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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons hits on the NBA Christmas games (3:55), before making Million Dollar NFL Picks for Week 17 (21:38). Finally Bill and Rembert Browne bring back an old Grantland tradition with a “Who Won the Year?” bracket featuring Keanu Reeves, Tiger Woods, Kawhi Leonard, J.Lo, and many more (33:50).

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Today's post Christmas episode of the best of its past and the Ringer Pack ass network is brought to you by state farm to say ask about the game: life is unpredictable, talked to a safe, are made get a t mate. Who can help? You navigate the unexpected kind of like block you get in there, but kept on Christmas day astray. Those little unexpected get a timid who hope you navigate the unexpected tied to a state farm agent today Meanwhile, the Google assistant has read it out. We get more downward gesture voice in the car at home and every take your phone with the assistance could set reminder reminders of three important things like he. Google remember My keys are in the top shelf and later I could you say he, Google, where do I leave my keys, help hands free, say: hey Google, to get started for us. Brought to you by the ringer dot com when the world's last good websites but we are writing by Basque. By yesterday, shadowed saw the ringer people that work on Christmas card of a lousy basket.
But there were attacked, but that in a second, Speaking of the rare, the relaunch of us. We put up town. Mr Ripley, on Tuesday and all put up the last book, a basque about two point: five cast, which was a breakdown of co, verses, Philly, game, seven, ran to the best basketball game in the air for a lot of different reasons. That one now and ran Mozilla and Chris Ryan and collateral becoming up later in this package as a ironically enough. Make list of those and then if you ever listened to the reactor was or if you like, on the face of it, I would subscribe before we get to the next three weeks have passed because we have a very special trilogy coming for you, Sir, sitting on Monday night next week. So there is a famous person who joins us for three straight episodes in your enemy. Surprise to us
So they go before we get through the pod. One can imagine, We had an awesome year this year. The pod really grew a. We had over two hundred fifty million downloads a couple weeks ago, just for this year for this package and was easily record fur from then in a watched, his grow over the course of the decade dating back to you know grantline days and then starting in two thousand and fifteen and then just watch and grow rear, Watchin the audience grow in the people who listened new podcast audience grown and watching a go in a different countries. All that stuff has been really I thank everybody for spread. The word for us. Thanks to the Neff for for producing air and especially put in some long hours and sending aid. So we can get this subsidy could have it in near, are in your Iphone. Your car, where we listen to to Monday morning, so really get here press, hoping that two thousand and twenty will be even better and an awesome year for the Ringer Pack Ass network in general,
they really happy where we are so there you go I'm not talk about Christmas day who And then do a little million dollar pigs for weeks seventeen I actually really like a cup or the games this week and then we're gonna run something that member Brown and I did that the second main accompanying Youtube video file that will run on Friday, but it who won two thousand eighteen red to do this as a bracket for us at grant land at the end of. I think he did it the first four years ago, and so eleven twelve thirteen fourteen and we brought it back. Forty thousand eighteen and its superfund so Derga first,
our friends from project I taken this Thursday late morning. These costs time once out above asked my first spin and ABC they call that Chris Basketball sorry did not actually did a pole on twitter about this, and I It was either add not less its or reviled depending aquifers Verde, but like our four Stupid, pon words, sport stuff, but Chris Basketball just does not work, and let's never do it again. They really had bad luck with these games passed in Toronto turns out to be a blow out. Then we have fairly more Turkey, not,
really at any point until the tail end were market made a guy time, then we he used to go and state tat actually was probably the most fun game other than the Coopers game, except for the fact that none of the worse or plagues of four german green peppers Eggers was fine, except o deftly was one hundred percent and then Pelicans Denver. Who cares? The Balkans have nobody and their team anyway? What's I have Ray takes coming out of these games, the first one. I realize indeed was grey them walk again. He was the best part on the four which has happened a few times this year and if we had best player for words and would win more than his share. The problem is distorted. A boy scout, the Barkley Shack discussion. We talked about in this package, Maxie resell. It I've been talking about this for a while, but indeed the fact that he has gears weeping point now, where he can't win no matter how plays out because
if he's awesome like he was yesterday, the dominant guy in the floor people go well. He should play like this all the time. Play like that, oh go where beat what happened. Why doesn't in care? so he's down somehow painted himself in this corner because he's die in the greatest shape in the world and because, physically, comes and goes the penny in the week. Where, when he does, while he doesn't get credit for it really remember a precedent with somebody who's. This good, there's been other guys the course of NBA history, like we ve seen this Carter was deafening like this. The first five years is career, where he weirdly he is a basketball player in year to the two thousand two thousand one season. When I think that was the only area made was obtain an idea that stuff,
just kind of compared everything that came after two that one season when he had those seven gave battle against Iverson in the six years, all that stuff and his career was disappointing after that, because he he's never really really tapped into it and he was always physically. There is something wrong He was mad about something he played his where Toronto ends up with the nets had good nets years, but has never quite the same away. I was gonna help who gets them. I know I did, but it was the guy really for last decade in there How said the decade, before their common, a much better per day, day out and more dominant, that their coma was but their common was the most did power forward. We ve probably Ever had up until this decade that got just a guy that had every single till you could want, he could shoot threes, he could post op. He was a great passer. He was a lefty, he can rebound.
Just starting tools, for that position and see their hammer Chris Weber, until we get through this decade and either He ages could never get there either I think I beat is better the both of those guys and I think the differences when it. By then he's one of the six personally that matters right now. The problem is. We have frustrated because he's not always buying energy or his. Going through the motions or whatever, and then somebody calls him out. Then is awesome next game I don't know how this place out with him, because one of the things we are seeing is. The social media, twenty four seven basketball generation that right now, when we start calling guys out on stuff. They actually sometimes Look at it and you know it's in their heads and man in a world where we can kind of shaping a bit better. This time. With James Arden James hardened in his defence in the two thousand
one fourteen range. When we talked about this and that mid padded book basque. While we may no jokes about his defence and became enough of a thing on my that he actually realized. I can't be matador anymore defects. I actually have to pretend I care a little bit, so within bead, you know physically, It's it's ugly, big he's gonna get himself an awesome shape this year, but I do think it's in his head a little now, where he's like screw you guys, I'm one of the six best guys in illegal. I don't have to prove this. But on the other hand, when he does improve it, then we point Fingers Adam and now It's turned into the cycle and I think it's of a fascinating subplot to watch the way, because. When he's awesome, where they get see, that's what you should everytime where's, that Austria where's your beat. I thought it was awesome and he's only poor, like that position right now and
whether that will spur him to absolute kick ass, the rest of the way or whether this is just too he is a guy who on any given, I could just crush everybody else, We will see how that goes. I still think that fully team is bizarre to watch but he's playing awesome with the defence that they have taken, obviously beat anybody in again. Game. I think there are terrible match from lucky. They have so much size and linked to throw at yadda yadda than employ astray wasn't was issued threes against super frustrated uncharacteristic, kind of angry the lad, the fourth quarter of alike, but still a bad for that matter, and I don't think that's if I'm lucky, that one theme I don't want to see in the class, I'm happy with nobody asked talk about Marcie, quick result I have talked a lot about the difference in regular season in, and the playoffs now there has been
really a chasm that is about the last couple years, where you can look really good and the regular season and it just as a matter. We ve seen it with the Rockets sat with the bugs last year, we ve seen it over and over again over the course of a decade and it's become more more pronounced where, I'm teams are just built, for the regular season, and whether that translates to the players would think slow down when you're saying the same thing. Every two nights in the in the conference fires the fight that, whether that's that could actually be a real negative for certain teams. I look at this bucks to him though, it reminds me of this, oh nine and two thousand Ten calves stretched out. We had Brenda both where the bran one is first and BP, no nine and then he won a back to back in two thousand ten that two thousand ten t matter. Philip was ass. Good, thousand nine there were sixty six and sixty in the head.
