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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to talk Lakers-Celtics, Jayson Tatum’s impressive stretch, Clippers vs. Lakers, the Rockets experiment, whether the Spurs are still a “smart” team, Wilder-Fury, and more!

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Ok, every Sunday night ran seller, joins us and be ass back ass. He sat up by casting him. I think he's a naked beans, renown camphor, something our direct. I was just unscrewing water bottle, get unplanned little. I really play pick approves it just want to get some shots up after seem Tatum today self I came back. Basically what happened was the end of the game. You are there. I was not, and then I was sort of annoyed that I wasn't General malaise, so they went outside and get some shots up, and then I came home to research for like an hour, but I just sat there and I don't sweat. As I was writing down notes,
different topics. How do you know if we'll get to these notes, but that's where I'm at right now, so that was a nice ice, cold water, Jayson, Tatum, past and invisible today? That is a good sign for his assent in the soup, Adam they were sending early, doubles Adam Scylla, early death. Who was that had at one point the first quarter and then it just see my key was on pace to get sixty points and then finally, the Lakers relax grew Screw were taken the barber your hands as soon as you get over MID court. It was the first time I have ever seen: do that to him. I thought he handed it fairly well, but there is definitely Tatum Leubronn back and forth. All that stuff way, and then it ended with not only the huh and all that stuff after the game and then the brine commemorating it with the Instagram Post, talking about just raving about Tatum eight when he does the fight that you fight. That's it
yet I mind trackers it all hundred percent genuine, which are pinot noir. If you really caught it sees his place in the game like four for all the look. There there's far more positive, the broader I'm literature repetitive about that, but when you're in the limelight is much the same as envious of things like. Oh, what is that? What is that? I really do think he relishes the eye. But he's kind of that old guy, but yet is not playing like an old guy, I'm going through some. The number stem is unbelievable still, but I I think he feels like he's kind of his steward of the game, where he's always kind of going up young guys in and let him know how it feels about their game and people could say, is disingenuous. We would say always loved the spotlight like clearly he loves the spotlight knees. He is the ultimate performer, but I dont think its some thing where he thinks in the finals boy. If I put something on insecure about Tatum in February, when we match up in June, I want to be in his head. I think he like. How could you not?
be a basketball god and in no. How could you not appreciate would take him did today, so I think it is more genuine. The people give Leubronn credit, for I agree that is a one hundred percent genuine and I wonder what the genesis of it is with them, because he does as for the younger guys any does embrace like His role as the as the legend, you know, who has been in the lake, seventeen eighteen years, and it makes me wonder if maybe we He was on his way up some of the established guys didn't embrace him the same way, I don't really remember, but I can't imagine two thousand and five or two thousand and six Kobe doing an Instagram post after a great battle with Lebron cuz, the league was just different back. Then everybody wanted to kill everybody. How you know dead. There definitely is more of a calmer artery. I thought you know you go back to. I really the last ten games he's, I think, he's outlay
twenty eight or twenty nine a game. Seven eight rebound sees get into the free throw align its other stuff. We had kind of been hoping, That would happen, and we talked about him a couple weeks ago when we did the trade that I'm where it was like. You could see real things. There now happen, watching the game today. I think he's a top fifty guy now I just think as it to airport somebody who can create his own shot as somebody who seems to get better in big moments. In the way He'S- against the to allay teams as share, which is the ultimate measuring stick. I think, for this season. Something legitimate is happening here and I think it's the most interesting supply needs trend now, because you have to run a rip off when celebrate more, Turkey's headed toward some weird historical them, but we cannot, we know who these teams are. We know fillies messed up We know my aim in Indiana. Probably aren't gonna be there when it gets to April May June and Tatum as the experts. They're in the east.
And we saw wide today shoe excited about this. My properly excited cuz. You know how I feel about book. Tatum in the seas, no, I think you're right on with this, but I still think it's going to be funny that we we started off at five minutes on Tatum when they lost, but that's okay, cuz, your podcast. I was was, it probably is, is high on Tatum going back to a like. I thought he should again number one and the people called me and I had the receipts prior- the draft dad like oh ok, seated, like em- we all know how we felt about him after that Ricky Year and who knows his comment- have had an mba finals, him in a couple possessions break differently. It's the calves and abroad in LA broad, remember when Tatum threw down that dark and granted the bronze happy say when games seven they're gone under the finals again Bela Braun was was Joe, you're goin, like I got me didn't like Tatum, got me and then you have the car,
Ray season, which is exactly like it's a disaster and you go with him and inhabited Tatum and I'll admit like it The whole thing is started. I think, right after it has nothing to do with it. I'm not saying that, but I like you, I watch the steam pretty closely. I liked being able to talk celtics with my dad I can wait. It was Tatum for seventeen again today or what what happened here, one hundred and forty eight from three like what the hell is going on with this guy. It's a part of my first race. I started send, do I need to re, evaluate who Tatum is gonna, be because boss and people like I can't write of rather Davis, neither they would have traded in France, any Davis if they thought that was gonna keep Cairo there. If they were to do the Cairo Anthony Davis thing, I think they would have done Tatum Agri arm. You know what Why would you treated require? You know no like having granted it? I'm not you Tommy hides. It is the only polling results here, for what would you trade Tatum for, but I felt There is a stretch before this. Now you're coming out party, where I can look it up. You like for a guy who, I think, really
be a top ten guy. So my frustration with him was only because I felt so great about what his ceiling should be. Wasn't like I was off of them. I just went like hey. This is a month or so straight where I just. If he's going to be the guy that we think he can be He needs to be better and now not only lazy been that he shuddered at the clippers game really fellow to coming our party and then yes, I'm gonna go ahead in really gross people out here. It feels a little bit like Paul Pierce in and that two thousand one season where he had just been on this salute, tear he starts the month, for thirty Milwaukee, the washing drops twenty one and twenty four goes. The Lakers drops forty two and then actually missed eight free frozen. There came has forty two, the next game against Phoenix, and then he had seven forty four thirty six, forty one I mean he went on this absolute tear and I think that's when Shack first called the truth.
The younger sitting. There is a sort of Serbia like hey. I think Pierce is good, but woe like it's gonna, be, like others, like the number one player on a good team, because that's a difference It was like, is your team winning when you're doing stuff like this and the celtic surrogate team, but I still think the Lakers about it than it's a gray, with pairs. I was gonna, bring it out myself because it reminds me a lot of that stretch. Post Patino. And I don't think anybody in Europe Both. Let me Abbasid time. None of us ever thought. It was ever realistic that this out those were to make the finest and yet pierce one eleven there I'll send it became realistic and they made the eastern conference finals. He wasn't told ready and I don't think it wasn't like he was speaking as apparent. They embody put that first phase his career together, it's funny actual over and saw the countdown guys today, during the second quarter of the game- and I was Bacon phone appears, I was like
This data is caught on your corner. Now this get knocked crooked. You know cause Pierce, it had business. This e bay What is the best Celtic for whatever Mikhail is, who he is all? That's you going down the line, but Pierce was of the modern best two way forward and a guy who began had his prime at the South X and then ended in their basically the last couple throw years? But you know is it true celtic and I don't think anybody expected this Tatum thing to progress as fast as it did. I think Pierce embraces any loves it, but all those as jail and J lambs Pierce just watch in the second quarter and all the more like this is this is happening. This is on. So I think it's important for big picture standpoint notches cause we get stuck with celtics, but you It's it's the one I'm supply right now we always see sir, but he every year seems to take off January February, arrange right lay member two years ago. It was when Davis went up that huh,
Other level on all the sun was a holy shit. Is he TIM Duncan in the one guy right right around the austere break or maybe even before that goes up a level and it seems items the guy. You made the key point, though they lost the game the Lakers are still a little too big for them, and what really was happening that game was. You know the lake made it really physical on both dance and they turned it into a legitimate Plath game. There is people again shoved people jumping over the backs, hard packs people clawing first steals behind they there gonna get away with whatever the rest, let him get away with it to their credit, and they got away with a lot and made it and turned it into basically a rugby match which they're just more equipped to win and leaving that came out like man if, if if they can get the officiating in the playoffs, where, where is that
brought where Howard's allowed to just be around the rim? No three seconds Davis's lad to jump over guys back for rebounds, which you did a couple times. It big moments today, but their play by what the what the whistles we're going in that that was what was working there. Just they were just a little too physical for the celtic steaming. Yet I still feel like the south is crystal and that game, but did you notice there are some bully boss. Tough going on in that game that really felt a little May June is right. Absolutely you know, I think, over the back, those one of the more misunderstood things in basketball, Anthony Davis, going up against that front line in jail and brow was assigned to him. I asked the big. If whatever was whatever where it was clean? Where wasn't everybody China in across match or match somebody up and offer, Mr Sunlight that whenever it was a clean defensive set up chamber,
was guarding Anthony Davis and funding? Is all watch Davis and I love em, but then I'll be like men is doing that passive thing, and then he have like a couple moments, and he does. This, like Davis will know, he's been too passive and then it's like ok, I've, I've had it and I'm goin out guys it. He did that I'm kind of a put back. There is one where it was in the second half where he almost went too fast because he was gonna, be really aggressivity missed. What looked like a bunny yeah cylinder. Thirty two point thirty thirteen rebounds, but when you watch the course the game you most felt like he should have been more dominant in the celtic city illegal job Qana ganging up on him so near the who I don't have a shot chart up, but I can't imagine I mean pull it up here as you're Talkin, but it wasn't that good, but the problem is: is that
at that screen and roll abroad and Davis screws you up so back, as is the project and eighty Davis form an opinion were hole, so you you can't help, but but pay a little bit of attention to it. Especially the game is progressing. It's almost like play action is a line backer. Where re you can sit there and try to stay yea right you. Try to stay discipline, but there's probably good chance. A third corner. You gonna step two steps in the wrong direction, just because they kept running this play action at you and Leubronn is better than probably anybody in the league. Knowing where you're gonna screw up with your help in your positioning, and that, I think, is the difference between the Lakers in some of these. Teams were when they have that right to your point, that in the playoffs and they can be physical and all the stuff, in a way the Lakers or almost underrated. This year, if that makes any sense where I've had some stretches and I'm still not sure what the rotation as I was looking at some other five man stuff
like I know I can bet on that in the play ass. I know that that is gonna, be work and talk to deal with, and so many these other teams, I'm still sit here February going. I don't know, I'm not sure if this is what is really the playoffs? So I thought that was a long over the back answer. I just think big guys get too much shit for just being bigger than guys in front of them and they're not supposed to reach. So I'm not as big on now anti over the back stuff with others. Yeah that day they were gone over ties which I think was the different state. They once one state established an early on, it became a day at some point. You just get you gotta, just let it go because you haven't called that one piggy back onto your points that high screen with Davis. You made the player, for by analogy it's so true, because there is a plane. The fourth quarter win ties with Naturally, starting gravitate backwards because you just so scared a day thrown the basket, and that becomes the play action thing were then all the Senate
this as an open twenty five foot, but you don't realize it and then he can make that. Obviously. And then, if you plan to close to him, he can go, buy you bounce off, you get the car and there's just lock on mentally during the game, and I do think it where's down a little bit in what's funny is, I think the south are bad as well equipped. Defend them as anybody cause. They have their entire team, can switch right. So normally I was trying to get. You know. Whoever too. Switch Diamond Campbell Walker, whoever does indeed in and now you can do the the mass and ass thing, but though the Celtic said sir, bed Heyward jailing ties Tatum, and no matter who is switched animal abroad with somebody that could at least INA make them work a little bit the Davis thing.
