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The Case for Phoenix, Plus Stephanie McMahon on All Things WWE


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons shares his thoughts on the title-contending Phoenix Suns (3:00) before talking with WWE's chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon about the importance of the first 'WrestleMania,' the star power of the WWE Women’s Division, Andre the Giant stories, the upcoming 'WrestleMania 37,' what it’s like working for Vince McMahon, the future of WWE, and much more (27:30).

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me too, an answer there. Almost through every single terror swept out on the swift. These have loved this back ass. You can find it on a ringer dish that is the path cast on the ringer package that work where you can find every single album. You can also find me David Gobi break it down the challenge unwise in eight sets coming to an end. Have the final next week, so it's going to be emotional, I'm going to miss you copy, I'm going to miss seeing them every week coming up, I am going to talk about the Phoenix Suns and why are they such a fascinating wild card to the state as a twenty one season, and then for the first time ever Stephanie MIC man. You may heard of her she's Debbie chief brand officer, more partly she's bed in our life really said she was a kid. Had there been a pot she's coming winter by recommending
whole bunch more all, that's coming up, first, our friends from all right, taping this late Thursday night after the Sun clippers game, I figured the Suns were going to lose tonight, but I want to talk about them anyway. They really impressed me in Utah Wednesday night. They want it over time. It was one of the best games of the year. It felt like a real playoff game. It felt like a possible West finals Preview, if we don't have many Davis around two percent or the brought a hundred percent. Whatever there's there's weird scenario, as this can year, where you just down now sure in season
the weird injuries so close to last year, I'm prepared for anything and I figured they would lose tonight and they lost in a way that made sense. They do not have their legs in the clippers shot, the lights out there, one thousand nine hundred and thirty seven from three. But if you look at the Suns big picture is thirty six fifteen, but they're, two hundred and eighty seven, their last thirty five. Including tonight they only have four double digit losses over that stretch and there's some other good things about their season. That I wanted to hit. But here's here's the big picture premise I want to give you this would be the sexiest NBA champion.
Storyline and I know every basically, no, it would be Lebron no been winning in Brooklyn. You got to think about the history of the Phoenix Suns here, I'm going to go through it right now, so the sun they come into the league in the late sixties. They have a chance to get low sender who eventually became cream of Bill BAR and he changes name. We know he is the most important person, the shortest thing who's ever come into the league. At that time they have one and two chance to get in. They have a coin flip they lose and that's really how the sun he starts. They get Connie Hawkins who's. This New York playground Legend who was banned from the NBA forever. They finally get him in nineteen. Seventy two instead of cream and he's really elite for like two years and then he kind of tales off.
And it just it becomes a what. If we got situation for the first seven years of the franchise, then then randomly they make the in in seventy. Seventy six with Paul JAMA clouds, the coach, Alvin Adams Rick of the the year. I was fortunate enough to go to the triple overtime game against Boston, but that sets off this rollicking sons ride over and over again they have managed to be relevant, so they make the West fires in eighteen, seventy nine they make the West finals an eighty four. They make the way, files and eighty nine and ninety they make the NBA? in ninety three: they make the West finals twice in five and six, and then they make the West finals again in two thousand and ten. They have this crazy. Thirty five year run that you can separate into these definable errors right the Westfall air, you have the Walter Davis Larry Nante when they made an eighty four. You have the cage, a Horne SEC I'm chambers era in eighty
one thousand nine hundred and ninety, where nobody's going to remember this except being the sun fans and three other people, but they have the slugfest western finals in nineteen, ninety against Portland and in Gantt that they lose game. Five games, Texas and Phoenix Kevin Johnson, Teresa's hamstring. Like in the second quarter in game, sex and they're done, and then a losing and Portland goes into the nineteen. Ninety finals against trade is trying to go back to back and that that series was actually closer than I think people remember Detroit wins again, but I do think Phoenix could have on toe to toe. With that Detroit team, we'll never know, Kj got hurt same thing for the ninety three finals: they lose the slug fest to the bulls and part of the reason loses Kevin Johnson just is MIA in the first two games, so that happens so,
They have that. That's the Barkley era, then we in the late nineties. They have this kind of sneaky fun, Jason, kid era, where, like Rex, Chapman Antonio Mcday Danny meetings on there, it's it's a funding than ever does indeed, but who is to follow something has happened and same thing when Marbury shows up after they trade kid for Marbury Marber namari have a really fun series against the suns. Then it goes to has has his whole run from four to two thousand and ten, where they make the West finals three times and a bunch of woods that that come in there so had these eras and now there in the mirror of another error, their ability to consistently rejuvenate themselves has been astounded, but here ears the crazy thing with Phoenix and, I think very unique franchise in this respect because they don't have there not a big city They don't have it's not like the Red Sox from the Red Sox didn't winfried is six years, and you had people like me
a million other people writing about it whining about it. There's books nobody's writing a Phoenix Suns book, but it's hard to imagine any team in the last fifty years. That has said more what, if than the Phoenix sense like more real? What, if I'm not talking about like like semi, flimsy us, I'm talking about what? If what? If we didn't get care, what if we won the triple overtime game in Boston, which easily could have and their game six was in Phoenix. What, if cagey, doesn't get hurt that ninety ninety game? What if we don't have the car? Cain scandal in eighteen. Eighty four, Walter Davis is headed to the Hall of Fame and they get to get this thing and all of a sudden, it's complete chaos and they have to rebuild the team and they get lucky with the K trade, but that cocaine scandals a what if what, if cage it shows up in the ninety three final
What if the Marielle shot doesn't go in what? If Robert server comes in in two thousand and five and six, if he actually spent money beyond what he did that first year with Steve a Quint Richardson they splurge, then all of a sudden they were selling picks and then they never were able to get over the hump. And there I wrote about multiple times, or am I but they you know they basically gave away Lou dang. They basically gave away a picture.
Became Rajon, Rondo, etc, etc. What if the Horry chef never happened, one of the great what if for the last twenty years? If that just doesn't happen, do they beat the spurs? Whoever was winning? That series is going to win the title. What if the test rebound on the Kobe AIR Ball game for two thousand and ten our tests made one of the great plays one of the great thinking on your feet plays for the last twelve years in the last two rounds and he's a lunatic what if they take Luka Doncic in two thousand and eighteen, something we've mentioned in this podcast more than once Those are ten awesome. What, if, like ten, really like you fall asleep at night, going wow? What? If that didn't happen, and the reason I mentioned this is the LUCA thing seemed like it was going to suffocate them for the entire two thousand and twenty in eighteen is not a bust. Aden is a good player.
