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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the massive trade between the Pelicans and the Lakers, who won the trade, what the Lakers need now, how Zion Williamson will fit with the new Pelicans roster, Klutch Sports, and more (1:35). Then they discuss Kevin Durant's future, the possibility of the Warriors retaining him, New York basketball courting him (1:26:55), mailbag questions, Gym Corner, and more (1:53:57).

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Tonight's abso, the bs back ass, the rigour package that were brought in by the zone where you can watch change up a new live whip, Rancho across the Lee presented by the imo be and the zone. You can also attach Belcour, which you were messed, if, if you can have it for Friday, night really good card, as was some great axing! It's out every day of the week that that change up show its available nearly any device setting getting set up with the zone. Easy download. That zone happened, the app orange right, Appstore assented bactrian Account STAR Watch cross any of your devices the asian dot com to sign up were also brought to you by the ringer that come in the Ringer Pakistan work where and be a draft. This week we are loaded to the gills redraft content. We're gonna have our draft guide, which I hope you
eating we're. Gonna have Kevin O Connor, Danny Chow, Jonathan Sharks. We'd have people writing a day before the drafting of the draft and risk can be doing a man by the way subscribed Dual threat with ran resell. If you have an ironic, as he's got a couple more off season, football pads coming up as well he's here right now are dad's. We did them to do a very important, senator fathers. They pike S. First, our France from programme, alright, so I do a brief outline when we do these shows, and I just try to make sure I have like three topics that I know we're going to hit today. At eight The table, Canada, research, where it is schedule for is traded
Saturday afternoon the ringers least favoured time for anything to happen. I noticed a content. Disaster just kills everybody. God forbid. This trade happened Monday. Polity, leaks staff to the media juicy Monday morning, light to get the new cycle that this trade Saturday so ruined everybody's. We can't, but it was also an unbelievable trade. I think you liked it Lakers more than I did, but let's go Gimme a take. Although just to add to that, I had a had a pod, it was late. It was three Pacific when we take did it came out, probably an hour or so later. I thought in that pod. Now thinking back to some stuff, he said he knew that that deals coastal I'm sure he was like in the room and said they're, probably probably texting him for advice, but budget worse, knows everything. You know, I'm gonna, let you start with your closing arguments. Well, I say this? I actually at this trade would happen on Monday, because I thought of the Balkans got the number for pact that still bought them. Seventy two hours to decide what to do with it right so. I wasn't surprised that the timing,
I don't know who the Lakers or bidding against like there is this article today in the Damn reposed about the nuggets sniffed around but they made require Jamal Mary was off limits as I wanted. That's that's staffing around. They have to assets of the whole team that you can be made. The centre piece, a trade really what is like Gary Harrison? Five, the ruins like there's no sniffing sorry Celtics I've heard collecting reports. I dare say them very conflicting yell. I think they knew that I'm getting and they knew they. Weren't gonna match the desperation of the Lakers and they didn't want Tatum name to be in the streets, Omar style, our Marla downside on really they didn't want to get out there somewhere since the EU is who are the Lakers bidding against exactly because the Knicks next out to cause either this scenario. Words. I got we're getting Durrant so then Davis be the second piece and we're off now Durant's out for the year. I just I know who the second bitter was here. Who was it ok subject on all these things?
but, as we know with this kind of stuff like there's, some information will probably come out with her two weeks or months of like another team or not even thinking, maybe it's two teams right, you made a really interesting offer here. The Knicks were very out on this. According to the people that I've talked do that they just work, There is a fear everywhere, the even if you got a New York, he may have still They go to allay in a year setting the next were afraid of the rental scenario that clearly had to be an issue for Boston. We know the south export read, but they should have been afraid more than might have been the only name we haven't heard. Yet that may be sniffed, but I haven't heard their name mentioned publicly now now it has been interesting if they were like look, will will give you a seat J which is extending this podcast streak of of trade, see J macabre. They could, and I know what they see- J macabre. What they see J would do. Collins right would do three fires would do picks lapses, acted NAFTA! Maybe you like will you should like these? Two players may be better than any single billion for Lakers the Celtics part of it, and I don't know if you can fill in some of the gaps year. It fell
like just talkative, people run a league where it was. It was split. Motivation on what the plan here was like was there, an ownership thing that wanted to push for this, because the whole point of the Davis pursue was that you were parry with Cairo to keep tiree and everything was going to work out. But there too now he's gone now they know he's gone. I just never. I never look there no way age was going to and twelve months lose, carry Tatum and then Anthony Davis, and if I'm Boston, I'm not messing with clutch cuz clutches this Anti Boston thing and it'll go on forever and it just is not going to happen, so I thought at Boston. Boston would have been willing to do this, but I think, even before we found out what this Lakers deal was bill, there was a line in the stand, whether it was it was Tatum or the Memphis. Picker are some of the sort of stuff like they weren't going to give you this Lakers package, which again, I think, you're right when we break it down who they are competing against
like a lot of pieces, so I'm gonna start here. Well, it is a lot of these first of all go short term. Great trade for the Lakers has neither the favor So when the title, because they have Leubronn Dave Davis, they kept coups HU. I don't love as much as some of the people making coups may seem now. Lackeys Chris passionate Psychiatry, fine guy like but he's out he's not dead the cast space watchword. They talk about later. What should they do with this? Twenty two? It. He's a million. Whatever people get come as a third person will every letters article I've read like Davis is just waving his four million dollar tree and why nobody had ever done that? I didn't think about this too he's not. Talk to somebody today said no not happening, and if it were clutch, joke around Lee was likely to be funny when clutch tries to convince their own client to wave that four million dollar trade kicker to help build out. The rest of the rock clarity about clutch won't want that to happen. For that specific reason that it makes it look like they were the ones that talk their client out of
up for its four million free dollars. Yeah he's taken it so the thirty three in our project, four and a half million actually afford a half. So the thirty three million dark. I really like twenty two. It could be twenty three twenty two twenty three and that again is the modern off his born for everybody, but It's only the allocates affair thing you're, not getting Campbell Walker with contracts turned twenty million. Who does not know unless he just really wants to be there in the part of it was a good one in one of the pelican just do that for the Lakers, maybe that's why they got all these extra picture. This put the pic swaps up, they will get too, but I was again- and you know, look the lot of moving pieces- your allow stuff, but it would cut into the pelicans projector CAP space so the pelicans. Really, why do we know? Maybe we won't use it, but why would we do something more? We have to give up five million years ago. Waited cab. Space were only help me so much because you screwed up our seas in a new put us in this position. So will you can trade ass the most incredible trade package? Anyone is traded for, aware,
almost to help you out with your cat. That's what some people do think there was happening that all these little things like. I don't know if this will end up coming out later in the week or like actually, New Orleans did agree, but some of the early stuff is saying that the deal will be down July. Sixth, and if Davis doesn't wave, is trade kicker? we're looking at twenty to twenty three, the lowest of the three numbers. The peoples are out there so just doing who won the trade first takes out. I think the Palais one, the trade, a bad, as can mincingly, as I've ever seen, a team when a superstar trade, the hall, that they got back, resemble Nothing in the history, the Whig nobody's regarding this many assets back for one point, it's never happened. We can go through. I have written down, I'm happy, did you through it? I love preparing for twenty are limited, so I wrote a piece for years in two thousand level Carmelo get traded and the conceit of the peace was every time a team trades
play super Duper star or even like a really good superstar. That team has won the trade and I went backwards and I listed album you going back one thousand nine hundred and sixty five Wilt Chamberlain, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight Wilt Chamberlain, one thousand nine hundred and seventy Oscar Robertson. Seventy five Kareem eighty three Moses. Ninety three Barkley, ninety four Chris Webber expertly again used in ninety six Jason kid, the Dallas. Ninety nine pence Hardway, here's the first one you might regret where they were. They gave up alive for a guy who end up injured. You. The history tells you when you trade, for the best play you in the trader. That's the first only mention where there were accused in tracing the Grady that worked New Jersey. Vince Carter and absolute fleecing Eric Williams. I only use me my biggest Shaquille in two thousand five, when the title a year later cell.
Kevin Barnett. They won that one and then POW Gsm, so that was the lead up to two thousand eleven. Since then, we ve had Carmelo we had Chris Paul to to, the clippers. They won that one Dwight Howard to the Lakers everybody lost James. It could all ended up being the best Piazzi Dale Anybody'D and stay with his aim. Houston gets harden and then coexisted Toronto. So I just went through the history: since basically, nineteen sixty five of the biggest stars getting traded and really, the only time there was real regrets. Was that penny heartily one night to Nanda if you in the star, usually winning the trade or at least found pretty good. That's what I've always argued liquid here or sit near turn, argue about what are you get with this guy? What are you with that? Guy? That, given the Paul George thing is that the old people that they traded, you know was in
the way it wasn't like a major ass. Now no people were knocking that people are killing the basis for that tree. I didn't like it, but but is also not entirely fair to do this hindsight thing with all the depot and say: well, you know look when he ended up being as yet changes bad. That's one of those things were actually worked out really well, football teams and old people took himself up to a level, but I always think with these trades whenever, like the rule for a lotta gems it this pretty basic. But a lot of guys I'll, tell you you. Whenever it's going down of the trade is happening in six, seven different, moving pieces, three teams, whatever end up with the best pillar of the entire group and more often than not you're gonna, saving your job this trade was crazy. Ok, so you were. This is the one that goes counter. History no one would argue the mellow one actually wasn't that great cause this poison gray, but it wasn't it did when it database. Should the thing that really screwed them up was when they in the sea Chauncey Billups up, so they instead of saving for tomorrow. I think they hadn't done that actually might have worked better. I guess there's no co
malaysian, what they traded for Davis a year from his free agency with no other bidders? was just way more than anybody else. As ever trade, I look for others trades. I think the most anyone ever gave up for a superstar potential superstar was, when washing got Chris Weber, ninety nine, before they traded Tom, googly agate, I'm sorry Tom, Googly ETA and they traded three. Unprotected first rounders in ninety six. Ninety eight and two thousand and those picks became had fuller number eleven Kiang clerk number thirteen and Christmas, two in two thousand number, seven Chris, the secret of men. He that's them out. So then here's what here's. What Orlando got got Fourpenny hardware. They got Danny Manning Pack, Garrity it two thousand one first round which came number eighteen and a tooth the two first, which became number nine. Am I this Lakers trade? They got the number to pick the teeth.
Sixteen draft Ingram who, if he's healthy, we like we just don't know what the deal at the clapping their the the report seem to be he's. Ok, it still makes me nervous, I'm fine, I'm sure how much I like em, but go ahead. Just keep going all anyone years out right, re areas can between two next year. I d get. And so is the number to pick and whenever he has seventy draft right? But whenever you trying to make an argument anti the players was to round up a year or two years of k I come here just are you whenever you Jerry and the argument is learning that add two years to his John. A tv show no figure out, so they got the number two overall picks and back to back drafts who we still lack as ass. I, like long I do, and when we'll talk about them, trying to check the tyres on the six pack. Babies turkish God. Allied rather have a lot of idea. What you have said they're going actually, I think, I'd rather Alonzo from the ones they got the number for Peck in this draft yup much report right there. That's about as much as any
is given up for a poor? Now Davis is twenty. Six is in his primate you'd give a little more than that, while here's what us they gave up, they gave up issues. This is really crazy to unprotected future packs tat, the two thousand twenty one one is top eight protected. Basically, if it's not in the hop aid. It rolls over the two thousand twenty two. This is important because why the double draft here, the two thousand twenty two draft- is the first draft that as high school I scores in it. They rig this so that there are two thousand twenty to pick. Could be in the double draft where there is just the most loaded draft. We've had here's the other thing, Lebron's going to be a free agent by then it may be either out of the league on a different good. The Lebron ill of Ben with Anthony Davis through a second year together. Okay, so. Bronze third year, yet we get what he wants you year was not top a protected. They get it if its top,
I mean you're, happy right. So what air lightly get cause? It'll be a Leubronn, Anthony Davis, barring some catastrophe here? Yes, they won't want the pic and, though want an unprotected in it's likely to be unprotected. So the next pick that they give years- probably twenty twenty two and the year that you're talking about the doldrums Oscars the Lakers has now they can't trade they swam verse rather, but they can't you first round pick really for anything because it so up in the air that it's not an asset anymore. You can't do it because it's like hey will trade. You there's butler, it may not happen and damned it is worthwhile. Think about when the deadline comes around in. There are not able to close and some things so view had told me this the whole trade yeah. I would have been lacking great Hall for New Orleans, LOS Angeles, had to do They they went on on the brown they wasted a year. They had to do it. They had to get Davis. Now, though, the trades that done yet two thousand twenty three pick swamp and they I'd protected pick that they have their choice between two thousand to twenty four and twenty five? Four, and at that
the brain will be. I think, forty years old, this is like a divorce dad on spring break with kids like ten years younger than that's that's how little protection there is now a top of it. Those guys are gonna, be making so much money that it's gonna to be really hard to add to this team, which we saw what happened with Miami, you know in the two thousand thirteen forty, range where you can only like band aid, it with Ray Allen and MIKE Bel AIR and Udonis Haslem who's already there. At some point it just becomes hard to add players to keep your team competitive. You need. Probably. Seven aid in any given year, so, they went all in and they basically have. When the title this year and next year for this trade to make sense, I think we'll trade makes sense. Creative riveted, avis, okay, so we can put this p I feel great on it. You think they'll want to title, but as it stands today there's so many different things like when I look at this draft on after the four guys. If I want,
Culver one night, I can like them and I can watch in the next night and go I don't know, I don't know man, I really like them. That's what I feel like this is because for this Lakers team doesn't have the year they just had, get Leubronn and then, from that moment on, have everything go wrong yet, literally breathing is gone wrong for almost twelve months for this organisation and Rob Polenka. Has this job that it felt like now, even maybe more so after the weird Heath Ledger: Kogi story, there wasn't true the lot of you to start go, and you know what this guy like he doesn't get. It is not right for the job G stubborn here call me connection when she doesn't want to get rid of the sky and He needed a win. He needed some perception win. So that's. Why he's doing? I do always spend any time with her talking to guys like I am fascinated by it like if you ever got gripped like hooked up to a lie. Detector- and you said again, David Griffin- and you said when would you have said I have no internet trade that I said before added the other to pass
now, two to four and then two thousand twenty one and twenty two are protected. Then that's too his tall anybody's evergreen reversed r m okay, but it just talk about the players, and we do this thing restart associating let where they were drafted it. What it actually means, there's a there's, also a chance that gets, hurt again and he's not great needs. Ball doesn't fit with all those guys and someday puts a big points on a bad team and launches her all tat You can't make a shot, is angry about poverty, great asset, I'm saying, there's a, There's a version of this we're all three of those players in two years ago now needs those are the assets there. Their mater assets. I read was not one player there were the Lakers or waken up today. Go on dammit I would have left. I would have loved to have kept Ingram. The day, I would have loved to have kept lawns or out of the deal. So, yes, they want number two in previous draft, but I don't think it's fair to say like all all these top track know about member at the lottery night we said or red afterwards, when the Lakers got the fourth pick. We knew we said this thou mayst it
Davis Trade happened because they did not have the centerpiece of a trade, and now it turns out the centerpieces base. Could that number for pick all the and protected picks coming later, where it's basically like two and a half cuz that pic swap as we find out what the Brooklyn trade with the Celtics couple years ago The southern got Tatum. They pick swept here just a bit like that in the lab is really important. Imagining grown it, and maybe this is just the game. Maybe this is not a state like with that nets. Celts deal the story, goes it like Whitcross, but just come kept going back and saying asked for this as this in your thinking like. How do you even ask for that one, you have a thirty seven and thirty six year old Guy Owen back and you got unprotected It's what you nobody gets anymore and by the way the pockets got three and this right, and so you have the Celtics back to that trade that the biggest not wasn't even justly they gave. The pigs for all of these older guys, guys in the moment when that trade happened it wasn't, it wasn't even closer the reaction to it as a developed, like is the net Celtics.