They were saving Tatum, putting Tatum on them for the last five minutes which I had been waiting for, and I think they d want aware down Tatum and get him a foul trouble, but I think alternately tat if they ever played the finals or something I think that would be the key crunched match up, because the Lakers they took out there big eyes last five minutes they made Davis, the five and a day point now. You can have Thyssen and Tatum on the brine Davis and if they switch, your fine has Thyssen just weirdly really good at the fits of weight. So anyway, I that play action combined with the bronze ability to just barrel into people with his back, she did the jailer when they're down to play where he and he got the FAO car. He made the first free, throw Miss the second Davis crashing into jail and bogs at about they call legal bar but tat play where the bride. He did this in the two thousand eating finals to wear it back to you any just kind of going for,
left and right hand backing down using his elbows and you? I don't know, hey stop that it does feel like they could run their play every time he's getting wet. How stop that? What would you do the only thing you can really do is a jail did a really good job jail and stayed with em. You had one will abroad, intolerance can wanna call and he got him really almost got opinionated the basket Libra jail and never left his feet. He kept his arm straight up. There may be a little contact, the but I doubt that when the broad initiated it- and jail, and I dont know that you can do much more than you can sit there and try to say we're gonna send doubles, but you can't have ties leave Davis, Oh say you want to send size it him in double their he's, gonna throw labile ray. I mean bronze honestly, like he's like that, like quarterback Greek, you, actually, you actually are better off, not want to send doubles at you. If you get him one possession he's gonna burn you like the next few, because he's already it that's what you're doing and that that's the beauty of of watching him beyond everything,
I still can't believe they call that charge on em. I now He doesn't get about all anyone, but that's now most I'll never get that call on them. I know that the cause were frustrating. And the odd abounds thing it looked a little bit like it was Anthony Davis marked Jackson Cave the oh, it's obvious, which was like one of the least obvious things. I've seen all seas along. We watch these replace an ill, even people that think that they can see it's off of somebody's his wig. Unless the ball moves, you see a finger Ben backwards. It could be the illusion of the ball being behind the finger than ever really touches him, and I was actually I Imagined was like in the building it was greying and waiting and waiting great up until that report review, which felt like it was six five minutes. I mean as soon as I saw Mark Davis. I knew where just in trouble in general for the game put the most fascinating supplied. Other than the data they today was that coups. My thought had his most important game as
Baker that I've seen because they couldn't stop data. They couldn't sounds he must have had thirty points and a quarter and have it maybe he's getting tired, but coups but came in and really did a nice job on him and then made a cup or other players and was athletic and yet a block autumn, yeah Rondeau jumped into the conversation. It was an important I think for him, because you know I I still can't fix out what their crunch time is an maybe it's just They depend on the match up and who the other team as out there, but I dont think you can play coups and green together with Davison the Brown add. I just don't think I dont like those forward together so as a cosmic got the green minutes today. Basically, he just basically took green was good, would have come in and crushed. I'm Kismet took that Burma and then they have a guard. Then it doesn't, it doesn't seem like they ever want to play a centre, the last five minutes. So then it comes down to
every Bradley, Rhonda Caruso Group, and I guess he's just gonna- do it by feel this whole season re ultimately it really does matter because they have Davis in the brain, and when you have a game like that, where Heyward Blue, that lab would put the south, except for that committee, half left and Heyward. That was the full Heyward experience today. He looked incredible in the first half lost as confident second half, and it was just a whole gamut. This is what he's been like all season, when it really gets down to it in their final manner and those two guys on the four with you. I actually think the Lakers might be under it and then you look at what their schedules left. They think that going into this game, seventeen their last twenty nine red staples or something like that. So there's just gonna get easier. They're gonna run away with the one seed, I don't think anyone's going to touch them and
less Milwaukee makes the fight against and probably gonna have home court to. So I'm with you, I actually think they're probably underrated it. So it's a weird. I don't think that's the huge proclamation ever, but I do feel a pupil. I gotta to allay teams in words, but the other one, the second. I don't think it's close. I don't care I gotta go. I was last year and I don't care how good he can became the game to me. It's not close, I did. The Lakers urges better right now. Yes, gotta. How how I felt like, even though being out here in every Laker fan, will tell you all you know they have nobody frantically Davis. If ever you you lost, but the two times they played a considerable time, simply Yom. I think I have that right. I think I've been repeating now you're at it to be wrong on it and yet it even today of Boston, one this game like man, they killed the twice yearly smashing at and then they went at their place without Campbell and that game was winnable cause you missed it.
To Gordon MRS, were bad. The jailing pass out of bounds straight up out of bounds, detain him was terrible. Yeah, Marcus Smart had had some of those off Marcus Smart moments. Today, when I came in if you're gonna, exaggerated injury, don't pull up from thirty feet right after you been rubbing out a muscle like it, I'm not getting a. Doesn't have like a leg bruise, but he had a stretch like interjected at the end of the first quarter. It was a good one point game and it wasn't all just on Kanner but cannot become unplayable certain names. A keener, never got back in, except a sub in on the free. Throw for a rebound by smart, went, lay up bad, let black add lay up bad like impossible, lay up leg, injury, exaggeration, pull up three leg: injury, exaggeration, pull up three accounting like Jesus to rely, yeah and so on
it was one of the seas- rum at Home- and I'm going- I just expect the Lakers win this game. I think they're going to win this game. I think the better team and yeah if you're, selfish and you like- are you kidding two point loss of their place with no, but the more I watched them and even Texas somebody with the Lakers, it who's, your five le coeur, you who's your five novel rule by the way, as you never answer that but Davis, Leubronn crews, Magrini, Slash C p. R issues may not cp gateways Britain, here's is pulp, yeah Casey P, but then it was like. You know: Caruso's cruces, definitely somebody that that your trousseau doesn't really play that much for the invite eight minutes today and it always feels like they're good minutes when he's in there. Maybe that's just the home crowd loves him that whole time, but I don't know that Fogle you're right
no, that Vogel has to come up this obsession with who you're seven and who are you re the way this league is now indifferent match of different nights at everybody sizing down more more, I don't. I don't know that it's necessary like a popish, feel and leave him in there and I think Vogel still likes Rondeau. Despite some awful stretches, Bertha Rhonda was really competitive today. I think the Celtics thing in cagey being their fired him up a little bit. So I I leave this even with a two point. When going it's gonna be hard for me to pick somebody at least the way it feels right now lay family against the way in the class. Release need at least in the West will see what happens in Milwaukee Rondeau at the very least, gives them an option for the bronze out of the game, and he could just do the two men thing with Davis and they have real, chemistry in its you know it's something at least, and Bobby, I'm very low at times now. I know at least compared to leg. Think about what the celtic sad for their second. Secondly, remit: this is the last thing in them. Where I want to move out of the papers. You know they never
created the Wanna maker spot, and I think they probably thought well in the plan. She's, not gonna play anyway, but then you see a situation today, there's no cumber the drop off from even if combat paid twenty five minutes to the absolute turd that want to make your gave them. A water maker was actually losing confidence during the game. You can kind of seed on the court you gotta Park, MPEG tobacco producers. Really really bad kanner can or was the other guy who is supposed to be Thyssen Kanner, you know against certain teams, they ve been borderline, dominated the position where thou they'll put like twenty five and twenty combines the fight that and yet it first whatever reason, Brad doesn't trust him against certain teams, and it's not even like I'll, throw him out there and if his battle Take him out. He goes into the game, going, I'm not playing his. He will see. No actions were so they don't. They weren't but to get that by our guy. Who could play fifteen minutes at the five
And they weren't able to get the Wanna maker improvement guy and it still feels like their little short, and I think and issue I out with a clippers, so words equip break. Let's talk about presented sponsorship, procurator again, ok, fine and keep, whereas for your team can be challenging just ass, the Celtic sooner or later great lambs and breadwinner maker and ABC gave today CAFE Sera, don't miss Miskewicz could relate he needed to hire director of coffee. He posted jabbered, zip greater. He found the best person for the role just a few days, and it was somebody with better by handling skills them breadwinner maker for
five employers who post as they prefer to get aquatic, can it through the site within the first day. I know that some possible that doesn't sound reasonable, but those are the percentages. Eighty percent right now my can try Ziprecruiter for for free at dot com. Sash be ass. Its special euro said do that cypriot outcome. I shall be a zipper. Greater is the smartest way to hire right here, is my eye coopers question, for you Adam Silver called the clippers right now and said had talked to ok, see you can have Ado over on the pall. George trade.
I'll, just reverse it shall gallery come back. Ok, see said, though, keep half the page, you can have the other half with clippers. Do this waited aware so you're actually talking like not just to do over like a compensation tax, but we put everybody through this. You can have gallo, so just reverse the picture I revisit fixing to let you answer your own question. First cuz now you're hot on this right yeah, it's seven picks it's for a protected one protected in to pick swaps. That means in twenty one the clippers give them the Miami pick up some protected and unprotected pick in twenty two. They have a lottery protected, pick in twenty three and potential to swap an unprotected in twenty four, a swap and twenty five unprotected in twenty six. I struggled sing unprotected numerous times there
What is your answer? I mean you could argue Paul, George, for as Jean Gown area, just as a tool for one day, the last year has emerged a share in the way gallows playing just as a too for one you might rather Bestia encounter. You really. Might I now here's where any Cooper fan I now because of them are freaking out about this straight. At this point, they're you to do that They know tomorrow, only way we can get a. We had to give up all that. I'm conceding that point. I'm just saying. We knew ass. J was good with no, he was gonna be. Would he became right away this year and if you just think, if they don't do anything in there all those packs and they had those Miami pigs in play, J Gallo uninspiring if they had somehow been able to commit quite a car,
without having to be hijacked into that Paul George Trade, basically, were they giving away all the assets they have? Basically for two years of Choir and Paul George, this did not turn out great, and I don't, I think, even if all this works out in their favor and Paul George, comes back and everybody can stay healthy in the playoffs. I think what they have. I still feel it. The Lakers are better and there's a chance that they might not make the finals over the next two years and they might get completely gutted and look I hate, I know this is backed chair quarter, backing all that stuff back see quarterback, but my point is just pure basketball, for This team for what we ve seen this year, I think they would have been better off with as Jane Garner. George has been hurt this whole season and then one is There is kind of a ball stopper You now and it s a little bit redundant with Croatia in some ways, then they go
they get Marcus, Marice, another boss, tapir pen last week, the coup de Graf Reggie Jackson. Yet other ball stopper, who is isn't afraid at all. The biggest shot of a game with thirty seconds left. I dont like the make up of this aim and I actually think it more likely that they will upset and ran one that it is that they dared made the finals. That's my had taken the day. Has that so you would pick the thunder against them right now in the six three match up, I'm saying while that could be the sixty match up your right. It is right now. I'm saying it's more. If you ask me what's more realistic than making the files with it they have right now that their basically stuck with into the spring or them getting upset in the first round. I think more likely they get upset in the first round. What have they showed us for the first four months? We every time you do pack as we talk about this team carries-
stuff fight, they want for titles already, there's no consistency at all they getting there asked by the kings. There's there's seems like over and over again the quotes from the clubhouse. Rhetoric is off a team that seems to be in more trouble than maybe they're letting on, and if I was a clipper fan out, he's losing my mind. I'd be completely panicking because you're all in at least two years. This is it. Do you got both of these guys could leave in two years. So you know to two at Reggie Jackson and Marcus Morris. Be your big moves. I think they're big, big mistake was not really trying to get Thompson Summer and whether it could be the same package they give together for Marcus Morris baby. You put in more. Maybe we need put zoo back on the table to place all the stuff he gave up. Marcus Morris I think, they're a guy short, I think they're too small and I dont trust the polish,
The whole thing. I don't trust that he's gonna be healthy for the rest, the seas and do you know I definitely Jonah rechargeable guys missed over twenty games and evil. He came back replay that Billy game you can see. Some was wrong. I don't love. Was re aggerawayter what you re at three points, the first half someone was Paul, George, it I've always struggle George, I always have because I know the numbers are like this: guy's gonna make an hall of fame, and yet I just think, like a fox, guy a kid you be like hey: can you go the other one but there is no room in his one night to doubt asked for heavy afraid cover he's gonna. Just way in that one, because there were good, not us, on an extra spot that one state my the original point here. So let me preach give you my air sermon.
