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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by ESPN's Zach Lowe to discuss the biggest stories in the NBA, including the battle for Los Angeles and the Warriors-Timberwolves trade (3:50). Then they go over the top 25 NBA players (right now) they'd want to finish out the season with in hopes of winning an NBA title (20:08).

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bachelor party, which I went on as well as the six pack has weak for me. I would you say this. I think pounds per pound this bachelor party episode that I was on this week with Juliet and Mallory, is the single best. Guess. I've been on this year better than bagger better than all the other answer. Man. We did a fantasy draft of all the battered contestants. Four bachelor in Paradise: entreated highlight it like the NFL draft and it's fantastic and lines were crossed. Leave it at that. Coming up my old grant link, leg, still make a name for himself their kid from the streets of granite, Connecticut, Zack. Lao he's coming up right after we here are for
from project I get the finger about. There is actually tape Wednesday afternoon. Pacifica. I've taken this pilot packages Thursday afternoon Pacifica. This latter Jason Tatum love. That's coming up. We later in this package. I just want to mention he was awesome yet again in Utah and its becoming a thing, and I am just like a baby proud Father, even though we're not related that's, I feel so. We had that. Also last night we permit the new age, be a documentary that we have come in March. Tenth, it's called women.
Ray it's about sharing our and the nineteen eighty three USC woman's basketball team. We had the event it you see. The documentary put great. I just wanted you to put that on your counters March, tenth women of toy. It is its Tikatok, I feel like you like it. Alright, let's bring it back all right, we're taping this! It's a Wednesday afternoon, southern California time Zach Lowe is here. He caught a the first really sunny nice week. We've had no way we're running this on a Thursday, so if any happens, Wednesday night basketball, wise either I'll have Kyle delete it after the fact for just now like. If something nuts happens, we imagine that's, because weird, before the Wednesday Games we're going to do a little play a little game, but before we do that, we would have like two thousand six hundred and twenty seven games left Some of them were biggest story in the leg for Irena wow
as we had the home stretch, we're about two weeks away from everybody, starts doing the envy pure way too early and that all the worst narrative part of the year. When that happens, I feel like that's over biggest story in the leg. The looming Laa Laa Battle. I think what else is there really? The race for eighth and Zion is a big story, that's kind of interesting, but I don't think anyone thinks the pelicans are going to win the series if they get in right in Philly Philly like what's going on with Philly is Ben. Somehow it you're serious injury. What does that mean? Bobo, L, L, I ever don't you see that everybody wants to see that we may say it and ran to. I was you say we don't know around we're. Gonna see it and that's part of the story It's been a really unhappy Cooper season from a sense of I just was so sad it for
and it's been way more up and down that I was prayer for that. A lot of home games in March lot of good ones. A lot of good teams have a Lakers home game. They have Denver and Philly this weekend and if they were ever going to turn the switch on and go what a streak to make everybody feel better about Ella verses allay this is the month see I've. Never I I have just maybe I'm just dumb, but I have never for one second worried about the clippers Roy they explain why what ideally toward a little bit was one Montrose Harold made those comments by how we get this new guys here and they were part of a team only yet the new guys away better than anyone Yet on the team, those hurried, those guys that was weird and hinted at some chemistry stuff, but like dirt. I think they're, like nineteen and for when PV in Calais, play together and of every time they lose. I ve lost threat of forty look it's like period and play Beverly them play so incident plan. I got the real teeth,
Now you could argue it's time we see the real team now like I am arguing examined gel, but I I the pieces fit cleanly enough that I'm I just haven't worried. I haven't spent eight. I'm worried about forced re ran rough yeah, especially when you get in that second third, rather than especially the third round when it's the every other night thing- and I just have real real concerns about Thou for that of this team- and it's weird- have the same concerns about the Lakers who have leubronn heading towards sixty thousand men ass. He looks is An instructor was ever made last night, the pelicans game, which, as you know, a lot of you I said about phallic, especially for lotteries, and so I'll abroad was by far the most fiscal dominant guy in the four illnesses. Zaire
and Anthony Davis are out there in the branches, like superhuman. Its interests are remember that series against Indiana two seasons. If I think of the last season with the with the calves once seven games yeah- and he didn't bother posting up like one time until games- seven- what it was like I now our seas is on the line it I'm just gonna, pull up, let's see, what's in every single time, any scored or drew double teams of trouble teams. Now we're unlike game, fifty eight of the rail or cease. News, like I'm gonna, just postal jihadi the entire game like Dunk and draw up. He took a purse of guys like I'm, but he's doing that every game is so great a. I guess he's you must be feeling great. He did in this. Thanks game too. He really Richard Heyward, and actually I thought Heyward was good in the beginning, the game and the brain boy boy I'm a couple times and by the third time Heyward was out for the rest of the game. He resist that was a direct decline to the broad knock em around, and then he took jail in
down there at the end, and when he's doing that thing, which he really felt like it mastered it in the toothache. Eighteen laughs and in that way or series where he would do that weird thing: re back the guy switch hands. His elbows are flying video over you're doing work straight away. Levity only diameter say need to run he's dribbling, but his elbows do in this area, Neither seems like a flower, it's not a phobia who caught ten thousand zero with known between and
What are you gonna do if you're trying to stop that you backing up, because you have a two hundred and eighty pound guy who's, wiping his body against soon's. Nobody can withstand that. It's incredible that, like what are we in twenty twenty that, like eight years ago, it was like when one is he ever gonna learn opposed up Campbell. He can't post up and then end up with the first title. They one they won largely with him doing that, and now he's so good at it, though, when he does it like, you need the garden with a big man like you just you yeah, there aren't wings who can really garlic jail and fights pretty hard and lake, but you're gonna like I've, been Nuggets Lamb, I'm just throwing them and obtain like your community garden with Paul Mill, supper, Jeremy Grantly you can't put like Will Barton or towards Madame Jail, is about as small as you can go and that she can mark a smart who you really can cause he's another one is superhuman stretch, six pet. I thought that was favorite thing about the asked STAR game where it became legged DC comics movie. I knew
the brown superhero then yacht ass, the other superhero legislate. Alright, let's go was whose whose physically stronger- and it was like a stalemate- were you there Doc, I actually kind of wish I'd gone. I liked to have seen that I didn't go either to lose my daughter's birthday and you had your daughter Eden time it even less than Mania daughter, not override. The doctors. Fault was a doctor's fault. We were due in March, like ten thirty. That would have been great marched first or something, and we got induced two weeks early because they thought she was underweight and she wasn't underweight. She came and in the doktor literally was like oh, I was wrong I totally normal, and I was like what our job bad job through.
Eurostat games for the rest, your life, but I I actually you know this. I, like all sir, and so I know you do I skipped last year and Charles the first. My warmest did thought I would have major a kid, I'm too old to say form. I thought I would have major stress about, not being there did not at all Chicago's Chicago's a cool down can be Then the game was going on a site. This is awesome, so I've already got I've already told my life, I'm Goin Indianapolis lecture I, but but They're gonna change was great and the USA right thing was a real thing and I wish I had been there in the room for all look leubronn. Honest with each other, but I thought the most interesting thing was that, like tv on us, the last three minutes or less whatever points of the game was like a guess. We're gonna run our often sir joy and beat like that was cottagers thing right, like the name is the name of the team. Is team Janius he's gonna, be the envy p again in there. I think this is
best chances of feed this big dude right. The bucks fans got mad at me because that night it a pike ass. I like what kind of interest they couldn't gaudy honest the last remaining areas. All authority. Rigour to use there were forty, seven eight. It's like I asked I'm going to use that, because unless he can show that in a situation like that, where you bought some defenders down, the counter will nobody's going to be better to phone that the Lakers are pretty good and pretty big and very capable of putting a wall. I still want to know what his plan B is when it's not a fast break. I think, against a team that I think part of the plan B, so we're tables on Wednesday. They just want to Toronto back to back and beat the rafters pretty bad, but not pretty Rabelais rallied from twelve thirteen point Epson his romancing and Toronto has between in an o b and C outcome in a sociable centre like a box, and you put it thrown around the House Jefferson and was Shea like
they have the profile of guys who can at least give him problems and a he was fine and be like. I think you can make the argument. Every single player on the bucks is better than they were last year at a given Lopez's shooting twenty nine percent from three of the rest of his game is so good like I'd, so I think part of their answer is Everyone got better and part of that is gonna, be like if Eric Bledsoe doesn't kind. Gonna have one happened to him in the playoffs happened, em again, like they're gonna, be really tough debate. I would say: Boston has the best chance defensively against. Their rights or togae, so you could see it the game whence his Sunday, when it is really a thing when the Brown can't get the switch he wants because You have five guys on the core knees. I go. Courts ties in some cases, actually pretty good. Turkey's ices good he's. Ok, you're, not tortured him. Like his vest zealously, Anne and say I got mark a smart ass, a yet Marcus is ready for this. I think there
The vote is switch in the same thing with the Addis, where you know he's a little bigger, but they could at least if it's the re line up now, the x factor is Cumber, which I think we have to talk about them. I do not like what I'm hearing about this company. Woe about the injury about whatever's want. What is what does the evident he's got anything anything, and I, from what was I understand, was not supposed to play a lot in the Astor game and was made clear him. I take it. Easy is in the Ostler game is starting. All these guys are out there super exciting its cargo little adrenaline gets gone and all the sunny place that entire forthwith, and that was like a long fourth quarter. So that was a forty two minute and real time. Fourth quarter was like a quarter and a half. Is that they're all the time he actually physically wore down as the quarter went along? You missed everything is bad had seen him. Since do I blame
Yeah, a tiny bit: didn't we see a little bit? Didn't we soon one game since. I could be seem like a synthetic you played. One game was so forget about, forget it. They are now he's out and out just like okay. So then thinking about the Charlotte angle. This Charlotte was be happy to not give him a max contract for reasons that remain unclear mean, while they gave half of his money to Roche, are sixty percent of his winning the rose year. So is it? Is this new thing? Is this a new thing, or is this something that's been there for a while, and I do not have the answer for that I'm concerned and now you think of the history. Celtics point guards are becoming the spinal trap. Drummer of this decade, hey. We have this totally healthy. Awesome point guard what's wrong with them I'll be back in a couple days. Weight is now, Get what's going on, I hope I'm, I hope, your being premature, oh,
sleeping premature. Look, I hope you are is why I need this is the number one Boston team now this is the tatem resurgence is basically what I think about night and day and that Canvas their near and the Lakers game, Brad Watchmakers by twenty five minutes, and it's like we combat Alan. I know it's happening, but I'm I'm nervous, I'm nervous backhanders day There are the number one Bosnia observes over for the patriots. You know I'm gonna stupid football questions, so it's over. I think this outbreaks in the Bruins have far better chances to win the title. At this point, then the patriots, red Sox, shorter and other red Sox made some horrible trade. Let's hear they traded their best outfielder and sixty years was a problem. What's the NBA equivalent of that harden the equivalent is we ve now met our group of our quota for the giant hardened trade reference. It's happened did it was, admit a mark Watts.
