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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Sean Fennessey and Chris Ryan to revisit the 2015 Oscar movies, including ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel,’ ‘Birdman,’ ‘Dear White People,’ ‘Gone Girl,’ ‘Boyhood,’ and many more (2:28). Then Bill is joined by ESPN’s Rachel Nichols to discuss crafting a sports show, the pro basketball Hall of Fame, interviewing NBA players, current NBA stars, NBA draft mistakes, journalism in 2020, Roger Goodell, and more (32:3).

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Besides left got one next week when the week after and then season, one is over coming Many do the five year Oscars was shot fantasy and Chris ran as well as a long conversation with Rachel Nicholls our friend from his pen. That's all come up first, our friends from Project Chris Ranch a fantasy every year. We do the five you ask us to wait until the airspace has happened five years before. We re litigated, we go backwards and we decide whether everyone may the re cop after the Oscars happen got some feedback from people and there were like, where the virus five year Oscars.
Well, it has been five years yet molecular rely on. Our task has happened on February. Twenty second, two thousand fifteen. Well guess what for at the five year mark for our part, the movie asking us all guy who leased out you could buy some. So maybe a couple really hurt emails, people of her heart, like deed the President of the academy. He was like where's your broadcast about this matter, Keaton was they came in to know no bird man so made it solely throw we're gonna do the at the for acting categories? We need direct. And then will end with with picture Can you remind christen eye of your rules for this year. We return Remember this I'd I'd better rather than myself can hear. My rule is the apex mountain of five years out of date thinks about and theories five years later you look back at the year and you want to think
Oh it was that year when this happened in this stands out and if King at which I'm doing right now, I'm looking at the Wikipedia while the categories with the winners and I'm upset at a winner or I'm surprised, there was somebody that didn't get it. You know like. We talked about Ben Affleck and talked about for gone girl. He wasn't even nominated, and now I look at the list of the five and I'm like why we didn't nominate Ben Affleck, but you know that here's what happened in twenty fourteen, leading to the fifty nine Oscars, just some movies for people at their remember with this- was Birdman american sniper, Boyhood Grand Budapest, hotel, imitation game, Selma Whiplash, gone girl formation gangrene. Yet this was the judge which looked like the most askern movie on paper. Areas, then, is the opposite.
He had never really got their big fur, downy, supertankers Ryan them yet too big for Robert devolves incontinence do this was a disgusting with its deep cut. If you haven't seen the judge, you don't I'm talking about that. This was interstellar, I would say it's probably a sea, minus Maria would be my take looking back thinking about it compressed, but she created this earshot thought it was a pretty decent blockbuster year. Yet, as you ve got gardens the galaxy, we had the first Captain America movie. He had done the planet, the aims which is pretty good twenty jam Streton. That was fun. You know interstellar is bigger edge of tomorrow, so the blockbuster stuff was actually pretty cool.
It's the Oscars suffers at. This really feels like one of the worst in a white. I did the collection of a reserve nominated here compared to actually what happened when we were. A lot of people are making their best. The decade lists in movies from this year are coming up like under the skin and that's based, barely denominated in and in any these carers and agile. Tomorrow, I think that's one whereof we we did this. I think that would get a best picture nomination as it did, that's become one of the most beloved and how does Vicki Movies has that's? Why we love through this exercise, because I think he caught up times in the moment we serve movies. Certain narratives Albion should achieve an absolute parasite. Five years now, I thought our sight was a really good movie I'll, be curious to see five years from now for like why that actually one best picture, I think we will look at it shocked, cause we're, probably gonna get a terrible movie too and next year, but I dont think people are gonna regret, choosing at his best picture. I think you were right. I think all three of us think once upon a time will be the one that we kind of thing
so the one I don't we'll see. I mean it might eventually ask yeah there. There is so much more regard for that movie that different from this movie too, like in twenty fourteen or a lot of good movies, it's more even really recognize at all, but also pretty cool. To look back as for this year that we're talking about in this part of the move it from this year's snow, Pierre Sir, which had troubled production, was delayed, getting the theatres, the now seems like now seems like you know, will be part of like that. The sort of americanized version of guys, career totally the foundational a movie stars, Catherine America, that fell in the moment they that movie was really Read it got this cookin cool mythology around it, though we knew that argument. Scene was kind of fucking with it, so it got a bit of a cold built around it yet, but just didn't it should have come out like my year earlier. Did. What am I a their favorite movies come out this year, not that it matters for ask. How can I guess what it does? Is it not?
but do not let a man that's at top seven, two thousand tens harm, as that. Maybe we have agreed with down Netflix I'd like to have a really good Netflix run. Probably we still had, I think more movies word popping up on Netflix after theatrical release at this time and we're getting second lives were, as that happens less frequently This also couple small movies force majeure now just got remains that warfare thing either does get their way. People was a memorable, it as examples will be what about John wake? I mean Meantime, John, what is his job is inherent vice was so the John with things interesting, because that movie didn't really fully blossom until it a cable, that's right, so I remember into that voting. I did a bunch of Greenland Oscar stuff with Wesley Increase Connally, had only with it
we talked about John Work once during, like we did a huge previous show, and then we did an actual shown. It was that the tale of John, we acknowledge think of eight near like I don't like you and I think it gets any nomination as net it's hard to elaborate. This movie from two thousand fourteen chef was the shares, were, let's do the categories, including both through this best actor, the nominees Steve Corral and Fox Catcher, never understood our Bradley Cooper. An american stabber, then in a cupboard, batch imitation Michael Keaton and Bird man, who is the heavy favorite? Does we went into this and then it flip, because the winner was Eddie Redmain for the fear of everything he puts Stephen Hawking distance away with me at the time I don't that strongly about it. Five years later, where there's somebody I look, I may go that person should have one may at gunpoint. I probably say Keaton
I don't feel strongly. There is also a problem I was fifty may be better than fifty percent chance that that will be the last great, Keaton role that you would get nominated for five billion made missed the last opportunity, Spiderman homecoming alive. There is good work there. Yeah I mean he doesn't make that many movies now know it. You know this is a very bad when this is like a classic. The Oscars fucked it up and if you don't, you want to back to you on the Saddle Ward, he one already read me when all those awards even already wanted Michael Keaton a win and its it reminds me a lot of the renewed our duty when this year was just like every just cited that Eddie Redmain deserve an Oscar for things, even hawking real real person, high degree of difficulty. Is to make a transformation. They always reward that and not that has has a single human rights watch this movie, since twenty. Sixteen now recognise that zone because, like the ape aside from those magical beasts movies that within their own age,
go with that they all he does is make movies really did that movie ever come out, but he's not needed for an Oscar it gesture. What was the movie last year, the shape of water two years ago. That woman two years ago, will never have a conversation about again in our lives in the theory of everything is another only that bird man a really cool movie experience and I think, from a reliable billowy standpoint has not really The test of time I got fired. A planet came as a kind of common guide, as otherwise right so me. That's why we're not more observers, Michael Painting, it is their case for Bradley Cooper, Americans outbreak as out. I would say that was five years later, the most of the most important movie of two thousand fourteen from a box office impacts putting people in a different position in their careers in Canada. What it stood for, what it this is gonna, sound, weird, but.
That it comes out what a year and a half before the two that sixteen elections in the way, resonated in all the money it made in people like wow. This is crazy, never expected this and it's like. Maybe we should have Surprise it out you're, absolutely right and really on major red state hit it s. Huge among us will be going audience and he's like over three million dollars. A major was removed for Andrea, and this is a classic. The bubbles didn't think this is going to be a thing and meanwhile, in three force of the United States, people love this moving and went multiple total it was. It was a holiday phenomenon and that's not really love it like,
on a sound like a culturally out of that either it's not only has one a clinic was best movies, like there's. No male lotta movies like this about real life, people of complicated stories in her here or saint seen by some as heroes and seen by some as villains that the story of of disguised life in the movie. It is fascinating, there's just an incredible new Yorker stories about about him. Ask I'll! Yes, but I wouldn't iron curtain will read that over real just so, you go Keaton here. Well, I'm one of the biggest our mission and the one that really just Saxon Steve corralled thing I like Steve Club of Fox catchers, not a good move and should have been roared and anyway and Africa forgot girl bother me when it happened and now is that movie has become when it's become and we did. A reward chosen watch was better recently he's really good in a movie and it's a great example of the characters, the Van Diagram of benefit back and the character. There's somethin there, it's probably the last great
Ben Afric leading man performance. I haven't seen the way back yet but the old yeah, as I said, but I thought that was a hard part and it was apart. You know that the legendary story about John him could about that part and then Matthew Weiner said he couldn't have in John him and gone girls at a different movie is better is a worrying that are now but has died. Here. I wait. Eliven FBI agents, then maybe he's an FBI agent. In Gaza I mean they did academy. I don't know they don't like Ben Afflux, but they just don't worry acting as an actor he's, never been nominated for acting performance. He for screenplay in in ninety six or ninety eight, and he one picture for Argo, unusable from that movie, but that year he famously was snubbed. As director. There has never been nominated as an actor and he's a good actor is not just a good movie star he's. A good is really going on. Girl agree, there's any conversation about him being nominated fell, like Hollywood was still holding something against, and I think it is because he won the year before
yeah yeah one for our own sake. You guys do so one other what I personally fall short of anomalies and we never liked what was miles teller than any other kind of overlooked, cause a J K, Simmons and has every sort of memorable from whiplash is always not my temper. Or whatever. But how does a not compare him pound propounded this, but this is like one of those. When I saw it, I thought it was like I wanted to give you graduate where you see. Somebody and you'd then go on to see them for the next twenty five years, because it just sit tight your precocious amazing you bought so much teller stock. I still have it I'm still long on it. I saw it so I will Mobility talk on Africa's come in and don't try and don't try to weaken my stock. Don't try to lay publicly ensuring it yeah, I'm shorting miles after tool to die. When were you did it when he flies and have sixteen past your house and discuss confession for yes, I, like the fight,
maybe, but that allowed. I can't write a movie where everybody dies. The master is this, occurs it possibly the most depressing yes really impressed he had at that. He was getting around had let the movie was get he's. Also a guy you similar Cooper in American Cyber he likes to take on a physical indifference in his performances, and we ve got- is a total yeah. Totally crises benefits a twelve hour, podcast her, so I dont get it we they mentioned Cumber batch, I'm fine with daddy, though the one that stands out is the corral, and I don't think he should have been in there. I respect him, don't you agree I I I didn't really have a problem. I think I have had much of a problem. The fox catcher, as you did say my like I'm more offended that Redmain one than any of the baby didn't get non native liked completely did she should have been a document which is a key best address. This was one of the weakest years. We ve ever we had our butts Sean Marian Courtyard two days, one night,
I can't remember what that move is about. Felicity arises. You saw it is a very small fell May by the dark and brothers and it because it was such a week here she got operated even though she's been better and other movies. Honestly Felicity Jones there of everything, Roseman Packing gone girl risk, this man, while the wish ivories Witherspoon was getting them away. Julian more and still Alice I bet you long she's awesome and maybe I'm I'm fine with this result, you your bag and still I was there. I thought she is really good. They're moving affecting hardener hardened different. Actually, this this whole category was a crime, because this is scarlet your head since our and it's crazy that shipping it for under the skin, with crazy that, as a sign of my lister degree, rethink that is that it
no. I have to go to plug a one of the masterpieces of the decade and a genius movie and she's really good at it, and it has like a hard weird part where she's an alien who doesn't know how to talk to people. I don't know I mean Fujiko. Would you go to pike? It's my favorite performance out of the fire. The the Julian more thing is, is the it's time ORD its she's been good. In thirty consecutive films we ve overlooked her too many times. She should one four billion nights, that's like an all time performance to me and they waited ten twelve years later to give her the award like known. Watch and still Alice they're not studying, allows and foam school. I think I'm a disorder than you guys in that movie hit me differently. Well, did you like wild a dead. I join more in their movie. That's not a move. That should have even been watchful stood still our. That cares the most depressing premises.
