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The Giannis Leap, England’s Agony, and UFC 264 With Kevin O’Connor, Chris Ryan, and Kevin Clark


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Kevin O’Connor to discuss the Bucks’ Game 3 Finals win over the Suns, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s dominance on the court, speculative Finals scenarios, Team USA’s startling loss to Nigeria, offseason trade buzz, and more (2:00). Then Bill talks with Chris Ryan about England’s loss to Italy in the Euro Final (1:16:00). Finally Bill talks to Kevin Clark about UFC 264, Conor McGregor’s fight-ending injury, exciting upcoming UFC fights, the postponed Wilder-Fury boxing match, and more (1:43:15).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guests: Kevin O'Connor, Chris Ryan, and Kevin Clark

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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and it really messing around with a whole bunch of stuff of next couple months, including a and B draft staff, MBA off season staff, some baseball stuff, some soccer staff from Premier League comes back or Philippa as they caught but yeah down the green room, because that we here are people really like use it it s. Now we ve had some fun experiences with it so far, so check that out come up. I have a laugh raid, because when awesome sports, we can cabinet corner from the ringer reenter, but came through the finals, Anna and yon us and a whole bunch, others sub plots that have emerged from a really fascinating files. I gotta say. Ah, so we have that Chris Ryan from the Ringer and the reward shells and the watch he comes on thug, but the euros and
his beloved England who fell in precarious and whether we should even have because and then finally Kevin Clark. Also from the ringer we're gonna talk about the you see event over the again, although boxing little Aaron Rodgers as well, so action packed sending aid for you. Let's kick it off for their friends every year that seven forty percent just watch the bucks crews. To again three Casey whither working together five years now, Finally, a ringer twenty sixteen August twenty. Sixteen either you go we're heading toward her five year anniversary you're, a handsome beard
multi media guy. Now you gotTa Youtube Series get Europe back ass. I want to start with the Addis, not just that he was awesome tonight, but that there's something going. I gain to game three, theirs and I'm trying not overreact, but it's hard not to because as the fires is the biggest stage, we have the stuff that he's doing physically, combined with the scale of the start. Looking for the teammates three purchased his ability to basically do whatever he wants in the basketball court is pretty rare. now is gone through, I'm like how many overpower are guys have we actually had the final psych, whereas just like a guy physically were the editing music. We we can't hold this guy off. and the list is basically the shack. Will Yacht Moses and Karim and
Put a lot of thought on that list. There's been other people right, Jordan's been dominate, there's been magic. Bird there's been Dominic, as I am talking about somebody. Who's basically said. My physical gifts cannot be contained and I feel like that's: what's happened the last two days. For me, it goes back to that Brooklyn Sphere, when almost like. There is no other option. He kind of had to figure it out. He started doing stuff on the right black that, with the confidence I hadn't seen, does he see indifferent to you he d? seemed different. I mean I, I thought the staff that summed it up was treated outside. Shane Young. He said in a b a history players with multiple games of at least forty points. Ten rebounds and five assess the branded at five times. Shocked at twice have logic that its wise, Jerry, Western, it's like a honest, has done its way. Some three games and reduced sums up how complete of a dominant player that he has been. You know he talked after the game about you mindset is attacking getting into the basket. Well, I mean he's doing them in different ways. He's doing
the ball, and his hands is doing. Screening and rolling he's doing it by hanging around the bunker spot and getting ready for off its rebounds he's dominating on defence he's doing everything on the court. I mean what we saw that in third quarter of game too, in the third quarter, really the whole game of the game. We saw tying game three I mean like this as yet says peak yon us? Would you agree? I does it obviously with the stage and the implications that everything factor, and that in this is the best scientists ever been in its like tat after a hyper extended Tuesday. We thought I might all be over the reins and even crazier for me, yeah, that's what pushes the soviets have to mean, because he's playing injured now he didn't see very injured tonight, better sign language, eighty five, eighty six percent, whatever and game two hundred percent go today already was seated at today's dodger, but you know
There's a lot of like checkpoint set. You off guy said, especially I'm older than you. I've seen different great prayers, kind of figure it out as occurs go along, and I think a little bit injured and how you respond to. That is a small piece of it right dealing with the adversity we ve seen so many good stars over the years where they get their teeth, kicked in a couple times right for him. It happened they blow to nothing laid in two thousand nineteen last year. They get it back than the bubble against Miami this year that Brooklyn Series, where everything lines up for them, hardens on one carries out and it looks like they. The net stole my when in a basically comes down to the ranch. Stepping on EDA Afoot over the line or the nets are probably going to the finals, but somewhere during that series I felt like pushed to the place. You want all the great stars to go to where they're just like. I am not
and down. If we go down, it's not gonna, be because of me. I am going to do everything I possibly can. Did you see in the third quarter there after he got his fourth foul, which this is the first game there, but again and foul trouble and then yadda sky like yet a donkey get some praetors, but then they get in the bar for like three minutes and he was getting progressively, bore more pissed off and then find They had the bar on the right side and he started leg maniacal, like waves, His arm, like he was trying to get the attention of a waiter, can see what the vulgar bowed and they sauntered around through many got it. But I've never seen him act like that in a basketball court of you I may we saw him slammed the chair during a time out and came to us. I mean he showing that side of himself like he knows. What's at stake here and you The third quarter is sixty three forty nine when he had got subdued at that point and in other funds go small, they start utilizing zone,
and, like you said, Jonah's wasn't getting a lot of touches early on when they first started going to that The zone see my get it freak the death of bucks outlet, for whatever is they started? raise no dinas already trees. They opening to guard the audits on the funds cut it for the Aberdeen for seventy. I think the score was unthinkable. So like, as is really getting me the story, the game they go without even but then that's when everything really turned yonner bat inserted back into the game shortly: sorts dominating Chris Paul, eventually sub down a manages balloons That's why I didn't take long. You really do for all I know I've been getting caught. Some heat for defending my gluten holes are tonight like a doll, the slander and all that is nonsense, but do holder and echoed you said you had to have to give them credit. They have figured some stuff out throughout these play off than I thought and game three tonight. They did a good job, making the just missed that they needed to granted in our team. That is going with poor Craig Frank him in ski front cos.
It's in out does not a lot to answer for the sun's without even out there, but when it in small. They went to the zone, it didn't take long for them to figure it out and to turn a four point game into twenty what s going on about sixteen straight yeah, sixteen straight there is a moment so came jug came. I can't just said that crazy dunk over Puget sound there has, of course we have his burial. The momentum of by having the black charge Replay review is, God forbid. We enjoy anything investment, but then again came Johnson Canada. He check here like a ten ten at a time points for them and their, as you said, a cut of four and I'm watching a goin. The sons have figured out a small ball type, a thing where it, now your asses away from the rim he's not around the basket. The fence away, his garden shaved, crowded
twenty five feet away, the spaces now opened up. This is a nice, do wrinkle for them and then the backside now. Actually it's a terrible wrinkle for you and just pounded them in the glass, which is something like. I think when the bucks did this against Atlanta Game six rate, when they're just kind of attacking the basket and they're not settling for jumpers in there, just like trying to use their size and Lopez who is bad again tonight, but being around the rim and especially having yadda, surround the rim. That's when he looks like to point out that that's what they were unleash, I love they eat how many trees they take today he took to he miss both like you is. Does seventeen free throws made thirteen this time incredible? Fourteen for twenty three had sixty this, but had a couple really. Nice created shots for people, as as he was drawn, the defence them stuff. But the thing to me, as I just go to the basket janius I haven't seen anyone Phoenix, stop him yeah, and then you mention the Tory Craig piece of this
The sense of seven guys and one of the seven is campaign whose played like one again came at last twelve. He can pain ever since he came to game to against the clippers. Last last serious he was twenty hours. As of twenty nine point game, then again three here the ankle underplayed only four minutes since game through his averaging five. four points on thirty three percent shooting eleven games he's been horrific. This is the campaign who entered the league, the campaign of struggle with shot selection who struggle up at the bottom and that they cannot survive without him being able to provide a spark off the batch. So in Phoenix here with his version of Cameroon Pain, there is no sarge coming off the badge when you might have either you know no big on the floor or you're lying and Frank Kaminski who stung tonight. We're alignment regarding your front court for Phoenix here. I can't help but think bill. We ve seen the forum and you can always rely on giving a guy to file trouble. But if you can get off the floor
or if you can get eaten out of a rhythm, get him in his own head. Somehow that is an area for the bucks to completely explain in the series. I mean it. Without a out there, I don't know how many answers the sun's really have, because without it not only dear move around protecting presence on the defensive under the floor guy, who can be a yacht stop or even at the start that third quarter before he picked up his fourth file. They shifted, eaten off of Venus and they had crowd or bridges on him That's a much better match up for years, but not only do you lose that, though you was the ram runner. You lose the guy, whose role unheard of paint whose catching passes from CP three, whose forcing the defence wrote an organ is hidden some of these shots on a short law here. Those face up, jumpers you're losing back, I an offence to his great passer as well. So if you if your way and you and your lucid offensive riband Stanley losing our offensive boards, you're losing so much without the Andrea. Like he's Chris Paul, if the funds when this is gonna win files are BP, and understandably so.
The Andre, unlike should be second probably in that right now discuss the EU might be the secret files. I BP, if Phoenix, what a closed the thing out, but anything the bucks can do to either get him to file trouble or get him out of his rhythm. That's Emmy is gonna, be the key for them moving forward in Syria, and we saw why tonight just with him not being able to play full slate of forty five minutes. He only play twenty four where they got out rebounded by seventeen today, eight not an awesome. First quarter, he finished with eighteen, a nine fuzzy physic most that happen in the first quarter. Look. This is a rocket science. We were texan about this a few days ago, where it's just like getting and found trouble that should be our entire game plan, go at him a hundred times in a row. If you have to just try to get him off the four, because I'm with you, I think the sun's just look like a completely different team he's out there. In the end, the honest peace.
athletic, really he's the only guy they have who can who has a chance within ten feet of the basket, genus and janius that, when bridges as item it's over prouder is trying to do crowd or staff, and I'm sure there will be a more the game for a game five or he Knox yon us off balance and it'll, be like oh, is that a cheap trotter accuse the master those, but they just don't have the size of the inner to me. James Jones, one executive, the right. Yes, that tenth taken the draft that they ve got nothing for in the limited time lapse, jail and smell, like man has the it hurt. You two ways rank as genuine Smith. They can plan but then Albert newest, we said a million times has the guy they should have taken, or they should have traded that pic and trade it back at more assets, and they just got nothing for it, and I it's really heard in the now, because they have six and a half guys. You trust and counting whatever happened campaign as the half guy, because he's just done nothing for them, but to date to have nobody
after eight and is pretty alarming. I would be out be really nervous about sunset. I mean I think, for for sons, fans the sole ought to feel good about with the way Chris Paul reforming the way, he's gay What he wants me offered under the floor Bavaria, Andrea, eight peacefully equation hair mean those me without him, whether its eight minutes, whether he's playing forty whether is flying under thirty like you did tonight. I wanted. I worry about, as if you are extending him to have the play forty plus minutes every night cause the demand on him a significant I it's even if you can get him for forty minutes without fall trouble. Is there a point whether some diminishing returns as the series where's on his? He doesn't have to do that most of the time in an impasse. Theories that Eliseo sorry behind him. Granted Sarge hasn't been the same as he was earlier in the year because of ankle injuries that he had a course now during the final she has the ACL, so Phoenix here those non eight minutes. I dont know what the solutions are further sons
here? If you're having bridges on the honest you're having crowd or on yadda thing, you need a help. We saw what the Buxton in third quarter getting them into a little bit. A rotation completely shook him up like a snow globe. was in the right position: Buttery will get open, easy shots or offensive rebounds or tipping chances inside I don't know what the answers are for the sun's without aid on the floor, with a freeze in other formerly seen it, but without him I dont know if there is an answer Maybe it's pretty hot you dislike for Phoenix, regardless of how to serious Goethe. What the number one already is behind reciting Chris Paul. It's fighting. Somebody had to pack up the Andrea AIM, well, there's a really weird final schedule the share, and I can't decide who had hopes more because we, basically we had three days between game to engage three. We have three days down, took aim for thing game. Five is three days later on Saturday, the seventeenth think
sixty three days later, the twentieth and then randomly game. Seven is the twenty second. It looks like so the only time there's two days. Rest is between six and seven other that late that helps. as far as they get the sun's can play him more minutes. It helps the eight p should think it, but, more importantly for the box, it really helps the genus recovery thing because even having those extra that extra dad that really helped them today, if you found the sun's fan, I'm I'm going. Glass have fallen on my Scott fosters the raft Chris Powers, Owen, two thousand against scuff, fostered the play. For whatever reason is a classic game. Three great crowd, though role guys arose better at home. The three start going in all that stuff: they couldn't get a call they twenty four thousand son said: eighteen see you talk yourself and all these things like we didn't. She freeze well what they should: three nine thirty one, thirty twenty nine and thirty one now
they're, not an added thirty one. Three points aim but they're, not at twenty four twenty four forty tee my door and gave to either there somewhere between. So you talk yourselves in all these different things, game for we better books, gonna be mad and other stuff. They, the honest thing is just sit there It's like that. Guy's gonna kill you again and game for you, ve no answer for him and I don't know what you do other than hard fowls try to get his head really be physical with them, and you somebody like Kaminski, just basically clapper I'm a couple times right. Yeah I mean, I think you we saw the funds, try a couple, the different things in the first half of it and blessing our pressure and Chris Middleton Pickin roles turn him into a play maker. I mean you, you can't necessarily do that against lioness, especially these screening situation there. I dont know what the answer is against yon us for the sun's here
What's in your control, you know, Yiannis is going to go off. You know, Yiannis was going to put up big numbers he's going to dominate in his own way. I look at the offensive end of the floor and the Bucs did a really nice job on defense. At making things hard on, the suns are pressuring more full court basketball court line in the half court. Your c some passing lanes that were previously open for the signs. You see the way they like the whip. The ball around the floor closing pretty quickly. There's some tough passes and tough catches for sons, guys off balls. I thought that bothered MC help it is quite a lot had he was unable to manage it, wasn't able being a comfort zone tonight and so for the funds there. you know I wonder where they watch the film other ways to exploit that pressure with some bad cuts? Maybe some design plays. Were your screening against the pressure to get a guy coming towards the baskets? How can you use the bucks pressure? against them that, like what is in your control, where you can't stop yon us, what can you do on the offensive than to continue producing in the half court? That's gonna be one of the keys to this.
