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The LeBron-Davis Tandem, Denver’s Big Rally, Desus & Mero, and Jeff Daniels


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons shares his thoughts on the Nuggets' comeback win in Game 3 of the Western Conference finals vs. the Lakers, as well as the player combination of LeBron James and Anthony Davis and where it ranks among the historic NBA duos (3:04). Then he is joined by Showtime’s Desus Nice and The Kid Mero to discuss NYC during the pandemic; New York sports; the NBA playoffs; MLB, adjusting to doing ‘Desus & Mero’ from home; interviewing late-night icon David Letterman; their new book, ‘God-Level Knowledge Darts: Life Lessons From the Bronx’; and more (24:45). Finally Bill talks with actor Jeff Daniels about some of his past work including ‘Terms of Endearment,’ ‘Speed,’ ‘Dumb and Dumber,’ and ‘The Newsroom’; Jim Carrey’s comedy run in the mid-'90s; performing on and off Broadway; his new two-part Showtime miniseries ‘The Comey Rule’; and more (1:15:15).

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we did seven on the re watch balls. We have more stuff come in check, that out. You should also check out our to see two with Cc Sebastian, Rhine Rico, which is an excellent Pakistan essential as they right now, because we Baseball players coming up where the heart of the NBA hardly NFL Cecy is a gigantic. Words Van I went on there. I think we're gonna, put it up Wednesday night, I went on there and we just did a whole deep sports spot. It was really really fun check that out a bunch of directions, bunch of topics- and I had a blast. I love those guys so check that out subscribe to that podcast. If you're not listen to it already, but up, I'm not talk about Lakers Nuggets at the top and then our old old, old friends, these and marrow, who just continue to get more and more famous. I am they sit on their bare wagon and what kind of like FIFA, but are? We talked about a whole bunch of things, then Jeff Daniels
who I had never had on before and who was it the light? This is a great podcast, I'm jealous I'm jealous of you that you get to listen to this whole tacos right now. You should you should just feel here's projects are, I said, the top of this package as I wanted to react to the Lakers negative Nuggets, one by AIDS papers, it's a little after nine o clock specific time on Tuesday night had a feeling the nuggets would show up right. This is our backs to the wall in the came back from three one in both rounds before this one. As you know
to nothing has nothing to them. They should have one game to if not for just abominable brain fired by miles. Plumy and just in general that was just a travesty and their lower, but of a situation like the this ethics for last round, where there down to one, but it feels like they should be up to one and they know that they probably have to win five games of the serious now. Could they do it? Well, I would they do tonight what then they got. Mom arrigo need twenty in twelve, but there were running off the boy. A little bit more. He was more aggressive. I think he's started to figure out the size this Lakers team and where he can kind of pick his spots and attack, and things like that. Jokic was not great, that I twenty two ten and five anybody was Slappy five turnovers and just seems a little bit out of sorts made some it a couple crazy shots. One of them actually went in, but in general I would say this was like a spectacular yoke, its game. Jeremy Grant was
but I had twenty six twelve free throws, which I love. I love it I guess the line he was really active and when you think I'd they basically just swept away from Oklahoma City for nothin. You know a protective first round pack: ok, ok, he's trying to cut costs, and that happens in that's ridiculous, but whatever thanks. Ok, EL. I try to play a zone to get back into it. They made a huge comeback near the end in Rhonda who is abominable in the first half, actually had a little energy and start to make a place in the second half in the brine. Who is faded in some these fourth quarters, but in this game that was really strong in and they made it again, but there is more to care. Business really thinks. I notice United. This nuggets team definitely figures out the opponent as each. This goes and in this area they figured out finally how to get Model a bed they figured
that they really need german grant and they figured out how to exploit the Howard minutes, because, when had risen in there urges running, he now and he is not somebody that really wants to run that much anymore. My least report of the twenty first century duet Howard, always really get some support it but her, but for the most part it Murray was, I guess, the big difference. But if I'm a Laker fan here's what we're concern me. You know even just looking at this box score and the last boxcar, which are just completely different from one another, right any room was getting game to gain in game too. He had why wasn't getting into, but he paid twenty minutes. He loved points here, three theories This game is kind. Am I a twenty minutes, one for four. Rondeau, as am I the last game, this game, Ebay, thirty minutes, which is just a lot rondeau now they can't really figure out the supporting cast thing.
And who they're gonna get night tonight which puts an incredible amount, pressure on Davis and the Brown and here's the thing we're goin every other night. Now you know their point Thursday. Other points at array play Monday there by Wednesday. This is this is now where we go and Davis put forty three minutes late, Leubronn point thirty seven and this is gonna favour the nuggets As we keep going, their younger you'll be able to handle it. There are much better three points. You didn t look at the Lakers tonight, six for twenty six from three It's a disaster right. What were there? Where were they in the last game? Thirteen thousand four hundred and thirty six they're, not a great three point: shooting team in in general and what they need to do is,
the ride, Davis and Lebron and get their sixty points from those guys, but also put the other team in foul trouble. Tonight. The Lakers have twenty six thousand nuggets at twenty one. I feel like this is going to be a long series. I never felt like the service was over after game two And the longer this goes. The more you have at least. One of these old guys on the Lakers. You have some injury potential and I was seen that there is one moment with four minutes less than this game. When Davis couldn't even run up the court, they dare put real miles and these guys Leubronn same thing: Rhonda is a guy who gets hurt over and over again Dwight only paid for two minutes, does it really matter, but he's old, Danny, Green other, it's just a red flag,
That is why, when they got to within two tonight, it was a bad if they could sweet this, and you know just basically take a week off until the Celtics Heaters is over, thou be phenomenon for them. So I would be concerned if I was Lakers, fan because you're writing two guys, none of it Their guys have really stepped up by, given the gain Jeremy Grant had tonight. Nobody in the Lakers is even capable that Jacket- let's be honest, Rondeau, is, is weirdly. Important, and especially when there are plain that zone in that kind of unleashed him his eight year able to hide some of this stuff. That is wrong with indifference. Lay in de la thing, but am I This can be a long series. I think both theories are gonna be at least safe games, and one of them will go said possibly, but I want to talk about the dynamic. Do a thing with the brain and Davis. If you read my book
about back. You know that I had a thing called the forty two club, which actually started within his power can that are worried about their wits gave in theory, is, if you add up somebody's points, ribands and assess for a season or for placer both in the number adds up to forty two point, three bands and assess you know so something special is happening. So you look at when she gets the play ass. It becomes so much harder to join the forty two per, but I'm just gonna. Guy, since one thousand nine hundred and eighty here Lebron has done at one two. Three four five in this will be his sixth time this year, six x is in the forty two cut. That's a record Larry Bird one. Two three four X, Jordan, four X, Shack three Moses to Hakeem, one cream, one magic, one, Berkeley, one Kobe one,
Duncan once and then quite at last year, nineteen, forty three and a half, that's the entire list of guys who forty two club also played in a fine us of the last forty years, the Brown five Times Bird Jordan check Moses, a cake cream magic, partly Coolby, Iverson Duncan quite too pretty great list. Well, when you start talking about two guys on the same team and the forty two club.
It's only happened once and it happened in two thousand and one here's what I wrote in my basketball book quote. We haven't seen anything approaching ship Kobe in the two thousand and one playoffs that the only time in NBA history that two top twenty pyramid guys join forces as an inside outside combo Bo3 they're approaching their primes are enjoying their prime check out Chicago bears regular season. Five numbers then put the numbers in for the playoffs. Shaq was thirty point four points. One thousand two hundred and fifteen point four rebounds and three point: two assists and Kobe was twenty. Nine point four points, seven point: three rebounds six point: one it says Shack was a forty nine as a forty two cub guy, for that is ridiculous. Was a forty two point, eight and, as I wrote it's the one and only time it's ever happened, but
how to figure out. If you combine the top two on a team with at least one of those guys being a forty two club or what was the highest average together will Chamberlain and how Greer one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven combine for a jaw. Dropping forty nine point three when you just talking about combination, Shack and Co. Be combined were forty five point. Nine cream and magic in nineteen. Eighty combined were forty two point: three hundred and Russell and eighteen sixty eight forty two point two will in West nineteen sixty nine forty one point seven so that it may and then it then the list of guys who came close, Nj Pitt in ninety two shack and curbing or two I came in clad in ninety five and J Pinkney, ninety three ferryman Askern, seventy one bird, Mikhail and eighty six or third, nine point nine. So those are some of the great pairs in history, basketball. Pretty much all of them
Actually, while the brain and Davis heading into this game. The brown was twenty five point, six ten and eight point: seven, whose forty four point three Davis was: twenty eight point: seven templates, every man supernova is forty three point: three tonight Lebron was three thousand seven hundred and eleven Davis was twenty seven two and one. So I didn't do all the math. I was promised to be no math on this podcast, but Lebron is at about forty four point: five in Davis. Is it about forty three point? One you combine them together. That's forty three point: nine as a combo, which is the second by my calculations, since Chamberlain, angrier, sea of shack and cobia, two thousand water, forty five point: nine.
