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The Big Spike Lee Sit-down, Plus NBA Trade Value 2.0 | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 479)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House to discuss Bill's updated Trade Value column including new spots for Paul George, Luka Doncic, De'Aaron Fox, Ben Simmons, and Deandre Ayton among others (3:00). Then Bill sits down with legendary director Spike Lee to talk basketball conspiracies, the Porzingis trade, stories from courtside, and films including 'Do the Right Thing,' 'Malcolm X,' '25th Hour,' 'He Got Game,' 'BlacKkKlansman,' and more (39:50).

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Pakistan, our grand the warriors, is the fortieth anniversary. What am I ever movies? Ever an glad that I finally got to properly secured the baseball furious overrated I'll make up and bats and endless you? You have to us in the past they get. They had a nice of securing coming up, spitefully was was in the house on Friday and. Man, it was really fun to interview, and we talked for almost an hour and a half I'm going to run that right after we talked to Joe House briefly just to talk about trade, Bayless two and a couple other things and then a lot of Spike Lee. So maybe like twenty twenty five minutes with house and then hitting spike Lee hard Spike was great. I really enjoyed it. I think you
the two first, our friends from project. I am I right now to host a fair way rolling a golf back ass than the Ringer pack. Pakistan work as well as house of cards of appreciation and food where I went lastly to talk about, Spock and somehow I said it was a new restaurant, which I do remember saying, but it's been around for like five years, so apologies them house quickly. The super bowl. Did you win money, as a matter of fact, I did I'd like to thank Bilbil, a Czech Tom Brady, and Julian element for just doing their job yeah. I did my job. I bet heavily on the patriots minus two and a half
I bet heavily on a par lay the patriots minus two enough in the tender and also made a little taste. James White under six reception that I worked out for me. Well, that sounds the great day you sound like one of the only non patriot fans who are happy that the pages when the super I've? I've been thinking about it? For the last two, as in reading Really alive because I still worse, what the hell the rancher doing in that game. And then there's been some great articles. There's a great twitter thread. Weren't sharp about this red, a couple different pieces just how down the rams were, and it got me thinking like this. It does One of the legacy of the belgian Brady legacy is just doing your job. And put yourself in the position, for the other tend to not do their job. That's what the ribs that the rims did not do there They think I know her
stating that eleven formation the whole time they didn't really didn't, really try to figure out what the path or doing and in ship things around and they just got kind of worked. Either they embarrassed us even with all of that they were still to plays away from not only make the game of potentially he had linearly in their defence played well enough for them to win the football game they D. I was standing all of those strategic failures. The thing that I took great solacing and the reason that anybody who asked me what do you like here? I love the thing I liked more than anything else was the under in this game, because I just believe do. We were going to get the Jared Gough that we really anticipated. I admire what the rams did against the saints, notwithstanding the questionable outcome of that game but I admire that. They gain planned and successfully reigned in the saints and n. You know golf got to feel comfortable,
ass. I went down there. Ass it went along. He big deal, never get him comfortable in this game. It's exactly that. Mentioned this, and this Sunday Pike has just because it was something I noticed watching the game they a day the pats got. Won t drive with their big light up, which started the game and they couldn't really run the bow and they had Devlin in the eye formation and in stuff and then on the big tv drive. The that same formation, but they split everybody out and they were five receivers of it, but they had like Devlin Burke Head and grant split wider receivers, but they're doing it because of a rams, defense and they're playing they just fight. They would have speed advantages, which is what I too am adamant, got up and ROC had the two big catches. Burke, I got open and was crazy about, as Medina said, they had never practiced it.
And they just kind of drew up in the fourth quarter, because they thought it was a way that they could work and really the only way you could do that as if your prayers are frequent smart and about us incredible and heard that store yeah. So they have these prayers and they find these. These cast often whoever's and herb or people. Her He had not great but though the one thing they have the ability to just kind of think on the fly in the guise. Never work for them are always the guys who the talented athletes who can't think that way so that it there the biggest driver the year they have for you, James, Devlin, out He's Chad out your sink on the left side of the field is the receiver and their answer What's going on any any enabled they get rock open twice, but just a week, a classic out thinking the opposition. Thanks, I to me that's gonna, be the legacy of
of this whole era, other than our great Brady was in some other players, but just like over and over again figuring out these. Challenges during the game, America, as an appreciated, their tired of the patriots, it's fun raw, an end to be fair, were barely a year removed from them that not having a kind of successive civility? Can you can figure it out? They can forget about I've learned following many of those defence. Acts in their game were not on this year's too soon put out there. Trade via list. So did a two point list. I promise that I was gonna, write, big things about all the fifty five guys, but then we had to speed it up because it seem like Anthony Davis was gonna get traded. Now who knows it did what I am hearing is that New Orleans, by just say, f, you and end just keep him until the summer. If he does want to play whatever, but I dont think they're gonna would just be spiteful. That would be to spite him.
Idea love that Lakers offer. Who would then we did this in the trade value leg? girl was the highest guy in their trade offer that day allegedly offered was Ingram. Lawns Obama coups via some expiring, sent a couple first round picks Do you love any of those guys are any of those guys that guaranteed all star- I don't know meaning comes a guaranteed all star, sure easy. That is he really really you you, you bet your life is gonna, make it all started. Yes, I would My life I'll make you a dry housing hassle Did you? Did you see what I ate the Superbowl? I'm gonna die this true way. Two boxes apologize Popeye's. I think this salary, rice, red beans and rice got the South exert obviously hoping the sacred thing doesn't happen, there's been,
some conjecture and David said about he does want to go there. He did this goofy less. The teams. Conjecture is dead, said it I loved, by the way, this era where we use the dad's to say things. This is a great era. Imagine. If you were in some major professional situation of your life in your dad De House swayed and publicly the media about it? How bad ready they cast has a view on this house? Will you We were you. Will you please come eat at this, you can eat brazilian stake house and eat till you pass out Dick House where, from the house I dont my son go there. I do not want my son together, dickie I really don't they take ass, would insert himself in this situation would be my guest Is that really is the impact caused by the way for the personal, so I dropped Davis to spots in the trade barriers in the top?
is now Yanis at Steph, curry. Second, I've James Hearted, than from eleven three there in this insane. One third of the year run is having, whereas averaging forty to eighty eight and then Davis at four and the Brown James at five, those a completely and utterly untouchable top five. Any add disagreements with the top five has no knows we sit here today. The ether there's no quibble that can be heard so The one quibbles, whether LUCA, should be in there or not. No, that's not quibble, you sure. That's it! That's a take us that some some take stuff. You sure at them, when thirty five games is let them when thirty Thirty, nine gains a season with that cast a characters around him, and you know: let's let the season end Are we go out and carbonate his s? Okay, so next day were dark age. The Joker
Well, I'm six, seven, eight! Any of those guys have a case to be in the untouchable top five. You know I only want to jumps out at me is: is envied? That's I mean if he's if he can stay and like this it here knocking so loudly. Do you hear me like my hair? I am dear Lord, please let him stay healthy. I can't, Tell you how much I enjoy watching and play his inside out game is so perfect for this Gabon moment that we are in right now. I really like, got a terrific competitive attitude. Yet Do I really like the game he played on Thursday, where he employed but he still really affected the game and golden state and then it beating golden state. He was like eight four hundred and twenty four, but he got to the free throw line he protected the rim. He grabbed, Dance. He played really really hard and he and he was legs. You know these challenges shots in the eye
Study was a monster in that game and employer. Any books cousins and loony again for an item. I I have a made on this list and its purely a healthy. That's it. If there is If we didn't have what happened in the first three seasons happen, I think he would be like third, you know, but I'm with you I agree is up there he's up. There is they're. So then it's I drank away soon to be free agents. Next group, George, all the way up to eleven for trade, he jumped from twenty seven to eleven after of really really top shelf. Fifty game run that he said ways clearly the best Pernod Casein out and even today the see fans would admit it. And has an outside case fur first. He might be a. I think, he's third family p right now, that's route have em. It's him. Recline AEGIS played every game. And
and he's under a really nice contract thirty million this year, thirty three thirty five, three thousand and thirty eight gets a little dicey in your for but at least you know he's under contract. You know I just admire it because of the example of a person who's experienced a devastating in and come all the way back all the way back. In reasserted his prominence heat, he really has reached claimed that top ten in the league status in stature that he possesses before the injury agree so then the next grew by had the hardest trouble at this is groupie. I don't know if he's a franchise guy buddies are franchise. Guy was the group in all. Starting with that thirteen at facts, Ben Simmons, both under rookie contracts.
Have any towns who is under a giant contract, Donovan Mitchell, Ricky contract Devon, Booker, Jason, Tatum Tatum is under a rookie contract. So here's the case for Fox because the test the glee. You know just fox versus images in a vacuum. Simmons is probably more talented, but here's the case for facts in part The goal of doing trade value is trying to figure out what the trade value is for the team that has the guy. How unlikely they are even consider changing him, what foxes done for them? What he's done for defence And he likes to be in Sacramento, you have a guy who she likes to be like being a Sacramento king. Whose already a leader who plays with a real competitive sir. Night after night after night is easily a top three or four most fun to play with guy in the leg.
