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The Jalen Rose Reunion Special (Ep. 318)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons reunites with Jalen Rose to discuss the origins of The Fab Five (5:00), Jalen's rise at ESPN (14:00), 'The Grantland Basketball Hour' (30:00), the NBA All-Star draft (36:00), LeBron's longevity in the East (1:01:00), Kawhi Leonard's situation on the Spurs (1:16:00), Coach K's new sales pitch (1:28:00), and the best NBA Finals cities (1:40:00).

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Today's very special absurd in the B S pack, ass on the Ringer pack, has now presented by zip recruiter. What, if a point guard made, eighty percent of his threes would have gave them rose got eighty percent of his predictions read an mba cat down, but nobody went down like twenty like thirteen percent there. Well now in your hiring, you can play at that level, because eighty percent of employers who posted javelins epicurean aquatic innate through the Saint just one day there powerful technology, learns what you're looking for identifies people right experience invites them to apply to your job, how many people have working for you Couple if, if anybody out there was to google- and are you too, when we talk about players in their answer, Rogers before you walk across the state and shake Adam servers, hand, you probably have thirteen employees, but you don't have. Thirteen are not probably have maybe fifty we're here
was the Procurator scouts town for you you're a little right, a person ever I want you to eat right. That's what zip, as my list is looking to drive for three I'd say cleared out of such Bs Zip code of the smartest way to higher, as well as the presenting sponsor this park ass, whereas sobriety by the reward, both that's our practice, where breakdown movies, we may have to drag you, we watch was at some point which are favourably Friday of his sleep and on the movies. Lately, you you're stuck in the Eightys and Ninetys IO, fully what we did. Goodwill hunting Riley ranks me Sean fantasy. Chris ran Shea surrender, broken down four hundred and three minutes. It's fantastic check. It out subscribe that Pakistan. Wherever you pack Ass Russell Bracky by Germany Jacobus. Why one of the grantline babies? How about the it's like, a full full grown man
if I may well, why don't you call me a the only to that? Its addictive, like there can only be what I call you day. So it started out on the great land you to network the jailer Rochelle? Yes, indeed, with co host age yeah, we had to teach for a year had to sit up straight on member here, Loud and have a desire language in order, we by the language. In we change and Anti J when in Jacobus it became a little bit of a Youtube phenomenon He was a pack ass member that, unlike laundered thousand hundred fifty thousand, no doubt european decided to give it a show. Yes, it was really weird time slots and now it's on a good times I know he em no question and ultimate hat to and salute to you for believing in those gas now was you because for those that don't normal tells us
Laurie. You enjoy yourself at the SBA, just children rooftop W hotel. We hold out, we gotta talk, but this chasm that sure this was the story of the story is that China is a regulated, that's bringing pearl jam. Then mail from a family member generals come now, so this My brain doesn't work unobserved and here's what I remember: ok, first about we met at some point there in the fat five
document, which was not a thirty four thirty, but is now considered a thirty thirty. It was during the stretched between volume, one if I am to when the powers that be had decided to call documentaries is pan. European films presents instead of thirty thirty, and we had to spend almost two years fighting with them to get them major back to third, there is ever was calling it a third thirty. You did this and ever, as I doubt, was great thirty thirty and it wasn't a third correct, but it actually works, and now we consider part through their family. So we may add think we did a pie cast an essay two thousand ten. What all right- and I remember you came on your super honest- and I really like talking to you- and I was like that when great I love that guy and one of the things I remember- and I appreciate it- is that you had a cool that I used that you
light and it was the war will not talked about travel and on a role in particular to Detroit, and when I say the only thing is open in Detroit after two a m is jails, hospitals and legs. He everything from then on everything, just skyrocketed So, no matter what I've comes out and I think pan for pan was the most successful of other documentaries. I've ever been involved from the sheer standpoint of I boss. They have shown that thing so many times. Yes, they have we. When we thirty thirty and we were creating a innovating unthought thing. We never imagine people we rats them like they did. We knew they would work, never thought the seven showing would get a rating year thing they have shown for seven aid straight years and it's like if a plan series ends early and they have to,
the feeling is paean. They're just have a just throw the fat five in there and then run it again it. How about this? For you know how this works when you're trying to- shadow, so many glass citizen and do so many things in this industry just think about this. For a second, I haven't entertainment company, three tier that you believe they're kind of shell believe they're. Allow me the opportunity to actually produced a documentary. It was the first time that the company was work with Erin Cohen yeah, who is done a million. It is now Jason AIR. Who I just did the giant with whose is absolutely incredible without the dj premier. Yet these are all people that I brought it to work with the project and I've seen them go and participate. Fifty other projects, and I'm never going to. She has to produce a second documentary. Well in the funny thing is number one we want to do. We want to do Tommy Hearns, for, like a year correct. We had
we heard that was gonna, be my second opportunity to do as I like many thousand thirteen yes indeed and tell them who's, gonna direct it correct small world theory, as rather Adam, who went on to now work with ESPN produced a OJ documentary. That's been highly acclaimed Azra, how about that, as is gonna, be the Tommy herons director, yes and false through Fer, a couple reasons that we don't need to mention nothing to do. There were more with Tommy in the people around a correct and we shouldn't get it done, you're, just not being which, by the way we should mention that was like one of my top ten dream documentaries possessed by Tommy Herzog he's dead. In all these different sports movies, basically, but he's the other team that loses in the end. Yes and he's just passing through. Are these apex of these other guys plus the Detroit thing. It was like the perfect one,
there s a manual was still live in at the time and he once he died and became tougher, less indecent. We're gonna have as red do that. How about that and that would have been off the hook so fast through and its I go hey. Can you write a treatment for o J and then he wins it asker they. I feel your responsible. About you should get you shouldn't. You should thank due heed the videos he. I remember being on the phone with him, while he was still with HBO right after he did the bird and met the bird imagine that Ngos and I was a fan- it s, like? Everybody else was insult, what made me want to work with him yeah and as you light, if question but yeah you shaded, then a second. Rather that would have been the perfect one. It's too bad, but so two thousand Levin we formed and I'm in this little weird, I live office. And you come in and I forget you risk
mere sent them, but you want to do a podcast. I saw you at the Espies party. Maybe that's how it started. You saw me so both of our versions are right We saw each other, the espies, but there there were drinks whose authority Levin Espies. Well, I actually start you in an integrated way. I don't remember this part. I know you don't because you Stop that! We have. Of course you don't remember. Whereas heralded noted the girls Polton pictures of our trip to Vienna, or rather it is, in that way. You know when she needed to make this happen, so I was on a rule. Top and everybody who champagne campaign and I look at it the w. Yes, ok and I love the fact that you are creating grant a subsidiary for ESPN yet, and it do us a research initially get higher by ESPN Pierre, like my first for five years, I was frustrated because I was
we being used as a basket boy analyse Nicaragua infringes we don't have to go through the background, but the thing I loved about. You is an mba. Poor was well before you where's over and you're, making like eighty million a year when every making you knew you wanna, do media and you're doing everything you do best. Damn sport show in all these different heads. She again roars equality and see right which, by the way, does any more people they retire and they go or I put me on your biggest show and it's a mistake like you, you got seven years of reps before you even read had a hive spotlight. This was my what the 15th or sixth straight year covering finals for television right. I started doing it for B T match sports when it was later New Jersey Nets has not on Youtube. Not a bad words. You have our river do science.
Fort Cnc were coat. Collars was called the Gay Yang, my garden, the event x or through retire. Let me oh is so: I was doing all of their level of media, knew it had a point. We're like our. I am ram ready to make a jump at. It is two thousand and seven I saw what he has been here and at the time I was basically be, used to do mba tonight and or coastal to and those of primary by goodbye shows. That was the only subject I got to express myself about. Really, I was being used for the magazine. I wasn't being used in any other way and so well sorry you are creating grant where I was like. That's a possible outlet to you how'd. How would you compare it contrast to your recruiting Chris Weber to be in the first five years, so I
rose you about it. The day did Chris Weber sign with Michigan before you are after you, I sign last. That's why we're number five, so you didn't recruit him it bear. I thought you guys are, that so here's what you rigged it and then you kept your options open to the very I know. A couple of things have first off I'm the guy. Nah sanitary body Oser right, smart. That duchess has now by port authorities, while George take notes that my word is bar is so initially it Mcdonald game. We were all too to figure out a way to play with one another we rigged is so we can share rules connected to the bathroom. Yeah. So we were up into Mcdonald's game talking about it, but the spring war really happen for Chris and nine eight ninth grade. When we were Martens House house talking about yes, we didn't go to high school together, but we're gonna.
Find a way to go to college to get a new said to him. I don't care that you're gonna country day, I'm still gonna, be friends, do yeah pretty much. None of my friends. Thank you I cannot give the street credit. I can help you I'll. Give you streak red hanging out with me. Is so it introduced to Martin that propelled relationship to it. So I our admiring, was basically John skipper. I guess correct William S, welfare, obviously that hanging so two thousand eleven you come, you ought to get involved with Greenland a near seeing this whole path, you basically don't wanna, be the college basketball guy or just but I don't wanna be Mass Jaska here. I don't want to be the basketball game, because at the working as so many networks, I got a chance to see that. I had a wealth of knowledge beyond just how's. Being you straight Simon.
You came my office. I have a pretty good shit detector with this stuff and I came away from it. Thinking like I think he actually wants to do This gives. You will go and have a pack ass. I loved cause you with IRAN, He said to me when I went on your podcast. I got feedback for of feedback. I know people listen to those and I want to do other stuff- and I know what I have stories- are memory or were like these stories that are, I don't know what they are an aid about the story. Time thing the patio about how you stole a patch of unity and I love them reanimated. Some of those yesterday you started the password Jacobus, so this is our working together. So this is all groundbreaking stuff for people to get a chance to enjoy how your career transpired in mind. Also, this is before or like that. With so many outlets to express yourself is social media. Clearly, wasn't,
yet we would now so for us to light. Put on you two clips and do pie cast in a give like our draft. Are our draft in use there. We were door without came a little later I dont biggest in the happen. Ass was the next summer. We gotta know each other low bit loved working with you, thus mutual and two thousand twelve. They had been trying to talk me to do in Canada finally talk me into doing, and it's gonna be me and steaming Gandhi joining the show. De this I do steaming gunning have a phone call about it were excited, began to work there, there then stern, squashes Van Gandhi, he just squashes it sooner They don't have a fourth person, and now panicking and unlike why can't we get Jane and they're saying what he's on the college show MAX. What this is the NBA. This is a much bigger show. Any went back and forth beg for their member evenly.
