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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Juliet Litman for a tension-filled podcast as they review The Ringer's 100 Best TV Episodes of the Century.

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a bunch of good stuff on the record, our com there. What us is on the Ringer Julia and I felt previews begun with some good football pieces. Come enough data Kelly, Robert Maize, Kevin Clark and Roger Sherman, pretty exciting the best thing we have on the site, we too weak Is the Jaeger the J Cutler diaries? I heard the hair, it's just a perfect marriage of the internet and somebody in reality, tv have there been happier made, may be Jersey Shore eight years ago is the last time I have enjoyed reality J colours a true revelation. He was always down reality, tv, rightful home. I guess he was on reality tv for awhile they're, just as if a ballplayer, but now it's actually relatively soya, checked at the rear. Bring her back ass network is pop and this week as well for Buffy distorting heat up, don't the ringer fell, show, and also we didn't. We watch boast about diehard thirtieth anniversary included,
Controversial question is home alone a Christmas, but we will get Juliet answer and we're argue about the hundred best tv episodes, but first I believe that minister, which your title about the ring had seen you just keep any promoted, had a fraction head of production, so professional it does and professional. I like it. Thank you very much for giving it to me hosts of patch your party s host of GM session in the chain of thirty three, every other Wednesday said it for news who do under House Kyra. We really were really explaining this
this day in the NBA sees area they'll be every other. Friday is home alone Christmas moving one hundred percent. He goes to discharge its a brilliant part of the movie when he goes to charge for mass. I feel it Movie could come out at any point of the year, which is my same argument. Dire diehard came out in July. I don't think it's a Christmas rude May Christmas, who is like it had to come out around Christmas. Christmas is the main reason is succeeded. Homeowners, a kids moving happens that happened during the holidays cow. What do you think you have you seen, however, acres of away, so you feel like ok, This is coming up on watch home alone, again get the holiday spirit, yeah, it's a winter movie. My missing, I think it's a kids Donald Trump tell a merry Christmas in like when he sees them that their homeland. Can anybody arc. It's kids movie. And it's really movie about torturing adults yeah and then It's a holiday movie, distant Third Dale stirring, is like the best second banana loser ever
That is, if he is really got. I think it's Christmas movie, because there's also so much now, it's weird to upset movie in summer is it's a winter feel I might be wrong It does, I think, a feeling of the only person. It is a big it's it's Christmas, I think like diehards iconic, it's like just a transcended movie that those actors even other already famous and other parts they kind of like our vacuum in home alone. There are stuck in time like that's, not a colleague culture, not just the kid from her wound that Kevin. You know yea and now he is caring. Coconuts brother, that's, I think it right fired is not a Christmas booby people can fuck off on, though that's inaction movie, it's a summer action movie that happen to take place on Christmas Eve. I agree and I had come on. We're not gonna agree for the rest, as pack ask is worrying to talk about the year the hundred best tv episodes of the twenty first century. So we had a couple wrinkles with this. You are in charge of this project. Yes, there are a couple days were you came into work
you just look like you had slept and you were upset about a cms went sideways and there's very stressed out the entire time, but we had a couple. Wrinkles one was 21st century only last year, two thousand one was only one episode per show, yes, which I thought was brilliant, and I hated it because it forced us to base, could pick a hundred tv shows why our ass a pick, an hundred episodes, but ass at that the peak shows got shortchange. I see a case that by some to meet the Sopranos has the most number of like entrance. It can be like this is essential. Miss up such have been conscious consistently the most provocative bash. I was doing something new, there's no blueprint for it at all, but if you allow, sopranos breaking bad madman? Curb thrones,
based on those are at right to have. I have more than one outside Bickerton Celeste at that seven shows should have been exempted and been allowed to have to what I forget: breakin bad, the wire madman, Sopranos Thrones curb, and I don't even watches, show, but our entire as the office? Yes, the office? Apparently I have to watch the office really the biggest hole in my tv, slash movies. Game really is a great shout see her. I think is is under way that he is so funny thing is properly rated he's as they are ass, a member whose, like I M, not sure steep curls give everybody's in another guy he's good, but you have no one's like he's a genius and I think you might be Munich. Geniuses comedic timing is so good. He also did like some weird physical suffer that shall Ikey Massa his hair line like he pulled the vintage car thighs, our like he gets all the credit for like going weird to Bp Campbell on mad men, but corral made some sacrifices as well.
So I realised as we did. This is obviously a nail. This person, the Ringer and our staff skews young. Yes, the office is kind of the ship. For the generation of. If you said, like our thirty one and under generation, it seems like that's the show. I think the office is too like the thirty one, an Anders. What like a, treaty view as to me. What is it on that flax? There's? Hang I'll just run the office and they're. So quick or twenty minutes each just make your way through. We can watch him a bunch of times, and so it's really funny it plays really well in dorm rooms. I think so also people who are like you know in the twenty twenty five range Rover Watch for years. Do you think it's like Seinfeld for the under thirty? I sound like a million years old right out by the nephew. It absolutely is how many jobs have you seen every Armenia? I started watching in two thousand right sooner than I was at the office. He asked yes, I gotta be. I basically have to ashes This could be a season, a recap of policies
it's a good idea watching the office. So what is it the most popular international right? Now, friends had it for a moment, but they pass. The torch said the office I never had a I never had probably like around ten years ago I just stopped watching half hours meetings have further like, The ones you how we lack Harbin ones are ass, yet girls with kid the age, bio half hour. It feels like a different kind of half hour. He acted its bitterly twenty five. The twenty seven amateur. What's so my biggest group was not doing too episode sucker because I really felt like those seven should have been almost
we should have vaulted them to another level where they were, above all, the other tv shows. I think you have taken out at that point that, because, like you could have ten to browse episodes, you gonna five madman deeper, have five from the wire like there's like four incredible gave a thrones episodes like will always talk about ever we at least two like so, let's go through a break in bad. We picked asthma. India's yes, which arguably and probably should have been the number one episode. Oh, yes, entire lesson was the one we took the motion right, a yeah forbidden to allow yet was number ten. I believe one of the problems as you, maybe as man, his retaining hid the US. The pilot was number nine. I live with the hold that thought: the flies, the other breaking bad episode, provocateur down that bottle episode, whether it's just wall and Jesse and there in the underground lab and it's a fly. They have to get it out to keep making them ass. That's like the defining, like bile episode, impress each have each prestige tv we primarily by now once like the the fifty and the Greenwood Toper served,
shut up and I think I live out of what about when Jonathan Baxter yeah, that's really affected by a thousand setting our own Jane dies on Wall inadvertently, Jane and Jane and Jesse have just done math and she's on her side and he actively knocked her over under her back so then start choking and she dies, and just now finds out that won't visitors fossil her death. Sensible spiral. I think that episode that's to mere development. I'd worry times, though I would want Anybody, bad habit of so tat drive them. Banks episodes good tv and I am saddened back room watches, but the one when that, when I came down. Giancarlo Esposito, remember about really get here and then about Yang and then he's the best actual Russia fill it got so that that's the problem of the website. This is Augusta's and even on the less than that's one of the most. That kind of twenty first century carriages read so.