Today we want a world series of them. So I would have to almost be somebody while it you like trading, I don't say, staff Casteth is at a time when they He paints the vague at other. I guess Muky do. If staff was a little worse, it would be like trading him if the rent never came there in two thousand and two if they don't know why. I love how everything the warriors do. The warriors have the sheen of like genius and being right all the time, so they trade for Andrew Wiggins who, like the whole world degrees, it is not good and I have terrible contract and then the article starts tripping out like this is part of their grand plan to get Giannis do. You think I did ignored the other stuff, you think. No I'm just sing at this is
Grand Plan D. Gay honesty involves Andrew Wiggans. Somehow like can, we just show with the warriors are like that trade for them the warriors are light years ahead. I thought it was. I just I would say I didn't hated for them as much as everyone else that I think it has a chance. Here's one for you, wait people hated it for them. Yet they were selling. I both like that. I later I liked it not only art a tiny bit more, I just feel like he can play with clan staff and in fact Russell could the one thing I think I ever loved in my initial, I, like this low them more for gold and saved in Minnesota, is I framed. It is whether some risk here from a soda cause if you ve, been up a potentially high in twenty twenty one, and then I think the correct counter dad is risk what they're going nowhere there they're going nowhere without him. Towns is gonna, be angry like there that the downside risk for them is not as big as it appears to me when you just isolate that pick any within upwards. What's this, can we say one thing and that he was a? my counter that is.
So there in an unhappy relay in happy dysfunctional relationship with towns where a lot of stuff has to come out. But clearly, if you watch the games on league pass since I got, I got you cuz, I'm happy so that fix, is we'll bring somebody s gonna be happy, is the equivalent of a relationship we are fighting girlfriend all the time. In your living together and you should probably break up but one day you go and get a dog. I love a dog document. This better now Fisher Dog will work the dog to be our dog. What would this this will bring us closer that was what the Whig its trade whisper, the timber loves there like. Here we got your angel Wiggans I am right. You can run high screens of them in its like, but where are you going if those here to best players would mean rational Boolooroo we got. We also do what I say the angel. We are you, so we got you into Wiggans angel. This area, we go. The angel Russia was friendly towns. It's like I'm out
But you know what I'm saying I think you're gonna in the West or conference Beazley is going to fit in well, like gonna be a good. Often when it easy trade was still there going to be a guiding Denver, not just keep easily in any their bench, Gary Harrison trader. I rather busy at least can create, as on shot he's gone out for the wolves, maybe he's enjoying his new found freedom perhaps orbit. But is it not exactly the kind of Guy Denver needed, though, when you watch over Siberia we said well more guy. Who could create a shot? I just think they thought is. Arguably, let's get some perform. I great use good like want, shows a different story, but he eats good. Ok, we're gonna. Do this Let's take a break in the were dunes hey without security. There are two ways you can go about: protecting home, the traditional way where you eight weeks for a technician into a messy installation costs a small fortune or the other way, simply safe. Everything you need a homes, courtesies them award winning protection. It's the two time what
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the come into the pot and Michael I'll come over the dumb gimmick, and then we will make it happen. Here's the damn give it I made a list by top twenty five prayers right now for the next four months. If I'm trying to win the title, so copper caveats one, this is not a less, therefore, the best forty five person like this is a list of my top twenty five pillars. Right now, from trying to win a title, fury right, fourth quarter, game. Seven. These are guys. I tried one, the unreal or forestry rounds of it. I'm trying to win a title who are my picks second caveat is has to be somebody who acts as a chance to win the plants. Oh ok, yeah, so that that knocked out some p. But allows like a Bradley bill to still linger, because you know America's favour team. The wizard still put your chance of being an AIDS eating it demolished by the bucks low.
These bill has make. It ran for irrelevantly class superstar the year we pass superstar where its ago turn on the wizards gave their plane. The Nets Bradley Bill has fifty eight through three quarters. Leg is a realistic text to get this absurd. He's got his angry explain angry, so I made a less without a be more fine. If I made a last and then you made fun of the list, you their critics, Simon cow of the list, your day, don't don't you didn't you do bad stuff. He did bad stuff in Macao cancelled due guy he's out a tv show. You have any did somebody Gabrielle Union, I think said, did did not say nice things about him, and I trust I trust guerrilla. What other judge the one he is. I don't care what about what about Katy Parry are you be the Katy Perrier great. Number one. Am I less top twenty five prayers? I would for the next four months. If I'm trying to win a title, do you think,
pick a wire abroad. I think you pick Leubronn HU. I concur copper reasons. I actually think he looks fantastic This is about as good as he's looked in the regular seas and other than that two thousand seventeen spurs stretch renew wrongly picked them firmly pay member that, while you're really sales wrong, even though we were yet no, I yeah. You do that over. I now would not absolutely. I would keep the quiet to that seventeen. Yes, you know. I win the book, a basketball part. We talked about how the Dwight Howard Europeans, and I was saying, there's no record of acres item. One thousand got yeah it's on the dark web yeah. Your whole twitter is pretty good case. I thought he should have been Maybe they I don't take. There was an eye is by far the best defence of where the way the share out of her I'm doin our was, but I wrote this
a month and a half ago in a call like something happened with quite like six or seven weeks ago. Were his bodies start to feel better something and he started playing defenses I recognise that, can now neither Mandy. I recognise that guy yeah and that's the problem, I said I'm Goin Friday night. I haven't seen him in person since he went up a level ethically You have said a lot of the asked again to hide from what I've heard they put. At a time in the training and all that stuff in the married they devote a lot of resources. Making them feel. Then I think this is the best he's found. Not that's why they played Memphis on Monday night now was there and everyone was sort of disappointed by the game. Cause Jackson's heard decreases are caught, teetering little bed and it was like forty five to fourteen at one point: I loved it, because Beverly is back and play a well pity was back in place on coal.
As at their play awhile, and they went through like a ten minute stretch of ok, let's plus less lake must play in the resolution are like a. We can't get any baskets, yet we can't do anything they did that to the South Ex early in this is to their vat stretches where, when they put the clamps down the cancer down, so I went with quite it's fun because he's the rain champ, I think that has the matter. I think he's completely unafraid of Leubronn and eighty in the Lakers. In that situation he will become fearless and whatever series you throw him into even like something stupid like the Astor game, I felt like he could get a basket any time he was. I think, this late nineties, Michael Jordan,
Last three minutes in the game: I can get a twenty four hour for many spot on the four thing that he is alive than to is basically unstoppable. He makes these like not even the twenty footers. It's like the weird like fourteen footers right, where he rises up and they look so easy in your like men s a hard shot like you had to work hard to get there. But then of Sunday looks like it's easy and there's some sort, a hitch in how he shoots that every single time for as a defender of because allotted time She shooting in the guise right there, and could they tippit back at whatever, but the way he kind of unfrozen a he always gets shot off and there's never hand in his face, and does it looks easy. He doesn't look to me last year, especially the last couple
that he was it values on one and a half legs, and even I pushing off his leg in figures for their little liked him Duncan second half of his career. We just had a book a Basque. My part about oh three spurs Lakers. Then you forget, when Duncan, had the two legs and could spin either way and do all the TIM Duncan stuff from both sides, like our readers. Remember, like the last eight nine years, he's basically dragging one leg around doing everything off for you. Look at his box score numbers from some. Prime playoff run, oh my god, three thousand five hundred and fifteen and like six blocks kind of games like five assists like they were, they were like Shaq, Prime Shack kind of all around numbers he played. Twenty four playoff games that year and is two thousand five hundred and fifteen and five every game, and they had. This was early spurs that nobody left anyway,
Stop. Quite the bran I mean he looks as good as ever looks on believable it's it's it's parkers you're makes no sense. That has no correlation to everything that happened in the Israeli that he is still doing this at this age, like even I did that book, a basque more part about Kobe that last good year have copies thirty for that year. The year that here upturn is a curious, but you think all the miles he has and he just physically would it.
