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The Hand of LeBron and Funniest NBA Media Narratives With Bryan Curtis | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 376)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons, still coming down from the NBA Finals, talks LeBron's hand injury, the media aftermath of a finals sweep, and legacy implications for Kevin Durant and Steph Curry (3:15), before sitting down with Bryan Curtis to revisit NBA Finals narratives, the NBA replay, the NBA and NFL offseasons, and more (24:28).

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Today's observable of the bill on the rare pike ass now are brought to you Zeb recruiter having a high sports, I q is important, Lebron James, who get swept and the define us and then figure that out of added at retroactively. Blame is broken hand that isn't actually broken. What's going on, I don't know he is the freak but has the smart too outwitted all the media this weekend when it comes to hiring need a high hiring acknowledges the procurator, their powerful technology, scans thousand resumes to find people the right experience for your job. Eighty percent of employers who post on Ziprecruiter, create aquatic an answer the same just one day. My listeners control for free, add zip outcome, Slash BS, Zapruder, smartest way to hire meanwhile rocket mortgage by quick amounts, wants to few other you're lookin to buy your first home or your tenth, though Gimme a transplant I'm I'm process and the confidence to make an informed decision, get a real mortgage approval in minutes and adjust
great length of your loan in real time to get started. Gotta racket, mortgaged outcome, Slash bill, Simmons, equal, housing lender licence than off these states, and am, alas, consumer access, dad org number thirty thirty, I MBA finals, over if again into the draft. I would We recommend the Ringer NBA draft God written by a covenant. Connor Jonathan Sharks, Danny Chow, Some are Titus in their regular down, my draft. There's some Obama Mobile numbers. Rising. I don't know if it's the best press campaign ever or just a really effective Youtube video. We made a lot of threes fit. Mobile rising. Now to them, three. Even I even I'm starting to get swayed, I thought I thought he was going to say Everybody now stand. That figure would be a mistake that to take him to check that the Ringer, NBA Draft Guide and on the rigour and be a show podcast. We have every Friday were breaking down the draft as we get closer and closer. Finally, when I
This is a new podcast launch per day. It's little bit of a real binge mad after almost a year of hyping that we're gonna do this. It's finally happening. Harry Potter, launched today Benchmark Harry Potter. I think it's can be Next, six, seven months there going to be hitting every book every movie we think in between other minutiae, adjusted if you like, benchmark game thrones any like Harry Potter, I would say there is a one hundred percent chance. You're gonna, like this Sir Harry Potter, thing, maybe rule one hundred and five percent cheats and where the first episode launched today, I think they're somewhere between fifty and sixty. Total coming over the next six months. Congrats they Harry Potter fans, you have a reason alive this summer or another reason alive. I should say check that out I'm not to talk about coming out. The finals couple left over narrative, sub plots and then brand courtesy,
man, Joe House, I think he's gonna call on about the about the cap's, but first our France from broach I take this Monday morning. Companies After the emir, fine us really, weird and to the files. First of all, the calves God swept, which you know the. He pretty much broke his hand. He basically broke his hand, but he didn't break his hand Adam. What happened. It seems like that that has now tainted the warriors just tiny bit about women tight corner and facade shit. They swept them regardless of what happened on the branches, and I think I just ain't there,
we better and game. One was the flu game too, damn right after this cruelly seven game rapid series- and they almost and they got a plan career performance from the brain and the last and I don't know I watch game to watch the highlights there's really only one player in that game, where you could specifically say men, maybe his hand, was a little screwed up cuz. He had a dunk in the second half that he didn't he actually kind of false riding Gently dumped it, but you know at the game it there the aim that he was a little bit off, but when you look at his staff, and everything he did. A man came to use. He was ad and for twenty game three was thirteen for twenty eight, I thought he was good and gay and game three actually, and I think the reason Maybe play the hand up right after the game, like you did, is its
he's trying to low gamesmanship with gone state, which I actually I think, as a smart move by him. It's not you so at Bay ads. You sweat me but chairs. Some more out and I broke my hand and You just point in that little seed of doubt in the warriors like I will. What happens if Leubronn has better team is totally healthy, so I think it is good friendship more than anything, especially like at the end of game for comes out of the game and gives everybody lefty left the high fives or a little fish palm sort. Every did and then. After the game was just where, in this ridiculous contraption on his right hand, that I don't why he needed that after the game. But I think it's all gamesmanship this plan- and this this is kind of the legacy of this finals, for me- is You know, as a swede, everybody complained about it. We complain after every sweep. We complain after the two thousand seven finals. We complain after the Lakers and versus the Gnat stay here in two thousand
like when this, when the final sacks, we always come up with the stinks, did fair. No, I blame covered Doran. Why did you have to go there? That's how it's gone. What's going on here is the were sent a message that you that you can go chase a title: you can go to Houston, you can go to Boston, you could go. My guess is really his only two options. If you really want some of those title go to New Orleans for the Anthony Davis, whatever you going to do we're still the best team. So if you want to go chase the title it still may not work, and I think would change with the broad since the finals ended is There is no guarantee anyway He goes that he's in a better spot than he was the share. Wages gets his ass, kicked in the files that to me.
