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Team USA’s Breakout Stars, a Hilarious Clips–Lakers Feud, and LeBron 2020 Predictions With Brian Windhorst | The Bill Simmons Podcast


HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst to discuss his time with Team USA and some of the players who shined, including Jayson Tatum, De’Aaron Fox, and Donovan Mitchell. They talk playoff hopes for the Utah Jazz, the Lakers–Clippers feud, LeBron’s next NBA season, and more!

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our new, a celebrity culture, podcast and I agree If we have on the Ringer pack has coming up out breadwinners, he has been well. I had to had the battle him on twitter winter, but then a second first from project right now. He s been unaware of the brain tat came out. This spring is ban on the website is then jump he's dead. Did a lotta tv. I was actually worried about his sleeping habits in the fridge. They stretch discern eyebrow winners. Why I talk to you? First, you spent week with team USA. What did you see? What were you surprised by you mean he knew they flashed bought
yeah you. I thought about it now now that you brought it up I'd love to hear about that. I actually think it Marcus Smart he opened. I don't see why not, I think, all form we're gonna make the pin MA am, I do mean old things could happen, is built their debts and practices this weekend again and now in our way by third parties, part if you're gonna make it and I thought german brow was on the bubble and Brown look really good, what I saw last week in Vegas and they started him in the game, and I know that you don't forget about dealing with the baby. And the first preceding game you wouldn't forget about who starts but after him and played a power forward, which I thought was they mark against child goes mark for jail and Brown yeah, in fact,
the other soap occurs move but your analyzing prospect, but he at least the first week, though he may have a great with this week. I think you ve won the bubble than John Brown and jump in approach. Be the captain, the payment and pay them Adam, shot the ball back by anybody either for sweet all mean you should see a bit like about Christmas, open and Joe Hair or so frustrated this ball, but they use for fibre. Is it's a bramble of Bob? I never see me you up. That'll be the different colors but like dealt with under the shooters? It's a dinner rubber and the themes or deeper touches feel strange in their hand. I think it might be a little bit smaller but mature it all. I get there now you through it and my crystal can and your hair did make a sharp threed. I thought you didn't make any well an anti them with my kit, everything and then he came out me up first
up exhibition game. It treat trees right out of the gate. Was the famous goin this is gonna, be a big opportunity, prepay them. I thought all with velvet and they're talking code bill. I mean they dont want anything controversial there talking in code there, not specific this day inquiry name, but there. What they're doing is saying this is a great opportunity chemistry with our new point guard Yet you go for we didn't happen, you are old them, it I'm putting words into their mouth, that's my red on it and when even was like, I don't wanna do any other, want they aping glitter, quite a while back about left. Even talk about going forward fell but can be such a different person before you're right. I know one thing there really was watching with topics interacting with each other and the best player about waiting to see all the practice. But pop did. Let us be quite a few scrimmages. Then, of course the
so I probably watch them play five scrimmages be! No! I don't I made it had told me they had it. They had fifteen, but I think I got a pretty good. By watching- and I talk to Turkey it's were allowed to watch it. My I to the USA, basketball, folk and the guy who explored off the court. A guy who's made everybody's, I open up and down the weak, misguided and Mitchell. I was gonna. Ask you about that because I add I'd send some under the rate our fears for like a not everybody socks out this week and Mitchell was the guy and everybody. It seems, like he's a little stronger. I don't know what he did this summer, but they just like you so strong so explosive. It's there. I feel like there's some two thousand sites. Dwayne Wade potential with his next season was was what I gathered. What did you say? I hate to all
Wait, wait thing about people stable when you watch him play, that's what you see it's just like He moved when he's built like the way the way here either The better she's got a great out by shooter he's a better you ve been Dwayne was the Dwayne was really a good shooter he's. Never, he was evidently a get out, but you just keep fifty looks so much like unto me. Each of you get crazy think about it. It's like he turns twenty three next month, so that was right around the age when Wade Wade rookie year. Would you remember He was really get any had a nice little play off right and we thought allow disguise the we underrated this guy. This guy has a chance to be really really good and then the stare. He went up a notch when Shack showed up, but we still and think you know there is that had the chance to be like one of the best three guys in the leg and then that third season it real
started like Mars. April range and went into the playoffs. Where are the sudden? He became one of the best guys in the league and Mitchell is gonna. Follow that path. This would be the season this season, three for him and their exactly. This image and Mitchell played some quite guard lashed here. He's gonna play some point out for this team at your number way played some point, our joy in his career. He I felt it gave him a bit more complicated thought about it, and I hope that he wants to play that much of it in the week, but he said. Europe is there, but remember last year, the gesture, your point like situation with the disaster with injury than and other stuff, but you like, when you play poker the NBA you have varying operating at that level.
Just give you a confident you didn't have before stopped. He looks really confident and the other guy a little bit like paper. Three guys do believe me again week. One equipping Tatum Mitchell, Andean Spock. Right now, I am not surprised by any those three names the fox like he really really want to be there. He is day after practice in working out his thing to practise in thanking the hell out of the Baltic thrown the balls off the wall from downtown and like you'd, better, go beyond the pain which other, which is refreshing. You know when he should be given a second year. Are you
you ve got used to your they ve gone into a third year in them they doesn't want. You should be adjusted to sound like the them, and I think camera is but a perfect. I believe this came he began in a legal Campbell Campbell is like. I was on the four. What came twice ran where there is due to to summers were in the first week I went home and the other guys, but the Rio in London or about pain or whatever. You think I want to be the guy he withdrew and I'm happy to pay the guy to go through fill. You know. I also think that part is having a blast. I came into the weak wondering what great? What are you doing here? like. This is all down by that you lose. Let me know if gonna pay attention, if you do a really great coaching job, is but I'll you If you lose you gotta get all the blame must, as you can see, was on the coat you staff Larry Brown in Athens where they live. And down- and I was
faster and monitoring all the blame, but totally into them, and I think he loved the sparse laughed like I mean he would never admitted, but I've been Jane Pardon in a hard with the one who started the start that the cavalcade of leaving like, I don't think he wanted you aren t, because you're gonna play them Reinhard would be the best player the tournament. Unlike this automatic berries enough, there are national basketball, but no one. Last time you have didn't have above player by ready before we set our prose, unlike after she met with damaging for Brazil, but that you have a lot of about Berber gas, well. The thing I would say two thousand tat might have been the last time, because that was the last time we were young, but TAT S when you ran but the, but you didn't know dream was going to do. That is my point and then who did it and I was like out, ran and that's why
love the philosophy of going young with the team think James hard and should have been anywhere near the same. Fine with government when you five and under and building around young guys and then have in the two or three older guys like the lowered, encumber and You know one other person and then getting people like Fox TAT, I think it so much more important for those guys. And a bigger stage have a different coach. You talked about the pop thing, it's funny. These guys have. I have all now you think the heart same as what age twenty two twenty six, something like that, These guys are a grown up with the legend pop. You know that does fires were a relevant important the entire time they followed basketball. The legend really started to grow? I would say two thousand to thirty eleven twelve range, that's when the sideline interview started and he started to get this to get and filled.
