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The 2019 NBA Free Agency Preview Extravaganza with Ryen Russillo: Kawhi, Butler, Kemba, Lakers, and more! | The Bill Simmons Podcast


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss how Kemba Walker would fit into the Celtics' roster, the Hornets' salary mess, Kawhi Leonard as the most confusing free agent in recent NBA history, how Kevin Durant's next decision could play out, whether or not "tampering" is a real thing anymore, more Lakers trades, the Rockets focusing on Jimmy Butler, teams in the West that are one move away from being contenders, sleeper free agents, mailbag questions, and more!

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I was so as there are right now in Boston, ass, she said to herself, in LOS Angeles, uses the wage rally yet coastal cursed. I'm here you could feel the excitement for Campbell Locker, there's no Campbell Walker. South exteriors is yet, but if there were people be walking around with them, reseller does this happen were taken this Thursday, two o Clock EAST Coast time. Do you believe this woes report ladder ports actually Cabot's insult yeah, really do, and I think the first sign,
was just this. This overrule warming confidence, which can be very misleading, misleading. Any remember. We got overwhelming confidence setting when the south side of their ability to resign inquiry at times, but that this was all about the Baines bees moving that out that this is all about lining up to grab another guy, in that this wasn't gonna, be a rebuild and reset they wanted to add somebody big and it would be, would actually be really surprising that it can, weren't you got so that's my answer. If you remember, would you rather go to Boston or Dallas man? It feels like the two guys for Dallas have bigger star potential right now then say: what are we talking Tatum in Brown, Yan and Marcus in whatever that Memphis Pickens are being in whatever else. He ain't, gonna Anna Good Organisation. But don't you also feel like, despite this Celtics thing, the piling on his actually lead to pay. Basically, people like
clearly underwriting how good the Celtic should still be yeah? I agree we ve if their basic areas, the sun cast his out your basically trading Orford for Campbell Walker and then the question becomes. Can you patched together horrified stats, you're, not gonna patch, Rather, what brings the table on defence? You're not gonna, patched together is leadership. The hundred twenty Plath games he's been in all that stuff, but could you could you patched together is numbers with two or three guys and at least have a shadow of a decent five and I think they could cause, they would have the four point: eight million exemption theirs by our guys, there's all kinds of stuff. So it is conceivable Mean Kevin Oconnor, floated out man seat. I feel bad cause. He's private use, propaganda, use a son, a pike, s care, see, shouts, cares
He D floated out our ambitious lack. Would it make sense for them the trade jail and Brown for Sir Bonus on the passers or whether whether there was some framework of a deal? Could you then, what we have is that a better team are worse thing. I'd actually rather keep jailer brown, but could they use jail in Brown as a chest? Peace to try to get a centre from another team? Could that be maybe Portland? I still feel like Portland as a trade in them could jail and Brown be the next piece to this? I personally think they were just signed Campbell patched together. The fight and see what they have and then decide December January February. What are they? What what they're gonna do? What do you think they would do really think they would. They would try to find a way to maximize what jail and Brown and Tatum are gonna, be cause. I get the sense that they really want to see what those guys are like now away from Cairo. Yeah do whether it's scary being ball dominant, were at times like this still goes on. Going debate of you they better worse, I know it's a record was was out without Tiree, but even though I don't love the Cairo thing
on enjoyable this year. I still think it's a little ridiculous that you go. They were there. Finally, another team without em, but there is a real it's it's not the numbers. There there's a real thing: was lingering all year. Long were Cairo thought he was this old soul and the way he looked at the world in the way that kind of permeated throughout the locker and then he started realizing causing areas like disguise, just a weirdo Yan, and we don't like fuck off man. Hence I re sense that and then he mad that the young dudes didn't respect him as much, and I am not even talking about efficiency in true shooting percentage Hester. I I just think that is going, be. This thing were the two wings now are just in a better place, whether its basketball fit isolation, opportunities or just actually liking short to work. Every day.
I was researching, combine, carrying and and stumbled up cross the Cairo quote after cumbered towards the South X in March, when he had the eighteen points. In the last eight minutes, inquiry said we should have been. We tracked him a little bit more like every other two years in the week, but we didn't he torches as every time we play them. It's no surprise. It got me more exciting for Cambodia, south eggs, it also reminded, how miserable the Cairo season was, because he did shit like that like if we, if we did this pike ass, an right afterwards, you said look I wanted to talk about the decks like every other part cast. But build didn't want to, but that's his prerogative, I'd like what the fuck did. You say that we would. We angrily texting each other and Perry did that. Should all the time- and I just think, removing that I'm with you- I I personally would like to see
and taken together as kind of the fulcrum of the team along with combat the closer, and I think you know it Campos, one of those guys. I sent you substantial Dame carrying Cumber and Campbell, you would always have said, was the third best off and software those three, but I think what interesting is he's. Eighty five to ninety percent, where those other guys are statistically not playing Teams that were is good, and I was wondering when I look at stats. So so you look like
like Dame Lillard, was twenty six and one slash two six and five. Basically Kyrie was twenty four and one slash two six and four and Campbell is two hundred and forty six and for the last three years and the percentages for Kyrie were better than the percentages for Dame shooting was like he shot. Basically, forty eight percent from the field. Forty percent from three Campbell is forty four percent from the field. Thirty eight percent for three, but you figure when you're in a bad team. Nobody ever seems to mention this. You end up taking too bad shots a game because you have to bail out your team in the last five seconds of a shot clock. I think it's so much easier to be Steph, curry, and you know I love Steph, curry on a really good team, where you're, basically taking the best version.
The shots you want to make versus the guy who was just constantly screwed, because you know Cody Zeller was supposed to post up his guy with a seconds left and couldn't figure out what to do and threw it back to come by now. Has four seconds left to do something? Is there a possibility that, with Stevens and with you know of a better offense and and some more, some more things like that. Couldn't you see canvas that's going up, or am I to being too optimistic? It may not be the wrong numbers that were used to and points because when you watch them this year, it was ridiculous like the fact that there are still compete. In fighting the way they were at the end of the season and and the Lamb was their second best score, and there are other I made the tomb- was terrible bridges really struggled at times. Microchip Gilchrist is is not an often supply they, they didn't. Have anybody else.
Really other than Lamb in some moments where you felt Gabelle Walker out? So I do think that there is some truth in this, but now I'm afraid the stardust podcast we ve gone too far and, like I said when put him against Toronto with why I'm not gonna May had officially and not Putnam ahead in of Milwaukee. I still need to see what happens you're with Brooklyn, So, even though, like we're looking at this Boston thing and I'm agreeing with the staff thing here. Where are your right and when you have to take all the bad shouts, is probably more than two bad shots again anyway carrier for especially on that Charlotte team. Specifically right has there wasn't even another dude that that was always the Isaiah thing at in Boston that I've? U like nobody paid attention to, and I repeat it, the time, but the reason he had those numbers is not only was everything set up form, but nobody else even cared gave you sadly, was the second most aggressive offensive player. That's ridiculous right so with
someone like member. There was even another guy that that would just gonna go hey, that's a bad shadow, that's a bad shot. It was just an uncharted work. You off the durable and I want to figure out a way if I can get you and then in a lot of times to it. I think chaos, in a really good job. With this, like looking at his spot of shooting numbers off the ball, I got something that gets you excited because I'd love he Gordon Heyward back in a role that we saw with him at the end of his Utah run, where he was this incredible play, making big in six seven six eight, but with the Bonn his hands made, really good decisions. So you know even if they say they had gone Vukovich instead of timber and am also going to give your guy I'm sharks rights, sharks give him a lot of credit. Has he broke down kind of the camera? I'm sure he read it, but the Campbell Vous civic thing, where our horror from those really that the thing that made this thing go because he's this big who takes threes at a really good rate can pass and also defends which route isn't gonna be able do, but it was kind of funny how we
arguing arguing more than celtics want to use of it more than a camera. So, like I like the Campbell thing, I think it's a relief that you know he's he's gonna be somebody comes in and is the out the opposite personality of of what Cairo was. But I still don't know that, like I'm ready until see Tatum gotta get back. There was two years ago or jail in two years ago, on the other we finished really well, and without a centre, a guy's doesn't even know. If I put him in the top for the east, is that fifty out, I would have them what say they get Campbell and lets say they figure out whatever, with the four point. Eight they get Russia homes and you know really call whenever I love regimes yeah. So it's aforesaid and insanity neck that when win the title, I think what's what's funny about, it is you're in the max you now
put a nucleus together. That's one guy or one move away from really becoming interesting and most important. It's a really fun team, Kemba Walker. Who again, I I think it's probably third, if you're going to go just talent, wise, Dame Kyrie and Kemba is, by all accounts, a beloved teammate and somebody who bust his ass and really gives a shit and just cares about TNT. That's it like, given his usage rate, was lower than the Dame inquiry, the last three years, that seems very assubel. That's probably know whom there's probably a little Khartoum hang over on that one. But I can't even imagine where, with the reason as I would have thought, his usage rate would have been like thirty, seven NOS twenty nine. But you have that and then your basically you putting the cards on the Jason Tatum Table and the Gordon Heyward Table and you're hoping.
That the flashes that Heyward showed especially that last month of the season when they are running stuff, threw him as a point forward and his play make ability and in his unselfishness end, if you put that you take them every piece away: cuz they clearly had issues not just playing together, but I really do feel like he had some like PTSD with Kyrie cuz of the Alley OOP and some other shit. You take that away, and you hate you, you add like a health. More confident play making Heyward and then the biggest biggest ex factors Tatum it would. Is he next year's you gotta be a guy that goes to the line as it is: they're gonna bees add stuff to his game that is commensurate with the talent that he seems to have or is gonna to be the same guy. We wax last year whose Jack rabbit shots, who
it's kind of a black hole who plays hard but doesn't seem like its life or death. Frahm, sometimes is what what happens with him is almost more important than any this stuff, because that that's the ceiling for them is. If he becomes an actual star, then we can start talking about them as a top forward. Anything absolutely and right now. If it doesn't happen this year than it's gonna go wild, I was that was really misleading. It ought to be that young to be doing it even though I still think that playoff run is a little overrated years ago. You know what date did that allows you to think. Like a dino, just a bucket away for playing for a title,
yeah, but you know I just always be like that thing becomes in hindsight like really overrated, but he the way he play and you just sit at you like I don't know I could pull up here and a second except maybe I should have thought of this, but I always fellow he was more like some of his vision, stuff that he showed me as as a rookie on my oh, my gosh. I guess he drives and help comes and then he'll find somebody to kick it out to like forget it. This guy's gonna be incredible and then you go is taking long two's cause he's pissed inquiry were hey. What do you think you're gonna do this now and promote I'm cold? which was the best part of the whole thing, but I still blame cubby Rhine we'd, but we both play basketball. May let's go there. We do about play basketball job. I do think I've, been to how the rest of your team is playing and if in, if it's a black holes, Duration, Anita ship, Marcus Morris's in inquiries in when the boss links to me,
gotta shooter and see it again. That does happen. That's a realistic thing we saw from two years before it was less of a black hole situate but it did seem to be a little more unselfishness. Then what we saw last year and I think the entry the thing to me with. If you had Cambrian Heyward in jail and Brown and Tatum is, I do think there would be an unselfishness, especially if you put the fifth guy in their whose just wants to set picks and rebound. And stay away and not care about if he touches by its deadly marketing team. I think that the big take away for me is this was going from a situation where you go wow. This ended abruptly. The window is now closed, they now have to rebuild and recall, and there now has to be a three to four year plan in place to try to get back to contention. You bring, can ban forty seven. Fifty winds becomes realistic again and then more importantly, you're one piece away again, and they
that Memphis pick Memphis Trade, kindly Memphis, is now rebuilding around merits and an Jackson, and it's just unrealistic that they're going to be a plastic next year at the top five protected pick that might be six seven pig or am I roll over? They make added a year later and then the protections or even even worse, for Memphis. So that is there one big trade, ship and lengthy, I think, is a trade ship choose nineteen. He was the fifth highest ranking ice cooler year ago and if they wanted to package Lang Furred and that Memphis pick an smarts contractor way whatever I think they could potentially get something. My point is they're alive again. If this kinda thing happens now, if it doesn't happen, I think would be devastating because it they there are no signs of life with the Celtics future and of Dallas came.