The wire we actually pick the red absurd. As many of you, I thought it should have been in the top five stringer stringer knave on Not only was that episode, phenomenon, unbelievable and if we pick season three ass absurd eleven, but it became this pop cultural mom moment. Slash reference point that we would compare their thanks to you. I did it with Westbrook into ran for, like four years share and people got pistol the whole time and then guess what happened? Durant left and he went to golden state and it became like Stringer and Avon, but I think just like that should get bonus points for the fact that, like nobody's like, oh that's like we picked the constant number one. We should I'm going to get you in a second that doesn't
in my life ever saying all this like Desmond, Stringer and Avon, is in iconic begin to pack type a robbery got that should again more points. Ok, but are we talking Malik, overarching arcs of like what made a show great or a specific episode, because that is why the less is constructed this way excludes about you. Take this one episode. You sit down for forty two minutes for twenty minutes for thirty minutes, and do you need a lot more contacts here like while this is like a miraculous like instalment of Russia, because that's what we're going for its, not just about the best shows but about I got, really saw an hour of tat Jane and the contacts from which it came minster, knave audits, are we take the right of assembly like going out Agus moments of my life? I think you'd better than it really plays into that Israel should Billowy Amber bad and the wire. You love many people love, but Are you Archibald their main reason Kyle among my third breaking bad? twice. I want
these and how many times you like you, the same person whose watched every does increase episode like seven times more than that of backer just their bleak. I think that is a little bit harder. You can acknowledge the great and most important tv show about, but its bleak sad, it's like hard. Does it thorough when it comes out HBO too, and they run a marathon, I'm in a guest better soon and big difference here is like people don't wait for marathon say there like? What can I check on screen? I'm streaming, which episode do I have to choose ethic an event like you, tv used to be an active inertia, and now you have really actively engage because you have like make a choice. You, like iron, seeking out this episode, rose how much continents paralyzing yeah, that's what people, that's why, when the mare lance when the marathon sir and still a cable, sat the guy coming here and I liked affliction and settled on a channel and get excited and dive into whatever, and when the wind
as the marathon. If, if they're doing like midway through season three on my ha ha, I got my whole day is ruined my number two, choice for the wire. I thought we had the right choice. The number to trace would have been the last episode of season, for which I think is one of the best episodes of tv I've ever seen, well, I've ever seen the wires unimpeachable has, I think season, for though I was, I thought, the best viruses in the last besides, when it all wrapped up together- and I forget which kid is just as life screw, one kid made it one kid has now gone full heard and share. It was just their cars. You question one of the one of their like we did. Blur was probably a cell there'll, be questions like what sinuous iconic line or how to this teeny shall influence there s a television like sort of bigger questions.
What's I get it? Why we're selecting these episodes like? What would you say for the wire is the impact it has on tv going forward? Could I think that actually isn't discuss that much like people over the wire that show outlets? I disagree, but I think it's like a little bit harder to trace its tentacles in the way that some of the other shows Elected, I thought it was a slow bake. It was when it was right there in the air of the critics telling us you need to watch the shown us figure who to trust the natural we'll have twitter. Yet it was when shows, could still kind of the long without you knowing unless you're watching it there and in the shadow, the sopranos, and it was. The problem was dated than a show called the right before eight, which was right the grim I actually was to grim. For me I said, but I didn't love it, and I think it was in the shadow of that too.
The second season of it, which some people now come around and thought, was actually a great seizing right, but I think that turn some people have to, and then you have this run of three four five thou take shape for being, not great, but I stand by the serious finale. There's a lot of talk about good point like on the less there's, not that many like middle sees in our late season episodes just because I think, like the best, shows its hard to sustain them after a certain number of seasons, and that's like one of the reasons why TVS gotten better ask that our have to do that. I thought the last upso season for an stringer Avon. We pact were probably the best too, but the m, though, had to learn when Omar jumps. Will you sorry about chronic moment s room, the from the censure down, has begun concern about that moments, verses episodes like the difference which, unlike breaking bad particular abandonment. Shall you could have been its own, so category totally mad man. We pick the raven suitcases.
I see I great, I thought the last episode of seasonal, I was really great, yeah and Al Qaeda in the show came together and it had the add the wheel and jams At the moment, however, and the whole thing was faint ass, we chose between the bird choosing between a few episodes. It kind of like you're gonna go the suit case shroud of celebrating madman. It comes down to the suitcase versus the wheel, which is those who episodes in this. This is probably a better start to finish here and I think it, a man, diverted assembler about this. For the last itself, we can check it out and I think it really gets out like Ben is of small microcosm. It gets like bigger questions at propels, like not just the show, but also minutes. It's dearly really guy that I think the other eye contenders network faraway places when Don goes to California, I loved the end of I think it sees and three when Roger and down and made up in their going cutting everyone, its causa down, close the door, ass. An amazing one amendment is, is so good, like the episodes, errors and hassock surprise, I
that is probably had the most one off awesome episodes which runaway peck we as pie, barons, weary and when, after Crystal Christopher, in Polly, are in the woods. Looking for the rushing I, which was the episode when yeah, was tat. Was the time what the fuck out television. We kept waiting for and come back. You Erika, where the other two I would if I would have pushed for the college episode, which I think was the fourth or fifth, this well. Yes, that was really guy does on the show, came together what is like, really know what it was only and then down one was just so riveting and then ad was the absurd. When they're in the like, though the boat yelling at a jet like yeah, like axis verily idea, and he gets his butt really really intense fifteen minutes where it felt like my parents were arguing against shaken after it's the thing that damn genes can all fini that is like miraculous but homer, Toby's pronto
he uses his physicality in different ways and he becomes really like imposing sometimes that's what he was of the criminal law but to say the least and other times like he's so like grows like he's busy. Calumet shows amazing and I think that stands out ballade. Asked. Episodes college was awesome because ass when you're, like others, show about like the suburbs and like things are happening, I Oh, the liar urban beneath the surface, but in my family crossed with him try to commit murder. I think they might have been treated as it was at lunch any night season one now made about. Yes, I think that's why we live today. I do not think that I think that Damn because in any case, but I agree with what you say about his dress county in that debate, this package, a downer but the way he used his body, and in that you thought he might ask somebody in male or female. It was
like Trump in that one Clinton debate, definitely when he was kind of falling her round and just seem bigger than her and menacing, which was really tony soprano. So congratulations to our President for Madame Raffoni Game, the thrones fight episode, yeah and I'm sorry that even the big battle, the black water back, Blackwater, Revolutionary upset a television it was that represented in this task. As we pick, the red wedding which we should have Kiev is still the most stunts. I didn't read the books, and that was one of those like what the fuck just happen. Yeah. I need to talk about this facility, but the battle scene was was the craziest most expensive thing? I've ever seen a thousand shown deserved to be represented here at the time. I think a range of I think grains Kashmir makes sense because it was so shocking. It's also sweeter APEC. It's like it's like the cultural touch