Action is also fading out in their fill. Jack's work was done and pop kind of became the guy scenario These young guys from that generation, who have now grown up and get to play for him and the equivalent of leg, You know when young actors like LEO we're like oh cool Scorsese, is asked me to be in a movie. You know. That's right past become this course easy turn Tino coach, where it's ok, I get paid for pop for ten days. I think for Gaza. Adam and Brown, and it's really cool to have a different voice into what you pick up. All that Do you feel that he has a kind of influenza, yet there a really get comparison here because of this kind like you know, you're not committing too. You know doing area of fifteen. You run with your committing to between
I hear he's he's ever, but with them elevated describable, be that happened, though, in the wonderful thing about this is when you cover the spurs like with birth are draconian, what comes the media availability of media act, but that's pop whenever waited, but in a king or say, especially, the theme is looking for more tat, though he left to be more proactive. They normally would say so I get to watch the garbage patch of practical wiping the heat but he he brought out a guy to shew, frequently put everybody on the wine like their eyes, but they were gonna, be. You're going to make him run and he brought somebody else to shoot free throws. I don't know who it was, but he missed, and so top is like well guys got to run, get on the line to get on the line, and he goes our wife where to go it both the whistle and start running, it goes right to the charge servile and thereby give up their right for three feet,
eat up like you. Let it be lifted If you would ever have NBA players run right now. This decision up I've been granted that they work in the greatest shape when they got there from the coaches. My boy, we got heavyweight the first couple days, but you don't you guys, do not need to run up and down the court. A couple bunsby for the most part given shape and if you know him playing games by tat, seeing him toward the interactive and adjusted have funded the guy's, an epoch, the spotlight hysteria- and I followed things like I thought you were talking to want to play. It tell me like a tiger here. He gets his left. No doubt the Mitchell Plan, there's times where he picked them through the almost got cholera might be. You are you going to There are more on the way,
yeah, I know the feared. I know that you will feel that enables the cost. It was a catherine of it which was earlier but anyway how he had come. He cannot ethical bit by bit the Mitchell was telling me that there is one scrimmage they had, because they they struggle the first you think they got beat, but in a few scrimmages the whisper. I wonder which we thought they were made to kick their hair and then turned you, love and even Gandhi was go too lacking in Lebanon and but the funding that big brother point better toward the end of the week. Maybe one strategy- down made everything came to give them a really good and thinking over. There is time out of thinking Gandhi at cop I'm up and they came over the bench and poverty, men and read them, and you, like you know he keeps on you, told the sometimes accompanied by faster than public, and our minds simple, Durham were the only foolish further through the first it again here.
I'm doing the dugout all happy and get a crash that your care above hang for data ripped you. I think that that I think he like that. I think this part of the learning spell we need a plan for I wish it had happened a little sooner. I was never at that coach K hung on to learn and was doing it, for, reasons that, in my opinion, were were selfish. You know, I don't it's not a position where some the same code should be in there for ten years. You know- and I think he realized how much it help them with the wonted and staff and the access to the NBA superstars and things like that. It's clear that part. Should have been the guy and then probably when he's done an obese, Steve, Currer, Stevens or whoever. But I like having be a coach there and ass. We, couple, weird coroners, as an MBA fan right, like I really care about the, albeit teams and getting it right and making sure I just wait too much thought into that
really care about team USA, because We ve seen it over and over again, especially for young players, if it, if the experience Correctly, It's really valuable its valuable because they're getting a different voice. There they're gonna pick up a couple tabs just from the coaches and a couple things they learn its back. Able to just be around there really good peers cause they're gonna from a computer. Standpoint. There is a sense of belonging that I think you know you can really put into words until it started. The Mitchell is kicking everybody's ass. It is, I got shit, I'm one of the best poison, the league now and then. The third thing is. You know any definite saw this with. Oh it with the Wait him would you you know covered the bran his whole career. That was it, informative experience for elaborate, a mellow wade when they around Cobain kid every day in the way that huh, Oh eight Olympics thing an author. Those guys had awesome seasons. After that, a limp
saying that's, not an accident rate cameos day is probably the most under way. The thing that happened he would be effectively a beer? I mean look, I mean all acknowledge governed by the summer, I'm going without the China I'm going with them. The data to Tokyo next year is that the plan I want you to go at that biotechnology. That may also acknowledges that right now, it's all season and even is going to college and proper going on and they won't problem any other Looking beyond gave a m in China deny people were not gonna pay attention, but came your day has, as will be, with a founding a corner founding pillar in the super team movement. You guys, I'll, give you a day and we have given directory Irving over the latest example.
Became friends. Then you know wave abroad and abolish it, two thousand six, seven and eight, but where they have three or run together calmly and all forget portend, as you mentioned, gooseberry take off both haven't around me. We knew he was good, but he took off after two thousand tenement in two thousand ten. They pleaded the world championship within Turkey yeah. They play the deep way, Turkey in a fine, and I can tell you I wasn't at that, live better watch out each of them. The turkish ban are really really into what they really care about, but I go into the river in a simple. The place is a man is the biggest game and
british passport history, and by the way of a good, a good turkish team, my dad turk glue and they had occur there had like foreign beekeepers, and they all recognize that this was their most important came to their life in a chance to win that world championship in Turkey and aware drove a date and to their heart at the year. Thirty, eight and in that it Byron and light. Me, I don't know I haven't, would feel this way. I gotta believe what a great fun with no he's either. I got him to talk about it. I'm one of the pack ass I did I get definitely was, and I remember I wrote a piece about it after it felt like a transformative moment for him, and I I thought thought the same way about two thousand, a team USA, which I think copies legacy is complicated. I think some things have been overrated. Some things have been underrated. What he did and the gold Barrow Game and in two thousand eight. I think it was one of his greatest moments, because that team did had a point where everybody just started. Looking at each other play in Spain,
the fires and it was called I ride whose whose who's gonna go the carcase here in corbies, like I got that abroad? What Mary Leubronn one ready for now now and I think Look at what happened Leubronn. So oh eight whose game, seven in Boston, and the key point of that game is that jump bar that paupers? is basically is stronger than ever beaten through the jumper. Then you go to the summer. If the Olympics. Everything they studied from Cobia kid, the work ethic all that stuff plus the moment of being in that game and that Spain Game and watching Co. Bb, though, in the crowd, the car keys, the Broncos outlines two straight away: peace. Now, you guys, then he came out and fifty six one came for next year. Yet now you can say I will he had been in the leg. Six years that are five years heading into a six year old. That point like it was probably going to happen anyway, he's one of the best players of all time, but I don't
I think the timing of that Wade also had his bessys, never two thousand men and Carmelo what the fuck he's ever the plants in two thousand. I don't feel it gets an accident you any more to that by two thousand fourteen James Heart variety I remember before Paul George, broken leg, unfortunately pardon and all George and Kevin Terrain. Wait one on one after refracted am, I still say about their king- but ever seen in my ears wound and be a hard is cut competitive nature and those with amazing, I think, hard hit by the different players them. Then I will go back the last them last summer data three day, little thing in vague, maybe even to the phone number I went to escalate revenue check in with the first time pop was running practices and they would actually priest,
our study direct way, a heartbeat, weighed and Paul George played and populated just at least injury, and I want is to have caused the price was playing. Could he had me surgery and Paul George look and casting like an that today, a pretty little thing: poverty of Burma or in what happened while George came out and had the best of his career, in my opinion this last year before her shoulders. To like me, I gotta get any You said to me why both the stars aren't, while you know whatever I must disagree with you, but what happens in these people are faced bombers matters, Emily yeah We're gonna take a break, but after the break, I'm in a tea, the one guy who did not benefit from team USA over the years. Eight isn't it feel like most phone plans, just weren't made with us a mind between coverage, paying too much for your daddy. Don't ever actually use, crazy roaming charges. Google fires of farm plan made
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out of fear, is the sheer certain other, sir. So be it. For that back to windward. So there's one guy who was big loser routine, USA, Ed, then his legacy and was kind of an under the radar, Mba storyline were re talked about it. I was kind of a thing. Can you guess that? Where is it. In the nineties worries about the matter. The modern last last fifteen, sixteen years like a crystal oh Chris Paul had another. Is Chris BAR. I thought at Christmas came off well and away like I thought he would have wanted to date by two thousand and twelve. The last time they wore yeah damn thrown out right now, think I was thinking it wait, wait yeah cause. I remember when he didn't play in two thousand and twelve memory. It had, I think, back surgery.