In Paul them away, thou be bad. Are you surprised, Charlotte, didn't go Elinor at the five years to twenty one, no, not of the five years to twenty one, but I felt when Campbell Link in an unprecedented admission of let's make it work where he goes. I don't need the five years to twenty one we want that doesn't happen. I can be so. I go or cable that that just means that shower licking say they would have to pay you this, and this is kind of the whole point of my like everybody thinks a supermax is stupid or what's wrong or its not working the right way, and I don't know it just works differently for different people depending on their decisions, are what's what support them and I still thought they could do a five year version of it where it's like we're not giving you that, but we'll do the other big one. But then does that mean now he's been disrespected or does Jordan look at it going and I was reading a lot of the stuff last night and you know I know people can look at Jordan's. This guy's terrible owner has changed over what's the plan here, you don't have one scout. That said
when I heard Charlotte, was connected the really how chimera, who ended up, not even being there when they wanted him, and I was like a you'd die, they directing Charlotte I've heard wants and, like all that makes sense. Another doing just worthwhile. Ok, Seattle, these things up like could, could anyone argue with Jordan by going because they have so many high salary guys their sorry sheets, ridiculous, fourteen that even in the playoffs. And you're gonna be a luxury taxpaying team and we not be like at weren't. If I sign Campbell were luxury tax team likely and I'm not even a locked to be in the top of the east was the point, so I would say here's the point I buy go back and forth. I think, last week I thought didn't of? But I really think it about it, and I made a list. I know you hate less of it place? I've Elysium area, though I have you ever list for you. Let us go go forever. I just made a list of black eyed who are the best rivers?
already personally right now, not a trade by less, but just like I like that who are the best forty like if I'd just starting next season,. What forty guys, what I wanna have Canvas Abbe sand. That list is in the top twenty. She is somewhere between. Eighteen and twenty two dependent I'd feel, but for them you just losing that ass, that you're getting nothing for it. If you signed him for like five years, one hundred and eighty five, something like that man, that's high, all my God went to luxury tax. I still think you could flip that, because you know December January February, I still feel like that's an asset, that you could turn into more that's, maybe you could a cup of a contractor to out whatever we wanted to do. I would almost want assigned him just as the asset, not even thinking law.
Time we're gonna wanna title with this guy and I think I think it's a mistake to let him go and I and you know I guess I don't understand the point of having a team. If you're not gonna, go in a luxury tax once then, maybe you should solve it. There's lots of rich guys that want to buy an MBA team right now and if the lecture taxes that scared EU that you just like, I fuck it about good luck Amber. Maybe you should know that if you had a better track record, I would probably disagree with stronger. You know and yet like to think about what George been able to do. I mean this: isn't a guy who's invested in a bunch of dot com? Stuff is worried about making payroll, but in No I'd loved another finances of what he actually had to put down is, I think, NBA. The NBA League itself wanted him to be
and there is an owner really badly like. Like some of these deals, I think you would agree with this because I think you know the ownership stuff better, the lot of people out there and it certainly have about ceiling, but still just pick people he liked. So you get the team, you don't know yet what, if a bit more younger. You get it. The NBA has, I think you know, the years like made sure that everybody was on the same page with who they bring in, I in the other, twenty nine guys want that gotta be there, and I in Jordan is definitely somebody wanted in ownership. But I I don't I was- it was horrible. I was going through it on looking at all the terrible contracts they ve done, with zero fall and to have him go women. You really think I'm supposed to sit here in an do this in and pay the luxury tax, but you write like at thirty two years now. Would they will flippin in some kind of ass? It sure
but other times I've always felt that way like when it landed in the Joe Johnson. Oh my god, you just keep the asset and you go or you don't pay Joe Johnson, that much so I'd love to know what the final demand was from campus side and if they were just a will only match. What's the most, you can get from everybody else, then that's where a player can start going. Okay, well now, I'm being disrespected and by the way, we're not even that good. So I'll go up to Boston and try to get the browser. I think Charlotte salary mess is both worse than were. Making it had, but also better because if they signed in setting started him at thirty three, and gave him like a hundred and eighty four five wherever there be a luxury texting, but there's also light at the end of the tunnel, because Kid Gilchrist thirteen million this is the last year. That Marvin Lambs fifteen million that's the last year that beyond bows seventeen million- that's the last year that so their wiping almost fifty million off the books after this season, so they would not be alone.
Tax team the year after and then in the two thousand twenty season? That's when they would also lose, but two at Cadiz, our for another forty two. So they would really take the head for this one season, and I guess the question is: if I'm, if I'm in Charlotte and Michael Jordan, is it worth it to take the had once? Obviously they thought? No, that's that that, but if I M a Hornets Van on my colleague shit really, so you can pay luxury tax one time and we're just gonna lose this guy. That's it! I get to watch him on Boston, make it seem in the class and the other thing with with the South Ex getting cumber. He somebody, that's, never really had a taste. You know what I like, those guys, those late twenties guys who ve never really dead. You know it have not been in that that may player
camera on a Wednesday night, you know the eight o clock start time in its game. Five of round to and use your chest with conference files. I love those guys. Those are the guys that are going a hundred and forty nine in our trying to do everything they possibly can and at such a contrast from where they were with Korea. In that book series last year, which I keep coming back to, but it was traumatized to watch how little he carried in their boxers. You know I think they just want to get away from that. More than anything give us guys you care. I told you that any I had a pull up the beginning, the weak city, who would be better on the Celtics Campbell Tiree Esterhazy Classic it, but it was ninety six per cent Campbell, the love affair for timber in this city. It's not even to be about the fat but he's Campbell or that he was it. You car had a magical rod or that is good. It's going to be. Such a celebration of the Anti Tiree that it's gonna get weird, I ain't gonna, be your body whose
about a girl and you like look, I get you like her and she alien there may have been laugh, but they know you understand the other once used to get drunk at Braun. She assaulted a waitress how she like she was stick with my brother or like you, don't you don't understand how bad it got me like? Oh wow, that's why cliff is so happy yeah. I didn't. I didn't really get it before the it's gonna. Be there because it, the Cairo things, gonna get so nasty, because there's gonna be some articles that come out. We already talked about such as new to rehash at all, but it's going to be not just as celebration of of Campbell. It's going to be a celebration that he's not Irene? It's gonna be really funny in the beginning. I think Canada will never be the best kind of finals team or even now, It even be what lowered was the best guy in a conference fires team? I'm not sure. I think there s a team have to be really get what he can be as the second best guy in a really gets him, and God, no one. In the light of the first right I mean Brad.
But if he's your one b, year and really good shape in it? And that goes back to the Tatum thing, which the Tatum thing is the single most important thing: Boston Ass, going on that legate vs ship everything way can Tatum get. There is the number one question with the Celts and the thing that they think about all the time, and you know the ceiling of this team. They made that Brooklyn Trade and guess what the assets laughed are. Basically, jail and Brown and Jason Tatum and Jason Tatum has a punch your chance of being a top ten guy. I don't think he's gonna get there. He certainly took a step back last year, but at least in the mix. I have a couple more topics for real quick died. Looked up. Tatum stuff here to the fact that he had a fifteen p r back to back years, isn't a great sign the true shooting gets it. I went down. Desist rate went up a bit rebounding a bit, but
you know just some of the other metrics, like wine, shares all the stuff like to drop off the way he did in that second year we play the same number minutes in the usage rate, went up just a little bit. He be better show it this year or he's gonna. Be that guy that you go memory, thought Tatum was like one of the best trade ships in the NBA and its fair to have thought that way. His is the year year, but I've. I've always said that if you're gonna be really special exile and if he's gonna be truly special, we're gonna see glimpses of it this year and it'll be confirmed in a second ear it they usually doesn't. You know why the other guys, those those are those are anomalies. So if Tatum has another lack lustre year, that's probably who is gonna being so you're right. We ve talked about this before so I'm just say quickly, but the free, the free throw attempts to me are if, if he's gotta be in the seven eight in the he's asked if it, because otherwise he's just check up twenty because in threes,
I just thought I think, there's a lot of guys in the way that can do that. Let's take a quick breakin, then I want to throw some free agency take always EU aid summertime. That means it's time to get outside enjoy the weather was some crisp, refreshing, bud lights, but light has the perfect summer line up with, but Thy Lyman Bud Light Orange, both brood with real citrus peels, oh yeah, new and in just in time, for the summer's but light lemon t brood or throw them deals, and tea leaves Seattle drink for the summer. It's only here for a limited time, get it before it's gone. To really get you in the summer spirit, Bud light, giving everyone the chance to win the getaway of a lifetime. You can win two tickets aboard a vip cruise to the Bahamas this summer, featuring a live performance by Jake Owen and, of course, plenty of bud light for chance.
Simply poster, but light summertime photos using the hashtag hashtag real enough to get away and hashtag, but they contest on Facebook and Instagram see, but later com slash real enough to get away for more details. So it is now two thirty five. These costs time through we have fridge to coming up. I miss you to sing a second, I'm, not prepped you with this, but it's sometimes it's more fun, not to prep you, two thousand and nineteen free agency takeaways before free agency even begins of eight takeaways. We haven't even had four digit number one. This is in your wheelhouse. You suggested this Kauai is the most confusing free agent we've had in recent NBA history. Not seen somebody heading toward July, first leaving more teams confused reading tea leaves asking friends of friends of friends at Ebay.
