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The Last 'Last Dance,' MJ the Almost-Knick, NBA Bubble Courtsides, MLB Strife and the Final 'RewatchaBulls' With Ryen Russillo


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the final two episodes in the ESPN documentary series 'The Last Dance' (2:25) before Ryen and "Optimistic Bill" talk about the NBA potentially inching toward a return, as well as the murky future around the start of the MLB season (49:00). They share TV programming advice for content-starved networks (1:26:30) before revisiting Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz and Michael Jordan's sixth and final championship (1:38:40).

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behind the billions we launch that one? We have a new package this week that launches a maid twentieth, Kaboom bust season. One will be about the rise and fall of age You were really proud of that. One finger things were proud of. If you go to the ringers Youtube Channel or our twitter feed, we have a twenty two minute documentary that we did about back to former basketball coach now arising internet name Brad Trimmer he made no man on Twitter is Brad lit its die. It's it's a coincidence. And it happened to come out the same. That is the last dance, but. This is about one of the one of the big voices that we have right now on the on the basketball, video blogosphere, so go check that out on the ringers Youtube Channel, it's really get and where our really proud of it here at the rear, speaking of things were proud of Priscilla.
We ve made it all the way to the end of the last stand: swivel especial musical treat coming to pre right now, our friends from project are you my recognise that song, you just heard it. In the last decades, it's called present tense. It was kind of a sleeper underrated top twenty projects on. It was nice to see them Craig Dad the last dance Ryan Resellers here, if I thought Can we do this for the rest of our lives? Just every Sunday come- and I am talking about the next two shows distorted doktor doubts over now. We have to provide
lives. What was your reaction to the last two parts where it was at the beginning? I just I still to this day, and it was just reinforced over these weeks that an owner in rinds dwarf would let Michael Jordan leave before. He wanted to leave it. It's infallible. I don't even know that it would happen again. I can't believe it happened once again at the end. It's like, hey, you know best coach in all these guys at best GM you can't be the best gm if you Jerry, Kraus New blow this team before they wanted to leave they they owed. I think that's almost some of the resentment that I've learned about through through this out of the game. Janus silly could be wired differently bill after the fact as it was just who it was, but I agree with the players and just the nastiest of like wait a minute. No one else beats us in your going to be the guy that prevents this and honestly for rise or to let Kraus do it. The greens dwarf is just is as much to blame, for this is crosses in now that the hints throughout the entire doc,
crosses like after they weighty goes well. You know it's an organization now man, it's fuckin, twenty three I like Did you ever imagine being a general manager and kind of trying to sell it? ownership. Its did org. Is it like all those things sound nice, but it's because I M J and to see filled tat kind of a shot of him during that park. So break in Chicago, whereas I close together, booze yeah right because you know and Jerry and then all these guys want to come back. It's just. I can't believe. What NBA owner will go yeah. You know what that Michael, Jordan Guy, let's let him leave and let's start this rebuild in the rebuild, was a disaster, so you don't get to be. The best GM is Gracie was putting this roster together and big book part of it with giving him that credit be don't get to be the best GM. When you blow this team up either When I wrote about this two years ago, when the brow was back at his choice, that I wrote a calm, the first part of it was about
Why am I really left and ninety eight, the second retirement? I had never heard what he said in the dock tonight. It was just from people I talk to. He had never really talked about it like profoundly like that. He just comes out and says it in this hit the head to this last absurd is like I wanted to go for seven. I don't know what happened. I still can't believe it. It still bothers retort. Two years later, I got to be honest. I was like blown away to me that was the most stunning part of the authentic episodes that he was that adamant and that genuine about being perplexed all these years later, that they didn't give them a chance to go four hundred and forty seven. I think there was a little contacts missing and I know you know they're they're, trying to get to the finish line in the dock, but like the biggest thing that helped Krastev Reisdorf here was the lock out because the season ends we have the draft and then it just gets shut down for six months. I think if this had been a
should all summer where it's just like. Okay, we had the draft it's time for free agency. What's gonna happen, the public could have been more aware of what was happening and the bulls fans especially, would have been leg who Can what- and I think it just would have fallen completely different later, and I think people would have been much more obviously understanding what was happening as it hasn't played out July August September October November December nothing's happening. We think the sea going to get canceled and then, in January Stern. Does the stare down with the players he's ready to cancel the season unless they cave which they do, and then we have this quick look at the season together and Pippin just wanted. Use them and then I'll send it was over and guys are grown. Different directions fills that coming back and I think that put the the feeling from people catching it was well. I guess it's because Jordan was come back,
and now we know that wasn't what happened and it's incredible. It's a. I can't remember another example in any sport other than maybe Edmonton with Gretzky, where they trade Gretzky for all those picks and pieces Dana put in their cup the next anyway, but that's the only time. I remember somebody so blatantly turn their back on more titles yeah, but even the Gretzky one you can kind of understood. I mean look. It still is insane for canadian franchise retraining Gretzky it just decimated, but there's the allay factor that it's it's him star becoming brighter. This is M Jays, either gonna go for seven or he's not gonna play anymore, and somebody would have to tell me if I've gone through it. I've read some stuff in because money does always kind of lead to your answer and say well riser through. I am sorry to have to convince me, and I know that I can be convinced that somehow it was more funding
Willie beneficial to rhinestones, to not have M J and not have to pay that salary and the money that we take right and yeah like that, There's no way, there's no way what you brought in that year would end up being a more profitable year, having a team suck in the middle of a rebuild you'll feel her line. There go ahead. I was just going to say: I wonder if, if it play, if it doesn't they are the way where the lock out ends and it's just complete chaos. For a week if you're not had time to actually pick his next team. When I did the peace two years ago, I thought the next were really the only logical place that made sense, because big city Emma she was his favorite place, the play
if you're going to leave Chicago it's either New York or LA he was going to play in LA with Shaq and young Kobe. That's would have been ridiculous. New York end up trading for Latrell Sprewell. I think eight days after Jordan retires before tires. I can remember it's right around that same time where they had a bunch of contracts, they could kind of piece together and they went got Luttrell's bigger contract, so they could have done the sign and trade with the balls, maybe give them some pics But that's the only place he could have gone as the decks and that extending to make the final Zaire and for anybody to which they will be would never do New York on. After all those battles will, then you didn't learn anything from the documentary he you would have. I am totally would have done it also he washed in three years later. Let's be honest, there was like he was they both or bus. I can't I for the fucking wizards, but that was also like a big manage it part of I think denied on our piece of the whole thing. There was like a bigger, bigger thing and play with Jordan, but if there's one thing, I think it's always worth reminding people whenever they see
How will this guy go here? What do these players? Athletes are far less attached to the cities you are? They just are, and we can talk about the jitters and in some of the guys you think are met. Do a city but forever, but considering the circumstances indices, your the end, like I, his bitterness at times is excessive. It's almost folk lore ash, but in that moment, amidst values, sit here be like Ben, I feel so bad for Michael Jordan, but the way he's legitimately pesky so honest about he's like look. I wouldn't want to come back for seven like would we have wanted. You know it's like. I don't know, but I mean Gimme a break into be thirty five and you start getting towards in your career and every one of those seasons. At that point, like one more chance to do this, he just pulled it off. It's not about athleticism anymore he's, still a pretty sick athlete, Emulous, not act like he's just sitting there barely run.
Up and down the court, but it's not like ninety one MJ, but it doesn't matter cuz. You just want three in a row, maybe he's too exhausted, maybe sick of the bullshit. Maybe they don't win it, but to have an executive who has answer do an owner, so the owner signs off on this plan, where they built up this resentment the entire year, and maybe it wasn't as ridiculous you're right, I mean it's a great point to bring up about the work stoppage in a potentially cancel season to distract us from the fact that the bulls really are done, like they're done done, Michael Jordan's, not playing like what, but we have been sold that message that we just accepted it. Maybe that was a strategic thing by crosses the hay field goes eighty two. It doesn't even matter because all your long as you and I watched that season you go, and while this is really like, isn't it I mean it's constant you're reading have thing you can be like is they're gonna, be any break in this
No he's not really going to retire. Is that really retire? So they see him at the very end of the stock. In that moment, looking at the Ipad admitting he'd never talk to Reinsdorf about why this ever happened, which again seems insane, which probably is why rhymes with didn't, even want to have that conversation. So we could deny it. You know deniable plausibility here with the entire deal. I just, I can't believe it happened. I can't believe that cuz, I don't like what city, how could have major city to were talking about like Three hundred and twenty five most important cities in this country. How could they go yeah? You know what we're good you can retain is so I have a hot take. I actually think it work pretty well, because I open a window. I don't think they wouldn't want to ninety nine, and hear hear the reasons why it's a lock out season. It's fifty games in three months. It was brutal and eight really paddle
the other teams, and if you, even if you look at how the finals played out you had the two teams that had young guys were ended, a beggar, the fire the elder teams, like my aim, ended up fallen short and their Utah falls Short fifty games and three months and then play out like every other day their plan- I I just think, they probably should review one and ninety eight. He was just so great. He he pulled them over the finish line. Ninety nine, you have that spurs team with Robinson and dont Canton Duncan me into his own. You have no Rodman anymore, because Rodman Stunt that that, at the other thing is, it would have been an idea. Balls anymore. I don't know who the rebounds were to Ben and, as we saw with the ninety five balls, if you did the rod Mr Grant guy it didn't matter how
Georgia was gonna, beat up laughs, theirs, they were winning, so I I actually think dying of natural causes after ninety eight was a better story better for the narrative. I dont think I don't I looked at it. I looked at all the free agents. I dont see a road map for them replacing Rodman successful. Then the Pippen part they would have had to pay him. Seventy million to stay, and I just don't think there were going to do that. I think they felt like he was started a hit the end of his tail end of his prime at his post, prime. I don't think they're going to do it. I think Crouse was too stubborn and too convinced that the rebuild was better move than to just be to pay for past performance. Basically, So the way a played out is probably the best way is my point. You may be right out all that, I'm not sure about the bulls cuz. I don't wanna to bet against Jordan in the playoffs, even in condensed season, because if you're the the seed nix making it to the NBA finals than anything good been complaint and if its M J, I, like my odds,
and it can happen, but you're right about guaranteeing the spurs would be a bad match. A form of me how they admit, Carlo loans about match, form a bigger frontline with two guys like Dat, What about this idea? Poles team with Alan Henderson in the Dennis Radwan spot air, Jordan, the Euro. There they name year. One of ESA. Seventy million dollar contract still pissed off at everybody, because he got paid five years too late, Steve Car God and all by in all those guys are all there not doing as well. I dont see it. I don't think they win the next year. I don't care how good journeys they take on too lightly. And now we have a bigger athletic Steve. Her but one thing is if he goes to the next and if they trade for him instead of wellbeing. Now, you're put him without his thin. You put him right,
and doing when they got there. You know like that's where Jordan. This is where the player empowerment thing would have indifferent, like yours, Jordan, one of the single most important empower up a powerful athletes we ve ever seen, and yet in ninety eight he can't be like no that's not happened or then he says: ok, fine. You have to travel to the Knicks gobbles alarm at o, yeah so well. I think they would have rather him retired this boy than take on stuff because Kraus, as he said at the time, hey the Celtics held on They were a mess at the end, so ably data Pippen they created they sign and traded pay. I know he is then took a bunch of crap back, didn't get any good in that trade. Did you stick subcontracts and to try to keep like take teams, as they teams did know what they're doing back then, because you saw some trades and United two thousand the next area with Ewing were there, like Ewing, wants to go all right. Well, we'll get some players back, and they have no idea leg over again,
this. Guy who's got five years and forty million hours left that is deal. This is actually terrible for us. We, we should just let you The after the year by Dave teams are just the lad, stupid or in the way that is even what they got. Four Pippin. It was like Brent prices contracts and somebody else's shit he's got shit contract was it. I was gonna, get a hit form that that was acting like if you're gonna sit there and say like look how smart we are working to go ahead and not do it. The celtic stew and hang onto this too long work. Get out early, CARE unit, one more than twenty games, because that would be nice When they were ass, forty two there with their awful and a good thing for them, was there was a lack of season, so went by super fast, but yet
there's two me. The alternate universe of this is in damn keep them together for a seventh drunk, as I think, Jackson hated, crass so much. I just think as a fuck you, he knew that if he had come back, Georgia was into play for another coach and, let's face it, Jackson, not afraid to be a deck every once in a while. Yet, and so that's really important, you bring it up because I didn't love fills quote in this and I like filled the whole thing and like Phil became the Knicks run, is really weird what it did to fill. It feels like the guy. That's been best man and like twelve weddings, and he has one horrible, he can in Vegas, and then everybody rights him off. The friendship group, like that's what feel Jackson's career was like with the next Yazzi Ease like this guy comes fixes all the problems. Players love to death.
