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The Harden Dilemma 2.0, Milwaukee’s Big Move, and CP3 to Phoenix With Raja Bell and Ryen Russillo


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo and Raja Bell to discuss James Harden’s desire to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets (2:00). Then, Bill and Ryen talk about the Bucks acquiring Jrue Holiday and Bogdan Bogdanovic, the Suns trading for Chris Paul, the Warriors' path to continued success, Boston's Gordon Hayward dilemma, and more (30:00).

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so we were at in person for it and you could feel the energy you could feel the love of two human beings that just to be in the same rent, the other member. Those this coming up, gonna be talking all kinds, mba staff- and it's got a time stamp- were accorded this. It is one o clock. Pacific time, God only knows, was gonna change over the next twenty four to twenty eight hour. but will take that risk. First, our friends from project I ran resellers here, Russia Bows can be the first. Twenty minutes were grabbing specific segment that we wanted to leave. The package is a crazy
the NBA we. What else is there the offices and she goes down the James hard and stop the where he's in Houston for ears. He is the franchise guy. They come to the precipice a couple times. Potentially went inside the warriors and get them here they make the westward trade which he pushed for the you up these first round pigs that doesn't really work out a nice guy tears let than his daily is incredibly expensive and now he just wants to go to Brooklyn and he's just decided, I'm going to be that's what I want to do now. They react that, should robber coveting out there trying to save money, I dont know if he doesn't like the honor, but just the prince of where we are in the sport, a basketball which is something resilient. been talking about for a while, but physic it's getting worse, where guys just feel egg whatever I just wanna go here, man, I don't
I I know how I feel about it. As a fan and as a member of the media is sensibly, but I want to get your perspective as a player in them bring in reseller of what is this like if you're on this guy's team? What is this like? If you like, Pga Tucker and you ve, been through wars? this dude and then I'll send you here. He works out with Katy a couple times delay in areas like I'm gonNA, Brooklyn Who knows what will happen? I'm at him? No, if you want to get paid he's got it you plan, but just would start their first. If you're in the team, which your reaction yeah, I think they're. That's an interesting question road because, like my goal is euro probe player you know wished You should have the option of your commodity in a lot of sense of cities, teams unknown shuffle you around. However, they see fit regardless of any what's going on in your life right, so given the opportunity to leverage or task, of your own, like
Oh player, I'm always pro player, but when you pose the question in the way you did is how I would feel if I was on his team that would fuck suck like especially you know, especially if I were at the point of my career- were Pga Tucker is or someone that work were in a year. You our deal coming up in the seasons. Successes gonna hinge on whether you get to deal or you don't like me, my career and among the tail end of a deal in my hand. I want to win a championship and that's what I feel like I have left to do like people in those situations it would be really shitty a really shitty feeling, but I still now, at the end of the day, guys understand, because most of us have been traded. Most of us have had the rug like pulled out from under our feet. so as surely as it would feel, I think I would still default till I came in if that. If that's what makes you happy, if that's what you think you have the best chance of winning like I giddy it would
be an indictment on us me personally, but I think most of us understand the name. It again well, quick, follow question that Syria and the sons in us having you get. Damn close, you could argue as if not for the hoary shove may beat the spurs. We you and I could debate about Africa than ours. I studied that's bursting with great manner as well let me now gets bad that summer right because servers that spend money and is that you gave way these dry pigs you're not committed to an I'm, give him my heart and soul of this team. You don't care, I want out. I wanna go play for the necks and now you're a NASH esteem. You just went through all these words Then this is your guy. This is your leader you're now he's like I'm fucking out guys fuck there.
where'd you go in there that pretty shitty like again, I would I would be passed because you don't Steve help lobby to get me to come over from you talk to Phoenix like he was I play with him Dallas so like I had talked to Steve about it Why did he was wanted championing like that, what they were doing there in Phoenix and not unlike James heartily some of the players Houston's gotten like he let you talked about him he'll stepping up Fort for Russian so You asked me to come there and then you bail on us as hated oughta. Be there anymore? Could we're not going over to up yet that's that so I guess that's why it's really interesting way. You posed the question because my God is to be like amen, power to the players leg. If you have leverage use it by four teammates in that that's pretty shitty, or did it at dealing a shitty feeling, I should say, reseller, what's happening, a basketball. I started with this all the time, because
we know in the owners hated the seven year MAX contracts that they want I'm shorter and every time the play. went to the owners negotiating table from seven years and twelve point. Five percent raises every year, were he added those up, especially with the MAX numbers were back then union Fifty million oversight is twelve point. Five percent raise over seven years, who talk about serious. There is money to guess what than it six and in the razor lesson, and its five minutes can basically like foreign and a reset the mid level they reset the draft pick slots because again have that escalate for twenty three years. So every time There's gotta be honest: they lose it just a matter of how much they lose. and the players will are. Ok, You want to make these deals shorter, and then we have this massive spike in red. so now, a guys like I don't care. If I make thirty eight or thirty two like I wanna go somewhere. I don't care about the extra year and I I the players be like you know. This is sort of backfire on the owners. Just now we can force the movement because again, when you sign is extensions, you, like two years away from what was being up again, especially without many times about the player options, but I dont
We should be in a mode where, because of that history, that we should always say the players always right the players always right, because if you look specifically at the hardened situation and I'll get the honest later, but Hoddan had the entire franchise tailored to him, it almost worker Chris Paul and then it didn't he in Poland, lane with each other, and then he gets Westbrook their Darrell than one in their hard work and their ownership Wharton there they gave up potentially for first round picks and it's gonna be fine, or, if hardens out there, because now you're looking two years ago, we can't even trade you and rebuild, because you know unable fuckin picks up The whole thing is tailored to you and you play style. That makes you probably twenty five percent, more productive, anonymous megan that number up at that style brings harden into a historic echelon of production that each wouldn't have unless somebody else it hey, it's your ball and you get to gerbil at every single time and take every single shot, he's terrific, a passing, but the whole thing has been tailored to him and then what? Because you are consulted,
Stephen Silas, hiring that you want to tie Lou that badly. That you're, like now fuck this I'm out of here the team. Shortcomings are on you more than anyone else and rattle there's a part of it were, I think, specific to the individual situate I'm never going to blindly to say up on proper, even though I am more propeller than it ever be pro owner. But you can still be that way. Look at specific cases like this with hard in Houston, we go. This is a mess and I think if I were stone, the new GM and Saint hey, you got two years in a player option and I can't rebuild because if I do than almost picture gone, I guess what oh and, by the way you want to move, but you only you wanna go to one team which has destroyed your trade market like now like enjoy enjoy being mad next year, because your plan for the Rockets were. I think that Davis thing was the most important moment. The more I think about this in a big
extra contacts Dave as being able to of basically pushes way the Lakers using the same age it that Leubronn had leveraging the bronze per hour So now at it's almost collusion away and saying: look: hey Celtics, you wanna trade! For me, that's great you're gonna go the Lakers and Bare and he's targets deeming it works, and then they, when the title- and I think that makes all these guys think I to do that. Eighty did it worked out. I am torn on this because, on the one hand, get would happen. Irregular rubia this. We great Ricky Rubia signs with Phoenix last year as a fridge in place, pretty well for them three or deal and then the first chance they had to get Chris Paul he's out now in Oklahoma City I guarantee when he was shopping. Frayed she last year was like hey man at,
For now I hope I end up in a coma city guaranteed that wasn't on his list. You have stuff right that you also have you. No players get traded all the time. What the Celtics I say, a Thomas he's playing her nose play ass, turns out, he's really her and then there, like hey referring this Cairo Irving Trade, there's no loyalty! neither side, I think what gets lost here. Those is the fan, and I dont know where the fan stands with the way Basque, Basel we're gonna say this: is cool outbreak and jump teams, whatever war, If I'm a racket, Spain, what am I rooting for now? You know like when I had without Celtic South Fame fur it the entire twenty first century PA appears: Thou became our guy. They could but sometimes they didn't, and now he has this meaning that is kind of outside compared to the typical guy that a franchise would have. just gonna go away, and does that even matter Russia on the automatic record is paid. Phantom, I think, is a little different than was one when I was
You know we were loyal. I wasn't a huge MJ fan, but I was a bulls fan right and M. J was the bulls. The bulls were m J. so I M J left to go to Washington. Like I didn't. I didn't really love M J more? I was still a bull span. I think in today's phantom you have like two factions. You have like your your local tee, die, hard fan and then you have a general MBA fanned was more of a fan of a player, you know I mean and they'll go. What leubronn from the Cleveland Miami and now they're back to cleave. Another Laker fans right you just gotta, they show up in their parties. And Base now they're, not gonna, get turned off. I I think that the local you know fan of yours Philadelphia. Seventy six years, or Houston Rockets die hard. Yemen, that's gonna, be that's a low Blowitz Poland, you know it's pulling the broken the championship, hopes in or out from under them.
