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The Heat Mini-Dynasty, Remembered with Chris Bosh, Part One (Ep. 336)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by two-time NBA champion Chris Bosh to discuss the rebound leading to Ray Allen's iconic shot in the 2013 Finals (6:00), the difficulty of completing a three-peat (18:00), the first season in Miami with LeBron (31:00), and the peak of the Miami Heat during the LeBron-Wade-Bosh era (40:00).

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up a two part interview that I did on Tuesday afternoon with Chris bash somebody I had been trying to commence come on my part, as for a long time and you're gonna see why I think this is one of the best basketball park. As I've done, we had to split it into two parts. There. A lot of nuggets he's a really thoughtful guy and, and it's just cool, I mean he's intersected with a lot of great players and been a lot of great moments and and has a rare ability to put everything in perspective here. It is part one
coming up right now, but first, our friends from program I've been waiting to do this one for a while Chris Bash. We did. You came amazed me I'll show you and you had some really thoughtful that's about what the ramp may be in China fit his game in the goal. Was any you're talking about people here, about where you gave up when you went from being the guy into ran out of here, being the I compared to do. I remember a peace once campaign to elect the basis than a band where
laid thing and they got iris than its idea that see other out the guitar and it's like, but I'm a lead singer guitars two hours. I know that was how free to deal with Ray it was. I don't think you know one thing about a popular culture. Is that sometimes, when you get involved in those things I mean our team was part of popular culture at the time, and you get there are only two and then people forget really quickly yeah. It doesn't really matter anymore. You talk about like five years later year, like five years later, is like forgotten in its Chris. Like it's all good and then you start to see players that are in your shoes. They get you no kind of in not in
easier time, but they get more notoriety for their sacrifices, which is great, but I do know, I guess somebody kind of has to pioneer tool and now guys, like you, know, Draymond Green, he can be a team player and just go out there and play basketball and get his do. You know people can get recognized for playing this great team sport cuz everybody wants to score. Everybody wants to make the big plays. Sometimes you have to do the little things. The game within the game. That's as important. Important in the other things that people know what goes on, why think basketball, the understanding of it, has gone so much more sophisticated this decade? There's people read It's a three and six by day your sport. Now people read their constant looking for angles year, Danny years ago, you hear relegated over here the third guy this decade. It say Hey you know whose great Chris Bash Harrison
dad I stepped back up his impact and when he's on the court is doing that they're doing this and you and people the pressure to where you do my fellow boy. Thank you. I didn't ya. Think, as I think is called away on. The game is going with people being able to to really dig deep and see what the gain truly means on and to see who affected the game and- and I was kind of dress and opposition back. In that time I mean when we think when we think of being in the finals are being in a championship situation as a kid. What do we do with Bosnia? Yeah driveway were counting down and were the ones that take the shot. Nobody says man I'm set in this game winning pick,
Read this guy open, so he can make it we don't think of ass are naturally you have to come from that place to San ok. In order for us to win these things have to happen and on its is quite a quest. Because everybody he and even if we are successful in doing a worthless, say: hey I'm supposed to be the facilitator for this team to do. Well, we win the championship. Basque, thereby skin deals arise. How get notoriety Dennis like ok,. We need you to facilitate less and be an encouraging guy. On the bench everybody here that yet you know, even if For the benefit of the team, in that's always on the challenge, especially with teams force- In the greatest play your career, I'm not even sure people falling,
Then it was it. Meanwhile, why one of the great rebounds about time so tell your story when I in Toronto. Sammy's was my couch and bizarre region. I twenty seven points a game. And if I wasn't scoring like in the first half, I just be terrible yeah, I play a bad game and he pulled me to the side when he always used to pull them to the side, and just tell me all the time like hey man, look you can't just because you're not scoring you can't let that affect you, you're still, a good great player yeah. You need to be like that on both ends of the court. Just because you're not scoring doesn't mean you can't rebound and you don't be a bum on defense. You have to do better. You got to do better. He was always on me and in that particular series really offense wasn't
It was not gonna, be it for me, the thirteen five year is gonna be is to try to get a bucket. We have a plethora of town and often so we ve got a move it if I've got it, I've got it. If I don't move it and get other guys, you no second and third for situations, but I had to be a certain type of player on defects. You have to be great on defence, you have to be great in the little things and that message was always resonate with me. The whole series vessel when it got tough, because you know you you try to remember old lessons as things is, come are you a certain times and what he told me back in was was huge in and you end up getting the rebate. That leads to the greatest shout about time, yet I mean you get a rebate in traffic, it didn't feel like driving. It's in the rain. The video is it like. It was just one of those things like this is mine. You know it's meant for me is like slow motion. You know, I tell people I didn't experience, I watch them.
