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The Clips Steal Kawhi and PG-13, the Battle of LA 2020, Russ's Next Team and the Swipe- Right Decade With Chris Mannix and Marc Stein | The Bill Simmons Podcast


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by SI's Chris Mannix to discuss Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to the LA Clippers, OKC's massive trade haul, a new favorite in the Western Conference, what’s next for Russell Westbrook, the Lakers’ roster additions, and more (5:44). Then Bill talks with the NYT's Marc Stein about Lakers vs. Clippers, the "swipe-right" generation of basketball players, and more (1:14:30).

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And we have that covered. We did the recapture balls, the Pakistan, where recover some deep dive tv stuff. Sometimes we have recappables episodes four of them season three upsets as well as a preview on the watch, and there they Chris Ryan is, can be broken down and the watch as that comes up for huge sums up for my kids and the stranger thinks he's. One last thing: unpack ass. We have a new one coming July night that launches on Tuesday on luminary. It is called brig stuff. It is the star of Woodstock? Ninety nine of Festival were just about. Everything went wrong is hosting Stephen I didn't. You can lose into it. I'm luminary, just gotta, luminary dat length, slash ringer for all the details are coming up Chris MAX Marge style, who knows who else? First, our friends from broke
That is what it was like. An early last night hidden earthquake. We are second one in what was a cow. Thirty six hours summit goes so I for I felt the first line and it was like one of those cool earthquakes. You didn't know where is coming shaking for a while, and then you can relate so shit that was probably really far away and was probably a bad one, and then you feel bad. The second one last night I didn't even feel- and it seems like It was some people that is even worse than the one before and then you're on, see and Anon. They you're watching tried their explaining what force ass, I had never heard of them for shock for never thought about it before just confusing.
It's like a. We can have a worse on everybody just an earthquake mode here and then I don't know where the NBA blows up and co go to the covers Paul, George being traded clippers. The thunder get one of the great house. I think anybody's gotten into trade where it's over those Chris managed in a second and just blew up power. Became a strangely memorable night. It did not one for you, because it about thirty, as they give the wake up early in the morning when I without got ya, know more shots, so I had feeling Co. Why was gonna dragged along all week just because everybody sign so fast on July. First, that here, The ones is getting the attention all the time and it was well. This is cool. Just the choir sweepstakes that we need a password ran reseller, Tuesday there. I just could not be more proud of where I feel like we. We cannot change the Lakers look a bit.
It was great. I even put even set a right before we brought in resellers like we're in and proceed through this package like the Lakers got. Quite. And it makes me super happy that we were on I'm just delighted to know it. But I think what is happening we learn from the reporting last night and I and this morning was that, why needed time, to try to convince ok, see to trade by George to the Coopers, the team that he wanted to go, to all on. So lot of this adds up in my instincts were run it was actually dot about quite trying they just kind of milk the moment and be in the limelight four five six days. It was about putting pressure on ok, see to either trade Paul George too, I guess Toronto or two
in the clippers. I still don't know how the Toronto take her to work, because the clippers gave up so many more assets. They gave up the biggest all we have ever seen and we're going to talk about that and a bunch of other stuff with Chris Mannix from the zone. And sports illustrated right now. I Chris MAX I'm and to remember last night for everything I just mentioned with the earthquake and just how bizarre last night was, but as the day the little brother clippers finally turn the tables Big brother Lakers. How will you remember it? I mean it is a little bit of that and Canada this process, thinking like we'd, learn a lot about what matters to comply Leonard and you don't quite and every time I heard the layers of the possible destination,
never think up with little that I know about the. Why? Which is basically that every time he stepped out there on the floor, he thinks he's the best player on the world ebay fees? His team can window matter who's around, so the idea of him how to joining a super team, never anything up to me they could just. We can learn a lot about what I want. What do I value devalues playing alongside someone that he's called you post? What is a good run with and he wants people? It was ended and ultimately wanted nothing to do with with the Lakers, not there's a million. Read the Bible I am I'm gonna go in order. I wrote some things dance and notes and we could just hit them one at a time. The first one I just kept of the greatest f. You run that I can remember an mba per having since, like the M J days where he ripped through, for four rads wins the title. Nobody is expecting the whole time, then it finally happens, but
Toronto. Their first championship then becomes the big Mighty Slash prize that he always wanted to be got the limelight? somehow lands himself in L A not for the Lakers further clippers, the team that- seems like you wanted to play with all along and getting the second star them, which it became apparent over the course of the week that he really needed an sticks. It. Till the brine, who is his biggest rival of this decade. I feel like, by the way, a wise one to titles. The bronze ruin three, I think they're the three best forward, this decade, so cool. I oppose this off. This feels like the last piece of this little compare It is a he had with the brine for most of this decade that we didn't really realize was going on that he's not taken. Mantle as the guy and you have. The rank goes down the Achilles injury The brain is getting on in years, and I do think you re
I think part of this was quite didn't, beyond the bronze team. He actually wants to be the be the Lebron of this scenario. Are you come from a health standpoint, he can deliver and be it the durable guy that he would have to be to become the guy in the leg we're gonna, be a like seventy five eighty game play Ever again. I mean I think you can get up to the you know. The high stakes beat low seventies, but trot. I did last year, I think he's gonna become the norm because you saw him at the end of the plot. Dealing with that injury in the leg it to the point where, like you wouldn't buy that raptors locker room and asked players about what was going on with. They will tell you every day we walk in, and we ask him if he's good to go yet. I dont think that I don't think it's gonna be a change of the next few years. I ever going to continue to see him operate on that load. Mandarin
schedule when they try to keep that sixty five gain range and you're right. If the plan now does that mean we can't be? You know that the job? of this generation of the man Well, I don't know, I think, as long as he played all your twenty five play games or whether it is, I think, that's fine, but I don't think we'll ever see him at one. Another welding lovers theme is like an M bp in the League Baden Number of game. He's gonna he's not gonna play what put a bow in this quite thing, so he tries to get. Of San Antonio a season and a half ago and We keep hearing that he wants a bigger profile and that potential wants to end up in southern California that stuff only plays nine games for the spurs that last year, by that in the summer roles around its hit. The point from a trade barrier standpoint that the south eggs are in considering jail and Brown in the Sacramento pick form, which now you look back in that's insane because he's the best point leg, Phil not even considering
ten Sarge faults, whatever else they would have thrown without me, absence and be they're, not dare not, then, instead, either. And then within a year he wins the title. He becomes his own word. The coins sweepstakes becomes a thing fourth of July and the fourth of July. That becomes a thing he had been away He flipped the tables on the brain. He gets his second guy and now there are the favourites to win the entire hey babe, I think they're, just under three two one and even though we talk about other other stuff, they gave up in the chain a second, but I think I agree. I think they are the favorites. What do you think I did? I think tat? at least come out of the western governments by day the girls you go, the other fit together and wise proven that he can step into a new situation in the at the highest possible level. They had them all.
