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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Juliet Litman to talk about 'The Bachelor' jumping the fence and The Ringer's new Hulu show 'Can I Steal You For a Second?' (3:00). Then Bill talks with Mark Titus about Zion Williamson, the NCAA debate, LeBron's Ohio impact, and more (23:00). Finally Bill sits down with Kevin O'Connor, Haley O'Shaughnessy, and Danny Chau to discuss the Sloan conference, the worst possible landing spots for Zion, Celtics bonding, Warriors' playoff threats, LeBron James, and more (49:25).

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J J Erratic pack ass. He had Tobias Harris last week, which is getting then he's got a really special gas coming up this next, one that, I think, is going to be one of the best ones. He said if not the best one I don't spoil it. Just subscribed now also subscribe to winging it with Avons Carter campaigner, any Finsbury deserted and the poor pack has Rayner and the Ringer obey shower. As ITALY is one of the producers were yet that is heating up as well, especially as we are closer March madness in the draft one shining pack, as our colleague basque malpractices. Well, Martinez has come up in a second. When we talk about the bachelor, when we talk about Zine Lamson, whether he should come back or not to Duke and then MBA round table, trying to figure out what the hell just happen with Lebron James, is it which now Lakers are, did Lakers be tanking when talk about that quick little play snapshot of who we like heading into the air,
the most boring stretch of the embassies and read before we of the empty PETE argue about all that is coming up. First, our friends from project. Here with me- is worth the stars of. Can I still for a second showed it for a camp. We were but a the or on the facts. Ass, so we're doing the show its on Hulu. It's you can find it stays on Hulu, one of the great things about during a chauffeur streaming service its there. It will not today Thursday It is gonna, be there Friday and Saturday and Sunday in Monday and leading up to the seas of finale of one of the craziest bachelor seasons. I've ever caught in the virgin called in the fence, jumping virgin.
As it sport export. Where do you rank his tis fence job in the pantheon of great feeds up at It reminded me about Jackson that that one clip when he's makes the catch him in his right at the side of the wall, so Jack, that's really early. I want to know Unfortunately leg. If this was in a way, we could have actually gone to the spot and tried to reenacted now he's in Portugal. Yes, and This is what happened on last week's bachelor pursued. He gets dump though, at the seventh time, yeah bachelor ever for you, have Arthur no bachelors ever been done this many times at his own share and storms off and there's this giant gate, and you ve seen enough money just easily votes, gate not easily, not hard at all its second eight foot, gay is taking a step and he just went over it.
Chris Harrison performance ever probably valley as a reaction to gratify out my question: is they probably had one camera? Did they form his reaction? After? Was it like a broadcast new situation o inter say there are liquids? Go back I'll, make myself cry re myself, look shocked. Now I think what we saw was like what happened. I don't, I think I think they from that. After of Chris Harrison walking towards the fence, yeah really I think they had gone and there I call this share and then they said: hey Chris Harrison. That's reform reform. Your reaction just pretend to be stupefied ass. It was those stupefied, so there is ever so wild and I loved the moment where you hear such a producer off camera young. Somebody call crass here. How is amazing so the virgin he gets gets to the fantasy swedes. And I M first one doesn't doesn't diver now turned your damn? That's that's gotta be a special
special kind of rejection, she's disappointed I now was ready. She was ready, opium yeah. She found the shower. She thinks she's in love them. She hasn't had opportunity to hook up in any one else in two minds. So she's they now and yet, his turned down, my virgin that sucks she was approaching like it was a game. Seven. She took her prey game that is who really ready to perform in front of the crowd, and then the game was cancelled, the air, and then she had to tell the camera directly that they did not have sacks. Thou is pretty wild, those pretty well, generally wore her best sexiest outfit, like showing a lot of cleavage. She was all fired up and he just couldn't do it. It seems that there were more going on then just rejection for her it was more like Scotland, on here kind of look on her face. Yeah won't like what do they did on I sang out, like I don't know
and boring doesn't seem fuckin couple. It is she's just not happy when style? And now when you lose your virginity? Do thing? Do you think, AIDS can be as somebody leverage is gonna get over. I think from those guys it's just try to get over it yeah, that's that's colonists is again to get it over with because he really loves Cassie it. At least he would have some experience of some one days worth. Imagine being second! third in this sphere of saying here, and I say it had gone normally there I don't now, if you want to first second or third- I guess third, but like it's just a very weird, so so on the Hulu show we did, which IRAN with them with them Lawrence EMA. Yes, to secure very talented house today, but I am party maritime, yes and then bent examining their lifelong land. That too,
Rachel Lindsey. Who, who is terrific? I'd like you to be one? Might ass friends, Rachel, sewed up she's definite course, person who's ever pastor the ringer vortex indefinitely so as well yeah. She was to call for the bachelor s. She says that these days, so we re during this fantastic One and a half hour show we did what he's very ringer in has winners and losers and envy p. These are the kind of things I get it feels like He added the share, but this came up. Where would you want to be in the fantasy sweet pecking order, yeah and of them banned and Rachel. Both said that it was their choice. And then didn't know who was first. Second, third, but Rachel said she at least ask said I got me thinking What is the right order, and how do you put it like crazy each one right, especially for the guys they have, the one they're probably bear. No, I have to remind you further fantasy sweet than their rid of a radio kept saying that delay the guy's decide really early who it is. But may I ask,
but the bats are rats like give more people a chance which had I was kind of interesting gender in sight. The insinuation seems to be that the faint the sweet. You really have to earn your key yeah in the sea The same goes wrong you're out who the way ahead like performance issues, What do you mean? I could I thought there was one with the bachelor with the bachelor rat and it was didn't go great and it was insinuated, there's performance issues, and this is another season. I think Andy insinuated that about net. Perhaps that you're thinking, but I think it is more than an insinuation he famously out after the final roses like. Why did you make love to me if you are in love with me or something like that right? So that was a whole Massey thing. So do it I dont know what my order would be, but I think says a lot about a person which is afraid to answer she. Thing there, Rachel and Ban told us was that
She said that Peter and Brian, both ass, What order therein another thing I was really entering to me, was that this had been you dont know, but then I said member the figure it out. So so there's some like wilful delusion, because you know of your first see no one you have arrived in wherever you are so facilities, can data in Portugal you're not first so I think street in seven days is disgusting. Just in general is absurd. Relax I'm from a different generations. After I am my toys, respect richest. Everyone was in fear of aids at all times, so I probably at the right place the answer this, but seems like a lot three in a week. And and also like with somebody who is allegedly in love with at least one of those people, you don't you feel bad if you're in love of one of them, I mean it's just my guest, like you, just get drunk yeah. I think you drank the yet.
At sea and then just things can happen. Char, also that your first I mean alone to other sites. Like must be so we because there's no there's no else around like what we do, and I would thank you if you really you're here you go for this is great. That's my attention thing is so weird because They were alone they had the upcoming, they probably mean, as called them Saturday's she's, not on agencies and other stuff, like it just ass, important What is the least horny badger they ve ever had he's on the whole point of real confusion, except for Heather and except for handed in Cassie, he's he's hot for them. Anybody makes I would then like a seventh greater here and also about grabbing It's very odd casino. Am I just compare the behavior I see and some of the other two because I watched my temptation, island virtue, the challenge or on the sea as the key
I am forced to watch every good. My daughter Authority tell yea all those they're in heat at all times, just trying to hook up with anything, and if you leave any of the guys in the show alone, with any good looking woman for five minutes like they're, going to make a move, and then you watch Cole and who is with the same woman for eight. Whose hitting above the head with a he's gotta be so psyched out. I mean come on. It's also like this entire our journey was not always version so like the ability fancies. We say it was all coming down to talk about this. Every time you performance, anxiety, gas, buddy, isn't that, isn't that actually the best time to get you Expectations are our time, love you, basically the Sacramento kings, and even if you win and game at home, it's exciting. The girl can't be expecting a marathon session. I think the crazy as part about about the content
now having sex now, there's a pride in the fact that they should openly talked about it after they didn't even leg. Wasn't even they let people gas right. Just told the camera who's that, A person who has in Ghana Energy Chill clay it all energy is to be pageant one. Now now she's like the one that he Had the really like hot day with in Vietnam, I think, like the shower exercise at age, our that was one of the key conversations in our Hulu Show gas Axel Absolute. We and I helped protection of the shell, and this is one of the things I demanded to be discussed. What happens if, if a bachelor boner is comes into play, yes in? What are they do? What is the crew? Do? How do you hi there and I have to cut out and address variants,
we did not expect Ben Higgins really answer it in a really profound and expensive way. I learned a lot as a woman. I learned a lot you now. It was like the Peyton Manning details of athletes is peer pressure, but about bonus I really recommend watching the shell if, for no reason, but a year ban, talk about that, it's worth it the two best parts of the show That idea, though, show but the it's. It's a five minute erection conversation us, yes, five five. I met anybody and really one of the most important erection conversations ever maybe learned a lot certainly of this year. So far twenty nineteen, but I learned that the poor my father Ben season, sure they were having a giant or action, and he has a boat look at here like, oh, my god, that's a boner. I can't believe no one noticed that sooner he looks like warfare and acre man when, when he's too
the christian Apple gay. It also near him upon his back was gathered a boner and she's. A guy you haven't erections are my God, oh so obviously I wanted to go back to twenty. Sixteen, I think allows our petty and sixteen to figure like if there is a conversation about this, but first are hard to Google, because what are you gonna, Google Ban, Higgins, Boner Ban Higgins or action like their boner erection, a little dicey, don't know what kind of result you're gonna get there, and so I just might just as well I didn't want you, that's all. It is hard to research, but I bans first bad, I'm just gonna, say idea when you cobia we're doing the right reasons. I was really into Ben H, soaks. I would give him a bachelor Think I would have been aware of this conversation. People were like Bandsmen publicity photo. He has a huge boner. I dont think it was discussed at the time was one of those things where, if you look at it, it looks a keynote.