I even make it our bathing someday. Who knows is easy. A really really really rich man, zoo batch would be the worst thing you could say about it. It seemed like LUCA, who, I think, has a chance to be the best offensive player when Lebron goes, in harden kind of calms down. Luca is going to be the guy who's going to be the best offensive player in the league or at least a decade, and they could have taken them and they didn't and- see my dad's gonna hang over this team, like a black cloud, now they have a chance. I think to make the final. So what's the case for them to make the finals they have an identity, and you think about identities. I think about a lot with my Celtics team. My Celtics team, not really graded, shooting three is not great to get into the free throw line they play intermittently hard. They don't have a ton of size, you wouldn't say they're like the fastest team in the world. They don't only play well together
And you watch them over and over again, Dwayne Wade pointed this out on TNT the other night she was like shoe Tatum, a Brown I dug out to decide who soon it say now: shocking watches, ethics twice the share Iraq then goes to wait and wait, have an identity and I'm like bingo. That's it we don't have an identity. What are we? What is this team? I watch the sun. I have an identity they play with pace, their efficient. They know who they are, who they are. They have two guys, you think really really really good shots when it matters in Palm Booker and they have interchangeable wings. Sometimes they don't show up like tonight. Crowder was awful. It was one of the reasons they won, but for the most part, pretty flexible team and allows them to basically play a bunch of small guys around them, and you look at the stats they're averaging almost
Fifteen points a game before tonight. Their shooting percentages were forty, nine thirty, eight, eighty three, which is really good, especially the eighty three which we'll get to in a second seventh and offense, but we and pace so think about that they're playing a bad as slow as any contending team but they're getting all the shots. They want and they're giving them a high level of efficiency and they're. Also the third best free, throw team in the league and here's. Why that's important if they're up three with twenty seconds left the game is over? We used to see this with korean clay for years and years and years where, if they had the ball up three last thirty seconds it was over. If you found them great, we're up five if they could be on defense,
up three with ten seconds left and they'll, just foul like cool. Let's just turn this into a free, throw shooting contest. We're gonna, win. Chris Paul is ninety three percent bookers, eighty six Johnson's, eighty, eight bridges and crowd are both eighty two they're winning a free, Tor shooting contest. So they got that I think they know who their best five are it's cp, three Booker and then it's then of Johnson of Johnson Crowder Bridges who shows up shows up they're change interchangeable. I personally think from what I've seen and I've watched a lot of them this year, just because they're on the West Coast, I like watch them. I think Kim Johnson has to be out there and then bridges. Ideally. But you know Crowder is a nice fallback plan. He could show up some games, Sarge Pain and Craig are the other three in their nine man. They don't have a backup center. That would be my fear. If I had the point.
What are you to fears with this team not be able with three rounds? It would be a far trouble. What did they do if he has? You know five thousand in a pivotal game with me. You know halfway through third quarter and then Chris Paul South can he last and what kind of alien is Chris Paul is another thing we should ask, because the stuff that he's doing When you think about like work for me, did for the centre position, how many minutes he pointed out many games, he played how long he was dead, where he wins, the seventy one files and BP was the eighty five finals, ivy p, almost fifteen years part we just had seen it before nobody at their ability. That you watch what Carmelo that its powerful opposition same thing. You watchword is doing now. I don't know for what year it is from seventeen or eighteen. I think it's eighteen, and so
playing at a really high level he's over sixty thousand minutes is like why we haven't seen that Chris is the point guard version that we don't point guard stone age like this point, guards are usually done as guys who can play more than twenty five minutes. The game by the time they're, thirty five, you know if they had to either they become on stock to became Utah. They start to just lose it like Jason. Kid did where he becomes basically a role player. The last a couple ears years in Dallas and New York. They lose overnight, like Dennis Johnson, did on the Celtics or tiny Archibald Arch bot in nineteen eighty three for the bucks. You know that last buck season, he's still really good and he's thirty seven and he has a ton of miles on him. And if you compare him, the games played the minutes played all that stuff. Production, which is basically seventeen to nine every night and
I'm kind of shooting percentages, and you compare that to basically every point: I'd ever she's he's alone nobody's done this nobody. Done. There said the level he's doing it, which is, Another reason this is such a funny story, because you have Chris Paul the perennial bridesmaid rigid the whole book. A basketball pack asked about em about is how can you be the greatest point out about time if you ve never made the finals? If we look at your posts season, career and adjust little littered with whatever some losses, and I wish that hadn't happens, she had that you also have the Mighty Williams peace who by our cards, one most beloved guys in the week who a lot of personal tragedy that has been written about and talked about, the need to rehash that, but I didn't think you did.
Job in New Orleans. I think that team was probably a little more talented than we give a credit for now, but he's also a second can job guy and he's been really good on this sense team, and possible storyline him making it combined with they will find the LUCA pack, but you know what if they get to the files. For. Those did. There's just a lack going on here and then there is also the Chris Paul trade that they made, which you know. I've certainly taken shots at Sarber over the years for spur trying to save money for making decisions motivated by money for some of the moves they bed, but that Chris portrayed taking on that money. Looking at a devil workers that the way that the NBA goes these days, you just have to be proactive. If you have a young star who-
Is it really winning whose being thrown in trade? Rumours are the time we know how that goes, and we know that this is an mba that if you had the unhappy stars under twenty eight year on a time clock with them the south extra time clock with Tatum now as crazy. As that sounds he's only twenty three descended, But you got to do right by these guys because you never know when all of a sudden they're going to hire a clutch and then all of a sudden clutch is steering him to another theme. So they made their trade and it's a trade. There are more certainly do you want to make even left used within a year. We think, like all the ramifications from their trade right where it basically starts. This helps to continue. This amazing ok see rebuild that they do overnight. It leads to ok,
actually being able to flip Chris Paul into something else. That leads to Phoenix being able to reinvent themselves as a contender, and you think if they had taken Halbert instead of Jalen Smith. I actually think they'd be the favorites in the West right now, they're, not the favorites, but for the most part, they've done a really nice job. That trade was good. I called him Kim Way, just Kim Johnson, the Kim Johnson pick the fact that we all thought he was going to be a bus he's not- and you just think, like man what would be cooler than Phoenix and this really goofy fucked up year, then making the final. So what would need to happen? Well, I think they have to get a one or two seed and I think they have to end up in a different bracket. Then the Lakers
would be the two things, but I like the shots to get late. I, like all the clutch minutes they're getting for reps. I like their defense. I like how hard they play in the switching that they do and really the only turn in the punch bowl would be Deandre. Iton teams, the smart teams, just try to get him in a switch twenty feet from the basket, but that really doesn't make it any different than we do. Go bare the sunset that to really go bear all of Wednesday, but I just there's a lot of parity in the west this year and the only way there's not going to be parody as if Davidson Lebron come back on her percent and they lay the smackdown. But for now we can see that we're within another playing game is may 18th we're within five weeks of that five and one slash two weeks, and this is just kind of one of those seasons. It's like the bubble. Last year, it seemed inconceivable, to allow lot of you that Miami could make the finals and they're in the finals
I think it would be an amazing story and I do think it's conceivable. It would have been more fun if they beat the clippers tonight and I could have led the podcast with wow. They beat the jazz and the clippers here. Come the sun, but at the same time like I don't think any NBA team is winning that game tonight and I still feel like they're, true contender, and if I had to rank the West teams, I still have the Lakers one and I would have Phoenix in Denver kind of two a and two b and I would have Utah forth because the thing with Utah is what we saw last night. The Mitchell thing Mitchell, who fantastic, but when they get in these in these big games. There's like this hero side that comes out with Mitchell, and if you look at his five biggest shot attempt games the season, they lost all five coincidence. I don't know, but he took like thirty five shots
last night and he continually tries to get these mono mono things against the good good against against the best the best there. Their team is and that's cannot who they are like that. The great thing about backing is how unselfish everybody is and how great the ball moves, and when the during the two thousand fourteen spurs impersonation adder Morocco does fourteen spurs they get thirty five shots in overtime game. That is to happen. So I no, how they saw about one, because there's there's aside him that allow these young guys have where you know this is the culture and now this is somebody had big step back three to tie the game and then it's on twitter. Five seconds later. I dont think that through this you tat team is, I think, they're there, the two as fourteen spurs best best case scenario, not sure Mitchell realizes that, and for that- and a few other reasons I just I don't see them there for three straight rounds