I was one of those guys, but you just talked about it. I got when I signed in Phoenix I expected to be there. We set up shop, we adjust poured into a bit I bought a brand new home. My wife had just had our Can child like a month ago and then you know you're you're too, do you not even given a phone call, it you're on the road and- and your friend cause you and says: hey. May your daddy, you report Charlotte you're, like a fuck, Steve. Courteous call me tell me you don't owe me like, so that's how you get treated as a player, sometimes, and that's why I say like even if it's even if it like sixty forty me for the player cause. I agree with Ryan. Like you, kid like there are, so situate, certain situations where you ve as a player, Benaco they too have been given everything you asked for its. Not then fair for you to get up and why but I'm still gonna say with the player and then what the players don't realize. In my opinion, is you got it now? Like you know, it's like juice, like you got the juice now the the powers
but if you guys can wield, initiate lightwood would with no regard the next time you get it at table there, gonna be some huge ramifications in the next see Ba like they're, not gonna, let you just keep dictating how the league run spot. what you doin now, but you have to come to have a little bit of foresight when you That's who, in my opinion, and research May. One of the key points is that they
so scared they seven year, deals that they short in them, which was really smart, good business ray you're, not stuck with that Steve Frances Contract, where the last two years of it he's luggage, but the flip side of it is now. You ve created this world of crazy turn over that point you made about, I first notice when players started far or where fan started following players, instead a teams the first time. I really noticed that I remember I went to the second game of La Bron, weighed and Bush, where they played in filling up for then they went to Boston or maybe was opened in Attica member, but they played in Boston that first week and I flew back for it on like this- can be awesome. Cagey, Rondeau Pierce, this the broad thing, the bronze such villain at that point, what a great sports x it's just a moment ago and you go in there. There are people with teachers is and in people with leubronn teachers is- and I remember my dad and I were like what the fuck we're through the he'd have fans and what we
eventually realized over the course of the years. These were leubronn fans. Duchess followed him to Miami, which is the way my son treats the league. My son place too He doesn't care with team is on and he he heard about the heart, thing in music, while those guy I'll be like a to Katy was his reaction. Marcello, do you feel like the kind of phantom that weaker upwards with fans, love in the south eggs and basically rooting for the laundry that word, transforming it to justice for an era that is not going to resemble that at all tat emanates already happening and the reason why July with such a big deal I'll, never forget man, radio, dune radio. Every day in that after and slaughtered ESPN for almost a decade and they would like tell you: hey, takes six weeks off in July and August risks. As you know, there was a really any other time for me as a football and then an mba guy once it started up the end of August September. I wasn't it
free again until after the draft, but they were just like look. You know, take that time off and then that two thousand ten changed when the Brown to Miami and then we started getting insane ratings in July and manages like I can't figure out what's going on, and this is because this July, what we now in the NBA is the best topic for radio for podcast television show So now this generation is grown up with this transactional league, where we laugh all time will be doing the potter, Billy, hey. It's been quiet for three or four months you like ice. That means were sixty days away from an ex superstar to be pissed off it. what happened with two of em in in a spirit of like forty eight hours, they could seem like a who's gonna get mad who's gonna want out o Westbrook end harden within two days of each other. Okay, so this is. This is what the league is part of it, it is always kind of exciting like it is exciting, but I will
or in a broader, probably at the best point is that the owners will probably star proposing some stuff too, and if their smart about the proposed it away where the current players costs that people can be selfish. The curve There is a bit like I we're not going to agree anything that makes it like a franchise or where are you? if you want a chicken something that takes place like five years or six years from now, maybe we'll greet at baseball that like twenty years ago and impose the tax and they is this scaling thing that would hurt you You're generations is low They were able to protect their money in the moment. So I've heard this bills heard it you mention it you ve heard at there could be this day of reckoning. Keeps happening but in letter and how to get back to seven year contracts. I dont know what the mechanism we'll be I've, heard all the rumours in the mechanism, maybe bill. You can touch on that, because the seven year thing wasn't just bad and the money or committing, but then you became seven year guy by default by being the best prepared, a bad teeth. So all these guys, eyes were like leading score for a team. Would just get this
your bags because you're afraid to lose them, and then, if you like, I can't believe we judge paid several years foresee, plus guy. You know who loved that the most baggage alien rose perfect I've been here, is worth five of these. Without celebrating it Roger who is, who is the most unhappy you ve ever been as a player has obviously you weren't a super start, but had you been? Was there a moment where you are just like I'm out here. I need to leave and Bob Bob, but were women Utah Charlotte yeah? Now was you talk? You know Charlotte? We, your, I wasn't happy to be there at first, but we became kind palliative right leg. We will emerge in making to play off running in kind of playing down. I signed to go back to Utah Although the money was better in Utah in other places, there was still a competitive situation with daring Andrea, nickel metal core they had, they had signed algae. As a young Paul sap. So you don't that's a play off team. Every
year in year out. We were gonna, be competitive, like audio labs, competitive. I liked play outside. I had always played in the play off in that year. We just kind of fell apart right and Jerry, quaint and daring are traded. quickly. The wheels fell off, and I was unhappy, but that next year I was miserable like and we talked about, unlike the NBA Pod on Monday, with Logan, Would Logan like I was a really toxic environment for and the team was bad and the other coaching, Sub par Kevin Oconnor, that the GM was given long in a tooth and it was miserable What are you know? I didn't have the type away where you know I could ever even if the league was wearing, now, where you could leverage a situation like. I certainly wasn't able to do it, but it was it was. It was tough for us. You know that their lambs point is interesting because he was the last generations example of the unhappy superstar right here. Whose clashing muslin sullen finally was like that this amount to out for this matter too
for this guy, and then you tie did something that has really worked in the house. The league they pulled won over and over stages got rid of them, and they did that broken tray came out of nowhere. There were no rumours at all about it to get these two awesome picks I was sitting. I was sitting with Darin in the training room was a hotel room set up as a training room in Dallas. We were playing in his home town and we were sitting side by side on the couch and sport centre broke, dare and be in trade and I looked at it like was the fuck em, dummylike holy shit and he got up I got on his phone any just they know once said a word he just last month, that's usually had trades happen by yes, so he was the you. No doubt days with twitter and the way the whole infrastructure works and instagram in leaking staff to the woes you're. What
You can get it out there and happy back. Then it was like what what's going on with you tots and have the same mechanism. I feel like right. We've we knew that hardened was unhappy base even before Darrow laugh there a ladder, rumours and but then look at any go we're the second do who brought Westbrook in Cuba was your idea. You're like the did, who said hey, we should put it should not our house, then the addition Sogdiana. May we get a fire that contractor and it's like here they do to me we wanted. The other should or that would be like harden, was leasing a room from the owners of the house and convince them to put the addition on intensity. I wanna break my lease soldiers, it s what he's doing in there, is. Where again, I struggle cause, I try to Heaven remind mind about all the stuff because Raj it and you want to stay in this above the level of players that you played with and end the guide like one year. This good your whole life, you ve been special writer you're a custom did like I don't care what the hell
this shit's disposed to work out for me. Is that the way it is it supposed to work out? So there was no. Hard. More he's good manic, ably they're gonna, be stuck with Russia, Westbrook of forty seven million in a couple years, may I believe, they're gonna have to give up, but they had to give up for pigs into those pick. Swaps are probably depending on our own the city does with their twenty pecks, but no those could end up being. They could end up losing for Pick and paying forty seven million extra in the thirty or Russia's deal, which player option, which I imagine go ahead, pick up. So do you it s Norman go while, maybe maybe I can like I'm, not happy, but no one really do that. No, I don't want any of these guys are program that way- and I am not even criticising and for I think it even happens- abilities industry really what is that I asked for sometimes I admire it. Sometimes I admire the complete lake Celt like zero consciousness whatsoever to say yeah. Ok, you know this is it. I think this is what we ve been looking at now, four years in a league, we're anyone.