Fairer friends of teammates, eight, the all time, fridge neighbour, I think we ve ever had. Would it? What do you think grinned agree more? I did a thing on this with ample after the draftsman I was back in Bristol do in sport centre and I talk to you know: teams that, like all the teams caps base, hoped to get an odd with him and one assistant GMO saw, can do I go here? What do you think we already hearing it goes down? I don't don't ask questions about guy. Why don't don't ask them because it there's there's no there's no inner circle There's a, and these were his words. It was. It was fastening the eighty just kept going on and on he does you go round trail. You think it's gonna led somewhere some kind, a hint the trail goes dry. It doesn't happen. You ask your phone number now that one doesn't work like what's up what's up with you like is it? Is it is uncle, and then he goes. The uncle takes all this. He, the uncles, actually like a really he's a really educated guy and in this is somebody who's, it'll, trained and financing, but he's just not going to talk to a million different people, because there's no like barber shop, where you can
and out like how? He really feels you know? A? U connection, you guys, San Antonio still, don't really know who this guy was and dont really under. What the hell happened. He goes out, works out, San, Diego He let me just shows up works out leaves like it was so incredible, and then you start talking to teams over over again and bill. It's the same thing in that the message was at least from the guys, like I appreciated tee he's telling me that they knew they didn't know it all warning me. Don't list does somebody that starts telling you that they know because there there isn't there isn't action, still where he's leaning like there are, every other player and other other place kept secret. So bronze been good within the past. Iran's trying to do right now this whole thing, but there still leans there still ways this could possibly go with quiets. Unlike anything that I've ever seen and there's a lot of teams feel the same way. So, yes,
we really from all we can tell it's. Basically just uncle Dennis, it doesn't seem like the really seems right. That's the extent of the inner circle. These other guys, like. When the was coming to the Lakers, everybody knew a four year. There are so many tat Lebron tentacles and it was impossible for people not to and out not to mention he bought the real estate, the cool thing? It's basically trying to good Dennis who says nothing in and only talk to basically to people and then the fact that so I bought a house San Diego, which may mean nothing or everything other than that, like I'm amazed by how the his teammates don't seem to even have any feel for a new way they talk about him is he could even see it at the parade but they're on eggshells because they can't figure about you know he he wore their board ban shirt at the parade in and he did the fake Hawaii laugh and they react to that.
Oh, my God were sharing this moment with this guy. We you know, I can't remember it and be a poor like this. We ve had enigmas like I don't they cocky was. You know, really a complicated guide on think people sitting there trying to figure out who came uses his quiet guy. There, but his ass. I dont they. People totally knew what he was thinking at all times, but even I came, I felt like some Bailey Kenny Smith Vernon MAX what those guys had a feel for him. I do know if anyone has a chauffeur, Why and I'm with you, I like anything, he does on June thirtieth drivers whenever the date is is picked, I'm just prepared for anything like it. If he said you know what I just have always want to be a Laker I've never told anybody. I'm gonna take a little less programme.
Davis I wouldn't be shocked. Would you that one would actually shocked me? I know where they re. I know I know I'm breaking the ruler, you said, but it, but it's always felt like Camp Leubronn is kind of known. That quite isn't exactly want to sign up for that. Ok, that's a lease how they feel right like a yell. Is when all this highly would again sense. Yeah yeah, I think, but you know they- they ve been wrong about stuff to write in owe it to mean everybody's wrong about stuff around them, a gay. We think this is gonna happen. Significant impasse we happen has gone back even a year ago. When the Lakers were I don't how close they were in others always been. This thought that if Ingram were included than they would have gotten a deal done last year for the spurs there's other gamut thinking no way Popovich's ever was ever trading quite Lakers cause. You know he doesn't
on an east of all those member, one look pop was doing like that. That stretch their where he was complementing Leubronn. It felt like every hour yeah when, when San Antonio was was open, a kind of potentially being the mix from abroad. So you have twice: it happened to be a lake cheer, dear bigger point, yeah there's really anything it's going surprised because we just don't know, we don't know that much about his teammates and how they interact or how to react to them is such a great point to bring up, but I think it would probably surprise the La Braun guys a little. If, if go, I sell you actually, I do want to just be a laker here and like, like, I said before, to can you imagine being why Can you have anything left approve like what's the biggest thing about this motivation? It's not a ring. You ve just done it twice and evolved this star. Maybe the best play a game in a way that we ve never really seen before. That's another thing like how unlikely is he, as the best play a view
we're sitting here, saying he's the best learning MBA best by world it may have been derived ran, stay healthy, Lithuania was gone, Let's say for everything: that's happened, the results are this collided best player in the world? Have we ever had and as an unlikely number one player in the NBA is quite it's pretty crazy. We even when I made that top forty list, which I made in five seconds. I was surprised how easily I took away the one spot as they were like. How can you not put him in the one spot? He just said one of the best plan. Friends we ve ever seen and he's the best to airport in the league and he's only twenty seven about to be twenty eight unless their stuff going with his leg that we don't know about. I dont see with the ran out of here wage in. It's: either Henrietta us for that top spot, by the way. If there is something going on his leg, can you imagine whereby the way still not healthy. I mean I don't know that I believe how we he have played this well, but anyway, weather
who's gonna, ask you this. I would say his free agent possibilities are the clippers. I'm gonna throw the Philadelphia seventy six hours in there. Just for now, the Toronto and is there were any other team you thrown would say the next just for fun, shouldn't giggles. Would you want to see his medical's before you made him before your MAX offer wages wing it. Ah I will I mean, of course, you'd want to see them right. What, if you're fairly? and he says, we're gonna get that says board man wants to sign with Phil. I can't see Medical's just you get that text just yesterday. Right now. Would you do how closer to being fired as a gm where out bread, so you're close?
now I just get the gig. I just I brown eyes Year year, who you the hairs Butler thing: you're close. Just somebody's gonna leak that I said yes to that contract if if it goes wrong, so I can't I can't say yesterday the villages Euro Reseller did Kennedy, sent him a text, saying hey for you MAX can't from boys and girls. Priscilla did an all caps done with a smiley face amount, your boy. Hey? What's four year backs yes or no. Ok, but based on what I just saw, why would you want to give him. The Amis Durant's gonna get a for your max these blue as Achilles. What three years older you know, there's a there's, a worse contract to give out there, but I don't know that I could put myself in that situation booed you ok,. Would you agree that their been things there? It's guys it we ve heard about over the years there were like oh yeah, hey by the way the word on the street is selling so's foot is shot, and
Yes, it is that I hear how do I that's that's. Usually that intelligence is correct, but we heard Thou Baker fence need two thousand fifteen and sixteen, yet his knees are never gonna, be the same guess. What is this by the same like. Usually, these guys are right when you hear that stuff yeah! Well, I do not feel it. There's been a couple that I've heard were well I don't really know that. I want to say what they are yeah, they were wrong. So let us leave it at that, There is a higher profile players that you know over the course of just talking in a year or your about. You know so, and so, like we heard a doctor said this guy, you know they would even clearer physically and then the Gaza made like three all started since that current needs. I remember brain him right last decade, real having good and tell him that one and an people saying like let that guy's gonna be great, but he could be, I believe, like five six years, like rarely yeah he's gonna, be out a lick like adequately yeah he's attitude in five or six year cycle.
Do you think, like with knees- and you know like repeated stress fractures and feet and stuff like that Why injury I gotta say I stood on totally interstate theater. Was it's it's weird? Whenever they describe it and talk about it, I can use like did he re aggravated last year. Boardman hasn't told us, so I don't know I don't know he is it sure looked like, especially in the post title celebration. Rachel Nicholls posted there weren't they. She was talking allowing quite came over the trophy and he was kind of malaria, be. You must have seen that clear. Braves, like a minute cry, was limping anyway. It was like a limp, like you know, like a per now
old guy limp, like like his body, had merely barely made it through the final. So I don't know I I would, I would tend towards wanted to see the medical's, but if Uncle Dennis put a gun to my head, I think our just fourth probably do it get fired. I'm not excluded breaking fit but watched I gotta see this lent footage. I got out of hand it to you after it's it's on there. It sees his deadly, it's a full live, but he did play twenty three play off games and went from. You know this load management season. Were there really care for them to feed the especially the last two rounds whose plan hurt? I have no idea how to I think, plays out if I had to bet right now we're heading into the weekend. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I would say five thousand five hundred and forty five forty five would be the clippers I've been thinking was going to go to the clippers this whole time
five coopers, fifty five. He does a one in one with to rattle and keeps his options open, because he would be the number one frigid next year too. So that's my prediction, which is that really protection, but out of fifty five forty five. What would you do. I'm gonna go fifty five, forty five, the other way, ok, clippers and then, Ronald thank, as is the Toronto one. On one thing, the first time it was presented as an option like all yeah, hey, ok, yet that makes sense gets. The two more years wants to do is to sort of control this whole thing. But what, if he's injured, does. He really wanna do one one and I still No, how injury really is like? I think it get her in the supply offer on, and there are so many more for everything was on him offensively, but actually think that Toronto show great scoring gap more so against gold stay than they did
and some of the other rounds, so it wasn't like he was constantly having to do it. You made a great point during the finals were watching him and you ok watch him at minute three or or of this quarter where he decides. Ok, now, maybe really really aggressive and do it any. I just his own maintenance throughout a game. Is that the way some that's do it or is that because there's something its hindering him from going that hard for an eight administration. Of course you know so. If, if all of these like say this thing, I gotta just get off his injury thing here, but. If he's really in Toronto, when he just do a longer term deal in Toronto, so of people that are safe
could do a one one another. They gets based on any information from him after everything, we just said it how hard it is to gather information on big if there's any hesitancy wise, even staying in IRAN in the first place. So that's why I'm fifty five yellowish amateur foot that backing the San Antonio eventually gave up and traded and because they were so one hundred thousand percent, convinced that he was gonna panella with the sex contract negotiators now has a really good experience. But if he is abstaining in Toronto, then I think retroactively. We have to go back and really wonder what the fuck happened in San Antonio because I still havent heard the whole story. I've heard pieces of the story, I know chunks of it, but it feels like something deeper was going on there for him to leave that situation. Unless cite the whole
pop so great San Antonio, so great at so wonderful unless that's all media bullshit- and we don't know the real story with what goes on there, then maybe that's part of it. Maybe pops not as great as we all seem to think. I don't know. I don't know what to think Dobbins a tough one for me to go down that road. When all the other guys into love pop and there's always very look. There's always guys at roles. Rubella checks, camp, the guys and for me this whole patriots way. It is mainly in widening, like I'm, not I'm, not feeling yes, but when, when you look at where possible, which is done- I don't know- I mean that would be weird them. That's always there. What about the choir thing, it's always so amazing is that we're looking at NBA world of described superstar, and then it was just like you know who gets it though Hawaii never do this July and then in just a tornado, blowtorch approach to it all is like I'm not even playing for you guys. I come out and you know it's really incredible, though
a big part of what was driving him was, if you believe, the written reports and spoken reports that huh just felt like no matter how well he didn't in San Antonio, he was going to be an optimist, and a lot of that came from that two thousand and seventeen season where it was him verse, Westbrook, first harden for the Mvp and collided win. Enough, the feeling coming out of that allegedly was. I am just never going to be a big deal if I play here, and I need to bigger market- and you really did see, might that was one of things that drove him from leaving San Antonio? Now you fast forward to right now He really is one of the most interesting guys. The key is a house all day. He had he's out a totally different level respect both in the leak historically legacy. Wise, I think, is the best possible.
