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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons calls up his dad to discuss Antonio Brown signing a one-year deal with the New England Patriots.

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Thus, Pakistan, the Ringer Bacchus Network, is brought to you by nobody cares. We didn't know where I can find out, what's shattered, reciprocated off get to each other about its after that campsite bs, don't forget about the Ringer pack has now work as well. The ringer dot com and and the Rwanda Bosnia Rotch was. Ninety men, man, which I was on those parts- I speak- I let's get outta my dad My daddy there I'm here It is Saturday it's three o clock. This. The news broke now hour ago, I was taping an interview. Ran away in the studio with, in L, a celebrity dad. I'm excited run that Pakistan today, who was after that and then I'll, send the page
San Antonio Brown eyes I'm pretty sure I've text from you saying I wouldn't want this guy, so I know, You done a one. Eighty right, I have done a cash.
One eighty cautious wanting: ok, what's the problem? Well, the problem is his behaviour in the last year and a half, I guess, but we ve seen this before we ve seen guys Bilbil check bring guys in, and you know that it's only for a year. I would think he wants to get his reputation back and then find a big contract with somebody else out in a way we have nothing to lose. I guess because I call about us so many strong leaders in it, then the fact that is coming here too shocking. I bet he's gonna GonNa Seattle. Actually they could really use that were received, but I'm shocked and get a much shocked because we leave enough Randy MOSS certainly was a character. I don't think he was a character in the same vein as this guy, but I just really funny you know,
I will have you thought it the most biggest when the patriots went from six to one before the one press to win the Superbowl aware. We know we know jumped out of gets city. Why do I did a package of Mallory that we take on Thursday? I am, let's do it. And we were wondering if there is something wrong with him, because his behave was so strange that it, means like he was either a unravelling or be like just might have passed the point of just being too much of malcontent ever be happier. Team now we're starting to learn that it seems like there is path sea, which was at some point overlap.
Three months, he must have decided he wanted to play Fer a contender and not play for the raiders rumour up their own on Twitter Ashley. There. You know the motivation to play for time, which is not going to be a good team, even would not have been a good team in which, even with him, after coming from a team that will continue every year. Yet I wonder much e orchestrated. All of this and again we hope that other thought, because that's the glass half full if you're patriots fan of this whole thing is that he's crazy, like a fox anywhere. Your stated this whole thing and that the only way he was gonna get out of Pittsburgh with all the dead. They would have had to have to pay twenty one million dollars that even have the money and their team was too if they had traded him somewhere else,
The options were Buffalo and open. He goes to obey, and now, if we do in the crazy like the Fox path, he goes to Oakland realizes quickly as no chance to win their Is an impressed by the quarterback is impressed by anything and then just starts planning his eggs from that point on which would explain all the weird thinks he's done now desire We want a room for him and the Patriots, I'm not sure it well and wait till. It probably makes you wanna reaffirm here, but it does seem suspicious in terms of the helmet and then over the other stuff that went on and then how quickly out quickly, starting with the pages by the way I mean he was only eligible for clock. In the end, the news winner for one well, so there's a lot of side effects of this. What would we go? No random order. Your number one is the patriots. If, if he can gis
stay normal for four months. There undoubtedly better this as one of the best forward receivers more time and he's not that say. Would you say that it might be the best wide received during the week now? I think he's in the top for five though, but I married but of the bag, Said he brings maxim, add at the top form in his z. He brings the most problems of anybody, but there he does, but so, but it has never been a judge Gordon. We have such high hopes for, but we such it such a risk right, I'm busy around right, but I don't. I don't recall Antonio Brown ever having MECCA the history now, but I mean he did not play a rain of the earlier he didn't play in a week. Seventeen must when Steelers Gameless. You know last December. It is therefore very much much when I had a chance to make the plan it wasn't there year was an over. I understand
I'm trying to get away from it. If you'd call me two hours ago and said what do you think I said I I don't think we need him, I'm not sure what you do in the locker room, I'm not sure how much Bobo check will put up with anyway, but now that he's on it. You try to talk to drop into it. I think that's what we do here s, what we do. Here is where they would all the time. So you have Brady who, in my face, the action on Tuesday was one of the last aims cod went for dollar. Nobody went for two, you had it saving core aware they pick carry in the first round. He's on the eye are Joshua. And who knows how many games in a play. I hope TAT has the Jersey and is in his corner for life, but we don't we're going to get four months out of them. I hope you do. They have no tight ends, who I would even Sarah average. I would say it's all below average tenants. The running backs are good
It looks like you, Kobe. Myers is gonna play doorstep, We ve already had a roman looks like you. As some sort of thumb issue, and I'm wondering if the brown thing is part of that, because, if settlements on a hundred percent healthy they're, probably worried about that, they have said there is no fun issue but I'm I'd. Never, I never trust them when they say not always find the majors Thomas too bad from is on the injury report right now. We re already. He has reserved area, but I am string required so that they could put money into reserve yet further work.