If you're a gm, you spend your whole life, hoping for the opportunity to add quite Leonard in Paul Georgia Free Agency now Agree with you that I'm maybe the thing most fascinated with when it comes to just being a gm. Is you couldn't given him six picks thick like with SAM de I I need the seventh First rounder re, an lords frame He winger gone nope these, like I need this. And they like or offering six like he can't, but you can but then again, If you're the guy on the phone, you want to go back. A barber and say: hey: we could it had climbed Paul George, but we just couldn't do that seventh pick and twenty twenty six feels like it only Physic for first should guide this done. I don't know why there again, seven, who also gave them for first address Gallo forever and quite rightly so- I was
owing to the guys in Toronto like before it finally happened. I told you about this, you know it get the car like have just at dinner and co. I face time somebody with a rapture saying: hey: can we get Paul George? Could we get Paul George and I couldn't like use that cause there's a chance if I get it wrong, like everybody in article I stuff wrong, guided our european totally true. So I think that the event even the counter to you, I get what you're saying I'd love to know like lie, detectors, Presty and then Frank and in just say what would you have been willing to do? What would you said? Yes, what would you said no to, but this whole point of this is to put those two guys together, so we can say Paul Georgia's redundant, but when it looks good, we feel like hey the clippers. Do in that thing that we love with Barcelona. We love about Boston, interchangeable wings, jail in Tatum defensively offensively can play off of each other. Well, we were just talking about how like these were the J G version of it? Not it seems dismiss.
Of talent, brown. Vienna goes diversity version is, is quite a George. I think your best point is that they carry themselves like this team, the done something in odyssey. Like imagine of Toronto, clay doesn't get her golden state finals win a way to win game seven. Would we look at this entire clippers and Kawhi thing entirely different? I have a wood even look glad I was gonna have made my best buy it. It's about the camera. Are you ready Blame collide, Leonard, look at the basket options that he had heading. On ten July. He could have gone the Lakers and played with Anthony Davis and the Brown James. That's that's a rap right, at least for next year's, or He could have just gone back to Toronto, even if those for one year and played with the team. He when the title with a t,
had cr come. You know, I don't think it was inconceivable boy, nine months ago that the outcome is gonna go up a level. He was playing its those guys every day you put. You put a co this year on this year's Toronto steam and that's a potential sixty seven sixty eight when team or the other option, was to go to the Coopers forced them to trade every asset, they have for Paul George and now you're stuck this team were your team- is Paul. George Harrow Louis a sham it, hopefully a couple by our guys zoo batch. That was the worst best. Boss situation three, regardless of the palm George shed so I wonder leg. If there was a moment where the Cooper had a meeting and we're just like hey man. Should we should we talk Hawaii, like, were actually better off not doing this ball. George thing, She is really good and we'll have waymore flaccid
without those pigs and gallows expiring in may be asked a blossoms, and maybe we have a chance to really build some. For the next four years. They probably thought about. And I think what happened is I think, a why that he's. Looking at this as a to your thing years, plus maybe more. Who knows but really like. I want to succeed the next two years I dont care If you give away every I say you have it doesn't work out. I just won't be there anyway, you gotta be the one. That's great I'll, just be on my next to him. So I don't know- I mean this to work out where they have to make the files when these next few years, will go down in history as one of the disaster trades. Don't think they basically gutted their team there a decade, Others definitely ending this. We're both those guys opt out and are like a careless do this again and in twenty twenty one, and you go- oh my god. Oh my god. It's it That's bad. Is it cut? That's it that's like that
can trade multiple by five percent. Whose, as J, who has a chance to be an all and a guy like next year, yeah, but they weren't, they were getting Garnett Pierce. Now. That is one that one's way worse because is much, is your peers? Did? It still had, I think, more left in the tank when it was over Garnett. It was over like that means that while they are so bad and are not worth it their owner was gonna, be spending a hundred and eighty million here, and he just change his mind here letters I K, Axiom mackerel do that anymore, but I think that the Japanese are expensive. It is ass, jet skis and others that the disaster for the bridge-
thing was that when a crater crater in a way where you know now, the Celtics have Tatum and Brown because of that trade. So I'm just looking at it from a clipper standpoint, we're okay, see if those two guys leave the clippers into years. This that becomes to Brooklyn Trade x to cuz. It's more packs. I think, we'll be harder for the clippers, maybe not as hard as it was for the nest cuz. They were really got it, but you know, is it's going to be some lottery to take pics potentially, but Is the first time over the last two weeks I really started thinking about the worst scenario parts of this trade where you have power I don't even know what how many Paul George injuries were up to throw them lately, but you know he's at the point she's been in the leg. I think a full DEC Now- and you know their health wise, whether last year, before you're too shoulders was that his apex
Is he ever gonna get to that level again? Will he ever be healthy enough to play eight nine statements at our now? They man, I think it's really alarming. I think this trade is officially alarming. Maybe maybe I'm overreacted, but I don't feel I am. I still think you are, although I like this, isn't a you're right, you're wrong, because you very well could be right about this, but right now it still too early salami. Then he pushed back a little bit from this, please, because no, I could do more apology urge the numbers are bad, but he's taken have the shots from three. In our view, to keep Tommy's not healthy than one of what can I do, but just go on what are being told that he's not how they look he's not he's not playing. Ah Co. Wise, probably plane is best basketball of his career. If you look at some of the state,
agree he is actually for a guy and by the way, like some you'd said earlier about. Can you reach out said: hey we're actually getting better without Paul George, quite good luck getting anything out. A quite good luck! Getting to talk to him about any of your plants or his plants I don't know that discussions even realistic, serious Agamemnon internally funny about it. I dont know there's a hake. Why here's oral of our options like up? You know where you act, like, I don't think: you're you're alive to do that with him before free agency or during every agency, you're, actually seen quite a little bit more frustrated, though with rests in teammates, which you never see from this guy they have now going in cuz. I went back and watch the Sacramento loss. I mean they started three twenty one in the first case, I don't know what it is with them in these Saturday games. They had a Saturday Memphis game, where there are home, they lost one. Forty two one fourteen there is
Saturday game at Minnesota, where they lost. They gave up one forty two to them and Paul George actually play that game. They haven't had Beverly this whole time. That's another problem forum, so I we can overlook. Yeah, but wait a semi allowed starting lighted, the Beverly things here every year like surprise. There are Beverly that certainly he's not MR durable, so I don't know I don't know, but I think that this whole, like, I guess, the point that I should make twenty starting line up, say that fifteen guys start games? yes, some of the lights are out there now don't make any sense. Their top unit is two hundred and fifty minutes or top five me and units. Two hundred and fifty minutes want to compare that with the Milwaukee bucks that more stability, their top five minutes units play three hundred and sixty one minutes together. Like that's. That's, more than a hundred minutes off of our team. So having said all of these things, they dropped three James, they lost their. What's
we too have behind Lakers the one seed they were for games up on Houston, neither on the game upon Houston, with all of this that we ve just gone through their still thirty seven and nineteen in there's a version of this team that exists that I am not going to be dismiss above, even though it be a lot nicer if they could have played a few months together affair. Can you guess how many times in two thousand twenty Pa Georgia's paid? Thirty two minutes and again. The line is thirty dynamic, miss what twenty two games. I think, how many thirty five and performance as he added two thousand twenty, which is now we're two months at five. One he's played one in every four games in in whatever tomb, whatever two months again says he had a thing wait! Thirty, five minutes! Once thirty one minute's another time! That's it! I need the problem like the moves they bury their I was
and the record with Marcus Moors thing and then the the Jackson thing while good back talk about a guy who can win you apply came then lose you, for, I would say, Reggie Jackson's that there That's not a lotta reggie Jackson, suitors and as we headed toward the trade that, but the member has, in popping up and a lot of latter that won't columns. I don't know, I think there has reminded yeah- is the buyer market sort of like a vacation t shirt? Well, because the guy, that if Thompson was out there, that's a game, changing guy that somebody that they could swing the terrorists, eight other there. We haven't seen you know. Marcie Morris Z what use are they the Lakers game with? Did you
any minute that gaming man, I've found the Marquis force was available whose really really push him over the top. Most of these guys, most of these guys are a pretty shaky. But the buyer gag got the most excited about. You see the worries and dragged bender today, yeah the dragon he's twenty two. But you know when I first heard about him. I was like when these tall is a taller Dirk. It sounds good, racist, but a man I tried, I tried to get you more scared about the clippers. I did my best. It didn't work, but since we talked about em, I think it's a disagreement. I, like your ending, could happen. I just I don't know, there's a version of this too. I think if it were really this bad, you talk about them like a senator aid seed, incline to good there's. Another piece of this, though, and I think one of the region.