You could argue that whole gamble worked out for him about as well as anything is worked out for where all of it the way handle that the team that he ended up landing on the fact that it gave it a chance, and now the position is in pretty great they got it all worked out. This is a ten out of ten for where he was a year and a half ago, and it makes me wonder if other players noticed that and are going to think you know if this becomes. A barometer fur in their heads. Well, when collided this, it worked out. Here's what happened, and maybe this joyously. It's more that I don't know, I'm rambling no, but it's it's worth bringing up already that the warning is oh by the way. Go ahead when a title, though he had no because the item s, pray that we? U have to hear from you, ve number one player in the NBA, and you have to want to title you do those two things denigrating school with you, because of other guys try to do in this way. Words, I'm just gonna kind of shut. This whole thing:
on and on others, people simply pay. He was certainly misdiagnose. Did he didn't trust them screw the spurs on and on? And I don't know I'm just not. I can't get over the fact that there still time that I'd heard that he would show up any would work out he play to unto with older guys. In the rest, the guys we watching being like what is going on here and he's like I'm out, but then it's ok. He was mad about the sneaker deal and that they can give me Mitch issue, and you, like your whole deal, is that you are anonymous. Ok, like it's, not Nike fault, it's not a yell of year olds fault did the. Does he want by your shoe? Because you don't talk, you don't say anything so then. What are you gonna, Toronto and Simon New balanced problem solved Is it really make a ton of sense, even though the new balance thing is actually been great? I got a new balance done an awesome job of it I'll admit bill. There's a couple pairs. I've gone, Well, yeah regulation, six, one seven what's up, but
Don't I wouldn't I wouldn't start. If I'm another player, I would be like hey, you normally do on a book. Why be shut it down just shut it down for my way out and I'll take it from there cuz. If you lose in the second round and you're going to be more vocal guy, that's the other day, why doesn't talk? There's less things for us to be upset about? You know what, if somebody's talking all of the time it's like you know. I really like this player, ninety percent of the time, but he said there's one thing and now I hate him forever, but that's just how we work and how it works for guys in our business. So why gave you actually no information secret even get that mad at anything he was saying about everything as it was going down so to mimic. This is impossible, we try to mimic it and it's gonna go well who is doing it at an actually in earth. Your time. I then collide, but this is not not really that Ripken. I do they one lasting and disperse their notoriously. Never say anything to anybody in its very Bela checking and how they operate. That stuff there pissed off about this question. I think they ve been passed out for you.
Stuffs floated out. I'm sure you ve, heard stuff. I've heard stuff for where they're, just like this fuckin guy quit on us last year, like they do think that where they will never say publicly there never gonna there, never gonna really shit on him in a major way, but I do feel, like you know they drafted the guy in two thousand, Heaven they taught him had a shoe. They put him in every possible position to succeed and whatever happened between them. They feel like he quit on them and that they are always going to feel that way. This is the way to solve. The totally agree can confirm that. There's people to feel like dispersed slowly lose me now came. You know, you'll, hear rumours about a team. I like I'll, never forget like when the Sixers were trying to figure out how to get rid of virus in and it felt like. Celtics are really close yeah and you the southern, giving you the best deal here. It is going to do it like who cares said now, Philly feel just couldn't stand
idea of him being in a Celtics uniform coming back and playing in Philadelphia that much now so you going to pull through yet to trade him to the western conference, like these teams that obsess over the idea that we gotta get this measure. What it's a bad Jean like I won't have to worry about going through him in the plan will take news. Flash not making the place without the sky so who carry out is make the best trade This is taking on a whole new world for the spurs cuz. It's like yeah. We trade them out of the conference, but now we're watching everything go his way that I've I've heard exactly that. But this is kind of driving crazy. Yeah hurts right because it is, it wasn't just somebody they drafted like you know. They really worked with him and together created this autumn prayer and ninety percent. That goes to him, but they are. He was also in the best possible situation, learning from the best possible teammates and when you come to the week- and you have TIM Duncan for the first five years of your career, it's better that manage in obeying pavlovitch side. You feel a guy. You know in the I'd they probably
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fit start looking your best with a custom fitted sure got a proper clodagh comes I simmonds today and are give code simmonds to save twenty hours on your first shirt. Do it today I were back couple: things happened. It's almost three o clock use. Custom couple things happen that we should mention. One is that it there's reports now that quite is gonna be with the Lakers, so maybe not his crazies. We seem to think ten minutes ago and then I looked like the Lakers rebooted dump their deeds on New Orleans to create a little bit more calf space. What does that mean now? Does that mean and get a third MAX guy. It seems like- and I hate to try to be a cap expert in real time here, but its it feels like there. How does the first one that have seen from somebody? I trust, but there are seven hundred grand shore of the MAX slot, which is a big difference from
Where are the worst versions of this? Were twenty three million, and by way now everybody's demanding an apology for up Lanka Mo Wagner, move Agnor Bulgaria please Camaro Jones and Isaac Bangor through the wizards for the two thousand and with a two thousand twenty second topic pick, so they must have put money in their too I'm guessing right. That has to be like five million dollars would be the only way that makes us in our otherwise why, with the wizards help them so now they have calves face. As you know, I'm ready for carried end up with the Lakers, I think, would be the funniest outcome. Please Please please have that happen. Worrying is that everybody is now say. Ok, Lakers in clippers are both getting the meeting now and now they can still do this with. If you look at Cairo slot, he be just missed,
it by Miller? To me? I don't want to do this right now. Is I'm sure I gazed out all later, but it its significant enough, its significant enough now to do this, but now it is kind of like ape like I always knew what he was doing. Ok, sure, a couple more afraid she takeovers rip, euchre pastured, that golden state could do the first ever delayed soup back sign in trade with Katy. So here's how this work, a corridor from Bucharest they sign KD to the five year MAX. So he makes more money, and part of that is less pleased ever talk about the fact and that you went out there. Interior Achilles thanks, given the cadet ever come up again call and then wait till December. And then traded to it seemed that has cap space, which I guess they would create the cab space well ahead of time
knowing that come December or January, whatever you could officially trade, the supermax guy. You would then just trade for the KD thing. This could even get more nefarious where the other team could trade for. Maybe a guy golden state likes or sign a guy golden state likes and then kind of hold that guy in their team for two months and then What time in the KD think all this sounds crazy, but on the other hand, there's so much tampering and chicanery now in the NBA, I can't rule it out. How crazy is that same to you? I heard a version of this where it was kind of like a Hey do the five year will give you the money. So basically, everything Buker said, but you know what a year it allows you to kind of survey the landscape- and you don't end up in New York in northern New York City by yourself, and it was almost like. Maybe you'll change your mind and like us, more than you'll be able to stick around, but that would be an unprecedented.
Faith for a player like the rent where you go. Are you going to trust? If you go to the team that has your rights for four more years, once you get healthy again, but they're just going to trade you, because you want to be traded, that that being You know, I mean like imagined, seeing their going. Ok, I'll, take all the money, that's cool! We got this all worked out. Ok, guess what guys like I'm getting healthy? I dont want to come back. I do want to go to the next. They have a plan for trading for somebody or getting somebody in two thousand twenty in the summer. So that's why I want to do and then you have just trust the bombers and origin like a cap which we will grant your wish, even though we have at worst a second best player and a contract still yet adsense far fetched what sounds less far fetches, if they just agreed, will trade you in January and we're getting this back, and we know this at a time. I can't imagine Adam Sober would approve that as much as he looked the other way left and right these days. I feel like that. One would be too weird. Digital players Amber teams, one
You know just basically waiting it out. I still feel like either he stays with the warriors or or does the next thing, and I still like the idea of him in the next. I think that makes sense, but other free it should take web for even a fridge, see tampering is just gone. We make there and had had had this theory, the south existing GM a couple years ago. Their free access should be before the draft fridge see. That is before the draft, and we either we are Orford knows before the dry that he's leaving for a four year deal that we still don't know who the team is, and now the Celtics can proceed with their draft, knowing that if they trade this Baynes contract at the pic and go backwards, that will crave five million more in Base and have every chance a Campbell Walker will? How did they know that none of these things are we talking about dry? So can we just say that free agency basically starts before the draft now
affair ok, but you realize that dissolve the technicality. The semantics of in agent on your behalf, can can talk and accept not even accept what they can bacon here and offer. Or not, you know confirmed the offer like this happens with us right so at the end of any european contract, ninety days out from it he s been, can start to talk to me and then after that is supposed to be like forty five days or whatever it is, and then I started like all these other people, that I worked with on the air we're getting offers like a year ahead of time, knowing you were doing what the hell's Goin on here against I'm I'm idiot waiting around until forty five days to go, and they then you're an idiot because your agent is allowed to at least talk on your behalf in good, could discuss the parameters of a contract in a new place, if rather interested in doing that. So basically, that's all this is in a tampering. Bitching to me is the most
thing ever it doesn't bother me and seriously. The only people it bothers is the people that lose the better player, like all of guys do at all of the teams do at all of the teams find out, but then, when they lose, one of their guys earlier and they thought they were supposed to, then they start screaming tampering when there is guilty of doing the exact same thing to varying degrees. With some teams. That's fine, but I dont tampering does not bother me complaining about. It does I'm pro ring, and I like having free, see before the draft, and I think this is the best of both worlds and you're right. Look at what can stop at an Ricky Rubeus agent from hearing from Indiana that hey Ruby S agent, we're just telling you were going to offer you this the moment creates is available. What do you think that sounds great? We won't talk to anybody else than they could just kind of wink at each other and to the date on fire. That another thing that change we mention Katy earlier. I was never
I am sure that this would play out this way. But now it seems like it is: we're gonna, see clay, Thompson and Kevin the rank at the max from whoever probably the warriors, maybe somebody s, at least with the rat with clay. It seems like these back. It had never really been put to the test and, thank God and then especially after with Boogie cousins last year, where he was hurt, enhance upset. For the one year, five million that seem like a real cautionary tale, writer as Thomas but what we're learning is, if you're, a top twenty guy you're getting the max, no matter what condition your bodies in unless it's in, like you know, unless it's like a Todd, Gurley Arthritis in the knee situation, where you're just clearly heading toward a different phase of your career, I got to say I'm surprised because we ve been condition man yet take their money. Man, you never know, never die like even when the broad
doing the one in one of those men. It is risky, but if he gets hurt, but now it say it does seed the matter now. No, I think, you're right as you gotta, be it the certain guy, like with Buggy, when you there was a guy, wasn't a top twenty and then it wasn't was be fair here there it wasn't even just about the talent it was how much of a fit is this guy because of your a bad team and you're, bringing in buggy at a bigger number, then I guess what the face of our franchise, buggy, cousins and he's gonna get mad old time, because a team isn't that good so actually be. We can't do that. So I think his injury is is more specific. It's not even the injury it's more about who he was so yeah me that that they feel terrible, and I think it is the cap space. You think, if less teams that caps basic and stable say well, you know maybe we can shape off a few million here there. They are able to do with curry, but curry wasn't stuff curry than when they did that first extension for him-
It wasn't you don't mean it wasn't like a there's, Wright, injury and now you're not playing for a year. We know what it is. It's this guy's freaking ankles can't stay. You know up right, yeah, I remember when they signed him to that. Track being really torn and whether I thought it was too much money here, a great deal, because it was just enough money that if he really got her including play, it really would have hurt them, because the cap at that point was thirty million lesson is there, but on the flip side it was a man if they keep him healthy and that contract you down. That turned out to be one of the five. What if moments of this decade, that really like swine is what if they were unable to sign him to that sheep contract. They basically had him on the rustle Wilson. Rookie year, Seahawks Kind, a level value for what they are getting in. It just allowed to add their team. Another phrase you take away
We already knew this, but I think it's worth mentioned again that if the next year's get shut out, broken takes their spot here is a fridge destination in New York. It might be unrecoverable cover both for the James Dolan error, because now we're talking. This is seven eight years of them not even be able to get in the door with free agents, and I do believe that these players, especially the really good ones. There are mine more their reading tweets. There listen a pike ass, the reading blog posts, whatever They're, just much more aware of what organizations at owners are competent and which ones are a train wreck, and I think this dawn thing is potentially unrecoverable. You know them there's a road map where they might end up with the angel, Russell and Tobias Harris, for instance, and get closer to the best. Forty two, forty five guys in the week, that's better than nothing
There is also a road map where they end up with either Kevin Durrant who can't play for a year or they just get shut out, and I think when you look at the stature of the next, like even the Lakers, who have been just as income this decade, but have still been able to pull off the White Howard, Steve NASH. They pulled off Leubronn, they put our faith in Davis site. They still kept their cachet. The Knicks have lost all of their cachet at this and I dont know how they get it back without himself on the team. Who do you think I feel like it's already happened, though you know yeah big, this whole thing was a tease, then what happened? direct were staying healthy. Were he inquiry going there what's no but lagging well. What we then, when the high but explain the poison. Read to me now, knowing that they might not get anybody, I think they want to preserve their seems like it. Then they dump contracts may think about what just happened than if it
actually happening now on social media. All that's happening now is that only gather clippers are gonna. Get anybody in everybody's gonna end up on the Lakers. Likewise, now going to the Lakers and social media by the time you listen to this thing in just an added thing, I can't believe, like I try to understand the sour copies to note much better when I was younger and then once they made the most recent change through the sign, a trade things away somewhere. Remember some trade restrictions being lessened and then there's just the money, should that you really have decided studied all thing, but the number of people that our cap Carnegie eyes that have gotten the stuff wrong. Now in this Anthony Davis, trade and by the way Davis waved his four million dollar trade kicker while he made that up on station? What other explanation could there possibly be for Anthony Davis to go? I'm just gonna wave of free check for four million dollars because he made it up on spatial floor or rich part took a discount on his commission.
