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The First-Coach-Fired Bowl and Guess The Lines With Cousin Sal | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 425)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the dismal coaching matchup between the Cowboys and the Texans, a top 18 NFL power ranking, and playoff implications (3:00), before they guess the NFL Lines for week 6 (38:55).

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We have preview police come in a week from Tuesday all day, on the ringer even launch new twitter feed. Ringer NBA for just are just the hard core NBA stuff. Speaking of things we lost. We have little world tour for one shining, Pakistan for cities check their twitter feed its at one shining pad for details If you live in the MID West Africa, the three the cities and got all them who told you I'm not going to tell them. I think you're gonna, three of them now find here we need here, is due in three of the four list. So that's happening in Africa is bad guys, gonna make progress at averted, good stuff. Coming up. Pack, has this week, we have a couple guest couple: more celebs, still getting feedback on the mat impact, as people of them come up because the first, our friends
approach the causes and the line. He could see him on F S, one every day for thirty two when last week what I am the king once again of locked in well Tuesday weeks rigorously. Yeah, that's right out of money, lying parlay, the ram Taliban to permit a cash they certainly did. We will talk about that. By your winning somewhere, because you lose guess the lines every week when we do this, but I don't wanna start there. I want to start with the two thousand eighteen first coach fireball. We just witnessed day on its nine o clock Pacific. Sunday night he's ten hours
played one other wars. Football games, I've seen that didn't have just a tiny turnovers. It was just like bad is bad for the coach, poorly executed, the only person who didn't seem to understand how bad it was was Chris cards worth? Who really had a good time really enjoyed, it was raving left or right here it was like he watching differ, gave us really J it it's one thing. If you need to keep the viewers, did you want to keep them watching, but even after the game is like bats, professional football Finally like now it is and how it is the way it has proposed up about its finest. In fact, if two coaches got together before a game and agree to play to tie it couldn't be more, like the last three and a half hours that we saw an embassy does now that's a good point. We saw he used in worthy inside the five four different times, he was right in three feel gauze weirdly. They settled
feel go there in the times when it's actually good to go for it, and then, if you don't get it, the other teams trap down on the inside. There are five one time they did go for it was at the end of the first. Where, if you don't get it the have just dense. That's, though, the only acceptable time, in my opinion, to kick available when it's ok with me a lot about that yeah the play calling was so bad they could have just you know they should have just kept going now that there were two score, they would have put it away. I wonder if they only had like five plays tomorrow in the play book for it sighed the five and once they ran through the other like fuck, want, let's kick silver but are worse. Reader will only my place. It was really bad. You're coaches. I saw this shut out the Welkin ideas being, as I saw this tweet here. The very salient question: if Jason Garriga Fire Tomorrow, any might we're taper they're sending aid by the time people here this might be done,
who, whose hiring him? What is his next head coach job look like what country are we in? What level Football are, we are we are we in college. Are we in the sea of fell? Are we in Europe were? What is the road back him ever coaching? Another team, again, I dont think I think you could. Maybe you could arrange travel for the teams warped lying in Europe that in London. That said she I don't know what he could do. I can't even remember, if he's a good coordinator anymore, I because These really be really say: vary between wasting challenges. Time out and just clapping on the side mine. I don't know I don't know what his purpose the more it so bad to watch the steam like an their deepens was good, is the best deepened play without shown by John Smith, came a big and, and then Japan was good, but Not even sure walk out on is not going to play that pensively. Ok was what are you doing? What do you mean
going anymore more. These managing the game I didn't do it. I was still a really was like eating o Brien. There must have been so relieved. They were playing a job. Doesn't like a byword you or somebody else. I would want that rivalry every year like once a year, yet that bad right? Well, I really think aid this is, between those two in Hue Jackson. It's really. It's really a trio go for the ages and I dont know if you but all of them in a neutral field. In a round Robin tournaments, with the exact same town I knowed happen. Huge happened, Hugh Jackson held up to after the game, winning feel gone, o t. I think he thought there were two seconds left on the clock and over time or the other option is he was holding up to wines the decade either way either way. It's, alas, radio. He thought there's ten seconds left or
He was excited that they have to ends five weeks. It analyses that without words, it holding up the the two fingers out of it. He, He was you know it's funny there. So poorly coached. It's like specialities mistakes than they at the inner regulation. Jarvis slangy catches, the Baltic thirty seconds left their driving. Over Medfield he's about to go out, ads and lowers his shoulder and then stays in bands to get one more yard, and then they have the leg. Spite the Bonn that second intend from the forty leading to teaches them that anything, but it you eat the really poorly coach teams jump out and it's the little stuff like that. It's it's either five minutes left in a tiger. Today they show the time out. Star says: want em out, left Houston as one time I love they were their time. I had scattered filled David somebody's,
Building a legions, and now they didn't need him at the end. They got the ball with ten seconds left, but I mean even Garrett going, but without the forty five attacked and forty five forty one. But what do you think's going to happen? There just go for it. What really you you want? This tie that case an area you get the type you go for their woods, fun, If you do go for it and you do get it and then you go down and you score a touchdown that actually could change your season right. Gama arouse the turning point in the season when the clapper went for them for the one on the Houston, forty five Actually he what was in the forty two they might have been closer, I mean it was just outside field, go range, but just go for it I will say this, though Back Prescott, I don't think, there's a ton, a difference I feel like this is blasphemous like again trouble for saying this, but I would like to tell the difference between Dac Prescott Machine wants and right now I think their pocket passers, I think, like Jack, would
just as well that better, but Hopkins and fuller, and all these other guys can we can we put the brakes on the show Watson be in the next Savior right now, well, he has really no running game at all. Has not addressed by the historic bags, and he's is just reckless in not just what by that throws in a regulation, was really bad, but he he takes headset. It doesn't have to take an end you think he's gonna get hurt again? Actually you gotta say I feel the same way about my homes: having my homes, you know he's young. His exuberant is he's probably the number one person you'd want to start of about him, my friend now, but he he can't resist any takes these big heads and he's not a huge guy and I really think he's gonna get hurt at some point: they their needs them. So Wilson is, I think, even winning into the whig. You know he's
but somewhere like that he can scramble he can extend, plays but always had a sense of when not to take those head and what's in my home, they're gonna have to learn the hard way. Watson already got hurt and by the crunched you got near. Really does about their internal tat. Sidelined gets destroyed, but any normal you look. It is at last for games. It over three hundred yards and everything that matters anymore. Does it because a Czech Nepal, fifty fifty five times The three hundred nothing borders was over four hundred today with four packs yeah. I bet I'm bored, Austria in the road so added at a parlay with Mary Oda. And you got what you today because of the anthem go down under very well tat I write. Well, I got one because what am I get one of my best I needed a sixty three year yard feel go to cover. That's happened four times the history.
The weak, so yeah I fell out of it. I thought you d grander, no safe, Riverboro wrong. Why today, I'm an oath, more poor play going down the stretcher Carolina, yes bed and then I do feel like we kind of got lucky. We had yesterday I had everything tied to the rams. I even had that nephew. I didn't know he was in a parlay with the rims if the rams lost a nephew, Kyle Attic given to the Russians, Oh really here how that night in town but ages sort of every year, but but cooks cooks goes out with a concussion. You know I'm watching in the answers. Just figured like how many dancers are there? Who knows football games like there's? Probably, like I don't know what twelve slash twelve announcing teams, you figure at some point with cooks, basically a conscious for a couple seconds, Seattle,
what my guys running out so kind help on the media lay in he's clearly concussed. Nobody mentions that he hacking less than the Superbowl nine months ago. Do we all want rainbow? Is that right, when that he said to concussions in less than a year and is not a huge guy. So he gets can chest and then Cooper CUP gets can cost. And at that point I was like mad sound airs. Good they gave them that point that throwing these guys named Reynolds than ever it, but in Vienna right is. It did in them over the metal like he's doing a good job of it, did you know those guys were I knew Everett. I don't know why. I knew him at the. I don't know why, but by a rattle by unfamiliar Josh rattles, infer cooks and then out in there just throwing a Josh Reynolds. I thought that was a real important game for the ribs, because there was a great fun games. You really want to start the Finnish likely analyzing back down the whole time and loud around the dirt, not the cover, but maybe two went and did I just I just out flash them a little bit, but out
one game yeah in it and a game you lose em, you don't feel their bad about because you just look at and wasn't our day just be just one of those guys What can we do to revive? But actually the game and that the chose me a lot about them because they think that point to try? games in a row like home against Minnesota the Minnesota team that needed a win last Thursday night. That's a trap game and they handle them pretty easily, and then this game they got there ass a kid we watch that came last. Together in Seattle. The rams embarrassed the Seahawks yeah, You think she I dont have been protected. On the line, and they did they survive that too, and that's a sign that the chamber could go fourteen to fifteen one or more, On the table yeah- and they had a mark- is Peters. Unless you watch the game, it's really hard to overstate how towards to guide their game like really really bad. The answers killing
why they weren't they just seemed like he was tired and didn't mean to make it should be out there, but he gave up four or five big plays and it just at some point just had a feeling about man. Everyone was on the ranch this week and this just this is what classics and it didn't happen. If pulled it out great fourth, one call will get to little bit later, but the thing that really jumped out to me in that game, other than you know you a great team with the game like that. I think the rams to have a chance to be great, but Curly is so freakin good. Is he the budget during the week is the best inside a five year old amendments I dont even close to them. As far as being able to school, I can be very art than that, given the empty pay, when he puts up thirty touchdown combined right yeah, they said at some point, hence tanks to me at some point. The answer is no Todd girly another three touch tat. If you don't know, if you're not undefeated with him in your fantasy, they you're doing something wrong the team.
