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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House to discuss Game 2 takeaways and Game 3 questions in the NBA Finals (3:15). Then Bill talks to Kevin Clark about Andy Ruiz, Anthony Joshua's stunning loss, and the rematch people already want (41:48). Finally Bill calls up his old friend JackO to talk Red Sox struggles, the flourishing Yankees, 2020 election speculations, and more (1:13:43).

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Threats have so the best of its back ass than the Ringer podcast network brought by his own. What are we can for design if there however, we can have the zone of this weekend. Andy worries Junior beats, Anthony Joshua twelve towards one thousand one hundred and one depending where you got to underdog, I would say: Rosie Gray, permanent design, history- and if you didn't have it boy, do you failed them? Smart TV, is tat of mobile gaming. Consuls you can set up on any device, goaded, be easy and dot com or them the design app in the Apple Android Stir crane account start watch. Any of your devices we're in trouble but Kevin wherein talk to Kevin Clark about that fight. A little bit later, I feel like we're in the front row of the zone the thing now it's a thing. It's a thing. It's a think browser whereby ground floor baby twitter was going nuts. For I mean better thing all over the world, but America here we go design the asian dotcom check it out or us.
Bring it back on the world's greatest website were yet again in the month of may we had our best month. Ever we keep doing every month. Three we break whatever our record was for the website for the back ass network. Ah, it's gone great. Thank you for spread the word. Thank you for this. Lord and thanks nobody reached out as our three university for the website on June. First, so thanks to Nobody behind the scenes and other writers and other hosting everybody so we have. This is hard it's hard to launch somethin it's hard to build Anna and it's gone really well so far. So thanks to everybody out there and thanks for spread the word for us come out. We're gonna talk to Joe House about game to we're inside the Kevin car. But the breweries Joshua fight and we'll talk to arm Jacko Mild, but it causes
It is a case in the Red Sox ass. He called bad on Twitter said he said I was stuck in a home for you to do that before we get to project one. Imagine new Ringer podcast feed, it's called Ringer push. You can subscribe right now in Itunes on spot, a fire where we're pack has here's what we did. We took jam session and we took tea time, which are the two delightful pie, ass aunt, JANET thirty three about celebrity culture. We have moved them to ringer dish there begun every week we are serving to have a new Monday podcast on their feet as well, and it's gonna be the Humphrey for real. These have come check it out, so Simmons, probably like every three to four weeks waited until culture. This is that nepotism, she's actually This really get it doing back. So we take to one of those two next week or this week, starting on Tuesday every single day will have a new ringer dish pack ass, including for raises with my daughter, but that is launching
were real, no pun intended on Tuesday. You can subscribe right now. Please do I turn Spotify Google, wherever you're pads, do it ringer dish. Eureka project. I were taken this part of the package about eight o clock. The sector, the warriors just sold off the rafters, came to go back to God save now one one house, you remember this game for years now Berger gave its Beth. I didn't. I didn't we just say
three days ago on this park, hast thou they made such a huge mistake playing in gay word while part overreaction vodka built by Bulgaria. He it's funny, he started the game, wasn't crazy about it. Here great, but I thought I d really made a difference, especially when loony went out and and it changed a little bit of what the rafters wanna do just funny cause. It never seem like he was running more than half speed right. It was a glancing us play pick up. I do think he let the lot more comfortable with the speed the yacht. Try agree with you that he wasn't. He wasn't personally like moving any faster now anyway, comfortable, put the fate of the girl going around as opposed to what we observe the Thursday night. Yet he lifted it was almost like watching Moses when Moses Design, the wizards when Moses had the one speed he was going and now that the wizards, the bullets when he
said that we are a little. He was half speed. The whole type, a lot of Sub Gladstone pack in this game. First of all, the warriors basically add half You may it's. We might have little action on the words in this area. And there was a lot of what do we do wraps have a big we'd. It's not like a good, and I am on the record with the text. You guys saying. I think this is done, the the rap. Is there a v at half time? They did not get a single call. The rest were really the sixth, seventh and eighth men in that first half and I just thought the wraps are going to blow them out. Then the warriors come out to their classic old school eighteen and nothing run which really set the tone and yet. Clay went down and who knows when he comes back it really. The eight really looked dark there for the words I didn't they're up eight to ten
it was just Currie was the only guy who could create its own shot in the court. They weren't creating stuff, really offer cousins other than he was the belong to pass. What was your mind set, I select doors Bert What was your mind set at hand with eight minutes left well I have to tell you it felt like golden day. Even with you know, berries guy didn't hurt and be now the Boston wine the Toronto put on it. Wasn t until the three point play that quite happy with the technical aspect, Nicole with TAT reproach. Yes, but I thought for for half a second. You know that this the wires just may let the foot through their fingers, because their role guy played with such confidence, whatever he took between leg injury, Thursday night
the game the night he he made, the first you basket after ass. Fine, they get them going on at eighty no run, and then he made a last basket of the game are really was. The immense regards gets an end and they were the biggest basket I would say, but that the across the board, the Queen CUP shambling, still had a much better game and the best of all iq of the warrior we are reminded of it once again. That's what distinguishes them. They took advantage of the pressure that Russia was putting out on the perimeter and all of those AL you asked the rim. Bogot was beneficiaries.
The three month had a couple. While you people tat, are you an and execute them and buggy as well? All that taken advantage like basically inside the half court? You know breaking down that pressure and get to the basket with little to one one little reality an item. You know affected www player, that that was the thing for me that that may thus be alike in our own state can help control again. Agree, the raptors were looked to overzealous Andy, especially with the guys who were lighted. Time, shack, creator deeds and there again bead on little backdoor AL, you always say. Might there were scramble because something bad happened either one reason they lost. I that the other reason was pages. Miss the lot of a lotta open, looks
over and over and over again I felt like I don't know what the open look number was for this game, but it felt like a lad. There is one big moment I think it was in the late in the second quarter where Norman POW had a three, and if you made it, they were gone up fourteen and he missed it. And then the where's bright came right back down and claim made a three and I was sent a nephew. Kyle six point sewing, and then there are a couple moments like that in this game, where either the rhapsode That was like the upset, a game, what they live, that shot to push them over the hump. The other way. And then when they needed a basket even that last minute movement for Danny Green that three they miss like to show there is that other sequence near the end were collect, kept getting offsets rebounds. They just kept messing up there. I thought that, if you just look at who is on the core, once clay went out the definite had more talent on the court. You now and bought
They just couldn't get a rare thing we will. I was we ve been wondering whether what wrap your shot, thirty, seven percent and that stretch at the beginning of the third quarter- is like the first. Quarter, a basketball, the Toronto. Add that kind of points in the mouth where they ve missed the boat. They miss a budget shots all in a row. Yeah, unlike forget, did in the places where they one five gains in a row coming into tonight, as through the first tat, they thought those all those role guy. Bill had that further swagger that home swagger that you know we belong here. We think we can win the game kind of Wagner and appointed a mouth was like a few consecutive, miss sharp at the beginning of the third quarter and its noble than they did battle back, I mean credited eminent than it did take Craig it and heard, and it did take a little bit a defensive innovation with the box and when they put on Korea has one we all of us
likewise and when, as you know, well, I want to know, I can't tell from the staff could we're doing like right after the game ended, but I want to know what I'm in the game that curry life back. Like others, rightly eight minute marking of workers. However, they got you know you, that's what it was exactly was. It was one of six ninety forward like six minutes left and then they, scale again until at last they get shot. Right. I, this was not an mba hardwood classics type, a game. It definitely. I was de is dramatic about the crab gallo nervous. You can I feel the energy shift. I write to me the energy shifted in the first half, because even though I'm looking at the the staff in the words had twenty six thousand raptors had twenty two. That did not that's the final result of the fact that did not reflect Canada, the feel of that first have where I thought the words go along with the lad, especially the way they were defending away. They were really
really really physical with him and they just established it from the gecko, and they did the thing that we thought they were going to do after game, one which was not well. Is much about taken out. Quite worry about the other guys I didn t they would be fiscal as they were with quiet, but you and I both we were texting during the first half had a little bit of of late nineties, early two thousands, Dick Bavaria kind of field. You feel that still weird Havana issue. If the festivities it did a couple moment for a fella Toronto might just but lose the warriors, they get a collar. Do it felt like what do I come on? Let's cover that, where little random touch fire touch vows, I dunno, whereas ah- but you know we had- this got foster Tony brothers had Malloy crew, which yeah is either to it's. Gonna mean something you just don't know what, but I would say that
Where's, gotta, very fair whistled tonight and you know, get together break that they got in kind of glossed over this. The very last play that led to the eighty three they trap Currie it seem like they're gonna, have I welcome the restaurant calling it and then he threw the jailed Henderson to fit the James. We're they Joan Henderson Steel, pass that floater across the court and it looked like. Oh, I was gonna pick it off at Livingston gotta, but aid. If you watch it looked like Hawaii had the lead on the bar. You know what I am talking about. The idea that we are talking about digging the impact in the light of that. But I don't understand they I'm watching them. There's shown replace right now on my tv as we're talking, I don't then how come? I didn't get that in fact, I think he would have been my first draft pick to get that steel on that play, because it was basically a fifty fifty ball, but he had a
slightly than any of the long S arms, and if he had got it, I think it would have been a lamp, so it was just one of those dates for further wraps by. You noticed that to write it ILO, worthy Andersonville, sure, absolutely and speaking, to go backwards When clay went down and start a yellow eighty nine Lakers eighty seven south axis with are the there's gonna passed the point of no return with these injuries caused in we saw clay, kicked his leg out a day. It looked. I gained a green found him, but they showed a different replant internet he did it and then you could tell something was wrong as he kept like China shake it out and then, like eight place later looked back. He was really heard. They showed him after the game he had eyesight have strength, but you're talkin fees are ready for game. Three I from what I've heard it I don't think Katie's gonna be ready. Their game threes can be Wednesday
and then and then Kurdish should be healthier than what he was but you know, if you remember the idea Lakers. This is what happened just too many injuries. Beware lest anyone know if I was shocked by how much bound egghead, then he was like preserving energy or whatever I just thought legs look way better. He with a lot more bound fear active, but I anticipated with the way you know he was down at the end of the game, and then Emma MRI like either Jesus Toano. This is the way The warriors are going to lose that at some point we ve been doing. Over all these years they had a ready, great run of hell. Yes n, you know, over the entire do the five year.