I think somebody can get him and I think Phoenix would beat them in a series. Absolutely so Denver would be the wild card just because of the Gordon Trade, because our fell. How well he fitted. I still have questions about their bench, but at their top for ranks among anyone else said the. And things been unbelievable watch it's like everything we ever theorized about what it would be like if he was on the right in his blouse and then come true right away so that they might have for and the thing with the science, as your watch in this unfold just think like this is fifty years of just the most bizarre twists and turns, I think, any a team. His head in the leg like think. I love it, years is the next. The last have no one was eighteen. Seventy three, it seems like seven hundred years ago, Phoenix had need than ever bento fine as yet, and then from seventy six to two thousand tat
there and nine conference files and they made the finest twice but yet nobody would ever be like. Oh my god, I just watched this Abasic Phoenix Suns documentary. They get no press at all, so I think it would be really fun if they kept advancing. So that's my Phoenix Suns tangent slash rant before we got two things before we get to Stephanie Mcmahon. One is that I went on locker room today with Joe Hose and Nathan and we kind of just wrapped about round one masters. I hadn't been on there before it's a live audio, app that Spotify just bought. We had a lot of fun, it's a lot different than a podcast. It's basically, it almost feels like you're on a speaker phone with two your buddies to shoot the shit, but what I like about it is it's different than a package, because it just reactive time, sensitive and then a kind of goes away. At least the thing we did today. I don't think so,
Where does the pike ask as by the time he listened to it? It's already ran through the masters, but we're gonna try to do it again right after round three on Saturday, so download the locker map sign up. It's free, and you can hear a shoot. The shed about are about round three The master is the only other thing I had for you before we get to Stephanie this extra innings rule, I'm back with the Red Sox. I forgave them for the Moki bets trade. You can't change. What's in your dna, I'm back. I've watched a lot of baseball ready this year and the sex training thing happened, the other night against Tampa Bay and when it's your team in their in it, and it was a huge game and the red Saxon of winning on this crazy J D Martinez hit that the right Fyodor economist, judge, but whose telling way from it, but as one of those games that if the Red Sox loss, I feel like their seas would have on south and if they one now I think it's been rejuvenated has, but he was so weird to watch it. With this dome role- and I don't know where it came from
why they're doing it? It is like the worst focus group of all time came up with it with advice from Gary Batman, who was obviously trying to figure out how to have a worse commissioner in sports than himself, so he probably recommended this. I hate it so much. I don't see any upside for it. I don't really feel like it makes the games that much shorter makes the stats incredibly confusing. You know I'm in this sale keeper league. I have no idea if you're watching it. If we had the Blue Jays, Labour, Meriwether Internet against the angels and it's like if she gives up a run counter to learn, run setting all these variables that it didn't need and here's. My question: what's wrong with a tie. Why can't we just say after twelve innings it nobody wants is a tie. Would that be the three? That's not even one tenth is bad
This gimmick rule were guys. The guy who made the last out of the previous sitting now starts the next any second base. The fuck are. We doing just have a tie, I'm fine with the Red Sox when ninety sixty eight four for the seas and make it so that twelve innings, the lasting, the twelve think. That's it game's over. Instead, there it's like the cut the Stupid College football role, which everybody kind of legs cause you know just adds
flooring and more offensive. This doesn't do any of that. It just makes everything dumber. I hate. I hate it with every ounce of my body. It's honestly the dumbest thing. I just can't believe it. I can't believe they did this. I can't believe it. Who is this for that? You think this was getting my thirteen year old Son to watch more baseball. Recital cool there starts at one thousand one hundred and thirteen the guys at second base. I think I'm not going to go on Tik Tok, you guys are morons, got baseball over and over again, you figure out. Fuck things up, and I still love you. I wish I didn't alright we're going to bring in Stephanie man. First we're going to take a break. Hey Fando is letting you place. Your first bet risk free, that's right risk New users get up to one thousand dollars back site credit. If your first bed doesn't win, it only gets
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Stephanie made man. I don't know what to what took you so long come on understand our heads were a card sure for this. The impression that was pretty much is said to be addressed at a mean, while the figure out, but I'm glad you get the rest of areas come in this weekend. Whenever we have two thirty seven, I think what gets lost now that it's been forever and a year is hampered in the MID eightys. The first Romania was too yet only Losers like myself, who really for weeks on end. I couldn't believe it all of a sudden. It felt like Not only would we have this huge event was a little cutting edge is pay per view, but then it was like Hulk was on the cover of sports, illustrated Mr Tee in whole, Grannis Adele, like a jazz like holy shit, wrestlings becoming mainstream bank. How you do it
Remember that or remember a little bit. What do you remember? I remember it a lot, and actually I talk about it, a lot because it was really my father's vision of how to put WWE on the map. What was our super bowl? What was our grammys? There was no such thing as social media at the time. So how are we going to get people talking about WWE across all water coolers and he came up with the idea of Wrestlemania leverage and the rocket open. The show, let's see, Billy Martin was a guest timekeeper Mohammed AL leave as a special guest referee. Mr T actually competed in the main event teaming with Hall Cogan and, let's see Cindy locker, accompanied Wendy Rictor to the ring as a part of the rock and wrestling connection that we had at that time. It really was, and you know, Paul Cogan appeared on the cover of sports, illustrated they were on the
what're we show the tonight. You show me a really was our way to employ W w B on the map and really grateful that it was successful because my parents were against everything they own revenue. One have been re mad, they ve gone bankrupt. The mid seven So it is a double risk with me. She was eight months pregnant with me. She went outside and again your card and made my father at the court house to declare bankruptcy, and there was a boot under car for an unpaid parking ticket had she had to get a ride with the tow truck driver. Thirteen you imagine like there's my dad. You use this crazy entrepreneur rating is basing outside the port Helsinki by the ways never on time, but he was this day and then alcoves. My mom is hugely pregnant, like pouring out of this tow truck to fill with them into the courthouse. No, no pressure at all right yeah. I remember the Cindy locker thing was the first time.
Cuz. Even when, when Hulk won the title, I think they were right around the same time when I forget the timeline of what came first but on the title was still like: oh cool thunderlips, who used to be a bad guy and he's back and now he's the champ, and everyone was kind of tired of Bob Backlund. At that point, it was just cool to have some new blood, but in general it felt like it was coming out. And when Cindy Lauper got involved and was involved in a feud and low Albana banner was in her video. Yet and there are combined with the combined with hope in Iraqi three and it was like ok, this is this is not just like you know, Saturday morning, wrestling anymore. This feels like something happening, accommodate arrest him any one in the rest of mania, three, which I still feel like is one of the grid Great. I agree here which we did in our film and Andrzej found. We, I Jason here, really captured it like it was the sober really was packed. Ninety three thousand one hundred and seventy three people at the time it broke the world into our attendance record
now for it entered hurry. So you think about this rather mania. Now er thirteen months in the pandemic care, you can really feel in wrestling. I thought the first couple months. I talked about this in the pod, like you just kind of don't realize how important crowds are till they're gone and I feel like wrestling felt that the most, because every every entrance, every every.
During a match when they glance out to the fans. You know every sort of. Oh. What does the fans think of this? How are they going to react to this? Is this person catching on? Are they getting tired of this person? Are they rooting for this person they're not supposed to be rooting, for there are all these elements and they were just gone yeah. Did you feel like what happens to our business? Should we shut down like what were the thought process going on there? It was never a question of if but how we were going to continue to produce our programming. We never went off the air and of course there was a lot we did in really short fashion, especially in terms of medical protocols and everything else. But my hats go off to our performers in particular. Yeah. Can you in
Our fears are part of our, shall, I think, tat. We d be reason in the most interactive brains than the end of every destiny. That back to the days of the roman policy, I'm right where the emperor would will decide the body eight or space is interactive Eddie. You know that the funds were part of it should he lives should not live. Obviously revolve from that. I still feel convinces thumbs up thumbs down, though, basically I don't think we've lost too much of it is literal outcome, but we feed off the crowd. Our fans actually dictate what we do, because sometimes it's working, sometimes it's not working, you really have to listen to them and its performance are mixed with improv. You know, basically, is what our talent do and without our fans there everything even hurts worse right.