Bathing suit, there's air and sometimes it pops out and that's what you assume it is. But then I have been saying now. Actually that's my bones and uneasy man, you look again shown you, I add, as ours does one of my favorite parts than the other just one of the most needed. Five minutes ago than ever as the Bachelor Paradise I suggest which you now We said for years the bachelor and the bachelor. It as a feeder system for bachelor paradise thou as slanderers. I it's. Basically you design way of citizens do per year. It's our leading to the FBI four Zion and that's what this who is- and we had as I had the share with ASEAN level- prosper absolutely demi and show me she came to. She came through at that women tell all being very sure and even nodded the fact that she be in Paradise ass. If she were never wonder, I think she was amazing in the woman tell our and had one of the best lines out in forwards prison and sell it. She taught in cotton.
About how he missed out with her in the fantasy sweet she's amazing, given you have usually only given your great layer, something she say day, a: U S, great town, with being the fantasy swede, you missed at or whatever she said in a meeting, it was like listening to Michael Jordan taught the blazers that they didn't pick him up in an active fortune. So guy went away now. If he had picked her, that would have been quite away too to lose. It. Probably better. Could she was like eyelids be dominant in the bedroom. I think it would have been good for him. She she was like a rational, confident, yes tell it even better Fran yeah. She would have led the way she would have made it like, not dockworkers, personality, as is that TAT he should have chosen are specifically without reason. Behind this paper for the final free he's on a good day manager, that's been cleared this whole time and smarter guy, smarter, gay manager would have been like any damage to help she's airline first, and so then he was like primed for two and three, We know my rule in life when somebody Shirtless, a alot
trying to cover something up, an easy. It's, the complete lack. A personality, because there CS the key which my daughter forces new attribute. There's a guy Garrett, whose son The colony is no personality and his shirt less costly. Like his absence kind of his colleague our chair, he put audio phronsie I'd like to think about who, as yeah it's it's them That's, why Kyle assure the saw the thought of it. I'm kidding Kyle is actually he doesn't need his so much personality, but the people were sure this all out. It's a red flag. I agree Alegre so war. So would you give for the seas? Infer from red I gave us I'd be. I thought I was pretty ed. I like On the show, I thought Rachel broke down, how the first half was a d and then the second half was they might I actually would go aid from second half, Yet that doesn't job episode was an icon, bachelor beset
is show that been around out five, thirty seven seasons and fifteen sixteen years, something that is having scare there. That is one of the five most. What is the top five at moments ever, just like that live on our own and say that the guy switching. Suddenly, a tax you mean my Jason S, neck, yes outline. I also Thank the Jacon Vienna break up is up there. That was really they showed a clip of that on the women tell all I never out of the dark thou whenever watching you're just an evil per se. As you walked off, he says she was, I think, when what's her face and neck just started going at it, and there was even a fantasy, sweet, ok, Lena EK, that was fantastic. One is the guy love that Ireland is the best led, counselor and master had ever come loose, Maharajah carriages or Akhabbu Diana who is the one who in the water when at dead, though really aggressive one according recent events planned echoed the the ocean coitus
ocean Kai. This is great that citizens have lost time, only talks about it, but it was a good one was a good one. It was here's the bill in one court, no, unlike Courtney than an banjos, her so worked out. While for the data shot, they stay together for the common man at yeah, a minute reality is. None of these people were stay together. Called him no chance to make it a middle aged of any of the women who are lost you. Let's say he even does like Goethe, Teisha and Hannah Hannah, like. Let me stomach either. Now things have either there's no chance for him in at an even there's, no way, there's no waiver enemies work out, but that's like there also gun, like Hannah. Your twenty three anyway like it's, not if it should work out like have some more first, as you know, I was she shows now than about the dead of course, and I really liked her cast his daddy and of this whole thing. I would be immediately suspicious of somebody who shot over the camera crew.
And ass for my hand in marriage, while he was also dating for their people, and I know what the show is and how everybody has gone to the fantasy sweet. Yet I guess what now forgot to take you have not given you permission come back after this is over and maybe I'll let you bear my daddy. I perhaps perhaps because, by the way she's, not paying, I guess the badger, does the bachelor pay who pays for the wedding ring this paper there ain't, so the dad's gonna pay for the wedding. Q did back it also. I just date see how goes the about dates, mass and then I'll pay for the weather would I eyes and then that they flew to Portugal and basically cut back. The word, though, tireless. She was really if she needed sovereignty over the shoe already out and in her died at you. Came through her she's pretty I'm not sure if she is personality there, and I think that that no personality, combo theirs is really one for the aid.
This would have been an assumed times had happened. Sometimes two people know personalities and up together, because you like finds like you know, he's gonna sit there, silence and better look alike to me as well to similar like aesthetics. Well, she should have taken along like Collins, dad. I don't think he was a jet handsome Alderman Ibn noticed thou art not hand hair in the top there, that's were caught Collins got about two years left reassure less. I want spoke, guess what I thought he'd just now to shave. It is look and I get Harrison ready year here. I have some hair issues that came through the seas and I think I still can't figure that he clearly wants to be famous line were here. He's been living and live during the season. That's rare, most bachelors like stay in their hometown. Wilds airing is cool bar tender three years from now at some place in Hollywood day. I, oh my god at the same percentage, bungler failure as yours grass.
That's a guy called just maybe an old fashioned. I would love that. Can we just hire him to be a bartender at a party and a comic threaten threatened? If we do that, cotton as like our Barton, you're kind of our partner. I like to be yet we have parties, we just can have another party ever ever Senora see you at their third party location for a lovely evening of one glass of wine. It's a Thursday. They party from eight to eight twenty see their wondering stereotypes of wine in my leered two thousand eighteen, a sudden, so Hulu you can watch right now. It is called, can for a second? Congratulations on your e p. Slash asked We start abs thanks man and I'm bachelor fry one. Here the react, This is a value which is Monday night and then there's our show other Monday and Tuesday I pack has come on Monday and Tuesday is what Bachelor Party were alarm running franchise used to be the right reasons? Davy cobia He dumped us and we
the going anyway. We ve been doing this since two thousand twelve year time. Then show we left are repeated obvious logic over there. He laughed ass he went to the main heat texture there. Expel Martinez coming up on. Second. First, the new Microsoft surface process can, we get things done with your on the field or running a business, take brain or act by Michael Griffin, two former NFL teammates, who have opened a cupcakes with the surface pro. They can do everything they need from setting schedules to creating promotions for social media and designing new flavors plus its late. Super fast has great battery life. Brian, a MAC are proving you can tackle all your passions with the power and speed of the new surface. Sex. Alright, let's bring a Titus Martinez this here from the ones
podcast or one shining black ass, though one shining pack, I will always be lower Hungary through another winter in Africa, has tattooed on his army. Listen! So much. We were, I commend the office yesterday about Zion did, of course, cause. I feel like I'm on this corner basically all alone are mostly alone, where, I just don't understand how this merely turn into a referendum on whether the CS, evil and yeah. Why cod? if should play in their getting taken advantage of, and unlike a can, we just more in the that this guy get hurt thirty seconds to the best card game in five years and then be has anyone. Talking about this ever played sports- plain to Amerika what it's like to be on a college team and how much fun it is, it's almost fun. It's yes, very frustrating is. I am. I am propane players. I hate the and say taken out as much as a lot of people definitely think you know that,
that, having organization that says We are an amateur enterprise, but at the same time they whore themselves out two billion dollars deals, always gonna stuff, like a member, as all that The problem is like the way people react to this stuff makes me then puts made it. Were I'm defending and say that start target people generally use the word slavery to describe college athletes. It doesn't want to pay my head against the wall like you're, not helping the cause here. When you start doing. But though it- and indeed the really frustrating is, as I always said, is not the the guy he's. Not the martyr that you want for this like been summits is the guy. He s the gate and want to be there. He lay rate in what way than Esteem Ed, that's the guy that you should have been like this. On that he's. You know it put the systems I and wants to be there. He loves Duke. He loves us teammates area about. We know about the guy's lake it I'd. I just don't understand why he became like
the martyr everyone working debates would be a martyred like sit out. The rest of the year Stick to the Aegean, which, by the way, was never gonna work. You know what happens as I waved and announced today, like I'm done for the season. I think it's unfair that I'm not getting paid. This is this is a crack issue, and I am I'm boycotting you. What USA, ok, okay, cool order we're gonna be found without desired thanks furred guess what we're not changing. It exacting, fair and put the economic is actually going to do. Anything else is very bizarre to its very frustrating. I love the whole when people way and be like they should play anymore, has proven its point here, he's he's already is already underway, needs Ngos giving number and pick no. These are his friend right that he may in August, and these are all his boys in this is, is one chance to ever like China would entitle these guys and now, if he's her, if he's heard it's another thing, or if his knees. Ninety percent not hurt him. Sadly, yeah see it right, but
cities healthy, I mean I'm sure you can come back, maybe next week, a BBC hundred percent and to one by others buddy. I try to win the tight on talk about forty years from now. The other thing it's really annoying is this idea. Design, wives and turned his ankle. If he comes back against to play Carolina we again and he turns his ankle he's going to be bagging groceries further. I hope we will actually ITALY has been an emerald pack, but he's fine he's going to be- and I guess, like my perspective, as is being friends with Odin and watching her, you know he was her. Is all freshmen areas set out for first have a fresh morale state therein Concerns like the whole way, after obviously doesn't play railways yet micro fracture. It's a million motor industry was hurt like his whole career he's very Office he really out of money great life, and I know that figures between like thirty million dollars in three hundred million dollars, but I don't know they just everyone frames at lake, if, if
shoe bus open again, Zine Williamson will have to get his legs amputated, will never ina, or we make in seven fifteen hour at the at risk. I'm gonna help ya where he can like a severe concussion. They get paralyzed, break his leg and then places it's really for a basketball player, you know to get hurt, in a situation where, if he wasn't on the court for an guess what he'd be That's right! It's the same danger every pick up game every whatever he's so he's gonna. Stop basketball mania. He's planning is bigger than her dude, since you know when you finally start the latter, but you're still, I actually.
