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The Improbable Celtics, 'Cobra Kai,' and Bank Robbery Movies With Bill's Dad and Shea Serrano | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 366)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons gives his thoughts on the improbable Celtics run as he names the most improbable finals teams in NBA history (3:10). Then Bill calls up his dad to talk about Boston's victory in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals (24:38). Finally, Bill is joined by Shea Serrano to talk about YouTube Red's 'Cobra Kai,' liking Johnny Lawrence, '80s movies that need to be TV shows, and 'Den of Thieves' and other bank robbery films (58:45).

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the acid super easy download the Seatgeek APP and go right to seek dot com we launched our new music pack ass yesterday, its call on shuffle it is hosted by like Peters. They talk about a whole bunch of things. They argue about stuff. The korean Iverson Dinah quack came on yesterday to argue with my computer's about some. After that I was there. Is even wrapper. What's a guy Malone, puzzler postmodern he's got his story that one there is already a backlash post Malone and he hasn't even blown up yet Lindsays all adds also wrote about, and today the mail me Osborne but yeah. They argued about him. Green Iverson is our fired up about. It check that out on shuffle, subscribed now and also we should mention the Ringer MBA show we did a live, Ringer lottery show last night before during. After the lottery and that we cut some snippets from that. We put that on
Ringer NBA package, which has been blown up thanks to the efforts of Jack, it's ours, Chris Vernon, Kevin, Oconnor, Jonathan Sharks, whole bunch of people its blown up people like the ringer amnesia, so anyway, if you wanted to hear that thing or some more stuff we have come in, including tonight's group chat after rackets. Worse check that out as well, don't forget to check out the ringer dot com or we have a whole bunch of shirts, I'm going to the site right now, I'll tell you what's on there, okay, so just and the Brown James Forward since from the NBA lottery big feature about Erika soaring stem the new girl which has gone, I mean yeah, jangled thousand six or something of that stuff. Fantastic check out the ringer nightcap coming up we're gonna talk to my dad we're intact. The chaise arena
Who s at any minute will see first programme right south except to nothing conference finals, It's hard to my dad about that. Little bit pursues there. I just want to mention China, China, to figure how crazy says that this is happening because positive, that no, that no team has made the files that there too best players or two of their best three. I don't think it's fair to call it somewhere. Meaning to our effort now to say that he is not one of the three best players in this team and the relative. Why do I m a word and probably ninety two, ninety five, maybe even a hundred percent inquiry
daddy, resembled p this year, the Celtics before carry got hurt. I thought it was at least a debate, and I just Poor was more irreplaceable for what he did and then top of it. I really the low for him for all NBA thirteen and came very very close and I don't even remember, find a boating form or not, but waffle back and forth and if I did over. The reason was, I was afraid of being called a homer on the internet by about to add another mean people out there, you know you are you there's a mean people out there I didn't want to people that work for thirteen points, eight rebounds. How is he on your? But you know the Celtics. They ended up with a two seed. They got sixty one games total out of there out of their two best score Basically, an Hartford was the gluten eighteen. Now people I think are for appreciating what he does in the past and our unique, oh as it's funny like
I mention this before we had these Allenby aid teams for the regular season in the envy p ballot in the rookie of the year and all these different things and then play come around in really, the only thing we have to deter then in the moment and then for people looking back thirty five, forty years from now. What happened? in the pie in that particular play ass. We really just have the final Say BP in the results of the games and increase, they have. You know, I'll tournaments team and things like that. Give you doing an all tournaments team. For this mba by half. So far. I wish you'd have Lebron James in there. I think you'd have I'm tired and I think you would have Kevin Durrant in our Orford. I think, are therefore no brainer people I would be in there and then we can argue about it with the fifth person should be I'll. Even goes that further,
I leave you giving out in every pay for the play ass. I think I also think it's our Orford, because of all the things he does and other mismatches. He creates game too, aim and he looked at them. Wacky series he was the guy Milwaukee can never really figure out. He was a guy who could post up when they need em, he was guy. Could she threes run the fast break? He hustles back on defence, see beads guys down before his doing all that stuff. Then it gets the Philly Series Indeed, who is the most unstoppable Lopez center? We have read out hoarfrost. But to hold them off and actually you know really. Can it give it on the other end and was a difference maker and made the biggest shouted the serious, and then we go the third round and he somebody that guard all these different types. Even in the last years, his garden bench Simmons, he's guarded off suppliers, this whole class- and I think you know, what's cool fur,
we, like men and other south expands and even gone back to the hawks days. People who watched him day in day out who can I knew how especially was stated day we too weak and also what a great team eighty is unjust. He's a guy that I was talking about the table test with NBA players about you know when you bring to the table will you take off and he takes a mailing Westbrook who he brings now percent of this great staff in the ten percent he takes office so noticeable, and so glaring that we can focus a ten percent, maybe a little too much, sometimes in or for it is one of the things he is brings: theft, it S. Just like I hear some forty years of knives, here's a piece of bread play. It is better play. It has brought some red free eyes and his brain stuff and doesn't really take a lot off and he's not somebody that anybody would say it is one of the top ten guys league. But it's funny because dream on Green who base
clearly, the outdoor further the western conference in his stats are better and some in some respects its progress. I better defender, deftly more compared definitely more of a personality, not as good three points: shooter, better passer. I would say relatively same in that lattices environment. But you re, my green, I think, gets the respect and I think people rose. I gotta he's deafening when the best fifteen cousinly drama greens great he's been done alive. I began at our Horford because the calves kicked his in some play ass is that exist to talk about our Orford. I think he is Canada said through the cracks in the past. The share he's at seventeen game. Eight point four rebounds three point: six assess thirty six percent from three to fifty eight percent. In a unfilled
and then eighty percent from free thoroughly he is is p airs twenty two point: seven. Which, as we know, Piazza, is a but is still getting get her. His usage rate is nineteen point four percent, so his bay is not involved in twenty percent of their possessions, beyond the line. He just salad, and it's actually something that he's been. If you go back to his hawks days right so. On the hawks they made they made. They want a couple rounds a couple times and you know he was always in light of fifty nine sixteen and eight can arrange so that it is different than what he's doing it just seems to stand out more and I think the EU can make a real case. He's been the plan. Envy pay if it's not Libra at hard time giving the brown the plan and the appeal if they last around three had think I'd I'd, never like the losing guys, the envy Pierre. You meant.
Anyway. It is one of the four where we want to stand on it, but anyway, I was thinking about the most shocking teams that have made the NBA files and back to the ABA and merger and seventy six cause when she gets before that the basque bug its little weird, but the same six sons who played the south in the files and had the fan trouble overtime, game that I went to and I fell asleep during acts. I told the story. My book the game started. Nine O Clock Boston super drunk game goes its about eleven o clock when the fourth quarter and I was not here six years old. Yet I think I know I was six years. Are a six and a half an hour? that I was just ass. It had never stayed up that lay before an ended up going to sleep
everybody in my section liked me, because I was a little kid who just like the south excise to go on the core before the games. This is in the seventies. They just let people wonder under the court as the one on the court stand under the basket, and I would rebound for the prayers. I swear I'm not even kidding, I would go right under the basket and I would pray for nearby, because if somebody had an Arab are two balls that together the Ball Smith Throwback and just that kid everybody kind of in our section and around the base. I knew they were their used to wander over the celtic bench. There's this picture of me in the Boston, Harold once of meaning The time I had said and John Charolais who's this system way back when just me standing next to them, Anxious what that error was, I tickets were three hours and it was our blue com. People and people smoke that half time and it was a different sport, so I went to that T game. I fell asleep, stretched over three people
my dad, bye, dad and then my legs were on somebody, and I think my head was on some lady, so nice and nobody could get up and second overtime. If you remember the Celtics the bar down one would like seven seconds left in there. About in the bar right near ask as well happy and the Phoenix bench at that point in time, he stood up so actually had to wake up, because everybody could stand, nobody could see, Hence I wake up and out of it and outside midnight, and they damn the body have a check, is plan. One leg is he: he was like the first person and plant there for showed us that gives the first person ever dragged us of it. He was he was, To get the bow he gets it down the left side right in front of us I actually remember this. You know how you can kind of. I remember remembering something we don't actually remember. I can actually, like literally remember this him going down in front of us on one leg and banks a shot in.