And then he doesn't even really want the next job. They have to pay him so much them to say yes and then that turns into a disaster. He has a couple public blow ups and then all the sudden, like people, I think, Phil's taking on more negative damaged, wear it. When I go back in this and I watch it's not like Phil, however, the one quote I didn't like, where he said kind of what you say: here and that it was sort of poetic right. It's poetic that we are able to move on. The time is right. Well guess what feel you're going to collect checks for twenty more fucking years? Ok, he was the Lakers. For one year off got a role because it was fill, and then he has his two since with the Lakers in any gets the money from the next. So it's not really fills position to be telling players who are facing retirement here that I think now is like the right way
in the book. Cuz MJ would have rather just another chance today, even if the shot against the jazz like the perfect ending, but he still wasn't done anyway, cuz. He came back anyway, so I screwed up. You know much like Michael Jordan, occasionally I'm human for the Pippen trade. They just took back Roy Rogers in a second round, pick I don't know what Brent price trade I was thinking of. Where not remember. I just remember the Kelvin Cato deal later. I relate a little lower with part of a yes, so they would have had to take a look at the sprit while trade that was Chris Bells, John Starks, unlike one other contract, basically they sent to gold state for spree. Well, so few, the balls. Would you take back Chris Bells and John Starks and one other piece to help Jordan go to the next and basically, but they wouldn't it I'd offer them. I don't think
I mean it. What did I do? What you're not gonna public pressure that now he could it down the hall. I want to go the next budgetary crisis. Black may, like they even back ten player empowerment, I think, could have been activated in certain cases. You know you're really wanted to play. I think the league would have gotten evolved potentially allow into, or you can just sign their fur. The league minimum just too you know, stick a term and tried to make the money back. Endorsement was a couple other things that the of the dock that just one flag at that their Steve Car Park was probably my favorite part favorite, probably eight to ten minutes action. This old dock at I was the perfect thing, really good storytelling and I knew all of it, but it was such an important time for them to drop that you know that introduced the bigger stories about the guys in the early episodes I kind of stay,
car one far when they really needed over ninety seven side that that I thought that was just really well done and there were stuff. I hadn't seen that wasn't even in the cut I saw eleven years ago liked at the end of episode, died with em Jay Bird and M changes, given him shit very fucking who pitch here, you bitch Bitch go go. A junior golf gave back that bed. What I saw that my head almost exploded, the guy I suggest to the icons just trashed rocket each other after the game. Burgess takes it his mother Our next step, but as probably my favorite behind the scenes thing and then the other one was after her when the title he's just back at his hotel room paid playing the piano for our these render us has just said:
soon as I get Eddie, Murphy Elvis or somebody like just these super famous people have climbed the pinnacle there. I argued after this machine appeared plague, think what kind of as you have to be asked to have his after party in your hotel room and not know how to play the Fuckin p No, you don't around you. While you play the piano I've learned. I already knew this about myself I would be a really bad entourage. Guy now I could handle in the May. You Eddie right, but it being aside guy, that has to laugh at marginal humor, that's usually below marginal humor, who like to lay out all the time to have to sit there. Bela M m J you them. M j I would suck. I would not be good in that role I dont aspired. Ray in that role. If I had a really really famous friendly Dicaprio, I were buddies and it was the idea, like just fly around with them. I would just say: look, I'm I'm not going. I'm not gonna go be side. Guy again,
in future, the Walker I got they didn't want order, a pizza too soon so you're gonna kick that yeah, I would have ended up with Scotty. Barrelled grew with these new career, I write articles that stores the discord are you guys do it Never has the women's day where he that so the pizza thing I knew that, but I think it seem like. I went on twitter right around that time. Just the people in my time line it was just all pizza I I underestimated how many people do that story which turned out to be not a lot? It was the food poisoning game. It wasn't the flu game, the pizza story, who knows, if that's true, if it's apocryphal TIM Grover, say five guys were at the door, might have been three. It definitely seems like the pizza was either poisoned or it's just the greatest coincidence in the world. But that's a pretty amazing story. I mean actually
under its or they pointed this Peter here, but here's what we're about it. If you were gonna poison, Michael Jordan's pizza, would you show up five deep now? Clearly, Sup was off because Grover Tell you what I believe a version of this, that Grover's telling your right. Maybe it's! Maybe it's not five, but like clearly Grover's in making this up out of thin air. And I got this thing. It is none of us, eight, the pizza, but when you're you're hungry and then you still kind of the default of do, I really think somebody would would poison my pizza or at least get me sick and then even want to think about what would make you sick. But then, as I told you, my recon mission there in park city, where a guy came up to me and said my friends, the guy that that mess with his pizza, which I'm guaranteeing isn't true I love that guy felt like hey. You can use that on the pipe gassed. If you get here at TED Gatherer that same had serious. It is here that I was basically encouraging me to use it with you which I have already brought up before, but it was one
Deals were likely cams over a hike, here's a drink, and I go I what's up his now. You see no, my friends, the guy who did the pizza thanks. Second, the five deep, the five they didn't Didn't passes stiff tests of me there's only one city in America were five guys would show up with your poisoned pizza and you- and I both know it city that is fully its fail. A rudder up past best use it's it's one of those two. Now it's actually Boston, because Boston would sit there and like they get hilarious, like the guys from Basel really J M J, a job we did poison enough and you get about Sally went over to have data tower of filling. I we're just rifle a brick through your window. How do you poison a pizza? I felt like TAT. Power was glossed over like do you have to find somebody who's sick? You have a point. You lie Is it actual poisoner, like your uncle? Has bronchitis sardines
bad she's, do make it with a bad, be. That's probably gonna do uses world me bad, but then you have to have solo beats sitting around waiting for MJ to call in a pizza order? I'm going to go ahead and guess pizza the only place, that's still open in salt lake? Isn't exactly Michelin, rated, fair enough good point. Anything else jump out at you at you with this pimpin pimpin to I want talk about game five, which are game sex. With your talk about later and big winner on the whole thing, just the episode ten release immense that hey just eat up if it had a couple couple bumpy moments here, but just so you know the guy's, a fucking warrior and please don't ever say anything bad about him. Cuz he's a six township
his quote about that last play where he starts laughing and he's like you need get to get out the way and the way he delivers the line and cuz he's her and cuz he knew was MJ and Rodman was really funny with the way he described it to like he goes, he passed John and he gave it to her. Does not this one and that no time out so they couldn't organise any kind of double, and if you do, I shouted gets Russell. You can see we'll get little bit later, but there's a little confusion and what the second defender supposed to do yet, however, they want to send some help, but I know a break down a little bit more, but I agree with you. I think Pippin become somebody who can give us like a mighty people, spend time of them like em, and I dont know that's a story that everybody always knows. I know that I probably know a ten years ago, so
the big picture point I wanted to make about came sex cause, we're gonna, be breaking down the ins and outs that game in Tibet was just like. I I wrote: what's that I thought it was the greatest game anyone's ever played for Basque by it I didn't mean from a scale point I didn't mean in from a standpoint any meaning from an impact point. I've certainly like I've seen in person, people play probably better quorum on Basque Ball games. I think what he did that game really special and it was cool hearing and talk about it at the end of the dock. Worries about, like ninety eight was his favorite year because he'd They figured out how to incorporate his mind with his body and that in just all the other shit that went into it, that wasn't just I am more physically gifted than the people on playing. That's why I love that game. He misses nineteen shots, but it's about the
ace it's all of it is so important. Peeping going out that early him realising leg, oh fuck, I have to carry this whole thing. I have to pace myself. I'm I'm gonna have to play forty four forty, five it's on the only scoring option at our team on the package has coup coach. I can't really come out. I should in general, the ball, because every moment of energy that I expand. I'm gonna need at the end of this game. I have to figure out how to keep the same, but I can't spend too much of the tank By the way he was already over four thousand minutes, and it's all about energy conservation. That's why, when I compare it Ali against Foreman in Zaire it same kind of thing right he's just kind of waiting waiting, he's taken the punishment picking his way, waiting waiting rating for the right spot, but he he goes for like twice because in the second quarter he could see it. Might
away and he goes on his scoring barrage and he scores that look like nineteen points up like that, then in the second half he's got no legs anymore. He's done. Pippin is a decoy which we're going to break down later any is missing and then he oddballs again and just starts trying to get to the basket, which is what they do game. Seven Indiana Saint, anxious, Emmett Smith. I need to move the chance. Pretty pretty got for yards make another for you, and he's just trying to hang around. Hang around hang around basically like watching somebody drive to Vegas in realising that there's no gas stations left and it's like shit on turn off the air conditioner turn off the radio of Roma Windows down of wages. I think we can make it up that positive, but I'm gonna go sixty one miles an hour and then what go downhill to speed up second gave out a momentum that way and he's just honestly, like a genius.
Trying to figure out what exactly will take, and I am not a huge hyper Billy guy, but I regret that a man season game. It's an amazing watch that the reason that it's my favorite is cuz he's not that great in it. It's all mental and it's all planning, just kind of waiting waiting waiting. Then he finally passes. I do not grow up in MJ fan it was a little tire. Would it would see where you were like a care, not MECCA, be buying the shirts here, but I I want him in the mix, which is the least original thought on Tiger Woods ever, but watching this and seeing In particular, I may have done some of our younger Billy guy. Whatever he took a million shots, it was a very efficient and has completely ignoring everything. You just pointed out that this was an absolute necessity because, as we ve learned going to these
These teams teams that are winning championships competing for championships. The third scoring option is a massive drop off to what a third scoring option is in today's game and even just the last few years, as they just tried to flood the floor with his many scores his boss weekend. But what I like most about, I don't know if it's a lesson. When I take away from it, but I like em, J, more, was never fan boy. I felt a little bit like one over these five weeks has just asked and, in others always gonna, be that element of the crowded. I M J again M J. Ok will look it's over, but if you ever overdo it with somebody overdo. It was somebody like this and every of those one. On one interviews, I loved his thoughts on almost everything, because I
take real in a little fucked up over fake and calculated in hiding their flaws with bull shit. I will take the first person over the second person every single day and that's how I feel about Joe and I don't know that. I really understood that until I would see him in his one on one interviews and Jason. The director did such a great job of that because you felt like okay. This is all real stuff, for me, there's other people that would have done this. That would have put a show for ten episode it's going. I want to make sure I carefully craft this version of me an m j in this moment I, but I don't care about that, like screw, that I think I'm just going to tell you how I feel about every one of these things and that's really the bigger picture thing of what I appreciated the most about the doc and him now. He goes that one step and gets hurt, and he knows he's legit hurt and my
come back he's doing the math any site. If did if the jazz get. Ninety points were we're done. I know. There's no road back, that both team with Pip any they're not playing are fifty percent. To get to ninety points. Jordan takes thirty four shots. He goes the line fifteen times that's about the most. A guard can do. The Gatt, like any any Harding game any like be game. Like Super Ball Hog type game, you do about thirty, two. Thirty, four shots. Fourteen or fifteen freed as an you're gonna score between forty and sixty point penny. I know you are cuckolds, maybe he's good fur twenty on a great night.
And then your patching it together, the other twenty to thirty. So he knows he knows he has to score, have two points and he's going to have to take half their shots and he in when it's closed in the last two minutes he has to have something left. But he's he knows all this in the first quarter and when you watch like the p dot m entertainment stuff, just him on the sidelines, the way he's sitting like he's, it's just like not wasting any any. Our energy, that he has, he doesn't want to dribble the ball up. I it's really really crazy thing, one other, and then Bar when he is after that game, where he goes man when Scotty. He was a that scared, the shit out of me yet says. I bid fear right in IRAN would like this to cause the funny thing about the dock for ninety eight game: five. They think it's gonna, be
we're one c, a Utah he'd at all, happy he's screwing around a little bit he's like this things over we're not going back to Utah and then you'll like now, you're back in Utah Jasper, his great game com alone and then to see him celebrating into so tell room and admit to the onto rise, the chance that laughing it everything he's a man when employment when people was hurt. You know I do think Le Brian and two thousand a teen got a little bed to the point. Jordan was at like this that this version adjourning the mind body Kamba. Knowing like our right. This is my team for us to win. I have to handle the the game the following way. I have two completely control the paste this way after picked by spots. This way, I this is gonna, be game, a problem.
Have to score. Forty points to for us to win this, I need to adapt play forty four minutes, I'm an after take breaks and defence and guard this guy he's the only other player I've seen since we ve been alive that thought about is our like even bird a magic Basque about just wasn't as vigorous. I dont think as much as I love the eighties. It wasn't as intense quartered a quarter point a play as it would become. I think, at the mid nineties, in the eighties, you could just guard market wrap around here ever like there are. Those ones got a guard in the eighties in the nineties. The game just became too sophisticated. You couldn't really high like that defence, but those are the two guys and and the game, one that the Brown played. I've said this before two thousand eighteen, that I went to against gold state. That was the best game over seen anyone plan person just complete control over everything
Dance even went into the bars really like barkers what thing about Jason that direct their whose my friend, who I've tried not to blow smoke a disaster. In this DE I. I don't think the average person understands how hard it is to do with that. Mary during a pandemic. Is this thing was that done the last two episodes date?
What kind of working on nine, but it wasn't done in ten they were, they were putting together an you have he's with. I don't know six different editors around six different places, just on zoo, zoom cause and send each other cuts stuff. That's not how the process is supposed to go. So the fact that, like ten was good, I thought that was amazing. I I I just. I know it's like inside baseball, but that's not how the process is supposed to work with every but hint different locations say it's exactly what you don't want, actually novice to stop takes forever. But you know it's one thing to you: you're probably say whether documentaries put some cliffs together make sure the audio track. It is obvious that we stop I'd. Imagine they had some sense of how they wanted. It ended with the burning of the notes about the team and then the Pearl Gm Song Place and president this, but there's no there's. No
there's, no feeling where any of it drops off like a doesn't, it was rushed in. It doesn't remotely feel rushed because if it felt rushed like you could see like, are you guys? Can it hammer this stuff in there? At the end? It sir? It's a credible work. Man is a credible when I think of how we can do to our documentary. That's what usually people care about, and these guys banged out of almost ten hours here, that's that's an amateur predict protective cup of the things that come out tomorrow. It's cuz we're going to have to have the people that come out or like this sucked in that sucked, and why? Where was this and like the dock going to take for not having his family enough for ignoring his wife, completely his ex wife, which I think was poor. The purposeful right. I don't know. I don't know if that was a great and into that lawyers ears were. I would now like if someone the greatest that's ever done it in their like hey. We want, to do this thing out are not interested. Years later, how do you want to do this thing? Yeah? I don't. Maybe, let's figure it out five.