You guys at a special they look at. It did not contract schedule payments. This is what I'll sign for the money. Then we'll figure it out and if I want to leave em a daily stated that nobody else gets to do. Yeah. It's a Davis did newer and senior that was in the most are some situation. Roger has to go in a second. I have to ask you this, though, that if this hard and trade does happen in a hardening durrant and career and the same time there's a guy that both of us, about a? U care way more than I do cause he's a good friend years by them, Steve NASH, who's gonna, have to coach those three people, the it. I think I saw a stand. I don't know of any team has ever had three higher career usage Rick eyes on this. came the history a basket, but if you do you the great you can, whatever new sedate adds up to a hundred percent rose, know it in both of those got all three. Guys like at in a high twenties early Should NASH. What does he do that
You start drinking now what happens here? He mused the sign up for like a three on three league or something like that cause. There's like no one else on their team is. First of all, I you know, I talked to save a lot about building this team. In the way he thought this team was constituted its time and what they needed, and so your play making Today's mba at premium, so you don't Steve any they had a wealth of. It was even saying you know it, because I have some more play making like James Horn certainly first that bill, but I am of the yes camp that that deck at work I just one ball seal sets or what they are, but just meeting of the ball, like you did Kevin the rent is coming back to watch your car. James Harding twenty seconds possession dribble the ball, like me, he's not coming back to do to adding when he's help these bright best player on the planet, men and women in the brain, and so I don't think that works and I feel awful for Steve if you can believe that, like I'm talking about, goes private favor,
when a championship like I feel terrible. If that happens, because it's that gets miserable and Steve, I think so. Degree in a lotta capacities, and I thought and still do that he navigate personalities really well, but when you throw three of them better that our big he goes in that room for the first time, together I don't know that even he pulls that often he's great people per people like you know that he's great with people, but that's too much too many personalities and egos and their only one ball, it's funny when you think about. The history, the leg is, people have put the three guys together many times over the last fifty years. Somebody always ass. The sack vice and certainly by big, like big. We saw with Chris bash We saw in a lot of ways with Ray Alan, who is a guy absolute at its peak was peak. Was he twenty six and now just kind of turning to like how J J rhetoric is used now, but you got, the line it I will arrive, even always. Yo Kevin love is probably a bad example rake, as I think it pushes curve
we're almost in the wrong direction, but Celtics and Lakers in the eighties parish had to sacrifice the Lakers. Guy, like James Worthy who, I think would have been like two thousand seven hundred and twenty eight a game he's a base Oh in the Lakers lawns, I gotta take a step back so I just like those three. I guess the re it would be. The one that takes us Back, but now I'm not using a guy who is Roger pointed out is one of the big three vespers, the League of Healthy, so Yanks. Yeah he's he's the only one of them they could play without the ball the radically, but he says he did. We saw to that. We saw that first where's year when they actually had movement and he was able to do it. but he's better than the other two so like? I don't like hey you do that there is only one way without the ball, but is way better than the other guys. We need the board's. It's I don't know Raja last question. Are we share this? Isn't the rent. the equivalent of somebody who's date.
Somebody but starts the text relationship with the next hurl his case. knows he's gonna break up, like is his heart on my part replacement. As the aid of the riot seen something with Kyra his leg avenant upgrade this now and then, when it doesn't work out, would just get a career. I am I am I to too many Go about like to Machiavellian about that. I wouldn't put anything passed like today's and be a player and their ability to conduct. Now to where they want to go. Here is what I would say. I would absolutely hate deaf. but may I recall a mockery fan. I think he's iridescent grown up to do in some some bob proving doubters wrong. I think you can do it by boy if, if that flames out there and he can't play, would come to read, that's gonna be a real real, tough, to get over. So I hope you're wrong. I hope Europe I mean I recently been the league decades. So I thought you had some I rather we are we going to see you tomorrow, night pose draft yeah.
soon, as I get out only watching my kids, Miss lay offs I'll, be there are a great will say to my right: that's what happened on political will, one could break. Let's take a right to talk about soldiers morning set the for the rest of your day, and so does your first cup of coffee. So it's important have coffee. That's up to the task. Folders offers so many varieties, whether you're looking for a smooth or rich cup coffee forgers has a roast. That will surprise you with delicious favour. You ve heard we talk about this on my back ass before the highlight of my day is my first giant cup of coffee in the morning. It's really are that how, after that, I love making it, I love big, Here's the perfect temperature put my half an hour fan little bit of sugar and it just gets me going it's like my fuel for the day. I love it folders
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coming soon and we're going to find out where he does is something so a baby to react to that real time. Let's talk about the two trades I started. I wanted This package that earlier just because we rarely get to NBA blockbusters, while one idea by buster but more like a blockbuster routine. Basically now thing whether or not yadda sleeves going all in the season- and hopefully he won't leave, because hopefully, in the title that your holiday trade, I thought was the most stunning collection of assets, given up for somebody who I don't feel like as a topic I ate it. The they were paying and Anthony Davis collide type premium. For somebody who has made an honest, our team in seven years and the counter this is, he is a beloved guy in the advanced measures community he's the best offensive guard, the league, every sort of high level,
thing, you can look at as like. This guy makes his team better. You put him in Milwaukee. He's gonna beat up great on Georgetown airports, so you can run pickin roles of them. You can but a man, whoever the other guys best play maker is, and he makes them better and quit. to me, but it is so risky. They also lose of their assets going forward and to me the big question Marcello, why not just make the Chris Paul trade and you don't have to give up any of these assets you you could have had Chris Paul Fur, Bledsoe Hell and probably of future. First, that's protected the same way. Phoenix did there. Why go so much further for Jus holidays in that much better than Chris Paul for two years. I dont think he is I like drew. I love his versatility in the way you can play on the ball. I mean with the ball off the ball. We seen in his defence of verse until it like, when he's right
defensively. It's terrific, but I think he's play one full season. Two, if you count a short short year this year, since adding two thousand twelve the thirteen injury and missing some time. Obviously, some of those dealing with his is wife, which is commendable, but the other times he wasn't healthy I really like you say not top Amy's, namely top twenty I mean. Who is anybody argue the duality is atop Tony Blair. She trade all of these pieces for one year of drew control Monsieur to have something figured out. I dont quite understand it, and one thing I pushed back on, though, is when people compared to the Anthony Dave straight. There's no brain Ingram coming back here. Ice, even though brain in Ingram had the medical problems which made the Lakers package were there as well you're like hey, this could be really good at also could be a complete disaster and out looks like it's can be pretty good cause. You anytime, you doing. Hope. There's like that, one piece that has a chance to be something special and I'm not even talking like a top ten player with something really good and Ingram, looks like he's on that kind of trajectory, and that's not anything in here, essential, Astor yeah. I got like soda
they more than that giving up multiple future first and the pic swap which we learn from the broken Ed, unless you're certain that year trades gonna work. You have to be really careful with that stuff in the Lakers are like look we're getting one of the best take eyes the league. We you, you can't name a price that we're not gonna pay for this, Now we have brought in a day. The coopers did the same thing: whether that right or not. We both for like well with this, is how they got clam Paul George. You probably have to give up all that stuff for most of it. In this case, I just thought they had better options and you know you how they re now he is. I think he is
thirty years old, so he'll be thirty one by the time the playoffs start he's been in the legal. While you know this is year twelve for him, and you know one of the alarm and things just looking at statistically, he has dropped off a little offensively like his three point. Shooting is basically thirty. Three percent the for the last three years total. I also look at free throws. When I look at guards, especially older guards s three free throws a game. You know that I know that's like a stupid way to look at start. Now I gotta get is what I want. I don't impact guard who's gonna be the second best prior, my team and you're, not that great over three point shooter anyhow, get to the line that tells me you're, not a special offence appeared now. I think he is a special defensive acquired their some good offensive, rebounding numbers with them at all. The stuff, but but to me, he's like the most awesome kind of guy you'd ever want. I don't think, he's a second guy and he might even be the most awesome. Fourth guide: what if he was?
