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The 1996 Re-Draftapalooza, Ray Allen vs. Allen Iverson, and Week 3 Quarantine Recs With Ryen Russillo | The Bill Simmons Podcast


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to revisit the 1996 NBA draft, discuss the mid-'90s NBA subplots and some of the legends of the '96 draft class (4:00) before redrafting the top-14 lottery picks (44:30). Finally, Bill and Ryen answer some mailbag questions, make quarantine entertainment recommendations, and more (1:50:38).

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mainly out of boredom in the fact that we couldn't figure out anything else to do from a content standpoint. We are going to redraft a bunch of basketball drafts and idea that goes way back too and I'd. I remember doing this and grantland like two thousand and fourteen we've done or the ringer a couple times, but What the hell else are we going to do so we're doing that the first one is coming up in a little bit with Priscilla, weird in the nineteen ninety six draft, but all will be running on the book, a basketball package so subscribed to that or refresher subscription. If yen an early last thing what an mention the world central kitchen is doing a tonic good stuff. They are making sure that people can eat their China, take care of restaurants and shafts, and you can get w seek, aid that work. Sash chefs for America check out other stuff there doing there. They also did something really
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design and other cities again, but you have the means to do whatever you can do. I think it's super important to try to keep our businesses and our restaurants and all these different things going in and in any possible way that we can do it. So you can check our that out ass happy to help, and hopefully you can help too Priscilla. First are even better friends from project I'd Sundays with Ryan Reseller. You know I was gonna, save this part of the pot until later. Do about current events. That first, but I'm the kind of guy? If I have a present, I just want to give it to somebody.
They simply when I got engaged, I was supposed to get engage with my way at dinner. I had the ring the night before were in my basement, and I just kind of just say fuck, and I gave her the ring the night before I was supposed to I'm a guy lags behind our presence. This is at present. We are re, drafting every single MBA draft. From ninety six on starting today and this package there were gone through gonna run off among book, a basketball, but one of them's going and resellers this week we have already bank the seven ninety eight. Ninety nine were solos on a couple of them and and now we're doing this one, and I did after twist, your arm to do this. Our joy that this is this is one of my favorite ones. I mean all the difference Roy lines of this, though, but you know how it's connected Larry round when a fully the year after this cow b with New Jersey and all Coolby storyline Patino end of the back and forth.
Larry Brown and that whole story, and then Patino comes in the next year and all the money that those guys were pulling down at the time was like astronomical event to Tina's. Contract was crazy, but all of that stuff is connected and when you go through this, You know. Iverson was clearly a number one guy, but there is redraft this redraft is for real. I, wanted to go first, because the number one is very obvious with, but there's real question of of what why? How or down, should Irish and go right. How far hide some of these other guys orders. He automatically go temperature because some people listening this really Lacombe one Iverson too, and then the rest, recession. I'm not sure that that's the case and the fact that it felt like the GM we're all like on our role that night in couldn't stop call each other and making trade, because you sent me that tax this this trade is absurd: how loaded it is and then some of the guys you even for debt burden in it. So wasn't just this headliners there's some real deafness went to their holds up historically.
Yes, so we pick ninety six, it's it's one of the two I conic drafts ever allow the knights and eighty four draft. It's either the best draft ever the second best draft ever the penny, and you know what you favour but it's also a fascinating point with basketball because you. Have it still college, ask about still feels like college basketball, you still have Guy Stanford three even for years, sometimes stuff, the big coaches, the France is still there, people still love it and the products really good, but you can feel thing. Darkness shift and it shifts the year before when Cagey goes right from high school, the NBA and in this draft specifically, you have with a high schoolers. Nobody has a feel for That means where he should go he's gone all these work out, ceased not can people socks off any there is a real hesitation. Is that much different, then cagey the year before, where he foster five and even
people like, while talent, wise disguise, probably the best guy, just Psmith goes for picks out of em, but use here that the one in done stuff is really starting. At this point, Anton wins, a title Kentucky and just comes out he's he's here does that say he's here. Ready to go the obeys, nineteen years old and said, go and six in this draft, but using These words are colliding? College basketball is really about to change. We don't fully understand they yet starve a lotta history, the latter these guys and within it. With four years: college basketball, just kind of starts to turn into something die. It's inside the same kind of tat, poor, it all starts, this draft. What else do you? we're about ninety six, just from a big picture. Standpoint the cagey stop the year before. It is probably one of my favorite things in that we do this Do this deal where they have is a lot couch sports, but I think its overall, just in this
This way we navigate through things when things are new, when things are different and it's not the normal like wait a minute. What are they doing like a really like this, I remember in the eighties, if a kid left after sophomore year, you're like what's wrong with the sky like whose you think he's he is and in all the stuff like. Oh, he might not be ready in like it's, not you not drafting to be ready, drafting for what somebody could be, and this is, as you said, is part of that transition. The media and it's not just media sports fans and sometimes selfishly college sports fans. The this isn't just ridiculous pattern, but people seem to care about other people's education levels way more than they should, especially when their people you're never going to meet? So we are age, was gonna jump straight from high school and really we'd decades removed from guys doing it before it's like? Who does this guy think he is favorite lines that are repeated a million times as mad dog Chris Rousseau, doing radio, and I would listen religious leader he in making the dog and he's like will make Haiti should display the home games
go on road games. In your like wait, a minute, but this was like he: that time it was a well at least cages like a seven footer and he's a big man, because if we ve ever had app and before you know most Malone, some others, it was Malone's mothers, it was going to be a big man that would do it call me to come into the bat year's draft. Ninety six and be a perimeter player was immediately met with resistance, because we didn't have access to any these legendary work out the only people that really knew how good he was were either himself his family or the people, a gun and these workers, and yet he still almost goes outside lottery because it was Genk. Our trading right right honestly. The way he got traded will go through all that kind of stuff. It was all kind of navigated with agents. I also think too, that's important agents at this time I feel like or for more powerful, would positioning who goes where in the draft and what happens in scaring teams off. I think the aid in the nineties, had more power. When it came to the draft, and they do today and there is real resistant style that at the time and that's that
the thing to explain. I think if you watch the five documentary that we did for it- was not really a thirty four thirty as free as pin who's- that Weird Strachan, where make it thirty four thirty is therefore combat exile count as a third thirty. I walked My son recently because my son just those jail and from the guy who's come over to my house and the guy's my friend, and he was, was Jason was been, was jailer good basque about, where am Jason was like an icon, so we watch Sab. Five five think and you can run We feel it in that and I highly recommend that as a reward for people where eat out five freshmen starting was inconceivable, freshmen carrying themselves. The way they did there is like this real sense with the old school cod about community that there were losing control of this staying where it say-
the Agency College Bass, my college football, that wearing control these kids are planned for us and starting with that fat, five things start to flip and the whole infrastructure is now in danger, and it's all leading to this- five and then especially the ninety six draft, where it's like our you use them they're gonna, leave after year. They might not even go to college. After a year. They might not even go to college anymore when we I was growing up. It was me his MILAN bill. Willoughby always heard those to the guys. The MID seventies Moses went straight to the abbey at a high school bill. Be the next year, went to the NBA read at a high school. I never really made it and then Dawkins. Ends up on the Sixers and had a pretty good career, and then it just gets shut down fur until cagey and there were still that weird attitude that you just mentioned and tapped into of people being real. Dismissive in untrustworthy of county
I'm coming in to young like we were protecting them, I'm not sure but we're protected them from other than inches making more money right away right, you think about Patrick Ewing. He should accompany the NBA after one year Georgetown. He may be lost three mba seasons cause he's playing wait for years, a jury was it worth it? I don't know who it was, So the norm, you're right, but John Thompson, Debbie Guide it like had so much power back then that Patrick you, it wasn't. Gonna leave I I mean Waterbury left early time being like ours. You know. Ok, whatever he's ready to go and Walter to bear is one of the guys at Saint John. Why I loved and thought okay ways can be: I didn't really work out, and then that would always happened because then I started become like hey. All of these guys should bouts. The sooner you can get into the legal and prevent them from finding at the. U can't play go ahead and do it and you be surprised, like you Think most jams would have wanted. There d be players college longer to have more of a sample. The watch him, but
over the years. The most, the guys I talked you said you know you just should be able to come right out of high school, would rather get him in here and as far as like getting into trouble in that kind of stuff, I think there's gonna like three categories of people are, there are kids, haven't figured out in stand in inner, far more mature and I think sometimes in your hatred in high school, that's going to that kind of spotlight like Lebron James is already mature beyond his years because he had been in the sky. Light for such a long time that he could have understood what was being asked of him and if you think about like the blueprint wanting to just nail it at least two how uric accepted socially its Lebron James hey was one of those guys in a way to not is out front of the face of a franchise, did you just gotta knew how to make it work like he wasn't, can be a bad kid where other people like the other categories, kids, that are just bad kids. I don't care if you're going to the pros out school after one year college you profiting get into trouble cause you left for the pros too early. You probably get a trouble cause. You're gonna get a trouble, no matter where you were and then I think, there's a kids that
something wrong adjust and they never make that mistake again. So I there there all these things always put on it, and I think we do this. All the time like in general stuff, like Ebay, Ebay, remember, on Ebay was first announced in Gaza like wait, what you're gonna puts, hang up for sale and then people you don't know we're just going to bid on it and you're going to trust that they're going to pay for it, that's fucking, stupid and it works, but I think about Rideshares weight, so My daughter is good at some guy, some assholes going to drive over some stranger in his Prius is to pick my daughter up and using a driver them all. That's crazy, it happened and it ends up being this unbelievable successful company that people try to emulate. So I think when it comes to sports, the given, if you did it and fell in support of kids came the shredder Highschool. Yes, I think the first thing is: you worry about the physical development of some of these guys, but is there Any version of it were of guys came out of college football earlier that we go hey, you know it wasn't. A big deal is having a court I leave at first freshman year and get some pro coaching become a pro a lot earlier than another two years playing at the College of old and knives
this started these two years for running. So great do so. When I was a kid, the nineteen eighty psychotic birds. First season they lived, they lose to fill in five, but read our back had, this trade and they had the number one pick cuz. He had traitor Mackadoo in and had this future number when it becomes the number and pick and all draft, and they. Oh they're Sampson has just finished his is Freshman year Virginia and Samson. Is the lost sure thing from the aid the nineties, basically you're Talkin, Shack, Ewing, David Robinson, her king orgy, yak, alarming Aquino's, remember the first taken, article I ever read. I was never elementary school one of the rockets doing right have serious. It was crazy. I was in sixth grade, says it was like, the fifth of the shore things from aid is night is in. Our back wants him to come out for the draft and he's kind of lobbying for and people are getting matter, read our back and, and
you know. There's this people come I can't I'm goin, but what's what's nothing's more imports, then in education and in red gets in trouble. He goes what's a kid. Gonna become a diet, like he's an mba player, he should come out right now. Seven it here and he's trying to you know it's a really good. What? If because, if he comes out, Samson was just play about. His knees started going on I'm in in the MID eightys. But if you think about it, he said three more years of Virginia and then end up use than that's a lost year. Who came shows that by the time he I you know it's five years later before he sounded decent team. He could have done that sixteen but others have so anyway, we go through the eighties and basically to the KGB. And that's when that part start the flip. The thing was. Iverson was already really polarizing heading into that draft, because he had gone to jail for the bowling, I think we did a thirty four thirty and that all think too, it was really messed up. He got it, he was received so messed up ahead of getting as much trouble as he did for values. If, against that,
I mean he got completely railroaded and then he got she got part any goes out and ending up a Georgetown anything for fun to watch that one year in the Big EAST back when the Big EAST was still a thing and at some point it becomes the Allen Iver draft and he's clearly gonna go first. They dont when the title with them a Georgetown but still really fun. In it loaded draft and you'd better sit out. These are these damn trades that end up affecting the draft and all these different ways I can't have size a strong enough. If you don't think I'd, be a teams knew what they were doing in two thousand nineteen in two thousand and twenty, and if you think we had some bad James Dub decisions, let me take you back to the mid nineties. Curse weight was of a pocket lips a bad decision making and a lot of them all Cresson that draft. What was your favorite trade of others? aids. I mailed you cause I'd forgotten
My car actually wanted shred with Emma Car heading into that ninety six draft. I think that I think oh yeah, he did it. Before he traded air mantra S and the knights pick two. The mavericks. For the number six pack and a future pick which became the six pack the following year's draft, which could eventually, Mugabe, a bed done the right thing, but unable to him to move into number six and taken on. I think if they had stayed at number nine, I should do you think they would can call, I know, that's either way? Why has on? Why do cause? He worked for the Celtics X, like they loved him, but they were going to take him at six, but I think he There's a picture of him all mine with them in the South Sea shared and they made a big deal after about how much how down ass. They were by him. Six was too early nineties. Forty
it was kind of the Kobe Range for this draft right, I think anything earlier and that would seem to be seen, but apparently the nets or in and take him to an eight day. A collar perry? I think overruled? Whoever answer As far as I can remember, the story: ok, we'll couple things: I know I wish I was there to your right. Is it was that yet that showdown with with Ray I Look through this and go my man Lorenzo right there, seven to the clippers kiddos go and eight slight. That's the thing I spent the most time on today going back over what chow set you, and I both know this There is no survival instincts stronger. Then the GM years remove from the decision that didn't go his way and cow. What happens? A lot of times, if somebody MACE Mrs on somebody or trade they'll, tell you how badly they wanted him after the fact yet, Blame everybody else, for it lets
Let's say cowardice word here: I'm not sure we should goods. Let's do it as it as a thought. Exercise. Okay, so they ve got the APEC. They work Beata believe three times fairly Dickinson and child pairs, in his mind and John NASH was I this is one of the biggest tat moves I've ever done and alive show, but I was so upset when six is traded mode. Alone, in the number one pick that can be Brad dirty cause, I can't wait to see Barkley, Moses, MILAN and priority for body. Was your guy barkers? My guys, like that's insane like bark, is gonna play small forward because he could have and instead traded, Moses and Terry CAT ledge. I believe Jeff rule in Cliff Robinson, the one from the Harlem Globetrotters, and then they pick Fora Hinton right, they only their dirty pig for Hansen, yeah George Border paper hints, and now I'd heard years later years years, remove that they wanted to get Moses out of Philadelphia, but that's what they ended up within it.
