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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to talk about the Boston Celtics' downhill tumble and how we got here after penciling them in for the Finals last summer, the Lakers-LeBron soap opera, and NBA commissioner Adam Silver's concerns for the new generation of players.

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Today's observable summits, the bill, the rare on the Ringer network, brought to you, as always bizarre, prefer you know it's smart. Talking for an hour with Adam Silver, I think this modest person. I know I did that at the summit Conference in Boston on Friday. Turning now to run this as pakistani clemency embedded. It man that, due to smart, you noticed this Margo disappeared I'm Slash bs tyre, the right people for your business, their technology identifies people's rights, goes fear. Job actively invite some to apply. Get qualified candidates fast track. Zip code for free had separated, icon, Slash B S zip code is the smart. Swayed ups to hire. Meanwhile, the new Microsoft surface, Pro six can help. You get things done, whether on the field or running a business. Take bran Iraq PO and make a Griffin two former felt him into of open a cup cake shop with the surface,
how did you do everything they need from setting schedules to create and promotions for social media in designing new? waversplus light superfast great battery life, Brian and Michael, are proving you can tackle all your passions with the power and the speed of the new surface. Pro six were also brought to you by the world's greatest website the ringer dot com, the standard bearer for all websites we have. Let's see we have had. Sometimes I just like order, the ringer gone. How do we do all this great stuff? O Kevin? Okay, es, wrote about. What's really the matter of the south takes that happened, Ben Limburg and Rob Arthur get their hands on seventy three thousand. Never before seen Emma be scattered reports. That also happened. There's a tree young celebration happening in the rear can read that as well in January, about Amazon Dish in Europe, but how the big apple isn't giving up.
So easily gotta get set out the Yankees Zack. Graham, he wrote about them. Why didn't they get any free agents He's gonna tell us check all that stuff out of the rear dot com chick at the Ringer Pakistan work as well, where we are our greatest mother month. Forty two million downloads Jesus he has like podcast coming covered up whereas I turann reseller about are weekly chat. Colluding a Boston, celtic stuff because just the Boston for a couple days and actually went to the game on Wednesday and talk to a lot of people at the conference and have a lotta thoughts on that of the South EAST stuff that Arabs overnight talked about Future League Kyle. Did at any good suggestions for a title for the main reseller package jag at some good ones. Any any classics. I really like the Sunday night aren't be filled.
Seems a little Sunday being here. As president nobody wants it mass holes and staff. It doesn't even sound right. I was thinking about costs both bartender at some point, our labour calling it the double shift I thought that might work. I don't know we can talk to her so about it. That's how coming up a first are friends for project I know I'm right now, fresh, a dramatic appearance and jailing Jacobus Ride reseller. We do this every week we still do not have a name for it. Kyle has the names I wrote down. He mentioned a couple of them right for restarted, but at some point we're name in this. How are you monsieur, I'm good,
hotel in New York. So a couple days here get up tomorrow, Man jail and get up large. Are you in jail and I'm jealous dare to do my corner I feel like. I feel ass if I start doing something else where it's like. I watch again of different company. You made a real quick eye, A couple suggestions, Mascot Bob Was- was pretty strong, mascot bar yeah. What does that mean Massachusetts? Select the mass our mascot bar really get. It is a gear established Celtics homer everybody thinks I am. They don't really realise how little I care sunrise. So oh, no, I mean it made played as branding everybody thinks. It's a celtic spot anyway, I was saying I thought the double shift could work, because we both bartender caught the double shift
it's over double shift obscure, but there were left in it the better Barton. Yea if we can come up with one anyone listening just just tweeted Kyle at times at time, shady three hundred sent of a mask Abbas pretty yet but you're not from Massachusetts. So that's weird know you As from New Hampshire. I don't know a we talked about twenty years ago, I nearer somewhere New England, I'd, say one in seven chance a guessing. I wasn't born there, but I mean I grew up there, my families from there now, Sir Blount, like thirty years, we were both their last week and I hate to start this back ass with the subjects, but I feel like we have do you have to I one of the most fascinating and stunning and just shocking stuff. Is that I can remember not with Boston Sportsmen and Basque about have this franchise. That, say as late as September October, if we're doing a draft pick of which Emily
eighteen situation. Would you want, I think, the south? It would have been the prohibitive first pay maybe Milwaukee. Any of us would have been the only other contender, but I think they would have been the first pick. If you could just steel anyone franchise situation heading for the next five to ten. Who who'd you wanna, be people to pick the suffix. You have young ass You almost just made the finals without carrying and Hayward coming back you about these draft picks man. Thing is coming up roses and then we get to last With the sun conference, there see of just a tiny mba people, their celtics Three home games Monday was there are whence they Friday Sunday and they lend a blue into them, which is it a surprise to anyone who follows the same, but the thing that shocked me Talkin adjust. Everybody is everything is in place now for this summer, where, before oh they're, going they're gonna get a day really go forward or they might not get a day, but their stone good shape theirs.
A scenario where they're just rebuilding this summer where Kai relieves, Orford ops out, starting this over its two thousand fifteen again, I just This belief what what does your take on the reboot scenario, which is now an actual scenario for the south extent there? So many different scenarios here you know site. I want to try to not do more. One So, if you just ask me that the reboot thing going to get Kyrie away from this, and I do think that it will be a blessing in disguise down the road, and I know people this will it always just cause you guys like him now. None of us is, I never really quite Newark. Irey was gonna, be in his own team is leader anyway, my instincts two years ago, when you wanted to Cleveland that great so little league scoring in wind, like thirty to thirty five games, and then because it was ass, it was Stevens and its aims and it just a good franchise. Despite the disappointment this year, you kind of folly Ok, maybe he's he's capable of something else, and with his knee injuries at this age
I think, not having to pay him. What you're gonna have to pay em may hurt and hate losing the asset for nothing, but I think it's gonna be something that's gonna be be an appositive. How I feel about it today. Maybe I'm too caught up in the fact that he can't seem to get it right anyway. To be a leader and is literally not wired that way, because I don't think the other guys respect him. Is an all on him either, because there's a lot of guys individually. I've been pretty disappointed with, but if the These things not gonna happen, because you can't treat a peace now to carry his laugh because you can do a year with him. I went for not wanting to you that either is our whole play was like. Will convince people once they're here and say: ok, diligent work with this guy, going to try it again with a guy with one last year, yet it may make most sense of just going ok. This is now Tatum Team and you need to be the aggressive guy that we see in sports somehow disappears and will see or because you know Maybe it's moving jail for somebody else, but I do know what his value is now. Even though, is coming back around I Stan why they would do. But it's so far away from
filling them in facing the warriors back in October. It's just a crazy it. Just how sports reminds all the time that we just so many times at things happened you never thought of to happen and it just to completely dramatic summers. I talk to. I talked to a bunch of south export did people, but people that work for them and then people just to our perfectly attached. Can't remember another situation in mind if time, at least with the Boston team, I'm shirts apple. Another teams were people I just so stunned by has something played out. You know where it's like. Not only do people not really have answers for what's happening, they kind of Can't believe that this has happened. You know where, where recognition is sports fans, expect. Anything in any scenario makes sense in my given the brand onto the Lakers and they're not gonna make the past now, I'm not sure by. That is that there were a lot of red flags from the gecko. I'm shocked by
how unhappy this celtic situation is and also how willing people seem to be just two said the idea that carry might leave this summer. In that it's ok, I think I'm crazy. That is compared to where we were in October and then even like a month ago, where the this time. The next I've started come out. He certainly like asked me, shall I first in the game It is rationalism like what we will do it now. We have worry about this, and now in the course of a month. It's, I guess, maybe they're, probably better off. If he believes this might be a bet. Situation than paying this dude five years. Two hundred billion dollars or whatever it is to be just the happy leader of this under achieving team, and then you trade everything else for a d and then he leaves in a year now all that's left just unhappy. Cairo like that sounds like a nightmare and nightmare was just not being used with the self esteem fur really the last three years.