And then the branded Davis, you just a hare under forty four. My point is this: I think, because its ban in our face the whole time with it since the trade Davis goes there, it's the Lakers, it's o Brien, we talk about these teams constantly. I actually think it's been weirdly lost what an incredible historic carbo. These two guys are together, like we really seen this a handful of times in the history of basketball and if you're talking about eight the great dynamic do us ever. I still feel like shocking cobia, two thousand one for the last thirty five years of basque bars, number one for me cream and magic. You know probably
You know in eighty magics, pretty young and eighty five creams older, even though he did when Finals BP, that's weigh up there. I M J and Pippen. Obviously, Pippin was never like a monster statistically, but if he had them together is pretty good. And then I think burden Mikhail was a great one, and then you have currying k de some thousand and seventeen curry was a forty one Katy three hundred and ninety seven, so neither of them made the forty two company part of the problem is they were killing teams in a lot of those playoff games that year. So they were forty point. Four can buy, but neither the made it forty two club especial you know, that's one of things with dark in two thousand and six when I wrote that Colin and I created that club man, this guy's out of forty two club pace here and then, if you remember in the files he tell Darfur on ethics and it had been like a forty one point- nine, he dismissed it. One of the reasons I loved the forty two club was,
I'm alone it was the number that I came up with that left, Coreham alone out the most times as in the regular sees it because he was, I always thought the the most overrated superstar. He was definitely more stats than substance, but but this lybrand Davis thing when you think about where we were after that trade, anything O Brien. The is it eight hundred and thirty five heading to the 17th. The air never gets injured. You think like well, you know he's going to tell off a little bit here. It's just it has to happen. This is the the rule of the and and maybe this will become Davis system. They have been able to navigate this two men superstar thing about, as well as I can ever remember seeing it even when you add Shack and Cobain two thousand when and Jeff Parliament just wrote a book about that that Lakers era from nine
six thousand two hundred and four. He was on Ryen Russillo podcast, that's going up tomorrow and actually popped on for the second half of it, and a lot of that book is just about how hard it was for Shaq and Kobe to co exist, which we knew. But this is painstaking detail about how rocky that was, and and just what a forced partnership that was many ways: cream and magic which parliament actually covered as last boat, but as part of a bear, Laura Karim, famously distant magic shows? A big smile is how get everybody and they ended up team me up in a great way in nineteen eighty. I think that thing that's missing with that was cream sprained his ankle during the best game of the most famous game in history sprained, his ankle series is tied, two two against Philly, one thousand nine hundred and eighty finals cream sprained his ankle leaves lips off, comes back and basically wins the game. Four
puts up like a forty and fifteen, something like that, and he should have been the finals Mvp, even though magic had the iconic six game. Kareem has the best player that there is by far, and it was the best player in the league, and I would have given him the finals Mvp anyway lucky A for me creepers by least favoured. I non scientific, my favorite basque Bob, where the rude against my favorite part of sports hate. But I was fucking believe by men. You can really make a case. He was the greatest power about time. You really kid you! You could actually make a statistical case, for I think he's either. Third, fourth, but you could make the case when six m GPS, one other titles, best college, wherever all that stuff, but cream and magic as a combo. It day they never peaked at the same time, even though both of them,
are two of the six best players ever and then empty and Pippin Pippin was just never on that superstar level. Really, there's only you know three or four times when you had top twenty five guys that we've been playing together to where they were kind of close to. You know being great like Freeman, Oscar one thousand nine hundred and seventy one it was. It was like post prime ask: are you still really get, but he wasn't like superstar anymore, you'd, Hondo and Russell, and nineteen sixty eight, where they were of forty two point. Two together in the forty two club that's an older version, Russell dad. You know he was our savvy in sports and all that stuff. That point whose vintage shadowed have a check was. I got is absolute private that this Davis, the broad thing is interesting because you could argue Davis's is that it is actual prime right now. You know he's been in the weeks since two thousand twelve, he
es, I dont think, will ever be better offence away. We will never have a more of a package, I mean he might get more game experience, but this is, I think, about is good. Is it everything to be done, the brain is just figured out how to extend his prime in ways that make no sense, so it has targeted somebody who's, the who's been the best part the bubble, and it's like wait, a second it it's been brought. Her wiki worry argue about this. The bronze been unbelievable. He has just been able to adjust to the way basket buys evolved over the last seven years in a particularly have way and is really driven at this point, as he can smell it now. What's the clippers went out, he knows this is you know now is a chance for four four puts him I'd it differently.
You know, cause now. Now that's one more than bird. That's three three titles with three different franchises. Where he's the alpha dog in the team, that's never happened before winning a title it at his age. Where you're. Still, this good really know president other than Karim and Russell. So he knows he smells it. And the combo them. If you know we're going to remember the bubble plan for the bubble and just weird and cool. It was just a kind of basque about that. We get to see which is basically like pick a basketball across the path, basque Buzz, just fucking cool, I loved it, Remember it for all the social justice stuff and all the other great stuff that these guys did and all their weirdest they raised and all the voting initiatives and which is really really phenomena, staff, and you know
I say we're gonna member for the bride and in a day and this trade, where they gave up an incredible amount to get this guy, hoping I pay off and now their six wins away if they could stay healthy, but I think the legacy of this team will have taken my legacies media people. The legacy of this team is gonna, be just one, an awesome combo. This was just for basketball and for peace. Like Basque, about just these two incredibly gifted all around, whereas but really often, suppliers who figured out how to coexist in a really cool way, which is its own. You know it its own battle. We saw a shack and Kobe where it was just a constant hogwarts covered for hundreds of page. In the problem of book, a tug over the entire time cream a magic. It came a lot easier,
Honda and Russell. That was super, easy, cuz Russell didn't care about office. All he want to do is take care of defense, MJ and Pippen fit together. Perfectly Pippin was in the Super star, Bird and Mchale, was first him on Ba in eighteen, eighty seven, when the league was stacked like tat, I was great figured out how to coexist. Because bird was so, you know he's the legend is three times and ruin BP, the branded Davis I feel like have figured out how to make each other better and allowed a different ways, and there, on the same page, doesn't seem right, there's any eager stuff with them and, if put in the title, I'd I'd, think we're gonna. Remember them as one of the autumn. Great do us in LA has a millionaire
Remember him, as this guy was the greatest hits greatest at one of the greatest, are one of the greatest that, but he never had this with Wade. You know two thousand and eleven Wade was unbelievable. I still think he was the best part of the weed that year, but Lebron was kind of half broken from all the decision stuff and then completely wilted in the finals and then in twenty twelve- he took charge of the week and you know became the guy that we have now seen for the last nine years. Wade was banged up and he was in the same guy anymore, So then the Brown with Tiree, you know you would say to those sixteen Nineteen range hiring. As as talented as he is, and how in pathways he can be. Was never reliable, superstar like Davis's, so am. I still believe Wade is the two thirds Lever wade. I still think is the best part of the brain ever played with
but if Davis in there and the Brown, when the title than then now, you have an argument. But but the dynamic do a thing. It's been pretty cool and I think I've certainly taken for granted, partly because there been So much basketball on this story has been her face all the time and also like you know, I'm Celtics fan, I hate the Lakers, but you got to hand it to these two dudes for the production there. Nap and how much fun it's been a watch. We will see you know every other day His young nuggets team that just one that clear and is as tough as now will see if they cannot get through these next next. Again, some will see who is waiting for them in the files, but yet another awesome bubble plan Sub Platt. I will take a break than a brain, This is a mere I before bringing this is America, midday about peacock, the new streaming service from embassy Universe, a great news, great entertainment. Finally, free peacock has lived sports daily, highlights timely doc. You series
exclusive access, the Premier league and more chick alive events, including need twenty twenty one premier league seasoned with over a hundred seventy five exclusive matches, live stream on peacock, timely updates, with sports talk from Make Florio damp check rich eyes and then my deeds, Michael Psmith, Michael highly good, to see them back together against Boston guys. They have show as well called brother from another peacock, the exclusive streaming destination of the twenty twenty one alembic see confine great documentaries there about untold stores of grit perseverance tramp behind the athletes we love cause. When I not watch more tv right now, what are you gonna do? I am a huge peacock fan because they have a great library, movies and there's especially some great stuff from the seventies and eighties as well. Go check that out best is Jamie bested tv watch for free and upgrade for more on your tv tablet are founded.
Peacock TV, Dhaka to download and start screaming right now, let's bring in the big boys, I do As a member. Here, it's been awhile we're doing what How much is weird I used to like were when we're in the same room together. He has got to become an outrage up by that. The second tell me about New York, because I haven't been back east for really two thousand twenty and ever of these conflicting reports about what New York is like. It's a ghost town, none o. It's actually interesting people eating outdoors. Now you tell me what's Aleck GOAT New York is done. New York is in New York is a relic of what it used to be a looks like you know, at the end of our planet and apes. When they look at those So Liberty, on the beach in all areas and has not shown York is fine,
Despite this, I give you your work. If you go to places like in times, guarantee foresee that were near like a lot of mass transportation, those places a kind of closed down, because there's no one, there is nobody selling coffee, so office workers in a daytime consider more office workers where, if you remove yourself from that, would you get back to the outer boroughs? If you just go a little north hollows popping up west side is pop in the restaurants. There are not selling out the way they used to be. You cause. You can't do full capacity, but New York in finding a way to reach get restart. You have businesses open that twenty five percent to the latter, outdoor dining does like outdoor concerts itself. Now New York is not dead and all those New York Times articles about everyone's leaving the city and buying houses in upstate and was just in jersey those that those are misleading because, like statistically a lot of those cells were stopped because corona virus they were halted, was they restarted now
does the exodus of the city, people not leaving a city. New York is still here and it's not going anywhere anything tat man, I mean yeah. Now, that's really like a bad twenty, because, like the people there are lots of New York is dead, moved here from, like you know, Minneapolis like two years ago sources. The two dear and another New York is, can you say that? Are you, actual New Yorker there's a level the privilege to make us think like tat, we ve just like ok, I'm gonna go to my second house of state is like a lot of New York. Is do not happen that your house, allowing the Jordan is barely have a first house, so you're just telling us about your relationship with New York and how a basin with parasitic la uses, use New York for whatever egg do for you, you didn't add anything to the value of New York. Therefore, in New York is done to you, but you never add anything to New York. So as New Yorkers don't need New York feel Mumbai and New York stock. I have a lot of friends who live in New York in there talking about how the read has gone way down and certain neighborhoods.
My dad, I thought I did, he might be done the spirits. I guess we're, never gonna be done New York, yours. Because the Congress of the United States Ray we'll never die a friend, my within a world war, two Like lending, add the ship on that of it, yeah guess what money came back as it's fucking, dear cities, there setting its echoed anywhere where it's gonna be fine in our short lifetimes. We I can. I my acknowledge. You say I've heard New York is dead at least five times after nine eleven after the transit strike you after all, these events happened. No one ever community. Remember after nine eleven who, like no one ever work below Fourteenth street again. That's not. Those days are done well I'll come on come on. The seventies was another one when it when they had laid, the black adds the yes police strike. All that serve as a New York is creating on itself.
I wouldn't worry and network it will for New York do without attracting a sensation strike in the seventies. I was so bad people out of rose had the pushed a garbage onto the metro nor tracks in order to get the city so pick up garbage. If that's how bad Europe was at that point out, we ve gone, but we ve reached from that. Listen anything is possible. It's been Nathan, everyone had made well. Could anyone they may escape from New York, where New York was turned into a maximum security, prison and pupil. I guess you're right. I could see here You know that's how bad York was forty years ago, its aid between that between that afforded patchy like the views he were to New York I, that's what they thought. They, those babies, walking around box cutters and that does not occur making a full court reporters more believable than died out the first for you guys, the sport scene has has gone south there, that's one where I'm like on that
the sports ever comes back. How does he come back then? I might add. That would actually may be that you, maybe it may be that you know why. I'm wondering you seeing others not use other states as examples which is seeing other events were there having, people in the audience they other than on. I'm talking about the success of your teams, as you I won't. You might have the two words. Then I felt the observers to the worse, for you: look a matter. The messages occurs, a wife, you're. My guys, everyone gets hurt them they're, pulling quads, thereupon ham strings, the next like? Where are the winds. The words are. Gonna come the ones you gotta do is going to come here. What s love pre, recording its move just about everyone in our name. That little situation and I am- I know you hate to see it is immoral victory Riah
I would like to see more victories of formally cautious. We were the major, so we have to ask the corona the reason why you're red Sox are where that right now basically variety or is it that I don't think I wrote a cracked, the top five they might Yankees I'll, be ok, I pay my yeah it'll. Be all right, but it all started when we got rid of booty Betsy the best of my lifetime as tough tat, her and I'm not even a red, are found, but that was a site that I heard the watchman lady with such he's such a helpless was it? I must say this right now: there's no hyperbole. He was your derosier and I'm saying that Eve haven't all the guys you had Pedro Manny Bobby all those guys. He was your day you that I was gonna, be the Fraser of the franchise for the next fifteen or twenty years time
whoever is in the front office was like. I was given to the tag just mere where they got word. He made that stable. I said this to see that it was the equivalent of giving up cheater. Unlike ninety ninety eight, Died out, bets was even twenty set at the kid just turned twenty seven when they traded on budgets. I, like best years However, many other things Annabelle guy off the field building on this guy. What are we doing? What do you know it you're building around endeavours get out here, but I gotta say I've never watched less baseball and I have missed it that much mainly because I know what I'm missing, which is just carnage, what the agony season Ben like for you guys. You know why I'm a vyazma too. It has been like what you just said: it's different is not even the passion of watching is not the same as the games few weird. You know that there's no areas where even the roadside yankee series- I just happen with so anticlimactic at one point, the game is tied at the fourth.