And got later on you going wait a minute. Oh my god like this might be a total faster for mobile. What happened, though, it that the programme, program changed rise, financial. Basically, what they do is just spend spend Ben. I don't care about the lecture tax bill. Babies attitude a year later is like this acts. I care about the luxury. Taxpayers are not spending money anymore. There like what we just got at our table, my favorite Yo Johnson yeah. So that in the moment was this terrible in some people are to compare this to being like the same thing. Will first of all look it's you'd industry for thirty seven, old, not aware that country's you having guy illustrated very positive. Is that cop? I don't really love, but it does get back to like what another team cause to complain about Euro. More to me, your boy Darrell, unlike their and our friendly, but we're not boys or is it just known him a long time yet another James like he offers the worse trades of anybody in the league? And I
now. Can I realize why does because it's it's worth it. So if your grief and you're gonna do hairs like disguise gone anyway. It's awesome to think that, like you would just keep asking for all the stuff but, like I said, with the players theirs- version of this we don't regret losing any of those guys. You give up the fourth pick. Who knows a lot of people? Think it's a three percent draft. I don't know: what's gonna happen without fourth pic I would just take garland and then these other picks. If this team ends being good good and if, if the demons of being bad Leubronn has gone, retired Davis gets her, then this thing could be total disaster in five or six years, five or six, it could be a disaster in two years. He is the difference between. You know the motto of this trade but your fans tonia than I just hate the shaggy subjects. Look, I think, tat. I think you have a very good chance of making the final next year with this trade so that
six million dollars worth of which is so. Are the guidelines between this and what happened in two thousand and eleven? When you had this team, basically trader the heat, trying to say we're just go in with these three guys has I'm still there we talked like milliner, we ve got five guys it's not enough, but we think we can win the title anyway. The Lakers have two guys in coups Moraine now, They have Leubronn, who miss significant time for the first time last year, who is now entering what is this year has seen. Seventeen owes it. No oh, three or four draft is seventeen season is played fifteen hundred games they Davis, who has not been able to stand for certainly for aid to games a year. He would later foresees. He has but he's a nagging injuries guy somebody that, if you're gonna, say Leubronn Davis Carrie S play three thousand minutes each, so we can contend
Let's do you can do that he would played in the seventies and eighties no guarantee, but it's ok just give him an injury. He plates five and we don't know nobody played seventy five and seventy five. The previous two seasons of this one: see you can have Lebron, you can have kuzma and you're gonna have Davis and then whatever they do, this cab space, which will get to you. I just think it's a lot to ask those guys ending its laughed ass from the bran, because, You know we saw it with Kobe, in the twenty twelve and on range, where we just assume these superstars are going to stay incredible and basketball, and then it's over you know and they move to a different point of their career offensively. His stats were good last year, but you know he takes a lot of places. Is especially in the regular season- is placing himself. I just think it's really. It's can be really hard for this. This is not like a sixty five. When team you no matter what they do with those with cap space and then talking about down the road like. What's the line for you tat, you
done than trade anyway, if you're the Lakers. For me, it's like anger. One so the number for Peck. It may be. I would have done an unprotected in today. Maybe I would add than that to just because I've I've so bad as an organization the last. What seven years, and this leubronn thing really could have gone south in disasters way and you? U just have to do it. I that's it much as I would have given our native than the pic swap, I would not have then that two thousand twenty four to an emphatic, that's just too much I'm not, I don't know I'm bidding against serious generalship doing there is too much, and I can't I don't care. You now say you're like fuck. It we got Anthony. Do I want to say? Yes, I would want my name attached to this because I would say if I go whom I bidding against you, is not playing there. You want to do this again. You want your first
was I to be this Anthony Davis Clutch disaster. Is that what you want is go ahead. Fuckin do it will be easier to the clutched his ass right? That's what I'm saying is. I would I would that's how I would have to talk to grief about it. We like dude, you want how many picks you want what you, oh, I'm, giving you the three guys, I'm giving you the fourth pay. I'll give you yeah like. I think there is a line, but it then, when it's finally dawn and you go okay, the top three eyes and then people can dump Oliver P are now the top three guys in the NBA S. History are: Gordon Brown and Anthony Davis, and now you have those two guys yeah, hey they Davis for his whole primary our best gazelle and your pulling who everybody was doubting. Never forget the motivation of the general manager who either wants to keep his job wants to change. The narrative about is what I hear he's gonna get fired anyway. If this trade does work out, this is a classic like yeah fuck it. This doesn't work out, come back to haunt me. I don't have a job. It just would have been we're like do think, Griff it again a private moment. He would tell us now ever or even ever tell us
What do you think he would ever like magic saying something like the most trusted person that he has his life he's is laughing. He did he had it could be going. I can't believe I got this many assets for a guy who is leaving a year at no other bidders the southern cone year. We do J Jason Tatum in the fourteen yeah yeah yeah, you'd? Think about that that was like his other offer. I just can't believe it like a point. I want to buy a house Let's say he's by it: ass, a beach and theirs fifteen million dollar house on the strand in point, he's like I really like this has in the end he asked yes, the real to realtor any other better. This ass, the real like now, fifteen million Punkahs leg had bad a fire for fifty fifty
It would be. Like he's, got the house right now. I've got to fifty, but has instead, as a matter lasted the analogy, is him spilling? There's no other offers ok I'll pay list, so I I don't know if I'm I'm getting through to you here. I know he's out there I mean, I think, I'm contract I feel like it sounds as if I'm contradict my point is that I agree that there I do events timeline that it feels like Kalinka went over and that Griff probably has a sitting there going. I can't believe this, but there's also part of me who's kind of like effet. I just getting Anthony Davis and everybody kept telling me after one summer right this nonsense, that no one or play will abroad. On that thing, everybody wants to play with them because Bosh and we did want to play with and almost a decade ago in Cairo. Was already there and they traded Wiggans recover, love that now known there and want to leave gone state. No way you don't mean Clay Thompson was oh no way now he's hurt. You know, Kyrie kind of did this one
why may or may not have wanted to play with, and we were looking at just a few players and turning this into the entirely didn't want him, wouldn't want to be there and Now they went ahead and grabbed the guy, a guy, that's probably better other inquire than any other play that could have even dreamed of grabbing this summer. Leubronn twelvemonth, your regular seizing games. Two hundred and thirty nine Plath games he's already played like one of the five most gruelling minute workload. Careers of any ever seen now he's also been a freak and is an incredible shape now that stuff, but. I'm torn on it, because I am a big believer and get the superstar do it. It takes I've. Just never seen a prayer paid like this ever, and I thought that was the message that got lost over the weekend, because people were just go we gotta get em like give it to appoint, as you have to gut the next seven years of your of of your team.
But this trades gonna hold them hostage and if they don't win this year and next year, it is unrealistic to expect Leubronn in year twenty to still be atop. Fifteen guy. So, basically, They have to win the title of this year and next year for this trade to make sense and if they don't, I had some out to bigger rest in the choir trade. As the quite traders risky. This trade was like a thousand times riskier, the quite sure it she didn't really Bob because a who is doing it was Toronto. Where you go, worthiest was it. You just keep arose in Lowry. Again I hear and see what happens like that was about king them up with just ever seen somebody trade for guy, knowing that they're gonna be there for one year yeah. I don't know. I don't remember that Paul George thing is similar. Do it behind say now is gone on a river j twice better than Paul George, I guess would be made. You have no value per stars. There was a time their apology or you don't I was surprised. Is you in my eye? Was pro really both sides on this thing?
I'm surprised- and maybe it's just how the year wet reinstated. Avis, how many people when I had suggested like Davis a year ago, is being talked about me. The best will in the world that are so many people are like no way no way what but remember the waiter, only the most talented, the wayward, about him after their pelican sweep thinking. There was a You know we do this in a place like wait a minute. Now, that's a quite likewise be able accomplish years. It is not just the EU in a ring. Your files and BP was the same thing for stuff all a bit like green. You to this thing and we start going. Okay, look all summer going to next year, you or the guy and Davis was part of that conversation and his numbers were even better the beginning of this year before the whole thing turned into a fiasco, so love them is a player. If he goes back to the old schoolyard thing they have two of the best guys in the league and regular season, plus playoffs they're going to be relevant and so they're they're buying relevancy. With this, the problem is
they spent the whole decade tanking to get to the point where they would have all these top five lottery picks right, which they took basically three and four years or more than that has Russell. They had three number two over a pig's thing at the number for this year and Randal, leather and rain with seven right and then another. These picks coming they basically thrown away a decade of pair of lottery, picks potentially or high traffic picks unprotected picks for these two guys It has to work through. Doesn't work will remember. This is like the the all time just he checked trade, any it is made and I stood on over their bidding and severally doubt just name at him. Maybe Polenka thought like look at the end with a liberal, several other teams that hasn't gone well, but you know at least you want to take on George Hill contract. We can just lose all your pics
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this person enemy a superstar. How strongly do you feel about it and it? So it's not song of a list, as you think, but if you just going backwards here was at the two thousand and two pelicans start star. Two thousand and twelve pelicans Davis goes on. That team are their best players, Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon Greivis Vasquez, Al Farouq Aminu in Lopez, twenty seven wines with Davis Layers Ricky lets you that, as having lady goes to Seattle that Your glassy out your hair is here, is best emits or Watson Nicholson. Chris Wilcox Kurt Thomas. F, Green theatre. Suddenly, my twenty once two thousand three leubronn here is his team. In Cleveland, the first year, Boozer young Boozer young Ricky Davis, dairy smiles, zig zag is adjourn s feet, bread, down over and over again oh gaseous Jeff Mckinnis, one of the least like players of that decade and air glam setting one thirty. Five once
I know you got a ninety. Ninety seven TIM Duncan say our man member. What an awesome situation he went into that you're, not really David Robinson, Sean Elliot who at the edges paid they try to trade for most of the middle of a decade, Vinnie domain Labour Johnson, that was, it does the higher the team theirs the german Jackson, our senior there to fifty six wins for them, and then you have shack in ninety. Ninety two Nick Anderson, Scots Guys Dennis got TIM Tolbert Anthony booty. They went forty, forty one wins and then at forget to put our Chris Weber near because when you went to the workers heart away Chris Molin, the transfer that team is pre loaded too, but you really have to go. The bird, a magic in nineteen. Seventy, nine, ok, you're talking, I thought you were saying contracts you're talking, foster, I'm just saying leg That is our a young roster, which raster, what's so great about pelicans roster Edna will give it. I'm just saying roster situate,
so there in track. Surely I would agree with you I don't was I encounter a situation right now where he has drew holiday, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, whatever they got with this number for pick, thirty million cab space jewels emulate us opted out. Only three I've had also happens. Twenty five the thirty million a cab space, whatever they do, the number for pick off their first round text I still have and then from the Lakers to unprotected picks One of them coming while answer a while ass, I install reckon than the two thousand twenty three slap. I'm Tellin, you that's the best situation, anyone's Bennett, Fortier site. That is, situation where they could immediately build roster carefully with him as a centrepiece that contents for titles and a copy. Our summit to push back on, please
the spurs one man he's got David Robinson to play alongside to kind of back, then especially, we need you to bear to cut off his fate each other. There isn't that. There's no number two on here present on that's close to what David Robbins was ok, but it was David Robinson and some contracts and they didn't have all these Laker picks coming. You know I like your reality. I do and I really I'm not gonna- do they always never made it all starts him. That's that's a legitimate position as Michel West. That's not gonna like when we do that kind of stuff it's like our well wavy, so good. Well, now you can use being difficult. I liked your holiday I dont Robinson, was havin some Baxter, I think by the time Duncan showed up. I don't think that, as one of the reasons he missed all that time the year before the member, yet others injuries and they attacked and they tank than they shut. That here, which first fans have never understood, like spurs fans, argue stuff that I'd like was such a waste of time. So I think we ve done this before get down. Now these general Pomegranate ACT like. Why did you? Why do you care if we just point out that the issue is a centre,
and I know right now it can happen elsewhere, spokespersons mad doing of all the stuff. You could argue. Why would you argue you would never are you dislike Lowery with Toronto fans, big flowers and another team which run offends me. Like he's a tough I've point blinkered the key word if we were saying what is the most fun team to build a roster with for the next ten years. Last year's answer would have been the South x ray a year ago. We would have said you know a team out and be the Celtics now I look at other rosters and it's like hands down the pelicans without assets I'm not sure, there's a chance. There's a chance German are better than Dan. I think people realize, because they were really fucked up situation, less coheres couple was? I am Ingram if he's healthy, actually like getting the ball little bit, like there's a chance. Those guys are better than we now there's a message. Is there not as good as we thought. So that's my point.