That has in the bar I their own five. So I think Let's say their days of the rock alas I'm right there with an immediate should we do hours. She did she should we take a break from Algeria, miserable lives every year. I made a trade today. I know when people hate talk about fantasy things, I, let's just get it over with I replied each other this way? Can we play the agenda this week? I had the bears defence and I forgot to pick up a second defence. I just arrogant I meant to do it and then I went to the his last day, and then the email that is of the changes for that May I ask all my god: I forgot to get a defence and I knew you'd. Never let me forget it, nothing bothers you more than when somebody starts goes when you're playing me. I've been fire that by once again, Europe Laboriousness leads to great things right to finish a story, so nine o clock today, I realize that
Moreover, I realise the last I but inadequate. Could I realize? Oh maybe I could trade for different, so go through all the teams, their league. And there's only one thing that has to do defence rights to defence, shag tall, JANET Jamie, do run a team called the Jenny's. They had the ravens debate. So I'm emailing them praying there. Looking at their emails, the email me so we start negotiating. They offered to me the ravens for the bears defence we're going back and forth its getting closer and closer to ten, and then finally, MIKE I'm gonna take a zero. Unless you know I don't wanna give up approach earlier this week anyway, I'll give you Chris Carson or Geronimo ass an you pick. If you want to change the vague scrape, so they grab Chris Carson, I get the Vikings the Vikings get thirteen points that I'd be you bite And now now, your own five, the kicker is that Chris Carson for like over a hundred yard, so my stupidity edges lose Chris Carson and the
this, and that we will have more is yet again his fancy football. I hate it I it is run out ways to make me feel bad about myself. They dislike, I should add, and I myself am- I go to my doing particularly heavily at nine o clock on the Sunday. I am the homes hey. I've got a crazy game and I can't get scratch out one when I think, you have some so we went into today. You adze galley needed twenty four from a naturally he underperform didn't Do you really like enervating Harry potter? Go I'm gonna endless fantasy senior. On five that what happens now? Java gum trade in everybody who do have you Jane that grog grant the most already planned a league terrible Oh man, I have Ingram Audrey Parade of Elliot.
Anybody anybody take. You won't ground to putting your kicker has drunk forgot. What I'm sorry? at the same time. What is the use? Your team was going nowhere anyway, new trade, the most fun for Bob, where in the league, and maybe the last five years in my home, while I am, I haven't Babylon and my badge and caused me to win shorting Mahomet override. So this is a real aim. I got I'm not gonna need to keep mom. Will you you each arms baron comes any stinks today. Now is the red flag. Next time I noticed when I arrived at the Red Cross that force that we have allowed a firmer from we five ass? They could. Let's take a break to talk about Roman, let's face it guys are terrible. Take care. Their health studies show seventy percent of guys who experience erect out his function, don't get treated for it, that's bad, the thing most p. Oh, don't realize it is like a czech engine life for a man's body. It could actually be an indicator
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Ash, a bill quickly gone back to the first gouged fireball. Do you think if they just that that's right after the game, o Brien again above fired with it. Would people than shocks- maybe like mildly surprised, but not shocked rate among the. I was thinking about that for the brown checker like Egypt when kicks the game when you feel go, but he still gets caught like that could have been There were no came tied because maybe really made a really did look like they were looking to tie that they save their jobs, but I wouldn't be surprised now. Did the brands Make really get cut after the game I would like to believe that they could be the first guy who takes a game when it feel go and get caught I think that that could have been your lie when this news for me, I would if I would have actually been emerald believe weird weird day for body. Can't say I mean it was fun, but from a gambling standpoint, the from a fantasy standpoint from a daily faint system put into it did not enjoy the at the big surprise.
For me, anyway, was the bells. The bells are somehow two and three and I They cannot move the bar feds away it it's hard to overstep How bad their offences Josh Alan just all over the map. I think I've watched all these Ricky quarterbacks and if I had to do a power rankings, I think he would be bringing up the rear were. Where would we be why did I M arose and re when I were not including Lamar Jack, and could we haven't seen him output Baker them What am I gonna be honest? I don't, I don't think Rosen's bad like Rosen, yet another all ever win example, my Jack forbidden Starbucks. I was looking at it like he brought the land written a joke, o Higgins. Will you I don't know these guys are in the end, he had good numbers that said these games. Maybe I got there ways with the browns, lose every game lose every game. Maybe the big game, Mogadishu.
Never game it. They had another culture and other game plan, but it did seem like the ravens stalled and the Red down a bunch just gave the brown enough of a chance. Every I'm the. When there was a certain high, it was surprising that it was even killed it was one of those games in the first half and the ravens. Where there was that, when your best basis we shall have the raven minus two and a half. I bought the hat point everything out there with their long yeah really seemed like in the first ass, a juicy might they're gonna crews to victory. I I don't know if you Jackson is doing that point job. I think chopsticks looking at it in its like their brands, are gonna win the Superbowl? How like today him get touches, but I'm Yea Mayfield there are. We forget about Arnold. Donald Number, two right yet Arnold to Rosen's three Josh ounce, four and then the margins.
Your guy, if you want, I were run a third and once we play and have him guy to balance for one year, thus its. I just can't believe that's how they're using up its remarks. About their health, as you like that web or like I'm, tried that whilst the youth movement quarterback, You like that recently to see the seats had gained a little created with their guy. There might return and cakes and stuff how ill haven't right here there he's gonna, kill me a brief yeah. I kind of like that they're getting creative, are more than just out thirty one time run our little I saw maybe should return Jackson staff. I gotta now that, in other words over the question, whether or not it can be quarterback anyway. Well I'll tell you one thing: does feel better and better about patriots. After watching these teams, today, my not course, everybody's bed, Adela powerful. I tried to do the tear thing to say
new tab, fifteen, we think Saint Louis and consider the clear, went right, yeah drop off after that right, don't save ourselves but yeah. I'm sorry out of Saint Louis shadowed. Everything is the add. The rams she's. I went to bed, I drop off my next five in no particular order bears path, saints bangles pan. There's the anyone else you throw in there. What are you talking about? You put your patriot and era. That's what I bear Pats Saint Spangles, Panthers, that's my three through seven renown, some order. What are you wanted to Rams chiefs? Drams Jake, bear Albert at some time. I was a narrow path at well. A lot has happened in the summit. I game view bit the chiefs and I beg you, will then you're, no,
but they re or number one. It seems I get so then eighth will have to do it through twelve when some order chargers, ravens, Vikings, Browns Jack's and, I repeat the brands I think they're in the top twenty I think they're touted. Did you see what their dealer, was doing. The damages are collapsing, Baltimores offensive line on some those pass. Russia's, I think they have talent. I really do. I think that is a dictator to, but I do I let it what last week But you know that there are around social media department. The ringer does a nice job, Iceland clipped and they took the clip of you last week on the pod casting the browser. Good, their players are good, yes, but I think the Brown a bad there. Players are good, I think that that day, unlikely did their yeah yeah yeah. I think that's what happened here but ere the team. I would put in three to seven
the chargers, because they only lasted a first to tame the near on your list. Chieftain the rams had them in re into. I had them aid. I know I didn't like how they played last week, I needed I need to see them for another week. I would say out of that next group, which I have chargers Ravens Vikings Brands Jack's. I think the charges the high ceiling, to make a little leap, and then, after that, so after the tap twelve, the next six in no particular order, Titans Steelers, lions, Eagles courts, Redskins, so the culture one in four, put them in their anyway, because I think there are deceiving one and for that. I think they really had a bad brake on Thursday that game having a play. Four days after in New England that tunnel injuries, but the team they get first dance. They move the ball, they can play for hi. There is now a lot of things I can play from behind. Let them so.