Our shared, who are centres gonna, be in the region. Fame from anybody. I talk to you about it. Was it's actually get that he's not here, they're, not they work, he didn't eating over that well underway with the crew, so that I know is that those body it was like went out at the peak of his powers and by the way he had his best you're too, and oh nine from that await experience. We left him at we're guys who benefited I think we're out in two thousand eight nine ten eleven with amazing, but I think you interesting that he was by far the best centre in the league in much, everybody was good that he wasn't gonna be in the two thousand. Two of I wanted to the fore. We talked about it. The top so Mitchell. There's some you tat. You know they made moves that I find that a down image families, obviously massive, I still
like they were, too much with finesse team guess is out put it like I worry about their ability to kind of bang and now after seeing this Mitchell thing and the response, said, he's been getting and now thinking about what that would look like with Connally in Connally. Just taking all the ball handling stuff from em and other assets, these guys up, AEGIS, worry about produce. In points. Do you Why do you by this? You tat thing is entitled to? This has been one of the summer themes they ve been kind of the the hot sexy o watch out for those guys pick? Are you buying also by like there are other minor move at Davis Young in our value, though in other thing with them is that they just haven't. Well, it had a couple of issues.
But the abbot had shooting and now you know what you just Rubio they haven't had: shooting and also their cattle have been inverted the last few years. So I have, I haven't, study their cattle, the sheer, but they had like, like by Christmas after they might have to give you something started off flow and then they had injury and hope they further
how the conversation appears may come on because our schedule has been on key and then, when you hear a waiter yeah, so big idea that Canada, it has been a difficult time any credibility, because I've always played from behind and if possible, even if they ve. Also generally, they haven't had baby. They ve ever had the stars. Deploy the eye of metal, can change all that and will be a different banking player. So I mean by the way I wanted about amazing things that happened this summer was the money. The miracle was on the table to go back and everything happened too. Fast must repay that. We didn't, we didn't think about it, but I still
I believe that that happened and, like I know, what's your point, you dont like them bravely number but I'll have you have spoken like four million a year and don't think of anything, my back anyway, that building or their delight in a bogdanov which of the two eight by air. Who has proven to be, I think, pretty good and somebody got situation as somebody who has shown he can actually defend Leubronn not shut down, but at least bother, I'm a tiny bit you're a little sad, maybe cut and calmly can play on the ball wrong and I speak with. We gave such a great. I also like getting I like getting that guy right. At the point, his career like word kid was that when he went to Dallas no eight or nine where you're getting the guy who's com really close a couple times, but never was able to make the Final Reserve or get over the hamper would ever again. Easy. Now he showed up the share, they
the biggest way possible on top of the fact that she's gonna, be making this little many leap. I was What's in the master I was just fell like one came. The shadow is just too hard for them. The score that You know it really was just Mitchell trying to create stuff, and then there is nobody else than that team that I felt I could reliably get a bucket, and now economy will be able to be the second guy that can get them some stuff Bogdanov edge, whose streaky but as a guy who can take over like game form by officers, you now and score. Eighteen in the fourth do something like that. So I do there are no more predictable and brighter than the twice in a play. Our theories Jeff been will have a big Jeffrey. I forgot he was on there way. Reserves can be so fired up that was one of one of his mba support group, guys right. That was that there was a great clip
you know you shot off, he was shot off. His is the better speech on the neck, with her height five, whether he has to do it, and you know the tiger woods. Shirt ratio of alarm he's his philosophy is sons, our guns out Mitchell here's the difference. We were talking to him and Dwayne Wade before Mitchell last five point, one freezer attempts inured to write Dwayne weighed, and here too, who has nine point: nine Dwayne, Red Eyed, either the people remember because it's a recently by a site the the later. Incarnation of doing red Young going wade until the line basically in the ten and a half times a year for five straight years, firm, five to arrive on top. I wasn't really shoot three pointers but that'll be the last piece for Mitchell fee. If he can, he needs
get to the rim into the line, a tiny bit more and then the Dwayne waiting or start to feel a little more real debate. But I'm excited, I found you, don't wanna social, yet yeah afresh on you that's true! That was the big. You know that to the big officiating crisis, it doesn't sex. I had so. We talked about him. Second aim I could talk about Tatum for ten hours, but nobody wants to hear that I will say, swear to God, it looks like he grew like an ancient engine ass. He looks like Six tend to me at a. What did he look? I can personally look taller was at the place where it s a thing like his full bearded. It now yeah like at thirty somebody who knows this kind of thing, because I like I still can't go a real beer. Her home, like he's, like you, literally
grown up where you could grow forbear to now again yeah from when he got the NBA than like. That's what I mean. I know that as we know, why would you talk about that, but you think that doesn't me no show the way. You, though, rob maturing look. I was I was so flabbergasted eager I'd. Tell you I was so flabbergasted outbreak was in the plan is a rookie. I was completely on its corner completely a believer in him, I buy carry. This may have been an issue with I read, but I thought he's coming into support data. He hath, I don't think area that I know that you did that way and pay them. It was It was a bad here and I mean I don't know. If it was the Kogi system, daughter would ever get out. If you didn't help, you know he can change of attitude and change the way you want to play, but huge believer in the sky actors working year and if I'm wrong, I guess I'll just have to admit I'm wrong. So
Why am I saying still there, They are, They have admitted his ears. Whatever his camp is, and whoever works of them every day. That last year was a failure and strategy and everything I've read and seen this year this summer is his is trying to get back to. How do I finish? How do I bowed of people. How do I get to the line? How am I I get into the room and how my finishing has basically been the biggest thing he's been trying to do this year here. He knows he has thus eighteen the tone. Four followers stepped back all that stuff. That's honestly heat you're not going to make more than like forty to forty five percent of those but the stuff of go into the basket, and then the pull up three they're back all that stuff he's. I think going to be a threes and free throws. Guy way more than he was last year, which will really benefit him. But the thing is: if he, if you, bigger and stronger and tower?
that will allow them to basically play him in jail in at the at the same time, for long periods of time, which leads us to the third guy can work. Let me take up an idea in them, in others. Scrimmage would scrimmage Squad Scrimmage Squad, they re state before he was a baby upon scrimmage and dumb. It was done to help with the game. Was there with a one point game for they ran, alas, second shot like even com, will time on drop a play and they dropped the play for Campbell Walker and Could Campbell was the point the one came a job as the leader, this team without question, and that if a german brown item in all the other guy came about whose coastal things by think gum, thank you to speak to us in a like big boy, pierced with cuts in the other and people put jail in autumn and combat trouble getting shot off its greatest can begin. Greatest. Even the history of the game,
he shot. You know him out ass situation like that against the great game, which is what that he was. That's. That's what's glide deprived difficult for him to do this by big shot and that in a moment it just reinforce that. This topic, the guy's gonna, have to do it for them because- and I think that's about- I think that's what they want. I think behind their demand for this season is Tatum becomes at all and the egg. I that's it in if it were, they know a there. You know it. They have with Cumber, but they'd Tatum is the peace. Where now now you're out of forty seven hundred team now or in the fifties, if he jumps and the thing is theirs that letting it forwards in the east. There really aren't it's a if you go down, it's like they actually doable for him to be one of the best for forwards in the east. He has the talent, but was
cause, I felt this way bottom last year and it was a let them I think, Campbell commit the boss, but you ve got caught likely cause became the boss like I'm. Taking. This aim now appear to be the other studies will be mighty, become both coming to Boston. Then I tried it on my own did work. I want to come into this but I think my field talk the camper watching a knowing him annoying is game. I feel he will be invested in Panem growing into that I will try to give him a never ending the food and he's got his money in United States can be completely different. Scenarios maintains that a grab the rain, but is there for him? I think, go that way. Yet so combo is the third gallanted talk about seems beloved by everybody. I guess it was one of those things where You know he's in Charlotte, it's not like they were ever relevant this decade. I didn't have a lot of time to you, know, sort thoughts out about Campbell Walker, didn't really know a lot about. Em hadn't read a tonne.
