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The Fantasy Football Mega-Preview Plus Mike O’Malley | With Matthew Berry, Danny Heifetz, Craig Horlbeck, and Danny Kelly


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by ESPN's Matthew Berry for their annual fantasy football preview. They discuss quarterback strategies in the new era of the NFL, front-runner fantasy offenses, some of their favorite NFL prop bets, and more (3:45). Then Bill is joined by the hosts of 'The Ringer Fantasy Football Show'—Craig Horlbeck, Danny Kelly, and Danny Heifetz—to discuss some fantasy football stay-away teams, top-tier fantasy RBs, and more (45:15). Finally Bill talks to actor and writer Mike O'Malley about his new show 'Heels' on Starz, the difficulty of casting for a sports show, attempting to bring larger audiences into the world of pro wrestling, some Boston sports talk, and more (1:15:45).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guests: Matthew Berry, Mike O'Malley, Craig Horlbeck, Danny Kelly, and Danny Heifetz

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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Fantasy. Football is back and you don't want your team to suck my favorite fantasy football punishment. I've ever heard is the last place guy had to spend twenty four hours in a waffle house and every waffle he ate was one hour off his count. I want numbers: how did it in a meeting with well waffles, twelve hours on very high events, I'm Davy Kelly and I'm Craig moral that we hope the Ringer Fantasy Football show on the ringer by gas network to avoid eating twelve waffles in a lawful house. Follow the rain. Your fancy for Moscow on spot of the bill summons back ass, presented by fan? Dual sport spoke the best placed to bet the action this football season, all the next couple weeks here on this pact s room and talking about futures, that I love same game, less for weak one when we do get finds it cousin, sound I'll, just take a short term patriots to make the plants patriots overnight enough. When you can still get. Does that's a great props where you
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whereupon put up a new, we watch was amended. I did the twentieth anniversary, which is coming up of hard by the advance Nathan Breakin algae babies, tragic that for literally in our than we thought about them for ten minutes next week,. We are doing a one for us on the rewards, my son, just telling you now cause it six days way of trying to catch up Chris just than two hundred of these parts at this point like two hundred three subsided: terrorism while we had one for us right? That's weaker proof of life, the May vice movie thief. Sometimes you gotta do the one just for you and I don't care if there's a giant audience for it, but in this case this is a really important when we are doing the two part, maybe vice episode from season, one called runs return, which is the greatest to part episode in the history of network television, an incredibly important that the south end up aside that I have
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watch your over the labor, they weaken a hub come up. We have a fantasy football preview, extravaganza Batty berries here for the hundred stray year, our ringer fantasy for guys Craig Rural back. Kelly, Daniel High Fettes, we're gonna talk about Daniel Jones and whether the judges, but there's a lot of MAC Jones talk in this package, Estonia and then for micro malaise can be I'm talking about heels, which is on stars. It is a very very, very good, show about wrestling reciters, I'm in a cup websites. You can catch up on that as well, but when I talk about just we shall lay that even happens. The whole process, how improbable borders that that made the air and improper that it's good to whip up, but that in a lot of Boston sports stuffed it. This is action packed
Sakharov next, first project, aright, Freddy fifty seconds strength and if Thou season heading into our weak, one and everybody's feigned suggests Matthew, berries, journalists from the SBA at our member the first year with this, but I think it was somewhere like an early nineteenth said these late. In seven is the arab states T broken with topic, and I respond right? Member was rushing tedious. He had sex and tugging at an early stage growth. The de Josh Allan POE. the type of he will not accurate, unfortunately far pitcher fence,
Without the aren't you gonna get Josh out community about was, he wasn't are accurate. He wasn't accurate and any get stuck on the exhaustion. Somebody's lot record is weird: when you get the waters even suddenly become more. yes, we're doing. There is wide open guys running around the field. You can certainly find them were the so you were decision, fifteen thirty, a span, Ah, yes, extending yes out like that in the first year of my first years, you doesn't sound sort of that map is here. It seems like this fantasy infrastructure. That's in place now. It is now just impossible to find any sort of two unearth anything. Everybody knows everything. Everybody is so prepared. The tears, multiple podcasting com, dialogue and people talking forever how you even on earth. Like I noticed in one year intercom set, came over the manifesto love hate. You had all these years.
You will it well advanced metrics area, some stuff about point totals declining inquiry is that is that the future of fantasy forbids Betcher illegal reads. I think it is somewhat writing. I think the biggest challenge vanity football bill is. Your point is badly in the old school days. Ah, it was a challenge to try to find information, a guy like a book, there's sounds, will be a great story for my bark hasn't sound it. He was running this league and they had you there. This is all and so they were doing their forests by you know my box wars in the newspaper aghast trend I had the same legal, Henry discourse right and so geek somehow
track down. A New York posed sports writers phone number at home to try to get the word. What happened at the moment the ball game, because this was a wise, goes game and the effort to bring before the game it so easy to say you know how do you get this number, I can't tell you, but seriously didn't did drew Pearson have six receptions for for either like, and so they used to be like that, where you were just grinding for information and now the problem isn't getting information, it's sifting through it and what matters must be asked. What is and what isn't you know what matters? What doesn't, because you've got a bunch of coach speak and it's covered twenty four slash, seven three, by every single person, symptom cast a twitter feed column Euro at Youtube, show. You know, don't videos and takes up whenever it s like there's a zillion pieces of information are trying to say through what matters. What doesn't quarterbacks receivers running back
acts. We ve seen a shift over the years right and they say when we do know what we're doing people a draft quarterbacks, really high new job them set it out. You sometimes are before quarterbacks first round, then that shifted and then everybody, like running back, straining backs running backs and now physic wide receivers have more value than these. I won't that's early in the young early in the draft and your passion about that. I gave a friendly It was a good, rapidly replacement for backing drastic, seven quarterbacks. I was friend it does at least annoys league. I did it once I had Are you talking about me? As you know, we were excited the five I might do this year because big I got voted out of sounds like it may go back into it. So am a living. relax, I don't care, I might really try to blow up. There is nothing I enjoyed more then you're defies about being in his leg and and and doing everything possible that you can t get yourself checked out,
we and for years they never would like you. I think I don't wanna be earnestly check me and they never ever. What they were finally did. Yeah now, Nassau is make me go back and I made a major athol, the quarterback. whenever the highest numbers I mean there their own unusual, Amanda, good quarterbacks this year, where you know that I think that one of the strategy's right people feeling like they may be able to lay low and get a couple three hour for dark eyes and get lucky right. You guys were sorry captain, but what I would say here is that I actually think having a good quarterback Now is how is now the new mediocre, because there are so many good quarterback that I think it's important haven't a week, quarterback tickle edge abolition. Can you get by will just a guy? Of course you can. guys but light if everyone has a great were met the you're not getting any advantage position, and so I did
The war now we'd have a call back before, partly with a few very, very specific exceptions. You wanna quarterback, it rots eight of the top ten vanity quarterbacks last year had at least two hundred yards rush. Okay and that doesn't Dak Prescott, who would have been there? Have you stayed help you out, your doesn't do Jalen hurts who had he started the full year would have been there so and that doesn't include like this year. I think Justin Fields, entry lamps- will both be there by the end of it. So I like it, so they get a quarterback, they get. You points with your arms and your legs. These mobile quarterbacks, the euro in the homes, had you know a lot of yours last year, Josh on trial, Marie Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert, had five rushing questions asked you people realise that had like over them hundred yards rushing was Wilson. father got rushing up. Is it so important to get those three four five points extra points weaken it they get. Your rushing testing
yeah, I pallor Maria last year, and it was funny you'd have a ship game with, but would still end up with a twenty plus points, because you know you I e Rushmore sixty yards or whatever, so it was always like his bag. Game was by game, whereas, like my new Lord, Savior MAC Jones Is that good to be getting those rushing arts, but what he will get? You wins touchdowns Superboss, but this is what's up let us get over. Thank you say I I put she's gonna about is there for me for the top with a friend, and I say that I am doing so inspired the day and there are like how suitable for MAC Jones is brought up myself put in line at five minutes, I'm over six minutes. Forty seconds overhead jealous of talk about my friends of yours, I think, is the right move.
Pedro. Otherwise it is the right move, the patriots. Yes, I won't. I really want you go back and look at latest eyesight redraft. I wanted him to father. Seventeen were Washington, was picking prior them robbing that's Patrick. I really liked him lot tat. It is a really good move. The Patriots Annabel wise. I think it makes a lot of sense. It houses, dynasty value because he's gonna start from week, one. Yes, those, though a check and poaching staff, because it offers we can't do. This is a very different looking off its than one will match the completely two different kind of style of players, and so that the packages you're inserting in for cam or different than what you doing Matt, and so you can just go to go in or just whatever, on the Brady office. Basically right, there they're somewhat similar players. At least you know no one's brady, but you don't. I mean in terms of style of play, is more of a pure drop back passer in terms of his fantasy value this year redraft Oaks
he doesn't run and it's gonna get a quarterback does run. So there is a low en gb too. Like he's in that you know. Twenty to twenty, arrange among quarterbacks. For me, How, then, can I throw this? Are you play our young somebody thereby and weak fourteen. But now that, though the planned situation we seventeen is now the right of violence at courts. We fifteen June, bills, weak sixteen fizzle shoot out, maybe but thirty, either to thirty five and then week, seventeen home for the Jaguars. That's pretty good I know you gotta have tea, maybe sure I can certainly see matters be picked up in a peace. Has it says, being
like against the Jaguar. Is I think one of the problem, though, with your should I get the patriots deepens me really, though this gave him the Patriot Stevens. We really good this year so hard at me. Listen so the bills off it so could easily get there, but in the building of a super super passively, I don't know, I thought what he did. I thought by making after the start of here, maybe ratchet. First off of it certainly improves the passing game is over I have just myth is apart, while fantasy tight, and I prefer him two hundred hundreds and hundreds and relative and a hundred Henry, what a missile time remember hundred Henry's ever play all sixteen games undesirable. Where is Miss time, every single year has been about I'm away: out of that when they gave him a lot of money that part time tat. I was kind of a bummer he's good with any other, but
but it is something that we in the cupboard was bare. So they needed to get somebody so and the weeks in which Henry is out that happened this year, Jonathan, can be a top toxic fantasy title like he's super talented and throw like him. What I think, if I have been doing, and why receiver I'll take you caught me Myers, I haven't read just inside my top fifty. Why receivers the problems you got me miles? I gotta is nice player last year. He had it in every game in which he had and he was six games and decisions which he had several more targets. The average seventeen point, two fantasy points for gay We are willing to numbers. We notice he had was the most sagged shoulders after passes that either way out to hammer sailed over said, so he led the way and at EU level It's a lot of light. What about what a size I like it, I was sad desert bought it puts jobs are at the third down worded. so yeah. He led the legal law, those categories, but the the challenge
There is: is that weak seven? Aren't you going Mars? Had a thirty percent target you're, just a mass, volume- and I just Didn'T- have any one else, but I think adding euro guys, like Lauren can be born in the tide ends, and I just don't see him getting that China Target Chair, so yeah he's a nice wire and certainly also value having met Jones, understand our but Can we get on targeted uses more relate round? Guy, I think I've been here is Damien Harris, my guy, I already have them for eighty to one when the russian title that lunatic, will fly rate. Not execrable, fired, also consider this last year. Its number one in Vienna, thou in Russia for sums. Are they remember one of Unifil and read the rush percentage number two? the NFL rush percent. Now their candidates, the quarterback it had noticed road user that skews all that, like all they do, is wrong. But the fact is that
This is going to be more of a running Tina, Hasn t ye. I wanted to take the pressure off back Jones, it's one of the best off into wines in football. and so Damien Harris who had for games last year, but you gotta, be fifteen touches the nose for games. Had ninety or more jobs and all for those names and then like a bidding on my, are on my letter about this. When the news and about them releasing can do not. Last year last year the Patriots had fifty three Russia's inside and upon his tenure. Fifty three goals ago, Russia's candidates have twenty EVA Damien Harris took nine, you second, can you guess who had? Third, the third, most probably the Rex Burkhard rats market, would like eight he and for most, was only Michelle
which we left for her James. Why and ah, ah, I'm gonna have to hurry. I'm not gonna. Let me buy, as I just gotta there, anyway, he got one arm of justly proud is again you guys I'm in here is twenty two to one to have the most regular sees a rushing touchdowns decision, which the great back get this so again. Think about that was just gave you write me. James, Gunnar had one read zone one inside its had changed. I had great forget that it for what I can do now, reagent rats forget now used in our Sun Michel now ran by building. I left his Damien Harris and Europe So does the team that over the last five years has had the second most read at second highest red? Don't rush per cent break it down by your they've, always been talk to Genie Voice been in the upper half of the week. They like to run when I getting close to my
occasionally by that happens wine that they're not gonna, let alone a rookie quarterback like a rope bay. They try to. Like you know, The traffic in the middle of appeal, having dinner, run more often than not wearing clothes, which is basically what they ve done over the years with with Brady in materials, and so they mean Harris absolutely has reject chanced to lead the league and rushing touchdowns. He could. We will get a lot like number here that what had something like eating rushing Cutdowns young could be that guy, I regiment running back twenty five because he does it so far, at least every using the passing game they still have James light arms will see. I the Paris, should actually be ass nature, but they haven't done it there and it's the Patriot Raymond
What we are doing here is the Europe that we get there. We want and also Gigi challenges. Funny factions reminders, reminder Stevenson would be the ran especially around the answer. Yes, yes, a meteorite, there's always a chance that light. You know it's a patriot. You can never guess that's why I'm running back twenty five, but there is a very good chance onto low income in terms of wearing finishing, I'm very high and engineers when the news a match and become the star and can be not altering touchdowns quick break in it. More fantasy stuffing a vandals boards book as a kind of new used. with enhanced thirty one odds for the first Big College football game of the season. That's right pick either Georgia Clemson win. You could turn a five dollars bet into one hundred and fifty dollars has a payday. That sounds great. I know nothing about cod
Papa. You should listen herself for the son, I'm showing us is growing, I'm just. I would always better on Clemson just wait it out, but I'm clumsily Alabama. Look. You figured outside our big first posit kick off the college for policies that America's number one sports book a great place that called for by great promotion, easy to use a fast pads yoga paid, I'm fed on as little as twenty four hours make the most at a couch for by this week with enhanced thirty one outside Georgia versus Clemson download the vandals sports, but gap sat up is a promo code. Bs so No, we sent, you must be twenty one plus present Colorado, Iowa Illinois Data Machine, New Jersey, Pennsylvania Tennessee Junior or West Virginia new users on they must wager in designated for market and our first deposit required under the door. Max bonus see full terms at sports book that Federal Dhaka game. The prom call when an hundred forty to forty seven logical, eight hundred bets our fire. It aren't you down with in Indiana eight hundred to seventy seven one went seven for confidential Michigan eight hundred gamble.