When did they get their guys back? They ve been injured, jamming Andrew I visited me from this quarterback. They just don't fifty sixty times it's on a hundred and twenty one time yet weeks until like Ryan Grant and chest the rod like what this guy get any relief when my bed, can't write em off it as we know the vision, so that's it. Money that what did you say you're the eagle like thirteen tat now is in a way to get a thief. What is it. I had a there in that thirteen eighteen dead philammon analysed and it came to pass the mega when they end up these out? Others agree with it, but that's that's would come a long way from the trooper ball job, Stick by what we said a couple weeks ago looks like you know In November, thus, their plan while- and I got here- come the eagles- they just seems like there in a funk, but They are having trouble covering had trouble carry last year in the Superbowl on they just gardener points out that matter, but governments bread or covered
relieved covering receivers value ideal in category three hundred yards today. He's done climb up the rankings of of the great white receivers about is that you have Steve large and still has its territory but feeling he had one tat shone in the corner. That was the guy almost tempted in it when like through his hands, and things like an eel is not even phased fit and bade him to pay them to that spot with something else, and then the guy got between it and waved at it, and I still got it so. The lions game, everybody made a big deal about the kicker, and rightly so. I think that you are right that you want the wind near Gonna, save you they ran away with it anyway. Now is that there are better, I think they would have won the game groundless with kicker did their work.
Loading. Allstate, I mean I had a twenty four, nothing lead. You pick the right team, the lions were better, but I do feel bad for Rogers. The guys complaining about the offense and the only thing he can really count on is Mason Crosby. Then this guy goes out, and this is Ford Field boy, that's really rock, for him is another ones like drawing fifty five times again in the earlier one. Receiver really. We are on your fantasy team, but it was basically just atoms in a bunch, no names, the one I did notice their game. Rogers was moving a lot better than he has the past. So MA am conspiracy, bills, gonna, dump his whole Tunisia thing, I'm done with failure. The thing looks better that you take the white paper, tough they may have, who they have of San Francisco this week, then add the ram the mad, knowing one billion at three foreign one right. I don't think that's a blast him.
Did they do. They would even eyes to make the play of going into this weekend, and I would like one we just jump on them. Could we know they will but now look at the schedule at reform. One half way: that's not good at second reading, a while cards What's weird, as we might know, the six pack teams are need conference, the data- I'm just saying you. I could list the six, I think in each conference Then we could go back and weak seventeen there might actually now our sex, the pats, bangles I think one of the apes south out, I don't know which one, but I think one makes it out. I would probably say Jacksonville, I think the chiefs and chargers make it. And then ravens or brands. So I guess I m pigs expediting. That little Brown so Raven there still is the steamers habit I know that I know I'm moving the bar there, but something off with them
don't feel great. I thought good things from the baddies, exile Atlanta. They had a messy right now, its exact with big but what I realize I like that, laying up bus three and a half I didn't realize They were already kind of bemoaning the injuries that the owner I didn't know the owner had already. It seems like they have kind of packed it in. I didn't realize that until then, that's what you're talkin that they're in the game, but we always talk about when a football team passes the point of no return. Nor is, it seems like they might have passed the point of no return a minute. They had deeds all over. The feel bad just should not have been a big spy. So the measured it so how'd you write the ABC Northern firm for the honor
they would, it landed, obeyed ever ever little bit of a break. They have the wind, I think, for these five Games Box and on their own for the bucks on for the giant to think at the Redskins at the brown the norm for the cowboys they go for one there, five and five they have a shot, but then it unless they're not trouble so Plath likelihood. Would you put bangles first, like that, Dame who'd, you pull. I know I've got down seventeen, not unlike what that's one thing. You don't see that the bank over the top twenty tens coming down yet much of a lead- and this was a sandwich- came to enable stewards, its weak. Then they played a raven black over they bilaterally and who had to go the room but data they they could have easily blindness and they came back. There were good deepens without food. You put second to the agency, may be right. Here's the thing. Is you Jackson's? I can allow the branch to meet the plants even if they come from.
On standpoint there in tat. I feel screw that eleven ties that Canada Cavern, where do you think a nine in seventeen, makes easy plants issue now? I think that better than I thought the absolute yeah I think there's these were so then after I think that the charges, what then went back and then whatever second I say: no, it came at the more than one I think to come. They have seen North one comes from their csf, then on the air in the east. Whoever the how the sees that even now bears saints, Panthers Rams and then it's like white.
But for that six passed by and you could tell me one of seven teams- the vikings are to tune one at gunpoint out, probably take them. Maybe this expire after and they and while the bears the carrier, you might be jumping ahead of what ought to bear the tie. Your best category gaming dapper that everyone I get it but let's say a little more from their defences, take care business for them better their fun, but do they have a did like have away like the Vikings at Philadelphia? That's that's you that. Let me when a big game like that maybe even the Lyons summit they bought nor division. There very excited The sheer it's gonna be a nine and seventy nine sixty one I feel like for the workers, and you had a bad. We ve mentioned before that, every division, shampooed when at least nine games was not that bad excited about the interface. Yes, I was going to say that the skins a tune, one playing a neurons,
probably gonna lose, so we could have an NFC. The the skins loser game skins, two into cowboys two doing three eagles. Two and three giants won for Yanks there. I mean I have to brood for your protection at the Eagles do well in November. Who is Seahawks? You did. Did we also cross them off. I swear I wanted to ensuring their own somebody out what what we say. We're gonna do one. Every week right man, we see Amber was it was between the Jetson Seahawks, the and feel good about either them. I don't feel great about Russia. The jets. They show me like that. What would they were down? Seven, nothing! You sleep and play well if you can get torn open to four two hundred yards and only twenty to twenty three times, that's a good formula for them. Robbie Anderson came from my bench, but without, however, was covering up the right not to be ashamed of himself.
There were run in the Bali crazy to get a good. Many warm, the true facts. They never got defensively that date that might be like the web hosting company style. Just just was That kind of thing I think, instead of crossing anyone off this week, we should just cross the raiders off a second time. Ok, Take the full actually heads for new segment and guest alliance presented it presented by crown rail crime, oil is doing something pretty cool. This robust season. They launched a responsible drinking campaign, the water break its all about encouraging people to hydrate between drinks for a better experience, whether it Game watching homer and abide by the way this has been one of my tricks for centres have a great time enjoy some crown. Just don't be that person that If for everyone, we have all seen that guy drank too much watching the game
I'm feeling you see that guy every Sunday across ass estimated to be the person at that make the right call. Driver may make the right car and take a water break Samantha, who made the recall this week who do have video for us our amid the root causes they can unite or shown Mcveigh may there. I call for these guys. You don't know what to do on for them, one wherever they are on their own. Forty around forty five he went for any put Seattle away instead appointing he did, but we all talk about the patron the bar patron fan. The ask everybody in the bar? What do you want to do in a pure seattle? You wanted the rams upon tat, Ball and Mcveigh went forth right up the Middle first down green aim over greets this pop by air gaff. I agree. I love those moments and I really do think it goes back to the right.
Two years ago, when Del Rio. For that two point, and when the game away Quanta completely transform their season, it does have a real effect. My recall the weak. I gotta give credit Arizona, they landed back that? I think is gonna, be pretty gaiety kind of one may overdue. They Josh rose like how Hannah's himself, you know it it's all. These teams are looking for Q bees. He started drifting forever reason and they made a move in the way I got em and I like what I say. I like what I see from Josh Resin who does to you as soon as I made the re car where he was dead for twenty five I like to look like airtime self. I don't care, he was all right. I can go on the road we promised each other. We wouldn't watch that game and you you broke the promise. We said we were I had an interest in here, here's. What oppressed by just were just resin going against him. I actually was was found
nervous. I should have been happy when he was trying to make things happen, something I liked about it. I don't think he's got David Johnson he's got fits in that's about it. I dont think that site like that concur guy body at your right, and I think that some of you have pointed out that the areas like short that Christian the date they felt after they have a job, and I was able to give us a lesson there doing big contract grandma reminds everyone this for buses and take a water break and hydrate responsibly gap taking responsible winning over the basic science. A real quick did did, did eight Carol. The time out, and it was the right both to call the time out there but big day. Maybe I want. So much credit, but he was gonna Pont before pick out all the time out the time out and then they went for it. So this was the discussion, The ringer sack people felt like Mcveigh new care. Who's, gonna call the time out and ended.