Its cleaving earlier now I don't see any other alternatives for him if he stays in Cleveland for one more year, the trade the number APEC, maybe they trade Kevin Love, whatever they fix. The team and makes another run, knowing that he would be the underdog in animal and states is hoping somebody gets injured whatever be option. One option to be just go to allay change. Your life do the narrative of I want to be the first billionaire I want on a team. I want to learn from magic. Johnson and all my businesses are in the way all stuff we talked about in this podcast. For a year, you go there, you he throw away that first year and it's a too plan because you know next year, you're not in this where's team, either new thinking about two thousand nineteen, two thousand twenty Luol Deng will be an expiring contracted. At that point, you more options lines or will be in your three. I think he's gonna be really good, whether they branding or not whatever may be, deemed Willard becomes more of an option in the year, maybe did he Davis does. Who knows you just go you paint or flag and allay you a scene
whatever team you're on your way. The title anyway, I hadn't- now an entire competing for the data. So does manifesto and leaving early either ways competing, but he's not gonna be the favourite and that makes sense. Stayin Cleveland makes it to me. Nothing else makes sense. I don't know why you would chase a title that you're not guaranteed to win went around what the Golan state he is basically like. This is a unique chance of these factors have gone into play at the same time, the cap one way up. His warriors team is awesome. They just want seventy three games. There basically turn Harrison Barnes into me and with it said dominate become the abyss next dynasty, whether you agree, with his lodge behind that whatever I'm just saying That was really smart, as somebody who wants to entitle us to make that move. Lybrand does not have an equally smart move here,
and this is something I wrote about February. There was no perfect move ram, fillies, the other team. I guess you can go to the Phillies not ready to when the title next year any any run out can indeed stand. The court was their GM seeds. The what what's gonna on Santa slander. None of these teams are safe, the only thing that would really give him a genuine chances, Boston, and that is com. Headed for a million different reasons that I really don't see that happening. I also think you know he has a pretty conflicted relationship with Boston. It's a team that beat him a couple times that got super personal with them, and two thousand and ten, some of the stuff, the fans chanted, some of the stuff kg and Pierce said to him as in twelve, I just find it impossible to believe that he was just go to Boston. That seems like she's such a shameless chase of titles. I don't think that's what he's about. I think he would rather this Cleveland or away an idea, there'll, be a narrative behind it. I'm pretty convinced is
A free agency documentary, I think that's in play, would not be surprised. That's going on and he's gonna the drama and the only to move that really generally make sense for everything know about this guy's, cleaving or Ella. Now I dont think matter next year and let somebody on golden state gets hurt. I just think I think too just built to keep winning, especially with the cap. It's the cap is at, I think, a hunt, It goes up like a hundred two million, the only team I can really improved next year in a significant way, is boss, then, and I think Philly, maybe if Philly did a couple, Mina was able to add that third peace. When you talk about third pieces, though soap, you know just think about clay korean and Katy together in these past two thousand, eight in the average seventy
once again, the average that they made nine point seven made threes. They shot forty seven percent, thirty eight from three ninety one from the field she's getting seventy four points again from three guys: guess what they're getting that next year, it so hard to compete against. I think the calves. Did. The dumbest thing they did was was the Kyrie trade last year, because that team was really good and we've talked about that in the podcast to and talked about it was that glow in the court, for the HBO show Zack thought that was a top five. All time offensive team in the playoffs and dad is tired. I think you beat this were staying with either you do it with more offense or you do it with The way the rackets tried to do was to turn into a slug. A weird kind of chaotic slug faster Guys she's, fighting climate scrapping and then threes, and you know that
The game says, is a really strange series. If it was a form of basketball but day they were six for their most. What are you a case of corresponding get hurt? I think they would ruin, but some some legacy stuff from age is coming out of the files. I think the riots in the conversation offer for TAT fifteen. You know there's a bunch when I d make my book, think nine years ago. There's a bunch of forwards in that fourteen to twenty three range, it John, have a check out Jim Bower Bob PET, it doctor J, the male man, Charles Barkley. And then, since I read the bug dirt, no, it's got, they jumped all those guys and was in the sixteen seventeen ranch, I think, they're has made the case now that you know with with, let's say two more years at the ad in the Asia. What he's doing now, I think it's gonna Happen-
I just don't see how he's not in the top fourteen or fifteen ever I can about in the class only twenty nine points: a ribands forest. Hundred twenty seven seven gifts of a look. This US of everybody has played at least fifty fifty gives only five guys of average over twenty again Jordan. Thirty three point four gave his knees: he's ridiculous Allen, Iverson Jerry West James, twenty point: nine and Durrant at twenty point it nobody us in the history of the weakest- has done that. So you know his credentials as an all time. All time, all time score, I think, get set down a little bit. He turns thirty in September enforced going titles he's ate one against them around the fine us and then, if you can't two thousand twelve, that brings it to
nine in five in the file. Still better than brought to fires every piece every p for second place finishes in the BP six first he might be a second to second team on is not ask our games and played too great games in recent final sister game three. Last year, and then again through this year is one of the best games. I've ever seen any reply in Cleveland. He was just to just the total package and fact that he returns. Thirty, the share is, is kind of dumb founding right now, I'm looking at, he has almost twenty one thousand points already so just figure he plays even what's going on for more years at a first. Second, third and be a level that put some posted there
thousand, winning be thirty five, yet you know this is a guy who conceive away could get to three thousand six hundred and thirty seven thousand points- if you wanted to my guess- is he's not going to want to keep playing until he's forty five but we'll see, but it all time player and I think we're going to look back a basket. A hundred fifty years a bit like while they one seventy three games in turn, Harrison Barnes in the cabin threat that happen We add that sea at that and then the other thing is Currie. Who there's a case now that he's he's at least a top thirty guy new in there's an even bigger case is the third best point out of our time is the best point out of the twenty first century, He certainly on his way three titles to every piece: five, our stars to four team on beer to second, one third the shooting embers just have no parallel anything. You know he's basely banners.
Twenty five, seven and five there in the season he's been twenty six six and five during the paths and the splits are really close to fifty forty nine Forty forty four, ninety in the regular season, forty five, forty one, eighty nine, the play us that's after this that's for six years ninety play games through hundred and seventy eight threes, so he's swayed bordered for three the game. The three guys have ever made to injure fifty Plath threes and shot forty percent clay korean round, and I think that the thing that lost where's team, especially in the fire, ask Katy in the brain. Took a lot of attention is she's clay inquiry how great their beds. These last six years, you you're talking about too three best shooters in history. The three point line on the same team: stretching the four do not the stuff? They do, and you know. I don't know how that changes as long as they keep that together and they keep Katy there
a positive matters, it really matters who the other nine guys are and whether you know songs you keep general dream on Green eventually, whether he is is ten more years or whether, whether they part time and try to save some sailor cap, lectured tax, all that stuff, you know, did lose something, but they would who had this team, that's built around those three guys and they can keep that together for another five six years there there's Russell South Ex potential. There really is, you know at least he talking about five thousand six years. Titles. In seven years, seven stray finals trips. What at whatever you lookin at there's the potential for that if they can keep these guys healthy. But you know the curry thing magics the best point boycott about time. Oscars second best, then it drops off, you now, you're gonna to Steve NASH, Chris Paul cosy dips down over while Frazier people that curry
is hitting either. I checkpoints- and you know to three more years like this where are we talking about him as the top twenty our time guy, but even bigger than just ty entertaining. He is as a performer- and I think you know a fortune, calves we're not a worthy for foil in this place, but the see this violence to me is like the word, bears, were able to fight off the rackets get through Whatever they needed to get through and around Three really really really went to another lever in that game, and you know how high the brown was? Who knows, but it did not tomorrow, really matter. I think The warriors we take that they they managed to win. It must win gain three for clean an inclusion with
curry having one of the worst games of his career, it didn't matter shake it off. So just going forward, you know I get against the big existential dilemma is: is this good for bass Is it good to have a team that kicks everybody else's ass? First, while they didn't kick, anyone else is everyone else is, as the Rockets almost beat them and I think could have beat them if it wasn't Chris Paul Injury at the earliest. I believe somebody's gonna, He beat the workers when when we see it, I just think that have a dad. This action gas tag, slash the the night, vin, diesel has desires fast. Various stages have an extra level to go to at all times and the rackets put it out of them and six and seven of the weapons to fight, but I always foot where's can go to that one last place and if their at that place and somebody beats Emma I'd, be suppressed. But she's going forward.
Had he beat a team that has that lasts kind of place to go to? Well, I dont think Arabic Leubronn, I just don't get the options. Are there and he's gonna need either the where's. This outcome, bus or he's going to need the lead the tax to become super address, onerous, onerous owners for them where it should be It is ridiculous to try to keep this team together where there were all the guys or make a hundred sixty millennia, air and they're, paying a hundred billion luxury tax. You know. However, this plays out and there's also we ve seen. This is that this is the era of Claire Movement and players getting had a restless and now want to stay in the same place for too long in seeking. Challenges, and you know, jailer, was on the progress we talking about. Could Katy go to New York at some point.
