant Defense of the golf course is the wind, so you guys that are great, a second shot approach, guys you be guys at a great all strikers, unique guys have accuracy off it. I haven't been on a heater in those categories over like the last two to three months- and he also get rattled. He started off the masters with a seventy triple bogey won his first. All of them first and then came all the way back around and ended up, you know top fifteen and end in a in the sixties and stuff, so Harlin's a great, a great call. I have in fact bet on victim and already he's plus four fifty to finish top five, which ass alike,
that's another good one get on it. I have a small taste on him to win. I'm gonna bed in the top ten and the top five more cow is plus six hundred. If you're thinking back to back for for a top five finish, speak to a lot of people because of the course is, I'm on alone, plus two, eighty four top five, I'm one. The guy's. How rates be outright winner is eighteen So I'm betting him to win and to top five top ten, I'm doing all speed bets. The one of the elements of this golf course that Also you gonna come through, is guys that can save far from around the green. So you, your second shot. You had a great second shot than a gust of wind comes up and knocked down. Of a sudden the shot that would have land in the middle of the Green and said the browns on the front and rolls all the way down. And now you have to try and get up and down for par, so you need guys they can rambler ass off George Speeches is a magician at that and,
that same basis? I have a little taste on Patrick aid got a ton of scramble and it is arsenal, so Patrick Reed he's a little further down right, yeah yeah, he's gonna, give us plus seven fifty four top five, I'm gonna play them the top I'm not gonna play on the top five, but I just love his skill set under these conditions. Tat ten fan do his plus for ten. I like that when forty one for a guy with withdrew, get up and down from anywhere how about Patrick? can't lay who lay me last time in the masters I didn't get laid off from Patrick Henley. He sucked as is what am I used only guy there. Really! Let me down. Do you think he comes back well he's he's very. Scores very, very favorably in analytics that that, if you create a kind of profile for this golf course, it's die than you. He asked good performance at pee, dive venues and based on what
The assessment is around the attributes. You need to be successful, he's very just hasn't Jonah Anything now I learn my lesson from the man. Here's what you said to me, what about it a few months. Yama and I walked throw your money away, go ahead, bet on her documents you make out, but I'm I'm not doing that, I'm not in the business of crossing anybody off any more yet what I do is say we haven't seen it from him. That doesn't mean I can't happen by Yet I would come as a bit of a surprise cause if you're looking for eyes. Inform you look more guys. Victor Havin, more guys, like Jordan, Spieth more guys like Daniel Burger, that's the guy that I have my eye on a: U S. Guy he ate shut sixty on Sunday in Texas, yet his are a little higher than I was prepared for sure he's just to win the tournament
She is sick. He seeks to want to finish top five years. Pretty good. That's pretty good. Railways are thirty to want to win the term. What about Barston Brooks Affairs? call him now yeah. I think we got a call if he's tweeting important You got it out of the three let em they're gonna have a head. The head is, he's left handed against them. It's it's. I think its autumn, by the way, Barston Brooks has as a big got right now and addresses the version of of capture that Most enamoured of this is what I want. My books kept go with a nice. I want to look He's enjoin is Michelob Ultra when he's out on the golf course is it possible to say his knee was heard before the masters he didn't play great at the masters he says is much much better now I don't know what you see on social media him swinging. I added. I hope it doesn't hurt than the any further I mean
he's owned the Pga championship since two thousand and fifteen, but who the hell knows. I'm glad that this is going against all the game. One of the plays is the game ones, usually there's only like a couple good ones, so you should wear blowouts and eighteen point five miles and twenty point five of stuff like that. I'm glad it's not like next week when, though, it's like our another game for game 5C patients. It's perfect timing, cause you're gonna, be able to flip over yeah, see this golf course sitting next to the ocean and What we are really doing is revving up for a summer right now, like all of us right we're all. Building to this moment were we're all gonna be To come out of our houses, we're going to be able to travel, we're going to go to the beach We're gonna, see this effing golf course on the beach, though there be fans there. It's in South Carolina believe me, there will be fans there and it just it gives the right kind of. I think, for what we're all after Bruins Bruins Caps Fridays.
I think you were the come up with a bad or maybe not- maybe it's better to use and joy it. I think we ve over the years I came so rarely played each but I think we've navigated the most, notably the John Wall, jumping on the scores table. Syria, Aubrey got in a fight with a endeavour and it never affected us. A good time, her next time, neckscarf major by the way will be together. Come out here for the for the British The Eu S Open is and whether you, yes, I will figure. I am gonna, come out from four one of them's. We got better place, I'm gonna go eat food by Gulf, yeah, you're right. I don't I rolling. You got another one coming in when tomorrow. Well, we were recording this Tuesday night, so the next next rolling we we have Rick and May two homes to golf deep golf analytics, fellas, helping us sort out our dance cards. We've got
chefs lineup we've got bets that we're making top five top ten who to fade it's a a gang buster of a show. Of course the Nate Dog is prominently. Involves, will be up all day tomorrow, as you try and finalize your light up, the five Robin Dough contest on fan. Dual yeah they'll pay a spots available to five dollar single entry. You wouldn't five thousand bucks this week, if you put in the best entry and there's fifty thousand dollars and guaranteed prices over the course of the season. All four majors there's still time to but if you didn't do well, the masters are you didn't put in an entry in the masses of matter, job in their get on it. There's a blue jacket, waiting for you at the end of this thing. If you win, I'm going to wear my blue jacket over the weekend, while I'm watching the caps yeah, all you do is go to and just search for a fair way rolling down and you could compete against being and Nathan, everybody else and cabin cards Kevin Clark potentially win a jacket. Alright house go to bed
deceive sorry times my sad esteem. Kick this kick this. Your that's fine, the payoff is the Celtics are gonna, lose the lose the Irving I gotta, I was kind of hoped they would by showing the accident. Why don't lose the carrier of urban I'm sorry, I have the man, I'm just said all right, I'll see you later all right, see take a break. This episode of the bill, Simmons Podcast, is brought to you by Mccain, Quick Cook, fries, try not to flip out but New Mccain, quick Cook, fries, cooking, half the flippin time at traditional Mccain, fries, half guess what else there's no flipping you can an entire foot, the bag, these Delicious crispy, one hundred percent, real potatoes and half the footman timers their traditional fries?