So many people are so excited about this. Last summer, even heading the season notches. Oh my god, we acquire letter on the clipper is the best Cooper about time. In this sense. I now it's a two basketball team town, but maybe they could take away from the Lakers. You know allotted dumb stuff. If you actually live in allayed, no, there is no chance will We ve seen the last four weeks since corbies, tragic death. There is now chance zero, none that this will ever be anything other than a Lakers town. It's a Lakers town through and through its the dna of the city and the cookers agreement second banana and when they get to the play ass. If they want a couple rounds so people on the bandwagon like they did with the kings in two thousand and twelve and two thousand fourteen, and you know it fell out of sea ever made, though whatever the Emma S CUP is called all that stuff, but does the Lakers down
and I wonder if I'm Bomber- and I think like I went all in on this and I really genuinely started to think I could turn this into a two basketball team town and now look at this gun out. There's no chance, there's no Hence I can build Man stadium in Inglewood. I can. I grabbed the coolest sweatshirts coopers. Have great sweatshirts, did a great job at their mercy, They have a whole bunch of awesome people. I work for them too well run organization. Now I love their staff. Loved and none of it matters now, not any of it. It's the Lakers town. This is all Lakers here they have. No chance so you know, maybe in in a world where maybe it is a good thing that this is a two year were all in. If we end, if it doesn't happen, maybe maybe the clippers D happen and away they may be made, they should move to Seattle. This doesn't work. Position hail Mary. Basically,
and not hail America's you're getting quite Leonard and you're. Getting put. George was one one of the timber Skies League, but now you have a two year clock, You have no indication zero that either those guys are staying in two years and especially with the way basketballs you in like shaking a though Bobo Rear now and I just think it so much bleaker that I felt like it was last summer September October, like I think they have no chance to make this a team tat. No chance. You ve only been here for what two years, how many clippers anything's have you seen? What's with the licked Lakers clippers YO for just things you ve seen as you ve lived. Ella does not close on, even though the number is
Is it? Is it ten to one low physical hundred wants out, sounded on it and think about it? I mean they add, but to think too ass yea, hey! We like, in less than two years these four teams added for, as you said, for the best players, Georgia's debatable top ten, but he's not that much further out of it. Even I have frustrations with him, but all for those guys showed it to the city in light just over a calendar year, and it just happened to be there when the clippers finally did hope to ever add one of these guys and creates see this fifteen fan basis. Every year going no one's ever gonna scientist I was just a Chicago. Their convinces, like a curse, ever add one of these guys? It creates see this fifteen fan basis. Every year going no one's ever get a scientist. I was just to Chicago their convinces like a curse and we think about. I suppose you could get a free agent forever and then what happened like they did. They got a couple in a very short amount of time, which was, unlike anything else. History, so when you could add those guys it at the
It almost can seem like there's no prices to excessive because it so hard to adding those guys, but that I think, is part of the problem that your target there were. The clippers is that a wee we batted quiet border, ok, but the other team who owns the city just added Anthony Davis, Leubronn. The timing of it was bad for the clippers to gain any found in the city near speak little white, guys dragon better heiress my Ann Arbor Michigan, you know renewed theory week, I'm giving you my theory the week later in the pot. His thing was he wanted us to discuss big white guys who are supposedly great shooters but really are not wear it like when they say, and athletes really funny, but their athlete funny they're, not actually funny. You know it's like all. He says hilarious, it's a nice actually that that funny relief, not funny but tighter right. So he says if near seven feet tall weight in you attempt threes feeds,
mainly assume your new, it's good to point out, as exhibit a brick Lopez average. Thirty six per at last year, everyone thought he was quite Thompson. Exhibit B. Remarked in thirty. Five saint free play fill the percentage every time our balls gain the necessary shock that he didn't hit, that semi tested three and then and then he said exhibit seed, nickel Ameritech's supposed open space for the bucks, His play average shut twenty nine percent of trees average in the plants? Thirty two percent Is there something there with tall white guys who could make a couple threes and we automatically start to think there? he's dead. I shooters and there really not. I kind of like this. I have an entire brook Lopez theory. Or I could even go Sola like I am, would probably an hour on it a mind. Some nuts are going to use it yet Those numbers need to be worth is Brook is actually cause. I was looking up a lot of brick Lopez stuff today, based on this. This theory Brooks three points
or down, but they ve been pretty stuff. It's like pretty steady, solid. You know when you around thirty five percent around that size. I don't know if this year's an anomaly or what's going on there. I do think there is some serious I played pickup games rosy, only white guy, whereas open everyone just scream shooter right, that's felt I felt a little presumptive. Maybe they now darlin Burton's yeah Davis Burton screws us all up. For everybody, though, cause he's just he's, been wet for his entire career out there. Forty one percent and he's been over forty percent. Three he's he's it. Forty two percent and eight three point attempts Oh he's averaging forty, a game of fifteen, I'm sorry, so others we need to be lower because I just looked up might miss Gallagher. Scholars numbers are actually pretty good neighbourly, seem to love him as a pick and pop guy that it was a cabinets literally. The only thing you can do. This is great. I'm glad he brought a Britain's cause. Had us
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Can we remove smart team status from this bears I'll give you. I'll, give you seven moves. They ve made just in the last two plus years. Pow disarm, they gave forty eight half a million dollars for three years and had to buy em out within like a year and a half they get Patty bills, fifty million for four years summer to does something they traded. I envy and green for the rose in purple and a late two thousand eighteen. First, they traded Burton's, basically for tomorrow, Carol because they thought there also getting Marcus more I don't know, call me crazy. I'd rather Burton's a hundred times out of a hundred. They also gave Carol a three year deal which had a team option, for third year they bought out Mountaineer one still trying to figure out why they did that now, as in the rocket staff, the carriers cap next year, I don't know
the benefit of that as versus keeping him and having them is expiring. They gave He gave thirty two million for two years: less supper. They gave while the eleven million for two years who the fuck I would give him eleven dollars an hour, and then they gave them. Anti bury together. Did you know this right before the seas? It started a sixty four billion for year. Extension with dinner, to do anything cottages. You know, seen how his knee was washed infer year. Maybe let somebody maker shake it off or form whatever that everybody in the league has a point guard. It sound like there's going to be giant Murray market, so those are just move made the last three years: they're not gonna, meet the play, there are no man's land there. The last here it's really grasp the advanced, betcha eggs, lots of three all that stuff, my quest is all due respect to the spurs in everything they have accomplished and an unbelievable remarkable eighteen
run that they had, although waited Duncans retirement. But when it's over it's over, why do we have to say there was a smart AMC does doesn't the last year. There's matter at all. Your thoughts. So what are they need to get to like twenty five straight years? For you, too, to buy into their approach. I don't know, but it's over it's over. It happens, Supposed to happen, like ten years ago, you don't mean, like it's finally happened to him and the fact that even the team even made the play out last year and still almost beat Denver with Derek. Why, like shown up every other game. Ah, that to me this is all this is all just free free after you ve, you pay the tap. So I agree individually of itself. Does it make it on a sense, the Rudy gay his contracts at this and half his career go dig into that stuff, you like what did he do? What did he opt out of? Oh then he got that cut like what the hell he got her and then he got
like what is going on there, the desired tat thing. I think this is them going. Let us do this in case. Something happens. He really takes off because I think we all really liked him and we go up that's disperse smart taken and tonight in the first round the additives Before the injury, it really look like they had something. The problem, MRS he's, appoint, guard, that's a non shooting point guard which is kind of hard to to use. Even though three point Numbers Europe, it just doesn't really take that shot. Very often, he never gets the free throw line, and you know that vision. That's like we could like little things about the job. They that's not really happening. The Timor thing. I don't understand the router gay money. I don't stand the power money at understand. Burton's bouncing editor stand, but you know that Miss built around the markets in the second half of his career and a in whose consistently, despite traditional popping numbers, has always been this guided. Like you know, you really want to pay him all this money and I don't know No, they might, they might because I don't know who else is going to do it just as feel like their relevant, even the aid
because there's no real other move out there. So to me that, though the run was, overdue to even be like this, but yeah like out I'll, give you some, some, but I understand that a shot they want. So maybe they just that TIM dug in the ninety seven lottery and then in the two thousands Ray smartly went after these european guys and south american guys and foreign guys well ahead Everyone was thinking that way, and now this deck everybody caught out to all that stuff kinda gets old, and you know the idea of you compare them. The ballot shaken the pats, Thou Jack has over again figured out a way to adapt with whatever the hell is going on with the league even last year. Incredibly disappointing patriot season, they still went what twelve and five and lost by a point to a really good, titans team. That's how the season ended
now I am just I don't. I think at some point. What's when you, when you're, judging somebody by past performance, only at some point that as a shelf life, I guess would be my point and I just think they're, smarter teams, thou think their teams that have figured out a whole bunch of stuff In a much better way than now, does it mattered not really that an incredible it's in your right and their running on fumes? And a gravy on the gravy and the fumes of their gravy and it's all great, and that one of the best friends in those to the lake, but just had dimension in order to notice a nice? I need to know more about what was really transpiring with the topics. Have I've been told Lakers deal could have happened if it were Brandon Ingram that were included in it. You know I really, even if that had happened, and I think it proved it out, and I got beat up on this for like a year, but I really don't think. Oh, I wanted to be Leubronn slight sidekick, even Braun was telling him hey you.
Maybe the main guy like in it? The point is like it still abroad is so good, another Nebraska stand and watch you Houston Rockets style because he told you and free agency recruitment that it was gonna, be your tea. So no one will ever convince me there. Quite she wanted by with a broad and look, he just had the chance to any decided here, the clippers, ok to do his own thing and, honestly, like I thought that was the thing we want it. I thought that's what we wanted this machine. You go back ten years ago, which like absurd total overreaction, outdated criticism will run for going to Miami. He like going back to like what is this guy think he's doing and then because you are the first guy that eldest of so happens in the point that they needed, here is nothing number there here, trade rumours, whether stuff we read or stuff, we hear from sources, whereas I got cable. This team. Remove the sky, but they want to make sure they get him out of a conference ere if the. If the deal it if the deal is better
This is a really hard game to build your roster. Take the better deal worry about it later and so, love. You know what some of the other offers, rather because if it was like hey, let's punish Hawaii for baling, honest and sentenced or Toronto, like ok, great job revenge there and then the old timer was this past year deadline or it's like the Rockets want a move capella, but they love to get him out of the west. But yes, because that will alter everything we to putting a which side of the Country Capella ends up in. So this it's that entirely fair. What I'm doing here, but just based on some of the bread crumbs of information that were out there if San Antonio thought that there are punishing cool, somehow our making sure he wasn't in the West, like it's really short sighted and petty to do that. If your gm, because you're really punishing yourself. If that's your number one goal, because there's probably a better deal in a deeper conference coming your way.
