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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal after watching a long day of football together, to discuss the Minnesota Timberwolves trading Jimmy Butler to the Philadelphia 76ers, the Cowboys squeaking past the Eagles, the Titans beat-down on the Patriots, and the Steelers' hot-streak before guessing the NFL lines for week 11.

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Stammered the seeking a gap of a right to seek back on, because this is a great time to buy tickets right now. The Borg it's coming up, MBA nature, not is by just wherever they are so check. It out Kiki gotta to I come or download their app? Don't get it. Got the ringer darker than the ringer. Ass network, especially where my feet, It's three watch boss came back late last week. Are the president's men, I think we might do one more before thanksgiving. And speaking of pack, ass. If a cross over past in Vegas, do threat, ran reseller you're, not this area, I'm not gonna make it now too. At with Ryan Reseller crossing over the Ringer NFL shows Kevin Clerk, it may be in Vegas. But tell me listen. This might be the day. It's Monday night there
and to be at the Caesars Palace Cleopatra barge area at Caesar's and if you want to get tickets go to the ring it. I can check out at Ringer and twitter as a whole. Bunch of ways. If you still want to go there, LAS Vegas would love to see a camera. Take some pictures with the boys. Your fancy Vegas color comes deeds covered up, as first project projects, because the satellite we spent the whole day together. I'm tired of you is there to be to do reduce Ipod, dispelling eight hours together, geology dollar. Ninety more minutes for how to better
we put a video. I was just taping with my Iphone. I was taping you and our insane friend Brad, there is the fires once once or twice yearly comes our house to watch for both of us, and, and I just started dream. I tried I don't know if it's it might be too little. The wholesale lives near he's crazy. So we put into a video. That's on you can find it on the ringers twitter feeder problematic, said somewhere, but an opinion on everything and build up bill chosen captured about an hour of one one hundredth of his opinions, the air all entertaining. We decided to edit the bathroom visit he made when he was singing to himself and talking about cheese, and God knows what s going on, but an ended it. My fair alarm is pretty fridges die I made after just put that up my instagram or something hey, let's start with the with the Jimmy by their trade because,
and its dog about that. You have two days where you can say anything. You put the camera to yourself and give you an idea that Anti winners and again I don't want to have to do that, but is of course the classic bad ringer, like the trade happens on a Saturday in the late morning, Pacific time you know, at the rally the troops, but I There's some gaming ramifications: this is happy for us fillies. They share our values Eighteen to one now to win the title, I she's, going to reiterate what I said in the in the little stupid twitter thing. I did I, like I liked the trade fulfil a lot and its aim. It's one of those high ceiling, low, basement trades or if it doesn't work, you know The black jack dealer back in twenty minutes, hand palm thing and you just walk away. If it does work there, We have a chance to make the final still have three guys who are in the top twenty in the league. If there are healthy and then J J, It is the fourth and then they still have some assets,
potentially you go get a fifth guy there, still one guy short for crunch time, but you. Since the last time we talked about NBA we long and hard about the box and yeah their possibilities contender. We had no idea what to make of the rafters we assume the south is going to be awesome. We assume wrong, they have started out rocket, to say the least. The EU may be better than the west, so Zeppa s now come on a possible the top. For I made it doesn't really matter because the West, it still take open, minus two hundred off everyone right yeah, you add, but who but the second best team. In the West, from a talent standpoint. Is it's, it's arguable really is Danvers, probably the Denver New Tyre probability. Consensus next may obtains the near the Lakers with the broad we don't know what shape they're gonna take. Then yeah
and then you have got used to now. I know they're another layer, lousy, but they could be good. He's had the Carmelo exorcism. Today it looked like that might help I hope the whirl by the air, they they had the bad you do. You know where it something We are talking about a them we're talking about. It, With the jagged, like China, forget what happened at the jagged share, and you were saying how how a friend years of say now. Sometimes when you get that close need, dont get there a breakthrough for the next year. I thought of it that way, but that might be part of what's gonna on Houston, We cannot have that one shot, shouted it, and you know what your window any need all these things come together in your plan at your mind and then, and it doesn't have and you're lookin you going back when the next season doesn't start out as well, and you just a con man. I can't believe we're so close last year and now we're here,
I wanted to tell parliament that break. You talked about this underwear. I talked about this, but there is also the back breaking every week or so that a back breaking via video about other possession. A golden stay worries possession, whether like a path that ends and like a step curry you now floater from, speed like piracy- that no account God how we ever gonna beat this thing. Yet, even if everything goes right, be discouraging than you have you know in the east. The way Europe is plain right now the south expand all this time trying to get rid of the Brown they finally got rid of them you then up to either to have the piano genus is the best. By the way. This is it so far. And now fully has a hate the word big three, but EL, the jet threesome have three guys who could potentially make the austerity?
it's over adjured dad yourself ex alarming. Sometimes too many guises is not the answer right. True, I think they think the reason I thought this. My work with Butler because your it's good, just subbing em for robber, coveted Who is a very good defender and sows butler, but bother can do so much more offensively and is a play anchor and the whole thing he is. He like to have the bow and do stuff with it, and I think that parts can be interesting with Simmons whether you can just play out the cycle you know. The big thing for me is the chemistry part of this, because with Simmons, and indeed you now It's like they don't get along, but out of their best friends in you know, they're both franchise, guys who were kind of coexisting, and they complement each other in a lot of ways and cowboys they don't I, never been able to really get a feel for what the long term future of that relationship is, but I put him butler into it with a young team, and he's been border
Toxic get three spots now you now their luggage Cargan Minnesota twice, and I'm not sure about his leadership. On that. Your bad house is locker room stuff. I thought this stuff he did was whose borderline reprehensible. Now get the feeling and be super happy and a good soldier. But there's been enough bad. Dude you with him over the last couple years. What your take he's tee o his tail go in a fairly, maybe right. Now that doesn't need it now, he is isn't it. I think better than you guys the editor it therefore horse re trade in the EU dimension itself exports one. Seventy five betting, one Toronto also one also ones. Seventy five, six years now, plus four fifty in the box. Six to one eye. Now the sexual dogs, which they went from their down a fourteen one I have do want eighteen, o ain't gonna want yeah right there, Thirty two one before the trade we ve, just mentioning this philanthropy, Wolf, one from two hundred to one to five
to one graduation to be of the under an awesome, I trifecta had the honour and he won't when that forty two anywhere from forty two to forty four, but do you think pictures over fifty three, the guarantee. Now now I don't, but I You need seventy games out of a at least spend Emily about, but I still want to see it. Sara I went said the lack. I would say it's definitely a really good bet. If you have it, you should be super happy about it You know I'm not happy about the Celtics, fifty nine yeah, that's making great not a lot that I did. I gotta see eye to eye I'm really surprised by ask about stuff, like even the Houston thing. On that surprise, but I'm here surprise Stevens hasn't been able to figure out what to do with the guys. In the same case, really thought he was the best Cochin led by far He is now figured out rotations
that figure who play a crunch time. He keeps trotting out the same line. With poor, furred Tatum jail in Brown, Heyward and Tiree it's really low energy and they just always seem to far behind it the game off slow and, as that of the bench guys comment that they have an identity. And it seems like it's a little mix and match their plane Heyward way too much. I still think he's you know he's is that close close to where, where he's gonna be defensively, he's been really They are good and in crunch time today there are just killing at parliament's killing him and switches and stuff. But you I mean you know the worst part of it is that I don't think you're, considering the two weeks ago, the Red Sox win the world Series on a Sunday night. We have to talk about bad for twenty minutes.