Making mealtime less footman difficult its unfledged unbelievable. So please do yourself: a favor had to your favorite stores, freezer I'll grab yourself a bag of Mccain quickly, they're fast to prepare, prepare easy to share and you and deserve deserve that This is a hard man to get. I don't even know what part of the world he's in now. There's just a blank background, turf and whiskey is here: retired, famer Legends basketball players are about to start here, Are you watching at all what what happens with you when you retired? He is still watch the tune in ten t de dabble. What what what you're ruining habits as this was as much as I showed. You knows, I traveled a little bit. That was one of the goals that return with a woman. Travel the world, the kids, will family all over the world. So I did some of that and of course, now that's the scenes shooting up.
What you are more than words excited, hopefully forged by them ass, well, ass, you I went to my first game last week, actually in Dallas so you're watching allow more now than its conscience website, LUCA first, because they're playing the clips first by the clips tank, the last two games to play Dallas and to get out of the Lakers side of the bracket, and you know you played for two decades. How much do you take that used to take some stuff? You would take some sites from time to time. Do you think that we you take that personally? Would you even need even need motivation when it gets to the playoffs? How would you react to that? not really. I think the playoff time is just just such a great time with great atmosphere and been playing super super long, regular season. We all agree it's way too long to get to this moment. So I don't really think there is any added motivation going on
the team that comes to prepare for, and you fired up. The play they have now. We have lived through drivers since repayment of all, and there were some going on now the Mans weren't happy about. So I don't think that needs to be added motivation. I think they're, the clip great evil welcomes in their deep and so Macedonia is for their own personal, India, Harry Ferrets Platter where's, the mass they all do you go as a great seriously come now to make a very interesting. What in your career? How many times did you take something personal possessions, I remember two thousand and eleven finals when you were sick. Lebron Wade and they kind of made a snige comment about it that you took personally, but you were. You were on a mission that whole playoffs, but that, specifically, you were a little be yeah I didn't like that, of course, like I said I
comments, the day after that I've never in my career faith in their lives or injury. Always when I was really I play so. I didn't love that but we were. I was one way away from from my dream. We get into my head too much but of course a big fan of that. But There is little trash on here. There's some matches meet alone, more than others go always had great battles over the years, eating news, a talker but I'm the guy that usually try to approach every game to say help Jim will enjoy. Ask me. I wasn't. Was a great read. I was a very faster. The way I impact the game was scoring. So to me, I try to approach the game was the same and that's established myself score early and get your rhythm and then
sort of dragons emails along. But my mother S, train was visible. Scoring also are trying to do that. Early off, you weren't, a great river about you- were a sneaky good, rebound her you, you in big games? You would end up with like fifteen sixteen seventeen, so you're like a very good rebounder. I wouldn't say it was a great war. I was a decent rebounder like when I first got the league I was super see. And I had to work with my body- I think- is normal. My body wasn't quite mba ready the muffle Charles Barkley and all these big guys on the basket. So, as my body mature I got a little stronger and you know at a tipping thing. A little bit so I tipped some balls tone myself so yeah. I've had a decent note for the ball, but I was never really the great grinder push guys out of the way rebounder. That was just not me, but
when it was in my facility, I like to think that our atmosphere- Elsie good. You know I have a second beyond you. Actually, you actually made all NBA as a centre in like two thousand one back, because I was trying to figure out how many times were the positions. Judges goofy you made. It went them. I like that you said: Cagey was kind of a talker. I think that's the understatement of the saturate. All he's doing is just dropping f bombs on everybody on the court for two straight so you kind of enjoyed it. You had like a good back and forth with him. So at the beginning I gotta say he got on my skin a little bit. I mean when he was still in Minnesota. I remember my. This game and there and would like come right. To my face- language. Was this great launderers anywhere solar? He doesn't. It got me early by ones I had a little experience and I knew how to handle it a little better, How many would ever games where you up
we play and tomorrow my huddle. We had time honoured from a huddled in he would want down from his huddle and stand right outside our huddled someone I walked out of the horrible. He was already right here in my lucky with me, every step I was I was. I remember thinking this guy, it's intense man, that's great, so We ve got some great battles in his inaugural greatness treason. Bring me out of, were you planning solar trying to compete as far as I could Still trailer attack is even greater efforts. You know he's on the Celtics the first couple games. He was like that. I had had the experience of just watching and day after day, and it was like he's not going to be like this, the whole season right and then it turns out. He was like that every single game it didn't matter. We play the wort Steve in the league. Yeah he's banging his head against the basket support web got. Into the Hall of Fame. They announced- and you know, there's this.
Have you run early in your career as your hidden, though first peak ear even where you're in there cages in their there still Carl Malone Duncan is at his apex and then sea web is toe to toe with everybody there for like five years, and I was surprised it took this long for him to get in the Hall of Fame. I mean, obviously, he had controversial trade out of going state. The Washington experience didn't go rape, but when you combine the stuff he did for that five six years stretch with the Michigan stuff and what that college team meant. I thought it was a no brainer, but do you feel like out of all the guys from this era? I feel like his. Peak see web has Have been lost over the course of history, you went against them a shitload at times like you feel like he was on par with you and Duncan and everybody else. He was up there and I always say he was a mismatched nightmare because he was so good on the block, but then he developed a little seventeen eighteen footer.