And it seemed like the South eggs one. It seemed like the buzzer sounded in they one so ever when charges the court and now its eye guy from as asleep too now I'm awake to this. I had a share and it seems like coup in and now every tissues in the era when people jumped on the court was everybody's. Drunk and it's midnight now people halting over us to get to. The cork has relate the fourth row, and so now Terrified him like we're. All gonna die like everyone discharge to the court. What's happening again this huge chaos the cord everybody celebrating and in there the referee gets punch, rich powers, It turns out the sons, have one second left on the clock to work with the kite, car time out, so they can its bomb in court, which is really smart. They get technical Georgia way hits the technical.
And then the end on the bodyguard heard and it becomes one of most famous shots and in history he makes like this fifteen footer, but in the garden when I was six, it's in legos about forty five ft goes triple overtime, Celtics finally win, and and then held off sons in sex. I dont know if I needed tell that story, but I really enjoyed anyway but anyway their sons had no business making the final say you're they beat the workers and seven. It now is kind of the most shocking teen that had ever made the finals to that point. But then, if you go, who, after that Seventy eights annex, I think they want before games or for sex or something, but they started out five and seventeen. They fired their coach. It was a team a lot like the south extended have any idea purse, but they, hi guys who became gray eyes Dennis Johnson Gus, lambs Jack, Sigma,
then at making the fine and they lost the bullets, and then they ended up in the bud. Sexier Dat team shocking that ninety five rockets, the year after her came lodge on one. It damages counted out there I didn't have current any serious? Nobody, they didn't have a grey regular season and they should, people nine years before that, the eighty six rackets think were another shocker, but they had to to number one picks and the draft that decade and they were fearsome play against it wasn't like that shocking that the violence? It was shocking that they beat the Lakers and five, but it wasn't shocking that they beat the Lakers like it was deafening there on the radar at that point, Did I nix the Patrick you and got hurt and die, ride written about the EU in theory on my website, mild website, Boston, sports, gotta, come had
written about the EU in theory and then patch arguing got hurt ever run after next and they made the fine us, and everyone thought I was a witch doctor- the ocean, when calves that was I had been the league at that point was his fourth year He didn't really have anybody got on his team other than the Brown James and pistons were on this run. Were then they made the final? No four: are they want it? They me No five, almost one it oh six shack. Waited. Did I them with a homemaker and then and people that they're gonna make it again. Calves ask them and gave five. The brown puts up forty eight in the trade they winning Sex booby Gibson Was now on the air, the challenge champs versus process at an don't whether this is a sad far great thing for Bootblue Booby gives it will never know, but Oh seven, calves shocking they the fine as they had destroyed by the spurs
Then the other one was Yonah MAGIC which be the Celtics. They beat somebody else that was really did who unblinking on And it was like surprising, o the calves, the calves that was Wazir. The calves are supposed to make The fires in the brown was awesome and that serious and the magic has made a lot of trees and Dwight Howard was great Anna and they snuck in there that's right yet for the last forty years I mean you kid. You could say that two Levin and were kind of surprising again. You could go through certainties by the two thousand swaps, tax problematic, as their brows got her. You could go through and you could, but every team kind of made sense this two thousand eighteen Celtics patent, making the fires makes no sense whatsoever to inconceivable. But then I went through Finally, teams that had no
steam on Ba ores, can t my ba guys, I'm gone The last time was the o five pistons. In that year, Ban was was third team on beer, so he was still attack. Fifteen guy, the tooth some papers they didn't have any idea, guys that was also a really good team. They headed, you know they had Reggie Miller jail in rose the day, brothers Rick Smet's, it was one that seems a dynamic tap fifteen guy, but was the deepest kind of bad to make the final Zaire, I would say sad think they one sixty games the ninety that next year we mentioned. That was a fluke here, I was the lock out year- the game season or nothing. Since they are the next one and eighty seed amid the finals, they never should have been an aid seed. That was the year the passers probably should Amanda and blew it. Then Eighty five rockets had came was thirty MI that year,
before next. No all NBA guys that year, but to be fair, it was crazy for centres, because you had her came Robinson and check so Ewing was the by centre that year, but almost any other year makes it the nineteen Indeed, Trailblazers Drexler was thirteen. The name ninety pistons do Mars was thirteen eighty nine and eighty eight pistons did not have an arm be again and eighty eight billion two teams anyway, but but that's how deep and greatly cameras in by though, as I was one of the best, eight or nine guys in the week. He just was giving up stats to win at that point, seventy nine side acts we mention. Seventy eight scientists and the seventy bullets had no first or second team NBA guys, and the reason I mention this evening. Go through all those teams that didn't have armor Ben was the second team or whatever. You could at least look back and that made sense. You now
like a key the when best Taube ever euins, when the best forty poorest ever Clyde directors. Probably there Six or seven best to guard ever in their team was really get those and things loaded, do Mars. Is a holler famer, Thomas is one of the best twenty five where's Robin was on that seem like those teams are get the seventy nine. Seventy eights annex dj and gas who in retrospect were an incredible backward and Jason LA the fame. Gus is not an often, but should be especially with some of the guys that got in that seventy eight. What team at Albin Haze and less on sound and Bobby Dandridge who bed second theme here. The hereafter oh paces had Reggie Miller, who is one of the great clutch guys we ve had in the last twenty five years plus a bunch of other guys in jail in his prime jailing was really a jailer was arguably you know, could it made there? my ba at some point in his corredor? No fear we did not I never said I can be
spree while and on Houston out tat. Those tinder get what we're, with the south, extend to not have Tiree and do not have a word but then they had this Miss MASH of Orford is pro we're close to being an army a guy and might even make it the share, but not totally Tatum, at some point, his life jail embrowned, my two but am but there's no track record of this happening. Even the seventy six sons who came out of nowhere Adamses review the year Pa West far was embarking on this awesome. Half decade runway think he made three first team, albeit in a second time on Ba and was just the to guard the league for five years. This team see their guys who wins really appreciated or guys who are a few years away from being a guy. And ah it's unprecedented. It's it's.
Easy that Leubronn yesterday based We did the same thing hidden in two thousand twelve and game six, where he comes out and makes every shot, tries to kill the crowd, and this team wouldn't go away in their down five at the half and as I would they just to glow bronze Bagshot they're gonna wait and I and that's where we are now so then what a thing on this on bathing. Usually two guys to make the find and if you go through history. Everybody had to very much. I would to eighty percent of the final seems, especially in the last twenty five twenty thirty years or so had to us some guys in their team two guys, were considered either you added ten guy in the leg and then I also had the additional guy was probably a top fifteen guy so late this up, in two thousand eight Garnett Pierce, though my, meetings. Le Brian and weighed and then even bash the warriors you
currying green and clay. Your current threat through the calves that Brown and my amid the Miami team in O six waiting, wait in our shack. You're, not my leg, It's almost an anomaly. Just have one guy like the at the two thousand lever maps basically had Dirk and then a bunch arise, and that was caught a surprising. The Lakers add Cobby an POW Gaza who is one of the best twelve to fifteen guys in league for a few years there the au, seventeen with the calves is basically leubronn and nobody, but even leggy, look at two thousand thirteen and fourteen with the spurs Parker was. I can t one year and third theme and other NBA Duncan into debt. And thirteen. I think he was first, he might be a pretty sherry's. First him, sir. He wasn't, but yet two guys every every team is how these two guys,
He could be like all those are there to guys, and I think it is Celtics too. I guess basically, one of those guys has to be bred Stevens. Is like. I've never seen a situation where the coach is one of the two guys, but I think we're there. It's psyches. Having that much of an impact came the game we too weak, so maybe the two guys for the celtic Sir Stephen, and who preferred and then the combo of Tatum in Brown, who one of whom every game seems to be in a league. I bet it's. You never know which, when it's gonna be I've just never seen anything like this I don't know whether I don't know what we're watching. But we're gonna call my dad oriented and we're gonna get his taken. I think, as you say, when a comedy in one second, first quip.