That's out the game. What do you look like in that pelicans game yesterday? He just seems like he's at one hundred percent of his powers, scored forty and, like the Lakers, defeated them to score forty, and do you have for dinner last night against pelicans, so I'll just go through the top four and then we can talk about it, I've Giannis at three and Davis at four and then I then that's the end of the first year. I think those are the four guys if I'm trying to win a title. Those are the four superheroes wear, eventually their these moments. In these playoff games, where the superhero start at each other- and you know, Davis thing I gonna die- fell in my c reading for the South X on Sunday I so happy every time they didn't go to him because it just seems like he's unstoppable, if they actually like, you know, run off and for him or get him in space or do a little screen, wrote him or try to get him a bite
stop on the back and then I was watching the Celtics were reacting. That was clearly what they didn't want. Their actually fine with Lebron posting up there trying to single team up with Davis was posting up. Everyone is reacting differently and. Aid as a Laker Haider? I guess my point is I'm hoping that there's a tug of war between what's the right thing to do in the last few minutes of this game castle abroad has always gonna wanna, ultimately be the one who decides that like it in the south, the game men incredible turnaround, but I wonder if Davis's is kind of a more efficient option. I dont think teams are that scare, the baby in the post. Really, I just, I think, he's good. There is a good one, But what? If, what, if he's guarded by Daniel ties with five thousand three minutes, that's a different story, but also when it part of it depends also on whose also and again for the Lakers like when they have a centre in the game. All that space is alot tighter for him. The help rotations are alive
easier. So that to me is the biggest big picture. They now have to think about down to stretch very aim, obviously or you're, going to be irritated Houston fans with your tier one here without harden and deep Lamy. Is proven more in the play out. Anything Davis's now he's also had two or three all time like what did what happen is east? Is he. Did he have food poisoning at half time like what's happening to him, give any too many shaky platform on which we are we broke down. Did our part environment for the air. Their feed number, I judge, judge a more by the history, its eye, Gluck, I'm putting you hear, prove to me. You should be in the top there way, but it what is then it was his boss he's in Israel. One can tell you that I will be more of a match up thing. Were I just took it all. The time they're gonna play
These teams have a guy who can slow him that what's that's, what's gonna be interesting because all of these teams I mean you, throw the clippers whose starts uneasy Davis problem. They ll throw Marcus Morrison him. Now he sort of the de facto, like of our three big wings. You'll get the first shot at the unpleasant match. What were they ass? He tries to go they d into some sort of a fake, tough guy thing by game to occur, not came one, he saves it. If you say forget too, Think of Japan are called the bottle or longer rip it away, and can I get my shove move came to came to it is convincing to see how well Davis manages want, one in the post, so you're really aliona me, you haven't, they showed it to mean the boy of shared part of this. For I am not I just I. I think every day is really good and I dont have huge objections. Do here, I'm just going to tell you that he is not
I am very much opposed to gather. Isn't I put him overheard and is I think he could still a fact and swing flash games without having a score, that's clearly drew, and at that you could say that about all four of those guide: Lebron's, probably the weakest, but Lebron in the last three four minutes of a big game is still going to make stuff happen, he's still going to be able to defend people. I was a little shocked by easily Jason Tatum was going by her, like that, I found. I guess you Jason Tatum Tier one appearance right now, I'm done areas with the Haitian Tatum excitement night right now, but that would be a they'll be insane. Should you oughta be won, the bucks fans were argue their having one of the best regular seizes wartime, he's gonna be a back to back and BP. He got a huge tastes last year and probably would have won the series if they hadn't blown game theory.
And in why isn't he newborn, which a case for a get seven? I just think, given what the first to have have accomplished. I dont have any our growth it a meal abroad, as has been the best play. MBA out. Is he now still? I don't know, but he's close enough to speak, that he stole a James Enquire, two thousand they like, I don't I don't fucking. I felt I don't see any But I love your honesty. Is unbelievable, I'm going to hold him and BP almost certainly, unless something crazy happens, the last twenty games, but I don't they're all really good. I don't. I don't have any argument with. You will get a tier two hockey Games Okay, I think that's the right spot for him. Whether you want to say is true. One hundred and thirty two, I think, he's a clear 5k
he is still averaging thirty five points, a game. He still causes Terran panic. Another teams quit clarification, the warriors goat. They have to be in the play of fish, so Durant's curry we're just discarding all the wires gas clay. Ok,. Number six hundred and thirty eight, unless you want to do it like a tiny bit about the Rockets against everybody, the Rockets against the world, I'm tired of talking about the Rockets Are you somebody that the run Rockets twitter? They get upset a euro he's still pretty neutral, I'm pretty pretty neutral. There is the crazy.
The craziest thing that ever happened to me was rockets. Twitter during one of the years, harden, didn't win Mvp and they would like. There was a sphere of Rockets Twitter that was like going totally over the edge that people were going to vote curry over harden, and there was that was. It was a dark times. I think mutual. I was never. You are very upset about the Capella five out thing. The first game you were tweeting you're very obliges hated watching it sea ice to me it was no different than how they were already playing. Just there wasn't a big guy. There was the same it in fact to me it's more exciting, because without the big guy there Russia is suddenly like were powerful slyly, I didn't I dont strongly either way about it, but I did not feel strongly negatively toward it for sure the knife, a vindicated cause yugoslav dress, always I've been on rights have been, should be a five time in VP higher iris.
If more than I did a couple weeks ago, I hated it on first it's like a really hated it. I dont in general loved the forty eight to fifty three, the game kind of mentality of how to buy back while, but I do think more, I get the more I watched it and I vowed never to watch it and I keep getting sucked in because the Westbrook part is so fast that the Dave we cleared out a runway for him to just take off like a fighter jet forty times and disk of barreling into people that you know if, if there's a big I out there, they just figure had a torture that guy until he leaves and now it smaller and their space and he's just physically dominant for his size. Here against you told us weak, they had go, Bear Guardian, it was real. I became a year went off when I got there.
Guy go back a little bit off. Fountain laid the ball in any rocked. The baby I'm go. Berries was the rock to baby on little rashly, rocked the baby on road route of a parallel. I like this, Russia's fun that made a flip the jazz season, because it was already a little better. I was like them as a sleeper when the West and after that game, I think everybody now they bench my conall in now. I don't know it just seems like that game. Put any you top layers beyond your top twenty five, yet number, six, Joel embed like it. Here's the case. And you saw me asked our game. As you mentioned earlier, there is
in their game wherever the kind of looked at each other guys are you know what our best option is the same for two guy who can who can put his ass five feet in the basket and get a good shot, and maybe we should give it to him now we have endurance issues. We have conditioning slash health, Issues we have doesn't seem to always know what he should be doing at a basketball court and he's too far away from the basket of those things, but it's a two way guy. I still feel like he's the six guy who is potentially the plasters Whether the Simmons thing, one nation in some way remains to be seen it certain. Forty dining at the hawks. So I think we need to prepare for it, for this when either one of those guys is hurt, the other one is going to put up better individual numbers. Yes, that does not mean that the team is better without the other guy.
In terms of like a long term sustainable. Can they win the championship, which is what they're trying to do, but, like there's, no question that without Ben Simmons on the floor, Joel Embiid is going to post up with much more room in score, a lot more points and there's no question with Embiid out and Simmons in there going to look like the bucks and he's going to be there version of like ninety percent of Giannis and it look awesome, much Juno to win the championship there, any both I dont he I like can be this. I I I have it in front of me, but those plus minus figures from the Rapporteur series will always stick with me when they were like plus a guest alien within, be it on the floor and minus a gazillion, and the very limited time that he was on the bench, they were minus. So many points that it almost looks like a fix that. It's looking like Miami Philly, oh my god. In round one now there will be
You think fight over under one at Butler thing and the level of trash talking it's going to be happening. It's going to be, if you think, some of the butler numbers of him and two games big shots crunch time all that stuff. Most people are bad. If Europe is easier, I get out like a less thirty seconds, are really really truly bad. It's good player, flare Agri, he's gonna be on this was pretty soon. I would imagine it. That's that's a series right for a man's up. I have no idea what would happen, especially this respect, as we don't know is, could be healthy are thus far. I don't know haven't really taller derives from a good hour so far that there really really em they the J crowd. Just kind of randomly having him get thrown in their trade was felt to me like a bit. Deal than a good dog has at least I know as can be healthy and playing and who was ever the crowd or is like some bizarre o streak shooter, where his dislike he's, not a good three points.