Time enjoy the next hundred minutes, and I just thought you did some good suffice source, but on our best supporting actor J K, Simmons one for me, flash Ethan ARC and Boyhood Edward Norman. Bird man he was getting and marked roughly Fox Catcher Fox catch or to ask her nominations. Frank and then the funniest One, Robert devoured, the judge this that's hilarious. To me, your mental rear cheap, but he also yearly one saw not really sure they are trying to recognise, maybe those two good campaign that they ran. I guess, but I also feel that movie was one of those where they were like the eager. You guys ready for the judge and then assumes a came out. People like this man shits his pants and foam, and they like nobody talks about it after was released. I think that was like also caramels, that came out, but whenever it did, it was like it just off a cliff did this: did this movie start Oscar, so white, or was that the next year? Or is it maybe two thousand and sixteen cuz? You look at the actor.
And I and having everyone's way. Yes I'll twenty well, it was a big topic of conversation because of summer, Who should about Africa? Who was the one who should nominate from solar David? A yellow played, monitor, came ran, Erica devised by give a huge, he would have the lead. I think- I mean there or their allotted performances in that movie, but open them lieutenant since in that movie has a kind of interesting cast, but yelled are all. Are all the nominees white yeah a twenty out? Well, yeah, that's bad and I think when they win and maybe you know, maybe were so much more aware of this now but in the mud.
Like Duvall and the judge and stuff like that is just a wild school. I herself, let's reward this hot work. I had the other thing to that happening here. If you look like the imitation game is one of Harvey Weinstein's. Last stands: yes, Varas, like pursuing an aggressive campaign for a movie that a lot of people are like this movies. It's not that big a deal that he made. It seem more important than it was with his machine, and so that also takes away from other people's origin if any red, if, if Benda Comrade, has nominated and David Ojala was not that's a clear connection to the Oscars. Oh, I think you're right it had started twenty fifty, so that was after this Oscars heading into the it was heading into this Oscars when it really started best supporting actors Patricia one for boyhood, Lord, Four wowed, through your in support of J K sentence he s for Asia, maize has amazing, I see only one, I think, do you think he took even hawks Oscar, yes and it's it's not that J summons gave the sort of most memorable performance, but I think that this was even hawks chain
see like spent ten years making boy her with better link later families. I look at it and was bad luck exactly Patricia at one for boyhood, Lord, during a wild. Here nightly in the imitation gave she's actually give that amateur. A bird man, she's us again, mousetrap into the woods as the which I don't even remember what that was some share. There could have been a summer some spot there marrow mare, they're, just pencilling in it there some are Duval. Yeah, I think, is a really good. I'm a stone performance. She was really good. I like the meltdown. You marked her. That's like one of the aims to emerge while that old member that yeah, that was the movie where I think we are caught. I realise there was way more today Mr career, the marina we gotta bring you locked twitter back during the democratic primers good ology start on Ok, you get, you got you great, followed right behind. You occasionally shot best original screenplay bird.
And one be Boyhood Fox catch, a grand, Budapest Hotel Microbial Code. That now, who is it I would have taken any of these other phenomena are never the Bergmann script. Boyhood Fox get your Grand Budapest hotel night crawler college sick. Also, joint motion of the nominated I kept out Joan of ARC guys, like fact sketch I don't know, I just don't hate Fox I thought you were you looking willing. I haven't flower. I am, I know it's not. A funding will not wait for the murder suicide fund two hours, it's very dour, but it's a fascinating, true american story. Good way it should be so part Netflix document. If it wasn't, no one had to be a movie best adapted imitation game when it beats neighbour in air vice through everything whiplash we didn't Herod vice was, I think, I'm always been properly raided from an Oscar standpoint. Is: is there momentum for it? five years later, as an under masterpiece, I mean I disagree. I think it's amazing, but
you know we even inimitable, locking Phoenix Walking winning for Joker is also like up a followed ruin missing out on nominating and rewarding and for stuff like in her advice. Thinking Irma Asters, the master tat, a bigger. How do you feel about the the grouping of the category here with chisel? Could it's like? Captain screenplay from a short phony already made its adapted it from a novel or they had the rules around. This duffer are so arcane and ridiculous, and I wonder he was even able to compete in a double jays. Because of this you know I don't I don't adapted. Screenplay is always kind of a frog category for no reason director interact to infer bird man. I feel like this product and link layers link later had nominated Bennet Miller for Fox Catcher, which would at least one the murder suicide moving Wes Anderson for grandma to pass the town should they add,
It is annoying withheld those of the US every every three area. Best imitation aim is the other director Morton tell them who went on to make the absolutely abominable passengers? Yes- and I remember people being upset that Clint didn't get it, I think he's ok, one take Clint, I think he's he's, that's the lunch. I think I think I would have that there would have been more love for Wes Anderson in part, because I am reading when anything- and this was considered like his the peak of his achievements. It was a huge head yet His movies are not guaranteed heads through the years and a lot of people love him and actors, love him and he always gets nominated for screenplay but an is unusual for people to go both best picture and best practice now there are often split. There was not a split this year, but there have been a split. I think a split three, I the last five years. This was the other year where there was not a split and another. The Bergen wave just came in and took over. I I don't know I've. I think it's fine
I think it's like an o k movie. I understand why they wanted her. Ordinary too, is the same thing that their time out and then these or they may the movie Outlook Oliver one shot, and so it seem like this incredible. Design led by an ally things going for, it was about the celebration of the artistic process, the trials and tribulations of being a performer, a movie star, a great crowning achievement for Keaton a bunch of up and coming performers really in the directory, lay quite a good, Edward Norton performance. Definitely I made at the end and the director and the director who was gravity before this No that's corner! You ended the run. I would say that when he did a revenant definite that right after the does after year after year, but you are now in a written eyes- it appears not a Rolex commercials. Let's go I'm sure it's like I'm sure he's gonna be broken up. The real problem with this year was that there is no number one starter. It's a lot, a number two and number three starters and some number four
orders, but there's no s and I and that the whole, king added as a whole reflects that so birdmen wins for best picture beats neighbour boy, Grand Budapest, imitation games sober through everything Bush. I think there was a lot of hope amongst the like independent minded crowd. Boyhood was gonna win here and then there was like a boy had backlash that happened where we really who cares? If you took tenure, to do this. In that there is really not that good. It doesn't tell pressure cat story right now, even though she one I've conflicting feelings about boy. What do you feel had thought it was incredible, creative achievement, and indeed the moves. Great But other did she been itself was great, and I remember we argued about this at the time when we're doing pods and shows the stuff about it about whether their creative achievement. That way, the actual quality the movie and some people didn't separate those days.
Actually, my lily my take on Burma, I think it's like an incredible creative achievement that I just dont really and I think that this is always the thing that we want. The Oscars to thread for us is to celebrate the obvious great leaps forward or pursue great leaps forward and movies, while also celebrating the things that we're gonna be talking about years to come. I must have anything was ventured, not anything for girl for me, which we forgot to talk about in a direct and thinkers edges. Like that's peak venture. He's the only person who could have died, memory that have always just got such a corrosive soul, I think it's just too I mean, I guess. The parasite prove me wrong by its skills are gone. Girl has like such a toxic heart that it's hard for people Under I think people misunderstood that this is an under rated at you, and I talked about this privately, and this is a kind of a complicated thing unpacked. But I think that that is a sub text of the Paris
I went to is a parasite and gone girl totally, and a lot of fishermen and bogs movies have a lot in common will drop their pretty cynical term expertly artfully crafted they're all like blueprint movies, where everything is super designed out the pretty funny, but in the dark way yet and the parasite wave a lot of we'll just got really excited about a movie that is like pretty critical of likely their lifestyle, and he had me in Bonn with such a fun figure and that cast people love them so much over the course of three months that I think that people, some I'm I'm speculatively budding. Some people site of whatever views about the movies about and the different,
Do you not gone girl is David. Venture would not be like a very funny guy on the campaign trail and wouldn't you know, Ben African, Roseman, Pike and you'll Patrick Harris would not be like doing photo ops and laughing about gone growing. It feels like it made by some pretty hard hearted church, cynical craftspeople, so booty hard, but that being said, I think that there is probably a big Fincher thing this year, where they'll he's making this movie Mank, which is about Joseph Manco, its or Herman ECHO, has rather was written by his dad ten years ago. Spine in Netflix is producing it. It's a Hollywood story about, like the making of a citizen, Kane and its there's gonna, be a lot of like it's time now for Fincher same stuff. They were talking, though some of the actors. But not to steal your take. But another part of that conversation that we had was what the next five years, how it's different Fincher does get more allotted for gargoyle, whether he was magazine features you re, having accused making movies, which is what I wished
I mean I like those tv shows, but I'd much rather have three more movies. Would you know how many two thousand and fifteen movies we are two thousand and fourteen movies we've done as a rewatchable, how many gone girl just one that's it wasn t there any January do John wake one at some point. Have fun. When I watched whiplash, I wouldn't say that it's like I d, go to it a lot, but I think it's one of the best moves are the deck I think edge of tomorrow be an amazing. I had already a that Algeria doubtfully do thou yeah yeah that's analysed but yet mean you wouldn't do bird man right. You wouldn't do boyhood it's a weird year. It felt weird at the time there were a lot of things that didn't make sense. That we were just say well why that, especially like the asker so way things especially when you see it laid out address. A cheese is and then movies that we were We wanted to be great that never totally gather a couple. It I think I may have. I laid my reasoning that at that summit was good. I don't think it was great, but I thought the story was really important, yet I thought the movie.
Remember driver professing. I were like when we first start seeing the trailers from us vowing year we relate. Did they made a movie out of our brain stem The total freezing I can't wait Asian was like Cobler really island. I like his movies, a lot, but I see you think the last performance of this five years is scarlet scarlet. I think walking in inherent vice miles, teller and whiplash. I would add that Africa, Gunnar then ass. I ask her eyes. It was all your desk attesting to the most violent you're, not be nominated, really weird, actually she's, amazing, and that will be David or yellow. It was also in violent year. Yeah there's a bunch of whom I mean and John Hornby crawler? There's a lot of we could have done a good alternative, ass, highly interstellar. No, although we know who the best who do wonders. Cabriolet made that up, we know wins best animal performance, who's that John Woodstock. I thought you were gonna say our Robert evolves bladder am, I catch mean.