Later. Haiti finally want to do this. We have this footage last dance, here's what we're gonna do it now we get Netflix involved is a down. There's all this money involved. Our item ormond up to a ok, but we want to just be fair and make sure all the bases recovery wanna hear from your ex wife he's like about right. So you know four for anyone, because I already seen that floating out there a little bit tat. This was not a sixty minutes investigation and honestly, if it were sport, sixty minutes what a fucked it up anyway. So I I liked it and I think every single Being that's on has to be examined in a way that its like. Well, that's so little dismissive hurry May or how about this or you can have zero hours. While he's a thing he's involved his his two of his closest business associates our executive producers and their severe, expecting it to be OJ, Baden America kind of breakdown of somebody's. You know
all their faults and all the terrible that it's just not going to happen. I actually think for what this kind of doc is. As you know, I I called these. The documentary shows in the worst hands just from executive producer, Dwayne Wade, it's a story about Dwayne Way like this why they want to watch blackboards. The thing that's commoner quibble about the clippers, its executive powers by Chris Paul, the star about how the coopers were heroes. Today, forty inside our I ate it sounds fine, not watching it. This is about as good as you're going to do with somebody having some honest, authentic moments in a documentary that autumn I wouldn't have happened unless he's blessed it and that's just where we are in life. I'm sorry and think about some of the other ones. And I'm not gonna start trashing other pieces, but please do not that bad. I'm Calumet Happened was like a couple guys: do it, then it's a guy, warm get twenty, a game, where's my documentary, and then they end up in this
The funny thing is like I'll talk to people behind the scenes. That'll admit like we bought this, but is a very good how many times have you add that I know you have not done You put your spot like. I've talked to people that have done deals on aptly documentaries and they just sort of not going like, and I was a big name- we thought may have something in then a week with thirty four thirty. We really Not to do that. I remembered near the end Aetius Pierre, no Europe the good at it. I'm just say no. I M not saying one of I remember. One thing started is flip. We had this Orlando MAGIC documentary really passion about about the early that quick rise and far the shack and penny magic and just small mark a basketball and following the embryo is really not crazy. Bad do in air, and we really did a lotta behind the scenes. Work like this is a great story, but this is for this rate of this. What if
They didn't like the narrative of this team at two big stars in and then one of em fled, delay and eat. I was right when the Dwight Howard thing was happening where he fled delay, which wish to join our thing when he went from our land out through the Lakers. So we ended up, we convince and do it, and I was really excited about the bad boy pistons one, which was another one out of our way forward, that that was a delicate playing the land, but that was a pretty honest, authentic die, This one we couldn't do it unless shack and Pennyworth executive producers, they had to be in it and if you watch the dark like it has to do it Basically, just is not how you would make a dock like that. It's it's much bar centred around them, pretending that their there it in a good place with each other down in an who knows, if that's the case or not, but it wasn't the existing angle taken the dark- and I felt like that's when things are starting to shift where it's like well be interviewed for your doc
about me, but I have to get something to and that They started a shift around two thousand fourteen fifteen range that just the way it is now and by the way I don't blame people like, somebody as I am to make a document about Grantline out village fuck, you and that's not being interviewed for neither already by that is close to be so good luck, I guess, but worry said: yes, maybe a couple hours. I was only like a part time. I was like a freelance writer, though side and feel like. I knew the strut honestly really hard to do these, and that's why oh debate in America, one of their is, was so great because you can do no holds barred Oj Jack. It's man, I don't piss off OJ like who the FUCK airs no Adam as those lines that I like Gabby interviewed, yeah. I guess maybe pissing approach very Jimmy. I said that you lately, should we dump that lobby see actually
you can have me in asking ways again now, but because there is there really good story in the pursuit of of trying to do this. Where there is one that you didn't get to do or somebody that it became really difficult with, because you're right, like some of these things, have become commercials and it's almost like a guy's brand. Deal where we struggle little bit with athletes and going like. Why can't you just be good at your sport and that's not good enough. You have to have a brandy have to have all this different stuff and for the most part, kind of frowned upon cuz like not really, as many guys can execute it as one executed and lot of these dogs are pretty bad in this one's and crap like have you had a moment, or something to you never forget about where you are close on something, and it didn't happen. Nerve is the frustration of that. Yes, many Here's my dear ones, air, here's. The thing was one of the story: about thirty, four! Thirty! That woe is me: Indurated is how the odds were for that actually happening,
how many ways a kid you're gone wrong because, as I found out in the EU years later you really need a lot of luck with this stuff. You need the right people to believe in a it's. It's it's like a jigsaw puzzle and you need to somehow pull off eleven of the pieces of it to make it work, and if you're missing one of the pieces, the whole thing could fall. Apart is his hard. You need to get the right people at the right time, since even like thirty thirty. It would have been impossible for us to do it. If bare Levinson had an agreed to do under the docks, because once we had him, we could go. Try to get other people, and then we get Peterborough now we can go to the next people that I gave Barry Levinson Peterburg, it Barry Levinson says no. I don't know if three thousand four hundred and thirty is what it is You know I don't know who would have somebody had to be the first director, the first name director, to give this year's credibility disease painted no credibility. He now saying on dogs you on sports tax, like to doing
China do they didn't have the credibility do in Hollywood, but I had something I'll tell the story some day, but we had a thing at HBO couple years ago that I think Ben Incredible and ended up kind of falling through, and it still makes in that I'll talk about it at some point in life But there we had one idea that you should have been awesome and it just hard it's hard to say the plane on these really like this, why the Jordan thing it took four years and in even the first two And see my group is going to happen even as you got into the summer to does they attain its heart and the same thing when they move he's with tv shows. You know what it's like out here, you're at her now how many people have o. I have this pilot, so it might get bitten then it falls through. Oh I had this movie up now know that they kick me off the movie
you, just need luck beyond the good idea and beyond the town and beyond all these things and adjust it's really hard. Now that part of it is, I luckily I think I've been around enough and seen the things that were supposed to happen when people it you gonna to move out, do this in Hollywood and Hollywood, but you know about it. He you know fourteen years, so I think I can, I think, that's a bit of a joke. Getting in points and as soon as I got off the plane within months, I had to deal with Ben Affleck's production company in my buddies. Like are you kidding- and I didn't know point that I get excited
When our I will. It sounds really cool and if I told you that it sounds amazing like in one of my age is like a cable, you ve just got to town, and now you have this thing and it fell through a minute just it fell through. So I never ideas are tweeting about it. I did start bragging going this sick. If our my twenties, I wouldn't know tee shirts right there to get stuff done. Like everybody jokes in this town, like you actually can't believe anything gets done because so few things happen, everything seems to fall upon. We have this back to the future. We watch buzz going to Morrow night and there's a big part of it about back it on my crime. Michael J Fox was in a regional in it, they had Eric starts not to step on the reactor was, but they from five weeks of scenes with their extorts and three weeks in the director ravaged some Bacchus and the producers are like he's the wrong guy. This, isn't he doesn't get them.
I'm at part we got it, we we got it, make another ran and try to get Michael J Fox. They go to the guy who runs the studio economic. We want a fire extorts, it's gonna, we ve already felt for him with for five weeks, we're going to everything we found. It's gonna cost three million dollars. The budget was fourteen million, so their egg, so based We need another three million hours, but this is the right move cause. This move is going to be great, but it can't be great if we ever starts and they as a cool I'll, give you the three nine hours. If he says, though, guess what back to the future is like air, its back, his ersatz couldn't get the comedy part of it, but that's the thing it's like everybody has stories like this all the time and it's hard to land the plane so felicity at home. It's fucking heart the land, the plane congrats through our Jason in my town and of our friends for Poland. This off because
this plan. The runway was very small and it was that long ed and they did it end this will be our ally and am glad that at reinvigorated the Jordan legacy. We have a lot more to talk about on the pod, including some quarantine, stuff optimum. The bill might be making to come back in the lobby watch online game, six of taking a break them a comeback. Let's talk about Miller Time, look it's weird right. Now people have in social distancing drinks they're going over urge others. Houses wear masks, stayed six feet away from each other one. King on opposite sides of the sidewalk. That doesn't mean we can have no more time. You could do it and soon you could do it pop over friends house. Hang in the other part of the room during this time associate this thing connecting with friends over a beer? It might look different, but it's more imports,
never Miller light. The original lay bare it's always been there to bring people together in real life through maritime. Among for people to connect over a few beers. I know it's tough doesn't have to be impossible, doesn't have to just be at a bar or at a big party to be anywhere had had drinks with, friends of ours that came over the other day. Guess what we're able to hang out ten feet apart? It was fine. It was Miller Time, Miller. Lite is the bear that makes more time possible Miller. That is the original light beer that tastes great, less filling, which means it won't get in the way of enjoying time with your people. It's also been my favorite beer ever since I was a kid, in fact, my zoom background you can kind of see my celtic tradition, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six Miller, Lite NBA, Champs poster Miller Lite the original light beer, while you're home and dry classic available for delivery. Today, celebrate
possibly Miller Brewing Company mill, wacky Wisconsin. Eighty six dollar, three point: two carbs bird twelve answers. I were shifting there's a little bit. We are now in the dreaded MID, may post five weeks of M J sports not really happening. Yet I was watching some skins vat today and golf Mcelroy Right Johnson. I didn't really care. It was good to see alive event that I didn't know what was going to have but ultimately eyes. I M ponderously came back people by day after day. There's nor your were you excited I'd love were excited about you. I just never watch Bundestag Ossoli either Romania, just big, oh yeah, like I am that starving. You know it's ok, miss, I really miss sports. I want sports the combat, but I'm not at the point where I'm just gonna sit down and watch like abundantly your game and that putting people down who would do it, I'm just on that personally there yet arrow by you.
Oh no! No, I wouldn't tell me, is especially get older like if you enjoy this, why? Why would I give you a hard time for enjoying this gap, analyse our married in your my neighbour, like being weird round my wife, for that that would be enjoyment that I wouldn't around upon but no, no, not at all that the, but it I just I'm be that as it appears it's gotta be worse. A basketball comes back, though it appears that I think most of most of the reaction is day. This is great, I mean there's always the solvers out there they're going to solve everything and, like my column, solving all of these things. I can't really be solved, but I I thought the react it was like cool. We we've got soccer on soccer that matters that early morning thing here in the states is really cool. I mean it's never really been. My thing is my time is, is so even now, like my time is so spoken for before the day,
Sars most days, that I usually I'm not gonna, watch sports at any talk about now, which is is kind of weird words. Sometimes, when you can watch the stuff I haven't even have to have a take on any of this is just on by the army and look up, I'm thrilled at that people have something in as we solely try to figure this out with NASCAR going and you see things been really good and economy. Just now with what are we think about basketball and, in the end, a fell stuff and then, of course, the baseball stuff is really hard to kind of figure out, because their certain players that speak out and I think sound public SNL thing these
it just make any sense within a sort of Umegae. Blake's knows I'm your prawn or why don't do that here? So he had based bar seems like the ultimate wildcard, because their union has just been the hardest to that. The union versus the owners and that specific sport has always been the iciest, its there's, the it's always gonna, be a stand off and I was always pessimistic about oh yeah, we'll get this gather dude they gave season will be great aid. It just never had that sports work. I think when you read all the NBA stuff from the last few days, it's been really encouraging need. I like we were on here last week and I was pessimistic bill and then we have new. The actual optimistic bell this week. I think the optimistic pessimistic. Indeed I am sure
It sounds like we're just being wishy washy everywhere, but if you go back and listen what we talked about last week, all that stuff, we said, was legitimate. We're like look. This is bad. We need we. We need momentum, we need the players to actually like make a step here need decisions. We need a timetable, we need them. They say like if this doesn't happen in the next four racism: happening on. None of that was happening a week ago, the day after we did that podcast, the players are gonna call the superstars, and I broke it down a little bit on Tuesdays part here just like when I saw the names and the car was like? Oh, this is good. This is the first trade in goods we ve had because it site. This is how it happens in the NBA. The superstars ultimately are gonna drive an initial abroad, and Chris Paul D want to start the seas. It again, it wasn't a start and if they do.
Want to start to seize it again. Now it as a good chance to start would have you heard from the fire said that the vote- the yes no vote- that words talked about was overwhelmingly in favour. The players want to come back and play, which is what I always thought, no warning guys to come back and play this hasn't been about selfishly. When I need yes, I would like to see NBA game but I wasn't rooting for its wide have something to do. I was rooting for two players can still make their money. The owners would still have their product, it wasn't a rooting for the owners thing I think of his part of it. Probably most selfishly driven thing was hoping that our friends that work in this industry would whose jobs are at stake, pay cuts or far lower lay offs, because there be something actually cover and the programmes. The programming, gotta be tricky, and I also have any easy solutions. May we'll talk about it a little later but like that was what I was reading for. Is that all this is connected? If there be some sort of outcome but the media coverage of it. I felt like
awaiting it. What about this? What about this? What about this? Legally? We do that all day in any one, I was like waiting. Am I wrong? Am I wrong in ensued? The players actually do want to come back and play like. I don't care how much money some of those guys out of the bank, especially in the eight players. Most people don't want to lose the opportunity add to their wealth and if they feel like the science, the testing the risk of all of these These are an acceptable level and I don't know that they have the answer that I certainly dull, but if they feel comfortable with hearing and honestly, the way athletes are and younger guys and people being competitive and just guys being board their acceptable risk He's probably higher than a lotta people, even listening this right now and considering the money that are gonna, be compensated, a reduced rate of it all well, when, when I'd heard the votes, overwhelm you like. The players want to come back and play, and I went ok, that's like that's what I kind of thought the whole time. So that makes me feel better much like you said, because this thing the play
fusion Players Union is very much superstar driven. There can be formed in fifty guys, but it's like all four fifty guy. Seventy voice and then the Michel robbers part of it you know I talk about last week- was acquitted minutes. She is. Does she not he's got to come back and she speaking for the plate, or she just told being the combative thing that comes in that position, much like baseball and so like that, threw me off a little bit. But the vote huge step. We were hard on last week's. I think it's fair for us to be like she did a good job this week. There as all got on the phone she had to have been at least a small part of that as a sounding board. I can imagine that data said we're going. Rogue, don't tell Michelle I'll get on the phone, it does say. Might the prayers Union is on the same page and allowed under four ways, and you know what your piece I think, Friday about the kind of autonomy Adam has at this point running the league, which Stern had it
in a lot of ways, but a lot of it was more dictatorial, dictatorial, Victoria, dictatorial dictator Oriel do either work dictatorial. He had a, but really was made about flexing it and was way more confrontation on that Adam is Adam, is a consensus guy and I think everything I've heard and it was confirmed that space? Was these honours? They might have different factions and there are three there three different factions. Can you explain us yet one of them is like what the fuck are you doing. Let's get back out there. This is, we went from either is basically the day portray thing on facts. We went from flat in the curve to now waiting for a cure like what happened. We flattened curve. Let's get back to life. That's one faction. The second faction is, let's be careful, it's wait and see. What's us and the experts, and then the third faction is: what are we doing? This isn't worth it? We
catches rushed back that liability all that stuff, but I think, what's happened is worth whatever side your on that pairing Adam to make the right decision and talk to the right people and they trust him to make the right decision based on with right for them financially what's right from them from a legal and healthcare standpoint, what's right for them further. The sanctity of the season because, like we talked about last, we do the jokingly they a single oblation turbid, you don't wanna sit nation where people feel like this has been a totally tainted play off, see there where it's like, I we, it did this, but the bucks one, but it doesn't count. End it has a really actually feel like the play off. So I think once they start figuring out component, how many Tammany teams are actually gonna be an? I still feel like it should be twelve. Maybe it ought to be in sixteen. I still think they should go best five and round one. Maybe they won't. Maybe they try to get greeting of the aid.