the show so that that's why? But yet again the battles in there also maize and agony who make a case for hard home, which is the one where we? Firstly, the Knights king, really in all his power and that John cells are growing away in the boat and the like of that boat could just basely like get knocked out by guy now. If you wanted to be like rains, Casimir is just iconic and has also like us, now you can't use unimpeachable the office. I have no opinion Kazanovitch curb now disk it. This is a sub Actually, let's take a break, will commit hey you've heard us talk about fantasy sites in the past, but we finally got around a triumph and over shocked by how different it is. Fanduel means it when they say they have more ways to win. If you're, not a fantasy expert fanduel is the best place to play them all kinds of contests. Just for casual fans like beat the score contest with your great cuz, the pad every minutes, score, so I have to do is finished in the money to split Nick was share of the cash bandeau also has new options for playing with friends, because the only thing bet
the winning cash, is winning your friends cash best of all fantail doing their part to make the pcs unbearable with precision fantasy contests running up too weak one of the NFL right. Now you can get a ten dollar bonus when you make your first deposit on fanned. Oh just sign up at fan, do a dot com, slash b ass age and state restrictions apply so curb. I am, I almost feel like emailing Larry David and apologize him. This was the biggest trade stay this list it it was represented above we have too many young people involved. Ok, I wish I could come in as yoga. I stayed away and it's my fault, you send me the last couple times: I've never waited in curb ended up being Natalie stay, nine out of a hundred gas, which is I don't even know what to say: it's like you for making a greatest MBA prayers list ever and Tin Duncan was like sixty nine things, value
like you said exactly what its and that we pay wrong episode, repeating that I wasn't even in the tub. Seven was an hour. What has happened on your watch all here about curve. I love curb really funny great. Shall it's not essential? it doesnt java stabilizing emulated Wednesday. I'm sorry, my God does it. What do you recommend? First, I'm not her Dawsons Creek, tired. I consider essential private. There were so many people here is its list of eminent try that have you ever get me. That's not list, and you have certain types for tv shows I love could be. Are you loved us? Is the icy libraries anatomy you grace that'd be higher the curve. Greater me in a seminal television show the twenty first century. I will not just to beg. Curb. There were out there, the greatest tap our carbon, probably about time. There's episodes of curbing like he's fighting and you're, just like other ideas episode, oh my god, s waist see that there is a lot of like ok. If we act,
crazy as killer. I was just TAT Joe S and I talked about it when we did but a Monday. If I had to Ojo House at the end of the episode incur bad by far the most of of any tv show from from my last decade, but the craziest killer was greatest half hour. I was so happy. I was just delighted that would happen. Choice but ass a backup choice, the indices into the restaurant idea. Let's a restaurant start to finish our wrap up the season The direct shaft who swears ever the restaurant swears than Susie saying the car Y see words your car Wash Bank Susie's, the bastard here's, the biggest and most important line ever that and that show that would have been there. For me, I think I'm the Dodgers Stadium eggs to hook I'll. Let you stay in the car, Poland and then Chris S, car oh and I abandon that's a good one
Van Dam, Bambi, Chief Guard: let's have sex with our hats, her crazy system that would be by TAT for all of those I would have put it had. What was when we take we pacts shit. Let me check right now: because you don't like to show you. I remember you pay, as you like the shout site, think about it, though its MRS Giralda comedies. I think that they have been those hard to stand up over the test of time, because a lot of time, a humorous, topical
or its offensive and like the lines of what is is, it is not allowed, has shifted Sohmer much, and I think that is if effective way, people think about some of these shows and look the companies and general. We chose the freak book, which is the one who is. It was like the knife basket from season sets for. Did you like a producer season that, especially I love music oscillates balance the blacks, the blacks was a great season, and I remember there mailbag many say: oh eight, where However, there is one come back season and compare, and I did curbs pitching stats first season. Then you as a pitcher and she's going how many great episodes there were in his that's or Visa Pager Martinez in the way that Centre
just the lady I do think Larry David himself is under way that, like in general, legging culture, Legatee Fine, are our millennials pick the best TB up says it's when you first century with was great our century man, no real world no real world. I have to tell you hundred television, shows this list. You picked realities. That nobody will ever have a conversation about again and there lay that's vanderwiller. Now that is not your use, don't want. Vanity was only sitter me buy out is a recent CBS list. Its at the real world is the most. I conakry out a show of our time, and we did after and the less true, however, that most iconic seasons were out before the year two thousand counterpoint railroad New Orleans, two thousand, which a year that we just a guess, were planning, wasn't in the twenty first century. What did I tell you have survivor on there, so we did recognise the twenty first century. That's the most ambitious show the year two thousand Railroad New York New Orleans add David S, singing the ski up, obesity,
who is talking about his music career- and this was during one of the last years before anyone on tv was at least total sufferer. He was not and he say. You know, my music mean so much to me and then place come on be my baby. Banality might be ok, but what other people you bed with it so bad? and it was one of the funniest things. That's ever happened on television and and then was immortalized by Dave Chappelle a few years later he had the guy come on and play come on, be my baby. In front of us all idea. May, however, tell me what has happened on that episode? You get it at the moment that the Columbia River, that episode that's a moment, sample episode Reliant Vegas Threesome, that was, I also regret that a little, but I think that we were in your railroad episode. It would have been true shells, pregnancy, square yeah, That was a full episodes. That's it has on talking about like.
These are moments where you re ever so we're like. Ok, we should have like accounted for that, but UK became or anything else. It happened in it or the led up to it and amber because it was like eighteen years ago. That's where the recently buyers and remember vendor properly deserves a year ago. I said I would now to my choice a banner attempt of Vanderpools episode, but also I've been beg you to watch banner pump rules for years. If you did, you would agree, it's really incredible television. The thing that's amazing about these people have now been on the show for five years their lives have barely chain. Of course I live in West Hollywood. They still live in, like bit they ride around on these could schooler scooters like it's insane great. Shall please watch at Churchill's. Pregnancy scare was care for tourism one. She was scared, she's pregnant to every viewers, scared that your showers gonna bring another human being into the worker. I was put out his hand, please don't ever Chad and it was at that- did Steve as the man who was awful. I will say that that is the reality
Point of the real world regret that a little bit, but I just don't- I don't know like we also got that during which our job so do we pick out disagree. We chose one Johnny Screws ever Sarah. By taking the money, see that's another recently biased one great episode, totally member it but gone back to the mid two thousand. Take me there. I can't remember Because I'm not describe the situation, she she was a female. She was? a competitor, ok, kept stronger and the challenge of picking her. Aren't you but I want to say her name is like SARA. I might have been another Sarah improbable it. Ok, they kept growing with an early from your world nor Elinor was unduly so I remember my name, but she got thrown in life straight times and she kept winning. There was actually like a sports were is inspiring. I wrote about it. I m right now is the first time ever really was started writing about the challenge of my column, because
It was also that era where the challenge was kind of becoming the challenge. Ah, but since I can't remember name, it can't count, I think the challenge era that I wish we had counted for a little more but again, I think it's hard to pick a full episode is the Corlears and also the teenage years like bills were too tight. The challenge whether there really will be organised so had the misery. Who then was joking no time about becoming arrests are corrected in the mess then became them is on the debit IBM when the title allows order the biggest theirs they have- and I think I have also watching that show retroactively- would be bizarre. Also. The challenge season for the first rush me brought an active and Evan Uncanny and Evelyn, and I would like it that's just change the course of the whole. Guys. I was incredible castings over gave me out casting awards. I think the challenge my when I am ready to do a big picture challenge, a challenge, kind of conversation, we need you called before the maybe liked him. China forget the top ten pantheon of the chair.