I think I think lawns was a better back to be a better version of himself than what we ve seen some court, because you're right, it's been so screwed up the whole time european regime, Rhonda loudly in the temple of his dad, could just get his dad's back on by the where but, like you know, he's goes off into to sit turned to argue. My son should all be on the Lakers and think like people by the you seriously shoe when haven't come, still haven't come in. I just, I hope, because I've had some pelicans people reach out, not Griff it, and I know I'll never forget when I asked the Lakers I asked the Lakers ago loves probably overblown right, like it just kind of stupid and a couple acres guys we're like now it's it's the worse. They like it's bad and it sucks and itself to deal with, and its real pain, ass, yeah and I'll die down. Whatever version of it was a slash your day I was already they sent impact for awhile. I write, but just the player we're too
We line that, like, I think, there's a really good version of lawns. Oh that's ready to go. I e g m that were in the lottery that year that we're like look not sure if I ended up with another one pick if they couple who, like I think, I'd take lawns over faults. Can I go further cause. You know I love Linda. If I took all the guards in a league where I'm just who would be the most fun to pare him with, as a backward may, I think out picture out there, because they're kind of both guards, lenses guard, but also isn't one of those guys who brings the ball up. Like he's, not the kind of point guard you we think of, like Chris Paul has the bodies yeah huge usage rate, laws like a move. The bar along I drew out is like a point. Our bodies, not lackeys, Ilene allows gardens nor guards items point our its banana defensively. How great is act backward it's one of them as to its one. It probably is the best defence of backward. The league right stay put. Those two was, I am launches, passing
with with Zion. That was my mind. The did you ever weaker. Feds are soak said but Davis my mind immediately went to like Lanthorns. I am in love I need to point out, I'm ready Ingram is actually. This is a nice situation for him because they don't have a scoring forward. He fits. I am there's like a week. Size thing where I still don't know what positioning ultimately is or what his sizes, but if he's the four Was I am that weirdly makes sense to me now they just need to get a ring protector right, more items like writing. I I kind of like Zion as a centre point centre yeah more than anything else, and I M glad you said points or because the more you watch ion and there's just these passes that he may she like. Who is this guy thick? Who is this guy to figure out the game? This way to be this site so, and you will agree that we should say because we said before nobody's hereby before you and I both things ion is special
in the beginning, the air- I wasn't sure Ghana, daddy with special and a lot of that was. He's done like I don't go to hide out, have time to go to high school stuff? Ok, yeah, what, I saw the Instagram stuff and then, of course I can my classic fashion. I be like what the hell is. All this like the dogs are sick, but can you actually play basketball and a lot of people felt that way they hadn't really seen them? and then you go wait a minute wait a minute like he still can't shoot, but I think I think he is specializing part of part of our joint excitement, maybe even more so with using the best situation singer for years, He really is that special. That means looking year to this team is winning gay. How are you one so think about this? One things have vertebrated ETA play us already. Yes, that's hard for me like diesel, I've seen it. I do well aid You need one more move because they need a rebound around protect your bet, I love about this was so fresh training a duke, and I really
I bear it, and I should bear, was in a bad situation where he's on this team. With this you know, comet an estimated needs the ball, and it was always a guy like a tug between those two. He could have made more shots which had known that, no matter how that he could have gone right a couple times. I still leggum. Bonds, oh and how they are. Both these guys damages really fun to play with and dont need the bother. And you can actually run the offense to resign and have like a bomb? good thing going on where it sound like his prayer with Chris BAR workers, ear Emily Data calmly, for though those guys I came, and I need to buy from a pink area leggy. That's why Ingram spit worries me a little because any like some of the best Ingram stuff we ve had is when he has the ball more. They mistreatment and memory was like playing point. It was actually kind of good ray. What could you flip on, though cassettes. The other thing I was thinking was there some there's some flip be flipper Ingram too, like Phoenix and do some stuff with that. If you just don't like this,
I would personally if he's healthy, and we don't know if he is. I would like to see him on this team, but I just really think this team is going to be fun to watch and if I if you can do for me the GM of GM job of any team in wages with the rosters. I would want this roster yoga. Yours said suffix, and now the subjects are like fourteen, that's really rough tabs, I always like when when stuff like this happens, but why do you think Ingram want to leave like he and designer both do guys to be like? Okay? Let me just recap here with guys aren't campus for like a few months separated by learning where the message separated by a few years I don't know that you know, I don't know if it's like those nineties teen that made a run to the final four. I have some possible trades for your for the fourth pick. Cuz I've decided to be more fun if the pelicans, this pact than if they use it. I assume that show her. The fourth pig is, it seemed areas garlon an ear.
Four, but was liable to your thing and then I'll jump at there's. Some cover there's some hunter. I'm not sure what the roster this team has on that sheriff. I neither another guard now. Making mistakes were yet now, because I knew this is gonna happen, plasters people that would say well with one so withdrew and this situation. You can't in areas garlic. You can't do that when you don't know how you roster fits we're, not even sure. If your plan fifteen, then then maybe Gryphus likes cholera just as much maybe Helen, maybe likes Coolby white better than dairies garland, but I would not draft- or I should say not not draft the guy that I like because the guard. I would seriously if it were me, and I therefore think alligators garland and exporters dress you take direst Carlito dairy scarlet, Billy, hey, you know what maybe I flip drew later on he's.
It's ok. I d their lawns o gets hurt again, maybe lawns or continues to miss every thing and then incertainty games. He somebody the Normans even guarding. So you know what all coming it's, it's barely five games or garland. I could be off on this, but the handle quickness shot making out of him needs more love. I agree with you. I wouldn't do the fourth peck, based on I'm trying to build this perfect roster I just really like Alonzo, I'm looking at a differently than you, I'm I'm all it online. Now, I'm I may be in the minority in that, but I'm lucky this leg. Gardai gotta have lawns, Oana have drew holiday, and this is my backward. I actually want to try to find a peace that fits with the team. I have cause. I really like this team, its like I'm, not looking at it? Like? I don't know fuck I'm doing what's because in that case I agree with you where, if you just adding,
assets and trying to figure out what you have down the road. That's a different game plan. I'm saying I should like this roster Iowa I'd want to try to craft this number for pick and try to figure out right away. If I could build something, that's cool. You disagree. What I'm all I'm all set like! I'm! Let me let me just rephrase it I'm open too any of your ideas regarding the fourth pay for somebody they can give them immediate help, but that guy usually not nearly a sexy as we want be- yes, there's a Jimmy Butler trade couple years ago, in the actual working average cargo, far better than you could have thought, but mainly Chris Middleton, a copy. A girl I'm in Riyadh with somebody was mention, is like an o. Could you could you flip a top five picked for him The only other time you really moving this pic for somebody who's establishes that it's a totally disastrous situation and the person disgruntled so who's who's. The happy that five six years in and I kind of, went through it. It's not. It's not easy to pull off, like whose somebody that a team, I wasn't rights, I've suitor.
Okay, we regarded like this. I have said we do that. If every time rather girl, like whatever some research doing me, hey, I want it. Oh I want Culver cause he's six five, six and no doubt in better whether even where I mistake, because agriculture in two three years have these guys are moving beyond the pelicans. I want a number for pack. I can't wait for this, I'm so excited. I fund trade number one just number for freight and tend to a later now know for her now for the Balkans, but you wouldn't want eight ten. Now I guess I'm gone down Jack. I dont have I'm with you after the third pic. I think this is a crapshoot who's, gonna, be the next good guy in this draft, and I think I might have a chance to get at eight and ten I may be able to get to, as that are as good as the guy. I can get a number for if it were five. Yes,
I'm just stand. Guy say you like. I saw you personally like Ireland, but deviate arisen, the eight ten I do because I think when it starts getting to five fish oh yeah. I watch how chimera right and you go. Ok, I see some of the problems, but what he's? Not even in the top ten more as a no but then there's times radio. How different? Is it really like easy just cause? You love and older You know, and then, when I watch Jackson be kid from Texas beginning, unlike at all now and then the war? I watched my go, wait a minute. You know what he's a big guy who rules is incredibly athletic. He does exactly who is right now, maybe a little soft, but ok, that's. That makes more sense. So yet it five. I would start thinking like Belgium, here twice arms and legs, you get eight and ten. You could end up with reticent, Reddish Anna huge more instead of Jericho, yeah right. So that's one
this one arts, Gordon Heyward, who says now fourth picked for John Brown was Celtics would say: no, I think they were too. Thank you. I just one further up on that. He's trades, are perfect averages long ago through his hard. It's really heartily tired, because that keep Erle gather foot number forty, the star. As in the Ringer MBA second like what star with what who they flipping number four for my mistakes, I know all the guys on the themes, here's another. What would you do so? We usually I'd have to get a protected first back along with the four however, this number four dominoes expiring, the Indiana from Miss Turner, number eighteen. See, I wouldn't do that either by their parents. I'm just saying neither the types of trades yet Turner N.