I just I can imagine what that was like for them for so long pussy push. You could hear them in the ring a lot better, I'm sure had to change even worse doing in the ring. Commentators were saying they could hear like a gen drop literally, and that's it's just so hard, it's so foreign! That's not what we do. You know we are all about bringing this community together and that's why we're so excited about Wrestlemania and actually having twenty five thousand fans and attentions, which is not full capacity crowd, obviously, because we still have to have all of our safety protocols in place, but man, we can't wait those twenty five thousand people the sunlit. Thousands like, I can't wait, will sometimes that's what happens because we ve seen it in the NBA that there's been some good next crowd so far, and even though its only like one tenth of the arena, they they try to make up for it by being super loud, super boisterous. So yeah from what I have to say, I was it: take overlaps
to take over and like with like, we were watching it in my how they felt there were four hundred people there. At its bell, I mean even call man has been terrible age gives it a speech. You know after every shell, in his speech last night I mean tears and kids, about performing in front of those one hundred he that I've never thought. I would be bragging about performing in front of two hundred people, and he said, but God it felt good and Nita Str House, you know who's Alice, Cooper's guitarist and she opened the show playing the national anthem and she whizzing tears performing in front of people living with. You are a lighter than entertainer areas. Nothing more important and the crowd and down was on on display last night, and I can't wait for it again. Tonight would certainly makes you make
appreciate things you didn't know. You should be appreciating right. Like I've been going to events. My whole life. I've been going to a basketball game. Since I was four and I got to a point. The clippers were fifteen minutes from my house and I have clippers tickets. I'm like hey. Do I want to go? You know I've just been this so many things and now a year later I'll, go to anything weren't you David. Admittedly, there is there really. I really miss it, but it's funny like with the with the tiny crowds you're having for this stuff. It's kind of a throwback to this seventy Saturday there I was Allentown Pennsylvania. Yes, a hundred people how'd. You know how many people was. I dont know I wasn't there at that time, but I've heard the story. Tat lay small. He any would film every for a couple weeks, but we we have no idea idea watching the.
Play that impossible that by the MID 90s, I think so who's your most by this is tough cuz. Then I have to phrase this correctly, so you answer it. You guys have always had a meal ticket right. Like four years. It was Andrei then becomes the meal ticket. Then you try to get ultimate word become the meal ticket. It kind of sort of takes that really within bread, heart kind of steps and let him come, shall Michael's we gone down the line. Your husband was the male ticket for a while that the most reliable person
the person you can put in the card and any further. Yet who is that now? For you is a roman roads, I think Roman, certainly one of them in a fresh air. I think I've found are women as well. I mean you ve got such a bank sensation and younger is new urban they're gonna be headline in night, one of wrestling yeah, that's gonna, be pretty special unspectacular. I can't wait to see their match. You know it, Here's your style and your american tyres on his way. I think as well, you know Bobby largely is, is starting to really come on, seeing you will see
they bloom or Bobby he's like he's like in his forties. So I think it's not just one person and I think part of the diversification of everything right of platforms, of content of all the different ways you can interact and engage with. You know various influencers and talent, and I think the one thing about WWE is that there's someone for everyone you know relatability is so important in storytelling to be able to see yourself in the story or to be able to put yourself in the story and my Angelo Has- is grateful that I love, and this may not be an exact translation, but people will never remember what you said, though, never remember what you did, but there
remember how you need them feel you can make people feel. You know that's: does the money asked? The connection is what keeps them hope Jenkinson doing, and I think you know we have a proliferation of different types of talents here. You have those opportunities to engage while the most interesting wrinkled thought this was Becky. Wench was about to be the biggest start, your company, if she wasn't by the diagnosis she starting a family yet again you'll get her back at some point right, oh yeah! Well, I certainly hope so- maybe maybe this weekend I've noticed that information just be a great wrestlemania is usually time when somebody might come back yeah. You never know you never know bill. So you get that call from Becky. How many kids do you have now three?
the fourteen, the ultimate example of a working mom and you get that call from Becky you're happy for it, but at the same time, at what point does your mind go to wait? A second I'm losing my my number one person You know what do I do. I think they're kind of simultaneous ray I gave you know it's reality so mean, and this is a physical business, so it's not like should continue to compete in Africa's, but of course, so incredibly happy for her you know her aunt S, W superstar Duvalier. They are having having a baby, but it's funny I kept talking Becky altering their pregnancy and then afterwards she was actually pitching. Somebody jumping random maternity word, her first step forward
you know, I guess we could reenact it Maternity ward, batch, oh yeah, that's coming! The second part of the women's Butthis is a running joke my son anytime, were at an elevator, he kind of looks a man. I e gets a crazy latin Amerika and I know it. Gonna do is, oh, my God elevator match, and he just like will charge me, but same kind of thing with Becky Lynch. So she comes back. This has not happened. Right has a mom held the WW woman's title, oh gosh really That's probably has not happened, I dont think get past. Can you help Don't probably on that, but I don't think so. You had incredible momentum with that, vision with her and round arousing the run. Drowsy leaves too, but not now feels that gets back, but there is a moment there was like wow as this,
and become bigger than the men with any stars right when you're building your stars and suddenly you lose them. It takes a little while to rebuild back up, but now that the women's division is built back up and then they come back now stars, are really going to ride. Well, you needed Sasha banks and she was somebody who I think was anointed early and now has belatedly become. I think what you thought. Maybe she was going to be three years ago right I mean I've always known that Sasha could be right at the top. You know she just has that it factor she just shines yeah, but you know, ultimately it's not my decision, but you know it's certainly very very excited for Sasha to have this woman. I think during the pandemic, I've actually heard bands credit, Bailey and Sasha for really carrying a lot of the pandemic with their storyline, and I think they did you know and so grateful to each of them.
For doing so, how much of the emphasis on the women's division? The last six seven years came from it being a really smart creative opportunity to do that, given how the world has been change in the last twenty years, and just something you personally felt like the debit was just fine shore with from your life fell at Sunday been fighting for for a really long time, not just a lot of people, but it took it really started with the way we in recruiting in training our female stars in the performance. Better rates are really allotted to credit, goes to my husband. He started recruiting elite athletes, both male empty how he would give the women the same amount of mass time is the man he was. Training them the same ass. The man. You not one point in time. It was a theory in our business that women's shouldn rather like the men, and they would have more fights and thats what the audience wanted to see. It wasn't
intentionally to hold women down. It was a belief that the audience one that that's what they wanted to see until we put them run out and when you started giving women the same opportunity in the same matched I'm they started stealing spotlight and stealing. The show to the point where the crowded annex K started chanting. This is wrestling and women's wrestling, and then you go to my day, no raw, where we had a witness tag managed for women competing in three hours ago and at last it all of thirty seconds and unfortunately, that was the norm in our fans had had enough and they started a hash tank called give deem as a chance, then tried and worldwide for three days specifically calling for more character. Development, better storylines, longer matches more affluent system and we responded in the biggest
We could and then send a twig, and they said we are you keep watching. You can give us a chance so then strategically rescuing at eighteen G stadium in front of a hundred one thousand people. We brought our record hours. There must pay a three hour. I you know, that's that's where we announced the rebranding of the deep divisions, the women's division. We unveiled the new championship about merchants. The man's pistol Feminine announced are women would become Super stars same as the men and then are women have gone on headline. You mean event. Oliver programming, including Russia, media resolutely. You verify from life stadium, was a triple premiership. Rhonda vacuum Charlotte Housing yeah I for this stuff.