I mean they're they're benches. Ok, the other front, gourd, we'll see about all shapes out butt damn right now the favourite become other western carpet, but I still look at these. Then you know if you give a walkie another year together. That's the others. Billy theme that that supersize pictures theme of that kind, shakes out item override. May I make them an overwhelming paper, but at least give out the western companies right now I better the top, so they have collapsed. Oh George, Tress Beverly. Shame Lou AMS Zoo Batch, unless he's foot than a trade and MOE is expiring, which is important because I was really an added today- they could package, Jerome Robinson, and you know that can put in form of potentially be. You can get a guy who is in. Seventeen eighteen nineteen million range. If they, if they package the contracts correctly and what's ensuing exaggerated dollars at seventeen million Memphis, very smartly, I haven t
by our guys for no reason: Memphis Smartly is like yeah, buying him out where you betrayed him take. Pretty easily flip some heartless Jerome lambs saccharine packs and add a good knowledge of this nucleus. What else do you think they need to to actually when the title physically need one more veteran swing. It there obviously need a second Bounder slash rim protect their person, I'm I'm not sure zoo, batches, the guy, but those guys have been prevented, A pretty easy to get it wouldn't wave in view of their gnp as a right. Now. What would you advising the do I mean the size up front is, is something I can add. Especially if you're and I'm not sure how they wind up playing Kawhi and Paul George together, whether it's kind of a two slash, three three slash four kind of mixed there that they were interested for the last two days and Marcus Morris
he was someone they were there, really trying to get ahold of the Marcus kind of holding out for a bigger deal. I know where that deals that come from now for Marcus Morris, given that everything kind of the cap's patients will be evaporating really quickly. Ah, but someone like that, you can swing between multiple position to give you some flexibility in that regard, and I think they now become. I think they become the premier destinations about last remaining minimum guide, and if you gave the bio market in a monster six month, whenever it is they're, gonna become the most attractive destination like you're, a big man get bought out. Aren't you looking immediately at the Clinton thing? I could help help that team with Championship that's where I wanna go. So I had to get everything squared away in the next couple of weeks, but in the next few months I could see them adding just what they need to be that you have to be while they won't have any pixel, have to put an wilful dogma that a second I do think you. Seven slashing guys at least to start the season with who are competent and
You can, in December January February, find the other two guys. I think we ve seen that over again, the oh, it's out ex were like that, where it wasn't a finished for a while. Then it became finish, we ve seen a lotta teams do that. I think they need One more rebound shop aka they had to do this. I think you know. Moving too, One other point I want to make this is the biggest hall anyone's ever paid for, where that it paid for Paul George, really to get Paul George Inquiry and Kawhi together, so you can't think of it as Jim. The pall George shred you can, because that's what ok Sega for Paul George, a guy who, by the way- as a matter right in his leg, had Sir both shoulders over in the spring. We don't even really know how bad the rotate her cup was. It might have just and actual torn rotate above the details have been a little sparse for that. But he s
foreign labour on the other side, and there you know, he's is gonna he thirty. I think in a year, and this pretty risky. I mean they paid more than the Lakers paid for Davis again they had to do it and that is the only way they're gonna steal away from the Lakers is to do this. I don't think bomber wanted to sit around and you know watch clutched just continue to build the Lakers over and over again the risk element of this. I dont think understand? It? Am I ever think in this because you just said how Hawaii, who knows, with his leg, he's deftly not an aid? It's a game a year, guy anymore, that now you thrown in four player, France too, and then what's happened Paul George, Ben under the knife now a few times. I would be little nervous about this. If I'm Coopers fan, because if this doesn't work out, you have nothing now you ve nothing until two thousand and two Five, forty six, no way to rebuild other than cab space. What do you think that guy
at all, true, but that the flip side of it is what would they be if they didn't make this bill and less able to think of argument if they don't make the deal quite aside, cuticle, Lakers or back Toronto, whatever there's not a lot avenues for the clippers to get significantly better over the next couple of years. That mean we know what the freedom landscape left. It looks like next summer. The trade market at this point doesn't seem good, Yes, the clippers would have a bunch of drastic they could deal, but we saw a basket one that works out in a win win. You don't have an obvious trade partner to go and work with show the way the clippers looked at it. He was either this or you don't three years of mediocrity, and then your counting on your team to succeed with these draft text, which might be middle Packer later on second round picture. There wasn't. There was an alternative here like this is what the why letter went to them with. Instead, you get me if you get
All George and you're dealing with SAM Praecipe was probably a good at this as any GM in the NBA united not a bit unscathed. Rebel I'd, be spared no choice in this matter in them, but then held them over the barrel on this one and an but there's a deeper conversation. We had about why the funding agreed to make this deal. I'm not sure I buy the old well when you want us want to wind up with Anthony Davis time situation. I don't buy that with two years left on the guys contract but SAM at these guys over the barrel and he choked. Tobacco is a crucial point about the collapse, and this is why they had to do this. I don't feel like the there's had to do the Davis trade because I think that gonna get him in a year and not sure there are bidding against in this case. As you point out, the coopers are in purgatory. If they don't make this trade because You just go through the best poison, a wig Hawaii yadda she's, not a free agent for two
where's James hired in history. That trading him any time soon. Curry Anti Davis he's taken yet It isn't go anywhere, the bronze and the Lakers and beads that going anywhere. Paul George, who I think has Captain Guy, he was available. The ransack goin anywhere lower that going anywhere Bradley Bills, nap opening stadium for you all depot Two years away doesn't have the same. Star power is quite correct. You can buy. Those guys are going to wear butler and all the sudden, the best part of believe you're gone now, you're going to the younger list that sire, guys you not getting into those guys so that what they're looking at the next three years is a season resembling what they just had, where there smart. They they figured out the cab, Spain they drafted? Well, they did all these little trick. To stay relevant but you're losing in the first round, or maybe you get into the sector any lose, and then you're, not really getting anywhere, so they had to do it. You bring up the ok, see thing I'm with you. I think it is. Such bullshit
if they're gonna sailor, how we had two we didn't want to have an unhappy Superbowl shit. This is in some trade for them, and you do it a hundred times out of a hundred, I think, did the feedback I'm getting just talk people around the league is like that's the it's their dream. To be in a situation like this, where you get somebody whose right to pay to hunt. Twenty cents on the dollar. Four, where I thought the Davis Trade was the biggest trade. All anyone has paid an mba history. I went through that case in a previous back ass. This is actually a bigger trade, because you getting three unprotected picks which member a year ago, every you're saying I'll, unprotected picks can't get them anywhere. We have just seen two different trades were protected, picks up as they are three of those from the papers they get to pick swaps and they get to Miami first riders as well, and they A gala expiring in gala was good. Magala was a borderline all star in the west last year. Expiring deal which ok seek. Neither flipper keep em.
And Shade Georgia's Alexander, who I think has really get actually like him. Would you Frank. I'm ahead of the three any all three guys that the idea that the Lakers had to give up to get there, this. Would you rather him over Ingram, groom and now I get obviously taken over gesture where do you think, I'm against those guess not taking room? I anger over him in the IDA you'd neck and neck with with Lando Burke, he'll biggest upset about likely does great body for that position. And in a tragic event, the player Ready Ingram still has bad kind of alpha, swore you type potential, at least in him, but beyond But above all it would almost any one single thing I wanted allowance, and yet the only thing we share is that he's you have him. Two more years locked up on the Ricky Saddle they now that failing with Ingram as you're gonna have to pay him in a year and in less He proves over the next
over the next nine months. That he's actually somebody you'd want to commit seventy five, eighty hundred million whatever it takes. Jamal Murray, getting one. Seventy from Denver those kind of contracts. It's really like teams are terrified that they're, just completely overpaying. They keep guys because their work two years down the road being in this situation, that some of the teams of summary I gotta run. Our issue shows Ingram shows like like paper gridlock in their offer MAC how to deal with these showed what but he's table a bit next year to be shows that, like you, pay branded anger everybody else on the wrong track and get a bunch of guys butter on low salaries to branded Ingram. It's not gonna like prohibit you from going out and finding somebody in twenty twenty one to let that buddy I mean. I think I shall gladly ban instead, the entire turn out to be the tremendous own row next,
yourself. I don't worry too much, but Ingram salary given their books right now tat. I interrupted you, though, what reason about cases asset said, bigger one. I e it wasn't like here's. The thing I wanted, I wanna be held, and I wanna know like that. The narrative coming out of Oklahoma City- and I was talking to somebody there just before we start aping like it- is that no they didn't want to ah you'll get into a Davis situation. They didn't want to have their their whole process disrupted by the kind dysfunction we ve seen across me, but I want to know why did did Obama City and the empress they looked at the Paul George, even Adams, rather whispered dynamic after once, be putting aside like the injury, stop an open with our last year, but they now had to play off appearance with those two guys did they look, I'm feeling we probably can't win with this group.
