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The Feel-Good Underdog Patriots (???), a Rams Bonanza, and Week 8 Lines With Cousin Sal | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 431)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the moneyline murder that was the Chiefs-Bengals showdown, Cowboys heartbreak, and Patriots-Bears before guessing the NFL lines for Week 8. They finish up with some World Series talk and Parent Corner.

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There is also the bill. Summons Pakistan. The writer podcast network, brought you, as always by presenting sponsorship occur to you know. What's that smart dna thing is the chiefs sterling work anymore. The chiefs have nine hundred points issue. No it, as is the spark job sides that over one million tonnes of the warm razumihin. Luckily, there's a smart Wade's appear that come such bs. They find people rights, calls for your job and act. We invite them to apply right now. My lessons can try superior for free at separated outcome. Such bs super grid. The smartest way to hire meanwhile seek is the best out for buying and selling tickets to sporting events concerts world series. The avalanche tickets, where they precis Red Sox Dodgers, turns out. That's it expensive world series who were thought o everybody for twenty two years.
First seeking purchase and any gamer sporting event Use promo code bs down the psyche gap or go right to seek dot. Com were also brought to you by the rare that com, where you can find all the best writing about basque bond for bomb pop culture, the baseball laughs and you name it. We have it check it out check at the Ringer podcast network. We are announcing a new package this week it may or may not in. Bob. The word movies, interesting and then coming up this week have a bunch of good stuff. I might do for podcast this week. How about that? I got a lot of NBA thoughts. I watched a lot of basketball last couple days, be ready for that, be ready for the cuz he's coming up he's heartbroken about the cowboys,
at what years this first project. I am line right now. His fancy team is our seven, his real clinically. Yet another game had the tail end, as is coach, clap. Sadly, in the sidelines he hates football. Hates life its cause. It's out how I forget it. We can forget the fact that I had the over and that cheap game, and it was, I needed three points and twelve minutes and couldn't get it needed. One point actually allow Is that she's, tired old right with the forty five to ten these data? I would add forth and four from the fifteen instead of checking of field all because
would be robbing it an day. I went for attendant kneel down, they went forth and got stopped and then, since I brought her back up in it flower God. I love have rubbing it in is bad, but patronising. The other team is somehow more flatter. I'd better makes people feel better. We write we're killing on so bad. They we're gonna deviate from what we do all the time. Just because we were taken pity. I knew I don't know, I don't know what begin so, but let's begin where we made money right here, we made money. That was good. We almost I'm a sweat the day. I didn't do pics on Friday, because I just have no feel for the season anymore, but over the course than we can rally back and why did I ride back out because you and I looked at each other about four weeks ago- and we said this happens- maybe wants a decade, let's parlay aunties the rams with everything every single week
until we get burned and it has been our own version of a pansies game. It's like the billionaire boys club that movie. That they'll, though, do ever fears about the the pines scheme. Kids, we are pansies. In the living shit, either apps and every week, God bless you LOS Angeles Rams this gray right their great when you throw the Chiefs America, they have that not covered the sheer yet ripe seven an hour, but here we have the Random rams copes with everything else. Right now is only line called my life. I don't go near the courts in the new text to be. This could be our last chance over the bed against Eric Anderson Ass. I What a great man would agree. Madam seduce way, on top of that, we caught the at most they were when they up seven at. It was right after that,
return. No, no, I don't know we, then we bear them and have time they were at driver, let them at a time when the Vikings got renew their working hours, but just now, when the one or two sometimes a worker. No you did that one. Without me, I did the path in the Ribs Eugene. Are you did a separate all right, ok by our budget so I have for their minus three hundred and ninety nine and we we teach that we also did something. All the years we ve. Embedding. I can remember us doing this before, and this is a kudos to the rams. Once again, we we're gonna bet. I wanted a bed. The chiefs. The chiefs were like mine, a seventh I read so the money line was Are you happy a man. It would be nice to just be able to throw them with the Rams o the airplane next week will just do that? I didn't even know who they are playing but the line was looked it up their plane, the packers we hadn't done, guess the lines it. I sent you I guess fur Packers Ray which I guess, seven and a half
Where did you get seven get seven in it? opened at nine, a m money I win the higher than we would have liked right. So I one now insomnia one nothing had indeed Eskimos later by so we D we parliament, the chiefs with the rams in a six. Our point is, it was this time I ever remember bedding next week's games before sending AIDS game because just so excited to get one more. A crack at the Rams before Vegas is going to figure this out they're just gonna artificially inflate the Ramsden. This is probably our last chance. Do you think I think so, and they ve already figured out the over on theirs, because the under that think were three and nine. Today, with a twelve games that they're they're they're working it out, then I can. I can, I can be left in the lurch. You sure this is the year that not just the football basketballs basketball as well, because basketball, the pace, the paces our screwed up this year,
I thought it was because there was this new offensive rebound rule that if you get off at three on the shot clock starts in fourteen seconds, but they're little research and and was told that that was pretty negligible for the most part. But whatever's happening games are going over like the like, are playing with this crazy paste this year, much like the chiefs they're just like boom boom boom, put not points, but you ve seen all over the place thing say an oversight and now football? I don't even know what what would they do? A college football went like when they added the young, the overtime and screwed up the overs How did they remedy that? Had they fix it? I think it is that, unlike a half a point, point knowing that one out of every ten or twelve games goes to overtake so so, where they re in the other can't go crazy. What is so, what are they doing with the overall this season? The NFL cause? I don't do over. So I don't know, I don't know what the markets by NATO
it didn't just dumb evened out of more, moreover, had hit leading into this week, but, like I said this three whatever was will bring it back down the normal. I mean they made that fifty seven that it were saying like some in the sixties, yeah bumblebees, even the saints we're on. Why would you bet on the room with the same from that that went under today? Twenty four? Twenty? Three hours, forty nine for some of the darling teams to bed over bar get their rams were over fifty two when it was thirty, nine I am very careful with this. Is our distracting us from my number one story, the weaken I'm not talking about. I think the Patriot Are the love blunder dog of the two thousand eighteen season after that date, We have a forty one year or QB he's forty one, sir, is seven years younger than I am forty one years out, our proteid end is,
basically at his last legs. It's just about over. At this point, it feels like- and helium pointed out they have the star. Ready. The star receivers are former haven't rounded Gillian Ottoman Chris and basically picked up fire just sign from another team- is never anybody special and then just Gordon whose, like the US, I'm reclamation project he's not even running full speed. I don't know whether his winded from you of whatever he was doing or ever body, but had breakaway breakaway catch today, he wasn't even going for speed We are, I I think I third running back, but we have both first round pigs to share. It looks thereafter, the thing Sony Michel that did not look at I'm assuming he's out for the very last Thursday when they arise Dawson and they pick fifty six whose be the sites I receive a share and they live.
Currently, who is a middle linebacker off all top for all four of their pigs in this year draft are gone. They lost this by gay pic. I damn like guys ended He felt sad, cornerback stray J C Jackson. Psych this case has involved in What will place? How did you know? He was three weeks ago, sad, It is incredible. Its emotional reminds me, whose years why are people talk about the pats as what a lovely underdogs of our lifetime far I left. They were to turn myself. What do you say? Something? lovable than are never going to be loved Josh. The merits of the our czech lovable. We can find a different adjective preventable. That's gonna lose Tat was the name of the running back. We had today burning Barnwell Bars, Barnes, Barnes, doors of art, barn with him in a foreign power.