This is when people get mad at the Oscars there, like our I had enough with third headed out it has to be: oh, that's it over correction, its. I quote five years ago Robert Vulgar dominate for the judge. This is This is why we're over corrected, as we know, is disaster christian pleasures are stealing I will bring it in Rachel on one second? First, when you need red wine at four p: dot M sushi at nine p, DOT M for breakfast burritos at eight, a dot m and Ibuprofen at ten, a dot m. Here's an idea, postmate it too personal. Delivery, grocer delivery, whatever kind of delivery service all year round anything your craving, they can deliver the large the band network in the: U s the average over from all the restaurants, grocery convenience stores, traditional retailers Possibly want or need twenty four hours a day dream six. There's a year that includes by House Postman
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being shifted the world. He might remember. Their first fight was awesome, their fighting again one of the most anticipated rematch is we ve had probably the best heavyweight fight we ve had since Thyssen Verses, Louis in terms of a hype into. Patient standpoint. You may remember fury in their first battle morale see rising from twelve round back down to finish the fight. I doubt this one's gonna go twelve rounds. I dont see it furious head fears. Great story, his head some issues over the years, some any really came back. He came back from a lot of stuff and now he's gonna try to come back. Yet again I store night LAS Vegas and JAM Green garden arena Saturday, nine pm, eastern or six Pm Pacific buy it now.
Paper view, my recommendation would be to bet on, while by knockout, because that kind knocks people out there, aunt Rachel Rachel Nick zero laughing, it's a Thursday. You just came from the job Sea have tv make up face on which I'm getting flashbacks too, when I did the two years in countdown ride, but tv make a facebook about arrest me we're where you're normal closed. You make a facade, I used a cent go out after countdown with tv. Make a face and I felt I gotta get different human being. I mean you know she was cute, I'm sure all the Why would you mooning over mascara? I just super tat on behalf of somebody's look at me, their weight you have make up on and they should
not girl. I groped liking sports playing sport, so it's not like I'm make up at the mall girl, and so all of this is foreign to me and I sit down in the morning and they put it on me and that's enough freight. Then I am expected to take it off. Also it's a lot bill for me there's two things one is I tried to when they first started. We do tv. I was out on the make up I would just say somebody dies great summoned. The guy's Wagner no powder, nothing. We, like I woke, has it made. I have contacts, really said survives and just make me look like I was stoned so the first couple, He said that in a bad way, here, whoever you you know, especially in hd piano years ago, faded rate, Then I remember a day I was like. I took it off, I'd even tell that. Might they put the make up? I went the bathroom and took I took and I went out and I look like a dead person in their, so
which lay an hd and there's a reason. People who make up now ITALY sealant guys in the shell aware at the beginning, especially the former athletes, like now, I'm gonna want an hour anything and then after lake hitherto in their way, for some is telling the leak that suddenly there get in the full the full name. I remember One time it was like a replacement make a person. Dingle basically made me orange. You could be like the present do I look engines, she's, a nun, looks fine and we went out and then and I never check. I never check twitter. If I do tv ever, I don't know if we can talk about that, but then I was like I got a. To see if anyone think some are inside checked my replies, their resent hey orange bad pay, they swords pray said it was just like it was like a Jeffrey Ross Roast fit my orange face and, as I got so obvious out, right, I'm more s. Yes said they got it off, you check toward her and I shall not go.
The show that much we have someone who checks for breaking new stuff going on so twitter sort of operational in the control room, because, I'm thinking TAT were on offer in our lives. Yeah stuff happens today during our show. There's a new broke about, carry Irving, getting possibly getting surgery and it's one of those things where, when you do an hour, a basketball a day stuff, they carry Irving could get. Surgery is enough to make it in wanting to be in the lab. Show someone's got twitter up during the show, but I don't want any other eyes, yeah yeah, but that's so me, like the perfect reason, have alive show of something that happened has been great. We ve had random numbers like and our window, where you're just you know, you're just like all this happened, but that was nice about helping people who can legit. Just talk about basketball doesn't have to be pre, planned plan the ball and chatting anyway so new topic career me shoulder go so new era, when we're doing the grandma basketball are which related ten. I don't know if you know, but I interrupted,
yes, pay! I never anything about yeah, that's weird! It was day under a mile malaria under the reader, yet where, but we had, one were Rondeau got traded. We were about Take the shower rain, we're about to tape. It live and we had every cent. And planned our nose. I grandeur got shaded really cool throw away the first Siberia swaying Miranda thing for ten minutes and if you can't do that, you don't belong to be anyway arrived. I always liked when stuff like that happened, ashes kind of built. For that you rate I mean shows are really slaves to the run down and we are not enough just to style thing, but we'll have stuff all the time, we're just because a good conversation will end up blowing out the rest of the block and be like yeah. We never got to that hope we get to it tomorrow. Maybe we won't so I used to love. The ABC the countdown on the ABC show it had. Two cannot be perfect without even those,
do this, and I thank the three o Clock Game EAST Coast time. If it ends at five. Forty eight you ve gotta fill for twelve men against an hour and a half of the people. In fact, we had a fair now that this is great Britain, but this is letting our do not cause, I feel, is just talk about basket. Barbariously gave earlier and out the Phil where they're like, oh, if this Caymans early, but that games not starting at you guys, can go on and fell great great great, which gets around channel. Nerdy doubleheaders to where that would happen to be, like you, don't run Friday nights, the seven hundred and thirty game, and then the ten game is seven hundred and thirty game. Just randomly ended twelve minutes early you like awesome. That's why we're here? Yes, other I will. I will set out our producers on the jump, because that ethos of, like hey the conversations good just keep talking about it, there all in on that, whereas some people would be like but we cut highlights for the second topic, and I want to waste that work and the fact
did there in on a good conversation to good conversation, and now work is bringing everyone a good conversation. That's I haven't always work with people who feel that way and that's a cool thing about the guys. I work with I did it both ways. There was somewhere, it's like the producers, especially if it's a producer have a shower there, like we cut this package where you going to talk about the for three point. Shooters You think they have jumped up a level and there are motion in years past queuing up yet, but then the conversation in the moments going different way I ask who the shooters but they're like now. We have already ready, go running it now. Is happening ready, but I get it cause. They spent time doing it. How much she plan for this. For this, you just saw summer preparation as your I liked embellished like when about I hear you sometimes Ryan, being like. Oh, I gotta get to the next thing. I gotta get the next one we struck. We tried, we did the first,
on Sunday we tried to structure at least the little abandon if it's a certain guest like Eiger weight, I did two weeks ago I had a list of my head. I didn't have a list like a piece of paper, but I had my head. Like start with, the book go I got then you just cannot try to remember the sequence, but if you can't indeed it flows way, you seems acts less right. So it's just funny that sacks hosting anything because it took two years just to give you an entire glasses on think of another year to get him to do any tv and now he's like a host. Yes, what are his less? What does it do? Also, if you go on tax package, as you have by the I'm, you ve seen us always call it. I've never arrived home for so he has what would be like a legal pan and he has queasy. Syria killer level handwriting on the no side, an answer for theirs triangles: there's maps, there's graphs, there's charts, there's cos djinns, there's topics he is
he's done research into everyone's filing cabinet of what they did in third grade basketball. He he is the Visa Mombi like what is another and then you know some are on list, though, be like Caesar salad seriously. We're like it's either thus his assailant or maybe he was hungry. I dont know, but then I'll I'll just jump his list, which pathway does not make him happy Is that he's very ordered any movie? I guess so so I'm enjoying the fact that to me, Zack even having a pike asked, is because of you and I am now experiencing your pie, castile being so different forces, intersect, ire where we came up with the title for the pod. Yes, and it was some new title pods or anything, it's really impossible when they try to market research, you or wait. I just didn't know that was just a couple names I have no, I dont remember who came up. I ranges claim that I made it up, but I have no idea who actually set at night but as one of those things are like the low post, with the ruling that done
now as his whole. Welcome too and yeah, but it's like a sometimes sieges, falls in the point that we were coming up with names. Our show and at the beginning there is freely is drawing push to have it because NBA today, not feeling from executive arms can come in internal push ready to have a decent called mba today, and I think it was just you know, and if alive and be it today and the tonight that was kind of with ad had so they're like we ask we can then be today and for me, my idea pitch for the show was so different from what more of that standard shows were I didn't want it to have that kind of name, but it put all this crazy pressure on me because they were like well. If you want some, different you got to come up with that. We have to prove it rather than you're sitting there with lists and basketball. Words in things like the low post but you're trying to so to make personal in some way or something that has something to it. They'll just coffee, but I didn't even get at he o t. I
fifty, and I realise that I couldn't have the second coffee during the day. Why have turning into a circular what like, when I don't know, just what was happening to you. I I said It's a really need it. The same way you need like Heroin, intervention or site there. It's a rating mentally. If I don't get my car right inside India for two days. And the light there. Then it was fine right, the first, today's about one and a half in eighty. By the way this is the largest thing of TIA is even event e t venture to which I didn't even know existed. I thought they stopped. It got interior erodes the latter is basically eat out. It's like a cocaine shot said, Sir out having a vent. You lie to five o clock. I mean just a little of small size, small tall tall lottery right now. Are you looking at me asking Do you want me to give you a head? No, no! You shoulda!
I promise that I have a giant off in the morning. It's my favorite part of the dead. It's all! It's all down his file that fell from there I started having a lot is when I was doing the countdown, was just like. This was running out of energy and where are you going to? Let any rolled from New York City when I was doing the countdown would have doing the countdown, but I was If you run out energy anti view, you yeah it's probably the worst, his honour that yeah I mean There are the worst case scenario on national, lively television have the data I mean it will be much worse to look orange say don't that is vital. The orange and had an idea. That's like the words business by aim is, as I started, shrugging these latter days, and then we do these segments- and I was it's. A pretty bad
there is, however, listed so is key to tee Catherine, aided by the way people listen to this, my master. I turned off the via gasoline, rather tee and Caesar salads bad. So long as the jump Anna for years for years this week, I feel like So much for remembering our anniversary, asking for your sooner, I was very great. I'm basque bar was like the distant cousin because what loved a hundred percent, some of the ways to have players. Then I guess a distant cousin I made its legally ever. Has it? Yes, we would try to put people on that were not normally is pan shows, yet it would always be like Stephen Jackson. I allowed opening up, but that's actually, like probably are the best assets of the jump, as we have for you people out there, yet also when I as it so much of the other stuff I did leading up to this is what got what got thrown into the kitchen sink of the show radio
I have been rapporteur for so many years, and I know from being rapporteur when you're telling the story, the basketball team, you can't just talk to the superstars, the team. Yes, you tell the whole story rate because they have won experience, but this even Jackson's of the world have completely different experience and by the way, the geyser, the superstars, don't always fill the Possibilities to explain themselves fully where some of the other guys has been, or it might have spent years and years with reps of talking and kind of having to get out there and have opinions and have coaching ideas, and it's like a basketball team. Guys like trace migrating to times going champion. You needs gotta pick and one six rings and can tell me what it's like to be in the warriors it is right when we're doing those final answer, a final. What is it like? You reach you're x number in a row and played all those years ago. I got the guys in annex me whose done done that, but on the other hand I also have seat in Jackson or a map bars or guys who were in a different position and still by the way, one a ring rare, but so they have the credentials but
were more glue, guys on those teams, were tough guy. Some most teams to you want that too. I do, I think, guys are really interesting as they look at everything differently. It almost like how the moat, though, essentially pack has about with actors, weren't necessarily the most famous actor saying you now say: did J K, Simmons type of guys, you kind of done all kinds of different jobs and then had stardom Barroso had it the other way you have potential or right now should I kind of got you have to pay attention more to what's going on around you because you're not just barreling in and doing it and leaving, and so those those are people who have interesting, Smartab survey two and by the way you and also the guys were the superstars, because Tracy Migrate can tell me what it's like to go on a crazy scoring bench. You know, I don't know. That's like yes m. I do I decide who's on the show. Why don't they show data day? We have just heard a very poor and then some sick figure, a cocktail party.