Of it- and it was way faster than what it looks like. I thought it was like way slower in some show me. How did you see raise it? I don't know. He's is right. There is made sense You know what I mean I mean he was looking at me and said: you know he just passed it and the one guy in history who had actually practice that shit. Because he's a psychopath, yeah yeah he's always I agree as I've. He browsing Footwork Fernandez. I wasn't even think that do that I know, and I asked him after the game, we were taken a shower you not just kind of dissent days. I was gonna days a twenty four hour yen alike did. That happened is like you checking you to make your sister you still alive, and we were you know we hit the showers, and I asked him like the practice that, of course, the practices I'm a crazy person, undersized everyday practice that same shot. I tell guys man you gotta
I watched him doings here, lay on the floor and get up and running through point. My shoot it I wrote a so I was there is radio tv that year and then eroding com about a year later, because I still can't get over the game at last. Ray Basque Ball Games. I've been lucky that one I've I've never seen anything like that. You guys we're done. The crowd was, giving you will ever. We were up and then happened so quickly. I have a twenty eight seconds. I have put in a row. The rope there we're the trophy out and and then the Brown, MRS three in the first crazy thing that happened was theirs for spurs under the asked in a year where an author, Mr Rebound, I think, are the mighty touched yachting Yos our who tested, but I know it came down or in yet like seven, People beyond the great terms it yes bring, is terribly would hit the rim any other way. They probably would get. The rebound ran an hour in deep trouble, said
Can you give it ain't, makes it yeah scenario down to you and you Falco? Why and he was in the freezer. Our set was right behind the basket and. I gotta say men. Sometimes I don't know athletes do it. The crowd was like everybody. Standing is yelling at China has dragged him was so intensive and even magic was like, You know he had to look at his face. I didn't think he had any chance of making those who missed the first but actually made the second one is always tough one, and one thing I notice when, when that happens, that you can feel aching yeah you gave in the arena? So absolutely no. Three thousand I've never sat any repose port than that, but I've just important yet the sometimes the basket move
sometimes you're moving in his life man. It is deafeningly loud in here and my hand shaking the stadium, is shaken in an old man. You supposed to make it as this tat. I would bet my life he was gonna. Miss both there is your right. The you could feel the earth kind of movie I did see. Might the basket was entirely strands, give move and everyone is yelling at the top of their lungs and aunts. Twenty thousand people, the Latin as you say, has gotten into any was like twenty one years old you are making the second one at that was in achieving our game plan in which is crazy. Disable the thing in the huddle was like a if we can foul anybody the worst foul shooters CO while hinted at sixty nine and a half percent, yet in our best it's a seven year, still seven out of ten and he got the ball and we found him I mean it. Just kind work out. Did you think so?
