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The Colangelo Saga and Best NBA Finals Narratives. Plus: Rich Kleiman on KD, Jay-Z, and Superstardom


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons shares his thoughts on the Bryan Colangelo situation (3:15) before talking NBA Finals narratives and subplots, including historic Finals runs, the real difference between LeBron and Michael Jordan, and Kevin Durant versus LeBron James, Part 2 (14:25). Then Bill sits down with Durant's business manager, Rich Kleiman, to talk about his music industry origins, his run with Roc Nation, meeting Durant, and how players are more equipped today to branch out in the business world (32:10).

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Yes, screw yes screw it we're doing a final them incredible. I'm insane, I'm in San Francisco right now go into game went tonight going to, but that in a second and we ass did on Tuesday the shows called court side at the NBA finals, where media Day S, red tape and all bunch of stuff. I M very excited about the show so yeah, if you don't have age, be yeah go, get it get it anyway, you can. It's gonna, be a Jew nineteenth. Also speaking to three the balls. We are too episodes into our twenty episode season Chris Ryan. Sean fantasy night did training day. It went up today. I would argue it's in it's one of the top three. What we watch was pike ass. We ve ever done. I still think heats the best one. I am not sure what number two is and training desert tat. Three, because it really turned into a referendum on how much we all of dense out what is best move. You us
performance, if you love Denzil and by the way, not american, it's on American, if you don't like them self, you Denzil, and I know you do because who does love? Denzil Listen to this one. The best part is chase around the end. I call them and he came in Aragon, yea in two thousand and three and the Dodgers in just three hundred one miles an hour for ten minutes and then sell to close the pike S that so that is the real Atropos. I think that's one of the best pack ass. We do at the ringer check that out subscribe right now come up. I want to talk about the brand glandular peace that we had on the ringer, and these five twitter accounts that merriment
be linked to him in some way, and I am also going to talk about MBA finals, narratives heading into game one tonight, and then we are going to talk to rich climbing, who is Kevin during business partner, but as a really interesting story in his own right of how he came to be where he is and a fascinating perspective on basketball players and all the up to resolve in two thousand a team which is kind of time. Because we get brand rank hurry. How these guys are many Brandt's that's how come it up first project we take this in San Francisco. I'm in my hotel room nephew tireless here. Yeah does not like
the worse for wear yet it a a couple days were going to be here for the whole files or media and whole bunch of pies, with some fun people working on this HBO show, and- and hopefully we can entertain you on this feed is a big week for the ringer. We had a peace that might have been, might had the biggest impact of any peace we ve had either at the ringer or a grand legists just blew up. We put it out in the perfect night, it was a Tuesday eight read after this really really compelling, run a basketball game sauce and there's nothing there. Then this peace popped up its appeal, We are working on for a few months, Ben Dietrich Road for Us Chris Ryan,
the editorial director of the ringer. He was the the main person editing it working on it with Ben. They covered all the details of the behind the scenes stuff over over at the Ringer NBA show. So if you miss that go check that out for a couple extra things, there's a lot of material to work, Basically, I don't even know if your card investigation- I think it was this. This is weird. What is this? Let's keep digging. Why is this tape? That ban got that these accounts may or may not have been lengthen what's wrong. The commonalities with them, and all that stuff and benches kind of dug in at and turned out to be a pretty incredible story. It still shaking out organist see we see how pleasant over the next few weeks with Philadelphia and if we
we're gonna find out who is linked to those five cats. It's too did do on the internet. There has been a lot of sleuthing. There has been a lot of people, the almost like their hunting down a murder, suspect or something it's it's. It's a story that that brings alive my staff to the table that makes the internet both crazy and fun and weird and other things that we ve really got used to the last twenty years, but for ass. He now radically tomorrow is the two year anniversary of the rare we launched hadn't, you first two thousand sixteen, and you know we went through this. Few of us went through this before we launch a great line, and you know you lodge a site in you hoped said things. Thank you, your betting. I will add a new people in
in this case this time round betting on a lot of younger people too, and it takes it takes a while for people to get a feel for each other for the relationships to deepen, to figure out what the attitude the site is to figure out what works. It doesn't work and I think we ve had a pretty good hand on it. For, I would say nine and ten months what we're good at war were not good at this Some points that we have had he's. The staff now nay hit appoint it's almost like putting together a football team Baltimore. Now year, one you just try to hang on and survive year to UK. No, it yeah you're settling into what you are in. In the relationships, are deepening and you just kind of figure it up and in its I'll get and that's it fun Strachan. It was the same thing aground in the second year grantland. We really were. A figure who we were, what the voice was, and people just stuck up, get comfortable they're getting better
again better behind the scenes and they get better as writers and others different stuff. This I had a pretty different direction than I think are grounded, because we were Much more heavily railway multimedia stuff, and especially the part gas network which we knew from our ground experimentations, can be a big part of what we did the video social other different, apt is you have we had enough chanced to produce, shows with HBO and a cup other places, and I suppose, a little more ambitious, but at the same time as fundamentally it's the same kind of Ark, you just trying to get better and and just keep plugging away, and you have some good things happen and for us, like the attention that the college or story was able to bring the site this week was great for us, because we ve been doing good work for a while here, and I think we really found what our niches with passion points are things I damages,
you getting better. So you know you learn along the way that you need some victories and when you have these victories of just gave content that stands out. It brings people that may not may not know about your site, might have forgotten about him and had tried it out not come back or like with this. What's going on, it's it's just were, and it was just ironic that this happened though week before we turn to best because to is now on time you know- and I really think like if we think about as somebody's head. Two kids, if you have a website to, is too does not equal a two year old kid I would say to probably equals. Maybe two months per year for human, you now or maybe
Three months per human years, Edward ever, I would say, as if this site was a human being and probably be like aged ten but kind of a confident, mature aged. But you know you gonna keep drowned. I think the one thing that we have kept them. I would say, is you never know? What's gonna happen you never know you hire somebody to do one thing in the end of being better at something else. You try something and it turns out to be way bigger than you thought you try something else. Then it doesn't work, but that the key is to keep trying That was what the advantage we had with the site was that we ve gone through the growl and expands lot of us and especially make as I was therefrom in a minute one
and you know you're not always going to have went, and so that's the thing how you deal with something that doesn't work and how you fix it, and now you take something that you thought was going to work and it bombed or you you're, taking heat for something how people reacted to stick together have some sort of crisis behind the scenes, all that stuff. How how you handle collectively is really important and, I think, we're in a really where time right now, with with media, both print and with digital and people trend. Figure out what works and what does our cattle monetize things? Things like that? then that we we had decided from the gecko was we had to have a lot of. But thanks there is no one model that was gonna work. We had two we basically had to had to be covered and open. From places, because we weren't really sure where the area was going. We
pack has forgotten word for us, but terms of everything else, it's like keep trying to keep moving, keep adapting. You never know Two thousand and sixteen is going to be a lot different in twenty eighteen and they are wearing right now, two thousand and eighteen, two thousand and twenty might be totally different. I don't know what twenty twenty what's in store. Is it going to be more subscription stuff? I don't know, is it going to be more multimeter, Is internet video gonna to matter anymore like kudos, but the key is you just have to be ready for it and let em that saying on that same we're, perfect them, not timer. Twenty seven. Yes, but it has been really fun the last year, the first year you definitely holding on we allowed have gone on an especially when you, and just dozens of new people and you throw them together. It's going to take a while. I think what's happened. The last I would say nine months is.
When you have a better idea of what you are or what your voices and with the people that work for you can do and in some cases like but they can't do you really have to have a good feel fur who works for you with the good at and when she caught I feel a little bit settled. That's on. I really becomes fun and you know I had this. At growl and two and then all of a sudden I was an aground anymore need and have it for a while, and I I just I love, I love haven't people in my life. I live watching. People get better and I love doing something collectively with a whole bunch of people so to be able to. Hit. These check points out. We ve been able to hear now we're looking at two years has been pretty cool and you know from
and I just wanna say yeah thanks to everybody at the ringer has been working there. Ass are for us, but also thanks to everybody out there, that Spain spread the word for us with the with content in podcast. All that stuff fits whose really are these last two and a half years were ragged last three years. They invite the ground, but it is really really hard to launch something from scratch at ground a little easier because we had he has pan and we had people helping us that adventurous that this time it in it was. It was basically on us to figure out every single thing and and it's it's hard, there's a reason that not a lot of people do it well, and we learned a lot there's a lot of stuff. I would fulfil the same way about the ground expanse, but ultimately, get a place where it at least sturdy? You do
good staff and you put people on position, is succeed and keep getting better. It's still it's what makes it worth it. So this is a gray we for our sight, thanks for everybody, for ass, born us and That's it. The collateral story check that out, on the ringer. We might have a follow up story in the next couple days about it, because we didn't. We didn't have everything in that story. I think there's. There's some more coming in homage to define a how plays out and whether we find out who is responsible for those twitter accounts and all that stuff I will start with the files. Hey. Here's where I am a big fan of simply safer obscurity simply say is ready for anything that gets thrown at it. If a storm takes out your power, simply safe is ready if an ensured a cut you follow. My simply safe is ready, say they destroy your keys. Had her siren simply safe was still gay thou be need. Maybe it's overcoat, maybe don't.