Women, Ford holiday was also both Albania the priorities of the year the heads he was eight for fourteen made five for ten three say twenty one, but not assess that's. Basically, if you're drying up like what I want from you, how they've be like make a ps3, give me a twenty nine but defensively. He looks like the guy from Atlanta game. Six like you could tell immediately cuz it he's one of those guys, that's weird, there's offense, he check eyes, but there's very rarely defensive. He checked as but he's a defense. He check I where it goes to another level and you can kind of see it like the game. So it's almost like watching a boxer and Emma Geier, something the game. So for him and he's like reading guys moves before they can see. I thought he was distracted threat here. You know he's given Helder, whoever he defends right,
and here you see him on Chris Paul are more often now that we didn't gave why out, except for the fourth quarter, but whether it's our book, whether its on Chris Paul that do just makes things hard you're all France again said. Are you getting into your pic, unroll at eighteen seconds on the shock lock, it might be happening at twelve or thirteen he's just so disrupted, and I agree with you bill. I mean I think this is a player who he's might be learning. We talk so much about offensive in learning what a defence does with understanding tendencies, but the flip side is true, too. You know understanding what how often supplier moves, what actions they take on certain areas of the floor and feel that your holidays one of those guys who learns things over the course of a game or over the course of the series and dominating an even higher level. I mean you know that you have he's like our Lord, our Lord Sabre Babet logic,
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I'm trying to think like trying to figure out the two ways? The series goes right, where the one way is the sun's. Did it the bucks one they're stupid game? There are supposed to win game three, that home team supposed to win that game in a final defined, as is supposed to pay out this way home payments first to hunting. Whence came three game for as the historically that's the guy. that's the one that so many serious have swung over the years. That's a game, two thousand Kobe in the places where the pace resumption site in the shack vows outcome. We saved in overtime million examples of game for being the swinging, so there's a sensitive area where they went game for maybe goes overtime. Janius gets his forty and twentieth as a manner the sun's that took out with the dunes better. The other lanes
The series the girl is, this just becomes the officers and we remember their says, like you'd only eat the least gonna celebrated seventy fifth anniversary next year and the greatest players have these he's kind of. you know, and when history or whatever sterrett stared them in the face, and they just kind of went up a level and they all have them and I'm starting to wonder if this is it for Ian. I said I'll, just tell you from from my standpoint. You know I care about the stuff going to make the dumbass all the time and things like that. I never really thought he was a potential pantheon guy. I always thought he was, just an incredible athlete in production is going to be what it was. He was very similar to Shaq but kind without the Kobe he's going to give you the twenty, nine and twelve, but I thought he was missing like some Some chromosome that the great ones have and now I'm wondering if he has it, and I really
feel that way until it will gain through game three. But I just am I over think in this. I feel like he might have something that. I didn't think he had no man, I think it has always chromosomes. why not only on the IDA hopeful that one kind of crazy trade that like when you go, upper level where these guys, like always naming its bigger, sit that something happens. them, and I'm wondering I didn't think he had it and you did you mentioned it. You know you saw him, get angry call for the ball. We saw a game to him I am in the chair, we ve seen some leadership qualities from him, develop over the course of time we ve been. You know, that's the thing with young players like there's so much man on young players in the league. There are so many great young players and for them to dominate the court and to set a good example, but also be vocal leader. That's a lot for guys before they reach age. Twenty five six, twenty, seven and yonder is getting to that point and
I think that the level of believe from the guys that walk around him, too there's gonna, be a great up, he's been empowered to to be that guy and b that leader and so today we are seeing that bill and in all our sexton would be fainter, who got a great shout out o my eye. Like briefing I varieties universal, ever forehead terrific fell. Suddenly sector were hurled the day after Janius had his injury, and I said this is either like gonna be heartbreaking in out, but sad out for the season or it's gonna, be he has this amazing come back and he could lead the bucks to have and the final championship and it goes down. I want to one another Lois flows to the highest eyes. We ve seen that play out. I mean reviewed IRA spoiled his boss and sports fans builder, one of my eye. I cannot. for any more seeing all championships that I did. I've been heartbroken, I've been exhilarated, are the highs and lows
and with the honest, like there's a real chance here that this is the honest series has: where are the answers for the sun's here? Where are the answers, except for just hoping he takes too many jumped shots. He seems we pass that he set it out of the game. I have attacking mindset, he's trying as many jobs as we saw in that serious, he is not settling. Ideology has figured some stuff out. And I'm buying that this could be the Fianna Series and that this could be the turning point right here. What we saw tonight Well, that's what I told you. I don't want to start taken this until we watch suppose game interview, I'm just curious. What he's gonna say he he kept the the word. This is all this is like. Basically, this is about tough there's. This is about mental. This is about there's some higher peace. The basketball that clearly can see now and then the other thing he was saying was the go downhill and I think it's in his down like when I go downhill, I can't be stopped and you think back to the plan
two years and even how we felt about him. Many into this by I've said site. You can stop yon us its form the wall make em shoe jumpers. You know, keep em put that fence around the basket and he's really not gonna hurt you, especially in the last four minutes of a game. That was the knock with him, that we don't have close play games anymore, so we haven't seen yet, but every plant gave thou is double figures. When first cut a wired, isn't it there were yes and I don't like it. We need really were due for a classic, but on, I think, with him. I'm noticing problem solving and I think it really started that Brooklyn spheres, where he's just these teams kind. I know what I do. I do what else I do what's what are the? What are like two other things that I can add to this whole package, and one of them is like those post up she's doing which slows it down, and you really
with the guy down, which is the brown member when the broad added that is game in the mid two thousand dance it was like he's gonna have this now Jesus and then You can see him realizing. Maybe I shouldn't take the shot I'll pass, this up I'll, just try to get to the basket over before it was so frustrating to watch him to do it occasionally took maybe for jumpers that in like today, but for the most part just seems like yours. I get to the room, gets there and get through museum as they are running back. You know, like I, gotta get to the whole, get it done. Dounia downhill, five yards five yards. And now that he's thinking now, I think we really hard for Phoenix told above Regan the a game, the serious where he takes thirty shots and has the same amount of fifteen plus for he throws could about I'm I'm universe very link. I couldn't get fifty tonight easy. You so familiar is think no doubt, he could potentially lose the series just because the other guys
she's not worried about him there s the stairs. I think I think this is gonna be, he'll be that thirty five to forty in ten to fifteen rebound range every game from now, and this is who is at this point, but it's a holiday, Middleton Peace, do you like what you suffer Middleton Snake is. He still makes me nervous he's a little thing game yet a little bit. I I liked the passing in the first half. I thought you did a really nice job handling, some of that pressure, the sun sense his way and the pic unroll I'll, be there. Gory only six of fourteen tonight. If anything that can be a good thing for the box, your background, you didn't you didn't get the curse, Middleton Game yet so you know. Maybe there is reason to be encouraged by the fact we didn't get it tonight. They have a lot of guys that programme. I'm not I'm not sure we're getting that the deadlock, lotta good wings from Phoenix ashore from a phoenix standpoint. So I thought I wish I'd said this.
a pot after game too, but I realized I rooms going to react to the book again in people sent Booker to the Hall of Fame after game to compare number Toby it was outrageous enclaves. Outrageous and eight you sometime We overreact to individual games other times. I filigree react enough, like I really felt the announcers tonight it she just Benny, honest conversation for two hours was anchor. You got what you this. What is happening both worker thing he eastward thirty one and game too. He was twelve for twenty five he'd know freezer attempts. He made some shots, it was great, but if, if you tell me, you took twenty five shots and you scored thirty one why it's like? Congratulations, like that's kind of around, where you're supposed to be, I thought he maids. really good shots, but I think it's dangerous, sometimes especially with these young guys to be the superstar coronation thing when he was really good and that game, but I think he's been
Billy up and down in these plants. There has been games when he's disparate granted. I think that the broken knows thing the real thing and I actually think it's kind of underrated. How much it sucks the play of the broken knows, and you know your fear honour the basket getting hit the phase. Thing all that stuff. But I think consistency is the last summer, like Mark Jackson, called him a superstar. Today, there's only like eight or nine superstars. In the way I got to know the exact numbers, but would make somebody superstars consistency, that's the one peace. It's like I gotta know every night when I'm getting, I don't feel like he's dairy and I think he can have games where he looks like a superstar, but when they start for the word superstar around for Gaza, that that's where that's. Why MT I get confused. I know you love Booker, but idea I mean, and may maybe the word supersonic through strong, but he is, the star ear. What he's turn himself into he's a star? I mean that the pull up
free pointer at adding step bags and sidestepped threes and hit those inefficient rate. That's definitely an ex peace, for him now allows the concerned back at the beginning of the play off when he had some euro. Poor shooting performance is against the Lakers. He to turn it on he's had some hot games, but he still not there as a three point should offer drivel like he is from two so for it is that there is a get into the free, fair land guy when got everything else is working like this shots at getting in that there's. No, he doesn't have that tat, he had a leg, Emma Shots and I'm getting the basket and he's only twenty four right: It is only for his ill. So there's a lot of time for him to add these pieces to his game and become as a superstar instead of just a star but were definitely see in some of the the limitations of the have a great player right now in the areas that he still needs, Sir, proved by the way, I feel the same way about Tatum afforestation, superstar. I think he has nights where he looks like one, but he's that he's not consistent enough witches curse of the UN.
as you know, the actual I mean there's so much demands placed on some of these young players who are performing at a high level already to be done to be finished, to be what they're gonna be when their twenty in twenty eight twenty nine years old and there's the report does not area there's not theirs. It's like Ben Timmins I'm not sure, he's superstar, yet I know that you looking at me locked away an alibi, learn about it, that is a sterner bathed outside my startled over here I hope this summer been salmon's, is put in the world where we can- and I might add, is these bids. Rumor TAT got everything, be deleted,
but with Booker that what do you think was going on there with him that plan in the fourth quarter, as I announced bizarre and that there are like money, lives is talk at home, so was he was he China? Was that a teaching moment where they're trying to save his legs, because they were talking about I got there trying to save his legs is by ladder minutes. It's like they're playing every three nights. We don't need to say his legs, it's a fucking finals like if you down twenty with eleven minutes left we ve seen over and over again in this post season. You can come back from that. You can make for three surrounded and six sided over we're doing I don't know, I don't know the answer were acquitted. Unrest could have been protecting his nose. had further injury and ruining things for the rest. The series, I don't know the answer. There is definitely weird though, but then again I mean what was it at the time. Twenty points have a good memory is on the wrong call. How many comebacks have we seen? The shadowy would forget, get some quit threes. They can turn ten real, quick for sure it was odd. I thought I thought that. Second,
was I'd period by Manuel lives, like would with the Andrey, and I understand the logic of Poland out a guy who's in fall, trouble and doing before were period of time. I don't think I'm not put back into the game quick enough. Who cares if he gave him a viral trouble you gotta stop this run. You gotta stop this attack by honest. You can't let us continue either thousand mistake by module very great coach and season still having won. But that's me was puzzling decision. Second half year we ve seen therefore Fatima
confound coaches, sometimes where their basically, they just have it in their head. On the same until the ten men, America, the fourth who's gonna, try to survive and targets that point, but sometimes in these games, it's like the by the time we get the timid, the fort. This gains probably could be over, and that should get your garden was, and I don't know when you think like Kaminski point. Fourteen minutes, I mean think about this happen. Sometimes is an unusual finals, but think about some of the data played real minutes in these finals. Do how many minutes fifty point three fifteen from Malta fourteen while he was over for, but he was somehow plus nine, but he played he played. Fourteen Carlton played thirty Yanks came Johnson played thirty pain played twenty five like it is a kind of feeling, like these teams are down to like six and a half guys each.
and I don't think pass that like the fact that Teague, who was torture in a self expanse way, but the ito was at six seven months ago, where Brad's playing over paint Pritchard I'm go not some except the assertion that the legal were what's happening and then your watch, the final Sunni, like wow, japhetic taxicab, you need to get to submitted stretches out of him in a final skip. Previously. It was weird you now there's a moment, I'm watching the second half of the scheme and Frank Kaminski, Tory Crater out there, like against yadda, like how you can expect these guys get stops against them. Is that the sun see team is just what he asked I mean my charge sort of great article about Tory Craig. Why me, you know how he would look with a good for the box from have. having examined the wing rotation and all that, but still I am like having to rely on him for fifteen twenty minutes in the finals. Having reliant Frank him is key for fifteen minutes,
and he gave these aims are depleted right now, where were seen worse, like not even chancellor, the backside lack a search on the sun side now but there was major players, but there's a domino effect by not adding them. Well, it's almost like a baseball team or you have you miss site. Your number four start out for a month in here like what I got caught his socks and inside but now that back eyes out now you're better relievers, your fifth starter. Now you have no middle reliever. Now you it's the fifth any of an eight seven game in your bring it in some areas should be the major leagues in Theirs domino effect. Forty club, forty two club update it did this on a long time ago. It's one of my favorite stats, like you, add up points. Rebounds assists in the player in the play ass, his forty two in up, The guy's really get Janius is a member of the non finals, forty two club, but the actual finals. Forty two club in the two thousand We ve only had shack cobia
I received no one, don't gotta know three Leubronn a bunch of times, twelve fifteen, sixteen seventeen, eighteen and twenty. Shackling, o o o one or two, Oh and nineteen dunker, no three and then Janius right now is over forty, eight combined, forty eight on that and perspective lebruns three best. He did a fifty point. Eight, two thousand eighteen Jesus. Forty that point attitude as fifteen and of four nine point: seven into that seventeen Jordan's highest was forty seven point. Eight shack put up back to back forty dies and that's it yeah it. Forty eight like this is hollowed ground. We don't even mention yet, which is my fault, his defence.