Ten days before we run we actually abysses and started. You went on there. No yet and they are trying to figure all this ok and then then it worked out at an we spend too magical years together absolutely and what was happening In that period, before I get added to countdown which, by the way you should have, The first person they asked were here ears, here's what what was taking place. I was also doing other, shows so I was doing numbers never law. It was Monday to Friday. It was in Bristol Connecticut. I was doing college game Day. Damn you do everything again. Latterly Sandy ran so I was already or what was considered to anchor programmes. So it was almost like Is he gonna be able to do all three at the same time, because that's what I did the first year while so and that's a good lesson, because I think
Almost every time now athletes just get thrown into the big job right away. You were so desperate to prove yourself, you're going. Bristol urine on Espn2 shows you're doing MBA shows you do an mba coastal coasted eleven at night. Do you do in college basketball, weekends? You do everything to get to make an name for which is weird cuz. You were pretty famous at the time and also this was appeared a time where I recognise that I was the only person that the company work in Monday through Sunday I will do a numbers, never lie Monday to Friday of doing game they Friday Saturday. I was doing a Saturday Sunday and we were still the clock is right. So that's why I was one of many reasons related cause. You actually gave a shit, so we start doing. Canada does indeed around his rinkitink set and their building the new set. Yet a death was really small,
this is small, we could barely four America they we could see the sides of everybody's leg separate, apprehended there and we're doing with MAGIC Johnson who, they model year. Yes, indeed, somebody that was by nemesis on the South expert was one of my favorite Basque upwards of our time and where China, be fanboys random. Juggle that all I hadda we go back and forth with him tv when it's freaking magic Johnson and we want em over about two months in yes, and then that the conversation starting that really get that you're a little office, absolutely all agree. Michael Wilburn to it were from being alive best. No question love working with you guys. It was awesome came over that time, We did that Detroit verses meant that a trade verses was at Chicago, oh, We did absolutely the hood layer rank with well by yesterday.
About a break up game yesterday and back magic was the most animated. I've ever seen him yes about any lady Ashton it about Michigan and we are trying to come up with the with the best pick, team and he went on record. He said the ice may George, Durban was the greatest pick up basketball player of our time and we're like what do you mean like compared to Jordan? Compare he's like the best. He said, Every time I got a nice girl. In my first speech- and it was a lot of shit like badges and unrelenting- is like for me to get a chance to- work, will all you guys who are so excellent and respect? at your jobs. I am trying to say continue to my back in the business and also since I have been. We want it. So long I was fortunate enough to arm you have earned the respective like my peers and yet in executives stuff like that. So I appreciate it how we went from being
like a ball room to a locker room, so we was invaded We happened around December January February, but Emily Search, I figure. What else would you do you and that's when we came up the job interview job in a view which is the only if they ever did it, because then the guy started showing a stop shown up the next year. But we do this job. Going to you turn that crazy draft that turned out to be honest, was the big prize, renewed area, but we are these guys in all of our assessments. Coming out of that thing, ricotta held up like memory Mccall. For example, only lira those words to favour. Yes, indeed, member that, yes indeed, and we will, we put them on the spot and ass a different questions, and we did that and we are on the road all time in it was great. I mean we, we became pretty cool server that and also another groundbreaking. They know I haven't got a couple of things: how that
didn't have what was considered a traditional host, and now you look back at it. That was genius like not that a whole can't be valuable or really good at their job. I, I think a good host manners, but there's not a ton of ghettos and and also to the bottom line we still were able to get our continent is a work show right. We were things thirty men who tears deleted. It was. It was fast anyway, so it gave us a chance Still get in and out of stuff, and also this is win. More time media and you were the catalyst for they started to look different I'll. Never forget the way to grant list, Lydia once looked ass. If it was your basement, it was your garage. Ellie Love and they all of a sudden. Our everyone you walked in their one day, and I put up my pictures, you are happy
We need this so that every accelerator now is you look. Do the landscape, what a business that's what people are really, as I say, MR me, to an end or a copy of the air putting immortals in their family members stuff, like on the walls which may not seem like what thing right now, because a lot of people are doing it, but it's a personal, no question like other children. These- are my Bible, heads or helmets- or things like that- so would the anything we did I was actually ahead of its time, because then in the technology we did that March madness extreme from my house, yes, but we didn't have the tenth. Gm- and we had to had to read this- giant tenor, yeah and the guy cracked by basque monochord. Whether this thing is just so we had to spend like. I don't even know how many thousand bucks on it, and now we were just do it with like phones, but we're like this. We grey
Have our own studio show that will come on in pop in these different spots of Thursday Friday, and it was good. That's when you remember jump the couch yes. Indeed, we did all that. I am ass. Fine, we're taking chances correct, but also that created a unique outlet for two separate. Things. There were happening first off people can tell if, as a public figure, you are publicly who, our privately. They get a seat airy really fast, so we became the whole boys to all of the sports fans. Could no. We were genuine number one number two, we were, information and number three. You could we won't be muzzled with you, allow let us say whatever we want that was it really taken place? We should mention that, within two years, I've gone from the right, so light You know how it is like collar cavern. It was the got it took me. Thank you getting.
On the other hand, ague knees fortunately play a it cost him. His job, customers opportunities in the NFL to spearhead movement and ass, truly wit, you out personally? Don't ridiculous capacity, but I love it yet, but in theory that's what you are personally and see him and asked what happened to allow us to be applied gas. A radio show a two way until It is so now soon that afternoon visual I was carrying a bet magic. How many emails you again like was his brother. Caring about what you mean people who worked at the SBA. I read from a position of power tat, really some notes javelins bad. What does pop the trunk me? The most fun thing I think we did was when we did the with the first We did the bill in jail. An mba preview.
Take the original content. We taped sick. We did a six hour taping, neither of us went to the bathroom and it became stand levy, Rwanda tell them what we did again. We did six straight hours of ripping through the teams. There are, there actually are needed now, but I think we did fifteen tee yes, we need not yet out of the chair and go to that didn't move, so that was a passion. But what we do know what part of our love work and with each other, we were so frustrated by countdown and how short the segments where in these little we'd for people and four minute segments, and basically its did a dream to be Shall I that any don't have anything to say anything and that can't in So that's why we're going on Youtube and doing the stuff we wanted. Absolutely
somebody for silence- I would you still now in their segments, are like boom. Hey, yes, get you one point in your no course in it. For somebody does a basketball historian, like yourself, wrote the book on basketball so might meet a breed, live and breathe a sport without to go deeper in a box. Score is sometimes just when you're a national network. You gotta play the hits your talk about a handful of teams, maybe five or ten players that just kind of how it plays out. We allow people to come behind the curtain because we was covering everything D. I think we did that heading into the third, fourteen season? Yes, indeed, one of the segments, I think, was a slow bronze last year in Miami yes, but it was I want it was some of this stuff we hit there, I think, was the spring. It hey one talk by mattresses left off,
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no I'm planes when we haven't even taken, I fear any fell asleep and then the plane landed in you. Wake up. It was like you, a robot. I've never seen anything like that. It was like your NBA player. Dna correct, get on the plane out, plane lands up in this is played in the Lee. At a time were light. We didn't have the level of technology to be able to really just watch footage right after the gay rights, a sleeping is actually get no less so Casper Millbay Mattress two years ago beneath it ever since I started sleeping and better made me feel stupid, adding about my matches sooner now you can get fitted out restored any mattress purchase by visiting casper dot com, such bs Use, Africa, BS terms and conditions apply. So we did those videos, the bill and jailing preview, and we jam on. The second season was not much fun. We more funding. Doing other stuff in general are
audibly frustrating shouted. Do it seems like it's a little more fun now it's. Like the way they set up, that they'll do more. One hour shows is now that was one of my grab some outside at, like we need an hour. They especially like this week and we're gonna talk about some of the amazed have gone on theirs. Fifteen story lines this as we can you do that twenty two minutes, your gripes again, are things that we are now doing. You wanted always I'll, never get rich yeah Maybe there is already an hour yeah they throughout to sport center. They would fly ass to the city. I mean it's all stuff that got facts idiot and we will do what we were able to lead a gave a half time. So some yeah, you are you gonna play flew us to go to the game, for you say so this year, Pierce get added. Yes, indeed,. So I shot. Chauncey was added last year yesterday in that and, as you know, the other person
add it. Michel beetle well was somebody else that you and I would hope that we. Have a chance in what way, shape or form to work where we waited. Are the esprit work, whether at the S views? And so I now have come full circle, not only work for her account now, but they did you go. Work with our April. Second, when git upstart will my green paper yeah, we Mrs Mann's new. You three shows yet during three different ways. Are you worried that their that that's too many not at all so one of them is a morning show for three hours and that every day, yes, indeed Monday to Friday three hours, but here here the tree in the morning, but here's the turret unit morning person. I am only a born a her now stop it build up mature we're talking about I'm a bad at eight or nine o clock. I have a better half in everything. I know you did fallen, loves together, and so I remember times
I will do an mba tonight or two in the morning and then Wholesale MIKE Mike it six and so for me to be up in the morning and have an anchor Monday to Friday. That's somethin! really. This is only the second time. In ten years I had that I had it would not Never laughed like a year and a half in now, Have it will get up. So in theory, I've been doing a lot of different things, but I never had to be one place at one time to do a shower because calm down, as you know, is only a couple days a week and seasonal. The park ass video shall I was able to do from anywhere, so the then name shall get. So every shows going to stay with you screaming get up at the camera. Now, hopefully, will have something big. Why a guy like Jays Brown, git up again owner or probably outcasts, you need to get out, get out, get some thin, really good song