And you know, he's gonna resign. Their sign he's twenty one years old the place, friggin hard every game. I really do think it's affected the other guys in a team in it in a positive way where buddy healed back we point that, like that they're getting the best, those guys, partly because it would foxes doing night after night after night, the way here, the media. Are that says to me: that's like a true franchise compared to some of the other versions of it worries scene. Where its. I I'm not that, be right. Now I may. Who knows, I might go somewhere else or somebody like I you blame the young guys five different times and then won't even talk about his fridges status anywhere near by. I want to be here. We're gonna win we're coming night after night and I think that stuff matters was year. Take on that you the air and Fox. I do had allowed that little dialogue about him, first adoration, drunk as I always use drunk ass,
That drunk has got it right. I think it's with including him in this category of of air because of where he is in on on the rocky contract and everything I still on, though you were. Where was he last And what was going on last season, then he needed a full year as a rookie turn to acclimate. One year old point car than a bad team yeah I admire What he's doing all of the things that you listed all faith? I believe our are admirable. I just don't think that he's had a diamond booker at this stage of of you know of the game- and I he's a head- He'S- make it viable five billion this year in Devon, Booker's, making three this but then twenty seven a year from now he's got this hundred and forty million a contract coming, so it's really as an asset.
I think, I'd rather fox on a rookie contract that may be so I just you know that the jury, still for me, I'm not ready dog is another one that I'm not ready to turn Coronel. I do admire what he's done this year and the price is obviously right is the right situation for him. Congratulations to say, for looking into air a young founded and finally, it's a railway line between fifteen years. I know it's a really funny nor am I hope, sector royalty rates, a shitty post about you that you too have I ass doesn't believe in their backs gimme. That, He's fine design, he's fine says TAT has like em, more and better, I know, is little polarizing. I was texting with somebody about it. Simmons I dropped into fourteen partly caused I don't know how long he's gonna be there. I've
in him, be humble Yang their sight. Now I know stuff you here, keep saying I don't. Why would he incinerate here? embitter, their Jimmy Butler. Who is the one by the way that was my favorite line in this whole calm, TAT Yacht Jimmy Butler out of the entire trade? Have you colonies are the column. Because he's a deck lady, Agnes Bennydeck I'd have about that. I enjoyed it. I dont like tax. I thought. Men's India. In that where's game Simmonds in a bid together was really really fun to watch cause dead, guys we're Odin Ball and like they so athletic, and Siemens, who still just can't you but he's, he's a crash in the book. It's down he's really he's figuring out when a bead when they go to bed on the poster, never had a kind of look around on the baseline, the way Rondeau used to and then come fine in for the off it's a rebound when the shots going up. He's eight did the frustrating thing for me.
I just want to see him. Do the magic Showtime thing of fast breaks in the league does? really do that anymore. Almost would have rather seem Benson thirty five years ago, when we did our theories. I wish both for bed seven's at a time machine. Then, how am I don't care about you, for? We need to see him. He needs to start at this. The season trying one face up, jumper from sixteen feet or beyond. Just one just try one game to show us that that you care let your tries Zanu. Yet it is an important part of your game. That's like me, telling you you're hours from House a week just to salads that say that Sunday, you are, has economic salad. I am willing to change. I mean the Euro were wherein are where we were in a bumpy this year. We are you and I are in a contract year. Big things are happening for here, though, I might try salad,
Anthony towns and Mitchell. I've been happy without thereby Mitchell, especially because So I was ready. They like drop out of the top twenty five, but he's been Nice little were run the last five six weeks or so whatever happens, em and them first at an attack Games in the air, wherever it seems like he stepped out of it interesting. I think two things were quick on him. He believed he read too much of his own ES over the summer. He enjoyed himself too much the summer yeah and you talk played that. I think the hardest Schedule League the first part of the season. If not, though, the hardest one of the top five and they didn't do great with it- and he didn't do gray with it there in a much Our favourable zone right now schedule lies in this, as you know, the damage that we want to see. So I just through the rest of the west, a little bit o had the to twenty three. Is he got hurt, no apologies victor, but be hurt
Marvin Bagley men and I saw jump up to twenty four. I don't know if you ve been watching the bag. Man lately, but first law really can a gifted offensively already I may we need, we knew he was talented, but is is doing some fun ice Low per stuff that I thought he was maybe a year away from potentially the other thing I like her, always around the rim. Offensively shots are up and he's just, his hands are cottages around the rim like he's trying to get tippins, and he just active, he is, is very, very like I've enjoyed them. I don't know how about you you. I know you hate the king, so you're a tough guy to ask, but not you know, you're trying to show them sees them dirty seat. I love this is the very best case scenario for him and I love the two hands
He's got really soft hands both hands around the room. The point you just made and he's honest super streaks somebody sent us or some one of your guys wrote it about like very quietly. He strong together, ten or twelve gay. Use of double digit points. Double digit rebounds around there in India, no fill up the stat sheet steel blocks. This is the guy that they'd they drafted and who they thought they were. They were getting. The only thing that that is tough for them is there's a franchise. Tread transcendent player was available to them that they didn't take. But if you take that out of the mix, they're getting great value for that pick, Bagley looks like he's: gonna, be a damn good player in a cornerstone player, along with your boy de Fox. And buddy who's been awesome. The share, but he shot like fifty percent from three last. My fears that fifty two percent he's been out of his mind. I I'm so happy, they fucked up, they'll, never admit it
they ve come for. You now know no listen. They fucked up day day, rise. Lucco is as good as he was. An LUCA has a chance to generation where you can never pass that up in a draft ever so they fucked up, but this could have been so much worse. They could it taken Mo Bomba third book, Imma just got hurt again today and then Jack shit. All years got now has got a stretch fracture, but can you imagine that I mean the old kings, move, would ban that King LUCA and then having Obama and his stress raptures a rookie year like that would have been the classic path for the kings, This is a really good consolation prize for missing out at international, where I am all in. I really like em. I don't think you'll ever been goose, LUCA because without sand, but am This is where the only you you're can understand this, but the kind of guy we used to love playing with only played pick up. The tab, Lula hear me. I'm
he's, an I I would love to have played pick up with Bagley because, as you said, softly he's around the rim. He's gonna tipping Mrs he's always we can. We can throw on the ball and cut and do stuff. I think he'd be fun to play with yeah he plays like he went to Duke for four years he plays like he has a fundamentals of his game as a unique kind of trade forgot came, come on out after one year, chicken A little reminiscent Chris me from the old across this Yeah Chris me had both hands very soft shadow. It is because I left the little little Christmas. Nobody knows what we're talking about. No she's jumper a bit. I'd knocked Aden back from twenty four to thirty two. I am not giving up on em idle, Even now, I'm even going a raise any red flags, I'm just I'm still. I totally share what he is.
Where in where he fits into whatever the leg is that while the Phoenix has some some identity, yeah defining it to go like they, they don't know. Thirty M has been there for for two and a half months I mean like I did they got their own shit, the figure out, I know a bag. Is now adjourned. Jackson is I think I would rather have those guys than aid, but I also would rule out a world in which sometimes figures out exactly how to use him correctly in it becomes what it becomes, but I just I'm an army Jackson Bagley. There is no other not making. It then ribbon. Couple more guys, bad couple: newcomers, Jack Collins and the hawks he's he's amicably. About the hawks for a minute hawks and I were done. They have a team wins already. We thought they were going to have a team wins all year and it's cuz of John Collins
so the wing in it podcast me at the podcast pump. The pod father brings back. Bays and envy, you never met an old maid many and I might add up there that I watched the hawks last night they dismembered. Now I mean gotta, try really hard not to use a whole bunch of foul language. Talking about my washed and professional brow, franchise now yeah it's a sad day, but did they win? And it's not a surprise that Washington, you know, tried to beat them by out scoring them and it didn't work out, because the russian roster right now is broadly Beale, yeah and eleven bench guys it's the best bench team in the NBA. It's just that all of them have. Way yet well. The hawks operating at the hawks were good. She heard her early nineteenth down. I was put him out and promoted over this NBA. I must put of an honourable mentioned. I really did. I died actually about it, he's a ringer staff favourite and then com.
Has been good trade still all over the place, but at least he's is not. I was taken like run the run the offence and they have some other guys. I like to Torreon Prince so I am periods as good and plain ard- I'm shocked. I all indications said they're gonna try to go like twelve and seventy, but the reality is that Collins's, like a toy who in turn, every night now you know too much pride to that that part of the thing that I admire their just that out there too to run through games- and you are quite paychecks- they play I'll leave you with this and then we'll go as I promised so be twenty five minutes. What's the most fun, I am destination read now. Ogier pair rankings Cosette, Lena, has to be in that conversation oh wow, I didn't really think at them, but I will have the Mai in my in the top five now that you mention it, because I agree there is there so much
be done their clear violations where's case, I write her Cleveland worst case scenario. That's the worst God. If, therefore, there is a God in Heaven, leave and ends up with thanking them. It's a guide for everyone. With never generational superstars going to quiver. We ve had it we ve had we did an x? Is the team at the next the team? For as I am that's what I want me, I want basketball saved in New York. I want Diane and Tiree Smith. I re up to say- and this is the team and Jimmy the Dick Butler Euro couple. I just one basketball to be relevant again in New York, and I think you now, the basketball gods looking down and if they, if there was ever a moment, tat all their nose and reward James Dull, and this would be it would do that.