Yeah the dominant doing that and on top of all the other stuff like Shack was not even sixty percent in the defence of periodic houses in Ghana sign these switches with Chris power. Chris pause leg, all right. I guess I'm, u here's my stepped back twenty eight foot or if this is what I got for you the way his patrolling the rim. Like it's one of the more dominant to perform? Its is, I think we ve seen he's been fulfilled. nor even in their loss of game one in the first quarter, I believe He added Dr Ani and where he just buried him out on a limb, and then he blocked Chris Paul MID range jumper, and when that happened first quarter, I'm thinking this is gonna, be the yacht Series Yeltsin's go up to o, starting to think it's not gonna, be I don't know about. I don't know I mean this very well could be the adversaries, like you proposed early Ordinary leanings wins advise through their sons and five, but I'll tell you what are you out of the way he's performing
You changed your mind. Came he became a pantheon guy. I think so. and was already to twelve and for game to forty went thirteen and sixteen game. Three. I think the last two giant leaps we had, I would say, word- be leubronn into thousands. Love and then shack in the two thousand finals enable it out. Zombie Pierre. The Portland series that year their down seventeen and at home in a game, seven and the whole team looks right there taken it up like it, really manifest itself to the files, and then it was our colleague shed herring. Is that these guys there's a a yacht as peace here that if he can get through this and somehow pull this fine us off, which should be nuts? and we're going to the off season and its of it being lag astern disastrous. If this had happened,
I did happen all that stuff. I think yadda should become the focus we're like holy shit. This yacht, especially now the whole conversation changes which is so crazy, as think of like he was a free agent right now match that if it was like in two weeks from now easy anybody can have on the bugs like that down where you can take a break in the cabin I are going to talk about. USA versus Nigeria, a game that the people listening at their almost escalated watch. But we did today's absolutist, Millerlitesummer: it's in full swing, we're heading toward August. We got to make the make the most of it now that Basque about almost over we're heading four baseball trade. That line coming back football come back well, go grab some cold and enjoy the next couple weeks summer you can enjoy the Olympic Games, he can enjoy baseball,
that aside, I would highly recommend doing on the golf course haven't, or maybe it's you ran from the front, none back then pop open and they saw ice cold, nor lay pertinent igloo. What changes constant in summer, despair before you realize it be, can always depend on the greatest merla when you enjoy the dog days of summer. So next time you getting ready to enjoy cold ones with your Krueger Miller, light outcome, for its b s to find your reactions near you or you can pick up similar light pretty much anywhere. They sell beards. Maritime sober responsibly Miller, Brewing Company, Milwaukee Wisconsin. Ninety six galleries, three point: two carbs per twelve ounces. So I found the USA Basketball roster to be alarming. I guess alot of people turned it down. drew out. I was not there yet. Neither is Middleton so that this exhibition game, and I area there is like you select guys. Sedate Bay was on the team.
Darius Garland had a couple minutes. It wasn't the official team, but they lost in Nigeria. To put this in perspective, Nigeria's up three up through fifteen seconds left. They need to get it. Twenty seconds left comment out. Bounds play And they get the body at pay. Odo misled a wide open, ten forever. The game you ethic of that makes operators but then during the bunny. Anyway, I pay you member him warriors pay the six pack, and then somebody really good was the next back the camp member who for yeah so I am absolutely Nigeria imprint. They had a guy, he's on the Miami he put tunnel. What was the name gave gave something in annex k, caveat Paul as well yeah that could ever be I've already sign of all Caleb. I gotta gonna, be on a summer lady, I'm really not yet right, a big family guy, some of the star, potentially this off season, an impact of age. After the game,
his leg, I'm glad we lost. You say that there is a dinner party is glad this happened because Babo Bides Condemn like now. There's no pardon me that's glad this happened like we we lost too weak a team that we would be by a hundred points, twenty five years gardener granted to the world's catching up as tax them with tv. Who is delighted that by June came through which a thing like this is where the national best Buzz going. All these teams have shooters Nath leads in the three point line the variant but fundamentally I'm just watching too much air crunch timeline up and its Tatum its Durrant. It was either bill or Levine. It was day as the point guard, even though he is that, like the kind of Chris Paul point argued, actually want Fourthly, might this men they what would dream, but it's a dream on her back in the five spot ass. I was like watching the self examination.
Just a lot of one eye, one stand around whose turn as it- and it really got me worried for that picks. I actually think we could lose. What was it. Where is your biggest takeaway for the game? I mean first the: U S should be fine. They they're gonna, like ass middle finger, holiday endeavour, Booker back once the files are over the. U S should be They should be ok and they should, when the whole thing, even if it is a bumpy ride, they should, when the whole thing by number one take away. Just like it was crazy how differently the game is. Officiated. I've just like you saw guys China draw files, you saw it. You know, I think, Rarely beyond the first have drawing contact kind of got annoyed, no whistle This kind of ice is gonna, live to see the Heaven love about the Catalan language area, corner the right out and that the second partly Kevin love. You only play what three for five minutes. but it was reiterated. It was not gonna think when he first under the game, the announced was talkin like great opportunity for cattle of common out Hungary to prove himself heeded
look good at all, really did always like he belonged on the team. One baby did not get soft as he didn't offer. No real protection press a blue by him. He didn't you, try to draw the free, did look slow hills. I became a love. We ve seen the whole pasture and Clayton Dynamic in past years. the past three after years, then that they're talking about like a buyer for him, why would Cleveland by out eighty percent of his contract? So he could go play for another? I would never do that. Do you feel like the? U S, rosters, two small there big Damn dream on a calf love to small there's, two things that are like one, I think the two small and too I don't. We don't have real point guards the game is like a modern two thousand twenties gonna shoot first point I re and he can SEC eyes, Pekin dribble. He looks like a point guard, but he's not like gay I'm here to take care of by the US
in point guard- and maybe we just don't make those anymore in america- maybe that maybe the air of that has done. But I was thinking like even somebody like by Guy Halliburton just having unselfish guys, you don't care if they shoot her fair to make? Everybody else, look good. That was the thing that alarm me about the team I saw yesterday. I guess the rant is going to end up being that guy for this team. and maybe Doran ends up plan as a stretch, Fibre Tatum sat a guy who makes other people better that I'm not sure as either we know bill is in fact of innocent. So who is like the glue play maker. I you know it's true. On a damn. It has to be full think about that. That's kind of scary. My dog did my daddy's Mark and re now he thought about it. I was looking after like who could have been taken on this roster instead of cabin love for we final spots, even leg
not counting the guys who already turned it down or just like anybody climbing up they had fifty seven finalists forever roster back in March and I mean pardon me, I was thinking. Maybe it would have made more sense to add another guard likely you're talking about a password guard, but not any be what a big and I was looking at the team bill and it's like they had Brooklyn pass using the finals. Eighty is out milestone a finish: the seas, with an injured, tell Dennis Jared Alan Julius Randal Mitchell, rabbits and Andrzej drama, Montrose, Harold White Howard Veil, Magee, Mason Plumply, the Andre George? those were the other choices of the fifty seven five Jesus. I made that fight, not them since worry less that all I mean I'd rather have Jared Alan with his room protection on this team. Kevin love. I'd rather have Joyce Randal, maybe even Mitchell Robinson, but I've just the name's organised, then crazy. I went on a second
I've ever more way in the cabin levels, but that's what I was going to our values that are very lender. It's like I mean I'm looking at this theme maybe there's a young guy, they could have given an opportunity to, about what both of them came. I remember we overcome love. What I mean you got your router plan for Spain, read our draft prospect Y, know mobile. Why don't have gave? I mean I feel, There there's an opportunity of the final list. I see a name that I'm like. Ah, besides dared. Alan now would have loved to have seen understood, One of the young guy like Mobile, and maybe like do you think? Maybe it is- is boldly part of its two things bill. There's not like that elite. Young big, like you'd, have you know mortgage whose applying, while I get out with a bead in America, Aden,
screwed up on, they should have gotten in that changes, citizen, shit or heard it. I don't think they know you ve gotta, be it is here that they can do that for twenty four, but could boldly be that guy. Do they will we have the potential to be their kind? Twenty, twenty four twenty twenty eight yeah, but I'm just take it for this year I dont think lover grander gonna play. They give basically, frankly that for people who are just inferior versions of anyone else is gonna play in those two spots. I would rather have the young guys, just for the sake of Basque, by think, that's really viable to have young guys on these teams, just the kind of be there to have the experience and hang around with other great players like, and then you put those guys through the programme so two years from now six years from Now those guys become your olympic eyes in your leg we had paid when is nineteen and now he's starting for us, but by the way- and I dont like came quite as much as some others, but that's the kind of guy this team needs rate a guard. The unselfish kind of
Look. I guard who doesn't care, began his own shots, aware on the same page. I think they should be used as last who spots for young guys at that love was just a ludicrous idea The automated brought back the better, and I mean I I get it- I get it. But I feel I there is a heck of a lot better options then bring on Kevin love for this team. Can we go? that fall in the. I know that I love international basketball. More than probably anybody else, I really enjoy it. I got no trouble a couple years ago, cuz, I was bad Devin Booker didn't play for our team of psych, could use the experience everybody who plays, and in these things they are re about what it meant to them as a player and to be the throne, these situations with the pressure and the fact that glass half full it was really fun to see Tatum into rant on the court. Together, these interchangeable six foot nine Tatum and set foot the ran with a shorter three point line in just the size they had.
got me thinking of like that. What, if I note the ran, probably wasn't signing with us in two thousand sixteen, but that what? If? What? If those guys had ended up, then I went that a whole rabbit all dark by thirty four minutes, but just those two there's so unique there in terms of their bodies, scale sense to see them together. On the same theme, I thought was I feel like we're. Gonna get more and more of these unique longs. Skilled players Katy out, like tat and as we have, you're. On Sunday we saw a vector, went band Emma from France when Anna seven foot too seventeen years old, twenty twenty three like gonna, be the number one peg, France, against presently under nineteenth pathways, who voids aid rebounds eight blocks dominant force like he has been throughout the entire united Competition for France, he there's him in the Olympics. They could buy
I believe they are their favouring their veterans. Gonna like the. U S is bought events on the front french team, but when Daniel I value mention me: love international bathwater watched the home grown chat home rent for the. U s again, later when we witnessed at what channels that all that that that was on that was on, he has been plus earlier on Sunday noontime wonderfully well how'd you get home grown. I like his game home gonna help. You had a good game, not a great game but went on yomei this whole pass. We got Sierra here a seek with against Lithuania last week with a try to get a switch on aim at the end of the clock in the fourth quarter to possessions in a row, and he block the shot twice against smaller, speedy garlic. This guy they want just type in when bandanna, ok, he's nasty he's NASA he's the he could be. The next big great international player who comes along with seeing on us in oh it within Yoke, is seen a bead. look better. He neither could make them went any Amazon along name V, Dub, Dubbs, Sonnino, just Victor, maybe just vector,
so one day, gamma back under very Evanna, now he's nasty bill check him out. It did get me thinking in the Olympics. Icu the crunch animal be and how that's always in a sort of litmus test for who matters in the way that granted. We don't have certain guys in there, but I soon take and ran dame will be the three of them and then probably Booker over Bill. I would guess Maiden, then, that fifty Might Pavlovitch did compliment bill. Com Frick seems what I think it could be built as the faith in you just go I'll shooters with read as the five basically Ray and you just spacing out, and we have the most ridiculous five so that we ve ever seen. I'll, be internationally for the? U S, if that's the five and maybe give but little, but on the other hand it depends on whether Durrant wants to buy defence
like we saw the regular say so. The net seed in play any difference at all, which is the reason they were really bad. Defects in the play ass. He played defence at all, the sudden they were pretty good on defence, so if he actually hey. I was wondering like how hard are these guys actually going to play, because I do think there's going to be moments when we getting in the Olympics, like, for instance, Lucas team made it. There's get. There could be a moment where we play. We play Slovenia right, that's a culture where his LUCA against the. U S and it's gonna be really hard. Four Luke, that's very thick, a sports movie. I do we have to refer America, but I will just be hard. That's referred LUCA due in the one man show think. Basically it's not like that teams any better worse than his doubts Thebes. It is better right!
