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The Mahomes-Brady Bowl, Conflicted Pats Fans, and Playoff Rodgers With Cousin Sal


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the Buccaneers' win over the Packers in Lambeau Field, sending Tom Brady to his 10th Super Bowl; as well as the Chiefs' victory over the Bills, which secured their second-straight Super Bowl appearance. They Guess the Line for Super Bowl LV and discuss their playoff bets and Sal’s book releasing on Tuesday, followed by Parent Corner (2:00). Then in an excerpt from the Ringer NBA Show’s ‘The Answer,’ Bill and Chris Ryan discuss early-season things that they are obsessed with, including Collin Sexton, chippy Kevin Durant, and more (1:13:00).

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Come about because it sound. I are going to talk about our next Superbowl because we know what it is and we really as the line for went on Sundays Games and a whole bunch other staff tuna, this so the bill summits, package, sprightly by hotwire with Hotwire staying in hotels, you didn't think you could afford as the whole idea, because why book a cheap hotel, you could book an expensive hotel for cheap find hot radios and when download the how I wrap in book beyond your wildest means all bookings final this episode of the bill. Servants podcast, is brought you by Volvo cars. The future is electric. So by twenty thirty all new Volvo cars will be fully electric travel via their helps, protect your fear, The planet we all share, learn more, involve all cars, dotcom sash, U S reciprocity, but good outcome and the Ringer Podcast network,
Avenue we watch was coming on Monday night, it's terminator to weed Terminator one and first but last week that will action movie frenzy, so they go south coming in in one second wear it about today's games, one bizarre one predictable and then the Superbowl much more and then near the end around something Chris Right I did Ringer NBA showed a did a segment on his show. The answer- and we talked about our obsessions so far in this mba season. just trying to put it on the end of this progress. In case of not listening to the Ringer NBA show you should be, but little MBA talk at the end. That's all
its first pearl job, we're taken this. It is about seven thirty sedatives if it doesn't sound scientific weak for him. He is a new book coming out on Tuesday. You can Order right down Amazon and get it in time to show up on you door on Tuesday, with the rest of America's cod. You can't lose all I read of two thirds in what do you you that you? He said that I wouldn t you just quit on its fine, doing camel gave it a lot allowed the other night. You can't do anymore, that's fine! No! It's.
it's really good and we're going to talk about it later after we get through the Superbowl and we get through these two games. I'm going to do a different sequencing for us today, I'm going to start with the Super bowl pic and with and with chief spot and then we can talk about the games after we have a more homes, Brady Superbowl, coincidentally, so you might remember this it was the last great when of the ballot check. Brady dynasty, they weren't they beat that rams two weeks later win the Superbowl, but this was the let there's been like ten truly great belgic, but games in the last one was era: headache the Pats vans card, the default game, because if he doesn't jump besides, we might lose just I, You might lose, everyone was celebrating a fingernail off sides in their cognac, by now he's like the two feet, offsets but pats when thirty, seven thirty one ass great moment and now these tour colliding only Brady, is on the box coming
three receptions in the second half. What are your thoughts just about this game? I don't know what to think. I think it's great. I think I had the second out of the four possibilities you know of a one slash two for what I wanted Packers Chiefs, but afraid to get there be that as it out we're gonna hear about it over and over how no team has been home for the super bowl. I think we give it three days. You have three days to educate us on that kind of like the burning names. I don't want to hear about this after one Zeta Brady's own- and this is the first time right, but it looks like it's could make a difference, because the the other team which has achieved can fly until the Friday before the Superbowl very different, because a covert resurgence a very excited for this. I'm really pumped up and will discuss this, but a lot of people are just check in the chief software. I say not so fast. I could not agree more with cross off a couple storylines that so what are we giving this? Seventy two hours by by Wednesday night? They have to be scrapped. Numbering attack, whether we had Brady's
three, the oldest quarterback ever to supervise we now we get it crescent done tempers hold. This has never happened before again. We get it widow were well aware when, at what else do we have drafted? That goes with the two that jumped out of me, those two but ah well, what's this sort of the reasons I legs. I ended up making tamper in today's game because if they had to rig the game one way or the other made more sense to rig it for the box, because then they save them. This travel at all these headaches with teams culminating Kobe it and other stuff. At least one of the themes. Is there? That's a bonus, right. That's true, yeah don't know that it was rigged. I it was tat what we gonna guess the line. First, are we going to go into the games? Where would I let's get the line and then we'll do it? I thank you. I, my guess was Kansas City by three and a half this was before I sent to you before. Casey's left tackle, looks like he blew out is a curious. I don't know if that will affect the land, but
I'm sick with three enough. I went three you're gonna thing I cheated, but I went three and it is three you win on the year ten weeks to nine weeks to two that were tied, the line is three exactly. I think this is more statement. I have not even tap obey you make it a face, but tat of being the lines I am that thought it was. Neither can it be three and a half or for I'm talking to chiefs. Fans like this is terrible. That should be six. I have bodies alike you're gonna go up to five or five and a half. I think a lot of it has to do with vandal. All the big books got slaughtered. This morning there were a dozen half billion dollar best, all on Tampa, plus three and a half. You know got it down to three and you just you, don't you gonna get your casual better.
just going to take. Go. I don't know who's Paul, alright, she's a great I hear, but I'm not betting against Tom Brady. Give me Tom Brady three. I just think that's what it's going to be like right, like when people put a lot of money on on Connor over Floyd Mayweather. It didn't really make sense, but you didn't think it through. You took the odds with the greater Baltimore back of all time, I was texting you in house, always you guys, both through like the Packers and I couldn't find anybody who, like the books and I was leaning back in Panthers, then on the red, hot smoking, hot million dollar packs and had taken the bugs bus. Three for a variety of reasons, but mainly because I just felt like either team could win the game as the next couple days. Gods packers, Packers, Packers Packers. Then, when I tell you this morning, you told me all these big Betsy comments so that the sharks for wait until Sunday it seems right, yeah for sure they just loaded up on our attempt.
and then tat? I just went down the field and score like oh yeah. This is the kind of game it's gonna be enough, actually looked like it could be a blow. I wasn't like third and long fatty, Green Bay, Roger This is his own ends on rolling right because, like third and twelve, and he now Let s get that yet act had been at war, could open it was it anywhere they laws, but thirty yard pass for first down and and kept the gentleman, but we'll wait. A second go back. Go back to go back that chiefs, bucks for a second. Do we feel like these are the two best thieves, because I would say chiefs bills to a bookstore B. I think if the bucks and bills played for the Superbowl, I think it would be a choppy really where game with some turnovers, it would be. They would shift momentum. So
times that I'm not sure who wins, but I think that ships are the best aim and I need the bucks or the best than sitting. I felt that way. I thought tat the most talent and they had kind of the most ways to put points on the board, create a play on defence. They could just do the most things it did not look. Good was choppy was weird, they would shoot themselves in the foot, but I just thought they had the most talent in the conference Do you think I thought the packers at the most talent- and I was leaning on their defence as this is an underrated unit, nod that now I get laughed at for praising Matt might patent and that defence, but they all, I came the play. I thought I'd like their faith pressure Brady, like the saints did last week, they're gonna be indecent shape and they did. It was
Other way around a really was was like on how many times at Rogers get sacked the police. For forty foresight check. Baron had three sacks: he gets sacked four times a thinker top only got wrapped up one spot, but the big thing I think you agree like that. First, the first of all, first half also go like a classic right. These quarterbacks put in a great numbers. Second half they did not think Rogers, like five for twelve in the second half we saw Brady was awful in that second, but even the first task. It was man coverage embroideries like laughed, and adopt these fifty fifty balls and connected three times and that what was in it and allowed far one jump ahead, but right before the half, they really got out coached both times right before each half and that the first half in the second half it was disgraceful. People can appoint two not going forward in the fourth quarter there for the backers, but I thought the way that first half ended was worse than anything
was really bad. I felt like the bucks were going to win after Godwin caught that fifty yarder. That was just a heave downfield, he barely even knew was coming. It was right after he dropped the pass and you you start making plays like that and- and you just go all right does this seems meant to be, but the first half I agree with you, but look great Brady hit a couple. Big big throws Ass, two minutes, which are supposed to be Rogers time there were completed, is combined related. They work on a time out. I did they were going super slow. Then they ended up get the bar, the bug, Scott, it I'll send the bucks organ upon and forth, and three at the under forty five, it's a Then they call time now both teams are kind of butchering it.
and then Brady made the play the game anything about it like that really decided. They gain that's gotTA, Miller, touchdown, because other that the teams are pretty even the backers of slightly better yields. Funny about this, you were taxing on our text shown you like this feels like first team to turn it over loses kind of game and then would like forty seconds left now. They should call the time out right, probably the packers. They had to say that a time out, they didn't call twice that really screwed them, but it took one in the locker right, but so one Brooklyn Roger Rosy interception. As look up, I don't know if you're right simmonds it that it seems like a harmless interception and then, especially when they bring the Panther out on forth and three on the other side, the field which you should never do anyway, right at least try to draw off sides. I hate that and then they throw a defence out there, that Correct Williams got fired for such at its one on one with Scotty Miller and it's a touchdown over son. It's what twenty one ten at half that I agree, that was the killer right. There I mean they came back. They made it a game
That was wrong to come back from. It was unusual for Rogers cause. I feel like all year that team was great. The red zone that create the team is great at not being itself, not haven't, had done turnover, always like reading o clock, always like stealing points whenever they could and they a choked in the last two minutes that half I followed they Rogers was gone. I saw it I dont eight almost was I was watching honor they trying to keep the box from in the ball back what's gonna and then he got the first and then took another forty seconds whose weirded, at forty seconds to time out slapped than they really up. They screwed up big time and then, but with that said that touchdown Scotty Miller was one of the best or as a Brady's career and I've router for that guy for twenty years, like that was as good is any throw he made for the patriots, its reassured rates, It was a really cool play. I like that, played the chiefs usually use their play words, the three guys bunch together.