Then just sing all go to Toronto. For you love they could have actually got branded Ingram fur collide. They should have done that they that's a better trade, while those people who believe that that was out there, but the Lakers wouldn't do that. So speaking, a tax systems are next time. Is, is this Rockets experiment actually working, Do we owe an apology? Neither of us like that. Neither rest I dont like watching the Rockets, I feel like they ve such you in there there's a tweet from me active sucked in a bit. I feel like I'm by myself, now go. There's a tweet from at EL tomorrow. Are seventeen which reads as follows: the Rockets have now played nine games in the Micro ball era. I love out if the he's defensive down, then this the micro buyer, to really desperately trying to get a book written about this thing, excluding the sun's game in which Westbrook didn't play,
record, is seventy one in those the Rockets about a monstrous one. Nineteen point seven offensive rating in a one o, eight point: seven defence raining for an excellent plus eleven net rating, There are a problem now so there's some there's some stuff on your one is that when the Rockets play whoever and this team that's going through their schedules, in Atlanta one night Charlotte, the next lay in Dallas the next then their plane, Houston and Houston's playing this crazy, fucking style and and actual too we plavsic? I have no idea, I know, as it seems like it's happening during the regular seasons. That's one thing! The other thing is, as I have no idea. I know, as it seems like it's happened. In the regular seasons. That's one thing: the other thing is there is nobody believes in US thing: that's been building with them their fan base a date, their fans, the media. They all feel like everybody's against them, everybody hates them. It's us
in the world. I think the prayers feel that way. Westbrook, who is just acted like a complete jack ass on the Thursday They game, which I happen to be watching. Zawoiski hate myself is he he's starting fights just random scrub sees barking at clay tabs that the ban should now all. Team is just as this fuck you edge to them and its cause. Working Bay. I watched the Utah game last night. I went to my little Ipad this morning, applied through it in that has never close and some, thing is clearly happening, wet weather. This translates an mba. Finally, prince I dont know. Are you
favouring it off from where we boasted that this was a complete gimmick and had no chance. I'm just looking back at the minutes here on the their seven want. If you don't quit the Phoenix Game where Westport was out like that, Lakers Game was was kind of a coming out party, for I felt like that's when everybody was watch it and just kept, expecting the Lakers to beat him the whole time you like. They're, not gonna beat him. I dont like watching him now, all of a sudden, by the way, the what'd you down the other night is like classic. What now thank you I can't get sucked any Darcy. Now. This is why, on the best, because I can't stand it, but yet I give Darrow probably more credit than anybody they are trying to slay. The beast was the golden say warriors, I've done this now twice where every time Houston does the thing that everybody else isn't gonna work. They ve been right in the the mob has been wrong, whether
making a million threes. Remember the first time we read about a right or Darrell's, like I love with his Julie team, to just take seventy three to see what would happen and as they were made do the NBA team and guess what he's right now really does it? The Chris Paul thing that's out of the work now he staggered. It was great a team very easily could when a title- and I say this all time because worth spring up, giving this credit other going to go small. This is stupid. This is going to work. You can't hold up here, oh guess what it's it's working and it's disrupting. It's not just say we take even more threes than before we're trading, twos or threes, who's up. The other team let go bear is not a great, often so center. I understand that and go bear. The biggest issue with him is as great as he is defensively. Any. Is that great, like that kind of impact he makes a regular season, is great, but we seen flashes at times in certain play off match of Sri Lanka cake and you keep him out there if you took place them again. I don't know what you do is go bear if their face each other to place in the more frustrating thing. Is it about his defence? It's you took six
thoughts were seven shots and had six prevents the conflict is really go there and it was six rebounds and thirty four minutes against the Houston Rockets and its growing. All these guys up, The unseen watch go. Bear like let whispered punk him a little bit like IDA What the hell that's about, I can't believe, like somebody has taken a swing it Westbrook Camp, where his act with the Gulf States warriors you're. The night was so embarrassing. It's like oh you're gonna, be like a tough guy with a half a g team. Like awesome, we ve senior boxing videos. Ah
but like I can dislike it all, but I don't need to do this anymore. They going to be like I've done this a million times and it, but it's just from a basketball and hey beef, bear don't don't analyze with the outcome that you're hoping for, which is that it doesn't work acknowledge that Daryl has has been right in the face of his critics a lot of times, but then this all ends with like I don't even know if it's a at the end of the sentence, because it's the next paragraph and then you go okay. But what about the playoffs? And that's where I'm like? Okay, now? What are we doing? well. That goes to the Milwaukee thing too, and I didn't we talked about this a lot last year and I feel even more strongly about it. This year. I've gotten the point where I can't even take the regular season.
Really seriously when looking at the overall stats and appoint their French on all that stuff, because we just now when we get to the planned that so much is different, it gets slower, you'll get used to each other over the two weeks, everything we ve already laid out a million times and my question: what does ragged thing twofold one? Can they just sis? in a firm and intensity standpoint, the how frantic it is. Can they just even do this for three more weeks at the level they met at first couple weeks. There then the second pieces, if you see it every day for two weeks, does it become like the bottom? ravens offence, type of thing where in the regular season it's what they had in the playoffs. If you had the two weeks to actually prepare for it,. And then I go K Lamar they like to do this, so will do this and you can kind of fix it and take it out. Is that what's gonna happen at this I don't know all I know is this: it's gotten
its rejuvenated west broken a railway, and I can't given up on him as an a even to the point when we talk but who should make the all star team? There were signs that was goes coming on, I was like I'm it. I just think he's done as that kind of prayer, but now it does fuel there's some there, some time man punch now with those guys were there staring carry themselves like relay lesters again combo matches heart not just hard in the heart and that's just like westbrook- has caught him
the side by side with him and its because they opened the floor form? So I guess, could us too that I still fuckin hate watching it? I'm just gonna say that ain't Westbrook cod alike give her, and I ve been married a long time with your date, somebody's pretty serious and break up, and then you go. I missed this person and give it another shot a great we both care about each other in a meagre lovin, more grown up. Let's do this and then those first few months, maybe weeks depending on how much of a nightmare you both are you like this is awesome like this. Is this person's making concessions are trying to fit in, and I look at West Brooks shot attempts per month to further this analogy: the first month, grass ample game, sixteen shots game November, twenty shots again December, twenty four shots again January twenty,
I've shots again up until Reese he's, he was averaging, twenty eight shots came and then they came back after the break. So is a twenty six shots, a game here, heat Westbrook for him to be better, actually needed to go back to being who he was and then now them opening everything upwards, five out without any version of some sort of pick and role of the big which Capella actually at times, even really good, with adjustment running it anymore, like it Westbrook reverting back to Westbrook has to into a better version of himself, because what we were doing, the all star stuff. We were totally fair about that was the worst year of his career up until him really taking off here, and it is now, taken threes. I ve had a moment that jazz game where they left the wide open like everybody is, and he didn't even take it. A kid you didn't bother is like ok, you know, and you took a couple used to perform, that jazz game inside no two, which is really funny cause. I complemented Houston, which I guess makes you think back and on the Rockets, but then jazz fans who are always.
Thirdly, it is so it is so embarrassing when who are the back to back guy- and I I still by tee on this, because every They brings up whenever their team loses on the second of a back to back a guest in India. History, no team is ever one on the second, the back and by the way you just had a fuckin week off. Ok, so that that loss was not bout, it being a back to back and calmly and even play in the first came back anyway, so the rocket you're right. It's rejuvenated Darrell deserves credit, but it is is always tbd with two absolute play, a flame out as their one and two options, Westbrook in two thousand and twenty so just the calendar year, right now January February, he's played seventeen games, he's basically thirty, two eight
Seven, the shock to me, though, taken twenty five point, four shots again, but a shooting fifty two point, four percent from the field and as you said, he's eliminated, three sees only taken two point: four threes again in that seventeen game stretch is six and have free throws, but he's actually taking good shots in like when the south explained them and harden were in Westbrook, which has gone to line over and over again, mostly shouts whisper took, was pretty good and maybe You know, maybe Darrow in those guys lifted this and thought we Have no chance unless was broken. Turn into Westbrook again are at so how can that happen? We have to quicken the pace. We have two completely open the floor. And that's the only way we can potentially Salem, where they smart enough to to think that maybe we're they smart enough to look at
Their numbers with capella with you know rebounding numbers rim, protection numbers and just like a man will were middle the pack anyway. Why not? I dont, think its sustainable, but. I don't think they're gonna win the way they were constituted beforehand. So I'm progress, lay admitting that this might have been the right move. Now it also made flame out spectacularly, but I think they were fighting. Spectacular anyway, and they were all in any way, and this was portrayed once it didn't gave up the pigs. So here's where I am reseller a picking them now, when the immediate idle, in fact, I'm here. I am guaranteeing an infidel. I think it's, I think it's an amazing backstory, ok boy, Let's just say, imaginary world hearsay was used in Boston in the NBA files. Who would you pick.
Oh, who would I pick if it was used in against the ninety six balls Houston outbreak, think I they Davy Almaty. They give. It ended up as unlikely as this If it were the finals with you soon, Boston using the Celtics would go to cannot be like hey. No, if, as we just have to cut you before, he lay on this kid, you there the second location, can you recover a trader that aid you want, cover the finals in tweet about it hats, his we're, not gonna, be able player against Iraq had cast. So you know you, we laugh about Houston makers. That's gonna be ran to. Maybe that's the only way to beat the Lakers is to throw the absolute weird is possible line up. Station speed thing at them Davis have whatever he's gonna have you know, look Davis are gonna score whenever they want to anyway, and you just try to be
with math innocent I get with the rackets are doing, I don't really like watching it. In fact I dislike watching it, but obviously they Dave, they looked at it from every single angle, and it goes back to it. Nash said when I did the potter them where he's like, if I wish, with triple down on all the shit we're doing in the MID 2000s in Phoenix we were halfway there. We should just gone all in on it. That's the Rockets are doing a tea this they, if They end up like making the files being the Lakers all that stuff. A were infernal. Insufferable few weeks is a fan base, and the men specially the media air gonna be out of control. We could Amerika will forego could be a lot of that for forestry rigs we're solo Herbert there
portray girl you fucker, burger rackets, twitter he's gonna be here is that it is used in Texas action. Now, but I should have added a southern accident, would have been better bit: hey resale, oh go fuck yourself of the earlier has that was a good What I did it when I just did it last year I go hey, you know. I know you guys think like Iser buys not by some other way. Fan base seem to think that bias now is defined, as you point out things about my team that our good brightly and fear. Usually fillies, usually the worst about it, but he suggests a sick. Everybody saying hey, I can't stand your entire approach to life here As for years, oh, and by the way, your baseball team, such a fucking cheaters, who can't figure out who say sorry right? Ah, you know like this so tough little stretch we'll get. You know that
bill, o Brien, putting on fourth down. So there are frustrated frustrated group of fans down there, but I can't This is why I think I'm so fair is that we don't ever you wanna, go small. All the stuff, in your dear looks at his team going. This is at work whispers, a twenty percent from three taken six a game. A few months ago the Whisper thing looks like a total disaster. There's no one in the world have convinced me that Darrell actually wanted to add Westbrook at those. First to his team, but he is very much like ok. This is gonna work. Silicious blow it up, try something. Nobody else is: doing. If everybody wants to go small, why would just be small the whole time and you're right, though I there's there's the play off part of if we start learning people sat start, jumping different cots around screens has just begun. Were familiar with it- would already go. Bear in a seven game series, be invisible where they have to cut his minutes or with somebody get to him and be like hey.
Will you go down there and b seven feet? Please, and it's not like you're gonna run your office to depose go bear but just go. Get us more than single digit rebounds get a second possessions here so that we can counter the fact they're gonna take like fifty three again well, where the haste and thing let the Good NEWS is they're, not gonna, minus it off. It turns out for the rockets they're, not gonna, remember every sign up hey I'm Brazil, oh I hotel room for you for the files. It's up your fucking That's all day yeah, it's gonna be there, but let's take a break up Talk about eight to guess on average how many days, people in the? U S have to wait to see a doctor. What would you say Americans have to? on twenty nine days to see a doctor, major cities, if you're dealing with a condition like erected dysfunction, guess what
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Far, as you add a brick Lopez theory that so good you're, just aiming for your pack. Ass, united, not even give me a test. So we look forward to hearing that on your back ass, my theory, the weak, Kyrie Irving. Is this generation, Stefan Marbury, plus a final shot, plus a game when you shot. Same ages, Barbary, two thousand for it After the next trade, when the disaster is today, as for guaranteeing that whole air of Marbury. But at that point Marbury you been in the league, I think, eight years he played for three teams. He averaged twenty and eighth May, the all star game twice to all NBA thirteen Kyrie, two thousand and eleven, two thousand and twenty three teams average of twenty two and six six all stars. The lad had to do with the fact that the guards are pretty weak east. What am I a second theme, one I may thirteen, I. What does that mean? I think
There is a real chance- and I say this devoid of biases and the fact that he ruined my basque losses- leisure, I actually there is a real chance that we might have seen the best to him. At this point and the reason I come in fairness that two Marbury is in for no five, that middle run when he went to the next is supposed the Saviour and then within a couple years ages, the you know got met banged up physically here Add some definite some had issues going on and the sudden he just wasn't an impact it a point of order. It happened really fast and it was surprising but actually wasn't that surprising if you actually watching what was going on, and I wonder what the Cairo thing, whether its even realistic to think this is somebody that is going to be. For eight to nine months next year, the year after the year after, whenever an impact I
or is it more realistic that his career just ten years to get weirder and weirder and weirder. First, the hires is born of the. I was pulling up, the Stefan Marbury each vaseline on you the epoch had they're gonna, that was stout July, that was July, two thousand nine yeah and more very member South excited Marbury, and it was, I got. You knows only thirty, one still really counted and it was like the ship had long sailed. I wonder, with this everything he said, I think, he's more physically band then Marbury was at that point of his career, but seem Anything railways is incredibly town to guard who couldn't stay out of his own way and then his body didn't really hold up, and I'm wondering if that's how we're going to see the next couple years of Kyrie's career play out.