Somebody who's gonna wanna, go to New York that dad's, that is now the biggest challenge and sports who's. Gonna wanna go to New York and try to win a title: their who's going, want to be that guy who turned it around in New York? Is it going to be Durant? Is going to be at the Davis? Is going to be somebody else but where we as you got in the summer. We say this every summer, but it really seems like this. Case more than ever the summer that. Everyone is is now trying to How do we get past system where we have to do with our moves, before I was- I got. How do we both a contender? Now, it's like it doesn't matter. If you both a container, you start to figure, had to beat this team and I think the rackets came the closest last summer. Some moves they made. They said you know yet Chris Paul. That's that somebody that so his head in the voice. Us had trouble planning and SAM. We appreciate Tucker that somebody we can throw against the broad and they they specifically,
a team that try to beat the warriors with math and talent, and I think that's what everybody is gonna do from now. Once that, just about building a tender, it's about building a team that can be this team and before was about building a that could be the bribe, and I think that's the passing the torch to happen in this file of the D war. There's became the superstar. The bride was always the one that everybody measured themselves against whether he was on my we, those four years or whether he came back to Cleveland. It's the reason Katy. To go and stay in the first place because he wanted to be led by an and now that shifted- and I think the word of god- Now, and that's one of the good things about the NBA, I think you know over the years everybody becomes the balls. I you now shack and Cobia early two, thousands? They were the balls. I Jordan was the balls. I threw the entire nineties, the Celtic some Lakers were were dueling bullet both as in the eighties and just working?
They China one up each other like it, was a cold war and and look at this decade, every o, the early, that gives our Bobby in the broader Miami the next year, about how do we compete against Cleveland and then It eventually became Golan stay and now that's where we are now on and how you be these guys. What kind? he may have to put against them it's gonna, be the number one thing people think about. Has nobody just one contained and lose and ran to like it you want to win the title right now. There's only one thing: that's bullshit! do that we'll see with the south eggs will see with food, you will see with what Cleveland does will see if you send, can keep everyone together and if their Pancras part two hundred million hours as has been rumoured, and if that deal was done for a while in a wink, wait for awhile and their pain. This. Has been in the week after for thirteen years, who I am not convinced, comply
more than thirty two minutes a game in the class. I'm not convinced tat, that's a good decision. I would not pay Chris BAR forty billion dollars a year at this point is clear, but she ventured to beat this worst. Him sets warrior. That's what we're lookin we're in a common upwards hugged brand Curtis and a second and and that's it. Man, weird finals, cool, find US game. One game three were awesome: Chair Psmith will be the legacy, guess what which you on your team that mean Christmas and your team, the legacies this, whilst very anyway, back after this for you bronchitis? I wear me undies every day to the point that my family makes may I have no other underwear. I know this is true because a pact for three weeks ago, the finals abroad, I think twenty pairs of bandies. Why they? This incredible under made with a sustainably source material from Beechwood trees right your door. Three
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What are the weird kind of sub narratives of this whole, weird finals, where the finest press conferences which have now become a chest, Action plan wanted to say nothing report, is in the audience, either try to take it firstly or just trying to get attention, and I isn't it first lousy useful Do you learn anything from these things, because I was in the middle of it by your three thousand miles way? Are you, like think we're having this it's it's the best post games, your passport. I get it is widely entertaining, even if it is so humiliating order? I think, is less like chest match them just like twitter right, if you demanded, because it so wrought? You know in everybody's, come in an era just feels even watching on television feels. Angels very nervous? Yeah fills the filter. The players are very far away up so that the players it is kind of waiting. I may request, I think in the files you had to pay
get dilah bronze, pretty good, and the rise in oil is a very good yes right, but when he had James ART and Chris Paul up there. I know those guys were just a we're. Gonna be dicks, I'm here we dont care. We dont care my favourable but his when they ask man had this great bubble ways like playing. I never want to talk about Heather injured right, so we have. This great cannot work around Agus Chris. How much better did you feel today? This is after his first, his first Andrey now cyclists market in response to our to answer get hardened. Does he's fine, just cuts at all you like? I won't let you answer this question, even though you want to answer it right. So weird, the brine, it comes out after game for that here, the sand that pretty much broke a sandy basically broke assent, and he had this big giant thing on it and It's either I didn't see their posts game, but I read all the stories next day. It's there should have been like twenty follow up questions to this day.
And get worse during the play ass out there in the files did you re injury, it was a worse and game for get to you- had one, was on a Thursday game for Resign affrighted eight days so did he get better? Was it a sprain. To sink kind of significant and he's throwing them out there in the underlying theme, which I thought about before you came out was like. I do think, there's gamesmanship with this or it's you? U me, but I was hurt, and we'll never know how only he knows how much he was hurt, but he's trying to plant that little seed of doubt and where is not working by the way it's stagecraft, because it can be true, but the adding to reveal it right at that moment, when you ve been so humiliating fashion by fashion by the warriors right. That's pretty humiliating for O. U you come out with this thing and by the way, did you sit about so he can. I hated under the table for large parts of it.
He brings it up to scratch. His nose and a camerista hilarious miles is like a guy like that. Didn't you like that cabin Conor pointed this out and our slack at the end of game for when these better better. He did lefty fist pubs. Aren't you gonna go through game to gain through he's doing right handed, I fives is throwing chest passes game. Three he's doing right, handed high fives he's thrown chest, passes, shooting shots, seems like that's, why we have the Postcode Press conference, because, if new informed then comes out. This is our chance to fight more information about it, What do you mean your hands her? What is pretty much broken man yet broken is like it's broken us up again. I would ask everyone to do if you remember the very weird thing he had with ESPN March once again, one year, if my time one is great that was right after he punched whatever he pushed right in the locker room yet and then labelling
who was so at ease with the press throughout the whole play? when it looked dire in Indiana yeah you don't all that stuff? That's the one bad moment has whole time and its I get. Amidst or make sense right. Yeah, you know. Are you every punched? He won't talk about what year was thinking is the one place his angry, I didn't prom with which words ass by the way Of course, that's what you want to know right course the main thing is a weird kind of phrase. They it seems I sent the you would make fun of on Twitter. It feels like it ran. What's your state of mind right now, as you know, the pack ass true, but it felt like it was. He was the work. It was the workaround right right. What we all want to know is what did you think about jar? You know what did you think about? What are you posted M d think you really dead. No, you out or do you think, he's good, easy lying is odd. Seven, but we're we're trying to do is ask the question a really nice way right. Well, obviously, resign! camera caught him saying I thought relating itself.