To be ready for every worst case scenario, but simply safe is always ready just in case that's. What makes a great now simply save could cost an arm and a leg shed, but it doesn't and that's because they are good people they charge. What's fair. What's right, fourteen hours, then then sense of mud, no contract, no hidden fees. I reckon simply say to everyone. I know you ve gotta check it out. Go today, simply safe calm, slash bs that is simply safe with two eyes, simply safe Dhaka, Slash, Yes, I had talk about talk about narratives backwardness, ray columns before my summer retirement. Ah to do what said stay calm for the fire and this one's a grey when there's a lotta history of this final, it's important no seven, the narratives at people are so trapped and
my picture with some this stuff in their so obsessed with this law. Bron versus Jordan thing, there's some crazy stuff about this particular files. First of all, may I dunno about Le Brown. With the aid stray files It's really him bill. Russell Casey, Jones and SAM genes are the only four guys have ever done that I think you can make the case law, You have heard both ways. He's never really gonna gets a superstar. In the east from two thousand and eleven, E3, two thousand and eighteen, with the exception of Derek rose cargo fades, reduce superstar. I guess she could make the case, but He really hasn't had to go through like Duran in his prime or any of these dudes in their prime, but it's same time, eight straight finals having to go three rounds of pop the fact that he's won twenty four straight playoff rounds,
in the east is kind of staggering. You go back and look at Russell and what he had with the south eggs in the early. Early sixties laid fifties and you're talking like a teams and ninety aims, and things like that, so we knew about Thou but I dont think a nurse were made about the warriors potentially winning three titles, for years. This is not a long list for these teams, yet the fifties Lakers they one five and six. If the sixties, Celtics they want aid straight there, one eleven and thirteen. They became the iconic dynasty that we always point two It is Lakers one five and nine, but they also went through for they went back to back the nineties said, the three three pits the add two thousand Lakers two thousand Lakers did that. Repeat other that too too, to win three and four and to go back to
in this day and age with how hard it is just to get back to the finals every year and now It also is to just deal with the injuries and people come, and I in the balls I what it's like to play: basketball in this day and age and social media in its twelve months a year in the way in game plan against guys and it's kind of incredible, and then you think about it, and it's not that incredible, because they have come into and stuff korean, quite Thomson interim agreement there too, but it should be mentioned three and four. I think, puts them in a position to be the team of this decade. They may be the team in the decade already on the flip side of they lose really not an indifferent them, what Miami did in those four years or they made the finest for years. They want to The words win if they lose final. Somehow this year they made the files for forced her years. They'll ask them to do the same work as Miami had, but if they win this finals, then you lookin at fifties. Lakers. Sixth,
Celtics Seventys is a hodgepodge teams and every bidders on cocaine, the eightys, the Lakers Celtics, were kind of the prince of that decade. The ninetys were the balls to thousands the lake, I hate to admit it, but they want three in a row. Shaq and Kobe won two more with Kobe and pound Odom. They want five total. There was a team of that decade Think of the words when this there, the team this ticket I this is crazy and I couldn't believe that I actually came to this conclusion, but I think it's true. I think, if Braun wins the final. This year and area. As I say this in the age of hyperbole, where people love thing, crazy staff. I was watching tv yesterday and car coward was talking about, could le brand.
Tire for a year after this year to reset himself as like. Now that would not follow any sort of any any decision he's made for the last fifteen years. All that dude wants to do is play basketball. He would not retire so, but I get it it's it's finals week. People are saying crazy, stuff If the bran wins the finance, if he beats this warriors super team with this relatively crappy calves, see me as I did you make the case. This was the greatest bass. While perform. It start to finish. We ve ever seen near the evidence. Right now he is closing in at thirty eight hundred minutes. He played over three fast. The regular sees at seven hundred forty three minutes in the play he's played. I think five hundred fifty more has anybody else in the leg this season he is acting. One hundred game mark in the fifteenth year of his career he If this series, when several said this there's got seven and they win he's looking, hundred and seven games
I would assume he would play another three hundred in the final, so over four thousand minutes and by the way, his stats right now, he's averaging thirty, four. Ninety nine! Fifty four. Send shooting, played forty one It's a game he's got thirty three p r he's dead. I wish to other wine share stuff. Anyone for in forty eight game, six and games, seven. It is one of the most staggering achievements, I've seen in basketball and if they get, but by the warriors it will still be staggering. Takes him the seven becomes a different story and if he somehow beats esteem, I. Does he think it tops anything Jordan ever? Did it really does John It was never in this position where it was based just him in game. Saxon games, everyone, seven with no Kevin love the best the best he may be added game. Seven was Jeff Green, who is one of the foremost fresh
quarters of ever brooder. For my life, Kevin loves back now for the finals looks like, but but who knows I mean it's just from from a competition standpoint the decorous stacked against him like it has not been ACT, since I would say, oh seven, when he pulled that really goofy, I've seen through the air to define us, so you got that anything we talked about this before, but there's only six guys in the forty k, a cake for people of plate, at least forty thousand regular Caesar minutes and eight thousand Plath minutes. It's Karim, Cobia in the Brown Shack and Pippin. He has endurance said he shown for these fifteen years is really out of control and obviously to see if you can keep it going if he can somehow get this. The seven with the ways learned how to slow the game down conserve energy had just control the pace of it. It's not much different than when he did in two thousand and fifteen
when he found a drag that tourism onto he just better at it now, and you now There is also the shadow of the safe for him in Cleveland. Where does ago, does it get Houston, Lakers Philly? Then another some Boston Buzz this week, which I swear to God. I did start. I don't see that happening, but. There is a finish line with this whole there's the finish line with this whole Holbrooke that's looming, that I don't feel like it right now, but if they get killed they get swept. As we talked about the house in the park ass the other day, I do think there's a chance. He just looks at this Ngos. I want of another title. I can't do it here. I love you. I love you Cleveland, that's it so that so that simply now wait, there's more sub plots We at La Brown versus the rampart to Doran when Toto at this stage
the final gesture and was better and that serious he was he's better he played by made beggar shots. We left that serious thinking. The brain is the best part in the wig Kevin. Therein is also the best part in the leg which is supervising, but he was the final He went out to tell them. There aren't a lot of players who can say that and I do think they brought the best that of each other. Suddenly raised around his head. You were inside the rich climate, the rents is adequate now he was still one of the five best guys this year, maybe one of the six best, but. You know I wouldn't say this was his greatest season. I think he said flashes of this being his greatest season. I think he's had aims that rank among what else whatever anyone else can do. I think we are game seven, especially in the second half the deed was outrageous, but that consent
and see, the outer darkness has not always been there. But here's the thing he measures himself against the bride. You are going to see Kevin direct aid this game in the series and by the way, probably the best person to go against the bran I dont know leubronn- can guard him defensively and have the ability to do other stuff that he was able to do in the last couple series years off is: is nothing like she think about game, seven against subjects. Lebron James, was basically left. Jaylen Brown is like go ahead and knock yourself out, keep shooting threes, I'm not going to chase you round picks for this whole game. I need to save my off at my energy for offense. Just able to do it he's guarded drag. You will not be able to do that. My guess is that put him on dream on green and have other people. I ran. I don't really think. There's anybody in the team of the guard, the rent, ass, Jeff, green be concise down if you get in the rich, Jeff Green and at the homeless, man, Jeffrey say at that
the brambles history. I don't sleep on that that batch that she's getting buried all this other stuff warriors calves for we ve talked about this lot: the quadrille energy. We have trilogy, what do we or do we Collins for Kyle? I like that, the quadrilogy okay Kyle's down with the quadrilogy it sounds like like a Keanu Reeves movie, that's straight to video, it's it's crazy, the for even the Lakers and Celtics play forestry find us above board by the match up and also kind of excited. I actually randomly ended up in an elevator with Tyler last night, and I as I guess it's like deja vu for you and he's like yeah. Time. Every year we ve been here for forestry years. It's
don't you know it years as it were, but that's cool it's. I could be as core of the words when it for we talked about the bronze last dance in Cleveland. Potentially we talk that little, I'm previous pack ass about. Could this be it for the warrior? Would they keep the top for? Can you do a financially the demands gonna wanna get paid this year? Had he keep everybody? What kind of luxury Is that what happens to your fifth through twelve guys, if you're, just paying your salary cap for four aids and then Andrea, Gwendolen Livingston, will see how that goes. I have a feeling there's that could be a quintile. Idjit quintet G quit thanks Kyle. It's almost like we're related. Yes, there, this that's happening, and then. Finally, this is a key point
