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The 25 Most Intriguing NBA Playoff People With Ryen Russillo


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the NBA’s delightful play-in game format for the bottom NBA playoff seeds (2:30). Then Bill shares his list of the 25 most intriguing people in the 2020 NBA playoffs (21:03).

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I was super excited about it. I want to know who the ultimate hoops ringer is. So, let's do it everyday. All you have to do is win one day and you advance to the final day ago coming up Rachelle and I are going to break down the twenty five most intriguing players in the NBA playoffs in a whole bunch. First, our friends from projects were taken this Sunday, six Pm Pacific found no basketball for the first time in a couple weeks, kind of a bummer actually like the display. This I felt like I could attic a couple. A laugh yes and I ran resellers here. We're going to. I made a list of the twenty five most intriguing players in the detail
in twenty MBA plants and instead of sharing it with you and including you, I'm just gonna, throw my list but you may disagree it's more fun. That way we just would have. Arguing and Google back for four hours. Now you could just get mad at me. I do have a small suit, though No. I really have to stop you for a second to be like hey. I came over this thing that ivory shit out of didn't. Tell you at a time how's your Sunday data research. It just made my list. I have a small scooped out. Ok, so I'm hearing that there actually try to condense. These playoffs a little bit in round two and round three, because the players are starting to get a little restless in the bubble, at least some of them. So they have talked to the network's about the finals was supposed to be final supposed to at Wednesday nine hundred and thirty September thirtieth? Now they are going to do this thing with round to
round the aggressor, guess they're trying to wear. Basically, when a series ends, you try to play the next series in the next round as fast as you possibly can as the two there can be no wait. There's gonna be no one team waiting five days two maybe three days there just can be ploughing ahead and they really apparently want to get the final started by Wednesday September. Twenty third. Another option is Friday September. Twenty fifth were Sunday September. Twenty and so this was. I have been hearing rumours about as as much as we all the bubble, basque Bob. Maybe that is great to be going back to the seems we over and over and over again. What have you heard on this? Well, first of all, good scoop and dumb, you ve done it. You ve done a pretty good job. Ah well, you didn't really good job on this like when we talk about Orlando months before it happened in all suffer we'd hat we had so I I just on this one
just this part of me that wonders of wrong just sit. Adam silver, like hey my orca in early November, is the best time to go so I would like. I would like to back to sing up there. There's no link my whole thing through all this. Not even basketball bill has been like, but there's parts of this. It sacrifice silver said we have to find a way to kind of like put this whole thing together. So I know the guys, like I interviewed Seth Curry Forum for Tuesdays podcast, and you know it's it's, but for those of us who have lived in a hotel, I live in a hotel like three years at one point, it's an incredibly boring existence, even
I was getting paid like seven million each year. I remember I was in the same hotel for one of these as contact for the final so as to three two in San Antonio for eight straight days, in the same hotel, room and and by prejudice room, I it was like a junior sweet by the eighth day. I was you know turning into some from the exercise for like I was just like losing my mind. So after a month, I can't imagine- and I do think- like you know these guys are used to being in in a big houses with their people around just having everything customize their way, and I am sure it made me think, as I hadn't really thought about it been so into the basketball I hadn't thought about. The psychological stuff is actually going to be. A huge factor with these plants are now if they end up condensing these plants series and really really tightening it. I think that's gonna effect to win the championship, because if you look at a team
The clippers and its I grant you that we're start round three. You know forty eight hours later thirty six hours later, whatever it is, there's some they all their teams, I think, are gonna, be in trouble. Aren't so are you
point, though, where you are willing to accept like an outcome that you would normally think up- and that's that's kind where I stop myself when I think about this and yourself- there's a guy like this hot media peg because they were younger and I'm thinking like hate Emily played together that much, although I absolutely love the weather, Celtics went about the bubble. I do I own. I dont know if he's your you're still not getting a plane and the fact that you're not a plane for three months, even if its condensed, I would think that that kind of balances itself out. So I don't know that I am ready to start picking other teams. They would normally take because of a different schedule. Here's what does that say yet, like the Westport, Westbrook Strain, clad type thing the way they had the plan before you really did canny ease into that ran three and raspberry became every other day. First, tour
hence gruelling, but you know there were still especially if you could finish your sears early. So who knows I mean there may be a situation where you know you have what say the heat win and ran through in the box when around too but the bucks win in five games and the he takes. Having way. There's start be no way to start. The next think, obviously, and I don't think they would do it so that somebody one in seven game, CBS, one in five games. The series is just starting next day, but this is the first time I really thought about what a grind. This is going to be cuz it. If, let's say let's say it, starts Friday, nine hundred and twenty five will. Today's tomorrow is going to be August, 18th you're talking about four rounds in like seven weeks or less that that's a bad as hard as we've seen since one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. That was the last time.
Cinegrand like that end teams got hurt. Can I share a hotel story with you that I know you're not like, let's hear so years and years ago, living in Southington Connecticut at ESPN, because I had to put some bossa Nova tsp in the whole time and Wade Boggs on my return flight to Hartford, and I had a book the next day, for my show was a Sunday show and I go to weigh box. I, like my name, is Ryan. You know obviously kids of the eighties. We its weight box like four people, dont get it like. That's a big deal yet and I go Hey exertions show tomorrow and he like looks at me: Stone called Ngos, I'm not on your shoulder more that's a k, a guy Nepal. Not a big deal, and I knew I had it, but he was like matter of fact about it and then, as I pull my car around the Hartford Airport, I see him like on a phone. Would like a white sheet of paper out I go out.
We must have his travel, so I wrote the window doubting. Hey, look me again and where you going, can I offer you a ride and he goes I'm going to the residence Inn in Southington Connecticut to go. Well, that's where I live. It was getting the car, whatever immediately throws a dip, and I go The Clemens did he ask out of that game, but I couldn't stop the boys there gave sex right. Wait like you know what Ryan I dont know he's like to this day. I still don't know and so we're across the street. From this she bar that's a big deal out of know how in dead the audiences line dancing, but this places a spot and hey look, I gotta work in the morning, but I, like I don't know if you care, but there's a really good country bar next or any. He look
me. He was so nice about it and he was wearing like flails and genes and cowboy boots, and he goes am I dressed. Ok for a wager good. Is it your fine, your weight, bodice yeah, because I'd like to change a corner prob, he comes back in a different parodying cowboy boots and flannel allows like yeah. You look great it and we went next door and it was really funny because we can get off the side and I thought you'd like getting really bored with me, because I was asking about hitting and listened to him talk hitting was insane how great he was like hey when you're the miners, all these different things are likewise amazing and then once I was a kid, you want to go up to the front and then everybody start harassing him. He was way happier, so that was mine. I will wait, bogs really good time and he gave ass. You say: do you wanna? Do shots signal have to work in the morning? He's ok, we're not gonna, do any shots and Ryan as it. Thank you wait. What is the setting of cells in Orlando? Nothing.
I thought you wanted good stories on the spot. Tat was right. It ran away so tell sweeter Sunday and adjusted now now with a lie that actually our yeah don't wake him by the next day was like a ghost good time must now. It's all right can ask about the double she gives bill, you can hurt everyone I attic were were established at this point. I think they have to do this going forward. I really enjoyed port Memphis. I liked the fact that Memphis had to beat them twice, and I think there is a way we could short in the season from eighty two games to like. Seventy six and you could have the double amnesia per cent.
Ten, eight nine and you can make up some of the money that way with the potentially aid extra playoff games as little as for something like that, but I just liked it in. I think it does. You know a t. Look at sea, my Portland. This does happen every year. There's always that one team I know it's a fucking long season, but there's always that one team that it's like, oh man, I like the way they're playing now I wish they I wish they could make it, and I do think it opens the door for that team to have a better chance every year. There's always want to Sadly, my case, I only want to gambling shaking my head like crazy. I'm not doing this. I'm not doing this and in order to push back vehemently Portland is so bad on defence. They couldn't stop the bees squad for the nets. They couldn't stop Memphis without during Jackson, which is a big deal, and I want to bring up different possession things that I tracked. I wrote down with a pan, not in pencil, and
forward situation where they have to play Gabriel, like great story and I'm just so sick of the announces be like you know, I could be out there look Ryan Richelieu, he puts it all in. He cares every day. He shows up the locker room, loves him like he can't fucking guard anybody, and I just I'm not buying into the Portland is much fun as it was, and I like that team we all love the little thing, but I'm just second of buying a team can't stop the prettiest it all of a sudden they're going to they're going to shut down the Lakers forwards. I'm not doing this and everybody I feel like he's doing it very fair points. Vegas has only made the Lakers four hundred and fifteen at Sears I was driving the bandwagon of watch out Portland going give them a problem. I want Stanley guy. I watched every Portland game because we had a huge bet on them to make the plants plus, for it was wonderful.
Those language money they on that aid obeyed like ten bucks. They were so bad defensively, though asked games that, by the end of the first game outside they have no chance of being mellow, was like weirdly, actually important to them or feds away, which and he's basically, you know he's on the tale tail tail end. He can hit spot up three is what's rather puzzled wherever, but then their brain in his at daybreak stats brings in so near every first half and then remembers that sex every time. It's like oh yeah, that guy socks, that's why he was a black white side. Are you going down the line? It's like? They basically have five guys and one of them's Mccollin was a broken bone. Is back so I'm paper. I love the match up with the two guards. I think the Lakers would have a lot of trouble with Dame Excetera Excetera, but they just don't have the death. It's not going to happen, and it is that Colin was one hundred percent. Then you get back
well, there's a but he's, obviously not a hundred percent, and at its I could happen. It would take game. You know you think about it. The fifty plus and the sixty plus back to back those are leg on the Dame scale, like a ten added. And for him to be able to do that in a game. He'd have to do that at least three times than a Laker Series is unrealistic, realistic so now I know about it. I think all of us love the Portland thing. This is done in type Portland deal. I wish I were healthier. I was seizure was we're healthier? I also wish they had more forwards and it was funny for a franchise. But all these forwards that you felt pretty good about. There were like three indeed eyes: now they don't have em and I've been tracking. Her Sonya, like an ex boyfriend ray, is just wherever I mean he's really like if he makes the first three of of the game, for him is the worst thing that could happen to Portland possessing all that I made one is getting go badly, but here
yet a play where he turned it over and then oh, no, no, no excuse me. He made a three year right. This is perfect, is actually perfect. Many etiquette, strip. Here, maybe you could place it around inside. This is terrible. This rather report that he may Three left side took three immediately the shock hog and I just I would love to be an mba coach. You go hey, Mario, look. We get the year six, seven, six eight and your hair is terrific, but we just were not looking for you to pull from three like thirty feet out. Would like eighteen seconds after the shot back. That's not how are often that's not we build our thing like we have other guys that we like we wanted to refer to a little bit and he pulls up right side, and this isn't to be fair. It wasn't him but eating it back on
Events, the other guard, as opposed to when the other guard shoots or power its lined up and ah I victorious over like ran down and then he coastal hit em, and then he followed them. It was like perfect, you like that was twelve seconds of awful off ass well, but seriously me, and I don't think they really have much. I can see and taught myself into the guard situation, because the guard situation is a problem for the Lakers thoroughness ciao coups MA, they're gonna find guards that are gonna, go out there, a perimeter guys with no brow the no rondeau, but given the lingered and are going to be able to trap day me their cause, I just don't they dad the type a team. Now would do that. The boy. I also think it is a little overrated. I think it's like, oh my god, this guy's getting trapped and then really good players go ok, cool, I'm getting trap, and now I'm in a pass it to see.