Later later. He backtracked and another way I knew his eye. Was he grabbed, though attention when he rebounded attire game and jewelled out the clock back late. So obviously he didn't have this far out your first clue. Yes, but first good, but I was at the game and as under the basket where the words were shooting and it was where the Jersey the charge and he was so mad that they foot that conning just stocking. I talked about this on a pod last week, it is kind of stopping back and forth and who is the anguish. I've ever seen him and then, when he pin the curry black and over time, and that was kind of the most agri. I think I've ever seen the run in a basketball game ever and it really did seem like she wanted to fight like it was like he was turnt who's bill, be turning into the incredible how sorry for reference go eat. Like the old, incredible hope I like he was started in turn green, that's a mad. He was. I guess they ve been helped me Lastly, as you say, we got we had a new marvelling at he started. He was
in turn green on the court. That's how angry he was so hearing a week later that he punch the way bore that I'm not surprised, I that he was gonna punch more like he was so angry, so Manager Smith, and then he saw the video. There came out a couple days later that, though overhead shot of chair in the brain, talk to each other for two minutes. The broad asking that we have a time out. Tyler says yes, and I see the vague there is possible. The branches, gonna leap on J R and start punch. You dear the way, it makes sense to me. The images of member from the finals, in addition is, is Bessel abroad, holding his hands about what a foot and have apart yet either on the bench around the corner and write what happened yeah like urges. It now I'm not looking at anybody, Yo Fissa, really weird finals from memory re read to me: it's jars, brain fired and Katie's game. Three. You know that the only
possible things, areas crazy. Three, he came to me it s very exciting. I thought gonna lie in the curry. Highlight career, highlight real yeah and the one to three yeah thing. But other than that? It's like game. One was the best game ones we ve read ever it was amazed, it's it's the Sir, I think said, Cyrus Entity, one game three was the best just an awesome basketball game at the deck. I lost his game for such a bummer. That aim was awesome and direct was in credit, Another brown played really well it's funny, though the course of the week. Just being there being a middle everything here, staff and the two things I heard that I was judge when I hear things I don't know. If you do the same way like you restoring you're like that. So weird, it sounds like that may be true you now, as I was they make that up. That's a weird thing to make up the first one was at the bride who was
the cat, a great after the game, the calves room- and I think people yet in there and. Suppose elaborate was. I was really emotionally. People are easy, crying like you is just so angry. Maybe now looking back, maybe you so most of he heard his hand. That's one thing. The other thing was that this her hand murmur was there again to like after game to any in the game, three game, three and then after because when we were filming start for the HBO show and shower, I asked that feed heard that rumour and close at work And I was again there's a rumour. Brown hurt his hand punch punch the wall after game. What so we have that they came out after so in announces on. You can't take him at his shots off right, he's aegis these early is Charlotte, Third, it see he seemed a little off again too. He wasn't terrible into but around the rim has touched him and he seemed you know
Just come off this game, one that was the comedy have Toronto, maybe the last four, Games of Indiana Toronto, then I put in Boston where disguises peak control command of his powers. And game on comes in and he was just absolutely flat out jawdropping the incredible game, one Game too, was like that. It's been seen that special I still a great the brown, but it didn't. He wasn't at that crazy hi, I'm watching best plan performance of ever seen in my life level. So maybe And through muffler, I'm sure they always have like killer are jammed our hand, that's like sore, and it doesn't feel right and it feels like there's more blood in it. Maybe that's what happened, but they're getting swept anywhere that chair smithing media. Why are we talking about the roofs game? One now, because I feel I mean I felt there was a little many moment on twitter and then we can have moved on bananas removing on, and there is so much talk when a game gr, yeah, stuff, Blake, MID Q, magic,
Jayson Tatum takes that charge and then they were Boston, sports radio yeah, just a route that nuclear bomb went off, Debbie, I'd everything we d, never stop talking about that now now is incredible. And it was really it was too rough- disagreed on the call they use the circle thing as a cop out Then everything is a cop out other than a change the car. I should think they ended up The re colleges I've never seen it flipped, I'd that it do you finally gave data finals game to a guy who always gets caused the broad yeah. It was the first time they had kind of stock at them, and that was the gay you there was again well I mean it was just but there are one that will guide the ball back without, like twenty twenty on sex with the point here, something that substantially they could got up three. I just think like it, our old pal Jake, targets on twitter loaded afterwards, it open J, J, J Kendra does open up this whole conversation about the we ve had it a hundred times over the years, but just like of replay of what do you want to replace
and you really want to go to something like you know, or do you want to just say this way, call on the core we're good you know was. I do, however, imperfectly the. Do you on the press box make this point the shoemaker about when wide replace started? Was they you wasn't what I say. Heard this somewhere, the basic aid started. That he stood there, stewards playoff game. I don't that was me. It was very smart observation that Indonesia about take credit for it, but I guess it somewhere. I was in the midst of it, but it was basically like forty years ago, there's replay because of that way, because the others advanced to the Superbowl at that place, contract that they make Renfrewshire guy. They said he they said the ball bounced already ended up, he caught it and they probably would escort Anna. I dont know if enough plays
have been overturned that where the re car are worth all the terrible report, as we have seen over the years and by the way gambling is gonna change. This whole thing to re, because all of a sudden it at the stakes are just even bigger and it's like, do you want to go down? This was in one. Our of Albert in more Robert spoke, but he said, like the originally initial fear about replace. Not not official was but tv replace was a sum produce there could be like who has money on the ganglia, Hayloft Leslie, hundred times and show the rested it's wrong by just feeling now. That is that my report said that it was it about it in the end is memoir billion years ago. But there's this like whole thing now that was back in the like eighty. And I felt when they were members. There was so much fear. I grew up, which is fear of gambling, which made a kind of, A liquid PETE acts, Damas Rainy, Battlefront said sports. If similar he's writing about the forbidden fruit, like you bet on these games, we're not supposed to everybody discouraged
This is going on over here, but it was bass because we have all these shaving scandals in the fifth isn't sixties. And after that gambling I showed you, gonna be the golden age of conspiracy bill. Where were you In it I mean cause like that finals conspiracy boas in rare farm after the brown. Pretty much broke it here as a regular, just give us an answer, but which was it but the real problem game when other that J Smith and carry on him in a fire escape they dont have twelve good rests something that that's? U Gary rape embedded in the Lee, we know this. We know twelve good rafts too guys that rap game, one where Ed Malloy and a blanket on the other one tony brothers, so you only take twelve rest of the finals that the day I I can't remember how many total they have
Does your top twelve, and as soon as I saw those two guys, I said to the person I was sitting with as this for that to your seats for this right and then they had marked Davis in a game. Theory same thing he's another one is apparently attached to a rough, but they just they ve taken. Some hates actually reminds me of in the MID two thousand with the NBA town poor when it had a dip for a little bit and suddenly like pager, stack of which was the best part of the week. She Salem requires, really get enable they ve had some heads like Mighty Mc Cutchen, retired pay they ve lost. Like Their signature needs Joan Crawford all these deeds we'd complained about, but they were better they as we have now. So you know it's problem. Renee of gambling furniture guys can other met a media question yeah, let's say when horse figures out after game, one fella bronze her his hand. These walked in the locker room, and that news