The patriots be the backers on Sunday. I will talk about that for twenty minutes this week. My cowboys. Finally, when we're getting not gonna, go to bed furious adjacent guard, and we have talked a minute about Jimmy Butler TRAIN, the worst scenario: AIDS, one Gb Butler acts is right. Yet we definitely have a top four in the east and then drops off. I really like having Jimmy Butler on this film team, because I think it makes the whole season March say. Is it Emma Minnesota. I thought I was gonna member house and I were saying we. They don't trade and we want the dysfunctional year, a God. Pretty fast. I went to the lake your game, I whence it as it was more depressing than anything risks Towns is gonna, start crying during the games, so now bothers unfairly, and I really want to see liquid see it you have three guys who, on paper, complement each other servants a bead embody
all them do different things in it should work and radicalism shooting and the false is x, factor whether they can change overnight. Though one of things I liked about what they did is that they left comfort for one more trade, because They have, they have a future Miami pick a Finn spake, whatever the pick, the guy in the in the air, in the bridges, trade they have that they have faults. They have. I think I have one cap guy that they can move, but. I liked the position therein The process, though, saw this. Is it the process? Diet Gonzalez word about that. I'm a ringer this weekend the process is well over. Here we re the first time let them Best part is, like you know it's funny. I don't know if both videos- you posted of our friend Brad, but he says, house, basketball, socks all and look at its November game. There's no one in the crowd is going on and on Calvin murmured. He went about it, but at least
second round at the favorites, went out, there's gonna be exciting right of the play off it's gonna, be could be fell back again. Walking in Toronto. Again sectors that'd be great versus waiting to see golden state in the Yazzi any combination, those forests, fine and I would not rule out Indiana I'd really. I think all the depot He is the conversation for second best poor in that conference, any any may be so you didn't want one. Eighth, Indiana, the thing I like about them as they have a potential trade to make day day, love their team as a finished product it. So Just as a five see, it's a pretty it's pretty strong for with the east. Who said that the past other in that nobody right on paper that far how in the east and then the west, you probably have some version of I would the warriors Denver,
you tied the Lakers would be the February ladder I still not counting at the Lakers at all, and you just saw last week they just added tasted jailer, lower Resolving other centred level cause Phoenix GM replied with forever James doubts and it is. Could you kid you do we assigning? Thyssen jailer, James jobs. I share how did every say ways and now they have another guy that fill it. That's gonna keep happening. That's another thing the watch out for fill. It is the buyer guys in February we saw last year. Maybe they had a bell and early that ITALY server it made a huge impact than ever February son, I think backward thence. They have the Lakers as well? You know the clippers are really find the sheer television shattered. For a second there. That is definitely the opposite of the south, where the sum of the parts the whole exceeds the sum of the parts the Celtics are. The sum of the parts are What the hell's going on
but I like watching the Coopers issue, a walkie get your crap out about golden state, and now my garden in the West Coast trip and loose to equip it's fun like mopping up nephew, Kyle took the other, been summoned to the clippers bucks he added senior ass, a person before an incredible he's like an alien re out, incredible He did the turn yourself into a clever span, and I know how that then I got into it. He I you liked couple guys movie. Ghana said that one priority here stepped in and dont laughed and over time to think I was unbelievable yeah. This is unbelievable. He really is like easily loved them forever. They pay out. Oh, you can bet here. You can better be paid out as regards Elsinore. That's right. I think you guys laughed at me when I talked about bucks lakers at one. Fifty to one. By the way I did you buy a, but I did bucks warriors, The bugs, whereas was taught to another, sixty one,
I'm excited to see how this butler thing plays out and you don't we the truth is. We sacrifice Minnesota to make Philly marketing and now there that's it. Mr about just thank God, he wanted a that's all the thought that if you want to he's been a dump Carmelo. When he found out what worked or any combination that, but that would have been bad but yet put saga. A fairly team that sort this weekend, you were gonna, take a quick break. I want to say with Carmelo, though I wrote about him for Greenland, I think for five years ago, Carnea criminality is getting crash by everybody and with reason to some degree, by he's, not the guy that, You know he hasn't been that guy for four years now you can't. You can't look at what he's done the last three years and then and then pro raided over his whole career Naomi NET Carmelo is a great pleasure, you know the killed their kill and the big contract Betty didn't deserve that folic anybody mean
two thousand nine with the nuggets. Carmelo. It was too too in the western conference. Violence Carmelo out played their those sears before was awesome and that serious against hours and ran to, and then add three against curbing the Lakers, no nine its who to go in a game. Five and the Lakers one still had the better the minute they're pretty close to the final Zaire, and then two thousand thirteen was either Carmelo is standing. I think I might even voted him second for Mvp that year then they go and while it they go against Indiana ran to enhance, just the Nile annihilates Thyssen Chandler, and that was the reason they law State Thyssen Chandler got his absolute aspect. Bye bye, Ray Hibbert. But was two years carmelo- is absolutely good enough to be the best pirate titles him. So
You know I know I know it's fund a kick Carmelo, make fun of home and bitch bottom and the whole thing, and I saw bow and he selfish the things that you know he he took the money In two thousand and eleven could have just waited until the end of that season and just sign with the next as a free agent, but he really wanted to go to them before that summer because he wanted the bigger contract made them. Its trade guys for him, so they s gown area Mars golf and bags, and then I think Two thousand fourteen. You know he re sign with them for an absolute shitload of money when he knew they weren't going to be good. I thought, and I killed him for the at the time for its like you. They care about more about money than winning criticism for that. But then I was a great pleasure and he was an unbelievably get all this ban bases rate you right now, starting with the next may end up at that. But I think I gave back off a Carmelo is one of the most
the players in the leg. I know what you're saying it's all true, but they probably always that upon awake north end up? I tried it can shit animal. You are and complain about other things, but dont say he wasn't good player. The guy was a really good where he was for years and years is one of the best tenant I've got the league, and I thought he was the second as poorer and there in the play, often in the wake of a couple times. So around the plants in the indefinitely but there's interesting in two thousand I there is we talk about the Ringer basic today. There is also a Carmelo versus Dwight Howard Finals, which would have blown up the NBA as as we know it affected happen, of Carmelo makes it. One of those guys has a completely different legacy anyway working group on Georgia above about April policies and is well underway, sound as major regrets about his season. Long fancy team I do not. I have. I have good fantasy to himself. I dont have regrets, but I still have the daily fantasy.
Then plainer fend off season had a good week. This week. I finally finally put to you their decent team, Russia, Wilson, Aaron Jones, my Thomas who's, the other went ahead Nick job by mail me as all the nature of things out of sight, I had a whole bunch of good once, but I I They did well in failure, we're finally get the excitement researching in building a team each week, regardless of the outcome at seven I find it easy to play and check out the gridiron contest a free. Contest. I needed, as pick winners, no spreads ten case split amongst the top pickers. If you tried other diverse sites and if you're, not a fantasy expert, then this is One free vandal is clearly the place to play new users, get a five hour bonus and make the first budget.
Come play with me in a whole, bunch of rare people had fanned Godaddy com, slash be ass. I saw We did wonder if we'd be saying about adjacent there tonight. We're not going up half empty wait, a look. As I know it's true. Now you gotta stay right: they can't they can't get rid of it. I know you like keeping a mirror for comedy sake when you have when people are dressing up for Halloween. Is your coach. You know you really stumbled over said the magical. I am I was. Actually you convinced that when we talk about how that was his last game and you think they'll fire tomorrow morning, whatever downplayed really well, they bade locked the Eagles just you know I just lost basically of their kind backs that game. How many were left? The other I went down dead Cooper pretty good aid. The cap, we came out an aggressive.