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my daddy, you missed it. I just audible into this whole story about the triple overtime game in nineteen. Seventy six before aid and debt was talking about the, albeit aims and how I slept across few into other people for most of the second half and the first overtime Duenna verify that story. I do. I will go further because began got over about after one in the morning. Right was what it back in the day when they started the those games, like nine, ten, nine, twelve yeah, and you can imagine on the EAST coast what time it would have been if there were three over times as they were in? I do remember I like your six years old. I am
but our member waking up for the habit check, shot that without won the game and then everybody jumped over us and if thou we're gonna die too. I think you also woke up when I got feel heard made that yeah ridiculous. It wasn't a tree, they were not wait, do not respect them now too the two to tie yeah, I'm ina. Looking back, I I do think there is a case to be made with Chad services. For you bring me to that, can I think you might have this golden I wrote about this about basketball book. We got home like one thirty wait a minute even later in for whatever reason like we're above wired from the game, and we put tv island, Charlie's angels design. It was like their re running some absolutely Charlie's angels from your bed,
I just using a show like tat now is like well. Tv still deserves so blown away with limited Brookline, yet that it wasn't like that. Could walk We have to take the train. We had acquired a parking lot somewhere and had to drive in every traffic at one thirty in the morning, but what does it one of the half dozen most memorable games ever and for you? I deliberately remember you sleeping was on my lab in your body and legs went to strange. I wrote a letter to the thing and then they had to stand up for the average anxious. So yesterday you kept getting were awakened because people would stand up when crazy things happen, that right, my friend, so he said that the crowd
last night, he said was the louder since the two thousand ten finals. Do you would you deny or confirm? I think it's probably accurate? I thought the crab Sunday was really really love to in spurts, because you know we took a big we'd. It got really love when, at the end of the third quarter on Sunday, when they got got down the fourteen, but last night was a totally different kind of game, aiming at the brine coming out with growing twenty one point in the first quarter, and we should have been down by fifteen point and we're down by poor yeah, then I may we played great came back Bob, it's like every quarter. Somebody took over jail and brown begin. Fourteen points in the first quarter and then you're different guys took over
rose. You had a good quarter. Obviously our horror finance, terrific fourth quarter. Smart was up standing but were down by eleven September eleven in the third period third quarter and the crowd was a little bit wouldn t afraid, but certainly terrified that look round was gonna, go on a final run and equal. These twenty five first have points, and then we had a couple of things happen. A minute there might be, when it happened, when I get just met, pushed whore fit into the yeah that really walk up the crowd, the cup of other great moments that walk up the crowd and closing down a minimum. Mumbling specific.
Place, but we played great too there's a couple gathers couple: might there was one sequence will mark a smart guy to offensive ribands on the same play in the second one was leg this debt, the fine job back in the put back and he is probably the biggest motivating play for the crowd yeah. I happen to be coming out of back from this year, like the roof, almost came off home and, of course I came down my feet. I brought it down, you don't go down and take, just missed the biggest play the game there, but I heard it, but I didn't see it serves a grey Peter. It was then, I think this. South expands for the past few years, said, Ben in that market corner witches. A corner. You were you just can't have to watch him day in day out to understand what it means, especially in his own games and how unafraid he is, and he
somebody you never want to miss you from three, but that is part of the package is going to do it and ease and I made that one crazy pass in traffic. That's a bad idea and he's gonna take. The one charge where he gets called for a foundation due in the kind of accept it, and now it's like he's put it gather whatever this weird mismatch of skills. He has an he's Cairum, I ll get it now dozy, unlike any wherever watched it might be. Any sport. I've never really watched anybody like this before the stats don't even come close to describing what he is and what he means it out connects with the crowd and our toughie is unlike when, when Jr did that add, a cheap, shocked and horrified, which was really a dangerous play, the emails, it was gonna, be the first guy over there get in his face that she's two years in issues he's tough guy that him the eight year, your nemesis Marcus Morris and a hum
air and Baines, like this teams, really tough and they don't take shit and they're. Just in your face, you know, but smart You ve come around on right. I've come but you know you guys could think he was there a version of Cadillac Tony on that that yet and the stalwart. But I've changed my opinion on him. It is a much much better plays in turn our young. He might. He had managed to, firstly when
The biggest push minor cities passes over twenty young run in the post game when he gave his interviewee reference mark a smart than the impact on the game and sure enough who is the guy? Who immediately came to our orphans defence mark Smart Quabo was there was? Was there too? I'm here? Are our guy courage were terrific last night compared to Cleveland? I think Cleveland Starting guards had three points and acted. Adjustment did that cheap shots push which as you said, was very dangerous for children and hurt himself. The crowd started can generate a few zero air fuse the rope and the zero meaning up on the scoreboard is zero points and zero system for the game, yet why they is doing here
in crap I mean they began interesting fact: factors in terms of their chance loud a crowd? Great credit was smart had this is and this is like. We don't really have a staff for this, but I guess we have this but just a combined impact of it heed, for offensive Reba, our three offensive, rebounds enforced, steals and he's a guy so there's some of those are seven different place that swamp than the impact of those like that sex offensive rebound pullback yeah a as, as you said, it was the key crowd moment of the game, but then he added steel right before the first half and then they got that she bucket and on a Sunday was a little more manageable did the score was unawares, but he D manages to do those things. No, how he's not on the team next year- and I dont know what the right price forum is. I also If I was, you know So this is a summer were not a lot of people have cap space, but
if I was another team, like you get a guy in your team and the culture that he brings in their ferocity and the intensity. I the fierce a team. I don't put a price on that, so I'm hoping nobody reflect that we get him for like ten alone Twelve, ninety air, something but you know he is a guide. He is again guy a good guide, aside, the guy next, the dawn who assumed that got the tickets. I am sure that a high praise, but everytime smarter, for he was screaming out, don't shoot back and then, when he made the shut of crises daily, obscured, probably say ballpark he had no, no, I don't I don't you don't shoot anymore. I just kind of cringe when issued at my I've, no change my don't shoot to Marcus Mars. The boy don't shoot, don't show you in your view, probably right now
but I will say this about Morris, I dont know. We ve ever had other pierce in the end, the last decade, and there was before La Brown was the Brown but Pierce used to defend. I'm pretty well on the way range and Posey was okay, I against them to, but don't remember. I dont member, a Celtic. Incredible. I do want to say better, but doing a more decent job on the broad Healy he leaned back. Some work for whatever he's gonna get in the Bronx over pound are basically the same size. Morris's a big do six nine to fifty Makin a disability, because at half time well, first Braun had twenty one in the first quarter, but he only had four points in the second quarter. To that
it was because less was guiding and more in the second called the first. They try to get away with jail and brown and tell them in a clear Craven, did a great job in the first quarter of picking, marched off of labelling and we'd end up with somebody else, guarding the Bron Winnie who had more difficulty when he went to the basket yellow. I don't love, you recall but the one made three of his first forthwith proponents. Well, when he made that when he made that one in front the bench I got my eyes flashed back so that game we went through the two dozen twelve game: six when he just reminded us, but the day and so as they can never really pull away, as he was doing that well, everybody's written about it and I'm sure you ve talked about it as well. He didn't have sidekick, carry Irving
yeah a man, and there was a slight period in the second quarter. One Corver Curtis United Thinking made three trees and a two and eleven point at the half I dont think is good in a second You know there have been a consistent group around the brass we use. The word consisted: that's a complimentary to prepare an idea. Is they sack in that regard and double figures? I think we had five or six guys and up six garden double figures. Almost seven living beings had nine points. It witches I still walking out of their shaking my head because the lower? there's no Heyward. We have five guys out their plan. Terrific team basketball, but we never expected to be here. We were we were two games away, And finally, I now I just before you came out, I was saying, like the most
the prize in teams amid the five thousand Jews, their certain teams that you know if it surprised amid the files, I still haven't gonna be a guy in the team, Lightweight Howard, unknown magic. He was first him on beer. There's the best centre in the week His team has no really anything, although I think PETE those desire. We make this case, but I think Orford p. Now appreciating that he's better than everyone realise, but we felt this way the whole time. But these two killing he's gonna believe gone up a lever in or you ll desire, for. I think he's gonna pull up on the play off strategy. It is easy to agree. Consistent player came player a minute if it calls for him playing point forward or play Point board, but I looked up at the scoreboard. I think at the end of third quarter, it yet seven points,
and it was missing shots data makes yeah. We point of view. I mean it was Tatum, so was Tatum Gap, but in the fourth quarter, putting smart aside because he was crazy, old game Orford took over it, it was late, they get a minute and a half span were made like eight points and all of a sudden, the brand walked into the bench and taken out of the game. Will now I'm sure you can see this from your seats day. They just don't move on defence and No I keep thinking what's gonna happen in Cleveland, I'm shareware a you know, I'm sure lebruns gonna get some cause a game. Three did typical gang of. He got cause less my ear, but he's in the brain. He should get the cause but I think that one thing that's not going to change with this calves team is bad, their defence