You get more trouble plain and pick up games as those guys don't tell them. You know how to play absolutely the where's. Your high school games are when, like the football team to the other, with the idea that no other do India, we pick up what how stays knows what the cross coaches and oh, my god, I fuckin, wanted divers chastity ass, though far forms of yeah. While the other thing was he he's put, do get a really fast, a position which is either we didn't talk about this issue, but I've been thinking about it. Coachman kind of can't win with this event coach K. I actually dont want him to come back, because if he comes back now there were coach k, super pressure, I'm so he's immediately the villain, no matter how this turns out. If and somehow got hurt again or maybe they miss. Diagnose me the downside for o k is. I concur.
Your boy he's better off. I examined not coming back at our vows coach K. I would be making a test test after the other, to make sure this would be like the biggest mark on his legacy of Zion got hurt again. I think that's. Why he's I'll be holding a male arena that the written? I don't you think it's? Why that's? Why you're like upstate could have come back like I don't know, I'm not under speculate. Obviously, but the danger it does not seem severe whatsoever. It feels like something that he could have probably come back, even in the second half of the Carolina game like it. If you really want to do, he probably could have just kept playing in the Catalan Right Affairs game. Seven years can a banker I would have it back and their hold it about like it's in this product is what you said here that they they know what they're doing is really delicate. Bs the conversation around, as is its very frustrating. That's that's all I describe it it's widely. I think people want to have the conversations and they look for cattle at any time. It's IRAN Caterpillar, who we get to have this conversation. I'd say now
this time we were actually just found out the dying. I heard it. Can anybody stop, unlike ass the kid what he wants, those other the weird they like Youtube? These story that gives it its selfish. I don't know it. The people think selfish, to make Zion come back in and all that kind of stuff it to me it selfish tonight Ask him what he wants in the dislike. Put this expectation on his back a bit exile. We need you to sit out because we're fighting this war against them and if not what I hereby you don't care of his early, wretched EU of your friends. Yeah. You made the point. I mean like these next five weeks as islands is life and our, buried in camera. Dysentery, all these guys. These finally to their lives urgently. The five weeks, assuming everything goes as it probably will for Duke that they will talk about rest of their lives. I waves it could, when six NBA titles, any proof they stood like you see was like George. Jordan is TAT. The Carolina he loves, Caroline, is all about Carolina, did did The whole carolina tied join doesn't live in Chicago right now, George, wasn't right. You know like these
your tied to college. That is, there will always be that with the Katy package yet and he's like he left, Texas, more. They things. Therefore, like seven and a half months. Zion believes that way. I M using those are all like his boys. He could win six title MBA titles and eat. I guarantee when he's like ninety five years old. You ask him like a favourable. Will marriages, UNICEF and twenty nineteen me and my friends. Do we want the national rage like that's? The thing is universal. Most of this idea that one thing is a new understanding where nobody, you know, are these guys is the first time they ve ever not lived at home for an extended period of time where they ve. The nice room men just food available the times in a way that something Katy talked about where he is. Again a really roughshod anywhere to Texas Sea, like he had a room and a bed n
he had meals have to have to worry about like really happy there for the first time or call at college for these guys the one time that they make a decision for themselves. There is not yet here answer their guardians. The parents are guardians. Tell them. They're going to go to high school, where they're going away for they wanna get drafted the pros their drafted into the team that their told you're gonna be blamed for this day. Colleges, the one time that you say, I'm gonna pick to play here. I want to spend my life here. And I'm gonna be the like. It's basically there you staying at a really fun hotel and everything we had a couple freshman year, and a couple basketball players on our for actually reaches hilarious, like their sleep, all the time there. A belated may vary that their whole schedule is clearly at a whack with ever us on campus, and then there there during the winters when everybody else is gone and there just kind of locked in with the woman's basque while where's. That's really anybody, that's it who's on campus, for three weeks and they're. Just
really bonded in this profound way there. There all the time but the internet is changed a little bit and video games, but for the most part you're really, all in it together. So too ass. Somebody like him to be like yeah. You should just stop playing there's no way. Its outer there's no is happening there. Different, I have from Ohio state. This is going to sound said, but it's not just speaks to like the experience of being on a team, every single person I still talking from for years rouse day. Had something to do with the basketball team will have a single friend that I was like an account class worth in UR, like a matter at party we became bodies are an idea. Is that didn't have time for that? I was with the basketball guys, always so managers. Coaches players, like those are all my my college friends than the new rules, will themselves and we had the same role on our teams. Other you away more successful now as but you had the bus rides was really where we shall evaluated by surprise. The bar busting, though a claim. Whatever the fuck was happening.
You know, I'm sure these days are together, costly and even though our Deborah Ann Kaye radish another can be through the top five pigs. I'm sure he's just like bodies with those states also seems exile. Just like the greatest guy is awesome tries really hard. He has no ego whatsoever there less. It is when basketball game see, there's nothing else going on. I've been I've been waiting for like something to rip on him about, and it is does it you know just as he's per yeah he's issues kind of her feet so checks. Everybody's Luke is like the worst thing about him, but at this point the leg is, but we need ten year, your partner, Tate, tired you and see ten times take it easy, as via volcano closure media theirs. I myself have since the game is out of the rails, deteriorated Itzhak, as do the real object of his affection, is thy way sailing. Undercoat case spell his torn rotate. So
This whole idea about him sitting out. Do you think, there's a correlation with the NBA and the Anthony Davis and Amanda. Yet you ve talked about this alive than even you. I love you, we are very much like we put the brakes on this player. Empowerment, stuff Is there a relation to that do think in terms of lake, People warning sign to sit out, because I, My brother's up to you, I feel like the future. Basketball is everybody sit out and like there's? No bathwater watering can realise that there's no barriers to the earth we shots of like the NBA players, walk it in with their whatever their wherein, in their whole, no little handbags and we get those shots them on Instagram. In a week, about stuff and trade. Rumours molecules in games are like never actually play guys are sitting out for their next contracts. Pleasure city now for the draft position, or we both my arrives. Basically Jody entrances. It's not yet brought down breathless. Nor never resolutely shows up to stand there. That sort of thing,
think I should have managers. I can't ever manager I raised vanity comes out is but a lot of talk about Cairo Irving. What kind of plenary is? That's really? I don't know if it's really frustrating is a year we're on the same page this just when I was well, I've been again, I some I'm were defined because people are going to rip you for being like an old dude is out of touch whatever of the same age is allowed NBA you'd like this is my generation guys it originally. And it's just weird to me cuz these thoughts like never and obviously I'm not as good as those guys and all that kind of stuff like when we were growing up like I don't remember people talking about money with basketball. It wasn't like even Greg being friends with him. He was never Ok, if I do x y see, if I go to House day versus going to Indiana State, then maybe more money, and maybe us, And with Nike, instead of coma, you know like these thoughts, has never just must remind us, like I love play, basketball, I'm going to play basketball and if I'm lucky, make some money, and that was it and ass. They all anyone thought about, and now it's like every single decision
This isn't true of everybody, but like it's like the public thinks that every decision should be driven by dollars, incense or is it an evaluation scare again Davis. Is twenty five and he's like it's time to think about my legacy. It's like israeli yeah yeah! That's when a couple plasters, its its members to have what they were team here on right now, like a day of the hearing, a good ally with low Brian, whose in his eighty year and is visibly the same guy that he raised her ears. Governesses, that's good fear legacy here, it's weird I don't! I don't know that it is information. People get bad advice at the ad. That's us up This, where you have the right person whereby cannot be you. In the broad and then we're here. This guy include Thompson's gonna to come a little, be awesome, so yeah, that's great yeah, yeah do that, but that's all They were college, take account
kind of figure that we grant transfer baby baby abated Ashraf set out for your neck, a paid. It feels like to MBA really honestly feels like were ten years away from just due to redraft every single year relate guys just I'm one year contracts and then you just like shuffle up the entire player pool, and it's like I redraft for the next season for major shake him all up every year and that famous eighteen, who is anything by others, you tell the Harley was Appoint guard air, Gordon Shooting Guard decline, cook small forward, Josh Macabre power for Gregg Odin Centre. But no garden, Heyward Gordon's on my house. The ba as two years two years younger than me say cells, but that eighteen, how long did it stay together, together, like five years like eighth grade through and an authorized cool, so nowadays you'd be the other its dread and their nitrate judgment Roberts would get lured to this is our aim and then you know, damn well go somewhere out loud split up, pretty my share That's the NBA! Now yeah these guys.