He's your center. I have a sharp lacquer is Turner's I and a great favourite terrible fit. I don't know I don't like the chain. I'm just answer that the fourth package, hills expiring for Clean Capella, seems a little too rich blue Lou little too rich for Houston. No firm New Orleans now see. I actually I hold this thought because we're coming back to this tumor, the fourth pick hills expiring in the two thousand and twenty one. Twenty two Lakers picked for Bradley Bill. And then on, the deck is now now we're goin. I we have established eyes so now it's like drew out a Bradley beer, Lazo, Zion and fridge, and, secondly, the small forward right
did the wizard did always think about that they hang up. Are they trying to do A contract- and there like he adds a young man. They too, I think Beale is going to be the distraction to how bad their situation is. As an organisation the West's yeah like dump on now. No I think they keep him long term. At least we have SK. I leave. We have the scotch sorry, don't look behind the curtain. I personally do not think the wizard shed bill, but add the machine shade last one: fourth Pickin hills, expiring, first even atoms in number twenty one Adams contract yeah we had and I would say, no four yeah. I Kenya Adams contract and I've. U like Stephen Atoms, but it's bad, just think what no one's gonna do with this. Finally, the six Mary Sports pundit, I'm afraid of you. Even Adams, New Zealand, ecologist,
about termite here's, my trade, this trade is so good. He's trading Stephen items, her mother fucker. What was that both of us? The as bad sign? Is you sorry, Chris slowly, not New Zealand? This is one of the best fake trades. I've ever come up with Now, for a trades, I know it's like I M eighty percent, their native sent there this I'm a hundred percent. There call this into the weak. New Orleans gets Clink Pella and the number ten pick the hawks get. The fourth pick, the rackets get the eighth pick in hills, expiring, who says? No. The rockets wanna get off compels money, I'm get I'm giving them and expand contract that they can flip percent the DAS and I'm giving them the eighth pick that allows them to get it the younger guy in there might be ready right away or trade asset that they can flip
Pella thing like where we were we now with him. You wanna talk about a Pekin Valley player it just a short amount. I like him. I thought I still live in TAT team that super weird. I hardly need to trade thing. I think, when off the rails and added that team, the more that Strickland super unhappy firmly January on behind the scenes, and it really come out till after the season yeah the card went that bp run. He went on with the usage rate in there and Chris Paul came back and was like playing the good soldier publicly, but was going what the fuck like this is gonna, be our office every game now, guys just gonna? Have them all require we're just gonna stand here. I think there's frustration watching were cursor girl case announce my possession. You just wait. You cause you're, not shooting Take it off now give you stand over. There need leg, just ignore it as seventeen Westbrook yet like what is this? Here's? What we're doing? like we have some of these high usage off the ball guys. Now they don't do anything. It's an auto aspect. It just accepted
The game was able man and then Gaza Billet boys, put so much autumn in the office will give you can also have like twenty possessions? Were you don't do anything if the frustrating was correct when carry was doing. That is a good idea if it is good, as our did you do this, you know like really good players. Would we get all the rest every now and then yet because, as I went to meet you get to rest like unrest in the he used to do that were ability, arrests and today I am and arrests than to the awesome. Let's forget what you will wait. You get their new, let's go to Barneys and pick up is for rest night. The worst is: when can we we know? Can we both play Basque Bahrain? Obviously the guy shoots forestry times than the fifth guy fifth time up. The car is like Hey you guys shoot this. One stand over here, did nothing from thirty four. The basket couldn't make it much harder for Yucas. My guy knows I'm that moving. I won't set a picture you I'll be over here. You take this one:
so there is always find the player that guy there a there's a bunch of different up games over Pickup game's over the years. There's one stories about tell him not to tell it now No just don't say that I do can't because again, because it's gonna turn into a thing. I can't, oh, my god, she's trust me, cuz I'll, tell you off the air and you're going to say you were smart to not tell that story. Okay, I'll tell a different one, though, based on what you were just talking about: Doug Gottlieb in Austin Basketball, player yeah, I mean the guy was top ten all time leading assist, he's just I mean when you're, that good and you're winning games the big, twelve and you're going to the tournament and, like you just you're, going to show up to pick up games and it's going to be automatic, like, oh, my god, but the knock on him cuz. It was true lucky he wasn't a good shooter and he couldn't have free throws. Anybody talked to him to is like man is the worst, because my conference was just shot like. I couldn't
I could make any shots so we're playing pick up one day it like the. Why in seventeen myriads peons campus, especially back, then what I didn't have a normal day thing. I would just basketball Heaven a gag the lunch pick. Games, realities, avoids, better, was unbelievable, so there's a bunch dues and got research bringing it up. It was at the forefront of first games. I play with them, so I don't know he was trail. Show me how good he wasn't like did. I know how good you are occupied in college. I watched you played in Kansas and he pulled up a Hitler, for five reason row, but no one ever touched a ball for like four five possessions and one of the other guys was life. Hey. You know, like rod, is run around out here and ducks decade owes a great shot some open- and I think I said, like a big twelve, that's a great shot,
nobody's picking you up or try to have a good time would be like no one's turning you and your Gottlieb is is a really good, I'm sure he's still a good player. Can you just one of those guys was really good athlete, but yes, it can as great as a hardened is as great as Westbrook has been at times when you, when you do that kind of stuff, everybody else is like I'm about to Doug Gottlieb has James harden there. You go Jamie Horowitz Horowitz was like that too cuz he played at Amherst name is one of those he's a shooting five straight times, but you kind of knew like the is to stay in the court, you don't mind having I guy like that, if you like to play by for three hours call me now and we will, when we play there, be the times play for an hour and a half already, I need, but you want to play another hour and a half. You don't have the stamina anywhere near like we should. We should get Chris Crystal just carry us to eighty percent of the you ain't. We just get some runs in and out. Those guys are fundamental,
I just want to want to play MBA Basque violated to gauge of those guess you have. You want to stay in the core. A gallop helps I've. Never played, or what's that bums me out. I would like to play probably again, oh here than with him he's. I hurried pretty good he's fun ease play? Refuges just you know, he's gotta how you separate yeah, there's Gaza unrelated hoops, but you could be the last time we're gonna play. I but food in your city was asked me about hoops and then somehow fighting came up and then he just looked at me. He goes. I think I could beat you up and he was serious. That's anybody like a cobra because look at my nose, I go yet looks like it's been busted up. If you tat, you see was like what do you think I go, I don't I go, I think use think it, and you said it and that's cool man is stone. Face like ten minutes before go alive on the show is that I really think I could beat you up the game. You like this dead panel,
what a tangent so neurons gets. Capellan ten, the hawks care for the rackets get eight nels expiring. Who says that website again, I was too busy thinking about to collating Jacobus Perkins end up with Capella. In ten hawks get for rackets, get aid the hell's expire. Now coadjutor aims are saying yes to that they're moving back six spots in their picking up a centre who actually might be exactly or talking about her desire, yeah. You know, I'm still lovers smaller Ball Zion Centre thing, I think that's gonna be the best version him in today's game, but if, over the course of eighty two games in certain play off me Perhaps you have a big capella to run around with them to either pelicans would say. Yes, the hawk, say we're not do dainty Baudouin seventeen neurons wooden. Both capellan seventeen and at ten, I think, I'd need the ten right. It feels like it's kind of like for me. One two, four and five are like fourteen fifteen, like that, I feel a bit
missing out than theirs. Wasn't me couple upset, so maybe I think one my variation. Ok, it's hard on. You need a pen hawks get four hurt. It doesn't go anywhere rather alarmed hawks for rackets, get eaten hills, expiring nuance: gets capellan heard her instead of the tent. Can a maxim immediately. We were, the latter would be, they would sell the franchise now. No one would ever shall artisan tradable I've taken break up I wanted to mention, Glenn alive on Twitter showed she can watch on Twitter on the hashtag big lit alive or at Ringer Amanda Dobbins mean at times for me, his pen and their breaking a downright after big little eyes. Every week is prevented, that is, it is presented.
By Buick and its awesome and speaking of Mina, you can check out her past its produce bays pan. It's called the Mina Kimes show with Lenny check it out subscribe to that one as well, and speaking, of pack ass, you do not listen a ringer dish. Things are really heating up over their tea time. Jam session celebrity deep dives. My daughter's threatened to do another four realises that standing, really fun pad and us of you? I wanna hear people told what the? U S open, go to fair way, rolling with Joe has presented by the rigour dot com. At our Callaway, you buried the leave Kyler very Rollin Joe has reacting to a pretty awesome. U S open where Brooks captcha so close! So close, I was firm, a postscript so, in a way that is on the Ringer pack has now check it out, go to the ring it. I've come to read about the draft and other stuff. We have this way too
back then, but I pro New Orleans, keeping the four pack, because, as we just did, the exercise I'm not sure. There's a trade unless Atlanta gets excited about trading in ten new format Lana by the way, our rather keep eight ten and this draft. I will. What are they trading up for number four, unless you love cover- and you think that this is the guy to put next a triumphant next twelve years, if the like, really love cover to give up eight and ten eighteen, seventeen that can do a lot if they love Culver, then their figured it such like. Oh, my god, they think about their. So many different versions of the way teams are look at their boards yet, and we can do this consensus thing. That's how mocked rascal, weirdly influences old thing, especially fan base, is where, if a guy you sought nine go. Sixth in your team, spick and sixty goes
Oh my god, I can't believe we did this and you go. I don't know man specially this. You like, I don't think, there's not much difference, but would you do for and saw him and he'll for Tj Warren and Josh Jackson? No, I would not I'm worried about Josh Jackson me to take TJ. Warren is better statistically than I think you realize, but I also think some of that situation with a bad team, and would you do for for six and Josh Jackson, explorer and Josh Jackson change of scenery put him in a place like New Orleans, he'll be fine. How many times have we allow jack again? I was just like that. That's one of the rules. You'd have to have as GM, but you know I can't do just as somebody What's a guy high think I have a chance and it's funny cuz everybody that goes in, like the top ten go play more minutes their second year than their first year cuz. It's like the teams trying to figure out if they fucked it up and then they like, we did and then somebody always
For that guy, we're always agree on this. I like betting, I'm I lottery pigs because I think history says change of scenery with them. It's actually more favourable than unfair, Could you you're gonna have that the the dark, Darko Markka Fultz trades, where you just know going in that its assent cost and it's like he can't help it. You take a fire, but I think like like fifty forget it. I then Chauncey Bill ups type, guys those guys for the most part. If you Betty and the pedigree see now Allah depots another on right, even second picking the draft got traded twice was Iraq situation on two teams than the right team traded for him. I don't mind trading for the pedigree. I don't think Josh Jackson is a pedigree guy, though I will say that how should the Lakers handle their two thousand and twenty roster here here. This is this is so are we gonna have not talked about this we're aligned without even knowing where you stand, I'm just guess who Marilla, I think
like Campbell walk around the same would be absurd and idiotic. That's it equally. Would I wouldn't do? Is the third star who gets to stand is the broad davis- are running like a two men game. They need to actually get a couple good qualified starters, who can who know how to be real guys like what base goes with the rockets they when they got Pj Tucker a couple years ago. They need to find their Pj Tucker's. They need to find the Brook Lopez. Malcolm Broad, then, like those type, a guy's, that's where I would spend the money. I will try to get two guys better in that come. Broadening kind of level versus trying to hit a homerun with the third star. I don't that doesn't make sense to me. What do you think but you're not really probably getting thirstier a twenty three minute, but anyway I give Cairo was ok, guys, I'm common I'll, take a little less everything. That is it.
Make them better to have a guy who needs a bond as it played defence. That's a good thing. Ok, I went into this yet believing everything you just said I go, they need a flat. They need to spread this money out death because they are right now, Anthony Davis, James Davis, James Kuchma, Bognor and Banja and we'd even talk about, here. That's that's brutal. We should mention that Davis is. And you get a giant extension to so their immunity jewish and where a year from now, they have no chance of ever getting anybody whose even close to MAX this might be the only time they even have a chance to offer somebody twenty million dollars again fur three or stay so say I spent three hours on this today not suppressed, and I'm
I was hesitant to give you homework. Assignments know, I know, but I'm glad you did here because it was necessary for this, because there was a couple people that I was going back and forth with the thought the stream was terrible for the Lakers. I talk to somebody else that was like you know. What do you supposed to do? You feel, like a teams, always make a mistake when it's like the link to link as we sit at the beginning, the podcast like he needed a win. He needed to do something differently and by the way, how about magic, congratulating everybody and then sing the rest of the front office and then everybody had said you left out Polenka that he adds in applying a tweet incredible stuff. After calling on the back stabber a national television, you left him out cause. He call him back stabber, you believed it and then because there, but whose calling you want it you're, like I'll, throw plank of bone to had or or was magic, actually giving himself credit for the assets and all the stuff that they had here to get the steel door. Magic psych if it wasn't for me creating a complete shitstorm,
Anna and humiliating the franchise and embracing at the fact that the people thought wasn't working hard when I wasn't destroyed, couldn't happened. How do you send out? So let's do let's use the twenty seven million dollar number somewhere around there, so generous How do you do in the middle right is Zog his let's say it's. I don't know, I don't know it's gonna be thou and maybe the twenty three is unequal Bobby marks or sand. That was gonna, be like twenty three this this week and the stuff sought on. I don't what's gonna happen, arts lets, you say it's those five player She tried to figure out how to get the like, eight or nine, and so I thought
I actually yeah describing camera doesn't make a ton of sense, even though I don't like Ball Dominic guards, I think Campbell was ball dominant because that foreigners roster was brutal, and when you look at some of us and chaos, he had this in the piece on the rigour and was really smart was that over the last four years, spot of shooting from three has been really really good. So it tells you that he can still make shots. You those need the Bali entirely I personally think if they were going to splurge on the third guy, that guy needs to be a really good two way player. I love Bosch. If you're, if you're going all offensive that there guy your team's going to be a trainwreck defensively Kyrie, I wouldn't want cuz. I wouldn't want the Kyrie thing like it's really easy to make up with somebody living with him yet and this whole thing that he'll abroad or on the same page, I guarantee, I would bet a lot of money Kyrie, ended up on the Lakers within a year would be saying this. We be here in the same shit. Yeah, oh, wait a minute like all the stuff. You were unhappy about it. You just give me unhappy about it again: cuz you're back together, like everybody, can sit there and play nice when you're on
the coasts MIT. So now, when I started running through all the different players- veteran men- guys other guy like if you are trying to spread out the money but down of which the pacer she may ten and a half. How much is he gonna go It's gotta be about about Palmdale, Sap, Milk is I'm very tired and I'm sure I'll bet it's for damper side, not mouse, yeah baby, they ve got a decline decline in that. So then what have mishaps? Like our comfort, twelve EU, I want to win a title. Grab that right: ok, Bolivia, glue, guy, wouldn't look the term budget erratic. He just made twelve d pay J J ten. After what we saw in the play us from him, and you think like ok, that's one of our fourth guys like we're about Patrick, barely liquors Beverly really get a sign for five million, but you can get it some guy. So now is lad, Beverly Pencil, then, as a ten million dog, I I don't think that's crazy, a spy She would all these teams have this model where they will have. The league has a lot of cap. Space would say Beverly for ten LINEAR
three hour so already thirty million for three four patch Beverly. Would cinema? Ok right? So, let's eager you got million left Like somebody I was reading another thing today and again, this is all over the place but like what think dainty Greenwood costs. Now he just went you just made ten million this past year. It looked like things were probably done for him, and now you tell me he's gonna make like fifteen there's no way. I would spend fifteen million undine greatly gain talk about wanting shooters Find somebody cheaper Emma. I can't give you fifteen, I think, he's looking at five or six persons, five or six millennia, so its goods give them let's have a this Beverly and Green combined for sixteen million year using AIDS, to be five or six well, maybe he takes it. He says he wants, keep winning their or,
It's what you deal. He doesn't care right, then, the cousin stuff of our boogie cousins, I'd, wait until everybody signed and go to the worst team and take twenty shots. Again. That's how I get my value back. Forget this going to try to win somewhere. Is it showed them look? He was hurt thing terrible ass, just made ten and a half in a word, the Moors twins get aside for: that's gonna, be over ten million. Isn't it so I so that's another one that I think happens because the Morris's Marcus Morris's represented by clutch. Now, here's par the problem. This were listing a lot of forwards like mill a forward both Morris's or forwards leubronn in the Davis number forwards, but they still need like Maybe they maybe they don't need a maybe just dump the rim protector and Davis Hest by Centre, which he says he's never wanted to play centre zones that are grudgingly what about neurons.