I'm probably and talk about people when we do it the age be. A show of this next week said, do and asked him from people about this. When we have the opportunity to talk to them about it, I think that a real difference, join in the brain and that really ready, I just that whose better thing, because I think the errors are so different. The one thing I think that's changed since I wrote my book was that you just can compare the Jordan AIR and the rustle air at the low abroad. Air every year is different, and I think if I wrote that book over again, I would think about go by generation- is really the only way to do. It may be separated by every twenty years and you go Russell, and then you go Karim and then you go Jordan. Then you go abroad and that's just how you do it or you split it up into almost like a championship. Bout of goats were Russell from fifty six to sixty nine, I'm Karim from sixty nine to eighty bird. Imagine is a combo from eighty to ninety joy, from ninety two- ninety eight shack and Duncan together from ninety nine, two o seven and then the bronze
Basically, our seven on and by the way, Kobe fence. I'm sorry! The brand is just a much basketball player that Kobe, if you're talkin about franchise all timers, he just is copies in my top ten. The brain is one of the two vespers. Wherever live like stop, it So how do we want to do it? You know. M J versus the bride. Here, here's the thing: here's the key difference between them and if somebody else has mentioned this, I'm sorry but I have not heard this other places. I asked her body. Threat at media day and he actually made the Steve Kerr. He made the the face he makes, whereas I at all was a good point like Jordan. Never had the carrot that Lebron ass, I had so what's a carrot, Jordan, vanquished everybody who is in his way he tradesmen through years, trying to get through the pistons got through them,
now, magic in the way gets to burden the south takes their dying. He there done goes through the. Halves goes through the Riley next, for two straight year saw Barkley, send their roles threw. Him goes play baseball for two years now, Shack and penny are the new dynasty. Ninety six plasters, just Ripster them furnishes. The name Karl Malone at eight I'm sorry, Camp and Peyton are really good there. The next 18th destroys them. Go to ninety seven Cromwell ASEAN Vp. Actually, Germans, like ok, ruins them. Miami morning and hardy ruins them and means three more n. Just never had the guy. He beat everybody, he killed them the difference with the brine. Is he never bet been allowed to feel safe. Like that, there's always been another team you had it died out and the magic appended M you'd PA appears in this things were always there there, this humpy had to get over, even when he was at my mania, better team that it's like here come the spur
is this brochure to one two thousand their thin? Ah, the spurs did when in two thousand fourteen thing, the upper hand. Item and then I was in her- comes as where's team that he's had to get by for forestry eight years. The super team and look at what the has done as a Basque about where he has added stuff the last three years, he's added shots. He's figure had to not get tired to play. All forty of edits, he's gotten stronger, he's that a low posts game he figured out that weird power, the biologists to overpower somebody game. He keeps adding things in year. Thirteen fourteen and fifteen of his career that he just did not have an year now, Jordan, the following Jordan and had the same training in the same videotape all that stuff, but he also
didn't have the taste of losing in his mouth, and he also didn't have this other team that everybody was trumpeting and parroting and saying this is better needed have to be like the rant and Younes like Leonard and you didn't have Paul Pearson. Kate he just went through. Others did, though, his generations version, and I think best thing that ever happened. Brown is the competitiveness of the air his end, because. If this error was as as as weak as the two thousands, which I really think you look back in the town just is not nearly what it is now. Maybe it s good Maybe it s a mark s heart, maybe he's not as obsessed as he was, but I see somebody that is just obsess to keep getting better because of all the carrots fettered dangling in front. So that's to me the biggest ever dynamic Jordan other than are the training staff in the high prepare chambers and Polite is in these Bateson Balls,
dieting in the sleeping and all this stuff thou o does now. If he pulls off this fine us, this would be one of the great achievements in the history of the whig, if not number one I still think rests on the celtic speedy will in Cobby will now Jerry Western Elgin. In Sixty nine, when they just had this beaten up south sixteen that was, on its last legs and barely even made it through the I asked and somehow one anyway that's way out there for me I think Jordan winning the ninety eight finals, basically by himself Pippin, was in a back brace Robin was added their clubs every night like Nephew Kyle. That was pretty amazing. I think the two thousand fourteen spurs with them. At this stage of the career dad Duncan. Who is passed. His prime enquire wasn't whose prime yet and a grey coach- and they just be this then, basically, there's been some great ones. MAGIC in eighty seven percent.
Makers on his back against said Celtics team that really felt they had been touched by God after Sir point while a brand new in this with this theme, is insane with J Smith. In thirty seven, your car Corver trysted Thompson, the tabloids other stuff I would be of is anyway keep your eye, this great finals coming up in just in terms if I'm not sure the Basque was gonna, be great and by the time he listened to this game, when the where's will probably won by twenty in every bit, as can be bitching net the whole series is, can be a blow out and then came to happen, the brown, the pace, the pace down and square forty eight points and have twelve rebounds at eleven assist and also be eighty two. Seventy nine with three minutes left minutes left crowd of intense and people back. People, Shit, Lebrun, shrilly, get at this good, be my prediction, but was that's what they put the files I reach climate is here and talk to him in a second he's that guy from the cabin the ramparts ass a thoroughgoing quivers either.
Click on the Robin quivering Verlag wires here, and he never make analysis hey. This is good, though I know you, I know you love sponsorship, opportunities in relationships, airless, advertisers road adds Captain Morgan, the cap, will not rest until his brought his adventures, spear and delicious ram to every corner of America. Captain Morgan original spice, Could I pineapple white Black Grapefruit, whatever you want? The captain loves anyone who learns to mix like a cat, and so every week we pick a captain. We as I have you might say, who's your captain this week, I'll let you do that. I'm gonna turn it over to you. Do you have a captain? Who was my cap? What did she do? Brian James, when it should be deferential to add to the warriors big opponent, this love, the bronze James he's been amazing, Rank Maison. Yes, what's now, he can't be the captain who give that a captain. What does it mean, though, was it was captain of the weak whose cat
We were in probably not only for not talking through my cabin a week. We really should just talk rap Music, Tommy right. What's the rabbit, what would you do if you pick push a two year or Drake Why does this cannot even only their values like we're midway through the story yet again, three, the files. I can't talk about that- let's make both of them the captain's because they're both cap, we grew up in an era when, when, when wraps, viewed April, although neither not really how area and how the hell are you? What I'm forty one you're, forty one? I am out of any forty for Forty eight, you look younger. Do you remember the biggie? We you were there. Behind your back good that era that ahead of the head, the rapid through the work of our men, were naked person. We have a big he back a drink.
Then the captain's betrayed imposture the girl like when wrappers don't like each other and they start escalating stuff and socks. It's always get a federation what is a bigger story this week. It aren't you care about saying this kind of shit but push a t Drake Brian Glandular Ah, you go, I mean, for you guys rank landslides, pushy and Jake was button bright yeah. We look at just twitter training in and there is one day were pussy had like. Hundred fifty thousand tweets with his name in and are such angle is. It was like a code red over a blank cheque to those house tat night and some others like yo you're, lucky, though, that push it when it that was your wedding dress, like that. I made that you know or the other way around brag leisure could take a little bit away from how you know the intensity of pushing drake. As those are my three captains that we owe a great day gas
captain learn attics like a cat in go drink, catamaran, rich climate know you yeah how'd you in a Barrack nation. Let's do this. I read them down it now it directly to many cliff now get one successful purse become successful. We somewhere before that, now. I M just landed here at rock nation somewhere before that. All right, I'll get us are casting, I'm just saying, of course, but well we are saying here. You was that your first major gagner, who now you might be re steely Alzheimer's, will connect well. Do you think you are the swimming pool begs for joining the package? come on. I mean no problem. I set my back. I was at I was a b you yet as a bookie, we re here six story that such aid essentially the same
for when we do the six parterres about you life. I had been second take me from ever getting presence, omby Amby, Now now not now right no way, not always legal but like the slight work does not yeah listen, you did what he had, It is a rough the homeless. Other me, I did. I mean streets of the Upper West side in the yard. That's how I was a boy I was like. I was a little extra side, but it was a ran. A nice operation blows aside from the point came home, started working with my friend. Putting that show the life together for european love that show that's how that I met your boy. Conor show that six episode clippers one six was it six now for two, it was more than two know, never forget there. Miles getting gas as it does just speaks to be there
marginal getting too ass. Good video must drive away with the things tat we aghast. I did that. I was there, we all levels, I didn't do the one. There was a really good one on AIR Brooks the Saints Quarterback arm Brooks we're going to guys who night Monday Night Football Party at his boys house was one of the other saints and he got lost tired time. The whole episode was like metal people give directions, and you really like follow directions. Yeah, like me, if you see the church on the right, you went too far make a left at the mobile going to make your first right, but it's not really a writer kind of just veers off to the right so like that, sounds insane. Now I haven't you ever get to where you have to go so the whole episode was like we were lost with armed, Brooks I remember Steve Francis and contain a mobile went to go back for our idea of the other had ever so. Certainly they were familiar and they are both wearing jogging suits. I walked in, and jogging troops were what You sure about that. That's not! I know it. But they were in like they like they're about to go better practice.
