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The 2021 NBA Over/Under Mega Preview With Ryen Russillo and Joe House


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo and Joe House on the eve of the 2020-21 NBA season for the annual NBA over/unders podcast. They make their picks for win totals in both the Eastern (2:00) and Western conferences (1:30:00), MVP, rookie of the year, most-improved candidates, and more! (2:52:00)

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We saw that time Code New said, wait a second, this pads three hours has there been a misprint them it s, something it's out a misprint. We're about to do NBA over others is the annual tradition is my heart. I present to you comin up next Ross You buy the Ringer Pack Ass network book basketball, The hiatus until the end of football season in them will finish season three, but the real watch was is coming back on Tuesday night doing, born identity may increase Frances stay tuned for that Miss me and cousin sow on Sundays, Pied Talkin NFL, that is there. I have one more pack s coming this week. It will be our Christmas day, be dropping on their very best to do the big, the basis, the longest packets
there and their over under sparse Fanny wellbred. Despite your house's air tickets, like the eleventh, it's love, stranger there with them ass, they back to the even free grantline days. We try to pick. We looked rather winters Gulliver under frequent. Then we forget who had taken somewhere on the internet will have a whole list of how we didn't and we would always be last night. We would always we get like somewhere between eighteen and twenty right and ten badly wrong with due lacks copy years ago, we added reseller to the mix, much like out when the rock was added to fast various sets. The three of us were in go through these teams.
Big wrinkled. The sheer house, as a calculator Marcello, has memorized all this beautiful mind style the wind percentage key, where instead of eighty two games and seventy two games so when you haven't over under like the Lakers, which is forty and half or silly, you look that at that reflects we go over, but then you have to buy away. The second is that forty, eight and a half is really fifty seven. So are you comfortable with the mass yeah? After a while I mean it first you're going on it's a low number for the bulls, and then you go right, so you just keep reminding yourself, but you right yet for you to have forty, nine wins the penny or you looked at it. There's devilish definitely out there, because I wasn't a difference. Some teams were there's like a two to gain variants on their total number, so if you're out their shop and you can find it and has even covered depressing- were added to the holidays, it's worse than ever, basketball. and gear and we get to gamble on a whole bunch of things. Have you been satisfied with the gambling option, setting it opening night? It's an absolute Christmas miracle.
Not only do we have the NFL turning the corner where right in the face of of play off NFL football, but basketball is starting eh. single bet that I love to make and lose an VP rocky. The year? All these? runners all division winners. I can't wait to give out a whole bunch of losers, so we're gonna do the west and we're gonna talk about for a couple days ago. Little- but we have over under we have division, we have conference title playoffs, I'm not gonna go through every adds, because we want to try to keep this two hours or less, but there's some really find opportunities, and the big thing with the answer came for the wind percentage. So I laid the sadness at the sea gas fur policy on if it's a higher went total. So let's say your sixty when team in a normal season. That's fifty two ends in the season
so when you see something like the Lakers in forty eight point- five that translates to about fifty five went. So I'm just going to rip this up, really quick. Sixty five wins equals fifty seven in this season, six equals five thousand two hundred and fifty five equals four thousand eight hundred and fifty equals four thousand four hundred and forty five equals four thousand and forty one equals thirty six. So, for example, Atlanta there over under is thirty six and one slash two. That basically means do you think the hawks will be a five hundred team or not thirty. Five weeks is thirty one. Thirty one slash twenty six. Twenty five months is twenty. in nineteen Wednesday, sixteen, so they got where do the West first, the Lakers are forty and half their minus forty two when the division, their plus one forty, when the conference plus two seventy- to win the title, this I'm I'll start a aside. This seems loaded me because their deep,
and I I don't know whether this tale and horrid Tucker thing is really no resell- has been in a bunker studying all they precision tapes to him, but if he actually turns out to be a viable do, they added a herald, the added Shrewder Wes mad. These replaces day in agreeing basically Marcus all kind of looming. I hate the Lakers Islands any scenario where they're not the best regular season team in the whig, unless the Bron basically takes twenty five cents season up. What do you see reseller yet another hour she feels low because they are clearly the now. You can pick somebody else, I'm all for people trying to eat a. Maybe you just don't want to go chalk and say we're going to repeat again. We got really used to that with Cleveland Golden State for a while. She want to try to do something different tons of respect, right now, you're lined yourself. You think any other team on paper is better the Lakers. It just is just not true, and I think the Dep BAR shrewder. I, like better than the combination of office of everybody, the zero offensive. Avery Bradley in a play off Rondeau exists because report,
she's Rondeau exists and the Dwight Travail thing work. way better than we thought it would just like to shut up the whole season to catch locks and give you some energy, even though, at times it was sort of annoying fake energy, where I think you can. Vote on the place like relax didn't bring em So the depth here is to write the tea. Hd thing is hilarious because he lit up in the precision, but if you really watch him he's actually kind of whoa and everything is below the rim and it works, and he also reads things Well in the half court, so I'm not knocking it just one of those days you like okay. This is why his profile was entire coming in so the only way you look at this number, I mean of Caruso's, third stringer on this team that saying something they bring back whose but which I think is more of a trade friendly contract than it is accused of friendly, like which is I'm shocked. He signed that, but maybe realises say my my. Numbers may go down even more with more depth. I normally lottery rights already, three four forty
the Blair option for the third year yet exactly, but then, when you look around and see what other guys you getting, it mean ices blown ACL these twenty million a year now look I'd rather have Jonathan Isaac a million times we're just because if we could be the charisma, but the boy The rattling off. All these guys do just more death, there's more options. They could throw more things at you, but I think it gets back to your initial point Leubronn and eighty probably coasts more now compressed schedule, knowing who they already are that I would still take the under, even though the number seems low in comparison to a normal. Eighty two game sees so house my counter. That would be helpful if somebody that I do feel I give Davis took the night off, you can ride him against some random tumor their plane. Ok, saying that psycho cool huh I was gonna work. You know will run pick. Rosin heroin have twenty eight points tonight and we can make it they can make up a fence in ways that they couldn't last year and even a foreign tuckers somebody that could be the care subvert for this theme coming off the bench. A hum. I don't know I I I think this team is deep. I think Davis.
What a my prediction does I do think Davis is going to make an Mvp run, whether it happens or not. I see Lebron doing the thing that where he really tries to push the Davis narrative, cuz Lebron's, going to play seven thousand five hundred and eighty This is I'm sure, he's gonna be resting for the for the purpose of it, but I could see the Davis thing becoming a storyline house. I know your drifting towards the over but make the case one where they are yeah, my drifting, I'm war hard on the overall biting down hard on rising up an added I mean I you know I did. I did burn a little sage in here to keep myself nice and and and calm and cool, but I can't be calm and cool when it comes to this Lakers number. I think even with those guys, Leubronn and Davis, taking turns on resting through the course of the season we ve just talked about. how deep they are there ready for a firm sort of everything across the board in terms of style of play.
You know, wedding role. Players arise to the fore building to apply off team that I mean there's a great reason, the thick or the. favoured to win the NBA title and I'm not going to. Because I don't like the odds, but I dont have another team ahead of them. I'm battened down hard on the over here. One other thing dimension with this. We see this happen, sometimes with the champion the year. After remember that, though it Celtics were like this, where the next year they have that championship kind of the pedigree, slash confidence and they kind of embraced the title defence piece of it. You know- and I actually could see them doing this, because what is one of the crucial things as they added some new character. Sometimes teams don't do that, sometimes they just say: hey. Here's! The same team again guys get bored. I think that affected the Cavaliers couple times there in the mid two thousand tense
I like that they have do characters that are be hungry to prove themselves, even getting so be thy Kara was kind of pissed off with how it were with the clippers somebody like shrewder, who was this throwing Carmelo Trade and was like this kind of coral quote bad contract he's got somethin approved recently cs swagger with them potential this year now. I'm gonna, go more on La Braun. Part of this is now that he knows exactly what he has to be done and it doesn't have to get on these guys. The same way I mean Le Braun is Bela check in the sense that a few our a certain way. You absurd per Sally Approach will soon, as you go to New England, Ogilvy somewhere was still there you, just gonna handle yourself differently, and I think Dwight is a great example of that, like I expect white to be annoying again in Philadelphia, because there's no one there other than dock to tell him to show.
We're all about you, just not gonna get away with that kind of stuff, and that's the parlor Dwight transaction that gonna keep me from towards this much let it go, but that part of the trans actually have to factor in. So when you look back to sixteen, they win the title the next year the cats come back or fifty one thirty one days they were the two seed they smash. Boston, really Boston is we see that was one of the war. Weird fifty three when one sees via the worst one sees we ve ever seen, but let's go to the neck you're, because seventeen eighteen Cleveland was a force You remember that aim. They went to seven games in the first round, the places the were games, but we just do they. Weren't is good yet, but I'd expect, even though this is the best team, I'm expecting the Lakers to repeat with the oddity of the season in the whale abroad handle these things in the past, especially with another year. I would
I gotta get old at some point. This isn't like as having any time soon. That's the approach. I would go with this number, so he over under under ok, has today about over I'm gonna make cow, get that get the video ready for this summit to make a real impact, pointer ready. I wish that we should have important point music with I have an important point. I don't I we heard this elsewhere, but I really I really feel strongly about this, so the brown has for anything about like that Brady run that Brady had worry one, the three. Then there is the drought, Dan, turns of Seattle. Many gets the three hour Sonny's at six rate, if you're the brown you're looking at this- we're like holy shit. I can actually catch M J. Now I have the best in this year by tee my team. This year's actually better them. last year's team, I'm not afraid of anybody, neither conference we can get to five and I think part of it has to be with the regular season. You don't wanna have like that. Two thousand seven-
calves. We were fifty one and thirty one were up and down, and you know leaking step to reporters and disappointed this guy. That guy, I think you ought to set the tone the whole season. I think you want to build these dudes up. You got Gaza Court and Tucker shrewder and build these guys up. Had them carry little pieces of the regular season schedule, while knowing you're waiting for this play. I think you building up Davis you're, like Davis, is the best part leave. He should win the envy p, though you know deep down near the envy. I think all this is about five has once he gets to five. If, if you pull it off to share Now he's went away and if you can t J the arguments over, like even me, I think I'm just the best part I've ever seen if Lebron gets to six titles and plays for twenty plus years and has every record of the books at some point. It's going to be an unassailable career house. I never thought we would say we saw a better part of the Jordan, but if she's going to do this for two solid deck,
I don't know. What to do now is its look. He already has an unassailable career and all Doing now is, is you know creating that stir a layer of of of legacy. he will always to me, be one b and that's fine m J, the best plan- saw MJ, never lost in a final, the mean that that's it. I dont need to have any more discussions with anybody about area Brady Brady was in that one be mode until he was until basically the Atlanta game and Priscilla we came out of the Falcon Super Bonnet was the greatest the goat he's the best it is due Oh he, the breakdown range where some things could happen over the next couple years, where we could leave this going he's the best stop it. Nobody is doing Again, we ve never seen that again, but he has to get the six titles of feeling. Ok, but now All you have to do is when two more times feats, thirty, six, thirty seven. So I understand what you're saying here in Europe is simply wrong.
There's been scholars and have argued that lebruns early, closer conversation, because his last you titles were the toughest titles in the history of the final savage that I didn't support. That comment by him. He sat by the way. I wasn't, he said I'll, give him right, here's what we may a virus, because on paper as good as it looks right now, but Should we also remind ourselves of what it was like during the regular season that it felt like every your change, your mind between Lakers in clippers. If you were a neutral observer of it, but you don't. I feel that this is a much better. Her team than the one they had last year. You mention like the wage avail, the I do think that brow, yachting datum is just better. No, it definitely is better, but it also was a teen last year that wasn't one of all time, great there are many other brown of a to entering the players. Who cares? It was the bubble,
they will. It was one of those little reminders you like how come this teams and playing better answers to pick them. They win the championship like I don't know what to do with them. We can just put that aside bad shooting bubble, not a big deal. I knew exactly who they were. I just think, even though I get your head Let's go out there and crush him from game one on Ireland. Many as required that way and knowing the quitter around here I bachelor bronze goody, more pace mode that he is going to be. I need to set the tone from Gamewell because he's thinking about how is body like he's very calculate, with the way, even approaches like attend game stretch where he'll come to understand that there are Lakers Games where I've seen him take off three quarters offensively yet still end up a twenty eight points, because he's that fucking good, but they just their rights. The difference with this year scheme is, he can play fifty eight out of the seventy two games and they can actually replace a lotta his production with the team. They have this
Last year they couldn't win that when he wasn't on the four last year it was really hard for them and the ito, especially of Kuchma's. What about my house, you buying kuchma stock or no? No, I don't, but I don't need them that's the beauty of what they have set up. Here I mean he's fine. They have him in exactly the role that they need him and they ve convinced him to take and an under market contract of to fill that role. I only need the Lakers the wind two thirds of their games to get right over here so far. There are forty, nine and twenty three? Ah, yes, yes, yes, it's not more complicated met, you're asking for fifty seven when season and you know what that's not a massive stretch. I know we've gone probably too long and Lakers, but there's one last thing I want to mention off of cruise. We spent a lot of time if we had doubts about the Lakers asking who the third guy was all the time. If you look around the league right now, we can ask about the third guy, because a who golden state was then because of who the Miami heap were and then what Cleveland was
once he brought love in return. Therewith Tiree, there's not really that three that scares you anymore, so we kept looking at the Lakers, wonder HU. The third piece was like it was mandatory for us to consider you a real title threat to have that third die. You don't really need it. You don't need it because you're not facing he team you not facing that warriors team or even that Cleveland Team and things right sixteen. So it's important thing remember about all of these seems chances stop using the word third eye argument against us, and that was the lesson in the Lakers last year. Do you know about that point? I think that was a third guy kind of stretch we just had for the league, but now I think the town is more equally spread out and if anything like the Lebron Davis thing has created this kind of new thing that you have to measure yourself against for a second, if you're playing them into plasters, can you handle that seem physically, and I think we saw a lot of teams this year. Look at look at how the Lakers were Bell and chow.