Combines Zion, that's a pretty good team, but that that's pretty good in the east, they would win a lotta games. I believe the other funding, as they actually do, have enough to trade for Anthony Davis in June. Hence they if there is outweighs out because they say they don't get, that are more pick. What so they get like the fourth peck and You give them the fourth pack Knox the two Dallas picks they got. He's you them a mother, lode packs, basically Dennis Smith,. Sir I'm in their chatting. With a year, at least in the Deva Davis Table, with that trade, especially Katie's, coming, which thou be my bed just now. I interesting when you do in Sri Lanka that we need you they're, pausing astray, dear you basically saying you know, you're getting Katy arrest, you, the dumbest franchise, that every walk the earth
if you're gonna be ok, they're, your morons this this is the subway. I was looking for you because you are not going all of this whole conversation with me. Talking about John Walls Achilles tenant. Nix did, I believe, a very sound risk assessment in a vacuum of what pausing us on a map. Contract would represent them and in view of the two injuries that need our experience in his professional basketball career Now- and I think it was perfectly sound risk assessment like we can't we're going to offer the max to this guy, he will take it. Does every work it has been offer the max takes it and then what are we stuck with it? can he flourish here? Can we help him avoid injury here what do we have around him? I don't mind that trade one bit, I think from Washington D C and what you know Objective II or
Observing that little the way that went down, I thought they did fine and that trade I thought they got good assets. They clear the decks, they're ready for New York to be back on the basketball map. Unlike what's going on here in chocolate city, the basketball team idle what to do. What are we supposed to do. John Wall Poor, is Achilles tending in his home. Are they want me to believe that he slipped and fell in his home bill? Simmons yearn almost fifty years old, I'm almost fifty years old. Let me tell you the last time I slipped in in my home. I can't think of it. This leopard more in our home is what professional athletes use. Some it is shit gone down? They had no business being involved in honour. The eighth was not on the employers. I don't know the last prominent athlete I can think of who fell and an end derailed, approve a terrific athletic. Mama was Dustin Johnson who slept on a slippery floor
the weak other masters and and missed the masters and a good chunk of the season. We're supposed to pay a hundred and seventy eight hundred and eighty million dollars to a guy whose entire. The boy identity is built on his physical strength and speed. We in this parliament, concern at all. I wanna do is t r, p c h. What am I supposed to do that so incredible? I'm gonna give my thoughts on that one. Second, I wanted you this red for you, here's the thing about being a Boston sports fan the century house, with twelve titles and counting it just completely ruined use sports fan. Suddenly, backed the title every year or in our case every formats, but that's the funny thing about better once you, Experience that you can't go back like like how we want of titles, the century, which is the gist of that
Hulu commerce, I've been seeing everywhere, it's all about how Hulu has tons of shows and movies. Severity nose like the handmade stale, puss live to be for sports and that once you get Hulu it'll ruin tv for you for ever start your free Hulu trout. Today at Hulu, eight, you al you, you might have heard of it. Tat come live tv plan required for live content restrictions apply. Somebody wrote that for me- and I just couldn't wait to read it to you ass. I hate who you love, feel that I have I have it. We pay for it, but I hate that I read a few Hulu ahead, so the wizard zig any time somebody falls in the dark slips and falls far in the bathroom I'm due, is the matter who it is like if, if it was nephew, I came in and was like
sorry, I'm late, I fell in my apartment. I would just I'm just I'm just a person, I'm just naturally suspicious of all people so yeah do I wonder if is more of a story coming out or no eight you'd have. I was thinking they really too far down the stairs right, they'll be the only This can happen or mrs step I could see if it was mother stands where you don't realize it's it's a step. You don't seem in your foot, hits it wrong and they could just and he's also heard. Our right is a bad me yet one and if I was gonna, be generous, the very best case Narrow is, it was the middle of the night and it was carrying a son A took around step that that's what you know. If you want to be we want to be a John while apologist and come up The scenario where that's plausible you say is already limping around so he's not in another normal body weight. You know distributed evenly he's carrying his boy.
Is to thirty in the morning we'll have out in his son, not even two months. Maybe three months ha that's gonna safety as a kid, that's like physical, a boy than you have others legos and little tracks on the floor. I could see like tearing an Achilles stepping on that. I don't know ominously will save Kyle Tears is Achilles in the next year. With some other that only how did you put that on it? now it's it's always weird. I remembered that there is a red Sox pitcher, who his hand once in his hotel reaching fur. A glass tat broke on his bed and there it was like one of the autumn target the homeward This doesn't remind me that I am I believe in jail, while more than you and the story has, I think, just sky by January. That's fine, you believe the Story- Windsor Gonna play basketball,
it's it's gonna, be a wound. Unfortunate way. We didn't do this. I am power rankings, so you next one eye. Also have the next one Have somebody next fans in my life I now much joy would bring them. I think I'm I'd have Atlanta too, oh well, because why not? It would really be a lottery, though. Why is there no bird gonna went to many games, the ever they also so we had, they would washed in. Now the John walls out for like a year and a half that probably wouldn't be too much fun if they gotTa Phoenix just doesn't deserve em. They generate any ad free for four years now, just awful We're gonna make me mad and then the law, cards of Dallas could somehow get the top five you see there there shelving pausing, guess what they should show proposing as thorough going. And thirty five games are they're not gonna get the top. Five need particular trade into it.
They gave me like. I have in that the team unfortunately I fear getting him yes, effing Chicago and they are absolutely tanking enough God of the ideological disarray cheapskate right, if you'd be like ratings iron out for kids birthday parties, for like five hundred bucks to make a little extra. My having just think what Jim Boil would have him doing in terms of you know, Berbeus and ended. Bear crawls unbelievable. I can't say goes: are you why Yes, I, as I keep getting sucked in watching the ammonia mattered getting sucked in he's the most magnetic mesmerizing cows players in Kathmandu ran. I know it is there to get sucked in by he's incredible every every time he's on the floors, something and credible Happily, here's the second coming over Bron you, I hope, you're watching. All of them will college basket was bad. That's that
my my issue, the regulatory package back about a downer hardware, but he's not bad how much and saint say and in the score, was like forty, two five and and effects but Zion like this school em around the rim is really add a control. I really love it. I can't, I really hope. Goes to the re team. I hope he goes to team with a point out can throw medallion. I hope he goes to a team with the red coach and a couple guys that play hard and just kind of get what he is charged for this. He's about how he's like a point centre basically agree. I hope gets. I'm really explores the studio space reside and tries in our everyday me both fire ass, fair, wrong when is very wrong coming back next week on this, come
Monday will have a wrap up of the Pebble Beach programme and look forward to shit. I don't know a tournament comes next. That day is that sponsored by someone we look it up real quick. Now I think we may Riviere we're leaving this n y. Vieira POD Cas podcast. Definitely I take a desire, with one hand, so I can hold the MIKE. You know the same thing as I haven't even drinking February, Fourteenth the seventeenth Riviere golf course. That is exactly what were pre viewing yeah the Genesis Open at river. A tiger is back in L, a it's. It's his foundation, this one, the beneficiaries of this tournament. It's gonna be a terrific preview.
Chris voted. I will have some awful selections for ways to lose money and we think we can have a pretty great surprise. Guest awesome has pleasure, as always cited the Bible, John, wasn't news, and without his eye before we get to Spain, If you are listening to this package, you barely figured out spar ways to spend your time, here's another on the knee start times, crossword app, crossword app is a fun clever way to stay sharp everyday new puzzle in new opportunity to challenge yourself from play, and now with the mini crossword, you can squeeze in a game and just a couple of minutes wow each mini puzzle of stimulating quick and most important fun play by yourself or challenge your friends. Then post your best times the satisfaction that comes from sobbing, whenever you have downtime discover wordplay every day. It's time well spent I've been doing this, as I have been watching old. Sopranos upsets Sudan,
That's how exciting my life is re now baby. Surprise us check it out. Download the New York Times as for up at near times, dotcom slash many in since we're here check out the awesome. Basketball package. We have not just the Ringer MBA show, which has grown forty five times a week. These days winging it with Carter campaigns were anything Burke, just an nun. So I guess so far and then the judge erratic package, as well so and who We view that adding another basque bob where, after the Astor breaking, never know thus check others out speaking to Basque by coming up for the first time ever. Speckly here. If I were you take this Friday morning, the NBA is basically exploding port is traded. Yesterday this morning, Tiree made it seem like you,
She doesn't know what he's gonna do started July. Now everybody thinks Katy Inquiry are coming to the next, random way. Just today, spiky in the house first time we ve ever done a park ass. This is like suddenly the best day. Next central, thank you for have me, and I don't think that is random. I'm here today you there he's a sphere, its work, a mysterious, it really does some I'm sixty one and I ve known as that. Very rare things is Random, a coincidence, things, spirits, ancestors, all types, the stuff or employee. And I've had this podcast for twelve years. I've been waiting for you now, all the sudden. Today's they show up, that's not a, Another great desire, random,
be a moment at the rear, its work anywhere near Yankee. Had you knew where you patriot? What was your forgot him near? Football giants? Ok, but grew up in Brooklyn. Here's! My four guys, unbroken maize Ali Clyde, Frazier and Julie Neighbour, maybe it will you we might have for great. We had teach you know Miss Irma, blonde, hair, full breast and her claim the name was she went out the date when Joe Name farewell and we love there s job, maybe fast first, I methodology. Remember this woman teacher she said he went out. Do so name is Joseph So spyware look like that. Well, she was blocked
so. You have to do more. You got it bugs implies, play. Like a diet laughing, so you wrote a basketball book before I did anyway, you grew up and Emma Jane Eyre. I was a game a I mean. You know the game, seven. The game, it would have been amazing, may yeah you when I was there well as re game. Greatest moment an accessory. He knows all today, we had one another championship but you know, is amazing. Market could have a check on her. What is the aim of those that do have gave me. The Egyptian Spain left him they gave savareen. I guess Bug Brigade the Mets won t I'd get him,
they'll give us one. So let's go back over this now, I'm not worried. Okey Doke, Rudy, poor people- guess you anyway. So Lakers yeah, we'll Chamberlain, Jerry West Elder Bailiff, lay a line that the biggest rule ever heard. My life, the entire lake team, stopped froze. Turn around the whole team lit three hall, a famous the whole team that barely line. The sea was red dragon leg on the court and next Wanna Chamber during the first two baskets. It won't Frazier. Thirty six points,
the light, while failures, amazing in their game. Where were you last word that when he walked out of the two new shots? No, we came out of a madman, allow sport events yeah, but what will come out came on court? They have a prize possession the great Nick AMOS G photographer George Kaminski yeah. I had the only forum was rigged, the needle ray I heard it was echo, wasn't like a two foot needle they do that needles but yeah Adam, add the only print signed by closely and will as read that as big yeah he's on the train is table. I mean this is ignited. Seventy one, may I know smart ways to do this. They basically veterinarian equipment to try to maximize. Let me even to NATO football huh
thing? Is the other one thing a what I got that right? That means concussion start. Doesn't that's new, so I was saying it we did. A package to poison is get traded. I was saying that I felt like the Knicks fans had replaced Red Sox banned since we one where and here's. Why was it see you Yes, I'm a Yo Yo forty six years, but we had one for eighty six, but the point is deployed the clubs that Tito but comes what I say yet there was nineteen o eight right, but here's the thing you have. These generations and expands rate the next start. Nineteen. Forty six thank my friend involving the screenwriter was gonna games are time. He just died again lower rate. Forty five years of his life, the end there. He does to see it, but you have other generations. I think that's what makes it different you haven't, expands ranging from age to age. Ninety there have been,
kind of living and dying with this well, there's always hope they have it, and now. If we get the universe was messed up now they changed the rule. So now is the time worst teams get forty percent chance that they had to do it because Philly they would Tankian. So if we get blessed by the the basketball gods from above, and then we get a, Zion is over, have using Zion person now begin. They played the are now was out of town, but he's gonna be like, though the garden we Iraq and we get. We have again. Let me not done this, table your deacon night? This is, would yeah Russia must live near movers jigs we Well, we brown from.