We call them well or not, or nurse at service what they are locked in the broken game they finally figured out like of you do this would just give nourished about the file on a basis of two on one every single time we met, they try to trap on nourishes, destroy them, and I think you know it's funny. We talk about the guards but nurtured look so good in the babo. Lay like he's gonna be a semi problem too for the Lakers. I don't think they have good centres, but Del and applying Davis taken away, five and in that'll be help ways out, but
I don't know I wish they had two more guys, I'm going to push back, and I really look man that you failed white thing has been a success, get to get thirty plus minutes out of that rotation. I'm at. I would much rather have their catch against those two guys. Then he Davis, yes, but it's not like as much as I'd like some of the Celtics ever going to talk about it's not a Celtics type problem for the Lakers at the five I'm just not sold on surveillance way. I think there's a big difference in regular season and playoffs
for certain positions? Those guys I just want to see it. I didn't, I didn't think Dwight look particularly good in the Biden. Did the Lakers look that good in the bubble, and I think that's why? What are the reasons why everybody was kind of so excited to see a damn type character, just kind of take them on, but Mccallum not being yeah? He he rallied in the Memphis game, but just in general, he looks like he was somewhere between sixty and eighty percent that's not going to cut it no and he was he was big. Cuz he's going to be the guy if they're going to send that trap and if you were going to try to do that and I did feel like in the bubble, certain teams of just tracking like crazy, and his deputy, like a Laker sing with any Davis but see it the guy in away like hey. This is great on foreign three and then I drive, and then I got mellow in the quarter. Hopefully, not Gabriel, but you know, trend is doubly turned into somebody, but they're. Just so by that broken game, it was so much farther. Are they lost actually, whereas have at the office rebound
I broke running. I must add that ten in the fourth quarter, so I think that's where Maggie and Howard could hurt them on those second chances see when you're playing mellow at stretch for you're, giving up so much in so many different places. I gave him a lot of credit for you. He made a big shots in the bubble, but that's not somebody who should be the fifth best guy in a plastic by gate. She was the night sky, I could see it, but not the fifth guy. I wanna take a break and then I want to go through this twenty five intriguing, because I think we can cover a lotta hoops here, but with vigour it would take a break to talk about vandals sports.
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This is by the way I wanted to work age and location restrictions apply and for the sports books that you must be twenty nine plus present in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Virginia Indiana, knew you There's only must wage designated boost market MAX bonus two hundred hours see full terms at sports book that Vanderdyke com ganley problem when it Camber Colorado, one eight hundred five hundred and twenty two four thousand seven hundred West Virginia one thousand eight hundred gambler NET Indiana, eight hundred and nine with it back. I I made by lest you react of Cathy twenty five most itching guys the bug a bubble, if asked in this as a website I'll go backwards.
For this I'm going to start a number one, I think it's the honest. I think he is the guy in the most intrigued by in the bubble, ate everything that has happened, leading to this bubble, playoffs that we have an especially if they have to tighten the series a little bit. This should be a godsend for him. He he seems indestructible. He has the best team, I think he's the best player. All the pieces are here for, like back to back Mvps, we've only had won back to Back Mvp that ended up, never making a finals of Steve NASH Korean won back to back in
a seventy six and seventy seven didn't make the finals, but it's really hard for a back to Back Mvp, not to make finals, and I think his team is good. He's got a good coach, I think the bracket. You know they're going to have my AA meeting around two. That's going to be going to be a, when I actually running on producers giant but just in general, I think it's lined up the best for him and he's the one out of all. These super duper stars that come in he's the one where we talked about it before it's like. I love the guide for forty seven minutes, but there's still
That last piece of like I last minute of a game. When you go motto: Amato, like that's the peace we haven't totally seemed to them. Yet all that's fair by the way. I don't. I don't think it's wrong to have this little part of it. Were you go, but I mean this boy: he is the unquestioned best bascombe up or in the world right yeah. No, I don't really feel like there's much push back on that anymore and we ve we rotated around. We talked about it differently and always ever thinks, but there's part of this is cut us. We talked about last last play off Syria, or season where Ibiscus proud of. Where I go. I really think there's a separation between regular season off season. It we ve never seen before and now it is because our build a wall built or fulfils the walk. She just like saying it to be a dick now because it so it's not easy. It give useful
Steven he's going to ask you when he's about to pick up that triple you can build the great wall. It doesn't matter it like that. You're not going to do anything with him and he still isn't. Shooters harden is being a. We talked about last week's pod, but yeah, I'm with you. I actually- and I sent you a text on this, but you push back he's the best part of the world, but I wonder what the NBA will be like postal abroad in having a foreign player, be the unquestioned best player, because, despite all of the Leubronn content that we get out of it, think there's gotta be a bit of a vacuum. You could fear they yon S, verses, LUCA Narrative, already kind of little bare and LUCA who we're gonna get tunnel about, could make it a lot more find by really gone Toto, this Coopers team, but look it set up for them to read through the east, and you know you look at some of the great players
and I think, like the ninety one balls, are a good example of white. They just they read through everybody that you're in the pious state they lost two games. I think I think boat, and was overtime, and one was like a last second shot. This thing would plaid. There is a scenario where they just destroy: everybody in the east and Janius goes to another level so compliant like thirty thirty one just another level in like thirty thirty one minutes of games that have a full tank. Routine there, like unbelievable defensively like with this stuff, they do protect in the rear new. Basically just have the bomb threes against them and hope they go in. That's why I think by Amy, probably has if you're gonna say who has the best chance to up set.
It's gotta be a team that has shooters, like my aim. In my opinion, how do you feel, like you, re, butlers, goin, hey guys, I'm a huge dick. What's up, I think he's had a really fun you does it. Twenty have joined it. What was Godaddy reselling coffee for toward it? Ours occur, but it always go that I mean it keep going number two: it's gotta be the broad yeah. So we'll see what happens, how many games are going to have to play? Roger both sets of that his thing on my part. On Thursday, we talk about how he's you know he's basically, who he's been fur over many years- who said the one thing is he can't totally get by people with the shoulders like he used to and he's like he's, seen tiny bits of atrophy, but nothing, nothing major, but it's just it's harder for him to create shots, especially against really good teams, and you know we're going to see in Portland around one. It's the perfect match up for him.
Can it be guided, gets Carmelo in his Zonia and Gary Trent, whose forgers smarter than him, and I like day literally, don't have anyone gardens, annoyance, that's my whole thing. My body so units which in a mellow right you can't so he's gonna. I think LE glass em in the Portland Series of Angola brought here we go and then the next areas is, you know, he's they're playing the winner of ok, see verses, Houston, which is another series that he could actually look pretty good in right. I think neither those teams, but then we get to the clippers and they just have deeds to throw him and they add pretty decent success against them. My guide, I think, he's that is where stats against them. So I think this bob as it goes along. As my point, I am so fired up for Lebron right now and off of what we talked about with Yanez there's, a horrible horrible television show where you go, Lebron underrated, but.
Think of his draft class and how many of those guys are on their third. You know Condo Association And this guy doing what he's doing and still celebrate Tibet and then remember. I shall never like, where we were at with the Lakers in Leubronn and Anthony Davis in March, before the season stopped and Marine like in a hotel and we'll go back and forth were to say why are we gonna bet against these guys? Why get we and now I've obviously pivoted to clippers again because again help myself, but I can't wait to see what this leubronn thing is, because there is a despite all the attention. I think you would agree that there is part of it where you go. I don't know we appreciated enough that he's in this season, since that Dr Class and he's
What he's doing any feels like a pretty good bet? Do it again the Lakers, I think a lot about worse than they were March Fer a couple there for his yacht. One is the loss of guys. I was thinking about, though this something we ve talked about the past that Leubronn one of the best things about his career, but there is always that next care there came at him that got dangled in front of him that he had to leave where you are, who you know it's gonna start to add a little bit. There is always that next care that came at him that got dangled in front of him that he had to prove himself again, and I think that was really the difference in his career and an M J career over anything else was that there was always the next competitor for the Brown there's, always somebody that he had to go through. There is always the next thing. And you think about these play ass, even Portland, a guarantee he's been reading, all the Dame stuff and people comparing Dame to Kobe
oh my god, damn oh, they may be the bronze, like he's putting all that stuff in his crazy basketball brands like alright. Oh you think I'm relieved to find a mayor has only Carmelo just wait next round, you know you figure, Houston, Houston, ok, see used in favour. Let's say he's too makes it now he's got the head tat against harden, who has never been in a play officer is against, But my and see them easy. The best offence a poor river had allies have so now he's got that care it. And then the round after the clippers. He does need motivation for that and then the last week, probably my blocky words? I will ya is the two time the best desperately so each round he's got the carrot and I think that's important for him. Ok, you're, false this player was in LA bronze draft glass. Chris, the cave man came in, that's true. He was sixth
you're good at this, you should have a podcast argues that the allegedly Miami almost took him five and I had to wait and see yet there is a whole theirs. It there's a faction of the clippers who filling them must go away. Wait he went night by the way is to let you know, that's look lebruns in this draft class in you go through and you like, Jarvis Haze, these guys felt like they ve been retired a decade and we'll have become a talking about, unlike his old Ben Mellow, same drachma, your Brad theory on mellow is incredible, realize this, but Melo and Lebron ever played against each other in the playoffs series, and so that made the rounds, but you've always had. This really good point have another thing to compliment you on later. I don't want to back him up. I don't go back to back cuz, I don't want you to get upset about it. Then I'm complimenting you but
his name. Your neighborhood theory were leubronn like Mellow, doesn't look at him and go? Oh, my god. It's the brown James. Like he's thinking, I worked you in high school, the problem for poorer than if Melis that's gonna. I got this five headset ho that dispatch the brides gap. It even opposed them there is a world in which they get killed. Answers nice, guy, Denmark, where I'm going number three and my list is quite Leonard. You know it's, I think it set up for them and if my life depended on it, that's a team had picked up in the title. There's a world in which she goes through LUCA round one.