I would love to you. I think the challenges still good its recovery legal energy source. I think I've still feeling Joe and Evelyn, where the two greatest female athletes with ever produced in Amerika, maybe serene fired that american and obeying socialist I was an american, maybe he was an old I'm thinking of the woman who got kicked off road rules for who that look like Evelyn with sunshine, and I believe that there is a stupid internet Fred started that she was actually a man There was a very carefully now demand she's, the greatest female athletes. We ve ever players that have thereof you do they speak in a reality: tv, no paradise oughta, yes, Now I think that was a ridiculous show, but was it like the best laws limiting clearly not as that is much integrity? Is corporal. You see you don't know. Vanderbilt rules is,
so guide Alima, so much habitat I've seen vanderpool how many one I've seen a couple twenty minutes at hotel, was phenomenal and created the reality. Gimmick of discussion we never end. If you don't wanna too, which is basically bachelor in Paradise. Now bathroom Paradise store Paradise. I tell it's the exact same idea. Just there's a finished, I'm parents so tell at one point: it was like this people are coming back, had been voted offers existence gonna gone perpetually for the rest of my life. Do you know about Love Island, which happened this summer in England? Was season for level it's like it's on, Rita. I was born, searches, fight, big brother needs. Are you the one basically, in on every day, the daily mail has covered a breathless lane? Earl s eyes are launching this week. It's not good, but I I is a phenomenon that want to be a part of the daily mail as one of your top five bookmarks. It sat even What have they re right? Number one, Joe
Joe millionaire should have been on because thou that had the GAD, like thirty two million people for the last episode, but that was a different era, though the time, unlike reality shows together many viewers, like I don't know I again like I was a good- can see, but was it like a moment air or even an episode, we're like shit, remember in this house And like it was an important time for like a trajectory round, Irma Gluyas, YO, millionaire picking somebody in thirty two million people watching it, and then it created this whole world, like instead marriages, ok, but like verses survivor where sooty that crazy speech like ours, yet that I'm just saying like that that was in the top ten, because there was like a lot more substance on us. That was a major moment. Survivor like was incredible for God forever can earn less yes agri. Yet the mutiny episodes my personal favorite from two thousand sex, the other the other. There is one of the reality that we missed.
China thank those when I get my fear now in turn that Paradise Hotel, thou air there is there. I think lot of reality, MTV reality that was like super important. I think the probably episode of the newly wet showed Nick and Jessica when she like doesn't know it. Tuna is and she's a chicken of the sea that What was needed now is an important show and that had a lot of great episodes when he went golfing sure like you, could have called it like pre divorce. Ever until I gotta see there's one coming, because this goes back to the recently buys thing. Tat naked. Jessica show, for whatever reason for about fifteen months was like the biggest thing on tv in general. Simpson was again a plus, less star big, four, be basically being a dumb ass television. I sat there wasn't the Osborne says Jerry. Yes, it was only an airline that had like a real movement, I felt like I agree with you. I think that those are again like I just would have like forebears to a lot of what came next, then liquidity
more impact fall, like I mean those shows earnings as that Jersey Shore, that Jersey Shore is brought together by that and also the success it true life she life's a great great show after we had great programming on the previous day They really did it at a grey run. We we had Laguna Beach on there. We had those and the Laguna Beach was their cargo episode from Season one I get it it had it kind of the Stephen such Amy thing, which, which even in two thousand and five before we start patrolling the style out. Better was awkward back then, as I Airbus settle down, but he's ever seventeen year old girl friend of yours, like air wasn't great, I still for me. My favorite episode was when they went out to dinner for Jason they party, he was clearly going into the bathroom to bloodlines yeah. I think in the end they were China added. It was that the hills Gonna be the thing in my house, because that was used Daily Lauren right.
In that it allows where we pick from hails from the Hales. We pick the end of the Heidi and Lauren fight or she's like honour, forgive you, and I want to forget you and move and move on how's it going another good for another good run from the hills when Heidi Eliza Spencer and says it she's pregnant till. I get his reaction. Hydrophobia nephew cod. Eating a girl who went to hide, our Seas fashion score fit him, I'm ok with. Actually it's pretty influential here and I I know I thought I they feel good about it. I heard him I'm going to spread updating rosy press from women cancer I love those shows there. I think we could add that even more of that, where they are so important, also to get back like the J Cutler thing that rests happening right now resumed. I think we're staggered me about this list. The thing that were not there and also how many upsets could a bit. I just made me think just how much great tv there's been. I think you better and more fun to be honest, like there's this basis, the lad to pick
yeah they're? Really one million have we didn't have as on this list, and I got mad, but then I went back and as was basically season to seize and three were the season season for on. It fell apart and seasoned forests in two thousand, so is there I presented the insects in the city at a similar problem. By the time we had two thousand that show that shows that good anymore, we use we picked an episode, but that success city by after season three was bad. Yeah yo, I think early Ninetys has a really good television. I mean our doubt but have been addressed. Rotation if we include the late nine days, but there are unfortunately, we included in their episode just because you love the show. Now it's really after five season. It really. I think it is a day would mark, laugh or marked eyes and shows should meant that it was that an excellent hour of television. It's really good I will I hulu. When went home Hulu, I went home when I watch right away like, whereas out now, like holy shit yard available, I went home so Sunday with sunny those like all by all, accounts should be outside. The great day, and I watched that episode I wiped out like this is remarkable.
This is a really incredible episode of TV that it's hard to find. Now it's at its working within the confines of commercial breaks in has tons of characters. It could be included an it just. A really tidy package works out nicely. I think I was a greater yeah. I've told this story before, but when I had my old website and I had to do the daily links every day It was during the era where you had to actually plug a phone call from the little in the wall into your computer and everything down. But it's so loud and I was trying to find stories and I'd have to wait like thirty seconds, for the site to download sorry to have to have this tv show so His watch Nana too, in our own back yard. Aired already seen here, those first four seasons. It was actually like it had people that probably should have been on a television. Oh deafening, Patrick Dempsey was a little overqualified, bagration attribute, but not really. Now,
cloning should not have been on a television show. He is right that they were able to get three years out of him was incredible. There eating afford a half, he left and analyses mounted and by you start to make it more or less yeah me last year actually one reason called loudly. Those projects like the idea of the episode, is kind of fading away, because all the shows just drop like people been damn. If you don't laugh, then we too weak one reason successions been so fine for the Ringer south of summer is because its happens like happening. We, week, and so it's an accession is a great example of why the binge watch motto should not exist anymore. I agree like I it's just not as fine. You can't remember episode of episodes all blurs together now the last thing you we would. Given stranger things like six weeks of of nonstop contact. Yeah anyway over forty eight hours, like maybe that's a good model for whatever your magic. But I don't see how not being in the conversation session. The way a bill and now has become a thing
our how many times do we read a week about at least three times a week. I think more. We are advocating podcast about it like its bill toward old school, like an old school tv experience, and I still think that banners. Revenge watch. I didn't see you, I also as a viewer and like I truly love television, I just find it so much more fun and also its. Like, then think of a group of vat. There's a couple nation about around it. You can like take tat. You can go down several different rabbit holes because our interest in that way, after, like five days, basically like one way you can be really enter, causing crag and the next week you can be really international faded. We like what the fuck you without all these british prestige shows and now he's tom that so weird like it just you know that experience does nephew, I remind you of Cousin Gregg, is, I think, that's been the worse ringer staff. Take of this two thousand eighteen. In no way, does you remind me of chinese language? More competent cousin gray totally, I that's a rude I'll do it. No shit, that's wrong internet! Now, I'm sorry man, but those coworkers. I don't accept that visa think so
does succession the way built so, like my daughter, watches, he's Netflix shows that show the kid s cancer election? Somebody shouted is actually really good, shouted Katy, no access carrying allow Katy. That makes sense to do a watch throughout. All those up, my daughter will watch out and it's not like you- have Alan Sepinwall writing about episode, four of Alexa and Katie, but when it's something like succession or stranger things, I think the build of the week to week is part of the fun, even if they were going to do it so that it's two episodes of pop somebody that I really they change it man, I think its eight. I know it's bad for us. I know I know we would have more format. The shows I know you make fun of me by the time tat the title of the time old tail of a wheelbarrow want fair that doesnt work any more like because there's no time to build. It also noted I think, for the show runners and the writer Subic. All these two have really gave great chemistry. Like maybe