Remember like into punk Nevertheless, I suppose geyser nets, but they walked in the guy, the guy who worked there, for I just had this look on his face, like I prayed this morning that something good it happened and that here too the rackets thinking about buying a ferrari exactly so fire does a great shout. It was none of it. It was pretty. All this shit that we have now data as reality tv network with Kevin, but We got us out of the brand you got drunk from nowhere about ok, but now these guys have direct access where they could just be Haven't you home today in his car and film something on Israel, just posted the Arabic. Here's me I'm at the guy
but in six I didn't have that. No we haven't had that. I didn't know any of the funny thing is: is that it's like in some ways it's it's so easy for anybody to produce content now right. So it's like everybody can announce a deal. Everybody is partying with so and so they're putting out so, and so, but it's just putting such an onus on having to make the contact compelling now because, like seeing someone drive like watching Kevin drive to the game is cool. But is that like right? Like that's an instagram story, you know that I'm not even gone with cool the Sunday cool right. It's like you know Sancho watching somebody DR somewhere, know exactly, how many amazing that long versus time there was reason partial and was still failure. Last stand a little bit more time. Well, it wasn't infomercial, but there is one where he's driving from home from the game with his wife and growing.
Housekeeper cause and his I grant caskeys at the speaker, I'm like a man. This is clear. I don't watch em in the car with this year that that, but that's just Hombre using give you that you know was really sick. Did you see Tom Brady's Instagram posts like a month or two ago he was home with his kids in his indoor pool. Whirlpool yeah, like water slide, should begin. That that was sick? His of a lot of that show was wide shots of his mansion and the giant circular driveway. I didn't see the show, but that's what this, but as a result has Van his father missile crowds like this is cool. I now know a tumbler driveway looks like I was into a year or so it is still cool right. I do think it all that stuff is one such of your fan, but it put a little bit more of an onus on like what are we doing like back. Then it was like the storyline was: let's go, get a ferrari with casino mobile instead Francis, but you can get it over the internet now and you'll get that with by some famous person, everyday cribs. I don t remember
I wrote about at the time, but Zach Grand after cribs, that is one of the greatest half hours of my life, They went through his giant house at one point, yet a frame picture of Nelson Mandela think out a piano and he just showed the picture. The Cameroon is like Nelson Mandela, the great man, that's a great man and put the picture back path love this war, but now I think we have time I could access to our guide exactly ass, her eyes it all. The more challenging, though, is yet to come up with gravity is more challenging us other Ober commercial Kevin abroad that it's that that I just wish. I you'd asked me for creative advice what a push you guys a little bit, they argued about something. Well, I don't want them to be. Friends ok d in the brain, the like each other eyes like a com, is there in each other's way. It is like a cabin on the accord they're. Not there. I mean they're not does no chance that, like during a dead, bald an eye there just having the same conversation, they had him uber,
other really matters raised about is exciting. Hey man. I was really about now's. Five new school is fine. I liked the thought of carriage ain't been driving. Neuber was that real now and then, of course, it wasn't real well, what was it agreed? There was real we were in, we were and are those good I dont want branded Durrant, like each other, because I still feel like magic, befriending bird at the eighty four converse commercial gave Madge a little bit him an upper hand, really Burgess one struck him and then actually dated added verifying that you see think bird was that was like a took like a mental eat. Like you destroy magic year and then
Eventually they limelight it's better for magic for then we, but is a bird yeah. I don't know, but you know what the problem is like these. You play a: U basketball, air good, your meeting these guys like twelve years old at this point- and you know Library, MAGIC Johnson in mutual until they play caused rascal till they round the court. Probably where are they gonna meter yeah? I was thinking with that in game. Seven of the finals, cuz Aerogarden, was playing what I was thinking like. I wonder how long to Reims known Eric Gordon, like they were a year apart, there are probably playing a you and they were, like all other budding high everybody on the court S. Others did you gonna turn your phone out from buzzing now. Would you got people asking tickets were taken, they re out it's about twelve thirty West Coast time. People are really. I asked Look I'm sorry I'll get like a random aspartame. When I worked in the music industry was more than I had so, let's go backwards so as I was reading the life and then went out, and we do a quick as his boy I mean. No one really cares. What like I did necessary, I'm tellin! You have had this package
five years, people love their. However, at airport I worthy on the show the life yet- and I was young, twenty, when you don't need patch coffee after he was after he got me about those he asked me to come. Work will see your best friend Jamie Patch, coffee, though, since you are for now not six now, and I have been a third thirty with ten nine movie big movie producer now, but data, thirty, thirty or a very serious, very big. So I went to work on the show we parted with a company radical media. So he did the show their production house yet and radical diversion came in my early mentors guess he let me go gotta the office I had like. I just like dropped at a college. I had no real skill set, you move or shaker I'd say so, unlike thou know, now I'm moving unshaken more than ever. How did you become a bloody heads? Get music black in Tommy?
I was in time you think she earlier days ago, then you know that's not Charlie's gutters laminate on six hours for the game, he's ready Software, on the show, and I remember somebody asked Jamie and I who was gonna work on the music, so I just jumped into it, and I at. I knew a lot of people in New York. I had this like network of friends, that, from going out that where one person was starting to ban one person was a producer, one person was a rapper, one person was artist, and I just figured that the best thing that I could do in this budget they gave us was to accumulate all this music put it into a library, and I went to everybody. I said I can put your music on show any as Pierre. You can watch it with your free with your boys or with your girlfriend sorry morning, you'll see your name and accredits negative five, give you five hundred dollars she's up and coming back in New York or whatever
as I have already was now four years, so I just started doing that and all I was doings. Haven't people sending me demos and calling like raucous records and having them send me like high mighty city, he's in tallied quietly and then I go to my mark Robinson who was like the biggest Aegina city was turning into a producer, would go to like dj ass it s all these keep people just tell me. Jimmy beats yeah and I'd say, tell me which one have samples and I have like two different folders and if it has sample, I would use it cause. I can clear that, and I just started work editors and cutting the music to this to the show when he says that earlier in and I read so, they can even just send you the fires that actually gonna go over to the regular pick up the demos us up, so I started doing that and that the music for the show was something people really started to light like it and start to become final vows sitting there in watching
sitting in the final cut and watching them at it, the the episodes in suggesting songs and then a member they were like. We need a theme song, so I went to a friend of mine who had dislike independent rap label, this kid Matt, Marcus, so always good to say their names. You I'm saying, because if he is listening and analyses, they must not cool a group of mass market. My men, he had this artist Tribeca. I don't remember how it all exactly came out from there, but was his song Tribeca this Sancho. The library put this on together for me call the life and you must have read for the Show- and I had him right this song and put the on together and ever was like. We need. No. That was it. That was the theme song remember it was, and it was incredible people love. There was saying it was much. I know headed a guy. Forget my life is all that I am so, but then the buzz around it was so big. Remember, raucous record said to me
should make like a record out of it, and I could get some of these facts wrong, but it seems right and FAO March ended up beside another rapid, the time where love ended up putting the hook on to it and we released it as a commercial single and was unlike this sound. Coming out on that, Eminem was on, they can two thousand. So, like all of a sudden, I was in the music business really want to work on the life, because I was obsessed with sports like oh, yes, I remember going too speedy, Claxton, shoot that never made it on air. Sitting there and introducing myself. The Larry Brown and Pack Croce are sitting in Sixers practice analysis obsessed with it. I was just like it. Obsess bass will fan like you, and I was in the six years practice like him at twenty one the book a year earlier, so that guy made it in my mind, is be around sports. But then the music thing workin on the show, took off and then people start to call me they want to get their music on the show nonetheless ended and I'm John came in
like we're doing this commercial for Chevrolet, while doing the show for ESPN I'm doing a show for vh1 who use your music library. So I just camped out at radical media and ice. It was a music supervisor. I figured I get back to sports later on. So I was doing all the music for these shows and the money I was making was like, whatever if a budget was twenty five thousand for commercial. If I spent fifteen, I kept in the budget with five thousand I spent Wanna kept for so like I was huh, and but everyone I went to. I was it rather than was beyond the site. This is what I have. I have five thousand I'll give you a thousand, that's what I gotta do this commercial do the show- and I built this library, and then I started meeting all these producers an artist, and I got a bit obsessed with the music industry, but in the way that, like you know, I've grown up in New York City, the cover of New York magazine is puff daddy. The cover of you know the New York Times style, section, Jay Z, and it's like I'm obsessed with basketball players. Sesar, the NBA and emerging in the end, or that emerging site well who's cooler. Now like they used to be like the ballpark
who's. First, the room and all the you sitting in an nickname. It's like like Jay Jaycees, whose is cool. I guess The aim is derived met. My life sciences, like I, want to be around so want to be around the music business. So I never loved it though you know, like I love sports Yegg go into these games. Is the icing on the cake for my business now, not really my business. You know like that's, not the core of what I do, but I mean I'm not assess everything get to go the NBA Games and all the other stuff you doing the ringer, your show, Andre giant. All that shit is incredible with finals tonight, like that's what we let go. I still have gone a basketball game. More than anything- ask me to write another favorite. They may do meter to go to me they get basketball game me too, like I'll go, see Brooklyn Nets, verse like Detroit on a Wednesday in raining out. I don't love that, but I'll go The good thing about the NBA is, you can always get some. Out of alive game Euro based
name, and it could suck for three hours a year for Bulgaria to sack nothing you're, a basketball game. It's almost like it's it's the game. At its, I saw them but there's something to see its human interactions would without what Jacques, like I'm. I went back to the neck aim to knock. I went to the net game and all Jerry down like Cox, a windmill back from like twenty feet out on my ass, I just saw some should never see and there s my life like that was insane. So I love that but backs what I'm saying so, I'm in the music business, and Also in a lot of these artists- and I'm getting on these shows are, like you know, if you're making this the first money, I've ever met. So how about you manage me, so they got mad at you, one of the first people that like was really talented. That was like you. I need you to know you work with me. I know you lie many background. Really in this was marked rosson, who now, twenty years later, like still winning Grammy's and produce Grammy war, winning albums and selling out festivals, and he was deep.