Whoever wins Danbury Yoda Lakers around three and then janius around for and they went back to back titles and now we're just like holy shit, coerce letter liquor. This three three finals, Vps on three teams, beat Leubronn in two different series like day. You know I don't need to run through the beats for you, but I have written it is. Are they your guys now? Did we pivot off the Lakers thing from March to now you bringing the cleverest, I dont feel good about it. I didn't bet it I think gun to my head. I would take the clippers I am actually little worried about them in this round. One though- and I know they ve gone the mavericks all year and it's a terrible meant a terrible match for Dallas for writer reasons, I just don't think the keepers of the coopers. Yet I think it's gonna take two three weeks. I carols barely played a leg, even scrimmage, much less playing games. Louise she's got thing Dep
there's a world in which the MAVS just going to that serious and we're like we're shooting forty five through the game. I went to a clipper game before the pandemic. I took my son and a sucky game. We left early with a plate. Sacramento in Sacramento is like we have no chance tonight, we're just shooting threes. It was like Buddy Buddy took like eleven threes, and you know Fox, took a bunch about Donovan took a bunch and they made a lot of trees and I'll. Send the clippers are down twenty points. I think that's what the MAVS are going to have to do, because they're not going to stop them defensively, but they just basically have to go math and be like hey man. We got to go like two thousand four hundred and forty three. We got to go twenty to four hundred and forty five and try to do that for x and seven days.
It is this part me where I I get so annoyed with three point shot where I look at what Dallas does mean LUCA passes up, lay ups to kick it out hardened. Does the same thing and you go wait like you are wide open. Is this what we're doing an it's? It's a lot like the hockey thing where you go out. I know it far the flurry gets heart like. Why am I listen to you and so the hot go thither he get in your he'll, like you're, on tv, with a fuckin sue and you're telling me if the He gets hot, like already had that. I had that before it turns Jane alone, and so I dont like the default, oh if, if, if but what I like about the clippers, if, if that's not working, they give it uses in threes toast, it will walk he's, not in threes kind of toast. If, if the keepers are hitting threes they'll do some
steel and that's really important to me and that's why I've I've saved our legal yeah? That's exactly like the incident slipper hunting. If I told you how many times I rewound that whenever they set up, then you would be like this is why you're not married they go cause. I can't stop rewinding all the Leubronn Anthony Davis stuff. So you know I like that, I'm I'm into the. What else can you do if the hot golly isn't happening? I think the three staying Dallas would be the most logical pact to be like. This is the only way we can win we're gonna, actually she'd, so many threes that it's going to be talking point unlike Peter the next day I got my God is this all about. Was going got lingers issues be that that Rockets Nabs game, where I think the rocket six sixty one threes, yet that got us cut off home goin. Am I having fun? I don't I don't mind. I
I don't know if I like it either. That's why I enjoyed that Saturday game when Nerve agent down soon as for cutting, doing, though, through in the one I'm on local, about everything, I'd like twelve integrated had and has yet have as they do at. Actually, this is great bootlegger. These drop steps so quiet. We don't need to lay down Life is not twenty five or when it is too, like Tuesday, air yeah we're we're good pace right now. Number four have dame. And his way higher and he's gonna lose and ran one, but there is a world where he starts third haymakers in this series and from like a misty superstar mystique standpoint could actually go up another level, a goofy does what he did the last day games. It gets abroad in the Lakers and their up to one in the series, and he has like sixty two and fifty eight
who is it thought it conceivable? I also don't think he'd be afraid, and I gotta say I just loved. I loved other teammates liked at this mellow said about him. Yesterday was unbelievers like the best forever played with he's the best he met ever had. He generally cares about of us, you won't, let us lose like I'm, really invested in this, like as it not so thick supplied. I've enjoyed this about as much the joint everything in a while. So I Canada want him to go away. I really enjoyed watching him cook. Does he have the highest you rating of any and be a glare right now, but he he fits the reseller. They know where the sum of the other piracy testing with them take shape you like that you like, when that, when the guys we're gonna like a really lies, Pierre S, eye like when you're good, and you talk shit, I dont like when you're not he's almost become a hit silvery Andrew
but is it was like he's so underrated that you go actually knows these? gonna worry is in the weird Dame thing. I was singing when I was watching Memphis gave yesterday, where I got a c. Is he actually benefited from not having big time play our failures? My high with the house, eight theory warehouse date yet smoke by floored and Alice you back back national championship games in an officer, no house take its dumped on your Buckeyes, in which there are many vociferous ones there, like hey. So what are we supposed to lose the big ten and go eighth and v and everybody's like like us, Wego under the radar? You know: that's the part where your eye Like we win the conference, we by national shabby shit, we lost back that games. Dame has avoided all of that, so he doesn't have a mean hell Russ in Katy. If dodged the massive two thousand. Sixteen golden state bullet. They never ever have to answer to that, and yet the golden state three one thing is forever deal right.
So Dame Hasn'T- and this is always a very pro dame guy but Dame hasn't, even if they go to western commerce font like what we get what happened last year, it was actually yes like they got smoked, but he's avoided that, where we kind of turn on these. We turn on celebrities and return and NBA players and he's avoided that for this much of his career, we lost other warriors. I think three times. I do like the last year was never loss like given the Haiti older kids, you know nurture Jed Collins and their swing guys were even worse. Last year there this share this. This year they have Trent Anna's. Be mellow last year was ever we were so I don't know I who's. The best part is ever played with Aldrich. She would say earlier in his career. Second best guys are play. This is Maccallum their best geyser, but with his with his
look, this is not an anti damn thing. I'm just telling. Guy knows that rules are the rules and the rules are if you were to lose. Like for the shit that harden puts up, with which I am more than happy to remind everybody of all the time, in a voice that articles next to my list he's number five. If we accept here for a week, this becomes the James hard and I gotta do this by myself show and ate them. This match up. Weird rank has shooters shooters gonna play, that a hundred percent. I dont really have any idea who guards hard. Who do you think you think arts hard for ok sees a dork we'll door, you guys don't work. Some US of Dort did against Leubronn took we like to it. I don't care
foot speed, I care about. What's inside EU yeah, you decide, I mean the bronze one thing but hard hearted, so I would actually, I would say if I play the NBA would start a hardened hashtag, Ruby like we can't Chauncey what the proper hashtag would be like. I have been able to anybody s happy. I have no choice because all you can do is dry. By can test you can't go at him. Is he kicks his legs out? All thing? Aren't somebody videos but door door, does not afraid of anybody, and I would imagine, he's a deal on top of a few minutes if you try to escape by with with the collection of other small forwards it. Probably none of us, like Adams, can really plan. The serious doesn't seem like too bad match up for him, tat the wild car, guys Estuviere, who deny
make my top twenty five, but I didn't bricks if we're just doing the there, if we have for doing that, there is a world in which that that that there is a world in which, as she is awesome in the series- and you know if we try to think like I- your nominees for were coming out of the first ran in its big circle. Jerk Addison, new name as she is one of the candidates is one of them- is for its economic. At this guy wow, they got him pass. All those picks mean that the hard core Basque, while people those gave, but there's this whole other universe of people. I woke this guy, I think he's one of the possible is so anywhere with harden you're getting serious by the way. Are you pick em? It's it's. The closest embedding adds now. I am, I think, the westward thing really through me off, because I was actually gonna take use them, because I felt like ok see was this. See sleeper underdog pact that everybody was on and meanwhile I do think there's some
If we shoot or not being a hundred percent, I think that three guard thing, which would have been really great for them in this series who knows but the westward thing on our now acres. Sometimes people get these injuries that there could be a couple days. Then they, I missed the whole first round and you got Austin Rivers out there for forty minutes again. So I must forget. Second, no peck. I have already been right now, I'm there's. There's no series are more emotionally. Attaching that serious, ruining ferko, say yeah between Micro, Paul love in my entire Houston thing, which we ve been over, and I just told you use- and I go look it's on my fault, but I told you Chris Paul can be traded and he was on my father. I told you that you, coaches, get along with you ride, receiver quarterback, which he doesn't is on my fault, that I've I told you all these things and the city's not dealt with it well over the years and I'm just like I did a podcast where I think it's one of the least professional things I've ever done. Where I go.
I know you guys think people arrived, I am telling you I'm rooting against your team every fucking. Well, we were saying we didn't know how sustainable was for them to play small, like they're playing and put the kind of honest that they're putting on their deeds to chase to rebound to back, to protect the rim. It really asking for superhuman efforts and Erika games the bubble that they just didn't need when they couldn't be in fifth gear, where man they look bad because when those guys aren't and fifth gear its it site, this is not sustainable. So you know the fact that Westbrook got hurt like I'm, not surprised. Somebody got hurt right now that, though, the being hurt thing is fine, but I definitely of its a pivot because won't when it first happened right. The beginning of February no Capella were like women. Is this about a real basketball thing, because their per one hundreds were off the charts it Alex people that I would talk you with others.
I would say out analyses amazing, like he's actually doing Darrell's doing the thing that we have always wanted to do, but nobody wants to do it and I would worry about some of the switches, but I'm I'd look. I think I'm right yet his, but I just don't think switches or as big a deal as we make em out to me. How many times have we seen the guide? The small guy switch where the five is on em from thirty feet out, and then he takes a fuckin three and you go what was supported it
the Bron. Would you do it all the time I M, which I never quite understood, is like at least drive and force a decision basketballs make the defender make a decision and when you step back from thirty feet, are not really ask anybody do anything, and so she gets bailed out on that. The other thing with a big I, which again like this repetitive, but it's important, because that was what we thought there downfall would be- is the switches and everybody seeks out Daniel House from the Tipp: hey, let's go in house in all its figure out or match up, but it's more the rebounding and they are the worst rebounding team in the NBA. It's in the play and we saw that against the painters held. The announcers thought that game was over and they were down fourteen and they came all the way back to two and had a shot and then guess what happens. They were the worst rebound achieves illegal paces at least office remounting. They couldn't box amount, they can get it. So it's not. It's not small, verse, big, it's not switches its rebounding and its
really tough thing to do, and you can't rebounded when a championship. While I wonder if, if there's, if ok seek and figure, the way to play Adam successfully for twenty five minutes. Again, I don't think so, I might be a night tonight deal right, maybe you'd get me you with me on that, though, like their certain night, you go hey, look at this guy's, crushing them in their their actively seeking out this thing: independent energy at right there that setting up his screen lower so that he's an easier role in all this shit and possible figure all itself out. Maybe it plays a self out a series and then I think, there's nights, like you said words gonna, look like hey getting out of their. You can't put upon the floor what's funny that you have Chris Paul Guns, James Hard and two guys that you wouldn't say: there's a shitload of platform ex between them kind of staring at each other push about, ok see? You stand the West report like there's diarrhoea by fires. Lies are neither Eames ready.