To justify a car in the thing with what this year is that Cairo was cooking it. This is the best statistical season he's ever have yet he was unbelievable. The shooting numbers efficiency, though no facilities p, offers a perimeter guys, but it was like great here's another stop where they live. Whose when he plays, I got hell's goin on here like I used to sit there and I cannot say no stuff it boss enemy dig in. Let me look at the opponents. Ok, that's not really true! And yes, I you know, I don't really know that I was still the biggest wasn't a huge Cairo guys season when along I told you that one guy, that's really good on staff, which is kind of like knows where the bodies ability guess he's not coming back, he's comin back that entire thing. If, if you'll have music, that's total bullshit asked wow, that's amazing, and you know he goes to the whole year. The Milwaukee series Reese get this dumb smile on his face. Is there just getting smoke,
you're like the skies, really locked in right now, but doesn't it feel a little dismissive of Cairo and we know we could get sensitive about the motivation behind the stuff on Marbury thing when he talked about like look man I was I was out of it really depress recital stuff with with carry if its. If it really is justice, shoulder injury, and you know like he was really weird this year in they lost more games. We played really well. So I'm not I'm just not there yet with him, and I don't love em like we just did the pod last week, where I go. What's the safer bet that that Durrant inquiry after two years Durant's like a man like, I can't believe it, wagon of this guy or that they win a title even get to the NBA finals of the safer bets that probably the rent cuz. I don't know I don't know about this dude cuz. I still think it's entirely different, like being friends with somebody and then actually being your teammate for entire year and dealing with all that stuff. But I hope it is just a shoulder injury. I hope that its actually significant enough at ease missed all this time and I'm out
Those guys are going to want to play Boston next week and that's why he's doing this? Like look the guys missed a lot of games, so I don't think it's just about the schedule, but there's a because of that shot the safer. It is that he has PETE well, I think the difference between the two of them. If, if the theory is this is somebody that is twenty seven, it feels like he be entering his prime, and yet it feels like we're looking backwards and with Marbury. I think a lot of the issues that he was having was more mental and you know, and he's been pretty open about, over the years. I think with Irving the thing that would scare me as the physical side of this and the fact that. He's been really dig up in a bunch of different ways. Now I ask how many searchers easy up to at least three? Maybe four so is now you're talkin, these ed, multiple, nay surgeries, and the shoulder impinging thing, and
you know how to say some really erratic behaviour the last two years, and I just wonder you know you think, like the nets they feel like they, everything was led into this cap space summer and they end up getting these two impact guys, including to is one of the best sixteen parties while time and Read some degree with the tax to getting the rat, but in time there, hoping that Tiree new digs new city can in and BP candidate are listed in a second team. On the I again and now it's like You mean they got twenty games at home. We have, no idea what he's gonna be like next year, physically, and we have no idea if he said, buddy that when he's cooking, it seems to negatively affect everyone else. I'm his team. Made. A kind of stands ran a watches em and it doesn't really seem to translate into anything that special, so
I think it's really weird. We ve seen this with the NBA, were both old enough to remember a lot of guys that were really really special and really important and top ten top twelve you can over like T Mac, recital N, o seven or eight right now he had the new stuff, but He went from a guy who could be the best guy in a team that one twenty two straight games to this giant salary that is just good getting tossed around the trade deadline. It goes asked in the NBA and I think of you carries last year's years back to the cell tax, when basically miss that all players- frank as he had the knee surgery, everything happened last year and then this wasted year, that's three years now you now and like that That's not an insignificant amount of mba time. You figure have twelve to thirteen really good years in you anything
basically lost three, so I would be concerned if I was your best friend. I guess it's my point you have to be you have to because the injury thing seems to be overlooked and, like I said, like it's still new to them, so the funny part for nets, fans that argue about this. If they still think everybody else, has it wrong by Cleveland fans and teammates? Have it wrong the Boston, Boston fans? Have it wrong and it's like now, you you guys, got Kyrie and it's awesome, and you still have this hope, and I know I just the amount of stuff. That's such bull shit and if I got to respect the culture didn't if Brooklyn School to bright, want to go there Kenny Atkinson? It's not fit beards, it's not all this stuff. In our respect, your Dinwiddie in oh, my gosh carousel hurts really versatile. It's like hey rant. Where do you want to go out in a country? Where do you wanna? Go gotta pick our cool, that's it it's at night,
of all the words are so wasted on all that stuff, and I didn't look. We both don't like airy it, isn't about Boston, really isn't mono. Nobody wants to believe that I dont care at Boston. You don't! I really funny about the Cairo story is at Boston. I think has been aggressive and making sure stuff doesn't get out yet because they don't want to see like their trash inquiry and making it seem like an unfriendly and be a city for players, because if there is a lot of bad stuff about Cairo got out the big either Logan boss, just trashy another dude and all the stuff like they've, been actually really smart and proactive about it. Being like you know, don't don't share a ton of stories about Kyrie, because we do we don't want to make it look like were were bashing is because he turned us down, but the injury total is the most important thing you ve said because, wherever the ending is like that'll, be there
will you go what will happen with their groves liked? It took Derek rose forever, ever even be a rotation guy again and at that. Would that wits me, but nets fans don't wanna hear they just don't want to hear that. Didn't anybody that criticism doesn't get it and it's like now you you're the guys. I don't get it and the only other thing I would say by this- is, I think, especially for the people that are low younger, maybe like twenty foreign under or less than this and ere the name Marbury, and they just think like you know that vaseline on the on the internet and this guy, who is kind of a wasted town sundry, the guy, was really good. He was you know I, in my opinion, probably pretty similar could carry a lot of ways: the first five six years of his career when hues of cagey Minnesota. We felt like I was gonna, be the stock than a Malone. Cagey got a huge contract, Barbara got devils jealous unresentful of it wanted to be in his own goes to New Jersey. Dead ends up get traded to Phoenix and Allison.
Saddam ire together, and that really felt like something, but I mean he got traded straight up for you, some kid who then I want to be one of the best three players in the league. The next couple years, next best for pleasantly next couple years, took the nest to two straight finals: Then, when get trade, the next big but my mother lode form they gave up a lot and the next bans all fell egg marble. Has come home. Finally, we have our great neared sleeping card, so this- a guy who was a really respected and really fun to watch talent, fur eight nine years there and then it was over and it turned into something else, and I guess that's that I just wanna flag it, because I think people are just penciling it I'll next year, when Kyrie's back and it's like well, maybe he's not going to be back or maybe he's going to be at a different phase of his than his banner, maybe he's just never gonna, be healthy, so thrown that out there one more theory. This is free
reader. I am sorry Lyster Mitchell Ebner huh, as watching the Sixers. Are we sure Joel am isn't leg, Warren Coolidge and the white shadow. Others and the internet have noticed their uncanny resemblance, but it goes further most how the guy in the court, when he set them, had his best, there is, as team questionable. Listening, unquestionable charisma and taste fire many outside shots. That's all I had The joint debate is the one Coolidge right now that, as a reference at his lost, basically everybody under forty, so sorry about that, but the white shadows in an iconic show do feel little. A college within beads game, not a huge white shadow aficionado. It would suit others through certain times that you- and I will talk about things and you ll notice this those couple years I was too young to consume
some of that stuff now and whatever reason it never get back into the mix. I'll take my favorite sixers factor the fact of the weaker. Yet you ready for this one cat. So, like you a woman were deprived NBA space. We all I've done and watch the incredible win by fury last night, but I've just been all NBA Legos, a car kits get acclimated to get back to the stuff that I feel like you know the times we get a little repetitive, but then you go okay well over eighty two games, like teams, don't change dramatically from time to time, and so the Sixers have had one game since the all star break right: the nets, which was one of the weirdest games ever because they're up huge and then the next one, I'm like a forty four to eight run and the Sixers who are incredible at home still on ass to the nets at home, but they want and overtime in so everybody's lookin for them a walkie game, the Philadelphia
against milwaukee- were fully hit a million threes and be did a great job against Janis, but it's never deterred. Yadda yadda attacked him again last night, but that was a fluke Philly win because they, unlike what they normally do, where they miss but shots. They were unconscious from three point yet and so the pre game it maybe even a sit down Rachel because then it like played into the mark Joan, It was a march on she be broadcast and there are like well. You know indeed feels like the real turning point of the season. Was that win against a clippers right before the all star break up? Ok, so let me get this straight. Were fifty plus, we still don't know what the rotation is forfeits blamed for everything and horsemen, add the really locking Orford as centres all sorts of numbers. You're like that's down. That's bad shooting he looks lost out there to you. Now looks like he has no legs either.
Yeah, I think so confused still like what the hell. What am I supposed to be doing like? What's going on in our yet shake Milton with drives and granted look bigots blasted by a walkie Simmons left a game of back. So we can go ahead and do that really achieves a programme whose aim anyway, when you're that bad on the road, but for a bead to say it. Maybe it's that tiger thing we're Through years of his struggles, he would tell you he's never felt better in he's. Never strict ball like I am never strike the ball this well and in months and all the stuff restored talk yourself in. But for me to suggest that that was a turning point and they played one game since the seas and turning point sounds like somebody that is either making it up or doesn't get it, and I like it, be. I am at I just ran out things about the Sixers, I'm trying to think about as Sixers fan what kind
silver lining I'd, be looking at as we head toward the you know toward March and April, and I I I really don't know what that is, and I don't trust the coach it's a weird team when they have other light, if it has when they have other gonna browsing internet losing time out in the future that need those nine. Horford thing in the hare stain those those contracts, I think, are untradeable tradable so going forward, thou flexibility either. So I don't know it's a break and then we're gonna. Do a little game interrupt the? U S posed to serve. This has issued a warning about email scams. I clean to be from the postmaster general. Why?