did it I don't know anymore. I'm saying is I play an outcast Myrna there there they went diamond their popular grew one of the best things it but this was the two year- that we traveled to do the files in the conference? Fine us them me. Hate were good, a basketball, yes, indeed, and three, The four series We did on the road pass through the one for City of Miami? Yes, indeed, second home. Yes, indeed, actually, what is your sex? me that so many homes, second all demonstrate your phone. Found a toy is first, all will always be anchored. Their grandmother just turn, one hundred Seventy six, no question about it. Hasn't industrial she's doing terrific you get to a hundred. She takes care of herself, no snow cigarettes, no alcohol, Well, she likes her our wines, spirits, hers wines, so that's the key. I d wages and hot yoga. Yes, indeed,
and so and generally obviously is is the tuition. Free public charter highs I found a deity joint do thirty seconds I generally. Yes, all that was also found. The two thousand and eleven- and Actually I was hoping you'd be a scholarship through the jailer most charitable far we influenced around forty years to go to college and also have a scholarship dominate the University of Michigan. So, at this time when a country how to economic downturn- and I remember John Mccain, saying this in a kind of stuck with me when he was run for the presidency. Initially he will cause you decide. He wasn't gonna campaign and in my home town in last night, when the rest of the world gets sick, Detroit gets the flu flew and I always stuck with me, and so, while the country was in chaos, you know Detroit,
was in despair, we were girls, schools, we were open and jails, so I really just felt like being a founder of a charter. High school would just agree education at a mission of the kids, I was already help and what may unique is we're not only focused our graduated from high school but track, and the young people and helping them get graduating collar. Also so how many kids that nine to sixty models we have four hundred and fifteen approximately inability days we have about. Three hundred and fifteen alumni- and so this time next year will have the full and not through sixteen model, an employer is their big statue. Vs at this place, not at all big me nah? I didn't want to name the school out me. I was like this nodded Jarrow era career. I was like, maybe not the more but the king, or that's really like noble or successful, but they were light. If
do you own it, and so has been a terrific undertaken, but allay probably until April, has always been I must make a home must start in money. I came away and then needed? My? U! Ninety! No ditching Ella and me I'll never did to buy you a decent allay. There's you can probably google. Pedro me, a noise at the century in nineteen. Ninety far right AUS did NL ay from middle for twenty years, younger diet- and now I did to allow here no matter what street was no question. I was a sunset embarrassing to you that doesn't hazard ADA, you literally almost got us ass. You do with Leslie yesterday right, that's a lowly in Seoul Ella doubly must take a whole, but my kids, my family. They live in Atlanta. To my mind, this is a sea he or she wants to go to college in California under my youngest doing great also. So that's really
Triangle Yahoo mail doing here all this was, I think, twelve. Whenever I can't down endured I was so enamoured with my little six year old girl at that time are seven. Wherever she went out, you're late layers darker in your leg, just wait. Samantha, they tell you because it this way just wait. A lotta I rose head, shakes DORA Hug, you will you walk in anymore, does now and this I must needs money a latter day, hey dress, is a little short as a dad. Yes louder than dull, seeing the western don't do anything just just just have- can have a greater, so we have done everything in three years habitable not allow. Last time we did something the grant them.
Ask which I still stand by as being a fucking awesome show that IRAN is online. That's another thing that was a trailblazing situation. We had a basketball show That was not count. A powerful show with weird people on it. Like Stephen Jackson, we, where does that sound language now happens every day. Nicholas does a really good job with the jump right is way we had to fight to get that show. But we did a show and may seventh, two thousand fifteen. That was she really good show me. I think we have that harassing on members today and she was asked in a show prior, we have what we re in a year, so terraces I'm create, show, and then the next em up yes near now that we have done you said something that I have privately. We ve done private tracker, there's been a lot of texting. There's been some beverages, yes, indeed, but when I say that
did you know that on my back, I want our basket. Ok go amiss doing this with deeper mutual we're gonna. Do this more after the asked. Our draft There's no reason we shouldn't do via the simulator teams, eventually well, We should do that. Actually, if you're not going to talk about, the wife and do it they will they do. It is almost too like legal marijuana, more. Making sure that you have internet service everywhere, you go. Have you ever walking down the street trying to get online or use your phone like? Why can't I don't have service what is going on here every day, found a way to monopolize it. Yet once they are able to say Ok, everybody bid for it to be on television, everybody land can pay to be, sponsors is gonna, be a different version of what we saw. Lebron James, do when he did his announcement. They're gonna, eventually televised. It just happened so fast,
with such a great idea the case link it all honest I wants is like when you buy off and Iphone before. You know it is now in a slow down a memory ran charge, it all work to ear buzz. You lose the exact same thing, they're going to do it, but then I do in addition, if they tell us they ve been fun to watch. Damon lowers reaction when he goes last here. Landed. You can go now. I feel cheated. Who would go last month or sell to outdoor forward? Alas, AEGIS senator my feeling is true: he spaces the form provides diva, he does he's a terrific team player. I am not in any way the role Europe there is that the last four guys, probably from east no question really- What should happen is this? The talent pull shouldn't be EAST West. It should be the best twenty four players, Right, I don't understand why you are forcing twelve player from each conference. That is
for example, a thought into it. You should be the best what they saw it is. It is eighty players from the west. Six flares format, you saw what right, let's go at the best twenty four I'm with you, on the side day. I did on Twitter like six months ago and I'm becoming more and more commits the one of the best ideas I've had in a while, and he picked twenty five players. You split them up in fives and it's king in the court, and you just go and it's like you play. Twenty one teen tries to stay on who you play for. Basically, straight hours, that sounds like work whenever the last two that's the finals and it's it's like five million bucks, the five guys split at million apiece. Here's the thing about today's NBA they're, too rich Nicolas Batum, was twenty million hundred it some believe and so, when that happens, we're gonna make it one fifty they like. Oh, I rather have the weak enough. Yet where do they re hours? Five, all five five
tease manner all dressed in overalls as a lot of work, so we can pay. We fix the asked our game in anyway. Now, there's no fixing it. What is fun about this fit mixing the teams this having teammates play against each other, potentially well, it's it's all those It's almost is almost like when you grow rooting for celtics y'all only had a home Josiana and Away Jersey and it was like that's to be tradition and rather that they can make more money southern more jerseys and before you know it is all types of jerseys black ones. Blacking green was the Celtic even have cheerleaders now read, wouldn't have cheerleaders now they waited till he died. I know he died and then they brought out the airlines are next year. Have our workers- and I think they ve mentioned They were doing in the end. They might have killed them. They might have done Redman s couldn't bear they dug easier. There's like tat Uniform reach team now so so that's why you mix up two teams. It gives the illusion that you get a chance to see people
we'll never play with one another play together. That's it you get anyway this and ask our guy. It's not gonna work that she has now It would have if the if, if we saw the draft, I also you could talk me into when he our stars instead of twenty four months. We make an exclusive there's always for that. We're not sure about anyway suggests who are the best twenty guys. Let's go ten ten guys unease so. There are a few things that I think Adam who likes an amazing job. As commissioner and you decided to deck, it is for a light NFL for Replace command disrespect their commissioner, he He's made a lot of really awesome. Changes to the game like cutting down the time out to speed up the pace in all types of stuff Another thing that I would like to see him do. Bill yeah is have the play ass. We want sixteen seem who I have that
we talked about that a year five years ago. Question about it. I don't understand why, with the ability to travel, private plays in the way nutrition is now and the way that you are tracking players minutes in all of these great these that allow players to play. Allow law- you should now had a best. Sixteen teams physically plan, a guess. Another like the easier tenement into me. That's the true champion. What about by, that tweak on that at a view of fourteen seeds, the other sixteen way for the last two seats in their fifteen and sixteen, then you open it up now, What do you like day noted what the garbage teams antibiotics the no playing games? No Davies, nothing is so here's what you do. The imagine here is a perfect example. This is yeah. Maybe a final should be the goals they work in Houston Rockets right. Those are the two best teams in a league right, but they gonna face each other coffers finals. And we may get a team that this unit
maps of the east I Toronto is near their women seventy percent of their games. If I had to pick a team today to whose look who's looking the best in the EU, I would say, Toronto there. The safest bet right TAT is not a safe bad as the Cavaliers of Cleveland, correct hate. I don't want to any further without playing a little game called jailer. No stuff, ok, go way back in the day. Ok cool, I ain't Gilbert is it came out Stephen, a Smith said: Inga Boy saw the calves, you and I have always believed, he wanted to own the pistol since he owns half of the downtown Detroit anyway, and there would always makes sense for him the foot franchises with Tom Gore's or he by he sells the cat buys the pistons, and then they put the calves up for sale. However, this ways out jailer, no stuff what he now and,
uniquely position in this scenario, being what I consider friends, what time gorse, also Dan Gilbert who graciously both, or J R, L, a rat in soul, is your way saying: you're, not gonna answer this arm doubly gonna while uniquely pay. There are around four in professional sports of they. People underestimate the fact that their in basketball of football, in particular a lotta owners. There are from mission Yes, in Orlando, with clippers dolphins and privacy to college enemies. You just talked about so being form Michigan in an eye, deal world because that's where his business now is Quicken lawns. Any move three thousand plus employees
From on high is all in Detroit, no quotas pushed his chips and then the Detroit table in an ideal world. Of course, he would probably prefer to own a team where is pushed artist chips in the middle of the table, two pieces already have a terrific owner who just moved a team from over heels. Finally, back to Detroit for the first time in thirty years, maybe he wants to get out, and so maybe they govern, says here's my price for your team and then I'll figure out through my team. As I see both of those individuals who are again I admire, and now I think they both enjoy being franchise owners and leaders. So, It seems like that may be a quality trends. This is to take place. I personally don't suggested you don't wanna Howard. As you know, the gorse gives up the peasants. I don't think you're happy so and if it does happen, it probably won't be the Danube so