Because even when it was disappointing, a lot of it had to do was with their standing in the east, because Milwaukee clicked, they ve, been great defensively, yardstick, attuned, even further level, and then Toronto replaced where were the great player and other guys step up around them. She ok, you know and Philly still good, despite some of the concerns have about them, and here this basis, team still imagine if they lose the papers in the first round of the painters, follow the foreseen in the Celtics loosed the papers about all the depot in the first round. You have it, but I'm open to it. Now, here's the thing it's realistic yeah and by the way, is something that, over and over again over the years in Basque eyes happened. Will you have the UN, between that has a ton of talent playing the team missing. Somebody that's over achieving but actually place well together not betting, on the unhappy with talent. In that situation. We have seen that too many times, and I think you know the celtic state the first Twenty gives our tenant. Then right
and then they started playing better and there are these stats. I think there were like twenty five and nine over the next thirty four, something that you there's a thing. Like December. First on they had the second best rating there, the second US record in the fruit, and likewise a man like. Why do they feel you disappoint me? Yet they vacuum in playing better while anybody else like doesn't even make any sense, even though one people that's what it said, it was right, but You kind of look at those games a little more carefully, just even than that. Twenty five and nine stretch their last him walking thirteen. They lost the Houston by fourteen. They lost the San Antonio by nine. They beat Philly, but in overtime, in a game that easily could at last they lost the back. The Back Miami Orlando Broken Games, which is a bad sign, basically their best winds,
are, they lost the Golan state might be Toronto, and that gave me to iran- and I was like the one where I thought: ok, maybe it's finally happening, and then they immediately losses. Somebody bad, I think yeah. So the basically they three best winds were Toronto Filipino Tee and they beat ok, see by five but then you go to this latest stretch where they lose. It did the to allay teams. They barely beat fill in war was one of their better games, and then this creates a crater. For the last hour Cobb weeks, but the schedule is getting harder. As my point as the sketch about harder, it kind of broke. This team there last a close one of my lucky to get killed by Toronto. They lose it Houston will now have a roadshow coming up at gone, stayed at Sacramento at the two l, teams home for Sacramento Homefront Atlanta that's playing really well home for Denver at Philly Charlotte, where they always either lose or almost lose that's kind of a gauntlet and
if things are crater now imagine what they might be. You know halfway through that was cause road trip. This might be become a full fledged dumpster. Fire is my point, the imo rules on paternally over because here's the other thing to his. Despite what we thought, this team would be gone states I against the Rockets, and it felt on warriors like for a long stretch and IBM baffled after the games. Why? How can then? How can they not play off and now for the four game and half like what the hell's going on, but I can always go back to you know what, though, I've seen this group figure it out before I have never seen this group figure it out so right now, I've got a girl and there's lineups that kind of work where dead. This line up that begins. The fourth quarters J wooden Tatum were both out there with Thyssen Roget air and I think the and they And a play altogether and looks: ok, they have allowed a lineup said just don't play well together and more in the biggest thing. If you want to super nerdy about it, Marcus more. Has been horrible, the last six weeks, and he
really over. I thought the first three months. If you look at the way he played the first three awesome. This is like a borderline all star contract year. All the signs that it might Ben Sustainable. I think this team made two huge mistakes from a roster standpoint. One is that they, absolutely Roger Kevin Oconnor reported threaten the ringer that there were very close to them. The phoenix which I had heard from but I'd heard rumblings about really for all a training camp, and the battle was over, the protection of a packing, whatever Danny wanted and whatever I am, I don't they just couldn't agree and the protections that trade false through Phoenix protects, pics apparently apparently Phoenix said some sort of semblance of sanity. For what I like, the way you can protect him yeah, like other, had so that we can call you back. We just found out about this but I think, trading Roget really would help this time, and just
uncluttered around. In the other thing, the other mistake is they clearly should have traded Morris like in January, because it would have In addition by subtraction lad, who is now the case against obey while we need em, is such a good defence appeared, but really like the guy, it's kind of a black hole. And I say that respectfully, I think he's a good guy to have in a play off series, but he's a black hole in you. Have him out there you have taken Was kind of a black hole you have carry whose definitely a black hole in those regions. Together. It's it's like. No wonder the barbarism of its kind, illogical right all is in I've, never huge moors, twins guy, because I feel like they talk a lot for guys. I haven't really done anything. You know. Marcus is terrific. This year and I didn't expect him to sustain that. I have to know what was available in a trade forgot its expiring anyway, but which team is treating you a peace that makes sense you bet it. Maybe can't even get anything. Maybe it's just like you gotta a pic slap in the first ran. Are you get? U turn him into,
Your body like the point is and by subtraction trades, actually made a lot of sense of this team verses, just the hope at eleven guys would all be happy together. I don't think that's realistic religious. They need to figure this out. Is the bar work. Irey, it's not on him like some guys trying to, They stuff for my cache guy still haven't figured this Alec everytime. You go public with this and trade. Front negative spin on it just makes it worse, but there's too many nights where I see Tatum peer and yeah. I don't know if that's with Brad like them whole point they nobody watch. Tatum is rookie year in the class going here. She is not nearly as good in his second ear. That's just not what supposed to happen somebody did not look as good as he looked and that's been addressed, Esther in jail and brown. Like I understand his frustration some place, he made it that into that Portland game as I he might be. The only one out here, fighting and inquiry screwed up twice. Got everybody in and they give em easy. One back. Marcus takes another terrible shot, mini markets, our offer with awful awful shot
But you're around I mean you you're in the city longer than I was this. Is just miserable, but guys are kind of waiving the I wouldn't Even though the white flag, but the tone, summers I hear is: they're just resigned like this is just gonna be a bad year. Drunk you would have to beat a venture talk yourself into you know what actually could see this working out. There's no evidence there's no evidence of it now and I think they ve been the southeast China has been all look if you think this is bad. You should have better in two thousand and ten and two thousand twelve of our great you, you Toby bad chemistry, and then we fit this which went on and we're fine? It's I gave up the two thousand ten team. Had Rondeau, whose great men he was they in their Cleveland says he was the best player in a series with Lebron James and think about that cagey, who is still a top twenty five guy at the ed, probably the end of his prime, but still
you know a relator relevant Adele and they have been so already wanted aid one title together in the year, after their. That team is even better, though nineteen and they had a pedigree. This team does never pedigree. They haven't, they said but young guys, who think they should be doing it. But really you know probably should a lasting walkie if they market has a normal coach and that serious last year does Boston get by them if coach bud, in that series, Asters walk, you lose the boss, the master should Philly of last Abbas them, sure deletion of loss to them now that was also funny about is like for the love for all four Brad Stevenson. I'm going do people realise what rosters right now, it's a rookie in Tatum, a second your guy in jail and who wouldn't even know if he could make outside shots who's been yeah, credible rosier who looks terrific, who I still was. I ok, he really a starting point garden of the that's really good and horrified who is a match up guy now a whore can exploit certain people and other Times union.
Get that he's out there and I'm not knocking hoarfrost, that's reality of who is a player at this point and to have that team. A couple buckets away from playing in the NBA finals. That's incredible speaks to how bad the east is, but really speak too. How disappointing that Philly Series was still has, could not closed those games and they had the two best players that we think like at the time you going Well, if you want to accuse the third and then all of a sudden, it seemed to be that now everybody in Boston was really good yet wait a minute. How did that happened because they're not here- and I think and I would say the package last last spring, I thought Philly was better and they just couldn't figure out they just didn't really totalling over. They worry and added that their very well coach, but you nothing about their banality. Three. His foot is two inches back. They win that game and then I don't really know what happens and that serious after that, right they probably when game foreign who thou those deftly more doubt more. Like all those guys, you're young and you go. Oh, it's not like they're losing, so the youth
jazz year on year, fifteen with their guys right. This is their losing to another young, supposedly less talented team. So I think that's a good transition now into the Brad chirping right How, then, are you worry with the president. I want to tell you where would the President read after this break? let's take breaks talk about Hulu Hulu paying some the whigs best players a lot of money to some crazy staff, Joe out changes. They came from the press, Ass Joelle, Joel Hulu has lab sports and beat Damon Leather gotta tattoo. That says who has lived sports clearly, the way you know that who has lived sports Hulu perceived to be offers sixty plus and undermine channels, tons of shows and movies exclusively let us give it a cable switched over the past, live tv from the forty five hours month, watch your favorite teams, biggest games, our seas and when they came required watch on the go and on all your favorite devices, research.
In the pilot more Hulu Dat commune. Ass. It can be an Hulu this week. The ringer didn t you show for Hulu yeah. I think I'm buying news right now could lose case could be mad at me, be a get hullo. This because there's a ringer show on Hulu that's gonna, launch made. We come back and tell you what it is you have to find out. Pack asked, but I put this way if you like That's all. You may be happy yeah, so check out Hulu, Dotcom, hullo where the rear might have a show. This week I would say: there's a one hundred percent chance chicken up, let's It's a sign blame here for the celtic season. Sorry to keep talking about some things, but I swear. This is other than the Lakers tobacco which we can talk about a bit. This is by far message thing a subpar right now this is the thing I think everybody in the leg is watching, which is complete, this belief and then also wondering shit if it can't work
gear. Maybe there's just no way that I've ever make a long, sustained run work in the NBA cuz. You think about, like golden state that I had a five year run right they had to really flunkey. Things happened during that run, to sustain it where they have been able to play at an exceptionally high level. Now for five years, one was the staff curry contract. He was the most underpaid superstar, the last fifteen years right when these they sign up to ethical. It was for forty plus, yes, for it was like eleven may be: eleven and a half a year. He had the bad ankles sighed out his deal and now they this guy, who should be making thirty million dollars, is making twelve z quiver of in the. Fell when you have like Patrick Mahomet, making five million dollars years, just like the biggest gift. You cannot see that, on top of it The second gave for the summer of two thousand sixteen the cap for the first time in the true. The league just goes to some crazy number and ever gobs of money is spent in the rant falls in their lapse.