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a powerful ally for your cyber safety until March Eighth, you have come here until March. Eighth, save up to forty percent off your first year, gotta Norton Dotcom, Slash Simmons for forty percent of Norton. Slash Simmons. I. In a play in or out I'm gonna give. Some names, you tell me Here in Europe, com Sexton, there's no em out it still too early to be out I'm out on the calves, but I don't watch him enough and the garland thing is you know it's so there's no out for him. So I guess I'll. Just by default sayings it feels unfair, say out. In her out the Cleveland you're Talkin about what it feels like ie we'll get, somebody will trade for him like a year from now
I now find the right time and will actually be pretty, get I'm starting to wonder like I not the I think on this in this on this actual Cleveland franchise, I'm out and everybody there. I think the reset button start over the coolby thing. Wholly macro Maybe somebody on Twitter had a twitter like seven thinks he's done in its catastrophic he's had multiple higher fire coaches the same year things and on top of some really bad contracts and trades in in man. They easy. Even if it gets all Gilbert honestly, I do think that school often I don't know when it's going. Well, there are saying it's the GM when in fact going, whereas I I think it's the somebody else, legwork everybody so desperately scared
It just criticise GM cause. It's such a GM liquid with the ad info business there, all like commodities and information. All that stuff seen ever see James get ripped anymore. He would be human blood air think are the two leading candidates to just you know, tat. Just a hippies member number one said that he peace once of who is a guy named Chris Grant when I was the guy before Griff AEGIS them, Polish Chris Grant windows I ah dislike of classic just I feel the nation of the Chris greener and in you don't see, pieces like that anymore. We're somebody just takes a gm and just rips apart. Whatever their plan was it's the best kind of bad, it's so much friendlier now, but man. I think you could do that with the cabs of Koby Altman, next one, just Winslow you enter out: they think they gave up. Couple ass, I'm out what they did now mean why they did Memphis
you dig into that and you go with me. You took on how much money you white any options with cap space. You did this fur guy, that's not even in Miami rotation, as he can't stay healthy, they d be the kind of thing a virus. GM. I go hair like Justice Winslow. I like the way they used him. Ok we gonna do here, I'm gonna give up. It would all who you and I both were like the little overrated right now. I d rather be in right about that and you go on, but to take on how much extra money you add up all the extra money they took on in that deal. For somebody Winslow who you don't even know what he's gonna do so I'm I've had, Well, I've been so in on him for far too long. We love those stretches. Replay point ran the offence. I don't know I would ever be doing, that would Maria, but I mom I'm I'm just out on the total package of what they did on that Furthermore, I read about it, I'm in on him on different team, I'm out on him on that same visit that Canada, but this whole this new era of NBA teams, Tate taking on
twenty six million of shady salary, because they're getting. You know either have decent asset clearing cap space in here very odd, I still think I was one of the few people who just was completely confused when Atlanta Carmelo entire salary that you're to get rid of Dennis A like a really should pick and people who are really move these and other I'm very gloomy, really move by Travis shrank, another great one who chat with his name: Travis Link, yeah, that's it It's not a closer travel. Try I'm with you, I said I'd know now. I still think that chap space is overrated but to blasted out for justice. Winslow is very strange too much. Yeah yeah cause you
Silken absorb Saudi out, and then they still waved d on waiters were apparently that's just the we don't want you around at all. Where issue is? Is it more valuable Two to hang on to him in here is a potential YO trade trades in our salary. You everybody knows I'm trying to say here when it makes more sense to keep the twelve million to pretend some trade, but that doesn't guarantee the trading to be there. Does the guarantee to cast me, but now it guarantees that none of those things are even options, and that seem to be a lot for Justice Winslow. It's a very strange way to build a team or business labour. If I'd text here hey man, good news, we landed crystalline, we have always pods, but Had to take thirty million dollars and from some do than the SSC Network, you said the pay that, through this pay to have them
three years, but I'm super site like where James Johnson is paying forever. Next inner, nice red yeah, we're going deeper young deeply, the dark recesses elite, ass, not read. You enter out in, like those do trapped in a mine, I'm all is well I no, what he had lurking lurking in it background that he is not drafted, but he is a big man who can shoot, trees and RO the rim and defend the rim, and I was really press by having the Minnesota sought the game over some pride in it. But again no idea with us as well as the going out, though, does
Maxie places ass off. I mean thirty six percent from three right now and has taken a few a game, and you know it's easy makes us free throws. I he's twenty decline wanting next in her out any wing on ok see. Are you in on anyone Pickering pick a thunder win anybody one word, but this is obviously not including Deniro right now doesn't get the younger ones. Yak. Is that right right? So you ask me for Terence Ferguson: take about about Lou Door, about door getting to start the other night, I'm just out of a draft it out, I'm blind out and everything. Last one Luke Walton Aigner out, I watched
Romano game. They have more winds and you think they're their expectations, because the thirty nine wins last year, I was really paying attention to some of them. I I mean I mean there, but I feel like the weather talked about. They are five games out of the play off the tin games under five hundred the way the written about it feels like they have five wins the sheer and nobody healed coming off the bench. What he's been better, the even Giles who they declined, the option on which seems a little excessive. Just to save a few million bucks stay out ever shroud option or stupid, but he closed the game like in a clippers game. It was close on Saturday when you just expected, goobers gonna make us come back, Giles is out there close it out, says Bogdanov Ich its healed, its Barnes is Fox and they did some. They did some cool stuff there. So that's a lie.
Long lukewarm in answer, but I'm in especially since Rondeau hated him than that makes me feel like a loop must be doing some right. They have good wines and some emphasis twenty in twenty eight, but as a really hard schedule about the come portal just one night there there, like basically three back New Orleans, is lurking Antonio seems like they're out Sacramento Zella Other, but yet, when you think they they got less than ten games from bag with the season. I think- and I and it doesn't seem like he's coming back like that in a really you know, talented conference, it seems like twenty three thirty three is reasonable. At least
last week the bonus in her out to sea can do two minutes on this. You love the packets, that's love the Puritans! That's your team, David after them, is that you fasting right now, you like all the shooting. I taped that win against Golden State's. That was official, that was in the books, Zion, twenty eight and seven and a couple times there for your boy, what one slash six of the free throw line a third point night here: sears it it is what it is and every team is trying to do. This is what they are trying to do right there. This is unbelievable, see with somebody's roster builders. Can I, everybody out there make a shot. I mean it seems impossible years ago we accepted two or three guys. What some
guys that Presti had around Russ and Katie Orthocare have these two dinosaurs, but I want three guys you never have to defend when I put three guys up there with them that are just not even close out on them could be awesome, but Ingrid can make buckets. Zion is humiliating guys, humiliating, bigger centres favours is not is good, I wanna be, but he steady and get your bucket. Gives us a better shooter, not from a very thorough line. Restrepo shootings, good drew and get you buckets. Nellie Nellie there I'm serious disrespect. The other night Hassan Whiteside was like I'm supposed to guard the sky. What's he thirty, four c from Cuba be configured out. Action, Hate Braddock, no longer heart, we ought out of the entire
rotation haze is probably the only one is dependent upon somebody else. Get him a lobby, get you a bucket. So that means we're talking about eight to nine guys on any given night. They can score, they do play Jackson and Alexander, watered and play in that a gold staking. I think they ve done a really good job, putting together a team. Do you have Guard almost every single person gets minutes and the tat the Tehran onto them. Nineteen motto is and play with them like what you said. That's it everyone on the court in can create bucket. Now you always pushed back at me. The whole eyes caught the entertaining as hell turn him were you only guarantee? The seventh laugh seeds are the six plavsic's everyone to do it and then have a. Internment for the seven see the It said whatever and an absolute or one game, elimination winner takes all aspect. People are split on what it's a good idea. Not to me the two thousand twenty parkins are exactly the reason why you have something like tat because
as for a variety of reasons, they got started a bit too late, not that realistic to meet the plaster they have a chance. But if you put them in a thing elimination tournament, going to be ready for that, because it was so much more fun if there in the playoffs and basically any of the other candidates, I don't think they would beat the Lakers. We talked about it last week, but man would it be fun and talk about the physicality of, You know the broad and I envy Davis, overwhelming people guess they're, not overwhelming desire because fitted, I heard from her. Reliable source that he is over three hundred no way you don't believe it, no, I do believe it is, I think, sometimes with guys get like really big it so hard to tell the difference
three, three hundred and two eighty, why think? I had always heard a brand in two thousand. Eighteen was at two ninety and I believe it right. He think, like he, six nine. And just so much muscle in his whatever, like it's not unrealized, I don't know I mean we did the vision class, who ninety seems think too high yeah seems a little high. Just does Ursa Thyssen furies to seventy. In his six, nine sees the same height is leubronn. But would you buy two eighty muscles heavier than fat. The broadest, certainly more muscular. That's a great that's a greater now Jude and fury six. Ninety seventy, but I think,
as bigger than tat of the various you think he is, I think fury looks enormous, but I also think you furies legs, like I think, he's top heavy. I think of it. I don't think you're his legs are probably as big as the bronze. If you put libretto boxing tracks, I think be pretty terrifying. I want to talk about that fight one second, we got you out quickly, go through sham face syndrome. Got. A lotta nominees from the lesters excellent Think some people are confusing this for the allegory team, which is not fair and start an ugly team translator it is a looking you're very more yet down it, son I'll, get it it's looking at your face, surprised, you're basque, about where I should be. A shit afraid of in the last five minutes of again? So, of course, guys Joe angles, came up. The most cow Corver got a few handsome guy battleaxes distort the stern sailor, racist beloved of, although hang in there, Chris Middleton creatures get it
Chris Middleton a good one. I saw him in person also are we the way is like he's, got like slope shoulders, yeah, there's nothin about him that says killer and then by weather, other now you go where's middle tours, Middleton its economic score, twelve point straight here, yeah! That's why you're pretty good Middleton a good one though I was good sky just was afraid it was gonna, be do also called the shame it face Games called name white guys and we were here's another announced he got. He got a lot of votes Brad Wanna make her got some. Both so did Davis Burton's, Darya Sarge Those are a top seven and then yoke at you. You actually mention when we talked about shamefaced last them the more interesting was the retired group, which I never to aid starting five with a six men Jeff or in Elden camp. He deter Hulu mention Charlie Villain waiver sandcastle
an errand Williams, the nets than the lefty nets rebounded. I like those good with that. All time, shame of airlines, the UK's Williams, is. Like, I don't think you're gonna be a. He looks like he would kill you if you work in a door right in the b, packing strict right a then he was actually get a nice I'll run their light with a nice run, but he doesn't. He doesn't look like he's gonna, be this. Do this plan about years, the NBA What are the best ones ever for shamet face? Wasn't even in basketball, Tennessee had this running back that ran so hard like. Okay, like this guy's up just nasty just slamming into dudes, and then he took his helmet off and he was like really pretty and had braces, and I expected like maybe in a teardrop tattoo under his eye and a grill, I'm like what happened. Here like the way you play football. I didn't expect this and I know that just
another element. We don't open up to that. But those are those are really good. When what do you think the bread one Baker once good. What do you think about the elder Campbell thing? What was it about Elden Unclear. He didn't look like somebody who is sick, you, who is a six four eleven intimidating shop, Walker right by the way, on people mentioned whether this sham face could cross over into other sports and one person was very high and sure Bisbee? If you want to do either bring sham effaced to football or for football coach a biscuit face? I don't always stated that this is your thing not much. I really would like you to keep it a sham face, and if people want to expand it, we can expand it. Ok, let hatchet read: the golfer. Have shit face death.