during that time. Out of five down five, twenty eight left everybody's defeated. Yeah, go we're watching for a moment. Yeah yeah, so that point of because you would that same year, that twenty seven game, winning streak, yeah and people live, come out the first couple months and gives a show shooting sixty percent for too many years going. Credo is like, oh, my god, what is happening and then all of a sudden, it's like, while we're gonna, lose the final us this is it what the hell is happening, but of this happening. There are three minutes time out. What are you thinking in that moment? The first was lay oh, oh no yeah, because as the whole sequence was Tom,
Parker had the ball. Our game plan at the time was to put, I think, Brian, on the floor, and that way we could switch the pick and roll and have him on Tony Lake lot. It happened no one to five and we switched he gets on. He gets on. You know that play breaks down, he's switched on Tony I'm like yeah this is what we want. He has stepped back three right. We get shot so then we turn it over the score. We turn it over the score and in his like. Oh no, then a turn over again We, Mr Santer, I remember what happened and then they have the ball of five in and then so we call a time out you kind of Snow a lot of it and you realize I realized at the time, and it is our brain. Robes out in every day and then ass, like man, and saw started, flashbacks Dallas yeah,
and so you know we're gonna get Goin to PTSD at the time. I shall cite pretty bad. We sit down. I listed looking at everybody revise looking down Bronze Biden biting the hell out of his nails is that a good centre beds and is not good at that time. Yet it is not good, He. I is just the way he's doing it's more like noise, children more Run is no mere. Latvia is just get this. Guy- and I think you know, endears carnea- everybody kind of got that thousand yards stare. Yeah and I sit down and I'm just kind of just looking at everybody else, and I always tell the story to two friends and everything, but my wife. She sits courtside yeah. She was not looking at me and for whatever reason she started standing up and clapping, and so that's snap me back in
like. Ok, we got the ball. We need three. You know why this is what an inspiring story about marriage shut, assess, gray yeah see them into this is though, about our river is like Adrian Balboa, three iraqi iraqi bag. Man made those movies worries and she stood up. Business. You weren't even looking at me. He ass. He could Looked at me with a you know, puppy dog eyes and be like it'll. Be ok rat shoe. I don't do you know she's Laguna suitors, looking toward the Basque, yet so then So you get that you miss the three to tire you get the rebound rays. Peddling because he's a psycho. He knows exactly where the advances in three point: nine years, the number you or your neck as I reaffirm in Boston, even going backwards as easy made this.
I just I added value is going to make it more vehemently re. Oh my god, you know what is going to happen so for soil was, like you know, that's all just slow motion. I was able to get the renown. I was able to watch the flight at a ball because nobody, they ended up. Switching Qana got stuck in, and so tony Tony parkers sniffed out the player Runnin, but it was always I used to smart yet because he snipped play in in bronze still caught it anyway, boys the stepped up as well, and they both kind of had em so that allow me a free tractor, the basket we should mention. There is no lurking in the game, which is a massive, been aware that one of the great coaches ever know TIM Dachau, mean probably would have wanted to have the greatest power forward of our time in the game. Rebounded again, yeah sure that hot damn surpasses proudly. Jerry Houses, that's what they do. Then he is eighty five, how we think about rather than the other
is it in that happened which adding we realise that the package was Steve curling four months ago. And he was saying so round makes it ever goes crazy in the spring had actually numbers and advantage, and they had Parker was the fast, the sky and the core and about the bottom, but the rest stopped it because they want to make sure ridden the feet ran. They do and part of it if you are going to go with Fraser Cause, he was like we had twenty Parker seconds left foot race down the court. Maybe a battle, We heard about the broader by magna that boy. I was back because everybody kind of like stop for men. Are any we like in a hurried on top of it because I think he thinks. But I heard some by Google account of illegal guys barrier is or part but you know you're alive? Why? Oh no get back, you know and we started to get back and they started they. Probably
still had numbers and fast on a parking areas, groaning fires and who these phenomena, who probably you know they would ahead. They definitely would have had a maiden meaner made a play so there you in and out seven the spurs incredible. Man, heart could soon would happen them anywhere in the game of examining laughed, and this was and the basket worse than that to Duncan Missus a shot. He's probably made a hundred million tired when little eggs. I look like sir. Forever. Jumper was it over years. Those male Shane, yeah you're, saying yeah he's made a million times and somehow doesn't go in and I remember you gotTa Tipp to yea it his hand on any runs back ten ducking. Who never has most of them were. You went back, gets me court any goes Danny, slams the floor and as a desert they'd my images. I was a little moment, but you had a shop after that they still had a couple plays and we were able to stop him in every
nobody's ever gone to the cliff. In a series in the files and actually won the serious like that. In my opinion, as some as I don't think anybody ever come, closer, losing and actually pulled it out. They are, even though it us could happen. That would make a crazy that accessibility, Libya, half court, shatters something to tie. They gave lawyer I probably I don't know we will have to see but yeah it was definitely stressful. I didn't want to play basketball after that anymore. It was crazy eyes. Man, let's go to the beach yeah. I want do this anymore, it's not funny, or was it kills over to their pay? You do it again. I mean in s cool, but oh, my guy owes stress, than a measure united matters up Yang the guide they would have another level. His last regain a separate. I got busy. They do now that we're gonna win. We want
