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The Boston Massacre, Teen Culture Watch, and 'Succession' With JackO, Zoe Simmons, and Chris Ryan | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 397)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by his old friend and rival Yankees fan JackO to discuss the Red Sox's sweep of the Yankees, A-Rod's relentless commentary, playoff implications, and moreĀ (3:38). Then Bill sits down with his daughter, Zoe, to discuss teen culture in the form of breakups, YouTube, and TV (39:30), before talking with Chris Ryan about the season finale of HBO's 'Succession' (1:04:05).

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purchase and any gamer sporting event, whether its college for powerful bar space power asking of the Yankees. You know it today, Jesse's promo code be ass. Download this he gap of a right to seek a dot com, were also brought to you by the Ringer dotcom which just ran it. Very successful uncontroversial hundred best tv upsets the twenty first century. That was our last week, Juliet Lemonade Data Pakistan, that on Friday we free One crucial point that out really upset about, and I just forgot to mention toward the shield left off the top hundred outrageous. I didn't like the shield that much but allow people. I knew did, and I do think it was one of the first anti here shows and should have been represented in some way forgot to bring that up.
Forgot to get into it on the lost, the constant being the number one episode about time, which has obviously just ridiculous and an outrageous but bear we ve got to do that. So at some point next time. Juliet sign will our battle her about that. So you get their errand outcome this week, NFL heating up and Kevin Clark, Robert Maize, are both on the ground, grown, indifferent training camps and Stuff Clark Word about the wild cat off Ass today, my ten years ago, when they almost revolutionise for differ about three weeks and maize, wrote about the raiders. And John Bruton Qb Camp with their car and what the hell's Goin out there I'm just starting to get ready to talk about four by. We have a football gas coming on four wednesdays podcast. That is a little surprising.
Surprising, but it just somebody that has been on as we head toward four hundred bs podcast. I think this is what is this one Kyle three ninety six history. Ninety seven somewhere there we're heading toward four hundred something like that. Anyway, have a cup of things planned for the four hundredth come up. Jack. I texted him yesterday and said either way you come, and I will talk to him for its act Christine That's accession in my daughter's gonna get the teenage girl culture watch for August, but first
general area, Jerry every better definitely been better how'd you weekend, aside from sports, is nicely daughter turned seven uncertainty, gas, vague, your lovely little family party in we have a new dog who had for about a month Please keep us busy, so sure everything was God. I've got my health as far as I am aware, so maybe that my mental health, but the rest is pretty good. So no complaints, What would you have a lot of complaints
Would you name the Doug again Finnegan recalled thin air? I would remain the errand burn, because dog. Is he Yankees manager? I don't like it and burn, and I, like my dogs, that's what people are like a nation amoebic labour, but I never want to raise my voice and anger and anything named labour that was a month ago, but things have changed since then, but yet I'm happy. I stayed away from any a Yankee centric name but about why was the worst part of the weekend for you I mean it was. It was all I mean the anchors wise. It was all bad. I didn't watch me, I swear, I didn't want any of it because I was so discuss. I've been so disgusted by their performance overall for about the past month, and I have been like acres Sandra in there on twitter screaming that this team was grossly overrated. The notion there
Walter's contender, was ridiculous and people with chime back and made sale. No, but there's thirty games over five hundred- and you know they have the second best record of baseball and the Red Sox just on a hot streak and- and this weekend unfortunately prove me a starting with a c the accurate, because the team is grossly overrated and they were exposed, I mean, but their team was exposed in Erin Burma's expose this weekend and it was. It was disgraceful. It was depressing. It was at its best words, I you put together the words to say about this weekend was met, Boston Massacre, but route resurrect about that. Doesn't even do it just as how much they were completely emasculated, I don't believe you that when you say you didn't watch anything I just can't forget you- I've known you for too long
did along on. Might now you lads viewer waxing last. I just stop. I needed our thirty are universally. Our thirty year anniversary is coming in four weeks, thirtieth anniversary as friends and when and you're gonna come on the bad and we're gonna tell the whole story of how we met actual it. But over those thirty years, I've known when you're Fulla shit, and this is why there is no way to watch an entire game last night. There's no way. I did that, there's no way you were not literally did not whitewash that could I did. I tell you to do it briefly. I did thirty million had been I at an earlier age or die just in time to hear Jessica, Mendoza say how the Yankees bullpen was their strength, really really go, not alone with a working there, which turned out to be the case. Obviously a chap included an eye, but I was wanted nothing. I had a busy weekend with my dad. His birthday and family and everything else. I went to bed fairly early last night,
I did not see the implosion. Vs play a thai wife, but I knew like I tossed and turned last night, knowing that it is literally was to the point it's causing me to lose sleep. How angry and upset I was, and I will I did the thing I did watch that that sent me into a blue funk was Thursday night after they were completely eviscerated fifteen to seven. In the he's on my the stores before I use the mask now. I went with the vizir rated row. I did to turn into yes to watch. Ehrenberg spoken press conference, which was a fucking disgrace and I literally was they go and find, including doctor too tried resurrect drunk at Billy marks: but over some tables and get back in blind drunken, probably quite some players and maybe give this team of Fuckin spine and some fire in their fuckin value. They seem not to give a shit where I've tried to take. Said like approach of like, while that he doesn't give a shit. So why should I give a shit hole?
Cashman when the fuckin came out there, that allegedly world series content there and we have Shane Robinson and Luke Fuckin void playing first base, which would piss me off, except the great bird is the worst, but if I ever seen in my life has been high profile buccaneers. I gotta say thereby eminent going to make an excuse- is about judge not being there, although he is there in other best player in their team and so that a big hole in their eliab without question. But it cannot be a world series contender and run sunny, fuckin gray out there every fuckin five days they just mercifully put him out to pasture and the bolt, and thankfully twenty games too late and then but then start to see it. Another web search contender and you have no starting pitching whatsoever, never Reno, supposedly the site, coming of Nolan Ryan he's been awful for a month awful. He was great for the first ever the season, so I don't know what happened to him, but he's terrible
Forty eight years old, I hopefully have another four plus decades of life left at some point. In my four plus decades of wife left. I would like the Yankees to back. One read sack hit her off the plate, candy back one guy off. In my life too much to ask to ask to go so far as to say that somebody, but could you make somebody moderately uncomfortable at the place where they didn't grass in the hand. It's not hard enough. Why? Before watching the wounds him poor horrible press conference where he talked but everything's gray, everybody's wonderful, everybody play great evil, even higher to be the teams. Big brother give everybody a pat on the back and tell their off them and hate it before that there, David Color, like the same, lose fifty the seven nobody pitched inside at any point, can you send a right message to anybody
just everywhere. If you lose it, I mean there. It looked the relax earlier literally the reincarnation of the twenty seven Yankees. They can't lose beggar guys up the scrap heap like Sleeve Pierce. He turns into big fuckin roof, which is inexplicable, and so the reflects our great team is the best reflects theme and history of their attack. There were bare phenomenal, but the Yankees theoretically could be competitive. Them, but then they play them and they would they don't even pitch inside. They have no life, they ve, no fire. If you lose, you lose, but God show some spirit for love of God. I thought those dna. They cut the em boon a couple of times and the dugout- and it was just of wage daring headlights for frozen face in over my head, A really gave me a lot of comfort and satisfaction happiness. I gotta say, as I got back to China, the dugout great Jonathan holder,
for them all your he's been he's been phenomena in that game, he did not have it. It was clearly did not have an like boon forgot. He could bring in another picture that he could take him out. Yeah, I mean ages At their and then I Friday night. I I think they it when they paid per Sullivan. They got one freaking hit and did nothing and Cora. I believe that's the game work or I got thrown out of the game before for arguing, balls and strikes, and after the game Boone says I really sympathize with Cora cuz they upload horrible, or what are you doing there? Like you're? Not just the spectator, you down the european booth anymore. You could go out and like The baby show little fire get yourself thought out of the game. Now I dont know if that doesn't anything, but me out, maybe tamely gaily skippers get her back there where big brother. Will upset. Maybe we should like wake up its edges They could have It could have been one of those games just started the relievers than the tamper based strategy, and I would have been more friend they should
you know they traded for the trade for Jay Happ was okay. I guess if you know, has a decent numbers against the Red Sox, Mookie Betts, thirteen pitch grand slam notwithstanding, but other than that he's had a pretty good decent numbers against the socks and he gets head foot mouth disease without now, we've become the Mets we're getting these diseases that nobody over the age of five I forget his name now we ve got J up. Ok, so that that hurts but Cashman at the meeting. He's got rid of about a more news along guy, despite started for the precious international finding money, so they can go signs of fourteen year old Venezuelan. It is going to be good in fifteen years, It is really probably thirty five, but it's a claim is important so that problem on its own or hoarding international, citing bonus money in that they don't have a starter. How you can be a team, knock motor returned remind our parody or have a starter. You don't have a start because you treated for Sunday Gray and he's horrific and they had a move him to the bullpen and they got what I got landline, but because
then the grey was so bad. It is other start they had to bring in land plan and then they and then went to wind tobacco is a hundred. Fifty gecko, more than three innings may have to burn Louise S. It was to be the starter you name, you left, add Domingo Herman who it was, who is a guy with the Louis eager Eliza huge. Cup of coffee, Eddie flashes of both these guys and flashes, but Emily catches up to them and realizes it out there anything special there too young. They were protecting chance, atoms and we couldn't possibly ever use him and they bring him up and he Ok, I guess they reliably laws backing for the ones that was by the best gave me had a week ago my favourable whims, bogey chance atoms. The mingoes admire my ale keeper team, and strike out like ten guys in five minutes, but also give obey, runs soldiers vertically ever emotions with Domingo.