figure out. Well it for putting together a teen this off season out when we have to be that team, which was the same way, people that the warriors forever it. How do we beat the warriors while we need to do this? We need smart theme in it to be flexibility, we need wings. I can switch Andy and now people look at that Lakers Damon in like a vomiting, Michael, when doesnt a person's did racket Pakistan's you know they get calmly, but a t MIKE, like Port Lenny, you just have to look at our eye, is our quenched time team for plain the Lakers in play our fears and we have nurtured, covered thin and Gary trend and lowered Maccallum doing a chance against the Lakers. Like has. The answer is probably not right. You can't be too small scenario to boil exact Collins. Or maybe look out with hair jazz whatever, but
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they now they'll deftly made the play of something weird can happen. The west has the west is deep, but they basically flip terrified backer. They are, how do you agree with paying a hundred and twenty eight billion over the next four years for Luke commanded Marcus Morris cause? I did not. I dont like anything that the hookers and I can't wait to bang this under and I'm gonna. I mean this is a hot. I had a hard over for the Lakers. This is a hard under for me with the clippers that you look at that starting roster. You sent this around here. Beverly Paul George, while entered fine, fine, fine, Marcus, Moorish Search Box and then run Jackson, the World Bank's the benches were kills me, Reggie Jack, said Louis, who is the worst part of the plan every year, Luke honoured who's ever better plan game. Nick the term who's been the worst where the weak for two years and zoo bats. I don't like the bench at all
I don't understand whether chemistry is gonna, be better this year of any inside, that reseller, wiser chemistry can be better. This year still want a lot of games. Last year, though, then I was wondering if this number was gonna be too low, because there's a national Lakers clippers thing were now it's a massive clippers, hang over where everybody just thinks they suck because they files everything right all George, it's o what am I think than ever, going to college coaches, struggling s guy you go, you know, is not go in five and seven needs when it games. Yes, he's not one in the conference, so as I see it as a Vegas his on it thereon it this this numbers, a good number, I'm gonna go under because the collide part of it and that I think that is part of the deal with him. The we're part who is in a quiet future in general. I know they read the pall. George thing, I don't like the Moorish deal, but the more state was kind of because the way the rights work on one of those deals you have to actually overpay forgot. You know your overpaying forested of losing the asset for nothing. I like Conner
but more than others do about who I like search, advocate better the march resinous. So I'm not. That's the one eyed background that I fear. I feel the same way I dont. The sixty four million for markets. More is that that was reprehension I realise that as one of the worst contracts with the off season and cannot afford I wanted to see it can we see em like run crunched. I'm a couple times for this could perceive before were giving up sixty four million dollars. I just they d been irresponsible. The way they spent money in and trade through a pay. said all that stuff and everything is window when now and now I dont think their bed in the Lakers, like news, flash you're going to lose the Lakers in the plan of the state that so I feel I'd rather have a bachar than the mantra is which anybody thinks right now it may be that I I greatly I think, that's it. I'm surprised that that's iced, I agree. I thought everybody was kind of on that, but I mean I have also lay down we
I learned about who is really good for Toronto there in the celtic series. I couldn't believe that imply a market that is worth their best, I'm sets a little heavily when he was out there a funny thing with the sole deal. They got him at minimum money. It's not a big deal good for the Lakers torn other big body out there, but every guess all men, in that Toronto Boston Series was a wind from Boston if, if they played a box more they probably when that series, we know that thing with GSM thou. He at least Those where to go, what to do the finale time the metric send him were still pretty good defensively unease that went Howard. So he heard we're I under four the clippers I I thought that one of the most interesting sneaky things that happened over the last few weeks was that pop or Pa George Contract Extension, because we ve seen them do this. They did at the boy Griffin there cool max. You go man, you be here for a long time and then, as soon as they
shake worker, for they did. They got his ass out of their and turn them into some assets. I'm kind of amazed Paul George side that contract Khazar there make a super trade by me, I granted he guaranteed himself a ton of money, but they can trade that contract when, like at the half way point they, I guess, before the deadline. I know what the new rules for usually you signed the contract in July, you can trade. It like mid December was still on. The first number is still on the second year, the first yield number, But there is some sort of weird trade restriction with things that should anyone. I hope that I hope Pub Paul George doesn't think he's gonna be here for the next five years, because that at that that was a red flag contract has, he might be in your team. That's fine! Welcome the Washington, next, whatever nuggets over under his love, forty four and a half their minus one. Thirty for their vision, a turn for the conference. And they basically brought this,
in team back as last year with two crucial wrinkles. We have a german grants, gone cause, Detroit overpaid supporter, juniors gonna play more Jamaica, Green, who is atrocious in the timber Cooper Series and some members fool, let's bring back again but reseller. I know you ve done a lot of homework on for conduct capacity. The I love this guy, but I urge Paul George not eligible retreated JAL. After this year's deadline. She right, ok, it's gonna be the fog arrived at all when the finest So I can, however, you whatever you throw a c b a thing it bothers me. If I don't have the eyelids appreciate out there. So composite is a kind of the big x factor for the nuggets everywhere. Something our kind of guy Bible everyone thinks everybody better oaths go for. A guy here Here's dazzling passes, I love that, like dazzling, passes,
here's where this over and yours so hard for me to figure out. This is a logical trade them like. I think there is a James Hearted sleeper. I know that sounds weird, but if, if used in trading hardened They're gonna want a piece like Porter Junior in the trade. Somehow, there's a lot they could do if far if it becomes a fire sail for hard- and I have heard that Brooklyn is not nearly keen is on trading for James Hearted, as may be somebody has led us to believe, because, if you remember Might Antonia Steve NASH is the tenet on that team and is intimately familiar with. Mr Hardin and maybe bite bite has some insight and that whole thing and if it's a Philly thing, doesn't work out, it's going to be some random wild cartoon. There was some celtics rumors last week, which I don't,
dodge, but why? Why don't? You run out of his Very Egg Yedo attack, but I was unhappy about it, but I do think there is a possibility of a rope hardened team, and I didn't feel that way two weeks ago, because I do think Darrow is dug in on my cable decisions firewood and that during anything else, so anyway long story- short distemper number- might be too low. If there's trade where they can get a legitimate third guy, with some of the pieces ass, sorry about a forty five win over, which is fifty five whence yet. Oh I I like the old run this want to because you're still young enough to want to go into and they're going to have to figure out how to be better defensively- and I know people are going not about Jeremy Grand not being there defensively. I gotta say I don't know, maybe there's some advanced up, I'm sure there's some advanced off. That's it. I remember him shutting down wings all over the place. I just I just don't I
but on this corner the whole season. I don't understand that I never saw him shut down anybody and people are very divided on this. I almost sent a note to somebody going man Similarly, for Jerry, Graff and apparently Denver wanted to keep at like a pretty high number themselves, so I don't know its losing the asset worrying about it. They really liked him too. I think there were liked him more than maybe we would be led to believe. The thing would grant wanted to grant wanted to go to Detroit and of an office focus on him like he wants to be. The focal point, which is wide injustice absurd number. I just think that number so big for a guy- if I could forget you're out there for fifteen to twenty minutes of a game, then I don't wanna paid twenty million a year that just a simple rule. I have, I guess, I'm just a stickler, but they have to be better defensively in the weird
is, is, are they gonna be better defensively, knowing it Michael juniors in there or does it not matter if that I'd better defensively, because now, if its play off Jamal Murray, the version we just saw has never existed before aright. He went for The highest p r is ever had in regular she's was eighteen. He was a twenty four in the plan. You know like that number, his true shooting percentages like seven points better the plants that it wasn't any other point here, a monster we know how good Yoke itches, but if it's those three and poorer, continues to ascend offensively, then the defence may be ok, just being passable, because those three guys are scary at their best best version of them off sensibly, scaring that's why I'm still going over with this number over as well and to me it does all boil down to Mp J, and I think that
alone has finally made peace. They have a strategy and a game plan for working. We have to remember how recently Porter was hurt and how much basketball he missed. All up until last season like last season was genuinely a true rookie season any this time last year as well. So, I think, he's the difference maker. I love. The over here. They only have the wind forty five games to get there, that that translates to fifty one and thirty one. On the in an eighty two games season, animal that works here. The only case against it would be the West is to get so. I'm gonna make five job, so this package is gonna, be in two and a half hours that second ourselves, I'm gonna make five giant predictions during the course of this package
this prediction number one Michael put a genuine European Denver by the by the trade deadline. I think I think they will flip him into something sure whether they get hard and back or their the third team in a trade in their getting another awesome peace back. I think Denver. If I'm looking at that, some of them are and I could turn Porter Junior to establish, did whose really good with injury history that he has with the two guys that I have heard their young primes, I'm going for it. If I can get somebody,
good. I just said I had this feeling he's not going to be on that team now, if I'm wrong and he stays on the team by the way aggregators this incision stop. Making a bold prediction, don't don't put. No headlights dim is thinksport. This is where making fire predictions is one of my prediction now. The other part of this is one of porter's just really good this year, and maybe he becomes the third star in a way. We're still owe you love him. You got the potential of what he brought to them really from day. One. But yet now he's got to do it week in week out. Is it? Is it still too early for him when he think I would beat her to trade it? I just picked some of the stuff he does at that size. The ball handling in the pull up stuff. You like, okay, this is, why is number one player high school like this is ridiculous. I know it's defensive stuff sucks, but there are times when all these other guys would be hurt and
your mom still wouldn't play it and you're like. I do I get that he sucks on screen he's making all these mistakes. I think we should also make sure to we were mentioned like getting. Will Barton back is a big deal and Gary Harris is almost a nothing at this point, have been really expensive, but there's just they brought mill. Sat back, I don't mind virus in the class at the actually thought. I like that defence that he gave them in the plan. I still think it's viable to have a guy who can take some pressure off on that site house if Houston caused, Amber and says harden give us porter give us two Harris contract back. Give us will Barton, give us three first runners in to pick swaps over the next, five years would he say, get the fuck out of here GDP. I found no way. That's just way way way too much. You can't got both the supporting cast in the future
it's one or the other. You don't get all of that for for James Harden milk. I get that that put you in the vision where your one injury, one dumb rolled ankle away from completely being out of of the mix in the union in the play off run. So I am also- and they get the fuck out of here camp because I don't like the fit a hearted in yoke. Ich I doubt, would actually hurt my soul to see. Yokels shoe is what are my favorite like unselfish boss, moving everybody's about basketball players, kind of standing at the side as hard and goes. I saw when you think Russia I'd have to know what hardens goals are a major you wanna come up here and in score thirty five game and not extend your contract. Then it's a no. It's no. What do you want to be here? I mean I would be comfortable training for harden unless I will hardon city allay ways already tried. Houston. It Lana minutes by the Boston thing, never Any sense to me, because what you are really gonna do this again after you just gave up stuff retiree need and want to be there the whole time
about mass and think it really really upsets me here so are gone over for damage. Next theme is doubtless, which is forty two and a half would be the overall that would put them in the house. forties in in real life there minus one, ninety five for the division, ten one of the conference, twenty two to one to one This is a weird off season. I think they try to keep. You know are hubs for two thousand and twenty one with the Yanis and and maybe whoever else and then Jana sign the supermax, and I think a lot of people are surprised by it that they have some valuable pieces. They have the Hardaway Jr contract, which is expiring. They have more tradeable contracts in that Richardson's. A tradable contract, Maxi Kleber, is tradable. There's the porzingis if he shows anyting when it comes back from injury, is Possible tradable one, but I don't think that sir they got better. I feel it they went sideways so this over runners.
Ran where I thought we would. You think house, dammit, was my line. I think this is the number I mean that it's it's like razor, sharp, because Zanger isn't. During the season healthy, we don't know, and in January he's gonna show up and with this team, if LUCA, MRS any time at all that puts this total in in jeopardy. The it's a forty, eight and thirty four forecast based. I You know forty three winds in this format that were using and they have to have a solution to the thing that egg experience in evidence last year, which was being the Worse, clutch team in the league to an eleven and game decided by three points are less seventeen and twenty four in games within five points were five minutes left in the game and you we,
There's all all of the chatter out there. The Pandit he is all over LUCA for Envy P and that a disconnect for me. If use your m bp than you can't be the worst clutch team in the league. Again he's gotta, take another leap and that leap has to be at the end of games closing out games, because he is only two guys have the ball. It's him and Zanger, and in order that this this team, like I say it, is raised her thin their margin for for any kind of injury to LUCA would he have RSA presented displayed in Turin. Forty three games he's MS two hundred and sixty, and here we go again so this number projected forty three wins the forty nine. That is the good number it's gonna fall in line with where they were seventy last year, the dodge is as real as it gets he's probably gonna get better, which scares you, but the present, as part of this scares me
so that's right, say under even though its very clear the owl Caesar what they tried to do. They want to get tougher. They wanted to try to fix this defence that was a sieve and play ass. They could do much a lot of guys say where no one could do anything without which they add Richardson should be better than he wasn't Philadelphia. He was kind of a disappointment cuz. I was like him for the end of the Miami run and then James Johnson, you could just beat up anybody. So are they going to do? things around dont again, it's basically it's a lot like the harden stuff that that we had seen in Houston, and maybe that's why some the late games situations didn't work out because it can be a little more predictable. Maybe it's randomness random missing number turns back around it presented this it's an over for me, but I dont know he misses almost a third of his games, his career as much as I do the skill set that scares me in the overhear souci under for me house, you and under I want to take under just just because of what?
low articulated, although I will say I think Josh Richardson feels liberated every single story. That's come out and his shooting, since the UN in this pre season, it's been. A revelation is like: oh, that's, the guy that really thought that they had. They just couldn't figure out how to unleash that because of a bright brown issue. Well, but here's the thing I think he was it: dressed ass, it did. I I really like said correct. I did a good job for downsized year, but Richardson is a three d guy who go This really weird team that has just a bunch of big guys and then as soon as Simmons goes out. There actually asked him to be like a creator, and you know what he is he's somebody who should play with Luka Doncic and just like just worrying about these two things, three d and running the floor, and that's all I'm worried about how things can be really good for them. I am going over for this reason I do think Lukas. Gonna win the envy p, I D.
The three I had four envy Pierre him and Davidson and the rent and the red sides were thirteen one in they dropped a genuine will get them. When we talk about Brooklyn, I think LUCA had the best second season, the history, the league. I expect it to be a little bit better, here's the case. I think if, if you are like a Leubronn Jordan type of offence of aware- which I think he has the chance to have their career offensive with those guys had your guaranteed fifty wince right so abroad, and oh six, fifteen thirty to the broader, no seven, fifteen, thirty thirty two away, they they went forty five and thirty seven. That was that a team that had like that team was so bad form a sporting cast
he's, got a little better and then was sixty six and sixty one and nine and ten four winds. I just think Luke is a guaranteed fifty wins and by this math just over as like in the high forties, so all right, but still be down for the over. I just think he's guaranteed fifty yeah. I know that's why I think the hardest things actually good example there to not only approach offensively, but I mean hard when things are. all is probably good enough to drag anybody mean for all the times. You talked about not liking it. It wasn't like they were going thirty and fifty two. There are still when games right, and that might be the judge a tractor there. So you know it's funny. I was people have made. It seem since the hard hearted thing self combustion in everything that
It didn't worker with some sort of failure. Whenever the culture there's been stories about the Rockets, culture fell off the rails and there's been a lotta ended no bookstores other stuff. The rockets were really successful. They were the third best team Verlag three straight years. They went sixty five games. went Toto with those with really great warrior stems two years in a row, and I don't feel like that was it other. Even now, as we ve talked about a million times, they the policies and failures and some of the stuff, a pardon is gonna, hang on him long term, but that's it. Really good and I don't I don't get that who earn and think like our man. What were they think it like? I don't really get. Sometimes you can't win the championship, but you could still have a really good run. You ah overlanders, forty one and a half which translate, You like that.
Seven when range supplied that they just like a bare yes somewhere there. They just Sancho, bear to a giant extension to adjourn five million five years there, plus two twenty two when the division, their endeavours division sixty one for the conference minus three fifty five to make the playoffs and its basically the same thing as last year that they added their favours house over under it's an over for me, and the reason is because they are not exactly the same team as last year. It's the return of boy, I'm not bogged down boy, I'm you boys get on those. Do. Thank you very much that the biggest uncle to me wise, are damage and does not doubting the Mitchell's nickname. I don't know. I just did that our Donovan Mitchell Z, the image like that's like a middle aged white,
make me ass. I got Reimer I'm fed added the day. David got hammered out my bachelor party. What image asleep he rubbed his truck. These get all the sheet rock back there. yeah I love you too. I think this is a really soft number main forty, seven Wednesday vague exceeded that last year. I I think there was kind of an existential crisis moment for them about go bare and Mitchell coexisting, but I think they're there passed that and their their deep their loaded and make absolutely are the equal to me of Denver I like them. I'm gonna bet on them to win their division. Roger said that part about Denver, because we still know it's it's a shot away from this being entirely different. Organ up same old Nuggets II, which is a little and drive, made a mistake before, because it is still a newer group. I just felt in the past people talk him up, I guess
Going on that analytics team that everyone loves years ago that golden State beat in the first round when you were like yeah, I know they have eight or nine guys, but I'm not that impressed now getting the rails here. If the nuggets are at forty five or forty four and a half and and Utah's you know depending on the book through four winds behind them, I thought there actually pretty close and Murray turned into something that we just Evans. before so relation, or that is where you taught Mitchell also had a play off run, whereas a holy shit. This guy again, like I'm glad I'm seeing this He and go bear got over it because a money, I'm scared to death, the Gaubert contract. I be scared, that's do it I don't know all the theories behind it, probably part of its you towering about losing anyone, knowing that this is still probably pretty good that fifty one range in a normal season. Also new ownership coming in. Maybe when I haven't heard this boat makes sense of new ownership, decided I less. Let's ride a big check, so it doesn't seem like air first impression. Is that we're gonna? Let somebody go, but I like to starting five but Donovan being back com.