Usually even if it was a mean even with a standing and it came to the matter. Red sought. Yankees still must watch, especially on a Friday. This is like an extra energy muttering to channel. I was I who cares is just not the same. It just doesn't have the same gravitas to it, and I have to take anything away from the players, the players out there trying, but is just we know as fans. We are that six man we are that missing element on the field and if we can't be there, the game feel so we're like is even like. I got an email, I miss Nick Games. I don't miss watching the next play by Miss going to masses grow garden. I watch Orang refugee around it. You know dropped in a moose, but just the whole passion and just to everything that goes with it. Ass were hurts, I was announced, it was, it was rejected its grouping. Oh my g d, and the giants are doing very Mickey things. You don't owe me like TAT, you, you open, it lay in the third early. Fourth, quarter blowing it like at the proper time like China, there
Jones, you are like you. I saw mellow and football for whatever that sake wines out now. So I thought I was bad next. He did you, look at it guided idea. Drearily too early. And I said it when they drafted Jones. I was like, if you guys, don't approve this all line you are doing various Anders and you're going to watch him. A road and a waste has primacy is then say: go check it out my twitch channels and save club. It's it's a bummer, you were saying about. The baseball crowds totally agree I didn't realize how much I needed it just as a home viewer that day and I thought this with the: U S open to a tennis where the point in this empty arenas in it. It's like in tennis, it's not like the crowds making noises. I they'll make choices between points and stuff, but right there you use in the crowd is like this queue for how you should feel
about the man in the momentum and stuff like that and without is just empty, and I feel the same way with baseball were there's no there's, no emotion to the game, it's his cold and weird. It's like that minority Report, Tom cruise allergies. I urged his bed stripped away. I don't like it. My father is a lifelong before the lifeline yet you fan he's down of Florida. He's like China was gave. He said without the audience there you're really ever really ass, most of the fact that you're watching a bunch of Malta million years they baseball and only while, does take, but that, as you say, you do does no motion at a younger. They feel the same for it like a visa, even if the Yankees, where to get bring this year is gonna be were, though you know, Yankee Vassal be jobs. Twenty eight rings, but that ring is not gonna feel like all other rings is going to be. A great is gonna, be immense, who asked recurring that undermine again, I can say that on the record in those areas that will fly an impossible in the face of a sad based in any form of hasn't even say, like you know, like
I gotta still enjoy economy, but the gambling illegal in Jersey, so maybe that something to do with it gave us mergers runs eyes. Oh, if you, if you got money, if you kill him in our view should have its throughout the Texas versus the Texas statement. Tech versus however, here in that you locked, and so what I do the NBA is doing a good job like having a fabulous environment where, like the others, what kind of flap and because, like Debbie's, actually interested because it's like that, talking a lot and you could hear shit like you Campbell cursing can be like whoops. I said oh shit, you know demeanor like the motherfucker I wish you not also the blows. I would like all the activities of hunger. Enjoy all you don't owe me, there's a labourer gamesmanship with no fancy even notice. I stay with the Lakers they doing this. The Lakers are definitely turn it in a cobra kinder and this bubble.
Guy Dodge overshoot. Free throws at the tail end. It was on the lake. Your side in their whole bench was heckling him like an early for your hands. As I got enough, we never seen that enable. Was heckling home like you, for your hands, as I did I ve never seen that an mba game before the bench riding a guy like that during free throws, but it other guy, a gamesmanship that did not exist in the same way it other professional basketball anymore. Now it feels like you're watching my high school basketball, the we exercise their play with our young passionate enthusiasm. Now too, and then you see it are getting a little scrap. We are getting into a oh yeah yeah. You got this thing in the same hotel, there's no way you gonna fight, but these guys, like you, I am going to leave it all out on the court. They play with a passion you did not see, or maybe we couldn't see because a fan noise we drowning it out, but you,
who really loved and lives and die for power there? In other wary of the fans cause they're? Being watched by everybody, and maybe a year earlier on, guard like a tiny bit without you behave now, they just see my god. They really got a basque bugaboo. Actually, there I think it's gonna, Dennis love I love it and it s a level of bronze he'll turn If a young lady Eustace I go on the fucking him be brought. You gave this got to repeat two and are all faster. James, I'm the best in the world You need to learn. Giving my flowers now united Mean stop playing I am. I imagined, meets a freight train, her head, you don't say like why you may be the best guy deserted. He's he's taken, raising visa swore guy. That's what I'm here about people like the la bra naysayers brought this family. Leubronn knows that he can he can. You guys all those guys they do. Football. When they call a guy
gonna win you the game, but he's gonna is a glow game accorded by day managing quarterback he's a gay manager that doesn't need to gay marriage. He can be forty, fifteen and twelve Lebron whenever he wants that's. What should the people learn to say? I feel like he's not gassed, like he's that he's still got it. You know what I mean like this guy he's a freaking ages. So this is like he's just like I could chill, because now this is like, I could be the God, and I should like to bring the board the floor until these guys with, though, because beyond his friend global is just a piece of furniture and the Lakers Bitch, say, like laborious cocoanut, Dame and it is what it is the guise of the Visa code is a complete player. Is that exact, join him in any means that just like there to get pockets he's dead, fucking when the game and that's what he does he's got a do. You are cooking, I'm gonna get you do I'm available. So if Leubronn winds, this title, which indicates
tsar we're heading that way in their pretty heavy favours southerly three one. Favorites he lakers final legacy: Lake, Did he say Campbell Walker from from the Bronx Cambodia, the high level after you died, etc. I set it on Twitter, It hurts my heart because Cambodia is the pride of the Bronx book. Today Cardiac Serbia all day, but it's gonna be healed. There's a man like, I tell you the every item. Silver would love for it to be celtics like us, but thank you but we got a dodgy Gordon Heyward back. You Diana he's a fucking words soldier, but tell me this as a basketball fan and there's a celtic saint do we want Gordon here, would taking touches away from Jason's Eightam who guys he's the monkey but of the Celtics you're, not looking at this correctly. Every minute he plays is admitted that sir We usually Brad, want to make our I'm playing.
Iceland has plus that's a huge pocket, went for us I've known you knows how to move around on the cord. He knows how to move in space. He can pass a little. He can shoot a little they he's not like, gave three. I was encouraged. We shall say my prediction: was he in five united mean you got you want so then, when they lose the next to you can be like em I'll, say my prediction: was he in five? You not! I mean you got you want so then, when they lose the next to you can be like Denmark was right in the head- is a very day. Eighteen, that's in your warehouse In that way they carry themselves the latter with bottom trawlers. Basically think it only right. That is about time. We should abolish the dog man, you don't care. If he's other wine, like you see it on his face, he's gonna, like Jordan, Westbrook,
mentality like you. Just like I'm going to win this fucking game idea. I'd be devastated at the south extended make, as I do think there really get, but if we made it the funniest supply would be Jimmy Butler being like. Finally, it's me in the broad, the two. That's it. Where is highly by rival, and I get to be the only one. I think that, but that's what are the reasons these great does take is one of the whig you gotta live your life. You got to live your You can't come into the league. I remember I was talking to a basketball player and they were just like. Oh you coming to leave. You have two decisions to me You can either be like you're. Broad is the best player in, and I have to tell you know followed. You know, I'm always gonna be believed. The broad are you coming to the league like I'm better than brought the broad is granted to me, and you have to do that,
Jerry, you cannot come out Davis without popular yeah. I've got it all wrong. I'm gonna try to show it. You Jake around my dog it on you in embarrass you and put you on a poster. That's all you got their mentality. You're, never gonna, be the bronze bitch and ass wrong with some people inebriate. Well, we have a rational confidence. We have rational conflict stars like or even like rope, whereas agriculture as you mentioned, the waiters was a great example. These guys who come over the version get loose ends, as I personally glad it's usually that somebody who's the best plan, a team. Jimmy might be the only rational confidence, superstar Brian You know what is and people said that what so my army, but I've already noticed his how his brain worked woody. That he was I'm like he's. What every old basketball thank complains about. Better do back in my day, You know you wanted to be the best of the best, so you went and built all team you to join up with France and creates operating jemmy button.
Is like the old head mentality guy. He yet I'm gonna go to Miami, be the guy in Miami involved, even though everybody thinks there's working to suck and I'm gonna entirely, hero into a backward smoking, like you know, basketball hero in doing so that's what he did. He would their dull and made it me. Why do you got Westbrook at heart teaming up look out, Applause urges the wardrobe vehicle why you know like they were governor, but Jimmy butlers, in approving all old has right. Pa judges is jumping crews every every year. Two years is thy eyes. Are another superstar. Let their move kid before that date,
but I do ask you back from his friendly things that is covered, as you found me right now. What have you got said stuff on the and the show time show that activated people had people going at you and Social is that happened this year? You know it is not even if not even like at so on social right now, because I think what the thing when the past was equity time when he's on, we have to be for anything in the past, some awaited beyond our showed on. So everyone beyond our soda approaches, now people who just text messages or whatever, but most people realise that this by we're comedians we're joking around so people, young people don't take us. He receives a dozen players we have cooked and then, when they see How does he taught me about Nick came to see me America gigs data, whenever my God, my god, you could once you caught me. What's out there, we don't you, remember and
it was this episode dialogue. You said I gotta head like a mushroom and he's got a cracking up or have tears in her eyes. I think was Gary Sheffield. What he was talking about, how we always make equal to show the chuckle show is why caused the chalk? Also because you does it at night. He chuckles not an idea, get scary. Gary Sheffield invade Prague smoking a cigar watching us it succulent, that's it! I don't care. That it'll get a mirror mentioned in a couple of times that we read it to him again. He's I yet is much uncle guys once more, the level of aid is visiting. Did the turkish role visited some guy, it's out of it a good answer to tighten up by the way Gary shove. It goes out a Yankee stadium within ceases by these sorts of others. So result looking other hitting bombs and, of course it is, but an up and flax.
Hard bought issues you just I'm gonna, take a couples, wings moon shot by a long shot, unlike. Why aren't you like the aging so where's the best, I think, the best swaying in the last twenty thirty years saw aggressive, inviolable aggressive, and I love it like a good level of violence, though he was, where went the egg is every time he was out by it. I thought he was gonna, but that our trip our homeland, that it not only a single win, I just assumed use gonna, hit a bob somewhere. On the ball is, like the boy had done something wrong to him, just the anger and a look it s like you, try to pursue that boy, it's like when I see stand now and he's up I'm so afraid that he's going to pull hamstring. You're going to get it. I just by whom physically know what their rights are user
but it goes for before by hits the boy the bulls cover of the bad, a hundred and eighty thousand miles an hour. This is actually visited, crews missile endlessly. My guy might stand around my side because of my life. I have judged by fear the city he heard his CAS. I had to read out we have updates, and then he came back at me. They hurt the calf together there, they. That was too soon to think what does this hour his muscles too big for his body. Do you know why I said in his leg could only three what happens with the Yankees potential jobs will go down, and then you get somebody man random, like look right, yeah, yeah you don't legs. Would you guys fair about the baseball last without the extra teams you like this?