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really really hard to play there, the team on the most afraid of other than walking for myself x, I hate the fact that they have so much shooting. I don't know what happened Duncan rabbits in her and he had to low bed, but Duncan Robinson has turned into just two fuckin dead And they have all these different malleability with their lives. But ultimately you know it's a date. You get. You need the straw that stirs drank butler and that Philly Series last year was, the guy for Philly. You know he was kind of the emotional center of it. So we know he can do it in a playoff series and he's done it before another playoffs. I think this team is built to compete as a dark horse for the title and the clippers. This is the only bed I liked that I might have put a tiny bit, but clippers heat for the finals was forty two one as a final match up as it. That's too, I I think there is a world in which the he could actually make the fires and I'm really impressed by them. I did there really were coach,
they know what they are. I think they can do a bunch of different things, depending on the opponent and I and I think butler you know I had him like thirty mon- be a bit is one of the best fifteen players in the league, so we'll see some butler really good pic because he a little bit like my game theory has, has avoided some of the criticism because I just don't think he lives in that neighborhood with some of those other guys and it's a level below yeah right. I mean he thinks he's in that group. What that's good! That's right! That's a positive right, but it's not it's not a pump You know when an mba championship, so as much as I love Bam is much. I love Duncan. I love the confidence and the malleable word which I'm a huge trade just of that word in general. It's perfect for them, because other teams have definite.
Issue, sometimes with them. Depth is like a huge, huge part of where I like em, but in other second best players drugget and in, but I was status, outsides Bam, well. Look I mean we ban is different in a way. Worry, it's all. Even the evil, I'll give you bam. Bands are second best player in Jimmy's there. First Jimmy's, not the neighbourhood of franchise, altering players, so here's here's the case for them, because they they finally just started plants or on defence row. They finally start pillow smaller than the shooting and how good they are shooting and aid. They really are like there there's some two thousand eighteen nineteen Toronto potential for them as an outside, in time we saw last year where its I wear. This doesn't make sense why they can't keep it up and it is kind of they kept it up. The raven said thing is the big x factor for me, but was
with Butler had this is what he wanted. I think, if you do so a career moves him getting that fairly situation. Starting a new team in Miami, basically him not real rising. How good the rookie was gonna, be hero him, realising not realizing how good Robinson was gonna, be maybe he knew that ban was gonna, be banned, but certainly not to the level. That is just a good team, and you know that egg without crowd or trade, was great. I'm not a Jaguar, Jake ratified, but he's a nine men rotation guy, he certainly we hope in the blazers- and I was impressed by it, in the Bible. I actually was expecting him to be like zombie Iggy, and he wasn't. I thought he was at least moving like he wasn't washed up yet, which I think as long as he's not washed up. That's a nice guy to have in your
I don't know that I'm as bullish on again as you are, but the J Poor, I probably like J Crowd or too much for certain seasons and in a Celtic here there. Yet, but that's what I like about him, although I really feel like, if you are tough guy, you know like AIR Psmith, do that to you That's all. I feel that's my job Smith rule, but do yeah I'll, ask you, because I have I have to list of flares one forty five left down three quarter do think it goes at least he's on the list of now. We are used daddy, I varying Jeff Green is first team. No end. His own. Yet now has only at the wheel chamberlain of this category he's not out. There is hazardous, a permanent no Jeremy, though there is guys we're all go, that's not going to go in
in writing it. I swear I'm right about this. So much by the way, you know is a sacred cow, Heyward. Made at last out. I'm writing to that state only allowed. I don't think it's going. It went it really matters. I don't think it's got it. I just don't prove me wrong. Guided, I beg you numbers that I love. You admitted it you just ruin. His trade value is only got one year. Let s get, Shall Grady. Number, seven on my about how seventeen points a game and fifty percent anybody yet, forty percent three like only layer, legit had done for the south, substantiate that number seven my list most intriguing You haven't really vehemently disagreed with anybody. Yet I have Davis here, gland rut, big baby, Roger I thought so.
Roger. I talked a little bit on the Thursday part about if there's a match up where Davis is clearly advantage for the Lakers. Would he turn himself in a real way like let's say the clippers, were they just can't guard him, but there's two minutes left their down to in Lebron's like I got this, but meanwhile the clippers are like, thank God, they're not going to Davis. What is that seesaw and where does Davis the servants up, because you think like against Portland, he should go nuts, I mean like really it specially if they can survive playing Javale and Dwight thirty five minutes game Davis is going to go nuts and he'll dominate that serious, then the next series. Potentially they could play Houston she's. We ve already seen what it as the Houston. So there should be a wake up. Call you write, it should be a like. I would be swearing in him every day. He would hate me by the end of this play off
You should have a g going points again right, yet I be like you have to hurt people's feelings. You have to have parents not say their. Kid is on the Rockets, the you. You have to humiliate these people and if you don't have that and that's the poor and I think that's what Roger was kind of hinting at which I'll ask you to expand on, but as much as I love that guy, the fourth quarter, some numbers against clippers is it a real thing is, is a weird number. Is the numbers are pretty bad
Are you willing to accept that? Maybe there's just take a year that he doesn't have an I hate, even saying MAX, I'm not even sure. I admit that Russia wondered about out. There's that I dont ETA out is that, as I have said the same thing, does he have that extra peace that we would want from it? Does it? Is there that killer sad him? Does he have it? He could be higher on this list yeah. He could number eight I've Tatum, so Tatum. Second half of the bubble, just like fantastic fillies and ass, a matter of form. They used a guy, and was Simmons and summits is great defensively. Now he's not there. It looks like I was only if they're going to do this, then there's a started. Anna got bombed out has bred Brown was like we might start five on game, one, as fact, because eventually Bible will be starting one of these games because the case their best
This is a sign that data, whereas up here and I'm going to figure this out, we're stifle on the Jersey order list for you. I have em, I ever minor, but mention in this list, but Tatum should be able to rip. That's six esteem apart. If he's doing this thing, if these drivers basket in the pot like him. If he's got that in and out thing going, if he's just doing that, I'm going to take twenty foot, follow Waze and Quick three since the stuff that my dad starts texting me in the second quarter. The hell is, he doing then Philly as a chance, but he should be the best sport in the series in less MB. Just has this throwback crazy and be thinking to be is number nine on my list to me is is held to a different standard, because, if he's going to play like
Tatum from Pre Covert, shut down? Look I don't like us out this. Last year, I felt like people are little to bullish on them. Consider we haven't really seen them. The the invading scares hell out of me is, when you see in person, entice is trying to deal with it. It's horrifying. But I still think really has a chance. Would then be yet in what we are really see. The vague aside for yet not the south, I've minus four. Fifty it seems way to act because there is a world in which an bigos I'm an dominate. These guys for two weeks in the south are in trouble. If he decides that at people are just kind of down on on him heading that it has been so up and down. Even if you watch a game is different guy, one half the next half. Next time you were team that team play to get through the bubble. I was like what what are you guys do,
here and now I shall he doesn't give a shit, but we knew we knew he'd and give a shit. So this is what we did and is exactly what happened like it in care and he has really bad habits defensively and he's been a little bit are not doing this. Why anybody ever YO sewers of fake from thirty feet out were, as is my going, but I I have thought of what happens if some version of his lot, where they there's no weird substitution patterns. It's no we're trying to figure it out is really the Sixers or about what does your closing four minutes? Look like what are they like in whose out yet who at their air- and it's like a best power for exceptional matters, hey bans. Do this: ok, well, whore
So now you have a whore furred situation, words, probably better, because indeed it isn't gonna have to deal with this point like I just like. I want to see the indeed that is mad at everybody for doubting him, because I do believe it exists. It just doesn't happen that much and so even with Boston. We're on my man, like the big that Stephen ahead of. Image, still scarce shit out of me, but then I start thing about bossing is Toronto and I guess our target myself anew at a little bit. So that's where you all that all the Tatum stuff, where you go, which version are we getting cause? If we get the guy that we saw before this the season shut down or was interrupted, then
talk about a completely different team, and that's into this isn't heart. It's it's my home. I am who, who are the five best guys, because one of those guys propagated carries team of this whole deal in talking yourself into a team that doesn't have a those guys, probably stupid with the invade thing and feed his eyes to show up every time would be in trouble, not just the subjects. The it would do you love him like I love him when he's right. I just just having been in the building a couple times when he had gone for a quarter. Half in his is dominating and you just praying that he just gets tired or he gets a foul or you know you. It's the same failure to get when old hassling years ago, yet put yet please or takes take some twenty five footers Joel They happen, you should take some ways it behind me every time he pulls up on my good- and I know that I looked like posed- touches,
and it's like if he leads the league in post on cuz. I don't know what is as of today. I got a message from top five I'll look I'll get. I t on it, and so they'll be like this push back signal. You guys ready it's like I'm b posts up all its army. Oh you realize, ten years ago our Jefferson had twice as many posts such as his joy and beat has today. That's that's wrong. If I you, you could only pick one of these two options. Joel Embayed is awesome in this series and reaches other potential for at least two weeks that we ve, always wine reform or the Sixers completely roll over. In the series and broadband is quietly fired a day later because they lost in four or five and they clearly quit on him. Would is more realistic to I have a hard time buying into teams that have given me like seventy games of evidence that they're not figuring it out? So I decided it's that's far more realist
I remember, though there is a fan part of it. I wonder when the Yankees lost die of acts, I was actually bombed out because they are now Steinbrenner. Just gonna go crazy in actually one of the written the Yankees win the world series as much as I hated them, because I was so worried about what Steinbrenner would do and it's not the same thing with the Sixers but its it be. We, I think, of your sex offenders, probably party you were you, hope it flames out, because I just don't think the background things work and that's ok like it's all right You don't have two three four years you get your shot at it. A year ago. Everybody thought he was out and after awhile guys just tune the out. It's it's, it's not a no it's not a question your manhood or in that kind of stuff. It's just time to move on one thing with Philly and why Simmons was such a weird x factor against the Celtics cuz? He just loves going to get Statham to take the guys that give the Celtics the most truck
Are you know the dynamism Mitchell? Those, The aim Willard, all those the little guys who can score, create shots, move off screens. That's really with the subjects are vulnerable. As they basically have combine wanna make earn, whoever they can't defend those guys. Minimum defend those guys for couple years. Philly, just doesn't have anybody like that and they have allowed a size, but the south said over and over again they later they like to play teens who assize cause. You know I offered, so they can kind of do whatever they want. Then defensive way they can patched up together. So whether you limits is a good match, you again is all off of no Simmons and I promise you little differently about it, but you really think post using two subjects like playing big teams has, I think, that's their downfall. No, I'm talkin teams like awkward teams like this. They make the entire gonna play and beat Orford and Harris, probably as a front line.