And even though we didn't want this to happen and in the mood they made leading up to the light, the scholar finding out birds that that tell you they were trying to go for next year, but when this was presented them to deport them like a tale a little bit and say I, we have an opportunity here to get the biggest trade hall ever in exchange for a guy. That's really good, but maybe we can go all the way and we can't when a championship with it, or that backdrop- and I beg you to unknown without limiting decision of it. I don't think it's unknown I'd. I'd think this was the time get added Jeffrey Card thereof. Was going nowhere, if anything there about We're gonna be a repeater taxpaying this share and I am not convinced I think they would have had their attach assets to get rid of robbers stay or maybe even Stephen, Adam Stephen Adams was available to espouse. You know I mean I died down a tradable on tradable yeah and the other one- is Schroeder, who you know that trade for EL still made sense because they would have
in Carmelo last year- would have caused them like an extra hundred million dollars that there with the tax. But A team was going nowhere. That, though Westbrook I think as the lead guy on a championship. Team is just unrealistic at this point. I don't see it. I I think it's more realistic to me that his body is going to start breaking down and then you have Georgia's imagine two has you know had at three pretty significant injuries. Here and I'm sure they were. There were delighted to get out of this while pretending they were blindsided, disappointed. F. Why? I'm sure you ve heard too I've been here in the last couple months that Paul George wasn't was had buyers. Are wars going back to ok, see in all that stuff and wished he added than it differently in there had been a lot of stuff about here agent, air and rob pointer workers GM who had had a rivalry, go way back, and that was the reason Paul George, go there. That was the reason Joyce Randal laughed, and I think
George always wanted an apple delay. That was where we heard for two years, and I think he was most like one of those honeymoons where your big ears, you with this girl, you having a great time and as I what's go, get married then two weeks later like. Oh, my god. What did I do? The book, the worst part for him, is has the four part a journey episode that still on Youtube Essex place that we're at the party Westbrook at all that stuff, the most then the most shocking thing to me this, the last twenty four hours, there's been a lot of shock and stuff was that they see they pursued a Westbrook and Paul George to Toronto Trade yeah report. At this morning. That tells me the clock, is I Westbrook now
that an end really there's not allowed attains its Miami Orlando. The next, I would say, are the three possibilities. Frahm do you expect desperate to get trade the next nine months? Yeah? I think it right now. I would say that you get traded before the start to see the meteor arm Agri. Look, it's a conversation. Look I've got a great relationship with Russia and they'll be above board with all this. Don't work with him on on making a deal work about the direction they by the go, but I do know that the the timeline just don't match up anymore, like you need a couple years ago, a few years ago, now into red left, you could still keep Westport around. Have that type of first season word. The watch brook showed and try to find ways to make it work, but he's burning now and unless stands got another rabbit in his hat. They could pull a pall George pipe,
but that aim? I dont know how you make it work. I don't you make it work within the timeline, though you now setting up with that group, so I think bill bill aggressively explore trade option when it comes to westward the funny thing is I drew the theme that dimension there I mean what would have happened if struck out on Campbell Walker like Russell Westbrook sliding into back ass based in Boston, setting a bunch of drastic than german brown back is like a game. I think the omega that that would have been I'm telling you the truth, I wouldn't last removed to that Europe then just started finding they'll. Remember that you would have thought about it. He would have. I don't feel like. Do you really Fine, you remember that you would have thought about it what I don't feel like D really felt any, our front office would want that was per contract at this point. That's why I feel, like
I think my aim in Orlando, the two teams now orlando his bed, been pretty clear light. They, like thirteen team there like their nucleus, all that stuff, but I still feel like their starless and you get Westbrook your on the map. Whether that makes sense actually went title, which I don't think it does. The least a relevant and right now they're, not and there are no in a city where stars just to their legacy, is just stars, leaving them it shack, leaving them instead leaving them an add on Westbrook at least gives them an identity. I Miami makes more sense because my aim, it has care about luxury tax. They have moving over and over again that they will gravitate towards stars stir like playing there. It's a good outcome for Westbrook to end with a good organization and you know, he's in Florida, no state tax as all that stuff about, on top of it
actually have pieces that they could trade, for they have a couple expand contract score. Draw judge, makes nineteen million there were more expire in that, I think, is that, like ten, they just Winslow that I could be, the centre piece, the somethin in, and they could even Bam Adebayo by no other word, but it could be again. A GMO free card trade for the thunder where they get off. That was portrayed pay to get out of a luxury tax, which I still think that half the shed double figures don't you think they'd have to also get under luxury tracks with a whisper trade right here. They'll have to find a way to yes, my only make wants them like because maybe you'd like we will take any by that account talent and you're right. I don't care about the tax, but they don't have drafted, and I imagine in a deal like this, that oversees wanna gonna keep. Though he dropped out of your Lando working just because unless Russell Says-
I want to go to Orlando. I don't think good deal in there. I just think that the relationship is. Is that strong and an old ever been done together. I don't think they dump him honor Lando, unless he was called that now that the next to me are interesting, because now the next believe in like slow playing the process and others the until something else comes along the chain. Their money, and this is the kind of thing where you can get over on that, because the mixed up with other traffic, now they ve got some decent young players, nothing great outside of argued buried, but the beef and young players, and they could conceivably create some flexibility with bills of their own down the line. But that's the thing that makes that funding into New York getting much drastic floods. This young players back, then everybody from everyday expand. I know and have a heart attack and that in a good way, they would happy happy with getting did the next year
everything for thirty year old thirty one year, Russ Westbrook whenever he has now and getting it right as he started to go into his decline phase, would be the most next move about tat. It really wet, but it also it it it proves why I was so stupid for them to spend fifty two million dollars next year on tenth men. They that kind of joy Randal. But I just want to keep my calves. Is open for as long as I possibly can. Until I know what else is going, shake out in the collide ship was such a big chip. It was clearly get out a fact. Somebody. Somehow, however, now, and I just would rather kept the cap space. Instead, they locked out these guys can't treat any those guys into it? December. As of January, I can remember mid December to date as when we can make it the so Westbrook was gonna go there and by the way it will be a theme all summer and I'm in torture every next ban. I know that a menace and Tax Westbrook Exclamation Point mix physical thou art
everybody. I, though, have now now we didn't do that as I just and spoke with these are, but I could total they then trading. Our J bear it and thirty million dollars of expiring for westward and thereby we ve got our star that without ideas is get out of the first round of three years. Where to take a quick break, quit break to mention that this website is brought about Miller, late, here in the ringer. We have our disagreements, but there should be any debate about this Miller. Light is the great tasting light beer with only ninety six collars and three point: two grams of carbs: that's fewer There is an a half, the carbs of but light so there really nothing more to talk about if you have a real, argument. Let me hear until then stick with more light. No relate hold true, and since we're here quick reminder, break stuff our new podcast that launches Tuesday luminary. It is the story of Woodstock.
Ninety nine, a festival where a lot of crazy stuff happens, you aren't details on how to listen. There's gotta luminary that link slash ringer. It's really get its hosted by Stephen had and if your music buff, I learned a lot, it's really good check it out. Break stuff I backed up. I were back. I what to mention the Orlando thing. Really quick. You said how they wouldn't trade him to you and they wouldn't trade Westbrook to a team without his consent, basically or without him, knowing it doesn't seem like IE. We're not sure he was in the loop on the Toronto thing. Last night there was reported, which was the most shocking thing in the night to me that that it was on the table for Westboro compiled George to go together to Toronto. First, the outcome, contracts and pigs. I personally don't think I'd just find that hardly miss, I would say for Westbrook. I am sure he,
allowed himself to be strong along, but was also excited to increase the price that the clippers would have to pay Knowing that he's a competitive guy, who's seeing the whole landscape, and at least he once if somebody's gonna trade for Paul George at least make them, price up. Do you think he actually would to jail for Westbrook? First, I agree that the size hatred for the quivers rags right up there with the hatred for pretty much anything in Basque about the need for everything that everything the clippers did this year from you, don't gotta goopiest with having somebody show up with a clippers pole
one in every single, quite letter game to just the shadow recruiting they did have combined to see. This did not go unnoticed, obviously within Toronto, so I can buy the idea of like, let's just like that, you're a possibility to drive up the price. At the same time I mean you, don't want to take what was broke but have Westbrook means George, and why also stay? Don't you do it? I mean, does not guarantee you like a three year champion Window and if you have that verses, what you have right now need to honour was basing maybe a complete tear down me we're we're sitting your presidency might not be over because under what the rafters are gonna do I mean they might stripped down that the reports and dialogue can allow read in a body and soul you over the next couple of weeks or months. So I just I think, I don't wanna Westbrook aren't you wanted to want to come back to the same team and ended? we get along the way, but if it meant getting all George into that miss, I think you would have done it where
Do we know for sure CO would have stayed in Toronto if they got Paul George doubt that part is wrong. It unclear to me it it's more clear that by training for Paul George, it would have made it so much harder for Kawhi to go to the clippers cuz, then he's not going with the second guy, but it necessarily mean why wouldn't have done gonna Lakers soda so you would have to be like cake. Why we're doing does that mean? You will resign here, and I haven't heard haven't heard that piece of it? I am stunned. Will you you talked about Toronto, William talk about them, I don't feel bad, for their fans because they won the title in the The price of winning the title sometimes is now have a rebuild, so that's great, but it so been weird for them to go to bed last I guess some of them would have gone to bed last night thinking collapsed.
Stay, I thought he was going to stay as as it dragged along and it became they are something was holding back with the Lakers. It seems Toronto, one in one or two years with the one when you're option. Something like that- and I was talking to him people bad I was like, doesn't seem like he wants to deal with clutching the brow. And being the third. We all that stuff and it doesn't seem like the cook we're gonna get that second guy, and that was what it can. ACT to me over and over again I thought I was going to the coppers all year and then it once they couldn't get. The second guy form. The Toronto thing became so much more realistic. I feel bad for the rafters fence, but at the same, and they did when the title. How do you feel I mean I? I thought you were gonna go back as well, just because it seem like try would burn so much equity with India and the belief that I think that was inside quite like wife came back
that even though there was a, is an older roster with some of those core guys with now three in a back and saw that Messiah Algeria proven that you can find the talent the put around him. They make it successful. So would I thought that was gonna bring it back. I also didn't think I don't think he ever was looking hard at the two plus your deal. I think he was taking the same approach that Carmelo every day during is written where it's like. I'm gonna get the money and then, if it doesn't work, I'm gonna forth my way out or I'll figure. If they had somehow George Denzil, that's now the poorly regulated paisley one lives. So I think he was always looking at that four or five year deal the garret in the money, and then you can kind of your dictate. What happened? I just I got to give Kawhi credit for, like
this is the master manipulation of the prophet yeah. He took his time. However. He dealt with Paul George to convince all the gold or global city that work I mean there are great GM. Could pull this off a player basely orchestrated all this and made no happened. It also maybe big built like this. The gap any gotta conversation that get about player tampering like some practice, gotta be losing mine in some way, because this happened and your press. He was gonna leading the charge. You know tat the cleanup hampering in the NBA for awhile yeah. Now you have you know I, like lettered, basely, directing all George to request the trade and ultimately it happened, but we know we discuss like that. It all worked out programme, a city in a pretty good way, but I mean this is another example of a boy were tampering is taken on a whole new meaning. I don't even think They look anymore. I think, there's been an unwritten rule that effectively start
a year ago, but really went into effect. The share that once the final starts, whatever everything's fair game, we saw with its July First six o clock. Everyone supposed to be starting to talk right then, and twenty deals were announced in an hour so that get up without tampering. I think everybody has just agreed. Now I we're all gonna. Do it so here's? How goes it become? the highway were the though the science says to go forty miles an hour and everybody's going sixty in there Secondly, this is different. Given little Betty goes. I mean Paul Georgia two years lump in his deal. I get it back. You know, Irene Katy may talk about they're gonna go in MID June or earlier yeah, even like during the seed like Spencer did William whatever. Accordingly, with doing a career of into the guy with two years, leopards, veal and go, I leave what it sounds like is calling on the go request. The trade you'll bring a team and put them in its opposition to that back to me,
that's just take the tampering to another level. We were, we ve gone from talking to guys in the final year of their deal, the talking guys with multiple years left in their deal yeah. I do feel like it started in thousand. Sixteen with awe with the ran the warriors when it became clear that their Texan and during the season- and you know the Pa George Thing- do that clippers culpable and anyway, I don't know if co wise leg, I've called Paul. George I've been texting with them here, as he would be open further to a trade he's not happy there. If you guys could get him I'll come. Is that tampering? cuz, I'm not I'm not sure anymore. I don't know what the line is, but if I'm the clippers- and I have Kawhi Leonard telling me that guess what I'm going to do anything I can to get Paul George, the price they paid Is really staggering for a variety of reasons? First of all, two thousand and twenty two is looks like that's going to be the draft that has the high school players in it.