Boston, but its words not intervene. So you think is this visit, Adobe Double Cross have made TAT Bernard on about some. It would therefore be regarded, and there lay I wish we had well robust, but the Red yeah Curie Zion without began, Dennis Junior? We would you just now, making movies is where we have about early retirement age. Sixty were twenty, but other twenty Curacao was in his eighties, Quiney sourcing, eighty four Clint Eastwood there before a war, I read a quote chorus hour. Ok, maybe if, if no disrespect to clamber liver, no doubt
because in the dome school I saw rational yeah now? Was the game not deal much we're still rabbits awry, no disrespect to clean, but- and I got the care so This is what is what and ask what your reaction was to bring us hearing the ballast we all set because I was doing interviews yesterday saw a term. I thought off I turn on donor enormous explored in my area as it does. A video were happening. Yeah that didn't you hear where you believer imposing us together. Had that ten game stretch started last year when it looked like he me like a thirty and twelve guy in aid guy in a little bit
I was not that kid who is crying or saying at the draft yeah. I like this game and here's the thing though, and today's sports world, the players have so much control and if you have a guy that doesn't want to be there. Can you gotta get we cared for him there? Just that's just wait. Is they have a guy on a teen there's gonna, be there in whole team sees that is good makes my reaction. When the trade we did a pack s right after I was like this is terrible. Classic makes but then going thing in their benefit. I heard what you just said. I've heard over and over again from people connected them, as I give you want to be there he's going leave plus we get to first from pigs,
which we, the second one, was that at the very least, you can throw that those picks into another trade to get something out, so they have more options than they ve had. The problem is to give up on a twenty three year old guy in a rookie deal who has don't be a franchise guy, that's pretty rough, but yet the look at that injury to write and defend its height. The fact that the seven for three guy, some guys six for, but to be so. With Heather injuring you gotta talk, guys Karim was the only one who seemed to just be able to be durable, Kelly that Walter, but but we got hurt that one year member but he is. He blew out his neck out that one year he missed the whole year, but it came back. He came back he had his own life was built like you know, Did you see what, when he was that what went on the same person later
later I mean the from my first members of God. The nickname I follow was the sixty eight team. Before they made the bush or trade set. Him was get mean we had the pieces, but it was when the Bush, a cane ass, when a really came together, lay great no pity for tackling the handle of the wiser tigers, picture tat, the bushes- and let's talk about this. What do you think you dear is yeah when the late great, Did the busher put his hand into the thing for the draft was an envelope. There was a blow in the microwave or a commodity. It was stern stern, put it in there, I'm saying about when he was picking so no no, the butcher his, but the people pick. They put the hand in a thing
It was the day was done. No stern was the one who pick them out in a row, stern wisdom, That's the thing was a little bag. Worst, though, is The mission was dot. Those now stand, but it was a little better than the site. I've freeze framework has technologies better look at you pick the one that they were the sides and I thought just a butcher sword there was so if they had the greatest magician about frozen the one envelope and he just like I realize Code is just feel the hot one we'll call illegal ones like despatch again, who who also the next day got my season tickets, their necks, eighty, four, the very next day, others, eighty five year after Bernard. Whatever pad to get spring. Eighty five:
I will. I went online six in the next worn. It got my seasons, WWW Bernard Guyana, Bernard My neighbour, ok, for now incredible AIR Bernard my neighbour for green, does I put my name for Green Brooklyn, where I was born there Albert MIKE Tyson and Michael Jordan The state is called come on hospital. It's amazing. They will end aunt. Illuminating periods. And data, Dame all born ass for my neighborhood in the people's Republic of broken New York. Bernard where progress, Data gets eighty four subjects. I can Maxwell said he's decade for raising forty eight and decide to go to get it it again. It was amazing every time the Celtic come for the EU because he does rail yeah.
Look of calm, bread and cheese. It don't call me sad. I am because no other get real Bernard king. You used your movies to attack Larry Bird. I don't appreciate hears it. They neither appreciated at all because it they know. You said he was ugly man, John Savage and a bird t shared had run over seventy sneakers. I saw you always bills, one sneakers, those would Jordan Water yeah. Exactly now, bliss disease will visiting. I have always admired, lie bird. This says you're disparaging it or not, is yet. Let me use your spare. You have a ghost who's the guest on this is it they know. I've. Never ever ever lie burst the whole famous great pleasure. My comments about labour were not ready to him. With directed to the white media, pushed him into position a bit
in the saviour, which he wants, ran ass for tat, I grew there, and so I met lie regionally we're here. We had a great talk. Did you know about the movie? Yes, men, the how do movie came out our course. I dna is looking right at him and then he would run next day. Is point me again asked the guy right there. So you know. Days are true visiting. I had the utmost respect for Labour Larry Bird I want do was play ball stroke. He had unfortunate situation where, because he was so great and was why I was Boston he was put, position of being the saviour. Remember if you what's back an MBA Ciba sports, I'm name announces Larry Bird was at the Boston Gardens sixty eight. This morning unable to thousand shots
cream didn't work one magical too are met, by more work and this guy. No it s not tat was not. The narrative. It was always bird running in the garden around the last saw at my stuff was not meant to be at an lie. We look back yet when I saw I want I met larrea last week, I brought the whole thing that miss picture him children of an amended Jackie. I went to the king, so I tabled a gentleman lorry. Is he he's a wow heed the plant, everything tat everything then I spoke. Bartley telling what the real toy was. Yes, but that should help grids, labour he'd want to get into that but he learned I d jailers Doktor Jack AIR, so he, when it is a spike nobody's had it all things happen. Do you know what happened? How glad I am? He was
their noised our target shit to induce them like a guy down there? So I had utmost respect for life, great player one a grave all time, so we're cool he is to be great energy. He is the love plan. There he's very wide. Have you if you are, the real players would come? No matter how many garden you not going out the night before right. That's one after the game is a team as they another to, but coming to garden. You going to bed nine o clock put a stop or another city, but that a New York is this. Is this in other words grace arena and the other day James. This is exactly what is there for the game. I've never had
a garden at the moment. Yes, but luckily here One point should shorter time, metals record a mellow, be all amazing story. I did this film stars geometrical copy dont work yet so we did a thing. But, above all, for the dvd release, we did. We wanted to have a weak postings commentary, cometary tat, so the only time he could do when a Lakers came to the garden, so was scattered. Do the commentary after the game, and that's the noise course see boys God seriously at the counter terrorism that it gave its course thickly brought the gotta guard, the brought the guy he's a spike. It's all your fault, Maybe you knew or Donna commentary ask a brig ragged. Well, you
to the Carmelo game right I was there, he lay left some on the table. He came out with like four minutes left. He could account for seventy. I always drive me crazy. I like a million a day- and I said you know, but there is a people get me up. Yeah, come over here getting overly sixty eight. Gimme me your gimme, your top five. Could you do this in your book? Players- you're tat. I ever teams of play players as you did this in your Berber euro, you book twenty twenty one twenty years ago, yet fifteen years I know this is a debate, current debate, about whose graceful, I want to do that because I love it. I think virus does not have the Ike. I had this mentioning knowing that this did based come about, says what the bronze said. Yes- and I know you know you bring a team back down- and I'm not the major ways Bleoberis offer me play as I saw em Jason Bourne Unbroken New York.
You grew up North Carolina, Michael Joy, Guy Kobe, to two three Lebron. He said. Sadly, now I got respect for Lebron broad, even after hearing come to play for you into doesn't ten. That is to let my thing is is due as best for you is a tree made a video to for the recruiting video for into that one out there all bunch people did it seemed it yeah that day was was not well thought out It was a puzzle, brought away we're going there and then they change their beds. Tobacco it some messed up Yes, there is only one day the real to one le Monde retired, we'll tell, will have what the next I've been saying. The real story from what I know for a while, and nobody actually believe me- never ran away to go in there and then it got screwed up we'll find out.