Boil for all got lucky that Vander ashes playing great a lot by going on here? I should start with, but that pick offer went and turned it into three but thou. I start for the cowboys that showed me while they're going to be in this they're not going to get blown out and its credit, even though we have call the play. There was an aggressive, aggressive scheme going forward. They went forward on fourth and one, though the false start until they believe they tried and lined up a snap it, and then they had the fake it was like on cowboy like things to do. Learning dad was thrown out, feel take out all gone, there was a may. I direct can believe it all came together. Very weird game after the Jimmy Bother Trade So your foreign five in the analyses, the Redskins arson and three they played Tampa today. Europe has with forty bees going. Did we, to play that game now
I think we saw the Redskins run it out at the end, when the clock, I think, that's all we really thought which is completely avoided. The Redskins are sixty three in their plus one point differential IDA. It feels It feels like nine winds may when the additive ceased, oh god yeah Yeah, embezzling, nine, seven toys it this way, in some sectors is pretty good, even even for a team that we promise Can't figure out right now the Redskins like what is Alex met there is To feel like a hundred seventy a yard, like our know how they did principle that game at though that the over fifty five point right there have national happen, never want to play out the fact that it ended in three bizarre, very strange but yeah the Eagles, looking great right now giants would not gonna do anything. I like to see the odds tomorrow morning, I wouldn't even say the Eagles have one specific problem: it's like a bunch of things that are not
I am looking at the washed and schedule. Houston week, eleven at home, at down I really hope. The giants Jack's about which is suddenly looking like not hard game or maybe not authorities without it at Tennessee. Four Philly, so I mean home for the giant home fulfil, we might be in up to end the division right. While there I want those together they have the home and home with Philly. They sat with that and they win the giants game That is when one more game to get tat could be enough. Aid could be enough. Well, I've been in any looking Philly their washed in twice, so they can single hair. They make up that deficit enforced. For them at New Orleans. This week, home giants, home washed and add hours at the rams. Yeah the round and landing at washed. In
I gotta say they did their board and cross of cell. Are very close because that Rams game is going to mean something. I think I think they're going to have to play that game to get to get home field or second or something so he If we give them a split against at New Orleans at the Rams, even if they go one in one of those two faced have the sweep washed, it to have any chance whatsoever at another and then he looked down as they have in land of this week, the abnormal in their home. For that I'm just looking at that, hop games when they have the eagle the game they dropped, those three that they losses there done I don't know what I do know how to play that. I wrote you have messed up the vision, big. Sixteen, your home tamper, weak seventeen out the giants right of you can somehow Then get to seventy seven for those last two games there,
The three time had only to look at the giant that away like a civil knows. Why is it that you don't know that this is a cowboy, stable rosy It is right that they point to the deep and played so hard without Sean Way. I've been seeing that in a long time favorite moment. The whole game was before the game. How to fire interview. George W Bush and his wife admit that I was just get now the car, but I know TAT had happened and then he that this whole joke about it goes, and Chris cards were scarf. Games everyone is laughing and it was, there was most conservative republic in court at the moment that we had a long letter, less Avis, it was really great. It was like the four of them head is come back from hiding more about boxes in Georgia and they had a nice big laugh One told me was, I use doing, will barrel carried as it was just great.
I ain't I ass. I love our Michael's with all those who resist it was just as every requires shea we have about the NFL, it was everything outwards it there computer? You could see like the other thirty earners, just having a chuckle made you made for hours, golf cape, the classic, like rich guy Old Wade, stuff good times, What else do we see this week that this weekend has pretty boring set against? For the most part, we sober had been around. We saw bread almost have a heart attack on your near the door court or so that we are on tv It was really more interesting than anything aims. The road of early games there were just a blow. Us style great kept wanting in the Andy Jack Travilla be good yeah. Yes, it was for a few minutes, but the hell of a
another division that these teams might be good. I mean our wallets by your team, now blown at the panacea that next on the back it right I see late. Red Sox, one in the world Series has just ruined all my other times there and say I can't have. I can't I've got things of that to you. If you would have heard the final scores, three thousand four hundred and ten. How much would you have any family houses? Would we have put on the the page not even our own. How this new said you would have been convinced tat if they want that guy, you I retorted. Last week I was really worried about this. I didn't eat the pets are playing well paid. Look at against Buffalo. They they pay, lotta gimmick bullshit last week against the packers to steal that when they got some fumble luck from the packers I just did, their play while nay, this tendencies, the type, a team that you M travel the Kubi that can scramble around the coach. You knows there offence. Brady eight. I mean he looked forty one today
nephew Cairo to know, because Africa work up around the fourth quarter of the railways we lost was never can never showed some bullshit set out in the morning. Oh shit, He filed suit with the patriot. They, both the bold, showed up and affordable levies are doing an evening. Kyle doesn't have the urgency to show up for a Pats game on time. At ten o clock, why would the patent really bad to be abrogated? Show, sir? He shuddered at twelve thirty men. They had the same kind added burner. Brady looked back of forty one year old man today and He approached had ten terrible throws The hour I had a dozen written down in bad bought double does is drawing to backup title then double coverage. Just the gorilla over in his mind, the fence? Did the receivers really weren't open? It doesn't really seem like Adam. I can get open in the same way anywhere. Fifteen on third down you're, not gonna, see that anymore, but from them
before or after anytime, soon out, but you're Lombardy always talks about Canadian for bar and trying to get first stands and to dance and the red. AG teams are the ones are always looking at that. Thirty, eight thirty, nine thirteen thirteen- and I was there so again today so yeah There is not an oppressive, they really are I mean I e? We ve learned not to count them out, but if crack is not out there in the order of rock is fifty percent a crack, and theirs is not like that game. Breaker dude on there for them, That's a land than defensively you now, what it is, but you out here I donno the weird law, like anyone could beat anyone any time and tendencies decent and up the boy up and after that on the road, but coming off a short wait to be Dallas. Monday night you got I will check. It already walked the mad, Patricia how many assisting code you they're gonna lose them one year. You for your hand, an avid planter grable, and you guys are on a by this week and It's boring. Looking good Thursday. I mean nobody wants it
to say now that once it is, potent than ever pits. The new add up to me. Pittsburgh really thou with when they, Carolina catching them Thursday, you know at home just the perfect storm for them. With that said, David, Well now, for five stray weeks they ve looked really get and I am If you told me, the ABC, Tyro Game was Pittsburgh versus Casey, and major injuries or anything, I think have a hard time taken Casey in that Even in has said It's they beat of every year that bank, whenever they claim in the play of the bill Casey had a lot of trouble there zone it. Today we had that. For most of the second half an area that is that gate and they were just hanging out. I mean you could say the trap game and he thought job on went all that stuff, but yet,
its programme and they went back and forth between almost losing an almost covering the sixteen and appoint Brown at big David. At best game in years. You know, and fourteen I was catching up- did not have good number do like twenty two, for there are now I just over two hundred yards, but yeah. Maybe they are looking ahead to the Rams game this week and didn't care too much about blowin amount, but that that there was a little something came the ram. They do something on the I'm a bit Riyadh up and Casey It's locked down to you the stairs. Last five, they beat Atlanta by twenty four bits: city by seven b, equipment by fifteen, beat Baltimore by seven, be careless, by thirty one, the sky. Ro fairies have have gifted them with at Jacksonville at Denver. This week are next two weeks now? Those are two nights ago at all
was to be the Sunday night came, reflects that right now about the one pm Eastern, giving that's a game where you normally think that would be one of their tempers game of the year Jackson, those outside a history of kick in the shit out of them so that's probably the most fascinating game next week I'm going to get everything gets the lands in a little bit, but it There's some demons they have to exercise in their jack's urine. Spread that ball out, though he had. Seven differ: savers, touchdowns! Why are you the grandest this James, Things are really looks like levy about like a show up, and I beg you know that I think he knows I commented this week like he's a guy bring on its back about all through the cat party. Like then, no one cares about you anymore yeah and you know it's going. For common said. You gonna get hurt your first week back and then you missed him contract anyway, so it's probably smarter is it the rest out?