In crunch time, and I think the subjects will match up with that, because, though, just that thought Tatum in jail and not just still run the move, the ball and they're not going to be able to get burned down the low blocked by any those guys. His horse, we're gonna, be posting up jail. Embrowned, like it's an app what is the possibility for eight years of anybody and then and then the fairer version of jail and data. So I That is why I go and Bates Gonna kick ass. I want to save it for later. When you get, you have drawn up, learn as top twenty five saw, save Adele Relator. So I'm dumb done. I'm done on this number, ten LUCA. Where we talked I'm a bunch last week, we don't have to talk about a mermaid, it would be legendary features beat this could perceive by himself ETA you'd out the fact that there's it's it's that really the coopers. Yet there that run it at full capacity and who knows like maybe they're playing tomorrow night. Maybe he could put up forty eight.
Game! One look at the coup in others. I wouldn't put this way. I wouldn't be like completely flabbergasted if the matter were like two two after four again something like that, but I just find the hard way they could beat them for tat. Seven without swept them the copies. Your item being wasn't even a sweet. I'm in a day like demolish them to Russia's for LUCA, is an only child worries about genes. Word. Pod George is my number eleven p m p, you? U litigated, thou and lastly, yeah where they, when the first rising wait, there's another round. We play somebody else to eastern files, and indeed yet he did it's not fair. I do, as I say that out loud, I know I'm not being fair
terrific player. I yeah. Whatever man I mean, look, it's a clippers win. This whole thing, it'll turn into a Yo Yo Yo Dab, Paul George. Well, you never railroads pretty good roster in voting eyes. I voted for private p like two years ago, but firm like third. First, oh, you know- and I think I m like third or fourth, I learned he pre lengthening this way. One of those ok see years, maybe even last year, the ok, see year. He started last air. The body was it was last year and after like a weird star, where I just for second done with the sky, then I have this odd habit of as soon as I count you well, then, you have like the best run of your life. Third, like wait a minute. What she's dating, who and George after, like a weird bumpy star at an incredible incredible run,
around here. He's is kind of well just eat. Look he's the most talented, Jeff Green I've ever seen. That's insult Isn t this round. One is the perfect match heparin perfect, whose guarded by George endows nobody Irene Data may or do. I have lived happily run some guys out their Michael kid. You I've been there. They ve tried some things. I think it's going to be less rigorous is sampled, some things where I wonder. If that's what he's doing but its they can't. If anybody, then I look LUCA. It's great present this thing. When its rights awesome there five out their Houston with big eyes, they can't event
uses a much better defensive team in there I got Mitchell at 13th. I moved him up because of this weird MIKE Conley. Nobody has any idea how long he's going to be at the bubble, but his wife had a caddy left and now you have no bogdanovich and you have no MIKE Conley Sea Bass, Beth Mitchell and Joe Ingles deciding everything offensively for Utah before the MIKE Conley Forty left, I was actually thinking. Utah was undervalued in the Sears Denver. I think was two hundred and twenty one favorite before the. If they know they're high Again your light weight yeah: it's is, he adopted a guy. I just like doing that. We're I'm at home and I go hazy atop temporarily. Am I wrong for even saying that, but then on a given name this incredible Mitchell Game and he hasn't it am. I mean he had a bubble game like a week ago. Words. You know it feel in it by rejecting the overtime, the double overtime, yes, without with regular your light weight, yet is he adopted a guy? I just like doing that.
I'm at home and I go hazy adopt unpleasantly. Am I wrong for even saying that, but then on a given night, he look at one yet, but then that I think we always kind of check it with a cable. But what are you doing? I'm just like a below he would have is for them to be done, but I think he would have to basically duty to ok see a couple years ago in a better version of it. Fourteen I've, Kimber and dead set the positivity from the South Ex camp about Cuba is much appreciated. I don't trust it I hate that still have not. Aid has been better than we thought. We were doing this camera topic a couple weeks ago, a little bit better, obviously to see how it goes when they're asking him for thirty two minutes a night every other day for Five straight weeks, but I'm going be a little more nervous about that, but you know if he, if he can get back to very closely
He was in October total Amber December. That's you got increase the ceiling of the south extent. That's it. What are you? What are you? Actually? I mean I refer Brad Wanna makers twenty fifth year, but what are you actually think as possible? Celtics go ahead. The floor is yours. I think they're, two guys short to guides us. They it's a seven meant him and one of those seven is cancer was excellent. Sex is caters, unplayable and certain it right. I think they could play a man gets really. I liked them against Ronald Nazi outcomes, miss to the fore games and maybe I'm doing way too much recently, bias, which I will
people on this podcast appreciate it out where I am of my own flaws as a human, but I like them against Toronto. I like to think about a big guy and Lowry and Kemba. You know can't believe it's been a terrific story, but they they can do some things defensively where I'm probably, if, if it ends up Toronto and Boston, I think I'm going to Boston, which sounds crazy cuz. I have much respect after Anto, but I'd like them against them, and maybe I'm putting way too much on something I saw last week. I want to see what camera looks like over there. Two weeks, but I think from making the final standpoint, I may be really hard to do it unless combo is eighty five, ninety percent and unless there's some bent dude has gotta show up there over and over again their putney second units in there, and you just look at though at the guys that are out there, like, oh my god, now they could
They could get around that by. I think reconfiguring Heyward minutes, and you know I I just I don't know why they trust water maker to the degree they trust them, and I know there's a couple positive advance metric sets. I just know how he makes me feel I don't trust them and apply officers I if he, if he's playing twenty to twenty five minutes off the bench for you in the eastern conference files. I got that's a negative that that great cancers, you said, can only plague and certain team, Sir match ups. So now you're really down as six guys years, six and a half with cancer. If you a Houston Rockets, Celtics MBA finals, I think Brad would tell Kanner. Oh no, the games
two weeks if you're alive and yet our midst shriek us something that guy I say about my maker, Thou wrote, real quick, yet wanna maker is, is the absolute there's. This better versions, Hassan White Sides, actually the best example of this, but as soon as in announcer says something about us on white side, I go. Ok, you don't put any effort in two pressing for this game at all or you ve, never just guy or you don't win. If we are to say hey, you don't know how to watch wanna makers, a little white cited for me where, when the announcer start tell me how great wanna makers band I am with you, I am like. I know, I'd love to see us twenty minutes somewhere else, and I think that position oh deep and he's an incredible story good for bribe maker, but I think a position so deep that if you're the Celtic she should find a better twenty minutes. I was just talking to somebody about the said their day. Every year you, these teams, fine trader Cameron, pain
as at bounce around and they can t Cameron pay cash. Hey guys, I can give you like the fifteen, when he minutes at a nowhere that were like in the g leaguer played in Spain or Somethin John Lucas. I would just never draft those guys after like pick twenty I've, never to have to point out in the south. It seemed to do this over and over again like they did it. They they took They took carried her words Carcere within waters and sick. Why? Why do we keep taking five ten guys role? The dice with like try to figure who this year's Garrett trend? Juniors cartridge junior with there? anyway, I don't haven't rule no I'm with the on. I would have never like art after TAT five. Well, it maybe a point carbon. I wouldn't take one sub six feet cause it's a different deal, and I live said it. A million times by some teams have like a no short point guard rule because they like in the playoffs it it clause. Everything up well come on we're gonna talk about two point guards in a that's right after this
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at a taste and they make to make little many leap as the things get along. They serpent together and, as I said earlier, I think he is one of the nominees fur who's gonna, be kind of their quota quote, break out star of round one around to whatever it. Then this cp three thing you know only made one conference. Fine us was basically cast aside. Nobody wanted to trade form, we talking about this, and this bypass member were like, while the grassy p, three, nobody Even over thirty million everybody kind of like our now he's gone is gone and wide eyed shared with people I go. There should be only see me she liked am I m e thing. I think he wants a gun in Milwaukee, but when you're absorbing forty million, even if you love Chris, which you should get you play with anyway, there's nobody. I wanna I'm Tellin right up top of the list. Hooty ring rankings who do you want to win a title? Chris Paul is number one for me real lot peep, I oh. I want people to appreciate, demand stats, stats, fucked up so much stuff, now
and in it I should be this motion about it, but we talk or cells into some of these guys. You like, do you not understand winning moments? Do not and the things were like all these little things matter and yes, Chris is annoying and yes to play. I presume socks. I just want people appreciate the things that he does, that it's not a mistake that that Oklahoma City is way better than people thought Not a mistake is because of that dude and I wanted to win a ring. So bad it so that every we can do the oh well, you know I always liked him or whatever, and all these people have dumped on Chris Paul just to have. I want them to have to admit a grade of a basketball player is in and I'm worried that his career's going to Andre like that guy second round, like what the hell is, this problem because normally money. I would hope that it gets every other player, but with him I won't if they can get by Houston, they pay the Lakers. In round to, and I kind of like the matter for them and that they would beat them got up. It was
do you not yet match it know. Paul Paul was like our coups. I pay by the way bill coups my he, a problem I just think that name is like it should be: a mandatory level of production where you're allowed to be called the problem or he's different again, I was on the Orlando MAGIC there'll, be no coups. Mc conversations, zero zero. He be forty eight with better hair, but he left there is Chris Paul was like come here. Come get some of this and he smoked em. If shrewder can get healthy in time for that ran to,
and then add the door. Who knows what we get from Robeson the door. Yellow Adams throw to throw against whoever Davis is a problem, but who Bailey Davis approved for ebbed as a amity teams are like yeah, we can handle that Davis Guy, like maybe three abbe, really fun series push you to have the whole Chris Leubronn. Do they do the interview together? Do they do things like we're, not we're so close, but we're not talking for an annex to weeks. This time, it's personal, it yeah. It's gonna go into the real world where they go well. People soppy nice, star, act and real number. Seventeen ever after I'm restates the outcome over Lowry, its Nick nurse, my favorite coach did you ve over a year