Pre eminent dj in your city lies almost Lindsey low Hands brother in law. That almost happened the work as we are all so some and carry his creates the parties are Jay, Z and and and puffy were like that is so I'm out and I'm a club kid, but I'm not in it. Yet I'm not like in the inner circle mark is letting me carry his crate seas, parties and now I'm in the inner circle, someone that does pride themselves on networking and moving and shaking like now in the room where I can help. You know, build my career and the cool thing was more my wife loaded. I got married really early like I had it in my my wife and I work other early, so we just got a party together, so we all went out- and I just when I was out of my people and meet new people New Damon Dash was Jaycees Old Party and I met Jaycees. German daily
and I said a meeting up for John with radical media which our came in and that end turning into I am actually met Germany. Only through this girl, Asia De Boer branch Mamma do today. Everybody actually really help me in my life and say there s funny that I had to convince him to even just give that's my son, I'm a nurse in a job, a hundred twenty two names account Adam and then on a Wednesday megawatt omelette, where the same no lie and I'll. Tell you why? Because I dont know, I really want you to talk with you get the whole thing up, but if I'm going to talk about Aramis like I'm in a safer away, when I tell you tat, scan the whole thing. You know a right and a lifeline organic having to have. This is good shown up now. In shouting distance of of Jesse, Are you here? That's why a rumour jays what you do took us, the Southern Germany, ITALY introduces me either
John too radical media. They have an idea that take this concept that they film, which was jays last concert at the garden at the time, was going to be his last constitute the garden and then that turn into faded black and without felt. When I like true to what I imagined when I met Jay and he came into radical media, as I got to be near this dude, I got to work with the sky like it was magical. You know that it was like everything he said. Just seemed so practical and write on, and it really like connected with me like okay, I I feel like This is where I'm supposed to be my life right now. So then, the next fifteen years, my lifelike, when I became really really close friends and meanwhile, families close and got to work with him and went to radical meet knows the beginning with to ROC
and the artist. I was working with the time like, while a mark rod sense could Daniel Mary, whether a bunch of dj to manage the whole roster Dj Samantha Curative denies just moving around like the dj kind of the secret money there I had a really did jays cleaner, clean up. Our relief from the Jersey Shore is like a multibillion. His rock star yeah, but that was by the applicant Vegas wants a mother had read, the seas of negotiating residencies. I was in a climate of just what I d like these club gigs. You really don't fashion. Parties. I was just doing what I could do to stay in the mix. I knew I had bigger plans for myself, but this was great in this was the culture. This was everything, so I met Jay Z. How do I get my own at this studio and Soho and managing artists and J always was I just stay close. I just hung out with them and hung out with his friends and met all his below his team and the people around them. So then I went to
rock nation, and I brought like my music business there yet again, but that now you thinkin, you know, because sports not yet. I really was like I'm gonna. Do this, I'm a kill it in the music business now Canada switch for second, and I was in and I learned everything their legs everything I thought I knew as an entrepreneur and like hustling at a really know shit. So when I got to ROC nation was really then like working under him and his team. That's when I learn really how to move and how to do that. Greatest time for the music business either that was kind of between airlines, but no, but I was in China, so records those yeah, aging brands and artists and was just a weird time, their letter flat, yeah. But in that like disruption, that's when all the greatness happened. Yes, that's when you are part of like bring it back up. So I Managing salons J call. I was workin. I ain't artists for sound was managing meek mill, while lay all the other people mentioned earlier, the the dj, but you know I just felt like, and I feel like everybody, I work with new it.
Like. I wasn't a studio ray. I wasn't the guide at like wanted to be in the studio to six anymore with Jimmy Ivan. Eating liner note so Jimmy S into studio. That's, I may add, those are music guys like the light. Five are like the music business in and go into the back. The ball games in and being able to be a part of going tour with J and going to the festivals and ashore those and going mark rise in Ghana meekin, while all that stuff was cool for me, but I love music like that, and I thought that was unfair because I really always had my and sports are met. Kevin D from while lay and always kept in touch with him just uh. That's why they were buddies, backward growing up, and I just wanted to stay in touch with Kevin, because I was always hidden would like your dame. You know where to go love how you play congrats on rookie of the year, all that stuff you know and then, but we weren't, really tight. We just texted and then I became really tight with Victor Cruz, yeah, big giant family giants. Like my life
I ended up saying a J one to memorize like y'all, want to manage Victor Cruz and get into sports. He was like wait one second, and that always means like he's got something cooking. Cuz you'd said that before when I said, I want to come like work with you at Def JAM or whatever he was like, wait, I'm working at Sonic So they were starting resignation, sports and even I was obsessed with sports, and everyone knew that my knowledge of sports was great. They really took a leap of faith. You know him in his partner one per as they had data Do let me do any that analysis of music manager? Resignation really, but I was a spy love sports, They knew it and- and- and I studied it like- I studied- I read the Sea ba like I was where I geeked out- there's one part of my life than I did. It was like reading sports Business Journal and studying the stuff. I liked it so the name here. The first person is ever bragged about read in this, as well as how you know that the eggs that yeah you're right on never forget page thirty, eight
la squirrels and girls. Girls love it when you Judy left Libya, ok for the c b, I met a rap hey. Let me say here that, if my God, so they left jump into an inch and honest makers was the first one, thereby by Victor crews, was the first person that, like believed in me as like, this is some one that is in the music business, but I think he thinks he someone. I would work with you norms, He added and I said, to J in a WAN and J, and they they just. Let me jump into you know, that's rare, that's the I couldn't have done that. I was working in sea at sea, Music and I went over to Vienna was idea. Let me run sports of you guys, like. Get out get out. You know they believed in me. That's a that's right! That's a talent, that's a real talent and the ILO said I am the only ball guy huh only by white, judged on Wednesday, limbo, jog, sorry Vena! You have to state your at them, so they let me jump right into it
Let me sit in the meetings for everyone that we were signing in scientific do you think started aside all Kevin's soon after he came and met with all of us, the me in jail in one and it took away like we build trust and and really got to a place where he felt comfortable. That this is the right place to be. Is everyone asses in sure. You are aware that the little inside baseball circles at Iraq, nation I'm hearing or disaster over there there's a lot of that yeah, but there's a lot every year that it's just like. If someone doesn't understand something or it's like too powerful for them, where it's too destructive, or it's just too, While we like, I don't get it man. I will never work, but it worked in an alleged learn that win win that by states building. It means one of two things in either is a disaster or people you're on their corner and their jealous stairs with those
the only to resolve that stuff starts. As I say, I think about it in hindsight, like if you really think about like how bout pals, Jazzy Gonna do any it's a disaster. I guess it's all relative, it's like if, if Europe agent at age, the agency action you're, like you he'll, never edit like what is that even me, like you'll, never even like of Kyoto, but when he anyway, he already one, he got it he's a there is a whole family. A seventh titles earn yes re S. So what why house? He not gonna get it he's doing here, that, in my opinion, he's doing this business and I'm being serious, he's doing this business, a favour because you're getting a different perspective on someone who try He doesn't need the commission, Czechs, who truly is looking at it, like. I can add value to the two. These athletes, who culturally come from the same place that I come from, and I'm going to bring a perspective and expertise that they don't so how you losing, I mean where you were and what does it even mean losing like nobody
I don't know I mean if, if it loose, meant that eating at the number one pick in the draft every year than ok, then Cynthia yeah, that's a member. That was never realistic anyway right. How did he held by Katy later in the infamous summer of two thousand sixteen by being his friend in of us being a friend, because it was at that point I think like where J is was so for four Kevin. An end is for me and and want shoe is like they. They had the less like bear there Life stories are really impact for you no use, People say that a lot but like they don't have they didn't. Have a public mean no one? No one has the playbook on that this Alec eyes, like your maverick bro, you went through this website like nobody. No
Kevin made a decision on a team to go to it's just like a any life decision like with Jay Z, chose a label or so the company or didn't sell company. When we decide, if we're going to ask her, why is it was his decision he was just had, gave great life stories and life lessons in perspective. You know, but so that was the way he was helpful and still is helpful to both of us. Even though you know businesses have evolved than you know. I think that Kevin By watching Jay Z was like man I want to I want this like I want to have my own empire. What my name in front of the office right, Jay, Z, being Jay Z, was very encouraging of us doing that. So what did you get from him now is perspective in and experience in life lesson. So that's like that's, where
still helpful and everything you know the children of the MAGIC M J generation. I think that this decade, with basketball players watching them, it's alright. They weren't brands before the event. The difference now is it's almost like a with ESA. Now, in the early nineties, when there s no class member started getting movies, young people started looking it s not like I'll, go therefore copy ears and then I'll become a movie star, yeah exactly and people being worked out for those well. Sometimes it didn't remember that it was always they saw this other care, was Canada angling over in the corner and I think, with basketball. Now these guys are coming and because their learning from the previous generation and their learning, somebody like the rant, comes in and he's learning from not just the magic generation, but really, though, the broad and Kobe generation of like here all the things that can happen to you when you hit