The two big from the bullets and Roy Hansen, who was always hard time and so John NASH was the front office guy at that time. Now, national being the GM trailblazers when they did the our Tell Webster picked when they move down. You know: there's a Chris Paul, daringly this draft IRAN, whims and I was on a Philadelphia, Cash show where Boston NASH was on the panel back and fully and again I was like well, you know whatever they were about as it gets. That is, It is traded Moses in and everyone picked for hence and some bullets and every but he s the panel's achieves its soul later apologize to John, and he was actually really good to me. Later on it. Like you said he was in a league, but the Should I bring that up? Is that NASH was the one going to count saying we have to take em a Catholic I want to take em cow had dinner with cobia. Parents, the night before the draft the K enjoy
ride San rookie year, all star second season and cows, like yours, they get his father's delusional. At the same time like he was totally right about him and then tell em, calls up and says: if you take holiday, he's gonna play in ITALY. You just took this gig you're, fucked and care look. I can't do this, my own building. I can't do this one up and then David far, had all sorts of juice back in the nineties. You know that as well as anybody call them just hammering on the carriage hosting thing, carry kettles thing and sell them next day they have lunch, galloping, tells NASH, I'm not taking coolby, I'm afraid he's gonna! Kick it this wrong! aren't is on my case about kiddos in Joe Tab, who is the owner of the nets at the time. Wet to those two guys and said I John Wallis, instead of Syracuse, how so yeah, look how clearly was enamoured with them, but I always wonder when we I tell you, must twenty? Twenty five years ago, when it's a bad decision like how often people will mean
excuses for something that went bad it. Pretty much human nature. Why? I member the famous South draft when they to Joe Johnson kids? Brown and Joe Forte twenty one. An ardent know to say here, but I made a big to be like you know, I was red, spare gradually love them. I just read: like in his mid seventies. At that point he was. You know that a guy, you David Lee, was it the world matter? Basically respect and that's. It was like he was burned, Game film at night and I just have always refused to believe that red was in control of one of the three first round, picks at that stage of his life, You know the way was told me it was like he had a gear gun on every one in the room. I we are tabling Forte, because the relationship of the high school coach once for TED in PAN out that's exactly what happened. So here is the draft just further people listening, who don't remember this sequence? Philly is fair. They take Iverson
Toronto a second they take Marcus, can be Vancouver Texture if a door Rahim who was very- highly regarded prospect and was a huge high school, and that was actually pick that made sense- Stefan Marbury for two Milwaukee Ray Gus fifth, Minnesota Diana up flipping Anton Walker goes six to Boston, and I remember at the time, they never lack overnight, but they thousands a bargaining really be convinced this is us, sparse and draft. So when em now, who is more on the and the state for more on what he has a job when he trades up at the top. Six was like this is This is a six point draft it's impossible. Move into the top sex when it is six per job they pulled it off workers are seven Lorenzo right. The nets are eight, they take care, kiddo sues better than people. Remember, but man that Corbett,
is tat you just our man and kettles. Thing was injuries more than a rat. Really Ours is nine some argue. Walker Indiana takes Eric Damp, your ten, and then we have an incredible combo, her golden state, eleven Cleveland, twelve Todd, fuller, Vitaly, Patapsco and then the next five picks. Charlotte Kobe, Bryant, Sacramento pace pages, the Arabic Phoenix. Dash Charlotte Tony doubt lend your baino kneel and as we as you gonna, see when we would do this. This draft- and I did in two thousand fourteen- I wrote a whole piece redrafted every draft for twenty years for Grantline. With the point being, this is a crapshoot.
Why do we throw ourselves into this draft so much, there's no rhyme or reason to any of this? This is probably the all time. Example where you have a couple blue chippers that we were going to be good. And then some guys added nowhere that become trends. And in all the famers, Steve NASH, fifteenth Pick Santa Clara, I remember where young every day, when you saw NASH, get the hat and come across the stage. Do you remember where you were in your reaction? As I do. I just remember instinctively rooting for him for some reason, as it was then our tears of white canadian point our do just when fifty I knew nothing whether there is anything Ninety six ways we had no Youtube. We had no big boards. There is, though, not even the person to people before Chad Ford. There is really nothing. You just had talk radio and you had people going I really like I inquired Walker and
I thought he was really good in the match madness, and that was like our college vast cooperatives back then we stay, I meet you you'd be internet, wasn't I Feel like we repeat ourselves unless you know whenever that comes up, but he just unless you watch Santa Clara Game live you you'd. Know what the hell is going on. So at first you like who's the intern, You know what's going on here, dash we remember how much we would rely on the little clips after the guy got picked, They would show right, and I remember twenty seconds I lie when I saw the cliffs Blake Unifil draft is always hilarious to me because it goes that live, maybe once in God. She, if you do, maybe if you say you and your boys guys weaker weekend or whatever it is in India, but you have to admit. Even today Ninety per cent of the guys being announced you haven't watch one fuckin, sap, ok, and so what you do is you too?
yourself self into because above article you read or a clip that you see. Some defensive, linemen or some guard, and really all you want is just fantasy guys. You can have fantasy guys from her favor football team, but now we're so updated, like I think it's so funny. The initial draft is still kind of his outdated, dated thinkers. Most guys are going to sit. There are watching card film gonna. There could be a couple guards of available twenty, but that's what we're doing we're blind and ninety nine, six and then I was. I was back home, that summer I was added bodies house I was like look. I don't care what the plainest night tonight like I'm watching the draft and then I'll meet up with you guys after another have you seen a watch? This one was a course him and watch this whole thing and his clips when they fired up. Unlike woe like who's, this guy where's, even hiding, but it still seemed you know, like you see, Ash really gonna. Be that good. I just with such an unknown indices clips. It was just here: in college still, and I just went like I wish I'd seen this guy play. I love the draft, my entire life. I
number when they did not televised the draft that sire. I theirs I'm gonna say early eighties. I think they started televising. It. Somewhere in the early eighties. But I remember one year the subjects had a couple: saccharine packs, one of whom was Tracy Jackson. They took from noted aim, but I remember listen that draft on the radio, because it was an eye tv and as one of the local sport stations or radio stations with eyes just running at that guy, with the very first tat, the South Ecstatic, Tracy Jackson and then some point at point they realize they should start televising it an engine nor are they real. They realized what they had stumbled into Around the Samson, her came Ewing era when so before, You ain't they now is when they added the lottery. That day at some point realised that there is a televised spectacle that should be happy which really wasn't much different in football
football is showing the drafts either until eighty two, eighty three and that's cable is the reason we started to have entailed by Strasbourg. I loved it immediately. I used to watch him is to go to my dad, and eventually, when I started writing our draft areas from out website, but even before that we would we'd be talked about the draft for days. And the reality was there was no information in Europe, it at your ass ninety percent of the time, with all these guys now or later address. Fifty percent- I remember going back and in researching some of that stuff in That was that that was a ten round draft like David ten rounds and read. Our back would take like whoever wins. We cross, he would take place my cousin, and I remember, years later. Do you realize this because as a kid
I don't know how long this ever happened. You would have to be very rarely, but you would go. Oh, you know is my father was a carpenter builder, whatever we go work on Sundays, people's houses and then remember one place you're doing a deck. The guy was probably on the vineyard summer House like what you know why Tom here was actually drafted by the Celtics and adapt like a little kid, you go. Oh my god, you know like what's Larry Bird like are you a millionaire ever fangs right and then is? I got a little older. I was a gap. What round now did you like good? Did you play Merrimac or something? And yours like a local tenth round her and never played in the guy, was a god. It's exactly when I was yet I was just so I just really I gazed out whereby the celtic sunlight Jabba, like the fake, pick your local kid. They don't tell strangers that they used to do the last seven they just take, Four Brandeis saw Levy Boss University and I was about yet grounds think about that too
on twenty three kids were drafted in a twenty three team league and nineteen eighty one. So listen to the eighteen. Eighty one draft on the radio, the Celtic said the twenty third, its picking the first. And its Charles Bradley who could Duncan those it second round Wyoming Tracy, Jackson, twenty fifth other mess and then really one third or fourth round. Mrs remaining Y know that daddy age, thirty first area- and I remember the radio their legs- you might a baseball, but you know it says, Success John, I will check almost play football anew slick. What nobody do anything better. What women today reference the other guy like pitch for the braves who was a laid out, another area that ETA calmly for years ago. Yet in the eighties, you just have read just bacon these trades, where he knows chemicals,
can be better than Joe Barry Carol, trades back two packs, but then picks up the number. Thirteen as well. There is a gap, will give you a number one and there they cool, we'll, have the number and they and people are just getting pillage but in pillaged, but this amateur read out the trades for that for the listeners cause but this amateur read out the trades for that for the listeners. There item classics in here, so the draft bugs trade. The rights testify. Marbury, Barbados, symbol of for re on any future. First round pic, I would say the bucks one thou I mentioned the matter such extreme here's another one. This is one where everybody who loved college basque by new jailer roses. Gonna have a moment in the NBA. Theirs is he. Getting, bear it and dug its. I never gave up. He was just too interesting of inoffensive prayer and always was better and big games, and it was just here I believe he was going to make it the pace. Trade. The number twenty third pick alone:
Mark Jackson, Anna, getting old, Ricky Pierce through the nuggets for the tenth peck, an jail and rose and Reggie way. So as a former top five lottery pick. That was The Georgetown Reggie Williams yeah So then you have this other trade, where you have. To summarize ago the magic trade. The note there of future draft back end Scots guiles to the bullets for the forty second pack, so trying to clear cap space for her grant so the wizard, somehow it up with the eleventh pick, but not for long, because they traded that with two other first writers and Tom Googly out of her Chris Weber, nineteen. Eighty four c of all that in their imaginations he's a nice guy and then you have. They are The trade of the number twelve pig fur? a fairly washed up by price that you're too. So the boats were from having the thought. The thirteenth picked two no PICS
And then you have a couple: other runs the heat traded. The sixteenth packing Alonzo Morning Trade when they traded when they traded four lines of mourning the pistons trade. The number eighteenth pick with Dennis, men for the twenty six pack and shot Elliot needs an increase that when moved and then we have Kevin Willis and the I pick First Steve Smithing Grant long trade for there they them. I favour one. The heat incidental Ninety five said the nineteenth pick and one million dollars to the next for the right to hide. Pat Reilly,. I'm not looking down the great trade You have the right do that again, right, the Riley next thing was crazy. That's its own podcast, contentious yeah and when dear fans were really really hurt and airy, so Ro Riley signs everywhere. Is it rhymes, thou yeah? That's right!
Ok, so we're going to redraft but wanted to mention a couple thanks. I ranked did this in the ground and common just gonna keep it here, five star system for how the player was so super four star, you have to be like, basically, fame Pyramid, Pantheon guy, that's five star, all timers foresters franchise, guys three star all stars, Tuesday. As quality starters one star, so this draft had, as super Duper STAR Kobe Bryant, five stars: it had to forced our guys dashing Iverson. It addeth. Star, guy who's, almost like a three and a half hour Ray to star guys, germane or know about wireless and then for STAR Guys, the activate candy, Marbre and Walker, which means our ito started. Let all stars and then the Judas
Gasket Sharif. Birmingham and care can us who were all like really serviceable starters, thirteen guys, who not only made valuable contributions but got paid in. You mentioned this earlier this Half class made so much money, which is probably the biggest went far of any draft glass up to that point, right I mean call did like he was making twenty four twenty five when the second highest pay player was make an eighteen. Nineteen, so Cobby got hooked up the steel germane O Neill made a ton of money here can be still place. Seventeen years. Nash played hundred and re played eighteen in a ray at like two steals, I think in there so yeah NASH, who did incredibly well for himself, was one of the top five highest pay gaps in this class. I added at the math Cobby Iverson Germane on their own round made more than eight hundred twenty five billion dollars combined just bombast. Well just itself. State, familiar again,
Toby Iverson, O Neill in Rio, and just those four guys made a over eight hundred twenty five billion dollars bud. This was the era when, in did, I would add, the lock out all the sudden anybody who is three years in the we could just redo their contract and sign some six year giant deal you had Marbury adore him, an answer. Walker assigned MAX deals, Candia. I guess it: Ass NASH, multiple big money deals, kettles made over fifty five billion dollars, which I didn't realize so. Just money all over the place that that really has been top the other thing did Here- was created a similar crapshoot rating called the scrap,
to see just how much of a crapshoot each drafted be so we're going to be using that going forward. This was a ten out of ten just for like when you look back and you just go What the fuck happened in that draft. This is a ten out of ten. I think we're going the two thousand draft together in a couple drafts which, Both of us are excited about. Like a minus ten out of ten, it's like oh what the fuck happened. It also why here's confuse the entire time do at the first picture. The second pic I want a second pit
I will do that would take a break them or to redraft the ninety six Europe as the novel corroded iris pandemic, escalates. In the U S, public health officials are encouraging those who are experiencing science or symptoms of covert nineteen such as coughing or fever, to seek medical guidance remotely if you or a loved one or faintly sector, just filling worried. There's a way to get help about leaving home row is offering free, tell health services for people seeking guidest information. I covered nineteen, the services available free of charge and off. If these states and washed in DC rose free online assessment will help determine if you're at risk and if appropriate role will connect you, the medical provider for free consultation. The assessment was designed by doctors and infectious disease experts and is based on guidelines from the CDC W H, o visit row that CEO Slash krona virus on your phone. That's are owed that seo sash brunt of ours on your phone or laptop to complete a free online assessment. Orders learn more
If you read that you may be experiencing symptoms, go to a road that seo slash crowd of ours to start your free assessment today are a that seo. Sash corona virus, ok CUP, others, please just to put people caught in the head. Base of where some of these teams were. Ninety in ninety six c had Philly, who had just traded Barkley, for years before and the trades catastrophic, and they bought em out chance to rally the following year: Detection Bradley. The second pick. How did you feel about that in the night before? what was your shot Brad? They take not strong if you just yell Just don't even makes sense at the time by keeping out of those. It is a little all over Candish knows Oh, so you guys you gonna do that.