if he was such an elite prayer? Why didn't they ever anything with Davis? That's apart, Oh god, oh he was just never around a mean that entire Davis run the biggest problem was health and there's been articles done on a new Orleans over those years had like one of the worst training staff. Just nobody- and I don't know if that's true or not or proves just that. I want you guys never say, help them in their is there such a thing is bad luck, but I think what we have to do is we bring this all up. Is that argument. Forcing will wait a minute just like all the pigs that you move for Paul George, which now seem excessive. While I was because you're getting Paul, George and in the Milwaukee argument, is even saw play out last night. Where did I feel like I'm taking fuckin crazy pills here as I go. This is an absurd amount of stuff to give up her one year of druids equal. It's not true. It's also not a keeper. Here's I'd ask because it, the momentum seems too maybe everybody's reading this wrong? But the momentum last night and going into the end of the week is that Jonas is supermax. Is all
that he's happy. They get Bogdanov, it's too, which will get you a little bit later. But this disconnect between STAR front office were somehow the front office in ownership can only execute through fear when it make arrow be more sense for Jonas to go. Hang out, I'm probably leaning towards staying like what. What do you have his options? Hey, we could get drew okay. Where do you want to give up for true when we think about giving up three picks and two swaps, five pics potentially nugget? Maybe it's three. If you're honest day's is probably three but to give up an unprotected two thousand and twenty seven. That seven fucking years from now, you have no idea. What's gonna happen in sports. That to me is irresponsible you know I was the first like, I think, I'm going to first guy that took his dare even today, you're actually on to something as much as I hate everything else I said like
rounders, that's the super overrated. It sounds cool. It's ok! We have all these first ballade sums it doesn't play our absolute lego go too, but why couldn't be honest in in the box just get more on the same page where he said you know, I probably don't want you to move all of these picks, potentially because other trade deadlines. If I sign this extension, I'd want to have like we want to keep somebody's unless the bidding for drew was such that you had to kick in all these extra first, which we don't know all of that, but it just seems like a lot in a lot of dangerous, unprotected potential swaps. When he go south disfranchised in a really long time. So I was surprised the total package. Well, you raise a good partner. We No, what the other offers or an I'm surprised you haven't come out yet, but we know the Celtics were kicking the tires hard Andrew. The only way that's happening is if Heyward is involved or cumbersome because that's the only way they could match the sailors back plus there are these pack, so we know they were a suitor. At the very least we know Denver was a suitor and we'll go
stay with the suitors funny. I listen to zags podcast two weeks ago. And he had a cat member, Thousand at us is that yes, Zack outfit ACCA sat Zambia Ipod, but he was talking about whether the warriors were give up number two four holiday and a cat. I'm sorry, I can't nobody had with but they were like well the white horse. Now as a win horse, there was it was too easy. Anyway, he was like wow: that's the latter give up if it was true in the twelve for two you're giving up, you know a chance to really have the extension of your dynasty to the next generation for a guy who's. It is thirty's, who's on in inner contract for a year and I was kind of how I felt it was like a right if it was, if, if I'm doing
you for drew. I have to get twelve back and you have to take Wiggans, but I don't even know if I find the words from necessarily doing that, because now all my core is older, but now for days ago, to devour it's like blog, is a cure, all our picks and here's your chill, whose good last year and Bledsoe, who I do feel had a little bit of trade via its out like they stuck them with two complete stiffs either. I I just hated the trade really thought. I thought it was. What am I his favorite overpasses. Maybe in the last ten years. I am I to understand it. Am I an island here, though, that it It everybody's following Leubronn wanna one process of tell the team that you play for nothing left them operate in the dark, and I'm not seeing Leubronn enjoys teams fucking up their future. Fine This is right when he decides to leave
Leubronn will never tell anyone. He will not tell you what his plan is when he is with the team in Cleveland to the last minute they're, like our great, like we brought an we get some that money, but I feel it. Reactions out. You know you gotta do this. You gotta do this, because the assumption made that these front office is don't you to work, really hate you. I want to get better today, you guys Did your trade that we like there's no pressure on us really, so we just this is mail it in, whereas opposite o a good or may leave ok. Well, let's now try to make the team a little bit better. I feel like I'm on this island, where I can't believe it can't be just a touch more collaborative of because of arms, the honest sting, a walkie I might be allocated. We have to give up all those picks for drew us, unlike what
the honest now about what's right or wrong, trade is like it: twenty six year old guy. Well, it's not like he's better front office for the last two years. You bring up a good point and the broad so- and I dont really necessarily blame him for this, but in the late to thousands You saw the Cavaliers continually tried to make these big swing dumb trades were their mortgaging any semblance ahead of us, future for these window, guys again to on Jamieson and Shack, and even earlier in what they allow us to our have him all: ok, where the goods go through, guttural, quick, they took on shack and million. They took on forty million aids on Jamieson. They took on twenty six point: five million Wally Serbia. They took on thirty million with Ben Wallis. They took on another twenty five. Millie with Larry Use. They took on twenty four million later on, with that Jordan Clarkson Deal with a took on all that other money to give the Lakers the cap's basically had dreaded do and try say do that say that cuz I want to just to just talk in late, two thousand and eight
was I. Why are they doing this? Where that? Why are they so frantically ended with the answers are as well. The guy Leubronn wants to. Now and they don't want to lose abroad, and I was one of the reasons Gilbert who never should have sent the comic Sands letter, but you know he was furious, heeds he had spent way more money than anybody do behind the scenes and let those guys flying his private jet all that stuff in the Lebrons. I got to see you later and just left them, basically with the bar tab, the Benin, two thousand and eighteen fast forward. To that same thing, right Lebron wants, stuff- and there, like you, know out we're trading. Careering he's threatening to have new surgery wishes. The alleges Surrey, where we gotta get something for me getting at this pick back to get the pic back in the bronze. A gig attitude that pick we need asset swine betray the pic desperately pushed it was mad about. got them decide, sign Wade that work up, but then they they wouldn't trade, the pic and in because they knew he was living
he had so it actually did it when in their like out, you know, I will keep in the pig just in case you leave and as it turns out, I had they traded that pick for a good prayer that they might have at least hung with the two thousand. Eighty worse more than they did. Wasn't it forty Audrey, Jordan too. I think that was the big rumour was like all its mover. Georgi George, I would, I would still tell you out of the cleveland- was a hundred percent sure he was gone and if we were hoping area, like one more year out of it, because the east was so easy. I know as eight love he was. I resent guy yeah, that's what everybody said. After the fact. I feel it. Nobody said a hundred percent before I said it like a year before he left I don't know I just I just heard from a lot of people that covered the league that were like I was I was. I was like well, it's funny. You said that before, but go ahead with the honest thing: why? Wouldn't he just like? I assume, he's coming back now and sign in the supermax there
rumblings. Why wouldn't you just now sat right after the Jew holiday Trade and push you get the Baghdad of it, which that that's another fun when there we could talk about, but they really did give up anything for Baghdad image Syn there's odds. Are they may be overpaying, I'm compared there's some people are split How good he is. I personally really like I'm a huge fan. Other people like air, you know an end. I think he's been pretty polarize out of these very defensively, but why wouldn't disobeyed package thing worse than there like and we ve signed Janius cause? That's the only reason this jihadi, you can't take this kind of a risk and then keep her fingers crossed the man. I hope we will hope we win then yadda so stay that can't be the plan. A kid there's a chance. The two Thousand twenty seven unprotected pick by itself is worth more than drew back. There's a version of that were alike. Who knows what the spread? All these franchise
that within the moment there like, ok well, this is who we are while this in the next nice young team and look at them I'd mild sock in the world. You go our member, nobody really like them. Member that team is gonna, be awesome three years later on that exchange yeah, I guess it doesn't thirteen busy wait. I have a question for you: yeah Janius Gerardi, Chris Middleton Bogdanov, Ich who s a contract for them, brick, Lopez and probably a bunch of minimum Vienna afraid