Restoring. They are one of the main. This ways Share the truth always comes up, eventually, etc. On three: Syria, Jordan, Kobe MAGIC Magic for cream going bird six man, Look, you always get in trouble when you less in any list so by bird Bert. Look I got level for anything about. I heard that the brothers love I bird saw the whole thing, so he was, he was cool everybody yeah, he was cool, everybody any add. Any talks. Talk smack you talk back. So is a fortunate that my part I was trying to use labored to make a point on the media, how they horse them up, and then we can't get the whole Boston
Celtic L, a Laker Dynamic look at the history of Boston and after me, Against his look, may we built this book. Yeah me. Restart last team promptly green, the last so they change your yogi wafer. For reason behind I saw desert complicate history. America's. It's gonna get asked. Oh no doubt schuyler. They got a beggar port. Imagine I to see Russell and at the end of two thousand and twelve, because we did this documentary Madame friendlier TV right in the whole premises like why? Don't you ever go back to Boston the figure out what happened men RO enshrined in this decade on his bed remains crazy. I mean there are nine thousand people go into play off games in their sound hockey. So I mean he had real reason. We shall not. Those games in salt held there,
they didn't starts on at the seventies, for he would our they were so now Bob Cosy, Tommy Hyacinth, none of guys they were so out of it- might have been basketball just what a most positive finals, Warsaw dollar Regular, sees the files, I saw done now not it was great the net. The next thing went extinct, which is the fact that you been terrible the sources, we basically, except for like a nine month span. I get at what point look at this big picture and go wise guy doing this to me what a recycling so when I come with, you got the approach
Well, what was what was the cruellest moment of the last twenty years rear? Well, those. I would tell you that those pacer next series you gonna tonight Yes, you need at this hour are. They go back.
But when, when Reggie also I like so me, read you call the eyes this habit twenty years ago in all good or love, went good regiment. All that game five. I walk the next day. Every more I gotta to corner Bodega, get the papers, get my coffee, bagel cream cheese cut down the middle the so I inside go go to papers a man, I'm on the front, page news, Newsday New Post and your daily news, I'm on the front page in game six, mark a square Rina em like a man, I gotta go, but he records. I I know, but say no, it was a minute, though. Thou wanna go so
I landed in the apples and is like five tv crews there inside it goes straight. The market I went to visit MIKE Tyson prison fill all amazed. They were getting on us next, next dogs, you no matter where you getting heck, obey Indianapolis inmates. Yes, that's that's raft his true story, so game six ended, Ino clause in minutes and the ashes start surround. The court will have a rope, he stopped. Vance storm interfere and, thank God, John Stars went berserk. We want because next loss game six out of the move.
Right I had to move no girl, but it had been a serious you. We did the daddy had dinner. We Patrick hit the shot tat put together. We the that thirty thirty and, as you said, you were actually in fear a little bit Andalusia The clear was founded ending apple, nor the ordeal me my girl. I'll go and do we had and then was ordered Davis, Simon yeah. His son is a vulgar asshole is that so I'm trying to say we need security yeah.
Looking at him- yes, he came here, so it was again heard, and then that was game. Three so then add the call in the office today assign someone from the league yeah, but I mean, if you saw you saw through thirty, you know he don't panic yeah, they would turn the piss upside down. So was a hood clan is Sendha is in the piece of rubber So I really doubt overwhelm the internet. Her the there'd be sent in those pictures out pretty fast. What I their faces. It barely way Bowers Patrick Patrick Jump. The gun stores famous picture Japan scores table, so we went to
Euston yeah up three two gonna regained his acts is a story. My man in our power gone. You yeah serve ass, a spike I gotta scheme. So he was tight, were Vernon Maxwell, so here he had Vernon Maxwell up. All here, vermin of the eight o clock and awarded smart didn't work mad we understand He doesn't know who did it and then it's like Iverson, some guy just in sleep, well yeah, and then this always gonna, be a talk. I love stocks, my will my fair players and was three for twenty one, Some Sunday that game seven became six like that,
to win in the last minute and that's without my mental problem of the thing, a big the pact with opening. Somebody earlier, but who's the guy. The guard plea was great. With adults mavericks there no, the lower Lando yeah We're Lando I'll get my Berlin trouble, but you go to his grave thinking that he would his some shots right, but hidden Was that the fundamental problem of that thing, though, that in it muscling game in the road, the second had a creator such scorn, the team was kind of John starts, which I know, but have to hit me. I know, but a John. I love you baby, so no disrespect but is output best, not John John I can't put himself in a guy he's gonna, that's that's on Pat Riley, but we born They they march twenty it so Padua Gimme some slack for this. My brother or London,
mulatto. You thought he should get some Lorraine himself here. What about the Jospin give up is the both. For four black steals. Unlike two seconds. He has to try to dump the first one red, he was hats eleven. He was gonna like this. A guard yeah. See. I think that was M, as do you that was right to say they will Next to you got game, five be have seven home, and you. Basically, you win that game probably went sex, but then you had got seven and msg. You know it's been all evening, Charles, I look with talk about them. Have a how many years ago, two thousand five hundred and twenty six either Charles Smith had made that basket. Michael Jordan would have found.
Way to win. That's the part of one forgets about that game. He still would have had like eight seconds left. We seen before the man's ability to put his in into put his will would have found nowhere in the world was Michael, Jordan, elusive finals, yeah, that's how I feel is not. I ever saw so Charles should I made the lab but M J, the black cat, lag Jesus arose the budgets of our Monroe's back, was then his actual nickname here that was the first, but they haven't. You know he passed a law passed along yeah, but. And so that's why that's why you going to do that? Hold the how many thousands Leubronn lost a lot.
He's also had some ignominious exits jointly lad one bad one and then, when he came back from baseball and Orlando beat them? That was the right time he's kind of didn't. It didn't whistling still ball from the sunlight. Ganis and the famous retailers are right, though, in the finest I I'm still. I wrote my book ten years ago and I look like the best best ever not having this argument again. It's over The bride brought it back. Workers because of the large every I think. That's what's changed, she's having this korean type he's gonna have a twenty. Your career, where he basically is not Gardiner, is and has been incredibly hard at his house. How long you up with a groan, injury, he just came back I know where desires luxury dominating gives hears it. They now like to say with a lot of old, not you, but you know warned me, but if you add up all the brass, play of games. It's what it's like to mercy as a Caesar is maybe three actually we're we're do the math, but
Looked at these had this place this will lead to more seasons. He's he's going to live here. The piles every year he really was lose he's going to define he's at fifty five thousand minutes. If you the NBA, the regular season and the class, but as you know, the plan minutes are like they can't like a minute and a half said so intense. We also had an idea. I e number level abroad and we have to pick sides is out of the dead like each other. There I think, there's some beef, but rain and Jane the broad and it there's a way which ever said the Baron licences sailing publicly all again she likes the goat stuff when you're the go GO conversation, but all micro said he saw me. He said this recently, I've never ever set on the greatest cause. I'd never play the great place while the heiress he's against us.
You think it's a coincidence that he has a ten. Our documentary coming out now celebrating his life read as this Leubronn holding out at all data Gregg integrate moved by working that things been on the shelf four year. You looked at it for awhile. I wouldn't really sorry go another direction when I was areas Pierre, I remember are trying to do. We have that we're. All I can say is they want another direction you had the at it. I remember your brother. I remember I was Sidney. I want you to do it that they were another direction here. It is five near city. Point guards ever make a point of order. But don't you I am an order. Tie Archibald guy. Giving them out Rushmore Gimme a map. Give me for my Jackson, Charlie Scholars from Harlem I'll see, Charlie scarred sleigh he's the one of the last guys. I know
got average like thirty five, a game in the NBA were here: Lenny Wilkins Boy those high school, so you just listed for. Would you say about most talented the staff in the most talented for all Is it my brother pages, Abraham, Lincoln, a real splinter, same school Jesus shells worth How much of VE got game was Deaf Marbre like stuff it is that of. U S. Step was right to say that this is about his about him. That's not true, but the similarities, because his point garden, Minos, broken, is calling out, but the whole father son thing in all other stuff, but it definitely, but you know, might make it to her. He can be Freshman next year call Anthony. I saw highlights of this guy Grignon Lightning fast, the door, the Son of Crystal and great at me,
Oh he's Gregg Anthony son. Yes, I didn't know that yes, what's causing counter he's, ok now, that's where I saw then they have some other kid on their team, whose buzz amazing tell gear the internet as a way of getting these until a proper guy. The this guy, the Son of Crystal Gregg at me, he's got be, is gone. A monk I can say, is gone, but he's come a little. Greg, Anthony, respectable performance in that one fight when used in ST close forgot above however, that all you know a killed, a thousand Goodwood, what killed his dead that series against Miami the it would also give the heat eyes came out. The inevitable why the Charlie Ward do the game's over this is two times, because that thousand seven since I was either team in that kind of change. The course of history In the next game, you're like a place a bit, They suspended all things term. When did you first
like when you were saying court said the guys in the other team were not only aware of you but felt like they had to interact with you in some ways like a right, a passage for hours, they interact is it then the whole thing will work with Reggie Miller blew out proportion because. I might even say that target a mere. No, no I'm saying that even relax, they always lineups, nor the other pre game line, a boy We have time you ll come by, so that only the nineties like before Reggie yeah. I think you are eighty nine mile zone. I got an email really star, she's got a minute. I wasn't still now wouldn't sitting courts here when you get quarter move down every year. If they move me down in a voice called side that they were still no sits there. Now this levy, then it s. We could sell this. I can't remember here
when I'm sorry sitting courts I mean I always the players. Would you know what my ceases as the Koran lay one is, this is right there. You know me for my seat, so I've always been. You know that they were ready, mill that put out by over I abstained on the Michael Jordan. Without when stupid, you can't- Railways do give illegal gimme a wink go away, but no one is on the cord means that lot like doing
dawn was all business. Amateur disdain never said before that those words when I was in or early year, when exalted real good that every year, but when in the care that in death no pairs of gas united, but I love people, the whole Boston new thing is- is complicated mania for back there, the garden there were, let people you may weren't you seats, they will let you stand behind. The basket was late. Mine.