Not that there's here that this year, at the shack in Poland, but next year away I'll be there are, I believe you will next year's Alice and then the year after that with you we owe next. So you, oh, that's right. You move it yeah, we had said lobby in those last thousand dollars. You know that it now close than they do. The thing were coming out of whatever their commercial, the trailer they're going to show you on camera, guys are ready and on my phone I got the Patriots logo and my. Someone was like, don't dad we're gonna get shut, I'm like no, I'm doing it so the they showed me and I put my phone up with the patriots logo and everybody boot. It was great I got like really inspired up again. I could it shone like the russian flag or something and gotten less of a less heat than the patriots logos. The number that being the case, it was hard to keep
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but in that you never felt was always first storylines, but never really lovely something I thought about doing. Well, I wouldn't say that I have necessarily the athletic prowess to have been a full time time. You know I was able to pull ass. You know like ten or eleven, maybe those it matches, but they were very well plans and no problem taking bugs like I get beat up all day. That's no problem! I think it's more of the offense that right make it unbelievable. When you started getting sucked in there and the storylines and stuff like in retrospect do you. How do you feel about all that cause you at your almost buried? At one point you can now ass? I was I was in TAT year alone, but what a wild ride, what an incredible If I've led you know, and to have been in there with some of the best characters in the best
of all time, male and female and various storylines. I mean that's how I debuted with I was pretty much. I was abducted by the undertaker in the Ministry of darkness almost married to him in the dark wedding and who am I saved by stone, cold, Steve Austin, but ultimately it's all a coup for her, my dad to get the stone Cold, Steve Austin, as he's revealed as the head of the corporate ministry, is like what and then I wind up. I think I'm marrying one superstar name test and it's all like but kind of wedding wedding and out the night before I had Mickey my drink and married me in a drive or wedding that I didn't know about so during
my wedding at the staples center out from triple h in and one of those t shirts, like speedos and his leather jacket, with a red boutonniere, and he said that he'd been so. I know you said that if anybody who wasn't family interrupted, the wedding they'd be fired. So I just need to take a look at this and he throws to the footage and then and then he does and Vince really not a question of this, but how many times we consummated them me and my wedding dress my mom, like my real mom, I'm like the whole theme, were you guys dating yet at that point, no, not at all, not at all,
is that, oh, I know life imitated art I mean really: life imitated art. We were married and divorced before we actually started dating. We see we had like a test firm. Have your kids? Do you have added the three? Has any of them done Youtube deep dives on all this stuff have been like wait. What the f is going on here? Not quite yet, not quite yet so I'm sure that's coming, though, because Youtube is huge in my house, particularly for my ten year old. Oh my god, thank you. You want to look at up yet, thank God you don't have my, My son would have already watched every single Youtube video ever existed. Let me ask about your dad so your dad that your dad's on the run here really since the MID seventies, that's gone from city, the city event to avenge legit, their work, a hologram to the degree that I'm sure all of you worry about him, costly, especially because he's older now, but still on the
all the time and then we a pandemic and now is trapped he continued to travel every week we, even though the pandemic we never stop producing television so every week lies fly down to Orlando and produce the shows from the performance center. He never stopped wow. Okay. So that answers my question because I was going to say I can't imagine: Vince confined to the house. You know waiting, I feel about crazy, yeah crazier crazier, so he never stop working ever stop travelling know what are the differences that have actually one of the keys to success red. He never stop. What are the differences between him at this point in his life? First
is late night is vets other than being older? It's funny you as a person. A lot of things are still the same. You know he still trains and midnight after he's been You know working if he's done working at that time. He still just drives forward, no matter what she is totally inappropriate. Most of the time he's the best, and he is she's always been an amazing father, and you know it's funny cuz I falling Vincent Business, but that at home and when I'm doing interviews, it's the sometimes awkward you notice the transition that way. But it's helpful for their is Ben's my boss, and there is my dad they are different
he's really himself just a little more seasoned, a little older, he would say he looks a little bit different, which of course he does, but he's still the same in Do any he had known your husband, obviously for years and years and years before you start, the first rate, do you feel, like I competitive with me, that's it that's the thing at such a good match that you married somebody who can actually like kind of stand up to Vince, because that's like a baby stand up that the wrong way. But you know what I like, whose use to him. In his document
be afraid of him and be able to kind of morph into his world. Do you feel like you could have married to any person, or did it have to be somebody that would have to pass some invisible test with your dad? So I you know it's different, because my husband works for my dad right, so my dad's still the boss, so he still calls the shot, no matter what, but I don't think I could have. First of all, I think you know I'm romantic and I think that my husband and I were really meant to be.
Frank, but I don't think it would have worked with anyone else. Given my profession, you knew and travelling in being innocent, deeply ingrained in our business. It's all concealing if you wanted to be in his arm families business, so it s often zooming an eye on it and so does Paul. So it was done. That's definitely a shared value that we have had it. How did you know The same work ethic is that dna, or is it just like you're watching your dad and you don't know any other way to be. Really don't have a date. Maybe I know I don't like sitting around doing. Nothing aggravates me to not be accomplishing things, but that's probably somebody could psychoanalyze me. It's probably not a good thing, but I do think
here you can set the example levers raising you, whoever you see. You know in your life that there does set the example impulsive. My parents have always been so hard working and they re not. They really raised us with new hard working class. Now you have to buy over every dollar. You have to respect every single day. You have to be the hardest were hurried through an especially when you're the child, as you know that you have more opportunities, sure you know without question, but it is a privilege not a right. He known to be a part of our business in you. You have to work that much harder to prove your sound. When did you feel like you in power kind of being groomed as to take a bigger load? And potentially you know when a million years down the road potentially run. This whole thing. Why its findings
As you know, never any my father tat right. So I think that you know you're your role and position. Just kind edge evolves. Naturally, Paul going from being you know, one of the greatest about finding the budget should go from being in a ring for forward to them becoming an exam. Even the company and now to be sought in a creator in his own right with annex ii on edge. Not not only recruit developing train, our future superstars, but to be creating this content and this programming, and these shows and these characters that hopefully we'll go on to live forever. I think that demonstrated his capabilities far beyond what anybody
might have thought possible. So I think that I think the company is going to be in good hands for a long time. I could see it. I remember he came in. We did a podcast together, probably like two thousand and thirteen when I was with Grantland and the way he was talking about. The industry he's really smart and was like. Oh I get it now like. I didn't know how much of it was. He just married you and they were trying to, give more people they. I married a trophy husband like not at all. I always think. That's so funny when people think that and then they start talking to fall and they're blown away because he's so smart and funny and catches them off guard yeah, and he definitely when was the year. You launched the network two thousand and fourteen or thirteen whatever somewhere in there. Yeah seven years ago, the we did a lot of stuff find agreement about it because I thought it was really smart. Ladder was like cutting edge. The this is the first time somebody is doing so
then that a lot of other people are going to try to do and what s interesting is. Then you pivoted again with this peacock thing, where initially you look, this is gonna sound, like I'm doing, information for Debbie, but initially Locate this network, you own your own content. You figure out how to pull all the other people other subscribers to run through what you're doing, but then now in this world, where the streaming live, content has become so important. It was actually a dumb way to do it, because the right that you could sell to whoever is just worth more than run. Network plus you have to update the app there's all the technology, you pivoted when company right. So when did you know you had the pivot? What we we started looking at it before in damage, so you know, I guess I'd say about a year a year and a half ago, maybe even two years ago we really started looking space in your own spying, because my dad is always taught me and business that yet
to stay slightly ahead of the curve. You never want to be so far ahead that people can't get it and you never want to be behind the curve. You want to be slightly ahead and when you looked at the landscape- and you could see these players starting to really make moves big time players with a lot of capital that obviously can be invested in technology and infrastructure, you know we're not a technology company, we're a content company, so it was a smart move for us. I agree at the time to launch and it was scary we actually had a linear deal and because our fans we're. Are they doing research than they had all said they wanted it to be to be reaching, and so we had started working, I'm gonna layer deal. Then we have read by and by they wanted said. The gardener wanted to lock up our rights for ten years, How, then, is the tenure deals?