He was one of the best passers at big position. The league has seen so he was a great allaround player and basically put up a doubles at will, especially with that shooting they had they had around human body and soul. Do they really? web, and I think that whole king seemed to me was longer appreciated that to me they should have had a ring. Of course, there was. The controversy that one year, They had an amazing team, plus the crowd mean. I can't imagine how much fun that was the could pay for their team in Vienna to market share in the wall there were found So I'm happy for see what he was a great player and great playmaker shop maker and well deserved. You guys had some good series and games against that team. It was just was during a time in the NBA. When I mean odyssey aid, percent of the league was pretty boring to watch. It was slow. The games were
eighty five to eighty there really physical and then it was like you guys. that Romano. Then, when NASH went to Phoenix but for the most part, leg it was the kind of wide open game that now we have now he takes. Every game is one hundred and twenty five to one hundred and fifty one twenty to one seventeen, but there is two isn't there when it was just you two were the only teams playin like that, and I felt it goes a little ahead of its time. Looking back yeah. I think that was sort of the time where the leaves change in the basketball was changing. Nelly, obviously, obviously being the visionary was never a big defensive guy. He was a kind of offensive. Playing calling guy and yeah. We always love to love to score in bunches he loved to play four or five shooters at a time. I remember he had Bradley and graceful friends at the time pop back to seventeen eighteen foot, race sometimes shoot three. So we
the stranger attack and elsewhere. People knows there was our aware play You know that was sort of the time the lead was changing. I think more fouls again called the hand check was taken away. They were putting in on around that time. So teams were where's the do other things and move the Baltimore, thereby more notice had one guy dribbled at all ten times until he some of the hoop related- and this was more force into movement and have enjoyed playing with each other in Sacramento. To me was the perfect example. Other tool. Shooting from the earth was on, stop time. Everybody I'm starting to change and see that the fires and the morning just regarding paying now and bringing all the trees- and this has been the Evelyn shall reveal that started. There has been fun watch when you watch basketball. Now, how jealous are you that you'd in that Prime Dirk? What
playing in the way I mean you easily within thirty a game, I feel, like any probate, shoot more threes right, we are united and would have been one been devilish on its things. I listen. Courts are wide open for drives, were driving for shooting up season trailer position. Users is not a lot of pain traffic there under the Daphne would have been far too much you know, obviously it would have been way more of five. They start the game being, but then play more five position, which at some point with Melia was doing anyway. It wouldn't have been a lot of rim protection. I tell you that so it would have been trying to outscore the opponent. That's for sure with me at the five, but we would have made it work, but often so it would have definitely been fun. Well, you think, like especially When you were at NASH and the thinking was like we got to get get to get the friends we got to get another big guy. Who can we get? Who can get that dhampir?
Now, if you did that team over again, it would just be like we just got to get shooters with their Kenesh. We just got to create space for those two guys who can we put in the corners and just let them cook we the whole thing, were still courses to retire from nothing gets well documented with with mark of each year. Years after came out that that was a let's see Darwin and then in the game, then develop faster. Steam was vital. We now have you read the game, pickin role it using. Playing ball? Demeanor was developed into cars came if you want, there was no big guy, pounded the ball yet legal and Steve would have been ass. A was fantastic far from Phoenix afterwards, and so yeah, he would have been when I first started within the finally, a national or wherever careers together and we're going to hopefully win
Tyler thousand things on four June. Look different, but also first couple years was eagerly. I play we played for six years together for my first six years, it was superfine on and off the court. Where are you as a great. What if you get hurt in that one play, I, where I think you might have had the most talented team, who is oh three right San Antonio ends up winning a you look back at that San Antonio team. They peak Duncan Duncan she's ever been that year, but Manu and Tony were really young. They weren't they. To be and who they were at Robinson, was at the tail tail end of his career. And Stephen Jackson was there and Speedy Claxton like I don't even know if that was one of the best for spurs themes, but I was about that was a what, if like, if you stay healthy Thank you. Couldn't one the title there are recruited, we could have thought through and I was
I got heard, I think in game three here or four. I can't quite remember. I think it was game three, but the guys. Obviously we stole game one in San Antonio. It was still a great side story. Did you know we missed the first three throw that night and went forty nine to forty nine after? Oh, my God the game one. In San Antonio, we shot forty nine out of fifty from the free to line just still game one buddy. I really will greatly mala need an extra songwriters for us than he was amazing. Wait. Wait where funds, while I was hoping to come back and action again for game. Seven, though my one wasn't great: I was hoping that we can win game six at home and we ask that story is well documented. We were at fifteen on the fourth quarter, Pop does it off Steve Cur We have two trapped and every time
So we even have Wall Williams on him. At some point we just had to charge to up with smaller lineups we try to shoot threes and and so we have to trap to me all the time and just see came in, I hadn't played much all season and just stepped in. I think it four three five, three in the fourth quarter and then winning game six and I never got a chance to play again. So that was That was like a sports movie. You ve heard coming off the bed says and does the movie you and you also their series before see web, that hurt. And it was going to blow out you guys were one of one of you guys were up forty. I can't remember which see what I've got hurt on say and get one or game two and it still took the game. Seven, because they have moved ahead. He still had a and dismayed by the small islands. I think with Peter for a lot and there were still Schubert off the guard with baby being at the top of his game.
So there were still a super tough line of the guard and saw it took us all the way to getting stolen and at home, and we were able to win that, and even if seriously, before you remember that we play the translators disappear up. Three all oh yeah was three straight and ended up winning the game. Seven sound home, even though the place still up. One was like two minutes ago in game south and so from that would have been the most epic collapse in round one. Then they were two. We took us to seven, so that was an unbelievable fund. Run for us and enforced? We couldn't Swedes my San Antonio about job. They had a good. Therefore, for whatever fifteen years plus in Duncan was that was the best he's ever been you have You look ten year anniversary of when you laid this
on everybody and everybody that was it, it was the ten years already sad. What do you Ten years later, like what's your first memory of the whole thing. Just when we want it all know just enjoy the group that we had you want to leave out? You were so emotional. You disappear for ten minutes. I had to regroup, I had to regroup. I had some tears coming out. I think it's normal. I think when you tried something for so long well sure, before Shorty, trying anywhere simple are gonna, be better. Only fail again is just so much stuff. There was kept in sign on the pressure for themselves, the city, the franchise just put so much stuff on myself and then once we got to the top of the mountain I just
broke down and regroup for like five to ten minutes and then I came back, I was able to join my teammates, but I mean what a run we had going. The season. We had a good fun veteran crew, but I don't think anybody had us going anywhere really and even going into the playoffs with Quran getting her torn us to tell us. Nobody really had us going anywhere. You almost under talking more serious than the commission. On top was a guy. I got to say that felt good. It gave me a lot of confidence and I can do it and that was For me it was worse than to infringements. Why? I remember you had the Portland Series Brain where I had that crazy game and as they are
as they're gonna choke. Again, then you get by them. Yeah there they go again. Another choke for DAS nope get through them any of the Lakers and they're the two time defending chance you rip through them, but it's like that. At the camera, I think it was them then ok see was the West fires. Now is this young crazy, okay team that it really had a taste of it yet and you demolish them, and that was like ran. I've talked to him about a podcast. She was like you know we never. Never. Ben at that level. Yet here's Turkey's on a mission. It was like, I think, those guys learned so much from that series. Just like how possessed you were when you read through them, then you're in the final sentence by me coronation really an incredible run. Really there is every series Nobody believed the new and you became the ultimate. Nobody believes that a state run almost starlight, then poorly fears,
Let us together. I think that collapse dimension were up twenty in the fourth is something that they come combat and beat us, and instead of saying this is just us. We kind of rallied together for game five and turn it around, and I said you know what they're not beating us on our home court: we're winning this game, winning this serious and it kind of brought the whole team together and from then. Actually we started to roll. We went, I remember one game. Six and importantly, then we went straight down to LA for the next year. We didn't go home and we're like all right. Let's just try to roll. If you remember game, one in LA kind of was really tough for us it was in firing was therefore recently it was making a shotgun we play from behind all day long. And I felt like for us at the end of hang in there and steal that game. You know Kobe remember at the shop top of the key. From my line it was based. It was just, went a little longer to stop now.