change up or doing like it just has affected the type of stories that are told in some ways for the better, but like I'm just too I'm just a girl standing in front of a tv set asking it to give me a love story. You know When was the last time with air with their work, video while the office, which I don't watch but was then The presenting agenda Fisher yeah, but I may get together in season, for I think emetics goes on another forty cents, the first where they are want. There was right, let cheers oh yeah Samad an Thou is basically the premise of the first three c, any love it in you. It was again and I was more invested in their relationship than any relationship by life? Yes, but I was like thirteen fourteen fifty, and I was only child and have an older brother dating somebody. My parents riding divorced as those like eight whether they should get together, and I have put a lot of time and thought energy into rooting against it, because I didn t that belong together Love Diane, which is so weird because the kind of person
I became, and I was going to I never would have had a crush that died in a million years, but I was thirteen as I have any he's, really blowing this with Diane Jimmy Laffer YAP via another case. Your thousands on there, I think, maybe made by me, is for that reason, the thousand, like pull that I wanted. I need to regroup so accurately. The dust and scraping, but, firstly I will break I'm ready. It was talk about your aunt. If you heard man, this pike asked I used to let each left for my face. I used that razors aids, their shaving cream the last couple months. I've had a beard even still amusing Gillette, when at the shape like thunder, need the beard in the neck. I used Ie Gillette fusion, five, four shaving cream, because I've sensitive skin I use. Did you let the fusion programme with the big sensitive, so that happens, but
Giulietta's. It's been around forever. I went to see their facilities a few months ago and you cannot kinda understand why they're the best team at a time and care the factory at the all the little precision and a little bells and whistles they put in it was unbelievable to say what do you want three blades or five, the July Angela, five razors, have you covered all under ten hours, high performance at a low price, but here's some good news, ketchup formats delivered to your door in fine Gillette. Five were any shaven tell you want whatever you want, goaded Gillette on demand that come once again, Gillette on Demand Dhaka subscribe to day. Thus, its creek, which I think, even you admit, as a giant dozens creek fan is show specifically for women an old man in the population, no man.
Ass in Craig it up. No man now don't matter at all. Downgrade men did not watched us in Greek, It was not only remain right, it didn't object eyes. Ok, We didn't have us unless there's plenty of man only shows on this last say: where do we have? Thus, in Crete, gravity. Yeah. It's about thirty. Eight spots arise that shows that good You know me. I love you. I love the the trash routines. Bob Russia's mediator. I couldn't, why said Joe, dial share overall and so not geared for me that I couldn't watch it a lot, I've triangles I'm here for love draggers deal in Britain, Kelly is the greatest of all time. That's chair, I agree by even what's a show. How does it get penalised for the fact that it turns out fifty percent the population, because it still am really weren't, you another. Fifty percent of it also change television that a huge impact on injuries.
I think it was not a good show. That's really like they cause. You were a kid when you acted in people of things when their kids and their tax law so as to ensure a doll Could you attach to launch five careers gave us one of the best gifts television careers, but what big do use adversity, blue as well as Michel Williams, is one of the most successful action at a great career. Anyway. Are you sure she's, really anxious. I think that she went home, I'm not sure that she's goes people think someone say that that's fine, are we sure she's ravishing apple? Well, I think I write another Joshua Jackson Grady. I love that guy here. Of course, we love call in the affair. He's playing pc pc is he's.
A pc lives at the head bids and has a crazy ex wife yeah. That's with defining role for Emily, never got past it. Now. Dozens Greek is not a good show. I disagree. I do think that is not a good show. Even at that shoe that episode is really well done. It was the episodes deck the landing of sisyphean alley of season theory. It has been twenty two episodes leading up to that of jelly pc. Will they get together? How dancing in and take it at all? Finally, comes you had twenty two So, let's ride the shows terrible fate at all. It was a morning soap, eyebrows, general hospital with, like better cameras, dizzy way, better. Writing it also ages. It did something hard to do on television, which that tie together every story line that season in forty two minutes and in Worked out, it was really well done. It was well executed. National lotteries. Lessons about is episodes that were really well executed. Gymnast you can window every four years. Dawson's Craig had a chance to win. Gullible, did dusted, Creek
really made history for created to male characters that no other men would have ever how now at no point in my life I really hate Dawson. Would you have to if you want me to write like you kind of ever, hung out with us and are basic now I mean you know that I will now either, but it doesn't matter was to use you does. My problem with that show was you had male characters who did it? amber any man I met my life is your problem with friends, though, as well and friends is hugely popular. You say: that's bad shall now the fur I'd season when a friends was fantastic. Similarly, docile Greeks he's allow is fantastic at my issue with friends: was they just needed? One person in the writers room? who could have made the Chandler Joey relationship seemed a little more like what it was like when guys are friends, they had it in season one and then I think Bill Lawrence left the writers room to do. What are you do scrubs The ass has been city or one of those less and then and then what they did to me over the course of the ten episodes
I don't like really agree. Just like one shows decide, lichens he's into our seas and through you to make one character totally dumb and that's not of jelly. Like you didn't start out really dumb. He started out like as the hack. I act. Who is really arrogant, became specially than anybody who has shown what they did to Chandler. I've read chemical castration. I don't know anything about it, but that's what they did to that character of the last four season. From the moment he started getting involved with Monica. It was like cease to be any sort of anything anymore, I'm just the I'm. Just a man in mark, has got to move around and indifferent. Seeing yeah, I will say, with friends: it had like this three episode: urgent when Joe it about feelings for Rachel. Yes,
now, as I was really strong and arguably could have been analysed somewhere. However, I just our member enough about it terms of Solana when she develop them back. I was like fact now this right now like now. This will not sell. It's gonna happen now, building a one night standing there, but they are now saying that private. That shows at some point between seas of five and sees Nate LISA Cougar. Started to look like she was fifteen to twenty years older than everybody. S of the show there are supposed to it was like, would have a Gabriel cartel submitted to it. Oh yeah scholars, we're on high school together now suddenly she's, like thirty five right get as I see it as a really look like she's brain ass, the great age, one glance through line of tv and last decade that I wish we celebrated more, was how new weird roles Paul right. Usually popped up, indifferent tv show you so available so available here, I'm years and years- and here I am, I think, our ninety shouted sisters near speaking of teen dramas, the o c, which
I ride, for I see like to the point that I forced daughter to watch seven him and took her phone so shaker really custard out. We pick the pilot, which I agree with the Van Tassel pilot. Yes fantastic, I think I see no night. The third episode was about. You start to finish our and had the best moment, nosey history, which is why, when the man decides to leave the hot, the first three episodes led to the moment where the Ma Am Ruins: Casino, nay, yeah and then with the classic, like rich per when something goes wrong. An event thing were somebody crashes into a waiter which is taking over and over again go to move up at an forcibly sloppy droopy actually have the knock over waiter employed satisfying railways. He says he has, as you know, the noisy has got to stop what they're doing in like kind. I shame them, but the next one wakes up and says to stress my yes curse, piercing Cowan
basically like I have to get out of here. This is the best thing I'm ever gonna do for him years, mom guess I like to have you do now in its emotional and adapt to that point. The mom haven't really wonder that drive, because while here some reasons he was a car jacket, You see and he burned down the motto house. The first area hug out there, so they gotta fistfight and Oh, you know she had some reservation. There were some reasons and she starts realise and, like I gotta give this kid a home and as this is going on, Rhine wakes up and comes out and sees the mom and realizes she's leaving in this kind. It is a sad, RO, half wave its emotional. I get showed that cyborg
I really hard for me to get about solidarity viciously emotional, two minutes. If it's a good wine, I think the pilot is like, I would say, ballots gray. The parliament, I would say, is like a better pilot and lost like. I really feel that way. I pilots word had some major people behind yeah it had the diamond directed Magee, Naturally, we have cut off his Charlie's angels, high angered mixture with Serbia and its rather like the amazing soundtrack. It was like law. This is different, I would say the o c mon in situ protein shows in general we would be a better, been shall then we too weak, because I think that Roger was my daughter play through and I loved it out. We too weak. I was so deep in a mature message boards than I was just beyond obsess that's hard for me to explain it to you. I'm like a passionate, obsessive person, and I think that show up one bags yeah episodes Wanter sat in a season. One are just I say, alas, how best seven episode, maybe like I don't know, I will add up there and I was utterly wants it before I.