And that was the draft that thou be off limits and all trades and yet everybody's just throw wrapped. That story do backs all the pigs they gave up. They have no fear, your whatsoever. Conversely, ok see, I just think in a number of opposition. I e in their family all kinds with all the assets they have at least have the start of something where the Balkans have I am they drew holiday like they're a lot closer to competing. I think, but. It in terms of how badly it can go when you're, just looking at the tail end of something. This is like what happened with the Celtics when they did the KGB and thing it wasn't. Just that broken then they get out a GEO free card and they head teacher, whilst his contract with the tuna lots of, but they were at the end of and the run it was over, there is. There is nothing more to milk cow. And I'm with you, I think, ok see- was like that. With this whispered, George Combo, I dont what? Where
they go in the sure, even of Paul. George comes back healthy, thou art, thou graven yeah like me again if they thought that they believe they can make a right, but you won't get outburst of short the shooting in Moscow in all that stuff, like they believed that that group coming back. As long as Paul was healthy, like that they could do it, but that's always will be but I do not think that they thought any choice like I don't know that. Did they ever imagine before a couple of days ago that this deal would possibly be on the table, but it seemed like the clippers. Would be in a position where they had to give up more than what the Lakers Rarely if ever I don't think they ever foresaw bed, but that would be the one that was there like all your boy. We we hate, losing Paul George, like we, one championship in a couple years that made what they're saying now they're probably happen. David celebration by close doors you mentioned the terrain us crazy situation in there now they have
Larry in vain. We make a combined thirty. Forty three point: five, just those two guys. Search a back is on the books. Twenty three point: two as an expiring, Guess I was on the books for twenty five point: six as an Ex so they are looking at over ninety million hours in expiring contracts of veterans, who you know, I think have decent too pretty large size appear on the trade market. The problem is everybody chewed up their caps base. Airily in this is it. This is why I never understand why these teams to up other cap space on the first week of July. This bends every year? And then all these teams have contracts and they can't do anything with them. You know Are they then, that the cap space to get like Toronto, hey- here's Kyle, you want him, lay aside the use that my cap on jobs,
Mon John Schmuck behalf for her very funny. I Miami, I think, I think, for Westbrook could be the one way to add a couple, a couple more things for you really quick holders, but just then Toronto, good business, two options there. Now, where you could just keep this group together, see. What you can do next year is like a thick Ceuta. What everyone needs to operate and then let those contracts has come off the books now. Did you do that? You you? Can you can rebuild without having to make any significant he'll kill? You don't wanna, take back. You know a cot somebody with extra years on that contract them, but I would what I expect them to do is to aggressively shop. These guys did you can get another expiring deal and drastic
if it were weathered Lowry or a bottom. Is you ve heard this to over the years like the running Jochen, the NBA like but, alas, like five six years, mythology had kind of been waiting to do that. Yeah there's been a commitment. A tear down coming in Toronto, like the joking amongst it'll different people. Was that, like that, the press release do not the firing. A blank hasty was been written, but, like six years like, you just kept waiting to many game for them to let him go like this is this: is stopping I've been on the rafters radar for a pretty long time? The possibility, even the eagerness, the kind to rebuild this big? Now they have the outcome. Now they got bandleader, not either. One of those guys are For one players on a championship theme, but you and I know how to building block welcoming the arabic though either but the your those two building block you can go out there and if someone will give you a first round pick for Kyle another aspiring contract, you do it painted with a bucket, it's all and start to rebuild them. Those dropped at worthy
I remember talking Darrell at the early part of the decade dislike you now he's he's, got a really nice job of keeping the rackets competitive and always trying to get a star and yet his whole philosophy of try to get three stars which we ve talked about in this pact has two million times but he was also really jealous of the teams that had a chance to do the rebuild that I think one of the funny things about that. Ok, see trade is all g that was kind of their dream trade to be scenario where you just sit around one week. You have a team has no chance to win the title. And then added nowhere. The clippers come they're. Ok, we have to have Paul George, while he's down available, but what will take Thou take seven first, a package of Alexander Gunners Contract Hoddan, we gotta talk but this will call you back it suppresses I. Why wait? I'm gonna get odious. Five first rouses to pigs
jobs and a young guide a builder out- and this is how did this happen? I guarantee he's delighted. I guarantee it there's no way and you write about what arrow or other Gm Gm by nature, are our builders and like looking with commonly was dealing with permitted with with the wizards like Look at that situations I why, with them only leave your Denver beside the money factor. You got the nuggets team that this close, the potentially being a championship theme, but there was an appeal for him calmly, not just and going back to the bees, the area, but the care that holding down near an unreal no. I came over the next three or four years in german managers enjoyed like that's one for them when they get to that that top level, certainly winning a championship, respond but you're getting beaten. The second round, the converts final budget, like eat your soul, If your g eminently again, I think Danny's a good example. You now a date that run ends, and I guarantee them.
Fun. Three years for him was those first couple years with the broken picks coming again take chances on the essay Thomas types in being that guy. Initially. It was not really trying to win, but he's not tank. Any therefore keepers and he just a scene where, sir Gawaine month a month? And you know, I think, that's ever jams fantasy to put about the Toronto thing really quick. The wizard seem like an actual trade partner for them because they could give them bill. You'd have Take John was contract, and if you're Toronto, you just give them expiring, and you know I don't know Oji mammies it and something like that and you that and the prices will give you a pic. You take the we'll back, we'll take a world the desk, the wall and now be an interesting way to reboot. I don't see a lot of options for Washington with with with that, while contract by the web met to mention this to.