been bad the whole year if they figure a candid she'd it, but why you can get. Em is Bob Movement and and and running off a rebounds and that Tim regulars is happier last night After the game- and he was pointing at like three players, happened during the game where the south, to get a rebound and they would have all five guys underneath the calves basket, and then they take off in the calves had guys like four guys back in this. Things were still able to beat them down core because they just there's that hustling and ethical abroad has learned there is brain when her story about this lobby, learn how to conduct sheet during games and not and save his energy basically for office
you can't do that. It has been said it is. Is it like? I said it took down to the game? He had never seen the brown play and walk out of the garden after the game. He said you know the one doesn't play much deeper now and I said what I mean is it? Will it cannot? Love sat very paces, cheap price to play in a safe, dear son, a field yeah and it was very noticeable. Another end did he has to do that, as you know, is it is it is fifty year and has played a key Julian minutes and that's the story. He pigs spots to save energy, but I think what sting is especially yesterday. The subjects were kind of attacking there. And they're gone back door on sending packs and waiting for him. The kind of zone out for a second- and there is a at times it would take advantage of that. Then you go to jail Smith and car correlate. These guys aren't good defenders, the trades they made. You know
Yesterday, Clarkson gets a GNP point eleven minutes two points, Larry Nance played eleven minutes zero points image, a child who looked like a corpse. I state thirty three minutes three points, and those who trade that ideas and by the way you don't have to worry about the broken pay conning us anywhere in the latter, because they, it and being the eighth pick, they're coming out as long as a player, but superstar player. You know each other Yes, I've carry carry, would have been heard anyway, so they would have. Missing am either way better ass, the men and women One injury on one team one year doesn't mean it would happen on the other. So yesterday to look there were they got sixty four points in twenty five ribands from low in the broad and they lost by thirteen either. Something's team has been much better at home down the road for the most part
Inga. Even the game save one. They basically played like a good half an hour as I grows year have been different guys at home than on the road. I think it's tougher to expect that Did you guys it's just the same year on the road we have we have to do. We did against failure to still one of the two games. The item of his tie, loose posts, game press conference, but he made a company said. You know the sobs don't play as well. The road yeah and I'm not sure you want to try it out there, but because we already know that, but they throw them out their subjects in Gaza. Member the word you used, it wasn't goons, but it was a reference that the topics play to physical style, a basketball, I'm kind of laughing ass, Adam recalling J R Smith to two shoving with to end
in the back of forfeit everyone curling and could have easily done something to his legs were member. He a few years ago, there's a dead, you to curb of J Smith. That's called Smith. Ten dirtiest plays dead, probably kind of debtors. There's ten November there could probably twenty, like he somebody they're dead. Five. Has these moments where he just snaps during gives an eye. And has also had a really bad yeah, I think the calves as has been the most frustrated with him. I think over anybody loves always heard us tops, I thought is rebounding heard as but I think the price for them, is because they didn't there there, sir and through eleven guys at all, it's a pretty easy team the play cause. You know, you're getting you know it's, I broke unfounded airline option and I wouldn't started there are less able to start a quiver I at the first have never got the ball a clever and only when I don't think he played the third quarter.
Did how many minutes he planned day. You know many minutes, you buy it now, twenty one, so I wouldn't I would apply in thirty five minutes who is who sound our own planet, forty men, every time he came off a screen. You is opening the guy for me said who scares you more radical corner, and I thought those are really good question, given we ve just seen where it can fully says that the very similar scary, please do not let up in the air, you kind of assume it's going in, and this too many players like that somewhere. You didn't play that many minutes. Do you want to apologize to jail in Brown for now, like that like in there? when they made it two years ago. The jobs I went? It was real prospect that got bored. I didn't get bored, I didn't you didn't like the pack, forget it. I say I wanted. I mean you, my dear
John Brown. You wanted you Mamma. I think it for me. I'm about to do they want to mom area Kentucky is down Denver. That's why you're here you like the man who is this guy. He can't score. You remember that I don't think so. You're right. I don't remember that you remember being upset when each made the Tatum Trade Union understand wages down. Why do we do that? What the hell's going on? Why don't we just take five years at the base of any video every year, Zack low and I thought I did that close biogas somewhere they were attacked by their trade about the best part of their trade. Was the Lakers knots. Woke screening, anybody at all and just staying at number two and not even pretending they are taken Tatum for a second cause. The Celts were taken Tatum at one. They just figured. They gave him a three. Is the leg is taken Linda, get another asset in arms.
Educated, it was pretending, like Jason Tatum, for like two seconds and I and we would have traded something to improve it. Nor we just stay at one, and we don't make the trade right there. You have it. That's good point, the boat airway was started. They were between a rock and a hard place. Dramatic, I mean they're fair based wanted them to take a ball. They think yeah, but I think they would end had taken him anyway, but I don't know if it's a good idea to have it out there you taken. We were about Sacramento the subjects Sacramentos pick Baxter its top one protected. So our hope. Fur Sacramento is that every second worst hit? or also that data
had somebody who's good enough to kind of transform their team so that also there, the eighth were esteem and sent a letter to my morning. I read her very well done article on the ringer about the the projected at first and second round picks, bow and late and the draft and their their projecting annexed to take the kids from Spain. Judge that and that the centre would go number two to the king. Would that's all we while it lets. You said: that's what you want, because it may be terrific and three years, but right, it's not gonna area came next year, he's not gonna, be Shack and then the on the ninety three magic and come in, and twenty two and twelve a game his. He would take a copyright years, Let me first the Sacramento because he could come in and have an immediate impact. I've been really impressed by some of this stuff has been doing for them with
Israel Majority Annex, that's a phoenix ought to go for that french or some of choice that they're gonna have. I think I will I just think that I think Lukas Special to do today. It is doing, and what to do he's doing it at eighteen to be paid crunch time, it being like the guy and one of them things in Europe as it creates a coach catch them world championships, but so are helping out they taken. They take a man, they still have no centre, which is part of the reason I'm a little worried they may take the summer. I thought I I thought. Who is the most worried way? Phoenix hide their coach. They were going to end up with him anyway, because it? You seem fish to me the hard this guy. This connection, who had never really heard mention for a job,
and then all of a sudden, this guy's, the Phoenix coach I figured I'd, give they were two three or four. He he's, gonna rig it so that I am not able to come to the NBA and the secular Phoenix banal. Phoenix gets number peck. Think about it like if they had him Booker and Jackson, and then they Their caps base to go sank when Capella I'll say that there is real. I've been like, like the topics with their great wings, yeah right for Sacramento. I dont really see date They don't really have allowed us our cap space foxes there, best guy, but he's a couple years away, and I dont really save path for them. You know that, thing for us was was broken. Tat broken pick that landing in the top three would have would have made it clear that if a few Big Cleveland and end up with a second back in the draft That would have just bothered me for some stupid reason. So can I read, I remember it before:
How can I read Samir tweets from last night, my dad's, our twin, I added, I need to say my my phone died in the third quarter so and the third quarter, so my my while fan basic tweet everything that is twenty six thousand followers, which I think put you in the top. Fifty four people over seventy, so both for Your phone died in your prostate died in the third quarter. By tat night. Here here here. Some tweets from last night set sail for three Burma. By also has the brine ever had to turn over Mister Shuttleworthy wasn't found cry baby, three exclamation. What's that when league, they gave the message to the wraps need the series tied at one heading back to Cleveland terrible cause. Our game then the next one, with my their diet is never seen the brown in person to ask me why Leubronn cries of the rafts every time he does. He get a car missus Shadd committed to turn over. I told
There's one set of rules for the king and another for everyone else you're fired up. So I guess my point is people, but wonder where I get it from, but I'm fifty percent you and that's where I get it from because those sound like exaggerated, crazy tweets that I would do. I guess does it really bugs me who, in the bright, cries everything you hate the bride, they really bad men it would be the stop export God forbid, it gets call for a file, about in his career and if he misses a shot. Obviously here get a mere restricts insisted cry very crybaby theme during the game. He really does everything it, but we do have a game here but they do to do this. I don't know people realize, but libretto is accepted that jumbotron after an
that goes against him for replay. U I watched at last rightly read. But do you know at the celtic stew? Watershed fix, don't show stuff, that's controversial. Now they know they don't show any replay that he's gonna look up. They just show him looking up at the jumbotron, except for the car. It's useless brown look again himself. Basically, in the end, they Diana checks. I saw him looking up there and the carbon if he call and he's looking up there and the jumbotron as a picture of him, looking up there with that, but I didn't realize that that's a deliberate effort on the part of this I would like to give him anything ticket then go to the rough about right. The thing that I learned last night was that mark Morris's brother, MAR. Was sitting under the basket near where wake was animal.