and then the short fat guy kind escort strewn is just go and deep and they don't realize it ran time everything about us, and the irony is he was so good in their first have and analysed. can ass. He was awful and any time he actually to get further drop it so is either like his terrible throw by him or somebody's dropping, she'll get from him and they were a mess. There are twenty attend. There must lie. He felt a little invincible of those fifty fifty balls and then the fifty New went against him a couple times. Galva sudden packers were back in it, but you know and then there's a whole thing that went for it onto and that that one hundred and forty two in the balls drop and then to me it's it it's so weird because they go for to the Packers and they miss. But then they don't go for it on fourth down to kick the field goal to cut at the five, and I wonder if, if that's a seven point game, do they go to the
for the touch down there was it because they were down eight. You think they kick the feel, go you wanna go there now is I just hated it so much there? They were. What were they on the seventy eight weeks? there was a nine year outlining Tampa than I know, a lack of the nine year, our line if they miss its you so too many things can happen when Rogers is your Cuba in that situation he could easily get a touchstone he'd get apply, he could scream oh and maybe get Aigner get tackled at the two. I just don't know what what good is a duty to be down five, you still need discord, touchdown you might as well and create. I don't care what those stupid those staff numbers and a chart says like. Are you still need a touchdown here? You might not ever get the ball back. I just didn't like it. I had a bad feeling as it was happening. I didn't like it. If you really want to know why I looked at the analytics say it's only a percentage point or two more that you go for it rather than kick a field goal without
the guy's Tom Brady Right just score there, like you, said there so many things defensively that can happen. So my defence of all calls at a nowhere, and we saw it on the other way driving down the field for Tampa. Rogers could scramble, like you said, a touchdown. All these guys get crazy with you now there's one. They dont know if the feeder and bounds or out amounts I get there. You got his feet about all these guys we're getting their feet and bounds on they on these close, I line play so Giuliano, for there was a killer. It makes me think, though, is it. This is a dumb question, but is it worth it for coaches to get this far in the play off? I feel like they always make a mistake, aside from a think about all the guys that we think about whose screwed up their careers by making mistakes deepen the play us or the Superbowl verse,
the ones who are praised. How many are praised for great the decisions, as it John Peyton for the onsite, kicking the Superbowl, Andy Red, Leslie, Andy Red? Yes, last week, Andy reboot- he already had that he was sat right. I just the other day I just similar gonna screw up, and I know you get a job Pearson gratefully special. You get to stay on for a couple more years, but really, though the lights on you and you almost like eight out of ten times, gonna screw up late in the game by patent. Had that distinction and the floor took it right away from music, not enough. I want credit for well in this game. Let me not shoalford on four found by quarterback hate me for good, so I would say that ok the nine or let's say they attack on the two or other names that can happen. I just think the boxer operating little but differ
from there are nine, with a cue, be who, through three packs, that half and all the jobs that they're making. I just think you at that point. You have to go super conservative cause. You don't have to worry about turn the barber as it turned out the guy screwed up the kick return. I think he slid? I'm eighteen, but it was an extra ten yards is a little room. It feels a little safer and they ran a couple good place. But I I didn't like it. eight over and over again the sources and we ve seen teams either be too aggressive. Aggressive enough for that. I dont think we ve ever seen the balance be more skewed up. I think it's all. These charts did these charts or in the coaches heads What's we're, like I said, is aggressive on the two point call earlier in the half, but not but not go on for a fourth there. You have our Rogers, you have the envy pay. Just go for it come in the other way, taking tat call on the past and affirm. Maybe it's past interference
the highly add the girl, Jersey really didn't target, didn't take him out of his round balls overthrown. Nato cluck, don't ever call on catch a ball anymore, but it seemed like it was going on all day and especially the body Adam saw TAT. It was really fiscal gay may it did feel like. There is tenable in almost p eyes that they just said in Aikman even mentioned a couple times like their learn. A lot of stuff go today, but when they showed that saw of him just yakking the Jersey, he definitely was off I once China get that exist. There is no question yet thought. Thou maiden was so late to my God. It is that either hackers lost, though they big couldn't get it down, and I had a for that. I get it you just you know your boy. Brady got another call their, but now I think it was the day the flag was so late, but he was twenty four. Thirty, six, four to eighty three touch ants reviews: he was downright bad in the second up. I thought about a minister
quarter and half in the game. It felt like it out a chance to be special. You watch Nego, unlike wow. This is like the Rogers Brady play a game I always wanted. This is both guys up in the stakes. Brady was just thrown first Robes Rogers a good and And then the second half is flipped, and sometimes this happens in the NBA. Like I remember like two thousand and sixteen game, seven, I'm sorry warriors Cavs. Do you watch like the last six minutes of that game? It's like two slash ten. Nobody can do and everybody MRS umber. Every wide open three is missed. Geyser thrown the bought abounds like there is too much pressure. and I wonder if that happened in this game. I don't love was a combination of the weather that the atmosphere is weird. You have eighty five
the cheese heads are like banging. You know these wooden boards against their seats like they're, like prisoners ready to stage a riot like you say, the whole vibe was weird and both quarterbacks were awful At about eight that had to be part of a right, the tension in the atmosphere, just everything it didn't feel I don't wanna take away like about tap as defence, although there were that day, a little more somethin to I'm right. They felt more aggressive in on every play forget about even the Saxon. In other words, we said there were four sacks, but that they just were hidden harder than than the packers. I thought was impressed with them was, I thought, had started last week. That was one of the reasons I wanted to pick em cause. I thought there flying around my sweet. Now they The idea of a no they weren't gonna have Wingfield bright too, was really good. This whole season. He get scratched. You know an hour before the game
what in the hell and then they lose. Another safety who made that made the big fumble head, who not Jones out again Jones? Is that. Another barrier by this game. They don't have Jones, basically the last quarter and had often twenty seven yards, rushing like six six carries or something, but it felt like the bug secondary it reminded me answered. I of course burdening the patriots but remind me of the Panthers Superbowl when we just had no de backs in the second half, and we just ran out- and you just hope you have a lead by your holding out for dear life and its how it felt alone about with them, except their front for, was still make and play there are really get right now they pressure them now mean that obviously, obviously they have to do that against the homes and maybe with Fisher being out and then Schwartz prohibition out than now, they're they're gonna get their share. There is one other funding that happen. We were texting about it. There I'm out a second one, the bug strain or run out the clock. Read it to me in a warning
in the move in a video game. As you do, the intentional outsides give them three sets a dance. You can use your three time ass, a mere inured texting. They call time out. Are they doing encroachment or something, and then they did it and they got a first set it up. That didn't work. But I was excited somebody's. What about Arians canaries decline that you could decline any penalty, can't you he should have the kind that's. What was weird. I don T realize sheep. We should I or to talk by this camera equipment. A phantom sports book has finals for that you don't want a minister in the NBA finals, new users get thirty. One adds in either the books of the sons to win their next game. You can win one hundred and fifty hours and a five hour bet. I would recommend the bucks at home walk, walk again. Three, maybe do that we will find a sports bouquet. more ways to win their the NBA finals than ever. When you win getting your money's, the lap you get paid as soon as twenty four hours sign up with Promo Code B estimate the NBA final
Thirty one odds exclusively on the vandals sports, but gap between plus present in Colorado, Highway, Illinois, India and Emission New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia or West Virginia must wager in designated offer markets and our first deposit required hundred fifty dollars MAX bonus in full terms at sportsbook, Fanduel, dot com give a problem call when eight hundred five hundred and twenty two four thousand seven hundred Colorado eight hundred Beth Iowa, eight hundred and nine, with an Indiana, eight hundred and two seven hundred and seven one thousand one hundred and seventy four toppenish of Michigan eight hundred Josie Pennsylvania annoy Virginia fallacy. Red line is Hundred eight thousand eight hundred and ninety nine seven hundred and eighty nine or visit one thousand eight hundred gambler net in West Virginia playoff Rogers is record as eleven nine
includes for Ot losses is one and four and NFC title games. He lost this one. He lost two thousand and fifteen to Seattle. The famous comeback in got killed. Two thousand and seventeen in Atlanta got beat pretty badly last year. Two against San Francisco also lost in Mm of when people that there are gone back, the giants and Eli came and beat them in limbo: phrase go on aid than Megan his yet delay the next year to San Francisco. I think it was Capron at forty five. thirty one, and then they lost the o t game to Arizona, Carson, Palmer right. Two thousand sixteen sufferers career. Ready now is thirty. Three and eleven in the play off switch is just its twice as many winds is any other re quarterback and let doesn't count all the buys which I'd filling the buys Chicago's ploughed from up there. I just think they should operate is case, Montana
seen in seven Elway fourteen in seven Manning fourteen in thirteen Bradshaw fourteen in five five, thirteen or Levin your guy Aikman was eight eleven in for Rogers, eleven, a nine and breeze. Ninety nine and the reality with Rogers? Is he he ran the slate that one year in two thousand another that it's it's pretty grim. She look at his profile is like a five hundred quarterback, except for that
here, the talking heads, some of whom are like well and make a case for Roger SIRI, beats Brady. That's passing the torch baby. He could get that third to that sector baliol. He could be like now at once more impressed. I don't know, what's more impressive out of those numbers, you just mentioned. The thirty three play off wins the fourteen of nineteen championship games that isn't Saint nineteen seasons, fourteen championship names or the six Hooper balls. Either way you can't stack anything in the fact. Is he closed the book on everything today after data wasn't even great, you know what I mean you just gets there. It's like forget it David planes.