I didn't agree with this plan of his figure is pretty sets back there. It certainly is he gonna drive interest unless less unless he knows he has some sort of wrinkling giant come and next year, which I doubt James covers good. I think the big thing for me, is a ruthless burger really looked like he might be on his way out in those first few weeks and really look at the last couple of weeks. I thought I'd give it our silent third other as usual I have three four good receivers out. There are times half of whom you never heard of until three weeks ago, but yeah. I would say I Think Pittsburgh. In case you are pretty high above everybody else, right now chargers. I don't want to see their distance third, but there definitely unequivocally third. But then after that may be
the Pats, but even now the past. The fourth best thing now stop Patsy some evident three. You offline Graveyard Europe. Seventy Teresa, more interest than might succeed and stuff like that, I'm looking for that, while we still need a team to bet against the nano see me ass. He felt tat but the ravens start. Lamar Jackson drop a couple next games, the who's gonna get that not the bangles, not dolphins. Re, probably another, every sound like the cops you and I really liked the courts, and I had asked for a ban on them today in pushing which has been that about, but they now therefore, five and just naked. I test Watchin, always themes. Like there too. I just think they can move the bar having I had a regular of love or when it will drive down fail, but the biscuit
Kick off. You look up like while there at the twenty five already doing. They do not have a hard schedule. Left Tennessee whole Miami. Ajax Jacksonville at Houston, home Dallas, home giants at Tennessee, say you're too. Extra Tennessee they connect them out there. It, though The big using aim is add, Houston last autumn again to their against salmon for by They turned into a surprisingly fun division right here, I am at home against Miami. You said couple weeks from now that could be a loser. We town for the the while car position they might stop come back when the division who know about comply but But we decided on as we are watching Jacksonville ended there. We decided that it was a loser, leaves target. They want isabel, because Thou Jackson was three insects there not making the pass. That's done so sailor
Incredibly Somalia in Pittsburgh, can we get it? Can we get a sharping cross them off, but, let's grab my band was brought about by Jacksonville, where it could egg and then we're going to get to work However, let us talk about our friends from simply safe theirs, thing. I now its aid can never can out the underdog, no matter how big the ads people can surprise. That's one reason why I, like simply say form security. Some amazing scared, a system that winning all sorts of awards ran about ten years ago. There are huge underdog if you wanted a security system yet go through a huge corporation, sign expense, long term contracts of hidden fees for systems that were completely outdated, that I'll change when a young electrical engineer named Chad and started designing Supersaver first security system, it is- can cause. There's gonna be a quiz on this after you are you're real long term contracts and hidden fees. You honest the security system that treated people right now over two million people. Just simply say,
keep them safe, not bad. First care, decoupling starting kitchen protect your home was simple. Support the show, visiting, simply saved that calm, sash bs, that a separate the two eyes them. No, we say you simply safe that come slash, be ass. We are more for both discuss, but we can. We can just do it under the framework. The weakest the lines Some good ones is weak. They offered at it. Good games, but good, Good lines that I see had to think about our Fallon okay, let me tell you why I think it might be good this week cover sixteen off, it's a want of I'm ok, they're they're good when other good, the dolphins are five. Five thereof, we don't know, what's going on with them, you got a minute. We watch Prakash, however, wait. That's that's their identity the builder off browser off the Niners are often the jets are off, for that leaves contained All round the we re pretty much,
mean on paper. You are correct, but for some reason there not playing each I now higher now The data that not too many clunkers unsay yeah. I just finding the Marquis game. I had persuaded AIDS and then Hark games. Probably the new Sunday night came back but that doesn't count, that's the scenario we care gap at. Let's go Thursday night, like games, are good at Victoria Games. Anyway, it's about Ireland. I like what they ve done where they made the night games. Good, and they turn Sunday in TAT kind of fantasy and gambling basically and may be worth signature game. Anything I think it's written into Seahawks home The packers you and I watched a lot of the Seahawks today and I was interesting game for a few reasons. It once again the rams can't really they fit trouble closing out games with their defence
other team, just kind of hangs around and hangs around hangs around, and they can They could finish them off, offensively banal defence, weak, they last Cooper CUP which Is it really rough on? I think they can actually replace him, because I like that Josh Ramrods actually stash him on my fantasy team in case fewest in case any these guys got hurt. I think, is good, but. That's it. I was a headline from it and then also like you and I like penny, that that Ricky running back in the Seahawks, so there ever is complaining about training can't, but that he had a really good game today and had a look at it a few times, because this distant came right, but they ran all over them again over the room. They had two hundred and seventy three yards. Rushing there right now, I'm not going in service on my phone and he had one await Brussels and ninety two Davis had fifty eight lock at eighteen yeah.
Why that's a big problem for the rammed down the stretch, but but but the big, the whites out and when or keep up and down, they still throw down field like a cat UP game. Not the Wilson was seventeen for twenty one. Seventy six you remember enough number. Point it was in the fourth quarter. They showed the stats Yahoo site. For thirteen for eighty seven yards, it was like five minutes after the fourth quarter. Then why are they went what the hell's going on, but well I think this is a loser. Leave town, Green Bay at Seattle. I may not dying, maybe the shelves of complaint Ramstein every time, maybe just but that's how it is last year I watch a game and you're out through in the rams crush them, but maybe the division game, they get upward to differ story, but either way the screen Seattle wanted Finnegan at five when a five losses, my poor one, could have set up, the top one I dont think Green Bay is good. So I died. My prediction would be there, the loser that lives there.