But what's changed from a week ago. To now is that there is no momentum and everyone was gone, glass, half full looking for reasons not to do it and be to be careful and now it's proactive, and now the players are involved and I'm optimist. Bill again and next week. If we could be back be like a number one, I was absent so we can go. That's the thing we do. All we can do is just tell you we're hearing and where heads are at we too weak and right now it seems why have the mystic and that's what is always worth reminding everybody throughout this entire thing? Is there could be some news next week? Will you go actually like here? Every go the testing numbers and that's the other point I mean this is this: is a non sports part of it, but I try every week to educate myself on it in what I'm not doing it. Mining for facts that back up one extreme opinion or the other, because, like there was a headline the other day about New Orleans, New Orleans opens back up Louisiana talk to my people like what's going on here, like we're going for
ass. He told me even some of em down. There were like now, we'll see, and then I saw a piece I think I got picked up naturally was like Louisiana the highest test day: hey highs, positive test day for throughout this entire thing, in line up with em reopening, so everybody is kind of like all. Here we go again, we lose inner, and so then I dig through the whole thing and it says: actually there is all these backlog tests, so the total was over a two week period, which I'm not even sure, that's accurate, but it just the headline was written in Way to make it look like it was this devastating number and I'm thinkin. You know my first reaction when you look at that headlines, like our here, we go second wave like all this does gonna be shut down. The the point that am making is that even though that was a misleading headline. I can find misleading headlines that tell you everything is great and I'll go. Oh wow, that's a positive, and then somebody else has a follow up. This is actually that's, not really what's happening there either, because reporting isn't as up to date with that saying, so you just kind of
to run one of these leagues and navigate all this stuff and sitting here may seventeenth and thinking may eighteen. We have a plan all of these plans or a temporary anything they ve ever plant and that's what I think is always important remind ourselves up. I asked, I think you know I'm starting to wrap my head around being in the same with people that you have a general feeling they ve taken care themselves that had them people in that bet around them. Many people things I tat. We ve been around a couple friends recently, and you think about where we were in January and February in the first part of March. I just think about only if I gets kind of amazing I didn't get it I'm sure I was around it. I went to all star, weaken its cargo, flew on a plane. I was at a party. Thursday night commercial yet come second sticky reseller barb. Yet again I went to the all start that Thursday ended up at a bar
that had at least a thousand people and was shaking hands hugging all star people are buying drinks and everyone's just packed. This is February 15th right. This is how we know the virus is in the country. Three weeks before I was at Sundance for three days same thing: I had a whole bunch of one slash two, a cup greetings was that different parties, then holler report. Has this article. The virus was that Sundance? I know couple people who think they got it at Sundance fast forward. I went to the Oscars, their vanity fair as same think thousand people crammed into the Annan whatever Institute and
you know I'm sure people had at their. I went to clipper games was crammed in twenty thousand people. Your leave in your crammed next to people. This was in our country for two months and ate. The part that I dont understand is people that were exposed to a wide in some people get it. Why did other people get it? Here's the one thing that we know for sure if I'm sitting on an airplane next to somebody in MID February, Lamb sit next to you, we don't know each other. And your coughing and you're sick and my reaction in MID February Ben, like fuck man. I hope this guide as get me sick, Ray, like just say, I'm an. I hope I don't get the flu I'm going to be really careful, I'm going to wash my hands, I'm just going to make sure I don't get germs from this person. I think what
now. Now that we're in MID May, there's going to be so much more germ awareness with people so much more awareness of other people of just how healthy they are either by the radical bear situation with the jazz. He was sick for like three days right, his coffin on peoples of flu. They don't really that make the connection with the thing they just had. The task is to make sure Are you satisfied on the plane with them aside there like what fuck man you're coffin? You can't be the plain, and there are other aims or on that plane to. I think the kings were on that same so then they were all like. What's goin on anything like the ran in four nets, get it the fact that I just think whatever vision of society were about to move into going forward. The awareness of whose around you are they healthy and if you're not feeling well you're, not gonna, be he wanted to go out and be around a bunch of people live if you're not sure, what's gonna with you either. So I for people to say it's, it's not going to be at least a tiny bit safer. I think,
its naive. I think it will be a little bit safer, just cause they, the awareness YAP, but your perspective is an older guy on this one. There's an age delineation that I believe will exist here were the first time things are really full go and buy yours, it's gonna be like a fast I get. It has added IBM my dad's dangerous. I don't. I don't agree with that. I wouldn't want to go to a crowded bar, no matter. How have I would I probably would I think you would do. I think we both would be like fucking element of I'm no wherever revive yeah, and if I get it, I just stay away from people for two weeks and then ask can say I got it like. I I totally get that bites
people in their mid twenties our right now he's ready to fuckin guy. Are you kidding? I s pride? I now have you been out tile, he's that he's lying party bile? What about Just Party Balls Kyle, but how many people, the lake. Kyle's been amazing pilot. I gotta say I really thought Kyle, as was gonna, be one of the first ones to crack, but now now. What's it wants a library it up in your neighbor who cast down here at the beach? They opened up the beach, but it was for exercise the surfers who I always thought you could let them serve, let them sir, but the problem was bbl, become year olds with this stuff, because then you're thinking, ok, wait a minute they're allowed to serve. So, if he's allowed us
How come I'm not allowed to do this, and I'm just plain for his being our stuff in Hell, I'm I drove by I jumped in the water which fell gray and they get out of their cause. You're not supposed to like lays around. I think the real big thing is. I don't show up twenty deep, his error people walking down with coolers. I get ready to check out the sunset and its in its hard to blame people, but if everybody did it, especially people come from me inland now they know a beach communities open in Manhattan. Beach goes out of their way to make sure parking is nearly impossible, which is forty two, because it's hard to find parking like around normal up apartments and houses, because everybody is coming from out of town just parking and do whatever the case the version of the beach. Open and you see it in you go ok. Is this a positive, but then, as soon as like Matt Liner right who lives here, he posted it feels great feels normal any get absolutely dragged on Twitter because he posted a hey. It feels good to be outside and back to some degree of noise
see, because there are so many different factions of this where to one for extreme, it's like how dare you go to the beach and be outside in the middle of all. Even though the local numbers here are completely l a county. Bad numbers, but even though in county the numbers in my town or like a minuscule so whose right it's, we're in mud three here its ban. I think, ten weeks since we did our did the brand quench digital broad make this and every piranha gets yadda spike ass. Those ten weeks ago feels like a year ago. I think human beings fundamentally need to be around other human beings. You go and said I really do. I think nobody is meant to just stay inside and avoid other people, so I'm not saying go to a bar
Wisconsin and crime in there with a hundred and fifty other people, but for us the pretend this is the way this can just go for the next three years. You know I e cake a judgement about that of somebody wants to go outside in an rollerblade and feel normal for ten minutes or the mask on its they're, not they're, not fuck and Satan. Yes, in a problem is it? Is it some people think that they are? What are what do you think the baseball, because you brought a really good and is always say in a Lord of the realm, is the most important sportsbook know I miss second most when I book a basketball, but Lord of the realm is thank. You is it's so important because it gives you the entire backstory of not just baseball's economic issues, but just how bad ownership tree baseball players. It was the first major sports and then it goes on like eighty years where you're you're, dealing with collusion
the owners Lou, so the baseball players in ownership. It's like a marriage where they have to stay married, but one side still thinks the other side is is cheating Otto, but yet still with they're going to stay married. So when I see the intimacy between players and respecting that's more like that, You go our I'd like to bear the basketball thing, you're right it linked with silver. It felt far more cooperative, proactive football, we'll see that one has been great but baseball. Basically tried to have a new CBS on the fly, and then you think way to me. Are you guys proposing some fundamental change here with a salary cap, which is what baseball is always thoughts? Why we have to strike back and ninety four and I don't look like Blake Snails- ran going, I'm just not pitching and put my life at risk, where I guess there's evidence of last month saying this thing was no worse and flew so like weapon would change there. Maybe he just simply changes mine, ok, fine, but
there are instances with players. I mean in a rod going out like do it for the good of the games, like our we're all set, we're all set a rod on your assistance of what we think the rest of us should do, but it is. It is disappointing if baseball can't figure this out where I know what the players disagree, something that fundamentally goes against everything they ve done, but like imagine, if they actually can't figure this thing out and they don't get back on the air when all baseball is needed is a moment, and they have it like. This moment is staring at him like here you go like you're gonna, be the thing and people the into it and a lot of these numbers that people would try to argue stopped, because the numbers that people pull during this stretch, which they could be a little misleading, actually extremely misleading in some cases, but baseball these it get back on. But I'm not in such a like I'm, not in the mood of going all these stupid players. How come they? Don't you say yes to what the owners are doing here
is it feels like an at the beginning of this. The owners try to like slip something in here. We go on women. What are you guys trying to do just so? We can get back on the air they remind me of the Republicans in the Democrats, where they're just on opposite sides and completely distrustful of our times and spinning whatever the stories. Against the other side and even went even when they come to some sort of agreement. It's it that doesn't go away. There's just been too much over the last fifty years. Who's trump! Then cuz. I don't think it's fair to say of Manfred I am just I'm not even that was the political stay out. I'm just saying you just have these two sides averages dug in on their sides and that's it play an ally, Yossi texted, with Tommy, alter later that Well, I reckon India, whose loud I've made that up time. How did I get out? This is bad,
what time is it go on Instagram with no shirt on again? I do want to blow him up. Amsterdam, guy about a year ago, Tommy I started on shirts, often Instagram, and it became just a delightful turn of events for all of us at the ringer was allowed alike, hey where's, the Jim! Is it that way with the with the arm up a kind of flexing those kind of photos instead right here. Are your bed of time? Is its grip, yeah I would love if anyone has hit me up on his game. If there's any like, there's any people out there that are focusing on just sort of wellness in plant based stuff, I haven't found a lot of those accounts. So if you, if there are any good plant based just sort of mental health and then just physical wellness, anybody that's focused sort of in that lane. Eighty recommendations would be appreciated back to the baseball, for one second sure pessimistic Bell is therefore I dont see there. I dont see those two sides.
They hey man, let's put our baggage aside and figured this thing out. I really would be the opposite and you have the superstars who have already made a shitload of money who are just kind of like fuck. This I'm not going to play for half price I'd, rather just not played all be with my family thanks anyway. You know, I think the difference of the NBA Playoffs is first about half the teams. Second of all, it's a it's a short sprints OB, six to eight weeks. Whatever we know it's going to be safe, there be real resolution, they'll get to compete, if it all goes well and we don't have any sort of any bad stuff, it'd be huge, win it'll, be the boss watched Basque by we ve had, and I did some Rick, I meditated and then some recall on how they would handle the prayers talking on the court.
Oh he's good at and how that would go. You know they do have like us. Leg is probably like seven ten second delay when they shall live sports thanks to Jana Jackson, jaded Jackson, the who completely changed live sports never gets enough credit for one little nipple slip and you know it so they can do it. If it was contained what say you neither did at some practice facility type place. You have all the players and people on each team. You have the people running the broadcast. Maybe I have a hundred and fifty people their total. You can
do it, where it is delayed for like two three four minutes right to catch would be you couldn't do the live. Betting, so Adam would have to be like all right, no lie bedding because it's just opens the door for a massive scandal. So all the sites that we have you have to agree like this would be bad. Don't do this, don't have live pets or you can do live bats at a commercial. Something like that, but you all right. So if you had it the mic, guys and let's say three minutes away and it's clippers, Lakers and Paul George and Lebron start going at it, but we can hear it. Paul, George is like your fucking pussy fuck. You start soon that shit you're fuckin pussy, you shouldn't. Even when you're third title like when you went to read, did it's a Bosch like ours
that was what those I opening like who that's what like some abolishes Pierre, like that it's gettin personal, like they argue the progress of hair. Like you know like that kind of shit. That's a nice! But yours I see recent well yeah, but you know I don't know how personal gets of the court by the way. I don't like Paul. Georgia is the best example to say any of you he is Georgia is a really nice guy me. Oh Patrick Beverly is a good one, so passionately The way somebody who might actually you now say some shit do some shape whatever. If you had like a two and a half minute delay, I think you'd be able to solve some of that stuff. The weird part would be just go silent. You now for two three four five seconds, but but you know it's doable. I would like to hear this adds a game now. You know who is against it, I guess we'll whose against it? So I'm so you were talking NBA we're Talkin players dug in love
The growing ever hear the sounds of the court. Who gets this. We shall Robert, the coaches. What are they just they just yell for down Then you'll be fine, they don't want to hear any any it. They don't want stuff. I Brad Stevens yelling at Jason, Tatum. Yeah a shoot from there. You can't fucking shoot that kind of stuff. The coaches don't want that ah how little that the place, don't always listen out. I'm good garnets out of the week I would just say, Lemme Guard at the Garnett Games. All Garnett games are only available on demand after they ve aired, guy that guided somehow Bud show tab they are not as I am I ought like. Have you ever seen any human being swear as much as Kevin Garnett swears. I've never seen anything like it. Like the first courts, I experienced a gardener, I went.