As you know, we have about here who got Burma my eye like cc, but any had only a fold everybody last year and last year he was They brought him back and cheap money for for one more year, but he's got nothin laughed. He just got nothin. He is out. There are trying to do a smoke and mirrors, and it, oh god, love him. He's got miles and miles miles on that. So we only goes three headings are then you then had the disaster for the bullpen. Obviously you have Tanaka was the most frustrating baseball. He throws ninety seven pitches and forwarding last night. I would everywhere you can't have starting pictures. Three or four eggs, and they I've got that Britain they made their there one strength stronger and unhappy, please amazed by the bullpen as implode them included in its outbreak. Maybe your best relieve Loretta, while the Kansas is probable. Arguably ease turn things around he's been great. I mean, I know chairman has problems with it. The red flag. As my legendary Marianna Rivera ran about the red like this. Now too,
oh closures, in a row that our problems closing our your biggest rival problems, as they probably see each other too much Chapman has been super shaky when he doesn't get regular were because I can't find the strikes home, for it would have been no Zambians father, you impeach from five days now. Young farmers Chapman knows that that state, when he hasn't pigeon awhile and he gets us sweaty in the mountain I mean he looked like cocaine, attic less than in the magic seem sweating, sweat, it was. It was literally pouring often I thought it was raining for a second and then come back and it was just Sonny Sweat allowed. You don't like the Patrick you're sweating thing. I would say this that I was the most afraid of Britain why I urge this whole series. I thought red Sox had no chance, it gets he he was so filthy. His at used was like ninety six that sinker it's like outside corner every time, and I just felt
red Sox had a better chance against Chapman. They ve had rallies against him before they ve been embryo Gaza Base and much of it, almost blue game against men allow an chastened shriek is no longer with us, came and shut the door, but I was good and my wife and I went through fighters. Amsterdam, Fenway July, twenty first up to Fenway was in the shadow of the agreed monster. I was in a bar, the Atlanta down the street watch and they had the Yankees met game on and Chapman came in and eat it couldn't have been further away from the place. He was, Horrible horrible, alma aeroplanes met. Think I'm mad seven to leave them in appointing seventy six, but he was brutal because he hadn't had enough work. Now I remembered that game that was only two weeks ago, both sixteen days ago and somehow the Airbus his only before commander. The team was unaware that, like maybe, we should get Chapman regular work, even if it's not in the same situation At least Chapman's a good guy
last night was last. I was around fast any baseball game for variety of reasons. I watch the entire game, except for when succession was on, and then I put it on my Ipad and watch an addict going without sound as I watch succession, which I know you're not watching, but I really want you to catch up on so season. Two we could be ready, today. I really thank you, been in your short pantheon of ships, its It brings everyday table that you like, and it salvager yeah just play I know I know you're busy and you get you get new dialogue and you Therefore, the you get things go now baby very tired and association. That is a little extra meantime for fur, ass succession or so a view They have seen by yesterday what it felt like a play off game at some point. Became one of those like five hour marathon. You lose word alive, live type of games, tat Cora made his first really big mouth No, why our he lived David Price and a little bit too broad.
He temporary, who just said there, the headlights, your third baseman had dear the headlights, the whole game and then finally made it made the big killer play Gregg Bird pretty much first basement scoops out for the winning throw any competent first basement. He blows it well, we can't hit too that's good he's were easier access for by not hitting I haven't, made fantasy he's one of those guys have to owners in some fifteen one beating of the Royals, but anytime led the count armies over for the day. There were guys on both sides- heat embryos, another one. I don't know how many red Sox relievers. I trust that this point maids it's basically just Barnes and Kimball. And everybody else is kind of you- pins needles. You you I have three relievers. I would say that You know you can trust in a plan gay marriage. I would still put Chapman in there even if Bulgaria last night but
starters. Tanaka is the starter almost afraid of how to behave feel about that, but I watched you starters now. I knew tat the best friends treated this before the Sunday game is a guy. I trust in Africa I know tat is the number one guide one escape and I found their way in the other side like that, give when you're in a wild card game. Would you're gonna be in a wild game in about a week's a ride tried to have this conversation, the booth, but it was almost a little to intelligent for a there. I think you have, to start to back in the wild card game he's at all the stars, you have you can't stirred Severin on. There came I went a month ago outside, while they're gonna blow Severin on the wild card game and that a hurt them first round. They have to start to mark in the wild card game now, unless something dramatically flips are next day weeks. What do you think at last year? It was great and apply absolutely. No one on the bright lights are uneasy at her up and so to mingle cliches, but
he's probably the guy, but I guess I which was proposed and that that speaks volumes, because he knows nothing more than giving up his many homefront is again so it made in some way I feel for Cashman, because Kashmir, like a guy, that's got a billion dollars, but nobody will sell him. Anything yesterday have all these that all these assets and all these prospects and everything else, but one people are hoarding starting pitching and the team that makes the most have to deal with is the man to whom are awful and their only strengthens darting pitching. So it is in a world where the Mets were smart, witches and another universe far far away. They would it's in regard to be engaged for and rebuild with prospects. We re going to be a yearly. Why? Of course I would want the ground, but I'm I'm not going to ask for the moon here, but even in the same world they say what will give you send a garden in the garden. With injuries and open mouth disease or whatever the hell he and J Half have hour.