They went chairs method that found he was standing up and skin streaming. A J Smith we had both Boris Brothers upset a chair Smith. I think that's gonna us but fair buddy. So. How are you feeling do we win this when one clear up eleven, let less than in the third quarter? I just didn't know if we could come back because the plan we couldn't stop the one and then suddenly at eighty four. Seventy seven women away, then not sure how it happened. Yet I said TAT the bird and habitat what happened we're down by eleven and replaced. It happened. So fast. Kicking me this year we can do this, but we have to still one in Cleveland Europe you're coming back for game six, wouldn't you like to see us up three want none come back from five, I mean gave five. We are like.
They picked up three one night I want to cancel. My trip has swept that's my dream scenario. Ok well what's happening, but I know, but I did as I'm just saying if you gave me my draft pigs for choices for the rest of the series number one would be. I have to cancel my trip we swept the serial number to evade were at three one in going. It gave five, but I do think this this big lay off before game. Three helps the South Africa's this to next Wednesday night. I'm a fortune I have, however, memories of that, my government in here, I think there was game six and Leubronn just being now. He was younger, obviously, but he was totally about that night, that he doesn't have the same gas tank and those that that I'm curious for. If I had to be
If you tell me like it's going to be too too in the calves, are gonna win game, five in Boston, that's one scenario or the calves are in a splinter and get swept would be other snare, which neither one I know. I don't think it's that realistic I see them splintering more than rallying cause. I thought Does TAT was gonna last I then answers are talking about it, but then the By now read at the game or thy their yelling at each other in and the body language was often I can I could see where yelling at each other. By the way there be silly. Churchill Emma Jane terrorists, but we only at each other. You gonna be testing to see it just doesn't seem like a happy team. Makes me wonder, you know, Clarkson Unhappy Hood refused to go in a game tops this plan to have direct around I'll year. J Smith is afraid and wild card
Kevin Love, psyches, either he's bronze best friend or Lebruns Matadome. What one the other you going down the Nancy, plain but again made they play much better at home. True and we we have guy's an entire reserve. The perfect example. I don't know what happens to them on the road, but it's not the same player Well, he's, though, he's a white guy one year, his young guys never have. If the series of seven may- let's say everybody else, I'm court and came seven in Boston. It's Sunday night at eight, thirty, Mastercard, crazy, well. They think it's crazy by UNICEF, conveyor three thirty in the afternoon game people are worried about people worried by your heart in your. Do you give them the report on that? For rigour? fortunately, I have medication. I didn't need any of
need any Sunday Tuesday, I needed last night bet it led to my bathroom visitor, so at last to fear. Sweeps would certainly help my heart condition The men were I to the files to sell things, need ten recovered Zonia. What was said. This is certainly one of them improbable, I feel like Thousand twelve making the files with that team that seem like it was pretty much done. That was pretty crazy last year, just making it the rat three was, relatively nights at the two thousand and four. Report a game, seven embossed. Until you hear what kind of failure are you here. You fly caused to curse for game seven and I'm gonna wait to see what happens. Ok, you know, I think pretty good FED I've come back a few times already. I think you're a great deal thanks for the tip
but I had three people come up to me last night and say really enjoying your tweets we really have an a renaissance inside the sociability renaissance rates. Before you get me a couple more shut up. I am. I dont know that I have the over. Seventy crowded National treated by the way for that dead hang there I'll talk to later in the week. But I I chased us here before we get to him full sail universities, Dan Patrick School, of sports casting with that, but that Damn Patrick European Legend, legendary sports, castor from the Damn Patrick show suddenly for passports enter. You know he teamed up with full sail to offer an accelerated bachelors degree in sports casting foreseen. Stay, combines hands on learning, immersive projects in a great fact with real world experienced, prepare students for life,
Media industry seek an immensely sunday and are being like mere surrender for the impact, your school sports guess they brought in some sportsmen. His best be part of this programme. Locked I may as PAN Producer Multi Emmy winner in my friend, since nineteen eighty two Gus Ramsay he's leading the programme has been on this path. Cast still this video games, even those as three kids, some music sports cars, presages J Harris coming together. Many more involved I am through. To be part of the Advisory board. I might even be took up a classes over the course of next year in this programme. Events will learn sports casting inside and out on camera beyond the camera. Pakistan, radio, interviewing everything in between full sail universities, damned Patrick School of sports casting you can earn a bachelor degree in about her, The time is short is twenty months and even juries, too, degree manner at full cells campus in Orlando Florida to learn more about foreseen universities, Dan Patrick School Sports, casting go too far. Sailed that Eu Sash bill segments and we
mention wheat. We ve actually given them advice on the type of people that we wish. We re fine candidates are because you know a lot of these journalism. Schools, train people, an old school go, be reporter. Will a copy, editor and just old school things in the reality is multimedia steps chain stuff changing have to somebody like Nephew Kyle, had added a pack ass to produce it and be an engineer, and we had to do it on the fire. Knew would be nice if he could have gone home go and another thanks. Anyway, she's around us here. His microphone is pointed up wagon, erect penis you may I can accept that dumper ten seconds, for this figure inappropriate. Thank you You're coming off a triumphant appearance and has a carbs. Yes, my time about San Antonio,
you did not like. My comments about the San Antonio tax matters closes. I'd ever come to quit him my job and I mean I'd. I should have checked. I should have at this time your heads something I was saying that the text x is great, but That's really the only alternative there and if you there for eight days and like by day for it's like you, can't even for he can talk and urges, could have a salutary Jews, Sir, Fanny didn't eyelids for years. Who has an actual sausages. I just I don't I'm one of those guys it likes to mix it up There is now a lot of mixing it up and San Antonio now there's not egotism, beans in some rice and some meat and subsisting chicken and arrange it in a way that is pleasing to you. Your case was text, makes is the best, and so what? If it's the only thing on the menu it still kicks, every the asses Ass Shack dumped everything
They why? Why do we want to check the shoe to three point? Why don't make me San Antonio cooking up an italian food It only passed and Saint John had I don't need yet some barbecue, be at the kind of leave San Antonio and I gotta get out about forty minutes ago, and I didn't want to enter whatever the most famous place was it was, I gave been eighty dollar taxi and then the permanent ass running. I wanted eighty dollars if ass a hooker, Part we didn't realize was the taxi back home. Oh yeah, we're in the middle of nowhere. I submitted a job as a back a thousand issue better, but attire nothing. I've never seen anybody happier than than jail arose in an old school barbecue place. Really my god big boy. You guys judges, momentum, the gases fried chicken in Memphis. I,
so I think it might have been the first Instagram picture ever took was jail and in this Gustus Fried chicken thing, and he was just he just they all thus foods. As my favorite part of travel, fine, they only under the radar by radiation can play Sir Joseph you're moving us Antonius Correct July. Just in time for the ten stray lottery appearances. That's what I'm sure I want to be like panel, when were you either personally send for the thing you did say my girl sake. It's a J Strata, J B Garrets. I think good started trend now of a celebrities who you know had their moment, maybe that recently in those who come here ladder representative worked out well Forum, I really am very late right, yeah yeah, would you sent Williams outcome from the compromise areas, our about ass? I oughta matic First pick yeah
is there if you like, and the Japanese are, but yesterday tyrannical is answering address like Johnny Laurent yeah, with abandoned and where the clippers, the cupboards they ve sent. Billy's abacha is gonna, be there their person. I really think that what a word for them now but Coburg, I so you wrote about this for the ringer, but where I have not talked about it yet I was supposed to have outcome. I pack s eyes weak and some happen and we had to delay. So I can't wait to Morrow. I talk about this occurred, this idea and fell bad for everybody so you're really was I oughta stats. This is. This is sad. This makes me so had no mistake. We can't do this. You two bread, what the hell are they done Billy sab. He has acted in twenty five years since, as legendary I caught a three p. Karadzic just one of the guys back to school here, the river, where there raiders bully, run in history