Remind me of that, has shaped the bee draft in two thousand. I wear. There are. Those are some guys that draft an Memphis said the second pick, and it was I did they, their serious they're gonna take the b and all of us all of us were like really you not really gonna do that right. That's a real gonna, be the move, Ray and then actually did at. That was the Sham Bradley thing: do you remember? Who was one in three and that draft in ninety two I was whatever the sharp rather year, as was at ninety three, and I thought that was ninety four year. You probably know about it When I hear I thought it was an Irishman. I was neither khazar member Glenn Robinson. I member that contract dispute in how you I was Weber and then pending an American, and then I say a writer who was one of the greatest interviews ever do member that ends.
See NBA Nbc and Sunday. I think I was ninety six. Ninety seven season- and he said I didn't want him one with somebody and he was like you, I chill and then fill in the boy was exists. Do you think you're better than he's like all it I've. Just like a pick, a name here. If you like, I should kill. You know: Glenn Rice, pathetic and its guy wasn't Glenn rise, but it was like the most vicious I've seen a player like in a one. On one words, I normally like: hey wait. You know today's gay bizarre rider their wing, the jail writer later on his like now whether one Bradley too, I think they seem to be things perfect. As he's not the number one in yours you can tell like finally figure this out later on. But when you ask a school about their own guy, now I owed their that's. What kind of stuff I was getting from you caught about the beat us? What are you guys think about the beat that like well, you know this. This is this and twenty things later, you like AL, you guys Dickie sucks
that was one of those Regis had to watch him run in person for five seconds. They are. You gonna run that where he needs it, there's no way said happening Europe, I you a concrete sneakers so as it happened so failure my point. They really needed the Iverson thing because they had the combat. The trading Barkley and then the sham Brad they thing and they are just raw. Item Toronto, new a child's new blood, just lookin for anybody good Isaiah still run in them at that point. Vancouver expansion. They're just happened to be there, they'll take any better get the Minnesota marketing was interesting, so malarkey gets the better player. My I thought that where the time I did, I think we re on yeah, just it's a out was: I just love them I just thought he was a sure thing. I know that at the same level of how I thought about dear somebody like TAT, but
very rarely in college, where you just see somebody in college like that. I would bet my whole life that that guy supposed to be good at professional basketball, Ray Allen was so clearly going to be really good at the Marbury. He had the higher upside, but the family, stuff was even worrisome back then, He had had a really hard life, and I daresay I there is some subtle red flags of them as much as he was to watch a judge a, but they wanted to put him with cagey and China. Do the whole stack them alone thing, then you have the sounds had said. Delighted to get answers. Walker and that after that in the south, are the coming off the land based. Reggie Lewis Louis Combo, and justify the fall? The guard- and this is the first real sign of hope that they had in a while and then you go through the rest were dead. That's one is probably the most interesting one day, but we talked about the reasons for that. Were there doing this rebirth thing with Calla Perry? And you know the net said they lost dressed.
Petrovitch did at nice or run their where there was a little. Something would dare common Kenny Anderson draws in and then These guys are gone in two years and that's a complete reboot for them to say is that this is a really kind of rough time for the league, because the ninety six balls gone. Seventy two and ten parlor is they went. Seventy two and ten was there's, so many bad teams could easily get over expanded. The quality play was not that guy they're moving the three point or lying around. They can't decide where that should be its way to physical it. Just this wasn't like a a time for basketball they needed. This draft is my point. And the rest the guy's damp years. You mention ten after Smoky Walker, Todd, fuller, Vitali and then Kobe Pager and then NASH It's just that sort of even sneaky, like Tony delicate little bit, who played there's a week, so do you Go first, then, first, first pig
the way we decided to do this. There is a little bit of a bit of a time machine element quickly like to redraft fur. HU. We thought the team should take the time or do we just take the best player and do it in that order. I think we're You go in the order of fiercer. We think where the best players going. And descending order- and then we could It's a lot like. Jason is aside. You know a lot like the reward for me, where I still don't understand what we're doing but is like what it wanted. Banners yeah, like thirty on third redraft. For me, I still owe no really what your rules are for this, even though its your vision and in some of these different rankings. I look at this as if you were starting franchises, who would you go with nights I lay at its it did they have? Did they have good guard depth in ninety? Ninety six, I greater phronsie, I so
they call me fires. God sees one of the ten best bars about time, and you know I didn't even they fought there's no way he would go first, they would have been absurd of impossible, etc. But it is, that fairly had the first big in this draft and any play there and he was in their backyard, but you don't know what there it was going to happen. There's no way. I always Kobe Bryant Number one over Allen. Iverson forget it. I even taken him six, I think people are to be mad, but it just kind of funny because once the high, who started have success. There is a world where five years later, no doubt I could of course Kobe could have gone number on a draft. There was not happening and ninety ninety six anyway, I became, bright. As the first pick now the clock at number two fora for the sake of the redraft around Had this pick. Ok, this is, I am not doing this get attention about doing this, for any other reason then
there's no way I would take Iverson here and I think ninety percent of people listening or Geico you, nuts, you have to take Iverson after Kobe, unlike anybody, take Iverson over Kobe, like it's that ridiculous, but Iverson and I can go through all this hours and stuff if you want to or we can wait till we pick him, but I would take NASH, I think, NASH. Plugging a in to any scenario. He makes everybody better. He should have shot more Honestly, I always thought if he was healthier later on in this, isn't me pretending he's all of a sudden healthy, but he would an awesome to guard like twenty minutes, a game just hitting freeze, but he just you know in the back and stay healthy, but his impact on a team was far more positive than ever since and I would take now on our redraft, so I have NASH Rank Tyre about how Hall Faint pyramid- and I'm with you, I would take him hires- were loved Iverson Maxie in the Super defensive, Iverson Camp, because I knew what and over the last ten years you could.
Feel the seeds of a being planted last in the two thousands, whereas Future generations came and they had idea. What was I to watch and play and see him all the stuff that he brought to the table? It was never in a chance. I fifty years later. What is what this guy. What's going on here, this the advanced metrics, we're, never gonna, be his friend without that I just would rather dash, and you know I think his teams were concerned the more successful he made other guys better. He could play with just Anybody and you know, hate his PETE. Is, he goes from ninety eight through two thousand eleven Iverson Peak, kicks in ninety eight, and he has you know he have twenty nine, a game from nineteen ended answer two thousand eight ten straight years: twenty nine, a game. It's weird he'd, never had that second in a really qualified all star other then
Carmelo when he got a Denver. On the other hand, he played with a lot of good players who were kind of qualified to be second, sir you guys are really getting like when they got to convey use the defence of where the he was still a top forest, he had Jerry Stock House who events became a thirty point score. You know it's not like you never played with anybody. I don't think it's like a team back situation right, but the differences like t max style, didn't make the rest of the roster think like what am I doing here, ivory style. I keep didn't, get rid of stock house because didn't like stack ass. If it was different and yes, they try to their use thing. What you and over one of the other drops out there Dr Good, all their even really like that Theo Ratcliff Group within Leary Browser. Look, I can bring into convey so many go ahead. Do that kind of stuff, but our Vainer Mozilla they had made her. It was the second pick and the draft he brought it
these guys so that first year Irish comes in, and this is the difference in look. No one trying to tell you that Irish since the broad, but I think that there is a lot of shortcomings here. When you look at the overall career arch here and now try to do the analytics. Let's trash him, you know the shooting efficiency in all that kind of stuff. I mean the guy. Was that playing like forty one. Forty two minutes a game. I think you play like forty one minutes, a game for career anybody, doing it at the very end, but when go. It comes into the league, a bad team NOS twenty two and sixty nine gonna we're looking at this Sixers attendants numbers during all this. They weren't as good as you would think they would have been it like that. The Philly fancy turned on that team very quickly after the one thing nice? I go, and I think that is going on across the with the ambition of the Ladys were rough Cosette was when the salary One way up the defence A lot of trouble identify with the players. The hip hop influence was so strong at that point, and there
definitely was a little bit of disconnect. That's when Stern started put in the dress code, the ring stay. I was years later, though, after the Detroit in pacer thing, I'm saying like that. Ninety eight through oh two, there's a lot of a ladder, the war between stern and the players and just trying to get them to be more person, or the fans and to think a lot about. You know how they scented themselves in is a very strange areas where to go to the games back then, like the self defense didn't, I can't hold Walker for two years. They did not like the entwined, shimmy page who blame jaw rule him from Asia. Recent weird societal stuff go on back. Then, though, that you get that I feel it ok, but I'm sure I can only compare.
The other attendance numbers, the other thirty teams and they are lower chair and total attendants. Then you would think it was kind of weird so but bad record this first years he gets the second round his third year SEC around. It is fourth year, then they make the NBA funnels and that's pretty much it man from two thousand. Two thousand three season its game laws in the second round of the distance. He never got to Second round again, he ran at the second round again, so I understand when you get Iverson, you get somebody that you know. We applaud him for keeping it real, that's awesome. We applaud. We applaud him for kind of being anti corporate, even though he was that he did trance and he was a smaller guy dunking on people. He was you know, Newport NEWS to hold deal like we get it. But if you really breakdown- and I'm not even try to do the analytics things here- you just had to play a certain, style, that was only his style and it was far less successful that I think people everyone remember historically, so I would actually
Take re on ahead of us in my draft, if you're not taking Iverson third, so It's funny I had on ahead of Iverson in the Hall of Fame Pyramid, perhaps our I hadda Iverson ahead around the vampire it at the edges. They create a more meaningful career. The two things are, I agree with now percent of what you just said, two things Iverson, at the table that can't be taken for granted. The end I wrote about this in my book when my thing about him was about when you get season tickets in the mail and you're just looking the schedule in your like Burma who the egg eyes. I have to see this year and it might be five guys b seven and might be like if you this year. You know, we had the NBA right now you be like you, you'd, take the Laker game. You'd, put a check mark text that you do. Yes, you do. The south export of yours
by individual players, there's that many, a guy. I really I've seen them lowered and person like you, goin on minors, maybe line there's baby eight to twelve guys for some was always on that list. For me, no matter how his team was doing, I thought he was in credit. At the same person cause. He was really like, probably five that have five ten, though the way he carried himself how much he played you never came out carried himself like he was like a seven foot. Three hundred Paganini wasn't so I would say that for that in the other thing is the respect the other guys had for him, which I think matters. I think we need to talk some of these guys, which both of us have had the privilege of doing something its eye opening who they, who they go either way to gush about an inquiry was like that and in you know the two thousand sixteen seventeen range or the other players we're almost like his biggest advocates and I think, with Iverson. The other players
regardless of whether the windows of the other stuff back it up, they really respected him and even in the Ostler game like he was always in crunch time. He was ok, you know it always said said that he had the body in the game, no matter how many good players run the floor, so it's really weird career that I can almost can compare to nobody like him. Now you can and say it would be like if Damon Leather is the toughest sky and the league, and but his team wasn't even Successful as it is now, but it felt like there, more successful. That was ever. I have no, added to that. I think the best thing you could do would be Jordan without rings of Jordan, just ill. If Jordan couldn't get past, the paces in the second round for whatever reason, but that it it posits it's possible even try to do that. Like hey, imagine a twenty year arc of Jordan without. Success. I mean, as I say it out loud, adjust its possible ever vision, invasion that, but I think
all the pro Iverson arguments become about a lot of stuff. It doesn't equate to winning but I have no countered like I made sure I got it as you go see him, because I want to see him that I re Alan Showdown as one of my favorite baskets, probably one of my favorite sporting events. Ever being in the moment with by bodies in college and watches to go out and the biggest tournament. Absolutely love it. So this is not an anti Iverson thing. This is strictly a. He did not care about winning. He did not. Both the game in a winning way. For me to pass on Sunday like Steve NASH, and I think dash was deaf either. I pack I Cannot figure out what the ceiling was on an adversary team? We saw it in two thousand and one
they made a lighthouse. Wasn't that good? I was already at. I gotta, be honest. I don't think the right team made the final say here for this: either the bucks or manner rocky added to Yad you watch as games that it's kind of hard to believe the Buxton and beat them the bucks just seem like more of a final steam. I Iverson at a better time there is a more memorable player if I'm draft it s a farmer, GM it. I have time machine access and ninety ninety six. I would take round with the third pick, because getting I'm getting him for eighteen years. I've got, this guy who, at its peak, which she had a couple really nice ones, I'm lucky, you know, was the avatar gonna bucks team that almost made the files, but with just in general, was one of the most efficient guys. We ve had the last twenty five years
put him with anybody. He goes and as a second life with Celtics, then this third life with Miami I was just watching game. Sixty thousand thirteen. Think he's a safer bad. If I'm I too want to title than out Iris. Who was now. I didn't realize that at any point there ever since career, but out from the back of my goal, is to win. The title. Re out is a better peck. He just is so I'll take round. Third. Raise interesting in that you said, he'd had they these two versions. I think it's three versions because no Harris trade that malarkey values for maybe there, though, because what he started doing at Celtics tv stuff for years, and now he first got there are no seven away and I was working with an impartial who knew rave I remember when I was doing that Celtics tv stuff for years, and now he first There are no seven away and I was working with any Marshall who knew re from