Giving washed and like the guy in the fantasy Lakers, upset that, though the Pall George Trade package, Happened but nobody ever called them to sit to see if they wanted. Seventy percent of that for Bradley Bill, because they would have taken and seventy percent of that for Bradley Bill yesterday. Right, I don't see the brandy built up. I don't I can't really read my around because everybody in Washington has told me that he's like TED, we answers paper player and getting past. We're getting a broadly bill. Trade dont mean getting me out on board with it and he's not. So maybe you can attach John won't do it that change the calculable, but that's why I was but where the mighty stuff came from, that was more You know you know. Eurozone has been operating and reporters like brain. Let them up but like it made sense to utter due to a degree because you're before this catastrophic injury
mind. You would have taken on your walk like that. They would have taken that contract and said we can re ability to him. Your hide a player if they were gonna get rabbie bail. Out of it do. I could see the rolling that broadly based on that, but I do not know what they give up and make it appealing to Washington beside just taken, I walk contract. Would you I think if they could have given up Shea and Gallo and two unprotected eggs and one of those Miami picks for bill. I think washed in its point there. There was a number that would they would have been overwhelmed by. That was probably less than the pall. George number baccarat, maybe you know maybe pouch Jesus guy. I want to talk about the Lakers burrito could break with think about stuck by Google VI. Does it feel like most? plans just weren't made with us man between bag coverage, paying too much for data never actually use. Crazy roaming charges come on Google via a bomb and by Google made with features that people like you, and I actually want features like free
roaming, see, never have to worry about calling up your per I to let them know, be travelling hate that three It works in one. You can stay connected. Everyone from home as ever and between Google five works on your favourites, bar fancier have to switch phones, justice which plants. Another thing I hate, in fact, as easy as just download the app your name The data is pleasant. Bill protection, Do you use a ladder daddy? Your bill is capped at a reasonable amount, learn more at ef. I doubt Google back home. That is a fight that google dot com switch to Google fry a phone plan, by Google back the Bacchus. Ok, the Lakers they overpay four days, together could guide in a year under a lot of the same coin suppose as this clippers, they merely differences in this case in the clippers case they had. Pay because they're not getting anybody. Otherwise, in the Lakers case, there were no other
what is bitters and it seemed like the biggest overpay I thought an mba history. Now you look at what happened with quite. Even though the Lakers only end up with Davis and Leubronn. Do you think this that now the Lakers. It was actually kind of smart for them. The lockdown Davis, because you never know and when shit changes in the NBA all the sudden now now David could go. Somewhere, you just don't know or do they This is a massive massive loss for them. I dont think those two things are mutually exclusive. I mean, I think they they had the law yeah Davis, but they also should known their basic babies themselves and the invitation put meaner at that price tag to get the battle begin needed to give up everything They gave up the gave evidence, but having him on the roster great, I mean that you need to do that. One way,
other, and while I dont like every gm I've thought about what the Lakers we're doing with their tax base waiting on. Why now agree with it? I guess this is. If you have an opportunity and you think it's realistic to get why Leonard, you have to wait this whole thing up, but now, but it's over and you will. I don't know where that leads you, how you put together a champion of level team in the next two or three years on the Braun playing at his private Danny Green was kind of a nice day, because you'll get agreed the good player in office that you made you ever a decent starting line up with green at it. But that's that's what they get the job done the day they waited a long time and that a lot of guys come off. The book tat were waiting, Lakers of the wet, but they might be with Lakers dissolve season. So I think they should have done what they did in waiting for my letter, but now he went the other way. This was the risk you talk like this is this is now the prom
they're gonna have a hard time using a team that can compete with some of those top themes in the converse mixture They were all in in a way that we haven't seen a team go out in a while, where they go all in a hundred eighty cents on the dollar, four Davis. Whatever was an incorrect, in to create calf space to get that third star, and we have many names. Did we hear floated into that Third star space right? It was like Jimmy Bother, was go in there The angel Russell was gone there who ass was gone there Campbell water and all the same, those guys are gaining picked off and then it becomes quite and when the Paris didn't get anybody. The quiet actually did seem really realistic, because you know we every two years, anyone a southern California I dont really blame them for going all in hoping that they could get cold
I do blame them for what they did after. I thought they overpaid for Danny Green Fifteen million here year for two years is just too high for him. I I. I don't think he's somebody that should be making you know if you make seven or eight thou make sense. Ray of Dallas is coming in with a big offer. You had to go to that. That's what I would share. Divided gas was out there with a big opportunity brain but it's ok, then let him go and then they pay eight billion a year for Caldwell Pope they bring. They'll back. We ve already seen these guys with the broad. What are they doing I would have rather was kept. The cab space. Take a deep breath, waited a couple days and canvas the league and see what was going on with ok see now do they want to get under the tax scene.
Toronto, undue those expiring. Why are you jumping the first chance quite goes that uses splurge on your cap does absolutely absurd tab. I get the green, the green, take their that you hold onto that cap space and see if somebody better would become available. The Gatt continued plans and you saw the second. This deal went down. They reacted violence within a matter of hours that they made all these words of science. I think they have the deal's cut a locked in the whip. Now with the regions with whoever, when I said, if we don't get why this deals gonna be, there came a gigantic rooms sitting there for four weeks, wind What would happen with, while I'm with you know, like a smarter, smarter path by benches, ten holding on at least four for another couple of weak them,
Maybe you lose data green, but Micawber pokes not going anywhere. Gerbil Magee, not going anywhere argued still, maybe have another clutch client Marcus Moors, maybe up there, you could sign down. Why you're telling me, however, then shook out with with Westbrook Maybe that would have been the better when you got a problem with them, though it was produced. Would he give back beside the door with a contract? There is quite literally nothing taken up here, ass in sitting beside carefully The aim in he's there look at a John while I just read out the cab space. I dont know why teams rush to finish their team before Goliath doesn't make sense. May I just when they were. Where was Danny Green. They lose the Ngos the mavericks okay. Well, what would you get markets more than leg I don't feel I got when it's not all stars. I just don't see the rush to pay somebody full market via and then some it's. It's gotta be David,
any further brown, though, because you know, I think it I you bring in Davis and there's the potential for a lack of? We do that to do that again, It is not there. I don't think they have enough. I think it would. It would take a vintage old school. A bronze season for them to really seriously contend for the title, and you know this guy's gonna approach. Sixty thousand minutes a share. I dont know if its realistic for him. They hit level is a two way poor anymore? So then the flip side would be, could Davis, just put them on his back and be the envy p that we feel like he had in him. He would have been the logical choice. Three years ago, two years ago, who's the next time they pay in the leg was hammer. Janius rose, the two names mentioned: it sees this as well. They can't be written off. He catches go too far. Other levels is sheer and become a thirty fifteen guy and become the best you know
perimeter guy in the leg. What would you give the ads on that? I think it is possible. But I mean I'm, I'm looking for labour team and I have no idea how there are plenty of other who's gonna beyond the starting line up other who's gonna, be there seven eight guys you're going into the start to see within their rotation. I'm any idea of Frank focusing on a continent. I mean that's something that were we're not talking about either mean we can't glossed over, that coaches dynamic that still exist. In a way I mean among some of the glass right Jake to keep up with the broad, and Why do all you did that makes me you? Ve got a bunch of a bunch of names out there that can make coaching that team even more difficult. I guess but David had the talent to do it. Like he's one of those rare guys that could take a big job next year that, coupled with a healthy people from abroad, could make them really thought to be the plants but their their windows. So small right now maintaining
it's different things, the brake white Eddied bauble to be the country was in Vienna and like a fire, some of the younger guys on the roster. They need Leubronn to be completely healthy and work. Well with some of these pieces, like a yard, Dudley Fight, the added their roster, all these things, it just make it hard to see all them coming together and informing party that a foreign office like the. U really trust that front but to get the job done to find the right people before now, there's no, I dont Europe is open like this is like an equation, require never speak like ever about the sun set to stop, but like now, do we have the benefit of no less than twenty four hours whatever it is that he made. This call like doesn't make sense
he would as a guy that has the guy entering like the last big contract. Maybe of his career, don't you want the team that you trust the most to build out around you? Yes, Ma Nepi gave us a great players, but it is not like more striking Trent Random, Michael Wing on that front office. The jury west equally as important as the Weiler like wildfire jury, is that what is important now for the part of it said that I think will come out eventually as being really aboard, like one hundred percent agree, now is the legacy of this region season? Among other things, you had the little brother The clippers in the nets pull over the big brother teams and the biggest things were that they were better run and they had better ownership, and I was it the day. Just I think players are so much smarter. Now, Had seen the landscape of the league and have a
real feel now, for which teams are well run and which teams are not well run. A farmer who, I am looking at other shit, the Lakers just it over the last few few years and had dysfunctional their ban in a situation where magic, quits the of the season and then cause Rob Point, go back. Stabber inquiry say, respects magic and magic. On the record, the same rapid like as a back stabber, and he says bus family. All that stuff he sees clutch and he's is the way that you know anybody who, faced with the brain of the team doesn't work out. It's it's always not leubronn who gets blamed and probably calculator all that men like screw this because from a basketball standpoint until the clippers got Paul George, it did, it did make the on paper most sense, but there is obviously so many things, scared him off, and I look at the Lakers looking at them and backtrack right now. There can be atrocious defensively. Mister,
this tiny now Cuenca Dana Green Card were Pope. Daniels, the bronze shared that the Anti Davis cow, charisma, jovial, Maggie, that's bay, their team right now, they're, not gonna, be averted and guards at all, and I think, there's cup, whether teams in this into to what the one thing that happened was there were so many points up in the air and somebody point guard spots and aid than are hoping to pack asked about. You know: there's twenty don't know twenty the starting point guards going to mean in the league which teams and now everything shook out and there's no point guards lifelike like does not point out either you now. It's gonna be a really hard position even find somebody who's competent and, if you're the Lakers, whose guarding staff curry, whose guarded We lowered whose guarding carrying encumber you gone down. The line, who's gonna look advantage. They have a team of. Pretty much slope limits, poem, slow perimeter, the broad and Anthony Davis, and that
does it not anyway, but by random back ok great that second work either. So good luck, I don't agree very dear points out, but they spread your point about the the functionality of themes mattering in and I've been cutting back people doing some nets, toughened like carbon that like how they presented themselves and how they conducted organization last few years that residents deeply with governed around like that was what what, what exactly moved him off New York would move the needle but the the fact of the nets at had looked. So.