Farmers are completely by finally gave on their partner knows burner barter, maybe Twenty eight year old lifeline practice squad running back. Who apparently was on the eagles for the last three years. Just crank it out for five yard runs the second after they. Why Because? Because, when you're on the dark everybody steps up, so you saw the millionaire right, but not the other, now you sound air carrier everyday member member. When a member in Amerika the first hour that team, the rag ragtag. A whole bunch, rounded dogs and her brags than their plane. The rations they killed the exhibition game, but they just banded together I don't care about the obstacles, think about the ads and think about the injuries it was like. Who is in that locker room that that through their brothers, their teammates, and that's what I'm feeling with this pages in there now five and to and they have five games left and they have ceased
Including I am against the bills to against the jets with their jerry. Cuba is no backup. He has weapons that are we we ve, basically throne,. Where the entire two thousand eighty draft we If money and free agents will the word our leaders system, coaches left, SAM, unwilling up on them, I say most and I can't believe I am right or abolish. I really really hope you not changing your change right now, really up that navigators, no gypsy arm marvelling at wooden, remarkable underdog story. What are we going in the Red Sox talk on the way to do so. We can proceed with the like real sport for passports, thought red Sox are not an underdog. Bear the highest payroll and mutually baseball patriots have basically in a way the NFL draft, and there still gonna, go thirteen and three wiser because a chemistry because of heart,
Cause the determination, because Maxie that's what's going on here is a thing of the past is under ducks. I doubt if they went out the good when a lot of it, More people gambling took the bears plus to manoeuvre, have several limits than never made sense at all, and you know like once you got that chick return for touch them. What you got that point was that block pause for thought of the discourse step away quarter our powers in You now know that there is a the scrapping the Viking just said. We want you anymore. There. He had no reply. He comes to the rag tab, cinderellas group under dogs, returning to care for it touched. I bade attacking mixture, biscuit throw overthrown, Twenty receivers. Cronies has in a row and then call Mary undergoes by three yards. Otherwise are going overtime hours on the water patriots to watch
borders insure risky, probably through four eight hundred yards combined and ran for a hundred eighty arts against US dad by farther to Buzz games. I think your bisque, he had probably the greatest meaningless stats game of ever seen in my life Well, as you said, I'm gonna say he he's el the ball over twelve guys would say over under. If I said twelve- and you had to guess, the exact number would your own, I think about it right at they was about three or four he ate it overthrow Robin either like chamber. A good game and chamber and also could about another hundred fifty yards because he was opened in every way. I don't know there are doing they didn't send to recall and enter green passes there, we'll rats and for the second half I don't know what what they're waiting for they run. Jordan, Howard up the middle and sure biscuit, the more time and time again by being able to scramble because nobody on this, love ball, ragtag pages underdog team can none of the land.
Actors can run a full of forty. I under five point out, so every time too risky beaded. It did about our fifteen yards. He could go. Scrambled, get it, and yet it was an answer is never should have thrown. I wonder what it would have benefited, throw it all, but what how the school at him, but you're, not gonna, beat the patriots for the work they have upon return, touchdown or block pop golf return, touch that wasn't a car was, but it was the ten for twenty five at one point yeah I was. It was a laughable that other southern regions started laughing going as avian laugh. He finished twenty six four. Fifty four hundred thirty three yards beds like fifty eight I'm came on that hell married then he threw to pigs, but I don't. Did you ever saw game? I the Pats, dropped at least three packs were there were just write to them any really could add five and
who knows where they had never felt like the pattern endanger. That's why we're better them at half time, but now you go. The bills on Monday night, all difference to honour its viper. Well, honor barn or will be in there will soon be as those burners first day the ten candidate Varner. Injecting jam burner, he could be more in his grey. This only Michel thing was a boner, as he was really start now to look ahead and a three hundred pound knows tackle, fell on him and made his leg in a direction that it wasn't supposed to go. So what do you, like? Seventy four receivers with seven targets- the matches that that that's all you need from Brady right. You don't need anything more than that yeah I mean you could argue that that
having broken there, actually open things up a little bit more Cosette, United, their just afraid to run certain routes for them. At this point, his is basically very occasion go straight down the middle but must, as time is so short staff and stuff that he's back, we get hit whatsapp. Let's talk about your team, the Dallas Cowboys, which anymore he'll come back down. Ten. There's like under three minutes left it. There is forty different, Jason Gara was gonna screw this up from a like. The video games, standpoint of unity, under the two minutes there inside the ten I thought for are there any thing where they called a time out to stop the clock or other done things. A team can do that does know the doing Romo taking apart Dac the whole DR if you notice, but o thou is rough able
not all gave it was thought about them, but now it was never maybe was alone but whose who the people who replaced Jimmy and Adam in the throwing, they went out dogs then open Joe Road. It was like arching, that version of the man show with Jimmy the following year, ass he picked apart the sketches they think it basically said you just need to deal with a more accurate, whichever one say about that. Eyes pointing out how should elect off the safety, I d like it, was critical. It was awkward it made me feel awkward. Everything was where everything was awkward to the cap. Somehow had three time out with two minutes left them again. Man, that's ever have a closer look at that. There is a mistake. I was gonna call CBS, hey! There's you have a mistaken, you gasogene cigarette treat them as send yet, like you said that the general part anyway, because of a different kind of bad clock management, they they point very conservative. And the stretch setting up for that feel, go away that go backwards so yeah they score.
Today, miraculously tat was the first upset that they suffer. Scored in the random at a time that they kicked off. They get stops on the first to dance third down outside scramble like a more any runs out of bounds, So now, I'm out one second. Would I was gone sidekick there I went round the tree down three. What three time out you needed stop anyway right and I know the percentages about ten or fifteen percent, but I get there, I was over, they cause I didn't find lasting, could move the Banja Luka, then dont like chicken anyway, I've got out of it was tat. Why? Because you stayed in, but we can learn a lot about so now you get. The ball back Dac makes a big play. You d, completion of the thirty seven fifty two seconds. I fist at one time out Jack straw to the line that gets the second quarter of of the Hall of Fame Game there. Twenty
Seconds runs off. Data is the time at which eight sure, ok, don't use the term. It just gets. Let's go twenty seconds for their rights or stupid. I now goes back to pass, Throws it over the middle to Beazley for six yards? For no reason, a mile thing is Rogers Brady, whoever like rivers. What would they do in this situation? I promise they're not throwing. Six yard. Over the middle basic goes down. Everybody kind of stops alcinous twelve seconds left, but they still have the time out. What are they do? Take the bar frantically as soon as the whistle blowers see he could have got them outside year. Could o clock tat it was only second down enough immediately to allay those three yards. Then let the clock ran down the three seconds. Then they get there.
A penalty which have still not sure how that's opponents. Suddenly the guy's kicking a fifty two yards, that's being started the thirty five these two yards further than they were fifty seconds before Ryan. And then he had supposed because of course he did- and I'd say in that game probably got through the glass. Will any Annette L B, whether they're, like me, he'd, been stopping for fourteen years. They claimed it does indeed does deal with in the same way, every time distilled the ball of weird angle from again moving it, but whatever, whether does or not, they ve never call forth, and then they caught. I gotta know what there were thinking to call it and then, of course, the the kick just at the right, would have been good, otherwise been that's gonna, be the story if that could be outraged, guard mismanaged the time back Prescott with up to such a slow start them in twenty two for thirty five or to seventy three in almost all of it was garbage time, but those are not good numbers than that bird bout into both on the road or just That's it then serve ass a it said it was the same issues with the brands.