We, he can't be worse than it was last year that she shot it pretty well, they took a deep defensively, but the favours thing probably helps because now and said to her favours and go bear work together, favours just in one go bears off, which is a big problem for some of their defence of numbers to say now it's a favours and clerks and second unit. Maybe a little jingle G switch off angles. But I like this and I like it- I like the over, because I still think I like you Tom, maybe more than most people do and maybe because I liked him too much. Last year, I am also going over just because I think the numbers to low I, we left out one piece colonies in expiring in its like thirty four million, and I did that gives them some options especially
as the season goes along and we are going to have teams trying to get off money and maybe longer contracts, things like that that Conley piece, if they want to move it. If he doesn't look that great and they want to move and expiring, to take somebody's money back. That's maybe three years left on the deal, something like that it gives them options at people listening. I swear we're not going to go over for every team. I actually think the west is kind of top heavy which brings us to the next team that I like. the Portland Trail Blazers. This is going to be one of my bowl predictions in a second. There are brothers, thirty, nine and a half. They were three hundred and ninety to win the division. That's basically dropped so like three hundred and ten two hundred and twenty eight thousand two hundred and fourteen the conference. Fifty five tour- The title everybody fell all over themselves praising near the chaise offices. In our eye. It actually left me lukewarm, except for the cover
the trade. But what I like is, I know what they're crunched, I'm five is lowered. The column Covington CARE, Trent markets. They somehow you don't have. A backup guard which I do understand they sound like sixty adds some have backup whickered, but they do have adepts in the swing in and, more importantly, against, a team light, the Lakers date they can throw kanner at that, They could throw your that China is an obvious ignore. Kids, you, I think I think market is one of the most Andre to poison league. I really like this Portland theme and I think they threw people after sent last year because they had such a rocky regular season leading to the bubble when they kind of came through. This is gonna, be one of my lacks. I love you over of forty, which basically nets at the lack of forty, seven and thirty five season. and I think, is really special Blair and I you know, he's candidate, the the
man, staff and a lot of ways when you compare them for other stuff step did, but he ever thirty points a game. Last year he was awesome the bubble and, as is especially as a regular season, I think he's a pre special regular season guys. So I'm going over house, it did tiny tiny over for me, and I'm not just saying that, because I want the soccer moms do not be mad. Zaka miles. I think this team still has a ways to go in terms of defence. They were a historically bad defensive team last year. It is exactly now what they did. in the bubble was formidable and commendable. What about becoming wonderful that cover the coming anything? It is what it is or what about Covington? That's! That's precisely the point you beat me to it, but that's that's a TBD I don't know the answer as to whether or not he's gonna be
a meaningful impact for identity changing guy in terms of of this team any defects and would have been better. How do they want because they traded they traded to first topics for him, so they better hope is Priscilla. Where do you stand on coveted these days cause? I know I've changed my opinion about steps. I really liked them, especially in this role. The he just brought a talk to someone then Houston think sucks for everybody else. It wasn't hardener airport. It really did it Peter Tucker had fun. I was like this. This is awesome and I love Pga Tucker era. Gordon pull up Westbrook like why working with those other guys. So when I look at covington- and I saw little things that he was doing with houston- I was I- I'd love to have a guy like this on my team, so Covington went from this unbelievable story, Philly and then he's all over the place and Ill Darrell pick an amount kind of fitting in perfectly insane hey. We don't even need centres, anymore text, you very small
move by him and I don't mind at Portland in a win now thing. I think it's pretty clear. They look at this window and say we gotta go for this and the other thing and it's not even an over correction is just a correction because between that Jones additions. It was What are we doing with small force? We need a better situation, was buffers. Remember they had free Camino. About alchemy know they had more heartless. They had some combination of guys forget the worst player in the leg, barrows Zonia they had to play you get. It is the wrong system bill. You know. That is those elements that system is called the NBA there. They they clearly wanted to to bring depth to this. This part of the team that they just in any one. You asked Melodius starting Small forward is the mellow stories balanced out, because a defence, but remember one number, this group, that's basically back now with Covington and Jones.
was sixteen in a normal, healthy season, defensive efficiency, so they were terrible last year there actually middle of a pact, but I'm just be that that forty six, this is a forty. So if you're go sir, if you goin over their number of forty one season, so that's a forty six will win season in normal season. It's a really it's the perfect number there. I guess he's gonna go slightly under fade. You two guys even I can understand the argument over I'll go on but be that as it under I'm I'm going lock over. I also really liked them, though, in the division of plus three ten. I just like the ads. I think portly damper you tat, I did. Those teams are I'll even and you could make a case that lizard is the best where, on those three themes And he's he's not a stealth Mvp candidate, because his Mvp Piazza actually pretty good. I think he was like in the
sixteen one, seventeen one seventeen, but I just, but I just like that. I now now going to start fading. Sometimes, let's start golden state There are one thirty, eight and a half which translates to about what forty six whence forty five. When team forty five win to take their over right, so we just did date. Thirty nine is forty five in this exercise. They are minus one, fifty eight to make the plants plus one twenty eight to miss the Playoffs House, yeah. Curry, Wigan Zoo, Bray, Green Wiseman, Sir starring five want a maker they merely bays more Pascoe loony. Is the bench pretty pretty shaky there's so much riding on staff, curry for this team to get to a forty, five and thirty seven traditional type of and bases, and he would have to be like mid two thousand tens staff courage because
he's really the only creator they have and this entire team are you under overheads. I'm under I don't like where this roster sits we were wet without clay. It's it's a heartbreaking, bump pause, mete out, it's really cause. We were really site. We were all geared up to see the intrigue of this team back in the mixed with this western conference as its currently configured, I think dream on is, is on the way down. Not just the downside, I think, is on the way down side. Now I dont think he's gonna play a lot and you hit the most important point, which is this team cannot afford step to miss any games and staff has done nothing but Miss games the last three seasons, he EMS, thirty one games in seventeen. Eighteen, you miss thirteen games and
ten nineteen and last Jerry be played a love in five game. So this this is a team its asking too much of staff, and you know I don't know what what what the point would be like they're gonna, what fired into the seven p M spot is it to get bodies into their new fancy stadium? Well, during is that the idea? Here's here's the x factor, the the wise man thing? I think they love Lisbon and, I think they'd think Wiseman has a chance to actually be like pretty special, and I dont know what to expect from him. The sheer I think, long term, there really bullish on him if he is good this year. That does a lot of nice things for them, because it allows dream on to a kind of freeze dream on up to go back to being dream on instead, like this super undersized centre, basically any just gives them the settled,
This is in that they ve never really had that spot, so thou be the experts but I I just don't think they're going to have enough offense and that conference is loaded. What do you think we're still up there? This is part of my bigger western that I have an Easter version of this that the bottom of the west is so good. Okay, these are talented. it ball teams, the only team that absolutely socks. His old Loma City, radio, oh my god, their terrible minnesota- might be the second worst team in the west. Maybe it's where their total denotes right around that battery of Moveth. Yet third worst her totals and it still a talented basketball team like what I fancied Edwards is actually good minutes to it. You run on here, but the priests and break down all the stuff. So because of that, where there's just less nights off, then maybe it any time. I remember in the West: that's why I'm trending under on some of these other teams. Now I would point out that there is, for at odds on this, where you're going a golden stay in going over thirty and a half. That means thirty nine wines, which is forty five winds and
season I've seen number, also at thirty six and a half. If you think Hague, Steph Currie, they're gonna go five hundred. That's what I wanted to do. as is team staff over here as the guy that sends out the buttons when you said in your little mailer running the liberation of the basement here that the curry Fan club, where who else is getting shots off in a new brain is dependent office of player. I mean, unless they get out, run all night long, which I'm not sure they want to do that dream on is somebody you can ignore, weakens he'll weakens section nineteen scoring last year, and I can tell I still go out whatever so Take me to get have twenty thousand points and we're all gonna wonder what the fuck happened they. Haven't I like what we take up by like the version of Wiggins when it was clay instead when you go, and I will your athletic enough when everybody helps off a you're gonna eat. But now you can really just focus everything on staff and then ask
wagons to beat you in isolation. I mean get Minnesota retry that so this this numbers and under for me, maybe you played an over if you think they're good enough to at least go five hundred, if you can find the number little bit lower, but I want to talk self and would over, but I just don't know where the office is gonna be because everyone is just going to clamp down on staff and staff is built in a way that in oh, it's not like he's gonna beast, you the whole time well, it is also weird season you had. This condense season envisages a normal eighty, two game seizing the guide, the rhythm of the seas, and maybe they could maybe staff could pull this off, but the fact that it's a little condense, it's a pretty big workload and also how do I look like the motivations if you're the warriors, which is really smart team day? I want to come out of the season with wise men being an awesome ass. It like I care the most about getting curry back to being a high
famer after coming out that that wrist injury, but more importantly, like I want a year from now. I want wise men to be like an impact guy, so I'm almost like playing him even more than maybe he should be playing on plan. Some of those young guys like pass Golan loony What I want to see everything I have: it's not like they're gonna make the finals without clay son happening. If clay was on this team at the we'd be looking at this completely differently, and I would think it was like a fifty five when team conventional season by worry we're in violent agreement, and then I'm really an incentive to do anything other than what you're describing witches see what they got yeah, I think to be a fun team that can be done Buddy Anna given day, but I think they'll be around five hundred. I wouldn't do the rest of the western second taken it. Break. I come next. The hot team do you're in the sleeper conversations
next, since there are renders thirty seven half, which translates to about forty four winds and a real season there might as well thirty two to make the playoffs fifty five to wonder when the title for fuel and ambitious, I really like their moves, the offices and liked the Chris BAR trade. I love the Jake greater signing, didn't like it they would spend pick as much. I would have loved that if they took our guy Halliburton there and made him like the third guard sure we all liked what we saw from eight and last year, and I get it this. This is the blueprint of a team that should be a plastic him. I almost wish there were in the east by question. Is reseller? Is there a little too much positive buzz for the steam? No gesine good Booker's grey?
Chris Paul was great again last year, so for anyone making thee, while not sure I mean take about Paul, just did with that of the home city team last year that when she saw when it came down to it, mean every book it they had a score was a process against the Houston Rockets. When the Rockets have runs off instantly were like thunder, just can't hang with them and if that's it, that's that went seven games is remarkable and in Paul is good enough, in this now this set up where he has another score. He didn't have anybody like Devin Booker on the thunder, and we haven't close to that in a tan is turning into. I think the five that you actually care at the end of games. Why? And on top of that, that count partners Paul gotta, be for those two guys in that that that Rubio is bad luck. is all about a very dramatic impact than those days. Yeah. Look, I'm just gonna guessed it in an Booker and relate more appalled and Rubio. Just does the hatch just about their substituting, to which I like I do have guys who could come on the bandages bomb subsidiaries
You never know J prouder which shooter up and- and I think, bigger some other franchise it and would say the same thing and the camera a thing was kind of weird, so we could sit there and say a each one more, each one more like a professional players like he's gonna be ok, I gotta get killed camera John and for all the hate that we had for like a twenty four wheel. Traffic he's been all right in in I dont know where I love to see him you have a little bit more freedom and maybe that's freedom on the second units. So that's a really good starting five, their play off team. I be actually shocked. I is much is theirs everybody's this put, let's face it. If that teams, not the playoffs, that's something went wrong yet Crespo got hurt. I think I have them seventh in the West end they're gonna meet the plants ass. What you think I had an exact same spot. They played seventy three games last year in the funky season the last year
ended up being and they one thirty four of those seventy three games and what we are asking them to do essentially is when for more games now too, to hit this over and to me money Williams is worth all for games I mean Chris Chris Paul is one thing for sure, and an enormous impact but Molly Williams, that what to me was the secret underrated addition for this team. He's, peas, absolutely beloved, he They have rallied around him. He instilled in that team, a competent he gave them a goal: let's go win every bubble gate and by God they went out and one rebel game. Armani Williams believer: I love the over for this team. So how does this? But I have definitely been dabbling in the sports garden. Get and been enjoying like some of the air
just seeing who people are fired up about there's so much Booker Ricky Card, like a big Booker's Ricky card, is worth more than I Bob pellets sailor. There are better rigour idea. It's like people read a book like he's, already won the M Vp there's so much Booker Buzz right now in a The way I feel like he has about as much at stake this season as just about everybody because He's been this guy's been on a bad team. We ve all said he's really good. He's really has abandoned and important other than these bubble games, or they didn't really have a chance to get the aid seed anywhere. They win eight. No everyone, is treating him like he's a top fifteen guy, and I think he actually has a chance to be this year like he could be a thirty more seconds team on NBA, NBA guy. This is a nice team for him. You have veterans, you shooters, you have a you, have a big band. You have a hall of Fame Point Guard. I fully expect him to have an awesome year and Russillo if he doesn't.
That's on him. Yeah. Just there's also version as to something goes wrong. Paul could opt out and do a three year extension. Instead of the forty plus million. I mean it's a huge number, so appalled actually plays amazing. You find out. Eight there's another big deal out there for you on bodies at an age to re. You'd have to worry about the extent, numbers on that years, wise, but then it could get ugly. I mean etiquette, actually get ugly, so the book or poor I mean I'm surprised, because all remember a time not only by making this up, like you weren't, always the biggest Booker guy either I did I guess the seventy against the Celtics when they would, they lost that game, and then people made a big deal. I got in care that they made a big deal. I read on social media of the team stock and he's got a million. People sliding lay buried in player on the world championships, that's what it was yeah and then are the sunset about him elect. You know, I think, has never been a plan game. He couldn't you could use the experience.
was really viable for brown and data, but I think he's really good and- and I hear somebody that is not an empty p candidate but his if here What kind of season could be a second theme or thirty might be a guy potentially rights. Gone over them Now I went under by the way I'm going under where you going our third morning. I ass with all that being said, I am going under, is I think, at the bottom of the West, in the top of the west can be so competitiveness because records to be lower than normal play off entries, so the young going over and houses going over the rockets I'm just going under. I don't, like anything, that's happening thereof- are under thirty five and a half and dropping their minus one, thirty eight not to make the plants plus one twelve.
make the play ass. The hum I write off the over. I don't I bet you unless, unless you re all right, why? Because the hormone part of it, we all share a right, the hard part of it. That's exactly the point right like isn't there a world where he stays a good portion of the season. Now, absolutely I want it. There's a there is a world in which she starts sitting out games trying to force the Chadian, see that that that would be terrible for the league right, because we had a version of that with Anthony Davis, but at least Anthony Davis had the cover of being in his contract season when they were doing it wasn't, and they know it out, that's wrong. They hear that two and a half years left that is still ass. Then I had an option so here he said he wasn't gonna stay with Bell Rang when they, when they put em when they was officially. I like it that next the following year, we I a bright. I understand, I'm gonna, give you they're bench us
before you say over. Can I just really the names on the bench Ben Makko, more sterling brown? The bark is cousins. Canyon, Martin Junior, I probably somebody left up, I think, they're deeper than last year. I think this is a better Harrison. the last year by year. Another less have you been there. There now is on league pass again is actually about, Thirdly, I thought I had before those guys will I gotta tell Ya Wall cousins turn around the steam could make some noise I had on gender is by the way Christian. Would twenty seven intends? by previous again. So the christian weird thing is that one piece I can't by head around. I have no idea whether traded and keep em. Detroit did for months now right now, but he seems exactly the type a guy you keep and then, if you use
all the weird shit that happened with them, but one of the things actually did that was smart, was trading Covington for two pics and then basically signing Christian would to be in the Covington spot. You do that every time they basically traded Covington for christian wood into fur. Matters. I think he's good. I just think this is a really really weird team and that's before we get into like They are going to be an app hey, Pga Tucker, we know is unhappy. The Jaguar things can be weird, the ongoing under so research? I gonna learn how you're going over there. I just didn't when thirty six games based on this now many them to be five hundred good, that, by the way The christian world thing required follow up, I mean there is aversion were guys who started. Only fourteen games in five seasons doesn't work out fair. I dislike him yet! No! I I like him too when I see the efficiency numbers for somebody who played twenty one minutes, a game in sixty games for the first full season
like it look pretty good. It was pretty good, but maybe if we ve made this mistake before with bigger guys or we gotta go, pics of something and then it wasn't over there, I'm not knocking the transaction. I think the choice should have tried to keep him, but now it's turning into like push Tricia. Would you have thought this? Guy was putting up big numbers here for five years away is being talked about and it's basically now a full season. I guess I'm putting it in context of wood. I rather pay Christian would three four forty one order rather pay Marcus Morris for years. sixty four million envelope of the other terrible contracts that it yet plum way. The Lucan art extension at some of once around the whig. I thought were just kind of shockingly irresponsible will turn when there's a p. I make no attendance, everybody so worried about season. Ticket renewals in numbers and joy but then there, like, ok, cool Gordon Heyward for thirty player with set. Let's do that. I just a kid I just can't get over some of the contracts. I really can't there. There is twelve to fifteen, just
completely idiotic contracts that I couldn't stand next, one New Orleans, thirty three and a half. So if we go to the when percentage, syllabus that puts them in the high thirty's in real life, I dont know what neurons is game plan is here. Are a young team that's trying to build something for the future? Do they want to be good like how do you explain Steven Adams, four hundred and eighty million years, a contract extension during a market when, like a Baca's diagonal in a year, the time since nine billion, giving Stephen atoms eighteen million, I thought that was weird. The blood something's gonna be weird, but so Alonzo BAR together is weird J, J being on team with lawns about air, but sowed in us of this, hangs than Ingram got supermax Zaire we have no idea if he can play fifty games, which last seventy two
I'm just going under right. I think this is a weird team and I don't fully understand it. What do have house? I, like this team, withstand Bang Gandhi. I think that this team was missing and an identity missing a lots of pieces. There was just a team in flux and it all boils down to Zaire. And where he fit in well. With this team, I think, if, if Zaireans capable of playing most of season and steer. Man Gandhi can convince this team to play some defence. I like the balance of a few vets with even atoms and J J and Eric Bledsoe, so Eric Bledsoe still place pretty good defence, and I think that they, you know therein a tough division. The reason to fade them is their division sent
five teams to the bubble. Another reason for them is they look terrible in the bubble, but I think Sb G is a a important interjection into account, aiding something for this team- that's professional salmon Gandhi when he goes to a new team, helps those teams, Lee hit there over. He has a good track record with that. So I'm there have the wind thirty four games for this to be an over there and under five hundred team to win this bet. I like it. I do not reseller away so for talking thirty four winds to get you over. I liked the over, even though I like here's the weird thing I like that players on this team. I may not like this team, but I'm just gonna go with it. I'm gonna go at the over that at the back court scared. The shit out of me
because there's no shooting Alonzo, there's no shooting with blood all the Alonzo looks like I don't know it happen, whom maybe the bubble do we know that it wasn't the fat ball that was playing in the bubble, Alonzo just two, bubble off of the outer space which bodies yeah jello it'll do their job, It was then there's that allows as possible yeah- or I guess, he's the good looking one not to One, but what I'm saying is. I was really excited lawns own. The regular season, the Eet fixed, a shot. A little bit was possible and then the bubble he was atrocious again and at least The priest stuff, like manna, shouts the best ever look from him, but I wouldn't put him down as a shooter let's get a scream shooter when the rotation is often everybody s clothes out on an Ingram at small forward and then what Stephen Atoms and the way everybody plays now like. I don't think you want Stephen Atoms enzymes way, but what I think New Orleans was demo. They definitely trying to do this. They were so, bad on somebody's like it was a lay up general at times against him defensively
so that's why they bring in Adams. I dont understand the extension either, but I get what they were trying to do so if they, rotations. No state can figure out a way to get some rotation sphere where their shooting, maybe science, playing away from Adams. But if it's closing I'm with Adams, Zion and ball and blood so back their proof I think we're going to have trouble with their spacing Stan as a better good coach than ten years, and just going to point that out, he did a bad job. The entire time is in the tree and he worse is a job. I think this team should run and I dont know stand gotta run I'm going under. I think it's weird team and I beg ultimately this did I also don't. We The Ingram Williamson Adams, as by frontline, I think, that's a pretty weird frontline.