I'm sorry I do. I just like I like more gimme. More like a gambling is legal in Jersey met. I can ask me more: I want to put on the Blue Jays, who cares like honourable looking how'd you? How do you feel about the extra innings change without putting the runners Abe's? That's weird! We that's really weird. I don't know I mean a demo thou, like I'm out of the eighteen, forty that cause at ten fifty last September, some I mean that there are now that the advertisers hate, because it's like what I want change products, seized his you right in what he likes rise. If anything would change Emma, I find myself now I think she's cause I'm old, like man, I don't know about that name's weird there's some changes like you I owe came, maybe we'll give whether active player football teams. I, like a second another, gained a gamble on Saturday. Outwardly, that's it I get to organs instead of ivory rainy had sex. I like that. I don't need them,
because I am missing out on a new point of sports with the gambling I need to get on you cuz, you guys seem to be having my phone. Now they ve spent money on the sneakers. I think your father would let us perverse worry about the gambling stuff. Let's take a quick break to talk about gator aid for over fifty years moments mean they ve had so many good ones. It's hard to separate m J from Gator aid Gator. It was the first time with with with M J that I really felt like a drink and in Africa where synonymous and as somebody who put a lot of sports back then
drink at an athlete were synonymous and as somebody who put a lot of sports back, then I just remember thinking. I need to get gator it before it by three hours, a pic of Basque, but because this will make a German with them and is delicious to all kinds of different flavors, great history. With with the soup ball, you can bet on it cause it's out bets on work. Flavour of gator aid is gonna, be dumped on the coach every year. Listen one of the great drinks it's hard to its hard to be a good athletes, but us a great athlete without being properly hydrated in field and gator it does it the best from young athletes just starting to turn heads to some of the best athletes to ever play their games. Neither I'm a former athletes who was neck. It
eight or age shows there. The proven feel of the best the best are fuelled by the best dead now forever. Nothing beats Gatorade back to the big boys. How did the last three plus months change Russia? Ah, We learned to be like computer wizards in Romania. But of mice and all kinds of stuff you no other man is this. I hear the wizards computer was, as I understand it. We learn to be full sag members will likewise with life we're we're running. Cables at before My poor down my pants to show my book cracks are people know I'm union, while here a gap, are the world's worth within of terror. Dexterous giving up hd its Dm Highlanders preamble all sides the saucy stones, but in all honesty we have such a new found. Respect for everyone at the production on
So as I now yes, there were people do so now. Is this like now? Did you have to do it? You put more effort into a new deal, talkative sound guys are making jokes about like side the mixed pre like shutting off nor that stuff, but the beauty so is the show is always the shows us all. We could it on the show anywhere and yellow has continued the same nature it had before we did a quarantine and set out to zoom. Work is still feels like me, a mirror the same room and you have already lost any energy. Is one of the few shows on tv. That's probably got and better in the quarantine, because you see realise the surroundings and what were working with Edward try to make the best we can possible, and we ve heard nothing but good, from people. That's like this, like the shows that literally version of this is like the whole premise of the shower, It's like you, hang out at sea roaming rates so like the viewer is. Is you right now like, but you know we're on yourself, but you know you, you get the idea like that but the third person in the room has always been a. You know our audience and why
not used to having an audience until a short time. So we three hundred episodes of? Shall we note with orientals aside? We don't depend on that leg. We're not to the audience or plain to each other so well being out his studio road air move your biggest advantage, which die don't think I don't know where you put in the guest in the middle, so you guys are the two power seats on the left up TAT S other back on board a plane you had. This collaborative then include everyone equal footing. It just really deserved now. Now, though, I hope your wifi keeps up I thought that you know we ve been. This is like midway through months, seven tunnel outer pods, obviously people getting better at zoom, oh yeah, that's that a month or so terrible people. My anger read that lighting was bad and Pierre did no one it they just enough. The rhythm
and now I've noticed that people are. Good. Now it's actually pretty good to do these on zoom, I gotta say never our fault. The thought was no one knew what the how soon was before Corona virus, nobody racism everywhere. If any emails we have mostly using my Google, hang out. Adam corona starts, we gotta lockdown knows that and Peoples Nora, like your users, protocols whom even zone was your relax, we're not ready for you guys if at home, Zoom is a robust product now they finally added to we ought in case you now, which we needed back in April this year in a row new features on the low that we don't know about like just a month ago, we found out about the doorbell feature where, if you're muted, you get at the spacebar to talk and then when you take off your finger on the space park and meet you again, so you can use it like a walkie talkie. If you're going to like the egg fast setting features. If you go under green screen, you can go to the visual feature. You can add, like seizure sunglasses, I follow you on the whole than those that our pat they listen there are. There are
things are red neural, not know about it's a brave new world, namely working on zoom for dummies, is going to be available bizarre now come soon get someone else to goes right. It will be great as well, and in the wilds thing about this whole thing: these same as I get people using. Google has always stuff you're Skype, bluer three one led in the finals with this one, We will be a very because this was a legacy of sight. This was your moment. This is this: this. This is a time to shine. Combat really was They do blew it. I don't know what they were doing over there I was embarrass. You know we are obviously Audubon. The fly winner Things started going down like March ten March, eleventh range as they were. How are you gonna do park as an we had never even considered the same thing in the recording and home with good equipment thing we had always tried to do. Pods were people in the same room, like when you guys were in LA that's when we are without to do it, that's where we do something, and then, after like two weeks, it's like what the fuck are. We doing
how did we not realise that you know we had all these options. We could put people in different places. You put three people for people in different places, so frustrating I mean just that it was this stuff was sitting here and nobody He thought of it had become and sit on your big coffee catch though, and life them, and then there was shot out or are sound guys. This ass, a Victor Hassan, because when we do in the park ass, we didn't have to show time budget to figure out things. So we started. We think the first thing we try to use was twitch. Now we're trying to use european twitching, recording a separate audio file and setting an audio far over it. It you got it, You got synchronized out using atomic clock in order that you or anything about last year, you will, I grant actually no reason we will be able to the park ass in the same room. Somehow we figure it out, others on the workflow is pretty massive, but people sent packing sounds the same as it did before corroded, but it's a lot more work, but this you know it is it's worth it broke out.
Equipment AK. Yet look that closure sterling the best thing that happened you guys since that is borne out by the about its arrived. You put the other day this is getting is getting here. They ve gambling, baseball and you're watching a full baseball game. You might be a sociopath because I, Poul Nielson turbines wallpaper for ending the other day. Well, answers, Dean answers, honest dont know how to fill the time and they don't it's alive. Creating a problem. That's better problem forever. As that wide. Our baseball answers that entertaining Why do we care about this? Why do they had these conversations that are normally conversation's? Why can't we have alike serious guy, like other the next to the mix, have the perfect Campbell. They got right, brain whose I got
download about birds, and then you got Clyde with a soup and hope in any leg. You dig it gives you the energy, that's what baseball needs they needed. Guy and a serious guy you need. You gonna need professional comedians for right now, a base, because baseball right now is devoid of any kind is. I does not already as you correctly. If you can't do crowd action sought is going to have what you can we educate our move. David cone has Polo Neil. Can you guess what state most of the metal in the bridges in New York City where the meadow come from? And it's all about this for happening to try and- and it was this yo. It was like you feel bad for them because they were trying, there's not dahlia, caves and other based, we'll get you just have a long stretch of silence, though announces will not say anything. It is just that and you never had another gaze, but they have nothing to talk about the another you talk about, They love relatives, they love when somebody's playing was divided.
The nephew area. Like a son, Nepal Quattro, he was really had a really good, good run here with the Yankees pause living in which ta now and start talking. Like an odour player and I can recognize the Oder player because I watched them play and I'm say, allow any young person watching this has to be borne out of their my now it is I now I know is that when I was girl, enabling? Oh you remember, Mickey Mouse, No I got here about this. Is that the other two years or more risky sexton? I was I oh here Richie Sexy PIG sexy and I wait a minute. That's. Why wasn't here? This is actually They want to hear about this. What we have already sexty utilised sayin rushed through the sea there, like a little boy. You know, Scud brochures was the only other like you to do. That ceiling was its who the EU funds are going to kill me for this, but it's it's a fact. The Mets announcers up of foreign, better than that the egg is houses, key finance, run, darling, keys,
who were achieved is entertainment. I have like, I think, its advocates, the eighty six coke match thing like imagine like you, give measured eaters goals offers us talk about like so then he ate the cat, and it was well TAT S. The minutes are better announced or if you like everybody workers Dave, they seem more carnage, so they are better stories. Talk about an illicit. They watched him at every day. You I got your very workers slave. They seem more carnage, so they are better stories to talk about an innocent. They watched them ass every You got a few things about life. We talked about in the past were another time your own. We talked about those through the two types of neared fans of one of them is that met islanders LA met. Islands is jobs. Many Smet's outsiders jets. It's just of networking got then the islanders actually had some success then got ended. The dots last gave seven, for example, by yeah
forever alight prepared in this. Unlike is our ice interbank. Why are they so good, Maybe because, as you are aware, is oligopoly Eastern Europe block the like pipeline roarings video, careful that was going on is that since the last time I saw you guys something really important happened to both you. You had David Letterman on your show. Eyebrow s, amazing. I want to know everything that happened on their, so he reaches out or do you reach out had at first my? How do you even make contact with them? They will first of all development doesn't do shit line where I'm aware Who did this? He was I I love. I fucking love this shell, like he was dead seriously. We thought it was like a guy like you spoke Artisans David letter. Manlike has always had like that kind of like edge where he's idea of the heat.
Data pagel. Whatever, so is this like? Ok, What are we going to do and we like, we were thinking of like all these things, that we could do with David Letterman noses like now I'll do shit, we just have to sit down and talk to rising. Within, and he was so complementarity with. He was gracious and whatever that we were just like because they don't offices in the interview will acknowledge shocked it's Sunday morning and those like a quota knew. I was like David, I'm telling you you! The future of late night is like Michael Jordan, sell you yeah you're, pretty good, have about you're, really good right This is a real fan like you, don't want to leave the day after we do the interviewing you ass. He hung around back stay with falconers. He asked for some of the merger now's, tired of, though not like, for sale on the incident merge by crew shirts. Like I want that creature he was a so called.