Obviously he had the Yukon thing the title game all that stuff like tonight. I urge them thought he seemed like a good guy played out all that stuff, think I was prepared for justice What a magnetic guys seems to be an just. How her beloved, he is by everybody. He is one of like at the top five guys in the league that nobody has anything bad to say about an we talk about, would have with this out that last year, just just changing that dynamic and having your lead guy, just being awesome guy. Who will do everything for any one in the organization and is the perfect teammate in you it sounds like a cliche, but it's like it's like they put the through a car Wash they just scrubbed off everything that comes out at Saint Campbell, walkers, the new car smell.
But even at a time of them, would it what does he like? All the downside is that they lost what I mean. I think that true there appeared a large area got cumbered, replace them and I kept Orford I'd I'd I'd like your lot better where they are the looming up or food, is what really really spun and not only did think of them. They walked the guy like that, but it might be all from talking. Those does is a blind by them and they just like they just didn't biggest indignant them. If they knew they will have to work out a contract with them You know they knew that it might get a look. Adventures pages did not foresee not only leaving would go into a little back to wander, pigs rival. Can I can confirm it was a blindsided here, though, it is clear that thing like I recognise Tiree.
Ability to win you a game at the highest level and I've. I've made a decision on Kyrie that I am not going to pay attention to or give much focused on anything that she said. Off the poor Mamma to monitor it, I'm just gonna wall that I want to pay attention to the rectangle, the weight of American. In my view, point I dont think you can win at the highest level, I reassure best player, I concur and that that I mean I gotta get back up your controversial paper but, like I think that amount He agrees. Know if he would agree with that, but I do think that that's that's the way I dont think Campbell Walker, be your best player. Very well. I thought you got your best power and of forty five when team, but if you're actually
To win these refiners, he needs to be one b and that's what I think the other point I looked at him and tat. You know we don't think he's a hundred an eighty million dollar one hundred and twenty in mind player. I don't necessarily have a problem with that. Evaluation by problem is that you did know that six months earlier and that you, then paid carry. What you're like I'll wear You know what a terrible year fifty eight million over three years- I I I love, be you know Kevin felt it was our guy you're gonna, analyzed the contract and give the greatest everything If I can, we, all the machine without charge turned back concept. I remember help me when he have when he initially was reviewing the contract the terrible here what the horn it if I was four years and fifty eight million and he gave it a negative ravings of too much of a United Europe, and then he fell into the embers and euros. Why not look if you got the wrong it's three years. Fifty eight million
You know he turned away your shade of pale and we now ok great by another letter that my Father, the Hornets why's that but they didn't about. You know I can actually look at Camp David to remind our player, which is why I think Amber selecting helping it and by the way, I think we have to retire now that the topics are not afraid of destination, but may, when they landed Gordon Heyward, Elmore Footing, Campbell, walk, We live by them are having to render the Brown Jane, but Betty those three guys in the five years there will. You also had hired you. So in Dallas, going hard after Cumber, Ryan and ethical effect I am actually I gotta say it like the Celtic are the underdogs than that match up ray you ve down, you have doubtless with resize dodgy S end Q ban and no state taxes- and you have the celtic switches- came off like the season from Hell. Offered, leaving
young guys, but I think I do, think he really the organization in the coach and being back in these coasts really resonated than the law. For me: still wonder like give the red? Does it get hurt cow, that shakes out, because I do There is a world where maybe combat end up together. I am, I think this the inquiry thing was a lot of shock and wedding ash. I know people seem to think they plan this forever, but I think it was one of those yeah. We should do that. Thou be cool, but They can really got real until the last forty five weeks that they're going to do this and even after Durrant got hurt. You know I I I don't think it was light. They made a blood packed in January. I dont believe: that's how played out what do you think? I think TAT inquiry was ready to make the point that we would wish
for the rig. He was ready for the road or whatever the bats. Wherever I don't know, if you re to go, I don't know, I mean the story. Tat I heard was that Yet if it's ok with all lined up, I realized all lined up. He was ready to go we're going to Brooklyn, etc, and then you know, Why called the ramp I don't know- either we're- never gonna hear the story from July. I dont know if Kevin will tell the story, because you know cabin talks belie the media and I dont know if he I think I know where you live, I think some times is true changes or areas both measures to beat it could be like if you gave me innovative Chris ain't last weekend, you know he said Durham about you, never consider them and he always all you can always be the net and get some sad through adds absurd. I don't you I mean I don't want it out, but though the public before that I heard was that
Oh, why call the terrain and said hey what you can still playing together and the rare it would like. So like a with total from what I told her. I was, though, not expecting that call and he was at war way to ban any like furtive, just have the break for a period of time, their meals a day. Maybe it was to our that about, but I think directive, but I think we know about the role that he tends to be his. Can be changeable about me, so I think I've got a lot of different way and I'm not in love with we on the other. I listen cut, We go look at the boxes series I don't know why he got a free pass for that as one of the worst performances in the history of Boston sports by good. Where and what this She was doing defensively there you took webs.
I have no idea what he was doing and that serious and by the way the Celtic Stone either it's one of the most inexplicable asked for games of a Assyria performances in the history, the franchise and go. Watch the games. If you don't believe me go watch, the weird which is, he was doing the terrible shots, he was taken the body language. How is he it will react in turn. I dont understand why we're just supposed to forget that happened. It's very. Now I love than that front office. I think be. They did a great job to put themselves in position. I think they drafted well. I think they match the miser. Let you go look at their draft. It's like I'm actually got up and that some of the young guys that they had played last year their plight and reduce the little bit this year. I was Blake Bade about roadie coup by Rodi, correct. I think the village I liked him. I have down with it, but I'm not.