I dived sure. As hell did, I wish I could do it twice. Belton that have boats- and I was like I may call them and say- don't vote for anybody other than Nick nurse. As you know, I hadn't the all time, Brad Stevens Kool aid Drinker Nick there, since the best coach of the week. I don't constantly impressed he maximize, has the potential of every guy and their top bad offense. The way there, the most interesting team every who he's coached has got better deadline that they have anyway has turned into a real guy he's all first team sham. It fits the headscarf fight the what he's that exists on a back. Oh, I feel like in other situations would be like on their way out of a nightmare. I went out and I know something about geyser. No I like under saw, I just think I'd see you got him, ran, one does matter: they're gonna win but then ran through him versus Stevens, and if he can, you know Stevens
scope of things go ahead. I would answer my my god go. I know no more semi. Usually mother, no would do no more no more no more bread. Did your library in college and taxes? Did you D washed his eye? I taught myself in a little semi either if you can't shoot, as jailing would sail for reason and the latter maker thing it's one. You just have to pull them the moment, the first time he drives in the Yaris full speed and whips the bog at the bottom of the backboard out of bounds. Take about that's it done
think he's it is Israel, as are the right, as he's gonna kill my dad like that the water maker thing is like by its more frightening for my dad than covert number. Seventy, I'm sorry number eighteen for me as Duncan robinson- and I just want to say this about Duncan Robinson. Like I hears awake I yet. I think that I think the White Stretch three and a half fish guy. There's a stereotype for those guys that would set out there just to shoot her dear. She watch Miami like he initiates plays like they run picket rows of them. He does tat this guy's, not like cow Corver. This is so he's turning into somebody can actually initiate, plays and get himself great shots he's a fifty percent report shooters since the last hour break. I just think I think he's kind of a lead as the shooter Now- and you know it's like, I remember one pages
of EC one woozy like third em, painted yeah where I think was third right use. Third, I'm not saying he could be as good as page a stack of EC some day, but I wouldn't be legs shocked by it, because he's not just the shooter like IE can actually create stuff for himself and I think, he's really evolved and improved. That, I think, is huge x factor in these blast. That's my general rules and ran for you by the way
Latin America rarer that year, one the envy pm both baseball. So I obviously looking at Asia. The outlook is a third third or fourth Garda Guard at wine and then, as soon as I pulled it up, I was like. Oh, this is right and I just then I clicked on it as it can help myself. It was. It was flat. Sheffield Manny was third or teases forth, so they split the as his ego and then to Hata who, to this day I've never seen anyone throw baseball. Miguel daughter in person like seeing it in person was the most amazing thing. Ever we don't know about pager, nobody pays. You will really therapeutic. You talk, I'm gonna. Look it up Duncan is so much more than space for so you're
absolutely right Duncan Robinson is its outer require tastes. It's it's e o k. I I love basketball idle because he does everything right. I would imagine if there is an approval rating on players by coaches. I would think Duggar Robinson would finish the top five, because every cut every movement none of its wasted. He makes you guard the whole time and I think a lot of his leg. At times this guy's mealy our dealer S. And he's gonna make you work the whole time. So I I couldn't be bigger, Dugan robbers event. It would, I warn you when you take biases and when you see these guys like when he really first started playing well for them.
Oh man. What a nice story like he's going to be like JEB Bush work for them, or somebody like somebody. You can make a couple trees and then you keep watching the heat and it's like man, Eddie money. Shakin. Do that and then, like Spoelstra, is calling place from here. Like what the fuck is going on, patient was fourth, your top five in a forest cagey Duncan Germane, O Neill pages Stack of Kobe Bryant, so there's gotta, be a Robinson. Is basically a fifty percent three points Peter and has turned into a guy for me, I don't know about you. It shocking when he misses I'm a wide open, I'm shooting at sight, there's no fuckin way is gonna message, a message I gonna got number twenty. I put porter Junior hair just cause he's kind of the ceiling for the nuggets. If who knows it's the fog, it's the bubble,
nobody really cared about the seeds. I dont think he has any idea what is doing a defence or doesn't but I don't hear now he so good on office. Now now I'm line as appeal them. Yet with a matter I dont there's not a lot of it. It follows that we have over the last thirty years of of somebody, kind of playing their way into such a pivotal role. This late in the season, when they re they had employed at all before you know you think, like Richard, even richer. Do mass of the sons played like forty games for them where he put up minute, so I think they need them because of the way he clicks with the oak age in the athleticism, em and just kind of the HEAT after him. I don't trust anyone else offensively in eighteen. Oh you trust your gets right. You know about it I am really admitted yoga had yoke, it's twelve. I forgot to mention, as our sir, you are now
Twelve, a catch, your money, where your good that's good you, but just to clear this up, some, I'm saving you hear from you. What is it? Seventy, two or seven, two o seven, two o yoke judge. You trust your gets right, joke it should play a game. Oh yeah yeah. I thought I'd always have to last year right because after him aren't you trust your memory and it was a day. Thereas yard lean right there. We're team with you know who they had available. So is not a criticism it just in other certain display of thing this week on whose who, what's the deal here, an porter when he is right, looks like one of the best course and leak like now. That's how insane it is, and that's where you go hey in the play off. We need somebody who's like almost or what
six ten and we can pull up off the triple like I agree, I need those. I need those possessions because there's a lot of positions with Denver. Where I am, I feel a little predictable. I hate teams, don't know who they are heading in the past, and that was my big hesitation with timber, and that is why I really wanted to pick. You thought it beat them cause edges fillet of regulation. And those who they are and what they're doing at the Denver, probably is more talent, but there still trying to figure on the fly like their best. Five guys are whose healthy the stuff, but with kindly out who knows that Syria to me, that says, is again like stairway. Five to guy got pausing, guess at twenty one means in the Babo. Had a couple monster stack aims at politically law.
Even a little more athletic than he was on the Knicks right. He has moments athletically where you like holy shit yeah, but those were those first moments. Where is ever knows, I'm huge Porzingis guy cuz. I feel some ownership to it. Where I watch him the Erie pulled out of the draft. I remember texting chat for. I was like what is the deal was porzingis Why is he in the top thirty? This is insane. This guy is good and we didn't know, and then he shows up to next bawling and then cuz. It's the Knicks and everybody story, kind of dick taste like how we feel about all these guys. But this is what I like and I'll reference to Steph Curry interview where I was like you guys are kind of Houston, but your big. If you play five hours Luke initiate everything and he's a guy? We move around a little bit more and then he's like honestly LUCA. Has these things? Are we cut off a LUCA? The all accept that we are talking about a week ago, where I think pressing us has moments real
This is the perfect time to play with him, where I think you even brought up last week or wondering like I was this bad because not enough is going through him, like whatever Porzingis ends up being he's going to be at his best version of himself as a tier two soup, he's never gonna be tier one and that's great, and I think it looks better with his fingers, our labour dodge, my favorite is: when he's a trail in the play, and it's like an on constructive they're coming up in his trailing. The play like Brook Lopez would write like he's just kind of behind it, their set now half court, but then all of a sudden he's taking a twenty six foot from the top of the Ark and its it seems like a pseudo set play by them, etc rope it up every time or it's like yeah we're going to wait for Porzingis and I'll, send you shooting from twenty six, but it feels like he makes that shot. Fifty percent of the time- and I look at you- know what the clippers, especially apparels, going to play. They're going to
or they can have the ease heroin they're not pay a lot of zoo Botz against, posing, as I think that's great, for Dallas yeah does the zoo like you. I have a pretty good, so I know he I live right, but I want a mountain air from Dallas. Yet know that I think that's kind of the point is that, because you been better, maybe places a bit more, the transition thing is, because he's running in transition you, after you really committed to want to still defend in transition and that's why don't like Portland, because I saw some self against Memphis, where I am seriously to specific, plays in the second half were white side stopped running as job was even with them, and then white side stayed to follow your Jonas as the trailer and you like. I want you to stay with with job because he's probably
driving and then there was another play is much. We love Willard, we're lizard was even with job on a drive and he turned to elect heap. He pointed Whiteside, this wasn't even white sites fall or is it you got him in lizard stopped and you're like? What are you guys doing? So I I love the present this observation, because I think that so many buckets in the course of a game there waiting for you here, if you want offence, stay locked in trail of play and then everybody knows like I've seen that over the course of a season where hey they know this. Guy now is trailing the play. They're gonna wait form where other team, maybe the beginning of the year. They don't they don't understand each other enough, but Dallas does a. I don't know what the numbers are off. We had obviously, but when you're privileges of re, has co, often of all tat, all time or regular Susan. I think I like about pausing. Isn't that team?
could go either way on whether he is the right number two you want for LUCA, but all the shots. He gets her just great shots in that office. The key its rarely like the contested poster boys off balance during the jump up. It's all fake, twenty six foot, nobody in front of them or he's posting up five feet from the basket with somebody it's a shorter than him. I just like I like how they figured out how to use them in it. It seemed up in the air before number twenty two for me,
Kyle Lowry, something about this with him. We've had so many of our conversations going to keep talking about him, but he's at a weird point like where Chauncey Billups was in five, when the pistons had won the title and then in five they have a chance to beat the spurs. Spurs are pretty banged up at that point. They'll can you know, play no one like, and there was this moment where it's like man, if Phillips, is the best player in this game, his entire legacies, like he's, going to probably make the hall of Fame like what we talked about him like for two straight years. This guy was the best part in the playoffs. I go to do it. That Larry is in a not dissimilar position this year. Where he's as a really good thing, I would say
You know they every fourth or fifth best chance to win the title that he knows who they are he's the most important guy and he was born player they have and if there's some world where they were also there in the files undergone toad, oh with whoever and incite Wow Kyle Lowry. What are we do like he's going to love him? Is he if they went to stray titles? Looking at the bar of the hall Even when you started this, I would better highway Spencer, how it laid the whole affair. Yeah. Have you never really argument? It should be You write a radio, listen, I go well beyond words on our neighbour, I was gonna so positive about Lowry, and then you, just? U punch me right now face with all their might face. I'm just tell me how to get a planet. They win the day. You all right. You know a lot about Ronald among other things is that I can.