I too am, I guess, we're gonna three p we're gonna be out there. You know with the three Peters and his leg on myself, ass man. We were inspired right now but they were locked in they were moved. The bar leg. Insanely and the weather playing is really how most or play now YO is that it was. They were kind of foreshadowing, where Basque by was gone with the space year. These ideals out no turn out. One thing that was, they figured out. The space were to traditional big, that's life, that that allows the hard that doesn't happen as much. I think all the state is pretty who at it, but it's not traditional big innovator. That's like I want to see each of them again, David Wes. You know it s spacing, but they ve got that thing in a worse it have that Boris could hit through Is there another way non? Believers is great that he yet he could mislead now, if you pass it or shoot it, and he
in a phenomenal bass above. It is interesting to see those aspects in the leak today, but I think golden state was kind of sin back wise in a series of life, but is this the air we got? You know the best of both teams and we ve got these aliens Lucan, you know shoot some have court now. Let's do this right and a means of waste and play now is, is amazing basketball because they have for all stars, but the ball is moving at a high pie pace and it never sticks. I mean, is to three seconds in his onto the next and it helps that yeah. Your next situation is Kevin Durant coming and pinned down. If he doesn't have it, it's a cabin curry screen and roll. You know in us, they're always is put in you and situations twenty two seconds into Ino between his seconds Levin, a shack lock in his.
Is fast enough. Sunups have three of the greatest. Like nine shooters of our time, the airlines have fifty minorities can pass it on to be man. I beg you know. Joam legged reminds us time I'll be pass into facilitated ass, unpleasant to them the sacred break where it takes
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everything going on in the NBA. It's like it's like talk soup crossed with one of Jason's crazy, twitter videos cross with. I don't know what and and there's always a lot to talk about. You can find it on the ringer dot com, videos on our main page on Jason's twitter feed on the ringers twitter feed all that stuff. It's really good and and I'm proud of the dudes that make that one cuz I like it, seven great minutes of content, I speaking to break out their backed Chris Bush. The warriors, the parallels with with them in that stuff. You went through my Amy Steve Cargo, into the season. This share talking about how difficult it's gonna be This is going to be so hard. Yeah This can be the higher thing we ve ever done, you're so hard to do this forestry finals. He told us we couldn't through very new EU logo or is it oh he's right, yeah he's right, so I actually that.
Don't know if that was the right strategy and that next time I have mine, I really want to ask him whether he would put that way again. Cuz it in a way he kind of gave them a crutch to- to throw away the random game on a Tuesday night, because you shall consult as tyres, but you through this wet so you're one avenue gone out. You you blow the final year of fifteen and gain to. You seem like a head for a sweep. India just snowballs Agus agate, showing you the better. If we gained exceed game, they say you get over the hub, yeah, you three, you pull it out. And by the end of year for those last couple We guys were good enough to get there, but we just not good enough. So what so? What changes explain their injuries? We know teamwork.
Not to say that we weren't, you know working together, but you sometimes it's tougher. It gets tougher and tougher to do your job and to get fresh yet to get your mind fresh, I remember being in the playoffs and it just seemed like another game. The playoffs like the first round is like Younique It's like you need that adrenaline share their team at sight them yes, there last year, you have to have that thing near and Tommy. You can't see the process. You know you have to be a certain particular way when you get to the finals and we were not at an. We had injuries guys were planned. Well Haven't I play off runs. You know who that is starting at all day or two dozen, whereby young man, I mean I sixty six or seven, a gay seven. You know after we had a buried him. You know you ve done
and you know, is one of the graves of autonomy Gazelle wised him you know come through in in big. Situations where nobody believe in and nobody cares and playing. He wasn't Leah, they regarded, as is like damage, shame he couldn't. Anything in our member we were kidnapped. Chastity could tell he was just having a rough time. Is he still was workin just his heart and even it was translating into his practice. He miss sharp said he normally Megan am it uses in its up mentally, but a breakthrough on an come through these as peep. He doesn't get enough recognition. For that. I remember ass standing as they go stand on the court early because I love you. I'm very warm up and you can also find little tippets in and was over there. For one thing: when he wasn't play year, his egg zig yeah right in his egg. I don't know man as I got you. What do they tell How about you not placing now tell me anything
Can I say that anti visa out of here as well? This is getting shot. He was shot. He was moved out of rotation and in a manages just kind of everybody. Has their own things going at that time. Buccaneer everybody is against the wall, so yeah the causes probably didn't handle it the right way. Or maybe they have. The perfect wegg zoom in every avenue knows is the brain tease. You know, you'll, never know never now, but you know he came, he came when it was time and so guys like that, as I feel that they need their that moment in sports man, and I know he gets it, but just watching him battle through something that stuff is that it was amazing for the other. Next year.