A very good house involved and sham it faces, has ever laid out and a permanent added half of it re AL a list, a damsel wants us to talk about the future than now let's and whether there is a curse of Doktor J, which is so the curse of Babe Ruth, which didn't exist, but whatever the now, Curse. They sold Doktor J when they joined the NBA nineteen. Seventy six they try I found the next, that's it. Then they actually did send them to the 76ers they sold back to Jay and since then they have not won a title. They were the defending a b a chance this year, so they actually were defending champ and now it is to
and twenty. They have gone forty four years that a title- and they just said this: Cairo Katy, whatever the hell. This is pursued doktor, J, any any inkling that there are some there really think. Can you tell us more about the Doktor J transaction yeah, so This is one of my favorite random, stupid, nba history. Thanks Four teams join the NBA, the spurs the nets nuggets and the fifteen is Kentucky John. Why Brown agrees to disband it because he's getting the Buffalo Braves. I'm doing this. I've taught me how I think I'm right the sixteen is the same. Spirits, who were the worst team in the NBA, had a couple, whereas our the expansion draft and they delete the ideas like we don't want those guys we're dead and then there
well what? If we give, you will give you three million bucks and You get one seventh of the tv rights from each other. Four teams that made it for the rest of your lives, in the aviation is what I call that sounds great and then it ends up. In its written about it many times, events that they make hundreds of millions of dollars from this needle, how the faggot nets Who are the crown jewels the league for the whole reason the mergers happening, because they have acted, J, TAT, spanned. I think it is like for five million because there in the near next territory and the new I agree: it pair territorial fain, it's like five million bucks, so the Nets again the whole reason. This deal is happening there now like the whole there they're they're gonna lose tons of money, so they say that the next will give you doctor J wipe way back
territory, we're not going to go either five million whatever it is. I think it was five million just went that clean shears, Dr J, you not have the vote, probably the best part of the week other and the next your leg. Ah, no thanks. We just Spencer, Heyward we're not gonna, do that? Is it thanks anyway? They want to pay the five million right, like the five million, was either we'd much rather have the five million and plus utterance others, but we got Spencer Heyward then I'll get up. So then the next sir. The nets are like fuck and they go are there and then the Sixers like war, whoop pay him four million and will get back to Jay and then that's are like cool done and they make the trade, and that's that Dr J and sip on Philly. So ever since then, the nets have not won a title. I don't know if that's enough for a curse, because I think they were like
Are they going under that? Couldn't afford actor J, so wasn't like China Phenomena, no, no Nanette or wherever that Louis so where's it which about I just laid out for you what you about personal curse, audibly, curses, ok for we go. Let's talk, fury louder, where we thought. So this is gonna sound. You I'm aware these guys like makes up self after the fact, but that's what everybody is used to people doing in our business, but the first time I talked about. While there was a few years ago, I was at actually where the nets play now Barclays, and I was targets of guys that no boxing better, I do and I have watched him wilder regulated, don't really get it again. There's there's no smoothness to his movements. He was left. Just everything seems kind of theirs does not a snapping of it.
We're like yeah, who gives a shit. You just murders, everybody with his right hand and that's exactly what he was doing. So I be looking him going. Is this really gonna be like that? achieving the world and what is that even mean and twenty twenty? Does it me what it used to mean? My first reaction is no- and I don't mean that is like the old guy- always thinks everything's better, because I've been screaming at the previous generation and be a players me like. I somewhat giddiest try to pretend that the NBA players that one thing that's not evolving,. I just never really knew that while there was as complete guy other than he was just bashing the hell out of people that's right hand. We didn't really think that much of his competition until the first fury fight in a furious like Josh Hamilton of Boxing, where this guy's praying to be. The drug use, depression stories incredible and then
thanks in there was wilder and it's a draw, and you could argue very should have one. Maybe fury was gonna win that fight, because people were just it didn't expect. It is whether or not they re out, but in that fight bill I actually found myself more impressive. While other causes like manna skies like tougher, he may be, knocking people out may be limited, often simply, but this guy can fight he can get in their fight. So he puts on twitter or pounds. I still can't get this thing out of my head that I felt like. While there was a little one, dimensional, I'm incredibly impressive, fury to seventy plus can sit there and faint and in move the way, dozens unorthodox style, that's consistent throughout the entire fight and once he caught wilder with that hit it that busted his Europe Wilder was so sure by that paunch that he looked up to the roof is if he was complaining that had been pushed some other said, he believed tat. He got hit the ball.
We had and he didn't have his legs, the rest of that fight and Getty still stayed in there. So I've always thought he was limited as a fighter, I'm actually very impressive. While there's toughness and the fact that he competed that much and that they had to throw in the towel for the whole thing, but it's just kind of speaks to something that I thought for years that I think, while there is somebody, that's really limited so fiery, who's, tough, not afraid of anybody and has all that size on him. That's not that's! Not some shocking upset to me, despite what the odds were I grew that I was surprised first, my wilder's last fight. He got hit the entire fight and then landed a classic white and then I'll send it was over anyone, but it did feel like you could hit them. I think what shock made the first couple rounds even before he got hit in the head in the whole fight changed was fury, was just faster kind of on the draw on the punches
Water kept loading up his right where it was like so cool you're, actually leaving the soap, and I'm going to be able to hit you with my right and every time would go to line up to do at fury was heading on and he turn over again just see. My key was just a step faster and at that really surprised me, then he gets hit and on the ear behind the head ear? Whatever was, unlike you said, not only was he never the same. I don't think he through another, really powerful punch after that in You know people theorizing on Twitter, that it screwed up as equilibrium orally early. He lost his legs or whatever, but he was never the same. After that, I don't mind the stoppage cause it didn't seem like he could stop juries punches or land area of his own any degree. Now whether that was a fluke he got hit unaware. Of it, you know totally changed a fight for the worse in it
fight again. None of that would happen. I don't know, but I can't member fight. Where really probably gesture to stay down and the third ran it would have been the same result ray it's anarchy added any value from that point on it was just completely changed it. I was really by fury, though I gotta say I thought he was: be a fraud. I thought it was. You know. No story His life around, but ultimately I was like what I was going to knock this guy out and instead she got a brilliant fight. I was worth in the compressed even the stuff. Was putting wider, whether it tying up but put him in a head lacking kind of wearing and leaning autumn. Everything was very purpose for his corner seem locked in Wilder's corner reminded me of like Thyssen in Japan, where it was cages grab to deeds from the stands day. Hey can you just take my mouthpiece out between rounds? He had no plan, there is no urgency. I didn't. I didn't really get it. It just seemed like
harry was more lacked in better plan. Say. I was really press that thirty five great fight the point now that you know I ate it. It almost would have made more sense if you got knocked at around three from few, if you actually watched it from getting so that's my dick, Would you like a be mine, azure exam would you like the first fury wilder Isaac? Ok, I mean not love while thereby, like you gotta, be kidding me with a sure thing right. I can. I know he'd been not to do its output like, I don't understand boxing well enough, even though I'm a huge fan of it and I've gone back and read about all this different stuff, and I, like you, kind of grew up or you know if ice were really big deal, and I think, despite the step, the boxing stuff that gets brought up all the time, I don't know if the depths of a fighters. This is what we used to have. I don't know if it's your numbers, if you still have the same number of people that are competing at doing this, but you look up and be like this guy's one thousand three hundred like how the hell
is everybody's one thousand three hundred who, but how does that happen? How do you? How do you just go like I can understand, like twelve, an hour and fifteen and when we first started seeing guys kind of on the rise, but they they do this thing that we do in that box of forever. But I didn't really know what to make of fury. I didn't know what to make of him in that first fight and then all of us are kind of collectively, just so impressed with him, and then I think the human nature, as you buy into being supportive somebody. That's that's had that that bottom meow, but the the wilder corner like, call Ike. I was thinking exactly of of Thyssen Douglas in Japan, because if you go back and watch anything on their, you read the Sloman Thyssen book, which I recommend to everybody, because it so much Vonder reads: Thyssen goes through every single fight and then you can read the chapter based on his perspective, and then you just pull at the? U, too clever that his fights and you can just like watch the fights it you're having Thyssen tell you everything he thought was going on in it they buy. One point I think grabbed a rubber were like. Can we get some room temperature water in this condom and then just put it on Thyssen's face like it was
embarrassing thing ever hears, while they're in the corner, I'm not even exaggerating like Wilder's in the corner. You like did you guys not see his ears bleeding, but yet he'll, like you, guys, aren't wipe that down, and so maybe because my expectations or ceiling for wild or warrant is high. I found myself more impressed with him. Despite a draw and us, but you could. You could see like either as a moment later on. When I look at a few Okay, you know you still it's kind of cool part about watching a while to fight. So I was, I wouldn't say: hey. It should have ended in the third round. You just still going what, if he gets in there like what, if he loads up that right, like it's the most lethal right but like what, if he actually can still catch him and fury didn't even care like theories left arm, was down, maybe throw it up a little bit just kind of do this kind of meathead block of it, and then you start
like, even if, while their catches and there's nothing behind this is his legs, a shot, the as leisure up that much longer than he was gone. He's gone but ill, I think that's really what, instead of being critical of people, not knowing the depth of the heavy reclassified stuff, like it's a little bit like college, basketball, college basketball, so was in the regular season. I planned my salary around bail or in Kansas early in the morning. I want to watch it, but they have this more were they own a few weeks with their thing, and everybody was talk about that fight going in a Saturday night. So I look at it is a win for boxing that and we had a bunch of friends that were like. I am going to this thing: yeah, that's what boxing should aspire to do is have their six or seven moments every year and they ve done a really good job with that yeah they they figured out the counter at a much smarter way, because you know one of the two It is vital to the air, usually that first weekend in May that Saturday, when it's always Kentucky Derby, another plan, Afghans and then
easy, there's another one, maybe like November third November, tents of that we have all the football basketball started, there's the shit logo and on this was an awesome. We can't have of heavy hit fight. It was like I don't know if you could have picked a better this weekend. Next weekend are the two best weekends to just first sports fans. Like a coup. We have that! May I normally it is there a basketball college bascombe on some access foul and you really starting to talk yourself into stuff, and this felt like it on the weekend. So at that that respect the really smart and I hope the other, I hope, the other. The boxing you have see doubly Debbie other stuff. They should all be thinking about like what are the open. We and so we know after there's another one, I'm say like August: twenty, six, range patent before football religion Go and baseball's little dead. The juicy There is an olympic Sir World CUP or all that stuff.
Josie gone by then, and there's there's a couple dead August weeks that I think this would work for that as well. Anyway, I we went to lie where the two our mark resell. We can hear you on Tuesday and Thursday on your part, cast more importantly, you can hear you on the relaunch. Was this week. I made you our vision, quest near the vision quest. We watch was this week and was great you enjoyed it. I did. I had a couple regrets after Vega had a couple things I want to bring up including shoots bulge that final rustling seen in that a Peck's mountain bulges. Did I not to see going back and watching their final scene? I mean the alike who I thought I was resting, a high school kid, not mister, I surprised Swain didn't forfeit on the spot or was it pad in their rest? I think you're right. We should in fact about this thing. I will say: thou you like it seriously. It's it's like spinal tat, his kitchen perceptual highschool, wrestling that, like my God,
then listen if you ever want to hear reseller, do three minutes on how to do a lot. Pull down. This is the park Astraea, because that happens, Priscilla talk to the next attacks night, thanks Thursday. Two by the way, are we actually airline Gilberts out Thursday beautiful? What are we here I would take the next week I thanks. The zip thanks to work EL thanks to the next thanks, the Norton Secure VP in North three, sixty with life. Is it on one membership for your cyber safety? If there's an identity theft problem there, specialists will work to fix it. No one can prevent a cyber. At any theft or monitor all transactions at our businesses, but Norton. Three sixty with my flock a powerful ally for your cyber safety, till marching, save up to forty percent of your first year, but Norton Dhaka, Slash, Simmons
forget about the book. A basketball coming late, late, late Monday, night you'll be happy, spurs fan, started it Ways.
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