So how can I? I didn't like the minutes that Ingram and Zion had together either at that Ingram work, the lot better ones iron was of the deal then, when he came back at I don't know it's. I dont like the fitted the steam the next time I do like it's, the Memphis grisly and this is gonna, be one of my board predictions, their plus one, eighty four to make the playoffs They're over under is thirty one point five there by its play after I did, the grizzlies make the playoffs and I swear Chris Byrne and was a jedi mind trick in me, but I think JA. This is my second bowl prediction. I think Josh is going to be a top twelve, the sheer that top fifteen top twelve. I think he is going to ascend the same way LUCA did last season. I visas four. I just think he has it.
I really do. I think he has a leg. Brooks chair, Jackson's come back soon. Hopefully I still like having Yonah say I think Gaza, on a significant, your valuable in the abasing Khazars, only a few of them and you can get good minutes from them with us. Coming back Brain Clark was great. Last year I there's a great vibe with this team and I think they have a superstar and I have them pencil them for the eighteen, I'm going over thirty one and a half ass yeah I like over as well. I too tried to stay away from Chris Vernon, as I was making my assessment of this team, but they they took care business. last year and that is the hallmark of a serious franchise, a serious coach, a serious organization. They are twenty four in sixteen against teams that were under five hundred last season, so they look. This is the old spurs trick right. This is why the spurs have gone over fourteen the last eighteen
seasons. They look at their schedule and they look at about a whole bunch of teams that they know they ought to beat and they go out and beat those teams. The other thing that the grizzlies did last year there were fourteen and thirteen against the east again sizing up teams that they, they think that they can go out and and and- snatch games from and then go hidden did at my. My only concern at all with this team is a second score with with joy I want you dare to be all the way back healthy, but I'm without would be the only reason tat said to tap the brakes, but we need them to get a thirty two wins for this. The head. This is I'm joining you in the over. This will be one of my locks. I know Russo is going to fade us just to be a dick, not even cuz. He feels when we're there. I just feel like this is just a is dad coming for. Priscilla will. You know me I'm going under I'm gonna under other soon, because no weirs
as our thoughts on we can sit here and think it stay at seventeen times in the west again, because pretty significant to the seven teams were, and then you, when you're, adding in Portland you're, taken out Oklahoma City and you're at taking out Houston. So I'm just going with, despite my concerns about New Orleans, making the playoffs in front of Memphis so because I have New Orleans on the overall taken Memphis on the I'm gonna go with the under Even though I do love, I do love that back up like they have a bench group there that lit up statistically last year with Clark, Nan, dumb and mountain bike, grace it Alan's contest, this year has seen the air. I I really like this team. I like watching my watch. We almost of their entire prices. Neither I started the reason you are emphasising re, emphasising why you like them by saying the gray sounds: gonna start
but I was now is what sold you on it. I'm afraid I'm offend this admission, periodic jam ray you're deftly not listing. I believe I believe I bought you Ricky card amid so and sanitary. I do not believe twenty nine and a half is the over under. and that translates to MID thirty, thirty, two thirty seven and forty five, thirty six and forty six type think they're, plus three sixty to make plans minus five hundred not to make the plants that great I might Can this time and why I am going under is I feel it they're gonna be sellers as we get to the deadline of the rose and in a contract you have on Georgian a contract. Dear Anne
spurs, are smart there going to be snow showers brazilian? This is this is a team that active and kind of looking ahead long term. It feels like it's finally time to sell. Are they have expiring contracts with the rose and it almost twenty eight million Rudy Gay's at fourteen point, five Lamarcus is a twenty four million. I can't believe you actually start to figure some things out last year in different times where I was at way. Are they actually going to make a run at this again? There. Not as bad offices. They weren't defect surcharges on defence last season to bring all those guys back out there. They take a million long two's. I mean it is new GM technically, but I still think pop calls all the shots there, But I just want to remind everyone like this is where the national perspective as important, going through every thirty team preview in and cap sheep. I want to say this a couple times night: everybody, two thirds of the teams have the
massive, I should say everybody, but when you go, may we have this expire contract? We have this expire contract. What are you going to trade it for when there's all these other teams that also had these massive expiring contracts with is actually competition for it. So what are you actually think that you're going to get back? That's actually up a cornerstone piece of your franchise. Moving for maybe you're able to absorb something you'll take back a bad deal, but then it's a bad deal. So what do you want that player maybe get a fur? Rob protected, pick us up, but these these transactions that every fan base talks themselves into like what we have all these expiring is the GM tells you they have it all the time they tell they sell the media, sells it for these teams at all. I gotta have, though these expiring. Most of you are going to do nothing with it. So, yes, they have big expiring. What are the spurs, artisan God? It's are taking on bad players and assets. When there's gotta be competition for the exact same players, it could be moved to other teams, the same expiring, so that's got out at eight. I could see them do and like the two rows in four Gary Harris and a first type of
type of boobs right where you that's a very at our younger guy. That has potential that maybe an indifferent setting who had some real skills get upset I dont morning Laissez. Do we want to spend twenty million and play with no can't plan office right for a first round her from a play off too the next five years. When I say there sellers, I dont think they're turning a hydrogen de Rossa day thinks So I just know you're, not. I think they're gonna try to grab you now submit late for a bit late first round picked for those two guys as it goes along in order to me as a really intriguing Erasmus little bit of link us all in Memphis. Try to change this. All Toronto ended up with them a few years ago, but though, all the said, there's a gazelle marketers I gotta know is unhappy, and then he went to Toronto is good. I to be outraged as somebody that could really swing. You know occur around or two for a plan to him. If you know his aim,
we need data. Will contract is in the mid. Twenties seek patchett together, but I I I like them house here, you're going under ass, a young going under as well. The experiment of the rose in an ordered has been a failure. They can't beyond the court at the same time, because their defence of rating is absolutely atrocious. Were there on the court at the same time and this team real does make sense in terms of letting the kids get out in an run. Let's see Dante Murray. Let's see they just signed Eric White to an extension to today. Yeah, let's see Lahti, Walker get out and run, and then you know what kind of pieces do they get back for one of the rose in her order or both of em, but that's really what makes sense for this team this season and pet patty there's another one that you know if he was. I Portland Backup point guard that would make Portland better see, has read other backup. Workers
All right. We are going to do with that. Sacramento do quick with their over unders twenty seven and one slash two which translates to like at thirty four and forty eight season. I will never for the life of me understand why they got nothing for Bogdanovich. I thought that was so fucking weird. I don't know why they just didn't match the offer and figure it out later with teens. Do that address as a german, crazy, you're, gonna Brockden, I hate losing assets, I areas really get an asset and, to just be I get cool, we're gonna, put move ahead and get the zero. I think its irresponsible. The case for this team would be if Haliburton really get and that in all the buzzes that he's gonna be relegated to its will see how much he's got a plague. Is you have foxier? but he held there, but the case would be he's awesome and that's how they end up being in you. Don't traditional high thirty's Winton verses where they are now, but
yeah, I'm going under only because I just had to many overs, and I got about set out, is really the only reason so under for me house, in under for me as well that they did the they committed a crime that you just described twice, not just Bogdan Boy out of that, but also can base more didn't, get any thing for him now do the Wayne dead men and Alex land those guys when all so, I don't think they wanted should even play these are losing. I am here I mean. Did you know that that they just didn't get after they just like guys, go, and maybe there is a line appear with Fox and he'll than Halliburton and Bagley N Barnes. Maybe that's an interesting o lawyer. Second wait. There is that's the phenomena that, if I'm flickered only pay I want to see all those did. Spain together, I wanna see Fox healed, Halliburton and badly and
with a shooter and just thought I'd! Let's, let's make this a one hundred and thirty two to one hundred and twenty eight type of game right we're not going it stops anyway. Ledges. Let's just try to see how much officer you put on the court. You would want to watch those four guys. There, I'm still, I still own back. We I'm from still Bagley Wall watch the games. I just think that they're gonna win. twenty seven and not twenty eight May meeting Name Walden has not been helpful to this roster yeah that the lukewarm questions are their reseller under we're thing about Luke is before, Lakers turn things around be at a young team. That was a very good that somehow played pretty good defense, statistically that Lakers team held up defensively, which I thought was actually something you would look at Luke and say: okay, that's impressive, and yet it didn't happen last year, so that one part of it I can get young guys again on the same page, I'm goin over here why wines is already too Sir they're right out, I mean look. There are thirty one one team,
one thirty one games last year with Bagley Plan thirteen games, you look terrible and I can't imagine easily replay thirteen and second all thirteen again and even if the Bagley stock feels like a tax write off. At this point, I, like I, like the over here- I like the over not to make the playoffs, but I like them to be more com. It and as much as I would agree with you guys the Bogdanov each part of this? If you're gonna get it ass it back from a walkie, how could you not figure out some way to do it, so you got an ass it back from Atlanta, but then the fish became so the railed, because walls there was going on, but I think we all have to be fair. It's not is that the reason you should make a decision because Barnes Money in the body healed money, but this now prevent you from having your backup unit, run by buddy healed, and now you have a major role where he's playing off Dear Fox. It showed a staggering these guys and he'll be pissed about it all the time does he think it he's better them Abramovich the entire time, so hate Lucy Ass, if for nothing completely agree, but there's an upside to the body part of this and a healthy badly that that's
that's a starting five and which homes I love that that part of the transaction and in finding him so they can to the outgoing over. I'm just going under cause the conference. I could see this this there I can see with them is a really bad start. They fire lukewarm and then finished here, really stronger, better, get excited about them. Ass, the cow Bernal think like half a season to get his sea legs, but once he does that this been in the end of the year team to more Minnesota, twenty nine and one slash two. Just I don't feel like we have to spend a ton of time talking about them, I'm going I'm going under just because of the. I need more understand the conference house I think their they have a talent for a teeny tiny over is is Anthony Edwards under it properly raided mean it's a really funny position. He's then, is the number one overall traffic coming in here I have not
but you know the greatest of sympathy and empathy for what currently towns just went through with his family and his extended family with with with covered in it gonna have an impact on his resolve for this season. I met a route for Minnesota this year and since I'm gonna be rooting for them. I'm gonna take the over and the Rubio Comebacks fund to resell area under five major questions about this team. Repeated defence away the right, the a team built around Russell and towns, the bleak Beazley thing was weird: I probably have like the Herman Gomes brothers more than I should have, but there's projections and want shows starting for them. Culver may be a complete like nothing. At this point, Anthony Edwards, I wanna see the entity Edward Thing work,
I just am not a big deal, Russell Guy and I think, there's a number. When child came back, they went one one slash. Eighteen number: they got off to a good start last year and if you ask him They could win a game so yeah. Sorry under this leads me to bold prediction. Number to I did Minnesota's could be the worst team in the West, worse than Oklahoma City, yeah, yeah, taking my flag on that one, let's go to Oklahoma City. The over under is twenty and one slash two which translates to about twenty five wins. I I'm gonna go under, but I still don't think they're the worst team in the leg just cause. I need more Anders their supper, it means twenty wins. What will we be? Twenty? twenty with twenty one another year, but the west is also there's ten really get teams in the west. Potentially they just don't have an escort shape.
They just soo. I I really like Rewire. She should gorgeous the judges railway, jumping on that same savoured, say the new had coaches last name. You go first, I looked it up its mark, Dag now we'll be confused with J J Daniel. They have they know scoring it all other than Sga and we saw him in the bubble like he did not have a great series against used to say I actually pig if you paid better, they could have beaten used in ages, did you set out is bad. Air, Xavier I'm so scared! I worry about I like him, but when people like, I think it needs to address J and then out, Orford look terrible! Last year I read this Thebes gonna be really bad I'd. I still, I think Minnesota could be his bad no way more than our aim. Oh glorious,
starting five Dielo door in Derry, especially those guys, are not now on the Dep chart. Starters. Are you fucking nuts what about pogo? Who said I did it. Another boat protection Pope who have you sluggish I'll get pogo that was the first highlight is first and one mix tape. It was on social media, wasn't great, but it slowly. gotten better? It's got better, which is less it I'm a yet. Oh yes, you did, thing is it he can pass even though only weighs one hundred twelve pounds, but that's a bad starting five. I dont know what I saw door. Is that what you telling me, I just think Minnesota out an oak, assyrian, suck and wet weather. Ok, see such slightly more than So I don't know, but you made the key point. Minnesota was one in eighteen during a stretch last year, with all of the same guys at this year's team except Edwards, whose back into anything this year in and Rubio
I just don't see it. I guess I'd like now read by the way I would nursery to there. The Jersey, I'll put you down for Medium House Oak see what he you have under over it's an under for me. Do you have by yourself or poker itself for me reseller do. Would you would you want to be like his wife, if the instructor, maybe try to get all returned about now is if he gets hurt your suit, where you take a break, back with these are right you're on a crisp three, our pay? Sarah really enjoy myself, buttermilk care, you don't have a holiday gift us a three hour prior, give her a fence. Fair practice ease play ass. We start with the Milwaukee bucks, which leads me to board protection number three.