Are being trained from aged twelve thirteen to be to just be thinking what sex. For me, You go here Armenia, I must be to play. I'm gonna go this way, see in for some like you. That might not be thy crazy because to you, just you you're kind of like a generation remove you like that must be. Our kids are for me. It's like my that all is like. I'm too, I don't fella you generations may around me. I didn't hear one one, I'm like one general, I don't know, I don't feel like I'm that or a norm older Blake. That would make the internet at first. It is just how goes there. I was came down on this to him and he added, we keep talking about on the part. But I was really interested that. Adam Sober was so passionate about it because I saw finally, may I really want to talk about this. Is a great I've been dying to talk by Morocco, but I think they thought shorter contracts will solve all these problems and they inadvertently created these other problems, and I am really not sure which one is better, because the law their contracts, they trap. People in a bag
jack sooner bitter or trap the team and to you're paying instead of iron? Ninety billion a year for seven years a year three or like holy shit, we have heard here and now is what, Thousands were like. So now sure contracts, but other means is movement costs I fix it owner. This is again as guy who chairs for Middle America teams this. Is it the NBA soda in other movements in the list of under what brings us up all the time, but you have not ratified as well hope to the calves ever hope to the patient arrive here. One of the only calves fans that I now oh hi. Bugger that actually feel le kind of screwed them over the second time yet This was very bizarre is very bizarre. Their hives lake- plodding him as he left we, to escape here. There is a need for a new you're upset that the Cleveland fans were like so kind of passively thankful.
But who going to leave those really strange kind of sad. It's not that you shouldn't be happy about the title that he brought to Cleveland it's more lake. He came back with this like his whole The whole second step was like I'm coming home. This is home. This always be home. This is where I want my family to be down a long time now, did you like the college thing is like I went to Miami for college? You know never gotta go to college show my aim. It was kind of my college. I was there for years, but now com in honour this world to be from the one and a half minute Nike career in it. I get it like. They were mess. The team is horrible used here and what is it that I get all that is a snake announces weird this weird little high- was Ike. Ok, thanks mandate for the one title, especially he laughed he he left them were just in wreckage, share with these two. Look, I'm Jack said he made them sign. An aid were missing a bunch of first round picks that he made
I'm sure we we did. We do in our life. I guess we're in Colombia, which is unclear on both like there's a symbiotic relationship between two cities like ass vans. And I asked the people about the project we still likely brought an oil admiral assure the place erupted there like here, we love em out like make the same point and there's like we don't care. We want to title four Finally, I wonder the people I know they're like Diary, Cleveland fans they would they deerlike Buddhist, want one title: we wouldn't want expert one eyed on our lives, so the calves when it and then there does feel like these last couple years. It's like the shift is gone. Okay, so the calves one. But what we really want is a brown title analogy everyone's on the basis of so the Catholic was nice, but that doesn't count. We really want bigger mayfields, desperate to what an incredible had she been dead. Two thousand sixteen title was that clever
was so beaten down and just discouraged and despondent and traumatized and got to the point which threats expands got to last decade of just like it's. Never, it happened when a dying, though never sit tight on my life's my life sucks and then It actually happen, and they were so grateful unhappy that left two years later and basically did a one. Eighty and every single thing he said when he leaves accurate, lit a narrow thanks man look at our land gonna worst. He is your play without it. So weird, I was not raised the Caspian. I don't really care that much about the case. You know I don't want to hear about a high. I care about a highly a high official. You know like I'm, not speaking from a place of authority on Lake would Caspian feels, but it's like, as a guy was around it. I'm like it's sort of not the reactionary aids disappeared from the dire
there was one of the weirdest games, I think I've ever been to hear it will really lies. Our energy was weird. The crab gave up immediately and everyone around us. As I go he's gonna leave this is it picture room he's gone and if they were really, he isn't said anything added. Everybody was just out mad at all. There is no bitterness ETA. Those issues like digested done on earth. I don't blame. You know I would do the same thing. We suck this the city stocks. We circular merit lobby the brandy for the total, a middle aged man? It's I give sports our marriage. This was like you're married somebody. They laughed merits guides and plastic surgery Miami. For four years there were like I'm ready to come all modes. Let's get back together. The kids great by has said we awesome four years later, I believe a good ally of guys go away gray. Now your three gas
Moreover, it is working for the broad and allow his is well for sorted out for all parties. Cairo seems happy. The bronze seems happy clearly have a poor. I want to say, pour la Brown, but he was were heard. One hundred reserves, Botz boat, but re latching last night, when you he's hugging. These dudes after breaks M J record that he probably barely in his blood. Couple times or interacted with in the crowds just kind of each other on and what that would have man, if you that an equivalent, oh, my god, they were, there were ten minutes standing ovation. So maybe that's when must have been. They shit solely effort, for the term it you're coming back before, emerge very mild, using its out using its top heavy general thoughts, its top heavy duke, refers to in back, which I think we should consider using to come back and indeed will be fine do Kansas.
Virginia or are all kind of that the top two year Airline is pretty good. I think, can talk. Ok boy did this I feel like a year where one or two seeds, you know when, at which I know the like of usually followed into turmoil, said, doesn't happen area or not. It doesn't show their case. There's some years we're gonna run. Like I don't know, there's a crapshoot. I don't believe that rolling the ones this. One is a year that, like the teams at the top or are definitely better than everyone else, forget his I've eleven, the two I think, you're the best. Even a country we want can we do that had already was be Duke it wouldn't do, has authorized Kentucky twelve to learn. Can today and it was warm and also no credit offer did destroying Duke and that's I again. Energy shift tap another, but not here I'd really well again. I think it's can actually help Carolina Kazoo Lake there's nobody there, Asian, I'm yet never no one's believe in and then there like sort of their plain. Where but they don't have like a target on their back is like there's always the asterisk societies that
Kay say he's not gonna play Saturday sewed be asked whether they be Duke again and it still a good. What does The count. Type thing because It is really good. Are the other? Caroline all be a third one, adding daisy, she's gonna three one seeds, which is pretty wild basic, see that tournaments and Charlotte this year, oh yeah, that's good for nothing yeah. Well, generally air, though that, but they directing it of that. Usually I can Greensborough, so they get like good crowd anywhere. We have found Virginia's Virginia's, really really good. I will say that the like a lot of people are counting average inexact lost with sixteen see last year, which is bad, is a scarlet lamb but didn't other best player data. Have the artery hunter is probably be tapped and pick he was. He was The team. All your last year got her for their game. If you listen, everyone Arbogast I've. I've like made this point a billion times, but that doesn't they still should have lost a sixteen see but thou. That guy is that good that lake? I don't know that they like,
Game almost doesn't matter to me as I'm filling out my bracket this year. Cuz, I think Virginia is really really good, so who's, my favorite, two thousand and nineteen college basketball player that I have in falling in love with you at that's, not saying that I'm going to fall but when I went and if you catch him in the right time outside Toby Way on Carolina their point guard him did he ST either, but he could take a drop like that. Many had thirty four there. He's fine, I think you really like Mps Like six four and fast in can shoe and doesn't hesitate place I could deploys. I can it be a player in is a freshman. Is wanted done? Yes, oh yes, thank you I can't do that anymore. He's got a big afro. He like Moran Turner, yeah, he's Ready for the ongoing over make determined that the problem is a good player but he could where he couldn't win his leg and they are good wildly with area, but there's Belma is like kind of better than them. That's the issue that we,
like it. When you really like three or four spots for teams that diskette automatic tuna liquor, storyline automatic bid forgot, like Evans, like your tease out that guy, like goddamn, we really want to see John said here. You're pretty sphere, there's been some sort of, Inter Alia, to ashes leg collapse. You're gonna be a top for lottery pegging. You have to be in their turn, re automatically get it. There is they're here, a guy that I'm going to fall of love. Man. I was finally right. Somebody here that took like failure. I gave up ottoman turned on him. I mean is howard- would be the guy Marquette he's he's he's a shooter legislate, has no conscience and will heed these. The Pisa bigtime score. I think you would like him a lot. They just lost so dealer De Marquette, four hundred and twenty one I don't think I know that there are good enough to international title, but he's good enough to lake like they're good enough to be there the one a gamer too, that they have no business when it just because he goes for like forty, something there, sir, I think
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for your visit Zuma, mind set up a free account today. Free try, the most affordable and reliable video communication solution on the market have actually use in the last few weeks, and it was. It was shockingly easy made happy with zoom check it out. Right now are right, this is fine. This we're doing the young edition of the Ringer, for even Isaac Glee producing the segment yeah. All the young, its AIR Helio Chassis, danger, allow Kevin Oconnor, lotta based I've got cabbages came out from some we're talking about some conference before before we came on which like is of and also state exactly the same, took two thousand people every, but I'm not sure where half the people there like people, can't love numbers this much and yet they love it. They just lovey
believe you believe it up bill. I think the panel's early some interesting, I think, for young kids on a high school kids in college kids trying to get their fruit in the door. Let us start power. Had some gm some players now, so you ve abandoned island. I've ever been by one question has like the fashions gotten any better than ass. Ten years now, let's it's illegal fit a suit, TAT fan, drawing, is innocent. A wide range of business, casual you'll see it on the latter's sweaters over me now buttons, but I'm sorry. Sometimes you have suitable to fall out fitted suit at various I entirely. I wasn't dressed up enough because it when they treat The video and I was just wondering like whatever- and I and my dad my uncle dine read other applies and, like detects forget dressed, I set my gloves itself. He loves whatever of getting insulted anywhere, so he said ass funny, values fear cut you off.