now to the: U S should have smoke, everybody felt by, should you think they should they just guys message to like Canada can have a much better team, I think, than their access ending and stuff. I occasionally now what would decide another boy of a farmer. I mean law law, guys our plan speaking to mobilise. So I have him first. I talked about this on my part a week ago, the reseller, I think he has to be the first pic. I dont think you should take him first. I think if you like him the most you do. The Tatum faults trade down move, but it seems like the traits probably and it's a kid there's rumours who knows that the internet's who knows what to believe, but that Houston likes Kate and wants to move up, and
I'm just saying. If I was running to trade, I would trade down a spot and pick up something from Houston and then take both way there or, if I thought Cleveland want to Jalen Green Duke moved out again, but I would end up with Mobley more assets would be how I played it, because just then I'm ok, I think he's gonna be the most important guy from this draft. Where you stand and you have our your draft guided than some my drafts, we ve been moving people around. You ve had Cade. First, all year we get closer. Are you start a waiver on Cade verses? Mobile now with Kate a number one, but that's no knock against mobilizing both these guys could be legit superstars nobly stock, in my opinion, has gone up during the policies and could we ve seen the importance for bigs having an ability to defend the perimeter but also be impasse or on the Roma defects, to have the ability to space the floor and often not just as a shoot her, but he ought to make some plays out the bows of the past
or tat close out. Mobile has all of those skills at a really high level. I this guy doesn't make mistakes on the core. He's smart player he's a selfless player. highly skilled and only should grow over the course of time as a score as a boy am as a defender as communities, the bulk of mobile could be a beast. I wanted a better players in a league by thinking could be to bill. I mean six fully He can be one of the better play makers in the draft one, a better shooters in the draft, one of the better go through scores. One of the better defenders. Better leaders like this guy intangibles wise checks, so many boxes from an attack, the people around them about how hearty works, how great he wants to be how he seeks out feedback to try to get better case. Has all that you want a franchise player mobile does to just a different way. I just preferred that the office of initiated guys creating buckets for you more than the guy's polygon a b. The finish her case can be the creator.
And the Finnish before you, depending on Raw Zeitung favour Cade, but mobilise an unbelievable prospect, and for that you know whether its Detroit and whether, if the toy did wanna, take any more use than a number two it's gonna be fastenings. I'm here and the same thing is you that the Rockets love Cade, that they would want? I d get him, whether its training upper hoping that fight passes on him at number one, and if they don't I wonder what could they get for number two? If they decided, you know what less trade down and be the spark to get some sort of get Scotty Barnes or jailing green? How much could they gave her the number to pick as this move prospect is ridiculously gray. I can't I don't have a member one, but I get it. I get. The mindset alot of people on leave feel the same as you do. So what could they get for number two? I bet they could get a kings. Ransom like imaginative, ok, see wanted a trade off the number two. How many sharp picks used to get for him. If it then you're moving down six in its foreplay draft Scottie bonds. Maybe you gaudy bond,
I give you loves, Gaudy Barnes and what he can be in the defence of under the floor. I could see that it is about how I can get it and I feel it same about if the trade justice way about Cunningham Lake, so we can take on him cause. We are to have killing haze thou. We know you could point to point out at the same time and this damage but adjusted. They thought there were four Houston whereas would you do Moby? We have Christian. Would it's like what he s talking faster you, trade, Christian, Anti Christian? What is that? The reason you don't do this I remember cleveland- they had waiters then the next year they should it take it. All depot then had taken him zay what we already have waiters, psych, ok, oh, really well prepared, Let go of depots, actually somebody who could be an Oscar potentially, but I think if I'm used in I'm just I'm just
backwards. Moby immediately becomes the best ass. That I have is not a worse asset and Christian. Would you can't be Well, if we take in green now, we have a little jail and green Christian with think it fuck at her just take Moby. Would he do I just take boldly to, but I'm a trained by the idea of a trader? Am I wonder Cleveland, I would think, would want Mobley if we're just talk about fit and NBA team shouldn't think this way you should just go if you think somebody's a good start, don't worry about who else you have like take the better guy but for Cleveland like their guard. Heavy love is obviously not there the long haul and mobile could be kind of perfect for them. And if your cleavage, could you flip spots abused in and wet their beak, so to speak with some yeah you get, everybody knew they may want anyway, I need only live on draft it's either,
they find out. I think if it could be a great draft that there's a lot of tallow throughout the first round in other the deeper you go into it, there's so much different guys could play a role right away. We ve seen the bow of having good players and rocky contracts Camp Johnson here in the liable for the signs, Mikhail Bridges, There's gonna be those guys who go to contending teams and contribute right away enforcing it, how things shake out with this draft as a bunch of them personally Portland Trading, wagons and wise men, seven and fourteen fur lowered and coming tan light. That's gonna be ASA became way for that from some other first round packs we did, see tonight down over the weekend with: U S gave Damien Lord bonnets and pick and role of dream on green of ISAF, and I would add that I notice what everybody I wasn't attainable: stuff TAT S, a great chemistry back there I
on the record. I would not do a jail and be a Brown Bradley Bill Trade. I just that John Brown and how short readily you say you want to do over how shore of you of your decision not to do that deal is a part of you I just don't think it's enough of an upgrade to warn all the additional stuff you'd have to throw in it doesn't guarantee I'm going to compete for the finals. I don't get it. I would just rather have brown and then try to forget all the pieces around them. We ve already seen that those guys can make conference files as the best you guys on account of its final stage. If we don't know we ve taken, went together or not, I think to your point. We also no jail, umbrellas, dont get a better too because every time he aimed at every level every year he keeps getting better and I keep thinking this is Graham and Brown like this is amazing when he started joy that three years ago, when he made a leaving, it makes another leap and another one. So when you are guys you're. No one they're gonna stop get better.
Without thinking. I urge is thing right where we're Talkin bout, withers, atop, forty Guyana, research and was he's not yet, but I was like a year he might be just like. If you look at the Pall George Leap in two thousand twelve thirteen, you look at which happened jail in the last couple years and it's like could bridges, maybe do add its conceivable. I don't know if it'll happen they. He certainly did look like it tonight, but those strain de guys who start to figure out some stuff offensive way. to be able to initiate. There are no offense, but they keep all the other scows. Those guys can make a leap, pretty cook jail in sad adopting every year? I don't fear for bridges. I don't think he has all handling ability may be always gravity anywhere you recently about jail in two years ago. Right, don't definitely did desolated with bridges, widen, interviewed him earlier in the year for a story he definitely wants to become back. I e he talks about it aids the three ideally able he things here
we can do more than that and he carried out like you can attack off the dribble. He can pull up, he can make passes. He does more than just shoot, trees and defend, so he got more than his game that label rallied signifies. But I don't know becoming a guy. You give the ball to and to run pickin raw lot to get it on a bucket isolation. I'll see that from him in that's, ok, he'll be a great player. We were sent out of jail in two years ago. I agree with you. I don't see it that way there, but I think jail and made me rethink some of this stuff about eight initiators on offence, which he just didn't have that ability two years ago really is while he be robotic off. The trouble now hold a fluid air like very kind of Wiggans. Ask the bridges thing it made me think of something societies there is. I read an article about bridges and Brett Brown had occurred, their end. It was something like Yeah I'll never lived out, went down or something, and it got me thinking the ringers
Chris Ryan, is the reason, the six years donor, Mikhail Bridges, because we did that about the collegial US that in the end, a very rarely got banned. Jackie Brown s eye peace in him and Chris they secretly added this whole piece. We wrote this piece about Calandria low in message board activity in just tried to be like what is this an eternal? This whole thing, Phalangeal ended up stepping down in the six had no general manager for that draft, had no there, he had this void and there is this bizarre. We should the narrative podcast, but this there's. This bizarre, like three months stretch, were Brett Brown is the most powerful guy in basketball, he's basically Craig pop a village and our c r C Buford
gather and he's coach in the team and making the decisions and he's the one who makes that trade for Zaire Smith and the kings Peck, instead of just taking Mikhail bridges who ends up on the sons and it's all because a Chris Ryan Dire at six percent, a curse, screw it up, ass, a tough one right they desire Smith and that kings pick that leads to Tobias errors in Tobias, heiresses. Thirty, five billion dollar contractor changed my mind on a hundred times, Tobias, probably available right now Yes, that's quite a flouting doors moment bill and societies moment. Chris ran tough tough. My friend between now and the end goodness is coming up later on the package. Speaking of sliding doors moments, invents emits there's a t, wolves buzz I don't know if who this is being floated by or how realistic it is, but I guess it would be. I would just
The angel Russell has to be in the trade right. I don't know I don't know. I had seen a couple. Whatever report say: I don't know how they get out. I don't see what what would make sense for Philadelphia. I o k great going up the phone now ray in Minnesota Wooden traded at Edwards champion that trade and doesn't help filet anyway. If really want a drastic paste, a draft pig based package unless they were to flip all those picks? Why gets my question is? Could it be? three tamer that were lowered, ends up in fairly Minnesota sands, whatever and filet they combine Ascend Stuff Portland way. My dog, like this decided and then Minnesota ends up with Simmons basically, and they ve
aided whatever other stuff, plus whatever they and they end up assessments. Do you think they'll get traded? I do you do. I do that report in that horse as a long time to leaves guy. I just feel like he gets traded in plus. You know, furl. Shame that Blazers foreign office, his four years after his death I mean you could say one side of it as well. There's no reason to trade up, there's no reason to deal with so many years. I found its content. We have time to fix this. The flip side of it is yeah is four years left. The twenty nine other teens would happily trade for about forty years, such on his contract.
They could get a significant like the biggest deal. We ve seen our long long long long time for Damien, though, if they decide to flip em, try to rebuild go of youth and try to start over. Here I mean it's, not bad timing. The boil it up if you are poor or if you don't feel like there's a deal to make you a championship. Team were eventually dames. Gonna pushed his way out, eventually, just with less ears. I found his contract. Maybe now is the time. Are you going to explore those other deals to add to bring on another star to get a better player than Cj Mccollum, but I'm not I'm not convinced that that's going to be out there for them and I'm not sure they have the pieces to get it either so there is a lot allotted for blown up now. Even that would be a hard thing to do and you have being lowered and every p candidate for years otherness contract. You could get everything do for daily alone. If you decide to do it now, so I get it. I wouldn't bet on a deal happening, but it wouldn't shock me. I'm torn
because on the one hand I never want to trade the future. How farmer who said the horse? I stop eleven guy I just fundamentally among the record for as long as anyone is read anything I've, written or listen. Anything I've said on this package. On the other hand, the tea leaves thing when the guy, it's clearly pass some invisible point. It doesn't usually work. It's almost like in relation ships, if you have like a friend, use in some relationship in somebody cheated on somebody s, somebody something bad Ben and then in Siberia and try to make it in another run here and it's a guide dog there breaking up who we kidding it's kinda, the break up will happen at some point and it just feels like we got there, the Portland and in the best case, to keep him and have heard people say this is like look look at what both Phoenix, you know you're, the league is so it's so deep now and it's so stiff talents are spread out. It's too
moves in. You could win the fires I feel like Portland had window for that already and they didn't get it done. They had bad luck. They they peeped in the wrong seasons, but they ve had their phoenix two thousand twenty one moment they just in time, right and now I look round. The gold state is gonna, be really good next year, so the Lakers so's Phoenix Danvers. Be really good. I just don't think there's, any scenario from a talent standpoint that deadline but a hang with the other teams and there's no move further. Make zennor many packs where they gonna do. What are they gonna change pretty Simons Fer, you know whoever like no monsieur little Zack calls you, I'm not sure he actually, Ngos is heard every time, but I'm not sure what the movies dont know. Not only do we not have the the trade assets through pigs or players to get it done, whose avail all that would move the needle that far in the direction for you like people, say while stick with it. You know you could be the rapture
Maybe a quite type comes along and I am sorry I wear, whereas that player in our He becomes available and you are behind. and heat out New Orleans any in terms I thought you knew or another one bit ly, you're behind them anywhere in Oklahoma City, if either of those teams ok see already proved that they are willing to trade for Starlight Data with Paul George, yet thirty thirty proved it they're gonna again, maybe three years from now, my before years from now but they're gonna, be in it for one of those guys and out through the blazers than a situation they left there team with the start is gonna, be on the move. Sulphur Portland, There's a lot of logic suggests and they get now instead of trying to go through the ups and downs of this relationship, which feels like it then are we going to reach a point where Dame says I want out. I demand a trade right out there, just toying with a break up, but at some point it could reach that. I wonder if the blazers will be the team.