I do not think the bucks will be the one seed this year. Yeah yeah yeah they're over under is fifty and one slash two two hundred and forty four, the conference five hundred and fifty for the Title they added a guy named, drew howdy their benches. is that a fan. I've never like d geography and any point. Eight Bobby Portas is one of those guys he's good like once a month in every its excited, but he's Bobby Portas Print Forbes, whatever thief and sends out. Who somehow is the difference? Where can I speak deep agenda? Who is a matter of either the Baghdad of its shape, as I got really bad about really ready moments from him last year I just I don't.
he's better than that by the way, diva judge was better than the way you describing a, but he looked for he looked horrified and the players there is moments thereof. I just don't think he should be the focal point of a bug out of it, but you just made fun of the kings were getting nothing for the assets. So if you really do that, Europe can now make fun it. Even gentle yeah. That's what I do. Ok, that's what I do that's do I caught you request us attempts yeah, I just didn't. I didn't think TAT was really good load. Did you have a thing will be significant? There's been a lot of pieces about how important the pic wrote him any honest is going to be an added. That's a crucial point, because I think this team Especial
The big plaster is needed that one signature play, especially in the last three four minutes that they did not have normally let you know Middleton is overpaid, but whatever that's a nice cat avenue t in this, so they do have three awesome, guys and they're. Definitely a title contender the over under at fifty and one slash two minutes that have to be around fifty seven and I'm going under. That seem tired of me. I don't like it, especially with the condensed season, and I'm just going under. Guess I, like the over this team, is nothing if not a regular season juggernaut machine. That's what but does its regular season bud. Yon s having just signed that mega super duper extension is ready to have to take it up even another level. I don't know what that level is, except for a level of aggression in the low post. Perhaps, and also,
have see he's gonna, be even better shooting it from three as more consistent, and I think you know they they have peace. is that you look on paper, they began a line of my love, all that, but they are so cohesive and again in a regular season. Kind of form I just like the over. I don't feel like we're asking very much for this team to get around fifty eight whence they ve been a sixty when team each of the two previous seasons. Russillo yeah they're right on it, I mean they would fifty six and seventeen, so you figure the extra game. That's that's! Basically, what they're saying again here is that the same team in same record from last year and they destroyed people in the regular season like that, that point differential form off the charge, their defensive numbers there way ahead of number to their office was his goods. You have to keep looking at this just as a regular season thing, because we all know what are the plot hang ups are and because it new indifferent, it's off another disappointment, I'm going over and I think you're just gonna pile up wins all the time against a shitty teams, as they still
try to prove how good they are with new pieces and be motivated by, but I dont like the bench and every com station about them in the regular season, has almost no impact on the plants now not with but in charge, and I'm not even knocking the head coach adjust. It doesn't matter matters none of this matters in its also. I think when you talk about the BP stuff, a little bit later as private equity matter, what yadda does because voters in a guy or two gave it to him like look? What happened so? What is it beyond what he did last year, so saw ethically motivated the contract either going to pick up is he wins the refugees and part of this works? But none of this means anything like none of this is my evaluation about them in the playoffs. He would scrap the average thirty seven and twenty to win a third cause. People just are going for this year
you're, absolutely right, Maya. My motivation with the with the slight under and ideas can be a slight under is, I think the top of these got better no question and I think the middle class up better. I just think that conference sucked last year and it's a better conference and granted the bottom five or so bad, but that kind of that with hawks level is just more competitive than it used to be the past and then Brooklyn is way better and I think Phil is gonna, be better. The subjects are about say. My aim is gonna, be better as regular season team. India is more healthy you're. Not you put you talk me into a put me down for an under well. Ok. Now you write that middle whatever its. It should be the middle class, because their upper class there's a second tier thrown away better if there are forty years in the east, the third tier as much deeper than it was before, but the bottom of it so bad. Those
down there are so bad that it will get to a later so yeah, but be done is under a cat. I'm five you with my over I'm sick with my over next one. This is my third boat protection are forth that I remember how many have Brooklyn that's over under forty five in half division, plus one forty conference plus two, seventy title: six to one. I think that going be the one said. I think this would be really good. I think they are loaded off and surveying granted. It was a stupid pre, season game that I watch them destroy the Celtics, but it's have a ton of offense. This is a team that, even if Kyrie is almost a luxury on this team is where does that sound cuz he's a MAX guy, whatever he does for this team is an added benefit because they have all these other awesome pieces and place they've a bench that can come in and actually extend lease with Dinwiddie and Levert and Durant to me looks like he is one hundred percent back. I cannot believe how good the rant looks like the rain is one of the five best personal
Jen NASH has been very careful about saying, is a hundred percent back, he sang luggage take a while, you got to use the rhythm or whatever, but he's basically saying the rent back, and I think the Mvp odds for him or dumb. I think they should be way lower. And just in general. I think this teams gonna be really really really really good at I'm, going way way overhead Yeah, I'm gonna join you on that over and the point you made about I agree as a luxury is. It is to me the the crucial point they can indulge M going off in doing all of the performative nonsense. We ever way. He wants to express himself, they don't necessary we need him on the back, the basketball court for many more than sixty of the seventy two games, and now right in line with how many basketball games he actually place each year he plays about. You know. Seventy five percent of of the regular season,
and maybe some some play off games also let him go often be on his own island he plays and he's motivated and- and you know that their him occasionally he's incandescent an unstoppable and that will be very good for them, but they're. So deep tat, item. I absolutely was share you're you're you're amazement at at the like, I mean he looks just like how we looked eighteen months ago. It's kind of bizarre and I think he is at peace in a lot of ways with the situation in a good way. I just think he likes it. I think he feels like this is his team. It's his coach. It's a coach that he has a good relationship. I don't think the relationship with Kurwa was even a relationship by the time he left the warriors. and everything revolves around him and he's really motivated to be great again. You know- and I think, when he got
We saw an hour on this package talking about how we thought he was the best wherein the weak and that included the Bron in this was during the playoffs Phil ever be as good as he was there in that stretch again, but I think he could be ninety seven ninety eight percent there, and that the one either really jumped out of me just in the preseason game, with all the wide open shots Harris is going to get down to Paris, is one of the five best shooters in the league. Who's dad just wide open all the time and it's perfect with the rant, and they have these different lineup for it's like whoever Jared Allen to rant Kyrie, Shamet and Harris and Shannon Harris just been there two spots just getting open shots, as everybody tries to figure out who to go and ever really a coach. I think NASH is going to be a great coach. I think he's been waiting for this moment for twenty years reseller. What do you think I'm over carries the only thing that scares me if he decides to
Is it just automatic matter matter of if it's when, when he just decides that he's gonna be super difficult? He missed at a time I mean in the last five years I think he's played there's a number last five years is play two hundred and seventy two games he's missed a hundred and twenty eight of them he's missed the playoffs in eighteen in. So are we looking burn wherever he wants? You can do this Cairo, Conway, Irving transformation that I've been talking about a my podcast. He knew all that stop what, if he's winning games and get you buckets undress cool Then it's not my second America's gingerly good. They could throw a lot office. Do they have a lot of depth this bullshit about the Audrey Jordans? reading Overture Alan back on stuff well or about closing began around. Give them a better shot. I think Caris Levert, two player, that it is depending on how astute you are and how much you watch that you can some people that think he's amazing and, I think, he's a guy. That's really skilled and icon What I think is dangerously aggressive out there at times sought, even though how he would fit and expensive did what he said.
kind of miserable to at times others there's little elements, but just at the basketball part of it all works out, and I am surprised so maybe we're like mad Durrant, looks good again, like he's not a hundred. What did you expect it is? Is game is built on shooting and his handle? It's not. quick, cutting unbelievable July when Westbrook ever declined, it's going to be ugly Durant, always going to get you buckets by shooting. So I, like the basketball part of this, as long as Kyrie can stay the course for year. I think you're good, but I'm worried about it, but I'll take the over it Dinwiddie pieces. Interesting, because that Brooklyn game it seems like he's into this game. I thought he was going to be unhappy heading into the season. Where do I fit in? I gotta go for a contract all that stuff and I think you can be really viable for the same I feel the same way that you do about Laverne. You know he can't be the focal point of a James, hearted trade, that's ridiculous, but if he's the lead score on the second
team who can come in now and get seven minutes in the second quarter, where you can run place for him. He's really good at that and he's going to get the other team's bench by the way. I really like this team. I can't believe I'm saying that cuz Kyrie's on it but I think they all know carries a weirdo. I think NASH played with a bunch of weirdos on the sons he prayed with Dwight Howard he's been around weirdos for his whole professional career and I think he's going to know how to manage it, and I really think it's important that that got the Antoni. You know it's like that. Think Tony was he coached the sixty five when team three years ago and he's basically this completely overqualified off,
I think this team is going to be really really really gifted offensively and you don't look it's it's a new group they're going to have a couple moments when you know somebody stands up to them couple hard pass and we tried to get Kyrie said somebody super physical with them or have a moment. There's going to be some Kyrie controversy, there's going to be hiccups, but I think this is the best team in these we're going to see, though we got to say Celtics, forty four and one slash two is the over under which translates to about fifty one wins their two hundred and fifty four, the vision plus six hundred for the conference. Sixty anyone win the title I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm going under. I could hear your voice. You gave me a youth most bombed even a three year very somber like a lot of what has transpired over the last time,
few months they lose the Heyward asset for nothing, turn it at the tops and who, by all accounts, is one of the great behind the scenes guys to have him in Cuba. From a chemistry standpoint, I think is Annabelle and Grant Williams. I think everybody raise those guys are also behind the scenes. The chemistry I'll be fine. I think scores could be real problem. You know when you remove Kamba further me it's only a month, I basically be longer than that and then also lose Heyward is fresh, as he was at least see somebody that could run the offensive or abandon kg his own jive, Heyward Fifth best player. That's pretty good right at his Heyward as bad as the Heyward years went Boston. It still ridiculous option to have they put together this team that they have too many guys. I'm not sure how Stevens is gonna, find the minutes to make everybody happy the market smart with. I will Harrods God and no Campbell Limp ominous shirt myself more offence.
As I pointed out- and I I gotta be- I know- is one preceding aim. I did not like what I saw from Tatum on Friday night cause. He was in a hot shit mood and the guy who is special asters this guy who's got the basket. Gettin is thine. Attend free, throws a game that the pull up from twenty eight feet, cobia, imitation guy I just I I about this team. I worry that they feel like where conference finalists were really good and they took a step back. and I M, going under on the forty four and a half- would have us I'm going over. I understand exactly what you're doing here with this reverse. You know the latter over there I mean we ve, seen it so many times over the years. This is a classic challenge to Brad Stevens that I think Brad Stevens is up for
The Celtic go over every year. They gone over five of the past sixty only time they didn't go over the year that you predict their we're. Gonna go eighty into another team. They basically traded Gordon Heyward Kristen Thomson and re trade. What that's a great trade again, actually precisely the point, the only thing back and is concerning is kept his knee. I end you, if he's out for more than a month than it does get to be issue, and they might sacrifice regular season winds, and this is how they would end up under sacrifice. Regular season wins to get him. You know really healthy all along the way, because you, your point, is the right one there dad we're. In that case, I didn't. I didn't. I dont like them as much as a regular season team. I think when we get to the playoffs and if Canvasback Thompson is fully as fully asserted, taste is now a backup guy,
and thence a couple of these young guys come through. I actually really, I think, Pritchard, but actually play for them in safer for Nesmith, but it's gonna take a few months to see what they have with those guys. I weirdly like this. The more in the playoffs in than the regular season witty would you have resigned five thousand two hundred and fifty three wins in a regular season. It's a really good number and it feels like it's Milwaukee and Brooklyn and then spots. Three four and five are some combinations of Philly in Boston and that's because I'm we'll get to Toronto a little bit so Boston in that group, but it fifty to fifty three. With the camera uncertainty, I'm gonna go under, I'm gonna go under. I just think on protecting myself for the Campbell part of this because I am not get freaked out about the precision, but it's not the precision mark a smart. Now that he's an acceptable shooter
now is going to take it to another level, and I am, I am so fuckin over early shock clock mark a smart twenty five voters when Jason Tatum hasn't touch the ball yet that camera at least prevents that cause he's the one the basketball up depending on on some other stuff- and I know all the great things mark a smart does, but when, when Anne, guys out in smart and control the basketball, even though it good ah Sir he's gonna tell we all know all the stuff. We all about work is smart, but the often support that stuff. But you know what you say: news in Gordon Hayward for nothing, but if a guy's going to get one hundred and twenty and opt out, would you rather miles Turner's eighteen million on the books for a couple years and be so that, rather as I, I was happy that they did matches stupid contract for him, and I basically turn him in a Thompson. Have is good with that? I'm here
thing you know he was somebody that was important to them when he was healthy. The promises that were healthy, but I dont, have anybody as good as him on the roster on the sick standpoint, you look at. Antietam and then who's the backup swing manage those guys. It's basically needs Smith, overlay, Javan, TAT Green. These guys are like barely road, barely MBA powers, much less rotation guys, and I eagerly there's a little bit of a reckoning with this, the same, I think because they ve had a lot of traffic over the last couple years. They went all and on that you know giving a ton of money. who preferred inquiry and Heyward and then having the two young guys they had this window inadequate That's over, and Brown and Tatum encumber the three expensive guys and none of those rookies have really turned into impact eyes, even as you guys, you know whether grant wax rob yeah here, whether great waves can do it. Maybe by you know every year it's like hero, you look. I just made
two draft general ban in here our two drafts in three years, and we're never able to hit on any of those draft picks whether they did it this year at or no, but I I I think they will be better as we get to the end of the season. I don't think this is a fifty two in team, which is what that over under set, so I'm going under Next one is Miami, so we now forty three and a half for the that get you to a fifty one and thirty one season. There might a stranger for the division plus seven under for the conference, twenty two to one to win the tight, in the case for them being better the shared just be. Hero and dug rabbits would be better used, the guys that moved in and out either I think they're gonna Miss crowded, did. I miss the malleability with him. The building a small boat them whatever, but for the most part, whatever tarkas, as in now and every Brad, these Ecuador, they get him for a full year, though we find that the reason I'm going
whereas ebbing Robinson hero will be better than share, and I do think this is a top three team in the east. I think it's a really good thing. So I'm gonna go slight over for them would have us I'm off. Oh going over. This is a recurring theme with me with the top of the east I haven't taken an under yet, but this Miami tee, Tell me speaking of dark horse. You know, don't sleep on them, franchises that might try and add a super duper star and really put a few other. There
foot down in an effort to try and when the NBA title the shared, that's Pat Riley, that's this Miami team. They do have pieces. I agree with the assessment that their developing players are gonna be better, and I also think that they did a good job of of shuffling. I think that that you know heartless in every Bradley will both fit in the Woods Bostra wants to do. I think they're good additions, Kendrick none is. It is a good defensive player. You know they their, thereby there well conceived and deep across the board. So I liked the Miami over Priscilla. I was really curious to see what this number would come out and in Vegas nails. It again were there not freaking out about making the final last year, because they were a forty nine win pace team in a normal season last year there is an argument to be made that it's it's one of the weaker teams that have made an mba finals, so
We just go out and made it to finals a computer for a championship that should get a couple games off the Lakers. She was all those injuries and everybody back and healthy, like this team's going to run in Vegas, doesn't see it that way, but that's where I think about using this number as fifty wins go for it. I would bet the over here now. What we talked about Amber Jamal Murray showed us a version of himself tat. He had ever been before. Butler also did that last year and is the agonies negative, efforts I read with seasoned his true shooting stuff from whom he wasn't. The playoffs the regular see them he can hit a shot from outside last year to the right of season, and then you just a all world, and then it turns out this. How could be black butler outsider? Tough? I reject any like all because of all the other years. Last year was probably second best season of his career. Will he be that same? Guy, probably I mean look when it up. Let me rephrase it will be just as motivated because Jimmy Well, that's dna, but I don't know if the shooting at all that stuff can add up, but look at it were thereat
their number being lower going over than say it seem like Boston. It still getting a couple wins higher there projection Manly, fair with the over and why I Wofford on it a little bit was just we were so close to the end of last season, and you know that, with the bubble combined with four play, our friends in the physicality as some of those games and then eight weeks later back, the Lakers are in the same position. Maybe it as their faith in it said the projects and I worry about them, holding up physically, which is why I wouldn't bet this, but I'd they're, just gonna be so good as a shooting team, especially dragged back. I really felt like no. You said there are forty nine. When team last year, I thought the team that ended round three was that of forty nine went team anymore, actually thought they they tapped into something that is going to translate. This isn't like that
though they just cannot learn how to play with each other and awe and at another collective basketball, nests of of they have whatever the outbreak somewhat able all that stuff, I think whatever what a hero is way more stable as a player and lighted up. You know what, if what, if Duncan is possible on defence, more heartless immunity is aggressive, is crowd, are probably as an offensive decision maker, but would have Avery Bradley covers now for drugget, where he does. It feel Ickes worn out all time. So yet, there's there's way, I'm I'm with you and I'm not try to diminish what that run was Cosette, was a special run of what the group did out there. They just came together, but I think there's way more way more ways to spend this into a positive about where there were their headed and they have a look at every everyone,
team joyously like I'd like a little bit more doubt them in a look, that's the problem. I have nine guys you're in love with those kind of thy Tarkas s me too, I'm I'm air MAX. I see him. I don't know he's one of those guys. I've always been waiting for him to find the right team, and now I think, he's been out about attempts at very patient. desperately pacer whether the Euro, one of the subjects get up next one is Toronto, which is forty two and a half that translates to about fifty plus four forty when the division pussy fifty four, the conference plus five forty not to make. Lay ourselves I'm not going to do that. I, like Nick nurse Center wise, they ve downgraded from a backup desire to air bans, increase Bouchain like an electricity shacks, I'm excited to see what he does for their version of it at all.
is going to be more feature this year call Larry who's kind of secretly in his mid 30s. We don't talk about it, but that's where you ask it has been thirty style as a as a guard. I think it was top five minutes last year too yeah. I did this when I did the Chris Paul book, a basketball podcast about how rare it is for a guy in his 14th season, just average like a fifteen and six it's after, like five times in the history of lake. How large were the five I don't love their bench would be one thing that would make me nervous, but just in general outfit. This feels like a team that had its last great run last year, really going toe to toe with the with the He knows better than them in almost pointing out that series. I do not think this is a fifty when team, which is basically what the over would be. If you doing there someone your site under and this one would he ever seller. like going under against a nurse. I just don't because of.