A huge upgrade over anybody on the egg is what do you guys who, like the Mets, if the Mets were smart, which is there not that? What they would do is with the idea that a couple years ago, when the Yankees had electing they had with a good bullpen with Chap and Andrew Miller, they treated both of em for what ended up being Clayburn Justice, Sheffield, Clint, Frazier and rebuild their farms If you didn't send a card you could have had him and Jay have live in one of those like bubbles that people put in their in their houses when they have termites Finally, our in a particular area, the vacant room, there on the road he came on each other head bad for disease, you right any part. I feel again and judge swings. One of those games I don't know what I mean. I mean last night, you in sixth, its stolen in the night denning and we don't come back cause judge, as a judge to run arm again the game,
There are snake bitten in terms of injuries will bear because Click Frazier cannot get past post concussion syndrome, and I not blaming I click Frazier may legitimately rented or while he's got a concussion, and that has a lingering effects, as we know from ETA fell in sports and general caused them a lot of problems, and he certainly would have been popular happened there than stream Robinson, who I don't even know what he's doing there they Tyler Austin, it was probably have a better, certainly better. First basement bird is put him in spite of Luke Voice, but they traded. Him for they treated him for land land. I believe. Yes, they did so You know I entreated him cause your colleagues his dignity? That's why he had to go to another to one's religion. For me, what your father had had a couple of Joe Kelly tweets and I'm glad to see the mayor of Boston, Joe Kelly, look awful Kara had lost them of his. Was there
He's lost his ability to make better swinging mass imports. I spent a prime number one. He dropped a pocket like that in a bronze priority areas. Those great I think, he's taken pitches, I'm in the joke, Kelly's tipping pitches camp. It could just be that each state, let's say, could break with talk about simply say, form security before you give me crab, saying that I only leg simply safe, because their from Boston Home of the that just sweat, the Yankees, that's Andrew, I like simply say because great security system awesome protection very easy to use and because they are from Boston so So I ve got started when her harboured engineers, Franca burglarized. They went to get a sky system is a huge ass are too complicated, too expensive terrible. Jack. So we build something better, simply save a comprehensive EU these protection when their contracts of fair prices. It keeps your famine save twenty four, seven, even to repair outages new, advise downer of
we're smashes your keyboard thoughtfully designed. Never anyway, you probably won't even notice it. You can set up a minute's literally. Anyone can use it. That's right, no conscience! twenty four seven monitoring for only fourteen another month order impressive security system today, simply safe, while also donate, went to a family in need, but you have to simply saved outcome, Slash BS, that is simply safely two eyes simply safe dotcom, slash he S. Last night was my first game really watching ascended a baseball game from start to finish intently. It was a lot read that is a lot I don't know if the producers were like, we need more, a rod, that's what's selling this show or if he just sort of has a type, a personality he's taken over what but other games. I've watched it. It is a lot of eight. It sees the star the show it
two winnings you're like while he rides really good at this Fourth, any it's like a right, I'm pretty good, where they arrived at this point, Mackay and the sixth ending it sank. Hey can anyone else, german here anybody to Europe of early and by the telling you just here like the the old movie airplane, exploring the gasoline yourself irids. I remember when I was there. John Henry I met John Henry into as everything is about what happened I read and its activities can we talk about the game? hey, there's, John Henry, so here's a five minute story about when I went to visit John Henry and his wife and his waves Creighton witnesses and torment those who I have no idea of she's a good answer that I No, that she's not good and these games she might be there, but
he's been cast as kind of this third party in the booth like It's all a arab and then Mendoza chimes in. Sometimes it's like it's like being at somebody's dinner table one one person's talking. All time and then their way feels like they have to tie man and they just kind of time in, for a second so they're doing our complete this service. If she's gave their not they're, not sending her up selling her making her can equal. Could she doesn't like equal in the booth I felt actually generally bad fur it's a lab, MRS there's. No way you can succeed with the current arrangement Thirdly, I have let reflexively about what it is terrible that reflectively apes are actually think she likes. You seem smile knows personalities in spawn very knowledgeable. Baseball. I just don't know, that's the best vehicle for her and really the best partners for a ride. We ve learned in the post is Mary: their bury their big poppy or p rose
good luck to make that your work about you just get PETE rose there, but that's like best. We ought to think about it. Might the two ladys that no one's gonna go and in a big party they would try venture far field from below really became play by play. I would say I would soon be fun. The best partner, fray right, is a definite who just tracks the whole time mad Mendoza, cause. I heard her like a large. I see, I see, watched him I'd. Take outside our world series. I think he was great on that dad I like I was. I wear this she's really good and then you eat thrower. They ride and she's. Just I just feel bad for fast. Regions, pretty get actually think he's one of the better baseball whereby plague, as have other, maybe part of his. I would bet it should be to tell erratic shut the fuck up for five minutes
hey. He just said change it. I remember in two thousand and seven I got thrown a great change app and here's the three minute story about it. Thank God and then and then he is talking about the history of Fenway and how much he loves coming here. Don't lie, don't why do I say ride you hated federate? We every time you came, the Fenway, you are treated like gonna be number when there's no way he enjoyed that none and then they should look here tat play using all. I remember this, yet I give very thick kick your ass, theirs that you don't remember in their family, but a part of it. But I turned in it. He was also say something about Jason. Bear TAT made every red black picture better. Pitcher, yes, and I was like my god- arises enough? Their attacks are killing us, but come on. Let's not bought out dated, bear TAT Iraqi. We leave would leave a shred of our dignity like just and out of it, for the love of God,
It is a may. I didn't like that. Just a complete, I mean my god, it's bad enough or retreating. Here too, we have burner, flagged one way out commodity right. There's this it there's some good staff within his analysis, but it you get over power by the other stuff that he was going to get out. I watched them I watch than earlier so that a baseball, Yankees, replied scammer ever forget when that was month ago, whenever an errand hit a wider, the MID dollar a home run an era an exit scratch golfer its would write down. The fair was like it's a little over prepared. Take it easy, Rebecca gotta work in this branch golfers, thereby I've got there and you know I like you spatter on a studio, show- or you know, a governess in this region, they had Remy inaccuracy together. It is obviously just fantastic because they
have such good chemistry they played together. It was just too old gaseous debate plays play baseball. Kind of cell each other and really. Formative. I think remedies been really hit or mass depending on, if he's by himself, not, but when he's decorously? All of a sudden? It's really good. So I was also coming off that and I think for them. Spite baseball the baseball. So pretty bad, an especial the radio, terrific three of his. Like other lover, I texted me, the other leg is tired giants to plead Sousa Wildman. It was you a choice for when I was driving have the Red Sox Yankee gave us a gazelle, your actual really a table. Sadly, yes
the famous members last year I was at work and I was listening to the game on the radio in my office and they were at Wrigley Field and there a Wrigley field that they couldn't close the window in the booth or maybe it really does not have windows that close in the press box. So the windows were open in these two I swear to. God went on for six innings, but how cold they were. And sterling like they got invaders. I can't see the bright field and I gave the left the lie that it gives you the scoreboard areas like listening. The like your grandparents talk about their trip. This Myrtle Beach, he was admiringly improbably was near airports, if our green colleagues who still allows Wrigley kids leave is carefully there like a mighty, give each step a score like with the situation, we account any well a red, zig era I paid him regularly woods. Two months later, take it up
It feared from a guy by the name just said, Minister air I'd just tone it just bring back, and I observed a thing like that. I want to be TAT Way, the documentary from oh yeah yeah, which was really really really good and they said TAT, will come back and they could tell you How do we get mad at Bobby George Addy pesky when they came back and is likely to grow, and I gotta now and deadlines to tell you about it even may from nineteen thirty. By but the guy was throwing away began through a mixed amazing memory for like little nuances again, so you think- TED ways of anger. He probably would have been very brace of in the best yeah, but I don't get it. Been good and they would have had a bleep. Every other word I think in, and he was never good manager because, like this documentary Ali cared about was hitting yes, but they are only like this,
you, between coaches, by how to do a run down play and it was like Alice. His head Polly cared about others, headache, girls like whatever, so he thought he would have talked about it. Now. I remember in the ten whims autobiography came out new Nera resume Sandy, because There is a whole sexually about how well Hon TED Whims was, I think, that's when we decided at all arab. If we have to have a section about how huge somebody's cock was there, believes led was the latest example the document by Rabelais absolve section about his hog actually happens when you die. People just tell stories about your hog, whether their cheerful ass, the The TED waves thing was amazing. To me, though, because. This guy was sitting on this final game. Footage for sixty years and was the biggest Eddie than the and the earth no He gave it or pitched at all. One producer like twenty years ago and and the person idiotically was like
now that doesn't sound that interesting and then he just kind of gave up How did this exist for all these years? He went to different parts of the a Fenway and shot the aim. Different seeds, like azure stupefied by that story, It was quite it was really well done. I would like an hour long and you could do you know you could have a mother mobile day theories about ten Williams. They really got a lot in an hour. I was really impressed Who would you rather hear stories about from somebody who knows all the intimate details of all the stuff that was going out, that Jody Badger, TED Webs, I'm still in the Jody Camp, you are really now I was gonna, say TAT were aimed at another Jody with all the dangers. Thank you. I think you can over an hour. He kept himself able to exert a stand up a true I've been thirty with a bit of a prick, and I fear that as a diner donkeys, man Blake I mean I read, books and story.