The only thing I'll say that they have anybody like a decent running back for my family, while in Erin Jones, would have like honoured forty five today about help that relieved. Just some pressure this sense of missing with that him. I don't like that. Unlike the vibe it just seems very difficult for them Have the team want Mccarthy fire near they'd seems ate their number between areas. I have seahawks by two and a half over Gruber that's what I add that the full three. So I, when I to go three, but we ve seen over again this year. Green beige is getting absurd. Respect from the lions like, even today they were. Oh, they. Ten points
favorites over Miami they're. Not ten point right. My aim is five and forgery base. Three five and one in the packers are favoured by double. Digit gets baby, those ludicrous that makes sense, but they did cover they they cover was that the figure is, but that was a ludicrous lied. You pay. You bet I am. I am in your last. You proud Vista but you said last week the top eleven public plays all all covered. This week, Get back away from here then David LAN aloft on the road to Cleveland the frigate. Joan Jett, I still don't know what happened Phil's, fourteen thousand one hundred and ten yeah and, of course, your patriots and then tonight that's a lot of money was on the Eagles girl. That line from like five and one slash two to seven one, slash two that's being favoured by touchdown? Over Buffalo was insane? when there were one mass away from their coach getting fired, which will probably by the time you hear this, he might have already been fired. Said that compete with them. Dialed sure when looking at here, just based on jasper,
performers in seventeen thirty, four and thirty five to pigs and that's all garbage time, basically but kind of like a twenty year old daughter. Does he really think he does research Chica we gonna balls is this. Is it they were now coastal waters game with them. He sees baddies bobbing around the water. He's gotta be next them IRAN, thereby we could gonna make their instead. Sunday Marquis gone was Steelers jacks. The jagged we cross them off, but they they can't officially be crossed off until they get the seven losses. But more importantly, I did bad blood with these two teams said, did the JAG have had their number. I think there's gonna be trash talking all week. And this is the kind of game of the stairs- are really
how to have their mojo. I think this is a take care business game for them. They gotta go in there and take the shit out of Jacksonville. And that's how will now. This is that this is a potential super bowl them They have a lot of scores to serve. This is a team that is boy there and dark. Just after them and knock them out last year in Pittsburgh. So the chance amendment enabling access by, but there were but a three touchdowns ahead to start again Remember the other time they play last year. Jet Jacksonville beat him up to so right. So yeah, I'm really age than this one. I have the stores favoured by five in Jacksonville I had a two and its five and a half. Right, I didn't make gum at Philly want you definitely made going north. The Marquis match a break here's the thing I realize I initially had that as the Marquis match up
I don't really enjoy watching fairly deal What's that goods something's, just that. Something's cottages dead inside about them like they won their super born at another day, I just don't enjoy their games. I thought I wanted to be exciting. Anything not die. They exert Nero earth and the anthem every hour and a half, but also a lot of them. How are you Are you phone about a Cooper by the way good? extends drives, it gets open precisely the kind of like the cowboys they could put him anywhere. Not nobody was worth the first round pack, but and if they The eight may adopt a specific decision, but it makes the orphans Fond Fisher. Well, that's another thing when winning again tonight, you now, if you lose out when your three insects and you really and stern. Look right, that's a top seven pick
nay. I don't have to worry about that as much. Congratulations on that I have to watch a ball games free and one of them is, I don't even think it deserves to be in there, but Saint egos, we discussed the New Orleans. The saints are the best him the way Grena and really really really eviscerated Cincinnati. We we, feeling it might become because since he was so banged up but The way their line was in the fact that Davenport wasn't plan for the saints and it did have the makings of the bank was hanging around and make an instrument that Alison and boom? There was thirty point game, say well, continue breezes gotta, be the Mvp favor to my in it an you pointed out like there. Anybody pass far right for touchdown. Second, no second, now for touchdown, yes, Anna and here they broke broken record early in the year like they really.
Setting it up for him, the winner baby right, like their their game plan of such a nature whenever they like all any drive that could be a three as the seven now did you when one anger rooms on fire and MIKE Michael Parliament, the kind of unstoppable well today, as watching When they are running it up, that is when we kind of looked at each other about the breeze envy P such a moment that game, when you cottages just start handing it off and either here. They clearly wonder when they every pay in the shed he's really get here, as to deeds on his offense. That are too says get as anyone on the pages office, camera and Michael Thomas. Those got like we had you know. Grok therefore six seven years was just a freak and By far the best, how did you know I am then era to some degree than did Louis lashed out. I was really get, but I
Those two guys are just and then girly and you watch some these guys around the league, and I keep looking at my theme lament like ban, were not even the ballpark anybody, know: trails azure. Seventy three team is gonna, be clean and three an hour before something by weight than my tears had made. Five Superbowl rings, the problem is now. I guess debris data like no sacked from simply today, yet no from the ram last way bright, browser but note that right and appointed wants I think what you need to them. The pot twice have a chance right in this. Is that on get there some time, it's a revenge game in its own weird wags, even though the Eagles beat the Vikings too, super last year. That was the saints spot downright and now the saints finally get a chance. What I want exactly? What did you get? I went scenes by seven. Man, you gotta too, with seven. Were teasing them,
surprised that they lost that game. You know I've been saying for two months that we can't freak out about the Eagles until MID November and then they're going to make their run. I think they're running at a time tat. You know. I'm glad I just thought of something that every year no every year we we we say to ourselves on this park asked we should Look at that, and then we forget and then another year passes, and they would do doing this twelve years. So there's three Thanksgiving games. Bears lions, Redskins cowboys can saints. So the saints have this you know, since this will be a tough gaming, is Theo then, four days later there by the Falcons. I am that's in Atlanta. Obviously yeah so.
And I gave her an I'm sorry, that's in New Orleans, so both of these are neurons but I wonder, There's no FC teams plan on Thanksgiving now nowhere sittings. But I wonder we always talked about whether the tags TAT, though looming. Thanksgiving game affects the team the week before. Remember this big eyes did Arashiyama Eurostat on I am I find that it may be. Another pack estimate bright check that out. That could be good one for lacking in Yeah you're right the other, the other game. I have I like to watch. It was a sweet. The other one is ravens bangles in Baltimore just cause. I am excited for Lamar like the ravens and play anywhere, but I want to watch out when I'm excited, for I had That's a fun when there's no line on it, because I guess there's a chance Flacco could play. I thought Baltimore be at one point fair, but I could be way off with Lamar
spend the next four days trying to find the one Ravens Fanny hopes. Wacko can be activated its capping of shares. Out there somewhere. Somebody really love that once a book Barely whatcha, because we have six barely watch. What kind of weak first Atlanta home for your, Dallas Cowboys, add the falcons by six. I think that's what darkened by sick yeah, I for four and a half, that boy and barely watch about to get a good game Your team is your team, was watch of all kind of this week, kind of. He always was it three, two three Ukiah took, I think three Napster in the first half an hour. I think I'm sorry guys, but is this I don't know, it is logical, sir. It got a little more frisk here, the second half and then at one point where they to touch Michael's or cause, or one of them said something like these.
Just two heavyweight slogan: it out maybe we're like the junior afterwards yeah. I don't know how that your girl could sleep through so many bathroom breaks from Brad, but he was able to do it neither other words for feeling tat either. So I have felt back, and so you are now and the next Carolinas in the trade. The trade is falling apart. It's a bummer, as we predicted this I predict There was one of one of my passion points in August that Patricia was gonna, be bad as the lads coach and then is bad to start. The air and then ass another game when they meet the Pats and it looked like he actually is going be pretty confident but now it seems like he's not confident to think anymore. It's my point. I don't know, I don't know either, but I do know that the worst pain like a bet on or against or anything so soon there lay any sort of money. I carolina this we're gonna go down
I also love Carolina ten days. Rest come enough that Thursday Game a borderline must win. I have them favoured by three what does it? I've had foreign, it's three and a half. Why does another one their game before Thanksgiving so I'll see what Detroit Burma check out? That trend, maybe maybe trend. Maybe I like him as I came indoors, yeah. My call that was a weird game that still is gonna know what to make of it. That is, jump out early they're up seven, nothing, Anna using the copyright nor those games like may be carried out in the end. They pay the scotch anymore, but still good came back. The other. I did. I just think that Thursday is games. You can't ever learn anything further to it. So my courts home for the Titans of Tennessee coming off a big way out there,
is some shade about Jack was Talkin rather earlier. I to bring it up. A cheap kind of agree the Pats food, the Pats, love to cut corners. But they certainly not lavish. But the lowest. I don't know, I think they prove that date. They could do this with James White or whatever no deal. This is better than Jim. It now I remember you not like and James why's, that up to me, though, I cannot Summits Casey, aided James widened about this. The the running back record for reception? Congratulations. James Weight is fine. There has been an that's by people were like our James. Why it is so much better than chamber answer? She re was good man, we won the Superbowl shimmering, chambering the Seattle game, absolute money. For that whole second, half ed and Kevin Phocas Bunny to James Weight is a terrible runner. Is the problem here.