Gilbert is getting out because the brain is leaving would be the other take away here. Just looking at it from afar know enough, I seem suspicious. I think that we underestimate the fact that when you own a franchise, that's a legacy play for yourself and for your family. For those thinking, short sighted light old for three years. He's gonna the team and get a top dollar, because Lebron James Ryan Days is an all time, iconic player, but guess what the giver family can do a hundred years from now still on the gas. So why would he so correct? unless he has a chance to own another team, the Detroit pissed. Ok, what's real, let's redrafted themes, ok, do you wanna be Leubronn or carry it doesn't matter you got first Arctic. First, whatever But one of us has to be the bride, and one of us has to be carried out with the think like they would think all gotcha gotcha it's like it's,
the other thing to capture serial killer. You have to think like a serial killer correct, so let us be in all our captain. We have to think like and also allow allow meet. Allow me to be Currie because to me here's what Lebron James should do, and it's just for killer instinct value. In my opinion, he shouldn't draft a warrior or courier ok, if on him, I would so what are you be Lebron James? I don't. Wanna, be leubronn in this network that data draft alright- and I was here so that they can be fun. I didn't realize you did this before. This is amazing, second hand, gimmick knowledge, do it before cheeses, who'd, you do this, which goby I didn't count out. We did a laugh, This'Ll be better, You probably at three and a half minutes you had a restaurant there you pass through your curry, I let's get it, who had the first,
between the Brown occur raw. Had the first fixing show me the Rostov, please the bran, the bran at the first pick you get, the first picture will take our natural state. Is this Katy Fit are whole thing about. You know. Where is right, you don't think I'll take a warrior. He he better not take a warrior. Okay and he better not take Kyrie Irving. I want be looking in sideways. Here's the thing: ok, so he's one of thing to the disdain. I see by the Houston Rockets towards the clippers yeah, you know would be magical wanna play ass if they felt that way towards the warriors who they beaten twice to issue new begin somewhere. That should be the NBA fine I want through sixteen. I have taken hard, and I now have the rostovs in front of me. You scroll only occur so you First Big Europe. Do we go snake fashion? What I
What I want- and I get two and three now that we are doing- and I was just going back years ago by Doktor James harden the broad- takes James heart. Another primary law handler near I'm gonna go won't. You know act as you must pay in his next year. Is the idea of an age is our way, and this is so much but put in a good word from a low jays aren't I wish I could get it. I wish I wasn't retire from the stroke law. Man that God idle, what that guy does on the correct off the corn man, it's legendary. I look out to doing harm, but he better be careful. Are markers PIG is Kevin, Dorette, ok, great pick survey. Now we have broad and hard and against curry under it I'm going to take Janius. I love your
and by the way, you're splitting hairs when you Talkin about gray players, but I'm gonna do there right now, I'm gonna take a guy who just ass tall who just as law Cosu, but I must have get as close fired this year, Anthony dates. That was almost my neck. Wait. A second women yacht is forgetting Jason. Kid fired, no, not at all Jason kick adjacent, get fired, it ends badly for him wherever he goes, no blatant, no shots analyses that he would do one thing, though he was able to do- and you know it's really hard to develop a young guy and to be a top flight player. Now that makes it an attractive job, so I'll give him half credit for.
He thought of the idea to give Europe a bar, the term yeah. This is a freak. I thank you and I give a view in our culture, the bucks last three years. I think you're still happens in his exact for anybody who can done from the from them. Friggin three point: nine: until stamps, it's gonna be fine. Rednecks pick. Yes, indeed why Davis her. This is task, as are the said in their stole. A couple warriors you're like a pig, pick starters right now. I can only pick this. Or ass. The hearty acknowledged acknowledge it to beat us another thing. I don't like that either the picked a ten starters before the eight other starters before we picked reserves love my team. Now I get in a whisper, not starting correct. That's interesting! I wanna keep a spy open for Westbrook you to pick the starters first, here's another thing: I'm going to show you so he can take Irene.
There is another positive curry play this perfectly, because he knows he's gonna get Tiree correct and you know who else I'm not gonna get. Who westward would I thought I'd take the roses. I think you are my next week will be mayor. We gotta squat, let's go curry, carry and then have an amazing score and then I'd taken? Indeed, then I'll take a follow up our blackmail lot of water them back with, but though they don't know this and forget about. I'm back me just get back on defence with its benefits, but they don't know we used to always go deeper into the box score for young players in light till stories behind why they,
pave the way they behave or why there underperform, and he was one of our first gas at said- it's the outcome. Betrayer. We do our body in front of it like ya, know he's a Sacramento, but yeah can now noses hazy. Yeah. You know in they traded him for body, he'll, Yan and the tenth pick an I feel like the he was, will be the next day in their tenth pick that they then turned into the fifteenth in the twentieth. Pick correct. Congratulations are natural dictate that they take energize of on aspects, just Jackson, Harry Giles who the Poohpooh Platter can. I have forgotten so Leubronn hard and youngest arose and indeed curried Durrant. Carry buggy. I, like your team. More and now is the reserves I get first bit. I see I think if I had to do to over again pick? I would try to have and Davis together and the first to pay
I'm gonna do a year. The first beg you know what I'm gonna do you do? We have to do now now you're ye a now, because if they won't be fair, if I now do it taken Jimmy Ross, Whisper man. Does the EU have Westbrook Currie Inquiry and laces and I still can't take any warriors. See. You know bothers me about this, and why, in this is a good reason why they didn't tell of, as the draft doll shouted drier, La Brown will take our walkers cause of professional stuff, not because John, while deserves to go, I'm not going to do I'm gonna take is crazy, tat we, probably live in a world where Lebron James won't be a member to cast next year. Oh deeper, that's I got from the job interview back into the dad did
oh you know where I can. I change that is generally, is Jimmy but their healthy or not. You could take him. Is he healthy though he beheld the? I once you me, but he's a part of the thing you could take on taking Jimmy, but I had an asters cause. He's hurt, so the big I have his car than a town NASA. Now you ve buggy. I have bulldog eighty year almost go to Kentucky Trio, not Genoa, normal switch it up. Yet Gimme pausing is. Well. I need some big three shooting. The guy I beat at in need him now this we're Kevin loves, feelings are already started and I ran out of hand so that they do not take a dreamer look anathemas. Well, sagging. I don't like the branch to take any warriors, but I also think having J, my
against this treaty based so play really hard. He will be greater than the tea we'll take a purse I'm here to help put a little extra. There is, you know our unease, and now I'm going to take you. Did you take on a deeper now? You can have I'll give you all the deeper you put him your reuniting with West Brics across him off for that game. He's gonna have affected. I haven't Vietnam stress last back ass to any another point guard I do is I was I love multi year. Seems really your team real. My plea simulators somebody stop the fight and bought away. You know back in the day you had a barbershop argument. You can sell it weakest settled if you could just add up they p hours and get a score that way. It is symbolic, assimilated, all NBA to k and
Mba laugh. You could stimulate this year, sports as in a game simulators I'm taking clay, Minister, some warriors tension haven't to work on my team look at by shooting by the way I look at my Should I get Clay James Hearted, your shoes, pretty good too, when you got my next pick us only what three foregone laugh. I got defence I become winning flemish shut. You down always a foregone five guys, love yeah, I'm going to take another God has given me twenty and T yet Kevin that smart he'll be inspired? You know, I guess Libra yeah come Us gone from were shooting. I want Bradley Bill. Bradley Bijou. That's a good choice,
came to us all. That can be interrupted for jail, no stuff sure how many words daddy. Brad. They bear Jamal, say to each other, that's not on a basketball court there, one hundred now and in the past low percentage but not one hundred now. Yet we are going to act yet you're gonna they're, going. We sure yes, they're, gonna positive, yet again, ok there next week in her ball into hustler flaws, affectionately call their buying. When talking about their did there told this function in the wizards. It is because of their far court so you make a choice. What went on one allows time you say more and more topless. These, I think, is a region this year and next year, not only to create- and my point is that Europe, my next pick out- is easy Y yeah, our value winning Yandah Marcus ardor it. Do you know about the three voice? You knock at the mere range he third in.
What Alcoa? I didn't unwanted, want to deal with him, getting upset that we weren't posting. I got I got, Calabria got a bunch of dogs and my team there I got it hold dog land to throw you and saw the final, in this draft, our supply. We got it. We got a couple more picks than we do here, who are friends left John was left, lizards left, towns is left all really here. All this is easy: at that time I figured his another great chemistry guy for you, you got all we could talk, you guys, I'm gonna, take because Kaliko Kostas Squat Willard ten towns wall and wait. There's somebody missin clay, o o, wherefore defence chemistry's for space.
Hilarious, the one I have a couple of shorter. I told you Damon Miller, Riskin go last, he's left its Damon mother, Dear John, while that's it that's because you pick funny. I pick funny China, picketing. That's gonna, win a basketball game, I'm going to have to go with, I have three smaller Garcia, somehow to go to bed, Regarding me, John look at this last pig demon lowered. This is why they need to televised draft RON, hard and youngest arose, and indeed my starters- you have curried Durrant Davis carry buggy my bench butler Dreamer, clay, beer, Larry, Hoffered, lowered your bench. Westboro pausing is old, Depot, Kevin Love, outrage, towns and joy while or as I like to call them. We can't get stops here: nothing fence or depots. You're only good defensive burn your badge. I have a squad, Anthony Davis, completely. My teams gonna put up points
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I never do you ever in favour that Ribby had a thorough look at over classy tattoos. Roster. Did you like boy? I think I, like team, carry more than thirteen carry for point. Favorites yeah, like three have authority was fourteen, but here's the problem, but you didn't you did that the calibre radiant like your team, as you went through up, then he turned around. I changed my mind, as will the Brenda we'll team Leubronn was added this. Manage because he can't take warriors and he can't take tiree like if he's just trying to pick the best team, he absolutely takes carry Durant's. The first pick. Reason that team, but he won't do that. What was there to guys he's never taking for competitive reasons. You like their correct. I guess he I am of the mindset. You actually bring those guys in befriend them like think about think about in the past, whose done that right, Michael Jordan,
I got a greater degree of the forty. We both think g m J D Go yesterday when he do jars, Berkeley became homey took him. Gambling yesterday have demanded seven o clock. Every night came his buddy and then the ninety three fires and kicked his ass. Well, you noticed very well the browser do enough for decades. Just think about it, like this Lebron James has shatter all glass ceilings for athletes because we see seen like MAGIC Johnson become a mobile after his career Leon is doing a while he's playing shack. Comes to mind is somebody I was doing. That is. Will Jordan with the shoes think about this for a second there players they he plays with and or against their he indirectly represents.