Best magician Hamley tricks do need to say I don't care if you wanna, say he's lucky or not, he's gettin to this game and he's winning it way more often than everybody else. I mean what do what's the next thing to compare and Michael Jordan, because footballs done yet its I've felt like it was done after the Atlanta come back, but I you know Rogers, I, these were the best five quarterbacks I've ever seen. It's weird that people can just go into his house and beat him. You know a bunch of times and in situations where there, the favorites and things like that, I really thought they needed. It would be better to add. I would give him like a sea plus or minus four that gave us at all as much as they came back in the second half that his second have numbers were not good at all great, so I would say, see minus supply done, so One thing heard em in the first half they re I play with items that they run all the time and Adams dropped it and if he catches dad it's at least heading into them.
Even if you give them the Scotty Bower thing it's at least twenty one, fourteen there still within a score that wasn't as far, but I thought he did some other stuff that I just didn't agree with in that was in its vote, that was mine and houses fall forbidding big big money on the packers over thirteen half in the first half? That's that's whose fault it was so sorry, iron, I'm glad you apologize to damage their dream. A half should add that the at the greatest corridor- backless, though Brady having twice as many plants wines as every other great quarterback, I think, is the most under it- hits tat full up. That is incidents AIDS that that nobody else has seventeen play off words that he has thirty three and thirty four after into weeks. Well, if you want, give him credit for the buys. I wanna give Romo credit for play off wines for how great ideas in both areas
I mean what these quarterbacks deriving. This should count as a quarter of a when I did think thereby should be, should be counted in some way. The right, because if you were good enough, you don't get that sheep round. You know whatever easy. When Euro is just whatever I may it's it's me. It's a conference championship appearances. Fourteen at a ninety will never be an here's. The thing you may you may have thought it was over. He was the greatest we ve ever seen before when he beat the rapid Now when you beat Atlanta, Cosette was as super body one that in Belgium and when that about, Brady when that by himself we're never gonna see anyone better. You know what I mean like it's one thing to say: he's the best we ve ever seen, but were get up there and age, whereas we're never gonna see anyone eclipses marks
in the next thirty year right unless and I think my hunger easy, I think bombs as the only one who can, but he still ass the one four five right. It behoves gets the one in two weeks and then he's got to Anders Bout. we're seasons into his career? That's basically the pace Brady was on Brady had to his first force, and I guess I had a key back back back to back superboss. As another thing I had, Happen way, lesson that I remember green: they did it first to dolphins, dated seventy two. Seventy three still stated twice in the seventies I mean all tainted because it just a massive stare at use. Thousands your friends at their ah eighty eight eighty nine Niners your cowboys. Ninety two, ninety three broncos, ninety seven, ninety eight and then the paths did it twice and where we could talk about tainted Superbowl once this is this is everywhere
the discussion. But what does I been nine back to back superbowl winners of the cheap, so be the tenth their remarkable MC, I'm very excited for it didn't look like when we get to the chief spills. You thought you thought I do it. He looked slow down a lot and that you slow down. I don't know, I thought you look good Movin arms. I think it is probably a testament to whatever painkiller they shot his foot theirs. They think turf toe is so far can painful it's it's just that you barely getting up the stairs with her for shorter God. Only knows your easier cutting off then
Anna, just like Num num in the area right, if they basically dumping fifty razor. But it's your toe, that's how I feel him not winning the Mvp feel dumb well, yeah, maybe, but he just we talked about how he and I love them. I was like that we thirteen as I can to play one more week and then he's got it and then the Rogers will just went nuts. He had that Sunday night game against the titans every I was kind of snowing by the way we just say how many times have we been screwed over by no snow abandon our leading up to the game? They show like a blizzard and Lambeau in their their shoveling all the snow away, and then we get there and it just looks like a shitty called game like up come on. Don't do that we have to get with the weather report for that, but when the weather you'd other whether people they did. He checked out all the time. Yeah, it's better than
the big they govern either it's good for then a good Firefox tools like job. Maybe people watch this game if it sets the heart now What that, whatever the weather, guys wrong? They always have an excuse re. They were supposed to come. I you know in the storm last second move this way they can say whatever they were. That would have been fun. I'm in it was already a fun game, but yeah, I think, Mahomes, depending on the way they took it easy. It will get crazy about them, not covering seven weeks in a row. It's like! Yes, what? If the greatest quarterback of our generation doesn't get a pinched nerve in a triangle choke hold on him. They beat the browns by twenty. Like what we talkin about are so they really you know they kind of picked up. There went early against the bells, but we were stupid, not the pounce, after that it was a really done line a who is Understandable, why was minus three given my homes was in question. Time
When I did milliner pics on Thursday, it was an official that Mohammed is gonna play, and sometimes the concussions can be used to know for sure an affrighted like our homes is playing. I thought the land was gonna, go to for four and a half. It just stayed at three and the bills had just all this crazy momentum. For you know, I was on the bandwagon like everybody else, but I just didn't feel like they were. The same team, because the no Zack MOSS thing
running- Aim- was in the same, an Beazley who is pretty good today, but he wasn't good, though ass, to elect the thing. I don't think it's worth the point, but at a for a minute, Saturday was gonna, get words aware and an levying bell work in a play and bell didn't play. So I don't know that was gonna be worth a point why they kept it at three or why people are betting, the chiefs, but then they went down nine, nothing and then that by our door, famous tax- you like I, let's hear it Kansas City was minus one, oh five, when it was nine, nothing and then letting a trick in heart beat its forty nine. Eleven first down to the bills, one stupid boss irrelevant it was over fourteen, and I I was I was actually like semi bored, I was put back in ports. Basque bugging lives as it there's no way buffaloes waited. I see that you know it it. Forty nine! It was the year in aid because a he was rattle, thou and write a book
Why should a thorn another pact that he didn't like forty nine? They had met the ball, that much that's what happens when a guy fumbles upon Harbin fumbled, the point that the five and then their taken right over cigar? This is great for your offices and rhythm, and that was that I thought the Zack Mass Andrew is bigger than people the credit for he really balanced them out and enable them to move the chains and do some stuff- and I add, as I like single terriers like a utility, can do a bunch things back, but he's not a mood. The chains guy that the fact that teach Odin was actually like playing real minutes in this game. They pick them up the wave aware what three weeks go two weeks ago, so I don't know that felt substantially. That trigger was saying this, but my pot on Thursday. He thought the bill said happy to be their potential yeah cuz. He was like the bills
none of them make it into this game was kind of their Superbowl ever so excited. He said they had all these gas on good morning football all week for bills and minimise the chief surges bang it out when they were twenty for the last twenty five, and now If I were at last, when he says really did feel like tat and add to that, the chiefs were being disrespected right. I mean how many times we have the here that they didn't cover they weren't biller ballet beating teams and homes as rights like outbidded. It makes sense that they would step it apparent. You talked about the bills running game. I think single Terry who was it single Terry yelled in an ELM Mackenzie got a heretic they'll have like forty one yards. Rushing you gotta be able to move the active like six minutes drives and you have to have it. have to not kick feel goals inside the twelve. How many guys we're going to see that these teams, given up chicken, feel gulls singleton.