you can in and Donnie Livid ordered at him and daddy was missed. A great guy talk, hoops with and he comes he goes. Manacles re like changed his shop, unlike Roy. Alan changes Jump shot like. Why would like my anyone do that the Caprio deciding you know. I won't do spoken word right so raided. This little thing would like his hand the end of it, and and re was right, like re made this week to what already looked like the wettest jumper going any had awesome Seattle Stretch. We put up huge these twenty five twenty six again, so he the boss no seven away, and that was caught up the first peace when it looked like they were in it Paul, but age was always great and not trading pierce, just because he felt like oh there s, a team is in good the angels. Brilliant with that- and I know it sounds stupid- is a brilliant, but so many other people would do it be like Heyward good. I guided, isn't thirty? That's really good. Let's get rid, am I gonna do, did that and they add
to that for Jeff Green, which seems criminal yet because re still, if that point, you know, he'd had the ankles things he comes in thirty two, but that led the KGB lest up Ray sacra as more with his approach to the game than the other two guys they had now. I still think cagey and Paul were better than re and read. Then becomes. This guy was trying to figure out around him because he was a better shooter with the ball then found a way I really think it took him a while the kind of get comfortable in that you just gotta have borne his hands that much and he fell, that would Miami, because it was weird to remember boss when it started a kind of loses handle cause you boy ass. He dribbling as much in Boston saw Offensive, that he just kind of lost his hand a little bit there. So I yeah I've me. I wonder how bad we're gonna get about this a you passed on Iverson for re, but the analytics will tell you that raise behind call me and like two or three the categories. Well, so look at this, like that who is gonna
who's going to sell more jerseys and who's going to be more fun to have my team. If I'm just trying to win a title real and has to be the pic, you look at his numbers from two thousand to two thousand and seven. He is the most ahead of his time. Guy we ve had in the last thirty years he's averaging twenty three five and for his forty five four eighty nine percentages issued forty forty from three but he's taken: seven threes, and this is at a time nobody was taking. You know if you took four freeze a game. That was a lot. I think he put him in the air that were now she's one of the tender guys in a league every year that you re on year. After year as somebody you could build a franchise around and added at the longevity, I think pushes it over the top to meet this guy was good and ninety. Ninety seven in nineteen, eighty four in two thousand and fourteen
he's still in the finals playing crunch time, for that might retain we're talkin. You know, eighteen years IRA, just flamed out a little too fast. For me, Iverson Career was bad, silver over by two thousand nine here, he isn't played a jacket you hit that Weird Memphis thing, and then he had closed it out in Philly, just as kind of like a novelty deal and men still wanted to play, but at that point too like, if you really want to dig it all the stuff- and I don't know how far away I really want to get sidetracked in here, but Iverson if he played today with the off the court stuff, he beginning suspended from the lake so his career is effectively his last good year as legitimately effective player is two thousand and nine, and I remember I had this: it's in my archives. You can look it up. You better anybody out there went dead. Trades Iver scented Detroit for Bill ups and people
on tv, gone great trade for the pistons. You know yet Allen Iverson, unlike you, I'm sorry, but I'm good to basketball games and watching the passing Iverson shot. As far as a pretty lost our food guys guides just gone- is to have it anymore, so I think the fact that his fat of stretch was just shorter than I then raise. I did that as the matter and the other thing I would ask so Iverson if Milwaukee beat them there that That round, which is really conceivable- and I think they should have- I really think the rocky one at that was one of them- was poorly officiated series ever had remember Iverson. If we don't even know like Finally, trips. I think he's thought about completely differently. Where'd. You know your most thinking. I'm trying to think of the football quarterback is that we were compared to our flag, oh no,
flock now that was nice. I really Two thousand one like I used always take o Brien, deserves like a half a ring for that two thousand seven MBA finals appearance, because he added The Detroit like you'd, only been asleep when I'm five years, Detroit still further good themselves: the bully, Rashid guaranteeing winds. After everything up laugh laws they kept losing an leubronn, takes him out with that epoch. In two thousand seven, where it was a kind of a first like well. What is this guy? Then they get smoke by the spurs on a big deal. Same thing is kind of like a shack Any deal, Orlando gonna get a gets a keen, but that you die. And one final they get. The first against ally, and they get mopped. He's got a lotta run out like I feel like I'm not saying people like look. Figures are supposed to beat them We just got through how bad it into the east was that year, but it's it's I wish I were seen in a way were you know, I read about Chris Paul, sucking all the time because he kicked out of SEC around, But-
I were soon as the lead guide, the undisputed Lee guy for Jimmy was on. Until you know, look the Denver thing was gonna hear back forth in your right by the time we get to Detroit was over. He get. You sing like I don't want to turn to sit up to absent of your aunt Iverson it, but I'm just saying they were rather pro Everson. Two thousand one is show positive for him and I think that's the love that people have for him. You know It's never ever held against India. That's kind of the only real play off run that you had like the only one right, while the other thing. Again. I I didn't want to rely on the stats too much cause. I really think it's important to mention how Larger than life he was at the time and what it was I to watch my purse, I just loved Iverson but you know his stats part of the reason his stats were so impressive. Was he just play?
incredible amount of minutes, you go to his per thirty. Six numbers is per thirty six scoring averages. Twenty three point: three. His per is actual scoring average in real life is twenty six point. Seven he played such a as you said earlier, he's playing for his career. He played more one point: what minutes? It's that sick number! It's like he's will Chamberlain wonder like he was get any sleep ray it's true he's up twenty fires day. So, if you look at his pipe thirty seconds he's he's twenty five in three his forty two point: five percent from the fields and thirty one percent for three and his staff really are different, then all of RE islands, prime cause ruins playing thirty five, thirty six minutes, yet that forty it's odd not crazy to think rail
as a better picked out Iris him, because if to win a title he's just a safer bet, you can put Iverson you have move your whole team around when he dies with round enough, have to do that so I'd taken round. Third, yeah immateriality. Ahead of the time I was looking up, I look at what the years area like seven point. Seven eight attempts there again from three which assist it can express our monumental that is like a one or two eight play took forward or more threes a course like number one in number three were were Twond and pierce. Would I had even count the beginning of of the Patino Twond Pierce thing, was just crows in light of recent those guys. Do you think I stay. Bad shots. Now you think the actual rustlers Zack Levine get a little aggressive. Every now of the three point attempt you got, you got nothin on early Twond, yet Eight players foreigner more attempts, the past full season. Eighteen, nineteen. Forty three players took four hundred
more threes, no one more than James Harden, who took one thousand and twenty eight 3s, and also eight hundred and fifty eight free, throw so hard and took almost one thousand nine hundred and three in free throws for a full season. Enjoy that that's pretty gross but nothing was grocer than watching a Kyle. Lowery often so foul mix tape that came out. So far. The season I began forty seven charge has taken account of forty six flop. I would rather watch a Joe exotic sex tape, Kyle loudly at taking charges. I saw that tape floating around allows, like I hope, resell it as worried that organ article one either. Yet got a lottery even make it threw it out You know it up, watch this and then I'm an account how many flop, sir and then a tweet, something really shitty and I had a tie. Actually, most out of the video I couldn't survive. You. You have Iverson forthright yeah, yeah shouted out of sheer yeah, so
cover with round and that Iverson mitzvah going to Mukoki at four and you know, I know people we may get pissed about the Irish had thing I remember on member T Anti did that red draft of the old timers Barkley took out Iverson first and enormous cost, like a right of us, cause the ride on the internet properly. What are you. We have a better. They were all draft in there all time teams that it was a snake draft embark where they are You think I've heard that you just ruined this exercise. It is there ok out opposite was great, Ray television producer everywhere was like how do we find the next, partly so with the fifth peck. Which in the in the act, A draft was Minnesota, there's two others, three guys on the board. Just for the people of IRAN. We get your main o Neill, it Ben Lot. Ben wireless pay, it pages stack of egg back, as can be so far Marbury
and until walk others geyser on the board. I am taking cause This will be a recurring theme at these redraft that we do. I watched her main o Neill B. Best guy on tv I could have won the title and it matters to me more than anybody else on that list. I thought long and hard about Belarus, but his prime just wasn't good enough. The tribunal near thing really work in the running for a stranger star, basketball, reference page he's on Portland for four years, not playing not like right. Membership agenda was always trying to trade for, yeah. Oh every year, it is buried on these poor on teens behind Rashid, while ass a bonus Davis, is on there and they're not give many run, and people like us are LE he's being thrown he's kind of like a Roddy, Babar type situation where
trade asset of him, was so much more valuable than if you actually want to submit a game. Your leg, but that India and trades form, I guess they, made they'll Davis farmers as part of it, but then it then he became A really really really good player in Indiana, therefore couple years and that four series against a trait he's great, I thought oh five year, the melee. He misses half the seas and he's really good. They re average twenty four game. That year, I thought he was. Some in the South Explain series that year and I really like that post Bailey Pacer steam, just a general, but for the amount of years he played and all that I think he's the pic. So I'm taking him v. What do you think of that? love it because I had em, I think higher than than I thought I would when I went into it. But I'm with you of Oh Peter Main, o Neill he's a.
The good player I mean he put up some massive numbers. There were the patiently rightly he started. He started eighty games those first four years he play ten minutes ago. Thirteen minutes, a game, nine minutes, a game, twelve minutes, a game when he's in portland- and that was now he was still kind of part of this fall out of the high school thing, and you just like argue the misguided odyssey too, even though he was kind of his weird hybrid centre. Our forward. That's what appealing about issue was that he could face up a little bit, but he could still to some of that traditional stuff, and he been in his prime younger are really player today, because he was really, I thought, a pretty happily than you slow down a little bit. But after that this thing I mean it was over like his career was kind of like over by the time he was twenty nine and he still played. Their six or so years. So I don't mean to be harsh about it, like you had a good year in nice intended Miami at eight thirty one, but he's playing twenty eight minutes. He scorned thirteen, seven eddies he's
kind of a rotation guy that point, even though he was somebody I still really like I'll. I liked it. I didn't, I didn't, have a mat high, but I'm I'm not tied to remain o Neill at all. So I worked, they were then that I didn't realize he made thirty Ben, oh, two and three, and then he made I can t my beard or for sulphur straight years. She was a top fifty guy and a top tag idle for I think he would have been a top ten guy. No five, two of the melee had nap, and I also think this point can be hit strong enough. I really You think the five places where the best and team that you and I could say, while the made when, as has run, our test was a lunatic ends, gotta know you may lay in the end the seeds of it were planted there in that fight that that perception the melee that team was gonna blow up anyway. That team, as there is just too much craziness anathema never say never could have made it a month. Seek you that case, but that oh five final
was one of the more unsatisfying finals. It never felt like those were. The two best teams to serious itself was not good. That spurs team that one Duncan it just was not like a peak Duncan performance. I think he's pretty I end up, I really think idea was the best thing that year and he was the best guy and their team. So that's gotta matter too, yeah. That was also that that finals, where we had some, for the sixty, nine and game TAT spoke. Any like that stuff, though they A member the year before that you treat them like a sixty six to sixty gay some others there's worse ones, to point out, which I think we should do as a reliable. We should watch the worst Plath game in modern history. What are those? What are those games with seven thousand two hundred and sixty or something with the pistons? No, I know the game. It was Celtics Pistons cuz. I went to it. Six thousand six hundred and sixty four final. I think, there's another one. Stamford Steve hit me up with this:
points under or you win over and he had the over HU, the famous guy was you bet on the game, but he also done lightning on it. So you pay a penalty on how many points under or win over and He had the over and it went like thirty points under so off. To double check has definitely checked. Be like hey? You guys should do this are so you got your main Neil I mean I've got five, so yeah yeah, now the clock at number, six, which would have been the South expect amateur. Just tell me, Did you take the mass pike in and be a Celtic can't be played, Seventeen years yet daddy's unity, better his leave you're the most points for game he ever scored was his rookie year with IRAN or fifteen again That's the most he ever scored for a season this double figures. Twelve tat
twelve eleven, and he would basically wasn't again until we get the Denver a little bit his player the year. I just felt like he did Umass offensively and that we get to the NBA. I don't know if it's cuz he was skinny. I don't know if it was strictly because the roster development and the NBA has a way of kind of eating itself in that oh yeah right, like good as you weren't in college. Like you have to adjust to us, I did they can He was gonna have to make that adjustment that he was going to be a good player, a role player so yes, I did it being wrong, but I was watching me at thirty two and at first game against Kentucky when He was number one: was it tat way, Robert Hills, you Mass was fifth You mass thing was weird for all of us that were from eastern Mass because we're like I really rooting for western mass, but with so much fun with cow Lou row the year before and all those you mask I so I really thought that can be willing to be able to do a little bit more offensively. Because he shouted Eu Mass in any. Just gotta became a very specific, not role play
It's that start saying enough about him he's a starting point for a long time, but I still thought a version of him that we had a higher ceiling at the break, I'm in a red you, all the trades markets can be was ever involved than cigarettes to talk about one of my favorite companies routes of fight. We ve never talked about them on this package, except for when they made a bunch, a ringer sweatshirts for us, our absolutely ridiculous, a great go to their website. You can find Ostend tee shirts, sweatshirts hoodies. They did a black history. Tribute thing for with Joe Louis momentarily Jack Johnson, Jackie Robinson: he can pick by the sport
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Two thousand to traded by the next. With Nay and Mark Jackson Four Antonia MC dies, Frank lambs and a second and pick two thousand eight traded by Denver with its two thousand ten second to the clippers for a second draft pact that was like the rare good clippers trade cause. I e was actually have to. In that year. The in the heads of trade via traded in two thousand ten family to the blazers for steel was really roared. Will you are? They got separated ass tension The trouble is Blake and Travis Outlaw had an subtle, blazers insurgents. Then traded Houston for jobs, Flynn has shame to be the second overnight done trade to the next Tony Douglas Josh, Harrison, Jerome, Jordan and a second then George traded.