And I think that really showed us- we we can play with the back to back chaps- we can beat them on their whole court and honestly from that game, one in LA we never look back where we we rolled right through the playoffs and- and I really high level both ends of the floor, only one gonna, wanna, fun run. Of course, Yeats the way the NBA works now and the way the tea their stacked, where it just seems kind of improbable that another team is going to do that where you just basically have one all star? You win the title, and I I think a lot about that eleven Mavericks team with what's happened with the league the last few years, and especially you never want to leave Dallas you never want to get traded. You never want to sign somewhere else run, a J d you're his sight thirds Dallas we're synonymous- and this is how it's going to go- the only guy- that's like this now look I'd so early, I mean, maybe maybe look will be this
you know, but the only guy who's like you now is curry. Where curry got drafted by that team, he's belong to them in the franchise and the fans in the city and the area that whole time and now he's twelve years in any see the stuff he's doing this year and he's playing as well as he's ever played, but it feels feels weightier feels more important. It feels more significant because he stayed with that team the whole time- and I don't know if I'm like an old school romantic. You know day, guys stayed with one team the whole time, because the league, Everybody GIS, just switches to all the time now, but I still feel like the curry thing is meaningful and you're the best example. Right. You had this connection, the Dallas that when you They won the title. It meant something more than just the title because they have I live through all the ebbs and flows that your career had and I guess my question is like
curry, goes a ridge is gonna lose that that gone well, There is just a different time and now and then I was back in I meant a lot to me and of course, with the fans in an organization being so great a me from the beginning, where I wasn't play while right away. I must first two years and still people want to meet a succeeded. Open me out. I think that meant a lot to me and I his arms myself. If I your chance to pay back from their loyalty than on receiving more than happy to do it, buying the team was analysed, Can you hear and just us developing this relationship, this relationship and friendship over the years and more number one supporter on who had also plenty of Miss, have suffered losses. Worrying always there to help you kindly through itself. That's why I always wanted to stay loyal to the team, but I do understand you know
times have changed and know that I feel it for so long. The teams had all the power. You know they can trade you you can play well, it doesn't matter the next day that they should be out of here and then stuff has changed. Now, no the agents have more power and the players. So the power shifted a little bit there somewhere along the way, which is probably a good thing for the players totally. But now it's just a little different. It just doesn't happen much anymore, a guys These were for won t. I tell you It's always on an individual basis. You know what works for you, this city, good for you. If we family there is the team good. Are you playing enough and you make enough money? You know so many factors that factory near your decision to stay filling everyone needs them is to listen to us themselves, but for me it was always the right one to stay, and I was
part. I was part of the community in some way in doing all this community working fans, were rounding around me and hoping for me to win so I felt like I belonged here and nowhere else yeah I mean by the two thousand and twenty you lose. You lose seven to the warriors. Did you lose next year and then the whole social media, The way basketball is covered. Now, it's probably halfway through seven or eight season. It's like like wilderqueen with NASH, Phoenix that its people like me, are unpack ass, making fake I don't know, could be marrying and Souder Mire for Dirk and then so now, you're on Phoenix in then that guy for two years of their eye that she's kind of what happens now any time somebody has a little bit of adversity or a season. Doesn't go right, you just start wondering. Are they going to stay and I think an signing with the box? Was
Also a really good sign that, maybe, as you say, it's an individual thing depending on who who the person is, what they're connecting It is with the city with the organization things like that, and they look adds soup. Earlier, but it seems to me like another one who I could see potential just staying for twenty years. I, like I'm old school. I the curious thing has been For me, I, like that, he's been there the whole time I like that clay went down right before the year and he's a guide through more my back on carriers to get us to the play. Often I'd like that versus the whole Hey which in teams again go in here, but again I'm old school and probably in old fart now go away to the wireless signal. Always times are changing in under that, when times. And just as just not it's just not. The name is improper. Two thousand.
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The way he's can, I control the game from the printer I mean is a better passer than you, you're, probably a little bit better shooter than he is, but he has spots on the court that their podcast couple weeks ago were talking about, It is basically anywhere in the perimeter you had that spot, like top of the key. That was your area. That was your neighborhood. This, where you operated from and he can go there, but he can also poor people down low, impose them up and then at psych. If you double them, don't album cause he's just find somebody open right away if a single- he's got all these differ. Moves Did you? What did you get to the point? As it often sub, where, when you felt leg, alright. These are my areas. I have full command in these spots, and I know this part and if somebody does this I know what do they don't do this? I know exactly what to do that. How many years does it take?