It sets a thing it's like neurons. Now it's like started makes him, since these are the two major player option, so they tell him hey opt out of that. Will get you two point five here for one year, what about Trevor Risa arises: fifty million. We thought he gave you the last before anybody had done. Ok, but if he's done That means you still get a wing out there. The complete sixty games self, a thirty minutes, a game, he's fifteen million last year somewhere to make this year. Seth curry he's a free agent just made under three like set so now, you're gonna say I would rather do that. The in my mind I don't go in fact
you know, I don't know your names in the numbers in my mind, I would rather dabble in that Patrick Beverley, Seth, Curry, Danny Green, I'm thinking that way with the extra money. I want to get like five guys and if I end up with for fine, but I need to get seven guys right now. I have three inclusive. Is my third sorry who's? Not that good he's fine. Do they go to pulp and say: hey we really her job. We made too much money itself, but when they got here is where we need you to do what they got: Marcus, Boris, Beverly, Danny Green, and then somebody they just look out. I'm like with what Portland did last year is South Korea in those year for, like just and how the modern age. What non guaranteed have adjusted hardy. Analyze Gamewell cognisance gone. Oh women, that's an unholy! Ah
dost thou. They, the guy, isn't guy orientated Avis, chinese hygiene to give drug addiction. Worst case scenario is if they go twenty million on somebody who's that Campbell Walker, but is like the next level down they d get But the actual Russell connection, as if they're gonna drop twenty seven million on that guidest first year, a new deal after that gave him away. Don't like that, the people there workers we're getting. I was re, never have. I was what I was reading, all the different, their marriage and stuff, and there it was like a you know: they bring him back. Then I real dangers of some of these numbers. I can imagine rivers but I don't mind it known at EU level. Yeah. I think that's I think this. Thinking that way? Now here's the catch this tree. Disorganizations Ban, fucking, unequivocal train wreck train wreck. Least carpenter owners. Reed had all decade a front office.
Last year, sign the bride and then surrounded him with a bunch of bozos. I mean What are they got? One for seven with other signings? Why? Why should I trust it to do the right thing. This time. I think they just think like big names, star power, which is why you know I could see them do like Tobias Harris, Sir all those taper guys in and just China lockdown were more star and then thinking they can get all these minimum salary? Guess I'll go the other a team. I have to ask some guys: put a team around them, so I would love to say, use that twenty five million and then you can use your room exception where they wouldn't have the room exception. Depending on how to solve. Worked out in the timeline of the trade, and then you have the veteran minimum numbers where you know you looking at like one and one slash two to two million depending on five more years in the league, I don't trust Pelinka to be able to fill out the rest of the roster. What those guys did last year
Africa is laughable. In the moment, everybody there are so many times of the mob, candy wrong. The mob nailed like what are they doing, Yeah, I'm telling you I now for all of the stuff like Lebruns Boy Braun like Rhonda. We all want to play with them. You know the bronze like cousins. I don't really get it. Ok, but plenty of people, obviously like cousins, were people freaked out that he went there. Leubronn and I ain't clutch to some extent, were watching all those signings last summer going what them fuck is going on when the magic goes on summer league and explains it said: people think the legs about shooting after we had their whole speech, they wanted exhibit tough. They want it that about shooting that would go in the tunnel like job after a loss if they so well, but this does Rhonda come back. Could you have Rondonia Anthony Davis, really clicked in New Orleans two seasons? Again, it seemed like random and the Brown got along he's always liked Rondeau man, but did you see Rhonda come back for lag when you're a million. I personally would rather Beverly
I rather early, is especially on this kind of team. I did they need some junkyard yard dog ass, any one of them I'd rather my guys that are fighters fight the opponent, then everyone on my team and the coach will run did at the end of the year. Then he turns out that it's all oh yeah, I forgot about idea taking down back. Oh, you do sit down, and then you get pissed at the media for covering an acting like we're, the bad guys when it's like. Now, you go out of your way to show up people because you're, smarter than everybody So I don't know why Rhonda would come back, but when my name for the till it rocks Beggar woman aim for easy qualifying offer anyway, but I didn't I tell you like just how they I name for the twenty two we mention camper. We did mention, Drab Co. Often I didn't even write his name down. I saw. How could you get for twenty year, Jericho. Yet twenty we do. You want the full twenty three If he just as agents would go, that was not planned to rub. Co regulation dropped her tears. I things
I dont know what it is about this summer, but there's like a lotta randalls that I really like this year do I would really I allowed in I I go, but ok prepared that, although only where it is more like it is, could be a seventh guy in esteem and contribute. Might be more than that do maybe he met either forth this guy as it stands right now. That's why the biggest thing is a little out of control, but it's the hype. It's the vaguest, the Lakers influence on that whole thanks. Just to say blindly up, that's the team there, the favourite we have. It had. The draft we haven't even done free agency, so the whole lakers of the favourite remained the favourite the whole way through. Can we see how the next few weeks to go before we're ready to join all that stuff so having gone through this man the exercise bill. My answer would be pay one of the other guys the MAX money? Where are you Joe. I let them. I started on your path as and then, as I did, the exercise. What's the difference, why am I can I really got to be able to get Morris, Beverly, Seth, Curry and Austin Rivers for two,
five million. Am I really to be able to do that with all this caps space, one, those guys gonna going to getting way more money every Bradley, another name, but we ve watched him. He didn't like look he's gonna end up problem making more than ten million and that first year, if he does short deal. Or maybe not- I don't know- I mean this- thus always can itself with all these teams. I think I'd rather actually go the old school rout and max it out and then get ready for mellow read but serious, enjoying wait. Wait, wait! Wait wait here ways, can do another dvd yeah imagined deleted scenes? Peter instead of a Jersey exchange, everyone around the leads us to give the Jersey by Finland in the past year. His apologies absurd. It is not ridiculous, though, to suggest that Mellow becomes a veteran minimum guy. This team. It's going to be so hard for them to figure out the restless rosters. Your approach makes sense. I don't trust, I pull it off and it's it's just. I think it's hard.
Get the right guys there. A lot of you know if if this was the clippers organization, as I think they ve been really smart? I really like the ladder, the stunted than the last year's view. If I had that front office with this, I would feel so much better about the Davis Trade and other picks have given up. I just think this is really high degree of difficulty now and it's really hard to do this. When you just don't have a lot of calves basin, you need five guess, that's why I'm glad I got the summer design because I think it would have fallen into line. Look adventure. I would have looked at all up and all that stuff. I really think of you are in charge of this you get a bill, the rest of this roster with these limited funds and you going to make it fit basketball wise to, although you know guys, probably eight nine and ten you're going to go. Look at this guy's got a pulsing and play thirty minutes in any given night he's going to I'm going to give him whatever I can give him, but if you there's fan or you're doing. Lakers Brok has just gonna, like other figured out, though just figured out you go. Try to do it. It's so hard same thing with
seven deepened go. I love that t same thing with the other. Pelican should move the fourth pick for another for another good parents. I gotta go through other rosters back. If we just listed all the possibilities, I think we, I think we ve hit other Davis angles. We didn't talk about he's, not and oh by the way. Oh, I know we didn't talk about at just the right now, it's service. This is this is done. We didn't talk about. I guess metaphor. Next summer has again Tweet Howard. Yeah right, went the Lakers and then ended up in Houston feels impossible, but I think I wouldn't talk about the clutch part of this I'd. Look, I'm just trying to be objective. How about you gettin quoted sandwich bullshit been fired. That sports illustrated pc. I just want to know when I said that I don't we were you ever saying- that idea of pressure
Member of the things I have said on a pike s. Will that be a lot because you ve done a lot of vodka sledges? First of all, This is recent. This is recent, as this is what we are talking about in context. They might have said something in one part about have this completely backfires would change agents. Would you just think late? This experience went badly for me, I I want try somebody else you Haiti is the horse willing. I've never said that in some is a key area like high I don't know I was here when I read an article which was great for rich ball and clutched. It was ass. If Miss Baker moves Kelly made this happen. The problem is he gutted the team of every future as if they had to get this dream to their own place. So I don't know how that's a good thing. I mean, I guess congratulations. You did it. You got Anthony Davis. Add a new Orleans here. Those guys care about. While they get everybody in thirty days for the next day, he doesn't care about the future packs Lebron James
It is clear that gives a shit. What happens in two thousand to a future pick soon give a shit about current picks. Yeah. You think he cares. He did this. The Cleveland they traded others for some pics. They won the title and he was like great. That was awesome, but they traded five first round picks and three years basically, and they got stuck with Tristan Thompson's contract J, Jerry Smith's contract Kevin loves contract like there, the wreckage left behind. Nobody cares because they, when the title and that's the mindset here when the Tyrol, nobody will care. My point is that may now in the title and then people care now we dimension how wide open and is this is probably go back to two thousand and nine the year after the Lakers when their first title, we
and we went into that next season and I really didn't know who's going to win the title, and you could have told me seven, eight hundred and nineteen- and you could have told me, Orlando. They got Vince Carter heading into that season. Celtics had kg bag, the Lakers Chicago see my they were the team in the future. There is aid, but nobody knew by the way joke him. Noah minimum deal the later Is that a good one year? I am on my list. It just seems up in the air its we ve had this at this. Five year, worse dynasty, where they ve been the de facto hands down favorite. Every year we had the four years in Miami where they ve been the de facto hands our favorite. Every year, two thousand Cleveland was another when thou is that that last leubronn here I think that was the last time. It's been this influx, where you probably have ten teams in the way that they too have a chance exempt Denver and my eyes are fifteen one. When the title I'd be like with fac, we have cap space, get like one other, really good. Guy, like we were good. Last year, we have
top seven guy. But if you go through. I mean you can argue ten to twelve teams have a legitimate shot at making the finals this year just go through them. Lakers Buck's clippers, assuming they get Kawhi golden state. If they're like a six seed and star guys back it's not like insane I'd semi insane, but it's an insane at the start of the infrastructure, Yeah, you have been defined insane. One from now. These teams are in the final law. Things like it would be a remarkable story for gas day. It's an invitation, Sane Houston, Philly, Toronto. That's the Houston! Think rather like let's blow this up to it, Celtics? I I love. The nuggets are twenty two one? There are fifteen when it Caesar's, but I'd that's that's me is like the sleeping giant of these longshot. Ok, see still kind of waiting for the lady just keep coming back.