He's getting gonna, maybe set the record for restarting your base. If you add Brady's, probably envy pay on the tenth. You got my as at present aspirator it out the point is we throw to the to the running back other time cause wherever tight anywhere? to throw he the tide ends. Anyone the slack eyes and and then the running back rather baffling spread around and now at a man doesn't really get open. The same way that that he did he had eaten at thy nine catches, an hundred forwards, but it they were catches where there were guys draped. Oliver you don't seem like You rarely see him just fly in open and the open fields. And then Hogan added, I don't know what happened. I think he was replaced by an impostor. It was even like better last year when it was mixed up. Why in every other game, but I think that the furniture enjoyed so much because he doesn't eleven in us. The third,
Sarah, its I get citing Club Kennedy beyond Europe might came. Then it beat your team. I, like the only listen dear Louis, was awesome last year for the air down the stretch for the bats Was our next came there waiting? Tennessee and oh yeah got clear calls by three over Tennessee at in India. We bought we both at three and it is the very we stay away, but I want to buy one, I think goats and, like the goals by the way we cover that have been a feel go. Oh, that's right! how long was. I will never forget that I wasn't until the end of it near big Brad Brad was tied with that When Brad was telling a story about how he woke up because he was having a stroke. However, that is more garbage quaintly last night, he woke up at four thirty God was right to take me, and I said no not yet and that despite he went across the stream got a hot dog at seven eleven, a poor revive take that God.
Old thing on what he wanted. Explaining to us that you down you're about to have a stroke. There And you can find it ass. You know The signs are but like I am neither was due to said take your son resist tuning about, but I bet but send it with him. Waking up and walk around the kitchen for a while to shake it off and then decided to go to seven eleven. He said he got a hot dog. And then in in. What's that in his vast apparently the hot, I was very get fresh, start twenty four v side. The seven eleven in They re part of a lad for forty five roaring in a sad, apparently that hot dog was back at the rate of charge. Eleventh love him for its ever laugh at the five o clock, hath accedes fairly lax, The taxes are in washed it to play the last
team that nobody has watched this year, except for Joe Ass, daddy quack right have the Texans favoured by one and a half. We are twenty Washington Redskins banned or they all do. The same thing You should check that. May before bet my Redskins like What are the remainder section? Three there's gotta be some good time about them. Right yesterday was a good time what what did you have a most bread? I had I used in my one and a half. What am I missing here? I'd die was way way off here. I watched them by to achieve them. Three. Old section three right road game: I know it used and come off. But I think it's more like the indices. This is not good. I guess one all the Arabs who felt got thought so much do but I guess that the case we had a ringer midseason NFL meeting on Wednesday and your houses in town.
As each come the meetings that great we're, like thirty people, and there are a lot of my young ringer people in the room and some internal and subject by quarterbacks in house, as it is the same thing and then some Alex Smith comes up. You bet it's on my ringer people to stay nice, nice, Why a professional group of of young people are some older people, but stood at nice group, scope has what do you think our Smith, his leg? mother fucker Socks is his head back that may the traps like three m efforts in the media as a com. I had heard that not afraid I made the throw em efforts are not a faint out. Smith is the more or less sitting, kill them today, Vibrio it honour what happened now. Much of anything happen, and I came last one barely watches Chargers home,
for the backers The charges, by name. We are now you get this. I went way higher. I went eleven but If only out of the seven point, favorite you want to do that with the saints by oil nervous. I like the chargers, didn't they begged for ad fell rivers in both fancy lakes and yet He came up a little short for me today, but day by day, I want odds on group making it to Vegas that beat the raiders twenty six, but I want to brood, make the biggest and Carmen car go in a Vegas is like. The term the wonder of tenuous I would say like twenty one the caught him they decide to say goodbye
a contract, there's a really weird moment at the end of the charges. Game- and I don't know I noticed it, but that the raiders or trying to score, even though there are now twenty six and they, in a play and like taking down as a ten nine. Eight and car was like frantically at the line childs get one last play off and, like his running back was in the red spot, and with that by three seconds. I have to realise that what you play off anything Little kid, like all the life left his body. And it was just he was like, like those the incredible hulk shows that we grow by phone bill bigotry at the end of the show, is like it didn't work out yet another location. Ever they put the sad piano music, renewed unjustly they got it back on. I just kind of the life of our own interests his kind ahead. This look on his face. I got my life sucks and he did the incredible Hulk walk away.
If a really bad at it was taunted effect have been even that I'm gonna get you want them to cover the spread. Everybody wants to be welcome in Vegas, wasn't heavy Darmstadt Vivian. Very entities payer. Cromwell's do is doing the pretty cool this for buses, their last responsible drinking program called the water break about encouraging people to Hadrian team drinks for a better experience, whether at the game working in homer in a bar have Ray time enjoy some ground. Just don't be that person that if everyone we all seen that guy, who drank too much watching the game, make Ray car and take a water break so Sal, who made the recall this week or not while this seems ginger following anyone would ever say the brown front off has made the right call, but they did they did and Trading Carlos. I knew no forget round Serta Jacksonville. Now you don't get much for a fifth round there, but yet it opened up opportunity feature. Nick job went crazy today,
he had what did he have today had written down. One hundred and seventy six yards on the ground in twenty carries he's been lighting it up for, like a month, is over four hundred for games on the ground. He catches passes Nick Chubb, What a fine player to watch right among both initiatives have been examined. My pants Rona go good Decision Brown front office. I said those words unbeliever. My my re call the week is go to a guy that I've been really critical of Jimmy Butler. He, Acting idle talk about Africa, He acted like a huge DEC, He did everything he could get shaded. The terrible impression on three may Was completely that sets ago it I added I still don't understand what he was so upset about a Minnesota, but he clearly just want to be in a different team.
Somehow it worked out for me, ended up in Philadelphia, the tariffs lose. Five stray games. Thibodaux realises almond get fired the only way I can save my season now as if, we actually get anything for this guy, so they get Sarge and they get Covington form. And they might actually be better just cause their team? Chemistry is going to be so much better and Jimmy Butler ends up on Felina contender playing with two of them asked under twenty five guys in the week, in a word way, he made the re car get ahead of them. I didn't know I just don't know, is the right called acting like a? How do you he sabotaged his way to town- and it worked really did it work, he did it from every sort of thing, every move that he played in pet. In and tried in whatever weird strategy had at work, is in Philadelphia. Congratulate him by the crown were, provides everyone this for policies.
To take a water break and drink responsibly. The poop factor For games laughed too in the poop factor, giants home for the Box I don't watch one moment of bucks. Redskins. I promise you a macro watch. One minute giants: books, Jake favourable to an ass. Man I bad too, I guess I get it because it minus one not proud of getting that closer than you are buzzing grass. I don't know, I don't know what to do with them. I don't know what to do with them tomorrow. I guess we have to stay away right. Would you take? Three points, seems like the small ones, who came out like Joe Montana, I'm not your. He is not going near their game, I need twelve point. Four George killer somebody period for the day cards ass, the title the way by thought: cards, raiders Cars are.
Mildly impressed by the cards. Today they are that they hung with case you a bit. I have them favor. By three and a half over, The car is sad bill. Bixby, walk in the open since August raiders. Did you get that it to. I don't think you can make the cardinal that that much of a favour, but it's actually for sale hates the raiders they're moving there and everything a vague at all, all the knights than I guess. What good good reason. We should mention I forgot to mention you finally won in fancy this week. I did Thank my Ryan Wanna thank Video, Elliot Leonard Foreign aspects, to step in You poured it. I forty points. We did it edit, I was really keep wanting. Could I want to pay for the banquet the shake it beats? A banquet, I was so sorry for you to go and thirteen I really feel like it would have been something for the ages cause you're trying to win every week. I really want to happen.