Because of the injury. I just don't know how that I, like, I I I think. Maybe I can send you ve- been a need by trampling over meditation or something true plan. Will culture mostly died because they just really difficult? I say Don T tell me everything this could happen every comes out. Outings awesome for the first six weeks in the season, like really great. Twenty eight, a game. Forty ninety just awesome crowd, go nuts, everybody gets fired up and Then around like made, December. It starts to flip orbit. That's unrealistically, I just kept he's very difficult route map with him. You know first but fragile, physically yeah. You know he was one of the strangely. What happened last year with the he fired it agent, his agent Jeff Wechsler, yeah
He did so many good things. Retiree, I'm gonna hear go into all the details couldn't be boring, but the below the uncontrolled stuff, but the already had would have been, oh that's a deadlines. Amazing. He made so much money from that Does he owned the uncle drew character of railway, they structured it yeah and am to adjust it? I dont even know just that. Well, I don't know, I don't think that I know carried out like me. Jeff fight like neither but just was a bull bars. Retiree, like you know, like there were so many times,
made a bath and just what you don't have to clean it up with tee with other people and like there was no a guy we from her eyes the course I don't know what is going on, but from her eyes did not have had a better had to get to work for a less of an apple. I don't know about power with you. I only a party for me, I don't know, but I would just like to bite you made at which was a new departure. Recruitment, thou, like you had rock nation who have just clear cut blood ties to the nets and on time but that you have Joe Tsai who just took. Were. The nets is weak fer, a pretty the two point. Three was pretty high. And you have those too two sides. Lobbying Katy inquiry
rock nation wearing a blow. You up China, you guys yeah detailing as things in China, and it was all selling pits at work where we have worked out. Just understanding like you know, it all gave me the ratings to happens all the time I just you know, that's it I'm gonna make you wanna be a good thing under fair when that happened in the relationship. I guess I've been praying for a while, but be which is sort of penal Cairo baking that move with the problem Wait. I want to talk about this summer, two thousand and eighteen. I wanted a midges quickly mention the fourth team, USA Guy and then we'll take a break dear Foxy mentioned so, I did a mail bag thing like three weeks ago. The questions was who's gonna be the best point cardinal egg in five years- and I said I thought I was going to De'Aaron facts and it seemed like some people surprised the Sacramento blogger opposed bad at their excited that it to me, it's
the no brainer pick unless you want to see. Luke has a point guard which I don't think he is. I don't feel I think Mitchell is going to be a two guard to meet Fox. He'll get better every year. He truly gives a shit all he wants, it has been a winning basketball team. I think, is an incredible teammate out put him in top five day today I care about is is sticking up for the guys around me and making them better. I don't feel like he cares about stats and the kind of guy who's gonna end up being on a great team. What did you from him there in the team, USA, weak Zawoiski impressed everybody major competitor, major major major tender and he's developed with game here an expert level. At the floaters round the room and I mean he is so good at it, and now I don't know how good sacramentos gonna be disabled,
I think the networks may have aired by giving them one. National tv gave a green. I I will buy willing to wager that some of the sum of the game to flex its gonna be the ad kings game. But I don T know the west is still competitive. But you know they stepped forward. Last year, Anita, whatever have a big agar, I'm surprised about change happen, but ok, but Loop Walden. The way we want the coach, it's the way that payments constructed. It seems to me to be a good marriage of coach who style and dumb. And what they have on their team and there they want to get up and go and they wanna play fast and Fox can play. Super fast, while the bad guys with ball cattle reminds me a little bit. You know if you don T, know we'd be cut by two thousand and ran
but their grows with the two thousand. Has she ever Japan and while he didn't like dominate like Durrant, did he the summer haven't come then an end. Appointing the M p p. That's. Another came USA. Success story. That's why I don't understand why these young guys will want to be in the team. It's crazy look at the latter was some years like again. I want to be clear: I fear there unknown but they're like I don't know if you guys have been you'd like the one guy who I cannot believe is not here and I noticed hideous. I dont know if you ve got something going on that. You may have a great reason. Why not criticising, but I am stunned. Look, there's a tractor air gathered Booker would be to restrict and beyond this. Well that when you have a long plan friend with the signs you get, you can play a hundred games, neighbourhoods and gotta pick aspire Yeah, I just shows that dead,
the jury is out of Devon, Burger, but you could have a? He could have broken brief and I dont know about. I wish you d better the bright you back. You can see, and I argue about Devon Booker all the time and I think he is good, that's bad team guy until he proves mirror. So that's where I stand under Booker, but agitate for your fair game now great consider considered the urn. What how interesting I like it looks like brick did. You know? On average it takes police forty five minutes to respond to home security alarm. That's almost an hour when home security system is triggered, the police often assume it's a false alarm. The call goes to the bottom of the list, but not was say, farm scaredy, simply safe as video verification technology that helps Please get on the scene up to three and a half times faster, make there. Bridge police response time, just seven minutes, that's one reason why I simply from security so different they.
Every door window room twenty four seven, fresh admiring stern ages. Fifteen dollars a month fair, as prices, no contract, hidden fees or fine print. It's one, a ton of awards, from scene at the New York Times wire cutter visit. If we say that comes bs and you'll get free shipping. Sixty day risk free trial. You ve got nothing is gonna, make sure you get a simply saved that come such bs with two eyes, simply save debt cancellation, B S, so the as two weeks a June heading into the ten days of July, is out of on time, for you now or is that just like an ongoing nightmare trying to chase down everything knowing that the league is a snow globe and she's gonna get shaken in your life he's gonna be incomplete flax. What's a lot more fun with the tv news, Breaker
I might add sure who okay fair enough. I would state out of every ten tip I woke. He knows mine alone,. And maybe a behalf this year. I power we knew about six or seven fighting like not only that they were done but the numbers were by within forty eight hours of start breathing? Anyway, you gotta be careful here. Rush out report, topic of things can all party rather things. If it Apart from that, we thought we're gonna happen. It did fall apart by died this this year in the NBA proposals on that. Possibly they are,
we ve ever investigation, I don't what they're gonna do, because they pretty much drawn their hands up and be afraid and he began to become by now because to combine their turning into a real convention came like a fell and the combine used to be during the final actually years ago used to have a place from your report. The final now takes place in MID may though it betrayed. You start there. Your team is eliminated your free, but you talking to combine when you meet with the eight thirty but their draft picture taught you're beginning to have conversations and begin to talk about the structure of offers, and so there were just there was just a kind of deal done now. The thing that, with the most amazing to me, was you know why play the scenario that wind up there
historic Bernardo, because it took the perfect storm for the clippers. Give that much up to get Paul. George clippers had to have a legitimate fear. The cooperative not gonna, come to them and then me or be Jack through her might have seemed like the map. It was a laker that they were worried about yet, and I think all George has done is last two teams and in ridable Serbia is a guy. Maybe the trade twice and both time the team
It out. Ok pastors we get bigger at the start of the ages, God Pretoria Depot and Bonus yeah, and there it benefit for the foundation of where they are now where they are compelled. Her leave be trade, but the thunder made is one of the most incredible trade has reproached sports. Now the temporary and his team have to go out there and use those after an gothic evangel. They don't have the players yet
but that power play the co. Why exert a require just the right that of circumstance, and the situation of the Lakers within was amazing, because because the Lakers had to wait for it would have been in vain not to wait for the ito whenever prefers chance, they thought they had they had to, and even if they thought that there was that there were the possibly they were getting play. But you know Basically we make that the word, but they should the way the b b every day was traded. Fusion, which we
Everybody wants to do because it affects all these different, drastic I'll, give you, but I've been other trades with it. It affected all different guise of the summer. We, like everybody, wanted the Lakers ability to make that move like you know, four minutes after the Boar Torreon lifted and the Like Lakers delayed because they thought they were gonna get him even that little delay right there, all the papers between me offer because about you. It was just like. I could probably go on a three hour dissertation, incredible manoeuvring of leverage. After you left out two things: one was it doesn't seem like everyone here to workers and was intentionally China fuck them. So there's one. And then to he gets the court. To give up real the craziest trade anyone's ever made in the NBA. Sir, just like what you ve given up for one player nobody's ever made a trade like that
and then does inside for four years. I now hear that, Can you imagine ok, see like say impressed is the five days. The treaties. I gave him breakfast, I wonder, what's gonna online and then finds out, it's getting PETE two year contracts were quiet, Paul George and he has other picks until two thousand Fifty eight heavy and he has been like a celebration, so I dont know if co, why actually wanted to screw? He did through the Lakers. I think what a why wanted, with all its words on the leopard and he wanted to maximize the leverage to make it happen and the way
there were just the bypass became out of the back of the machine. I think you and I am confident he wanted to screw them and never one another, but there I beg of you, I just about their my head, but I can tell you that the first lofty bombers, a business man like you, everything I don't care about people bomber, didn't become worth forty billion dollars because he was a programme yet see bomber was the business at Microsoft. That's what he did and in some way to the failed men, and that's one of the reasons. Why he's you know when he goes on public? He thought of acts like a film with open up proudly like that it kill him from a business perspective, because if not the type of you wanna make it's like you know. In a buying a year in opening up new gas, he bought a premium proud of the heat is just passed over the top.