Yeah and then who have like a two week period where he's like six of eight five of seven, three or four, let Patel that into this guy like Deasey in one of those right now. I am not here greater fan, but I think, if you're talking about a guy's for Uclaf, Sir, is if easier, seventh, eighth guys anonymous by four Jaeger, say I we could get Philly lucky and I am sorry Philly ma am Miami with Miami with home court, which I don't think necessarily matters that much cause well. Now, though, it matters to me until Philly proves it can be. Anyone with five regulatory players on the road they took their two and twenty one of the red room where there were nine and twenty nine into an on the flip side. The flip side of that is their twenty. Of an end to it all right, which is like we started into that kind of home record territory. That's that's interesting, I gotta give a shout out to their crowds. I think they're cry have been really good this year and then I think when they boot.
By that time, actually that that was the right move and I and I think it got the desired result. He was good neck in the immediate suggest, be you'd like he's going through the singer thing, I'm not gonna talk tries to shear, I'm not gonna. Be then, then that is acknowledged to be the same old asshole that I used to be a that's his words. A thing like tat did like: if that's what makes you happy and makes you play just who'd. You do whatever give Kevin her the middle finger in the middle of it at the end of a game I care do it makes you like field makes you feel good here here that whole german thing, where you actually they made me, feel generally bad for german Germans career was altered by that food. He eyed no, that I've ever seen a player completely own and dismantle a fellow all star. Yet like not a bum, Anyway, he felt Andrea, Drummond out games and like eleven minutes and would just wave goodbye
but under Dunwood Sakharov Florida happen again make the journey the Clyde Drexler, that's piebald scientist me: he actually altered the course equates career war and then in dream team And then, by the time they came out of the ninety two files in the dream came includes a shell, then the next season, his stats, actually go down and stuff. So I got him being alike and bid six. I like it. I think he is. When he died in a key changes every second and again, when he's on the floor. So I have. This is where it gets tough more carefully Paul George Seventh and I dont know how good I feel about this, but I'm basing off. He was like the eighth, best guy in the league last year. I think he's finally sternness seem like he might hopefully be healthy
And then you're looking at him just the ideal to a guy, what the subjects are hoping that Jason Tatum has turned into, but at least he's been in. These games were four attached to this, though my next three were Paul. George, Daimler, Jason, Tatum enacted. Oh a niche, seventh and then I was like that's going to make fun of me because I just been so blown away by the two way play for, and it says it's not a cent short sample sizes we're talking this is a month and a half of his everything is fine. Replaced he's moving as an on his drives the basket. There's it's that is frantic anymore
real purpose and every decision he makes I'm he's going to bleed my call on Friday. He is the craft of what he's doing yes. Craft is a good where is so high level at, but but recent, what is when is the last time. This is what I was going to ask you. What is the last time We ve had this happen, we're in the middle of a season not at the beginning of a season. After summer time, improvement this in that, in the middle of a season, something up a player makes not just a little weep, thus leap and all of us at the same time have the site- or this is this is enough- and this is happening in, like January February, Anthony Davis, what we're gonna like two, they dear, that they make in the plan of Brandon those guys. Member on the sunny turning the TIM Duncan were likewise. This happened. I've got my foresaw, was
why the first year, maybe fifteen sixteen. It was the only one files and BP for sure what you know that there is so it's happened. More frequently than you think, because I remember We agree on land ominous aids, thirteen or fourteen when I was doing trade value, and I ended up staring over three parts- must be fourteen, encourage change point that he started moving up at my rankings, as I was doing it by the time I finished divorcing hammered out. Only look at the first really great currency was fourteen and it was like. Oh, this guy is actually gonna, be a generation on where, like eight, I dont think any of us or thinking that before for fourteen zero, they end up losing the first round to the clippers. But then he wins the empty, be the next year right in fifteen and they went to title. I thought CO is fifty in amendment fifteen now
in that they want a lotta games, thou Knowest fourteen your first Yardley they one sixty seven fifteen in their first championship. Fourteen was a really important near Frank. Has he went out of Chris Paul for seven games and it was awesome while ours member of the series the year before twelve thirteen when they were the sneaky succeed, oh yeah, be Denver, it wasn't just being Denver, it was going to sin anti the next round and stealing did still gives do. I want, therefore, to dig blow a big lead and they stole game on a blue, a big leading game too low. I remember that cause. I went on tv and I taught everyone they're gonna win the serious and than they did in the spurs for Falco. That whole thing happen again and that was issued go to San Antonio, as they taught me about that was this is that why you knew if they're doing this to disperse yet this is this- is now a real thing anyway, direct? No, no we're not I'd. Try to accommodate this has happened, a name that hasn't come. So when you put Pga at seven, I made Mental note now said here the names I'm curious that
and come up at the moment. It is next now five the fear that we have covered Paul, George, seven, Dame eight Tatum nine judge ten. He was one of the name yoke at eleven, a m at the end of the second tier so the case, Pa George, these are all great players manners. Instead artist, I mean they're just there, all everyone's over the pall George case is when I went to I, the clipper game earlier in the year, still felt like varsity junior varsity with coherent Paul Georgia, the varsity. Tatum and jailing without where the tenth greater sue. No, there is good as the seniors, but the seniors is still the seniors and now is the vibe, and I still feel it. That's the pall, George Vibe, to me am, I actually think- has a higher ceiling this season, but Paul Georgia's more reliable. That question is the Mr Ferri, what have you heard about him physically in where? Where this could go the next formats anything you look great deal and I
I assume that there must be an altar cautious with these guys and that There are going to be re ago. Maybe that turns out not to be the case but p. I love piggy, she's, a stud he's had at a very young age. He had play off moments. They give you, when I watch that serious with my Emmi yeah, where it was like when the Bron gave him the given the not on the court and was like, while the skies like twenty two and is ready like hidden clutch free throws clutch shots, he's also had of late. A couple of those like chew, of eight teen, like were in like elimination games, are big aims, but when you throw his defence in I'm fine, then their yoke Ich. I understand the yoke scepticism and in again, there's no shame being eleventh on this list. People are under rating what he did in the plow slasher. He was ridiculous, made the forty two club for
two point three balls adding that already terrier. He was unbelievable in the play of pleasure. Now the competition was a jested air spur seem that took him to seven an app as coffers finally got pretty its finalists in Portland that Biederman seven so wasn't likely lanterns occurrences yeah. And where do you draw you look at the top six in the west this year, it's a different, as can be a different universe for them, probably in the playoffs, so I'd put doncic in lower than the than Gorge Laura Tatum. Only because of the add the two I think Don't LUCA ahead and show me that he can be a plus the fender and apply a game. I asked a thing I hate when guys keep getting hurt me right now, he's had to those in a season. Ups wise. Could he could he get shit together into a single hand. They beat. Somebody ran like, of course, and I think you could say,
The same thing of yoke expand the match up, we I was really disappointed yoke. Its earlier in the season, he's done some stuff lately and I'm excited the same person on Friday. He's done some stuff lately, where he there somewhere post of happening with him, that's as high level as he's done. Yet the looks after the first. My vision has been one of the five to six westwards in Libya yeah. So the good thing for them- and this is why Friday as such an interesting game so were taken this Wednesday afternoon did nuggets, are fourteen eighteen, clippers are thirty. Eight in nineteen, I dont think clippers having home care vantage matters that much ultimately take as their fans, whatever Denver having better there's whatever that that that well, they have all due respect, but they have, a third of the fans are real Cooper fans. Everybody else is there because they get tickets for somebody it's
proud. That is not really get a swing again. Now bomber could swing again, just for being a maniac in his seat, but but then, where the attitude- and I I know they ve- had some tough losses over the there, but I still feel like it's better for them to have at their home record over the last go back to that crazy tie losses ass, a member that I licences season- oh yeah, over they like thirty five and six, are something homer, some backers number. But but the frightened, I think I'll, be a nice task as I it feels like. That's gonna, be the two three match up. Unless the rackets just keep blowin everybody way, it's its wide open up there. You know in Utah story a couple games out of those guys if they get there. You know what together and on Colombia cities looming like it, sir, how that Tudor, let's just go to the forefront of sorts out it's gonna be fun? I had so. We got here my teachers to inquire Leubronn, Yadda Davis Teer to harden
be George Willard. Take Dodge Yoke Ich. That's the top eleven last Tatum question. I want to do too much and tell him because I do well. I don't want it too much, but am super excited about it. Could he be the best where in three stray plan series in the east before the files in European, now in place because I was inconceivable two months ago, so you talk about their plane broken round one their point to run around too, then walking around three. Is there a world in which is the best place in those three serious that world exists? That's all I know is, I don't think it's a pretty likely role, but the first two he is the best where, yes, I think I am it should see where you have the rap