The next, with no back quit Richardson and a second for Andrea Bark, Donny. Side, no Steve Novak would be a MAX player in today's game, no question, so he would He was in then a lot of stuff I have a great market can be fact for you. He makes he has the iconic. Lock out ninety nine playoffs run. Were Ewing, gets her in there actually better off. With can be, they come back the net they almost make the final again in two thousand Indiana beats him. He then makes the playoffs two three four ten more times first round and at every time you ever the differences between. Like I hold the play, our stuff against you, really like you that I'll find a way to spend it my favour. But if you're the guy, it's kind of on you wear candy
blame for that I've, just ten straight first Rank ass a day is really really that they have to be nearer record right. Ten straight of people say shit, a mellow mellow be like hey. You heard a markets can be lifted off. My back that was felt mellow Knox were like mellow every time you look at Melos play I've losses. When there are the first run exits, they almost always lost the team that was better than them anyway. So that's that's kind of a pro mellow thing, but it's just sounds better, be like every section of plants, so I have probably can't be. Did you did I make a mistake? How do you look at the board right now. I have a market can be point. That's just for you. I'm an ogre I'm gonna lightly fry in some sesame oil and give you dipping saucer there and you can just eat it gives. Enjoy it so much hold on hold on, I should I put on his jersey for this either left him he'll take two seconds Marcus Candy,
ahead of its time, yeah. If, if you'd Nineteen added nine markets can be an you move him, twenty years. He's like the perfect five, yeah I shouldn't Chandler still making money I they might. Can't we would have been like a potentially like really and demand they give. If Capella Getting fourteen million a year in a first round pick up that I can do is better than Clint Capela right, I don't know, I think it fell out- was a product of It is be better than I thought. You'd be, but Capella also was a massive beneficiary of art. You know but he's out the whole time. Seventh pick. This is tough. These guys add, I can't be Wallace and stay out of it all off huddled together.
Guess. I'm taken Ben Wireless had seven and drafted which remain incredible. He was like six six school Virginia. A way she, order kind of pride that I would have wanted. Chicago signs, a away from Detroit. It's a big deal and within a year is kind of like like Semi Luggage, it were. A headband remember is weird, but they You could argue he was the best part of the two thousand for persistence that far from easy, been the most vibe. I know Chauncey one, the final Zen BP and I think it's hard to say who is the most important points that pistons team, because one of these and made them special was those five guys
they're in the way they complement each other in how good defensively they were. But Ben Wallace was an absolute destructive where their fur- you look at forestry, five straight years, Jesus dating back to or Lando just completely blowing it and getting rid of him in the eye in the grand hell just having no idea what they have over what they had. You go, after that, he shows up in Detroit in two thousand and one and from two thousand and one to two thousand and five he's: thirteen rebounds the games, three blocks of game and one and a half steals but he is his black steals. Therefore, half a decade are her keen David Robin City. You know, in person it was something like it really did feel like. He was. The best defence appeared, the league, the biggest. It's a vast at anybody had there for a while. He he,
How the zone again shack in those in O four, when Shack? was really tried to go back into the way back machine really only had one great eighty game against them. I don't know I mean he brought so many bad things. The table for shooting was abominable. He was in office liability, but just figured how to do so many different things. I would just rather have him than anybody else in this list, so they go. I loved him. He had the best version of him was unbelievable. The way he could switch associated six nine- I don't know I don't No, but it didn't matter, Unbelievable watching what he could do as a defensive player- that's where I really love about that pistons team is that you had Wallace. You could switch out to anyone in the perimeter like you just could then you had Chauncey who could switch in defence some power forward in the post he was going to give up his chance was so damn strong and smart and too
John I'd like to at least challenge a little bit and then Rashid there, who could kind of be all over the place, and it was really an incredible roster won through five of guys that you're just found a way to complement each other. I remember look out. I thought we're making fun of the idea that you would like Tom. Some of my MRS Marcus Pfizer being one of them? What I want it Wallace in his fourth year, Lando Guy lights. I liked him late: anyone games a year ago. You know I always kind of like a little bit but right at me retractable figure, double figure seen the thirty percent the free throw line it was getting awful. I mean it was like he was floating. Fifty and then it got worse and I really Larry Brown is always a very good lesson to for younger who people down there like they were giving Ben Wallace and touches memory weird. That was when they Go home city. Would let perk at the first offensive touch of every game and he would like you to play in the post in his bride. What are you doing right arm? I, that was
just this thing that the thunder always seem to want to do. Probably Westbrook wanted to do it. Everybody else had it listen ah, but Larry Spirit, Larry Brown- would about wanting then was to get more touches and I'd go. Why would you ever do that with this guy's a zero an offence, but it was a real. The point is that it sucks to just rebounded, defend all games so the more we can get him a touch every now and then the more gay she's going to be so one plays it run that aren't the best offensive option, understand that there's there's a pay off to it. If you have the right guy and Wallace was that guy, so I peak Wallace, I I just loved. His first. Seventy five play games for the pistons from two to five. Is fourteen rebounds, a game. Two point: six blacks to point out steals I just met us any, but a barely even crack. Ten points again turn that stretch, but I never did. Is one of those guys that, if you bet against them.
You'd. Have we actually, like literally gambled against the persistence in a play game? I we. I just hate had gone against him. I was felt like he was going to do the right thing at the right time and he got I gotta say the o five finals, him in Rashid together the job they did on Duncan Duncans, never been treated like that defensively over the course of two weeks. In his peak like he was in that light, they really they really throttle them. So I'm got seven. He goes to the clippers. The number eight pick this would have The net? Have, I also didn't I should have RIP Hamilton group real quick on Wallace- follow up Would he thrive today? A liability is it's a answer. I'm not sure I have the. I think he's worse off now, because you can't play forum five offensively now with the spacing I don't know where he would stand on the court. I may need almost at the use em like.
Philly was using bed Simmons during those plans games or they didn't know where to put him in ages circling around the baseline. That's really the only thing you do them, otherwise he would screw up you now. He would either com the middle or he would great you could set pixel them, but nobody's gonna guard him stepping offer three or anything I'm not really sure where you do. I think he was in the right era. But that's the argued against, but think about. The big eyes are here to defend at his size that he was giving up all the time. And now, if you look, a small. The front lines are, I still think of your good enough get away with one guy that sought an offensive threat. I mean the goal now is for five days at out there to get bucket, but I think Wallace would beat. I I Betting on Prime Wallis defied awaited abuse, the other five in size down. We too, maybe and get you a few more points is because he's dominating the board so much so I'm not gonna lately write him off because spacing now I'm not ready mafia there. I just think he was in the right era. I think
They know what are really helped. Them was how many more possessions and the pace of how people play. Now, I think you know he was though I flatter tat. He would love that right, verses, edges get up and running around with a year to rely on that now. You talk me into it beyond that better. Now, let's bring it at the last minute. Are you you're the peg? Could he have pager yet there's an argument for patients I had a can be. I had a Wallace, oh yeah, Asia flirting. You know this probably better off the top of your head. But what are you coming? Second near VP, one year was thereof. But he was or was it the conversation and I'm not remembering the voting Now he had. Oh, he had a year was the first. He might be a limit. Three asked our teams- oh yeah, oh for each second, Emma Ba? and there he was he forth in the two thousand formerly Pisa past.
I thought there was yeah. He was way off. Area are two thousand forum. The p ballot Kevin Guard at first and second, your baino neo third page of four Kobe Bryant, five shacks six then, while I've saying Shack out loud sixth just sounds stupid, but that was the year when he died out, but it was that was right. It was after everything, you're gonna come down, but it is so the shack and BP things That's funny page is another little ahead of his time. Guy never took never took seven three in a season you, year after year, starting in o one he shooting forty percent. Three, he has basically an entire decade. Until two thousand nine of shooting. Forty percent for three from oh went to o eight forty one percent for three taken. Almost six a game.
Twenty, a game, a guy who, I think, if these play now would have been so much more dangerous and so much more fun. Watch it's hard to think of him without thinking of him, brick in that shot against in game. Seventy! It's the Lakers when AEGIS at both hands around his neck, but he rebound. These the little bit from it yeah big time numbers any was huge, but this guy a guy that can hand I mean he's, listen, six, ten, like. Ok, there, that's through their best players in here we go back to beginning the Weber stuff and how good that's echo. Mental team was from. He never felt like the one you never fellow, Hey there that's through their best player, as you know, we go back to beginning the Weber stuff and how good that Sacramento team was from a town in point, but he put up some massive numbers when it was first for somebody, we never think of his like the key franchise guy, just you're right, like those middle years there there's just it's unbelievable is the eighth pick of this draft in this is, is still available. I'm an alert,
Lee fry another great point and give you a little more dipping sauce with this one. It is he clay with no pr wall, I dont think I responded well enough to your fried appetizer thing on the candy thing I just was blown away by the whole deal. I was gonna, maybe just saint. I want to change and that Jersey concepts debating attacked operative whom anyway but yeah. What's He probably handle that ball, how a lot more than Clayton. That has to be his claim. This beauty played is in trouble, He was just as good of a three point. Shooters clay was he, was. Actually you could run entire often surrender matter. I actually of clay was on a bad team. You could have run offices ran a, but they were
pretty similar like what their skill sets were and clay. I think you know, hits the lottery and ends up with staff. I think of patient had been on a team. Might that we would have. We had one conversation about over the last ten years. What was less pages stock of a conversation, anyone the rapid you're right out. I forgot he was in New Orleans for four years. He also had a very, very sneaky. Nobody remembers seven point. Eighteen minutes a game for eleven maps in the plants awaited that's right now, yet I remember that yeah nobody! Nobody remembers that the used ever mention is like a member on page Point eighteen minutes a game for the eleven maps in the playoffs Oh that's right now, yet I remember that yet nobody knows members at the he's, never mention as like a member on page his ring
Companies are selected in it. Of those guys was that whole eleven maps team is just so weird because if you like wait, a minute whose is it was. He probably argue the least talented team. I know at least it yet of the last twenty years, we still seem to want a title. Certainly the maintain that a lad one great guide or when the title you I mean it's created, Jason, Terry, Terry. Mary Jane Chandler Marian Roy by air Occasion, the habitat Roddy blah blah the untouchable Roddy Beauvoir. The asset nights pick this normally were were only gonna. Fourteen night pick was Dallas marble has officially fallen far enough. The guy was a huge asset, but I I remember when he ended up on Phoenix. Finally, after the kid trade,
really really enjoying him an MRI together. That one placer is against the sun's. I you know put of its huge. Like every night. You be like thirty in tat again from the sky,. Any somebody that if you put him now- and you spread the four for him, he one of those guys Kevin, Johnson's, light this from from way back. There's now like this, like Westbrook Stephanie, like this spread, the four he's going by people on getting the rim. Barbara. By who everyone it. If you want it, Marbury Lord were the worst attitude. I feel it was like for Lily cops on the spot already here. You know it's a classic. What, if he cagey gets, is giant contract then the rules, change and marble.
It's just bummed out. He knows he's never going to make nearly as much as kg and I'll never be the number guy in the team and pushes for a trade to the nets. A judge who stayed with stuff was one of them Everyone was worse off by the trades bade. I think, Remember he get sued egos, The next thing scheme super weird and a bunch of different ways. Finally ends up on that weirdo night Celtics team, the. Where cagey wasn't plan, and these must be the missing piece school people are really excited about that. I was that I was not here. You weren't excite about that was everybody gets worse. Too excited about buyouts, I just feel like point guards aspire. They hate a point in there oh come on back, where It's almost like runny backs it with frank or accepted weren. T from level one, the level two or level three, wherever there just there's, no rally back Europe, ten Indiana, two an hour
four and a half in were died away. Wickedness zip through this. This is all I can do a lot of different things here. There's one name out there. That was productive. Just do it through its right pick. I I still three APEC: Second best plan, a team that almost made the files I gotta Twond over Sharif. During you have to say, I pick that Taiwan Twod is the best example glad you weren't you the floor here for little bit now plugging in any. Nowadays we need to do. We don't need to ten minutes. An answer are buried made, not foster teams of a second best guy attitude that almost made the final psyche Sharif Sharif never add one memorable Basque, Beaumont, Twond As the second best player in a team that made the Easter Conference finals a one right
No, no, I understand, but I really feel like. If we're gonna knock, I'm gonna take a bad. The east really was for four that stuff to happen for them because they were out or they will one point: we're thinking, they're gonna play in the NBA finals like we're, like they're gonna, beat the nets They took a two one: lead that Syria to only that's right, they blow game for they lose game. I then that's come in and finish off a game six, but the blowing gave for was. You know, I think they could have one if they didn't you, again. There is a version of Taiwan and I have to travel I that we saw over twelve years, but there's a version of Taiwan. That they could have been, but his skill set was so high, but potato immediately hated him within Patino is kind of like play, events you guys can take all the bad things you want. His shot consciousness consciousness was one of
worst of any play, I've ever seen in my entire life for his size. He could handle he could pass. He could do all these things, but it just it was like I was just a little off. It was off just a little for it to actually can I talk to watch a really long stretches and it wasn't a shock he hears age, Is a GMO Celtics trashing his game on tv broadcast and the first chose what he gets. The gig is gives twice are there, but I have a little bit of a soft spot in my heart for Taiwan, but I am also fully willing to admit that it was really gross for long stretches. I condemned to a little kid like these youngest brother, in a big family who just nobody paying attention for bonus. Jonas did like that Fifth kid: in the cell events in Belgium, and the get scared in the other kids in ones in jail and once the football quarterback than theirs. That fifth kid nobody.
As wherever is any just develops a bunch bad habits. Twond was just unchecked for the first time Years of his mba occur basically and was in bad situations and develops a bad habits, but the thing that killed him was he lost his confidence with free for shooting. Two, no three, and once that happened here that's gonna line. He stopped driver the basket and he just became Jump showed any was never like really a good shooter when he was the good. I was around the rim staff in his passing and he had all these different tools, but once he lost his faith or shooting confidence. It was a little like what happened. Rondeau when run just didn't want to get found any more completely changed output, it's really weird when you notice it to yeah, you usually only notice it. If it's like your team in your watching him all the time I got ever pierce, This really weird stretch where he wasn't making free throws, unlike closely situations to the point where I through and track them all and then put it together was like.