You know, I'm glad you, but that really can turn a twenty four hour sports iterated sake. I thought it was funny. I just whom they are worried about using my likeness or something I was just making fun of daily show. You hear my voice of one point, but then in turn, in this whole thing, if you like on Bali with pity decision by is clear, is that complicated, but then they put me on the job, so I get along really well. The SBA ensues million years ago. It's fine men really feels like it really does. Verlag Danny was there for the last time. I was therefore the final three weeks it with the air. It was right. The bottle. I still have the. Ireland, I kind of my phone, but yeah was alive.
Famagusta better. Also was a really long time ago, many billions that anyway, but so basque. While he went over the Celtics first, you want a well abroad that you take over the Bron. Then you just so. The news just broke that the brand James would we got a minute's minutes and twenty eight to thirty two magician and what has happened to base load management. What is the reason for this tanking taken absolute arriving there they found that mean. Obviously they said health, the real reasons taking the right now, the Lakers are in that slot, where they have about a six percent chance of going into the top for, but if they just lose a couple more games and silence about nine spot.
You can have around twenty percent chance, so wicked, essentially triple their odds awaiting a top for pick, which would ultimately give them a better asset potentially for ethnic Davis. See then this is our Davis driven. I think at this point now that you know they're not in a play ass, a kind of asked me and I think, as case he was talking about bringing those those odds out, because with the the draft kind of lottery, smoothing out of the odds, basically the best spot to being is from seven eight nine, because that's where your odds actually doubled from last year, so you're, getting like eight nine percent chances of getting the number one pick Yan needed, so they do or lead to more attacking irritated neo because last night, the maps wine, and now all this unlike their very close to getting into a really good position to keep their pay which is why I love you I was.
Was hilarious, it being the maps because cuban Lasher was like openly said that he was thinking on Doktor, James Podcast. Yeah and then all of a sudden, he, and are benefiting from his flattened dots volume in the mass lost. The bet you said, one yeah they lost, which I guess now tied me later said you may then they won by losing they want my, but I dont think that their. Hanging. But now I don't know why you wouldn't they're pretty close to Memphis in the worst, the worst spot for all above these cause. They want LUCA when Ricky the air. So you can't like we're gonna a minutes restriction, but you basically have to. Let me make their threat to play. Mark Cuban in the last five games for. His power to be great move by the house. Where they were used to try this and also on the corner. Show juries want twenty two percent from three years might by which you other than the next. What your Jean team? No answer, because I have a surprising pic. I feel
Lana Atlanta would be really mine, as everyone is well, while Bulgaria John CALL be really it's proto warriors, you basically build the entire template, Oliver again to be really beautiful awash, that's quite a lot of guys who can handle the ball space I think the most surprising to things that in their share in existence from our slack is how many of us have really enjoyed the kings in the hawks gap. The earnings are sound despite their so lovable. Last night I mean for us that was such a fund game fix them I actually thought it was gonna play out with the south exposing we should. I once you found your body on another kind of ideas on another taxi. Whenever so carelessly since you wrote about the South and Monday, do you give yours picked by the way you think it's a lunatic I may I would go away and honestly like they're a couple teens who just want them to be good again. Wizards is worst case scenario. Wizard worse case gotta subject as it does that recently, what I I predicted in my tanking call home
here this week, I like the wizard, we are in a spyware. There are so high compared to where it should be, that I can totally see next fans losing their minds because there was wrapped up that Arafat and the sun's just because it teaches they would have deserved it. At this point, I think by just stop. You can't play those suit the other way and can play a resigned together, a bunch of might see those ass long ass, the boy I mean etons, gotten better defensively. Everything in Maltese have an extremely efficient offensive, Cecil much moments and Oh yeah, I did they did when the two games against the honest and Braun Journey, and I mean there's a finer defender and as those really shrinking the court, though fur for a lot of I know I know that neither of them can shoot and that's why the problem is that combination for shines, I'm gonna, better front office situation. Yet Yes, I mean I want to get things LUCA. That's that's my that's my alternate.
Take ITALY desire, K, paean LUCA, would be out of control. It would be like alternate dimension mix, which is, We. What I wanted to see me sets forth the matter. I'm a really great position for the summer because think about it. It can be. They have a chance of this pact right, most likely not gonna be silent. They have thirty million origin caps base yeah like they are in a very, very good position to many here from now. They just have all cap space. I guess it in the papers is at that point The arguments in his day around I want to have a look at our twenty or maybe upon TAT space, a twenty twenty one and that Syria tracing out No, I'm all that land in Dallas aren't addressing spots, though, because of the few years they ve had in their young players, excelling they could try to accelerate their rebuild by trying to be per getting eyes summer with the cap. Safer have so daring to good shape with prison guests, and I think they saw this where you're the team after the next. It's like thoroughly
she chip after somebody's had a terrible relationship and uses the next person they dated museum. Amazing, you care, got you get what you got me a gift This is crazy tax, within a day here and with poisonous he's a wow look at these lockers, yeah? Well you're food before the game human can really play. I feel you know that a whole air yeah hey we get equipment wanna use by jet to fly here like he's, then I ran out yeah she's quickly on Boston cause. I talk by Boston with too much but it's one imagines an entire since you fucker, since you wrote your: U peace so There's a legendary plane ride that apparently happened on the weighting on state, and I think, there's a chance. I don't get too caught up in it, they could in the hope of it, but I think it really matter change the season. It started with carry talking at the events in their big heart, the hard about everything
Kyrie asked to talk to the whole team and their disuse life talk on the plane and carry apparently was like apology. As in every body and MIKE I'm not handle in the swamp. Sorry, I'm not doing this. He said I ve been a dick and is kind of did all thing and lead to all these. Relations, and that's why that words came. It was like what team is this there like cheering for each other, their high fiving, so will last for a week. What do you think a last word is this a new rethink. Ellie, I mean short term thing. There's a levy his eyes. It was the actual situation with Cairo what the situation everyone's health, even if all getting along. Walgreen Green other Gordon Heyward is completely recovered man now an hour and what's carries durability So many questions, others and prayed get along new dimension, our for neither exactly he ain't gonna about it. I didn't acts
I like the level that is re, unlike if they get the sexes in the first round our work. They need our it that we on the sectors and bring the six years on its frisky pacer soon. That scares we can be like a classic losing to attain that. You have three times as much taller than in their huge is plays better and legs. Each other is. Is there a precedent for this type of white pacer seem to actually make it too, like the second round, and scarcely so the artist may lay season. They beat the Celtic NO five, and if you go back to my, is being archives, like losing my mind. We had like nine of the best eleven poisonous areas, this area right. It was like Rick, Carlisle Reggie, Orange Meno and just a bunch of like whatever's, and they just had better chemistry. Why mean technically wooden that seriously?
like what bossin will eyelash area right, because Bosnia has the better talent on their teams when that was the fluke last year said the Phillies should amid the files, and they just kind of four ready to do whatever it took in that serious but Boston, whistle they not better than they really scary to Philadelphia at all. I mean on that and I'm scared of everybody, but I mean the team that I just don't think they can beat his terror. Sorry, Danny him, just like you and you are putting on a platter. I made them to make the final step. Renault match up is just is just the framing the problem with Toronto, just the lineups that they can. These have answers for anything in right. I can put the bigger and they would smile and they go? I flatter I'm not I'm not entirely convinced of their their reserves, though Jeremy Lin hasn't looked great Norman powers, kind of fallen off over the past few weeks.