Yeah they could put a managers are for gains, but if, if they can get brands head straight and you're putting him on one side with ETA men and with Gordon, oh, my gosh CAS cause just cackling over there were thrown out, but don't get out, because it is a crazy thing on Twitter him finding out that open, we release them anyone's ran in his back garden, Egyptian, the poorest. There is something off about the guy yeah, but you know I think here your friends while tee this was so he came and talked ass. He came a hung out them in his in my office for like an hour in February. I remember that the trader forget that way. He did say to part with images chatter with them yeah we're gonna do apart and then he ended up. He left Alleyne and not just now. Happen, but it was interesting. Wasn't saying we're talking about what teams You wanna go to
and you know, he's being a little coy cuz. I didn't know him that well, but then we started talking about what offenses would be the best offense for you and he said Pat's and chiefs. And so as this raiders thing was he was like in tat place Tom Brady. Being that the way they use you knows more guys around the fear that guy out be like to be the greatest and then the same thing for the chiefs. So when this raiders thing really start a fire part, I didn't think we, near him, and I was really worried about the Chiefs because Is it the into real economy, one I'm going to another team like chiefs now now? Ok, so in a way we blocked him going to make it not a team better, get that one way of looking at it in less he, unless this is something he wanted to do for a while.
If you look at the stuff he's done he's rupee, he repeatedly escalated the raiders thing when every time, calm down, he did something else and even a calm down You know over the last thirty six hours are twenty four hours and then I'll son. He puts this the Youtube clip of the. Might have been a growing interviewed Nike. He was just drawing Iceland, on the fiery chance he could get so whether they now this leads me to my second big thing: I don't have you know this, but everybody hits. The patriots have realised that any time I've left passed in and out of you rises, but but there's some people out there that That seems to think. Maybe they don't do things on the up and up sometimes that baby there, some some the nests and some trickery, and the conspiracy theory of balanced it you're, not suggesting that somebody from the patriots might have had some discussion with Brown about
crazy enough to get a real issue in you can come to our team. You been here's the thing, this has been happening in the NBA for the last five six years right leg. It doesn't have to be Bela, checker or Bob Cravat generally craft, or anybody could be somebody in the team that his friends who have been leg, Yeoman yo- I talked about Jack. He said you, he wants you. If you get out of their way. It's the Paul George, just the Davis from New Orleans kind of scenario in the NFL weaken. It doesn't usually happen only NFL. Well, I'm in the position is being huge hypocrite because I hate play movement. I hate I hate the recruiting in and the stacking eyed and all that stuff of good teams, and jumping around just of air of where sports is gone and yet now it helps the patriot, sauntered Kyle help me why there is a lot of other little ramifications
you know. What I can do is only gonna be here a year. If he's a every year, we shall be not gonna pay and the kind of money he's gonna demand next year rang out a third round compensatory graphic. His agent is rose and have some tree another yet was also grant agent in anything grog sitting looking at this receiving core thinking week by week. Ten week eleven, oh my god Oh that editors, their Kyle, that said we had to stay major right, yeah yeah, I'm ground can I'm sitting around looking at ever man, Brown, Demetrius, Biomedicine, Jordan Garden and the rest of the team which looks pretty deep and I'm thinkin yeah. I can come back
but I don't know about thing again. Two hours ago I would have said I hope we don't go, knew this guy on board all this is our job to talk, or so I said to her to push myself it do it. It's gonna be a perfect citizen because he knows about sectors and put up with any ship he likes Brady he'll fit in to them. When they hear that a veteran locker room, you there's three things. Three things really in his favour. One is that I would say: Brady is one of the most popular teammates in any sport. It just everybody who passes through the Brady Orbit they're. Just can't say enough great things about him after there is never any sniping about him. After the fact, everybody loves playing with that guy. I was his went, so pudding Brown with him over what seemed to be a rocky relationship with wrath relationship with that's a wainwright right there we Racine receive.