Cut it off sooner well, then, you always have to look at the GM is always going to care about extending his own career over what's best for them Brandreth, Lorraine Extension. There would be yes, so if he is able to trade Dame and get a whole bunch of stuff and by himself a couple more years, that's actually is smarter move for him I think the only trade out there that would even dares to its own state or the next right. They, the next year's bill, Gimme bear the top end in a hundred picks you, banks give me those two guys and I M going to have a conversation and then the goal state wine where, if you could get I was joking before, but if you can get wise men, even in fourteen and more pigs down the road wagons and dump a bad contract back on them that something I still I just wouldn't trade him. Unless I thought I would never do them, though Houston hard interpreted, where I can't even point away
thing. I got after the fact that one layer do you wanna play. I want multiple pieces that I can feel good about. After that's the only reason and make sense, you know yeah and I'll. Tell you what Billy mentioned the neighbour lawyer when banana. It's not a bad time to be in rebuilding phase, two years ago, remembering ya man, twenty twenty three next year and twenty twenty two you get home, Grin Bancaire, o hardy, does a number of great prospects coming into the legal the next two years alone. He bade still even mention aimed jail underhand who took over the new ones by high school rankings over Bates there's a lot of high calibre prospects of you're gonna tank. If you're gonna try Rebuild and you now granted the lottery odds, aren't Lepus what aren't what they once were, if not a bad time to be bad so for Portland here this might be the moment here to get that next sky
who's the face of your franchise, in addition to whatever else you were to get for Dan, and I hate saying that, like you, said Hall of Famer still in the private career, it sounds stupid it on. First, when you hear it but it feels like inevitable that some point Damian Lillard was going to run out and if it gets to that point, you're not going to get as much as you would right now, this offseason at the end up in Philly. I don't know what they give up. I thought what Manic said on this podcast last week about how she's talked to multiple executives, who just value Benson,
more than the general public does at that. That was interesting. There are able to do for sure yeah who feel like. Let disguise atop, fifteen guy and those guys are not available, and I have a chance to get this guy based on this count. But on the flip side you have Darrow, who has you know prides himself, I'm not getting beat non trade, see. No in that. That's why the Westbrook thing I think, was so scarring for him exactly the type of trade he would never make if it were up them figure prospects before we go. I know you're focused on two thousand twenty one m l B draft the Red Sox had the fourth pick pick up a number one guy far right here. So you know I wouldn't, when the red Sox have a chance to get a real blue chipper. I love drafts a kind of through self into it, and everybody had them either get in Louisville, Catcher, Henry Davis or Jack light.
the Outlander son, who is this Vanderbilt picture and it was like one of those two is going to fall out for the China Ranch us. A letter can be bought at four. It's going to be awesome. Those guys go one and two in the draft, and it's like, oh, my god and the guy, who is the number one overall pick was like the Cape Cunningham of this draft. Is this high school shorts, Marcella Mayor California, kid so he falls to three and the tigers are up and it's like the tags and take that guy then we're fucked tigers take some high school picture, which is never take high school pictures like you might as well like I would just would never do that in the sky falls to for my dad is my dad. by his bag, their comparing this category C Gary's, six, three one. Eighty eight already I was
I don't have a lot of people in this category, but by most exciting Emma be draft alibis moment. Was this kid fine for so they go it's a step that doesn't happen in the basketball drafts. We don't see like the best prospect for the four, but B, has like these slats innua bonus money and sometimes like the guy Baltimore, took it out food or fair tools like you know, not one of the best five guys, but it was like he was her! So now they could spend more money later rounds and other people had stuff that basque budgets does now. Basque was a meritocracy, who's, the Basque! I'm thinking that guy in baseball, like there's, we're chicken made me wonder, I feel I should care more about the imo, be draft that kind of enjoyed it. I got it through this year. I liked it. I think you would like it. Maybe someday marrow be conducted into the mass all Hall of fame of credibility. Nobel thank budgets within the agreed, the Greens Abbe
Merely lobby was great. Then I was thinking I disguise eighteen handsome kid brother. I think I think he s and Tom Brady potential. So it's a he gets to their heads. Some four years, is twenty two. I'm in my mid fifties at this point. He has all career, let's say he's like, has a yes type career, I'm almost eighty by the time he's done this, I'm gonna take me into my my nerves. Are you going to stay there My life Marcella, where my dear guy, You're gonna play smoking. We outlined drama Nemo be drafted. Made me think like there's. No, you for the amount be draft like, though the science that we have, that there's different people right, there's like keep law theirs. A bunch of other ones, but ultimately you're only really have to worry about. I don't know ten guys they may be. Sixty total in based bothers Ike, could Gillian hadn't track that hardly any humbling, high school and college. How many
are they in the millennium round Iliad its sphere of Infinite Yang, its infinite, it may not allow that no money, Ninety eight, ok, we might see this in the NBA if they ever remove the age limit is now while I get you're in college teams over half the scouts so much harder, just like they did before, and have high schools across the counter. some crappy jams were alike at it, but I think that add so much randomness for the draft. Another fighting, and I think it's our desire to have a list of these acts there. I think all these Highschool games. and be available online. You you won't have to go to Jim's anymore, to see these dates. If it's any body whose, like a top twenty five potential guy, twenty, his senior year games are going to be
mind some doubt about it. No doubt I mean oh, so many high schools already have ideals where they are synergy: air, second spectrum all either so many different video services out there that will record your games at them and distribute them to coaches collared, cultural. We s I've like I over time and places I the better at yachting, a trader, televised by the way I watch some Ella High School, because we have really your high school basque, where the games are really fun. Yeah. I look forward to be an outburst gotta hit up like some high school games. He brought him I M gonna write about where I'm trying to move back, maybe in September that that's my hope, loud and September area before next season, but I'm I'm open to doing it during the season will say it's really nice are casting. I know I know it is. I was asked. Boston gets a week and a half ago still the best it's great
so it's great it so many times are there to serve this great greater when boffins great the bosses, great, whether it's it's a beautiful reading it that way, hundred degrees for three days and employing all you you got. This is where I left off its the best one fifth of the world's extracts guide, our doing an update this week to be expanding. I think to fifty or sixty prospects. Gonna have a new mocked draft, a lot of changes in my big boy. have an updated that since I may so there will be a lot of changes in the Big Board and to them. I dreamt up by I will be moving up via the peace movement up top had oh tat TED so ass. I had seen anywhere eight or nine Ebbene appeal that everybody's woven him up. I'm not you know from our wire do about women that's what he shouted the calm by what is showing a workers with his jumper thousand imo. One question with him. Hey. I see we can hear you on the mismatch. We can watch you the void.
Are our little youtube? Sash twitter, video series and can we do in the ring in a calm and we can read your ringer Jack. I get to see good for you too, This absurd is broadly by Zapruder. When it comes to look for a job. Most people would probably agree that the whole experiences not fun. In fact, here's some things. I'd rather do then look for a job man where we start watch twenty strayed. Celtics nets playing games from the two thousand forty one season, yeah, though, that that wouldn't be fun watch the Brooklyn nets. When five straight titles, I would rather that Add that it doesn't have to be this way, zip printer, get that in fact, they've actually figured out ways to make the job search process better in a lot easier. When you sign up on ziprecruiter dot com, you can create a free profile, get mashed a great jobs and also a lot more zip code or will proactively picture profile. Do employers whose jobs match your experience plus. If you like the job, you can apply to it and many other switches,
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for if your England, you wind up defending for close to eighty minutes- and I think that they were just trying to build a fortress and they were playing three quarters of the game as if it was the last ten minutes at the game, where you throw me buddy behind a bond, try Saturday, just wanted a we settle down it just felt like they were picking and picking him picking and pushing and pushing and England couldn't ever develop anything like everything they were doing with long balls and like searching passes, maybe we'll catch something on the break here, but it always felt like he was going to get back into question is, like England, ever had a counter punch to the counter punch basic, the other day essentially stood pat and then really really really is questionable substitution decisions. gonna get debated a lie in football media, which was do it bringing on, you know taken off there to best strikers, delay and in senior bringing odd to fresh legs and England pretty much
waiting until the very last second to finish up their sobs, bring on these two younger players, rash word and Sancho, and those guys wind up taking a missing penalties. So they did the thing that in basketball hate when they bring in the ice cold legs to get through to the biggest precious. yeah. Look. I hate this that ain't thing when the team gets eerily go and then they turtle it never works. It always comes back die you ITALY's college. You see how many saves you made the whole game. Yeah ones like the one. Yet in England, scored there one chance pretty much yeah and then they just per basically like ok, we're that's protect this. We're going try to win the game when nothing, which is not how I don't feel like,
What a lot of the euros are, relying journeys I didn't feel like they were, that kind of team. Now only now away more aggressive that there were at least balanced you noting that there were defensive team. I don't think that they were taking its hunted chances, ITALY, probably on balance across the whole tournament, thus team in a torn it eat the best jeems to get there. They people Jim, they beat Spain like. I can't really argue with it. It felt like, though, like you say liked it, there was like some bad in the air for England, in its tough to imagine a different situation for them, which is a shame because, as a really really really likeable team, that none of the thing I would say, is just about this specific England team, is their young. There they're fun. There really relate above. They seem like really cool guys, and it's just heartbreaking to see them go down exactly like that. The answers were saying at some point. The second have about ITALY, so much pressure there just pending them in there and I'm like I don't know it. Siege seems like angle
as everyone back. I think it's a really weird strategy to say we ve got the goal we needed now. What's let's play out the next eighty eight minutes, puss the extreme in this game and will win when nothing I've disabled any other score. Come cause they came close couple times they had nineteen shots. not all the more on the net, but they were just way more aggressive, controlling old thing. It was a bummer cause. I really felt like God had more to show that game in that I know what they were doing yeah you know, so, basically that there is a reason. I study, to cut a managerial philosophies, submit Genie. He chased the gate like he was like bringing on attackers he was trying to make an appeal. I changed the ways frontline play a little bit and figured Southgate. The inhumanity was trying to do is essentially keep it even
late and then bring on these really electric attacking players in Greeley assure you know he ate. If I keep brought sack on and- and I think he thought, maybe you could break the game open there, but nobody was getting the boy to those guys so never a centrally on the same island that everybody else was on. He in that had served, and while he had done that a couple of times where he would wait, let's bring on greenish guerrillas make something happened. That's without a be Germany. but I just didn't it didn't come off today. It was almost like mention. It was like. I know the card you're gonna play and I have the eye of the counter for it it seemed like ITALY was sank to go into because I didn't get. I mean England has definitely do what is it going to peddle jigsaw the tonnage of storing conflict Fred. I didn't really came. Only just beats band outweighs thereby legal Ellie I'll do it. The greenish came in, I felt like I just wanna started the extreme with them that that the seller Mr Sam,
her, but you could see when he came in late. They all said in the last fifteen minutes of extra time fell again. One was at least trying to create, make some runs and do some stuff, but I was really frustrated. I had no the even bet on this because I, burning the night, unlike the ads and I'll. Just hang out just route for England there for England awesome the key to be great and then when it was one one base, these seventy million mark on you start thinking like if they a finger, can somehow score this like one of the great crowd reality ass, a volume, yeah it'll be just complete the letter I can't wait. I really hope it happens. Images couldn't couldn't make it even they can even really there was that one time sterling it seemed like he was going to get and then all the sudden. Every time there is a defender like poking the ball, kick in their door, devers frustrating The reaction when Pickford saved, I think that the the Georgina penalty kick in dark said that might be the loudest ever.
When we stayed here, if you, if they want it, I can imagine that the friggin walls would have fallen down. There are like yeah. I think that they had their chances. I'm surprised at you. Go after Emerson more, although I guess you play pretty well Emerson, replaced this guy spinners Olaf, who had by outages Achilles a couple a week or two about to couple games, go, and I thought that was gonna, be maybe the the sort of vulnerable spot of the italian defence. But the thing is Van, like you'd get. If you You picked up like from your, I beg for New Jean Q. Any the two italian centre tax just serve frigging gladiators yeah. They were just so good the whole game. They just manage the game so well. Baluchi scored the goal We support a penalty jack, so it was kind of amazing a watch like a master class in defending from those two guys. If, if you're, looking for just taking a step back and and appreciating the sport is an awesome tournament, though I love, I love a greater talk to me like that, where you can really like settle into it and the story lines are so so exciting gather too
The two back surmounted mean hockey when you get those like the christian values, types tat of forty three old guys sum up just all the right angles, all right, little dickie tax, vows to busted up like there is one point hey where I think Saka had the ball. right wing and chicken and hugest frequented yanked him back. He horse collar tackled and basically just completely broke. The plan is like Gimme, a yellow whatever, but like they're, not going on a fast breaker before he had the obligatory penalty, cakes conversation. I I hate the extra time almost as much as I do that the x. The time for the most part there in the euros couple couple but for the most part, pretty boring teams that that kind of content content, especially Denmark, was the best example before angle actually got there. There go mark seem so delighted just to get the piquets. Were they like five to one underdog, something like that. But the extra time feels like it should be fun and a lot of time,
that's not a lot of times. It just seems. I tired deeds. Are coaches daddy their sub too late or too early, and they never seem like that created that have they ever thought about experimenting with that The golden goal would be. The solution for, for the most part, is basically next call wins. Yeah, you just see teams chasing it down now. So I, basically, what happens is if a team is corporal playing for penalty kicks. That's a little bit of a misnomer. Sometimes what they're really doing is playing for another team to make a mistake so you're sitting back again, ethically, like we're, not gonna. Let you score easy on us, but if you screw up, maybe we can break and encounter on you cause you ve brought like the centre back came up. Does he get bored and he started moving?