May I just wish they had one more like competent, three undoing D Wing 3d wing like the loud. Your lay right made now the path that has passed its to it, but that's where abortions interesting were either you mention: how is it fixed now? How long is this last, who knows like this has happened over the course of the full season with them where they have had like loosen straight cemented, and around four four five games, and then they go back the other way. So this could just be another high for them, but you know I get back to work. Airy has said multiple times a season were where he said after the seventies. All matters: that's when you log in- and you put aside your ego years, doing what's best for the team. If countries right about that Will Boston, I think does have the same thing. You know the advantages that trial does with the ability to match our from play: different styles, but the chemistry aspect that has not been there all season
long, and I think it's it's pretty unreasonable to expect to be there. Now, though, that plane ride thing is interactive, any a legendary plain rounds. I don't know, member that time carrying the plane, man the whole season turn we want twenty eight still every time. I believe every time I think about the Celtics, though, and I feel like when you play in the regular season. There are so many distractions, but when you lay the play out your literally only focusing on one team, and I think that's what will help the salt Ex, where they don't have these you no other distractions, that they have to tend to acts of February plaza their mandate Haley's on my side, always with on the rare slack with the south, because we will lose our guy Terry AIR Dude Terry, I mean always be cheering for highly, went to Louisville Occasional understand. That means by some good ones and plants we do. I tell you Can I have been a little bit of carries problem right
in my work. I don't love Celtics ultimate success would be Terry success and on your last pike ass, you said that you father, they made a mistake, not trading heavily on what I think I had to look after it it would have uncluttered uncluttered the whole will care see, reported Phoenix a protagonist phoenix for fourteen twenty minutes and go to Phoenix Callback Court. Brazil, for I know the sun stand over barbarian when she says, and I get by no wonder you watching him again: you're not unlike somebody's league passer streaming it that they may be the team. The pace in the summer I stolen Terry, like even he ran the team last day and he just stood events aware he obviously some illness. By forty minutes. A game he's wanted some guys like that. His motor never stops going. That's like when I remember when he was getting drafted, never asylum, size. I would always point to the revolves, because if someone like that scrappy is going in for every rebound against super tall guys, you need in Canada and he is like a six slight ten wingspan,
he's an easily rebound right. Has possession for short list answer mad? Now that I got you ass, I entered the southeast Asia. Hake in them are tackled by an is figuring out of visa bucks backs the rafters box. I'm going all right all right now, but I'm not sure I will change my mind. Seven tyres: I'm not really here's! What worries me about blockades, it's a lad, aired, but so and he's been awesome, he's been really gave, but I still feel like game. Six on the road down three two down five with Seven minutes laughed the near but such as get guys. I got this and I could see in a I think, sharks. Actually, he brings us breezes up all the time, but the boxes, acquisitions of mere teach and then palace
all, has really worried him. India, the idea that, like just bearing Dj Wilson, who is your most capable of switchboard young defender and when you don't have the confidence of him in the play off your trotting out these old guys, who you know what they're capable of you dont know what to do. Wasn't capable you'd imbued much rather have merited some details. What ya like palace on I do not agree. I view I would assume he's gonna be like in CASE Brook Lopez in our gets her shirt, my belgian case for mergers, egg. I would be stunned of his part about the regular rotation that that day, I that's that seat, but that's what I'm worried about you know a part of me one if that was just a chemist. Acquisition general that's just a guy round guys spend a million games if its game for a sum of some plan, Series Lopez gets five thousand third quarter and the near there at this guy's been there.
Come out right because we don't know that Digital is there anyone else on the bucks roster whose want a championship. Now I mean there's guys in there. I don't know if anyone there roster has even better no western in eastern and western finals write me, but so the coopers than ever get to the western fine us ladder expanse. I like, I see they hold that the big question with Toronto, and I think if they can stay healthy, that would be the one affairs arches lowries body and assaults body and whether those you know when she gets to inquire, and collaborate. He sees a printing unload management all year. I will say watching that Celtics where's game. I thought I was shocked by the war here's how slow they say they know they have color play but just engender Oh, my god, it's just not the same kind of athletic team that they had an early. Because with the bench and just the bench to have the share but right right, Lava Hoskins, I do think any of acid
Buggy, I think, a lot of us this book. I think he he looked good initially, Now the he looks slow to me. What was his office were tortured him, and I can, I think, I wonder, of body looking good was at the initial shock, Viking returning and looking all Edwin, really the his solid, is still inferior to what he was or yeah reminded. Why get Howard him the rising like you to think about sets I mean yeah. He can shoot threes, which automatically makes people think you'd be a good thing on the warriors. But if your not if eureka- inherently economist, slower beggar guy who now coming off an oven, is injury behind you may like zebra hunting. It attacked a reality in the play off some like that. That team game against the Celtic devoted to think about the comment by Katy for the games holding out shouted turn away as we have allowed ha when I, we are now about outline. What what is the point of of attacking coal, which making that kind of remark by your coach is that geared towards them
media when you're asking like. Can you guys just get a straight or, as I like occur thing figures is kind of being smart us. Well, I do you really think I really think much of it, if somebody item ringer that attitude like like fantasy back what the fuck is going on. Why did they say that cited stated above you like. I will tell you that have a beating, what we be right now, our open share, the at them feared buggy was that we ve never seen a two hundred and ninety pound guy come back from the century. Just seemed at least on a tiny bit unrealistic and you know when you watch him in two thousand fifteen and sixteen and they're just oh athletic and so fast, and then he brings it now meant that I really liked when I naturally watched it, the more I watch it defensively, it just seems like it makes them a little more plodding, which a mature is good for them or they still your final spurt per year,
what is the one thing at this point to tear them apart and stop them from injuries in the injustice chemistry, though the red flags for them are just we ve seen other teams in this situation where there is his red fire and we just overlook them because of the pedigree, but that's usually one bad stuff happens as one night the offer Lakers against the pistons happen. You know it's which two guys not getting along is the worst case. Now I think speaking in dream on right dream on in anybody's dreamer. Nobody, I think, I think you guys- maybe it's already- there would be like Katy and like staff, or something like that. If that were to happen, I don't can few distemper the ground and link stating what? Where he's like normal? Even if he'd it does have like negative feelings towards kitty? He would put it aside when its actual new ordinary rendering it irrelevance
clay is most popular guy in the league like every literally everybody loves everything bounces off clash, so I mean really dream on in buggy would be. You know like countries in the Middle EAST deciding that that it had ever been gone. Oh god, oh please do we allow do. We know that the state of their friendship, Brenna babysitting, You came to his defence like this week. The state of the union seems But buggy is one of those fly off the handle right and Germans were like see when they fly off the handle and they kind of unravel for like ten seconds and can't kind of lose control. If my son is like this to us some Well, my Sunday, I didn't say you would say, who's biggest theoretical ass. They were now. We also use them. Yes,
what is the council's priorities are gonna? Think yeah? What's going on words, do we now do you know? I don't think, there's like an official update about this of his health right now, so I shall explain rider now without vote This is far too large body. What is exactly wrong with him. I am, I honestly, don't know it's very mysterious. There's this mysterious Casey knows it has high, but I dont know I would say Houston because under the thinking about putting aims harden against the markets, cousins and pickin role, him and forceful agonies- and I am addressing this because I am answers yet he would have to be open you'd have to like basically take em off the current different pickerell every single possession. My my two fears with you
in other than are the obvious signs were hard in the physical toll of the season. What would have left for those last for ads, and then I just why. In response, I guess Chris Paul led anymore. I see scan he's Toby, number two score and then you watch unless cup a since I address ok, yeah yeah, he's big eyes. Again, if you like the rocks, which can have to stagger their minutes just to make sure, there's only option every single time down the floor, Desgas, that's all! That's all the Rockets really have. I think he looked at his last year going to seven games. If they don't have an Owens own too. Seven stretch from three names: seven were deliver those twenty seventh street threes away. I mean things would different. We re looking back. Either the calves beat the Rockets are rockets, James harder, them champion happy nobody saw our the of such a storybook run, as as, like the biggest
Antonia fan at the ringer, it would have made my heart grow, like five sizes, so Paul as a sore right shoulder with his eyes as non specific I mean, I could add a leg had torn rotate or cover their not tat centres with suspicion, and that's that I mean that's when you know can knows that I don't know so guilty arrival of hard rotate archive, but I dont know what I don't know if it's serious are minor sprang kind of that that it had been doing that kind of thing. The season right, like all of these injury updates that we ve gone from almost every team, has has been more vague than they ve been in the past. This is becoming like applied, not quite like hot you, lower body variety, their vague and then the timetable has been completely unreliable for so many of these So I mean when you have a star player in the final: the broken hands not amounts until after the files are over. A team probably feels like Can I come in advance injury to my mind, this year was play, unlike
he told the media was saying the goalposts cabin dim more, we heard allegedly allegedly broken. There is a gap for game for whatever before game, for we text of my few here in anything about the bronze handling. There is really nothing concrete out there that both the second the game's over so out. There, an hour. He started early restarted shaking hands with people with us So are you. Paving the way for greenhouse game the air with the carpet tunnel thing that he had to say, and that was like, allegedly for the broken man we're let it run war that, like a few years ago, we are a guy like we. Let go a lot of things with the Brower talk about him. One second read of desperate what's a good bread talk about Hulu plus hey once you ve experience, who pass it's a little like winning twelve sports titles and century Isaac, you can't go back, is used to winning