Ha Jeddah. Magic p of Pierre and I thought what am I believe it is the best. The time out polar about check some all these great coaching stories are come at p care, expanse of people playing chess Ankara's by checkers- I don't know what the boy, but I like it right now, the review? Try what all these doing to pick up here, but I think it's seems like it. He before we get to the weeks ensigns. Did you see the the commercial for bohemian rhapsody. I don't think so, but it was now. What is it? What rather it is the new movie about Freddy Mercury with The guy robot you buddy, I didn't say about. I thought I'd, think think what of it? I saw the trailer it pretty good. I get there. I get the printing it did. You see stars born yet I have a new thought
the whole Simmonds family went saved preparatory Thursday night giants eagles, it is in New York, so calm Barkley was heard. Of that boy happen, is he okay? I forgot. The body was ok yeah, Frida for they two minutes and tuna. Ok about him for up into broke you, the area. I think that sixty one at the night, my full bargain they'll explaining it Eli, I thought- made some good firms: India, in their gaze today couple clutched the old old school lab omits, can Rogan open their guns. They made some bad ones before made them good ones, but for them to come back with the was pretty impressive, but I think the Toby J thing it's gonna be rough. I think I think he feels he's the best quarterback in New York City might yeah musical
singular game, because people were freaking out about how bad and washed up he was and then said he made a copper Eli firms that cigarette here we are again what it. What is the scale? Does you still have a lot of it, a bad omen for them to come back from that mob point which was back and fall below a largely met, his fault, that that was those big that someone it had Jane from a giant. Before Becum brings a lad to the table right now for the current heartache error, I think tat it? There's gonna be a lot of material for the people out there that are in there business of that being outraged, including our favorite talking had guy. Let me now my guy shivering, amid the other, had done with it. A fifty three man, football team. Nobody is bigger than the other, fifty two guys in their team. Ok, oh they'll, backup your debate. We don't care how much money you make. We don't care
tell you are you're not bigger than the rest of this team How can you go? I that, thanks to the true too There really is true. I talking heads I know we always make fun of this in is better anything, but on the facts show today, two of the four people on the facts show picked the packers as their upset pick Crowded my tell all the exactly as it please. I said: if you change one thing about the pre game shop, please let it be that it's not so hard. It's just look at the newspaper. They add the lines, anything that's less than three just don't touch it. Make them take something of that, because if it did, it makes him Buddy, look bad, I think we're the Packers actually favoured by gave them, or was it in? I think we're getting a point. There are getting a point, but there that's ridiculous that an upset. You don't think it's an upside if a team getting a point. If it means a game,
if you want to say that no more than twenty four not been asked, and then they qualify that belief makes a legitimate was theirs at least five times over the last fifteen years, when somebody picked and upset in their team was favoured right and that you are yeah yeah there all the time that adding that, if the freight the scientific sits there, funny thing about today's games, where there are a lot of good upset, picks you now you covered the first the biggest wait for when you would have thought like the weak? There were three double digit underdog. One outright was the biggest week for the casinos the bill. The brown than the sea ox made the made big as a tunnel today, though especially make moneymakers the titans. I started at three and a half and got up to less than one point came back down the legs, five and a half succession, and there should be diverted duffel bag. A million dollars on other that a joke immediately set the Roma on the time? That's true duffel bag near, but that was a perfect.
You knew exactly allocate we're. Gonna go right, come down to the end and out Galina may you're, not a no win or lose by three right. One of the trifecta Harry didn't like the Seahawks. Today they love to see they loved them. You love the money laundering. Just add the spread at both he had a sixteen power away at the good appeared a couple of hours, but here the Rockies minus one, half the maiden battle the goods in imports that I took the good Lord Thursday night, By the way you know twitter can their certain people. It says its inappropriate content. You can't see their tweet, like some people just had Think on them is usually think, like comedians are people like there and you have to change your settings to be their tweets somehow, My settings did not translate the sensitive material thing and I got to see parlay kids,
video that is put up of Harry pulling a shirt up at, but the here is naked, Harry Bulbous, torso I got to see that on twitter. Somehow that was added. I order. You gave your left, that is in front of the other bunch of people. There was ample My eyes were protected from that area Should have warned you answer Harry last: stop didn't lose sixty, last year with your bet. There Einstein. A big I was. I was powerful, bear that he did it just to get the money from any did in any game by forty five back food: five. I was getting your higher as good as they had other disgusted by all that I am afraid she. I cannot see it I have had the giants by two. Half at home against Billy.
Diet? That's exactly in your right to an app, but it's the Eagles favoured by tuna, really what are they not impressed with a giant when and where they impressed by the eels? Now I don't know what you're not taken the giant, sir. I I I think it's a stairway there late the Thurston AIDS to begin with the tenor this is a this. Is the whole season on the line for the giants? I think you're gonna take make a giant might have two and a half, then everyone mother has the eagles on a the right. They can't really do that day. One thing is fifty three guys in football team now sang. O Dell back home is not bigger than the other. Fifty two guys that two issues that Sunday
A key is only one choice, but the game will be a fox whereby ass she sits there. It will feature the greatest quarterback about time, Tom Brady and the staff carry of football pattern. Jobs. Meanwhile reverse that may round. With the greatest of all time, I did it. I went to jail and Jacobus on Tuesday, and there are worrying about how you know the Bahamas. Curry thing it's like one curry came into the way it didn't happen right away like it's happening with my homes, but I think the similarities to me he's he came his brow assuming at a time in the league is just changing era. It's me a lot of what happened with curry, where curry comes in and he's he's the perfect each year in the better river had, but he comes.
Read as math is coming in a basketball and space seeing and people are starting to cut out of fast breaks and people really vat, value in the three pointer and now and for by we can add the quarterback anyway receivers gone over the metal. You need like that that perfect kind of flag football type tribute the cannon arm. It's just like the purse. The era for somebody like that, and I want that and I watched it and you guys by the end of that segment came up, would probably nine similarities and they were all right dad on yeah. But I was thinking of one more Mahomet needs like a cool bad ass. All fixation thing like stepped up the mouth guard I made, even if his chewing on its put in it and on the flat on his arm ban for the for the playbook or somethin like you need something like that. I don't know what it could be but so maybe I was like a man appeared, maybe dangle the mouthpiece out of his mouth when it at yeah yeah, but here
about this day, I would be to set about it, but short of that don't mean it's up and pressure. Both guys had their thing. Where were kids are engines blind, like my own, who barely watches forebore, knows it's going on the only through for Bob icy legs right, our moms and no doubt iraqi Italian I'll back home. Is that better together? Fifty two guys this Dave, but I'm a whole. Does it say that they he gets it again, but Ok, but what steps the fantasy number darn as important with that and then the NBA emerges. At age. Delighted by I'm a three rain down, and maybe twelve one game, or maybe it's aid or whatever it is, but the home, that's all fantasies, that's right for kids homes did do a he check, element that he has that carry as then there Also just that can allow factor like
curry pulls up from thirty two inches makes a trainer. Oh my god, which has happened the house how to play today any under through it. The Thai Rico pledges they're, probably through, like seventy five yards and and he was mad cows. The bar. Must the legs slightly slipped out of his hands cause he clearly could have thrown at eighty five in cattle, of it and the throne. Longer than probably any quarterback Emily could a throne- and I was like like watching somebody had to drive- goes into the rash. Like our man. I hope that a little bit there was a Jesus like he's going to have he's gonna catch Tiree kill in stride. Unlike an eighty ardor this year, gonna happen there and then there, Helsinki. Nor do I got in the pretty season it with similar but yea. I hope what happened before the weather gets crappy and then the Kelsey part of this whole thing, council
Thirdly, the tide, anger: now that Iraq is in a move that we lack different ways of his ground. You pay great, you paid thirty four Grand Kelsey. Remember: what will you do not go for not otherwise, like rock was passing over thirty six? What am I gonna stay, indifferent, untold thirty two and the auction neck now under thirty one. What is still that is this guy can be tripled, tamed every play. I can't wait will speak in his steals, the pats at home against a cheese. I have the paths by four and a half. I think this is right in the vague zone and only people know what the afternoon this one will. You think I said for I thought that was very fair Vegas, not budging, navigate three, which is much very surprised how very surprising considering they would move up the three with the chiefs again for jaguars the base. We consider that a neutral feel bad
and even game. They are the ones with the report The chief state mirage, good game arrowhead borders. What were we make? That is the chief t, look completely different. I actually they looked ok, I got some stocks in the branches game too, but actually were making placed it in I don't know what to make of that old thing anymore, because then they has deployed well for like a game and ran in other books about with a Monday game on a short week that, second, that second half of the Broncos gave a ring at the thought about last week they got but they got stronger. Actually do no. Roads are very different from bad, like back to the ball. Interceptions documented continued that Anthony H in those nice integrated vision. That would at five facts today on a delegates arrived, I will say I thought
I agree in injury was really beg for the Jack's that I just like him. I think he's good at that. He really killed the Patriots and once they lost him, I was just there are just two predictable. With that at an up between borders. They don't really have that kind of game. Breaker gallic Hopkins in Dallas game tonight he was TAT Killers Hopkins. Whenever I now see the number when receiver energy put who'd you put over, I'm feelin you dont recoverable. We really is, I mean at Byron Jones. I did that near them. They said that was at first ass. An apparent call ever met. You just get your frustrated. Like blanket that Guy Hopkins One just those on your team or your fat? If, as the mechanisms necessary today to the bank in all of this difficult. The cover shit yeah, their brands number one stuff: black Africa