Josie, Pennsylvania and Virginia fancy. Red line is hundred eight thousand eight hundred and ninety nine seven hundred and eighty nine or visit one thousand eight hundred Amber net in West Virginia as you know, a strategy that, in the South League, our Guy Park coerced loves his strategy if he basically just goes after an entire office This goes. I am I going to get the Green Bay off had summoned edge is get as many. These guys know, even over Patsy, has to try to get the quarterback to receive or maybe even the running back. If had to go out in the I'm. Just take it down. This entire teams are fed strategy with team. Would you pick? Atlas was moved back. The obvious ones are the buccaneers for the Chiefs right and they got chiefs over the buccaneers Desgas. They ve got so many guys be harder, but some sleeper o options is that I think, will overturned,
are you really like Seattle? This year, many saddles operates, is gonna, be really really gonna brilliant to see which involved in their new opens pointed out, came from the rams. people stop saying that Chris Carson is under raided and people are sleepy Ankara's Carson? Nobody? I don't know one person. Like that is sleeping on crossing our somewhere across Carson's get no. We do not all know that by the way I yell at me, because I'm absolutely one people keep saying restarted, unrelated eyebrows Carson at one. back thirteen and right now. Surely, as it should be a top. Fifty in running back, he's curve unease paeonies, currently going running back ninety Is your worship Eddie? You don't have to just Jacobson four miles. You know my God after Jacobs. Yes, I think it's insane but understand you, so you and I both you're insane. Everyone knows that. No one knows it. yeah that's even drafting on yesterday for free, I get a plug in there
Eddie, it's like by thirteen year old Son, who goes aidance enjoins drafts, and they never dare say they would the League of Arab states, but this is These are these are all the average draft resolves. The oppositions are all from actively. Please do not earmarked These are so Sierra you gone rapidly you're gonna, Wilson, decay, Locket Chris Carson, any I then situation already there elaborate religious Cecily bright on parallel, really interesting sleeper like him. A lot we're, not even the rain and grabbed the killer invariably related having being what grabbed the kicker. At that point, if I have other their Seattle guys, Amazon, grabbed the kicker just run minded slate might as well. and then you think about that. Javert where'd you play last year play with rams there whenever she rose and where was he whose with ran flight, is it going to break it? Sighed Alzheimer's is an interesting, backed up running back. Everyone always monster, because Carson does miss time here and there. I think our standards are respected.
this sort of interesting, recite pennies, tepid Stafford you inner out, I'm in Britain, Why haven't quarterbacks? Well, you don't run that's together like when you start doing the numbers. Your point about salaries, great one, which is like the rushing, gives every quarterback floor even if not working for Tyler you'd be like always stood at seventeen point out of him because he got U sixty yards in a touchstone or something like on the ground, and so here I mean I'm. I've Stafford is TAT one day I think he's gonna big year. He just the promises, a drawback passive. well what about the possibility that they just shut the ball like fuckin maniacs, to share my avid Sony, Michel and Darrow Henderson is you're running backs. I'm in the ball, and I and third and three, I d, actually trust Stafford more than Soda Michel to get three yards. So how do you feel like he could throw the ball? You know like those weird Roth's burger those mid thirty late thirtieth wrath, the spider seasons where it's like. While he has fifty one hundred yards, what happened he absolutely
Could you be the only concern? There is two things they ever. They also have a very good defects, he's not delude rode away. You didn't try ranging anyone who goes deeper than the about and the other issue is that they have it wasn't they signed a shine Jackson, egg did to you out well without being drafted in the second year, but it's really it's Cooper top it Robert was tired. He'd, be Canada doesn't feel at every turn of death of its they dont have a ton of experience death at the wires. Your position will see what the challenge axing has lifted. It begin and begin stay healthy, but just feel like I'm guessing nothing right. You know light something happens toward your top. What happens that passingly could make the same thing about the cheese it was weird? Is you could in theory, example about the way we see we ve seen it? situation before we ve seen: tired you'll, Miss time or whatever, and still whether the markets Robinson him.
Aaron Triangle and like these the guy's show up and have big gains in. So that's one you know like he could, but like we ve seen that it has an effect on the chiefs. I will say that any real peace, because I feel that the rams could look at what the chief Last year she can run the ball ass. You got, it was you. I had a top ear. Their office of wine got banged up right the year obvious it. I was the issuing Superbowl, but they could not on. They just said is true what role it will need to run about an obviously work. suitable right. I went on the ringer fantasy for Bush. Ouch is posting around the same time. This is where I basically broke up with twelve gas. That was the gap words its cause. It's that you it's me
one of the guys I broke up with who had never had was Clyde Edwards Slayer, who went for fifty nine hours in my keeper league last year, and I just don't see it like at some point with the eye tests when you're watching while I ve just seen too small a man it to me. He just seems like a third down back and I just don't see it. People now he's hurt and ask if it is, can be better. But you know when you come. somebody like came last year, did not G Harris this year. Not your hair assumes a usb monster idea. Can compare. Those two guys know will shortly money back and I have a virus higher I've jurists option running back, I'm an opportunity and I am aware, monsieur Things are memorize. I believe, at tea time, slightly lower limit your army to hear the thing about who's, the guy,
it has to have a decent man work right. Sixty six percent of introduce running back touches last year were freely ears were layer. You know gather sixty vanity point for game in the eight games and when she got that you have so when he got such a that's ahead. Well, the problem for him was to vote. when one is left with such tat, you could say: I'm lucky, I mean also decided he got in closely can convert. Your point is a smaller guy. The other problem is in and they also consider like all suddenly Travis Charles using tobacco than they do the shovel ass. They do. I recall a sweeping, get really creative, you know, and around and around the go right anyway. That's that's another challenge for him, but the other piece of it is that I think he came in with such high. He was a fine last year. It always running. That's why in point four game was he was a top twenty running back, and that was why you're, not getting very unlocking the customs. The problem is that everyone came in with a hive of having it would like, as a item is attacked,
and dilated like other camera? Basically, right yeah, that's what we thought it was gonna, be in so he's a really interesting guy this year, because he could just sort of b that it could just be like you know more about, like you know, a morbid past catching backward complimentary back in through workforce and why is the first Andy running back that hasn't been vanity relevant way has been attacked while guy in a long time we need any rebate. Coral Buckholtz, Rebecca the point he made. You know women shockingly requesting an image. where's? The bank, though I like many, I get your glass there're yeah labelled as you were you Jersey, right now. I like ages, it also I'm fifteen, which is a little bit of a hat. Can't it wait Harris Mark. That's why I'm as well.
Harris more and I think I don't like I live. There is quite a bit. That's it despite his. No I've got some lighted. It wants. What are the odds on sharing leading the about in tears? leading carries. I don't have that, but I do have. I do have a job here. The rushing words. However, I think it was around, you're, the one who's run the same as what they mean airspace. I would say that, as eight bet, I would smash your heart because they're gonna run like They want to run the ball. They wanna take pressure off a ban. I don't be more concerned about the opposite line in Pittsburgh, but think about seek one bar twenty twenty eight to one. That is a great I would love love. I love that I think I can really gable and transport yet and genetic at its coming soon.
You can't do anything like Amerika. Can you drive after midnight and could I get nights the whites of freak and worst bill, though offer? So if you know listen, you were published a lot in your here and there deftly things that I am here, I'm your friend and always happy for you, but there's doubly thinking your career that have been jealous of, but I don't think that ever been more jealous of you. When you convinced he has failed to let you go up to now. I live in a way that near the house. Can I give you a couple: proxies are found, or perhaps Nigger, Nick Chopper Karim Hunt to combine for twenty five hundred plus rushing yards, that's prostrate, twenty. That seems like a lot he had. His Greek is delight I create hunt. Gets me by point. Is that we, like the
One thousand six hundred- I don't like I'm just trying to think that I don't say it. That's a lot so weird that we're out on that part. I have one for you this. Why I like this one a lot Betty had been rubbed his firm, which makes me nervous, but Roth's, burger, four thousand plus passing arts Nazi Harris. A thousand plus rushing aired stats plus two fifty four, both of those things to happen, but that those plot tastily cause their swords little bit of a parlay. I think I would. I think I would do that. I like that, but I think I did too what I supposed to be polybands last year they can go with a bang arm and wants every game they have really good viruses as is well, that's it. You know, they're gonna be throwing and the thing is letting people forget is like you don't have to recalculate rain. We got seventeen regular seasons.