Yeah I mean is tough. I dont know if the NBA is really built for a team to make the files straight times, unless you have some sort of fortuitous amazing roster thing, would you guys at UNESCO say it has a two year, just in general leg. You know. Thing. I've ever read about this stuff, anyone. I've ever talk to adjust the grind of with them, fourth finals, man you're playing nine months a year for forestry years, and we had a long it s so that kind of those two months, probably right, oh yeah- maybe that's the only reason we were able to do that for years. In a row I mean, but the lock. I was his own special crazy part, because we still play sixty game The sixty six zero was crazy values and plus you played like twenty plans game. So your plan Leah, eighty three, eighty four games unless go, but here we are, we were motivated. I don't think it was anything stalinist at year. Having some time
you work your way. You saw motivated as a team. It doesn't matter if you do how you got to mop the floors at six, a dot m you'll, be there at five hundred and fifty five every morning, because you're motivated What do you remember from their first? You now because. We talked about a thorough, and here I am hbo- show but like to be the villains I didn't like any of you guys were prepared for that. Now your leg out we're gonna. Do this in reviving raised a lover it. It was the complete opposite paper like photos, guys completely opposite me. I mean it me for a low because outcome from Toronto. Some essentially like them. You like them Foreign exchange student. I have thereby Sarah who cares yeah, nobody. He cares and you know I didn't know that hope parade thing. You we didn't plan
You know that one man I got some get jokes out of an army that now that I'm like fun it in an hour yeah. That's what we're here to do we're here to win championships. That's our mind frame, we're not here that we're here to win them all, and then people just kind of you know you give it to the the people and they can do what they want. And in the end I was an easy one- was writing about one It's really tough when you're here that we need that point where papers, I fucked US and yet we re really hydrogens. They're gonna know rally, so I mean how calmly, like oh shit, now it over the years. I oh, oh, ok and then I was running and she got loved that I was like eyes. Forty and forty tell it was army. We Yo Earl. You know right at five hundred men a member and were expecting. We have expectations but has not happened and like dad, and we cannot are dont know.
How to be a team who used to hide. That's why I was still at the top of your power plant very well. Around was the ran. The brown had had a these guys figure, this out I don't know me I mean you have to have decisions, and I mean you have to eventually rely some things and then we did, but then that formula wasn't the one that works. Then we were humbled. We got a good with we learned what it was. We learn, pain that you know Dirk and Jason, Terry Winter and Jason CARE went through multiple times they had that thing you need to get over I say a minute's: almost everybody labored had its Amelia, everybody who is great in the bay went through my you have a moment. Were you just like you? Don't wanna leave your house and you want to come outside because everybody knows you fail, yeah in and ass, one of the things that you have. The beat, and you see how it can destroy some people yeah how you never
the same basketball player again, but there's a part of it is a part of what we do. So we ve gotta dust. Thus thyself often come back. Here. We you worried about Libra cost I went to all those games and he They happen to him in their downstairs and it was like flouted. The did. Has he been broken by yeah me by ass. My fancier moments I mean it's like is everything you want to do and in new I remember we were shooting one time we went back at night. I used to go back every night and we were shooting and he was there too, and so I was watching him shoot and he was No, you just see my son was on his mind in nice, a man look, we ve got two games at home to win an mba changed weak and easier you right, but everybody you know wants me to fail yet, and I felt the same
I saw you know we had a conversation and taught deeper, but is like they know, I'm he asked have to be. And nobody guided like he got it now. The decision made people crazy. I ain't nobody got it and nobody got it like he got it. So it was at that point where it's it comes down to this and your back is against the wall and you react, we're all human and it happened hours, I think I wasn't to worry because everything I myself ass, I got married s summer. Yes, I couldn't be down to long, and I think when we had our wedding. It was a great party and everybody came in that kind. Got us back into it like a good feeling. You know, because everybody was there and