this level, and you can start a business, can represent yourself on everything I may. As you know, I think the people that were just as impact for that are just as impact for in this culture of athletes. Hitter As for our jazzy puff dad like either J Jimmy I've, those people have such an influence on dares Kevin. I have so many conversations where our reference, something I love and listening to Jazzy, even if I wasn't involved as being in a room being a studio and how he would handle something or how you know the even like a wan as his partner, for instance, or ass, his friend or whoever Emory, whoever you guys are their dynamics like taking some Lee
from what I watched and how they handle the situation, to how maybe I can do that for cabin in our business and how we handle our situations and stuff, and I think that they look at the blueprint clearly leubronn, I think, for basketball players in terms of building a business of this magnitude were met by magic. Did it before him? Imagine magic didn't do Alex playing to write another. I was the first one that my own Jordan. I went on that Michael Jordan. I've never done business women and I would assume, he's a great businessmen. I don't know, but I would assume he is, but his businesses so big. So it's like Michael Jordan did Ditto always playing, and then the Michael Jordan Logo icon all the habitat about his own choices on footage. Michael Jordan, hold that off. That's incredible I mean that's, but that's like what are some incredible shit? Yes, that's some and doesn't talk about it so like most people today and in on victim to everybody's
so we just live in a different aids like if I could, if I were, if I worked out some deal to control all of Kevin's footage one way The other you'd all know that I worked out some deal to control, Kevin's footage and I'm not saying that I will do it in like some like selfless plug shameless plug. I just sick, that's how you have to continue to compete. Now, Michael Jordan is worked out. Great deal right. If he really did, I don't know that, but he did it to carry out its near by, Le Bron Hoddan we're doing this during his career. That's insane! I have a Kenya and bringing Kenny Anderson into that. Can you getting excited enlargement? Take a break. Let's talk about wink, not when you get somebody but wink w, I and see which makes it is. It is, have a great wine by shipping wines that are personalized for you right to your door? It's the best day of your mouth, all starting at just thirteen dollars a bottle, just answer a few simple questions and Winx Palate profile quiz like how do you take your coffee
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as I my book, the tooth too much too soon generate all gotta gotta go to become into the league there. Twenty there ITALY, making. You know their guaranteed fifty sixty seventy million bucks. They have no they're, doing there all these crazy people in their lives and family members and and no road map on how to handle it and allow them handled badly and have a look at some of the Kenny Anderson. Ninety nine! to can and who still one of the most hard the boycott thrives in my life at George Attack there, if you just. A time machine and just put him in this era. No matter how hard his life was as a child but he's at least seeing all these role models that you have now he comes to the NBA. He's got to work for his his max contract. He's got all these people that he can kind of count on get counsel from his whole career is completely play symbolic Tatum, and how much you read about Tatum could be unbelievable yeah, but that it was like he was about his paws you get and Saint
and had a really rough life and was able like a lot of these guys due to rise above it use basketball escape route, all that stuff but he handles his business really well at age twenty. I think the reason him as well as visits remain on a quarter of the court. Both fear he just he's, works hard and does at about the same thing, and I really think it's the Leubronn cagey generation Cagey Katy TAT have the way those guys handlers business, the young guys that come up early, I wanna be like those guys. This is how they do it here that stop, and I I don't feel like that was the case until this dunno. You know it's funny, it's it's. If you say, can anyone sure I swear to you. I wish I could of around and been in the role I mean now when Marbury was round, I would have a library now he's another on my very made. Everyone I beg you can make the nine years and I mean and men I watch I watched him. I used to get a golden hoops when he was a junior
we believe senior remains still to this day, like the top five Basque, whereas Ambrosch life, it was insane he could go by. Buddy any about every life that has lived on his jumps shot was insane. I never seem to like it here and he was just I mean the way he got to the hoop was like Derek rose in Russia Westbrook, but like way before that it was insane really tough life, but guys have tough lives down their fine and I think back then, if you had a tough life and then a lot of stuff thrown at you just the degree. Difficulty there, but you re hard. But what also what happens is is you you know what happens is a lot of times. People talk about the life they had before they had money. So, like you, wrote you refer to their life, is tough that money and no question. When the mile I mean more than no money, not I saw my having dinner of corner now. Listen, I'm not taking away from that boy! That's or thy people. I guess I can have for December. Poverty, of course, like nothing, can put you in it
mission mentally to be able to overcome that, and I haven't done with it. I'm just saying I can't I can't even imagine, but if you have loving home and loving parents. You and in perspective and in some kind of understanding of hard work and being grounded. You will have a chance to survive. It yeah, sometimes sometimes no, no matter what you do and under what circumstances you get out of it during a broken fucked up home Now, how much money you have! It could also fuck you up. There's no, like you know, Marie's, neither one, but I dont think people realize us sometimes sizes. Once these guys get league, it's not smooth sailing from then on. The issues that come in your life with your friends with your business with your fast ended family. All of it is psych, so I don't know I'm not saying so. Four Marbury went through that. I know nothing of his family. Pretty. I don't know, but I don't know that's why I don't know anything about a slight, but I'm saying that Marbury wheedle.
Know what goes on when their dealing with that, like I dont, think people understand, What Lebron was just take Lebron to be ridiculous? I just talked about Kevin Durant, But- and I don't know anything about- I mean I know Lebron, but I'm saying I don't know day to day. Lebron James has so much stress yeah they scattered deal with on top of the load. He hasn't bass report. The business here and the foundation has it's just as for stressful, when you can't see your kids every day, you travel the time right, I'm pooping after this game, and I'm going back to my daughter's birthday, I'm coming back. It's I'm blessed to be able to do that. The seas are too great things, but that stuff- adds onto it. Maybe like Marbury had all this stuff happening and it just broken. You know
if it was back in his child outages, bad advice. If you think about it, lies he was out of a firm max contract that first third year than he was like twenty two major areas with cagey, whose one of the best players that generation engage age. Aside, four hundred twenty million a Marbury gets it in his head. Why? I want to be the guy, my own team, Cagey is like, actually, you should never want to leave. Cagey agrees, the best thing that ever happened here, but no one knew that is it well know they knew. Cagey was not an honor, I'm saying, but people I was just there knows any violence, email I'll make the most money agenda. King Roquat, Marbury bet it's like. You know why you put vassals on your face: thou ease that find their some some shit. That happened, but I'm not even say that to be found. I still loves stuff on my ravishing, that's not what it was whatever was. I don't know, but that wasn't it it took him allowed again.
That point. He was the really get mean he was good enough to be a start on the olympic team over his teeth ass. You know what I want him in a eyes all star. Fourth quarter: amazing, together air, so K De comes here, and then you and then at some point you just realized thou that your entire business was Kay they ran ass. We were doing that before he came her so a year. Is that those like the last year in Oklahoma, but I Tol, but I was telling I had been telling jazzy in one in them the whole time as I listen first, I was like I love all of this and I love the opportunity, but I quickly realized it like this. The business of basketball, football baseball were no different than saying like I work and film, and I work in the corner yards and I work in this. Like you know, at thirty five, forty one now at thirty five to jump into that business, it's not like. I could have been a real in
opinion I couldn't do it. I wanted to do in all every sport because it just felt like that's a basketball, the best position for basketball and the hip hop neurosis. I warmly welcome his aim is recycled. Each Elijah's is, I didn't see how I was gonna like Rep right. It is planned that India is a new it. The way I wanted to do it, I like to really be in the weeds. You know like I liked. I met the games, a matter father should also have to be I'm at every charity, appearance and I'll. Have to this, as I like to be. If he's gotta, do it, I gotta, do it that's how we can build a great business together? I don't want him to him. Did you see the Silicon Valley potential when you moved haired or is it something I mean, of course, but by like that? He was, however, as enshrining here that it's not like. I was like I prose tech companies cons like not as close to like, where you, like TAT. It wasn't that wasn't one above all. Basketball for him was a basket, but for you, you're thinking like it's over ask awhile, but also well
if we want our really start a business and potentially on a piece of Inebriates Amer, an entire maritime someday. This be nice place to be, I know now you know, I know it sounds like it's bullshit, but no but nice it well. I saw it. I saw them, but it's not how I looked at it, because that that was not fair to him because I could have been like okay. Well, I think you should go the Knicks because they were in the Middle Madison Avenue O and I live down the block. Oh, I think we should go to Lakers, because then you know we should be in the house next ventilation and under the next will know. Animals were just like slices hamstring that sick, but thick The girl, hearted has sleight of hand. He re is able to. You can't do that. If somebody you care about Bosnia to relax, the mexican refinement know they're not voting time, about never get to be fired. That's not true. They'll be fine. They have the right. You know that refugees and value just cocky cause you ask about the lack of an year ten year dynasty, point to me and be eighteen that has succeeded with that with terrible
it's been about ownership ownership data have terrible management, they dont Steve, Nelson and Skype are not terrible managers, and I dont know Jamestown with us the guys that passed on Donovan Mitchell to take Franklin Liquor, there's also thirteen other people that passed some little while out of prove it to me some day when they have good management. You sent me, you had a good man like here three things they ve done that had been great who drafted posing ass. They put. Seeing that the concessions, as in the garden and say now, that is great. That's a good job of concessions in the night, that's great. When you talk about accession stands, that's where you oughta bathes beverages, I mean you, don't want to hurt bad concession, says she's great, so Katy comes, yes look at where we had a business already and where are you going out to you, we had a business or at it wasn't.