And be able to guess, I'm my couch. What play in NFL team is about to run riot the brow It was I d just handed after next job on first down every single time and then Second, a nine and then Baker go back to pass their boots on. He D, they eat the bother, you throw it away and there was thirty nine thirteen. Fourteen thousand you just kind of knew what they're going to do? The only time they're unpredictable as when they're ten points down with three minutes left, and Prescott asked the leg freelance makes you wonder why not just- that way the whole timbered somehow the Redskins are foreign to sell the anatomy. How are the risks Foreign today have a game and a half led in the end have seized already Do it- and I don't know all business- the Adrian Petersen, with every week worried
hovered around a hundred yards, because, if it is, they are these contain they're, gonna, win, nine or maybe even to God, for the ten game for the banana feed was so strange, goings on their plus there well positions in the future without Smith and Agent Petersen Minette, something she well into the tank linguistically. I have a question for you. There. Can you find six play? Acting in the industry are spot you some but doktor. I can't pick an end of the day I'm gonna give you the rams biting almond The saints and I'll even gave me the vikings. If you want so there's three can give. Can you find three other play off teams Nancy Bow, Cambric Diana. East I spoke at the end of the east or the salaries, come out someone's or from the indices than some and not necessarily from the embassy South, because neurons is probably gonna win that
now I have been able to south or any of the east. I can't back into line track for a second year. You, if I have this that were this future like will every vision winner when at least eight map games will you be more nervous about the absolute fell winner or the USA? Eastward I would say the south, because they said during something watching late this afternoon- that Houston was foreign. Three yeah and I immediately grandma my and whence it went to the standards because I just couldn't believe it and then I found it It affords aim winning streak. Forerunner of ideas. Watchful, do is watch football Sunday and then prepare for this path and the Friday Patrick. I find What's going on I d, I was the last person who realise that he is someone for state aid that is the worst for game winning streak, maybe ever their quarry and it seemed like a just war for the patriot and seemed like I just lost the giant at home and how their beaten up on these other things. I guess there there winning their division games, but
on trust them. Did you see their quarterback? so banged up heat. They wouldn't allow the fine, the team play cause, he's gotTA, Bruce Lung and some other stuff, so we had to drive for twelve hours to the game. That's true story! for what one hundred and thirty nine yards bath May I for many stick so then I see you fig Somebody Wednesday fantasies, there's one minute back, then the Panthers Baghdad, forgive the Panthers US spot. The panthers have fallen behind now. I think three different times by double digit. Second half where they had to rally back just a kind of you know make it competitive late there inside their kickin ass. I guess that's my point. A good way in desert. There was a great when, but don't you didn't
like the Eagles lost. I came more than Carolina when they're like when you know, that's embarrassing if you still think their defences thought there that that's where the score twenty one that Labour day, yes I dont Vienna, Fiji's team and the second while card are very, very artifact right now so could be here. The candidates. Can we agree? There's that could be to energies. Laughed aims committee. I think it sounded unscientific from the north. The second pay so clean, so Packard the trade Chicago. I have no idea, and you say at gunpoint I may pick Chicago cause. I don't think they show us that Miami Game and they should before into. Carolina. Maybe I guess we can. Process, Seattle. Yet, amazingly now they still have two or three games again Tarzan in San Francisco yet and there they threw answered. I think I think we could see in eight or nine went in and the USA.
I didn t with possible about sixty, was gonna, get ten or eleven went but backers or talk because they had this by and then they play at the Rams and that doing right. Then we had them off the San Francisco. Last Monday, Might have been there since I was equally impressed. I Carolina far back I'll, always get scared when team, skin and habit of falling behind and then coming back would be delayed thing out, watch out for them. Hey. Let's talk about our friends from crime, rather don't pretty said the pretty cool this for buses and they launched a responsible drinking program called the water break, its all about encouraging people to hydro between drinks for a better experience weather.
The game watching at home or in a bar or if your Adam girl have a great time enjoy some crown? Just don't be that person that ruins at for everyone? We ve all seen that guy, who drank too much watching the game, make the red car and take a water break so south who made them? This week we get on kicker. Then we get on coaches. All the time and then by abraded met when I'm wrong, and I was wrong when I was calling Tyrker every name in the. Sure strutting Chandler can borrow on the field for fifty nine geared to be fixed, the yard feel go their minutes before missing. A forty odd feel go that would have one regulation and I'm thinking this is insane the brand they're gonna get. The ball admit, feel that could be twenty yards away from feel go why they trying to fifty nine yonder. What do we do now that right down the middle
but by fifty yards spares I get darker than channel again there on my my want to break Doug do all the week that we want to call yeah that sense, I don T feel hurt my feelings, because I really like that. Adds I read for them every week and I feel like I'm, I'm rooting for life a car in a race that has some sort of like a flat tire, something fast and furious, but VIN Diesel cars only has three tyres instead afford and Hugh Jackson is the flat in the snow case. They had almost wonder if that's why they brought the kicker out in a situation like this is probably the percentage wise. This is not a good move, but
plain brown and new Jack, and this is how they move rotate off to win win in two and a half years. Then critical of the fact that it is you Jack's, it's bad luck, the chart my right causes so my son out a baseball double hatted today, early in the morning a clock had set the alarm for like sick forty quick shower woke him up. He got Jesse's greater, gets dressed in three minutes. DR knew the game and football resigned because the London game, bizarre recall the weakest who ever thought of under game? I loved him. We talked about it every year. I wish there was London game every Sunday I like I, especially in the West Coast I like waking up and for Bosnia. I think it's fantastic. I wish there was more so that leads me to this email That I got through errand facts, real name, an facts.
Isn't it a no brain or to have open move to London for two thousand nineteen have no place to play next year. Eight were thinking playing and may be San Diego paying late. This lost stupid year. Glenn, like this year in limbo, are playing a new and obvious stadium. Why not just move up patients to one, for you would get eight eight raiders home games, while I'm in that's pretty good. Could they just moved to London and not play football? rid of them and, like all together ever come back here now I guess they gonna find out. I didn't think I didn't think. That right back right now, in fact, but let me in the medium or research anyway, that's the red car crown. Rail remains everyone this for buses and to take a water break and hydrate responsibly boy. There's a good boy that dance amber and has to be.
That meant that we were killing. It should send us like some some crown round the mountain, and thank you, Speaking of of killing it you're fantasy team, is there oh and seven. There's only six weeks left in the season for you. I can never ever remember anyone going over thirteen in any fancy they got. What's funny, is you can check out the total point, scored and points against? in your point, you actually put a point this either had badly or I know what's going on, but I'm sorry the smell it, oh and seven like you're. Not that far away, can you do this? We off the John the same thing, John Hammond Trevor, we'll get Harrison Ass to the best part of this is. I was up thirty two to nothing yet embers paper, Oh yeah, thirty, two, not it thirty two points for damper. It gets worse.