comes out after gave one. Do we read the following three games, the finals, any differently? Is it brave Bron doing his best soldiering on with his may be broken hand. Is it what his as Skip Ellis Goin Le Braun was so irresponsible bill to go into that locker room and with one punch now he has taken away. I thought it's what are actually within that healthy. So Brian aunt. Joanna was frustrated, actually just those actually skip passed here. You created a fake. Take that happen, but I just like, as I wonder, how the we read the rest, the finals, because it was a pretty much like their doomed. I've they'll ask him one anyway. I think he made it real tactical mistake. I, if I were him I get the news at the next day, assuming it was a real thing, but it's a competitive advantage thanks. You don't want wars going after its handwriting,
What are they doing that, but I mean, if they know he's heard that maybe maybe throughout his smart, had a broken thumb like the whole of torn megabits at his thumb nail classed as outlay poorly karate chapping. You said they do you, Budapest, dream on. I asked it would have been a really smart move for him, and so am I just. The candidates Ike first line. Lose game. When you visit the way, do you have no chance in the files anyway? we all kind of no. At that point, you have to be the five at a seven times, it's impossible. Unless there's like a bus accident or something guys guys, are rolling, ran on a bus that fucked over the the the best thing he could have done at that point is this: is I M J flew game, but for the whole fires, wife says I have a bad. They sprained head here the x rays outta this here, the hands other? Oh, what split imagine aware that has taken all the attention off chair
he's got that older action either as a mistake there would have been. All we would attach buffer days did smart, but I just like to that means that that's the alternate were universe scenario here if we read those last three games as la playing through pain, rather than in doing that, as you say, right after game for I discuss web day. Look, you know, here's, my brace basically broken, gets a funny. It's a funny It's a fighting thing about. I don't understand why he needed the brace. I don't know like as it a jammed wrist rest. I said: where is a what? What are you protecting? What are you holding you that this is over? Why did he ate what are known as they have from the virus? Media twitter slash indicate what it was just a meme really
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Angry Leubronn about it now Remember more like, while the branch the best thou he did it, he got come up and see her before right, realized free. I then it was, and then, at the time some game when streak after the first title in the next season, Arizona This is amazing. This is one of the best things you ve ever seen and then the Rio and shot. They pull that second title out too narrow remember people going this sucks. Why did the have to play with these guys when they did? This Duran thing is: is I don't know whether people don't have more narratives talk about, but it it. It doesn't seem like one of the five most interesting angle, made from this fine outside I covered a lot of the ones I thought were in before you came on about is drain atop fifteen playwright now how titles can the workers with its current the best shooting back or where we use in our lives like and then the big thing to me, which I talked about
right break him. I was just about the balls I used to be. The bride now the bulls eyes this worst him in all these other teams in the wagon out like how do we get past the state? This is the new narrative does riding August us more interesting than there are we just a beauty tire? The worse? Is that what is is board because her so good and they get me like. I think some of this is what we are where we are. Making here from the epicenter of NBA travel as of right, Yazzi NBA were happy with would cover the NBA crazy here right, three sixty five baby, but the thing people said about the envy the b b to people who are against that's it. You know at Vienna Seeds that no one can habitat season. Can we leubronn versus where's the warriors going when the title I know what's gonna happen and then that happened right. So I think some of it was kicking and people to me like that. By. I gave a concert conference finals, they were awesome and then the mammoth last yesterday, if Christian
get hurt, they lose to the rackets, I think inevitable. I think people get mad at inevitability, they they see that now course it wasn't inevitable right. Chris Paul doesn't get hurt, yet the Rockets dough go for twenty. Evan in whatever that wasn't game. Seven Blake, I just think people are just like they don't like when the worst they don't like that, Mendous get and you get pissed off and they get in weirdly Katy is the focus of it. Nobody, magic, curry against people, mad clay nodded his mad, a curry Clare JAMA for recruiting K, day or Dray Montfort. Doing the Rick Flare, I gouge of La Ran game, which is that attention. I never got a good look at it. It was, I think, the green, the most a flailing arms, whether it snow and whether you're just flailing him in your kind responsible when you flail, ready man in general to the best flailing appendage, guys s term ass, an ailing appendage asters, but I feel that I filled
where the world I mean people, contrary unawares Labelle last year to air, but I feel that any believe talked Katy about the bad guy thing. He'll turn embrace, I feel made. This is really hard for them. I think what they thought when they won the title, would let up in it then, and when you said that as a Basque now in it certainly better than it was five years ago. I think in a lot of ways the bronze decision just increased the combined with social media and other stuff that was going on just increase that magnifying glass, the the Now in the lake goes through in the heat just every day, that's tough, I think it where's is due Am I don't think it's something like Larry Bird had to deal with. The aid is now led away to French, like for the summer noon, hair from four formats. The players get scrutinised, like premise no place near the sport labelling, the bronze doors
select the weirdly. I think the league doesn't isn't quite yet scrutinised right. You know we talked about the way they get treated differently for their political stuff, the anthem stuff yeah. Rest up. I think it like that have in the NFL in the super bowl, we have behaving like a six month, conversation about the refereeing you know and all that stuff, it's true or like even even stuff, like a. At the sign actually been ten years ago, just getting stolen the crime of the century. Right that I feel, is actually contracting the twins. He read at that time is running for president now. Live I'm ready to I'm ready this cannot see Belarus yeah. You got the after use against them? Is that the upper research files, as this is really what this guy's made of key magic trump turns out to be about the cynics He showered, shelters, great crime, chump choppers go and after every week spy remember be Irena aside, expanse I'll, make sure to defeat the guy for you, but
I think the scrutiny of it is that violate their friend. I just think it's way. Twenty four seven now than it was it's, we ve had a website. Basically, this whole decade rate grandma marched in two thousand and eleven, and when we lie the fires happen. I remember a couple comes about the toothache levy, Maths and then we said this lock out right after A mirage sit there for six months. You are working for us, yet I was there, but I like it. I was in Brooklyn, gave contributing p contributor, where you and official We did have, we could have brand Kurdistan full team you, but we were looking dislike. Alec fac work we get out of this. Is it gets cancer? We really did seem like there's a chance. They might cancel the season. I remember So a J J king and I wrote one of my favorite things era for great land that crazy
a basketball leg where we made up all these teams that have experienced a draft everywhere logos uniforms it spectacular and we came from there and its really seems The moment the Lee came back, which was that December the Chris Paul that trade policy, that that had tired? All that fiasco happened right, I'm so this those December to eleven, so Chris Paul cancel trade goes to the clippers now. Lab city we have by Amy the brine at the peak of his powers with is ok, seem on ok, see team on the rise with the old Celtics further linger in and. Any just kind took off from there and that it goes we have, but we great play great files, the draft, the hearted shade. Then that net that's how the NBA became the abyss. The Miami Intensive give winning streak. We go all the way through the files and just ever since any new.