No, it's me. We had a business and we and we still, we had actually invested and in some tech companies before even moved out here. But we can ask your question. I know how much of this is the rich dudes, who are all just around other rich dudes all day. I just excited that Kevin Durant's coming to their office to hang out with them from three to four and then get the money. Kevin durant- I don't know, but that's a pause. We re, of course, and then you are there and there lay hey man hey by the well. Why you're lying give you a little larger one of those guys who am not one of those guys when talk about event despaired? You know you don't like people that have trust once that become successful. I dont like people died out, your other ones, they don't work, but if they got a trust fund and they still busted Thereas and build the business. That's right completely, not what I said: Haider I'm it's a good idea that, of course, in a very urgent van h, is big advantage as there is yet, but but you also have to know which wants to leverage you gotta,
which ones to leverage you gotta know. You gotta know which companies and and and which venture capital and in which areas and trends that probably are built for I just toys owned out. I was a kid. This refined mother, figured this crazy digging their tat, those art and then I Tommy languages smoked ten or so at around. Like I swear to God, like that, looks like Tommy, I was like it's sick. It looks like the hotel room and then I was like fuck Tommy's in it have worse. You gotta, like obviously Kevin, is incredible. The pre eminent within our businesses, cabin ran Durant enterprise. It's the direct company. Its thirty five media, its character and charity foundation, all four of the pillars were business. It doesn't even happen if there's no cabin, a rat That's why I say to everyone that works with us like, let's not forget if he eat the basketballs first
always nothing's getting in the way that period, basketball, basketball, basketballs, why we have a sneaker deals while have brandiles it's. Why were able to invest in the companies we invest in and which? Why were able to create, shows in these in these and he's content platforms that we're putting out, of course, but then we need to know how to do it and we got to do it right. We got to execute than other people, we gotta be in the right rooms and We gotta know how to run a business, how replica of us, because it seems like there's, no where this works. Unless you guys are just super tie, it seems ache. You need that one person they are intertwined with. I don't know how this work of its like five people, five athletes. No, if it's one athlete with like I've people trying to do this for ultimate. They need the one person. I'm sorry I think so I mean I think it's very different for everybody from for cabin, and I think that, like the truss level we have in our partnership is and the fact that our goals and our kind of vision and our
of going about it are so in line that it works. So he trusts me across the board, but we then bring the right people into play that can help execute on our vision for each one of the things were working on, but yet for sure I think it would be really tough for Kevin to be like your written me call you right come on the phone, what my film partner, but yeah. Well, you back the one conduit who died, but I think that's probably I mean I would assume that occur in other Braun has his his team random, that it Randy in maverick enrich, but all them or this that their trust in their relationship as the Forum is so strong that they're able to do that right was there all intertwined and work together, but that's as rare as it gets in your not going to get that we've done v podcast with Katy
and this is the six one- but no doubt is a disturbing count as though wherever this is different. This is done. This is Cyprus is like when people nothing like a spin off of, but that their spin offs don't works. Only though yet I'm trying think of a good spin off again it's like the ropers that I was going to say the ropers. I don't know if that was too dated. For you know. I love the rough where's the girl. But it's like the robbers that, but no one really watched it. Cleveland shall near better Casal another, better call silent here, but that this year but nobody could fully understand why Katy wanted to do those podcast Explain to them like because he just one There are those who have eyes conversations of people to tell all those people they take life. Wait you seriously like I would even say that that's what we do. Why would he do it? What does he get out of it? Yeah? Well, what's in it for him, what are you in
up to now. What do you mean you want to do a package that, would you think you like? Why are you any was aiming. Do anything again, it will remain here that thing you have your podcast or do you want to talk? It's fun. You two are friends you get along you both love basketball by us. What he does, I think, might take away from. It was just he he's all about truth and get into the truth, the stuff regulations, your site would shoot the shit. Here's how I feel on that hides behind stuff. This isn T press conference version me we're here my thoughts on things. I can only say that There is only one third rail that we have had and it was Westbrook any timid veered toward Westbrook. I was the only time I could feel in Poland back. I had talked about anything. The westward thing I think was so raw tat. We
with that's the one topic, we ve never really had not his conversation about on the blood, but me, and it might never happened while but put it with no, but that's probably because he comes to do the pack has with you, because if I don't know- but I I my guess is more, because of what I said, yeah you're saying, as is the true, that cool, maybe maybe like an underlying thing. I think it's because he has a good time. He loves Sorkin Basque. Both you he's comfortable. He knows that its. Interesting people, to hear what he has to say and he wants his fans to be able to get that, but it is a comfortable setting and then just like any other friendship, a relationship you bring something Then you say you know America not talk about that yeah! That's all! It is right, they I mean now loves Russell. So it's more like a day. There is nothing there
I know there's that than the sergeant against more to do with bat like ok, I don't think he has enough distance from basically those guys splitting up talk about it in a way he has. No idea is its vow to talk about. When we talk about that, that's what I mean they're, like grandstanding, he's ready it But what might be, but then we'll talk about it with him. That's for me the executive bill I'm ready now. Nobody is where he's gonna be. It's gonna, be it's gonna, be rustles in town on January. We're were ready to pass that's one, how year you want them to do with you, you're saying that's are we ready? I mean I don't maybe I mean or not my liver how'd. It made it may be one of those mba things like Shack and CO had like twenty five years later, no chance that I dont use their faces, Kate, with make up as they stared each other rust
think people. Ask me I was I get asked about the Katy pads. In every. So often they able really lay not like that. Last. When we did, I don't. I never pay attention the feedback. I was if you date Tommy you pay attention to. The numbers are like. I got the feeling, people really like it now. I think people confused at Katy still has like, like a bubbling anger underneath everything and then I fully understand that. Does it? That's the I said that, but the thing is: if you room for those it's it's almost like it's like a bust him balls. I kind of go back and forth its that that it doesn't, is that enough doesn't filling in the room were maybe it sounds like a little bit, but I do think I get it maybe take on him is just having spent the time with them that we, spanish, just like, I think he's still like his fellows are still her by the UK soothing low but and I don't think he's fully recover from it. I really doubt I think I think he thought,
they share with those with that city in the fans was so good, and so special that will be decided. It was time to leave. They're gonna be like thank you. Good luck for still room for your still part of this, and when that didn't happen, it may- made him and that's a lot of the themes and our package so that we did five private came up and former maybe like of share honestly. You know. I think this is whole concept of loyalty. Now shape from a lot of that and a lot of lake. Why can't prayers pick where they want to go? Why do I owe anything- and I myself stuff came from that summer? Maybe honestly, You're gonna think this is like really wacko me to say, but, like I odyssey that's my feet, I want that. I can't talk about that with you, as my friend, I'm just honey. What people TAT were Tom, what they tell me about their like people, come up.