That's just sort of who's available. That week was in town, that's where thing, and then we have a kind of our pool of people and we go from there. I don't know how you decided on the mirror or yours, different, though, because you have players, but then you us of info people, but and I love the way more in Adam, come in re like they're gonna, come in with hey, I'm delivering you, these juicy news bets whatever. So there's lots of good different ways to do it. For people in differently, you, no one and look I used to work and to focus on. I love the way more and Adam come in re likely to come in with hey, I'm delivering you, these juicy news bets whatever. So there's lots of good different ways to do it. For me again like having been a reporter and sort of wanting the showed a live in real time. I wanted not every shall we do have shows with two players, but a large part of the time to have someone who's really plugged into the league and would like good experience right. Someone who's been covering for at least a decade. That kind of thing
to be able to talk about stuff in real time who can be re and add to a conversation. Ok, we're doing this story, because this news report came out the Boston Globe, but also I have checked with on set and Jackie can talk about sort of things. When even in the article or not the paper, things that I might not even know cause I've been watching on tv, but she's been they are, will show us the best of all too. She is incredible That's why we have not yet I dont have around my Parkhurst enough and at a wide berth, I'm just bad. It remember. Who'd have on but everytime around my man right because she's, the perfect balance has info, but she's, not afraid there our staff to worrisome. Somebody for people- and I include my beloved friends- I guess they're giving you must have They don't there that they have all this other secret stuff, that their people told them and confidence that they just can't give yes, Jackie. You can show you she can hint more at stuff, also
when you ve, been doing it long enough may reach a point. I assume your this way, Jackie. This way where you dont kind, to give a fuck about what other people think of you when I re I value right you're, just like you, I mean, if she's working on issues and on I'm Jackie, Fucking Macmillan, so bright, when you come right when you things axiom either my primary aims in time before me, the six where are you? I think I did? I pointed out thirty. I gotta too early progress should a week ago down at the report, for we should await Elizabeth you again. We can talk about the subjects. I can't believe we ve done this many minutes into the Pike S about ask about with a back up right now. I'm tired trees on this. On a Thursday, it's running, probably after some of these games tonight, but. Tat. I felt them has been gone for like a month and a half that lay along ass now is a good sign if it's only been off a week and you're in that much withdraw. That means that its illusion third, the Monday Tuesday Wednesday wishes sucked
It was like survivor her why she has to keep my daughter a much bigger with my son, I shake the movie idea that my son loves either, the exact same ages, Josh Basket. Now and again we are so it's like. I love you ring and out there like all time classic where that money come out made sedated, I get them movies at turnover. I three. I just like that. You're, a man surprise, your grounding your kid with the classic movies, but a lot of people down would suggest is there some eighties nineties movies that doesn't matter when they came out like I feel like big thirty years I would still be a movie that any kid would watch princess Brad's. I bet there's some I have twin a year olds, they love the princess, bribe area and they only Prince his or brides. But it's not. It's really. Just inaction. Eventually, right has side tracked you and the basque or question as it's been gone for a while.
And now really focused on the south extent, causing it doesn't matter about the game tonight. I need to know from you wear your head is, at my heads my hand, the paragraph and the stretch run. I need data. These last thirty one games or whatever it is this. Is there Jason Tatum? Can you actually be the best guy in a couple of plants. Series show us during these thirty games, that the potential is there for the tap mean he's been wait right, three months, like really great men like yes, six seven weeks yeah, where it's here finishing around the rim of the defence at his pipe. Answering guys like a. Why is that as a whole other level and its really stand, a look is also weird Zena. They put these where'd stats. Our there's like there's only for pointers for the age of twenty two, who have Twenty seven hundred points, eight hundred in they come up with these weird numbers is an act of faith in once you get to the third qualified to me. I must call those baseball stats right right on it
day in July, he's the third one under the age of twenty one. With this many points, the rainy remains in this many assess and unlike great, I don't care, but when they're saying like he's average this many points by this age or something like that. That is a static. Had around they had one that was. It was like three thousand points thousand ribands thousand assess Belgrade showing Terrance. I can leubronn that that is they work globally and like one other tourist sounds like oh shit. I realise that I didn't realize we were there. All party that is always can be a function of how much you play ray we're up, trees are and who else is on the team with you and then also scale when those two things combined, but I No. So, ok, let's go through these two. Would he match up? Who would he be the best place in the court and laughter is what so and when I'm counting the teams we get the to cede he's better than anybody is going to be in the seven said. Yes, unless carries plan for Brooklyn, and even the inquiries prob
it seems I wasn't already altered by radio, for they listen to this they'll know, but his shirts sure sounded like we were going to see, carry them much more than I should talk about that later. So I thought you'd be better than whatever seven said then the next year's were Toronto. It's basically m canvas. The outcome allow every one of those four b Toronto could be. Philadelphian could be Philadelphia outfit yeah, the three Miami like I don't know how to have. First, you answer. I just figure. Indian is gonna, be six and there'll be turned. Boss, Timbers Indiana, that but then you get the work series either now play on us or we'd have to have a situation kind of like what happened in two thousand and where the brown was the best guy and that serious, but rather output him for six gay rights. My telling Armando is better and Paul this tremendous command that you here.
A game or the two of them were so that was always the way. You're. Ok, there's a ten was when Rondeau all the sudden became like one expressing my regret and then the Bron really faded the last again. Yes, yes, and then there was the taking up the jersey, on the whole AIDS pause greatest moment there that one gained again. Yeah is something that obviously clearly, I'm getting see now and the year, but then the sitting at that efficient acquiring makes it over the years, but sitting courts. I was, I was courts over that game and I will still go down as one of the greatest sort of just moments. In basketball, I have been in the building for it because you had two guys at the height of their power, going at it in Boston Garden, best hands and just I mean those exceptional ladders, rikers identify back for it and it hurts. You want me to tell you made a mistake. I did get there key moment in that came. Not only is it pisses, His game any really goes totally town. It's like it.
Brian. The year before anyone is first MBA peace, not like full, fledged o Brien. Yet, but it is, for ninety percent of our Lord inequalities and then there's a jump bar and pierce in Pierce love Talking about that you have. You ever have to kill time here, she's going to table a gentle by seven year. You do eight minutes on it, but he just this kind of stronger and faster than the bride, and I feel like that's one of those moments like the kid in high school who gets beaten up in it bribing ways like I'm coming back next year in a movie bigger than everybody in the brain the next year he was ass, yet estimate that was he goes, not too then he goes to the Olympics with Kobe watches. What Kobe's whole process is like day after day and he's like- oh my god, that by that and then he goes in- that will nine season and he's just like he's Lebron, but I think that jump all was weirdly important, paws sneaky strong.
Paul is this: is it was funny like with the Pierce Wade's that last year, which was a bond market? it is unfortunate that the whole they was enforced, fierce waded into a little bit like he now, but at the same time, people or dismissing this where he was one of the fifty best guys about time. You want finally, and he was a really unique where they can only be here, and he was strong six put them forward who was dry when he came in the leg, he's he's on the rank. Buch clutch all time rankings. I was gonna back to his guys, number retired and Boston Garden like that's it that's the end of it eleven and wait for me in a way around that. Yes, I think so He was one of those guys. I was a little bit wrong. Ere. I think team acts the autumn exam I'd, actually I nearly ten years later in Trieste emigrating now I know right I mean I said him all the time. Looking at big. Whatever he's you know what he is. So this is
there are many things that I really like about trace emigrating. One of the things he so great about is how not ass. I walked up hill, both ways to school guy, he is not a bitter about how things did or didn't fall for him, and he could be better right. I mean, two Orlando Grain, doesn't get hurt the way he does your whole life is different rate. It's ok! You know the first round can't win playing games. He went for Grant Hill is never happen, and then he goes to Houston. Anyhow, those injuries- and he just never has sorted that same running the media, the interested level and then he gets injured, and then he can't whatever and by the way, his injury. If it had been diagnosed entreated a little bit differently and he's talked about, I'm not gonna, get their specific needs exactly right, but basically, if they knew now medically what they knew enough, they knew them what they know. Now that hit they could have saved Disney and it would have been a completely different thing and low banishment obviously would have indifferent and all kinds of stuff would have been different and he's never an
Did the style, the game now and the bulls being different. He'd never sits there and and his bitter about it. He does gave you that smile balancing man at the pretty fun I think he imagined seeing him now. I a piece about him, whereas grassland because it made me mad people, even Connemara, thus said through the cry, ass better than people realize guys and had laid out this whole case for him as interesting. He like tweeted out the peace, back when he was on Twitter he's not anymore right, and I just thought that made me think, like he thought Finally, somebody find a notice, the canaries, to tell me Time is like t. Mac is so much better People realize, like other stats, we have from on the cord off Corey Haim other thing he does. I covered games.