In that allows them to have I've year run, that's really meaningful, really matters. I dont know for everyone to see that again, and this is one of the things I talked about without observer at the sole conferencing on Friday. With the way this you spelled now with the constant Claire Movement and guys jumping from here, and I'm not a hundred percent happier, maybe about I'll, be happier over there in just the way this is our heading. I really five years is gonna, be the max. We ever have four run. They D think point guess, and look at dodge you're gonna be together for twelve years. You think citizens and indeed are gonna, be they gather for twelve years. I think you ve a five, it's America. So let's start there with that like it. Is it just even realistic to think you can have a dominant semi dynasty at this point. No, I don't think it is at all, because I mean the other thing that I think you and I are very early on, if not first, which is running down the list of top players that are unhappy and
I thought we were first than that. I feel this is This is a very new thing. It's a very deep I d really isn't happy and golden state yeah where he had me Happy did I do I wasn't having ok see, but if you're not happy and golden state like what part socks, all the open shots, not having too much pressure on you playing with two shooters ever winning all the time wedding. Getting get MAX money in a good city like one sorry man that sucks right, that's ridiculous! I what I watch game. Six of the ok see words did as sixteen recently and men was again. He just watching Paper that game and decide whether is happier now because every single time at the He had no spacing whatsoever and two guys clog in the lane, and it it's a two guys who sure that no one would argue
ever seen in the corner just to by himself matters of could ever at ten feet? Basically free space in front of him, so if the rand thinks is unhappy now and then who knows of his unhappy or whatever, and then you look at the Cairo will I mean we? Should we really we? have to assign blame to Heaven, jump in here and do your blame now. Is that it to call blame pie? play empires anything. Oh my god. Blame pie outlets play some blame by I'll. Still that from first take blame pie, The carriage is that they pose game interviews, his chin, demeanor behind the scenes which, by all accounts, is not great. No one doubts about arrival. I ought to say diving, it's extremely fair to say that a lot of its one
situations? You know this happens a lot of time see in it. We ve. I think we ve talked about this, where the guy leaves the tea and then two days later, there's a story with all the staff the beat reporter had wanted his story here, you re going to be the all time. Oh my god, it's really worth many God he's It is a charade earlier looking forward to that article just because it's gonna be so who's gonna do it, but I think I'll have it. I think we should happen as all the other people who have better and the team. There should act. Be like an auction where they are now have to bear that book had threat that story. Ah proceeds go to charity because I maybe they debbie it up. Maybe it's like our. I hear our twenty seven hours tomorrow, stable you get these four I'll. Take these for you
the one hundred zero ha boy. They have twenty anecdotes and there's a draft law. They prevent Comcast Sport, the seven our show hosted by tab current its if carry the best reason framed this day would be to avoid that story. I think it's that great. I hate I hate that toiling in the whole gossip see, but look bad. Teams really unhappy, and when I was at the game Wednesday, you know caught the TIM Duncan test. Where Eads go see this, there's a written about this in the past and that because of Duncan those tee, is always had this camaraderie around them and he was just so inclusive and hear every time out. He had his arm around somebody's talking to somebody his fists bump in people here, up and people in the ass. It's like it was very touchy, feely team, cagey was like that to eat the penny
Kind of team use by cagey also had that effect. I think on teammates certain guys just have it in the Celtic. So the opposite. The Celtic say it's like what was the Red Sox team. That was the twenty five: Paris. Twenty five cabs was at the severe radio tax gatherers, wrote that yeah that was dead first on one. These guys as soon as the game is over, they just want twenty five different ways and I think that's what the Celtics team, I think it's a fifteen cabs. Fifteen prayers the team. I dont like car services, fitting fifteen car services. They are there funds? Are Casey what about it in his peace today, the latter last year a lot of people talking lotta jabbering letter, but ball busting? Other happened this year it like a morgue. Apparently I write behind the bench. I sat right behind the first row. That same now, my Geier? So I was, I was on in front of our here's. The thing you can't hear thing,
You can't hear yet has their blasted me as it does the right age a bomb or twenty years ago is so much better. I could hear every Patino insult of every player, everything a board it back then, and I bought a single ticket for just the Patino experience yeah I was in town, I go. This is way too much money, but I want to do a full blown Patino experience ours is just the way the guy's a bristle as he yelled at them. He talked to them like it was a junior high tech. Hours was embarrassed, what was the body language like right behind the bench while give you two highlights. I think when they thought coming back there. They were trying to and therein do, and maybe they were into isolation, say pretend right that yeah fair, but there was the camera caught it carry with a dash of Tatum, as he came out and I am totally ignore them and its. Easily was just that he didn't see him yeah, but I'm going if you ever had footage of this
the others they up there. You go, doesn't respect him and I'm not even sure what that was. The best, though, was Cairo. One point decided that he just sit on the table, so not the scores table, but there's a table were theirs. These four seats that are kind of behind the bench near than the table runs down guys, get stretched out in front of it and carry for a structural nobody's gonna, sit on the table, she wasn't even on the bench and some guy A really quite a moment jumped from behind was like hey carry I'm next fan. We care wait ticket you this summer and it was a totally out or now rebutting like a couple guys. Did turn around and look at how little state- and it was the guy. EL, the for maximum. You know volume because no one else was saying anything. So my dad yesterday in his fucking miserable, they just tax they may like all my god. This is so bad. And, as you know, my dad, Forty six year season ticket order by the way it's we're trying to figure
at dinner and Thursday. I think he's like in the top ten of longest tenured season ticket. Others he's in the third row Red and the aisle with the direct shot of the bench and, as you said, he can hear anything, but you watch out everybody's interacting. He could see the boy the language- and you pick up a lot of stuff, you could pick up whether teams happy weather teams angry whether the team is just not getting along whatever he said there this one part yesterday today were decided he was gonna, give jail, embrowned advice on something, and he was just just gesturing in kind of time being light the big brother time. What to do any. Said jail ever have smouldering any was leg is like. Ass. He fell a jailer. We should stand up near the shovel approaching as I have now there is like I've been going these games these seats all these years. I've never seen leg just a weirder interaction between two debates: it up again
The boss himself is there, but here. Do the blame pie that subway empire but carry at the top, because if you do, this whole leadership. You guys don't understand what it takes thing over and over again and you're, not playing defence, and you know your basically picking and choosing the Baha routine and then all of a sudden last five minutes you're turning it on and have been sustained and watching you anyway, or to guy I mean he's not an undisputed tops six seven player without the Dallas. You went to the poor thing, and that was the shocking thing to me: shocking, the Portland fans. This is this once the Portland Blazers Blog would say, blazer, but suddenly, thereby like that, show called the outsiders with those kids that are just like, let's just there their minds, Eliza, I'm job. They basically gave these three kids and I'm com. Kids concern the twenties, but the passion is just pilots ablaze. I look up blazers body blazers
age, bladed azure? Did you see that before? I should have said? Yes, because I just get distracted by these keep kids like I watch unopposed gay once I'm, YO dude he socks and was also so. This could be a post that edge Third was better than carry, and it wasn't like he's better in this game is actually just better is easy like us, he's just has more command quarter by quarter of what he wants to do how he does it, how he uses his teammates, how his teammates play off him interact with them all that stuff. I was not prepared for their rights. I really what you think is firing at her Lilla going into that game. I didn't think I didn't think he was there. I thought he was more talented and I think watch that for four quarters and seeing how Lillard runs the team and always has
balance of when am I getting mine, verses window, I have the kind of get other people involved. It just felt he had complete commanded, the game for four quarters and You can't say that about carry carry floods in and out of these games, and this is why the more or less said this we go the pad the more. I look at this. Why should he was in Cleveland? It was the perfect situation because he's really of float in and out of guy, which is exactly who'd want to pay. The Lebron James doesn't perfect number two guy this guy might take off. Afraid that minutes or you don't have to worry about him for a quarter. That's all I want with the projects you know and either I was just really impressed by lowered. I voted for him for second team all NBA. Last year, he's a lack to be second tee, my bag and this year, and I if you doing a hierarchy pecking order, I think he's gotta be higher than carried out. We think the ass to be
I thought he was better going in, but it was one of those things just why it, and I really watch those two for long stray amnesic as they were locked up head to head, allows the whole gave to our kind of surprised how they did their defence of rotations, but I'm not gonna, say that was a mistake unless somebody explained to me, but there were there, three times. I'm a man there still sticking with carry on lizard here that it is a disaster. Yet again, Hiram Ivy, Miller, cooked them live determined by by the way was I mean I didn't think Willard wasn't better, but it's one of those games where it was so obvious Asia clearly about who is that like from now on into like infinity I don't wanna, hear anybody. I guess who's Celtics body of carry resides in Boston where they go actually carries better. The letter, because he's just you just now, is that whatever the pecking order is his lower and from a defensive standpoint, just a quick aside, those are the type of
guys that have just destroyed the south came all year and you think, like Marcus murder, I do feel like is one of the best ten defenders and the league, but is there's a certain type, a guy that he he can't totally handle, and it's always those smaller regards its Damon lowered its Devon Booker. It's it's a tray on its whoever its those does little shifty three points: shooting Hershey, Jerky, stop and star. Guys is the guy that they can never stop. Now indicated as it had that guy, so won't have to worry about that round. One ran to the way Bledsoe playing, but so whose awful get some last year, I think, will be a problem this year. Again, what's has been great? as has been the greatest listen. I killed that guy in this pact s eyes shot that he was terrible end in the Boston Series and one of the biggest Reasons- Boston, one. And because he was a head case in it. Everything anyway, we taking himself out of a serious. He was
in case he was taking shots. He should then taken. He didn't run the team. Well, he got a totally caught up in that weird battle with rosier that was strange, we're thing about it. She was like at that point. Bledsoe has really done much except ok, him get your buckets We know who he is, but at that point something that I am not trying You do segments that we're not gonna do today, but There is a real and I know how you you'd like will this, but there's a lane of these players that can be so overlooked, because it's just all bad in actuality like they're, probably worth resigning and blood. So like a great example and well- and they got him for an awesome deal- and I actually surprise they sent him this week and actually for food- your seventy million, are extension capitalist, and how well he was playing at the meantime with other teams that had caps based the summer. I really felt leg. Now he's somebody he could a rope somebody into a four four ninety, so that it did Phyllite they got a deal in their contract. So do I