Eight point. Nine point differential French was awesome, and more Williams actually made the asked our team, but the drop off from the brain tumor whims from that what best where to the second best buy, the team was pretty pronounced and it really in a part in them when we got, to the to the sea. Is against Orlando, because the bride was. That was what the best of his great they give us. Like thirty, five, a game, you look at it, F p r, that it's what I like, the three or four highest p for anyone who is twelve games ever but he had no help you in eating out of horses and as the series went on Orlando, just kind of figured out how to beat them on both sides, and so fast Eddie says three watch. Actually I want this blocky there, The regular season. Numbers are so awesome with them, and you know
especially the Addis only point thirty two minutes ago, the fact that they ve been this dominant as a regular season team, Should matter more than I feel like it does, because I still feel like when you get to the plan than it slows down and every stir the kitchen sink a yacht Us look around her she's, the bunch, a rope wares and Christmas day, I would say, better than a rope where I stood. I feel like it is so hard for me to imagine being the second best where too cheap budgeting, I care at my head around it we'd have to have to go through history. And try to see if there's ever been a less talented. Second, banana, a title team: I hope you won T straight with GSM as the second best guy in autumn, as the third best guy, but I saw was great lakes, I'm gonna make the hall of fame. You know it as a lever with Dallas Turk was deaf.
The best poor in their deftly was a drop off to them. We're too guy, but the we're too guy was really the Thyssen Chandler Sean Marin Jason, a kind of intelligence, defence, trade yoga fine with Jason Terry, who is just a great irrational, confident, second guy something about that made sense, and I think for this book team to make sense as a team that could actually, when the title down, have to be the model where you have to find your five guys in the last six minutes of a game have to make sense in every respect- and I watched his team- and I just it doesn't totally makes sense to me it doesn't make sense to me who there five we're gonna be. Probably George chose out their Milton's out. There feel like Let is probably plans centre unless they're gonna gets Philly and then shooters any just car crash, your fingers nope the threes go ahead. I if they're gonna make a trade
as we get closer to February, they do US contracts Bledsoe. Even though his under along contract is somebody they could probably flip the ever talked about Chris Paul them, I think that's really risky. He makes so much money and, though, to match the sailors a bit of a muscle, not positive files, Casey, I'm not sure. I would want to give Chris Paul away at this point, because if anything, have a chance to sneak into the top six if they used their and at some of their salary stuff and at another wing bay of the worst when guys in the league, probably out about the play of teams and if I could use some of the free picks, they got combined with the robber Syn, expiry salary, something they can actually get, somebody who can help them and they could be low, frisky plasters. So I'm just not,
The bucks, our pass in the eye tests to me- and I know resell. It talked about books, books, the bucks fair base of bucks Twitter last week and how they damages out of their minds with feeling slighted all the time. But look. This is why none of us believe yet because we watch it last year in the player so near to nothing. We knew fell apart and even the Chris day game. It's one game, but I still feel at Christmas. Matters is the biggest spotlight game. It's a play, a game, everybody's watching every day gone balls out and it others it just as in the fact that the six were able to take yadda, basically added a game. Tat now I don't know I dont know who's gonna commodities. One dimension the these one, quick, as I think the subjects are really get. As I keep telling you David They have a crazy stretch coming up certain January, where they point twenty three games and forty two days they pay the least amount of games of anyone. I think this team
the chance to be legit good x factor from his Heyward word- he played Yesterday'S- is pretty get his. Still sore the sore footing he didn't play four legs five six weeks because he broke his hand. I can't believe he still has a sore foot it. My shit detectors grown up. I don't like it. I dont understand. Why he's? Why he's not healthy from the knees down at this point two years after that in Cleveland and it worries me because They need a hundred percent Heyward to actually do damage in the plan, because then you just you- have brown data may word to us. Three are out there at all times and it just push them no another level of you. If you have a compromise, tailored or no Heyward. It really limits. Would they do there's anything so something supply market smart has played in awhile.
And I love market smart and at the keys, the soul of the seamen, waterways makes a bunch of great. You know the defence, I suppose, but When he's not playing off its away, they just flow better because Is the one guy in the team is that no? No yes guy right is the guy who he thinks is as good as the other really good off and supports a demon does not end there. Situations especially cause games when he taking the biggest shouted the game when you have for better options and. I just want to note it because, how good they look offensively when its built around the forwards in camera, The bunch rob where's. I think it needs something and in its mark has come. Back. I think they have to be really careful one about whether even plays crunch time, and to how about these and crusher, because Brown, has become an asked. Are the share? Tatum isn't
ex onto a player who I still feel I can go up a lever offence way as you go along and then Heyward before he got hurt was better offence with both of those guys camper? Is Cuba he's twenty three twenty four and eight pages don't need Marcus's offence and if he can figure that out before we get to April May June, I think that would be the biggest neck out the state other than here being nothing. I quickly is really quick, collapsed, as part of the league yeah, this is the best regular season day and our guy, the league, but if I'm playing in one game I still want to- and that's why I mentally ill prove it again. Yesterday he's downplay the Lakers place has been the best part in both of those games. If the clippers have a flaw, sat? They don't seem like they totally realise you actually into that game. That could put the Lakers away, Paul George gets a contested twenty two further within the last Tuesday, it's in the shock. Lack new aims
the three with his hand his face. I just can't get caught at the bar. They can't stop him he was able to get the integrated in trouble time and time again when it mattered tat team. Is really really really really for plasterers, because there are so many different ways to go defensively, their fantastic and they still have a trade to make. I his pro heartless and eyes. I still feel like if they don't make a trade, their fine but ass. I think you can make a great a case that if they can turn heartless into a stretch for like a better Jamaica, Green, basically, but that would really help him. I don't know who that player is like. If you put Marcus Morris on this team, that's a ball stopper, I'm not sure. I want him but I think, could be seen as a bio guy, for them is J crowd her in on Memphis Evanna by an amount in February or March, when they're out of the race, because that's good
the type of guy they need on this theme, somebody by the three of the four somebody's that scared somebody who I think would really vibe with- Beverly and just kind of that they fuck you attitude that this debate so watch out for that watch out for that, the crowding everyone talks about it without them if he can stay healthy for ten weeks April May June, we is nap unhealthy the last couple years. He has a total miles on him and if your plane, ten miles on him, and if you play nearby, trade ship you'd have to you about part. Was that point to get it without has meant. This is a bad about. I I personally would, that would not be my move, because I dont think I dont think he is a guarantee to stay healthy person, we're gonna, take a quick breakin that would do milliner pics time is running out and simply saves huge how they offer their biggest sail the year for looking to protect your home word, winning twenty four seven homes. Carroty now is the time to do
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we lost a little will ass three seventy, because, well I deserve that. I went against the patriots. I think the bills plus six and have the thinking was there it was gonna, be an even game back in game that will be decided in the last couple minutes, which is by the way exactly what happened, but the path covering they score late. They get the two point: Buffalo comes down, they get first or from me can't finish to tie the game, so the Pats cover I still feel like that. I don't mind losing that because the game played out exactly how I thought I was gonna play up. We want on the ravens now we lost on this too, in the game where we took the titans pursued Africans the sands realising because it had never come out yet again to the better for the Titans, which is then that sucks about doing these pics on Thursday, where. It comes out later, it's like, even though it is again that they need for the succeed with their battle in Pittsburgh, because
It's a non conference game. It weirdly doesn't matter the typewriter thing. It matters more. Pittsburgh loses, which is what so now They have the the titans with their debt. In their hands and was there with them first, because there it s one, eighty against the Texans there Goodbye three enough points: here's the text are claiming they're gonna play everybody to issues that first of all, Casey in the paths are early. The Patsy they went if they beat Miami in their favoured by fifteen enough, they beat Miami. They they constituted. If the chiefs far down, Texans, win the if spelled down the four seed, not the three seats, which means they have to pay Baltimore around to basically don't want any part of that so Houston, saying they're gonna play their guys because they want. Casey
to play their guys, in my opinion, once the in case you take our business case, he's playing the chargers the chargers are planted on the in about three weeks ago, once those are done, then we got this Texans Titans game that that accents already don't have, will fora fuller, for some reason, wants a Lotta Fc South this year. It's amazing how different the Texans are when they don't have will fuller when they have them. He stretch the field always seems to either make a big player. Get a passer. Ferrets opens everything else for Hopkins and their team just looks completely different when they dont have em, They seem very beautiful and even side when he got hurt, and last Saturday they stop stop over the ball and its, That he means that large, but he does so they don't have on this week in general, I dont see the incentive once game, actually gets going up the path and K C win for this temple.