I think it even gets worse than that because he started Joe Flacket this week against you It's almost like it automatic loss. When you, when you have Joe, Black owes you quarterback, and yet he put out twenty two points and it worked our great and he's beating you handle you're losing one. I wonder sixty seven, only six weeks left Matt Ryan Zeke Elliot marking room. Doing Ottoman Rabirius Indeedy Westbrook, now old man, I've been Brian about granted. These guys, never Jim the plate, gonna get eyes. Elliot, Ingram, annulment. The body Adam mergers matures there and your beloved grub right, though, that what what did I do that I'd worry? grew up there, the animal s. You ve seen we held in whatever those six names. I know that that that the criminal- but I have no one- I want to be the greatest- came the girl and thirteen. I think I could do it yet. It hasn't making ceases doing
the Patriots could be could be. Like I had my draft everyone's gone, they idea I need to figure out how to cheat after getting this and jackets change. Everyone's line out that the figure has to do with the Patriots way We had a very cheap, her leg tv egg and entire Jan traded for time. Early, they gave up solely Michel, who now looks like he's out for the season. Marcia Lynch show, I think I've heard as soon as the trade got called in and David, as a new died a year and a half ago, an that's it Had to give up for Todd Gurley who is going to break thirty touchdowns this year and it seems like they actually want him to get the record like there was a girl as for under the score every Sunday, and that's that's good- is bearing the rams every week, unbelievable when we should jump on that, they have damaged chance, have a guy with thirty ten cents
have they covered every week. Now cover against bidding cover one of those red they just one by three there were the tired, though I think, a backdoor covered right, Broncos right there they ve covered every tease, obviously because they cause they haven't lost. Yet run their might. There may go handling envy piece of their good. They don't get ripped up at all there really now like after twenty four times today, early ran fifteen times and somehow they did smoked. San Francisco expose the thirty nine ten yeah did even worse and then the anything we stuck about. We talked enough about huge acts of verse, their color. I really enjoyed it. I I love watching the balance they do things I've ever seen before. I have full Evidence that they're gonna make the right decision in almost every situation facing its
incredible: the watch every game- close if a day, if you want to watch a team, take this at the worst possible time. The knack the metaphysical arrange that your team, the it's just, it's really amazing its somebody should be editing their entire season? It's like a one hour documentary tat. We could and showed a perspective coaches and things that do almost like when you when you're getting your driver's license and they show that car accident document area, just all the terrible things, echoed app only drink a drive that should be huge Jackson in the and the brown like all the things you can do in your coaching foreboding. Don't do this, don't you, dare I say, part report, it's like an accord in seeking out the drawings and dry rethink the other back out. How I have I have you Jackson Andor cutter as first coach you get fired. I like old gotta, be one of these. Oral before O Brien within them. To now o Brien Twinning division, but I'm starting to think that nobody can get fired then
this year I eat. Your coach obviously is in getting fired we gain erratic? Now I'll, never help Africa. He must Have a video in his cell phone. That's like the single most incriminating video anyone's ever had and see. If I can imagine what it is that we don't know right now about Jerry Jones, but want to see it, it's crazy and browns. The thing is, I give you even if you fired Hue Jackson, you're going replace him with TAT, Haley Gregg waves the data rout almost be worse? It's only those guys are laid it up, but don't you want to send a message for anybody who has to wines in two and a half years. Did you hear what I just said to wines to appear so inside they had some stat the browns far too to ten in one in games within a three point margin under huge action since two thousand? Sixteen, that's the worst when percentage, one,
the two of anything in the NFL in that time to turn in one without fry point, I gotta get the beggar That was my reaction as well. I thought I was gonna, be like minus three nineteen in two or something like that, but I somehow you one to three point camps. I remember that there are yet they beat the bill. Now was either potion. I don't know about it, out there. I don't. I'm enamel sat a reprieve because there was a really bad coaching talked about that London game near some bad, an annex bad for a doesn't mind going are there for the two point: conversion costs it looked like the charges deepens with gas yet, but I like that play call it all. You gotta get married an option to run it himself. Special have the missing the first
and I kind of penalty you know, do we see the situation come up from time to time and people always attack it in a vacuum cuz that this would happen that the first time when the past one for it on fourth and two in like two thousand and eight or two thousand and nine against the colts on the run, twenty eight didn't get it and it started that whole advanced metrics, a member. They turned it over the colts score, they lost the game and people like that's. Actually the right moves, a better chance, and it's like yeah, that's fine, but they they ran a shitty play that you ve got her above that outside of this. If you're gonna run like this, this little leg out pass on Kevin Fox Short over the linebacker right read out, like those people play harder convert that, and I felt this same way about about today, like I'm, offer right going far for the two under the when the game, but not if my cue bs,
Marcus Marietta, in that, if antenna see who had thirteen points up into two seconds before their play, Now I just didn't have confidence that their me two yards. Why does not the charger the offensive that and then you know more inept culture that any for not calling time out of the Tennessee has no time out and I'm forty web and they let Kennedy drain the clock another offer to, but welcome the worst. At the end of the time you want to give rivers a minute. Forty to come down here. Feel no the other way, but now that new and let it go all the way down and he was rewarded for bad bad coaching actually take the charges are good in spite of Anthony when that, though, to losses to the Rams and chiefs right there, five and through and they were missing, Melvin Gordon in their missing bozo, come back. Weak nine think they're gonna make some noise there. I also think they're good,
I think, fell rivers. If, if my homes wasn't the autumn prodigy we ve ever heard of the cuban position, I think rivers would be in the end they pay discussion. There he's ease connecting a deposit share which has been hit her miss them. Over the last few years. There are some really good cat, like I wouldn't know who to you, drew breezes. Seventy eight percent completion rate at seventy three. Today they gave me the Raven bottle, but of a break yeah yeah, I am Deb girly who talked about, can be right. Around thirty touch out of their homes, once thought that boy along- and I know I don't remember- raised this good in a while three men- don't ruler burner he's fine again his chance. It is twenty eight can't runner. Camera, Canberra Irma can't really came burner hate. Let's talk about was sunk by fender
Football season is well underway and some of you, out. There have major regrets about your season. I fancy teams, in fact we're talking one right now the kind she's out seven. What are you in your other leg. I don't even want to say I'm wanting six for me At least you don't spend July and August doing MAC drafts ideas being with complete stranger suffered savagery weakens. Look. She go right in a daily fantasy over a fan. Do you get the excitement of researching and building your team each week, regardless of the outcome? Failure is there? more funding easy to play at been plane, the gridiron picking contest every week and getting killed it's a free contest. I need is pick winners, no spreads ten k split amongst the top pickers. You can do single entry contest. You can do things like I did. We have Nick job and you have the tedious Murray
and you have added value at every week, Adam thing when I just as a permanent entry in my my dear asked him. How could he not I had to tell him money that right, they rejected, emphasise manner. You gotta have a meat. They throw him fifteen times again, I'm trying the idea sites and if you're, not a fancy expert fantail, clearly the place to play plus knees, who's gonna find out about us and they made their first deposit can play with me. Fernando backup, slash bs What's to you, I was a little guess how much what my friend or pay my actual fantasy came: Ryan, Elliot, Ingram, Elman, Adam Schuster and ground. What would it be like twenty five? thousand over the limit, their yeah. You should probably put your real fantasy team into fender to feel better. Read it. Just as Europe is a illegal considered, the sailors will be over there. I could not carry a network of parchment. Yeah that'll, be my gown.
Forget it. I do want to wait till we get to the jagged, the tugela, by borders. Let's wait but everyone there. Let's talk about. Let's, let's go to the weak. The weak eight lines were, We can, by the way, some one of the few people said that I one last week I get myself fan. We want anyone guy, I'm carrier the web, but I will do it for you too, so you're worth three three and was going into with a needs assessment, You say that patriots sheep by under your bath, cod, for me. This way get Lana Dallas chargers, intensity,. Yeah you know, I'm in amidst the chargers. I think they ve been one of the most enjoyable their activity Thursday, now another guy I'll be back Thursday night. The red had Bruce, learn Houston, Texas,
they are home, the red hot, their quarterback. A plain, but somehow they weren't for straight. Playing Miami who, who had the highest. The haste is playing again. We watch We watch games today with cars friend. The man who is a huge dolphins fan. When he actually made the case cow herd, so, how can a can back me up made the case Ass Weiler retain hell. There is incredible he's. Kay whose I hears. Why were better off with us? Rather to hear anyone say the words that that bad it better off without smiler, whose flat out incredible tat, incredible wait. You would get big events. Forty seconds I never know when we talk about progress, Weiler The Euro has been that seven years, botanical scary, feel. I think I don't exactly seven years. I can't believe this.
They now is funny was he was talking about, wants watched by dolphins, Jersey, but he's afraid to get any of it. As they have now, because he snatched if any of them could be additive. Sometimes asking cowed ally, giving Kenny's does get rid. The dolphins next year can vary greatly stairs. We wanted to get a cousin. What do you call them and ass? I was. I just get a throwback throw back. I can't get chain, as I just get Mark duper. This is gonna, hear you feeling so he he says I don't know who that is now that's how old. We are sad marked improvements, lifeline dollar, twenty five, and I know that I say duper included. I have used in favoured by for Adam against the dolphins, or maybe tranquil and that all family about him,
Thenardier sent her Niners new minus four year, four and a half and seven seven. Never that's a mistake how little the fact that, both in terms of foreign trade and the state- yes, I will. It cannot just gone. What would happen to seize it? As you know, we have around that's a lot. We talk about when James go down when quarterbacks go down a certain amount of point. You ve lost all confidence in them to like what maybe our list This can figure out a name for this like I know it, but like Brady into that. Take the second quarter like Brady's confidence number is seventeen. I would say when they get behind seventeen, the second quarter, you start thinking. Maybe Brady can't take him back. What would you say
true Betsy there than ass wild asked. Why others, I think, any bad quarterback? It's probably seven. He had nervous, I think with borders is three, over three February score, it didn't score. First, you feel like they he can come back ok, winning has the Ladys is like a different guy, but for some reason, if he's playing from behind its over, why you forget the Rampart day of three? Well, I guess we're getting them right now, right tax about you do in the Sunday the London gay I think there Henderson zero lira Europe has two hours before the game I felt the figure was over, can invent what's a good man is in the end point here. You know well, the ship decades is warming up and I feel like he can bring them back we need to do it. We should have our power rating based on this. We should we should do
this out? I so whose who's the highest MA homes, Mahomet Zeke. It began twenty four. I think he come back now stole your guy gets Georgia. My God, the ragtag underdog the patriots. Yet I but I'd say Rogers, though there even before Can you name I tied aunt, Theresa. Who was it wasn't in our neighbours. Jesus, I don't know what I have just said- Screwed up my lord, we didn't have attained, enter right. Car would imply a tenant today right. His pride Dwayne hours, probably in their running around right it barely he. I think they just spread out receiver. It is true that there was no ray memorable when for me once by There was in there they just when the spoon and a burning it yeah, you're right, you didn't throw you deaf, wait, no tied and caught a path now. Actually there is no! No, they didn't prototype. Jade devil, one with the full back yet door said: Michel, annulment, white,
get on board so that once Barnard out there, just like it's like a great artist, you let him paint scheme of this came the field to ping Sunday nor the rams? God bless these deeds. I think this is the Marquis game, but it's not just cause a phobia so you have a rams, packers game, starting, I think, an hour before the World Series, two hours now to start at once. So I guess for hours, workers the start of four or five, gave a it'll be like a five twenty desired. Part I so Rams packers and then who also have world Series Game five,
What are you gonna? Go: go, go go, there is also an Ella kings Game and there's a Coopers game is for professional sporting events were on the same day headlined if it wasn't for the world Series by rams, Packers tag early, verses, Aaron Rodgers. I had the RAM seven ass. You had seven Do you have that they now started? Nine announced on the eight math forefront then falls from European pointed out that this is the biggest underdog that Aaron Rodgers has ever been starting quarterback ever ever wholly macro pulling down. I don't need this. Is the wheat raises another invest events is good enough. I don't it's too. We did. We go through the Rams schedule and see if they're gonna lose.