Single there and yet there were nine for thirty two combined right and then Mackenzie I'd like a wonder, Aurelia around nine, your IRAN or somethin yeah. So you made the key point there. I'm just telling my kicker look where you're not coming out fulfilled all unless it's like forth in Tanner or worse, here's, your page access does just yes, I like your father's worry about Phds and kick off. We might you if it's like forth and seventeen, but way every time they feel go into red must win, laugh and is ass, a horse of course, and over. You know what it's one thing, if, like the chief sir struggling in electing, they did against Lana your guy. Let's just take points like they did all against a lantern like a month ago, whenever that was but there they are often with soul in a rather right. So you you'd get you can't trade sixes for threes. You just can't the site pointing to another thing
That was the biggest reason of taking the cheese in million dollar picks was just the thought of going to get Kelsey and he'll, and I think those guys together are moving into this next. This kind of next piece of historically, where we're just gonna. Remember these two together that Betty against them is a nightmare. It seems like hell, can get open on every play. It seems I Kelsey is open replay like one of the founder props, I wonder on Thursday just cause. I think every play a game. It's a lack is calcium. a hundred yards chiefs, when it's always two to one or two efforts. I got right way. How is Kelsey now a hundred yards of you that gets hurt well yeah you're right and that is that the only scenario the other Kelsey prop I saw like early in the whig over others, seven and a half receptions. That's a monster number seven and a half receptions kid in the first. I had seven with yet eight with six minutes left
half an hour, thirteen Spinelli at eight they took that all the problems caused by homes was out. I mean the Kelsey thing. I was gonna tied answer so bored the second half, so he basically sat out his first say next, seven, seventy eight hundred yards forty eight touch dance. Then the playoffs this was this eleventh game is close. The nine hundred yards dine touch stance is that at the geese had five straight thousand yards seasons and you think, like one of the best ever and in three out is he is the he's the best catching tightened ever. I still think ground you. I got as he has that I think the blocking SEC Rock apart and Calcium Bach, like that, but crocs at for his career. Like eighty five hundred yards regular season, eighty six tidies played longer than Kelsey did play games. He twelve tidies. The numbers are in his good guns. Alice had four thousand aired seasons
She and her sharp, had three cause he's gonna like obliterate. All these reviews stays out there. He will be the most productive tenant of our time. By far offers off, he was gonna break. The rose gonna have the most receiving yards, not just for tighter for anybody up at the last week you to aid, many tat lay, so he was on page five and most receiving arts for anyone with a groan discussion. I feel like this if you want to measure somethin like, but you want to give a wine for a bye
maybe there's, I think they have this now for first downs. I remember grown, get mauled more, a member who is very hard to cover, obviously, but remember him get up and pointing at the rhapsode, then yellow flags flying everywhere and avail out with Kells out on a white doesn't happen to him. He just he just gets open. If you watch him release from beyond just watch a game where you just watching him because he's gonna probably get it most time anyway, of moans drop back to pass, it's fascinating had the little nothing movie. Does a yards down failed to get open and of alms, no one's more sink with the title. The moans is within its awesome. I remember when I had the patriots had been coats and the mid nineties in him and Bledsoe just had a rhythm one year. Like ninety four ninety five years, just like every third down referred to banknotes- and he was is somehow opening catching again hit by four guys, but my homes and calcium,
that's how their level, because it always seems like Kelsey, has more space, and I think it's because they have other speed on the sides. So it's almost like basketball. They create space for asking. Feel a rock was officiated like he was shack. He was so big and so strong. He would just get Ah member that you don't get called for often supply stuff, like that counts, seems more normal. I think he's more acceptable arrests, crock was, I got me What do we do? We gotta even it out for the other table another touched- our Ban- Windsor Coats Stage- where are those guys down here, but this calcium combo hill he'll. Almost I e pretty much almost got caught from behind those hard because he was kind of he saw down a tiny bit is figuring out and that seventy one yard thing in some guy, almost conifer behind those like the most exciting moment, the game that somebody caught, I recall for behind yells
no forget he dropped. The pass early that would have put them in other would had the lead there, but I ages, you get a bonus thing like hard men running has a rush for fifty yards. I know we wrangled upon to, but Fifty yard rush for hard by the rail Williams had fifty two on the ground like that is all just gravy kid me there's no stopping this up and says: that's gonna happen. Watch him one of the pre games yesterday in their talk about Watkins, wasn't gonna play whose hurt- and somebody is That's gonna really heard this cheese team and, unlike unlike notes that there Do they still have Helen Kelsey, they're, fine, just put the next fucking put been Pringle their fight, Mrs aerial, again, what are we talking about here? I'm glamour is good data. You lost that battle well about right, I'll unbearable. Would you have been if you had that tamper with twenty seven one out? Do you wanna talk about this now grown up? We ve run our aims. Now, let's take a break,
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visit target dot com to learn more alright. So I had this box bills. Super bowl bet who's, two thousand five hundred and twenty wasn't two thousand seven hundred and one it was two thousand seven hundred and one we talked about Napata. at twenty five point. So now, I'm alive with it and I'm heading the Sunday and I'm thinking and a milliner packs. I took the box in the chiefs, in my head. I MIKE, I think, the bucks a genuine or come close to the chiefs of genuine. How do I hedge this- and I am thinking about the occurs in and then all the everybody else like the package's, then you tell me the whole thing today about how this money came in on the box, my head spinning, so I decide to take so out of out of all the potential winnings I would have had for this bet. I decide to risk one third of it on a six. That point is packers two plus three and a half chiefs to plastic.
after thinking being, if the Packers, when I lose the bed anyway and I have covered at night, the chiefs, who I felt much better about than the Packers bucks, there's a chance. I can midway box when by one two or three I win both bats and I'm feelin, and I really so. He felt my heart that it can be a one score game and is going to come down the last couple minutes. So my does the right move. This is this one. We do play it perfectly and the bucks one by five and I lose that is set out. I've lost one third of by potential bucks bills thing, and now I have the chief suit. The odds are climbing for them. Neither at minus one sick, so end up, risking basically everything else. I could win on the bills. Bucks bet I do in a huge bunny line, chiefs thing and aid. it all played out worryin about winning, probably one eighth of what I should
one when it, when you add about the bats and other losses that, by that in what I should have done is just bet on the box in the chiefs and taken that bet in just said, will Phuket that's over there? air. That's the better. It happened. It's it's justice! In this author universe, just way. This, like you every week anyway, it's press- I just I get paralyzed by such a situation, because you wanna hit both right light rail. You got that middle, that's great. If they lose by failed all you're, the middle is what gets every thought and they are. On the other hand, if you had just gone Packer straight up, you would add a dollar eighty to one dollar, so you d better there right you would have been almost to the one odds to recoup Montana Packers, which will last anyone the. I really did like the bucks. the move should have been. I should have done nothing. I should have that my bucks bills that should have been the box bat.
I should have room for the bucks to win and then, if they won she's gone against the with the chief so early, y know it now. Things are the second that right, yeah, so The other thing I was going to do is I was going to bet in the second game. I was going to do the same six snap tees with the chiefs and the over cuz. I really like that too. I didn't do that either I would have so much better off. If I just didn't have this bed, all bets are one. The deal which had a million our backs and do in real life. Could add this other stupid longshot bed and I just hate these future bets ate them yeah. That's true! Well, was I my book? I lay it out. I don't. I don't make a compelling case because you and I are terrible at hedging, but I say there should be factors right. It's different sites. You should, first of all, don't even think about hedging. Unless you stand to gain like more than to the one odds are three two one. I write it stupid if you're, nickel and dime in trying to get a middle like a plus one, forty or sought them. Secondly, how well are you doing in life? Redoing? Okay,
You, you probably don't need a hedge, the guy who finds this ticket twenty five to one homeless. Guy should probably- sell it and got a vague thanks rather get third is like how do you do likewise, with this stuff, use typically lose if you'd on edge will then head right. Yeah and fourth is: are you superstitious of your team? You now We have that one guy who had stood two one hundred thousand dollars on the Saint Louis blues a couple years ago, and he he was offered about sixty grand for that two hundred and fifty dollar ticket and aid and take it because he was a blues fan is like everything. I've done you. You know, I've done it right. I feel like I'm a screw screw up the mojo and even though it complete complete sense, he didn't do it. So there's a bunch of factors involved wire member. What am I I've had some bad hedging things and you covered some you're bad hedges in the in your book. I, when I had the super contest and
two thousand and ten, when I had a chance to finish like in the top six or seven, and it came down to the Sunday night Game and it was Seahawks. I think, against the rams. and it was Charley Wade. Hearst was the quarterback fur. I think that block most of this out of my mind, should have. I should have hedged in Meda real life to cover. So basically I was covered either I did it. And then I went down Influenza Tralee, waiters, dear dear the classic one Kedasa about the future, The country was when we had the paths to when they have seized with Hillary Clinton into that sixteen and tramples like five to one two days before and where they should. We had just the paths that already clench Cfcs right now. Camp banana trump then lead that he came back and one that was, it that'll small back I held out of it. I tell you I had shrunk to not last the first term and it's the most tumultuous bet I've ever had
it was never the I even odds two thousand seventeen fairly. As regards in office. He's going to do some crazy, there's this Russia, they I wanna, get to pop political, but there's Russia collusion, everybody hates it. We can shut his mouth he's gonna go to war whatever. I could have one that game. That meant that bet eleven times and then, but I wrote it off as a loss until like he lost delay am I going to lose his mind again, get a bit like it was such a I'll? Never have a roller coaster about like that again in my life, but I don't think we'll overseer President get impeached because it is if it didn't happen, the last four years, it's there and having it weighs impeached. What you mean kicked I mean like TAT, leave the office because Nixon reside, Nixon technically, never had to leave. He could have just tried to fight it take on everybody forever didn't happen, my staff about very, very difficult to pull off. That's for sure, but why have my day, Kansas City breaches and unfair and all was twenty nine to one, the real that match up there
you just want Brady Mahomes, which seems so not so easy, but definitely a top five choice, their two thousand nine hundred and one well, I'm sure what we'll be Talkin about the super bowl for the next two weeks. I think one good thing, I think one good thing if I'm Tampa is at least my defense can do some stuff. I don't think you could beat the chiefs without, like some about fall, Hocking secondary guys who can pressure the quarterback all that stuff Those then have anything today, lookouts enough for them, so they have that peace. They can make big place, which is good. They can run by play off. Lenny was ok. Today, MR coupled blacks dropped couple passes, moved the chains, but I think there are worthy opponent. I don't think they're not gonna get killed while study the last Superbowl right I mean. Are you gonna, say you gonna chalk up that slow start nerves for the chiefs, but the book the forty nine hours play them grey?