You and say that you would ask me about Katy in their like man is still seems like here. And gotten over about biota knows every once in a while I'll see on Instagram you'll post a picture, unlike a night where, like you went to take, I make it. You just do to us to adjust it that enough. Just to this that this is not a safe time to say things like that bill. You'd modesty me, I'm just saying that you know about it. I've, too have to shoulder. You have two kids who carry it to kids. I know for a fact: you don't have a child somewhere else. Who knows you never doubted? The nineties got crazier. What's right the game yeah? What I was going to say was always a out your post, a picture and you'll be like gum you'll, be at like us,
post soccer game of your kids. You be like, with some of the day, the enterprise and a few beers, and watching, like the ruins of somebody, air and they'll, probably like Jellybean ass bill. Now, U S bill in the? U S. Bill will be like Gilman with Upper Kevin, Durrant Brow, no So he sounds so angry bill. What's up with its much it's much more direct and easy that uses the mom said the soccer mom said ass, but there are really I heard your Kevin Durrant Pack has and then they'll go. What's he like, I say then you'd in here the powder as what is that park ass. That's what he's like a big notable. What's he like and I make when the cat is actually housing- that's actually he's like that's the good thing about the hawk asses? That's him he's like that. A week be dinner. Is that of the mines really Asher yet, and I ask you the same thing only out between those Parker yeah, but what I thought I'd Ethan Hocker two weeks ago, I do have eaten hawk wow. What's here,
I guess, I'm a girl. It's always what's he like that? It's funny your idea, because here's the thing, Don't I ever gonna generation, though that's that's funny, that's actually interesting cuz! I bet you. No one in their twenties would say that what you hear pack ass in it so intimate and conversation, Obviously people here they're stake until that we know each other. We bust others, Basel stuff. There are always wondering. Is this performance it or tie our station earth it with this actually be the conversation. If the MIKE's Werner added the thing people honest over the Katy, the stuff tat we ve done like maybe the first one was a little bit performance cuz. We know each other that well, but the last couple is like that's what it would have been like if the mics weren't there, we would have had the same conversation. I might have busted his balls a little deeper and stuff, but for the most part that's what it's but it's I know it's. What I thought was amazing. Mother won and allay in the like cigar room. Tat was the best that might have been because you start with including an airbag yet airbag yeah? But that was also there is this?
from the final vote. The problem is that we have to set new rules. I think that things were also out of your league. Katy were retiring at the last council ass. I now the next thing We do not want to do something. Different Bible says it would be cool if I Q, Kevin and AL cycle mix it like mix it up like a little. I cried Mister Knightley speaking Time, language Billig make a little iconoclasts, Unum it's cool, you're gonna. We wanted it out with you last summer and then you just a hundred summer. You were out, I really want you guys are taking advantage of us. You see you guys started to think that is like that was done. Taking advantage liked, I weren't we like eyes, like the honour. The giant documentary, for instance, even we weren't, even invited to like the release things. That's that's a lie that doctor
it is good that I feel is really wanted to do a whole screening for the warriors, we're gonna, colonel in San Francisco and screen saying something I've been adopted, where's your email. I don't want you guys anyone it to take this the wrong way. If I manage you, U Beata here biggest you'd be a baby. Rockstar I'd be out. I know you'd be on another level. Another level. You would not if you're you're doing really well. I think I have an incredible career guy. My god yet you verses, baby, no radio versus near that's my age and baby diabetics. From now on your aggression, YO big battle no charity lotta near on long island. So you said you said before we started this. This package was gonna, be big for you in the near you circles, Algiers Aisy, not mine, I didn't say, will be big for me in the near juice circles. Do not say that what did you say? I said it's funny how big you are in the New York City, Jus circles
and then I say you said your cue rating was gonna. Go out the panel I didn't know. I didn't. I heard what I heard. No, I didn't network. I would you here, that's not your nephew knows. That's not true. I did not say that I said that you are big in the near future circle. How thank you and the people will reference the podcast semi, might a bit at my version of your legs, get Ackerman things. If you oh, I like it. I methods for these great. All right. We got to wrap up for you now, but I went to a lot of bar mitzvahs when I was a kid. I went to a school that was probably seventy five percent jewish get. It is my point I would have been a great member, the tribe I really would have I were. I would have been no advantage phenomena guided member as any. Let's get it, I just get it out you got you just got it and I would have made it you would have made it back right. Shoulder really enjoyed it, so
so tonight as it tonight, I'm your election files. I picked words and five edges than dead too much time, but you know the whale abroad has been able to reinvent himself. Each series is: is: could make it like the two thousand fifteen finals? but a better version of it. Yet, where he's just controlling and issues these ugly games that he's just always kind of hanging around, and yet maybe I, if I ask that it be in the park as I think that the River is the brown part of the series is now kind have been swept under the root cause, it so much libitum Leubronn versus MJ stuff, and it was like The brothers drat last files was fantastic, ass, fine, ass. This go there and that's not even one of the foremost complying storyline. So it's a good one- and I are my fear- is that the talent difference it'll just be demolition, but, as you ve seen, I hear this worst him. They let teams hang around, they let up they play well, one game they just suck the next game and they ve never been able to sustain
level. We are dangerous against as a team like Lebron, I know you're pretty team like Braun a team likely Brad Libretto. Liberal net, that's not fair libretto, Lebrun, that's cool what every single person on the calves could wipe your ass chanting I get in not one against Jose Counter, and I felt no, maybe no no Jose who asked his army. She s, not cool, to say that the look blah blah blah these rights. These are, firstly, it was a mistake. I usually sexier have already and slip. I guess said that Friday, so by yeah I instead caught them clear, but I call them the Le Brian. That's fell and not cool, not true. They should force straight finals. Ok, the brand dragged them to this virus. He dragged them by it by the hair. He dragged them to the final said they had their like. Just a corpse lying on the ground is pulling their hands.
Feet and their herbs nets fell, he played all forty minutes. A game. Six gave seven yeah, there's the rub: equivalent Brad's. They should just get me the Cavaliers, where you have Pelops area the boss loss. I was devastated Really, I really was always was I really thought the south are going to make it and I thought Houston there was a chance. Houston could hey make. God State Game Seven and we get to play the rackets without Chris Paul it also Manchester. When the title you think you could beat the Rockets are crisper. We play them. Well, every every game we ve put them last year. So I was tat, really started. Get ideas so next year You start carry Gordon JAM Brown Tatum an Orford. Yes, you come off the bench
you match Mark a smart? No matter what YE kids, you could argue, javelins those six man and there may be a start. Somebody else he staggered when you finish with that light up. Ok, that's your definite you're, the Newton five spy. He had the Newt. If I have a chest that her five yeah marchesa. He said no hometown discount, but there's not a lot of money at their. So I have more going up market smart, so you rosier. Yet one more year than the good things you can make a decision after their single market, smart, rosier, Baines, Baines more, Morris's back without answer that doozy right now he's on the dream. Yeah he's a is better than the calves. Lightner down Friday was a natural humbugging, but they, you know, there's a chance move up in the drafting of a whole bunch of said. I, what the hell are you doing your tea statute out there and they occur in an ice, so they have whose pagodas here just their stay. There is both
For a year from now and hope and ensure your sacramentos here and who are sacramental top on protected clippers could get that it's like if it's like anything below fourteen and then they have somebody else's pick them if a pic of its type a protected and then there, if its top eighth report, Memphis goes top eight extra top five year after than unprotected in twenty one sets a pretty good training Set team is not heading anywhere wow. This is all stuff. You could have told Kevin when you're in the hamptons when the Celtics came to visit. But you didn't do your job, he said on this package? You didn't tell me about this. There. He had no idea that such as did you think that he was rather have even misrepresented. What can I say I get if we, if cabin with this others reply when done, one part has put it that thing about that way. They had signed We need an corny, I don't have yet the Alaska Airlines daily there, no chance. Where is everybody could add like I was
to go further chance, there's a chance. We, I do another one of these at some point at a weird our who daily a weird, our behind me He may know just second one in the morning you marry me. Maybe you and K they could just do it, I'm that, even if it is to you, we ve been offered that I'm sending everyone after the game throughout his watch. You guys offer us one where you at making offer right now. You want to podcast ten episodes. Hundred thousand episode hundred thousand and episode million. Give me ten episodes I'll make the money back I will talk out we'll talk after the billion dollars on behold. My own party has not given me. You trust me I'll make you the money back. What's going on right now for yes, we'll talk thereafter rich, Good luck tonight, greater in the series you, my papa again, lay still
the story and by the way, for an even tell you, my story, get the life is peanuts associated up it's over oh tt, up that they launched by the late. Why only eighty tap year because they involve a third thirty's on their Meda. Something else with them: the bookkeeper life's on there all the time, you mean archival, labourer, yeah yeah. I wished to conquer the Maritime Tax Helena Torres thanks. Barbara thanks so much the Ziprecruiter, don't forget to check them out at ziprecruiter dot com vs. Thanks to Simplisafe Home security has prepared for anything, storm takes out, power for phone line, gets cut off, Keypad gets destroyed, Simplisafe is ready. That will get you the we need you don't need to be ready for every where's case there, but that's what makes simply save great. It's always ready. I recommend that everyone
now go today. Simply safe Jakob Slash, be asked that simply say for two eyes: simply save dotcom, slash bs thanks also to flee Flickr, if fantasy, if your fans to say, makes managing league difficult switch to the same bill for commission, back. Mistress flee Flickr email. My draft IRAN access taxi squads is the perfect platform for dynasty keep relieved. It's got customization four hundred five scoring rose to oppositions. It's just launched magical one click import to a free. His pen, leagues movie, is plainly to flee Flickr instantly off one easy click a hundred percent free find out why thousands of leagues of switch to flee Flickr this season, good, a flea, flickered outcome, Slash, BS, F, L E, a flicker dotcom such bs, we'll be back
ass. If there s game ones, crazy, will come back and do little merged macro pad tonight. If that will probably see you at some point over the weekend, because we have a lot of stuff planned, that's gonna be a lot of fun over the next two weeks. Until then, ways.
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