An ear and obviously the death of of you know. Katy superstar, when you have a bunch of superstars, guys go down and you can withstand it, but it was really a testament to the Queen Cook, Andrew Bogot, and you know Rudy? Add a couple: good met its values in their bid, a battle, a ready made a huge shot. I mean they still have these guys stepping up, but I do think that the collective back about, like you about team and their ability to it to adjust and respond to stop the day they played and in helping Toronto mythologies bucket at the beginning of the third quarter in wasn't just open, looked at Toronto method yeah they still. I wasn't positive. They would have this without the rat against a really really good team on the road, but they still have that six minutes of of greatness in them now
five times, and you know what I mean: yeah wasn't an avalanche of three like were used to with Andy and and guy. These really really assail himself. You left out one person when you're a complement other from people Steve Kerr. Really this whole play offs has been awesome, and I thought I even that Houston Series, the desperation that they just played with from their first game, like he wasn't fucking around that's ears. You now, I think, from from that Cooper Series I think was re opening for Betty, but from that game, one of their rocket series were was clear. He was like I'm I'm just that sitting back and rolling it out, like were tryin stuff for doing so for dry, weird lineups, we're gonna, try, weird defensive, starve, forges just for it and they have had their mentality. Now, four five six weeks what's coup is he's putting people, unlike like both was in big moment sooty even playing game on you now and he
add. Jordan, Bell he's really season cook to the point that is Cuenca good, it qualifies. I concur, might be good. He is he's good. Yes with it can't wait. There would be no understanding what is expected of them getting to the spot like so many times. He was, though, release bow as they rotated around any had good looks at the people could couldn't scramble around through an Toronto. Obviously, paper that defends the judgment that that's it you're gonna live with Quimper taken their shop. You have issued two three four five from three point: like you did sixty percent for break. Then it will be different maker. Twenty one minute that you know my point:
with with three breathe that does that make a difference and then, ah I love the way these dream on defence within this came one of the things they didn t have the Basque about do enough is switched off up during the game where sometimes tee, thou make the adjustments and then that just hear here's, what we're doing for granted And these dream they had a mark Hawaii, sometimes other times I would put em, the nine children just have em here the free safety thing and it really depend, on the feel what was going on, how their username look. This was either, you know, were now in year. Six of the egg clay staff. Are these deeds in the same team year? Five with her and they ve had a lot of big winds. This one's weirdly weigh up there because you know especially ones
It goes down with ten minutes. I pray you think leg it almost filing Toronto was gonna blow them out at a couple points in the second quarter. There nobody really played well for them. I get Agus Buggy the only when you would say would over achieve curried. You know he had no points. Therefore, a quarter plus ended with twenty three, The great game play was going to get him about that if it is safe, but I think at this point there's something wrong with everybody. Dream was had it. Than awesome all around game, but he was a wasn't like he made seven threes or anything. It was just filbert, the camera job, but I now hear coupled dumb outlets on that, but it's like you said, take that the star The game was the their collective hoops I q and then to lead that last sequence and eagerly that's why you have to say that, and that leads me to the quick egg conversation I wanted have.
I I just think he's kind of an abandoned all of em. I think he is. You know what we're guys like Michael Cooper and big shower, rob and all these deeds under the year. Eight is gonna. That's right picture random. All day he's nobody should be. I tried to make it easier for my work. Is that better? I think the differences he was that he had this whole half of his career. Before I talked about this last week, litter on the part about yeah he's a French. Guy for seventy years, then put a big minutes stuff, a daddy good year in Denver. In other words, that six years I think, he's they go down. When we talk about the iconic role, prayers employ our history. He has to be. In the first wave of guys you would throw out from you know from the last sixty years, a basketball you like you, don't have a check early before
came a superstar starter and then you gonna do seven days in the other passengers as six man who finnish games. Just these gray, almost like over qualified role. Guys he's been one of the better examples. If you look at his basketball reference page, he has an average ten points, a game in six years, since the Denver sees it he's, never average ten points a game with the workers in six years, but he's fine with it and The great thing about him is so guarded the best guy in the other team. He knows who he is, he always makes the right play doesn't try to do anything. You can't do it over and over again he's made shots like tonight, and you know everybody's going in the hall, so the hall famous become stupid.
Anybody enemy stupid ten years ago, and I wrote a book China blow it up, but I think he's immature threaten our aim. I think I have been respected. We had all fame, I'm pretty sure yeah yeah well he's, even if there is some sort of play off Hall of Fame he's deadline that, firstly it, but he, where does he rang for you further for the all time great, RO guys on a grating who'd. You put I'm having a hard time because he, the starter, eddied, better starters and fear I fight of thick of stars and rolled out these. It is absolutely at their like very good for the identity of this team. You know the top wrong his dream on and clay and death, but he is such a like critical, crucial component, accrue
Joe Ingredient in Greece, without which there would be tasteful. It would mean that it will you be, you would say, or do it's got a lot apart, but it needs something to really give it the move, whereas they all mommy piggy is. Do you mommy without I mean do, is go to Mars rope. Why not in Geneva? To get, I think it's it's like. The big shot rob right were bigshot Rob was not a rope where he was, but usually like the third of with best guy and whatever team, whose on for a while there anyway, but the picture I never had a portion of we're like the guy. That's the thing he said to career yeah, I'm in, I was gonna, say Dennis Johnson, but he's he was you get a mini is by forty minutes a game in the
He was a lot, a lot thinner back then, so you could have you know a starting five wasn't like what we have to start at five, that the thing with him that I don't think he gets enough credit for member heat. He gets traded to Denver, he's a he's, a free agent, everybody assumed he was going back to Denver and he sign with golden state and at the time It is surprising and it was also kind of a declaration by them that they are ready to become a real team member and then that lead, The next year was clay, Dreamer as an J mind. Yet Bogot was still there. Curry was running. To what he would eventually become an Andrea was that was the guy that made them seem credible and that lead to two thousand fourteen there, the great Syria's against the clock.
And that I think season them further next year, but he's been at all time, finals. Envy p, you know, I never feel great. When the best guy, you really have to have a shit. Is that when the final assembly appear for the best guy, my opinion but its honest razumihin, it's great is he's, get save files and we pay for the rest of his life. So, ah a really great great great non superstar, I think, would be the legacy for him right, although I would bet you're a good future earth differ greatly. Amply prefer a great I'm super star and I wonder, like you know, he's somebody that will Bobby and was a great semi superstar but like a boat was
had to do a lot of the inky stuff when he was on those Leubronn waiting times. He had a bigger workload, got more shots. Use of better place than egg is frankly bit but same thing. You're gonna make it. You know somebody sacrificed a lot too to be part of something more special. I guess think the cut off line, as is possible bullshit. I think he's to getting this, I think, is another one who sacrificed allotted boss gonna make the holiday many shed a literature. In what's speech, Richmond got in its like a reigate at your end, graduations. Your argued over. You know about that, do your duty, J was it's gonna make it is getting bigger, I did. I can't abide the Abbe people, the baseline, that he gave up from abroad of ever. Forgive it with the wizards, go ahead, quick break away and they won t you now. Art is defined.
Break him well and they were gonna get any. You now is to find a new job like a book cousins. He can you find a team last summer. Thought is gonna. Lakers! No, couldn't to the park what we are going to do and have taken. I think one year millions go the warriors. Now I make it a ring. That's a good case scenario, there's bad case. There is too well, but if you had your own personal recruiter to help, you find a better job. Sifters technology can do that for download the Zapruder job search app. Let it Noah Cottage observes that in its technology starts doing the work, the outlines jobs, your leg. Which a profound for employers who may be looking for someone like you if employer lecture profile superior, let you know interested in the job. You can apply. No wonder zip code
The number one raided job search app. My listers should download the free superior job search app today, but the power of technology word. For you don't wait. The sooner you download the free, zip, cuter job search, app the sooner it can help you find a better job of speaking to download stuff. Forget ringer dash subscribe right now on apple, and you can get it when we start put up new packing up there on Tuesday is gonna, be the world's premier. Celebrity culture feed source placed a fine for railways. Everyone throughout the year. I better we had to give us a better to take a breath. After finding it, Jamieson did everything he s very attained. Think rice eventually might make it. If this keeps going the way goes. He really was the ninety. Seven stats were in parallel, There's gonna be a world where jail and makes it I'm starting to talk myself into it. Three years of Michigan
The whole bakery had countdown idler simulated any problem with the honour of being period for ten seconds. If you want to put the tat five into the NBA all of faith. I mean that the best while they are not the only one I am for that with what they are shared in in terms of you, know, a cultural change your color, while a kind of player empowerment like it. It is a controversial you're kind of era, but I definitely credit those guys with with a lot of you know, opening up the Mai to what cards basketball
it's all about. Like laying bare the thumb of the underbelly of college basketball- and you know what they did- Tyler Stickley culturally- the impact that they had his indelible and will go on for ever fewer put him on all of them. I'm done with it. Well, I've at the very least you have should be in his representative about them, and nobody has a more complicated relationship with seaward than you do, but having had to sit through many of his half assed wizards games for about four five years there, but yeah, maybe Thinking of you know an innovator to innovate. Nobody play more, gave a detailed study
Then that's all there. What do you want me to do that now? We're carried there would have been better, but if you want to put a matter of fact, I've gotta find it is complicated because you can call them primarily didn't have, but for what about five men trade in order to transform moving back, they got back a month, while also now that she wants to go they ve kind of Become America's unofficial team. I feel like an there unless you hate Michigan for some reason, or you have your own team, but for people like a lot of people yet about their like me that you you still have Berlin. I did have anybody. I had wholly cross hoo hoo risk our ships Lauer there so I'm had a lot about how they re movie by the way. That's what preparations to compare notes they made them
They made a document about across that's right here: the basketball, popular freedom. I would rather whatcha documentary and across into barrister from good run from our era. One insignificant on what happens in this MBA finals. Now I I'd feel we are now you are now the tears. Would it what is called when you in the test tests is driving persons that driving with golf driving Otto gather urgent, the auto dr. Whatever it's got. I feel like where we ve now hit that with this file, those were now driving the files anymore. I have no idea. What's gonna happen, you tell I I believe it is really true- are known as the health situation yeah sort of clay we'll be in a better from whatever it is that he's tougher the code.