that's the gist of that Hulu commercial. I've been saying ever it's all about who has tons of, shows and movies exclusive originals like the Handmaid's tale, plus live tv for sports. Once you get Hulu it will tv for you forever start free. The Hulu Dekom h you? Well, you live tv plan required for life content restrictions apply, and if you do right now, guess what you get our bachelor show that we talked about her there. Can I still you for a second. If you love the bath, sir, you will thoroughly enjoyed the show. I promise you so check it out free trial Hulu today at who the dagger, ok, Lebron James. Could this barring injury for this have worked out worse? Nothing of any scenario that could have been worse, nay, would have made the pie ass if he was, if you never entered
For seed on put so much my on that yeah kissing what name? Isn't it Kazi? When you went out say what I think the idea of at the end of a Christmas day games. They really a realistic. What would you do checked out the numbers and Michael, what were they on paste to win their on peaceful and forty again and now at that so nights with that rating point differential and also, just though the way, but I say schedule is- was gonna about it harder- and that was the others in a man of they- have a really difficult, finished and schedule no, I like they would have made the playoffs, they would have got out the first round and it would have been. Maybe I mean like it because it was it wasn't just the bronze injury, though it was no longer ball. Their best offenders been out. In Rome. Right now is out, and crews must also out too. So. That's like these guys have only played. I think I forget them. After my baby fifteen gained
together. Those for this is a way better outcome than getting killed by the warriors observed, and I mean it as but at the same time, how much of this current coups men, Ingram stuff is kind of like what we saw was around today, where their pivoting too. You know next season remove conspiracy. There is thrust my kind of content. The dough say about Lebron getting injured. He has played like fifty seven thousand minutes in his played eighteen years and just had a hundred game season, and this is what happens when you're putting all your eggs in this basket like it. I think it's actually little unrealistic to expect three thousand minutes from the guy at this point in his life we ve seen this happen. With Cobby with paint manning all these obviously from people were you just at summits, Tom Brady right now, he's assume it's gonna keep going and at some point it
sustainable, brightening, less and less around the broad and cheer. It's just so unprecedented. The amount of minutes he's he's played at thirty four yeah. Everyone above him was was like forty by the time they finish, as I would like to tell him a careers. Now. That's where it's a scary, seeing him amongst those players, but also human human We are basically neck and neck and Dirk has how many letters on him like for at least five six yeah. He started become obsessed with this subject. When I was on countdown like five years ago cause he Atee might pass like forty thousand minutes and thirty five. As I go, my god, I looked it up and had no parallel to basically anything that happened other than Kogi and if you remember Kobe, was the same thing as has his guide deal in it and then like a kid now. Let me didn't it was over, so you know that
the other thing is like I just keep looking at this from the bronze standpoint, where it's just seems like this was poorly conceived where it's like he had so much comfort. Said himself, this it'll be fine. I'm Lebron James in just one we didn't think like what happens. If we don't get anybody us. What do we do, then, that this is how plays out? I mean it's not like Leubronn. Whenever Pont on a season, but with that said, I think he just it while you ever, I mean I mean in the beginning like before the summer It would not only are they media falling down the beginning. Now, that's happened, I mean getting that extra month or two of rest before recording space jam in June is not the worst thing in the world for the end of his career. To get that, I should say laugh instead of making it even if it's a run until late April, You know even miss I've heard this case now. Suppliers Think this is
object disaster for him because you're coming off major roadside disguise the goat right. Oh my god, this guy, Really this is it and then from the moment their Jared, maybe it sighed the curse of J Smith from the more that J Smith Play happened since everything has gone wrong for this, do including I one of the biggest what ifs of this decade, and if I was writing another edition of my book, I would have to include this like what if Paul George goes to the Lakers is now like a top. Fifty NBA, whatever cuz he's been cause he's been whether for best guys, the league individual, it's Paul George and then you could trade coups Marine Grumman get a ring, protect their things are happening, I mean in that. What if scenario does Lebaron you know seat as much control as Westbrook does, I think, will, rather than waiting to see control eyes. Looking The next moment, like we always point now, there's always articles every year about the new ways aging into his game right held two years ago. Is why
sing the ball on the core now he's like passing it and then staying above the break when watching the play play out. I think that that's the next step for him is to have enough trust in next guy thing about it this year, his second Ladys were husband coups. Ok Lasher as Kevin Love, that's a significant, not accuse by ever make it all started out said no breakaway, not is twenty four. At this point. What is close by his seventeen in seven array? eighteen, seventy locally and before cattle others carry before carry it was doing. What's going on Chris BAR she for him and his party more widely than any landslides lives. And yes, I think that that is where it went the most wrong. I think, but I do think that that is, it would have went well with positive, because I think he's been waiting to see controls. Somebody in the control might not be the best word, but definitely like share you now more than ever has that's why it so important for them to get a d because of its not aid,
that who is it like? A? U r? U throwing money at Jimmy Butler! That's not gonna, give thought I mean like who. Let me, if it's not gonna, be a trade for eighty endless, not sure who the target is made by their get three years. He could be inferred awaken, yeah. I know it's gotta be. Like two years right, that's gotta be the max from light by its irresponsible in three thirty yet or is he still twenty? Thirty very, I think one of two things happens either by a team like a phoenix type, not necessarily them, but a Phoenix Cyber, our window type, just as I cannot say, we're gonna, throw a lot of money at the sky inside the Griffin Jade, but firm, but assigning India. The. I think, that's something I could end up happening for the long term deal. I wouldn't recommend that mean either we do you think, you think, o Brien after, like three glasses of wine, is with his buddies at something
Is a man I should then this would do you think he says they need a first. We think he says that Dwayne weighed on their second bought of cabernet, he's got really needs a sleep next to them in a carriage and Lebruns waves in bed in a man to an iota southern. What does he say? I don't know are you. Oh Hayley, though I did I do know. This is where you are wrong, so you made he raided or wrong that he had last time when you left to go to my me right, which was that he very much made it seem this way I'm not saying you orchestrated all this, but when he went to allay he was like look. You guys can play me right. Cleveland, like I gave you a championship. Look at the owner. I've always look at this front office. Look at this roster! Ok, nobody was mad at him for leaving. I don't think I've demean too.
Still talks about calves fans. We see all being look resign earlier in this package, as we were talking about, the brain left wreckage behind a. If I and all those contracts, then they signed because they violate, is merely ass in Europe between our reference now there's no earlier. The rigours Patino friendly these days now, unlike the main line to agree where he went wrong, was not on image. It was on preparation because he very much new. The team is walking into going to Miami right there, the lie that and I don't know I haven't behind the scenes. I don't know of p, really thought they were going Paul George to sign their. I don't know they thought it was a sure thing that they could. Anthony Davis traded, but the actual preparation of the team is where he went wrong with seems like members, go back and read the story, so I could seem like he was heavy
the through they packed and there is a whole thing about how they wanted it didn't wanna team, just issue yours they wanted a tough team development. I did a longer deals, yeah, like wrong about this team right with the guys they added to me? I looked at it from you know what asset perspective, like all one, your deal setting out for next summer by that may not work The way that I expected it- and I wonder for Leubronn on his second bottle of wine, if he's thinking, I don't know if I can trace second our third glass, where we will still have to drink. I think, with a broader, would be about a lack of trust and decision makers. More than else. I don't think he would regret going to allay like its families there. He, yeah, maybe he has all the stuff off the court as businesses there. I doubt he regrets that at all
but it would be more of a uncertainty with what's gonna happen, moving forward with the decision made at a rate of infrastructure and who they hire is new, head coach, assuming lukewarm gets fired, which everybody seems expect to happen at some point there that that's what I assume the bronze I predicted two weeks ago. He would there going to be a throw under the bus of Polenka MAGIC and look by some peace, but now with the bronze fingerprints on it- and this is like today tomorrow. Sunday Monday is the perfect time for that peace to run of Asia. To we see it as Saturday Primetime like herself exists Oh man, what a weird game that's gonna be super word. Weird energy other now the South Ex after the miracle playwright when the most miraculous plainly in sport and they run the same amount of money going from how long was I can fight it. If there is a fight attended on that plane? Who overheard can you just email the details as boss in San Francisco Boston? So how long enough of that
like six hours. They fighting So how long do you think you're talking to Brad, I would say- maybe maybe thirty, forty it's him oh Brad, and then the other anymore. Ours was the rest of the team. Carry seems like he's. A guy who's got a lot to say. I don't think it's lasting like a woman in an hour the re, maybe it's an hour and then they just like play cards afterwards here they're all on their phones. Listen! The Cairo before one with a ring, attested, I wouldn't Coralie much of it like this is me trying to put myself in his I wonder how much of it is him like trying to stir chaos and manufacture adversity, I'd like to have that if he felt oh, this is the I'm gonna be a leader to keep people in a right. I maybe he realized. This is not our Kogi Le Braun S, nannies irish at a time of change up town to be cool. We're Kobe was way more boy
China shot than the Brown the brown? Was they pass through? Not only I got the you know, though, Arthur Ferris on Instagram model. You got that. Honestly alive. It can go back to Instagram remember when he is leaving Kevin love out in two thousand and sixteen men. He kind of a cover up, I feel like you do, love on entering their gotta, renewing, widely varying, don't don't fit out somewhere, stories to behind the scenes stories of when those guys are Yoda cabin love, shit. I was like really crazy dies, awful, I just seem they had no sense of like it was a lot of Isaiah Thomas yeah