I think we will carry waved his kicker to use different, though I looked at all up again, yet wasn't it. It was the only way that trade with a worked rare deriving, kept the kicker there's no trade and all the players that the Celtics highlighted could add any more pieces to the whole thing. Yes, oh, it was five million dollar arctic, but he was only eligible to receive like one point, something of it, because I Looked at all the other day. It wasn't just a straight. I'm in a wave to do everybody, a favour. It was this the eggs like just like you said it was the only way that to pull the thing off, This was more like out of his own benevolence, he's doing it, which and players are not benevolence she paused than ever when a total. Yet so I am suspicious as well. I will say this look, I'm on the record. I feel really strongly about it I think the Lakers gave up way too much for Davis. I think they paid a hundred fifty cents hundred sixty cents on the dollar. I think they overpaid, I don't think there are bidding against anybody
I think he was come in their new year anyway, and I think it was one of the craziest gambles a team has taken and if it doesn't work, Polenka just gets fired is in care with. That said, You know why I think at Calais, I'm wrong of foul admitted Alley crow and the passive if that trade works and you know you're getting quite do now- you have Leubronn Davison. Why, then there's no amount of picture can give up that the debate gave up every ass, they had except producer and you could say that's worth there because they ended up with those three. If they don't get away, I still think the traded, crazy insane Repaper. Maybe they maybe they know something. We don't know, could rob Polenka. Be that shrewd, maybe he's pull over us. Maybe this is like I see the only guy the usual suspects I could spend the whole time talking about. Other teams are just mystified by all the choir stuff. That point actually was the one guy that had the juice the Fianna New.
He's Omar apps at the end, he is he's he's verbal Canton, usual suspects to solve the settings, walk straight at the ETA thing. Are you don't have a limp all thy God, he lights up a dart starts walking down the strand for heavy What if this amazing happening in real time as are doing this by life? it is like each each every five minutes. There's better news for the Lakers. I beg complies basically there trying to figure out what number he isn't. Social media select away and Griffin was probability I'm just asking for everything, because I know you have to do this anyway, and there lay you know any better, since I got cigana care skimming Gimme Alan yeah? I don't think you could. I don't hate the trade as much as you did. When I started learning more about the pic swaps. I still don't hate as much as you did, because I still think there's a version of this Lakers thing or in a couple years and this kind of nightstand
and with it there's a version of it were all three of those players shall I have really thought you know those guys really did anything it's possible that the best of the best case scenario for the Lakers, but here are a couple more quickly than spheare freeze you take away We learn that you might be able to bully somebody into trading and acid to you, which is currently what were used Daryl Morey is doing with the Philadelphia 76ers. They put the story out that how badly they want to trade for Jimmy Butler and that's. Are there big move for free agencies going to be we're going to get? You Butler and in it all sounds great, except for the part that they have no cap space and the other way they get you bother is if Philly is stupid enough to lose this game of poker slashed chicken with them and say: oh, oh, you right. We can
tourism. We will take our according great and then the end. Then there done It all is. It all falls apart. When you do the whole well he's gonna leave anyway. Can you go all right? Well, where is he going? What team is it going to be like, so that the Lakers have this backs cap space spot? You could say the Lakers could be a real threat and Houston could act. Exercise this laboratory. Gluck he's gonna go the Lakers feed trade him here than she had ever go back then I could see, it would add on Spain is how the brazenness of a team she's kind of saying on taking this I'm taking this asset for you. Unless you do this in, and they have really nothing to stand on others,
The threat I dont get it. What was your take? I don't get it either. I dont get like we're sitting here, talk about tampering a few moments ago. What is this, what are his a you, your tweet, I thought was pretty spot on where what was it again examined? Did your tweets on Magna recited back to IE eight by the body we ran like developed brand could yet set there like a valid. I don't understand why Philly has even engage with eastern involves out brand out, have a press conference to say: hey, Houston, fucking Bitch, I cut which they would do you know, because if they do that, then Jimmy bothers me, I will Houston's out and nobody has been able to explain to me the part that, if features just leaves and sand somewhere else. Well, ok, where we live. That we have cab space now, we'll figure it out. Why do I have to take our Gordon Pga Tucker back when they in those guys, are either baby don't wanna play in
We have to worry like all. Why do I have to do that? Why waste used in time? We would have to do. We know about your videos and we want to sign Jimmy Butler first, okay, so that lets. Let's start there if you're Philly, and even though I don't love everything with Jimmy watching them into play, us he's really important to them, because he has that attitude Afraid anybody Simmons until further notice, is a floater and indeed is going to struggle in some possessions as much as I love him and I've said all these things before Jimmy as that perimeter, I don't give a blue guy, and you need that. Adding Philly really needs that still ok and maybe it doesn't work out. I know there are still some issues, the bread brown thing and we thought it was out of there that it comes back whatever may be Jimmy blows up again, but I still think for what fillies trying to do here he's important. So, ok, let's cross off all the elements of the story there. It's actually Philadelphia wants to keep him. Ok. So now I'm supposed to do what I'm supposed to take back era, Gordon who I went back and started looking at it,
blitz delay the Jimmy Butler on Houston. Part of the story, but Gordon wasn't great in the play. Us is the efficiency for a lot of guys outside of the top two four Houston we're pretty supporting. So maybe that's why Darrow want to trade all these guys. Keziah actually thinks like. You know what arrogance, not that great, but people keep talking up all the time. The t, J, Tucker Stuff, his ease, eight and a half million and p J is you can just look at the the metrics on him? You gotta understand whole part of it, but if you're Philly like, why would you want to do that? Then? On top of that, if you did a capella thing, which has it make any sense with Philadelphia Dj is you can't just look at the the metrics on him? You better understand the whole part of it, but if your Philly like, why would you want to do that? Then, on top of that, if you did a cappella thing which doesn't make any sense with Philadelphia's roster on top everything, and that he's sixteen seventeen and one slash two eighteen, twenty million over the next four years and
I wonder how he would play in certain class matches. None of the pieces coming back, make any basketball sense and then, when Zack Low had the thing this week saying that used to was offering up these pieces to different teams to add draft picks in some sort of sign and trade package for butler. Why does Philadelphia want draft picks when they're trying to do this right? Now? Not the drafts are worth anything, but for then we go hey cool. We get twelve and sixteen in two thousand to twenty in two thousand twenty one: that's not going according to their game plan, so there's just basketball stuff from Philadelphia side of this. Where I'm with you, I have not found one person that can convince me that Philadelphia would be interested in doing Houston this favor and then on top of it Philly. Last year there, like we, have these two players. Embayed is a top ten per se
is it asked? Are our window is down and they go and they trade said they trade, sorry on coveted for four Butler Sartre NET, absurd sovereignties aren't especially great knit mainframe sorry up as it I came and commented, and then they do this ridiculous to by science trade, which I thought sat at the time and now looks even worse. They basically they traded all their assets to make and didn't get out of the second round. So now they're gonna reboot by getting future assets back. The whole mindset of what they did last year was like look. The NBA is a weirdly Embiid and Simmons, we don't know how long this is going to last right. Now we have these two really good guys two years from We may not a year from now. There may turn out each other. Indeed, by get hurt all these things might happen,
Our window is now we have a chance to win the title by the way they were right. They just in my opinion the day, though Harris Trade. You know for everything they gave up, and that was probably not worth it, but they were right to think we have a chance to win the final, the share because they really could have neither in the situation there for guys under contract, any name, the four Philadelphia yeah, so Embayed Simmons his Anas, but don't attract now Scott isn't under contract. Is he know damn? This is gonna be harder than I thought. I know, rhetoric is, and we know Tobias Is- and we know,
bovine, isn't I'll, give you a hint peanuts, the baseball frontier eleven. Now it Sire Smith and Joan about that's right Desire Smith is right as it came back, so they have their forty million right now, more than ever they too to spend on Jimmy Butler and to buy or Jimmy Butler and Chris Middleton or Jimmy bother and whoever I would they want assets. This is everything they did was building toward lasses. And this is, and why would they want to go backwards and get future assets? It makes no sense to ban of butter leaves so be it there's a lot of good frigid left and if anything, they would give them a chance to spend
seven thousand and sixty nine million bucks on maybe multiple free agents that would fit in better with the team like, for instance, giving Malcolm Brogdon would make sense of that team. I still think they need that's. What scared me a little bit about their draft is, are coming back, hasn't been a three point: shooter in Bible who rather Primmer defence, but unless I will get back to being the shooter that he was a couple years ago, maybe will. But I ain't gonna scare me thinking you could have a version of three perimeter players playing here where none of them can shoe and that's not what Philly needs at all with. Indeed, but Brockden is exactly what you're talking about, but some of the broad and prices were you go wait a minute. What I'm gonna get twenty male, yet gonna happen. It has got to ask you to have him in ITALY. Is our cap he's gonna twenty million here that one would scary, but then the cap's based I mean that's the thing that hate so much about the NBA structure of all the stuff in a kind of its bachelor. Lakers thing it's. I can't we just make, easier. Can we do a thing words like hey? I don't have a hold and- and I have to train,
guys that I may not even want to trade in nobody. I she wants a trade for so that now attempt, but we have this much, but I can spend up to this, but then I can go backwards and sign these guys with the exception and then my minimum deals like it just seems obsessive to adjust its more complicated than it needs to be, although on and I spent a week and try to fix it myself with all the money they have. Take it easy go. You gotta get five guys they get set curry they, take a one year, flyer and Danny Green or to your fire. They could do Kelly. You raise a restricted phrase. I there's there's forty guys I don't understand why they would want like Houston's, two thousand and twenty to protected. First, her pick its ludicrous now. If you flip Butler into AIR Gordon Impeach Tucker, and then you still have