we just get that one break that we need, but we're never gonna make it so that you, you can get anything past us. So sometimes, I think what we think of playing for penalty kicks is just basically can conservatives conservativism in football but yeah. I think that, like the away go, it's something that I a sort of out played its usefulness and now because there are summers, analytical sophistication and management teams can be like we're. Gonna do this and then the odds of if we got a penalty cakes, you know it's like we have of it fifty chance of getting through here yeah. I watched it by daughter, where was joke about in California special in the younger levels, with the youth soccer. There's the kickball teams right that just they're not trying to possess they're, not trying to connect, passes they're just basically like they stack at running back to kick it down field that help the ball bounced certain way, and it's four hundred and sixty two shorter fielding
younger. They can get like a sudden there at three on two thousand two hundred and eleven some balance or break away, and that's just the style they playing. It's always like, if you're trying to prepare kids, for real soccer, maybe to plan college or something like that stuff. We not the style that sucker to help re body to do that. It was, as England was kind of morphing into that in the second avenue. So he was like all my guide, their plank kip, all like where sterling way let go. I don't understand why attacking images it just seemed like there is a fear and do you think it was. It meant so much to the people you ever woman's the woke up banking sixty six hours, Oh yeah yeah it I didn't. I don't ever yeah, that's like that's there, that's their big crowning achievement and it's it's sort of like this national myth of this sixty sixteen I thought they there, the crowds, you think the nerves of the crowd and status that does that is their like asthma
says look under everyone's. I'm sure that there was nerves involved that I think the day. I think that the England fans obviously tightened up a little bit as the game went on and when ITALY scored, but there is also something that has happened the first fifteen or so minutes of the game right when England scored, which was that they were able to progress the ball up the field on the ground and we're making these like line breaking such as Britain, eventually when you're getting from different amid field to the fourth line, cleanly and breaking vertically, like the ball, is breaking vertical planes in mentioning saw that and did something but what we have to look at it to see. Ok, I want to eliminate these. These Harry Kane passes that are coming from deep and then he, its Tribune tributes, whoever that's what was happening beginning to him, and I think it was a much less a matter of them like seizing up in a moment, as mentioned you just gotta, maybe a coach Garrett Southgate tonight Southgate looks like he's in TED Lasso Susan,
These are the most their typical english coach of the river is a really good guy Eddie evidenced, it's tough. He missed a penalty in like a famous tournament when he was a player yeah. Figures that are really good job reinventing this team, bringing in a lotta really cool young players. The decision to bring Sancho and Rash went on in the last minute will be debated, no matter what I love both of those players, but that's like a really tough thing to ask for guys at age to be the first time they touched. The balls of penalty kick against Donna Room, just wins the play of the tournament after this game and he's probably the second or third best keeper.
The world world. It's really really dark here. There's a rhythm to all this stuff re, especially leg, just kicking a soccer ball. You know, Zappos has games where they like don't have a real chance to warm up before the game and she's like it's actually have no fear for the bar, like you just it's almost like a basque boffin, get to shoot before you now the second half or something yeah, to bring somebody in ice cold like that man a pressure, especially lay God, I was incredible, say about the goalposts keeping alive and then the last guy comes in. Soon, as I get now this too, do you have a chance in life because the fucking team? you heard the argument, I thought he was just unready thousand ready sounds pod. I don't let it out this year. This is your fifth guy. It's taken a guys available, I withdrew its the greatest decision ever made. That's the thing is if, if soccer berries thy, it's like what a stroke of genius to do that, I think that you know
the good abode of your five, obviously the fur To conclude, I wish you is that I like well. Look, I don't know like the statistics. The issue is that he took off somewhat more season, guys like tribute just one, while legal, Jordan Henderson is one primarily these guys, who have play a little bit more. I want whether or not I I have no idea whether not there penalty kick. Stats are better or worse than Santo or scratch words, but they were at least part of the game, and there was that weird moment at the end of the game where it seemed like he was going to bring her a shirt on didn't for a few minutes and then at the very last second, he was gonna bring ref rash for essential on, but then they couldn't get the ball out of bounds. So yes and bring them on during a corner and those guys maybe get like one touch each and that its penalty kicks, and that's just not like the ideal situation. I think you want to go into all that being said, like everything that we think we have just learned from this game. Words, like England, scored early turtle up play defence. They were playing with a lot of historical pressure on them. Argentina just did that last night
he's scored early on, like a basically lay great incredible break away, like analogy Maria, then they defended there was eighty five minutes and messy was running around site. in guys down and like turn a break. Do the legs and Brazil was playing like five strikers thousand incredible that Argentina be preserved in Brazil gives finally messy when the trophies in with with Argentina and senior level, I thought That was a better game than this game, yet that I did not. I was sought a good game that this had a very dull, our basically I'm you can. You can learn a lot from it, but the Argentina It was essentially refereed by lake via, like like a guy who has resting like a Venice beach. Basketball acres array is just like you guys go ahead and figured out after, like the first few minutes, nameless shorts were torn theirs
there is an urgent Tina defender whose leg was like covered in blood. I dont know whose blood it was, but they were covered in it and then, at the end of the game, all the Argentine of players. I go rushing over too. I see and like those crying its, it was just awesome whose awesome scenes plus Bessie totally. Gatt, though I mean it was really really like ITALY unless you how about five, I suggest like see like it. That was almost too close to easy for him to score, but yeah thou art did ass. She was like is exactly the opposite of what we're talking about with England. Words like they were able to defend Hence, nay more for eighty minutes or whatever, and they were able to fish like shrug off all this historical pressure, maybe because they weren't playing at home. Who knows, I did ITALY was the best thing. I want you out of the Euro. I did feel like day eight. I do want to see the writing one cause. I hate penalty, cakes, but it certainly wasn't an embarrassing champion and thank the penalty kicks thing that we have the same discussion every time this happens.
Nobody has come up with a better way to do this. I still feel like you Don T go ninety nine for the second phase in minutes extra hour, and I call on you to take a guy off every five minutes until, unlike what are you talkin about, though we play it likes five, five aside, then look at your current when I do. It seems at least that feels more like soccer. Then just penalties, I think they're holding goal would make both teams attack. If you really next goal wins, I think of it in incentivize teams to both attack. I am not sure What would it change necessarily like when you have somebody like Denmark and in England, Denmark's plain defensively ETA? They might try to go a free kick down either end, they might try to go, get a Pelion and they might try to break away. I think that it would be a little bit more of a carrot till I do have two teams playing, what about being able to bring back subs and extra time,
like you could bring back. Tell you had pulled off. I like that. I, like the finality of decision, because I like interesting, I like that it makes and manager really like pushes chips and so like when you know if, if South Gates gonna break, brings on Henderson to kind of trying to get control the game and take them off in the final minutes, because he wants a different political. Like he's, gonna live with that decision, soil I, like it island and I thought machine released, showed a lot of stones. By taking his forwards, often pudding fresh guys up front any didn't play favorites. I think you could in argument in this match that maybe you could try something different with taken came off and cane is like this golden God in England and, like you, kept substitute Cain and gain, is the the captain and the town in all these things- and I get it pretty little aghast at- were basically making him.
Play maker and forward and then when they would get down and into the file. Third, I didn't always spilett they had any one to cross. Do there was no focal point for them to score from, and I think it would have an interesting if they had tried something a little bit different, the four line by Dad's tine site. They really need the sixth, then forward that can come in for the last twenty minutes, every team neither do they have on the bench cover leeuwen- is pretty good in the air and link he's like a really good goal score or like window. You can really shoot it, but, like you know, there is a list of people that their, I think everybody wants to see which has said oh and and they didn't really get a chance to make much of an impact, but we buried the lead, but how have devastating on a scale of one to ten, was this: for England not actually winning. This is Lucy, like the fan said convince themselves that this was actually happening, decided it's pretty huge. I mean, I think, that the fact the fact that it was a homes Warner. I think the fact that at least officially there are like coming out of the pandemic there like gathered the spot.
ending a lot of the restrictions there and I think that it's just been a really. I'm trying time. May I think that this particular group of kids, kids and I emphasise that as a really young were very inspiring, do like a multi generational Andy's there and I think the people who may be ordinarily really got really care about. England were all of a sudden, really enlivened, Michael my family members, who are football fans, but we're like in love, this team and you're getting a getting what's ass from them about it. So it's it's really heartbreaking. You know like. I think that they'll be back in and around it either net the I would feel differently if, like the next, cup didn't feel like such a guy. Can I go archaic as our plan, the winter in Qatar? Ok, right! It's a single weird world cup, but I feel like this sum version of the squad we'll be back in some capacity, but I also think it a little be back. They look great Do you think the euros have gained steam as during the internet era, as read the social media in Gaza? where we had them at some point.
It was done when we're grandly right where years at yellow their reliability. Oh, it was like the one where I really really really got got into football. I think international football and then so it would have been twelve that we do not have been the euros yet because we had that boy. Said the Olympics was gone. Heads adding it's. Your high ratio is London that I remember the euros being as kind of in the vortex as they were that America this year branding part of it has to do it. Just there's a whole generation of seems like under thirty. Two were soccer is just one sports and there's a million reasons for their reds video game. It's the fact that the Premier league Don T be now here for fifteen years, you're, not gonna bars and six in the morning toward your team anymore, you just watch them yeah, I think, there's a sophistication podcast, the internet covered sources, fiscal system with the sport that casual fans. Like me, I really She felt like I know, what's going on for the most part, and then the diehards can watch everybody
have a yes on everything in it. Just feels that gets it just about different this time round, I figured you just watching that England team is mostly it's it's Manchester City majesty. Knighted players. Arsenal players like these guys that most people who were are even like, if suckers their fourths favoured sport, probably have watched bands at Manchester City. I took two or three times and these England deems have been in the Champions League deepen their knockouts like Liverpool and City was in the final. Is your child? who is in the final one, the file, so I think more people are getting at a chance to see these guys and a lot of different ways, but the really is nothing like international football, because you mix in that, like oh I'm, really into these. These guys guys I play them on FIFO with like who should have just decided. I've fallen in love with Spain,
humor I've fallen in love with Denmark team who came back from such like crazy, tragic opening match worth Ericsson falling to the ground and and and going in a cardiac arrest like there is so much drama and yeah I mean I think, people just windup really developing attachments for these. These these national teams and because the competition is so good it slightly different. Then there may be some of the states. I'd go qualifying ornaments Arena like gold coppers. Until I got it feels like a little bit more significant because you don't have to italian yachts right some reason adding grasp for some reason I refer England just cause. I let you, as you know, I love ready for the narrative, sets out the fact that nobody- basically under the age of fifty nine years, old remembers a positive anguish soccer. Any theories
It's an incredible thing, though, is a good thing for them, because I don't think a lot of those kids playing for England actually are like super conscious of like the platform that that team is made. It is. It is amazing, though, like did you see a couple of times like an attack that what are you tie and players we called for a found. They would do that the italian guy hands, I love it actually Vicki, like the emergence of italian football. I love that somebody like classic Italians in the end, I love the names to. I kept waiting for the four new cheap at their hand. I figured she there is a new g, it's pretty full of the air pollution caused by that. I thought at the time- and I think was huge, when I guess they only you're Talkin emerges from a landscape standpoint. The only kind of thing was that imbibe aid France Goin out early. I think it was just a bummer as I wanted to see them were yeah. I think them why not being the Cinderella? The George Mason? You know? Oh my god. I can't believe it's happening began by its fine. I won't be taught by grandkids about
in Denmark a binding earlier. I would like to have seen him Bobby and Papa. Would it be like when the? U S loses to Nigeria and the Olympics in hoops enough, but with the same kind of dissatisfied, wonder Kevin love paid twenty a bit. In other words, though in where's. Your words is locked. It on that last state that I love a rehash of asked where, as you know, I love all internet competition. I wish the euros was. It is a great sports. We can, though, dislike of school like you had Wimbledon finals Argentina, Brazil. Emma may, Mme and now today we have MBA files game and the european Coda. That's just a used to sit down in front of the catch, and you get up sixty hours later, it's crazy. We had cocoa. We U S, USA, Nigeria, that I've had it been the only one who cared and then there are the you have see pre limbs I'll go had the head and then at the same time, care call was pitching this incredible game against the yeah.