guys that take a pick up for was West Matthews People's Lakers one out an upcoming west math is out, but is that enough like what? Why am I looking at their team gun? And I don't know if you have enough even get out of the east, much less when the files you think it could be the uniform? Were you just freaked out about the books he disliked it, but he took about or just a box had been so underwhelming argument pass. You know you less easy causes files the Toronto. Two years ago you blew the two, a leader I whatever, but I mean he almost you. Basically guts wept by Miami and it's it's like I'm just ass. You do you think it has as much to do with the rosters does with a uniform, they re learning, but usually they re going hate executive done it's like. Are you looking at the rostrum you looking at the franchise, I'm kind of looking at the fact that
league, is better than it was a year ago it in the top did the top tier of deeds. Top tariff teams is hunger across, I did the Lakers owing to be better this year than they were last year in others. It thing was a big deal I know they're going to lose Rondo. I have a feeling called what Caldwell Pope will come back. I'm sure the foot koosman to something, but I look at them. I think they're better. I think Dallas is going to be better. I think will absolutely be better. Miami will be the same, but the younger guys. You know my ticket Your own rabbit said I think we could see them take a step up. Philly has to be than they were last year. Celtics would be the same, so I just don't feel like it. So well drew out in Baghdad of its mark our tickets down for the finals. I don't even think that's possible of anything. There can be so much pressure Vienna. Does it signed the supermax that it could cut of mare? What happened in two thousand ten with the broad where that storyline just kind of over
came the entire team. You know they better. No, they better known as in that trade is even more ridiculous for drew and energy. Gonna come off is like we don't like drew. We both like you a lot like this, allow things I like about him and clearly there is a market for him, because that's the other thing, I think we have the factor in these prices. As you pointed out two weeks ago, the bits of loose sellers market there's way more buyers? Then there, sellers, so that changes things. It would seem more more the GM's go, you know what screw it I'll, just throw a bunch of person here, but these these swaps, these, if you really think David Griffin, was going to say No. If you said hey, we can't you a swap and twenty twenty five. I give you three picks and one swap. I can't give you two swaps, but maybe the front office Milwaukee, just so scared, and I gotta get back to my original point like why. Why is there have to be this? This neck wise? It accept that, will you better do this? You better be scarcity better. Do all these things are your guy might leave what what's wrong with you I going hey. I want to stick around around ok cool. Maybe we will have to give us. As we know we nor guy staying, but I'm when you look at all the people, the pedantic bitch,
for some dumb reason, I always like earth on early silver. I mid meeting that I'm I'm I'm stupid about that. Diva Jens owes a nice player, but it's also a walkie system, which is a little shoe. Cynical. Where there's one that you get playing in the regular season in their system, but he's a pretty good athlete. He was really bad. I thought the flowers like almost have little scared Little shade, you'll, Alexander Alexandria, where he'd you're be your ass. He sat in the class sucked suck. It was bad. Maybe that's your guy play us whatever no problem, but Donovan somebody can actually have the all figure out a way to get a bucket, which is what I love more than anything would play off teams. But it feels like a lot of moving pieces. A lot of stuff going out. Where'd, you go I believe that this being you grab like you know not even to use the Westbrook analogy here, but don't you grab a guy that sort of at that level like this move? This move few six
Commuted version of some of these other big trades it be seen when you think of what they actually put together here like this isn't guarantee anything. I do not think he is a top fifteen guy I think there is anybody argue he is. I think it depends on how much you value the defence and some of the court numbers and some of the post, my stuff, I think the whole thing is a rare is a real concern for me, especially as he gets older and given the position that place, but he's a great guy says another thing: bring it in an awesome guides Aqaba that I think Georgiou is a really good guy too so yeah lose hand, but you gain survey. Basically, that's a trade off. I do think the Baghdad of like it. If your seigneur crunch timely, let's far away, who the benches, if crunch time, it's Brooklyn
with the Addis Andrew holiday in Baghdad image in Middleton. That's a team that is old. Can be a lot more creative offensive within the bucks team we saw last year because you can run pick a row a drew. You can put bag on, but you can have him run around. I went to one kings, clippers game and I use avenue goodnight admittedly, but I was just into his style into just annoying like just annoying the other team, and I thought this guy, like he's run around, is doing stuff. You place really hard he's like a classic he's the guy that in the in you'd, be afraid of he's playing America restarted eating up. If you, my God, Bogdanov, oh my god, Upham he's one of those guys at the stats. Don't really reflected, though, and that's why I wonder like I was of trading for guys from bad Thebes Cosette say this guy was on the kings great. This is like a distressed set. Let's put him in a real system, take advantage of all the stuff he's good at and now
We could go holder, nut level. So that's why I liked it for them. If feels like the box with this, though, in their better there better, alright, so their betters that part of its easy is that it's it's guys they don't have to rely on everything they ve done, where it's John is down the middle space it out let's hope. This works out. Ian has got cut off because defensively everybody's, more locked in a playoff game and now you're honest and give free and now somebody's catching it not off an open look in with a collapsing defense, its we stopped the Yanis part of it everybody's recovered, and now you have twelve seconds to get a shot off and other than Middleton Kind of Dublin into that pull up. I think this version of it. Even though Bledsoe like he's turn into the sky that everybody probably hates too much now agree, probably drew you probably Russia drew more on a drive to either score or still read what the offence is doing are ultimately Rina defence and a bog down which gets into the course and because that
him, and he s a little on the floor and maybe create something, there's probably more creative office of options that they have now which has improved. Were, they had probably a lotta reliant system, guys. One one bomb for having him in the east. Is you know where the best things about him? Mikey? Look you think about that Portland Series he destroyed Damon that answers and then they want that Davis had a big coming out party when they swept out was nuts who is not here. He just took out Dame Dames one of the best players in the decade. Any just took em out. There's not that many guys to do that in the east, against that country would be the most obvious example. Right is somebody who can guard everybody from one two and three in such a manner. but but that it's kind of the West Wing where he would have been more of an asset like that's why I was so curious if the warriors could get them because he's the guy you throw and Jamal Murray and Donovan Mitchell on book
you may go down the line there, just more of those type, a guy's for him to be have real value in the east. It's like our. I can. He shut down Tyler hero either if I can biological shake Melton have it is clear that without Shake Milton, I mean it's a disaster for the south. Excuse he'll, take out Campbell, completely assume cumbers, even stolen the subjects, but I did like him more as a west asset. I think the most fun team for me with him Denver cause. I think he really would have elevated them in a way that would have made me wonder if they could get out of the west. I would have loved him endeavour absolutely love Monday at because the best part of him, as is that we just keep hearing on, is that he's one of those guards were he's adaptable to the situation. More than other guys. Are you just then This is where I would love to see. Yo Kitchen Murray have another guided, they can trust and they don't have to
then I will not defensively somebody who could guarded currying every other good guards in these. Basically- and I ask you something about the gold state- think as I am concerned, I say that on the whole way, can you hold back as will take a break, and then you can ask me our way way way way: community AIDS is, we know, drew the new toy in Milwaukee, but someone wearing a hare peace wig in golden state. Oh, that's comrade that's! twenty twenty has changed. The world of sport sometimes are that in times, but can changes in their stadiums remain, as others letting fans by virtual seats in the stance. These changes have created, demand very wide range of unexpected rose from pussy grass, green and stars. The video platform support specialist worthy of hiring AIDS for new