She let him do it because I don't think they don't get tripped up at all, really does available three games role. You thought that maybe something weird happened, vowing yet, whether to wonder they leave. Would you may wonder then? I'm trying to wonder they do they go to where they get lucky. They got their point Denver early in the year of the Gatt home for Green Bay at New Orleans. That's a timer home home! Kansas City November, over nineteenth Monday. Has been actually in Mexico City in Mexico City, yet by weak at the trade at Chicago Home Phil, at Arizona home San Francisco, there is a world in which their fourteen an hour, and were in this hall, should they go far to arrest. The start is now to be honest
There is, as I love this Ramstein as they they give zero fox and what our up by twenty they go for, touch dance. They go for the kill, costly. I do not see this team scaling back when their fourteen it my plane. The backup Kubi that is not happening. I think that for games that are tough, actually troublesome, that New Orleans for Canada, Mexico at Detroit I'll, even throwing their at Chicago will shit- is that Monday November nineteen game that is weak eleven, so they can be ten. You know playing Casey On a Monday s face was so nice one, I think they have no job with that night schedules this year. I think they finally realise that they they really only need one good game early life on Sundays and then with lean, with their Sunday take Aden, fantasy and red sound like we're. Fine just give us like the one
good game and then the third, the other crap ones, and then we can handle it, but I'd rather than eight games moment. Then the third night there's power back, but remember that right with eight they ve been able to oh two, for three pretty much every week with Thursday, Sunday money, which has not been the case, the figure point by the fact that they get flax. Our I like that I have the Niners rams, but I bet that with both the beta gave reflecting helps enough. I had the latch of those I have three. First one bears jets kind of enjoy. Both of these teams gets a fund, a watch gotta be honest? Enjoy the jets? Donald would drive darnel debate right now. I, like Donald Mcdonald, guy. I think the vikings got on american Smart balance board right away right away, and it was hard for the just come back after that. The the Vikings adjust better and Lombardi or someone said the only allowed five third down convergence in the last week
week, which has in fact I'd rather have Donald for this season and I don't have an opinion. Yet, on long term, I dont think bakers been very good. I should that he's gonna be appalled at half time today and yesterday ever the brown paper bottom five past events within the next five weeks. Baker definitely didn't exposure tamper better now Tampa does have a good pass rush and they don't really have anything else. I have bears by six and a half for this game over the jets at all gonna, get this. I had three. I went low there and its five and a half. I think. There's some option with this bears team. I still I said this to you last week. I start fill. They know they are fence away with this to recall in Jordan our thing I think they should just be bar control player, action scrambling like Mitch. Mixtures should be taken out of the equation as much as they possibly can write to recall in is that an ever down guy
There's a different rising. I wanna watch I giving this many points, but their way It could be a tool that is a lot of people came to take on a warning to us you. You asked me if I want to do our parlay, the jaguars as a dead. Now the bad. Did you put my money, I've seen that did parlay them. But I didn't net into it as much as we did for everything else. Thankfully, in one and I take you back, you don't trust portal. I said I can't do workers right now, but I need to remind you of something witness Jaguars, the one. The division was along we'd better my three weeks ago, the weather, the bid him ask him: you're gonna have to trust them at some point. Well, sir, we sir, this a good time to talk about this, certainly borders. Next week in London, they gotta bring about the cost it's out in London Convention in London, fitness? best, quarterback of London history. You kid can take the baton out of it.
Doctors hands Jesus, steers Browns, Well, you know that, don't you don't again! That's gonna watch born an idea that has barely will gets into the jaguars. Happy in the watch was when they had to bring in. Who is that? forget about in Cody Kessler Kessler. Here did you in the watch was of quota? Guess, I'm sorry Steelers Browns, first time these two Plato magnificent just flat out That said, I love that now again, rematch dealers come enough by. I have the Steelers favoured by seven over you, Jackson and the at dollar be higher. I said nine year period, though it seven and a half minutes NICE Peter Game, but take those bell back. I thought it was both come back after the Bible, our weak night, I don't know either, but they carry the can
but I am I dont like when they are the division teams have played. They ve already had a close game and that's happening at an OECD. Rarely see there like a blow out in the second game. You don't even think it's right round the third one Panthers Ravens, it's in Carolina. I just want to come and Joe Flacco for a second, because, like five years ago, we were making jokes about our Joe factors. Best play was the pass interference and last year he really started a perfect it, and now this year it's his go to move is to try to just get the pass interference at four hundred and thirty seven. Fourth, eleven he's fourteen he throws it in ways that the guy the receive turning into the d back and Think he's another artists are really data.
Smarter Eli man, it's late, it's so good. It's really like eight. I think they must call it a playwright. They must call leg the piano before her sad that at last drive before the mistakes. Your point and I feel bad for just doctor too vague yeah, probably still staring at the goalposts, its first mistakes, your point of career over two hundred twenty two attempts or something but the lack of drive down there was after it was like everybody with open a John Brown you don't have a boyfriend, but yet never insensitive. Yeah yeah I saw a girl was Instagram. He had an interesting theory that had her before tat. They should raise the gulf- curly up about twice. He thinks the goalposts our high enough. Apparently I haven't heard this before they were somebody here longer goalposts. So he did all ran again today
there were two of em now require that TAT one was closed and handled must feel goes that someone else was like right there there. What do people do in his raining about the goalposts in ages ago? The bathroom, but they do Listen you put unlike airports. Started. Having conversations wheel, each run into the garage, and we hide and classic up all new cars with which I think are at our disposal to do is dead. I theatres home for the rain. I the Panthers by against Baltimore. I think it's a lie. The same time here What the hell's going on near the ravens are favored by one. This goes back to what I was saying you before at the Panthers
it's a little smoke and mirrors e evade their foreign to the re by North Korea. They rode a few it just feels like they can put together complete game there in that they play one spurts. Unmoved, maybe that's part I don't know why the raven should be favoured, though, what what have we had that much I mean so neutral raven will be favoured I don't want a neutral baby here by that oil at home they differ by seven. I don't get it what's the sacred brick, let's take a break to talk about red dead redemption too. This add came on tv today when we're watching for bar nephew Kyle like lit out ago. What was that a grunt whose radical way.