You know, if you remember early on it was basically just a shooter. I said my pic and then you know I went out, went to Pappadeaux's open a shot, the ball that drove a little bit, but I wouldn't want to see switch. I presume you just got away with Steve to his thing. Whatever the case may be, one Stephen after I gotta develop a little more action is meal. Switches, and then I can't do anything about it. I got to find ways to still store teams. Having taken me away with their switching. And so that's why I started when every took over here. Love to do more. To do more, boy in coastal areas or living off the block off the hash. Worst, To go down there and these areas we can turn around? You could should offer little guys you're, comfortable moron and the industry align area, worse, usually when a big guy switched on a new wars in the snow?
down. The other becomes all wearing kicks them out and you end up in the same situation. Another big aren't you saw When we talk about their candidates freed the line, I saw her there's no way for little gotta run away, leaving backslash, yet That was the idea to punish the little guy cheap alone, may not ambassadors and still be able to shoot over from these from these spots on how I did that take place two three years: lots of practice. In the summer time I was, I was working against smaller guys on switching, and so you just take your time and learned a lesson so good. I try to control the game, but you'll takes even though I wasn't as fast as he's not the fastest, but you know the as you get older, I want to say that slows down for you. You know, you know where everybody is and avi was very focused on guys have to be on the same spot on the I always knew where my
Let were in case they were doubling and and so I just yeah, I just got more comfortable the more I did it. Hundreds of thousands the times in practice over the summer work loved one. Then it's just I really I know once I had a switch, I can get one or two triples. I could get them a little lower, so I'll make it a little easier shot and all I had to do was lean back a little bit and shoot over them, and so you know it wasn't really until two thousand and seven then something threw something new at us and that was really Nelly when we played cold state in the first round when they helped set us of course he had my game scouted. She knew I like to go you was doing, was a with smaller guys and smaller. I put the ball left, he knew it was fine who would send the double team. From my side- and once I I went to my spin, there was a double team guy
that rattled me had rattle rattle our whole team and it wasn't as efficient and that's how we got upset. So when they're, like maybe I need to spend a little less. Maybe I got to know I got to see the floor at all times. Maybe I got to work on my passing, so I go to stages where you learn and you work from your experience when you watch LUCA well, actually, let's go backwards. So Lucas Rocky and it's so cool that you guys cross past here at the tail end he's at the beginning beginning did you know right away with him: wesley- saw I've. Always in video camera watch was surely and star so getting ready for the draft. I see a few islands from him and I was like. Oh, he looks big as a guard. I don't know if
you can keep up with athleticism. He doesn't look fastest. He drove by these guys easy in new early, but I'm like defenders here are sort of different. I didn't really quite know- I thought he could be a really good still player a guard. I didn't know that he was actually fascinating and then he looked and I didn't know how good of a passer and sure he was So here he surprised prize noon on multiple levels and and when I got here, I think he was something euro ball. And then he came for training camp, and you know before training camp usually meet a couple weeks before guys play for work out together, we live, we play five and five before camping starts and the first day, he plays a little bit- and I remember he was already like super cool and give him the passes them kind of give him a look. I was like I got to test them a little bit right. So there's at the big, I filled him pretty hard one time and then he's free to land for games, so I'm going over there, I'm, like I got to
something for this young guy. So I'm giving him a little trash dog and I was like there's no way, in making these two thousand pages, you just smile at me and then suddenly and he knocked us Those then so, I think, respect right away by his place, composure, how majority was as it has it. Ninety, Twenty year old House, the floor, but how are you is the bigger role situations I mean he's so far ahead. Time already at the head of his age, cents was actually really scared, so we're we were surprised at the minute we sought his belongs foreign. Does its there's, a bird your quality to him, where it's like he just his pace is the pace the games can be paid out that when you talk about our seemed a little so it at the weird thing is he's not slow is faster than you think he is, but.
It doesn't really matter crazy, he's just getting a wherever he wants to go, which is exactly the bird imagined were like they were always to wherever spot they wanted and, like you know, you have something like the brand is the same thing, but he's also like such an incredible athlete, moving, even call LUCA Incredible, but the hand I coordination and the ability I guess yoga, Chancellor, the stewards dislike I'm gonna end up seven feet over in that spot, get in the shot out. I don't know how I'm getting there, but it's gonna happen and I've been shocked by just how easy it is for him when the whole team is revolved around his office, his usage rate is higher than any season. You had in Dallas right that she knows what's happening, but it doesn't really matter, he still get nowhere. He wants and I look at this Cooper series. Yet cookers wanted to play them yet a kind of king
a little bit last year, but look is still the best part in the series, and at some point, if you're, really great. Earlier in your career, you're gonna have the series where you just kick somebody's ass right and it doesn't matter if the other thing is better. I don't know if it's going to be this year, but I don't think that series is a layout for the clippers either they could regret one in the maps, Well, I hope so I think, with KP, hopefully being healthy now, for the Ronnie spent a lot of games here this year, of course, but if got her lesson the bubble. If you were me every person before then was kind of like know neck and neck, and then and then, unfortunately, you got hurt and then the clips definitely took over, but we hope that it's going be a type on series. The thing was looking, everybody knows now. Has the skill set up his ears? some good with the bond with the travel and you can get to spots.
People don't realize how fast switching narrations arabic is. Business leaders steals foresee the super fast went away. Sober shifty, like you, can push back super accelerated shocks. Quick and changing directions. That's that's one thing people realise how big and strong is a legit sixty six nine. So once he has the feather. That's a little small him on his shoulder he's going to get into the basket he's just going to well and well and push him in he's a legit to fifty hardly know how much it means they're pretty super. Strong legs were shifty and was the hazard a little better than imagine you re he's got into a spartan in his tall enough has got to stop that. You ve got the floor. You can pass the best answer is, is very easy for package at twenty one. Twenty two years, all his extra scared. So the most important- and you taught him was how to complain after every nine com,
was that, like a month, long seminar that you just taught him all the tricks, what happened cause, he complains about everything. That's all yours reason I don't know. To me. I'm not in a position for me to go up to him and say: hey complain less, because I like to believe that I complain a lot. You did it's can't lose I know where I was I was usually always save- allows off the floor. Super quiet super. To act during the game, you saw him national I'm. You always met, some who have an alibi. The same way that onto a more show up on that point, so I think hopefully with experience. Get better, will learn how I think a part of his heart.