Oh, my god, illegalities yourself, like looking at apparent with a kid next to him and everybody's a sort of in on it being like well, is overdue. Over two and a half hours when I did the pipe gas with him in and there he was on his best behaviour for like fifteen minutes, and then he got comfortable its F Bob's at Edward start to get started. But left and right as a guy he's comfortable Edward just off from that point, so yeah. I think I think the sounds of the game would be so called the pumping in the fake crowd toys I would just hate that so much. I would almost rather have mute just play like music, but I just play some acoustical soundtrack or something over like some fake, fake crab, sound, that's ridiculous. Who was Memphis Grizzlies Oregon guy, just have him pumped into every single game like he just is locked in and whenever the game's tip up you I mean you might have to do double and stuff- but I forget, the name I apologize me. We get Idee on that. We remember the Old South Games there
the Oregon with the organ for this ethics and burns Games is phenomenal. That's great lunatic! Twenty six minutes radio programme, a dont forget about the self eggs organ sure fast. I was watching some of the nineteen eighty six or Celtics finals. Last I nineteen eighty year, nineteen, eighty Members, eighty one nobody remembers when Sixers first of all, darkens and game, one just has his way with counts, a really profound wows, shocked. Doc is really good. That year, eight the Laker winning a nineteen eighty forty years ago. If why meteyards of us slept on Title Cosette, Sixers team was really good dead Duck Lionel HOLLAND's Bobby Jones is their Henry Baby dock at its peak about Joan, said that team,
not like a roll over team. Everyone thinks, like Tony's internet seem. Did you say toning Tony? What Tony and shut to eighty one eighty one or receive eighty one, which I might add some of those last I too Mikhail Tony impair, shall show up, In the eighty game game three, which is on you to be confined it, marriage is playing crunch time. It's in fairly, and failures of wine. In the last minute, by too, but this out, there's going crunch time, Collins, bird mare of edge, tiny, Archibald and Maxwell for all farmers in the south, it said Anne and it's the first year the three point lad said somebody takes, three in its like a fuckin spaceship. There were three is like one of those bird makes a big three to cut it from five to two. They react like it's too fixated hey. This ever happened. I have recommended recommend it for game game five, not on you too, because I'm not sure those tapes exist. I dont think there were televised. I think there's only look
because I was when they were red tape: the Lange in eighteen, eighty one c had the eastern conference files there's no record of it by the way. How great I know rid our back doesn't get a technocratic I'm kidding. But if you talk about him, having teams that he thought were but he knew like this. Isn't enough. I Keaton screw around right than brutal. Looked the pre Russell team was a good team and he was like we need. We need to be better and the same thing with them. One thousand nine hundred and eighty Celtics team is all the names you name it's like. I can know what actually we're going to really turn this thing over and they were big, an idle yet big it ass. We goes and adds on that front line stuff there. When the title I would say game six. Eighty one finals cuz, that remember, is five, seven slash, seven legendary game, but game sex cells come down from behind by seventeen, but that's a game or Maxwell goes in the stands and Dick Stockton and his partner who had
Kevin Lottery have an argument about whether was justified or not. Stockton sake. You can't do you no matter what the guy said, you can't hit a fan and his partners I well Nobody said he his Maxwell, he gets go and he bumps into the guy to some old guy who says something turns around in their Maxwell, turns back and just goes back and shoved them in the stands, and it's like almost a riot, and you know this is the worst city. You could do this in those fairly fans, all the guys in the first couple, Rosa like let's fucking go, you know it s, eye wayward hair. Thank you could say, like the Sixers get nervous they go in because they're, like oh shit, you know it's almost like when you somebody has a crazy spouse or I gotta get it. I'm gonna get my spouse out of there,
all the Sixers like oh shit like this, could escalate and Maxwell stays in the game. It turns into a rallying point and it's an amazing game, but there's a reason. They don't show it on hardwood classics. Are there because the pivotal turning point is Cedric Maxwell almost starting right? It's it's! Basically, the pre our test, Bela some believable. Now it's a good point, I'd heard people say where will you now and then it would usually come down sometimes like that the sensibilities it replied after the fact when it comes to different issues, like all my melbury, that's funny, but the run our testing isn't and then is it a race thing, but any noise. We, like you, know them one thing. I don't remember I mean look, I'm really young for that. This is where the gap shows up between you and I, but that wasn't. I don't think it was just a pro Boston consume thing: they people kind of stood or maybe it was just people, understanding Philly, I don't know, but it wasn't. I don't like was MAX vilified for that, because I don't feel like historically Lee ever has
now is it. There was a different era that the way more fights back then in the NBA crap way more involved. It's a lab. It's just a lot more vicious the stuff people yelling at court, and things like that, like even as reading I was reading some of their fill Jackson stuff, they D leaked, Are they in make they just they ran the ESPN magazine. Feel Jackson did this for parterres three has been the magazine during the final season. In part, one runs right for the playoffs. And he just throwing grenades and their Jerry Kraus and he's at this whole thing about about Lakers. How he's been you know. He never knows he wants coach cam, but he has been watching the Lakers and kind of makes it seem like they're, not poor, the coast of the stuff, but in part four of that talks about the jazz fans. How frustrated is for the bulls cuz, the jazz fans are just throwing coins at them for the entire game and it's Agora. We know security won't help us out and just so. This is all through the night. Is she
like that's going on. It was really the our test. Malay was the tipping point. Things were we want a men are not things were read. I went to the nets ethics game, which I know you did to know to the eastern files when Jason cared it had the domestic violence and stood with his wife and you had eighty fans in the stands wearing you know, Wife Beater tee shirts with kids number on it, and it was horrible I'm a raven writing about like wow. This is like a dark moment for us, but it ate like now. If that happened, like date, people would lose their. Remind the worldwide- and this is two thousand to set that long ago, Tina early? No, it isn't, but I mean it in that part of it that fan player interaction thing is so different where Westbrook at the moment with the jazz fan and it became it will it was beyond money for our new cycle and now yeah. It's
I'd ever really know, I'm like a cable. What are you doing is Percival Westbrook is about, isn't agonists took as it gets I, but it doesn't. Excuse you, san whatever you want to say to him, but then everybody kind of takes the player side here and then you work with long like long is, is all about it for players, safety and basically, like any of you guys that think it's ok! Just stuff, the players like fuck off, like he's adamant about it, I've had times long run like waiting, and I don't like I'm not sitting there saying that you guys should be harass if he was a horrible things like. I would never do that stuff. I just wouldn't because we're in this, like we, we do this vile, regular fan like forty four forty five years old, screamin. F you to pull,
There is after a couple cores lights like I, you know. I don't really think I would hope. I wouldn't be like that. Outside of the sports industry, but like a lot of things, I think it swung so far that it it's it's. So if you're the player and in you tell a guy to fuck off- and he says it back to you now- it's it's on the fan, because there's definitely times where you can see like the fans are more often than not the ones that are wrong here. Out of control, but I do than mere instances where they go. Wait. A minute you if you're coming at me and I'm going to you and you acknowledge me, then its cotta on what does it mean? I should lose my see you know, but it's it's it's. This isn't even stuff. We would even talk about twenty years ago. You would be like now use the whole point you sure about it. I was the thing with the area warriors owner. What did he say. The guy that minority honour member that, like nine ten months ago, the minority remarked Stevens when he had the same with calorie member when they
he likes shoved them. Oh yeah, and then the guy the ban from the where's games. That was that guy that, like to me, that's like no no every time you are in the wrong hundred percent. There's no there's, there's no debate yeah. We met when the video was bad to write like he pushed him right yeah. He was. Who is adequate? Charlie got vilified, although it is one of those things where heap he got vilified like he becomes. You become like Errand Hernandez. Basically, for that is where the aid that it does get out of here. The entire internet comes after you, like you're, here, you're, Jeffrey Dahmer,. Yeah. I think I had a couple drinks at a warriors game. You shouldn't shave, Kyle Lowry, I don't know if you have to like move to Malta yeah, that's kind of what it turns into, but look he's banned for you. Fine half a million dollars and he looks like don't push Lowery like you're gonna, get into it with car Lowry,
there is a huge batches right it bought out put it outlines the way it should have, but I dont know if he should have the scarlet letter for the next eight years of his life. No, that was kind of a thing work like in them. When everybody's run outdo each other on their take on it. But I gotta think death is wrong. Death by stoning can we killed right, I mean what have to hang them outside right. Warriors Rita. Was that legal, if we do it outside stoning right, So I don't a year and a half a million fair the death- and he was at the salad peddling right here in us never being involved with the team. Again is another good. When I let's, I would take a break we're gonna. Do we watch balls. Hey the corona virus Pandemic has sparked a massive increase in the number of cybercrime complaints flowing into the FBI. The internet crime complaints centre, which typically receives one thousand points per day, peeped pandemic, is now receiving three thousand four thousand a day. Krona virus related games.
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black, Eyed, Norton, Dotcom, Slash, Simmons, ok before we did, we watch above just quickly wanted to get your your programming advice further for the networks for every one and an ESPN, and then I had an idea about basketball that I forgot to give you that we can break out as a little ring or social video. I think I'm going to defer to you cuz. I think you're hot on this, and you have some good ideas. So I'm going to let you go and then I'll tell you a couple of the things that I came up with so they're running these basketball game right. These old MBA games. Listen people! Listen to me now listen to me. Listen me good, get behind me. Lies behind me cause I have. I have found a really fun. We watch biochemical. She show me forth quarters. Just cut the rest of the game. They will show this whole games right. It's like all right, sit down and watch this two and a half hour game. Just show me all the good fourth quarter, so I call them show me:
One thousand nine hundred and eighty four final show me game to game for game five game. Seven, two hours. Fourth quarter crunch time of all of them, show me the fourth quarters different series. Show me the best fourth quarters show me the sleepy Floyd. Fourth quarter, it's perfect! It's thirty minute shows there to be seven minutes of commercials. It. Twenty two minutes a content. Gimme little contacts have house like you near the house where you were just idle a box for the cure, Orscheln shown this one will watch out sleepy flood catch spare. Here's the game boom. Half hour I get to learn history under the next came Why are we stick showing this two and a half hour games? Why was showing three hour baseball games where we showing three hour NFL game, same thing for football? Show me they're, awesome football game show me all of them. Show me any game from any year, condensing here now for me, just show me the best parts. Let me relive leg. Like they showed up Monday night they're, showing Marino, vs Bledsoe First week, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four old pats uniforms
early Willie begin EST Marian bites, it's just a fucking corpse Ben coats in his prime like? I love this, but it's like. Why am I watching drives that are going to lead to a pint? Just show me the best things I think we to fully mania eyes I ve been yon eyes. Like that, media eyes, this old sports cars don't just black guy hears a dump of the stuff like shows the bastard. You're back today of all these people at home, you ve all these people who are producing games right now, unleash them on your library and make these awesome. Fourth quarters. Fourth quarters of Annabel Games forth at third period of Games show me o t just like: let's get the best of the best. Let's go. That's my plea. I like that, I'm an amateur, not topic. As you know, we both know this that some of the problems with the football rearing
These various Vienna's rights based, so yes, eying, like NFL network, should be doing this because I The receiving issues with the european right. Their own money. I football like, however, that language works for people. Don't understand. I don't understand it's a later on. The company is that the reason you pay so much for that wildcard play a game which is a mass of mass of some, but it's also so that you can build out your highlights that you have to buy the rights you can also like. We would five times, frat, where the radio show it. Let's face it like any sb into simulcast radio show is a priority highlight wise, but we'd have be roll warlike. Actually, we can only run like sixty seconds of baseball for your show today and you got k like their better make better make account, I guess, but what I think somebody may be, the best do whatever version of the NBA we get back? would be harder for play. Ask as it would feel like, maybe or diminishing the product, but if they do
NFL, regular season thing, or maybe they can figure out a way to make this work, where there's some kind of red zone version of basketball, where you get a host that you really ain't, no trust! That's that's flexible! Maybe has a lot of an opinion to him and I don't know The travel works with all always got. I'm not on assume any thing, but I think you can do the distancing in studio and you start whipping like I loved being on coastal coast, but I never felt coastal coast ever was given a chance because always kind of moved around all time and if, That only delay to member had a weird delay, but if you took whatever package a basketball you got now and I do read Zone Channel little bit. It may build the urgency of the moment and it may help disguise the fact that it's gonna look like a. U scrimmages right. Well,.
What about if we had more than just the announcer say goodbye, these announcers are remote and ESPN has Raptors Sixers, and this is like they have no other content. It's like game, one Raptors Sixers round two and it's like our announcers, are Mark Jones and Hubie Brown great. Why couldn't that on ear? and to have have raptors fans it answers on European W yeah like crazy, Sixers, fancy dancers and do like basically what they did. Then they did have that college football game where they had the fans of that James the need for the other. He s game you having had family, friendly broadcasts yeah for five different ones, war. They did as they did, that fans there. That fan bases announcers burst.
Other one, but then with Clemson Burma, which mashup obviously punch at times they had a glimpse. I think it's Boyd may have done it and then now one of the Office of Lyman from Alabama. Bear it, I think so they had, they had all sorts of different damning. Look. They had their. Tat night. One point I was in the booth with Tee bow and man cell in the middle of M, doing a coup, motor for one of the is further national title game foreseen. Auburn was blows, guys, never lie in time until there's an incredible picture, be fine. They keep. My hair on would like the taboo angel and the man's L Deaf, over both shoulders. Yes, in areas exists that exist in any way, And in their like, hey, you gonna do a quarter with these guys and just see where it goes, and
he's, gonna turns at all things like the apparent I we're doing a vampire our kind of playing off each other old thing, but I'm with you like why not experimental little bit more with this, but as we both, though all the leagues have basically final say whose doing any of their games side in their high gravitate towards being careful years here. Other idea have I been meaning to get this. This is a really list are named Ben Grossman Cohen, he was I alright. This no fan thing. What is there to be no fans? What, if they now this for the NBA. They saw a limited number of spots to be inside the quarantine bubble you get to go to all the games have backstage passes and he ass. How many rich guys would leave their families behind for three months to do nothing but watch basketball and n b around the players size?
good about this, because the rich guys do travel and they know who they are, and some of them even listen. This park ass words- I they just have so much money in in whatever to be to be like one of like that. Twenty five rich guys, the NBA invited to just go to all the playoff games, and it's like all right. It's yet all you can eat playoff tickets. The price is ten million dollars. Half of it goes to the to the league. That goes to Covid nineteen relief, so ten dollars to get in it's all, you can eat your hair hotel room, ten million dollars per ticket or sell twenty five of these make two hundred and fifty billion dollars. Do twenty five rich guys buy these tickets Maybe twenty five I mean look seiners Idle gathered there be twenty five guys. It would do it because it be the status of I mean. Is the ultimate courts? I'd see it's the ultimate core, it's the arrive. Fuckin dick swing,
right, right: oil, you, whether twenty five I can get in they didn't ask me. Really they didn't ask you, but the website. I heard your going to the to the to the campus the play campus yeah, you know Adam CALL Bay, and he was they told me the price now just saying. Ah you once in a lifetime, obviously- and I have the money to spend it. They do that healthy and they're just swing index that they get twenty five. I think they could get fifth fifty million circuit in the south. Graybeards. Maybe a couple Russians like you start looking global, I don't have the NBA would deal with the Russians right now. Now. Maybe a couple meet the need to make that CBS Money back CBS gone backwards. It would help preserve the cap. The objects are one problem, but we're just put acting as if that's not of an issue. I think the second promise d on waiters tubular YO. I need to say that I
it would make everybody so mad where they just shit, show this crowd and adjust just all these guys who doktor peppered died, hair, unlike their their fancy, leather jacket, edge, psych walking around with their pass, and they pay ten million dollars be there for two, but I beg you to work. I love it. Yours, I saved save sorry cap as if a player get upset you be like now that that deeds, fifty percent basketball related revenue. And then, if you sit there and say some of this is going to cover research, get me get more testing on the others away to spin. It they're politically shy to get in your favour, but I'm just trying to think basis. Is just there he's got two tickets he's got him in his girlfriend, but where does it up? There's one and I realize he's like I want to- I mean for twenty mail: does it have a seat opposite sides, though, now that they cause they're they're covered their third? There not distancing already
she can go their spouse. They not everyone. Like not, everybody would want to do that right because it It's also a way to maybe get away from your spouse. Are you mad? The NBA? Yes, I am sorry they I said one ticket, she's gonna, be me Scooby being without his people. Don't you think there's a lot of our would be. Who would want it for free, like Jim clippers? Guy would be like lobby say I'm free, right and you'd be like no probably not like, Pritchett Goldwyn yeah I'll go, they then the funding. They knows his seed flag coach to get there, but he pay the ten million for the ticket, because no one gets more excited about walking back to the post game pressure without oppress past. And gold steam. I see him is it? Oh. Do thou know yes, but goals is kind of like you know. Do not ask me for my pass right right: the Snakeskin jacket in the dust combo, that's my best, its Adam server and it's him yet dont need to pass.