Experiencing our flew whenever never really be better on Wednesday, and you know Toronto, so their credit data, they are not afraid to go on the road and beat somebody's, but that gave Dixon in Milwaukee. Pretty impressive sounds like you like to run. I did the I'm so impressed by the quality of their debts, and I thought it was the thing that we're going to have them lose the Philadelphia in the second round and they got close. I gave it to attack a miracle basket bike. Why, with two seconds left, but you know those guys have written for the moment. You know back we how
siakam, predictably regressed. How do we not found under nineteen and a half points for him tonight? What what's wrong with us? Or God saying he was worthy, fifty four thousand one hundred and seventy five four hundred and eighteen The step that looks I got inside is somewhere between minus two. Seventy, a minus two, ninety two in the sense that which seems how to make it is exactly where they weren't very fair right was so we have three days rest a Wednesday which helps them the Friday as murder. So that's forty eight hours later they got game for murder or it it's a murder ran like gonna, be better the murder of clay, sir, the terrain thing ever greater, did the right thing is set up now. He everything about the conversations wherever this past couple weeks ago, or even last week about oh, my God,
Can you imagine what, if they, when the title without Em Kenny, come back? If they're up to nothing, it's almost embarrassing if he came back and they lost now, It is like that. Do they need em? I dont be taken when the series, unless it comes back to respect that today, if clay the clay thing did not look good. I mean whether he, play or not. That's not my Lord. I think I love I'm not a doctor and thereby amenable about not even make the badger it looked like a hyper extensive and as far as I am string, injuries go, I dont think eyebrow extension of work, so the thing with a famous famous famous bad ass of injuries. Yeah. I think so is one of those I just these like one of those quarterbacks that, from the seventies sake,
can't stay were against neighbours play with a broken. I go. I mean give far far risk say. I cleared aspirin back he's gonna play at the higher costs brain of refund. I think eco. Just then. I think the one thing with that, though, is, if fits a hamstring thing in its push, our flag. Fish is no way that can effect is shot, you'd have to change our shoots and then the other thing is they still need. Defensively in the series. So if he's kind of compromise then dream- I just asked me out of his mind, so I think the answer be Steve. Carriages telling dream on, we need you. I love you, your man, I need you to go and I don't need that game fix it confused and I think he tell you must tell himself I gotta. Hey man! I just ran in a Rick whilst backstage, whereby behind behind that and there he is saying here
think he had it in you to carry us tonight. I was just add another man. Don't got out dream on, but Rick was decide now that guy that he now have it. He must pull a all that weird motivational passive passiveaggressive shit, with a she's not little lines wranglings, he asked who might be the biggest disappointment. Was there was not a Kara Andreae at the game ended and and whether or not there was any stage with Drake how'd. You dream on had gone over their right, no question, and I think what I think the NBA told a b c. Start showing drink so much our rights are up interiors, don't fuck with us we ve, had it with this drakestail do not show him anywhere. Thank you. Dont somebody's telephone ideal would be refunded jacket rough weakened, because Anthony Joshua was his guy too That is ass, kicked those my favorite, I mean I can't speak.
Tell you I wanted, I always so impressed by my men. Really I went out for Mexican tonight five Pacific coast. Where we're. Gonna talk to cover Clark about that in a second we ve already recorded and, let's just say, we discuss his weight and his body by Euro. I love that guy would have a meal. What that guy? He really not that out of college, Can we get Ruiz analysis? Carbs neck I'm emails out to sea should I should I, spire, nephew. Kyle, Steve Kerr inspires dream on Georgia. I mean, if you can get it, I asked Craig or Barbier they could put asked Craig or body you're right on that Pray me very could get that one of those that the amount manner save car can do it. I don't know who knows who knows a beacon book through is to send it
ass would be the photo of you and Ruiz about about EU ten pounds of food I am delighted happen or does it coming where does Ruiz live, we can we can arrange everything, a video go in there. He lived and it in on this hemisphere, though I can find them. Yeah. You think Ruiz wins the title and his entourage, his trainers are problematic. Marietta watch out for us for who is himself we're gonna. Do you think I go now lady, like it's. It's Do you let him go is already gotten Argon God. What have you get to be shaped? Work is a bad thing, for its great reminds me memory. That year went Oliver Miller and the sun was that we could do no battle wait. This whole could be. I know like a problem number member, that near the sun's where he was pliable, how much fun that was everybody loved feel better.
I remember made Richard Dumas, who would already been suspended at only remember how many times for drugs- and they just re- were just get these one magical you're out of each of them- and it was early enjoy, was really fun I'd house. So you think so you both of us he just during your hands up and there at this point here who I think the warriors are gonna, where I think the word awaited pick You know, that's the expert opinion. It's the same thing. I thought before the theory started, I am greatly intrigue. Five I am via my senses, are alert. All five senses are at play with: what's bravoes brought the table, but that third quarter the beginning of the third quarter that stretch I've been waiting for a firm for three and a half games, and you know this is the thing you never our turn your points in the right, but also-
The thing was bad, though, would say: let's see what they show up with on Wednesday night, while most important, if the where's in appointing the title buggy actually deserves. He earned the ringer rare in the ring, cause her cry after they win its legitimate. We gotta play a huge part in the rest of the theory. I hate you, I mean we're doing a great him like twenty eight minutes today and it looked like he was done at about the twenty three minute marker that end just kind of going through It M catching aboard the paper. One distributor, gathers draft or cut is incredible away, a brave on a bookkeeper capable of doing that. If it's a game changer, will you know if you know you know it's crazy, you so
good low post player back in the day- and it's like they're, not even using that at all, they didn't even they didn't even use that part of him in that game. In that entire six minute stretch where they didn't have any baskets. I kept wondering why don't they just try and get the ball down, maybe that'll be a what I that was like when one of the most frustrating things about the Milwaukee Toronto series was maki, just forgetting that broke Lopez was a low post player. His entire career and so this year and has a jump book and a drop step in a bank shall, like he's, got moves down there? I felt the same way with cousins, especially if they mix it up and try to put like a back out there's the fight that, while really get bigger, yet he thinks he opened a badge over before you know it. You don't like it. You can be like a good lived a couple times
the ball and then faced up and like his brain is processing his body set up to where his brain is. This is like you and me: try to play basketball right now. I know what to do. I know where I want to go. I know the angle I want to take. I know I can beat this little bitch, but maybe maybe maybe the parts don't want to go there. This is fine thanks for doing this whole. Oh, I hope you have one more tonight in honour of Andrew is this is their left. Overs were Pacifica. Evidently going was the restaurant If color you or your drinking Pacific goes down Gregor Pacifica, obviously I thought you. You went a mexican restaurant called Pacific Go Shit, I'm an yet the world famous quabos northward, be glad of the area,
Will you take Andy? Really? I, oh my god, you're kidding me later come coming house of. Has house will talk to when a car, Kevin Clark and one seconds to talk about an incredible back soon, we can first voodoo is a leading streaming apple library of over a hundred fifty thousand titles verbal to rent or buy from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to your favorite into. Was voodoo recently launched an ad supported. Demand service with every ten thousand tells you can watch for free, including classic movies and tv shows ITALY free like stand by me when I say we have car. Stemmer mistakes are plain stakes out of place of weighing contagion, so bunch a good ones. It's available. Wherever you watch tv, they make it easy to access. I favour a guarantee of the click of a button, enjoy voodoo in your smart to be Rogue who Comcast Iphone or Andrews Android. I am, I know, subscriptions thou contracts free and it and I just use voodoo this week. We need a dead poets society,
because we're doing we watch a bizarre next week actually and here's what happened first, whether the best some anyone for read those two, ninety nine, but it was nine and then by- and I love that movie I step, then I really did no brainer go. Voodoo dot com, slash. We watch balls to sign up and start watches today, ketchup dead, poets society before next week's we watch was episode. You do you dotcom slash. We watch was to get dead poets setting, forget, while here Ringer dish our new pact as feed celebrity code, at tea time. You get jam session, you get our new Monday pie, that's going to be on their feet and you get for reals this with my daughter. There's a new one. Coming this week have produced it don't forget to subscribe the ringer dish pot How can cards are on the line right now from the rear that come Kevin Clark? It takes a lot to get him to just randomly volunteer to work on a weekend, and now
If had a piece from Kevin Clark about podcast prints from common court, he did that use doing anything. This weekend, then a young man, the young loved woman, a young Giggly fantastic champion of a man, Andrews Junior came into our lives, I'm still reeling captain. I I I think I'm happy that's the overriding thing right now. I'm just distill really happy. I that was just such a fawn fight it. It ruins all the plans the promoters had for the next two years, a boxing which is a very good thing and I'm just thrilled that Andrews exists. Yes, so this fight, I was gonna, watch it. I was watching the M, the Bruins Game game three and the Bruins had at hand. Billy decided, but it felt like they going to be some fights because the blues or get lodge so had hung around. I was watching it and then I forgot. The fight was on and I go over afflicted his own cause? There's like three minutes after the Bruins game
and ass, an all hell breaks with the round three. It's like others, Joshua Eyes. I'd is getting MECCA and I'd beginning tax. Seen on Twitter, like oh man, You should see this injuries houses guy boxer gets knockdown gets up, Joshua's gone for the finnish Ruiz is like for a response with bombs and then all of sudden Josh was falling down, and this becomes one of the great in recent boxing history. Nothing- and I repeat, nothing- the lights me more than it went guys get back down the same round. I visit Avenue their phrase. For that I dont know. What we can do, but right now yeah, I have on the table backed out double. No, I mean that's when at the same time, by raising so so Ruiz hits with a laughed and an Joshua, ever really recovers and at last to those two knockdown who is basically say by the bell at the end of that round and then which is gassed after that I dont know what Joshua
was doing the entire fight. He was very cocky even at the end. I know right before the last knocked down between knockdown, three and four that so many of them he kind of looked at his corner and gave like a shrug leg. Until we find it like eyebrow kind of raise like I got this, and he just clearly didn't, I dont know how he was processing. What was happening is a very strange fight from his at This happens every once in a while boxing, I forget hoo hoo hoo mention did you put have Corey centres in your piece? I can remember yeah call people did. I did not course Andrews. I wish you'd be clear. Maybe aside anteater, yet as I do. That was like oh three year, visible at a mere clutched go. That was right when he was again some momentum as like here come. The coach goes, and this do course Anders just beats the living Automobile MAX Van De Retz course Anders similar, interesting body type is right. He thick trunk, thin thick Shaka Corey
And then I, and then the rather revenged at the next year, but so that Russia funds supplied to I was like when the brother has to avenge whatever this one like rocked by Louis, was a big deal. I think tat swept under the rug ever, but everybody defaulted right to Douglas Thyssen, which year, I think I think Rodman Louis is more alike it, especially the there the champions thing I will say a wash the rock and fight today. Yet it asked the h being broadcast started. Seeing America, the beautiful after the knock out those George Foreman, those instinct choice, there are rumours xenophobic back then I think Sir George, that's all I will just mention, call yeah idly. I hate taking. I hate when the Douglas Thyssen's Dame gets taken in vain, because that was the greatest what's upset other of my lifetime other than maybe the Americans beating the Russians in nineteen eighty. It was just so improbable everybody was watching it. This fight, you know was, was considered
be. This pushover was a last minute. Ruiz is coming any value for somebody who felt a p detest bill. Three: three p d: TAT, while three different PD death, here, take it was one give or take two others may at the last minute, sub a Joshua fought like a guy who had a last minute sob and saw a picture of reasons like on fighting that guy, all I just world trade anywhere, because he he was a disaster. This fight, he alike. Four times he didn't look like he was in shape. He was incoherent. After the fighting happier for more use than Ruiz is family. I don't know what the fuck was going. I gave it so there are a couple of things number one Is that the common out between both the Louis loss and then the Thyssen Douglas loss is if they were all in, not the country of the chance,
they were seen more as marketing tourists and that certainly what this was all the talk before this was just about Joshua. Having has footprint in the United States before the mega fight start in twenty twenty or twenty twenty one, and those three have that in common and from a from just a fighting perspective, I ain't there was a total lack of respect like what you said for Ruiz Ruiz was a top prospect. He now he's only had one Lawson was controversial: Joseph Parker, who went to distance with Joshua, so it's not like you was a total, can wasn't a disgrace of a fight. It's just exactly. You said you see a picture of a reason to wonder
Maybe that helped him a little bit. I think, from a boxing standpoint, Joshua huge flaws. I dont think that they were dressed. I still lacks a reliable jab broadcast opera last night that he still does not fight like a ghost six foot. Six is still faces, I d go six foot and that is not how we should operate so he had huge forest look. I mean it looked like one of those football games where one of these teams did not have a game play they'd. Never what film before yeah, I I blame myself, because this fight, like one of the great gambling opportunities of all time anything Joshua and General, was dying to get beaten somebody who had huge ads- and it was just a matter of time before it happened- I've never totally understood it. You look see, looks the part on paper. Much like the could go brother did before he got knocked out by Corey Sanders just looked apart, but that the overall game was there. The thing is, I don't follow boxing the way I used to follow it.