I would add more Hopkins versus Holyoke. As that was a big argument. Last year Yo minority rebirth, Don T buy now so brands, brown I would say one Ay Hopkins web Hopkins Distant one b And then, in your dear my point, little lying, I am an assault on the back of this good bright and there too, we are keen to now, for you see tat I don't know I thought, like- doesn't put the two three good games together, but maybe that's all these guys right, let's go to the let's go to my mind, you ll be able to secure the idea, the Patriots ethical score. Twenty seven thirty right and there I think it's a bad match for the past, because failure for the same reason, the chief sir bad match up with everyone,
similarly but she's reactor at annulment of night, the wretched day of James White Muddy, a pen receptions Thursday battlement back, can kind of do what you want we're back off Ancillae I there. The problem is defensively and bright. This team, as a couple of things that the path of a troubled most notice with Thailand, Erika Ii Brown, looked like an Tonia gates in two thousand and six and in their game on Thursday titans. I think I just gonna get opening its past him and then can I tell you my for an area your mention them. He used to call this game, though a game like
It gets the try by costs, but now that doesn't mean anything that those words except that it has the word try in the jaguars or the common team. The Jaguar killed the Patriots, the chief killed jaguars. So it makes sense that the patriot destroy the chief. That's the truth that Terry's try by costs, but you mean rapid procedures. There is good Iraq, favouritism produced the opposite. Iraq is covering paper. It's bizarre arrived paper scissors. Way2go how you doing. I guess, though, I suppose I have three watches this week. Ghost yours is in Asia. So you know what large of all you gotta do many heads it's gonna be too vicious the limit, seven guide carted off in the first quarter than a playful by the way more sense, a gentle generator
much gender gave birth exchanges of Bacchus, seven faculty evaded, that's gonna be dirty about that. Guy who's gonna take out this game. We say It should be a priority, should do then there in the riverbed casino. This week there whoop whoop over under quarters, perfect strangers places we get the black money. I get it did levy on. You know he announces weak for like having come back weak seven. Did he look at this game? On the on the schedule and say on one part of this nonsense. Maybe they'll be smart. If that was what he did, it's allowed. You give yourself to actually anyway like. Why would you do it sounds? your way higher and the steward steam right now that I am now Well, I got to get the wind air because it didn't trust me. I have Bengals three at home over the Steelers said three. I thought. Maybe I would then with a little while I think the Bangalore
at the Schmid. Maybe when one is much better and there are two and a half. How much of that is that this dealers are public team, They know what they needed more I'd, I'd watch for by every week. I think the bangles just are better now does mean, though, when the game, but I just think that their consistently better on both sides of the border in Pittsburgh idea to, but maybe you don't even count that enough game could repeat the share of each other. So much yesterday's might just be laughed. Aversion got a thing. I like that. Ngos, I hope its data to an f chargers. Unravels is my second watchful yeah. You could argue. This is a must is. This could have been the Sunday Marcie game. If we didn't have Pats Chiefs, I can't wait to watch charges Brad's. This has
just about everything I want from a football game. I enjoy the, however watchin the brands I love watching the charges for I have Phil Rivers and both my fancy teams. I enjoy above and Gordon. I liked the shouts of AIDS Lynn flat landing on the sidelines out there. They have some guys, a defence that I think are citing a like the Ricky safety. I don't know he's coming back, but maybe I'll come back for the scale nobody wants got today at a second Hamish really get away, and then, from do you now Hugh Jackson, how that he could not three after this game, but the other dry I would say knows how I did again go without saying he got enough Andrey here to figure out The second hand forgets the seven whence I just think this house-
when you look at what at what type of the browns where they had a realistic chance to have four times this year they put in for their five games. It really seemed like it was going to be a tie at some point, all the dumb things that they do at the end of the games that kit the problems they've had on special Teams- They ve had with vehicle kicking, and then he got the other side with the chargers. Same problems seem where clock management, weird decisions, pulling the feed out of victory. I am prepared for last two minutes Apocalypse of something really truly memorably horrible happening to one of these themes, I have the chargers favoured by three in Cleveland. I had the same number charges: minus three faggot had charges minus one SAM telling me the brown span la talent and let him it pays out of it.
First, every year for like a decade, I guess it doesn't get there the problem throughout the process. But we're gonna go over time every week. You take your chances on one half right like which way. You know that I too think that How do I know I'm in a deep my words here, but the charges The raiders were the three point came the last six years right, no matter what am I, how good the chop without the charges were badly thought? The raiders were, I just I like to think they like take care of business and make it said, like the ram than the chiefs of their only losses maybe they're better. Maybe they just better. So you say: maybe there would you say there, the good bad things, I think the bears are the good bad him now they're good the jar. Do those good, I think, they're gonna know their struggle against minors, but they got off to a bad start at Arabic. There, like team, we expected the last four years.
Again when I was eighteen forty one day, the charter was rather laughed when before they start running this year. Like two years ago, the last Sunday went like to add two years ago. I can't wait the other words about. I have just cause. I really enjoyed out of the same the rams at the Broncos. I think the Amsterdam must watch every week, husband whose who's been more consistently enjoyable on both ends of the bother them, the ramps, the best really like a beer, random checks I changed their trade, however, that the jobs have been exports of offensive a little spot in the other at the rams. You know, though they come up. The big pass. The big sack and thirteen fourteen they'll give up a sixty. I play for no reason. I am yeah that to relieve entertaining teams
Alex by. I expect it to be a little more of a lockdown situation from Wade Philip like when they play one corner where the team is unable to do anything, and I haven't seen them up in a little. I think the cooler banks, Gunnar. Yeah I did they have had to learn whether Russia billow about it. I have a rams by seven in Denver area Seven, I said seven Vegas in seven. Although and again this is like their third trap came in a row. How many of these are they going to survive?. Well, what are we? May I go after them alive. What are we making the jets running all over them today? That's a good site like just the fact that they went east a short weak, a thing hurt them, even though their score.
First, but you never want to be in a situation where case came is throwing over fifty times and that's what happened? The barely whatcha bulls there's a lot of them this week, falcons at home against the bucks. Would you put this in the perfect I don't know a lot of guys. You have your number locked and because I want to do you think so you can be a poacher game. The man than I do. I had falcons by three and I just don't either good you're getting closer than I did. I said sex. These must went on there,
but but but but touchdown went together, but it's three and a half you got it their day, just last many guys and defence. Unfortunately, it's the point of no return. So if there is ever we for James to get going, this is the way so that a doctor cutter darker offered by James starting the FITS magic talk is over and you take. This is like a three point game. I could see Temple in this game. Maybe something too Two teams- edges Dunkard Oakland his home. Speaking of that could play in the Seahawks who won my respected. I like how they went. The sailor was LOS Angeles ramps. This Arguably also could have been a poop the game, but I I find it strangely captivated a watch Gruden's facial expressions after something bad happened
I don't have enjoyed it as much as I have, but carry a couple beauty. Today, when they just cut them, and he just looked like he spoke. The worst part about type is really really really nice, to have him backside the raiders by tuna, from guy I see by one and tat about by three really I'm off this week, which usually means we're just gonna happen That cannot be our core plus points on two to these games at every bad one. Coming up where I was way off. You know try. Seattle walked through the rams, but I almost feel like this. With a hang over game like treated like they won right happily slop it up against all good manners, bad. I need to regroup with a break with side, but our friends, I simply say from security, build strong, smart, easier,
exactly how your home scared, he should be goes beyond what I'm scared. He should be. Its intuitive design influences every step of securing our like installation, simply safe ships red Deer door, ready to go easy set up, takes entered our, never stops built in backups, protect you through power affairs, a wife averages, baseball bat, an intruder smashes your keyboard simply say for still call for help. No count. No fees, no hidden Otto renewal duchess. Just the same, scary, ardor, protecting two million Americans, twenty four seven monitoring, lightning fast police fire dispatch patch class. Can't speak just one thousand four hundred and ninety nine a month order today, you'll get free shipping free returns, start your risk free Sixty day trial at Simplisafe dot, com bs. That is simplisafe with two eyes. Simply Durkheim, Slash bs. I were back for
More barely whatcha was pretty grotesque week. We have. We have a couple really Superman attain against that. A bunch of like messed up points Chicago is at Miami. I have the bears by three. This feels like the classic. Everyone blows, the bears are weak and ensure bisque egos nine for thirty six, with five interceptions in man. I thought you would like this game are added. I think it put in the barely watchful Chicago three one Miami the be a rinkitink threaten to tame, but at the line right and thrown out five point top. I said Miami by to underwrite its bears by three I'd. Only glad you maybe now that fund uninjured a week when we thought there were faster than everybody and ended up winters, tunes, Edna vaccine fastened Minnesota's home there take them Josh rose in his ten for twenty five, this
Intended Bedford, very Father, I have This is in Minnesota right. They Minnesota here. This line, is gonna be too high, many say Minnesota by six and I really think it should be a about three and a half, but were ominous mire. Guy you're, out of your mind, I said eight and a half and its ten math. That's idiotic! Well, here there's a thinking. They can't lose a game like this again at all, but I have to win, but they have to get off the right that they bear their back off. The share with the bill.