blame by that someone. For me, I'm not ready to put Stevens next. I don't know I'm not ready, for that mean we're gonna sound like a managerial attacking and, like my point would be this. Do you think, there's ever an example of a really good coach was shown. You can be. A great coach has aroused that's really good and they really underperform like it happens, and that's what's happening right now, Yan end, so what's hold on him number to blame pie for me, it would would be Heyward, and I and I say that I'll respect for adjusting keys, I think whatever injury add. This was the come back here and we're not gonna see who he is. Until next year, jacket, bottom issues read the story about him that is going to dive into alive the staff, and I think it might even be guy- might be up the time we read this package that did there's gonna be some illuminating material in material in there. That will make us all feel bad for the kind of years had, but just effect
you're, paying somebody thirty million dollars year? You can't rely on Nathan. Tonight I think, is a disaster. Beyond that you have the bench in and then it's like here's the thing you know right. We ve play basketball, there es. Yank again rang. We play basketball. We noted like when you're minutes, get yanked around, like that. That's brutal, when, when you your guy, has played forty minutes since you were like in the sixth grade right at We point in your life you by one of the two or three best poison your team, maybe even the best where you just forty minutes of aid that set you you're in the new commission I watched my daughter now soccer like she starts. She plays joy it again, that's which is used to if you telling her. You can't play eight minutes in this half, it's gonna fact they're, like she's, not she's. Just talking to
China fit everything into that eight minutes like ages, screw up and so many different ways, and I think we forget that sometimes By now is my biggest lesson for the season is, and I knew it too. I mean a fuckin written about it. When you have, these guys that are used to play in thirty five forty minutes a game and you ll have to in forty minutes in a game so has We would be happy so do Heyward blame but I don't blame him. It's just. He has to be mention number three for me, you're going to be surprised by. I don't think I am cuz. I think he might be my number two, which is more surprising, I'm so disappointed in them. That's my number two watching him in person on Wednesday. First is by ITALY's is like bad like that did cannot dribble
at an mba level and loses the bar all the time on these moves where you know at this point, could be second nature. He's he's got such a good cross over and he's got all these different doktor J moves and eyes now, just get em around the league is just as soon as he starts making his move just just kind of dive at the at the foreign can either poking aware you get in his way or whatever that's where he really needs to work to stop work than the twenty four hours work, any ball handling. He can create its own shot consist of in a way lay bad. I expected from him last year policies overrated, his twenty one he's a baby's, a work in progress, but a few leave. You oughta be leg. On the next superstar I am so issues that have no shoelaces leg. You better be able to put like you'd better, be able to have some. Five point nights severy throughout he's has it so now you got all that was
That was my second by inquiry. Saw you say it surprising. I am not surprised shock is, I think it's right and despite the love for him, you gonna take, games like if you're going to be the guy. We thought you were going to be, which seems like a layup like look what he was doing in playoff games as a rookie, and he had every shot. It seems Our big criticism was that he wasn't taking over games. It's like you, have the most out of anyone take over games and I actually that was on Brad a little bit. My guide, most rather brad- have four or five play calls for Tatum just to let him go I normally we don't ever sit. There really cannot I'm missing. I want more isolation in this game. A lot more one on five, but I thought for his development in his conference. He needed that. So I can't tell if it's just as ball handling ordered something bigger where its k, let's get Jason, is Jason his touches, and there we ignore for long stretches and then, like anybody who the score Hugo okay. Enough of this, like I'm, going to take a bad shot. Even if it's I need to take a shot, and then you start getting to that start getting it at that
me Butler Derek rose stuff where they were just take, turns back. Ok, you shot at twice now. I'm do nothing to do with an off Anthea. Those are things that I see a little bit, so you could actually put down and brought a little book, I'm with you. If Tatum is going to be someone, there can be a one team, which is saying a lot is I always remember. I say it all but there's only like six or seven those guys- and maybe it's not even seven yet so maybe that even stupid is obviously going to be there, but a great now brain and Ingram looks better than him. I never thought I would say that yeah You know Brandon Ingram's got a lot more reps this year with just trying to create shots that and that's they need to figure out how to get tee. It's weird, I d, get Tatum, I feel it he's gotta get eighteen, twenty shots, a game or free trousers. Some sort of combination, like his usage rate, has to go up I want to see where we have, because they're not getting any day
This is in the trade and this might be jewish and where the more wraps and touches he gets the better he is. I don't want to find out when his in New Orleans or in some thirteen like I'd rather finally, now. It's leads me back to the best thing that probably could have happened. This team is carry you know without. With the spray knee out for three weeks. Where are these guys I'll have to step up and they d be up a shots? Unfortunately, he self in that second happened, but I mean you're over at you. You sound your accepting defeat here. There's no there's no fibre In our view that things may be some weird happens here, they get so mad at each other that that's their driving force here now is its anguish and rainy says you know you look at makes his point about Golan state. That is a really good one, where
Instead intentionally went after veterans further role, guys guys who have won and have made money. Or know who they are at this point, their career rights you have good dollar they get here bene MAX guy. He just wonder when a title, then he kind of figures out how it fits. That all dynamic and he's totally fun with it. The Shine Livingston. David West, like they have these its edges Carano. They are like you, look at La Brian and two thousand sixteen when they won the title psyche. Yet Richard Jefferson there who just who, just wants to win and is seen every variation of every basketball situation ever levels on the team to right, yeah Kevin Lomas like I just want to prove that I'm a winner, I'm ok, giving up shots you're asking dude, you haven't done anything yet to sacrifice in that gets really dangerous and ethically seen it with Jane and Tatum specifically here
asking them. The sacrifice be glue guys when they had they stole one approve who they are. You know you'll be like if, if you were at fifteen ten, the zone when you're twenty five and you have a chance to host a show for three hours a day and somebody's telling you look it's better for the station. If you just do these flashes, you just going to have to trust me Just kill these flashes for us you'll be happy, I did say not paid, you know I was like hey. If you want more hours, those hourly in working to create or like it would be a bad idea to work. The board and learning. Use that, and I want Yama tuna, not right. I like what do you mean I go, because if I learn how to do the board enemies next time, there's a bull shifting and on air shift. I won't get the ownership, because I know how to do the board yeah. That's it management workbook jail in Brown is being asked to do the board.
Its pilot rather really more. It's a really small point to make me I'll. Never forget the first time it dawned on me when a gm they were back ratio to Portsmouth in Criswell Escritoire us now with the grizzlies right. You see, the Celtic see was awesome me always To talk to- and he said he was right about this because when you have a team, you know after a con after tat, the rest is guys better know exactly what they are yet and consider blame age because you didn't trade more the pieces. But this is it's not predictable that it's this much of a disaster. But as it's happened, it's not that hard to understand when you of eleven guys that are kind of thinking about what's next, which is also why the Lakers our mess yeah, it's one guy who secure sir, by about another ten. There are worried about, HU there going to be an that's either of vat on a one year deal or a young guy wondering what his contracts can be after rookie contract. So design it's hard to pull off something I think numbers can miss.
Not being of your rounded every day, and you go man. This team, this team isn't, Yeah does even matter what we see on the bench or non it'll, guys, not high. Fighting. Imagine being around it and travelling with them every day make ass. When you know why, then they just silence. That's that that thing that the people who travel there be attains its the silence is what becomes alarming when no interaction on issues put my headphones on an let's get to next That's when you know you're in trouble to clarify something I said earlier when I about in other best thing that could and this team is carries. Brains is need for three weeks. I dont. Obviously don't we I really get hurt a my point. Is its ideas Michael body analogy Sometimes you're. An injury away from being good team, and last year with the with the south. Sixteen I dont think I was there. ES? I really think they actually would have been better off of carry had been in the in the placid did actually would have made the files, I think they almost made. The final is more because
Work is screwed up and they just It took advantage of mistakes and stupidity from the other teams this time around. To something that there are more. I made fun of me about recently on Friday, which I'm gonna get you after this break. Let's take a break. Back about hotel tonight. This winter is an especially good. Time to check them out where they won't take a spontaneous ski trapper escaped a warm beach hotel tonight makes it book a room with one of their last minute deals. There's so many empty hotel rooms out there just waiting be booked, that's how hotel tonight's where's incredible rates there not last resort take place is either they are cool typewriter. Does it actually went to stay at the show, the best years at the perfect hotels, along with sharp, fast pictures are the very need incentives for last minute bookings. He can play playthings
by any guineas and a book in advance, you can join hotel tonight's hd perch programme, the more but better does get. I gotta say you look for me. Hotel tonight is like one of those indie bands that you loved and that's blowing up, and now you kind of nostalgic for the old days people just like, Well, today, had Socrates last weekend was it. Aquila thought about it. The second room, because there is a chance. My son, my come went about tonight. And there were no rooms at a hotel, and I was just like man hotel tonight. It really taken off the two macular. EL tonight. Asean is his that, like a great so feel guilty about blowing up. The thread is one of my favorite apps anyway start scoring It is incredible: hotels, gotta, hotel tonight, Dachau or download the app right now, because it is awesome so copy, years ago there I had this team. I can't member which year was an
who is taxed, I was way you have done it. Every eye was way in my thoughts with it with two who did what he's doing in this one season I came about season he had too many guys and, unlike you, screwed up the shave too many guys and he thought TAT was like the dumbest thing. I've ever said is anybody mean had arrived too many guys we're we're talking about I want I want to have as many good guys that could possibly have on my Gabby if too many this year, but I can be happy Thursday are all going to just two hundred and forty minutes in a basketball game. It's gonna get screwed up, nobody's gonna, be playing the random times of time, the sacrament of shots, your team's out the teams unhappy. I think it was the first. It was the first hard and Howard season at whatever as so length to Morrow into that regime by very hurried away very baby. It does get so too much in we're on the phone and he is
He was so mad. He's like your fucking right. I can't I don't know if you swear, but it was just like a sheet that you're right about this, but that it's so stupid at the mix. Said the judge you shouldn't too many guys. Should it be a problem, but you you write, it drives, became so I saw my pride in his egg cell you're. You too many guys problem. I'm going get him in trouble, as advocate but he was out here too many guys theory kind of interesting. How comes around on your team, and I saw him at the mall- we can talk about that. I started trying to hack alone behind you. Escalator, but I think the too many guys thing is a real thing, because you look at this hour. Last year, where they place. Seven games are seven guys in it in a playoff game. Maybe the eighth guy play three minutes, but the seven guys are playing enough in their super happy the getting there get there. It is there in the max, that's basketball. Eleven now who's happy. When you have eleven Gus.