guys right because in my I'm trying to kill, allow ranks way higher in my trying to win the title, the sheer rankings- and he doesn't like best overall for the next, whatever years rankings like he's a good he's, a good bet for that, but I think Tatum is the best individual Blair of these better than CRM right now in Brooklyn its forget it can I reasoned you're just indulge me a data really tiny where seconds yeah do you think we can now call him a future and VP candidate. Yes, I do. I think that the guy look first of all this great, the guy who played in the lamps the guy has played in the last month, but anyway you won't keep this up. Like he's just hang in thirty five and forty on every night, that's not gonna, keep up. I don't think if it does were all in trouble, but that, Guy can be a top five learn them here. The way you ruin it defends, the two eight stuff is in that's. Why, when we did the
mean results, as we did in asked our pod China Fair, I would ask our picks: wasn't it was basically Tatum or Brown he had to pick, and this was a little bit before he took off my my theory is here's my theory. It's now little bit before it he took off like that when I got the new name, so my my theory might not totally uneducated theory is that he was really pressing. You really care about making. Also screwing with it. A little bit and once he made it was like my heads clear: let's go to a stuff was really get even before that happen. He wasn't finishing. Leggy is now you radius, his pressing la pensively, but the the stats for indisputable, like when he was on the core yeas on our land, and I am nervous with that stuff, relying on it too much, but it was the way I felt watching celtic games. It was like. Oh, we got to get him back out here. This is dangerous. He's been out again till. I think it can be an empty begin earlier, and I think that I dont think dusk
yet all, I'm gonna have a cigarette and just regrouping one. Without a break you as a self explain why? So so? Don't you think one of the interesting things about this and potentially good ones, is that you know last sure you had this team wherever wasn ball and no one's happy in this dialogue as young as an issue you had the Steamworld words like. Can we get Kimber, Marcus, Gordon Jail and Jason to all play well in the same game and who's gonna? Have the ball like? I think part of the benefit of this? Is now there's a hierarchy? he's the best guy yeah he's the number one option. No one else gets too there's no complaining anymore. Well, it's not cutting time? Everyone knows where the ball should go where it should start. I think that's like. I think you need that is a championship content or if you want to be a champion of Gunnar, I think you need to have that issue resolved and he, like kind of organically resolved it. You speak in my language. Ok, see you view a hundred percent agree, it started to happen. There were people standard rate
in talking about am probably like six five. Six weeks ago I was like when the quotes from the teammates and for like he's unbelievable really special and its abyla jail embrowned, saying it. People like jailer, argued that there be a little bit of competitors in under a year. Part you're seeing the quotes were jail rounds like he's a superstar in jail and brown as a result has to buy into like I can still average twenty. But I got all the other stuff really well, cuz, I'm not going to average thirty, I'm not going to be the guy. So I'm going to be the guy on defense, I'm going to get the flexions. I think that's what he went and soul. I kept this. What I'm saying like this is now and Kemba, we'll figure it out. Cuz he's Kemba and like Marcus Gordon, I don't know what they're there. Their destiny is not to be the guy. Now, that's just it mean Marcus. Marr never was going to be, but it's tough because I think if camo swimming comes back,
hopefully cross my fingers, Marcus or Hayward. For that fifth spot question it'll probably depend on the matchup, but I think the Hayward thing is tough. Cuz he's like a jenga stack and if he loses confidence you might lose him for the seer. So you get an area that I would have a cigarette reintegrate howdy. I know, it's that my usual grading, but I can't help but feel that gun him home. When I wear my takeovers cowboy boots call me man with no name or maybe man with amazing shoes, Cowan decided to get little okey there, then I went through the dark room wearing a cab. I bet what a night it was turned out. It was too dark for people to notice how great they liked, but you know what I felt great me. I felt sturdy. I felt tall. From that already. You know as worrying cowboy boots handmade with equality for grain, leathers by world class, Bootmaker spilt to be comfortable, read out a box fabric
at home in the office and out of town but tons of time a spouse takeovers signed to be as fashionable fifty years now is there today they sell, directed Amazing pressed for the summer quality plus shipping returns, exchanges free, easy. They make leather devils men's genes belts bill for its part cases more. Everything from the covers is made with the same quality standards in everything they do What I did do. A Kyle did get yourself appeared to cover cowboy boots today, two covers that calm bs, that is T easy, avi. A stack up, slash, be asked I were back. I really have a cigarette. I was joking. I was joking. I get the same. Kuwait is talking about Tatum, smoking is unhealthy, yet spines bat harder get insurance. What are the only thing we ve done right in America is, did no one smokes anymore like we have here,
while we figure that out healing Cairo's, are we figured that out? Yet? What are your goober after the pod he's gonna be like sneaking to say when I was in where one thousand grad school in Women Marian Virginia? We would go to the same bar every night with the Grad School grad School bar yeah. Sixty thousand three significant that long ago, to close, I would have their everyone smoked. It was discussed. And now it no one smokes UK you'll, learn a balcony to air them area. Shouting about that. You wear it again here. We'll get email account matters that my building in New York, like the land, the apartment manager will send emails. Reminder there's no smoking within that five hundred feet of the building. Your balcony as the no smoking zone you can't smoke on Cyborg Catholic Workin aboard the focus was the smoke. If I want to see this number twelve number, thirteen, this, the third tear dyin to people those
people corollary impasse. Garcia come! Oh, so I'm gonna, Sabena, ok, so here's the kids malaria, it's what you don't need to make these cases I'm in their champions, Larry twelve. You made the case that guy's is fucking bad ass. He saw the asked our game where it really face it game every great in Europe, the when you have the east most when everything is out of cholera is the most important player in the court. For the he's doing the most is the least afraid, with your Kyle Lowries teammates, This is an under eight, a thing I think manifested itself and also in Europe. It when you have those great players on the floor in the games. When really fast, we gotta make a lotta decisions, every possessions, allow decisions, you don't have to save one percent of your brain space. Thinking, I'm worried what he's gonna do. Legacies Kyler. Gonna make the right decision about that. You too, you know, like you, can reserve your brain for everything else, Simon on that the one guy that I think
a genuine case with you now is Jimmy Butler. We're gonna get Ok, I have a Larry point and I do this as you know, nobody cares about NBA words more than any other than maybe you we both here everyone in your life. You textile babe, give. Eugene thirty might be a new Jesus you're. Just You're networking every person was a vote to make sure you do the right thing right, or to make sure I'm not being crazy yet so what am I things that I feel very passionately about I think you have to look at all be a little bit differently than BP. Sometimes a guy, can be more viable, but not necessarily be yours. Can t my bare when the timbers Personal league, think lowries like a top sex and bp candidate, but not not a second team, be a guard that is, that is my favorite Simmons
I'm glad you like. I listen NBA history. Thank you. I never peg do in all my years, working with you, I never would have thought in twenty twenty we're gonna be sitting down. Having allow ran, VP, think and build things burst no, but tops like that. I don't think there than there the second assuming a second esteem. These did a third best him in the leg. Right now they have been the most impressive team for two straight months. He is the most important point in the team. He is the fuel he's the gasoline, the competitiveness that he has night after night low over the top Lhasa. If you saw that buckskin, but he would when he did a bent under the guy, he was reaching C p levels of like irritation of everyone. The officials, the other team, I've I've single handedly watch for gay where there were down x or aid or whatever, and he just got super competitive and willed them back. I think, including at least two against Celtics, but there's,
competitiveness within that he always had, but now it's like. Has it every night. I think he really cares himself like a chance, and I just love they're doing I love and teams defend the title. Let me speak and even more seventy langueduc I am. We could sit here, research it. I am not sure how many single games ever played by players ever change the legacy of a player more than game six of the final Lenny recall our, because you never thought of as good as everyone thought he was and is as much as by that time we had already washed away some of his early career play off hiccups, which I think we're always overblown anyway, like the Rosen, was the one who was always like. Oh, my god, what's happened to them that game? No one vision, Kyle Lowry, is the guy to come out in a finals, elimination game in the first five minutes and say we're not losing this game. I don't care how many points I have to score. I'm shooting up scoring work in the game, so you're not just talking about one point:
form its changing. The legacy of someone's career get the monkey out their back on that severe saying it actually change too. He was as a player going forth. I think changed. The way will remember him. I think a change our days in history. I think it was I mean there will be. We could think of other games like that, unlike if there will be gained with here, is a good one, James, where they came seven. Eighteen, eighty eight, He became big game James after that came to the same guy, who threw away the nineteen. Eighty four finals with one of the dumbest plays the minister. The finals Gerald Henderson steal and then was kind of like a man we gotta make James tougher other stuff and then by tat game. Now it's like I, became James for this to my life. I have nothing more to prove to you and became the scanner be at their expense That's a good one that I agree with. You love what he's done this year and I think if you're gonna VP it's too early to to do the work, but you got you know. Janius is there you have to the Lakers complies probably lingering yogurt.