Rockstar games. Creators of the critically claimed that record breaking grand theft, auto series wool that I once finished. Once upon a time back. When I put video games regularly on my treadmill, I finished grand theft auto. I think my Amy Beer had happened on my child, but walk and four point eight miles an hour while they're back with their latest, bypassed a red dead redemption to calibrate Edward, have someone read them read dead redemption to an epoch, tale of horror and loyalty set and the dying days of America's Outlaw era told across the deepest most expansive rockstar world. To date,. How are you looking for this game because his grand theft auto in the west, we mean what it would as a terrorist, credible map mail or some milk male ass. A couple this car could just like juggle them in his apartment as you place in four in the morning after slices of pizza expand,
a new kind of stories. You live the life of that law, Arthur Morgan in Red, dead redemption, to uses the power of the new concept, create experience. That's not just open but deeper murmurs of more inactive, interactive than ever on sale October, twenty six, that's very soon for play for an xbox on pre order now rockstar games that calm, slash red dead redemption to raided em for mature. Do you count for mature amateur, an immature made em for mature red dead redemption to check it out? The barely watch was five of them this week, physic a good way to go Apple Peckham, because a pumpkin in case there are seven of the fourteen game, stake Jack's home another item Jack's in London play in the field of Eagles.
Who are having one of the just posterity, because Superbowl hang over seasons? I think we ve ever seen thoroughly and other networks. I think this is an eagle, by three doesn't of the London began that exactly tabled by tone Ass three right now, I'm starved I didn't feel bad- should expand them. It is up to the final fourteen. Was it right? You can see the Superbowl champion, AMC, runner up and down the miserable game, so I picked up when smaller in Korea comment Corey Climate Coracle Matter, Anna Curriculum at comment. Corrick lament our very silly to escape because I had a j went out, so I spent like forty hours and auction money and those two guys and they can display. Split carries was hard to say. Who is better actually reading up and then this week and there were rumours, egos organ of trade for running back in both
Secondly, warlike we're fine, we ve gotta covered. We have Running back right here we don't need to trade for running back. They were terrible. There whenever I combine like thirty yards rushing and where the trade deadline and I do I do wonder if they're gonna trade for for running back cause, I don't match our either. Those guys are started the kind of redundant That said, the need that ever will even out there you it's it's accurate. So I wonder if they're gonna do something but a ladder, any banks have been hurt I am play right back and watch on Mccoy, but now ensure that we get this brand Does brands careers over what's going on here, They ran through Asia. They met all the brown on our not she heard them all the radio guy and then just now that from again one of the best meanings he's ever had a few Jackson
he's a man. Let me ask you something few down three with fifty seconds left. Would you tell you but back to run out of balance. Ask him game education, Bengals, bucks, incense Daddy Bengals, coming off a shoe lacking, and yet I still feel their favoured by six over the bucks. I I I leaving the bangles a little, but I just don't think they're in the class of the rams and the chiefs in the past in those sky He spent the only one. I got exactly right and you get a right to it as minor attain whose neck is James. Yeah. He really look way. He is now he like bad bad sideline throws. Everyone was open how to struggle with catch. The ball
he's stupidly. It would. The buys is kind of reckless throws. Terrible packs is dug it awful sack to Tibet today is like it. I like them. MIKE idea, I've read all thing I can their own. Is I command you gonna go out there again, you wanna go we're gonna get out there again. Did you can't or touch that? That's? Why has it but their gas cause you just about. You blew thirty seven for the nineteenth red lines. Seahawks it's in Detroit, and one of these teams is probably gonna, make the playoffs and will be making fun of They're dead, it's the Saturday shaky play games with the lions and see access commanded agenda The lines running back is really get it. I think, cannot be ruled out for a rookie of Bulgaria yeah.
The other day you can bring it up. Can I think I am in a drop them another budget, but where there is probably unaware Egypt, him them in our the idyllic candidature track anymore. I must drop them avoid. Let's not smoke, he's get, is Jennifer either lines by three and a half of this year. I took three and have all the only two and a half interesting so that that's the older Vegas fears that the lines are due to lose a really dumb game and that it has been like a month for them for their maybe waitin for expect your shadow get their shit together. One this website, but I can offer by the unemployment rate. Does he asked in a minor chiefs home against the Denver branches who put at thirty two point: three defence in you still didn't when these animals
half of your points as we convince loud enough a. I think this goes to nine and a half, but not ten chiefs. Progress. You said I have none ass, a thing about this now nine and isolate mass I watched, grew up. Every bobcat was untrue. That up How much does it matter that the Broncos really should a beat them to re Monday nights ago? The merest Thomas is why open matters. It's like what I said to you earlier. I think that, second time with the division teams now. There's no surprises anymore in Canada does work and it always seems like an pose them a little closer downward at that juncture, when enough Miranda, one American yeah yeah, going to keep teasing empire lane in a one week we're going to get kicked in the teeth by one of those two teams.
And when the lion wasted this coming to be ASA Redskins at the giants, I have the Redskins favoured by two and a half points at the giants. You're gonna get it. I went before three. Could I ve been so so bad a giant, but it is only one point. Only one point Trevor: would you rather have sake? I'm back LEO Baker Mesa I know about that, I doubt take Darnel Bobo would discuss Donald over Parkway last week. Now I am not sure about Baker yet and that either boy data, so they could have taken darnel, they won in the giant. Still
through the giants. Take Baker, tour, the tick sake. Why, no matter what their taken sacred it seem like, they were taken far away from our work. I lightning chap. I actually think it probably worked out for the bronze. I do like say whether you think the giants Williams. We talked about the Monday game. What do they do? They lay down for the falcons, but then come to play against it at the F one hundred and eleven good game and then in the next eight days, They will wonders Atlanta had the game where they win. Like forty seven to ten over somebody in people say no you know Billina, and then they spend ten points next week. I just think it too easy at three and a half now the Falcons. I want them to be a you gonna market into my luck in the same figure.