And I think that die hard boxing people actually kind of like Teresa like he. He just looks weird but he's got, is really fast hands. He was a big prospect, as you said, he has really gotten his ass kicked in a fight. Even though one fight the partner like people thought he won that fight. So this wasn't like unbelievably crazy and then the other thing is. You know the fact that Joshua's been ducking everybody and been very careful about who is fighting is a bad sign. I think that says something I think Josh would be. The first to bed is probably not that good right. So there's a couple contact. Their number one is that Joshua has been on the ropes a couple of times, yet he was hurt against clutched girl. He was heard against Deleon White even before that, but I think that people- I don't know I've real boxing heads- really light Ruiz in any meaningful way into a couple of people who are now coming out of the woodwork and ensure that the peace
bet great for them, but I didn't see any real momentum for four weeks before the fire I saw. Somebody said last night there was some late money container on Ruiz, real. Yeah yeah? I am who knows arrived about, as I saw. Did you see the odds by the way that they put out on now, while reverses Joshua and fury verse? Joshua is its flipped, and now both he's gone from a favorite in both those rights when underdog about this fights just overnight, so that that's that's a separate thing. That's that's kind of incredible, but I agree that fact that bit he wasn't entertaining big fight. You know, Lennox Louis came out and color ripped him rip Joshua about five months ago and said the date they feel like. He and his team are content with just keeping in the United Kingdom selling out there stadiums going against unfair competition. There was a lot of money to be made in fighting at Wembley fighting in Cardiff, whatever is selling eighty thousand seventy thousand seats and having him when and in a fifth round knocked out or what
I think that his team may be gotta will too complacent in that regard, and he didn't about competition, and now the sun is getting be by Andy Ruiz. Well, let's be honest: this was the lad, a mere I can never say, will add a mere I'm. Just by my my my lips can't do it backed by the inferior could go brother. Yeah! That was basically his recipe. Unless there was, I mean it Partly there was one of the worst heavyweight droughts just for talent that ever that for about a genuine which goes, and I wouldn't fight each other. But if you look so he lives, the Sanders and then he lost dilemma. Brewster Tito three fights later and that's in April, two thousand, for and then goes on this epic, ten, ten Winwood winning Streak, access more. There was like a more moments. I defy you to name three guys that he thought. But still I am. I am your greater. I now know you
You're gonna write. Not look! I'm sorry! I am. I am already looking at it, but I will say you in eleven years it was not a murderer. Israel not there is. This was like when, in Rocky three, when Mickey admits to Iraq, that he intentionally just had had him fight a bunch of people, so he can keep the title. It's like Samuel Peter, he fought Rockland seven years would have wondered if Iraq, when all these EVA Haze and there on Brewster, was event that real losses avenge Chris Bird was in there I mean put that was in there it was. It was interesting, instant crew. There eleven years so that we lost tasting theory and twentieth day right. So the rest, the the recipe was in place and Joshua the fact. Well I mean the recipe for every box or ever is in place. Would you just be no fight and fair competition make a ton, ammonia, unfortunates,
So the way to make money in boxing at this point in and let these supervised marinate three years after everybody wants them yeah it's it's called the fled, may whether he bought a couple good deeds. But you know he Floyd Flight is able to get out of. Boxing. Basically, with almost all of his brain cells are felt like what, like ninety five Orient yeah, I did it. It's a mixture of savvy booking and great defensive. Fighting great had movement from Fort yeah is he'd, played a part lake kudos them so that they were Joshua you'd. I ate what we seem with this resurgence of. Saying in the streaming services in place in the zone and every it's kind of lining up to try to get their guys. I dont, Joshua had a deal like the deal that Canelo had, but he definitely you know was under under the zone. I think people's first reaction this is obviously a little awkward, because there's the sponsors pack S podcast have inside info on this, but I think people's first reaction was. This is bad for disown act.
Think it was like the greatest moment of the zone. History, they're gonna get the rematch an odds are here: and take this rematch a little more seriously. It's a great fight. It now can't miss fight plus we and you re out of it, I'm sure they have options on that. Dude and, more importantly, has people talking about heavyweight back again, which really started. You know, with the with the fury wilder fight and just in general, these fights have been so much more entertaining the last couple years, kind of feels like heavyweight boxing a little bit back. I mean where is Andy Ruiz now, after this fight. As far as famous active boxers, Oh my god. It really high yeah, you would think I'm really really high. So everybody is gonna washes rematch, it's gonna be awesome! Then you have so. In early twenty, twenty wilder and fury are fighting, and so this is actually starting to the wild or Joshua Mega fight it out, but but who cares? I'd rather have this and a spark in the entire division than
in the twenty twenty one magnified it when we stated my, I don't care. I have things to do my life. What sees an actual match up here? Yes, you have this and louder fury he allowed if you're in early twenty twenty, hopefully for it. For that sake, wilder gets past. Ortiz rematch. That which is this fall, and so you ve now got sort of a set up here. Where I mean if Ruiz Beach, Joshua, that's that's just again, that's just incredible, and he would, I guess, face the winner of louder. Fury after that and then Joshua's, because when we're blemish they, maybe he fights the loser of of louder fury. I dont know how exactly it sets out. I just know. Maybe this loss from Joshua makes everybody more comfortable fighting each other. You know one of the things tat lamp. We talk about this. A lot kind of the cold of the zero in boxing which is flawed. May whether was was forty nine and fifty you know
everybody wants keypad. Zero and losses can be a good thing. They can spark things think about. You know all the middleweights in the eighties and it had that that that division was helped because guys weren't afraid to losers here and now that Josh will lose his yearly won't be protected. Maybe they get a little more aggressive with the book and stuff. It is true. I lost a bunch of times even before he start really lies in his brain cells and his coordination teat. He had some losses, losses are fun. People have to come back from losses there better storyline. I would much rather have this ass. Feel like you know, we see this in. You have seen amateur like were kind of condition to good guys, losing and then come back and when in the next time so you wouldn't when Karma, Gregor lost against could even October. He was at cowboy stadium like a week later and they acted like he was. I mean it was like Nan cared that he lost and I think that those in other sports even other fight sports. There is less of it.