In a lot away is indirectly the word we're gonna use here, while I have to give rich Paul alot of credit, because if he's not good at his job regardless the hullo Braun, is people wouldn't want to sign with them light? That's almost saying players wanna play for a large market, all go to allay, go to New York, you gonna get the endorsement, but really that's just talk, so he's earned the right to represent the players that he has in it just so happens now. Oh just so happens that he'll abroad clearly are best, France, oh my friends, I had no idea absolutely big about. Is so rich positive in this all by himself and how about this? Through LA bronze relationships and horsemen rats, relationship, no question: he now has skills academies for high schools homes. Are you just changes, Jake? I was so excited talk about this rich path and not this is the story, the NBA. Once nobody talk about and we're this world now of of access.
Everything in the NBA. These puppies pieces his puppies interviews, libretto ones and agency. He doesn't Leon it, but he does and it besides. I came reddish picture from last summer, but you know I can read it, I don't see number two Tennessee number, two, never to argue bears number one me out of a restaurant rich part of the brand James and came reddish last year, so for people to think the bronze, not above this agency in some way he is whether it's like a halo, a godfather whatever, and its really inappropriate because they represent interesting Thompson who is totally and completely overpaid. I don't I don't see how this isn't a salary cap violation alight Tristan Thompson. Do you think twenty million dollars a year. Eighteen, where every makes will really talk. What is of a basketball players? You know yet, but if, if because we have a salary cap, so that's what makes a relevant you need a guy's european top dollar.
He's not playing like a person. Eighty five years I say competitive Eu China be for the title in your paying Tristan Thompson. Eighteen million dollars a year for the next four years in you literally can't trade him, because the contract is so bad in. You can't fix your team, but he has outlined chat because Lebron negotiated it with rich Paul, even though Lebron didn't, but it kind of did and the cats that is weird. We've never been in this territory before. Yes, we have with him. It happens with Asians everyday I remember a time when I was in college and empty hammer. India Sanders came to a game because they will represent players at that time. That's a good point. It just looks different, because had that go by the way he's currently in the league, yet he's the best player in the leg. But this is what ages do when they see Bill Simmons, tenth gray prosper.
The first thing they do, but as introducing themselves is so what kind of music you like you I drink? I'm going to get amount of all right now. What type of restaurants like to eat all men. Just tell your parents to go to the restaurant. What type of shoes do you like to wear this? This isn't exclusive to them and they're not inventing the wheel. It's just what makes it unique is he's. Currently in the leak. I think you need is a very generous words. He is, but it's not illegal. Short. Sadly, yes, we're because does do. We know for a fact that he does not own any stakes in the rich ball agency. He died. Get out of this? He heat he doesn't have to all any. Eggs in the relationship with the agency. His relationships are bigger than the players he's able to fly,
the matter really young age, they're, going to his skills academy in high school they're, leaving with bags of his gear their leave him with his wisdom. They level what his advice, job lost, half curry, all adults, gas play the his camp, is almost like a jail in on Twitter. Trying to this me and my mother made the name up right, so he can happen. I hope a pity he already to your point, which you said: George was able to do in his own way, has been able to force Those relationships that way. You think this is a benevolent power and influence play for him. It encourages edges. Images happen seamlessly for him seamlessly. Yes, indeed, and also look look at it, From this perspective, while in the league, though he's an while in the Lee in an iconic Future Hall of Fame player, he's been able to disable the other
Le Fay Fame players that worry his conference and make him teammates Dwayne Way, Chris Bosh, Mellow Anthony those are either here all boys or friends. There are going into the hall of Fame that you would have thought since they operate in the same conference for over a decade did they would actually been play off, rivals that never took place, and then he was it. Wasn't him do that with the written those Gaza correct? It is so you disable those gas. You, disarm Paul George. They were able to get over to help, India dare grow, The team got, oh, he got age or he almost got Pa George Correct is so the bright light. Floyd may weather
especially in these, he cleared a debt where he doesn't have any rivals. Think some of that was good luck. I think Chicago should have been arrival right. There grows doesn't hurt his knee there there that hold this whole decade. You know here again Is the t there were now think like Milwaukee should now be a contender they should, if they were built in like us smartway way in their not, but now they have yadda Sousa top six guy, but they have wrong, guys around him in there not a container they debts. That's good luck! Diversity is so while being a young player, the piss is he got a chance to play against those squaws? They got older, you're Celtics tease, they got older. So now you have this iconic top five, all time player in the easy copies going to define us almost every year, think about how they are playing right. Now, this you might make the fine that's on Lebron James has the lowest player,
efficiency rating of eighty player in the NBA the month of January of any plan a leak. Yes, he use where I think he got first, for whatever reason I have no idea why this is. It may be pure luck there, just more competent franchises in the east right, like Sacramento, is one of the go to incompetent franchises. We have, but the east has five sacramentos. I think Brooklyn, a tree and other first and then decide very want to pay their team. You know how to know how the brackets credit for that Charlotte or early- no or land has been in the lottery for six years now and they still suck and then we're teams that we're tanking like Philadelphia, Philadelphia tank for forced years, the necks were unable to get over to heights are completely incompetent. I really do think that it is by love averages for whatever reason the east has more. Such teams cause they ve had more lottery picks and the West
Now, if you look at the West sacrament as a train wreck, the clippers have train wreck potential, but seem ok had seems I d got through it. Phoenix is a train wreck, but at least has Devon Booker other. The west is ok, it's they go through everybody. Has somebody in everybody's got something to hang onto the incident like that and so forth. A bra. Now, at this point of his career, the chess moved that was done incorrectly. Was bought CAS. You got carry urban ala, shocking, coolby under contract with two more years, and you go abroad to contract one you. I know he doesn't want to be there. So guess what he wants to do. Collect means adapted to play basketball easier, and so you let them play this year up. I was on this
cast all summer, and this is before I knew the subjects had a chance to carry. I just couldn't believe it. I have you trade carry. This is crazy, we're about it as people read in these stories about here's where careers in a franchise blurred sick. We talking about. We just watch three stray playoffs of labelling James, giving given him the last two to close, allow saloon. You know better than anybody when we get to a certain point. There's like nine guys that matter incur there is one of the nine so at understand. First, while they screw up because they shop in which I was target and you are talking about in June there, China, trade em, it came out later, came out and light. Somebody said we knew in January. In July, there China trader but he knew he was like a three team fourteen thing and then he found out, and that was it- they screwed it up it. How about your Celtics just then
ages, Leeson teams around the league. Without with that one was Jake lucky. This ought not is not look when you try to injure players from free. He perhaps they traded now, so that Billy could git faults got Tatum faults is basically now being reassured. It would have broken juncture. Where do you think it's gone out that I am hearing that what happen in his situation is initially he got drafted, number one pig and a true or of his. Not necessarily a team employ was adjusting and are working with this junk shot, and now it became what you see now. Have you ever seen anything like this and all years about I have not. I have you have not know bill, he got picked number one. I bought the change my job doesn't always walk up and he had a nice jumper. Yes, he could shoot through. Because you re brawls dialogue
Joshua bricks right now, the jumper that he has now we're playing pick up. You wouldn't want to throw the bar if they don't throw the boss without a hitch in his jumper lazo ball, look at his shot rely menace ugly, yearly, Lazo, it's ugly, at least it has. It doesn't stop right, like Charles all gas. We have never seen anything like this I actually think this is the weirdest MBA story, just pure Basque, Bob has nothing to do with drugs alcohol girls like embassy, Gilbert, arenas in Jabbar, and that was a crazy story. We ve had a lot of crazy the earth s Malay, some of the jail blazers. Have we fed seedy crazy stories. This is purely a guy who's, the first picking the draft who now can't shoot a basque bodies. Nineteen and I have no idea- if he's gonna play again, and neither do you and I love, then sermons enjoy and be like. These are
cornerstone, perennial, all star, on a path to be hollow. Famer, I give the item and say these are franchise players both on the same roster is so while we are discussing the process, they have fumbled a couple of em too. We just talked about imagine that they taken Tatum or Mitchell have, I know well, nowhere also for Michael Carta, William say they wished and three picks basely. Nowhere was in a draft that you- and I did that draft. We actually that no l went too late I think he's had bad circumstances to, but when we did, that draft and I've told the story before and you can be the witness for it- the honesty we thought that was too soon. Member that we these at them and who is he went, I think, fifteen. Yes, but member. We were right
those videos, we're like what the hell is. This is a real issue. Maybe they yes, indeed with, is that he was stretching out. We couldn't believe you have fifteen absolutely so the Japs crapshoot, basically ridiculous, no doubt, but in the second part of our got us into this, then eighty trays for Cairo Urban right. We can't go back to the icy atomism while he was injured with a hill, and we ve seen. Now I say she's gotta come back, it's like I say I can't move, you can't jump and, while bolt worker, two players, for example, last year idea- and I have to give prompting use you'll celtic yourself to die hard the things that were saying about the Celtics inquiry this year. We were actually said about them, and I say, alas, right because the got it is untouchable than s situation. To me, his breast evils. We able to develop so many young players turn over the a turnover for starters this year, like that,