But am- and he was one of the very few slighted at me- just cut you off for ever and it was hard to get the now like mantle. Never liked them is meant that was always intimidated by him and they like the guy that were friends with them on the egg. There were very many like or dude. I was really with him, and I read a book about Billy, Martin and Pat radically. He kind like Billy Martin. It was almost like an ethnic background. The italian guys yeah, and that I am not a cab to themselves and really was like not warm and fuzzy and in a kind of always protective his image of him, they had the nightmare about how he demanded the dollars left to be announced as the greatest living baseball player, like even show by came in William standing. There is debatable aims, better a better all round player than Williams, but out another with a better hitter than Williams like I did. The magic big like I'd like to be announced in the greatest podcast guest averse to break, raise living by gas carefully
I'm happy to do that. If you I accept the next important to you, just can't imagine like being badly. Really now, and he added at a group with a chip on the shoulder and a bit of an inferiority complex and he always, I think, we're compensated for that. So I would, I read books about him, but I don't think anybody ever really got to know a bit like he buried Marilyn Monroe and only one of the easiest want to stay at home. Yes, like watch tv laying a beer that sounds great badia I was unbearable, rose like let's go out of the twenty one club or whatever else when arose. The toast of New York at the time is like that. Nobody's t shirt like give me another rebar, whatever but that's why I want to hear that the Jody stories, because he turn Marilyn Monroe stay home, wife, and morale she's ribbon through the Kennedy family, his discovered nets, that separate always get blamed the candidates for her tat, he was there at the key was in Dallas making.
An old day or whatever went about Bobby Kennedy Earth now think of his making Mailbag Stadium Bobby Kennedy with Senator from New York. Jody very famously would shake your hand as it was announced them feel tat. See. This is why the assassination fires haven't come out yet because I think no deal is there. Anything was Jody Obi, J and the head of the mafia who had. Tying connections Jody had they lay. I would believe anything. I can't believe the assess I mean tramp, ooze, just a lunatic is just an absolute crazy person who loves nothing more than just twisting it to the american people dividing us and doing everything he can to make us crazy how is he not the one who is released the assassination files? Yet this ultimately shrub thing.
I'll be out during the primary claimed that one of the things that TED criticizes father was up because TAT criticism Cuban. He surprised tat generally newly Harvey Oswald or something and crossing path that some cuban protesters vagaries like you to take credit, was involved in killing day of gay. So if there really well, there was a concern say that government why there, but I wouldn't tell trumped just for that- fear that he would evidently tweeted output. Will you can get your files now and then it could tie into his whole thing about how You know the media is evil and in politics area it ties in our staff It really has the chance to be the only redeeming thing about his present presidency. Get in the assessment of has released mistakenly related and fell by you, the truth about your photos or about data provincial fascination, there's some thanks. Johnny I before we guy just want to say this is one of my three. The Red Sox Seasons, ever not the worse, the movie,
Soulier. Daniel Martinez, combo has robot allowed a joy to my life this year. I could see what but I love Andrew Ban Day. I wouldn't you did not stop watching yesterday, those forty one and they were trying to escape three runs against the best bullpen. Game was also taking the laborious amount of time to be played. An a ride was on his fifth, our just telling stories about himself. I kept watching because the Red Sox team. As some fight, I really like Alex Cora I'm enjoying the season, and in that to say Johnny. I wish I could say was happy for you, but I'm and what I hope this leads to is a crushing heartbreak.
The proceedings again by every every read like that already has the duck boat route planned and their their oil in the debt burden. I just hope that there's a crushing in a whole day out to the bottom and I've homer honour or might happen, might if my efforts to resurrect Zombie Billy Martin Combat Can we get out like nineteen, seventy eight all over again, where they come from nowhere and deal with the vision and in our errant, fuckin boner, Gregg Banker Regret Cook and bird had breakfasted bird becomes a Bucky fuckin bent like thought can afford this point? Is regular thing from the plug that Opel they change the rules, so we may play in the class. I now while yet I will be great and it can be. We can be of history that once again in the play off so beget saturated emasculated amazing Tough somewhere doesn't really work tat summer for Jacko
do. We want a dog politics about water, my dad it's Johnny say I had everyone in the economic area without dissent. I read, I ruined bring my daughter in to give her It is team culture update for August, In a segment we liked car for real zis, but first you ve heard a sudden. The fantasy sites. In the past we finally got around the triumphant were shocked at had different. Is found, which means it will say they have more ways to win, fill out a fantasy expert than do the best place to buy them The contest just for casual fans like beat the score contes, which rape, the pad everyone who its certain score. I've finished in the money to spend an equal share ash. Vandal also is new options for playing with their friends, because only thing better than winning cash is winning your friends cash. I totally backed up by the way
best of orphaned or doing their part to make the pcs unbearable. With prices of fantasy caught. That's why I didn't even know this is a think running up to. Week, one of the NFL right now get attend Our bonus, when you make your first deposit on Fender ten, our bonus Santa Bet fan. That calm, Slash, B S age instead, restrictions apply once again: Fender Dotcom, Slash B species of fanciful by any there. That could be dangerous, me. My daughter's here's always immense it's time for another. Addition of team culture watch what on it for real zis, for real zis. That's my name, the segment. You been a couple times Last time you around with the director of eighth grade barbarians your favorite movie, the whom we have to catch up on a couple big things Arabin in ten culture, yeah, there's some breakups.