We was, as I believe, what I was on a rapid data we wanted to keep going, so he gently rock with us in a moment was just like knowing over. They tell you anything after that years ago, this guy says you're doing a good job on the shore. Then the networks, as you know, suck. My dick, I know them door was who was working? Well, it's working. Well, don't listen, don't don't write the but dont rock the boat? Ok, we don't. Why don't we go where we do? Well, I think the Jordan things are getting out Now the Jordan reverse out adjacent areas. I came in just one day, I'm a huge fan. I think it is rarely peace, a dime, Is there my I see for two
when, when the subjects for office implode than they trade into the next for second now set you cut it out. I want my children right catch data about it. I can't this David Murphy Bats rummaging. Rather, who would you rather lose, though, on the subjects, Tito Brown or smart? If you had to lose one eye I need our three. I don't want to lose any those guys I like that. They fight too. I think that get so overblown by people who have never played sport. Oh, my god, all her heart was going mad each other in the locker room. It's like yak as it's a fucking basketball team. You get man and I imagine what happens. Is that such a good thing that it better than light the fuckin clippers, where its economic passiveaggressive silence down, like some nineteen fifties, family that doesn't actually talk about it?
a wise just silent with Roma? Dad, I don't know, I don't know your accurate edra I'd. Rather the team that yell and at each other then goes figure it out and coaches hotel one on the morning. That me is how this pattern, I mean every means earns intellect Tony Braxton Jason kid Jabbar MASH Bird, whatever the fuck happened with that all they were trying to get started, Beverly whatsoever about difference for national over here this banishing the same, whoever than down urbanists likely respect and Africa yeah love the Dayton thing, maybe he's only that he still twenty two.
The thing is down in these playoffs he's rebounding there. He can't everyone's again my keys rebounding like he's com alone or somebody and we value lies in the place smile. That's it that's why? I think this my emissaries is gonna skinny guerrilla. Well, I can't believe you guys had that's some believe by. I can't believe you're able to function during the interview and leg. Do you think I would have been laid in complete the whole time, that's other their rulers area, was I go? Why are you guys so nervous? Are you in your interviews and we will, as I Interview in Lebanon was wild cool. It was as I also you David adamant that who come and also have a drink. This motion, we super joke and we don't there's, never been
guess who, just a year ago, were any who in his first it is always the same which is in a bad children, maybe smoke in some. We just a thin we're back and we had to cereal and sometimes repeaters, whereas a guess would come into the studio and they really do you want to meet the gas. If we go on stage when I now we're good will meet a month's age, whatever is sometimes a guess are like there are, so if they want to meet us today, come into our green room to talk to us whether that will have a baby. What's up once these. So that's a thing that helped keep the interviews cool because we're never if ambling it up whenever they home. Like me, let him anything does he call? We watch you, but has never like were scared to talk. Leave them as I not let a man lay listen, we don't want you know. Maybe there's you go the shoot this you to shed, maybe to where I handled it was proud of myself but everything labored. Who is my favorite athlete of I mean? Maybe I don't I've been there. I wasn't nervous when I did it, but the day before, like Jesus Christ, Merv taxes
Whose by here when I was a kid, is just we're? That's that's. How dared you too, I guess Danny like I'd like to Tripoli. The night before I might have a little like a the Dj Mangi sat AIDS forgotten it but then I want to get in there. You're, like ok, you said you gonna settle in, doesn't be me if we ever get the chance to interview, run Baker. I'd like well while the major major legislative always annex there? I saw ahead bird and the other, was Charlie's, which I didn't know until she walked in and she just like the though you just don't know how to act. Codeine, she's, ta, she's, just unbelievable, and you just like. Oh my god, Don't talk to you interact They thought it was just like I was up here. We do want it. Where are you can see our moment like she is overwhelmed? She has no idea what is going.
An interview, my eyes. It is goin back and forth between we're just going so fast and we ve had the activities like you guys need to slow down you I cannot follow which is ever does I will? I will you reasons our normal talking speed, but she is good because she was like she had been with us on. Jimmy fell in a cup always before that. So what you came on our so soon I already know how we operate and everything she's like I watched some of your stuff at Ignatius are casted, which is the bonus like that. Those are the best kind of guess. The thing is also serious: either the enemy leg it the right away. That moment Tommy said Tom, who, as I go, she's your people academically see you guys, hang it out of camera and its true. She got advise. You got that soussio energy, so that's almost interviews and better wanna say somewhat super famous and he talked to them. You are ya. Oh you're, Loki a scumbag like me, we'll yeah numbers. Tell me about the book. Coming out today, we're dead I guess goes up Tuesday night. The book out you could get it.
As on where we ate your books. The other does not like listen for the brass to some some kind of fairy tales for the generation of two young heroes. Two young client figure from the Bronx as they make their way across Amerika. It now ass the great wrath targeting the view not just talking just talking crap talking about allies. Before we got famous lessons, we learn in the Bronx some self about shoplifting some stuff about selling drugs. By making meals or potatoes it's all in there. It's really anything you can find like religion. Vice, like you said, surviving or potatoes, what do you do when you are broken needs to pay rent? Somebody like little nuggets of advice. You know and the my favorite thing about the book as a former educator is it's it's. We do the thing called chunky, I go and we read in chunks and the book is so chunky because great design,
big chunks, has little trunk says medium chunks saw depending on the length of your dump economy like you can choose what you want to read and at its rather reader, nor either it remains so. You got it on other. Now does a wonderful chapter about the heartbreak I experience so the red Sox into thousand afore? Oh my guy, I write it a boner. Thus, I remember I will never forget that series at all. I did in there and you can feel my pain if you are busted fan, no matter how bad is yours, you re read that chapter by yet take that young Jesus yeah in your face. You January we broke Rivera people's. Could it be done you you brought me you're, probably listen I'll. Would be way more upset about it, but at the time I was dated a transplant from Dorchester instead, an island so evident
What's our house, I had to stay there, so I was an entire series in her apartment, Staten, island, she's, Aurettes I'll, say it I think he's been, but I don't care who? every game. I got lay no matter what so it's a game. Symbol copy, takes a sting away from a loss after in favour that for never decent they're not going to be Tiger games of it. It was raining when the Yankees laws game seven and I'm walking batches away. I slip I Bessie open up. My knee is risk to my favorite pair of jeez, not of a bloody knee, a repair energy star jeez I get on the two triangle. Uptown everyone in New York is crushed, knows talking, aroun isn't like Yankees gear, but they got caught in the rain. Is the most pressing train right ever this lady has sought to train a ninety six tree.
Make eye. Contact will make us, so did the Yankees win at just go back there out like a yankee? When did you don't look like the egg? Is one cars out the very for no reason and go home? Go home to flop starts with sort. This is Ok, let's keep going. Let's do another half hour in the cities, was it was. It was better because they got laid I've fucked over what they are about. This is bad. I woke up an example worse, but you know: can we talk about? Can we talk about marrow having for kids at home and also China work from home, and they call you haven't, sold that whole thing too. A network for as compiling listen as you I'm putting it into the universe. If you want to do it but gopros all over my house, you can watch me have sex in the shower with my wife. We have to have to have a covert. Racial navy, sealed s acts in enemy, light of Nineveh vibes. You know me when you got two kids announced and now it's Ike for three.
Schools, one room, all learning, every Everything is all over the place. The basement is no longer much beheld chamber. Asylum is of tv studio and you wifi, you did unbelievable wifi at all times forever. At all times does is six pads go in the end, this one's way fortnight, this one's I go. I wanna watch is dribbling drilled on you too, but of above above my wife is headed, spinning, seven hundred and twenty degrees to teach a kid math, its Ets atta control. But you know what The sound of a slogan leads. I get like to sign up for tough, modern Like all the saw, this is hard this itself but because they re doing is to set up a watch. How fast you get that cease and desist from care. I note that heralded, but something else that is the only way is to stand and watch how fast you get that cease and desist from Kenya, whereas playing around with that,
This is a fine guys, I'm glad you're. Well, Thank you. Husband was good to see you good luck with the. Hey you do another in California, because California is literally on via the smoke was horrible yeah and he just felt like it was compounded. Everything else that was going on at area their deadly as I can enter the world by work we ve handled corona, the most poorly outer, probably state other than Arizona Texas. And still don't have you sports yet like a it's everybody's, just trapped indoors, virtual learning and it's it's pretty nights with no leadership role in the state and It's a lot because, like people, a foreigner like YO or earthquakes are no big deal like my cousin, It was you that our personal big deal happen legs you graduate. Miguel. The earth is literally moving like does not I'm not a big deal we just had went over the weekend, we
each other. I was looking at my wife and she was gonna. Do this and I might we re any kind of realise we haven't- had a bad one since I moved here, but when I moved here, that was a thing as the most afraid of I had no idea. The fires would be thing that scares thing by being adhered climate regime of every every year. Now we have this massive fire that ribs through the state and its terrible the weird thing about the earthquake out, because I got in the Sunday now I was on a timeline when it happened agency every person from allay off the West Coast history. At the same time, earthquake earthquake, earthquake earthquake. Where was reaction was cottages like ah there was that was Conover rougher, quick than usual, so I know what you think. I am right over the scale for like this. This is more like slow, drizzle, bow choruses, tectonic plates or ship
under you found asian of your building. My guide as there is here that the weird thing better, if quakes as you feel this you're scared than their sight, this great relief that it was. Bad right in a deep down your kind of like I want to know what will be like to be in a bad one, to have something to compare with that and then you I don't know. I don't think that not stay with this, but it is a day. It's pretty disorienting, like you feel weird for the next six eight hours. Imagine a cause. He it's like. It's almost like your brain gets rattled in your head. It's your boxing and allow just everything's move. In week we had one by some bad one went outside the mid two thousand and four I feel like a day allow that I obliges me Elizabeth. We had a baby like many baby tremor in New York out like years and years ago, and I I read about it on twitter before actually felt it. It was the one that came up like the east EAST Coast or whatever like it.
Our line on whatever and those like a tremor New York, and I like. Are we going to work as a good you talk of, and then I look up and like a little picture falls off. My waters is like without it we're gonna go who Rudy Lou haven't you had on the on the show, yet that that's on your list, whose number one draft and yet I have yet have had the broad haven't had a bomb I haven't had baron tromp on you in order to be getting there. Job would be a good one, don't be mad. Now his is almost eighty of Eliza he's gonna, he's gonna replace, is gonna points like a base for the facts. Next year, Look at that good! The book was greatly gas. So do you build a measure is always relate legacy. We're gonna bring.
Jeff Dana's in one. Second, I wanted to tell you about many. If you're looking for a car that can take you anywhere from daily errands to new adventures, every car every car drives well yeah, we get, we get that I'm sure to varying degrees, but not every car is for the drive, mini mix, different kind of car for a different kind of drive. Let me introduce you to the drive you deserve. You know what's funny now that I'm doing a reed for them, it really makes me want to drive a mini. I don't know how this is never happened. I'm doing it, I'm just going to find that there's got to be someone in my life. Who has one of these, but you can you know if you have spontaneous plants? The minis great. If you want it, you have cream the family into the new many countrymen, fur there's cooler taken whatever chipper doing carpooling whatever you could do that channel.