Functional and had such a strong infrastructure there that merit given to read I'm sure it mattered, the Cairo Urban and on the flip side, the country, I'm sure it mattered to go. I let it like you are able. This should be left everything you dont like everyone to think that a winding up like the six or seven feet was basketball purgatory. Maybe it is to a degree, but if you do it the right way and you do it with guys that that don't make a pot of money and you keep from financial flexibility winding up in a thick seven. Eighteen actually The best thing for you, because you can show it for him that he could step in there and succeed runaway yeah. Maybe we saw it with the Celtics. I think we're the first one that thought that way and then nets and I've. I've never understood why teams would throw away that chance to being the plants and get their guys experience over getting late. The fourteenth pick. Thirteen pick, I D. I do think the lottery odds of change, though, because
Lakers or in that's by last year right and they could have fought to try to get in faded? Instead they shouted down and getting the eleventh pack, but in that moves up to four, so that would be the incentive to shut it down, but with you. I would much rather proved to people that you know we have a good thing here in his words gallon and here's what we're doing as as to Boston. Guys, though, I think it's, it's always pretty fun when things don't work out for the Lakers again to say, and I feel that they buy again you know what a baby we're gonna guy wasn't less, but you know that right is that you and round and like you first I'll, let you know globally Why are you doing this to me? I mean to any day now. Danny did almost trade forever said no sex. Before we go quickly the leg, a wii predict south. We all say we're staff there. In the course of season. I was
the whole year that Katy was gone to the next and cool was gone in the papers and thought that way. The whole year, I felt really strongly about it, the coercion They obviously was a rocky road to get there, but it happened. I'm not gonna take credit for it because it's at some point Just didn't seem realistic when they gonna get the second guy. I'm still Conniston hated and end up on the next. When do you think that flipped? Because I don't they flip during the season and Adam believe the whole. I don't believe that that's where leg in the lead in time we got into the spring. What do you think happened? Well, I dont know that the was ever fixated on the mix and that the public perception was, I think he was fixated to a degree on New York either in part, because in part because of the off the court, stop it thirty five ventures
being thing pops up yet going on right now with rich, climbing, that's based in New York, and, I think, being there, add a lot about you, but once he can fixated on New York, but never became incredibly appealing. The would probably kept the scales would that Cairo Urban was pretty fixated on the net and their relationship is pretty rock solid. So with with having the right kind of being ambivalent, about which New York theme he was going to go to and Kyrie Irving not being and Kyrie Irving sing, I want to be in Brooklyn with an s. I think that's, ultimately, what would push him into making a final decision here's what I think tat the scales Katy got her eyes Katy was in power seat with which need our team. They packed in one's Katy knocked out for the season, if you're Kai It is not making a choice at that point.
Because you're, the one who's gonna have to carry the load for all year with no K day and if Katie's on them next the nets inquiries. I goods do let's hear other reasons and rock nation in the Alley, Bob a guy all that stuff Katie's kind of the econ. He can ten. This didn't happen, but he did kind of follow, carry their. I feel like an. I do I do think if she was healthy and if they win the third title and is the conquering hero best guy in the leg. I don't Ganz upon the nets. I still feel like he picks the next. I really do- and I will never know obviously, but I think it would have strange to end up on the nets. If an inquiry could have gone to the next because a hundred times as many fans and it's the biggest challenge of transports- is through in the NBA is to win a title for the next I didn't. I was one primarily. The other problem was the coopers were recruiting Hawaii this whole time, as you said, dead scouts at every game
They were bad in their eyelashes at him in seven thousand different ways since last summer. And the next I don't feel like would do did you even hear anything about them, recruiting those guys there so oblivious to everything that it feels like they were born and third, faced with this whole thing, and they just completely factor what have you heard and that, while they bade never believed that they were fixed it all along, I can interact giving urban and I dont think until those two guys actually agreed in the net deals only they believe they lose. I think they They believe that they were the neck and right. Why would carry Irving born and raised in New Jersey? Why
He choose somewhere else. Given the rats wants to be this kind of global star the next president, the biggest platform. For that I mean it was, it was arrogance. Yes, I think that's what it boils down to. It was our guests and not I don't. I don't be perfect and they believe that the net infrastructure was as valuable as it turned out to be. They believed that the fact that the net had ventured Dinwiddie and Jared Alan tiresome a bird and all these good players I dont think that I don't ever believed that was gonna move the needle as much as it ultimately did. It was a complete misery by them from the moment the season ended from the moment. Their season ended. It just see my day, a sound of Katy was gonna, leave the words or before the next, and they were blue bird cited by the nets, and that's outward them out, hustled them out. I thought them and that's why I didn't get those guys. I still feel like Katy does get hurt and the next
bad there I'll ashes for a week, it's pretty tough to turn down there challenge blot whenever now. I would agree with that. Will have another, I would agree with that. You went through straight championships, you can say I'm gonna walk into New York and and I will our came to being better will figured out from there. I dont think I don't. I think they might have been a stand up at a guy. Risa would have gone to the net, which would create a whole bunch of different issues, paper Brooklyn, but I think it governor. I was fully healthy and one that third champion It might be different some circles that last question you ve been generous of their time. Is there funnier than one of the fifty embezzlers what I'm choosing to play with careering we talk a lot about how we could go wrong with the quivers, profoundly different ways of my academy. I look at it
I mean this year, somebody's you write a book about this year and I would all plays out in broken, because while I think that I read them to be a little bit different because he is choosing the net, I hope with getting himself into. Ah, you also have to change. You. Gonna have to be a better pub about. He made publicly you gotta get along with any actions, and I was talking to the job
be about this last night in the old job like merging the first couple a week when you're pretty blow up with any. In an area like that, like the duchess, widows, two guys are built them entirely, treats the regular Susan legacy that noise and can you can send like rats, even treat the regular Stephen like its valuable, and you should know, gained something from the different speak. Any happens in and bright even say that, can you will get your face and he'll know call you out, and if you go out with you now, how does piracy that, like you to take it, as you know, a productive thing, or does it creates kind of a toxic atmosphere that the real this whole thing before even start? Now, I'm not bearing on that, because I think
the spectre of direct was the loom over this theme and you'll become this mindset of light. I let it get through this visa will be. The sixty made will make a run, would have witnessed theories. Everything will be ok, but if there are few children wage where, where does it goes out, especially the net under a cheap early on? And you start reading, those might recall columns about how the angel roster would have been better Let it there's a chance. He matures em, and from allow the mistakes made in Boston and comes with a different attitude and keeps the right attitude and of offs, but doesn't. This is a disaster if it's same guy. That was just in Boston for the last twelve to fifteen months. This will not go well an idle person, We understand why? Wouldn't be the same guy of anything I think and as less jobs carried the bread Stevens did this, thinks we're never gonna pick area were bad Stevens ever
they also had more assets and stuff they weren't also all in an inquiry. If Katy attached care care, Katy, I will be calling the shots and his team now and I think, if we ve seen being from Cairo the last fifteen months. It's it's a pretty danger. Gotta be calling the shots is around he's moody. He doesn't always treat people in the same way, depending on the way, the day or the hour, and we who do you think your odds. I'm better read the jack, I repeat from last year in Boston, whose they the far right now I mean Jack, he's gonna, be the paper right like she done the couple: yeah, but you may be the ices hoarding stuff there,
she's, probably minus one. Twenty five. I think your life plus three hundred good yes, yes, I could beat that together. Probably the one like the one argument for one of the August working in Brooklyn is he's probably Spencer, Dinwiddie, just because I didn't realize how close they were until I didn't do it. The last couple of weeks and ah here that relationship and inspiring to talk the guy rebuke, in December in and having cut it, didn't we need. There is like a sum that connects Cairo to those other young guy. I think I'll be valuable because he came back to Boston after they were on their run and he rode through it and have any kind of true strong bonds with anyone. I mean german Brown like openly hated him, and you know gaping data matter, whoever do connection there, but the other I think, having Dinwiddie there in in Brooklyn. There's gonna be a good thing for for the net and try to make it.
Work I right, we can meet you at sports, illustrated. We can see you on Dazn. We got two big fights September and November right, Amazon or, though still happening while we we can also built we happen, but they don't animal but a difficulty. Closing those deals while we also, I will I need, I need a real rematch. That's my guy all that Latvia like tat the light, but can I will go off in? I don't think that's happening before now. Really yeah and I'm sad I enjoyed our time anyway. Charismatic stocks recover that would take a right to talk about simply safe, for two million burglaries are reported every year, not counting Ok see getting seven first round pay for passengers, not a burglar directly That's one! Every thirteen seconds bullets crazies that only one in five arms have homes carried. Maybe that's because most companies really don't make it easy
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Yes, I from the New York Times the first guest ever on any part caused I've. Ever then back when it was the b S report and now is here on one of the craziest weekends and recently history he is, is a big fan of hashtag. This league He loves it marks time this lake hashtag this league Jesus, that's ever is it is a great deal. Kind of an order. Friday night at one in the morning at your age, are now you're, you're gettin up there in years, we're old. Now, here I forget, you have to make coffee, would you do make a latte? It is not good for myself back to my wife. Did you buy me a beautiful little press alt machine that help to be time of crisis that I was satisfied. It men in pain, yeah, it's been in vain for two weeks had not without bunnies, were run date back, but that was really being prepared and be with record betting in business.
Well, I hate to break it to you, but it's not over yet cuz. Now we have to figure out the rest of us for trade. That's definitely going to happen. Cuz. You know, that's happened, you know, that's brewing! Now, that's in the oven. Impressed he's Evan he's gotta is got Westbrook in there and Edward trade that I knew that you think that braided going to be easy to accomplish here in the next week, or so I dont know about, went gonna come together that quick, yeah, MAX and I just said it was probably happen before the season. So let's start here, did you where did you think he was gonna end up on on July? Fourth, quite what team would have been your bet.