have cap space for another, another marquee free agent. I don't know that feels like you just back to where you were at twelve months ago and with the with the with the kick in the balls that false was a real ass at twelve months ago and now he's a zero Nothing for a mother and their protected as twenty pick. Ok, but all the things you laid out- that's great in in theory, but you have to know I mean you have to know if your own brand of you're gonna do this kind of thing and bring back those pieces go, you know actually like Pga. I like that air Gordon provide shooting- and this thing, but I'm warning of Darrell thinks these guys are over rated after a player from that still didn't end where they thought it was going to end. But the way Pga Talk, Tucker's talked about the way, Eric or and talked about I bet you Darrell's gone, you know it. Biometrics tell us these guys really are in a good, so I will try to byways guys. If I was like hey man, you should higher nephew Kyle he's taken I've more than social media,
So he did that guy, can't I farmer twitter. That said, no I met him. I know where I give that guy and whatever he needs But if they were better, I was just brazenly trying to convince you. Now you should actually taken. Wouldn't you think something was up cause? I feel the same way about the air Puget Agrivaine that not all air currently great for you, you shouldn't you should get a wolf butler, be air gonna be great, for you think we're. Why don't you want him if he's could be so great I'll get the embarrassing we're? Taking I break a let's talk about the reward was ninety, ninety nine. It is only an luminary it, the sex, some of the bus that conic movies from nineteen ended. I, which was in all time great year in film. It's much like the reactor, was back ass. We break the movies down
Categories must be watchful. Who won the movie? Could this be made into Netflix areas so and so on? We then America by office, space, the matrix, Austin powers to a whole bunch of stuff, and it is the only good Pakistan luminary, there's a bunch of a man there, bunch of original ones, to check those out. You can get Now shows from innovative dynamic creators, but a free up download it listen. The thousands package, including this one sports movies comedy and more if you love back ass check out, luminary gave first two months of access to luminaries premium content for free when he sat up at luminary doubt links such summits. After that it is seven. Ninety nine per month luminary that links slash elements for two months of free access, cancel anytime terms. Apply and speaking of the reactor was on the original reaction feed. We did the notebook this way
Would you live in an amended Dobbins and the next week? We have low surprise for you. It would be going up on July. Third cause. You know at the surprises. It's a real actual part cast the featuring myself Chris Ryan and buildings a movie that he picked out on that day. What the movie is, but I promise you it's a good one, so be ready, our next week that we're gonna put that up with it the day before July. Fourth, so you have it for July. Fourth, we get so subscribe to We watch was where we get it subscribe to. The reaction was ninety nine, then luminary I come back, you have one more rackets, take what is it? I do think Darrell thinks we're stupid sometimes, and I think maybe he thinks other people are stupid, and I don't know that I can really blame him for the way pulled off. The James Harden thing that there might be part of me to things like whatever, like I'm just gonna.
Get some awesome for not many pieces again like. Why are you guys were a problem that and then the way the Chris Paul thing worked out? No one had that you know no one called that it was a women make responsible, always opting in and then forcing his way out. Her that's different and then there's has given up these pieces. Words like Manna just got Chris Paul and for anybody that Knox this in all the turmoil reported real or not, and all the different versions of this. I still think it's worth reminding people all the time. This thing still almost work. Folks is two years ago that team was winning a title if they could close it out and the seven but
when I went back and looked like a wise if you like Darrell's always in on every guy- and you can make the case it like there's plenty of mixed rumours that have been wrong in theirs. Lakers rumours that of a wrong over the years in when I think about the Rockets, though the Rockets seem to do it, and especially different, more aggressive brand somebody's go over to cite a couple things. This is from MOM Sam Aim, it two thousand eighteen headline: all in on the broad, the Rockets, the racket, the right and remember that Roma, ok, two thousand fourteen Howard Back liter Bore headline quote: rockets will make major push for James Marks died and he s been two thousand fourteen backed up that same report. Two thousand fourteen bleach report again Howard back there.
I was rockets poised to make a Texas size offer to LA or mellow K. Mart study has been two thousand fourteen sources say: rockets are heavily engaged with his Bosh data must happen right and I read that went back and where that story there Elective Leubronn opt out, and then he bounces from Miami than they used to really likes her chances. This story was from two thousand seventeen. It was CBS headline that took O Brien Win Horst hit on sport centre in turn into this headline. Rockets have sights set on Paul George, after landing Chris at the same, you go all the way back to the Dwight Howard stuff that we're about the rant terrain, rent two, sixteen thousand other one, some sleep, one, don't sleep with the rackets they have and you can make it the headlines Agri years, all these different things. But I went back and read these stories. I was doing this last night. The rockets do this thing where they make. These bold pronouncements is, if I wonder sometimes if the foreign office feels like this is just part
job description. Let's make sure everybody knows that we are in on everything, even if we have no chance and I'm not saying that this really what's happening here with Butler but its following a pattern that we get almost every single year. With the most appealing players. Words like all the Rockets are really aggressive. The rockets are really making a push liquor. The rock I was trying to figure out some kind of angle here when other times other headlines here, a promising going. There rose now in Houston, the mellow thing if it was gonna, be Chicago? Wasn't New York umbrellas, like dude I'll, just take that fifty or now worry about it later? The Paul George stuff two years ago. I d I'd forgotten that one. So I don't get you something about you. In Iowa wooden rule out them getting Jimmy Butler and they may be.
No more than we know about this, I just find it hard to believe that if I'm Philly and I'm just looking at this rationally, why would I tried Jimmy bother to one of this five or six other team? Second, when the title and get it fair trade package back, because I'm being told why you gonna lose them anyway, and I just want to know whom I lose in him to GNP. Mother says: do this trade to the Rockets or I'm gonna sandwich? makers in your really not getting anything. That would make more sense right. He's that signing with the next the keys that jack on a Dallas like he'd, that guy as can be thirty one next year. He wants the paper championship contender right now, so you can play chicken, I once but the the six there's, no, that deep down. Ok, that is fair or eight. So now, if he's threatening them with something.
Some around than that's different, but I've never heard anything of filling, not wanting butler, so you know that factored died. I can't really chicken to this whole thing. But let's also asked is basketball question. Is this even smart for Houston? They? What would you sit in front office off season NGO? Ok, what do we need to do here? I is there any way we can add one more difficult, heavy isogai like yeah Jimmy butlers. Can it, and by the way, I also your clothes using the window is open and we forget the recently bias of all these different headlines with each signing now putting that team at the top of the whole thing in the history of the eighty trade are being like. All Lakers are clearly the favourite like. Well, I get the betting angle of that, at least in the moment, but come on. Why would use dwell with,
Houston. Don't you think you'd rather take another shot at it with this group, knowing the Golan state as in your way anymore. I would one hundred percent try to keep the nucleus intact, overruling the dice with with Jimmy but they're, just having three guys and no depth, and I dont like the fit of him in those two guys together. I think he, you talk about it. The chemistry was in great last year. That is that he's that one of my top draft pigs to bring into a chemistry, chemistry, Astro, We lack room. I feel it have other moves on and also you know would be, for it would be a fine five years sign in trade rights scenario, GIS value of him and Chris Paul for the next three years,
in hard in and if that doesn't work out, what you do with your next move fee have no other both feared that you're too. So I would just rather run back try to fix whatever chemistry issues we have in a thumb in the whatever in the front office and try to add to it, because I think there's a lot good fridges is shared? I think they have a chance to get at least one other guy in a situation like that brick Lopez, one hundred three and forty three- billion last year with Milwaukee teams are going away I'm want to play for contender. I really wonder with that me of this. You know, Houston was in the new, four Assad week about how bad there chemistry worse than hearted, MP and Paul there. Feuding what's show not true within, circles. There is a lot of buzz about Houston's do owner the kind of a wild card classic new owners in Germany but there are new under centre right. The guy, when an owner buys a team that first year there just completely off the reservation,
they come in. I wrote a made other, yet they re there it all their money, they ve been a success everywhere they ban and they they think they're just walk into debate, even though it they're doing there's been a lotta buzz. I know who have you heard We therefore Tatu stories the way and that the entire anything was weird and yet, when you tell a coaches, all your systems are out. I mean if I. I thought I was reading Jeff best Della Glove pieces, all your long and yes like now doubt yeah he's got so anyway. I do wonder the timing of it was to deflect some of the other stuff into words, because then, for two days we had bothered Houston, but I still don't understand what Phyllis impetus will be anyway, to work to more takeovers than that. I'm done with this whole thing and you might have one too. I really think Portland and Denver could become the favorites in the West, with one big move.
And with Denver. I think it's a free agent and then I think it's a scoring forward. I think it's one more guy who can create its own shot on top of everything else they have in this young nuclear savitz. Yet out, Tobias Harris, I keep mentioning it. It's somebody like that if they could add that figure out a way to convince mill sap to come back, I really think date that that's, maybe the most dangerous team in the west next season, if, unless the Lakers can add that third free agent and then Portland the other important, has some trade pieces, Duenna Dear Infinite Simons thing, but just the report's I'm getting out back on every Simons or through the roof, and
That it's it's not talent, it's none of that! It's just if you put it together is gonna, be a monster, so they have a care. I'm united Stand play sounds really aggressive, but I wouldn't share it. Unless the guy that told me that has been right, almost all the time on players, yet effort similar buzz with just them being really really delighted without worked out, so they have him. Calves accounts who I like The atmosphere little who people feel like they stole in the mid twenties and they have expiring contracts they they might Leonard. They have their destructive for the base more contract, and then they have more heartless. They have the ability to basically put together any trade. They want over the next six to seven months, and you know it could be from Hey Cleveland hears here.