Let me now, I get hurt him plenty like he was so good and its many when we first are the show. First of all, he was the one I kept pitching to start the Showeth yeah and there are seventy people being tracing the greedy ray and my pick my ever said this many times may each other elevator pitch for the show was hey. I don't have to feel like a Powerpoint presentation like I don't want it to certified bunch of monitors, and that kind of thing it should just be like syrup contains points I wanted to feel like sitting around talking about basketball with your friends, but what of one of your friends was Tracy Mulrady yeah, that's that was her the sense and then There is so little countdown before his Lamby cheat BT and be a tv before we don't know, and I was like dude keenest everybody's wraps, the idea, the summons, like magically good on tv. The first time is in In any event, we need that many wraps by the way he was very, very quick to it, which you and I know, is not always the case, and I thought maybe people too
quite realise the lower he had, especially for this generation of players. Hemming call be going out for them. Goring titles. I mean other players really respected revered him, which is something you know at this point families my book rain, wasn't really do you really. Many players and didn't want to. I wanted to be removed, but I'll, send that happen a mere relax our many years. Getting to know a lot of players and mean learning stuff was how important it is when the prayers respect the well yes. Indeed, they copy was really illuminating. For me, the way everybody I talked talked about him being like air with the vote, that doesn't make our seas impossible to play. Erasing other thanks, and I thank Tee MAC was but the shows that our Future Hall of Fame retrace immigration and introduce him as a car alone. You did you talk to some of the other guys and that these people, that statistically, were awesome. But then, if you talk to people Lana, yet we can break I yeah yeah. I know when we start
This shows that our future hollow famer chase immigration and introduce him, and there is a little push back and as a key geyser, Guesser Messina and, of course, use of first battle all of them are because our remit eyes Not everybody gets angry about very, have sent the other day that it and get it. Did you see that but that wasn't, I think, once postcode may I think they realize they couldn't have like that nine guys getting an. I think it was a difficult year going over shaggy. I think this year, honestly, you know it and now you ve talked about it a lot over the past few weeks to get into your advice as you yourself, maybe twenty four hours a day, I really was unkind by every even before coolby pass that the idea of Kobe Bryant, TIM Duncan and Kevin Barnett being like this trio going into the hall together,
I'm not convince anyone would have broken it with that any other male mba player and weird our Bosh with the reign of randomly, so even before copies death. I think this was probably in the idea of the committee, and this is what they would do. I am interested to see what happens, though, because there are border line, guys, quick. Chris Weber, has bunch of times being nominated. He hasn't made it in Ben Wallace, hasn't made it in Chris Bosh says, he's disappointed that he wasn't even a finalist this year. That's what that did. Surprise me that you wasn't rough finalists, then again, I think it's just ever was like great we're, not gonna klute him, so why we may him. If I want my new everything is, is awful but when you say everybody gets in every one doesn't get in nutrition and got it, should that Y gotta. I was like a different. The sooner and see web is, has things being held against him? The guy opinion are fair, unfair. What's my Terrell Owens conversation, you re, although I think people cc web in there just like you, should have been one of the thirty those guys I burn you weren't, so united, ah favorites equal will now he was for
Seymour Ba during this era. When we had Dirk done, an cagey and received while as alien. He was wanted to press forward that you're. So his peak was his It is those guys any add injuries, yes and tossed away the first seven years of his career. By being a dumb ass, the I also think people hold the mission stuff against him. Yeah. Maybe that's a man. I guess it should enter, but I've gotta give our aim and the whole thing they have college get you'd ever bite. Yes, my point is: did you d earn and on the court where the field in tee o k somewhere, finally got in like? Do you earn it or not? I was here was more against the TIA thing. Why isn't he is the bad teammate in, I think, has the matter at some point like II, which is blown Lord situations arise, but you'd have that guy's likely brain would tell you that you need to quote have disruption. You need to blowtorch situations, how gotta teammate was
he'll be brain in some years, as well as a point of order. I am talking about that disruption in a complementary way. Now I get it right, I mean look again, I'm saying this only as a compliment rate coolby wouldn't passes, teammates the ball to me. Point sometimes or he wouldn't take a shot make a point. Sometimes he would blowtorch all kinds of situations and you will go back call afterward after when I'm doing on purpose here back then a disruption was give her team. He always told the brown that the branded alive but if that throughout different seasons, where he got flak for it, but definitely was sort of needling on purpose tobacco is a different situation. All these guys are different. There obviously different personalities, but I'm not going to sail. Who up locker rooms they didn't. Do you think that any of Terrell Owens Actions is a reason that they did not win to Superbowl bowl the after the Eagles bent a supervisory body completely both torture season and thought that I didn't mean it they would have gone back? If not for him, it was just. You know
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therefore that now it's time this the exile, spreadsheets shoe backs, is filled with receipts and lasting voices start growing. Your business set your business up for financial success by signing up, you're free account today, wave apps, dotcom, sash bs, that's wave, apps, dotcom sash, be ass. They called anything thing was. How he his career was dissected after in this house. Friends and people, remember the positive step, but you know he did have that. Oh five tat, I really for to await stretch that you now think he really had a sense of fully was as a kind of a team in a leader. I think he was the first one omit that for five years later, I am, I beg, I knew when I heard the news as this is
almost couldn't wrap your head around it, but it was like. Obviously this is going to be a massive deal. I didn't expect it to play out the way it played our. This is like the biggest celebrity death of our lifetime it's using I'm thinking about, and I was on the. As you said, I was on the error immediately right after you have all the stuff you say on the Sunday on the day, kind of just kind of getting out on tv as people are tuning in throughout the day people hear the news sort of in waves ray in a tough spot. I was actually watching some of that gap. Is thrown on the air, knew that can't even wrap your head around what happened, but you have to, title about buyers, pretty fun should all and you would entail. As I was literally in there doing, the ten nine eight we're about to go, see a thing in the guys start doing the lead in to introduce me that's when it crossed that Gianna was with him There is one time of the twenty times. I think the air on that Sunday, where they,
come on out or something and the thing cross the Janos with him and I'm just sitting there and they go to me, and you know average you talk about this like as apparent, I think it's two completely different levels, there's there's been said, the Kobe Bryant died in this person, who even I knew personally and I'm not going right. Where than half my life legos career, just intersected with mine in a way we're we're both young together and try to make it and all the stuff, and we had all the conversations about battle with that meant, so there's all of that, but then, there is the idea of him. You know, look one down in the however long it was ten seconds fifteen seconds twenty seconds with his daughter, knowing as a pair you're sitting there. I just it's hard for me to get out the words about with that must be like those ten fifteen seconds and the tragedy of that and Kobe Bryant die wait you young and considering all had done in his ears. I could have told you
the next twenty years review to do even more crazy, incredible stopped the May one. An Oscar two years after retiring from one of the greatest careers in sports, notches basketball right so we know the next twenty years would have been full of accomplishment, an interesting things, but he didn't live a full life in the years he left when he died, you list as accomplishments, hooey impacted that would have been for an eighty year, old Guiana was just getting started and the tragedy of that me is something that on live tv, I started gearing up I'm television like I couldn't, couldn't help it like. It is just that so hard, and some are brought up to me later that day like she could have been the greatest women's basketball player. Ever which sounds like. Oh yeah, you say that when someone dies, but about ever knows, she's, Kobe, Bryant, daughter, she's, been bits, about? We know genetically. We not look at all the sons and sons of mba players. In the end, eager whatever that come to deaf Korean all in a hat. Then genetics, for it is obviously important an issue
had been trained and by the way, relentlessly trained right by Kobe Bryant since aged three at how to play basketball, footwork everything. She was held. Then I'm gonna, you can't shoot so she was clearly we go to women's basketball, finishing school, and then she had aspirations W Nba and being the kind of Blair we had never seen before and there's? No, Reason why you could have done right. She She literally had all the tools to do it. This is so much that got lost there and, of course, to other girls with her I mean just its. It's so tragic, and the tragedy of that moment on live tv was hard the next day we did a little bit more of you know, get your chance to wrap your head around it, which I traced degrading. We touch Jerry West. Nor shall we kind of had people coming through who played with him Robert a branch of one of the things that sort of when I was trying to figure out. How do I start the show was the opening monologue about Cobby that I kept coming back to was
he defined and entire era of sport, and he D find a place in the way that nobody else and so, when you think about allay, who knows? personally. Well I mean it was used to be magic. Amending co begun and took a spot separate twenty years. It was Kobe Bryant. It is not an actor rate, there's no specific actor. Hollywood is famous about allay, but there's no specific actor. That you're like he's outlay and actors, always pretending to be some unknowns anyway. So he really From when they made the fires after the Gazelle trade, I wasn't Those two happening until that second wave of his career happen winner from away too and then went 2B Killa season cuz. That was when he really started a figure out. Okay, I got to I got to do some things better. If I moved my legacy is going to be a certain way. I've got to open up more and I've got to talk to more media people and all that stuff, but.
Story of LOS Angeles. You can't without coming right. I mean they almost you can tell the story, the NBA without Kobe Bryant. You can't tell the story of this part of american life without Kobe Bryant, and that is why I think it's the celebrity death said: has certain shook people as globally in it as much as it has? Is that there are so many different fabrics that he is a key threaten and you ve rip that threat out in its also just a long period of time. Did you think late of the delay in November two thousand and two he's the payment shack and there the three time champs any at all. Been away. I have been re. If now you moved here at the beginning of him being ally, use already allay to allow people, and then I was trying to get Cooper tickets and oh, for that was when they thought there are getting home and they made a couple. Trade gather open up the cap space and that is of saving liquors thanks anyway, but dad hollow stretch then, other stretch and then somewhere urban in a way, thirteen, its never thought anyone who pass magic in even
when I did tv with magic that year and he was like, we would talk about a cause magic. You know he feels like a curse north Koreans. The greatest creams agrees liquor about time, but then, He is a bad but corbies, probably the greatest like her about eyebrow, you know has been on the team the longest and it said it always does. Who says that conversation rate like who's the greatest player to put on a leakers jersey? That's that's going Karim. Leubronn wants to be in that conversation that kind of thing the greatest put not while he play for two of the second, the second category as who's the greatest Laker right. So who's the greatest player to ever put on a Laker jurors, even for five minutes? What has to be said, though, there's three conversations that ok, the girl? it is planned to be wearing a Laker Jersey when he was actually at a great point in his life. Think about it. You're breaking down category one o Brien Liberal
it's probably he's the second best forever. So is the greatest geyser apparent languages in there I met the best Laker career right cabbages. It was. You know that the IMF, The time is used more than were magic. Tat magic was twelve years with interesting. Is that conversation on one of our shows six months ago. The overwhelming consensus of the guys on set was the greatest Laker was still magic. Johnson That's how I feel you had the conversation after copies death, MAGIC Johnson came out said coldly, greatest Laker and then a lot of people. I wonder copies the greatest Laker and I can't tell you the haze of gradually everywhere. Magics just peak was just here better at his age. Still one of the top five guys ever anyone, multiple gps, I have your leg, her fancy good from the have rare g. Coolby or magic, which was the better Laker. I mean it's too. That's your own history, basketball, but the differences, basketball issues way bigger during code.