The quicker than that was so funny that we can all see the long thing with the clippers. My NBA final preview was about how the clipboard were working at the quick per head at least explored. Is there anyway, to buy back while logo from night read by the right, because they wanted to give that require part of their pit meeting and that it would have been a lovely gifts to give him simply nobody wants it badly if he had been good night you to get to get the right for the button. That means a lot to him for even though that would have been a map of salary, fat violation and impossible. The clipboard did look into that that badly they wanted to go, but when the Lakers daddy and the rafters one the Sami people quick because ended up, everybody thought they were inferred because they thought the bulk of the Brons were brandy. Imagine why into this, or we just gonna say,
he's going to he's going to stay in Toronto on a short term deal. I think my pic honestly was I'm the romance that you know that I thought he was going to stay in Toronto. That was really my pic. I thought he would stay on a short term deal. I think you were going to be right. I think it I think it had to take, Jane was gonna. Take shit over the next three days battle. Anybody who gives Jalen shit you have to fight me to Jane was right. Then he said ninety nine percent, chance guess what the one percent chance was. Ok, see getting the greatest trade on the history of the of the National Basque by Association to get Paul. George too, Nowhere go to the clippers. That was the one percent. This was cool a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy trade Hall, for but that we didn't even really know is available. Did you hear the rubber,
that he was not happy. No Casey. Last couple months now and walk it's gonna, it's gonna be talked about and more will come out and I'm gonna hear how and what I ve been all that stuff, but come on me it'll all George, I mean Paul door. He was one year into a for your deal and even if he was moved by what he didn't you to back the way the funders even ended it anybody think you're, gonna go and ask for a trade after he made such a big deal about wedding, his loyalty to Westbrook in Oklahoma City, An hour before it Paul George, they end up on the city. You know that the mayor decreed that every I think every delight I was now they said it was only last year was Paul George Day this back to being Russell S birthday, I think he had all seats.
We were filling the Laker for how much they gave away for every day that trading and greek and feel at that. For the future and the clipboard zoom at that with this thing, yea everybody loved, empower, Nari, obviously with entreated three. There are people who will take shot at him, but he fell. A very productive guire ring unprotected burst from the clipboard at protected, protective birth, Miami and a war and a lottery protected earth. It becomes unprotected a few years later. I mean that Why don't and then pig swaps end badly managed, and I talked about the the funny thing ads and maybe not funny? Is that Paul, George isn't exactly like a one? percent feel good about this? Guy's health going forward were at both soldiers all round and has a metal his leg, so in other island. They had to do it. God bless him.
I know I as it as a kid that grew up on the roof streets, Buffalo Home, who, at the brave cruelly taken away. They go to Santiago you. How long did you stick with the clippers before you just quit them? but then I never I I never embrace them for one. Second to me, my brave ended, and that would be in the crazy part. Was I moved to Southern California the same summer that that the brave New Debt though in our about me, I never want that. I'm afraid I'm equipment band now their duties under the quivered, and I never really wanted to say that the brave and equipped with fragile, but will they have certainly been very franchise that has never made the finals in Buffalo and Saint Agar in LOS Angeles, they have certainly been involved. Some of the craziest transactions in the in history. The leg you have
Jai. I would put the Braves itself ex, where I think eight or nine prayers were flip for each other. Tiny Archibald goes the boss than theirs. Tat ladder. What do they have a lottery back then, but the equivalent lottery pigs go into our buffalo as they move to the keepers washed in all these people there is that trade they'd. They gave up the farm for bill, one who played. Really no time at all for them they cheat. They picked anymore, then shaded him for a bunch of stuff from Cleveland. They had the crazy Chris Paul trade which you know read after the lock out ended that was another people sailor This is one of the craziest runs ever feels like we're having crazy runs every year, but that Chris Paul Trade was crazy. Blake Griffin had nowhere to deteriorate. That was crazy, and now this quite Paul George, think, though those are seven of the crazier. Its actions they may be in the crazy, its action led for
where franchise you want. If you want to include my brave, don't forget that we had most, Malone procure. Oh my god. Oh yeah, that's another! When I wrote a that's my book, I wrote about that. They trade, I forget either it is worth further rub it air and got rid of Adrian badly. They treating you didn't support It is about to win the seventy seven title. And has Moses and their team and decide to trade him for one first rather to Buffalo Buffalo hasn't for what three weeks six days they played a game, I believe the brave and then they felt yet they flipping the Houston for two first round. Spotless feel great earlier, we felt that Moses, Geiger Next Big and then he turns out to be Moses one of them. I think best parts of day where we gave were eight. Regrettably, we gave away back. In particular, We ran off that gap, but love my quip repeat. Writing queer and days into it. Danny Manning per day
we welcome our another good one yeah. That was that people but that was a new era where expire in contracts getting foot for each other, because it has happened in baseball. There were wondering what was gonna now, it's basically Arbour Enron, Barbara proclaim that he was doing it in jail time for the rapid. You ve, been waiting to get out on key, be why Vivier and now the equipment that arrive did it well, and this is also the first time you know when it. When they got Chris Paul and it would they finally foot the tables in the Lakers a little bit that his team was kind of dying and then they we're all in with the Dwight Howard, Steve NASH, Trade, which is a debacle from day one the Cooper Sab Chris Paul there Blake then the Andrea in there just more funds comes more realistic from then, when they never really when head to head where they were look inside as at each other for nine months. This is the first I'm its ever happen with the coppers Lakers, where you have,
teams and allay their both have a chance to win the title. Sarah happen the buccaneers nineteen eighty four we can never. We can never say that that's happened before so that's pretty cool. I do. I think that. Sit. Would you put the clippers ahead of the Lakers ran out for who has a chance to internal yeah? I with it? We felt it don't know enough about the labour team and the clipboard, yet I think I think, there's more competent, thin in slightly more competent and what they can put around those who guy for now. Why did I? I do think LE brought an eight year gotta be altogether. That let's not underestimate what underestimate what they them are going to be. I said I said a the ceiling for their Lakers team. Now is eighty goin to another level become becoming the Indian next year and just being what Karim was in the MID seventys when the Lakers got em when Karim was just incredible from said
six, seventy seven, seventy eight with really nobody around him. I think that's the ceiling for them adequate! The clippers, if that makes your Pa Georgia South. They they got enough Games Attica why they probably have a move or two to make. I think they're gonna get Andrea with our there's. A very large go a good our trade where they can football carcasses contract. Throwing Jerome rabbits and subsequent rounders three four Alien box. Whatever the limit is that you can give a team and men This can flip good thou their way. That makes sense to me. I you think of that. I am sure they would love it all the confederate lot. What a good dollar- and you know I don't think you're, not a guy's gonna, give you much irregular feed them, but in the play off, if you still want him leave your already body boys, brave boy. You know I have selfish reasons for this are now. I
announcing right now, its one thousand one hundred and twenty five here in the West Coast. If I could I'll come to the clippers, I'm giving him a Ringer Pike S eye. He can. He can not want it, I'm still giving it to Morgan we're launched a feed wariness caught the Andrea, our podcast. If he wants to host a great, if we'll just have guess us until we talked of it. It's happening, he's somebody what always heard, but only if you let him do business thought might be. Business somewhat leadership, I one and have weird guess. I want him to be like our J J rhetoric, but in the West Coast and do his thing so edgy tray, it's happening. Revenue pod be ready for a marked stein. People keep on this deployment pyramid decade about this, and it right believe I have a better name for. I think it's a swipe right decade. I think,
its players searching for happiness with each other and fleeting fleeting relationships where people go, our family this guy to be great, the two of us and then two years later it falls apart. They got some, whereas Westbrook compile George, Katy in the warriors, ah horrified Gordon Heyward and carry on Boston together, Over and over again, it sees it sees very wealthy superstars. Looking for
other wealthy superstar to witness a title wet and then it doesn't work out, and then they swipe right. They go to the next guy. We think what fascinates me more about this one. Is that why you ve never been part of any of your wiping yeah, all the big guy EMU at Bay Guy on the twenty fifth Rio team? I was there and I covered it. Read I read the Andrei all buddy you're, going to Brooklyn. We remember that all started more than a decade ago, when the Broadway bought played gather analytically. Why not? Why haven't you know? He's he's been like one or two many camp over the years with EMU Attack
you're the one who, what do you want from me? You wanted guinea Butler, Gimme Butler. He wanted to go to my em. They made a run. The rat now Durrant too far down the road with Irish Irving. Yet though he goes to Paul George, whom no one on earth new within anyway remotely get aboard and convince Paul George, the request to pray that to me is that is mine blowing that quite who we all think is the quietest to pursue our ever, get that so he's it's it's godfather, one with Michael Corleone biscuit his ears Reddy's under estimating him until the sun is shooting slots on Mccluskey Anytime rascally? Did you ever think they were going to be putting putting that cannot make any kind of mood? Oh, I wonder now I the I think, the most
presents thing was how he handled are the leaks and all the secrecy this week, which is getting credit for a mine. He handed it to some degree because. We are thought all year that the clippers where the Timmy wanted, but then as it as it came down that not crunch time here this last week, and they couldn't get that second guy for him. But remember we weren't bathing all that more on what the clipboard we're doing, not because it was coming out of Hawaii, but then glimmers clippers, clearly strongly felt they were in the next for him and I Did I say something you can do in the penalty, but that's why we that's why we were all thing: clipper could briskly know. Everybody knows the clipboard had a friend by representative countless quite gave. Yet it was with an open secret that the whole summer was built around