Feel grantline changing as we are doing, and we start arm or basque by people, and it was like the steps getting tracks. Every time we read about it in buzz and were started. I really have corner here and there things happening with the ringer, Tommy, Leubronn being the files for aid straight years may just think of it. Ass journalistic lay think about that ran. He is the organizing principle of NBA Phantom and be a media right, prologue Braun until a bronze go debate that stupid thing. It would just keep having the whole the decision. Everything eminence likely has ended Erlenbrunn Day thirty five years ago, and he just been the he's that guy to have that guy and there's nobody does not comparable radius semi comparable, but nobody that worked up about Brady bribes. I'd like that. Forget Ramey does not like us now today, just one part of the league LA the bran figure This way that when he leaves you going feel it really the last guy? You could say that about was Jordan when it was like our Jordan's document
We have this, isn't that Jordan and it happened twice it happened when he left for baseball and now like a really loaded and bases in those a ton of gray players and it felt off all your cause. There is no Jordan. He work that we are no Bowles. I later that and then, when he left that next year's like Antonio Indiana get really Boring shack and Nick Van Exile forget where it was a little rough couple. Yeah we just enough in uniting the league, has much more town now In the light of LA brand, said fuck em out tomorrow we get the word with this boss, the team will. Surely we have yacht ass, really Anti Davis, Weedin we'd make do but you'd feel his. It would just feel. You're, the embryo that which is a real achievement, never the lily, Bulgaria's of ever really Russell Bird magic. Jordan, La Brian. I don't even think Kobe ever reach that no in and none of them had the scrutiny that he does. You know ass thinking about
need a media moments, the Damn Gilbert Non handshake I was looking at I mean just just imaginative Jordan's. Backstage stuff was filmed like that and just beam directly into our brains litigious. It would be so. Jordan have will have one of those after every game, Jordan, Jerry, Kraus, F, the files, with that of wood, adding a gigolo tight Tommy outer both fanned, whose travellers may furthest from fine us. He said that the difference in Aunt Jane. The Brown is that M J wouldn't have punished, while he would upon share Smith sums it up Ray worlds like words lucre rather badly. I have actual evidence that he would have done that radio. Brad Armstrong, rarely yeah, Nice guy than M J was absolutely but in game, and that that they incredible how the green was time come at a little bit. I still feel abroad has got more comfortable with the press. Yeah field, Jordan was very comfortable. First files run
three runs revivals and then all the stuff happened and then he was good but cautious kind of for the rest of his career. He tie up. He became got so big. You know that he was just being crushed where Leubronn has been in that, since he was eighteen cannot join. Those had the charisma. I think it took him the he wasn't that articulate the first couple years for where landed like if you watch him on Letterman as a rookie. He's he's clearly like how do I present myself in this format and then I say just became the master at it. Look I was always good at this mere heat is, it knows how to play the game better but like. If you see that there was I I was looking on Youtube. He got interviewed, I think they're in the two thousand to replace the item ejected. Yet he was added chased him. A great game and native yeoman stands for five minutes as eighteen year old. The browsers like a baby any has like this
Really good interview at the side that requires our man seen traceable, graybeards like this guy had it. Eighteen in every respect, had more advantages, but now, I think, he's one of the best these ever because he doesn't really say anything. Makes you feel, like you saying stuff is allow smiling Joanna calling, whereas by name yeah thanks rage, thanks branda they raised earlier, hey Rachel. I feel Jordan needed Nike commercials to bring his voice out of him. When I think about Jordan talking now, I am almost always remember it in a commercial rather than actual Jordan Course Nosey. That's what we saw more with a net Pushkin Prescott like we do now, control when I think Leubronn now, I just think of actually leubronn talking after again. Right, like you, know him DM saying something find the press and talking about political start, like I just think I hear, is actual voice rather than voice filtered through widening Kennedy back, yet he He's got a nice job of feeling like he's giving stuff.
But I'm never a hunter censure that he's ever giving us stuff what about the photo recast after the palazzo it'll briarwood about those six turnovers why should this be? I will let you go through these six turn over some now that was pretty phenomenal right. When I did, my pack has elaborated five years ago, I asked about that. Zoos said that about labored, I I think just something, sir guys have labored. We could build them. Now be leg game. One of nineteen. Eighty four against clear one: third: order? You got hot what happened anyway. I remember the further set me up for the right to their little jumper. I think it's some eight sake. It is. It is some its formal legal abroad. The genius- I really do, I think, he's a basket genius of the bird was other magic was, but you don't have to share that right. You somebody can ask you While these are you not just be, can blow that question off I mean it's a little showing off. I think that answer yes,
so like a. Let me read you com. For a year ago, yeah I'm gonna, give but just ass somebody. I was trying to compare like Tiger woods talking about his round actors round. Well on wine. You know my approach was after the data and it gives you all this detail or actually Tiger pry, windowless Gaspe. Let's say Roy Roy. But like he's given you, he just filling up her calm right. Here's a bunch of details and here's what I actually think about those place yeah. You know that, like he's happy to talk about that stuff, neither Calot Athletes- Cavies Durrant was pretty good at that at moments like that in the past to grant you have to be a little more space I think I think, with the ask me now in his eye, so allow Moody's than the branches the bran his manners as hard as the most moody only get hard, and just like I fucking hate you guys, his bunk bomb at hit obvious funk, was infecting everybody at the podium, an error in the press coverage you staring people down. We did, jail, and I did a thing with him for Nagy in like two thousand twelve or two thousand and thirteen,
after you get traded. It was me, jail in Katy and hearted. In the way here, as is often press conference, makes more sense to me after spending three hours in them because I just think he's a super mela dated doesn't want to really talk. Many is anxious to acquire guy, he's not one of those like cameras are our fears, my personality, and you know it was really nice. He was he loved jail and it was like he was, but he just like them. There was a person out of their long. I think he's just a nice guy, you know where's the rant there's clearly as we seen in the past have done in some other stuff, like. He really has some thoughts on stuff, maybe too many thoughts, sure you almost got walk him down. These ravenel is that people give added. He sees it as she has got that stuff out. I still abroad preemptively declaring nobody's gonna. Why has never who won the files in what kind of an amazing moment? It really was this sitting the brand
not in these awesome ass. A moment said that no athletes are doing, and take them for granted there. I think he is gone. I would say a further on the political side than I expected. Yeah like tat was interesting because that wasn't your people criticise you just saying you know, you're jumping ever causa, but that was cut it like. Oh ok, yeah Design, did the army has there's no way we're gonna go anyway, but, like we just I'm just gonna declare this on behalf of everybody right now. I want to talk about. A Beaver centre fell, but first is the heart of wedding season. I wish the black tax had been around when I would like twenty five weddings. My twenties high quality rather suits tuxedos, delivered to your doorstep, the black textile comic. Weddings or especial much easier and that's ever been. The back taxi can take us down next level. Funky cool options like the emerald shawl tuxedo and blow it everyone bigtime event, we may have to make nephew cower attacks on TAT free. I'm trying the quality and see the fit months. For your vent, yours
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better rate even level, but in a couple of play games near people have for, but I will say that we have no evidence to back. This up is the best kind of problematic you, so the draft ended and April now its MID June. I would say this is the quietest six and if our second error I think you're right I have come, then what have we heard other than half a metre, its its trump, maybe once or twice crack was getting trade for that good day. Brady. Nobody else get. The idea is just method. Really really really interesting to me. We talked about having to websites during this decade, and I've talked in the Asked about the end of ours is twelve, but the year sport for us at Grantline and
That's solely shifted now situation where the legal is basically God for two months ago, which is why I do not belong to the area which the Unifil stepping aside his is definitely weird. He s, pen will sneaky move the jump, took the NFL laugh spot, I'm pretty sure they footfall them there. Alive. When I was there, we wanted to do a show like the job I was one of my passion like behind this in saying this pm like went away daily, show, and I knew supper was really passionate about it. Every time I saw him so rude always talk about it and then, when I finally count them where they then disappeared. The way to the daily show any is, it's. Never one do the show, because they always I may we have an hour then its Albert our Europe, innovation like people at the NBA, let's go and it took them a couple of years and they did the job
and the jumps raise a pretty good and they flipped it with the NFL there's no way they do that six years ago, but more importantly, I just don't think I just don't think the NFL. I think it's like a nine and one slash two months of years for now has been like three weeks. Four weeks draft is a monster. People of the draft, the draft end separate, does their grades first week. Now. It will you Talkin about its it. There's no like the embryo is, as is, if the edifying like the NBA you, May I, whereas back, I'm gonna go where's it. What lay off container. Oh, I heard he's gonna team up with Kurt cousins and they're gonna go to New Orleans together, like that. Those now they're gone. We don't have those I've been on ten straight tender for an email, threads and slack things about well
twitter and just us loving potentials and hey prophetic goals and trade machine and just where we are now, but the intifada isn't really. Product of where we are at the meeting on Twitter and just us loving potentials and hypothetical in trade machine where we are now but the intifada isn't really fit into that, much of this is flooded by the fact that the best player and Ba will have in a couple of weeks, have changed teams three times in eight years We just imagine some of its magic Brady like whip New England too. New Orleans, then back to New England, where I was about to go to intelligent ways are sitting here. Somebody there I mean. That's just be the big in here bring all my friends and we're gonna go when a super bowl for this other team at me now would be just mind: boggling either part of the problem is Majid, Jordan and change teams. In the nineties I mean it's just that you would have been just like what the hell in his prime right. I mean you just been like it like three times.