Expiring for cabin love and throw in this year little or whenever it could be something low like that or it could be something more ambitious. It could be them go and, after you know a top twenty five guy, but I do think Portland gonna do something big. Have you heard anything about that I don't know that it's I don't know. I don't know what it is right now. I've only heard you know the person that it was high and Simons the person who was telling me the first time they were here about what Cj Mccollum was doing. Feel like this guy's nuts he's going. Start as a ghetto. I really like to know now shut up. Now you going to be awesome, and so they have same stuff. I'm hearing is going to go out there and play which is easier said than done with those two tutus in the back court and if you were really in a sometimes I push back on it be like if you was really that insane when you wouldn't Portland found some minutes for him at some point, you know and no that's not just me doing kind of my routine of like wait a minute before I get too carried away with this thing and share it on a highly rated podcast
bizarre collins alike law. Did you and I are in agreement there, but I guess I've got to see a little bit more now this year you know I've got a fine of, like I gotta see, be able fight a little bit more out there on the core. So then, you add all those pieces up together like who is it? Who, because there's always the next pissed off star like it's happening in six months? I don't know who is right now, but it did it's always gates. They it's always to be like you couldn't it would never be smart to say I know actually everybody's really happy now in the NBA again, every top players totally comfortable is current situation is going to get really mad really soon somewhere through the beginning of next season, and maybe they have enough pieces to load up on it, but it's a late, much better than everybody demanding that they break up their backcourt so I would have said be all, but I think the wizards have done an edge job of being like every step of the bread bill stuff for natural him. This one of the best fifteen assets in the lake Blake, please We are not to him. We want to build, or our Bradley Bill at either end the boy there's could overwhelmed them with Brad the bill offer and put has put together a little
but Column Beale, try yoga! That would be. You know shades of bit rich men and TIM Heart away and Chris smaller way back in the data be amazing they could so are you know I I keep coming back to cabin love, because I think that somebody they could get without giving up their much and I think it makes sense for Cleveland Maybe get out a contract and get an asset back for some expiring. Send you just gotta move move on, but, as you said four months from now, there could be. Somebody had unaware that using our that doesn't happy Paul George, she wants out, ok, see what and then all of a sudden, there too, the Avis I gotta like these space to him at its yes, I didn't leave my certainly my good leinen so clever, keeps wanted me to go to Sea AIR Canyon and sees kid like his socks, regular Portland event, Denver has cap space and one of the best six poison.
And Jamal Murray, who I think is a nice candidate to maybe make a jump the season and become an Oscar. I, like one guys, get a ladder reps. He had a lot of plants wraps last thing I had for you sneaky best sightings. I wanted to say this before we have frigid see just so it didn't seem like I was after the fact excited about something just for the whole of it. I think Russell is now underrated as a fridge and signing stand on the actual yeah. I don't know how many three how'd you get to underrated how'd. You get two hundred like you. Make his money is he's not gonna have to shave armed anything where it where's he gonna make his money. Are we sure he's gonna make his money? I shall give an example of it. I guess if you frame it that way, I'm not I'm not a hundred percent sure. I just thought everybody.
Figured out the Lakers just came up with a MAC slot. Basically, in an afternoon when no invaluable joy do thou, be ridiculous. Zella be lowered if you went back away, but what, if the next sign infer for years, one twenty and they eat the next fans earn a complete panic. The dawn thing we discussed earlier, they're, not gonna, get anybody and then what, if the angel Russell as the big prize for them, a kind of fake that's a win is one of the best thirty five points the league been asked. Our team last monasteries, twenty three he can create a zone shot is getting better your soul, your sold on him forever like this is, who is going to be, I need to see you tomorrow, one year I think you'd be better than he was this year. I think he could add to the free, throw attempts were a meal of it, but I'm just thinking from the standpoint of its a thirty team league. And they say they spend all their money and dangerous onto buys errors in the next fence of bill a great with,
raining carrying Katy. We get these two guys. Instead, is it a bad thing? I have to the best forty guys in a week now Of course I mean you frame it that way, I'm not is signed off on the angel rustles. One of the words you have him in your thing, top twenty now Now I have, let me see what I can, but he insisted on as I've said the whole time. It's great, it's an awesome story. Yes he's twenty three! I actually liked him like sound like a guy. That's You didn't like him out of college, and now I want. I don't want to admit that he was really good this year. He was really good this year when a year would I didn't think it was going to happen cuz. I thought he was a certain kind of player and after three years, usually when you're, just kind of selfish and inefficient, that's kind of who you're going to be, and he found a way to be efficient with the whole thing
I would just like to throw this. I would like to see a little bit longer at all. Would you rather have him or Benson? It's o, my God margin asking this thing a year ago, and I got baby a good segment. Five questions that we never would have even bother asking a year ago. The fact five five ridiculous questions, so I have. I have Russell in the in the high thirty's right now, like the thirty two thirty three range somewhere and these basically with citizens, I Porzingis and Booker ahead of them as younger guys who are going to make a lot of money in our to do and then Simmons is about to make a lot of money and then Russell who you know, I think, could be somebody that potentially averages twenty four to twenty five on a decent,
Anna and can finish games and by our accounts as a great team- and I dont know I that's a bad thing and episode- they, like your basement, have seen so far like the full display of it. I really have Russell, which sounds crazy, but I decided to have a similar thing needs to get better. It needs to get better fast and can't just be like hey you idiots. He had twenty six eleven and use go a cable. We could do this came all season long. Do I get to tweet it you when he goes for five points and takes four shots, because both are going to happen? and if you really good, the second one doesn't happen very often nother sneaky frage signing loony. We both like what what price for loony way fish they make. You got a guy like learning, but that's fucking stupid. What's the number fifteen a year for
for four sixty year now, mad at the press at the team who ceremony go come on what? If what if it was like a for forty eight, the thing is it for forty eight makes sense than that means the prices for four sixty five right cause. That's that's how I was with India. I think, he's getting. I could see forty four thousand six hundred and two Beverly how dumb the Beverly numbers got and, let's not fall for the Scott Boras. Let me just leaked out a number and then everybody's, like oh, my gosh. I can't believe the guy has to make five hundred dollars now. And in a really got up my guess. Who's gonna make five million. Let's all wrong with it Beverly
when he was on the Lakers when we're just gonna doing this thing, a peace building the Lakers Ross together, like a cable, you know: if he made this, could you get him for five? Could you get him was six compared with somebody else than the numbers come out and say now screw that, like? I want three four forty plus yeah, and that is probably right. That's probably, whereas many like, why would Patrick Beverly in this world with his improves, shooting? Why will you be making unintentionally knowledge a year as a guy who also can defend the hell out of it, and you can kind of put him in the great thing about him, as you have to play a crucial point, our, but he can cover for a smaller point, our if you're worried about a defensively it does. He might there's gonna, be a thirty percent new car bump this year with some of these gas where Nalco brag, then it's like, while eighty eight million for four years for Malcolm Bracken, What limited, folks and possible I remember, reading a piece for grantline after the lock out ended, and I wrote an entire article about the to guard glut and how follow is gonna. Make like fifty million bucks or signed a contract,
as this is gonna happen, folks be ready, and then I think it happened, but I think there's gotta be twelve to fifteen guys like that this year, where people are gonna, begun, wow really really back. I it's gonna happen. I like loony. I would probably not go more than like four forty for him, but somebody were we both like Harrison Barnes you're, not a time, but I feel like he's a guy that you know that's where Denver found a way to get rid of this thing. We are talking about the other night, where what Denver might do here, it might feel like pre emptive like let us find something and add this peace. Kind of said, the same in the irony, that retirement argued all who was with Denver, but when Golden stated that it would also deal they did it going down, the road will not be able to add anybody like this alleged just go ahead and add this guy and it was a very it wasn't. I
was under the rate arts like? Oh, ok, ok, I guess Anderson Michael and stated that, like he's a really nice player and by the way in that situation, far less on him more flexibility was what he could do it it just like. Obviously, that things could have worked out there, we'll get Allah I feel like Denver might do something Origo you know we need is even if Murray, who Definitely as a question mark added some stuff to write in the beginning of that spur series ring on a man like what is this guy gonna be like this disastrous. I'll wait a minute had to kind of like that Ben Simmons, back and forth thing he's settled us down. I think he said all our concerns down for him. So you're right like he could be that big next jump category, but what you can
Have then is if you're gonna be really good and start hard about Denmark. The favours unawares like who's the third score, and they may try to solve that. I don't know if they Harrison Barnes thing is, is doable for them, but he's not perfect momentary disappears, but he's probably dumped on too much because how poorly shot at the end of sixteen when they lose the three one Lee beloved teammates. Her wish mention that I let me throw this guy you for Denmark is a guy like that of its, but Donovan was when I Bobby marks on he was. He was San disperse, allow dad the spurs want and then he's clearly on behalf of Amer. I thought he was good last year and I should think he became a much better defender than it used to be, and I can mention loony mentioned Bragton brick Lopez. I dont know what the ceiling is for him. I think block you because
do not to try to lock him down. I heard Zack talking on his back as last week about you Will they end up with two out of three of rather than Middleton and Lopez ME ideally want all three, but if the luxury taxes to prohibitive, I do feel like there's a chance to steal Lopez, another guy I like, and this is a guy to watch out for the Celtics cuz. They like them for a couple years is Robin Lopez and they have that four point: eight million exemption. Could they figure out some chicanery with that and try to squeeze him in for a year, but I still think I believe in Robin Lopez as a guy who complain oppressors innate minarets Beverly same thing set curry, I think has proven he could be the seventh eighth man on a decent team, especially in the need, shooting a leg just in holiday. I think any green for one. For shorter term, the experience at he brings had been such a good guy, like him we'd mentioned, were shot homes, Willie Kali sign, who they advanced, metrics people
not like, I think, he's intriguing. I don't know of feed for contender, but maybe first somebody and then rather Magruder I've always get Magruder as it is today. I still have no idea why so mad I die. You know what I love about Brook Lopez in other free agent, rumours because he just sign for ridiculously low number, when everybody's figuring out this thing ability and which has drawn brick Lopez for like five mill yeah, it's kinda thing I'll, sixty now staring. Will you be way more like what just happened? Rug Lopez, I can't believe happened. Salary was my grumble couple mailbag questions for me: go Nick generous! What's this ethics to acquire Nicholas this, which in partner matete him in jail and brown, and create the new subjects big three cod view J J nephew. I feel that thou in Fiji,
J feels it now to get any share. It feels like tat. It raises a bit of a sex in the city, joke right, vous, J, J, AI. It course it was the worst yoke. Anyone see be this months, I'm on passing luck, creative Artie, I'm from cat where he wants to know who is a better executive and evaluated Jordan Earl abroad. Who would you go it right now? Well, yeah. I have the same right. I struggled as well stuff I join took microtubules crystal reveal, and I thought that was obvious. That was in the moment going. Are you no way I like them, cagey I'd I'd. I still feel like he got injured a couple times in its set back. You know he wasn't a great athlete and all the Kentucky fans they're gonna, hear that I don't think I'm wrong no you're wrong. He be was. He was here the body of a sick athlete, but he actually wasn't this great Ashley and his shop