There. They asked me to say who is my favorite big many a play? I guess I'll be big baby Davis Disease Big, but he was also many cause. He was six foot sex help this ethics. When the two thousand eight title check out, it's really easy bigger many USA dot com. You can learn more about these cars. Design? Your own model, no pressure just go may make a car may decide what it might look like have some fun. What I'll see down it's a pandemic. Had too many USA dot com, to learn more or design Emma. I it is time for Jeff, It is our job Daniels's here I wish we're doing this in person. You ve never been on my part as the bed. Somebody actors you'd always but on the radar and ever with you ye, sometimes you're doing press other times you aren't. Are you? Are you like a media friendly guy? Would you say good? I can
You you I like, where you're out right now, you're an Enigma, perfect, wonderful, our love value. My studio, you you're, saying sometimes you'll get Jeff Bridges who was to get confused with for a while it was William her bill. Pull, and I have the same problem in o bridges I remember I talked of job once and end the farm it somewhere and I M the beloved work, whether my been a fan of his that taxes, the Picture oh yeah- and I I I confused with him, but I know that people go off to Jeff bridges my God, dormant Omer, that might have been your best work. I apologize to him for that. The land and I am very proud of that what was said- that's like a Jeff Bethink people just getting the Jeff and be than that than people in it.
Whatever is: is the Japanese in their brain? Stop? What is the movie? People mentioned tee the most cause you ve made so many good ones and You know I feel it you ve been in my life ever since I saw terms of endearment, which I was a teenager, and that was such an impact for movie, and then you know four days. For decades later stocks. Yeah, I certainly diamond Dahmer yeah reached a wide variety of people and re excessively watch about their its it with all the time, which is why, for a comedy for the jokes to still hold up, even though you know it's coming, I don't know how you do that, but the fairly brothers, you know struggle with that. Gettysburg comes back. The tv stop now newsroom. Would
We believe that the other one that really just people jump on before, which is good. It's all good you what you want One movie or one tv show in your career that our lives you rain, I've got I'm lucky. I got a few were gone way back to terms of deer you're in that movie, and it's just completely loaded and it's the most ask her baby movie of our time right. It's got. I caught a iconic Nicholson, perform its James Elles, Brooks surely Maclean Deborah Winger, whose like in a priceless star at that at the time they are nearly new guy at it Twenty year old, who you yeah, I was, I was, and I were, I took the part that no one else in Hollywood would take because he was so unlike global yeah you cheat, Deborah winger of all people when she has cancer, that's good for my brand, my clients going to pass on that. Might you could just hear it
and I was like, go I'll, do it I'll? Do it I'm off Broadway I'll, do it. I learned how much will be so much watching jack work, then I remember Jim, Brooks, came up the jack and said I want to try something they really go out on a limb a little bit with this idea, but Jackson, I like going out on a limb and say get in trouble out there. You know, and I I was, I would go to the said, not work and watch Jack. Well, There was a great education on that kind of free knows that I'm acting allows you that Jack doesnt know what he's gonna do take three and its. It was like all while the freedom of you gotta be Jack to be able to do that, but I also got to sit there and watch dailies Jim. Look. So let me come in and watch Jack's dailies or any dailies. Now Now you would let me watch my staff, which is fine, but I remember seeing the to shout of Jack and surely in the kitchen, where heating
around one hundred and six astronauts you know only does this thing and they did like ten takes of it. And I saw him when he wasn't good eye. The first few takes you didn't quite know it you didn't. He wasn't it just wasn't and then about takes six, it happened and then and then eight which different than seven nine and ten are now tat? Surely those know, what's gonna happen right after that? Brooks turned to me and said, which one do I use an o and it was just such an education on front of the camera. Film acting Ukiah, Aaron Sorkin had him on the podcast a few years ago and was asking about the famous few good men story about Jack, where he does the colonel Jessup Scene, and then he supposed to leave so they can get the shots of all right.
You're going to do your stuff jack, you can go over there. Then we got to get Kevin Pollak in Jack's like no. No I'm going to stay here and I'm going to I'm going to do it every single time I love this is in all the takes and and circle of sand sounds like a window in a way that guy's been such a success but out and have thought of leaving like. Why would I leave I get to keep acting here Yeah, I did great lesson was grey. Let especially courtroom scenes and dinner seems there just death. They take weeks to shoot because you gotta go. So many different, I you sit there forever. There finally get around to you and you don't know what you're saying anymore yeah you know I've had so many actors and actresses on here at this point in a recurring theme, seems to be obvious to the town. Is he he
piece of it, but you know some sort of luck early along the way like some roll you got or somebody would pass through your life stuff like that terms of endearment. Looking back, it's kind of insane that you said, that's your first movie! Think of all the movies, you could have had likewise big moving there one I mean I was in ragtime, but I had like two or three and they like real part, yeah cardiovascular was dressed and again it was Nobody else wanted it yeah and I was I was cheap. I worked for the minimum, so it was. When Deborah I met with the rose. She ok me, so she had okay power at that point earlier, oh sure sure and shut up ring, but he I remember, and then it came out and it came out in Thanksgiving Thanksgiving.
And writers of the law, stark, was kind of the big thing and yet a lot of those kind of movies. So there really was a well written character, driven with smart. Funny dialogue. We have seen one of those in a while so weak ass. We had those three Maggie stars, We jump right and then ask. Your nominations came about and, as a friend of mine said even the guy who come your hair got nominated, and I didn't I didn't Ok, it was a bias. No was ok- I was twenty. Eight, it was it was. I had to watch the answers at home and inhabited, You know, you're gonna work better. It was good was good, and then right after that, I got the Purple Rosa Cairo with Woody Allen, and that was a big break, huge break right.
It's funny you mention how people hate that character. There are actors that have trouble shaken that. May I say that tony Goldwyn ghost we just go goes for this package. You got three watches and he so hateful that movie has basically he got sways. He killed and it was hard to see another movies that thinking he was the guy from goes. Thank you. Take this baggage, the audience to the next movie with this person in Europe, but a shed that, obviously I remember that at the time hating your character so much the turbulent endearment I was the other was the running. I get a cab in New York. He or she were in terms of environment. As idea got aided. You thank much appreciated. You know you get that. You know Redford said when he did Sundance, meaning it. Yes he's gone: just anyway, but that's kind of what he got were those quiet, silent, great handsome leading men, balls and- and I
certainly got the either the cheating husband or the flawed here or there. The secondary character, who wasn't up to while qualities of the leading man, something that's kind of what I got stuck with, and you know it something like German Dahmer to blow that Olaf, which is one of the reasons that I would say something wild for me now deal with that, cannot open the ceiling in my brain. For you as like, the guy from terms of David. Look at this house, the asked Avenant is gonna like I don't know what to expect from him now yeah. And it really that was me ripping off Jack, lemon and Dick Vandyke? It's all right I just had a baby. That's who Charlie drinks, less yeah, yeah yeah. That was the kind of movie that would I, as I was growing up, that made those movies and that that movie was kind of an omage to those is now they'd. Those movies don't get made any more like that. We always
two stars and you just gotta unleashed em now you'd be wearing like a comic book suit, come about. Further, the greens the and dropped into a tennis, ball yeah. I don't I guess now they just kind of more than two tv and stuff like that. Well, that's what happened is and Jim Gamble Fini started it with a sopranos he and David Jays. It's the all. The writings gone gone there too, the cable side you know HBO Netflix, Showtime hullo, you name it there, twenty of them now, that's rather writers when they were, they were respected there, They didn't like hire you to write three draftsman fire you and have somebody come in and punch up the jokes and next time you know you're, honest set, and you realize that seven people about their hands on this and it looks like it right and ends that's for all the writing languages, which is we're all those movies like something wilder Jane told me. There Jane Fonda said the movies I made they would make now, but the writers have gone.
On the other side of the aisle. So to speak, and that's that's good, that's good! I had a couple years ago, Paul Thomas Anderson was on here and we're talk about Boogie nights, which was the scene of the second thing ever made and at that point one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. Ninety six, your dream is to make a giant pig movie with bunch stars, and I was like nowadays. Wouldn't that be like an eight episode. I don't know, Amazon Show or HBO show and you get more money to get to explore the characters further and he was Have you done that you have the floor, in value, have the money to do right and as an act you get to you, get to shoot the novel. You not shoot in the short term. The ninety two hundred paid two hundred men script with you know, if you ve got you ve got you get more to do in the writings better and they would godless with Netflix. You know they ve got frank. Had that western
sir. I'm are we shot the look out and when a pagan, two thousand and three or something I got to our western. Nobody will make it Danny, Catherine, for ten years and then finally much Netflix now go. Can you make it? Seven hours in another just did changed for guys like me at school. That's why I'm still on the business, while you Eve, Kate, you, I just want to say you re, embedded yourself, but I like how you ve always moved in different directions. Think that sort started the eighties were not really ever knowing what to expect from you. I mean in ninety four because ninety four you made speed and dumb dumber in the same year and those are too the most remarkable movies of the last thirty years. Speed is iconic mean that that basically created this summer blacklist or you could say Jaws data movies like that, but I remember watching that happen before it came out
is the height of the Premier magazine in the whole, moving out in Canada. Knowing what was coming and the speed is like this move is getting such insane. But they're moving it up, they want their move. In a spirit of note, speed was so they move it up. Yet I wanna get a jump over the summer What is that? It is a story about a bus kick under fifty five year by year in it and spoiler. Advise everyone seen it, but you know that was a great gimmick of like your guide dies halfway through that wasn't like a common movie thing. Now they try to swear vessel that all the time, but in the mid nineties, when you died of holy Shit, they kill Jeff deals, how do they do that when I got the script We're wasn't in a great place at that point and I got this script and bow I die on page twenty two. I died in the elevator shaft. The owner. I ran the elevator looking for work. All down and I die I'm going the career
who travel but is not about my much trouble, pass and they go manner. We got another draft. You die later. All the company piteously How do you figure five or something out of a hundred and twenty in the house Alright, I'm in and I got to work with Keanu was at the height of his aim or well prepared pre matrix, and I remember seeing where I go into the house. Then I turn and look at the thermostat, my realises hooked up to the bomb and the second later that the house blows up with me at it, How am I gonna do this?
and I remember an interview that Roy shattered it and they asked Roy Roy when you saw that shark in the water and you were standing at the end of the boat. The look on your face, all my god. What acting Roy said. I just looked down scrunched my cheeks up and then, when I saw a shark I let him drop it. Lifted her cheek thing. So I did that any night most memorable face. I haven't said Craig, say that moment that Moment Film Institute their studying that moment, I'm gone just drop in some shape muscles. I tickets almost a perfect action movie
It's exhilarating the whole time. It's got a huge star, you got a great sidekick and then Sandra Bullock had an awesome put in her career when she's not a star yet, but you can tell she is On the bus, elderly watch boy could happen at any point. It's perfect in it's been funny that he's been able to three different times, Conor rejuvenate TAT kind of actually desert the matrix, and then he comes back as John Wick and this decade, the same kind of these very watchful. Accepting surprised that he was in an action will be an eye before you see. You see that coming in with feed Just Keanu was the leader as like this: superhero type because he had employed anybody like that before I know I never thought about it. I'm going to Rio cure loading. Of course he fits that kind of. You know you come in here and look the fact that he still go on
I admire anybody who can last decades and that's that's an achievement in this. You know business were I doubt your Oberon Tuesday back soon with him, he becomes a super duper star same Here- Jim Carry, who has one of the great years about, he's a now obeys, damdamusa, Nay spent hours in the mask on the saviour he ribs ribs out three beggar heads and, by the end of it, isn't a plus plus the superstar, who can make every movie he wants, but would you film, dumb and dumber with them? He wasn't famous like that right, no way that you're right it was it was Jim, Carry became him carry Your shooting down dumber, he had he had shot and released ace venture which did well. But what does what it was And he had shot mask and the word was it was good, but they were still cutting it. So
Chinese you'd diamond over so were we're halfway through where the spring so we're halfway, shooting with its early May Jim leave. On a Friday night flies the can do that, mere of mass. Saturday and implies back to shoot on Monday back in SALT Lake, with very, were and when he back from the premier of mascot. At the can film Festival, it was starting to happen and Jim was the same and we finish shooting and then six months later, when we're doing press for Diamond Dahmer it was, it had happened, Jim was still there. I mean we're, still feel friends and good friends, but return people around him and it was just mom. I saw it happened. A Christmas tree. What happened a bill heard Keanu. Will indirectly yeah I've been Emma Stone Rhineland.