Lively. But what was the first? He bought. A twenty million dollar has four sixty million dollars. Bleeding care has not even get the house, he was good, that's true, but yet you got it. You your we found the other half so far without going but you're the thing the clippers office when this is over. I know that there is this incredible like oh, my god, they pulled off, but the cleverest run off. It was kind of numb because they were like. Yes, me pull this off and, yes, we pull this off, because the last couple of years be made by seventeen consecutive move, the powerlessness position, but we now are yet the at the cliff, and we now we know that this could end without folding diamond organs could end with us in a disaster. Won't you never mention Oh, I was on one leg, the last two rounds and there is great, but it is clearly like he's. Not a hundred per cent
Paul George said surgery on his left shoulder and his right shoulder, which seems like a problem. It is also a better rawdon is like so it's not like it's outlay, they bought. Like you know too, a new cars from the from the shop these are some cars that have miles are there and some wear and tear, and this doesn't work out, there's an exit plan for both of them. We ve already seen Paul George, over two teams. But then you will get IDA revising cool. I say goodbye to two tabs. Right. You know what I mean from bombers sampling intact, but successfully is The guy is more money than these ever going to know what to do it. He took him this quest from the moment he bought the team in two thousand fourteen to make them relevant team in a way the Lakers did these moves he's trying to get a building done an Inglewood and at some point
You just gotta Posada chips in the middle and that's what he's doing is like. I want stay. I wanted the now rendered. I view as it away you care about the palace intrigue going on and go cuz. I think it's amazing, I think it's it's the single best story that only people like you and I care about ninety percent of this listing right now: don't care but you're talkin about J, stolen. The Lakers Irving, Azoff, Steve Bomber and just think Annabelle amount of bitterness and the other lawyers and Baltic, who is another plainer and bought a Oh dear, yes, dear crock, EV, Ry upside down Crockett for leaving you out. Yet this is it the most amazing real estate story. That's happened in no way this decade, it it involves two posts right and the Lakers are and all you know-
like there is the whole thing when they try to put them back and bomber like back mayor of being awarded JIB Darwin tried to fund the challenger in his usual, wrong. I don't like the story of his centered. In fact the warm words he threw Heathrow good money after bad ran. The guy got crushed in the election and there's totally in Under heavy business, don't on, like you know, just all with poor one thing and they pulled a total big words like you could be a total back american american national crime. There's no but if I can help it high, probably meters, but one in the play that, as you have two sides who were push comes to shove, both say well, fuck, you sue me. I'll get the best Laura possible wishes, go it's gettin the ring, but I both sides saying that save
Usually it's one side whose really adamant about it, but you have two of the Hall of Fame. I don't give a fuck all higher everywhere. There is: let's go let's climate of the ring right now and is emails and in Geneva sprang up and emails that she never should approve it the scenario: maize, everybody's in character, dawn as you, as you pointed out, a jackass. As always, Jenny, bus in the way and the Lakers just completely competent doing things they should ever do. Try Then the wrong people are the same things. They ve done all decade over their head in over there, hadn t, completely incompetent and then bomber, just chess puffed out I don't care were doing this. Let's go, let's go with the know, Stevie Camp. Will there there the form care. Let's do this. I got that there were somebody start, be idea, it's great
so I got a car crash with three cars come it's like a three way. Intersection in the cars are just go to your time, each other ate it. I would like to take a year off and when write a book on the story, but it would be suicidal nobody would read the book. I should be the name of the book career suicide by Brian winner such but I would still like a movie option for ten thousand dollars. They would never get it well, but usually irony of all this nobody cares about the clippers they can do whatever they want. It's the Lakers town. It's always gonna, be leg or sound. I'm sorry state bomber, I was for the entire Chris Paul boy. Griffin era have season tickets for it. I enjoyed go to the games. For the most part, the Lakers work Please no relevant. Had your clippers pickup anymore, I still haven't got. Are you still have Of course, you are you, gonna be a business. Man fell on the couple games, there's copper games, I may may be we make have begun to the highest bidder, very mean
through the schedule has really excited they. You know they get the Lakers twice. They get all these teams in the west. The south eggs are common, yes, but the you're here expires separately will take it all. I mean you, But I'm excited for the other teams in a way it might be witnessing driving through the arena Wednesday night and find at seven fifteen cohesiveness, one out again. Like what is it like? This struggle like like how how big a deal or the earth is the clippers when they had a city. They didn't really rate. I mean we pay attention to seminary. But they didn't. That is captured. That's good! That's the key point in this. They had three IRAN to take basketball from the Lakers in away they had. A better team they do in two thousand and fourteen and fifteen were legitimately contenders that could have won the title and if you go back and actually look at this to Syria,
that. They blew kind of an incredible joke job both halves and they we could have we could have won the title either those years it's conceivable and nobody here cared people. Just like whence Kobe Retirement has come the Achilles or do you think we have it as to get whoever too, that I sixteen coming the rat. You know people there. Just like her fancy. You can't change in our changing dna. I think ex. You know I feel the same way about the next in New York. I do think there's a Brooklyn thing that You have so many young people in Brooklyn allotted transplants that the net could become more of a thing if there actually get with the clippers. I think people are just excited that for the first time ever, the two teams are gonna be really get at the same time. The item their times is really is happening in no sex. I see it's out your to the the one great out brand year.
When the sun out bid the clips and seven but the lake is almost beat the sun's around one in there's, gonna be a Lakers clippers round two series than the Lakers blew it. I was the one year and then the other years, two thousand twelve, where after the you know, after their short in season we're going into the twelve thirteen season they trade for Dwight, Howard and Steve NASH. The clippers have lab city for a four year and if like it was gonna, be this head to head battle, and then the Lakers just you know that the they step the banana we're so its ever really happen. So I think you know lakes, coppers opening night Davis, who, I think, has a real chance to be the VP this year- Brian and then call the one guy who's really really blame good Toto with Brown in a significant way other than Durrant. Paul George and all the other Lou Williams and Pat Beverly stepping up
people, that's gonna, be awesome. I am really. I can't wait for that camp here. It's gonna be be if the sea than opening night at the Christmas I mean There you have been of the league, recognises the enemy. The amazing thing to me if you're gonna have a broader for why Wang like every other night in the guard, we know yet they do this project you're, not a guard idea. Staple lethal yeah, that's gonna, be a great atmosphere. You know, you're gonna have a whole bunch of game from those guys that I will favour the Lakers schedule. It always with a little bit back loaded because the postal, both these and they put all the big- gave the postal poverty, yet this year as extreme the Lakers schedule
What Christmas day and obviously depends on health is a cake walk. It is extraordinarily favourable to them. They everything about it. The bronze got into a routine, and I don't blame him for what he would ease himself in the feed from being over eight year. He either he played in situ and believe might look. My training camps goes until January. First guy, you know I I got you, I don't think you can do that anymore. I think that the Lakers gotta come out and they need to be like in the first or second point. I think if they were taken either to take the pressure off of Bogle all that stuff, my guy vulgar one more break and then I went on Belarus. Everyone knows about the risks of driving drunk and for say we don't really know about the risks when I was in college, but now we know you again a crash. Could who get hurt or killed, but here's some surprising statistics. Almost twenty nine people in the United States die every day in I'll
impaired vehicle crashes. That's one person every fifty minutes and even though on driving fatalities of farm by third in the last three decades, drunk driving crash is still claim more than ten thousand lives each year drunk driving have a big impact on your while you can get arrested, you can incur hugely. Expenses, can lose your license your job. What can you to prevent John driving while plan a safe ride home before you start drinking designated sober driver or com, attacks. Your ride. Sharing someone you know has been drinking if that's happening, take their keys, arrange for them to get his sober ride home. We all know that consequences of driving dreamt. But one thing is for sure you're wrong. If you think it's, big deal, Dr Sober or get pulled over, especially with that labour day. We can come up apple. A that's me and from the an age t s so I thought
by the NGO Birds comments about the brown last week with reseller, when we did our pack ass, but Why did you get your thoughts on the concept of what the title in two thousand and sixteen now is this is gonna- be his eighteen season. Has a son in high school ninth grade He obviously loves watching his kids, and especially the elder Sun and he's got Davis and his team leg at what point. Do we wonder? Is he to be as obsessed with this as he used to be because in some cases I Tom Brady, whose forty to now he's still like just football powerful, Buffle, Buffle BAR and all he wants to do is when football games it doesn't seem to have allowed other hobbies. Is the difference of the brain is indeed it does seem like he has other stuff is interested in and is interested in buildings.