Ok, just lingering hardens lingering, so that that your top five in some order may eventually incredible x. To think about this think about hardens start to the season. We was out in thirty nine again and I think when we did our BP progress that this table couple months ago, there was a queer top three calibre of ya or maybe talk for Blah blah Janis Leubronn Harden Dodge Yard was partly second at that time. Now it's like. Is he gonna beyond them? aids in play. That is not on the ballot. If Tehran as the two seed, I think Larry has to be at least like six or seven, but nonetheless, because somebody from progress represented our pickup. Ok, I have a good graces. I've carved out and Rockets Twitter, just one right out the window, Heather argues. Pascal see, I think you know he's.
But I think he's a notch below Tatum. Now I just in Tatum ISM Explosive reliable score as a to acquire whatever, but I think that's the red spot for him somebody has been its began there. Now and I like it. I later on will next year. Fourth tier, I got one two three, four, five, six, seven, eight prayers nuclear too big to. You're in the Iraqi like this now of excited I've number fourteen bam out about even think, you're getting a little irrational exuberance. I just cobblers. I'd vanity laugh is the case. I just think he's really. And I like what he does a day. I like that that your case no good neighbourly ampler. I watch him in these games, especially in these
those games and, unlike me there as really good guys, not afraid of anybody. Tat guy has a tendency. I can tell you that he is not afraid of you. Did. A great story may need body this guy's a tendency of whatever the biggest put the colossal we'll be like, while whenever backdoor game and then the biggest play the game, he gets back. Bans like in the right place with the right play in the region,
of these games, even when he's not really having a game from what I've seen sawyers cutting room floor that Bam story yet make the story mire. Maybe three weeks ago, right before I ran the story, I played the magic band was having a bad game like frustrated missing shot you could tell instigate missing, always or floaters are missing, but he's playing a defence against shit on rebounds, Myers Leonard went to him there very close went in and like the third quarter, I was like dude. I know your freshwater but you're the reason why the game like you're, doing all the little things like keep doing, what you're doing and down the stretcher that game. If you watch lay in the last two minutes, he made like two insane block shots at the rim like to you point like when the game was in the balance. He had been having a bad offensive game but like he made winning plays when they need and solely the magic but like I will rise at him, so my case here, first having butler in this by is, I think, he's more important amendment butlers, I add to suit. Well, ok, so he's I hate that
correct to me in the sense that they don't have anyone who can replicate what he does but, but I think just they don't. I think Jimmy's offences and shy creation is over. There is more important than Four doggedness of him, especially fireflies, you gonna, give me afraid we scoring baskets firm. Thank you good patch. It today, I note the evaded end in against supply against unsafe mantras was, I lose Bam, others Jimmy bother. I if I lose ban on nodded, that's it I'm bad, no chance! I I respect your argument. I just think against. When you're talking about were planned, Celtics the six years, the raptors you're very pro Jimmy bother the bucks I just Sikiana guided, can go. Get a bucket and in without item is like your angling for the next exclusive any review Jim. He can I come everything I ve always minute. I know it's behind their comments on the school
he's averaging twenty one: seven insects free throws off the charge this year, he is shooting forty five percent. Twenty four point: six from three: only taking two point: four areas: our problem, but in reality a faithful shots against the nine for either as a game. You know that's near dear to my heart, love and guys get tonight. This is the Tatum thing. Tatum is now getting seventy eight times the game, guess what he's better all right side band at fourteen! You disagree, you're, really going to disagree with fifteen. If I'm really going to disagree with it, I want to take a guess for so we haven't gotten to rush yet well, we just did okay. Why do I just think that you think I would think it's too high. Now. I guess you wouldn't disagree. This is the right path for him. You could make a case. He should be fourteen. The way he's been playin the last two months. Thirty two eight and seven. Whatever is doing what he's doing physically and ethics,
good night tonight and an goes back to those superhero we're Turkmen earlier, where this is one of those guys like, they play the Lakers around two. He will be going really hard into any day this and the Brown Jameson Dwight out and give em a gay, and he will be like a batter em with those guys go running back. He will not be afraid of them physically, and I think that matters- and I had gone back to when we talk about the Lakers before of physicality that they have, that really frightens me. I think it's their best asset to win. The title is in a play off series: it's gonna get rough they'll buzzer come up people and they are the best that and rats and a small light up. It's gonna be fucking, weird out in the heavy handed the Davis thing. If they don't just, maybe they let him do forty points again skater, but Russia's Vienna is there. I dont have pledged Bacchus, I think is. I think he might well. It's just hard argue with any of the players above it fills low fuel slow to me feel guilty
fills disrespectful like we could have put em. Thirteen of amateur us feels disrespectful to me, and I love them play of yours. I'm a play off histories mean that that Russia sterling plant is what I was wide downgraded him he's in his thirty's now and I can't rubber five good rest play off games in my life. I a lot of bad ones. Anyone number sixteen Christmas with him the Jimmy Bela do something you I'm at seventeen we owe it is clearly not in consideration because of his injury is aphorism consideration for what I do. I just had to ask: I had ass, carry he's not he's out for the year, I'm it that's what nothing, I'm saying if you are healthy, would he be if my I had uncle, she had bought she'd, be my uncle. I said there
that would have been a great shout. He ended he did hit a top for shot in the history there. Beer great of three years ago, we had a Brac Obama's the President four years ago. I swear you so I have I ll just give you the rest, a meeting or through a damned fourteen year against at rest, fifteen that those tiny bit to Le Adona Chris Middleton. Sixteen, I will say in defence of that, as you know, is a selfish guy. He's gonna, kill her and up like sneakily as a little bit of play off killer in him, also leg at some point. We just have to reward this boxing and whether there is just a huge chasm now between what works and the resources and worse than passed around but help expose. The internet has been arson, Arcas boot by him, because its by our role as there is a little like a girl like you get about his hands like he's, got a little that factor one on a Boston which is fun,
Akaso is having an awesome season. Great season, seventeen Jimmy Butler. You will not get the next exclusive interview with Jimmy Butler. I could tell you that right now I might be able to pull it off. It just a part as the number eighteen jail in brown number nineteen Donovan Mitchell number twenty correspond number twenty one Bradley Beale, that is Internet Levite Radagaisus Jail, embrowns too high. Ok. So let's talk about that. So cause. I admit it then added Butler at a jail embrowned. His case for Brown. Him and Tatum together is what makes the celtic team special not just for this year, but for the next twelve, those two guys together. Is one of the biggest advantages anyone has in the league right now, because they're going to be locked up long term. Where is you have like Grandpa George? That might be two years Lebron and Davis? That might be two to three.
These two guys are to be together. I feel like for the whole decade now we know a basketball who knows things change somebody it's unhappy to me. Will you never know, but I think this is about a safer babet as we get to a curry Thompson type of situation where two guys just look at each other and go. This is fucking awesome together. Why would we ever break so we complement each other beautifully and I think jail in is a fantastic defender. There is a plan that using aim for he got hurt when Russ had the ball. I saw the whole thing and Russell trying to do his thing to go, buy them and it was like a boxer it through, like seven different moves at him in jail and was just doing this and Russ finally gave up and took a shet a shot, but I was like man, this kind can stay in front of rusty, can Braun of low post. He could switch on anybody. He can play the five imitative can switch off for the five of big or small
the flexibility that he gives is really important in my opinion. So that's why, Adam there s a twenty engage score. Who's gonna make four out of every ten threes. Here he he's a better because he can look a little robotic when he's trying to create its own shot or create a shock for somebody else. I think people are under rate is scoring ability. Little bit, the he comes off is kind of a scavenger like he saw a scavengers his way into twenty points again, but you can't really scavenger way to twenty points again totally in the inter. I just think again shoot on this fifty percent by the shooting really well. I just think again that the the hand the ball to this guy- and I trust them to run my offence factor that the three guys you put right below him, Diving Mitchell, Chris Paul and bread bill have just is amplified even more in a play. I said Why? So? Let's go through more time! The Mitchell thing I've just watch too many times were it's like I'm out,
sky and their his best guy was good. Toda Tony loses you ve also. Wind in the play off like that again so Katy Right aid Carmelo Anthony's career functionally. Okay, so that's one time seek to have his young like he's at one time, you could look through the playoffs. Like Bam is never done. That's you put him above jail about. Yes, Love John Brown: I urge you and brought a mile certain listen, there's no wrong answer Chris Paul or the art, the dynamo Mitchell thing. Why do you think It hasn't worked with him and Conley playing together, because Mitchell is really like as a zero guard as we caught. Where is not a point, guard is not a two card, but he's needs a ball in his hands and that's either God, you're, never gonna, zero good he's getting better as a passer lackeys whatever he is. I think that
I'm a reason has worked, as my colleague has been good. Like no matter who you put my colleague x, it hasn't been got issue Chris PA fantastic. What a season of possible top ten in the end VP candidate, just because of how we're that ok see team is, and it doesn't make sense. That they're they're scared, but it actually does make sense in the washing procedures play really work together. Ethics of those best was that the cup get it don't be thing so these Five guys play what together. That's it don't beat themselves they they played their pace and play the defence can I ask you something: they'll probably get aggregated and then used against you back, couldn't possibly even more excited for this. Yes go as Chris Paul tradable this summer be with they treat him to get off that seller. A yes and be
Ass, pure speculation, aggregator Zack, says Criss crossed paths available. Yes and yes I'll, say that's how I feel as well. I just feel equal. She's gonna, take the long view on everything like. We are in the camp of goods, the way you one more wing and you asked by actually political classes. Would he do it? I even they stay I would have liked, would have been fun but, like I said, I think it will take a long you can you give me three candidates that you could see if he became available? What makes it so be fun again, pure speculation aggregator. So like all my God, good Blog post. I think they would circle back and say to Miami hey wanna write, you know any actually start does Isn't that actions, rather that way that we had the hilarious, come and be ignored our being in the trade.