Well, at least you wouldn't at that time. Who knows if the deal could be perfect for ten years, but certainly not in that case, and he took a step back. We did more research and we found our audience with five times more likely to watch online video then the norm, and we decided right then, and there we were going to own our own destiny and we are going afford any. In eight months we launched the debate ivy network, which is pretty and burnt out. Yet it's in retrospect. It's funny that you're, like you, said, sightly head that time, but now, if you like me too, because you know the deal you made with peacock was lucrative absolutely and we don't have to be competitive in the tech space in that regard. Right
features and functionality knew everything else is a party to be competitive then, and now we have the opportunity just really focus on our continent and how that plays out across all religions and platforms for our fans. Gimme, a pig fur, your next big superstar still higher, because I hate to pick a favorite. You know I never want any of our challenge to deal like. Oh dear, no steps at this and so you have that kind of thing, but fares, that's fair, but still give me give me somebody. While you know, I would say just turn to annex ii. Really I mean if you look at it, take overlap and take over the name. What's coming, you'll see the future very clearly wrestling and our assistance to the bumps
They kept kind of going a little crazy and a little crazy. A little creature in the late nineteenth rate began a little crazy, a little crazier and that's kind of kept guy. In that, and now I feel like we ve Plateau, there's only so high. You can go and jump on Japan, whoever like a at some point it just like it. It's gonna die you fifty, that's certainly not the goal. So how do you walk that tight rope of keeping fans, thrilled and feeling, like they've, seen something just now that they've never seen before? But at the same time you've had this evolution, where you guys have done just about everything possible with a wrestling ring, but when we pulled back from the attitude era- and we went back to being Tv Pg, we actually did pull back a lot of those funds as well.
Because they really were getting to be a little bit too much, and the health and safety of our performers is paramount. Without our talent, we don't have anything, and we certainly never want anyone to be hurt. It's supposed to be a show. It's fun it's spectacle, so we did pull a lot of that back, but I think what you'll see is the athleticism has just continued to ramp, so even just that the matches themselves and what the talent can do and the flips and the moves and the holes- and it's just at another level and it ratchets up every single year,
It's funny because people even ask me like hey: do you think you're going to get back in the ring one day and I'm like hell? No, I can't hang at that level. You know it it's going to be so obvious to anybody watching, and you know it's just amazing our talent and I think in every sport right when you look at the athletics and just people are taking it to another level across the board. It's a little like what happened in basketball, the three point shooting where, in the last, like twelve thirteen years, the three points shooting just went through the roof and completely transferring the game. The same thing with the wrestling now you watch the stuff from
eightys, which at the time, why are they knew it? Have the exceptions re like the steamboat savage imagines that address both of those guys we're doing just in general, this treaty, let alone to Paradise, re steamboat savage man seems time compared to the Average Annex ii batch now but at the time it was like. Oh my god. What am I a groundbreaking amazing but yeah? The athleticism have you thought about. You know like how to reduce the work
Claude. I may I know you ve already done that, but there is there. He placed a man down here, not only when, when things get back to normal, ok, how much thought and time and energy have you put into the science of like? What's the right workload for these guys who suffer, I remember talking a paw about a couple years ago to it simply because we keep an eye on you know. What's the valleys of also EU, as this analogy workhorses railway you have workforce, is that you have to be the way to pull them back because left to their own devices. You know about them, themselves into the ground, or what have you like? Aj styles? He would go every day I just go, and but also these parents, they don't lose their spotty the story and once you finally get air in you're, you're part of his big story
want to lose your spot. So it's constantly a balance of trying to do what's right. You know for your performers and also what they want and also trying to keep your storylines going in everything else. So, whether its taking a number of life, a dance off between television, whether its Someone out of the story lying in a saucer bangs took about. I think it was six months, are forty six months ass, sure there are really bad place mentally monk, flash the physical towards the night on told you. You know when you're on the road in you're going so hard all the time. It's it's really hard and also, I think, when your star, you know that in the world to treat you a little bit differently and you can be quite in an interesting experience. But what I didn't know that I actually just learned is that such a went into payments,
Said train with a well known female ressler over their asylum, where I believe it is her last name in such a trained the whole family. Or at least for a good portion of the time that she was gone and just reconnected connected with her love of the business. You know, and I think, learn to set her own her own boundaries. Which is. The important thing is important for everybody in life to know what their own boundaries are. You know the NBA is, though, that to the mental health of their prayers and just gotta be more cognizant of issues. They may go on ethics, social media probably play, a big part of that some people would air a famous person go reader applies for
and you feel like shit after non controversial area. It is I'm a red unlike depressed. Why did I do that? Yeah yeah? It's enchanted the cause! You don't even think of, I think about that with with Toby Toby stars like they have to take some time off to regroup its I'd. Wait. A second response be superhuman juice. Right here I am speaking superhuman Vince fillet how many years, how many years left at this level that is real Mr Clegg. What are the doctors say? What is his doctor say when he goes infrared checking like hey? You can't work a hundred hours a week, anymore, you're, seventy seven, the glue. How many more years does
doing this, seventy five, my bad vents yeah. But I think, if you know anybody who tries to tell him he shouldn't do something it only makes them want to do it more. I mean really, that's that's just the truth of it and he is going to go as hard as you possibly can for as long as you possibly and maybe he's the biology workforce in that regard, this it has brought you buy, ran up, furlongs products Rana Prologues is great because it kills. We, for that farming? Your line? It's got a ready to. Formula that kills the toughest weeds down to the root and one that extends to feet to reduce bending over. So instead of thinking about weeds you can think about whatever you want to think about whether you could poor mustache off, like what are the twenty dumbest trades Celtics have ever made like what kind of personal funny stories you tell late night, torture, Steve! No, you may never get any by limiting show sooner could happen,
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Com to find captain find captain near you drink responsibly, captain spice from premium caribbean premium, caribbean spice with other and other natural flavors. Thirty, five by volume, Captain Morgan Rum Company, New York, New York. Do you see yourself ever leaving the WW? For any reason, are you there for life I think, I'm near for life. You know that I have had finds in my career were reflected in wonder
if I should start away were, or just what a fairly I'm just always pulled back, because I love it so much you don't have wondered. I guess it. You know what I try something different just just because I'm always been in the habit of beauty in and when he tells you something else for or step away from within or what is the meaning of all kinds of internal conversations. All the time when I try that I as the real thing when I think about it, I didn't actually consider it when I try to do in making decisions and try to make it real like. If I may, that decision and I feel regret and I feel loss and those are the feelings that I'm gonna have to be to be with my life, it's been what I have learned
Since I was a little girl since I was watching in the stands, you know never rooting for whole cocoon by the way it turned out him immediately. Always a heel fan always feeling who is your first favorite one paper per? Definitely he was just so clever and funny, and you know the heels I always like the heel. The best piper was certainly it felt like he redefined the hill and did some story to find a lot of things. I think yeah. Do you look back at some other stuff? Like you know, we don't know any better and I think, as a society, we go backwards to my try to litigate. Oh, this is problematic. That was problematic. It's like whatever. This is the way we learn from her.