So here's what we're gonna do. We have chiefs titans money lying parlay for minus one eleven, which I'm gonna do I'm not. Fraid of chargers going into cases, and somehow be there by the idle for what we see that the charges out that they have it in a week, we also have. We could do a parlay, Tennessee minus one. Eighty pats MIDAS fourteen Hundred gets Miami in this Aids might a seven hundred gets Carolina, they need that to get a by and in the first round and that's mine went to I'm going two sprinkle three hundred can both of those so three hundred Kay. Minus one eleven chiefs Titans Manila both have to win through Andrew K, minus one twelve Tennessee, Saints Pats, all three of them after him, so we're doing now and start three educate on each second one, the falcon
since our plus one or even money at temper by both teams are five into in their last seven. There is better Talk about whether the Falcons or tried to save damned quince job all that stuff here, the shame of temper. Is there probably had the bones of a team if they had both receivers healthy the whole year, if they had a blow, couple games, etc, etc. I think, where they are now without evidence it without Godwin, with JANUS Fitzooth for thirty and play all that stuff, I dont think they have five sensibly personally for them get he's Devlin out on the page same page, with some of their receivers, he's deafening, throw up more picks this game, the fact the plane really well. More importantly, the Falcons her pretty health. Especially where it matters Villefort shouts and just like them in this game. I think finish to seize it off sick
the two in their last stayed. Everybody feels better about it. Then it starts a whole should they keep their queen, or should they not discussion in turn around once he headed off the defence to a couple of his assistance halfway through the year, it seems, like seem like some place, our firm that Ryan is healthy again and every year. There's that team there finishes sixty to seventy one down the stretcher decimate the playoffs, it can kind of build on it. I dont think its stamp obey I think it's really hard for them to move the ball without God. When evidence, I don't see it so I'm grabbing the Falcons plus one for three. Kay we're doing and then last one. Niners. My three. At Seattle. This They first saw this line. I was way off. I think I pick Seattle by three and now it's when we sound, I d get sides, that's Niners by three. It feels
the more you read it feels like this should be higher, and I. I want. I want to know this is one of those games were not a lot of people would take Seattle so that their part scares me right there. The fact that this picklocks few obvious with that's. It. No Chris Carson nourisher penny but the Seattle team. The heart of this team was those two guys a few weeks ago. You action merely man. This is like double barreled every single down. They have this awesome running back in their who- and two guys I can do different things now they're gonna, be there them. It's hard for me to imagine them being able to move the ball that well. I know that a these little band up but I don't see how they're gonna move the ball with the Martian LE henchmen, others, these threats enforced triggers they have it just puts them In such a bad spot for what they were and what we watch the season, and then you look at actually
You know where Seattle was just as a team the season, and I think there are therefore and three at home. They have been reliable ladder, close games, Lotta games, or they do their bed behind, they ve had the claw back to fight that they certainly have put teams away. It's a tea it's been a little smoke and mirrors in it together. Had a hanging around in the end, relying on just the fact that Wilson's really good and they can run the bar that stuff. I dont see it with it again Steiner's, where the Niners actually need this game Sunday night These matters are really good. They ve been are allowed to play games over these last few weeks. There, too, that I think could win the Superbowl. Do not feel that way, but Seattle and for me, this. Just feels like a diners take care business and
maybe they lay the smack down. So I love land. The minus three amateur put four: and you can this so here. My pigs were more time for ok on the Niners to lay the smack than in Seattle and grabbed the sea west, one for us, the Falcons we're gonna, go even money for them to win in temper back three hundred Kay and put three injure: can Tennessee Seeds Pats all three to win model? when twelve, if that lose at least three thirty six and then Other three hundred and Chiefs Titans money line. Minus one eleven. So if I lose that these three thirty three so those are for, eggs from milliner pigs were at one point, two: four: seven million. When you get a little nest, egg heading the plan. We have lots of plans for the plans for this. I come up me Remo
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and the world its the best reviewed communication sweet and by the way you can set up a free, count right now I mind from Zoom. Don't wait any longer need happy with you are so come up. We're gonna do who won? Two thousand eighteen mean Grantline colleague, member Brown, here's what we did for the seeds. We only seed hate seeds, and here's who they were number one Megan retainer. She was the top seated internment number two My Jackson number Billy irish number. Four tiktok, for five, quite Leonard Number, six tiger, woods, number, seven Phoebe, Weller Bridge eight the whole cast of succession, so those who they'll eight only AIDS its guaranteed to go into the sweet. Sixteen there, the part you're about the here. We did playing games for the final
eight seeds. Seeds nine through sixteen here is that match up and we're gonna break out all these right now Jennifer Pass Joe Borough Disney, plus First Netflix. Keanu Reeves verse, Lebron James Gretta in one direction: air sea Bt Ass, the all acronym battle. Adam drivers in dire little noise experts lizard. And, finally, the match up everybody's been talking about Donald Trump Junior verse, Simone Biles So there we go about to break out those down. Here's b and rubber brat read out once upon a time. God grant land, yet you prefer something called who won the year. I think the first year is two thousand twelve thousand eleven to those Levin. You did it yeah you're, like a young pop. We barely God, knew at that point really great and then did it. The next four years even snuck went on sure
stop cuz, like the taste like like years offer my life each time I do them, but so what we did was we have eight topsy it's here and then we have eight playing games for the other eight seeds. Yet this is this is great pipe playing games, This is for aid spots we'll start on the left. Imagine America has been talking about for a long time, jail, oversees, Jobbery attitude. People could not allowed in carbon, not a lot of common J low Barreaux. That's about everybody must much. Jailer Joe Borough had a really great year did advanced age. Yes, he's like twenty now he's really nice ichorous Winkie did the programme up all go both have benefited from great film. Work Sheila looked amazing and hustlers borough looked grave in that very of him walking on the field. I was like in like
one million p. Most hide their video of all time. That's when I started caring about ingrate Heisman speech, great eyes would speech, cares about the little people I personally hate Alice you because they like to be Georgia rain. Yeah. That's a rather be a good year for him. Unfortunately, on he's probably go to the Cincinnati Bangladesh yeah, so I don't think I'll be analysed. The I M, which could mean how to get there now pretty obvious. I think just purely on J as an longevity, I can't believe that she is gonna may begin nominee for an Oscar she's, get nominated great. She looked incredible, yes rentable, you haven't fur, seen show
the current methods which comes in the co. I'd like I thought she was so much better than constant will cost us. We what that was possible start. The movie jailer blows her you in jail or the two most beautiful? Fifty then thank you. I appreciate that I not want to rank were often discuss as to talk to and then she's dead several have time there. Then the edifice continuing attempt to appeal to more than just the way they have answers. Clearly jailer. The sergeant were next, went Disney, verses, Netflix, how Disney plus verses, Netflix, ok the case for Netflix stocks, though over three hundred yeah. It's still a dominant streaming force to ask your movies that prepared in the theater and then we're Netflix almost immediately after, but they did it. They did. They did at the aid, still possible ponzi scheme and we're going to find out their borrowed like a hundred and fifty billion dollars to pay for everything.