Talk to the referees and in a good way I mean I've, asked member videos of embryo Jason. Tell you all the time when they walk over there. Put the hands on their mouths and then anything goes right. But if you do the monster we'll actions and yelling. I didn't I really what what the reference showing them up and the lead doesn't really love. So once you get the more experience and luminous motion as it gets more experience, The easy is gonna be great by right now, who still is so very very emotional sire M J was the greatest I've ever seen it he would do the sneak over. He here do the mutter under his breath thing, and he also has famous the rifts. You know they used there in the palm of his hand, he could basically say whatever they were. It was almost like. They were disappointing them if they made the wrong call. It's a hard place to get to. I think NASH was good. It too, because
when NASH got mad about a call, it was rare enough that the rep, I think, realize I met that went up. You look as nationals. Didn Canadian I'll. I don't want to complain I just to be a good soldier. So when he got bad, he got the way. Speaking of NASH, we usually act when it took that job. What was your reaction, I was shocked to hear your course call me and told me about it before it came out, and I just did see him as really failure. I had thought I thought he's been doing some individual workers with some guys annoy shop shady along the way and some other guys You're not thought there might be a path that enjoys really individual crunching. You do. You still have in France. Besides runs on aim. But I never thought of you will be a coach. And sort out their surprise me, but you always be was on the web. Fears is better than
the old in its true MAC and now I'm on how to inform you of what situation a better situation step in with that. You have another is enjoying the challenge now, even though we depression, is their entrance. Nato within all is here it. It's a asked me not abandon seminal schemes and uncertainty, The pressure for reform will be college pudding, pig. I will I wanted to give the other day, of course, and asked to watch him, and I think he is players have a lot of respect, for I think he finds a way to tell I am always he was always so encouraging and positive. Even when you play just think- he's a user players, caution and fires lower love. I gather surprise that the hiring took shit because I was I never thought he would do it, but I always thought if you ever want to do it. He was the all time no brainer coach right cuz. We had this calm demeanor.
He was the leader of any team. He was ever on his office of mine and how he broke stepped down is the highest possible level. Men, any player who interactive them, who is like a famous superstar, were always put them right, even in gold state like him in there like really got along and that's probably one of the is you got the job. But when you look back, I voted firm for third for coach of the year because you this Brooklyn season in its like its second HBO Every has seventeen things happen. Lots going. Oh, my god, I mean the hard and Trade Kyrie leaves twice the Aldridge shows up, and then it has to retire in five games to get a Griffin, had like twenty nine players. I've been impressed that I don't know there hasn't been nearly as much drama as I feel like maybe they're there could been, but I think that's partly because of because he's even killed him another. They also gave him a great star familiar to look at. You told her you John
Obviously you had trojans league in an email, grateful shop. I think they put a good staff around him and he's learning and I think he's enjoying a challenge, but I'm sure can be. I don't know some of the data they stuff that's going on, but just something you really like Oh, my as this is not happening, but you know you seem to know how to deal with these guys since we spend a lot of room for sixteen. Seventeen years himself and he just knows knows how to how to relate of the guys. Did he ask you to join him. He thought that it might be possible maybe or he asked if I would be interested it just not first of all have been really hard for me to leave. As for anything, much slept lung cheer, the men here and then the matters for nation I be always be be.
Weird to do anything for somebody else, but also does not not my time saw just retire. I'm enjoying life with with the children and travelling circus. I'm not ready, honestly grind and go back to the travelling. It'll be gone. Four, eight nine months trade are conscious after work so hard. What film all day long Jim all day, the area, so maybe maybe when I'm on five six years, maybe I'm interested in something for now murmuring joint life. I don't you do in it. I dont see doing that dated eight grind like that. His even when you were plan. That was the part. That was the part that was. I remember. We talked about this
this part cast a million years ago about leg. You love the games, but it was the practice the day to day the conditioning that just putting in the three hundred sixty five days a year to be ready to play That's that's what kind of you down after a while right at the end for sure. That's the one thing! That's tough, but see what Timmy Duncan did last year or the year before. I would have never thought that he would be a head coach or by it, and he tried it out for a year ended up, not loving it. I guess because he's not doing it anymore. I didn't talk to him about it, you know maybe that's that's in my future and then try to see if the silver like it or- but you know honestly, Consumers are morally management side here, we're, helping where, where I can new, as of now have really been lots of discussions on. What's next, for me, I kind of Solomon. Some time away from the sport and I need to enjoy the family. First and foremost, I could see
you buy and like a division to german soccer team or somethin wacky like that, I think you go sideways. Yeah there's always a possibility which breaches of the corresponding play since I've been out of the game. I've been doing some fun stuff and learning more about the business and investment sand, and that's super cool before two thousand and twenty one years up oven, basically down one road, and that's that's all. And now I've been learning new staff that I'm really enjoying that right now, so all see were her. What's next to my life was somewhere. He could definitely come up. What's this the german basketball right now Where are we? How we look in shrewder shores involved or eight would only have been pretty good, we're we're sure we're ties was now in Chicago. We have clear, of course, was here and in dollars and a few others
So we have a very good national team and aware we have to qualify for the Olympics this summer. It will be really hard and then the following here in twenty twenty two we have the, in our we country in our home countries convening the Cologne oh wow So that's going to be fun, a fun of challenges for the german national team. Coming up the next few years, but I think we're talented, talented, we're deep and I can now they can have a good run, was disturbance but spend no no sons of the dirt generation. We haven't had that that forward, whose just they basically doing an imitation of you never exist. Yet few of them are in the works, but in the lab it is great