They can pick up the big like to pick up a week, which can I bought the transaction, and I'm gonna need dining too. When I can add that I go mad, the funny thing is doomed. Half of Estonia would go to the shake his bank when it ends up being a fifty dollar bill. The atmosphere whore you spend more and transactions trying to avoid the shake his banquet. I what, smart. I would enable figure that Sunday night at Chicago. Minnesota is to be visiting them tribute looked good yet again. Today,. You know it's weird. Every week he plays and like I don't know, if I could take your bet, he given said the boy down off. I could take em, giving three laying three points or four point that around they just the kind of then cover a lot near. I think your is starting again. Reminds me a little bit of the Sixers with the process the first couple years when everybody was so mad when they're losing intentionally and then small fan base of people who are convinced
that same hanky was bringing them to the light. It is the only way to approach how to build a basketball team in the garden in the process, the whole thing and just became these. Insufferable zeal it's for the process, good us to them by the way was fun they, when this week there came an advantage with six left, I'm a big. The true biscuits. Remind me of those six her fans in the process of the early stages. I feel like we, watch which we call these people the crowd for reasons of Frazier that the world I he has won the day he's one of their leaders. There's no quite right he's like the deed. The data, can't remember the guy's name, the guy, who has the part, the rights to Ricky Sanchez, podcast spike, asking I think TAT Frazier can be theirs by Gascon yeah, but
measured vetches, desolate Miller, niches, bitches back, that's catches. The process throughout the process Now it's like it's like true biscuit, true biscuits. This guy Troubridge are big, scarcer, add on our summit, the list as a fear out there trying to come up with a name for these should biscuit maniacs, because it I'm sorry I'm starting to feel about their little bed when he does words, yeah yeah, you, you think too risky search. You just shut up your ass. He who such Mitch save me here edge, we'll figure, yeah how shit don't you biscuit go and he just issue for three hundred You know what are we never see, especially with the young quarterback permit? This might just be my head, but I feel I can get rid of the ball faster than it did not even light five weeks ago it doesnt hang in the pocket forever. Yeah take stupid facts. I like to see like time in the pocket we have
the time for partners right I'd like to see that for just quarterback get a better shaved off. I have second in the pocket help I think is unquestionably more comfortable than he was. In the past. Now I will say it They played a juggernaut slate of teams. Now, They played This is a bad if you go back to the big game by everybody: additives that let's go but since we agree that there at Arizona temper- am I am a home for my crappy past events. The jets at Buffalo and then the trade. I'll. Take you to play off came in that bunch ship. There we keep she on you, man no excuses notes a schedule for maybe she's good
Djibouti ever lie bears by three you're gonna, get you baby this week. I didn't believe in one two, three, four six seven You have nine, I have seven by pulling the Thai, including the ties. For both of us It has one game laughed we want or any yeah you wouldn't. This is terrible Did I a classic gave it a year. Do we go to this. We go in Mexico or go to the devil a clear bacco in that, I've got my one sporting event in Mexico City. For my lifetime, that changes. My line by I guess I'll go with.
Wow, that's interesting, neutral location now get to rethink their leave. It fell. They give us great game to Mexico, crazy, I'm an it well fitted Ben and allay. I think there would have been fifty thousand Jews Switzer yeah. Maybe I'm gonna say rams by three and a half, I think, in its two and a half that guy. I would think that goes up and down. The guard. Our friend folks fault said, is the biggest spreads and thanking eighty six sixty four point: five biggest Oberon Sixty four guy What's he could break the apparent when I'm so glad before pare core and talk about me Andy's tackle your holiday shop, it get everything you need for you in your loved ones. At me, Andy's the only underwear I where forty Cuts for men and women who give style that's perfectly suited view. These are covered a macro model fabric three times.
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I have an apology to make to my ad degenerate son. Last week, I said on the parent corner that that he through as remote at the tv and broke the tv now is banned from paying for night what they happen. Was he threw the controller on the ground, angrily bounced off the ground and ricocheted into the tv. While so what's funny as my son, adamantly saying how he didn't throw the control the tv? That's not what happened I through off the ground and bounced into the tv that somehow much better policies tat? I had my fellow what I didn't tell you is that he had been practising that move for weeks bouncing off it. Into the tv, so now you can, maybe get much it's. I don't even know how he did it like. I I What are the aid? It is? he's, probably like four five feet up off the ground
There have been a real with you. To live parent corner today is Brad was hacked. Embracing my son, you talking about It can be trouble and Fine, I went one for two as he likes my daughter, but besides, it is almost hopeless replay getting here when he was talking here. Your son boy point beg you think. I'm gonna get the ram every time. Every time you saw maturity bike arc of your add your add depict screaming Adam, you got four paragraphs of the sick. Not that alot other than on. Well, you know what the greatest Atwater performance in the eye caught or family for many generations become wound heard this Saturday. Four year old. Harrison's could stick skull where six goals not scoring one any guess. It's called one. The whole season seven games scored sick.
Doesn't do anything special hustled after the ball, he runs through his kicks follows: and just is very focused and actually does do one thing special after the goal he does. We lack or type celebrate that's, not even really a, but he just as you know, if we look at our minor bushwhackers were attacked him in the Ladys. Ninety, in the doubly w f. And he did that avoids the handshakes in everything he did. Bush actors is way back to MID may start again, so he graduation Harrison. Do they go to the other, look at you kind of sad. I had a little bit when you. Whenever the weather, I back to like the board, go by Canada, drifting towards my car, let all the guys they also play well defined in Africa, up everytime, truly one of those girls either. I think thing would be funnier than if he, became a soccer kid and was like in the club sacristan anew at got all these soccer games
the Russian above Dan Mayor over the years basketball now where's, my my pair corners really quick, but It says a lot, it's a very short story. Was sitting watching tv. My son, like nights ago and He was a plant, is playing at his Ipad and is a dad and as a year and is like. Do you think I would be the president of France someday while and I was like probably the guy cool, then just one day the fortnight. I have no idea why he asked me this. I dont know if he now aspires to be the present over frat but we watching we worry, I was watching link basketball.