Is there anything space jam and he's got? Is two kids and he's got others that have gone on with rich and macroeconomic has tackled? His days got. Is social media is way more on social divide? That, at some point, is basketball, just part of everything he's doing, or do you feel like he's more wired like Tom Brady, that once we get October, this is he's gonna be obsessed or try to another title here. So I mean what brand. Think about the broadest. So often people want to making a black and white issue
you know by various either yes or no one so often only different shape of gray and though, when Griff that that Leubronn does quite have the same drive that he has before. I don't think that's a thoroughly in accurate, but if you watch the brunt way as last year in Cleveland, he played eighty two came yeah and his play off run was as it was a strong you, ve ever had agree I don't think you can look at that and say that that guy wasn't going apsley all try to win for the guy is though he had. He took the six weeks off in January and February gardening band unfair. There is the shape of gray alike. Do I think there was a moment in the brain tat last year were here this team it in their inhabitants and instead of having the gas flow, we fully more depressed
even goes a long way wrapped up in ramp up a ramp up in all the march, come about finally yeah that he pulled the foot off the gas and stop yeah. I do believe that I do believe that he made a business decision about last either, but I dont think that that means he'll water is going to go out and in all honesty, his plan is business. Planted Lakers are playing the two thousand twenty one final, hopefully winning Baker. Right off the parade and he immediately walk out the parade in the promotion for space him. Why you got up about where you been running a line they allied right there and you know, I've been back to paint like part of his brand- is he's gotta continue to be a winner and her last year,
first time you really had an injury like that link and then that affected and to fill up like this. Why I remember with him Duncan? I decided that if I was gonna be on one side of the bargain, I was gonna be late. I was bad. TIM Duncan into the ground before. If you want to give you something say that I stayed too long at the party I'm in that camp on the front, I am starting to believe that he is absolutely a difference making player who can dominate game Toucan I am very few can be the the transitional guy. Do I think that the best he might do not like a fighting chance than a laugh series? I do Dwight due to do. Do I think that this Lakers aim has been to which you have been chip? I'm not drawn on does it? Have you really get better because it paves the way out there after death? But I am not. I am not in the end, I don't think gave a griffin it either. I think Griff got trapped in the little bit the way the
that it in oh but you, but he said honour that private dated twenty people. I mean we know he felt that way come on. I what you said about stained too long at the party. I've been I've been in that can put the belgian Brady Patriots for five years now and it's been glorious. I'll just tell you the edges aid to be like oh nobody's gonna, be it in the shrimp and the tail I'll have to measure. This is great. People are coming back I'll, go I've position at the party yeah? I listen, I'm not counting algebra by any means. I just think I think, he's one of the best seven, whereas the league- and I don't know what the order is, but I dont think he is a unanimous number. One now I think tat. This is the best regulars his employer in the leg and some other people may be sending towards that And then, when you get to the playoffs, I think a lot of people are on that level. Now I think it would. I just think the leagues really get my big take away the last couple years
especially like gone back, words and looking at o, four or five or six or seven like some of those citizens at some people that you know school teams of one star that were able to make the conference fine arson and some of the guys that are just in the play off rotations of teams that were in the conference finals or even the finals verses where we are now and in the depth and like that Cooper steam there, there d like they they'd, have eight to nine guys that are going to be really good. Then you know, depending on where it good dollar goes, which I'll eighty me ends up on these teams are, deep and good and have counted dude. Been there in position and that I really I worst around three not being involved? This season is a tough one for me, because I do feel like stuffy for the eastern and tougher him just like you know we, you may have so many years, especially.
For him. Where Yes, seven, four guy There's only so many years, you're gonna be able to put up thirty any nay we saw with dark dirt two thousand alone, was really his last, maybe two thousand twelve. You, cannot move in a different phaser career that something the broad has for the most part been able to avoid. I am bound by the direct them because I really doubt that he can come I can be one of those guys but, as we talked about earlier, that's a great thing about this All right now is somebody kind of fades offered a bare and there's three more people ready to jump up and take that spying. Of course, remember the Lebron when he's scored twenty nine thirty I first heard me: the files do their it was they were he stick declared. I am you now over the real deal. I went back and watched again. It was on
the Classic MBA Tv classic, probably three four years ago. I now believe that not even in the bronze top twelve gambling, right, because if you go back and watch that came in and what I mean, what I mean without respectable guys, they want nothing gives them. You go back and watched with a game play, but it was with a horribly flacon yeah area, be able not wicked place back then, but now upon the floor, we like and that's the thing, the NBA so much differently from such a better place. Now am that's not the bronze pop like if we have a broad doesn't enough. The brunt of workers with pilot doesn't If quit wine to be super compelled it just means part it harder now than it was before right now, the leagues in a place where the players are so powerful but I don't wanna about playing Powerman. I'm talking more like.
Even our mine, you need fifteen years ago. If you wrote a piece about whoever it was critical, the peace just kind of came and went, and people read it then I talked about on sports radio station. You make it to me male suit, it's over now. You may read that peace in that person We back at you. Or you might have a whole army of fans of this person doing it I'd, say they have thing commoner you and there's been this weird shift. Where Criticism of players is Alma is becoming most Elizabeth dangerous which think is really as their enemy dangerous, like somebody's liar the equitable way. Here, the blade another biggest got boy right out of their own Jackson, saying the rich Paul rule I thought was such a fascinating thing to unfold, where first, while wasn't Ridgepole row, is just either
rich pause, in example of somebody. The role was targeted, but it wasn't like we ve gotta stop rich bar, but then the brand tweets, bridge Paul Raw It immediately becomes the ridge power and everybody gets completed, bent out of shape about it within six hours, the NBA would is one of the most loathsome institutions we ve ever had in this country, but also never backs down really ever and does everything wrong and incorrectly. Almost all the time and the answer you I got there actually on the other one during the monetary history ages, for you know decades on end and even the and says I well man it's a little hot here for to change this, so I while a brand new guy, there I mean, like they, don't bet a thousand, but you better be careful because they at this point still abroad has do that ended. Making rich more powerful bacon. I now and I think that they target rich, but that was voted aimed at limiting someone like bridge all power and they
wicked around, which wrote either way about them. Yes, let it can. They changed the role that data. Maybe they provide the referendum that day days earlier and how they could change the role that day is lunacy. Why would they just wait? I mean now rich. Now I went from being a martyr to a conqueror in fifteen minute? I mean I mean I work for method without God and I don't have a dog in this fight, I really don't care. I do think on. I do think, though, the rich deification this year has been fascinated to act because for two reasons, the sports Us cover with sword, that the kingmaker NED event, the stuff tat happened this summer. I do today He represents players like settle down. Everybody did as in and their contracts up any does it negotiates new contract? This isn't the big.