Eighty per cent is like sixty three percent these spots. Remember. I asked one of our guys at the Celtic Tiger. Haiti have you noticed the single biggest, oh, my god, and in peace. Figured it out corrected any was fine again, but one. Twond were also put together. These moves for his size that most guys couldn't even dream of doing, and then he just back remit. Yeah I've never seen a guy break people down get open. These spin moves back. You down hooks both hands. All of this stuff, and it was like it was like a math equation. Where it looked at, you did. You're, like all look how good this is new, like yeah k, but that's outside the print the season of this works. He was there, really tough, confident guy who knew where to go and what to do in a basque court. Amy goes to Miami no sex and plays big minutes for them in Canada knows where to go. What did it wasn't afraid to take big shots? He was afraid to get obviously was not afraid to take which he was right. Thing more twine then like up to fifty seconds to go.
Oh, he brings it into the front core he'd shacks it because he wants to, the dagger shot area, Misty missed all the time, yeah. He really wanted to the robot was that meant a lot to him. Former picks life Number eleven take who has this pick and were in the actual draft? It were gone state. What will do better than they did with epoch? I've got No gasket scare, you know he hung around a lot longer than he should have. It seem like when he hurt when his feet started to go out on him. It just seemed like his prayers going to be over in for five years and ended up playing for a pretty long time. Where was he in this even 20th in the actual draft, but You know he he hung around and he was career, was thirteen in seven anything
was tossed. His third year ended in play. I wouldn't you say you miss me. Sickly, his second and third season and Lee comes back at twenty five in your life. Skies shot any bad, a nice wrought beloved teammate, so I added that threat that could have for number. Twelve are still a lot of value out there now. I could do role guy here, which is a real there's no go in the first round, there's one fair Ro Guy left yeah, although J, why Day junk yard Dodger annoyance at a Georgetown nice the run, but He still to talented, I used to argue for Sharif Abdul Rahim because he was he was the Pope. Boy for his era of big numbers empty. He sucks his tea, work very good. He was part
the sole thing that happened on trade night were Sharif, went to Atlanta and then they stuck to do you know your head. How many play a game sheriff? during played in his entire career. Do we was one one play after six Toto ice ex games. I used The Shareef adore him all stars for guys who just put up empty collars. That's exact Levine would be the Sharif envy. May this year right, but don't I still have to take him. Twelve yeah yeah financial assets so, and he was good. He actually was good and maybe it's grocer now when a guard puts up empty stats than a big yeah. Maybe that's better That's kind of cool inversion of of NBA areas. Here is that you had it, empty calorie, guys that were bigger, and now the empty calorie guys are all small put to put his value in perspective? You have to look at a couple trade susan, thousand one he's
screen traded for the rights to progress all were passed, yeah in its which more intensely and on a light So let s like we could take. How to this young kid from Spain or we can lock in the sheriff of Nottingham arrived. It allows a smarter, smart idea, then no four get traded with the rat live for I was the Rashid deal. Wasn't it was person in Rashid, Wallace, Rashid, that's best Jersey ever the Rashid while ass it went Jersey because he played one game. Yeah that'll be like the top rated bucks Jersey So you think is illegal by one game: thirteen back so much disdain job summit, I get mad every day. That's why I said falcons Falcons patriots super bowl. Today I was like how can you play for now? this is insane cinnamon liberated I'd everyone's ever had I'm taking carry kiddos with the third
The youth pact, for this will be for our Charlotte care kettles. Good, you, our Charlotte, your dollar order career that it should have been. He had some health issues, but I got to say the Celtics won against them in two straight playoff series. I was always scared when he was open one of those guys it when he missed. You are surprised and the stats don't actually back it up. Is that her, ok, but it This is one of those guys there's something about how he carried himself and shot the basketball that you just felt like that's going in thirty six. Thirty, eight percent career three points: Shooter heated, three point: six, a game! Fourteen point, four score: just got traded to the clippers in two thousand and five in his career, like basically abruptly ended, but I was sorry
kid we'll get together and showed that backward. Ok, the last pick Dante Jones Member, Mississippi State. I love that file for Now we are illegal, oh still, available rainy living single TIGERS, yell at stake but some of the guys that are available because we us of Derek Fishers available earthy, appear Travis night is available, but a Shannon Anderson Murky, Laura Sobriety ever tenure. As in Georgia. Yet Lorenzo right, you mention, am Jeff beginning James Dennis Chemistry, killer, yeah just gave you made the joker that I'd it as I was, say it out loud priests, Lauderdale just a couple years at a central state University, but I'm sure a lot of youth kind of liked him when they saw him walk into a room like again but Bela here in twelve years in a row I always sneaky like as Ryan Minor out Oklahoma, did not I'll. Let you know that
you got to go Derek Fisher here, you know what I'm getting. I don't want to be coached and I want to be my executive but I wanted to be a guy that I trust for some reason extended his career another five years by dribbling into everybody on open lapse, as he could never get a fuckin shot off against anybody towards the end in the rough gave him the call every damn time down the court. So if I know I'm getting that, if not getting it soon, Fischer slows down the rest are gonna bailing out for another for five years, Gimme that guy Eighteen seizes his faith in class in minutes. Thirty, two thousand seven hundred and eighteen minutes. Thea advanced budgets do not like a bird came up. In a lot of big gapes. Well, that was more. Once the new markets can be done. Really fun. I get asked you before we go. This is Chris Ryan brought this up in a way.
A draft that we'd ardor accorded guy that still having given up on, even though his retired guy, you still have keeping your fingers crossed. The Jeff Green. This draft, for you I think I said, Ryan Minor, but busy yet other stuff goin on You know I always right right, John Wallace at a Syracuse, because John Wallace Yes, he's a real example of he. Gonna leave after his junior year, the big kind of like he really is like a poor man's Derek Coleman, talent, production right and Wallis has this great run was Syracuse yet to the title. Dame. And are like look how much this guy improved his stock and you agent. Which is pretty much worse, go after his junior. I always thought that the Wallace Stories, one of them, wasn't even a lesson. It was specific to him, but here is this. Guy comes back now
number. She was so much fun in that tournament. Nba body face up for a big all these things. You think he plays accuse good time, be just awesome production. Anyone, the exacting spotty we're gonna, come out an earlier. He left that he got game. Haven't seen that awhile, while yeah he's in there, he Gave him Travis best at it round a welcome a party around there my guy that I have not given up on yet, even though Probably they shed. Damon, Baileys, not enough now, I must say that John, whilst was a really good one, you know almost want to say Travis there, but I dont say longterm. I saw tony dogs fifty three point game,
I watched there, I was the first year had League pass. I ought to say I watched it live. He was unstuck While the crazy thing is, he wasn't taking threes. I don't think he made a three in the game. It was all MID Range and up an under and lay ups, and when the Celtics made the terrible judge said she to get him and rightly Rogers I gotta say as much as I hated giving up our Joe Johnson fit the aims. Cheswick, the a chance we define us either. Tony dope was gonna to another level. I is all it so I've always enjoyed is gave you. I thought it was very, very Johnson issue. I love the Johnson Trade because it's the worst in the way they are about relate to me was that, like Twond and Pierce were mean to him, he ever her eye so so because they were mean two of its equal at stratum. Variety just not and reside in Delco is was a nice piece of that. But my favorite dealt stuff is Ashley Judd. Apparently, He was legitimately into him and dealt with
like to shy Tony Doc. So we're gonna be redrafted all these drafts we're doing. Ninety seven, ninety eight, ninety nine this week, all of them will be on the book of basketball feed, but we're going to do the night. What is it the ninety eight draft were doing for your feed this week and and then next Sunday. Which will be the last one we do, and this feed the two thousand draft, yes, which is iconic. It's just flat out iconic. So where do that? So anyway, you can follow those on the book about Bob on we're. Gonna talk, so my current staff read after the break Hey, let's talk some charity stuff Spotify is doing. Cool thing, covert. Nineteen music relieve you can go to the website. They created covert, dating music relief that by spar darker
You can check out of the core innovations that their fill it with their matching donations made by this page dollar for dollar, for a collective total up to ten million that's cool! So every dollar you give to one of the things that's for later. This don't match it check that out really cool stuff and then, since we're wanted to mention helping the front line, feeding Covid nineteen, you can find this like on my twitter feed that the partnership with the world central kitchen, which is doing all kinds of cool stuff this one, the front line thing- is trying to raise three million to help the heroes on the front line every day at er's at hospital's Icu. All that stuff and raising money for them and for the local restaurants to make food for them
I don't need a hundred thousand. This is my favorite charity that I've seen so far so check those out, and we are going back to the podcast coming back, where you can do some real world stuff for twenty minutes, then we'll go so trumpet stress that the quarantine has now been extended until April thirtieth, which is We should now reseller how you holding up I'm good. I really am I I think I ll start with the serious dove now a d you and I are lucky from the worst standpoint. So I'm really not going plain about anything work is really is much for me and friends. That own restaurants or stone service industry working for restaurants working the bars. Now those are the people that I'm not I'm not doing. This is like the pandering thing, but I don't really have that much to complain about. I wish I could be home with my dad. I was by himself, but it doesn't make any sense, redefine cross country and then you'll be on.
Aids and then travel too get to him, and I don't know if I can get them, because the boat had been shut down backward from. So as far as that today thing. Yes, it sucks the beaches I was now which really changes the dynamic a little where I live. Yes the gym, but I've been trying to order whatever I can scrounge everything sold out like everywhere, it's been brutal to try to impeach this kind of stuff together, but whatever I've know I went for a bike ride. I got to do stuff at home. I'm remove my dining room table out, probably put some waits. Just in my life, cuz, I don't care like. I just does not always coming over. So I a family- I don't have that kind of stuff, so I'm just trying to worked on do as many parts we can work on the writing stuff on the side, the with with something I am unable and announce yet, which is coming at some point. So As far as my dated eight, I mean I like a twenty mile by right that I am just trying to do the most of this in the others there's an end. We just we know now exactly ever be able thirty or not but
that's that's what I'm doing, but I am isolating quite a bit which I was doing for ten years anyway, Add simply made me appreciate just a basic stuff like at the office when dad and year come in India or part, and we just shoot the ship for ten minutes sauce I've I've had shot the shit with anybody in person other than my own family fer, to have sound weeks. Now how to turn for five weeks more. But you know I think it's been. It's been fun to watch people, how to get creative with how to maintain relationships. Like my my dad's hold I was at a giant zoom carded. I just our checking for an hour and a half and I popped in brought my son. He played the guitar for them in its stuff that you could. Do we probably should have been doing anyway. If you're China stay connected to people, my wife, his head, you don't have our drinks with her friends, three or four times you know where they die right, they shoot the he hit,
you create that it's probably to be dangerously snuck with my forward Berwick. But it's it's bank, coral people get creative with how they're trying to keep connections to one another. I think you know there's so much fear and free Right now is the hospital numbers, and you start here in store, is in a friend of a friend or my friend who works in eighty are or my friends are gone The stories airy their second and I have some first answer- is now people that I know that hit by this thing they did die, but you know they had a rough and scary said nay days, and I think you know that thing- that's really It is hard to grasp is not knowing if you're Dax, turf somebody you love is that extend our adds to the feeling of constant unease. I've just never felt this for an equal part, it a bunch differ ways. You think you know read books do work. What
some shit on tv make food whatever. I take your mind off it, but it's tough to keep drifting back to like fuck. How bad is it going to get yeah? That's that's. Definitely out of it's it's there, but I just don't You know I am not saying, and if I had a wife I had kids. I would probably do that more often, but I'm just going like okay, you know, let me know like it in in my The man had each like allowed. People were doing anything in and I went out for on to it as a guide. This pact, like what you know, so I'm not gonna, do this the next time and then the beaches are closing, and then I think every towns afraid to keep any beach open, consented cycle that beaches open. So everybody just gonna go to that one from all the other towns. Are the beaches closed? So a picture about the leadership part of this, which just seems to be so incredibly petty that I think it's disappointing. It has to be disappointing, no matter where you're at and I'll admit in the beginning. I didn't know- and I was like- is this something that becomes overblown?
but it's kind of hard to argue against some of these numbers that they keep going to what they're going in its though you can sit as are the younger. People does it really matter, but when you see that map of of people coming back from spring break out people, they travel or United States an army. It to that it like twenty or twenty one for a spring break trip that I had planned, I probably would have done it and I think it's it's starting to kick in a little bit Think there's a thing that you said, though, like I wonder if there be some thing that comes up, settle change. The way we you things or it'll be dislike, but where everybody's really nice for like six weeks and just revert, naturally kind, who is always bed where you made people are targeted people more now catching up people unaware you're getting back to reading or you're being
more creative than you were before you're more connected to your family, cuz you're there every single day- and you say you know what this is kind of the way it's supposed to be. It's like a power outage, but we still have power. You don't remember when you were a little kid to be a power outage and play board games play card games. Maybe your dad my dad would be like this is good as way it supposed to be family, just energy each other the whole time, unlike what we're not the Puritans like, I still want to watch tv, but that's what it feels like the power outage with power. And partly wonders if this will have some lasting impact, the people look at the world differently, but as soon as this, they could not a guy ass. Realistically, you know it's a month remove from being able to be out again we're just gonna be back to what we normally work. I think. So I turned fifty last September of the things that happen. Thank you about. Things happened, and since I bet alive. This feels like the biggest thing, and it is the most changing thing. I think it's the most marble thing for summit.