Imagine what we were younger going out. They have this. We re Lowry, but then they have this family guy who ran everything in college. I want those two guys can't play together. You know that was kind of a rule and it would. It was pretty accepted up until Two years ago were now it gave in to change it. David com was like I'm just gonna, be amazing. You guys want is small. Let's take small in Rubia. I've got news for you guess this worked with Frazier Monroe, it's gonna work. Now. Can we make the logo smaller? I just The fact that he invaded leader, like interchangeable, makes it really scary sigh legato, I'm not could be negative Lowry. I was almost was hall of Fame. How do you fight it off? Yeah Hall of Fame seems a little like. I don't know about that. But again ever
It's over the NBA elephant, you're gonna, be in a one day, and I can't wait to introduce you. I've coups mad, twenty three. Only because it's in your checking it's a good picked bullets had shaken. If IE sucks and they end up not making the finals or whatever everybody hoping the fall guy. If what you think you give recruitment, I mean you knock and cares. Libert eunuch guys, like that. I don't know I again: Josh Richardson. He's on the guy is got one more year, two small thing anyway, that Britain, those pretty good, opens up your head by the way he's the third best plan that team- and I would say he is the worst third best player of any kind on any contender, but that's by design they traded everything for Davis, although the way lawns Than the bubble, the Davis trades look better and better homeowner arise by I mean lines are looks like he's on his way to Greece.
We have a way. There's no way he's this bad. First of All- and I was I was a target of many many pelicans, sir guys about the gentry, think, but is only so much I can say ah, but I would say it like: I'm not look. It was awful, but I'm not ready to give up online so because it was pretty good for four like four months this year. So I'm not I'm not anti lawns, o other than the evidence after the bubble was. I can't you know that they voted to come back for you. Did you not know the rest of the guys wanted to come back and he'll, really the biggest thing with the pelicans to man and you're? Digging around a little bit on this, I'm making an announcement. I want everyone. This should be.
Break out video, stop freaking out about guys physique acts on on photos on social media. Ok, I could look like two different people. If I wanted to within the space of thirty seconds and when Zion in that pictures poses a man, twenty five pounds, a muscle, impossible, Zion again, twenty five pounds of muscle in months, Bain, look at this guy. And you watch the games, you like it looks at shape. I love him. I love him if I'm Zion, unlike, why am I the problem when I'm a dominant player and inward, but there's something you said years ago that I didn't? like, and then I had a kind of begrudgingly admit that you write about it where, when you see your NBA life as life as a loser, it's a fucking problem and that something you shouldn't you shouldn't, except there's nothing like a guy that never thinks he's gonna lose I'm serious, like I'm not trying to solve
sadly, but when you never think you're gonna lose a game that such an amazing mentality to have an you brought it up with the six Israel like? I think this might be like a law term thing where you're foundation is set with errors, There's a million games. No one cares. No one's accountable, not a big deal, and you don't have to play that's a problem and was Zion who ever gets that gig has to say to him. You could be may be the best players. League, but we need you to get a little earlier. We needed stale but later and yes, they baby jus for good reason, but eventually Ega play and that's the thing about the pelicans that it scares me little bit as much as I love watch Nike play basketball could make the Antennae Debbie the best for now Alonzo pretty weird, because your normal, you don't get a coach out without another year on the deal, so I'm
the deferred to you on this. Whether you know very well is outright. Who did Tony. I thought I would guess it depends on how do but out ok, but his aid only like round. I read I bet on him bay their next year. Yes, now now, I bet on him not being there next year, but I don't know I selfishly Conor want to see what harden would be like with another coach were in the first time out of game. One were hardened goes actually by you. I just spring of all up and shoot every single time. So what are they have a deal Maybe, though, maybe they're just make him the coach, a a break than out finishes up when more break to talk about Buffalo Outweighing plant basque basketball. Finally, here catch all the posts season, action with Buffalo wide wings. Maybe there's no in the crowd. That does mean the real fans aren't at home, cheering louder than ever from the edge of their seat, and they can get that sports bar feeling with wings from be Dubbs.
Get boneless extradition wings and over twenty four of your favorite sauces and seasonings permission. Garlic, honey, barbecue mango, haven't era for a limited time, get a wing bundle with fifteen traditional links in fifteen bonus wings plus fries Call this the Joe House for just twenty nine. Ninety nine! That's enough points for the whole house placer here, no better way to watch them with Buffalo out wings or a buffalo outlines that com, or through the Buffalo Wild Wings app today apparatus participating locations for a limited time, bundles only for take out or delivery through Buffalo out rings, or website now out with any other offer. Aren't I have two more guys, my top twenty five May. To recap: it though, free Janius Leubronn collide Dame Hearted Butler Davis, Tatum, bead, LUCA Paul, Giorgio Gudge Mitchell Camper as J C P, three Duncan Robinson Nick there's Westbrook Porter Junior, posing ass, Larry kuchma them a twenty four hour, my lest playing his last last two weeks for the broken,
cares to avert the way he's Armenia so alive. Ah, I would cares, overthrew thousand guy. If you are healthier, he would have done higher in the draft when he misses shot against Portland. I was not surprised who, where does he, whereas he play next year, Out of the cap's up in up from me so you're the Brooklyn Gm Gm you you've, Kyrie you're, you ve, carry you're stuck with the Andrei you're overpaying Johannes keep em. You still have Dinwiddie other problematic shade in this summer, and you have to either shade Dinwiddie or put him with Levert for in a two for one for somebody. What are you trying to get back for the very
back the shooter who can space things for the rank, Perry who doesn't necessarily the ball correct yeah mean that was a big thing which O Harris and even shall Mark said. Hayes the newborn guy. We have to worry about like Johnny Chuck Joyous is one of those guys we're you know how much you have to pay this dude, but yet everybody's trying to pay that guy everywhere in the great thing about Joe is, you can put on the floor a little bit and I'm not saying I know, you're running your stuff threw him. This does leagues about scoring, so I wouldn't be in a hurry to get rid of Paris, because I think is so good off the drivel he knew about too much, so he can preparing very brooklands. Had a really weird. Can you imagine this run of Digital Russell? Massive usage? I didn't witty as soon as he gets out of their em right. They ve had and then care ass. They had three guys that are pretty good yeah, but it's such an element of we like
thing. Is them it's it's up to them so, like I like, I think all of us like Harris Liver. But if he's your best player, you have a problem which is committed, serious, twenty, fifth and last them unless there, let's just because he was the guy last year, that over middle too well, I think Middleton's more of a fixed, and I know what I'm getting with him- I don't know what I'm getting from, but so in this class no idea is it going to stink like you did last year is going to be better? Is he healthy? can they win the title? If they're not getting a in at least a b plus four merit butter No, I don't I'm only they can they need some big Bledsoe games. That's about it! That's why I'm twenty fifth like Middleton twenty pages, just you just write it down, but you you ask yourself: ok what were these twenty common or they are they coming
the end of quote one through the beginning, a quarter for what he does. He does that thing where he has six points, but then he makes us and his first ten stray points and he's got sixteen years, one of those guys or they may where's Benetton. There's a minute, then that sixteen friends and Jesus she's, my three straight threes. What happened my dad's? Seventy five is weak and he still convinced he could get like twelve points of a game. He's not lying like he's, not he's not being funny about it. I'll be like that. Come on here, so honorable mention gaiser to make twenty five Tj Warren. There's a a puncher's punchers chance that he goes toe to toe with Miami for two weeks. I personally think he just got hot in the bubble. Cowboys, I don't think that's I dont think its sustainable. Is you at your by the way for the bubbles you had to be in the Bible hazmat. I check that was a great I've watched every game, shambolic call. Somebody complain. I tried to find out what happened.
I want to know, I was consulted. I could really, It's a joke! When I read about our way back, she had like a bubble. All first and second team collarbone mention most had shaken Brett bran could be our fair every breath round. Might that be the Sixers coach and, like eight days, eight towards really bad Gordon Heyward for reasons we discussed earlier? They met a buyer. Rudy, go bear no, barely one very good who, with calmly out, do you think he had the conversation with the culture. Like hey man, We propose post that more been really work. It out it worth who work in the bud. I only lose the ball half the time, Reza Westbrook for obvious,
reasons first may I am sorry ways hurt. He also got hurt by not be my last Covington put on their fat always just fast. But how the rackets use him and then and then table had to put him on it a clause that is not just people understand better listening, bilbil for whatever reason, with zero, prompting To make any sense to be a Tuesday morning in old text and I go and I love, but these stable. Then I'm glad what will happen to these guys that answer that ensure Radwan, gambling staff, bucks, magic raptors, that's the ads are too high, but the other six underdog, Sixers, plus three thirty paces, plus two fifty blazers plus three fifty maps, plus four thirty jazz plus two thirty, ok, see plus one thirty- am that Lenny pick ok see is the best honoured I'll bet. If
Go those other five, six or Spacers Blazers MAPS jazz make the case for a robber six six years, because I I just I can't get out of my head watching it on the baseline up close going. This is horrifying with a bit and. I feel that the seventh thing may actually I'd rather than have instruments, events him out, pickup, forcible spread it out. I would pick them to win, but there still pour me. I can't get over that. All thing, ok, see is not a fair pick. The blazers numbers wrong. It just gets its two lasses. It's too it's too momentum mission, Which means you know whatever do do whatever you want any other sites I were, I would. I would go with Philly. There's a parlay right now, if you, if you do the Lakers the with the clippers, the with the he all three to win their serious, it's basically even money is: how are you doing
I'm looking at it for some reason, I'm scared of maps and I can't explain it. I watch those Cooper. I watched the coopers, kill them the share. Something worries me about it. Wipers heading into this ran one. I don't like that. They're not therefore team yet, and I think that dad's got a lot of good bubble time in and they kind of know who they are and they're going to just fire up threes and look, I'm not saying I'm not saying watch out the MAVS are going to win this series, but when I think about parlays like that- and you just kind of had that gut feeling of which team kind of scares me not scared of the pacers and I'm not scared of the blazers, but I'm like a wee bit scared of the maps, I don't like betting against somebody. Who's awesome like LUCA, like it sucks when you have a bet and there's somebody another team and they're just killing you. So I think that
just adds at her screwed up? I think that six resign is just to hide and understand it. Thank the south be minus four. Twenty, when there's no home court advantage makes no sense to me it we want they have as a game Seven's Abbas them is that is further everyone's playing in the same location. Every time and the times of the games or where to you know like the plane? Three thirty Monday Wednesday in Friday this week, I'm just prepared for weird shit. I was. I was play we worship for a while cuz. I was like. Why are you going to just assume that the lesser teams are going to be better because the circumstances are different than was traveling, so no one should be tired. Although. That the the end of the year injury assessment with some of these guys. It's so annoying like our hey by the way grind. All right cool like and what I don't know and I'm not just missing it, but I don't know cuz guys can be hurt, but it's like. Are you so hurt that you were different guy or do you say
They have you got thirty a game. The telling me your knee was a little twitchy. I don't I don't do that become us most. Give you more credit. Most was city responsible in the series and stuff happens. All the time with these guys so see think his own is her. He is. He hasn't been right since that's other part. When I go to the season series, you gotta get to see me this team three to four times like I was last Sunday played a year ago January thirty or so. So. What am I supposed to do that? Yeah, it's tough when they start gone backwards with stuff that happened earlier and Heroin, its eight nine months away when some of the teams are different in different guys are playing. You know, like the blazers, our good example, where how do you use any stats? The blazers when nurtured wasn't on there in his their third most important?