They did. It goes you gonna gas. By the day, their defence just isn't good anymore. I have allowed a problem with double digit favorites. They don't have a defence. I can close games even today. That game was over and Philly came back and it was a two point game by then I dont prior defence can close. I my new thing. This year's don't lay giant points with the team that doesn't the defence, I can extend the lead. Minnesota's defence is now the same anywhere. That's probably smart, but you really that after a lot of jobs, rose and keep this second road came close in a way I had to have two been talking had guy back in every man. What do you think you never talk about errs on it as their weapons? You know, is a weapon David Johnson about that David jobs. It is damn good running back people do forget this? they forget, he's gonna weapon as it is. This weapon
really gonna go Jack. He's it there is that when I thought San Francisco with those bad bad with this week, Oh man, you have five wanted three, including ties. I have seven but there's still a few game plan here's a game that is guaranteed that whatever we pick is the other thing weapon Redskins home against the Panthers. This just feels like something worker both bet on Get wrong. I am idea. I won't take this idea either Redskins by tune ass, the icon impact align right. Can buy two. I dont Carolina was favoured by one f, but will learn more tomorrow night or tonight. I am I Carolina again widow. We don't know what we have in so many of them, but I think they have some pieces. I like the way Mccaffrey Spain this year to that
using of an austrian citizen and much smarter right when he sees exciting this year and Anna and another good mojo in. You look at seasons when weird shit happens in a positive way, and it is a good sign and if it's a difference between that sixty three I feel gone moment site that where they go twelve and foreign iconic, the twelve and foreign. Then you go back to how there is a game they made. The sixth year feel go James like their passive. We headed toward her season like that when they over achieve with Iraq, asked why men on Saint that Saint barriers that declared that the actual battle for the top there- oh I I I did this before the new game, I'm remove this out. I want more, barely watchful, but I'm throw in the port sector what spoke to the poop factor, jets courts.
God bless everybody Amber themes. I can't get excited for this. I probably should cause both things can move the bar, but just I can't get excited for so put in the perfect the jets minus three at home. I have barely above, got it back, that's another one. I won't be able to better when you're stairway stay with this one's really bad. This is really a pure perfect. The game Texans home for the bills. I got the Texans by four. Without wept, I went sector eight and a half you on that one. Just not trusting these lesser teams on the road, but I who's the worst two and three team out of these two: can you of any scenario where Billow Brian in the text and should be favoured by more than a touchdown over any other than the night, because I can't
Trish, I'm just taking this quarterback, and he keeps the legs going, that the Texans does pass rush might just be too much for I have an announcement to make for a third perfect again. I think your team is a permanent poop Festus. We'll take it there unless your plane, like the chiefs, the patriots the Rams, I just think you're permanently. In the perfect there so games are going, giving poop back on Thanksgiving three Games regains its a turkey to the I just can't I hate watching I was a even imagine. You feel you to IRAN you don't care about the team, how offers towards him the most five and then its active on assets in her look out, woe it's like them. I did the most excited the avis table asked and the fact that when he comes in the defensive,
pay attention to it is our right laid out. I will say it I'll ask idea, avoids the sack, no matter what the cowboys do the whole rather see, then that will be the greatest played a year for them. There the missionary position of NFL teams- Unbelievable, how predictable and boring- and just you can it's like having a dog where leg I have three dogs. I know what there doing it. Thinking at every point of the data at our Jesse's Jesse's gambler frisky. She must be hungrier. She must wanna, take a dump outside buggy theirs. Five actions. If she's just walking around the house at three o clock ready for something cigar, you have taken up, the new water is gonna, go through the checklist, that's like one. In Dallas sake. I want to mention the missionary position, because I'm positive I'm deadly positive, that Jason Garroters pictures of Jerry Jones, quite possibly in the missionary,
but then I got something. Maybe I somewhere. Do you think You get hired as it offers of core dinner running back coach, quarterback, coach. I know about our pro level. I don't think it's a secret around the week like an ethic they get out there and the jagged favoured by three in Dallas you get, that's what I said three and a half, and it's only to gain the jack up. The wind they're gonna win whatever you will achieve, that's fine, but did realise badger per hour. I really something the Jackson it you can figure out with happen in their games by her scores, the first touchdown if they squirrel first, it's the game goes completely differently for them. Then if all the side in their down ten three years? You know thirty,
the seven whatever name it's it's like they can't do this switch to come back. They have to have the lead first bottle down temporary or anything. I don't like boils down to nothing. Sunday night. These are some bad night games. You know, what's gonna happen, you knew we were headed for at some point. Four. Where did you go? the throng Niger Game, oh really, Casey New England right. Oh that's! I thought that was an afternoon game to your over under half or schedules periods, as is the dead weight. So we have a new Marquis game side. They don't make chargers brands the Marquis game. But I was wondering what you missed one off about Baltimore tendency in the late afternoon, Game Elsie. I thought those descended egg Let me make sure here now
what are more so so congratulations, chargers. Brands is our market in this week already real data yeah. They feel that your. A better shot now that it's at night we walked. The night came already: it's not like Bell Jack Duluth right, you up the lions with making it be heartily tuna games in four weeks there there are even those who do you think you like that sending again, I don't know anything about this, and what I mean I want another large every second of it. I don't know anything about this camp. They noted being shipped out. The Russia can appreciate that tattoo area, so tax going backwards, titans Ravens, that's in Tennessee, I'm I'm tryin, that'd overreacted attains game. Today, but I do think when they played teams that are just kind of those granted out physical boring
aims. When they're like looking in the mare, it's not good for them right bills, If you like, a worse version, the titans any kind of through the titans off I dont, like the ravens, are kind of the better version of Titans, where the same kind of boring you no good special teams I bet you will say more than a level the competition right. So the reason is that it is the better for the tensions that their play. A better version of themselves. That's how I am I just I don't know. I think you ought to know. What's gonna there, it's like a Chris Evans, Crispin read the other Chris, the three cars I have a turns gray birthday trades by three over the rabbits
I had a pick and I got a headache thing about this. At the raven by two in ten see the IDA, I've never been five points off. Or five points are three different games, which says that I have only one game. I come up to that. Did I game is not again hoping for an Aaron Rodgers Jimmy Garage blow handsome off right. They didn't get it thing at sea, J, better! and they gotta Packers team. That does not look like they're about him. I did. I have no idea of to day battered his answer, but I think you should stop promoting himself. The thought trade. He said. I am pretty good luck and then get appear. Tamers now add the packers. By six enough against,
there's a went. Allow another few big lie the I said. Eight and a half in its nine. I think that I think these big lions are dead. None of these things, like a vague at once they get paid up, what's happened to go on the road While on the road I was out on the road they need to, they need to check that it was seven right. I know, but I gave you my tap. Eighteen teams and Green Bay was another serious. You two teams in the back fourteen of the whig, it's hard for me to believe that, they want to find way into their top thirteen or fourteen the dead, they're makin. It sir, I will say: Remo Momo grown up. I felt like the packers locked Landau at once. Every four years the sea are lost in the adult one once every three or four years magna, so a growing up, but not very long You're. Damn right now, at some doesn't matter of their home,
it's only a matter of how many times I ts in parliament Rams in Denver with, but the it's at least for a while. Now I think we keep right on your right, then you're tripped up Your trip up, though this is the first weekend in cover, but I just think when they lose its gonna big somebody's Can it being laid them IRAN's right. When my thinking he was before, like that, it's gotta, be it's gotta be Summah, some some hatred, their needs to get out. What's take, one more break will come back, will talk about the baseball players
the: u have C4 right and particular a were well into for buses, and I'm sure a lot of us are to have major regrets about our seas. Non fantasy teams, I'm not one of them. I did a good job this year, things he, I am doing a terrible job daily fantasy does matter, I'm so excited to plan fender stocks. I do get my butt kicked every week. It's never been more fun or easy. It's the place to play for not a fancy expert. I would say I'm not a fantasy expert this year, I'm just a fancy, schmuck find something forever and more ways to whenever. Before, like a gridiron, I'm Peckham contest every week. It's a free contest. Just pick. Winners now spreads ten case, but amongst the top pickers I've been playing in single entry contest. That's my favorite way! Maybe I should stop Gazelle. I've been terrible. This week's by contest only five hours to enter the one hundred K prize poor first place. Ten k join this week's by contests plague. It's me
fain to com site, bs new users get a twenty dollar bonus when they make their first deposit unfeigned again vanderdyke com, slash be ass: baseball play Ass, David price Shit, the bad and game too, he is getting a level vitriolic that is pretty uncommon in Boston. Boston, twitter was as angry as I've seen about any Boston athlete really really furious about yet another no share I'm in the corner of I still haven't totally given up on a matter of livestock. Homesick is really good. Then the stretch thou go back stadium and these yankee they have these days. They come up one after the other they're, all gigantic new field. Every one of them can hit affords an eighty four homer, which is exactly what happened. Three different types of scientists, game yearners,