talent and so we're just hoping from that one generation that's under now and under twenty that there's some those guys will make it all the way to the top, so We will see what happens there in future to subsidies did you buy Captain Morgan? It doesn't matter You watching it's always exciting, to see a backup come off the bench and really let it up a fun substitute. Makes the same game routine feel knew well. The same goes for drinks. If you want switch things up sub in the captain. I've made this happen a couple times in the weekend. Actually because I've been trying to get away from the second cup of coffee, so your little caffeinated soda, I won't say which kind, but you can guess you mix in a cap. Little Saturday drink as you're watching day watching a little golf. It NBA something like that particular hop in your step What's better than visit, Captain Morgan Morgan com to find captain near you drink responsibly
Captain Morgan original spiced, spice from premium caribbean rum with space and other natural flavors. Thirty five percent alcohol by volume, Captain Morgan Rum Company Newark near This episode of the bill, Simmons Podcast, is brought to you by legal zoom. Legal zoom wants to help you experience that smile inducing pulse quickening, no going back now moment when your idea becomes a reality. When you leave the house, and all the shoes, and as and you say, let's do so legalism is here to help you turn your passion, your idea, your dream into Zoom. It's not a law firm, it's something new! accessible innovative. So, whenever you're ready to do something, awesome, legal zoom is here to make it official zoom. Let's make it official tell me how crazy is cuban. Now that he's in his sixties, Susie is just. Is he more the character than he was twenty years ago, is he settled down? Where is he on the character scale? Right now we restore you started three month routes
it is only now is only away tat was there I mean when he first by the two He didn't have kids. He was married at the time so he was in every practice. He wasn't every flight, he was at every game. Maybe he was soon super hands on super involved. We play shooting games with him after practices. I play one one with him and I'm from that. Once you started a family and he's definitely slow down he travel as much anymore. When he goes to the game. He still as fired up as ever. If I still watch him on the sideline he's on a one, idle barrel marriage shape the starts the end, an assistant you saw up on he's a little he's not around as much as it is simply, it feels like
stolen, has thunder alone Abed as the craziest sideline owner, I'd just fairly bombers, taken it up a notch in Cuban gotta. Let it go, he did hidden very gave it up yeah. I always thought there was some good stuff going on in titles. Sure for years Cuban ran on the court during the bench clear brow. I think that was p cuban. I think that was his top moment. Remember that way. His first couple of years, when he owned the team, when there was like almost a fight and Cuban, ran on the court to break it up, you don't I think you got fine yeah I have lived with Cuba with the money sign shirt. I remember that some, guys, made himself a shooting, shirt and secure the monies time the number of money sign. I think he'd there actually doesn't give credit for how impact for he was prepared to the
Guard of owners when he took over right the stuff and it was like a lot of resentment, the first two years. People like wait, he's he's in the locker room. What the fuck is this I spent a million dollars in the locker room. Is this guy insane? And now everybody does shit like that like having a really nice private plane to fly the teams around, like he just kind of get it out really early that this is a competitive advantage for him, and now everybody does what he did for sure he was ahead of his time when he got in. He couldn't believe some of the hotels were staying at. What do you mean? There's no food after games, you guys have to recuperate right after and get the nutritions we needed. So we started to have food before and after the games I bought at the workplace there a nice Charles.
He buys a new building new meaner saw here. He deathly turn America round from the Navy's where there was a tough, tough, tough decade for for a mass fan and then, when he came, he made it. He made franchise to be again were guys want to come and play for, and he put a stock on so we just had he just it'll be Jack. Aren't you used for so many didn't really matter. I must say I was. I was all this. We want a good team, we want to win, care, much about spending money so that no, that was unbelievable time. What was I sent me touch a basketball it's been a long time. So those are the careful about understand the backyard, but for me, actually Targeting ball in doing something soon. I seen a year ago how's our solar commercial, Germany for one more sponsors and they said
I come in the gym and I knew I had to do maybe a little bit of shooting or something I come in the gym. There's five young guys sitting there like seventeen eighteen they're rubbing their hands. I was like what's going on here, The problem with shield three, no life who was I'm forty pounds over way the size of a coconut, no chance I can play so that was the only time I hadn't touched the ball and I shot it a lot bit against the guys, but There was the was just no way that I could still climbing up. Was actually not great at all So I have I have some problems here and there I was going to ask you about that, because it seemed like the last two years it seemed like. Basically from was down just went on you like you basically. Retires, though. Basically it was a fine one.
Finally, it was really just that one April that win the the one I always jumped off for the one legger the left, and so was always the one that happened to roll. Probably about times in my career and then over time. It just got worse and worse and some of the doctors kept saying. I can't believe you're playing on the angle and I'm like. I don't really haven't done any problems, so I just kept going and then my last two years they kind of showed up, though I didn't really have much movement in the ankle anymore. I couldn't switch directions much anymore, and then we tried that one surgery we took some ours out before the last year and that made it all worse now than I had all these arthritis coming up, and the last two years really tough and now in hindsight, I'm not sure I wouldn't do that. Again, if you're in the thick of things and you're enjoying you're still loving the grind You give it all you got, but it remains
they're, probably with the smartest thing to do. Yeah like Duncan the last two years, yours was basically on one leg like his knee was gone burnt as two years and no bag. My nose, We'd be an all star game. For them. You know at the practice is not a neutron couple. Four shots outbreaks, any will always put his knee brace on. I would like to live with that. You put your Debray Sancho momentum, doing nothing. it's just born on board and it's just really bad so the ices once for once I mean one thing: one joy that love it says it's tough, the still try to my eyes now, of course, we think about euro yours feed Duncan was, I think, seven feet like he also send feed at some point a seven. Body running up and down a basketball court for twenty six years. Twenty seven years, like you know
you figure have so many somebody's back forcing you and then what happens is going to be a need. It's gonna be an ankle. It's going to be something! That's why I think the stuff Lebron when you add, she look at the number of games and minutes. He's played its almost inconceivable occurs at sixty thousand minutes now for play. House rescue pursued, it's like it's basically him in Kareem, and that's it I don't know how much longer this can go, but he seems like he's ninety percent. Would he used to be they still so soon loving super fast renouncing Karim. A began wasn't a fascinating but what the bronze doing is unbelievable. So oh. I you already really stories how much time and money invest.