A stigma around losing and for some reason on boxing we have to speak, been condition to throw guys aside they lose, and maybe this is this is gonna, be ok from everywhere division. While the wilder hit two of his last three fights have been really entertain. Impurities virus gale was I like that I love and then I had a knocked out in his last fight- that was one of the better knocked out of the social media era. I felt like I was on everybody's feed and then the dragons few He was like a really really fine sporting event. And I'm excited about here right again theory going around it was. It was suggested in the broadcasts as well that Wilder's knock out of Brazil a couple of weeks ago led to some of the early mistakes from Joshua because he was going for that I like real knock out when he had that that third round knockdown, otherwise you could see him just get really really excited about the knocker looked like he was trying to close and that's when he opened up a little bit. So I wonder if there was sort of a have got a match this year,
service, social media, but hey you just went out and destroy the guy that, but I took seven rounds. Maybe I have to get that that kind of Bishop knockout too, and you could tell he was maybe going for a little bit in the third yeah and if you pause fight right before Ruiz, landed the counter that got that just completely foot the fight it just seemed like I chose to punches away from for finishing it. I look at it and that was a pretty devastating loss from just a stylistic standpoint once I was think like once, a dude gets knocked down or fight flips, like that you kind of find out who they are as a boxer to some degree. You know When this evening I watched it could go call centres fight again this morning and he just didn't know what to do once thinks flip than you cousin the boy you know. I need to know how to hold you to know how to keep them off of this job, nothing and Chris Mannix and his peace that he wrote a good job of pointing out how, if that was the fireman
Does he gets a manual sanders gap here yeah, I'm sorry, I'm heinous, who is major sectors, the bite of say regarding the defenders of the wider frequently I've given Broncos Paden paid Manning, went out and got a manual sandra. He got a manual Louis that nedda now, so you get Sabena, Stew,. Teaches them had a throw had a throw the heavy job. Back, play that changes the course of his career, and it's interesting with that with a sigh. That Joshua has its really crazy that he does not have a job like that. Does seem like somebody that you know whoever two thousand nineteenth Romania steward is, would have some fun always worked with him. He's got perfect body Skype power without its unclear. If it could take a punch but there's some real tools there you know. So I don't. I will see how it goes. I would say what was would you say the wilder adds were against him while there. He is now plus one ten and he was minus two hundred yesterday
and waters, another one who who gets clocked in these fights you'd better, get your teeth yeah, but at an end fury the furious now, but he's now one fifty against plus one fifty against fearing was minus one. Fifty yesterday so completely flipped, and then we I dont fag. We spend enough time, thank you, madam, but the man who what our hard seigneur is junior. First, while my God did you see that degeneration acts chop he high dated and just blubber going everywhere was just there was transcended who Andrew, is senior you find out dated deep dive on. I have I haven't had done a deep dive gave a very touching tribute to his mom, he said he's
can a stern, can a struggle any more as a family which is very touching to say yet you know he was a former top rank, Ichorous MAX again taught within a piece about, but how good a prospect was it wasn't again, it was not like he was a can quite a personality, tastes and very comes out earlier this week and compare to the child from up, and the Uk Press ask him if he's affair, by destiny is like now. I do look like that. Guy, like he's just he's a very honest deprecating guy love, Snicker said he was gonna eat snickers for that match. I dont know if he did that our view just saying I that I didn't follow up on this and its actual snickers consumption yeah, but he is the guy that we need in our lives. The guy I'm listen. I was I was walking around LOS Angeles. We together the general some out to lunch. I heard it. I haven't heard outward boxing talking to long die here, and that was even coming up
is the fury wilder fight, which was a great fight, but I agree this felt a little bit different and I watch that my wife and my son were watching with me cuz they're waiting for the fight to end, so we can watch a movie. And both of them were so transfixed by Herman ruining for him and then we're we're us having question. That I've never had watching a fight before and I've been watching fights my life about who we are argument about whether all the extra fat is actually good for him, because my wife was like this: it's actually good the punches or bouncing off it's more of a shield now, as I am not sure that's how it works at the idea. If there's muscle in any parent she's a. Why do you know what? If what, if he's just hard underneath and then their outer fat as a shell, I've never
the travellers to my life from forty years is any reason. Uniquely. This is based its a literal. Simpsons plot it were homer was such a large man could just take punches if he had such a large head and Mary, and so he became factual box and very good episode if you haven't seen it, but I do think the factor that at some point it becomes an advantage that Ruiz had that, like twenty five, sounds on Joshua's. Two hundred and sixty eight yeah yeah, I know I know Joshua- was seven six in tall or five dollars or something like that, but at some point being compact like that matters well in any of fast hands, which was from the fur grand and title like slow. Yet he wasn't. You know we ve seen fact eyes before fighting and and usually they throw their punches, take a long time to to develop and he was the opposite. I, it was clear right away like that, he wasn't a chump, and then he got nine
That is a God. I was stupid. What I think this fact I had a chance he got up and start thrown bombs again. Theirs It is also the sort of their the weird serve psyche thing why right put a broadcasting nationals? Were his one loss against Parker. The reason he thought he lost was you didn't let s hands fly so you just gonna start throwing yeah was what was really fun to see is a lot of these guys. You know we complain to couple weeks ago specify the Canelo fight was like one of these guys in the eleventh round to start, but I hope that is your said than done. Ernie get knocked out if you do that, it's more of a guy from a couch yelling, but but Ruiz was really intent on just throwing bombs, whose fighting, like you would imagine a heavy underdog should fight. It was often to say well and my fear with where boxing was going with of these streaming sides. Carving up the best town with with big deals was what happened. Floyd, where the fights become a business arrangement that a fight and the it's it's
one of those things eighties term life or death of boxing people die, but it's that it doesn't feel like life or death at their guys, go to the french but day they're, not really laying it all out. Knowing that you know, if I win this I'll get I'll get another pay our huge pay day. Now the voting on the payday they locked up, and even with somebody Joshua who doesn't have the three hundred thirty and our contract that Canelo got. He still taken care of the zone. Do you know he's it's not it's. Despite was not life or death of them? He didn't it seriously and AEGIS Saudi could show up and invited tomato kindly I wasn't in Spain or camp. But what was that? What was the fight? We're just talk about this triple g against Jacobs, Jake jobs? Can our yams? I can elegance Jacobs end in the twelve round You know it wasn't inconceivable, that of Jacobs, one the law,
strand or if it was even ten aid that he could have gotten a jar one, and you thought he would have gone out there just drawn bombs and was totally get with it Larry. I am ok. If I lose the twelve that I lose, this fight The five I didn't get knocked out. I'm great I'll, live to fight another day, I'll get more fights. I'm good and that's been a lot of boxing fights I want I've watched, I don't know partly has to be. You know the began to pay tax but ass, a wonder like you know the cause damage boxing just in general and what we ve seen with some of these retired guys. It's it's rare you see somebody just get off the canvas surname. A I grew is dead. You know was and tat I made them it's something maxim.
And talked about a lot and somebody it's really insightful, which is that essentially boxing fans and boxers Heather have exact opposite interests in mind. Answers wanna, get fosters wanna get out with the most money in the least damage and defends just won a lot of damage, they want wars yeah and they want supervisor which an end this. Fights if they occur too much sort of limiting the amount of money you can have Yan so its ill? If you are a boxer, if I were a boxer, I would want to go the sort of key Thurman around which, as you know, fight twice a year, make one five and and get out right, like that's the smartest move If you keep your head, you keep your brain and, and you get out with with money, and I think that in some ways the stuff we want to see is against the interests of the boxer, and it's a very strange thing. I reckon
from that sport and with the added, I guess, benefit for the boxers of a pretty big sample size. Now of how you dont one end up yeah so I dont of ammonia is that same sample size it well. I think that I am amazed opportune to new to know that yeah, I'm its owner of a twenty twenty five year. Yet that's why they. I think that is a bad sign when wilder and fury refining, they fought in LOS Angeles, and I went to the site. This is a fan like I fell like there had been some sort of mistake that these guys were fighting. About my own, just like what's going on, and it is this point actually gonna happen. I was driving their does exist earlier. Clerical air- something wired to the best heavyweights fighting each other. That's that's a problem, so any errors. Junior I don't know how long he's gonna be in our lives, but so damn of war. I love, oh by the way fret mention first back here, American Heavyweight, Champ yeah. I think
no one, but I think, there's gonna, be a spectacular scolding story from somebody about the fat shaming of injuries. Junior is gonna, be a minute. Monday, but maybe Tuesday, but probably Monday, somebody just lecturing us an end, on Mount, pious and being a pious. But look this is boxing, and people are using shape on their backs, and this guy was not, and for us to not talk about that is insane and the other thing is. He can't win the title and now get out of shape, he's already out of shape its allies Man watch out now that this guy's one the title watch out. Man he's gonna. Let himself go it's like he, let it go five years. Yes, we're However, I have a real little. Of like you know those genera viral tree, where it's like some guy, who is now a great athlete with a dark and high school like those in the guard right
I hate this guy. This go like this ten years ago now it looks like this IRAN. The Riis photos remind me that accept that but he still what's your heiresses photos are just what he is. It's amazing, it's great like I don't I don't see I get it there is this sort of ashamed cycle about Andy Ruiz. I don't I'm opting out. I just think that he's Grey he's wonderful, we should embrace him. He's is an amazing personality and I hope a super duper star. The shame cycle Yemen now please. Can you ride along thing peace and make me reconsider my thoughts about watching injuries and wondering why he was overweight? I need I need to. I need to reconsider, because that's that way there wasn't a natural reaction out a bit like, oh my god that guy's, like thirty pounds, overweight how's, it actually left out incredible. I hope he, never changes of love tab on the park ass. I It is in your eye ass. I hope he stopped by the Ringer
and we could I'll hang out with a he's. The best injuries by raising purse I can't remember the last time I talked about boxing and podcast cast inferred. Twenty seven minutes were back in a while back, I Casey are you about the angel Russell four hundred eighty million dollars the summer with the magic or no doubt would be a sort of way. A previous sort of rob had again panic move, I believe in the front, now. I believe that our office thou holy Shit, cavalry life in office. We have a new front office. What society do you believe in the jets, wherever let Riley marketing, came up to me and the officer did ask me whether vote was a fit for the kings, and I said absolutely at some insane com. Had you can haven't Sacramento back yourself that Sacramento jets jets front office, your faith in amateur? Ah, I, if they hire Joe Douglas, that's it
great the best they can do by amid wouldn't even better to hire the smart guy from Philadelphia before the draft before for agency, just a thought, I would I was really hoping the other Peter Sugar stuff was true, because it would be funny to have somebody who has made a concerted effort to connect with Albania, people last twelve years, including may now have it I'm job Hutibudi leaked to what would you do? I I just be like I'll. Let you know the reality was an illiterate ladder and actually gonna be the GM. It was that he was gonna like pick the GM which wasn't sure I know, but then got excited tat. Maybe they would just ask unreal. Gm would pull a Dick Cheney and his name himself. Yeah yeah, exactly Maybe a boy because James Baker, I've met was for one from the media. That man was like. I asked her my fear is that is his job. Shakers that under one of the jets one of a generally,