I am a marker that cause it's right. It's right out. I think I've also seen at forty one and a half the big part of this is up. Opera is based also on over the go, hey they remains or fine. I think the box in the sole drop off is exhaust was was a match up guy. He wasn't a good match against boss in seed or want to you that tire lie and say: oh that's, why he's not going to take it anymore cuz? He just wasn't even that serious, that's not fair, but to lose both of those guys to go to Aron Baynes. His three point shooting, I think, tail off to reality. Etsy Why, then, are we to say this to see our come? I think we have to reset who we think he can be solved unknown to this, is amazing. To oh, my god. Look at the start of the season two way is a super predictable in a play off series because when he is not pre programmed the body was due at the basketball. Is he actually kind of easy to stop? He was terrible in that series and he is numbers declined over the course of a full year and I know he's worth
He is a great story, not stop it he's gonna, be the man like he's gonna, be the man to carry this over and then fleets. And allow report of it. So you're going to go over because I think the bottom Easter, so atrocious, Annette nurse will just out scheme people night in a night out, even when you know I'd the plow flies, though I buy look at them entirely different. Now, I thought house was gonna, be the one to bring up seo our houses minus two forty two have wondered at sea. I could think I'm with you. I don't see how come you know that then, after their same hey, he didn't handed the bubble bear very while there is some cm excuses that deafening floated out. I just don't. I don't really get it if he's your best guy, you fifty fifteen twenty. My answer would be no. What you think us that that is precisely that and here you need the outcome to not just be as good as his best was last year. You
need him to be even a little bit better because you need to cover up the natural decline. Kyle. Our is going to experience because ease whatever thirty eight going on fifty cents, I mean. I know that I have heard here. Did you just added years to highlight this? Does that was the joke right, but your ear asking a lot of I allow you asking a lot of Oji Kenobi, maybe, he's, got it I'm rooting for him to try to get it, but we are also asking a lot of Pascal now Priscilla hit the most salient point, which is going against Nick nurses. A great way lose money, but I think it's like a tiny under. Because I think that there is a slight decline in Lowry. I think we believe her figured out Pascal the outcome, and you know what owner, and in Obi brings to the table by
elevated role is too much of an unknown for me to jump on the over. I was shocked by what the south instead to Seattle, remind me a little bit of the two root. Bissell really resonate with Priscilla, and maybe three other people. Listen this podcast, but Antoine Walker, who we thought as a certain guy and then he ran into Kenya Martin, two years in a row in the playoffs and by the end of it was just all of us. Should I go okay so he's. Gotta Noster, Kenny Marty. Gesture is literally destroy them and I and I wonder what the outcome, if there's a little residue that cause the Celtics day, their disdain for his offense was really kind of telling during that serious there like. Please we're we're, not doubling you good. What jail and we're gonna guarded, Marcus Smart will play osier your enemies at least reply number eight was kenyan more and there is time semi overlay was unimpressive. Seattle, yeah, it's a great, so was easy outcome. Is that thing gotta watch?
so I'm going under house going under reseller going over the Sixers are, are forty two and a half as well there plus they were plus three ninety. I think that drop to two plus three, fifty four, the division. Twenty four to one for the title: more shooting set curry Dana Green that I read out Orford the team, just even looking at her on paper, makes more sense would soon have Zeus shake Mill Milton by got five all the best for the week. He still still shake mill If he's gonna be playing point, this team might figure out some things. I saw you dinner Simmonds something Dwight Howard, is the wild card. and there is a lot of different personality workers and then Maxie my play for the same back, say to me: if I'm shake mountain and they did that and I shall be lay our shipbuilding support, but I could see Maxie taking object
minutes by all of that shake Milton energies be transferred to tyres MAX, could account how my biggest concern with this thing would be. The dock rivers, peace because you read all the stuff about the coopers last share in it just seems like ie. Just was working hard as the Coopers coach. Ed was lighted, the prayers decide when the practice was and was getting out. Skiing think I completely destroyed and the Denver series- and I think, from a personality standpoint. He will build up Simmons and will build up and be that they Dara well too, behind the scenes. She knows how to like. You do push all the right buttons with the superstars and the owners. They are. Do that and they're going to really push the Simmons Embiid thing assuming Sims is still there. I think it's a regular season team. I really like this team. I do not trust them as a playoff game, I'm going over forty two and a half, and I think I might make it one of my locks to add this is a guaranteed
and came to me in a real season house. I am joining you in the over and I am surprised to hear you offer all that slander against stock rivers. Dapper a singularly the head. The difference between this team and last year with red fucking brown fairy were like. Who do you think that's a tiny up whatever personality in managing you know, super duper star that in la LA land and wherever doc found himself in terms of golf memberships and whatever, What did you do with his life out now lay this is an entirely different situation. He's got kids, invigorated here sets set. Curry is fair. baby. I like this, does the Sixers and I think the entire The institution of the Sixers is greatly improved
over what they ve been over. The last you know handful of years, if, if we're going to find out for sure whether Benson is in jail and bead can coexist for the first time that they both been on the team. Well, at least they have a team tat actually makes sense when they're playing five guys together. Now it's ago we should probably have a couple shooters with these guys. I think Good idea, I love Simmons. I voted for four hundred and thirty mile Bailey last year. I also like the fact that now that Horford's out Harris can play a little power forward, Simmons Cuello Power forward. The team just makes more sense when you think we saw Do people still send their kids to those like scared, straight camps for troubled use? You probably had a look into it for ban right. yeah. Some point. Maybe you're like a year away some nowadays when he asked to get a tattoo. That's what about doing this team needed this because- and I want to give you some credit on this one bill.
when everybody was in. This is tank tank tank thing writers like tanking, I believe writers like tanking, because people from outside of sport, we're being able to run these front offices and those people reminded writers of them's. I was then writers selfishly were kind of like a little or no different pike S or sold the area like. Maybe I could run a team. Maybe I could do that. So I always felt like people rooted for the same pinkies because it was like it felt lot more close than say. Being I don't know, I mean pick the Danny Age or Bob Myers who played in college was an agent holocaust right. So when you take and that's your that's, your NBA birth is to suck You develop bad habits everywhere. It's been around the sixteen over the years like mad ban. Joy. L like these two guys don't get along for wall and, like they ve only learned, probably some pattern stuff the wrong. This
like going away to one of those scared straight camps for basketball and at dock. At the very least, even if you think he's sucker this rotation of the clippers, which is evidence he did his personality alone. Roby, like I enough for this shit like what are you guys doing, that itself is a win, and even though I too scared about how they're gonna get unlocked offensively when its bed like they have no makes it the rim, this teams, the worst teams in league with actually getting buckets at the rim and that's embarrassed with the size advantage that they had been because everything so clog so with the shooting and with Doc. I have the over because the projection of forty nine fifty one,
I have the over doesn't mean. I love him. The plastic, as I still have to see it, look a lot better in the regular season from east. Our pick them against Eames as subjects errors. Key point about the bread branded Doc upgraded these from a personality stamp on this, a team that literally quit the bubble, couldn't wait to go away and had their plane tickets ready to get out of there for the sweep. The bathing is a top three most fascinating sub by decision, and we don't need to spend twenty minutes guy. We just need to save a few can dedicate himself if that can't reach amounts to get work, because this is what that does at least in the early stages. Doc builds people up and they like I'm and whether that last may be for years. Maybe the like Lisbon sadder now, but you know
navigate to pretty weird clipper situation, their first couple years, and they were a contender now granted date, choke to the playoffs in one thousand four hundred and fifteen, but the Chris Paul Blake Griffin, as Blake's ascending, is the guy who's jumping over Kias and Chris Paul comes in he's like this. Is my team, how to deal with some shit with that team that I thought he navigated really well. The first couple years who gets who gets announced the last when they're doing the national anthem, all that little stuff, that's good at and Doc, was able to do the same thing with the Celtics, with the Ray and Paul and KG and Ray not getting as many shots and then Rondo ascending and then trying to figure out how to manage all that stuff.
he's good and chaos, and this is a catholic team and I think he ll help them or the very basic thing. Like think about that, Celtic Sixers Series were the first thing everybody did that was prepared, would attack Kanner when he came in defensively high task, unrealistic, Kanner, showing and try to get it back peddling and it just a bucket. It's a bucket. The six hours had games where they didn't. We But you could do that until the fourth quarter. They did at one specific game and I could- and I never pretend that I haven't figured out because I didn't play at a high level. I wasn't coach to high level. These guys understand basketball, so much better than us, but what its glaring that you're, like you, guys, didn't remember to attack Kanner until the Gatt worth Quarter like that's. The funny thing is Brett nice guy. Every loathsome people people did like this week for his career. When you go look, he got paid a ton and was given a multiple chances. They even let him coached the guys that he was therefore taking, and it was just time to move on it just was. I think, every success fan understands that yeah loosen the two thousand eight.
He says the Boston was pretty indefensible to because they had more talent, and you know, there's no career, no Heyward. He loses Sears anyway, yeah that is worse than the one without some yeah, it's just it's bad, I love that India has thirty seven and a half. In a lot of ways, this is the most intriguing team of all the play off teams just from a ceiling basement standpoint where you could tell me like this, could be a traditional fifty went team cause. They have done it You can tell me it's going to be really unhappy year and Turner's commit happy as a trade rumors all deepest commit happy cuz. You got a contract coming up to suck at the ball enough. You got a lot of people who give one hundred and twenty three. or people. Bragton Debo warrants a bonus who are probably think that the best plan, this team- that worries me, but The over overlanders, thirty seven and a half which translates to forty four winds at this team has waited
China, my mind to be afforded for thirty, a team and ass. I feel like you forget how gets about us is, and I like their bench. I like the two, how this I really like that term it I dont my teacher Mcconnell, I dont know I this to me is that stay bid forties when team. I going over house I'll, join you on that over this. If I keep that I'm gonna go over on seven of the eight play off teams in the in the east and- and I understand that the math doesn't work by this number- feels fair very low. To me. For all the reasons that you just made pot, I mean that new coach, Nate York, Grin York, grin, I believe, your grand piano beyond, looks like, but George, no relation to the icelandic pop star. I may I will. I wanted to try and go in that direction, but I know, and then behind a night. This isn't just in a coordinated way.
Line because they already had a coach Nate. So you got really go wrong. He can't be wrong with it, but yeah. I think they're, like seventy. This team to me has the assets for Anna Megatrend, it also which that puts them in a in a very enviable, curbing train radiation over under guy yeah number. The has gotta Gabor. Well, I just like you know, and then they all the assets- and maybe we ve we'd- have some history of the peace is not fitting, as some guys have spread express small reservations about the way the thing is formulated it the way for to go south as the guys, all all four guys. Think, though the best you know causing mutual destruction, but I think their deep. I be, I think, that death like an eight to nine rotation team day absolutely killed teams that were under five hundred last year, there were thirty and twelve against teams under five hundred. So I just love those franchises, those teams, those coaches, that's it look we're not gonna, go lose a shitty teams and weakened.
TAT our regular season record. That way- and I there's nothing that that about this pesos roster that suggests to me they won't do the same thing this year. Well, ass. I saw the pivotal problem. Think they really couldn't figure out how to just make this Simone Esteem and Turner's. You need the seventh man. He was in trade talks for Herod, constantly and now at these Turner knows that they were not allow China trade him, but nobody wanted him. You know now now this team falls into place because I just look at crunch time and they have the ability to go error now, a broad and an old depot if they want to go small with worn as likened undersized Ford, suborners suggest by hey, were spread new out. Will you know we're going to throw a shit load off and sign you? I like the guys they have on this team, I'm with house it does They need a trade reseller. Would it? What is your Intelsat all the depot? What
make. Everybody knows I answer tat. I think I had two years ago when he was incredible to start the year two years ago. I'm use is awesome. I got no one seems to agree with me on this one. I thought his movement is ya. Know big movement guy. I thought his movement when he came back from injury was better. His production was terrible. So that gives me hope, but old people has a weird deal were if he bounces bouncing get paid, when the painters can pay em. So I don't know that anybody's in a hurry to see him arbitrate for him. Until we see like a couple months of him, looking good again, I think he's gonna be good again. Really do, but then, if your teacher and you go, did you see game log from what we did yeah you were there for frogs going to want his turner still going to want to get buckets cuz. He shoots and Sabonis have to clean it all up for everybody. So, the until it all a depots. Definitely a wait and see. Put I almost feel like the market needs a correction that here there is a chance that people are acting like he was this we all go gravel depot and I'm thinkin theirs
getting oladipo where it could really be a great thing for you right now, but I didn't pay is going to wait it out. They were a. They were forty five win team last year and seventy three games the projection on this one is forty. Three, it's an over. It's an over. as part of the part of the east? I landed with I've. I thought was really weird that they were trying to get Hey lock canal. Ah, ah, I think there's a Britain is another version of Heyward where, if you ever got back to whom he was that you go wait did we did. We just add a top thirty player, because the Injuries are like Achilles or a sociologist. A bunch of injuries were stopped breaks out now proposing a comfort. Going back to Indiana right like they think they thought that they could help him resuscitated career by change of scenery. That wasn't just you know a different place like Charlotte, Charles just a different place in Vienna home right. I think for them it was more a case of getting off the mouse turn a contract.
You'd better go cool will turn Turner and Mcdermott, and a number on pay In a heyward and more importantly, we won't have turn more. That was my readers I share this view too, because then, when it was starting, any expanded out like hey is anyway, and I would ask other Jeems, like hey, you kicked the tiresome turner and people like now. Fright apparatus yeah? I mean I haven't liked him for a while. You know, I think, he's talented, I'm not seeing is not a talented player, but I think he's a frustrating player and I think it. Number was accepted. Even Adams thing you, why would you pay eighty million dollars to a centre when you can patched together a centre for half the price? You know get Robin Lopez for seven million here: try the pay, rabbit, Lopez, seven, her master, eighteen speaking, a Robin Lopez. Where do you think break before the most exciting part of this package of lasting wizards over under a friend after this,
all right House, Washington, wizards, thirty, three and a half. Basically, you don't even have to be a five hundred team to cover that. That's like a forty and forty two, thirty nine and forty three type of seasoned pepper bowl prediction of the wizards in the playoffs wow yeah. I think they are a playoff team. I think they have a winning record their one hundred and ten to make the playoffs. I really guess what I really like having Westbrook and be on the same thing. You know why but those guys gonna play every game, they're gonna average. Fifty two to fifty eight points per game combined. They really try hard. And on our voice got off as Westbrook was a top fifteen guideline. sure whether whether he ballade there, what I'd wait? Maybe on
I know I know what is a three thousand two hundred and eight it's a thirty team league. They have two of the best 31st Aaliyah carver. You want to slander Westbrook, it's fine, but he's still a top thirty guy. I really like burnt on says playing off of FM. I like be israeli. Who else would I have this Did he might be thirty years old, Kazi AEGIS? She doesn't seem like a rookie it all the way he plays it just seems. I guess I ate your veterans, any object, but he's gonna play the thing house. The thing you have the love as you have professional basketball. Worse, you go eight or nine. deep with two guys were good average. Fifty five, a game. I don't see how this isn't it above five hundred team, while look I feel like this. Is you giving me a Christmas present by all this abuse of praise, I'm not sure that there are eight and bake. I thought this to him, but I really appreciate the vote of confidence. I do know this. I do know that the stock,
reason have come out? Michael Lee historian, the Washington Post today that talked about Westbrook? You know the experiment in Houston, not going right for a whole bunch of reasons and how this situation in Washington flashing this shocking, that Westbrook was was gonna local guide back them right away by only we live like a ladder, lay like a lease great but I've just saying that if you know that the change of scenery, peace that that's they died in luck, it's not just change of scenery, its reconnecting with Scotty Brooks who really under a brothel aren't really draw lease the bats, rough weather, Rosa broaches afraid, what was the first ever been happier either Westbrook hopes they trade deal. Now, How dare ladder first of all, it is
It must be admitted afraid. Now I, like this team now in Thomas Brian, he's the wild card. To me. This is actually in above five undertake because he is he a good stats bet goods. That's bad team guy earlier she's somebody who could be an asset. In general, though I like, the Robin Lopez thing to House thought I was killed in the last time we talked about it. I really like Robin Lopez. I really do. I was open. The subjects sign up, but in general, can you be in eight cedar, seventy seat if you have whispered Beale and a bunch of decent rope, whereas rather my answer is yes, we do you think reseller. I have made the boy because even others play off Rhonda others regular season Russ and am honestly it because of embarrassing for Westbrook in Beale to be on the same team and not make the place. He's totally agree. I think that is why I am so stunned by the over. I thought for sure, black thirty seven, when I said that this should be the players. I probably rounded up too high, because when you look at the east
it's almost use a little bit like the west. Where you go in the east, Will we get seven spots that are locked? So if that's Milwaukee Brooklyn Miami Philly Boston, Toronto, Indiana I'd, stop I mean do it. Does it's your crazy Saito seven spots, a lock against forced out of their around us lack for me? Ok, that's fine! Oh! I can see that one but Washington if, if Westbrook show, he thinks he is in bill, so he thinks he is. Then you going to make the playoffs you make the plans you going to be the act. You do the seven tracyton this deal, so I I took the over because I really think that you know Westbrook going to the bus today Have you read anything as Westport told Brian and Ruby in the rest of Burton's they're not allotted at rebounds, but that in Iraq Robin Lopez is one of the best people in the leg it at boxing other people out, so somebody like Westbrook, it actually get the Reba does it is vital that I dont level a meeting where you can try all we have a real
international kumbaya mama coming together here and washed it, and we have the latvian lazier labor at Vienna, laser Savage bird times. We have. Isaac, Bongo and move on from joy. Nay. Ro Nato from from Brazil, Daddy Abbe? Mrs hilarious return, evidence of the jar of it's a bee Abidjan with with the israeli Sir Serbia background and They really who's out for three weeks, because he has infections and both of his eyes profit born in Japan. Can I give you the best better, that of the whole package? How do I had actually gonna leave the package go? Make this so fair dough, our friends though, they have odds to make the play internment.