they're up the ten minutes, left laughter when in the game right and Brady's, Bellinger, rob low and all the other stuff so could be done. Can I just quickly go through some of the text that was getting during the first half of that buckskin People just for being out about how the past inebriate anymore, including people weren't, even Pats vans and my life. Like brand. Compliments like, I can't believe you guys vibrating. I was like when Jerry Crass carried a jury. My guy. There is more that went into this, but you know eight Britain. I think it's important from here Remember Brady also wanted to go. The team was in good. He wants to keep winning Superboss wasn't gonna happen with this The patriots had this year's you saw year. I think the mistake was he should have finished his career them their shape. They should just given him a giant contract four years ago and never got to
where, if the team was a good enough- and he didn't feel like him about check- were cooking that he could leave. That's the whole point of my taken care, somebody for the whole career, but there was something about him. They didn't want to do that. Better check just didn't want to commit giant money them and sat around. There's somebody whatever you need to tell yourself possesses very, very tough to get through this is this. Is your girlfriend, his dating added a persona Rinaldo who do with about this is the equivalent of the earlier quarterback you're you're lifeline going to the super bowl with another team is dating, shooting the bachelor and unnatural. This would be like the here. Here's the power we can forget. I can still bet on him the add ons I dont like water back for those three hours like I can't bear on my wife to have sex with her new boyfriend. Yes, she gently at it cannot have probably could actually I fair enough. Maybe I could better that way
the gay I was reading firm today, like yours and the patriots I gotcha, but then you money gonna see him hoisted lombardy, trophy hunting like oh, why what happened? What just happened now? I'm ok, I'm a piece of it. I think it. I was in so many Brady arguments over the years with him, verses, banning and he's the best all that stuff. So if he got his seven thy, were you know we got to refer for twenty years Ok, I don't know why I thought you'd be a little more absurd either. I thought each level it gets to be a different kind of hard part again alone. Choked up when you had the said. Did you get? A lot is at this moment his hastens twenty seven right, yeah Ok, then, a sudden his son is working for the boxes and purpose it out, but he came daddy hugged it hath, a thousand they swoboda for sure. I work at air.
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Dowling Happening Allen's, going to have me she's, going to scare me and yeah, and then I'm going to leave Michelle to book. I'mma leave Jimmy Kimmel live, I'm doing a bunch of radio and a bunch of podcast. I do like a Torah Tuesday from five, a dot m to eight a dot m, and then I'm on I think, and a few others I've been Shiva. No for people who have been listened to us on this package since two thousand seven, how many stories, they vaguely remember over the last thirteen years. It's gotta be like forty percent here now. I feel bad and I feel bad everybody real bad. I think it's great I've just obtained the route for the diehards. You know all this stuff, it's really fun to see in a book. I think it's a good thing should have given them a discount on the book or like a super bowl future rejected in theirs on the banana. Now it's very exciting and near posts is doing something on it. You lose em all Son Barnes, a noble, and you know it's fun. I was thinking about it as we we consider superbowl props,
We ve got great stories and we'll talk about the greatest. What does the Gary Russell touch? I will do that later, as as we come up on the on the game, but we ve just done some really dumb. I did I talk about in the book p Townsend to smash his guitar turned the Superbowl, the, whose performing at half time it's even odds, Eddie, smashes, guitar and, like all my God, that's easy, because a shitty pub in Birmingham and smashes guitar for no reason is the biggest stage world and he not only didn't he do it put it down so daintily likey likey, like a beanie baby, where you don't want to bend the tag because it's going to it's going to screw with the the net value of it. I was so mad, I'm never just never been on PETE Townsend. That's in the book So you are the first guy remember bedding alligator, it yeah right, the gator colors, who is the guy? Who is the giants? back. You bet on that year, I think I joined the Henry who now ski yeah
was that by Henry analogy like over three and a half yards, we always pick an obscure player right to go over. You have that wasn't you'd, you guys the pages elegance Samoan too. Then we had him where star was an age or they can make also Michael something hullo come on a new name. Here I had him we had. I was the other one ship. The Carolina Panthers is a good one through. Yet we always pickers obscure one, we're gonna get that, but yet we did gator aid for a while and then down, I'll bet our friend Daniel by Blue Gator aid, and it was like, so obviously green. It was like the sea ox one and they there was green gate arrayed in four weeks. He's sending me articles about how there was a blue
change in the gator aid as a guy. We can't do this anymore. You just been a penny ass, so that was that we for you and me. I think this is our twentieth Superbowl. Is it really is our first one? The camel show it started. Our first show is after the Superbowl is bucks writer but bucks raiders, and you- and I are job that day we draw back from San Diego that day, because we had some empty visa. Not our Jimmy Yoda, Jimmy the Pre game, Shell for the Superbowl, yet baby. There was also that he is producing some empty specialists. we get back all the Hollywood Boulevard shut off because called play as the first guests are the sun. It feels real and everybody scrambled to the show and our job was to watch the super bowl and give Jimmy like some thoughts about
the game, and I'm thinking that this is the greatest job. Every arouses game anyway, rises, awesome and you- and I were in somebody's at the Daniels Office Picture- play was rehearsing and we're trying to watch but freighters. Yet I think we cleaned up on that now I remember us doing really well and that we are the over. There were so many points like we used to break it off the points ride. So fifty three to fifty nine was like you now, eight to one and sixty two sixty six was thirteen like we now all those owes it to a ton of scoring in that in that game. Now, twenty years later, it's a super bowl with how many fancy they can have. the thing was it tat is more than ten said: it's a super bowl with ten thousand fans. Nobody led to go to strip joints are stripped rights open in Florida. I think day The fact that their get everybody o nobody, no fans, aren't allowed. I don't know interesting,
it is a lot of money off this no parties, no parties CBS, has got the game. Cbs traded with NBC Embassy was buzzing at the game CBS as it. So you aromas natural tat. They had the twenty one and twenty two that why they traded, but they did so it's Romo Nance, but it's a fun one. I'm excited. Would she be. I show you bar excited about the promises Clarice or the equalizer with Queen the temper he have to pick if you had to sign up for when you gotta go at the queen right between every time. I asked my dad if he was excited for her and he just flat out. If the answer is yes, he's always that the equalizer he loves, CBS its, if they think is two worlds collided
see vs. Does it they're doing there for sure yeah now where they had the ticking clock for so many years with sixty minutes and my guy that we can really make something of this thirty seconds knew anything us months ago. I don't know now right now, hurried out Sab four parent corner budget by car MAX, don't you by your next card, lovely next car with the car max love your car guarantee our friends occur MAX know that buying a car, it's a big deal with their new love, your car guarantee. You can take your time to make sure its re car, for you started with a twenty four hour test: tribe drive towards school and to the grocery store before you buy, and if it feels ray you ve got a four month and fifteen hundred miles to keep on driving with their new thirty day money back
guarantee its the new love your car guarantee from car max learn more today, a car Magda or its L, Europe, our I just be the moral of the story is where we gotta get out of the house. I think we got a stark it now.