Who, amongst them not only that out Disney Pass. It's another thing that some kind of ponzi squeamish. They pulled it off. Now they had this ESPN Hulu Disney plus Bundle, things a grade. The stocks on the rise Bob Eiger might stay around till is aid for all. We know and Everybody under twenty has Disney, plus that I now hear my life anxious every every child. As you know, I'm apparent yes, I apparent of two children. Yes, cricket. My kids never really demand anything, and they are like this dizzy puss They weren't mocking getting Disney plus Dad but you now to get yet, let's go get it right now. You know, what's on this deep us we're getting it so slight edge to Disney impressed by what you take my take. Is I'm glad you brought up the age the moment, because I typically when things are exciting, I bet I still don't have Disney plus, and I don't know why I like I was
I didn't bloodier, shows, are on their young. You grew up with yeah. A lot of my sports movies are on their like there's a lot, and maybe I just maybe maybe I need the holidays to dislike, really sit down with. All of my nostalgia by the initial excitement was big, but then I didn't there was no follow through. On my end. Are any of your actual leg. Oh geez shows and is deeply so here's the thing and raising plus, It only put away people here, a. So we will be. There was once a year may be, there was, is actually real. We landed fresh now, here's the thing I went straight from an I thank the Lord, my mom. Let me do this. Could this is why my pop culture, knowledge, is what it is. I went rate from Nickelodeon to MTV. I like that,
not really have that moment where I'm watching like Disney thirty, I went straight from I watch like rug rats and dug too I watch music videos. There was no and I watched by reducing the railroad. I was scared. First awoke Ike. You know, there's like y know a weird early nineties stuff, so it yeah I mean maybe Disney Plus, is as for white people, I will never without that I'll, be the worse marketing campaign of all time, Disney Flash repressed, wherefore way. People leg, I honestly think Disney plus he's gonna have a huge neck. Here. I think the mandatory thing working out on top of all the other stuff tablet, the Simpsons and Pixar Marvel All the star wars movies bother shows that my kids have watched for the last ten years. I am it is a mother lode account that you call this one.
You're, my god, I think, there's no place because I think the odds were higher against it, but about this the Kyle who heads Why and a white man pigs doesn't work piano versatile brought. This is incredible. Through the great athletes about taboo, like two people really egg latent. Like should not be. Hiding or play basketball at their age, Keanu he's out of that. I am here I feel like Keanu had Leubronn just has good years yet they're, all good. This one is cool because out of the grieving, up here of the Lakers aren't like twenty five into or whenever I could hear. If the like, they're, having he's having he's having a great second half of the year refer,
have there is pretty bad yams? Weird, like God Piano, I just don't think anyone expected him to become like a draw phenomenon outside of just like people that, like John Work like he became like this figure, who is like granting wishes and showing up to like homeless, alters, unlike brick, saving cats out a tree like I do. I I didn't expect it, and even though some of that has faded away like like those very much like a summer fall thing, I just feel It was a really cool year, like jailer, like I'm, just glad that old people like jailer yeah. I know the brown are still all around my son. You yeah me to be thrown in they, so I would give the edge to glance because Lebruns, first half of two thousand and ten miss so lousy he's had never come back, but out of the users do ye. I mean the reality is like Leubronn didn't have a better twenty nineteen inquiry which will get to read
like he's never going to eclipse July, but cannot had the best action movie year of any movie. Slash acumen star and like the most sensitive guy in the world, Gretta versus one direction. Now we had we had a satellite tournament above the creditors and Redeker wig lost in the files to climate gretta. Here the thing about greater greater time, regretted, let's that's, who she is right, Gretta Thunder thought Thunderbird. Climate, Gretta Gretel, does not want to be famous credit. Like I'm just trying to save the World leave me alone and we're like Yo Yo the purse. But a year and she's like thanks. I would love to go home now and like no not yet. I just want to say: oh my Lord ship in the world. I feel is their time
I feel I have no idea. How great is she before twenty nine! I had no idea, but I I love I love that actually love Gretta, because I love a young leader, a soft spoken young leader, I also love the fact that she got get like crew. Gets under, like grown men, adult skin, in a way that so embarrassing, lies at the adult bad yeah, like trumpets just ain't coming at Gretta, who, as I said, is either for or twenty nine I dont leg, so maybe in the seventh yeah. Unlike the grown ass adult like beefing with her at the site. It's such a wild. Does it she's got all the power. I eyes I stand greater on the other side. We have one direction. Another group: I did not expect to talk about, but all in one directions: ass, our famous,
yeah I'll it is its impressive. They arrive there one of them was on the ESA Musical guess, TAT meal there, vain. What's nails, they miss Johnson, Harris down illegal styles, styles, I think they're all brothers, I just want to acknowledge that most groups don't break off and everyone successful they did that big year, but like five or wanted. I think it's greater I've of regret as well Elsie versus the history all acronym barrier early one according to I had no other akard ebbs, even though we have p w b of the urban, so BT ass phenomenon came up, I literally beloved by a couple ringer staffers yeah as well like in a really Sidney I've I've become very airfares safety right out there. I went
oh yeah at member? Please, her, don't find out where I live either way you lose with. No, it's like a guy. I see ass. I get agencies burn eyebrows, Orient Yeses, Cape upstanding. I think that the Bt S phenomenon is like undeniable, yet live, It is at the it's a force of good and concern, but it's like you can't talk about music and twenty nineteen without talking about pity ass. A great you gotta can talk about politics without essay, just because there's lots of other darker forces that, but she is the break out politician of the generation of the year. He actually one to which is a big deal with a lot of people are become phenomenon and unlike get five percent of the vote in the elections, shadowy one, BT, swans City S, whence here
yeah. But for me I say: juice, she's, superstar, ok, next one many driver, I like that, it just says drivers who says that she had like some sort of over its claims court. The caves and drivers dire, great question. Yet father of a teen assumed to be teen. Yes, you walk euphoria. I've watched every episode, absolute love that and I look at it this way. It is the worst possible teen experiences on steroids. Does it reflect real life? As far as I know Ok, that's what I told myself they got so far on. I'm just gonna like throw it out there. I there is a world, I don't know how the maxims are gonna go, but there is a world in which is in dire. Just runs away. This outbreak,