shack, o o o one or two horses, Billy's Avc, eighty four, eighty five, eighty six and I don't know I don't we don't- have the stats to really cross genres, but incredible, run faded off. I did Adam Curlers radio Sharma say ten years ago and we Adam Command to talk about cried a kid and he was eight percent into it. My twenty percent pissed off about it, like I'm, an actor yeah united to find myself by this move in Adam, and I are both how are you talking about you Johnny Lawrence, lay off you when the latter eight. This is one of the grey that kind of girls ever but seems like he's embraced it so anyway they shut their the trailer say about two months ago and the trailer was good. I thought it was fake when the trailer happen that losing it was. This is too good what's happening here and it became clear. They spent money on this. I said was my guard was still up and then the crane Iverson Danny quack. He that's it
self proclaimed that guy I heard by MRS Pack create iverson- is at our slack and is like because amazing, it's really just read through it as anyone us watching you guys than the demo an he's. Probably ten years younger than I am here mid. Their Disraeli lay thirty, thirty, six, yet very sex. So I would say that the credit, demo nephew call you Craddock a guy, Yes, I don't know where the gamma ray is forever. Does my red, I watched it so quack loved it, and, unlike ok, I'm in so my whole family has gone on a Saturday night two weeks ago, daughter, bar mitzvah, my son and my way for somewhere- and I just banged at All- and I had a beer in the fridge, probably Jack like seven was ten episode that Papua five hours yeah they got it
Each episode between twenty three and thirty one may survive hours, a joy sort away, and you re a hundred percent agree. They did everything right and felt like yeah, every single thing that they could have messed up on. They avoided it and everything that they could do right data from little tiny little tiny leg had tips, and there too big gigantic once it was just. It was really really Well done what I realise that it did to really really smart things. One was they footed and Johnny Lawrence sympathetic. This was the guy who is one of the economy is violence. I certainly made my share jokes about him in coms over the heirs had talked about. How Joke I remember, having was how, after gradually went to Duke there is a gap happened across stay in the basement. The closer we ve had to like an area in youth character that without an embryo sighing
just like you know that guy right and they footed and women. Fifteen minutes of the first show for Johnny Laureates yeah and then they have this key episode. I can't member which, which There was a few down and where he's telling the kid that he's training is highly annually Rousseau, and is this guy comes, and I just broke up with my girlfriend this guy's hitting honour here. He starts a fight with me and their backing up with the footage for the verbatim did illiteracy is it kicked. Did that for repeating a devil. Loser norms, very pro the route he just are charming. Yeah do charming to not like me. Are you when you re watch the movie, and you see like a kind of talking to his mom like a dick yeah now, but he just he gives that smile and that our shucks posture that he does any pause you and the other the way that they turned Johnny Laura too in the original products is just as bad as
and these wars intimidating, like I don't know why you sent him a little bit of his voice is little bit of his of his hair. It's like his super handsome budgets hands of enough to like sorted throw you off. And it's always you know, somebody's emo in one of their henchmen. When kicking somebody's ass in some of their debts. Enough Johnny idea, like he had that other time, that's enough! You another about them and Annie, just lean into him. How's life fell apart and he's gonna put here, though, I thought, The scene for me that did it that made me, go ok, this is gonna, be like he's, gonna be great, and this role when he's in the convenience store- and the guys I is, he has Peter yeah, he orders a pizza and he's looking for a plate, and so he gets into argument with the cashier, the amber the cashier speak Spanish and the Miguel, who hated eventually comes on. A train is translating forum and the guy
something in Spanish, and then he asked him. What did he say and then the kids are laughing and says he said you have like us ah, where he goes out. He said I have a small Lange and then he just looks Adam what does like giants where's eyes, no smile or anything goes to me. A tiny wang, and they say yes, this is exactly what I'm looking for a right here, you so good. They laid it. I really early with that action movie cliche of the guy, making up and there's the beer tell him we're on the beach We then decides to drink it like that in the morning which I think has been in maybe thirty, eight to forty movies over its this as not his livestock homework in Austria, a half a warm happy. I know that's always wake it be. He did everything but late the cigarette. He was eating smoke. You can always tell it that or you by how hard they turn their alarm clock off
manage the ban in the drought. It ok, I know where you live there and then so. The other thing is Dana Larusso, very successful cardio guy now absent we being Hell boards, believable yeah, I gray casino activities are Maggie, taught him how to be. When I hear he's it he's a charmer he's around that's what you need their skill set to sell cars to people and that I? That was another part there really made me laugh theirs. They show, First, I museum is on the UN's Billy's tv. Yeah run on Johnny's TV and this commercial? and the just like a normal commercial and at the end, he'd like starts chopping the prices and have yet to hear here- and it is this- is this- is really find there's a lot of really spites, definite and, It made me not like wrath macho that much, but I still had the dna of liking him from the three movies. So I was like they could have. They can a ratchet up and made him more like about. They made his kids on likeable
I wasn't ever the daughter she's in a hit run pretty early yeah. I like three guys, hundreds each other I like to. I don't like the sun. He can't has just orbit, away ray you don't have to be. You have a daughter, that's when judging or legged dad. I was Georgina like where you play in these two guys against each others that I raised you re evaluation of the party with the snow covered by soda his great would at what I realize I am watching. It is You know, there's all this from the seventies Eightys and Ninetys soon and when they re they do the remakes. Either they remake they might arise at which is really now work that often lighted. Like the total recall remake. Why do we need this to recall was get right and then its here's, an inferior, terrible remake of a movie that you like, or they gave an evil horror at psychiatry. I liked him Nouveau hard another Anwar Ryan Reynolds when Ray I, so they do this They do like the guy,
their three version of fear these characters later they try to make it a new movie in bringing these crazy new characters, This was like you, These movies, in the eighties, you know these characters. Here they are now in some things have changed, but ultimately here they are but so we know what happened in the old movie? We're not hitting all the same beats getting dodge. The old movie will show footage from the old movie Gregory bring it back in and its It's likely you despicable, left off the island, I dont know why that has really work that well, but I felt it stumbled on something here and now Can I go what's next? What else can we do yeah? I think the trick there you want to when you re making a thing you want not advance anything like that with the total recall. Think, that's why I didn't
tolerate those already signed the future young ages Citadel of further in the future. I doubts further in the future whenever you got all this like super advanced stuff with the karate kid when they're just like this, these are just the people and that's all you need and we're gonna we're still call require. So this was so we're not changing. The pieces were still using the same sort of music just felt old and new at the same time, which, always a tricky thing to be able to pull off. So I don't wanna say they invented it because we ve seen other other We done this like the Brady Bunch Movie with ours. As was living in Boston. It was after is gradually to college, and it was a twenty years after the Brady bunch should be had been. This iconic show my childhood right and they basically brought back dad new actors playing are the same people and part of why I worked was because they were making fun of there is very elaborate. Making fun this shell from assemblies without their characters, sour acts, but I think Rocky
two thousand six movie, which I have conflicting feelings on when they he came back and other Would Antonio terror the ever the fighting instead the love interests, does not get those things. I would do differently with it. Ultimately, nice to have a back, but then creed. Think is the best example of the readers of clear cut out for a cobra k whom they take rocky wired like I have a history with, and they Now we ve advances, I finance new things are happening here and that's what they do with this yeah. I think thing you need to do as you have two when you're pulling in all the new people or or reintroducing at all the characters you need for for it to change just just a little bit just enough to make it fill more interesting and that's what they did here when they turn like we're. Gonna put real made Ralph the bad guy this time are, are Daniel, the bad guy we make Johnny the good guy. We're gonna get to see the