Is over and over again with his kindness girl, said really thrive in the in the last two decades. The patriots go back, the jury, brown and valuable. Yes, yes to be doubled, teamed yeah, maybe don't need a tight in at the moment and then the other thing Dave over and over again have ruled the dice with you know, the Shaky eyes in more shaky Florida. One, We do a shaky for different reasons, but you know it really. The only time it didn't work out was. I make light of this, but I would say the Urn Hernandez thing ultimately didn't work out, but they they have roll the dice with different types of personnel. It is an when it doesnt work. They just get rid of them. My shadow just think I didn't work than and bring him back
Albert Haines with was on the team for four or five weeks didn't where to get rid of them. Yet I think there's a difference of those guys we're at the end of their careers to think oh yeah. He was done. He was head of fortunes back here until Brown is that at the end of his career, Armenia's three four more good years, if he can get its act together, This is a different kind of signing and it is a lot like Randy MOSS, bringing them in at a certain point. In his career, differences. He is somebody in I don't mind was ever like. This moss could be unhappy and maybe not go hundred percent, and it was almost like we thing, a car in the garage that you couldn't drive on the highway fuse and your team near the recorder back or that of this as somebody who really could try to make
about him in that the team and try to submarine what's going on, and I dont really remember the pats having a guy who's as much of a narcissist disease. If that happens, though do I'm staying around no, I said I think they would cut him during the season. I did. I think this is. I think this is a week by week thing with him and if he drap jeopardizes our friends. Anything that's going on with this team was a favorite to make the Superbowl before this happened. So if he's going to jeopardize it just get rid of them, and that's why it's like it reminds me: Revis was a really good guy and I think people love playing with him, but he reminds me the rivers thing it's a one year deal in you Somebody added this count who, if you can just get for good months out of them, is one of the best guys it his position and its no brainer as soon as the risk was removed and thou check didn't have to give up anything for him. Tat was when he made the move.
But I agree. I note that, as you said, the one you deal it's actually a five month, you might even one year is enough to go to training camp in off season, training or like garbage, and he can't play and weak one you're talking about playing fifteen rainbows. His games were the quarterback. He likes it respects which as you indicated, something going on with Russia's Bergen Pittsburgh Yang arise here, have Pittsburgh still paying part of his cell I now twenty one million, when you ever young man, you have Oakland who traded to draft third in the fifth graphics worm and when I am surprised, were able to fit a Monday salary cap I mean the must have little maneuvering there. I saw that it is truly a one million dollar salary bonus money which may be there spreading over a couple years.
Then incentives with a: U Daisy, save a nest egg in and half the time we get fresh, at the end of the season conveyed inaccurate and the money right. So this year they actually spent it. Yeah yeah taught myself until today, What it really sad there. I think I should get a Antonia brown Patriots. Kyle can swing. It can begin sweatshop with the Gordons sure one week and Antonia Brown the next week, Let me give you the exact time of the day when Kyle cocked himself into the trade, the literally the second, it was on his phone dancing around going. Yeah yeah. I think you have to have one, addiction when they are on the road there better that they're not gonna room until they around with Josh.