Square than it was their magic statement like. I was I got this got cut short. Let's not forget that you regard should cut short Barroso leg. They weren't much ass. If they were here and Alain, you could say, embedded in Boston Salmon, CBS on Sundays everyone's round and in in the sometimes sometimes basketball basketball became this twenty four sport at some point over the last twelve years- and just you tell me I mean now it's like literally twenty four slash, seven. When we started the job was one slash two hours and there's only four years ago. It was a half hour show just during the season and for years, we are in our show. We go year round and I would say some of our peak best ratings are in July, and will you left as the part They wouldn't even have an ambitious from the last four years. I was there with I started with silver was
We then have a daily amnesia. Everyday Lana felt sure I don't know, I don't know why they won't. Do they really bad about it, but it was I use Can people tell like now? It's there's no way to sustain a rating. It's second to happen. It was. It was a back before I wouldn't left Turner if they hadn't committed to do it, and, yes, I didn't think I was late winter in the in the stretch extract. Whatever you know, I had I been eternity anti and headed man show on CNN the gray combination that could you kind of two different things I love being part of tv basketball. They, let me do b S play out from baseball. I was really fun of his great time. I love those guys anathema girl, dugout interviews, dont dont mark does managers. Are you intervene guy, a growth of around eight million for the job as method deaths occur? They don't mock me less avenue. Euro guy were debased by Uniform Bell sentence. I think on revealed when the Red Sox won the world Series. That's the seller, forbear you go in Saint Louis. What do you do with those dugout interviews? because there's managers are leg, its allies,
ask where you go like what's goin out there is ever get to stop them foreseen the threes baseball sake, I really really hope we hit the ball better tell them. Pitching with Euro more drags baseball broadcast. It's not like, there's, not a lot analysis to be had good with no manager in game interviews. Ever having the coach. You me about an army of radio. What would you think about the coach and be a coach and Ruth? I, like you know it. I think that making the sport more accessible to all people is a good thing. The excess fowl was not something. Like by nature super interested in, but I like the way is being presented. I like the access you get. I just think that people sailed the media, it's not the media, the media. As a conduit to the fan, the media is distorted, the that the vehicle rate for fans to get access to the game and I think, any time fans can get a little bit more access to the game and the most of them are nothing and inconsequential, but you do get a couple great pomp of which were Carla
I mean certain Brad Stevens gives you a moment every once in a while. You get moments from these guys every once in a while. That are good. You know it. I love the Post game area. Both came into my leg grabbing the person right out of the game, and I also say that I was now a really good at pulling think it. It's the first questions, crucial, get and then they led down their defence a little and then like the third question can really get something, and also that there's a good there's a night, having done the work. I had a time gets rewarded in those moments and I live that rate. So I've got the NBA for two decades now so every single guy playing. Now I was there, I came in. I have done the work of talking to them. After a year after year, I've checked him with them. I still go to a ton games, that's just cause I've studio job, I go to games one of my big things. The jump was that the jump will go to games at the Shoah down the road that was deftly not like the norm a studio show
beyond during the season just regularly regular releaser jumping, though not hard to put some chairs and two cameras on the court. They would always act like it was like their building up. I could I just person some an accord. Mousqueton wasn't the way, wasn't the way people thought of it. But for me I like Why did you write their yeah? You couldn't cited. You can't win jet talk about all these guys and say with authority that you know you're talking about if even talk to them, re rate. So to me the end of games getting to talk to that. You know you. It was a way to show the work of Bingley Kate. This guy and I thank her. Nations, now for ten years going, here's another one and you almost look like another continuing in the conversation and again, that is something it gives fans move away in an influence, the jump when we started. Because again to me was. It should just feel. Like a conversation, I should feel like sitting on time a basketball causes the best interviews. I do love a good interviews. I do I may be asking questions. At the end of every question, also to bring something
in the same way you're doing in this Pica straight, and then they jump in than you Ben- and that's me is just as good- USA, you know, who at why aware question? What did you What solution? Did you have to the height discrepancy as your anyone, these guys after a very liberal, ablishunists nine aright sell? This is serious there's something I do not. I am sure, I'm sure you saw me. I was making this a genuine question, people or privately Kuwait. How short issue right? I want to bring up the fact that at Pierre, and you know this young work seriously, hamper on shore your brain? While I will say this when this thing Boilerplate ESPN language of your contract is utterly. Ever notice? There's a paragraph in there that says this is a job that their hiring you for, but they do have the right to reassign you to any part of Disney didn't. Do you that was in Europe's examiner area, saying I have already indicated tension to silence Fear, they're gonna cancel the jump and reassign into this. No ain't, the seven doors right, because
its closest it's really close. So I'm like five for on a good day rates And my rule was, if I would, if the player was within a foot of my height, that was ok right cause, I we're heels the player would be with you talk of basing its foreign under even Kobe- is too high a yes or no, and that community law forward or tortured and guard right. You know what ever, but yet solely to South Korea. The word over there, their pleasure have to be a shrimp, but like no six, four or under that's fine, and I would add, were here, and so it be like in attendance, discrepancy MAX nine inches, whatever anyone oversight four and I would check I would check just make sure that I wasn't like thinking of the first arrive or whatever I would bring them over to the scores table, asked them to say You know you like settled on the earlier. I would stand and they would set on the score of shame. And that's how he did the interview and a guide to the point where I
this enough for long enough that they would be the pr person is one who brings the eye over and above all, its Rachel living, and I had players who would take the pr person by the hour and say no no. We gotta go over this and say that we knew regular as it over there. They didn't know that I did over there with them, but was shorter guys. I did necessarily do that. I have a whole thats. Really smart though I mean you know, says the browser: does it say that yeah? It's not pretty in me next to those guys and then you're interviewing summons belly button. It was really when I start reaching array occurred around him for an apple, and I think it was when I first heard him and you shall no joke- or I was just like this- is abstaining. Looking like it's just not right is sorry, you sit down you fit and I will stay. I then we will do that and then you know there is some those guys are the best guys, though, because for whatever reason the NBA has the most for people to talk about the sports
guess I dont know how that happened, because it certainly was not the case when I was growing up. I think that this we had married man, a man find magics. The ban is what a great interview twenty magic. I think I think it's a whole bunch of thanks rate. I think that guy's are much more sort, a camera ready by the time they get to the league, is they ve grown up, seeing video in their life more and and being around video and how many pictures of you? kids and video or in your phone thousands be addressed? How many videos have your kids been in tens of thousands of videos over their life, how many videos do you think that Larry Bird had been before the lake right I mean he was a Leno buried arable energy, rare that he had been on the local news, maybe twelve times, maybe twenty times your children. Been in tens of thousands of videos. So by the time these kids get to the league. First of all, there much more useful,
what it does and what it means to sit in front of a Cameron. Talk there much more comfortable them much more themselves because they're not like, oh, my God, the cameras on, and I think that the end in this era of the NBA, and I give David credit for the end of his time and certainly Adam Credit for what he has done, encourages all the stuff David wanted stars yeah, you know from MAGIC and Larry on it was star stars, so he would encourage guys to be stars. Do it show your person, Where would you want aware, be mouth off doing that kind of thing that, by the way where what you want aware took a hit at once during the nineties, but I'm just saying that the idea that these guys personalities were encouraged and not discouraged is, is something that I and has then spawned what we have today in a trickle down as watching Highschool Semi finals a chain of fifty six here alive. You need a life. Does the wind now we know one of the kids now in word against somebody. And this. Hence greater on windward.
It could Johnny something, but he went to my daughter's Gobrias Compeers odor Parlez sophomore. In his like the seventh drank some error in the country. Yes, so they win this, in the interim after and it was like it- was like watching. Will Smith promote bad boys? There's this guy, this goodies, this his mom, just like you has ten. I was in videos on her out of him. You I handed down as a further sky and inside the NBA rightly say software. I wouldn't be able to have a common they sure, maybe these so his bigger interviews. If you do get one thing there, I feel like has shifted with the NBA at least a little bit is. Are these guys, have their teams rate there, their base, like there's. No difference train LEO Dicaprio, Brad Pitt; they all these guys have their teams
gaming always had teams in the army entered I'll hymns and people like they're, they're, they're, they're, they're group there about watch out for them. Don't become fell Jackson here, careful with your words. No I'm talking about Do you think they have like a boy? You strategist, fair Their agents, such as data manager, not every guy, does somebody's day of their little group, though, that they trust who looks out for stuff if you think that Joe Alan beat into me butler had media strategists, you has its J bother. Deathly does not have a major strategist and be that our no though, and beat as his agent said, thank you, but I think Gaza very careful about what they do and it's like. Oh Jake, you a cover story about email that yeah do the cover and that great yet the afternoon viewed them don't say anything to crazier. You get an hour with James Harden. Yet come there's one somebody's in there. It reminds me of what almost like, what's goin, on what and when Hollywood over the last forty years, where you have one people,
Do these interviews now there sort of reason there doing it. They're not just like you, couldn't go HALO brand, come on the jump on Tuesday at three he's not doing then, but if he had some documentaries promoting. Maybe you come on first segment or some Is it harder to do journalism. When there's all these kind of citizens on their eyes now and then a guy, we are fortunate enough that I am able to get an views without some and promoting something per se. So right normally, I like to talk to players when they're going through some kind of change. I think that that's the most interesting rate but Paul D come into the clippers. Paul George come in the clippers. I sat down with Poland why their first, you like when they first got to the cleverest together, because I was a huge change, obviously for both of them. How did this happen? What does it feel like all of that kind of stuff Did we get here? Where are we going from here? All of that is a great moment. I sat down as I am Williamson this week and he is going through a huge change,
and to me even at me, I talked to him when he was drafted, and that was a huge change. We did an interview, then I was pretty excited to talk to him this week. And I was gonna glad that he had the ten games under his belt. I do I Edward was excited to do it now opposed to it was some talk of doing and before he started playing and when you but when it when he was still injured and we're just thing, you know I, like both sides were kind of like. Let's wait, let's wait because this change- It has been like, since he started playing, has been crazy. Rated first thing, games have been insane will use his beloved, he is and his mouth report. I was it with good reason. I hope you are as I hope you are not going to get into a why. Why are people likings? I am so much because we would have words I like him back, these amazing to watch in any time out. Until that is great, it's a game. I want a wireless he's playing it. It's amazing it s at the screen, but what was in it to me and what we talked about the the biggest chunk of of subject we talked about in this interview was to use Susan
two years ago, when he was a high school senior going to English clash? English class, with his teacher, ask him to write poetry line in the South Carolina around kindly like things that has to highlight at that point yeah. But that's that's Tell me. You know that, and I am ass junior because he was delays due to Rio Grande Diana fifty six tenth graters, whatever that is not the norm, but he was able to go through his daily life as a high school senior, without dress and in last two years people either. He told me this interview People are following him to restaurants. Like he's going to dinner, with its gambling or is there I know, but if your nineteen he's the fourth youngest player in the NBA, he young heraldry, less Jason Tatum is still the youngest wherein the idea is. He was like weight
It tells you that as it may, they would do. Is they waited for a while? They were those ok. Let's not parliament only made to me when you say something with certainty about the self x. It makes me think it makes me think. Maybe they'll right butcher, the Spaceboat Re Brown combined are still like six years younger than I am now It's actually care all. Now I must die. Don't you realize they are mere Europe d? I don't get that other corners or stage at that age. Every idea we all want to get there. I give zero fuck yeah yeah, I'm half of you my opinion at all times out anything. Yet here died, so he desired might sell. So we had always require a more clear. Not going now much, but you also want to get like. What's the number one thing you want that that topic was the number one thing alone to Canada. Talk to him about your life is so different, outwits lick, just just what is it like to be going through this way because we are seeing what you and I think could be the beginning of another leubronn right, the beginning of another, like iconic magic jobs, another tonic player on
in fear of their time. He's gonna get her well sure yeah. I hate the way he walks they like Hell, you walk either his gauges, Bixby nervousness he's got he's kind of his his knees when a rulings are going? What you're doing right now is in your body? I just feel standing here, he's sitting by the wave imitating walking while he still secure idle saying it was about to all the elbows up in like an hour. A lotta directions makes me nervous men, like he's just jumping over guys. Yes, the guys you're gonna riband enzymes coming in sideways, and even I gladly and who may welcome in January and Elinor S2 jammer. It makes me really nervous As you know, I know your parents, when you were younger, you, like man, look these fuckin corporate as they are doing now. You like, I bet, makes me nervous what he's doing our dunk over seven voters from fifteen feet away manual work Katy. I know there is an area where we want to see it so
is true, and I had kids, you start getting more nervous. I remembered their cries used to make me super nervous when I watch the moraine is correct and settled ADA. I'm sorry that was the biggest thing I wanted to find out because that's this moment of his life right. So I hope that he has done rear. I will interview him a bunch. We will check in with him at different stages. This moment, is about what is it like to become crazy, famous and just just or start to understand what you ve done, a basketball court, because at this moment is about and then, in two years a year. It will be a different moment. I always say that um the interviews has been one of my favorite things and parts of this job and something that I will want to always do, and it appeals to me so much because you get this crazy sort of window into someone's life in that right and then, if you can do it long enough, you can check in with them over and over again and to have a front row seat to any one's life. Over. When I look at the brain, I met Leubronn when he was a senior nice for the first time interviewed him and I've been reviewed.