We think less happy. He just in the weight room, fuckin cranking now he Asia has. He even gets minutes as soon as it comes out. It's like. Are you this not sure of yours We gotta get twenty score, when he gave it s a mutiny and then this weird is like absolutely comes in the game. Disaster yeah you're, almost like hey, tried, try less escapes You know that says that the wrong message for the kids listing the part cast ignore that part of it. Now is the dude and pick up words like settle down. We ve been here for three hours, It's a busy. Her saddle yellow horns, heal its horns by the way great moment in the poorer than game time. Mr copper and taste like over sixty years. I've been abomination is game, but in the second half of the baseline Annie's like fifteen, away. He was a little open in somebody in some, Mr Simon so CANA was is coming at him?
Canada should it said the ties and then was mistaken, as is what's worse, when you play basket, when someone derisively tells you to shoot it, and then you shall you have to you miss it. It's really like these. Its basketball emasculation, especially when it came, to expressing an interim report. I know I know anything. It's not like. I can't make that shot, but finally, they that from Kanner the Celtic should assigned canter about adding so I think the team brothers him, thereby yet my dad's ass it make it like the carnage plain at that point in just have like a bunch of lunatics. You think if the chemist, that there anyway, you was signing a scanner. Is Secondly, the chemistry- worse, I didn't yeah. I do I care could make it even more could make you gonna happen. It just doesn't. Man, he doesn't it doesn't happen. They don't need another bad defence player. I blame blame pipe,
Stevens would be. I would be probably forth for me just cause, oh my, We're still don't blame pie again, we're weedin whenever type, but Stevens fridges edge, is one of the union's. We did a little. Now just like come on come on bread really turned and residency Spock A really that, where Mary I'm ready to move out of red move I'm about ten minutes ago, I guess I replied to this. One are guilty: come on I'm into saying about story right now. Second, best Basque restores the Lakers. And the foreign aid back, Nineteen the play! I act, you think it's underrated. What a disaster! This has been where you you, Come off last season, where you add these two great months without these young people in these assets in Canada actually feel it
the direction. We have two cap spots for MAC Skies, Leubronn and Paul George. They just get Leubronn Leubronn. Has this half a press conference. It isn't even seen that excited to be a Laker almost seems like it's. A this decision. Where he's acquired the Lakers right say eight is, I believe didn't sign the Brown, the Bron as agreed to acquire the LOS Angeles Lakers for four years comes in. You don't get the second guy and Now they're gonna have a losing record and Mr Play Ass, Paul George, the guy they thought they're gonna, get with it I'll, get they probably in now knowing what we know there better after putting other eggs in the pot, basket in ignoring Leubronn Paul now the number three m vp candidate- and I.
It is a bigger tobacco in the south exits- it's probably a little less interesting, because it was a little more predictable. But how shit stand by this? I was brought up where's uprising, what looked like they were fighting to be a top foresees. Has I still felt like when all the teams were established using it terrible startled Goma cities to themselves out, we work quite sure Denver is poorly figure, be good. Utah was disappointing. I got there really will be able to pass a couple, those team so to see them in the five days. What I always thought, what happened, but now to see them this far out when the clippers basically said, we don't even care about this year, an Sacramento, is been real. This whole time, even if they have a tough laws like Milwaukee, you go man, you can't you can't sleep on this team, but I never really understood the roster. I've been over this So now we rallied out about we ve done it too many times, but what's very predictable, in this new territory, for the broadest vat, where this is gonna end up being a real disappointment. I think he's early kind of
creating this thing where he's detaching himself from it and it's like man, you know you can't you can't really do that. You miss to free throws at the end of the game against the sun, sets huge free throws a you, miss them both, and we know that. Look for all the greatness is somebody. That's a bit too concerned with the perception of em, and I think that leads in being really theatrical, and I think that that's what we're see I think we're seeing like this. This act of the play where he wants to know that this is? U wants all, to know that this is an on him. I think ok, but you're gonna get blamed now in a way that you never been blamed before fair, not some of its fair. Some of it is in Mention is on Germany Jacobus. Like look, we already forgotten, we ve moved on from the fact that they lost the worse. He walked out with a cast on four height. I didn't forget, that's weird yeah I didn't forget. I the lack of leadership from him, the sources and has been strange in the first month. You could have chalked up to
He still failing it out. It has no these guys new city, new, Uniform Laker fans were found Little strange about it. It seemed like that first month side, while the brain it is on our team, but he's not like a Laker. Yet you have a lot of its coolby people that are the hundred percent Hunter percent. Those guys who talk the talk he's never be a Laker look obey but then he started when those people remaining at her. Then, when he came back was that's it and now. I mean it goes back to the fact that his best friend tried to trade, have the team or one of his best friends. Did the it's an insurmountable monkey red should this is. There's no way his hands are on that. There's is no way and if you're playing with them. And you know that this guide try to change you. I don't understand how that that weird. The other thing is from the gecko, like he's very
ever felt like he bought into whatever this version of the Lakers were like. I never read the story about the brain and Luke one God. They can't get therefore, each other they ve spent the last five days back out shit in just the same like a kind of showed very wise, Netflix together years is like while a got the Ross deal out of anybody, it seems like, but just has felt like fur. This whole season leg Man, I thought Paul George was coming back magic rat Show me Paul George, is in there should we try to get Anthony Davis? I rose was try that now that our again and now. He's kind of stock so. We had a reader a list there had used every ears, yeah, I had the others afraid said so,
free right list, there said wrote in First, my wife of your member colony Uppercross for pizza back and oh six and view called the up, Christ, and then he was gushing about Joe Greene. To I don't know, if did you remember that or no I do remember okay good, so he wanted us to play a game. What game will a brown pack it in and go home for the summer. Gimme the shutdown and not play he's done either. Real injury, fake injury, wear and tear. Do we say last Saturday that played but point. Do they actually start looking there's go when I made the playoffs I'll, say myself, the wear and tear maybe maybe decent reproduction production for space Jim to add. But it's all in the guise of this will really help our lottery pick. Can I stick up for Laburnum Space GM thing? Rockwork yeah
like this thing, making the rounds that space James Pre production is supposed to take place like what, during the western conference finals or something like that the NBA finals. Yet I have a feeling of Lakers or in the NBA files? They find a way to move production back for safety, and I think that's a doable thing it's a nice little, our urban legend type. They met the space jammed too, they use will hit one of the five year. One's going around right now rightly knew they were staying so easily into every five on fair and open, but when you're your first a monolithic at the sky really fast. I haven't read it. I we got a burs nuggets Celtics, so in thirty three right now and make it their net. What's it what's that their next games Taffrail gathered at the nuggets this, We then they get the self exciting at add they get the hungry Celtics. Next Saturday, I was sitting at the clippers. Have a lot of time off. Did the slippers tonight an mba?
maybe Denver Wednesday, Annie S PM and then Boston, ABC Saturday, night, hungry and then after that If the five game Road trip Chicago Terror the trade near Mukoki, so. Isn't move if he if he was really get it It is in the move. Read after that Denver Game, so you're not on ABC. That's so that seems to early man that's way too early to say that thirty and thirty five it's it's over at that point, we should be to clippers tonight. I don't know if you're gonna beat them not only on paper, they should be the nuggets, but you could see it happening. You know I'm some weird nuggets on the road. I give them a zero percent chance of winning I don't think they get the Celtics twice. You know there's badge our friendly yogurt this.