One point: I can't really have that kind of impact yeah. I guess the closest in this decade was pay. Money was a free age and after the courts, and and he was so broken down. He's broken earlier was still like. This guy's got something left in the tank. If there's anything last year. Contender. Yes, so we had I Denver was Arizona CUP other teams, and that was probably the most more I've had to these mba situations like we had the summer and I was Story like I'm Peter King, ran about air murmured. Thinking should got Arizona, he goes to Denver. His planes lay our tracks when he went down a worked out, the air, so that's the one example. Have this whole, decade of that and that was called out with that sustain the and of Africa books. In general. We don't have that so many times that I may be a Katy Cairo, Irving. You guys have changed seems a moratorium was here we might have five, we met the branches seems, debate have come blow it up. Why we have to work
Fourteen in the top six of the draft that might want to trade down. You know the editor there I mean in the NBA the final and early, and normally with illegal by our fuck? mad. Now we really missed out on that tv money in those stairs the games in the NBA. It's like. I do your office, it of course everyone tuck it our slack today I wanted sharks. Crowded around a piece about western Rogers value right now, what is is it above average play card? What could they traded for? That? peace on the ringer this week. I guess what I'm ready it. I want to know what is value as we would never be like you, ve never been hey guys, I need to know a Jarvis Andrews value, as nobody is a genocide red eyes and the bears. Ok, abiding, partly problem with full powers, It's just a merry go round every year, except for like their Rogers Brady, whatever new others, whether the quarterback
in place. Everybody ashes moves around and then everything settles away this seems every ears and other answer good. Now. Ok, and then it is moves arrogance that it's the it's what's feel the envy of these nets as a kind of the weirdness ITALY a great. I am all for players, change teams do whatever they want like more. That makes me happy. I want them, have more agency in their lives. God do what they want. On the other hand, it turns lotta teams in the cotton notional ideas of teams, yet an actual teams like as a mavericks fan, must been an idea of a basketball team, since they want the files rather acumen Instead, I will not sign everybody else to theirs, and payment of a great merits had just been like a hypothetical since then do not attend. In Ireland a shade the number five pig, because you don't want to rebuild that I have no, I just don't know said even mean as if I may put it like this ambiguity. Generally good. And real, and then there's teams are just like that. There are Zack low column of a team. What, if they did this and this and they traded this expiring in it's like this,
even a thing, you know I'm glad brought up by Cupid by the way could argue since he won the title. He's been one of the three wars: donors in the leg. I may just to me that, could you Talkin about all these basketball decisions, and really none of them have worked? only real. They basically wasted the last five years, a dirt career. The only real kind of shit they have is is Dennis by Junior what're. You know, if he's gonna be. We don't ask our. We don't know, he's a lan idea, good stats, bad team guy and then a tap that you have just this reprehensible office situation, are these stories that have come out about the closure or mass. I really like staggeringly crazy stories and there is somebody named pants, Dj Player, Egypt, pants DJ. They will pass d J I go research pants dj. If you have read that story, but I don't know whether he yeah
gotta millions of based on anyone. The title maybe took his eye of the prize or were what's gonna bet that team is soup it is functional as somebody who is there a shoemaker, you know is like that and is a mavericks fan yeah. I was there from my. Is the Lino Infinity war. I mean, though, always a lean, and I were given that Sixers team in the autumn, Lois wins Total run every single year. Yet I would go to reunion arena and get the opposing teams autographs so I wouldn't want Walter bonds autograph you now. What Lufthansa well, he hasn't I was able to. I was aiming for better desperate. I was to see them when a title and then are cuban and then go. You know what we're not going to run this back, we're just going to we're just going to try to outsmart the recipe. I just like what what you finally had success with this awful France,
as the two Cubans credit he made into a real franchise yeah, and then we can bring a very back and then every year it's like trying to attract, we met there there most their most. Their biggest thing was free ages. They get yes by other Jordan, but major they got them may won't. Even if they had got him, they wondered done anything. It's really drafted poorly during the entire cuban run like poorly eyes, a flat out poorly and its nature, We will have that now that we ve talked about this for long enough, there's a guarantee that there's a man money by that come thread about how wrong arrived, with the thread where their them keep as is assassins that come after media people question, I would say to say I don't know what it as the Abbe as one of the sides. They cover he's, guided the trains. Diapers ready were ready to learn the graphics, Durst nice guy, the other guys other superpowers me they're, nice committee would have there and they also get me out of here right. The sucks. You turn it down, me out of here I want to win titles dirt there, when
over wait after the championship. Yes, Durden Rank of Homer happy. He was so happy when that title, and here he is good to go he's our living down the rest of my life. If he is the biggest back I'm he is such a big too to crack Cowboys, Rushmore in Dallas. Think of how big you have to be, and dirt has kind. I like it still like Eglin Urban Starbuck him met, but dark as, like I heard yeah like seven. Maybe you know gazing Cuban egg, didn't incredible job right, the first twelve years in the last six now just now I think a lot of the advantages that they probably exploded last decade Teams do now well, into the day. Their best move was done, was Danaus drafting darkness risky and I wondered whether that was like. That was a move right. They lead Steve NASH, correct Forest the pieces and stowed sign Eric Damp AIR, for, like eighty million backs robots, like you know, at the end of the Cuban getting Dennis Robin to live in his cabana, was not did not make demands into a real team. The thing that
agronomy demands into really dig, it over anything else for understanding the value of threes, with dark and kind of crafting, goofy contender into does eleven that was built on red protection, Dirt and Thrace, and those three thanks anyway Annabelle railroad, it never should have word, but it works, and it was amazing and they toppled the bran away You know, there's a couple what s during that run leg. I woke me up in and game to accelerate to my games. This is an unbelievable. I need to take a rabbit tv for we here's a whole bunch of games. I wanna, I wonder I would beg just turn out to be enough, became too Dirk them lay in the smack data may after Dwayne Way. There were like the need to make a three from their ban. She talk shit. Are the baths got mad is great it's coming, but the mass on the title you do need to do that, but it seems like you