it is a huge party. We tore Miami yeah. I had a great time in that Canada. That was our first time seeing each other, since the files and in every body was, as you know, the spirit was back a little bit and then two thousand twelve. I went to the Boston game. Boston goes up three to you as twelve eastern files with this pretty old team. That was about a classroom, but they felt like in the bronze head and they on the broad and gonna appears retarget so my shit- I am, I am a year and they really felt like we ve broken the sky. We have him and they come the Boston, forgave sex and the bran praise one of the best and it s all about. Yeah I mean you have to Islam excited to see gold estate. I want to see
you know I want to see their backs against the wall. No offense in that great team, but I want to see how they respond when this tight, because that's a part of the process yeah you have to you, can't cheat that and they've been great, and I want to see how far they get pushed, because that's a part of life is a part of sports. You know who rises to the occasion and those moments they can't ahead. Those moments a couple times been that like I don't know me so that I can see again at the game. Six ok see clay just said, get super hot air than they do come back. They had three one come back and in those like me, but I want more severe. You want more Steve, seven they're gonna take the six minutes the game slows down and they miss everything here. In the brain has. The black here carry makes the one three people, and even really play that while the last six minutes, but they got those two plays Now- is that if a grimy were rounded up box
they put them on the roads and then do you know it's like old man what's going on in here at three and but that's what you want on the road. Do you know how you can ask for is a very close game. You want to muck it up a little bit and then you know if you have a play to get it comes down to that. That's your thing and that would work out perfect. Cleveland yeah. Would you like do like big ones on the road or at home or has harmful? you go right home, you know you don't have to its. Funny, because some people love like. Bear resign. My favorite is when we went on the road. I love, how quiet again it's been like going into the tunnel. Everybody shuts up when he's there at like. That is different. Do we ever closed? So I don't know if we ever closes series out on the road maybe like wants, but it wont let me make one as Indiana Year, but it wasn't like a bigger you get the ones you get. The ones like. Ok, like an irregular season when you quieter by a year, but that's just to get back to normal
I'm all night, the better when you had was a game six of Boston on the road Yet I was I mean I give you lose that were now you ve blossom. We are in all is over. I may we know we're running any jaded. Some sketches imagines right. We again we understood and that locker room what it meant we We know a mean because we're close friend sounds so like a man, this heavy. Yeah, you know what happens if we lose and is nothing else to say the unexpected from the veranda. Now what didn t like, though globally, while the two causes, I was thinking. How am I going to perform cause? You got crazy gee you yeah, we're in Boston, forget everything else. Get the team they have forget. All those other things were planned, a chance in Boston yeah, so I mean and an elimination game, and we have to win and we got away one more after that. Yes, we're just trying to get home and Canada. I mean a kind of pudding
Place reason enough to say I just remember: meat is China. You know get together because I had an injury. Yes, oh I'm in pain, but I am like. Ok, we was your shoulder was mess that growing that years ago an injury Maybe you had a giant three and game seven, then I'm still pissed off about with Ruth like to name seven amendments where there is one yeah, maybe a tale of housing. I thought this guy was heard. What the hell we have today response came by. Catherine is at all my. I told my friend my best friend I was asked you around run their morning and bright has again we get back home and I remember just being a sheet around everything I was shooting was going in and we were at lunch. I just said man, I just think I'm going. I just feel I'm really going to have a big game tonight I am not missing tonight. Think I told my like to carve anyway is like a year whatever man, and so I mean, as I was still feeling it, and so
touch it. I was like yeah, I'm just going to shoot it and then usually it was too that I was shooting. That's when I first started: shooting threes in the back yeah cuz. I was like I'm so comfortable. I'm just going to do the steps back because I've worked on it so much and Brian being a selfish. The way he is he was able to find. Without thing they maladies, gonna, move it away. He did, and it wasn't anything else to think about, We almost all that serious are mere we're right. Yeah scares, Odessa Miranda is great, but you know it's like you get those points where's legalities guys is still great and we're trying to be I so they're trying to taste the taste victory again. They know what they want and are trying to know what it takes to get there and they put us in that position.