I don't know how you do this. I am a jump, the line for the vaccine or something but these kids, it's driving me knots and especially the little one hair. So he lost the tooth for the first time in like six months now, the first time he lost the tooth. I am twenty dollars right had all these two dollar bills and I went to the bank to dollar bills. Game tend to dollar bills need use wise enough to added up a solves twenty hours, while the six months have gone by have now spent all the two dollar bills I give modest tip. I know what I do but they're gone, and now he loses another tooth and I'm caught off guard because it happens like it six at night right. So it's basically you gotta, look around the house and fine. Whenever cash outside to fives, I'm a guy, that's fine and I'm in bed- and I forget about it- they happen to be a commercial commodity. Talk a little kid talking to his father and bed. Am I
forgot to replace the tooth with it with the money. So I go in there it's in a bag I reach under, I get it. I exchanged it for two hundred and fifty and he wakes up the little son of a bitch comes in the room is like tooth fairy. Only left me ten dollars, and so now I'm blowing it up now, I'm like you know what I'm I'm arguing in suits areas, defence, so that even a six seven year old can tell that. I'm now the tooth fairy, I'm so mad. Why would I ever be so upset on anyone's behalf? If it wasn't me and my head charities, It was more like down on housing that this is a fairy business, not Santa Claus, The fairy doesn't hear the ruler of the show for ah forget it. I know right. I kept that sacred that you ten dollars
There's a lot of my. What do you? Do? You really think twenty dollars a tooth? You think your mouth is worth six hundred and forty hours get away from me. I was so mad fora for like four days now now and above this back down the two dollars. You watch our so two dollars a tooth and you can blame them Jesus Jesus just is disappointing is narrow. Is so my son really loves his peers. Five cause. There's a pandemic, any can houses friends. He was. He took this like the second or third time. It's happened where he brought it to somebody's house in didn't, basically through the knapsack, didn't take care of it. The last time it happens, all send it doesnt work anymore, because something here, the eight year, my port thing. It's that working and he's the man he's reacting like you know, like we just had a nuclear war at the end
America's figure out how to move on after after the apocalypse, and he and would end were like leg. You can take care of it. We don't care and he's so upset. Negri he's got the deep voice challenges like now, They hit thirteen and they get angry, but they don't have the little kid voice now zuzu they'd selling Buffalo bill. So he google that he figures out what's wrong with it and we find this place in away. Somehow my wife has bad helps them takes it to get it fixed and it's a hundred eighty dollars and were refusing to pay for he's. Gotta come up with it himself, so he basically has used this little account that has always Bert
money and Christmas morning, all that stuff that he kind of saves for differ games. Is that uses all the hundred eighty hours to pay for this? He is fighting that he broke as it, though mask is he's putting in a knapsack instead of like packing, it so hope of gets effect. And now so he is examining needs at the next time. This happens, so I've got in the attic and finds this battle suit case that you it was like some HBO premier, some poker shower something, and it looks like the money in the bank. Case and when he was little he actually use that as the fake money in the bank suitcase, but it fits into the peers. Five fits into it. So now he's carrying around this metal suit case with the peers. Five in it the next time he has to go anywhere. The PS five any looks like he's like ready for money in the bank match, and my point is by sense almost thirteen it out
European Vijay's he's got his peers. Five and jealousy he told me was that he is now back in a wrestling get his excited. For royal rumble, he's ready to have a poor he's been falling next day we went from wrestlings fake, I'm out. I don't care anymore to somehow he got set back in so. My second point is we need school in life to come back. As my son is now the peers. Five getting broken is the big. It is the biggest crisis through the air he's watching wrestling again. I just need social interaction too. now that's happening, but any time now would be great. I agree I and then these kids you to get jobs. Do you know how much teeth are worth and everything else like that yeah we need we need to get outside. I thought you were gonna say that he's like a screw. You, I save the house from burning down. Our house is worth literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can. You could fit the bill for this on her knee
by that I mean that I scarcely let a fair point. I would have been affair by need to be his lawyer. I need to step up my daughter's upset about that too. Then my daughter went to get her driver's license permanent. They drove all the way there and she forgets piece of paper so now for town now, after everything, without yeah far by another, my daughter fight, saves action, packed weaken the submits s right. There's parent corner brought you by car MAX dont use by your next card. Love your next car with car max love. Your car guarantee check my today at Car MAX Deca s out before we go, I be remiss evaded, bring up the air This is an amputee ads for MBA up there, let's say you'd. I wonder I won Fox but lives. I get a free futures better, so so I guess I have looked right. I gave you Leubronn like two weeks ago. Right yeah is thirteen.
honor supplied that now, as an aid to aunt em bead at plus. Six fifty, I think, are the best I really am bead playing great is ease in shape. Finally, complete our four quarters he's got the eye the tiger and I think the envy Piazza skewed this year, because it's really they come dad. They who just was able to play the closest to seventy two games. Is he just gonna get hurt, though I hate this sector? Will that's the thing he could get her, whatever the a little lower that I wanted. But if I had to pick right now, my my top three would be the bright at one end: bead, one and then Yoke age, I think, is the lingering. He say to look as out, even in a conversation more now cause.
I think Dallas is kind of a mess all right. Well, that's where I had my money all right, so Lebron and Embiid. I got to figure out Dallas got murdered by Covid stuff and inch. Stop violate their record, write another eight Nate. Yes, oh you know, It's a shorter season. So, instead of being at the sick, in gay mark were really cannon like technically at the twenty six came. So what's a better bat like to win at all or Leubronn envy pig. I know the odds are much different. I think can be too in the empty appears. The best bet there. The best reckon these he's the best part in the east, and I think I think it's a good Just tell me- and I gotta locally certainly is the town. It's it's from a talent standpoint is that far fetched we ve always known. He said the town and then a rookie the year on year against all odds. Pakistan
for the I gave you Halliburton and he was like twenty seven, a one sided down as three fifty now plus three fifty yeah. I think it's, I think it's it's him in it. So mellow and I think anyone else's in Lamellous get just getting all the highlights of my bodies are all very excited form, but he gets all that, but just now is much right that they need to play a more other judge. Any actually has a man plan that, while the last week or so Halliburton is probably plain, meaningful minutes than is actually won some games, and I could see I would happen and then most improve this one. I was stunned by when we talked about change. Your Christian would the couple weeks ago, like ours, is a thousand minus already for most improved yet, but that's the whole thing. Collins Sexton is still thirty six to one, I think he's been incredible: he beat the nets by himself. The other
I thought he was gonna, be like two to one side and get that around some American. Now. What are you doin with random people, love the joys Randal at the same odds, but you know that the Arctic, that old up, I like the allocation to actually, but I I just think rainbow- was kind of in the vicinity of He was at least like a seventeen, and eight. I you know, like sextants, become the best guy in a team that everything can be the worse team in the east and nerve, a five hundred theme that occasionally beats others aims. Gotcha your bet against your boy, John Brown, right now that he's a minute, a few Gaza later I dont jailer was really good. Last year you know he's. better. This share, but I don't I don't buy that when it's like some It wasn't a minus another, an a and we give them most improved
six may the air Clarkson plus one ninety five, I'm amazed he's not a minus cause, Utah's been really good and Clarks has been really get and then defence of where the year I've known. There too, early Vega, who out yonder one last year, is that people really down on is the lack of effort on the other ended a floor is plus some fifty at this point, I just think genus is the same as it was the last two years and people are disappointed. What did you have you had finals Easterner western? Never would you would you should either got a future bet? I can take any of these that you just mentioned, but I already have LUCA whenever peace amongst our water, it down with a joy, I mean a fluke, isn't gonna win. I just need to walk away from that, but so I could take em bade or are we getting the Lakers look right when I will well
They can be than you have indeed an LUCA work, as you also like were brought in in joke. It's I don't know. I guess I can take envy state that he has just stay healthy, that's very well! The way this season is going to mean that might be freakin stop yet extra rights out before you do. The rest is that you have the park your new, He can't lose em all available on Tuesday. You can get it wherever you ordered on Amazon, Prime. It could shop in twenty four hours. If you want I'll deliver to people without my Dell, just pay money for teeth on Friday, because you really groundless, You move the chains with this Bucky. Would you re like seven hundred words today zags my courage? I try to keep it and you know I didn't realize you look at it. You hate what it looks like you re right at new rewriting radar it, but you and baby doll- and you don't even have ten percent again out of this, but you guys inspired me to do it. So I appreciate it will be
baby daughter, if it does well, you know he's gonna he's gonna take Most of the credits to be less than you gotta. Do I tell you how to do it? the audio version I'll get you five hundred box it up put it they take it. Take you like sixteen hours could do baby I saw they want to do it. I told south. Look I told write a book. She did it. We will gentlemen, differ we all are. Emily upset with him for trying to ask if the line to get a vaccine Vigna warm and a high resting yea a high risk, as you smoked seven facts a day for thirty years, I was at fair Also, he does it see anybody. Why does indeed the vaccine he's been hiding from everybody for eleven muddy gaps with his wife That is our interaction. I beg so much account I'll, not along garden interaction, but now I think that's it that's been another weird thing about the last few weeks as these people who claim to have inside scoops a vaccine
available. That's n, n N turns out it's not concierge services and stuff, and yes, friend of mine who knew knows a guy who went down and then at four o clock They re now, but they did in and then he just got the vaccine yeah. The latter I got around these days. I hear that their throwing some out out here and so that their calling people who live like five minutes away to come down quickly, which sat socks. If we read at the end of January that fifteen thousand the needles were thrown out or whatever, but yet let's just get the schooner at a coma yeah, I'm really ready for a left come back. I would say of the book. That's really at all, against all odds. Tuesday will be going over. Some props extra points made Dave and Charlotte and Kindred Perkins and Jean Pierre DE. So the betting academy, he swears a lot that can a kindred Perkins. I, like oh yeah, who's. Your biggest swear
the Ringer. Probably may is a media you in a heap, I think, maybe how to see the good Verna have little girl. I've thought about lotions as our railways Webster yours, blue organs is got enough bomb every three minutes. It's on the book to debate it as a very good job. I have this have so the best of his pack ass. His brought you buy an espresso, get in touch with their inner morning person my fate person, I love the mornings. I love caffeine, I need is a reset awaited change your outlook for the rest of the day. I have said this many times my favorite part of the morning is making coffee smelling it. Why throughout the kitchen having some going through emails gone through the news stories in the morning and just just enjoying it just haven't, have met me time before the day really gets gone. Well, you can have submitted to see
every morning with espresso virtual, create exceptional coffee and an exceptional moment for yourself discovering espresso virtual machines really want. Where this add the spread data. This episode has brought you by high sense, became days deserve and even better tv. you ready to upgrade high senses, got deals your love and the models you need personally endorse by June Wade the chairman upgrades. These tvs have stand out features I quantum that Color Dolby Vision Syn Technology and Dolby at Miss Sound check out there. You L e tv series and lazy tvs share to carry through the policies and with quality, discover a great deal at high sense stuck on that is HIV as he and as a doctor or add as promised. This is a piece of the Ringer MBA show from Friday me my friend Chris ride. He has to show and fraud as they are called the answer I popped out talked about obsessions, and here is that segment are ongoing.