I stand a: u hate, both themes, you, you ate yegg, evaluate Boston fence, I'm sure you watched every summit stuff. I had I watched at the great Reading for the egg is against AIDS, because my, I guess, he's red thought with fun: let's just do it and then I'd men, the games or play them like. I have no one. I don't know what we want to root for here is our friend Daniels Insufferable and the people a kid brother, Briar Insufferable, Jackie, fair. I gotta know, though your you're right there to enhance, but I think prince, I find you don't. They gave the price of petrol to gag again right here to say like if they advanced to against the like the asteroids or something I would bring a man again It's like a guy, like the other guys are good he's seen their pictures. We have staked a certain guys stay away. You wouldn't want back again pinching ETA has a sixty year old right now. Would you Can we get out of there? I saw who really said about
Have you seen other pictures, not just in the next two games or three game, Well he's an urgent next year. I think they can win to any IQ stadium. Personally, at the weird thing is you know, I've seen you do the same with the match. Watch your team day in and day out there. They there were guys that didn't plan the first two games that I really wanted to play. Like Brok, who was probably one of the hottest hitters in the in September, the aim and sniffed the field, the first two games and he played Nunez, who is my least favorites expire. If useless thing, I'm stuck Personally, I just don't know what you do good out, a baseball failed. I can't figure it out. The same where's tenor. We have, they say like he's in their first defences. Alec has defences really good I didn't get that same Leon who I think has been the
state or a baseball. The last couple months he was out there sweetheart, who actually lake and feel like I could make stuff happen, was not seen in the two games and then the one thing they really heard. Steven reign was, I thought their second best relieve we're going into the serious and big guy. Do. I know that he had heard. What do you think? What's the old run there I mean, I think you may need Kimball that so get like a seventeen out save at some point. The problem is when they bring them in before the night's it's kind of a heart attack. The way to get a four hour that when game one hand whereby Amr like visas, you only one in the pits the ninth ideally, but I don't think they can get through that and then the thing that bothers me, that is its the answer again, their mojo again, like they're kind of lumberjack merger, said this big big, ass team images, big deeds, dune form bumps after armors than the yellow, swagger them, which I don't like eight. I was really
I would add that we didn't throw it Sanchez. The data that game again to interest that he first Father the brazier at the market and to get back in the box, but then he hit the second homer. Yet he he watched it dropped the bad it's I just throw at that did the next time. You can't do that its past errors and embryos, pitching guy and second to out perfect time just hit, Chaz stir these does them and nothing. So I don't know that where I may add it. Ah, I didn't like the vibe comrade again to react but allow me to say I watched, I watched the game with my my new friends. I walked into the lounge area Fox, with a rod, poppy well natural wealth and added, I did. I would give him credit they looked at me and
and then they never enough, never spoke a word from Amsterdam, so that was Iran has, I think, you're the words At the beginning of this, all you are preparing like this kid. You had Emily Wednesday Agatha like a hundred I remember now, but yet they got hot in the last ten days, where's, the Red Sox. Able to cool you are you? Are you worried about sale? I think his last three average thirty eight pitches so You really like coddling these guys and it was there, wasn't typical of a team with a hundred and are not whatever one's you guys. You outside the Astor Is- and I really thought in answer to give them a series and then vote. And your game one call game tail and those guys who just lights out. There was a year of use that heading today that with the Rio was our version of that and sales
the game with went out in the sixth ending with the sweat at the game? One and in a narrative about evolve e? I am not even sure what they do with game for, but I soon poor cellar but who the hell knows, and then he asked her like you're. Lucky guy did the crap out of each other. Where were the better team anyway, they like clover up debating good. That's what kill him. I met them all around the clue, burs really good and namely the Indians Zena. Come through had shout he had now later for did the. I know think about the nationally guy just watch my team. Our chimera, like the fact that the browser the fire for his kind of just dumbfounded today may never. The night three weeks came one day you know, went to extra earnings. I felt like
now the Rockies when this they made they may take? The theories didn't went from that to date in score again, then days and in all they have to do is get to the bruise leaped into the rockies kill wept. Even when Molly was good, very solid. Today, like now, they got me. Thinking goes far. They want, you might see them in Syria, bruise dodgers, who have had the brewers. I bet brewers paused to sixty when the Uno wow such honour, nay, when Jack is under what better known to Lord Harrowby find this is. I think this is one of the best. Like ten day stretches. We have its for twelve days wherever this is one of my runs right out. It has announced our when the competent when the cubs were knocked out, but there is a good game every night. I can't say I watched a lot of the rockies bruisers. I'm not gonna lie dinner tonight crack my agenda.
Is the exit, we got basketball. We were that we're doing. Install adds. We're gonna, do futures mean House good at some point as well renders on this package laugh gonna. So did you see the fight? I did not see the fight I so tired again and bird by these USC paper views that it has with the fan and we decided just at dinner and go to see a star is born, and I pointed out I was after the red. Somehow I was found mood anywhere in the way the Red Sox Game was gonna, like maybe I'll get the fight but then you now edges is a guy, I was in the middle of stars. Born is like your blood diamonds. Like my boy diamond a little bit, yeah very similar endings, but on
but of course I missed out on the on the best one I will address, and I was right about the fight itself wasn't act or the one before Ferguson with great, but the m I thought you know in terms of a re match at anchor babies just better on than all levels of the good match up for Macgregor, I think, could be betray with a little things were like the crowd. Even everyone Macgregor was pouring. It could be. He got a big pop, so you could even tell what was going on, but take thou wise use all over him. There's nothing Macgregor can do and I dont have a break his neck, because it wasn't really submission. Wasn't a charcoal do the Bob his chin was just crank and that neck,
oh, my God, Macgregor she's gonna, be really stubborn into die. Here is withheld mecca like towards an acre, ask him in the most baited movies, but and then the aftermath under that buying everybody who serve white girl. This terrible for sport. There loving, a minute up. They played they point the boss footage over and over and over from different angles. Like angle, even though you had to promote this fight, and so now you don't like this part of it like there was great. It was all good It seems that the road map for you have seen out to become a cross between Emma Debbie Debbie, any good when you know and add with what there at last there and having guys after somebody wins. The next gather, gonna fight is all sudden than the ring talk and shit. It's become yet more theatrical. They are clearly trying to.
Boosted as a mainstream sport, Dante it's working like it, was on house of highlights that that crazy, riot bra, that was on him and talked about for twelve hours by son and knows nothing was What about that? You see fail ass, they had so they want, they did it. They really did and what for the guy came in after Macgregor suck a bunch of that that back that they give the rest of it should be, but could be going after the whole again from from Macgregor Camp everyone's treating it as if he went after a man and his younger daughter like round they would have aroused my crazy. He wasn't wasn't pages person sit up now that I like it. I have that after watching the fight like twenty times that the post fight fight Think Magritte, Macgregor God Sucker Punch by the guy in the red who came in. I didn't feel like that. I totally landed,
the guy who landed was right after that, when they broke it up. This other guy broke free and came like running across, and I think you like really nailed, but if you look at it the kind of helping- figure out of the ring. I have added the octagon after. I think that guy almost called cocktail. I might be a rewrite. The guy in the Red made a move forward on open economies gear he was use even and I went up and use kind of thrown from behind them. Another think he almost hidden with his arm overs fist, Did they Macgregor was stunned by that, but that other guy really clock them. Like the guy in the regiment, need to tell that to a judge or something like TAT and even Adam Billina and understand singer. I had some hence our there, including the Ringer zone, Kevin Clark. Among others, and they said there was real fear and there the letter that ten fifteen minutes like that there is real, rather potential
cause you don't know of. If, if you're in an actual right, you don't know it until like chairs or selling a red, Then you don't know it and you can you have to leave the casino like him. You know, is a lot in the lobby in every. I thought three fighting in the lobby, just the dust on Youtube or something while the good thing is you had the Irish against the Russians and those are two demographic stay easy. You know don't get over service. Her down right hand baggage, rounded up, the bag. Perhaps with those two demos on twenty five percent Irish, I can at least be following up, but I repeat that Russia, the heavier ivy people. People actually followed
with safer to stay in the arena, then go back in the casino until things that when you have ended up in there, I had power than smart to stay in the arena. Like flip over of Europe's sake three in the morning, which is day, can we go now we Kika who can't leave yet so yeah, it's even People are man, you sorry are you mad Khazar must went to that fight behind you mad and go I wouldn't that of why I don't. I'm too ought to have been in a riot right. Ten years ago, when it did my late, for it is no thanks, we have be able to get the word tat. Twenty five percent. I really had brought the eyes. Why did we have me I could be. I did Adam. I bet I had a big part.