we're boon ends up leaving a man he's screaming a boon to leave a man with three hundred turn thy pitches gets. Is the case? The game and its ideology season is turned around. They just blew a six run laid in the night than today. So did that to that's her out, but yeah was I use usually July word were red Sox valise. Some rats acts fairly afternoon died out. Our jack goes grave. The I'd I'd get back to it. Do you realize dead for us yeah? I know. Like you get free agency, say occasionally they leaped expert. This shared spanner like thought away, you're, better spirits of aspect it yeah. I may I think that I have like probably a proper relationship to the english national team for based and being a guy from Philadelphia like in the attic It gets a little like intensive your leg up. I'm a dude has been England three times, but I have like this very intense attachment to their national for both right. I've Irene loved them, and I love you family England's heartbroken. So shut up to June backs are evil plus thirty
and it s like eleven a date. Second, you had the pub say that, like one thirty, the boarding- I'm really I haven't check twitter but like it was, did seem pretty gnarly Wembley in the first place, and then there are, the English did sometimes I'll just be led by the way last tube size and your dislike Wembley is not close to London. On that out. When we started great right and I went to England to go, watch two batches of Wembley and I was there, I told the travel people speaking as a guiding anywhere near Wembley should be fine and not really thinking that Wembley wasn't downtown londoners and wherever they sat, and then I was like case I'm fifty minutes from London, that's cool. I conscious. audio area, I was stone when I would therefore be begs how far away everything was everything else. You just constantly travelling the different spots, the as close. It's it's basically leg. You know like New York, Brooklyn Heart
other different pieces of those city, how far away there is yet time to get. Everybody has united by the how much they love sports like when you fly area when you're flying into Heathrow you at a depth of plain terms loaded, you can just see all the big stadiums and London, like you, can and you can actually just point out. Oh there's, Emirates, there's the others Tottenham there's like it's really cool. We saw I was, We need those like six or seven. We went to the women's, got better Game Wembley and it was the top top fork was stadium without her better yeah. where I am, though they ve gotten used like they ve got a broken it in there when they first built that I think there is like some scepticism, like you just this special about the middle of nowhere and it doesn't have. I can call love that yeah. It's just that I'm in ages, you walk in their natures. It just feels immense momentous again major? Would it be like that? It's a family finals. It's a plea ever larger than life events, so you do it's in a guy. I gotta go once a day. I think that in their ethic
sit couple of guys on England? Maybe the managers gonna wanna, do over by gap that so you think south kids can really take it. Well, I think that he's gonna be like I mean really because they didn't quite well. You know what I mean. I don't think that he's gonna be like I've tried to encourage those guys to play possession football for seventy minutes and it just didn't. Listen to me. I think he was like keep your shape plate of defence and hit them on the brake, because they're not fast as you can. They didn't do it here. I see like a big bushy rod. Burgundy tat beard from him. Roughly the same suit from today's sitting. Up in Qatar, with a quart of milk, our way. We should look at the next winter, it's because it's in there turkey is a word. It is otherwise. I would be too hard to even contemplate Pinner ridiculous. I Chris ran out to Sea It suits you. I can't carcass here from the ringer taken this. It is close to four clocked up civic time just had Chris.
and talk euros. Your generation likes the euros I feel like your generation is the first one. Tat grew up with soccer kind, on television and video games, it just kind of knowing the stuff in its new spheres of Santa Cruz suggest feels like a bigger deal than it did ten twelve years ago. Well, if you ask my parents, I got into a couple years too early because their euros in two thousand, for when I was in high school, they still how did on paper view, and so I had to buy it. Every game was like fifty dollars boxing match? Oh my god! Yes, oh that's how much it's grown. I didn't buy ever again by the way, without somewhat your wound, its grown oh for away when it was all he has been further the first summit away, and everybody was woe right. This is a huge leap and obviously go FUCK soccer channel all that stuff started to grow. After that an embassy got the rights. Now european has waterway cover just if you got into a when I did select. Oh two or three kind of thing. You ve just seen a growing leaps about the fact that coverage went from non existent
bad was a huge leap and now went from bad to good. So I mean I'm in Heaven. Yeah, it's great I really enjoyed it. I watch way more than I expected a gamble that games. I had no business gambling on cause. I bet I generally thing kind of Brookhaven. It's like how do you see gonna tread of the sea. That's your coming on here. Talk about. You see your urea second or third love. You love. He loved the combat sports here, you're known as a football guy, but you also have a deep passion of the combat words. I want to hear I would do a curry flame Brooklyn and these guys came up to me and they said hey guy was like I got into this racing because you in recital d, podcast about and then hold by yours, the punchline is that we're talking and then I said, are you going to this race and Austrians? If only one race in october- and I am and we talk- I will then I so I can't go because its football season guy goes! Oh, do you cover football.
and allow wow ok like I do. He knows me just as there is still a racing correspond. You like every year, I've done an air Roger story. Just for the record, I praise the bigger the share. This could be the forgetting our there's. Your add is good, but this could be the dear I dont get around. It was set up, but you I say there is a group of of sports it or that are tied behind football, both prone college or our number one for me, and then there is a group eyed and in both combat sports are firmly in that group. Well, last night you have seek hard. Memorable I wouldn't say was that it was a good main event how play that the whole main card, the collection of fights why Gregg Hardy was on the main card. I have no idea. Just I I've been dots, are not what they seem to think that the casual may fans like mere leg. I wasn't gonna get the fight, but then I saw Gregg Hardy was on the card. So now I'm interested because he once play football
and that's a sport. I care about. I don't get it at all. They stand it. They tend to stack cards with stack being carried out in that throng word, but they put heavyweights Karla because their libel and have knockouts, I think, Gregg Hardy This point can't be any top heavy weight, so anybody buried him he's gonna, knock it off his body and I think there's a weird appeal I like my my ideal for very hearty- would be he doesn't he's not gainfully employed in any sports league. But if you're good, Keep em around me. You will see that there have not deepen heavyweights. I doubt they caught him. If you're gonna keep em around the best option is he gets his aspect within ninety seconds? Well, that fight was a bust. The wonder boy fight, you know, that's can I have to say wonder boy, but that was though not the bus fund three rounds of my entire life. The woman's fight was ok the really here of the night, was the green zombie until we, the greens that they take,
It is now one of the great moments in recent mass hysteria. That was an official. I liked the guys who get mad at the rest. Stop it. When the gardener get right like there were no there's, no reason for the fight to continue except you just want to keep getting, beat up and there's a certain pure element to being the guy who can fight like what am I fight verified, smells I've never seen a person. Was this guy's a veto against Carapace ACT and, and they just hate each other in the face, and that if you can do that, Chris leaving became a full carol. Has it that if you can be the guy who stands in there and has received fighters, like you say, bang you can have nice clear. Even if you know when I got that's the beauty of you see if you can have a career even if you're, not a top top guy? That's it makes it all different from boxing. Is that if you can keep coming forward as the than the on Zan be, did you can have an adequate? I like them his tone
seconds away from the sports movie ending with his gravely I'm an outlet iraqi one I got here is blocking shots with his face. No head moving, you didn't throw counters use it. He was he was there to get. You seemed excited about getting paid up: Thou hast, thou ass, his role you ve already unfriendly like little shack where their rocky Balboa Hacks Cobb are the grades, but it was aware bonkers Molly somehow came off worse than that was a guy. I think our banking on, but the fact that he had some trouble, then it all led to the main event which the first round was just awesome and then it just abruptly ends in Vienna,
listen to the first hour of Aerial Anna yeah Peabody in shock did a whole about. Could you have a fourth fight here might take? Is there will be a fourth fight? The girl there they're going to have fired, said people going to pay the same pepper Wilson there in a policy of short sighted, these guys there to keep paying to see Macgregor four years after he's dying. The question now is like has he, as he won two fights and five years, which is he's one one fight simply under twenty? Sixteen? Yes, so the question is: how long can they keep this Macgregor thing going worth segment. Gregory comes out, he does the entrance, he does swagger, it feels like one, but then he loses each fight at some point. This has through their Peter out. He beat Eddie Alvarez in number twenty. Sixteen, and it's only been cowboys since then in that time here, and he also lost a boxing match in that time period. But this is the view of sea, and you can talk your way in irrelevance. You can sell yourself in
relevance, is poor. Where an idea has just lost couple weeks ago: Leon, Edwards bodies in ideas. He was funny you gauging he was charismatic and everybody was talking about date after the fight and not Leon Edwards. Despite the fact that Leon is a better fighter. First of all, Pauline Macgregor have the chance now going into a fourth fight which will happen to be the undertaker pain of USA, which, as they can to rekindle the feud. Whenever they want sell a bunch of paper views, so what's gonna happen, is the US he's gonna by itself in time, because in Congress obviously gonna be out with a broken leg, fur probably a year having too, even if you had the best medicine rehabilitation all that stuff? That's not something come back, usually so poor. I will fight Oliveira, probably for the belt. I could have fought Oliver before this, but you just one of the extra money in and also I'm Connor was not really the way. Conor fights right now he's not much of a threat the boreal. Yet I think it's one of the most interesting stories to me because
when they fought and twenty fourteen porter was not merely as good a fighter. Connor was much better operate, fought emotionally and twenty fourteen Konrad on this head. In this this fight, I really felt Conor fought emotionally and portray gotten his head and they almost switched roles little Bit Carter's, the best salesman and history than a night, and he was selling the fight Joe Romans crouching down. Conrad who's got a broken leg and Conor selling the fourth fight there. I mean that's what it is that these two joke about, and that is to say the coach K was so good because in the second half of bloody be coaching the next game, rightly you started the start. Moving the pieces around and kind of Macgregor can sell the next flight five seconds after you just got essentially was budgeted knocked out really. Having heard the out of could have stopped that fights. remind me a little bit. You know what, when I ve lost a Frazier the first time He got out of the hospital before Frazier right. He just ran out of the hospital, and then he declared victory because he got out of the hospital first, even over
you'd want to fight in an almost got. The fight and white voters. Borgias lacks is talk about the hospital right and so am I you're finds ways to with a broken leg, declare victory and start selling the fourth fight- and that's why I think is interesting. Life is not fair, like that that some of that Macgregor is going so if poor yea wins the tile over Oliveira Dana went on other than a fight again Poirier Macgregor. So he might get a title shot just being on what a three four match losing streak three and so or two at, but I just think that there's it because he can sell it he's gonna skip the line. Life is not fair and combat sports. I think you know that the big picture thing. Is you and you see they don't really lost the same way. I remember Conor got his asked if I could be added the week next week. He was at the cowboys, gave an act like you know, he'd give one zero or something
We'd all view Windsor losses in the same way and you have seized as they do in boxing or other sports, because the whole cultures as you'd best fighting the best so Conor can sell it he's gonna get its title shot against all odds when it comes back and then a year, eighteen months and yes, they can sell a flight. After this. I wonder the injury he had in that this is absurd to think the moment, but I think about it today gives us think about how long it took garden. Herod had come back, which I would guess is like a rather with some orangery, but for what Macgregor does for living, where you can get kicked in that exact same spot, where you leg broke, especially that's. You know if you're leading for However, how many guys have come back from that injury and been fine, but you can have in Bosnia, like Paul George can do it here. I'm Chris women have had that exact, injured, some orangery kicker and then came back and stepped backing and and kind of broke his own way. That's happened before me. I think part of it is the legs are so important
to obvious that it like fighting. Fighting I want with legs are all important made, because these like kicks it, become so such a part of the strategy, and we ve seen that when the poor last by adjusting gave too I had some barboza, I mean you, don't want to get kicked in the legs by these guys and you want to kick these guys in the legs, and so, if you don't, if you don't, have a solid bone structure, anything like that and that that becomes a huge problem. You hear these stories about certain fighters, like basically screwing with the nerve endings of their legs. they want your pain down there. I would say- and this sounds like the most basic things over said, but I would say- have having a thousand percent less health is really important before you can return to. You have seen that's why I think this might be a little more of an arduous process. You cannot fake that arouses gonna get exporting. Do you have zero? yeah. I wonder. Maybe we don't see him for eighteen months who thou in those You think if he had to do this over again I know he made a shitload of money from May whether aid like that's the image
the kind of money. What had taken him? Five you have sufficed for refuge is talking about actual. You have seen career and whatever run he was on, and then the boxing thing becomes a thing, and now you ve got a train differently. You ve got to have their own style that stuff. If he had just stayed focus on, you have see what is the ceiling for him with the autumn? AIDS. I am he's right. Now is not one of the best lightweight spirit he's not one of the best Lloyd's beer done that conversation? I don't see a path for a championship run for him or a second actual idling. It's gonna happen old, marble aggrawatin it's hard to get up Do our five m roadwork when your ear superman so Damn right, I'm here, I distinct it once he got super rich and was an eye would in. I would love to have this problem. He just decided take his foot
the gas and not train every day, and I remember you're in a coach on Cavanaugh say that that at one point I still says s, but the car with fight every Saturday. If you could write AV, just loves fighting last up, and I don't know how much of that is still there for him, and I think that you have c is especially cruel in the sense that, even though he has dipped in talent, I dont think if he fought could be a hundred times. He was gonna win verve money the target. Is that's a guy who understood who is just a two to use a ringer ism back as a? U S, a unicorn and he's a guy who was literally rustling bear was only was a kid You know I mean it. I was just you, you're not gonna, get that out of added many guys, and so I think that the there he just came
long out at the right error to rise to the top, but I think with a deadly layaway division right now and obviously could be an active, but I just want those guys we're just better. I think, there's a path where he's in the conversation to be USC champion right now, if it if he had taken in a little bit differently, but I just think that their right now that it's gotta be ruined. for him to get back, and I think that, because he's gonna stay relevant in, I was thinking about this. Roy Jones Junior had a similar dip in the middle of his career, Lustre Antonio Harbour and unjust listen to everybody, but boxing has a way of destroying those guys. They don't they data, they stop selling a million paper views they stopped being on european overtime. You have sea because of the way it structured and because Conor is such a character. He he his losses, are complete front centre for the rest of his life. Like he's, gonna keep coming back and he's gonna keep losing the guy's a dozen Poirier unless he does like we do with cow,