The bad Azra four page to at the time. Somebody made me the pilot before it came on, and it was somebody was a tv executive, like my com and is like I gonna, send you somethin, I think you're gonna go nuts for the show. Has people knew I like that tuna and our two pilot with my wife and we're just like worries floor. I, oh my god, the first seven, the problem, though it was the old school motto of just let's, let's milk, twenty two, so you got a season one and by leg episode. Thirteen Luke, the bad guy who had the famous well You see badge yeah, absurd one, which is another iconic move nature by by have said thirteen. They know what to do with them, His dad was gay in episode, driving ban yeah. That's where it also these bodies with Ryan, and it was such a waste of a great villain and then this Athena summer Holiday, or should they ere it was eight they should apply them
game allow the step they crammed four seasons into one. I will say another great episode was there was Maria Later I was the last great ass. He observed Marisa shooting, Ryan's brother area. Then parodied Yandah announced in IRAN, as as the in the best way possible. The icy solution that I would, I guess, casino night, a slight edge. I would say the alignment of seeds and you're saying is a kind of get screwed, because it was one foxes during TAT is the very first time box mounted with the around programming it a beaten in August and then took like many months off and then came back and they were so excited momentum. They ordered extra, preserves seas and why, I think, was like twenty seven episode of justice. Not there what a run for me personally, because the sea was on facts as the Red Sox were on five sing ass about winning the at gone through the glass win. The world series of running a sea promos really beg my favorite time for promos redder and there, they want more break, but so I started,
double shot. I'm going to need one after after this Ben ten say this podcast Starbucks Doubleshot starts with Bold Starbucks coffee when it was mailed for a smooth, creamy, delicious flavor. It's enhance with ginseng and guarana and b vitamins available in six delicious flavor is mocha, vanilla, hazelnut white, chocolate, coffee and mexican mocha. It's an energy coffee drink that not only tastes great but gives you the energy to go from point a to point done and look everybody has their little caffeine fix. You know I have my morning coffee, which actually I use this.
But reserved starvation. Isis Reserve coffee there. Things really make an arm and then ran around three o clock. Three. Thirty, four o clock special. When you get older, you start so fatal, Abednego, caffeine bump then choose you. Wanna go for the fur, some sort of latin for the express our shat. These Starbucks trouble shot so kind of life altering thrown in the fridge energy. To do things you actually do in here's. How easy it is just finding your local, communist or check it out. Starbucks Elisha! I couple quick ones to rent or adding think this can be the whole podcast, but I'm having at them. So twenty four.
We rank ninety third yeah, the famous need internet speed, double edged, an absurd yeah. This is a great example recently bias and me I wish, when you send me the less those three times I wish I had waited in twenty four was an absolute phenomenon, utterly logic. It was ass. Yet this is your ear. Take firm do what it comes down to. Is you have a type virtue and if the showed us a figure tape, it suffers in the list? I just say I wasn't the only one who made this less. I don't even want to extend all the crap air the gatekeeper caused us. It's creek was like a well why we had to emphasise, agrees in ambient air shot like, but it below a gas getting you like. We need to revise this lets you ever so really good. Lord twenty four, I think at one on origin in the top. Forty, ok, ok, I accept that
I d ever got it completely revolution. As there were television and it was the first bench watch. Twenty four Eliza was twenty four hour loss together, made people made television. People like rethink what he could be. So I acknowledge that so I didn't watch twenty four in the moment, but we ve got the dvds and it was when my wife was pregnant with my first with my daughter and she was super pregnant, like the lad, like I too hot, to move Let me tell you something for the people out there who either had not gone through that married to somebody who had a kid or or the the Ladys out there. They know that our job, yet that last month as well, worse than anyone's gonna. Tell you it's a fact. Ten percent, whereas, like that thing is just in your body like a brick, you, U bodies, full of blood you're like a hundred and seven degrees and you can't move and your issues and far and we that have the bay.