That's just heard like four, basically for guys from last year are still in this ain't, no good. I just the Cairo thing. I think, as not gotten its prey are due for why the hell did you do that there has been so many said relations over the years we're a team got to the precipice. Of trading. Somebody and just said you know at its weight his eyes with his words like Marcus hydrogen. To get traded last summer. They rode it out. You know what Marcus we're gonna wait, what I don't understand about with the calves dead, end Though I have not heard a good explanation, is why run into the season with it correct why you gotta, go, don't have your best offer. As I say, a time is coming off hip surgery in this broken pick and. J Crowder overrated in that's the best you can do just keep em and tradesmen. December January and if he feels awkward about it, sorry you make it twenty million a year and that cast T come full circle abroad price. Ugly will these war, they trade, Cairo,
now and get a shit load for correct. I just think that offer would better. They would have it. I is down. When the moved light again we sought, as movie before I have shack. I have called me I'm going with the younger player, but what about what about your pistons knows? Good example almost got Kobe. Yesterday they had the trade Formosa RIP, Hamilton, Chauncey, well, you try something else. Yes, I'll drive, there is in what the Lakers do? I wait a minute, less download it. There ready to do it and doktor bus, the greatest donor of our time he comes in, and his leg hold on route weight we're not actually going to trade him right and he got on the phone with Kobe and they talked it out and within two years they won the title and I think for the Cavs like not knowing what's going to happen with Lebron, I am way more pessimistic about them the newer, because we ve seen The arab switch you and I have talked about a million times it so much
do the odd off switch when you're, just terrible defence? It's out! You can turn on the defence which, when you have always had two to three terrible guys at their defence. I fix our role with you. The way this team is planned, they won't when these they might lose. One group is not a foregone conclusion anymore, that all we have the broncho. Therefore they're gonna win these I'm not one of those people say and he also e put a lot of miles on himself. Yes, these first couple months, anything as they don't practice really. We don't it's like our really your bad defence. You, a bad defence policy, no practice without you think we're going to think about what happened for over half of the Cesar other guys that they brought into possibly we pay play, makes it take pressure. Offer, though I see a Thomas dear rolled away way. They haven't been able to do it, and so not. It creates another low for Leubronn, so Eli Plan defence where's crowded. We agree to a measure that Twin Wade's is the starter. On year, I'm one of my favorite jail in Tunisia
a guy who join back about appointing Zack low, as is about how the when there's not ten guys on the screen, no teams in trouble when you watching tv death and there's a lot of icy ache asthma. Turkey's Gary and then you see the last two asked you log lack or even the last couple of years. Let's, let's do another. Percent a jailer, no stuff. Let's get it! Your coach, Steve Fisher. Do you almost one in actual title, with dignity, to our very close? Second time really close as close as possible, you wanta the closest. You could really come once you ve got thump first summit, the first time, but Morocco is behind you. Yesterday he also coach car while Leonard Wood. Best five or six personally, five or six two or three now he has employed all year, adapt them to spots of credit
We're hearing he might be unhappy, I have the body which doktor you MAC and put my scrubbs on by the body like exact there not like the body language on the bench doesn't seem very happy. It's weird that hasn't come back woes, wash bomb job. The bomb about deadly was unhappy jailer, no stuff. What you know so a couple of things. First and foremost, our hate to live in a world work. Awhile inner is implant basketball for the spurs under pop I wished a narrative would be all the players. Debt can t you to talk about. Their goal is to win championships into have greatness. You would think that we be lan enough talking about great free ages to go run with the spurs, yet not go wrong with
current lottery. T that's always been his granted to me, so I put that out their first. The news we should mention that we went spent eight days in San Antonio knows about four days to LE. Yes, in my ears are still ringing. That's why they got a guy lobbies. Egg of my ears, still ringing in that area they swept myth. Is that one of those years too? Well that second, you they loved ask, as we were the only ones saying that we thought they had a chance to beat Miami, and they were member how nice they were. Thus, in the as yet are not usually nine uploading, aren't I say Sergio God they saw a few days have taken place. You know first, a formal times have
aged and so like when you got an anchor like a deva, Robys or TIM Dock in get ushered in right after that to become the future franchise player and his love le greatness and all time all mba caliber play now just to usher in Tony Parker. Now, no generally, and they were a super t, people don't discussed that. But that's what you guys have been watching the last twenty years assent atoning semantic a contender, every airfare, seventeen they just it. They drafted all the players. So we took it for granted tat we just overlook dispersed. Could they don't doktor chest? I think we stopped overlooking them five years, a correct, I think, rent it as their team people started properly appreciated. Yes, indeed
well now this is a different era of player, and so I would like to see what I know that they've been able to sign Lamarcus Aldridge. I know that they've been able to sign Pau, Gasol and Rudy Gay at this point of his career, but if you're not able to pair him with like the next big free agent, like a Paul George or what's going to happen at the end of this year, with the prawn or whatever. If your him you look around at the tee thy way, Montoni Parker EAST are no more. How it is managed Tamers, Jordan Brand in his you're goin, hey man there, that teams that be relevant anymore. We gotta figure out planner. Well, what happens as a player is about away we're not saying that he's gonna stand on a table and beat his chest say: oh, I want out of San Antonio. What you are saying, is a story franchise who has the all time greatest coats,
of this error on asylum. They now have to do a college teams have to do. They have to recruit and the other thing they had the contracts event the guy they extended powers, but I think they have some space coming up. But the other thing that made the topic of conversation become one for public consumption. Where people write articles about it- and I even talked about it. First. Take was that people feel like his injury, may have gotten misdiagnosed Which, by the way, happens like fifty percent the time in the NBA Universes injury diagnosed as Thomas and environment. Attire train is static that will change our staff in that turned his one hundred twenty million dollar contract into probably one you're a million, and that was in great and so the the level of frustration. That's the Lee catalysts him not being able to play
ask your ball in a timely fashion, based on what he was told by a train staff start and stop you seen my dear colleague, You see that error level gave a when he came back. I added I eat in the great. Did you think you're the train? He didn't and that's why I'm happy that course pop echo, why people came? and talked about how their relationship is the same, as has always been at the under current conversation also is they're all saying. Well, we just hope that he kind of gets healthy, like we hope that he's able to get back on the floor, because that's kind of a point of contention, because at this point in the season to go clearly, was to have him back out there. So do you think he's a spare twelve months from now Oh, do you may think about her thought? You didn't you did it
I'm not sure. How do I know all your move rapidly forget I have so he hears the great thing I like about this. Will nor ass are really fast. You notice on that such a lame answer. You noticed Oh, so you think in six months will now one when you're gonna know, because, regardless of what we're reporting in what say we actually gonna get an answer because he has chaired the sound of two hundred and ninety million dollar contract in a few months. So he has a player option after next season. Bow Tony Parker comes out the cap. They got Patty males at twelve next year. They have Rudy Gay pride. Option eight Lamarcus at twenty two goose island. Sixteen OZ can be hard for that and even sign a big free agent. This summer I don't know, I don't see it and also a different, are of player and You look really comfortable commercial, initially, hustle he's them back. Chillun Kelly.
And so here I'm not chosen. This may take a face I'm not binding eighty spent time and see the you know, said for it is a nice place in again, I'm not Rudy from one of the best players in a league to leave one of the story franchises in the NBA, but it's gonna be unique. Based on what you said about the salaries, but more so what happens with his injury if that decisions can be made, and we may that quick coups ma and something else and some pigs for quite a think would be one of the two candidates and obvious in the south. It serve off cause, they have others assets at them, but I think if you wanted a pushes, The Lakers that could pretty easily happen is gonna be interesting to see. But again I do not want to live in a world where clause not a spur plan for pop Leubronn, and why the Brok lie in the Lakers. Can you
answer. The question now is quite a stir. In twelve months, twelve months from now my. Pain and you normally king attacked for just hasn't opinion only you will always you get em a human being. I haven't got it be that you have asked you is again violates oriented folly, toys, big, which aid is Dave. Jacobus can have another kid, you'd be guessing. No correct my why, on the spurs in a year, my guess is now- and I hope I am wrong- you can give us quickly here. Our friends at squares of us make it easy to build. Beautiful sites with your point and start a business change, careers or logic, creative project. Much like hash. Jail and verses everybody now the two thousand and eight rolling. I like that. That's you try! on that jail embers. Is everybody Brandt Battle, axe, great went! Thank you. You should absolute tackling your next move, a square space used by all kinds of people, businesses they give you the ability to create online platform to make your latest.
Into a reality? You get it. You need a landing page, beautiful gallery, Galleria, professional blog or an online store. It's all included in your square space. Side at a rage, content features with cook, amassed nothing to install Petra upgrade ever and square spaces award. Winning twenty four seven customer support will help you, no matter how hard. How is your problem may be started. Free, trout today it square space that calm quite letter could do this. He could be like Lakers. Two thousand nineteen dotcom use offer code be asked to get ten percent of your first purchase of a website domain again, that square space, Dotcom Africa BS. I take my dude over there. He was he was employee number one started. Does this mean India and Pakistan October November December events, he started hosting college Basque by package of guidelines on their mark Titus? He doesn't even if our package with that Michael Marty, Kaji M street, but
Important he hates do more than anyone. I've got. You hate the UK heads over three thousand miles, she's a Carolina guy, this Agnes rotate. Why doesn't coach k take more shit. Four basically outdoing with John Copper is doing as a wanted, then school because Duke is now a one indent school in their pretending, they're, not optics, for example, Initially, coach k in this error was the first person to own their I am recruiting your son to be a future mba player, as some might has been recruited Fortunately, the all american those conversations changed over twenty years from we're. Gonna get him turn. Little a nice quality young education here more camp. Is there anything you We're one call away we're gonna show what it takes to. You know be successful life he like now.