With that it wouldn't going their mother Fucker Authority going at me angry that a lot of it was taking place on the mat and now that it was just like trying to score points, but they have couple guided by the bribe could be by submission. Have you got a lotta, dumb white Guy money coming in on the grass Eames again, the line should have been problem minus two, fifty four to be right. To mention that the ring rest per year. All y know who actually know I'm I'm air like a baby is is one of them, time assassins. We ve ever had the guy's fire machine. So dinner areas propaganda jail for something whether this was the as yet.
The congratulations you guys are back took. Was their fight for oil arrived a grateful that can fight back? Would he have prepare corn? It's got a great story. I M actually not proud of myself, but it will start to. Then you ve been two hundred of these. My kit, my eldest son, thirteen Europe actually might thirteen year old, is, I think, having sex with our guatemalan made, but I want to be I'll say that for a couple, well, my third world. That's the story. Africa led Samir, so that every guy late, the throws had the ring with the Guatemalan made last year, then is the longer you got his attention. A budget with Oda. Wake him up it's late at night by eleven o clock,
Now, though, we landed, club team is poor, basketball team and, like you, have this whole thing where you guys host an event there like we're hosting this event. His club team is hosting of that, and I was doing the event means we have to drive to Anna I'm that's where they were able to secure an arena and Anna I'm for this club basketball, because within twenty, child. We can't find three other team that want to play the game like. I really am like me, hosting a party at your house. Forty five minutes, way, but anyway we're gonna had I'm not told us at a time that parking is twenty times. And for me to get in is ten dollars, but because my son has a jersey he can get in and he's playing so he can get in for free, and it's got me thinking like well, maybe I'll wait in the car,
couple blocks away a watchful eye. We drive there and its right in the middle taxes, Oklahoma Great Power game. I have saved money on it, unlock it in these other guys. Better to an objective of scores and I'm on the five thousand go and eighty miles an hour and sure enough. I look up. I checked but oh go home and kick to feel, go to go ahead. Taxes to feel go to go ahead with a girl like that. Look on my phone and I looked up and we are three feet. The car in front of us at seventy five eighty miles an hour, and I just do a quick like into the left way like while someone left Wayne were bombed, sorry, but were bold, screwed and I got through it, then I'm never looking at the phone and drive and again and my son yelled out dad what the effort you doing. That, though we time all at amused,
F word in front of me, but there is a lesson to be learnt whatsoever and bill. I don't know I just can't tax and ridden DR yeah. Don't like shit. I don't look at the phone when you kids in the car, I think give us. Yes, you do. You can send it. Now, can I get it there? It sends a data stored by fell back, but there it sounds like days. A thunder crews like driving through the smoke lackeys did know. If he's gonna command what there aren't you up a move made it. It was terrible driving followed by spectacular, driving out just parallel with the car next to make to get over, but I'm not brown, don't don't tax, don't look scores and drive parent cornered. My arrested, my stories also occur to my daughter, had a soccer game
yesterday in Corona California, any idea where that is carogne. Armed, I'm guessing by San Diego right. Now how that would be a nice events by sending a South South south was, I was I forgot, where our skid hour and a half it was. I passed you got. You eventually hit the eye fifty, in your job line nor ago, whereas allowed at the turn of its earlier, then you just can't keep going and it was probably a good hour and a half in the game was that I'm gonna say like eleven o clock so basically made by my day off so to speak, but I need the Red Sox are neck. You know like from an operator
inside the to kick back and relax, and this is it an hour and a half trip, and probably two hours back as the traffic and you now at this point. This is my whole day. By the time we get home. It's going to be three, so I would have been nice if my daughter played while in the game she ass, her words game of the season and up the air was more like you know she plays at the top, and it's like say you gotta run like like just try hard all the time when you're out there just buster ass sounds like, but she was conditionally busting your ass, but she wasn't in the right places to run the couple of times. I was just mad cuz. I felt like she had had this. I felt like she was playing well and then I just want to say mail in, but I wasn't happy with it and you talk than the way there were like, while after the game will go in and out burger or were know,
do I'll go here, and we just talk about other launch options to do they were going to shake. Is so we win the game one. Nothing against the team that was in last place in our league and like we barely win the game and, if she'd been in the right spot, I feel like she could have a couple goals and I was just like, and now it's like almost almost by the time we get home, it's three like my whole shot and we in the car and she knows only be mad. We're just driving in silence and she's. Like are we going to eat, aroused like you? the girl, that's it the bird cancer, can I have gum on that. Stopping I'm going home about this rides with long enough, and they were just urban silencer next hour and a half with weighted average there's a calculator as Ex grew there, some just driving home you.
Again for Europe as a Gub, that's ledge! anyway, I just so maybe arable father, my god now listen. I was my whole Saturday was, you least, try the whole game. What in our minds Eugenie Our goal is wrongly, but her she's gonna run just run. She's thirteen run, she knows what the devil You know me and I never get mad about stuff anymore- bore may be mad was this is my or Saturday, and it was like a fast gonna. Do this whole giant round trip leg? Could you ve told at a time that you weren't gonna, like running, I saw. What would you don't you stole about again now I would have just skip it would have centred over so anyway, I did speedier and more power to check for that you're driving nodded.
There's a moral to this story, because I'm that blood that proud of how I reacted, I should have just say I had happened yet begging, what's good in and out on the way home. I pass over to go into the the little carpool lane with the whatever, where you get where you have like you know. I have a little gadget where it's like the little toll. I crossed over to a white double line. I thought you could do. I thought you could only cross over their yellow line couple. Three hundred eighty but yeah gap, polar backup, gonna, take it nice. So. If, if you thought it was a c in the car before this now there's a ticket now just dead dead silence and the only thing that was banking me happy was. I was gonna. Call you and say my day is sucked today I know the egg is gonna, be the Red Sox, I'm an oh by the way, I'm in about the Yankees, so that's it I thought about twenty,
the red just cause You'll be like listen, don't ask I've had a shady day. I'm gonna take the Yankees but I didn't do that. I didn't by the wind. So then I stayed home watch the Yankees beat the Red Sox then decided to make up for Forbad that behave whole family goes to a star is born, and I skipped the UFC to two hundred and twenty nine and miss the greatest UFC thing ever. That was my Saturday. So happy day a happy day after the dad's out there. I don't know what the moral is there. I really don't try to do that. This is just a bad day. So I escaped Much wish you a happy when you got pulled up to see was laughing she's. Looking for work done, searching to please the other place, get our cracker anything.
So anyway. She I didn't, get it energy. She came out. I really, I really was running around you. Remember adamant, like I get there I let it we letter you today, you didn't get now for the Sheep Alba now now he didn't need another site when you're right, I didn't have this about. I probably could have gotten there for that too good for you. I did I did. I did apologize later, but I did give the speech like leg and I'm sure you given the same speech to your kids. We make a big commitment. You're playing these sports. We drive your our basic ear, chauffeur. The only thing were asking for music your you're all when you're out there. That said there are adequate I think that in fat fair, I was out of white that I would like that for my my parents
that's good. I go to all your games. I go to as many as I can. I am superseded apparent and never say anything else. Just respect that we put in the time did that's. Good thinking and now you and your dad or arguing about price and whether he should start a dairy remained in the bus and twitter, their gold guns or out ridiculous when you get to plug I'll, lock it in Monday, after after special time on Fs1 after the Dodgers Braves game about four hundred and forty five Pacific, seven hundred and forty five eastern I'm guessing can be half our show should be a good spot for us and against all odds. It's Wednesday. Every week. We find an obscure problem. We bet it with one three in a row this week it was over again we'll get over time this week and to actually went to look for that. This one. And look for a year, relationship with IRAN and big pipe and deepen alone, but maybe
yea wide Open yet more much much deeper than it already is authorised, and against all odds on that and this week, but I'm gonna beyond what am I gonna, be as if this were now will run that Monday night next Monday night Monday night didn't do they? Do we want to give people enough time to bet the features cause were actually pretty this yeah, what everyone around it they will run. I got it all figured out. That's coming up the next as seven days. I can get you by your job. I hereby right now, even thanks to the Kurds. Thanks to zip recruiter, don't forget to go to secure that time. Slash bs thanks to simply say, go beyond we're home security should be its intuitive design influences step of scaring your home, like installation, simply safe ships. Red tiered already are never stops built in backups protects you through power
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Talk to you.
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