So what's gonna happen I made on the king. I want again to the Brazilian about gauge, obey the poop factor, theirs to view Is this is really like the semi fires, the perfect, the bar first off the courts at the raiders courts. I have them favoured by one and a half. Come on. Don't you just quench the way because I needed the next four to win and tied. There had set up, what's gonna happen, plus one call Traver buy one at open. Then say into every week on the part that I believe in a courts. I actually think that's a team that could win the visa because they ve been so banned at the start? I wanted for their bad luck, but now there staring guys back and pull. It took five at the thought of that, put them to get behind the two and five, but there are only two behind the times
hence there than I play them, they must be anything like nine in seven can. If they need to get to it, you said then too, there s always a realistic. I guess not in the early out of it a tune? Five, maybe eight need decentralization series. I mean that MAC ran for on twenty six march, but I like maybe they have a good bit different identity too. I hope and thoughtless for then he felt his point of thought. The sailor don't they were? This game is really bad. The cards are our home and their plane. The forty nine, and I promise you that can watch one minimalist either cardinals by three colonel by two and dig. It said at this new people. Figures they made a pickup death. Somebody, They play a couple weeks ago, and I was on the one in San Francisco right now that seems like an overreaction them again Sunday decision. One Viking saints yours
the what we call the play. The down the sister funding explained the wood they name it was then they came after the fact. The boy the miracle touchdown lasher, alright, alright, they had some them. I can't remember the golden Minnesota miracle as something was Minneapolis centimeter, so they're back vikings, home and I their favoured by three. I think these teams are even you're, not gonna, wanna watch the Red Sox want even watch of Game March. I won't see ladder this game. Vikings by three also one and a half way through the thick and getting it up by the saint at home or on the road Monday night pats on an absurd passing boss. And I really wanted to go to like fourteen half on this and just couldn't do it because
foreigners are running back, silence a thirteen, but the underdog scrap this is ridiculous. Mostly now I dont have any favoured homeowner. Wait? I want to three does matter? That's it. Six six again later Also it is thirty thirteen. I don't think it's enough. Was there again? in the same way. You know where they had to do it that way, because the Tommy another ten point, three team tease they re they probably should be tall then after twelve, but they don't wait until the Pakistan, the tea or to an f more. Why should it be tat was amended. The bills are fought by forty two occult theme, a one has to win their left by thirty two decades. In God, I get some good
Perhaps there was an awful untold first than is that today with eleven splendid, but everything was underneath. So when the weak, that's where you smoke, in this way, the job I u roses for you red. For you read fact: patriots, Bruins avail off the game with Boston has all like all week happening Thompson. Let's outlets actually talk about the World Series in the ads and all that and then I'll do low parent quarter prefer one more brick hey once upon a time, two thousand and nine two guys from Massachusetts set out to make the perfect t a t that felt like an old favorite from day, one perfectly broken in absurdly soft nine years later they build a brand around this absurdly soft shirts called marine layer. Now, in addition to super soft tees,
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where that come in her promo code, be ass for fifteen percent off your first order. I it's our red Sox Dodgers. I remember we watch this one, the last time these two teams by it in eighteen, sixteen at the broken robins, the Red Sox. I looked at it I told you about this over the weekend. Deciding game five, the Red Sox, one that serious and it took an hour in forty three minutes to play while This is something I felt the boy. This is day: Roberts, five it a day, Robertson, Craig Council, age, but aunt was pretty passionate. This points I want to credit them, even though more other people made it, but I really think I dont think people really care. So much about who argued adversaries the embryo is starting. It will I dont figures. Is
is the captured the nation, I'm not sure if people argue about baseball and bring it down the same way anymore. If it's a die hard stupid, Thirteen game evaded hat the Bruce haven't a in the world series since nineteen eighty two and I'm not. I'm pretty sure they haven't won the world series since fifty four so possible right, nineteen, fifty four for them, but that it should be waves. I don't want you bring me the ale brew, have never one, I think, that's the city more They want, I think, in fifty four rat. If, if my team was up to one and game for In that game, when extra annex and then the thirteenth ending with a guy and second and bellinger up in the catch her on deck, who had made seventy five defensive the stakes and was a sharp himself and only bad it one more time the series he's on deck,
by picture pitcher thank and they pitched bellinger, walking em in Grand out that would harm me for the rest, my life there was yet then a boundless amounts to two, and there is a serious and seven by a grand. I was terrible Hughes tyrant driver bad ass. It were the weird thing with the Dodgers, because between that game and game, for they were like true for twenty five: what runners in scornfully, and any thought they were just gonna go away because at its top four times the amount of our special nationally the battle out of that offensively, and they did just that. I just lost all all confidence in Craig count for anything he was doing that you pitch Wade. My one batter like one of those opposed to any one facet denied it. You seem like It was the over managing Olympics and nobody one They were the USA, eighty pictures and seven games even Webdriver. They brought it
he brought encroach on the night of Game Samuel the foreign lead, which seemed curious, but actually I forgive you just try to build confidence. A little back is yet another up and down policies, and probably one Ratan Happy now, I'm nervously you. Let me just say that open open red red Sox minus one- thirty now they're minus one, fifty five you get the public backing fell, going game one with the with the belly tat, though our nervous you that cash out gonna write the ship at this point and win couple game can be better series and they will then have to good starters. Teresa Bueller, our team rose to get it right, but those two, I think, a pretty proven at this point. Even cursor takes a lot of shit, psyches, a bad start mean,
It adds our is gonna, be good things about such a right generation at that yeah. So when we need, as in pits, our people have a heart attack, as is the best answer, my generation, but these local inertia we have Chris sale. Who was in the hospital on Monday who pitch foreign ings last round, who preferred various rumours and his story was buried by button ring. I don't to believe I I am a subscriber to thee, took inflammatory for the shoulder. And they ruined his stomach and gave him can only take too much as something like heats up the lighting so That happened. I mean he looked skinnier in the great, but. We don't really have a reliable starter- that EC completely won an trust. You guys pitch pretty well about these pitch. Well, the closer well, she's getting shout camera and then allegedly, they figured out. He was tipping his pitches, which, on the face of it, doesn't
Sarah explain why he was up through oh and every batter, but then you're saying. If he's tipping officer is Carter, people lay off it. And when you lay off it, that's why he's far beyond accounts? I don't know what to believe. More. All I know is he looked a little bit better in the last game, it you were born and Jack they met. My point is I'm not sure they should be favoured by this much over the Dodgers, because the other part of this is it's. The DE age goes away. Three four five they're gonna, either to play Muky bets its second or they have to play J D. Their plans, eighty in Africa, the way with their if the bench whatever in there I feel defense was the biggest reason I thought they won the world Series and then the other thing I mentioned, though the home field advantage you bend to these EAST Coast lay doctor, games like I liked the weather, I'm gone back for one and two, it's kinda like forty degrees everyone's
ran like heavy codes, amends. I regard the Red Sox cardinals, no four freezing and it's like that now the lecture crowd to everyone. Everyone's like bundled up. I just can't it's kind of weird. Actually, it's like playing the game in a cemetery and then did anything happens to the bad. The third week in October languages it still some weird vibe. I I just don't feel like it's a home to the vantage my crazy, or do you believe that is well known, the two three to pay full? They only does the last for those two three too. It is right now, but I still think you want game six, it all out similar socks and for reduction thick with forty one, like that, that's what I would go up, we'll Halloween is game. Seven that came seven that you know how the my favorite my favorite day, that is also the
Forty year anniversary of when Michael Myers came on, my son's birthday is the next day. If I feel like it's going to go seven just cuz, they're God's going to try to make my head explode that day, but on the other hand, the home field advantage thing when its forty degrees in your stadium. I I don't know, I don't know how that I feel it. That's a neutral advantage The question for me as the Dodgers that used to plan a tonic, cold weather games, obviously then thrown in that situation in general, did you and have made the Dodgers the Yankees West there there now the villains, you ate Machado, the guy limit shadows, the least favour red Sox opponent of this day he replaced day. Right is the fourth time winner of the rather word for most aided red Sox opponent. He took it Nigeria. Is that a whole bunch of shit? We don't like Manny and then we don't like me: the point that when there are rumours they may trade firm like there is a message board, Stafford arguments about
Do we want this guy, and our team, like yours, like a circular results, Ladies and gentlemen, we will know what exquisite gulags pig, who were the point, offenders now I like it, you can like four guys Ellen that group tat. I like the interesting, think I in turn are easy to dislike, turning their so that it is a bad thing and you go. The Red Sox. Whenever that now we would never do they ground a beard as against diggers and they J Johnson's fund a rude against the clinic, I think you behave. I can't believe, like the ashes pick you up psychologically after that came on, and timber was shared by teams. Don't come back from that might get the dangers. They came back from not knocking anybody in room scoring position. It is a little strange that both these teams are here, even though their problem,
each week us off, I actually kind of thought: we're gonna get swept after game when Keziah Rail, with the way sailors pigeon in the wake. Ambrose pechiney distancing, realistic such a bonus. At a price that Madrid spectacularly we They really was one of those areas where we probably got like fifteen the top eighteen breaks right. They got wind You have something like out to me: it's a home run into the stance and our right fairer goes to catch it But he had his glove and it goes in IE easy. Don't get that call or say to whoever gets that call. If you see a good sign for that team, for the series has lot of that stuff, asterism really get bad idea there bullpen, than died. Stinted guy, they really only had one picture, they told they trusted. Ah
commissioner, I think it should be around eleven would be. I think it should be like red Sox like minus one. Twenty five minus one thirty would be when lower as some some fighter. Who did who you pick it. I'm gonna take the Red Sox in fact that forty one Africa spot for them. Maybe three one never came five and I am in their upper. They go home and close it up. Mackay. Our friend Daniel stand salute when a lot of money, if the red Sox via the trophy, he'd has that world map for tax purposes the IRA that safer his sap is red Sox better every year and somehow they won three world series. It's o form, possibly forth. Their amazing yeah. The red Sox are not the ended, I but the patriots. I really why
think about that after mounting up but the underlying potential new compatriot. I don't think you know what I think about waiting for pan corner. For me. I don't have a lot because I was away always goes in Brooklyn, chill out of a ship that I got home yesterday, but I know my tenure armed quitting type one though now I would have been better if it is decided to want to do it and here the cough every time he has to go to lessen the cloth. It's amazing, you believe it and now so we want to quit. Anyone take off lessons which is like giving your cat golf. What he's gonna be reviewed at the boy picture? Avatar, that's it he's. Ok, let's forget how many, but how many boats Susie up to that probably sticks belts like Blue, like the fact that any breaks the border right, but it harder than ever. Like I said I get the car
every time you have to go practice little conditional cause. That's right yet friends when you're in Brooklyn for with camo, show our week. What happens on that Saturday. What's your wife's reaction, you and you, when you watch back through the door after a week of eating up, free flow aiming at the lab is meant by justice. Delighted at whatever up I picked up at the airport. Three minutes before I boarded for everybody. But take care of everything from their files are a good thing. Tell deal a pan corner the body, thereby kids for this week and think jumpin area. I wish I did I don't know, maybe it's the only thing that we make these things up like that got noted feminist purposely becoming astray minded arrant just so that it could have a story for Sunday night like while at that road fairies wrote
Your story did I do the one about the adult voice coming from bends fortnight, have I now, let's do, thou so bends play for there is room an usually it's. I came in his more on friends in their plane, do other than there talking they face time, each other and they play duos- are they play squads like let's go over to shores or whatever and their golden? They conspire they try to beat these other people who were online. So we used to hearing like these little boys voices endued cover so remarkable.