I thought that you don't work ass in yards. Sixteen game season has ever than for those yards are worthy right, he's a good point. So so maybe that's good for the twenty five hundred for the brands here, so that twenty five hundred is really like. Twenty Fifty arises and when you think about I mean a guy like if Europe can can nature get to sixteen hundred sixty The russian gas than your light can increase how to get ninety or something like that in terms of rushing out well, like that great point with the seventeenth game, and that with wrath is burger same thing. I I love that bet. I thought this one was interesting in this ties. It dear seventeen Games is equal, Elliot, ten plus rush it that that asked happen a mark of under plus receiving our. That also has to happen and then Dac Prescott, five thousand plus passing arts. All three. Those things have happened, five too,
the thing that worries me about that one is Cooper. Can you get that conjured? We and I think, tat. We finally only concern. Is that what happens if the castaways deepens actually good, they spent the whole off season. Doing nothing by their even to sell rode away. Tat was really like a fifty fifty times again. Why are you here, therefore games into what happens is what happened to their defences? Good or even you know, even competent, and so I think the the ten rushing touch centuries ago like I would take there all day every hour in care what the answer he got so lucky with touchdowns last year. Get we got a guy named might play. Who are those great work for a serious there and he always gets its tat, thought o t with basically judges up. You know what what their touched our opportunity was. Yet what basically, who got lucky and who got unlucky, who should whose for less sessions and they should have based on their opportunity whose for more touches
should have based on their opportunity to end up in a he explains all mass in the hollow of where you guys with this, but in essence, even when after deck went out, the got really unlucky last year or the touchstone so better opposite that happens of wine is happier I'd love, love, love. Iran has not received yellow light. The Cooper part of their parley, I'm gonna give you three paralyzing blue eyed exceedingly has a monster year near by forgetting Michael Gal who, in increasing they ve been learning, are always based on the slightest lies outside he's. Will expand, has raftery any documents print around? Like you know, I mean there's a very good chance that landmines, the scene seating yards, not american, but why do we always zone injury history? Circular? Probably traveller receiving extra coopers stay out of it and then give you three parties. You tell me which, when you liked him
because one is seven to one Stafford, five thousand plus passing yards Cooper CUP, ten plus receiving cities, so that seventy one just and Herbert five thousand plus passing yards keenly now and ten plus receiving tidies, that's plus eight fifty and then we'll go at thy MA homes fiftieth passing teed. His Travis Kelsey fifteen hundred plus receive yards plus seven hundred, I like the Stafford one before what we thought discussed earlier. I think the running game is gonna, be him throwing the bar. So unless the problem with these problems,
is it an easy do them as the injury piece of it? And you have this quarterback? Oh Missus, two games in that. That's how you got screwed, because somebody got hit and we fifty in you lose it, but the Stafford at seven to one five thousand yards and Cooper CUP he's gonna, get ten tedious Stafford served for that many arts thou my favorite. What do you think I, like? I asked you don't like that one is much lower charges. I would take up those three by the people of the region and its Herbert. Don't give me that, given the harbor feeding, the harbour was five thousand plus four Herbert ten plus receiving tidies Burkina plus eight fifty yeah. So I like I like it, I, like the odds there. I don't know right. I don't really get Herbert S. Only gets two thousand yards, but I would Melissa walk right, but I was eighty to ninety again yeah that'll. Unless what that means you got here,
Ninety game- and you don't have your very little room for error- you don't have any conquers in there on the under five thousand yards, were both stop right and proper. But if you're trying to take on these parties, which one of the radio we will not rest easy offices for your body going on. I think the charges are also Joanna Body coming of new, I think the charges are another sneaky. Often that I think takes a big step this year, like her, like you now quite abetting. Might waves is present as a big year ass, an actor I I'm insanely hi, I'm asking you Jane, applicable, eight. Ok, I am. I have met running back six. I met number six overall, which some people think of great is crazy. Do you think he can play sixteen? Seventeen straight James. I do that gas appearing for a month and a half.
Was it ever got lucky was a hamstring agree must find about whether the tasked with Everyday Thornfield AIDS? Will you shouted. The fantasy focused part ass, my guy fire out yet in and feel the Asia The tangled up, listen to where are you listen to the ear? The bill shall be listen to other fantasy focused. Here's. What I would say is transport were inspired by yeah you up, I can be a dual company. Man does greater. What I would say is is that the binding does not seek to finally classifies people are times either injury prone or just unlucky and actors in the unlucky category she's not concerned about the entry for him tell these that ever so often adverb illegal. Not since the start, twenty nineteen is first.
and vanity points for touch when well already back. First infinity waste for taxpayers, one point to one fantasy points for that jacket place without, secondly, Savage Mare with one point to our third places: Christmas happy when one point one set since the guy that like when he gets what is insanely effective. He had nine healthy games last year, apple dead animals, nine the gains the average eighteen point six touches bringing which equals out of resisting game season is toward him. Ninety seven total touches almost real again. We'll talk about just so you can compare from last year last year is eagerly at Turin. Ninety six fiscal such Nineveh, though often at the last year, based on his usage, we ve been talking about the germs of usage, there's a place for testing. We're getting a lucky customs earlier arsenic was reached, and last year the year before he's gonna, let it right we get really lucky. Last year with his touchdowns till villages attacked and vanity running back. I just thought this was interesting. He
I was on a job is by just the other day, and they asked about his role in job Joe Lombardies off it. I just said you know how to Saint use out tomorrow, because I'm Camaro he's like lombardies using the exact same office, I'm paraphrasing what adversary, but in essence, basically, we set aside I'm gonna be out there in the silence Roy. He hasn't, says the micro financing very yeah he's either It is going to live in the midst second round or yes apparatus again the mid first round her yet amended. That's a fun team to have it West Coast theme their games, Ruby, I later is less of arm. You can concentrate more. For we got our blows. This is my favorite just prop Nazi Harris, over seven and a half touchdowns, that's his over under for rushing touchdowns over. He needs a tough stance. How does he not get a touch them
I would call the over so hard on who has on getting rushing such as that in yet no one, no one minute that late, you gotta, get all the work. They be the argument against him, I suppose, would be the argument against gonna get to it, was revealed that they gonna throw into getting clubs, but I mean wake yet. I gotta Claypole that far both the YAP Ricky Tight and that they have been? But sleep, tight and group for Airbus. Impossible. Now: Delaware, IRAN, there and again, I think of the much more run, very keen that people expect Euro Finally, the norm in dynasty, I like him in their entirety. Weeks is for the door at the end of march, and if your draft is you're, gonna keep early right, yeah like him before we go, make the case for the wash the pressure for, particularly when the enemy,
plus one forty five by the way that is achieved that I that I also think it could be a sneaking good off it. Here's a year the year, the case for the wash the body they want to see his last year needed and seven games, but here the quarterback here the quarterback last year he was back again Haskins current Washington back up town current. He has been analysed, Alex Smith, Those are the three quarterbacks. It started regular season games for Washington last year and what has happened- and I now did- derives its Patrick Who- and I say this with noticed by as it is what you say- professional format he's a perfect medical quarterback? Is the air Rogers Busy, Russia, Wilson, you know a guy, that's gonna. Carry
on you're on your shoulders in the homes, of course, not, but he's a professional and quarterback the stages queer. Can you keep the change moving? Yes, yes, exactly and by the way, with the defence that they have in Washington, that's literally, all he needs to do is to be a cop, professional quarterback. They upgraded the office. I think the office a while be a little bit better. This year I love Logan Thomas and Terry Mclaurin. They added Curtis Samuel second year of Antonio Gibson, who asked her was just funny as I love your ass up, two thumbs up, love, Gibson daily round the runway Both your line, also speedy, unbelievable speed on this gene, a bell, and so you ve got quarterback, derives its Patrick. Who is it scared to chalk it d? Is scared, rolling he's, gotta, yellow mentality and, like all the third, the forty times of those guys are daily round.
Logan Thomas only for another one or a book for six. Forty ensured that your house accepts that six five had said something like that at all times be anything thereof, is party to start Turner, there's a really good job in terms of creating mismatches. One reason I think they got for the signals because of his versatility along an interview given when shop. Is he both guys, the back, be all they could do a lot of things on office again as a top relieve it? So it happened even light that office profanity, because I think the green goods, the opposition, tasted events right the tattered having easy schedule, you D diesel, easy schedule. Will they get to play? The indices thing had six games against the other three authorized to that's great. We have no idea what we have noted. Your thousands deepens is gonna, be the eagles like a hot mass right now in the giants are rebuilding, so you don't feel and they want to do it would set. Can I get it and when the future, I think fairly easy
I would question yet: did their quarterbacks cost them three when last year I would see the answer is yes, I mean I mean just when they were offered by giving way to state what was I thinking Duncan? They decide what sort of rotten so? I'm with you. I don't understand why? They're, not the favour that vision. You mention Logan Thomas's, she stood aside, but there was a stretcher with tight ends. Words like I need to get. I'll see you, George KEDO, and if I don't I'm just gonna wait till the end of the draft, based where the end of the auction rise grab some one our guys and I'm good with Deja Hopkinson. Who cares now? I feel like that middle class tied end is back cause. You look at it's a Kelsey Waller Kid all right day of the Cairo pits Could he be good right away, peace? Anything, good right away. That could be somebody especially Arthur Smithy could be like had enough. Could you get two eight hundred yards and eightys? Maybe then you have
I can send Andrews. You mentioned Logan Thomas people like cake beyond the Rams failure, Giuseppe, tiny and Johnny Smith on my patriots, Ebon Ingram Herb Psmith got hurt, but you mentioned Gerald Everett its deep again. It feels like you know you might you might be able to get somebody Lecoq insane Fer a couple bucks and he could actually be eighty percent is good. Is the best ideas yeah me at any price for a couple bucks. I've decided for, though I do not often goes through a monster year. Oh you re at the shreck. I might so I've made in writing. Just you know are causing we see then Waller than general pockets in it for Andrew defied Logan Townsend six, how its seven you're asking a lot of it, even though countenances insanely counted as a Diane you're asking a lot of them too
it'll be up in that range, has a rocky tied in and who knows what that are no longer history, or that you had a rickety dance. It's usually like it takes a year. And then out, so they go off. Yeah me, like the last time we had a rookie tied in in the top ten. he was ever Ingram browser that everyone else and the giant separately, just at NASA by now gamble. had a tight in wild debts being drafted. The top five around me about and you also have a lot of target share available woods. We're goes down, can see so like anyone in view of the lack of a just on. I think I am, I think, most people, the fantasy of this year. Help is higher than I do. I just think I know that Logan Times you know, I believe I should say voting time is gonna have a very, very big here. Those reason why Washington resigned kind of money they did when you think about pockets in an Andrews again. The passing off is on those. Two teams are gonna, go further.
I don't see how does with similar how Waller been here longer hundred forty five targets last year, the raiders, because the passing of its almost biggest went down, Waller and so on, but I, but to your point, bill. I've said this is at its manifesto that I want you to be one of the first feed. My legal, a tyrant or one of the last, because there is a view. I agree with you. There is no more of a middle class and there were now you can still wade. Everybody gets so tat if you get the tent best Titanic, I actually maybe decent, whereas before cite the tent best. I then that might be somebody who's. Just five and a half points a game and you just bundle rise. You did you re right, actual disappear, like how rude the five times a year, that is to catch the that down you're happy, but I was his eyes, not a guy. I plug plug some stuff for us.
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That is simply safe with two eyes: super safe Deca, Slash BS ride the ringer fantasy geyser. Here a girl, backdated Kelly, Danny High fits. You can hear them four times a week, this season with the latter bells and wrinkles. It's just all. Marquesan Callaway is that a sleeper he's gonna be in city Lamb. That's those are the two Craig who's. Your who's got the most attention now all that this new data Kelly's dream right there, as we just talk about Mark, has Callaway City lamb for twenty minutes. Is a minority where's Marquez cause I've heard both Natur? I will look into that. Danny Workin on that, so your ear recommend seventy dollars for those two guys daddy and then we're off your eighty hours, ironies of stars and scrubbed yeah like just come out with those two guys. You gonna win your leg. I think Seamus Winston, just a man, the connection is gonna, be
scintillating, but depends if you're in a league and I'm in a league I created this caper leg were picked. Six is our word minus four I never understood why the pic six was it worth the actual inverse total of the queue be touched on. This is relevant to today's discussion. High fits your guide, Daniel Jones, who I think is going to be our pig later this year. It is either came after the fires. We were out texting, we were trying to get high beds, were basically China Break Ifrits, right, crag, just like China ruin his day route, as we just heard made that they had so many different options to fill that position and our in year. Three of us, Dana Jones, I very high fits- is their mentally he's air with the whole yea. I know he's terror by get it, but at the same time deep down you're hoping he succeeds. I still feel like the hope.