A module man. Elizabeth thing is crazy to look back. I think, out of all the ones like this, this really toxic relationship and the fans. Basically the crux of it: almost every matches leg, don't be made to her, don't be her and we're all like on pins needles in she becomes a face, basically just because she's in this bad relationship. It's bizarre to look back at but it seemed totally normal. Unlike banking, eighty six raiders is a guy on this is written, and this is our goes. I think if that happened, people would have like a heart attack, probably well. They would want Elizabeth to stand up and slack the crap at a ranch, yeah What are you doing what they would go to happen? First, the first night? Oh yeah. She would thereby allow delivering an visualization says whether my wife by them, but that was the time you what's funny, is when I was growing up. I was actually so happy to see
woman out there. You know- and I was two for different reasons- is an only child teenager yeah, it's like cool, it's not just dude awesome, but you know she was always so vulnerable and so beautiful and she just felt special when she came out and everyone treated her like she was special and people really cared about her and what happened to her and when she was worried about Randy and whatever it was. You believe everything she did. You know she was a very special part of our business. I think people will not believe this, but you can look this up when the Saturday night made event on the Friday. First of all, the love triangle with MACHO Hulk and Elizabeth, which I think was just a seminal television moment in the, but there was a Friday night, mean event, and I think it was to lead up a Wrestlemania three. Thirty three million people watched
an NBC is a a time. Friday event that would be not only the biggest show of two thousand twenty one would be the biggest show by like ten million people- the Harry and Megan Marco Oprah interview If the commissioner, that was seventy million people on Twitter, is very people as the hairy down Michael is just like. I it's really hard to explain. What a phenomenon it became when you think about other competitors that Vincent Van
But now you have a new one aw which that's right, it's smaller, but it's a little grass roots, but they actually have had their shit together. For the most part, they've done some good things. They've broken some stars. My take on all this stuff is always it's good to have a competitor. It makes you kind of leak within try to figure out, oh shit. Maybe we can't be fat cats or maybe what's the best thing. That's happened from having a competitor for you. I think, having a competitor to your point. It always makes you and it's not, that we never had a competitor. We just look at everything is competitive right. Anything that's competing for eyeballs and attention is a competitor all competing against each other, but in terms
of a direct wrestling competitor. I think it just hopefully it's going to make you a better company. It's going to make you re, examine everything that you do and do it to the best of your capability. So I think that it's always good thing you look at stuff like so like you had Dean Ambrose any aw and becomes John Moxley and kind of comes into his own. A little bit more, do you look at stuff like that and have meetings after and like what? What Miss here. Did we do something wrong or is it just? Was this a circumstance thing? Could we have handled things differently or just move on? You don't think about it. Well in his particular case, he was she was leaving anyway, so that you know like. I do believe that was unusual decision, though I wasn't a part of those conversations answer. His case is a little bit different, but
course. I always look at you. I remember back when it was W W and the Monday night worse in the earlier mortality, nor challenge we're getting stripped away and showing on their shell when he knew, I think and taught us a lot about business. You know handshake deals, don't necessarily matter at the end of the day and you need to have contracts. You it'll do business friendly Ngos for some of the key learning enough from that time. From this time you will see where it all shakes out but yes were closed, and we talking you know about how we can be better and what we can do better, because we always the best company that we can be for our fans for shareholders for employees. For our talent, you know that's we want to be the best. It would seem like your biggest competitor right now is tick Tock and Snapchat, which were part of right, but I'm saying like actually the second most popular sports brand on six Tom behind the NBA, so I would have thought you were
yeah. I was just thinking they were to the dance and so we're now at ten point, six million followers and there at twelve. I believe, that's the last dad I heard so we're hot on their deal, because really the biggest competition is eyeball. Stealing, especially like with people fifteen and under yeah, that's the hardest thing. So what's our next move and how are we going to continue to keep your son hooked or you know, people his age or younger? And what is that next? Because it used to be family watching
is what brought the next generation people watching together you. I guess I only tens. I heard I wash my dad. I watched my grandmother. I did idea for this family watching, but now all have their own devices. You also hear gamers, ray and and they'll be playing a heavy and they'll call themselves football fans, but they ve never watched a game on television, but they believe themselves to be offended by the merged. Did you all these different things? Since you know it's just a totally different bodies and- and you have to make sure that you are and where they are when they want your video games, I bet you, I'm sure you ve some people in the actual products just from peoples
playing the video game. Who probably didn't know anybody in the game. It's a great game! Yeah I was thinking as I was nodding to one of your answers that there's this twitter thread about Vince and I don't know how much of it was apocryphal or not, but it was like quirky things about Vince and one of them was that he hates when people nod is that true, true, it is true because he feels like it influences the room someone's talking and someone starts nodding. It's like. You're going to influence the room one way or the other you shouldn't, influence the room. Let people think what they want to think. So, that's true, that's true. What are some other? I mean. That's like a great quirk, who hates Notting it's the first person I've ever heard, is like an idiotic, but that totally makes sense yeah he hates sneezing hate sneezing. That's also true, because it's involuntary and he cannot control it.
Has amazing, so he hates when he sees or he hates when anyone sneezes. I think it's really anyone, but especially when it's in are there food that he hates or I see one of those people only eats like three types of things: yeah, he really eats so clean. I mean she will get into like some junk back in the eighty s he used to love. This is gross, but this is just nasty he would eat. I think it's nasty he would eat Oreos with squeeze cheese. You know that easy cheese and it out of the can cheese and a can just sounds bad anyway, and he would put that on Oreo cookies and eat like a bag of it. Unbelievable, that's a crazy court. I never told you
this Vint story. So I went to high school at Brunswick. Oh yeah, that's right! I forgot about that! But Vince. I was just to go to Porto Pinos because it was like a it was like his restaurant and a couple of times. I would have like basketball practice or something like that. My mom would come and she would take me to a quick lunch and a couple of times. Vince was there, and I was just like paralyze the whole time, because it was like part in awe because it's like a famous person, but I saw like being completely afraid of Vince cuz it that part. He is kind of emerged as like it's whatever and be like, oh my God, Vince's eating and then the other one which which, which I have told you is Barbara, TAN and Stanford. The french place, which was Andres place. And there are a couple of times right and there are a couple of times we would go there and when you walked in you could see the bar and they would be this bar with, like four seats, maybe
and just this little nondescript bar and then you take a right go to the dining room and there are a couple of times you walked in and he was sitting at the bar, but he was three times the size of the bar. So it's like this little tiny, cute bar, but Andre is filling two thirds of it just sitting in one store and it was it was, ass they like paralyzing, you don't need me out, I don't even go up and ask for an autograph chasms argue is its. He wasn't several forms like six ten, but with he was sent for afraid, I'm afraid to at one point in time I mean he may have just know everything but yeah. Yes, you used to see him in there all the time right. Well, he took me to dinner years and my first, family dinner day was with Hungary, and I was about fourteen,
and I remember walking into the restaurant in saying in similar fashion and I sat down and he starts laughing both for lunch, and I said what he said Andrea. He goes everybody in here. They think I'm a dirty old man and I was like no, I do not oh yes, they do That's really funny, could you understand half and he said so. I could I had this we're with Andrea, and I had this very strange sort of beautiful connection, and you know I hate the reference self in our business. In my father, you can just the stories returning right. It's very polarizing,
people either love it or they hate it, and maybe not even for good reasons on either side, and it was the same for me growing up and sometimes people you know hated me just because of who my dad was or they loved me just because of who my dad was, and it always bothered me right so judgment and that's to life, but it always bothered me- and I saw it happen with Andre, just people, judging him barking. Am staring at him, not always in the nicest of ways, and I guess I asked him when I was around seven years old and I asked him if it bothered him. And I don't think anybody had ever asked him that before and he kind of looked at me- and it was the beginning of this really beautiful friendship, and I could I could always understand him, even though he had this very deep voice in the French accent and everything I could always understand him and we we honestly even need to talk very much
Amazon. So TAT was one of the reasons why he took me to dinner. Was we just had a special friendship and everything, and some of it was just grouse, but I I had to eat it. I had to try it. You know I was. I was so fall and just not dealing with all the time. So, when you actually were in storylines in your travelling, like the rest, were re new doing you Jesse. You in whatever a story storyline was and you're on the road and you're going from Boston to Chicago wherever. And you were living the life was that something you were like. This is fun I'll. Do this for six months or you're like holy shit, this might be called my life. I loved every second of it, because I was always kept away from the in ring side of our business. So ever since I was about
fifteen I've interned in our company in some form or fashion. I mean I modeled merchandise, when I was, I don't think I ever got paid for, which was part of why and my house is actually always used for all the production, shoots and everything. So all of that was always happening around me and I loved it. I was always so fascinated by it, but so I was working in the office and I would work the reception desk and I still have people numbers memorized and I was a golfer in various different departments, but I was never allowed on the road and Shane was my brother was, and he was a part of the ring crew and he was earning his stripes, but in a totally different way, and I always wanted to go on the road. I love our business and I love the creative of it and I'm fascinated by the psychology of it and the storytelling and how it actually works. And if you,
I don't know if it's just a proximity or whatever it is, but the buyer crowd. There is just nothing like it and it is like a shot of adrenalin every single time to your heart. It's not because of the adrenaline comes because of the but there is more like the roar of the crowd. You know that there really just isn't ends. That's where I was born to be is actually really hard for me to come. The rat. You could hear too, when you, when you went evil a couple times every year. Is it like you fried that it must be equally well? I love it. I love being here because I get it you were, everybody thinks I am yeah. Now everybody s yours, I am, you know, spoiled the rich bench daughter of many men and nine justino, but whenever I get to play that role
and not only that, though, because my character has the business smart too right, so I'm going to stick it to the performers, I'm going to stick it to our fans in as many ways as possible, and I'm going to talk down to you. While I do it, it's just fun that was such like a pivotal. We point when basically comes down to Bret, Hart punching vents, but then Vince realizing like oh yeah. Bit out on their punched him. The famous bra, like I, have much our job but Vince realizing how we should work this into the show and the red, and that leads to one of the best. I don't know three or roads in the history of the company, but then you get sucked into it. The whole thing it's almost We were the original reality show seriously.