I'm not reporting New York that you asked me for a third, so I'm going to I'm going to go, try and give you a third, the third one. Then Minnesota, but they got their guy, the most coveted guy, who might never make it all started again in the rest of his career. Gotta get the angel Russell guys if it takes helicopters and Torres and unprotected lively, protect the lottery pigs. Gotta have the Angela Russell, I'm I'm making Philly thither. That's perfectly fine! I was going to say I am. I was gonna, go if not the who's. Your first one I was gonna, go Orlando just for just for craziness whether he would be happier that the strong Chris happiness lawyer first him,
Miami just because they are so. My aim in New York, Philly, ok to fund now go to TAT aggregator Chris far, plant based diet. Have you thought about going on a plant based diet after reading on the Chris Paul play it? But I know why I haven't thought about that cuz. It would suck cuz meat, taste good yeah and I would like to new eating. So yesterday I got a job state, a letter. I don't you read me. I dont think that makes me any better, like I guess, wished to save earth, which really should be our no more angle. Yeah, you drank too savers. You think like say you're sweating, the top twenty five best play Africa like real We should save earth because it's burning wood said all over first. Let me. The list of first favour, but I. Like I do like me. I'm sorry. I think it is good. Finally, can I eat fish always so many families, just Silicon Valley thing a pest very noble, isn't it a pest capacities?
I aid fish that only other fishers her, the really get season and guess what the Astor game tank eyes out. There, the enemy we all they were using, the lowering of his team dont have spent. One second think about is correspondence, grew up. You know what I think is to look at the castor down up. You think you think, ban being sick spots ahead of correspond. Might be problematic, might have it. Maybe should read this unless this is. Why do other analysed by you? I wanted to have a couple mess. Ups. Ok, let's three rob when I'm Chris Paul Fourteenth behind larynx Jago them. I'm thinking about. I think I made a mistake sucker We also had a man, but you don't know if I get to the sector, round game five is that you can pull a hamstring associate. There's a history enough Chris Bargaining hurt in April and may them ass since ass, brilliant, based, that's a good point, the plant based Chris Paul
Pvc Pd ready area out, then I don't know you have to ask what we should do in your exclusive sit down account setting she gathered thanked him breath. You pick up Bradley beyond them are twenty one, as it puts the fancy in a year and a half years I was, I stay Visa Bradley Somebody with any love, it's been a rough. He's the ITALY exactly how hand, because he's basically to pick up to any that their gets a run, gets a run, takes of shots, tries not yet heard on the defensive end, just trying to get through the year, but is really get now. They might make the aid seat in the playoffs in lose to the box by you might see a gambling line for round one where the bucks are favored by like twenty two and one slash two? Do you think in five years, if Chris Ball and Isak Banda run into each other at a restaurant,
Eddie Sock is, I am sorry, Bradley Bill. Any side bongo run into each other restaurant and you cite Bungle walks up to Brad Stabilizer, hey Brad, we plates wait to see what do you think you know who it is. Oh yeah. Hey you hey man it's a hey mad mad. Could you ve been doing that's the end of that here. Let's take a break to talk about other great stuff on the Ringer pack ass network this week. I mentioned bachelor Party, the best podcast Amazon and two thousand twenty. So far, Julia Mallory Figure, a bachelor in paradise, fantasy, Jeff, based off the new bachelor contestants. You can check out ringer dish, rigour and I felt shall judge Erratic gave Chang Rhine Marcella had Craig Kilburn on. We did everywhere she was about vision, Quest, and so had the
super. Seventy sports, twitter feed guy and against all adsum can check that out as well. The press boxes covering the debate. The big picture did a really cool music ass. This week we have Larry Wilmore. I mentioned Dave Chang mention Dave Chang. They change Huey Louis on his past, so that happen, check out all these pack ass. I d go to Spotify search for ringer things will pop up. You can do the same thing for apple. You can do something for any device that you have. I would So how hope you go to specify exclusively for music exists? The new music pack has which a cosmic restraint and the hottest take where, if you remember, I am Caroline the other day, he was hilarious. We so take some hottest takes. You can hear one of the ones that we did this week. Only on Spotify search for hottest. Take. That's was gonna the Ringer Pakistan work back to this on recycler. So that's twenty one gas. So we
Larry outcome. I move Chris Paul up next him at a buyer, Westbrook Middleton Butler Brown Mitchell. We have four guys live in Brazzaville. I work as I'm excited, so we have a special tear here. So here some notable guys. It haven't made it. Let's see how many new those that have made it because we have forced by slept so notables that have made it yet Campbell Walker, Benson, some old deeper sets three notables already the artist formerly known as ever deeper Rudy go. Bear the groups that make it why Lady Cumnor Pausing, guess he wasn't make it either. Jammer aunt he's on there as it as a candidate siege. Emma com, yeah, he's on as a candidate all disperse
team, USA, Stallworth Devin Booker not going to make the playoffs who you have in the hen him verses, towns, China, forced their way out gambling line, Booker towns, more likely the summer at workers, miser, one house has been a peace, so I guess I would have to sit. Booker does because towns now the rustle thing will buy them time with an Felix for twenty seconds we get a bright side of the Sun Blog posts without Simmons Wonders. If Devon Booker's rely for the already hate you over there Isn T Mercer stuff. That was right. You should play guess what they're not uplifting there their competitive the there their competitive. Do they have a road map? They have a line up. That makes sense, now that makes sense and their competitive like when you watch the sun's play now. You're like this is a basketball team that makes sense and by son standards.
That's like a home run as a huge victory. You know did make sense like three forces moves they made the last three years. I understand that they didn't necessarily I'm positive t weren't in somebody that is ok to have on my team, now gave him away ok, so my next to tears to people on it and their their next to each other? For reason, twenty two Benson twenty three Campbell Walker. I think both. Gaza be higher, except I have no idea what we're gonna see them again. The Benson thing is actually frightening as a as a long so bad bad guy has been a pretty good shape the last four years, but has had been the real twice when it passes a certain point. You don't come back into weeks. It is eight months and months injury before he fell on a per cent. It feels like that. What's happening here, and it makes me super nervous Campbell. We talked about earlier. I don't know, what's going on with his knee and I don't think it's. I don't think this is just on my knees little so
I really am worried that it's more than that, ok, so Simmons certainly will will meet. There will be Simmons sceptics until he shows in the play house that he that a good team or not relegate him to standing in the dunker spot waiting for something to happen, because he cannot the ball like you didn't happen that didn't happening. It's Brooklyn lusher is great, but once they face a real play off him with a real fence the numbers are, what they are, he is so quiet as the captain. This team, a Tobias in there we talked about him earlier and Ben Simmons- is another one. The last minute of the game has a habit of making again it defensive, Mortier, adding reliance Anders right. Now, he's your number I'd I'd I'd member tweet about this happened, but I'm down
I'm down one or I'm down to with five seconds after my teammate shooting the second free, throw most likely guys to get the rebound off the mess right. It's like syn, in July and probably the Bronx he'd be allowed to fail everybody. But while he went let's be honest, he what I'm after the sit down and give them the get you out of your way out on our o thou lie that ship sailed seven years ago, but Simmons does enough staff that I think of you is healthy. I would Adam AIDS, but he's been he's been fillies best, whereas it- and I say that- is a joy and be true. Believers like a joy and beat gonna win. The M p p someday. True believers, Simmons this season starts finishes been Airbus, and I think from now even have been we're healthy. I think when you I'll get sitting gear and go he's just in another universe plant based your bid. If that's how Lindsey VP I will I'm petticoat ask a terrier. Whenever ethics and cabinets
twenty four of Zion waves and, oh, my god, I forgot about Zion an MRI. This twenty five. Now I was gonna. Let you pick between the bonus Jamal Mary Brandon S, J O Debo go bear how their Mccullough, Moran or Ingram one of those guys are twenty four guy Zion you'd I haven't talked about an impasse. I love thy love the sitting because you don't watch college basketball and you just learn about these guys when they reach league in a year. The passing was what jumped out you hired you talk about that an ipod we're like. Oh, my god. I didn't really see past like this, and it's kind of like the secret sauce with all this. Where he's this fiscal freak, he has no parallel. Anything. Nothing, no sooner boylike ever is an all time hall of Fame, athletic free, but then also knows what to do out of a double team and in transition can throw about past
Fifty feet and what are the light, but an utter complete the way he has no idea what he's doing defensively a like zero. It's all rough generally there's game last day was not great, but athletics he can make up, for he can fuck up and said Belarus at one on one. When the game was simple, he What is on against Davis on both sides of floor, like Davis couldn't score easily over him in the most, and he went to Davis Davis was like there's a problem like what he's facing up attacking Davis but like he got him a few times to email, a ups around them at over. On Monday, he is he's legit he's legit, Diane, the one through it's gonna, be a problem for them because they just don't match up with the Lakers that that allows people to I was more excited about it until I watch last day in their name. Here's an idea will have drew guard Le Brion said another
well now. I teams have their eyes. I don't really know the answers, because Ingram conquered the browser heart seems like he should be a better answer. But part of the reason why the Lakers are so good and why they like to play so big is cause. You will for sometimes they'll just put their power forward on the browser that would be desire in this case, like physically you're, not moving Zion at the very least or not backing him down to where you can maybe get around him in this and they are not moving them, but there's like one who's going to guard a d and then one who's guarding to fail who laugh at him all you want and get offensive rebounds. If you put small guys on him like it's his and hers like there's a trick yet there's a trickle down because of their size. That is true, I have to admit that feed underweight everybody dies down before the air. There is no way he could be a proactive rotation guy for this entire season. And now, where do you think the Lakers Bresh thought this was gonna happen? They hoped it would happen, but that there was not No one can an actual humping ac should be playing war that They d been really care for their by man.