In your eyes. Where do you stand these days? I sit the first of all before you crush the hope. In my eyes. I want to be clear that you're just solved. The reason you wanted to crush me is because you were salted it just friends and I were texting from the Yankees game is already. Lastly, I did like that at all, so that yeah, what's your honest, that you wanted to bring me here to just crushed the giant side did bring the Superbowl forty two had just it's like a book pull their side of the debate, but I would warn my bag Jones Jersey, but it has shown up yet member when you add on MAC Jones traded. Doubt, however, that an judge you just let the Chicago Bears Grub just in fields and they also passed on to a just and Herbert and then also pass on Josh Alan and Lamar yeah, that every day, while I guess it's really great in the first three seconds of the day, when you wake up- and you remember anything about your life and then you member like oh yeah right Daniel Jones is my coordinated. My quarterback Jason gets my coordinator and everything after that sucks, but before I remember that for the two seconds after wake up or the best parts of my day yet It's ok, listen he's really progress this year he looks great
he's in our weight. He threw the worth it gotta ever seen. Data at first I can tell the crag produces bill a lot, because you just did the bill I'll wait out the data. I got that from Craig Ass, we know is great. We gotta play the giants on Sunday. Dana Jones brought the giants. Had feared and then through the bar right, the one about the federal bank financing and it was wonderful. I loved it so much wilfully, Charlie Brown, the football right, because Daniel Jones look good in that drive and they froze the red zone. Pic is they're trying to Travis Kelsey play where rules out throws it back in and fatal Jones that drives Kelsey, and I just feel like an idiot, cause. I to tell you the truth. I dont actually know if I want to know just to succeed or not because on one hand I ran his team, go for wines, fire get omen, replace Jones, Clean House rip off the bandit. Let's start anew, and I would be lying. If I didn't say I wanted the six win giants to win the NFC East last year and like how come we can take the box in the first round. We always beat them on Monday night Football
Grady. I forget upper though, with the giants the We on Brady part of it brain and play a game. We leave on him. His whole career did the judgments irrationally all thought that the giants could take the buccaneers and breaking the wildcard round data Kelly. Yes, my theory and key these new, usually know right away at the guy's, has a chance to be their very good I think you know right away. We just saw it back. His back was just passing all these invisible checkpoint sing. He looked awesome in the preceding games. The quotes from the teammates the reporters that the die hard, grizzled people, time for an who, just like you got it so you gotta know right away, then there's the other ones where it's like the Josh, our situation, where there is clearly a tiny talent right and it's like, while he's got everything but this and then he shows up one season and had suddenly like, oh, my God, Josh ounce accurate, like this is now happening. I feel like you know,
then two years with a cue b and I'm gonna die twenty nine out of thirty eight times every thirty times. That's good! right, a minute, no within two years and with Daniel Jones. I just don't see it, I think, is to slap in the bar. I think he's with any time. There's chaos. It's like with the mixture biscuit thing as soon as this chaos is we're out of my plan play where I have a design roll out for the re examine hit my sight every yards away. That's not there! What do I do I just don't think he has it, but you know more about football than just, but anybody know what do you think well to start out with with Jones? The word What does it where you at all that that deal Jones look really good and precision as a rocky like our? you getting ahead of yourself on macro each day my dog Merv motivated me:
If he didn't like Daniel Giant pass just hypnotists dog way, though so, when with Dana Jones, look good in the precision with it, what were the reasons? Was it because he had, Time was the lights out. What was going on had it compared to the MAC Jones Thing, which is that so I think the he's in that. I am always a little bit leary and I don't I'm not actually I'm just sort of trolling you on this. I actually did think Back Jones looks outstanding and, like all the traits that use. Alabama he showing off like his pocket movement, his accuracy, his decision making or less of it shown up. So I think all of us of his really get. However, I would say just priests and performance, as you have to always pump your breaks a little bit because a lot of times you know, they're playing very vanilla, defensive schemes are playing backups all this stuff. I think that goes into that's, probably why we Sardinia challenges lighted up
and yet his rocky prisoner, he had like an incredible Ricky. Pcs and everybody was doing. Victor hypothesis shook his head. There has the highest like that. I cant remember the site, that's what they like that. I used to think Daniel Jones S. Bill mentioned, like the fear and the headlights, that's what he is. I think that a quarterback needs to be like a basketball player legal brought, Michael Bronze on the core, any closes his eyes. He knows where the other nine people in the quarter right, quarterback is that your breeze has that Tom Brady has Daniel Jos doesn't have it. Would I always feel his eyes open? But she doesn't know what you don't know where the past pressures are coming from. There's like two places had come from: how does he loosed traffic rights at a second most fumbles? To start a career on record yeah which is always a terrible indicator? Historically, have whether somebody's can be a Cuba or not Craig, you don't have a dog and this ratio stairs fanned the patriots had been taken here.
Basically for your entire life, so that, like you, have resentment with the bag Jones thing from a fantasy standpoint. What happens here? Merchants Khazar visited Agents are gonna, be a run. A team I think, with keeper league she's, probably a little more you're staying but MAC Jones compared the Daniel Well, actually far with Daniels Daniel, do not draft for you at this point, there are any sort of one dollar near the end of the draft rolled. The dice he's got better receivers areas, yeah sure I guess you're in a two team league and you're, an arch and draft and you're at the very end, and you want to throw fire dangle Jones. That's fine at only problem at that fuck you Billy Yogi Leg, yeah sure, but let me be monitored, he's a James once, unlike without the upside, really legalese Jamieson for five thousand yards like at Hand Jones. I going to do that, but rather Johnson, immature and with MAC. Listen. We ve been talking about this for, like the past
I'm staying Kelly would always be like. Well, you know I think of MAC. Jones is the starter. I think it helps Nelson Aguilar Kindred, born, I tell you never lodging all showed it just magic showed start. Then, if you literally makes every player on the team better, yet oh yeah, I'm all in a demon Harris nodding MAC should probably be the second pick a rookie, thereby Lawrence Patron he's gonna be better now here sharp was saying he was asking on Sundays bought if Damien Harris was a good rushing, tease, bet fur just to lead the league and rushing was like thirty five to one what's funny is my only reason why I don't think that's a good flyers cause a reminder. Stevenson who I think look so good I just enough in the exhibition, has been in training can't they might have this to run a bad thing,
It is not an outbreak, as you like for my joy in the draft right. We are only likes everybody. We were just talking a Craig, and I were literally just talking about this prior to were present recording by basically like I can see the logic in Damien Harris being a really good fantasy pick, because he's gonna be on a good team with a good officer. Wine good run game ethic. Mac Jones is gonna, give them way more opportunities in the Red zone because he's I can be carrying the football. I think assault yet like Cameroon had twenty two July and carries are inside the five Darlin carries last year. That's like terrible for fancy, however, when you look at it, it was like last year was Newton and then Burke head. then Harris so maybe reminders. Stevenson is like the New Burke head, where he just comes in ruins. Everyone's fantasy dream, like United, mean it's just carry out your nightmare instead of just Ouida Barrett, echoing the fantasy football that these hated it first tireless is yeah hi fits is sick, lotta. Stay away, fantasy wise is like a top twenty guy for you
I've been smartly emotionally hedging again sake, one for the past two by really afraid of sake, one for the entire all season. The irony is now is one of the giants more healthy players, which is just an unbelievable turn for the near. Can I ask, is that? Can you gotta have practised like your three enough weeks, which no love that for your great eighty million dollars, However, everything rooms her now yet Evan Ingram hurt now after flashing, which, again what year is this could areas tony the first round. Her is just barely practicing like sake once one of the few guys you maybe we'll play for them and weak one, which is unbelievable, but the The whole team is just so frustrating to be able to stay away so sometimes hear Vienna see you have teams that are just the entire teams. They away. You just don't want anyone in the team which is better off. I come into the bears were light. I never liked having Ellen Robinson just because it was so frustrating the watch quarterbacks under four overthrow. Him still want anyone from the team there's some teams. I bet this year for me, like I, the heading
I'd still like Evan Engram, but I think I irrationally like him. I like him too. To me little Texans are complete. I don't want anyone the team a hundred, but I'm out I don't want to look at their box score. I don't wanna care when they cut through a Texans game. I just want to be out of the effects of this this, but stay way. Many stay weightings are there, for you think I think that's definitely one of this is actually. This is probably lot were. A lot of people would really be excited about this, but I like the brown to me when I wouldn't I wasn't thinking out like the rankings itself, like, I think, o Dell Becum. He worries me just cause he's coming off. Nice yeah he's had the struggles in this on and team and, although you just hasn't lived up to he, he was in his career, Jarvis Landry. Just I can't get excited about it. Nick chopper and cream high. They just cannibalize each other's production. Like I just don't like anybody, and then the titan situation is just a nightmare
I just don't really like any any other browns and analyses. Are you getting excited about Baker? Mayfield are now Craig, I I that know, Karim Combo Bandwagon last year, job for forty three dollars hunt for ten. I kind of an There were weeks when I started both of them just like there's, probably twenty five fantasy points available for the brands running back today and I'm just gonna have all all the points that are really enjoy. I kind of I disagree Danny. I. I still think that job I test wise when I'm just watching running backs. I still feel like he's one of them or best where you just watch again you're like. Why can't we that get as rush for seven years every time but which it would you you're feeling job in Akron fly they get I shall probably is like a tub for any back still eyes, but it sucks because it's not fund. I hope that the other running back on the team gets hurt for your gotta, be a reaches potential. Hata, like you need like yours, everyone is secretly hoping crema, sprinted Gordon Chubbs brains, zinc over the other one to work out. So
I don't know I'd rather probably grab a guy like Aaron Jones, who I can't think I'll for the EU in AIR and Jones Jesus Fatima, an amiable every year and no one forget lesions illegal, because his name is boring, but Erin Jones is gonna, be one of the nature of consumer goods, the whole thing about. Third, down back bedroom, always more guys, yeah yeah That's what I am given. The great they have another is near young guy. In the whole packer situation. That's gotta looming now Dylan, whose like this beer but like he doesn't catch passes. That's what you're my way and did last your errand Jones is gonna, be like the guy catching all the passages gonna get all the red sown touches a good past check their ease, Aaron Rodgers guy they're, not gonna tourism, and somebody in that Aaron Rodgers, doesn't really trust. Asia Dylan is, irrational fantasy crush this year, like for some reason. I just want him to get more, carries and more touches than he can for sure, like I'm, actually gonna be really handwriting. I'm you take an judge. You have to also get yes, Asia Del it yeah. I've fits how much says a buggy: that's
De Lamb is the apple of everybody's fantasy. I had a share in his on the team you probably hit. The most is fine because I just feel like the discoveries, hard Backstreet mistress, destined to implode at some point off ethic, washing to begin with the indices, I'm not the cowboys identities night. They want. I agree, there. I also have washed in the inner sees that the hardest thing is really funny every year. This happens where people watched the hard knocks than they had they had at last week or two weeks ago that the city by Hush near any he's. Just oh darling: every passenger dusting people on it base and then they have to cut through the face time with my girlfriend and Jerry Joneses CD land, but the reality is we no idea that Prescott is gonna play for games in Rome You know, I don't I'm I'm with you. I they washed in seems like the safer bet which leads to. Why isn't Antonio Gibson considered to be as good have offended together
it's only because of that little Nat Janey mechanic who sticking around but Lovey Antonio, gives them because he's like could be Mccaffrey Light with run a barren Scott Turner in Washington. I mean the guy was a receiver in college at Memphis like just make let him catch passengers. What he was literally do in college before he went to the press and we can do that think Antonio Gibsons, probably like the steel of the second and third round. Would it. do it the natural Harris thing where he's clearly incredibly touted everything read about him, is like disguise the last first guy there SK. I believe, she's, an incredible athlete. Oh, my god they hit Jack pilot them. Yet the revenue in a black farm Kelly, but we do, but we do it. This is the first first fifteen first, twenty five like, whereas I mean I would take honestly
take him in the first round. I think he is lad. I think he'll like if you have to be like. I got him wrench whilst right now, I'm going to take him in the first round. I think he's gonna have a he's gonna get through injured. Fifty touches, we ve looked at the way that the Steelers use their running back rotation in the past is how is he is the second coming I think, of levy on both in terms of his usage. I know if he's necessarily can be as productive, because their often just won't be as good overall, but like your choice seeing that volume I mean if you ll get some Christian Mccaffrey is huge years is not necessarily like they had an elite. Dominant, often survive they had a really good team is just use, getting every touch and playing every snap in their offices and he's really good. I think all the same things can apply to Non GM or so I'm gonna like all in on it, even though I would acknowledge like their offensive line, is actually get, but my face the guidelines line sucks Joe mixing line sucks, no EU guidelines on with Canada Harris.