And then we went in and there they none. So we had this whole weekend. Were they just every minute without the baby was coming, but it was and she's lying on our side, and we watch the entire twenty four. Someone as the only thing that made that we can find was Jack power in the door aging crass was, My dad was a moment sure that's a show that even one sees and probably really get ideas kiss. They do as retail. That's a lot of network shows that had new ideas or different that, unlike spawned peak tv like they, should have been cut off by the problem of the now if they had the right idea to begin with and they couldn't unlike Dawson Streak in its best episode ever couldn't land the plane year, what it should have been thirteen yeah because even the first is that a twenty four there's, some episodes or its leg, Jack Jack, got a new car journeys train. Find water it down the whole episode that they run revived his
here, too known really cared about it, and then he was just back. I mean Jason. Patrick sentiment tells me fur the greatest Hollywood story about time there really good ones, you do she recounted the Julia Roberts. Hell. I think it's a narrative, As for us, that's a good idea. Nineteen! Oh that's right episode! I'm Julia Roberts fled to Ireland tears. This is whole world before the internet in us, weakly and gossip and really before came in its own where Julia roberts- biggest are star. We had the biggest FEMA the star in the world at the moment was getting married to keep her southern who was down the sun was is also a smaller but recognisable persons, right and they're getting married and the best man Jason Pitch Patrick also now also well known, appeared with key for southern endless. Boys steals Julia Roberts. Two days for the wedding and they disappear. They got islands, they go to Ireland and that's it. After letting writing, though my you know, this had no idea. No best
installer away. I think both in a very famous people, she was famous movie actors in the world s worth a google search check that it is a great people met. People magazine like a snake. You good archives and there are eight people magazine kind of breakdown of it. That's like a Zack globally. Dad San Antonio this offence with tomorrow's. Doesn't it videos plainer for ass, the jewelry Julia? How did she get so quickly, but our wider entirely? How does she didn't? I mean they must now be just on a whim. Go to Ireland I think they re internet. Do you have hotel today now Algarve and put his Dublin apple? Tax havens are, who knows, what's been going on there for a long time, so couple more grapes home at the weekend, I just a top. Fifty that season want a whole man was a real thing. We grow in Seattle and then a radically and weirdly. I did the recap on Graham,
and for this weekend, where other parliamentary hunting dire of it cause any Greenwood was recapture but was had a wedding are something that we can and I took over in that somewhere in the ground and archives. L funny I went have a good story. I like it. I went on birthright the summer after that season were between one and two, and I remember like one on birthrate a thing like that israeli soldiers come and join the trap and like every interest, up with them, and I had I heard her talking to utter the israeli soldiers. I buy trip about how language start as it is really show and legists really laid the groundwork for us there. That's what your parents rankings for ideal ideal husband, not Michael, be journey excluded. These number one is israeli soldier tours in? Is it be a front office office like. Major market, only director of play- operations
If scouting, I just saw you as a chance to ascend stable franchise in a major markets. That's pretty limiting, but like some kind the choir letter, bland basically but yeah. It says there were two by Michael, be there have to be jewish now amounts Allison, So if somebody out there who is on the way up in an MBA front office and lays down a number of months, does its creek love, it does its Greek with who it was who work we'll get into the dozen episode of television before me in the weekend was great and that sees went home and that's another show that really could have just stopped exhilarating addresses. Yes, they brought Brody back forces into which is a mistake. I think the problem I haven't fully launch into billions and I'm waiting into the pool I just hate Damien
as a result of Brody so problem. For now he will win you back near back at or no which billions episode should have been on here, but a couple good money. If you think about that, for the next time we re up S. China think there is one great when this year Dexter the getaway I thought that shouldn't have twenty five. That was this season. Finale John! Let go the whole dexterous John left, the cow is probably the most underrated tv sees in the last twelve years. Nominal. It's you start to call you at sector. Did you see the journalist gases and I think I see them, for I think I made about three season. Go back, it's really worthy of the german gas season What I'm one well argued airline paper watch it. The dynamo start to finish everything about that and then the show immediately never recovered. Now, let me not just with such a high. I like the jolliest I'll, see then, but I think I like, because attic maggots actual,
Austria, like ok I'll, watch that we move guy, was overqualified beyond that show which always makes good We shall do as you get an active beyond that. He was an excellent on that, shall that's all be more popular navigate though it starting like tomorrow. I would add that twenty five we did not put Louie in the top fifty which Understandable, given recent events, I guess, but the Dankert episode was one of the most memorable besides I've seen this entire century should have been. The top twenty areas, at least at mine. I it's complicated about separating art fry in real life, stuff from the are instead, but that all episode and trying to figure out what was real. What was a male age said that was incredible. Half our television during Kok is super.
Saying to me really could create a moment yeah. I don't know if he's ever done, anything relevance since other than sir sellout stadiums now and also about yours at upset public five years ago. Yes, it out levelling after his peak, like Dean Cook peaked like two thousand five thousand sex there is so much like baggage and inside shit. I just love that upset. I thought I was ass. I think you could probably do this exercise with like the best comedy episodes. It would be really fascinating is so much has changed with the commonwealth. Unlike what we value now verses even like eight years ago. I think it is really changed. Curbing Louie into the stuff we see gap in lieu was considered to be one of the great comedies about them, so yeah just really hard to think of. In that way. Now I get it Friday, eight lights. I have two grapes left than there were in ago: ok, Fred, any lights. We pick the pilot
actually didn't love. The pilot at that the pilot was fine, the the football fuck ups in the in the closing drive. This is why the ringers gonna start this autumn. I company, where we just advise movies and tv shows and how to get the sports stuff right. They recover non sidekick. She think it day. Somebody it's a run. They run down like the twenty and then an ass play. Saracens scrambling around is like aid he's out, is on twenty, somehow like we somehow, where backwards. Fifty yards never saw it. I just can't get past it and its grand, but I would have I thought, foresees and one like this one. I feel really strongly about the slammed pages said with make a Kelly sure I was really like the first internet, shaming episode, I'd seen and just had saw it was so raw and it was ye shall animal villain, but I feel bad for two and at that it did such a good job.
Explaining what the internet does two kids at a time when we were really And have allowed in Bulgaria, in fact that it was kind of their Jackie Robinson awaiting into that kind of area that those great in the two part racist coach was spouse, get tat time very good. I think, right near my picture. I did not dislike. I liked it fried. May lights is probably the most fundamental show on this less way, more than anything else that I was standing for legal way more, and so I think that your enjoyment of private lights is based a law on who you're very characters are because they think that, like more than any other ensemble, it's so much driven by which storyline you bastard answers your weirdest and most inexplicable corners. We have other no need for six years. I am. I Stan you through and through and yet I do understand this. This is it teen, show you love. Teen shows its over dramatic involves love triangles and all the shit that you like my
be. Jordan, is in a celebrity. I prefer the EAST Dylan Seasons, because I love you so much there's an event shows you. I think I think that's even their import may be better. I too, that the worst climbing one really galleries, and this have abandoned and journeys. Well, it's really good to highlight our ally such as just think. What I is is really good, but, like I love about heart, I love sentimentality. I love emotional tv, I love and on some Drama, but I just think that, like in some ways is, though, with a mechanism to that used to tell it stories than ring true for me, but I like to live. I'm overhead, her purse, I'm sarcastic dozens Creek was so realistically I love parenthood more than fine. I like to think of that we have here on our list. There is one episode are no I've. Actually, it was out remembered. I regret that we should put it on it was very good about. It was very glad what was the kind of pair apparent observe. Probably the season when Christina has served with cancer is like a pretty
Why and actually I don't know, maybe one of the night. We during their reserves, I think that parents whose future I'll That means a cobra and I thus part of our right reasons zone to write about it every week for awhile, I laughed at last but not least, as a no agreed just This is the greatest is actually value. As China hurt me with this, I you know I dive, maybe forty episodes. I would again with over the warm impact I'm ok. However, I will say a man who makes a really compelling case reader blurb. I thought she wrote a great period writer fantastic ring employ. I just would have pick forty unless your backup. Well, sir, I I said this to you: I thought the most power best as an observer of the century was the nine eleven beside the first six minutes of, though, is like a really important culture. A moment is the rest of the episode good though it does a manner it's the same thing would like this beach in survivor at the end of the survivor beside like. If the moment transcends everything I think we're.