As recently as this year, your seventeen of his career and to have a front row seed to any one's life for two decades, that's pretty cool. I make a school teacher in Milwaukee like be pretty cool thing to be able to check in with some one year after year after year, what's changed? What's going on with you, you know: how are these things happening? What are you experiencing when the thing isn't teaches go maki but its operating on this incredible international stage with some of the craziest athletic feats in the world with any of these guys it become such a cool thing to be able to keep doing so. I'm excited to sort of season at the beginning of this first chapters and then anything to tell that story throughout. What I hope is in think it's going to be a really crazy, good, long career, one more break to talk about square. They make that little. Why reader that lets anyone take credit cards but running business, take so much more than payments. That's why Square built so many more tools that can help like point a software invoice is, you can send re from your phone easy to build website up saw a
access to businesses to help you manage your cash for purchase, no common or whatever it is. You need to do to grow your business complicated contracts are weird fees. You always get your money fast, even instantly square makes all these tools they're all in one place for all built or together with your an online retailer run owner hairstyle, as skydiving teacher. Whatever square has tools to help you, no matter what size or stage a business, your at sea, otherways, great and take your business square, went to whatever's next. At squared outcome, Slash go such be ass, low and subject to credit approval. Issued by setting bank member empty. I see so the worst enemies are hardened Westbrook they're, just like any anything, I'm I'm you know I didn't tell you something James, hardly I'm an interview. James hardened is coming out next week. Yeah, we did it a couple, the issue he settled,
should it out here and on the other of a check in with you after runs, I don't give too much away diet. Look, it was. It was the most sort of in Did he spilled the beans, the most of all time, of course not? But he said some stuff that will make some headlines relay. Yes, I'm gonna leave it at that and investors just as complete this day for all the stuff. Unless your last year that tub for it, I can't think of the lad. I can't I'm sure someone can come up with that will be listened to this and will send me a tweet or something. But I cant remember the last sit down television interview, Russell Westbrook Dead, using care that was just sort of an interview that wasn't promoting something that was an about something. Finally, as you say, fashion and ends is usually associated like a magazine or something like that. It's the Yalta I'd for an energy these days. Effort for me or for not just in general, he's pretty good, that's great eyes. I loved. I think I saw him a bunch it all. We produce thoughtful yeah. He's here
I've never had an admiring he's so smart and he also experience, and we think that the change he's gone through rate thing about his life and distorted again, like you, could that story without even a basketball and re, and it would be super interesting and now all, he's a great he's, the envy of the NBA, which is insane. I was with him we get an event where he was talking a little bit more candidate as a small thing, so useful, more candid and open about being a legal immigrant in Greece with his parents, how they were not the country illegally and that they really had to lake that his parents were like don't talk to too many people. We can only trust so many people too. An assent or non turnus end like that kind of stuff. I'm talking about he's, told us before about how there is a local or a coffee breakfast Diner shop where he try get a job when he was teenager. His family money and they have no food. Now he was like. I need a job and the guy looked at him and he knew the family from kind of around the neighborhood, and he was like you need to go to school is what you need, and you just told me that you played
I need to go to school or whatever, and it was raining really basketball with the school that the guy said he's like you need to go to to school. He's like just come in the mornings, and I will give you breakfast and he gave him in his brothers breakfast and like not for any reason not because he thought I was become innocent component bp in the NBA, but because those kindnesses, rangers is literally how he survived being teenager and then goes on to have this crazy. We're and adaptation, and his work ethic is off the charts. I mean. Obviously his physical gives her crazy, but he we saw him when he was drafted rate that kid was destined to be an for your words and reactions. You hardly had he did, but he grew he put on a ton of muslin. Just did it work on his body and he has been in the gym, religiously and still is to establish whether drafted I did their draft and we had he got picked like Thirteenth America. Nobody thought like all these name. I waste even the name on the last year. We know much about him going, we might know much about a goin out praised it I'd say,
my tombstone praised it. I was a good pic. I like the value there haven't my idea you might as well. I said they should they say I said, I urge you to take a look at first that I feel like good. That's a good one Don T, be as if you ever get it won't by relating at me, I will, as I have I thought, is on record. It's on video. I was my big thing, that was it. But it was really that draft was so interesting to me because it told the story of foreign office people being more scared to make a mistake. Then they were more interested in being right on our people. Just a value in the early I mean: like is almost like what he really do. Any automatic donating carrying at the second best emphasised by leading the world anyway, ninety games but I ve done is ass. It was stupid the eyes I swear you rather earlier other I'm on record. I ve had some good. Why tell me tell me what are your best, though. Minnesota, passing carried twice. I had a heart attack,
but I do I do and draft I right. I've had some good ones Alan Chris Paul dropping, four thousand nuts on that I've missed. You have had some, MRS, but dark o going. Second, I was went crazy, we're just having a dark o conversation today, like I dont. Obviously, you should put the EU. They should a pic malady should a pic now they should big mouth when some of the trends in a talent and no such high school start to sound like he came at a nowhere, but had Re Hamilton. So at least, like I understand with Joe Do Mars, was thinking it's there wasn't the right decision in retrospect by and he wrote Mars, would make that same. Whatever is like that, the draft work out some stuff. This was before people, lies not to override the draft work out. Some really start trying to find out more about the person and I just feel like work ethic like switch, first of all, by makes me so mad. The patriots didn't take Debo Samuel cause. It's like, everything you read about that deities, like first one there last to leave in its like the perfect ballot check, I may
Did we succeed with these guys other than in the about the same thing. I don't you have any idea about Janius, but some I take em? If you did the research for setting the South Ecstacy Davis, guess you didn't research Danny? I address you didn't write. From Saint Louis, sat by the way I'm gonna go down as one of the great heights of all time, Danny gets upset with make is actually it is the devil Danny earlier this year and I said to him, I said you know that I say on tv all the time that people should hang up the phone when you call he's like Rachel. Tanzania are that's true. I would you fair, its bid. You fair trade is not true. You have taken the lunch bunny of the last six people that you ve made a deal with pig, our criticized when amid the trade, so anybody who goes back now and says that took a lot of shit, I'm not a highway robbery. He got Jason Tatum and a first round of Firstly, the king and the king with a thrill armour was the karma from their trade. We had said
read the kings beg last year. They just randomly one forty Games rainbow and then this area, the Memphis pick their just random gonna, make the playoffs- and it's like these- where these too you know it's a bummer boy. You no way to know my dad, who is also- and I know, carried in the story of carry, did not end the way Boston fans would have wanted to two and the idea that the EU will become this franchise player, this gas of on the spot and that trade is still and even with the way things work out. That trade was stone, Boston favour. So this Nicky thing than about the Celts was Orford leaving cause. I that's also boss in Spain. Don't you think, oh yeah, ok, because they relate only to say that there is a hidden now that the fact that there are already give em like three years- ninety million- and I still think he's a viable rotate, but he's that our Orford, though he's not in his prime anymore, and that those are the kind of contracts that you can come back from well. You know he's got a couple of other everything, so so
contracts are shorter, like in the too early two thousands. When did you are there in the NBA. Fraternal will now Sardinian B for the Washington Post. I ain't never winter. When reality, though I did the NBA for years first as it has been for almost a decade and then was it Turner for three years and in spam, Boca, so big I was doing the ASEAN. I wasn t see for the Washington Post when Chris Weber hatches seven year. Contracts are all of those guys. That's what you realize that you weren't Howard, the rigid were too late, hubby like the two as in seven range or if you gave somebody a seven year hundred and six million audio and for years and its a catastrophe, guess about they want to be there anymore, brain really only leverage, because they still had five years left on their dear Miss supposition crawling encounter them right now and then you know the ambassador. Sorry time out, I am not saying a reporting Carl Anthony towns doesn't want to be a Minnesota. So I'm going to out of context, I just You are aggregator ass, yet I cannot ominous It then, and I don't care from taken out of context he signed
idea. He grabbed the money. And he is like, if doesn't work out I'll, just try to push for trade Canada is ample retreat. If that's, how many years left them I believe anything at this point. As they look with Jimmy Butler had to do to get out of there, maybe they got out are these guys get out, it'd it or they have bought out, took a lot of my carols like I'm, not happy the spurs anymore. Yes, I'd rather got another team there, like cool, whereby you out next year your sailor, accounting and auditing I'm just saying, hid my show of torque where I media, or were you anyway? That's a great part of each day with America's Eldridge, though, is that Lamarck is still had time left on his deal. He was not here. With the way he was being used. You didn't think that he was her plain, the style he should be playing. He talked about wanting out and he and Pomp sat down a had dinner and pop. I asked pop ups, which say to him. Puff is great, but this great when you get up in the right mood- and he said well, I told him if he can work himself out a train, for you know, I think he said Lebron James are kept
Cameron. He does he get himself out a trade for chemical ran. I will drive him to the airport said I'll drive you there myself, unless you that out you're staying here, so we'd better work this out, and then they had a productive conversation about and pop again to his credit I learned from my dinner that I could put. I could. I was trying to force my style plan him and I can do a better job, laying his style play dictate and he matter much better season, the next season so It's cuz you're, not you know. I think it was a narrative for a while that, like they're all forcing their way out right and left and obviously Jimmy Butler, you know that whole situation and some other situations unit Anthony Davis, about at narrative, but that a lot of effort that is purchased the way the ambitious convener evasions depends. What year of the contract? It says that if these guys did, swift relationships? Nobody will ever get married or think I'd marry their real out of an old marriages. It's just like. What's
lay red hair like they're, like that, while does a short signing to your point. Geysers signing shorter, the US now so look at it. Ray, ordered, isn't tunnel average rate a quiet and Paul are actually for two seasons. The contracts are long over their player options to clippers another. We mean he'd know at this? I'm a contract, they didn't know the two year out thing when they traded, others picks positively. We know that the disagree. They did not know the to your thing That was one of those things like, oh and by the way after they had already gone away. I don't have any that. I really don't only Dalen came up. Lad to give up for two years but you're, giving at your you're giving it up for fur the possibility of them that clippers needed that trip they clippers needed quite come
it. They hadn't, if quite had not pick them and pick the Lakers, which was really the other option he was considering, and MRS Dury will tell you he thinks that you um. What would I remember the clippers franchise? After all, they did right after me, you you would cover Susan I don't think you so do right. Do I should tell you do ok, so you mister Hale, have already paid off you. Mr clipper tell me, I'm still way the whole. After all, the clippers did getting the organization re, getting the right owner getting the right front office, all the smart, shrewd moves. They made all the way they reap invalidated. Reputation of the franchise. If this summer, Co Leonard had looked at them and everything they did right and the Lakers and think about what kind of mess the Lakers were in at that white, with MAGIC, Johnson, walking away and everything else yeah and he picked the Lakers. Instead, that would have been a just death blow for the clippers organisation they had to get him to.