Getting that got yeah, and that's where an end. You know I bet it. I know you better come here. You have thicket there, you go again when you would be around the quickly. Do you like me? They gave off his Bible. We got some cooking here with the. Why we think we're gonna get him what you could tangibly feel it when you around that where it came from and that not another again that another hilarious thing about the Father is that once the Lakers gotta be in Boston, a Laker competent and the competent coming from people around around the brown that they were going to get him back with those from the people to stop talking about the quicker and quicker than cared unimpaired. Now we're talking about him. They went out and his mother lode about that together in made, this whopper betrayed will now the clippers and Lakers are in a death mark
against each other were neither them any assets. It took two thousand twenty six other than these two guys. It's unbelievable. It's like you who can stay healthy out of these there at if need, and if one of the four to the fourth through the four four, for whatever combination, if any I'm go down or get than the bronze case or wherever there is no plan b. You're in this is it. I think the cookers have done a better job. Kind of position in themselves for the next couple years, because they have some players and good contracts, though the Lakers. What did you think of? Let us not forget the twelve Lou. Will it
the eight million which, upon Harold having who was the better man, ITALY for free, I'm unfounded and numbers of guideline again, you know who's run off. If you have more confidence in, you have more competent in the clippers with more in France and Michael Winger and very well. You have competence in the late again passing away, is the port unto itself, but you know I'm sorry you're getting that getting Anthony David on its own, the thought, but I'll be back in the bottle. With from the where the lake wouldn't need to make other mood before we say that their the right track here. What do you think of the irony of a year ago, Philly and Boston have a chance to pull them inquired some way in their back off and leave the door open for them. Then, when the title with them he goes through Phil in a legendary game. Seven now this summer the quiver
and obtaining Hawaii and Paul George and become the favorites in the west. I think this There are one of the two favorites in the east. There is away. They get Hawaii and Paul George, if the two by us trade doesn't happen, which hated when it happened, but they are giving the whereas these extra assets that allow them than to put those assets to push the Pa George Trade over the top, while also having the cap space and they got keep sham it really cheap there. Who is now one of the seven guys on their title. Temp pretty bizarre. This all showed part of this, but I think you know what it's all really go. That is because it by your power era- and these guys are all recruiting them- fell
I'm doing the old themselves and then leaving their rocker gather. Goes you why you know why he was willing to gamble on all georgian afraid, and why must I did it Toronto, because you're not in the mic, spaghetti that you have to take me crazy gamble with the stars are looking at smaller marketing benumbing in Toronto case. It pays off in the US. Would it free, but I'm really interested to see now, maybe and really going to be for giving up a while entered as we bought in a week with how many of us that all the double baby brought him a Kapital it'll be fine honeymoon lasted twenty today, I'm sure it's not finally Now he did bring them a title. I remember after the Red Sox one though for title any really anything could happen, then I wasn't gonna be upset. I was just so happy
If I would about one man sitting when therefore stand a unified, even anything right gambling over different in faster, because all about the lab, the club override everything in basketball player it just so much more about the fire frenzy is about the guy that how everybody is this trend by the mega personality that I don't want to feel. A mere to feel different. Well, I think we're running out of combinations for guys who want to play with each other. Like you did, but nobody didn't even contemplated yeah I mean, I guess the next chest pieces would probably be.
The honest in two years, I guess I get the guy the US everybody ass, a kind of pick their team we go through the top ten twelve personal league is perceived You ve been Simmonds is gonna get his extension. We seem pretty set. Now, I think, there's a couple smile, I move that we could see where United the ethics are equipped to get one more guy I disagree with. You were never set walks up the less brevity I get bigger and value who who is going to be given that the big whenever you say that the next question always the one who would not get traded, I, I don't you that actually now that I'm saying- and I can see Houston doing something in there for hours- and I would like to wish Acme Zayigo James harder than anything about the rocket than yourself that the kind of be watching the amber pains and that there are not the middle of any other way I think, if you do, winners and losers, I do think, are basically all the other teens,
our winner, because there is no no great team now and everything is winnable, any leg, cometh Celtics briefly they have the car ex now to get one more guy you know, they're, not a final team now, but there one piece away and die they had been running firewall that having farewell the quietly and getting temper, if not the worst outcome. But now- and I dont think anybody else That happened. Milwaukee got a little bit worse. They still have some room grow with the honest and a second year with the core, they have all that stuff, but if more walkie flip, how much more pressure to bear on the bottom in the box and had a great right here would be better and make moon yeah. But you know if they lose ground, And then, and then you look in the west totally cheap above five, five or six seems to make the fires
Denver Import linen specifically have to be delighted that a point out this way because There also one move away from maybe have apprehend, and then the other thing with them Lakers in the clippers that I think warrants mentioning the warriors as well. In the west. You have three teams that don't know about the durability of really any of their stars except carry, I guess, but with the brine with the hidden sixty thousand minutes, possibly even the season Davis, has now were banned, Lou Gehrig. The warriors are gonna, be scraping. Just to even get a big move right. There I mean they decided sprayed with Russell, basically have them as it prayed tat. We can make this work and were entreat by the possibilities and there's a place at the end low here, but
I mean, let's be honest, he's a dominant role defensively deficient player. How is he going to college with currying clay wanter? I mean the fidgit: isn't there so they will be trading ruffle somewhere. It back and fire by the bye. Don't look under the hood for a couple months sounds you have, I don't know, I think, the December January move. I think I don't eat. I dont even know prayed him in December. There not gonna, be quite often until most likely February, though they might need to keep ruffle for I believe it will bring it back to us in the US. In the nineteen seventies, there was a couple Is there seventy seven, seventy eight after them murder happened and they moved the Fora ABA teams in and the league has so much talent and its spread out so perfectly that we basically didn't have a dominant team for the next three years.
And it was a lie. It looked a lot like what the legal acts like right now, where you have a bunch of forty seven to fifty five win teams But you have no sixty plus when team, if you had to pick who is sixty plus one Regular season team would be looking at everything that just happen. Only pick your someone in me. I think the wet tat. He had a walkie. Probably I would beg Billy Billy failure, Milwaukee Adam, I think later clippers, I don't think those guys are going to play enough games. I don't see anybody playing like more than seventy games and less Davis has some sort of amazing three thousand minutes season and then that we didn't see coming and then clips. The sixty a game. He gave me a regular season guide. This point, George, we but no one he's coming back its, psyche may not even be ready for the start of the season
and then the warriors they have other their stuff, unbelievable, fascinating and love when you know we ve a ten year run here, where we ve had a prohibitive favorite every year. Basically- and this is the first time that we don't have one- and you have all these teams ready to. I always like those even better, I think, rating and Patrick than whatever help you with that says that I'm wrong that the general public prefers more when there's a ball or a warrior doubt, but I'd rather be this way. Where are we
don't know, and it is more wide open by all coming to the point where no one fire has such a big impact, it hard definition for it to be wide open for there's always a team that three giant, but if the way history has always been, will you have you the honest in lucky you silly you the something, sir. Get us pseudo contender again. You have doubtless retooling around to really really fun to watch young ass. You are both items. You have gone state, ok. Endeavour who is about is fine as anybody you have Portland people are really familiar with now, and then you have Philly, I end I probably MR teams, but there's Levin teams now that there is real real familiarity with either because they made plan for answer because people like the players in the team, so here I think the League of Brooklyn was
And even though that I don't think they're gonna be a contender, the share, there on the map and their staying in the carry staff in Brooklyn in India, Indiana had a night summer in a more not the focus on with bated of it back in their diet. Yeah I've made knight movement a lot at the palpable. I mean that the aid that the upper the other five fifteen, the Eba think will be, will be a little better. It'll be it'll, be pretty competitive up there, but the wet began system monster by a pleasure. As always, when is the hall of Fame stuff, for you was in August September September still must be. I haven't written a word yet they do believe the eunuch crying
decent champ. You see my I could see again jumped up competence promotional night national day later this year. I need an Egypt that made it ridiculously huge gaudy hard of myself, and I I am looking at this thing, and under flesh is in real life when a day for the bringing it let us summer for the Buffalo Braves. The clips are back barks dad's gonna have failed we'll go talk to you before them- keep in touch this summer. I had all right we'll do it by thanks to zip recruiter, don't forget to check them added, zip recruited outcome, Slash, bs, thanks to simply safe, remember over too burglars are reported every year. Only one in five homes have home security, maybe because most companies make it easy. That's why supersaver my top choice? Hands down? They checked your home Window Room, twenty four, seven monitoring for a fraction of the cost visit, simple
If Thou campsite, bs you'll get free shipping and sixty day risk free trade, you ve gotta leave sympathetic to. I super safe that camp slash B and don't forget about break stuff. Our new park as coming on luminary on Tuesday, thanks to Chris MAX thanks to Mark time, thanks to the cupboard for making this July, Fourth, we get instinct thanks to nephew, Kyle Anytime, scraping himself off the matches. The Saturday morning no small fee for young guy is twenties. No, I will be there eleven later in the week with the package. Ways.
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