The broad knows how to play with the big guy who can get his hands up in red spots. Sire might be too low. He's really had really good I just did so early for have you really like twelve games, but I think I do everybody. We just mention that first, twenty four: if we did this list again, and weeks from now. He would he could potentially be tense but sire, and it would be shocking. I Mary Ogden, SJ, O Depot, Gobert Holiday, Mccollum, Marantz or Ingram. Or do you have that's a lot of dudes? Read it to me one more night to the matter. I will just. You want to go home depot a year, maybe, but not for this, not to win a ring this year and cuz. He just hasn't met. You tamales missed a couple games in a row now. I am inclined to go with one of the pelicans, so it's pick one Ingram RADA, a pig Ingram. Ok because again just give him the bodies. Megan self happened like he's doing this again.
There's something about him that I think is numbers are a little bit better than he actually as a player. I dont know what it is. Maybe it's just that is defensively. He doesn't scare you and he doesn't play with the tunnel force but he's doing like second quarter. Third quarter last night against the Lakers, she was cooking. The Lakers and he's like he's doing that against good teams in meaningful against what do you think that we have a sense with Tatum? I know what he's gonna look like three years from now, like hell out more facial hair, however, more refined moves. What is Ingram? Look like what is Ingram look like thirty four years from now is it possible to get skinnier. I don't know I don't I don't know what it. What is? Twenty seven or Brandon Ingram look like with his game leg cuz. I watched him and he still feels like a babe in the woods a little bit like his body he's a little gangly. Still it's it's, but yet you know he can put up twenty points at eight minutes and everything seems like he hasn't totally figure stuff out. Yet
Torturing people, I dont, know what his ceiling as I cant figure. Now I dont know what the NBA Comp as either cause you you want to save the area, but I deplore Then they should hate him to. Let me please stop and comparing people having Durrant, including Tatum. Now I think I wanna do it. I'm not doing it. Therein is over here he's! That's! I compare people occur. You can't he's one of There's! No other dream, we're not sing another seven. Four, where I did the rest, I think, did the right thing is only because you start mapping in your head of a Catholic who is the Super STAR number one guy in and achieve Egypt team who averages, who tops out like five assessing him. Five five and a half assess whose now cause Tatum is not gonna, be hard and he's not gonna be dodges,
gonna, be you know, name is honourable abroad. Is that could be putting up thirty and ten? I dont think I don't think that's the prototype for him, and so that's why people start looking at Durrant or coolby or guys like that of like who is that kind of prototyping we had the guy so easy steam back this up. That's pretty good! That's the that's tomorrow. He was a little better password I like, but but She magnetically at our all around player, but as something cannons, twenty two and by in two years guy eating. I just meant to MECCA, ceases whenever six and a half seventy him, but that was seven. Eight years in his career, like do any Tatum could Bosman that I t Maxx a good one. I dont like when people like he's like the rat nobody's like the red, we're not seeing the ran again son happening. So when you compare
in anger, Martina drafts. I stop that's my case. I don't, but I just hate filled his to some people are freak. I dont think we're seeing on us again. No, that's that's desire. One works like this is a totally unprecedented thing like the human species evolved into a different thing here that we haven't seen before, and I feel anxiety- and this is kind of a barkley- was like he's just the two point: no bar lefty Barkley, but the jump it is Berkeley you saw in person is saying it was the same like helplessness of like. Oh, my god, it's like, I think, if you went and looked at somebody's As that are above zine on this list, I think already opposing coaches,
worry more about how we can stop Zion than it do about Donovan Mitchell, maybe not that my party Thou Mitchell jail in Brown. Chris Middleton Bam see outcome. I think Zan is already whatever games and like the opposing coaches, like we don't really have any answers for what's goin on here, you can see out back. We said before you look at how the defences handling thanks and if their China post him up, it causes a chain reaction with the five guys on the four, because get him an extra pass. He's catching entry pass pass. You thought somebody's going around him in tipping the bar, I'm stunned that he can carry the frame as and still be as athletic. That's that
it's a Barkley had to wear your just like your heated and be able to second jump like that, you watch him jump from ten fifteen feet away like I was last night and it's just like you see how wide he is and then before you ve blinked he's doing it shut up on the rim and their like that. You should that happened so fast and the eyes wider than anyone it just shouldn't be. I think he is the most impressive rookie that I've seen in in a long time: where are you on the? If they make the play out and he keeps playing like this, he should get work if they are ever more, so the odds shifted. He was like he's like plus four fifty now he was like you know: fifteen to one a couple weeks ago where you are as a voter. I think Maria it's been spectacular. I think Marant Moranis played fifty one games or something so I think he's going to finish with, like six thousand eight hundred and seventy something
don't know what exactly it he's missing aims the he would have them miss like the last month of the season. For this to become a discussion. I think it's gonna be a discussion. If they make the playoffs you watch, I think it would be a closer. Is how many words I had to get at that point? Fifty games? No, I think you have like thirty five games played or some how he's not getting that, I think, is good discussion of the railing SAM, I'm with you, I'm gonna crop. I'm it's hard for me because this isn't it this isn't. Case which has been really good jobs. Like you. I know it is a good model and also candidate fatty earned it asshole what he's done my guy from an identity standpoint. That team in the conference I haven't stuff has been as impressive as anything like where he's already kind of that guy, so pretty rare for a rookie Zion is just talking about guys coming in the week and doing that It's it's like I murmured David Robinson, was Ricky heed. What would he spent forty
if used for years and eighty right than another two years, namely the league is twenty five, but you are twenty forward. He was. This was what it was like reads. Like all my guy d d, he was like them almost any whenever an illegal act, a deeper opposite was like that due to the greek God, the advocate that guy that's not even a real Ray arms are proof, but he was like six years older than Zion. I think for guys this decade, pretty red when Blake finally play but he had missed a year and then he finally came in and that First Blake Airlines like immediately a residual. My add this guy adding rose like that too, is first cargoes, yes it. But I think this decade and really remember a Davis. Even now that was wasn't. The same I was also the air. Now at a logging lot of Charlotte Games. I hear his rookie year don't you remember, Laddie, Anthony Davis conversations no
I had a hardening of baggage as regards bet it's better than we remember, but it wasn't like this. It wasn't like, though the accessibility has stopped to watch the sky play. I hope he stays healthy food. I know who do a plant based iron by twelve years, but for now kept obedience. I sat gloves the pleasures eyes always find my could suitor right thanks to zip accoutred thanks to Zack low thanks to simple. Safe everything, you need a home scared system, an army of highly security experts raided dispatch police to your home in a moment's notice. Twenty four seven said the system of all by herself go to simply say that calm, sash bs to get a free, simply saves cared a camera normal hundred hours go today, it's free, supersaver, two eyes, simply save that come slash B Yes, that's all. I have for you this week. Sorry, if six pack ass was enough at her with the tire backside, with reseller and since we talked a lot about
I would add this pod plus we talk a lot about by last Sunday. Amateur promise, you something Sunday with Priscilla he's coming over, where an ape beforehand had you book that it's gonna get weird. It's time to just get weird workforce. That is where does she propagated gray? Kilburn was, I wear desperately very weird yet, as we area awkward, even it hard to hang yeah yeah, so get weird room against directions were bringing back Jim corner if you have any ideas for subjects that we should head. On Sunday night email us at the mailbag at the Ringer back enjoy the weekend season.
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