He had one that you were really hoping for and then another one at that you're hoping for just cause. You think you might have a chance them now. That's not true goods, gutters, Breakups Miller, Bobby Brown, ok sell their break up a pair. He was mutual between the two jail. Pistorius story did not, like you say, Pistorius, Tory Et Cetera Saturday. You too fast James even decide what is a musically star that, better or worse still worse, so he cheats on our, but they get back together in everybody's of sea air. I rose really upset about bat. He he did on her, which I care. I mean it was cheating with its like teen cheating. What's Tina, what's it? If I don't know it's like, I was hanging out somebody else yeah. He is like taxing someone else. I guess
sir rose upset at her name at our by everyone. Didn't like him even like a lot of people then like him before he cheated on her, like they stolen like him, because he's like a musically star who here That is why him area- and it so she single now nearby brown Pair, excited about this. Yes, because it's probably aka happened, but she and her closer fenwolf hard everyone wants them to get together would probably won't happen. But that's like the hope. The hope here isn't he elder, though you told me he was all their now he's like fifteen or sixteen affair. She was like thirteen, no she's like fourteen or fifteen I think he's two years older than her. That's he told me his fifteen he's fifteen how she'd Kyle. She is I wonder where, at that some bad. You know, the date. Anyone whose why then yeah down the road when I
to date, which Albania about twenty twenty oh baby brand, or place, she had other people coming after yeah. She was getting a lot of hate, even like from her own people like the Milly Phantom. Even though I do neighbouring area that should get skinnier cut her hair do now that she didn't do anything like it, but yeah, like my friend immediately texted me that they had broken up like ten thousand taxing enables post on their story like this break up is mutual. We respect each other and are still friends. So, like RO was so happy in their I've literally see like a million instagram clips of like at its of them breaking off, and it's really funny what what made you happier than breaking up her when nephew caused. Finally, single again can Kyle
who is the other who's? The other celebrity break up the two. Hours from the kissing booth, so They were in the movie and then fell Love in real life yeah, which upset you and those Keller, because you're, both among the Kazi Booth Guy, is ice, for six five right, yeah she's, a five I am here from a height standpoint. I just didn't scenarios gonna work. So whatever them out of the announced Alan, I just saw Instagram clap analogy rolling through my feed and it was this picture of them and then like the broke
in edit thing that the terror in the middle of the town, but that's how I found out that I looked it up and apparently they had broken up in there. Still friends like they're, still posting things on the internet together, like these videos, talking about the hissing with the other, but I can tell like, since this is a successful movie and that they're gonna continue talking about it and bringing it up this year and they're gonna have to be together. I can't tell how awkward that will be or what the relationship is like now deserted mood, kissing, booth through work. I mean I really want there to be, but I don't want to ruin the first one. Well, that's what usually happens. Yes, it was. I don't know. I don't know, fell, do we'll see whenever car breaks up. She would do the picture Angela. Fourthly, the chair
get their ready. I get some data Photoshop Lydia Department, so so what say? What's the strongest and most controversial teen related relationship right now? Another those two rather window- I mean it's really difficult because those two were hugh, yeah, those are they oh geez. I wouldn't that million Jacob, they were like one of the relationships that people enjoyed hills, almost one of the relationships that people were really hoping for an end. So that's why I was so popular, especially because she's really popular Can we talk about your favorite youtube yeah? so these are your top for I had to leave the summer. Now you two people you two people the summer. Ok, I have five year fibre governed
five to one. Let's build up suspense okay, so my fifth one would be Brent Riviera. What does he do? He makes little skates that are related to that are related to like teen life situations. He makes videos that talk about like I just watch the video of his, where he'll do skates, with his sister and his best friend and they're like it will be like his best friend, is playing the role of her sisters, boyfriend and then he's trying to split them up and like it. Just is there really funny little skit does that he makes no super creative, but there will be some skit videos, then he'll make videos that are like the top five things that you shouldn't do on summer. Vacation are the top five things to do in your board on Spring break and there like kind of factual videos, but their sole fund watch uneasily really
entertaining said, number five, whose number four braver number five number four for me would be Collins. Key you! What is our he does? extreme challenge. Videos with his friends and his brother had mostly his brother do challenge videos that are kind of crazy, like kill, make a video recently watched a video of his word. It was like eat it or wear it and they would show the food and he would say if he'd rather eat it or wear it, and obviously the person who wears the most food losses His videos are really interesting ways. His lands really funny com, ski Kerensky, ok, cease for his three, so I kind of like had a tie here because I couldn't,
I couldn't she's, so second places a tie. Yes, aka second places it I saw my to second place would be James Charles. What does he do? He is make up anyway, who he's gonna know them? It he's a make up, artist hooker and he does really interesting. Colorful works that reflect on till he uses all different types of color and he kindly tries to reflect on the season. Two makes his look to make his looks, really cool and he just different from every other makeup artist out there, where he may tutorials on like how to make your face. Look like the solar system and then, like all these different, really cool things. When I think he's awesome and he's like bringing out a lot of boys who want to be doing make up, who didn't think that they would be able to offer their society. What next.
Them he's making in an acceptance and like almost normal for men to be wearing make up, which I think is really cool and he's awesome to watch. And then the dolen twins are my other one that are a tie widow and twins, jig, chalk, James Charles. What do they do? They are like another, challenge: video extremists, people thirty really fond a watch like they'd the video where they had this globe and they ve never been away from each other for more than a week, and they both through pins at the glow blindfolded and they had to go to that place where their pins landed and they were allowed to talk to each other. For tire weak news like an extreme video, but it was really fun to la their super. Entertaining dawn I think of Dolan he's his donor. The nexus like the worst honour in the NBA Sony said the dawn twins for my mind to the terrible they're gonna find whose number one number one would have to be,
Laura idea why my favorite Youtube were now five years? L, a u r d! I augur and she's right. Like my absolute fail, you two were: she is a d I why artists to takes like these really expensive high ends. Projects are things that you combine a store and takes affordable materials and teaches you how to make it with affordable
So it's informative, stuff yeah, it's that stuff where people are young and headache I shan't yeah. She does stuff like that she's my favorite uterus. She makes she does collapse. Videos well shall do like D. I challenge and you get these materials, and you have to make this a certain amount of time and in the comments people like vote, who they think one the challenge and does it with, like other you to workers who are very successful, like she's done it with well before Logan Paul what happened to him, she did it with Logan Paul. She did it with. A bunch of these different, really successful Youtube errors in that's, like its sole fund. A watch was so Logan Paul, Jig PA, who were all the rage year ago. What's where they stand now with the kids I feel like last year, they were, the tapes are people who you would always be talking about.