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I just need to do a fundamentally thank God there. So good time food around me here, in LOS Angeles in general so much grave food around me? I can get it all on operates within breeds. You can pick from a ton of your favorite local resting. you can also select, from a range of zero, our delivery fees everyday order, your favourites to your door using however, its border with due breeds tonight. I your golden stay question is of all the different things you kind of throughout their from mom MAX Pod at another anybody's, in a hurry to take on Wiggans in three years, at thirty million each so that that would be a non starter for me. If I were David Griffin and pelicans, but it is, I'd like I don't know that I haven't answer. Did you have an answer to that? Would you move like? Would you be? Who are guys are realistically on the move that you would do a deal with, because when
Are you thinking about bringing somebody in the golden state? The reason why the past, when they had a chance like trade, we'll clay was always in the mix and they were like now, clay fits exactly what we do: Durant's the rare superstar who be able to fit in with what we do where other guys, and especially when comes draft fix you have to worry about. Is this guy gonna come to understand what we do? Keep moving keep moving around, keep thinking about other shot options, don't don't stall, don't hold of all the whole time drew? Probably I m sure you can figure it out, but Oh no. I don't like that. I guess I'm still struggling with you just automatically do it, but I don't think the Wiggans contract gotta get to me would be a complete deal breaker further problem, as you have an end game now for that core cause. You have your your foot.
Best guys are all around the same age and golden state pass for if they want to sustain this, for a longer time would be, you hope, Wiseman works out, and you hope you can turn Wiggins into more of an asset and a year in that system with those guys, I'm good teams doing only stuff is good at What kind of contracted Harrison Barnes get from Dallas, eventually for being in that worrier system compared to what he probably deserves as a player? in a lot of ways. They made him look better and then he, when he kind of fell apart in the sixteen finals, that cool people off a little, but he still got the contract. So I'm, if I'm them I'm thinking. I need people that as curry and Klay start. the no different phases their career can take over the franchise. The same way like a million years ago, the Celtics started to look at the big three and then started, looking Reggie Louis De Brown and Brian shies like out these are the new guys will move these guys.
then everybody's gonna overlap for to us some years, and then these guys will take over the franchise. I think that's what they want and I asked I don't feel like there's somebody out there that would be a game changer for then that's avail, Bahrain. Now we just saw to go. We saw Chris Paul we talk about one second parlours and fit with them, which we both Darwinism. Anyway, I was now we're looking at the Victor L, a deeper types whose trade badge is plummeted by our accounts. then other that are now unless there's some surprise name, I'm not thinking up for them. The surprise me, but let me let me ask about it just because if you grabbed drew now. It's all you know having one to inherit. The success like that's had so far down the list of problem. They all right now championship contender for another three years, another three years: agendas, Ireland, Karim Player, The downside then matter who the fuck he drafted your your problem,
in the future, but I did only their thinking big picture short. We want to be great for the entire two thousand twenties. How do we do that right right in they would hope if it's? in Edwards or wise mineral. You know I've. I've definitely have more of an open mind about they would end up taking by the way, with that second pick like I've, I never thought legal mellow which fit with his approach to the game, but now I'm gonna up for believing anything which is it huge departure from where I was out with them in that pick before I guess: your dream on undressing him for four practices in with about seventeen F bombs and added just a week. Long of stars of the male about that returned. Worse practices at either sky has been cater to four straight years. Is you'd have been treated like a rock star, but Abdul every. What's that was going to fit into their system, seems far fetched to me
the only guy he seems to be pushed in that area is one guy areas peered in that's it. So I dont know what to believe. Anyway, I don't you think you could be at that. There's a chance. The Miller could fall in go by certain time now on a visit to Gaza top for, but I think that if he stops the buzz, that's it. Let's talk about the Cross party cookie, because I am I said on my part ass, I was, I don't think there actually trading, because out of the Phoenix is gonna, be done enough to give up a good pack for a guy who is as covered in it. We did a book, a basque Bob outcries package, but Chris Paul that has not run yet. It's gonna run a couple weeks. Then one of the things I had a nerd corners like what he did and year fifteen fifteen is. What happened in the history of the point guard position? This is not just unusual. Its historic just an average of fifteen and six in your 50th year is a point. Guard has never happened in the history of the week, and now you haven't for two,
years. The signs would be no matter how great the air advantage. Air specific advantages are now that he's gonna have to tail off one of these years issue: can happen and secure breeze right down the saint since I get physically, you know it might look, ok, but physically in a start breaking down as though the rule of point guards Corexit burn us, I would not have given up the pic. I thought it was desperate. I think Presty knew he could met, get them to break, because the Booker piece, which goes back What we talked about was Rasha the center, so worried about Booker and the possibility he might leave, even though he's under contract for another four years. That they're, like cool, take this two thousand and twenty to pick that in three years to be unprotected. If it keeps rolling over I just didn't like that piece of it. I don't. I don't think it was worth it for them. What are they gonna? Be a seventy congrats
much. As I agree with you, I don't think you're being fair. The reality who Phoenix has been out for a while. There are one of the most stale franchises, even though we both really like Booker and ate and when you're still franchise, where we could talk about the walk he being desperate or what are some these other teams? I feel it venuses going Hey you know what, if we just get this Chris Paul deal done, we know play us, so we ve got a lot of time with their fans. Beijing, we bison Tyrol fans, and I think you don't even know I got so much- was incredibly Mount a push back. I got from outside of the world when I mentioned that like theirs, it's always been his rumblings about Booker, whether its Dick's hiring all these assistants, hoping that some of these younger guys that they had recruited eventual say hey. You know what like I want to force my way to the next, which is probably wishful thinking for the Knicks you're stars happy clearly should be a priority, and now all of a sudden, everybody has phoenix in the plans which they should be applied team. If Booker's really is good of parking
close duplicating what he did with ok sand- and I say I think it's debatable yeah, but eighty eight doesn't get nearly enough credit for how good he is. I think. Is so under the radar and when I, when I think about that pick, I guess there Take another guard too, and I don't know if it's our General Carr loose. Why now love he's kind, a guy now that agreement about it. When you have a guy, get to guide the exciting. I have way higher Maya, my big board than than other people do he's. My is my Killion haze in a way of life, around Terry who's. Gonna go away later, the both those guys just Tyrrell was. I was like all the Phoenix wants to keep it because they want to arouse. Do things I think you did. Mitt went yes, we can argue about regional peace, analyse, can stuff, but when your feet You go cases where we say. Yes, we hang up before we have correspond our play off team. I think that's. What happened to somebody's franchise that are in this kind of wrought. So here's why it makes more sense to be now that
gave out the pic, because clearly Mukoki was jockeying for somebody and it was either we get. Chris We get holiday and they probably did offer. I think I d been kind of irresponsible if they did not for ok, see Bledsoe Hill and at least one good first round pick. So once that's on the table, the New Orleans, his leg aright so now so you don't want to ruin by you know, is basically as a backup plan and then Chris Paul goes out. The window walk, he doesn't get em and now they have to get you out there and I think maybe that's what happened once Phoenix caught wind tat, he might go to credit to blocky. Then they feel they have to put that took on the table. But I you know, I'm surprised they were unable to get the tenth pick if they're getting a draft back, but that when they gave up, I mean that could be a disaster. Booker could be gone by them, but she, I think, that's represses looking at here. No granted, it's gonna feel it to twenty twenty five march is gonna, be fourteen, oh
I'm a city picks. It is gonna, be crazy if somebody swaps happen and am exaggerating a bit, but I feel I gotta be five teams that have fifty percent of the picks, and one of these things like this is unprecedented amount of like this is this is spring break lack of protection, Didn T hit Think Presty he's he's like the guy in the born identity movie, who got burned seven years ago, a night in the movie, it's not gonna happen. They cut to him in a small apartment. Just don't pull up get ready. hard and trade. Look like I'm gonna get a bird it. That is to say, I have my revenge. I will have all the pigs. I have all the facts. every drafts and that's what has been said is by knots appear actually I think you're right on, I think he's so pissed about Durrant. I think he's a heart, there are about a rat yeah right in a hard choice, so hard trade doesn't go there way because of finances which never made any since they couldn't really