oann kind of lower the sights a little bit, but he wrote me- and I bet on him, but that was a mistake I know, but I didn't know it's going to break his ankle, but even the first minute I felt good as a car. back is folk. Allow I've fallen in so many words that other render a burning himself out. He was burning himself out. He had one path, which was an early knock out once I realise that wasn't gonna happen that the fight was over. I think you can do that when he's pudding he's pretty a gear. Teen, I'm dead that just that's not gonna work that way I say was almost he was fighting global emotionally. I think he kind of I dont think that he was he was giving up at that point, but I think that when you're trying to to go for a kind of a spam gettin in the first round-
in the end that spot. I think that the Carter probably knew about better who's. The boxer right now, who could get basically even odds in a fight where he clearly wasn't as good as the other guy, but it was all legacy and people who just like that liked him, unlike betting on him, basically was The odds were the adds. One with their backs are like that now, while I'm looking at the arrow aerospace, manufacture, allies right now, I got I that's their fighting on August twenty first, and that was a crazy fight for him to take a poor popped out of nowhere. It popped out. Oh no, I mean the whole was pursued by Crawford and Saudi Arabia and the money didn't materialise. It looks like aerospace. Is a heavy favorite place at minus two? Forty, a guess went up ass. I had seen a low yet
I don't know I mean I think that it's, I think it's really hard and we saw Pacquiao, obviously peachy Thurman. We see them fight their and Adrien Broner over the past couple of years. I think that there is a, even though Pacquiao is is over forty. I think that there are still going to be in forty two years old, this still going to be hesitation to back fully against because he's manufacture sound, not a little like that. Not on the said my friend there could be no hesitation at all. What would you have see fighter? You look forward to the most issue,
I look forward to whenever friends isn't gonna gets back because they kind of screwed him over there having an interim title sight for the heavy with championship and Houston with Eric Louis, I don't think that's the right decision. They should have waited for our new friends and gone. It was generational star and- and I think that the fact that their undercutting him a little bit is is really strange to me. I mean I'm intrigue to see you by the way. I do think, though, that when Conor does come back, I think after you lose deportee. He'll get another night DS fight, which I think it is important. We just need a that's kind of we're talking about Russia about Connor's curbing over last forever and selling a joint paper views. I it's gonna be stuff like that. There's just a lie of of depth right now in the USA, and this is something that I think a lot of people saw coming, because there were a lot of guys. Ten fifteen certainly twentieth about who were training. You have seen from the time they were the twelve years old
these are re arrest order, learned how to strike, or was it you jitsu guy, who learned a few more things that was TAT was the deal twenty years ago, and now you just see amid the depth of the champions of tomorrow's man in all the guy's, a guy, Israel not assign you they're, just so much talent there that I think any championship fight real temperature pounded on championship is. Is it must be about? Well, one fight we're not saying wilder Fury three, that gas direct, thank God so if we had done an office bore for at. Why was this fight? Gonna get cancer? I would have said covert. Outbreak of fury camp probably, would have been the number one gallon one one shot forged for Thyssen. I forget either didn't get. The second shouted forgot to get a second chance you couldn't
but if you got the first shot now. This is any more he found he was busy with his. I was thinking about how if he got over, it would cost him ten months. Bowers. That's why you're here This was the right thing in spite of this summer and that now that's gone and in our diet. But then that holds up everything Bell, because everybody's waiting for fury and Joshua and everybody Ok? Well, he fury beat Dante. While so thoroughly last time their fury can beat him again. Wouters become kind of sad case of kind of become a conspiracy theorists, not kind of he keeps saying the Thyssen Thorough cheated there were loaded gloves nor people in his corner who were working against him and all that stuff, and I dont think a made some changes in his camp. I dont think taken extremely jaunty. Wilder is in a position to win a heavyweight boxing championship at this point, but
if there are needs to beat him contractual in order to get to Anti Joshua, and so who knows when that's gonna happen? I you know boxing amid this thing seemed on the one yard, like I'm fine from other fight. I just want to. oh that fury and Wilder Sunni theory Joshua, still on the one yard line and every time someone if this happens, it seems to go further and further away. I you you- and I both know this- we're boxing fans. We know to expect pain. We know too expect every ok. Everybody wants a fight, it's definitely not gonna happen or if it does happen is gap in three years after we wanted to have you now and I got is why but my frustration with with this fight being pushed back to where we are told her eye is so heightened because I when, when anything, goes around boxing, I think that that the fan is usually the one who suffers while their reminds me of what happened. Riddick Bow in the nineties when yeah a little CS irrelevant and he was the guy briefly and then had this weird trilogy that, for some reason,
He was just never the same after and I think he took a lotta heads, unfortunately, but but then out it was done in you knew is done in the wilder thing I did not expect, especially with his size and his punching power. You would have thought that would lasted for a while and now it feels like his last legs of it. I agree and membrane Wilder came into the Ringer office, we're talking and he was talking about how he was never nervous. Knowing ever was after the first were cheese fight and we basically he seemed to have a persona that was invincible. He seemed to think he was in principle and he said, in our because, basically that wasn't bothered ever when he was on when he looked like he was about to be knocked out priorities. We kind of went through his career, just kind of shootin issued on the couch, and I felt like he really this conference about him and I always wondered what would happen once that confidence got bustle bet and it wasn't one. I expected AIDS now him basically coming up.
Saying I I didn't lutes, which, which is certainly one way to deal with two feet, but I was I'm surprised that the road is taken and it's a little bit of a bummer, because I really did think because he's always in a fight because retaliatory Alice's about Janshah Waters, It's almost like waiting for the shark and jaws his hand, write your own you're waiting awaiting awaiting, and then they did the shark comes out, and then everything that the fight is over the scene is over whatever it is unjust and then it happened against fury, and I kind of feel like once that happened to him. Wilder's whole deal collapsed upon itself speaking a worldview collapse in itself to rethink Aaron Rodgers is gonna, be back and green day. So we are all we have to read the tea of is to Gulf appearances of the past to exceed the matter. Then he had the time to think he said he was going to enjoy this week and then he was gonna, start working out and then figured out a few weeks. I dont think he has a ton of options. I don't think that there's I don't have any reason why the backers trade him, I think he's gonna come down to
whether you want to mess games. Even then, I don't know, I think you're riders is after a stand off is probably, if his place anywhere asking about backers this year. I bet he does. I bet he placed the backers. I bet he doesn't retire and I bet there's an agreement kind about a handshake deal that he gets traded after. Using my guess. There seemed like a there is a lot of look at me. Look at me. Look at me during these last six months of them. That's by expert opinion based on jeopardy. The celebrity I ship, the the carefully castrated, knows break through the intifada draft abrasive the share but batch golf further, but I didn t the tie her things Hawaii MILES tower. There was a lot of hair. He buys orbit Addison re wow. Addison right. Ok, but where was I? Nobody was at the sea fight yesterday, the sidelines
Review of pure out of a car, pouch and extra Rogan days later. Madge errors in the bachelor surprise. They re able to fed them off from Bachelor Berytus a home. Ok, there's a lot to chew there, so they jeopardy thing is real. He talk to our own climate. Now, who wrote an amazing book much operative you shall by, and he basically said he wants to be the permanent jeopardy and I think that there are people who thought that before he said that before he had their own media tour, that he was just doing this as a hobby or maybe I'll do something down the road, but he really wants it, and so I think that you can square that with the fact that he's the reigning and GPS. I think that you hear these stories the I don't think he does. I think you just kind of didn't want to work out in the off season, which is fine because as long as you don't work out that hardly off season and they can still when unviable-
it also he's probably doing commissioning. He just not he's not doing seven on seventeen in Jim shorts whatever. So I think that he can balance that the job and you d be Romans with with the kind of celebrity. Let you watch where that's hosting again show. Going after away for four months time go into conductor. Booth miles, tell her I actually than that back and work. I think that your I dont think that there's a I think, and I fell people in General- loves I've got a hard they work, but I d, not for what is your. I remember there's a kind of an old joke about that for a few times it if enough, and if I ll be worked so hard wired, somebody scratch golf and yet I fell right like one of these guys able to sneak out and play like seventy two holes a week. If they re worth a hundred and twenty hours a week, and I don't see their family and all that stuff. They sleep in the office that there's somethin there's something there. So I
This whole thing about how you too have knows the grindstone and and and work all the time and with an even Brady takes weeks time off, and- and so I don't- I'm ok with Rogers doing this, and I think that if he shows up this year, the Packers really are a still she wanted. I think Thee were working. So hard thing is really they wake up early and they don't drink and eight they tend to translate that into. I work a hundred ten hours a week The reality is their waking up at five in the morning have an early work out. They drink like a carrot, juice with whatever they do, some other cardio thing at eleven, and then they all had the ability nap. So they wake up at four thirty. Five. Whatever, but they're always take a nap. I, like one thirty all than they had a nap so on that issue, France didn't happen, big neighbours,
I see you, you have kids yet I've seen my way for we had two small kids were just like you just grab and sleep here and there. don't have the personal trainer whatever and you're just like living on. I don't know four to six hours of sleep a night. I don't feel like these quarterbacks doing that. I do think some of the coaches are, though, I think some of these deeds are like worker. How I too, should probably maybe get out of the office a little yeah, but I didn t such a culture of talking about a hearty work. Do you really camp horse it right? I really do think that Bilbil check and Andy Red and some of those guys, John the Gray, really do work all of it. But I don't think it's want. I don't think it's one through thirty two, I think there's some guys ducking out for four happy. Our choice for many more than you think would definitely our guy in temper You put in a cellar on the eight hour, while I hear he's also the guy- and I think, there's something too
it is also the guy who said that is, if you have to, if you insist in coach, you have to go miss a recital of your kid they'll fiery like you once he wants them to go to recitals wants. Then we gotta games. All that stuff aware. I oughta story I you got me with Brown Flores couple years ago and he was late fur for my meeting with them. Absent, and this happens, all the time wasn't forgot about it, but it's always normally. Ninety nine percent of times, like a special teams while later whatever and he had ducked away and gone to his kids Christmas recital and I'm thinking like you know what I kind of want that guy's my headphones yeah. I don't I'm gonna get us in any regret that another, nothing against the guys who work hard, but I kind of from a humanity perspective, the guy saying: hey, I really like the recital and my kids Christmas pageant or whatever it is. You want to play for that guy. That's how you about me in the ringer. That's
Is that why you joined us? You don't you know, tat every sovereign players at football games. I went to avert our first. I am bored by tragic story and to me it's like. I saw Tom Cruise at Wimbledon sitting between his two co stars, pretending he knew either of the players and I was like Aaron Rodgers is like a year away from this just randomly showing up at Wimbledon with two mission impossible stars, and nobody knows why he's here. Let me ask you a question if Aaron Rodgers tomorrow, instead, I guess what I want to play for Bill Belichick out of here in Rogers State change they'll be graver, shall we don't need it? We have mapped out in the future the envelope and an unbelievable defence. If we just have to figure out the staff Gilmore situation were good to go pencil and for twelve winds. Like always lasting
a webcam, cart, covert way we're back yet about order, has been restored. Yeah we'll think we'll see, buddy, I'm not an automatic. As your have you studied. The future adds at all Yet leading to impose on them in some way a little and I had to see over areas we didn't over under Stacy and silver under the last couple weeks with us even more reason to keep. You know that, there's through the seventeen, when seventeen damn thing to me. I'm still haven't troubling like ten and actually and actually someone ran the numbers force a couple days ago- untreated nor or I about it but is attend, when team now apply after him, I don't know if you decide to see what that means That is also good. At nine and a half win team have been a boy. I've team in the old system.
I came round my around it and there are smarter people who are running literally running the numbers and instil. I just see it for myself on an withholding all, oh when judgment for fourteen there in the middle of back the wind I'll, say as it seems like giving it to eleven Windsor at committee level. It happens outside each two thousand. I rose and a patriot. You couldn't do it from here. I was a flute, though that's a weird year for writer. Isn't there was the year when her were almost one super? I think eleven in six makes it in a seven seed system, just severe love good, but ten, probably also get you in with the way. This goes depends if she's pretty stack wisdom on the rigour and, if thou don't listen to him after, though wilder fury fight cassettes on happening, but how Green room plan for you that way, I know I was thinking about that ETA. I had a while. I was gonna call you about a ned. Just fell per hectare sooner October,
Sis II in the green room are alike to Romania. Do ten and I fell green rooms afore. I do one wild if you're a dreamer gringos fund, pepper, talk I like it. I like the green room. I've was the aerial not just the aerial one after the fire into the area. One during the way and as well. Yet I was just like that. We're and by the way he had a theory was at the Ladys Dame who is doing. Our paths are relate the elder she's during our pants overweight and areas. Theory was like when that happens, at using an enormous advantage for the person cause they're just carry more weight as a really I would have thought of it. It was right again, so that's I'm feeling that away for ganley purposes going is the penalty is like you lose some your purse, but on the flip side you have this advantage now of year. You weigh more. The other person carry more weight but
Yet when I write yeah, also don't wanna call him a better. Is the other Europe into fire? Yeah you're right serve two lessons for you this weekend, The good thing was, I stayed away from England in the Euro, which is smart, because there too, that treated as for Red, Sox, pedigree, chemical good to see was ice cream. Above that of the pack ass thanks to the cabin stinks to Chris Ryan, thanks to calculate nor producer, we'll be back on Wednesday night, not Tuesday night. We were back on Wednesday night after game four main reseller we're going all out mighty beer to partner who knows states him, for it we'll see you always in? I don't worry. I knew we watch was common as well. On Monday night we did legally blood twenty. university? That means that come in an innate shockingly good movie, I gotta say its age really. Well, I suppose so see I wasn't. It
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