Different ways, good and bad, and I think about the biggest things that have happened- I've been alive and they range from you know when we had the blizzard in Massachusetts and seventy eight and just everything shut down, for three weeks and nobody knows coming and its people send: it was their early nineteen hundreds, nobody could get anywhere, you're just gonna, stuck where you were nine then things I dad this fear bigger than all that stuff. The amount of you know the thematic death and illness that we don't even really know yet what the real numbers are, how its changed everybody day to day lives and even thickly like hallo. My kids remember them Second, remember this as like that at a time when all of a sudden school was done in the beginning of March, and they couldn't see their friends anymore, and I almost feel like it. This is even bigger than it feels if that's
possible, like I, like thirty years now, look back at this back wholly fucking shit. Can you believe what happened in two thousand and twenty agenda That their mental yet, but I do feel that gets bigger than a kind of feels dated day. Because the data they think you're right you, we could do seventy Eighty per cent this stuff it would do in anyway. You know me: He didn't have allowed a contact with people may be able to do some of your job at home and things like that, but the man it does feel like transformative been going forward. Yeah is it? Is this gonna completely change? The restaurant industries is gonna, go. We would change. Travelling is gonna change. How we interact always see each other is gonna change, the tv shows? Are we gonna just do a lot more or must have you go from little small stake stuff too big stick stuff. I do think there's gonna be lasting things from it.
Yeah. I just I always try to challenge myself like what do you think those things would be in sight, even alike capitalize on it, as is investment, or is it just the wooded with it we deal they? Could you be more reluctant if your network to pay a ton for the tv deal not even really mean it like with the NFL. Has. Is one thing it's a decade? Long, do you? Let me know if that's how long those deals are in a seven to ten years, I kind of think of any whatever associated cuz of start new in twenty twenty three, but I would think, range. You're, gonna. Take a massive here for the first few months were worth when we're clear this. Did you ever get to travel more? They give are gonna, be going out like crazy, I mean. Did we ourselves, have a little fun with this lack of urine. Your twenties and you can't be beat somebody that first weekend out like you, might want to pack, a code of another country because either It's gonna, be this thing where your life was
altered in away. As you said, you think this is the biggest thing it is probably gonna be there. It's probably be sent my look back and be like, while that was crazy, nine eleven will be. The only thing else that comes to mind worry just think like how shifted you're dead today was, but that was a short period of time was healing, and then it was moving forward from it where the unknown can make this lot scarier, yet I think about with nine eleven I think about had different life was, after that it completely change that we traveled it the the security aspect it aged every aspect of our country in its its that moment on it's almost like a before and after you have, you can get on an airplane. I remember I. I was date in somebody such cargo and decide. Last second ago fight go see here and get you here, the airport, with your suitcase like forty minutes before the fight, just kind of walk on, throw the thing in the overhead, and that was it. You know in it.
Today. I remember one time it was like last minute boys trip and shut up with cash and paid for my ticket at the counter ended. I got on the plane in New Orleans like that's insane and that that's kind of how wet, but that's like one specific part. The post, nine eleven we This is my appearance parents. I saw one grandmother it's alive luckily, but I remember, I talked to him be little kids and I remember specifically like. One time I got shot a penny whatever she did. She freak am thinking. Why would care so much about a petty and she was a child and repression, so she always. The rest of her life looked money, as is this thing that which is different than than I did it and honestly, you know I go sitting right, wasting money, my life, but is this something I've never forgot about. It was only because of an air that she grew up in and I just dont know if there be some lasting thing like I don't know
it's a stretch out, all of a be nicer to each other or people going to want to eat out more Tipp to help local businesses and all that kind of stuff. I just. I don't like to try to take over the answers to some of the stuff will be. I don't know right now. It's still too early for me to kind of figure this stuff out. How do you think ports is gonna change where we actually well, let's say, what's Best case scenario: we make it through the next two months. They our really lifting stuff in June in everybody's really determined to get back to normal by July, and I do think that's an american think specifically. Where there is real resiliency in situations like this in people really want things to get back to normal at some point in sports is gonna, be a part of that. Do you think people will be ass, likely to want to go to games until they know that this thing is gone cause. I actually think they will be. I think the concept of just criminals some section it Fenway.
Ere the staple centre and the person behind you is coughing. I I don't care if they say yeah the Coronas gone or where we should be all good. Now, if they're still going to be that fair for a while after this cuz, all the scientists are saying, even if we can slow things it's never gonna, truly just kind of be like ok, word irises gone, were good, distinct, could circle back a bunch of times, and I do wonder if it's gonna make people more scared to be like with around a lot of yeah yeah, but you gotta. We might be right, but you get away that against house. If going to have that as an option yeah to go so would you We like the first game back. There are going to be a lot of people there. I don't know I don't I don't think people are gonna, be stating six feet away from each other, the rest of her life once this thing is done, despite scientist as you point out that this is gone forever and then the others
you can read where there's a second cycle, that's waiting for us once the weather gets cold, they're gonna fall, but what I do find different in that don't you always feel like the NFL was kind of the lead, blocker and all the social stuff for a long time where the unified, the capital saying a word about the NBA? It's actually. We have a policy that sort of in place for a long time like AL and hay double concussions near, fails, go into rather can go Talk in the NBA biogas value should we do have a concussion protocol. Just occasionally, you guys are wondering where the NBA was almost able to draft behind the NFL, taking on all the brunt of the criticism where there is often feel guys getting the job what your policy was arrested. Violence, concussion stuff, the anthem stuff in the NBA was always over the be able to say like oh, by the way. Why you guys are all crushing the NFL we just want. Germany. Now here's what our policy and protocol is for all of those things, and now it's completely reversed, because The NBA in the moment is dealing with this, where the NFL can still kind of map the stuff out and just now they kick now
like whenever you're calling, I'm sure you do the same thing whenever you collar text anybody Nobody knows just like any other removed from it dont know so like if you're just a basque mafia go, and I wonder what world knows, I wonder what all these people now. Nobody knows anything because the people were asking dont know the answer since stuff. Well now allow more over the next five days when we see what happens at the hospital some in this stuff, that's already happening now. I can't believe I started my today. He was saying how ass, the two sides. They really do want people from New York to come in and ass. She sits and in some cases, police cars are. Hover cars with neared license plates because they there really
and the lady I, like hey, everybody, stay kind of in their states. This stuff, like the we're in a territory now that we ve, certainly never even, I would say, come close to broaching ever since I've been alive, where you know here, let's say you're in at an conquered, and you see somebody with New York plates. You know get out and somehow they rested in people, belay, hey you from New York. Why are you here? You know when you start that talk thinkin about stuff, like that, it's just like Jesus Christ fit Physic the worlds, been flipped, what's happened where I'm from because it's all these people with second homes on the vineyard debtors, great houses and a lot of people from New York, city or Fairfield County in Connecticut and there, flight into the vineyard, and there is a big us versus thing. I just ran on how big it was, but I heard about it just from friends among
still there and I like. What's the story Nigger, you know it's. Actually, you fought thousand dollar fine. If your dream, like on the vineyard in the winter, you can't drive your car like unless it's groceries her anything medical, unlike you can't go to the beach in just one around get outside you no kind of rural mental health like nope and then they didn't want all the off islander showing up and then the counter argue that would be well. If I own a house in the big european property tax you around like, like you know, I can't very good out of New York City, so you're being allay it if it feels a little different, whereas if our New York City, I probably wouldn't be there right now at all- and I've even thought about get in the car and drive them like a smaller part of you know some some mountain town, that's that's, not complete, shut down, and I realize, like cable! What's what's the point of that? Just do podcast even further isolated than than you are now. So why? I would say allay was much better equipped for something like this. The New York was near cure just in the middle bother to media away. You couldn't you can
literally be in your car or your house, your partner, wherever every day and run into every one want to to couple a couple mailbag questions. Then we're done Why should you want recommendations to yet met? I've, listen to our karate kid podcast, which added of its eligible for words. I guess we'll find out maybe too, that twenty one, but I gotta laggard buzz on that, men after turn, him and at some point people thy. Ah, just PA afford an aquifer at that. Does it really get it? I heartily congratulate him that it is not your goody Johnny Lawrence was confused by it and then make import decision, but if there's We then ass. I could have just kept doing that in turn him after turn him and at some point people thy. Ah just platform did not keep us at that. Really get it grants to him that it,
he's a good emo. Let me just let me just think, though, let me think you for a second. Would the crane check right yeah as perfect? That is not enough. I too am sorry Steve Winters real, the disagreed with receive being cry kid being received is APEX mountain. There's has no way it's actually Tom Patties free falling because he has that light and air about it's a long day living in receipt of theirs freeware run through the yard, and he's saying like like that songs being played a could trillion times would be played forever, eventually Craddock, it will fade away. I don't know I still gone with karate yeah, it's a line in a song that is timeless here we are thirty years later, still talking about the karate kid and it's it's fun there and there's some real stop. You can go ahead and search where the
in building still there me Oggie Hut, would you call that is didn't put as much money as worked on the cell is his home. That that was last something they built out of thin air in the parking lot. So I don't know you tell me scatter Scott call him from Wilburn Wilburn, whoever I was, however, and even I knew his woman, but that same by pronunciation, Dyslexia He said that it was weird corona virus trade valued chart. Its number, one is a pure, like first for aid, four items you need during the corona saga. The girlfriend But if there is there's trades toilet paper, lay Sahel aerosol spray. What us will be at the top ten of the
Creative as trade by a chart, what's it what's your clear number, one. I would say I could cheese is at the top ten now, so disinfectant wipes our way up there, those like ATV, when you could just wiped out hurrying, I was but that the other day were hate. You think I'd be wiping your counters down like this two years from now now, too much. Now, probably not no one's been here, so you know what's up now. I would the rice big right his high risk. It lay tax gloves. I have some, but I don't like I'm not scrubbin away over here, the at the H q. What about. The internet is a really cow. I like what he's doing here, though wifi wifi has a good run. The show is something, though that is just like a home run if I, said he had asked for a wife.
Higher toilet paper. You can only have my language, but you somewhat wifi is the tip. Look this just ridiculous, but we do there. Sony, parkers, teepee, grad grants, Lois wants to know a couple months ago, mention unapplied that Steve bombers trying to build arena in LA the biggest story nobody is talking about. We did talk about that. Now that bombers purchased the forum, the real story behind the headline that most people might a mess. I actually think it's pretty simple. These guys were caught backing for building his NBA arena and it you don't like it was like the neighbour when you're trying to build your house in the neighbors is calling the police? I knew in new events. They have to come up with subdued the neighbour day
just Dhaka. Let's do this until he paid something, for the form is a pink for hundred million dollars just hit the form from them, and I think my ass is eventually he knocked down. Maybe you keep it up for, while Europe then the Coopers arena and you keep the form go and in China for five more years updates dates or whatever. But ultimately I can't imagine why you would keep the form there. If you had this state of the art and the arena so guess the symbolism of this of bomb are building a state of the art NBA arena. That would just do I staple center in every conceivable at staples center is one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine two thousand and then on top of it, knocking down the forum. The Lakers fans version of the Boston garden. Where so many great memories happen there. This is rare case of the Coopers poem over the Lakers. The cannot be happy about this. Now I wouldn't think so
but you know it's it's a little bit like. If you left a show, if you are on first take bill was Stephen. I and then you left. Could you get mad about what this They did what the show after you left Brett Prob not you know so. Lakers France can be upset about the kind of history that in that building, but I'd imagine ninety percent Lakers France haven't thought about the form and forever. So it's kind of a flex not a weird flex, not an ok, we're flex its a bit of a flax, but it's a flat. That has more to do with his future than damaging the Lakers past, although they You'd do an old school, it should do a Lakers game in the forum is like a final send off or Make the final I'd be again be a clipper game in the form that it be like a bigger, fuck, you're right. I don't have it Peggy do that? What about your speed wagon to set you're gonna really like this email from Adam Adams, Herman
all right. What's inside out, a recent pack has been talking about Tom Brady, leaving in pointing out that part of the issue is that Brady has been so. Says one has had so few checks on his ideas. That clattered is Section, I. What was the right thing to do? There is actually, quite bit of writing on this topic, I would specifically recommend on grants, gray and strategy by John was goddess. The working This is why so many leaders seem to start making stupid decisions at the height of their power. The book gives to primary causes. One is that many people are, as for early due to them being innovative in some way, however, the more so as they have the more. They believe that their successes from that specific behaviour and not by the mindset innovative, the other that these leaders often started with their own hype and begin assuming age be successful just by showing up and not by the same considerations at work for them overtime people become more inflexible and reckless. Do you agree with this.
Yeah, I think most successful with your created, whether business or whatever it will take more or like what's Twitter, IRAN, it and then, when the ideas, if We are a rarity. A bag. Is now you really are, because you were right was completely ahead of its time and stood out away. Others didn't and then when people were like. What's twitter, IRAN, it and then, when the podcasting thing Darts, because I remember you know they used always due to me not always couple people it s being used to do this to me, I will go into Hey hey guys, like every decision kind of sucks. For me and they go. You know Bill Simmons to do. Talk, radio Billy Bill wants to do this every day that doesn't sound right, they said. The only person who wants to do is show with his you, as I read bill and I got a host. A radio Shawnee has been radio, I guess so.