at least one more year and in the Durant thing Imaps, I'm positive he's pissed about the Durant thing and I don't know what that means now, he's out for pension stick in the movie character, but no Presti, whatever you think about Presley press I gotta get worked over evident. This kind decided that if I hardly know anything he's lose a trade but you're not going to like he's not going to just do something. Now he doesn't have to do anything. He doesn't have to do anything desperate. All he has to do is talk about all the stuff, so If he said at this draft, we don't really like it that much go ahead. You can have your new peace at ten in that in the twenty twenty draft. I'm gonna bet on this pick being even better of Paul gets her or something What happens down the road? I mean he's so long game now it doesn't surprise me, and I kept saying the whole time like press he's going to have to get something back. You really likes to take on the Rubio money yeah and then, if we're, comparing GM to movie characters, Griffin he's more like Robert Redford,
decent proposal issues like how much for your wife she's not for sale. How about a million dollars. Now I can't it habits. two million dollars, that's what he's doing with these trades were sake. What do you want for Jrue Holiday three? First to pixel apps. I can't do that. Well, that's the price and eat it like Jedi. Mind tricks these people they mad at assets he got for Davis and Jrue Holiday is in above all, an unbelievable areas: Davis, there's no other suitor, Davis's area that I want to go. The Lakers and the workers are like. The only suit already we get him in here anyway, but fuck it hears area has said we have just to make it happen, and now Griffin is actually building the pelicans recently. We haven't seen this where you have a young potential superstar with the franchise, that's gone long game and as picks and young assets to put a random there get actually build with him, which is higher supposed to do this elsewhere.
But especially the market too, where it's not a destination market and that the same thing with Presty That is true holiday? Is he d me more though now I think, I give Janine garage lower in that movie. That would be, I think, Milwaukee is lackeys, Woody Harrison, but they aren't. I. Maybe that analogy? What's it like a child? I didn't like it I'd like any more these. Do you have a Jane, daddy, daddy? you ever daddy age movie, analogy then age is the guy in the wrong com, whose just completely unfaithful at all times, and the protagonists knows you have its monitoring, but it gets involved and then at the end she figures it out and Dumb SAM and does it the other guy? That's your daddy's, any trade, anybody, everybody
now and he's been doing this for fifteen years and guess what doubts that work is well. This is what led to whatever happens at the gate: Gourd Heyward situation, where Heyward knows they were shopping around May in investigating kicking tyres on things things I will fuck that's. Why am I Why? Wouldn't I just opt out? Do you have any Gordon hey think, as I think that this is taken many a turn, It leaves us now by the time it publishes. But decision of the irish authorities was to be made, and now it's extended correct its two ten. Yet so you saw the report that is there an extension on the occasion for the option which tells you that, as I said before, I think Gordon wanting out and getting out or two different things, and that as much as your saying, the selfish shops morale I think that led the Gordon shopping himself, around you're, drunk are you not opting out of thirty four million? as you know, we're out you're gonna land, but was it really? but the money, worse situation
what he really wanna go play with land to get the more guaranteed years or play with the Knicks or was, as all a big game words borrow seen as a terrific agent in Heyward staring down age and try to try to just make the deal better for Gordon in Boston. I mean an odyssey. This thing is changed so many different times that has been hard to keep up with ideas, Gay Mitchell you're with blue guys, who have known each other for a long time. Angel Bartle State, where is that gotta go around and say why you know it and they are just gone back and forth the extension. This is funny. Business could be irrelevant, the bomb reposed a package, but the extension indicated to me that they're trying to figure out a sign in trade and if the trying to figure to sign in trade, my guess would be its Indiana right, because that's where you from
We know he loves it. There he's a hero there. He had a really emotionally scoring three years in Boston where he had the worst injure. You could have as basketball, where other than you had getting ripped off your body, which has an home. Yet that has happened in the easy said: bad luck left and right. He became a fourth action on a team that, when he signed with the felt like he was gonna, be the number one, option right and then I reiterate, happens and then Tatum turns into what he turns into than come by happens and his you know was hey you be the glue guy, Gordon, I don't know if he wants to be the good guys think he at least wants to be. A second So maybe those not Abbe is not happy being aforethought we'd health hazards. goods are you'd, be a fifth option if they want to close small, but obviously you know their priests malting, but that would make a tunnel Hence I don't want anybody. The history of of just a bad said that happen were so at some point: you're the haunted house. You just want to get up anybody. They think that some
these challenges. Gourd, hey, remember like whenever yours goose, Gordon Heyward, he thinks it is just a matter of lemme get healthy and then I'll be that good again, and I still when completely give up on him. The Celtic should want to keep him to keep the asset for some other kind of deal, because him just straight of opting out and leaving and going somewhere else, screws them. From an acid standpoint, but we're all then hope that peace cause that's really important and what's let's take one hour break and then what at their logo gone out with friends, was a little complicated. You'd were about we'd, go what you look like he'd invite now getting together forbear to closest friends, maybe not as complicated these days. It feels a little more like it shed. He can be used If you can really hand packet figure to be in the same place as somebody who, those friends are,
resume whatever. Maybe that's the way it always should have been, and its original light beer Miller Lite as always believe this. That's what Miller time is all about. I've loved no overtime for most of my life, with your toasting person of your choosing from Afar Miller Lite has always been about bringing you and your friends together for Miller time. You could do that and you Guard with their body since six feet. Apart, do not soon when everyone mower, lay great tastes, Willie. Ninety six gathers and three point two carbs. However, you in Friends are enjoying more time. Have the regional I beer delivered by going to more light back up for such bs bind the door reactions near. You celebrate responsibly Norbert Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ninety six collars and three point two carbs per twelve ounces. I quickly, you talked about Heyward as an asset. I think the peace that even like people, like my dad, haven't fully understood. If he leaves that's it, you can't replaced the asset cause they're too far up on the cap. It so much better for them if they can fit
they had a keeper reduce the longer term or side and trade m. Losing him is the worst case narrow they built this team or they have seven hundred guys? two million a year and the Tatum Extension which is coming and then super expensive, guys in smarts the only contracts in a reasonable kind of trade machine way where he makes like twelve. So just the way they structured it was incorrect. And they need Heyward whether they keep Amr eventually Trader Marseille and trade. It would be really bad to lose visit. They can't replace it. It's a little like when, when Milwaukee laws brockden and the region I hated that was as like. You just lost it ass that I don't care that you got this mediocre pick back like that somebody who's in actual asset. I had a front office person check in rafter, you bitch about the broad and thing, and he just like we remind bill that broaden had one of the worst medical
was of anyone that we had in that draft class. I live with isolated as people that that's fine right, you're right and I can't believe you just brought this up, as I almost touch you last night, Bialik hey have you talked to your dad about Hey work as I try to talk to my dad about it last night and he had the exact same response is again whatever Oh, it's actually bad. You, though, you don't have to pay and that thirty four million, oh my god, you want to pay the thirty four Emily Eddie was like hey, maybe not listening, and then I saw feeling bad as they get older. Unlike my father, doesn't understand the minutiae of the salary cap right now. So no bet that that's. Why dad's a great though, because what they remember is like my dad's, a member Heyward when short arm that lay at the Miami game, you're going to lose sank the amount- I don't trust him laugh games. He could go very. What's this, my daddy got it. I asked him because I don't trust it ass. I say that four million, I go yet it. It doesn't that way when you're infirmity listening just again when you're over the cap- and you lose the ass it, you know, you don't get the thirty formula.