Messiah, apparently an apparently miss. I wanted to make sure you, properly excited for our newest ringer package, that is launching unmade twentieth season. One of our new series boom bust were recover. The rise and fall of h, Q, trivia, app were really proud of swine please check it out and if you don't know about some of the other new Ringer Pack has baseball barbecue with the US to spend his family barbecue, guys that launched tv concierge and on Spotify exclusively, where you can find out everything you need to know about the best things too large Monday through Friday, as was behind the billions with brand Coppermine in David Levine. That is up and running as well, and if he loved the re watches were doing back to the future. It's happening Monday night drop in it at midday meal Chris ran and shine fence
The very sad about this on an Armageddon coming later in the week, so its inaction pact weak on the watch was check that out she got the ringer pack. Has that work you can this do not Spotify or Apple or what ever you get your bike: ass rewatchables! That's the last balls, this, the last one game, six, ninety, ninety eight, you know, I've is a Bang Tom, pretty pretty hard and the last debts which we discussed earlier, there's some fun. You tat stuff, just the context of the series where I just can't believe how eluded the league is in ninety seven, but especially ninety eight. It's almost like these two different errors in the next era has started yet, but this
Cold air is like running on fumes and and we're still allowed to have this jazz post and the jazz beat Houston and five Barclays injured. So he kind of tries to play the first couple games. I don't even think he plays into signing Her claims all Jackson's done, then you have about away when it came got all that happened really quickly with him yet like its tied ends and centres Tappans immediately, they beat the spurs in five Utah and that's Duncans. First shared stock in and Robinson every jobs as their Sean Elliot's there. It's a good spurs team, but for whatever reason that I guess they weren't ready. I haven't watch that series or investigated it, but I am kind of stuck his Robinson was good that year and Duncan was rookie of the year, and they just gonna handle them, and then they kill the Lakers in the western finals. They Sweeper Shack puts up a thirty one. Twelve in the series does it matter editor
is a no show Kobe's, not ready yet he's playing like fifty and sixty minutes a game and that's how they get to the finals. It's basically the hardest hit. That point was the spurs, beat the bull side of it. The pacers was their tough series. The east was just wait up then, but you know by night- did I not the the league starts to flip Cobby starts to mature now said the avenues Superpower Indiana really rounds in the shape. Yet the next gotta have a last vestige. The Vince Carter. Iverson generation is common, see web. He Delete apps into whatever he has all said. You have new batch of teams, but we just did it and you look at this series, which I watched a lot of this weekend. Pippins hurt for the last two three games like really hurt like it especially game five. Six. You could just see it like as a bad back. I can barely move Stockton
really seems like he's at a different point of his career. This share compared to the year before, there's a lot more Howard, Isley Malone, it's just that is that Vladic as he used to be, but it still ah. The Sab aid is strong in their jobs, their system, other They really don't have close to ask our guy not Jeff forty six, thirty five and then you go to the ball side. Pippins crippled Jordan's, God no legs left, which is why this is one of my favorite games. He's ever played. I think one of the great form its is ever get no left he's got no legs left he's put over four thousand minutes. Ninety eight he is running on fumes. Rodman is an oddity. It
point, you never know if he's going to get fourteen rebounds or just get kicked out in two minutes other that nobody in this game other than Kukoc, who you know this is his best playoff series, you could even say, is in their prime who, coaches this is probably the best version of Coco choose offensively, really gifted defensively a sieve. But it's just a bizarre series. Did you notice that when you were watching like wow man, this is the finals? I'm definitely guilty of taking notes watching these, knowing the results and kind of having a predetermined thought on every player and every team in this, and there's too many moments which are unfair to the jazz, where I'm like? How the hell is this team, a game away from winning the NBA
like how is this possible and, as you mentioned, used series marketplaces. Eighty minutes over for games. Does he doesn't play five games in the first round? Series in Utah still almost doesn't beat him regularly. Not it echoes five there in the best of five ere, they win game five, so you'll Malone's who first for games twenty a game under, three percent shooting and when you're the option, almost every single possession and you're an empty. See you have to have more than twenty two games. You have to end in game five. He finally goes off. He goes off for thirty, seven great from the floor and even in this game like at half, I tracked it a little bit here, but at one point- and I know it gets all the stuff, but it feels kind of dead, but I don't know the video that I had was great video quality. I think there may have been a little bit of a lag in the audio because you go from no it's the delta center at SALT Lake. Those fans are so
pants and you seeker and Randy Brown with their fingers in their ears during the introductions going like all my god like this place again, and what is it really? It it's almost, I don't know if eggs from the previous year but Malone finally has his big game in game five and it right like Pippen Dunks, the first basket in this game. The first baskets to nothing, Pippen Dunk and he completely seized up and he stays in the game for like another, is out at four hundred and fifty for the first quarter. So he played basically seven minutes and he can't move. She can't move, which I want to get you later. As far as like what you taught did or didn't do against him, but there's there's a very
vibe to this for a finals game in what ultimately becomes a deciding game. And yet I can't be too unfair with Utah going like how the hell are they here. How does is even work because it's like, let's not do the thing like when things don't work, you go forty one and forty one right or when things don't work, coaches get fired, people get traded there, a game away from maybe winning a title back to back final. So what they do works enough, but it is an overwhelmingly impressive watching them do that and let's go backwards to game cause, I'm with you, it's almost site. There know their institutional knowhow became more. By Bob and any other aspect of what they were doing. Big, our viable the talent day just been doing it for so many years in a row, their system was in place to such a degree that it became the kind of Bela check in you know it that's where they could just plugin whoever and they just their system. Was
ingrained didn't had almost did it matter who's. Seventy five percent, the guy's, where they're they're doing stuff in this serious Chris Morris's plank crunch time, Chris Boris as I got a cast off on the nets you know, and it asked or tag, is huge and ninety, seven and ninety eight is useless. Asters are useless, but ego game. The pace of these things are just so fucking slow game won the jazz win in overtime, the final scores, eight hundred and eighty five, it's in a fifty three minute game. Stockton is twenty four in the game: clincher the MJ's. Thirty three points at thirteen thousand four hundred and twenty nine from the field, and you mention Malone start out slow, Malone's, nine hundred and forty for twenty one points so game to Chicago wins. Any outta m J finishes with thirty seven there's Rodman, really goodness.
Game, there's a whole supply about how you went to Vegas before game too and cost. This is like raining himself and I were. I watch the whole fourth quarter costs. This is like raining himself. Em cause rod playing well, but he's so mad that he's just so disgusted pepper advent as it as a costly. Causes hates Rodman. He hates it's worth paying, while them alone. He just cite he calls him aside. Show says, he's tired: she s sake. It shuts left right, but this game both of these games or really close and really good. This game was tied. The jazz were up one with two minutes left in game to add a chance scope to nothing. They gotta stop. Stockton turns Rover Kerr. Mrs a three gets a rebound passes to Jordan. Three point play Malone missed at twenty. Two further terrible car makes to free throws game's over
so now we go back to Chicago the bulls when Game three. Ninety six to fifty four- and this is one of those games- were, I think, all of us we started a worry about where Basque Bow was going as sport. When you have somebody score. Fifty four points in this is coming off of ninety five. Ninety six, they move that three point line around like there's real concerns. What are we doing wrong? Why is this more fun? Why is this so slow? Why? Why is it just cite the same over and over again using twenty seconds of the shock game forest? little better Rodman has fourteen rebounds. This is work ass, this the bulls when by four Maloney S, twenty one zero points in the forthcoming. You guys, Scotty has a two thousand eight hundred and ninety five. This is his last game of the series, but gets hurt late, MJ's, thirty, four, but Costas goes at the end about Rodman off the court. His tired freakshow continue
but on the corridor. Briggs tremendous energy at heart back at a compliment game so that games tied with three minutes. Morris and Burrell are both out there and crunch time, sweater point that out Scott Burrell Chris Boris Crunch Time, game. Five ever think the boys are going to win Malone has the game of his life? Three thousand nine hundred and ninety five, seventeen thousand four hundred and twenty seven field goal Pippen's to four hundred and sixteen with the bad back. Kukoc has thirty MJ's ninety four thousand two hundred and six jazzer up two last minute, Malone at the daggertooth remember this. In the moment this was kind of leg people shading on car, I'm alone for a week and half Conner male fraud. I know I was there. I am this guy socks. Fucked s, he's no m J, any kind of came through right, we'll had been two years that yet is like. Ninety seven is, is bad com.
Footage all right, and it says we mentioned you like twenty a game for you in the finals. The first four games isn't enough, especially on that team, because Stockton is so reluctant to shoe in ninety eight, like I tracked one stretching game six where I'm like. Where is any, finally take some shots and we'll get you down the down the stretch but you're like I had my nose, I'm going when's the last time you took a shot like. I should be asking that about John Stockton and if, unless Hornacek hit a few jumpers ever was Malone. It was a stock him alone decision were usually ended up with Malone the basketball, so she nay the spacing that day the browser based guy right after game, five gonna games, eyesight, we're doubly MILAN, fucked us and then there's this is now great series for Jerry Sloan. My I laughed I am left going at. This point was Jerry, as you mentioned, the institutional knowledge. It's a great point. It may be the best point you ve made an all,
seriously. They tear yourself now, but it's just so true like there's something be set of doing the same shit for a decade and go, and yet we just know what to do. The problem is, like the other team, also knows it by game five or game six and its arrests of massive adjustment, as you point out, but ran we both by Basque. Oh yeah, different levels. We have amity with with you and play with forever you. I don't know you at I'd house. I dont goby I've heard about this big roles of how sweet eyes. Just after a while, you d, it just becomes kind of insurmountable for the other team, with only two guys: three guys they do it though thou. Well anyway, god I have to admit watching these now I go was Jerry at this point. Just the guy that came in to locker room before the games like her, you gonna fuckin sucked they were in that was caught him because he starts six with Adam Cave and they know
Is it going well as long as that in case in the game? The bulls don't have to guard him, it's like. Why is he out there? What what what does he? What does he adding to their sea, he sucks the way is that do anything? What does he bring to the table? How bout adds one car we're there like where's Antwerp? Fraying out the ants one car is in the game now Grady, where five five in the second have a game, five answered in a wide open, twenty fighters every time it by the way like when you mention the the scoring. I just think it's worth saying again: the jazz scored. Fifty four points in a final came and people go revert back to the deep at the pace is so slow. Ok, it is so slow and it isn't necessarily all because of the defence, because there's a lot of open jumpers in this game in game. Six. There's a lot of open jumpers
where I think some of its the rules with what they want to defend, how they want to defend it. But you tell never really changes anything. I hate Pippin can't walk right now. Should we attack them well, too. Bad Adam keeps the game, hey guess what you get to do you get to take him out and put in somebody else that he has to guard, and maybe you can attack him in a little bit. Why are you going for? Pippin fix thirty feet away from the hoop when the guy can't walk they. Why aren't you why you setting? And why aren't you heading, I my I'm going to do one of my favorite thanks to bring up, lay buried here. Ninety ninety two calves, celtic serious birds, got the thirty PAM Back Brace Celts down three to go in a game. Six bird plays a there's. This whole outcry. The birds are plain enough: they changed aha fence, they put bird at the top of the key
You can't really move, but he's such good pasture they're running and they're just running all these back cuts and little screens and bird ends up with, like twelve assists. It's unbelievable he's just setting up. Everybody makes a couple shots and old school Larry and the Cavs aren't doing anything they're just treating him like he's, not wearing a 30lb back brace. You go to game, seven, which I think that games on Youtube in the Cavs are like fuck this tattoo can't move. He can't bend over. What are we doing and every time he gets to bother just swarm him and guess what he couldn't fucking move. So it was a good plan. He was completely useless a game. Seven to your point like what is Utah doing. Do they have scouts? Don't they have anybody watching the telecast Ahmad Rashad says in the first half Scott is not playing again Scotty told the team is not coming back. Scotty's back is in spasms, Scotty can't move and then
comes back and he's like this in anybody's ever had a back and you you you just a it's so painful Y, see with every step he's feeling it up his neck. His teeth, he's gonna and know what sick is. He actually has a good job hook, runner in the first half. It goes in yeah git him in the post. It gets you a couple buckets, but they never ever attack him there. Some really it's bizarre. I dont like doing the anti coaching as much as you do, and there were that happens with me at times. I may end up like missing something because my first reaction is in every coach socks, but I have to like. I have to admit, like I think, Sloan's thing was it's this issue we are. This is our identity. This is what we do like I caught say, hey we're running, for they do that block screen where they they screw
blocked a block where the four guys beat the shit out of each other to get alone and entry pass, which we will get to the end of this game and that's kind of their bread and butter, that's what they do, but the things within the game like it's great, you haven't office, it works again like I can't stay here. It's almost like my Houston Rockets thing like I can. I can get mad about it to a point, but it really should have worked in two thousand eighty. It really should have worked and when no one thought anybody could even touch that warriors team and huge I still almost pulled this thing off and Chris Paul is a pulled hamstring like that's, and we may be sitting here. Having be like all, that's weird that the warriors thing ended when it did in Houston's go to ring. We got to show him respect all right, but to say Sloane like I think it's two different things. I think it's Sloan's big picture identity. This is who we are I've got maybe one of the smartest guys out their running our office in Stockton in a Malone guy who I can count on, but in a serious when we become predictable, because we run the same shit every single time now
am. I in game, aware, was Sloan at this stage of his career in game. Aware? Was there any one in that staff saying we going to attack Scotty? Why are we defending Scotty this far away from hoop? Why are we letting cause? There's some there's some glimpses, two of modern NBA that you see where Jordan has that drive and I don't want to get out of order here. This is your deal, so I don't want to do too much before hits on, but like those moments where you can see that Phil Jackson sticking shooters in the corners with it who coach occur one side to prevent that help off what you still probably should have helped, because it's MJ with the ball but like that's, the kind of stuff did Phil Jackson is doing and the doubles in the rules with doubling Karl Malone. Age within the game that it made me wonder now is a little more educated. Why she's games ago too, slow just kind of like I was go, get em and then nothing changes within the game because he trusts Stockton. So much so in the flu game. They said in the in the broadcast, the gym sorry didn't want to know if Jordan,