I mean by that time we were kind of just like man. This is the situation, it really doesn't matter. We've got to go in game six and and get this thing and then you just kind of watch do you know a guy just go crazy. I remember I was just thinking like yeah. Alright, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do this. Then it's like okay, then bucket all right exam underneath Bassi gardener about Bucky, like man as good, to put like what is now as we are able to give that men at the crowd it just me grim by the cry: everybody theirs. I were winning year. We celebrate the heat. This is done in a way that would have been the law. We will raise zero to kill our careers Roma there's a lot of bodies in Boston we allowed. Td Waterhouse in the Old Sports Stadium Manas. It's a lot of lot of ghosts. Are man made? They finished off a lot.
Do you feel that neither couple years have passed You feel cheated that year. The run was so fast because we're talkin You start play you sign in July, two thousand ten and by June two thousand fourteen. It's basically over wrap in you. Never had you never got to go through that by our five hundred million is not an exact that that to those twelve in there this year, five year and now, as I gathered there, now, actually there's a lot of pride that these guys, they re right. Bulgaria, you never really. You guys never had that chapter yeah I mean it makes, is a quick read, but I think that one of the things that makes it cool looking back at an a blip yeah It is the blackness cottages this moment in time and now and then
I wish our conversations. We don't get to compete against that warriors team and now forever is going. Who was better? Who would be? Who yeah I just want to compete with? Those would have loved to play those guys because it was gonna happen. Right. Yeah, you know, is this kind of an open ended thing, yummy It is kind of goes all a man. I mean a lot of things. Haven't I mean me and my position now look back on its like mine of best, always I guess it's supposed to be because it s a story Ray and usually guys get that extend IRAN. I get there first blitz and then, after that, they get the time when they're holding Hoff for dear life yeah, we didn't get as a group, but it was still held a rat. What was the best was the peak of the peak out of hand you guys were woody when you look back look back at like the waste stream mine
That's what I feel like Mars is watching from Afar Mars. We had the best player play, in the vast basketball on the best team, with the best guys. In my opinion, I think that here we were those the best idea like NBA to Kay. If they put that ain't ass, a team I think on that year during that time is great time, it is felt like we can lose and even I remember being down twenty so many times and they drove spoke crazy. He hated it s, fun hours, talking fears there a few weeks ago about it, and he said man. You know we were getting so mad and just after, while I just said, the man ain't whatever. I remember one that once our down twenty seven in Cleveland and care,
back in one piles like fifteen or something like that in any. No, I just kept coils is one of those fine special times that we're just at our best at Yale, highly motivated and physically gifted incredible watch I do think it almost. She got the title, though, because they turned into when he had around fifteen sixteen after that every game as Uclaf game yeah you're playing play, Afghans in mind when nobody gets issue people arrested in March data. They want legacy years, while the young fellows they rest and rookies. Now I rest, a rookie lawyer rest he only. Look. You know you Ricky was covered year rather than the law as part of their we're Mammy mania. Everybody wanted to beat us, but it made a fine within a course lagging when they got broken, we want the Chicago we know we can anew like I used to be its up were arrested their guys. I think we play like it
Thursday. Nobody play Tuesday yeah We knew tears. Is he's gonna be he's a competitor rode after an ethical standby. I think that was the best regular seizing game. I've never seen him a letter like a game. Seven, he owes me they will get their margins. Are you guys him on the street then, and they really wanted to break it? Gave me a kind of tourism is doing because the media starts as always the thing in his athletes. Nowheres is one game at a time, primarily at some bullshit he's is, of course, then you have to do it. You have to say that the ito typical things too, so you can stay on track with your mom I wish you need to do and then my gear comes out to you. You you competitive, you don't want the street to be broken. We want to break the big three words yeah or thought about it, yeah amongst ourselves, but you know his tough man what hit a point where tat, because
in this. I am not surprised that you felt that the signature moment those four years cause. I figure, was too that in the round shatter the two things year. It's weird that ok, see serious, has got lost in this sense. A history meanwhile, like those four Our games are really good. They see played where the people now remember it. As a five game. Pounding wasn't right now I was well. They want at the very idea of a piece of that India. We got out it again to be here at the Crampton that one game gained through. We beat whom game forward as one brought out the current with honor. If anybody remembers they jumped on us yet enough As coordinator of the seventeen eighteen point really quick, we had to come back from that and Ambrosch goes down and Mario Chalmers made a big and yeah it was. It was not easy to gain five. It was like you know, ass plan, I'd I didn't five years down the hours we were use now. What have they were too young