And I was like mikhail- was looking at me and I was looking to him. I said Kevin Mchale, you suck, he looked at me and say nothing and I felt so stupid and never settle for and and and then just being course, I and abuse the athletes have to take that, and it's amazing that, and I say that states being built it and the way he looked at me. I sack I've never been in evidence of a very reindeer. How, amid the beauty, It's amazing the athletes, don't choke wanna, fuck, left and right. That their task may lay hasn't happened. Nine times. Oh, yes, is is the abuse and because it is is Really really horrible, Ireland,
bidding honourable game six? Eighty six violence used to Boston the day after the Samson fight Samson in the garden. We were thy great farm. It since Sissy signs outside one and he came in and the anger it took him out. He's done here like eight points use the leg he could feel you realize, just as you know, by is not built for its already boy, your people that they'll tell you that you need to get them in all right like they shrink I'd Denzil in the past, but Six months ago, here as well, we this, but very excited to talk about. I had heard He got game story saga, your version of it that here as the loose again tat thing, get any room for doubt browned. What is your version of the story? First like to say to my Denzil Denzil played university at four.
Oh he's he's proud about a Pga charisma was his couch yeah. So. In the script aversion. There's some battle and he got do I wrote it: does that G2 sowers, possibly his father, Jake, twelve, zip, Now raise never. This is first film so raised like we do a description exactly Denzil do not tell me but I knew nowhere in the world was dazzle. Knocker tries go a basket because I still consider himself a ball yet so we start domain and dazzle. Just don't so lucky shit, it's got home humble. I mean. He's back issued in like crazy.
Just film in the whole time Europe a letter like yeah, so at that they, like those six somethin re, said. Look he's saying: Cut the same time out, I was like the referee timeout time out and the great Susan Batson was one of the most phenomenal acting coaches she's women him. What are you doin way died. Why are you doing there the labyrinth, you gotta, be this by script says up also win nothing eleven me. I, like I go like this We want me to do so There is a moral victory ass seriously because he is score. I think policies baskets he's called for for He said he told re Beforehand- is a guide, never maybe to go left but then went
I will now is not remedy he's trying to pull get em I tried out, though, is the end, then was very proud of his performers and unfounded guess. He's going to bed This undertaking is all a famous. I say that sort of my favorite sports movie scenes ever because I know Cadenza start talking shit, shit and like real life comes into the scene around you could see him see him like all red. Mad array knew that this fills me scene. I knew that his fellow players It's not like, I know we played Malcolm make, but you let that guy he's gotta relate the greatest Secretly, the greatest achievement, a dead, says, croup four points and re Alan. Thousand lucky stuff them, but a winning. Big deal. The replies were re on, so here
because he's announced his first film, he think he had the you know the get up on dens the d in Denzel's competitive. If you know so, you want to look like a punk out there, so he's going to try to Also, there is a better. It was better than I wrote. I agree is better I wrote because you Barbara, has the so it has to win any in. We gotta see the father or some basque there's gotta, be some father son, I'm still I'm still your dad exactly agro that exact you ruined users. For me, why I was like my favorites words movie ever and then I read your book about it and you pointed out creases outside you pointed out how our area sister was at the end where the Hutus team is In the black, the all black team with the coach was the fourth
lady, whose just becomes a more on at the end of the movie, but you know ask robs luncheon right where he was and he wasn't there is One thing that you would arise would don that explicit, it was later goes. One black doesn't like high, was greatly attics Indianapolis. I think the who team was nineteen. Fifty and then Oscars team was MID fifties, but how were you to Hollywood? Commalena goes Do you not agree? I know you don't believe me. The greatest documentary who treats does not mean basketball documentary. You think that is the guys who dreams. Oh yeah, It's been often imitated ever since. Well, that's what happens when we set the standard people travel what about? What about those? Seventy efficiency Pittsburgh reason that this funny fast break
For now you president, who gave you will happily recap, live what work if one is, Those guys like warns that heroism Esther was what was shack. Does blue chips? Mcnulty was a coach yeah? The shack and penny areaway it is hard to do me- is marked as easy is spreading to wreck the regret. Narrative phobia basket boy, it just looks football. No doubt forty at the seventies movies to hold out for me. I don't know As for the storage and bad news bears, I was it his bare and bad news bears too is pretty good too soft that's the hordes of logs yard. I think an odour listless don't skip over snapshot whose starving Panama, Paul nude cool hand. Look here
HU I look and longest yards. The holds up only tell a story, so I'm gonna do twenty with our yeah and our move. I thank you and I want to go to pull up the cool hand, look poster and ever knows apartment swipe, make the car they see at a call upon moment for permission to get his office number, and there are many. Before he's, come on over spike say came office. We had a good Talk game University use, it do not. That is the net. The dome was done. I call again and he signed it for me really what p give up all Newman Marlon Brando Peal of guys like that they were marching with the doktor king. There right big checks. They would pull them via Singapore Yea vilified day. Those guys were very reform. While people
Have let them out they are really really behind a moving, not just write checks. They were martian, you know which, with the king, so I don't want to bring it up. Paul Newman in the stuff he's done with his charities. Ass. My man who looks Bill Russell your relationship with them now really because he was another or knows. I was at the time oh yeah yeah yeah, but you know ability or know you. You look like you're crazy, my father, Lord him play got together. Tell em George Louis, he said. Ah, then I was but we all know you. You just got work of them and asbestos I'm the man. This is just wait.
You know when you get nominated for by clansmen and they said the suspects first nomination. Well, what limit values should I'm infer that for directing and pitch and picture so that can't be true. I've been here, the whole time is true, and I follow this forever to websites that we're sports, a poker says it now he had and then went through in, as I owe screenplays fora. Do the right thing, while eighty nine, the directing nine over the dead, though not, can picture in eighty. Nine is one of the biggest ass. I was almost forever. Thank you very much, but both or on this and that seventy nine nominated first a win win get to nomination was outrageous screen. Blade Danielle lost out the Denzil for glory. And then I want had at nominated my document. You follow girls about the bombing of the six history Baptist Church
so it was so. What do you think happens? Thirty years later and eighty nine, a dynamic, only nominated because the as you gonna record talk about job, Miss Daisy, Vereker crash. I think what has happened is Adam specifically with the academy with a range starting off the so white and then the then President Khatami motion picture sizes are Shirburn Isaacs. They with the the lake and Ms Isaacs Chauvelin Isaac with the was pry hearted. Let me start again what happened, I think, is that two things happen April rains ass, the snow white past take us away Ray and Chauvelin Isaacs. Who did was the present
other carrying motion picture the sizes, those two combined made. The board of governors realize they had to open up the borders, membership of the Catholic than that just have some day yard. Where people had been open up its. Has opened a radical idea and with this opening up of the membership moonlight whole lot of films prejudicial to the nomination, not been there because it is more diversified and the camp looks more like.
The United States of America now right ahead in the path of exit. Eighty nine I'm here is a perfect example. I would say that the cadmium, a motion picture exercises in ninety ninety, the border until the year before they are much more care. Much more, coupled with the character of hope, was dry, Miss Daisy then. Yes, monkey boy out and deadly ray? I hate with their boom. Blast in their fight to power. It's so funny how the Oscars work you talk about a lie within a million Pakistan it get out was a good example. Last year ten years from now I know get out, is gonna, be there memorable movie from that year, for whatever reason. In the moment they both for shipowners like
I know how this is gonna play out ten years from now people back, oh, that was the year, get out, came out and it was so clear. Dear movie, I remember seeing your movie figures in Cambridge and, like people want, it came at your own and kind of Stumbling out of it be like what the fuck just happen, Basic, just servers, world library terms? It is tat. The bug I was bad about jobs are set out, that it was it is just such a movie that just never seen before and I think sometimes the Oscars, does know what to do with that. But here they know that was I've come to understand. That was not the person happen with the haven't before happens. Other rate embolden out when what one ordinary people about patina in winter
father to wear willow and live there is might let's this opportunity want this tenth of woman and all over themselves. Malcolm X,. Does the chain or do not want the Godfather one godfather to circle, but I was like, does afternoon there and and just for all so You could say. That benzene cells training to trade day the man was a make a call. Because, although he was awesome and train it, but here Do it for thou a gazelle screwed up and look look what Pacino Godfather Godfather to dog day. Afternoon: do you no one? Seventy fuller go added. Throwing you'll win, he lost and said, Foreign soda Nicholson in Chinatown their lustre. Currently inherent Harry stuff, how it was our continent
He was like eighty daily escape into the skiff, the terrific no there's your favorite. Fifty years from now, devil oysters He's gotta wait it out. They love over a lot, but again and I've never dared accommodation more about this. We don't do that's not why make domes and the great stuff is gonna, be seen a new generation, no one understands respectfully, but no one is watch and drums. I would say twenty years ago either right thing is in library of Congress, but do the right thing also this decade. It took on a new meaning cod, Everyone would the arrow gardener, yeah charcoal
This year's Gimme a third anniversary of the film, and that's why I brought it up you. You know that even though you read the red let me ask a question. We really radio gets choked to death by a cop in a movie. Those thirty years ago was based upon something headaches. Ex things rail. The thing about do right thing was where we had the forecasts on gentrification. Wouldn't do the right thing. What I wrote discriminate we had. We forecast justification global warming, a whole bunch of stuff where people talking about that does does prevalent today, police violence, please get out a whose fatality a whole bunch of stuff. And is so is the Bush or one of the great things about that movie?