rock you know you yeah governor for wig, if they don't, when their title wide Cubans legacy, is known or be realistic. Big super inventive tunnel, entertaining teams, but could pull off pays away. Her dying space, the dot com guy, get by his way in the NBA or professional sports total Emma he's real magic. Like Poland, but you only owner that, as rings culture guy, he went away, its hands off Vienna. Monitoring by worse Cubans ring a ring yet well, that's insane their crack in the hallowed douse ground I mean I I wanted. I want to talk it over with a Dallas person, but I would say, like we did a right now. I'm just just affect there's a maverick in the top seven bread, bread, Davison, Robe Lackman. You know we're not of second guys and I'm trying to think There's no ranger right, I'm no! I think no one
gonna say no and no one in their star back Aikman the Triplets author of colors, still urban, two younger, oh, my gosh, maybe that maybe there amid maybe the fan favorite well yeah I mean Aikman was most admired, but I think Gervinus most just loved, just purely loved, because he just so just such an amazing character. Maybe I'm just maybe I'm just allies and wise enough. Whenever ripping off superboss uttered for people, complaining about it back then. I remember that Dallas so before freezing always I'm afraid they happens in the middle of that run. Yet team is disassembled by freight. Is there's so much talent, but they know cowboys or back rate was like that, was that That was amazing. I was in at the problem was the Buffalo Superboss, where they painted their legacy just getting just Dallas kicking they caught the last two buff
teams right, that's right. It was a bumper in for she had walking carcases their fans where it excited about it or Darrell, Tally, gonna fight with MAGIC Johnson. Bodyguard than for this having met happened at a rather so so much sports, as happened its cargo membrane guys you similar brown betting on the police station, point. Oh he s been to point out. The pen of Lee Jenkins had is three point I'll get delivered by a given. They Jenkins Centre to point out Now, some of this case it was written by waging yeah we gotta give ITALY. The walls were gloves. Sports illustrated what number three my guest to be three as Aeneas banning it, but as a documentary. What with my guys know it's a news zalm, just guessing. I think I have a media company. They have not had a lot of hits a that media company and
the best ass they have renounced now is Lebron James. In this free agency, I wouldn't be spread be dragged decide to like August tenth. Let's see you pass some really care where what's the whole point of like we ve seen this happen before the brine. Determines these all these other dominoes that far, but he has to decide what he's doing. First, guy loves gallows attend. Maybe he felt something when I dragged along the first time you did it, I think was July tenth, maybe I ate or something further decision. The second time was around July Nigel. I tat, I think, dragged along this one up. Way. I already know his ease gone away. I think in then June please don't gonna some trip, but you put as they do in along you. Do an uninterrupted Ghana thing still longer filming him in the plane on the way back from the finals flying back home. We form like some stuff in the car diagnosed family about the
decision we ve seen the really terrible version of this already with work responded last year, which everyone should be ashamed, including has been that they render it, but it was basically like Chris Patten. He's gonna, rackets, all time, but chided and into this three episode, Syria, is about what am I and it is a family or loyalty, just him having conversations of people as they say by bagger Bob Should I do on the one hand and a family that is paragraph thirty? What should I do? We? you're going to use to alter. This is banned, decade of guys tried to make documentaries about their decisions, None of them have been get, but none of them. Wait and by still have does of ours of their summer, two thousand and ten. They found that no nobody took it seriously because everybody. It knows that that was decided at the time, but I M so that savings should have done this with you my decision
should we should have instead of signing it. New contract. We should have just done that decision and you could have. We could have found a parody of it urban great, if accepted Bob dot Tiger at Disney does need I come and advise of bounced about back. There was an agreement. What about where I'll wait right, Robert Geiger limit? Let try this one more time, even care Bob Lipsitz here he's but I d by actually probably what are called Barbier you in this position they tin. Seventy two gags act like you, I swear times he wage the squire was courting you with family life, back then there's this website built. I only know the name of efficiency. Tat girl, shooting out, should do this. This is absurd, ominous joy of it, it's great, it's great content in that only as it that's the thing rights I believe, is the best as player in the league is changing teams. Let's not let us not overly Hell monumental, that is great house, while we are in in the Fraid rumour time
of our lives is like a thing. Let us sit sixteen. We had fourteen the best part change teams. Sixteen Durrant change things is second best where law, last year. The best players kick decided. He wanted. He had shaded an apology. Gotcha, Commalena, traded, ignore that should happen. Then the issue is now even more stuff. We quickly plug your awesome packet, fellow. I should tell the story Tommy kind I driving The final Saturday morning, with the drive to Detroit, to get the hell out of there on a direct flight to LA, and when I hook my iphone up to the car cuz, we got a car service hooked it up to his thing. We live
The entire press backs omega in Cairo was Kyle, it became clear cowed, never heard it about ten minutes and cause like days is really good or do they have. You know tat every time as now I am a positive. You heard a car. It's that desert me, comrades, by heat, be maybe herded like everyone horizontally. Car refers to gather voice was just. Do you live with a lot of our livestock about the New York Times David Press Box every Tuesday morning, yeah with David Shoemaker, which are press? We talk media. We talk sportsmen A good package presented China, thirty three pad Jane Alot of people. Now go in the White House, but then he drifted into another topic that I got excited about remember to us now to have written a care member, but a good package discern a chain of thirty three pad chain alot of people, can't remember this podcast Caspian. They all are notional like it putting on the poster now the problem, as I did
our sleep and I was so happy that some coffee Kicking in you guys are having intelligent conversations great there we the press, backs and then on channel. Thirty three is where we have jam session every other week, and we have the big picture shall finish in damage. Control with just charity. Deaths and Sean actually recruited shoemaker I to do that. We watch apples Jurassic Park. This which comes out this week. Oh yeah, did he take data, the ads taped? It's done it's another Harvey fires team, but take that out taxes. It cooled off get to check out soup Kurds critter. That comes in a? U use, Shoemaker Venice Inveteracy relay that really got. It is incredibly nerdy eventually got great subject that out taxes, zip code, Africa to check out zip codes of critter Dotcom, Sash B s thanks teach me I don't forget our Such other we found is gonna, be premiering on June 19th. There is a little trailer on the internet. They could probably find somewhere, but I'd. Week away and other final,
be done by that point, but I think we had some cool wrinkles for their say manager. Thanks enjoy hotel tonight they help you book amazing designate of does hotels uptown, as is advancing top desk. It is up to weaken, advance everywhere else, with your name, We do want a nice for today for the winner beyond starts amazing, there's an incredible hotels, stammered the hotel tonight, thank you prefer to thank you. Ways.
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