was the daimio. Jeremiah was gonna go, but that's you must not be the case in the more he was gonna go be Joe Douglas number two, but that's that their reporting now says. That's not gonna happen Joe Douglas, is legitimately good higher for the jets if they can make a decent income for us to control and given the time machine to under the frequency. So you you have giants minus one. Fifty over the jets for most incompetent near football franchise. Well. You know a lot of our staffers Roy excited to chart this this year. Jets First giants yeah. I think that the I dont think you deliver any good this year. If they hire Joe dug it depends. If, if the sort of I don't know, I D Donald is a better quarterback than anything. The giants have gone on about that, so so automatically the jet there are going to be about pollution. The jets yeah grew that somebody on my twitter, the other day, was talk about Eli in the two thousand Levin San Francisco Plath game, and I went and watched the video because it was just a chorus of air maybe just agreeing how great it was no game and how tough he was in
as a guy- and I gotta see this- I don't really remember it. This way any did make some place, but there's a fourteen minutes cup of the game and in classic Eli fashion to different times during the game. He threw interception a double coverage in the guise collided into each other, the first time Gaga carried off the field after like eight minutes, then this the time was the key play the game of either guy the game's over the giants is at that time I remember Eli wouldn't went said and dad. I utter makes a half a bow, never built or why another q be throwing in the double coverage in having both guys finally only drop it or but potentially knack each other out like lamenting what a key baby you know, I'm gonna Eli Manning beaten, beating the Patriots into Superboss. I didn't know you were there for them. I would have you ever for parliament, not you like that I'd like a normal luxury than have like Andy Ruiz, I could just come out and to start throwing these hooks
have you read you already out of date have sped up my mouth piece of legislation. Or you could? You could always comedy Lando Magical Spock had had a we list is, how do we lose to supervise the EU area and with it I'm delay about cat? Think I go away for Europe. However, we can hear and the ringer thou shall we can review the Ringer dotcom. Thank you is always thanks. I wouldn't call my buddy Jacko to talk about baseball and a little toothache. Twenty presidential election first, today's podcast is brought you partly by simply say pumps carroty, a great scary system awesome action very easy to use and their from Boston Massachusetts. Simple, save got started because a Harvard engineers, France Gap, very whereas when they went to get a scary system was ass, are too complicated, too expensive terrible contract. So he built something better. A comprehensive, easy is protection, no contracts, fair prices keeps you
I mean I'm save twenty four seven for only fourteen anathema better yet engineered to keep work. Impair, outages down, wifi or of the burglar smashes your keypad thoughtfully. It is, I never knew a pretence against fires, carbon monoxide, water damage, freezing pipes, go the only Here too, I shall simply say by going to simply say that comes Ashby yesterday, Supersaver too, I simply saved outcome. Slash be ass, and since we are now forget about ringer Dish subscribed now ana an apple Spotify wherever you get your pack ass, I wouldn't call Jacko, weird red Sox weakened, Scott swept by the axe rallied to pull one off tonight, but either. I promise to call this person, no matter what happened this week and so now economy on Sunday, night, serious jacket. I dont know I and Jacko you know added Add the fine arts had all these things. Last week in some
I'm sorry that I didn't com before a big Yankees red Sox here is that that I'm sorry say you came out and basically made. It seem like a duck do because the Red Sox season was going that law, which either that hurt my feelings. Ay said the star I'm happy to talk you again. I was worried. I would never gonna fuck you again on the phone Listen, you didn't exchange angry tax with me, that's good to hear your voice and by bigger, stop upright still alive and though using the phone. That's good! That's the first time we won the world Series astern. If we realise that we want in one single twice incised, I move towards you, We won the World Series four times worthy the century. I don't think I've any then approve right now, that's why the thought do we check living in the past we're not live in the past, but it's you know. I still have faith in this red Sox team that is been back in French around five hundred for the one that says it
the thirty or forty billion dollar apparel, wherever it is, but I still I still feel like it's gonna heat up Johnny. You do well in our done sterling the voice of the ideas. I have the same rights as the courts is, above all that base bosses, and, what's it all, guy goes for for one day it over for the neck. So it really the two thousand nineteen red factor, the epitome of well that baseball citizen could last year they were world bidders they couldn't lose. They have essentially the same team this year with the exception of temporal, but None of these guys are world leaders. The share that data could lose last year can go without way. This year, it's crazy, you essentially the same team except for nobody to close a baseball game in revenge like nine bond saves and their lawyer bald, headed aside, let like aside for the Babbage Lincoln out the play, but aside from the blow, saves your boyfriend. Actually has not been horror, but now it as it is, we don't have somebody who can actually close games now. Kimberly's,
walking heart attack, her it was working walking heart attack. Last year. Are you ought to tightrope have alot last year so that what he will get up primary under Rivera, but obviously all the neighbors late, but we should show side should give them the money, but demands were outrages. They want the hundred Spain dollars. It's not gonna happen yeah. Well, he was by their choice to confidence back ass. The feeding answers. I guess, available. I think the biggest problem with the Red Sox is what my buddy hand shoes, China, his mind, especially because he loves the Bruins there in the Stanley CUP, but is tax to me over the weekend. How many? If the, if all the keys in red Sox relievers were just all in the same bullpen how many Turkey really resent road, get picked before any red Sox where labour
Can I just go above their it's true, I maybe I can open, which was predicted the bay of strike. The very has turned out to be have guys like you know, out of me now it can combine his back and Britain, and after all, this too has been given he's been nervous, pushed against the red light, but he's been really will even really get the share sow. Their bullpen has been like that oughta be no has been everything that was advertised and calmly back in Britain who last year was an adventure, has the right of the ship and other bullpen just been a lockdown bullpen, because their starters, her mind was hot. He's got no he's got coldly theses that I gave a tightrope every day, every outing but they're, both through the girl discharges on Africa that deeply bullpen so deeply. You can bring caused an early enough for five,
that the open about it has not been a problem for the share of the tens is to write. I made fun of you before the season about having had that type, a guy fantasy team every year. Of course, these are my fantasy team right now getting the updates of long tat ass, they have increased the long past sixty feet. Oh god he threw from seventy five feet. There has been a simulated game against a bunch of literally growth kids, and I think that we can turn from about that. You may have heard for the rabbit as it turns out. You didn't need him because you have forty other guys so exactly when we go back and get so far, we're undersigned this Yankees now I do feel watching from afar just bristling with hatred and our ties do feel the Yankee fans really loved this season and they love all the injuries and are these can render, did set of come up and had you now couple
cancer there in a couple spot starts and now know who's. Next up this guy heard no, whatever some random dude and you just really enjoying it, and I hate it when correction, we don't love the injury is, but we do love the fact that it like a greedy gotta yeah the ball, the guy that are not only tat. It gave us the scrap heap your job. We're shallow year Luke boys there were get out the cardinal. But gave him away or shall I beg you got for cash. They bring up a guy like Cairo Strata who was not amended. The thumb I highly pouted prosper open up top of the line and he has filled in admirably there. David Cameron Baby enough now to kindly endeavour that would be involved in a yankee theory and they have a guy
but you ve got it. I tried it hit the ball out of the park and probably anxious about the palpable years they went out to me note near the Berlin recently gave them stem maiden, will have a choice but take him and he's either either base finger a big big guy- thirty there he is Not that I didn't think what it now. I know the advanced, measured people too there's no such thing as clutch, but when you look at a guy like you gave a baby, who would have these hidden, like four hundred plus with debt, with two out and runners scoring position, as would the Yankees a black they have not been able to get a big head with guys on based, especially with two out, certainly lasted There have abandoned their distant this year. Guy like will make you an end or shall I have been coming through every time it big situation, just incredible any no going into the field, you think the wealth gonna be Stan, it's gonna be judged to be and harder and harder. We had the pies average on the egg was their best hitter and thing they haven't had his guys that can get on base in front of the guys that can hit it out of the park. If this year was a male
when? Shall you know boys had the big head in a voice? More of but let me do it or shall I gave a coquette, our basic funny guy them and do some damage if it really been often to watch the last for the taxes headlines were ready for mound were Close to facing hitters set for another boy pen could face hitters this week is their study hours. There's that the worst every injured picture in a deep famously who would, if you had to guess you, don't I mean you don't have to I'm not gonna die. Do this. I won't make fun of me wrong. They had to guess would Yankee who is doing and probably well read as most likely to fail a test. Would you say, like ten, I eye. Or is there a way? I mean they're really jumps out the well. One that I would always be worried about Sanchez kisses gigantic, be yeah because it out
we heard last Jerry Gather funded approve, and he has. I thought that today were that hit the left. Gotta have a penal run before the outbreak was yogi, bearer and centres. Is that it now another, but the change that they offer break. You should send a near. He sent him like a nice reserve urine. I definitely well. If it comes to battle, often whatever may be, the vague we tested Sanchez is here today it says, is afforded I narrowed wavered and communicate its reared women. As a positive for ip aid allocated day, did you ever see judge again like usages teaches them.
Too much bustle, he can't each is gonna, keep pulling muscles that you and I pray you don't even have in our bodies, allow you ever think about baseball bat, joyfully but ironic that the other guy, like judge of them better, like it out great God, like carved out of marble, and you have a guy like John crack it, our Gregg movements, gave tat were never able to check it out, spoke of cigarettes, drink beer after the gave, never hurt. But these guys that are like it worked out fear there are her all the time better, always injury problem. So I think you need more fat guy and less great God, but that is a concern with judges that Egypt is so big there just out baseball swing, it so violent that there's just so much they can go wrong there for a guy his eyes and in others
maybe a lingering beggar pit career. Unfortunately, it Carlos Beltran K about said that the nature of judges, injury that even when he comes back to jury, never gonna feel a hundred percent. Yeah really be I'm reading on this cause he's one of the best guys on my fancy. Teen that's tank and there's been stories like, even if he comes back this year he'll, never be a hundred per cent till next year. It's like why why? Why did he get like shot back it back in old rifle from the seventh? Did hundreds went out with this kind of data from the old where's, your wagon secular, recover it out of the debate,
because if it had sided, oblique or whatever their swaying and it now, I never enter swinging a baseball bat. Just gonna re aggravated so he's gonna, hafta he's gonna have to deal with it and those who want more trouble survive. If then, who originally what the hell with, I think it was a bicep injury or his bite. I perceived tat, he had been at helping inhabited with back and his shoulder and like they gave it explained what's wrong with his shoulder. Like you know, we could put a man When we have MRI hadn't technology, we can't figure out what the hell's wrong, which grows the shoulder it like miss the fag go five cheese and that any like her to come back for a game and heard his leg. I gotta go really speak bit there like Debbie, Debbie, wrestlers the matches notches, judge and stand by leg. You now twelve guys in baseball where it's like. When AAA attributes gonna miss wrestle.