Ethics Laker game on a b c is like the most dramatic two and a half hours, and a b c since the desperate housewives seasoned five finale maybe the graves anatomy, one of the seven times the hospital blew up. What about scandal scandal like those that the time the president got shot, that's gonna be some that were clusterfuck. I mean actually probably good, for the ABC write to you because you were unhappy teams tonight at eight thirty when misery faces off? Who wins we're going? we'll Paul piercing is wheelchair we just made. Really could point, though, about Lebaron leader, think that's what socks! For the rest, the younger guys in the difference between Cairo abroad here is that it Your Ingram in your mad at La Braun. You probably has put on your hoodie in boats where you could actually say to carry a fuck off yeah right, that's different, like you
because of their standing because of their age because of those things in the wood javelins having problems being a leader, like the leubronn thing is a real thing there, a part of the pitch, if your leubronn screw is that you say: hey man, we're we're, calling the shots initially right. Wouldn't that be a positive to somebody as a potential client like yeah with us, and we're controlling, things because there's some truth to it. But then, if you're, one of the other guys with gay you control stuff like we're we're almost out here, then Genie boss to say it was fake news that there was an offer. It Sloan like how that cat, or were you there for I wasn't it did make me. I read it had a baby throughout up in of it. I guess you, to say that, but unfortunately, that our current president has come this environment. Where, when something happens, you can just say fake news and then it sounds like it didn't happen, but means Everybody knows that they were in advance trade talks in the pelicans and then leaving them left and right. Let's, let's play again,
One of us is Cow Kuchma's best friend from home and the other one is cow: charisma and your catching up even talked in four weeks. I want to be Kyle Kuzma, or do you want to be Kyle Kuzma's best friend from home? I want to be the best friend, okay, alright, what's up dude RO. I believe it's been horrible man, it's been horrible. I just you know we sign the bride and allow his wanted greatest fighters of all time. I thought this is gonna, be really fine. I thought I was gonna, learn other stuff from home and you know tat the trade. All of us. You know my name carrying out what you call. You called me Craig last week here because Brandon Ingram, because skinny guy doesn't know, I think,
his name's brain, but he's nicknamed skinny guy him and ran over just down the side there making fun of it. Is he the reason why you are defending centres for no reason at the end of the year? It here He was tell me you just tell me, do some stuff, I mean some water and he's feel. Maybe An airplane really well try hard. We love being Lakers each the changes to New Orleans. It fell through his ease on the bench, their prey. This is now practicing with us. He's got this giant. Space transcript is issues ranging from Jim. Now I did he thinks my name's Craig deftly macrobian spaceship, it's been pretty brutal man, and then you know he doesn't like Luke doesn't talk to him. Doesn't say, he's got Jason kid emerge action at a speed down right, I'm not an mba player, but normally you guys do talk you. I got it. I mean that we certainly talk to him last year and then we
These meeting did the pre gained the meaning, and then we go We do this horrifying, the bronze I gotta guises. His do came away. For the cameras on camera comes out. Gives us. This whole speech makes it seem like a team and she's brutal man through tough, not having a good time to things. Can I be region and what's I d girl, seigneur afraid of Dead Baker. I address myself under. I, like algorithmic, I lay about a brain and anger has been really good the last month. I still am that positive, where he fits in on the floor work of a winning team. But he is something better. City has here he's economy, one than that one finish the hoop. I think it was the phoenix came. The finish him. So weird is a set of friends, house and What did keep my eye on golden stating Billy, which is still
misleading, because the other, the rosters that are out this year, we gotta pee performance out of it, and then I was watching you because I really into that card. Unfortunately, last couple fights that were the ones I want to watch sucked, but I kept going back to the Phoenix L a and then it was one of the things worth a third time. I finally clicked I'll wait. The Lakers are down yeah, that's why I've been what I'm thinking they're the ones. Maybe we just the purple and the graphics are missing me up, but Ingram had an incredible finish at the rim where you go. Oh my god, like you, just kind of went through everybody and hope to see more of the I mean: that's, that's the part of his that's we're, like I read something last week that we had another tough loss was like Leubronn can't do this by himself you Play Koosman Ingram have been at least getting buckets if there are other flaws in the game. I understand it, like ingress, become a better defensive player. Kuzma's, you know, he's an effort guy, but it said it was great, but I do like that. I, like that kuzma. I think about that fill it up.
When they were there. I know that, even though I probably know what a great team coups, we're being my number two scoring option, I know he's not afraid I wished. I wish Tatum had that so Tatum Verses, Ingram, which I felt like was slammed Don T way as this using goes along at their becoming a little more even again, Ingram, I think, is maybe like, like six months to a year. Older camera rather pays out, but but he's doubtfully at least progression is heading a certain way where it would make more sense for him to be the centre piece of it. It true, I feel like I didn't like it made as much sense. I know sure I'm trying not to do thing, though, like ok, right now, Tatum and how bad this is. Look now for a stretch of good Ingram, look for stretcher and are still losing these. He actually thing. It's it's a conversation.
Yeah when I had a weather leisure, for I asked six front office, Guys Ingram or Tatum all six guys. This is, I don't know you go back and look at the tweet elite Villa gets over a month ago I asked this question Yet is ahead of him before the trade deadline, unless some doing bad content, that's not really relevant. All six for office guys. I think it was six said Tatum and then I asked the UK follow up is a close one in six was like it's close, the other five or like not even like don't even bother asking the irony, is like the brain is now is put a big stats today Stop while he's the de facto the team unquestionably and the team. He's the coach ships There he has no power and its clearly headed this big sea change. In he created of this and people there, position whereby, while a brass do everything you can buy, that's like that. Basque Margaret avoided. Like this team is flat,
because of what happened before the trade, thereby when his buddy did a very public trade demand of his. I had to go to the Lakers that there's no way he would have done if libretto bad and given his consent to it. But I also I blame the Breyer all of that. Ok, but if they were going to try to get Davis out of their they had to do it that way. Had to so. Even though none of his like did or people would be offset by it, that was the only play they couldn't do the nice trade demand on the part of the plan. I'm with it was what if this doesn't work. I didn't do. I think you have who, though, because you might have to play with these guys. Anyway, you know maybe Davis. Maybe there's no trade that they can send David, so the lakers- and I have other young guys that now you just try to trade offer, but think about that. Like George, we try to get a bronze head here, for I do think he signs up and from again my understanding of is really
It is what we're doing with the rest of the team. Now. Ok, let's do this, You really think you really think they sign those other guys without Lebruns Input, the entire time. They know that he liked Rondeau. There is also a hidden set off and every single one of those guys you're not like this whole math of superstars aren't talking to their jams about what moves to make is one of them to me, one of the dumbest proof they ever and pretending That's not how goes, but that's how goes to you he was in on every signing asked I'll bet. Entire basketball card collection? There's? No, fucking way. They didn't. They spent two years. Time this guy there's no way they're, not gonna, then just do all these moves and not consult them. It's impossible, no way. By the way, there's some article written right after by somebody It say it was winners, but again it was Sunday Windhorst or somebody
in his you know in his fear, but about the reasoning behind the roster they picked? The Branford so limited by she's, been year after year, the boy Was I just saran and was shooters, and he just wants to play with the more athletic team and be more of a point forward, second play maker, there was so much thought put into the who they there he wanted. For guys engage other phases as they want to be a little more athletes. Interchangeable guy, but sometimes I wonder, is that what they came up with after the and an appeal, because all right ass I now because they immediately sign those guys they there was the what do it was? It was like they were. They were to do that. The faint the auction who just grabbed you know, the starting line up the first fifteen minutes of the auction limitation, Gmail Magee was still gonna, be there in two weeks after this So's is Stevenson who were they competing against and then
You know the irony of of letting brick Lopez go see can keep Michael Beazley. They are assigned Michael Beazley like this was a very basic, idiotic stuff. Brick Lopez would have been good with o Brien. What are they doing? a player I media you'd, you feel like you have to go, get Beazley we are all from all the way with you that he was signing off on every one of these things. Are this convenience or maybe he's making convenes of it? Now words like all I shed and like all these guys, guys, everything's going south. I thought there was a bit more reluctance this summer when, when it all, was finally but this is the final roster part I want unwieldy agree. I completely disagree with it. Either can ever went after cousins related have. I am to go after. Can you read you? I think you really think the Lakers were like you know who we need contagious, Caldwell, Pope
We all know what happened there. I mean they're, the Pope trade morality and get the brand. Doesn't it deals, get blamed for that as twelve May, and that can be given a cousin second cousins right now. Cousins, though This thing on the NBA word: everybody's agreement is done, he's gonNA, Gordon. Like when he says I called around everybody, I they call round everybody. I just They did not only in the Lakers water. La Braun one of them. I dont think you did. I really doubt by disagree on our he's. He's always kind o now from afar and like I love it now that I also think somebody's guys are really no matter how good of a player you are a lot of a really bad as GM or they think they're. Friends like we're too, about to steal the night were Boston, but there so many guys a guide love a chance to play with hammer. This is my dude herbs, Maria Dog or, like Durrant Kai, rarely know each other right there just times they they follow each other instagram and then you're like we ammo the rent or carry every day dad. I actually want those guys to play together to see what
minister, their friendship like me, Your time, moody, too I'm really sorry it was. It was like this website. Let's take could break there. I went I went out of sober quickly. I would say by Roma per second worked out his functions, more common new, think fifty two percent of men experience Edi at some point. There life even worse about seventy. One of those guys don't talk to doktor bad it time to take care of it with Roman either. He's is like a czech engine light for your body. It's often the first site of first sign of something more serious, going on like comp, I blood pressure. Mission diabetes, you never know Roman is a one stop shop to treat add from the comfort of privacy, Rio, NOME, Hanno everything online for diagnosis to prescriptions to shipping getting started, quick, uneasy good. Roma Camps, Asheville complete a brief visit once your doktor ensures that shape more be safe and effective, they prescribe f. The ape approved medication who delivered in
great packaging to your door free today, shipping. So, let's talk to doktor idiots have to tackle more important to get it checked out than anything and with roman you take care of for free. I, my visit and free today, shipping just go to get Roma com. Slash bill, get Roma Dhaka, Sash bill are it so I did so conference interview with Adam Sober on Friday and talked about a whole bunch of stuff. He was very candid about a bunch of different topics. He was Some may it would as I've known him for a long time and used to be so uncomfortable in those situations and part of it was just You know you get wraps on being talking in front of people all the time in that house, but I think there was also a real hesitation with them, as long as Davidson, was in charge of keeping a low profile being the d, full number, two guy and then became the guy that takes a cup.