like him. Having a club. Has he check yeah, exactly remember. I I've heard recently my radio and pasture sunlight when David Blot was getting fired, carry wanted to keep him in the Bron, didn't like those who had a disagreement over that at some point where things are over the years and cleaving there is quite a lot is also interesting thinking about that in the context of tyres relationship to the current Celtics organization, because here so long watch this guy basically have a heavy hand and everything and organization did anything about a were literally talking about the Lakers mistakes as Lebruns mistakes and free agency from the summer right yeah. What other player gets, I kind of say, and Laura and carry watches harden James harden in in signings and and so hiring coach right? Are you saying, but the perception or using people, lawyers who would have that or who have exit who currently
there's no way that harden can walk in and say, fired. Antonia, there's no way Of the bill, I just think them. The fibers where's. The league have the power right. Ok, they have none of them and actually executed other than what brought to weather the unease. Hardens coach did get five during the season two years ago, kept Mikhail. Has he got taken me the stadium and sharp, basically yeah. I guess it's just that. We see. I guess this is the most public media, you're saying neurons actually taken that power and done something with it the ideal gotta have as your superstars. Yes, he is the embodiment of everything. You'd want to view the Irish. Are one lots earn you, those commercial super happy to be here, the boss, delightful guy he's not,
thinking of anything other than just winning basketball games, and that's like the easiest superstar, you could ever do it in the great guy great with people. That's what's gonna happen if the box make a final run, but the converse will be as yon us. The new phase of the NBA and very well could be if the. If the to make that they I'm watching them because their historical numbers kind of interesting there for a little while they're like to almost a plus ten point differential and data transfer. Six thousand four hundred and sixty five wins at one point, what's going on here this day as I the two thousand celtics we're were like that where by the end of the air it was. I didn't feel like that was the ten best teams ever, but then by every metric. They can aware- and that's where the bucks rehab than they took a step back. They lost a couple recently for from us the physics point of view there still ranked very high
Even I can look at net raining. That includes all bad teeth. Magics are really very likely, but even if you ignore all those poor teams in league, they still rank incredibly highly against other play off caliber team. Some I, when I did the celtic story, like the selfish, have the third best net rating, but it's like the twelve best net rating against the ten best team scare, the luckiest still clearer. Faraway number one and no matter what you look either. Inexperience is the only red fire, but that was the same. Inexperienced really had Lester yeah and there are only two teams in the east. I believe that have a plus five hundred record against plus five hundred teams. So it's the box in the rafters, one team that now I do this I overreact when I see people in person sometimes had did with Kevin Knox. I really liked them he's been a disaster I think ever since I saw him in person. I was impressed by Portland and that- and I think
There's a sneaking ass to their heading into the playoffs, because, because of how bad year's plant, which is like those last season, who cares Their match. Ups can images It would be it happens. I wouldn't want to see them in Rome on well. The problem with them has been that there's just there's the backward and, if that fails in the play off than they will have much our security right and that's what they hang up sense right in their defence will have a better and actually think my column, taking a step back has been where the good for them, because last year's little dueling banjos thing in the sure he has been as good and bad doubts. Kind of lower seem like the game that we did. You gotta game that once again it really just felt like it was lowered. Stamina at in totally feel that last year I would
We want to see them in the past as a really like their catch. None at next. How many trade I am bump in him up more he's been really good for them. I it feels like nerves ever since you know before the draft he's always and someone who runs hot runs. Cold. This year is running hot, often me, maybe The situation may be its esteem AIDS when he had been in these matured but- there's, no matter. What is he did this more cases legitimately good defensive, but yeah he's an yeah yeah he's an elite represent. He really is, and I was like em. I imagine this and I went and looked up. You know that those real protection stats and he was in the top five, and yet he was in the top three lawyer. I believe as well. It's just Why why Zach Holmes not getting hypocrites? at least they have options. Though I mean, if you need to go morbid defensive oriented centre, you go call. If you need score, you go canter, I think the options early nice, they haven't, they fell in love. Another white guy
Like I additive I can't leave, and now they don't needs accounts. I like cancer, I'm the only one at the ringer who still believes that, because a laugh, I you can learn a lot about the lovely gents, but I've you tie you buying or sign up by them by them and like get around to as they are there happened last year as their ceiling, they wont load that boy for then it will have a club. I still can't buy. Attain their place, Jacob a trench diamonds cited by and by the way, all the research to J crowded cracker? But at some point you have to have five kickass guys in your crunched. I mean you tell face Houston. If the play I was an eye for some and not by a further season. That's in their kindness stuck in there, I think they have a really easy remaining
back in the three have easiest Romania's gets right. Ok, thank you. Leave the easiest remaining schedule, so maybe they'll bumper. What's what what's the spot ahead of them? How many gains back? I condemn bird numbers game the Angolan state now right now, Portland is tied with Oklahoma City for the foreseen. Ok, he's gonna drop a gangster puncture just turn rotating case. It cares mps of their part time. Jobs have certainly The fears are nervous. Laughter, canvassing out attacks, brocade further Smith'S- that's not true, entered hitherto gives out a visa in that six spot. What can we all agree that just gets Antonio there? I just can't watch it anywhere. As much as I like Burton's, and have never seen a MRS shot. In other times, I've watched largely pass, I'm just kind, I would use
the kings being in there is so much more fun for me. Right then board game. King things will be epic, it's not gonna happen by the king. The king schedule like it's, not tough, but there are some really games out a strategy based on Sunday. Donnie are used in Utah New Orleans Portland. They don't clean up against bats Heem State daily, all of their games or close the aid they suffer from. You know, young MIDAS years leading lay up and you play down. Bagley was a twenty time guy. When you went down and those they better insignificant injury. That when that happens, I factor economic players. I wanted it so bad prettify of getting the season. Yater like resisted playing Bagley turns out he's pretty good mistake. Obviously of rookies can take some developed by these really come along well, Tatum make the place. I think that might come back to haunt him from a long term stability standpoint would be would be by their already went. There like rumours, are whispers in the middle of the season about US jobs, because, though they were furious about them,
everything is going in. There asked about Dodge I mean Motherlike, Bagley, good deeds, downplaying em and also all Yeager does is just complement other team to the point where the legal, why? Why do you still work here? quote lives. This sort of out of context should like, but still they I'm he's done for years now, the yet this. If he, if figured that out of this job, I think it's gonna be tough to find the third team, thing ended, really bad. They tell their rumblings early embassies it about Minnesota, but we'll see if they keep Ryan Saunders, which seems like Minnesota thing to do. Our job as a boy with this was Saunders. The only thing I care about with the coach. For that is, can towns get going and towns got fucking going in towns is? I think that they may be layers it out mean if Andrew Organs has any hope. It's gonna be with a guy who can relate to Heaven
I mean I'm a thing that I would put hoping to it, but they do need a players. Cogent aegis has the literal look up, and you know it young guy anyway, he's real, It is in years on the bench she ass just want to live in a world where Jeff Green came, Reddish and Andrew Wiggans cannot play together and judges, you're always clearly up and down to penny in the game. You're out on rhetoric on that matter, Maris Scrolling, one thirty, nine, your name in one of the next to have green camp there. I think he's Jeff Green to point out They could be better than Jeff Premium, but I still feel like I did something about it. I don't like I mean it's always been a question with him. You know about the mentality and consistency in the effort level. And the finishing up a hoodie man ever bad. All handling here also did legacies with Clash, Risa pictures of them leaving lunch already.
Answer like two years ago, Brassiere Nebraska court side for his game. It wasn't for Zionism words, so you know when you have things taken care of, and people promising stuff earlier incentive kind of winds say the opposite is like Scibili Danny you agreed to push and push to read his award winning food com Read and write about it best thou chow down as a sensation more to come. So next shout t beady we're we're still figuring out a new location, new location whose Who do you figure it out with The boy like you have a brain trust, your brain to Harrier, an infinity, not Craig ass. She left him asked Craig way too many things to worry about, then, then think about little old me. The danish food coms gave me a new appreciate precision of food stir, although many also like eating
at places in haha definite transfer of aid like made me realize food is art. I wrapping up us live Louisville, for Yeah, that's been determined. Yes, can we just nine anymore? That's a totally fair question. Sometimes let us not allow me in the turnout was sometimes sometimes loud so loud. I ain't about nuclear facility daily Isaac. Do let the plants are? Of course I do yeah, you do yeah yeah get your pack. If you make the class but convey the pick this year, we want to convey a next year, its it turns into a second. If you don't like glass, it could take a turn to two seconds. Two years later, we have to convey. Next year, if a four year, if we want a near at hand, this weird Cooper stamp yeah. I think I think, is a good thing that I think it's good to take an old school thing to say, but like in the first round, you now have the young guys get a little run. Give shade gives Jason Bourne.
Yes, it's bullshit as we have to send this whole plan check and they're gonna play like to home games, but they just keep our money. It's like extortion, they're, just like play of tickets, the full price for it all four rounds of games. They re read, it's going and you're gonna get sweat, ran one. Why do we have to send a tragic ass Togo? A big Isaac? Maybe I'll, take you, maybe maybe not deaf. I have made it thanks for coming. I guess thank you. I that's it thanks again to zip code we had to go to obtrude outcome. Slash bs, thanks to Hulu, don't forget to check out your free trial there on Hulu dot com and thanks to the re watch was I ask, as we have one of my favorite movies coming next week, and you have four days to watch it broadcast news. I think it's in the conversation for five or six best movies of the last thirty five years.
It is aged wonderfully. It somehow did not and ask her, but if you want I'll catch up with us, when we do this? When will be job in a next week? Please do check it out and then you you'll be able to enjoy it with us. Also. We wish something on this podcast next week. It's a gimmick, I'm really excited about. I want to spoil it. I don't let anybody steal is too good of a gimmick. You'll know where to be dropping some random podcast that I take two weeks ago and in your like it anyway enjoy enjoy the weekend and good luck to Tudela FC this weekend we only have our biggest game for you.
Let's go.
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