I'm just saying at the world cuz. I think she might be the most likeable movie star on earth by this. If you're at a Christmas party and people are shooting the shit and they've had a couple drinks and somebody says, you know I fuckin can't stance in dire. Does like your dens, healthier yeah, yeah, there's another one like this, where if you said that reaction would be like really pure whore, yeah we'll entire people like what they were just walk away here relates wrong with you yeah, I'm sorry. Out of driver, big movie, star sewage, he's fucking. Weird though I back Adam drivers whole it that will be our then I'm I'm one we have just voted for on voting prison dialects entire. Like cares. Everything like she comes from she comes from the Disney Universe, which is usually universe, tat dust,
not in what you look like Bela thought she is. She Is in the marble universe, the oven he's Spiderman love, good universe. She's she's, like on the cover of like high fashion MAX issuers, suit better than like every man on earth like she's the fly as an seems to be the coolest. I think she's she's incredible that yeah. Really really really great and Ireland. I just gotta. Let's go to save the big. The payment for last can go alone as acts and lesser yeah. Why so? This could have been a final in some alternate universes brackets since because first half of the year, you said loan those eggs, second after the year Lizzo. And if anything, if you could combine them, they went two thousand and eighteen, but each I had a good half freedom lies, not acquiesce, ah
yeah I mean God, the Was it not supposed to happen for either than this year? what like was known but was obviously like this record as like, been out like three years at this boy, but it finally popped off. Loners acts was ask not even a person that anyone knew of like in February. I don't think so like against its Marie it was that either of these things happen, I think less though one thing little guy is getting all the Grammy's right, which will not like lunatics, is not getting a little ass. I said the clip of him at the high school without the little kissing the sandwich
probably the course clear. Yes all year, yeah out our road is that is like the song of this year, and I think I kids are done with it, though it is a problem for the kids are done with that, but it can only be in so many Tik Tok videos etc. But I dont think, like all Tal, rode became a song that leg three year olds, just learning to speak and like eight year olds, near by There's a there's like a song like that, like that's, like hey yeah yeah, you know like it's like the heads does not allow songs that, like me, thrown on at a wedding you throw it. Anywhere inside now: basketball game time out, yeah, it's just gonna like it all hold up, even if I will hate it, probably for next year, They will start liking it again and like five year. That's like it's gonna have the hay our thing
I hit here, hey I now I'm like thrilled again after a decade of it. If I hear the summer time and die, I think I think, on the strength of that song alone, it might be low masks last one. Believer using when you asked me about this. I didn't expect to get to this point Donald Trump, Jerry. First, the Mumbai, additives, but let there be a play and game. I thought I was gonna, be maybe the final, maybe as several vinyl. This is not the case for Donald Trump Junior muttered thread of my my story, click ere long, thought of as afraid I type figure here now feels luminary I'll say that shit he's Alfredo plus,
Brad Applause, you weren't, able the rider he big Twitter presents bedtime not afraid to wait in its controversies? There's some twenty twenty four buzz Maybe this is a W. Bush kind of thing might be a w Bush made might be a w H. W grew that beer that Sadie Beard Beard is feisty here, put bugger that you could get at like your your neighborhood, SAM's club or vans. He did some some coffee speaking Torres. I heard that was in fact flax They didn't understand why some of them went badly is this? Is the year use light? I my own, like you, I repeat my dad, but I'm not going anywhere. I think you might know John is dead we need a new by then. I felt him now would be were full circle where right leg he buys the Atlantic. Why
We, like you, know what I mean is and how it around here by they need us. Courts are separate and becomes like SK the James, though they had found a funnel cover, but someone- MILES mobiles bike. Ok, now the the greatest gymnast ever to sir he crossed over into the whole endorsement thing to, unlike seems, which during not olympic gears is unusual yeah. He feels famous, even though we had no lip existed at sixty yeah shaggy. Has I she has momentum, she's, not every three and a half years. We remember that she exist right, so you She devil is the most famous gymnast. Ever I think you got. I think, she's pave the way for some new right now. I think we have to. Even I wanna keep talking about. Did he J r? I just don't think I'll he's that advancing? What are you talking about small bias,
greater by her eye it. So everyone's advancing we're and take a break, we're gonna feel things. Income crape are were gone back to who won two thousand nineteen here the match up says we headed to the final. Sixteen may repeat: overs little NASDAQ, one versus sixteen to versus. If Lamar large acts Gretta three Fourteen Billy, I wish purses dire forever thirteen Tik Tok versus Disney plus five This is twelve July Bt S, six verses, eleven Tiger versus Keanu, seven versus ten phoebe, while abridge versus jailer and then eight versus nine succession verse. Simone Biles. Here we go, I were back, we ve written in the names there's a red area. This is big. We're gone, Lefrank, Averse, Megan, repeat now, against little now, zags, so meagre Pino Break out star the World CUP.
Elsewhere, which was a little unfair, arose the vow, who is the actual break out the star, the World CUP, to people who actually like soccer? But she had this. The post of the year pose the year that the confidence slash swagger, which, as as the dad of a female athletes like, was really inspiring. What my author was really into how repeal carried yourself, as you know, is pursuing about little. Girls are fledgling teenage athletes up like that, especially females. Confidence is such a big thing and she just carried herself like Fucking John Wick, and it was he's. John Wick is you who, as some and and gave no fox zero other stats. Like seventy two hours straight of this making like the great drunk speakers of all time, you re going everywhere just bill. I want above all right. She was so much fun like also
getting rid of the airspace, was savvy in probably the coolest best famous person relationship on earth. Her ensue. Bird, unbelievable, like that's the great that's the great relationship of our time. Loan of eggs and the have Like half of the people on here, but this is how it goes. Sometimes sometimes you end up sixteen seed guardians, the icon. I just he made a couple three thoroughly by three. I was just too much yeah my hair, the just everything she does is it. This is us eyes and I mean she's a once it. You should advance out the first round next one. What a battle tik Tok, they pass loud. Two things I haven't downloaded: no Tik Tok. I dont know how to use it. I need like
and if you spend like an hour with Ben, this is a tick tock. My son made which camera who is this. This is incredible He's an artist just wasn't contacts the number who won the first bracket. Twenty eleven was. I watched the throne near us. Twenty two of twitter. One first year what a sad reality to the end of the decade. We everyone blames twitter for everything as it ploy gonna kill you Well, that is further you four times what did I will says even I'm not on Tik Tok, all the good tick tax make it to twitter.