They had to make the trip for Bog George, the more I think about I'd. Advise you to play the second letter I didn't want to come the covers and if you want to play the brown I dont think it will mean that, and now I'm not being really faintly. All right is quite has not shared his deepest darkest innermost thoughts with anyone but I am, but I think that the clippers were his first choice. The idea of starting here thing or having his own thing or being the guy was his first choice, but I don't think he was interested in this just opinion in going to a sub Martine worthy him playing in this. Aim. Building is Leubronn and Anthony Davis, but not having some next to him that he considered of that top ten player level and having to go into this. Building down that same hallway night in a nine out and be the other. I on the other team that wasn't gonna make the plants as far Maybe she added throttle People will be the best team in the late coin and died. In writing labour. They tried as gonna, get down
once in a while! So do you really? I do not often is an advantage for us to have any more. I believe we have a lovely chatting in a hallway in front of us. People smiling relationship, you know those guys relationship. I really like, I needed other soldiers on the frontier really delivered at that price and I'm gonna get better nobody ever life. After that, I'm glad I could be. Therefore you weren't a lot of us that, like no but the book, that's there's through so many times where it like. You can't just ass the question because it sitting there right in front of everyone's face: that's a truism his interviews to an guys know that when they sit down with me, I don't do ambush shit like I got my thing I will. I will tell if I'm and asked a guy's, tough stuff and intervene I will tell them on the way and I'm like I'm not shying away from this mark Cuban. After that sexual harassment report came out, came on the show that day and I was very open with him. I said you want to do this because I'm gonna ask you the tough questions road and you have to,
by the way? That's the splits would be an affair that moment didn't realize but like if you are in a situation where you fucked up like that's the smartest thing to do. Let some one asked you the tough questions answered them. The best you can and then everyone can move on its when all those stones are still lingering, because no one, but you haven't, allow anyone to ask them but she had added Limburg handed, let oh no another deficit, it maybe where's you for you, because I'm get I'm coming to you in a key moment of your life. How are you doing with the Tom Brady uncertainty? I'm checking in this difficult time for anyway. My word about Kyle: are you on every Kyle, dreads nephew cause had does that remember life without Tom Brady Rate, his favorite player and I said to him last week, like every guy Teddy Bridgewater Ambrady Laffer, like one through them,
Would you be called that cause? I thought that so, but obviously I don't know this, feels to me like coal, these last two years and the Lakers website, this ceremonial giant paycheck thanks for everything. But now I can't compete now. That's not that, he's gonna be forty three he's there's no track record whatsoever of him. It's only get worse its Aggies, you may well would come back here for Brady man he's moving better, never is said, you want internet resign, it for you hey, I'm thirty nine year than then they should just at that point like what are you trying to do right? So you always decide we care more about your hammer craft. What what decision are you make? I would tell em abby- let him go while I work these events are coming out of your mouth. Can it's like a basketball? They should say all right, we'll take over Twenty five mania for walk off into the sunset
a bunch of shots were quietly, rebuilding get some lottery. Packs round will be ever Rita. You can't do that in four bar. You can't leg, there's no way taking a football season, embellish x number. Do then I he's more concerned about it. Legacy than anything else and he's not pay Tom Brady thirty million hours. I actually these he's leave so this now I know it's gonna get aggregated bill. Simmons wants Tom Brady off the Patriots, that's what I don't want my patriots, I dont want to pay thirty million dollars a season and not be able to compete because He feels like he's out money. I think that's a desk. I think it's crazy for Deck Prescott to make forty million hours. What do you think is out there for Brady Thou? Do you think that he's gonna come back to the patriots labelling may Gaza. Maybe something else for less. My hope is that this is all like a big song and dance to try to put pressure on the team, but is not actually gonna leave base.
What do you want to be? Who came in Toronto and Patrick doing at Seattle? I was but a mammoth wooded areas owner. What do you think is absent? I don't mean to get paid because someone out there will pay him to have temporary the chargers writer rumoured to pay him fears he really honestly, it's like a Tom cruise thing where he feels like he's achieved this higher being status late and that of oh, no, I absolutely plants on forty six. I figure this out like he really terminate believe that he thinks that I know he does yes so, but it's What point you go, I this so strongly a minute play for them. Guess raiders does my point. My point is that he can get the money somewhere else. We know we know that some time where they buy cars, but the question is: will those options
where you can get the money feel so cheap that he won't want to do it, that it would be bad for his brand or legacy or, however, he thinks of it, and therefore fair for will go back to the pages. Mingling, cable, but less is ok cause I mean I just do you think he will have an Another good option out there that will both pay him and not feel those chargers. So you think that that was the okay. If I was the chargers, I would pay him like Ninety million for three year Review were Tom Brady. Would you go to charges for their demanded here. I don't know the history of acrimony with him in the past there is clearly something on where we know that he clearly feels like he took less. It was going to be made up form and it actually wasn the whole thing about any more weapons, is that right they tried to get a more weapons. You know they spent their first round. Back to back here and a runner receiver. The shaded second topic for receiver
they did try. They just got the wrong weapons, but if, if you're solution as a quarter, back as I need weapons that could be any quarterback in a league, the mixture biscuit It said that any more weapons there are not enough, you can say it, but I do think of your Tom Brady. Do you think that it feels okay to go the charter's? I would hope it doesn't kill you. You would hope. I feel dirty even talking about I have a last question, but I was going for a one, slash four volume. I read a book about MIKE Nichols. Guess your family member? Yes, your father in law, yes, was cards. I'm trying to read seventy five bucks, a sheer how you doing I'm pretty get em at ten My answer is summer at Samara really be able to make up. I feel I July August other this book was. It was like. Make vehicles from one hundred and fifty people that new best or something I don't know a ton about him.
It was unbelievable yeah, his tea learning believe awaiting regrettably, are about. I saw an impressive even like our having yet eastern no other values like that. Yes, absolutely yeah! No, I mean that I met my husband. We were teenagers once summer camp together. The idea here is where I first boyfriends, you know first love. And when I met any, when in his world is parents, friends whatever there is his family, are his friends or anything and then Ten years later, as when my husband, I get back together in dated as adults and seriously, and that's really when I got to know, people are on his family and um. You know he get blown away by just how smart everyone is and he was just brilliant. He was a brilliant guy and kind and warm and obviously very funny, I'm responsible for so many things in modern american culture that people don't realize. But now I assume you do from reading that book. I mean keenly may come popularized in
opposition on a national level. As I do know any of that Stalin, I knew out other graduate, but the night in fact these what he meant to leg and then the whole thing when he's producing these really free. Misplaced uranium, and I mean there's just there's so much stuff you're like great. He directed the gradual anyone and ask where they would have been enough for any one, but he I brought you Guenaud know six of the most famous plays in american culture and also kind of spawned the birth of what became you know. I m credit him for saying that light. But you know I mean that whole yeah that whole culture of doing stuff he started. Second city I mean he just did a tremendous amount of stuff is the very lucky to be able to know him and lucky to be married to who maritime very lucky tat. He was also representative in this by the then in totally go into this, but there's this whole era, and it feels I guess, we're moving into them. Version that, but we had they can learn Michael this degrading Carter gap.
This kind of, like New York Elite, that control of these different versions of media content, but were also lay very worldly, had all these friends that are just I wonder like what's that, what's the integration of that I don't know, I mean There is still some of that in New York I mean I, I lived in New York for almost twenty years before I came to live out here for years ago, and it is very different rate. The sort of living room cultures is very different. That kind of thing, but I think there is a whole circle of people. Who live and work and operate in New York and entertainment, who wouldn't dream of living out here, you have a hooker previously who live at her school. It was, it was instantly in that book about its is printed at world of people. The way communicated was, they would have parties and dinners and they would get together and they would not get effort, and now it's like you know, you feel it you're in contact do their bit in relation to see them fast and abide by that? It was a great book. I would recommend
That is one of my. What are my top seventy five books of two thousand I love this may take him with you throughout the rest of the year to. Why are you I want like a bill. Simmons pace, Ligon after CRAM, twice books in December houses. Gonna go. Are you to get cocky after September and dealing man, I did I resolutely books. This summer I got nothin and then all of a sudden in December it's gonna be illegal dicey. Will you have to they call you gotta spring on a couple like bagger book kind of length, robot backers because hundred ninety Pedro bang it on today is in Not only was it a great book range, but also now month, imaginative and expert, but you also don't want to rule like the six hundred Pedro runs through my right with the media spoke on your list. I'm still am re reading some stuff that I that I've read
the pass on mixing like new ones and old ones, but all nonfiction kind of cheating? Now, because I think when you read about once you forget most aware and there's some ones that are really viable books to reread, where especially when you're all their you there's some stuff. He affliction screws MIA. Reflection, and then I can't handle Would he resumed not venture in fish? I read both, but I do find that I absorb what I'm reading so often reading in others, so many books out there like the best books, the year list and they're all like haunting tale. That will leave you in briars are travelling and re. Unlike. I can't read that right now, like any of its having young, kids and sort of that, my emotions in May or more or bendings or more raw about tragedy, or anything like that, but there's a lot of books where I sort of red with there being praised for which, as you know,
we'll leave you feeling hollow it, but I don't need right now. My life, I can put that book after a couple year went his way marine boxes. You know like with Spain, movies or movies you whenever. Yet the internet knew about these people immediately share the experience with And then you read a book and, like I finished his magnificos book and I'm just looking around. I know there have been my leg, and here I am I going to say is that I would add more questions about that, and I am I felt My brain was gonna mush with not reading enough, so it's been get it's been get, so he can read Rachel and thanks for coming on, Malaysia about? Eighty five forward to you're gonna be wrapped up in the biased criteria that were on the right. Research they re now for ABC, and then we will be doing our usual travelling, sir still you Brad case when you on the road or night down now, because here that stuff I mean also like what did I, what are they dare not interested
Now I remember em, my kids are pretty young one and the countdown years in the Miami San Antonio finals went seven but game sex! I was so excited garments. He my kids and like will have a long way and their up five and I'm text him over see you tomorrow, a linear and then we'll better of, like other guys secret. You no better. That's amazing that the yellow ropes and all that is this great story for all of these basketball fans and for you it's the five minutes of texting, your wife being like I'm coming up. I was so right. I was getting sick, like my body was starting to break down as, like. I just want to come home. My daughter was I she was, I think, seven, but it was That is why, with little girls like seven, where their decide the best people in Atlanta to be around I've, a fortunate that the same that difference. Obviously, either layer, she's, nice person region eggs recover that bank
I'd. Thanks to zip recruiter. Thanks to Fox Sports premier boxing, don't forget Saturday night, the a review event of the decade, the anti, whether the neck out king, the bronze bomber, his face. Thyssen fury again for him a championship of the world, I hope it's as great as the first five was too under feed arrivals squaring off. There can't be a driving times. But he's gotta go down, don't Missus Sturt thy life must Vegas Saturday at nine PM, eastern or six pm Pacific. By now on paper, and thanks to square. More than a little way credit card reader, a whole system until was built to run and grow. Any kind of business from point a sound peril to invoices and online stores. Gotta Squared outcome, Sasha Slash, bs, to see all the ways you can take your business from square one to whatever next back on Sunday Mean reseller do in our annual that annual weekly
Sunday night, I NBA think I'll be coming back from the Celtics Lakers game. At that point, so they'll be a lot to talk about, see you. Someday ways.
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