I did a little independent movie with them before they were. They blew up yet I'm candidate. I use their next. You if you are a boy. I didn't see that guy I'm debate. But that's that's. That's a good grouting! Then you know it's people always say. When that happens, the person doesn't change right away, but everything around them changes and how they they're the same person. Everything around them differently. How they deal with that ends. Up shaping what happens. Next is its whether it outlines the gym carry or something me. The people around. You change your end and you just now things you know their voices get higher. They talk faster, just use. Some of that stuff happens that you throw you off.
You know that everybody wants something they want you their peace may, yet they are entitled to part of what your successes are entitled to. Some of that What do you mean? No, why are you telling me? No? I saw at that. They don't teach you how to deal with that and star school. You know you got to learn how to deal that you met For this reason we heard that other guy, like a Broadway thing we were- we were- have to think after we were in Broadway play together and seventy seven I think called my life at Circle Rep and we should be addressing you bill. Her dress, raven me holy shit. I was twenty two bill was trying to decide whether he was going to take love story, two
They couldn't make a deal with Ryan O'Neal Ryan wanted more money than they were willing to pay and bill was kind of on standby and he was wrestling with the decision and then Chris Reed came in. With a week ago. In the run of this play there, been killed? We were playing. Do twenty people and I and said I got a flight of London after Sundays, matinee and screen test for Superman on mine. But I'll. Don't worry I'll, be back on Tuesday to finish around and bill I'll join. You talk him out of it, so you can't do that. You cannot do that you're, an artist. You cannot do that all it yet and I'm over there sitting eating Eminem was gone. Well. Can I go and then he came back and he got it. You got it was there when there can. I just read of whole thing about this movie they're trying to cast their China cast obvious.
Doors and other members wanted to wear the suit and they realized they had to get. Somebody who is relatively anonymous goes. I warn baby was supposed to be so bad, a one point and it's all about. You have to look and credible in that suit, and it's not like that name where you can stack it up in the chest and add some things: it's like you, you pretty naked in there, so they realize adds, go there, but they make sense, gonna get, nobody will do it. Alright, let's get the best or known we can get and let's break somebody in increase three broke without role, while never use used as supporting actors to put your star power. Yet was around the elements that we heard. He comes out of the gate and he's like seven fame. Movies in a row, and I think that nominated fur like Oscars like three four years in a row, but it was always like a famously intense guy, was he'd like that in the seventies. I will always been fascinated by earlier. You built, or we always been, really focused, really intense region artist.
And he's against and and if it is not right for him you didn't do it he's one of those guys Deborah was never wingers like that as well. But yeah Bilbil really intense, really intense goodbye goodbye. I got along with a fine when one billion To intense I'd, go bell about them. Yankees come on. Did you addition for bigger? No, no, have you been in a movie with them Have I bear I bet I didn't, I don't think so well, the tv thing with Bill forbid the July no, let me read you Thomas. Had done the original wonder, a play. I did a nineteen. Seventy eight, a circle wrap up Broadway bill hurt, play the lead role and I was played his lover in a play
but the July by Lending Wilson S reward you so we need, dammit dumber, how much at was in it. Oh, why? How much add living how much they let you loose on our own, I wouldn't say there was a lot. There were some. But Jim would gonna, let me know, yeah I'm gonna refund the song. The mocking bird, ok and you just go with them but it was almost like stage acting I'll bet you liked it rolling out somebody's performance, but you don't know what court they might draw into yeah, but it should be. I should also be film acting. You know, it's out react spent Tracy's one of the best reactors with ever had and but its peoples, busy acting front of a mirror that that it looks like it. It feels like it, but when you start to go plate ping pong back and forth with somebody like Jim carry,
or marrow street mega your ear. It they're doing have your work for you with diamond. Here too it was. The studio wanted a comedian to go next June. Jim wanted an actor, because I need somebody a react and make me listen at its a body by we'll be I'm a solo performer. I need someone who's gonna. Make me listen it's two guys, not one, and so here we insisted on actor and and You go in, the reasons, a name that he didn't. A comedian was that they would try to top each other. Yet comedians do with this desert visited that's not what we're doing here and so shall oh I fit in, and I made the decision. I think on day, two of shooting worth. Light bulb winner of I'm Goin, oh, my god, I'm The puppy on a leash, Lloyd is tugging leash,
Why does the leader two gems gonna led anyway, it's an instinct, so you just fine you go wherever lowing wants you to, and so many poles. Yet you know just put yourself in one second delay harry what you know just put yourself. Just let him put you through the sea and then at work. Then it worked. You know they make that mistake. Sometimes it cut with comedies. Where, though, put the big ass comedians together and you're right when they try to start top and each other in competing with each other. You can kind of feeling in the movie. It is this I mean Improv has a place. You know like the most annoying sound in the world in Burma, Dahmer that was just throwing certain there. A german number two there was more add living. He would you try and more staff, and I would just role without, but I I start to this threat I haven't taken any improper classes, though you know I'll
there's a whole. You gotta learn how to do that and I just never did, and so it was the one that much out living on the first one it was pretty. Then there is a lot of precision. Yeah. You know you gonna get the set of bright to get the joke and if you fought to set up- or if you are trying to top, is job with something else, then we didn't get the first joke and and its other There was kind of force, not a scientific approach, but I I wanted to two and three and then hide that there is a lot of check me going on, so that we can get the jobs that that the fairly brother quick break to talk about Bacardi, spice rum. You love the class,
I can now you'll love the new Bacardi spice rum sip, along with their friends, enjoyed the wishes regarding call for game. Did this week and there's a lad against this weekend. I'm already stressed out: I got Celtics, he gave five got patriots raiders on Sunday got us another south exclaimed, probably on Sunday. I think it is I got something. I need a Bacardi spice room with my choice: a color, maybe I'll, throw in a that some great. That's the perfect game they drink Bacardi. Do it moves you drink responsibly, Bacardi, USA, Coral gables, foreigner, rum with natural favours and spices. Thirty, five percent alchemy
by volume back to jet in it. So I'm a shout it worse. You made one of the academic them divorce movies, yeah squid, unaware means I ought to know what the with the pantheon is, but it's on there was Kramer versus Kramer couple. Others, it's sort of feel good movie bull, whether you must get a tunnel action to that one from from kids a divorce rate. I would assume yeah mean little bit it's it's one of those that not everyone has seen, but it is certainly worth honest portrayal, know about back, you know he wrote it need directed it. That was another one of those singular boys were writers on it. It was one writer they had just enough money to make it worse,
shot. That thing- and I remember on the day we wrapped the movie. It was light. Nobody's gonna, see this. Yet we have no distribution. This is well fun, working with Laura and then the Toronto The festival got than the New York Festival got it and then it was after the races there to me was like odor Barrack, where you know his ears Early movie was so good. You just knew you know that sometimes the gonna couple different directions, but you just knew he was gonna, be about to big movies. So any time he had anything, I was always exotic. Thy love, kicking and screaming for my favorite movies and whereas I now he's making a dive
this movie at his hotel and now he just did it again. It's almost like a weird where he made you do he may I don't even know if it's a sequel, it's like a cousin but same one like Satan, that's probably in the pantheon tabled so wrong. In its a topic itself, so many people get divorced, and yet is that in that many movies it inside that many movies successfully either ass. I and many cast Anna Pack, one as my love interest. Which you know Anna, I had been done, a fly away home and she was, I think, twelve at the time allowed, Now she was early twenties ethics, as you know our egos. Yes, I just castor, in order for those playing along at home, I got a nice nice I remember, sharing a scene where Jesse I remembered opens the door and I
bedroom men and I'm standing there, and I got my hands up and is sure he has our breasts and and we're getting ready to shoot in standing there, I'm standing there and the meaning of the cinematographer says second, I got change a mag something and I'm going. Look out the window. Oh my god, said Anna. She was were as it look at the geese the newsroom. There too. It was two years are three. Can you remember three free to it? but through now Sorkin spent on this back ass. We did a remarkable to surrender of the programme. What was year, we hear your voyage, you first voyage with
on a tv show like that in a real we're the lead with it going into that your leg? First, by this is the closest you can come to actually being honest, age, but actually be anti day with the amount of words you probably had to memorize what we're expectations versus our point out he looked at that as the project. That would keep me in the business. I was I was I had had enough and I wasn't gonna play the asshole, There are some twenty eight year old. Who is going to make ten million in couldn't remember his lines. I wasn't gonna, be that actor in size. Gonna get up to be done, and and then. We heard about it. The answer we pitched me an airline and Scott ruins
got me from from Broadway gotta carnage. I think her nose, Cotonou, we from the hours anyway, they met with me at the four seasons Hotel in New York. I went right at the top of the list. Aaron had seen. Apparently, per Rosa Cairo and really like me since then asked oh, I was oh, my god meet him and the only thing that I had to show him was, he wasn't sure, be angry enough to be, will mark a boy outraged, and so you got out and I got tips. The agents said Rudin says he needs to see. Angry, oh ok so were set in the breakfast. With four seasons. Hotel- and it's all you know that, and so I just told a story: certain that had happened, and I
slammed enable people turning round looking at Aaron's gotta aren't just this. I've got good God and now and I said you know, I'd love to do this area by an ever since West Wing, and I told him I said I watched West Wing to watch the writing yeah. I watch that writing coming down the hall Why was that writing in the room? You know you watch you watch network with Patty too, that pay JFK row and one at each. I ask you in that room when you're watching it. You want to know that that was written by somebody like package. I ask, is not just William hold of and pay Dunaway great performances, but there's a third person in there too. Thing. When you read a great now, you want to know that has been written by somebody who knows what they do and West Wing showed me there, and so I was. I looked at It is a great opportunity to get me interested in being an actor again. So when I got the gag.