Like no matter what situation it was. You would always be talking about Logan, Paul or Jake Paul. Are there new, video or march or whatever, and now it's kind of like they're losing all of their power fans in like everyone talking about them, so their videos are kind of becoming more extreme, And dumber you, I just watch the video last night preparing for this and it was Jake Paul's video any. He was like he made this fake video of himself like going to jail like he basically had his friends call him in for trespassing at their house, so he could go to jail and break this girl out of jail who he thought was wrongly put in jail because
didn't do what she was sentence that she did so he realized I know any was fake. He wrote in his description that they were like professionals now this was all fake, but he was like he's basically so desperate for these views that I feel like he is getting as much as he was before. Everything happened that, like he's making crazy videos like which I think is silly like honestly silly. What should we do with bends Logan Paul backpack? just give it to Charity Barnett Conference you burn in the backyard. Maybe that could be here for a Youtube. Video funny thing is like he hasn't talked about Logan Paul until long remember for life, for they basically took over local councillor now yeah that used to be long pond, Jean Paul. All everyone talked about announce fortnight. It's fun, therefore in a fortnight all summer there, which I don't know if it's better,
but certainly not better for Ben Container Forbad pages. You did the final free and that screaming and throwing stones he smashed or about yesterday's, were two days ago smash murmured the said SAM soaping broken leg. Fifty pieces, maybe not get. Spends very Youtube. You tube Youtube China, the ever he watches his favorite people right now to watch how to play fortnight, and a win yeah, so as he's playing or languages and plays exactly like what the video showing him to do there, and he also arches, that actually really likely be amazed, and it's like it shows you, like the top twenty places that you should never swim in and it's like the top twenty places on the world that I've been discovered yet and it's like kind of informal cool videos, but he likes those and he also legs this guy
Charlie novel whoo, hoo hoo. I watched for a little bit, but it's basically this guy screaming at the camera. Ends and throwing things at the camera throwing spoons at the camera. Breaking play. What was the one? What was really sands Cancer is far end of events. Events feature is red, Youtube videos yeah. He does watch those videos and people rage a fortnight. There was the when you told me about the the though people that who pretend who pay the actors. The social time is over social experiment yeah. What's Alan
spanish. You selfishly! I really like these video, so it's basically when they have a situation where they take to professional actors and they'll tell them what they're supposed to be doing so, for example, like theirs, is mom once and her daughter and the moment for us to be fat, shaming, her daughter in public and basically it's a test of what strangers would do. Seeing thing happening with discrimination and how they would intervene, how they would intervene or how they would react to it, and it's really interesting because you'll see some people actually step up and hope that person who's being discriminated against and then you'll watch other people sitting around watching it and taking their. I saw video where someone was taking their phone out when that was happening, unlike recording it and probably gonna, put it on Youtube or something. So it's like a cool waited
How people would react strangers would react to these. Like men, only situations we should from those of better strangers reactor lunatic fish can use for add to the list, as would bend smelled like going picked them up from camp after two I'll sell then got in the car and it smells like egg salad that had been left out. Fur three way some pooped on fire dog, Jesse and then a microwaved again washed up and put into a take? That's what he smallpox He took a bath and leave a bad purple for breeze thing and for braced himself. He said I didn't shower this week. Life raised myself slink what That's what was the signal the one of the people. I could live out in the jungle. Speaking of TV, Airbus, We did the hundred best to be episodes at twenty first century and the Ringer yeah Oh see, Pilar was number nine.
Made you watch the first seven episodes of the sea. I gladly why she didn't make Why I'd push you to watch his is an old show. You don't trust anything, that's not within the last ten years, but you love their say, yeah you're Alan near here and keep watching it yeah. Why are disappointing? As you said, the first seven or the the first seven it still get the rest of the first season- was wounded. Favorite thing about the sea, and why do you think there Making shows like this for people you know, gonna buy, veer prior. The OECD was probably like the almost caught on quote forbidden relations. Yeah between you have forbidden relationships if it yeah, I loved that forbidden relationship and between the two characters, the main character and I can't Ryan and Marissa Ryan and Marissa
I really enjoy their relationship just because you can almost see how badly they wanted to be together there, but they couldn't be together because she was having all this issue all these issues with her dad and her family and the divorce and her boyfriend. Cheat on her here. Like her mother, I really shady boyfriend like, and it was just like there are so many things that they couldn't be together. So many reasons why, but there is like that was even more of a reason why they should be together. So I really enjoyed that relationship. And I I really enjoyed summers. Summers attitude I dislike summer. I think she super funny sellers. My favorite characters were yeah. Just forget, she's link, so stereotypical. It's like areas twice serve Fox was coming out with a show called forbidden relationship. Huge is being blind.
Really love that there's a movie coming out next month, which is like on Netflix, which I'm gonna addresses. What's our it's about like this girl who writes a love letter to her crushes and then put it in a box of her bed and somehow the lovelorn get out. Oh no, oh yeah, I'm so excited so excited its. It looks so good and like one of the guys walks up during his like I'm very flattered that you think my eyes are pretty, but we can't or just you just can't you that's what and he's like. I have your letter, then his home in on one side? There is a move in that I don't care, should do this movie, it's a little data, but it was in the eighties called secret admirer, and it was get. This guy was obsessed with the best looking girl in high school any at his friend who happens to be a super cute.
Female who somehow it as arises q until half way through the movie. She helps him right, secret. My letters to this girl who falls in love with them and they start date, But meanwhile his friend had written other letters and then the lead This kind of get out, so I think it s a little bit of above and that that that's when you really like yeah we'll have to it's. Maybe this review our sugar Meyer. Here you are some of the old Ladys movies you like that, would allow what's been Europe, everyone, Ferris pure. Oh, I love Ferris, veal or put that's like a movie. That's not really data and yet is outdated. I mean you like breakfast club, Oh I love breakfast club become a medium like argued and likes it almost fire. I remember that one. Could you like it. Babies had some good plots, all those other stuff Why'd. You now is Larry about Greece
seven is well that's one of the other movies. I really love, but everyone loves. I'm evades likely. Everyone loves Greece yeah. So a threat coming up very excited about leaving high school, You bet there for nine years. I love my school so much, but I'm kind of getting like as need new people. I guess new new new people in your life, some new people to new experiences yeah, but my school's amazing and all the teachers are amazing and I wish they made a high school just if more new people came. And be a lot more fun playing frightful bar Kubi star and is asking you not doing it. I dont know that you're gonna play volume on their Kyle. Give me that base, we could sell this will be the Netflix how'd you like our.
Your movie, a grand place like four park, you baby far for the receiver, and then I think that before the began as because some letters had already resigned getting passes now that it's out of ethics movie, we can either in five minutes my gosh yeah we actually covered by that sunken. Aben soccer starts this week. Is doubts as to how would you read me as a soccer dad into doesn't it in? I haven't seen you as other than to those nineteen. How was I to those seventeen? Actually, I have seen you in two thousand and thirteen arrogance operate at thanks. Isn't he used to talk a lot in the games are like remember, you used to talk a lot like four years ago. Yeah freer he's the Yale LAW and it made me so angry and then May you pay better? You have now he's a very good soccer. Dad now just sit there
what we are still in their support of mail. You, like you, have some good moments where I go see like those. I appreciate near you're, you're, a good Socrates. Thank you. You have off after, like nine years in my life planks This is a year by year soccer and now I was worried that you're gonna lose interest this year, but they give the other tiger back near well I'm gonna run with great sports teams, so her fear soccer team will read it out. But horror movies for oh yeah? How are you you said that Assent Netflix is? That was to be one of those areas movies it's in the top twenty the Cairo like thirteen years ago. Dollars out. It was Harry Movie, but it wasn't my type of scary movie, stars: It was scary movies. I like absolutely love like writers, wife, oh, I just watch the boy yeah that one scared me
up until the bar, where, like he comes out, and he is actually a person like ghosts scare me anything, that's possessing a doll or has ghosts involve like I like those movies, because it scares me so badly the. U me scared, Uncas girlfriend puts a curse on our own hurts me for called the red lipstick the movie fire, you stay here too vague. That safer for real for. Oh, we should mention. You launched an insecure him. Oh yeah, eyes. You started learning Iberian started yet, but I do have, Instagram that really appreciate if you followed, because I'd be doing updates on This public than private team pop culture. It already is public, and yet how is full like the actual for real and Anne S, easy, so before number four,
real and Anne S, easy because we're gonna get them. The real for real. She do that, but if you go farther be like updates on team pop culture and really like fun, videos and stuff, like that, for to watch so yeah. This was our compromise because you wanted to have you to channel, I wouldn't let you get away edited We start out with you, can up there and answer him here so that follow that police see thank ear. I were intact Chris Ryan, about succession which just wrapped up a spectacular first season. First, let's talk more about fantasy. Football This nfl season be your GM, be winning Jim. Turn this season in a fistful of epic winds. By joining a Yahoo Fantasy Football League, yeah was spent,