still about our defensive with them, but, like you know, there is a great example, because you go. They played a bunch of these games without their back court and Jerry S, gonna miss the first game and then sometimes when I watch him and I will Barton's grimace first came to so you go in a wait. A minute what's goin on here, but sometimes I wash carrier is an offence. Maybe lesson about thing. Maybe that's more shall support. He was terrible this year and I remember we must have talked about this. I summer we're Talkin Bout, Chris Paul destinations and I thought Denver was. There was the team they had enough salaries to put in, and I just felt like
you may think about him as the instant leader on this theme and maybe the yoke. Its thing is a tiny bit weird. I don't know, but I think it's weird, I think it's weird Paul with with the August beyond soup, but I'd rather have they give their giving Chris Paul away in its. I could figured out for Gary Harrison a couple more pieces, I'm just doing it figured out later. Do you think response on? Ok see a year for he's got one more year right at over forty million, and we don't know it's happened. The cat everything, I've heard about him, was there they actually told him hey we're going to? Let you relax? No don't go too crazy. He's forty! Four million extra four thousand four hundred and forty EAST forty four million next year
I really look here is to put my Chris Paul Hoodie on, but Billy Donovan like from where I was. It was kind of like hey, you know we're gonna, we're make sure you're, ok, we're in it. You don't. We want to bring along slowly will spare you the grind of all the stuff and Paul was like now now I'm going like fuck this let's go and they were like. Oh my god, and I I I just think, there's something about having a point card. Were you trust his instincts so much they may not want to get rid of him and rubber. He took less money to get out a delay in the first place, to go to Houston and then harden and more play with many more. The Paul Lovely will hardon, obviously he's not there any more, but I am sure that some other funds areas
I mean at the moment on round one sub plots ina that their embayed- what's he gonna do, I think, is one of the big questions. Ok savers used in is just such a good series and I no idea how it's gonna play out and I'm probably gonna try to avoid betting on it, because this is too many weird factors goin Dame verse. The Lakers will be really fun. And then the Denver Utah one. I just think that's like shit against a why anyone whose eye cares by hard core painted a dead for youth, I'd, think you're crazy. I don't know, what's going to happen and that serious it would be pretty disappointing of timber lost answers. They would be, but I can't say, trust them. Do you I've just issues in general Bill Deanna, thus far
that I don T, I would be most disappointed in and around one if they had a stink bomb is, I think, my Emmi just cause? I really bought it to them over the last couple weeks and even like your earlier that I really do think that that teams dangerous what a fairly these Boston worrier and be it fairly beads Boston. It will be because Cambodia was completely compromised. That's why it that's why they will lose that serious. If it happens, it will be because cameras plan on one laggard he Rangers is near some sort of thing. I think if, if he's route of a healthy, even if indeed is putting up like thirty, eight and fifteen every game, I still don't think I still they Boston, she's, the better team
Yeah, I trust I trust him more. I just they certainly have better coach. Yes, well, I'm looking forward to say you have when should expand your MIKE Vic this week, Seth curry this week with atomic Shea as well, who did his first round my draft that he hates doing more than anything It's the most red deal, so we have a really good week. I want to leave you with this stat, though, because eyes are doing the spot. I was watching the Yankees and Red Sox, which would have years and years ago dictated my entire day. My entire day would have revolve around first Pitch Yankees Sox Sunday, night baseball
from nineteen ninety nine to two thousand one pager Martinez, who is the best pitcher to ever, throw baseball in the history of the sport. No argument here. He really it's actually pages underrated. I wanna do a full blown shirts off Pedro podcast to be lying. You like you, don't people don't understand how insane you are. I'd need like ten minutes just to refresh in my head some numbers, but I'd be ready. I could be ready to go in ten minutes. We are a differential one of those years, whereas they two runs lower than the guy who's. Second, an air like there's gonna, be an asshole. Listen to this just to say out loud and forty, your kids, hey, I'm an asshole. I resisted resellers Pedro, you know information, because Pedro I wouldn't mind if he was on currency. That's how I feel about Pager Martinez. So, anyway, frightening
Yankee Stadium one head seventeen case against the bachelor S bottom of the last thirty years, Jelly Davis, guest fastball get out front turn on a change up the only hit, and I was bargaining that night with a Yankees fan who is the owner and one of my favorite part. Ethical is Yankee hat give way day, and there are people in the bleachers losing their minds after every gal Pedro was just dumb there's, no one is no one was that our area like our had started about thou know cause I sidetracked it. No, I just I want. If I want to write Pedro letter, cursive, not type in those three years, he gave a book, in twenty two earn runs the Red Sox going into tonight's game. I guess the Yankees had given up a hundred and twenty four earned runs.
That's like twenty static inciting games? Oh my God, Pedro gave of less runs in three years in yes, I understand he's not pitching everything but I yelling at the Red Sox owners at least finally admitted that they fully intend to take a shet this season. It's so bad, it's so bad! It's it's! It's like the video game. That's not allowed to use the players names, and I really I really love baseball so much and for the first couple weeks I was like alright. Socks are on at four and I go Why am I? Why am I doing this to myself and I still throw it on the second tv? It's a second tv assignment this morning, so I would be watching more of devers. Wasn't a corpse Underwood
and this year. But I'm nice way is by favour, mainly red Sox, pirate. You throw overboard arts yeah. I why just I liked watch endeavours head until this year, but the pitching staff was so with such an affront such an affront to the fan base to the people who you know until they decided we couldn't have games, but people ready to pay full season ticket hard core prices. Fur the inner ride, wherever this kind of shit it's like I hit, and then there are they. While you know we got some bad luck with sails like yeah. It's bad luck! As you gave the guy giant extension, he could get through a system like you'd bad luck with IRAN. Erratic bad luck. He had covert assails that bad luck, sale is bad management, yourselves, not prepping and look. I trust me. I've heard it where you go hey this wasn't the plan, your king, but what was the plan? It's worse roads
vision of our lifetime for the third highest peril. I think in a league and guess what they're gonna do they're gonna get so mad ownership, and if you, if you put it to cattle Ok, these owners you'd come at right to safe and we make an historical monument there and win for titles and that's how you twenty. Going. All of us would have signed up that. So, let's be fair them now, This is a further one title you back, then. Are you kidding? I just wanted one. That's all I wanted was wanted, and ironically once they got one. I was a little bit. Moreover, those doing every single day, but I I just a you know. Can happen there. They're gonna spend so much money on some be minus guy. Do you see what they are they. Are they did for they didn't even have it out with lackey just the rats. Actually a team. This book, like buying the movie bedside but look of milk in one state and want to stay ok, fine old deal, but
watching Muky every night here and allay smash the hell out of a baseball and then watching a guy from my inner mural be league pitch. Is, is bene? No one cares about us, but it's not been fun, though, in a taste for what it's like. When things don't go, offers sports. Do I'd say the boss and fair vos? He could just get every idea ratified it when that same before we go last week we talked about Lukas passing and hard, and we had. I thought, a pretty intelligent, nine minute conversation about the whole thing one tiny excerpt was pulled out of it was put on twitter made. It seem, like I said James, in only got cheapest s, even though he said over and over again that he was one of the best passes in the week. Super creative all that stuff and you know, yet again, it's one of those things where I don't I don't know
This is just where we are with sports media in twenty slash: twenty, where people take the tiny excerpt to take it out of context, they don't put the time and to listen the whole segment, but then inherit regurgitated, I don't know what's happening on Twitter. But then I think some some blogger wrote a news thing about it. And then what really happened. What somebody just suppose I why says yes like this is a thing that people people thought. This is Bubba and I was like all right well, so here's the thing we're going to shoot the shit sometimes to go for two hours and if people pull the stuff out of context- and they don't want to listen to the whole thing, then that's on them. I think Luke is the best pastor in the week. I've lots of evidence for this, including the fact that he's averaging almost died after sister game is twenty one he's incredibly creative and the way his teammates react to him, which is the whole point of what we're talking about. Like
something hard and it took him. Eight, nine ten years to get to a similar point, Lukas LUCA came into the legal must fully formed a that thing and if we can have an intelligent com, nation, but that then that really shakes my faith to its aware regard with sports cupboards and then to have you know at least one answer. I will name cuz I like just read the headline of it and then regurgitate it like, I said hard and only gets cheapest s, because that's how this shit works. It's like all right! Well, you know, I just hope that most people actually heard it know that this is the wrong way for a shit to go down. I'm just glad when we were prepping for the spot, and you said I think Joe Harris is the number one scorer in the league. I was like- let's not do that This is fucking number labour. Ours is it.
We government we goblin and hard no time. I know I have nothing to add to it. I was so mad when I heard the announcer say what she said so, but where they got a, they asked Cynthia s human head. What do you see eyes House last night watch your c4, It was interesting enough. I'm not! I don't often allow to say where I was core me. I could have been in better shape you ever. You could say that for me, every single time he looked especially birthdays. Deep sea pay looked tight. I start they raise it. I just like my own head out to thirty steep ailer printing. It will be the next Sunday. The last came months Nuggets jazz that goes until eight hundred and thirty, we probably be able to go a little earlier on Sunday, but we have a lot to talk about
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