Mastermind of the twenty first century slits. Let's all settled down the Anthony Davis thing where he basic convinces Davis this throw away a season of his career but now that is celebrated, I'm maybe just as my generation I'm confused by that, because our train, if it out in the summer, if Anthony David, fired them. Instead, it me on the Lakers asap. Any deliberate up- and you know it showed the power by but it wasn't here, but also the asap though it was, it took five months and he threw a lesson of his career and, as we know from over and over again the NBA. You dont want to do that because you might get hurt. You made your career happy as long as you thought I was gonna beat. I want to give away seasons in your prime. In my opinion, I do agree that Anthony they, David reputation, was pretty much spotless, something he had a limited plastics death. That you could use against them and now the deputy
Has this on it and you have to recover from it and that we start above the self inflicted injury. He could have held a different way, but I will say when it comes to rich in I've known rich for fifteen years, the worst thing you can if is had or underestimate him. That's only working for him. Yeah if you want to try to limit its power start treating him with super duper, respect one of the reasons. Why he's been perfect ass boys that people have bad mouth em an African Leubronn since the start, an underestimated them and they keep the body of the bargain, keep clicking on the ground or people keep taking the thought him. He just keeps jumping over the bar. You know they thrive on disrespect
DR on you, thinking that there dumb or have some sort of ulterior motive like that, what got them both because it alot away the worst thing that could happen for riches, for people to stop involving happened it. Remember the battle to feel because these things out for another directive, as they grew Jeremiads, forget it yeah, yeah and debate on the way things are going. He still getting his question. Quite a steady stream of insult them now and disrespect bioethics, those that they find them. I feel it is pretty popular the deed this thing, though then that I've noticed is. They have finally it I hated him in that whole family in an unusual way. By even saying the branches. The I mean, I Davis, just at La Bronze House for dinner, like a social media thing, it does seem, like he's, become bronze little brother, so to speak again,
question is this because I've said this said this before pop, but I'm interested in your take as I have in fact. You bet it at some point Lebron is gonna decide. Because he's he's gotten superhuman Basque. A brain in his he's gonna put other stuff in the little computer in his brain and it's gonna spit out what how he should handle the season and there's a scenario where he looks at this and goes emanate. Anthony Davis, the BP, this season, I'm an abyss. They stood up on Dini, brown style, every interview I gave a minute talk about how he's the best part of ever played with I'm gonna, take back see just enough So he can get his point still couple crunch time things. I'm gonna build the myth of Guinea Davis and be a little bit like Dwayne Wade, two thousand eleven ashen, nay Earth, You know that range when he was trying to get the bronze confidence go in and he would take a step back of ruins well and then in the
I'll just do what I always do, but I mean regular season to build the suit for human every he candidate team Duncan to point no monster. Do you think that's conceivable its people although I think the brown want to re establish its own dammit, his well writes about me. I get out be the flip side of that right if he is now. Actually I wonder when the BP one more time- I don't I don't know, I don't know how it's gonna will. I feel, like we're gonna know in MID September, in train. Camp in those first, today's when he starts giving interviews, if the narrative is Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis than will now now
yeah and he's ever played with a guy like that, before he's never played with the best big married play with with Bosh yeah, but the big, but the big man in his in his career have been relegated to row high level. Both letters, written boss was so super viable for even ability, and it was like the risk of them before how come you didn't get for rebalancing you again, I gave him the same back. You know been of love very famous. We would get unanimity or twelve point every first quarter and then they would never dream of ass again unless he was. You know in the corner with five back upon the hum chocolate, though it would take a pre, dramatic ship or leubronn to go that direction, but he doesn't have another perimeter player to you without the one
sing about the Lakers is being out their perimeter, its weeks, relatives of the star power at leaked, I hated the team they put together. I just feel like they have twelve guys who were all going to think they should play it's exactly where you don't want to do and what watched you yeah, but it still mattering want my stomach there more shooting this year, but they just have a lot of guys is buggy. Cousins can be happy playing twenty minutes. A game now is Randal don't be happy as the eleventh man now like what are they doing without delay. Have an inherent problems, and that is that for them to be at their best every day we should place better. The Broncho play powerful. Yes, no, many Davis, but Healthy Davis doesn't want the place. Gunnar and Leubronn doesn't want to play power forward and the culture they have be able to force them into it. So they're gonna have a boogie, Boogie George Avail, gay orgy with Davis,
in the brain, which is it. Echo what you don't want to do in two thousand. Twenty, I'm sorry, that's just infection or they are not allowed to be. Really they really really need to have better, be good. Bye, baby kinda took a step toward all star status, I don't see it, but just don't senior position. What position on that, like ITALY? What division of the boy Well, you know you, the finance no problem with the Lakers, whether you think they're content or not, and I think they are obviously because they have two of the best ten players in the league. Is there two best? by the exact same position and our forward. He had their both force Kuchma. Conceivably as Afore Terry's. I am not yet so that I'm being at three and No, I just think it's a weird team at that they put together.
The team that I think would be pretty good is, if gaining was the three and then you just pay, another parameter guy at the two and then whoever you point out is an he's got a little smaller a little faster, but that involves. The Brown playing at a pace that he made. I want to do for the first time two games. I I think it's one of the five things that I am looking forward to seeing out unfolds because you have a new coach. As you said, his hip, think its breath on his back he's dead. With clouds and all that stuff and on time of it like China, integrate these two guys. I've never played with each other, and then this O Connor Roster, that's just weird and then because it's a top of it Rondeau and people who are poor. Then in the wrong situation. Those guys will go sideways guys. I don't know, I think that there can be no.
This year, they looked spectacular, is, I think, buggy boy, you're fucked, you didn't really good shape. You can be motivated. He should be healthier. I think I'll be moments were worked outbreak, but I think that the highest level I think I dont know if, therefore, the rafters, both them- and this is my biggest thing about the Davis Trade- never pay what they had to do, and then they got a thirty four, your brain, but how you they improve that roster You dont the initiative. It s the same thing with the with the cleverest baby. It turned away all their father, belief, developers have been deaf and dumb stop they ve got the yunkers, have no functional way to improve the rostrum left a base, didn't love with Kuchma. Andrews will become the guy. I mean that's, that's watching Weber dictated because they sailed away out their future, because none of the guys at this time are real trade, but the men I get any green to a certain extent but like what they treat anyway. You gotta get. It died of
vision, but I don't have the gap but it'll have the extra pieces in part. He now is a problem is prominent. Ozma has to be a good three points you to be a successful where I shall. Third, percent last year. The third reason is bad eighty five percent is like our right. Well, you know thirty. Five percent of you made to me per hundred suddenly nets. Thirty eight- percent is like I'm every seven of ten trees? So you know notation, You know they should really do. They should find their intolerable if you ve gotta, be in our right there and they should just like keep checking out. Oh hey there,
don't you ever. We can go and go with you with your charity, your programme, whatever ok, cool, political, the check in the following, I ate a barren, come the game. The night with love the head of the front row ring back. Are you working with some kid here here sport bring freak it. I thought he was doing like a whole religious thing. I find a more were here. Just let him know hey there. If you gave a change of heart some time, let us not because you haven't, I find that went back in about I been out with prime here, but you don't have a plan, I think ability well on end. I'm not sold on their backward, to say the least. Here's here's their actual Backward Caldwell, Pope bread. Every Bradley. Who is one of the worst often suppliers and illegal s? Tears Quinn, cook
Alex Caruso. Regime. Random trade Daniels they patches just throwing darts at a fuckin, Dar bored with that that route at all. I kind of whether also come with you. I like him, rueful, had like the bad, welcoming you, never better season and all Walpole. But, like truth, I would like the best play at the end of last year, mythology I kind of like them. I used to do a thing on my guy. I'm knew tat. The backward RO. My fingers words I used have I do the end of the season com and I did the guys I inexplicably, like dollar stars our big eyes, I Caruso Crusoe, like the definition of you. Watching Random Laker gains of March Vague Caruso, regardless of the good got too much, you dump I you know a lot more this year, I'll be I'm an early every other week. I have been for three years
it'll show and what I really needed. Everyone thought them for me in China Three weeks, I'm a pinky eater and I get and I get nervous and it's the need of U S: payment for different that even try. There's a lot of interest. Chinese travel. I've never been before so in so you want you want in your twitter applies. You want some chinese food recommendations, or some I mean something I mean. What I need is people to overnight me, pizza fill out ten felt so the next I might be. I know it What did I'm gonna, be it but I'll be around our well Don't forget about that! You can read when horse book. Is it it's in hardcover the rest of your Wednesday go to paperback? I don't know. I haven't heard, but it did make the best
I wish I was getting grounds on which was not easy. You know right when the book came out, Leubronn went away. Haven't by best above them yet Alabama the camp of the book came out, but dumping at his give gave what you get through You give us that to send and say on the book, if you think you know anything about the broad basis, but vigilant, She didn't up and we should mention you ve been covering M, since he was like seven years of white stubborn here. Seven s, employment, I endorse this was great. I'm glad we did this. Thank you. Thank you. Built figure thanks. The Zapruder don't forget to get as a good outcome. Slash bs, don't forget about three watches. Were data brand new episode, gone girl, Knee Mallory, Shea and fantasy? You can listen to that. Simply save What I'm scared system is triggered the priests, often assume it's a false alarm, but that was set
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Is really the real reason we're doing this for the end and there's going to be a lot of fancy, but until then.
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