Our seas are making serious upgrades to enhance your experience, upgrades like easier scoring new trophies buttery, smooth app experience when he comes by famous, for of the winds are as epoch as the season his long to get in on the winds. He have it in on the seas and start a league with your squad or of the many public leagues, just don't miss your chance to plan the best fantasy football platform on the planet. My thing, I like doing both like having the weekly fancy. I like doing the daily fantasy had Sundays. Whole thing, and then I like Haiti myself, because I'm batter fantasy and always end up losing the end. So it's a game of motions for me. Yeah who thou? figured it out jointly great now, a yahoo dot com, slash Siemens, fantasy, Papa again Yahoo Dotcom, Slash, Simmons, fantasy Papa I another
ass it over the term presidency? It brought us succession and age bia, crucially written before I think truck took office. I am pretty sure for looking for winds and losses. They would say only one we can really give em. I have a question. Is fast hours off admire number one boy, you're, my number one boy: They? Never. Whenever you we're here to talk this, the talent Pike Ass somewhere in atomic succession. So if you have not seen the final episode yet feel free to back. We want our feelings on beer. Come back after you, after you hear it. Succession is rap season one. A show. That. Memorably and Almost without precedent got better every episode. Oh I don't know what like if it was a picture of the stats? If you would look at the game log, the game, why would just become increasingly good, and so you got to the the not too. Where would I use, is warming up like this. I dont degraded
we used to a show using a season as hey I'm in a figure the game and the first couple of episodes in everybody's, going to China be figuring out their character. Now, that's problem! a fallacy that they don't know the character going into the writing and Jesse Armed find the guy is created. It is very good at dispelling people of fallacies about writing, but you can tell theirs. Collision of, like it's gonna, be a soap job. Soap. Opera meet leap meets suddenly like like a law procedural every week or something and in their work in their way through it? But you can tell I think that the place to look to see turnover is when Roman, like comes a little he's at two hundred and two instead of one hundred and fourteen year and then all of a sudden, everything starts flowing. I've always had this theory with shows that I think I've talked about it before and I think I've even talked of people who do tv shows about this before in this package, but I just can't remember them at that to my time. It takes about forty five episodes for the actors to tell
understand why cared to their blankets think about it. They I may I assume this when they just shot the pilot did they get thickly with Jordan shows that that's what happens here so they Meta scrapped. They try to figure out the character. Is they do the pilot? The show gets picked up, and now there in the grandeur of they got. You are these things and I do think it So few episodes like Jeremy strong as somebody that I didn't like the first couple, episodes by the last at that he was laid out. You actually think that might arise. And his is performance in the last episode might have been the single best performance of of anywhere on the show that that was like an Emmy performance while o absolutely- and I love the idea that you know she didn't hang out with anybody in the car. Ass he was super method. Yeah he'd, Eden rehearse any of the stuff in the last two episodes of you just walk in and do it and he said that
the tears. I dont think the tears in the script or something about that now, the asset that got our emotional and start cry out again with the dead. You talk to the show runner Jesse, our strong did he realized? The show is kind of taken off a little bit. I think you get this. Instead, he had become something. People were talking about a lot. He was actually a little bit more defensive about the first few episodes. I think he was like that was it like a try out? We were laying the groundwork for what came later yeah. They give you back to those first, you up is a lie. The themes and a lot of of the character beats are. Air yet harming Gregg Dynamic. Is there at the soft Ballgame Kendall being Icarus in going up and falling again and again and again is right there. So it's it's. It's pretty interesting that the way in which he private discovers that the way the audience does IDA
very few shows that May cocaine seem like something that should be funded. Do I think that we are providing added value? Has it ever as a co Lula burn, prevent us and he's in a river upon a chappaquiddick which there the car with the with the caterer guy yeah, whose tat on Kennedy. Driving is not a driver clutching MIKE. Car accident, did not see the chat that also undergoing toward the river. Unlike all the chappaquiddick yeah was greatly really seen the Chappaquiddick move with the tv show? I think this is the first time, but I thought that there was. It was interesting how they pulled that off, because the entire addiction narrative with Kendall is that their basically aren't any consequences for someone that rich yeah and they push it through essentially manslaughter if there are any consequences. And that moment when Logan is like this is either the rest of your life for a detail. Everybody forgets about a wedding and you storm ruined or number two in them were to wield that kind of power, and even the way he's talking like these are.
People are people, know these people. We can work something out. As I got man fuckin power, men franchise did a nice job start at the start of the last episode, He's really blindsided bye, bye candle coming in and we're doing. How Ghana and you can kind of see the look in his face since I time there's a weakness, yeah and then stronger as at seeing goes along in the Finally, so what're you gonna, do so your plan. What are you know? It is examined. It do a good job, yeah good job running company, and and then he just gets his mojo back and then by that last centres is brilliant crucial. If we are to have an essay like errand, Sorkin shows that can whenever has an answer, Kendall, never has a good speech, a witty speech. You never lacked because the house always wins it's like he he's like you're, a fucking beast is the most he can muster about. His life is to just cause Father beast Branca
Ex did great job in eviscerated other people in his life to in various points of this season. One way like even yesterday. What does he say to caricature you'd be working get Mcdonald with every success, and you you, you get your nothing just goes around the room, adjust creches everybody. Please he's kind of right, yeah, there's able doing anything his sort of among many other complexes is complex about the fact that he at least cells himself tat. He had to work everything is got. He got any kids enough to work. Anything and they would use that against him, that they would essentially decide They were a patient or that they didn't want to play the game. The way he laid out, the rules could see him. Everything is a game mmm yeah. Would you compare this family to the bus family I mean, there's a parallel rate,
Jeanne shiver are little bit similar ships can end up with this family favourably. Any accession was just anthology series. They could do the Lakers next season. That will really amazing that we call the just every year today is very wise, a big rich family yeah. I thought it was and a b on the billions corner, and it's really not affiliate there to separate shows I'd. I think they can live in two separate universes, adding like that air preserve baggage and crossed over here. I was only matter that really and shared universe- the benign succession shared university in it and that there is increased, differences. I don't think I'm sure that where's there's an argument to be made, but I think that too creators of succession fully aware that these are actually bad people, yes, and I think that billions, treats its character like characters like there, somewhat bad, but they're pretty cool, and there is a big difference. You don't I mean
something ass, big Joe House and I nominated shifted the adulterers club punch about that share? I could have voted talk about numbers yeah and I'm not sure I can have a monogamous marriage love. Is this thing replay, like all these other things under either via think shivers my favorite character and the shell another person who really developed over the course of the season. We really lad. I believed her the most I think, she's, the only one who really has a chance to be successful and kind of care that the next generation the way she manipulated? Everybody was really interesting at that and is the only one that really seems to should together, I have no wish following the age and the aid with everybody. I imagine it. She was for thirty, five was the youngest. Do you think Roman, rumours was younger. I saw a room, the end of his oldest yeah. Shivers middle and an Connor's old,
but from another marriage I think he's half year he had been ex president perfect, but the good seed man, his outer for president there, the greatest good work. I dont know where their show goes, but let's talk about it for dessert, soon the dad is gonna regain is lustre. Season, two Logan, yet because tonight there's two questions I have. Obviously the to the threat to the entire are Gregg still has the diamond evidence about this conference valiant share, although in two thousand and sixteen or two thousand and eighteen, I'm trying to imagine if that would actually sink accompany. At this point, like I have no idea what a scandal is any more, and that is where the problem but Gregg slices evidence, and we saw earlier whom marshes And marshes seems to have maybe a long game in this whole thing being said, I think they will One of the things we really interesting about this shows that they every episode, Jesse Armstrong, talked about this. He called it. He pitched
as every episode is a very special episode, its thanksgiving, it's a family, Three, it's a wedding. Everything brings the entire cast together and then they play off each other in these settings. Do you keep going with that structure or do you pay people. Often have thy yeah really talk about this in the watch. I don't, I don't think that's a sustainable structure right unless, Sk. I do two seasons. Maybe I think you got parry What happened about the sopranos, where The pine barons absurd is the best case there. In the worst case, there is heads the fury of the hill. I hope get this whole episode or the italian parade yeah shit like that, so if they want to keep going seven seasons, my guest is the way they show moved in the way was structured. They he's probably thinking it's thirty April, As I imagine, I think it could be a really good, I mean because I think that, basically, you can't go back to
the candles trying to take over and again and again, I think, You can have a lot of fun with the presidential election if they were going, something with an election, and I think they could do some really interesting stuff with what happens to kindle. But I have a hard time imagining him being this prince. Who was honesty comes back to take over the company. Again, thinking how? weddings are always settings for great tv shows and movies. Amazing amazing, and now that I say what I stood out over the two days here, which is crucial because so much happens at the rehearsal dinner and then day of and the party that is a huge amount of socializing over the course of forty eight hours when you think about it, not enough shows take it. Take avenge that the hat Conny sake you what's his girlfriend of the picture. Pod charm in the face and shit and floor there. How much do you our? How often are you going to use roman Roman looking at them?