His try, Sub came off his body and the ring and ass for the background like these. These are injuries that you get when you just like Jack and it can really strong muttered. So much like. I can't even imagine how much it hurts backup that time we went ahead of so people. I know Do we have an oblique muscle cow? Do we have that researchers all Beings have an oblique macerates. Wages are probably just don't. That might not be able to see us right. He had ever done anything that would possibly strain and anywhere else like tile. If clad tanks Mendoza amen, not could be able proves the package for six weeks, I pulled my bleak muscle black. Why did you do that? We heard or most of three flat muscles and arts Anterior admin yeah down front there? I guess I mean you have to have just a really strong admin.
Maybe maybe he should just get email cut, the weightlifting lobes dilemma. Falada sounds like they will ever higher yoga pillar hire and fire and Judge Ribeiro. To be turning, I d, there was a time mister time about a month ago in the season where I would like to do the Yankees. Actually, they stretch before game like a beer linked up okay, where they just show up and start playing cuz every guy had like a strain or tears kind of pull, and I'm like billion dollar bought billion dollars. Ports. Franchise players are paid billions of dollars. A lot of money, like you know whether invested as some sort of stretching debate. Before yeah, maybe some high yoga, the charter plain when their five hundred and cities anything so bad at it. He told me you now, after all, these injuries were that the debate be no rivalling the ninety. Ninety eight Yankee terms of winning theories and and and winning streak said be like, were really without these guys know, or shall I had an elevator
incredible. Babe in Hendricks morale is quite Frazier. It's crazy, Did you hear the announcement earlier today that they're just building tortoises alpha impact, thou didst Thou go wherever Torres I'll, Schreiber yeah? Well, there near they're gonna data. Really I you know. I think that if you're gonna get a black that limit really by statute satellite centre shall abolish about it as some sort of monuments to incredible it made the inner. Shall I not just up and the way but defensively. I mean the pro poor Miguel, Andorra, the Boston last year I meant, but of what people on Twitter when he was in the regular beer battle, because everything is user. You the hours, that's worth that great defensive metrics there, what a difference down to see a guy that actually have a competent defender late or shall it makes it look
they think credible and has been a huge part for them. The last year they packed the bar and allied yeah this year they have just the locked out and fail to help the picking out a great deal that had been asked them all round. Do you like airborne more these days, Steve Dieter, How can it mean spare the comments you made on Twitter and on this package, but I don't, I thought, would have all the data that are they winning because of food or in spite of bone, and I couldn't punch in spite of quickly enough on my phone. I just think I just think it made and it doesn't really matters came. So. I shouldn't even really pick on him to their think. He's an idiot at them in the team is run by the leaves department, yeah and his job is just to be, like the other face of the pay of India Media guy. But the one thing the one thing I was then, and in that I read on line that the players love them. That is like a great clubhouse guy. There already made everybody uncomfortable but booed like there buddy leg,
they love they. So I, though, I really as I dislike him, I think it over his head. I really can argue with the result. Certainly add tires happy in their plan. Well, then, I'm happy fell Did you find a new job for you? every now and then a snake with baseball for compromise in the value of the euro is a bit like a big picture at the deadline is gonna come back, you ve been there in a big picture in the major leagues getting the projected fella last. Jerry cannot get tired toward the end and faded, but the sheriff and refresh the big addition for us, China, harsh by mellow years, back at work where it were inclined nine baby. I think it has been fur deadline. Peep ours is still a strict budget from from hangs timer. Well now. I think they're gonna go out wind, but I mean add much to spend money with a big one. Worse it could they use one more starter. Definitely, but
You know I don't know who's going to be available. I mean I listen to. I listen to the bad dog pretty much every day, I'm serious and by the way home and he's a big San Francisco giants. Guy, so he's been trying to hype up a Bumgarner but I really don't want any part of it, because I think you ve got a shot and over the hill and I get a free agents. I really know about doglike local take Frazier and at Harvard Gardiner. I wouldn't do that national labelling. The big picture, evacuate illegal immigration We re bunker. It made it. The national. The report of a trained chairs are, but I think he is still under contract for copyright Yankees. I think a lot of money yeah, you know I'd, be entreat buy back up the guy that fish in the american big before a gardener worries me believe, always been nationally pitcher and I think it over the hill. But I'm not sure I know he's been a big game, Peter
but the picture, but at an hour is really do for me. Men and I don't like the big starter. It's gonna be available with the Vienna mix. For that yet better, I think their farms with them is built decent. They have prospects. There. Ain't field has an embarrassment of riches now for company wanted. I mean, I can't believe a famous, but, like you know, I would part within the horror I don T think about Europe. After surgery, but he still accompanied player, who, with a great at EU level, we have a cup of coffee, We have a couple of star in Boston instead in training for some expensive starters, we may have a name like right or go get prices fell by some as precise as intrigue Vienna. Now, unlike unlike Duke Rocky, when we call it the iraqi what I would add a part of it. I do without you are the one year at best. I gave a speech that you yourself, when, in the part of me, died, but now you're the one adopted,
I know I know I love and love you enjoy when that the Yankees is surprisingly good like this. But you also love more than anything when it's this pointy reds axes and would have you in right. That's really been spent like my dream, food and so far ass. They were gonna be out there. What have you enjoyed from a media coverage? Slash fan, message board perspective, on the right track side. The most you don't know me, whilst I have been a twitter, looking periods read that writers and end and reading the comment that the number of people who want Cora fire, really This deprives diabetic did surprised me yeah. This is the last year when the world very like everything he did was right and they now they're gonna run about town, thereby butter and at the moment so funny yeah the it's been a perfect storm of prenatal.
Things the year after you win the world series when it just like one of those seasons ate. My favorite is when people blame the White House thing is divided, divided the the lacquer over that wherever there, Say what one of the guys that was a good what their eyes? I have seen that too, that it divided the locker room could cure would go to the White House or whatever they get a place like out like a believer in through the window. I so much like, like corps, was getting out of the White House who ever thought I was happening in a million years ever there was never everything is when Trump, when they read backs what were hot for a minute there or their planks of video, pretend they got hot trumped waded out. They have gone super hard after they went to the White House. Yeah owing to the White House. Now is likely fit of the ESA curse. Yes and a body s
the best otherwise eliminate he talked to eventually Steve Pierce. Did you see that part now Winnie? He said something like a steep prayers. Big part of last year's team off to a little bit of a slow start this year, but I'm sure it'll come around. He was hitting like one hundred. It was just like it was just classic That was that was a little awkward that basically all the way guys went or most of the way and then nobody but another Unlike other now, do you really think like? This is a turning point. This wasn't like the Celtics, where you know they had to have. Fifteen team meetings can't carry arranges, be moody and being a depression every week. I just think they move at the next thing. There baseball powers than a racket sets sat down at the notion that any player cares. Who went to the White House. You didn't go to the wet, asked the man, it's ridiculous, there's! No,
It is true that I have to add that the best is probably forgot about that. The core thing has to be. The core thing is aware is now, is that was the best managing performance and oversee model, last year and everybody loved him and he was a ten at its head and bigger ready, John Fair all because he would it out. He was like a core like a boat or the other players, love em. If the breath of fresh air and the club, as last year, there were couldn't blue. Said the world on fire hundred. They win the share their low, slow out of the gate and they're gonna run Cora the tab should that used to be one hundred fifteen hundred champion China have high expectations of the red factor, five hundred with very thick breath on that, then we d now on town in Liverpool as a Boston tunnel, rail, what's right forgot, John Henry right. I was. We have a couple Liverpool fancied, the ringer Chris, ran longtime Grantline Ringer,
you know yet one of our main inner circle, people who is a die hard Liverpool people so's, I was doing some. We did it stuff with them. He I think he was get mad at has. I think that, for another Boston, fatal, us any the Philadelphia that he doesn't want to admit that a Boston owner brought his Liverpool team TAT about me what a run for John Henry Really I got time when the World Series new in the Champions League back to back. That's pretty that's his wife's bank. She looked she loved daylight between Liverpool. I believe right. They have so that those two, I guess the loss and be the Boston Globe So how is it even at a hundred thousand principle describers anymore, but it did oh isn't that I e there does not seem to have a great plan for Thou and they put their articles but pay while by me out after the basketball game, I wanna go reflex rigged the red flag articles activity,
that they want to be to pay for it. They say: do you no doubt they should be targeted, Instagram campaigns for Yankee fence. We need our sad Yankee coverage rate at fifty percent are paid a couple bucks to read that if I get this rate depressing that that coverage, I would pay a couple bucks for that Canada Janni. Now I wonder now we're Lana Bats. Let a bachelor injure things have happened. Believe me, I'm well aware. Well aware, I will say endeavours we pensioner, we love this twitter account it's at Red Sox, that's the guy knows more about the red Sox than easy. Private just run the Red Sox He loves davers more than I love both my kids and he's right that errors like an unbelievable too, where there is really great and I and they have good bad, I'm not I'm not ready to give up. Season before you got Muky got Jamie Martinez. I mean you know, sail the eggs beaten the other night, but he did have ten strike out to look
about the Americans built you price can still be priced thing. Just deal figure out a bullpen, you gotta go, make a move and get a closer. It will be. Some came, the thought of it will give you a closer and that that will turn things around you. Like Shane Green from the tigers. Just like just get a shame guiding it can offer. You will get a closer set up everything in the world, the Gaga Shangri Nolan. Why this year last week the Tigris had twenty one winds and he had seventeen saves as I have said, even possible, it seems inconceivable before we go, should mention em first. What did you see endures junior last night? That was your kind of content. Now. I did not. I thought that this morning and I couldn't believe the pictures of the heavy Rodya worthless, but barely, that guy with a borrower Brower that it is like one street fight.