But not Harris. I think if you could put fantasy football profits. I would bet that nudging- yours is a top five pick in next year's draft is very simple. It's like you'd be top of three down backs, but in reality what you actually want. As a player, these playing about eighty five percent of the team snaps because Leisure Alvin Camera and you swore touched on a game for entire career, you need eighty five percent snaps to be like an elite. First from Finnish, throwing back not years is the only guy really outside the top ten or twelve or so you're like we know, that's gonna happen and he's gonna get the ball, and yet you can get an answer. It is on this in the third round, which is crazy, also like Pittsburgh, guys just work out like usually when Pittsburgh bets on scale players they work. All the receivers are always good. I mean look at when levy on Bell is hurt. James Connor was like super relevant fancy. The actual Williams was like a top ten when he was the only guy in Pittsburgh. Certainly there just such a good track record with Pittsburgh, like the opposite of like the gesture, the Eagles, you know, in terms of like draft picks, working out the different, unbelievable track record unless they're playing Bilbil check and then the track record.
completely falls apart, and the page it's when you again so you are, you went on Jimmy near Stairs Van Craig. This is so you're all it yeah. I know like warrants our pace when people draft running back in the first round, but I'm for it. I, like it
I'm already used as they did it's fun to watch. It does seem like at least teams have figured out now. This sweet spot fur runny backs is when what Kelly twenty five again fifty five somewhere there late first round, I I think so saying, first round court, the drafting of her son running back is like the stupidest thing. There's shade suit that it there's a grey area, because a late first rampage is very different from like a top ten Pixar habits, the socially top to pick like that's just night job die like there's, no argument against it, our late first round. I think if you can talk yourself into it, number one, because you get that extra year, that that options year were, and I fell to use its like. You know it is not great. A sable like their basically gonna run this guy into the ground and then move on after five years, and so they get that fifties and they dont have to pay him a big, huge second contract, which is I'd, argue worse than spending a first round pick
running back, is giving us the running back a big, huge second contract. I bet you shook their heads and disgust way. I will admit that bill when you were taken yesterday by Daniel Jones, backed by day a little because I gotta get a bit. I don't, like you, see the last gm who ever use a top to pick on a running back like that will ultimately long term. These legacy will be the last I used the top taken aback and reminded me that Dave gentleman is just Lucille Bluff. He doesn't know what things cost like you, can equality you know in dollars. We owe you put it like that, it's like when they had on crews, how much he thought like gum costs and he said, like fifteen dollars. Yeah I've got a running that great yell taken. Second innovating team. I can't eat they fail. I have won my grades eggs of the decade, for you guys right now. I still think Barkley was
pick failure. I can explain. I didn't get a good answer you to add and that draft Santa it's like they should take it. Sailor really sailed out of good dead wrong for one reason: ok you're in on the quarterbacks. That's one thing, but if the giants of decided we're not going to take a quarterback industry which, looking at how they ve been out, maybe was about decision was a well- would give them their horrid, echoed quarterback suggestion which, but it would just out of work than the giants, are no the answer's no you're right about that. I am a big leave, the quarterbacks its ultimate about whether you got a good team or not. The giants are not, however, if you're out of the core back market, the colts traded, three picks to move up. Three spots: three second rounders to move a free spots behind the giants, which means the giants could have done with the jets, did or start with the constant. That's fair market access for spots still get quit. Nelson could put to death.
Leonard and then a bridesmaid starting right, tackle two footpads Fang game for players already always gonna be one billion. I again that you might get a future holler famer in reminders, Stevenson and a fourth round Weissmann pick on running that another great point everywhere reminder Stevenson. It really does seem like this is one of them This guy might actually be in shape and eating healthy for the first time in his life, kind of thanks see failed as conditioning test. He shut up as a professional athletes having already been drafted to start, the next phase of his career be like when we hired Craig to build up a package, and your way back when and he just like, failed whatever first tested. we knew you had the job like, so this guy shows up and within six weeks he be he's actually in shape and fine around I dont know I still feel like Barkley is one of the best how to run it backs I've ever seen in my life and was
but in the wives is, I think, a large record in football. No, I get that, but if I can feel good about the Damien Tomlinson with the second pick in two thousand to whatever that, Vision bears out if you think he's like a generational back late. The problem is ito. Looking back at it. If you're gonna criticized the moderates acoustic they had taken, they would it taken Saint Arnold and would save our native succeeded with the job since no no goodbyes Le Barkley, it goes back to get up and not knowing things cost, because he copied the deadlines, got no offers. Remember too, he called it and I'm quoting him. He said we got offered a beggar doughnuts in a hot dog. That's what he described. Three second rounders
they couldn't I quit now. I thought he'd have old thing. Where is like it's not for sale. Don't even give me offers, I thought it was a worse. You will that's part of it. He loved sake what he said that he would have headed in the pic at nine minutes. Fifty nine seconds on clot, like one second into the clock, but his like staff had to be what you have to release, wait for a phone call and, like that's the point, he's a good bad manager he's about general manager doesn't do the things like. Maybe we should feel phone calls and see what the prices for this pick or you know, assess the receiver market or maybe restructure contracts to build cap space. He doesn't do anything. things he's not interested in adapting to how the league has changed its infuriating, maybe a greater honesty manager. If here if you send a team league like Craig mentioned, he would still take days who team to table electrics created a team leader in this package. I take woods one of the worst places you could be. As sports fan is the year before the year when everything has to get blown up in the reset button. As that get hit, were you actually kind of weird we have?
reared against your own team, because every effort at best it's like gas rooting for somebody to die I from an illness over supper and get a hospital bed for next year, you're sitting there going all right, we if we go for and twelve biscuit simply be over and we could start with a new quarterback New GM which are ultimately the three things are better quarterback, GM and coach, and it seems, like you, actually have a good. I am quoting might be. Ok, the culture good gentlemen and Jones is bad. This is how I feel I texted do this through the day, but it's like, I think, giants with Eli. It's like some people. You can click on a dark when it dies. You can just like the new targets and that some people, Robber Streisand, did that her dog had now she's like five clones. That's the giants did with lamenting like they close you like died, they cloned him and they have to handle Jones same here
sing. Wait. You speak like you like, except he wasn't raised by Archie Manning, so he sucks he was like he live. Eli got dropped on his head once early on, like in the first two years, so you guys have. Is it a top before we go for your top tier, which I made the ringers excellent, excellent, excellent, fantasy football draft card, which I think people actually go and look at, and but they don't tell other people it's one of those things we don't get as much as we could get out of it cuz. they don't want other people in their draft had no about it. I believe they have this. Maggie bury everybody reads that car right he's been around for almost twenty years. Our draft guide is still kind of slippery to pee. But where there's a thing I hope other people know about this, but even if the latter draft icy content is people don't want to share it I jumped on our party the day that, like people shouldn't share this with their friends if they want to win, which I know is bad for you for engagement, but
well away, Rooney that today, so we have Mccaffrey Cook Elliot Henry Camara Jones as that six all running backs. Do you think that's the top tier or does it an earlier cause? I should think you can make a case. Cameras, gonna be the number one guy and points by the end of this year, because a special make up The sad thing could be relying on him more than ever. If I was gonna say that's gonna make a bet who has the most points in fantasy. He would probably not have the best odds that I think would be the smartest bet. You think. Is he in that top ten daycare, Z, so integrity,
I'm on an island. I think in this group, high fits in Craig are a little dubious, but the havoc mare thing you know, because there is some doubt or or worry that these can be as utilizing the pass game now that that breezes got it just like such a huge part of it before and now it might change. But I'm kind of just of the opinion that campaigns can look at his offense look at the receivers he has by the way is Mark when Callaway, I believe him religious up thy back, and so I think, he's gonna look at what he has on offence and basically be come to the realization. He has to run this often Suke marrow.
so I think this is going to be part of. It is efficiency, though a legendary efficiency or last four years I think, is where Kragan half its are worried. There you have a top five Craig. You have a top for either. I think the first here is just Mccaffrey Endowment Cook, and then I think it's a mini teardrop and then it's like Zeke Derek Henry Aaron Jones, Alvin Camera. I have Zeke. I've had saved Zeke. Sixth added that six. I trust in the least, I trust his team. The least I trust him the lease and I dont think that
can be very good cowboys team and if I buy the wave, as always, I always say this, if you're in a round by round draft like you're eating around boogers and you're, probably living in your mom's basement. But if you are in a round by round draft- and I have the six pick on like fuk- I hope I hope I don't end up with Zeke Elliott would be my my take. What do you think Ifas? I'm a giants fan actually would take seat third this year, because the top tier is Mccaffrey Dalvin Cook and you can argue about what a tear means, but to me it's those at the top you guys, because if you take entry out of it, I've no question that they're going to be late like none, but that Mccaffrey only entry can stop them. The other guys is just a series of questions of things that are outside
all for lack of a better term Zeke. My only questions ex production is that in a play with this weird pitching injury, I don't like that when someone is yet, but I think that is a fair question: can his quarterback a throw a ball and be stay on the field for more than four Gibbs yet and the and the office of wine jealousies and always healthy, but the other guy souls questions to write, and so you got Camaro the questions again. Basely score like a touchstone a game for his entire career is basically top three or four all time in touchdown sorts Greer. If you please leaves James takes over the often isn't that good and for within our committee is not great touched on a game and he's gonna averages like David Montgomery, but like with a cooler name. It's like I'm pretty dumb, Just at we're ranking comrades of breezes stone, a team. I think- and I think that's the problem or just like assuming nothing change the breeze like the most efficient quarterback ever Camaro scored, sixty touchdowns sixty games, and now you fuckin James Winston, who never checks down deep.