rocket exploding in the bathtub, as it is a gift reaction to win. Tatum regresses this season, what the hell of so satisfied with Jason Tatum Cinema, success. You really could be a sad picture, Traviata next thirty years. Titles I really resented the sorry you're not come from a position of strength. This summer, when you wasn't jailer, was the big sign Monday morning and I'm short time at this week's I'm gonna dig in reforming on vacation. So who is your invitation? I thought Scandal. Is Germany strong, like I think that that that's worth, performances. I've seen on tv a really long time, one of the things that initially heard this show then really ended up helping. It was that I didn't have a back story personally. Knowledge of any the actors other than cocoa yeah, an unfair speakers, but she wandered about this fantasy. I we're talking about what would happen if a movie star played Kendall, it wouldn't worked. I went from thinking
Biggest mistake. The show made was not having a real star play candle to thinking tat. The best part of the show. Is that an s equating I background tv used to do that all the time we used to be like who is this guy he. Credible and then you know, maybe ten years later, he'd wind up being they were maybe he'd, be carbon burning. Skylight spent most of his life on tv, and I did that every person who is on a par with somebody that was now famous at that point and you go through the less than even with a shit we ve got us It's easy shall I get up, which. I were familiar with our three those people. There is nothing new at that shown that there's notice every in it, and I think that things that hurts it and I think, with tv shows, Billions was able to pull this off even though we had a back history with boat, with both the Louise characters. Yeah part of it was like that was the seller. The show is that two people at at history with, but then the other people on the show our people, we discovered, like Semitic, Maggie safe unless she watched samples,
Sunday anarchy. The answer is yes and madmen. Like five six But I didn't really have a history with her yet The supporting cast him in succession is worth noting too, because it's rare that show goes ten deep like this, where even people who are just coming on to do two or three lines it an episode are that said Jerry and sticky area. You know the dead, the deep, deep roster of people, really incredible, see really invigorated by the chef yeah. You know I mean I think, favorite first seasons. Where does a rank pretty high up there? definitely pretty high up there in recent history, and I I I love has been a lot of really good tv over the last two years. Think. What I really really loved about succession was the was nostalgic, feeling a created for when tvs to just come on Sunday night, and then everybody would lose it, and you know you start talking about that episode for the rest of the week and then another episode will come on. I was kind of what we were trying to like call back to you with
with the episode ranking any Just has that that glue its? active tissue in your life. If you have a really great show that you in a lotta, your friends and people in your time, liner into a can be, is really fascinating threat throughout your weak Can own kind of AIDS attend we exert summer- I may I just wish more shows relate. I think that it anyway, I it's a shame. I'd Netflix makes a lot of good stuff, but if mine hunter and stranger things were on once a week, I think that you'd spend two to three months talking about it Julian item, about this or on Friday, it's an instinct conundrum for networks, because I think it's a huge reason why their business model works. But I also gets really hurt them a couple times just from owning the narrative and any stranger thing season to is the best example that, because, if they strong that our even if they release to episodes a week, fur five we We ve got five weeks of content out of that. I look today we had what do we have
succession pieces to pack ass. Yes, come on man all because it built to this. No episode yet also like that doesn't even represent the amount of time people spend like bought popping into each other's offices and making. Why is inappropriate as your graduate from the dialogue episode? Yeah exactly agenda really did. I think, but I think TVS cut back these binding. The tv series reviews Prego yeah we went further Mass tv shows that you are really get succession inside it's better leave. Yeah Lana had a really good one. There is one other were leaving out the first and pretty idea than the ATA B plus yeah, I mean the list is pretty good. Howard's end was grey glows There is a lot of really good shows. You select globules another one that goddamned The reality of our are released by the same Netflix system yeah, but it just got ten episodes it's gonna watch shows on their own time and you can't really close
thing I were. I wish you'd been on. Cable sciatica would have problems a little bigger? I have no idea whose watching and our manipulates fascinated to bow Jack is gonna, be on a common set of India sinned occasion. I wonder if they start trying to do that for shows a little earlier in their runs like that. If glow on MTV, I wonder would be a big deal. I know you can not. Now I people watching tv, but that's like a show that if it was just on effects- or v or some of some channel people wash it once a week. I wonder what would happen without that's a good model. I think, for networks is to dump of first never show on a network and see if it can gain a little I'll turn abundance. But then Sombelene, nephew, Kyle Arouse is gonna watch our networks now wait up and you're gonna executors, see, cable, so maybe it's a strategy to get other people Chris Ryan and base dead things going on at this is fine days. You get the Red Sox, you're good. There will be,
right said because back when and where we use their carrying in late August MID September early September early September, Are you have you switch mentally ten nfl? Yet it's weird now this is my honeymoon season and I don't have the anxiety- It's really strangler denies its pretty night, though the first there's been a game is great. When, ah, there Is the banner its way more fine? Then you think it's me. I don't think I realise how much anxiety, and, unlike sadness I had tied up in that team over the course of my entire life dies, really has lifted a lot of you go into a football sees, you don't know this, but you go into a football you are now. I don't know they giants are pretty good this year, only me or whatever, not on edge it yeah like you, I have a victory le about Augur well now
Our strategy is Sixers Sixers there. Let anxiety about that I'll, be ok, Dollimore come and be got there by a carbon twitter. This again demand cub skip, it could read. Thank you wherever I thanks so much to Jacko my dad Ankara's Chris thanks to simply safe. Comprehensive, easy to use protection with no contracts in a fair price on the one thousand. Four hundred and ninety nine a month keeps your family and home safe. Twenty four slash, seven. Even during power outages when wife is down. If a burglar smashes your keypad and it's really thoughtful- it is, So it's never knew. I probably won't even notice it order is simply safe. Security system I simply say well done- went to a family need you have to get a super safe, that slash bs, that is, we save with two eyes, simply saved outcomes, ash bs thanks, fanned o the xenophobic and found it was more ways to win than ever before. Like the free weekly pick em contest or offenders, reinforced survivor League pick, one team,
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