So I do end up consuming lots of tactics. I respect it as a platform and I, but I wouldn't know what it was outside of the ones that make it like push through culturally but I can't line act like it's not like it's not the thing. I guess I I am on the out, I'm like accepted the fact that I'm on the outside for young people- it is really really it's the bend one platform form really grown? It seems like this year is incident mad once they added stories that was like a year ago, two years ago, people under twenty on Twitter. The same way there on Instagram and Tiktok, do you think and it had a bigger year. Then white, plus little deadly plus, I think I think,
the attack on a bigger tik tok it as I do now. We go to the five twelve match. Perennially upset match up being the real internment with Twitter, one in two thousand eleven yeah. That's why they hired me wouldn't twitter due to win in two thousand and eleven. It was re on the aims. No, it was just like this is social media? Isn't excited. I it was. Then I'd have in the round. There wasn't Instagram yet collaborators Bt S, five, twelve, the case for quite won the finals? Did it hit the greatest Buzzer beater series when he shot in the history of basque baby. My opinion, yet maybe the greatest like one of the great like top five still images him crouched like that's up there. Jordan like and then that face he made when there are surrounding areas is like yeah is incorrect. He was the know how to experience for joy. Now you do. It was yam illegals. First happy Christmas is like
rather the whole all the co? Why stories? I came guy and search backers, cooking showier, being weird in every the kind of realizing. There is a little more there than just like this mute guy that we have made fun for not talking. There is little more than orchestrates assault, Frage, see tour yeah and takes the lake around for an extra weak loved, going he's back and assign there and the signs of the clippers, and then on top of it, the Coopers trade, all these picks for him in Paul George lets them, though, is only stay for two years. I will. I will discuss the two years from now tat the Calais, laugh or either quite laugh. Which website now everyone else does leg cry the San Board, Man eater his his his lab, like everything about him, like the fact that he somehow has leg
is making under armor kind of cool. In a way it seemed inconceivable. It seem at last chefs absolutely never gonna happen and BT ass huge. My thing about BT, as this could be a very ignorant thing to say, but I feel like there could be another BT ass. There might be a brick version obedience every year. If you like, there might be like Al Cutie, that's twenty twenty has any acronym regarded as I do. I have as its videos and I get it, but I just feel like this kind of feels, like So I started to lose a little bit. I just I wonder who's gonna, like someone my beat him, but I don't think it's now. I dont think its beauty s,
I knew I was gonna. Come out of this success should versus excited really, whose only better time did you Did you know how big succession was gonna, be so they nine match up for. Yes, we can ran, love succession. I love succession in my two other people here loved it before episodes in, and we are It was probably the cancelled at the end of the seas and cause there's no buzz at all in the light of the critics than like it and then over the we started writing about and talk about her the Ringer couple other places by and then her out episode. Seven eight. It was that of this distress her to stay, but then you gotta that second season anything That's easy when the shows that there is a general come back just this show vertical line: green era like in fantasy when, when like Lamar, just as the green era react, can you guys still keep Lama saint thing for us
infinite, our one turbo three is never ran out and sir, and I think one of the best thing is a lot of actors that I didn't have a lot of familiarity with. You know. Like I don't know, shit was she'd been like one harm of at Saint Jeremy, strongly to know he was yeah. The cat can brother, I do know which one it was a Karen already Minnow Yom around the fact that is, notice. They missed out for his fucking time. You got away through the report are part of our lives. Now, I'm so I didn't see, I items are lacking until leading up to season to see you went backwards. I went back yet I did that thing, whereas, like I was annoyed by her, if everyone liked? I did that annoying thing where they everyone likes this, I don't want to watch it and then, by episode to the first season I was like holy shit. I do think this show like is one of those same thing can happen with the watchmen The latter Nigeria, where, like you, just
dart, seeing how much people are talking about her on Twitter in real time- and it's like- I have to be a part of this- like I can't by people live tweet succession and live tweet document in a very real way by like episode, five like, if you are watching the watchman, you felt like kind of crazy, because I got phallic everyone why around you was washing in real time. I feel like succession deftly got the live. The tweet during the episode Bob what they then there's a second part to this, which is the anti binge watch model. I think this shows that don't binge like they ve got him at this point. They have to be really good. Yeah like you, for it was like that I think, our law law and order as soon as these season. Twenty eight was like that I am I like when they found They found the guy again and again, and he didn't turn out through the custodian
this is the succession C Mon. I will will person remember two thousand and nineteen for succession Ass eczema same off, succession was an incredible mean, show Succession out of context was like a thing where people just like post trick It was really it felt like fuck off and yeah rights causing Gregg great character, I don't know why I ended up in so many important meetings, but I love that he died I now removing index region, so Lamar Odom verse. I ran a way that does not, tomorrow than we had repeated Tik Tok hawaiian succession of IRAN as a strong left side. Greater verses, Lamar, Odom I dont think Lamar Odom had agree. I don't take it. Big three cutback, really work It's Lamar Jackson, who ass Tommy
Maybe the highest approve a rate of any human being right now for sports are pop culture. He is his inner thousand. I am I like yeah she's right there, it could have been our enormous gonna happen. It could happen Lamar stuff for me, because he's breakin all MIKE fix records. Oh, it's hard for me that allies aegis Electric to watch. And the whole stories gray any just seems like the greatest guy too, but it also taps him. Nothing. We mentioned earlier aware it allows people to latch onto this range is get faggot agitated bad, and in this case it was. Really. It always seems, like two people ever even said on tv radio, that they thought maybe he should be turned into a receiver, but that it is a good thing I give narrow power in and bugger were like. The only two people that I know a baby, a cowboy their online, but in that say in everyday Britain. They wanted terminal receiver thing now he was a kid
back draft. In the first round, pretty pressure was going to be a receiver. I wanted for the patriot Kyler watching their draft together losing our mind as he fell to number thirty one. In there we took Sony Michel, the Georgia, backup farmer. Back yeah. But that will narrative, but the fact that people are so crazed about it actually added to the Legend of America's. It's like everything, people what they want. Somebody is fun somebody's. The bar somebody that allows them to get agitated about something, that's Lamar, Lamar also inadvertently gave me my favorite racist story the year, oh is to have a sponsor when my man was like the ball blend then would Lamar's skin I like sometimes, things are so wild like I can help At last I was thy wow you
that out loud that people can read the fakes, because the brown football it's like the brown arm of his brown skin. Therefore like Lamar's, is not here and then Lamar. The next week comes out with full white gloves on. Like does. Does I can't admiral better story that is the best shed ever great run for greater, but it's over Gretta. I think. By advancing Lamar we're doing what credit wants us to do, which is to dislike, like it. If Gretta winds, twenty nineteen she's like enough is enough. I just want to be a normal, Seven year old, I don't want to win ring around head of your though I don't want to. I don't want like the winter. This will end up on billboards all over the world. I don't want to do that. So it's less that Lamar, Grandpa is more that we are allowing greater to go home. The next one
I have some. This is this: is a bloodbath Billy eyelash at number three against and die of fourteen? There are, but could have been a semi final yeah. A in Like Murray State at fourteen yeah. Very state making three certainly pierce the global average and I'm sure my age, oh baths and showed my age multiple times so fire Billy. I wish I know to be famous, I know how big she is. I don't know what her voice sounds like. I could not pick her voice out of line, and this happens. One very famous singer a year. Words like I know they have aids on the radio. I don't know which ones they are. I just assumed songs. I dont know Our Billy Irish, but I can claim her to not have been a winner just cause. I don't know it by like everyone else she's. Nominally doubted
Her songs are actually really get. It was such a pleasure when my daughter puts on her fucking shitty basic stations in my car and then just and have a choice, gazettes, one things that happens when you probably know all the songs is by us in their so bad. All the signs are so bad Fuckin, SAM Smith, by here another seems science can appear in a traffic. Billy. I comes on its like wow. This is actually good This is because you are so she is as a reprieve from the bad Samson yeah. It's like this is good. You have listen to this end like Benson, as is now the lyrics and she kind of fits into a lot of it happening in teen culture anyway. The ashes mysterious hard to figure out like she intentionally whereas baggy clothes like it is hard to get a hand on anything. Now I love the mysterious Tina flag it flag, like
can't read. Hygiene leg has no harm. Like I love mysterious Dave. Ok, so think she is a once in a generation tat. You could say also about and dire. I'm just saying you could you could you could? This is tough I'll, follow you call it your bracket. If you're on a Billy, I'm sure out we haven't had enough say yet. I think that I think but this and I think the answers- and I took a great power in the bottom half of the bracket. This is he added it took the broad now take it down. Why right they don't tiger woods. Another old guy who had another renaissance, who that we went nuts or of the latter people on here who we didn't know about last year, tigers, probably the person who I listen, Spectre. I've always wanted him to come back, but I think I was at a point where, unlike probably won't happen,
It's weird, though none of us that they the great thing about Tiger that none of us ever fully got to that point. That was ninety nine point. Ninety nine point five, but there is always that sliver of hope maybe and he did it any fucking- did he won the masters. So many good sports moments, a sheer it actually got a little forgotten cassettes I can happen a hundred years ago. It only happens months I had come up with Tiger was the last person I added, because I completely forgot that happened this year Tiger, scatter its tiger its. Piano. I would like to think that Keanu would not want to be tiger later on and tiger last one is, another bloodbath. Wow Phoebe, while a bridge one of the most beloved people on the internet. It is one of those things where you either, love, we bag.