the time has a billion turnover is either not gonna score. As many points taste emails, gonna get reds on Russia's, that's the other thing. Is you little than throw into triple coverage and that's the thing it's like? It's not like affairs can be bad nothing draft. Maybe I only likely guys render I'm concerned that if the office is worse again, he's not compares not an eighty five percent of snaps guys a sixty five percent snaps gun and then stops going touchdowns out that matters. Why it's out on their before we go what running back would move into that topsail site by the end of the air will will be saying decay doc. I we should have had a minute
six. I read as Energy Harris for you yeah and, if now not really talk about him, I think a collar has a pretty good argument. Basically, because what we just talk about without Khmer, like he's gonna, be the Alvin Khmer for the the. I think you know what that office Herbert showed a willingness- and you know like He- wanted to check down a lot yet late in the season when color came back is almost to the detriment of their office. I think hecklers gonna get fed in passing game you he could catch. Eighty past plus he's just really explosive near, I don't know what their office is. Gonna look like really, but you know you got the idea, the lombardy style coming from the coming New Orleans, and I think you know the way that they used Alvin, whereas how they're gonna use secular. So he could be the guy that you look at your like why weren't we hire on the sky early on or he could be the guy you're looking at, because their showing on the sidelines were extry clause in weak sex near like guy, they tore them three hours for him toward labour as any played. Six game,
round his career. I remember he has Craig who's your guy Damien Harris Dodgy Harris or acquire the move into that group. Probably now you Harris, like a good chance. Energy Harrison leads the league and touches which is kind of say. I think if he was drafted. Second, like say, one was he'd be attacked by picking drafts are now Conaway Clyde last year this all anxious guard, I'm glad you score I'm glad he was a late first round or if you had second in the draft you'd be a tough. I pick this year. I like ifrits, is eighty five percent of that, such a step that that I think it's fair that give you end up with a running back. Who just is involved play. It's all the time constantly! That's why I like Antonio Gibson, I think he's going to. I know you worried about mckissic, but I just think Gibson's going to have to be in the field and that's Cemex, there's a chance be good. Alright, so you have a few more pads coming and then, when we move into the season, when sure big, gambling props precision pod Sarah Yoga
and there were moved into the season we had a lot of stuff go in and you could check out the ringer fanciful posture and rigour. Pack, ass, Craig, Danny Danny, could see on pop on your part as well. So people can this, and that is where I get it: It is very difficult at the rear decamp. This absurd specimens back ass. His breath, you by my old friend no or light around us it's the perfect beer for whenever you want to do whatever you want to do super trendy. That's super fancy. It simply great tasting light beer at the do nothing. Since one thousand nine hundred and seventy five the same year, they gave us the nineteen. Seventy five red, Sox and Saturday night live the great year around the corner. And crack open a few. Nor let you know what I'm doing this week, one Sunday when nephew car comes over and we watch the patriots, and he will go for the war, a fridge I have that has been set up and he will be ready
the grabbing nor lights. It will be enjoying our first patriots, because they're gonna go at least eleven and six, maybe twenty five this year with great taste or ninety six collar is merely strewed with beer levers and man like Africa, so next time you're. Getting ready to inject guardians of their friends got nowhere light that come forward. Such bs defined overreactions near you, or pick up. Are they pretty much anywhere? They sell beer for God's sakes, it's more light, its maritime, so very responsibly, marbre and Company Milwaukee Wisconsin. Ninety six galleries, three point: two carbs twelve answers. What's all this new again, but with way better features, the Samson Gouts easy flip. Three five g is foot the world upside down. It's a classic found with a flash design. That's been upgrades the max with eye catching colors closed. It fits in the palm of your hand, with notification previews, keeping the no vote, broken abandoned to flex mode to take hands free
if he's group shouts of videos, no more relying on strangers, got eight relying on strangers these days to take post worthy photos or attempting to prop up the old fashioned pop socket. This phone truly holds in sound wilds, physically small reactions to it, while they are big party, be curious. Show friends, show followers had lived this I'll, get the new Galaxy flip three five g at same Sunday com the connection availability may vary check with Jerry by my friend. Michael malaise. Here is always up to shit. He just on the side was doing this sum. Star showed she's executive producer of appraisal wrestling manager, the crazy beard it's on stars. I was sceptical, like all resting fans cause What are the odds are wrestling show about? The inner workings of wrestling with can actually be good, but it's really good and I dont remember if you bet on this incarnations figure on the old pod, but my world
You have the lead on the ringer version, but I'm really have you want just cause. I want more people watched a joke as I really like it. What is the feedback Ben? Thank you. Well, the feedback spent tremendous we just an episode were soon. Punk plays a character, name Ricky Rabies and you can get more. Authentic ressler than CM punk, and I think that him His stamp of approval on the show his really raise the profile of the show. The show you you got you caught a mumble about timing, has just made its huge come back and had this great television above it, we were very lucky. We a long time ago when this issue was first kicking around here, an audition for the role of Jack and that that version of the show did not go forward, and so, when this part came up and we were making the show our great producer. Juilliard said: hey wishing you don't get in touch with them,
Phil Bergson and bring him down and then he came down. He was just tremendous images great guy and a great actor, I loved riding. For so let's go backwards, cause the story. The show is pretty unused This is a show that it's a good idea to take a little time and tv somebody or at a pilot they take. You know whole world, as I was really good script, but actually make this. How do you do it? How do you find the actors? How do you find you know too? good, looking muscular guys who can actually act and do all the moves and seem authentic. Then he had to deal with other wrestling cycles and you have to pass this invisible tastes test with them and through the stories, makes sense, as is authentic enough? You have to win all that. Then you gotta find I'd, show runner for in all this How many years are we talking here? Well, percent to everything that you said this. This idea the show was created by Ganem what Michael Waldron, whose now
running Loki. that is not an insignificant shall act in writing. He wrote than the sequel to the doktor. Strange the next doktor strange movie and now he's writing star wars Moby. So this guy's a really talent, the guy who grew up in Georgia. and had an idea because he was a mass of rustling fantasy, set a show in an independent promotion in south. western Georgia. He saw me idea and they couldn't find the right casting. That's one of the things so difficult about doing a show about sport, and doing, and athletic show is finding a person who can ok legibly do all of the wrestling like you spoke about an then carry the emotional acting in the story. Lines about we're gonna have do because you can't make a show? Every episode is not going to be about the deed.
They have the right move. Did he mess up the move? Did he get it right? Did he get it wrong? It has to be about so much more has to be about the behind the scenes of these people's lives and how it affects them and are their aspirations worthy, and how do we? happened to that and so Stephen email who the time was very right because he's a massive rustling fans and he was winding down arrow, and so I was seen him at a bunch of Debbie Debbie shows and he's like a legit, psychotic Debbie Debbie Fit he is a massive w w g Van any just he's a tremendous out. Wait any is an incredible shape and he can do these things and he is a great actor and so It was fortuitous that when this shows back around. So what happened was stars. I had done a show. a pretty show for stars called survivor's remorse. We did four seasons of that and I had a great experience working with them and they came to me and they said we have this project that we love
the guy created it he's do another, Would you mind coming in and show running the show- and I know somebody listeners now, but people say what is a shorter is basically a head coach she's. These riding he's coaching is looking over things, easy conductor, that's the job he or she. and- and so I love the scripts, I thought the scripts there was. You know for them. There were excellent in pretty much ready to go, and then there were four others that needed some polishing in some work done on it, but the concept and the idea was tremendous weight. So What's your wrestling knowledge at this point? Are you like? A b plus be minus, see minus, whereas I would say that my wrestling, you know knowledge about. You know how everything happened, but how everything went behind the scenes was beat. You know it. That's odd! Yeah well, I mean I knew enough, that it was that the it was scripted. No, the idea that not scripted like it is so much in the show, and that was part of it that we are trying to do in the show it has to be. You have to show,
when explain to people in terms that don't under and wrestling because we would, like my if you know, I said if you saw this poster I told you that the show is by independent wrestling. Would you watch it she's like now because she's not interested in a wrestling and it now? She is because she sees Europe. behind the scenes in this idea that it's not unlike, in our community theatre or of Minor League baseball team. There are people, have these dreams and aspirations and they really care about them. And if you can plug into those characters and tell stories were you relate to that. It makes the backdrop better You know, stars is always looking for as all words are what is a setting that hasn't been seen before you know? What what have we not seen before you know? It's, not a hospital a crime show it's like what is a world that you can show why people take it so seriously and what are the rewards and the joy that they get from that, and so I was lucky to be
included into a you know a group where it was it was: really dynamic setting and then once we had seen and Alexander Ludwig Alexander Ludwig, who was on Vikings and his show was winding down there. You just had two guys were tremendous actors, the full range they can be dramatic emotional, comedic and actually do the wrestling in the ring, because we were do facial replacement replacement, we were gonna. Do you know? I always I bring up this reference. Only Gus Did you was in your to? It is like I just just remembered in happy days: the episode Welsh Mr Cunningham was gonna, go, save the guys and was reveal that Mr Cunningham is great car dealers and even as a kid I, when I realized, like Mr Cunningham Tom Bosnia's, do this and then they come to his hands and he's just doing this.
The Bible shuffling of the deck and is clearly was not tom. He was leaving that greater capacities that black, what's gonna God, it's like, we clearly is that a great you know shuffler of cards, and a data reference for those of you. I love that under the age of fifty, but I realized like I, you know and everyone now dvr their pausing at that was a double at this there's a stunt guy. You know these guys really did it. You know Stephen Alexander and all the other guy As you know, our Maldonado James Harrison Robbie re most trade talker at the Duke Duke Rob So we need just amazing in a well, so they show heads a couple of things that I think is a recipe for success. Why did you took us in our world right? Is this independent resting we're out? I've always been fascinated by it. Has this guillotine effective? I give you
create a star, the guy my leave would she set up in the first year. but in general, like that whole world, these people, the working day job sometimes and whatever size, really into into that. I always like when their siblings. I feel like that one of the untapped things like there's never will been a great show about sisters in the last fifteen years and just ate the concept that this a younger brother thing really like that and then from addressing fan standpoint. How focus see a mouse character. Is the lead character of just the concept of story in pacing and no, no! This is a right for your character. We have to build this the times that right and this how they actually talk with the wrestling thanks. I I just to me that felt like really authentic and I'm so used to people screwing up. These sports shows and is it so rare football basketball based bothers bonds
how many times when they just something was off and then get at it. That's why everybody loves loves durned thirty, two years later, because it was frantic. I felt like a minor league baseball situation, so I think to be This reminds me more a bolder and then a tv show well The main pits eagle, who directed the first two episodes in the last four episode. A great job and then just flowery who directed episodes three and four. They were great and the cinematography Larry Blatchford, who did all aid episode, their unbelievable. Peat has a lot of experience. He shot Miss Yard he shot erected that he directed grudge match, and so he had a lot of expense in shooting a sportsman, and I think Larry together were able to film. It away- was really awesome and our failures as I can indeed movie, yeah, yeah and- and I think that the other One of the things that we're going for. I think it is
interesting bill. You know, I know when you start out in your career. You really care about your writing and you were writing from your point of view and you're trying to make it great and you were working really hard just like when I was young How does an actor doing plays in the you working and they know seventy five seats in the theater or working on it as if I was a Broadway opening? That's what these guys are doing, and I liked it it to you know: Steppenwolf Theater company Yes, you know Chicago Theatre Company, where John Malkovich came out of their garish in east, and it was just a group of people who are working in this Vienna. Storefront putting on plays writing plays doing plays, but wanting to be great in really nearing about being great and not being known. All around the country. We know that People were in bars, you wanna be great musicians and singer songwriters and his people doing in theatre companies and as people in Europe are playing it
small colleges were playing. You know the support that they love and the passion and what their putting into that is no different than professionals, and this idea in this little space. These people are trying to do their best, not just because they want to be discovered and make a big but because their artist, wanna do their best. Well, we just imagine you destroyed your family life during the sham marriages, gone missing. You kids, you left your kids the dad you're just three thousand miles away. You Heather, sure literally completely fell pirate, like you really really sacrificed the latter's offend. You make me burst into tears, they just reminded around I'll join. You have just made, have common that come in your way of that any for employment Tell you right now: you you, you ve met seen more grown man walk around in a daze with see you know, dusty eyes or or you know it since it said it said
a king, Fantasia. With the passage of time when you, you know you you're you're, so happy that you kids, who are gone off, and live in their life in your excited for them, because a year I had the greatest on my life and college, but his heart you'd. Do we using a show in carbon was a challenge only because just like for everyone else. We were separated from one another and you weren't No, you have a amassed gonna work, so much of producing Elvis and shows about talking about moments in hey. What are we were afraid? Try this! Let's try this Jochen! Let's do this well in Poland, somebody's I'd say: hey, you know now, thinking right here, drainage! You can't do that. You know and you ve completely. You know anything You have suddenly that you're trying to convey to somebody has been cut ITALY shut off and then you get in there years a transparency, You know I'm just here.