For them and then pour Lenin Outta Solana, teams in Utah, I keep hearing they're gonna make a run a rustle and we looked up the calves space and there they probably have to move a contract. Before that happens, I think, they're are very aware. They need the second score then pour the neck. I just kind of like their assets because it feels like you, don't necessarily be nurtured and collins, and they have some sort of trade to make them Turner. Ethics in expire in this year and it seems that they can make there's a move for them to make if they wanted it so wide open. I like, when the whigs wide open, yeah. It's always kind of those things where you go in all people complain about it. Thing over and over again people get matters dynasties than I thought a lot of time to the Hague, just don't like Basque, while you just we tat, he asked you to sit and said they hate does not appear
and I love you matter- would be spelt very wrong, but I don't think this is a second it somehow it it'll be the flag of slatted. It's never been at the top, but let's, let's see how the next few weeks ago we know. Are. There are things that are going to happen that none of us in this area the irate us, I don't feel like tea. I feel like a lotta teams could sit in a room all day Peggy on the GM here, the assistant Gm Kyle's, our direct ways. Guy your second, not I'm. Just doing a whole. Do in Africa, cause you're right, you're scaring carry my wife is walks in sheep, majority owner like we have like our brain trust, steamroller overly and we're just type of everyday, better team and, at some point, let's say we're running the subjects and we started
ourselves into you know what why not us would have Tatum makes leap. We bring Horford back. We get some stopgap point guard for some offense defence jailing goes up, Heyward is back with Hayward AIDS back he's. I get a free agent why couldn't we win these, and I think there's going to be like eight teams that are just wired that way that are just looking at the light. Gone. Where one move away, we could be Toronto. The share not the quite operation guy. You know you're renting a four year, but just like a move, that's usually them, dangerous thing. You can do tat gray off into something you are. I one million presided gray. If we're just doing this Celtics thing that I'm sure people are shocked at took this long First Rhode Island sought by the I don't either, but I can't wait to see them without carry, and I'm not saying it's because there is really good deal. That was a game, a few possessions away ever plainly and beef
is that all thing is overrated like that's it that's where you actually officially ended game. Seventy cigars, I have to say that that's gonna, who you are, I think, when the jets may be easy title game two years in a row and you like. Are they really this kind of team and then they wore, but they were in that sector as twelve celtics when they may almost made the fire yeah right and it was I give their gross- does heard that year. There are perfectly now show linking when When I think about that Celtic seem you go, I want to see them without them, because what they that's all I'm saying I just want to see those guys about Perry, and you buy legally MIKE you tat say we have chance, get the angel, Russia we gotta get rid of favours is contracted to expire. Expiring, for paying he's he's done done because of his. Your left! It said in the on the spot, eldest on spot track, yeah, ok, mom, so, but they want to get rid of that. They pay a first render to somebody to get rid of the contract and they make a run at symbolic. Russell wrestle
There are no its not guaranteed. Also they could make the run a rustle. I was right. We're gonna rabbit either way of day if they talked themselves into trying to get some day like that, with the case being we get one more score. We can make the finals it's that insane in the browser like if we get a. Why Leonard, because only bad Beverly. We can make the files I dont think any of this stuff. This is this is why it should be and this is why so many should do something stupid. Maybe this is why somebody should do something stupid and, like I said before, like this Lakers thing, I'm for I don't like the price I dont know how to link allowed it to get to this point. By a sure. There's a moment were gryphus somewhere or New Orleans may be celebrated by himself laughing, but even Anthony Davis there. Now before I'm to just cart, you know start pony you, the the favourite like. What's, Let us see what the hell is this happening angry and like it
might the nuggets. What say they signed to buy his hair essential? I first just added him for their team, which normally I wouldn't like wherever this can cause, but for Denver who they better do it now, because they get a real Murray. Like that's the thing I don't like about this league like hey, let's go signed somebody for something we don't necessarily want to do because the schedule of a rookie contracts Are they kick in? We have to do it this way like this. They make it too complicated for people they did. He find ember. I want or reliable score who pays for it. My Andrew mom, I'm Jabbar Mary, who is a most of the time LAB and not a hundred percent, and I need a third guy that I can count on who can get points. That's wherever they live clearly that you traded him. Did you trade because you knew of his divisive? You guys are you're like a while. You know he's all right, but I know I can do better. Yeah how'd, you do better by Cooper, showed that if you,
actually run plays for him and put him in pink roses of. He could actually be real good. Or they get rid of him knowing well again, quite anyone I'm gonna a break. Is I wonder if we have a couple other Katy related things to talk, let's take a breakdown by luminary. If you're me, we and pack has fan like all the people involved in this pact. S friend, I hope you check it out. Rewatchables one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine or we break down some of our favorite movies from nineteen. Ninety nine and we've done a whole bunch of good ones, including, and we did office space this month with them cruel intentions. We did the sixth sense, and this week the matrix yeah, the matrix, the matrix. That's come in this week and the relaunch of US nineteen, ninety nine luminary,
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That's happened it anyway, backed by so Katy the necks, my argued is that the next should absolutely sand. Katy anyway agreed throw away next year. You take our J, bear it You have one more year a year in somewhere in the top seven, with a draft pick and then a summer Now you have a healthy gay. You have our J bear it you have whoever you're getting two thousand and twenty you Kevin Knox and space for took four to max gas and you're the New York and you're. Getting too, back was atop fifteen all time, guy like it arrived the second guys, the MAX lot to go around you mean right, I think They would then have a slot of India million locks laughed. You view, sank. Eighty four thirty and then you have. I guess the latter picks out, get you up to fifty, but you still have like sixty million dollars in cash space.
Kay. I agree, I would just go and do it now fear Katy? Would you do if you like good, say the next to the idea that date says will give you four for the max. We still want to build around. You will give you the best doctors and we just want to make a bet that you're a guy. I asked what about this on Friday and on the way from the question was dizzy, injury help gold states, chances retaining Durrant, Nay said yes, and I grew you know about them. I don't know. I don't like doing the percentage stuff I hate when I go on, shows like give me a percentage or I'll even better, when somebody's heart be like what percentage you think so and so will be at. But I don't fucking know his roommate. Have you Did you hear the stuff gone around last week, though, that there was carrying Katy? Is the package deal in Britain why? Well, there is, there are still floating around last week. Ok, though, after Katy get hurt,
Harry was going there and then Katy was gonna, be the other when it was Brooklyn, not the next hour. Long of his ego is like it was Bosnia along and Godfather, whose then that's all it wasn't. Oh no! It's at the tag me as a pimp. You never could have fought, as if ifs and seen it was barzini a lock, spacey, the next Worth Italia. And it was Katy inquiry going to Brooklyn. But then, when Katy got hurt, broken cycle were not do and that now that was gone round Leslie. Are we idiots fur billowy Donna aggregator, I'm just saying, was gone around lender, and that was why, in that, the the change from that point Add to that little. Is that that's when maybe Boston thought they had all hail Mary approaches, hundreds or set. So then, that's why Boston was in on eighty, because it we're not just signing eighty when giving up assets for Kate Brady were giving up assets to have carrying aid.
You know, and now, everybody's happy and like that was always another problem with what Boston did or did really offer as it they couldn't strip it down for an Anthony Davis, not just cause The rental, because then they would have had in this packed this upcoming year have to prove to him how great of a team that was, and they were successful. They can compete they got rid of all the pieces round of is like hey cool your boss and by yourself half time pizza depend the time of day order right so ah she just say that Kyrie ruin their plants now carry ruin their plans, unlike most of levels, carry Cairo demolished something that they spent four to five years building, you can lose out. Much blame you want. Do you want to actually give him as a player as it the person as like the best plan, a team as a team aid, other stuff. I am not even talking about that. I'm just saying this: was it
and ass, you can remove all of yes thing, I'm removing other baggage, I'm just saying I'm just talking about assets. Only this was agenda stack that they built for five years, leading to they have been Davis here and Kyrie piece of the Jenga stack fell out and the building crumbled and and the Jenga game was over. That, despite up you're, totally right gate, so if we add up all of our little pieces here so there, was Durrant inquiry and they were going to Brooklyn three was that the less seem feasible. You out me seems totally these get bitten because I've got like bossing, I re energised a little bit about the entity Davis Thing Gang. I think it was because is there more uncertainty about, will carry to do, and then banking on the Lakers Pelicans thing is so ugly. We might actually be able sweeping here. Yeah right now fell at the eighty things over ok and animals are robust anymore, either mean arm.
Let's put carry no no wait about swing back to Katy, what are you that's what I'm so this is. One of the oars point is that I remember slippers. Necks gnats warriors. The warriors. If they say to him here's the five full year. We feel bad rehab. Here, here's the five four year. We feel bad retired, Yeah we don't have any beer, two minutes limit and then play U12 at one slash four to one slash two minutes and your Achilles blew up I have no idea what to expect next, because then, if your signing, these guys imagined like like look I'll finish gotten the files and then you gonna have sixty plus million sit on the bench. I will now be the clay extension, so I'm exaggerating a little bit there and we both think wise going back to the worst yeah yeah. I think the only thing was with some posturing about the five year thing: cuz, it's kind of Cambodia, like him already set out secular at last, like when you go to combine you go head, it's really good! That's awesome! He made all NBA
is there any way you can not do five years in two hundred and twenty one county in because you know what's more than one hundred and forty four years for one hundred and forty Kemba. If the five years, one hundred and ninety, we can give you it was your ego such that, if we don't five to twenty one. You would turn down the extra year, but the fifty million when you're thirty years old, crack of the rat. At this point this gets back. Some that you are really good on last week, is the one. The one phenomenon like do real another one on one. The one want you. I should say that way. The one on one contracts is, their version of this were Durrant. Goes you know what I'll take that five years I'll take all the extra money and I'll wait. This thing out, I got awaited out anyway, so why would I say with a new team, The time of the new team gnawing away at the whole year, and why come here will see Whereat and twenty twenty see where the Knicks Rat, what you gonna be like. One one crucial thing has been removed, ram which is- and I think was one
things driving him wanted to leave was leg. He couldn't. With guns day it was a day or two and five, titles around they like you sold out. You went to the EU, went through this team that was stacked Papa. Like well will now many going to go here and here going always matter there. We managed to him, I read it did now he can stay. That's your true worrier. You sacrifice your body. We saw what happened when the tv didn't have you. They were in the championship. Teams, look Scott Brosius, two hundred and ninety eight, a real, a real yankee. It's not a sellout move, you to stay there. Now It's actually like a few good story, because you and clay coming back from injury curries now in his early thirties. Theirs, Oh no Shelly modern everybody loves Katy again, so he actually could go back. My question as I did Williams thing I thought was. I said this. The other night was a real red flag. He went that hard at them for how they handle this. The exact same thing I said in my pocket, yet here I said it's
because he's in the group, and that means that that's how they feel of Ghana and right yeah casual, Out of jail, I was writing that party pack. His words came back, a little band was I now you know that Jays, his own guy, and he says that the doings as part of their camp, he's so he's on guy, but is also, if you were that forceful in basically saying was misdiagnose, there's a lack of trust well above the law. And he's doing the board room with climate and ran his part of an espionage thing that he's not that's not coming out of nowhere I'm I'm with, would soon, as I heard about it, a lot of it would be like when other she was gone down me with his pen into doesn't fourteen, if Ellen came out and just very forcefully, like attacked ESPN for nine different things. That was clearly leg things I had told him people. I woe that but that's what the J waves thing felt like to me. So you, during your case from jail in me. Why at that point I probably now it down, and now it's a tacit.
Hello by the J J Waves is to close the caddy fer to just come out and attack the words like that not attack, but he was right. He was right I mean he, really felt strongly about what he was saying didn't seem like it was coming out of nowhere yeah, that's why No we're just sit here, chopping it up by all stuff, like he's real warriors on they all that could be completely irrelevant as well to so If, however, we were already had percent chance of warriors keeping him or five percent, did it go from five to ten to fifteen? Ok, fine is, if anything, it's fifty fifty but there's a version of this right could see without what happened, but I think the Jay Williams stuff was really revealing. Its did not seem. Coincidental, however maybe, if you signed with the necks and can't walk until a leg EDA September October, he just come into the games like work. When you know casual fan, clause
of white sugar, giving our Jay Bird hit by his son is a here is our new frigidity catwalk we did has put think how hard it is. Do you guys in creating yeah look element as you will it? So that's why you do it? That's what you should do it I'd still do it. If I were Brooklyn, you know I don't think like a year from now. I have one of the best seven guys in the league. I had to pay a tax and it's not like he has a Skillstat, where you are all I know is I could be able to go faster, but anymore he's going to shoot the rest of his life he's going to let you know the Achilles thing it sucks, but Follow up on the amount is worried about it. I would I would given the max, because I know you don't I can spend. I could also give a hunter forty million a camera. I give a hundred and forty million to devise errors or had can you know, pay Durrant more? I don't care
right, I'm going! You really start thinking about, like somebody's gonna, give G Angelo twenty seven million. Ok I'll, give Durrant thirty Watch games free here, what forefront! so in the Celtic signed the read through the MAX. I ask you to answer this question with a word on talking about I'm sure if, three years ago, everybody in Fuckin Beantown wanted a parade for coming in second during the Hamptons meetings here, why is it that when Durrant and everybody thought he was gone, why was the Durrant? There was no chance, he was ever like. It was never ever in the midst of grit in Abkhazia, this cab spaces, partly Billig. Why why, when they figure out some other way to do it wise it never brought up. If it was so close to happening three years ago, then add the calf space, but ironically of carry leaves and whoever it pops out. They were at the cap space. Do you think I might add wives and tickets available for people who want to go with us? We heard about five gives you are looming. Let me know What are you gonna get it on that you by a partial,
package it, but I'm not gonna. Do I'm not gonna ask do you think I read dumped on Bosnia Durrant as we know it did so tied to this Katy question and a couple of stairs I didn't want to list other western to male desperadoes more than three, if Katy did in playing game five in the raptors, just one the financing gave five. Katy, Dissemblers Achilles, quite Thompson, never blows, as is Asia. TAT Thou one of the great whatever decade of Katy says that can be ready for game five, but if we can get to again six on Thursday? That's three more days I may be able to play, but they losing game. Five. So? What are you asking me here, you're asking me on sand obsolescence. Hilarious has happened by him playing and gave five the Katy
injury and then the clay tops at a jury in that completely change the course of history for the warriors. Maybe this is a limitation I haven't. My brain doesn't work that way. I don't go your way out of the wet. If Jane I dont know, I am not saying that what avant may had died, ah because it would have serious from Marvel, can remember that real recount we're gonna call got it. I can't believe kowtow to carry on down there. I inferred, I know what you yeah, he doesn't get out, get out as a member of the catechism plaguing five, I just can't blame clays injury on Katy, even though I get how you got so that all point on that plane Katy and blaming, but he came back rightly never gets hurt space time continuum for outside indoors author universe. Here you, don't you don't dabble in the would have slightly doors. No, I when you used to do that would suffer Grantline when you, as did, I think, he's all right. What if, but
what it. What would happen like Durrant would leave clay would resign and they would have both guards and they still be pretty green. The hold the rent narrative is totally different. You quit, the team, you, we came back. There's all that she had started to theirs is like all these fuckin doors are open up down? I'm down with all that, I feel I can let you down right. Have you have you heard? Have you heard the rumour? It's been discussed them that I'm that introducing it here in the package cause it's been floating around. TAT Katy had a partial achilles tear, not a calf muscle entry. Not you have. I dont think it's true. I do wonder why the ice pack was always so low in the foot had already there and I'm the its net. It's never been adequately explained to me, even when he was greeting people in game three after the game is big thing in the internet- there's like. Why is the ice pack so low and it's like yeah? Why is the ice pack so low? It's ever been explained.