well. I know we're not going back, you know it s kind of We knew what it meant. They might not have known exactly what it meant. They were probably like: hey we're gonna get back upon. The city were like now we're not going back. You know it s kind of. I said that we want game too. I were not back here. I love when people talk about now, let go my guy gone State Houston there be so many great poisoned. The coroner MIKE go check out the two thousand for finals yeah. You had leubronn in pick of his powers and bash. And then on the other team, the red, hard and west. Breaking tobacco it as that's pretty good. Now they re everybody, but for them they were just twenty one, and yet they was now I'm in and Katy. He knew what he have it. I think restless figure now you know you was starting to get his former together. What will you do know is that there is a trade hearted in three months in any way about them out of those crazy. He was the key to the serious, yet he would
This is not looked at him, yet we had to stop him because we're like ok, they're top two guys they're gonna, rightly gonna get serious they're gonna get the fifty combined points we just can have fifty percent shooting harden. You look all their games, especially when they be dispersed that year he will kill going. Are you how in the ball and that allow cavy in Russia to play off the ball, yeah He was the guy making plays, and that's that's pretty. As what do you do, he was a young guy who did not play well in their final amount. They people I'd, think that made people not realise how good he was. He said about violence is gonna, get Celebre James and his bride. You win, you guys attacked them all. Finally round him. Lyin doggone abound There s an ever happened yet is because he knows better had, I stress can get tee because we're like ok, gonna trap him. Every single time were not letting here have any
open lurks in, he might get some, but you watch a new beginning now easy shot. He misses it does and as a player when that happens to you and then I d, whoever use guide in your attack, India, were attacking the main idea or swiss anymore. Brian brows finance lag no fear of being out here whose down there. If his on me, I need I'm gonna ass, would double team or help right. You know so they cannot put him out there on island and we were able to take advantage of a needle just those little opportunities we understood had taken, and is about now I'm sure Katy Russ BAR now. They know and I interested to see how they're gonna utilise that knowledge one last thing on the brown you you're with him at as absolute apex, his basketball player was the most amazing thing you signed there.
It was for awhile during therein. Everyone streak at the beginning of the winning street when it was like eight or nine, or something like that. He will come out every third quarter and have like a twenty point there quarter for like two. Weeks for it was created on the role. We want a road trip like intentionally. I don't know. I mean just happen. Who are you I don't know? I can't even this yet only way I can describe it as he will come out, you know it would be like a one point, eighty two point game, and then he would start? Shooting threes like he was out there by herself and he had three in a row. Foreign row. Sometimes five just take the game over and have twenty points like that air and we be up in twenty points that allows a year's easier, zag, AEGIS and up I thank him cannot perform This kind of that just just being able to see.
Both him and the I might have so much because I was able to cannot see what they did to work on their gains and see what what kind of tricks they had in moves that they used. An m motivated me to get better and work on you know expanding my game in getting a lot better, the things I can do and things I can bring to the team. You really hit the latter. That would get every agency year mean at the same time it I mean the bronze when three best, whereas ever were lowered by shooting groundwater Army and it's funny where we're played in high school. Bulgarian whom early and you don't think about those moments, AEGIS Conner You can't just go and hope to make the league in everybody's off on their own story, and then you get an opportunity in not easier. First, specially the first year, we have to learn how to jail and in learn how to deal with the pressure
and we have to learn about who cares? Nobody cared about a year your hopes and dreams, brow amateur that the athletes now nobody cares, get over it and just win aye tat wraps part one. If you want here part too, we are putting that up to Morrow thanks to Zip Krueger smartest would hire my listeners contrived for free at Zapruder Dotcom, Slash, bs, thanks to simply safe in their brand new homes. Cared system completely rebuild a museum of cutting edge safeguards for everything from bats. Two pair outages, smaller, faster stronger than ever before him. With truly remark, will you still get twenty four, some protection for only fifteen dollars, mud, no contract supplies are limited visit, simply safe, Bs Dhaka, simply safe with two eyes. Part to Tom Chris Bash and if you mister Jimmy Kimmel Cousins Epoch s earlier this week was really so those the Charlie, whereas alpaca estimate, internet culture,
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