facial expressions and all that all in an end is unbelievable. How much that you rely on that that just little hey a mistake, try this little bit! We do in this and that for us nobody knows each other. It's almost like. You know you you can't you remember who saw who looks like Hulu, and it's really hard that my daughter Joan his soccer team a year ago and just getting another parents took me six months and was earthly twenty four appearance, but I just couldn't you can't recognise cues faces anything that The thing about working there vision show was such a leap of faith because every comes in with an open mind and wanting to make something great, but people are also started, that they don't want to be embarrassed or be led to direction or to do something that's bad, especially if you directory show runner that no, you have to gain the trust everybody that you working with an come together and
thing about, you know that this the subtleties of sincerity that that can be picked up just by people, looking for face one other looking somebody in the eye its, he asked just look in so many nights looked at somebody and in in the face, and but also I think that there is this as we can see in the world right now. There is so much pent up it's. My daughter said when she's going to college. I know it's been a while, since I around new people and talking to them and and meeting them in and you know what is this Malta that you make and you know being around one another and I think when you work, on a brand new show, and you have people that is this place an ambitious early days you know of the of production in the pandemic. Were I if it can? I
it's something from this person at any. Whereas is all you know? Yes, I know how you want to do the first season of the tv show. What's what spend the response from resting fan? so are notoriously picky, let's say picky. we ve got word fur diehards. There are there Oh, she love that weird telling a story said, Miss world that they love and take very seriously and that their honouring, we're honouring and trying to honour the sweat grind and what goes into it goes behind the scenes the joy that comes from it. It's not just the pain and the frustration in the sort of battling did I get the push? Did I not get the push its that they like that? This common criticisms of expected ones about Jack being
serious about. Writing the scripts and calling it a character instead of a gimmick, but that was those were leaps that we took, because We wanted people who didn't understand the language of wrestling and and the vocabulary that wrestlers use. We didn't want them to be confused, we're trying to bring more people into the tent for you trying to get you trying to get my wife and your wife right, the thing without this shows, because I remember I've- told the story for the part, but like the first year of e r I'll go over to my dad says step. Mama's no bids you anyway. Why she urged by that? That will never happen. Is that she's reading it down shining down these very tiny things in my dad, Erle Kay I know you're the show that this is completely alone. So what does it see? Sometimes you have brought it now, but I should think it's been really authentic. You know, like I again at year, You're gonna cartoonish Lee tweaks
I'm staff and make it see my keys like this tortured, Ernest Hemingway Red in the rest, six groups, but you gotta do that. That's sucking my wife, fright and- and I actually think that characters going Jack spade his eye. The idea that he really believes that these performers have to be not only good at the wrestling, but they have to be really good at the acting. They have to be really good actors like that. The language in the end, the arguments and persuasion and all other things. You're, saying on the might be as important as the wrestling. Obviously the wrestling has to be great. That's what people coming out to see what they get it emotionally in the promos in the things that are said on the matter. in the stuff that is said before the match happens. That is really really important, and I hope that we get to play that off later. I think from wrestlers we had this great guy, Lou Cox, who is a ressler out of a professional wrestler out of New Orleans, and he has his own right.
promotion. It's not unlike the W s bigger limit, Maeotid s folks, and he was there and these guys have Carte Blanche to tell us, because we wanted them to tell us what are we getting wrong? What are they are? We say anything wrong. We doing anything, that's wrong. What are we getting wrong and they will tell us, in which case you will you aside? The there bigger parallel with what happened with a w the last couple years as bigger. That's at national resting place that the tv deal and all the others that this is a really local saying that you're dealing with, but since a thing right. The Cody roads in a w is a little spade where'd cycle, he starts in Jericho and a cup of tea. And they really wanted to get back to the authenticity of storytelling building characters taking your time and that's basically were Jack spades, doing the differences in a debate with you got there you kind of made it wearing world
your creating new China get out of there to get aid, IBM Debbie right and it's funny bill because your ear, your speech, on this. I call erodes his friend is Stephen emails and he- and I can see, is early on in this process, trying to get him involved, but because of covert anyone to be involved because poverty, wouldn't come and go so you had to get tested, you'd have to quarantine fur. Ten days, then commanded, then you couldn't leave. You know the bubble so to speak You have a bubble in that way. We couldn't leave, but it was just coming and going out of the group of people in it sitting was very rigorous, and so what Coty was great and just into an early on about and his support, Stephen Amy was always somebody that dumb. That's that Stephen could talk to also our standard Ludwig, which you know his co star from a Viking. She would talk to him about
Lastly, there were always able to go to speak these guys about it, but at in it the moment in the pilot with a line in where bill played by Chris Power is talk Do Jack spade about what. This thing that you're trying to build and Jack Name at eight you w. We didn't wanna necessarily put it in a specific time. Of where it was so, that's why we took took it out, but what you know what a w showing people is that there is a there is in theirs there are other people want to see wrestling done in a different way and, if can just get a little enough people to wash your your programme and that this other programming outlets that are looking for different stuff? Then you can make the stuff good. It is in an implausible dream or as imply, as well as its may have seemed a few years ago. You, Jim Chris Bower, amazing.
So when the real Archibald, we have a category four at best that Guy Chris Power is a first ballot. famer that guy who eventually became Chris Bower his prosperity, but machine and a millimeter yeah he's so backer in the wire. just an through. If you go, look at his eye and develop our oh, he oh yeah. He was in that. Oh here's, the now one two and then I think I've been say at some point here, came Chris Bower than by the attack by the time he Isn T the David Simon. What was the porn show? Yes, here He was dead because then it is true blood in any. He had made him Chris Power thanks again had turned. He play Jimmy flowery on my show, survivors are more seated, foresees that the owner of the basketball team and then he went to do the deuce, which was the David surrounding. That's that's over this.
This guy. I mean he was in the last David Mammon play. That was, you know off Broadway, and this guy is, as you say, he's playing he's playing nodded typical Chris Bower characters. A crazy long hair. He looks like an awesome, so Maya we'll take a break in the no intact but Boston Sports, but my interests with have you I did talk heels was I just really like the show I want, people watch it I want than the binge whatcha. I think you can watch it with your girlfriend wave significant other whoever that is- and I really want to be a season to I just wanna. I want to make sure I want to forget it by part, because I want to be in season two I feel like. I could be a Ricky Ray he's Typepad, castor, that comes in just like I wanted. I- what these coasts guy who moves to land and to try to make it an end up. It doesn't really work out for me that well now like rebuilding it, but I have this resting podcast and I end up like double cross
sing, Jack, Spain or something I think we can work this out, I'm ready! You talked into the right guy of investment at the happened, but I you know their people make television shows you wish and hope for a person with your platform Talk about our show. I really appreciate it. Man, that's exactly you know, I mean fried listen, said the man. First of all, everyone should have stars around me to make this starts by, but they're fucking awesome movies. They have shit load of movies elaborate this that a paid advertisements stars Agis, have always been a star supporter. It's like where you're gonna find new Jack City and call them is that I love back in the day. They have good shows and it's their time. Amazon, but then the stars app. The band app, which or whatever it's on apple on apple, whatever it's God good, you can just could use platform, so you can catch
there's only three heels episodes by the time. People is this heading into labour day. They can catch up and then the fourth ones on Sunday. So I will take a break talk about cup. Other things really are a Boston sports, quick deal. You we want for Red Sox titles, it's a napkin and complain when a complaint, a little cost the monkey trade which we discussed every time I ran into you anywhere now. Are we talking about murky bets storm got over it yesterday to the Red Sox game, they showed the scenes of the game coming up in the union. Certainly Susan. He has been gained, need answers like there's murky, bats cover your eyes Zack stands at a heard again. It's just. It constantly hurts. It makes me upset. I know you're upset you. We don't really need to dwell on it, but it's kind of a shadow. The season that trade yeah end
watching their game worried that home run after how made at company pitches was that it back when he than Jacket and then they write a t shirt out of it and in the end you know you son who play baseball now. My kids, you know the monkey was like I know we share our love for Fred Limp. You know me ass a thread Lynne. I was devastated like. How can you not? How can you not we signed the sky. How could that happened to my sons and and, of course, I'm still master Red Sox ran. It just was like How do you not make this work? How do you not make it work? and yet the Lynne First thing destroyed our entire generation. It did it did. I mean devastating had two years and then finally, eighty sixteen made us forget about it, but it was my years of chest, pain agony about em and that's the thing is that you you get their selling. Connection and emotion, right this They show you on
becoming emotionally involved these players and like characters right? It's like characters in it. You know wrestling characters. Are we talking about it's like you, follow people you get their jersey, you have their number you route for them and you with them in their ups and downs, and then you get one who comes along and you just fallen in love with the guy and what are you doing here think about how you mood right This is in him and falls below whether or not the rule facts when a game you know now? I already said in my way faster. They blew the Tampa game, which I knew they're gonna blow as low as soon as was too uncas are both instead, the over use some cold staff were one guy short, those he's anyway, but I was texting out. make sure our friend and my head sure. You also know- and I was just like I feel at any close- came against it. team, we have like a fifteen percent chance to win and that's just the right
out of it and that's how played out their game but watch in that game and she's dead, feeling a vague I said in my wife I watch way more readily in Asia do this year, and this is the first time on my while I was a lotta wasted time yeah, I just feel like addressing the playoffs arena lose the weapon. Have those two hundred hours back with them? such a great mood when there They returned yeah, everyone, China, we have back now for dry MAC, our new Savior, its MAC. I mean come on man, I'm just all alone I guess I was literally I when I saw the d but I'm get released today and now you're just fourth game against Brady. I'm just completely clear the decks completely. Just
get ready to watch that game. It's gonna, be God. I hope I hope he has a couple winds under his belt before that game happens. Caught cause you're MECCA now, but I'm here. Hi. What's your state of mind for that MAC, Jones, braid, game and weak for what I actually that's the first time I've thought about it. mentioning it could have been so excited about MAC? I knew they would do this. I knew as the wreck. I bet that MAC Tonga. Is gonna, be it feels like the most important, regular season game of the entire bout chick era and they were gonna run the ballgame. That's what I think I was ever decreasing. I like what is Belgic gonna, do playing in spreading like what like? Are they just gonna? Try to sack him on every single play, and you know that the brain will just you'll be ready for it, and you did you know he remarked, but real. We have that we have
do you want this year to actually push him up the middle and make him go side to side, which is the as we found out into giants Super bowls, the key to FUCK Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback about them. I do he ate I've edge. Forget who the last person was king, about Mr Schwaiger, talking about Brady win the Superbowl last year. I loved it and what it meant the Bela check in a little upperhand thing. That's gonna Belgic spend more money than he's ever spent every age say he drafts back Jones and I think the path Can I really good, I really the over understood, nine and a half. If we don't want ten games I'll, be shocked. I love this and I think there could be really get from your lips God's ears, so here's the story about heels and and former patriots. I flew to Fox Bureau and additions, Rob grown Caskey wealth.
Bobby, pin, oh my god, he had retired and thought he would be a great Bobby pin, who is a character in heels, and we went there and myself and the director pits eagle. We flew to Boston and we're at his house and we had a lovely actress. Who was a local actress shoe I met through a friend. And read the scenes of them. He addition he. You know he was we are trying to figure out if he was trying to figure out if he wanted to do it and You're trying to figure out if are inclination was correct that he would be great in this role and he knew every single word. He knew all the lines he said. town were added houses. Dad was there is growth.
Was. There is brothers there in and we worked on for probably twice I have seen Oscars down the road for dry Superbowl rings at oscars. What do you think? I mean? I mean? I will just say this: we offered in the part, and we want a part, and then he decided to go back and play for Tom when a super boring, but he added Tom Brady COD. That's when Tom Brady trumps, Miko Mally predict every day as a Greek. I need you he's gonna, be there tomorrow, but I mean a lot of people. Obviously has brought us so much. Joy, love is patriots, fans and he's, everywhere with his endorsements and what he's working on, but I will say, I gotta go. Into why he's such a successful athlete? This was dense dialogue these this? These were a couple of you know you ve seen the shows you understand this wasn't sort of just breezy light hearted stuff, it was dance.