Bill seven's bill, how is on book a basketball three point out the patent Pritchard Pyramid going? is that your product? Are you working on that yeah its words comparing him to the end Smith and just about gamut of abortions, with that draft, I think most doing one thing in my life right now is the thread between you and resell. Oh about New Smith and Pritchard and and the various subjects, as is Pritchard, become of your obsessions for this season. What's it say they don't really need him and he the kind of can't keep em off the core, but they paid fer. You know Jeff Teak, they have smart canvasback. the last thing they need is another point out. What they really need is a wing and they ve had all these packs over the last two years to just find anybody who can point twenty minutes a game instead attain him and brown some outcome and saw that, but but then landed Pritchard. So Maybe the answer is to just play smaller line up somewhere guards. Little like what Charlotte does when they play green.
Roger and end the metal at the same time that fuck it I wonder whether or not that like put like everybody cut, as saw Billy Donovan. Do that I may obviously burdens regard lines before, but I feel like people saw the SBA Cp three Dennis light up and we're like this is fine. Let's just let this rock right, and that might be the answer, because you saw that failure. especially without data. Might they just don't anybody else to play those minutes, and we were in year seventeen a semi. Usually they don't have that others? Meanwhile, you have like a million swings and we're deeds and your team, but that's what what am I obsessions? Is your team? but obviously said I was- and I wanted to hear about this because I feel it you're very sobering force in my life when it comes to six years, both for better or for worse. How are you obsessive this except I really like Ben Simmons, and I just can't believe we have no momentum at all I voted for it, for I think, first second or third Timor Ba last year. Maybe thirteen and a voter firm, I think second defence of poorer the year and he finds out.
to show the statute, though you watch it. There's games and you like, I don't. I can't think of three things. He's done this entire game and were in the third quarter. and thus show the statue nobility Benjamin's eight points, nine ray Seven assist Lego. Ok, he gets all his points basically of defence and offensive rebounds and tippins again. nothing organic and then, when it slows down, it's a have. Court often see just kind of floats around like somebody who doesn't know where to go, and I really wish did get been in the harden trade. I just think it would have been more fun if you had hardened. He had his own team in Houston and in Brooklyn was just the two, the two guys. Instead of the three be. The simplest thing is turned: yellow, weird they're, the ones on the job.
Out of me is since the trade rumours that there have been two games that he's, I think he did. He fell out against the subjects we was definitely had like five thousand light, the lethal quarter where they had dared to car more thousand six years to make up. the one hundred and twenty two twenty three throw advantage, though not yet you already know the Volga for that right, dahlias. Just This joint debate was depressing fire. My time and couldn't be touched What a revelation he gets out. You anywhere you I'm gonna, get Abbot Simmons valid. I like it, Miami game and there is a degree to which now and I'm watching and had been half core its feeling da blockade. feeling a little like European. Like G he's not going to approve with confidence anymore. I wonder whether it is he really doesn't. Trust is free, throw here's. My thing is like Doc is doing. right things like whenever anybody asked them about the shot he's. Just like I don't care, I don't care, he makes a huge on the game. I wonder whether I doktor just foot that just be like. I do care because I don't know if I dont care is working and manure
your parent unit. You know that some kids need this in some kids need that. I'm not so sure that, like pretending like this, isn't a problem is helping Benson its first LE thanks for mention that I'm apparent cause. It's it's a key part by arsenal. I dont say the words I don't care about things by kids are bad at my daughter. Failed her driver's license test! Guess what I cared I didn't! Do the dock rivers care ashes the last Sunday? I think we got? We got Gruber yeah you failure test. We ve got a fixed this yeah, I'm with you. I think the I think we're Warpath piano care think as its acute anymore, No, you look at his draft. Ingram has emerged as in a lead offered supplier, jail and Brown, who you know and granted I'm wrong a bunch of times, but when it came down, Do you wanna try jail embrowned for a year of July and I was a voice, in the wilderness saying. No, I don't. I don't think that's worth it. I think your browser
its be special. He said every check mark that Paul Georgie his first couple years. I don't want to give this guy up now is what he is a. But my point is both of those guys got better and bends and the same body as you know two years ago offensively and I think that's a concern. I thought they go any as the ball in his hands and theirs in transition he's one of the best players in the league. I just think of it. The more their people, the more than people, figure out that half core part of it
came in and I don't really understand. I think this is a more efficient this year they ve, obviously at shooting anything Harris. Having announced back here. The thing up obsessed with is the way that a lot of Sixers half court possessions end, which is indeed at the top of the key and beat at the top of the key staring down a three point. Her and the lack of enthusiasm. Both he and everybody involved in the game, seems to have for that being the import of possession with here. If you were me, would you be satisfied with the amount of reason beat his taking? Would by the way that so many sectors, since end with just indeed sitting at the top of the three with nobody around him? I wouldn't be happy that I could tell you having rooted against him this week, like it just feels like his and stop. I did the difference of them now. He could always pay a good quarter and a half you know a couple years ago in the I've series- I remember one of those games, he took over the game and, like the second quarter, and we were- and I was there and words
look at each other down one of the time outside. Oh my god. What do we do like we're? Not good? We can't stop this guy, but then you get tired last year. He would do it for you really. Always always had a good quarter and a half in him, and that's that you can play for quarters now feels like he can play for quarters, and I thought that was a really important game for him. The fact that he took that many free throws their grandson because we're up here, but he Didn'T- I don't like you down as a game went along those the first time, I've ever rooted against it worried and where down and if he's back and aware down, maybe don't need. Summits is much you know, and maybe I still feel like saying Brad they beheld should be in a trade and everybody's happy aired. Simmonds gets his own team and I'll think wizards VAT Pham Venza be happy about it. When I talked to sharp last week about this, you is just like. I have to prepare, software the inevitability that I may be cheering for citizens and Westbrook on the same team, and he just
miserable about it, but I think that is that deal was out. There would have been done already. You think I was amazed. I said this last week when I did my park as eight twenty four hours after the trade. take away for me, was that Philly didn't get hearted over for all the other mechanics of the trade just like why they might have missed the chance to have Simmons And- and I mean I'm sorry- harden and then beat on the same team It is like a like the guy. We boys want a bit like that's gonna, be an unstoppable combo, and I dont know I like Maxie, I think, he's gay benefits. I Maxie title Siemens and two packs to get harden. I'm just doing it. I definitely I'd like a dog noted the sword, I'm ok, they're watching a box in the nets and watching harden and just gonna, be like you have it, then it for clear for two days later, as you as you have Steve NASH, trying to murder him
that's happy about the double overtake gave a James you to lose the wayward where the others stayed out there that subject so that We really do another thing. I've been obsessed with this year, which is the Saxon sexual, and here I am. I am obsessed with common sexting, especially count sexting when he is it a broken play like basically concepts. When, like the brakes, go out and he's gonna jump up in mid air or he's got a follow up his own missed, shot or he's gotta like he's doing stuff like on the fly in an improved that is like so magnet it somehow got to watch he so act like I'm shocked that the calves are entertaining league. Passing was not a whit there would have been. If we did the late pass fantasy draft, they would have been one of the last couple picks. I guess
it did start last year them pre pandemic yeah cause he started to go on IRAN and then basketball stop but I'd. I thought he jumped out from day one. It's better save my dad our time. About it today, like he was the number a pact that was the Cairo trade Do the carriage I had a hundred times out of a hundred, but you do that trade. Thank you and have carry for eight years. That too, and the fact that there's Saw too I mean nobody knows but alternate university. That's more than six or seven it's about! There's a salary, her swear, it's like we just don't make the car. we traded weed now we have Sexton and Jaylen and Tatum on the same thing like what does that look like he's? Clearly you do. Eight. The fun thing would be like pitting him against the De'Aaron Fox, some of the other guy. Of his ilk icu. Would you rather have? I would have him above Fox now cause easy easy
guys I stones, Ricky contract. I think he plays just as hard as far as I think he's a little better offensively. You wouldn't have above trade with you. I personally would have you know where I stand on. Try. There was a play in Brooklyn Game and he was like early on when your dream, as like this clear line, four for a dung and sexton not only blocks Turann on this break away, but knows he's gonna blame for like six steps and when he's like I'd the angle- and he does this like load for generous shot block so that that dread never even gets up there, and I think I ve got a pistol ran off. It was kind of it was kind of awesome. But, like I love it when, like a younger player kind of steps up and says, like I'm, not gonna, be intimidated by the fact that I'm on the Corbett Katy, I remember on one of the key pike ass. I did. It was one of the first two I think ass.