Go spend it on somebody else, and you don't even really get the cap space to go ahead and do it you rather, why? What do you think they're trying to do it so that they sign and trade him, and then they just get the trade exception, because that could be a pass. due to lack of it, I don't know why I later would do that while they are about the South Ex, but these teams do favors for it they're like that all the time, and maybe that's what this is. Maybe this is we'll do decided. Trade will send it to you along with Romeo Frankfurt, you know will give you an extra asset. Did he Romeo Lange for Thee Romeo Langford, but maybe maybe that's what they're doing they're trying to create a trade exception. So then they can go get somebody else. I don't have no inside info on that. I don't know either, but I would say that the history of trade exceptions Such is the mere the thing your team has that everybody brings up all the time and again and brings up all the time it's never used at once. They history tray exceptions and funds,
actually, because think about what we know about. I so badly want to prove me wrong in this, and yet I just ass it at all and ever Yale it's it's. It has happened. Was it with golden state? Do they good Allah What was that point every way it is intended that seventeen million- I now I'm telling you as if you really wanted a nerd out and do a history of trade exceptions, but hum of hit her they use for, never get transaction, it might be less than ten percent. So I think Ange in what I do like about age is that he likes trades. Because he goes now. I know exactly who I'm getting this thing to be extended for Gordon is not simple as him just saying like something has to be in the mix, because it even if he is even if he wants out, which I think you'd like another experience here too just opt out and got number go play for some bad
Team, less money like he may just still Optima. The extension on the decision makes me think they're all trying to figure out some moving move there, something with all these moving parts. They need two more days to figure out. I don't think it's as simple as him. Just go ahead and eat two more days to say yes or no to thirty four million. Is that fair? I think it's fair will find out what happens now. It is two hundred and sixteen PT. So at some point we'll find out the answer before we go and we have to go we're going to be doing the Ringer Post draft, you didn't pre draft here and then we're doing the posts. Draft together will partly pop on twenty picks and it'll. Be on twitter. You can watch is to allow Pike S.
Give me your one hundred and twenty three right now go on the record. Let's hear I hate this cuz, I feel like it's going to change tomorrow. I'll give you mine, I think golden State Minnesota, FLIP Pics Minnesota, get something a token for their troubles. Nothing major Wiseman goes one Minnesota dangles to around for low to bed then settles on Edwards last. Second tingles number dangles your pic around for another day after another letter. Another five minutes later excite area report fibre, minutes of time that it is regarded for months. But now we have five minutes. Citing weizman trade up goes state to one tiny asset, Minnesota, just kind of says, fuck it and takes Edwards and crosses
fingers at two events Charlotte at three. I had them with the: U S C kid: the Congo. but then that then I heard he might have a shaky medical, and I I don't know the answer to that, but the way I did I'm ahead was. He goes third lamellicorn forest cargo Denny Average. Because a ribbon of DIA Atlanta goes rogue sex and takes a patch of Williams, seven Halliburton and eight Obi top and faster than in the next fans, lose their mind in their like we're gonna marry back. We did it Merida look at him. I invite you point out he's here, then after eight, I don't I don't. The union predict anything, it's it's. The only thing I went on South Park as they did against all odds and as it mildly prediction, is that our J Hampton was like even odds to go in the top fifty
and I was like our johanna- will go in the top. Fifty that's by its by one by one lack of the draft. He will be one of the first fifteen poor selected to any teams are ensured by him and, like him,. yeah I'm worried about our J from ten to fifteen milk, as I feel it is the second guy for all of these teams. Invalids. Let means its first, that's gonna see, but I know you hear the phoenix you here at Boston. You hear him at Orlando, he's it s happening the draft. So it's hard to imagine that somebody, it's that athletic and another New Zealand You just get the same opportunity. The will did like that team was better. It was more mature team and he just wasn't gonna get the freedom that LE mellow that there are already said Danny Profile by the way, Danny loves those guys who had the high pedigree in the high school top. One hundred before he had had a situation, and then you thank your by low and this awesome stock. So you're not doing up three come on just do it
Edwards Le Mellow Wiseman, you think them. To the words I feel, like you know, shit you have that same, looked at jail and used to have sometimes really knows that. So you think you think about something. The words would be the most fine outcome of of that pick because it could go any direction. and then Thou STAR Float now right away. People realize the guy's a potential superstar put him in our culture. Curries gonna take a wonders, there's a whole narrative that would go for the moment if you have a SEC print boom leaks. Here we go attend the leaks out who our tech guys were naked stuff to The matter we are blown away, you're gonna occur, wanted at the most trivial out of that step. You were big on the Leafs last night we had we had some good text going late last night and then this dude's going to bed and I'm like how are you guys going to bed and I'm calling to go back in the EAST coast and forgetting out
but well it's wheeler at the one piece has the Bradley Beal piece we're going we're now that mark has been established with that your holiday and watched it like we're, not trading Bradley, Beal, fuck off, but maybe golden state just cuz, all right Wiggins, all of our pics PICS wipes more pics. Have this to just that. You had a trade ass, it basically an ethic washed in its there at some point washed and has to look at that go. What are we doing. I've watched you want to get a shot with everybody and see our coasts. I have I adore back at a big Joe has reported that actually in your house reported a Joe House, podcast died it that's. What has thanks? Ass is pretty coffin where the car to set a meteorite cardinals fan now, so it's my only cardinals gear I'll see you tomorrow on the ringer. I look forward to seeing how this place out with this goofy draft and thanks
about banana short notice. Aright thanks man, that's it for the BS podcast coming back Wednesday night poster. we do not live on live on twitter and its also gonna run either on the Ringer NBA Show or ramesses. Pakistan may be them both as a live Pakistan stating for that, can it be me reseller, Cassie, maybe even Roger, who knows and then I'll be back here and there They forget about forget about the book Julius Erving, Julius Irving, that up don't forget about recipe club. A gamblers with Dave Hell. That's it see mixed
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