Here's to learn at hand yourself is really good in those situations. Now what was fascinating to me. Two things: one was how candid he was about the most state stated his prayers and it's a really important point to make that. You know he distinguished that it wasn't just his prayers. He felt like it was a generational thing. Any felt like it was something that affects you know everybody of maybe in their twenties early thirties down something that like what social media, as has caught him of inflicted social behaviour and just like that people are a lonelier than they have ever been and they feel like they're, not, but they are he really deep deep I've done a lot of stuff and talked about how its affected prayers and now the concept of a team Is in the same as it was thirty years ago, in these days, we're just gonna play in playing cards and
acting in ways that they were acting as they were fucking board. They had nothing else to do, and now you and you you're in the locker. Britain headphones on new airports gone right. Your charter and, can a landing in this new city, Goodyear, sweet and You'Re- not really you're like ships past in the night and He really seem fair for about the effect It was having matches his prayers buds sadly general, but he's just noticing, with his prayers like Howard, many of my guys unhappy miss something we ve talked about over and over again this bike. Were you surprised that he this candid about that Jack. It sounds like he's been thinking about this. This wasn't just a quest, Let me figure out an answer here. It sounds like he's. Had this conversation with people before you know, I don't know what to what level I doubt he's calling up a head coach. Hey. You guys, look really bombard on Thursday night yeah. Anything I can do to help, but it is a bit
or societal with being in- and I don't know how much more I can add- that isn't stuff like I'll have kids. So I don't hang out with a ton of kids, you hang out, I kids, they are available simply higher, nay, with by sunk yeah The thing- and I were the levy role this weekend. I brought him some gear, so he likes me grandfather to sully yeah, just bribe, bribe. Kids. So is the way to get cash it over this here they bear on any any went. Upstairs. He's actually is a funny story. His name's Sully Miller is the Son of Erin Miller play for they elect kings play for the avalanche with proud player, and the kid wants nothing do a proxy. He loves basketball and his favour, Where is lonzo ball? What's so we'll be driving around the three of us and then I'll say like hey? How punk are you about your dad he's a pro hockey player and so black dude? in score, that much plagued by the body. Nothing argues defensive defence me again do like twenty goals. Maybe so
I just I just love when he says I could be so straightforward about it, but you said something that was great was Sorkin, and that was the lack of bored and how will that affect creativity from on our like, when I moved out away to try to do this writing thing. I left my Xbox with my sister, I know is enough for this. Can be serious about this. I can't come home go. I can try to bang out a few lines, The next hour I can try to save South America yell you know I got rid of the thing, so I think there is a real question here is lack of boredom I'm a colonel I can produce. It were twice the lack of boredom impact creativity negatively, but does it also impact relationships negatively yeah? You know I can't. I think we talked this year on the panel, but these guys are connected to everybody in their connected to nobody. You know a year if you have our boy, don't like the idea were best friends a bit like our you write. This report,
you have this star. Goods used a red thread. I guarantee has just about every hour star and his phone, and can steady them at any time and probably feels like some of them are as friends and maybe Heaven hung out more than five times together here, but all these writers and broadcasters. Now these other pr people and all these other people you can tax but they're, not really his friends, one of things we talked. On the panel with Adam is like these guys get rust in the situation where there really young, you know, like Tatum, just turned twenty one It is in this situation where now he's got all these people in his life. He has no idea who he should trust. He has People want to be his friends. He is all these p, Oh, that want to get involved with them romantically he is. Are they people who see him as some sort of new no potential potential focal point, four. Business, they want to create, or he can be an investor and they were. Money.
These guys are in a situation where they go from having nothing to, everybody wants something from them and and where situations vanderdyke like nobody feels bad for that we we is bad, for somebody just deems can make seven million dollars the share. Eight million dollars, Highrise gonna make hundred billion billion dollars as those contracts hartfield bad. When some he's making so much money because, as a society, we feel like of somebody's making money. That means they're happy and We find that over and over again is usually are not happy and if anything feel guilty that they're not happy when they everything everyday marijuana, their life they're. Getting still not happy, so you ve. These dynamics in place. One thing that I think would really help a basketball team issues that you're all in it together. And you're there and you and your forging these relationships and you having dinner after games and you
hanging out on the road and other stuff and I'm not sure that stuff happens anymore. So when we talk when we joke about, like the rent, Kyrie, barely know each other, but their best friends actually might be true like they, they pray, spent on the other, it all started promised each other and allay, but I eat they haven't spent like day in day out that people egg Mackay Bird and Jordan and Pippin, and you know that from that area, where these guys just had no choice but to hang out- and I have that- affects a basque both I guess we're gonna find out over the next ten years because from the outside it, as you say, look at Tatum eight. Despite our frustration. Maybe I should just? U somebody else bids refilling talk about too much like say, you're say you're yon us, although he seems happy I'll, tell ya only bad example. Yeah. This is like lays a bad example to Claes. Just lay just wrong
with everything we want to think of like any play. Our rights here on your max legally on your second deal, yellin, who signed, who signed a deal recently? What's he is like Andrey Drummond, Andrey German, ok fight, aye, Sir Andred drama is he's like twenty five. Twenty six yeah gonna make all his money committee does bigger. Very annoying icy air is he's a top five rebound. You never really had plavsic says people pick em apart online and a bee doesn't do this. It is new that he's one of the best, fifty guys in the lake, but ok, but this is the sick like things easier than giving. Somebody else advice that you wouldn't follow suit wood said Andrea, German. I order you upset about you're, making all this money you're playing minutes. She wanted the featured guys, even though you're not a star yeah you're gonna. Have you never have to worry about money, your entire life, this amazing things in Europe play fifteen years and bottle in he's thinking about, we dont think about the things that are great. We think about the things that frustrated- and I know I did this personally write something to say,
What do you care? Uranium began to get paid every two weeks like you're on a national show. Your name is on the thing I'm like yeah, but that's not what I want. I want the other thing so drama the journey. But my friend video games nearly enough you, so I think drone in just goes. You know this is like a lot guys related, I'm never in all star people. Think I'm I'm just a rebounded can't score. Reggie Jackson takes too many shots were yet another coach Blake is a bigger star than Oliver be, and I think that's what happens in honor. They get just about driven people. Verse is not driven like. Sometimes, I wonder like. Is it better to just except things and not be driven and then you'll be happier seems insane to via I look Mikhail Bird. Is that that's the clock, Look like when I won't be a situation where bird was a three times, in a row. And maybe he was the best part. That decade and.
It was, the hierarchy was always in place, the Mikhail everything that's written a bad at everything. He's ever said was leg. He stood early on how lucky he was to be in that situation. Play with somebody is greatest: Larry had complications. Where is difficult, arrogant, Madame Larry would wonder Sometimes, why heating care about haven't. I care about basketball quite as much as Larry Day. Why wasn't obsessed with it so minor stuff? You is appreciated it, but now, if you take exact team and you move them into two thousand nineteen and Mikhail in that situation, he'd be condition. I think I need my own team. I need to be the guy I don't wanna, be Larry's sidekick, that's one of the things that have like has been lost with basket over the open his eyes. Last probably twelve years is, and maybe it started with Cobain shack
where am I gonna wanna? Be your psychic, all my own team. I want to be the guy and that's been this centre. That's been the twenty first century: whispered threat, another example. There. Those guys should have coexisted forever. Now I want to I'm gonna go here instead, so may just where we are but Nobody wants a gleam. Nobody wants, except me too, and I dont know. If that's a great thing you tell your kid. We like we want you to always be able will not be the future guy. Like look at your crew. Have you ever not wanted to be the number one guy like you're a number one in everything you do effect on the number two on our weekly NBA parts. There I met a mere but happen. No one would think about your career like, I know you d like to talk about an only child ever yet, but you are never ever gonna accept anything. Were you weren't, the guy and if you weren't featured in certain things, you're behind somebody else, you didn't think of a thousand
you're ahead of you to think about the guys at me, you or me, like I'm, not competing with Marcello I'm competing with this guy. They just gotta be contracted. Yet I later they that's that's the way. It's done, but in basketball, like you didn't have to fit in with further writers, for your team to be successful, sets an isolated thing for me all none of these, like we have Marvin Bagley entering the league thinking it's cool the salmon when the envy p the sheer the right one How these guys are a little more Jackson, not Lamar Jackson at quarterback. You could pick any quarter, in like if they don't answer the best in the inner fell. Despite the fact we ridicule and through outside of the top ten, like that's how your condition to thinks, what it happens- basketball that everybody wants to be the one until it old enough to realise here this week. Thing in losing sucks right. That's why not to bring it back to the three of alum cagey in peer. But if they try to do that when they're all twenty five there were three seed. Yet I think I think they have admitted it now and then MBA is littered with Sir
light, they could have been a dynasty typing swear it just fell pyre way sooner than you'd ever imagined It happens over and over and over again, and that's why I like you know to go back to the doubts thing: pausing s dodge. That should be awesome that should work on paper. I love those two guys together, Do I think they'll be together five years now. I think at some point one. Them. Gaza can I want my own gang. Can I want my own team? What my own city, you know and I think when, when carried now. Now, though, we know carries deftly Lamar complicated, the maybe But when I read look settle abroad situation and says, I'd rather be on my own team, as the guy versus playing with the second greatest pleasure of all time, pre telling when the re it looks set to scold stating and says we just went through
great titles and we are working for best heaps of our time. Now, I'm gonna go to the next. That's fucking, crazy or quite well, I'm with the greatest organization sports, along with the patriots, the best coach in the game. There always smart. They develop everyone, probably as it develops but you say the spurs develop their roster guys data than anybody else matters, but that like what they do with my Claude swam out here, bizarre that the clips with Chris Paul wakened deejay on paper that your work every time every time, three guys that actually complement each other side completely implodes. So you know think that's where the whig is, but I think that the Rapporteur Mueller less stars where there might be more teams, we may justly dive. Sixty four teams, everybody. It's bizarre that the great I thought you know you think about the other.