sick or not. He just see didn't want, is team to know because he just them to do it, they're going to do it and want to change their approach was that's idiotic if, if the guy in the other team is, is clearly compromised, why wouldn't you You keep the dough that. Why would you be running around on packs and just tryin aware down same thing for game? I'm sure he didn't want to know that Pippen was hurt and I'm sure You tat was built back in the nineties words. I now don't tell Jerry he'll get bad. You like TAT, Jerry, doesn't want to know Jerry feels like the teams prepared. He just wants To do this thing? He doesn't want any outside information, because anybody word for the team could have been. My K. Does Jerry know about the Scotty peppered thing back his backs fuck He my can't held back. Look they all these assistance. These NBA teams have and is even more ridiculous now, but somebody notices it. Somebody notices it and they just
Do anything with it didn't see the play in the fourth quarter? He goes and sets a screen, but somebody bumps in baloney ruddy arguing for Jordan in Scotty falls down the same way like my dad would fall down when he's walking his dogs like he goes down and is trying to get up he's, trying to push off with his hand just to stand up like gingerly. As he's doing this, Jordan is dribbling around him and shoots shoots jumper as Scotty's kind of just rising too ground? I guess it's like you're, watching your hearts break for Pippin cause. He so heard an enemy. You know that the number one story, this game is the store beginning for Jordan, which I know will talk about, but the number two story for me as Pippin and the redemption for the migraine game and that- and you know, ask and come out game three in the next series, but was always this guy who's. One of my favorite not subjects ever people shit on further
I grant game. He was always considered baby, not quite as tough as as Michael. Meanwhile, he was this game over anything else, like he placed twenty five minutes. How did it and he's in the red spots in theirs is great moment when Jordan's about dead the game winning shot. Scotty goes to clear out any psychotic, their Mccartney's yelling at the raft that Utah's playing a legal defence as this Michael Jordan moments like this incredible moment that everybody just kind of watching me like holy shit? Is this really happening in Scotty's? I came in their plant legal defence over there I decide to me. This is like my favorite Pippin game the Pippin Gibbs Yea deserves whatever spear or you want to give up on this one, because we all those things you set it some of this now, because any people like Pippen and His second ruddy SBA is gone, a lot better than the first run, where he was he's Acquire guy, and if you're gonna ask him
carry a studio, show, that's gonna, be a problem, but if you let him play off other guys with players like, I think, on the jump. Like we see a cooler version Scotty, and I think people want to defend Scotty, especially in those first few episode, where's all the stuff about the surgery, and then it gets to the game three and sitting out like he has to wear that, because I mean, if MJ's, calling calling feel after he doesn't go back in the Knicks game being like Scott he's, never going to live this down and feel Cartwright's crying in the locker room like that's a real ship, They liked it. We should be sitting here. Twenty some years later got all actually has been both overblown. So he had aware a lot of stuff, and I know that that affected, how I thought of him, but I have more respect for him now, because he can't move. He can't move in this game and he's out there. Mention that screen where I can't get up it's, I don't know how much of the sequencing you want to do here, but he could do it. It's six thousand six hundred and sixty one at the
the third and you can see MJ immediately, he's like okay and MJ was three or fourteen in the fourth quarter of the previous two games and Costas, not only hates Rodman, he is selling and I think he has to sell it this hard. I don't think it's over selling. I think it's the actor amount of selling of like we could be witnessing the last minutes of Michael Jordan, like that's a big deal and cost us doesn't miss that beat at all, even though listen to it like me- and this is not the traditional play by play guy and it sometimes, I think it's it's because he has awareness of the story which I think I like and play by play, but then there's other momentary ego. Sometimes I prefer everybody just gonna laying out, but it's like an avenue three men booth at one point I say Atomic is like the bulls need more Luke Long Lee. He hasn't taken a shot which are like what weight, a rough game preserves Hutibudi you'd Worthier Rodman hits a jumper remember that one from a twenty feet straight out. Rodman has this weird stretch where he gets tangled with Malone
and we all know that play where they're just like he trips and Malone elbows them. He grew Malone again and cost is just murder, rod because, like Joe Buck, Randy Move Randy, boss yeah. This is why that's gotta a flagrant all by God, and then they show the replay spine. That's not the law. I know the light is they were there scheduled to do a wrestling thing and you just immediately to hold is just shitting allowing lower themselves. Our own have sounded arresting event. Rodman wants to start, not sure why Coroloni would want a lower himself. Is something like that. You know this is a message out there at all, though young play by play, guys, don't do moralist play by play. There's too many of us, never wear an older generation nationals. I became a hundred times cooler once you just started. Let Nough like Joe Bucks, wreaking amazing anyway, at what he d, agile bucks is so good that he's like more lax than anybody. That's done it, but whenever you moralist, put like there's a couple guys like they'll, be a fighter. There be some sort of thing, but got no place in the game. For that and you, like you know what
stop doing in a shit, just shut up and know that light. Guys go out all right. This is. This is still some form of physical competition. Here. Hey guys, going to lose a little bit, but he is crushing Rodman whenever he gets a chance and he jumps all over that and you're right. Then they seized it again and it cost us his credit. He changes his mind is like a It may be that one was in flagrant, but what I regret we got to explain my cost. Us is announcing this game. Oh yes, take it away. Our guy Marv who's been one of us. Where's. The reactor boss, who had just read out always to be impressed by by Michael run out ever, is we'll never know if he would have been impressed by by the last forty one point. Nine seconds of this game cause barbers announcing he was accused of assault. He had to leave. Em was out for years have caused. This comes in and cost said, announced ABA games of the seventies and it's weird the boot. Thus,
work. It's it's bad because you have comments that I say together. Collins does need a third person he's loquacious heat, their constantly trying to say to each other up the Collins, a sand stuff like In the end, I say: that's what Michael loves to do there, like he's, always referencing as soon as is always riveted, dug its working on other, even listening to each other, either by the way. Seems like a very lively locations yeah, but the biggest thing is cost is, and we ve seen this before you could be a great answer, but that does not necessarily mean you're a good Basque, Barnett, circuses, afloat, Basque, also cost us it's very and there's tomorrow and he throws into car and it's over Russell. What's that takes the three you now and it is it's. It's almost say Joe Taciturn doing a game, but then you get the good cost, Because, when that, when that's like he's the guy, you want there when Jordan, like the last forty one point nine when he lays it out, and he immediately understands the moment any. Does this whole thing about if Thou the last shot. Michael Jordan ever takes what
to go out and is almost he turns into how Cosell it's amazing, but his play his actual play by play was now good. So it's like there's pros and cons to the costs. This experience, it seems like you liked him a little more. I did because I do think that their story telling Bitch With this, where yeah I dont, know the right way to do play by play, I did it for a year in baseball, I sucked I did one Celtics game, I was even worse. I mean you don't just show up and do a Celtics game, but basically the station. I worked at that. You worked out before I was there the zone I was free. Do you want that, on your resume, that you called an NBA game and seems like yeah course you know, and I went from calling double a red Sox Games to an NBA game in like twenty months, and I knew I knew I wasn't going to do it like. I knew that wasn't it was
in autumn an opinion guide as well. I like more, but at first I was a girl. I wanted to play my place. I don't ever I'm nothing more than a consumer of it like you are so I kind of like I'll think brings great, and I like, when Brean inveighing Gandhi and Mark Jackson,. Are doing the tarmac they got podcast. I do right and what people do all you know it's a game and I ve got the podcast tonight. You know I don't need, though I dont need a fuckin breakdown of two hundred possessions I consider it isn't always something to break down. There is always a screen. There isn't always a reed, that's wrong. Sometimes a guy just makes a shot and then the analysed, I would say not necessarily like the insecure analyse, although that would be the case. It is understandable, but some guys we're gonna make their mark on it. Like I don't need a fact toward. I don't need a breakdown of every single possession. So if you give me story at times
I actually think I should come to lay out even more with television, but it just a great you and I think, there's always more of a thing with a three men booth where it becomes cluttering because their becomes competition with the two guys more so than like hey. I trust you. You trust me with such are to do this We're I'm trying to alpha you in this ordeal, but no one really lays out that much. This booth for NBC had been a work like this is almost through the decade in its never the same so clearly, NBC was all try to figure out a way to fix it, and it reminds me a little bit of money and I fully all probably the SBA Has- is that the reason yes paean is going after stars is because people want stars. You may not think you do, but the tv show. If it's a do yourself, show your more likely to watch a show. If there's a celebrity, do yourself thing as opposed to Dave whose really good on his might or saw okay. So when I think of some of the guys that are big names, the NBA that got these chances in this embassy booth they're, not ready because it isn't ready magic was in great before this bill. Walton like on a vendetta-
which is like the weirdest of the entire decade, but I let him think how many boosts we got. Thirty thousand of them every last month's gable every year, a changed. Its completely changes gate Madagascar is called begins at one point in, unlike while that's actually kind of crazy. That's usually not what he has to happen. So, as I finish, the point here is that that's why the executives make these decisions and are still now twenty years later, struggling define that star that resonates The problem always becomes that you're, giving the star a job that he doesn't have any qualifications for and if everybody we're just happy with the most well spoken play by play, color commentary guy he's been bang it away and college games. Or doing the Tuesday NBA Game and his fourth or fifth, but has the best talent like that guy doesn't get that job because he's not a big enough star, because the executive knows that's not where you want to watch it. Listen to the distorted history of em
stars, trying to go into the play by play booth and not doing well his long? I chronicle there in my book, which was alive, years ago, and since then we have had at least five more guys they re able to do it. It's unbelievable. I mean there is. If you go back to the seventies, Oscar Robertson is on the broadcast one year for the plants and like half way through the final stages, get rid of him yeah. I think they're just say man. This isn't working, ask you don't show up for date, for it he's gone. He there's no, It's like they did seventy five or they did seventy it's after he retired. But I imagine that you are really very broad area was in the seventies he was still playing, was only guy. They could find. I'm actually said to witten like week. Eleven hey you're off the next five or six weeks we'll call you will die six weeks from now see Argos EPA is
you know what the real quick like. I don't know what I would ask your, but like the weird thing about it now is you're so in the moment you're living in this moment that when it goes bad for you as the new guy, like you better off not being any good. Is a guy that's been around, but will you you guy, that is, it is good and it's a really hard thing it just jump into. I know you think it's easier than I do. I think it's harder just jump in an undersea, beats and when we need analysis and will know, I had always hard. I I one hundred percent. Think it's ok. I thought at one point you thought it was a little bit easier. I think it's so much harder, but the problem now, especially for the Monday night booth, is that you are only show that night in the second something goes wrong. Then social media just turns on you and it it becomes even worse. I think witten booger actually got worse as their seasons went along because it just sucked form to have the job and everybody ripping him all the time.
I think the reason it so hard is because it so artificial and because it's almost always overproduced the producers run game. Talk ass, the producers run studio shows an they kind of just take the pieces they have over the actual honour talent and they crammed them into whatever they decide. This is what our shows gonna be. So it's like! Oh all, right, so you could see it in one of the games. I think it's game sex. They have the three guys standing up at the beginning right they cost us who can talk in his sleep for the rest of his life. I'll ensues done enough to be at this point, where's pretty comfortable, and then they got Isaiah and he's gotta narrate over this pre package. Very A thing like the worn away video by the way where they had this weird, like nineties, like dramatic cinema music. Do member that oh yeah, it's it's like Antwerp car highlights in it sounds like the soundtrack too far away right, so they come out of that and get three guys on the court. There are different size
it's bizarre and it gets. I say any Isaiah Hasta like talk for a minute straight. The sender showing this highlighting he's barely done tv and and guess what he stops and starts and foam balls and he's terrible and he can barely get the point and it doesn't match up, and then it comes back to him and now he's staring in the Cameron. It's like yeah baby. Don't do that with as Thomas or pre tape it yeah You might be the music from the stake. It's what's for dinner adds really weird. It's really like. You have no hip hop it's a day files. What the hell's so think about. So just over the course of this decade, embassy gets the rights they start with Marvin Portela. It goes to Marv and an Portela with MAGIC, Johnson Dan. It's like, I think, just Marvin MAGIC Johnson. Maybe that's! It then belongs
or with the snapper its marble out and the stabber, then its Marv, ok. But it's also moral lobby Lucas in Google right. Ok, I guess, is in their Cosette Ambrose as we I line right, then it then Well, who is that? Ninety seven? It was Marv Bill Walton and who is the third one if it is a good cause? it may be. Google is still there so there I let's get rid of Duke S. He actually says so. My intelligence bring it out. Now it's like Dull Collins it as air. I promise you D Collins did need a third person in the booth like you're good, just about cost us, dear colleagues, it's gonna be great, but as a in the booth, but everyone situation the fear of deer. In how many times
change, count down in the last twenty years and it outside state. Yet, let's not believe, however, that citizen, alas, that's television. Now, though, that's like hey, if we have something new, we're, gonna go and do it and in everybody's hope, and they're gonna find that guy, like Rainy MOSS, was it fox and I almost feel like it was like we have to get Randy Moscow's eve. Zat Foxy did a couple things that were pretty good. But it's now look Emmett smelly, yells myth is Emmett. Freaking Smith, you know, like emmets, missed, shows up the SBA wasn't good. I don't think he made it the whole contract and your thinking like ok. But what do you want to do? Is a tv executive not give it's with a chance at doing the Preet, the pregame show to the NFL, like it's Emmitt Smith. Of course you going to give him that chance and then, unfortunately, it's like usually honestly, if you've made it that much like. I wonder, sometimes if it's almost like, if you're that big of a deal player you're, not as good as and analyse cause you like. What are you guys want to do? What the
They now is Jefferson's the best out of all these guys. I think that all the experts he's the best one out of the newer out of the new generation, but it'll be years before he actually that's one of the good jobs, because its eye why's that famous enough it's a girl who cares, he's good, go call the cinema, Netscape Seas, The best one of all the local color, guys out of all he's the best so just put about more James is really good. Are he's off what I like about Jefferson as he so good in the studio shows good radiator hose in that regard. I quickly on this game because we got sidetracked, although I did really enjoy it game six. We did some m J stuff at the start, at the top that I'm gonna save about just his performance, but
The boys go up, early Pippen leaves just when the game. This game is close, basically, the whole game, its thirty five, thirty five and she said I m J- comes out for two merits. Any becomes clear like he's: gonna probably have to pay the rest of the game and his legs are shot is put over four thousand minutes. Forty five, forty five at half time m J this little run in the second quarter. Where he's gotta go- and I say not, the one good thing about have- and I say this booth is that the grape, whereas no in the other grape, where date they sense something it's like some, the dna thing when they're like oh he's, starting to feel it and he calls it even before he starts making more jumpers. Mj finishes at twenty three at half time. Malone has twenty Malone's good in this game, so Malone's, and ass to like three haves and around? Where he's just been really good its ago shit, maybe karma figure this out. Third quarter Utah's up.