About a nine eleven section, because we did a great job with us. Bars, but how nine eleven affected different shows, I think, would have been get it and it's free because Giuliani is such a big part of it, and now is obviously people's opinions have flipped on him in a alighted from corners, but. It was such a weird time for the show not knowing. If this it should even go on the people in a laugh anymore, all really there U s now somebody to want to host that Africa who backed out, in an area where his phone it had taken over and I have known she was great then, and that first six minutes impossible. Plain the box. Nearly every fucking amazing is your answer, one of my favorite months, a tv ever Nepal, Simon mom. It was incredible in and just the opening opener was incredible thing. There's that there's a deadly a case to be made the lasting influence of that of Tina Pale of teen affair. Sarah Palin is is like more woven into the fabric of pop culture. Again
but I think I would argue strategically with pushing Gore and warfare that was two thousand. That was just a more memorable moment, like the Sarah Palin Tina faith. But remember like, but this Teachery that actually, like almost felt like I was gonna swing the election there for labelling and made Bush such a character tat. I do feel like he heard person that election. I am concerned that the greatness of welfare rules being lost time because he can't doesn't care welfare. All is so bucking fund. Now, I'm not in this house. I like enough for an Africa. I think that all schools, United Governors, I just feel like I just feel able affair on his greatness- is never not celebrate. I live celebrated every day like I just think he is so funny he was the funniest, those popular man allied like five years for like twelve. I also for us now, the first lazy Sunday. Yes, basically created you tube, two thousand by the end of two thousand by December, two thousand five, and that was redder, and that time you,
thou art of people even knew it existed. Video and the internet hadn't really worked until two thousand and five were before that it was in this weird world really needed a crazy connection, speed and you had to go, find weird servers and show it that Anna and Lazy Sunday blew up, and it was the first really viral thing ever me ass. I ever made good cases, while I think that's a case for like a pivot in an essential strategy, and I would also like an sandbox career change that day by it, the just and timber like upsetting, oh say extinction, Jack in the box and also had a bare gib show and he sang and was peak timber leg. I think that's one of the best five as that's ever whose uvira those I actually would have pick that overall, the ones we mention just from start to finish. Awesome, I think, is the best case of the ones that your mentioning area from start to finish impact. I think I'd like an omelet building in the box was the funniest video they ever did. I think really get I've
That's the lonely island. I watch the videos on Youtube like regularly just for fun, so high level that south there some good, oh eight, I have to go through the episodes, but the oil cast was really really crazy loaded, and there is a writer strike, they Ursula did like thirteen episodes, but it was in the election and adjust every when you look at that, now the people around I cater and wig and wig and arms, and it was really leg. The last letter admires. Do we can update was a crazy, crazy loaded, so yeah? What a throne then that's there, but the reason we do this site. This is to make people crazy to debate what was we put up today and even see with that play in making their creating a lumber, wandered alot of ridiculous Paxton. That's why it's irrational like out and Herman Chick picking, Rupaul sure it's a great shout most impact on our tv. I don't know we had better. Do I'll, send pretty wild.
The melancholy of Peru, Sousa Meyer by just in charity, Jackie, I'm always weirdos, others, a lotta get an answer. I now it's been a really a fine project like tv, just such a gravity funds over rejoined television, and I love the the conversation around it and how come you know it is because tat shadow to my friend Kevin wilds, I've known him for twelve years? He got this job. Thirty Jimmy? He said he has paid for life. Time is one of my favorite people to work with and what they want. You leave when you leave placing bandwidth for a while in others are the other things, but then also you're, not in the same team of certain people anywhere That too, while James wilds always just hurt, being on the wild stamp, whilst also great guy, childs like notice when something that you care about happens I'll, send you a tax measures. Really well married to one of my favorite people and closest France faith. So
sex. He Cecily be guys than tells Jacobus gonna marry that girl here in the office. Hey Mather married two thousand atypical we will take you at your age, are offended me yeah. Well, what a great couples gray wedding wish I'd been: came about GM, a very proud him. I went to. I posted the I was gonna pose the Youtube Lake we did for it was my favorite have weak, wisely habit ideas and my favorite. Whenever was when I threw felony island Adam? I felony land, which is singly, every time tat it was Every time I try by Brinks Track for whatever reason I think about high would one rabbit even I'm not a criminal, never committed a crime, but you see brings track Just like how it I rabbit. If I had to have it all of us right, so them
like a man. I understand that so then it led to meet talking about amusement park where people commit crimes, which is I how you gotta play paintball, but instead of going to play, paint by you would like go to rob a bank and so I set it up and then, as I gave it a name for a felony land and he just started by cackling dying laughing. But then he is the very point that this sounds. I gotta be a training ground for criminals and wood. I will now is when we looked at each other- and I was like this- is why it's a half baked idea. A fully back idea had figured the part that trading Cranford represents, for we then have we. A video of air and it's not. I need to buy anymore, sadly, but you can always get the the package, but I loved in those words unhappy for, whilst I'm advert whilst share for the entire wilds family, Congrats saw them power. Where is your favorite ESPN, employs from were agreement
we want a list of one solicitude tight now sorry tied for tied for tied for for carrying my friends Bell. I have just given all my friends, the SBA. Still it's just. Maybe it's like the hall of Fame. It's a class yeah. Everybody gets Anti AIDS, my message Kirby, while you, while you were being urged Connor, that's my s, the squaws, your class. That's my glass here, who s Beverly, high class of demanding theory So really the greatest episodes in the history of television which sent a tuna up so did you pick, would send her brow. The best episode of now aren't you now is my colleague almost as in the fire and Brandon is in San Francisco with Emily. Strong choice, Sadia strong choice, my personal favorite episode is when
Valerie Jonesy and go to Mexico Guide is just a start to fish astonishing achieved, but so astonishing at one point the guy. Possessed a samurai sword and deliver the edges astonishing status, Valerie Gimme the whole time entire time. I'd have also one for me, one of the first like. Oh, this is Mexico like I'm, like, ok, see it on tv, I'm tv really leaned into that after just great Great South, and then I mean George going, you would be TAT five for fur, like all of them in a deal when dealing with drink it again, which is my favorite run of the show yeah agitated ass. He got. To those soiree nano before Tony dies I loses money out, as is known, Valerie shrine itemised arrive at yeah. He goes to their it's like the second episode in this. We're, gonna go and nobody realises out the wagon. Yet so when he s It is about it as a no Kelly's Dating Dylan. I'm sorry Kelly.
Adding Brandon goes to the party that everyone's dressed up and comes in the tea shared puts his feet in the tables of my best friend, my girls, like a movie and that thing is amazing. Season for Leonardo herds are so well. That's his environment seas three going in a season the first college season, yeah heading into the idea. The are big loosen branding, goes to Washington with Kelly. I love those episodes. Lucinda was which oh I just saw her as the man. Oh hands here know him its tail. Maybe and I watched my wife was handmaids. Tail loosened is one of the most beautiful woman to ever be on television succession. Cowskin bore. No, no she's So what you have me? Belarus has been issues right. Fine, thanks her body for listen and we'll be back next, we come a lot to talk about. We have. There can be some red Sox. Yankees were college,
Echo Jacko of the egg is get swept, might actually get banned from twitter, yet arguing with people on Twitter over there. My dad was on Twitter very excited about in kinsman. Whose actually incomes are he had ever kinsman of a jewish factional athletes aggressor now, so I've got them all up here. My dad tweeting after ten o clock is always a problem. Is the latter? Miss bonuses are there, but he was excited about that. I want by Randy, MOSS and thorough and make an awful, maybe do that I next week- and we have an old friend from his pen days, as can be a next week who has not been on the bill. Summons Pike S, Russell creeping towards
hundred. I think this is three. Ninety six Diana. Where ladder none ass, sherry gas by thanks Julia Thanks Bell. I thanks to Zip recruited. I've got to get as a good outcome, slash bs thanks to the ringer dot com. You can find that tv episode stuff and all the other tv content we wrote about this week, which is fantastic at the ringer dotcom thanks to Gillette, Dumford Bachelor on demand. Come Gillette offers a variety of shaving products for every guy, regardless of his personal style. Skin needs are budget where they went three blades or five. The joy three Angela five razors have you covered all under ten hours. High performance at a low price, gacha performance delivered your door. Fine Gillette five at Gillette undermine Doc, subscribe today. Starbucks thou shalt was said about them too. Thanks for them starts was bold Starbucks coffee, but with milk for smooth creamy Delicious favour its in here.
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