Measures in the leader of the Sab than an atom stand for ever Why not boil? What's what's that with the count I mean think about land himself, just think about him. Verses get down Adam and I were in front of fifteen hundred people and he's talking. Very seriously and very thoughtfully about this thing. He's worried about with the league that isn't really a major thing. It's not like, no. It's like a pity scandal we're not talking about domestic violence, we're not talking about anything criminal. It's just more leg. His general feel for his leg at this point in time and other players that he's talk to he has just a general concern about. Generation and just how their hands and are they emotionally cool? Are the good and then he looked like a doll. You get down and a million trillion years, whatever
then go one inch toward thinking that way ever more now is the easy is how the quick answer, but I also think what the dead Oh he's gone so beat up now we're while not look at some of some of it. What are you doing here now? I'm kidding he's been data for what I agree with you, but I know I know I mean there's no, but but then I guess it the way. Phrase it that way you to counter belabour wait a minute. You screwed up he's good, I'm not saying that he has a screwed up, but he's got a point was good no matter what he does garlic but ceiling now, no matter what he does gathers, no out right, people just find the flaws, and what sat in the way he executed it like no matter what- and I should think some of its ridiculous so he's just given up he just given opposite. There's no point of even doing this. Doubling he used to talk to people used to do stuff. Everybody loves beginning linebacker shoulders, Bro hugging guise of the draft yet and then once it went south because of the he started by the way
ending players that agreed to this policy, because every single night it seem like a new guy, was getting into trouble. In the end, a felony thy caving in to fix this in the Lee was linked to the players, such as the Kosovo problem going to you? You start suspending us doing stuff and like every other thing to is that some of the angers display we get matter at Roderick Adele than we do at re rice and you go that happened, but that's what was on their, so I dont think Roger is capable of humanizing in the way that silver is because you just not as good as a public speaker he just as it is not as good as it some of the guys their coach him up. I know couple. Those guys are there right out of his playbook, that's very predictable and its attributes. Really. I think it's made him worse, but I also think he's gonna looked around. Mark hammer and see a present used to talk to everybody, and he goes every agency say every hates me. This is point cause I'm just not adopt any you guys anymore, and I think for the most part, that's what could stuff it's fair. I don't
I think, there's a humanity that is lacking, though, I wouldn't you there and with a leg I don't even think That is right. I don't think he cares. I think he cares what he gets paid from the found that that's it and I don't think I just don't think the welfare of his players and and how they're feeling in chechnya- and I don't think players are texting him You could argue Adam Theirs criticism without a maybe he's a little took us to the players. Now I don't know, I can't speak for him, but you know it's: it's a players He clearly understand that He has a really hard job and, I think longer. That he's done at the more obvious. It is that stern was just really really really bad those last seventy years and was responsible for a lot of problems that that that the wheat was having- and I think now between Adam in there and owners these new guises
Heaven that's another advantage over the father bringing in these younger kind of just more sophisticated where things are heading in life where's versus the edifice which, as Bob Craft the orchard spied from four hours before Casey Plastic, position. How are we to leave? No luck if it is I have a good boy, though another stern silver thing. Yes, what used to bomb me out with stern was that he was a kid so the owner, so it's always border remind us that yeah but silver has this thing where it feels like he's this conduit to player? Yes, an owner, and that's that's really hard to pull off now the how successful that continues when they have the first labour thing, whereas, like nope, this isn't working out a neck at all the old
like that. You know it. When people go, he hinder the doll, Donald sternly thing perfectly, but what were as options retired? His number like you like that was actually a really high approve rating move yeah. He did something that actually was a win, despite the fact that you have a tenant experience, but I'll never forget, like the last labour thing. That stern was, was handling was the one Reno waiting a games until around Christmas, Yan all the existing contracts. He threatened publicly the NBA would go ahead. Invite him yeah- and I was I was- and then you immediately go check on. Then every single lawyer was like what there's grey areas and all sorts of things that what he just said is impossible and can't happen and you go. Why would you say something that I get the lawyer Granted I get all that stuff in in theirs, there's far more great with stern than there are critiques, even if you don't like, as personally, I can get a kick out of some points but like that was a kind of stuff towards the Enron go. Why would you say something that so incredibly false to try to justify way public opinion or scare the players in the world?
coming back to work because they were afraid. The last three years there d organic avoided, voided, he was. He was off the rails and I think it started with the the hand of the data hey stuff in two thousand and seven and the way they handled the Seattle stuff and two thousand six seven and eight Did you get any good out of here the Donaghy he stuff? Now I didn't. I didn't bring that up. Only because I, like all that stuff is actually wanna get stuff added that is interesting and stuff that he wouldn't normally say. Why ask him about the done anything shutdown, yeah, it's like it's the old thing of all. You know, if we're on the outside the lines since I had, he not ask him about the Donnie thing. It's like I hears with his. What happens if I ask him, I'm happy to prove that I can be the tough guy ass about that. But here's what he says: it's like he, I know he's gotta That is a liar. We
we hired and independent investigator who investigated- and we found that he had this one thing: no other ref has ever come out, and time anything happens about Danny Danny lies about it and we're done This is where they may more. When you ask any, we changed our references than we had better oversight for it we're very wearily that a better answer. Play and you know it what that form image. Bills, gonna be he's, not gonna actually say anything, so to me by knowing. I will therefore you'd hazard the boy we like each other. I think, but I know that you were, no right to say alone every innovation. I'm just thinks I don't. You know, you're being defensive, I'm gonna, say alone a stable from your way than anything like he, once I saw the sixty minutes thing and then I interviewed him once he was doing the rounds all those years ago. Scott- and I like just I So I want to have learned the past. Sixty minutes did the worst job.
It was so embarrassing that, unlike how can you be sixty minutes now have one person that understand sports enough to tell you the holes are in what he sang and then your questions, your whole. Your questions are falling for the holes. He blocked you by the way, the aid that wives Seti's a pathological lyre since I got was here, there might have been one of the reasons the out here. The thing with we you have wagon, our was somebody Legato Michael. That is always like. Can I get in two hours with the matter of things I haven't heard him say so like we that way I didn't actually in that room. I didn't ask him by thanking said in that thing like on that asking my thank him, because you ve already talked about taking twenty different times and weak, talk about right now. We would just say the same things you ve said already, and I know I know I don't feel like there's a solution for attacking I've. Looked at it, every angle Other than resignation, which I don't think they would ever do You never would have it it's Thursday inside it. Of landing somebody legs ion who can change,
franchise for twenty years is totally worthless. Wait two months, he just as they can't fix that. What have they play? I'm ten! More power, is eleven VIII, eleven bigger courts, We had a rapid and everyone in the cab, I was want to save stuff for next week, but I do like so you can email said the mailbag at the ringer dot com. If you want to be like the list or of the weak Jeffrey re in and not only tone. Uppercross story about regardless of the upper cross. Yeah is about good pizza, one of the first get past the pizza places, but if you want to suggest a topic for us to talk to, you think is still there. Now, I think, is stepped up. No one I mean like it. I just hold the guy believes they promoted him. I think that's what happened I had so you're back EAST hour week when you come back. I have a couple days in Europe.
And then I'm gonna Chicago for charity event, and then I have to go back to Boston or for time. And then I'll be back in a hopefully of next week. So we're down this again at some point next week. I think next week we have to do it's it's time. Where, where in the range now there's gonna be about fifty sixteen games left. I would like to do a full tanker of two thousand and nineteen breakdown next week. I think that's on that. For us. This is really the. We were now hitting a really really important time fairer for others. I ran reseller save travels, a pleasure, as always both out in its wake, Thanks manager, I, before we go right at the end of this taping, we found out that do period past.
Way and I'm just so shocked and saddened and bombed out to gather my thoughts on maybe circle back with some sort of ass later in the week or Somethin China. God, even out ahead of us. I can't believe it is only fifty two years old. He had a stroke last week and did not survive it, and now I just can't believe it probably will remain favorite characters from one of my favorite chose ever, but also really good guy who had been on this path cast when I would add the b S report and and was really fun Don't I thought was a really thoughtful, insisting our and just like them, so really really burned out about that. So as the best wishes to em in his family and will try to figure out how to talk about this in some form. Later in the week thanks to ran reseller thanks to uprooted off, get to go to separate accounts. Ashby s thanks to hold out tonight that make it easier to book
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