I do I come out if there was an Achilles injure. I I saw you know looking at it again when he went down against Houston, wisely pinching, the bottom of his Achilles thin. Like wisely pinching that wiser s back always down there. The other theory that I I'm not saying there was partial, but the theory being that if it were that somebody could assume hey it's gonna blow anyway, at some point, so the other area of its. If its torn now partially it's going to tear completely have to tear it, omitted the so what just go ahead and play, but then what they all do, whole thing where they're like okay, we're going to lie to everybody and then she'll. If you look at that, rumor is true that we'll get out at some point. The case against this is too many people would have had to know it would have come out already yeah. I don't think it's true. I think he had a very bad calf tear. I think he tried to play. I think they didn't factor in the whole killer.
Out of it and it's got out, I'm sure, there's some doctor. That would agree that if their actually is just the calf tear and re having it and baby in all the different things you're doing on that leg and around that area that then the Achilles becomes more susceptible thing. You know we could start doing, though you Is everybody saying that I'm not a doctor because I've never once I thought that my green was a doctor. Because they would have cover that, unlike unlike at some point like this- is for my friend David Niogo, like guess, who get a sea biology. This is from my friend David now. He has a medical there, also not a doktor, Manfred dynamic. He wants to know why Katy through an ice pack, The back of his injured lag after he had played in game five, for he came back cause. He was like he worked this
You want that for half an hour, pre game, two doll dancing in the tunnel started playing played ten minutes or eight minutes. Whatever got taken out, sat for two game minutes, which is five hundred and twenty seven real time minutes with ice His leg and then went back out there he's like what doktor would think. That was a good idea. Why you for? your leg and then go back out. There is the whole point of warm muscles. I dont you're saying this and that a doctor yeah, I'm not. Can it not doctor not a doctor. Without that, and I urge let's have two fuckin guys, the definite overcharge about debated for somebody cave may I wanted forget, because if somebody can explain the wisdom of icing, the injury that just got warmed up and laboured up and then getting thrown back out there, whether that was a good medical idea, if you're the warriors. Would he do? I Joe Jamaica, by car, I call you and I Ask you hey Joe
ask you ever see you again doing a vaccine is: do we get access to Katy inquiry? I say yes, just outside, go and do it where the counters? Why why? Why should you Joe we throw away now AIR Base pay for it already other season. Ticket money is in so maybe we get a sixty seven seed, a heroic courage season. Curry puts up thirty two thirty, three, a game me. Maybe clay comes back by March April. Have fun fun fun round one And then I everybody's back a year from now, with the Champs her back, you guys have this season were given its ear, we'll be back. Two thousand twenty tonnes ok, but worthy alternatives, because you still have a chance to hang onto something to be incredibly special and I think we ve learned whenever anybody tries to pivot, like what San Antonio did is not anything that anybody can you make a blueprint for try. San Antonio thing is absurd: they they,
Now, on the fly like three or four, do it almost ended when they traded Parker and eleven member? Well that gonna, be the, when they were now is a reboot, and then I ended up on the other way in the quiet trade happens and they get this kind of second rebirth. I personally don't think I dont think you can win majestic three guys anymore. Because a good outcome began to remember, like he's, gonna hit a different point. His career you're us on that can have them to be able to do in a good hour tat deal again and you have guys that internet you ve Katy in courier, mean their thirty so Ok, what a league is also better, there's more talent. Now its collegiate can be harder. Ok, boy! Look! Let me ask you this: is this actually plays in perfectly with the Lakers thing yeah? If every GM basically says, let me get as many of best players as I can get, and I worry about the rest of the shit later that what if they of all thirty of them seem to do this? Are they offer
idiots or weary. It's for worrying about guy, six or seven, when it's impossible to get a top five or top ten guy, let alone to two, maybe three of them. I guess I just wonder the cat, Post Achilles, I'm not worried about claim personally us allow courage. Thirty tv, ACL dues, water ratios all time not remotely word. I just they their shaver bad as they were this season. Others bush Two years from now, I'm not worried about it. Ok, yeah. I'm just tell you right now, not that's fine. I would be I would I would do whatever it can to bring everybody back. Do you agree with me, you don't think you Lake up would want to do it. The question is tray minds, a free agents for now and if you going do it yet a really do it in that becomes the most expensive Basque, but then we have ever had and two of the Gaza becoming are made.
Injuries, Durant's injuries are really not a death sentence, but it certainly something that nobody is com, a hundred percent Bactra. It's really easy to you see here, hey everybody, but when you start adding up all the numbers and you get north of three hundred million with the luxury tax to bring back all for those guys. That's such uncharted territory, but I don't I don't know I mean what is what is the cut off point when you spend your to be spoiled and away like like up in the beginning. It was rough right, but this whole thing can make you spoiled and making you spoil can sometimes make you look things that shouldn't get in the way. Where is it like? Imagine if you own a team, and you were like actually a good guy or you were sincere you put a winner there, but you just had bad. Like all the time in lottery and you ve tried different cultures in charge of regimes, and you said that person like hey, look and all these guys a billion years
these guys killed it. Anybody that owns an NBA team right now, the valuation from where they bought into where they're at now is absurd. It's only going to get better because you've learned more and more despite people thinking this live rights thing is finally going to end. It's only going to get stronger in the NFL's going to prove this in a couple years, because people go through it all like. If I have stock portfolio and everybody stocks were down except there was this one stock that used to like return- thirteen percent every year, but now it's only returning seven percent every year, but everything else is down than that stock is still a really good. Stop that still the stock you want and that's what sports are on tv. So sports is like its returning forty four it's like just gonna, go out how this NBA deals absurd. Now it's not it's not actually it was an echo has still the second half. This mba deals go the incredible for european Anti Anti, and whenever this football deal it's gonna be absurd and people are gonna. Freakin lament you go, look at the top watch things all time. The reason saying all this Is that if you are one of these owners that knows how much money you're making just
appreciation alone for the franchise. On top of all the other great things that you get with real estate and hiding conceptually all the stuff, these guys can pull it sometimes like. I don't even know if we really know what it's all about if you got asked to go, hey you're going to have to spend like double because of the luxury tax, to keep this group together. But this is a group that gives you a chance to win just because you've one doesn't mean you should be signing off on an opportune. But around that's how I will look at it of our lake up you left out. My heart is enriched the rich guy capital of the world, and if each, if he's considered to have cheap doubt. Oh yeah crate out all these other billionaires and he's leaving the room there. I fucking file on the words I would have brought those guys back like cheapskate. Over here? I gotta. Do it just from a testosterone, I'm his riches. Are you guys standpoint hole? We can't be the cheap guy was the warriors notes, that's actually that might be the best part of the whole thing, because I have never heard from
anyone. I think I'm a pretty good on the warriors of last year's, but I've never heard wants from any one that they have said. Oh you know what like these guys, my sorrow and cheap on this thing. I don't I have you heard that have you heard that they do organic ear off yet too many rich guys who, by their team in a second- and he cares too much about his standing? In that we re point is imagined, like just take it down a level like if you are the rich guy out of your group of friends, which Robbie our Ah Sir Christopher, and all of a sudden, like you, know, TAT, have a stake. Dinners or like just stuff, starts changing. Even if things went south, you like most guys would be like I'm gonna keep paying for the state, dinner's, because I don't want anybody, ask any questions. No I'd to me this is more big little eyes where, just like other families, just enrich uncompetitive and all these Lakers Big Trump card,
for all these deeds he's see those from every major tech company. We have people who run the biggest hedge funds we have and they come to his party man, they're coming he's deciding their legs hey Joe, it's whatever the fuck does seal of Oracle's them is here. I want to get too our people and to come into the chairman's cub today. Can you get me tickets sure, I'd love to he's in control of those interactions was rather than that had the nets or was that just the whole development thing I'd I'd really Nothing I was confused, gave us ran her and I don't know if you wrote it. You might have written this, but it was this incredible piece about ownership shit. It might have been Michael, Louis, no offense, but that's good. If I confused you to thank it, but it was this whole thing about ownership were in whenever this
yea stuff comes up in this part of me. This, like look of these guys take on the debt service in these, has put together the investors in these guys. Gonna pay this kind of price tag on this kind of thing like there has to be some return of the value of hey. I'm one of the few people world can step up and do this and put this group together. Yet when you start talking about all the hidden of its hidden assets, hidden, are you and what it is, but the first guy that I wrote about that that whole nets thing or he's like it's like a piece of art that you don't really know what the price is supposed to be, but it just gonna be higher because you get show it to other people. I wrote about that. That's when they quivers zealous knows when the clippers or for sale. That's when I read that piece about this, all these Richards, I know each other, and I got the same conferences and same resorts and all that
as on values, should go to that. One would be taken up by a giant boats taken by a giant houses they can buy whatever, but the hardest thing they get is like a really cool sportsmen and all of them a figure this out, and this is why they don't become available anymore, Yankees, necks, Lakers the moment the Lakers ever come for sale that gonna be like a rich guy fistfight. All aware, although Lakers that's, why, when Forbes, hey here Bobby, owns a Laker cinders these projections- I don't know how do you do a projection in New York in allay the Chicago bulls? Ever came up and Chicago just so much In my case, I was on tv that year with the Cooper saying it's gonna go to two billion. It's gonna happen:
I'll, never bring one of these do there and in fact they it's in L, a basketball team, they're gonna go for way more than you think I wish I had the cliff. I should try to find it, but I'm embarrassed. I was in a hotel was like National Championship Game and I was watching Fox NEWS and I don't mean just on and so not like. You know why I'm afraid even admit that declining had incredibly since shows on that shock and don't got that guy or some other shows also cite in there. This aid granted the nets you just sold for were horror the programme by two from the other guy, and it was an actual acre. Unlike the fog, news. Business show like you'd. Think if you are that show, you know something I don't know about. Values this year and he. Did this warlike? Oh my god, for an end to how some people spend their money and, unlike what a deep shit, this guy is. Thank you,
You know you can't even be bothered to understand this, and yet you're gonna make fun of the purchase on tv show that specializes in business in the United States and you're on it the only time it's never worked out for people. They bought a sports teams, if it's a sailor hawk snow, it's a sport that doesn't that doesn't make sense in the city and never shown that it can succeed like you're buying the Phoenix Coyotes. Odds are that might not work up its hockey. There's a and it's never really been success and by the way, when I say Lena Hawks, I mean because of the owners trying to kill each other while it happen you're, not the value. The two minutes that was that was so nasty. I have a couple quick things. Then we get ago, Dexter in Houston wants to know if The red clay Thompson injuries have anything to do with the worse swerving, their open, fair base to relocate them to the more lucrative San Francisco arena. How much does com
plan to it. I ask you this only cause. I know how much you hate the concept of Karma this guy saying the disco Glenn Carmen camera, so they let him went so Karma. Let him when two titles, but not a third Nora you, my my response to this kind of thing is: I turned our traded DE martyr as and when the title Lady Villa Carmack way that should have backfired and how great a job of people down in Toronto like trying to credit demarche arose and for laying what foundation did you let disappointment he? made some. He laid some eggs and begins, but knows, This will martyr rose and what is the trade asset? Ok, it seriously. They were never ever win in the title that be. I think it's nice, that his friends is a grey area that country for the spurs to the gotta get basque butler. First, somebody you didn't want by promoting, not foreign protected, pics
Brian Goines wants to know how far will huntings car actually make it all Craig flesh from Boston, Stanford. Remember hazards character said it was good engines, good engine, yeah right, looked a little flimsy, it's gotta three thousand miles was never really driven their long. He doesn't think it gets past Columbus deficits and hence, I guess what have the light? Take the train from their partner, maybe gray head. So I went through a big Elliot Smith, phase, ashen ethics and if the late great it was not, I mean I hate the end of the Elliot Smithing cause Janius into the lyrics and read em. I mean on a serious note, you really get it. I really spooky, but I too was not a great spare. Wasn't the two thousand two year by the member. Ninety seven all my roommates graduating and I had like a girl staying with me, graduation weak
yeah. So I was just like in bed- and I heard all my roommate downstairs- clinking, glasses and pounding drinks had off and like they didn't even knock on my door to be like hey cuz. I don't know how they fell cuz. I wasn't graduate on time. And I had to go right ahead, like this pickup truck with a six inch live kit and a gate or net in the back, and there is a huge dent cause. I lit roll down a hill and hit a boat. And it's a Toyota was a Toyota. Eighty eight it was sweet though man stand and I would listen to Elliott Smith driving through UVM Campus, while everyone is graduating with my classes supposed to be graduating, so I was super bummed out. Where is will will hunting he was excited, so he was in a better moods. They'll Smith was gonna, get him down, but how do we know he's a scenario Smith Elizabeth was just the movie soundtrack song. I really doubt will hunting was cranking away met? Maybe he's vibrating too, I think as a seller busted. Maybe
ass. Having a little was Alex Girls, yes, seventies, classic grapple. If he was that closure company, I think Steed Miller Ban may be of imposing Miller Ban for our age. It was a rule like some ass gave, you the seventy four. Seventy eight like wait, a minute. You guys are drinking beer, unadorned you're, not listening, Steve Miller. Seventy four, seventy eight guys. Even from New England, I mean, if you is like really true legal, o J, guiles or better. There may just like all the Massachusetts Ban, the prom. It doesn't matter. How long does it will was gonna steal one and get their way out of it. Well. Honey knew how our car course he did I'd. I'm not positive. The car gets through DC especially depends on what time ear. He left her about this. What if, if that formula, was never on the chart Board and we'll hunting never solves it. That's great Kelly cap from Baltimore wants to know. You don't be. Great, though, is just be a janitor and start shown up a user
If you try to solve shit, you have your life, we're at Jim Corner Kaliko for about two more sensitive that starts high masses. Questions has received ever caught, someone recording him at the jam. Yes, yes, yes, Can we offer you are working out not like sharing after now? Nothing like that, a compromise that I dont get it. I mean you know this. It's the salt lake. When I see real famous people like that's. This thing I think, is like the best worst case like people know who we are, but we don't get into the cool ship he hell again, maybe we'll get somewhere, but its differences, recognisable, famous yeah right, just it just recognisable sally as
my question. Most of the cool shit doesn't doesn't seem to come with this level of notoriety. What are your thoughts on Jim fail? Videos more specifically cross fit bail. Videos Kay Christianity across it anymore, because here's the deal bill, if you're in the Jimmy and the Jim, you colonel, who or any of us to criticise anyone grape waiting in their height, not mean that seriously. I hate watching Jim, fail videos so badly, like a guy has too many plates and the banks that falls in his throat. I can't watch it because I always think like one day could be like a try, sap I think I may have but torn something in my right. Alright now and everything scared the hell out of me like so I don't. I hate watching and I think a lot of these Jim Jim Fuckers
the websites. Seventy five percent stuff isn't real anyway, the guys who is doing the dumbest stuff ever to posted just to see what would happen, and sometimes it's funny and at school, but I dont like watching Jim, I close out as soon as I think it's a bad Jim Injury or somebody has a bar drop in their head or squat. That goes wrong. I can't watch any that hate it. Do you wanna hear my story about how seeing goodwill hunting convinced me to end a relationship. Why did I just do Jim Corner when you were at this? One tita please so take us through gives a little back was a date in this girl really Cougar, which year ninety seven whenever they can map, but she lived in New York. I was of Boston, Smooth, Tisch cogs in town. I have no money at this point. It cite the first year of the website that add and really liked air.