basically you're betting on a team to be either the seven eight nine or ten seed, because the plan tournament is going to have those are the seats the Washington wizards are one hundred and ten to make the play in tournament. In the eastern conference. I am making that the lock of the podcast, because they're not going to be one of the top six teams, even if you think Toronto falls out. I still think the other teams are better than this a chance they might pass Indiana if we think Westbrook a bill going to good, is but the as potential they aren't paper, but house minus one, ten good it would there be a more wizards Beaumont than for them to be the seven seed all after is when one game to advance and then blowing it not back the placid there you're the seventh day to be very wizardry while they know that they just have to make the plan tournament then we'll have to. Actually When do they isn't the auditors to make that little many times?
right. That's what I mean I can make you the plants ornament and then somehow about making the plants, because it why I'd rather I mean I'd rather Winner bet, if, if only I had a, if I knew somebody would Europe you have giant while it like I'd love to borrow like a thousand block from somebody like research, they does a barely body back back at risk, regular, two hundred hours no rotten. It was I one if I wanna bet, I could pay him back if I wifi A thousand. If I had eleven, have that one thousand one ten dollars to win a thousand, then I could I could go. in Belgium, where I live, pay reseller back. I like I, like all the wizards bets. I just take Westbrook here's. What Westbrook is twenty seven? Ninety nine every day you can. You could hate him. You could not like watching it, but that's what he's gonna put up every day and bill is twenty six
thirty every night I know what I'm getting with those two guys I gotta figure I dunno, will soon have a resident. It's gonna be the most fun version of Westbrook in five years that my that I feel pretty wandering to he won the BP three years ago in India, Well, we didn't have powers in farm yard and enjoy watching that they want when I go on and he had a lie alone because they won one play off gay wanted to stay, he wasn't a rat and he stayed in Oklahoma City and he brought them to a very competitive, front exit, I am, I heard all of it. I admired Oliver. I just didn't think you really should have in the abbey pray. I knew once we got to the two hours twenty minute marker. This part cast its when really things really hit up important question: is this the best uniform, like four Westbrook? Just how he's looked in a uniform? Is this the APEC? Because I really like him in the west new format think he looks. Fantastic just looks like the rate fit for her. I didn't have this in my prep notes. I could think about so he's on the thunder for all those years terrible uniforms of the
under I'd I'd? Never in my life I blew out and then and then the Rockets uniform suggests perennially. and then he goes unawares and psycho. it's better than they were bullets, drawbacks cap in America Are you guys, USA? You say I'm so, they were the wizards economically happy due to take a crap on the sixty day later, Ex whose over under is there the four and a half their puss six hundred do when the division and minus one twenty two to make the playoffs plus went away to bet against Mr Play ass, I say a team, that's how can we have a guard any team in a week- and I say a team What is a fantasy team and people are like all the hawks? Well, they can get the seventh seed. I don't see it. I don't think it's fun to play with. I know he puts up stats, but I still don't think figured out the part of the game that he's gotta make everybody s better and I hope
We were worried about his assess. What about his says? It's a lot of standing around a watching him in cater to the whole tree young experience. He has won anything yet and then they just put a bunch of other often softwares round him whose doing the dirty work on the steamer Scylla. That's must be Crystal and you could tell like- are they bringing down are which is fine because they have these rookie wings that they hope are gonna work out the early return, sudden a great way to really start running off. Judging hundred camp reddish, it s not fair, they would try to trade John College for like ever, and so they bring a Capello actually hasn't played for him. Yet they bring into NATO to think ok,
with him. We have a score that we'd, like they can do a few different things. They have a danovich, the playoff, but then they're also at the same time, hoping that Rondo probably put stranders. When I expect Rondo to yell at Trey Yuen at some point very early in the season, can you not going to give a shit and then Chris Dunn supposed to cover for some of that defensive stuff? So I get what they were doing, but the number is a massive number. They were twenty forty seven last year. I don't know if you can remember how terrible this team was there twenty. seven hundred and twenty figure if they got two hundred and seventy games. Maybe twenty two and the projections hear the over under is thirty four and a half I've seen it at thirty six and a half in some books? You by the way it was its thirty five and a half that thirty four and a half its actually gone out tat. I started six and a half over the weekend. So maybe, as thirty five and a half now we're talking about a thirteen gave jump with this group, that's putting a lot of faith in that. That's why I haven't under fest, come in here in the east alone. Yet I dont know that people are really looking
if the, if you're, just writing the hawks in as the ace lay hey, they had all these guys tray younger it all star the other there at the least in eight seed. I think that's Waymore challenge, I'm not since impossible. Just seems way more choice, urging that I think some of the previous stuff I've looked at its a weird team has its a weird collection of guys who you'd why the fantasy team, but on that shade, want them in real life. I may add that this is exactly that. The criticism and I feel like all of them Ba pundits tree is, is on it and I think public sentiment feels the need the opposite way: get all the guys that they add at the end of the public gloves these these. You know right exactly. I I still can't imagine tray young playing competent and be a defence, and until we see an indication that he is capable of competent, NBA D
and he's a gigantic liability and Mohammed S hull. Then let me in Europe you fast tray on Bogdanov edge in gallery. right. None of those guys can guard Marcello well anyway, Cuba. Nowhere. That said, you bring me to the to the pond. Should we not? That is that on the whole of it, and it feels like these actions could have the effect of getting in the way of some of these draft takes that they brought in the development of guys like the Andre Hunter and in in oak ultimately can't care. I wish they want to know what what they ve got with him. maybe what house there? Maybe they already know The word is honest and work whenever the worm Street round the league is that travesty, GM and then pierce that the key these guys are out there, so they went all so he can Look it's getting in the way of all the draft because they ve added, but instead it's ok. Is there any way the hunter Reddish you're better than Dynamo Gonorrhea healthy, didn't ordinary this year? No now it's too
This, in fact that name villainous brought in to be an assistant ill, we're like our data. They already have their plan here of things don't get off to a good start. They ve got a defence to a passable level, but the funny thing is they sucked on office last year to so for all the tray young love, there were twenty six best offsets. I don't get under to me tat. The thing would try out is really is generation is, like my son, loves trio and into knows from two k. Basically, they tracings amazing in two k and he put a big stats. I share the team, never won, and I just look, I guess, prove us right with winds. That's that's how you gonna impress the three people on this package play. Winning basketball would see it watch the priests and get another night with Memphis and Atlanta. Grace now beat him up the dribbling, just just them them from behind got a flagrant vows like like weird a key issue: third year in the league. Why are you
acting like you're hot shit, you're even come ten when for making Albany years ago he gets named all the stuff. He gets his own shoe, but I'm gonna look voting on my trade, young ransom just waiting for the rest them just wait for burial, none against tray young. We just want to see it translates as some winds before we start third party for trade young. We ve seen a lot of people over the years. Put a big stats on bad terms. It doesn't impress me, doesn't impress Priscilla, doesn't impress house the same is very weird: they constructed. I really don't get a bog down, which is not a good friend software like by damage. But to me he's like you know, he said you'd want in that Laverne spot for Brooklyn. Where is that coming off the bench be instant offence for us and will protect you defensively, the one he was gonna, be in Milwaukee. In fact, right we're all gone under for them. Charlotte is third, twenty six and one half an hour having a major drop off here. Twenty six and a half translate
about thirty one wins! There's guys on this theme that I like the looks like Molly mock. I saved all my belief, bog stock there's that there's a cheer ass, the others had yet it has been super disappointing to yeah. There's a chance. I may not give up on that. Pga Washington he's been ok, Devonshire Rosier, the LE mellow thing is gonna all this team hostage for better or worse, he's, really fun a watch. He can't shoot. I can't emphasizes strongly enough. He is when he takes those runners or lay it looks like he's, shooting a bowling ball a day. You never think it's going at ever and yet incredible feel. I like how rebounds I'd like to have seen. It seems like a project. Ok, you have to just share with everybody. The pull the curtain up here, a little bit, I'm in them-
of my college football Saturday, and these are big games, yes, and I'm on a text thread with bill with House and K C and Allison is losing his mind about a mellow, and you are all the way in in five possessions, yeah, and now it sounds like you, you, I feel like you're, correcting your own Luella market, and I think that we are trying to turn me to some mellow shrapnel there to his. My old point was his approach: the games, Games, Australia or garbage by understood the port. Were you talk, you open, do it because the height division and all that kind of stuff, so it sounds like you're cool or on him today in the pod that you were just on a textured a week ago. Is that what's going on here, I think he's going to shoot. I think he's going to shoot two percent. This is what did you just have a heart attack but have has near the man now.
Well, I can't carry the pod with anything. Haven't you do with lamentable? I just do love watching him play and I love watching the Charlotte. I think that when they come on, I'm gonna sit and watch five minutes of them there that the Avanti Grand Pga Washington had his Heyward Fit into this. It just as is, is a land of misfit toys. What Lamelo ball swagger is is enough to to have me watch five minutes of the team. I think the number for them is exactly on the money. I would like better if you know they're over under whatever you say: twenty six and one slash two I mean I think they said it's an under, because I think they're going to win twenty six. He had a thing with made. The mellow is he's so tangled. You have to plan, but I'm not sure he's gonna translate to a lot of winning success.
As for your one and then on top of it, like, I just think, Heyward is not gonna give them what what they seem to think he's going to give I certainly don't they give the thirty billion dollars were saying I'm going, I'm going under for Charlotte Roselli, going under pressure I just told you, I'm avenant under fast with with a bunch of these teams here and the second bottom. Whatever you want to call it, the seven outside of the egg cell, yet the way around every team dress or another, no doubt Charlotte. Under twenty six and a half or our saint, under shared height of the really competitive lotta games, they still wasn that they might be. They may end up having like the same record evil. They were Chicago's, twenty, eight and a half. This is a team. That's got weirdly the same kind of a watch out for these guys, buzz that the wizards have gone. His Billy Donovan head coach,
I don't know I'm just I'm going under his and everything we have. There is low, bulls over under is twenty eight and one slash two, which translates to about like eight hundred and thirty Ford, four thousand eight hundred and thirty five and forty seven type thing the marketing thing, the fact that they didn't extend him. I thought was pretty strange when you see the people. They did get extensions because I really like marketed, maybe one if they're gonna trader, I dont like they're back and the only way I see the sitting over there. Patrick lambs is really good, come at the gate. Do with it that's possibility Now I- and I was surprised and some awesome highlights, but summit depending on how to figure out market and they're going to send her to figure out window car. They have to figure those two guys that that's the only chance that we have. In over here right now and that's why you I I tab them is as an under I have in mind as well house and not only is good on defence
yeah, I'm in the same boat. Now only thing that would take me to the over is high, bad, Jim Boil and was, and how much they detested him and that galvanizing effect of getting well in the fuck out of their and letting this team like come together and feel like they have a coach in their corner actually know. Take the right is taught myself into wave, but I saw you gonna wonder how many wins does losing your leadership council passed a team. I had that paragraph five Orlando is thirty and one slash two. They are two hundred and fifty into Miss the playoffs one hundred and seventy to make plans Bayside Markelle Fultz three years, fifty million today again another staggering contract that I just couldn't. Sets of it. I didn't care they're so high on him. I think they're, afraid he's gonna have a better year than the price is gonna go up so that their try to be proactive about the opportunism production, they're gonna get ok
Little feel Evan? Forty eight. It openly surprise. After into his eighty boy, one millionth where action Erin, Gordon I'd, even I've given up at this point you ve heard of it. I'm being I burst of it. What already ay gosh call Anthony has looked intriguing, as twenty five one rookie year possibility, if he suddenly that actually place thirty minutes a game for them. I look thirty point. Five winds means that's like thirty. Six and forty six range is another under for me. I'm just gonna keep going under. Guys have they looked the exact same to me as as last year, and I there's a reason for that. Basically, the exact same as last year out of pure respect to Steve quivered, this is, I think, I've gone. I only had to wonders in the east, but I'm gonna go ahead and into a tiny over for four or five. Though I half game over for further no magic, I'm here, I think they're at thirty one
you never seller. One of their traditions of this part is house doing like twenty two over sedate Anders and then people get him, that he didn't do the math directly bit like everybody, has a strategy in the apparently that's his strategy. Would you have for this over under you? I mean that the idea that you're just supposed to do Dean fifty that doesn't make any sense to me tat. I had a strategy for this conference where I really thought it was top heavy from washed in on up that's what everybody down. If they are there and I'm just risk they did. I went over for every team except Toronto, and in Milwaukee I guess it's gotta be fifteen minutes, not three hours or land or not same now, there's no Jonathan Isaac and have the entire year. So this is gonna be one of my locks. It was gonna be a lock over because I feel it the magic just trudged along next thing. You know they want some games, because the faults approach,
hi Autumn, as others are, but the faults Gordon forty eight vukovich combo. Is it ok for me to say it s a terrible. I mean it was a play off group last year eat without eyes, Emmy thirty. Thirty one projects, the thirty five gimme the over ok. look at that. This is the rare. This is maybe the most uninspiring Ross during the week. For me just for me personally, I just judging by league, pass how'd. He wrote me enough, I'm like enchanters, I just in fact the magic or ever rubbing men in any situation. Detroit has already wrote men. I've watched all half of priests, loading that, like I don't know what the fuck is going out. With this debate, No shorter than kill it has the lot right, shabby Grant Blake Griffin, who looked pretty good in the prices and my guy and is a sneak a chicken it may subsequently Derek rose sacred Dunbar,
and I ass. They were in some bay HU, as you leave out eight shacks and they sign Josh Jackson. Just I just it's a mess and actually look affords EVA adenoids Folkestone. I signed a little over four. I think you got a second year. Listen the biggest thing them, as they better hope they better buy. Halliburton, isn't a lot better than killing his cuz. That is bad coming out of the gate. That's bad for killing, hey! It's the whole thing! If, if Albert is just clearly better right away, bad the most encouraging thing for them is Blake actually looks pretty good. That's watch the half of the preseason cuz. I was like how does he look? Does he seem like he's athletic? Again I mean he's not clippers lob city athletic, but would you sure, our former now what s tat through it to make the contracts or Romeo Lang, Furred Grant Williams? Probably not!
I am I'm going, I can't believe I'm say this This is the only over. I have four others should it seems the overlanders twenty three and a half which translates to like a twenty eight, fifty fourteen. They have a lot of professionals of this team. I am in a sneaky. What I'm gonna go over a month ago slightly over. I'm under Blake played eighteen games. I don't even know if he's on the team, the end of the year. So that I'm factory and I'm doing the house here were projecting trades. It likely won't happen. I still can't believe what they did this off season. I mean none. Sometimes it guys benefited thou egg. I don't really know already at the. Obviously I don't know all deals. I don't know the stuff, the ear yourselves, but this one this one should be taught in some sort, of course, because I have no idea what they were doing so. That is why I am changed my mind. You change your manner there I'm going under on road as nothing, but the over is just as they have allowed
of guys who are actually like competent separately. They just make no sense. together and have for them are like bad. They ever paid Ba you're right, I'm going under house It's an under. I don't wanna belaboured any every day they could. christian word. Andrei Drummond Tony Snow, Langston, Galloway, Bruce Brown Lucan are they were all on the team last year, not on the team anymore and that's not like you know a murderers row. They weren't exactly bang another door to make the play off last year, but what they replace, all those guys with is We grant graduate and killing his congrats employer, yes and clumsily I just worry about the site. I M all right all right, but will you bring in great bringing plum labeling an ogre for, as you mean you just, I think this stunts dumb boys growth. You say you deserved better. Can I take you? Detroit was the winner of the where those guys drunk season word. I just don't understand
he, then they did, and in the one case, for them going over would be of. Blake was just really get again: yeah! That's one there! Actually, that's that's an easy path with you, because the number so low, but I'm just going with the lake Healthy Blake, the law on the team from Knicks over under twenty twenty one and a half which translates as twenty six wins their plus thirteen hundred made. The playoffs a clear under me. I do like what I've seen from our J Bear this year than a light that they're playing him. You know different positions, things like that top it's gonna be fun games a mess. I dont know what what the fuck the goal is other than for them to be bad, which I think was the guy has anything near. It makes perfect sense. This is the cave, Cunningham Sweepstakes sweep stakes between their necks Oklahoma City. and Cleveland and Minnesota fats I am pleased that our Minnesota, I'm not ready to Minnesota's, not doesn't think therein.