was- was pillar model, a legal in half the states on Trent one. Now. Is there more next move than striking at a fridge CNN trading for Blake Griffin, Andorra, John, while broke down overpriced off injured author sash, former our stars, but names pretty jerseys today he says I could say that the Baker financing would be an interesting, get out a jail free card for the pistons. If their decide this guy's gonna break down the next suggest one had taken. I really don't think the Knicks is bad, as this is going right now and it's bad is good enough to act as if we were doing the odds thing and where this musical chairs thing. As of where we are at the end of this week, here in June, there left without a chair I don't think they're gonna do the law. Let's trick, everybody sign sign a guy. That we know is a mistake just at peace, everybody, I don't think they're gonna, do the when the press conference thing as bad as is gonna, go in any press conferences anyway
if you do not have any Peter the press conferences. Noah has it next thing. He says what, if Katy signs are one plus one max contact with the next December, the wink wink agreement that their tank inside another star parrot them for twenty twenty. So they do that and then Katy says screw you and pops out and goes across the dredging sides with the nets in any asked does Dolen that deserve this. I was wondering why you read it, and then I realized why, at the end, you that, basically, that guy just came up with an even worse case there that's not going to happen, but he was a. How can I make it even worse for the next in
when's Carl Foresman wanted what it ass both of us is. Is there any way Bela check would have given our horror for four years, Danny Age was gonna, give him the well he would have done for, but not for the numbers that are being float around. So the easy answers that no bill bill would have like. Chris has a things Chris from Seattle has a thing You can imagine a couple times that you don't think clutch legs Boston by what you just really didn't want that Belgium impersonation at all, you can do it again. I was focused and next day. May I gotta admit I'd I'd. I'd do
It's, I don't even know you deserve it now. My time cover were not taken, allow shots, games and sister. She twitter it. So are you gonna go another direction as really get. I predict this good submitted new thing for years, the belgian character this could replace. Where stir ever, do we dearest friends, we're gonna? Do adult movie reviews and Bela check Voice on a radio show, but it didn't die in get approve. We going over. The arid clouds approved here Chris from Seattle, says how you keep talking about clutch, hating Boston. He thinks you have to rectify it. You
walk into their offices one day just start screaming. You think you're better the day I just watch the town again watch the less they wandered last night, a laugh so I almost tweeted about it, but as a writer I didn't want to find any other writers Yan. I thought is bit of a leap where he was like. They threw back, ass, a Jew when he's when Afflux talkin girl, and I really I really like that girl now I would put Blake Lively Boston, the town Blake Lively as like my dream team of girls that I'm not going to date, but you know I'm saying so: yeah, but when she's telling that act like that, these she walked through this park to her apartment, but it was like kind of a rougher part of town and he's I what they do. They threw bottles that you do. You remember what they look like
all of a sudden. He goes over, he sees render he goes up and ask you to do something: we're gonna hurt people and you can ask any questions about it and then he and render put on the hockey mask and they get the apartment right of the guys that were throwing the glass bottles at his new girlfriend. That was that a leap story was now I was. I was in a hundred per cent they can charlestown everybody every lived there for a lifetime. Everybody knows everything that's going out at all times there. I totally you told me about it. You would know is ok. Is that movie getting better? Is it because I think that apply there be times where I go. I don't know I don't know, but like I watch you I'm starting to appreciate the town more and more all the time. So I love that when it came out, and I thought it was a hall of Fame boss, the movie immediately. Then it was for a while and now it's again and I keep watching it. It's it's a great athletic he's in shape, this is he. It looks so good in it he's basically Chuckie from
Well, hunting now grown up as a bank robber robber move to Charlestown. It has a new set of France. I I gotta say: renter blows me way that movie. That is one of the best. Angry mass that have ever been portrayed on film if that the top, but definitely like in the discussion, I really can't believe how good he is cause he's not from here no render renders is adjusted nother level, I think renters, so good in every I did try to say hello to him at a party years and years ago he was not shut you down here I was a car. You from Boston cause you just you just you might have been pressing for the town when I want to say hello to him, but it was. It was a casino parties. There wasn't like anybody. There was in there that should have been in there, but did not go well and renders incredible across EU just you're like wholly like. I think that guy yelled at me at different times. My lives, you lost it like: it fell without us having flashbacks yeah, that's the guy in the bar.
One o clock in the morning who, just as the look in his I need you cut it out, like don't even come within five feet of bumping into that guy right? They wandered rhyme a beer he's going to complain been really ready. Raw juries ain't. You like a Barrack is by the way the north end seen as a using they do a great Giles say that that to me, if so funny brought this up, I was really thinking about whether it was we watch was worthy elastic. It drags on apple spots, and it has my big they pick would be like guy. That last shoot out Fenway like you, don't you're, getting murdered, left and re, and I'm supposed to be ready for Ben Ass like to get away as I go well, he did leave, he did everybody ice skating rig it now. Is God? Alright? I guess it's fine. It's a word about the ten the ten families you don't have a dad because they just wiped out like everybody in the Fenway parks. It yeah this I'll, be the one. They pick
then you know one render ends up over like Rooney's placed the baseball tavern you just like. Are you going. The baseball tavern right now, and there was like that shootout seen by the Mcdonald, steady yeah. Is there any more right now and it's gonna that's gone Kazanovitch, putting all these really nice high rise and that's if I'd stated Beantown that would have been my spot gag sick high rise in Kenmore. Now they found that old salaries and new. So at that place in that movie? Did they really when ham goes, to see Blake gladly that's at new size, Needs to I love that scene right over the part where she's gonna get busted with you. Could I love lively, bleak gladly took it, making a man a shit for that movie, and I found her I think, she's unbelievable. Yeah, it was like the dream girl. I wanted to run into one fifteen in the morning and then you find out like a week later that she has a small kid and you gotta figure out. You know now what I do. I search for that girl for like seven year,
I remember already prepping like when I was going to bring her back to the vineyard. Then my mom was going to be like. Are you serious and I don't even talk about? Don't don't you judge me we get along. It works like what? No, no. You can't bring her back to the vineyard house anymore, and I do like I'm sorry but she's coming and so is her brother and wait till you meet him. I do think they did a really good job of like throwing in a ton of extra Boston stuff. That seems unnecessary, but also awesome at the same time and not a helicopter shots rather overhead, how couplet entities on top everything else, like all I was also drafted by the Bruins, and then I get hooked on oxy and that it was like man and then is much. I love ham and I love him even more when you do that, podcast with empty talk about being famous later in life and how that actually makes you like more justice, and it was such an awesome interview, but
does have that one line reside, get over the stock market role and corridors. You right out. Do somebody in the room ass to get a job Europe United? Do that line cause? It's just. You can't do the accent so we're sorry, yeah he's yes good moment so enamel they are. The great may want a warm up. Work, as I feel like tat, should have been a Boston guy. The debt actually should have been somebody who wasn't from Charlestown, but he was from, like you know, southie date there, some sort of robbery aspect in issues that he was the only guy who did Navid accents. I could really figure that permanently. She didn't try to do on the whole. Who did that FAO is crucial during marriage. There are, then seemed is really that's. That's just an unbelievable ten minutes that carcases, unbelievable right and then when and then I think this is the aft stuff to wear like you just gets it wherewith get out and they have the therein the Jeep Cherokee after they to the van and their dumping. The hair. All
were in her, like all the DNA Charlestown and there's a cop whose on detail any sitting in his curse. The way it looks as though the way you're like few, she just nailed it. That was perfect. But how do we really get when the driver is getting interrogated who's, the guy that sitting in the room with whom he can't be an actor right, yeah they formed after some, though he grabbed the latter locals. What about that? Whenever gone baby gone like he was pretty adamant about that, but he's right, because when people try to do the accent, they can't do it it. I don't! Maybe a people outside the area don't pick up on her, don't realize about it is but Wahlberg Lord named drop. When I interviewed him about the marathon movie, I know what you're rule on the accent he's like I'm very clear about it. If you can do it mean doing
you can't you just you get to talk like a regular person is what I'm not I'm not having it, and that should be the rule. Yet I do feel like the last twelve years. There's been a renaissance for the correct accent: either it's been good or you don't try arid blown away had never borne away like a maintenance before a bad there's, a bad moments in our quiz show some rough spats pushes pushes whether one's drives me the most crazy, so you again. It sounds like you're thinking meal and Chris ran doing a remarkable for the town. Yeah should again. I I think I liked it at first as expected alike it, and just like you said, like I bought it on Itunes, and then I didn't throw it on all the time and
That's crazy, cuz. I was on it and I watched part of it and then last night I was glad there was prepping for the podcast. I just do it on again and said I'm in, and I appreciate it more now. You write a flex that Flex Austin, I mean people who say like whatever just doing the same thing. I don't care, do it more the town to he has five really great performances over the last twenty five years. That are just like I'll. Just defended the death get him in Amman, gone girls. I was just they gone grass possible person who could have been in that role is great. That movie just I will not argue he is so good in that role cause if you haven't read the book and you don't know anything about that movie and I'm sure they're people listening right now you go oh case all Doolittle spoiler, but he does. Credible job with that character of allowing them to be a little bit of doubt. The way I place it, they like somebody else, could do that characterise the gothic as it could actually did it straight the whole time through like afflux. Now
this. Let me give you a little lingering doubts here is an audience member of where my had actually been out with this whole thing. Yeah. Well, we'll do that it let the lad I let them with the people, tell us if they want the town we watch was, but I think that it gets us, I think, were I think it's a ten year anniversary of it you sporting activity does not movies. So I admit that we do in August is re able escaped backwards? Isn't really the exits the great I we're gonna go, give anything to plug a you can check out the lie from had beach by gas. That bill was very oh you're, using violence, and yet so he cow herd and high the three of us in sharks, cove, nice of sports bar right men, abbeys boulevard right near my house, was incredible and dumb we came down sold out shows you can check that when our resolution upon the sba- and we get a dual threat coming out this we too,
charisma and I talked about upon you- want to be involved there. You want me to solar thou and she needs apart gas. She be awesome, you should get her in on the whole, I don't think I have. I hope I've never pitch that to you cuz. I wouldn't do it. If it's somebody with my friend wanted a podcast about a few people reach out I've, never pitched it. She should have a podcast should be awesome at it. I think we bring her on and we just do the life of Carissa. Yeah we just one of those like to our it just gets really deep. I think that's where we go now Do you want me to be honours it better with her? I think it's better with me off of it. Ok, But I was do women she wants to do it I will enter pick out, will have for their pick. You take the pic personally. If she says now go. That's keep Ryan off the sun. What she's gonna want me on it yeah I dare not yet, but will give her the chest I reseller next time
we talk. The NBA access will have shifted. That will be next week at some point and I will talk to the graveyard Alright, thanks the russillo. Thanks to Dazn, don't forget to go to Daz n dot com. You can get there in time to watch a couple fights this weekend thanks to proper cloth ordering a custom fit shirt has never been easier thanks to proper cloth. Ten easy questions create a custom shirt size choose from over twenty collar styles, ten cup styles, over five hundred fabric styles from classy business casual get to style. You want shirts made completely custom 4u, starting at just eighty dollars, stop wearing shirts that don't fit start. Looking your best with a custom fitted shirt, go to propercloth dot com simmons today and a gift code Simmons to save twenty dollars on your first shirt. Do it today enjoy the rest of the week in the weekend in the Big free agency chase, don't forget to go to the Ringer NBA show as well, where we'll be covering all
Are there be free stuff, as it happens to them Runaways.
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