No, I think, that's like the odd couple. I think they should them together every great secretariat that I wanted. I went until they run roomy with greater somebody like that training or they got the less guard. You know the bitter heard about all this is that it takes a tremendous amount of pressure on the flesh it's really what we need to be worthier tyres. That is from how this affects Josh Garden, and this is a good thing for Jack Cardinal Tibet. We get it release a man. It's probably time line up, I they're, probably while trade, Thomas or Wave amount- guess I hope at all. So I come I'd I'd because she's injured I put a man that checks we guy are right, think inherited and kill, airy and and then get these two receivers sitting there and then the other guy came Meredith whether know much about, but who knows what's gonna happen, but I doubt
it certainly terrific we didn't. We didn't talk about one other thing that I love from this and then then we can wrap it up. You know Pittsburgh has a huge in four inferiority complex at the pats right. It's it's. They were the city of Japan's than men than knowing logistic that title for them. They can never be back Given its battered. I don't even think they ve been Brady in Fox Borough days. Have it that started out. They lost the Superbowl. The year six against Brady, in fact right they lose their last planting a tin Debo are this thing was a bad bad, Steelers decade disappointing. And then this Antonio Brown thing happened. Then it's like, while these didn't go, the patriots and now he's actually around the patriot. This ended actually seems right. There might have been sums conspiracy, stuff going on. My thing is like everybody here
The patriots are ready when we met is, will be like a good wrestling here. This is like a wrestling. He'll move it. I know it can't play tomorrow night, but I hope is not always on the sidelines uniform, yeah and pointing across the field. It is old, they made. Why so I'd so we think fifty percent, which is talk of cells and tissues in this fight, then wait one because they can cut em. There's an doesn't it's. It's didn't change. Thing for him and they can just dump him if he's a distraction, but where I think it's a fifty percent chance that he's just off his rocker and there's a fifty percent its, he decided that this was how this was gonna play out from Junot beta it earlier rose and have the agent has had a wonderful relationship
they create. Now that's not helping dad, but don't you think he sat down with this going to do? No, you must. This might be a last chance that normal and behave yourself before five months and go to a winning team and get the contract when the season is over, so you think he told him so now they earn the patriots. Don't don't burn your feeding? cryogenic chamber, and don't don't worry about me, I can't use your helmet and don't almost get into it out with their GM like China, I did. I I think I did. It was doing that while he had his cell phone in his ear and he was calling Grushenka and telling crank about what has just happened in stay in shape for week, ten grand comes back and we ten
And catches attach stand and is created in the Amazon by Antonio Brown or Flash Gordon at this great power of the couch that'll be I have just be dealt with that kill. You Kyle item back and find a way to come. When everybody hates the patriots cared enough. They hated more the major two hours ago. Man he's a thing This happens in the NBA all the time. This is exactly what Jimmy Butler did what's different about it. They be Jimmy Butner, Butler and think about the cryogenic chamber. And it never occurred to him to try to pull the hummer roleplaying, but he thou this other stuff, Minnesota Rachel, Nicholls, traipsing down their interview and gets get phalion like our man, is choosing his destiny. And there was only around desert. I fled exception. He went to Miami, which is that
no saying when you to fill it should to when you ve, basically bullied them into training into by doing all the same stuff, Antonio branded, but also gave a split bullied and try to get the Lakers and he tolerate bullet boy himself. You see. This is great. Now were defending Antonia around this is come full circle like, as I have said, people, I live video. So may I forgot that you are chatting with them and I am sure that you thought he was really nice man who just needed to be annoyed him right. I I just think he wants to be happy and if we ve learned anything in two thousand nineteen instead, we should just why our pressure athletes to be half minute text in right now come and say tat of existing work, the regulatory authority I had this is better, very so episode of the BS pack ass, we are coming back to Morrow night with Cousin Sow Wrap up Sunday as well as I guess, the lions dad thanks for coming out again,
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