Without that's already where there was a lodging animal health prevention, the nerves, resign and here's some resist added. Nowhere he's, just on his mind, use one air some day. There's a road map time become in the presence of a threat. I wonder I wouldn't maybe issued at a follow up question there: What are you talking about? We really decided ordaining about France, the president. So then we saw friends this weekend whose son went to you. I see in their fragile you'll see, And he is in a Friday and tat my wife about the frat and she's there I think bench a good. You think is the air France. Let's hear it the other thing is. He don't you. I say of concrete strains and plasma tvs. Look at me born, and so but the other by their prior, the pan corners. He told me
we were out o at the staple center tat he smiled, he smelled, weed and alive and told us that excited. He knows he knows what we'd smells like because from the make concert and now he knows what it's about his leg when there is most hard dogmas, like that's leaders like no, they moved uneasily. Ok right now, as we think we'd detective This failure to blame, the aroma, California, fires. That's me answered the Monterrey conference. Never Kyle has as a a cousin corner oh from the game, so some dude stop. This I can tattoo. I have now is like a fucking target on me. So we are leaving the clippers game and some guy was screened out. Nephew Kyle and I turned around cuz, I'm an idiot and he's oh, my god, and that's the real Ben Timmins, ending a ban, and I waited for a cab and he asked us to take a picture she's like thank you guys so much and like walked away and Ben,
like the whole thirty minutes of attempts to get back was like were famous now cow. Like we're solemnity signal that any litter lackeys does, he would just high the whole time museum on life. We are and we had. I guess I don't know where do we tell the guys that the fresh just going to say is that we get a pound comparison from his name present? His expert worry about to be erected enforcer that within a president like a sergeant arm scanning, Linda Brad, We should mention it was horrible week in California. Here are horrible week out any really. Look there, s really liquid, Friday it we just watching fire rib through. Bason thousand noakes in West lake, these places images concrete, closer and closer to the ocean, An AIDS did I, I got out here in two thousand to which Europe
here a couple years before, but when both of us move that here there is legacy of all this terrible stuff that happen in the nineties right dad. The earthquake North Ridge, they had. They had the fires there, some some big fire landed in the midnight. As I can remember that the odds Trial the rapidly king, the race verdict. The riots on foods is all these terrio things that happen one after the other end And then, when we got here, nothing really bad and this is the first time I've been out areas like. Oh, my god, as is Malibu gonna burn down, really said. I went to bed frightening, confess Superman's, watching the news in the fire was getting closer and closer to Pepperdine. Would is the most beautiful campus on the world. I've been there bunch at times of my daughter of the ears play soccer, and it's just like the best their debating whether to evacuate, the kids off or not It was just a hall, all twenty four,
just absolutely petrifying. In the latter people ass their homes, some people died. All these people are fighting fires its though stone that out of the woods really at and you know, as usual, tromp comes out with it with a tweet in just not apathy. At all about anything now is gonna lose a really scary weekend live here and you know. You see stuff, that's happening, You know when you're living your daily daily lives and things are happening in this area that state or over there not part of it, it was, really crazy. It had to be this in the middle of an You now even sit near my backyard outside aid for five minutes away from others. There's ash falling on us and you could smell and its I can't even imagine what it's like to be an episode area, but this is the scariest in that's happened since we ve lived here right I think so, and you know like dogs. Conversely, like dinner, people
and the EAST coast and check with us like the guy, I would never give up the weather for the earthquake childlike I let that be their thing, because the weather's great merit Quaker few and far between, though fine jokes on everybody else, but this this is there This is really bad. They get me, you see things on the new. You see pictures and video, like you, would never Imagine a movie will take and Emily the bowers to recreate. What's going on, out there so yeah that, don't able we can do so. Many different organizations, firefighters people, want their house, yeah there's the latter part of it. Rachel. You never really dawned on me how scary. This would be from Malibu, because it's it's a too pc age, basically the Pacific Coast Highway you go from the ten years ago in the house, is basically to lanes. Two lines: one way to manage the other eight there's a couple points where it spread the three lanes lands a little stretch, but for the most part to Lance, and when your evacuating you at all these people that,
On Friday, the universe I get Bulgaria. Let's get out now you have to get out here. But he could get out because it was too lands People are on the highway for, like foreleg foreigner, five hours. A quarter of a million people like you know no hotels from from now. To where I live and by the beach another forty minutes away. Ray, and then you had really rough, the fires, the pc ages about the whole stretch, a mammoth, problematic, thirty thirty five miles and to that end, the further you get away from our you know it it gets a little more remote. That's why ladder celebrities live out as it further like when you hear the people came and generous than for that, but it gets down toward Zuma Beach in Paradise. In it cove, and you just, you just farther and farther away from everything so do evacuate to try to
yet like toward that way, wherever your guy you're, you really like stock in there, but it was really frightening and in What was weird was the channels where all the running, the news for it in and like I was like eleven thirty on Friday night and the guy now it's time for the late night shows like. Came all in Colbert Fallon come on Friends was on the channel five m like cheaters was on channel man or whatever the hell they're showing here. It is I was really that's it all. You guys are going to reruns and shows, like is a really My pepperdine was about to burn down and there I got and now it's time for friends, MRS the episode where Rachel in Ross might actually kiss a man like you, we find out what happened Pepperdine. So am I better ledges I have Malibu as a search term and I'm just re, I'm reloading Malibu over and over again to find out what happened and take out. A lot of people are tweeting and some people face
but there is a news reporter that was on Facebook, who I just there was like a facebook live basically and their show in that, but I, was shocked that one of Stations just didn't stay out all the time. It seemed like a pretty significant thing that all about who we had a chance to burned out, yeah sure- and I don't know a lot about it, but they say like well if the wind ships and a bit of course, can then that could be another thousand. There's something crazy, but what can happened, but what could you see from in a bitch. Now than they aired gonna wanna put. This is about nothing thing, but they cancelled from soccer came salad, because of the air quality, but that that you can't really feel out but you couldn't see light. You couldn't see the fires burning from over the ocean and stuff just a little paint way by that, not too much you there answered all the others. Here too in the had a game like early afternoon on Saturday and
in the council that I, like nine o clock as a guide. That's that's great as far as are so far away- and they were right, the air quality by the afternoon was pretty miserable pretty awful. I thought out there at anybody. If anybody out there is listening to this, who had a rough weekend, we are failing it for you a now, but I think just that all areas, it's you go there so conflict free. You now uses the au sandwiches beautiful. It's really must figure another country so as to see it under under siege like that and. Damn really scary, really really read That was the most scared. By far that advances, I lived there. Yes alone is no Gibson is off the road pretty much conflict for saleable, but yeah we reach out and only you own native began. That's it that's! Why the density
like that. It was like people. There was this weird part of it where Is of these celebs from you know celebs, we had thought of it a long time that we're in the middle money any money big Martin gene. Robert Hayes, Kalen General it was it was. Was it was just bazaar, was bizarre to follow the news and and really scary, sign away, I'm it seems like I don't want it. Chinks it but it seems, like things have gone, better and hopefully they've. Figured out how to stave things off not candidate but any The costs lack in June last week now I'll play Travis one. I made forty percent on my money, but just one seven and one yesterday, all college, as you see garbage, but catch me Monday to Friday. Four thirty, five, thirty eastern Jimmy come alive
one all week. Eleven thirty five ABC among the Fox Programme shall also Saturday do enough And, against all odds, the ones they crew areas is red, hot he's, like twelve one and one in its college, picks last fourteen. And again to spread so lets them for that, us can was in that he was in there. You tell us how thick skin I love it. Our heads of government can looks a lot like candid, like all that come back I'd like five footsteps like now extend next guides, expand yeah, beekeeper idea. That's you, a job I you your job, I hereby I'd thanks to south thanks, disappeared of good to go to his credit com, slash bs! thanks to Caesar's, don't forget to go see the boys Clark, rather maize, Rhine, reseller fuel, Since this on a Monday and go to Caesar's go see, them lie pack ass tonight, the fender yet the excitement of researching build your team make, regardless of the outcome for the gridiron pick
Contest just pick: winners, no spreads ten case, put him up the top pickers hey, if not a fantasy expert. The issue is clearly the price to pay. If you like, the vast new users get a five hour bonus when it made the first posit can play with me, Sandro back. I'm such bs thanks, simply say that go beyond what I'm scared should be intuitive. Sign influences every step of scarier, how the constellation simply safe ships, you're too ready to go. Never stops simply saves built in backups protect, through power, failures and outages, free wifi, baseball had said something bad offer just fourteen a month order today or get free shipping and free returns, start your risk free. Sixty day trial at super safe that come, such Bs Addison safer to us super safe that comes be a say. Need some good guess this week
What surprises leave it at that?
Stayton, might be a for podcast week. For us who knows talk to you in a couple days.
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