The other show, or you don't even know about it. I love the fact that I wish more people did this, where it's like two seasons were out loud. That's when you know I guess what chapels almost dead. You should have done living as history as the years Pass will remember that way: yeah, oh yeah! We will continue to Africa, down that we remember that after that, but I feel like that. There's, like a certain level of like I'm, the shit and I will go on and do other great things. Would you like a like? I know a lot more but like we're done here, let's go to some other stuff. I've like it's like one of the most boss moves that happened, A very long time did you know she would have gone like a hundred billion dollars to do it season, because I am a go, make those James Bond money cause also doing James Bond right. Jello had ray out a great year. More people are aware of jailers great year. Be then just Cosmo
people know about jail out. I think jailer lenses. I just think this is kind of like This is a gale. Oh, I think she's. Yes, I wish we could keep her given. Also the Tina community shut up. Oh honourable mentions the Iranian had a great you owe you. Should appreciate our out earlier today, you're never gonna make the bracket as long as I mentioned, greater, let's take a break stock about square. They make that little way reader that hubs businesses take payments like Fernanda, the barber cows barber he takes square. Guess what its super easy to pay, Fernando here's, the thing alot of people about square they makes much more than the card reader they make tools. They put a cell for restaurants, retail science, easy to build upsides invoices, you consent from anywhere and Full service payroll too, it is animal, the other hardware in our sole hours together smoothly with their software.
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they're, probably unlike the ten or eleven one range bang it out. It's a free. Fitted our bad only available for a limited time. Don't wait to get you piece the action download the file. Those ports but gap. An eyelash or visit vandal dotcom, Slash, andred sent up with promo code bs get your free fifty our bet must be, We went past present in New Jersey, Pennsylvanian Indiana, bad issued as Non withdrawal sacred to expire, seven days after receipt tanned, our minimum deposit required to withdraw any winnings terms, apply gambling cut, one in hundred gambler or in Indiana Car one, eight hundred nine, with it ok, we're David into the final eight and then the final for here. Your final eight batch ups number one Megan Repeater Braces attack Lamar some verses in dire who I Leonard versus the cast of success. You just do those who were going about the share a tiger woods first jailer too, to fit
clusters almost with hackers. Almost fifty feels like his fifty like you d, better out about the exact same maritime. Let's do it the final eight. Here again, we are now in the quarter. Final says: a big, the elite, the elite, eight repeating versus Tik Tok, one for match up for them advanced, pretty impressive yeah. Do you think we're Pino? You asked up even he I am sitting Tik Tok should when this go on. Are you? Are you looking to knock out at once it I just stay emerging social platform. So hard to do. Nobody thought that was gonna happen again. People people, member The dialogue about snapshot was going to be the last one of these and haven't we're never enough and other minorities as good as it could be another one every eighteen months, probably but the fact that they pulled that off and all
paper, jockeying for it and pissed off that they could about bought it when they had the chance and and then just feels like it's gonna grow and grow and grow. A growl. Where repeated the Mama was the moment, but so the question for for you is we remember two thousand nineteen for repeat now or as the year Tik Tok really put itself on the map and turned into this much like twitter into those eleven gal. I think. That's your car! This is your bracket. I think that I'm just here to make the cases for both I hear you, I think it's entered because there is a demographic of young team Woman like your daughter, Yahoo, very invested in both of these people. Yet her and I think day in day out, Tik Tok probably more important in
of like what had like a real impact. I feel like ripping Owens. I just feel like. I really think she in a way that, like we ve had moments with serene but I think it very cool to watch her become like. The number one american athlete just like culturally like more than by you, know this period. Where, like People have a really care about, like USA Basket, that. Might you know it's like he was just like you know what I'm put like the kind on my back and writing it is much more were still gonna fucking like it was very quota washed, I'm kind of embarrass you S, men, soccer and just like, the entire idea that they don't get paid that you like, I so like how up front and transparent she was just about
sexuality, but not in a way at like we would have had. Twenty years ago I was just like Can I get what I was yet only learned as I, whatever let's go in the way she talked about herself was advanced I thought I was important as I I I say, of the penal. I do think that Tiktok is important. I think Tik Tok was looking ahead to collide as I think that I was like I only get out, I don't lose decline The cat was already scouting. Why is it that egg zoom right by european and other European o N, ok repeat now and then and the other bracket collide versus succession? A five eight match up? Well, ah,. I still have co. Why our remembered two thousand eighty four cooler before succession, it's interesting leg, Has there been, would the last great athletes who said so little and was so widely known?
who are the great leg: quiet team sport athletes. We're like downward bowl loved. Like people love quite right like in a leg, not in the way we love his personality or decide your leg. Your gun and weird, I think what people like about him- and I think this is why, as a chance to win too two thousand and eighteen to me was a lot about authenticity and people gravitating toward who seemed authentic versus who see. Might they were there for shit? their credit card yeah lying about user, how many users they had forged. Documents, ah, like though, energy- that has been going on this decade, that war remember this decade for anything people like Hawaiian as he's just completely authentic. He doesn't have
his bag in the agency in ages had like Uncle Dennis. We all should have and they had a plan, but beware dislike Calabrian? We denisov either it was grey ass. I think all everything you said about. Why also works for repeated, doesn't turn a great guy like this is me There's a reason: these people, like really gotta when fired up in interesting ways for those like all like yours are showing us your hand, which is like not that complicated and kind a refreshing You got the wrong next bracket, Lamar's in dire wow just to two beloved people what combine age of wildlife, forty one hour's, India showed a than gretta. He had he's either. Is either younger or older than graph. It would like they're both what like twenty wow, I mean so sing with Lamar's. It's only been a couple months for him. Here it's been three and a half months:
the plants coming. We don't know, that's gonna turn out. He is, a phenomenon, but my homes is a phenomenon. Last year this does. What happened in football every year. There's somebody we gravitating and grab onto yeah Lamar Like had a strong you three to four yeah strong in you know that we can also be talking about him next year, because I mean, I'm excited excited for him amounts to be, like both firemen all cylinders. At the same time,. Last one tiger versus jailer, wow two survivors to nineties icons two thousand Zaka the edges. She made out of sight, which The movie that I think, along with a lot of other people, made me think she was gonna, be like a huge movie star. She really wasn't
in that movie? You leave that movie, or at least you left it in nineteen, ninety, nine, whatever it was really she's going to be a huge movie star, ever really totally happened and then huh it was like twenty years just she's picked up with, movie star thing. I just love that no one seemed to like no one saw it coming like I remember when they announced the cast out like will. This is cool, but I was just like I'll keep moving. It's like a posse movie, but one hussars is good. Hussars is getting she kind of blows. Customs work, the sitting. I mean Kilo ACT, a huge Africa since will I love jailer? I think that it's fantastic that she's, like ending third decade irrelevancy like on a very high point. I dont know who else could have done that role freely,
it, is only that movie. That movie was an e t now, of course, and that's where this falls a parliament yeah, I mean, I think it's Tiger Tiger had a good for days this year, Look at you: what are you doing here? I mean I love Tiger. I love Tiger. I don't know I was tired You think it's tiger is one of the greatest athletes of the last fifty years and we rode above and he was dead and he was done. Ok, I think your argument works because, like Tiger was Further away from glory like Yellow Neverland disappear, fellows Jello Nobody's ever writing off jailer, she's been beloved, tailored airs and you're, gonna have ebb and flow of being beloved Tiger was written off you right.