Everybody they re like Rocky, like they're back, I out you fight the champ were out his first show at a. We won all thank crazy love. It but before we came out and mixtures they at the press conference. I now big win for the next fans have fully things a turnaround for those wacky did it at the year before we go on a dimension the last night, here I think we're talking about. If Biden ran what trumps nickname would do you? I am, and I think we settled and groping Joe we did and what did he hurried Trump set on the it's, the first, the first one that came out whether it like the first generation was sleep creepy Joe, which were weary. We were like wow initiative. We gotta come around. If we had brainstorm ten more minutes,
lately in his it Lillian is treated just sleepy Joe he's got rid of the creeping at aiming at all at Joe Biden. The amount you seventy six or whatever, but no one trump is those bring chicken to five never comes across, particularly like sleepy today like or leave it out. You believe anything you like to boisterous, but I don't quite understand the sleepy thing. I think that the planned that he'd older, but is seventy six trumpets. Seventy four read, but I'm not quite sure what the logic is there, but he seems to be going with we be Joe. Do you think his advisers told him maybe dump the creepy since you're, not exactly mother Teresa paper? At the upper hand, That is why they must have focus group that maybe the people didn't like creepy, but they like they would like the sleepy I really don't know, I think they need to go back to the drawing board on that one
What you really want to hammer home is the creepy thing. Like sleeping creepy, you know I mean I think you're grasping at their grasping at straws, but it's sleepy alone. I don't think he's doing it sleepy Joe. I really thought truck oil. With groping Joe, I thought that our sir you're gonna do thou on it. I was right there. Just words. Yeah it sounds like a car wash her like a bar that would go do in North Hollywood, where you were gonna grow, be just that I dunno I hurried and go for thou know it's back to the drawing board. Oversight has long time some of our twenty twenty first century work that, but it came. I guess so what I would have you most enjoyed about the twenty democratic nominees we have heard of it just one day, crazy, how many people are running as some of these people that get into it, and I mean I guess you sort of run for president if it's in this day in age, because it raises your profile and you can get it. You know after you bow wow. You get increase speaking to usernames out there or whatever
Some of these people I mean I've literally seem like Facebook or twitter quizzes, word like who, which are these people, are real presidential candidate that I'm pretty attuned to politics. I read through these names like really that personal running for president. I couldn't picked a guy or without women out of a lead yeah, you did that around craving end of it. Better work from Texas to love had proved that he was in no anointed the next Bobby Kennedy by an adoring media and boy. He fell off the earth quicker than anybody, an interim anchor and having these lofty heights and everybody loved him, and he had like that. It's your former cut, the pod brothers in his back pocket know: Hollywood and everything else that they just fallen apart. This guided the mayor of and the Arab put PETE Buddha judge. I get the jobs that Darwin, always thunder and really come out of nowhere. It I'll eat taken the beta lane. I, whenever over the veto, maybe it's baby. It's beta.
He was a little like Anthony Joshua. He look good on paper, but when he took a couple heads he just went there. It is mobility. Does it really ebony rationale for running now? You ve gotTA having eat our age, any sort of like trying to find himself like he'd have like fifty different career right, and he comes from somebody and father was in politics in that part of the family business, but he has no real, like an old people have requested and either The good question we're gonna think about tat. Now, listen to you about that, but one out of the present. You are asking a question, so I think people sought through that were, like the others, know their theirs I haven't, got a fallen off. I have a couple of people that I work with you I won't name but which we had been talking about him during the brief apex and it was lot of like? What's going on here, he's not saying anything right,
it's a lot of ours born for this thing. Ok, you, where you stand for which a planet which experience given the experience, some experience to be again: I lost a tag curs as born for this the gray ass did, I replied the media, everybody loved them, did you read it again had created because even like Republican about, like TAT, grew so it are. You ready to prove your bound to look good, especially through the liberal media the added gonna love you, but now, when you're running again get out now Peter twenty or whatever other liberal, running the media's MAC he's in love with you, the way you do want, I like him. I just got a hand. The mayor of the city built, Bless, YO we have really has like a ten percent approval reading and he's like a family run for president and people said they really really the bikers that off the record, I got off the record, but anonymously rather or like paisley doing these borders. The bare of New York,
that said that get yeah. I I didn't like that. It's like if there is a higher job than owner of a special professional sportsmen, were you owned, all the teams and James Dance, like good news, through my hat and very quickly, if people feel like what Maybe the chief owner UK, like a dog, thereby added for commissioner of Libya, though I was elected to fidget. Yet me I love, may repeat just fervor a cow he how he basically orchestrated that five weak run their where he just did all the perfect media heads he Santa Carla in it did his day. Nobody s really was able to. Gaining momentum. Eight, I aside, but the young asylum see document or networks here healthy,
Well, that was a derisive yeah Jesus she's, injured, I mean she's Jane years away from whatever, by that, you know her passion and and her story, and all that was really compelling, and I do think there is a spot for some young person whose eight years older than her to make an impact like back at me. People ready for it, but unfortunately that person does not exist and that now I wish she she's she's, very good she's, very good point she's, really good politician. That's a perfect when it very good politician. Her story is pretty clear that she was busily up every issue: the bartender, the guy, who had that seat and Congress was entrenched and had been there for a long time and nobody ever figure. He was gonna, lose stern pay not of its woman that really nobody had heard
yeah, so for her to do at the old fashioned way with shoe leather, knocking on doors and thing like. What's this guy dumping await lay and everything else that that parted and impressive I mean you know that the district where he could run my dog is democratic and win. If you in the primary he added you know, you could run Jesus Christ himself as the Republican and giving out like by I heard about that it is a good district, but the hard part for her with winning primary, and I get the guy. You know the guy. She be only a babe in there like a hundred years or whatever, but he didn't you. Wake up in the leadership break the Democrats and could have, unlike the number two or three pet repartee, with three number three the house, we a house to utilise juice loathing already, so the beat him coming out of nowhere. Is it impressive her ideas in such a baby, let's
so, but she certainly seems to be the people seem to like her way. I like her. I just wish you had a present, two candidate that excited about I'll, tell you what I'll do I'll stay below five? You could protect she's president, and you can just said, made ninety percent of your pages. You have my address, descended the male door direct deposit, either way they thought. You'd only contain ninety plan. After leaving out the do I give college built, they just picked up her like a bit like a bucket. He was the printed out. These further help us presently they say I joined the documentary. I think she is I haven't. I should we wait by the Milburgh better that don't make their money had sleepy Joe
I get so many agri tweets about debts from angry socialist to be fantastic. Gonna, be here like pitchfork torture, rape, women find it. I don't think it's a fun dates of fun pack. I absolutely Yanks are good the red bikes, familiar nervous things right with the world do. Do you think there is any chance? Anything happens which did you follow this impeachment stuff and neither, I think, they'd be adding them about to be created I mean it. You know that I understand for two years. I remember now hoping that the model with deepening would bring Bill Clinton down here and in a waiting with bated breath for that to happen for him the resided and he didn't do. I understand disappointment and waiting for the bull are reported fatalists, Bali's crimes, everything else, but when a potentially came out I know interpretation everything else, but when he found no influence essentially of the the with campaign and right
none other than to say that it and try, but I think there were to adapt the really do anything. Illegal, didn't get into the obstruction and everything else, but in terms of the collusion of, is pretty clear that there's nothing where they were directly tied to any russian involvement in anything. So I understand Democrats, disappointment thinking well that they have spoken gonna. This is gonna, be all she wrote for the term presidency, but I think they would be crazy to impeach him metre as and with Clinton it made a more popular, because impeachment really should be only for like really serious crimes worth obvious that everybody is on board. With this guy. This woman have asked the girl, because their criminal, I do it because you're it looks like you're overturning an election, and I think it just people that are sort of in the middle baby. Don't love trumpet or happy with the economy or something I think that Jen's them up, and it's like why the Democrats trying to overturn election when there's going to be one in until fifteen months
I'm afraid I think could be created it do it, but I've again people under a lot of pressure, because her certainly their constituency wants to its gung ho for impeachment and try to June. Everybody up. Do that and I think a lot of members want to do that, but I think that would backfire on them will trump is plus one twenty two the presidency, Joe Biden, is three to one Bernie Saint Railway Bernie Sanders is twelve to one Elizabeth warrant fifty one mare, PETE's, twenty one camel Harris is thirty. One Andrew Yang is fifty two in feed. And bade her now Beethoven born to do this at fifty five to work
If, if you wanted to put money money down on somebody that I would not out out, I'd go for that I'd go for a camel era that thirty two. What really would you well? I think think. I think be the vanguard of the Democratic Party does not want to dominate away now if they could help it. I think she's from California, which is of huge in terms of Hollywood money and in California they keep muggers constituencies for the Democratic Party. So I think that helps her being female help. Sir, a female of color. I think in her heart of hearts that to most Democrats would like to vote for now. I don't know the problem for her. Is I don't know how well she's going to do in Iowa and New Hampshire is probably Bernie Sanders territory, cuz he's from Vermont, so do well in a place like South Carolina where there is a large african american boat and she would,
North Carolina and she becomes a top tier candidate. I think she's got a good shot outside shot. I think the smart money would be on Biden, but if you wanted to make a you know, I'm not crazy bet, but land on TAT, shot back by Gopher. We know We know and start taking their seriously when Trump starts doing dry by his honor taken because ITALY, I, like I gotta, be careful with that, because it now african american woman- and you know I mean I gotta- know Baby- does it get you can't go? God knows what he does already got by what they did the thought of job going everywhere should hold back this time, but we all by fire but about parliament's ever learn, don't think about four years covered citizen logic says: maybe I should turn it down yeah, I figure you that even it is far too even try to predict that because
I would arrive to two years. That is the way to an event that obligation, but there's no way is gonna win, and here we are, though What did anybody there? Really? What do you think enchanting when his net you'd be something playing afterward Camelot there are now thinking This is the go with crazy Ella like crazy cable. I would have liked it out like that, creates everybody. Those crazy already goes down lazier crazy, that in it, but I wonder if you would about can't do a camel epic does he like said like them, cannot awkward force of a nickname is this means we are asked to vote for. Can't do a camera. Well, I'll, see him on the edge messy Johnny. You know to be funded a beta river start soon, and that will be fine, because you know you ve been watching it like life tweeting. It eventually so like a running diarrhoea twitter, as he watches the debate
This is the dynamic that the debate will be interesting, so that might be one of those where, like a half hour before the debates, the wifi goes down in the White House thanks. I, Mr Prodi, at the wifi, their hunting. No signals can come. So what we're trying to figure it out? The 5g is gone down. If they have the Saturday Night LIVE goat boy like electric prod, that's when they're going to have to break it out, that's good! Daddy died as this is a pleasure and I talked it over the summer. Good have bigger right vigour, thanks to his own men, miss that on design this week, you don't have to miss out for much longer. The asian dotcom sign up subscribe. The Joshua worries rematch. Later this year you can watch the replay found there the ASEAN thanks to simply safe. Remember easily. Is protection of contracts, fair prices, engineers,
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We watch was back this week with two more pack ass the conform to answer them. One way.
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