Is door, and I hear what I thought was an adult voice and, unlike what the hell is that so I go in and am I who is ass, a cat like a sort of guys voice who, in oak as he has my son, is the head said on and he can talk to people and they can hear him and I'm like who is the guy and he's like it's my fortnight trainer and, unlike what you have equity mean for the chinese areas, like I'm begging you paying him cause. You don't have any money, you have a credit card like what's going on and I dont you gonna say was tangent partner and he paid no hell. Is that It was just this guy's helping about fortnight, and am I am I you this guy and he goes I met my mind a fortnight and MIKE what is happening so, needless to say,
some random adult online mine herself with fortnight ominous it's a concern. I don't know it just seems concerning baby, I'm crazy. It's not accurate. It's a stranger who's, stranger whose decided to befriended tenure, who plays video? They can play video games together and I have a title like night train, or I don't think the legislator is this. Michael Jackson would have done in two thousand eighteen. Like this, I met people. I don't know I don't like it so anyway. Bends fortnight trainers, no longer with us is the third till you by EU ban them from Bob interacting with javelin, unless ban is cheating with with on me, with in line to men still in contact with the adult, for you know, you're gonna end up having to get him an actual train arching. Maybe if you take, I take my dad.
Actual for data at amend these things are big and I used to think it's stupid when I see how much money could women these tournament like. Well, maybe this is like anything else word enough. You could get good at. It is worth yes people five underground there I have one more, I'm going to admit a double up. I don't have to go, but I also have an uncle corner this week for Nephew Kyle we had, we had suspected that he may be sort of back together with the with the axe. Right at the man was overrun. Sense, Rebuilding Laconism store any kind of sport. The beans and in Africa is not out of the woods yet doesn't seem like, but that's not the net corner. We don't act, but I ain't she saw the tattoo and she took Albania. Something happened so they were explained. To me, were bumble. Is your bumble herself? I said now I was her uncle corner
So bumble is like tinder, except the women control right now control. The interaction sword operates the same way as tender except you can swipe whatever way to tell whoever that you think they're cute or whatever the hell happens, with the release of crazy youngsters and and then they you can hear from them in twenty four hours and then look like getting together, but the women are control bumble. Its rejection, which has no limits. Rejection at the man was a big fan of the bumble, saying no barrier he's unlike three other cities that I'd even lady. No yeah ground running for sure. If we have rather, what are? These cuts are they called dating outer morning a fairy. I think that's what they're called dating out here He won't you what's the quality like got compared on both sides, men and women, compared to tender a majority. He's gotta, be careful in Hollywood. Is really gotta be careful in the event of a thousand?
the man I met some lady, but it turned out. It was a male fortnight trainer that you can tell by the handshake. Yes bumble there's this all were gone and we just never experienced hurried. Is you just gotta website is swipe couple times. The next thing you know you show up next senior Starbucks mean somebody I don't know I don't know. I don't know what I did to us to decide that we had to be born twenty years to early, missed other swell between pointless golf weapons and fortnight trainers would be better if it were a good job. I us today that we did our right today have three hours. I certainly sovereignty at a plug lock it in Monday, through Friday, live four hundred and thirty five hundred and thirty eastern time. Also, I don't even know if you know this, I'm doing the pregame show for the college. Fox sports College Actual Fox Sports Channel eleven.
This week, but your body robs down yeah Anna Matt Liner. Their coach want bad Robert Psmith, that's one! You know who answer you doing in every Saturday afternoon at every week I think fire. You losers last week to note that bring me back became alive on Monday to Friday? Eleven thirty five on ABC quick cousin, Jimmy Corner good? So I mean he's very wealthy, successful guy by all accounts right thirty five million out- who knows how much money has it's insane a man his he and so well that his agent is the wealthiest person. Neither of us now derived our data, so whenever he goes on a road trip. So this time you at the broken for weak and p I'll send him free food, and then he takes Instagram pictures with it was like he's it. It's like he's, Vince Young.
You think it's a hit. The he's her villages, the rapid out. Why do I believe that is for the day? Someone will send food and then Jimmy mentioned at all or persuaded her up, and I thank them because it did it either it thanks to modern surrender, twitter or have the measure on the show and then by Friday, those like twenty five different eaters, sending food and just discussing like I've only been drink, and I shall like such crackdown on that plane to come back because we had to eat them. No self control now get the every single thing they send you to try to ITALY felt like cookie dough in a jar, then there's just like six different kinds of pieces, then like pepper sandwiches, because on and on and on so yeah he's just Yes, the Instagram thing is to thank them versus spending twenty minutes on air that you a that we have in cigar maverick.
Rising and usually like people when it's a famous person now there's like standards and stuff, but I have to do is send Jimmy like a medium pepperoni pizza and had taken in particular with that here Z, hosted the Oscars fears that Again, this is reward. This is like Gallagher. Doing everything in Life Gallagher would take pictures necessarily pizza says. Is that not every time ask yourselves? I detect a tiny bit of jealousy. We should appreciate policy dialogue, you know I am- and I should just give my address here- maybe people another just send us. Food are tickets, grim picture of it. It wasn't like the rest of us like that, show. How should do that? As you said earlier, that shit I answer
I'll. Do Joe Ass is a test case soldiers, let it out to the dizzy area. Of course that's great deeds, but Jimmy won't take the pictures of the food and allay it's only one is on the road. That's how expires heard that big a deal takes it for granted worries was the pay everyone's export pictures of it will be the losers for three days. He just human pictures of differently the slices forty forty pictures, here's may it be possible for journeys of Brooklyn, here's, my trousers, but I think you can earn points. I think that in this area, thereby does either totally poets. Better? You are about this. We're gonna get you some peace does. Would I didn't see good job a YO, YO yo? I thanks because, thanks to the period of kids, get his appeal not come slash bs!
to the reared outcome them Ringer pack ass. Now I dont forget to listen to the ringer ambition. The rare and thou shall get you up to date with AWE
goings on including on the big fight in the Lakers Rackets game. This weekend, Cadman taught us about that. One of my doing, thanks to read dead redemption, two from the greatest grand theft, auto five comes red dead redemption to an epic story of honor loyalty, send the dying days of America's outlier, told across the deepest most expensive, rockstar world the date releasing for Playstation for an Xbox one and activate twenty sixth red dead redemption to available for promoting their rockstar games that calm such red dead redemption to raided em for mature thanks to fan. Do we get the examiner, researching and building a team each week, regardless of the outcome class tonnes of waste play they gridiron Peckham count as we just pick. Winners no spreads ten case, but amongst the top pickers, I've tried other deficits. If not a fancy expert vandal, clearly the place to play the users get a five thou about us when they make their first apposite come play with me,
I found a dagger sash. He asked next time here for me I'll, be in a cold, but less bull bars domestic taking the six months and tell them away.
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