He had agreed earlier that you want to play in a league you're gonna. Make me. Is adapted to play the sport. You love come come that, like shook, say, come endeavour and on top of that on the olympic coach. Yes, hey you are you love the bran hold item on textile there? That's! What Do you want to Facetime Steph curry hold on you on facetime and right, and so he owned it to the point where he took flak for it, and he embraced it to the point where, when players, four five six at a time with enter the draft, you noticed they were all be sitting at the podium. Giving us that visual He was only to be honest. I love cow when you look back at all the great players that he's hat- and this is some mighty lost through national championships, but only played three years yeah. I truly
thought today, one more championships: we first got the job. If you just look back at the totality lightly, slightly overrated game called layer yeah that he was able to recruit, but also just projecting what they become in the Lee he owned coach K. Didn't He slid and a back door. He was like I'm only go Could the wonted dump lab if they want to come to? Duke you remember a few years the girl win was Carson, was plan and a fine of four and their mayor governor came out when they lost the game to Kentucky the first shot. He tried to take was at least our kids are here to go to school, to go to ass tat. You remember that tastes like we made at the hose dance, It he's Ivan there's this so much and if you notice that
same year Duke out a few wanted. Does too oh, while cow still did Optics video pitcher at the podium of announcing it? All of these guys are leaving, do never did that they set of players relieving, but there was no visual did you can put on the wall and as a portrait I like that they can't carry Irving point eleven This they re, like five words, is so as as recruiting has transpire now coasts K being and John wouldn't Emma paying the greatest Collis Coast to do it. He cited,
He now says: ok, it's ok for me to do it now. I won't get criticized anymore here because do was not only a terrific collegiate programme, but this is what players were stay in three or four years, so they also became legacy autumn. Great playing college career type Players Bobby Hurley, Christian Plainer, Johnny, Dawkins, Grand he'll, but a very though players. They went out to the poles to have success here. So here's add, compare coach, gay coach k for years with the one and done was like the person who claims in smoke cigarettes. I don't I never buyer I don't even own a lighter, but then every time you're out at twelve thirty nine hundred and on the sidewalk havin a sick with somebody that cig but not spoke. I just now
As of now is buying cigarette or at least bad cigarettes, and he has. The liner was almost like liked it to. Your analogy. Is like the personal train and ass most cigarettes because he spoke so mills residency. Frank NASA saw didn't lie now he is now he's going to seven eleven and he's buy cigarettes. And matches annulled and he's got a little lottery ticket to ended his owning a team USA coat? And now here's, where the objects of change He had to realise that this error player the care more about it, Those cases especially lead level, Mcdonald's caliber players. Much more about get into the league and making millions of dollars in being the best player. They can be versus gettin a college degree right. They say one eight months and I'm out and so he's now own in their ok, carry urban going to be here for ten games and so now?
We carry urban goals, it becomes an austrian level player. Other young players want to follow suit, and so now get all Americans their winning gay there would in championships but more importantly, something it wasn't happened, is prevalent in the past is now happening. Do players are really productive consistently in the pros? Now so he gets the top three deeds and there are forward unheard. He got he has. I am just psych light I'll. Take the person I oughta has not met by the has known about all he eat. Come he come into article. Let me get on extra appetizer. You notice it it's it's whose gratuitous and also, but but here what is also to me such a lot of the life out of the collegiate gay. Now, what happens? Is the that all America's is see
over the last ten years and again being a part of fair five. I clearly saw this trend happening. It just kind of cool for awhile. Really, all of the top players are gonna lie for fast schools as basically started that you're gonna do Arizona in Kansas, Kentucky that's worth. That's where they're going to tear Caroline later they go to those are those that are five schools of. If you look at the last, you know I'm doing research, but I guess, if you look at the last five attend Mcdonald's all Americans games and see worth a large percentage of school Well, that's where they gone in so he's able to own it now and he's killed every level got. Eight Mcdonald players got the great.
These teams when an average of the three forward, and we have only to put what often do run with three with three six m forward: a bog down. Ok, you're that narcos K Goddess bound I'll kissing the rings. Now he got, he got it all cover light. We said well abroad, tat, you can ask jail in any anti, do question what is it after the first half a ninety two, when Christian later with plan terrible how'd, you failed to get the year and when they came there was that you guys hadn't shook earlier. We felt like we were gonna win because he was short and we were up by what the difference is a year prior I was in South West Detroit
in Anderson hunts basement from head to toe- and you know vague year crying when I lost the duke. The Santini came, the second half against us. Had that experience and turned it up another level. Could they were already championship tested? Do you still talk to any those gathered Bobby Hurley ever have many of those people, it's all Bobby, Holies, far easier when they went to Christian later so here's the thing that happens, and I appreciate this because I try to be candid it. What I do is people to the fair five documentary, literally yeah, like what I was saying in two thousand and ten I got an idea to write. It was their Qatar and also light cinnabar later. What I said about, social media, the grand clothes and then also nets. Yes, yes, I, like so many others more bad blood than ever, is where you're tellin us now say just opposite. I have zero, like
gray heels apart owner of the Atlanta Hawks, there have been a handful of times that I've taken my kids to the game. A hit him up for tickets seem at the gay. We that around a brig rare till stories, like that's great, the porter, all of our relationship is not really what it is based on how people felt about the documentary- and I guess that's what made the documentary so popular does Greenhill deserted me. The first do call of aim and be a player absolutely that The recently I ve never had one so he's gonna be the first guy sulphur behalf, Aunt Miranda and in view the basketball College Emperor correct. He should be in pig. He is going to be here and also for those of you who get a chance to wash delete now gray he'll wasn't enriched oh version of been Greenhill M penny and why my blinking, who is their opening Hardway Thoreau's guys were guys
to make so much more sense now than they did in eighteen. Ninety, four, ninety five, ninety six correct cause: they would totally you can three positions: and I realize now apparently been SAM is. Is there something distinct about their game? Neither one of them were three points shooters. Yet you can never stop us from going to a tiny bit of genuine inventions. Can never stop against a little bit deacon he's a cable around with arms and is bigger and stronger than you are bad same kind of rebound and go about the law is that there has been a ladder rebound and go guys, because there aren't many players, there are six seven or above they get the opportunity to be a primary Baja, Learnedly, actually eminent Eminem in that rebate in traffic NGO, that's a short lives. Yes, the guy you go in in an inn in a crowd, get it out with the head up. China make players past satisfied, whereas a year like density- and so I do Believe- grant deserves to be the first player from due in the hall of Fame
I've seen crystal later recently, at a divine afore you'd make it more for college in prose. Not he haven. T doesn't over totality carry out there he's a hollow faintly. I dont know what is the added by twenty years. Everyone's gonna be none of them carried on private. Introducing, U S absolutely and so Bobby Hurley with somebody and Coach Collins for them They don't know, you know how he saw Chris went to do not answer that north western and so working with coats ability, light, be him up My Yoda big brother, father figure had MR did absolutely, as are still obviously reach out swimmer. We really close His grandson sought a fair five documentary and working with coats. We would always faced time them and look at the picture that a key is stuff that and they love Bobby Hurley when they saw the light. Why Jamie like lobby in a kind of freaked Denmark, because they
really into the documentary. So I actually reached out and got got Bobby. Hurries number from court collars and reached out to him gave machine has again do you remember the secondary they can't together, you mean coach where the Mandarin Oriental and we had the a three hour lunch where we just type Basque. Above all time and my friend the ankle. As was there? he was kind of the fourth and at the end of it, is like ways that your show as like kids, we have commercial body that we understand this. You should have the greatest show about five hours ago: hey. We had arrived through some quick questions: ok, cool biggest aid to be traded, the fair trade deadlines early this year February. It Kevin Love, Kalvanov, backup, choice about you thought dealing with him for pseudo Mccall arguer, Kevlar, gonNA, Portland hometown, is switching tee,
I think see Jamie Column needs its own team committee is one of those he could run the often threw him guys and there they have that, and I think those you should always have your own team. In that situation, do you believe in Toronto? I do it here's. Why call our looks to be in shape, and I like every now and then when he pops up and has a thirty five forty point game, but yet he still able to defer and not be high value, shoot, shot, taking shots or turnovers, and he looks like he's in better shape, but the thing the thing I propels them is that now Demar Derozan can make threes. Is the murderers and the single most underrated staring Meleagrina, I'm wrong with that I got angry the perennial twenty five point: score yeah that may walk down the street people, witness silly know who he is right
in its original raptor, for those that have been paying attention are given that to you those on the Celtics in these reykir wife, I I've been paying attention, What are the odds are team that relies on young players, Hathaway, Jason, Tatum Arrow and getting to know it was bound to happen rank these cities. You travel for the fine. Us, ok rank these five cities in order of preference. Ok, because you have to spend time at the finals, ok and enjoy the finals ochre and do all the things you do at the final soccer, our tire. No food food days- I've, let me, is there a third who is the third best him in the West and blinking San Antonio, and that can include them.
Used in Toronto. Gone stay, Boston used since Ronald going to let you say that you have done a lot of media over the years. We have shared year you, your love in your affection for Houston, Infer Toronto. Yes, he in fact you are in fact the first person I learned from MBA pillars: Love Houston, Yes, I've used it yes, indeed, and dare more time now it took up again- and I think he said one of the reasons We have revenge games and people play. The rackets is because everybody playing in Houston and their mad when we trade them as anyone goes, they passed and used in Toronto awry, I would say, I loved livid it around but the only reason why I am going to say number five is working television, you don't truly get the rating if they make its at a conference finals. I was commonly Anna, like there are more diva as
to travel and once you now go to the airport you have to go to cost of the motion, and everybody else is I I don't know you are anyway, so ages becomes. A logistical nightmare is to go stay warriors again in its original wrapped for you? ago, you'd have elected. Let's get out, take the desk, probably the furthest distance of the teams you just met, and that means that's pretty miserable. As well as in the two to one, while one goal stay Boston. Is that a picnic? That's a six hour flight yet, but I do that more frequent, the So I would only say that because see your job James, your dream, viruses, Houston, verses, Boston you make in ten pats, yes our bags aimed against factory. Let's go No doubt about it. So I would say Toronto five clearly for cleaving over Toronto.