You know it was. The only tell me once no add living Yeah memorize it exactly as he wrote it, dont add or subtract a word. Can't you would you know how to do right? Well, its own your best skills, that's the theatre media. Let me now goes room back to circle, wrap up Broadway, Landlord Wilson. Why are you so but that is not what I wrote. Guesser failure. You know it's also respect for the writer it- is only when you get scripts like writers and with knows from a Jew executive that are shoved into their that's. When you gotta start add living in improvising, two fucking make it sounds like you're, a human being re. Not something was that in that so with with Aaron you get along. I want to do is right it so so that was the deal. And I told him to tell
the director is because I have a different director every week- and that was a different experience, you know you do, a movie is one directory. Do tv show nine episodes is usually at least seven directors right, I said, you tell every director that with me as fine words or less, did they come me I'm in our memories. Every word and you'll never hear anything. You didn't write and I'll try to hit what you intended plus add some other stock to make a lift my five words or less. If they, they can explain to me what they want me to do in fine words and less time to stay in the chair. That was the deal, that's rare and they get it just stops direct Tristram becoming Orson Welles. That is the thing is just too, we what time it is, Tell me how the watchwords, radio and that work faster. Lower sadder, more angry. I remember the second time go.
America's, not the greatest country in the world stage. Matula came over and just in the second half of that, a little more melancholy got it and ass the day for you the first take. I was angry, all awaited the and the second Take MAC voiced its back and wishes. The country could be that that was greatly taller, probably common premier nor Gregg, don't matter, but it was like what five words or less just gimme that and sixteen things will happen based on that that, with such a polarizing shoves, some people love that other people it became. One of the first real twitter argument shows like us as Twitter started to gain a real boys, which has now is way too much of a voice in my way to actual boys. Could you feel that happening even as is you make? the show how polarizing was no we remember Aaron. Why did nine episodes, maybe ten and and near these seventh rate. I member Erin.
Bringing us all together in the newsroom Santos, just we ve been in a bubble for senator episodes in we're almost done This is an area we are no longer going to be in a bubble, so just enjoy this Neto yeah, because when this comes out not everybody's gonna agree with what I've done re Europe, then we took We took aim. We took aim at some people at the media. We know some listen. Some of them An interesting show now, given everything that's happened over the last. Is almost wonder leg. Was that two wearily? Was it the perfect time? What would it look like if that show was created in two thousand nineteen? Well? Is it would have been impossible? even do that? What do you think what would have been the perfect geared to launch censure? I don't know I think it would be more or less either
think would be ignored. Now I dont think it costs too much noise too much noise and you're not going to stop the media from covering trunk in the first five minutes, every single newscast. That certainly has been the case since hid the primary leading up to the twenty sixteen election. When, when you know and meet the press, When he gets to call in years to come in to meet the press yard ass, it across the table from TIM, Russia now and then you can call in and the reason we're gonna. Let him call em is because more people will watch the show in the first ten minutes. If he calls in so we're going to allow that think Aaron. I certainly had an issue that is just stuff like that. Just like. Make it easy for these guys, Rayner make America then trampled about a sitter
Ross from short, honourable member and an answer, some questions, that's what you And- and I think we got people out there doing that- I think they're do regret above the trying to inform the public in a way they made it. Maybe you weren't able to do so before trot came into came into our consciousness. Is a presidential candidate they certainly are aware of their responsibility now, and I don't think, his room had much to do with it. I think they they get it now that oh me saying that you're doing now for show times the timber twenty seventh com euro did you. What did you just like the project? There did you feel like you wanted to be part of a project that was tied into something that was said in the last five years level. Wilson, who wrote the play I was in with we're back a circle, rub with bill and hurt
told me when I was leaving the theatre to kind of chase movies. He said make it matter, make it cow and he wrote it into a script. I have that he had written and indeed are always get to do that yeah, but call me matter We were going to air this thing before the election you get to play. A very controversial, here and it's gonna be relevant and it will inform people in a way that maybe they were informed in twenty sixteen about what happened, what he did and how it affects us now, Those are all reasons to do something. That's a better project to be. Then something that you shoot and then people forget it as soon as is over and I've been in those two well, I have read that you are here to wear left Stephen seem taller, which is funny cost
you're like the Fort Towers Doctrine, Hollywood I have left I again, it's a clytie stood. Then you re, who ass a six to higher, Jim Robinson rabbits around. We can get up there get up there. Better flax, like a solid, sixty two half is a good idea. Good yeah that's right, studying it's Johnny and when you made your heroes, Schwarzenegger, you know sized allowance like five seven. You just go. No. I can't I can't deal with this. I can't do this now. Yeah I've I wanted. I was looking for anything and I said I want to inch lifts in my shoes which will get me up to six foot five at least I feel, like I'm six point eight, yet but then you need to call me and you're still looking up so I needed a Johns Flatworm platforms, users. How does this cut throat,
no I mean, there's so much trumpeted dies every day. How does this project cut through that? As its own kind of thing? I think people might be curious about what happened really, that might law alone to cut through and watch it. I also think it wait: Billy, Curlew it and wrote it like a thriller yeah, and so it holes as its edges desert. What happens next, Oh, my god! What's good, what are you going to do now in a hole in that way of storytelling, which I think is a great place for people to hang on to it? Come back for the second night in Alaska, and I thought I'd also to remember. I watched it bill and I I didn't realize but when I got John watching and I turned it offers an oh, my god, it was just the beginning. This was just We had. No idea of the next three years
he asked and madness that would make this look far less than it was at the time read. You know at that. That's what hit me and I think people will it all. It is like the first. It is like watching going rules like watching the first ending about baseball game I'm turning out and finding out you lost twenty two hundred and twenty three. I got a chance to see you onstage in April, two thousand and nineteen to kill a mockingbird. I went back you'll like this. I went back with my my family went to that Romania, like maybe they later solely with quite a weekend there, I think when the only person to rip off in the same week as its great winter this company are excellent. We always enjoyed there's so much for them to do her. I thought the play was just outstanding good, I'm not like a huge stage
I really am more of a movie tv, I'm an only child. I thought I was just working a couple months later. Cuz did a rewatchables with us, and you know when you're praising somebody it's that you never want to go over border cuz gets awkward. I just have so impressed with the detail every single piece of it like even how they were doing this and then the actors, and just every single piece of it was so carefully perfectly picked. It was just so impressive and that you know I've been through enough place where you can kind of tell the difference, but it was just like, Going to a really good restaurant, where everything is just top of the line you know where cigar the waiter was fucking great, oh man, they took my place. I didn't even notice and you're, just like nineteen things going on and it's just like the highest level of it, and it really felt that way. Feel like that to be in it after we opened yeah. That's the whole!
every time and it have whose in the castle directing other such good enough. One of these was the director doing mighty. You know, there's so much they can go wrong so fast and we had. We five free, the way, are first preview previews November first twenty eighteen and then we opened? I think, on December, thirteen, like six weeks later, as forty five warm up shows where air is usual like they do they usually do forty five warm up shows. No, but it was a lot and of substitutes. Now for the out of town, then the old days you go play Detroit. You go play boss, you Philly rang. Out all the details, and then you bring it into New York across your fingers. Forty five is less expensive. Do forty five previews and then bring the cast in every day, and here are thirty pages are rewrites?
every day we were rehearsing, and here We're pudding in rewrites is cut that lying he's. Cutting that phrase. You have a new queue for that. We want you to stand we're here now, instead of over there, go on a and it If I remember one night I went on, I counted on my thirty changes, while in ones and it was just like slalom, skiing, yours, flower, skiing. I'm just did that change where's, the next one being in any or even all the lines that you ve got that well you're, Frank. I do you know that was that's hard is as I better worked as an actor and all of us together going through that, and then they start HOLLAND in the critics a week before opening, and so you ve got to said times ready for before you than get to opening night cause. One of those nice is gonna, be the New York Times and the washing
an Hollywood report and they're all coming so it's there Then, for me, dealing with Gregory Pack for her you're dealing with an audience they came and you could feel em in the first weekend of produce. Fourteen hundred people who bought their ticket six month, go and we're bringing their paper back copy of the book. Holding it right here, guy, while don't fuck up Flattereth at, could feel it wow, and then I walk out and used the star applause, not so much, not so much because it prove it to them if they prove it, but it's all so he's not Gregory Pack, I knew he going to be. I have an open mind. I'm still ok go ahead, you can feel it and then you start to go and then, by the end of the first week, less of that
getting a good buzz, which is the Good NEWS. I'm previews, the buzz is good, thank God, the still more previous, then about about the hundredth performance, which for me was somewhere in January early February. It takes a hundred shows to get on top of it out that without say now that that's why I waited I wanted Are you a hundred that's when we had about April? We will have all the horrors, and we can- founded and as we knew ass. Well, maybe I was in town. Can these mandatory, as if in the south, african or asian, is gonna? Be it the rustle mania thing that should do it out there and get out. I was able to nominate if you do not take it, take I'm going to be able to write it endued with you no play with it an and let that for me, that was about that there was such a special experience to go to a year, a fantastic in the plan, just everything and then
the hidden sub tax, to where we are now is a country, in which case there is a lack of it on and that it took. My daughter at issue is almost fourteen at the time, but she loved it and she was just old enough to be the first huge. She saw him with them as the first like heavy dialogue place had seen, and it was a is pretty cool, so that was the best way of Blake ago you have you, have you had a play? That was just de away like here you're opening night in Europe. This is gonna bomb. This disaster. Could you. And a few others yes gradually either play now are usually I was up Broadway yeah, and that was back one. Read reviews would come out and they were kind of the twelve percent reviews in New York City for your off Broadway. And you need them, you need them and you get banned across the board
and it's over and you're in a hundred and fifty feet, theatre up, Broadway and Sheridan Square, and there are people out there tonight an nine nine people in the cast an you like you, Why do you ask the stage manager if the cast out now the audience. Do we have to do the shelf and they were nicer it was always. Yes, you have to do the show who's, the best actor you ve ever seen at stage. The devil, kinds of actors? I saw a girl good John View. Good and Ralph Richardson do a pincher play. And that's the English there was. There was so much brilliant technique and timing and not wasted move. I saw
GINO in Pablo, humble in late seventies. I think I'm out was all over the place. He was that he was I had seen dog day afternoon in college and that way Whatever Albert Chino is doing in that movie, I wanna go find out how to do there- and that means I have to go to New York City and that took me. Don't you city that movie and when I saw him on Broadway any was like electric he was on. Higher. You didn't know what he was gonna do and in learning about our approach and process. No, I was gonna do around and so that those with two different kinds of performances there were equally you know, I wish I'd seen Olivier on Broadway Afghan ask us. What am I favour? Writers is way, God man- and he always said olivier- was where I forget what play it was, but it was there that was tat. Was this
yeah yeah? I said that if these I can't remember, yeah the entertainer, maybe now well congrats on those are some good luck with the air. Good luck with the call me ruin Showtime. Thank you. Thanks for all the entertainment over the years, there is nice to meet you really during our work over the years. So mania by thanks for coming all right, that's it for the podcast. We have one more coming Thursday night, it's Mean Marcello playing all kinds of stuff. This week, man that'll be an action packed one plus, don't forget about me,
This is a bad idea and ran. Workers show our to see two that's gonna Wednesday and I made a cameo resellers pack ass his well. He had Jeff permanent, who wrote a really good book about the ninety six, two or four Lakers, and I just kind of crash the pot and join the second half of it talks about cobia, full Jackson, Urban, so late for you to listen to does its gathering, and I can tell you that during a pack has now I see here on Thursday night with yourself, ways.
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