Now it's like heading into winter in Chicago every time flying and just any man among those stupid, those stupid the ticket websites. Here they were so bad back there David aware of what it was it don't you, boys are real one flight, cheap doc. Amr Say I don't even you can even by the tickets on the websites, but you can kind of sea. There were years and stuff and then you could cause at any member how we did it back them, but it is hiding. I paid cash. I had a reservation for taken once I would do the airport brought cash and bought my ticket. That way, once I had there was one time possesses. Nine eleven you could buy a ticket like an hour before the flight just go and like bring your stuff on the fight GINO like last. Secondly, you're gonna get out there. I could leave on Friday and then I'll send you at the airport. It doesn't work that way moves so we're gone. It's in the last time had been. There was like minus two thousand
cargo music, you one of those Chicago words. She sank. It so Would you almost can't believe it? I was there, One time when new year's couple years ago and I had a walk from like one hotel to the equinox, it was two blocks. It was so bad. It was last. Yeah, but I was laughing ass. I knew I had to deal with a very long, but it just the tears. I freezing out of the Saudi, your eyeballs richest, incredibly called, and so I had to say- and I am and I'm thinkin I do. I want to move to Chicago and I could do like The site is always Jordan last year, as I thought he might not be hit like could have mixed like Cargan Boston, like my sites called the Boston Sports Guy, and I like you that much are you even think about this, the lively site, considering it? How long has been gather made few months since I would like to see more reserve now
listen to. I was never really close, but it was like alright. How long am I going to fly back and forth to see this person who lit doesn't live there me and it was obviously like we're going to break up, but I hadn't come to grips with like alright. This is how it should go. Saw goodwill hunt. The sea about a girl. All that thing will get in the car. Fucking goes. And I leave the movie I saw by myself, unlike us Sunday night or something do you have any idea how good it was that guy chain Bridge at Kendall at the Kendall Square, Cambridge Theater? Will you friends with Affleck that or no did not know those guys did remember, the improper Bostonian when when they run and I was like look at these two local kids. I talked about David when it did the Pakistan so see the movie that Damon Park Ass was so good. The afflux stories you driving home and, unlike I dont, think I will that really read out of sight
this girl is awesome. I just to see about a girl. I just I just wouldn't do it for the effort at this point in my life, I let I'd feel like some. Good is happening with this com. I'm doing I love living Abbas, then, at that point the potato self ex like there is some hope there. Remember we might have gotten page already at that point a possible. Yet idea is first year, things are better and it was the first year things are getting better. The Boston sport scene had some friends at my dad was wrong Jefferson and had never been out of these codes that I'm just like. I just wouldn't go see that girl here and we broke up. Did you? it is a good will hunting dinner. Did it ever get Baxter Mile thing is, I don't feel back ass, she moved to Chicago. Yet why should you feel better? You re up she british cargo. It's like our! I want that point. It's it's not look great anyway, but if that is,
better thing said I was it tat. It was that night after I saw the movie I yeah. I don't know that I have now. If you put it in terms of, I need to see about a girl and by the way, no guy from Boston would miss a World Series game. In nineteen, seventy five for a girl, it's the biggest flower on the right and there's absolutely no reason that whatever happened in Robin Williams, try to explain it in that game is like you're NUTS Matt Damon is right in that scene. I don't know that I've ever even tried to propose to the girl in two. I didn't even like her that much so I'm not quite sure like after that didn't go well in the principal told me to leave the premises. I threw the double looting. Cd Elliot decided. Jonas, now keep guy. I punched a guy that night. I guess I guess I liked your enough to throng to bring a ring, but I think I wonder and I think I was like- I want a win win. I need a w. I was like Polenka forgotten here.
Ice diggity? I love Elliott Smith I went to, but it is tough to go through a deep Elliott Smith, faze cuz you're signing up for you know the rest face it's hard. It's like going through a Smith's face There's some phases that urges dark. I want to see stuff enjoy deleted, fears, bad. Do you ever get him now, big time, speaking to Chicago but I'm I don't know what version I'm going to get out of him. So that's why I tell you this about doing pods with you. Would you've done a few of these yeah yeah, but, like I've seen you super excited like especially after that the two game, seven's a game of thrones. We did the idea that crazy game the other night he always arrive Toronto game. Five terrain hours we couldn't wait to get out here. Nothing put a hops. It puts a hop in your step like just talking about when people are at their lowest point. You really be theirs, show you host
people come in the year two thousand my grandfather, just as I am afraid of his like, if somebody gives me like a really bad story, like my stories- are bad rights, you weren't equality to be there. I dont want. I dont actually want, like a Tom Rinaldi, tiered Yorker. You know I want. I want making fun of yourself your lowest point, can't wait for cars, two thousand thirteen which we're not gonna do tonight, but was it? Is twenty thirteen raffling toy? You like ten, now that I've got a great that balance its classic? That was I three thousand miles away, and even I was hearing about cars, two thousand authorities on the radar them is that what you're gonna do as they say, the adds? A working for me where, like one fifty to one either way rightly that for another episode, you're right do I guess I you know I was funny
As always, the radio show like the first couple years ago. Ok, let's go over the top recruits in the Assisi, and yet let's do this. Unless you no, you didn't realize was the audience always like this stuff, much more and act like the hose. Are there not going I guess I've been in this Pakistan. So we get ago yonder we are, we didn't talk, but the emir drafted, that's fine. You're doing be a draft, you go back to Bristol you're gonna, be a vampire on sport centre of e on Tuesday and Thursday I'll be on right after the draft. Are we doing in the European POD for the draft? You know each year I just my favorite thing, so it I'd I'd, love to be in whatever I somehow we didn't talk about bricks Coca, who has now become. I just in love. Bricks bet. I bet on this time, so really invest adamant. Ninety one and you almost pulled it off, but I just really enjoy them to have the the run that he's
with the majors rain, outweighs basically three first and two seconds now at last six, and the fact that he's lingering in the EU, the masters than you so per day, where he's lingering on real Lakers trade he's not even play, he is he's not even playing best, golfers finishing second, even sixty he's in the sixties every round this tournament. I know you don't you. I was gonna, get no five three rounds. Does he have value Raven here an hour today. He really even play that. Well, they left father, strokes of the table and he's still sit at sixty eight. I jam ass happy for I gathered from Kansas who, just as pawnshops out of his ass in a good way out there That is fine. I love you. So am I. I love the use of favor tournament of all of em but didn't mind nuts teaching There was no one there. We we talked about out of that? My dad was there we talked, but that constantly were like. Where is everybody?
poor. They lived in a hundred people a bit, then there's his reign and people on the beach you just see my day. Add just could show up and go. I also asked us it is like Fox and in others there is less shows than he s piano, remainders. There's a million moving pcbs began but like when Fox Disability, they throw Angelo, clad the. U S open coverage and getting the forcing Billy. Why are you guys doing this, but away like? Oh, my god, that's sick yeah. Now. I will you did that you called the couple games. I wish they had an effect one like alternative broadcast. They they were just showing all the same stuff foreseen in. U S, open budgets would like Ford, Rather, we kind of equity is pins, been trying to do with their little watch alongside Rob Stone Stoner. I just feel like I'm. You talk to stoner. I talked on the lot. Suddenly
twenty five year were neighbors and I'll talk to him. I just feel like I'm so bored of the gaff analysis of during these tournaments averages than hush tones document. Not a good lie. Bryanthus a good like he's he's gonna have trouble get out of there like guess what every time they get out of their cause there through the basque offers of the world like a rock and roll broadcasts. Everything about I would just rather have people talking about oh Nick Swish or on their like they're doing Gary Gay Woodland and somebody's guys. I'm Gunther is wicked p. Yeah, you realize he's only one three tournaments in the last one was the waste management open, the is going on here, guys, like What a waste management now heard. It's amazing that wants when it was Superbowl weak. It's it's like up a frat party for like rich successful people, I'm not saying like everybody, so Kyle went car would like it. I like it. I would be entirely fine, but gets while find it, and it's like some guy with his,
its wild. Any idea what the guys like forty seem at Mastro later tonight, do you think we could start either like a charity donation thing? No, it would be a chair donation thing for cows. To that, too, here cause two thousand thirteen. There might be something like I'm thinking about the couple different things amateur pitch to you. Your worst you're ever without, like I dont, want really bad stop yet worst year ever has to be making fun of your own. It's bullshit, it's the funny version of dirty job. Yet thing. I love a dirty war, laugh when reading I love fake review so much when we were doing so. We had cancer, I the colombian guy, who does he has support this stuff, he's our guy. There he's awesome and used to do t wolves games with Felipe Lopez. They wanted to spanish broadcast
yeah go book because you lived in Miami he's like I don't know. Man public? What do you mean he does? I don't know and ask what why would bring you up from Miami Minnesota DDT Wills Games, because it was a total waste of money. That's here, like I'm doing a prestige of him, so everybody can understand. That's how he sounds and. So we wanted- and Greece are Emma short time, he's Larry's. So we wanted him voicing over our reviews and yet at whose eye so I started writing a bunch of fake ones, Billig as we being reseller they loved in jail and then who is that it was great with I that's an elder that one thing where was a Phil Harmon and they had a reading like fake reviews about yet lay. There was a disastrous you like, I will. No, what's goin on people just started getting on stage, says Newsweek the Iraqi and so We had one liner wars like as Vps Russillo, when you're having sex.
One of the manager goes. I will not run it out one I go just lets. You know you guys. Are we saying that we don't take enough risks, yeah like what stroller juice in it? Now, let's do that? and the guy's gonna want to do. I gotta come back. Maybe my fault. Ok, there's a guy fault. We ran it hours later principal's office a much higher up soon, as I hate whose whose I urge your idea for the put it on while we're having sex promo waking the Disney right. My job, I bet you know, the lower up suit was an all time, buster immediately, oh yeah, but I told them I said, put it on me. It comes back. He's printing out emails yeah what the hell they also talks about. Oh different pitches yeah, but then I, like figures, used. I may go away for a long stretch in August and I'll see you are doing a travel blog scenario, pitcher yeah, somebody's gonna keep track of its even become a travel writer. If I want to subdue and sports
or if I can become a real writer when you're a writer. I think it would be good if, since another speck script, travel redder I'd see you come back next. Post Wrap and will bang out all the stuff. I was draft yeah, yeah yeah, I'm excited, I think we have at least one or two more really weird moves. Thanks for listening ever We'll see you, I guess Tuesday. I thanks to his own. Don't forget you gotTa De Asia. And dot com, if you like, baseball and anime and boxing and all the other great stuff that their thanks to simply save over two million. Regulators imported every year, only one in five homes have humps Carroty was companies, don't make it easy, simply safe? My tap choice, It's down. They protect your home every window, room door, twenty four, some minor for a fraction of the cost visits I perceived tat. Calm such bs. You get free shipping six today risk free trial, simply safe, dotcom, slash bs, you ve got nothing. O is supersaver two eyes super safe, Dachau, Slash
ass back with a couple pads this week and we have a whole bunch NBA drafts a plan for the region. I come to find out, runaways.
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