Not a bad comma Cleveland far because we know how many times have we been humanity right, Cleveland, Toronto. For, for the reasons I set number three San Antonio Boston number, three boss: I didn't include San Antonio Gardens. Number three Boston number two is used. A number one goes, the echo your best for coaches right now. My best for cultures right now are pop spoke extra. Brass Stevens for sport as the one that's interesting and this year. I think I agree with you. I know said why in case you that's what I had to face. Last Jason, kid gray mass they delight, I think, to a case is the fourth
coach in the NBA. That would not have said that five years, younger ones that are really got out this year. Most dangerous Plath team. The most dangerous may. Also. I'm giving countries Minnesota ok, see Minnesota, assuming bother. Sufi, ok, see the Balkans in New Orleans. Definitely ok, see because they have something at the other. Two teams: don't Russell Westbrook, yet air I've seen him lift that team to the playoffs without other star level players. Now they have Paul George, who can put up twenty and a quarter Carmelo Anthony that could get hot one of the most. The rate of players in the entire MBA Stephen atoms, always talk about skill being so like a book in a data. Could drivel pass a shoe, but then there will be like a pillar and Adams. Their help drive a teen. This is what Cleveland is missing in a pan. Tryst attempted to do too he's not producing
Rich Papa, I would say I would definitely say: ok, see, there's gonna be a dangerous, I want you to bath in new orleans- is a nightmare in the rug series for the other to correct they paid. I watched him a bunch of times it but actually reading at someone they put this ethics and went book. Davis are gone at the same time. It's it's your kind of helpless when Bulgaria holidays doing anything. It's like oh shit. Now. What do we do? Movies? I work out a book. Is I have workin out I'll? Take you back to the gym. We go get a mom blocky, I'm so her I've never been more her by anything about eleven billion wire, they were so sensitive there, because now you're making more money. You have more slowly buddy. You have more Faye, so you, like my people, criticise me unwittingly life. They we allow social media part of like light, the legs dislikes era of language
What about my thing about this? I come from an area where we do care about being like in didn't deftly, didn't wanna be followed. Now, that's exactly what the goal is to get likes answer me. Follow red and what is happening. Is people on estimate the fact that our brains are like a computer there only so many things that you can take it. So if you constantly taken in all the negative energy in a criticism, let in people's mentioned let letting people blow up your mentions git to you, then you do a Katy. Did you create a burner account so that you can now defend yourself now realise that you would have got allow further with the thirty million following you on your account versa, Bertie County a former two people following: don't you think these guys have too much time in their hands now because they can't go anywhere? I think they're in hotels swede soon or in their house there. Three bodies- and I doubt
they their normal lives. I figured Jason craze now you underestimate that Gaza still up another out but I'm sanely during the day like now, I'm under our death Castille love to eat, drink and be merry You see what does have a mantra Harold you saw today. So he plays with clippers. No I'm aware of that, not a derogatory term, because its use is is not gender specific category for men and women. Yet the term is caught import, yeah, that's what he did a young. They from he flew in of legs yeah to allay he are kind of violated a couple of the rules which are
got them caught up, because the reason why that term exists because you're dealing with somebody, you really don't know, and you definitely don't trust. So. Therefore you definitely bring them to your house. You have them meet you on the road in a hotel or something like that. Where they're taking a picture or some is not your personal things, that's the only thing he did wrong, but obviously he was clearly a general so she had won amazing tat. She would documenting the whole thing appears my bag allay. Here's my play I'm on my way in about the room here is me on the back years, his house army. He has a nice house, lucky me smiley face, and so she documenting the entire trip and he clearly finds out this honest aground and so He comes out says this is why he's gonna remained single. What actually? It should be the opposite. This,
why you should get into our relationship so deals do you trust so, since we stopped working together you're down relationship with Molly, whose on tv, every damn first take and you go and do tv with their yes. Indeed, I could never do to view of my own. I do that, Well, the unique thing is we Manatee SBA? Initially in Africa is so it's not hard because we're talking about sport and in a relationship. It's fine to disagree about sports is not like we're up. Their arguments. Are political views or its personal and She's highly professional, a really good at our job, and I are prepared- and don't enough-
And not professional at all. Yes, so I dont get in her way is like she allows me to come. All her show, and I better behave and debate must even an debate were MAX, for, as you know, is something you gotta be ready. You gotta be ready, but it was something I was not invited to be on a show for a really long time. I remember why, as somebody that was a part of the show when it was called pizza there s, somebody does or even a long enough to I appear. His show when he had his own. Opposition party, two thousand nuclear. Frankly, quite frankly is So once I went on and no shots gives me a skipper cool, but once we had our debate and the way we did. I away. That's like saying heads, I say it: tasted spaces was was a fight Ethel.
What was we had our exchange outer respect because it was obviously went viral. I just didn't. Get invited to go on a show for another half a year and he didn't way to be an issue that was us of that. So I am happy to just be invited back on the show, also yeah, so us almost to full, I get chance to be honest. Pillar show but lucky enough to be, my better have yet to stay at the Bristol Ramada in backward hurdle. But now that back then we're we're EAST Coast, and now I was to give the location where Molly in our living and residing but yes, fully ease how analogy she's past seven and a half interesting. You said you would never go below five ten. You must really that this browser, as you about if you Edward kids. You wanted hey. Also you a saucer, ten dollars a minimally big it about the Laval theory? Yea mom said he was breeding little, it would
in the light of our budgetary. You talked about this year. We have a boy you would have. A boy was made very clear about what a beautiful thing is: love trumps, all your land. Where were you lucky and unfortunate out out? Kick my cover. The greatest thing that's ever happen with you is that there are so many and now it is so friggin funny to me, I would say it's like one of that well buzz common sports, dames, thou they're, all over the place, there's jail ends jail in verses. Everybody. It's really Jane Windsor. I've ever heard the funny the where people get mad about it. They light. He can't be the first one, no way like no. Like my mother, I, the name up. My biological father name is James. My uncle a story. Her brother took her to the hospital to give birth. When I became a member
five. It was one of the most popular knaves in a lexicon. I remember was one of the first quirky sports names, her leg, jailing. How do you spell that, like it was one of those another? Is a million court displaces? But it's really not that quirky the unique thing about it is other. A month ago, cultural, four minute, like other Quantico Knaves, there are predominantly used by black kids. Like Shack in Denzil yeah and those are two of the greatest of all time at what they do. I'm clearly not that in my profession, but how about this? It's a name. This now universal issued by girls is used by multiple racism, ethnicities and background different laudable spellings, and when I watch in the Alabama team play a bull, quarterback name
Daily, Boston, Celtics, no four name jail and I work in a draft watchin the Jacksonville Jaguars Philadelphia Eagles. So the name has continued who's. Your favorite radio in Vienna. Given the jailer does like me asking you who your favorite key. Is I'm not going to do that now there, my kids, r J. I mean it s only I'm an answer for you, because I know you have a favorite jailing, he's everything you want. Jailer rams, because he brings all the steps to the job. When table, I viewed played quarterback a corner back. Are you would have been jailed Ramsay here, he's really your spiritual successor, but jailer meals is also he was walking around with our and they are right. You want to give love to the jailer there no question about. It is a catch. You know it say you mentioned: have there's no Denzil us, it's the one cannot limits, name that he's ideals bay.
You came with ILO Dance like here's. My Sunday Promote Uk Navy right there, otherwise I will never say that guarantees to success. You can't do it raises. That's well said it would be like Damon, that's it. That's gotta, be where these languages, like you do. Your last name, is journey. You name the key Michael near you never do that. That's why actor, who is a friend of mine like call me Michael, be Jordan my middle initialize, a fringe of this pact cast that's my guy he's a good did, and is he likes that hold the traits into no doubt about it? I got off. I think, we'll save some stuff. You have to come back again next week. We assume tat. Yes, indeed plug some stuff. All tat took me like, let's talk about, you call me for like a minute. Yes, David, you call, we are brothers, don't seraphic, mashup gonna see joy in the case today, q
Margo they're doing great hasn't been doing stuff now, for this is like six years now in Chloe. Absolutely and again we have a humble. Way of continuing to try to keep your legacy alive because again, you're a springboard to what we do in Harlem, still with the team is so we Could you copy move the yes to call me? he will now. I still the do his executive dating in Canada, you out of door with Grantline, and I'm not here to talk about this job description, but he does some other stuff he does pie casts some other suits. You make me, He says we were rather not you know. Sometimes I see any also to shorten TA he'd, never had alone on our programme. Do it every day online? Will you come round? So? Yes, he said you know, says: git up starts April SEC. It here
kind of way to his kids get out of school and things that nature particular q. So he and the wife for talking about move to the EAST coast. I mere jus, obviously Nazi minute, but, and you had to new big awesome building. That's opening up in solidarity. What areas peons few very smart decisions! This. Of the maize desires Redeker, but yes being because take about it as a network, you can wake up and you have money to find a programmer happen. It will lead to in a crew in Florida and other show they do out at air odyssey. Ella law, the shows that are happening at Bristol it anyhow the South Sea ports. So much easier, guess. Most celebrities are going to be like dude if it's in your a gorilla- yes, indeed in it not saying I'd, love to have taken. Ninety eight minute drive to Bristol Correct. That sounds great. It has no different from having a charity event like when I'm trying to invite somebody to come support, that's a celebrity.
An event with J R Allay is one thing if they live in the town is another thing that they have to get on a plane and it has to come to the town, so I'm sorry about the mood Jacobus excited about the move. We're really excited that now that I've been on your fine programme, that we welcome you with open arms, red carpet treatment, To please come back soundly starker day, linens Coolby programmes, so we can pour out of forty hours of all on my head- and we could do a programme together tabby to my studio bill built where this New York one So what happens to allay the Grantline studio dies? We aim to do and then, before, before we can, they lag needs after you go. We need to do one absolutely. Where does ear whose grandma you MOB guy levy they arise only to come back on thanks for coming up thanks to zip recruited
my sweater higher my listeners contrived for free its hypocritical com, such bs, thanks to Casper, start sleeping ahead of the curve with Casper, ironically and what do the casper? When you go out with him, go to the bathroom where's Galen he's gone. Are he says, not to speak out of school, but somebody taught me the term irish exit yeah irish goodbye- yes, that's a cavern whilst our second axis by visiting Casper that come such bs in using BS at check out. That's casper, dot, com, site, Bs Africa, BS for fifty dollars off your mattress purchase terms and can do since apply shadow to mean a shot at the least said o to shalt, doesn't flats the low shadow to below no doubt about it. Did you Kirby shall ever whatever was set at Carter? No doubt Marcel Beetle, Rachel miracles are peeps yeah thanks redundancies, recently Zack
although we gonna get him a hurried, hello, hello.
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