what young players he liked and he said Booker yeah, and he- and this is booker- wasn't on anyone's radar. Yet in his eye that guy's got something like he definitely comes, He came at us in a way that I really respected or wherever said- and the second thing reminded me that they think about sex in history. it's basically him versus Hearted Durrant inquiry yeah those of those two other types any beat them now granted Hearted was about to kill over. He looked like he was in reunion. Pick up, came on defence that's the plague, hobbled male men playing their wives, yea senior League, it was again and then the rat anytime has minutes are nearing fifty each get nervous like he had the worst injure you can have
and they rely on have so much on both sides, but yeah paint sextants, twenty seven a game now this is like Donovan Mitchell stuff and the thing again, the thing I really like is just how already place, I think, he's just super competitive, which you know, that's really special picked for them. Think about how bad that carry trade was where they get nothing out of ASEAN, Thomas J crowded into a flipping. After three months- and it just like- if they, if that pig is imperfect, getting they basically had nothing for this guy was the first over a pack and the hero of the two that sixteen files, and now they got that's a pretty cool trade. Of course the GM got fired, whilst leaving kind of obsessed with the season. So this is our resellers corner. I apologize to herself, but I share his fascination in the pistons
For a variety of reasons, I bet on yourself that that just a Jeremy grant its face justice thought they were finally made Somebody gave me the car keys that it's like your jerry regret at enough. Your usage rate should be the thirties, but this is the thing is a year. You espoused the church of bet on yourself. If you has didn't you had the bill segments book, it would say bet on yourself and it would be a picture of you putting a chip. on your picture view. Having on the item fourteen, I could write a book about himself. Can I bet on yourself a bad joke it better for years. Yet Jeremy Grant is twenty five a game, but when you watch him in their clear enough from and stuff it's us not that much different than some of the really good. As that we see, you know, get place. Cause he's been really. I think, he's been really effective. I'm gonna shocked I will. Sorry was operated as a defensive guy but enjoy
oh that presidency, massages him I say a steward is like my guilty pleasure. Rookie of this draft. oh, why they revealed that backed pick an is. I waited a centre like you can get centres for tomorrow, hours. Why would you draft one, then you, I said there is a debt you just place hard. I wish you'd Celtics. I like him. I like to dig Bay downloadable, the breaker fin kind of third taker church parking lot pointed out for thirty dollars. Stage of its current hits his daddy is riveting where it's our man lab city, but in general I cannot share the persistence Gimme another one for you. I was gonna, say based off of that stuff this week for from one day and from from Wednesday is Chippy Dorette, like went to starts to buy hi to get a little bit annoyed with people now on his own team, but he had a couple of plays like I think he was kind of digging.
yeah, it's all a bit on Monday, and there is one place where Middleton had a breakaway Duncan Dorette was kind of like half acidly following it up and yonder was standing in front of direct dredge has pushed him all right. Not if you like to read the season is a little bit like you guys who spent too. you're talking about Yon as LUCA and all these guys and our back and he actually like on the Wednesday when Sexton followed up that Osman three, that he missed and sexting grabbed emitter put it back, He turned around and dredges shoulder checks him and I was like I like this version, petty Dorette yeah- I have- I have Anthony Edwards as another one. I don't know what to make of this Basque Bob, where yesterday he paid twenty three minutes were taken this on a Thursday put to three minutes. He was free for fourteen
the zero rebounds zero says this is a guy who is he's he's like fuckin determinator he's from another era. He got said that for the future from the past and got said from night then, from David University he got his eyes air rider bastards the greatest here, I'm just shooting, we have any other skills, I'm really athletic. I think he seems like a good I had a letter, the gulag, I don't think he's like one of those spree. Well, I say a rider like head case guys, but you know I judges guys by would it be funded, play basketball. This person. He just comes out he's it's going up. He doesn't really do anything else. If he's not the plays just standing, there is got a lightning fast first step, and I don't know what to make of him. You can pick
give me any scenario with his career and I believe that each amazing extreme wait like our right yeah. It doesn't seem like tat, but I'd is ethically. I could see it. You could also tell me he's down waiters in that seems more conceivable. A little bit of an overreach, especially given what the mellow and Weissmann look like now moved, and I M going: one seems tough it it was. I also was tough and the moment I just felt likewise been had to be the first peck, and if here If you're reasoning as what we already have towns and say well, that's another reason why we must be the first back. You have towns, you got nothing without doubt. Is that, though, those you guys are two of my favorite people, Elijah's white. Why just watch Weissmann kind of figuring it out and then the latter LE mellow experiment. If would you if you were the warriors, but you have taken a mellow over Weissmann at this point now now I think they re. You know this as well. the busy MBA the weak continue to screw up and the strong continue to have breaks find their laps. This is the south.
Sixers recipe for the first forty years of the great you think advantage of everybody else's dumb mistakes. I just feel you can find Edwards every year in the draft like. If you think I care ceilings doyen Wade great, but you know where I can find his wise man. I can't find a site that I can find guys with hands like that. Through the size that he as they have witticism day, they don't exist. So if you pass on that maybe somebody who's awesome. I think Charlotte was the one that really looked out, because it should have been wise man. I thought how burden should have been. Second, I don't know if they would have the balls to take Halliburton over Edwards, but in general, just that somebody made the decision for them. They got le mellow it at Ray, was pretty cool there. S really like Patrick website, I think he's just a winning Where is the guy that can play forty minutes to take seven shots? So if you go like two hundred and thirty four, I, like all those pics, I'm fine with us. I thought, however, and probably should have gone seventh and federal
but the Edwards one is the one that stands out as like yeah. This has been a those surprisingly delightful draft class at its been nice because I think it's been cut. The depressing season in some ways, while the cove itself, but to have all these kids come into believing you re watching. Maxie in reality. So watching protruded scarlet fund a watch these do then I am bear the Pistons Bain on there on the grizzlies, I think has been good. I like a car on the calves is at least somebody that could play in crunch firemen defend people there's at least twelve work is I like I'm kind of surprise, because this was sold I says a terrible dry, yet I don't know I don't wait till next year, now. It turns out that these guys are actually really fun. Another guilty pleasure for me is the old depot contracts. Now these on the Rockets directors general. Are there like a seventies basketball, move their basic efficiency Pittsburgh for it? thousand forty, while just everybody's at their own fact, an agenda that was it you think. So,
right now that it there's like a subterranean NBA where there's like there's all the dead people go for the championship in then there's all the teams that are kind of like jockeying, physician and others like the rock. in the wars and they kind of. Why me of reading about basketball in the late nineteenth and early two thousand things really right, Saunders is like eight at least we're. Not cannibals These were not viewed in each other after real you're. Just like Jesus. Is this what you like, counting on a buggy and waller, try to be like William Wallace and brave art, and now it is going to be like three guys putting up twenty five shots. Unaids, it's incredible! Stop of your timber was fed. You give wagons that massive contract extension, which is mistake, number one, then you compounded trading. Wig Anzio Saudi Arabia him in, but I care will give you this top three pack protected, we'll get Russia back his friends with towns. They will also not now you can be one of the worst is in the west every year. What lies ahead?
thing and then towns are probably you know two years for now. I know what I doubt it out, but I used to that. There be words. The first mistake that leads to the even bigger second mistake The reality is, they might have liked the fourth picking the draft, and it goes right to the warriors, especially with with the lottery, the sheer unity. You know you it's totally random. Who goes where you gave the worst reckon the wagon be sex guy. That is, let's talk to imagine for that franchise. They deserve so much better. You have more obsession for me. Last obsession to me just add that weird pelicans team that makes no sense with three three bigger players as your front line and then two guards who can't shoot and then stamping a day who we spent a year the bubble playoffs with him as an answer- and I was annoyed by him like a rounded half in like imagine having a measure day in day out such a weird team, everyone, Father
all over themselves to just praise David Griffin, a new Oshea and Timely Shepard, and all this year better just friends about media people on its like. What is this power can still are you trying to contain. Are you trying to rebuild consigning Ingram play other of Zion Ingram can play together. Why is Adams the other the centre with them like, and then you have no say think as Europe, any guards who could shoot except Braddock, your barely playing like what it. What is this? It feels very much The tv show that has to star young actors are, you know, are waiting to get off their contracts to go into the movies and then like it's in season. Six and you're just texting your like a mighty alone watching this, because there's something really strange happen here. I can't stop watching pelicans gave their like they're, not actually fun, but they're. So interesting because you just watching oh, that who's, that guy wandering around aimlessly on the baseline Zion Williamson like, and then you don't like dirt points were held, he's I'd like a great weak but
you know that you're not maximizing any one part of the team. Yeah just feels like the wrong team for him. Now it won't that like forever, but it's not the kind of and be a team. I wanted to see him. I wanted to see him on a team where it's like there's just a lot. Space in the paint and he shooters, and he just says room the cook- and this is like the opposite Adams lumbering around the few people playing seven feet outlines a bark is, you can't shoot anymore at all, and I it's weird. I feel there get that you like and Anthony Mason Roar, something like he's setting tacs and getting boards and then gets like one or two like extraordinary again but like he just seems to be doing a lot of wench bail, stuff and it doesn't seem nobody wants to say this. It doesn't seem like he is jumping his eyes. He did it do interesting. I test was, I just feel, like the guy, a Duke seemed like a good job. Actually over people who is playing its like, it was conceived a boy he could talk over. Do the Frederick
once again. This guy's, like eighty percent of that now be they might be my reason. Maybe injuries are now, but I dont feel. I was therefore at the front seat for the brake Griffin when he could really job for those clippers games, and I thought I was gonna. These can be that, and I don't think he's totally that yet, but will say for comes back I have to say I build thank you so much for joining the who's. Gonna secrets ran right, if you the Ringer NBA show you should check the nice checking that check, not the mismatch check out Chris ran out. As with his new show, the answer check a ringer you another noon, showing during our data on wednesdays, I'm coming back with the relaunched Lisbon innate Terminator to back on this feed on Tuesday, see that
one way.
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