I never understand how people pull this off, I'm that sends kiss your ass there's, like thirteen distinct characters in that movie Maybe the more I don't know what the exact number is that you can have. Like you know and they're, not even really in it that much. You know, and I think that's for me- the legacy the movie is the wage shifted over the thirty years, what's happening in culture, but just like the characters. I just haven't really seen that directly was rosy presses first yeah More time rights as it Rama Harris Verse, film jungles, he was highly berries for his film, so we we add, then I gotta give credit to were Robbie red. Who is my cast directors ally's people that their sheep known and allay so she would know late
so I got guts gotta meet the town out there. It's weird that you don't get mentioned. I think maybe just cause you you're, so famous thou, but the whole independent kind of thing that started happening Ladys through the night is now these people make my cabin slope Smith, making clerks, I assure you, may that, would you make it for like two hundred grand she gave it yeah two hundred and five thousand two weeks we shut. Six too, stay weeks July Sixty rings Sunday take off delight. First life fourteenth where'd. You get the hundred seventy five. We were doing crowd funding because before there was crowd, funding really mean do not technology, but the principal crowd funding you know we ve done it phone calls. Did you know what number you had to get to her was just like
as soon as I get another area where we gotta go with vast, going well one seventy five. I wonder what that is now for that Like two million are one million. No eighty five. What's one seventy five and eighty five owner with the equivalent of what went on here, and we shall have a five year since probably like one point: five million hours since I do think so. I don't know. Larry Bird made. Six hundred thousand Nathan Five and now the Brown makes talk. Thirty five, but I don't know you know what buddy is anywhere that express stupid money, stupid money, so and after do the right thing I mean did John fever, but well need of any used. I really eyeing Malcolm X.
That always in the back of your head, or was that like what you had these opportunities, the great to recognize my juice and was attached to the film with Denzel and was announced? I made a public knowing that I would like to be considered for the for this role and not the producer. Morgan were great guy Lenny Bruce and they always one guy who's, seen everything he arranged. The meeting where Norman Jewison I sat down and nourison I mean Norman Gracefully- be to have to do that always give credit, and because it was his film is he had a deal. Then there was play Malcolm X and Norma JUICE was playing schools with directing film any. It was his job and he didn't have to.
So is give credit to our normal for that twitter for work. I do accept Movie Helena. Well that I wasn't you know, I'm a little gladiators other cases, his decision and I think of arab married to my cabinet, hidden how he did not happen You stumbled into something. Why use I should say stumbled because it was intentional, but the way marketed that movie with the accents I remember in the moment the guidelines for smart, You know this virus appetizing everybody there's a six month, stretch everybody one of those hats in the movie going to come out yet very early on. I understood that had to beat my own drum yeah. I was not going to have no means of dollars on tv ads stuff like that people forget on June 30th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine dude writing open. The same
TIM birds? Bad man, says a date with a mistake knows called a culture It's called counter programmer yes, but. Nowhere in the World Universe's and then no, nor should they have spent a lot of money that Bob Daily Terry. Some of them were spent. On that I mean the timbers Batman, printed scope Jack Nicholson where there is some weird shipowner, when we do the right thing that people were like were worried about it might be an incendiary moving their ideas out. A road David then be down the new. The new Yorker Yamba, though not great, do this is to be careful.
Be careful. What happens in the three areas is blood might be spike these hands. This film can cite black. Will the right all over the country in a crazy shit? Yeah, that's tough as that Asia, South Laylock stupid. Here and the guy Joe something was his name, your client Joe plied yeah. I remember there. I saw him over Monticello we're going to go from New York to Penn state. Am I going to look, though you said Adam? My head was turn both ways like this, like that. In vain done, but he knew that those guys ever centre right spike. I thought them Never never say your letter nuttin, yes,
like hey, you wanna meet you fucked up when you blaspheme labour, the greatest afford of our time me. Libraries is only a letter me alive. No, let me know rhythm and we have little. We spoke like this is what I just said. I saw it I knew that I had the beat my own drum YAP and the person and their status for the first year. The person I learned from was Madonna. Really how she was the master. The person, despite the learn, how to market me my brand, my films from Adam She leaving was the first one who figured all this shit out. She added she changed her. Look every year now everything was calculus, Diner Madonna's. So thank you. Sister. But not a were you sell the hats who saw the hurt me how many decided at eleven hours fellow sees every teacher
in front of the model. Will get better? How many have you, sir? Do member we saw at Times and then did think of helium be, would not know a few doom bootleg stuff. So yeah Oh that's ya! Where do I get hard around me right? did it end credits of Malcolm X. We show very people who gave his money to finish the film. So you see there's a shot of Michael and magic wearing a I remember the Ex had when that happened. It was game over oh yeah, that that was a how would demonstrate story now. Please do we never got the correct budget, the probably budget for Malcolm X there's a yet, but we are by knew that I knew it was, buzz, nor the bond copy knew it sought.
We always knew that Dune David Williams. They do. They were rather there reckoning where we out of money. So we plan the schedule. We started September, break for the holidays and finish in South Africa and Egypt, and so was we came to that break
We were told that we had to cut the, but they want to shoot on the Jersey shore. Astaire said Egypt. Yes now, and it was, it was a bury. It was a rough time because that does to the locations, don't look alike and and then another thing. The first time we showed Malcolm X to Bob Daily and Terry, some overran studio was the day I swear to God. Ass. A truth was a day on the running verdict owner the same day and that cut with four hours but to their credit, Bob Daily and tourism, will stay throughout the whole flower screening. While Ella was up in flames, Jesus solar systems come round every every half an hour, late,
No to stop renewed, we need to get a helicopter miller I'll. They were talking here saying you need El Capitan amused. Ella was in flames until they were not repeat myself. I gotta give love the two co presidents, O Warner Brothers Bob Daily Terry Symbol Day throughout the for our cut cheese, so they say spike. So later on. We knew no way the world do expected to be four hours which want to see what it looks like. We had a three hour cut and they said spike. We cannot release a three hour cut. The reason why studios don't like the longer length, because that means as well as.
Rather there it's, you did you seven o clock had airtime, undue amount will have dual Malcolm X. War was also JFK, doubtless like three hours, You killed my story here, mob Slow down the cat with soap. So I know they can release, give Kay May I say how long is give Kay there are two hours but they ll know. I know I was the cycle. How long do you have case by we are told that Sid As you know, I look I'll be there a better know that new our duty
with three hours. I thought I will keep. Will three me so I was not not. Gonna gave one about let the barn company take the movie and and burn company promptly fired everybody. All the errors were fired. And now we couldn't work and I I got pay women dollars for from our, and I put that entire sour into the movie.
But I'd had no money to put in the film anymore. So doing this film in pre production, film won the most affordable ever read was the autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley and do the high school and had to add the restudy, Malcolm in the thing that kept coming to my mind was self determination, self reliance, self determination, stuff lines. I said: damn it
I had to call a common african American. The had money had I mean not to the assistant or add that phone number I call up, but it's tricky thing is this house as a really I was. I had my Yankee hat hand out begging to trick at the bed at this. The Mayans ask for cannot be an investment. It cannot be a tax write off. This is how to be a gift. So I made my list first person. I called Bill Cosby. How much you need. I told him you said bike. Stand you put in
No no no side gotten us away ran it will cause risk. Roused. Don't rang the Bell hammer to check even come aside, because I had to get it back before my changes, my boy so Tracy, Chapman, Tracy, Chapman, Tracy Chat, Bow Jana Jackson MAGIC was Maria Oh look rather be tell your story, you kill
You wrote it order DES Miss with rings: there's womanly Peggy Cooper capers just for lampreys who just past overhead. Would she Oprah that point? You, oh yeah, I guess you it's ok, Prince Health JANET and it came down to the last to enlist magic and Michael every time. Making next call everytime Agnes call I'm asking for money. It's only a two more people. I left, so I called magic spike what you need phone, so the last call is Michael Jordan. The goat born in Brooklyn, New York So I know Michaelsburg Competitive, Michael,
Then we'll lose more forget tailings fighters happen, let slip. How much matter RO on his check, those it Is it bad to give how much so Michael sealed it? I was able to hire back my up production team in post, post production team and a Michael and scoot a Malcolm's birthday
May nineteenth we are oppressed, comes at the Schomberg la brain harm on a very disparate Lennox, where we now see that these problems, after miracles had ridden checks. So we can finish to film we want, and what do we could finish my best way, one make it and the next day one bulls star the funding from again my mother's grave, true story, true story, so every time I see any bodies, I give him a software see magic at same Jackson, birthday port may now the big birthday by their bodies. I know I gave a gay madame said: never cookie, lovely wife I gave magic bigger was thus by helping me, I said: Marilla, you wrote that check Malcolm X. That was it,
Most of all those prominent Tracy, Chapman Jana Jackson mean new. They wrote that check in that and asked because I cannot cave in couldn't do it in an inherent thing. Malcolm x evolve as a person, a young child. The choice read. We needed that time, the sea, the transformation. You guys, you and being you dude. I shouldn't two hours. I was glad that do that to me, David Lee, make up the chairman of the committee would like laws, Arabia, Doctor Zhivago, Bridge and monitored? clash about what the bridge and why got my mother bug is out of place, but we
it is time to tell a story. There. Without an eagle drip. We did that, with a desert which, what a great promise I think caught cinema. It might be the same thing about films to ours, needed three hours with three hours. You need money too. Three hour movie, how much I mean you catch turns out the perfect point. I feel like there has to be a little bit of luck involved when a movie stand the test of time by that Godfather godfather, to run he think about bath If I were to better, I think its aid? love godfather more, but I think Godfather, to a better movie. I mean both great me as a birthday, but the amount of, that they had to get Pacino and James Khan and Divine and catch Brando at the right point here, repair Monday will want Brent right