There is a soda their Mercer. I demand a lot. I would be the best time for him to go to because they already have a superstar but yeah. I did this takes team. I feel bad for all my fur. From New York, always second! No, I don't. I love it when the New York TV stink and they all thank the next Stink Adela top. It's gotta be funded I don't know if he's really the year fund but he'll be fine. However, my light rhetoric Dewie enjoy watching it. I like The game started by result. Number would you think Priscilla I've? Oklahoma city had the least interesting starting five until I sort of really breaking down the step chart, but the we're part of it is if Mitchell Robinson, starting top and starting Knox figure things out. Orgy Barrett their Diller. Isn't it's interesting is at its unknown and it's really young because Mr Robinson there's somethin their Knox's pretty disappointing basin. The scouting report
seems really did like him, and now it's like in topping, I think top is probably the best bet for rookie of the year cuz. All he has to do is going to be the highlight dunks all the time and there is no clear path for some of the other guys. So if we're doing rookie, the use of little bit later is definitely the guy's top my list, but the Peyton Burke's back or J. They got to figure out how to get like Ardiaeus them the asset right. So do everything you can. And to be going in the right direction and as much as I love Tivydale he's is impressive. Has anyone ever talk? Basketball with, I dont understand the fit here at all adults, so I don't know, there's a guy spare him in Vain Gandhi being guys that judges were more successful in the leg was different ten years ago. It may be that second translate top and is sick. One woman Ricky the air, the most board thing for this time- and this is my fifth protection of the past. I am still a bigger
bearable ever and I think you can ever really big here and I think if they can come out of the season, just building up argue bear it in top and because I think the rest of these guys. Whatever You know, and probably I know some next bands of mature Robinson a little more lukewarm, but at least if they could turn our J and top and in their assets. That does a bunch of nice things for them long term his eyes, the leg bear it. I don't think it's fault that Zion and shower the topics about, like you know that the heated but we're all going under and then we're all going under observed for the Cleveland Cavaliers at twenty two and a half who's gonna bet a ten year talking about a rarity wire whose their best player, I feel bad for a coral kazakh sheet was excited a watch him in the process and this team with two point guards in two big eyes. You can't play together this kind of
a goofy team. I don't get it now. Darlin Garland asked to show something here, quick as it was a very good last journey. Somebody like sex and put up numbers, poor, juniors, actually a nice, nice ass, it no depend on what you think of him, but where they dragged him and all I can stop by, but They resign love and they ve always asked for ass, its back for love and the teams, and our interests in love said no for trading we're doing you a favor. It's been a stand off like two years, so nobody that stuff happens, but I'm in Larry Nance good Plan is a good player and you Stop. There is well soybean. I should say ten wines, that's unfair exotic there. Actually better, eleven we like He thinks having game series. Next calves, you taken proper, taken the cat, that's, I envy you. How did I make that job? Debbie great? I agree. I would watch are being less than I let's go out. Kidding aside, I like Ireland and Sexton. I think they're, u they you know with the proper.
development have no idea whether or not that's gonna happen in Cleveland, but I was ever them sits were out in our selves with the calves, I've academic, border Judith. I thought you said forget he had some gap Isn't that ten line like I go away, you just go and talk about the next. That's not fair, so I apologise other to retract. That's the cynical you or any. taking the over now it's time. Actually, let's do it at that. Lacks aright I am now were nearing the three our market, this package, but you know it is the holidays. It was our gift to you in an hour gift, Kailua, oozed, probably drinking at this point. Where'd you go through. Our picks and everybody has to say, with their locks, argue canoes between five and seven lux. First, one Lakers I went over resolution under house, went over anybody. What he's a lot for that? No no
When I read everything you stop me when you undue lack clippers. Forty, have we all went under lock. Guy has a love. The under here has his death. Paul George hate Bet has their lot. I hate betting as we had their territories happening. It's Matt Ryan. And now Pa George Damper Nuggets forty four and a half. We all went over Dallas Mavericks, forty two and a half I went over you guys both went under golden stay warriors! Thirty eight have all three of us went under in an almost want to do a lot for that, but I am I like reading for the warriors to to be good cause. It's good for Basque, but some avoiding. Utah forty one and a half we all went over lock How am, I believe, Lock is Mozilla. Double lack. A k, Portland Trail way, there's thirty nine and a half. I went over house
whenever result, when under I'm doing a lot for this one, nobody us, because we regret that Phoenix sides mean House whatever reseller goes under at thirty seven and a half no lax. Rockets, thirty five and a half me under reseller under house over pelicans thirty, three and a half me under reseller over house over. Grizzlies thirty one and a half I'm going over as a lack reseller under house over I am joining you on the lock. I love this over shut out the Verna next time. San Antonio spurs twenty nine have all three of us go under Lock: CAT Sacrament kings. Twenty seven have under for me under four house reseller, just being a dick with his Agnes
over twenty seven have no lacks across the board, made us so twenty nine and a half I'm going under as a lack silhouette under house when over for some reason, Oklahoma City, twenty two half all three of us go under lock, Kay. But such a low number, but I don't have a horse- could get traded Churchill's propagated trade. Now you bet against poker, did they said he might be it? A hundred ninety five pounds by Ferber, Pokers Thea, loosened area. Alexey picture of grass more handled better handle, vision. So twenty and a half would be twenty six and fifty six in a real season. Twenty to have is one. I have ruining what is really only three yeah twenty thirty and fifty nine Are there not doing I'm going lock, unlocking? Now in that house, you showed up
then don't knock as they do now, because I don't want to have to watch any such a lower number mad. So I mean when you're in the teens and a team projection for I, but I still think that some of the skies might not be anything I've. What's when you have eighteen graphics, don't you want twenty yeah malarkey fifty and a half I went under we still another house when over. I was alone. You got me to change my mind on yeah Brooklyn, forty five and a half I went over as a lack of joining that lock. Overall, I lock three. We lack where national that could be happy bars at the royal had courage. He sees the relationship manager. Then we will need a coach. You exotic Boston, Celtics. Forty four have underlined under for Priscilla over for house by Amy HEAT forty three and a half over all three of Us Toronto
two and a half under for me in house over four Reseller Philadelphia up Assembly Sixers forty two and a half. All three of us went over Knox, Indiana, thirty, seven and a half. All three of us went over that the lock for me locked in. You I really well, I am also going to like that it all now we're fucked. Now you know I am rescinding my luck. Loggerheaded it'll, be more fun. Aruba gets that whenever I am lucky down this next, when the wizard over thirty three and a half. I have the overall three of us said the around lock in that I'm not logging it. I love it. I love the World Bank, emotions another lack for me, the Atlanta hawks under thirty five and a half. I was saving my luck for this one this. When I can't wait, I love a brooding against this team.
Zella come and join us tomorrow. This lock it in fact alright, Charlotte twenty six and a half we all went under Chicago twenty for soon I went under house went over. I think ass was groggy at this point or Lando. Thirty two have I went under both. You guys went over such true, the area without that we love their culture, their Fournier, the church, twenty three in Africa and under Nix, twenty one, and If we all went under calves, twenty two and a half- so I went under reseller went under, but I felt like in his heart he wanted to go over. I just don't think we just did he couldn't summoned the stars, I guess, maybe if I did at the out you know when I my favorite thing- is those starting five death charts because it to you you know unless you're doing it, every single day will be a moment were used, are looking at again. You go, oh my god, and yet I just don't think I should have been, as is harsh about Cleveland, as I was some of them.
The teams that, when I saw a global city starting Father, went some guys you gonna shoot in games, right, Housel, Othello, flat, wives, I'll, not always good promised in house. I think he's too many lacks. What do you mean? Are you objects? I see wide on. I did he's a. What have you just matter about his dispersant, you locked the loudest after ok, I don't added quickly before we go. What's to envy p. Where is it and we pay the bill? Is that who you think's going to win? It's what you think the best bet is right: Lucas, four slash, ten Giannis, four hundred and eighty, this on Fanduel Steph, curry, eight hundred and fifty Davis, one thousand and one Durant, ten one hundred and thirteen one Lebron, fifty one dame one thousand nine hundred and one
one nineteen, one Tatum twenty six hundred one twenty one flickinger guys, who could actually that's really it to read out and a one is insane value. Ok because told irish voters vote for the story and they get sick of people. They bore for parties, never gonna win again. Ok hard is never get away again gives a lightweight Janis would have to score. Fifty game is to win this year. Nothing. You can't win again. There's a la Braun version of this if you want all out because he wanted it, was given the yacht, as that may be. That would happen so abroad. seven hundred, is good value here. But the rat hence the one it there. there, the one or two sea like we think, and he puts up together like a fool, awesome Durrant season, even if its, if it's just a touch off from Peter all the voters are going to be like everything he went through? Oh my god, this lines going to move after this podcast because Vegas is not adjusted for the comeback story boat. Well, it's trap from thirteen and one slash two one thousand and one on Fanduel, but it's still too high,
Lebron fifteen one by the way, I think the ranch should be the third. I think he should be third in line Luke, I'm fine with this, the favorite, I think he's going to win Giannis four hundred and eighty out of respect, I think the ranch Ub five hundred and twenty one house. What do you think about ten to one eyes. It seems too. I am giving a second I'm online right now, I'm bettering bedding literally my computer, I'm betting, it I'm betting Durant at ten to one. But honestly, I think of equal value is Anthony Davis at same number, because I think we, if sightly underestimated the power and impact of Leubronn and the bronze media machine in
We are in agreement that the Brown is going to rest use irregular season to get himself in proper condition for the playoffs. Isn't it important to his legacy his impact on the league, the sway that he holds over the players to demonstrate to everybody that the Oji can take his apprentice and put him up on the path to still does not represent m J? Never did that. Who else did that in the last thirty years? What great player took a t mate, elevated that he made into an empty position. I think that story is not equally compelling to the direct story is a different story. Is so wonderful, but it they story and don't underestimate the power of the Bron James Media Machine, here's the abyss- I can't get on this Kazanovitch. If you bet a hundred and dodge you bet a hundred at
plus for ten. You bet a hundred on Davis, attend Ahwahnee, bet a hundred and ran a tender one, and you just basis. I think one of these three guys are winning the they pay. You wouldn't no matter who wits and I think that the move I didn't look as probably gonna win. He might get hurt who knows Davis and ran or the other two, and I dont really see anybody else, winning the envy the share those be met. Yadda says, as resell said, he's not winning this year, Sunup Ricky the year. So this is such a mess. Collyer things that twenty by the way. I don't think it's going to be Lamelo, but I don't know who it is I'd like the top and call six hundred and twenty one with the Knicks just trying to get him rookie of the year. So I don't Stallone Zack, Wiseman plus seven. Fifty is interesting, that would be the case for thou, be the warriors are actually better than we thought and wise men's, a huge piece of it Halliburton and twenty two one just come from a talent stamp
He should be there that I don't know anybody. You guys have anybody like it. I just a guy's means at least think I'd be. They are pumping him up big time that there is a higher complete I don't think they're bullshitting, because I either give added thinks awhile right so bill, and I may have a little insight on that, but they're they're like freaking out about what it's like run around with this guy, so I had to rookie year bats. One is James, wise men, it at the price that you just said. Bs. Of course I bet Denny out. These are at fifteen, the one by by my books, odds because of what Russell Westbrook he might lead Danny and we all want to eat with Danny and at Danny's. So I had to put a little taste. on. My way is: who might be twenty seven? He might be seventeenth, he might be somewhere in between there, but he looks like he's been play: basketball effort for fifteen years with grown ass men
so that's my my longshot that for regular his adds a move to twelve to one on fender, so his actually the adjutant. Why are there so it automatically but they're getting worse forecasts, Scott Killian Hayes they've dropped to a bus, nine hundred and fifty, I think, as people watch, the preseason is like wait. A second is he that's just the species movie, yet I hope he makes it he's just seems too slow to me. I don't see but I guess we'll find out the old couple more really quick. The regular season scoring title I just wanted to talk about quickly harden. Is the favorite puss one? Seventy he bit everybody by five points. Last dodges, second plus four. Seventy three August, twelve to one lizard is thine. Curry is ten point. One Booker is one thousand nine hundred and one Yanis is seven hundred and fifty if you're, just if you're, if you're saying hard, it's not going to win the scoring title. Who is going to win the scoring title?
bought em he's. Never gonna hat is never easy to equate. This is what it's like play with Chris Paul, He's not getting a. What would you think us? That's worth fifty bucks, a vain! That's that's great return out about that whole group. I, like LUCA, better than I like Lukas Odds, Frahm, BP. I don't think, there's any value and look at and BP, but I, like his odds, tat till two. When the scoring tail you look almost thirty game. I so Booker was twenty. Six point. Six last year only shot thirty five percent from three he made to a game, but the case for him make it. That would be if he bumps that's like maybe makes three threes again. That's another three points even seven point three free for attempts last year
that goes to eight that's a pretty good number man and then maybe he gets like you know, is filled up senators. Forty eight point nine. Last year, maybe that gets like forty nine point. Five. I could see him get in the thirty thirty one points potentially, so nineteen one is a good number and then was either when I had for you guys How long is by was gonna go here, my them over three hours, the most improved as the lesson Geraghty over Jammer John Rain is twenty four to one January because Like a thirty mile, NBA guys that enough to actually when the most, I don't really understand the most appropriate word, but Jobbery goes from being like a really good Ricky on a team that lost in the bubble class. get your lock out yet. No, that's a good one! That's a good one, but I got for Lord
I have asked for the sixty lively when, were you Boston, guys, the agreement. When a guy you get a kick. His ass out of town then tries shit on a model on the way out. Louis I had what was I honour? What Zion at Zaire eighteen o entailing Horton Tucker is thirty three two one set of surprise the odds without good Michael Porter, Juniors, sixteen one Priscilla and My sleeper for this category lorry marketed at forty than the one I can, I hope so. I hope he wins it. I like lorry marketed and now that they, inside it through the extension, I figure be hilarious. Employment voice, all of a sudden like dirt, the whisky circa, two thousand, the extra one thing, though, on the restricted guys is one of the biggest like it's great, the guys who gets their money, but then it's like all the Palestine sign lawns. Ok, let's see what happens with the other seas, Ngos. We ask you to make an effort
the number and we want to match it. They guessed what will go ahead and match it. It's not a big deal out deal restricted. My restricted free rent is over that's a good place for us to end resell, I'm side and say: oh joke. Twenty twenty minutes ago house, I'm hungry Congrats add the wizards. Thank you ass. A really is our pressure, bad and Martin. This is great for you, I'm thrilled. I guy mean you know. I've said ten thousand bad things about Russell Westbrook, but you know what twenty two many a desire, daisies and then I'm happy that more my team. What is your single A writ large that you had the day before we go. the Atlanta under its Gonna, make so happy to root against them all season lots, but he ever seller like my evaluating, or I should put it this way. Revisiting? Our third star rule, the big three rule and that really what we should be talking about is the power two's, because we were
decades strong with who's, your third guy who's, your third guy, we said the same shit, the Lakers all time Rhonda, was sort of third, I didn't matter. They never had it and when you look around the league that third guy thing isn't is prevalent not really fighting against it. So it's not much of a neat. My favorite lack the most as far as Convey Atlanta, but my favorite lack is the wizards. I really think there are five hundred tape in. That's could be the twin money, Joe House. Thank you, Ryan Priscilla, thank you can your house and the Ringer NFL shown a fair way wrong. You can around Mozilla on his own podcast. I can't wait for Basque, bought a comeback enjoy the week of hoops, and I don't get the check out the ring, a package that work and the rain. I come as well happy holidays back with one more pike ass. It were drop it.
Christmas day that they perform then could see this.
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