Johnny Lawrence, like his origin story, with the ideas which was which is always fund a watch. Do I have to do those sorts of things here they asking was good. I was glad that used in Callaway people here, of course, they mix all kinds? All types and they set up season two brilliantly. Maybe that Iraq's down perfect? Should we give away the spoiler? Maybe many wishes. I dont want to spoil the the last spoiled Yeah, that's not spoil that biota. I was superseded, Oh yeah how's it you're not here, because there are those who are here. I was also really surprised by how, like, above an actor Billy's echoes. He said I think he had then it, and why has there been acting on our now by the others, like the tiny Wang seen those talking about the latter scene? She does little things, readers lap and when,
I think its relationship with Miguel for me, was like the most touching part. I read they do that quick little trick where where we find out. He has a kid and the kid does my government, he's really sort going through through it, and this is after heed, Miguel mom had put him away from Johnny, and so the do they cut shot and they show him at the door. Explaining to someone like this. Kid is, alas, You know he's already have levies only when they believe them anymore, and you think it's a sign in swinging around in his Miguel mom. Let's Vulcan Let's guy I'll, do this not only never suffered the mom which has upset about it did and now he can't do it. That does not mean that oversees into a season three thick. They're getting ahead moderators when they got drunken something bad could never be. Thou definitely be bases, in theory, be other. Do like there was up There was a bar where we he goes and he gets there require reinstated back into the tournament,
paralleling that, with with the Miguel out, date and then they me back over the Doha and he's like. Did you do your thing? I did my. And they just our celebrate together. The GPS is so great needed. Some good images like this tat. He goes on the date and somewhat they play the same music ned Though Danielson played when he was without alley. I love the part when they got drunk at the bar together and they go look up Allianz Facebook I have urged who is a damper, so clever the eye, but you do on a more episodes. I thought I would have said afraid that ten was too many, but you two gun for. Like fifteen, I lived out godlike office style, Gimme twenty to revamp angry. I would have liked this sort of issue wretched I'll, just just a little bit more so the good training seen that they basically just copied from the movie with that that music really good Craddock. It means that they do canoe with that gets twilight. They're doing opposes. So they did that part, so they
some of their heads, but they did in a way that didn't feel over the top is really impressed and made me think, like. What else is out there? I'd always go back to my com fifteen years ago, had always joked about a movie. Would we Dragon club, relying fight- and it's just basically like Rocky ruined our careers, but our both on the combat trail and rockies, retired and there's this are headed toward now. Those or to all but Woodstock Satellite to catch up with Ivan Dragon Dragon. He's clever that move nine minutes long, yet ravages just be a trail, altruism, They don't really have drug was the favourite hundred percent. I think I think draggers pity is, I think it's like an injured Woloda thing. I think he is very short, Run Rockies Rockies when his second fire with clever. When he's I at peak rocky form, which was not the best version of rocky Rocky. Their rockin rocky, for is the best version of
in writing. Fi double shape. He's like a is like a welter wait. Radio ragged vulgar is no easy abounded in sixty pounds of jollier muscle yeah, but but yeah Rocky three. That fight only goes two or three rounds and then It's over. It's a fly. Rocky three- that club errors that tired after two round the air rock is, Look at me can't breathe covers per se at I've had this argument many times. I think Rocky three of them asked Rocky Movie, but I like rocky for the most yeah. I think so, first, a ragged for is entertaining, I think, Rocky three start to fit. Is actually just a really good movie. That's really like his mind you and they get very well written and it's got. It's got twists and turns Club or Lange is incredible. Thunder lips is incredible. As far as their best Polly Adrian, looks like genuinely good and them over the only rocky movie where they live and where they touch on race at all, yet
Polly gets a little racist and freer yeah. They they hit the thick the basic but they were. They sped up the editor heads, but it's got and it's got the unbelievable ending of the wet offending when they had that, though, the third fight and will never know and that's another example. What were they do with creed where they, like John back to a thing and show you something that you didn't get to see before and they like cleared up. They do that. So what else is out there for you? Because we both agree. This works. We both recommend cobra. I. What are you? What would you from the aid is around like they're making top gun to which worries me, but at the same time, COBRA cry is now open. My eyes too, if top gun too done correctly tablets to can work fast, just plain tat: Thou Kilmer planes haven't chain, my plans that women should have been charter flight school crews. Would they that my fears, I crews, that badly died? Hair attending he's not fifty eight years older, our era, China
Toby Maverick and having some girl- that's too young for him and that's where to go wrong. But on the other hand, if he's in the time scare Raw was his character and talker, scared, o guy who's, the father figure. If he's in that role, for somebody is the new maverick, I think that could work. I don't know you got it. I guarantees thou Kelly Miguel search it enough now, she's out give me we do need. I would like to see top gun. I will. I see new blood sport we're. Gonna make serious out of a movie blessed. Sport has all the parts you need, so you you me and arrow Grantline colleague and friend, rape, Bartholomew by the three p, the blood sport, the mass of our people, including junker vandam and everyone else? and maybe my son, has, I think I've got an immature enough near the original budget. Support about thirty years ago. It is one of the best ten premises ever fur and action movie absent. Incredible, go here:
as to the secret tournaments. What is a thailand I'm way it's like a Thailand type here, we're we don't really know but he's also the Americans don't want to fight so his kind of on the run for the Americans and then this crazy. I don't even know how they came up with that, though, with a fight thing, where it's like it's a little bit held Oh, the mass, the mad as yeah, it's up. So you have a chance to do these running crazy. Kids, you're allowed to kill. Somebody and John, we a menace and who is the most era, guide, its ever existed, somehow goes too far. In turn, may we are allowed to kill somebody. Their returns are back out of here. They were ass too far. He killed him. The wrongly killed you send a book is that after gave up her much outbreak, but that is start to finish gray and I'm with you. Why is that a seer, any any movie that has a tournament in it is automatically like yellow,
What did you lose its because the last twenty five minutes? You know it's just work into no actually arrive. You know what you're getting on with Buddy boy, sadly, our ip pour out of forty four Patrick Swayze he but road. Thirty years later, where he's down the same area character, what and liquid alert roadhouse remake that they were doing when data. I don't know around rousing couple years ago. I think problem is rounder ass. He was in it run round is good cash. Here probably not wishing to fight poverty. The furious. Since, oh, we should mention just Lynn, then for faster, furious, noisy yeah. Let's go just a NASA. Today's Mass inferiors united best to yeah what are your favorite? I forget first places the first one for me. What is at stake? most realistic. If the last one.
I'm almost radio park yesterday about the last one. It's got a lotta holes I love the last. I still don't understand. The missile underneath the water tracking people, cars arise, going to urge a thousand hours and in what happened, everybody you damages not ask any questions. You can ask any questions for the last two, the further end of this year. As you get the less among questions you can ask. I still them? Driving a car through two skyscrapers is the most realistic moment in the movie, but you could also talk me into parachuting under the mountains, but also going full speed and job in the parish. I still when I. Why are you kidding? Do then fortnight, when I wash when I watch em, I've been from building the building. I still I leaned back in my sleep it's her. What does the rock skyscraper movie come out and are we seeing it together? It comes out of the summer. I'm afraid it's I lie. I think I think in July, Pierre that's gonna get so going backwards. Speed now
that doesn't work as a tv or tie my movie. The tv series right either doing Oh, you want movies tv yeah I'll. Yes, sir, I later taking only live there to make speeded tv series yeah exactly he's dying out, a real is still a bomb guy. And now there's a guy. They can't catch in its like twenty four basic goods. It's what events nine hours a real time. You gotta go catch him I don't think speed works as a tv show. I think the biggest mister Twenty four made was not coming back as a bit I'd show and networks. Yeah. Where was I asked. Thirteen episodes at twenty four and thirteen hours and bank through here speak a word for that the speed could additional benefits chant. They got somebody love, I mean they get three favorite actors that you think I'm getting enough to. Actors are all actors either.