so then sell you catch rate as he's ascending, but he's not Denzil yet well started what more better yeah and then he won NEA glory. Glory I know it was cuz you don't. Let me give you, let me give you a quote: famous quote branch. Rickets luck is a residue of design. So if you love me ass, you give a better, has other favours a of luck being bestowed. You write father. You ain't, no shit. Lily asked United get lucky. He saw me say what you just said about the red men. Very I remember that that branch, bookie quote the people, know Branch Ricky, sign Jackie rose first, the marshal royals them with the broken doubts and yesterday was Jack is one hundred birthday
I remember was where I you know, but just put audience yeah. I guess. A little does not tolerate till that famous story jack roused workin up at a red sire come on. It was seventy years ago, eight. Did I did. I did not change that. The a day, Didn't I change the name same thing. We could from a common standpoint that might have helped explain why the Red Sox, so much pain in torment over the decades. All yet looks good Mccormick, I believe in car mine. I wonder vanish shake hands, Dorette Godlike ugly. You just do some best about you com, where we want to call it. Hey when you had, we had was escapes a year before that was in this great run, his career,
all decide now these grandma, as required ears like answer the question about whose who is Wesley now actually always want to be an action hero guy. He wanted ass, your fifty seven guy Schwarzenegger's alone that we always wanted to be an these films were out and get that position, but ass. We want to do and look. As I said before, I want people. Do you wanna do yeah be happy that you want to do he I wanted to play re rain. He ternata freely. I wanna Fishbone play writing I want a robber that now that the place out get out here. I lie to night U S Robert near to play, so he won't do it can. But
what a great what if that is? Oh, no! No! I disagree. I think the thing that makes which I'm gonna Tut Tut Muslim, when you said you talked earlier about then sample peace, all these Cactus, evenly over powers. It is not sensible move anymore. It's a damn. Rather the Niro Film, that's why pretty still for the movie. It's pretty issue that the bureau in the universe and again at you just like we proper singers. I think I have a guy team will be a way of acting a Buddhist won't. Do it right. What's back in the days of Agnes, had contracted studios. So you'll have a choice was your suit. Had to do it booby be all the guys said you had to do. What's class you had Ladys. Do you feel you were in a class? Oh yeah
I mean you. I've got this sort of programme, a sort of brigaded a package with on Monday, and he mentioned how you guys. Aren't you families, eighty nine he was like that I was gonna, we banned it over a lot of stuff mayor. I love Stevens. Here's a thin people thought tat because of sex lives of your tape and do writing and can and and secular they'll take one we caught the Palme D'Or yeah. My beef is never with him yeah. It was a Ben Bender's who was the President Jerry, but me and Steve. Steve thought that now we will always good. We were just young filmmakers infinitum. Make is cool, and our guy or he'll give Jarvis yeah Jim Jones ahead of me. Now why you built school so my class,
Eighty two as migration photographer Russia, almost half of them school early films, artistic Oh, that Lee you oughta same clang. Yes, he could speak a word Englishmen angli artistical spike all Nyu Wide School class school class knighted eighty two Jesus. In class. Who else is in Europe? Think about you and soda bird, like those guys coming up Ladys before had John sales, yet Michael more with his documentary enormous some people, but it was a great time because independence was DR yeah and did at what point did he become part of the deal filmmakers, there were plenty of your career did people while I know, but among my myself that position.
Would outweigh the they know you had early on I'm here because of parties like ask me shop, then you had later aren't gonna parks, never meant peoples, as he Davis is directive gives overlooked. The last name is Michael shots. He directed levels, major major had films which deprive which apply was his death, star and Hollywood, and so then Robert House, I will came at the same time.
She's a habit, Hollywood shuffle then Singleton with Boyz in the hood, but he saw your move in. Denis tell you like I'm going to do what you'd run I was standing outside. I forgot the theater selling t shirts, handing out buttons and this skinny guy with glasses. Come with me says, my name is John Singleton, and I want you to tell me I'm just like you true story. True story. You knew that we were dispersed time. We ve never done this before we gotta make. I was trying to get you on for years, Till I get away with. Everybody loves basketball. Once we get is my ball advocated, Boston knew new of being, but as always, we had the rough wily connection. Give look, my apologies nowhere I might say you do. Thank you. You know
talk, allow these people down or what the fuck is talking mom just talking. Add one more question: could you probably got deserves instrument? Twenty fifth, our who I love that you didn't get dominated and when you look at the list of people that the funds are not abdicate, its a disgrace Did you know, azure phenomena that that was gonna, be like the first Post nine eleven movie cause that's begun under the narrow, but he's dead. Biggest reason you wanna do it. Yes, I'm a new Yorker, but here's a secret sauce, David Benny off thousand now
I know in the novels written pre nine eleven. So is my deal the make this story. I told David David, this happy post, nine hundred and eleven. Now was it before and Edward Norton. I've been wondering what to get for a minute and we both got description from are two separate at the same time, yeah and now, and then you think about the cast. It wouldn't the late great philosopher happiness, people, sleep, I'm very pepper. There can I sought to run. He was good and sixty one now he's a very sixty one he's a great athlete their active eager he's. After because we had every move at supporting the place Rosaria, yet Brian Cox horny Sera, goose, yeah,
he's a russian mobs. Yes I'll do the peace I'll do not that bill, Jim Byrne, all American. That year the Ravens win, the super bowl and rather so cold flashes then wants to add spiked his crew. So they let us, and then I got tight with tony siragusa, and I said I hadn't red and got the parts that movie holds up. Oh yeah, I think it's it's turning what time is one of the most important move, our stocks Blanche score. Terence, my long time composer and black classes first nomination by brought my long time, as could do right thing, Malcolm X, inside man? This is first time nominations as omby amby young by his first mom,
I was first nominations self. What people saw me jumping up and down the Oda went out there. That was just me, Dastard Terrance, and now it is my team there and these guys burst there s an end. They people know me, but it matters a great musician, so seem in Albert bury you know these guys have never. They are mass near crap and then at dawn it to get nominations for the save times. And he would be one big knowledge for the work they do. I read the letter we are experiencing it. John. They were washed up on the package next day. Was great yeah So I went to see that our or blending Why can't I get the name? for I gotta like an eleven o clock screening at the growth
And it was me like an attempt people, including for girls, who I think thought it was a comedy, what seems to be a rendering, although there were there and have fallen all time now they were probably but they're laughing really lie. Some so, unlike my company, This isn't a comedy by its emanate, has funny moments, but I think that it has a humor. The latter comes from the security of the premises. Blackmail April traits clue close glance right. The damage is because, like nervous laughter, I don't I was it was weird year there is there is. I must have them alive. As a key because leave very joint whom he could you go, but there are certain things where acknowledge that particular whitenesses don't know. Audacious laugh yeah or not, there's an uneasiness to it that I thought it was fascinating. Our almost wish I had seen it and a fourth vetoed. Well, yes, you seem members will work
that we have seen more workable. What is going on and we have the white one has they'll have laughed at. What are you I was proud of them movie, come back now that Andalusia, Nano Backworldsmen other, has been it's been out for six months. What is this thing? Your most prom queen? I think this is my answer will be there could be ended. A shelf you great, that's where the black clansmen will be on the right side of history. I liked at NASA Speckly I'm glad we finally didn't do it again soon. I'm sorry, the Red Sox, the Yankees margin the dominant American, the theme of this century. You at last century of this book. The twentyth century was great. The Yankee excuse me the red tape. Last year I can debate the whole century, I would say, Listen, I don't want you back.
You had last century we get this century. It's fine! You lad. Titles, Gimme, your manager, our manages amazing, his first poor, weaken mantra look. We got work to do what you do your liver, we're fight with an awesome, TIM we'll get a closer in June when every game by seven runs or get closer in June, were fine, refined, where you by your own team should begin by. Harper right now, dinner pain and that money, they build that terrible stadium things awful things empty half the time. That's because those. Disk what you talking about, Sir, is corporations taken over sports Aroun Ruin, Yankee Stadium, that only one we kept our integrity integrity? Look, I love love love. We kept Fenway
Wrigley, I love Fenway. I love really feels, but most of the tv guards, the Sunday It's what you are about now EU funded Lumley with fair hair on corporate Amerika. I mean, except a play, games that sit a bill Emma look looking at the plate, there's no by behind our plates to bear some fish I've seen C4, like the Oscars, it would seem so much better get somebody fifty high school kids bring him in their spectrum. We finally did their pleasure yeah I'd thanks so much to speckly. Thanks to Joe House thanks disappeared, I get gotta critter, dot com, Slash B s thanks to Hulu, don't forget to start your free trout, Hulu, Dachau, don't forget about Morocco
their those selling out. That makes it fast and easy to sell. Almost anything. Just take a few picks out inscription Amber your item is listed with millions. Of people using the macsharry, app and fifty states. Stuff really says ships easily no awkward meet ups. He confessed Mercury and the Amsterdam or at Mccurry Dotcom, Emmy, R, C ere. I backup and so there are times crossword if you're looking for something smart to do while you're, free latte city in the train or stacking and the break room play the near times. Many crossword the many puzzled can be solved that almost two minutes thereabout funds stimulating way to spend your downtime challenges of every word play every day, then the new times crossword app at near times that com ass many cow life, your life been differences pats on the super. It's has been all around better. We can be frozen. We always react in a great opportunity to suppress today the other was a parade tumblr,
good morning, America, if we did that surrounds it got up tight budget. We get inside the NFL tonight, get other highlights the game should have according to that's it together here our working yeah, whose great at an avid did it back. Thursday trade deadline pad we're going to be taken. Me and ran reseller, basically from all the way through put it up as soon as possible. So hopefully some stuff will happen until then ways.
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