And complicated, and we showed up- and so often when you're after your director, you shall runner you work with actors that, like I'm just gonna, see how this does in any kind of Lucy Goosey was stopped and that approach sometimes leads to it being more authentic because it doesn't feel like it, Sir recited But in that case I my approach by the way when we were working together and season to I'm a little more Lucy goes ahead. Well, listen you dont, one is that MIC Folly is coming up an episode. Six as a pod, castor play a play, replace character named Dick Valentino and he's awesome search. I would love it is bills. Reviewed character is arrival of, is a few between Valentino played by MID folly and what are we gonna be my characters, Simon Williams, but keep gun like shit, I'm so so drunk was prepared and in again he was
I never met him. PETE Eagle, never met him. We came into his house and he just nailed it probably expecting dumb drunk what that's a crack like week. We we were used to quirky kind of sick, I'm character grab I think that you know sometimes when athletes people accommodate them when they do in a commercial or they're doing economies theories were have you they just want to make. Comfortable, and so they are willing to just a joke. whatever it is that they're giving them we wanted to really see that he could act these scenes yet again. We knew he could do the physical stuff, but we wanted to see if he could carry the emotional storylines, and this was a romantic storyline too, as you'll see an upcoming episode He was unbelievable. We offered in the part drunk the offer, is still open if you're watching this
interview right now, maybe season three there's been a lotta grog buzz bad. How goodies looked in training camp in his guards fantasy buzz, I kind of stuff. I don't care, I got back. Is how I didn t this last night Ben Simmonds, my son. I was like. We need a back jersey right cause. I really thought MAC was gonna start week, one. I look out We gotta get this now before and bedside. so we went on the website and we look at a different colors than we got the way the old school wait. The the. Nineteen eighties weight with the Red Stripes MAX on it was like we knew it was I Simmons Family New MAC Jones Day was coming. So that's gonna, be we're gonna have the MAC Johns Jersey, really enjoyed. Having can I just don't think fiscally? He was but those Seattle game with GM was really fun. It was a fun month, Kameido caused attached arm, but am but look
you can't stop twenty years a MAC twenty years back had to happen, and this is where we go at last year. Yo can therefore suggest some heartbreaking losses at the end of those games last year. This was meant to be wasn't happen before we go. You tell me, you wanna tell the story, so I have a little time left. The story of nineteen I nine NBC Show yet which ass did how many episodes it lasted. Two episode, ok, you're too episode big Break, somehow had will our net who s was Annetta J, Wash Ass, Missy Agar, my sister Carol, Mally and marked rose call an amazing Newark actor and it was directed by. James Widows, who is Hoover an animal house. Well so says late, Andy's, NBC Embassies, the king embassy,
as friends in E r N Seinfeld has just left their vote looking to fill the Seinfeld Boyd, and this is your big break. This is they are the Rick. At this point to write. You have the ring boys on ESPN a little a point. I had already the requisite care do they played any SBS? Yes, I had already had to sit com that was on the W B, is called life with Roger and only went twentieth that show utter member life, a bribe myself Dinah Maurice goddamn it was, it was. W Beach. This is bad The day say no more, I know, but it probably million people watched. It was popular Sean television right now, but lower wishing here, we wish we had those numbers trade, and so, as a result of that, I got a deal to write a pilot. I ended up writing a pilot set New Hampshire SAM Simon who famously created the Simpsons and that didn't go. But then I got there
opportunity to write my own job. with the guiding less fire steam called. The Michael Molly show that I was going to star in and so what I was, the opening credits. Kids, you told me Buffalo time when this nearby hard. They did the inside so make ominous see that, but I don't know anything us, but the show, and it actually had this cool whose ball opening credit sequence. Where, though there's faces run foods bars and Buffalo times by out the song so is very promising start what happened? what happened was got cancelled after two episode, so I just call that now I actually just say that it was a mini series, but you know I think it was worst thing about having gone through? That experience is that you, being you know when years later doing heels. It's crazy thing about it is that when you're you're doing a Show- and you ve put everything into it- and I was not. I was not a thing
I done plays, but I was on a theatre actor. I didn't have a movie career. It was all trying to go forward, Deuce doing sitcoms and when you you're going forth and you're just auditioning, and then you doing projects they need development projects and we were all we're gonna beyond. We were on after willing grace at the height of wealth. Must, he tv and What's amazing is that when you're going through, and you just think these all you all you're only think about the upside you thinking out, this is gonna, be everybody loves Raymond, it's gonna be Seinfeld, Scrubby Roseanne, it's gonna be as popular as that and not realize, especially in those days which is so different than what it is now is that the competition It's you Goin one network, the other networks gonna blow you out of the water and that, if you are on at that time period- everybody has to have an opinion about you. So we're here talk but heels,
some people on him and then I'm aware what the show is, they don't have stars they dont know. You know where to find it, but a bill says it's but I should check it out. At least we have the opportunity to have people like you talking. To show so that people can go find that out back then Nineteen. Ninety nine, I had said like starting starting quarterbacks, there's thirty, two starting quarterbacks and in Granada up stuff stuff. Whatever reason you have to go and you and everybody has an opinion about you, whether you like it or not, and so that was What was amazing about that was just this. staggering. Ah, the staggering reception that you don't realize like when you you, what read the papers A good review, there's a bad review like. I should check that out. You not thinking when you read the bad reviews like. Oh, I feel so bad for the show is about to get canceled and you never think it's going to happen to you, because that's not how you proceed it. You know
all of this and by the way show business is something that we invite cells into right, no one's asking us to do it. Everyone tells us it's gonna, be hard being an actor is probably the only profession that people tell you you're going to fail at before. Even try. You know, even if, if you're a writer and your rang, your lease writing seems a little bit more crew the noble going adapted. seems like you're, just like a selfish personal attention. Whore Look at me look at me, and so all of this is it something that you pursue, because you feel as if you are something to offer. You have something to say, and then each is completely goes way, but I think you know what's important for me when I try two people were younger, like my daughter's age were just going in it, college and going in show business like you have to just be incredibly Brazil because man, it's unbelievable. How, when
put something out there, and you say this is something I think is funny or as heart or worse Thing that is worthy of your time that you then you have to deal with people receive that now, your terrible, I think, you're terrible shows that I did your terrible you'd ever expect that. But if you survive that and keep focused one, might be. Twenty two, years later. Talking to a guy like bill about it, Are you working? Well? I also add a show cancelled, so I sat with his eyes live in it You need a lot of luck with this stuff and then did a thing is once it's over. You can look backing. I should then this does this. You know. I know all the things I wish I d now, but you don't know it at the time and then it's like this train that leave The station, where it psych it may not be totally ready by you, just gotta, get across your figures and hope hope. It's ready, sir,
Times it's not, then you end up on yes, dear. How many years later we did well that was six months later, That wasn't thing the shows you get yes there, that's, unlike the rest of the decade. Somehow it is it's on the rest of the decade in instilling syndicated, but yeah me. My agents had said after you know my show good. You know cancer as like. Ok So what do we do it? I must keep your head. For a little while I was like you, you know what It was great because you know six months later, I got yes, dear and actually less than six months later and that went for six seasons and I think that one of the things that I didn't realize when I was going through the process of You know my show getting cancel was that you don't? lies that everyone has a story for the most part Everyone in in show business. the story of the thing that they really worked on very hard, that they they get cancelled. When so, it's almost like you, you know, you had a
had a bad game or you had a bad outing, and but that doesn't mean that you don't have what it takes to succeed. You just can't get down on yourself and be like woe is me you really have to just get it back up off the mat and go out of the again when I, when I moved out here, to work on Jimmy, show and really I wanted to take my column, Cosette, add success with it, but I did to me it didn't You might get game at that point. The internet hadn't blown up. It's what I wasn't. I was gonna. Take my u dont the six some abbe here and then traded B. Screenwriter and right movies and tv shows things I back as dead. That's more state I can do it that way and then, when I was out here for Jimmy Show allowed me different people, I'd be dead. People half of it have been agents to buy that there be like what Why do you want to be a right? Why do you want to write scripts you're in the perfect spot like ready scripts, see if ninety percent chance of each one you right never works out. Something falls through echo.
the turnaround? It's like it sucks to do this use go back to where you doing in the more I looked at it in and then add a couple experiences myself for. I was like you really threading, the needles almost impossible, which is what s interesting about heels, where with heels, that was multiyear experience before finally get sign and new needed by three four breaks, but that's usually seems to be. Stories, have never heard a story about a tv show or their leg. Oh yeah, had the show first fortune, Sis actor first, they leg, and then you need the executor. the boy, if you have to make sure that executive does get fired before you want your show. It's like nineteen thinks it is. It is so complex, But you know when you go back to you wanted to be a screenwriter: it's because you have interest Why drives things- and you want to do that here- obviously very creative, with your your books and and all the documentaries that you were gone, but it is a it's.
thing about wanting to be in this business, and I think in particular for coming from I'm from Hampshire, you're from Massachusetts. I wasn't smarter. get Dolly Cross, which was my first choice, I had a family, not add arab dad into uncles, but when I saw you at the university Hampshire and I want to get into this business and they come out here and you deal the ruthlessness of the business I'm sure this happens. You would certainly happen for me. People like I, you just a regular guy, don't forget where you came from potatoes. Dont forget where you came from a dont forget where you came from near so like ok, man. I got really. I really forget it. You know where I came from and what does that mean, and you're still younger you in your twenty is, which is a very difficult time in your life. You know when I was in New York, in LOS Angeles, just being any twenties, almost more complicated. I think than any time your wife, because you're trying to figure out how you fit in and It also finding a way to fit in and
finding a way to say what it is that you want to say and then finding just like you said executives who believe it, fellow actors who believe Somebody you just says: hey. You know something new. have something to say, and I, like you and I'm gonna, get behind you. So hard to find. And thankfully you both had that John Wash love the rich and the EU have true. We did before we go. We should mention the first lady Vs Pm You worked with that, I'm yes, dear yes and wait. We were you Jimmy Pizarro through her or you did you introduce them together. I forget what I know so I met Jimmy end. Interestingly enough, I met Jimmy and Genie Gmos. the Kelly who was on yes dear. She was doing show called cold feet on NBC. At the same time, the Michael Mally Show was first,
on, and so we met at the up fronts in ninety. Ninety nine and there are both grey they are great and then we're doing yes here together and Jimmy Peter Who is now the present? If european we Became great friends in raised our kids together and you know, he's you guys like pretty much best friends but he's a fucking Yankee. And you ve been able to navigate it somehow familiar second class it a knowing you Fannys, anxious the Yankee Fanny. Second annoying yankee Thou see it talks about how great cheater is no tutor by God. Jimmy Jimmy Protocol is one of the most solid guys in all of life. I get so arrogant about the our little arrogant,
send a great desire is when seventy eight comes pickets equipment. I've seen this guy is the least arrogant. Guy every day is completely I mean now he is, he is he's actually a very big animists, Yankee Fan, which is a rare, a rare thing. Yemen You, if you called him you needed tickets. you know he did he given to his head, I don't like what happened with the active vans right now say that much I don't look. I dont like the hop in their step from this winning streak, the eye the feed their their sense that they ve turned the tables on the Red Sox. Even though we want four times as many world series is them, I don't like any of it. I just I just remind people, because you are you kids, that anyone under the age of twelve only knows the Yankees as losers. That's very fair I would say sixty because I know what is it doesn't matter like for they remember so fairly people.
drivers licence. Is you don't remember that the Yankees everyone anything I was never. I never was I I did it hurt me so badly tools to the anchors all those years that I never trash truck? They never tried it, but if somebody, you know says something I just hours yet what we want for times as many world series and last you decades. I want the river to come back. now, do you really want to back now really I've missed animosity, but I'd like we won the four titles. It's just that life that the same way that you want? You want that wild card game to be between you, you won't know this as I am always hoping the placing of earth call right. I think, there's a couple relievers. We they put out an age. She had psycho pretty soon. What's what is it like a six week cycle if we start a hit September seventh baby, maybe for pickup
Rob last articulation whose Kelvin. Surely he's gonna come on guard in a way Can we just wait a minute, whereas this guy then MECCA I don't know. I don't think I could live through that wild card game, a brooding for the aid to overtake the Yankees, its red Sox, Yegg a red. Vaccines are be great. We only is with a bit me. my whole life, Michael Mally check out heels on stars, you can catch up it's three hours and you could be ready for episode for this week. It was good to see you, for common ideal? Thank you so much appreciated. Thanks to Matthew bury Craig Rural back in Kelly, then high fits and MIKE oh man, I will be back on Thursday with one more podcast very said by Thursday. A guest he's very famous who has never been armies, passes
on Thursday at the sea, then this package was placed by waste.
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