Cool then obviously would never happen, but you are then write to the pod casting before anybody really was doing that and then you know you leave ESPN, you Spanish, are your company jollies all different things, Usually for our industry, you would be the guy, it wrote gray columns in sucked everything else, or would be the guy that was the podcast guy awesome and it's a dot start my own company and then you'd be a fuckin design, stir, because you are really creative, but you can delegate you can figure out how to run anything operationally. I do think more people are one idea, people than they are. Thy platform, I'm not saying it's impossible. Your example of it not being impossible, so Why won't you think you're always gonna, repeat your success when you ve done that one great thing like I read one of these upper books. I read a couple about him. Yes, you this thing and we can argue about what he stored in steel or how much results I d, but he's all sorts of flops and the fact that he can't figure out how to keep keepers thing even secure
So why am I still listen to you again cause your college, you pissed off about a girl. You kind of stole somebody else's idea in had better be coating of where's that would about Tom Brady. There. I forgot about part, that we want there to be long answer, I liked it Herbert stare at the Tom Brady. Do you think he said this point now yeah? I think article. I think, a lot of these guys when you are the guy for twenty years. I think lobby has a little of it and I think we talked about this. I think knowledge, coaches in small family found see a god. The crisper Chris Berman Corridor goes out, think about it today, Watchin Pats Falcons, which I had to watch users on Fox Brady coming. Compiling that off in the Reverend set. His even is teammates had for him. They came back when that Game Howard. There'll be normal after that they get you,
basically like a real life action hero in a movie. Here, like the Bruce well ass, it then die hard only you pulled it off and actual football game you'd defied ever single odd. That ever said, there's no way you can go back and he does it to win the most superboss of any Q beer anybody ever at that point. That's when you see when you got the resolute, but even some stuff he's doing on Twitter now about immunity. It's like this does teepee twelve. Does he think he has the way to fight the corona virus. Like I address, I can't tell from his tweets: what's he tried Do it the immunity stuff I'd rather just not comment, get it. Let's move What's the recommendation, just a little worried that you know I I I respect people that have faith and feel that a strong,
The man above can steer you in the right direction and help you down. Timezone, never criticised that. But when you tell pray the shit away. You lose me. Recommendations. Limburger sergeant, I have not done that power get tv show a tv show you recommend below deck. My only guilty pleasure reality show, I bet it below deck fan for years and Why? Because the fascination I have to show is that everybody that works on it, whether it's the chiefs, do, which is the main interior bill stew seconds. It was like her assistant, thirsty basic reason, Lodge room all time, then you have a chef, was kind of his own man its ever worked in restaurants, eighty five percent of Chester Fucking bad should crazy and have the person whose, like the lead of the deck and then the second and third in the captain, so they all on these luxury yachts? There are the most amazing places in the world,
And they all seem to be kind of annoyed that somebody else read it out the yacht for like thirty to fifty thousand dollars, and I now they actually have to work, and I go Do you realize that it's not your boat radio, that some it's kind of they have a new one. That's below deck yachting, which is much smaller vessel same none Crew, they ve added horny engineer to line up, which is a little different. I didn't expect that twist and there's not. Why, but to guitar players, which we ve never had before. And now you know I'm I'm halfway through it. Right now saw me I'm enjoying below deck great. I watched all american season to what did I get my that's why I should have had a ahead of me and then my wife and I caught up because we're all quarantined what the hell else are we going to do it it it Has kind of NATO to know in two thousand twenty twenty to it, it's a little. Bob Ray people in high school.
Everybody's way, too old to be playing their character. The weed characters like twenty. That is entering a senior highschool everyone's ten years too old, hey digs its it. Really stretching them here mean is closer in high school, no way I his is the coach and I It is just one more. You just think like what would then I'll be like in this road just liked hit the great actors and cause it's a real good role that he as in he's doing his best with it. But it's a it's a football Joe it's. I got It's a little bit of a rich kid show its. Definitely races huge part of the show the downtown allies. Of his great the first steps to cease to theirs. Behold Nitze hustle plot that gets worse and there's some gang stuff on there. It's all that
is really well handled like when the old shows like that attitude. I used to have like a gang episode. It was just do the most awkward hour of the year. They show they put real thought and carrots all that stuff I really like it. I didn't love the season, finale, and if I don't love fact that one of the characters coop as a whole, hip career. That is she's. Just not there get its very David sober ask, but for the most part, six hundred over yet sixteen episodes moves. I mean what's funny as now it does show took off after season one it was the seed Abbe show when I Netflix show took off, then it goes back to see that we have received in two and its cattle. People just wait for end up by Netflix, including my entire family finally shows up Netflix, and if you the trending thing TAT kings, one at all. There it is too and has been for the entire week. So it's get it's it's that that big of equipment- I would
I would recommend for you. I would be interested in your thoughts, maybe I'll check it out football, some football stuff. Often there there's there's a worker. I saw some I saw some of the route running and people were very critical. Like YO unite talk about that. That's just sports. Sultan guy on movie there we're gonna need we're ready to break off these right roots, a little crisper at the top. Welker guy who's, just that worker enough. They have you got a welcome. You gotta go away, get rocard actually to do What what book to have for us? Ok, America, King pan the epoch hunt for the criminal mastermind behind silk road. I don't really know much about silk road because another drug guy, but this whole of internet. I think beyond just the dark web and I did read about their involvement with Bitcoin, but this book
just came out and I can't wait to dig into a lot. I love kind of the new crimes stuff couple different lanes and amid with books right now, but I do I don't usually go fast like I started, and power through haven't started it yet, though, so not give you the full endorsement will will let you know how it goes. I just bought online. It's like the fifty year anniversary near magazine book that has other covers in story, Is it like an full and it's like a Jack coffee table book, but for some reason that's my next book What are its? I got that, do you read it or you just put in the garbage him I would actually read it cause. I it's got a bit stuff as soon after I believe you too. So that's good thinking on me me new movies, all movie now, Let's go new movie first summer finish without perfect platform on Netflix, it looks kind of life, a snow peer, sir, in jail with a table of food. I mean by this. Is this good I sought?
many five minutes of it. It's dubbed over with get a ride out the dubbing and then you'll be fine and it moves. It gets you in their fast. It's it's Predictably, weird, I feel So many guys have these ideas for things and they like. Well. How are you ending it, though I gotta say, ended it whenever I haven't made it all the way through. I don't even know if it's good, but it's so weird I'd like you like you- and I I view, recommendations and stuff I haven't completed, yet you're, not a watch platform this week and then regroup on this next week, as it might be awful, we tiger king or no yeah loved it. Bang it I'll get. What did you oh yeah? I have it out, one for twenty five thirty years. This is justified by will ass thy those. I remember that Paradise lost documentary with the step father, who mark buyers, took his teeth out yeah and it depended on the three Metallica kids and better.
It was clear the stepfather made a bed evolved and then read around the time. They became a suspect. He just said: take us teeth out. Remove surgically Zack. Without here now I'll, never know of those by It's a yours and their play. Mattel that was the first one of these, where it just took me is really weird part of the world's and each thing that happened was weirder than the next thing, and I am always in another. Thus as we were trying to figure out in this, might be a show on developing some nourishing about the idea. But ah, as we give, what we're gonna do right now, I don't know, maybe worthless Everybody having to be reviewed How did you handle it? cable, urine zone, one you handle You did the right thing, so maybe you outside and had a cigarette, your driveway, but that's, ok, like when it so you did what you worked at the Tiger king
is in Oklahoma and you went on spring break. You're right, but you in zones, sex, Then. Why are you so the tiger chewed Irma Fajitas back at work and five days supervisor out of it, the guy now, just just to make sure we go about it the right way. Yet my my favorite The whole thing. Is it Joe exotic? First grabbed his e m t J get? It then was on the scene so It will change into that jacket for the camera before that. I also think it's funny. The care of asking who was accused of killing her husband at big cat rescue, is experiencing the wrath of the internet in a way that she never understood like this, isn't just people who, like cat videos anymore. This is every eye out when Cardy, because you, a bitch on Twitter, like the game, just changed for you, so there a little taste of what it's like right now, which is proper, something they thought was in their past. Did you see the gym our say video, where he became Jim exotic when he sent it
I've seen your site that guy's unbelievable? He sang he sang a minute of Bob Seeger to Cherbourg up there in the corridor virus thing. It was phenomenon I love that I spoke out of deference given social media opposed to cheer. Everybody up did ya, got now you didn't see David get any was like drone shot of any sane yacht in this crisp. And somehow I an tat king at that was, it should have been five episodes several ambitious all of those who that way. Now do you agree with me that they all Manhattan that, unlike dude, you could have done this in three or four noticing, I watch twenty one your king, once it once show exotic, disappears. I'm pretty much ready to go with it an hour after that legacy They Joe Joe Exotic, he's the liberation of the documentary. It's just have to rally back. What's his wits,
even was anymore, but William shouted deaths per se. So we did new movie okay. So I really liked the way back. I gotta go on Amazon years. The average movie sports movie a little unconventional, but I had some issues that I can go into them about a month from now after, but he's seen it, I what really struck me is just how good a fuck is that I've been a fatass like for a long time. I've seen him a little bit and I dont know what his best performance in a movie was before this Adele's well, for me and you it's the town. I think it's gone gone. Girls are really smart performance, Where is the little matter, the way he cares about. For that movie the way he plays ever Asthma pike? I had always thought that was his best kind. A movie performance he's better in this
Some five years Is that so bad ones? Do I don't think it's improbable? he gets dominated at that. He was really a directing. I thought is really affecting really get it and its clearly crossing the beams of them. The character is playing and what is in real life, there's a lot of baggage. She brings to it that I think Brad Pitt could apply the sky and that's it but I think the baggage is really important, because I think it is it urges real life and the sports movie care. There in a way that is unusual and probably Shouldna worked, but I thought I worked really well and I I just thought it was a really well then move the guy did. It did warrior, which is a great I need a win win. I think they would win warriors, awesome unaware. An unbelievable gathered, oh god, or so damn all in my gavel caught her eye, I'm with you wanna, like I think, he's actually become
criminally underrated. Everybody has bad movies, but ah, Is he so good and gone girl? You know I so good and gone girl if you had read the book. If you didn't know anything about that movie, he so perfect at playing in between he did it. He didn't do it, he did it, he didn't do it. Just I think it's it's gonna like a musician who plays within the no she always had just railing awaits fast. You, Canada, guitar, trumpet all I cried off, but like finding a way to like playing between the music, and I don't know that about playing. I like music, but that's what Afflux is doing a growth industry look he's an ice, almost automatic me that I will check out when a his movies at this point. So I'm with you chasing me was the other one for him that I thought he was really get in there. As a member of a lot of flaws, but he's great them away. Odor vigour say anything
This is more than just a mean. Kids, it's probably the first romantic comedy that. Guys like universally you normally wouldn't like this kind of movie being you or I will. We were younger, you may watch it or whatever, but this one like was different. It was to is older than me when this movie came out, but it it just hit all these perfect. Of kind of his lost guy and this line alone. Each of you. Don't you look everybody that sees that the guy holding stereo up outside Peter Gabriel, music. That's actually, The funny mean it's one of the best movies of that of that time, because it's funny it's dramatic, it's it's sad. It's a relationship, Jussac, so good back. Then any sitting there he's dating this daughter, eddies at dinner with the father and
She sex, character, Lloyd, says a career. I thought about this kind of bit, sir and ass considering what's waiting out there for me, I don't want to sell anything bathing or process anything is a career. I dont want to sell anything bar processed or by it. Solar, processed or repair anything sold, bought or processed as a career. I do want to do that. My father's in the army. He wants me to join, but I can't work for that corporation sort of doing lately is kickboxing, which is new. Sport is forest. Germany, I don't really know. I can't figure out tonight, Sir somebody's gonna hear your daughter, this fuckin, brilliant, writing, brilliant and. I'm a little more successful, bowed and Lloyd was, but that spoke to me that it still speaks to me now so again, check that out of your younger dude right now. It's good date movie too, when your logic those get. It's an exile mermaids. Thirty, one years old, it's camera crew. I'd I loved.
His crazy friend, who so obsessed with the boy friend had done their job. She sings the Joe lies. July, because we really get ending good, John Marconi too. I think that was fed. You know, everyone knows him from Frazier, but that was I was from that movie in reality. Bites is likely to jam honeymoon summit on us for my old movie my son loves these eighties movies, like he loved. He was so fired up where they cried a kid. He I'm here. You can't buy me love tat. Was Goodbye lower than that, I would get a remarkable. I would you have a lot of I would have to get America's thoughts on how we could do that cause. I've. I've good ass, any man seen stories from when she spent a summer Burlington No wonder I would allow, unfortunately yeah enforcing so I can't buy me, love wait. I guess I could just do that. One boat was so we
we ve been kind of ploughing through the eighties and it's funny they're, not different than the movies that, like Netflix, makes thou like the two other boys. I love before. It's all the same blueprint that was created the eighties so he was talking. I was telling him he asked who won the movie when we did. The reward was for trying to kid- and I said Inga JANET the guy put Johnny Lawrence, we decided one, the movie anything yeah Johnny Lawrence he's I go. Did you give it to him cause he's there render the movie as it now. He actually was it too movies. Where he's like a dick, including just one of the guys, which is a classic. What's that so we watch it and sad or man. One of the guys it's out Amazon if the rent it it's incredible and in fact, I know we talked about it. A tiny bit on the re was. I have no idea why the Karate Kid Teen Wolf Breakfast Club, a couple of these,
lived on and just for her, the guys like died, but it is in leave a borri watch that their sexism minute, that little brother was the that store. The show for my son, you just could not eat. Little brother absolutely slate and played by village Cobby. Now Jack and to talk about him all the time relating what happened now, just like What why was the Billy Jacoby? One of the biggest stars coming out of the 80s will never have an answer. I don't know, but he's great in this movie and then Joyce Hyser, who dated bring state and war in baby in real life, according the Wikipedia search added for Sesar. Her one starring role and she's great at two, but it's it's an old aid is worried that I promise, if you watch it, you'll get a kick out of for some way, there's no way one hold your attention just one of the guys. I need to watch it again. It has been a while myself as well it's great well
you're in the pitch black now on honour on our feet. So that means it's time to go, we're Scylla. We could hear the ninety ninety eight redraft on your feed this week with at least one other pack ass in the ninety seven redraft will be on the book, a basque backpacker, so where at least gone through too and then I think, pray probably like to private two thousand three and then we'll say if we keep going after that stay say good to see you and talk to you. As always, and I will talk to next sunday- yeah you to say they'll family. Every out there thanks. Roma are thanks to zip code or thanks Resale out, don't forget will be putting up some of these redraft exclusively on the book. A basketball pact CASA subscribe there. Ninety eight will be on Rosillo speed as well, and we're going to keep having fun with this gimmick cuz. What the hell else are we going to talk about?
in that sense we watch was come to night with Shea Sir ATO and myself fast in furious. Seven enjoy the rest day. Stay away from people take care of yourself. That way.
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