Jordan, goes on at AEGIS from a shooting standpoint, everything short everything's off. They have nowhere to go kook out she's really taken over. Not only tat I appoint Wyoming is so many empty cocoa stretches. I mean he's great game. Seven against the pacer sees that massive third quarter. Yet I would tell you: coup coach has not age well in these reviewing snowy deaths as Bessie defensively, so Utah's up three ten minutes left and they to take your neck is he's dead. He's got not the left has no legs. He just says that look, so they choose steal a couple minutes with him on the bench which they do they put off by the time he come, back at like a little under the admit, a mark there still down three. So the jazz then extend the lead. And then you what she ended this and you wanted to be more heroic than it is. It's really more, like Ali against fray, against foreman, just taken heads. He he's got.
He doesn't have the same whatever anymore the same gusto. He starts going to align shit, she's China, banging bodies like he's, got no legs whatsoever. And there is no sign of what's going to happen in the last forty two seconds from what you see in the third and fourth quarter, just looks like he shot right, looks Asia, not the left and that it benefits yeah. I have two moments. If you will allow me, his back up a little bit. I'm not gonna, go I'm not gonna. Let go off and some Tino do. It were for gathers there's a stretch. Theirs is your right like Chicago gets up, you taught answers and you just feel good about themselves of twenty five. Twenty two they take M J out. This is your core at one point, in an MBA finals game, where there's one started on the floor between both teams. Ok Utah has Isley Shannon Anderson
Chris Morris, Gregg Foster, has a stretch where he's absolutely shaving points he's no bad he's he'd all add, and this representative wretch, it's unbelievable, actually felt that forum, like I didn't like him back, then watch now get a little softer and that's rant and Twond Vinnie Johnson Car, who they just gay, get enough of escape. Please, I beg get stag until I get it to car. Where is it that the chef cook, the actually car comes into the second have really like the resting car, they have to close with car car car car in the car comes in mad substitution, rips everything off and throws it down. Like Superman's here right, so I gotta to wait on that. One point: it's kind of incredible that that the Lakers couldn't make the finals the seven idea and ninety nine was shack. Who was just a dominant unbelief
before us. I know he wasn't totally in shape and I was a little bit more of a dick back then, but it is hard to believe Shack and any for teammates couldn't have beaten. This jazzed him like a Jerry West, gets blown it out left right. All the way through fur for fur eternity- and you look at that- ninety Lakers Timmy put together. If I were you do it, you actually could have won the title easily, but it was all back on shack back there. Because he had one yet he had said that quota, but I wanted every level suffer cholera, brows and, I think younger p. Oh you don't realize it there's a very anti shack stretch that happened before even those titles and it was kind of like. Oh you can't win with this guy like Jack, was under the it's either if there were talk, shows that it and take rather say I say, yeah exactly Oh here, if you look at the team is just not good enough, but where I thought the job losses game twice in, you could argue they Glossop they get for illegal defences, call in Chicago by the way they had art that quarter where there are
and there's about a three minutes stretch. Were these little lineups again Isley Anderson Morris, Foster, Car Chicago, has Kerr Judd, bushes or Scotty barrelled Cochin Rodman, who get is coming off the bench year and Rodman like in and out of this game to react as the only started. The only starter it again. Three MBA follows game: coaches, the only one of the ten and you're thinking. Ok, I guess maybe Sloan's trying to match the minutes of Maloney M J here, but you ve got to extend the lead somewhat. When Pippin is out, there M J is out there and instead of it being something where they get there they're up, they add like a point to their lead.
In those three minutes. They don't do anything with it and then, as you mentioned later, when I M Jays off the court, they survive those minutes they survive. Those minutes try to find any way to rejuvenate him, because he's taking every single shot and has cost is correctly points out legs. Wiser, just on a lot of lift enough. None of that stuff is going in your thinking, you're innocent elimination, game for Chicago, but you go. What am I supposed to count on here was Chicago's office, because now Pippin is just even anything you ve gotten from Amazon raising. But this is not the m J. You expect to close its it, so it so funny. Within these we watch above five weeks the difference between him in nineteen idea. In this moment, with the four thousand minutes and all the wear and tear versus the guy, we watched the ninety two. Ninety three, it's unbelievable. It's like night day made his athletic Lee he's basically, basically at the talent he still has. There He is that the head any and all the little tricks and all that stuff, but he really is
that Ali stage of just alright, I'm just gonna middle legates robe, suddenly take by beating, and then maybe there's a moment where I can get a straight right over which ends up being the forty one point: nine, where you had that sequence, where he is somehow gets the lay up, but then the strap and all that stuff, he's kind of that was his overhead right. It's just kind of waiting waiting, but man, he misses nineteen field goals in this game. You know it and it's like he had to take all the field goals, who else unless Kukoc God forbid he ever stepped up but unless he, unless they were gonna, run stuff for him, what are they gonna do, like I say, is calling for Luke Long, real God we're pretty below average and I say is calling for him to get more shots
down. I couldn't believe it where's Luke Long Life- and I think- may I do Know- is right. We should be right and Luke holds up better. I think, historically, on the relaunch is here because he so big is very active defensively. Good passer. I ain't a liking loop, more going through all of these weeks, but you don't wanna taken shots at if we're watching coup coaches, where you can and met the commander. What goes on an empty had when he looked a coup coastal extended beyond the three point line like I'm, not passing it's. U but unwrapped, lay up or cuts to too, and that is after Stockton finally hits a shot because he had missed a three it at another, miss off a curl. He it's that massive through. To make it eighty six, eighty three and you're gone. Oh, he Ringo, M J gets that lay up get it and concepts alliance catch you have one incur stays in the corner occur. Actually has some nice saw as a nice moments in this game? Ok, yeah
sets a huge screen on a coup. Coach three were Malone clobber, some stuff. They let Malone due on the screens would just murder you. He kills people on that play the you talk about. He had crush Kerr on a play before that that opened up coup coach, but Kerr is at least providing something that you have to honour in his defence, you know his defense in this game is underrated. He's handling the ball cuz now, there's no Pippen and MJ doesn't want to bring it up every time. Cuz Pippin can't cuz, I'm just like Jesus. I got enough going on and harp, and they have no other blackguard other there who could dribble in Harper other than beating the shit out of stock and doesn't do a ton in this game? ah well it's it's telling what happens to all the guys on the balls after this game, I'm go on really do anything. This was a it. The sum of the parts deftly exceeded there are the whole exceeded the sum of the parts I was through. Their got some go to them alone, are we got on them alone, like we do that now, because I know you'd mention it already
if this is travelling? I'd yeah the strip it's this is this is really inexcusable. From alone, and this is in trying to bill Wat Malone here. But its launch this game. The number one rule is them deciding how they want to handle doubles. Not if you know if they want to or won't want to double Malone they're doubling in the entire game and some of the doubles run the dribble. You know where you wait through the guy actually doubles, then you send the double some of the doubles run the catch, but without fail. It is a double team, all the time and it's a
pretty impressive Utah's up three at the end of this causes so many times they go here, you go again so on that play where they do. They run that block two black screen. Words feel too guy setting screens reach other each usually kills the guy on his way to that left block. He gets the ball and Jordan never comes back to back to its horns, SEC. He doesn't keep following any just turns back around alone. In that moment, you ve been getting doubled the entire time. Yes, they change the rules on the double, but they still double do and for you to think it. Forty one point I am on this play that has been run all series. They ve seen it for two years that I'm just not deviate a little bit on that is lowered. I'm it there's twenty second sight that this point, forty we're right. Forty one point out in the inbound and now J Jordan scores they come down. They set up. It's it's like twenty to twenty one. Second slapped. All he has to do is take care the bar, no thank you.
As the turnover. No, you can't, but you can't be that oblivious to the double t. Imagine kingly double comes. Give is he's watching all the basketball move there like the only blind spot is behind you. Any turns right into the blind. Spot, doesn't really even turn. Jordan slaps it away, and it's just honestly system a massive lack of awareness at the worst possible time. From alone there, it's not up there with Rashid Wireless jumping off Robert Hurrying game, five disperse piston series or worthy throwing at cross court at getting it
by Henderson Game to eighty four, like some of the autumn brave men who, following Dirk Uno, sacks like there's a there's, a tier one of biggest brain farts in huge playing games. This is probably a tier to bird getting lost in a city moncrieff, switching eighty three, when I liked about those I dont think Jordan did this other than this play the way he specifically handed chasing harnessed SEC underneath he was almost like he was. He knew ninety nine times, augmented follow him, but I'm gonna save this honey, time when I really need it? I think I could double back and strip the ball. It's not something he just thought of in the moment. I am convinced he had this in his pocket when we really need this summit to do this and he did it the other that so underrated- and I love this so much- I'm a passionate believer in this no time out
Jackson Red the moment. Let the game go. He had the best player ever with the ball and heel, and I think almost every coach calls timeout try to set something up he's just like fuk it. I have Michael Jordan, let's, let's, let's let this go. Let's look this Faults added that really helped them because they end up. They spread it wide. He ends up getting one on one with Russell. Everyone else afraid to come. Help gets of wide open jumper. That is makes it somebody about. I just say in the moment watching this live with you, so so thrilling so Brad thing as of one of my favorite athletic perform it's over. I ve ever seen because he's just he's done he's got nothing left to take his fucking empty, any still summons the forty two seconds and that's why we think is the best ever your Costas owns the moment there maybe the last thing we see in your going like that, I really get to see. This is a speaking. I really gonna. Do this inadequate surreal? Were you Strip Malone and then you hit,
name winter, which he actually pushes off with his left hand, is Russia's body. Your body doesn't turn that way unless your practice Alec he slipped, but there are like those little glimpses live said. Were you noticing some stuff that just staples How is that coup coach like they ran at action so that the perimeter defender was gonna, help off coach? I can't imagine a journalist who pass who go to that spot in Utah also gets caught up in a little thing: we're aunt one car, those guys like now. You were supposed to stay at the foul line and meet him there, so I think there's some can vision on that part of it for the dancers. Also going back and eighty seven and in this game is well it small ball. Where the big car Malone against Dennis Rodman. It happens in the deciding aim and ninety seven. It happens for good stretches in this game as well, where both team say, let's get our centre out there and civically on those two drives. Jordan late Grenada shall Valerie other right. It's it's theirs,
more movement like there's more freedom in there to kind of move around, which is clearly up a hint at what we see today in basketball, but I mean obviously if it took a lot longer than say a couple seasons later for that the norm, but I remember being like that. I really just see this right did that happen. Am I live right now? You, Jerry Son men, wait where hard and Jerry saw great couch, good competitor. Maybe I have another last play. I think I think, by game six idea: Everybody had kind of figured out there. You are trying to get a stacked in three and tat. The gay, like we ve, seen every variation of this set of pack, your they're gonna have Malone setting they screen or just set a quick, Peck fake, the pack and stacked is just gonna shoot right away, but we know he's
the bar maybe a play and bade. Maybe they have theirs. The NBA finals word that whenever the cameras in the huddle and the bulls there on the bench after Georgia's Jordan, scored in their God, hey they're gonna go to Stockton for that three at the top of the key harp. Are you gonna do often get yeah. I got it like. They know a place coming, so tough tough beat for they are for the jasmines anyway. The real archibald we're done so. I have some ideas for next week for us here here. The two nominees. Break it down when we were kings. The great efforts that better about time in ok That's it. We got an ideal Russell game. We do your vintage bottle of Bill Russell Wendy wanna do Haggard Hearns today denied day wherever that's another, so the point is now that we ve lost, like adjourning content.
Priscilla our staff, who were still gotta get creative, were still gotta, be a break it down old shit. Until we have do shit to talk about big, illicit yourselves pod and an you can listen this pod, we have worse off, We have every watch back to the future. Podcast grown up Monday night, so stay till four that is well reseller. I just before his figure by I just want to throw out there. I was willing to baby sit Ben for a day if we're doing duty quarantine deal, so I think that's good content there. He would love it and fact said recently. I really miss Wend Reseller used to come over and Sunday night was at her from Ben. You guys aren't you as are aligned. We are love. I love guys like that. I'm saying we get him out the water a little bit, I'm I'm! Will Take it! How about you! I know you guys Bobby think I don't know what I'm deal with here, but I think it's good content the day with Ben
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two more bs podcast this week, plus two more rewatchable, so you can find pots not kind of miss when I get screen for pots. For me this week, stay safe out. There make good choices. What's the answer ways.
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