In his body and it's probably what helps him now. He looks at his diet and the training and the stretching and all that is obviously what still keeps him at the highest level. But it's still I mean I tried all that, starting when I Thirdly, you yeah just impossible. What he's doing What are you wish? You could have gone back and told like twenty two year old Dirk about conditioning dieting all that stuff, like that? How much of that will you not doing? Well, honestly, we didn't know that much about it. When I first got in the league, we were one of the first team that hired a nutritionist, and that was maybe my second thirty in the league. Honestly, You know we're guys in fingers and others fries, always at a burger before every game. It's just we didn't know now: everybody's vegan and gluten free and all this, and that we learned all this later. We lifted a little bit
only with a must finally traditions. We and so I learn more about later in my life and pray. I change my guy when I was twenty seven, twenty eight when you just when it in prime in your life and mix some real, I'm still a little tricks. Maybe I should try something then that's cut out sugar and me, and obviously all dessert the staff and all current drinking due to Caesar. So that's where we learn really more about it. Some prime made me to thousands is were no. I I some of my some of my habits than before anything. You know when you twenty anything, goes sooner. So I learn more thought that I would say start with that earlier, because it does make a huge difference in how you she'll on how you cover after games,
so I would say, start dieting and nutrition starter. We already can start early enough for tat. Shade dashing stop gone out amendment as private the best they happened to you, This problem from the recently can drag him. Yell Howard Euro, this kinda she submitted have almost eight so so you this year in the sports parent zone, now yeah, the boys. The boys are a little younger, but they play the six and a half, so they play a little tennis and a little soccer school. So yeah, but we're not like every other day driving through all these tournaments, we're not there yet, but where we're getting there, we're picking them up and dropping them off to tennis and social, such a gymnastics and all sorts of things So here we are again there once was deafening, is tat Since your thing, the first word about blades. I remember the great support, for
for her hand. I am grateful for the footwear so basically play my entire life demonstrates a sport and you can learn at a young age and you can play until you're sandy is all went down a few years ago. Some plain tunnels so it a splendid you play over your entire life and they did so much for my hand. I the foot work, so that was a no brainer to me. I play all the time so now my hateful allows and then we had lessons on next to us. When the cords It's perfect. Will you are that the sons of the Boers Becker generation? and Stephie graph graph hello. Still were light german heroes therein Becker one beckoned one Wimbledon money was barely
I remember sixteen. It was kind of one of the most underrated sports moments in the eighty s he was literally sixteen years old. He won Wimbledon and nobody could believe it. I never forget he did Kevin turn Africa and finally, just that there was a tennis boom. After these two guys and my parents, showing like a recreational club thing, they weren't very good but on the weekend We would just go there and hang out grill with friends. Well, were on the court. Basically, all ten and ten hours we'd be hitting all day and the kids were, the person doing barbecues and hanging out will be on the tendency towards up does not allow the first sport and definitely thought if I kids and they want to use sports. The tennis would be a great thing to start off with. So that's what we did Becker was. They always talk about like what if so, and so unbelievable athlete played tennis right like what would happen virus and play tennis
better was an unbelievable athlete. I still think he's the best athlete I've ever seen on a tennis court. He could do everything I felt like nobody could lob it over his head. I really felt like he was like a one on one. For me, it was great you know how he always jumped around and got those freely graded jumps thickness. After the game he was was the man I was. I was able to meet him a couple. And I told I was a huge fan. I grew up last question: Brooklyn Dallas finals. What do you do? Mean Alfie River Dallas, but NASH is like your guy. Would, you know I told NASA the other day when I saw him here when they were here. I said, hey You know, I love you like a brother, were you know my mouse mama, the blood is me and I believe blue. So I hope you have a great. I
Well, Eugene the W S stay in jars and nurse. That's what happened, but I am sure he understood that yeah. Who's. Your favorite part a watch down just out of curiosity, at about out of other deeds. In the lake. Now you can say a mass of course alone was lookup labour outside mass and watch as much as they used to say was one of my favorites. Of course he brought him up earlier. I remember some when I was still watching every night when I play play. It runs when they have their deep remains, not be setting out the tv series show when you were they when he was on fire ratings are consciously travel across half courts. Abbe yelling at the at the tv firms should the ball. In pieces from the wise man play. Love play you score. When sixty five trembles those too.
Humble, whereas on the watch as it gets for sure from years as a sugar and almost appreciation half of those two, even though it about more fund a watch you in this era, I do feel like it probably would have changed you played a little bit so in a weird way. You ended up in the right era, because nowadays I do think you would have had to percentage wise just what awaited after you gotta take ten three site you make for the ten it's better for us, so we would have to you my may raise away from below here nothing! That's where I was most comfortable. Fifty six the turnaround yeah, some of that is just not not. Fish, knowing why nothing more funds for a game his days was the last time. The trees allowed something some other similar fond, install aware that yeah, we understand, that's the way you doin understand things about stats three,
It counts more than a two hour I'll get all that, but I do miss the old school that the nice pull up side of the turnaround. Some of that is unfortunately, get lost a little bit now game with that team that you wanna, tidal waves. Would now no longer makes sense in the NBA right where, The shower play, that's just having multiple defenders out there at the expense of our fence in just all the stuff that was governor. Terry is somebody that I feel like in this day and age would have loved it right. He had taken. Fifteen three is a game, but other than that it a unconventional team and if you're gonna happen twenty years ago, say just than most Terry. We were so bad defensively, aunt, Jane that we needed three other defenders out their over all the halls. Jacket was unbelievable unions. All rage on defence show me replied. Numerous the holes in solid Upsatirs, chancellor would Molly began as a protected.
As there when we want the temperature. So I felt like we really can keep the score enough and the other guys were were we plug in all the holes and we created, so that was fun. Well, it's good to see you. You look exactly the same good luck with you you're LUCA Dallas run sad cubes for us. It is a pleasure to talk to you as I always knew I'd. That's it for the pod cast. Don't worry about three Watch Abbas. Good fell, as that is up its benefits for the west, twenty four hours and I speak of the we was wedded meant. I run years ago, and find it on the Spotify archives rewatchable. That's where one hundred and eighty five, the movies Everything is only an Spotify, but you can find men. I run on their just from an ironical pop up and a lot of love for Charles grounded in that one, and he passed away today, Love Charles Garden Minaret.
My favorite movies ever- and I think, that's probably the best Charles go to a movie- He was a lot of good stuff. He was one of a kind. Sat there. That is this are Ip Charles granted, thanks for other laughs, thanks for everything he did, I will see you on this feed on Thursday enjoy the basque apologia. Words like yours,.
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