Make? What name all three famous buckskin actors Reda out there? They will have three maybe they're like three latina Krueger highly Tito actors. Give me give me jolly was ammo. I want a jolly was. I'm have generally was almost at the Dennis Upper terrorist. Torturing care arrives, he could be the bad guy, but he he hasn't. He works better as a good guy. As like a sympathetic good. What about eleven actors, who turn eleven latino actors who turn on Hollywood and start terrorism? How the work is done of part of the normal canneries could stop the way we still we If you haven't alone, we get hired eleven of them, Jimmy's we're going to have to come back and have cgi four of them for seven years, almost half way three parts heavy Jimmy. Let's see GM technology, so they could use Ella, largely mismatch. What was we're running scared Jimmy Smith's like when they data with the with the new terminator with our they brought back the riot her manner
where'd, you state, I'm running scared upon them. One another by everyone, though the Billy Crystal Gregory hands were I've never seen now in a way I did but when they remained with all Walker now It's the same title totally from this one was like thou. A buddy cop movie with Billy Crystal Gregory hides really that has Jimmy Smith's is the bad guy. It has Pantaloon ATO and one of its key love Joe, I re character. I guarantee you like this will end, has an essential eighties. Michael Mcdonald, sign it. Ok, yeah I'd, really great all right. It's really! I actually. I don't understand why they don't make five running scared and allowed the three people still since back ass are you with me right now? I'm not one of them are lagging cigarettes about brought this so So what is it? What's your pecking order for movies you'd make give Gimme a first place,
he's a ten episodes above board and in Thailand. Ten episodes of blood sport yeah. How many do the same thing? We got a guy who has to go, find a tournament and- ass. We can't ducas really nobody's left from their movie now, sir. He killed everybody, and then he died in real life. I don't have a genuine he's out. You can do roadhouse, but you could probably do. I think I think it would be cool to do just one of the guys.
Right, the movie is not age. While my daughter is like what's going out this year, she came right first school paper. I don't understand that if you get, this is a gross garrisons upper. What you have to read reduce impartially, but I feel like right now would be a good time to remake thou and those crossover movies, where nobody in the new high school can figure out that it's actually a girl and there's no real reason for the newbie doing it, but they committed anyway Samaranch spent three months dressed like a boy to prove some point to my newspaper elder yeah, it's a little flood. What about, act a school of branded age. If I felt that would work as a tv, I think, thou and could probably worked to other. They basically just remade that as the movie with that that Melissa Mccarthy movie, I felt so my my daughter came home for that most Mccarthy movie and told me the plot as this is back to school. She had no idea with them at here. So does your theory, though it yeah she liked it. It's good Do you also do that was centred entertainer did their remake back to school with him too,
see now we just had of ideas yeah, I think so. I think they're making the Perjure Apple TV, Sir, that works that yeah you what you need for a good tv series and reason, another reason covert. Is you need to build up to a thing that could be like this? Is the end yeah. I got to the end of the tournament. Let you do that tournaments coming! That's all! That's that's how it has in at the end of the tournament and then arrogant, set up next season is another term same thing: I'm frightened I lights were so well role given to the playoffs and that's what we're gonna do we're going when state back bank robbers work. We make We both sides. What was there last bank robbery move? There came out a text to do that. We talk about a den of thieves, good start solid, ending very tough, our place in between I Gerard Butler, is, as Chris ran, said, job I was going for it Jerry Butler is like the best worst bad good actor in any movie I've ever seen. He is
completely over the tap its enjoyable. I think he thinks he's doing way better than we do, but I still like it yeah. That's. It may seem like She didn't do any actual research on anything he does. He was in his house like what cool mean guy, do love, a ring in an affliction teacher like you do amateurs I am however, yeah yeah, who get girls say a cool thing. I am the stair people I was really surprised by how much unlike din of thieves I expecting to go, and you know why not like him in what could you do percent, who loves bank robbery movies more than I did a little. I do love good Bank robbery movie, sometimes in our work, though sometimes an hour, and I saw the cats- and I was like. At Gerard Butler now, fifty cent a man whose, by Kara Fifty set a region, These that are really good actors. Not that's a nice guy really like fifty seconds you back there rate in din of thieves. I hear you
the best guy entered in a remarkable now is ruining for heavy, even though he is a bank robbers is killing. Multiple people here he's the depression, I'd scene when he takes the ahead into the garage and he's got a done this, because I want to say it as nice as possible at the award he's threatening his life, like it was a really racing hate, the he dies rate in the moon Give you told me in two thousand and one whenever yet, as I can a goblin. Yeah yeah. I try and fifty cents going to be alive and two thousand eighteen hour billing no zero lives here had been shot like where ten times you get shot before you get famous, though but I just what is it now? Is it to fifty it is that kind of thing anymore, performer, anything he's, gonna, be an actor and we're paper remove, is out of the lake no way and then three he's gonNA day Chelsea Handler, but I don't know who that is. But no one has no chance of really
Yeah, he was really get. So we recommend that of thieves, but were kind of we. Both a bank robber move is one hundred percent you we talked about the salary. Whatcha was pad talked about what rules we would have in a bank robbery. I said I want an absolute one b. The driver and I really I actually I don't wanna, be a bank robber driver like if that's by that's my next year. Plan of the rear falls apart right, that's plan Furthermore, I would beg rather driver must bank robbers in every city, ostensibly the driver, little red gonna be the guy who jumped on the counter and shit. The gun into the ceiling. It says everybody get down or else and That's a you! Wanna be right! You may not me What did you say? I've camera? That's that's my wife it's your wise ass. I was that role that Europe firmly ugly, I'm the guy who dies early like I may
mistake, or I didn't have an enemy to do you need a trail. I'd have admitted somebody and that that that I got do that's me, I'm never. Every time I watch those movies. I think that's part of the reason I like him so much as I get to pretend at least for a few minutes like I want to be cool, like Pablo and in den of thieves by Miriam the mate, lay whose possibly the main boss he's so great Didn't say much he just stood. There is strong It is already a long neck. He stretched out further to look down on everyone like I want to be. Like that, but I know in my heart of hearts, like that's not me, you know I am in God Other remember Enzo the Baker yeah. He shows up pay her light and then some and then a Michael pose a man like age stand here with me, and so he does it, but he's terrify the author. That's me, I think you talk me into a bottleneck, ambien and good, Are we nearing twenty fifth anniversary terrified fur blood in blood out, yet isn't one thousand nine hundred and ninety three one thousand nine hundred and ninety three
A movie that's an unpaid item or your February, the thirtieth anniversary year, Sir. Twenty fifth everybody with yeah yeah. They want so it does show evidence does show cocktail twenty times a day, while arousing goes another one that could come back cocksucker. Areas is cruises living in a resort in Jamaica area. Soon his wife left them bar tender. Uses all right where there are ways: sons where it, whether you remember that one HBO show with, Ours is a remember all the age, basing lovable Bachelor Larry, the level bachelor. Some guy, like that the second like a looking guy in the hotel aligned to the married man. Now I was thou thing dream on my Ben dream on our health. Was. I was Alan Housing and middle score. I sculpture email. I remember from the shows area with those I always sexting. The episode wage me a new their audience at that point. David the first and ten
changes in tat. They jaguars another and another night, not there and they show us up. I'm not, as we know, has been evident, cornea not to do that Baghdad the hijackers it was that was in an airport in there I remember how together got on the subject on either shaven within the plug nor have any they employ, read the ring and not come, and that's all that's it. That's it and watch din of thieves and cobra. I shudder ideas forever, who I learnt a number one, give a message for quite letter did in company or play games, but went to dodge again two weeks later now I have no more words circle, island it now one single word. You have you ever been this betrayed by anyone. My nitrate girlfriend cheated on me. Yeah, you know me with a guy the zoo. Jeanne on me, with a guy at the zoo keeper. Now she went to the zoo with a guy. She went there with a guide to cheat at the zoo which
sounds like this: could bear you to bread series of years later I looked around. I've lived, I looked up on Facebook in her life was just a shambles and are so happy ass, excited about it well, she's She knows she broke my heart, thousand bedside, presumably her and inquire Leonard, nobody the growing area with somebody at the zoo, nobody, D, Frazier, TAT, Frazier is is number six on my list Kevin Oconnors number twenty three on my list, yet another shade thanks: where are they? Come now about less thanks to my dad, thanks to the boss, Thanks for make me happy this week, thanks to zip recruited and forget the check them out, secured outcome, Sash b, yes, thanks to Nephew Kyle we're on Friday, with a little bit or don't forget to buy shares book by the way for fathers day for somebody within a month a month away. I thought I should have said yeah by the book by the book
fathers? They would take her ikebana, like that Barack Obama Ikebana as hop in the end we had to listen to our Shan Hezekiah abstained, because it's funny back on Friday s ways.
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