We're down to a final, for we have three athletes, then actually. Makes sense to me, because this was exporter, very memorable sports you're out a different way from you know. It's funny. I think there were more great tv shows and movies, then like break out individuals, performances, adding one of the reasons and dies awesomeness that she, like you, can't really single out, someone from six action news is like a great cast. You know. There's a lot of really I mean there's more tv than ever. If there's lots of, while there's lots of bad, she said, there's also a lots of great tv and movies, but yeah. I think it makes sense that there's more athletes, let this time
I just I wanted. I wonder Repeater Galloway, I I think I think this is where it ends. I think it's worse than tat. I wanted to end here, but we have a five seed about to make the final Squire letter My favorite thing about why is or just what happened was like I'd, never thought that I never thought he was gonna, be like that guy in either, like I never thought there I mean like that would be like I'm more like a colleague guy, then La Guy, like like the fact You can be like, oh no, localised, like the best glassware and he's like the most interesting personality. Like he's not one, he doesn't use social media like that.
Some there's another piece to where is the opposite of La Brown. Like look like, I know everything that Arap moi brand as every day the today. To mention in person Hawaii is, is he passes. The test. Man he's he's like one of a kind yeah. She plays at a pace where I compared to Michael Jordan. The last three bolster. When is politically with sound out a little bit and he had to compensate in other ways but was always able to play the pace he wanted to play at all times and ways like have the bar on that go flying to the rim, I'm going to get a shot right over there from seventeen feet and it's talking to be blocked and it's going to go in when you get over there, I'm not gonna go for speed. I'm gonna hurt you jerk be aware pace when I I have to shoot you're going to jump a little bit early and I know how I was going to play out and them to make the shot, and he does it over and over again it's it.
My mind like that there is actually a basketball player whose, like I want to shoot from right there right like when he's dribbling the ball up the core I'm gonna get to the elbow in the end. They don't I'm going he's gonna shoot from right by all now we all know what he's gonna. Do we don't know exact when he's gonna get there by Eu Eeg is always gives there and it like typically golden offensively visa. Gonna make the biggest play an easier faggot, some no age and the fact that he bade the coopers cool possible that is granted the quivers cool. Now their own by Donald Sterling five years ago, who lost twenty who lost decade. My guide on its head did about the knave Donald today following on his figure by change to daddy dear to collaborate Pino then beside a surprising match up number forty
see here then dire going against number Sixty Tiger Woods yeah, you know Can you really, I think, there's gonna be some people out there that are what the fuck is going on and has in dire gotta make the finals yeah. Can you make this a sink case? One more time? Yes, I saw some. I saw some stats. About like closes some inside twitter shit now this is inside twitter shit. This is like this seeing or any now there was just like they do. These pulls about like like ability index yet ivory like seven or eight of these, and the answer is always in dire. He's like apparently, and I get it but like that thing were like every demographic
as everyone has arisen like everyone there like that person pops up like you know, I feel like there was a here of time when, like like pre backlash, I can't the wrapper had like a year like that words like everyone's and on this person, and then I'd always turns like. I assume that at some point it all turn could ask us what happened but like for twenty nineteen being in being in, like one of the biggest movies of the year and one of the biggest tv shows that the air and also just psych making it to the second. Phase of her career climbing out of two at a distance yeah climbing a dizzy her. She broke that this year, being like fashion icon in a way that I don't think anyone expected I just I'm just like. I think it makes sense because she had a full year. I'm not I'm not sitting on the fact that time
be jail. Oh isn't it is of interest. Is an accomplishment right that I take tiger wool he's what he's walking out of this place who I was proud of. Dana's Laden advocated man, this bracket- oh so we got, we have we ever Zan dire, comply final. Were now in the final surround the file Hawaii Leonard versus the dire last name rejected, so in my mind is clear. As the winners eyes, I feel like you, we have the same end I think we do why. Why is quite so important? I think Calais wins because, like Y see the most important figure of this year if you like you, because he the whole year was important yeah, he starts out
right now as coming off. This polarizing trade comes in makes Toronto good. We take them seriously as a contender takes us all the way through April May June, yeah makes the greatest buzzer bitter ever beats the words in the files then gives us all this frequency drama, which everyone else shoots their wide and science early, like Catherine, had premature ejaculation funny couldn't wait till midnight five colleagues, sorry, that's can wait, it out everybody sides of five minutes, and then It's this whole week where it's at. Where is qui gon? Where is Qui gon always over here? Nobody can read Uncle Dennis and gets another week out of it, and then it seems like he's going to Lakers Mobile crosses them, starts this whole clippers thing. Now the clippers really fun he's on everyone the years been involved, which I they matters yet you like player the month.
Some ways every year he was the who went to that. I think I heard about the one word everywhere, except now. I am obsessed I love the fact that he like being a low key, but I was clearly playing. Yes, in a way that no one else, like no one could read em like everyone's friend it always I take these cues offer what you're doing publicly me. While I was just like the Kaiser Sosa yeah, it felt like dislike masterful script, that clearly words turn the tables on San Antonio I want to be here anymore. About goes to Toronto. Use then for a title leaves tat fucks with the broad folks. The Lakers goes to the clippers it all kind of fits into two thousand maintained. He also it also you now, even though that team was clearly a shallow, their normal sounds like him and like a bunch of you'd be a super team yeah like him and Fred Van Fleet.
As someone who I like with never really supposed to know much about like he made he made like the whole. He made like the United States. Basketball fan Route for Toronto, yet as weird those weird I loved it and then like on top of everything, Also having this like very low. Gabor leg internet side of them were like he wasn't doing anything He did have to say anything. We would just like find ways to make his clips, and things go viral, and now you have like his teammates doing. The coil laugh they re like is clearly like a cop figure. Yet, not a lot of cop figures these days, because everyone so accessible. No one serious Co. Wise is this piece of clay that paper
yeah taking in moulding into whatever they want getting whenever they want out of Amnesia Canada there allowing it and we happy they, and we like see little glimpses when we're like trying to take all of these glimpses. Unlike tell a story about who we are I think there is a great video of him in the back seat with surgeon backer, yet quite like doesn't really now that he's on camera, but it also Kyle looks like collides. I wrote a blunt. Interesting he felt like maybe Caracas mugs Wade, maybe like it could have also just not been that is decided. We're just trying to alike figure out like who, ball of clay as and where all areas and of whether none of us really know what is theirs home may vary with the bride. There's no mystery than bead, but I think otherwise the one person has been amateur, protect his personnel personality, slash identities
Ash persona yeah like why might like I love also doesn't care, doesn't get, doesn't seem to care like someone that famous having like a private life seems healthy it also seems like just healthy, like I don't really know like whose, in a circle like he has like. I don't think he knows. I the key thing to pee. I think he just figured it out he's just I don't want you all my business business amazing, so choir risen, dire fine I'll Hawaii over the wise road through the files he took down. Beating ass. The radwan ran to the ass. The succession round european out and thence in dire incredible mean multiple people care the whole cast the succession. It's either got all an entire has Gregg beating down like like river dogs, whole family, credible member Brad pleasure. Thank you thanks man,
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Very excited for two thousand. Twenty. Never can that's coming.
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