How are the osbornes? Now all that stuff, before the as yet weakens came like eyes, came out from behind the curtain, it was sound and then and then wait here, the family and all I got there. All I'm saying It's funny, because when I was growing up, Vince was just a guy who Saturday matches and I had no, I didn't we what have I got? Another backstory, you even when he bought from his father and all that stuff? I still didn't wasn't until like Tuesday night Titans, where it was becoming clear, he was kind of in charge of things. But up to that point I just thought he was like the announcer and how did you feel about Susan? I watch it every week, some of the great tell about some of the great greatest television all time. The thing was like
This is about you talked about being earlier stuff like he saw the cable tv peace really early, and we realise I gotta be the other promotions I'll be on cable before they are then was able to use USA another the other place I was doing it was. The NBA near Ba was like here again here and the opportunity for advertising knew everything else and me he really. He really is a visionary and has been in the future with regional wrestling promotion and made it into this global media empire. A few. Well, you know, that's still go. He still growing in is hopefully set up furs. Six ass. You know four for quite some time,
It certainly has a lot of staying power. Thus far, have your kids watch the universe where he gets mad at the interviewer, yet, like TAT, Bob cost us any surprise them. Then I remembered so focused on one of the areas in person, the organ contained when I was in person and actually really edited young, we have the full footage. Yeah, you guys type every interview you do, because we have to learn from that experience and others, because if it's not live, people can chop it up. However, they want and they tell whatever story they want. You know, so it almost seems like my dad's reacting to some benign question and just going over the top, but that's not at all what happens but yeah with box process. I remember I was watching from home, like oh, my god,.
Do any of you, kids trader. Do you have that one can assume? I ran bunches little bit slightly. I hope kid who tries to test them and see if you can make a man on the other in our old man in her heart she loves to which they can. But since I first she wouldn't sleek. When you try to change her as an infant, she would turn purple. She was so mad and archer back off than changing table by the time I finished, changing, retired, better but yeah. I hope that they all have the best qualities from from all of us that nasty and dry
take no kind of attitude, that's going to get them very far in like it might be very hard as a parent and a little more challenging, but I think it's going to really set them up for success. There is something about him. I've had a couple of meetings with them. He likes me, so I'm a good standing with them, but I've been on a couple of zooms with them too and like whatever and there's something authoritative about them that I can't fully describe where about which one my husband, no vents. Okay! Well, I wasn't sure yeah where your husband has other stuff cuz he's gigantic. You know what a mess of them Vince there's something about the way he carries himself that you kind of you're always changing on what his and I don't really understand how he pulls it off, how he does it. He can just be sitting there in a zoom screen and his face can be doing nothing and you just kind of look at I'm like waiting for something
bizarre the only other other person I've ever felt. That was was David Stern, where they, who is totally different than Vince, he was was little short. You know really super smart guy, but he was always like calculating judging an you ended up like she's kind of changing. I what his reactions were it. So it's a weird ceo quality. It is, but I know exactly what you're talking about. I have felt that there are many times and wondering you thinking frail quiet, quiet most of the time you get in, like. Oh did I do something wrong or what was that good? Was it bad? I don't bad Well, maybe an anti nodding thing, maybe because he doesn't not maybe you're constantly your heels. Alright. Before we go quick predictions for the next two years of WW, because you locked on peacock, you have fox,
Nikon a super agent is a board running stuff. It seems like everything is set, but yet you just said earlier: Vince always tries to be a little bit ahead. It seems like everything's lined up, but I know you guys are probably up to stuff. What are you looking at? Well, there's a couple of new deals: okay, they're going to be announced soon, but I think international is going to be a vote for us, so really replicating what's been successful in the states and what we launched the UK with an extensive gay with local performing centres and talents and content in seeking to basically creating all of the business models that we have here vote with lawful tell in she markets and then in alternating. If you think about what that would mean, we really can create our own world CUP right. What, with these different countries, ultimately competing against one another? A you know. Do you have stars that then ladder up enter into ruin smack down? Do you have you know how to
Talent then seen through the whole system within its it sort of recreating what was the original model. But it's all you know about me that EU aid in all over the world we ve had the most extreme results with India with that right, where you re reading local people, who potentially one of them, could I ascend and become somebody who's here in America. So we just produced a local well, it was produced in the states because of a covid restrictions, but it was a show specifically in partnership with Sony for the indian market and we call it superstar spectacle and we don't have enough of the Indian. Surely you know from our various chance that we ve done yet to do is show all on their own and their offer not begging stars. Yet so we brought in a lot of our current stars as well. We had a local bollywood crew because of the technology that we're utilizing in our residency, where we have
the famous group is brought in nearly a thousand virtual fans. Every night we actually brought in only indian fans, so it was an indian only audience and really produced for that local market. So there's lots of opportunities and technology. Only only enables that further, what are the biggest countries you're looking at India? Is there at the top three yeah? Absolutely, I think, India, the Middle EAST, any English speaking territory for sure in Latin America. Alright, Wrestlemania two parts this weekend Saturday, the cliff hanger, is the women's match and then that's and then Sunday. I like how you doing this the two partner, because Reza honestly that I went to the one in New York, it was like
I think it was like twenty eight hours is very low. I woke up. My contacts were driven to my eyeballs. There were five more hours of matches, so I think the two part thing is smart, because it's hard for the crowd to keep, the energy. After I would say three three hours and ten minutes. It's super hard, it's hard when you're at the event, it's hard, even when you're watching at home, it is the long show so yeah. I do. I like the two night format as well, and it's added value. You know value for our fans and then we'll see what we do coming out of the pandemic if it remains two nights or goes to one, but there's no shortage of things to do. That's for sure all right. This wasn't that bad right, your first vs appearance right at it was like an hour. It was fun. It was great to see you thanks for coming on great to see you too, so you're not going to be in Tampa. So I hope I get the some person too yeah, I'm not going to be in Tampa, my son was really bad about it to it. Actually cause legitimate stripe in my house, but I
all this traveling for my daughter for soccer stuff and I couldn't do the Wrestlemania and then it turned into a whole. You like her more than anything which We had our gas yank aghast, yeah a lot of easy jogging with the children. Anyway, it was good to see you good luck to see it. Thank you so Well, that's it for the podcast coming back Sunday night talking masters, spell MBA and Wrestlemania reactions looking forward to it, don't forget to check out fairway rollin on Sunday night, as well with all the master stuff and enjoy the weekend enjoy. All the tv see on Sunday
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